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CLUB, SLSWA AND SLSA AWARDS For the 2017/18 Season





Assessor of the Year Mark Hills

Assessor of the Year Anne-Marie Widermanski

AGL Lifesaver of the Year Andrew Manning AGL Volunteer of the Year Sandy Clarke Official of the Year Sandy Clarke Patrol Club of the Year Mullaloo SLSC

NOMINATIONS Administrator of the Year Lyn Brosens* Carlo Tenaglia* Assessor of the Year Mark Hills*

Junior Activities Volunteer of the Year Emma Bamforth Administrator of the Year Michelle Cook Education Trainer of the Year Sandy Clarke




Coach of the Year Cameron Rapley Trainer of the Year Sandy Clarke* AGL Lifesaver of the Year Andrew Manning* Youth Lifesaver of the Year Ava Bushby* AGL Volunteer of the Year Sandy Clarke* Cameron Rapley Young Achiever of the Year Soraya Lee* Official of the Year Sandy Clarke* Patrol Club of the Year Mullaloo SLSC* *denotes finalist

SLSWA – Surf Life Saving Western Australia SLSA – Surf Life Saving Australia © Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club, 2018. 4



Education Assessors of the Year Mark Hills IRB Person of the Year Alex Upston Competition Official of the Year Dawn Jones Coach of the Year Cameron Rapley Young Athlete of the Year Ben Hillen Athlete of the Year Soraya Lee Team of the Year U/17 Mixed March Past Team – Aimee Honor, Annika Rasmussen, Ava Bushby, Caleb Mills, Danielle Honor, Darcey Brooks, Darren Bean-Hannigan, Harriet Brown, Holly Morris, India-Rose Sheppard, Katie Waddell, Leah Martin, Neve Macleod, Ruby Harwood, Zara Martin, Paul Brierley (coach), Mark Hills (coach) Lifesaver of the Year Andrew Manning Youth Lifesaver of the Year Ava Bushby Young Achiever of the Year Soraya Lee President’s Award Lyn Brosens Club Person of the Year Natalie Godwin


Club Person of the Year | 2017/18

After such a fabulous effort last year, Nat went one step better this season to contribute to the Club in so many ways. Nat was the Under 7’s Age Group Manager, a large and important group for our Club and helped with the beach set up crew on Sunday morning Club days.

Nipper Rescue Certificate and Community Surf Rescue Certificate. In addition to helping out with education, Nat also achieved her Silver Medallion Beach Management award this year.

Nat was also our Club’s First Aid Officer and attended many, many patrols including Abalone patrol – making her the life saver with the second highest number of patrol hours in Surf Life Saving Western Australia (at 185.25 hours including patrol and water safety).

You’ll know whenever Nat is around, because she is there asking if she can help. Her positive attitude is infectious. Even in the most dire of circumstances, such as consoling a grieving family at a fatal abalone patrol incident, Nat has the compassion and poise that proudly represents the surf life saving movement.

Nat also helped out with education, assisting with training of a number of courses including the new


President’s Award | 2017/18

There are many unsung heroes in our Club – Lyn is

In addition to managing the membership renewals for our almost 1,800 members, Lyn also coordinated the Honours and Awards Committee. This important Committee is established by the Board to ensure members service awards at both state and national are recognised, that State Award nominations are enhanced and progressed and to assess nominations for Club Life Membership.

one of them. For example, Lyn has managed our Club’s membership portfolio for about a decade. Through her attention to detail, understanding of the registration process and sheer force of volunteer hours, Lyn has admirably performed this function of our Club throughout many changes. This year saw the Club’s membership renewals go online. As we moved away from the well known ‘stand in the long queue’ approach, there were always going to be hurdles, such as the clunky software and the time it takes members to learn how to register online. Lyn’s efforts to manage these and other hurdles were testament to her determination to make it work.

Lyn was also an active education trainer and assessor and organised and coordinated the New Members registration day. So to Lyn, thank you for your skill and tireless contribution to our Club which has been recognised as well deserving of this year’s President’s Award.




In order of attainment: Edwin (Ted) Scott*

Jeff Davidson

Gerald (Gerry) Higgins*

Ray Carter

Edwin (Jerry) Bridger*

Darryl Turner

Jack Brody

Anne-Marie Widermanski

Albert Fullarton

David Cronk

Cecil (Cec) Anderson*

Godfrey Lawson

Anthony (Tony) Martin*

Alison Gerrard

Brian Martin*

Barbara Loudon

Kevin Potter

Mark Hills

Nance Bannister

David (Dave) Wilson*

Peg Davidson*

Amanda Lee

Ray Moon

Valerie (Val) Ikin

Ed Neilan

Martin Kane

Patrick (Pat) Donnelly

Mark Cleary

John Gilbody

Guy Edwards

Steve Dargie





11/10/47 – 8/10/17

Written from the combined contributions of Mark Hills, Jude Baker and Kim Allen

Sometimes in life good people are just there and great to be with. Only when you lose them do you realise just how important they were to you. Willow was one of those good people. Dave joined the Mullaloo SLSC on 01/10/1996, gaining his Bronze Medallion on 01/06/1997, his Training Officer award on 06/02/1999, his Surf Sports Official on 10/8/1999 and his Assessor Award on 01/09/2003. Dave was always a strong advocate of the younger membership and made it his niche to foster that growth, development and, most of all, sense of belonging. This was most evident in his role as a mentor to a close group of girls born in 1988/89 era which included his daughter Phoebe. Dave continued with his role as a Trainer and Assessor providing his relaxed and approachable style to the lifesavers of the future at the Bronze SRC courses and the annual Club proficiencies. For many years Dave was also the Club representative who would provide his training and assessing skills for the proficiencies of the local teachers. Willow was also a keen competitor and socialite amongst his surf club peers for which he was deeply admired and respected. Being a swim teacher (from 1999 to 2005), during the school vacations, Willow always appeared to have plenty of time on his hands – time for secret training no doubt! Willow was truly one of Mullaloo’s wave warriors, braving the ocean swells to paddle to Hillary’s on a Saturday morning with the crew. Willow would become known as ‘the machine’; our most senior competitor, media obliging and always looking for that next adventure. Willow was the person that we all aspired to, hoping that in our late sixties we would

still be paddling and competing in the way that he did. Many will reflect on the countless carnivals/country carnivals, States and Aussies Masters they shared with him. Then there were the years of Club competitions, such as the Ted Scott Marathon and the Mullaconda, where his name was synonymous with “having a go”. Willow loved the camaraderie and the passion of his Club friendships. This included the frothy pints and banter over many subjects like his lifelong association with the Manly Sea Eagles. Dave would speak to anyone who would care to listen to his stories. To those a little closer to him, Willow was the companion that made the camping trips a little brighter, the AFL games seem more watchable and the coffee after a long ride more palatable. For the intrepid New Zealand Masters adventurers, they all knew Willow so well. Their next trip just won’t be the same without that beaming and smiling moustache. In 2011, Dave was honoured with Life Membership to the Mullaloo SLSC for his outstanding and unwavering dedication to what he enjoyed most. He did this in a canter, always positive and with a smile that just sat behind that moustache that only Willow could get away with. What is the measure of a volunteer? Willow completed 547.75 hours of patrolling and countless hours volunteering his time to the development and enjoyment of others. His final patrol was the day before he tragically passed away. His service and dedication to the surf lifesaving movement and our Club was extraordinary and because of his selfless approach to others we are all the better for sharing that precious time. He was the life of the beach. Well played Dave.



STRATEGIC PLAN 2013-2023 VISION To be an integral and valued organisation in the community as the premier surf lifesaving club.

MISSION Providing activities and services for a safer, sustainable community.

STRATEGIC STRUCTURE The Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club Strategic Plan is divided into 5 Key Themes. Each theme defines a Strategic Statement and within each are key objectives and key initiatives. This structure is shown below: One Club

Driving Sustainable Operations

Financial Viability

Growing Relationships

Delivering Services

• Leadership providing clear direction and purpose

• Right people doing the right jobs

• Optimising access to funding to reduce reliance on traditional primary revenue streams

• Identify Partnering opportunities that support objectives and enhance opportunities for the community

• People to drive excellence

• Investing in the development of our people • Social Inclusion

• Standardized systems of training • Strategic management systems • Efficient implementation

• Generate diversified revenue growth using existing skills and facilities

• Efficiently adding value • Commercially sustainable revenue • Driving sustainable operations

Strategic Initiatives



• Develop professional skills • Delivering Services

CLUB OFFICERS BOARD President Stuart Clarke Director/Deputy President Vicki Rasmussen Director Alistair Cook Director Laurie de Mamiel Director Paul Dooley Director Steve Lee

CLUB STAFF Office Manager Karen Oliver Administration Assistant Jenny Ducasse Bar Managers Calven Teng Trevor Bulley Rob McGregor

GENERAL MANAGERS Development Julie Rapley Marketing Chrissie Payne Operations Tony Greenfield Support Services Homi Dudha (6 months) Surf Sports Carlo Tenaglia

MANAGERS Administration Tracey Tenaglia Coaching Gayle Gould Communications Sandy Clarke

For the 2017/18 Season

Events Neil Forbes


Facilities Jesper Rasmussen

Emergency Services/ Communications Officer Andrew Manning

Finance John Hillen

First Aid Officer Natalie Godwin

Junior Development Nikki Brown

Gear Officer Trevor Bulley

Lifesaving Services Brett Wenn

IRB Officer Nik Upston

Membership Lyn Brosens

Mobile Services Officer/ Vehicle Officer Kevin Fettes

Retail Cindy De Bomford Youth Development Amanda Lee

PATROL CAPTAINS Bells Patrol Brett Warner Billabong Patrol Brenton Tenaglia Bondi Patrol Steve Mignon Kirra Patrol Kevin Fettes

Abalone Coordinator Andrew Manning Registrar Penny Fortmann

CLUB MEMBERS HOLDING POSITIONS WITH SLSWA Development Committee Vicki Rasmussen Training Consultant – North Metropolitan Area Mark Hills Training Consultant – Kimberley based Clubs Anne-Marie Widermanski

Malibu Patrol Mark Hills McCarthy Patrol Phill Dee Nirvana/Queenscliffe Patrol Keith Anderson Pipeline/Uluwatu Patrol Nick Iellamo Redgate Patrol Tony Greenfield Strickland Patrol Andrew Gillies Torquay Patrol Terry Upston Wiamea Patrol Christie Watt

Recreational Skippers Ticket Coordinator Anne-Marie Widermanski

CLUB MEMBERS HOLDING POSITIONS WITH SLSA SLSWA Representative on several Education Development Panels Anne-Marie Widermanski

HONORARY APPOINTMENTS Patron His Worship, The Mayor City of Joondalup The Hon. Albert Jacob JP Vice Patrons Ian Goodenough MP Emily Hamilton MLA

Competition Carlo Tenaglia Education Anne-Marie Widermanksi A/ Amanda Lambert

Auditor Wealth Creation Accountants



PRESIDENT’S REPORT Stuart Clarke | President

There’s a saying that “the only thing that’s constant is change”. This was certainly true for our Club, as we had another year of change across so many areas. But when challenged by change, this is when the true test of excellence occurs.

the many members who contributed their time, sweat and skills to refurbish the gym into a contemporary facility. We look forward to seeing many more members from a broader range of backgrounds enjoying the gym.

For our Club this year, our excellence in times of change was recognised by many others. For example, our Club had a big night at the recent Surf Life Saving Western Australia Awards of Excellence. Congratulations to Mark Hills (Assessor of the Year), Andrew Manning (Lifesaver of the Year) and Sandy Clarke (Official of the Year and AGL Volunteer of the Year). Our Club also won Patrol Club of the Year, for the first time in 10 years!

We also started ‘dressing’ our new clubrooms. Many thanks to the Memorabilia Group who pored over the historical images and artefacts of our Club to come up with an appropriate celebration of our history. With the first stage now complete, the subsequent stages are being developed and quoted upon. These next stages will be delivered as budget allows.

Our excellence in times of change was recognised ... in life saving, education, communications, youth, administration and volunteering.

These five awards (plus the additional 5 finalists) were far more than any other Club and was clear recognition of our excellence in life saving, education, communications, youth, administration and volunteering.

Sadly, we bid farewell to our much loved Life Member David (Willow) Wilson in October 2017. We had to adjust to not having Dave’s happy presence around the Club. This was perhaps the toughest test of our excellence in a time of wrenching change. Our warmest thoughts are with the Wilson family as they continue to adjust their lives to Dave’s absence. What does remain with us are the wonderful memories of Dave and our resolve to honour these memories, such as through the Dave Wilson Kahuna. A big change to our Club this year was the ‘arrival’ of Swell Mullaloo Beach, that opened its doors for the first time on 4 January. Congratulations to Olivier and Cassie Letrone for reaching this fabulous milestone in what we hope is our long relationship with our new sub-lessee, neighbour and business partner. I encourage all members to continue to support Swell because “their success is our Club’s success”. We also had a change in our facilities, with the upgrade to the Club’s gym. Thanks to Carlo Tenaglia and Gayle Gould for organising the upgrade and to 10 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

Then there were the changes in leadership positions. We had several changes in the Board, management and staff teams, including the changeover of two Directors, four General Managers, four Managers and the resignation of one staff member. So with all this excellence in times of change, I would like to offer many thank you’s and acknowledgements. Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to Directors Vicki Rasmussen (Deputy President), Steve Lee, Laurie de Mamiel plus outgoing Directors Ed Neilan and Jenni Wood and incoming Directors Alistair Cook and JP (John Paul) Dooley. These members are brave enough to put up their hand to take on the legal and financial responsibility of Board positions and to lead our Club. Please thank them whenever you get an opportunity. I would like to thank our office staff Karen Oliver (Office Manager) and Jenny Ducasse (Administration Assistant) for your contribution this year – in a sea of change, your consistent service has allowed the continuing operation of the Club. It was particularly tough for Karen and Jen this season with the resignation of Gemma Nicholson (Marketing Coordinator) who we wished well as she took up a full time position at Hillarys Yacht Club. We have a large management team. The designers of our most recent organisational structure made a deliberate attempt to assign responsibility to more members to spread the load of operating our large Club – one of the biggest in Australia. At the highest level of management are our General Managers. I would like to thank all GMs for their

tireless efforts this season, including the incoming Tony Greenfield (GM Operations), Chrissie Payne (GM Marketing), Julie Rapley (GM Development) and Homi Dudha (GM Support Services) along with Carlo Tenaglia who continued as GM Surf Sports in the 2017/18 season.

As you read through this Annual Report, you will see the many other Managers across the Club that have volunteered their time so generously this season. On behalf of our members, I would like to thank them here but, again, if you get a chance to thank them yourself – please do.

With Carlo resigning from the GM Surf Sports role at the end of the season, this marked a 16 year span of his contribution to the Club in management roles. Carlo’s first role was Junior Activities Director (2002/03 - 2006/07), followed by Competition Director (2007/08 - 2011/12), President 2012/13 2015/16 and GM Surf Sports (2016/17 - 2017/18). During the period 2006/07 - 2011/12, Carlo was also Vice President. This is an extraordinary span of high level service to our Club that we acknowledge and appreciate.

So, what’s in store for next season? Yes, there will be challenges and opportunities for us to encounter. Yes, there will be further changes – that’s life. We know some of these already. These include the ongoing negotiations with the City of Joondalup about permission to host external functions at the Club, the imminent arrival of a new Patrol Observation Tower (arranged by Surf Life Saving Western Australia and generously funded by Lotterywest and City of Joondalup) and the development of a mental wellbeing project.

Thank you also to outgoing GMs Nicole Cassimatis (Marketing), Mark Cleary (Development), Alistair Cook (Support Services) and Steve Mignon (Operations) for your work over the years in leading these important areas of our Club.

For other challenges and opportunities, we are in ‘discovery mode’. As we navigate these, we’ll continue to strive for excellence together to deliver the value our members and community deserve. Finally, I would like to thank my wife Sandy and children Josh, Jared and Tacey for their support. In particular to Sandy, who continues to amaze and inspire me with her love of our Club and its purpose.

Thanks to our outgoing Managers Dawn Jones (Manager Surf Sports Events), Troy Baird (Manager Juniors), Andrew Manning (Manager Life Saving Services) and Tayla Tenaglia (Manager Youth). Your dedication to delivering service to our members is greatly appreciated. For the ‘incomers’, it was a big welcome and now thanks to Neil Forbes (Manager Surf Sports Events), Nikki Brown (Manager Juniors), Brett Wenn (Manager Life Saving Services) and Amanda Lee (Manager Youth).

I believe our clear and powerful purpose at the Club can bring even greater value to our community. I look forward to working with you to develop and deliver that value. Yours in surf life saving.




Stuart Clarke

Vicki Rasmussen

Alistair Cook

Laurie de Mamiel

The Board of Directors (the Board) has had an active year working with the management team to address the challenges of the Club and building a base for future growth and response to change. The 15 activities of ‘Project Prepare’ helped focus the Board’s efforts on improvements in the four areas of Culture, Strategy, Personnel and Procedures. All activities of the Project were completed, with a summary provided below:

CULTURE Cultural Survey – with a large number of respondents and many comments, the amount of feedback was overwhelming and gratefully received by the Board and management. It sparked much debate and actions to address the expressed needs of members, such as in areas like facilities and culture. Life Members Workshop – the July meeting of Life Members was an excellent gathering of many years experience in the Club which discussed its past, current and potential future. The information and suggestions were considered by the Board in its preparation for the coming season. Annual General Meeting – given the lessons learned from the previous AGM, the improvements made saw a professional, calm delivery of the Annual General Meeting.

STRATEGY Strategic Plan Progress Scorecard – The Board assessed how we were progressing at the half way point of the Club’s 10 year Strategic Plan and found we were delivering on the majority of objectives in the Plan, particularly on the Financial Viability (eg. the incoming rent income from Swell) and Growing Relationships (eg. the partnership with Edith Cowan University) themes. However, three themes and six objectives were seen as areas where we could improve and we progressed efforts to address these over the year. 12 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

John Paul Dooley

Steve Lee

Future Leaders Forum – members had an opportunity to hear about the strategic direction and leadership expectations for the Club, along with an analysis of the Club’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As a result, some of the attendees volunteered for management positions and contributed to the running of the Club during the year.

PEOPLE Creating an Intellectual Property Bank – throughout the year, the General Managers and Managers were encouraged to load their documents and information into Google Drive folders so that the corporate knowledge of the Club could be preserved and allow better handover to future members taking on roles. Recruit & Appoint General Managers & Managers – the Board learned its lesson that recruiting and appointing the management team in September/ October was disruptive, as it was unsettling for existing managers and too late for incoming members to get a decent start to the season. This has been rectified in the coming year with recruiting of General Managers in May and Managers in June. Club Open Day – the Club put on a good show of its service offer at its October Open Day.

POLICIES & PROCEDURES The Board considered and pursued policy updates, including an update to the Club’s Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures to apply a more contemporary method of receiving, assessing and managing complaints within the Club. A draft version has been created and piloted and the Board aims to bring the new method into full effect soon.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT The Board’s skill in managing the finances of the Club was again tested this season. As the Manager Finance report explains, we incurred several large costs and adjustments to revenue projections througout the

year. There were exceptional costs associated with the refurbishment, such as the electricity upgrade. While these costs were necessary, the Board also managed to ‘squeeze in’ other discretionary expenditure to improve some member services, such as the gym and toilet upgrade, IRB racing hull and motors, junior equipment and patrol vehicle. With less than expected revenue from functions and sponsorship, this meant the Club had to dip into its reserves. Thanks to the management team and members for their patience and understanding as we navigated the trade-offs and timing of expenditure. The Club now has a bright financial future, with much less exceptional expenditure and imminent rental income from Swell Mullaloo Beach.

Membership Structure Committee Ed Neilan (Chair) Mike Bubrzyki Laurie Campbell Guy Edwards Anne-Marie Widermanski Honours and Awards Committee (Annual Club Awards Working Group/Life Membership Group) Mark Hills (Chair) Godfrey Lawson Lyn Brosens Tracey Tenaglia Sandy Clarke Katrina West Alison Gerrard Dave Wilson



Craig Bull | Chair

As the standing committees of the Club, the Risk & Governance Committee and the Honours & Awards Committee were again assigned members and tasks to consider the risks and recognition of the Club. One of the big tasks taken on by the Risk & Governance Committee was the upgrade to the Club’s Constitution. Over the coming months we look forward to all interested members taking part in the workshops to debate the potential changes to the Club’s Constitution so that we can create a contemporary version that will serve our needs.

Mullaloo SLSC Board has continued to emphasise the need to have an independent Risk and Governance Committee separate to the Board. The Committee is not a policy making body but has assisted the Board in effective monitoring of the Club’s organisational performance through risk management within an approved governance and policy framework. The Committee reviewed and advised on all aspects of the Club’s governance and processes with a focus on financial performance and risk management processes and the protection of the Board, Club members and other stakeholders

The two new committees established (Technology Committee, Membership Structure Committee) worked to assess the current technology needs, draft a technology strategy and create initiatives, and to investigate broadening our membership offer to the community. This work is continuing.

Throughout the 2017/18 season the Club continued to be well managed. The Risk and Governance Committee believe there are no outstanding matters that have or in the short term put the Club and its members at risk.

Thank you to the members of these Committees for your contributions in these specialist areas.

In addition to the general matters outlined above, the focus in 2018/19 will be on drafting a new Club Constitution that meets the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015. A Special General Meeting will be held for all members to vote on the new Constitution before 31 December 2018.

BOARD APPOINTED COMMITTEES Technology Committee Alistair Cook (Chair) Carlo Tenaglia Kim Allen Paul Brierley Tony Nunn

In addition, work will be needed on the risks for life saving, establishment of a risk register and club safety officer along with starting the review on club policies and By-Laws so they align to the new Club’s Constitution.

Risk & Governance Committee Craig Bull (Chair) Anne-Marie Widermanski Noel Fortmann




Tony Greenfield | General Manager Operations Operations Management Portfolio • Lifesaving Services • Education

Well, what a year it has been! I thought when I took on this role that it wouldn’t present too many challenges as I thought I knew a bit about both of the portfolios under the Operations mantle – Lifesaving and Education. Rooky mistake! I have to thank up front Steve Mignon for holding my hand in the early days and leaving the position in a good state; and also our President Stuart Clarke for all his ongoing assistance and advice during the year and for putting up with my little tantrums that seemed to occur on an all too regular basis! I feel extremely privileged to be able to hold this position as it is there to help our two core functions of Life Saving Services and Education achieve their objectives. It is the life saving service that our volunteers provide to the general public that is the reason we exist as a club. And the only way we can put highly skilled and capable lifesavers on the beach is via the outstanding level of training we provide. Being a small part in making this happen is something I am very proud and appreciative of.

It is the life saving service that our volunteers provide to the general public that is the reason we exist as a club.

This season has seen a complete new management team in the Operations umbrella. Brett Wenn has taken on the role as Manager of Lifesaving and has managed to maintain the portfolio despite the challenges of working remotely for most of the year, so big commendations and thank you Brett and to all of our Patrol Captains and their patrolling teams. We managed to provide 7,964 hours of volunteer patrols, resulting in 25 rescues, 212 first aid interventions and 204 preventative actions. Life Saving initiatives this year have seen a number of members becoming qualified drone operators and supporting our patrols with the extra surveillance 14 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

capabilities that the drones provide. We have also seen the abalone patrol become even more professional and streamlined. As surf lifesavers, we try to preserve and save lives on the beach. While we are not always successful in doing this, we do know that by being better organised and co-ordinated we can maximise the chances of achieving this. A special call out to Andrew Manning for making this unique patrol the benchmark. On top of our normal patrols, Life Saving have also co-ordinated water safety at a number of community events (open water swims and triathlon events), providing more services to discrete segments of the wider community – thank you all who assisted here. On a personal note, thank you to all of Redgate patrol – you have all been a great support this year and I look forward to spending more time with you all this coming season. We couldn’t make such an important community contribution if we didn’t have the requisite skills to be recognised as life savers. Anne-Marie Widermanski and Amanda Lambert and the wider Education panel have been busy again up skilling a large number of members, with 234 initial awards achieved, plus a further 721 awards maintained via the ongoing proficiency process. This is an amazing outcome and one I know that takes an enormous amount of time and energy, so thank you Anne-Marie, Amanda the Education panel and all our active Training Officers and Assessors for your efforts this year. For those members who haven’t become involved in patrolling, I really urge you to think about how you can become involved. Not only will you make a positive difference to the community, you will also learn some incredibly valuable life skills that can be applied in all different areas of your personal life. If you think your water skills aren’t strong enough, there are other pathways you can take – you can patrol as a specialist first aider. And you get the benefit of being part of a really cohesive team of people who

all have a common objective. I know there are some new awards already being planned for next season – so watch out for the advertisements in the club newsletter and go for it! The General Manager role has given me an appreciation of all the work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’. The surf club is really a well run and professional organisation and I have been fortunate enough to have worked with an amazing group of people in the other General Managers. Chrissie, Carlo, Homi and Julie – thank you all for your assistance with the Operations portfolio this year and I look forward to working with you all again next year. Thank you also to Karen and Jen in the office – your willingness to assist and to make things happen is really appreciated too. And last but by no means least, thank you, thank you, thank you to my beautiful wife Viv who is an amazing organiser, administrator and massive supporter of mine. Viv’s support enables me to keep doing what I do and love doing, even if she doesn’t see me for days as a result and has to communicate via email with me. I think the best way of closing is to reflect on one thing that never ceases to amaze me – the way we all put up our hands and put in that extra effort when we need the assistance most. Volunteering within the general community continues to decline and our club has not been immune to this. I’m not clever enough to suggest why that is happening, but there have been times when it seemed we would not be able to get enough of our award members rostered to meet our patrol obligations. Yet we always do. The call goes out and people continue to step up and volunteer again, often at a cost to their family. You know who you are and you are all amazing. But let’s share the load a bit more this year – I look forward to seeing a number of new faces in the red and yellow! In the meantime, stay safe and I’ll see y’all on the beach.



LIFESAVING SERVICES Brett Wenn | Manager Lifesaving Services

What a first year in the role and what an eye opener. Who said it would be a walk in the park. After starting with Mullaloo Surf Club as a nipper in the 1979/80 season and coming through the ranks I now have different appreciation for the hard work that the Lifesaving Manager has to do and I now know why Andrew Manning had that smile on his face last year. The role is very rewarding and made that much easier by the magnificent group of patrolling members and patrol captains that I had available to lead this club on its patrolling journey.

The role is very rewarding and made that much easier by the magnificent group of patrolling members and patrol captains...

With the Core function of Surf Lifesaving being patrolling our great beach we started are patrols on the first weekend of October and went right through until the end of April, some 7 months every weekend and over 200 patrols. This is a role that I could not do alone and from the patrolling members to the support services and office staff who helped me immensely with the reporting and paperwork side of things. I thank you for making it easier. The patrol plays a major part in my role but I was also able to work alongside some truly remarkable club members and without your help and assistance of working together the role would have been extremely harder. Thank you Anne-Marie Widermanski and you team of education for putting the best trained


personnel on the beach making sure we had first class lifesavers ready to go. We had a large number of people gain awards and many types of awards as well. Tony Greenfield for being that shoulder to report to and get ideas from. Thank you to Natalie Godwin (Bat) for coming on board and doing a first class job with the first aid room and equipment. Thanks to Cameron Rapley and the IRB team for making sure the crafts were ready to go every week. Anne-Marie Widermanski, Echo and Dave Cronk for helping organize the patrol uniform and training room. Kevin Fettes for nursing the 4WD vehicle and helping us through with the transition to the new vehicle. Trevor Bulley for repairing the equipment and making sure we had equipment ready to go. Thank you to those that also helped in making themselves available for the Open Water swim, Uni open day and triathlon events we were able to raise over $9,000 for the club with those limited number of people making themselves available. Andrew Manning in particular for getting the abalone crew running and making sure we had minimum number each week for these patrols which are part of our agreement with the SLSWA and City of Joondalup. I saw first hand how passionate you are for the safety of people that you take responsibility for and the general public. The patrol captains, what can I say, without you we do not have a safe beach or club house to use. The dedication by you all and the level of professionalism shown by yourselves is a credit to the club, well done organizing your teams and making

sure we had sufficient numbers on the beach for these patrols to be conducted. Terence and Alex Upston thank you for always being there to give me a hand or when asked to take up a role. Last but not least my family for letting me do this role and spend sufficient time attending to Life Saving matters and Kyle Wenn for sometimes begrudgingly but always helping when asked. We are having a changing of the guard with some patrol captains wishing to step aside and promote some youth which can only be good for the younger members to become patrol captains and also have the luxury of having these knowledgeable people to ask guidance whilst on patrol so please have a think about becoming a patrol captain and if you are interested please contact me for a talk. As I said at the start of the report, Patrols are our core function of Lifesaving and without this we are unable to do the other disciplines that the club is involved in, please make sure we attend all our patrols or get a substitute to be there for you as you are not only letting yourself down but the club as well.

patrolling members from Mullaloo as this is the core function of surf lifesaving and even though we know that Mullaloo members make it the safest beach on the West Coast it is great for the patrolling members to get the recognition of the hard work and many hours of watching beach goers having fun at our great beach. Andrew Manning was nominated for “Lifesaver of the Year” which is a huge award for the recognition that one of the clubs true gentlemen deserves. As the awards ticked down and the tension began to build for the award to be announced. The announcement came and the name that was read out was our very own Andrew Manning as Lifesaver of the Year. This man deserves all the accolades that come with this award as he does an outstanding job whilst on the beach and making sure all his patrol members are involved in patrolling activities. He has a massive role of making sure the Abalone patrol runs smoothly and is well maintained. Andrew is always making sure everyone is involved in making sure they have a positive experience around Mullaloo. Congratualtions on a thoroughly deserved award.

Here’s hoping to continually improve our service to the City of Joondalup next season. The season has now come to a close and all the awards have been done and dusted. SLSWA held its award dinner at Burswood and everyone left their bathers and sunscreen behind to glam up and see which clubs and individuals would be lucky enough to take out some of the awards. Mullaloo was well represented at the awards with several worthy nominees.

Patrol Club of the Year Trophy. l to r: Stuart Clarke, Lorna Pritchard (Lotterywest) and Andrew Manning.



© SLSWA, Tony Bowers

Mullaloo was lucky enough to come away with several awards and those included “Patrolling Club of the Year” this award is well deserved from all our





First Aids





Beach Attendance

Patrol Hours

Water Safety Hours

25 179,521 7,964 2,226.5


Team Name







Pipeline/ Uluwatu



























Total Patrolled Hours 1,223





Dale Gration Mark Hopper Helen O’Brien Joerg Rohwer Ross Thorne Christie Watt Anna Young

Shannon Corbett Brenton Tenaglia


20 YEARS Kim Allen Dave Cronk Christine Dargie

10 YEARS Pamela Bubrzycki Stuart Clarke Brodie Edwards Neil Forbes

Jake Barber Joshua Bull Megan Bulley Robyn Bulley Mathew Colbourne Paul Copland

Niamh Cullen Graham Deans Simon Foley Neil Forbes Andrew Gillies Natalie Godwin Dale Gration David Green Dawn Jones Harry Jones Connor Marlow Jackie Martin Karen Pahlow Kyle Smith

l to r: Dave Cronk, Mayor Albert Jacob, Kim Allen, Christine Dargie

Surname First Name 1 Godwin Natalie 2 Widermanksi Anne-Marie 3 Ketteringham William 4 Halvorson Lachlan 5 Bulley Ashlyn 6 Copland Paul 7 Wheeler Chris 8 Cook Aron 9 Upston Alexander 10 Dee Phill 11 Upston Terence 12 Gregson Roger 13 Mills Dara 14 Wood Garry 15 Fisk Martin 16 Rasmussen Annika 17 Bartle Corey 18 Kennedy Martin 19 Douglas Craig 20 O’Brien Helen 21 Fettes Kevin 22 Coventry Sean 23 Wood Jennifer 24 Draycott Ethan 25 Stone Michael 26 Hills Mark 27 Iellamo Nicola 28 de Mamiel Laurie 29 Chadderton David 30 Roberts Breanna 31 Honor Aimee 32 Gregson Sarah 33 Thorne Ross 34 Barber Jake 35 Wenn Brett 36 Thorne Jessica 37 Anderson Keith 38 Coello Edgar 39 Anderson Mark 40 Clarke Stuart 41 Grimes Helen 42 McCabe Gordon 43 Gillies Andrew 44 Green David 45 Greenfield Anthony 46 McConnon Sean 47 Honor Danielle 48 Manning Andrew 49 Mignon Steve 50 McGuinness Joseph

Total Hours 156.25 110.5 77 67.75 66 60.5 60.5 59.25 58.25 55.5 54.75 50.5 50 49.25 49 48 47.5 47.25 47 47 46.75 46.5 46.25 46.25 46 45.5 45 44.75 44 43.75 42.75 42.5 41.75 41.5 41.5 41.25 41 40.75 40.75 40.5 40.5 40.25 40 40 40 39.75 39.5 39.5 39.5 39

* Individual patrol hours include all volunteer patrol hours from those contributed at Mullaloo beach, abalone patrols and patrols at all Western Australian and Australian beaches (excludes water safety). 18 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

EDUCATION Anne-Marie Widermanski | Manager Education Amanda Lambert | Acting Manager Education

Members continued to seek new and higher awards this season – congratulations to you all, thank you for participating and looking forward to seeing you on the beach as you add a higher level of support to patrols, and other club activities, including water safety.

Members will not be surprised to learn it has been another busy year for the club’s Education team. Following a late start due to delays in confirming appointments for key roles, the Calendar was prepared, the Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) program got under way, and award courses were also planned and commenced.

Each year we see changes and improvements in the content of awards and this year has been no different. These challenges have been successfully incorporated into the training and requalification of relevant awards this season.

Thank you to both Tony and Viv Greenfield who handed over a portfolio with clear processes and structures – it is always good to have a roadmap. Challenges identified at the end of last year included the storage of equipment; this was resolved with the valuable assistance of David Cronk and Echo Widermanski who set up the storeroom that Education and Lifesaving share. The other challenge was a more permanent place to conduct training. This was resolved with the refurbishment of the club and the dedication of Training Room 1 on a more permanent basis.

• Surf Rescue Certificate – added radio operations

Education activities have continued to have the provision of well qualified and currently proficient lifesavers on the beach ready to support patrol, special events and water safety activities. This assures the continuity of Mullaloo’s long-established reputation as a training provider of excellence. Another factor –which reinforces Mullaloo’s goal as offering something for everyone, and particularly inclusion of all members in families – has been seeing the number of family members pursuing awards – sometimes together, and sometimes following different paths. The club is richer for this involvement – and we hope you stay around for many years.

These challenges have been successfully incorporated into the training and requalification...

• Advanced Resuscitation Techniques – a new award. Members holding the ARTC or ARC will need to upgrade to the new award next season. This will require an in-depth Workshop and practical session in order to achieve this most efficiently. The Calendar for next season will reflect this.

TRAINERS AND ASSESSORS The impressive list of new awards follows. This would not be possible without the massive contributions of the club’s dedicated Trainers and Assessors (listed below). THANK YOU Todd Bartle Lloyd Brosens Lyn Brosens Monica Buckley Josh Bull Trevor Bulley Laurie Campbell Louis Cheeseman Sandy Clarke Mark Cleary Edgar Coello Alistair Cook Phill Dee Guy Edwards Kevin Fettes Bernadette Flint Simon Gidley Natalie Godwin Tony Greenfield Viv Greenfield

Roger Gregson Jude Harlow Mark Hills Amanda Lambert Barbara Loudon Jackie McGregor Clayton Millar Ed Neilan Helen O’Brien Rebecca O’Malley Robbie Payne David Rossow Carlo Tenaglia Tracey Tenaglia Brett Warner Anne-Marie Widermanski Jenni Wood Anna Young Rob Young



Operations – Education | Continued

NEW AWARDS BRONZE MEDALLION Four courses were conducted over the season. Total numbers have been slightly lower this year, but may also reflect the current membership profile. We are in for a busy season next year if past trends are any indication! Robert Barrett Isaac Bartholomew Timothy Bartholomew Darcey Brooks Chiara Brotzu-Chessa Andrew Bushby Ava Bushby Heather Bytheway Bailey Cheshire Grant Cheshire Isaac Crothers Alisia Delorenzo Lee Ditmanas Samuel Dobson Ethan Draycott Luke Eliot Anthony Faulkner Jarrod Faulkner Greg Fenn Ethan Ferguson Frederick Forshaw-Ellis Alicia Galjaardt Michelle Gates Aaron Gigney Georgia Harrison Andrew Jackson Aaron Jackson Jake Jensen Jacob Lambert Paul Lambert Benjamin Liebermann Neve Macleod Ellie Marlow Kristopher Martyn Sarah May Eric Murphy Casey Schaub Paul Skipworth Darrin Smith Sophie Smith Deborah Swan Luke Triston Roisin Tropper Joanne Van Selm Kaitlin Westcott Jack Wilson

SURF RESCUE CERTIFICATE (SRC) One stand-alone course was run at the beginning of the season. Subsequent SRC candidates merged with the Bronze Medallion groups – which appeared to work well. It is likely we shall follow a similar pattern in the coming season, particularly as there are now fewer points of difference between the two awards. This method of delivery also encourages greater teamwork. Paris Bain Melissa Bartlett Jessica Barton Darren Bean-Hannigan Fraser Bytheway Aysia Carter Jack Colbourne Aron Cook Lily Courtois Millie Dennett Hudson Durell Mitchell Eady Riley Frean Matthew Galjaardt Ruby Harwood Caden Hawker Ryan Hewlett Aimee Honor William Ketteringham Mitchell Lee Joshua Lucas Nathaniel Lucas Ava Madden Leah Martin Sean McConnon Holly Morris Anthony O’Brien Shaun O’Malley Daisy O’Raw Kamilla Pal Jack Prideaux Maisy Redden Douglas Rooke Zachary Scullino Max Smith Finn Stockley Katie Waddell Rosie Wilson


ADVANCED RESUSCITATION TECHNIQUES (FORMERLY ARTC) Two courses were run during the summer. This program is better offered in the off season – to reduce the number of courses running concurrently. This has been factored into planning for the coming season. Nicole Barrett Michelle Blake Sandy Clarke Callum Duffy Erin Duffy Dale Gration Helen Grimes Dawn Jones Amanda Lambert Dara Mills

INSHORE/INFLATABLE RESCUE BOAT (IRB) CREWPERSON This program was ramped up this season and was well supported by the IRB racing group who willingly joined in the program with several of the team stepping up to commence their Training Officer – IRB award. Thank you to Guy Edwards and Cameron Rapley for facilitating this program, and also to Ed Neilan who joined the Education Team in February. Robert Barrett Darcey Brooks Ava Bushby David Chadderton Bailey Cheshire Grant Cheshire Lee Ditmanas Samuel Dobson Ethan Draycott Georgia Harrison Kristopher Martyn Sarah May Sophie Smith Bradley Taylor Steven Truter Andre Villemin Rochelle Villemin

Operations – Education | Continued

SILVER MEDALLION – IRB DRIVER One course was run this season, and another is planned for early in the new season. Todd Bartle Sean Coventry Noel Fortmann Lachlan Halvorson Jesper Rasmussen Breanna Roberts Ryan Stacey Kyle Wenn

SILVER MEDALLION – BEACH MANAGEMENT David Chadderton Sandy Clarke Martin Fisk Natalie Godwin Dara Mills Brett Wenn Kyle Wenn

PROVIDE FIRST AID HLTAID003 (FORMERLY SENIOR FIRST AID) Surf Life Saving WA received Federal funding as part of a national lifesaver skills development program. Several courses were offered by SLSWA and a number of members availed themselves of the opportunity. The club also ran two successful courses under auspice arrangements. It is possible we have not been notified of all members who attended a course away from Mullaloo – if this is you – please let us know so we can remedy the omission. First Aid qualified members can fulfil a valuable service on patrol and wear the red and yellow (just not the cap!). Please let the Lifesaving Manager know if you would like to join a patrol.

successful in its inaugural year, with 40 members attaining this new award. It is also pleasing to see that some have gone on to complete their Bronze Medallion as well – maybe we shall see more making the transition next season?

Shannon Corbett Tracy Cullen Alisia Delorenzo Helen Diersen Lee Draycott Stephanie Draycott Homi Dudha Cheryl Edwards Enda Farnham Kevin Fettes Melanie Fettes Jennifer Gates Natalie Godwin Jai Hawke Richard Hawke Taj Hawke Livia Hawker Christopher Hendy Harry Jones Claire Larsen Gordon McCabe Paul McConnon Ed Neilan Rachael Nelhams Simon Nelhams Anthony O’Brien Andrew O’Brien Helen O’Brien Bridie Rosich Kerry Snow Kyla Stummer Markus Stummer

NIPPER RESCUE CERTIFICATE (NRC) The introduction of the Nipper Rescue Certificate (NRC) in Western Australia presented a few teething problems as the program was bedded in. The course has proven very popular with Nipper parents, with three sessions being run and requests already received for more. Thank you to Sandy Clarke, Bernie Flint, Natalie Godwin, Amanda Lambert and Ed Neilan for your contributions to making the program so

Daniel Bain Samantha Bain Jordin Barclay Gerred Barrowclough Rosanne Barrowclough John Borgogno Paul Brigden Natalie Brooke Dion Brown Stuart Campbell Gareth Cook Ryan Coulin Roger Douglas Allan Ferguson Gavin Friedlieb Bradley Giles Shaun Harrison Melissa Henshaw Darren Henstock Jason Hulme-Moir Linda Janjetic George Kenny Kenny Kross Maryann Kross Benjamin Lambert Paul McConnon Serhan Memik Jade Mountjoy Stephen Mountjoy Christopher Reid Daniel Rutland Paul Skipworth Patrycja Spencer Elizabeth Tate Simone Truter Christopher Unicomb Gemma Vesely Noel Wallace Becky White Aishling Whittle

Samantha Bell Leisa Bellevret Sally Brigden Esther Brunner-Memik Kerry Comstive Joshua Corbett



Operations – Education | Continued

PAIN MANAGEMENT This award has been extensively revised by Surf Life Saving Australia and now includes an online element as well as the practical skills workshop. It is a key higher award to support the club’s patrols. Requalification for this award requires a similar approach to the full award. Eleven (11) members completed the requalification process using the new resources published by SLSA. Congratulations to first timers: • Nicole Barrett • Sandy Clarke • Jessica Cruickshank.

SURF LIFE SAVING DRONE OPERATORS Members of Mullaloo were invited to join this exciting new initiative in surf lifesaving. Six members have completed all requirements and are now to be seen supporting the club’s traditional patrols with the highly visible red and yellow drones. Congratulations to drone pilots: • Trevor Bulley • Martin Fisk • Tony Greenfield • Gordon McCabe • Dara Mills • Kyle Wenn.

TRAINING OFFICER AWARDS Two members have completed requirements for their Training Officer award and are still actively involved in training delivery, which is what it’s all about. Congratulations and thanks to: • Todd Bartle – Training Officer (Bronze Medallion) • Amanda Lambert – Training Officer (Bronze Medallion).

SKILLS MAINTENANCE (PROFICIENCY) PROGRAM A modified format was trialled this season with some success and some opportunities to improve identified. Positive feedback focused on the ability to spend more time on key areas. The few negative comments received related to having to attend two sessions (Dry and Wet). The requalification program was late in getting under way and a number of sessions were offered to address this. It continues to be important for people to communicate any difficulty in being able to participate before the 31 December deadline so we can plan ahead, thank you to those who did make contact. It is highly recommended that members plan well ahead and complete their requalification program before the season gets busy. Next season will see a return to a majority of single sessions for most elements of the BM and SRC, except Resuscitation/ART which will be covered in a dedicated program to provide members with the opportunity to upgrade this key award. IRB requalification will be programmed earlier in the season – to provide better chances for more challenging surf conditions. A large number of Trainers and Assessors assisted with the refreshing and assessment of members for their awards - a HUGE thank you to all involved. The Table below reflects the number of awards made proficient. Award


Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (AID/ART)


First Aid/SFA


Bronze Medallion (BM)



IRB Crewperson (IRBC)


Facilitators and Assessors play a key role in assessing members in accordance with the standards and criteria established by surf lifesaving. Facilitators and assessors conduct their activities as representatives of surf lifesaving, not the club, and frequently assess away from Mullaloo – often an experience in itself, and one which provides great opportunities for crosspollination!

Silver Medallion – IRB Driver (SM-IRBD)


Pain Management (PM)


Congratulations and thank you to: • Guy Edwards – Assessor IRB • Amanda Lambert – Assessor BM • Sandy Clarke – Facilitator Pain Management, Facilitator ART [AID]. 22 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

Spinal Management (SM) Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) TOTAL of all awards made proficient

118 49 756

Operations – Education | Continued



COMMUNITY SURF RESCUE CERTIFICATE (CSRC) The Education area of the club continued its supporting role in providing a Community Surf Rescue Certificate requalification program for schools in the club’s catchment area. Requirements for this award have been beefed up, as a result of consultation with SLSWA and relevant industry bodies including the Department of Education. This presented some challenges for the schools as more time was required due to participants needing to complete both a qualifying swim, then a run-swim-run in addition to the usual content of surf and beach environment awareness and risk assessment, resuscitation, signals and rescues. This can be challenging to cover with Trainers/ Assessors, as the schools require the session to be delivered during business hours. It is times like these where we realise how much of a contribution Dave Wilson made over the years – we miss you, Dave. Vale.

Amanda Lambert – Education Administrator and understudy for the Manager role. Amanda has been on a steep learning curve discovering the complexity that is surf lifesaving awards, SurfGuard, and course coordination. She is applying her well-developed teaching and challenge management skills for the betterment of the portfolio. Helen O’Brien – Course Resources Coordinator. Helen has continued to serve the portfolio (and club) well in the management of the learning materials for award candidates. This involves a lot of photocopying and collating to ensure each course participant receives what they need (and have paid for). Helen has again been Lead Trainer for one Bronze Medallion course, and assisted on several others, as well as in the requalification program. Guy Edwards – Powercraft Awards Coordinator. Guy has brought a fresh look to this area and has effectively coordinated the Powercraft (IRB) courses, particularly identifying prospective Trainers, with input from the IRB Racing Team Leadership Group. Thank you to Phil Dee who held this role previously - your passion continues to serve the club well. Ed Neilan stepped into this role in February and will add another dimension to the Education support in this important area of training for effective patrol service.

Schools involved in this year’s program included: • • • •

This team is critical to the success of all things Education. THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your contributions.

Butler College - 10 staff St Mark’s Anglican Secondary College - 17 staff Ocean Reef Secondary College - 10 staff Woodvale Secondary College - 13 staff.

Thank you to those who made themselves available when many were working! Sandy Clarke, Natalie Godwin, Amanda Lambert, Ed Neilan and AnneMarie Widermanski.

EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY (ECU) AND MULLALOO SLSC INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS PROGRAM (ENACTUS) GM Marketing Chrissie Payne spearheaded this project which began as a pilot program in March 2018. The Education Leadership Team have been involved in the set-up and delivery of a three-parts program utilising the BeachSAFE resources provided by SLSWA, plus some we have developed in-house. Early efforts have included visits to ECU to provide information to students on the program and aspects of beach safety, as well as the launch at Mullaloo SLSC on Friday 16 March, by Albert Jacob, Mayor of the City of Wanneroo, jointly with President Stuart Clarke.

Bernadette Flint – Resuscitation and First Aid Awards Coordinator. Bernie has extensive experience working with the Commercial Education section of SLSWA and has brought these skills to the club to support the education program.

Thank you to Stuart and Sandy Clarke, Amanda Lambert, Ed Neilan and Chrissie Payne.



Operations – Education | Continued



Sandy Clarke completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and will now be able to support the club in offering nationally accredited awards (First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation) to members and the wider community in which our club operates. This qualification also enables Sandy to be accredited with SLSWA Commercial Education. Sandy was also recognised this year by being awarded SLSWA Volunteer of the Year AND Official of the Year, as well as a finalist as SLSWA Trainer of the Year. Very prestigious awards that recognise the time, knowledge and dedication she has not only to our Club but also surf lifesaving. Congratulations Sandy!


Mark Hills is an integral part of our Club whose extensive knowledge guides trainers and assessors in delivering the high quality awards that Mullaloo are renowned for. This year Mark’s continuing dedication to surf lifesaving was recognised when he was awarded SLSWA Assessor of the Year. Congratulations Mark!

Wow, what a learning rollercoaster this year has been! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, answered my many questions and put me back on track, you know who you all are, thank you. And my husband Bill, who has supported me in pursuing my new passion!


Thank you to:

The following are objectives for Education for the coming season:

• The Education Leadership Group for your support and encouragement, we hope you will be back for more next season!

• Step up in the offering of more courses to the community • Identify and mentor more Trainers and Assessors • Promote the range of pathways for members to give service to the club and community. Awards such as First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation make members eligible to serve on patrols and at special events – and they also attract patrol service hours • Develop and support developmental training for members on patrol – the goal is to have at least one dedicated Trainer and at least one dedicated Assessor for each patrol • Support other developmental opportunities for members: - Silver Medallion - Beach Management - 4WD/SSV beach operations - Higher awards


Edward Neilan Jennifer Orme Pamela Bubrzycki

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would first like to acknowledge the support of my husband Echo - this has enabled me to devote the amount of time I have this season. He also helped significantly in the background with organisation and general running around. Anne-Marie


• Tony Greenfield - for support and encouragement. • Brett Wenn and Natalie Godwin – the links between Education and Lifesaving are stronger due to your contributions and support. • Jenny and Karen in the office – for fielding inquiries and managing the back-end administration of the mountain of course paperwork. • All who assisted with training and assessment through the season – many, many thanks, we couldn’t do it without you. I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand (and the Club and community thanks you)


Julie Rapley | General Manager Development Development Management Portfolio • Junior Development (Nippers) • Youth Development • Membership

It’s been another great but busy season under the Development Portfolio and a lot of changes have happened under the Nipper section. We released a new and updated Nipper Handbook. Many hours went into the production of this and many contributed to the handbook but most of the credit must go to Michelle Cook and Sandy Clarke. With the introduction of the NRC – Nipper Rescue Certificate, we had 40 parents complete the course which helped out our growing need for extra water safety. Our Little Nippers (under 8’s and Under 9’s) being able to compete for the very first time. A huge thanks to coach Penny Fortmann for training them up on the boards so quickly. Our IRB Racing Team held their annual IRB Mass Rescue which is no easy task Co-ordinating and getting 500 Nippers out of the water into the IRBs, and back to shore safely. This is a highlight for many of our Nippers and great to see so many smiling faces. We were also lucky to have Angela Schipper and Sian Millar jump on board and co ordinate our Nipper Sausage Sizzle every Sunday, earning them the title of “Sausage Sizzle Queens”.

A Big Thank you to our Nipper Committee – Michelle Cook, Dara Mills, Mandy Lee, Vicki Rasmussen, Tanya Honor and of course our Nipper Manager Nikki Brown. A lot happens behind the scenes to keep the Nipper Season functioning. Your support, ideas and enthusiasm has been greatly appreciated. The season could not go ahead without the dedication of our AGMs and AGMA’s. Your commitment to each age group did not go unnoticed, also the many parents that stepped up each week helping out with Water Safety, Officiating and Carnival help, it was much appreciated and without your help club days and carnivals couldn’t take place. Thank you to our water safety co-ordinators Jesper Rasmussen and Clayton Millar.

Your support, ideas and enthusiasm has been greatly appreciated.

Our morning set up crew come down every sunday morning at 6am while some of us are still asleep and set up the beach for the day. These guys may not get seen by many but they are there every week helping out. Thank you, Rob McGregor, Jacquie McGregor, Craig Cox, Paul Farinosi, Brendon Briggs, Natalie Godwin, Guy Edwards, Mike Bubrzycki, your time and effort is appreciated by all. This year alongside Carlo Tenaglia we organised and co-ordinated the Lancelin Training and Requal Camp. The feedback was fantastic and so much fun was had by all, some may say too much fun especially on the Saturday night. I can’t wait for the next one. The southwest youth camp went ahead in October, unfortunately I wasn’t involved in that one as I had just taken on my GM role however I believe that also was a great camp with lots of very tired and worn out teenagers arriving back to the Club after it. Thank you to all that were involved. This year also saw the Australian Titles held at Scarboro SLSC, so it was great to see Mullaloo



Development | Continued

represented with so many numbers and with most of the youth competing at their very first Aussie’s. The youth finished the season off with a fun and friendly game of beach volleyball, a huge Thank you to Mandy Lee for organising the event and of course her time and effort that went into Youth Manager. Another thankyou to Miles Laing for his continuous help and involvement with the youth. We also saw our Membership renewals go online for the first time this year, Thank You to Lyn Brosens for her part in initiating this and for her continuous role as Membership Manager. Of course the new system didn’t go on without some hiccups so thank you to Lyn for her patience with getting all the memberships sorted. Lastly, a HUGE Thank you to: Nikki Brown – Manager of Nippers Mandy Lee – Manager of Youth Lyn Brosens – Manager of Membership. Your time and effort in these roles is greatly appreciated by many club members. It has been fun working along side you all.

AGE MANAGER SERVICE AWARDS This award is based on the completion of the Age Manager Course and then service given after attaining the award. Note that this award may not necessarily reflect all the years of service that the Age Manager has provided e.g. prior to the award completed.

5 YEARS Amanda Lee Andrew Brown Brett Warner Jeffrey Baker Jennifer Gates

Michael Bubrzycki Myles Laing Sara Warner Simon Farmer Terence Upston

JUNIOR WORKING GROUP Julie Rapley Nikki Brown Vicki Rasmussen Mandy Lee 26 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

Dara Mills Tanya Honor Paul Brierley Michelle Cook

NIPPER ACTIVITIES Nikki Brown | Manager Junior Development

The 2017/18 season has passed us by in the blink of an eye. Hopefully you are all enjoying some downtime, however, if your families are anything like mine, you will be fully into the swing of winter sports and whilst sitting in the cold and rain, dreaming of being back on the beach enjoying the hot weather once again.

GERALDTON COUNTRY CARNIVAL We had a fantastic turnout at Geraldton this year with 40 Little Nippers and Nippers competing. The conditions were extremely tough, with not only strong winds and currents but plentiful bluebottles as well. Despite all this, our Mullaloo Nippers rose above and beyond the call of duty and really did the club very proud, not only in their achievements but also in their behaviour and attitude.

This season we had 519 registered nippers from Under 7 through to Under 13 and we would never have been able to operate with these numbers if it were not for the incredible support and help of our Committee, Age Group Managers and Assistants, Coaches, Water Safety, support from our IRB Crew and Parents.

NIPPER CARNIVALS The Nippers had three carnivals this season at Coogee Beach, Leighton Beach, and Geraldton. We had good numbers at all competitions and the children again displayed great effort and tenacity.

Our club is run entirely by volunteers and seeing the amount of dedication and support that these volunteers give is phenomenal. I often ponder as to how strong our club could be if each and every member were as committed to helping out our children, our future.

LITTLE NIPPERS This season, Surf Life Saving WA introduced a new category, Little Nippers. These champions are from the Under 8 and Under 9 age group and they had the opportunity to compete in their very own Little Nipper Carnivals. The incentive for this was to encourage the children to experience surf club at other clubs and to extend their friendships and camaraderie amongst a broader community, rather than just those at their own club. It is also great for the Nippers to get used to competitions in a relaxed and positive environment so that when they move up to Under 10’s and compete in Nipper carnivals, they are not overwhelmed and put off. This new incentive proved to be very popular and was very well supported by Mullaloo. There was a development day at Alkimos, followed by carnivals at Sorrento, Coogee and Geraldton. We averaged 55 competitors in each carnival, including States and many new friendships were made with nippers from other clubs. These fledgling relationships will be developed in future years as the children grow from strength to strength in Surf Life Saving.

Our club is run entirely by volunteers and seeing the amount of dedication and support that these volunteers give is phenomenal.

Our State Qualifiers were at Trigg beach this year and we had 80 Nippers competing amongst a broad band of water and beach events. Again, conditions were testing but many of our prequalifiers managed to return home with qualifications into their desired events under their belts.

STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS This season, State Championships were held at the wonderful new and improved Scarborough Beach. The atmosphere was electric and the Nippers were so incredibly proud and excited to be representing their club. At the players tea prior to the event, the nippers were presented with tote bags which included amongst other goodies, a Mullaloo State Team cap. These were worn with well-deserved pride. Each age group achieved some fantastic results and many best personal results. The mateship and support amongst teams was outstanding. Conditions were very tough, especially in the water on the first day and many dreams were shattered and hearts broken. However, the children all still had smiles on their faces as they accepted the fact that surf lifesaving is such a tough and unpredictable sport.



Development – Nipper Activities | Continued

Mullaloo came fifth which was a very respectable result and one all the nippers who competed should be proud of.

MARCH PAST AND R&R This season, we were extremely fortunate to have Paul Brierley coach the nippers in both of these events. The events are both highly skilled and disciplined and it is no mean feat trying to cajole a group of nippers into adhering to these demands on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Mullaloo won a few medals in the R & R State Competition and a silver in the march past and none of this would have been possible without the dedication of the children concerned and Paul. These results contributed to our overall score and the points were invaluable.

POOL RESCUE During the winter season, the Pool Rescue competition gets underway. This event includes a few carnivals, culminating in a State Championship. Points earned from Pool Rescue contribute to our overall score at the end of the season. Thank you to all the nippers who competed in Pool rescue last winter, your contributions and points earned were outstanding.

SAUSAGE SIZZLE This year, Angela Schipper took on the huge task of sausage sizzle coordination and was absolutely invaluable to us. Each and every week she ensured that there were sausage sizzles available for all the members of the club. This forms a large and important part of our fund raising for the nippers and without people like Ang giving up her Sunday mornings to coordinate this for us, the nippers would not be able to purchase many of the resources that we need to operate. A big shout out also to Sian Millar and all the parents who helped Angela each week.

CONCLUSION I would like to thank all the Age Group Managers and Assistants who put in such a huge amount of time for our Nippers. I am in awe of their energy and enthusiasm as well as leadership and guidance. I would also like to extend a huge thanks to all our coaches who amongst them offer coaching to the children every day of the week. They are always extremely positive and always provide opportunities for the children to challenge themselves and learn. 28 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped out this season, be it doing the sausage sizzles, beach set up and pack away, water safety, competition officiating, first aid, taking tents to and from competitions. This club entirely relies on voluntary support and without the help from each and every one of you, we would not be able to operate. You are all incredible and I am so very grateful to all of you. Julie Rapley, our GM has been an incredible support to me and to all of the nippers and without her invaluable support I would not have been able to manage this season. Thank you to the Nipper Committee for all your hard work, especially with all the necessary and unseen jobs that you do without complaint, you have made my season so much easier. Thank you to the Board of Management for the support that you offer the Nippers. A huge thank you to my husband Andrew and our children, Harriet, Drew and Holly. Your support of me this season has been has been outstanding and without it, we never would have been able to achieve what we have.

AGE GROUP MANAGER REPORTS UNDER 7’S | NATALIE GODWIN PAUL BRIERLEY Well, where did the season go? But I guess it’s the old saying, time flies when you’re having fun and boy did I have fun this year!!!!! 70 new nippers joined our club this season, all itching to go but some not so sure as it was possibly the first time they had been in the ocean. As our nippers weren’t allowed too deep into the water, my challenge was to plan activities week after week that would keep them occupied. Easy task you say, hmmm, thought it was going to be a bit hard but wasn’t so bad after all. First club day was all about introducing myself (Nat, “Lois”, “Bat”) and Paul Brierley to the nippers and their parents as well as laying out a few ground rules. We had four groups – Seashells, Starfish, Seahorses and Turtles – as this helped make our job easier by splitting them evenly into groups and helped our parent helpers as well. Once we had done roll call, we were on the move. We showed everyone the first aid room, the tower, patrol shelter and introduced the lifesavers!!!!! Our IRB racing team put on a wonderful display showing their skills as well as rescues and showing them the boats. They all thought this was cool!!!!! Once the tour was done, we ventured back

Development – Nipper Activities | Continued

to the beach. My first lesson of the day was teaching them about dangers on the beach and in the water but I thought “How am I going to teach them about sharks in the water but without scaring them”. Tough answer I hear you say. Well, right on cue the Westpac Helicopter flew over, so I asked the question “What’s up in the sky?”. They all replied “the helicopter”. “What’s it doing I asked”. “Nippers reply “Looking for sharks”. Well, that barrier was broken. After that, the danger lessons became easier. Day one came to an end. This is just a small reflection on one of our days on the beach. Throughout the season our lessons ranged from dangers on the beach and in the water, role of a lifeguard, what it means when the alarm goes off in the tower and what we do, basic signals (they loved proceed further out to see as this to them “was go away”, and return to shore – come back to me), wave types, learning to ride the small rescue boards on small waves – which the kids loved and couldn’t get enough of – sprints, flags, relay races practicing our butterfly hands plus many other activities. Sometimes things didn’t go to plan ie. the weather or me just not being prepared but the kids and parents always had a smile on their faces. One of their favourite games was crumbed sausage!!!!! If I look back on the season, I am very proud of how far everyone come, especially in the last four weeks. With our wonderful water safety and parent helpers with noodles and the small boogie boards, we got the nippers to swim out to the end of our beads and back. Some were reluctant to go but with a bit of coaxing and humour, we did it. Once they realised what they had done, there was no stopping them. A couple of things I hope the Nippers take away with them,

“sport is about having fun, having a go, trying your best and not giving up, do we be bad sports or good sports and the difference between the two”. . If they all remember this, then my job is done!!! As always, I have had as much fun this season as everyone in the Under 7’s and have enjoyed watching all develop in their own way. I must also take this opportunity to thank Paul my right hand man and the parents. Without you guys there assisting me week after week, it would have made my job that bit harder. Paul you always gave me your input on activities whether they worked or didn’t work, when the weather changed and I didn’t have a backup plan, you came up with one, sending heaps of emails out week after week keeping our parents updated with any information that they needed to know. Thank you so much for doing this, it really helped me out because as you know, I’m not much of a wizz on the computer. To our awesome parent helpers, thank you, thank you, thank you. Week after week you stepped in and helped out no matter where I needed you and you all did this with enthusiasm, smile on your faces and had fun with me along the way. You all really stepped up and helped us out even when both Paul and I couldn’t be there one Sunday. WOW!!!! It really meant a lot to me. I really do have the best parent helpers. Well, my report must come to a close now so I will finish off by saying, it has been awesome, wonderful, fun teaching the nippers this season and getting to know you all. Until next season, take care, be safe and look forward to seeing you all on the beach. Don’t forget to come and say Hi!



Development – Nipper Activities | Continued

UNDER 8s | LUKE ELIOT Our amazing Under 8’s came a very long way during the 2017/18 season and we are all incredibly proud of them. We started out with 97 little nippers and while some were a little nervous all of them brought along big smiles and a have-a-go attitude. The group was split into Team Luke, Team Frank (Browne) and Team Imogen (MacDonald) in order to make the most of each session, and we were supported by Madelyn Taylor and a heap of parents who really stepped up week in, week out. It was a massive development curve going from U7s to U8s which included the introduction of boards and board training, timed ocean swims and carnivals. The kids all did such an incredible job with all of these new challenges. They overcame their fears, they learnt new skills, they became fitter and stronger, and perhaps most importantly they bonded as a team. The Little Nippers Carnivals put all of this development on-show and I would really encourage the U8s and U9s of next season to have a go. The Little Nippers Championship included two special moments which really encapsulated the season. The first was watching our team of U8 girls rally to congratulate Alexis Harvey who had run her guts out in the flags before narrowly missing out on a medal and coming fourth. Effort. Achievement. Team support. The second was watching Patrick Campbell riding in on a wave to take out a bronze medal in the board final, which came just a couple of weeks after he was reluctant to head out on a board during a normal Nippers session. Courage. Skill. Success. We are all looking forward to watching where these fantastic kids will go next season. 30 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

UNDER 9s | GEMMA VESELY TONY NUNN Wow! What a great season for the Under 9’s, we regularly had in excess of 60 children on the beach each week. Through games, repetition and fun all the children made self-improvements with speed, coordination, concentration and fitness allowing all of them to complete the timed swim in 8 minutes by the end of the season. This year we were really lucky to have Penny Fortmann (Board training guru) on hand. This extra session allowed the children to learn, focus and excel. By the end of the season all theses children were handing the board and heading out around the cans with ease. This gave them more confidence in the water at home & when heading to the little nipper carnivals. With the little nipper clinics and carnivals being introduce this year, I would 100% say we all learnt a lot through attending theses. The children made new friendships; they encouraged each other and learnt to work as a team in events like the Cameron relay. It has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to understand they can give everything a go and they might actually be good at it. All under 9 competitors that took part finished each event; we had some great achievements from several of the children in the flags, sprints, swim, board race and Cameron relay. Hayley Cavanagh ended the season on a high, taking out the gold medal in the flags event at States. We would like to say a massive thank you to all those that have been involved with the under 9’s this season, from helping us set up, playing games, sausage sizzle, herding children, first aid, officiating at carnivals or being in the water. Without you we would never been able to fit in as much as we do.

Development – Nipper Activities | Continued

Our water safety, are some of the best in the club and we have loved seeing our under 9’s grow in confidence by having our regular superstars in orange who they have built trust in, which has allowed them to improve each time they enter the water. Thank you and we hope you all join us for the 2018/19 season. Thanks also to our AGMAs Rosanne Barraclough, Claire Lang and Erin Duffy.

UNDER 10s | WARREN KYTE EMMA MOBIUS This season saw a lot of firsts for the U10 group. It was the first season at Mullaloo for 14 U10 girls and 14 U10 boys, it was our first season of competitions and the first season with Warren in the role of U10 Girls AGM. With so many new athletes the first few sessions focussed on core skills which was also a great refresher for the returning athletes. It was fantastic to see the encouragement and leadership skills from some of our more experienced athletes, a trait that continued throughout the season. This teamwork and help each other mentality flowed through to competitions with U10’s happily and willingly helping other clubs to fill relay teams or competing up age groups to help our own club even in events they weren’t generally keen on at club days. The positive comments received from AGM’s at other clubs about our group reinforced what a great group we have. There were many standout performances throughout the season with some very competitive boys competing for spots in the board relay team and swimmers overcoming their fears to swim around the cans for the first time but special mention must go to Isabella Biddle for winning 2 gold medals at her first ever state championships in the beach flags and beach sprints.

There are several people that are critical to the success of our group, Blake Archer our parent liaison, Penny Fortmann and the team for running mid week training sessions, the U10 parents for giving up your Sunday mornings to bring your children to the beach and the 3 most fantastic AGMA’s that exist. Sienna Lipscombe, Amber Laing and Emily Abbott thank you for being part of our team since U7’s for turning up every Sunday including to competitions and for taking the warm up so Emma doesn’t have to do a beach run. Finally, thank you to all the U10’s this season. You have all grown up so much this past 12 months. It has been fun spending Sundays on the beach with you. There is a lot of eagerness already for next season, can’t wait to see you all then.

UNDER 11 BOYS | COURTNEY FYFE CHANAE BROOKES What a superb year the boys had. We were so lucky to have such a great group of kids who are supported by great parents. This season we had a number of boys who were new to surf club and from day one we had boys of all different skill levels, however they all had such courage and showed their parents and us that they were capable to face any kind of conditions or challenges we threw at them this season. As for the boys who competed this year, what an amazing season they had. Right from the first fun carnival at Alkimos through to the boys who traveled up to Geraldton (and faced the worst winds and current they had probably ever seen) and lastly the State Championships, the boys never disappointed us with their efforts, generosity and commitment. The boys managed to score 3 gold and 3 silver medals out of 11 possible events at the State Championships, which is an outstanding effort. The conditions at this years States were terrible but the boys were not prepared to let that stop them. Although there were many



Development – Nipper Activities | Continued

hearts racing and nervous parents around, the boys really proved how brave and fearless they are. Over the season we watched the boys grow as friends and individuals. We felt the bond between the boys themselves; and between us as AGM’s and the boys was continuously growing and we hope will continue to grow next season. Being our first year age group managing we were very nervous and unsure of a number of things, but we were continuously helped and reassured by parents, Mandy Lee and Louis Cheeseman, throughout the whole season. Also to our AGMA’s George Courtois and Wes Thomson, we really appreciate the help. We honestly cannot thank everyone enough for the help and support we had every week. And lastly, a massive thankyou to the Under 11 boys who were so welcoming and made managing them so enjoyable. Thank you for such a fun season and we can’t wait to see everyone back again next season.

UNDER 11 GIRLS | LOUIS CHEESEMAN Another fantastic year with this wonderful group of girls. Just as I had hoped, the number of competitive athletes grew. We had eleven girls compete at the State Championships where we defended our Board relay title to win Gold and had an amazing silver medal in the 1km run. I would again like to congratulate all the girls who competed in the State Championships and the four other Carnivals, especially those who made the trip up to Geraldton. Although the wind played havoc at the Country carnival, I know the girls had a lot of fun spending time with their team mates. This was also a great opportunity for the parents to bond with each other. This season we saw a huge improvement in both skills and fitness. There are a number of emerging athletes who have showed they are a force to be reckoned with and will make our relay teams very strong in the


coming seasons. I believe this is due to a very positive attitude and putting in extra effort by attending the training sessions on offer throughout the week. To add to the success of our season, we had a number of girls compete in the Pool Rescue series and the R & R. This was new for the girls and myself and we took home a silver medal in the Pool Rescue and made the final in the R & R. Congratulations to all the girls who competed in these events and a huge thank you to both Vicki Rassmussen and Paul Brierley I would again like to acknowledge and thank the parents for all of their support in helping our girls achieve what they have. From water safety to board handling, I know the girls appreciate it. A special thanks goes out to Nikki Brown and Mandy Lee for making the season run so smooth. The club would not be the same without these two wonderful people. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful girls in this age group. I look forward to the coming season where we can develop our skills and confidence in the surf and on the sand, as well as strengthen the friendships which have made surf club such a positive place.

UNDER 12 BOYS | BRETT WARNER Again, another year slips us by and we maintained the agreement that the season would be about fun, development and fun! This was clear from the start of the season through to the end. With many differing levels of confidence and abilities they generated a learning vacuum that was priceless. Bec and Charlie were amazing yet again and continue to develop their rapport with both the kids and parents which is humbling to see. A big thank you to the U12 Liaison, Janice Van Rensburg. Her ability to pass information and deal with the administrative component of the age group allowed of us to focus on the kids. An awesome job and really appreciated. Our new Assistant Age Group Managers, Rochelle Villemin

Development – Nipper Activities | Continued

and Darcey Brooks, did a great job throughout the season and the kids really appreciated their efforts.

win a medal, you all achieved personal bests and have raised the bar for the next season.

Even after 15 years as an Age Group Manager this made the role an absolute pleasure, as it’s rewarding to see as it set a standard for the group and aligns them with a belief in their abilities and fostered a sense of belonging in the group.

We would like to thank the parents for continuing to bring your children down to learn skills and keep fit, no matter what the conditions and for stepping up to help with the set up/ pack up rosters whenever we asked. We would especially like to thank those parents who have obtained their Water Safety qualifications and who assist each week in the water. I must say a special thanks to Janice and Christo who were our liaisons this season, we could not have done the season without you.

We continue to have some amazing talent in the group and the 2018 State Titles was a fantastic experience for those that participated. Their focus, commitment and desire was rewarded. Some may not have medalled, but they achieved a personal best and have set the target for the 2018/19 season. To the U12 parents we would like to thank you for your commitment in bringing the kids every Sunday morning and maintaining the positive approach to SLS. The nerves (parents) have settled for many whilst watching their child swim around the cans and watching the wry smiles of ‘Yes they did it’ was great to watch I’m excited to be returning, with Bec, Charlie Rochelle and Darcey for the 2018/19 season. Remember always take time to smile, as it’s the only curve in life that puts things straight. See you at the ‘Fully Sik Yellow Flag’!

UNDER 12 GIRLS | CHARLIE GREEN REBECCA LAING We are all extremely proud of our U12 girls this season. They have continued to progress amazingly well. There has been active participation in the midweek extra surf club training by the young ladies, getting down early mornings or in the afternoons to hone and improve their skills on the beach, in the surf and on the boards. The ability of the young ladies to step up and take on the challenge, whilst encouraging each other, through tough times is something their parents can be very proud of; I certainly am. These ladies have yet again pushed themselves with such determination and shown us all their true strength of character. The one thing that has impressed me greatly is their comradeship, sportsmanship and willingness to embrace all the challenges and always give it their best. We have some amazing talent within our age group and each and every one of the young ladies has come along in leaps and bounds since the start of the season. A special mention to the ladies who competed in the 2018 State Titles, what an experience to showcase your talents and although some did not

In closing, thank you to our U12 ladies. On our Sunday mornings we can honestly say, we could not wait to get down to the beach and be a part of your journey through the surf club. We are very excited to be returning with the rest of our team for the 2018/19 season – keep focused and see you on the beach!!!

UNDER 13 BOYS | ANDREW BROWN Wow! Another season of surf club has passed us by, in the blink of an eye, and this the pinnacle U13 year! A watershed time with the boys completing their last year as nippers, ready to cross the bridge into the youth arena. I have had the pleasure to share the journey with these young nippers since they were Under 7 on the path to these incredible young men. “It’s been an absolute pleasure to coach you boys over the years, helping you develop, challenge yourselves outside your comfort zones, and seeing you achieve strength and fitness, confidence and shared camaraderie.“ This season we had 24 boys with a number of new members and some returning after a couple of years off. All the boys have embraced the challenges of the beach and ocean with a huge heart and great determination. MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT


Development – Nipper Activities | Continued

Many of our boys participated and significantly benefited from the plentiful training that was provided and I would really like to thank all the coaches and water safety who enabled our boys to bring out the best in themselves so that they improved their personal skills and were able to give their best in all competitions, be it internal or external. We had a great turnout, especially with our ‘core’ group of competitors at all the carnivals and they really did me proud. Many of the boys were afflicted with injuries, often related to their extensive growth and also battled with weight to size ratio on the nipper boards but they continued to challenge themselves, not one of them ever gave up as they did their utmost to rise to every challenge faced whilst always encouraging each other through the tough times. The flag that just got away, or the smashing wave that destroyed such a great start…We learnt that parts of surf club competition, beach or surf, can be incredibly cruel and frustrating yet it still remains so very entertaining! This is what builds our humility and appreciation of the highs and lows of surf club. U13 Club Champion competition was, as always, closely contested. Luke McChord was our champion, closely followed by Ethan Battle. These boys are outstanding competitors and athletes, and have put in a massive effort. Keep an eye out for them over the coming years! It was a pleasure to award the most improved trophy to Ben Weemes this season, he has continued to challenge himself and improve has skills in all aspects, seeing him stretch his legs on the sprint track was exciting to watch. The AGM trophy went to Jayden Evans, for his continued outstanding performances particularly on the beach, and his humble character, warm hearted approach 34 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

and encouragement to team mates... All these award winners were very deserving recipients. Well done to all of the U13 boys. Next season is going to be a big one with moving onto the Mal’ boards, SRC training and exciting camps and I have every confidence that you will continue to make us all proud with your camaraderie and can-do attitudes. You are certainly ready to embrace the next phase of surf club and I wish you everything of the best! See you on the beach!

UNDER 13 GIRLS | EMMA BAMFORTH The U13 Girl’s have had a fantastic season. The group consisted of a terrific bunch of girls with very supportive and involved parents, and it has been a privilege to be involved in the development of these girls. Every one of them has shown vast improvement in both water and beach events and they should all be very proud of their personal achievements. Throughout the season the girls have shown enthusiasm to participate, have always had impeccable manners, as well as always supporting and encouraging their teammates. We had a number of new girls join our team this year and it was great to see them fit seamlessly into the group. It has been wonderful to watch friendships develop within the group and I hope the girls treasure the friendships they have made for many years to come. Our points days were very exciting this year with five girls being within just a few points of each other. After the third points round, just two points separated the top two girls, with Jenna Stummer and Leigh Kimber securing the top two places. Well done girls! We had great attendance numbers at each carnival held throughout the year, which culminated in the State Championships in March. The State team

Development – Nipper Activities | Continued

included Annie Wilson, Molly Bean, Ella Bevan, Elli Van der Broeke, Jade Bamforth, Edie Bushby, Claudia Dineen, Koru Jackson-Barker, Leigh Kimber, Sophie Mills, Caylin Robey, Jenna Stummer and Alana Sim. Particular mention goes to Alana Sim who won silver in the beach sprint event and to Claudia Dineen who won silver in the 1km beach run. Many of the girls finished within the top 10 of their event, which was a fantastic result for them all.

I’d like to thank all the parents for their support and assistance throughout the year particularly Marcus, Andy, Paul, Leslie, Leah, Ryan and Yvette who have always been so willing to provide assistance. It has been a real team effort, which is greatly appreciated. Next season the girls move into the Youth category and I can’t wait to see them all back on the beach!

NIPPER AWARDS 2017/18 NIPPER ACTIVITIES CLUB AWARDS NIPPER CLUB CHALLENGE CHAMPIONS U10 Girls | Ginger Archer Runner Up | Tahlee Jones U10 Boys | Igor Zivkovic Runner Up | Max Harwood U11 Girls | Emmerson Cheeseman Runner Up | Beth Bamforth

U13 Girls | Annie Wilson Runner Up | Lee Kimber


U13 Boys | Ethan Battle Runner Up | Drew Brown

U10 Girls | Tahlee Jones


U11 Girls | Ruby Smith

U10 Boys | Eoghan Barrowclough U11 Boys | Lachie Bean

Under 12’s

U12 Girls | Demi Van Rensburg


U12 Boys | Charlie Maher

U10 Girls | Isabelle Mahon

U13 Girls | Alana Sim

U10 Boys | Daniel Spies

U13 Boys | Jayden Evans

U11 Boys | Brodie Lee Runner Up | Finn Battle

U11 Girls | Leah Dineen

U12 Girls | Holly Brown Runner Up | Hannah Wallace

U12 Girls | Amy Waddell


U12 Boys | Ryemee Jarvis


| Ethan Battle

U13 Girls | Eli Van Den Broeke


| Katie Waddell

U12 Boys | Marcus Burns Runner Up | Patrick Atkins

U11 Boys | Finn Battle

U13 Boys | Ben Weemes



Development – Nipper Awards | Continued

AGE GROUP CHAMPION U10 Girls | Ginger Archer Runner Up | Isabella Briddle U10 Boys | Ivor Zivkovic Runner Up | Callum Foley U11 Girls | Beth Bamforth Runner Up | Emmerson Cheeseman U11 Boys | Brodie Lee Runner Up | Jake Bird U12 Girls | Hannah Wallace Runner Up | Alice Archer

U10/U11 Female Medley Relay Holly Brown, Olivia BearmanSkipworth, Amy Waddell, Samantha Brigden U12/U13 Male Medley Relay Ethan Battle, Lachlan Macleod, Drew Brown, Ryan Totten



U12 Boys | Marcus Burns Runner Up | Patrick Atkins U13 Girls | Jenna Stummer Runner Up | Leigh Kimber U13 Boys | Luke McChord Runner Up | Ethan Battle


FIRST PLACE U9 Female Beach Flags Hayley Cavanagh

THIRD PLACE U8 Male Board Race Patrick Cambell


STATE GOLD MEDALLISTS U11 Female 100m obstacles Olivia Bearman-Skipworth U13 Female Line Throw Katie Waddell, Ruby Harwood U10/U11 Female Brick Relay Holly Brown, Samantha Brigden, Olivia Bearman-Skipworth, Amy Waddell U12/U13 Female Medley Relay Annika Rasmussen, Maisy Redden, Leah Martin, Katie Waddell

STATE SILVER MEDALLISTS U10 Female 50m with Fins Emerson Cheeseman U11 Female 50m with Fins Samantha Brigden U11 Female Brick Carry Olivia Bearman-Skipworth

STATE BRONZE MEDALLISTS U12 Male 100m obstacles Ethan Battle U13 Male Brick Carry Ryan Hewlett

STATE GOLD MEDALLISTS U9 Female Beach Flags Hayley Cavenagh U10 Female Beach flags Isabella Biddle U10 Female Beach Sprint Isabella Biddle

STATE SILVER MEDALLISTS U11 Female Beach Run Leah Dineen U11 Male Board Race Brodie Lee U11 Male Cameron Relay Finn Battle, Jake Bird, Brodie Lee, Donnacha Murphy U11 Male Board Relay Lachlan Bean, Brodie Lee, Donnacha Murphy U12 Female Board Race Samantha Brigden U13 female Beach run (1km) Claudia Dineen U13 Female Beach Sprint Alana Sim U13 Mixed 2 person R and R Edie Bushby, Sophie Mills

STATE BRONZE MEDALLISTS All Age March Past Finn Battle, Angus Brierley, Holly Brown, Lois Bushby, Edie Bushby, William Forshaw Ellis, Max Harwood, Leigh Kimber, Sophie Mills, Jennifer Mills, Hannah Rasmussen U12 Female Beach Relay Alice Archer, Mieke Grobler, Demi Van Rensburg, Hannah Wallace U12 Female Cameron Relay Olivia Bearman Skipworth, Holly Brown, Mieke Grobler, Hannah Wallace

U11 Female Board Relay Bethany Bamforth Emerson Cheeseman Jess Kimber

U13 Male Beach Relay Ethan Battle, Jake Comstive, Matthew de Bruyn, Jayden Evans

U11 Male Board Rescue Brodie Lee, Donnacha Murphy

U13 Male Cameron Relay Jake Comstive, Jayden Evans Thoma Harvey, Luke McChord

U11 Male Ironman Brodie Lee U11 Male Surf Race Brodie Lee U12 Female Beach Sprint Hannah Wallace U12 Female Board Relay Samantha Brigden, Holly Brown, Hannah Wallace U12 Male Beach Sprint Marcus Burns


U13 Mixed 2 person R and R Holly Brown, Amy Waddell

YOUTH Mandy Lee | Manager Youth Development

For our youth, which encompasses our Under 14’s up to our Under 19’s, the season opener and highlight for some is the South West Youth Camp, run in September each year by some of our senior members…huge thanks to Sandy Clarke, Anne-Marie Widermanski, Steve Mignon, Tracey Bartlett, Phil Bartlett, Mark Cleary and Jim Baker for organising everything and making the weekend such an awesome success. Campers enjoyed walking, abseiling, caving, swimming and an awesome bus ride there and back. We also had a large number of youth head to Lancelin in October for the Proficiency/Training camp. What an awesome weekend we had up there, and a great way to get our requals done, get some experience in the surf and bond with our fellow members of all ages.

Huge thanks to the parents who made the effort to get their troops up there that weekend, and also to those who organised the accommodation, food and training and education activities for all to enjoy. We were very fortunate to have six of our youth members involved in the SLSWA camps in January – Harriet Brown, Jake Battle, Zara Martin and Mitchell Lee enjoyed the TOAD (Teamwork Opportunity And Development) camp at Rottnest and Darcey Brooks and Jett Mitchell made their way to Pemberton for the Rise Up Camp. Our attendees on these camps came back with fantastic photos, videos and journals about their experiences and these made for great reading in the Club Newsletter. They also fostered some important friendships with young members from other clubs around WA.



Development – Youth | Continued

Throughout the season our youth members were involved in so many different areas and activities throughout the club – it was fantastic to see them popping up in the fashion show, The SLSWA Beach Safe Appeal, helping out as Age Group Manager Assistants, getting involved in coaching, participating in all forms of competition including carnivals, surf league, IRB racing, pool rescue, Belt Racing, Champion Life Saver, R&R, March Past, Surf Boats, Beach, Water, in Geraldton at the country carnival and of course seeing them down the beach in their red and yellow doing their patrols. Some competitive highlights throughout the season included stand out performances during the earlier surf league and surf carnivals from Soraya Lee, who was selected in the Western Suns State Team, competing in the Interstate Carnival in Moana, South Australia in January, where the WA team achieved third place and a bronze medal. We then had Maisy Redden, Neve Macleod and Mitchell Eady who were selected in the WA Development Squad, heading over in January to race in the Manly and Freshwater Carnivals. And after amazing performances in the surf league surf races, Jack Wilson was selected in the WA Elite Representative Squad and raced at the final round of the Ocean 6 Series, finishing 6th in the final of the open surf race (not bad for an Under 17!) and 3rd in the Under 17 final. Our Under 19 Male boat team continued our youth state representation with Caleb Palandri, Wes Thomson, Connor Marlow and James Colbourne selected as part of the WA Boat State Team. Finally, our Youth Award winners this season deserve a special mention: Ava Bushby, was the recipient of the Youth Achiever award, presented at the WA Surf Life Saving


Championships to one Under 14 or Under 15 from each club. Ava met all of the criteria set by SLSWA for this award with her genuine, reliable personality and maturity that has seen her promoted to Vice Captain of her patrol at just 15 years of age. She participated in various team events in surf sports, R&R, March Past and Pool rescue, and has completed her IRB Crew award volunteering for extra patrols such as Abalone Patrol. We would also like to give special mention to our other nominees for this award – Harriet Brown, Zara Martin and India-Rose Sheppard, who all embody the spirit of surf lifesaving that this award gives credit to. Ava was then nominated for, and the winner of, the Youth Life Saver of the Year, at our club awards, moving through nomination and selection to become a finalist in this category at the SLSWA Awards of Excellence. We also had Soraya Lee, nominated for and the winner of the Young Achiever of the Year, at our club awards. Soraya was also nominated for this category at the SLSWA Awards of Excellence, and has also been chosen as a finalist, for her work with our younger members, motivating, coaching, inspiring and facilitating their love of surf club, as well as her competitive achievements in the surf sports area. We wish both Ava and Soraya the best of luck in their categories at the SLSWA Awards of Excellence. I would like to thank everyone who has had a role in mentoring and helping our youth members get the most from their surf club experience – from Sunday mornings, to training and education, carnivals and patrols. I look forward to next season with renewed ideas and enthusiasm after a year of experience in the role!

MEMBERSHIP Lyn Brosens | Manager Membership

fulfilled this requirement, demonstrating their lasting dedication to the club and its operations.

The major transformational change in the Membership portfolio this year was the introduction of online registration via the Surf Life Saving Australia Members Area. This innovation in our processes ensured that approximately forty percent of our members took advantage of the convenience of submitting their own registration from home.

It is now club policy to review national patrol service awards for five, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty five years patrolling. Qualifying members will have completed over sixteen hours of patrol service, (not water safety), each year to receive the awards. Congratulations to Christine Dargie, David Cronk and Kim Allen for receiving the prestigious twenty year patrol service award.

...demonstrating their lasting dedication to the club and its operations.

It is hoped that this will result in a considerable reduction in the volunteer hours required to process our registrations. Sincere thanks are due to Paul Brierley from the IT Committee who willingly shared his expertise over several weeks, to assist in the development of the online registration process. His tireless efforts ensured that members entering their information for different types of membership received an accurate invoice advising them what to pay online. This was a crucial element of the practical implementation of the new system which enhanced its practicality and made it easier for members to use. We anticipate that this system, which generates an invoice to show precisely what is owed for membership will encourage even more members to go online for their registrations this coming season.

AWARDS AND RECOGNITION This Committee meets to consider the varied contributions of club members with relevance to our Club nominations for the annual Surf Life Saving Western Australia Awards of Excellence. This year the following members who were nominated have been shortlisted in their categories: • • • • • • • • •

This year, nearly 1,800 members joined the club.

LONG SERVICE MEMBERSHIP STATUS Every year we acknowledge the commitment of those volunteers who have completed the required ten years of continuous patrolling service to apply for Long Service Status. This year seven members

Lyn Brosens - Administrator of the Year Carlo Tenaglia – Administrator of the Year Andrew Manning – AGL Lifesaver of the Year Sandy Clarke – AGL Volunteer of the Year Sandy Clarke – Official of the Year Sandy Clarke – Trainer of the Year Mark Hills – Assessor of the Year Soraya Lee – Young Achiever of the Year Ava Bushby – Youth Lifesaver of the Year







Active (18 years +)




Active (15 –18 years)




Youth (13 – 15 years)




Nippers (5 – 13 years)










Long Service




Life Member














Award Members Active Reserve

Past Active General Honorary




2017/18 SEASON

Our annual end of season celebration was held at the Club on the 12th May, with the room being beautifully decorated in Club colours, by a willing band of helpers coordinated by Dawn Jones and Penny Fortmann and with excellent catering by Swell. The Master of Ceremonies was again the irrepressible Jeff Davidson, who kept the evening on track and the presentation of awards was ably assisted by Kirsten Fortmann and invited guests. Our guests of honour were: City of Joondalup Mayor, Albert Jacob, Councillors for the City of Joondalup Nige Jones and Philippa Taylor and Heidi Gan, Board member of Surf Life Saving Western Australia. My sincere appreciation of the acknowledgement made for my ten years in the role of Membership Manager by the presentation of the President’s Award at the dinner and I would like to make special mention of the support that Sandy Clarke has given me in fulfilling many aspects of my role, including the communication to members of the change to online registration, as well as creating all of the promotional materials linked to the Membership portfolio.


Rebecca O’Malley Jason Snell Brad Taylor


THANK YOU I’d like to thank the team of members:

Honours and Awards Committee Mark Hills, Life Member (Chairperson) Alison Gerrard, Life Member Godfrey Lawson, Life Member Lyn Brosens Sandy Clarke Chrissie Payne Tracey Tenaglia Katrina West

Registrars Penny Fortmann Nadia Worthington

Registration Assistants Ali Baker Chrissie Payne Jenny Wilkie Kirsten Dobson Kirsten Fortmann Nadia Ferrari


Natalie Godwin Patti Colbourne Penny Fortmann Susan Wood Tracey Tenaglia


Carlo Tenaglia | General Manager Surf Sports

Surf Sports Management Portfolio • Surf Sports Events • Coaching • Competition

The 2017/18 season presented several challenges as this part of the Club goes through a rebuilding phase. We have lost a number of our Senior members as work and life opportunities have taken them away from the Club, so we started to develop plans to build our younger competitors to take on the competitive challenges into the future. This year, the surf sports area has focussed on rebuilding the competition equipment and facilities for its members. Over the last year we have put a number of proposals to the Board to purchase equipment for use by our members. This included the purchase of fins for pool rescue, a new IRB racing hull and motors, several new sweep oars for the Surf Boats, 3 new racing skis and 5 new racing Malibu boards. Our other major initiative this season was the refurbishment of the Gym. We spent over $35,000 on transforming this Club asset from tired and worn out to a vibrant and contemporary area for all of our members. We have since seen a significant uptake in the usage by many more members and the ability to run group sessions. The feedback from our members has been overwhelmingly positive.

high performance carnivals. This was a great initiative combining Surf boats, Water and Beach events, in a team structure. This was a great initiative from SLSWA and we fielded two teams to enable us to develop some of our younger competitors. Once again, this area of the Club was supported by a number people. Gayle Gould was our Manager of Coaching, who has continued to put together a wonderful coaching program with one of the most comprehensive Ironperson programs in the State and sessions across every discipline, from our youngest competitor through to our oldest. Neil Forbes was the Manager of Surf Sports Events responsible for running our Sunday morning program including points days and Club challenges. Once again, the Manager Competition role remained vacant for the year, so I took that role on also. Thank you to our managers and the many people who assisted when the call went out for help. I have enjoyed my time involved in managing and supporting competition in various ways for the last 16 years and this could not have been achieved without the large support from the various friends in the Club and of course from my family Tracey and Tayla Tenaglia.

This year Surf Life Saving Western Australia introduced the Surf League competition format of



SURF SPORTS EVENTS Neil Forbes | Manager Surf Sports Events



The club swim started the events off each Sunday morning on a good foot (swim?) and it was pleasing to see the numbers increase throughout the year. All club members are encouraged to join in the swim as a fun event and to inspire our junior members on the beach. The efforts of the masters was frequently overshadowed by the speed and skills of the U14 – open competitors. Following the swim the U14 to Open competitors continued on with their normal Sunday programme whilst Ed Neilan took those interested for a swim aerobic session that was enjoyed by all.

These events bring out the best of our members with their friendly and competitive spirit. As always Alison Gerrard and a band of dedicated volunteers came down to officiate and to help out where they were able at each event.

Myles Laing did a great job keeping the U14 and U15’s busy and focussed on competition and lifesaving skills throughout the year. A big effort given the numbers in the groups. For the competitive seniors, it was a challenge to fit in Club Days with the calendar being filled with a high number of SLSWA carnivals again this year. It is always great to see our U17’s – Open competitors on the beach when competition allows, to highlight their skills and provide encouragement to the more junior members of the club.


TED SCOTT MARATHON Unfortunately, mother nature intervened this year and the Ted Scott Marathon had to be cancelled. Everyone was gathered in the IRB shed ready to dash out and set up the beach but conditions worsened as we waited and the decision was made. Due to the high level of activities over the summer an opportunity did not present itself to reschedule the event, bring on 2018/19!

HOSTED EVENTS This season we hosted a round of the SLSWA IRB racing and a round of the Swimming WA Open Water Swim. It is fantastic to have both of these events at the club and it is an opportunity to see the skills and abilities of others up close. For me, it was a very

real pleasure to see our IRB teams compete and perform so very well on their home beach, albeit at breathtakingly high speed.

HELP AND SUPPORT As with all clubs we are most fortunate to have volunteers who help out in a range of ways when we hold our club Sundays and host events. There is an amazing group of regulars that are there week in week out, almost unseen but never forgotten. Their ranks are supplemented on a day by day basis by an influx of members volunteering their time as and when they can.

DAVE WILSON KAHUNA This year saw the sad passing of a friend to all and Life Member of the Club, Dave (Willow) Wilson. To honour Dave and to share his love of the fun and friendship that was the hallmark of his experience of surf life saving, the inaugural ‘Dave Wilson Kahuna’ was held. The event is designed as non-competitive, fun and friendly and was enjoyed by a large number of participants from the U15’s thru to masters. To witness this inaugural event we were honoured to have Dave’s wife, Yvonne, present.

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and assisted with the running of events in any way this season. We are not able to function as a club without your help. And your help is appreciated, by those running events but more importantly, it is really appreciated by our club members for it allows them to be on the beach enjoying their day, learning life skills and having fun.



COACHING SERVICES Gayle Gould | Manager Coaching Services

Another busy year for everyone involved in coaching, our sincere gratitude to each and every person who volunteered their time to assist in the development of our athletes across the board. Again we had training sessions covering: Beach, Belt, Boards, Boats, Champion Lifesaver, First Aid, Ironman, IRB racing, March Past, Pool Rescue, Rescue and Resuscitation, Ski as well as Strength and Conditioning. Many voluntary hours are spent by so many coaches to ensure that training is available for all areas within the club. Being a coach is sometimes tough, given the commitment and responsibility involved, however the rewards that one receives from seeing the development and gratitude of the athletes makes it all worthwhile. We are always in need of people to take on coaching roles in order to extend our coaching program. Please volunteer if you feel that you are able to contribute in any way, expression of interest forms are available on the club website.

...the rewards that one receives from seeing the development and gratitude of the athletes makes it all worthwhile

This year the club made $30,000 available for the upgrade of our gym. The old gym was emptied and prepared by a group of willing volunteers. ASPIRE painted the walls and ceilings within the gym and surrounding areas and installed new equipment, new lights and fans installed by Josh Bull and the area next to the kiosk was tidied up and reclaimed, all within less than a week. It is rewarding to see an increased and more diverse group of members making use of the gym each day. Induction sessions have been provided to familiarise members with the new equipment and more will be run in the future. Continual improvements will be made as funds become available. Many thanks to Carlo Tenaglia, General Manager of Surf Sports, for the constant guidance and support given to me throughout the season, your time, effort, commitment and integrity are much appreciated. Thanks also to each and everyone who has assisted in any way to make the coaching program such a massive success. 44 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR COACHES Belt – Mark Cleary, Carlo Tenaglia, Mark Hills Beach – Carl Mills, Rick Hawke, Kerry Snow, Taj Hawke, Martyn Pigg, Rachel Chalada Boards – Andrew Mosel, Carlo Tenaglia, Brett Gould, Wes Gould, Mandy Lee, Penny Fortmann, Jenni Wood, Emma Bamforth, Shannon Bamforth, Simon Gidley, Sarah Gregson Surf Boats – Mark Donnely, Steve Part, Terry Upston, Sandy Clarke, Stuart Clarke, Richard Calnon Champion Lifesaver – Tayla Tenaglia, Carlo Tenaglia First Aid – Paul Brierley, Tracey Tenaglia Ironman – Andrew Mosel, Wes Gould, Carlo Tenaglia, Mandy Lee IRB Racing – Cameron Rapley, Josh Bull, Nick Upston, Emmet Grimes March past Paul Brierley, Mark Hills Pool Rescue Soraya Lee, Annika Rasmussen, Darcey Brooks, Paul Brierley R&R (Rescue and Resuscitation) – Paul Brierley Ski – Andrew Mosel, Wes Gould, Carlo Tenaglia, Neil Forbes, Nick Kane, Mandy Lee Strength and Conditioning – Ben Hutchinson, Phill Dee, Brett Warner, Luke Hamilton, Edgar Coello, Matt DelFrate, Mick Kavanagh Stand in Coaches – Jeff Vidler, Michael Kavanagh, Brad Mulroy, Ben Tickner, Soraya Lee, Steve Lee, Luke Leeder, Eric Fortmann, Jaime Roberts

COACH ACCREDITATION This season, the following members attained their: Development Coach Accreditation – Phill Dee, Samual Dean, Mark Donnelly, Penelope (Penny) Fortmann, Wesley Gould, Sarah Gregson, Amanda Lee Sweep (Surf Boat) Accreditation – Richard Calnon, Sandy Clarke

COMPETITION Carlo Tenaglia | Manager Competition

It was a challenging season in the Competition area this season with the loss of some key open competitors due to moving to other clubs or work and travel commitments, so we are in a rebuilding phase for this area. Nonetheless we had some very good individual results in various areas. It is pleasing to see this year a new group of U14 competitors and we have a large group of competitors available to develop.

winning team for the day. There was plenty of prize money up for grabs with the opportunity to compete in the Western Suns Elite team at the Ocean 6 event in Cronulla. We had two teams entered for each event, which enable us to run a performance team and a development team. The competitors involved thoroughly enjoyed the format and look forward to the opportunity to be involved in the future.

It was another great season for the IRB racing having had some outstanding results. They won the State championships and the overall IRB racing competition at the State level. We once again had a number of representatives in the IRB Interstates.

With the Australian Championships being held in Perth this year, it enticed many our competitors to be involved. We had one of our largest teams involved for a number of years and it was great to see so many of our Youth and Masters getting involved. We had a number of great results, including several finals and medals.

Two individual efforts this season were from Soraya Lee, coming second overall for the Open women’s Ironperson in the Surf League and Jack Wilson winning the open Male swim in the Surf League and travelling with the Western Suns Elite Team. Overall, we had a significant increase in the number of competitors selected for the Western Suns Interstates including the development and the Elite teams and we had representatives in IRB, Pool, Water, Beach and Surf boat. Sandy Clarke was a team manager for the Interstates Pool Rescue and I was a Team Manager for the Interstates Ocean/Beach team. This enables the Club to have more involvement at a State Level. Surf Life Saving Western Australia introduced the Surf League this year to provide a new format of competition through the Summer period. This was a teams-based format which included surf boats, water and beach events with the total score determining the

Thank you to the many people who once again assisted this year with the competition area. With the large number of events throughout the year, there were numerous people who provided their time at competitions, including officials, coaches, team managers and the management team to make the area run.

MASTERS Masters numbers were up this season, with a number of new faces joining us and many of the older members coming back. We had some great results from the team, with a number of state champions and medals being won. We finished 5th overall. Having so many masters available for the Australian Championships seems to have lead to a bit of a

Soraya Lee



Surf Sports – Competition | Continued

renaissance in the area and it has created interest to keep the area growing into the future. Results are available on Pages 49-51

2018 YOUTH/STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Our state championship was long and drawn out as we competed in several lifesaving events, including Rescue and Resuscitation, Belt Racing and Champion Lifesaver, and this was before we had the main event for the Water and Beach events. Our success at the lifesaving events continues to grow, with several medals at the R&R, a state champion with Soraya Lee and Jack Wilson at Surf Belt racing and Neve MacLeod winning the U/15 Champion Lifesaver. We had several individual and team medals through the championship weekend and finished 5th overall. Results are available on Pages 49-51

Josh Clarke Sandy Clarke – Team Manager Western Suns IRB Racing Team Representatives Ayden Bartle Josh Bull Megan Bulley Emmet Grimes

Our interstate representation continues to grow in all areas. We had representation across all areas this season, which is something we have not been able to do for a number of years. In the Surfboat area we had representation from the U/19 Vikings team who was selected for the interstate competition for the ASRL championships. It was also pleasing to see a number of our competitors selected for the development team to be challenged at the Manly and Freshwater carnivals. I was also involved in the Western Suns Interstate Challenge at Moana Beach in South Australia. We had representation in the team with Mullaloo members involved in several events. Western Australia finished 3rd across all of the events.

Jett Mitchel Robbie Payne Cameron Rapley Nik Upston

Special thanks to Cameron Rapley for supporting the coaching of the IRB Racing Western Suns and Club touring teams. Western Suns Ocean/Beach Team Representatives Wes Gould Soraya Lee Carlo Tenaglia – Team Manager Western Suns Youth Development Squad Representatives Neve MacLeod Mitchell Eady


IRB Racing Reps

Western Suns Pool Rescue Team Representatives

Maisy Reddan

Western Suns – Elite Team Representative Jack Wilson Western Suns Surf Rowers Interstate Team Representatives Wes Thompson Caleb Palandri Connor Marlow

James Colbourne Richard Calnon (sweep)

2017 POOL RESCUE CHAMPIONSHIPS This year, we had a significantly diminished team for the Pool rescue championships, however our results were excellent for the size of the team. With a number of medals being won in both teams and individual we continued to rate as 4th overall.

Ocean/Beach, Development and Surf Boat Reps 46 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

Surf Sports – Competition | Continued

Josh Clarke also attended the Australian Pool Rescue Championships and finished in the top 10 in a number of events. Results are available on Page 49

2017 IRB RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS The IRB racing area is performing at an exceptional level. Cameron Rapley is continuing to lead the group through a development program with outstanding results coming from the area. With a significant number of medals from the State Championships, Mullaloo finished 1st overall and 1st for the regular season. It was another extraordinary effort from this group.

a number of competitors coming through from the Juniors. With the Club investing in an equipment replacement program, this will assist many potential competitors by reducing the costs for them and enabling them to compete. Thank you to the many officials, team managers and water safety people who assisted all the competitors throughout the season and provided them the opportunity to compete by meeting our competition requirements. It was also great to have the support of the parents and the competitors who showed support and enthusiasm for the Club competition.


Josh Bull and Robbie Payne once again won the Dave Clarke Shield for the best team of the season.

Carl Mills Carlo Tenaglia Frank Scullino Gayle Gould Jenny Orme Katrina West Laurie de Mamiel

In July 2017, the team headed over to Kingscliff in New South Wales for another campaign at the Australian Championships. There were many great results, but unfortunately did not win any medals. Results are available on Page 49


Mandy Lee Mark Cleary Mark Donnelly Paul Brierley Steven Lee Vicki Rasmussen


Our Youth area continues to grow well and this year we had some great representation in the youth championships for U/14’s and U/15’s. In very difficult conditions, we still managed a number of finals and a medal win from Fraser Bytheway. Our Masters competitors showed great sportsmanship at the championships, winning several medals and making a number of finals. It was great to see Kay Smith winning the Australian Championship medal for 1km Beach run. We only had a small team for the Open competition, however, most of the water competitors making a final and beach competitors getting very close. Ben Hillen was able to medal in the 2Km Beach run and our U/17 Marchpast team winning a silver medal on the very last day.

Alison Gerrard Alistair Cook Andy Jones Carlo Tenaglia Cindy de Bomford Dawn Jones Glenda Schulz Guy Edwards Jesper Rasmussen

Jacqui McGregor John Hillen Kathryn Redden Mark Hills Marni Black Phill Dee Roger Gregson Sandy Clarke Terry Upston

Amanda Lee (Level 1 Official Award this season)

IRB RACING LEADERSHIP GROUP Cameron Rapley (Chair) Josh Bull Ashlyn Bulley Alistair Cook

Results are available on Pages 49-51

Phill Dee Laurie de Mamiel Carlo Tenaglia Robbie Payne


SUMMARY Whilst the Club continues to have challenges with competitor levels, each of the areas have showed signs of growth in the younger age groups. The Surf boat area fielded an U/23 and two U/19 male teams and one U/19 female team this season. Our U/15 and U/14 area is continuing to grow and we have

Mark Donnelly (Chair) Carlo Tenaglia Richard Calnon Gayle Gould

Judith Harlow Amanda Lambert Connor Marlow Terry Upston



YOUTH & SENIOR SURF SPORTS AWARDS TED SCOTT MARATHON Not run due to severe weather conditions.


U/19 Male – Harry Jones Runner Up U/19 Male – not awarded U/19 Female – Soraya Lee Runner Up U/19 Female – Jo-Anna Maynard U/17 Male – Ben Hillen Runner Up U/17 Male – Zane Lamb

Masters Male – Rob Amos Runner Up Masters Male – Mark Hopper

U/17 Female – Caitlin Knight Runner Up U/17 Female – Ellie Black

Masters Female – Amanda Davies Runner Up Masters Female – Pam Bubrzycki

U/15 Male – Jake Battle Runner Up U/15 Male – Sebastien Dudek

Open Male – Wes Gould Runner Up Open Male – not awarded

U/15 Female – Neve MacLeod Runner Up U/15 Female – Heather Bytheway

Open Female – Rebecca Singleton Runner Up Open Female – not awarded

U/14 Male – Zac Scullino Runner Up U/14 Male – Ryan Hewlett

U/19 Male – Harry Jones Runner Up U/19 Male – not awarded

U/14 Female – Ruby Harwood Runner Up U/14 Female – Leah Martin

U/19 Female – Soraya Lee Runner Up U/19 Female – Jo-Anna Maynard U/17 Male – Ben Hillen Runner Up U/17 Male – Aaron Gigney U/17 Female – Caitlin Knight Runner Up U/17 Female – Ellie Black U/15 Male – Daniel Brown Runner Up U/15 Male – Jake Battle U/15 Female – Neve MacLeod Runner Up U/15 Female – India-Rose Sheppard U/14 Male – Zac Scullino Runner Up U/14 Male – Ryan Hewlett U/14 Female – Maisy Redden Runner Up U/14 Female – Katie Waddell

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 1 EVENT Masters Male – Jason Snell (on countback) Runner Up Masters Male – Mark Hopper Masters Female – Amanda Davies Runner Up Masters Female – Vicky O’Raw Open Male – not awarded Runner Up Open Male – not awarded Open Female – not awarded Runner Up Open Female – not awarded


SURF SPORTS ANNUAL AWARDS Best at States – Male – Jack Wilson Best at States – Female – Soraya Lee Best at States – Masters Male – Michael Kavanagh Best at States – Masters Female – Gayle Gould   Best at Aussies – Male – Ben Hillen Best at Aussies – Female – Soraya Lee Best at Aussies Masters Male – Jeff Vidler Best at Aussies Masters Female – Kay Smith Most Improved Beach Competitor – Aaron Gigney   Most Improved Water Competitor – Sarah May Most Improved IRB Male Racing Competitor – Emmet Grimes Most Improved IRB Female Racing Competitor – Ashley Bulley IRB Coaches Award – Megan Bulley  IRB Team of the Year – Rob Payne, Josh Bull, Megan Bulley Boat Person of the Year – Stuart Clarke Oarsperson of the Year – Wes Thompson Boat Crew of the Year – “Vikings” James Colbourne, Connor Marlow, Caleb Palandri, Wes Thomson, Richard Calnon (sweep)





U14 Male 4km Beach Run – Fraser Bytheway 45-49 Female 9km Ski race – Amanda Lee 45-49 Female 2km Swim – Amanda Lee

Open Female Mass Rescue – Ashlyn Bulley, Ximena Coello, Josh Cook, Sienna Lipscombe Open Male Mass Rescue – Josh Bull, Robert Payne, Ayden Bartle, Megan Bulley Open Mixed Relay – Ayden Bartle, Josh Bull, Chelsea Bull, Megan Bulley, Ashlyn Bulley, Ximena Coello, Edgar Coello, Josh Cook, Emmet Grimes, Lachlan Halvorson, Taj Hawke, Sienna Lipscombe, Clayton Millar, Robert Payne, Cameron Rapley, Nik Upston

STATE SILVER MEDALLISTS U14 Female 2km Board Race – Leah Martin

STATE BRONZE MEDALLISTS U14 Male 2km Swim – Fraser Bytheway U14 Male 2km Board Race – Mitchell Lee U17 Female 6km Ski – Darcey Brooks U15 Female 2km Board Race – Neve Macleod

STATE SILVER MEDALLISTS Open Female Single Rescue – Ashlyn Bulley, Chelsea Bull, Ayden Bartle Open Female Tube Rescue – Megan Bulley, Sarah Whitney, Jett Mitchell Open Male Single Rescue – Brodie Edwards, Sean Coventry, Breanna Roberts Open Male Teams Rescue – Thomas Hillen, Emmet Grimes, Todd Bartle, Jett Mitchell, Ashlyn Bulley, Josh Cook Open Male Tube Rescue – Cameron Rapley, Emmet Grimes, Ayden Bartle

POOL RESCUE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS STATE GOLD MEDALLISTS U14 Female Line Throw – Ava Bushby, India-Rose Sheppard Open Male 50m Manikin Carry – Josh Clarke


STATE SILVER MEDALLISTS U19 Female 100m Rescue Medley – Joanna Maynard Open Male 200m Super Life Saver – Josh Clarke Open Male Manikin Tow with Fins – Josh Clarke Open male 100m Manikin Carry w/Fins – Josh Clarke

STATE BRONZE MEDALLISTS U14/U15 Female Manikin Relay – Darcey Brooks, IndiaRose Sheppard, Heather Bytheway, Neve Macleod U19 Female 50m Freestyle – Joanna Maynard Open Male 50m Freestyle – Josh Clarke

Open Female Teams Rescue – Ashlyn Bulley, Megan Bulley, Chelsea Bull, Breanna Roberts, Ayden Bartle, Josh Cook Open Male Teams Rescue – Josh Bull, Robert Payne, Cameron Rapley, Nik Upston, Ayden Bartle, Megan Bulley Open Male Tube Rescue – Josh Bull, Jett Mitchell, Megan Bulley



Male Mass rescue – Cameron Rapley, Todd Bartle, Sienna Lipscombe, Ayden Bartle



Open Male 100m Rescue Medley – Josh Clarke

MASTERS STATE GOLD MEDALLISTS 130yrs Min Surf Teams Race – Troy Baird, Cameron Sudintas, Jeff Vidler 30-34 Male Beach Run (2km) – Ben Tickner 35-39 Male Beach Run (2km) – Mick Kavanagh 35-39 Male Board Rescue – Cameron Sudintas, Jeff Vidler 35-39 Male Ironman – Mick Kavanagh 35-39 Male Rescue Tube Race – Mick Kavanagh 35-39 Male Single Ski – Nick Kane

Josh Clarke



Surf Sports – Youth & Senior Surf Sports Awards 2017/18 | Continued

35-39 Male Surf Race – Cameron Sudintas 40-44 Male Beach Flags – Jeremy Smith 50-54 Female Beach Flags – Gayle Gould 55-59 Male Ironman – Jeff Vidler 55-59 Male Single Ski – Jeff Vidler 60-64 Male Rescue Tube Race – Neil Forbes

MASTERS STATE SILVER MEDALLISTS 150yrs Min Male Board Relay – Jeff Vidler, Paul Bennett, Ben Tickner 180yrs Min Male Surf Boat – Tim Buytels, Stuart Clarke, Edgar Coello, Martin Fisk, Steve Part (sweep) 30-34 Male Ironman – Ben Tickner 30-34 Male Rescue Tube Race – Ben Tickner 35-39 Male Double Ski – Mick Kavanagh, Nick Kane 35-39 Male Ironman – Nick Kane 40-44 Male Beach Flags – Alistair Cook 40-44 Male Beach Sprint – Alistair Cook 50-54 Female Beach Run (2km) – Amanda Davies 55-59 Male Beach Run (2km) – Martin Kennedy 55-59 Male Board Race – Jeff Vidler 60-64 Male Ironman – Neil Forbes 65-69 Female Ironman – Kay Smith 65-69 Female Single Ski – Kay Smith

MASTERS STATE BRONZE MEDALLISTS 110yrs Min Male Board Relay – Nicholas Kane, Troy Baird, Cameron Sudintas 130yrs Min Male Single Ski Relay – Troy Baird, Michael Kavanagh, Jeff Vidler 150yrs Min Female Taplin Relay – Amanda Davies, Jennifer Wood, Pam Bubrzycki 170yrs Min Female Single Ski Relay – Karen Briggs, Kay Smith, Katrina West 170yrs Min Female Taplin Relay – Karen Briggs, Kay Smith, Katrina West 170yrs Min Male Single Ski Relay – Paul Bennett, Neil Forbes, Mark Hopper 35-39 Female Board Rescue – Gayle Gould, Christie Watt 35-39 Male Rescue Tube Race – Nick Kane 40-44 Male Beach Sprint – Jeremy Smith 40-44 Male Board Rescue – Paul Bennett, Troy Baird 40-44 Male Double Ski – Troy Baird, Tim Buytels 50-54 Female Board Rescue – Jennifer Wood, Jennifer Orme 55-59 Female Board Rescue – Katrina West, Kay Smith 55-59 Female Single Ski – Katrina West 55-59 Male Double Ski – Mike Bubrzycki, Trevor Bulley 60-64 Male Board Race – Paul Bennett 60-64 Male Ironman – Paul Bennett 60-64 Male Rescue Tube Race – Paul Bennett 65-69 Female Rescue Tube Race – Kay Smith 65-69 Female Surf Race – Kay Smith 65-69 Male Beach Run (1km) – Richard Stephenson 50 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT


AUSTRALIAN MASTERS SILVER MEDALLISTS 45-49 Female Single Ski – Amanda Lee 45-49 Female Ironwoman – Amanda Lee 55-59 Male Ironman – Jeff Vidler 55-59 Female Board Rescue – Tracey Bartlett, Jennifer Orme 65-69 Female Beach Sprint – Kay Smith

AUSTRALIAN MASTERS BRONZE MEDALLISTS 50yrs Min Female Double Ski – Gayle Gould, Jennifer Orme 150yrs Min Single Ski Relay – Amanda Lee, Jennifer Orme, Pamela Bubrzycki 180yrs Min Female Surf Boat – Rachel Greene, Helen Grimes, Rachel Kremer, Tamara Yujnovich, Stuart Clarke (sweep) 35-39 Female Beach Flags – Chelsea Frost 35-39 Male Surf Race – Cameron Sudintas 40-44 Male Beach Sprint – Alistair Cook 45-49 Female Board Rescue – Amanda Lee, Gayle Gould 50-59 Female Single Ski – Jennifer Orme 55-59 Male Board Race – Jeff Vidler 65-69 Female Board Race – Kay Smith 65-69 Female Surf Race – Kay Smith 65-69 Female Beach Flags – Kay Smith

OCEAN/BEACH STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS STATE GOLD MEDALLISTS U15 Female Champion Lifesaver – Neve MacLeod U15 Mixed 5 Person R&R – Ava Bushby, Heather Bytheway, Danielle Honor, Neve Macleod, Zara Martin U17 Male Surf Race – Jack Wilson U17 Male Surf Belt Race – Jack Wilson U19 Male Surf Boat – Vikings: James Colbourne, Connor Marlow, Caleb Palandri, Wesley Thomson, Richard Calnon (sweep) U19 Female Surf Belt Race – Soraya Lee

STATE SILVER MEDALLISTS Open Male 2km Beach Run – Ben Tickner U14 Male Beach Flags – Mitchell Eady U15 Female Board Relay – Neve Macleod, Maisy Redden, Rosie Wilson U15 Female Board Rescue – Leah Martin, Maisy Redden

Surf Sports – Youth & Senior Surf Sports Awards 2017/18 | Continued

U17 Female Board Race – Caitlin Knight U17 Female Single Ski Relay – Ellie Black, Darcey Brooks, Sarah May U17 Female Surf Race – Caitlin Knight U17 Male 2km Beach Run – Ben Hillen U17 Mixed March Past – Harriet Brown, Ava Bushby, Ruby Harwood, Danielle Honor, Aimee Honor, Neve Macleod, Leah Martin, Zara Martin, Holly Morris, Annika Rasmussen, India-Rose Sheppard, Katie Waddell U19 Female Board Relay – Darcey Brooks, Caitlin Knight, Soraya Lee U19 Female Rescue Tube Rescue – Ellie Black, Caitlin Knight, Soraya Lee, Joanna Maynard, Lillyan Rosich U19 Male Board Rescue – Ben Hillen, Harry Jones U19 Male Surf Boat – Storm Troopers: Sean Coventry, Tyler Nuku, Cooper Schulz, Luke Triston U21 Male Single Ski – Alex Baker


Ben Hillen

Open Mixed Surf Boat Relay – Stuart Clarke (sweep), Mark Donnelly (sweep), Mathew Colbourne, Sean Coventry, Rachel Greene, Helen Grimes, Peter Hainsworth, Adam Sami, Elise Dagnia, Tyler Nuku, Jake Platt, Cooper Schulz, Luke Triston, Tamara Yujnovich Open Female Surf Belt Race – Soraya Lee Open Mixed 5 Person R&R – Robert Amos, Paul Brierley, Jacqui Martin, Dara Mills, Jesper Rasmussen U14 Ironwoman – Maisy Redden U15 Female 2km Beach Run – Heather Bytheway U15 Female Board Relay – Heather Bytheway, Leah Martin, India-Rose Sheppard U15 Mixed 5 Person R&R – Ruby Harwood, Aimee Honor, Leah Martin, Annika Rasmussen, India-Rose Sheppard U17 Female 2km Beach Run – Ellie Marlow U17 Ironwoman – Caitlin Knight U17 Male Beach Relay – Aaron Gigney, Zane Lamb, Tyler Nuku, Cooper Schulz U17 Male Taplin Relay – Sam Dobson, Ben Hillen, Jack Wilson U17 Female Surf Belt Race – Caitlin Knight U19 Female 2km Beach Run – Joanna Maynard U19 Female Board Rescue – Caitlin Knight, Soraya Lee U19 Female Double Ski – Darcey Brooks, Sarah May U19 Ironwoman – Soraya Lee U19 Female Single Ski Relay – Darcey Brooks, Soraya Lee, Lillyan Rosich U19 Female Surf Race – Soraya Lee U19 Female Surf Teams Race – Caitlin Knight, Soraya Lee, Asha MacDonald-Razvi U19 Female Taplin Relay – Caitlin Knight, Soraya Lee, Joanna Maynard, Lillyan Rosich


U17 Mixed March Past – Neve Macleod, India-Rose Sheppard, Leah Martin, Harriet Brown, Danielle Honor, Katie Waddell, Darren Bean-Hannigan, Aimee Honor, Zara Martin, Caleb Mills, Ava Bushby, Ruby Harwood

AUSTRALIAN FINALISTS U15 Female Champion Lifesaver – Neve MacLeod U15 Mixed 5 Person R&R - Neve Macleod, India-Rose Sheppard, Danielle Honor, Zara Martin, Ava Bushby U14 Male 2km Beach Run – Max Smith, Darren Bean-Hannigan U14 Female Surf Race – Rosie Wilson U14 Ironwoman – Rosie Wilson, Maisy Redden U14 Female Board Race – Maisy Redden U17 Female Champion Lifesaver – Ellie Black U17 Male 2km Beach Run – Aaron Gigney U17 Male Beach Relay – Benjamin Hillen, Cooper Schulz, Aaron Gigney, Tyler Nuku U17 Female 2km Beach Run – Ellie Marlow U19 Female Board Relay – Soraya Lee, Caitlin Knight, Jo-Anna Maynard U19 Female Surf Belt – Soraya Lee U19 Female Surf Race – Soraya Lee U19 Male Surf Race – Harry Jones U19 Female 2km Beach Run – Jo-Anna Maynard U19 Female Surf Team – Soraya Lee, Caitlin Knight, Jo-Anna Maynard, Lillyan Rosich Open Mixed March Past – Robert Amos, Paul Brierley, Cindy de Bomford, John Hillen, Mark Hills, Dawn Jones, Amanda Lee, Dara Mills, Jesper Rasmussen, Bridie Rosich, Carlo Tenaglia, Tracey Tenaglia




Chrissie Payne | General Manager Marketing Marketing Portfolio • Sponsorship • Retail • Communications

The Marketing portfolio spans many “below ground”, but key aspects of our Club’s operations, from managing communications with members; to our Surf Shop retail outlet; to liaising with our sponsors, fundraising, memorabilia displays and even running social events. None of this would be possible without the tireless commitment and hard work of a small number of volunteers who devote enormous amounts of time to serving other members.

This year we welcomed a new key sponsor, Edith Cowan University School of Business and Law, whose regular presence on the beach on Club days was a welcome initiative. Our Nippers and Clubbies really appreciated their donations of sunscreen, lip balm and beach balls. As part of our developing relationship with them, we have launched a project to support education about beach safety and first aid for their international students via Enactus.

Huge thanks are therefore due to Cindy de Bomford who expertly sources clothing, bathers and accessories, then with the ever present assistance of Penny Fortmann, manages the operation of the Mullaloo Surf Shop, coordinating the willing band of volunteer assistants.

Channel Nine Perth is another highly visible sponsor of the Club, with their High Vis competition vests seen everywhere on our beach. Nine Perth also supported us on Club days, providing the sausage sizzle and lots of “freebies” in the form of caps and sunscreen.

This season, as Retail Manager, Cindy also organised the introduction of our new Club shirt, which has been hugely popular, being adopted by our Nippers, AGM’s, beachies, boaties, IRB and R & R teams alike. Now we all look like “One Club” on Club days and at carnivals. Our Communications Manager, Sandy Clarke, never stops. She manages a myriad of communication channels on a weekly basis, coordinating input from every area of the Club into the regular e-newsletters and our ever increasing social media presence, a more instantaneous communication channel. The Club’s Social Media Policy has now been released and is available on the website, under Club Documents. It provides guidelines for all members regarding their use of Club Facebook pages and interactions between members representing the Club on other forms of social media, please have a read of it.

The City of Joondalup continues as our major sponsor and we are happy to have signs acknowledging their continued support added to the Club frontage and refreshed in the courtyard. 52 MULLALOO SLSC 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT

We are indebted to our other sponsors, without whom we could not continue to provide our life saving services on the beach to the same high standard. Their support is highly valued, so thanks are also due to Lloyds Register, Cowden Limited, Finz, Leeway, Advance Formwork and Boost Juice for their contributions. This past season has seen the reinvigoration of the social scene at the club under the stewardship of the talented Dawn Jones, the Socialites group of volunteers have transformed the Club for events such as Oktoberfest, St Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, the Paella Night, plus live music in the lounge and of course, the Annual Dinner. Thanks to Janine Cronk, Amanda Davies, Bridie Rosich, Terry Upston, Jesper Rasmussen, Cindy de Bomford, Julie Rapley, Enda Farnham and Penny Fortmann for all of their efforts. Our fundraising activities this season centred around some key events: the annual Surf Life Saving Australia BeachSafe Street Appeal in December, which saw members of every age shaking the can in patrol uniforms, with great results. Thanks to all who volunteered to help. You know who you are! The ever popular “Chase the Ace” contest was also reintroduced, ably coordinated by Carlo Tenaglia and supported by willing members selling the tickets every

week. This not only contributes greatly to club funds, but provides a fun vibe in the Lounge every week, particularly as the jackpot rises! Members from every area of the club are encouraged to be proactive, get out there and raise funds to support their own area of passion. A perfect example of this is the IRB Racing Team, whose Casino Night in April was a glamorous, fun and highly successful fundraising event. Thanks to Julie and Cameron Rapley and the entire IRB group for their combined efforts in raising a substantial amount of money for the Club. Thanks are also due to the sponsors on the night, Leeway Group, Mayday Earthmoving, Combined Equipment Services, Complete Commercial Projects, Standout Signs, Warners Transports & Distributors, Realmark Whitfords, R&D Speed Shop, Payne Geo and the many members who attended, for supporting them. On ​the handover of​our​refurbished C ​ lub rooms in late 2016, the Board assigned a group to c​ reate the



content and visual style of the memorabilia d ​ isplays that would “brand” the Club with our unique Mullaloo history. ​Many t​hanks to Martin Kane f​ or his vision and for leading the group’s initial creative efforts.​​To distill

over 50 years of the Club’s history into a contemporary visual representation was a h ​ uge​task. T​ hanks are also due to Mark Hills, Barbara Loudon, Anne-Marie Widermanski, Jeff Davidson, Debbie Kelleher, Alison Gerrard, Sandy Clarke and Godfrey Lawson for their contributions. ​ As we move to ‘business as usual’ mode, the Board has​now​assigned responsibility for the further development and installation of signage, branding and memorabilia​displays​to the Marketing portfolio. T​ he ​first phase of d ​ isplays was r​ ecently installed in the hallway, an impressive montage of digital displays of club operations and events over the years. Future phases of memorabilia displays and signage t​o​celebrate our Club’s history and purpose are being developed and will be installed as budget becomes available.


MULLALOO SURF SHOP Cindy de Bomford | Manager Retail

As always our surf shop has been a hive of activity this year!

members for coming together and giving their ideas for a new club shirt, Josh Bull, Robyn Bulley, Brett Gould, Rebecca Singleton, Ben Jones, Paige Wood.

A big thank you to our great team of volunteers in the shop, without their dedication and enthusiasm we would not be able to open the shop every Sunday morning and Friday evening:

Our seasonal casual range has proven popular with members who have liked something unique each season, while our club gear continues to be worn with pride when competing for Mullaloo at carnivals.

Ilse Roets, Alex , Ali Baker, Annika Crockford, Donna Atkins, Elise Morris, Glenda Schulz, Jenni Wilke, Joanne Hannigan, June Munro, Kerry Snow, Leisa Hudson, Nissa Barclay, Rachel Kremer, Renne Dineens, Sasha Bushby, Kirsten Fortmann, Suzanne Kennedy, Nicola Jones, Patty Colburne.

We were also very pleased to see more Tourists popping into the shop to buy clothing to take back overseas. Thank you to all that have supported the Mullaloo Surf Shop this season and we look forward to seeing you next season.

Many thanks to Penny Fortmann for her countless hours with rosters, stock control and sales. It has been wonderful to see members in every area embrace the new Club shirt and personalise it for their team, or area of operation. A great effort was made to consult with members to evolve a design that would compliment all ages, be unisex and inclusive to the whole club. We would like to thank the Focus group which consisted of some current and former

Any new volunteers are always welcome, it’s a great opportunity to make friends and meet new people in the club, so if you’re interested please contact us at



COMMUNICATIONS Sandy Clarke | Manager Communications

It’s the season that never stops – all the more reason to keep up to date with what’s going on in and around your Club!!

STRATEGY The communications strategy aims to continue to build our brand presence and promotion of SLSWA/ SLSA to drive further engagement and accessibility for our members, sponsors, supporters and community – this is an ongoing task. Changes in technology and service affect the way we do our business so have to be factored into our communications efforts. The next phase will see a communications framework and strategy being further developed and implemented.

... team effort across the Club is what creates the connections and spreads our Club’s value.


Our digital and social media footprint as at 30/6/18












COMMUNICATIONS CAPABILITY It’s been a pretty busy year building our social footprint and the results are starting to show. Our Facebook post reach this season increased 32% from last year as well as 20% more people now following our Club’s main Facebook Page. A new Facebook public group – ‘Mullaloo Beachies’ was added this season to assist in communication with the growing number of beachies, thanks to Rachel Chalada for the initial set up and Carl Mills for holding the reins on that. Thanks Mandy Lee who has been managing the Youth Facebook page and thanks to Gayle Gould and Carlo Tenaglia for assisting with the Surf Sports Training Facebook page. Our Instagram activity saw a 56% increase on last season and is proving popular with our membership across the board. This season saw the phase out of the monthly Club Newsletter. Although the readership of the newsletter was OK, the currency of information could be better addressed with a more frequent e-news update linking to events as they occured each week. Each issue promoted a feature article, upcoming social events, education courses, surf sports carnivals along with their respective registrations, notices, sponsor and member benefits, event wrap ups – which also linked to the Club website where more images were posted (particularly for those not on Facebook!). As a result, readership improved 4% and more information can be easily linked if and when needed. The Club website calendar also had a mini update enabling members to subscribe to certain categories. The Club website has been due for redevelopment for a few years now, perhaps in the coming season! A number of social campaigns were trialled this year to engage our members. For example, there was the recruitment drive for patrol members over the Easter break – members were asked to register with a patrol online... (pretty sure the Grill’d burger voucher was additional incentive for the success) which allowed prior knowledge of whether the patrol would have sufficient members and if not, time to gather them! Very successful.

COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE To address the many challenges of communication in the Club, below are just some of this season’s projects: • creating a communications and engagement plan for the Club’s tranisiton to online memberships with Lyn Brosens • creating a communications and engagement plan for the Edith Cowan University partnership • creating a digital archive of images and documents

A big thank you to everyone who provided images, stories and social media sharing that made the communications so effective and comprehensive this year. This team effort across the Club is what creates the connections and spreads our Club’s value. It was also a contributing factor in me receiving the AGL Volunteer of the Year Award at the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Awards of Excellence – you all share in this recognition. Finally, a massive THANK YOU to my family for supporting me through this amazing year.

• delivering a ‘Nipper handbook’ for new parents to understand the expectations and opportunities in the Club • delivering signage and outreach for open days and recruitment drives • creating and publishing the annual report (now this is a digital version, at a lower cost and much more environmentally friendly) • creating signage (given the newly refurbished Club) including sponsor signs

Much love shown through Facebook for Dave Wilson...

• delivering member recruitment promotions • delivering communications for sponsorship deals (eg Boost Juice, Grill’d Burgers) • promoting fundraising activities (eg. the Entertainment Book, social events) • promoting the receipt and usage of grants (eg. Skis) • articles to media (for profiling the Club and surf life saving) • revising the Club style guide • researching and submitting Age Manager Service awards, backdated from 2006 • creating a Social Media Policy • better utilising tools/resources available through SLSWA/SLSA or being used by them. Thanks Tyler Brown from the Community Newspaper Group for her and the Newspaper’s support of the Club’s messages. Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club featured/mentioned in 18 articles over the 2017/18 season.

It seems some visitors were a little more popular than others... our snake video from an October Patrol had over 7,500 views through Facebook!

Special mention for photographers Andrew Mayberry and Tony Bowers for the use of their images throughout the season. SLSWA this season provided additional resources for use with various campaigns and we also thank them for their support in our communications.



SUPPORT SERVICES Vacant | General Manager Support Services Support Services Management Portfolio • Administration

• Facilities

• Finance

ADMINISTRATION Tracey Tenaglia | Manager Administration

Looking back and reading my reports from previous years, two words regularly appeared, when talking about the work the Administration area does. That of “change” and “continuity”. The dichotomy of these two words and the ability to manage change and maintain continuity are the challenges still regularly faced by the Admin area and Office staff. The past twelve months have seen changes embraced and implemented, improving the efficiency of the Office and we continue to explore initiatives that will improve our services to the Club and its members. One of these initiatives is updating and maintaining a register for Working with Children and National Volunteer Police Clearance checks, a SLSA

requirement. With members volunteering in multiple areas of the Club, it is important that we are able to identify and cross reference this information accurately and easily. This not only assists the relevant Managers but ensures we are actively involved in Member Protection requirements. Last season also saw the implementation of on-line registration making it easier for our members. It did however, place a further workload on the Admin/ Accounts area, as the process was fine-tuned and the initial glitches were resolved. We look forward to a smoother process for both the members and Office next season. Working with volunteers and in a voluntary organisation has its challenges. Huge thank you to Karen Oliver, Office Manager and Jenny Ducasse, Administration Officer for your understanding, patience and your ability to provide constant support to the Board and Management team. As always, the Office staff, as the initial face of the Club, present a high level of dedication, enthusiasm and commitment, to Club members, stakeholders and the public who use our facilities. Carol Cook, who joined the Office at the beginning of last year, has extended her volunteer hours to two days a week. Assisting both Karen and Jen with some of the more time- consuming tasks such as filing, reconciling receipts, etc. Carol has also taken on the entering of club members’ patrols hours onto SLSA’s


Personally, Karen and Jenny, I would like to thank you, for your valued friendship, loyalty and the support you have given me during my time in this role.

national database Surfguard. Thank you, Carol I know Karen and Jenny, as do I, gratefully appreciate your time and effort. I was very happy to submit you as a nominee this year for the Club’s “Administrator of the Year” award.

THANK YOU Office Manager – Weekdays Karen Oliver

The introduction of the online event management system, Revolutionise, has been a huge asset to the Office, reducing time spent by the Staff with logging and registering members for events. Members being able to pay online for these events has also assisted in reducing time spent reconciling and “chasing” up payments by Karen Oliver, Accounts Manager. A big thank you to Carlo Tenaglia for the implementation and management of this system.

Admin Assistant – Weekdays Jenny Ducasse Office Staff – Voluntary Carol Cook Revolutionise Carlo Tenaglia

As the Administration Manager I have been lucky to have been able work for and with our Office staff for the past seven years. Karen Oliver, Office/Accounts Manager has been working for the Club for 16 years this September and I consider her the “guru” of all things related to the Club and the Admin area. Jenny Ducasse, Administration Officer has been with the club for 5 years this September and I am happy to call her “guru 2IC”. Both these amazing hard-working ladies have seen and experienced many changes over the years, and always endeavour to present a professional and positive presence. Your honesty, diligence and commitment to the Club ensures that we still remain one of the better administratively managed surf Clubs in Western Australia.



FACILITIES Jesper Rasmussen | Manager Facilities

Another busy year at the club. After a lengthy wait for the needed power upgrade we saw the much anticipated opening of Swell. The opening of the restaurant as part of our refurbishment has been a huge success, Swell has been very busy since its opening just after Christmas, which is not surprising when you taste the food. A big thankyou and congratulations to Olivier and Cassie Letrone for a huge effort and an amazing job done, the atmosphere and service in the restaurant is just amazing. Also, thanks for the service of delivering a menu and food for the clubrooms. I hope the relationship between the restaurant and the club will be a success for years to come. It was a great year in the lounge and the bar. A big thank you for the great work running the bar to Calven Teng and Gordon, also thanks to Rob McGregor and Trevor Bulley for stepping in to manage the bar when Cal went on maternity leave to welcome little Sydney into the Club. Thanks to the socialites headed up by Dawn Jones for the many enjoyable events arranged over the course of the year. We also saw a full revamp of the Gym downstairs, with a complete repaint, new lighting and completely new equipment, thanks to the hard work and organisation by Carlo Tenaglia and Gayle Gould.


I again want to thank Karen Oliver and Jenny Ducasse in the office for their hard work and dedication to solve all the frustrations that we face on a day to day basis.

THANK YOU Calven Teng Rob McGregor Trevor Bulley Willie Brosens Josh Bull Volunteer Bar Staff Ian Allen Glynne Bartle Phil Bartlett Mandy Brooks Craig Bull Josh Bull Tracey Bull Trevor Bulley Ashlyn Bulley Megan Bulley Robyn Bulley Sandy Clarke Michelle Cook

Cindy De Bomford Joanne Gidley Rob McGregor Jacqui McGregor Tanya Honor Chrissie Payne Robbie Payne Julie Rapley Bridie Rosich Philippa Taylor Terry Upston Alex Upston

FINANCE REPORT John Hillen | Manager Finance

The club made a net loss of $49,456, compared to our superb profit last year of $152,326. It would be prudent to view the two years as a combination! In 2017, we had no club house as the club was being refurbished and we made some good savings. In 2018, we had our club house back again and the club is back to operating at almost full capacity. However, this has seen a number of expense items revert to their pre-refurbishment level, especially our utility bills for electricity and water as well as cleaning costs and on-going repairs and maintenance to the facility, as occurs with any commercial building. From an income perspective: • Turnover in the refurbished Bar and Surf Shop has increased, nearly 65% in the Bar and 24% in the Surf Shop;

• SLSWA Affiliation fees of $62,829 for 2017 and 2018 were paid for in 2018. This had the result of increased profitability in 2017 and reduced profitability in 2018; • One of the major expense items under Administration is the Depreciation expense of $91,321. This is a result of the capitalisation and depreciation of the capital assets purchased. It should be emphasised that this is a non-cash flow item, but does impact profit accordingly; • The majority of all other expense items were either held at prior year levels or were less than prior years. A number of items were capitalised during the year. Although capitalised, they did however have an effect on our cash resources. These items included:

• Increased income from the Kiosk, hall hire, and functions income, directly as a result of having the facility operating again;

• Some on-going capital costs as a result of the refurbishment including an electricity upgrade and payment of retention monies, totalling $158,801;

• Sponsorship income and member registration is unfortunately down on last year.

• Club equipment totalling $84,146 was purchased including senior and junior equipment totalling $26,581; IRB Equipment totalling $30,011 and Gym Equipment totalling $27,554;

Key expense items: • Cost of sales in the Bar and Surf Shop have increased in line with increased turnover. The Bar showed a pleasing surplus of $57,862. The Surf shop incurred a small loss of $2,680 this year, directly a result of clearing out old stock, thereby increasing turnover. With a much reduced closing stock figure, this resulted in an increased cost of sales figure. This stock reduction will show a benefit to future years profitability;

• New motor vehicle for on-beach usage - $11,000. These items appear in the Notes to the Statement of Financial Position under “Fixed Assets” as either – Leasehold Improvements, Plant and Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Office Furniture or IT Hardware. Although the year has been tough financially, the club now has a tremendous facility with modern, up to date club equipment. With an increasingly viable subtenant – Swell Restaurant, the clubrooms have the ability to become an on-going source of income for the club for many years. A positive future for the club and its members!

• There were also increased costs to host the numerous functions held at the club house over the last year. These increased costs to host functions can be directly related to the increased turnover in the Bar;

My personal thanks go to Karen Oliver and Jenny Ducasse, whose friendly demeanours always make interaction with the office enjoyable. Both of their contribution to the running of the club is to be commended.

• There were also numerous other items of repairs and maintenance that were expensed through the Profit & Loss including the refurbishment of the gym and toilets downstairs; • As mentioned there was an increase to our utilities expenditure of electricity and water;



FINANCIALS Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 01/04/2017 to 31/03/2018 Summary











INCOME Administration Grant Income Competition Education









Life Saving Services













Youth Development Total Income

EXPENSES Administration











Education Facilities






Life Saving Services









Youth Development



Total Expenses










Less Grant Income

















Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued








Non-recurrent grant - Lotterywest



Non-recurrent grant - Local Government





Miscellaneous Income



Total Administration



Competitors Entry Fees



Aussies Income









Education Courses/Awards



Total Education





Hall/Lounge Hire



Kiosk/Kitchen Lease



Functions and Other Income





INCOME Administration Interest Received

Contribution from SLSWA/SLSA


Functions, fundraising & Ski/Board Rack Hire Sale of Boards, Skis and Other Equipment Total Competition Education

Facilities Bar Sales

Total Facilities



Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued








Functions and Other Income



Total Juniors



Water Safety



Life Saving Services







INCOME Juniors Competitors Entry Fees

Life Saving Services

Total Life Saving Services Marketing Surf Shop Sales Donations and Events













Camps and Functions



Total Youth Development





Sponsorship & Fundraising Total Marketing Membership Membership Registrations Social Functions Total Membership Youth Development



Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued













Administration Employment Expenses Annual Report, Office & Executive costs Bank Charges Depreciation



Office Running Expenses including IT & Communication







Coaching Fees



Total Coaching









Aussies/State Teams Costs



Total Competition









Bar Expenses and Stock Purchase



Function Expenses



Occupancy Costs





Total Administration Coaching Coaching Resource Costs

Competition Carnival Entries Functions and Fundraising costs Repairs, Maintenance and Running Costs

Education Education Courses/Awards Bali Education Trip Total Education Facilities

Total Facilities



Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued









Repairs and Maintenance



Carnival Entry Fees/Trophy Day






Total Juniors Life Saving Services Patrol Costs



Repairs, Maintenance and Fuel







Surf Shop Purchases



Surf Shop Stock Adjustment











Social Functions



Total Membership





Functions and Fundraising



Total Youth Development









Water Safety Total Life Saving Services Marketing

Promotion and Miscellaneous Total Marketing Membership Affiliation Fees Membership Refunds and Registration Day Costs

Youth Development Camps


Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued


2018 $


2017 % of




% of sales

Facilities Bar – Trading Statement Sales



Cost of goods sold Opening Stock



Add Purchases







Less Closing Stock Less cost of goods sold





Bar trading surplus





Marketing Surf Shop – Trading Statement Sales



Cost of goods sold Opening Stock



Add Purchases







Less Closing Stock Less cost of goods sold





Surf Shop trading surplus







Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued


Note Assets





Current Assets






























Inventory Total Current Assets

Non-Current Assets

Fixed Assets


Total Non-Current Assets

Total Assets


Current Liabilities


GST Payable/(Receivable)


5 6

Total Current Liabilities

Non-Current Liabilities

Employee Provisions

Total Non-Current Liabilities

Total Liabilities

Net Assets








Members’ Funds

Surplus carried forward



Total Members’ Funds




Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued







1. Cash

Cash at bank – Operational Funds

Cash at bank – Future Building Fund

Cash Floats









2. Receivables

Trade Debtors



Sundry Debtors













3. Inventory

Bar stock

Surf Shop stock

4. Fixed Assets

Leasehold Improvements

Less: Accumulated Depreciation

Plant & Equipment at cost

Less: Accumulated Depreciation

Motor Vehicles






Office Furniture


Less: Accumulated Depreciation



Less: Accumulated Depreciation


IT Hardware

Less: Accumulated Depreciation

0 0 42,305









5. Payables Trade Creditors



Junior Equipment Deposit



Senior Equipment Deposit


















Facilities Usage Deposits

6. Payroll Superannuation Payable

7. Employee Provision

Non-Current Liabilities – Long Service Leave



Finance Report 2017/18 | Continued



© Andrew Mayberry

© Andrew Mayberry


Formwork / Concrete / Pumping / Rigging



Mullaloo SLSC 2017-18 Annual Report  

Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club, Annual Report on Activities and Financials for the 2017/18 season.

Mullaloo SLSC 2017-18 Annual Report  

Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club, Annual Report on Activities and Financials for the 2017/18 season.