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Getting in front of issues affecting veterinary medicine. MVMA QUARTERLY - SPRING 2019

MVMA Stands Up, On Behalf of Its Members, Against Cyberbullying A high profile event transpired in recent weeks when Stray Rescue in St. Louis, accused Veterinary Specialty Services, and the St. Louis Animal Control, of acting improperly in euthanizing a dog after a biting incident. Through efforts of Stray Rescue, a torrent of social media activity was unleashed against VSS and Animal Control. The vicious cyberbullying against VSS raised to the level of death threats in some instances. After conversations with VSS, MVMA was satisfied that proper actions were taken when the private practice notified animal control immediately after their technician was bitten by the animal.

a technician was bitten. We immediately notified the local rescue group, and per Missouri statue, filed a bite report with the St. Louis County. Following the report, St. Louis Animal Care and Control took custody of the patient from VSS. The St. Louis County Health Department made the difficult decision to euthanize the patient per Missouri law. Everyone is saddened by this outcome.

Given the level of social media attacks after the incident, MVMA Despite a veterinary/client relationship leadership issued the following email to MVMA members: of over 20 years, the rescue group has Missouri Veterinary Medical engaged in a major cyber-bullying Association Members: campaign vilifying VSS and Animal Care We are sharing this and Control for following the regulations of information with you to help St. Louis County and the State of Missouri. you understand the issues The technician who is injured will physically 18 involved in a cyberbullying NG 20 be fine. We are all “hanging in there” and LY - SPRI UARTER Q A MVM event taking place in St. Louis greatly appreciate the incredible support F cebobeen Monday night February l a ok coreceiving weahave the veterinary s r e v mmentsfrom e R n d o i Bureau of Narcoticrescs anribe s 11th, and today, Tuesday i c community, near and far.from our m e D e s p ri embers... February 12th, EAioLn iwcas aetunmultuedouals lonvee.teThrinearMiaissnsouldwhohavedispenentailesedanethdMouVsaMndA ses ofnt to CDregarding Animal Control, under the City of s d a ou th e . nt at , w L st D ve 18 is D at Veterinary Specialty Services, on Th 20 e th . , BN tice mber y the ary 24 VM A ssur k followinRescue, g the M Drugs issued a nodividual DEA nu As requested b ednesday Janu St. Louis Department of Health, send the us and n inSt. for clinics. the ge on W able to MVMA Pre The weeStray Dangero t have their ow this chan se fees M A was to all members: of V en e M lic mus tic in subsequently released this statement 26 ary alert ollars members a no l nu d ai Ja au , re em ay g Louis County Public all Health On Frid by the Bu followin notified regarding all n regarding the incident: ee b ision Department. We have been nounce that we ruhagsvethat the decee ded. All n rescin to an rous D licenses has b the status prior ed ge as le an p D St. Louis County Interim Health Coin contact today with We are VSS, vert to lowing tics and ing DEA of Narco rinarians need forcement will re eek, including al r clinic. en vete is w thei Director Spring Schmidt’s Statement ents and ense in earlier th and have offered them our A M V requirem cement made use one DEA lic un y your M to action b legal counsel the anno veterinarians re on Faust e assistance in whatever toway tiv r m ou M A, multiple and effec of swift valuable input frole input from AV ers. b e result we can. It is important we This is th ership team, in sive and valuab ts of our mem ed. On February 11, St. Louis County Animal or lv lead idual eff you to all invo ly respon ds, high ell as the indiv Thank share the following withSeour nized ga an Edwar Care and Control took in Faust, a 6 year-old as w or of er g the powit is important to unicatin and MVMA members so you may knowlpall facts, turn, them to lp is heexplain comm female pitbull from Veterinary Specialty numberin ar to inthe n in us l ia al bers he a profession sm ay for a veterin dramatically all mem in s ic w the GSLVMA, issue your own clients. WeWhave ine. Acontact with VSS, and The Social e hope been Services, after VSS reported that she bit one most bas is DEA license how much they. medic d y ar an st rin d fir te er. Th ge, an bership ited. The chanour A memb ings can of ur mem Board DVM, and have had a vewell-rounded MVMA of Governors e yo th r stand un be an MVMdiscussion of its staff. fo in th s u ly to w quick t exist. Thank yo ue, and perhap ership.MVMA QUART rates ho We ERLY - SU no emb t this iss regarding the handling ofdthis also passed resources emonstissue. MMER abou VM A malong W VM A did e have d M M or if 20 to , w 19 st ue orking Missouri law and St. Louis County could co lp us spread th cruit a colleag for Our re available through the AVMA. Dr. Gorse Please he processof VSS has thanked us and our members MVMA S Members ordinance require all dogs who have for our solidarity with them. We wish VSS the best of luck in this unfortunate uccess ful bitten and broken skin to be Com Secaurhuman situation and have asked them to let us know of anything we can dopfor outhem. nded Dr Inquarantined ingfor rabies for E m fter over u ergeobservation gs From a year of ncy Rsigns MVMAstatements This communicationbto our members then carried the following P u is happy hard work and s h a minimum of 10 days unless of le r a e (w r s m ith co to on lla lim a an b cy and V itations MemControl. ) compou nounce that ea oration with th er had ap bygVSS and OurAnimal These ru e Misdefects ch Cliff Mill Missouri, to r e nded dr neurological rabies and in of those t o souri Bo indicate e f les are in r Elect Dr. ug in ly tb er n s en ar oa a i to h ob id d rds ha quire ap ry Boar eff be used of Pharm in M throug A Pres proval by ect as of Mar issu WorkyearVSS acy be emergetheveanimal en MVM e, headquartered rinary services ds ch that incase, euthanized. d th the legi ncies, un ed emershould e Misso gency ru an s ago, thgave MVMA orthe The Mis e vetefollowing Hom slature to 31, 2019, until ision to information: s uri Vete til patie les that souri Bo January Two plu Orscheln Farm & of offering in st rming their dec make th rin nt-spec A, en ar M p ab V d ro 8, of M le y vi ifi em nfi 20 to Pharmac Missour ary Medical Bo de thes c prescrip the 20, whe perman r co polic of f tte w al le pealed e ne i ard, the a er y eh ve r n no tio ent. rule ef thconsists terinaria Rabies observation of looking thei ns can b sent e rules re patient was care to an extremely . On b ueVeterinary eln Specialty 16Services The Mis criticaln-stray ices in dproviding ns e ordere specific sets out require discontin vendor. Orsch so the serv ber of 20 towns d and fil to stock drugs to ments th ty for disp uri Veterinary M in Decem n to discontinue ecially in small le es M d. at ic is a 3rd par that for neurological defects or issues. VSS rv al so en lo inp to us pby a local rescue group. The patient uri vete singbecame s with these se had been Orschel brought these dr edical Board ru ians, es rinarians w pharmacies The new ugs. le gove continue d appealed to veterinar and relationshi ived to for emer rns thalready ha ith local erhospitalization, ce veterinar measures, gency serious had signs of sations e quantit observed despite appropriate“Aprotective nship w during Chair, re ciand, Dr. Miller aggressive y rule st use. veterin y al ing conv eir relatio A Board at un ng


go th M no ence to Due to on er, currently MV y 22, 2018, an ar l areas. ill . The and rura 14 ecutives Dr. M mpany on Janu rinary services ex te co n e ve arians … Orschel in store l veterin r from th -up lette ontinued these p with the loca with them to w llo fo a k nshi now disc r relatio portunity to wor they have : “We value ou es me the op …”. d letter stat certainly welco ith pet owners behalf an w ld s p MVM A’ He lauds and wou our relationshi ws. is issue on en strength ntly on th ns to hear this ne terinarians to ge ili d ri’s ve worked terinaria of other s Missou Dr. Miller r Missouri’s ve and urge especially in light terinarians d fo around l ve p, is excite ine loca r the turn this relationshi m fo er n d el to un Orsch ening continue strength consider companies who es. ing rvic compet e veterinary se or with in st 12 12

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Did you he ordering ar the one abo ut a was the compounded m the veterinaria n same as e from a 5 dication from a who thought 03B pha 503A ph rmacy? arminformation More on back. acy For mo re inform ation, visit st okes50 or call 88

l Association Missouri Veterinary Medicay, MO 65109

Jefferson Cit 2500 Country Club Drive, 9-7175 • Email: mvma@m -65 573 : Fax • 573-636-8612

this ociation (MVMA), I have ri Veterinary Medical Ass sou Mis the of t en sid pre As the vice ns like you. ate with fellow veterinaria opportunity to communic we do, and what out who MVMA is, what ab lot a you d tol has n The preceding informatio erinarians in Missouri. we’ve done lately for vet


. Most Importantly... t people don’t even realize ers behind the scenes tha mb me its of e for ctic ch pra mu so the The MVMA does issues that are making we are dealing with many in comissues have two threads In these changing times, r. plicated endeavo These com re mo a ine dic me veterinary mon: er as the parties on portant to stand togeth im is It l. ua ivid ind the 1) They are larger than er. ues are standing togeth the other side of these iss t, these are state issues, tional level. Like it or no na the on sh wit alt de license to practice in Mi 2) They cannot be encies, concerning your ag te sta , d uri an , sso law Mi in te ce sta dealing with rs of veterinary practi t is important, but in matte souri. The AVMA is very ry Medical Association tha Ve is the Missouri terina it , ed ect aff st mo are u where yo ur behalf. fighting the battles on yo do. e what we’re educated to our back so we can practic g tin tec pro is MA MV The support of all Missouri the MVMA. We need the for r yea g itin exc and nt pe you will join us. 2019 is an importa our veterinary family. I ho of rt pa a as you ed ne veterinarians. We Sincerely,

Marcy Hammerle, DVM Vice President

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