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Melanoma Patient Network Europe

Surviving Melanoma in Europe Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment for all.

who we are We are a network of Melanoma patients, family members and patient advocates. We are determined to improve the situation of Melanoma patients in Europe. We bridge language and cultural barriers and communicate and collaborate across Europe. We are a network of volunteers working together on the basis of shared principles.

MPNE principle No1 Patients FIRST.

Our lives have been affected by Melanoma. Our first and foremost concern are Melanoma patients.

MPNE principle No2 Solutions, not problems. The ultimate purpose of health care is to benefit patients. Patients have unique insights and knowledge not shared by other stakeholders. We see it as our responsibility to use our knowledge to find solutions. Solutions that improve the lives of Melanoma patients today and tomorrow.

MPNE principle No3 Data, not opinions. All health-related information on our forums and at our events needs to be supported by evidence. There is no such a thing as ‘the patient voice’. Patient preferences spread naturally. Only data will help us to be fair on each patient. Our approach to advocacy is evidencebased: we support our positions with data. Not opinions.

MPNE principle No4 If you don’t do it- no one will. The challenges in Melanoma are as enormous as they are diverse. Fortunately, we are growing network of motivated individuals with an equally diverse skill set. And we enable and support our network members to tackle the problems they care most about.

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