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Find Us The best way to reach the common room, or our office in W3A 332, is via the entrance outside W5C.

FACEBOOK COHORT Joining your respective Facebook cohort will allow you to interact with other students, as well as receive information that is relevant to your year group. •

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CONTACT DETAILS Building W3A, Level 3 Macquarie University NSW 2109 Telephone: (02) 9850 7939 Website: Email: Instagram: muls_macquarie Twitter: @muls_macquarie MULS FACEBOOK PAGE The Facebook page will keep you up-to-date with the latest MULS news and events. ‘Liking’ this page means you will be notified of MULS events across all departments.

LLB students (either as a single or double degree) – join the LLB group that corresponds with the year that you started JD students – join the JD group of the year that you started External students – join the externals group

Links to these groups are available at the MULS Facebook page, under the tab ‘Cohorts’. EMAIL You should regularly check your student email, as you will receive correspondence from Macquarie Law School staff, including Professor Natalie Klein (Our Dean), Debbie Loo (Department Administrator), Eleanor McGhee (Assistant to Dean of the Law School and Assistant Department Administrator) and Debra Ronan (Director of PACE). You may also receive emails relating to MULS via staff members.

Important Dates Event



Starting 20th of February

Commencement of Session 1

27th of February

First Year Morning Tea

8th of March

First Year Law Camp

17th – 19th of March


Either 7th or 13th of April

Law Cruise

Tentative Date – 12th of May


Tentative Date – 17th of August

Law Ball

4th of November

MULS COMPETITIONS Make sure to check out the Competitions page on the MULS website for information on how to get involved. UNIVERSITY DATES It is a good idea to regularly check the Macquarie University website for information that may be relevant to you and for general important dates relating to your study.

President’s Welcome

Rhiannon Bell Welcome to 2017! To our new students, congratulations on getting into your law degree; and to our returning members, we hope you enjoyed what we had to offer in 2016 and are excited for what’s in store in the new year. Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) is the largest student society at this university. We’ve existed for over 40 years, and our aim is to facilitate and enrich your studies whilst you’re at Macquarie Law School – regardless of how you study and your background. We represent the interests of all undergraduate LLB and Juris Doctor students at Macquarie University. We recognise, however, that not every student aspires to be the next Harvey Specter, nor does every law student even wish to enter practice after they graduate. For that reason, we provide a range of initiatives across our departments: Career Engagement, Competitions, Events, Publications, and Social Justice. ... continues next page

About MULS President’s Welcome continues ...

My challenge to you? Give something a go. Do at least one thing that takes you out of your comfort zone. At law school, you’re allowed to make mistakes. I know I’ve had more unsuccessful competitions rounds than wins, but I’ve gained invaluable experience and made some life-long friends along the way! We’ll be at our stall during O-Week, where you can have a chat with some of our Executive Council members to find out how to get involved. They are all lovely, approachable people; don’t be shy! If you would like to find out more about our initiatives and events, or just want to have a chat, my door is always open!

The Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) is run by Macquarie law students for Macquarie law students. It is the largest student-run society at Macquarie University and has existed for over 40 years. MULS acts as a representative body for all law students at Macquarie University. The Law Society aims to enhance the experiences of law students at Macquarie University by assisting students in their personal and professional development; through social justice initiatives and careers events; encouraging students to strengthen their skills through legal competitions and sporting programs; and, ensuring students have a lot of fun in the process through social events. As a Macquarie University law student, you are automatically a member of MULS. As a member you are entitled to get involved as much or as little as you like – you are not under any obligations. However, getting involved with MULS can be a

rewarding experience, giving you the opportunity to form lasting friendships and network with your peers. You will also be able to put some of the skills you learn through your studies into practice, both within and outside the grounds of Macquarie. MULS aims to provide students with these opportunities for development and growth, as well as facilitate your access to information and events, so that you can get the most out of your legal studies. The most important point to take away from this guide is that MULS exists to assist Macquarie Law students – it is your society. We want to ensure that your time at law school is not only educational and informative, but a fun, rewarding and positive experience. Welcome to Macquarie University, the Macquarie Law School and MULS.

The MULS Team and Structure As per our Constitution MULS is run by an Executive of 28 people.



Director (Career Engagement)

Director (Publications)

Director (Social Justice)

Director (Events)

Director (Competitions)

Elections are held each year, providing all law students with the opportunity to nominate themselves for a position and elect the MULS Board. The Executive is made up of two parts:


Executive Officer (Campus Experience)

Executive Officer (Corporate Careers)

Executive Officer (IT)

Executive Officer (Advocacy)

Executive Officer (Social)

Executive Officer (Advocacy)

Executive Officer (Corporate Careers)

Executive Officer (The Brief Editior-InChief)

Executive Officer (Community Outreach)

Executive Officer (Social)

Executive Officer (Advocacy)

Executive Officer (Public Interest Careers)

Executive Officer (Editor)

Executive Officer (Sponsorship – Sponsorship Planning)

Executive Officer (Publicity)

Executive Officer (Sponsorship – Publications)

Executive Officer (Sports)

Executive Officer (Professional Skills)

Executive Officer (Professional Skills)

Executive Officer (External)

1. The Board, comprises of: • The President, • The Secretary, • The Treasurer, and • The five portfolio Directors 2. The Executive Council, which includes: • The above Board, and • Twenty Executive Officers The Board is responsible for making primary decisions regarding MULS, with each Director working closely with their respective team of Executive Officers in their portfolio. In the next few pages you will be introduced to each portfolio, providing you with information on many of the opportunities offered by MULS, as well as introducing you to our talented and committed Executive Council for 2017.

The Administration portfolio is responsible for the day-to-day operation of MULS, including coordinating and communicating with members, the Executive and the University. This department includes the Secretary and the Treasurer and is tasked with maintaining the organisation and finances of the Law Society.


The Secretary is required to take minutes at meetings, meet with University staff or groups, correspond on behalf of the Law Society, update the constitution, and ensure that all executive members are fulfilling their obligations. The Treasurer handles all financial transactions related to the Society’s activities, keeping accounting records and providing assistance with budgetary decisions.


Millicent Watt First years - welcome! Like you, I joined MULS in my first year at Macquarie. I am now in my fifth year of a combined Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Economics). I’ve dabbled in university plays, taken the court for MULS netball and lived on campus. With experience both at a commercial law firm and, in-house, at a global publishing company my unsolicited advice to you is: get involved. You determine what you really learn at law school. I am responsible for administering the operations, correspondence and initiatives for MULS in 2017, to keep our society running smoothly. Feel free to send me an email if you have any constitutional or internal operations queries.


Marlow Bakous Hey, I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce. I will be acting as the Treasurer of MULS in 2017. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym as well as playing sports with my friends and going out to meet new people. My role involves collating data from each department into a yearly budget, handling all payments in relation to MULS and ensuring that the Society complies with the relevant accounting and reporting standards. Basically, I will be responsible for paying for all of the great initiatives MULS will be running in 2017…You’re welcome.

Student Engagement is responsible for enriching the on-campus experience of students, as well as appointing first year, Juris Doctor and external MULS representatives. This department is also tasked with organising and coordinating initiatives designed to promote health and wellbeing and stimulating debate about topic issues that impact law students.



Cynthia Constantin Hey first years! My name is Cynthia and I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Laws and Business Administration. My hobbies include dancing and brunching (but not at the same time). My role in MULS is to help you get the very most out of your degree and your time here at Macquarie. My goal is to provide extra support for you guys, because I know first year can get a little overwhelming at times! I’m always up for a chat, so if you’re ever feeling a bit lost and confused about classes, timetables or even getting around the maze that is Macquarie, come say hello!


The purpose of the Career Engagement portfolio is to represent MULS’ interests to law firms and our sponsors. This involves securing the sponsorship and liaising with sponsors, as well as assisting with the coordination of career-related events.


Lachlan Mack Welcome to Macquarie University all first year law students! I am a fifth year Law/Arts student who loves travelling, snowboarding and the occasional political chat. As the Director of Career Engagement, I am in charge of organising corporate and public interest careers events and securing sponsorship for MULS. Whether it be improving your CV, working on your interview skills or simply gaining an insight into the career options available to you, I am here to help in any way that I can. Make sure you work hard and get involved but also take the time to make friends and enjoy your time at Macquarie. I look forward to meeting you all throughout 2017.


Leith Sawalha Hi guys! My name is Leith and I will be your Corporate Careers Officer for 2017! I am currently a third year student studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) degree. Law will be a crazy rollercoaster, full of so many highs and lows throughout a single year, but it is important to remember that they will all be amazing memories that are to come. This year, as your corporate careers officer, I will be working alongside Nicholas Southall to ensure that you are exposed to the greatest number of corporate experiences in order to build those crucial relationships that you will need for the future. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! In the meantime, I wish you all the best of luck and can’t wait to meet you all very soon!


Nicholas Southall

Hey there and welcome to Macquarie Uni. My name is Nick and I’m a second year Juris Doctor student. Along with Leith, I am one of the Executive Officers for Corporate Careers. Our job is to provide assistance and advice for those considering a legal career in the private or public sector. We will also be organising a Clerkship Fair, Interview Roulette and many other networking events where you will get the opportunity to meet potential employers. Let me give you the best advice we have right upfront: get in early! Start building your resume, your experience and your confidence now and you will likely find that you have desirable job offers before your degree is even finished. Certainly, the challenge of finding a niche in an increasingly competitive legal industry will be made that much less stressful if you start making investments in time and energy now. If you have any ideas for events and initiatives that you would like to see, or even just have general comments or feedback, come have a chat with us or drop an email.


Leon Warren Welcome to Macquarie Law! My name is Leon and I’m in my third year of a double degree in Law and Science (Environmental Management). This year I’ll be running events which promote careers that give back to the community – whether through government, legal aid, or through fields like environmental law and social justice. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about public interest careers or law school in general. I’m always happy to chat, so don’t be afraid to say hello!


Joel Savage

Hi there, I'm Joel and I'm currently in my second year of Bachelor of Laws/Commerce. This year, I'm the MULS Sponsorship-Planning Officer, so I'm responsible for arranging and maintaining sponsorship agreements between MULS and our sponsors. This provides our students with more opportunities to learn about internships and also helps fund MULS, so that we can run things like First Year Camp and other social and professional events. All the best to you all as you start at Macquarie!


Andy Dong

Hello! I’m Andy and I’m the Sponsorship Publications Executive Officer. I oversee our prospectus and market MULS to potential sponsors. The Careers department also facilitates workshops with sponsor firms, which help our students develop the soft skills needed to succeed in their future careers. Be sure to come along! But before we get ahead of ourselves.... Congratulations to those who have finished their HSC – what an achievement! Also a massive welcome to those who’ve joined us through other avenues. I look forward to meeting with you all. Best of luck in starting your next exciting chapter!

The Publications department is responsible for MULS’ social media, IT, photography and publicity, as well as publishing The Brief, the First Year Guide, Clerkship Guide and Careers Guide. Publications is also responsible for providing you with MULS merchandise. You can get involved with The Brief by writing or sub-editing for one of its quarterly editions. Alternatively, you may wish to contribute regularly as an online writer for the blog.



Sarah Li Yee Lien Hi there, I’m a final year Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) student and responsible for the smooth running of the Publications department. This includes overseeing the creation and development of The Brief and the MULS Guides, managing the society’s online presence and ensuring that all initiatives are wellpromoted for you to make the most of your time as MULS members. If you have any questions or would like to know of any opportunities to get involved in our department, feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to meeting you throughout the year. All the best for Semester 1!


Yasmin Frost Hi there! I’m Yasmin and am currently in my second year of a double degree in Law and Science. My role in MULS entails the management of the information systems such as the email accounts and the website. I have a passion for technology and I’m looking forward to developing new and better programs to enhance the MULS student experience. My areas of interest are cyber security, cryptocurrencies, and the increasing convergence of the legal and tech industries…oh, and coffee. My advice to first years is to immerse yourself in the opportunities within the law society, have fun and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Nick Owczarek

Hello and welcome! I’m in my fourth year of a Commerce (Economics)/Law double degree. As Editor-in-Chief of The Brief, MULS’ flagship student-run publication, I head both our print magazine and online website, which invites *brief* contributions ranging from current and legal affairs, business, the environment and many other topics. Between editing articles and falling asleep reading my textbooks I’m probably cycling or wishing I was snowboarding. Feel free to email me with your questions.


Peter Zivkovic Welcome to Macquarie University and the Macquarie University Law Society! My name is Peter and I’m a Juris Doctor student. I’m also the MULS Editor this year, in charge of editing and producing all MULS publications (with the exception of ‘The Brief’). I love my sport and have an avid interest in football, NRL and cricket. If you ever have any questions about the Law Society, or anything relating to my role as Editor, feel free to send me an email (editor@muls. org) or say hello if you see me around campus. I encourage you to get involved with the Law Society and make the most of your time at university. You’ll meet some great people and have the opportunity to learn more about the legal industry and improve your skills.


Madison Thorne

Hey guys! My name is Madison Thorne and I’m in my third year of a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Media degree. My role includes advertising events, organising and disseminating MULS merchandise as well as taking care of all our marketing endeavours. I’m also responsible for the upkeep of our social media accounts - so be sure to check MULS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I wish you every success for your first year. Stay humble and be ruthlessly tenacious. Ask for help when you need it, find salvation in coffee and seriously capitalise on the Library Cafe's $2.00 blueberry banana bread. You’ll do just fine.


The Social Justice portfolio is responsible for coordinating social justice events and promoting student involvement in practical community legal outreach initiatives. This department also promotes awareness of inequalities in the legal profession, engages with health and wellbeing initiatives and stimulates debate about topical issues.


Tahmyna Rad Welcome to Macquarie University! My name is Tahmyna and this is my third year here studying Law and Arts (Public Policy, Law and Governance). I am honoured to say I will be directing all things social justice for MULS in 2017 and working closely with both Emily and Matthew to bring you a year filled with events and initiatives surrounding social justice and community engagement. We have great plans for 2017 and can’t wait to get started, so if you have a passion for social justice or just want to get involved, be sure to keep an eye out for the Social Justice team this year! Oh, and say hello and introduce yourself if you see us around campus – we’d love to meet you!


Emily Hall Hello all you gorgeous first years and a warm welcome to MULS! I'm in my fifth year of an Arts/ Law degree and I'm the Executive Officer for Social Justice Advocacy this year. My role is to promote on-campus engagement with social justice issues. This is done by running a variety of fun and thought-provoking events, participating in campuswide awareness days and by keeping you updated on everything inclusive and equal through our Facebook page. We're a super friendly, energetic and welcoming team, so make sure you get involved! Can't wait to see you all around campus.


Matthew Harris

Hi! I’m Matthew and I’m a second year student studying Commerce (International Business) and of course, Law! Whether you’re a Louis Litt or a Cleaver Greene, Community Outreach for 2017 is going to put MULS Social Justice on the map! My primary role is to engage with community groups and community members from across NSW, to create ways for Macquarie Law students to get the most out of their degree – helping people who need it along the way! We’ve got plenty of events planned this year that will suit everybody from the budding humanitarian to the ruthless advocate. Be sure to ‘like’ the MULS Social Justice Facebook page to keep up-to-date and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

The Events portfolio is responsible for bringing you a range of exciting sporting and social events throughout the year. Through organising events, developing risk reports and ensuring events are executed smoothly, the Events team aims to provide students with a safe and enjoyable 2017.



Lachlan Greenberg Uni is supposed to be a fun time in your life right? Let us make that so! I’m the Director of the Events team and our goal is for you to have a good time. We’re not going to get you to study or anything like that. I mean, you’re here for five years so you may as well entertain yourselves somehow, right? We have many great events each year such as the Law Cruise and the Law Ball. However, the one that you should really be aware of is the First Year law Camp. Departing from the University Friday afternoon 17 March and arriving back on Sunday 19 March, this is 48 hours of good times that you, do not want to miss. This is how you’ll meet many of your life long law friends, so get ready for the weekend of your life, for this most certainly is not a study camp.


Julian Favero Welcome to first year law! My name is Julian and I am in my second year of a Law and Criminology degree. As an Events Officer this year, my role is to organise and plan all of the society’s social functions, ranging from a first year law camp, two start-of-semester parties, a Sydney Harbour cruise party and the biggest Law Ball in the history of MULS. Whilst the Events team will organise these functions, it’s really up to you how big and exciting these events will be, so I encourage everyone to get involved and make the most of what will be an incredible year!


Jonathan Youssef Greetings, First Years! My name is Jonathon Youssef and I am one of your 2017 Social Officers! Before I begin - congratulations on making the decision to study Law at Macquarie! As a third year Law and Criminology student, I can assure you that the friendships you make this year and throughout the semesters to come will be of the highest calibre. My vision this year is to be part of the best MULS Events Team in history. In anticipation of that, I can promise that the events we present for you will exceed every expectation and provide you with plenty of opportunities to kick back with your friends and forget all about the troubles of university studies! I have no doubt that you will have the most extraordinary experiences this coming year, and I can't wait to see you all around campus!


Samuel Palmer

Hi everyone, my name is Sam Palmer and I’m in my third year of a combined Commerce and Law degree. This year, my role involves coordinating all the social sports teams that participate in the competitions run by Macquarie University. On top of that, I coordinate the other sports events MULS participates in, like the Colour Run, City 2 Surf and Intervarsity Day, where we play against other university law societies. Being involved with MULS sport is a fantastic way to get involved and meet new people within your degree, as well as keep fit at the same time!


The Competitions portfolio is designed to complement your law degree. It allows you to put the skills you have learned into practice. Competing improves your legal knowledge, professional manners, teamwork and time management skills. It is also a great way to interact with your peers and develop friendships.


Baheej Sheikh My name is Baheej Sheikh and I will be your Director of Competitions this year. With my awesome team, I will be responsible for providing you with the opportunities to engage in advocacy (mooting, for example), professional skills (client interview, for example) and external/inter-varsity (ALSA, for example) competitions. My role might sound a bit boring (probably is), but it’s actually not that bad. I'm partly Bangladeshi and Indian - I know, why am I not doing IT, right? I was born in Australia and then lived in Malaysia for 13 years and Abu Dhabi (UAE) for 6 years and now I am here to hopefully develop a career that won't disappoint my family. Video games are a guilty pleasure of mine, but I would not put it above having a good time with friends or playing basketball. Anyway, I won't tell you anymore about myself now, because I would like to get to know you as well. So, welcome to Macquarie - hope to see you all soon!


Joanna Xenikos

Hello and welcome first years! My name is Joanna and I will be one of your Competitions Advocacy Executive Officers this year. I am currently in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts degree (majoring in Politics). I spend most of my time (and money) travelling to as many places as my wallet can take me. I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone and really challenging myself. I am also always on campus so if you see me please come up and say hi - I love making new friends! Kush and I will be responsible for coordinating the internal competitions within the law society that encourage law students to learn and develop advocacy skills. Participating in these competitions is something I would encourage all of you to do! Not only are they a great way of learning invaluable skills and law that you will most likely require in a career of advocacy, but they are also a great way of networking with fellow law students, lecturers and practicing lawyers. Looking forward to a great year and hopefully I will meet you all soon!


Kush Sood Hi, I'm Kush and am entering my fourth year of my Bachelor of Laws and Professional Accounting (don't ask why I chose the latter). My main role is to ensure the smooth running of MULS Advocacy Competitions, so that you may all have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience participating in them! Advocacy Competitions are definitely very rewarding, not just for your professional development, but also personal growth, as it forces you to venture out of your comfort zones, work with others effectively and engage in insightful reasoning and logical thinking. Away from uni, I love quality footy and cricket, trekking and learning the art of entrepreneurship. I hope to see all your names registered for our competitions and ready to have a banger of a time!


Renata Labio Hey everyone! Welcome to Macquarie Law, my name is Renata and I’m currently in my third year of a double degree in Law and Social Sciences, majoring in Criminology. Most people think I’m Italian or Brazilian, however, I’m Aussie born, with the rest of my family coming from Belgium! As Executive Officer of Professional Skills, I’ll be helping organise MULS Client Interview and Negotiation Competitions. I’m here to make sure everything runs smoothly and ensure the competitions are accessible and as much fun as possible for all students. If you have any questions or queries, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help!


Sarah Schooley Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm in my third year of my Bachelor of Science with Bachelor or Laws. Outside of uni, I love playing sports, volunteering and working with kids. My role within MULS this year is to deliver to you our competitions programs, such as Client Interview and Negotiations. I encourage you all to get involved and to ask any questions that you might have! Looking forward to meeting you all soon!


Samantha Marshall Hey there! This year I'll be taking external competitions and it's very exciting to be a part of the MULS Competitions team. I'm currently a third year Law/Arts (politics) student, and I have been involved with MULS competitions in different ways throughout my time at MQ. It is evident in my role at a Family Law firm that legal skills and advocacy experience is just as important as textbook knowledge, if not even more fundamental to some parts of a legal career. Competitions are an effective way to build up professional and interpersonal legal skills and there is no better way to put these skills into action than to compete in intervarsity competitions. Throughout the year there are opportunities to apply for a wide range of competitions that involve students from many different universities. Looking forward to seeing many new faces involved in MULS and intervarsity competitions this year!

The Brief Macquarie University Law Society magazine Edition 1, 2016 (Volume 22)

Macquarie University Law Society magazine

Macquarie University Law Society magazine

Edition 2, 2016 (Volume 22)

Edition 3, 2016 (Volume 22)

Edition 2, 2016 | 1

Edition 3, 2016 | 1

The Brief is the Law Society’s magazine, written and edited by students. Edition 1, 2016 | 1

Macquarie University Law Society magazine

Macquarie University Law Society magazine

Edition 1, 2015 (Volume 21)

Edition 2, 2015 (Volume 21)

Edition 3, 2015 (Volume 21)

ityLLa vievresristy Uin aw U en


ieiettyy Soocc wS

The Brief provides students with an opportunity to not only showcase their writing and editing skills, but to contribute to a truly fantastic university magazine. For more details on how to get involved contact the Editor-In-Chief Nick Owczarek ( or visit the Facebook page.

Macquarie University Law Society magazine

qcuqaur ca MaM aier i

Having now published consistently for well over a decade, The Brief is one of Sydney’s (and indeed Australia’s) strongest law school publications, covering topical content in areas like politics, economics, legal and current affairs, the environment and social justice issues, as well as more light-hearted content reflecting the Australian law student experience. The Brief consists of a print edition (published three times a year) and an online edition (updated regularly).

years of

2015 1975 -

Edition 1, 2015 | 1

Edition 2, 2015 | 1

Edition 3, 2015 | 1


Understanding Your Law Degree UNITS Whether your law degree is a single or double undergraduate degree, or a postgraduate Juris Doctor program, you will need to complete a set number of units. A ‘unit’ is similar to a ‘subject’ at school, except each unit only lasts for one ‘session’. Some of these will be core units, subjects that you must complete, and others will be electives, allowing you to choose between a range of subjects. Some early units will also be prerequisites for later units, and you should consider this when deciding which units to undertake. To find out which subjects you are required to complete to satisfy the requirements for your degree, you should refer to the Handbook that corresponds with the year you commenced your degree. SESSIONS There are three ‘sessions’ at Macquarie University, with ‘Session 1’ typically running from late February to the end of July, ‘Session 2’ generally commencing in August and finishing in late November, and ‘Session 3’ running over summer. It is worth noting that a particular unit will typically run in Session 1 or 2, with selected units being offered in Session 3. It is important to bear this in mind when planning your study program. Students usually study four units per session. However,

you may choose to study more or less than four units. You may change the number of units you are studying each session. If you wish to study more than four units, you will need to consult an academic advisor. GETTING STARTED It may prove useful to develop a structured program of study based upon the information from your Handbook and eStudent, the website that you will use to enrol. Unit specific information can be found in the Unit Guide. This guide will provide important information on assessments, textbooks and the best way to contact the convenor. In addition, iLearn will contain information from your unit convenor on weekly readings, assessments and any other information that is relevant to the unit. If you have any questions regarding your program of study or wish to speak to an academic advisor, please log on to as a ‘current student’ and submit a question titled ‘academic advice’, indicating the degree you are studying and the nature of the advice that you require. Alternatively, it may be worthwhile contacting StudentConnect on 9850 6410 for any enquiries relating to your time at Macquarie.

HOW TO APPROACH UNIVERSITY Studying law can be a difficult and rewarding experience. You will notice that people will approach their studies differently, depending on their level of commitment, their personal circumstances and opportunities that may arise. Some may decide to undertake a full-time load of four subjects throughout their degree and work casually as opportunities present themselves. Others may decide to work more and do a reduced number of units. Some may even find the time to do four subjects and work in a demanding job! There is not a ‘correct’ path through your law degree and it is not a race to see who can get through the degree the fastest. You ought to be realistic about managing competing demands and not take on too many responsibilities if your circumstances do not allow for such pressures to be managed. In order to get the most out of your law degree, it is important to identify what works best for you and bear in mind the importance of maintaining a work-life balance.

An Introduction to Classes INTERNAL STUDENTS Generally, each unit will have a lecture and a tutorial each week. Attendance is typically only required at the tutorial, given that the lecture will usually be recorded. However, you may decide to attend the lecture as a proactive way of keeping up to date, and to avoid the occasional technical difficulties that may mean particular lectures go unrecorded. To find out which classes are compulsory, as well as information regarding textbooks and assessments, you should read through the unit guide. If you are a Juris Doctor student, you may find that you only have one tutorial or seminar a week, and that your lectures are recorded on iLearn, but this will depend on the unit and the convenor. You will usually be assessed on the information covered in lectures and tutorials, so it is worthwhile keeping up to date. Tutorials generally commence in Week 2, with lectures beginning in the first week. However, this is not necessarily the case for all units, and it is recommended that students consult the unit guide, iLearn or the relevant unit convenor if they are uncertain.

EXTERNAL STUDENTS External students will typically be required to attend one or two on-campus sessions. These sessions are usually held over the mid-semester break – the two-week period following the end of Week 6. This may vary depending on the subject and the unit convenor, and students should check the unit guide and iLearn for more information. iLEARN As alluded to earlier, iLearn is an important online resource for students. This website will give you access to information posted by the unit convenor, lecturer(s) or tutors. iLearn usually contains an announcements section, allowing the aforementioned staff to alert students to important information concerning the unit. There will also usually be a discussion forum, where students are provided with an opportunity to ask questions or interact with other students in the same unit. Before asking a question in the discussion forum, it is worthwhile considering whether you have consulted the unit guide or if someone has already asked a similar question. Questions should also not be posted if they constitute a form of academic dishonesty. Information on what constitutes academic dishonesty will be provided in class; especially in your Foundations of Law unit.

Why Get Involved with MULS? A message from Patrick Barkachi, a past student and MULS representative.

Why you should be involved with MULS I’m Patrick Barkachi, a former MULS member and Macquarie student. I was the Acting President and Secretary of MULS in 2016. From 2011 – 2016 I completed my double degree in Law/Commerce (Finance) at Macquarie University. My time at Macquarie and experience with MULS has been formative and invaluable.

and assisted the Editor-in-Chief with managing the subcommittee and the publication. In 2015 I was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Brief, with a sub-committee of over 50 MULS members and a dedicated Deputy Editor, we created ‘The Brief Online’, tripled the Brief’s viewership in that year, and created many more writing and editing opportunities for MULS members. (Contact Nick at to start writing or editing)

How I got involved with MULS In the first few years of my degree I became involved in the advocacy and skills competitions, this was a great way to meet new people, learn practical skills that aren’t often taught in the Law degree and fuel that competitive spirit that every Law Student has. (Contact Baheej at to get involved)

In 2016 I was elected Secretary and took over as Acting President. I served as a MULS Director with some of the most passionate and driven law student colleagues on the Executive and the Board. My time on the Board taught me practical and valuable life-long skills and helped me develop as a professional.

Also, being a law student with opinions to share, I decided I would write articles for The Brief (MULS’ law student magazine). I wrote a few articles and also became interested in the management side of The Brief. I was eventually appointed Deputy Editor

Benefits of being involved My time with MULS has been beneficial for both personal and professional growth. Through competing in advocacy and skills competitions, writing for The Brief and being involved in the

management side of the Law Society, I’ve learnt and improved numerous skills that I apply in my day-to-day working life. Most importantly, I’ve gained life-long friends; people who will go on to become Australia’s best professionals as lawyers, barristers, bankers, managers, directors, academics, politicians, judges and many more. The culture of Macquarie University law and MULS is one that is accepting of everyone; it’s diverse, inclusive and welcoming. My experience with the MULS Executive in the early stages of my degree was an important part of why I decided to become involved. They took the time to contact me, address any questions I had and provided, all the opportunities I wanted. Their commitment gave me the confidence I needed to get involved, meet new people and learn new skills. I would not be in the position I am without the experience of being involved in MULS. 10/10, I would do it again.

Resources and Services

STUDENT EMAIL You can access your student email by logging into, with your email address usually being your first name and your surname, separated by a full-stop and without spaces. If another student has the same name as you, there will usually be a number at the end of this address. You would have received information about your email address when you activated your OneID. You should check your email regularly for important information relating to your time at Macquarie. eSTUDENT Your eStudent account is different to iLearn. It gives you access to administrative information and allows you, amongst other functions, to enrol in units, choose classes and pay your fees. Although you will use the same username, in the form of your student ID number, your eStudent password is different to your OneID password (which is used for iLearn and accessing the University WiFi).

CONTACTING STAFF MEMBERS During your first classes, staff members will usually indicate the best way to get in contact with the unit convenor, lecturer(s) and tutors. Generally speaking, it is acceptable to contact staff members via the iLearn unit forums, by using your student email or simply by visiting them during their specified ‘consultation hours’. Depending on the staff member, visiting during these consultation hours may be require students to make an appointment or may be characterised by an informal opendoor policy, where students may drop by when necessary. Information regarding consultation hours are usually outlined in the unit guide or the relevant iLearn page, in addition to being indicated during the first class. For more information regarding any of the terms used above, visit the MQ Handbook, especially the glossary, as this will provide you with useful information. This will probably seem confusing at first, but once you are familiar with all the processes it will become much easier.

LIBRARY The library is a valuable resource and provides study space for students. It is worthwhile heading to the library website where you can access some of the library’s features, including ‘MultiSearch’, a search engine which allows you to access journals, databases, unit readings and past papers. LEARNING SKILLS Learning Skills provides a comprehensive support structure to assist you with your studies. Academic language and learning workshops are mainly held in the library and are available during the first few weeks of Session 1. These workshops are generally repeated during the mid-session break. It is also easy to get in contact with ‘Learning Advisors’ through the website or by visiting the Information Desk at the Library between library between 12pm and 2pm. Learning Skills also provides excellent online support through iLearn under the category ‘Student Support’. Students can access ‘StudyWise’ for support with study techniques and writing assignments, as well as referring to the ‘Academic Integrity Module’ to learn about strategies, responsibilities and rights in this area.

MUSE The Macquarie University Spatial Experience (MUSE) is a mix between a traditional library and a relaxed social space. Located in C7A, just off Wally’s Walk, MUSE is a new social learning space where students can work on assignments, meet to discuss group projects or simply hang out. MUSE has two floors and also provides students with the opportunity to plug into the University’s wired internet.

in this regard, including student exchange, Global Leadership Program and PACE. Access to extra-curricular activities, competitions and internships opportunities can also be gained through this service.

MUSE is also the home of ‘StudentConnect’, which is located on level 2. At ‘StudentConnect’, students can make course work or enrolment enquiries through self-help terminals, or speak to staff for assistance. In addition to face-to-face discussions with ‘StudentConnect’ workers, students can lodge online questions via or call (02)9850 6410 for assistance.

For more information, visit the website, contact this service via email at or visit the Career and Employment Service on Level 2 of the MUSE building (C7A).

CAREER AND EMPLOYMENT SERVICE The Career and Employment Service is aimed at providing you with the knowledge you need to develop your skills and plan pathways towards your future career. It places emphasis on gaining degree-relevant experience which is invaluable for law students. A wide area is canvassed

If you log into Career Hub you can register for career events, search for jobs, have your resume and cover letter reviewed and gain advice on gaining employment.

PEER ASSISTED LEARNING (PAL) PAL is an academic support program available to all students in selected units. Sessions are usually run once a week and last for an hour. They are peer facilitated, student supported and voluntary. These sessions will help you understand unit content, as you will be provided with tips and hints from students who have already completed the unit. It will also assist in keeping you organised and allow you to meet new people. For more information, check out PAL on the Macquarie University website.

DISRUPTIONS TO STUDIES During the course of your studies you may experience disruptions that adversely affect your ability to perform academically in assessment tasks. For instance, you may fall ill or experience a disruption relating to a non-medical circumstance. In these circumstances, where a disruption may be classed as ‘serious and unavoidable’, you should look into the university’s ‘Disruption to Studies’ policy and follow the appropriate steps. CAMPUS WELLBEING Studying law can be stressful and overwhelming at times. If you are ever struggling to cope with these pressures, or have other personal circumstances that are making life difficult, there is a free welfare service, Campus Wellbeing, located on Level 2 of the Lincoln Building in C8A that provides: • Counselling services • Disability services • Welfare services You can also access workshops that may help you manage the stresses in your life. For more information, you can contact Campus Wellbeing on 9850 7497, or visit their website.

There is also a GP service available to Macquarie University students at the Macquarie University Clinic (Suite 305, Level 3, 2 Technology Place, Macquarie University). This service is open Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 6:00pm. Please ring (02)9812 3944 to make an appointment. For more information about depression and anxiety in the legal profession, visit Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation. For general information regarding your mental health, visit Beyond Blue or Man Therapy. Finally, if you are ever really struggling there is a 24-hour information and referral service available. The number should appear on the top left-hand corner of the back of your campus card, just above your signature. The number is 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67). STUDENT ADVOCACY AND SUPPORT If you ever find yourself the subject of a disciplinary committee meeting, wish to make a complaint or appeal a grade, or have general queries regarding Disruptions to Studies or Student Visas, you may wish to contact Student Advocacy and Support for advice. They specialise in university policy, rules and procedure, and can provide you with independent, confidential advice. For further information, click the link.

ALSA The Australian Law Students’ Association (ASLA) is a not-for-profit association that is made up of all Law Student Societies and Associations across the nation. It may be thought of as MULS on a wider scale. It aims to provide educational development to law studies, gathering and disseminating relevant information to Australian law students. In a similar fashion to MULS, ASLA is run by law students, who are annually elected. For more information on how to get involved or how you can access the opportunities provided, visit their website. NSWYL New South Wales Young Lawyers (NSWYL) seeks to support law students and young practitioners through the early stages of their legal careers, providing them with the opportunity to meet and network, build knowledge and develop their careers as they seek to make a contribution to the legal profession and the community more generally. The NSWYL hold monthly meetings and events. As law students, it will cost you nothing to become a member of the NSWYL. For more information, visit the NSWYL website.

LEGAL VITAE LegalVitae is an initiative developed by the Law Society of New South Wales that allows law students to find work in the legal industry. For more information visit the Law Society’s website, where a description of LegalVitae is provided, or LegalVitae directly. MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY MENTORS Starting university can be exciting as well as challenging, and it is normal to feel worried or lost at first. Macquarie University Mentors is a peer support program, designed to provide new students with support and guidance. Mentors are current student volunteers, who seek to assist new students by helping them to adjust to the new physical and online learning spaces. They are friendly faces who will help you feel connected to the Macquarie University Community. For more information on the mentor program, please follow the link.

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