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INFO GUIDE 2021-2022 Edition

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Serving The Readers of Cocke, Jefferson, Hamblen and Sevier Counties A publication of the Newport Plain Talk in cooperation with the Cocke County Partnership

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INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


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3-D Child Care .................................................................. 16 A Storage Place ................................................................. 71 Accurate Heating & Cooling ............................................. 72 ACE Hardware ..................................................................35 Amedisys Home Health Care ...........................................50 America’s Mattress ......................................................... 101 Appalachian Veterinary Hospital ................................... 103 Arby’s ................................................................................87 Askew Realty Group ....................................................... 104 Ball Metalpack ................................................................100 Beauty Salons.................................................................... 10 Best Western .....................................................................83 Bethel Baptist Church.......................................................96 Brian Keller Realty ...........................................................28 Bridgeport Market & Deli ................................................. 17 Brock’s Open Air Market ..................................................50 Brockwell Construction Co. Inc........................................ 37 Bush’s Visitor Center ........................................................ 67 Calvin Ball Roofing ........................................................... 79 Campbell and Hooper Law ............................................. 109 Carver’s Orchard & Applehouse Restaurant ....................95 C&C Pawn Shop ..............................................................108 Celebration Chalet ............................................................89 City/County Officials ........................................ 9, 21, 22, 23 City of Newport .................................................................24 Cocke County Monument .......................................... Co. 98 Cocke County Partnership ...........................................56-57 Cocke County Shrine Club ..................................................9 Conagra .............................................................................40 Cosby Barber Shop ........................................................... 16 Cosby Real Estate ............................................................. 19 Country Living Realty......................................................... 5 Crossroads Community Church .......................................78 Crowder Hydraulics & Industrial Supplies ......................93 Denton’s TV & Satellite ......................................................4 Diversified Enclosures & Screen ......................................69 Dutch Bottoms Baptist Church ........................................84 Eddie Ball Construction, LLC........................................... 27 Edgemont Church of God .................................................86 English Creek Baptist Church ..........................................94 Eric Freeman/Rusty Wallace Ford ................................ 104 Evans Towing....................................................................99 Exterior Home Solutions, LLC .........................................28 Foothills Furniture ...........................................................89 Forbidden Caverns ........................................................... 61 Fruit Jar Alley ................................................................. 107 Good Shepherd Catholic Church ......................................86 Goode Septic Tank Service ...............................................44 Grace Baptist Church .......................................................68 Grayson Subaru ................................................................ 13 HD Seamless Guttering ....................................................30

Hommel Concrete.............................................................33 Hunt Insurance Solutions .............................................. 105 Jabo’s Pharmacy ...............................................................30 Janice’s Diner ................................................................. 103 Jefferson-Cocke County Utility District .............................8 Jewelry Connection ..........................................................46 Joe’s Sporting Goods, LLC ............................................. 110 JS Lawn & Cleaning Service .............................................65 Kathy’s Grooming Parlor ..................................................40 L.A. Tax Service ................................................................87 Lane Sales Power Eq. LLC ................................................63 Lewis Electrical Service ....................................................99 Liberty Church of Cosby ...................................................48 Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church .......................................46 Lowland Credit Union ........................................................3 Lucky Pawn .......................................................................34 Manes Funeral Home, Inc ................................................93 Maple Ridge Homes .......................................................108 Mason Realty Co. ..............................................................25 Massey Realty ................................................................... 12 McCarter Auction Inc. ......................................................34 McSpadden, Inc-General Contractors ...............................4 Memorial Baptist Church ................................................. 81 Monterrey Mexican Restaurant .......................................53 Morristown Animal Hospital, P.C. ...................................39 Mt. Zion Baptist Church ...................................................96 Newport Asphalt Sealers ................................................ 110 Newport Federal Bank......................................................48 Newport Health & Rehabilitation Center ........................89 Newport Masonic Lodge #234 .........................................96 Newport Paving & Ready Mix ......................................... 80 Newport Presbyterian Church..........................................70 Newport Quick Lube.........................................................99 Newport Utilities .............................................................. 18 Northport Baptist Church ................................................78 Oakes Salvaged Freight ....................................................63 Omni Comfort Heating & Air ...........................................43 Parrottsville Directory ......................................................82 Parrottsville Ruritan Club .............................................. 109 Pet Care Guide ..................................................................39 Petals Florist and Gift Shop .............................................68 Piney Grove Baptist Church .............................................94 Posey’s Tree Service..........................................................44 Ramsey Furniture ............................................................. 61 Realtors ....................................................................... 90, 91 Resthaven Memorial Gardens ......................................... 111 Rocky Top Biker Stop ......................................................... 7 Rocky Top Pest Control ................................................... 88 Rusty Wallace Ford ......................................................... 88 Rural Medical Services, Inc. .............................. 45, 80, 112 S and A Glass ....................................................................99

Scenic Realty ....................................................................... 5 Shoemaker Landscaping & Fencing, Inc..........................46 Smoky Mtn Farmers Co-Op .............................................49 Smoky Mtn Home Health & Hospice ............................... 77 Smoky Mtn Mowers............................................................ 7 Southside Baptist Church .................................................84 Spicewood Cabinets ..........................................................98 Stinnett Automotive Group ..............................................32 Strange’s Custom Auto, Inc. ........................................... 103 Strange’s Eastport Exxon ................................................. 73 State Farm Ins.-Eric Varner .............................................95 State Representative-Jeremy Faison .................................8 Stokely Chapel Baptist Church .........................................96 Tan Easy.......................................................................... 101 Tennessee College of Applied Technology ..................11, 85 Tennessee Mtn Music Barn ............................................ 103 Tennessee State Bank ....................................................... 51 Tommy Crowder Excavating .......................................... 105 Town & Country Drugs .....................................................32 Unity Baptist Church ........................................................70 US BanCorp Investments .................................................64 Victory Lanes (Bowling) .................................................108 Victory Mountain Ministries ..........................................108 Walters State Community College ...................................24 Westmorland Cosmetic & Family Dentistry ....................46 White Pine Businesses...................................................... 15 White Pine Eye Care .........................................................82 Wholesale Furniture Outlet.............................................. 75 Wilson’s Sav-Mor Pharmacy ............................................ 72 Wilton Springs Hardware.................................................29 Wright’s Swimming Pool & Spa .......................................85

INFO GUIDE 2021-2022 Edition

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Business Industries Government Entertainment Events Real Estate Historical Sites Medical Communities Service Tourism Education

Serving The Readers of Cocke, Jefferson, Hamblen and Sevier Counties A publication of the Newport Plain Talk in cooperation with the Cocke County Partnership

INFO GUIDE 2021/2022



344 West Broadway Newport, TN

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Morristown Main Office 1216 E. Main St. Morristown, TN

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INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


INFO GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND SERVICES City of Newport ...............................................8 Cocke County Government ...........................11 Cocke County Legislative Body.................... 14 Town of Parrottsville .................................... 16 Local Law Enforcement Agencies ...............20 Cocke County Constables .............................20 Local Fire Departments ...............................26 Cocke County E-911 ......................................26 Newport Housing Authority ........................26 State, Federal Legislators .............................28 Cocke County Elections................................30 UT Extension Office .....................................34 Keep Cocke County Beautiful ......................36 Cocke County Road Commissioners ...........38 Cocke County Judicial Officials ...................38 Cocke County Veterans Services .................42 Cocke County Convenience Centers............42 EDUCATION Cocke County School System.......................44 Imagination Library ..................................... 47 Newport Grammar School ...........................50 Cocke County Adult Education.................... 52 Education Foundation .................................60 Tennessee College of Applied Technology..60 Walters State Community College ..............62 HEALTH CARE Rural Medical Services ................................. 45 Newport Medical Center ..............................66 Newport Convalescent Center .....................66 Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice 70 Cocke County Health Department .............. 74 Cocke County Health Council ...................... 76

Newport Health & Rehab............................. 76 Amedisys Home Health ............................... 76 COCKE COUNTY PARTNERSHIP Economic Development Commission......... 54 Cocke County Partnership ........................... 55 Tourism Department....................................58 Chamber of Commerce ................................ 59 BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, INFRASTRUCTURE Newport Federal Bank ................................. 79 Newport Utilities ..........................................82 Tennessee State Bank...................................86 US Bank.........................................................87 Commercial Bank .........................................87 Furniture Palace ........................................... 91 Jefferson Cocke County Utility District ......92 Carver’s Orchard...........................................92 Ball Metalpak ................................................94 ConAgra Foods .............................................94 Newport Dry Goods......................................96 Cosby Real Estate .........................................98 Bush Brothers ...............................................98 Lowland Credit Union................................100 Brown Funeral Home................................. 102 Manes Funeral Home................................. 102 Costner-Maloy Funeral Home................... 102 RECREATION & OUTDOORS Cocke County Recreation Department ..... 104 Newport Parks and Recreation.................. 106 Whitewater Rafting .................................... 109 MISCELLANEOUS Hartford Welcome Center ......................102 Phone Listings ........................................ 110

Duane Uhls • Publisher/Editor Matt Winter • Assistant Editor Lynn Crum • Circulation Manager Janie Holt • Advertising Sales

Sharon Bryant • Advertising Sales Vickie Mason • Advertising Sales Penny Webb • Advertising Sales Troy Brooks • Layout & Design



. Yamaha Home Theater . SONY (423) 623-4907

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Custom Design Sales & Service | Pre-Engineered Buildings Turn Key Construction & Management Services P.O. Box 948, Dandridge, TN 37725 Office (865) 397-3822 Fax (865) 397-3860

INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


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INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


Cocke County’s history goes back to late 1700s


hen Cocke County was formally established in 1797, settlers had already carved out homes and farms here twenty years or so earlier. Native Americans, of course, were the first human residents of the area. Proof of their residency continues to surface in the form of arrowheads and bits of pottery when springtime plowing is done. Although it has not been proven, circumstantial evidence indicates that Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto and his party passed through here. White trappers and hunters definitely began making their way into this wilderness by the mid-eighteenth century. By the 1770s and 1780s, more and more pioneers moved here, trickling down from the Upper Watauga community and across the mountains from North and South Carolina. Quite naturally the earliest settlements sprouted along the three rivers — Nolichucky, French Broad, and Pigeon — which flow through the county. With these settlers came the need for protection against the occasional Indian attacks. Several forts, including Bell’s Station, Whitson’s, Huff’s, Wood’s, McKay’s, and Swagerty’s, were erected as safe havens for the citizens. Today Swagerty Fort, which stands alongside Old Hwy. 321 north of Parrottsville, is the only such fort remaining. Legend accords John Gilliland the honor of planting the first corn crop in the county “at the mouth of the Big Pigeon River.” Gilliland is also credited with donating fifty acres of land, in what we now call Old Town, for the establishment of a county seat. For close to a century, Old Town was the county’s hub of activity. Here were the courthouse, the jail, Peter Fine’s ferry, a hotel or two, and a few other early businesses, such as Rankin & Pulliam’s store. Today the Gilliland-Cameron-O’Dell house is the only remaining original structure in Old Town. The other remind-

er of Old Town’s prominence is the Roadman Cemetery, high on the Parrottsville side of the river, which overlooks the area. Here lie such early leaders as Peter Fine, Edom Kendrick, and William Roadman. Those hardy souls brought a deep faith in God with them when they moved into this area. In 1787, nine years before Tennessee was admitted to the Union and ten years before the formal establishment of Cocke County, a group organized Big Pigeon Primitive Baptist Church. Its minutes mention a cessation of meetings due to “Indians being troublesome.” Within twenty-five years several other denominations — Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian — arrived, and in 1845 Salem Lutheran Church was organized in the Parrottsville home of Michael Ottinger. The only Revolutionary War skirmish known to have occurred in Cocke County was at the War Ford. Many of the early settlers came here to

claim land granted to them for their service during the Revolutionary War. Over 100 such veterans are known to have received acreage. Because of the county’s topography, large plantations and the slave labor associated with them were few here. While several families did own slaves, the average farmer owned a man and his wife, rather than the dozens of slaves we connect with the story of Scarlet O’Hara. By the 1830s, the county’s population remained small. Efforts to bring the railroad here periodically flourished and dwindled until after the Civil War. When hostilities erupted, Cocke Countians found their loyalties divided. Often brothers fought on different sides. Although no major battles were fought here, there were at least two skirmishes, one at Parrottsville and another at Cosby. Much suffering was inflicted on the women, children, and elderly by bands of marauding bushwhackers. In 1865, peace arrived and prosperity

slowly returned. In 1867, the railroad finally arrived and with it came a period of unprecedented growth. The tracks ran through what was called Gorman’s Depot, today’s downtown Newport. In the 1880s, after much controversy, the county seat was moved from Old Town to Gorman’s Depot (also called Clifton). Citizens in Parrottsville bitterly protested the move, because now they had to ford two rivers to reach the county seat. Citizens in Bridgeport lobbied heavily for the new courthouse to be built there. Formal education arrived in the form of Anderson Academy, which stood between today’s Northwest Elementary School and Old Town. As the decades passed, dozens of one- and two-room schools sprang up throughout the county. High school work, at one time, was offered at Parrottsville, Harmony Grove, Raven’s Branch, Moraine, Wilton Springs, Edwina, and Newport. The twentieth century brought more change and prosperity to the region. With the establishment of two canneries, the Bush and Stokely families brought jobs and better living standards to dozens of families. The tannery’s opening in the late 1800s did the same. Cocke Countians have always done their part to uphold Tennessee’s nickname, “The Voluteer State.” Probably the first citizens here to enlist because of war did so during the War of 1812. At least one aging Revolutionary War soldier joined up. Dozens of men and not a few women answered their country’s call during the two world wars, and did so again during Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and now Afghanistan. Now, in the twenty-first century, the county’s growth looks more promising than ever, as a more concerted effort to promote the county’s tourist options and to attract more industry to the area grow. Retirees continue to flock here. Who knows what the next decades will bring?


INFO GUIDE 2021/2022

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City of Newport Governed by Mayor and Aldermen The Newport Board of Mayor and Aldermen system governs the City of Newport. Roland Dykes, III is the current mayor of the city, having been elected in 2018. Serving on the council as Aldermen are: Vice-Mayor Mike Proffitt, Mike Hansel, Bobby Knight, Steve Smith and Louanna Ottinger. They each serve fouryear terms. The next election will be in November 2022. Mayor Dykes appoints all the volunteer city boards. City Council appoints the boards with paid positions, which are: the beer board, the police and fire civil service

boards, and the power board. The aldermen govern the city, but City Administrator James Finchum performs most of the administrative duties. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen meet on the second Tuesday of each month in the chamber of the Newport City Hall building at 5:30 p.m. The meetings are open to the public. The Newport City Hall is located at located at 300 E. Main St. The telephone number is (423) 623-7323. More information is also available on the city’s website at www.cityofnewport-tn.com. SEE CITY ON PAGE 9

Newport City Hall as the sun sets on the Pigeon River in downtown Newport.

Jefferson-Cocke County Utility District JCCUD Home Heating Gas Appliances Sales & Service Professionally Trained Technicians Propane Sales & Delivery

Industrial Sales & Service 24 Hour Emergency Service LP Cylinders Filled (Newport Office Only)

Clean, Dependable, Natural and Propane Gas APPLIANCE SALES CENTER New Hours Effective May 1

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:30am - 4:30pm 122 US Highway 25E, Newport

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243 E. Broadway Blvd., Jefferson City

(865) 475-7911

State Representative

Jeremy Faison

11 Legislative District Cocke, Jefferson & Greene Counties 202 War Memorial Bldg. 301 6th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37243

Jeremy Faison

Toll Free 1-800-449-8366 Ext. 16871

Office: 615-741-6871 Fax: 615-253-0225

(Call For Appointment)

I Appreciate Your Support In The Upcoming Election

Email: Rep.jeremy.faison@capitol.tn.gov

INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


Roland A. Dykes, Mike Proffitt III Mayor Vice-Mayor

Steve Smith Alderman

Mike Hansel Alderman

Bobby Knight Alderman

Louanna Ottinger Alderwoman

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 9

Jeremy Shelton City Fire Chief

James Finchum City Administrator


Gary Carver Community Development Director

Maurice Shults Newport Police Chief

Tim Dockery Parks & Rec. Director

Brittany Vick City Judge

Mark Robinson Codes Official

Crystal Ottinger Cocke Cocke County Cou Mayor

I am very grateful for your support and I will continue making your priorities my priorities. With the help of my wonderful staff, we will continue to be committed to you and your family. Cocke County is very fortunate to have the best people, clubs, churches, and non-profit groups that you can find anywhere.

Tina Matthews Finance Director/City Recorder

The City Hall is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except on holidays. The Newport Board of Zoning Appeals and the Newport Regional Planning Commission, which are made up of the same officials, meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the chamber of City Hall at

Terry Hurst City Attorney

Ben Hicks Street & Sanitation Department Supervisor

3:30 p.m. The Newport Utilities Board of Directors meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the utilities’ administration center, 170 Cope Boulevard, at 10:30 a.m. The Newport Housing Authority board meets on the third Monday of each month at 12 noon at its main office at 440 Lennon Circle, Newport. The housing authority’s telephone number is (423) 623-1575.

Cocke County Shrine Club James Parks - President Jessie Parton - Paper Sales Tommy Sutton - Secretary/Treasurer

Love to the rescue

It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve as your county mayor.

Crystal Ottinger - Cocke County Mayor 360 East Main Street, Courthouse Annex Suite 146 Newport, Tennessee 37821


Shriners Hospitals for Children

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Beauty Shop & Tanning 557 Gordon Rd. Parrottsville, TN

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INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


Crystal Ottinger County Mayor

Josh Blanchard Admin. of Elections

Mark McGaha Register of Deeds

Armando Fontes Sheriff

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 11

Kristy Nease Circuit Court Clerk

Angie Shelton Property Assessor

Melissa Gossman County Attorney

Cocke County Government provides services to all citizens Cocke County’s government is structured in the same way as the other 94 counties in the state of Tennessee. There is a county mayor, who stands for election every four years, who is the chief operating officer for the country and handles administrative duties. Crystal Ottinger, is the current County Mayor, having won her second term in office during the 2018 Election Cycle.

Her office, along with other officials, including the county finance director, Administrator of Elections and Chancery Court Clerk and Master, is located in the Cocke County Courthouse Annex at 360 East Main Street. The county is divided into seven districts and each district elects two members to the County Legislative Body (CLB), which must approve all financial

LNP Program Offered In Newport The Practical Nursing program at TCAT-Morristown is delighted we are able to establish a classroom in the Ben W. Hooper Career Technical Education Center at Cocke County High School. According to Resa Yount MSN, RN PN Coordinator, our program has consistently enrolled a large number of students from the Newport area. We have a great working relationship with the hospital in Newport along with many os the other physicians’ offices that will employe the students upon graduation. The support for our program is an excellent recruiting tool for future students wanting a career in nursing. Providing the class in Newport will also meet the needs of the community and provide economic opportunities for the students and their families.

expenditures by the county. The CLB meets once a month on the third Monday at 6 p.m. in the Circuit Courtroom on the second floor of the Cocke County Courthouse. The CLB has standing committees, which oversee the operations of the landfill, the sheriff’s department, the courthouse and finances. Committees meet when needed. The County Board of Education consists

of seven members, one elected from each district. It meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. at the School System’s Central Office, which is located at 305 Hedrick Drive in Newport. The county school system is overseen by a director of schools, Manney Moore, who is appointed by the Board of Education. SEE COUNTY ON PAGE 15


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Strange’s Eastport Exxon Owner Tommy Strange

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Briggs Body Shop Over 60 years In The Same Location

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Strange’s Custom Auto 430 Industrial Road | Newport, TN 4

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INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


Cocke County Legislative Body governs county The Cocke County Government is structured like every other county in the state, with a County Commission governing all financial expenditures and making other legislative branch decisions. Cocke County’s Legislative Body is comprised of 14 individuals, who come from seven districts within the county. Each district has two posts and individuals are free to serve the post of their choosing in the district. Each of Cocke County’s 14 commissioners were elected in the August 2018 County General Election. The next election will be held in August 2022. The CLB meets each month on the third Monday at 6 p.m. in the Cocke County Circuit Courtroom.

Barry Ford 1st District — Post 1

Calvin Ball 1st District — Post 2

Gayla Blazer 2nd District — Post 1

Clay Blazer 2nd District — Post 2

Norman Smith 3rd District — Post 1

Terry Dawson 3rd District — Post 2

Jonathan Laws 4th District — Post 1

Jeff Eslinger 4th District — Post 2

Dan Bright 5th District — Post 1

Casey Gilliam 5th District — Post 2

Forest Clevenger 6th District — Post 1

David Veridal 6th District — Post 2

Kyle Shute 7th District — Post 1

Gary Carver 7th District — Post 2

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INFO GUIDE 2021/2022



The Cocke County

Peachie Cody Sessions Court Clerk

Heather McGaha Finance Director

Regional Planning Commission meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the courthouse annex.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 15

The county highway commission, which oversees the county road system is served by a seven member board, which comes from

seven districts. The current highway superintendent is Dwayne McCallister, who is serving the third year of a four-year term.

White Pine

Business Directory Town of White Pine Officials www.whitepinetn.com

Mayor - Fred Taylor City Clerk - Junea Graves Rob Mathis Trustee

Craig Wild Clerk & Master

Shalee’ McClure County Clerk

Manney Moore Director of Schools

e b i r c s Sub ay! tod

Call 423-623-6171 Dwayne McCallister HWY Superintendent

Town Recorder/Judge - Alyson Susong Police Chief - Chad Cotter Aldermen Tyler Marshall, Ronnie Dukes, Ann Strom, Carolyn Voiles and Jarrod Stump

FINCHER TRUCK Ramsey Furniture 865-674-0225 & EQUIPMENT 260 Hwy. 25-32 White Pine Bargain House 865-674-0462 White Pine, TN 37890 3123 Circle Drive (865) 674-2809 White Pine, TN 37890

865-674-0840 Joshus Cody - Owner/Operator 1276 Hwy. 113 White Pine, TN 37890

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1029 Highway 25-32 | White Pine, TN

Toll Free: 866-890-8679 | (865) 674-2996

INFO GUIDE 2021/2022

Page 16 • Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mayor Dewayne Daniel

Alderman Thad Balch

Alderman Ronnie Hommel

Town Recorder Jayne Ragan


Town Attorney Jeff Greene

Town Judge Melissia Ball

Visit the Town of Parrottsville

The Town of Parrottsville is the only other incorporated town in Cocke County, aside from Newport. Parrottsville is the third oldest town in the state, having been settled by John W. Parrott over two centuries ago. The Town Hall is located at 2101 Old

Parrottsville Highway, which is at the corner of the old Highway 321 and Highway 340. Its telephone number is (423) 623- 9380. A board of three aldermen governs Parrottsville, which is located about seven miles north of Newport.

The alderman who receives the most votes in a general election is designated as the mayor. Mayor Dewayne Daniel was elected to a four-year term in 2018. He is serving with two other aldermen, Ronnie Hommel and Thad Balch.

The city’s Web site is www.parrottsvilletn.org Jayne Ragan is the town recorder. Jeff Greene is the town attorney. Melissia Ball serves as town judge. SEE PARROTTSVILLE ON PAGE 20


Zane Stuart Voted Cocke County’s

1 Barber




“Thanks again so much! I really appreciate your continued support and patronage.”




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Page 18 • Wednesday, April 28, 2021

INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


INFO GUIDE 2021/2022


Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 19

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Moonshine stills dating back to the 1920’s

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Law enforcement agencies serve Cocke County Cocke County has four local law enforcement agencies to protect and serve the public, including the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office, the Newport Police Department, the Parrottsville Police Department, and Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP). In case of emergency dial 911. The highway patrol can be reached by cellular telephone by dialing Star THP (847). It can also be reached by dialing 1-800-737-2682. For non-emergencies, the sheriff’s office can be reached at (423) 623-6004, the police department at (423) 623-5556, and the highway patrol at (800) 737-2682 (press “0”). The Cocke County Sheriff is Armando Fontes. The Sheriff’s Office is located in the Cocke County Courthouse at 111 Court Avenue. The sheriff’s detective division is located in the Courthouse Annex at 360 East Main Street. The sheriff’s office responds to all emergency calls outside the Newport city limits.

Maurice Shults Newport Police Chief

Steve Hudson Newport Deputy Police Chief

C.J. Ball is the Chief Deputy and Chuck Evans is Major of the Sheriff’s Office. The telephone number for the Cocke County Sheriff’s Detectives Division is (423) 623-4827. The Newport Police Department is located at 330 East Main Street. It responds to all calls within the city limits of Newport. The

Armando Fontes Cocke County Sheriff

C.J. Ball CCSO Chief Deputy

main office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The phone number to the police department is (423) 623-5556. Maurice Shults is the Chief of the police department. Steve Hudson is Deputy Chief. Accident and incident reports can be filed or picked up at the appropriate department

Chuck Evans Major

building depending on whether the accident or incident occurred inside or outside the city limits. The sheriff’s office does not charge for copies of its reports requested by the public. At the police department, a copy of an accident report costs $5; incident or arrest reports are $4 each.

Cocke County Constables

Josh Spurgeon 1st District

David Winters 2nd District


The town commission normally meets quarterly on the first Thursday of the

Nathan White 3rd District

Carroll Crumbley 4th District

month at Town Hall, at 6 p.m. The city has several committees that include Parks and Recreation, Fourth of July, Heritage Days, and Christmas. The Parrottsville Park in the center of town is a major drawing card for resi-

Andrew Clark 5th District

Steven Cameron 6th District

dents and visitors. Parrottsville actively supports the Parrottsville Volunteer Fire Department. Rural Medical Services operates a clinic in Parrottsville. It is located at 111

Roger Henderson 7th District

Mockingbird Avenue. The town has a tennis court and a basketball court, which were opened to the public in 2012. Community organizations include the Parrottsville Ruritan Club.

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Meet Your City/County Officials proud to serve our communities!

As your City/County Officials, our doors are always open. We encourage everyone to contact us whenever we can answer a question or be of service.

Mayor Trey Dykes III


It is my honor and a privilege to serve the city of Newport as your Mayor. I sincerely believe that working together we can accomplish great things for our city. Thank you for the opportunity to do what I can to help Newport prosper. Thank you,


It continues to be my distinct honor to serve the citizens of the Fourth Judicial District as Circuit Court Judge. Since my appointment in 2017, I have endeavored to hear cases fairly and impartially. Thank you for your support. Together my staff and I will continue to serve you with integrity.

Newport Alderwoman Louanna Ottinger

Angie Shelton Property Assessor

I’ve spent over 30 years serving Cocke County working in the Property Assessor’s office with the privilege of holding the Assessor’s position for 4 of those years. I am blessed that Roland “Trey” Dykes, III the citizens of Cocke County trust me with such an honorable position! My staff and I are always available to serve you.

I hope to serve our community in a way that will make you proud that you voted for me. “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” –Coretta Scott King louannaottinger@newporttn.org

We are proud that you believe in us enough to allow us to serve in the positions of trust. Thank you for your continued support.

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Meet Your City/County Officials proud to serve our communities!

As your City/County Officials, our doors are always open. We encourage everyone to contact us whenever we can answer a question or be of service. “It is a privilege and an honor to serve the people of the 4th Judicial District. Thank you for your continued support of the District Attorney General’s Office.”

Newport Alderman

James B. “Jimmy” Dunn

Bobby Knight

Serving Cocke, Grainger, Jefferson, and Sevier Counties

I would like to take this opportunity to renew my pledge to you, to be a strong voice in city government. Thank You for this honor.

Brad Davidson GENERAL SESSIONS AND JUVENILE COURT JUDGE You elected me to this honorable position.

Thanks so much for your confidence! I intend to serve the citizens of Cocke County and protect the integrity of the bench.

Honesty, Integrity and Justice For All

Newport Alderman

Mike Proffitt It’s a pleasure to serve the people of Newport. Please feel free to call me with your concerns and suggestions. Together we can make Newport an even better place to live.

We are proud that you believe in us enough to allow us to serve in the positions of trust. Thank you for your continued support.


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Meet Your City/County Officials proud to serve our communities!

As your City/County Officials, our doors are always open. We encourage everyone to contact us whenever we can answer a question or be of service. Dwayne “Bullet” McCallister Highway Superintendant It’s priviege to serve the people of Cocke County. At this time we are responsible for 702.66 miles of roads and 186 bridges. We also operate our own quarry.


Newport Alderman

Mike Hansel It is an honor to serve the citizens of Newport. Together we have achieved many goals affecting our quality of life in town. Our mutual partnership will ensure an even brighter future.

I thank you all. - Mike Hansel


Newport Alderman

Steve Smith Thanks to the people of Newport for this honor. I will continue to work hard to make our town a even greater place to live.


Cocke County Clerk

Shalee McClure

Driver’s License Renewals, Septic Permits, Mfg. Home Permits, Titles, Tag Renewals, Business Tax, Marriage License, Hotel/Motel Tax, Beer Permits, CLB Records, Notary Commissions, Boat Registrations, Rafting Agent, Race Track License, Dealer Plates, Handicap Placards, Noting of Liens.

Above are some of the services we offer.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8-4 Wednesday 8-12 | Saturday 8-11

(423) 623-6176

We are proud that you believe in us enough to allow us to serve in the positions of trust. Thank you for your continued support.

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Walters State Newport Center The Walters State Newport Center opened in 2021 to better serve Cocke County residents. Students can take many general education courses without leaving the county. Workforce training classes are also offered for local businesses and industries. 423.585.2611 | ws.edu

Here for you.


to Newport

In Newport, Life is not rushed or hectic... There are no traffic jams or constant delays... People stop on the sidewalk and talk to each other... Newport is proud of a long Southern tradition of genuine hospitality... No wonder people are happy Living in Newport.

City of


300 East Main Street, Newport, TN 37821 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm


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for over 50 years and I am recognized as the Realtor with the most experience in this area. - Charles Mason



Land/Lots | Acreage Residential | Commercial Assisting Buyers & Sellers 7 Days A Week Charlie Mason Owner/Broker 423-608-1800

Bobby Knight 423-237-1171

Email: cemason@masonrealtyco.com

Joe Shults


Selena Gann 850-323-2823

Eva Raines 423-237-0107

Daniel Conard Office Manager 423-608-1891

Linda Smith

Administrative Assistant

Serving the real estate industry over 51 years (423) 623-1235 | 711 Cosby Hw y. Newpor t, TN

Looking For New Agents To Carry On The Tradition

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Eight fire departments protect Cocke County citizens A total of eight fire departments serve the citizens of Cocke County. These are Newport, Cocke County, Centerview, Cosby, Del Rio, Grassy Fork, Long Creek, and Parrottsville. In case of a fire, it is always best to simply call 911. The Newport Fire Department, located at 103 C Avenue, is composed of 25 firefighters. The department has three engines, one ladder truck, and one mini-pumper. Jeremy Shelton is the fire chief. The telephone number is (423) 613-4048. Cocke County Fire Department, located at 120 Fairground Circle, has four engines and one tanker. The telephone number is (423)

623-4444. The Centerview Volunteer Fire Department has a pair of locations, 210 Turner Ridge Road, and 109 Fullington Way in Bybee. They have three brush trucks, two engines, and one tanker. The telephone number is (423) 623-9444. Cosby Volunteer Fire Department has three locations, its main hall at 3292 Cosby Hwy., and two branch stations-one in Edwina, and the other adjacent to the Cosby Post Office. They recently constructed, in conjunction with the Newport Rescue Squad, a fourth station near the National Guard Armory. The telephone number is (423) 4872593.

The Del Rio Volunteer Fire Department is located at 480 Hwy. 107. The department also has a sub-station at 325 River Bend Way. The telephone number is (423) 487-2215. Grassy Fork Volunteer Fire Department, located at 4110 Big Creek Road, can be reached at (423) 487-5222. Long Creek Volunteer Fire Department is Cocke County’s newest department. Located at 924 Gunter Corner Road, Parrottsville, the department can be reached at (423) 625-8655. Parrottsville Volunteer Fire Department is located at 2059 Hwy. 321. Their telephone number is (423) 623-7174.

Newport Housing Authority The Newport Housing Authority has 400 units in eight apartment complexes that it rents out to eligible low-income residents. Some are family units, and others are for the elderly/disabled. Rent, which is based on income levels, includes all utilities. Maintenance is also provided free-of-charge. The main NHA office, where applications for housing can be picked up, is located at 440 Lennon Circle. Each applicant must provide an original driver’s licenses, birth certificate, and Social Security card. For every

child, a birth certificate and Social Security card or documentation that these have been applied for must be provided. The phone number for the office is (423) 623-1575. The 400 units are located on 12 streets scattered in different locations within Newport’s city limits. The Newport Housing Authority enforces a zero drug tolerance policy, according to Walter Cole. Cole became the Executive Director in 2018, replacing Dr. Charlie Boggan, who retired after seven years.

e b i r c s Sub ay! tod

Walter Cole II



Cocke County E-911 ready for emergencies The Cocke County Emergency Communications District E-911 office is located at 145 Mineral St. and it dispatches all emergency units in Cocke County including police, sheriff, ambulance, fire, and rescue. The E-911 director is Nancy Hansel. The E-911 business office also assigns all residential and business addresses and this service is provided between the hours of 8 a.m. Nancy Hansel and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number updated. for this service is (423) 623Hansel said, “One of our 5978. biggest problems that we Residential and business have is people who fail to numbers must be obtained put their address numbefore applying for electric, bers on their driveways or sewer, gas, water, or phone homes. Our top priority is service connections. that when someone dials E-911 numbers must be 911 that we reach him or her prominently displayed on just as quickly as possible. homes, businesses, and Identifying the address mailboxes, so emergency could potentially be a life-orunits are able to locate the death issue, as emergency residence without loss of responders answer a distress valuable time. call.” Cocke County E-911 A developers permit must works closely with the State be obtained from the PropE-911 Board to utilize all erty Assessor’s Office when available funding from the an individual applies for a state. new address. This is a state The center phone numlaw and must be done before bers are 911 (for emergency an address can be given. only) and (423) 623-8777 Individuals that have (police dispatch), (423) 623moved in the last five years 5556 (police department’s or are moving in the near office), (423) 623-3064 future, should contact E-911 (sheriff’s dispatch), or (423) to make sure their address 623-6004 (sheriff’s office) and information has been for non-emergency services.

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DREAMING OF A NEW HOME? Give Eddie Ball A Call


Eddie Ball



Eddie Ball

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State, Federal Legislators Represent Cocke County Two legislative bodies govern the State of Tennessee—the House of Representatives and the State Senate—collectively known as the Tennessee State Legislature. Representing Cocke County as part of the state legislature are Representative Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby), who serves the 11th House District, and Senator Steve Southerland (R-Morristown), who serves the 1st Senate District. Faison, a Cocke County resident, represents Cocke, Jefferson, and part of Greene Counties. His local address is 1009 Country Mountain Road, Cosby, TN 37722.

Steve Southerland

Diana Harshbarger

Bill Hagerty

Marsha Blackburn

Jeremy Faison

His Nashville address is 425 5th Avenue North, Suite 622, Cordell Hull Building, Nashville, TN 37243. He can be reached by phone in his Nashville office at 615-741-6871 and 1-800-449-8366-extension

16871. His fax number is 615-253-0225, and his e-mail address is rep.jeremy.faison@capitol.tn.gov. Southerland’s local address is 4648 Harbor Drive, Morristown, TN 37814. He represents

Cocke, Greene, Hamblen, and Sevier Counties. His Nashville telephone numbers are 615-741-3851 and 1-800-449-8366 – ex. 13851. His Nashville address is 425 5th Avenue North, Suite 722, Cordell

Hull Building, Nashville, TN 37243. His e-mail address is sen.steve.southerland@legislature.state. tn.us. On the national level, Cocke County is represented in the U.S. House

of Representatives by Diana Harshbarger, a Republican and Kingsport resident. She can be reached in Washington at 202-225-6356 or by fax


at 140 North Street Newport, TN 37821 Commercial . Residential . Land


432 E. Meeting Street Dandridge, TN


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Josh Blanchard Admin. of Elections

Betty Whitson Election Commission

Charlotte Leibrock Election Commission


Stephen Stokely Election Commission

Vaughn Moore Chairman, Election Commission

Vickie Moore Election Commission

Election Commission office handles Voting in Cocke County The Cocke County Election Commission office manages all voter registration in Cocke County and all voter list maintenance; Plans and implements all elections in Cocke County; federal, state, county, and munici-

pal; Provides election information to residents and prospective voters; Maintains candidate and referendum records, including nominating petitions and local campaign finance reports; Complies with all state law and

promulgated rules regarding Elections in the State of Tennessee and monitors new legislation and updates for any changes to the law or rules. Voter Registration, in-person and now online

Servingg Cocke Countyy For Over 45 Years *Curbside Deliver for RX and Grill Orders* *Quality Products at Competitive Prices*

Open Monday -Friday 8am to 7pm Saturday 8am to 3pm

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“We appreciate the patronage of all our customers & friends”

The Voter Registration Deadline is thirty (30) days before each election. Register to Vote in-person, by mail, or online. In-person and by-mail: Cocke County Election Commission Office, Courthouse Annex Room

130, 360 E. Main Street, Newport, TN 37821. Open Monday — Friday, 8:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. Closed all federal and state holidays. SEE ELECTION ON PAGE 31


Thanks Again, Cocke A County, M u l t i -Ye a r for voting Winner us the #1 Guttering Business. FREE Estimates


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602 East Broadway | Newport, TN 37821 | (423) 623-3088

Prompt, Friendly Service Locally Owned and Operated

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Street Kingsport, TN 37660. Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Sen. Bill Hagerty, both Republicans, serve Cocke CONTINUED FROM PAGE 28 County in Washington. at 202-225-5714. Her mailing address in Blackburn’s Washington address is 357 Washington is 167 Cannon House Office Dirksen Senate Office Building, WashingBldg., Washington, DC 20515. Locally she ton, DC 20510. Her Knoxville area office can be reached in Kingsport at 423-398is located at 800 Market St., Suite 121, 5186. Her mailing address is 205 Revere Knoxville, TN 37902. Her Washington


Online: CockeCountyElection. org or GoVoteTN.com. Upcoming elections in 2022 Tuesday, May 3, 2022 – County Primary Thursday, August 4, 2022 – State Primary and County General Election Tuesday, November 8, 2022 – State General Election; Newport and Parrottsville Municipal Elections How do I know if I am registered? I have not voted in several years, am I registered? Call the election commission office at 423-623-2042 or use the voter lookup tool on GoVoteTN.com. If your status is Inactive, immediately fill out and submit a voter registration application if you still live in Cocke County. Inactive status means that you are on the clock to be removed from the voter rolls pursuant to state law if we do not hear from you. If you are not registered, it takes less than

10 minutes to fill out a registration application online or in-person. How do I update my current address with the election commission? Complete an updated voter registration application online at GoVoteTN.com or in-person at the election commission office. Do I have to register to vote with the Cocke County Election Commission office if I was registered in another county in Tennessee? Yes. In Tennessee, voter registration does not automatically transfer from county to county when you move. You must complete and sign an updated voter registration application. When you register to vote, you will receive proof of your Cocke County voter registration in the mail. Do I have to register by party? Voters do not choose a party when they register to vote in Tennessee. Voter must declare a party each time they appear to vote in a Primary election; you do it when you sign in to vote or fill out your absentee ballot application.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 31

telephone number is 202-224-3344. Her Tennessee number is 865-540-3781 and her Tennessee fax number is 865-5407952. Hagerty’s Washington Address is Russell Street Office Bldg., Suite SR-B11, Washington, DC 20002. His Washington contact number is (phone) 202-2244944. His area office is located at 800

I have been convicted of a felony. Can I register to vote? Some persons with a felony conviction may apply to have their voting rights restored. Contact the election commission office directly at 623-2042. Voting rights restoration paperwork should be completed as soon as possible so, if approved, the individual could have time to register to vote by the deadline. Can I vote absentee by-mail? Many voters are eligible to vote absentee by-mail, whether due to being out of town on Election Day, age, disability, caretaker, or several other reasons. Call the election commission office or visit GoVoteTN. com for the complete list. Voters may request an absentee by-mail ballot as early as 90 days before each Election but no later than seven days before an Election. Voters must sign a request form for each election in which they want to vote absentee by-mail. Exceptions apply for some active military and overseas voters. What do I need to vote in-person? All voters must present a fed-

Market St., Suite 112, Knoxville, TN 37902. His Tennessee contact numbers are (phone) 865-545-4253 and (fax) 865545-4252. Gov. Bill Lee’s office is located at 1st Floor, State Capitol, Nashville, TN 37242. The telephone number is 615741-2001.

eral or Tennessee state government ID containing the voter’s name and photograph when voting at the polls, whether voting early or on Election Day. An example of a valid photo ID is a Tennessee Driver License. For more information on photo ID requirements, call 623-2042 or visit GoVoteTN.com. The voter registration card is not required to be shown when voting. Does Tennessee have Early Voting? Early Voting in-person is available to all registered Tennessee voters. Early Voting begins 20 days before each election and ends 5 days before each election. The exception is the Presidential Preference Primary, during which early voting ends 7 days before Election Day. Early Voting location and times will be announced before each election. Where would I vote on Election Day? Refer to your voter registration card or proof of registration mailed to you when your voter registration application was approved. The election commission office now prints the address of the Election Day polling location

on each proof of registration. You may also call the office at 623-2042 or use the voter lookup tool on GoVoteTN.com. When is redistricting? Redistricting will be completed before the 2022 elections. The county commission (CLB) approves all county district boundaries. Once the CLB approves the county district boundaries, then the election commission will review the precinct boundaries within those county districts. County Election Commission members are Vaughn Moore, Chair; Vickie Moore, Secretary; Charlotte T. Leibrock; Stephen V. Stokely; and Betty H. Whitson. The Administrator of Elections is Josh Blanchard, office staff Dawn Mousseau and Teri Spinks. Josh serves as the East Tennessee Vice-President of the Tennessee Association of County Election Officials. The Election Commission operates with a network of over 100 dedicated Cocke County residents who serve as poll officials during each election, without whom no successful election could be possible.


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University of Tennesse Extension in Cocke County Cocke County Director of the University of Tennessee (UT) Extension, Sarah Orr, is excited to turn over a new leaf. Orr served as Extension Agent for three years before being named to the position of director in April of 2019. That is just one of the many changes that have taken place at the office. One change that many may not be aware of is the change in the office’s name. The official name changed from the UT Agriculture Extension Service to UT Extension. UT has now partnered with Tennessee State University to provide Extension programming. The logo now includes UT/TSU Cocke County Extension. Terminology has also changed from the traditional. There is no longer a “county agent”. There is a County Director, an Agriculture Agent, a Family and Consumer Science Agent, and a 4-H Agent. The County Director, who is the office administrator, can be either of these

agents depending upon the county staffing plan denoted by UT. The current staff in Cocke County consists of Orr, the County Director and Agricultural and Natural Resources Agent; Jessica Gardner, the Family & Consumer Sciences Agent; Haley Webb, the 4-H Youth Development Agent; Jessi Horner, the 4-H Program Assistant; Stephanie Maples, the Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program Assistant, which is funded through Federal Nutrition Grant dollars; and Jodi Norwood, who is the Administrative Assistant. Orr mentioned that she is happy to see the office fully staffed now and even more excited about the programming opportunities to come as COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift. The most visual of the programs in the Extension office is 4-H. The youth component of Extension reaches hundreds of youth, providing them with citizenship and leadership development opportuni-

Thanks Again To Our Friends In Cocke County For This Honor!


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Camp, please call the Extension Office at (423)-623-7531. The major focus of the Family and Consumer Sciences programming is parenting, nutrition and health. Classes include co-parenting courses, which are mandated for divorcing parents with minor children, healthy eating classes, and food preservation. A commonly unknown perk of the FCS program in Newport is the testing of pressure canner gauges to ensure user safety. TNCEP programming provides nutrition education to specific clientele as well as nutrition programming to youth in county schools. The newest FCS program involves partnering with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the creation of Storybook Trail of the Smokies, located in Cosby. The programming in Agriculture

321 W. Broadway • Newport, TN

M u l t i -Ye a r Winner


ties. Programs like livestock judging and 4-H Chick Chain are just a few of the ways they provide opportunities for youth to develop life skills. The 4-H Horse program led by volunteers is a very active part of the 4-H program. This group competes and has won in various Eastern Region and State competitions. With Webb and Horner now on board, the 4-H program is expanding to include Wildlife Judging, Outdoor Meat Cookery, Shooting Sports, and the Companion Animal Project Group, just to name a few. The most exciting new 4-H program is 4-H Adventure Camp, which will be a local opportunity open to all youth as a replacement of the more traditional 4-H camp that is not going to be hosted this summer due to COVID-19. Adventure Camp will include many outdoor activities like rafting, horseback riding, and more! If you are interested in signing your child up for Adventure

Toll Free: 1-877-282-8467 Auction License #335 Real Estate License #214075 Keith Shults Brent Shults

HOURS: Monday - Friday 8:30 A.M. - 6 P.M. Saturday 8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.


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Keep Cocke County Beautiful strives to clean up community The purpose of Keep Cocke County Beautiful is to promote a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for Newport and Cocke County and to protect our precious natural resources. KCCB offers solutions that create clean, beautiful public places, reduce waste and increase recycling, generate positive impact on local economies and inspire generations of environmental stewards. Through our programs and public-private partnerships, we engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community’s en-

Sarah Orr

vironment. We work to build and sustain vibrant communities that are socially connected, environmentally healthy and economically sound. Keep Cocke County Beautiful (KCCB) prides itself on hard work and dedication. Executive Director Meka Henderson, assistant executive director Gretta Carr and the Board of Directors continually work on educating the community on recycling and environmental issues. Each year, the group coordinates the Great American Clean Up, from March 1 to

Jessi Horner


consists of the Advanced Master Beef Program, Master BeeKeeper Program, Freezer Beef Production, Beef Quality Assurance (BQA), Small Fruits Workshop, Tree Grafting,

June 30, when area residents are encouraged to take PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Your Designated Environment) through a variety of events. Projects throughout the year include lake and river clean-ups, education in area classrooms, and recycling efforts. “KCCB is dedicated to improving the county’s appearance and environment and attaining objectives for the benefit of our citizens and visitors,” Henderson said. “We are coordinating an expanded recycling effort county and

Jodi Norwood

Home Garden Series, Private Applicator Pesticide Certification, Backyard Poultry classes, and many other educational opportunities. The Agriculture Agent also provides Cocke County Producers, homeowners, and landowners, with up-to-date information on insect, disease, and weed

city wide, not just to improve appearance but also to control the escalating costs of waste disposal which impacts the taxes we all pay.” KCCB continues to promotes the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle KCCB headquarters are located upstairs in the Newport Community Center at 433 Prospect Ave., Newport, TN 37821. The telephone number is 423-623-1050, our website is keepcockecobeautiful.org and on Facebook at https:// www.facebook.com/KeepCockeCountyBeautiful.

Stephanie Maples

control in their gardens, crops, lawns, and homes as well as planning agriculture enterprises on their property. The Agriculture Agent assists with the counties livestock producers in applying for cost sharing though the Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement Program (TAEP).

Meka Henderson KCCB Director

Jessica Gardner

Extension offers a variety of programs in agriculture and natural resources, 4-H youth development, and family and consumer Sciences for all citizens of Cocke County. UT Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. For more questions concern-

Haley Webb

ing Extension Programs in Cocke County, contact Sarah Orr at sorr6@utk.edu or (423)-6237531. Through its mission of research, teaching and extension, the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture touches lives and provides Real. Life. Solutions. ag.tennessee.edu

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Brockwell Construction Company, Inc. Excavating And Building Contractor Serving S Se ervi r vi ving ing Si S Sin Since ince ince ce 19 1 1974 974 74 Commercial - Industrial - Residential - Licensed - Bonded - Insured

Sitte Site te Excavation Excavattion & Grading Exc Ex Grad ding g - Crane Crane e Services Serrvic ces Industrial Ind Industri dusttrial & Residential Resid denttial Maintenance Maint iintenanc tenance & Repair te Rep Rep Repa Re pairr

Best Construction C truction ion Company Comp Co pany pany nyy

Underground U Un nd derrgrround d Utility Utilitty Installation Insttallattion & Repair Repairr Concrete C oncrrete ete te Work Work Wor Wo rk - Rock Rock Ro k Removal Remov Remova Re ova ov vall val Bituminous Bit Bitumin tuminouss & EPDM EPD EP PDM Roofing Roofi Roofin Roof Ro ofin fing g

980 Thinwood Thinwo o od Drive ive e Newpor Newport, t, TN 37821


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Cocke County Road Commissioners

Jerry Holt 1st District

Ronald Blazer 2nd District

Randy Dyke 3rd District

Kenny Hall 4th District

Chuck Smithpeters 5th District

Robert Grooms 6th District

Jack Smith 7th District

Judicial Officers for Cocke County

Carter Moore Circuit Court Judge — Part 1

Jim Gass Circuit Court Judge — Part 2

Jimmy B. Dunn District Attorney General

Rex Henry Ogle Circuit Court Judge — Part 3

Duane Slone Circuit Court Judge — Part 4

Brad Davidson Sessions Juvenile Judge

Brittany Vick Newport City Judge

Melissia Ball Parrottsville Municipal Judge

Rebecca Lee Public Defender

Telford Forgety Jr. Chancellor

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DEDICATED SERVICE Providing Quality Veterinary Care

Full-Service Veterinary Hospital

Mike LaMaster, DVM Ashley Dennis, DVM Lynn Straka, DVM - Larry Dawson, DVM Alex Sorohan, DVM

Hours: M-F 8:00 - 5:30 | Sat. 8-12

Front row L-R: Jennifer C. Crowell, D.V.M., John R. Chambers, D.V.M., and Juliette L. Brown, D.V.M. Back Row L-R: Libni Soto holding “Gorda”, Aurelia (Yaya) Landreat holding “Stetson”, Keri Mantooth holding “Woody”, Miranda Davenport holding “Camo”, Amanda Walker, Gina Roberts holding “Merle”, Casey Owens holding “Lyla”, and Francisca Rodriguez. Not pictured Tanya Caldwell and Brandy Long.

231 W. Broadway, Newport 423-625-1616


• Ultrasound • X-Ray • Complete Blood Count Screen • General Health Blood Screen • Heartworm testing • Fecal Testing • Vaccinations for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cattle, Llamas, Sheep, and Goats. • Preventative Health Services for Livestock • Nutritional Consultation • Soft Tissue Surgery and Some Orthopedic Surgery

John Chambers, DVM Juliette Brown, DVM

Jennifer C. Crowell, DVM

(423) 586-2740

936 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pkwy. Morristown, TN 37813


John R. Chambers, D.V.M. Juliette L. Brown, D.V.M. Jennifer C. Crowell, D.V.M.

420 Humane Way Newport, TN 37821

(423) 586-2740 423-532-8475

936 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pkwy. Morristown, TN 37813



Grooming Parlor

SERVICES FOR LARGE AND SMALL ANIMALS • Coggins Testing for Horses • Available Line of Heartworm Prevention, Flea Medication and Other Animal Health Needs • Health Certificates for All Species • House Calls for All Species • Experienced Staff Who Are Familiar With All Species • Artificial Insemination for Cattle and Horses

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Kathy Johnson, Owner 37 Years’ Experience

All Breeds

Dog & Cat Grooming

Brandon Byrd, DVM NOW OFFERING DOGGY DAYCARE Tracie Neas, DVM Military & Hillary Hancock, DVM F i r s tD iRsecsopuonntds e r s ’ 2309 West Andrew Johnson Highway Morristown, TN 37814

Monday - Saturday

Call 423-248-3233 620 W. Hwy. 25/70 Newport, TN 37821

Farm and Domestic

Animal Foods and Pet Supplies

Southern States and Cargill Dealer


4749 Hooper Hwy. | Cosby, TN 37722 AnimalCrackersTN@gmail.com

facebook.com/AnimalCrackersTN | 423-532-7067

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Kathy Johnson Voted Cocke County’s

#1 Pet Groomer All Breeds

Dogs & Cat Grooming Military & First Responders M Discounts Ask About Our VIP Cards ( Ver y Important Pet )

Now Offering Doggy Daycare 37 Years’ Experience


Kathy’s Grooming Parlor

620 W. Hwy, 25/70

. Newport, TN 37821



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He ’ s A live H e ’ s Retu r ning Soon Pr ai s e J esus (Neither Biden or Trump really matters. There is only ONE KING)

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Convenience centers available for garbage disposal Cocke County maintains a system of convenience centers throughout the county for residents to dispose of their garbage and bring recyclables such as paper and plastics. These centers are fenced and supervised by county employees. The centers are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. The centers are open on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. The convenience centers accept household garbage, each center has recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminum. Each

center has receptacles for used motor oil, oil filters, transmission fluid and used cooking oil. Each citizen is allowed to bring up to 4 tires to the convenience center without being charged. Any citizen with more than 4 tires must take them to the landfill. The fees for tires is $1.00 each for each passenger tire and $2.00 each for semi and tractor tires. Construction debris, roofing shingles, old furniture and mattresses are allowed in the landfill. No brush or tree limbs are allowed

in the landfill. Those wishing to dispose of construction debris should haul this to the landfill located in Irish Cut Community off Highway 25/70 east of Newport. The Irish Cut Convenience Center is where the landfill is located at 1160 Old Asheville Highway and is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. The telephone number is (423) 623-6498. These services are provided for Cocke County citizens only. Convenience Cen-

White Pine: ‘A good place to visit, a great place to play, and a grand place to live!’ White Pine, a town with about 2,200 residents, is located between Newport and Morristown along Highway 25E in Jefferson County. The town is easily accessed off I-81 at Exit 4, which is inside the town limits, and Exit 8, just one mile north of town. Mayor Glen Warren has served as mayor since 1989. The current five council members are Ann Strom, Fred

Taylor, Jarrad Stump, Tyler Marshall and Ronnie Dukes. The council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Town Hall, 1548 Main Street. The main office number is 865-674-2556 and the website is www.whitepineTN.com. The White Pine Police Department is located at 1548 Main Street. The department’s non-emergency number is 865-

674-7771. The White Pine Volunteer Fire Department is located at 3208 School Street, and the phone number is 865-6746568. The fire department’s ISO Rating is 4, which is exemplary for a volunteer department. The White Pine Public Library is located at 1708 Main Street. The library number is 865-674-6313.

The White Pine Regional Planning Commission meets the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at Town Hall. White Pine School, located at 3060 Roy Messer Highway, serves students Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. The principal is William R. “Bill” Walker, and the assistant principal is Jim Hodge. The school number is 865-674-2596.

Cocke County Veterans Service Office The Cocke County Veterans Office is located in the Courthouse Annex, 360 E. Main St., Suite 141, Newport. Mike Barnes is the Cocke County Veterans Service Officer. The office is open Mondays—Fridays from

Stay Informed.

8-4, and the telephone number is 423-6237911. The office will help veterans and/or their families with compensation claims, pension claims, education, and many other things. The office also provides information to Veterans and families on all federal and state benefits earned by Veterans in their service to their country.

Michael E. Barnes Veterans Service Officer

ters will accept no garbage, waste tires, construction debris or any waste from out of county. Convenience Centers are located at: Rankin (269 Clay Hill Road), 1470 Highway 25/70, 965 Morrell Springs Road, Cosby (3887 Cosby Highway), Wilton Springs (606 Wilton Springs Road), Raven’s Branch (2315 Old Fifteenth Road), Del Rio (2990 East Highway 25/70), Parrottsville (2061 Canary Drive), Bogard (3136 Bogard Road) and Centerview (2474 Holt Town Road).

RID works to eliminate illegal dumping RID (Remove Illegal Dumpsites) was created by a Cocke County Legislative Body (CLB) resolution with the mission “to educate the public about the impact that dumping has on a community and to eliminate illegal dumping in Cocke County by using law enforcement and community pressure to keep these areas clean.” RID meets the second Wednesday of each month at noon at various area restaurants. All interested parties are invited to attend. To date RID has cleaned up more than 150 illegal dumpsites, an excellent effort recognized by a Keep Tennessee Beautiful and Tennessee Department of Transportation Award of Excellence. “This is a volunteer committee and we depend on Cocke County citizens to report any illegal activity they see,” said Committee Chairman David Veridal. Chairman Veridal was recognized as Cocke County’s State Volunteer of the Year in Nashville in 2017.


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OMNI Comfort Heating & Air Voted The

#1 Heating & Air Business

2 Years In A Row

L-R: Steve Loveday, David Loyd and Paul Williams


$69 Clean and Tune | 0% Financing Available | All Work Guaranteed Serving Cocke Co. and Surrounding Counties | EPA Certified and Fully Insured 22+ Combined Years’ Experience | Service & Install Covering Manufactured Warranties Accepts Credit Cards Including American Express

“ Our thanks Cocke County. We will continue to give you the award winning service you deserve.” - Paul Williams & Steve Loveday

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Cocke County School System strives for higher excellence The Cocke County School System continues to strive for higher excellence, building on a continued advancement to become one of the leading school systems in Tennessee. The Cocke County School System is under the leadership of Director of Schools Manney Moore. In his tenth year as director, Moore says, “Our continuing goal to provide our children with the best educational opportunities to prepare them for productive futures remains the system’s driving force and focus.” Composing the Cocke County School System are nine elementary schools: Bridgeport, Centerview, Cosby, Del Rio, Edgemont, Grassy Fork, Northwest, Parrottsville, and Smoky Mountain, and two secondary schools, Cocke County High School and Cosby High School. Additionally funds provide tutoring and intervention programs for K-12, as well as family engagement activities and events. Students at each high school have access

to Career Technical Education classes at Ben W. Hooper Vocational School (CCHS) and Raymond Large Vocational School (CHS). Additionally, the Cocke County Adult High School provides services to returning adult students who want to either complete their graduation requirements or obtain a GED. The Cocke County Alternative Education Program includes Adult Education (GED) prep, the Adult High School, and basic literacy classes, the Graduation Alternative Program (GAP), and the Cocke County Alternative School. All Cocke County schools meet the requirements to receive Title I funding. Utilizing ‘school-wide’ programs, funds are used to provide personnel to reduce the overall teacher-student ratios for the schools. Currently, over forty personnel are employed with Title I funding. Title I funds also provide substantial materials and equipment to support the academic programs of the schools. With an empha-

Posey’s Tree Service Voted

Best Tree Trimming Service

Free Estimates Posey Children

L-R Gabriella, Jonathan, and Justin

Credit Cards Accepted

Tree Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding

423-237-0454 Mike Posey

www.Poseystreeservice.com Licensed and Insured

sis on technology, Title I funds have been utilized for wireless computer labs, iPads, and Promethean boards. Additionally, funds provide tutoring and intervention programs for K-12. A high priority of the system is to ensure that all teachers are highly qualified and that both certified and classified staff have access to professional development opportunities necessary to be highly effective. Including teachers and administrators, the system employs just under 400 certified personnel. Of these 63 percent hold advanced degrees. Two Title I instructional coaches, one full-time and one part-time, along with one full-time Read To Be Ready instructional coach, serve the elementary schools. The Cocke County School System enjoys positive and beneficial partnerships with several outside entities. Save the Children provides in-school and after-school literacy programs at Bridgeport, Cosby Elementary, Edgemont, and Northwest. High school

students have access to dual enrollment courses through an agreement with Walters State Community College. Save the Children (STC) provides in-school and after-school literacy programs at Bridgeport, Cosby Elementary, Edgemont, and Northwest. In September 2016, a new STC pilot program was implemented at Centerview, Del Rio, Grassy Fork, and Smoky Mountain. All elementary schools participate in the Second Harvest Backpack program. Technology remains a strength of the Cocke County School System. At least one computer lab is in each school, and Promethean Boards have been installed in the majority of classrooms. Highly successful PreK classes are now in operation. The Family Resource Center serves as a liaison between parents, the school system, and the community. Cocke County’s Naval Junior ROTC program once again earned state and national SEE SCHOOLS ON PAGE 47


For Award Winning Service Call (423) 625-1833 Owner : Darryl Goode

“Striving to be #1 in the #2 business”


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Rural Medical Services Serving the area for 40 Years And Counting

Rural Medical Services, Inc. (RMS) is a Community Health Center that has been serving the people of Cocke and Jefferson Counties, Tennessee and surrounding areas for 40 years and counting. Our medical staff consists of six board certified physicians who are trained as specialists in family medicine and obstetrics, ten family nurse practitioners, and three behavioral health providers. As a patient-centered medical home our team of healthcare professionals work together to meet the needs of our patients. Services provided include family practice, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, care coordination, diabetes education, case management, integrated behavioral health, migrant health, and inpatient care at Tennova Newport Medical Center for established RMS patients. They are recognized by HRSA as a Health Center Quality Leader and as a National Quality Leader in Heart Health. Rural Medical Services, Inc. strives to be the healthcare provider and employer of choice in their service area. Providing better care for a better life is at the heart of Rural Medical Services. One way that they work towards improving the life of patients is through family-centered obstetric care. In family-centered obstetric care the physicians treat not only the mother but the baby and family too. From beginning to end of pregnancy they are there with the mother at every step starting with a free pregnancy test to onsite 3D ultrasounds. When the time comes delivery will take place at the newly renovated birthing center at Tennova Newport Medical Center. Patients have the choice to continue care with the same physician before, during, and after pregnancy. Rural Medical Services, Inc. walks with patients through every stage of life by addressing their current needs. GRASSY FORK CENTER 4261 Big Creek Road • Hartford, TN • (423) 487-2249 CHESTNUT HILL CENTER 3222 Chestnut Hill School Road• Dandridge, TN • (865) 509-6611 CORPORATE OFFICE 207 Murray Drive • Newport, TN • (423) 613-3300

NEWPORT CENTER 229 Hedrick Drive • Newport, TN• (423) 623-1057 PARROTTSVILLE CENTER 111 Mockingbird Ave. • Parrottsville, TN• (423) 625-1170 COSBY CENTER 103 Wilton Springs Rd. • Newport, TN• (423) 487-2222

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Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church

Cosmetic & Family

Dentistry .

Micah L. Westmorland, D.D.S., F.A.G.D Christel M. Westmorland, D.D.S., F.A.G.D



Service Times

234 Lincoln Ave Newport, TN 37821

Sunday School - 9am Sunday Morning Worship - 10am Sunday Evenings - 6pm Wednesday Evenings - 6:30pm

Phone: (423) 623-2903


Shoemaker Landscaping & Fencing, Inc

Veneers • Cleanings • ZOOM! ,Q 2IÀFH Whitening • Root Canals • Dentures/Partials

Crowns & Bridges ([WUDFWLRQV • 3HGLDWULF 'HQWLVWU\ • All on 4 • Implant Restorations •

Most Insurance Accepted 1837 Crowe Lane • Newport, TN 423-623-9540 (across from Lowe’s Garden Center) www.westmorlanddentistry.com

Yo u r F r i e n d l y, A f f o r d a b l e , U n i q u e Jewelry Store Necklaces Estate Jewelry Antique Jewelry Mother’s Rings Diamond Earrings

Engagement Rings Adjustable Bracelets Fashion Jewelry Gemstone Rings Stainless Steel Jewelry

Earrings Wedding Rings Vintage Jewelry Diamond Rings Bracelets


• • • •


Commercial & Residential Licensed and Insured All Types of Fencing Gate Operators

423-623-7949 Newport, TN

• • • •


Design Installation Hydroseeding Retaining Walls


Since 1982

Sevierville, TN

“ We accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover” www.shoemakerlandscapingandfencing.com


Mon - Fri 10-5:30 Sat. 10-2

259 W. Broadway . Newport, TN (across from Sonic)


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Manney Moore Director of Schools

Otha Rolen 2nd District


Jimmy Stokely 7th District

John Johnson 5th District

Richard Coggins 1st District

Darla Morgan 4th District


honors this year. Housed at CCHS and open to students at both CCHS and CHS, the group is highly visible in the community as they perform countless hours of volunteer service. Also a highlight of the school system, both the high school band and chorus students have been recognized at multiple levels as both individuals and groups for outstanding performances. Members of the Cocke County Board of Education are Rose Lovell, Richard Coggins, Otha Rolen, John

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 47

Dr. Ken Johnson 6th District

Rose Lovell 3rd District

Johnson, Dr. Ken Johnson, Darla Morgan, and Jimmy Stokely. The Cocke County School System’s Central Office is located at 305 Hedrick Drive, New-

port, TN 37821 and can be reached by telephoning 423-623-7821 or by faxing 423-625-3947. The system’s website is www. cocke.k12.tn.us.

Trevor Logan became the 1,500th Cocke County child to receive Imagination Library books. He is shown with his parents Todd and Felicia Logan.

Imagination Library provides books from birth to Cocke County kids Over 1,500 Cocke County children receive a free book every month through the Dollywood Imagination Library, a program initiated by Dolly Parton to provide additional educational opportunities to Tennessee’s children. Application forms for Imagination Library are available at Newport Medical Center, Newport Pediatric Clinic, Cocke County Health Department, the office of the Cocke County Mayor, Cocke County’s Rural Medical clinics, and Cocke County’s four libraries: Cosby Community, Del Rio (Marie Ellison Memorial), Parrottsville, and Stokely Memorial.

Children must reside in Cocke County. An application must be submitted. Enrollment may also be made online at www.imaginationlibrary.com. If the child’s address changes, call Betty Jones (423-623-4666) to make needed changes. Children from other counties may register by visiting www.governorsfoundation.org online or by calling 1 (877) 99-BOOKS. Children receive the free books from birth to age 5. The month of their fifth birthday, children receive their final book, an introduction to kindergarten. For more information, call 423-6237821.

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Liberty Church of Cosby Pursuing Authentic Christianity by Simple Faith Found in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Liberty Church serves the community of Cosby, Tennessee. We’re near Newport, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, and Asheville, North Carolina. We are excited about our new location at 3541 Cosby, Highway across from Carver’s Apple Orchard.

Sunday Classes: 10AM Sunday Worship: 11AM Small Groups at Various Times

(865) 383-4013

libertychurchofcosby@gmail.com libertychurchofcosby.com


Member FDIC

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Earn Interest with $500.00 per day Minimum Balance

. . .

Total Identity Monitoring Free Priority Club Checks Official Checks or Money Orders (3 free per month)

. . .

ID Protect Travel and Entertainment Discounts Debit and Credit Car Monitoring

We’ve got the value, protection, and savings you’ve been looking for.


Main Office 170 West Broadway • Newport 423-623-6088 • ATM

Branch Office 345 Cosby Highway • Newport 423-623-8692 • ATM

Branch Office 263 East Broadway • Newport 423-623-8794

Direct Teller: 1-800-516-3476 Internet Banking Available: newportfederalbank.com

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YOUR FARM STORE & SO MUCH MORE Best Farm & Agriculture Fertilizer, Hardware Horse Tack Petroleum Products Tires & Batteries Feed & Seed

Farm Supplies Lawn & Garden Welding & Electrical Supplies Tools Pet & Animal Health Supplies Mowers, Trimmers & Chain Saws




321 West Main Street | Sevierville, TN 37864 | (865) 453-7101 464 West Broadway | Newport, TN 37821 | (423) 623-2331 4048 East Morris Blvd. | Morristown, TN 37813 | (423) 586-9141 4082 Jonathan Creek Rd. | Waynesville, NC 28785 | (828) 926-6124

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Newport Grammar School dates to 1898 For over a century, Newport Grammar School has overlooked downtown Newport from its position atop Mims Avenue. First opened in 1898, NGS has the distinction of being the oldest elementary school in Tennessee in continuous operation. Conscious of its history and reputation, NGS proudly acknowledges it stellar past while embracing the future. It remains as one of Tennessee’s few one-school systems. Overseen by the Newport Board of Education, NGS Newport Grammar School as seen from its perch atop Mims Avenue. averages enrollment of over 675 students in grades PreK-8, while also serving with Stacy Dawson as board. Other members are man, and Nathan Vernon. additional children in NGS director. vice-chair Mickey Powers, Currently 61 teachLittle Warriors Pre-School Jan Brooks chairs the Seth Butler, David Perryers, most with advanced


degrees, 26 teaching assistants, and 37 additional staff members serve

the children. In order to SEE GRAMMAR ON PAGE 52

Thanks Again, Cocke County!

Home Health Care

Quality Care For All Of Your Home Health Needs • Skilled Nursing • Physical Therapy • Disease Management Programs • Speech Therapy

• Home Health Aides • Medical Social Worker • Occupational Therapy & More

611 W. Broadway Newport, TN 37821





Voted # 1 Deli

601 East Broadway, Newport, TN 37821


Debit and Credit Cards Accepted


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Tennessee State Bank is locally owned and has been in business for 49 years. We’re proud to be part of the community we live and work in, and we’re here to help you build a solid financial future for yourself and family. We offer a offer a variety of banking products and services for every stage of your life. Our experienced, friendly staff are ready to help with your financial needs. Stop in and let Truitt and his staff show you, “Banking at its Best!SM

pictured L to R (front row)

pictured L to R (back row)

Truitt Ottinger

Rebecca Gregg

Rosalind Reed

Kelsea Smith

Karen Ellison

Brittany Stuart

Katie Rea

Melba Sleeper

Gina Nall

(not pictured)

Melissa Parker

Dana Sutton & Megan Atkins

107 Epley Dr., Newport (423) 532-1100

NMLS #410355

www.tnstatebank.com For all branch locations, call toll free (877) 908-9TSB (9872) Serving Sevier, Knox, Jefferson and Cocke Counties

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Adult Education offered in Cocke County The Dr. Hobart Ford Sr. Adult Education Center is now located at 345 Hedrick Drive and is adjacent to Wellington Place. All classes are free, and students have two options for

obtaining a high school credential. First, adult students (at least 18 years of age) may pursue a high school diploma through the Cocke County Adult High

School. The adult high school follows the Cocke County school system calendar and operating hours (Mondays-Fridays 800 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.). Also, other adults may

prepare for a Tennessee High School Equivalency through the adult education program. This program is available for students who wish to attend classes that prepare them to pass an

equivalency exam. For more information, call 1-844-323-7323 regarding the equivalency diploma or 423613-0032 for more information about the Adult High School.


improve their instructional skills, they attend numerous professional development sessions, seminars, and other training opportunities. A low teacher-student ratio contributes to better educational opportunities. Research-based instruction, teacher collaboration, technology, coordinated school health, and family engagement are present areas of concentration for the school. The school has expanded six times since its initial construction, the most recent project being the addition of a primary building for 300-plus students in grades Pre-K-2. In addition to the traditional studies of math, science, social studies, and language arts, auxiliary classes, such as music, art, physical education, library, guidance, technology, STEM lab, special education, and gifted and enrichment program are also offered. Two guidance counselors, a school psychologist, a full-time speech therapist, and

Sandy Burchette Dir. of Schools

Michael Short NGS Principal

Dustin Morrow NGS Asst. Principal

Jan Sneed Board Chair

David Perryman Board Member

Mickey Powers Board Member

Seth Butler Board Member

Nathan Vernon Board Member

part-time physical and occupational therapists are available. NGS students in grades K-8 each have access to individual Chromebooks as well as two computer labs.

Kathy Ragan, RN, serves as a full-time school nurse. Additionally, the Charlotte J. Mims onsite clinic managed by Healthstar is slated to open in May 2021. The clinic will be open to the

students, staff members, and staff member families, as well as city employees and their families. Nutritious breakfasts and lunches are served daily in the school cafete-

ria. For over seven years, the school has offered universal free breakfast to all students. All NGS staff members wear identification badges for security purposes. Vid-

eo surveillance cameras operate 24 hours per day. All doors are locked during the school day. Additional security cameras and other safety measures are in place to help maintain a safe environment for students and staff. In the event of a critical situation, a Crisis Management team stands ready. Regular fire and safety drills are conducted. NGS students have the opportunity to enjoy clubs and organizations, including choir, the Historical Association, Green Team, Junior Beta Club, Modern Woodmen Jr/Sr, Drama Club, 4-H Club, Hiking Club, Builders Club, band, Warrior Patrol, and Annual Staff. After-school and summer study and enrichment sessions are provided. Athletics continue to play an integral part in the lives of NGS students. The Newport Grammar School Warriors basketball team recorded the honor of the school’s first state championship title during the 2021 season. For more information about Newport Grammar School, call 423-623-3811 or visit the school’s website at www.newportgrammar. org.

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T h a n k s A g a i n F o r Yo u r Vo t e !

Multi Year Winner

Mexic an Re staurant IS THE


Also Voted

Best Place To Have A Business Lunch Lunch Specials Monday-Thursday

Starting at $3.50

Come T r y One of Our Margaritas!


O P E N 7 D AY S A W E E K

(423) 623-0104

. 11 a.m. - 10 p.m

Fax (423) 623-0105

130 Newport Towne Center | Newport, TN 37821

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Economic Development Commission Works For Economic Preparedness The Cocke County Partnership through the Newport/Cocke County EDC has a stated mission to enhance the community for all. The EDC has worked to prepare a strategic plan to help in directing its activities and to identify priorities. The county must have a plan that prepares for growth and new partnering opportunities. The current plan has three primary goals: 1) quality job creation 2) increase new capital investment in the county and 3) to expand the overall tax base of the county. The plan targets five sectors that play a major role in helping to achieve the goals of the EDC. They are 1) the industrial, manufacturing sector 2) the retail, commercial market 3) the tourism industry 4) the residential housing market and 5) the redevelopment of downtown Newport. In addition to the targeted sectors, a primary focus of the EDC is to assist in the development of infrastructure within the city and county; infrastructure development that will benefit the five targeted areas as well as other development in the future. Infrastructure includes broadband fiber, electric, natural gas, railway enhancement, roadway improvements, water, and sewer system upgrades. The key issue is providing capacity to our existing industries and have available the items new businesses will require for growth. Two other issues identified as extremely important for the future growth of the county are education and healthcare. Businesses look to invest for the future where they are confident they can find educated and trained workers in a place that offers quality healthcare to their families and workers. Progress has been made in both fields; more will need to be done in this globally competitive marketplace.

Cocke County Partnership


Lucas Graham

In the final analysis, Newport/Cocke County must be able to manage a diverse business plan to offer world class amenities to business and industry to match the world class natural surroundings offered. Approximately one third of the county has been set aside for recreational use; having four national /state parks and forests and three distinct river systems, there is an abundance of outdoor activities at the doorstep. The challenge is to mesh the two to future enhance economic opportunities to all residents. The EDC Board of Directors are: Dennis Gregg/Chair, Truitt Ottinger/Vice-Chair, Jamie Phillips/Treasurer, Michael Williford/Secretary, Mayor Crystal Ottinger, Mayor Roland Dykes, III, Mayor Dewayne Daniel, Tommy Bible, Steve Smith, Zac Valentine and Bill Gregg. Lucas Graham is the Executive Director of the Commission with Partnership Director of Finance/HR, Jennifer Brown, serving as his assistant. The EDC Board and Partnership staff are working to benefit the people who call Newport/Cocke County home. For more information call the EDC office at (423) 623-3008.

Cocke County Partnership

Director of Finance & HR

Jennifer D. Brown


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Cocke County Partnership Facilitates Business, Economic And Tourism Development The Cocke County Partnership was formed in 2005 to help create synergy for area growth and development. The Partnership is comprised of the Office of Tourist Development, the Newport/Cocke County Chamber of Commerce, and the Newport/Cocke County Economic Development Commission. Seeking to represent the broad and diverse perspectives of the community, through its board of directors and partnership organizations, the CCP focuses on the improvement of economic conditions and quality of life issues facing our community. The goals are to create and market a positive image for the county and balance growth and quality of life. The Partnership, headed by President Lucas Graham, is the county’s leading organization for economic development and a clearinghouse for information about initiatives that are planned or underway. Funding for the organization, which employs six paid staff, comes from members’ fees, the City of Newport, Cocke County, and various community organizations. “It is important for communities to have a plan for the future,” said Graham. “For a community to be successful the citizens must have a shared vision. This vision should address the full range of local concerns: schools, jobs, industries, and small businesses, neighborhoods, and natural resources. “Folks may differ on how to achieve the vision, but it is important to have that vision and to work toward a consensus.” The Partnership’s board of directors are: Truitt Ottinger/Chair, Steve Smith/Vice-Chair, Dennis Gregg/Secretary-Treasurer, Mayor Crystal Ottinger, Mayor Roland Dykes, III, Mayor Dewayne Daniel, Jamie Phillips, Tommy Bible, Michael Williford, Zac Valentine and Bill Gregg Staff members, in addition to our President, Lucas Graham, are Jennifer Brown, Director of Finance/HR, Tourism Director Linda Lewanski, Chamber of Commerce Director Lynn Ramsey, Chamber of Commerce Operations Manager Jennifer Ellison, and Support Services Coordinator Susan Ball. The Cocke County Partnership continues to serve our community—won’t you join us? For more information, call 423-623-3008.

The staff of the Cocke County Partnership has been serving the community in economic development, tourist development and through the Chamber of Commerce. From left are Tourism Director Linda Lewanski, Partnership Director of Finance & HR Jennifer Brown, Partnership President Lucas Graham, Chamber of Commerce Director Lynn Ramsey, Chamber Operations Manager Jennifer Ellison and Chamber Support Services Coordinator Susan Ball.

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Cocke County Partnership

We’ve moved! Come visit us at the historic Tanner building – second floor - use the Mulberry Street entrance.


www.cockecountypartnership.com #madeintn



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Tourism Department Markets The Adventure Side Of The Smokies The Cocke County Partnership’s Department of Tourist Development serves as the marketing arm of the Cocke County Partnership. Tourism Director Linda Lewanski works daily to share Cocke County’s amazing story with visitors. Marketing efforts are supported by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, membership in Middle East Tennessee Tourism Council, the Tennessee Hospitality and Tourism Association, Great Smoky Mountains Association, Great Smoky Mountains Regional Greenway Council, Tennessee River Valley website and East Tennessee Preservation Alliance. Lewanski has served as past chair of METTC, and Scenic Byways Highway 25 E Committee, as secretary for Keep Cocke County Beautiful and RID (Remove Illegal Dumpsites), Board member for East Tennessee Preservation Alliance, former board member of Leadership Cocke County, member of the Stewardship Council for the National Geographic River Valley Geo Tourism project, Public Relations Chairman for KCCB and board member of the Cherokee National Forest’s Resource Advisory Committee. Lewanski said it is important to be a part of a regional partnership. “Our East Tennessee Partners are special folks, “she said. “Each one of us knows the others’ assets, and we make a special effort to promote the region.” Cocke County Partnership Lewanski is a Certified Tennessee Tourism Professional and a Tourism Marketing Professional. Tourism Director She earned a certification as a Guest Service Professional and was named Tourism Leader of the

Linda Lewanski

Year in 2019 by METTC. In 2019 she was named NPT’s “Most Community Involved Person,” and in 2021 was named a Governor’s Volunteer Star. The State’s trail initiative is of special interest to Cocke County. “We are lucky enough to be on three trails,” she continued. “Rocky Top, White Lightning and Sunnyside. Hundreds of miles of roads are receiving some wonderful attention. In addition, Scenic Byway Highway 25E brings even more attention to our corridors.” As a member of East Tennessee River Valley GeoTourism MapGuide project, sponsored in part by National Geographic, Lewanski sees many folks interested in the region. “The MapGuide project has been a great opportunity to showcase our many assets and we look forward to the travelers it will generate.” Rafting continues to boom and more than 200,000 folks went down the Pigeon River last year. And according to numbers from the 2020 season, the Pigeon River is now the most rafted river in America. Many of the rafting companies have added or improved opportunities at their outposts. A concerted effort to brand the county as the Adventure Side of the Smokies continues this year and the Partnership was awarded a grant from ARC to develop mountain bike trails near the Cherokee National Forest. The popular Celebrating Cosby, offered in conjunction with the GSMNP, will be continued as soon as possible. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development continues to offer a marketing grant to the department. “It is my distinct pleasure to be able to share Cocke County’s stories with our visitors,” Lewanski concluded. Real heritage, real people, real adventure — for your next real adventure give us a holler — 423-625-9675 or visit www.yallvisitthesmokies.com.


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Chamber of Commerce Promotes And Improves County’s Business Climate The Chamber of Commerce is the arm of the Cocke County Partnership that provides our local businesses and professionals a way to work together to help promote and improve the business climate in Cocke County. The Chamber of Commerce achieves this goal in many ways. The main vehicle involves offering numerous networking opportunities through the year including the popular Chamber Member Breakfasts, a series of Lunch & Learn sessions and other educational seminars and Grand Openings/Ribbon Cuttings for new businesses. The Chamber of Commerce encourages all members to become involved in these events in order to help promote and grow their business as well as a way to work together to make Cocke County a better place to live, work and play. The Chamber of Commerce also believes that local business owners/managers are the best marketing tools each business possesses; therefore, the Chamber of Commerce strives to give these individuals different avenues of promotion within the community and regionally. Newport and Cocke County have officially been designated as a SmartStart™ Community, through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. The SmartStart™ Community initiative contributes to the goal of making Tennessee the easiest place to open and run a business in the nation. This initiative supports a thriving small business and entrepreneurial environment by providing new and existing businesses with education, tools, and resources such as the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC). Through the TSBDC, the Chamber of Commerce offers one-on-one business and financial planning for entrepreneurs with a representative that can directly help them with their needs. The Chamber of Commerce office also serves as an informational stop. They offer maps, brochures, business cards and numerous tourismrelated publications free of charge to citizens and visitors. Often the Chamber of Commerce is the first place that newcomers to our beautiful area stop to find out what to do and where to go. The Chamber of Commerce staff answers hundreds of inquiries each year about Newport and Cocke County, many of which are through the website www.newportcockecountychamber.com. A plethora of information can be found on the website also. The Chamber of Commerce began a summer concert series along the River Walk in Downtown Newport, drawing folks to the beautiful backdrop of the Pigeon River. A series of Member Mingles was also held and the Partnership organizes the annual Newport Street Festival. A Shop Local campaign encourages buying in Cocke County and this year offered Chamber Members an opportunity to be part of a co-operative ad for the Thanksgiving weekend. The entire staff works very hard to guarantee the success of these events and invites the community to come out and support their efforts. Lynn Ramsey is Director, Jennifer Ellison is Operations Manager and Susan Ball provides Support Services. The Chamber of Commerce may be reached by telephone at (423) 623-7201 or via the website at www.newportcockecountychamber.com.

Chamber of Commerce Director Lynn Ramsey

Chamber of Commerce Operations Manager Jennifer Ellison

Chamber of Commerce Support Services Coordinator Susan Ball

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Tennessee College of Applied Technology Morristown serves Cocke County Over the years hundreds of local high school graduates have chosen to attend Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Morristown, where they have received post-secondary training, which has launched them into highly lucrative job opportunities. In addition to TCAT’s main campus in Morristown, it has an additional branch campus in Hawkins County and Instructional Service Centers in Greeneville and Tazewell. Founded in 1963, TCAP offers 16 programs: Administrative Office Technology, Automotive Body Repair, Automotive Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Certified Nursing Assistant, Computer Information Technology, Drafting and CAD Technology, Graphic Arts, Heating/Ventilation/Air Condition-


Travis France of Newport, seated, was named the 2017 Colleges of Applied Technology Student of the Year. Also shown is his instructor at Morristown’s Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Darren Aldred, examining France’s original computer design.

ing/Refrigeration Technology, Industrial Electric, Industrial Maintenance, License

Practical Nurse, Machine Tool Technology/ CNC, Pipefitting, Practical Nursing, and Welding. TCAT also offers special industrial training classes, either onsite at the college or offsite to meet specific industry needs. Financial assistance is available through PELL grants, Wilder-Naifeh Technical Skills Grants, and the Veterans Administration. The Tennessee College of Applied Technology defines its mission as “to be the premier provider for workforce development throughout our service area.” More than 500 students are enrolled full time at TCAT and attend classes there Monday through Friday. Evening programs are also available on a part-time basis and meet Monday through Thursday. TCAT works closely with area high school

ETSU serves thousands across the region East Tennessee State University is governed by its Board of Trustees. Since opening in 1911 as a two-year normal school educating teachers, ETSU has grown into a major, diversified university. It serves more than 13,000 students, many of them from the Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia region and surrounding areas. Students from all 50 states and from numerous other countries also attend ETSU. ETSU is comprised of 11 colleges and schools: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Technology, College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, Claudius G. Clemmer College of Education, Honors College, James H. Quillen College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy, College of Public Health, School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach, and School of Graduate Studies. ETSU nurtures an educational environment which respects indi-

viduality and stimulates creativity. It expands educational opportunities for all who desire and need university preparation while maintaining a setting conducive to intellectual curiosity that produces an enjoyable campus life. The university is committed to the needs of all of its students — from those who have emerging potential for university-level coursework to the gifted. ETSU also serves the region’s citizens by providing a number of opportunities to continue lifelong learning. ETSU has expanded to include baccalaureate degree programs in many fields and graduate programs leading to the master’s degree, educational specialist degree, and doctorate degrees. For undergraduates, the university offers broad programming which embraces the philosophy of a liberal education for all with special programs providing a primary level of expertise in the arts and

sciences disciplines and selected professional fields. Its master’s studies provide advanced and increasingly specialized preparation in academic, technical, and professional fields that meet the needs of our student population and promote regional development. Doctoral programs are available in a number of fields. The university offers all programs and degrees during its regular day schedule; extensive evening programs and online course offerings are also provided. With a 350-acre main campus in Johnson City along with centers in Kingsport and Elizabethton, ETSU maintains a semester enrollment of more than 13,000 students and serves 5,00010,000 persons annually through continuing education and extended service programs. A statewide leader in transfer articulation, ETSU shares over 280 agreements with 15 state and SEE ETSU ON PAGE 62

career and technical education centers, by providing high school teachers with plans of study designed to facilitate the graduate’s work. TCAT’s job placement rates exceed the levels required by the state. The Tennessee College of Applied Technology is governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), the seventh largest governing board of higher education in the United States. As such, TCAT fulfills its mission by providing high quality training that is economical and accessible to Tennessee residents, thereby contributing to the economic and community development of the region it serves. The Tennessee College of Applied Technology can be reached by phone at 423-586-5771, or by fax at 423-586-8030. TCAT’s website is www.tcatmorristown. edu.

Education Foundation benefits local students, honors past students Established in 1999, the Cocke County Education Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to benefit educational institutions and related activities. In particular, it oversees approximately 30 scholarships for local students and Cocke County’s Imagination Library program. Each spring, the Foundation hosts Celebrate Our Success, a banquet at which selected alumni of Cocke County’s high schools—Cocke County, Cosby, Parrottsville, and Tanner—who have achieved high degrees of success in their chosen fields are honored. Judge J. Kenneth Porter was the first honoree; others have

been Dr. Kenneth Olden, Rev. Benny Proffitt, Dr. Cliff Shults (deceased), Gen. Hubert Smith, Dr. Kathy Dykes-Sims, Jay Gaddis (deceased), Dr. Nathan Ford, Dr. Rob Kisabeth, Jimmy Franks, Esther Houston Vassar, Roger Butler, Rita Butler Layman, Dr. Gary Thomas, Dr. Janice Barnes James C. McSween, Jr., Roy T. Campbell, Jr., Larry B. Blazer, Carrie Mae Dawson Caldwell, Ken Jenkins, Tippi Hampton, Freddy James, Jr., Dr. Charles Lindsey, Beth O. Freeman, Gordon Ball, and Dr. Patti Ketterman. Donations are both welcome and tax deductible. They may be mailed to the Foundation, 305 Hedrick Dr., Newport, TN 37821.

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Walters State Community College serves Cocke County Walters State, as a premier community college, is committed to increasing educational attainment and workforce preparedness through excellence in teaching and service. The Morristown-based community college offers post-secondary educational opportunities to many of Cocke County’s students with classes at the Morristown campus, and at the Tanner Building in Newport. Dr. Tony Miksa currently serves at Walters State Community College President. The college opened in 1970 and has played a major role in educating many East Tennesseans. After Walters State Community College was authorized by the 1967 General Assembly, Hamblen County was chosen by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission as a location. The Tennessee State Board of Education then chose a campus site located on the southeastern edge of the city of Morristown, two miles from the Hamblen County Courthouse. This main campus includes 134 acres of beautiful rolling land that faces east with access roads from the Appalachian Highway. This highway is the connecting link between Interstate 75 in Kentucky and Interstates 81 and 40 into North Carolina and Virginia. The college also occupies modern education facilities in Greeneville, Sevierville, and Tazewell, Tennessee. In 1969, the General Assembly authorized three more community colleges: Roane State in Harriman, Volunteer State in Gallatin, and Shelby State in Memphis. The nine community


regional colleges and universities, allowing students to transfer credit hours easily. Affirming a commitment to the fundamental values of higher education, ETSU presents programs of study that promote curiosity, stimulate thought, encourage reflection and the free interchange of ideas, and foster a genuine desire for learning. Undergraduate and grad-

colleges and the regional universities were under jurisdiction of the State Board of Education. Chapter 838 of the Public Acts of 1972 authorized establishment of the State University and Community College System of Tennessee, today known as the Tennessee Board of Regents system. The elements of the system include the state universities and state community colleges which had been under the State Board of Education, the Board of Regents, and the Chancellor. The new system of governance became effective on July 1, 1972. Chattanooga State Technical Community College, the 10th community college, was added to the community college system in 1973. Since that time, the state’s technical institutes have been upgraded to community college status and the addition of 27 colleges of applied technology has made the Tennessee Board of Regents System the sixth largest system of higher education in the nation. The Tennessee Board of Regents and the Board of Trustees of the University of Tennessee System are coordinated by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. This sixth community college, Walters State Community College, was named for former U.S. Senator Herbert S. Walters who played a key role in the establishment of a community college in Morristown. In 1970 the campus of Walters State was under construction and temporary quarters were used during the first year of operation. The College Center Building was completed

uate education at ETSU broaden the students’ view of the world and encourage students to participate actively in creating a responsible, ethical society. Through scholarship, research, and creative activity, the ETSU faculty both critically review and add to humanity’s knowledge and cultural achievements. Faculty and staff apply their knowledge and expertise in the service of the region and the world beyond. Throughout its history, ETSU has played a vital role in meeting

in the fall of 1971. It was renamed the Dr. Jack E. Campbell College Center in 2005. The next major addition to the campus was the Career Technology Building which was completed in the winter quarter of 1975. The Career Technology Building was expanded and renovated in 1987 and the new facility was renamed the Technical Education Building. In 2001, this building was renamed the Clifford H. “Bo” Henry Center for Business and Technology. The Life Sciences Building, completed in December 1979, was essential to provide needed classrooms and faculty offices for a rapidly growing student body. This building, which was renamed the Math and Behavioral/ Social Sciences Building, was completely renovated during the 2001-02 academic year. It re-opened to students and faculty in the fall of 2002 and was renamed the Doggett Mathematics and Behavioral/Social Sciences Building in 2004. In the summer of 1979 the construction of the Humanities Complex began. The project was completed in the fall of 1980. The Humanities Complex was renamed the Judge William H. Inman Humanities Complex in 2001. In December of 1979, the college added the Plant Operations Building to the physical facilities inventory to handle the functions of maintenance and repair. In 1994 the college began construction of the Campus Development Phase II master plan which includes a new Library, Math and Science Buildings, Public Safety Center, and Administration Building.

the health care needs of the region. Programs in health education, public and environmental health, and nursing, some dating from the institution’s earliest days, have evolved into formal colleges. The expansion of ETSU’s Division of Health Sciences in the 1980s created still greater opportunities to serve the region, state, and nation through the development of a comprehensive academic health sciences center in Northeast Tennessee. The creation of the College of Pharmacy in 2005 further enhanced this

The new Library opened in May 1997 and was named the R. Jack Fishman Library in 2004. The Natural Science Building was occupied in July 1998 and renamed the McGuffin-Jolley Natural Science Building in 2005. The college’s Great Smoky Mountains Expo Center opened in March 1996 and additional support facilities were added during 1998-99 and 2007. Walters State has established three additional campus sites; the Sevier County Campus, the Greeneville/Greene County Campus, and the Claiborne County Campus. In 1999, the first building on the new Sevier County Campus was named Maples-Marshall Hall. Two more buildings on the Sevier County Campus, Cates-Cutshaw Hall and the Conner-Short Center, opened in 2008. In 1995, the Greeneville/Greene County Campus moved into the former Laughlin Hospital building in the heart of downtown Greeneville. The college opened the Claiborne County Campus in 1995. Walters State received accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1972 and, after completion of an effective institutional Self Study Program, received reaffirmation of accreditation in December 1976. Extensive institutional Self Studies were completed during 1985-87, 1995-97, and 2005-07. Subsequent to the successful Self Studies, Walters State received reaffirmation of accreditation in December 1987, December 1997, and June 2008.

aspect of the university’s mission, as did the 2007 division of the College of Public and Allied Health into the College of Public Health (the first of its kind in Tennessee) and the College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences. The university’s vision of education, scholarship, and service extends into the future, as outlined in “Turning Toward 2011: A Report by the Commission on the Future of ETSU.” The more than 100 faculty, staff, community leaders, alumni, and students who spent two years

envisioning what ETSU might be like on the way to its centennial in 2011 described a university that continues to build alliances beyond its walls, exerting strong leadership in health care and health promotion, economic development, education, environmental concerns, crime and violence issues, and public administration. In doing so, ETSU seeks to balance the innovations of the 21st century with the need to preserve the human contact that has characterized education at ETSU since 1911.


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Scenic Realty At U.S Bancorp Investments, we get to know you and create customized plans that help you cover all of your financial life.

One Of Newport’s Most Established Real Estate Companies.

Marie Wood, a life-long resident of Cocke County, opened the company in 1984. She is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced agents in the area. Kristie Suggs joined her mother’s business in 1992. Kristie also a life-long resident, said “The client’s satisfaction is our top priority. We take time to listen to their needs and desires whether buying or selling.” Scenic Realty has been awarded The Newport Plain Talk Best Real Estate Agency award multiple years and appreciates the people for trusting them with their real estate buying and selling needs in the area. They are members of the National Association of Realtors, Lakeway Association of Realtors and multiple listing service. They use multiple online web sites for advertising their services. Scenic Realty offers regular photographs for listings and now also offers drone photography for listings. With their combined 65 years’ experience in the real estate market, Scenic Realty will be your best asset in making a smart and economic real estate choice. They have been providing home buyers and sellers with trusted support and service for over 30 years and will do the same for you. “Through the years, we have had a lot of referrals from our previous customers. Their praise lets us know that we are doing a good job,” ended Wood.

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Newport Medical Center serving Cocke County for over 50 years Newport Medical Center (NMC) is a 74-bed facility and employs approximately 250 people. NMC also operates Newport Convalescent Center, a 56-bed, long-term care facility that has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Nursing Homes in Tennessee by Consumer Reports. Newport Medical Center opened in 1969 as Cocke County Memorial Hospital and has undergone numerous upgrades over the past 52 years, including opening of the Medical Surgical Unit and a Maternal-Infant Care Unit in 1983, a Critical Care Unit in 1991, a new Emergency Department in 2004, and a complete Medical Surgical renovation, including all private rooms, in 2010. In March of 2019, the hospital unveiled its renovated birthing center, as well as its capability to perform breast surgeries. Scott Williams was named CEO of Newport Medical Center in January of 2021, taking over for Matthew Littlejohn. NMC’s services include a Hospitalist program, one which NMC continually evaluates with an ongoing emphasis on patient care. A hospitalist is a physician specialist SEE CENTER ON PAGE 68

The beautiful campus of Newport Medical Center is located along Second Street in Newport.


Newport Convalescent Center provides top-notch care for residents The Newport Convalescent Center (NCC) is designed to provide quality resident care in a safe and homelike environment while striving for continuous quality improvement in resident care services. NCC is a 56-bed intermediate care facility that has served the needs of area residents since 1972. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to providing comprehensive treatment for residents. As part of New-

port Medical Center (NMC) and Tennova Healthcare, residents of NCC have full access to the wide range of services available at NMC, which is located adjacent to the facility. The nursing staff is trained to care for individuals that need assistance with the routine of daily living, rehabilitative services, and/ or clinical monitoring and treatment. They focus on each individual need of every resident.

A registered dietitian plans menus with daily supervision provided on site. Meals are prepared at NMC. In addition to three meals-per-day, snacks are offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Every effort is made to meet food and beverage needs. Special diets ordered by physicians are also provided. Pharmaceutical services are provided by the pharmacy department of NMC. Medications are individually

wrapped to prevent contamination and to ensure accuracy. Pharmacist consultants check medications for drug interactions, allergies, and duplication of therapy. The pharmacists are available to answer questions from residents and family members. Physical therapists individualize goals for residents to improve levels of activity by restoring function, deSEE CARE ON PAGE 68


The Newport Convalescent Center provides quality care in a safe, compassionate atmosphere. It is located at 450 College Street, adjacent to Newport Medical Center.


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Come discover the place where the Bush’s® story started. Housed in the original A.J. Bush & Company general store in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, The Bush’s® Visitor Center is filled with fun, family and, of course, all things beans.


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whose office is “within the hospital.” A hospitalist is an extension of a patient’s primary care doctor, who also has the capability of referring patients to other specialists. With this model the hospitalist can concentrate time and energy on hospital patients, in close connection with the patients’ primary physicians, who are thus freed to devote more time to the patients in their offices. In 2010, the hospital became a “smoke free” campus, and in 2011 became a “tobacco free” campus in keeping with their dedication to providing the best possible medical care to our patients. In September 2015, the hospital introduced Speech Therapy to their Rehab Services Department. This service is available to both inpatients and outpatients and includes pediatric speech therapy capabilities. Since October 2011, Newport Medical Center has continued its tradition of investing in the latest in technology and

equipment. In 2012 the hospital added a new digital mammography unit. In 2013 the hospital invested in new equipment and technology including new patient monitoring equipment, new laboratory analyzers, and new ultrasound and cardiac ultrasound equipment. In 2020, NMC became one of the first hospitals in Tennessee with access to 4K-resolution imaging for their surgical unit, allowing surgeons to operate with increased confidence and precision. Also in 2020, NMC added 3D Mammography to their service offerings, in addition to recruiting several physicians and medical specialties to the community, including pulmonology, neurology, gastroenterology, gynecology, cardiology and general surgery. Newport Medical Center also remains invested in its community holding several services and participating heavily with the different health awareness months, including Breast Cancer Awareness in October. Newport Medical Center is located at 435 Second Street. For more information about our services provided by NMC call (423) 625-2200.

Petals Florist and Gift Shop Multi-Year Winner


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able to assist residents and families from the beginning. She serves as a liaison between staff, family, and the resident. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 66 Families and residents are encouraged to creasing pain, and increasing strength express concerns or problems to the coand endurance. Occupational therapists ordinator, who will communicate those work to help residents regain indepenconcerns to the appropriate parties. dence in the activities of daily living. NCC provides an activity program that Speech therapists are available to includes a wide range of events, offering provide treatment for language impairresidents entertainment, intercommuniments, swallowing difficulties, cognitive cation, exercise, relaxation, and creative dysfunction, memory problems, and expression to fulfill basic psychological, articulation disorders. social, and emotional needs. Dental services are provided through a Other activities include reminiscence locally contracted dentist. Routine dental therapy, religious services, Bingo, and exams are done on an annual basis, and holiday-related events. NCC also offers emergencies are treated as they arise. pet therapy for residents. The activity A personal physician serves each director at NCC is a certified dementia resident. Hospice care is also available. trainer and provides educational opporMental health services are provided tunities to residents, staff, families and under the supervision of a licensed public. Volunteers from the community psychiatrist. give their time while working with resiAs part of NMC, NCC is a completedents during activities such as music, the ly non-smoking facility for everyone. weekly beauty shop, Bingo nights, and Smoking is not permitted anywhere religious services.For more information, inside the building or outside on any please call NCC at 423-625-2195. The patio areas. facility is located at 450 College Street, The social service coordinator is avail- adjacent to NMC.


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Smoky Mountain Home Health and Hospice Celebrates Community Care Since 1982 Since 1982, Smoky Mountain Home Health and Hospice has been providing medical care to thousands of East Tennessee residents in their home, the place where everyone wants to be. The agency operates the corporate office in Newport, as well as branch offices in Morristown, Greeneville, Tazewell, Kingsport and Knoxville. It employs around 200 employees and serves Cocke, Claiborne, Grainger, Hamblen, Hawkins, Greene, Hancock, Jefferson, Unicoi, Washington,

Sevier, Sullivan and Knox counties (hospice only). Recently, a second office located on Executive Park Drive has opened serving the Knox County area for hospice only patients. The corporate office remains in Newport, Tn., and the agency actively supports community events such as Alzheimer’s, Relay for Life, and numerous other outreach programs as well as provides jobs for the counties they serve. The agency strives to be a trusted and vital part of each community and their “patient

first” mentality has guided their mission to provide compassionate and loving care to residents in these communities. Tammy Francis, RN, CDE has owned and operated the company since 1982 that is one of the few privately-owned home care and hospice agencies in East Tennessee. The award winning agency specializes in disease management programs as well as end of life care. One of the benefits of the end of life care program is the extra assurance to the family

that their loved one will be kept pain free and as comfortable as possible. Dr. Ken Johnson, serves as the Hospice Medical Director and consults with the agency’s professional team as well as the family throughout the patients care. Several other physicians complete the team that serves patients throughout their 13 county coverage area. The agency has won several prestigious awards over the years and continues to be recognized as one of the leading privately owned home health and

hospice agencies in Tennessee. Tammy Francis, RN, CDE, is the owner and administrator and has been awarded Home Care Leader of the Year award in previous years by the Tennessee Association of Home Care. DEYTA Analytics honored the agency for continuously providing the highest level of satisfaction through care as measured from the patient’s point of view. The agency has been awarded the Newport Plain Talk’s People’s Choice awards for Best Place to Work, Best Nurse,

Best Home Health Care and Hospice Company by readers of the Newport Plain Talk consistently for the last decade. Medicare and other insurances cover home health and hospice services. Smoky Mountain Home Health and Hospices’ professional staff provides these services in your home or place of residence: skilled nursing, home health aides, diabetic education, medical social services, physical, speech and occupational SEE HOSPICE ON PAGE 71

Newport Presbyterian Church N

Celebrating 198 Years


Pastor Darrell Lindsey

Located on:

Hedrick Drive Newport, TN 37821 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 606 Newport, TN 37822



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family by offering more effective pain and sympCONTINUED FROM PAGE 70 tom management,” said Corporate Community therapies. Medical supEducator, Barbara Morris. plies and equipment can Fewer visits to the hospital also be obtained. and physician’s offices, Hospice services include: preparation of advance assessment of specific directives, and full emopain and comfort needs, tional, psychological and skilled nursing services, spiritual support are also bereavement and spiritual benefits of earlier admiscounseling, medication sion to hospice admission. related to the terminal ill“So many of our paness, medical supplies and tient’s families mention equipment, respite care, to us that ‘they wish they and bereavement follow up had known more about for up to 13 months for the our hospice services and family. had chosen hospice care In regards to the Medimuch sooner,’ in regards care hospice benefit, study to the care of their loved after study shows that one dealing with a life hospice saves money by threatening illness,” said providing expert pain and Ms. Morris. “Our patients symptom control, care and become part of our family support for dying patients here and family members and their families at home, really appreciate being therefore avoiding unable to participate in the necessary and unwanted care of their loved one, hospitalizations. and definitely feel good Hospice care studies about their contribution have shown that hospice to the loved one’s last days care decreased the use together.” of acute care, intensive “Our palliative care care, and emergency program consists of physervices. According to a sicians and nurse practirecent study, patients that tioners trained in palliaelect the hospice benefit tive care and include social through Medicare average workers and chaplains,” living 29 days longer than mentioned Ms. Morris. those patients not electing This specialized program this benefit. may help patients who are “Early intervention by still seeking a cure for a our agency can decrease terminal illness transition stress and improve the more easily to hospice quality of life and also care. benefits the patient and Smoky Mountain Home

Health & Hospice is an active partner with the We Honor Veterans program, which provides intensive training that prepares hospice providers to relate to veterans and their unique needs as well as the needs of their loved ones. The agency has also achieved the very prestigious 5 Star status with the WHV program. As members of this program, the agency has access to training and resources designed to serve the special needs of Veterans. The company also is a vital part of the OPUS Peace and BeRemembered programs, which bring added value to the services they already provide to patients. “Volunteers from the community offer their time and talents and are a vital part of our Volunteer program, offering personalized assistance to patients as well as they become a part of our Smoky Mountain family,” said Ms. Morris. To become a volunteer, obtain additional information, or to find out how Smoky Mountain Home Health and Hospice services may benefit you or a loved one at home, please call 800-358-7844 or visit us online at www. smokyhhc.com , visit our Facebook page or contact an office nearest you.

Stay Informed.

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.......and remember...

M u l t i Ye a r Winner!!



1 mile past Wal-Mart - corner of Cosby Cut-Off and Morrell Springs

(423) 613-0030

Marilyn Jones, Owner and Manager

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for Selecting

Jo h n n y W i l l i a m s

P r o u d To B e A P a r t Of This Community

#1 Best

Multi-Year Winner


Heating and Air Conditioning Person

12-YEAR WINNER Serving All Makes And Models No Trip Or Service Charge Industrial rial | Commercial | Resid Residential

• • • • • •

Free Blood Pressure Checks Free Blood Glucose Screenings Medical Part D (Plan Assistance) Medication Synchronization Program Free Delivery Free Packaging “ K AV U & C O R KC I C L E

(423) 608-0700 Serving Newport and surrounding counties! (3$ $6( &HUWLÀHG /LFHQVHG DQG ,QVXUHG


Phone: ( 4 2 3 ) - 6 2 3 - 3 4 5 6 Fa x : ( 4 2 3 ) 6 2 3 - 3 0 4 9 www.facebook.com at Wilsons-Sav Mor Drugs wilsonssavmor@instagram http://www.wilsonssav-mor.com/ 265 E. Main Street, Newport, TN 37821

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Tommy Strange Voted

Best Mechanic 1 0 Ye a r s I n A R o w Multi-Year Winner

Full Service Station


W e P u m p Yo u r G a s !

Again, please accept my appreciation and sincere “thanks” for voting me best mechanic. Sometimes in the rush of business we may fail to say “thanks” to our many loyal customers. You can be sure your patronage is never taken for granted at Eastport Exxon. _Tommy Strange - Owner

2&4 Wheel Alignments Free Mounting & Rotation With Tire Purchase We Do All Kinds Of Repairs Open Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30

Strange’s Eastport Exxon Owner:Tommy Strange

622 East Broadway • Newport,TN 37821

(423) 623-0942

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Cocke County Health Department serving local citizens For over 75 years, the Cocke County Health Department has served local citizens. During this time, the public health programs have been instrumental in the elimination of polio, a reduction in child blood-related diseases, a decline in tooth decay through fluoridate water and a dental sealant program in the schools, immunizations against preventable diseases, the maintenance of good nutritional standards, and the provision of family planning services. The following services are available at the Health Department: • Child Health-Well child checkups include physical exams, health screenings, and immunizations • Care Coordination-This program provides referrals and resources that could impact pregnancy, child and maternal health outcomes. Individuals may also qualify for Children’s Special Services (CSS) which may provide reimbursement for medical services and assistance with co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance for children with physical disabilities from birth to 21 years of age. • Dental-The dental clinic provides general dentistry services for children covered by TennCare from birth to age 21. Emergency services may be provided for others on a sliding fee scale. • Immunizations-Immunizations against polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella (German measles), Haemopilus (meningitis), human papillomavirus (HPV), and Hepatitis B, among others, are provided for children. • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)-EBT cards to buy nutritious foods (cheese, milk, cereals, etc.) are issued to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and to children under 5 years of age who are at risk of poor growth, if they meet income guidelines. Breastfeeding classes and support are available to all new mothers. • Baby and Me Tobacco Free-This program provides support for pregnant women who currently use tobacco


Cocke County Health Department, 430 College St., now provides better and expanded services to the hundreds of clients in the county.

products and are interested in quitting. Participants who are able to quit and stay quit receive vouchers for diapers for up to a year following delivery. • Infectious Disease Control-All health departments provide necessary and timely information to patients, their families, and health care providers about serious infectious diseases. The health department collects and provides information on diseases in the community, investigates and monitors outbreaks, and keeps the community safe through investigation, early detection, and early intervention of diseases that can harm the public. • Breast and Cervical Screening-Clinical breast exams, pap smears, and mammograms are provided for those with abnormal breast exams or paps meeting program requirements. Patients are also screened for presumptive eligibility for TennCare, related paperwork is completed, and a referral made for testing or care. • Sexually Transmitted Disease Control-The health department provides confidential testing, treatment, and part-

ner notification for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. • Tuberculosis Control-Diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up services for patients with tuberculosis, and their contacts, are provided at the health department. Medication, when needed, is also available. • Family Planning-Patients receive a complete physical exam and all appropriate lab tests. Patients are also taught about birth control and may be supplied with a birth control method. • Prenatal Services-Pregnancy testing and presumptive eligibility screening for TennCare are available. • Vital Records-Copies of death certificates are issued upon request. Certified copies of birth certificates for persons born in Tennessee with birth year 1949 or after may be requested through the health department daily for a fee of $15. • General Environmental Health-An environmental specialist is responsible for inspecting food service establishments, hotels, motels, public swimming pools, bed and breakfast establishments, child care facilities, organized camps,

schools, plants, tattoo and body piercing establishments. Other duties include controlling rabies and West Nile Virus, providing education and training for public facility workers, and monitoring establishments for compliance with the Non-Smoker’s Protection Act. For more information about services provided by the Health Department or to make an appointment, call 423-623-8733. The department is open Mondays-Fridays from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. In addition to services provided in the Health Department, a Health Educator is available to work with individuals and groups to provide information on a variety of topics related to a healthy lifestyle. Special emphasis is given to tobacco, obesity, substance abuse, teen pregnancy prevention, rape prevention, and diabetes control. If you are interested in hosting a program or require more information about what subjects the Health Educator can cover, please contact the Cocke County Health Department at the 423-6238733, and ask to speak with the Health Educator.


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Lookin For The BEST PRICES And LARGEST SELECTION Visit Your #1 Furniture Store

Wholesale Furniture Outlet Name Brand Furniture 50 -70% Off Retail Pricing

122 Five Rivers Plaza Way, Newport, TN 37821 | 423-237-6599 Hours: Monday-Saturday 9-6 / Sunday 12-6

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Amedisys Home Health Care serving Cocke County With over 39 years of experience in the health care industry, Amedisys understands the importance of delivering quality services to you in your home. Working with your physician, our multidisciplinary team addresses your individual needs, provides customized services using the most advanced technology, and delivers the most efficient, patient focused health care available. Amedisys home health services are provided by highly trained home health care professionals dedicated to the care and comfort of our patients. We offer a comprehensive continuum of

health care services that may include: • Skilled nursing • Home Health Aides • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy • Medical Social Workers • Specialized programs for wound care, diabetes, rehabilitation services, cardiac care, COPD and behavioral health • Specialized nursing services such as wound care, infusion therapy and psychiatric services The following criteria determine if you may be eligible to receive home health care under your Medicare benefits:

Newport Health and Rehabilitation Center

Jabo’s, the Good Neighbor Pharmacy

In the 32 years it has been opened, Newport Health and Rehabilitation Center has had several names. Most recently remembered as Mariner, the establishment adopted its new moniker in 2004. The business offers several services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, IV therapy, 24-hour nursing and onsite vision, dental care and wound care. The medical director visits the facility several times each week. Newport Health and Rehabilitation Center has been voted the best in elderly care for eight years in a row and was also voted 2017’s best rehab facility, according to Best of the Best. The patients and residents enjoy many of the great activities that are directed by the activities SEE NHAR ON PAGE 78

Looking for a pharmacy that does more than just hand you a prescription in a paper bag? A pharmacist who knows you and your family members on a firstname basis? A healthcare destination where you can get personalized care from friendly people and services that are competitive with the big national chains? Look no further, Jabo’s Pharmacy is the drugstore for you! Jabo’s Pharmacy is a Good Neighbor Pharmacy –a family

• You must require intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy or speech therapy. • You must currently be under a physician’s care. Your physician must order all home health services. • You must he homebound. You are considered homebound if you are confined to you home due to illness or injury. It is not mandatory that you are bedridden, but leaving your residence must require a considerable taxing effort and the need for supportive devices such as a cane, wheelchair or the help of another person.

of locally owned, locally loved, independent pharmacies who offer that “special dose of caring” on a daily basis. Good Neighbor Pharmacies have ranked highest in Customer Satisfaction with Chain Drug Store Pharmacies in the J. D. Power 2020 U. S. Pharmacy Study. Their friendly and expertly trained pharmacists, and their friendly hometown staff pride themselves on making sure your pharmacy experience exceeds

Home health care services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, workers’ compensation and private payment. There’s no place quite like home to provide a healing, relaxing environment for a patient recovering from an illness, injury or surgical procedure. It’s the place where family, friends and familiar surroundings make patients feel most comfortable, and recover faster. For more information on the benefits of quality home health care, consult your physician or call Amedisys Home Health Care in Newport at 423-623-6540.

expectations. They have many faithful customers that they know by name as well as their families. They totally understand that patient care is just more than filling quick prescription refills. They will provide you with “head to toe” tailored care to help you manage your overall wellness, and deliver those prescriptions right to your car. Another unique feature is the old-timey fountain grill inside the store. Complete with lunch

counter stools and great home cooked food, you feel right at home here at Jabo’s. Pinto beans and cornbread, hot dogs, chuck-wagons, all prepared to order and delivered curbside right to your car when you call ahead. So, old timey hometown grill service combined with hightech healthcare delivery-both with the attention you deserve!! Find out more, www.jabospharmacy.com or Facebook.

Cocke County Health Council promotes accessibility of quality healthcare to residents This local networking and project oriented group was established in 1991. Quality health care access has been made readily available for residents through the Cocke County Health Council (CCHC). Our mission is to collaborate with community members and

organizations to promote and improve the overall health and wellbeing of those who live and work in Cocke County. The Cocke County Health Council consists of healthcare providers, social service workers, teachers, mental health professionals, representatives

of community agencies and organizations and volunteers. The Cocke County Health Council will partner with the Cocke County Health Department in promoting a healthier Cocke County. The Health Council’s Crisis Response Committee was established in order to respond to a

potential crisis in the schools or community. It is a collaboration of mental health professionals, guidance counselors, pastors, law enforcement, health care providers and interested citizens. The Crisis Response Team connects and plans trainings to be ready SEE QUALITY ON PAGE 78


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Multi Year Winner Also Voted Best Of The Best Greeneville Sun’s Best Home Healthcare

Celebrates Community Care Since 1982 One Call Does It All FOR: * Palliative Care * Hospice Care * Home Health Care * * Visiting Doctors and Nurse Practitioners * * Highly Trained Clinical Staff * * Same Day Admissions * * Prestigious LEVEL 5 Partner with “We Honor Vets Program” *

Independently owned and operated by Tammy Francis, RN CDE Where health care decisions are made at the BEDSIDE-Not the Boardroom

Voice your CHOICE in who delivers your care at home!!! CALL US FIRST!! Newport • 423-623-0233 Tazewell • 423-626-2622

Morristown • 423-581-8140

Knoxville East • 865-673-5877 (Hospice Only)

Kingsport • 423-246-1005 Greeneville • 423-636-8006

Knoxville West • 865-985-0265 (Hospice Only)

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Wellington Manor: Families Caring for Families Wellington Manor offers assisted living care for seniors. The modern senior residential community is located in beautiful Newport, Tennessee and near many attractions. Wellington’s goal is to provide residents with the best possible care with a focus on maintaining family and social relationships. They do that by honoring the unique needs of the residents while respecting their independence. The wonderful residents at Wellington


department. The activity programs strive to improve quality of life one activity at a time. Some of the activities include coffee socials, bingo, movies and popcorn, arts and crafts, group exercise, religious

Manor enjoy being the friends and neighbors to each other, that most have already been for years. Wonderful dining, excursions to favorite places, activities and entertainment make it a great place to wake up, to spend the day with neighbors, and bid each other goodnights. Families in the local area depend on Wellington Manor to provide care and a lifestyle to their loved ones knowing they are safe, happy, and creating exciting new

services, and much more. A fine dining program ensures that patients will eat meals to their liking. All home-style meals are prepared onsite. Residents receive a choice meal at least once a month, anything from beans and cornbread to biscuit and gravy. The CNAs that work there are considered resident care special-

memories at home. At Wellington Manor, you’ll feel the difference in our warm, family-focused environment of care. The Wellington Manor team, residents and their families get to know each other personally, building close relationships that foster a fullness of care that feels like home. At Wellington Manor, residents are like members of a large extended family. Visitors and residents immediately feel the warmth

ists. They take pride in creating an atmosphere of care and respect. Newport Health and Rehabilitation Center is located at 135 Generation Dr. in Newport. When coming from Knoxville, take I-40 East towards Asheville. Take exit 432B toward Newport, merge left, and take an immediate left.Call 423623-0929 for more information.

423 Heritage Blvd (in Newport Cinema 4) Newport, TN 37821

423-720-2233 Sunday Service Times

1st Service -10:00am In person and online on Facebook and www.CrossroadsNewport.com 2nd Service -11:15am

and care we provide. Wellington Manor would be happy to provide families and individuals with a complimentary tour and lunch. Come visit Wellington Manor and experience the difference for yourself. Stay for a tour where you’ll be able to see the many wonderful amenities and activities the community offers. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact Wellington Manor at 423-613-4585.


to offer support and/or crisis debriefing in the event of a crisis in the schools. It was initially organized after a student suicide and accidental death of a young person in the community.

The Health Council normally meets monthly on the third Tuesday at noon at the Newport Medical Center but have been meeting by Webex/conference call since last March. For more information about the Health Council contact Bettye Carver, the current chairperson, at 423-487-5505.


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Calvin Ball Roofing Selected


Newport Federal Bank serving customers since 1934 Now over 80 years old, Newport Federal Bank is the oldest locally-owned financial institution in Cocke County. Established in 1934, Newport Federal Bank is a leading mortgage lender that continues to grow and serve. It opened its new main office in 2005 at 170 West Broadway. Over the years Newport Federal Bank evolved from its original role as a savings and loan institution to a full-service modern bank with branches, ATM’s, and internet banking through newportfederalbank.com for customers to access their accounts at anytime and transfer funds to make payments or pay bills. The banks also boasts a voice response system which answers inquiries, helps customers with transfers, provides histories, and assists patrons in reporting lost or stolen cards. That number is 1-833-337-6075. CEO & President Chris Triplett is happy that Newport Federal Bank continues to help hundreds of people become homeowners and/or save for their financial needs and future retirements. The bank is known for keeping its mortgages in New-

port as an advantage to its customers. “We strive to keep our rates stable and loans affordable,” he said. Newport Federal Bank has a full service product line. Newport Federal Bank employees take pride in their community involvement through their volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Club, March of Dimes, Cocke County Relay for Life, Cocke County Partnership, and Cocke County EDC. It actively assists local schools and promotes education through its sponsorship of the Adopt-a-School program for all schools, and provision of supplies for teachers. It also praises teachers through its Bell Ringers feature in The Newport Plain Talk. Newport Federal Bank continues to help its young customers by encouraging enrollment in the Kitty Kat Club. Newport Federal Bank’s main office is located at 170 West Broadway with branches on Cosby Highway and in downtown Newport.

Selected Best Best Roofing Roofing Business Business Thanks Siding Best Vinyl Again Cocke Thanks County Again

=Roofing Cocke =Buildings County Multi-Year =Remodeling Winner =Painting • Roofing • Painting =Vinyl Siding • Buildings • Vinyl Siding =General Carpentry

• Remodeling

• General Carpentry

Now Doing Countertops 423-623-0940 423-623-0940 Cell 423-237-1760 Cell: 423-237-1760


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expecting a


Multi-Year Winner

Thanks Again! Cocke County Rural Medical Services, Inc. “Better Care for a Better Life” JEFFERSON COUNTY


Chestnut Hill



Paving requires experience from all employees on the job. Here driver pours asphalt into paver operated by Scott Cameron, Scott Hoover and foreman Doran Huskey. Donnie Davis is walking ahead.







Grassy Fork


Family Centered Maternity Care with on-site ultrasound. Your visits will be with the same board-certified physician during your pregnancy. RMS physicians will deliver your baby at the local hospital. Five convenient clinic locations with one close to you.

To schedule an appointment call: *Chestnut Hill Center 865-509-6611 *Newport Center 423-623-1057 Cosby Center 423-487-2222 *Parrottsville Center 423-625-1170 Grassy Fork Center 423-487-2249

www.ruralmedicalservices.org *Se habla español

Bring this ad in to any of our centers and receive a free pregnancy test.

Pictured are Mark Shelton, Donnie Davis, Scott Hoover, Scott Cameron. Not pictured: Danny Clevenger and Johnny Cody

For over 40 years we have paved roadways, driveways and parking lots in Cocke and surrounding counties. Our employees are skilled in their jobs and take pride in providing our customers with the best of their abilities. We produce our own asphalt at our Industrial Road location. This allows us to produce the highest quality asphalt to meet the need of each individual job. We are licensed, insured and provide a warranty for every job we do. Estimates are FREE.

READY MIX Our Ready Mix division is equipped with experienced operators and drivers providing customers with the highest quality in concrete products. We have front and rear discharge mixers and belt truck to better service almost any property type.


Located at 351 Industrial Road • Newport, TN 37821


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Service Time Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 a.m. Memorial Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ mbcnewport/ Voted Best Church

Pastor John Hill

2 2 1 We s t B r o a d w a y


Ne w p o r t , T N 3 7 8 2 1

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Newport Utilities has served Cocke County since 1940 Newport Utilities has been serving Cocke County since 1940 as Cocke County’s supplier of electric power. NU also provides water and sewer services in the city and certain areas of the county. NU’s administration offices are located at 170 Cope Boulevard, just off West Broadway (Hwy 25/70) at the entrance to the Cocke County Industrial Park. Customers are offered several Payment Options, including an outdoor Kiosk located between the Main Office & LCU which takes Cash, Debit/Credit Cards, and E-checks; Drive-Thru window service for Check SEE UTILITIES ON PAGE 84

The main office of Newport Utilities is located on Cope Boulevard in Newport.

Parrottsville Directory

Third Oldest Town in Tennessee | Established 1769 Located 7 miles North of Newport on Hwy. 321

WELCOME TO THE TOWN OF PARROTTSVILLE Mayor Dewayne Daniel Commissioners Thad Balch Ronnie Hommel

(423) 623-9380 City Recorder Jayne Ragan Attorney Jeff Greene Municipal Judge Honorable Melissia Ball

Police Chief Ricky Holt Court Recorder Joyce Fromme Police Officer Derrick Wright



Mike Kiser Owner

1390 Old Parrottsville Hwy. Parrottsville, TN 37843 “Your Body Is Our Business.”



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Your #1 Hotel/Motel 423-623-8713

1015 Cosby Highway - Newport, TN 37821

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and Cash customers, as well as making payments online, through the SmartHub payment app available 24/7 for both Android and Apple, or by calling 877-779-8581. Inside, NU Customer Service Representatives handle requests for New Services, assist with service questions and issues, take payments and answer billing questions and provide information on various programs through Newport Utilities and in partnership with TVA. NU serves over 21,000 electric customers. A stateof-the-art computer system allows the utility to quickly respond to power outages.

Craig Wild Chairman

Willie Green Board Member

Claude Gatlin Board Member

Dianne Stokely Board

Mike Hannon Board Member

The modern Wastewater Treatment Plant, located in the industrial park, serves over 4,000 customers. Its operation has won several regional excellence awards. The Water Treatment Plant, which draws its water from the French

Broad River, provides water to over 10,000 customers and has the capacity to treat six million gallons of water per day, meeting or exceeding water quality standards. In 2017, the NU Board approved its newest es-

sential service: NUconnect Broadband. Planned as a seven year project, NUconnect delivers broadband internet, video and voice services over a proprietary fiber network. As of early 2020, more than half of NU’s electric customers

had access to this fiber-rich broadband system, including many neighborhoods that never had broadband access before. NU continues to expand its broadband network and is also implementing new, advanced technologies to

reach more customers more quickly. A five-member board oversees policy and operations. The 2020 Chairman is Craig Wild. For more information, call Newport Utilities at 423-625-2800.

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If You Can Dream It... We Can Build It! Wright’s Swimming Pool & Spa offers a variety of services for residential and commercial customers with competitive prices and superior services. Call for a free estimate on any service needed for your pool or spa.

Custom Design | Experience | Quality Suit Your Lifestyle & Budget Opening and Closing Pools | Fiberglass Pools Financing * Remodeling * Equipment Ladder * Chemicals ABOVE-GROUND AND IN GROUND POOLS

We can maintain your pool on a weekly/monthly schedule from cleaning & vacuuming to balancing and adding chemicals. Lora & Carson Wright

Let us take the work out of taking care of your pool or spa.

W R I G H T ’ S S W I M M I N G P O O L & S PA 336 West Broadway, Newport | 423-625-0511

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Tennessee State Bank

“Banking at its Best!” is more than a slogan at Tennessee State Bank. Exceptional customer service and a commitment to quality has earned them the distinguished title of “Best Bank,” “Best Teller” and “Best Officer” in a recent reader’s poll conducted by the local newspaper. Tennessee State Bank has been locally owned and operated since opening in 1972 with 14 branch locations serving Sevier, Knox, Jefferson and Cocke Counties. Their Cocke County branch is located at 107 Epley Road, Newport – near the Lowe’s shopping complex. From checking and savings accounts, to credit cards and home mortgages, Tennessee State Bank is a full service community bank. The checking accounts at Tennessee State Bank come with a variety of no cost and convenient services such as Online Banking with Bill Pay, Mobile App Banking, Mobile Check Deposit and e-statements. Exclusively for Tennessee State Bank checking and savings account customers, account owners may add Benefits Plus to their existing or new account for a low monthly fee. With Benefits Plus®, customers can enroll in Ultimate IDTM, a powerful new Identity Theft Solutions program and can receive


travel discounts, national retailer and restaurant discounts, and more. Many local businesses partner with Tennessee State Bank and Benefits Plus® to give members special discounts. This is a great way for Tennessee State Bank to help market local businesses and give their customers access to local discounts. Tennessee State Bank credit card and debit card customers may choose a beautiful card featuring the Great Smoky Mountains or a Patriotic theme as stunningly portrayed by artist, Robert A. Tino. For an annual contribution of only $10, you may elect to carry this card to show your support of local non-profit organizations. The Smoky Mountains Cards benefit the Friends of the Smokies; an

organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Patriot Cards benefit the Smoky Mountain Service Dogs; a non-profit organization that trains puppies to provide mobility assistance to our wounded veterans. One hundred percent of the contributions collected are given to the organization represented on the card selected. Tennessee State Bank debit card customers may choose a School Spirit debit card, featuring the colors of Cocke County High School or Cosby High School for an annual contribution of $10. One hundred percent of the contributions collected will be given to the school of choice. For the young at heart, Tennessee State Bank has a very active

Super Partner Travel program for friends age 50 or better. Super Partner members can enjoy the savings and security of group travel with a variety of destinations. The Super Partner coordinators travel with customers to ensure that their travel experiences are enjoyable. In addition to travel, the program offers seminars and luncheons at area venues. Tennessee State Bank makes credit decisions locally, and that includes credit cards. With a Tennessee State Bank credit card, you will enjoy the convenience of online account access and the ability to make a payment with your local teller. When compared with credit card rates from national brands, Tennessee State Bank offers one of the most competitive rates in the industry. If you ever need help with an issue regarding your card, their credit card department is conveniently located at the Corporate Headquarters in Pigeon Forge. If home improvements, a new car or a family vacation is on your mind, Tennessee State Bank has several options to finance your dreams. Tennessee State Bank is now offering Shortcut Loans. Shortcut Loans are for customers of TSB that have a checking or savings account of 6 months or more.

Shortcut Loans are unsecured consumer and business loans. These loans offer an expedited process so you can get your funds fast. These loans are based on your deposit relationship and credit information; no additional proof of income is required. Truitt Ottinger is Newport’s Senior Vice President, Community Lending Officer (NMLS ID# 410556.) Truitt will be happy to help you evaluate your needs to establish the loan that works best for you. Rebecca Gregg is the Operational Branch Manager. She and her staff will gladly assist you with any of your banking needs. More than banking, Tennessee State Bank serves as a partner in our community. In addition to monetary support, staff members of the bank are neighbors, church members, coach children’s sports teams, and assist with many organizations dedicated to better health and care of those most vulnerable in their community. Tennessee State Bank is open Monday through Thursday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm and Friday until 6:00 pm. The drive-thru opens conveniently at 7:30 am. You may also visit the bank’s website at www.tnstatebank.com. Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender.

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US Bank offers assistance in all banking needs US Bank offers hometown service with products and services of larger financial institutions. Before becoming US Bank in 2002, Merchant Planters Bank had served Newport and Cocke County since the 1880s. US Bank offers a variety of services, including mortgages, auto loans, checking and savings accounts, student loans, financial planning and online and mobile banking. “We try to have the financial products and services to meet everyone’s needs,” said a bank spokesman. “We have a financial planner and are able to offer a lot of diversified products.”

US Bank, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., is the fifth largest bank in the United States. US Bank’s Newport branch is located at 301 E. Main St. in Newport. Lobby hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Drive-thru hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday. For more information about US Bank in Newport, call 423613-1580.

Commercial Bank provides banking services to all of Newport and Cocke County The former National Bank of Tennessee (NBT) has been an important part of Cocke County and Newport since 1958. Commercial Bank continues to be committed to its customers and the community with a goal to create positive experiences for every customer, every day. Community banking is about location and so much more. It’s about family. Commercial Bank resides in your community, we are a part of your community. Their commitment to serve our neighbors extends beyond the walls of the bank branches. It is displayed each day in the opportunities the bank provides, the money they give back, and the time they commit — all to help improve the lives of the people, families, and businesses that make this area great.

Thanks again for voting

Loretta Allen Best Accountant

It’s a privilege to serve you. I appreciate every customer.

M u l t i -Ye a r Winner

L.A. Tax Service

846 W. Hwy 25/70 Newport, TN 37821

(423) 623-1999

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 87

Commercial Bank is your neighborhood bank and is a leading financial institution with the services, capabilities, and resources of regional and national banks. What makes Commercial Bank different? They understand that every customer has unique opportunities, challenges, and financial concerns. Commerical Bank doesn’t expect you to fit in the same box as the next person or business. Commercial Bank is agile and unconstrained by corporate rules and processes allowing us to deliver products and services to meet your personal needs as individuals and for businesses. There are two bank branches located in Cocke County, one in downtown Newport at 262 East Broadway and the Bryant Town Branch, loacted at 774 Cosby

Highway. Both branch lobby hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. The drive-thru hours at the downtown branch are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. At the Bryant Town Branch, the bank offers services from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and operates from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Monday and Friday. Both branches have ATM locations, and the bank has another ATM in Cocke County, located at 575 West Broadway. Both the Bryant Town and Newport branches of Commercial bank offer a wide variety of deposit services including certificates of deposits, checking and savings SEE BANK ON PAGE 91

Enjoy Dining At This Award Winning Restaurant Arby’s has been selected

#1 Fast Food Restaurant Twelve Years in a Row!

“We sincerely appreciated the honor of winning this category all eleven years it’s been offered.”

822 Cosby Hwy. | Newport, TN 37821

(423) 625-0413

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Rusty Wallace selected

Pest Control • Home Inspection • Property Protection


1 Exterminating Business


#1 Truck Dealership #1 Truck Equipment Business

14 Years in a row!

Newport’s Only Locally Owned & Operated Pest Control. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money y Back!

THANKS AGAIN, COCKE COUNTY! Call Us For All Your Pest Control Needs...


A n d y Fo rd Bonded & Insured TN CHARTER #4008

Serving All Surrounding Counties Free Inspections Newport (423) 613-9955 Jefferson City


(865) 475-8228

(423) 317-0077

TOLL FREE 877-453-PEST w w w. ro ck y t o p p e s t c o n t ro l . c o m

Thanks again to all our Th friends in Cocke County. fr We appreciate you voting us

People’s Choice Best of the Best!

134 Sharon Dr., Dandridge, TN (I-40, Exit 417)




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• • • • •

Weddings/Special Events Parties/Birthdays Indoor & Outdoor Space Accommodates 15 to 120 Outdoor Area/ Pond

Serving East Tennessee for over 25 years in both residential and over night rental properties with quality furniture and decor at affordable prices. 2509 Newport Hwy, Sevierville




NEWPORT HEALTH AND REHABILITATION CENTER Programs & Services We Provide Nursing Services That Include:

• Rehab Services- Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy • • • • • • • •

Wound Care Hospice Services Respite Care Orthopedic Rehabilitation Diathermy Pulmonary Management Pain Management Stroke Rehabilitation & Many Others

We also have a wonderful activity program that strive to improve quality of life one activity at a time. Those activities include coffee socials, bingo, movie & popcorn, arts & crafts, exercise group, beauty shop, religious services, and much more.


135 Generation Dr ive New p o r t , T N 3 7 8 2 1

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For All Your Real Estate Needs... Check Out Our Best! Scenic Realty

Scenic Realty

30 + Years' Experience

109 Western Plaza Way Newport, TN 37821

Office: (423) 623-1200 Office: (423) 623-1280 Cell: (865) 322-0008

Website: www.scenicrealty.net

109 Western Plaza Way Newport, TN 37821

Kristie Suggs Broker

Your Cocke County Residential Specialist


Owner/Broker 19 Years

Direct Line: 423.608.0940

Search hundreds of properties at: www.TammyBryantMLX.com

Members of 4 MLS Databases

Rae Massey - Owner Karen Massey Owner, Broker, GRI, e-Pro, SFR, SRES

ned Ow ! a l ly Firm Loc e t a t l Es Rea

Office: 865-805-0321 Cell: 865-805-0322


Office: (423) 623-1200 Office: (423) 623-1280 Cell: (865) 322-1280

Website: www.scenicrealty.net

Donna Fabrikant - Owner/ REALTOR Don Fabrikant - Broker

Office: 423-430-9012

Marie Wood Owner/Broker

COSBY REAL ESTATE, INC. Serving All Surrounding Areas

Mobile: 865-617-0848 | Office: 423-487-2705 Fax 865-622-6848

Email: Sold@CountryLivingRealtyT.com www.CountryLivingRealtyTN.com

*Honesty *Trust *Integrity

COSBY REAL ESTATE, INC. Serving All Surrounding Areas

Mobile: 865-617-5934 | Office: 423-487-2705 Fax 865-622-6848


Tim Thomas

Affiliate Broker Property Manager

4871 Hooper Hwy. (US HWY 321 N) Cosby, TN 37722


(423) 623-1235

Cell: (423) 237-1171 | Fax: 423-623-9081 P.O. Box 6, 711 Cosby Hwy JOE SHULTS Newport, TN 37821 Affiliate Broker

Glen E. Beasley Owner Principal Broker

Glen@CosbyTN.com CobblyNobRealtor@comcast.net CosbyTN@CosbyTN.com

4871 Hooper Hwy. (US HWY 321 N) Cosby, TN 37722

(423) 623-1235 Cell: (423) 237-1171 Bobby Knight 711 Cosby Hwy. | Newport, TN 37821 Affiliate Broker

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Furniture Palace: Mixing the present with the past The Furniture Palace is located at 969 West Highway 25/70, in Newport, about a mile east of the Interstate 40 interchange. The 44,000 square foot retail furniture store boasts a large variety of household furniture for today’s customer. Furniture Palace was initially named the Cow Palace, and was created by Hoyt Staton. The establishment was founded in the early 1950’s. Initially it was located close by to where it stands today. The Furniture Palace provides its customers with a glimpse of local history, and is an interesting blend of today’s customer’s taste intermingled with history’s bygone days. While browsing, the customer can study the many historical displays that abound throughout the establishment. General Mgr. David Nelson and his wife, Karen, have spent their time, utilizing their talent and creativity to create the displays that contain a glimpse of the past. The items they have gathered together throughout the years are an interesting combination of old magazines, 1930’s Newport post cards, and a large variety of farm implements, dispersed with much more.

Among many of the unique items on display are an end-spring buggy, without horses, and a doubleseater buggy. Nelson said that he has collected implements and tools for years. His wife Karen collects antique hats. The store has allowed for these items to be displayed throughout the years. It has provided many of its visitors with enjoyment as they journey throughout the store, looking for that perfect couch or coffee table. It also provides the men something to do when their wives are shopping here. These old items are spread amongst the store’s merchandise. Their current merchandise includes New Classic Furniture, United Furniture, Jamison bedding, Simmons upholstery, and many other familiar names. Furniture Palace still delivers for free. They also offer their customers in house financing as part of its long history of friendly, service to its customers. For more information, call (423)623-7052.

Stay Informed. Subscribe today! Call 423-623-6171 www.newportplaintalk.com


accounts, and individual retirement accounts. Customers can visit either

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branch for help with your banking needs. Online banking is offered for those who also like the flexibility and convenience of banking anytime, anywhere. Customers can connect to the

“NetTeller” 24 hours a day, seven days a week and obtain information on accounts, pay bills, view account activity, view statements, and transfer funds from any Commercial Bank accounts.

For All Your Real Estate Needs...

Check Out Our Best! Cindy Cureton

We’re Selling Real Estate & Booking Auction

833 West Hwy. 25/70 Newport, TN 37821

Firm# 4589 Luke Goddard - Broker and Auctioneer - 423-721-4205 Melissa Goddard - Broker - 423-721-4209

Realtor 3224 East Parkway Gatlinburg, TN 37738

I Work All Surrounding Areas; Cocke, Jefferson, Sevier, etc... Cell: 423-237-4651 | Office: 865-436-7121


New Location 140 North St. Newport, TN

Office: (865) 674-7653 Cell: (865) 322-0700

(423) 623-1235

Your Full-Time HOME TOWN Realtor

Serving you in all your real estate needs - so if you are Buying or Selling, I am here to assist you.


Janice Jenkins

Affiliate Broker/Realtor

Shelly Mascaro 305-979-6472


Cell: (850) 323-2823 P.O. Box 6, 711 Cosby Hwy Newport, TN 37821

Selena Gann

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Thousands served at Carver’s Orchard and Restaurant each year Thousands of visitors find their way to the southern portion of Cocke County each year to visit Carver’s Orchard and Restaurant. Nestled in the shadows of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the business was established prior to the Civil War by Joseph Campbell, whose daughter Jemima married Israel Carver I. Today Danny Ray Carver Carver, Campbell’s great-great-great-grandson, and his wife Irene Carver proudly watch as their daughters Danielle and Stacy and three granddaughters Kiersten, Kylen, and Kaycen and grandson K.C. continue to welcome thousands of visitors to Cocke County each year, especially during the fall season. The original orchard and Carver-Campbell home were located in part of today’s GSMNP. When the Park was established, Danny Ray’s grandparents Elbert and Glennie Carver faced the dilemma of selling their family home and business and relocating elsewhere. After Elbert’s untimely death, Glennie

remained in the family home for several years and was one of the last citizens to leave the Park. In 1940, she moved to the Liberty community. Over the years, Carver’s Orchard has expanded its operation to include other fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fried pies, jugs of apple cider, and delicious homemade candies. A few years ago, they opened Carver’s Restaurant, where guests enjoy dining in a spacious setting overlooking thousands of apple trees. The southern portion of the dining area features a window offering magnificent views of the nearby mountains. Located at 3460 Cosby Hwy., a short distance south of Cosby High School, the orchard bursts into bloom each April. By June, fruit from the earliest bearing trees is ready for eager customers, and by October, thousands of loyal customers join new lovers of apples and other produce as they swarm the hillside in search of the perfect produce for their own consumption.

Carver’s Orchard and Restaurant, located in Cosby, serves thousands of visitors each year.

Jefferson-Cocke County Utility District serves thousands of customers Jefferson-Cocke County Utility District (JCCUD) serves two counties with propane and natural gas and provides gas appliances and installation for more than 13,291 customers: residential, business/commercial and industrial. The American Public Gas Association recognized JCCUD as one of only 52 public gas utilities in the US receiving the System Operational Achievement Recognition: SOAR award. It excelled in system integrity and improvement; employee safety; workforce development. JCCUD has offices in Newport with drive-through services at Hwy. 25E, and in Jefferson City off Hwy. 11E.

Tommy Bible General Manager

It has been serving customers for more than 60 years and increased its customer base from 3,801 in 1990 to more than 13,291 and still growing to serve more resi-

dents with low cost, efficient natural and propane gas. Overseeing the $59.0 million in plant /pipeline assets is a five-member board of commissioners consisting of President Gary Hammonds, Vice-President Craig Kisabeth, and commissioners: Secretary-Treasurer Robert Overholt, Blake Briggs, and Rusty James. Tommy Bible is general manager. Bible also represents JCCUD as a member of the Tennessee Gas Association Board of Directors and served 13 years on the American Public Gas Association Board of Directors. Because of demand for its clean, efficient fuel the utility has tripled in size since 1990. Gas line expansions include

Newport, Jefferson City, Dandridge, White Pine, Parrottsville, and Baneberry. The district has been a national award winner for its safety programs and earned national safety awards 19 times since 1993. Residential growth in Cocke and Jefferson counties has added more gas customers, with propane service popular. The utility added to propane storage and has about 275,000 gallons. Annual propane sales average 1.7 million gallons. The stable cost of propane has helped the utility increase its customer base to over 5,100. To serve non-route customers and campers with propane cylinders, the Newport

office has a modern walk-in propane fill station behind the main office. It is open Monday-Thurs. at 7:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. All industries in Jefferson and Cocke Counties have access to natural gas sold at low markup to them. Because JCCUD is a member of United Utilities Group, it has access to more daily natural gas volumes and pipeline capacity. Available gas has increased to the point that there have been very few recent interruptions to industrial customers and prices remain low. Gas appliance information can be obtained from sales representative Steve

Chambers. He is in the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The Utility has rebate programs for gas appliances. There is lower propane pricing for route system customers. Call the office for more information. JCCUD offers on-line bill payment at jccud.com. Office hours: Mon.-Thurs. from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Fri. from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For a service representative, call 423 623-3069 in Newport or 865 475-7911 in Jefferson City. Gas Utility information is on the Internet at www.jccud.com for your convenience. Call before you dig – call 811 .

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. 423-623-9370

Best Hydraulic & Industrial Supply Business

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 93

Best Funeral Home 20 Years Running...


Dedicated to service since 1973

Thanks, Cocke County, for your continued support!


Hydraulic Hose Assemblies made while you wait!

“The Funeral Directors of Manes Funeral Home Thank you for this Honor”



Chris Austin “Thank you Cocke County for this honor.”

Funeral Director


“We Rebuild Hydraulic Cylinders”

423-623-6952 www.manesfuneralhome.com

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Ball Metalpack makes metal packaging products Ball Metalpack, located on Hwy. 92 between Newport and Dandridge (Chestnut Hill), is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rigid metal packaging products and services for the food industry. Ball Metalpack makes three-piece welded food cans for food processors in the Southeast and Midwest. They also make two-piece aerosol cans.

Ball Metalpack produces aerosol cans, metal paint cans, general line metal cans, oblong cans and decorative tins in a variety of shapes and sizes. Features include full printing and easy-pour solutions for your brand and product needs. The Dandridge operation began under Heekin Can in 1947 with one soldered can line to supply cans for Bush Brothers and

Company. The company has expanded over the years to eight soldered lines. The first Soudronic welder was installed in December 1980. By 1982, three welded lines were installed. A new 70,000-square-foot facility was constructed in 1989, and additional lines were added in 1989 and 1990. The Dandridge plant became part of Ball in 1993.

In 2014, they started production on the G3 line, which is the only one of its kind in North America, and produces a two piece can. In early 2019, the Dandridge plant became a part of Ball Metalpack, a joint venture between Ball and Platinum Equity. For more information, visit www.ballmetalpack.com.

Conagra Brands is one of America’s leading packaged food companies Conagra Brands, Inc. (NYSE: CAG) is one of North America’s leading packaged food companies, with a strong presence in consumer grocery as well as restaurant and foodservice establishments. As a leading in multiple segments of the food business,

Conagra Brands understands what consumers want: familiar brands, favorite foods, and innovative products that make meals and snacks great tasting, convenient and affordable. Some of Conagra Brands’ consumer brands include ACT II, Banquet, Blue Bonnet, Brown ‘N

Serve, Butterball, Chef Boyardee, Gulden’s, Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, Hunt’s, Kid Cuisine, Knott’s Berry Farm, La Choy, Marie Callender’s, Orville Redenbacher’s, PAM, Parkay, Pemmican, Peter Pan, Reddi-wip, Slim Jim, Snack Pack, Swiss Miss, Wesson, Van

Piney Grove Baptist Church 1200 Punkton Road, Del Rio, TN 37727

Pastor, Rev. Fred Cagle Sunday School 9:30 AM Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 AM Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 PM Wednesday Evening 7:00 PM

Everyone Welcome

Camp’s, and many others. Among the brands produced in Newport are Van Camp’s Pork and Beans, Beanee Weenees and baked beans, Ranch Style Beans, and Hunt’s ketchup and spaghetti, tomato, barbeque, and Manwich sauces. The 17.7-acre plant began operation in 1905 as

Stokely Brothers and Company, canning green beans and sauerkraut. The company subsequently evolved through a number of name changes, becoming Stokely Van Camp Inc. in 1944, a subsidiary of Quaker Oats in 1983, and SEE BRANDS ON PAGE 96


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Thanks again Cocke County for your continued support

Eric VarnerState Farm Cocke County’s #1 Insurance Agency Continuing Darius Miller’s State Farm Tradition

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 95

The Carver Family Invites you to join the fun at

CARVER’S ORCHARD & Applehouse Restaurant

“A Great Family Atmosphere”


The Orchard Offers Fresh Fruits Vegetables

Locally-Made Jams & Jellies . Homemade Apple Butter & Pies Nuts . Fresh Cider . Hand-Dipped Chocolates gar-Free) (Including Sugar-Free)

Grandchildren: Kylen, K.C, Kiersten, and Kaycen,

2 1 Ye a r Winner (423) 623-0096 Fax: (423) 623-0097

319 Cosby Highway • Newport, TN 37821

Danny Ray & Irene Carver Daughters Stacey & Danielle

The Applehouse lh RRestaurant t t overlooks l the Smokies including Mt. Leconte. Each guest starts their meal with apple fritters, apple butter & fresh cider. The Applehouse Restaurant is open Wed. - Sun from 11AM-8PM.


Call For Extended Summer & Fall Hours

Orchard & Candy Shop

Located on Hwy. 321 • Cosby, TN 37722 13 Miles South of Newport Exit 440


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Newport Dry Goods offers unique shopping experience A landmark retail institution known across the country is located in downtown Newport During the past five decades thousands of people, many tourists driving through Cocke County, have discovered the unique retail world that is Newport Dry Goods and its creator, Carroll Kyker, who has lost track of the number of times he’s traveled to New York in search of great values for his Newport store. Local residents already know about


part of ConAgra Foods in 1995. In 1978, the distri-

the home of “legendary low prices since 1959” facing the railroad tracks at Main Street and just off Highway 321. Tourists and new arrivals learn of it as if it is a must- visit historic site presenting low prices every week in a large white-letteron-black advertisement in the Newport Plain Talk. The 1920s era brick buildings, wood floors, tin ceilings, are packed so tightly with racks and tables stacked with name brand shoes, clothing for men, women and children, you can’t walk more than a few feet before finding another low price. Mr. Kyker says the main reason the store is successful and so much different

bution center on Hwy. 73 South was added. In Newport, Conagra enjoys a stable workforce that averages 19 years service with the company.

ConAgra Foods and its people work hard to partner with the community, and are justifiably proud of their community involvement.

than others is “rarely a day goes by we don’t have a delivery truck with goods arrive for our customers.” If you shop major retailers, the merchandise may be priced from $19.95 to $159.95, but at Dry Goods the tags most likely carry $1.99 to $29.99. “One customer told me he had just moved to Newport and what he liked about the store was we had quality merchandise but at cheap prices.” For example, Dry Goods has sold thousands of pairs of ladies department store brand panties that would list for $10.00 and Dry Goods’ price is $1.99. “New merchandise, name brands, arrive everyday

Among the local organizations that ConAgra Foods supports are the Boys & Girls Club of Cocke County, the Cocke County Literacy Council, Educa-

and we sell these 25% to 70% off.” While many are accustomed to Newport Dry Goods, they might take the store for granted, says Mr. Kyker, who tells the story of a Japanese couple who picked up a Visiting the Smokies publication at the Hartford I-40 Welcome Center, saw the article about the store and stopped overnight to visit. It was like meeting a celebrity to have a photo made with the Legend of Retail Low Prices. The store name is known across America from California to Florida and tourists’ stories often refer to Mr. Kyker.

tion Foundation, Relay for Life, United Agencies of Cocke County, Winterfestival of Trees, and the food pantries of Douglas Cherokee Neighborhood


Service Center and Gentle Touch Ministries. ConAgra Foods is also an active member of the Newport/ Cocke County Chamber of Commerce.

Mt Zion Baptist Church Sunday Services Sunday School

1270 Cosby Cutoff Rd Newport, TN 37821

Morning Worship

Pastor: Rev. Robert Williamson

10:00am 10:45am

Evening Worship


Wednesday Night Bible Study


Stokely Chapel Baptist Church 509 Industrial Rd Newport, TN 37821 423-623-6269 Pastor, Jason Boone Sunday Service Times Sunday School 10:00 AM Morning Worship 11:00 AM Evening Worship 6:00 PM Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting/Bible Study 7:00 PM


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Carroll Kyker, who owns Newport Dry Goods, likes customers to know and appreciate the value and low prices he brings everyday to them.


Newport Dry Goods is a landmark along the railroad tracks on Main Street in downtown Newport where it has operated for more than 50 years.

Floridians were puzzled when they came across an East Tenn. friend who had not shopped in Newport Dry Goods. Others reported seeing the Dry Goods logo T-shirts in California: “Don’t miss a day or you will miss a bargain.” You can always find men’s sports coats for $14.99 and it is not unusual for Nashville businessmen to drive three hours and buy several suits and coats. Men’s casual and dress shoes sold in retail chains at $79.99 sell for just $29.99. If you chance to meet Mr. Kyker, who likes to walk the floor and greet customers, he might tell you: “We just got in a shipment of ladies’ tops, eight different famous brands. We are selling these $4.99 to $6.99” as he points to full racks. “One of our most popular sales in spring and summer is the swimsuit sale. “We just recently received more swimsuits with more to come.” Junior, misses, and plus swim suits sold in dept. stores to $69.99 carry a Dry Goods’ price of $10.99. After a recent Memorial Day, two different women, one from Alabama and another from Georgia, shopped at Newport Dry

Goods and had to get one of Mr. Kyker’s popular T-shirts. And, they asked him to autograph it. The Alabama woman remarked: “You’re the rock star of retailing.” While he is somewhat embarrassed by all the excitement over him and the store, he is glad to keep customers satisfied and signed the shirts. People in other towns would like Dry Goods to share this success and open in their towns too. But that probably will not happen. So, folks will just have to keep driving to Newport and that suits him. More than a third of his shoppers come from outside Newport. Tourist shoppers make repeat trips every year to find the latest bargains by the railroad tracks. Sandals, logging boots, overalls, dress shirts, socks, dresses, ties, belts, even motor oil, chances are good you will find it here and cheaper than anywhere else. Newport Dry Goods is located at 255 East Main Street across from the old railroad depot and open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Friday hours are 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday from 1-6 p.m. For more information, call (423) 623-2921.

day! o t e scrib 1


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Cosby Real Estate, Inc. People’s Choice Winners Cosby Real Estate, Inc. serves not only the Cocke and Sevier county areas that make up the community known as Cosby, but all of both counties, as well as the surrounding region. Having provided real estate services since the 1980s, the professional staff is experienced in all phases of residential properties and understands that the needs of retirees might be very

different from the demands of a young family. They are knowledgeable about the opportunities that vacation rental homes offer. Then can help guide you into making an informed decision that suits both your personal and financial situations. The purchase of undeveloped land, either for private use or future development,

has unique concerns, and the Cosby Real Estate staff has considerable experience with these requirements. They are willing to help guide you through the county planning commission to avoid costly mistakes. Owner/broker Glen Beasley is dedicated to promoting both the unsurpassed beauty of the area and to helping sellers realize their full potential for their

homes and lands. They have been fortunate to have associates working with them that know the area and are committed to serving clients with integrity. The office number for Cosby Real Estate is 423-487-2705. It is located at 4871 Hooper Highway (U.S. Highway 321), in Cosby. The zip code is 37722.

Bush Brothers has produced quality products for more than 100 years The Bush’s Visitor Center is open in Chestnut Hill. Bush Brothers & Company has produced quality products for more than 100 years. With corporate offices is Knoxville, Bush Brothers operates two production facilities-one in Chestnut Hill and one in Augusta, Wis.

The Chestnut Hill operation is where the original plant was started by A.J. Bush in 1908. The facility employees more than 300 people. A.J. Bush was born in 1867 in Chestnut Hill. In 1891 he married and he and wife Sallie had four boys and two girls over the next

several years. Then, in 1897, Bush started a general store that would become A.J. Bush and Co. In 1904, Bush partnered with the Stokely Brothers and established a tomato cannery in Chestnut Hill. By 1908, he purchased the Stokely Brothers’ interest and

Monument Co.

started a partnership with his sons. During its more than 100 years, Bush’s has seen many changes and added many new products with its state-of-the art facilities. In 2010, Bush’s had even more additions and new products. The Bush’s Visitor Center

opened in June 2010. The center features a company museum and exhibit center, a 75-seat theater, gift shop, and delicatessen restaurant. For more information about Bush Brothers history and products, go to the company’s Web site at www.bushbeans.com.

A recently remodeled kitchen where the cabinets were matched to the existing wood on the walls.

Sin nce 1986

Office ffice Mana Manager

O Owner


Headstones, Markers, Death Dates & More Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm Saturday 9am - Noon Later By Appointment

417 Cosby Hwy . Newport, TN

Best Cabinets

CBest AB I N E T S Cabinet Maker Doloris Dalton - Owner

1318 Spicewood Flats . Del Rio, TN | (423) 487-2655

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 99

Thank You For Letting Us Serve You For Over 20 Years

Best Oil Changing Business


Quick Lube 775 W. Hwy. 25/70 - Newport, TN 37821


Call Steve Lewis

For All Your Electrical Needs

LEWIS ELECTRICAL SERVICE New Construction / Remodeling, Trailer Hook-Up, Service Change Outs Licensed and Insured

Phone: 423-625-0866 Cell: 423-237-4462


17 Years In A Row! Best Wrecker &

Towing Ser vice

. Newport, TN 423-623-0008 Thanks Again Cocke County! 860 W. Hwy 25/70

Thanks again from the folks at



A GLASS Selected

#1 Glass Company

10 years in a row!

Commercial • Residential • Safety Glass Mirrors Screen Repairs • Replacement • Vinyl Low E Tinted • Insulated Units Licensed Glass Glazier

Steve York

(423) 487-4149

All Your Window Needs!

2906 Cosby Highway • Cosby, TN 37722

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Page 100 • Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Lowland Credit Union serving area over 65 years Lowland Credit Union has been committed to providing quality, professional services to all members since 1953. Lowland Credit Union is community chartered, which enables them to serve members who live, work, worship, or attend businesses in Grainger, Jefferson, Hamblen, and Cocke counties and Greeneville City. Lowland Credit Union is insured by the National Credit Union Administration and it is owned and controlled by a Board of Directors who are elected by the credit union members. After starting at the American Enka plant in


Shown above is Lowland Credit Union’s office at 344 West Broadway in Newport. Lowland Credit Union also has offices in Morristown to assist customers in the region.

1953, it now serves members from two offices—344

West Broadway Newport, and 1216 E Main St. Mor-

ristown. LCU has a dedicated

Board of Directors who make certain that the credit union continues to serve the members’ needs. The Board also works to make sure that the credit union remains financially sound and strong. The staff, many of whom have been with the credit union for several years, have a sincere interest in helping members meet and achieve their financial goals. The board of directors consists of Chairman Tommy Musser, Chairman Tommy Musser, Roy Arnwine, Leon Cagle, Joann Jenkins, Ronnie Moore, Todd Marshall, John T. Walker, and Brandon Tomassoni.

Lobby hours for all locations are: Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Drive –Thru at all offices open daily at 8 a.m. Lowland Credit Union is a full-service financial institution that offers savings, checking and many types of consumer loans including mortgages. Other services include: • Free online banking and bill pay along with eStatements • VISA® Debit and Credit Cards • Access to over 30,000 fee free ATMs And much more!


Thanks Again “Best Plant/Industry Cocke County To Work For”

20 years in a row!

Metal Food & Household Products Packaging Division 2719 Lower Rinehart Road Dandridge, Tennessee

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021 • Page 101

Thanks Again Cocke County Thanks Again, Cocke County For Voting Us Your

#1 Mattress Store

The Largest Mattress and Bedroom Location In East Tennessee Over 11,000 Square Feet.


For Voting Us Your

#1 Tanning Salon

Tan Easy Simply the Best

327 Cosby Hwy. Newport, TN 37821

Appointment or Walk-ins welcome


W H E N YO U M E N T I O N T H I S A D 1045 Cosby Hwy. Newport


Multi-Year Winner


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Brown Funeral Home Established in 1930, Brown Funeral Home is located at 338 E. Main St., Newport. Having served innumerable families, many for generations, Brown Funeral Home blends traditional values with modern practices to provide exceptional care to every family. Brown Funeral Home staff members are committed to providing courteous, compassionate service with fairness and respect. Brown Funeral Home offers a variety of services designed to fit most any budget, ranging from traditional funerals to cremation to celebration of life services. Customers may also opt for Brown Funeral Home’s pre-arrangement plans. Brown Funeral Home’s staff pledge themselves to provide knowledgeable assistance while you plan the most appropriate, meaningful, and economical tribute to your loved one. Nathan D. Manning is manager. For more information, please call 423-623- 3041 or email us at brownfuneralhomenewport.yahoo. com. You may also view their website at www.brownfuneralhomenewport.com.


Costner-Maloy Funeral Home Located at 322 East Main Street, Costner-Maloy is the oldest of Cocke County’s three funeral homes. It opened in the early 1920s under the name Willis-Larue Company. Over the years, as ownership changed, so did the name, until 1945 when it became Maloy Funeral Home. Established by George Willis and Hunley Larue, it was pur-

chased by E. Claude Balch in 1932. In 1940 it became MaloySuggs Funeral Home, Voyle Maloy, A.D. Suggs, and Ruby Suggs Stuart having bought it. In 1945 Maloy and his wife, Mattie Lou, purchased the other two partners’ interest and operated the business until their deaths in the 1970s. Cleo Balch then became man-

ager and oversaw the business until his retirement in 1991, when Donnie Costner purchased the controlling interest. Costner later became owner outright in 1994. Today the business is known as Costner-Maloy Funeral Home. A complete service funeral home, Costner-Maloy continues to be housed in one of down-

town Newport’s oldest homes. Over the years, additions to the original building have been made, along with some remodeling and refurbishing projects. Among its many attractions are several items of antique furniture and square grand pianos Costner has collected over the years. For more information, call 423-623-7311.

Manes Funeral Home, Inc. Manes Funeral Home, Inc., 363 E. Main St., Newport, was organized Sept. 1, 1973. It is a locally owned and privately held corporation. Christopher L. Austin serves as president.

Manes Funeral Home employs 14 full and part-time staff members, who stand ready to assist families in any way during times of loss. Their funeral directors are licensed to serve both Tennessee

and North Carolina residents. Manes Funeral Home is a full service provider, offering traditional funerals as well as cremation services and pre-need insurance. They offer caskets, vaults,

urns, registry sets, videos, portraits, and numerous other services. For more information, call 423-623- 6952, or visit our website at www. manesfuneralhome. com.

Hartford Welcome Center staff greet millions Travelers stopping at the Hartford Welcome Center find a beautifully designed building staffed by helpful and knowledgeable staff. Cocke County is fortunate to have one of Tennessee fifteen welcome centers. Located at Hartford, a short distance from the TN-NC line, the welcome center serves as an entryway into Tennessee for visitors entering the state from the east traveling on I-40. Built by the Dept. of Transportation, the Hartford Welcome

Center opened its doors on February 1, 1991, and since then has welcome close to a million visitors yearly. During its 25 years of operation, the center has received several awards and was named Welcome Center of the Year in 2008. Staffed by nine full-time state employees, all of whom call Cocke County home, the Hartford Welcome Center’s assistants work as travel consultants and reservationists who are available year round. A dedicated staff keeps the beautifully

landscaped grounds immaculately. Tourists stopping at the center find helpful brochures for destinations including both business and pleasure, local maps, and coupons to help make the most of their visit to Tennessee, Tennessee Department of Transportation maps and the Tennessee Vacation Guides. A current live weather satellite system offers an up-to-date weather map. Walden Security Company staffs the center with security

guards seven days a week. A permanent Civil War exhibit was installed in 2013 to educate visitors and Tennesseans regarding the importance of Tennessee during that period of our history. The center also has a fully stocked vending stand operated by the Tennessee Business Enterprise. The center is open and staffed seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. For more information, call 423-4873928.

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Full-Service Veterinary Hospital Mike LaMaster, DVM Ashley Dennis, DVM Lynn Straka, DVM - Larry Dawson, DVM Alex Sorohan, DVM

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Thanks again, Cocke County, for voting our

Desserts & Plate Lunches

Hours: M-F 8:00 - 5:30 | Sat. 8-12

231 W. Broadway, Newport | 423-625-1616 w w w.AppalachianVeterinar yHospital.com

Owner Janice Owenby

M u l t i -Ye a r Wi n n e r

the very best! Also Best Breakfast!

Located at 2765 Cosby Highway, Cosby TN 37722 Open everyday 7:00am-8:00pm *Breakfast until 10:30am

Thanks Again Cocke County “Kee “Keeping The Tradition” 8 870 E. Highway 25/70 Newport, TN (Near The Old Wood Products Building)



Strange’s Custom Auto, Inc. S Voted

Multi-Year Winner


Best Auto Repair

430 Industrial Road

Newport, TN 37821

423-623-5157 Tim Strange


FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED Children Under 12 Free When With A Responsible Adult


Gospel Country Blue Grass Southern Rock

Call For Info: 423-487-2655

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County Recreation Department serves many The Cocke County Recreation Department serves all residents of the county with recreational services and has shown steady growth in the number of local citizens who take advantage of the services. Scott Thornton was recently named director of the department. Thelma Sue Trice is the department’s executive secretary. The department is located at 466 Learning Way, behind the Cocke County High School baseball and softball complexes. At its main office, the department hosts the two athletic fields, as well as a gymnasium used for basketball and other purposes. The Cocke County Recreation Department administers most of the recreational

partment is funded through the Cocke County Legislative Body. Its annual budget includes salaries and utilities, plus maintenance of grounds and the department’s primary building, which includes offices, a gymnasium, and a small children’s playground to the rear of the building. The variety of activities also includes the department entertaining Head-Start programs, birthday parties, Scott Thornton Director special gatherings, and other The Cocke County Recreation Department’s home includes offices, a large gym and concescommunity-oriented events. sions. A children’s playground is located in the back of the building. fields, and concession stands. The Cocke County Recyouth basketball leagues in ry basketball gymnasiums Other locations utilized The county maintains each reation Department’s main the county, including the two throughout the county. by the department include of these, as related to use at office is located at 466 LearnCo-Ed leagues for 4-7 yearThe department also spon- those found at elementary sporting events. There are ing Way, just off Hedrick olds, 8-9 year-olds and 10-11 sors Tee-Ball, coach pitch schools throughout Cocke also agreements between the Drive in Newport, in between year-olds. The department baseball and softball, as well County. Among those located county and other elementary the high school baseball and plays games at its home site, as the Smoky Mountain Litat Northwest are an addition- schools for the use of gymna- softball fields. The telephone as well as several elementatle League softball program. al recreation building, ball siums and ball fields. The de- number is (423) 623-6769.

Thanks Cocke County

Thanks Cocke County!

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Monday-Friday 9-5 Weekends by Appointment

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#1 Car Salesperson Eric Freeman

Looking for a New or Used Automobile or Truck. Give me a call at A

Rusty Wallace Ford Multi-Year 120 Sharon Dr. . Dandridge, TN 37725 Winner 865-940-1590


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Hunt Insurance Solutions Auto * Home * Life* Business It's all in HIS hands

Cindy Hunt Lifetime Resident Of Cocke County Helping Customers In This Area And Surrounding Counties For Over 25 Years.

Office: 423-623-2191 Cell: 423-608-1823 cindyhunt329@yahoo.com

181 West Broadway Newport, TN 37821

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The Newport Community Center is home to the Newport Parks and Recreation Department offices. The center also houses an indoor pool, gymnasium, weight and exercise facilities, game room, and much more.


The Newport Riverwalk and Greenway is the newest jewel of the Newport Parks and Recreation Department, providing recreational space along the banks of the Pigeon River in downtown Newport.

Newport Parks and Recreation Department offers plenty of activities The Newport Parks and Recreation Department fulfills many numerous needs throughout the year for citizens of Newport and surrounding areas. The department is a part of the City of Newport’s government and is focused on the community and provides an ever-increasing valuable service. The department continues to expand on a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. The main office for the department is located at the Newport Community Center at 433 Prospect Avenue. The department’s director is Timothy Dockery. In addition to operating and maintaining the Newport Community Center, the city department is also responsible for the maintenance of several parks and

available, on a reservation basis. The park also offers a walking track, basketball courts, tennis courts, a playground and a beach volleyball court. The Park also has two athletic fields used for Little League Baseball and English Mountain Little League Football. The most popular feature of the City Park is the swimming pool which is open for summer months. Tim Dockery Parks The pool is open from 11 a.m. & Rec. Director to 5 p.m. on Monday through playgrounds in Newport. Saturday and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The main recreational on Sundays. Private parties, anchor for the department is on a reservation basis, are the Newport City Park, which available daily. offers a number of activities The City Park also plays and opportunities throughhost to several special out the year. The Park is events throughout the year, open year round. including the Parks and The park offers the use Recreation’s annual Easter of two pavilions, with grills Egg Hunt, Halloween Trick

or Treat at the Track, and the Hart Times Street Rod Club of Newport’s Annual Moonshine Rod Run. The Department’s newest crown jewel facility is the Downtown Newport Riverwalk, located along the banks of the Pigeon River. The first phase of the trail was completed in the fall of 2011 and provides a scenic greenway for Newport citizens to exercise. Plans are currently underway to expand the greenway. The multipurpose Newport Community Center also falls under the jurisdiction of the department. The Community Center is home to the department’s year-round aquatic facility, an Olympic-sized, heated indoor swimming pool with lockers and shower facilities. Also at the Community

Center, there is a wellness room, equipped with exercise equipment and weight machines, a racquetball court and a regulation size basketball court. The department also has other offerings at the community center, including those by certified instructors. The department also operates the Newport Grammar School athletic complex, which features two Little League baseball fields, a playground, a walking track, and a skate park, which is opened to registered users. Other facilities operated by the department include: Filbert Street Park, White Oak Park, Pet Milk Park, the Presbyterian Church Memorial Park, Eva Babb Sexton Memorial Park. The Filbert Street Park has a walking trail and basketball court.

The department, in conjunction with the City of Newport, is currently renovating the Bryant Town Park for use by citizens. The White Oak Street Park has a basketball court, playground, and picnic table. Included at the Pet Milk Park is a playground and basketball court. The Presbyterian Church Memorial Park is found off Highway 321. The Eva Babb Sexton Memorial Park is located off River Road (behind Food City East). The Eva Babb Sexton Memorial Park includes historical markers, plus an assortment of flowers, trees, and picnic tables to enjoy. Other activities offered through the department include recreational basketball and Smoky Mountain Little League baseball.

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Long Creek Christian Church & Music Barn The Long Creek Christian Church was established in 1925 to serve God in the community through county outreach and direct loving consideration towards our neighbors.


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!"#$% ! &'" ())*+


!"#$%#$% &'( ) )*+, -./(0





Best Gift Shop


Due to Covid-19, masks are worn inside the church building. The sermon is broadcast to the parking lot on 102.9/103.7 FM for those preferring to remain outdoors in their vehicles. Sunday school activities will start back pending Covid-19 re-assessments


Long Creek hosts award winning nationally known, as well as, local quartets and singing groups at their “Music Barn” next door to the church. The singings are held on the 3rd Saturday’s of the month, May through September, and are free of charge. Don’t forget to bring your lawn chair!

3310 Sane Rd | Parrottsville, TN 37843 Joe Green-Pastor longcreekchristianchurch@gmail.com

Women’s Apparel | Home Decor | Gifts Jewelry | Accessories

Shop Our Online Store: FruitJarAlley.Shop

Home Of Back Alley Grainery Also home to the award winning

Smith Manes Tax Ser vice Best Bookkeeping Tax Business

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Thank You For Voting

C&C Pawn Shop 2020 People’s Choice

VICTORY LANES WHOLE HOUSE RENTAL ( Great For Family Reunions, Church Outings, Banquets and Business Gatherings )



TITLE LOANS ~ JEWELRY ~ TOOLS ~ MONEY TO LEND 825 Cosby Highway • Newport,TN 37821



Leagues . Parties . Banquets . Pro Shop . Cosmic Bowling

977 W. Hwy. 25\70 Newport, TN 37821


(423) 623-1420

Maple Ridge R Place

Maple Ridge Place



#1 Mobile Home Park H

#1 Mobile Home Sales

M u l t i -Ye a r W i n n e r

M u l t i -Ye a r W i n n e r

Pa r k Ha s All Amenities:

Ma p l e R i d g e Pl a c e

. Pool . Mountain Views . On Site Dumpster . City Water & Sewer Newport’s Original Nicest Park in County Since 1992. 1142 Maple Ridge Way, Newpor t TN, 37821

423-625-3946 . 423-623-4663 (Home)

Pastor Vaughn Burgin Sunday School 10 a.m. Service 11 a.m. Monday Night 7 p.m. Thursday Night 6 p.m.

458 New Cave Church Rd. Newport, TN 37821

423-608-7981 423-608-2083 Everyone Welcome!

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Whitewater rafting is one of Cocke County’s biggest tourism hits Tucked away in the mountains of Cocke County, Hartford sits along I-40 East at exit 447, serving as the next to last exit before the North Carolina state line. This small town is home to numerous whitewater rafting companies, gas stations, a post office, and unique restaurants. Settled along the Pigeon River, Hartford is a quiet town filled with outdoor enthusiasts and curious tourists. For one who wants to be away from the hustle and bustle of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, yet still within reasonable driving distance, Fox Fire Campground and Shauan’s RV Park provide riverside campsites. The Downtown Hartford Citgo and the BP serve as the only gas stations along I-40 between Newport and Maggie Valley, NC. The Pigeon River Smokehouse, located at the BP, serves up the best-known BBQ in the area. Across the street sits The Bean Trees Café — a unique dining experience with riverside dining and live music on Friday and Saturday nights. The Bean Trees features a vegetarian and kid friendly menu and serves specialty coffee drinks, beer, and wine. Each whitewater rafting company utilizes the same public put-in, located at I-40 East, exit 451-Waterville. This access point is used for the upper Pigeon River trip, which consists of 12 class III rapids and three class IV rapids. Rapids in the Southeast are rated on a class scale of I to VI, with I being slow moving flat water and VI being deemed experts only or closed for commercial and recreational use. The public put-in lies on the North Carolina state line in Haywood County. Each rafting company uses a different put-in, most

Thousands of rafters head down the Pigeon River from Waterville to Hartford every year. Tourism is the state’s second largest industry and Hartford is one of the crown jewels of Cocke County’s tourism offerings.

are located on the company’s property, for the lower Pigeon River trip, consisting of class I and II rapids with a mild class III at the end of the trip before taking out at the public take-out in Denton. The whitewater rafting companies are located along Hartford Road. Each trip will vary in length depending on which company you choose. For the majority, the upper trip is at least five miles long, and the lower trip is approximately six miles long. For the more adventurous person or someone looking for a thrilling ride that guarantees you’ll be getting wet, the upper Pigeon River trip is perfect. Children are welcome to join the excitement as long as they follow the general rules of being at least eightyears-old or weighing 70-pounds (this is for a child who may be younger than eight but is still “big” enough to with stand the physical aspects of the trip).

CAMPBELL & HOOPER Attorneys at Law

Ben W. Hooper III | Lucy D. Hooper | Barry H. Valentine 335 E. Main St. | Newport, TN 37821


A trained, CPR-certified raft guide will journey with you through rapids such as Power House, Full-of-Water, Veg-O-matic, Snap Dragon, The Lost Guide, Double Reactionary, and The Accelerator. The upper Pigeon River provides scenery and photo opportunities when you are not concentrating on the white water. For families with smaller children or those looking for a calmer ride, the lower Pigeon River awaits. Consisting mostly of class I and II rapids, the lower allows children as young as three to enjoy the rafting experience. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera to capture memories, as this trip is more scenic, winding around the mountains and following Hartford Road downstream to Denton. Large areas of slow moving flat water provide a way to cool-off on a hot, summer day. Even if you are unable to swim, each guest is provided a PFD-personal floatation device-and a raft guide will accompany you for the duration of the trip. For more information regarding whitewater rafting prices and trips on the Pigeon River, please contact the following compa-

nies in Hartford: Big Bear Rafting: 3165 Big Creek Rd., Hartford, TN, 37753, (844) 799-7238 5 Rivers Adventures: 3692 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (888) 204-8779 Big Creek Expeditions: 3671 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (877) 642-7238 Nantahala Outdoor Center: 3485 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (865) 210-8565 Raft Outdoor Adventures: 3635 Trail Hollow Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (866) 333-7238 Rafting in the Smokies: 3595 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (800) 776-7238 Rapid Expeditions: 3605 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (888) 504-7238 Rip Roaring Adventures: 3555 Wheat Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (800) 449-7238 Smoky Mountain Outdoors: 3299 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (800) 771-7238 Wisdom Tree, LLC: 3630 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (423) 487-4303 Wildwater Pigeon Rafting: 3555 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN, 37753, (866) 319-8870 or (423) 487-3307





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Phone Listings Newport Mayor’s Office

County Ag Extension

Cocke County Trustee’s Office

TN Department of Workforce






Morrell Springs — 965 Morrell

Newport City Hall

Cocke County Clerk’s Office

Cocke County Vets Affairs Office


Springs Road, Newport

Cosby Post Office




Tennessee National Guard

Cosby — 3887 Cosby Highway, Cosby

4402 Hooper Highway

Newport Housing Authority

Farm Services

Central Dispatch


Wilton Springs — 606 Wilton Springs

Cosby, TN 37722




Parrottsville Town Hall

Road, Newport


Newport Street Department

Cocke County Fire Department

Newport Utilities


Ravens Branch — 2315 Old 15th

Del Rio Post Office




Stokely Memorial Library

Street, Hartford

3105 E. Highway 25/70

Newport Building & Codes

Cocke County Highway Depart-

Jefferson Cocke Gas Utility


Del Rio — 2990 East Highway 25/70,

Del Rio, TN 37727




Cosby Community Library

Del Rio




Cocke County Chamber of


Parrottsville — 2061 Canary Drive,

Hartford Post Office

Newport Fire Department

Cocke County Election


Marie Ellison Memorial Library


3603 Hartford Road





Irish Cut — 1160 Old Asheville High-

Hartford, TN 37753

Newport Police Department


Economic Development

Parrottsville Community Library

way, Newport



Cocke County Property Asses-



Bogard — 3136 Bogard Road,

Newport Post Office

Newport Grammar School

sor’s Office


Safe Space


265 Cosby Highway



Cocke County Tourism Office


Centerview — 2474 Holt Town Road,

Newport, TN 37821

Newport Recycling Center

Cocke County Register of Deeds


Cocke County Health





Newport Community Center


City Convenience Center — 122 Locust

Parrottsville Post Office

Cocke County Mayor’s Office

Cocke County School System



Street, Newport

2053 Highway 321



Newport Post Office

Cocke County Circuit Court

Cocke County Sessions Court






TN Department of Human


Bybee Post Office

Cocke County Clerk and Master

Cocke County Sheriff’s Office


Rankin — 269 Clayhill Road, Newport

1580 Highway 160




Reidtown — 1490 Highway 25/70,

Bybee, TN 37713

Parrottsville, TN 37843

Thanks Again!!! Best Sporting Goods & Best Hunting Supplies Business


• Crack Filling • Striping • Commercial


Open Monday-Saturday 8-5 • Archery Pro Shop • Fishing Supplies • Custom Made Arrows


Newport Asphalt Sealers

• Sealing

Joe’s Sporting Goods

E-mail: jsg@planetc.com


• Driveways & Parking Lots Sealed

17 th Year Winner!

158 Highway 25E, Newport, TN


. 423-623-0226


Tommy Holt, owner, and Andy Holt • Residential


423-623-6837 Ask About Our Record of Customer Satisfaction Complete Asphalt Maintenance

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• Full Service Funeral Home

• Caskets/Urns/Cremation Jewelry

• Church Services

• Climate Controlled Chapel

• Burial & Cremation Services 24/7 • Less Expensive Prices Than Traditional Funeral • Pet Cremations • Accept All Life Insurance Plans

2642 E. Highway 25/70 | Dandridge, TN (423) 623-3263 (Cocke Co.) | (865) 509-3263 (Jefferson Co.) www.resthavenmemorialgardens.com

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Rural Medical Services, Inc. Voted

Best Medical Facility

“Better Care For A Better Life.” Family Practice • Pediatrics • Obstetrics & Gynecology Behavioral Health • Case Management • Diabetes Education Care Coordination • Insurance Enrollment • Migrant Health GRASSY FORK CENTER


4261 Big Creek Road • Hartford, TN • (423) 487-2249

229 Hedrick Drive • Newport, TN• (423) 623-1057

3222 Chestnut Hill School Road• Dandridge, TN (865) 509-6611

111 Mockingbird Ave. • Parrottsville, TN• (423) 625-1170

207 Murray Drive • Newport, TN • (423) 613-3300

103 Wilton Springs Rd. • Newport, TN• (423) 487-2222