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Sci-8: Mr. Choquette

Atomic Poetry and Poster Board Project Due: Wednesday May 30, 2012

Your mission on this project has TWO parts: 1. First, create a poem of six to twelve lines based on the properties, source(s), and uses of your element. § The title of the poem should be the name of your element. § Your poetry may be a traditional poem, free verse, limerick, riddle, etc. § Your poem should include: o

Details of the elements atomic structure (the elements symbol, atomic number, number of protons, electrons, neutrons)

o o

at least three properties (what family is it in? what does it look like? feel like? react like?) a total of 3 sources (sources means where it occurs in nature, who made it, places where the element can be found, how your element is used, compounds that it is a part of, etc.) of your element.

2. Second, produce a poster using the paper that I provided in class that displays your poem, illustrations of your atom labeling the nucleus, protons, neutrons and electrons, as well as normal information required by the periodic table: element symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass. § Your poster paper must be the correct COLOR or color theme according to the block in which the element is located on the periodic table: metals - red; metalloids - pink; other non-metals - green; halogens – light blue, noble gases - blue. § You must have at least four illustrations, each of which must have at least one out of the ordinary aspect to the illustration. Illustrations that are just printed from the Internet will only be considered average and will not receive full credit. Be creative! § Don’t forget to put your poem on your poster!

You will have class time on Monday to construct your poster!

HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO § § § § §

Research some basic applications of your element in society as well as the properties of the element. Research different types of poetry and choose one that will best fit the information you have gathered about your element. Research the internet for ideas about your poem; however, you cannot copy any part of any poem that currently exists. Openly seek input and suggestions from teachers, friends, and family. While you are encouraged to seek out advice, no one may write your poem for you. You must compose it yourself. Be creative with the illustrations on your poster.

Atomic Poetry Project  

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