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Keeping Cool as Summer is Heating Up! At Movement Auto, we want you to be as cool as possible in your car. That is why we carry over 800 A/C Condensers already and will be adding another 500+ in the coming month. What is an AC Condenser? The A/C Condenser is one of the key components to the air conditioning system in your car. Their main function is to take the hot vapor and turn it into a cooler liquid that helps you stay nice in cool inside your vehicle. In the past, condensers were typically made out of copper/brass. With today’s technology, however, they are now being made out of aluminum for optimal cooling. The best condensers that you will find will be made out of all aluminum. The condenser is typically located in front of the radiator and consists of a series of tubes and fins. They look similar to this:

The main job of the condenser is to release the heat that the refrigerant absorbed while flowing through the evaporator and compressor. The refrigerant enters the condenser as a high pressure vapor, but as it flows through the condenser, it is cooled and turns back into a cooler high-pressure liquid. This process looks like this:

Noticing that your AC isn't working quite as well as normal? There are a few things that can go wrong with your condenser and this can cause issues with the temperature of the air that you are receiving inside of your vehicle. One of the easy fixes is that the condenser may become blocked by some type of debris. This should be your first thing to check. Check your condenser for things like leaves, insects, other visual debris, or even an excessive build-up of dust or dirt. Since the condenser relies on air flowing through it to create the cooling effect, this debris will hinder its proper functioning. Give your condenser a good cleaning with water, maybe even using a mild soap. Another problem that can occur is due to internal blockage when the compressor fails. When the compressor fails, metal particles and other debris move into the condenser with the refrigerant and can quickly block the pipe in the condenser. Sometimes it is possible to flush out this blockage but in most cases, the blockage has caused too much damage and the condenser needs to be replaced. Condensers can also suffer from a seam or weld failure resulting in leakage. Since condensers are located in the front of the vehicle, it is easy for them to suffer physical damage from small items kicked up off of the road or front-end collisions. In most cases, clogged, leaking, or damaged condensers will need to be replaced. When you get to the point of needing to replace your condenser, Movement Auto is here for you!

Keeping cool as summer is heating up!  
Keeping cool as summer is heating up!  

You can replace you’re A/C condenser with Movement auto. It is the key component of your car.