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Don’t Trust Just Anyone When It Comes To Your Brakes (Part 2)

Now that you know what type of brake pads suit your vehicle the best, you will need rotors that will best match those pads along with your driving style. Here is what EBC has to offer: D SERIES Premium British made OEM replacement brake rotors without slots or holes for the general urban replacement market. HCR SERIES Premium British made HIGH CARBON OEM replacement brake rotors without slots or holes for the performance replacement market. BSD SERIES HIGH CARBON blanks machined with latest “blade” slot pattern for track day, race and fastest street use, again British made. USR SERIES Featuring black zinc coating for rust protection. Finer slot pattern reduces rotor wind noise which may be desirable on prestige cars. Slot pattern ensures smooth wear throughout brake life which enhances vehicle brake effect. GD SERIES Featuring wide aperture full width slots for maximum pad degassing and blind dimple drilled holes. These rotors run cooler and ensure flat and parallel pad wear to improve braking but these rotors DO MAKE certain rotor noise which for some people is an important consideration. If rotor wind noise is totally unacceptable to you, please opt for our USR or D series rotors. Many performance drivers, however, do choose the

GD series because of its outstanding benefits in cooling and cleaning vehicle brakes in the pad contact area. GD series are Gold Zinc anodized for looks and corrosion protection. The chart from our blog on brake pads can help you choose the best rotors, too, but we like this chart a little bit more:

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Don’t trust just anyone when it comes to your brakes (part 2)  

When it comes to your vehicle’s brakes, don’t trust everybody. Visit for getting best EBC brakes for it. http://movementaut...

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