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THE NAME IS SULLIVAN ALL Amefica remembers the five SuHivans, those five fine brothe.-s who', went down with their ship in the Pacific. \ America had its five Sullivans but Montana has its three Sullivans. They are only one of many of the boys from American families who have marched forth for Uncle Sam. On this Mother's Day, in paying tribute to the thousands of former miners, smeltermen, engineers, craftsmen and many others, we want to pay tribute to the three Sullivan brothers. These Montana boys, on the far flung battlefronts of the world, are upholding the great tradition of Montana. Raymond B. Sullivan is in the Navy where he has been for about a year. A former Butte boy, he worked in the mines for several years before signing up with Uncle Sam. His brother, James, Butte .ners will recall as a pipeman at the Emma. He had always worked in the mines prior to joining up with Uncle Sam. John, wfto is now in the Philippines, has been in the service for three years and prior to going over he worked at the Mt. Con as a miner. Let us tell you a touching little story about John. We of your Labor- . Management Committee newspaper think that this touching story is par-

ticularly appropriate mothers.


on this day when we pause to pay our respects


Recently John's wife, Mrs. Dorothy Sullivan of Butte, received the following letter which speaks for itself .. It was written from the office of the _ chaplain of the' 312th Bombardment

Croup somewher~

in the Pacific and

is signed by Father Snyder, Chaplain. A. U. S. It says: "Dear Mrs. Sullivan: Recently it has been my happy privilege to serve your husband in a spiritual way. While I am being associated with he received from his assisted at Holy Mass

not his Chaplain and thus do not have the pleasure, of him, I can assure you honestly that the good example loved one~ back home is paying dividends now. He I offered on the beach and received Our Lord into his

heart in Holy Communion. This ~as his Christmas could not give. less he would not.

gift to you; more he

"Continue to pray for his spiritual safety and that of us all. That is my prayer for all 'my boys,' whomever I serve and also that before the end of the New Year, all may be hom-e with their loved ones again, Cod willing, after having gained a just peace." We think nothing more need to be said. It is so evident that. in this broad-gage war, all our men are brothers under the skin, all OUr boys are fighting for the same thing. And mothers of our fighting men all over the world are praying today for their sate return. \

COPPER COMMANDO Is t)le officIAl n_spaper of the Victory Labor-Management Production CoDunlttees of the AnacODdaCopper Mining Company and its llnion Representatives at Butte, Anaeonda; Great FaDs and East Helena, Montana. It is issued every two weeks . • • COPPER COMMANDO is headed by a joint. committee from Labor and Management; Its poDcies are shaped by both sides and are dictated by neither ••• COPPER COMMANDOwas established at tbe recommendation of the War Department with the COD currenee ,the War Production Board. its editors are Bob

Newcomb and Marf Sammons; Its safety editor Is John L. Boardman; He staff photographer is Les Bishop ••• Its Editorial Board consists eI: Denis McC~hy, CIO; John F. Bird, AFL: Ed Renouard, ACM, from Butte; Dan Byrne, CIO; Joe Marick, AFL; C. A. Lemmon, ACM, from Anaconda; Jack Clark, CIO; Herb Dona1.d90D,AFL, and E. S. J;JardweD,ACM, from Great FaUs •.• COPPER COMMANDO Is mailed to the home 01 every employe of ACM In the four 10!!ation&-1tyou are not nceiving your oopy advise COPPER COMMANDOat 112 Hanillton Street, BuUe. This .. VoL a, No. 111.


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These Are Our "Heroes Copper Commando takes pride in dedi· eating this issee, on Mother's

Day, to

those of our fellow workers who have gone from various locations of the Company into the Anned Services of Uncle Sam.

This issue rept'eserits a contribu-

tion, in time and effort, of families and friends of servicemen back home-from the ranks of labor and of management, from people of g~

will everywhere.


our men and women in serv1~e, then, a salute from all of u~ here at home!



The Americans shown in the picture to the right are establishing


lines between

the advancing American 'forces in Cermany and units behind the border by laying copper wire. Barde, Bernard ·Missing In aetiOll Barker, Dona~d R. ··Killed in aetion or d~t1u resuUBarker. Kenneth W. ing from military service ••• Barnicoat, Thomas E. t eel to Barraugh,LeWilliam ···DIscharged and/or re am ••• Barrett. Roy M. E., .k work Barry, George Thomas Barry, Richard J. B~TTE MINES DEPARTMENT Barry. Terence Jamea Barsanti, Earl ,••• Agge. George G. Barsanti, Ralph L. Aho, Arthur Emil. Bart, Gordon Eugene Aho. Hjalmer W. Bartzen, Bernard Basich, John Joseph Aho, Toivo. Basote, John Akenson, Oliver M. Bates, Stanley O. Alberda. John. Batt, Herbert . Alberding. Herbert. ···Baucom. William T. Alden, Franklin C. Bauer. Roy H. Allen, .Bert. ···Bauman. Ray .Allen. John. ···Beakey, Willal"d J. Allen, Robert Thomas. ···Beal, Orville E. Allen, William J. Beavers, Joseph F. Allison. Alonzo Pierce. Beavis. Reginald Alperi. Donald T. Becker. Pete { Alto. Bruno Raymond. Beckett, Cyril A. ···Ancely. John. ···Beckham, Terry E. Ancheta, Andres C. Beckstrom. Charles Lee Anderson, Arthur W. ··tBeckworth. Sidney G. Anderson. Ben Arnold. Beeson, Richard M. Anderson, Donald A. Began. Tony Paul Anderson, Helmer. Bell. Floyd James Anderson. JOM. Bell, Franklin F. Anderson. John Herman. Bell. Robert Anderson. Maewood ABenchich, Joe Anderson, Roy. Benlch, Rudolph Anderson. William. Bennett, Malcon O. ••• Andrade, Aurelio. Bens, Leo, Jr . Andreatta. Savior. Benson. Lloyd. Andrew. Jack. Berg. Fred Andrews, Pete F. Bergman, Frank W. . Angove, William F. ··Bermingham, Francis C. Antonovich, Steve. ·Bermingham. John J. Anzik, William. Bermingham, William Apostel, Herbert Fritz. Berry, James Calvin Applegate, William G. Berryman. Earl Archibald, James K. Bersanti. Norman P. Ardisson. Walter A. ··BertogliO, James S. Arguello. Alex. Bertrand, Milton R.. Armstrong. James EBest. Melvin Richard Arrington, Loren ···Bettison, Jack E. Arthur. Albert. Beyer, Norman S. Atkins. Gaylor O. BianChi, Paul J. Atkins, Lloyd Albert. Bibee. Car) E. Attfield, Robert D. ···Blcknell, Richard ·"Auda. Bat. Bierman. Rudolph Augusta, Jerry. Bilteau. Dexter Austin, Clarence· J. Bindreiff. Eugene Austin. Fred Patrick. Bitchov, Fred Aylward. Leo Francis. Black, Leo A. Babcock. Harold C. Blackburn, Fred ··Babcock, Leonard W. Blackmar. Clyde Bruce Babich. Joe ···Blatnick, Frank. Babich. John. Blevins, James H. Backer, Ruben. Bodell, Edwin A. ···Bacon, Orville. Bodell, Kenneth Oscar ···Badt.en, Laurence R. Boggs. William M. Bair, Ira Deloreste.r. Bolfeta. Frank ···Bajovich, Dan ···Bolton, Edward Baker, Adolph. Jr. Bolton. Richard ···Baker, Charles. Boman. John Emil Baker. Newton. ··Bomar. Harold Bakke. Einar A. Bonetto, John D. Balben, Edward C. ···Bonner, John F. BaldWin, Charles C. Bonney, Floyd Ballard, James K. Boognl, William R. Baistad. Jalmer Bordner, William W. Banfield. George ···Bosch, Frank Banfield. William O.

Boucher, Alfred Boucher, Joseph R. Boulter, Dare B. Bousquet. Victor F. Bowlby. Perry Hale Box, Warren H. Boyle, Bernard Boyle. George James Boyle. J:ames Joseph Boynan, Martin C. Braach, Edward E. Bracco. Pete s; Bramer, John :Joe Brammer. Lloyd C. Bramsen, Arne Leo Branter, Melvin T. Braun. Paul C. ···Bray, Thurman Brazier, Nathan Waldo •..·Brennan. James Francia :Brien. Ernest WiUfred Bromps, Ray W. ···Brouillette, Philip J. Brown. Allen C. Brown. Douglas F. Brown Raymond O. 'Brown: Robert H. Brunell, Donald H. Brunson. Milton N. Brusin, George Brusseau, Neal ···Brychta. Chester Buchan, Melvin Andrew "·Buchanan. Walter T. Buck, Milton Lawrenoe ···Bugni, James A. Bull, Alan C. Bunker, Howard Lester BUl'ckhartt. William Burgman. Herbert A. Burgman. Horst Fred ···Burke James J. Burkh'ardt, William H. ··Burns, Jack F. Burns, LeSlie R. ···Burns, Melburn Burns, Vincent Burrows. Clarence W. Burrows, William H. • ··Burtch, William Bury. Alfred Charles Butler, Thomas Edward Byrnes, Bernard W. Cain, J. Matthew Calcaterra. Louis F. Calkins: John Bartlett Callahan, Gerald Oallahan, John D. Callahan, William E. ·Callen. Aranda Ralph Calpin. Thomas Ambrose Oalpin. William ···Cameron, James Camp, Albert L. Campana, Ray C. Campbell. Edward Jamea ···Oamp~ll, Joe ···Campbell, John W. Campbell, WalLer NeU Cannon, JOM Capin, PhJllp Matt Capouch. Philip Carden. James Carey, Al William Oarey, John loll. Carkeek, Leslie

Carkeek, Stephen G. Carkulis, Thomas Peter Carlisle. Ludwig Bert Carlile, Norman A. ··Carlson. Creighton O. ·"Carlson. Helge Oarmlchael. Charlie J. Carne, William Carrie. Gepe V. Carruthers, Don Carruthers. Grant L. Carson. Kenneth Carter. Ohester ···Oarter. Edmund F. Carter, Robert F. ···Casey. Zugene Casey. John Casey, Michael Anthony • ··Cash, Frank ·Casick. Matt Casne, Joseph M. oastern, Ernest Alvin Castle. William R. ···Castren, Eddie ···Castren. Walter cavanaugh, Thomas F. Cercek. Lawrence Frank onades, Eddie J. Ohakarun, Frank "·Chamberlin, Ray Chaney. Harry W.. Charles, Frank Willlam Charles, Henry Chatrland, Louis J. Chattow. Rudolph ·"Chazer. Eldred J. Cheff. Robert _ Ohiamulel'a, Gildo Chilson, Mandel E. Chisholm, Neil "Choquette. Walter Leo ChoInuk. Andrew H. Christensen, Dale I. Christensen. James P. C.hristellsen, Samuel 1.. Christianson. 9toy' Christopherson. Jared Church, John •• ·Churchich, John Ciabattarl, Albert A. Clancy, Jack H. Clark, Oharles A. Clark, Edward Clark, Eugene W. Clark, Fred Clark, Grant G. Clark. James Carey Olal·k. Lester Clark. N. Ellis Clark, Robert Newton Clark, William A. Clark, W. L. Olaus'en, Henry J., Jr. Clausen, Walter E. Clawson, CarlL. ·"Clary. Edwin Cline, Charles 1.. Cline, Wallace Clucas. WUliam T. Cocking. Willard E. Cocks, George Ooello, Pete Coffey, Lawrence E. J. ···Oohen, Dave Cole, Ed J. Cole, Jack Edgar Colenso. Ernest Jamea Coles, Frank Victor

Coles, Thomas William COil, Bernard Collins, Ernest Combo, Jack. Como, Ray Charles Comstock, Robert P. Comstock, Sherman S. Conlan, 'James M. Connell, Bernard, .Jr. Connell, Tom Conner, .,..uan Gale ·Connors, Arthur .F. Connors. George E. •• ·Connors, John Conway, Joe Ja~es Cook, Forrest Millard Cook, George E. Cook. Thomas J. Coon, Harold Copley. Arthur Henry Copley. ,Robert Corbitt, John Daniel Cornett, Leonard O. Corr, Edward D. Oorr, John P. Cote, Arthur Sebastian Cote, Jack - Cote, Leo J. cotter, William J. Coutts, Charles W. Covert, Robert Earl •Cowan, Patrick Cowles. Raymond O. Cox. Robert Coyne, Earl, D. Cragwick, Tolle! Craig. Clarence E. Oraver, Harold ACraver. Thomas B. Crnich, Louis A···Crooker. Otis T. Crosby. James. Crossman. CeCIl Crotty, Emmett Crowley•. Ignatius ···Crowley. John J. Crowley. Joseph Crowley. Joseph R. Crowley. Raymond J. Crowley. Richard J . Crumby. Joseph. Jr. Culbertson, Francis D. Cullen. Peter Cullinan, Hallett E. Cullinan, Richard P. Cullinan, Thomas J. Cummings. Edward CummingS, Harold W. Cummings, John Cunliffe, Russell Cwmingham. Arthur ··Cunningham. John J. Curl, Howard Edward Curran, Peter John Curry. Joseph Andrew Curtis. Orville H. ···Curtis, William L. Cutter. Cy Cyr, Bernard Da Deppo, Leonard Dalasera. Eugene 1.. "·Daly Gene W. Daly: JOM Patrick Daly, Lawren{:e Daly, William F. •• ·Danforth, Raymond 0. Dal'ljanovich. John, Jr. ···Darrow, Joe

, Guidi,

u. S. Siena! COlliS


These Americans, members of the 81 mm mortar squad, are firing on counter-attacking 'aps in the Philippines. Each 81 mm M-4 mort ar carrier contains about 164 pounds of copp~. Daugherty, Paul Davenport, George Davies, .Cyrll W. ·Davies, Emerson Leslie Davis, Charley J. Davis, Francis T. Davis: Frank Davis, Gene M. Davis, James Laughrey Davis, Lowell A. Davis, Raymo.nd J. Davis, Robert L. Davis, Ross E. Davis, Wally Davis, 'William C. Dawes, Homer Raymond Dawson, Edwin FranCis De Celles, Matthew A. De Pozzi, Donald J.. De Shazo, Richard G. ~·'Dean, Joseph Dean, Thomas _ Deasy, Timothy J. Delaney, Francis P. Delaney, James L. Delaney, Raymond Delaney, Walter Delaney, William Delorme, William N. Dement, Franklyn C. Dennehy. Francis J. Dennehy. John ·Dennehy. Patrick J. Denton, James Myron "Deriana, Nicholas ···Devine, Charles J. Diller, E. G. Dillon, Perry D. Dobb, Allred Doble, William C. Dodge~_.lamesSayer, Jr. Dodge, Walter Doepker, Robert E. Doherty, Michael James Dolinar, William A. Donahue, John ··Donohoe, Charles D. Dooley, Dan Doran, Joseph W. Doran, Thomas N. Doran, Vincent J. Dorhofer, Franklyn Dosen, Joe Dougan, Arthur Dougherty, Dan1el J. Dougherty, Dan1el J. Dougherty, David A'·Dougherty, George Douglas, Harold James Doull, Elmer Dunbar Dowling, Wesley F. Downing, Herbert, Jr. Doyle, Robert Peter Drew, Claude Driscoll. Eqward Driscoll, Francis T. Driscoll, Frank T. Driscoll, James Driscoll, John E. Driscoll, Michael Edward Driscoll, Raymond J DrisCOll, William J. Du BQis, George Dudley, Timothy Peter Duffield, Louis Dugan, Michael Dugdale. Frederick W. "'Duggan, James John ···Dumas, Andrew Duncan, Kenneth L. Duncan, Willie F. .··Dunks, William Dunstan, Raymond Durnford. Errol R.. Dusich, Michael N. ··Dwyer, Emmett Patrick Dwyer, James A. Dwyer, Vincent Dwyer, William Hally Dwyer, Patrick E.


Dysinger, Walter Eastabrook, Harold J. Edctf. James A. Eddy, John W. ··'Edgar, Thomas Lyle ··'Edwards, Bennett Edwards, Harold C. Edwal·ds, Harold W. Edwards, Rupert Newell Egedahl. Herbert G. Egnash, Bernard Ekholm, Everett E. Elledge, James ··Ellis, James Patrick Elmore. Warren Eltz, Frank H. Enang, Ole F. Enberg, Norman ·.·Engler, Lorence English, Jim Enright, W1lllam F. •• ·Erickson. Lawrence Estabrook, Douglas Estabrook, Hanford J. Eustice, Ray "Evankovicb, Mike J. •• ·Evans, Louie ···Evans, William Ewing, Frank C. Fagan, William F. Fanning, George Farrell. Charles Wm. ···Farrell, John Farren, John·Michael Farrow, William Passo, Jerry Edward Fay, Morris ···Feely, Cbelsea Felch, Frank M. Fellows, Darius Fellows, Harry Edward Fellows,Thomas Fenton. Henry Ferkovich, Matt ··'Feucht, Stanley Finnie, Bernard Edward . Firkins, Earl Fisher, Dave J., Jr. Fisher, John Pearson Fisher, OJe F. Fisher, Peter L. ···Fischer, Ted F.• Fitzpatrick, Arthur C. Flaada, Ernest Melvin Flanick, W1lllam F. Flanik, Frank Flansburg, John L. Fleming, Ray ~hn Flippan. William V. Flynn, John Richard. ·"Fogarty, John Fogerty. James E. Folden, Edward Foley, Daniel J. Foley, Emmett Poley, George POley, Leo Thomas Foley, William D. Fopp. Silvio Foreman, Howard C. Forsty, Walter Fort, Harvey E. • Fortune, Frank ·"Foster, Fred Fouarge. Raymond Fournier. Theodore J. Fowler, Kenneth Fox, Dean H. Foy, William, Jr. France, Aaron D. Franey, John Franklln, Robert E. Frankovich, Frank ·Frankovlch, George J. Frawley, James Frazer, Ben Jr. ··Fredrlckson, AlVo A. Fredrickson, WUJlam L. •• ·Freeman, Floyd H. French. Ward

··Friend, Ernest V. Frye, Lowell Vanstane ... ·FurtJ'>myre. Thomas W. Gabrielli, Zerbino Gadbow, Vince Leroy Gageby, Wayne Gaida, Joe Gallagher, Francis Gallagher; James M. Gallagher, Michael F. "Gallagher, Roben B. Gallemore, Willard A. Gamez, FJ.ianciscoM. Garbarino, Ray Garcia, Gildardo J. Gardner, Oharles W. Garnet, Leo Garvas, Anton John ··'Garvey, Joe. Garwood, Warren. Garwood, Wynn A. Gaul, James W. Gauvin, Sherman E. ···Gayken, Carl Doris Geach, Jack .. Gedvillas, Joseph J . "'''Gedvillas, Justin Joe Gedvillas, Stanley G.ennette, Raymond E. George. Leonard Gerry. Stanley Giacbetto, Antonio Gianino, John Gibson, John F. ··Gibson, John R.. Gles. Harold F. GUbert, Roy Gilbert, William Gillespie. Thomas ··'Gilliam, William Gillie, John • ··Gilmore, Fred Gilmore, Paul Joseph Giza, Walter W. Glaamen, Lars M. Glase, John Glase, William P. Gleason, William Glogosky, Michael ···Glynn, Andrew Godbout, Fred J. Godman, Kenneth K. Goehring, Reuben Goforth, Donald L. OHGoldsmith, Lavern E. Goldsworthy. Earl T. Goldsworthy, Tom GOrlez. Pete s. Goodman. William L. ·~Goodwin, Harley Gormley, Bernard J. ·"Gorsh Peter "·Gossett, Marvin Gottwig, Arthur W. Govednik, Alouis Graham, Gordon Graham. Marvin R. "'Grant, Charles E. Grant, Harold Desmond Grant, Leon C. Grant, Robert W. Gratzer, George Gray, Charles Gray, Edwar-d W. Gray, George L. Greene, Melvin L. Greene, Patrick, M. Greene, Thos. A. Gregson, Grover Wicks Grentz, George ···GrUfin, Frank F. Griggs, Forest Coral Gronquist, Lawrence E. ., ·Gross, Raymond Grove, John J. Guay, Joseph T., Jr. Guay, Wilbur Joseph ···Guenther, Karl ···Guffey. Clarence Guiberson, Paul C.

Emmett Guidi, Jack Gunnell. Pharis G1lll.s Gupman, Leonard Gustafson. Paul ·"Gustafson, Vincent V. Gutz, Theodore F. Hadzor, 'pl· an cis E. Hafstrom, William E. Hailstone, Gordon 1.. Hakala, Wilbert E. Halbert, Earl W. Hall, Carl Hall, Edward Sellner Hall. Jerry Hallin, Thomas JamM Halter. Joseph M. Haltunen, Clarence A. Hammel:, Alvin Carl Hammond, William lkDt7 ···Hampton, Jack ·Hancock, Shirley. W. Handy. Edwin R. Hanifen, Daniel C. "·Hanley, Daniel Hanley, Jack, Jr. Hanley, James Hanley, James S. Hanley. John Hanley, John N.• Jr. Hanne, Delbert "·Hanne. E_;lwyn Hanne. Lester Hansen, Donald A. Hansen, Ernest otto Hansen, Garland Andrew Hansen, Leroy Hansen, Miller Hansen, Vernal L. Haran, Robert J. Hardle, Ollffol·d W. Harkins, William C. Haro, Nelo Nels Harrington, Bernard Harrington, Dan F. Harrington, Dan S. ···Harrington, Joe Harrington, John F. Harrington, John J . Harrington, John P. Harrington, Patrtek J. Harris. Charles LeRoy Harris, Charles Thomas HarriS, Francis Harris, Joseph B:arrls, Layton B. ···Harvey, Arthur J. Hal·vey, Don ···Harvey, James S. ··Uarvey, Richard W. Hasselblad, Walfred M. Hastings, Edward J., Jr. Hatcher, Aaron L. Hatton, Clifford C. Hautajarvi, Ernest Hayes, Francis F. Hayes, Frank ···Hays, Daniel J. Heard. Alfred Heard, Harold Hebel·t, George D. Hebert, Kenneth E. Heffern, Arthur L. ·Heffern, Jack Heikkinen, William Heikla, Elroy Henry Heino, Willie V. Hendt·a, Charles D. Hendra, John G. ···Henry. James K. Henry, James W. Hepola; Reuben Carl Hester, William l. ··'Hettick, John P. Hettick, Louis Hiatt, Raleigh •• 'Hibbs. Oharles Hibbs, Lawrence Berton Hildebrand, Louis Hildebrandt, Louis G. ···Hileman. Harry M. Hill, Bayne H. Hill, Carl Leander •• ·Hill, Eddie ···Hin, George Hill, James ···Hill, John Hill, Samuel H. Hm, Wendell R. Hills, Arthur L. Hills, Robert LawreD1:e Hills, Ronald L. Hills, Virgil L. Hinch. James M. Hinch, John J. Hinch, Joseph Hinch, Milton Bennett Hinch. Nicholas L. Hitchens. Russell Hoar, Alvin Hoar, James Hockaday, Ftank Hocklng, Ralph ···Hodge. John K. Hodge, William C'harle4 Hofbauer, Albert Wm. Hogan. John B. Hogan, Wm. F. Holland,;Danlel F. ..··Holland. George P. Holland, James Holland, Pa.trick Holland, Thos. P. Holland, Walter B. Holleran, John Thos. Holl1day, Robert W. Holman, Richard Holmes. John W. Holmes, Leonard F. Holton, William Floyd Hoocks, Forest S. Hooper, Estle Loyd Horak, George Cym Horne, Milton Horne, Paul Leonard Horse Capture, Joe Hosldns, E. Hul"ert

H06Sack, George W. Houchin, John B. Houston, William lL HOvin, Jalmer Richald •• "Hovin, John Howard, Thomas Edw~ Howser, Paul L. Hubbard, Arvel, Hubbard, ·Hobart D. Hubbell. Richard V. Hubert, William A. lluddleston, Ed. Huddleston, Edward J. Hulf, Hugh Martin Huffman, John Huggins, Fred Leslie Hughes, Frank Hughes, Hugh Hughes, Jobn B.•Jr. Hughes, Theodore W. Hughes, William T. Hugo, Elmer Hugo, Wilfred George Huhtanen, John ~ul1, Hugh Carmichael Hulverson, Allen G. Humber, Leslie Huston, Orion J06eph ···Hutchins, George H. ··'Hutchinson, Clifford O. Hutchinson, Jesse J. Huttula. John Augustus Immonen, Albert John Immonen, Walter lnkret, .William Isaacson, Allred O. Isaacson, Reino Isakson, Donald G. Isakson, Elmer E. ···Isola, Charles Jacenick, Emil Jackelinl, Louis Jackelin1, R. R. Jacklin, Earl Jackson, Arly C. Jackson, Bill Jackson, George, Jr. Jackson. William E. Jacobson. Leslie H. Jacobson, Robert James, Aaron J. James. Arthur D. James. Cecil James. Charles B. James, Cyril James, James Jearl James, Robert James, Sam Jarrard, Leonard D. Jeffery. Robert K. Jenkin. Will1am R. Jennings. Gerald Moore Jennings. W~ter J. ··Jennings, William G. Jensen. George H. Jensen, Melvin ···Jensen, Paul W. ··Jessen, Gerald K. Jimenes, Joe L. Johns. Anthony Niel ·"Johnson, Carl Johnson, Dorman E. ••• Johnson, Everett Johnson. Howard A.. Johnson, James Melvin ·Johnson. Raymond·J. Johnson. Robert A. Johnson. Roy ···Johnson, Russell B. Johnson, Urho August ···Johnson, Walter . Johnston, Ben C. Jones, Chester Jones, J. Philip Jones, Kenneth' ··Jones, Philip Jones, Walter ···Jones, William R.. Jordan, Dennis Jordan, Ernest Jordan, Paul Josovich, 'Michael John ·"Jozovich. Clarence J. Jozovicn, John P. Judd. Ohester p .. Jr. Judson, Lawrence W. Jursnick. Anton H. Justad. Robert Wade Kaario, Matt Kahoe, Edward P. •• 'Kallas Thomas Kalsher, Joseph R. Kangas, Einar John •• ·Kasklsto, Eino Arne Kasseth. Martin Kasun, John Kasun, Paul Kautzman, John B. Kavalec. Michael Keane, Harold Edward Keating, John, Jr. Keating. Terry Keeney. James Kehoe, Charles Francls Keilman. Lester A. Kellett, James Arthur Kelley, Edward W. Kelly, Cornelius P• Kelly. Frank Kelly, Oscar Cecil Kelly, Peter Kelly. Ronald J. Kelly, Victor Kelly. William Kemp, Thomas OWen Kennedy, Allen David Kennedy. John Micllael Kent, Carl Kentta, Harold Keogh, Clair P. Kerr, William R.. Keskttalo, Edward A. Kersten, Robert W. Kerstein, WUbert II. ···KeskitaIo, Arthur 0#




1testle. Charles Andrew Keto. Orho A. ~•• Khoury. Edward G. Kiefer. Eldred I. .••·Kiesling. Henry Gustat Killen. Clarence W. •• Kilroy. Dick Kimball. Osburn Harry Kimble. Aubrey Elwood Kimbler. Arthur King. Cornelius Neal King. George Wesley King. James F. Kirkaldie. Donald J. Kirkland, Terence G. Kissell. Edgar W. Kitusz. Michael Joseph Klein. Ira Klobucbar. George ::; Klobucar, Henry ···Klune. William C. ···Knabe. Richard H. Kneebone. Frank Knight. Carl O. Knight, Frank, Jr. Knightly. Thomas E. Knudson. Henry ~··Kocevar. James Kodis. Charles Kohn. James P. ··Kolman. Leo Koltay. John M. Konstw. Fred U. Kopp. Albert Korpi. Kenneth Koski. Waino Kostenko. Sam Dimitry Kostich. Albert Kotka, Richard Kotka, Rudolph G. Kovacich. George G. Kozar. John Daniel ·Kraft. Jack •• ·Kramarich. steve F.• Jr. Krantz, William Kraus. Karl J. Kray. 'COrnelius .···Krein. Henry Kristensen. George A. ··Krukenberg, Edwin Krukenberg. Hi! Keum, George W. Krum. Oscar N. Kruse. Fred H.• Jr. Keuzich. Anbhony Kuga. Mike ···Kukar. John .···Kulas. Broneslaus Kullar, Raymond J. Kungas. Matt S. Kunst. Joseph F. Kuoppala, Gunnard Kuoppala. Sigurd Kuoppala. Swanie •• ·Kurtti. Wilho La Blanc. Fred Eugene La Duke. Herbert H. La Palm. JOe La Vallie, Edward G. Labranche. Raymond J. Labson, Albaro Lacierda. T{'ny Ladl"ach. Sterling E. ···Lahti, Toivo Laird. Archie Laird. Thomas W. Lake. John ···Lalich. George Lambert. Douglas Lamuth. F'red Lanch, Frank Anthony Landon. Sam G. Lane, Allred B. Lane. Clarence Patrick Lane, Terrence R. Langdon, LeSter H. Lanier. Wince Monroe Lansberry. John Larsen. DeWitt Jamea Larsen. Nels ~rsen. Wilbur ···Lasky. John -Laukkonen. Charles J. ~· Bill Laurandeau. Robert Laurich. Frank Lewis Lavadure, Joe Lavadure. Rpbert Lavelle. Daniel Joseph Lavelle. Emmet Lavelle. Frank Leo Lavelle. Peter Lavelle. Tom Lawshe. Russell M. Layman. Lewis Vincent Le COrno. Henry J. Le Corno. John Franlc Le Coure. Leo Le Coure. William Le Fever. Martin ALe Prowse. Frank ~·Le Prowse. John Le Var. Frank B.• Jr. Leafstedt; Hugo J. Leahy. Ed' Leah~~ertAl~ Leary. Ed Leary. John Leary, John F. Leary, Joseph J. Leary. Patriclc Leary. Ray "·Lee. Allred Glenn Lee. Jeremiah P.• Jr. Lee. Kenneth Ray Leeper. Sam Leona'rd. Lefevers. Jay Lehtl. Fred Aloysiua Lehn. Jean Albert Lehto. Bino A. Leishman. Donald J. Lemler. Clarence Lemler, Francis Lense, Alvin Herman Leske. Lowell Fred



Lester. Melvin C. Letey. Albert Eugene Leva. Archie Lewis, Roy Davis Lewis, Sam William Leyba. Epifamo Lheureux. Arthur Eo Libert-y, Stephen Ed Lile, John R. Lillis. Hubert Edw~ Lindbergh, Norman A. Lindenmuth. Ray Lindquist. Dean Herma.n Lindsay, James Harper Linman, John Henry Lively. Fred Calvin Lcchrte, Henry Murra.y Lockett. Philip John Loiselle. James Allen Long, Ernest E. Long. William H. Longley. Chester T. Lousen, Albert Lousen, Raymond Frank .·Lovegren. Richard L. ••• Lovshin, Albert John Lowe, Daniel ···Lowe. James M. Lucas. Alva John Lucey. Richard ··Lucha. Harold Louis Lund. Norman J, Lyle. Edgar ···Lyle, William K. Lyman. Alton Lynch, George A. ···Lynch. James W. Lynch, Joe H. Lynch. John R. Lynch. Raymond M. Lynch, Roy Maalis. Harvey Edwin Mac~ey, John ••• Mackey. Toivo A. Maddock. Donald Madina. Frank M. Madsen. Clarence Krow Maempa. Jack Maffei, Andrew Maffei. Mauric~ Magorien. David F. Maguil·e. John Mahoney. James F. Mahoney. John Patrick Maichel, Herbert A. Maki. Ben Carl Maki. Laurence ··.Maki Nestor Maki: Roy O. Maki, Waino Aug Malensek. Edward Malensek, Jt\ck Malensek, Tony Malinen. Reino Matkovich. George Malley, Joe R. Mallon. John T. Malloy. cecil E. Maloney. James Herbert Maloney. James Patrick Maloy. Eugene Magnus Mannakee. Nathan H. Marazzato, Leo A. Marinovich. Tom. Jr. Marjamaa. John C. Marsh. Harold Marsha.ll, Linness Martin. Henry MarUn. Henry A. Martin, James A. Martin. Jess Martin, John Arthur Martin. Raymond H. __ Martin. Robert Loyd Martin. Victor R. Martinsen. Roy Mal·tinez. Anastacio Martinsen. AU Johan Marvin. Rudolph Mason. Phillip E. Mason. Ray J. Matkovic. Joseph Peter Matson, Elmer Matson, Homer Mattern. Harvey M. Matteucel. Clal'ence W. Matteucci. Dan F. Mattson. Arvid Mattson. Frank Ever Mattson. Wallred Matule, Rudy Mazzola. Joe Mazzola. Tony Mazzo1ini, Dan Mead, Vaurice Meagan. John Thomas ··Medvit. Paul Lawrence Meehan. Jack John Meehan. Robert J. Meer. Heinz John Mehring, Marcel Meister. Herman T. Melick. Kyle T. Melvin, Edward Merca. Dioscoro B. MelTitt. Cornelius E. Merzlak. Allred J. Metesh, Rudolp Paul Metzer. Carl Eldon Meyer. GUbert Meyers, Robert LefOY ·Michaely. William D. Michalsky. Joseph J. Michalsky. Paui Micheletti. DaviCl C. Michelotti. John Mickelson. Nell W. Mihelich, Albert MihelIch. Anthony Mihelich. Jack Peter Mihelich. John •• ·Mihelich. Michael Mihelich. Rudy ···Mikkola. Jalmer T. Miller. Clinton L.

••• Miller. George ·Miller. George Miller. Henry Albert Miller. Hugh Miller. John Edward Miller. John Lee Miller. Karl Hugh Miller. Louie A. Miller. Richard Ross Miller, Roy Delmar Miller, William Arvid Miller. William W. Mills. John W. Mills. Lee Mills. Paul Theodore Mills. William Milodragovich. Eli Milodragovlch, Nick Minton. Robert E. Mitchell. Alex Mitchell. Clifton R. Mitchell. Lucas Mitchell. Melbern Mitchell, Samuel T. Mitchell. Thomas A. Mogus. Fred ···Mogush, Frank Molina. Glicerio M. Monahan, RicQard Rose Monley, Thomas Alexiua Moody. Harley G. Mooney. Charles Moralez, Arturo .··Moran. Bernard F. Moran. James E. Moran. Thomas M. Morey. Edward Lee ·Morgan. Artbur B. Morgan. John ···Morgan. Ray R. Morgenstern. Fred J. Morin. Thomas q. Morris. steve Monis, William J. ···Motlan<l. Arne Mowry. Paul C. Mueller, Henry Joseph Muffich, Anton Martin MtrIlch. John Frank Mufich. William Peter Muhich. Frank Muhich. Geo. Mulcahy. William ···Mulholland. Richard Mulholland. Thomas W. Mtl:retich. Nick Murja. Dan Murnin. Harry Murphy. Charles W. Murphy. Daniel Eugene Murphy. Dennis Murphy. Eugene C. Murphy. Jerry D. Murphy. John Murph-y. John E. Murphy, John Francis Murphy. John James. Murphy. John R. Murphy. John Robert MW'phy, Raphael V. Murphy. Raymond. Murphy, ~rt L. Murray. Alexander Murrish. William T. Murto. William Muscalus. Peter A. Myerchin, Ray W. Myerle. Joe _ ··Myerle. Peter John Myers. Leo M. McAlmond. William H. McArthur. ~ert McBride, Darrell McCarthy. Allen McCarthy. Dan MCCarthy. Joe McCarthy. John MCCarthy. Jobn J. McCarthy. John Joseph McCaugherty. Glen


McCa.ul. James MCCaul. Patriclt p. MOCauley. Alexander K. McCOllum, Art McCollum. James E. . McCoy, Charles W. McCoy. Melvin T. McCrea. L. E. MacDonald. Daniel M. MacDonald. Donald MacDonald. John Be McDermott. James J. McDermott. Noel H. McDonald. Charles J. ·McDonald. Frank E. McDonald. Frank T. McDonald. James McDonald, James McDonald. Thomas McEachern. Jack McElhenny. James E. McEna.ney. John P. McEwen, John P. McEwen, LeRoy Daniel ···McFarland, Kent ···McGarry. Bob McGarry. Frank McGarry. T. DoneU McGinnis, Herchel • McGlOin, James P. McGloin. William McGlynn, Michael F. McGowan. Charles J. McGowan. Steven Jamea McGrath. Walter F. • McGuin, Tracy McGuinness. Thomas H. McGuire. Joseph M. McHugh, Edward W. McIsaac. Hector Allan McKenzie. Vestal V. McKenzie, William McLean, William D. MacLeod, Tom McLeod. Walter P. McLeod, William McLinden. Malvin McLoughlin. Thomas McMillan. Donald T. McMillan. Ray McNamee. Dennis V. McNeil. Donald McNeil. Duncan J.. McNeil. Edward L. McQuiston. Frank Nash, Daniel Edwin Navarro. Richard Loula Navarro. Ronald Neary. John A. Negus. Parker Neighbor. James 0Neilson. Charles Nelminen. Orvold K. Nelson, Alvin H. .Nelson, Fred Gustaf Neison. Harold Nelson. Harry Eugene Nelson. Louis R. .··Nelson, Martin Nelson. Marvin "·Nelson. Robert D. Nemgar. Louis Neuberg. Gustav A. Nicholls. Arthur Nickelson, Howard Be Nickiscb. Frederick Nichisch. Irvin Niemi. Ernest Niemi, Leonard Oiva ··Niemi. Walter W. Niles, Charles H. Niles. Merle A. Nims, Elmer M. Nissen. Harold Nistler. Leander Nistler, Robert Noon, James P. Norcott. Harold D. Nord, Warren , Nordst.rom, Clarence

.Nordstrom. Gustave Nordstrom. Louis P. ···Norine. Walter A. ···Norris. Harold W. Norton, James Nuenthal, Frank Nugent, James Patrick Nuhfer, Art Nyquist. Donald ··-O'Boyle. Lawrence D. ···O·Brien, Bernard •• ·O'Brien. Brian C. O·Brien. John O'Brien. Marcus O'Brien. William D: O'Brien, William T. O'Brien, Willie O'Connell. Daniel P. o'ocnnor. Raymond "O'Donnell. James E. O'Donnell. James J. O·Gara. Daniel Patrick O'Hagan. Michael Henr1 ·O·Hara. Michael O·Hara. Michael Joseph O'Hare, Patnck O'Keefe. Raymond &. ·O·Neill. Bernard C. O·Neil. Harry O'Neill. John Joseph oxein, John Mearl O'Neill, John Phillp O·Neill. Joseph O·Neill. Lester O'Neil, Theone W. O·Neill. Thomas J. O'Neill, William O'Non, Pierre J. X. O·Rourke. James M. Oaas, TOl·gas.Jr. Oates. John R. Oberg, Gunnar Olaf Ogden, Albert Obadiah Ogolin. Fred John Ogrin, John ·Oikle. R. L. • OUphant. J. Richard Olsen. Robert J. Olsen. Rufus Sylvester Olsen, Stanley Eugen. 015on. Albert M. Olson. Earl Olson. Francis Olson. George Peter Olson. Howard R. Olson. John R. Olson. John Severin Olson. Julius H. Onthank. Joseph Lou Opie. Alfred J. Oresek. Frank Oreskovich, Michael.No Orlich. Don Osborne. John Osier. Gordon OSier. Robert Osler. Roy Osness. OlaI K. , Osse110.Jam~ Osterholm, Lee A. Otis. Francis Patrick, ···Otonichar. Julius Otstot. J.ohn W.• Jr. OUellette. Eugene OUellette, Harry Ovitt, Neil Raymo,nd Paavola. Laurie Pacheco, Paulino G. ··Pachico. Jack Paf1bausen. Earl P. Paffhausen. Harry I. Pajula. Onni 1. Palmer. Lawrence W. Palmer, Lewis K. Palo, Marshall Panion. Fredrick Eo "·Panion. John Pappas. Dallas Parent, Thomas James .Parinl, Al S.


This American is driNing in the copper mines of Butte. Americans on the fighting fronts know that the winning of this war depends in large part on the production of copper.

Parini, William T. Parker, Tom Parks, Claud Arthur Parrish, Ralph H. Parsons, James Owen Pascoe, Horaee' Pasta, Arnold Lorne Pasta, Melvin IM·Patrick, Edward J. Patterson. John W. Paull, Willis K. "'Paulsen, Emmet J. Pavolich, Joseph Geo. Pawelko, Uike. Jr. paxton, Gillord L. Payne, John Stephen Paynter, Clifford A. Peck, Francis Peel, Wallace Peeso, Fred Austin Peeso, Harvey Edwin Pelkowske, Henry Penney, Jack Penney" William Edward Pentilla, William Peoples, William F., Jr. Perez, Robert Perlclch, George ··Perkins, Harold E. Perry, Clayton W. ···Perry, Charles J. ~"Pershe, John Pesenti, Alfred Pestotnlk, Louis, Jr. Petanovlch, Marco Peters, James, Jr. Peterson, ·,ftichard E. Peterson, Roy I. Petrich, Bernard Petritz, Mark J. Petritz, Rudolph Petroni, Ugo Pfaff, Karl George ·Phelan, John W. Phillips, Lional R. Phillips, Robert E. Philp, Henry

Ramirez, Antonio Randall, Jack B. Randolph, Fred Rask, Bernard Rautio, John P. Rebich, Martin Rebich, Paul Rebich, Steve Rector, James A. Redmond. Keith Edsil Reed, Gordon Jess ···Reed, Laverne R. Reese, EQmund Jamer Reese, Frank Regan; Patrick Reichert, John K, Reid, Melton Henry Reinschmidt, Alvin Reinwand, Jack 1.. Remark, Louie E. ···Remington, Joe Repace, William •• ·Rhine, Steve 'Rice, Thomas Henry Richards, Frank A. Richards, Lawrence C. Rlchar~s, WilJjam L. Richter, Walter A. Ricket~, Gilbert B. Rickey, Oral Oliver Riley, John Riordan, D. J. ··Riordan, Eugene T. Riordan, WilIred A. Riordan, W. C. Ripley, Paul Martin Risch, John Risley. Henry Allm Ritchie, William J. Rittel, Frank Paul Ritter, Jack O. Robbins, CQarles Orin "·Robedeau, Ralph A. Rober~, Charles W. Rober~, David Rober~, Edwin A.

Ryan, Thomas Ryan, Thomas Saari, John Sabol, Stephen H. "·Sajor, Pedro Salminen, Arnold O. Salminen, Oscar ···Salvador, Vicente A. Sammons, Jack H. Sams, Lester Sander, Wilbelm Sanderson, Jerry G. Sandrettl, Lawrence Sandretto, Richard ···Sanford, Jay "Sandquist, Theodore Sandvig, Robert 1.. SarSfield, George ···Sarsfield, Joe W. Sather, Wesley P. Satre, Trygve Satterly, Thomas J. Sauve, Robert Scanlon, Dennis J. Schapiro, Paul P. Schara, John V. Schenck, William C. Schermerhorn, John Schille, Richard C. Schlepp, Reinhold Schtoss, John "Schmook, John Philip Schoening, Daniel F. Schrammeck, Wallace L. Schutz, Paul Peter Schwalbe, Herbert E. Schwinden, James. Scl1Jey,James Nerlip Sciuchettl, Frank Scofield, Yluis S. Scott, Oharles Scott, George W. ···Scroghan, Richard E. Sechen, John F. Sedaris, Robert Louis Seelye, Lloyd Le Roy Segar, Julian E.

U. s, SJroal



These Americans are rolling shells for the 240-mm howitzer from the vehicle to a point near the gun. A howit%er is another death-dealer requirmg plenty of copper. Philp, Sidney Phippen, Edward A. Pickering, Duane L. Pierce, Court A. Pierce, George C. Pierce, Harry A. Pierce, Jim Pierce, Joe Pinne, Frank . Pinkerton, Dan Leon Piskolich, Frank Vance Pitner, Lyle G. Plaskey, Ray R. Plessas, Don Joseph ~"Plut. John . Pooch, Raymond Poad. Howard Pohlman, Percy, Jr. Poole, Michael Pope, Fred H. , Porter, Roy W. Powers, James J. Powers, John Joseph Powers, Robert J. Pratt, Floyd William Preston, Abraham Price, Charles Louis Price, Daniel R. PrIntz. Willie C. '··Proctor. George Prosa, Frank Neil Prowse, Kenneth Prowse. Robert IJoyd Puumala, Paavo P. Quinn, Thomas Francis Radanovich, Dusan Rademacher, Bruce A. Rader, Ernest Eugene RaIle. John Rajala, Edward M. Rembo6ek, Albert J. RamboSek. August F.


Roberts, Ellis Earl ···Roberts, Wheldon R. Robineon, Con F. Robinson, Donald T. Robinson, George L. Robinson, Gerald R. ···Robinson, Ralph J. Rodarte, Robert •"Rodgers, William '''Rodonl, Ello Roe, James J. Rogers, Donald James Rogers, Ray • "Rogers, Richard Roletto, Henry John ···Rom, Henry "'Rom, Wally V. Romero, Manuel D. Rooney, Leo Rooney. Thomas B. Rosellini. Gene Rosich, Ed Rostad. Ora H. Roth, Calvin C. ·"Rowe, Clarp.nce Rowe, Elmer Rowe, Lloyd Neil Rowe, Thomas S. Roybal, Manuel T. Roybal, Tony Rozan, Ruddle Rudd, Allred Hans, Jr. Ruffatto, DominIck L. Ruh1nen, Edwin Runyon, Edgar M. Ruona, Elmer J. Russette, William J. Rutledge, George John ··Ryan, Ambrose . Ryan, C. A. ···Ryan, Edmund D. Ryan, Jack 1..

Seitz, Henry Herman A. Self, Clifford G. K. Selon, Stephen se.mansky, Frank. E. Sennett, Jol}n Albert Serich, John F. Sertch, Ruddy J. Sessions, Arel Shaffer, Charles Shakespeare, Alvin W. Shaneyfelt. Chas. R. Shannon, John Maurice Shaw, Henry J. Shea, Clinton James Shea" Daniel Patrick. Sbea, Edward J. Shea, Edward J. Shea, Gerald 1.. Shea, Horace Shea, Ja.mes Shea, James Shea, James B. ···Shea, James V. Shea, John Shea, John Francis Shea, Joseph T. ·"Shea. Mike C. Shea, hObert E, SLes., Thomas K. Shea, Vince Shea, William J. Shean, '3len Sheehan, James Sheehan, Thomas M. Shepilrtl, Albert Shepard, Wilbur Sherlock, William H. "'Shiner, Burke Fenton Shlsker, Sylvester Shockey, Maurice W. Shovl1n, Dan ·"Shutey, Joe

Sieben, Joseph H. Sleg, Robert N. ···Silts., Waino John Silver, Ray Francis Simmons, G. Lloyd Simmons, Robert H. Simon, Nick Simonich, Joe Simperman, Frank W. Sinerius, Henry H. Sinning, Thomas Edward Skender, Frank ·Skender, Rudolph Sk.oog, Albert Skubitz, Charles SkuIetich, Lewis Slattery, Edward Slattery, Robert E. Slette, Norman L. "Sloan, Eddie Sloan, Ted Slouber, Joseph Smelcer, Clifford E. Smigaj, Raymond V. Smith, Alvin Lansdale "-Smith, Bernard L. "·Smith, Edward E. Smith, Ernest Smith, Ervin B. ·"5mith, Eugene C. Smith, Irving E. ···Smith, John F. ···Smith, Leo James ···Smith, Robert Edwin Smith, Seth Elmer Smith, William Dewey Smith, William H. Smiun, William R. Smythe, Clarence Snyder, Charles W. Snyder, Delbert D. Snyder, George Snyder, Joe Sommers, Samuel J. Sorich, Alex Sorich, Mike •• ·Spackman, Arthur, Jr. Sparks, Ed Sparks, Gerald Sparks, Robert Wilson Spear, William Spencer, Arthur Albert Spetter, Leo Sporcich, Tony Charles Spremich, Matt Spritzer, Peter &,uires, Gregory S. Staats, William P. ···Stagnoll, Arthur Stanaway, Melvin E. Stanisich, Joe StarceVich, Joseph Stark, Gordon 1.. "·Stayer, Joseph Stayer, William Steele, Paul L. Stefanich, Bill ···Stefanac, Stephen Stefonic. Martin J. st. George, Edward steinhauser, Stephen K. SteJer. FranCis A. Stermitz, Vinton A. Stevens, Herman C. Stevens, Joe Earl Stewart, David Stimatz, Harold Stimatz, Lawrence G. Stimatz, Lloyd Alfred! Stinson, Glen ···Stodden, George H. Storey, Roy Stosich, Tony Stosick, JOhn Stout, Koehler S. Straek, James Matthew ···Strauss, Gus Stred, Warren J. Strizic, Walter Strout, Joseph A. Strunk, Joe Ross Struznik, Edward Stuck, James C. Sullivan, Cornelius J. Sullivan, Dan SuUivan, Daniel Henry Sullivan, Dennis A. Sullivan, Ea)'l Sullivan, Ed Sullivan, Fred Maurice ···Sullivan, Jack • Su1l!van, Jack Sullivan, James A. Sullivan, James B. "Sullivan, James T. Sullivan, John C. Sullivan, John Patrick ···Sullivan, Leonard W. ···Sullivan, Lloyd Sullivan, Raymond B. Sullivan, Mearl W. Sullivan, W!lllam P. Sulzle, Adolph Sumpter, Fred P. ·"Suonpera, Walfred • Susak, Frank J. Sutey, Louis Swager, John Cornelius Swan, Anthony R. Swan by, Gordon Thomas Swanson, Raymond W. Swartz, Ralph Rolland Sweet, Jack Mast Sweet, Ja,y Clarence Swenson, James Swoboda, Gerald J. Swoboda, Leonard L. Symons, Harry J. Taival, Arthur Tallon, Ernest Geo. "TamietU, Frank Tamlyn, Willard O. Tangmo, Raymond 1.. Tanttari, Elno W. Taskila, Edward UnQ "·Taskila, John Andrew

TaUB~n, Harold

Tauson,' Marko Tauson. MiltQn Taylor, Donald Taylor, John Taylor, Robert Louis Taylor. Walter Francla ···Teschner, William ··Tewey, Timothy Tezak, Josef ···Theobald, W'illiam o, Thill, Charlie E. Thomas, Alve John Thomas, Charles lL ···Thomas, George Thomas, Jack Thomas, Patrick Conlon Thomas, RiChard Jerome Thomas, Robert E. Thompson, Andrew Thompson, Clarence L.. Thompson, Donald W. Thompson, Elden Theron Thompson, Jennings ···Thompson, John E. Thomson, Alan K. Thornton, Eugene Thornton, Patrick Thurmond, Robert Thurston, George W. Tirrell, Jack Francis Tittle, Donald G. Todd, John Edgar Tokle. 'John Tokle, Louis J. Tokle, Robert Tomazich, Rudy ···Tomich, Laurence ·Tomioh, Paul StlUlley TOmich, Rudy Frllilk ···Tomsich, Albert Torok, Steve Torpy, Thomas Tourikis, William Tout, Oharles TOwne, Everett A. Tracy, Ed Tregear, Nicholas T. Treloar, Cliff Tretheway, Richard, N. Tretheway, William D. Trevana, James Robert Trevenna, G. ···Trevenna, William D. Trimmer, John Franklin Triplett, William F. True, Clyde 1. Trueba, Louis ···Trueman, Weldon M. Tl'upukka, Larry H. Try thall, Horaoe E. Tucker, Leo H. Turgeon, George Edward Turk, Henry Joseph Twomey, Hugh Uggetti, Peter Underwood, Ted M. Urban, Samuel E. Urquhart, Pascal A. ··Van Alstine, William L. Van Delinder, Marion D. Vanham, Joe Francis Vass, W'llliam S. Veazey, Stockton, Jr. Vetaly, Ansel William Vice, Eugene Victor, Fred' W. Vidrich, Mike, Jr. ···Vigil, Joseph M. Vma, Rafael Visser, Joseph Vogel, Freddie ···Vogel, seldon Hardie Vouk, Louis Vuckovich, Milan • Vuich, Pete Vukovich, Alex Vukovich, Louis "'Waggay, Delfen Waggenor, William L. Wagner, Fred William Wagner, Ray Franklin Wahlberg, Charles D. Waldron, Kenneth M. Walker, James A., Jr. Walker, Richard C. Walker, Theodore Wall, Joe Wall, John, Jr. ···Wallace, Charles A. Wallace, Jay Wallace, Kerry B. Wallace, Raymond O. Walsh, Creighton J. WalSh, Dennis ·"Walsh, Ed • "Walsh, Frank ···Walsh, John Walsh, Patrick' Walsh, Thomas Joseph Walsh, Tom Wampler, Cleo Moniai Wanless, Robert Oliver Ward, Charles N. Ward, Ed",ard' F. Ward, Jet Finch Ward, Patrick Joseph Warren, Morris Ingram Warren, W. Noble Wasley, Ray George Watters, Joe E. Watterson, Eugene Wa.ttula, Eino Wattula, Nelo Isaac Wattula, Rudolph Waymire, Lawrence W. ···Webb, Ralph Wegner, Erwin '/ Weiglein, Adolph Wells, Albert Wells, Fred F. Wells, Jack Patrick Welter, Richard Wenger, .rules Donald Wenger, Merle

Jensen. George H. Keenan, Robert Law Kiesling, Henry GU8~ Leazy, John F.

Weraja, w-,lliam Wertln, Paul West, William R. Westphal, Ed E. Whalen, Robert P. Wheeler, Vernon C. "White. Everett Young "·White. John Wickers, Maurice A. Wiegenstein. Jules R. Wilkins, James Edward Wilkinson, Edward A. Wilkinson. Leonard 'Willcocks. Jack B. Williams. George B. ··Williams, John Francis Williams, John P. Williams. John Thomas Williams. Kenneth Williams. William E. Willman, Arthur Willoughby, Clarence Willoughby. Joe wuson, Francis 1.. Wilson. Frank ···Wilson,_ George Wilson. Hugh Wilson, John C. Wilson, Robert Dom Wilson, William C. Winroth, Leonard Winston, Les1ie G. Wold. Donald Paul "·Wipf, Joe Wolcott, Leon M. Wold. Gordon ""Wold, Wilbur Wolfe, Lawrence otto Wolffe, Eugene Fae Woodbridge. Donald M. Woods. Cbarles B. ···Work, George S. Worley. Bert E. .. ··Worring, Alfred Wright, Samuel T. Wright, Troy Elias Wrightson, William Yeager, Carl L. Yates, .Russell Willard You1t.en, Jack ···Young. ByronR. Young, Everett Young. Harlan F. Young, Howard J. Young, Jack R. ·Yoveticb. John M. Zahar, John Angelos Zollman, James Zora, Michael ·"Zoret, Henry




Anb.strong, Paul Baucus, William C. • Burns, Joe L. ···Corette, Robert D. ·Duggan, William P. Haran, Robert J. HUIllphreys, Kenneth W. Jestrab, Fra,nk F. Kelly, William G. Kirkpatrick. W. M. Langhery, Charles Dennls MacDonald. Patrick L. McCauley, Keith R. Morrow, Howard V. Moulder, Bernard E. O'Brien. John E. O'Reilly, Joseph W. Paull, Richard Harold Sullivan, Dan Joseph Sullivan, Daniel Ray Sullivan. Douglas D. ··Su$i;arsic, Andrew M. Toole, John Howard, Jr.

THE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT Benson, Clyde E. Che.vrack, Frank M. Conway, Herbert H. Davis, Warren H. De.wson, Edwin F. Dobb, Charles B. Havens, George W. Hinich. Walter H. Lane, Clarence P. ··Laughlin, Darby J. Liddicoo.t, William H. Lowney. Patrick A. Malloy, Thomas F., Jr. Marcum, Wesley George Marshall, Jack Price MCClafferty, J8ll1es F. McDonald, Frank E. McDonald, James R. Mee. John Francis Murphy. Daniel James O'Dea, Thomas W. Opie, Aired John Reid, Walter William Rogers, Donald J. secrist. Arnold K. Selzer, Jack Parker Shaffer, Charles Sharkey, Neil Morton Shea. Jeremiah C. Stokina, Peter Sullivan, Francis Leo Sullivan, Jack L. Tout, . Charles C. Tuss. Matthew J. Wills, Cbester F.



Angove, William F. Clark. William A. Eustice. Raymond 8. Rarrln&'ton. Elme:- J.

Abbptt, Leonard R. . Adsit. Darrel G. Ago~ine1li. Ledo J. Agostinelli, Virgil M. Abl, .:rohnP. Albee, Richard T. Alger, Elmer Allen, Bill M. Alley, Donald D. Alley, Weldon M. Alvin. Herbert R. Anderson, Andrew C. Anderson, David O. Anderson, Donald E. Ander;;on, Paul A. Anderson, Phllip Anderson, Robert B. Anderson, Thomas Anderson, William J. Anderwald, Andrew J. Andrews, John G. Ankenbauer, Berlin Antonicb, Frank J. Antonich, Frank L. Antonich, Stephen T. Antonsen, Philip S. Armstrong, Elvin N. Armstrong, Lloyd B. Aronen, Elmer O. Arvish, Andrew J. Arvlsh, Bernard A. Arvish. Norbert J. Arvish. William Aspbolm, John E. Aspbolm, Robert A. Athearn, Jack M. •• Aubertin, Leo E. Austin, Harold H. Bacca, George E. Backmeier, Peter Bahr, Harry J. Bailey, Kirk W. Bailey, Sidney O. ···Bakke, Al! C. Balcer, John C. Ball, Nephi W. ···Banahan, John J. ···Barnowsky, William A. . Bartholomew. George L Bartholdi, Francis E. Barich. John J. Barker, Bryant, Jr. Barkhoff, Elvin W. Barnes, George Barnett, Keilib ···BataU, Angelo P. ··Beal, Charles E. Beansoliel, Aloysius M. Beatty, John Beal·. Walter C. Beaton. Douglas D. Beatty, Mal·tin T., Jr. Beau.;.'Oliel, Sidn_ey J. ··-Beausoleil, William J. Bebo, Delbert M. Bebo, Paul N. Beck, Russell D. Beckman, Ronald F. Bedard, Alvin Belandi, Julio ···Bennett, ..Tames P. Belmett, Kenneth G. ··Bergman, Wilfred Berness, Edward R. Ben'Y, John C. BelTY, John W. ···Berthoud, Leroy Bilodeau, Albert H. Bilodeau, Eugene P. Bilodeau, Robert A. ··-Bizjak, Luke T. Blaskovich. Carl T. ···Blaskovich, Matthew A. Blackbw'n, Theron L. Blaz, Stanley Blaz, Thomas V.• Jr. Blaz, William J. Bleile. George ···Bleile, Peter Blod.nick. Frederick J. Bloom, Carl E. Bloom, Runey V. Bloom, Roy J. Blume, Julius D. ···Bock, Philjp R. Boice. Mtllard M. Bolkovatz, Joseph J. Bonham, Carl A. ··Borovatz, Jobn Boryan, Milan ·"Bosanach. George J. Bosonatz, Leonard M. Boukind, Perry A. Bowden, William E., Jr. ·"Bowling, William E. Box, Warren H. Brandt. Hem'y Brawner. Williahl H. Brazill, Robert J. Brady, FrancU;, P. Brady, Robert J. Brennan, Francis T. Bresnahan, John W. Bresnshan, Richard R. Bridgewater, Lester E. Briggeman. Donald W. Brown, Charles Brolin, WHJiam A. Brophy, Robert M. Broadbent, Robert Brown, Arthur H. Brown, Daniel E. Brown, George A. Brown, Bomer

Brown. Leonard R. Brown, Richard F. Brown, WilHam F. Brownfield. Russell C. Brunell, Eugene Brunell, Robert G. Bryant, Robert E. Bucholz, Kenneth Buchanan, Ray W. Buckely, James P. Buckely, John J. Buethner, Elroy R. Bukema, Jerome U. Burns, James A. Bun', James A. Burch, Leroy E. Burges.!r. Emmett E. Burgener. Joseph H. Burke, Raymond F. Burris, David O. Butchart. Andrew W. Byrd, Clyde L. Cadwell, James L. Cadwell, Joseph D. Calhoun, Lyle A. Callahan, Lorne E. Cameron, Lyle L. Oameron, Paul Campbell, Arthur R., Jr. Campbell, Paul L. Campbell, Ben R. Oampbell, .Iames D., Jr. Campbell, Paul L. Cannon, Pearse J. Capps, Walton L. Carle, Martin E. Carlson, Ernest B. Carlson, Gordon W. Carlson, Hubert R. Carlson, Maynard I. Carraher, Martin W. Carmichael, oIames G. Casey. James R. ··Casseday, Milton A. "Cassidy. Donald F. Cecconi, Adolph Cecconi, Edward

Cox, Albert B. "·Cox, Cubby C. Crosby. James S. ·Crowley, John R. Crowe, Calvin J. Cruchelow, Guy L. CUllerton, Thomas P. Cunningham. Thomas J. Cupp, Harold R. CUn'an, Lawrence R. Currie, Charles L. Cutler, Ronald I. Dahl, Max J. ···Dann. Lloyd B. Davenport, Floyd E. Davidson, Arthur G., Jr. Davidson, Norman B. Davidsob. Ross J. Davies. Samuel E. DaviS, Donald D. • Davis. Donald D. Davis. John ··Dawson. Foster D. Dawson, Tracy E. ···Dayton, Clark T. • Dayton, Friend F. M. Deakin, Raymond E. Dean. Robert B. Delaughder, Hugh L. Demarois, Robert G. Dennis, Tibbs A. Denton, Lawrence E. Derzey, Ernest A. Deschenes, Edward J. Deweert, Raphael M. Dewing, Fred A. Dewing. James Dewing, Thomas D. Dimock, John B. ···Dion, Charles 0.' Dion, Joe A. Dion, Louis E. Dion, Oliver C. Dire, Nick Dira, Angelo P. D1ra, Dominic L. Dlrickson, Orval R.

Eklund, Elmer Eklund. Robert Ekstrom, Einar W. Ekstrom, Evert G. Ellingson, Pred E. Elliott. Jack T. •• -Elliott, James Evans, Darrell P. Evans, George Evans, William F. Everett. Harold G. ···Evje, George Fairbault, Oliver G. ···Faroni, Ugo Farrell, Leo J. B. Fassett, Newman L. Fenner, William J. ···Ferguson, Frank J. •• "Fer kin, Carl H. Ficklin, Ja.mes T. Finn. George E. Finn, Jack W. Finnegan. James J. ··Finnegan. William P. "·Fish, Earl E. Fish, William Fitzpatrick, Charles A. Fitzpatrick, John J. Fitzpatrick, Marcus 'L. Flanagan. James Fleiner. Robert E. Fleming. Bernard Fleming, Dan J. Fleming. Harry F. Fletcher. Kennetb B. Poley, Bernard P. Foley, James H. Fortun, George R. ··Forrest, George H. Forsman, Einar I. Forssi, Matt Fox. Dwaine B. FrancisCO, Dewey J • Francis, Robert A. ···Franklin, Fred J. Frankovich, Louis J. Frankovich, ~teve

Here Americans at the Smelter at Anaconda are raising copper anodes from the molds. Know .. / ing that copper is essential for every shell fired, they rush the anodes to Creat Falls.


Cecconi, Savino T. Centers, Jack B. Chabala, Mike A. Chabala, John C. Chal'ette, Roland J. Charles, Elmer L, Cbore, Charles T. Ciallela, Fred T. "·Clavelot, Edward Francis Clavelot, Omer A. Clark, Charles E. Clark. Norman L. Clark, Wayne F. ···Clawson, Perry C. Clifford. John G. Cline, Howard J. Clucas, Robert L. CoUey. Michael F. Coffing. Chester L. Cole, Hughlun E. Coles, Frank V. Collins, Thomas H. Comer, Elwood L. Conklin, Terry T. ConnollY,Pj\trick CODllolly, ':Cbomas 1". ConWell, John J. Conyers, Earl W. Cook, Oscar R. ···COr. Frank Cor, Joseph Corazza, LuIgi Corcoran. Thomas 1". Corr, John J. Corrigan, Harold A. Corrigan, James J. Corrigan, John M. COn'igan, William Corum, John W. ···C06gTi1f, Howard M. Costlow, Clayton G.

Doebbler. Vance V. Dolan, Patrick J. I Domitrovich, Joseph B. Domitrovich', Nicholas F. ··-Domitrovich, Nicholas W. DO)Jlitrovich, Thomas L. Donahue, Dona.ld G. Donahue, John C. Donovan, Francis J. Donovan, William E. Doran, John·P. Dorval, Jack 1.. · DoulJ, Emery R. Dowdall, John A .. Dowdall, Joseph T. Dowdall, Michael P. Doyle, Patrick C. Draves, Martin E. DJ'escher. Carl J. Driggs, Harold J. Driver, Paul J. ···Duffy, Edward R. Duganz, George Duganz, Robert Duganz, Stanley ···Duncan, Jesse J. Dunn. Dewayne E. Dl.Inn.Roy E. DUl'and, Donald M. Durldn, John E. DW'and, Eugene Dysinger. Walter E. Eccleston. Marva E. Eckberg. Charles M. •• ·Edstrom. George M. · Edwards, Russell K. Egan, Thomas M. Ehla!ald, Jasper ···Ehlmann. Charles D. Eb.lIrtann. James Eide, Oswald G.

Frazier, Kenneth M. Frederick, Bert M. Freel, Perry C. Frey, Hans F. Frost, Benjamin R. Froehllch, William Furshong, Joseph M. Gagnier, Arthur N. Gagnon. Leonard E. Galle, Hugh, Jr. Gallagher, Desmond Gallagher, Emmett P. Gallagher, Patrick H. Gallagher, Patrick J. Galle, Clifford O. Gardnel'. Homer L. •• "Gaskell, Clarence E. Gaskell, Ralph L. Gates, Charles J. -Gates, Charles R. Gates, Eugene F. •• -Ga.tes, James E. Gates, Joseph S. Geary, Vergil R. Geng, John H. •• ·Gerster. Richard C. Gessele. Raymond Gllchris't: Ralph L. GUgen. Dean M. ···Gill, John J. Gillespie. Wilford S. •• ·Gilmore, Frank Givens, Kenneth K. Goble, Donald W. Goble, Glen L. Gochanour, Donald Goddard, Elza J. Goggin, John L. Goldberg, John W. Golden. Thomas F. Goodman, Harry J.

Massey. William M.. 'Matosich. Steve Matthews. William J. Matz. Anton Mat2>.George Mayer. John J. Mayo, Robert W.• Jr, '.·McAndrews. James W. McArdle. George. Jr. Kulju, Roy W. McArdle. Harry Kulju, Theodore I. McAuliffe. Walter M. La Fleur, Alfred A. • ·McAuliffe. Wayne A. Lacey. Michael J. McCallson. Raymond L. Lacox, Benjamin L. MCCarthy. Henry C. Laciendorff,-Jr.edmuhd ···McCarthy, John J. LagergrEln, Fred C. ··McGarthy, John P. Laird. James R. • ··McCarthy, William P. Lampe, Robert L. McClain. Homer W. Lamach, Joseph McCleery. Fred C. Landes, Wesley K. McCale, William G. Lanning, 'william V. McDaniel. James R. Lappin, Patrick J. McDonald. Barney M.. ' Larts, James S. McDonald. Earl T. Larner; Dorran J. McElroy. Charles ELarsen, Elmer J. McGeever, Anthony J. Larsen. Norman R. McGhee. Donald R. Larsen. Peter McGhee, William J. "Larsen. Wilfred W. McGreevey. Harry Larson. Ainer McGreevey, James a. Larson, Charles W. ···McKinnon. Wilbur Larson. Jack M. McLean. James D. Las-h, Alfred W. McLean. John Laughlin, Edward W. ···McLees. Neal Isaao Laughlin. Henry T. McLemore. Harry 0. .··Laughlin. Stephen L. McMahon, F. J. Lavalle, Calvin A. McMoore. William 0. ·Le Blanc, Brenton D. .··McMullen. Gilbert J.. Jr. , Le Blanc. Maurice C. McNally, Francis ELe Claire, Walter D. ···McNally. Thomas J. Leary. Duane McNamee. Robert Leach. Cassius J. McNay. James ALeckie, Alonzo ·McNeven. Robert L. "·Leddige, Theodore G. McPherson. John P. Lee, Douglas H. McPherson, Orvil Lee. Leo J. McReynolds. Claude M. Lee. Nonnan O. McAuliffe. James G. ···Lenihan. Edward John McVay. Breathitt R. Leonard, Ernest L.. McV1cars. Andrew E. Lescantz. Mike J. McKinnon, Wilbur Likarich. Albert L. Mahrens. Jack P. Lince. Glen W. ···Meloy. John J. Linn. Ira L. • Mempa, Hugh D. Linzey, Kenneth P. Meng. Albert L. Lodell, Albert J .• Jr. Meng. Joseph G. Logan. Everett E. Menicucci, Gene T. Lohr. John D. Mero. Charles H. Lords. Lloyd M. Metcalfe. Michael F. Lovell. Edward F. Metcalfe •.Thomas J. Lovell. Lewis D. Meyers. Ruben H. Luedke. Waldo C. Meyer. Evert w. Lutey. Selmer G. Michaelson, Ralph L. Lyon, James T. Michael. Lyle W. Lyon. Theodore R. Mickelson. Marvin L. .... Lyons. James Edward •• ..Micone. Mike MacDonald. John B. Mihaules. James C. MacIntyre. David H. Miles. Ivan L. MacIntyre, William Mill. Fred Madsen, William J. Miller, Bel'nard J. Magness, Everett E. Miller. Clarence EMahle. Kenneth Miller. George Malloy. Matthias F. Miller. John N. Malloy, Thomas B.. Miller. Robert B. .·.Mann. Clayton E. Mills. Clark J. Marinkovich. Samuel Milton. Joseph H. ...·Manion. James John Minneban. Emmett Marron, Hugh P. Minnehan. James W. Marron. James J, Mlnnehan, Michael P. Marshall. Frank R. Mino. paul M...Jr • Martell. Earl J. Minter. Louis J. Martin, James ,A. Mizera. John W• Martin. Noel D. Moe, Ray P. Martin. Percy Monaco. Pio J. Martin. Richard W. Monahan, Robert E. Martin. Thomas D. Monaghan, Thomas J. Marusich, Joseph J. Monson. Ray Ar Marvos, George J. Montgomery. 'Charles D. Massett. Edward J. MOl'eland, Evel'ett H. Massett. John J. Morenl. Joe J. ·Massett. Peter J. Morlgeau. Jack AMassey. Walter J .. Morley. James P. M.orrison. Raymond These Americans in Naples, Italy •.are shown with cable, a c~ble plow' and 2 4~ton truck~ used ···Morris, Michael Thomaa for pullin~. Homefront Americans supply them with copper cable. See opposite page picture. Morris. Thomas M. MOran, James B. Morarity. Francis J. ..~ ···.Morley. William Joseph Moses. Al·thur Moses, Parley ···M.oses. Wilbur E. Mullette. 'Pbilip B. Mulligan, Thomas W. Mulvey. James Mulvey, John • ··Munoz, Esteban Munson, Cbarles Murphy. Francis L. Murphy. Henry J. Murphy. James Murphy. John O.• Murphy, Thomas F. Murphy; J. Murray. Al!l'ed J. Murray. John J. Murray. Lloyd Murray, Ray P. ···Myers. Fred J. Neely, Merlin S. Neill, Dennis V. Neilson. 'Roier C. Nelson. Oharles L. Nelson, Donald Nelson, James J. Nelson. Max W. Nelson. Monrad E. ·*Nelson. Nonnan R. Nelson. Quentin J. Nelson. Robert O. Nett, Oliver O. Newman, Lester M. Newell, Richard M. Nicholas. Leo L. Nicholas. Pius ···Nixon, George W. Nogle, Lorenzo D. Nordberg. carl F. ··Nordberg, George F. Norton, LOuis A.

Gorie, Roland G, Gotc.h, Raae Graham, Charles H, Grant, John A. Graham, Gordon D. Greenfield, Raymond L. Gress, Joseph ••• Grice, Courtland Paul Grice, Harlan G. Griffith, Maynard F. oross, Edward K. Grubich, William A. ···Guches, George C. Gunter, Bruce L., Gutcheck, Valentine J. Guy, Richard H. ···Haacke, Wilfred A!'thur., Haberly, William Haffey, John D. Haffey, Joseph E. Hagan. Harold F. Hall, Herman ···Halliday, Envin E. Halvorsen, Norman C. Hamilton. Forrest H. Hammond, Dilworth D. .··Hammond, Wayne L. Hammond. William H. Hamaker. Roy G. Hansen: George T. Hansen, Jens M., Jr. Hanson, Harold O. Harding, Jay S. Ha.rmon, Marion C. Harrington. Emmett J. Harrington, Robert E. Harris. Fred E. Harris, Howa.rd 1.. Harris, Robert L. Harris. Wil1iam Harrity. Jack E. Hart&ell. George L. Hartsell. Paul •··Hartz. Harry A. t R ··Harvey. Rober . Haugen, Ollver C. Hauxwell. Richard C. Hawley, Lincoln ···Hayes. Lawrence A. Hayes. W. M. - Heaney. Emmett J. Heaphy. Matthew W. Heato. George D. Hedge. William R. Helmark. John E. Herbetholz. Bernard Herberg. Alvin O. ···Herron. Harry C. ···Hewitt. Douglas M... Hewitt. William W" Hiber. Clarence E. Higle. Lawrence ···Hilgers. Joseph M.. HUsers. William H. ·'Hill. Benham H. Hill. Harry W. Hiltz. Raymond R. ·'·Hinote. Charles A. Hinrichsen, Moritz D. Hodgkinson, Milo R. Hoenstine. Rex K. Hogan, Charles J. Hogan, James E. Hog~. Robert Q. Hogenson. Lowell M. •··Hogenoon. Melvin O. • ··Holloron. Hobart H. ....·Holleran, John J. Holm, Harold C. Holmlund. Roy H. Hopper, Harold M. Horn. Charles F. ••• Hortick, Lawrence B, Horwath, James Hosking. Bob J. Howell. Norman D. Hubbard. Charles E.

Huber, Clement H uestis • Wa 11ac e E , Hughley, Donald E. Hughley. Gerald W. ···Hukoveh, Joe E. Hull, John R. Hu1tine, Victor C. ••• Hw·sh, Dale I. Hursh, Russell L. Hursh, Wayne C. ···Indendi. Carl M. ··Indendi. Tony J. Ingram, Albert R. Irwin, Charles E. Jackson, John M. Jacobs, Victor E. Jacques, Albert J. James, Howa.rd ···James. William B. Jarrell, Wayne G.. Jaslowski, John Jeffries, Edward V ."Jendresen, James W. Jensen, Glen L·. Jette. Jean E. • •• Johnson, A14'edJ. Johnson. Charles E. Johnson, Dale Johnson, Edward M. Johnson. Edward A. Johnson, Elmer A. JohnsOn, Grant V. Johnson, Harold D. • ••Johnson, Ole Johnson, Orville R. Johnson, Thor W. Johnson, Wesley W. Johnson, Waldron M. Johns'c,on,Thomas E. Jones, Edwin J. Jones. Francis J. Jones, Frank W. Jones. Glenn S. Jones. Wilbur L. Jon~s. William P. •• ..Jorgensen, Shirley V. Judges. James ;J. Juhl. Donald G. Julius, James G. Jurgens, Jack G. Kahm. Bennie F. Kalepp. William C. Kantack, Robert R. Kasky. John B. Kelleher. Ted E. ·"Kelly. James G. Kelly. John E. 'Kelly. Joseph B Kelly. Ray Kelly. Robert J. Kennedy. Eugene G. Kennedy. Ru!;SellG. .·.Kenworthy, Wilbur F. Kenyon. James S. Kershul, Urban C. Kessler. Paul S. Kidd. Andrew W. Killpack. Verl Kipp, Olyde R. Kirley. James J. Kirley, Peter H. Kiser. Donald M. Kloker. William J. ···Knez, Rudolph ."Knez. Stephan J. Kolesar. Frank O. Kopp. Peter. A. Kortum. Paul T. Kortpm, William L. Kovacich. John F. Kovacich. John P. KOVacich. Matt Kovacich. Mike Krabbe, Ivan Kramlich, Emil S. Kretzer. Lewis R. Kriskovich. Andrew T.

Krizan. Nicholas L. Krsul. John A. ···Kruse, Delmer H. Kuchan, John L. Kuffner, Joseph V. Kuffner, William A-


Novis, Edward F. Nugent. ArthUot'J. .··Nugent. Harry D. Nugent, Walla.ce E. O'Berg. William E. O·Brien. Gerard J. O'Brien. Patrick E. O·Donnell. Patrick is• O·Donnell. Robert L. O'Oonnell. Thome.s E.. O'Gorman. Charles J• ..0·Leary. Maurice P. Ohman. John W.· Ohman. Roy E. Olson, Gordon W. Oravetz. Frank J • "·Oredson. Erick L. Orr, Bill Orrino; Albert ·.Orrino. Tony ••• Ostronich. Joseph G. Otlo, Albert Ouldhouse. Robert W. Oved, Berman R. Paddock. John C. Page. Leopold M. Palm, Lawrence M. Palmer. Clarence R. ..Palmer. Wendel O. Parks. Weitzel W. Pascoe, Theodore Pasich. Mike E. Pearson. Clem A. Pearson. James L. Pederwn, Ralph ••• Pendergast. Raymond G. Perkins. Clarence W. Perkins. Sheldon C. Perkins. Thomas N. Perro. William L. Perry. Louis Petek, Andrew S. Peterson. Edward M. Peterson, Emil O. Peterson, Erick S. Peterson. Lyal A. • •• Peterson. Olaf E. Peterson. Raymond O. Petit. Clinton A. Petrovich, Felix Petrovich. Fred P. Phillips. James A. ,. Phillips. John R. ."Phillips, Ray M. Phillips. Melton P. • ••Pleniak. Gustav Pierson. Gordon W. Pierson. Keith H. Plumb. Delbert H. Pipinich. Tony M. Podobnik. Joseph R. Poelman. John Poil. Leland E. ."Poland. Clarence J. Polich. William T. ... polleys. Howard .·.Pollock. James J. Popovich, Paul S. Popovich, Peter S. P<lrter. Edward A. P<lrch,William R. Postlewaite. William G. Poston, Ben H .•Jr. "·Potvin. Oouglas L. Prlain. Peter T. ·"Proxell, Joseph F. Puccinelli. Albert J. Puccinelli. Frank, Jr . Quane. William R., Jr. Radonich. Anthony F. Radonich. Peter E. Rainville. Paul G • . Randall. Neil E. Raskob, Richard. C. Rasmussen. Francis K. Rasmussen. Leo G. Rasor. William A. Rathbun. Denver D. Rathbun. Lewis J. Ray. John S. Redfield, CUffol'd AReed. John H. Reed, Robert T. Reeder. Gordon E. Rees.OonM. Regan, Leo P .• Jr. •• ·Regan, Leo P .• Sr. Ressier. Peter J. Ricci, Alfred Ricci. Louis O. Ricci, Sam Richards. Ernest M. Ricketts. Raymond R. Riewoldt. William E. Rippingale. Theodore ARivers. Francis E. Rivers. John R. Robbins, Charles M. Robbins. Ge;orge,A. Roberts. Chester M. Roberts, Edward C. Roberts, Wayne E!. Robison. Carl Rodgers, Joseph J. Rody. Wilbur J. .··Roeder, Frank A. Roesener. William C. Romig. Ralph D. ···Romig, Robert E. Rooney. John R. Rose. WUbert N. Ross. John Ross, Albert Roth. Benjamin ···Roullier, Paul D. ROllse. Theodore R. Ryan. Charles W. Ryan. James T. Ryan. John R. Ryan. ThomM K. Saba. George H. Sager. Earl A···Salle. Joseph Salle, MiU



'. I

Sallee. Orville R. ··Salomonson. stanley V. ' samardich. Mike D. Sanders. Arthur E. Sandness. Dale M. .... Sargeson. John T. Sasek, Francis J. • Sasek, Lewis W. Sawyer. H. E. Scalise. Arthur J. .... Scalise, Patrick oR. Schmuck, William SChorsch, Harry SChalk. Alois SChlossel\ Donald W. SChultz, Albert D. SChultz, John J. Schultz, Russell J. Schimming, Geo.rgeV. SChmitt, Angus J. SCott, Clayton A. scott, Floyd R. SCOggins, Ernest H. SCruton, Ray C. ... ·sedminik, Frank Seery, Franels C. Seideman, Herman, :re. Selix, Kenneth H. Sells, Lewis J. semmons, Charles L. ."Semmens, William G. Shaffer, Charles F._ Shandy, Virgil C. Sheehan, Cornelius Sheehan, Gordon F. Sheehan, John D. ".Sheeran, Michael M. Shegina, William A. Simonson, Harvey L. Sjogren, Carl A. Skakles. William A. Skogley, Harley C. Sleveland, Leo Sloan, Alvin E. Slye, Harold W. Smilovich, Milan ···Smith, Aibert Carl Smith, Albert L. Smith, Charles C. ···Smith, Donald F. "Smith, Edward W. Smith, Francis F. Smith, Luther L. Sneddon, Louis T. Snow, Harold J. Snyder, John T. ... ···SObol, Victor V. SOftlch, Joseph F. ···Sokolich, Joseph J. Solan, Mike T. . Sovereign, Gene Spanl, Ernest L. Spiker, Wilfred H. st. John, Lewis F. stanbury, Kenneth S. Standall, John H. Stanich, Obren S. Staton, Elmer W. steadman, Ralph W. Stearns, Oliver B. Steele, Ben C. Steffan, Willard L. .Stelling, Arnold W. Stepan, George J. Stead, Jack M. Stead, Roy E. Stewart, Allister J. stinger, Edward J. Stipech Steve W. Stone, Harold E. Stone, Merle •• ·Stone. Robert S. Storm, Charles E. Strakal. Joseph A. Stredwick, Mark L. "·Strizich, Anton Stromberg, Alfred R. ···Stromberg, Arthur Richard Stromberg, John stromberg, Walter Strong, John J. StubbJefield, Glen T. Sulllvan, Francis E. Sullivan, John J. Sund, Walter J. Sundberg, Roy W. Sundbert, Arthur C. "·Superneau, Richard E. Sutcliffe, Robert C. Swanson, Gustave V. Swanson, Harold A. ···Swanson. Hugo W. Sweeney, Walter T. Szewczak, Fred C. Tachmier, Arthur J. ···Taft, Lauren H. ···Tarkalson, Warren C. Templeton, David S. Terkla, Louis G. Ternes, Anthony S. Tescher, Carl A. ···Thacker, Elmer J. Thomas, Willlam Thomson, Eugene F. Thompson, Thomas P., Jr. Thomson, Robert C., Jr. Thorson. Elmer E. Thurnau, Donald W. TidWell, Glenn E. Tindera.. Stephen L. Tocher, Robert J. ·Tocher, Thomas F. TOdorovich, Robert D. TOdorovich, Thomas D. Tomlch. Tom Tonkovich, George P. "·Tonkovich, John P. To.nlcovich.Vincent J. Topsick. NIckolas S. Tracy, Charles P. Tracy, Francis A. Tracy. James R. Tracy, Robert T. Tracy, Timothy L.

Tracy, WillIam A. Tueker. Dan T. .··Tucker, Irene J. "·Tucker, James-P. Tuel,RoyT . Turney, Jack L. Turtle, Joseph H. Tus, Frank W. Tuss, Walter A. Ulstad, Clifford Uistad, Helton E. Ulstad, Reuben Ulstad, Vernie ···Ungaretti, Hugo J. Van Ham, William R. Van Ness, Ray W. ···Vanisko, Andrew J. Va.n1sko,Frank J. ···Vanisko, Fred C. Va.nisko,Vlcto;- H. Vannice, Jack M. VareUa, Rudy W. Vaugtm, James B. Vauthier, Andre G• Vauthier, Marsel J. Vauthier, William P. Ve1vick,Franklin L. Verlanic, George W. Verlanic, Robert J. Vezina, Ansen Villeneuve, William O. Vining, Robert L. ·Violette, Theodore W. Vlahovic, stanley Volberg, ;Elmer G. Volseth, Norman M. Voorhies, Ellis J. Voorhies, James B. Voorhies, Thomas M. Vuicioh, Drago L. Wadsworth, George-P. Walker, Wallace B. Wallace, Altlert Wallace, Robert W. Wallis, Kenneth V. Walsh, Emmett T. Walsh, James P. Walsh, John J. ···Walsh, William E. Walter, Adolph Walter, Clifford L. Wamsley, Edwin J. Warfel, Paul E. Warner, Clayton B. Watt, James E. ·"Webb, Lloyd W. Wels, Clarence ...Jr. Weist, James Weitzel, Joe C. ···Welch, Bernard O. Welch, James A. Welch, Warren W.

These Americans

Wells, Earl D.

Wells, Zane Wensley, Clifford Weston, Wallie A. Whitney, V. L. White, Byron D. White, Frederick G. White, John D. White, Lester R. Wiegman, Frederick C. Wieser, Ludwig K., Jr. WilCOX,Lyle W. Willett, Isaac M. Williams, Gordon D. ··Williams, Thomas G. Williamson, Carl •• ·Wilson, Charles D. "·Wilson, David M. Wilson, Melvin C. "·WIlson, Rhue WilsQn, Warren G. Wilson, Willard L. WinD, Earl R., Jr. Wirtz, Joseph N. Wohlman, Williford W. Wolfe, Donald S. Wolfe, Jack L. Wood, Grant L. Woods. Aloysius G. ···Woods, Emmett M. ···Woods, James M. Woruek, John J. Wroble, Charles F. Wyant, Clinton O. Yelsa, Charles S. Yelsa, William J. Young, William E. Ze Barth. Gerold E. Zezula, Gilbert N. Zezula, Wilbur J.


THE BUTTE, ANACONDA AND PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY Almon, Norton L. • Barlow, Paul L. Bazzanella, Leno A. Beckman. Robert Nelson Bond, Ashley Bond. Leonard BoWDt's,James E. Burke. Fred L. Burns, Bernard J. Butts. Kenneth M. Campbell, HUl!'hB. ChrIstensen. C. R. Clifford, Robert Donald Connors. Cornelius P. Conwell, Willard Hoffman Conwell. William H. Corum. Clifford G. CrollSwhite. Willis Currie. Robert D. D'Arcy. Charles Josepb Dira, Domonick L. Dira, Sam J. Dolan, Thomas P. Doremus. William H. Duffy, Clifford G. Dwyer, Frank Finn, John H., Jr.

at the Wire and Cable Company's

plant at Great Falls jlre doing their share

by turning out huge drums of cable for their brother Americans on the fighting front. ·Fitzmaurice, Walter P. Fleming, Raymond P. Foley, Henry P. Frederick, J. Gibson Gallagher, Vernon T. Gorshe, William Albert Greenough, Fredenck C. Hagerman, George F. Hamill, Eugene J. Harrity, Martin F. Hartz, Benjamin A. Hiltbrand, Jack S. Hogan, John B., Jr. Kanthack, Orion F. King, Charles J. Lane, Steve, Jr. Larson, Nels Carl Lathrope, Floyd H. Leeming, Jamel! Donald Leeming, William J. Leibold, Fonest H. L'Heureux, Homer A. Linzey, J. H. Ma.hle, Therln G. May, Carson B. McCann, Philip K. McCumber, Harvey L. McGuire, Eugene ·McVicars, J. T. McHugh, Joseph A. McNay, John T. McNeil, Edward L. Mengon, Alfred John Mayers, William C. Monaco, Pio J. ·Nagle, Gerald W. Nelson, TheO<1oreIt. Oliver, Max C. OUldhouse, Gerret M. Patrick, James Paul, Walter H. Penny, William E. Perna, Alfred Peterson, Rlcilard E. Porter, James H. Rowe. Lloyd N. Rowe. Paul E. Russell, James E. Russell, Robert G. Rutherford, Kent Salvaggi, John A. , -Salvaggi, Sanmel T. Seibt, Richard L. Shannon, Kevin J. Sheehan, William M. Solomon, Louis J., Jr. Suillvan, Bernard J. ··Tevlin, Paul J. Walsh, John C. Walsh, John Patrick West. Floyd M. Wilson, Raymond E.

GREAT FALLS REDUCTION DEPARTMENT AND ANACONDA WIRE AND CABLE COMPANY Ackerman, Martin B. Allen, Veril E. Allison, Thoma.s G. AIm, TheOdore V. Andersen, Mervin C. Anderson, Dale W. Anderson, Edward L. Anderson, George C. Anderson. Norman ··Angermeyer. Edward J. Antonich. WaIter I. Arensmeyer. Alvin E. Arenson, Harold S. Arrotta, James J. Atchison, Walter L. Ayers. Arthur A. BaUar, Kenneth R. Baker, Joseph G. Bakken, Ole T.

Balkosld, Frank M. Ballard, Charles W. Baron, Edward J. Bartell, John A. Bartelt, Richard M. Bateman, Ernest R. Baza.nt, Walter Beatty, Ray C. Beck, Norbert E. Beckstrom, Armand .A. Benson, Floyd O. Berg, Jack R. Bertram, Kenneth A. Bertsche, Russell W. Besleh, Louis Bestwina, Frank E. Blstodeau, H. Raymond Blackburn, Bryce E. Blakeslee, Charles W. Blend, Canoll C. • ·Blumfield, Louis Boerner, Albert F. Bodkins, David .P. .Bofto, EdWin C. Bonham, Carlos W. Booth, Carston L. Bowlin, John R. Bowman, Lloyd E. Brady, Ray B. Brees, Elwood L. Brees, John R= Br~ James D. • BUClCDlgham,Arthur K. Buckley, Charles C. Buckley, John R. Bucko, Edward P. Buell, Raymond F. Bullock, Gerald P. Bunker, Eugene B. Burg, Edward S. Burg, Harry W. ··Burns, William J. Buslke, John W. ···Butler, Hallan C. Camden, Earl L. Campbell, Donald D. Campbell, Ray C. Carleuman, Richard R. Carpenter, Benjamin Carroll, Francis M. ···Ca.rter, James F.' ···Cassidy, Edward J. Cassun, James E. Cassun, WUllam C. Chamberlain, Carl V. Christian, Clifford L. / ··Olark, Edward D. Clark, W1l1amW. Clemencig, Clement R. Colarchik, Albert E. Coleman, Elbert R. Coolidge,C.Surnner Corby, Leo A. Corder, Carl. Jr. ···Corr, Sam Cory, Harlan T. .. •Cowie. Randall G. Cox, William H. Crawford. Donald A. crocker, Glenn A. Culliton, Donald P. Culver, Arthur H. Cunningham, Earl W. Curry, William T. Dalbec, Norman C. Darlow, William C. Davenport. Harold E. Davidson, Clarence G. Dea, John E., Jr. Deardorff. Loyal L. Dial, Frederick W. Dickson, Lawrence E. DUlie, Richard L. Doherty, G. Vincent Dinwiddie, Arthur C. Dors, Arthur R. ···Dotseth, Maurice J. Dow, Kenneth W.

Draker, Ed'WaJ'd F. Dratz, John P. Durkin,



Dusko, Carl E. Eberl, Joseph D. EcknilaI), Gordon O. Ehman, Victor F. ···Ehnot, Mike T. Ekkeren, Harold Elespuru, Peter Ell, Philip A. Eller, George C. Elliott, Robert S. Ellis, Robert A. ElJofl, James Emerson, James It. ···Emett, Truce W. Enge, Gene N. / Enloe, A. Bruce Epperson, GOl'don G. Ewald, Glenn F. Fahrman, William H. Fenton, Ronald Fenton, Thomas W. Ferda, George Fergason, Elmer J. Fisher, Louis S. Flanery, John H. Fleet, Seymour P • Fontana, Dominic Forsman, AIvin J. Forzley, Joseph .A. Fox, David W. Fox. Melvin E. Frantz, Walter K. Frey, Donald F. "·Ga1Iagher, Don R. Gardner, William R. Gasparovich, John G. Gillin, Robert D. Gipe, Donald G. Gipe, Robert F. ···Golie, Peter H. Gollehon, Jack H. Goodau, EdWard R. Gordon, Edward J. Grahovac, Joseph Grant, Thomas A., Jr. Gray, Albert L. Gray,. Donald R. Gray, Kenneth O. Gregori, Lando J. Grena, George • Grothe, MYron B. Gustafson, J. Richard Haffner, Robert L. Hagerty, Eugene L. Hajek, Vincent F. HalVorson, Alfred B., Jr. Halverson, Claire L. Halverson, Eugene G. Hampshire, James C. Hanek, Walter E. Hankey, Em'l R. Hann, George E. Hanson, James T. Hanson, J. Wesley Harant, John Ha.ra.nt, Robert K. Harant, William M. Harris, David B. Harris, Franklin H. • Haschke, John C. Hasledalen, Howard A\ Hatfield, James. K. . Hayworth, Roq.M. ··Helgeson, HW'old M. Herbert, Thomas F. Hicks, Clifford C. Higgins, Noel F. H1ll, Charles R. H1ll, W1Il1am T. ··Hmes, Warren J. Hogan, C. Lester Holbrook, Bernard A. Holland, Elmer W. . Holl.and, Robert L. Holman, Homer L. Holmquist, Donald R.



American mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers on the hOn'lefront. knowing that it takes cold cash Horan, George S. Horan, Joseph T. Hornick, Mike Hovland, Woodrow L. Howard, Max W. Hurlbert, Alfred C. Isaacson, Joseph J. Jackson, Chester E. Jacobson, Glenn F. Janetski, Leo .F. Jeffrey, Charles D. Jenkins, John W. Jensen, Ead M. Jensen, Clarence H. Jensen, Guy F. "·Jensen, Walter L. Jette, Edward J. ··Jobnson, Arthur M. Johnson, Harry. B., Jr. Johnson, Walter F. Johnston, Malcom C. Johnstone, William Jones, Philip D. Jones, Robert D. Jones, William J. Kaas, Marvin R. Kaas, Raymond B. Kalafat, Mathew R. Kalafat, steven R. Kangas, Arvl A. Kangley, Wilford F. Karlovlch, Edward J. Karjala, Henry E. Karst, James A. Keller, Alvin M. Ke.aster, Clarence Walter Kennedy, Arthur F. Kennedy, Willard D. Kerkvliet, Joseph J. Kiser, Ervin C. Kjelsrud, Robert K. Klaboe, John F. Knott, Robert W. Knudsen; Einer Knudson, Walter E. Kohles, Everett A. Konency, Valentine R. Kovis, Jerome M. Kovis, Joseph C. Krajacich. Nick Kralich, George J. KraUch, John B. Kralich. Walter R. Kramer. Robert W.• Jr. Kra\lse. Leo A. Kremer, John I. Kress. John J. Krohne, Charles B. :Kr'oman, George F.



to win a war, get behind War Loan Drives. These pictures show Staff Sergeant James Moore. who

··Krsul. Frank J. Krsul, John C. Kruper, John M., Jr. LaCoun~ Willard E. Laird, Richard A. Lane. Allen J. Lander, Lesley W. Lander, Wesley W. Lassila, Sulo W. Latham. Robert A. ···LaValley. George A. Lawlor. -David E., Jr. Lawlor, John M. Lawson. Robert M. Lee. Waible F. . Lehman, Robert H. Lenciont, Bruno J. Lengerman, Carl Letz. Nick M. Levandowski. John Lords. Bryant O. Lots. Robert C. Lukes. Charles N. Lundberg, Albert B. Luoma, Jack Luoma, John W. Lusln, Rudolph J. Lyon, Raymond J. Maa. Hagen M. Mac Carten. Patrick 0. Mack. Carl R. Magnuson. Arthur W. Maguire. Kevin B. Malcott, Clifford L. Malek. Raymond E. Mammen, Donald J. Manning. William L., Jr. Marslk. Willie ·Matteucci, James J. Matthews, Augustus B. McB_de, Thomas, Jr. McCabe, Harry F. "McCann. Allen L. McDonald. Benjamin M. McFerrin, Howard, Jr. McGavin. Donald G. McGuire. Robert J. McInerney, William A. McKenna. Patrick M. McPherson. J. Gordon McPherson, Robert L. Meagher, Stanley G. Medean, Alfred E. Meinert. Ernest H. Meyer. Henry C.• Jr. Meyer, Melvin J. Meyer. Robert L. Michels, Peter J., Jr. Micheletti, Charles I

War Bond

, Middleton, Gordon r... Middleton. W. Alan Miller, B. Rich Miller, Harold H. Miller, Edward E. Mogstad; Donald P. ·"Mohr, Earl H., William 1.. ···Monley, John T. Moran, Daniel J. Moran, Leo K. ~ lIg:orris, Elber R. Mundt. Gerald H. Muretta, Frank J. Musselman, Gaylord W. Muzzan.a., Oresti J. Nash, Donald A. Nash, Marlin A. Nelson, Arthur C: , Nelson, Curtis D. Nelson, Earl L. Nisbet, James B. Noievanko, Andrew J. Nunn, Arcbie L. Oakand, Robert H. O'Bryan. Paul E. Odegard. Adolph N. Odegard. Leo A. O'Donnell, stephen 1.. O'Fallon, Walter L. Ogle, John P. O'Hare, William C. Olson, Edward C. . Osterman, Howard 1.. Ouellette, Vernon A. Overose, Shirley T. Overton. Joseph H. Pacini, Nelo J. Palagl, Floyd Pancich, 5aq!uel W. Pancich, Walter Parach, Joseph P. Parach, Rudolph G. Paranteau, David J. Pal'is, George V. Patte. William Patten. Hax:_oldR. Payne, Samuel W. Paynter. Alfred Pellett, Lyle C. Penn. H. Stanley Peters, Ansel V. Peters, Harvey C. Peters, Leonard L. Peterson, Wayne 1.. Peterson. Fred W. Peterson, James G. Peterson, Judd M. Peterson, Vernon 1..


Petrini, Robert J. Pfeifle, Bernhardt C. Polich, George Popovich, Ralph J. Porro, John Potter, James i.. Powell, Earl Powell. Leonard C. Predovich, Daniel J. Putnam, Horace J., Jr. ·Ramsted, Earl Randall, Marvin E. Randall, Robert L. Ranquet, John Reed, Roland C. Reid. Walter W . Remmel, George E. Remmel, William J. Remington, ::>arlin R. Renman, O. Wa1deII;Ul.r Rlbich. EdlWal'd M. Richardson, Arthur D. Riley, John W. ··Ringler, Frances K. Ritter, Harold J. Roberson, Kennerh W. Roberts, Jeffrey 8. Roberts, William J. Robertson, Clements L. Rodgers, Eljay' W. Roeben, Kenneth J. Rowe, Clayton F. Rowe, CUUord L. Rudge, Harry O. Rustad, Edgar C. Sandvig, Hardy H. ··-Sanford, Cecti R. ,"Saxbury, John A., Jr. Schaefer, Sylvp.ster G. Schneider, Wesley W. Schwerdt. Kenneth C. Sciuehetti, August S. ·Scott, Kenneth J. Scott, Robert L. Scott, William L., Jr. Sears, John J. Severson, George E. Sechena, Jull1.lS SeIdl. Earl Sellner, John E. - Serviss. William R. Setterstp.dt. D. James Shanahan, Patrick D. Shanahan. Raymond J. Shanko. Leo R. Sharar, Rudolph 8. Sherman, Robert B. "Siegling, Donald H. Silloway, Elmer F.

workers were at the Bond dinner held April 12 to hear Sergeant Moore tell of Infantry fighting




War Loan Drive, members.

talki~g to Labor-Management

Simach, Matt Bkauge, Ingolf B. Skocilicb, Lucas c. Slernberger, EdwM'd P. Slemberger, Henry C. Smerker, Victor A. Smith, Marvin J.. ·Smith, Thomas W. Snow, Gerald B. Saha, George Somppi. Ernest· G. Sorrell, Raymond C., Jr. Stanish, Lloyd A. ···Steen, Lawrence K. Stefani, Nathaniel, J. ·Stefani, Theodore A. Steffani, Edward J. Stenberg, Maurice L. Stepbens, Charles Stevens, Alfred W. Stevens, Har:vey K.. Stilger, Leonard A. Stimac, James R. Stimac, Lawrence 1.. Stoner, Alvin L. strause, Howard C., Jr. Subic, Paul F. Super, Anthony F. , Sutich. Matthew T. Tabarracci, EmU J. ··Tabarraoci, Jacob T. Tabor, Thomas A.• Tabor, James L. Tale!!, George N. Tessman, Lawrence E. Tessman, L. Leo Thares, Nicholas J. Thomas, Andrew P. Thomas, Benjamin G. Thompson, Kenneth C. Thornton, Jack L. Thorp. Norman A. Thumb, Michael Toole, Robert D. ···Tobel, Antone F. Tobel, Julius, Jr. Tobel. Steve Toner, A. Leland Tonkovich. William A. 'TUss, Albert Tuss. Walter J. Ungstad, Anton O. Urbanich, Thomas W. Velacich, Albert M. Van Zant, Garnet F. Varley, Kenneth Venohr, Lawrence Verley. Herbert 1.. Vest, Walter L.

in the iungles of South Pacific brought the war to Anaconda.


His talk'



Sergeant Moore impressed upon his listeners that we are fighting the grimmest, toughest and cost-


·Vieira, Frank Vilt, William A. Von de vor, Leonard A. VoyOOskt.Louis Vir06tko, Anthony Walker Floud D W-"--d er Do ld A diDsk ' stnnla eyH' W ............. ar CYh'1a M . Wargo. ar es . Waters. Robert E. t Frs.' D Wa De, ncis u,» waebtne.NLo°z:nan L. W er, UIS M. • •weldtin~le. jtobekrt T. • Wer ..• Frall C Ra T. nd WWeDZet' "'Davi'dE ymo Wiesk'J Martin' c. John . ··Wick. Wilda, Louis E. Wiley, Earl J. Willits, John B. m·ts Robert WWilli~ts' R 11A1...' usse W' shi, Vernon G ~ p'J hn C J' Wl on, 0 tl ., r. ·"Woods, Bar ey R. •• ..Wilson. Ray O. Wren, Leonard R. Wright, Clifford D. ··Wright. Roy A. ···Wynn, Hugh D. Wynn, John H. Y Goo J Young, J rge.A. YOounungg' Loamnese E ' r. Young, McQlure J. Young. Roy O. Zebrea. John B. zelezney. William F. •


Allport, John Levi AlkIre. Loren 'H. Anderson,- Carl A. ..·Anderson, Robert H. ·Andl;ews. John E. Andrews, Leslie M. B toss R IIi L aggens ,on . ···Barrett, Olarence Barstad, Jens K. Bergset, Carl Edynn Bickel. James A. .·.Blodgett, Lloyd , Boganes, John Bond, Oecil R. Bond. Frank E. Bourne, Rob er t L . i R. .cvy-=. M'Ij.ur,ce Breedlove, Harold J. Buehre, William G. Bush, William H. Blascovich, William Joseph BI0dge,tt W.....~'eld Bateman, Charles E. Oadieux, Henry F. Cainan. Daniel I. Oampbell. Oharles V. Oampbell, Thomas Edgar ···Oantrell, WillIam B. J illi g~~~~'WE?et!~ ::~.rtln rter ."""""'" .",_~_ Lynn 00. Cas tonguay. J ames L. Oastonguay, Ray J. ".Ohartler. Lynn Ohester 1 k Id C arl 'eurtHaris°L. Co e. ' ···Oonlon, Frank J. COnnell, Jesse James COverdell. Donal_d O. Oraln, Edgar E. CUlligan. Richard B. Cyr. George W. Darraw, George Davis, Raymond N., Denney. Orval W. Dufresne, Albert William Dufresne, Leo Donat Englebrecht. Almond J. •..·EricksGlt. Erick B. Erickson, Vemard L. •• ..Evans. James D. Evans, Marion Henry Evans, Michael Richard ··*Evans. Philemon T. ···Farmer, Frederick R. Franzen, Donald ,,_,

__ 1.


EAST HELENA SLAC TREATINC PLANT Bailey, Robert I. Brodock, Sheldon E. Burke. Jobn H., Jr. Doggett. RaymO{ldL. Dolan, James E. Kovich, EdWardF. Langenfus, Joseph M., Jr. Lee, James W. Monroe, Irvin B. Ottele. Sylvester Sarbu, Howard J. Smith, Edward A. stahler, Howard M. Tursich. Michael M.

liest war in history. Equipment costs money. The cost of war not only goes on-it goes up. We're


Each of the American Bond workers shown on these two pages left the Bond dinner reaJi%ing

Free, William H. Gow, Robert James HaIttunen, Paul Alfred.. •••Halvari, Frank H. Halvari, JalIner T. H" ....oleton. Howard W. ..,.... Hamma, Charles G. Hamma, Onnie ···Hankinson, WillIam J. H~nn;, Arnold E. ~ Hansen. Aage F. Hanson, Clifford E. Hanson, Fred Harrington. Dennis F. •...HarrlS·on. Fred J. Hayes, Harold M. Hayes, Patrick L. Hess, Nick, Jr... Bill ' ,. Arne J Hill, Wilho O. Hunt, Walter William Hiatt. Dwight M. Inman. Frank Alden Ivey, Walter L. Jacobson, Oharles Jacobson, Edward J. JacObson, Norman J. J ames, Donald V. Jenson, Robert H. Jerome. Robert S. Jessup, Peter J. Jeszenka, Michael J. ••• Jo"~~-n, Oarl A. uuov Johnson. Gus S. Johnson, James E. JOhnson, Toge G. ••• Johnson. Dale Pete. Jon Paul J' es,. Jeszenka-, John B. Kalberg, Thor Kattelus, Hugo Kelley, Ellis W. Kellner, Milson O. Kindel, Gerald R. KirWe, otto Koch, Raymond :P Krieger, Fritz W. • "'Kyle, Gilbert Eugene Kriebs, Albert A. Lafray, Curtis P. Lang. Chris Olai Lang. Howard M. LaForge. John J. ···Lapp!. Fred F. Larson, Harold Nick Lawrence. Harold A. Lawrence-, Robert E. Lebert, George W.

all in this thing together, and we're .in it to the finish. Buying War Bonds will help finish it.

Leibel, John W. Levesque, Elden 1... Levesque, IVap Lionel LUfring. Henry F. Lizotte, Ernest Lizotte, Kenneth E. Lutkie. T9ny J. McOlellan. John A. McCloskey, Edward P. ···McDonald. Daniel J. MeKay, Robert J. Maier Ben •••, Robert M Le Marasceat ':rcha;d JM· ,. Mattson, Melvin J. Means, John D. Michaud, Joseph Frank Morin, Dalton J. .... _orris, Ro bert James Morris, William F. Manning, Percy F. .Nearman. Kenneth ••Nelson. Charles E. Nysted, Dick H. Olsen, Charles R. Olson Victor I •. Opdahl, Arthur L. OShto, Peter Albert Otto, George M. ~••Otto, Theodore

Sowre, Howard James Sowre. Kenneth E. "·Space. Zeph F. Sullivan. Charles Leon Swanson, Carl .Albert • ••Sw--+-, .....w. Carl A. Swartz, Joseph R. ···Taylor. Arthur Sam ';l'eague. George B. Thibod tri eau, Pa ek J. Thompson. Maurice W. Thorsheim, Martin Tikkanen. Arthur 'I'reeoe. Charles H. Thompson, Jack D. Vannoy, Rodney M. "Verwom; Benny Wade, Kenneth H. Weber, EnOCh Weimer, Guy D. Weimer, Wallace Reid Welch, JOhn Harrison • .. ttn.jte Albert A'. "HI • Wicks, Merlin, F. Wahl. Marvin E. Wilkinson. Lawrence F. Wittenberg. Dick Oharles Wright, Dawson A. Wicks. Raymond E.

~:!: ~~a:D.

P~arson, Victor Sigurd Peterson, Harry E. ·"Petaja, Walter Pine Ern t A' ' es . ···Poitras. Russell Simon Potts. William M. Ranta, Arne ••Ranta, Ero.est Read, Oharles E. Rinehart, Ca.rl W. Rohrma.n, Alpine C. Roseth. Winton Henry Rosin, Oscar Rusdal, Tom . Rumer, Delmer Wayne Sandland, Milton E. Sayler, Elmer Sayler, Edward Sayler. Floyd H. • •• Severns, Walter G. Sherman, Elvin O. ••• Simonson, John SkillIcorn, Donald L. SkrudIand, OSwald Smith, Lawrence V. Smith, WillIam Basil

that it is a privilege to purchase War Bonds. In Axis countries civilians are assessed their share.


Albiston. Melvin J. Albiston",Norma,nL. Barger, William Jasper B eck. Don L. Billingsley, Leo W. Bolton, Frank Bunn, neVal Evans. Ra.yW. Gill, Melvin O. Gordon, RUS&ell V. Hayes. Russell Jenkins, David Jenkins, George W. Kelsbeimer, Josepb E. Lallatin, Frank Plough, S. F. ··Rlchards, 1...M. "Skinner, EllIs Skinner, Fay Skinner, RuIin H. Tigert, Mack Watkins, Marvin

In America War Bonds build future ·security and the purchase of them will bring our boys home.


r I

Here's tbe Gr",,\ PaU. lIond Committee. L. to e.: Jack Clark, Pete Pontana, Mike Rebar, E. S. Bardwell. Bob CunninKham. Department .ub-commU-teell 'Work under their di,....,tlon.


Anaeonda OperaUn .. Deoartment War Bo'nd Drlye Workers. Pro_ 1. to 1', front. row: Norman Valll'bn, Wa-lchman; WitHam Fedder· son. 81.« "·T.ninc-s; NeU Simonson. Local TramJ U.rr,. Naser" Lonl Tram, T. Frankorleb, Pbos.,hat., Albert Jobn.o ... Smelter Po ... r Houle, H. Violette, Pbosphate. Second ro .. ' Marion Kenfield. R.everberatory; Emert ~tasse" Ite.YerberatorJ'; Vernon Cro_e, ReYerberator),"j JM Sokolich, Conyerterj Pete McNall,., COIlYe,rter. Tbird row: HUl'h M"Mabon, Stack. Georn Vaniooko, General Lab-

orator)'; Eucene Borce.. General Laborator)'; Clinton Ble:e, Boa8k-r No. leI Cbarles UbI. Boaster No.2; Glen.. Vetler, Roaster No. II. Fourth ro .. : Vernon Eklund. Zinc Leacbiol'; Tom Harrison, Zine L... "blnl'i Waner Nel.o .., Zinc CasUnl" CU.e Parlin, Bouter No. 2, Tom Strel'ar. Boaster No.2. Fifth row: Harr,. McCu., ZI.... T....k Houe; Percy S.... dberl'. Laboratory S..m"le Mill. W.U • ., Dooley, L.bor.tor,. Sample MUI, Joh .. DlUon, F"em ... ; Wat. Pat· ton, aeyerb.i Archie Malone, Revub; 'WID. BrlDtoJl, CODeODhater.

Anaconda Foundr,. War Bond Drhe Wor1<er •. From 1. to r., front row: Alphonse Bilodeau. Foundry Mill " Smellermen, Bar., ..,und.. rcn, Foundr, llb.blne ShoP' William MorlseUe. Youndry Black.mltb Shol>, Benry Hansen. Foundr,. Boller ShoP' WiUiam Fink, Moldlnl'

IIla.blne Sbo .. ; Carl Pe.rson. Foundr,. Offlee, Ke.n .... Foundry MJ1I .t: Smeltermen, James Corcoran, Foundry Blul<smith Sbop; John C.dson. Foundry Mill " Smcllerm.,n; 0••• Welcb, Foundr,. Mill " SmeUermenl Oe.Dry Joodetle, Foundrll' MiU

YES, folks in the Armed Forces, we salute y<1U. And we're backing up our salute with production of war materials and the purchase of War Bonds. In addition to staying steadily on our jobs, so as to keep the needed supplies ready and on hand when you need them, we are going to dig in and get the cash for Uncle Sam wh ich he has requested for the Seventh War Loan Drive. We know that you can't fight wars or do much of anything else without it. Uncle Sam needs $4 billions this time which is $1 billion higher than any previous quota and he'll get it. That you can be sure of. Here on this page we show you some of the Labor-Management Bond Commi ttee workers from the Operating department, the Foundry, the Crafts and Miscellaneous War Bond workers from the Smelter at Anaconda. Also shown are the Labor-Management Bond Committees from Great Falls and Butte. Space doesn't permit us to show all the folks in these locations who are working on their "time-off" week in and week out throughout the drive which begins May 14 and runs through the month of June. These workers are contacting each and every employee with a Bond pledge card in hand. These workers as well as the mothers are waiting anxiously for your return. They know that the more Bonds bought, and the sooner they are bought, the sooner you will be Aome. These Bond workers and all other Americans from the ranks of labor and of management are united in their effort to give you what you need and bring you back home again.






Prom I. \0 r •• hoot row: Joe A.ntonJeh, CODcen&rator; Ole Net.on. Concentratorl nerm ..n Olson. Concentrator' Clinton Bardlla, Water. SUDpl,.. Second ro,,: Gordon Monroe, Mubl ... ShOD' Fr.nk Barl"b, lllaebino Sba." W. }(Joku, BJllOkllDJth Shop; C. lit. nard, Tin Sbop. Tblrd row, Ca.p.r Ollno• ." MalOnl! Bill Leon ••• , Pbosphate; J.mes J. n..n........ PbOKPb.. te. Fourtb ro.: De•• lI' L•• leb, SIal • r.UID.I'.' ,..111 Oilman, Sial' • T.W ..... ' To.

lIteDonald, Smelle. Po"er nouse, B.dolob B"uko.lcb, SmoUet po"er Bou... Slxtb ro,,: Walter T. }(Joker. Paint Sbop: Pat Skelton. Garaco: aalpb Jobnlon. PI... Sbop. n"n.,. St." .... Ironwork .... , J"bn O'Donnell. Weldln~ Sbo". SeYenlb row: Alice K... ttier, Ge.e ... l Offlc., To_ Leona.d. P.... h ... lnl' DeDa.t.,6D\: Gttae Potvin. Gener ..t Offlu. Leo Dou,bert,. Geaoral Offl .. , Dorau., McC." Geao.aI Oftl ... /


Here's the Bo..' Oommlt... at tto. B..t~ Labor-Han.n .. CommlUee. L. to r.: Dan 1teeoIe. Eu,ene HOl'an, Joh .. C •• .n.ul'h. Bill MoMahon .... BIrd. &eri au.r "" ..... • .ember ., C... mU'-


Copper Commando – vol. 3, no. 19  

World War II, Mother’s Day, Philippines, Armed Services, copper wire, Butte, Montana, copper mines, South Pacific islands, Howitzer, Naples,...