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Solar Car Challenge

Mr. Choquette Sci-8: Integrated Science Kaohsiung American School

Final Product ›  You

will need to create a project report board that looks something like the one below:

Sections of the report board ›  Introduction ›  State

of Purpose or Problem ›  Hypothesis ›  Materials ›  Procedures ›  Results ›  Conclusion

Introduction ›  What

is solar energy? ›  What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy? ›  Examples

of each (could have images)

Problem / Purpose ›  What

is our goal? ›  What is your team name / car name ›  Who are your team members? Do they have specific jobs or nicknames? ›  A picture of your team members / car

Hypothesis ›  Develop

a testable question related to the design and construction of your car ›  You will test this hypothesis and create a line graph related to your results.

Materials ›  A

bulleted list of materials used in the construction of your car

Procedures ›  A

short paragraph about how your team designed and constructed your vehicle. Why did you choose to build using the materials that you used? ›  Why did you choose the gear ratio you used? ›  Why did you use or not use special features like magnifying glasses, mirrors ect.? › 

›  Testing

results. Date you tested. Results of your four runs in a chart with a related bar graph.

Results ›  Race

Day Results: A short paragraph about how your team did on race day. Were you happy about how your car performed. How much slower your car was in comparison to the winning car, how much faster your car was in comparison to the last place car (time and average speed) ›  Bar

graph showing the finish time and average speed of each team.

Conclusion ›  What

did you learn from this project? ›  What real world non-controllable factors benefited or hurt your cars effort? ›  What design features do you think were most successful? ›  What would you do differently if you were to do this project again?

Solar Car Challenge Project Board Requirements  

Follow these guidelines to a great project board!