mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Psytrance News served by Regan (Nano Records) Sonic Species debut album „Unleash the Beat“ is out on Alchemy Records. Been waiting to hear this for a few years, great to see an artist develop the right way. Samy G, aka CPU widened the reach of Nutek Records by launching Nutek Japan. The label‘s first release is a CPU Ep. Rumours have it Samy may have been wearing a Kimono while writing the tracks. Plasmo

Pixel has a bouncing new Ep out on Hommega called ‚Here and There‘, including 3 separate collaborations with Astrix, Freedom Fighters and Sam (ex Black n White). New releases of them Frenchies at Hadra, „Resistrance“, a large compilation from Driss and Mr.Peculiar’s new album „Alternate Worlds“. Atyss, Phatmatix, Toxic and Triskell all feature on a new Ep from Sonic Motion records titled ‚Sonic Alchemy‘. Some fizzbopping swing-your-cat-around-the-dance floor stuff - please don‘t swing any cats, that’s cruel. Plasmotek just dropped his new ‚Unreal‘ Ep on 24/7 Records, featuring 2 of his own and a remix of Headroom‘s StereotypeWriter. One guy to watch. Dj Leung (Koh Phangan, Thailand) has compiled some great tracks from the likes of Burn in Noise, Altruism, Paul Taylor, Ital, Aphid Moon and more, and called the collection ‚Sacred Space‘. LOUD have just released a masterpiece. ‚No More X‘ is the duo‘s 4th album release and 1st full artist album on Nano Records. Conceptual in nature plus amazing videos online for each track, ‚No More X‘ harps back to classic Psytrance. Tristan and Avalon‘s project ‚Killerwatts‘ dropped their long awaited full power party monster of album this month „Blow your Mind“, it has anthems all over. Massive sounds for big parties, and sure to be blasting forth at a party near you soon. Mnah, mnah, mnah, that’s all folks!

Mr. Peculiar, pic: David Strickler

Sonic Species Debut Album „Unleash the Beat“ neu bei Alchemy Records. Auf Samy G, aka CPU‘s neuem Nutek Japan Label eine CPU EP. Von Pixel neue EP auf Hommega, ‚Here and There‘. Auch neues von Hadra, „Resistrance“, Compilation von Driss sowie Mr.Peculiar’s neues „Alternate Worlds“. Neue EP mit Atyss, Phatmatix, Toxic und Triskell bei Sonic Motion Records, ‚Sonic Alchemy‘. Plasmotek‘s ‚Unreal‘ EP bei 24/7 Records mit zwei eigenen Tracks und Remixes von Headroom‘s StereotypeWriter. Dj Leung (Koh Phangan, Thailand) mischt Burn in Noise, Altruism, Paul Taylor, Ital, Aphid Moon u.m. auf ‚Sacred Space‘. LOUD‘s ‚No More X‘ erstes volles Künstleralbum bei Nano Records mit Videos für jeden Track. Tristan und Avalon‘s Projekt ‚Killerwatts‘ neues ‚Blow your Mind“ ist voller Hymnen. Fetter Sound für grosse Partys.