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------------------------------------------------------Ali Alfaraj...------------------Waterford Institute of Technology Bsc (Hons) Architectural technology 2014

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Ali Alfaraj

Waterford Institute of Technology School of Architecture | (Hons)Architecture Technology T. +(353) 871623322 | Ireland +(966) 500835905 | Saudi Arabia E. Page 03

“What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal� -Albert Pine

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Light permermeated the universe. It comes to life in the crystal. The prism is marvellous. That is why the glass house is great.

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Scheerbart Glasarchitektur, 1914


08 Real life project 12 Kildonton Project 20 Drawing & Painting 26 Photography Artwork 32 35 Curriculum Vitae

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Real life project Design + Research& desvelopment

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Research + Development project This is a real life project that Clancy Construction brought to AT3 Studio to see the power of BIM technology and how it is effective in real time. It is an integrated project between schools where (Hons) Construction Management and Engineering, and Quantity surveyor were involved in. Clancy Construction gave us a project worth 9million euro and recommended 9 Weeks approximately for the assignment to be done. The lecturer assign each student work individually in his own project. but at same time they divided us into groups to use different system in each group. The Constructions people went to site, do a survey using a ‘total station’, and they had token about 500 point in the site

to provide us with an actual contours line from the site. On the other hand, QS had been divided into groups and took a BIM model that we produce and do a quantity surveying to have an estimated figure from the project. Myself I was assign to use Cast in-suit for the structure and 50mm Cavity wall for the wall. Plus, use 3 different material for the finishing. Therefore, I chose an aluminum cladding + 12mm gab curtain wall for the glazing part + Wood finishing for ceramic tiles for some others parts and rain screen structure used for the façade to hold all different type of material that been assign to the building.

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Front view from the parking area

Structureal falier

Fixing the falier by increasing the beam depth

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3D of the structureal drawing

Structureal analysis

3D view from the Parking area

Internal 3D view from the Canteen

Plumbing plan

3D of Plumbing drawing

3D of Plumbing drawing

3D view of the front side of the D+R

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Creative design Extension + Protected Structural + retrofiting

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3D view of the concept

An extension restorant for Kildonton The agreculture college Kildonton is a project belong to Teagsc the agriculture college. This project will became a part Bessborough House”château style”which known as Canadian form of architecture.However,it is located as I said in Kildonton Argicultural College estate has acted as the headquarters for Agriculture Science for many decades

The propose location of the project

Nowadays, nobody is interstedto building this type of building anymore here in Ireland. Therefore it become a challenging to make a decision for a protected structure. See how BIM influence the decision.

An interior view of the resturant made using markers

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Bessborough House

Site Plan

Summer @ 12p.m.

Winter @ 12p.m.

Sun path analysis

Shading types First inspration sketches

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BIM model

Section though the BIM model

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Page 16

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Section at the top of the dome

Wind analysis though the site

3D point cloud analysis of the wind

Wind analysis in the Z and Y axis of the wind passing though the site and how the new building is affecting the surrounding of the site and block the wind from damaging the wall by hitting it all day and night Analysis of the wind though the X and Y axis

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Drawing & Painting Watercolor + Pencil

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Wandering eyes Page 21

Rome, Italian Page 22

Dublin, Ireland Page 23

Banraty Village, Ireland

Kraco, Poland

Waterford, Ireland Florence, Italian Page 24

Islamic Geomatric in Watercolour

Mashad, Iran

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Photogarphy Bahrain + UK + Poland

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Page 28

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ArtWork From my work experience

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Curriculum Vitae

Architect/Graphic designer: 14st Oct. 2009 to 30th Jun. 2010 • Architect (Design, Draftsmen, Reviewing & Supervision)

Name Ali Alfaraj Home Address

Apt.202, Maritana Gate

• Project Sheet, Posters and Presentation

Canada St.

• Newsletter (Designer and Article writer)

Waterford, Ireland Contact No.

IRELAND: +353 (0)87 1623322

• Photographer

SAUDI: +966 (0)50 0835905

Summer 2008 Arabia

Qatif Technology College, Riyad Rd, Qatif, Saudi


COOP period with the College as an Architect.

Nationality Saudi

• Building Designer

Driving Licence

• Planning development

Saudi Licence

• Maintenance supervision Main Objective

Summer 2008

Alawami Planers & Consultants,Qatif, Saudi Arabia

My desire is to find a stable yet challenging position in a professional environment in which to learn new technologies and skills while utilizing my previous experiences to improve beyond my current abilities. I expect to be in position where I can practice designing and planning development. Working on teams and be a part of the decision that will be made. Studying and work though different nations will help to improve and exceed expectations in all aspects of my work.

Saudi Arabia • Electrical plan as Draftsman • Sound & Security System plan as Draftsman • Architectural plan as Draftsman • Mechanical plan as Draftsman



2012 – up to data

(Hons) BSc in Architecture Technology

Software & Skills: BIM Project Planning., Revit Architecture, AutoCAD Architecture, SketchUp,3D max, Vasari, Thirm 5, Ecotect Analysis, Impression 3. MS word, PowerPoint, Excel, Billsoft ,Color DROW, Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth and many other software.

2012 – 2013


Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

BSc in Architecture Technology 2011 – 2012

Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

Third year - BSc in Construction Management & Engineering

Sport: Hiking, Basketball and swimming. Travel: I enjoy travelling and have been to the USA, UK, UAE and many others countries. Photography, Drawing and Playing with Software’s LANGUAGE Arabic and English

2010 – 2011

Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

Bridging Program for International Student

AFFILIATION Saudi Consultant Engineering General Organization for Social Insurance

2007 – 2009 Jeddah Technology College, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Diploma in Technical of Architecture

REFEREES References & Supporting Documentation Furnished Upon Request.


Suhaimi Design, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Signature : _____________________

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I would like to dedicate this portfolio to my loving mother, who always been supporting me during my life and want to keep her supporting by any mean. ..I miss her everyday..

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Ali Alfaraj portfolio 2014  

This is my Architectural Technology portfolio

Ali Alfaraj portfolio 2014  

This is my Architectural Technology portfolio