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The day is finally y here — the day to start planning your wedding with the help of All About Weddings, All About Women’s premier wedding issue. Or maybe you’re planning your friend’s wedding, or your daughter’s wedding, or your imaginary wedBoyfriend A.J. an ding. Whether you’re d I enjoy an am aziing potluck ffeast at our frien actively planning a ds’ wedding las t summer. ceremony or — like me — you simply enjoy viewing the endless creativity on display as couples host one of the most meaningful and memorable celebrations of their lives — there is something in All About Weddings for everyone. Featuring stunning photography from real mountain weddings held in the North Carolina High Country, our wedding issue brings you stories from local brides, advice and trend observations from regional experts and newlyweds, an elopement, venues, caterers, and so much more to inspire you. Be sure to add our advetiser index and planning checklist to your wedding binders, and you can find our wedding content year-round at and on Pinterest at aawboards. In addition, with this issue I am happy to introduce All About Women readers to my friend, Melanie Davis Marshall, and her new homesteading column, “Hillbetty Revival.” For years I have been awed and amazed by the diverse interests and talents of Melanie, whether it’s her adventures in raising chickens, fermenting homemade sauerkraut, hide tanning, apple butter making, or winning shooting awards at the Watauga Gun Club. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about and learning from her experiences as much as I do. Our next issue of All About Women, featuring women who are pioneers, champions, givers and mountaineers, will be published in March. Thank you for reading!

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Photo by Fletcher & Fletcher Photography

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Start You have always dreamed of your perfect wedding day — there you are, a vision of loveliness, floating down the aisle into the arms of your Prince Charming. All eyes are upon you. Then you wake up from the dream and realize that all that perfection just doesn’t happen on 10

beauty Prep Now its own. There is much work and planning that make that fairy tale vision a reality. My professional advice to you is to have someone help you navigate what could prove to be choppy waters (preferably a planner). Planners think of all the things


you forget, and they are able to help you as much or as little as you need. I would like to point out a few practical, sometimes overlooked things that will help you look like your most beautiful “you” on your wedding day.

Your Skin: Every bride wants to glow. I call it the “bridely glow” because it is a soft, radiant, dewy look that comes from well hydrated, healthy skin. Right now is the time to start on a deliberate skin care routine if you don’t have one. Start early, because two weeks before your walk will be too little, too late. Get a professional facial so the esthetician can help you analyze your skin state, and with that information you will be able to put together a regimen that works best for you and your goals. Your diet will directly affect your skin state, and no external application of lotions and potions will reap the benefits you’re looking for. After all, beauty is from the inside out. Work both angles together for maximum results. Your Teeth: Smiles and laughter will be a huge part of your wedding day. It is a major photo shoot occasion and you are the star. Take a look at your teeth right now! Are they stained from coffee, tea or wine? I am always amazed at the brides who don’t consider their teeth in all they do to look beautiful. There are do-it-yourself strips, gels and professional cleaning available to help you proudly flash those pearly whites. Oh, and don’t forget those lips. Lipsticks do not look good on dry, desert-parched lips. Keep those lips kissing ready by using a good lip prep.


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Fit and Healthy: Take charge of your body now — you’re the only one who can do it. Now is the time to seriously make some lifestyle changes if needed. Need to lose weight so you can be gown ready? Just know that crash and fad diets will not get the job done. After all, don’t you want to look fit and fabulous beyond that wedding gown? You may need to change bad habits and habituate yourself into good habits. You are starting a new life with Mr. Wonderful, so why not make it a long and healthy one? Start prepping now to make the day of your dreams come true. Stay Happy and Beautiful Ever After!

Marion Edwards Marion Edwards is a Licensed Esthetician, Professional Makeup Artist and Certified Trainer for Motives Cosmetics. She can be contacted at 828.773.1500.

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Gown Ready in 21 days

The big day is on its way. Soon you will be walking down the aisle surrounded by loved ones. All brides want to look gorgeous in their wedding gown. Many start thinking about losing a few pounds. With the day fast approaching, it can be tempting to do something extreme. Resist the temptation. Starvation dieting, eliminating whole food groups (as in zero carbs or zero fat) and popping stimulantbased diet pills is not the answer. These extreme measures can slow your metabolism and cannibalize your muscle. They can also zap your energy, dull your mind and put you in a bad mood. And you won’t be more beautiful. Actually, if you lose lean muscle, you will melt your biceps. Not a very pretty picture. Worse


yet, you will start yo-yoing back with the first bite of that wedding cake. The best way to slim down and tone up is simply to eat high quality food, in moderate amounts, and add exercise. Yes, you might still have cravings driven by bad habits and emotions, but you won’t be starving. Simple changes can help you be less bloated and leaner, with mental focus and energy so you can enjoy your journey to the altar. You will feel a difference in as little as three days, but the more time committed, the better your results, so get started now. Aim for 21 days. (Don’t forget to ask the mother of the bride to partner with you. She wants to look good on your wedding day, too.)


EAT LEAN AND CLEAN • Eliminate bread, dairy, sugar, processed foods, sweetened drinks and starchy vegetables [potatoes, pumpkin and winter squash] and rice. • Eat lean protein – roughly the size of the palm of your hand, 3 times a day • Fill your plates with as many nonstarchy vegetables as you want. Lean towards green. • A protein/fiber shake a day with zero sugar added is an acceptable alternative for a meal (but not every meal. Make sure you are eating the good stuff ). • Limit fruit to 1 cup or 2 medium fruits a day. • Indulge in these metabolism-stoking foods: Peppers, Garlic, Ginger, Parsley,

Berries, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower and Broccoli, Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Mustard (no sugar added) and Cinnamon. • Use a healthy oil like olive or coconut oil (2 TB. a day. Spritz, don’t soak, food.) • Drink 2 quarts of water a day. Unsweetened herbal teas are great as well • Use supplements such as multivitamins and omega 3-rich fish oil.

Did Someone Say Party?

FINE-TUNE YOUR FITNESS This is a good time to sign up for a fitness class or even to hire a personal trainer. If your schedule is tight and your funds are limited, here are some simple exercises you can do. These exercises require no money, no equipment. Ideally, this will be a habit for a lifetime. 20 Minutes of Burst-Walking: Burst training (AKA High Intensity Interval Training) stokes your fat-burning fires and keeps them burning for several hours. Research shows you burn more fat and calories in the 24 hours after a 20-minute burst training work-out than you do after a steady-pace run. • Run as fast as you can for 1 minute and then walk for 2 minutes. • Repeat that 3-minute interval for 15 minutes. • Option: If you can’t run for 1 minute, walk fast as long you can. When you run out of breath, slow walk until you recover and do it again for 15 minutes. 1 Plank (3 times a day): The plank is the premier overall body toner. The exercise is so-named because, when done properly, you straighten your entire body, just like a plank of wood. • Lie on a level surface, belly down with your hands on the floor beside your head. • Position your feet so that your toes touch the floor. • Slowly and gently, lift your torso and your legs off of the floor, putting all of your weight on your toes and your forearms and elbows. • Keep your body still and straight, imagining it as a rigid plank. • Hold the position for as long as you can, breathing steadily throughout. • When you complete the position, gently bring your torso back to the ground.

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If you are being treated for a medical condition, please consult with your physician before making any diet and lifestyle changes. Odette by Maggie Sottero bonnie church Certified Life and Wellness Coach Author/columnist, motivational speaker Certified Trainer for TLS Weight Loss Solution

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something old, something new The High Country’s top wedding trends By Chamian Cruz

very bride and groom wants to look their best on their special day, no matter how simple or extravagant of a wedding. Whether you’re getting married for the first time or you’re getting remarried, local wedding experts have provided some trends they’ve noticed to help you plan for an unforgettable day. The following trends are from Jennie Trivette, saleswoman at Old World Galleries (OWG); Tiffany Wilkinson, co-owner of Log House Florist (LHF); Steve Pace, co-owner and manager of Bouquet Florist (BF); Jasmine Melton, consultant at Did Someone Say Party? (DSSP); Lou Ella South, owner of South’s Specialty Clothiers (SSC); and Mia Zimmerman, owner and stylist at CANVAS Beauty Bar (CBB).



As destination weddings are becoming more popular, grooms are increasingly trading tuxedos for suits. Some brides are also going for a simpler, yet elegant look with illusion sleeves and sweetheart necklines. Photo by Cameron Reynolds Photography

the ring & jewelry Matching custom made engagement and wedding rings – OWG More natural looks such as leafdesigned rings, where the diamond(s) is wrapped in a leaf pattern – OWG White gold – OWG Traditional diamond studs – OWG

the dress ‘80s satin wedding dresses with a lot of beading – DSSP Fitted gowns such as the mermaid style because they accentuate women’s curves and are very flattering – DSSP Bohemian style wedding dresses for a simple look – SSC Knee-length wedding dresses that are some color other than white or ivory like champagne or blush colored are popular among middleaged women – DSSP

Alternative metals for men’s rings such as Damascus Steele for a bold look – OWG

Wedding dresses with ruffles, layered chiffon or asymmetrical hems – SSC

Blue sapphires are a popular alternative to diamonds – OWG

Two-piece or off-the-shoulder wedding dresses – SSC

Sweetheart and low-plunge necklines – SSC Cap and illusion sleeves – DSSP, SSC Back and strap detail – SSC Belts add a special touch – SSC

hair & makeup Glam and dewy makeup – CBB Dark and rich makeup colors – CBB Smokey, metallic or shimmery eyeshadows – CBB Popular eyeshadow colors are black, warm metallic pink, gold, bronze and silver – CBB Red lipstick with natural makeup – CBB Nude lipstick with smokey eye makeup – CBB Brow shaping – CBB False eyelashes – CBB Balayage or highlights in hair to create dimension – CBB Lots of curls or waves to create texture for both updos and downdos – CBB Popular updos include smooth chignon, messy buns with texture and large top knots with loose texture – CBB Hair down with curls is still popular – CBB Family heirlooms like brooches and necklaces can be used as hair accessories – CBB

Cathedral veils are making a comeback – SSC Short dresses for bridesmaids of the same color, but different styles fitting to the bridesmaids’ body type – SSC Suits are more popular for men than tuxedos, especially for destination weddings – SSC Men dress up less. They can either wear a coat or vest with jeans – SSC Men color coordinate with the color of the bridesmaid dresses – SSC

the bouquet & flowers Natural, flowy bouquets with heavy greenery and wild flowers - LHF Types of flowers used depends on season, but some of the most popular include those in the eucalyptus family, ranunculites, wild flowers, medallions, hydrangeas, peonies and locally sourced flowers - LHF Small handheld bouquets overall, but especially for bridesmaids and moms for a modern feel rather than corsages – LHF Stems of bouquets wrapped in colored tape or ribbon – BF Unique boutonnieres with different types of flowers and greenery for an organic look – LHF Boutonnieres with either feathers, succulents or berries – BF Arrangements using bouquets or garlands and lanterns as centerpieces – LHF Garlands on archways or used to cover something in a barn – BF DIY centerpieces and outside arrangements with flowers bought by the bucket – BF Loose greenery on tables and accentuated with flowers – BF



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beth & morgan chapman

August 20, 2016 Valle Crucis Vineyard | Valle Crucis, NC

P h oto g r a p h y by Wat e r h o u s e St u d i o s

their story Bride Beth, 34, Journalist Groom Morgan, 31, Pharmaceutical Scientist How they met “We met in grad school at UNC-Chapel Hill. I randomly picked the desk next to him.”

vendors Bride's Dress "It was my mother's dress." Catering Reid's Catering Flowers Wildflowers Florals (Bouquets & Boutonnieres) DIY (Arrangements) Hair & makeup Sierra, Canvas Beauty Bar Photographer Waterhouse Studios Rentals A&J Rental (Equipment) Boone Rent-All (Wine Barrels) Venue Valle Crucis Vineyard Wedding Planner DIY



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jessica & corey charland

August 16, 2016 Mast Farm Inn | Valle Crucis, NC P h oto g r a p h y by R e v i va l P h oto g r a p h y

make the day about you two by a n n a oa k e s

As a child, Jessica Kilgore dreamed of a big, extravagant wedding. A huge, beautiful cake; an elegant, flowing ball gown; a sparkling, diamond-studded affair. “Because that’s what you see on TV,” she says. On a Thanksgiving weekend excursion to Chicago in 2015, heavy snow blanketed the cityscape as Jessica’s boyfriend of five years, Corey Charland, clasped her hands, looked into her eyes and asked her to be his wife. Jessica’s wedding ambitions were beginning to come true. But six months into preparing for a 150-person ceremony near their home in northern Michigan — somewhere on the mile-long checklist between decisions on table centerpieces and selections of plate ware — plans for Jessica’s wedding braked to a halt. “It became very tedious,” Jessica explains. “I lost interest. It lost the whole feeling of what we wanted it to feel like.” Later that summer, the two Midwesterners found themselves visiting the North Carolina High Country for the first time. Surrounded by mountain ridges, on verdant farmland in the valley of the Watauga River, Valle Crucis turned out to be the perfect setting for the elopement of their dreams.

A Complementary Pair Algonac, Michigan, is a city of 4,000 people one hour’s drive north of Detroit; Canada lies just across the St. Clair River. It’s where Jessica and Corey were raised, both from small families. But Corey attended a private Catholic school, and the two didn’t meet until they graduated high school. “We actually grew up a couple of miles away from each other and never knew each other existed,” says Jessica. The next part “sounds really corny” according to Jessica, but it’s likely how many happy couples meet in a social media age. Through mutual Facebook friends, Jessica saw Corey tagged in a photo, messaged him her number, and soon after, the two agreed to meet up: “We clicked right away.” They were just friends at first. “It took him a while to ask me out — we hung out for about a year before we started dating,” she says. The two spent time swimming and boating at Lake St. Clair, walking her dogs, playing card games, and eating at restaurants. “We were always doing something really fun together. He was always down to do whatever I wanted to do — and it’s still like that, which is awesome,” she adds. What she appreciated most was how his personality complemented hers. “He was just so laidback and relaxed, and I was kind of high-strung and full of energy. He was really soothing to me,” she remembers. The two had been looking at rings together prior to their fiveyear anniversary trip to Chicago. “I kind of had a feeling it was going to happen,” she recalls. But their itinerary changed when the restaurant where they had planned to dine caught on fire.



They trudged through blizzard conditions to find Ramen instead, and afterward, freezing and ehausted, returned to their Airbnb to change into dry clothes. Relaxing in their sweatpants on the couch, with a view of snowflakes falling outside, Corey decided the moment was right. “He grabbed my hands, and I knew instantly. I can’t even tell you what he said — I blacked out!” Jessica gushes. “It was perfect timing.”

Planning to Elope Despite her childhood notions of what a wedding should be, elopement or a very small wedding was an idea that came early to Jessica and Corey. But her mother, who never had a wedding, pressed Jessica to have a big celebration. A venue and vendors were booked, but in May, overwhelmed with the details of planning, Jessica and Corey called off the big wedding and decided once and for all to elope. Family and friends were supportive, including Mom: “she was just happy with whatever we wanted to do and whatever made us happy.” But Jessica and Corey didn’t hop into the car and head for a chapel on the Vegas Strip, and their elopement did require some planning. They began searching for a destination, initially looking at the California coast, but later deciding on the mountains. “We actually found Mast Farm Inn on accident,” says Jessica. “I was like, ‘this is the place.’” There were still arrangements to be made: the venue, the photographer, the officiant, the bouquet. The Mast Farm Inn’s Danielle Deschamps Stabler served as their wedding planner. “It was so easy. She took care of everything,” Jessica says. On August 16, 2016, Corey and Jessica exchanged vows on a clear summer day in Valle Crucis, amid an old barn and a garden full of sunflowers and dahlias. They spent the next week traveling around the region. “It was just the two of us,” says Jessica. “It was really nice kind of focusing on having a good time and taking time to travel. I didn’t want to waste my energy on stressing about a dress or if my hair was perfect.” A month later, the newlyweds held a reception in Jessica’s parents’ backyard — with a tent, chairs, and a DJ. Though the event included about 130 people, it still “felt like more of a gettogether,”Jessica says, affording the opportunity to take photos with family and friends and enjoy traditions like a first dance, but without the demands of a formal wedding reception. And in February, the couple will go on their official honeymoon. Jessica and Corey live in a duplex on a canal with their two Golden Doodles. Jessica is employed as a human resources assistant at the Veterans Benefits Administration in Detroit, and Corey recently graduated from Wayne State University. The two plan to spend several more years together before planning a family. “We’re just really enjoying life right now, taking it day by day,” Jessica says about their new marriage. “It’s definitely a lot of patience. And it made me realize more that it was so important to not get mad over the little things.” As for their elopement, she says, “I’m very happy with what we did. We loved it, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take the pressure off of the little details and make the day about you two.”



their story Bride Jessica, 24, Human Resources at Department of Veterans Benefit Affairs Groom Corey, 26, Information Systems Management Major How they met Through mutual Facebook friends, Jessica saw Corey tagged in a photo, messaged him her number, and soon after, the two agreed to meet up: “We clicked right away.” They were just friends at first. “It took him a while to ask me out — we hung out for about a year before we started dating,” she says.

vendors cake Danielle Dechamps Stabler at Mast Farm Inn Flowers Peggy Mendel, Pearl’s Garden hair Shear Shakti Photographer Revival Photography Venue Mast Farm Inn Wedding Planner Danielle Dechamps Stabler at Mast Farm Inn AAWMAG.COM | ALL ABOUT WEDDINGS 2017


Mo untain Weddings

jackie & david garner

June 4, 2016 River Run Farm | Valle Crucis, NC P h oto g r a p h y by R e v i va l P h oto g r a p h y

this totally Makes Sense by H o l l i e G r e e n e

Jackie Newell and David Garner have been friends since seventh grade. They attended the same schools, exchanged messages on AOL instant messenger and enjoyed friendships with many of the same people. Yet, it wasn’t until after college that they began to look at each other in a new way. Reconnecting at a funeral, Jackie says, “once we started hanging out, our love was instant … We didn’t have to spend time getting to know each other, so we just began falling in love pretty much immediately. We were engaged a year and a half later.” Both graduates of Appalachian, Jackie earned a degree in psychology and David received a degree in anthropology. Jackie currently works in the Turchin Center at ASU, and David works at Clark Tire. Their biggest hurdle while dating was the reaction of their friends and families to their courtship. Jackie explains, “It was different for our friends and family to see us together after we had been friends for so long. Everyone said, ‘Oh, I would never have put you two together, but, of course, this totally makes sense!’” In a similar vein, David’s proposal plans did not go as expected. His idea for the two of them to take a morning hike at Watauga Lake with their dogs and a bottle of champagne to celebrate took a turn when he forgot the champagne and Jackie forgot the dogs’ harnesses and leashes. Jackie also recalls, “That morning I woke up and was not in the mood to go for a hike. We were at the lake, and I wanted to sit back and relax.” David chose to forego his plans, and he popped the question while they were sitting on the front porch of the lake house drinking coffee. This choice was unexpected, but totally made sense. Soon after wedding plans were under way, Jackie and David established two absolutes: they wanted to be married outside, and they wanted to invite as many friends and family members as possible. As such, River Run Farm became their venue of choice, as it comes with “a beautiful refinished barn as well as 30 acres of fields,” Jackie describes. “Another thing I loved about River Run is that it is also located right next to Watauga River, with amazing river views.” The couple’s vision for their wedding was to enjoy an “outdoor summer wedding that was laidback, but still a little formal.” Jackie further explains. “Although we were getting married at a venue with a barn, I did not want a ‘country’themed wedding. I was inspired by the rustic chic and bohemian styles.” Diane Wilcox, a good friend of Jackie’s mother, served as both wedding planner and day-of coordinator. Jackie did



most of the vendor shopping herself, but met with Diane monthly to make sure no detail had been left remiss. Jackie says that Diane’s dual role proved to be “incredibly helpful.” Jackie and David chose Frugal Gourmet Catering from Mountain City, Tenn., to provide a variety of themed food stations such as Southern and Asian. Courtney Cutillo Boccardy, a home baker, made a “naked” cake adorned with fresh flowers. Western North Carolina typically provides the best temperatures for summer weddings, but hovering over every decision was the chance of rain. Jackie explains, “We pretty much kept with our original theme throughout the process, but as the time got closer, we had to tweak a few things to avoid rainy weather.” Two of Jackie’s favorite moments grew out of this dilemma. “It was noon on the day of our wedding. My wedding planner reminded me of the 80 percent chance of rain and asked what to do. We had 300 chairs set up outside ready to go. I made the call to still do it outside. It started sprinkling as I was walking down the aisle. It felt so mystical because I’ve always loved the rain.” Later that evening, the skies opened up and poured down rain. “We had rented a huge tent for the reception, and it was set up in the middle of a field. We were safe from the storm, but everyone was soaked. We all just embraced the rain. We took our shoes off and danced and played in the rain. Everyone let loose and had fun,” Jackie remembers. Jackie’s advice for those planning a wedding is “don’t get caught up in all of the business of planning a wedding. Remember to enjoy the process, and try not to get overwhelmed. Be open-minded about your wedding day. Be as specific as possible when you ask someone to help you.” To future brides, Jackie insists, “It’s your wedding; do exactly what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Also, be practical. Don’t set expectations too high for yourself, your soon-to-be husband, your family, or your wedding party.” As for the honeymoon, Jackie and David enjoyed their stay at Cocobay, a gorgeous resort in Antigua. Her advice for the honeymoon? “Go all out! You really deserve to treat yourselves. I know a few couples who decided not to go on a honeymoon because they planned to do it later, and they still haven’t been on one.” She also suggests, “Go somewhere that is all-inclusive. We barely left our resort all that week because we had plenty to do, and the food was excellent!” From friendly AOL messages to the surprise of friends and families of their courtship, to forgotten champagne and decisions to chance the rain, Jackie and David continue to enjoy a friendship and marriage that totally makes sense.



their story Bride Jackie, 27, Visitor and Donor Services Director at the Turchin Center for Visual Arts at ASU Groom David, 27, Assistant Manager at Clark Tire How they met “My husband and I went to high school together and have known each other since elementary school, but it wasn’t until later on in life when we reconnected.”

vendors cake Courtney Cutillo Boccardy Catering Frugal Gourmet Catering Flowers Vauda Ellis & Sherrie Trotter Hair Shear Shakti Makeup Carrie McKee Thompson Music Let the Music Play DJ Service Photo Booth Smiles Photobooth Photographer Revival Photography Rentals Peabody’s Wine & Beer Merchants, Happy Trailers Refrigerated Rentals (Beer Trailers) Venue River Run Farm Wedding Planner Diane Wilcox



Mo untain Weddings

nora & rob hultkrantz

october 3, 2015 Mast Farm Inn | Valle Crucis, NC

p h otg r a p h y by R e v i va l p h oto g r a p h y

their story Bride Nora, 29, Release Manager at Xbox Groom Rob, 31, Business Program Manager at Xbox How they met "We were living in the same town (Chapel Hill, NC) and met through Twitter. We talked off and on for a few months then started dating a year later!"

vendors Band Brooke McBride cake Stickboy Bread Company catering Mast Farm Inn centerpieces Made by the Groom and Best Man coordinator Danielle Deschamps Stabler, Mast Farm Inn Flowers Peggy Mendel, Pearl's Garden hair & makeup Shear Shakti Officiant Glenn White Photographer Revival Photography Venue Mast Farm Inn



Mo untain Weddings

heather & andrew jenkins

September 17, 2016 Overlook Barn | Beech Mountain, NC

P h oto g r a p h y by B i l l B r ow n P h oto g r a p h y & T i n C a n e v e n t c o.

their story Bride Heather, 29, Guest Coordinator at the Art of Living Retreat Center Groom Drew, 34, Lecturer in the Department of Biology at ASU How they met "We locked eyes from across the room at Boone Saloon. A mutual friend introduced us, and we have been together ever since. I was dragged to Saloon by the mutual friend against my will at the time."

vendors Catering Woodlands Barbeque hair Lynn Lackey Makeup DIY music Jason Self photo booth Tin Can Event Co. Photographer Bill Brown Photography Venue Overlook Barn Wedding Planner Sherry Whitley AAWMAG.COM | ALL ABOUT WEDDINGS 2017


Mo untain Weddings

josie & zach jennings

May 2, 2016 Inn at Crestwood | Boone, NC

P h oto g r a p h y by Wat e r h o u s e St u d i o s

their story Bride Josie, 33, ICU Nurse at Watauga Medical Center Groom Zach, 35, NC State Trooper How they met "I was involved in a minor automobile accident; Zach was the reporting officer. About a week later I was working as a secretary in the emergency department one night when he came in to see an accident victim that had been brought in. We started talking that night, and although I thought he didn't recognize me, he was trying to work up the nerve to ask me out."

vendors Bride's Dress Did Someone Say Party? cake Shilohe Otto, Iced Creations Catering Inn at Crestwood Flowers Robin Church, “I Do� Wedding Flowers hair Clynda Dowd, R Salon makeup Sharla Bance, R Salon music Diamond DJ Services Photographer Waterhouse Studios Venue Inn at Crestwood Wedding Planner Vanessa Hensley, Inn at Crestwood



Mo untain Weddings

meghan & steven krause

june 4, 2016 Overlook Barn | Banner Elk, NC P h oto g r a p h y by way fa r i n g wa n d e r e r

their story Bride Meghan, 27, Registered Nurse Groom Steven, 24, Software and Robotics How they met "We met through a mutual friend of my sister."

vendors cake Hallmark Cakes Catering Gadabouts Catering hair & makeup Chelsea Sorrell Robertson, "I Do" Style Music Cracker Jack Sound Decisions Photo Booth Images of Power Photographer Wayfaring Wanderer Rentals Boone Rent-all venue Overlook Barn Videographer Images of Power Wedding Planner Events by Gadabouts wedding shuttle Billy Elder



Mo untain Weddings

kari & danny norman

january 9, 2016 Inn at Crestwood | Boone, NC

P h oto g r a p h y by M i c h e l l e h r i n p h oto g r a p h y

their story Bride Kari, 30 , Surgical RN Groom Danny, 32, RN - Director of Nursing How they met "We met in blind trust through a high school friend who said we'd be perfect for each other. And boy was she right!"

vendors cake Ugga Mugga Bakery catering Inn at Crestwood diy Music, Wedding Planning, Props, Makeup & Hair Flowers Park Place Florist & Gifts Photographer Michelle Hrin Photography Venue Inn at Crestwood



Mo untain Weddings

alaina & ginny walker

August 27, 2016 Ridgeview Manor | Boone, NC P h oto g r a p h y by Way fa r i n g Wa n d e r e r

their story Bride Ginny, 40, business manager Bride Alaina, 35, local restaurant owner How they met “We met through mutual friends, and started spending all our time together when both of our best friends moved away at the same time. The rest is history!�

vendors cake Cassidy Jorgenson Catering Reid's Catering Flowers Shady Grove Gardens Music Michael Hamilton Photo Booth Tin Can Event Co. Photography Wayfaring Wanderer Rentals Chair & Equipment Rentals Venue Ridgeview Manor



Mo untain Weddings

jessica & ray welborn

May 21, 2016 White Fence Farm | Trade, TN P h oto g r a p h y by Way fa r i n g Wa n d e r e r

their story Bride Jessica, 31, GIS Planner for High Country Council of Governments Groom Ray, 31, Plant Operations at Appalachian Regional Healthcare System How they met "I transferred to the same high school as Ray and asked him to senior prom. The rest is history!"

vendors Beverages Peabody's Wine & Beer Merchants, Skull Camp Brewing Catering Big Mo's BBQ (Barbecue) Groom's Father, AKA Chef D (Side Dishes) Ben McKethan (Banana Pudding) Flowers Shady Grove Gardens & Nursery (Mixed Flower Buckets) hair and makeup DIY music Haynes Event Productions, Inc Officiant High Country Ministers Photographer Wayfaring Wanderer Venue White Fence Farm Wedding Planner DIY



Mo untain Weddings

jessica & michael welch

September 24, 2016 Perkinsville Baptist Church & Meadow Creek | Boone, NC

P h oto g r a p h y by N i c o l e H u f f m a n P h oto g r a p h y

a sweet and simple Love Story by L a n e y R u c ksta h l

When a man she met a few days earlier nearly ran her off the road with the trailer hitched to his truck, Jessica Collins Welch had no idea she’d be married to him a year and a half later. Jessica was introduced to Michael when she went out with friends at Town Tavern in Blowing Rock a few nights before. Their mutual friends wanted them to meet, and it quickly became obvious to her that they were trying to get them together. “They immediately pushed us together,” Jessica says. “One of my girlfriends was like, ‘he’s really cute.’” A few days later, Jessica was on her way to walk when his driving nearly caused an accident. When Jessica messaged him later to call him out, he apologized — and asked if he could make up for it by taking her out to dinner. The two immediately hit it off. “We couldn’t stop talking at dinner,” she says. Hours later, instead of going home, the two were cruising down the Blue Ridge Parkway. As Michael continued to drive instead of taking Jessica home, she was slowly falling for him — already noticing qualities she still admires today. “He was so funny; he is such a hard worker,” she says. “That first night, he told me what he does for his family.” Michael is a Boone native who owns his own landscaping business, Welch’s Landscaping. In the winter, the weather doesn’t stop him from working — he works for the French Swiss Ski School as well. Jessica was also born in North Carolina, and moved from the town of Pinnacle to Boone about eight years ago to attend Appalachian State University. She is the marketing coordinator for Boone Drugs Inc., as well as a fitness instructor and personal trainer at Deer Valley Tennis & Racquet Club. Nearly a year and a half later, it was Christmas Day, and Michael presented Jessica with a tiny box, making her heart flutter — but its contents weren’t what she was expecting. “He had gotten me some diamond earrings from Saslow’s, and they were in a ring box,” Jessica said. “My heart kind of dropped, and then we went back to his house. He came back in and he was like, ‘Well, I got something to match those earrings.’” Then, Michael got down on one knee, and asked the question Jessica immediately said yes to. Her entire life, Jessica had heard that planning weddings was difficult — but her experience was quite the opposite. “It was really easy,” she says. “Everybody talks about how stressful it was, and Michael’s family had been waiting for



this moment for their whole lives, it seems like.” His family helped decorate, and even grew all the flowers: bunches and bunches of hydrangeas and sunflowers, to go with Jessica’s rustic theme. “We did the easy stuff,” she says. “They took care of everything.” Jessica knew she wanted to get married at Perkinsville Baptist Church. The hardest part was deciding on a venue for the reception, but that part came easier than expected as well. A church member told her their son was working on renovating a barn in Deep Gap, and she went to see it. Michael was unsure, and asked Jessica several times whether it was the right place, but she said, “yes.” “When we went out there, it was just a dirt barn and stables,” she says. But the barn was quickly transformed in time for her big day. Aside from the homegrown flowers, the couple’s decor included wreaths, greenery, ferns and lots of burlap. “We’re very simple people,” she said. “As far as the flowers, I didn’t really care. They were growing our flowers. I was just so thankful.” Jessica walked down the aisle in a white strapless sweetheart dress, and her entire wedding party was decked out in cowboy boots. The bridesmaids wore an Alfred Angelo one shoulder short persimmon dress to match, while the groomsmen wore white button-ups with jeans and light brown linen ties. To complete the rustic country theme, the



their story Bride Jessica, 27, Marketing & Advertising Coordinator for Boone Drugs, Inc. Groom Michael, 34, Owner of Welch's Landscaping How they met "We were both out with mutual friends one night and they kept introducing us to each other. I'm pretty sure I introduced myself 3 times!"

vendors cake Teresa & Kelly Greene Catering Boonetown BBQ Floral Fuschcia Moss Floral Design (Jessica's family grew the flowers) invitations Boone Drug Invitation Center

wedding was catered by Boone Town Barbecue, and a DJ played the couple’s country favorites all night long. “I’ll remember how perfect it was — every little detail,” Jessica says of her wedding day. “There were some parts that maybe [were] not, but to me, it was the most beautiful day. “We were so blessed to have the family that we do, and they just took the reins and helped us and did everything and did as much as they could for us. You just can’t beat that. It just means so much to us.” The weather was perfect, too. On September 24, 2016, the bride basked in the warmth of record high temperatures for the day.

And now that she’s married, she’s just as in love with Michael, but she gets to spend even more time with him — and it’s the small moments that mean the most to her. “We eat dinner together every night,” she said. “It’s a little thing, but it’s something I can always look forward to and just talk about our day. It’s just the small things that we get to do together.” And the two still have more to look forward to. They didn’t take a honeymoon right after their wedding, so in March, they’re heading to Punta Gorda in the Dominican Republic. “I can’t wait,” Jessica says.

Music The Ultimate Sounds DJ Company Photographer Nicole Huffman Photography Reception Venue Meadow Creek Venue Venue Perkinsville Baptist Church Videographer Nick Welsh Wedding Decorator Kathy Scroggs Wedding Planner Taelor Critcher (Southern Roots)



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chelsey & joshua whitfield

october 22, 2016 The Fields of Blackberry Cove | Weaverville, NC

P h oto g r a p h y by M i t z i e m i g p h oto g r a p h y

their story Bride Chelsey, 25, Registered Nurse Groom Joshua, 25, Graduate Business Degree How they met “We met at the beach when we were 16. He was from SC and I was from NC and we stayed together through all the years.”

vendors Bride’s Dress South’s Clothiers cake Libby Sels Catering Old Barn Restaurant Flowers Marcia Huskins Hair & Makeup Alli Buchanan, The Beauty Alli Photographer Mitzi Emig Photography Venue The Fields of Blackberry Cove Videographer Kathy Griffith




Say “I Do” on top of a mountain. “For Better or For Worse” in the valley of an ancient river. “I Thee Wed” on the grounds of a sprawling estate. Party in an elegant dining room, inside a rustic barn or al fresco. There’s a reason the North Carolina High Country is a top wedding destination, and there are many venues for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, luncheons, brunches, and other special occasions. Following are a few of our recommendations.



Photos by Carolyn Marie Photography,

Va l l e C r u c i s V i n e ya r d Take a look at one of the area's newest and most affordable wedding event venues! Located just above the banks of the Watauga River, Valle Crucis Vineyard offers an updated barn with tent space on 75 acres of mountainside. Featuring breathtaking views of the vineyard, river and mountains, we are dedicated to making your experience unique and unforgettable. Contact us at for more information. 1 9 2 3 Watau g a R i v e r R d. , S u g a r G r ov e , N C w w l l ec r u c i s v i n e ya r d.c o m v e n u e@va l l ec r u c i s v i n e ya r d.c o m



M e a d ow C r e e k Wishes Come True Venue Weddings • Receptions Special Events Meadow Creek is a 1950's style barn renovated with a modern touch. Make your special day as unique as you are at this quaint scenic venue. This welcoming barn venue will add a warm backdrop to any event you choose! There are countless options on the grounds of Meadow Creek that can accommodate you and your guest. Our friendly local staff genuinely care for our customers and will collaborate with you and support you to make your wishes come true!

1 3 4 C ly d e R ay R oa d, D e e p G a p, N C 2 8 61 8 8 2 8. 7 7 3. 9 0 5 9 w w w. m e a d owc r e e kv e n u e .c o m w w w. fac e b o o k .c o m / m e a d owc r e e kv e n u e

W es tg low R es o r t & S pa Our all-inclusive resort offers wedding packages customized to create your unique event. Whether you choose an intimate luncheon for twenty people or an elaborate destination wedding for over one hundred, Westglow provides a property and experience like no other in the North Carolina High Country. Named the #2 Destination Spa in the United States by Travel + Leisure’s 2016 World’s Best Awards and the recipient of OpenTable’s Diner’s Choice Awards for Best Overall, Best Food, Best Service, Best Ambiance, Romance, and Best Value in the Western North Carolina/Asheville region.

2 24 W estg low C i r c l e B low i n g R o c k , N C 8 0 0. 5 6 2 .0 8 0 7 w w w.w estg low.c o m



Photos by Fletcher and Fletcher

Hound Ears Warm, rustic mountain charm... Established in 1964, Hound Ears Club sets the High Country standard for warm, rustic mountain charm within an atmosphere of ďŹ ne cuisine and service excellence. Here at Hound Ears, wedding events are our specialty, ranging from intimate bridal luncheons to memorable rehearsal dinners and grand wedding receptions. With our experienced staff, Hound Ears Club takes all the guesswork out of that special day with coordination of multiple vendors providing a single step of planning. Your vision of a once-in-a-lifetime event becomes a reality in an organized and stress-free environment. Your complete satisfaction is our highest mission.

8 2 8. 9 6 3.4 3 2 1 i n f o @ h o u n d e a r s .c o m w w w. h o u n d e a r s .c o m



T h e B low i n g R o c k Weddings at The Blowing Rock Attraction The majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a perfect scenic backdrop for your wedding ceremony or rehearsal dinner at The Blowing Rock Attraction. We offer beautiful long range mountain views for your special day with the feeling of being suspended thousands of feet over the Johns River Gorge, with the splendor of Grandfather Mountain, Hawksbill, and Table Rock. You may utilize our venues to accommodate your special day in our beautiful garden or above the clouds on the observation tower. Our mountains, in all their glory, promise to make it a breathtaking event for your special day.

4 3 2 T h e R o c k R oa d B low i n g R o c k , N C 2 8 6 0 5 8 2 8. 2 9 5. 7 1 1 1 w w w.t h e b low i n g r o c k .c o m



Banner Elk W i n e ry & V i l l a WINERY: Whether you are interested in a wine tasting, learning more about the art and science of winemaking, or just relaxing with a glass of wine, we welcome you to Banner Elk Winery & Villa. VILLA: The Villa is the perfect place to spend your vacation. If you're looking for a summer getaway, corporate retreat, family vacation or destination's the perfect place to relax, re-inspire, rejuvenate – both inside and out.

Photo by Blue Motion Studio

Photo by Blue Motion Studio

WEDDING: Imagine family and friends surrounded by the majestic High Country mountains in celebration of one of life's most special occasions. A wedding at Banner Elk Winery is the event of a lifetime. 8 2 8. 2 6 0. 1 7 9 0 w w w. b a n n e r e l kw i n e ry.c o m







V e n u e I n f o r m at i o n


75 inside, 200 outside Y Y Y N AMENITIES: 7 Bedrooms, 6 with Jet Tubs, 2 Suites with Fireplace, 1 Handicap Accessible; Hot Tub, Rec Room, Commercial Kitchen, Meeting Rooms, Foosball










Y (no outside catering)

AMENITIES: Observation Deck, Annex Building


200 AMENITIES: Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, Club House, Dining


150 inside Y Y N N AMENITIES: On Grounds Parking, Loft Chapel, Reception Space, Dance Floor, Entertainment Stage, Bar, Dressing Room, Preparation Kitchen, Wheelchair Accessible Family Restrooms, Covered Porch, Event Shanty, Rustic Arbor, Fire Pit


200+ Y AMENITIES: On-site Cabin with Hot Tub, Camping and Nearby Hiking, Biking, Rafting





150+ Y Y Y Y (no outside catering) AMENITIES: Full Service Hair & Nail Salon, World Renown Health Spa, Valet Parking, Indoor Pool, Fitness Facility, Steam & Sauna Bath, Restaurant AAWMAG.COM | ALL ABOUT WEDDINGS 2017



Marriage and Wedding Customs Around the World We women went to see Zahira, the henna artist, the day before the Moroccan “wedding” we were invited to attend. She paints henna designs on the hands and/or feet of the bride and her party in preparation for the wedding. We each chose a design. Dried henna from the plant is pulverized and becomes a henna paste. Zahira drew it on with a syringe. After drying each design and limb over a charcoal fire, she set it with a coating of lemon juice, sugar, garlic, and pepper. On the big day, we gathered at the house of the imam for lunch and a mock wedding, which consisted mainly of dressing the “bride and groom,” Judy and Alan from our travel group, in their wedding caftans, and listening to readings from the Qu’ran and a prayer. From the imam we learned many things about a Moroccan Muslim marriage. If a woman marries a non-Muslim man, he must convert. If all four parents do not agree to a marriage, it does not take place. If a couple marries, they are expected to have children. If the woman is infertile, the man can get a



second wife. The marriage age for city women was raised, in the 21st century, from 15 to 18, but this is not so in the mountains. In Nepal, our leader Indra told us the sad tale of his own marriage. A Hindu at the time, now a Buddhist, he was engaged to marry a woman of a lower caste. His Brahmin parents went to meet her without knowing the truth. His father was furious, and left her home immediately. Finally, after they had been married for years, the father accepted an invitation to Indra’s home. His wife Mehta had cooked a big dinner, but the father would not eat. Eighty-five percent of marriages in Nepal are arranged. Men can have more than one wife. If a man doesn’t like his wife, he can just announce that they are divorced, and she is out on the street. A woman seldom remarries, because she is considered to be a “used woman.” A girl can be married at an early age. It’s not uncommon for her family to pick out an older man. Our tour leader Adnan in Turkey met his wife Fonda through mutual friends. They had a lot in common and liked

each other right away. There were 100 guests at their engagement party in 2001, at which time they exchanged rings. 350 guests attended the wedding. Adnan’s marriage was not entirely typical. “Cradle marriages,” in which the boy and girl are promised to each other from birth, are not uncommon. Many engagements of adults are arranged as well. The boy’s family visits the girl’s house, at which time she serves him coffee. If she likes the boy, she makes his coffee sweet. If not, his coffee will be bitter or salty. In Burma, according to our leader Min Min, marriage is usually a simple civil ceremony. However, more and more couples are making it a bigger deal. When a couple decides to marry, they must wait three years after announcing their intention. The whole family of the groom comes to the woman’s house to ask for her hand. For the ceremony, a Buddhist monk is usually present. The groom’s family pays for the festivities, but they expect the bride and groom to pay them back with their cash wedding gifts. Divorce is not at all common. I didn’t learn anything about wedding customs on my recent “Great Rivers of Europe” trip through the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria, but I did collect a funny story from our Dutch trip leader Stefan. He and his fiancee have been engaged for three years. He would like to get married soon, but his partner wants a huge wedding with all the trimmings. However, they keep going on vacations and spending all their money — hence nothing is left for a lavish wedding. His fiancee wants to make a dramatic entrance from the sky onto the wedding grounds, but how? And where will the money come from for the extravaganza? The sky? So much for wedding customs in the Netherlands! What a pleasure to be able to immerse myself in the wedding customs of the countries I visit! I wonder what people from Morocco, Turkey, Nepal, Burma, and the Netherlands would think of wedding customs in the USA.

828.264.3896 | 249 Wilson Drive, Unit 4 | Behind Boone Mall |

catering WE DO SHINDIGS follow us on at chick-fil-a of boone 828-264-4660 • 2082 Blowing Rock Rd • Boone, NC •

sue spirit Writes poetry and essays about nature, spirituality, writing, and travel. She has a little cabin in the mountains.



Marriage Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

neither should the cake cake Trends

Photo courtesy Ugga Mugga Bakery

by Yoz e t t e ‘ Yo g i ’ C o l l i n s

Wedding cakes and the act of cutting them aren’t just highlights of every wedding reception; they have been symbolic of everything from promises to provide for each other, good fortune, and abundant fertility since the Roman Empire. Regardless of symbolism, wedding cakes are expressions of the newlyweds. All About Women interviewed three High Country bakers about the trends they are seeing for the 2017 wedding season.





t men e t Sta dget & bu kes ca

y ialt c e Sp kes ca

art p t Bes the of b jo

Jo Ann Hallmark,

Brandon Kop,

Beth Zagst,

owner Hallmark Cakes

Stick Boy Bread Company

owner Ugga Mugga Bakery

“Many brides are looking for touches of metallics on their cakes. One trend that was very popular in 2016 and is still requested is a cake with a simple horizontal texture in buttercream frosting with fresh flowers. Monograms remain a fashionable feature, with many variations of font styles and single, double, or triple letter designs. Rustic and naked cakes are still very popular for mountain weddings.”

“Being in the mountains, I expect the woodsy rustic look to continue: buttercream, textured finishes with greenery accents placed on wooden stands. Naked or seminaked cakes are trending as well as metallic cakes with golds and silvers either done by edible sprays or paints or even real gold leaf. These metallic colors are often paired with an art-deco theme which is becoming a popular trend.”

“I feel like the leading trends of 2017 will be things like the geode cake or the naked ganache drip cakes. We might see a return to the ultra-classic as well.”

“The size of a cake is always a great way to wow your guests. A large cake becomes a delicious way to celebrate the newlyweds and is a featured decoration that sets the style of the reception. Incorporating color on the cake can make a statement. A special groom’s cake can honor the groom and provide a place for particular creativity of an unusual cake while leaving the wedding cake to fill a more traditional role.”

“A statement cake would be large (five or more tiers) and something less traditional, for example, combining trending elements into one cake. For brides on a budget, I recommend cupcakes or a naked or semi-naked cake. Those choices usually save around $1 per serving.”

“Statement cakes and dessert bars give your guests something to visually enjoy and buzz about for weeks to come. For a statement cake on a budget, just do it smaller. Last summer, I did a wedding cake for a small, 15-person event. I took a cake the bride loved, scaled it down to fit her event, but kept the wow factor. The same goes for a budget. If you have your heart set on a fantastic design, do it smaller, put it on a tall white pedestal cake stand, and stage it well in the room.”

“Groom’s cakes are typically intended to highlight an interest of the groom or make fun of him. Since I encourage couples to choose highly individualized flavors for their wedding cake, the groom’s cake can provide a place for yet another flavor and can end up with a very unusual look. I’ve made some really peculiar but fun groom’s cakes: a giant Epi-pen, a crime scene cake for a crime scene investigator marrying a homicide detective, a painted buttercream duplication of a Bruce Springsteen album cover, and a stack of books. I’m really game to try anything!”

“I love doing something I’ve never done before. Groom’s cakes are not as popular as they used to be, but when people order them they are elaborate and have a theme. I have made 3D fire trucks, dogs, golf bags, and hunting and fishing cakes. I enjoy making the extreme groom’s cakes. They are stressfilled and sometimes a challenge, but they are never dull or boring. For some reason, it brings the best out of me and I often surprise myself.”

“Gluten-free requests are a daily thing now in my bakery, and as a custom baker I can make almost anything on my menu gluten free for the same price. Two seasons ago, I received a request for a three-tiered, gluten-free, dairyfree, corn-free, butter-free, caseinfree, and white sugar-free Death by Chocolate wedding cake. I love a challenge and I love to push myself. It took a bit of research and some raw ingredient taste testing, but the result was definitely something to be proud of. A custom bakery WANTS to make you happy and meet your needs.”

“Everyone involved with wedding planning is so filled with love and joy and excitement that those happy feelings flow into every aspect of the process. You can’t help but love being a part of that! And sometimes, after a few years, you might have the great honor of making a first birthday cake.”

“The best thing about making wedding cakes is the fact that I am playing an important role in a major, life-changing event. So, for me, being picked to make the wedding cake is an honor and a privilege that I don’t take for granted. Marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly and neither should the cake.”

“The best thing about making wedding cakes is creating something. Creative people always have to create something whether it’s music or art or food. When I bake, I’m sharing my love. I hug their necks and feed their bellies, and they in turn ‘feed’ me.”




There’s no question that the food is an important part of any celebration — most especially weddings! You’ll find that hiring a caterer is a crucial step in planning the perfect wedding day, whether you serve a casual buffet or a sit-down dinner. From hors d’oeuvres to plate ware to linens to drink stations, your caterer can handle all of the details to help you pull off an amazing reception.



Gamekeeper Main Ingredient: Love. If you’ve dined at the Gamekeeper, you already know our fabulous food and creative flair. If you haven’t, come get a taste of what we do! You’ll find originality and attention to detail in everything we touch, the same attention that will be given to your event. We listen to your desires and together we create a custom menu. Every facet is a reflection of your personality and individuality. On the day of your event, you’ll know that you are in good hands. Our professional team of Gk servers, chefs and bartenders will bring unparalleled personal service and culinary expertise. We are committed to making your event memorable, creative and catered to your every desire. Let’s get together. 3005 Shulls Mill Rd Boone, NC 28607 8 2 8. 9 6 3. 74 0 0 w w w.g a m e k e e p e r - n c .c o m



t h e P e da l i n ’ p i g Southern style full service catering with a gourmet air. Let us cater to you! Enjoy as our pig goes off the trail. We cater to all groups and events, large to small. Smoked meats by the pound. Sides and Drinks. B a n n e r e l k lo c at i o n 4235 hwy 105 south banner elk, nc 28604

b o o n e lo c at i o n 29 68-a hwy 105 boone, nc 28607

8 2 8.8 9 8. 75 0 0

8 2 8.3 5 5. 9 5 5 9

w w w.t h e p e da l i n p i g .c o m

BBQ-burgers & Brews We cater any size event - from small parties to large weddings. We cater more than just BBQ and burgers! Let us know what makes your day perfect and our chefs will prepare it for you!

1 5 75 n c 1 0 5 b o o n e , n c 2 8 6 0 7 8 2 8. 2 6 5. 2 8 2 8 w w w. b b q b u r g e r s b r e w s .c o m



C R Cat e r i n g The Finest Boone Has to Offer and Beyond... Whether it be a fireside dining experience or a large catered gathering. Full service catering & special events venue perfect for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, farewell brunches & any other memorable moments. Now Booking for 2017!

8 2 8.4 0 6. 7 7 2 1 c at e r i n g @ c a s a r u st i c a 1 9 8 1 .c o m w w w.c r c at e r i n g c o.c o m

R e d M o o n Cat e r i n g Your wedding day is one to treasure for a lifetime. At Red Moon, we understand the need to get every detail just right. When it comes to planning a delectable culinary experience for your guests, we’re the type of catering partner that listens to and inspires brides and grooms. We’ll help you work through each aspect of the day to guarantee that all of the details come together beautifully. w w w. r e d m o o n c at e r i n g .c o m



K ay e ’ s k i tc h e n Full Service Catering Country Casual to White Linen Formal Menus to Fit Any Taste or Budget Five Star Rated 5 0 3 p i n eo l a st r e e t n e w l a n d, N C 2 8 6 5 7 8 2 8. 7 3 7.0 3 1 4 w w w. n e w l a n d k ay e s k i tc h e n .c o m

Proper Hometown southern cooking with a modern, seasonal slant. Perfect for your small, intimate gathering. “Small batch" catering and custom wedding cakes. 8 2 8.8 6 5. 5 0 0 0 w w w. P r o p e r m e a l .c o m



tips from the brides ‘Everyone warned me how fast the day would fly by, and how much you can easily forget. Take the time to breathe, enjoy, remember, kiss your new partner and realize that this day is about a celebration. There is nothing more wonderful than to look around an entire room full of friends and family who love and support you. Take lots of pictures!’ — Heather Jenkins ‘Wait to find a wedding dress you love … otherwise you may end up with four.’ — Josie Jennings

‘Don’t make your wedding about others or try

to please family. This is your day to enjoy with your husband-to-be. Also, be sure and research what services are out there so that you don’t have wedding day remorse.’ — Kari Norman

‘Elope! :) ’ — Chelsey Whitfield

‘Even though it sounds so cliche and

will come up and it may pour rain or even snow but do not stress over what you cannot control. All that really matters is that you are marrying your love.’ — Jessica Welborn

everyone tells you this while yyou are planning, the truth is all the small details will work themselves out and at the end of the day you will still be married to yyour best friend!’ — Meghan Krause

‘Embrace your day and don’t worry about the creases in

the linens. Your wedding day and days surrounding are supposed to be filled with love and laughter ― DON’T sweat the small stuff. Remember, imperfections are perspective. There will be things that happen that aren’t exactly what you envisioned ― but roll with it. The most important thing is that you are about to marry the person of your dreams, with your loved ones to bear witness ― that’s the bottom line.’ — Alaina & Ginny Walker

on the important stuff; Remember to be happy, have fun, and savor the people and the moment.’

— Beth Chapman

you want to happen at your wedding — tell everyone. Make sure your wedding planner, bridal party, photographer, etc. are all aware of what you want to happen because otherwise it may slip through the cracks.’ — Jackie Garner

‘Unexpected things

‘Things will go wrong, but focus

‘If you have thoughts or ideas about something

‘Enjoy every moment. It will be the fastest day of your life!’ — Nora Hultkrantz

‘Live in the moment!’ — Jessica Charland

‘I don’t know what I would of done without Taelor

(our wedding director). I highly recommend every bride to have someone taking care of all the little details so you can enjoy your day ― which is what it’s all about!’ — Jessica Welch AAWMAG.COM A AG CO | A ALL A ABOUT O WEDDINGS GS 20 2017


Happily Ever After

An Update on All About Women’s 2016 Newlyweds BY HOLLIE GREENE

Most fairytales end with the promising line, “And they lived happily ever after…” with nothing more written about the bride and groom who have traversed many miles and overcome all manner of obstacles to meet their soulmates at the altar and promise forever. At All About Women, we were not satisfied with such an ambiguous all-encompassing ending, and we contacted the brides featured in the 2016 issue to ask about what has happened in their own “happily ever after” as well as their advice for soon-to-be newlyweds. Here’s what they shared about their newlywed experience. AAW: “How has your family changed since your initial feature in the 2016 wedding issue? Do you have new jobs? New homes? New pets? Do you have additions to your family or plans for future additions? Also, what advice would you give to soon-to-be brides and /or newlyweds? Amber Benfield: “Since the 2016 wedding issue, I am still teaching sixth-grade math at Cranberry Middle School. Dakota is still a lineman at Mountain Electric Cooperative. We purchased our first home and had a beautiful baby girl, Brynn Isabella Benfield, on May 6, 2016. Newlyweds, live every single day like you are still on your honeymoon! Pray for each other and your marriage without ceasing.” Samantha Bryant: “We are currently in the process of selling our first home (a townhouse) and buying our “forever home” where we hope to start a family in the next few years. Newlyweds, enjoy every minute of the before, during, and after moments of your wedding. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your one-year anniversary!” Kristin Obiso: “We’ve had a wonderful two years of marriage enjoying our new life together and all the adventure it brings. Currently, Matt and I are looking to purchase land where we will eventually build our forever home. We can’t wait to see where life takes us! To the bride-to-be:


Try not to stress too much over all the wedding details and enjoy your day — it goes by fast! To the newlyweds: Be patient with each other as there are bound to be some bumps along the way. Always remember that marriage is about having fun together and being happy.”

Elisabeth O’Connor: “Brian and I are still working as an engineer and veterinarian, respectively. About a month after our wedding, we adopted a 10-weekold puppy that was dropped off at the shelter at which I work. She has been spoiled rotten ever since. We plan on adding a two-legged family member this coming year to spoil! Newlyweds, time flies by so quickly. We’ve taken a few vacations this year that I know we will cherish for a long time.” Kelsie Summers: “A lot has changed! We bought our first home together in Boone, and I now work at Operation Christmas Child at Samaritan’s Purse in Events Logistics, making sure staff and volunteers have the best experience during conferences and trainings. While there are no additions to our family yet, there is talk of adopting a four-legged friend soon. Adventurous travels have taken us to three different countries and several states from the Atlantic to the Pacific and attending ASU games. Newlyweds, don’t be afraid of change. A lot


happens in the first few months and years of marriage; embrace where life takes you!”

Karami Wallace: “We don’t have any changes really. We are both working the same jobs and living in the house we planned to when we were married. Our advice to newlyweds would be to always remain patient with one another and value each other’s thoughts and opinions as they are not always the same. As for brides-to-be, don’t get caught up in all the planning — enjoy the process and take time to enjoy the moments on the big day. It flies by!” Charity Wilson: “We are learning how to become husband and wife, the newness of living together and becoming one just as the Bible says. It has been an amazing first year, and we are excited about what all the future holds! We are currently in the process of purchasing land and having a house built. We’re really excited about our first home purchase together! My husband, Keith, is now working for North Carolina State Highway Patrol which is a great accomplishment. I am very proud of him! Whether you are a bride or newlyweds, just breathe! Everything will work out perfectly, just how it is supposed to! Trust in God in all things. Enjoy each other to the fullest and always be thankful. Make new joyful memories together. Start new traditions!”

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grooms These dapper gents show off ways to bring style and personality to the groom’s side of the aisle.

P h oto g r a p h y by R e v i va l P h oto g r a p h y a n d Way fa r i n g Wa n d e r e r



But, What About

the Groom?

So, you are getting married! Congratulations, you get to plan a wedding! Where to begin… set the date, pick a venue, narrow the guest list, say yes to the dress… the average wedding to-do list seems endless. And, often there is one glaring omission: the groom! Before you insist that weddings are all about the bride, please stop and consider that your groom may have been dreaming about his special day since childhood. Just kidding! He has not because he thinks that is silly. This does not mean, however, that he does not want to be involved. “Keep it in perspective. It’s really about your partner, you and sharing this moment in time.” When Roger and I planned our wedding, we made most decisions together. He was not particularly interested in flowers or décor, but he wanted a say in the venue, catering, guest list and especially the music. And, he made all of our wedding favors — custom printed CDs with our featured songs. When asked how ours differed from what he thought weddings had to be, Roger shared, “I always thought weddings had to be in a church. I never considered a winery wedding until you suggested it.” Our wedding was not traditional – the whole shebang at a winery, I walked down the aisle to a Phish song (Roger’s favorite band), the ceremony was Star Wars-themed (my favorite movie), the food was tapas-style and we opted for Crème brûlée in lieu of wedding cake. Oh, and the wine was flowing pre-ceremony. It was a fun party!

youngatheart “Keep it simple.” The grooms reported that they participated in the wedding planning to at least some degree. 100% of grooms wanted a say in the guest list; 0% were concerned with your hair and makeup. Their involvement with all the rest varied: • Venue selection, music and ceremony: 93% • Wedding party, officiant and their attire: 86% • Budget and caterer: 77% • Gift registry and thank you notes: 71% • Photography, guest accommodations and invitations: 64% • Gifts for the wedding party: 57% • Wedding favors: 50% • Fewer than 50% helped with flowers, wedding cake, transportation, vendor coordination and welcome baskets.

“Communication is the key.” It is evident that the grooms interviewed helped plan their weddings, but did they feel that their personalities were reflected in the outcome? The majority (71.4%) said yes – at least to some extent. While he may not have had the monster truck or Supermanthemed wedding of his dreams, he did feel that it was his day, too. So, what about the big day? Weddings are not without challenges, and chances are good that you and the groom are stressed by the same things. For my grooms, these included: scheduling the big day, the guest list, cost, weather, family difficulties, nerves and drunken groomsmen. Not to mention making sure the bride was happy!

100% of grooms wanted a say in the guest list; 0% were concerned with your hair and makeup.

“Go with the flow.” While I value Roger’s opinions, I thought it prudent to talk with other married male friends to learn more the groom experience. I interviewed 14 former grooms of varying ages. Of those: • Seven have been married more than 10 years • Three each have been married five to 10 years and one to five years • One has been married less than one year. Their wedding and reception venues included camps, gardens, banquet halls, community centers, churches and more; the number of guests ranged from 20 to over 300. Over half (64.3%) contributed to the cost of the wedding; only 28.6% said the bride’s family paid for everything. And, the majority (84.6%) were surprised by said cost: • Two did not know the cost • Two spent less than $1,000 • Five spent between $1,000 and $5,000 • Three spent between $5,000 and $10,000 • Two spent more than $10,000.

“Breathe. Eat. Don’t drink too much.” But, there were also enjoyable and memorable moments: being with family and friends as well as the celebration and joy. There were also quite a few mentions of the bride — seeing her walk down the aisle, dancing with her, etc. One groom shared that he most enjoyed “surprising my wife with a song I wrote.” Another loved “those little surreal moments where you realize this is actually happening, and it’s awesome!” Hindsight is 20/20; however, most of the grooms would not change a thing if they could have a do-over. Except for one who would have brownies instead of wedding cake. What other words of wisdom do my grooms have to share? • “Keep it about each other.” • “Don’t be afraid to break the ice with some dumb dance moves.” • “Get involved, it’s your day too, dammit!” • “Elope!” That about sums it up. Happy wedding planning! heather brandon Considers life to be one big anthropological field experience. She observes and reports. She enjoys travel, food and wine and adventures with her husband, Roger.




I Take Thee

The Wedding Vow

I, Heather, give myself to you, Leslie, In Love founded in friendship and based on trust. Through love I will share my laughter, Soothe your tears, Encourage your hopes, Face your fears, And inspire your dreams. This love will be nurtured by life's successes And stand fast before disappointments. To you alone, I give my love To be kept in faith And eternally made new with each tomorrow. - Wedding Vow, 8/13/94



I would venture to guess that there aren’t many people that spend time looking back on their wedding vows. I had not given my vows much thought until now, pondering my thoughts on marriage, when I remembered that there was a copy of them on the back of a Gustav Klimt framed print of “The Kiss” that hangs in my bedroom. This portrait of lovers embracing with a tender but passionate kiss has always been one of my favorites, and I had given my husband a framed copy many years ago. Ironically, at some point in time, the picture had fallen from the wall or was dropped in a move, and the glass had broken but not shattered with a crack diagonally across the print and then back again, fragmenting part of the couples’ bodies but leaving their heads together, intact, touching, still lips together. I’d like to say that this glass breaking happened just yesterday or last week, but that is not the case. Just as some bits of household clutter sometimes exist for so long that you almost don’t notice them, this fractured print hangs in my room un-repaired. Periodically, I look at it and think I should replace the glass, and (hopefully) I will do so one day. But I also take pause at how it in some ways exemplifies marriage: that despite the day-to-day chaos and emotional struggles that each and every one of us go through, despite those forces that might threaten a relationship’s cohesiveness, when you hold fast to that person you have chosen (and has chosen you), your love can be unbreakable, never yielding, and resilient. Taking the time to really think about

what you promise on that day is important to remember. The wedding vow is simultaneously one of the most personal, private promises to one’s love and the most public statement to which people are accountable. There are many types of wedding vows, from traditional vows that vary slightly from denomination to denomination, to contemporary vows, as well as overtly non-religious vows. Vows assert the obvious commitment but also acknowledge the inevitable ups and downs of any relationship, once past the “honeymoon period.” Love is hard. Marriage is hard. My grandmother used to say that a good marriage requires “110 percent” effort to make it work, and I used to think to myself that it can’t be that hard. But there are many realities that test even the strongest of relationships. Early challenges might revolve around figuring out how to divide up household responsibilities, whereas later if you have children, one’s patience might be tried if running on interrupted sleep, teething toddlers, siblings fighting, financial woes, and other stressors. It makes me wonder if maybe everyone should have their wedding vows displayed in some prominent place in their house as an active reminder of what we actually committed to, when rings were exchanged, cake was eaten, and two families came together and celebrated. No matter which version you picked — from “to have and to hold, in sickness and in health,” to “stand[ing] fast before disappointment,” no one getting married should ever have the illusion that one’s vows are only in good times. In fact, most people that have come out the other side of a struggle in their relationships will usually tell you that the hard times that

you bear together are those times that bring the most growth and understanding. So, as you make the final arrangements for catering, flowers, and where guests are sitting at the tables, don’t overlook the meaning and power of the vows you pledge to one another and work hard to make your love new with each tomorrow. heather jordan, CNM, MSN Comments or questions? 828.737.7711, ext. 253

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E ngagem ents

katie & carl

their story Bride-to-be Katie Bradshaw, late 20s, lawyer Groom-to-be Carl Burchette, late 20s, lawyer How they met “We met when we were both in law school at UNC-Chapel Hill over a rather unique drink order of all things.” How He Proposed “Carl lured me to Chapel Hill under the pretense that we were going to celebrate Good Friday with his family. Despite the fact that I was starving, Carl insisted we stop for a drink at The Crunkleton, where we had met. Carl ordered two Bloody Marys with extra olives. I picked one up to eat, but Carl took the olive from me, held it over my left ring finger, and said, “Olive you. Will you marry me?” I thought he was joking. But he then got out a ring, said my full name and repeated himself. I realized he was serious, and I said yes before he could change his mind!” Engagement Photo Shoot Green Valley Community Park P h oto g r a p h y by R e v i va l P h oto g r a p h y



E ngagem ents

mary & phillip

their story Bride-to-be Mary Dixon, 23, dental hygienist and owner of a custom vinyl shop Groom-to-be Phillip Fredrich, 26, parts salesman How they met “We met through mutual friends at a bonfire.” How He Proposed “He proposed on top of a hill in St. Maarten during a private tour of the beautiful island! While posing for photos (our tour guide was taking the pictures) Phillip asked the man to take one more picture and he got down on one knee!” Engagement Photo Shoot Honey Bear Campground P h oto g r a p h y by R e v i va l P h oto g r a p h y



E ngagem ents

haylie & ben

their story Bride-to-be Haylie Price, 22, barista at The Blend coffee shop Groom-to-be Ben Abele, 27, office manager for a land surveyor How they met "We met on Tinder (no shame!)" How He Proposed "He proposed at the very tip top of the Sky Garden in London, overlooking the entire city. He was nervous and fumbling over words but ďŹ nally got down on one knee and I said yes! We celebrated with champagne and lots of kissin'!" Engagement Photo Shoot The Blue Ridge Parkway and Downtown Boone P h oto g r a p h y by M eg a n S h e p pa r d P h oto g r a p h y



E ngagem ents

christy & ethan

their story Bride-to-be Christy Carter, 21, student at UNCG, works part time as a habilitation technician with special needs children Groom-to-be Ethan Mathis, 22, sales at Clarks Shoes How they met "We met through a mutual friend in high school when I was 16 and he was 17 and went on a semi-blind date." How He Proposed "Before dinner, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk at a park nearby before we came back to the restaurant. The park had a gazebo with a Christmas tree lit up inside, where he tells me to read aloud a letter he has written. Early on in our relationship, we wrote letters to each other all the time. At the end it said, 'Now I just have one question...' and when I looked up he was down on one knee with the most perfect ring." Engagement Photo Shoot A trail near the Echota Lodges and also at Beacon Heights P h oto g r a p h y by B a i l e y B at t e n P h oto g r a p h y




the Hillbetty Revival In an age of technology, where I can order my groceries online and frequently use to decipher text messages and Facebook references, I found myself wanting. I became aware of the ingredient labels on my food and warnings on my shampoo bottles. I set out to go intentionally backwards. Armed with the Foxfire book series, YouTube instructional videos, and a long-term lease on a farm, my journey has begun. My grandparents owned a farm in central West Virginia, where I spent the majority of my young hillbetty days. I


have learned rather quickly that knowledge is not genetically passed down. Just because I watched a hog slaughter at the age of 5 does not mean I can process my own meat, nor does stringing beans as a youngster translate to instant canning experience. A few tidbits I have learned thus far: • A heat lamp in the chicken coop seems like a great idea to keep those feathered friends warm. Without a timer, however, you end up with stressed out, naked chickens in January. A few years later, those ladies have forgiven me and


follow me around the farm like puppies. • If a possum is killing chickens, setting a live trap is a great solution. Be warned — skunks also love grape jelly on a cracker and fit in the trap. They don’t like it much. • Baking soda, peroxide, dish soap, and water mixed in an open container will break down and wash away skunk oil. • Nothing tastes sweeter in August than a sun-warmed watermelon picked straight off the vine. • I appreciate dinner more when I am invested in the plants and animals. I waste far less food these days.

Get Hitched

Quilting, and the Wedding Quilt For the next few months, it is maintenance. The hay is in the barn, the garden has been canned, and the fruit is in the freezer. I am settling in for the one hillbetty hobby I maintained over the years: quilting. In January, the large quilting frame would go up in my grandmother’s living room and she would pass the cold months with a needle in her hand, making treasures for every member of the family. I have quilts passed down ranging from the scrap quilts made solely of worn

out clothing and winter necessity to more intricate patterns. Those worn-out scrap quilts will always be my favorite. I have made several quilts over the years, continuing the tradition of celebrating the milestones of family and friends with the gift of handmade blankets of various patterns specific to the occasion. A wedding gift tradition, and the last quilt to be made by my grandmother, the double wedding band is a quilt pattern of interlocking rings celebrating the exchange of wedding bands and joining of two lives. The end result is stunning and looks complex, although patterns are readily available for download or at many quilt shops to make the project much easier. I cut my patterns out of a sturdy plastic or cardboard to make the tracing of odd shapes easier, using chalk that will wash out of the fabric, and cut with a rotary cutter and mat. For some quilts I sew the patterns by machine, and some I still stitch by hand depending on size. I use a lap hoop frame for quilting the top, batting and backing for the final blanket. The lap frame saves space and keeps me snug and warm. The hand stitching is a time commitment, but without a garden, what else am I going to do to pass the time? The hand-pieced treasures of my family are a tradition I intend to pass along to family and friends.

Melanie Davis Marshall Melanie is a born-again Hillbetty attempting to revive her Appalachian roots. She lives in Boone with her two dogs, two horses, 18 chickens and one really old cat.




it isn’t over yet... View more photos from these beautiful weddings on our website!

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cchecklisst Wedding edding Planning Pl

Following is a list of suggestions similar to those provided by wedding planners for their clients:

Start a wedding binder or folder

Choose your wedding colors

Set your priorities and budget and decide who pays

Shop for your wedding dress and accessories

Select your wedding party and start the guest list

Shop for and order bridesmaid dresses

Hire a planner and/or director, if desired Reserve a date and ceremony and reception venues Select a pastor or other officiant to preside over the ceremony Research orists, caterers, cake decorators, photographers and musicians to discuss your needs and budget Research big-ticket rentals, such as a tent Consider celebrating at an engagement party Book an engagement photo session

Work with the groom to choose what he and his groomsmen will wear; decide on purchasing, renting and who assumes responsibility for same Hire a caterer Book the entertainment Hire a photographer and/or videographer Decide on oral arrangements Reserve any rental equipment you'll need, including dishes, tables, chairs, linens, tents, etc. Reserve a block of hotel rooms for wedding guests and book your own wedding night accommodations Examine your beauty and ďŹ tness regimen and decide if you want to make changes in your routine or try anything new Start a wedding website Order save-the-date cards, invitations, etc. Register for gifts Purchase wedding rings Plan your honeymoon

Mail save-the-date cards (do this earlier for weddings around holidays, or destination weddings) Buy gifts for your wedding party, parents and each other Plan the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and guest list and book venues Arrange wedding transportation Select and order the cake(s) Book hairstylist and/or makeup artist; meet with each of them to experiment with styles and colors

Send a timeline to the wedding party and delegate day-of tasks Apply for marriage license Submit a newspaper wedding announcement Final gown fitting: take a bridesmaid with you to learn how to bustle your train, fasten tricky buttons, use the restroom, etc. Confirm arrival and delivery times with vendors Write and print wedding programs Get a haircut and color Write thank-you cards as you receive wedding gifts Ask your mother or maid of honor to contact any guests who have not RSVP'd

Begin shopping for or making your own wedding favors Make a list of music you want played and photos you want taken Confirm menus with your caterer Plan the wedding ceremony and vows with the officiant Bridal showers Mail invitations Check on requirements for marriage license and blood tests; make necessary appointments

Send the final guest list to the caterer and other vendors and reconfirm their arrival times Give a list of photos you want taken to the photographer Book appointment(s) for spa treatments and manicures/pedicures Break in your shoes Pack for the honeymoon

If changing your name, complete required documents

Our gift to you! Remember your mountain wedding with these graphics for your photo frames and scrapbooks.

Mountain Girl Mountain MARRY A




Mountains THE

are calling AND


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16 Hands Farm & Pam’s Unique Boutique 16 HANDS FARM is a rustic, elegant barn venue nestled in the heart of the High Country, NC. If your dream wedding or event includes mountain views, a waterfront site and a serene setting, then 16 Hands Farm is for you. Located only minutes from Boone and historic downtown West Jefferson, we are surrounded by great outdoor activities, shopping and wineries. Our barn has a large porch overlooking a fresh water pond, along with an upstairs loft. We also have an event building with seating for up to 200 guests with tables and benches included. On-site parking is available for 150 cars with shuttling capabilities. We also have a groomsman room and a large bridal suite for our brides. Additional amenities are provided. Schedule your tour today!

PAM'S UNIQUE BOUTIQUE is located at 105 North Jefferson Avenue in beautiful downtown West Jefferson. Owner and operator Pam Neaves has years of experience in helping brides find that perfect dress and offers the lowest prices in the High Country. Our boutique has the most popular names in Bridal Wear, and is always up to date with the newest styles. We also carry Bridesmaids dresses as well as other special occasion dresses. Guys, Pam also offers the latest in color and style in tuxedos at great prices. If there is a wedding in your future, Pam's Unique Boutique is the place to go. Pam will be there for you from start to finish to make sure your wedding day is perfect! Call to schedule your appointment today at 336.846.1651, or stop by Monday through Saturday from 10am 6pm and Sunday from 1pm - 5pm.


841 Bald Mountain Rd | West Jefferson, NC 336.877.0945


105 N Jefferson Ave | West Jefferson, NC 336.846.1651

At Village Jewelers: we understand

how crazy it is to fall in love…

we understand

all of the considerations…

we understand that everyone has a budget…

At Village Jewelers, we are genuinely concerned about your desires. We have no quotas to meet like the “big box stores.” We make it, service it and warranty everything that we sell right here in the store. We also repair rings that were bought on the internet.

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All About Weddings 2017  

A special publication of All About Women magazine

All About Weddings 2017  

A special publication of All About Women magazine