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iberian&klavier, piano duet, formed by the pianists Laura Sierra and Manuel TĂŠvar, was founded in 2009 aiming at interpreting and promoting the Spanish four-hand piano heritage since the Baroque, through Romanticism, Nationalism and the XX-XXI centuries. In addition, the duet has extended its repertoire to other composers who were somehow influenced by Spanish music and culture, and who have recreated various aspects of that influence through the five continents, in their repertoires both for four-hand piano and for two pianos. The duet will also devote part of their concerts to interpre-

ting transcripts, following a long tradition that seeks to recreate the melodies that have transcended their original writing pieces to become universal favourites of all audiences. I&K has played in London, Paris, New York (Silvia Furhman Auditorium), and in different places throughout Spain, playing in well-known Festivals such as “Segovia International Festival 2010”, where their performance was highly regarded both by the specialized critics and the audience. The duet is preparing the first duet’s discography project for the end of 2012. The duet keeps planning to perform recitals in Europe and the United States in the near future. Iberian & Klavier has also developed educational projects

such as "Peter and the Wolf, piano symphony" and "Ma mère l'oye, five children's stories" in order to make its educational vocation reach all audiences.

Laura Sierra (Geneve, Switzerland 1989). Pianist and professor. “Hazen Piano Award” in 2002. She has received masterclasses from Claudio Martínez- Mehner, Eldar Nebolsin, Nino Kereselidze, Ivan Cítera, Arpad Bodó. Also, she has received pedagogy master-classes from Patrico Díaz and Sergio Castro. She has played in Europe, USA and Spain, performing in the National Auditory of Madrid for Balia Fundation in charity concert. He is founder of "Iberian & Klavier" piano duet, and has developed an intense career since 2009. She is the main pianist of

Madrid Sinfonietta Orchestra and played in the Music Festival of Segovia 2010 as a soloist. She has been a piano teacher in the International Music Course “Ciudad de Segovia” since 2010, a teacher in Cardenal Cisneros University School of music. She is professor in the International course of Segovia. She is specializing in her piano and pedagogy training in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid with Julian López Gimeno.

Manuel TĂŠvar (Madrid, 1980). Pianist, composer and conductor. He got the Royal Adademy of Fine Arts Award in 2006. As a pianist he has obtained international awards as a soloist and chamber music player too, his interpretations of Spanish and contemporany music being highly respected. As a composer he has obtained a great number of important international prizes, and his pieces have been edited by Rivera Editions, DasĂ­ Editions, Boileau Editions, Guerrero Foundation,and recorded by Verso. His pieces have been played in Spain, New York, Paris, London and Belgium. He conducted the Youth United Nations Ensemble in 2011.At present, he is the artis-

tic director and main conductor of Madrid Sinfonietta Orchestra MSO, with upcoming productions and tours in Spain, France, Sweden and the United States. He combines his activity as a soloist with chamber music concerts, and have appeared in major concert halls and Festivals in Spain, Europe and the United States, getting good reviews and the best public regard. He is a piano professor in Arturo Soria Conservatory of Madrid, professor in Cardenal Cisneros University and artistic director of the International course of Segovia, the Benasque Early Music Festival, and the International Summer Academy of Music, Spain 2012.


The TRC record producer and record label Itinerant Classics come together in the duo's first recording project for piano four hands Iberian & Klavier. The recording sessions of this album will take place in June and its launch is scheduled for December.

September, 22nd 2011 Saint Pancras Church London. 13:15 h October, 12th 2011 Ateneo de Madrid November, 5th 2011 Hotel Amadeus Sevilla November, 6th 2011 UNIA “Siglos de Música” January, 4th 2012 Casino de Segovia “Concierto de Año nuevo” January, 6th 2012 Auditorio George Bernanos París February, 19th 2012 MACUF A Coruña “Música Animada”

February, 23rd 2012 Fundación Fuente del Rey Aravaca. Madrid March, 2nd 2012 Palacio de Foz Embajada Española de Lisboa March, 11th 2012 MACUF A Coruña “Conciertos temáticos” June, 1st 2012 Fundación Música Contemporánea Barcelona June, 2nd 2012 Centro de Ciencias Pedro Pascual. Clausura del Congreso: “Quantum Mechanics, Operator Theory and

tour 11/12

Composers spanish-french

“French influences: colorful essences...” Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) Astor Piazzola (1921-1992) Manuel Falla (1876-1946)

Ma Mere L’Oye Dolly op. 56 La Historia del Tango Dos Danzas de la Vida Breve

proposals The French music that rose as the highest exponent of musical impressionism came up at the end of the 19th century. This style was the opposite to the the principles of romanticism, and several generations of composers, both in France and in other countries, were influenced by it. Manuel de Falla and Astor Piazolla, two of the most representative Hispanic composers on both sides of Atlantic, were not indifferent to it. In the same way, for this programme, and aiming at showing that influence in Portugal, I&K has added a representative Portuguese composer, Antonio Fragoso, selecting two piano solo pieces of his “Petite Suite� Prelude and Berceuse. I&K

Homenaje al bicentenario de la constitución de 1812

Joaquin Murguía (1759-1836) Fernando Sor (1778-1839) Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) Xavier Montsalvatge (1912-2002) Manuel Falla (1876-1946) Joaquin Rodrigo (1901-1999)

Sonata en Sol M Selección de valses Aragón Pavana Tres divertimentos Dos piezas de la vida breve Sonatina para dos muñecas Gran Marcha de los

proposals En este programa homenaje a la “Pepa” I&K nos muestra una de las señas de identidad, su trabajo detallista y especializado en la interpretación de la música nacionalista de nuestros compositores, destacando esa cualidad folklórica ineludible siempre tratada de forma culta. Falla, Rodrigo, Albéniz, Sor y Murguía representan tres siglos de música española, una fantástica visión de la que es nuestra música, “la música española”.

Entre Madrid y Barcelona

Enlace Musical Enrique Granados (1867-1916) Ernesto Halffter (1905-1989) Fernando Sor (1778-1839) Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) Joaquin Rodrigo (1901-1999) Manuel Tévar (1980) Xavier Montsalvatge (1912-2002)

En la aldea 2 marchas militares Marcah, serenata y valse Selección de valses Aragón Pavana Sonatina para dos muñecas Gran Marcha de los subsecretarios Cuaderno colorista nº1 Tres divertimentos


Entre Madrid y Barcelona: enlace musical, nos ofrece la posibilidad de disfrutar de un diรกlogo creativo entre algunos de los compositores mรกs representativos de ambas ciudades durante los siglos XIX y XX.



(Diario el Norte de Castilla) Molto fragile!

«Cuando se interpreta una obra así, hay que adjetivar y decir que es un acontecimiento excepcional»

20.07.10 LUIS HIDALGO MARTÍN La jornada del domingo se presentaba como la más intensa del Festival de Segovia. Por la mañana, San Juan de los Caballeros acogió el concierto-coloquio de Iberian & Klavier y Andrés Ruiz Tarazona, en el que música española para piano a cuatro manos, magníficamente ilustrada por los eruditos y amenos comentarios de Ruiz Tarazona, fue fantásticamenteinterpretada por el dúo formado por Laura Sierra y Manuel Tévar.

Precisión, magnífica compenetración y musicalidad fueron las principales características de su interpretación, que abordó obras de José de Murguía, Ernesto Halffter, Joaquín Rodrigo y del propio Manuel Tévar. Y precisamente las tres piezas del Cuaderno nº 1 de la Suite colorista de este compositor madrileño fueron la revelación de la sesión, por su limpieza de factura, sus dotes expresivas, delicadeza y singular belleza.



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