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News and Information from Mount Saint Charles Academy • Brothers of the Sacred Heart • Fall 2013 • Issue 17

M O U N T S A I N T C H A R L E S A C A D E M Y • B R O T H E R S O F T H E S A C R E D H E A RT • M O U N T S A I N T C H A R L E S A C A D E M Y • B R O T H E R S O F T H E S A C R E D H E A RT

Inside this issue of Mount: 3

New Tennis Courts On October 12th, friends, benefactors, and MSC staff gathered together for the dedication or our new tennis courts.


The History of Our Sacred Heart Statue Br. John Hebert, SC shares the story of our Sacred Heart Statue and how we acquired it.


Sacred Heart Scholars Program President Herve E. Richer ’74 shares exciting news about a new scholarship program at MSC.


MSC Celebrates 90 Years Learn the story and rich history of how Mount Saint Charles Academy came to be 90 years ago.

President’s Letter 1 Principal’s Letter 2 Annual Report of Giving 14 Class Notes 20

M O U N T S A I N T C H A R L E S A C A D E M Y • B R O T H E R S O F T H E S A C R E D H E A RT • M O U N T S A I N T C H A R L E S A C A D E M Y • B R O T H E R S O F T H E S A C R E D H E A RT

M E S S A G E   F R O M

Dear Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors, arm fall greetings from Mount! As you receive this, we are approaching the celebration of Thanksgiving, a day set aside to offer thanks for our many blessings. I hope that you will join with me and include Mount Saint Charles as one of those blessings for which we are extremely grateful. May we all unite our prayers of thanks for the gift that Mount has been to each of us and for the gift it has been and continues to be to the greater community. Let us, too, offer prayerful thanks for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, through whose dedicated service and commitment Mount and its mission have remained a gift to us all for 90 years. Yes, this year we celebrate our 90th year of Catholic education in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart; 90 years of ministry and evangelization to thousands of young men and women; 90 years of challenging our students to be people of faith; 90 years of transmitting gospel values; 90 years of academic excellence; 90 years of preparation for college; 90 years of athletic and artistic achievements; 90 years of Mount pride! As I write this letter, the Northern Rhode Island area is experiencing the peak of its foliage season. The trees across the area are resplendent in their fall colors. Their beauty surely speaks of the glory of God. The many hues of autumn also speak of change and remind me that like the trees that surround us, Mount has seen many seasons and many changes throughout those seasons. Each of our 90 years has brought with it its own unique challenges and its own




unique accomplishments. Each student and each faculty member who has come through our doors in these 90 years has left his own unique fingerprints on the fabric of our school community. And as the leaves that change color and fall from the trees, so too have the years passed, students and teachers have come and gone, and the school has endured countless changes, large and small. Yes, the leaves fall from the tree just as the years pass us by, but the tree stands tall and strong to await a new season of new leaves and new growth. Mount is like that tree—a mighty oak that has endured 90 years of changing seasons but remains as tall, stately, and strong as ever, its branches reaching higher and casting its shadow of influence over more and more people who seek its shelter. Mount is a testament to the world of the glory of God. And for this we should be truly grateful. In the pages of this magazine throughout the coming year, you will glimpse some of our past and you will share some of our present. You will also sense our hopes for the future, a future of which I hope you will remain a part, for without you there can be no future. For what has been, for what is, and for what can and will be, we offer heartfelt thanksgiving. Finally, as I offer my personal prayers of thanksgiving this holiday season, my prayer will include gratitude for each and every one of you. Yes, through its 90 years Mount has become a part of each of your lives, but more importantly, each of you has become a part of Mount. Without your support, without your partnership, without the blessings you bring to our mission, Mount would cease to exist.

On behalf of Mount’s students and teachers, I offer thanks for all you do to help ensure that our ministry continues to flourish today. On behalf of all of our future Mounties, I offer humble gratitude for all you will do to make our future possible, for all you will do to ensure that this mighty oak will continue to stand tall and give glory to God. This Thanksgiving, I will pray that our good and gracious God, for whom and by whom Mount exists, will continue to bless our school community and will bless each of you who partners with us in this mission that is Mount Saint Charles Academy. Let us all be thankful for the many blessings of these 90 years and let us be hopeful for many blessings still to come. And together let us sing: “You have blessed me with good things and plenty And surrounded my table with friends. Their laughter and their love enrich me; Together we sing your praise.” (“All My Days,” Dan Schutte) Excelsior! Herve Richer ’74 President



Dear Alumni and Friends of Mount,


think for most people the occasion of an anniversary is a time to reflect on the past years and to celebrate all that has occurred over that period of time. For Mount, this is also true as we celebrate our 90th year in educational ministry here in Woonsocket. Recognizing the tremendous history and tradition that is Mount Saint Charles, we remember all who have contributed to this school. Alumni who have benefitted from the experience they had as students continually remind us of the academic, spiritual and social preparation they received here. Many have responded to this reality by sending their children and grandchildren to Mount. There is no greater affirmation then those who carry on the tradition of a Mount education through their families. Our faculty, staff and administration take great pride in the continuation of academic excellence that exists here in a community of faith. In this 90th year we also celebrate the many Brothers of the Sacred Heart who have ministered here over the years. We are grateful that Mount still has a number of Brothers who continue to teach, volunteer, and administer in the school. 2




Though the number of active Brothers has dwindled, their presence in the community continues the vitality of the Charism of Fr. Andre Coindre who founded the order in 1821 in Lyons, France. Mount continues to have a member of the Religious of Jesus and Mary ministering here as well. This order of nuns was also founded in France by St. Claudine Thevenet, a colleague of Fr. Coindre. The cooperative relationship begun over 150 years ago between these two individuals is still present in our school community. Reflecting on the sacrifices made by so many families is another reason to celebrate this anniversary. Thousands of parents from our earliest days to today have made deliberate decisions to send their children to a Catholic school. For many the task of scraping together the tuition meant giving up other things they may have wanted. As the number of religious in the school declined and the cost of running the school increased, so has the tuition. While the administration does everything it can to keep the education affordable, the utility bills, insurance, salaries and benefits have not decreased. We are, however, proud of the new program designed to aid a few families each year known as the Sacred Heart scholars. Celebrating this

anniversary became a fitting way to inaugurate this program which is further explained in this edition of the magazine. Finally, we celebrate the many laypeople who have committed themselves to partner with the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and minister at Mount Saint Charles. These men and women accept the challenge of Fr. Coindre to “rescue the young from ignorance, prepare them for life, and give them a love and knowledge of religion.� Though teaching a variety of subjects, the way in which our faculty, staff and administration approach this opportunity to share our knowledge and time with the young men and women entrusted to our care is in light of the Gospel. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for Mount Saint Charles Academy. Loved be the Heart of Jesus.

Edwin Burke Principal









Images by Bob DiCaprio

Inauguration of Our New Tennis Courts By Matthew Medeiros ’14 and Megan Jackson ’14

Mr. Lawrence went on to say that he hopes these new courts will spark a “new generation of tennis” that will last for many years, going on after he leaves. Following Mr. Lawrence’s speech, Deacon Anthony Gagliani (teacher and

One of these students was Travis Connolly, Class of 2014. Travis is a varsity tennis player and manager for the girls’ team. “These courts provide a better On Saturday-October 12th, environment,” Travis said. “More people gathered at Mount Saint friends and family come to watch Charles Academy to matches.” Travis also celebrate the new tenremarked, “I feel like nis courts. Located we’re going to have across the street, these higher morale, and courts were constructed more support than this past summer. previous seasons.” Mr. Herve Richer, Rene Tellier, Class Before After president, began the of 1948, was also in event by thanking John Ford, the Director of Campus Ministry at attendance that day. Mr. Tellier engineer responsible for designMSC—“Deacon Tony”) blessed the was the Director of Guidance, ing the courts; Jay Catalano, Class courts. Admissions, and Public Relations of 1998, of Catalano Construction After speeches were made, from 1970-1977. Mr. Tellier said, for the construction of the courts; the courts were opened up for “The new courts enhance the and both students, parents, and families to tennis program, and are a sign Donald play on. The rest of of Mount’s Demers, the event was spent growth as a Ph. D, socializing and school.” CFRE, eating. Mrs. Ruth The tenDirector Lepre, MSC teacher nis courts of Instiand the boys and have been in tutional girls junior high use since the Advancetennis coach, could beginning of be overheard tellthe year and (L-R): Richard Lawrence and ment; and (L-R): The Lawrence family during the cereHerve Richer ’74 speaking Brother ing her junior high mony: Carolyn Lawrence; Richard Lawrence; will be used during the ceremony Meryl Lawrence, Class of 2011; and Jacob Roland, tennis players to for years to Lawrence, Class of 2018 Director of Facilities, for overseelook around and come. The ing the job. Banners with years for see how blessed they were to have physical education classes have division and state titles were also their own courts. also taken advantage of the new revealed. Another coach and former facilities by introducing students Mr. Richard Lawrence then Mount tennis player, Marissa to tennis. This is something they went up to speak. The Director of Pitrone Marsh, Class of 1994, could not have done before, and Athletics, Mr. Lawrence stepped commented on having our home will surely attract more tennis down from coaching three years courts. She said, “We have a players to the teams. Thanks ago to focus on doing what he feeling that we are home now, as to the generosity of our donors, loves: teaching. He opposed to getting on Mount has opened new doors thanked the alumni a bus...there’s more for its students, and given them for their support and meaning and it’s a resources to use for many years the parents of stugreat experience.” to come. dents for encouragShe believes that the ing them to play. Also tennis program has during his speech, always been about Mr. Lawrence said family, and the new that brick pavers purcourts won’t change Varsity tennis players Meaghan chased by supportthe program, but will Dubois, Class of 2015 and Katelyn ers will be installed Gagnon, Class of 2014 during the bring the students Players enjoying the new courts! ceremony in the near future. closer together. 3





The History of Our Sacred Heart Statue By Br. John Hebert, SC


lovely spring day—finally; but Brother Gilbert was impervious to it that fine Thursday morning March 13, 1975. He had told the Mount’s new

principal once before. Now, with some intensity, he explained again that if Mount Saint Charles Academy wanted the statue that stood in front of Sacred Heart Boarding School in Sharon, Massachusetts he’d better decide fast and act immediately. The Town, new owner of the Brothers’ property, had already demolished the old school building and decided that the stately, bronze Sacred Heart statue standing in the front of the former school would be sent to a foundry and melted down. “I hear you, Brother Gilbert, and I definitely want to keep that Sacred Heart in the family,” insisted Brother John Hebert, Academy head. “I’m still trying to figure out how to get it. The pedestal along with the statue will weigh well over a ton!” Brother John had deferred action in the matter of getting the statue for Mount. When he had taken up the reins of the Academy the previous August he inherited 4

an oppressive debt. There simply was no money available for this peripheral project. He was preoccupied also with other issues threatening the Academy’s survival. Still, he desperately wanted that majestic statue but getting it had not been a priority, in no way urgent. Now it was. Getting it would take a miracle. An immediate, realistic, innovative plan was needed so Brother went to the Academy’s administrator, Brother Robert Ducharme—a most resourceful Brother. “Forget the statue,” advised Br. Ducharme. “With this crippling recession, wild inflation, our parents losing jobs, our kids dropping out in droves you’ve got more serious problems to worry about.” The principal knew Brother Ducharme was right. Exploiting this unique opportunity seemed more out of reach than ever. Should he forget the statue…? Not Brother Ray Violette who overheard the administrator’s blunt remark. Turning to Brother John he asked what the problem was and offered to help if he could. “If only we could go to Sharon now and just get the statue before it’s too late. We can take care of all the rest later—getting the giant granite blocks forming the pedestal, pouring the slab, setting things up …” muttered Brother John more to himself than responding to Brother Ray. “I can drive the Mount truck. I’ll go get it. Just say the word,” insisted Brother. “Is that old junk up to the job? This is a big undertaking—too much weight for our truck,” cautioned Brother John. “We can do it!” declared Brother Ray. His confidence and enthusiasm prevailed. He got a hearty, “OK,” to undertake the challenge.

Principal leading the dedication/consecration prayer.

In the Academy’s lower garages were dozens of old tires. Brother Ray and Brother John made a bed of these tires in the bottom of the box of the Academy’s dump truck. (The old truck and its driver, Brother Luke, were legendary in Woonsocket; well known to the Woonsocket Police.) That Saturday Brother Ray went to Sharon. Town workers with their crane-operator lifted the statue into the truck and, on Brother’s instructions, placed it on the bed of tires lying flat on its back, the base almost touching the closed tailgate. Meanwhile, down by the lower garage and out of sight, a group of students and Brother John made a pyramid with other used tires. The plan: when the truck arrived it would back up toward the pyramid and the box, slowly raised, would make the statue resting on the bed of tires slide out, drop to the ground and fall face down on the pyramid. There it would remain, out of the way, until the rest of the plan could be executed. Brother Ray arrived. The statue was delivered and deposited as planned- intact. Brother Ray was very pleased but confessed that the weight was so great it caused the truck to sway significantly so he had to go slower than he wanted to. The school year 1974-1975 wound to a close. Summer vacation was about to begin when Brother Euclid Bourgoin came to the principal and asked him what plans he had for erecting the statue. “I haven’t even had a chance to think about it, not seriously, other than it should be set up in the front of the Academy in the ellipse,“ Brother John confessed. Brother Bourgoin


knew money was the issue. He suggested a plan. He would speak to Brother Henry Gladu, moderator of the Alumni Association, to propose that alumni adopt and finance the project. The Mount Alumni Board was meeting that evening. It agreed. On Saturday morning that week, alumnus Mr. Larry Tremblay got a commercial flatbed truck, drove it to Sharon and came back with the heavy granite blocks that had formed the statue’s base. The center of the ellipse gracing the front of the Academy was the perfect spot for the statue. During the next few weeks Mr. Ray Denis, Board President, and Br. Bourgoin supervised the construction of the slab. When it was judged ready a crane was brought in and the granite blocks On Sunday–October 27th, Mounties who graduated 50 years ago or more came together for Mass and a delicious turkey dinner in Chapel Hall. This is an annual tradition that is held in honor of this distinguished group of alumni. Mass was celebrated by Fr. Charlie Quinn with members of MSC’s choir and band performing the hymns during the service. Several members of the faculty and staff were present as well as current Mount students which afforded everyone the opportunity to share stories of Mount past and present. There were also some video presentations as well as a tour of the school led by Herve Richer ‘74, President. To see the complete photo album, please visit www.mountsaintcharles. org/alumniphotos







were hoisted carefully one atop the other and sealed. Finally, the statue was lifted high into the blue sky, slowly lowered and precisely positioned on its old pedestal in its new home. Alumni volunteers and other helpers who made the dream come true quietly gathered around the base, looked up and marveled. “Awesome. It looks like it’s always been here; like it was originally made for Mount!” With Mount Saint Charles Academy as background, Jesus the Savior, heart aflame and arms outstretched, embraces the city of Woonsocket below, welcomes those entering the Mount premises, protects the Academy and its inhabitants. The 1975-1976 school year opened with the Sacred


Heart statue well established in its new home. Since the feast day of St. Charles Borromeo on November 4th was celebrated as “Mount Day,” with games, picnics and other spirit-building activities, that would be the right day to dedicate the statue. However, the weather was forecast to be so foul, the event was rescheduled for the 19th. Mount Day that year ended by holding a twenty minute assembly with the whole Mount community gathered around the base of the statue. The principal said a few words about the new/old statue, the love of the heart of Jesus, led the community in prayer and consecrated Mount Saint Charles Academy and the Mount family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Academy thrives. Ametur Cor Jesu!


In attendance: John McAuliffe ’41; Rene Tellier ’48; Jack Tempest ’49; Paul DeRoche ’51; Paul Pelletier ’52; Robert Villiard ’56; Valmore Guernon ’58; Damien St. Louis ’58; Roger Pelissier ’60; Richard Garceau ’61; Jan Smolan ’61; Lee St.Laurent ’61; Peter McLaughlin ’62; Gary Guay ’62; Br. Thomas Greer, SC ’62; Bill Belisle ’48; Robert Joyal ’49; Eugene Peloquin ‘50; Odillon LaRoche ’53; Paul Guerard ’53; Maurice “Moe” Fleuette ’53; Gerard Noel ’54; Ralph Champagne ’55; Ralph Savaria ’55; Nelson Carey ’55; Andre Fontaine ’55; Paul Morel ’56; Armand Demers ’57; Ronald L’Heureux ’59; Andre Paradis ’60; Conrad Fortin ’61; Eugene Dulude ’61; Jonathan Springer ’61; John Wilson ’62; Michael Recorvits ’62; Ronald Trottier ’63; Raymond Jobin ’63; Frank Foster ’48; Louis Coulombe ’55; Normande Gamache ’48


Make sure to the visit the Media Gallery on to see pictures taken at various school and alumni events throughout the year! (Alumni photos can be found in the general MSC and the alumni photo galleries)





Sacred Heart Scholars Program By Herve Richer ’74, President


n a recent conversation with a friend of Mount, the gentleman informed me that he had been a student here in 1969 and 1970. Sadly, he did not earn an MSC diploma because when the tuition doubled in 1970, his family was no longer able to afford to send him to Mount and he transferred to his public high school to complete his education. The tuition in 1970 increased from $300 to $600! By today’s standards, such an increase doesn’t seem all that exorbitant, but then, to a workingclass family from Woonsocket, $600 was a great deal of money. The aforementioned story is not an uncommon one. Through the years, I have heard many stories of students whose families struggled to afford tuition, of students like the one above who had to leave Mount after a year or two or three, and of many more who were never able to attend Mount at all, though they desperately desired to do so. I was accepted into MSC and enrolled in the spring of 1970. Shortly thereafter, the tuition increase was announced and my parents broke the news that they would be unable to afford the increase. A very saddened young man, I reluctantly enrolled in another Catholic school in nearby Massachusetts. But my heart was at Mount. Then Headmaster Br. Sebastian Ferland placed several phone calls to my mother, imploring her to reconsider her decision. Finally, Br. Sebastian was able to offer my mother a partial scholarship. My dream had come true. I was to be a Mountie. A few days later, my parents and I met with Br. Sebastian to finalize my enrollment. It was to be the only time I would ever meet the man who so dramatically changed my life as he was shortly thereafter appointed to a new position at an6

other school. Nonetheless, anytime I happen to be at the Provincial House of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Pascoag, RI, I visit Br. Sebastian at his final resting place in the Brothers’ cemetery and silently thank him for the great gift he has given me. How different my life would have been had he not made it possible for me to attend Mount. These stories from the past are repeated today as well. Now I play the role of Br. Sebastian and I see so many young men and women who desire to attend Mount but whose families are unable to afford the tuition. For some, an offer of financial aid is enough to make their enrollment possible. Sadly, for many, the aid available is not sufficient. And so, with these young men and women in mind, and with so many stories from our past echoing in my mind and in my heart, I am proud to introduce the Sacred Heart Scholars Program. The school board has agreed that Mount can afford to enroll a limited number of students who would otherwise be unable to attend MSC into this new program. These students will come to us upon the recommendation of their pastors and based upon some very strict criteria. Upon being recommended, they will be required to sit for the admissions test like every other prospective student. If accepted, they will be permitted to enroll if there is a space for them. Finances will be negotiated on a case by case basis after careful screening of the family’s financial circumstances. Through the services of FACTS Management Co., the largest provider of tuition payment plans in the country, we will be able to obtain a complete needs assessment. This program can achieve only limited success without financial support. The school’s finances can afford to support only a small number of Sacred Heart Scholars. However, with the assistance of benefactors, we might provide assistance to many more. Perhaps you were able to attend Mount because of someone else’s generosity. Maybe you received a scholarship without which you


would have been unable to attend. Possibly your parish or a generous relative provided you with financial aid. Or perhaps you had a friend who was unable to attend at all. By supporting our Sacred Heart Scholars Program, you now have an opportunity to make a difference in the life of young man or woman who wants and deserves to attend Mount. It affords you the opportunity to “pay it forward” if you were lucky enough to have been awarded assistance. It affords you the opportunity to insure that a young man or woman will not experience the disappointment experienced by your friend who was never able to attend Mount. You can help support this program in two ways. You can make a donation in any amount to the general fund for Sacred Heart Scholars. Funds from this account will help us to offset the cost of enrolling these scholars. Or you can “adopt a scholar” by offering to pay the tuition for a student for the duration of his or her time here at Mount. The Sacred Heart Scholars Program is an opportunity for Mount to draw closer to its intended mission and to the mission intended by Fr. Andre Coindre when he founded the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in 1821. The Educational Charism Statement of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of the USA states in part, “Fundamental to our educational charism is the response of Andre Coindre to poor, neglected, and dechristianized youth.” So many young men and women desire and deserve a Catholic school education and are unable to afford one. The Sacred Heart Scholars Program is Mount’s effort to respond to at least a few of those young people. This invitation to partner with us is your chance to make this program even more successful and your personal opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a young man or woman who may not be all that different than you had been when you were of the same age. Please consider supporting this program in whatever way you can. Contact me or Mr. Donald Demers, Director of Institutional Advancement, for more details.









MSC SAYS “THANK YOU” TO SCHOLARSHIP BENEFACTORS Br. Robert Croteau, SC with Irene Dupre, benefactor and alumni parent during breakfast.

Roger Martin and his daughter Michelle (Martin) Eckilson ’78 during breakfast.

On Thursday–September 26th, MSC spent the morning thanking those who have contributed to named scholarships and end of the year awards. They enjoyed breakfast and got to spend some time with faculty, staff, students, and other friends of Mount.

During Our 90th Year, the Br. Adelard Arena Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary By Br. Louis Laperle, SC For almost forty years from the opening of Mount, the hockey players whether boarders or day students practiced on outdoor rinks that the Brothers would set up on the school’s grounds for the winter season. Late at night when the temperature was in the freezing zone, the Brothers would hose down the rinks with water to make the ice so that the varsity hockey teams could practice and boarders could play intramural games as well. When Brother Adelard, “Father of High School Hockey” stepped down as varsity hockey coach in 1948, Mount suffered a setback that would last for years. In a desperate effort to avoid disaster, Brother Adelard tried rallying friends to a common cause: an artificial rink

Br. Adelard Arena —1964

on Mount campus. In 1954, Brother was reassigned to another Brothers’ school. This gave a lethal blow to the whole project. However, the 1955 Excelsior Yearbook carried a sketch of a dream arena created by Brother John-Ralph. In 1961, the Brothers were approached concerning the U. S. Navy phenomenal offer of an airplane

hangar for a nominal price. The then Provincial, Brother GeorgeAime, jokingly brushed it off by saying: “Give it to Mount Saint Charles. They might want it for an arena.” To Brother Leo Albert, principal, this practical joke turned out that he whole heartedly turned to this undertaking to build an arena. It cost more to transport the dismantled hangar than the purchase price ($1!). Early in 1961, the foundations were poured by the Brien Building Company. The hangar was dismounted and the girders and trestles were transported from the Newport Naval Yard to Logee Street. Once the outward forms were in place, then in November of 1961, the building of the arena proceeded rapidly. In January, 1962, the roofing project was completed and in February that year, the walls enclosed the building. In May, the arena was 99% ready. Mount got the OK from the Provincial Administration of the Brothers to install a refrigeration unit. By December that same year, Mount’s Arena had artificial ice. Once the shell was installed and the bricks enclosed the arena, many Brothers during the summer of 1962, worked along-side the contractors in installing the areas for seating

(the arena seats were purchased from the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City at the IBM Pavilion), the locker rooms, the boards, the Press Box, etc. In the summer of 1963, the spacious entrance was completed as well as a parking area around the arena.

MSC 1964 Hockey Team

Once the official inspection was completed, the arena was ready to be put to the use for the various hockey teams, either varsity, junior varsity, as well as the intramural teams of the boarding students. Free skating was also included in the schedule. Dedication ceremonies were scheduled for November 23, 1963. However, on the 22nd, the United States was thrown in mourning with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The Mount authorities thought it wise to delay the dedication and joined the country during its time of mourning. A week later, the Mount Saint Charles Arena was dedicated to the “Father of High School Hockey” in Rhode Island, non other than Brother Adelard who was 79 years old at the time. IN HONOR OF THE ARENA’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY AND MSC’S 90TH… December 26th Alumni Hockey Game & Breakfast 1964 Hockey Team recognition 7

The History of the Arena in Pictures

An excerpt from the original commemorative program.


December 26th, 27th, 28th 12/26 Pairings GAME #1 — 2:00pm Fairfield Prep (CT) VS.

Bishop Hendricken (RI) GAME #2 — 4:00pm Bishop Guertin (NH) VS.

Lasalle College (PA) GAME #3 — 6:00pm Lasalle Academy (RI) VS.

Franklin Hs (MA) GAME #4 — 8:00pm Mount St. Charles (RI) VS.

St. Joseph Collegiate (NY) 8









Art Educator of the Year Michelle (Morissette) Turner, Class of 1991, was named the Rhode Island Art Education Association’s Elementary Art Educator of the Year!

Michelle was presented with her award on Friday, October 25th at 6pm at the Wickford Arts Association in Wickford, RI. Br. Marty and Ms. Michele St. Pierre, both former teachers of Michelle’s, attended the ceremony! With a big smile, Michelle said to Br. Marty and Ms. St. Pierre, “I figured since it all began with the two you, it would be fitting to have you join in the celebration!” After graduating from Rhode Island College, Michelle began her career by teaching elementary art in Franklin, MA. Michelle has been teaching art for 17 years and currently teaches at Blackstone Valley Prep Charter School in Cumberland which is also where her 3 children attend! Congratulations, Michelle!!

Michelle (center) is pictured with Ms. Michele St. Pierre and Br. Marty, SC

Mount Hosts Its First Ever Performing Arts Series In celebration of Mount’s Chapel Hall on Friday, September 90th year, we have inaugurated a 13th at 7:00pm. Mount welcomed Performing Arts Series. This series in concert celebrated liturgical was designed composer, Dan Schutte. He was to promote the joined on select pieces by Mount arts in northern Saint Charles musicians and on the Rhode Island finale by a chorus of local parish by featuring choirs. prominent Schutte is a distinguished artists who composer of such unforgettable will perform liturgical pieces as “Here I Am, and collaboLord”, “City of God”, and “Sing a rate with MSC New Song.” Schutte’s work constudents as well tinues to be part of the standard as local school repertoire for Christian worship and commuworldwide. One of the best-known, Dan Schutte nity performers most prolific and influential throughout the year. Sponsored composers of Catholic music for by Mount’s Fine Arts Departthe liturgy, he has composed and ment and funded by the Fine Arts performed spiritual music for over Summer Camp, the series utilizes 40 years, with many of his most performance venues at the school famous songs coming from his and at the Stadium Theatre for the years of collaboration with the St. Performing Arts in Woonsocket to provide audiences, students, and guests with memorable experiences of music, drama, dance and visual arts. The inaugural event of our year-long celebraThe MSC Music Department accompanied Dan Schutte. tion was held in

Louis Jesuits. Currently, Schutte is the Composer-in Residence at the University of San Francisco. He also lectures extensively throughout the United States and abroad and offers workshops and retreats for liturgists and musicians. Not only does Schutte hold two Master’s Degrees from the Graduate Theological Union and Berkeley, but he has three honorary Doctorate Degrees as well. The remainder of this year’s Performing Arts Series artists includes internationally-recognized and Grammy nominated jazz saxophone virtuoso and recording artist, Greg Abate on February 27th and internationally known Italian tenor Carmine Orsini on May 8th. For ticket information, call Mount at 401-769-0310.

Carmine Orsini

Greg Abate

For more information, visit www. 9




MSC Wishes 4 Mount Staff Members Best of Luck in Their Retirement!

CALLING ALL ALUMNI! We need alumni band members for our 2013 Christmas Concert! A message from Mr. Blanchette, MSC’s Music Director YES!! It is that time again. This is your last chance to sign up and be part of this great event! On Sunday, December 15th at 2pm, Mount will host its annual Christmas concert. However, this year is exceptionally special because, in conjunction with Mount’s 90th Anniversary, the concert will once again feature our alumni band. Every four years since 1981, (the year I started as band director) we have had an alumni band for our Christmas concert. The 2013 Christmas performance marks the eighth time we assemble this great group of musicians. If you have ever been part of the alumni band, I’m sure you will agree it was great fun. If you have never been brave enough to join us, now is the time! The alumni band has been bigger and better each time we have been together. We started by adding a few alumni to the senior band and


Congratulations to (left-right) Pauline Beaudry, Chris Cabral, Sue Tremblay, and Mary McNulty on their retirement! We are forever grateful and thankful for their service and dedication to Mount! Although they will be terribly missed, we wish them the best of luck in this new chapter of their lives! The entire Mount community is better off for having known them and for them being a part of our lives!

now we have a separate band just for the alumni. In 2001 and 2005, we had a little over a 100 member alumni band. In 2009, we were supposed to have a band of 136 members, but the snow changed that. We would like represenThe alumni band from the 2009 Christmas concert tatives from all different classes. The 1960’s were Orleans, Washington, Ireland, well represented by people such Montreal, Toronto, etc. The conas James Mullin ’61; George Lescert will follow on Sunday aftersard ’62; Peter McLaughlin ’62; Al noon December 15th at 2:00pm. Violette ’64; and Paul Chauvin ’66. An informational letter was sent The 1970’s include Henry Morel in early October. If you did not ’70; Phil Desrosiers ’7; Steve Richreceive the information please, er ‘73; Paul Lessard ’74; Marcia please contact me. Degrange Pelletier ’75; Eric Hamel Now is the time to talk with ’78; and Dave Ward ‘79. The 1980’s your friends and classmates and include Phil Angell ’80; Ann Beth plan to attend! Contact all your Carey ’82; Nathaniel Hefferman friends and talk it up on Facebook! ’82; Scott DiChristofero ’84; Mike Carey ’85; Chris Mosca ’87; Christine Eldridge ’87; Edgar REHEARSAL: December 14, 2013 Lecuyer ’88; Chris Dumas ’89; CONCERT: December 15, 2013 Kim Roberge Dumas ’89; and Chris Johnson ‘89. The 1990s, CONTACT: Marc Blanchette ’76 2000s and 2010s are obviously 401-769-0310 x112 very well represented. Now all we need is you!!! REGISTER ONLINE: On Saturday evening ber 14th, we will hold a short rehearsal followed by a recepLet’s have a 150 piece band tion with plenty of time to socialrepresenting as many classes ize and share pictures of your trips as possible!!! to Canada, England, Florida, New

Calling All Mount Military Alumni! As part of Mount’s ongoing 90th anniversary celebration, the Class of 2018 is compiling information about Mount alumni who have 10

served in our country’s armed forces. These students are interested in learning more about our alumni who have used their talents in the

service of our country. Their hope is to recognize and honor our military Mounties. Please submit your information on our website at www.mountsaintcharles. org/militaryalumni. We look forward to hearing your story!









Mount Saint Charles Academy—From the Beginning Take a moment to think about the time you spent here at Mount. Your first day. Your classes. Chapel Hall. Fine Arts. Athletics. Extracurricular activities. If you were a boarding studentyour dorms. Your last day at Mount-your graduation day. The reason that you are able to reflect on all of these memories and experiences is because of the tradition and legacy that began here on September 14, 1924, when Mount first opened its doors. However, Mount’s story and rich history had their start long before that first day 90 years ago and it all started with one man…. It was a frigid day in 1815 when a young priest found two little orphan girls huddled against the door of St. Nizier Church in downtown Lyons, France. The oldest was no more than 4 years old; the other was younger than 3. They were freezing, ragged, and starving. The young priest asked them what they were doing there and without hesitation he took them by the hands to rescue them from their harsh and unforgiving circumstances. This young priest’s name was Fr. André Coindre. It was this very encounter that led to the creation of two institutes that are still in existence today: the Religious of Jesus-Mary and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Fr. Coindre assembled a few young girls in St. Bruno’s Parish and placed them in the care of a Pious Union, an

Architect’s rendering.

association of young women, whose leader was St. Claudine Thévènet. With encouragement from Fr. Coindre, in 1818 St. Claudine founded the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, whose devotion was to the care of these orphan girls. The second institute Fr. Coindre established was focused on orphan boys. After gathering a group of

them and having recruited men to join his organization, the Brothers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary was formed and Fr. Coindre’s mission “to rescue young people from ignorance, to prepare them for life, and to give them knowledge and love of religion” (Preamble of the Brothers’ Rule of Life) was fully realized and embraced. Fr. Coindre’s intention was to have the Brothers staff orphanages. Soon, he realized there was a need for education. As a result, the Brothers’ missions developed to include education for boys and under Fr. Coindre’s guidance, schools were established in France under the care of the Brothers. Recognizing the success of the Brothers in their ministry in France, Bishop Michael Portier of Mobile, Alabama, requested Brothers to establish an orphanage in 1846. Five Brother missionaries were sent, transforming the order from a French congregation into a worldwide institute. Within 3 years, the Brothers opened 3 schools and an orphanage in Mobile. Between 1847 and 1900, 163 missionary Brothers traveled from France to the US and Canada. During this time, the textile industry was growing rapidly in New England. A shortage of workers in New England, an agricultural crisis in Canada, and the expansion of a rail network between Canada and New England, contributed to a growing French Canadian immigration which resulted in a need for French-speaking teachers. In 1889, the first of the Brothers came to New England to staff a school in Manchester, New Hampshire. Schools in Nashua, New Hampshire and Haverhill, Massachusetts followed. Woonsocket was another mill town where the number of French Canadian residents was increasing, and this influx created a great need for a local school. In 1898, Monsignor Charles Dauray of Précieux Sang (Precious Blood) Parish in Woonsocket petitioned the Brothers to come to Woonsocket to educate the boys of the town. The dream was to help the poor immigrant families by educating the young, preserving the language, and enkindling the Catholic faith. Initially, the Brothers staffed

an elementary school. Monsignor Dauray then received permission to establish a secondary school for boys in 1919. The design for the Academy was drawn up by an architect and construction began. In the architect’s original design, Mount resembled a castle and was much more ornate than the actual final structure which is the Mount we know. The school was built to overlook the city and the original main entrance was by way of Bennett Street (near lower field). Mount Saint Charles Academy officially opened its doors on September 14, 1924, as the “College of Mount Saint Charles.” The Academy was dedicated in November of 1924 with a liturgical celebration, a parade, and a fireworks display. It was a diocesan high school for boys serving boarders and day students. Br. Josephus served as Mount’s first principal. In the 1930s, ownership of the school was formally transferred to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Athletically and academically, the school continued to progress to include diverse course offerings and a dynamic sports program. Mount’s gymnasium, the largest in New England at the time, opened in 1927. The basketball team

MSC 1939-40 Hockey Team—Nation al Champions.

brought Mount its first state championship in 1928. This was followed by a state championship in football in 1929, hockey in 1931, and baseball in 1933. 1935 marked the year that the school’s newspaper, “The Hilltopper,” was born and baseball and hockey had state championships yet again. The band was named RI state champs each year from 1932-1935. The hockey team earned a national championship in 1940 and repeated as 11





Aerial view.

Excelsior Staff.

Chapel Hall.

Typewriting Class. Riding Club.

The Dormitory.

New England Largest gymnasium in

A private room.

The Arena was popular for skating parties. 12

Main Reception Room.









progress and to serve as a liaison tive boards. All the locker rooms between home and school. were renovated with new energy For the first time in the Acadefficient windows, new floors, emy’s history, girls competed interand new lockers. The infamous scholastically on an all-female basstairs leading from the main Outdoor Arena. ketball team in 1973-1974. This was campus down to the hockey arena also the first time the cheerleaders were completely demolished and had an all-girls team. That same replaced. During the summer of state champions in 1946 and 1947. school year Mount Day was born as 2013, Mount’s first ever home tenBleachers and an electric scorepart of the celebration of Mount’s nis complex was completed with 6 board were installed in the gym in 50th anniversary. This tradition new courts. 1948. In 1961, an airplane hanger continues to this day and brings Athletics conwas purchased for $1 to serve as students and faculty together in tinued to shine in an ice arena. The hockey team had a spirit of community. the new century. been using an outdoor ice rink up The original entrance on From 2002-2006, to this time (see article on page Bennett Street was closed in the girls tennis 7). 1963 marked the beginning of the late 1970s due to safety team went 5 seaa new era for MSC. On November concerns. When this road was sons undefeated 11th, the football team played its closed, MSC’s address officially in regular season last game and the Br. Adelard Ice became 800 Logee Street. matches and from Arena opened (see article on page In 1999, the new Performing MSC becomes co-ed. 2002-2009 they 7). From 1978-2003, the boys Arts/Physical Education facility were either divihockey team won state titles for 26 was completed. It was the first sion champions, consecutive years. significant structural addition to state champions , or both. For The 1970s were also a time of the main building since 1927. MSC’s the first time since the 1930s, the great change for the Academy. In original gym, with a corridor added baseball won back to back state 1971, a flexible Modular Schedulto its north side, was refurbished into championships in 2009 and 2010. ing System was introduced. The health classrooms, locker-shower Lacrosse was added for both boys Academy experimented with this rooms, an aerobics/dance classand girls. system which allowed students room, the Bell Tower Theater, and When Fr. Coindre rescued 40% of unstructured time to use the music suite. A new gym with two the 2 little girls and gave them the for individual and group study. regulation-sized basketball courts gift of a second chance, he began a The boarding school was closed in and a rock climbing wall was added ministry that would lead to Mount’s 1972. The same year was Mount’s to the west end of the building, confounding 90 years ago. When the first as a co-educational school and nected by a two-story lobby. brick layers and construction had 50 girls enrolled. The junior The start of the new millenworkers were building Mount, lithigh was also added so that stunium also brought with it continued tle did they know they what they dents could pursue an education at change and advancement for the were creating was so much more Mount for 6 years. New programs Academy. In 2003, much of the east than just a building. It was place were added and the facilities were wing was renovated with 5 state-ofwhere memories would be made, renovated to support these changthe-art science labs created. In 2004, lessons would be learned, champies. The chapel the west wing onships would be celebrated, and on the first floor project began. relationships would be cultivated. was converted It resulted in a It was a place where people would to a library by state-of –the- art grow academically, socially, and Brothers Felitechnology center, in their faith. It was place that cian and Bonin. an academic would endure change to meet the A few years later support center, promise of Mount’s future. it became Chapel a faculty work Perhaps Bishop William Hickey Hall. The dorroom, and two said it best at the Academy’s dedicamitories on the refurbished classtion ceremony 90 years ago: “Here Library. fourth floor were Chapel Hall when converted to the rooms. In 2008, a stands the College of Mount Saint converted into new stairwell was Charles, a magnificent building, a classrooms for the new 7th and 8th added to the west end of the building building which, I hope, will last ungrades. The Brothers’ residence and a new computer research center til the end of time, built in the best was constructed in what used to be as added to the library/media center manner, honestly and according to dormitories and the infirmary. on the second floor. the best plans for accommodation One of the biggest changes to In 2012, the remainder of the of students and teachers, a building occur in the 70s was the institution classrooms on the third floor were which will inspire faith, energy, and of the Teacher Counselor (TC) progutted and totally reconstructed charity of all people of understandgram (in an effort to better serve (a project that will continue until ing who work for a common good. the individual needs of each stuall of the classrooms in the school This college will be a monument, dent). Through this program, still are renovated). Each classroom inan everlasting sermon; beyond the in use today, every student has an cludes state-of-the art technology horizon of Woonsocket, it will be a adult advocate to monitor his/her with LCD projectors and interacforceful reminder of God’s truth.” 13





July 1, 2012 — June 30, 2013

Thank you for your gererosity!

LOYALTY CLUB $1.00 to $99.99

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Aballo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Abbatematteo Ms. Jill ‘03 Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Anthes Mr. and Mrs. George Anzuoni, ‘43 Mr. and Mrs. Derek Archambault, ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Archambault,’74 Mr. Adelard Aubin, Jr., ‘59 Ms. Jacqueline L. Auclair Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Fisher Auger,’76 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baldassari Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barnabe, ‘74 ‘79 Ms. Jillian A. Barsalou, ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baynes Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bell, ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Roland P. Berard Ms. Gail Berretto Mrs. Mariette Bessette Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bibeau,’56 Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Bibeault, ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bibeault, ‘51 Ms. Eleanor D. Bigwood Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blanchard, ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. Marc O. Blanchette,’76 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blanchette, ‘59 Ms. Doris M. Bombard Booster Athletic Club of Webster, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boucher, ‘52 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boucher Mrs. Ann Boulet Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Bourcier, ‘53 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bray Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bria Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Brien Mr. and Mrs. Leo Brodeur, ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brodeur, ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cahill, Jr., ‘71 Ms. Elda-Maria Cahill Ms. Eileen Cahill-Koutros Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Calnan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carey Ms. Barbi Carignan, ‘80 Mr. Armand Carriere, ‘61 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Casale Mr. Jason Catalano, ‘98 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Certo Mr. and Mrs. Richard Champoux, ‘62 Mr. Frank E. Chominski, ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Tedio Ciavarini Mr. Peter Cignarella,’64 Mr. Alex Andrew Cinieri, ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clem Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Collamati Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Collamati, ‘65 College of the Holy Cross Mr. and Mrs. Steven Combes Mr. Kazmirz Contre, ‘71 Ms. Delores Copperwheat Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Cormier Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cottle Mr. Gerard B. Cournoyer, ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Couture Cranston Print Works Cumberland Family Eye Care Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cybulski Ms. Doreen Daly Mr. and Mrs. David J. Danneker Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Dash Mr. Gerard Dault, ‘56 Mr. Francis P. DeAngelo, ‘04 Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Demers Mr. and Mrs. Rene Demers, ‘56 Mr. Dustin Demianiuk, ‘01 Ms. Madeline Deragon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Desjardins, ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. William Discepolo Ms Nancy DiTommaso, ‘78 Ms. Charlotte Dominique Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drapeau, ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Drewes,’42 Ms. Shauna Duffy, ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. William Dulude, ‘61


Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Dumas Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dumas, ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Duncan, ‘86 Mrs. Donna Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Albert Durand,’69 Ms. Louise Dussault, ‘75 Ms. Julie Eldridge Mr. and Mrs. Michael Engels, ‘56 Mrs. Donna English Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Fauerbach Mrs. Heather A. Feeney, ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ferrari, ‘61 Mr. Michael Ferrier,’92 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferry Ms. Rebecca Ferry, ‘00 Mr. Tim Finocchio, ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Fisette, ‘48 Ms. Muriel Fisher Ms. Anna Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Fontaine Mr. Walter James Fontaine, ‘61 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Forget, Jr., ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Chay Foxon, ‘92 Mr. Benjamin Fraley, ‘02 Mr. Lionel Frappier, ‘45 Deacon Anthony Gagliani Mr. Charles A. Gagne, ‘65 Mr. Paul A. Gagne Mr. and Mrs. Louis Galipeau, ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. John Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Ivan M. Galysh, ‘55 Mr. and Mrs. Normand Gamache, Jr., ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. George Gamache, ‘61 Ms. Christine M. Gamache, ‘04 Mr. Brian S Gambardella, ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garceau, ‘61 Mrs. Joann Garzone Mr. Nicholas Gassey, ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gionfriddo, ‘47 GJ Sales Company Mr. Stanley Glick Mr. and Mrs. Andre Goddu Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Gouin, ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. John Gray Dr. and Dr. Christopher W. Gregory, ‘80 Ms Alexandria Gregory, ‘10 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Guertin, ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. John Guevremont, ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Guilbert Mr. and Mrs. Roland Guilmett Ms Marcia Gusha Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Haddad Mr. and Mrs. E. Brian Harvey, ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Heroux Mr. Mark H. Hogan, ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hogue Ms. Elizabeth Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Jacques, ‘44 Col. and Mrs. Donald Jalbert, ‘36 Mr. and Mrs. Clifford T. Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jerrier, ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. James Jolda Dr. Eugene Joly, ‘45 Ms. Cara Joyce, ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joyal, ‘49 Mr. John Kane Mr. and Mrs. Russell Knott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kogut, ‘78 Ms. Regina Kuhl Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Lambert, ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Langelier, ‘46 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Langin Mr. Edgar Laplante, ‘41 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lariviere,’48 Mr. Marc Lataille, ‘75 Dr. and Mrs. Albert Latour, ‘54 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latour, ‘56 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laverdure Msgt. and Mrs. Philip Lavorgna, USAF (Ret),’46 Mr. and Mrs. Henri LeBlond, ‘52 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leclerc, ‘59 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Leeming, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lefebvre, ‘61 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lemay Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lentz, ‘75

Mrs. Helen Lepore Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. LeSieur, ‘48 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lopez, ‘93 Ms. Leslie Lussier, ‘84 Ms. Meghan MacDonald,’94 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Michael MacNeil Mr. Herman Mailloux, ‘41 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Makowski, Sr Mr. Robert Marchand, ‘64 Mrs. Joan Marois Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marquis, ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod P. Martin Ms Barbara Masterson Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mathieu, ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Jean Paul E. Mathieu, ‘60 Mr. Ryan McCarty,’06 Ms. Carroll McGahan, ‘74 Mr. Timothy McGee, ‘64 Ms. Debra McGee Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin, Jr. Judge John M. and Mrs. Margaret Mclaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Roger Mercier Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Miguel Mr. and Mrs. Rickey I. Mittelberg Mr. Robert Mombourquette, ‘49 Mr. and Mrs. John Monahan, ‘54 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Morin, ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morran,’69 Ms. Miranda Mowbray, ‘09 Rev. and Mrs. Kevin Munroe Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Nadeau, ‘45 Ms. Carol Naylor Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Nichols Nordson Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Byck Mr. and Mrs. William O’Neill, ‘56 Mr. Joseph O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Rene Ouellet, ‘70 Mr. John Paganelli, ‘10 Mr. Joseph Paiva, ‘01 Mr. Joseph C. Palin,’84 Ms. Catherine Parente Ms. Allegra Parrillo, ‘09 Ms. Mildred Parrillo Ms. Tarah Parrino, ‘07 Ms. Miriam Patterson,’75 Mr. and Mrs. Herve Pelland, ‘59 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pelletier Mr. Andre Peloquin,’58 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Perrotti Mr. Roger Petit, ‘51 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Eric Picard, ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Picard,’65 Mr. Ryan Piette,’00 Mr. Timothy Plante, ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Denis Plouffe Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Prouty Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Pryharski, ‘59 Mr. Stephen Ragno, ‘07 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rainone, ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rease, ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. James Rebello, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Herve Richer, Jr., ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Herve Richer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rioux Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Roberge Mr. Kenneth E. Roberts, ‘60 Ms. Lorraine Robidoux Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Robison Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robitaille, ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rotella Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Rouleau, ‘57 Ms. Carol Rowe Mr. Brendan Ryan, ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. George Sackal Mr. and Mrs. Donald Saladin Mr. Andre Salles, ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Sanderson Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sarni Mr. Thomas Savage Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Skehan

Mr. Daniel Skwyra,’57 Mr. Edmund N. Sleight Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sotnik Ms. Kathryn M. Sotnik, ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigue Soucy,’39 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Spas, ‘61 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Squizzero Mr. William St. Martin, ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Richard St. Sauveur, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Christian Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sutherland, ‘78 Mrs. Monique Swiszcz, ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Szczepan, Mrs. MaryBeth Sztabor Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tenreiro, ‘92 Ms. Paulette Tessier Ms. Sue Tessier Ms. Judith Theroux, Mrs. Leona Thibault Mr. and Mrs. Norman Thuot Mrs. Maria Therion Tout Ms. Suzanne Tremblay Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Trottier, ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Turcotte, ‘59 Mr. Allen C. Turgeon Lt. Col. Michael Tusoni, USAF Ret. ‘63 Ms. Shannon Vanasse, ‘85 Mr. Frank Veto, Esq. Mr. Stephen Vigliotti, ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Webb Ms. Laura Weinberg, ‘01 Ms Kathleen Welch, ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. William Whitford, ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilkinson, ‘58 Mr. Erik Wilkinson,’90 Ms. Karen Williams, FNP, ‘84 Mrs. Joan Wingle Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Winstead Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wood, ‘65 Worcester County St. Patricks Parade Commitee Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zaluski

CENTURY CLUB $100.00-$249.99

Mr. and Mrs. James Allaire Rev. George Allard, ‘52 Amica Mutual Insurance Company Mr. Mark Andreozzi, ED.D,’90 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Andrews, III, ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Andrzejczyk, ‘57 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Frank Armenio Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Atkins Atkins, MD, ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Aubin, ‘56 Mr. and Mrs. Jean Auger, ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. J. Gerard Ayotte, ‘58 Ms. and Mr. Cheryl Bagaglia Bank of America Mr. and Mrs. William Beausoleil, ‘47 Mr. Michael Belanger, ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. George D. Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bennett, ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Bernier, ‘50 Mr. Michael Berube Mr. Richard Bissonnette and Mrs. Theresa Rhatigan, ‘71 Ms. Barbara Blair Busch Mr. and Mrs. Lee Blais Mr. Steven Bokoski, ‘70 Bottomline Technologies Mr. and Mrs. Judah Boulet, ‘92 Mrs. Mary Bouley Lt. Col. and Mrs. Paul Bourdon, USMC, ‘61 BP’s Corporate Cleaning Co., Inc Mr. James A Brodeur, ‘10 Brothers of the Sacred Heart Mr. Stephen Burbridge and Mrs. Mindy Russell-Burbridge,’87 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Calabrese,’85 Ms. Cathy S. Callender Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cannata, ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Capuzziello, ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Carroll Catholic Financial Life Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cedor, ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Guy Chabot, ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ciullo, ‘85 Class of 2007 Mr. Evan R. Cohen, ‘98 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Condon, ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. John Cook Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Coulombe, ‘55 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cucinotta Mr. Edward Czerwinski, ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Daignault, ‘55 Mr. Florent Dalpe, ‘46 Mr. and Mrs. Juan Delacruz

Rev. Normand Demers, ‘50 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Derham Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert Desjardins,’56 Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Dingley Ms Nancy DiTommaso, ‘78 Mr. D. Donovan Mrs. Marilyn Donovan Mr. and Mrs. George M. Drapeaux Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Duarte Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dubois, ‘83 Ms. Brenda Duclos, ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. James Dumas Mr. and Mrs. Scott Eberhardt Mr. Jay Egan, ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fafard, ‘48 Dr. Glen Fandetti, ‘92 Ms. Jennifer Fauver, ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fede, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ferry, Jr. Maj. Thomas Fitzgerald, ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Rene Fleuette, ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Fontaine, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frost, ‘69 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gambardella Rev. Roger Gaulin,’57 Col. Edward Gauthier, ‘52 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gelinas, ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. John Gill, III, ‘64 Ms. Patricia Glum Mr. Edward Goryl, ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paul Gouin, ‘51 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gray, ‘46 Mr. and Ms. Norbert Grochowski Mr. Joel Guay,’80 Mr. and Mrs. John Guerin, ‘64 Mr. Marc Guerin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamel, ‘59 Mr. Roger Hankins Mr. and Mrs. William Harig Mr. and Mrs. John Hodgens, Jr.,’83 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. John Hoyceanyls, ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hunt, ‘64 Mr. Richard Hynes Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jolly, ‘71 Dr. Eugene Joly, ‘45 Mr. Timothy Kerrigan,’88 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kessler, ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kozimor, ‘87 Ms. Nicole Kuchinski, ‘05 Mrs. Paulette Lambert Mrs. Gail Landry Ms. Mary Doherty Lange, ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Bob F. Latshaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert LeBlanc, ‘45 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee, ‘91 Rev. Eugene Lessard, ‘51 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L’Heureux, ‘59 Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Liotta Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Maceroni Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mailloux,’70 Mr. & Mrs. James Malley, ‘57 Mr. Dennis Maloney,’56 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Manocchia, ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Marotti, Jr.,’83 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Martin, ‘81 Mrs. Mary Ellen Massey Dr. and Mrs. Philip McClintock Mr. Douglas McCreadie Mr. Michael McGahan, ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGlynn Mr. John McGough, ‘49 Mr. and Mrs. John McGuire, Jr.,’64 Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGuire Mr. Timothy McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Allan Miramant, ‘48 Ms. Nancy Moklestad Ms. Joanna Montalbano Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Moore, ‘47 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morel, ‘56 Mr. Stephen G. Morin, ‘82 LTC and Mrs. James Mullin,’94 Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Murray Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Steven Niedzwiadek,’93 Mr. and Mrs. Antonio M. Nunes Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence- O’Donnell, ‘81 Mr. Ronald Pagnini, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andre G. Paradis, ‘60 Mrs. Jackie Paradis Mrs. Margaret Pard Mr. Bertrand Paul, Jr.,’62 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pelletier, ‘56 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Peloquin Mr. Antonio Pereira and Ms. Edissa McHale Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pereira Mr. and Mrs. James Perro Mr. and Mrs. Jan Pirrong Propeller Club of the U.S. Port of Narragansett Bay

Mr. Wilfrid Provost, ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. James Quinn,’56 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rabidoux,’57 Mr. Stephen A. Rapko, ‘60 Mr. Ronald A. Raquier, ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson Mr. and Mrs. John Ring, Jr. Mr. and Dr. Richard Roberts, ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rouleau Mr. Charles Rouleau, ‘56 Mr. and Mr. Gary Rousseau Mr. Francis Rushing, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Sabetti Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Saillant, ‘75 Mr. Salem S. Salloum Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sarza Mr. and Mrs. Michael Savacheck, ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simonelli Mr. Charles Spratt Mr. and Mrs. John St. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Marc Staelen, ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. William Sutherland, ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Tardif Mr. Bernard Tellier The Robinson Green Beretta Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Tillinghast, ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Andre Trottier,’67 Mr. Matthew Trottier, ‘87 Mrs. Rosemarie Trudeau Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tuffy Ms Menka Vansant, ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ventre, ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Verfaille Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vigliotti, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Villiard,’56 Vin Gadoury Construction Inc Ms. Jane Clarke and Mr. Kent Werst, ‘80 Woonsocket Lions Club

LEADERSHIP CLUB $250.00-$499.99

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderson, ‘80 Anonymous Mrs. Garrett Baird Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Boyce, ‘82 Ms. Amy Brothers ‘84 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bryson

IN MEMORY OF Dorothy Allegra Pauline Allis Maria Jose Almeida Nancy Alner Carmella Arcaro Florida Auger Joseph A. Bagaglia Sr. Ted & Evelyn Bagne Robert Baynes Florence Belardi Annette Berard Normand Bibeault, ‘41 M. Marcella Billings Elizabeth R. Bird Richard Blanchette,’67 Thomas Bohan Claire Boisvert Eva Branchaud

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cabral Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cardosa Catholic Financial Life Citizens Bank Mr. William Cummings,’50 Mr. and Mrs. Steven DellaPosta Dr. and Mrs. Paul Desjardins, ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. John Doody Mr. and Mrs. David Dubosky Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flood, ‘59 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gray ‘90 Mr. Eddy Jutras, ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Keyes Atty and Mrs. John F. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. McGuire, ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Medeiros Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Mongeon,’94 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perrotti ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pfizenmaier Red Rock Food Concepts, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael St. Andre, ‘88 Dr. and Mrs. Claude Trottier, ‘56 Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Wilk, Jr.,’83

EXCELSIOR CLUB $500.00-$999.99

Airport Business Center Mr. Christopher Almon, ‘82 Esq, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ambler, ‘85 Dr. and Mrs. Rex Appenfeller ‘25 Mr. Laurent Baillargeon ‘66 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Bouley, ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Corrente, ‘83 Ms. Kerry Corrigan Foley ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cournoyer Mr. and Mrs. John Crook, ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Denis, ‘71 Mr. George Dresser, ‘57 Mrs. Mary Beth Dumouchel Mr. and Mrs. Erik R. Eckilson, ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fay ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Neil Peter Ferraro Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Finocchio Mr. and Mrs. David A. Fontaine Mrs. Donna Gamache-Griffiths ‘90 and Mr. Russell Griffiths Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hardesty

Florence Brissette Marjorie Brown Aline “Jan” Burke James Burns William J. Caffey Alice Callanan Angela Cambio Alfred J. Caron, ‘40 Fr. Bob Carpenter Jacqueline Carpenter Edward Carroll Joe Charland Marilyn Cobb Thomas Condon Robert Cooney MD Elizabeth Copperwheat Richard Copperwheat Zachary Cruff Rita Cruz Donna Davenport

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Florence David Chet Davis Matthew DeLillio Jeanne Desaulniers Tony DiBona John DiCostanza Carl DiRabbio Dorothy W. Doll Philip Donovon, ‘53 Lionel A. Duguay Ed Falls Henry Farranto Louis Felone Earl Fontaine Sr. Ann Fransis Robert Gaboury Jules Gadoury Lionel Gagnon Evelyn Charlene Gawen Robert Geignetter

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hetu Mr. Neil Hunt, ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Manish Jariwala Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kaplan ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lucchesi ‘69 Mr. and Mrs. Normand Magnan ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marrah ‘59 Mr. and Mrs. James E. McDermott, III Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Moran Navigant Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. O’Neill ‘81 Dr. and Mrs. James Padbury Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Paulhus ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pryor Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rivera Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Rowey, OD ‘66 Mr. Lionel Savaria, ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Silcox Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Spinella ‘84 Mr. Luc St. Germain and Mrs. Patricia St. Germaine ‘80 Mr. Rene Tellier, ‘48 Mrs. Elizabeth Tetreault Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Valliere ‘65 W. T. Holmes Transporation Co. INC. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Whalen, Jr., ‘70

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. O’Brien Mr. Eugene A. Peloquin, ‘50 Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Quistberg Mr. and Mrs. David Roy, Sr. Stop & Shop Supermarket Company Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tardie Mr. Robert Ward, ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yates

DIRECTOR’S CLUB $2,500.00-$4,999.99

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adamo ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Barrett Mr. Charles Crepeau ‘51 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Murphy Mr. Dermod Norton ‘61 Mrs. Cheryl A. Venancio

FOUNDER’S CLUB $5,000.00- $9,999.00

Mr. and Mrs. James Dore Mr. Albert Fuchs Mr. George Kennedy ‘37 MSC Academy Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morris ‘41 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Riley ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Saviano

EXCELSIOR GOLD $1,000.00-$2,499.99

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Ayotte, ‘55 Dr. and Mrs. James Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cantin, ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. Gus Capizzo Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carriere Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cedor, ‘88 Mr. William Crowley, Jr.,’49 Mr. and Mrs. Jared Earley, ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Eddins Mr. and Mrs. John Finnerty Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Grady Mr. and Mrs. John Hake Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hovsepian Mr. and Mrs. Roland Lavallee, Sr.,’68 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loiselle Mr. and Mrs. Glen P. Martin Microsoft Matching Gifts Program MSC Golf Tournament

Carmela Giocastro Helen Gordon Marcia Haggerty Shaw Philip Higgins Mary Ann Horan Adam Imbriglio Joan Jalette Jennifer June John Kelley, ‘80 Mentor Kershalli Clarence A. Knight Jr., Paul Kogut Mary A. Kubaska Alcide Paul Lafleur Ernest Lafond Rolandi Lamoureaux Henre Lanoie Jacques Larose Iris Lataille Anthony Lavena

Mass Cards In Memory Of, In Honor Of, and In Healing Of Mass cards are available through the Office of Advancement. If interested, please contact Ms. Lussier at 401-769-0310 x117.

PROVINCIAL CIRCLE $10,000.00- $24,999.99 Mr. Edward A. Brennan ‘55 EzeCastle Integration


$25,000.00 or More Anonymous Brothers of the Sacred Heart Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Knueven Sunshine Charitable Fund

Julia Lawrence Paul Lischio Ronald Lizotte Ester Lombardi Cecile Longpre Ron Lonsdale Estelle Machon Edward Mackey Lucille Maderer Tara Maestrangi Estelle Mancini John Mancini Norma J. Mannion Louise Marandola Marc Martin, ‘75 M. Ernestine Massaro John J. McDermott, ‘42 Arlene McDonough Mary McGowan Jack Meehan

Pamela Millette Horance Julien Mitchell Lina Molino Phillip Morris, ‘50 Lisa Murray Robert J. O’Neil Joseph O’Neill Sr. Charles O’Rourke Concetta Panciocco Michael T. Parente Sr. Elizabeth Pebbles Dr. George Picard Pauline Pirzynski Angie Pizzi Diane Popouiche Celeste Potvin Dolores Quattrocchi Frank Rasilat Alfred Remillard Robert Revens

MATCHING GIFTS COMPANIES Amica Mutual Insurance Company Bank of America Citizens Bank Covidien Fidelity Foundation FM Global Foundation Green Mountain Coffee IBM International Foundation John Hancock Financial Services Textron Matching Gift Program United Way of Rhode Island Wells Fargo

GIFTS IN KIND Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bennett ‘82 Bozek’s Plumbing & Heating Inc Deslandes Construction Inc Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ferrari Mr. & Mrs. Joel Gardner Mr. and Mrs. James E. McDermott, III Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence O’Donnell ‘81 Sports Systems Custom Bag Corp. Mrs. Cheryl Venancio

EXCELSIOR LIFE CLUB Dr. Donald Bibeault ‘59 Mrs. Annette Blair Mr. Paul Brodeur ‘71 Mrs. Gail Bryson Ms. Barbi Carignan ‘80 Mr. Jack Clarke ‘83 Mr. Charles Clarke III ‘78 Mr. Louis Coulombe ‘55 Mr. John Harwood ‘70 Mr. Richard B. King ‘58 Dr. Peter D. Martelly ‘68 Mr. Christopher Ozimek ‘79 Mr. Andrew Palmer ‘78 Mr. David Paquette ‘70

Roland Riendeau, ‘46 Therese Riley Lawrence E. Rodell James E. Rogers, ‘40 Kathleen Rudinsky Yolande Russo Jason Santopietro Suzanne Schneider Paul Seaner Patricia Serra Lucille Sherman Elaine Soares Yaro Sojkova Joyce St. Andre Lisa Stemle Edward Tenczar Betty Jo Tessier Leona Thibault David Toye Stephan Tracey

Cecelia Trorano Stella Tumidajski Phyllis Turenne Marie Annette Vezina Vincent Vitale Vincent Vito Cynthia Walker Marion Walton Kevin Whalen Thomas Williams Rae Ann Yamzon Evelyn Zahn Bernice Zekind

FOR HEALING Peter Certo Nicole Kearney & Family Roland Lavalle Robert Moreau



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Paul Ducharme, Class of 1948, was Honored Posthumously for his Design of Hampton Court in Ciro’s Tavern on Cherry in Woonsocket Also known as “Mount’s Norman Rockwell” and an inductee of Mount’s first Fine Arts Hall of Fame,

In addition to his work at Ciro’s Del Aubin, contractor for Hampton Court, mounts the plaque given in Tavern, his creative accomplishhonor of Paul ments ran the gamut from his legendary seventeen-page part of Ciro’s Tavern on Cherry in cartoon spread in the Woonsocket, RI. It was a gathering 1948 MSC yearbook, of those whose lives Paul touched: to award-winning family, lifelong friends, fellow Boy Mardi Gras floats, to Scouts of Troop 4 (St. Ann’s Parish), immense projects as professional colleagues as well as head designer at Hotel Mount Saint Charles alumni and Corporation of Amerstaff. There was a reception and ica and the Sheraton dinner which was followed by the Corporation. One of dedication of a permanent plaque in Paul Ducharme’s family his hotel projects was Paul’s memory. the renovation design Paul was an incomparable artist, for the elegant Town and cartoonist, designer, and architect. Country Room of the MayIn the early 1970s, the owner of flower Hotel in Washington, Ciro’s wanted to expand the busiDC where J. Edgar Hoover ness and use the upstairs part of the ate all of his lunches. A fourbuilding. Paul was hired to design year Air Force veteran, Paul the project and modeled Ciro’s was regarded as one of the Hampton Court after a castle in top interior designers in the England which also bears the name, country. He is remembered Hampton Court as a caring person with a great sense of humor and a keen eye for observing naAlumni in attendance at the event (L-R): Back Row: ture whose single life was a Eugene Peloquin ’50; Adelard “Del” Aubin Jr. ’59; Richer ’74; George Lessard ’62; Marc Blanchette ’76; marriage of almost pure cre- Herve John Guvremont ‘76 ative ability to the aesthetic Front Row: Gina Savini ’98; Jill (Savini) Moylan ’95; Bernard Fontaine; Rene Tellier ‘48 and practical forms of art. “An Evening to Remember Paul To see the complete photo alDucharme” was held on Saturdaybum, please visit www.mountSeptember 7th in Hampton Court Inside Hampton Court at Ciro’s which is located in the upstairs


Keep your eyes on the mail for your annual fund letter. If you have questions, comments or to make a donation to Mount Saint Charles Academy’s Annual Fund, please contact Donald Demers at

q I Want to Make a Tax-deductible

Gift to Mount St. Charles Academy

q My check for $__________________ payable to Mount Saint

Charles Academy is enclosed.

q My pledge of $__________________ can be deducted from my Name ______________________________________________________________

checking account (voided check enclosed).

q Please charge my gift of $_______________ to my: Address _____________________________________________________________

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q My company _____________________________ will match my gift. 16


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Mail to: Office of Advancement • Mount Saint Charles Academy • 800 Logee Street • Woonsocket, RI 02895-5599 Stock gifts or transfers can be made by contacting Donald Demers at 401-769-0310 x111 or Online contributions are also accepted at - go to the Giving section, then click Give Now.









Celebrating Mount’s 90th and Rosie’s 95th While we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we are also celebrating with Edgar “Rosie” Desrosiers, Class of 1939, as he celebrates his 95th birthday!

Not only is this year a milestone for Mount as we celebrate 90 years of ministry, but it is also a milestone for a Mountie from the Class of 1939: Edgar Gerald “Rosie” Desrosiers. On September 15, 2013 he turned 95! While at MSC, Rosie was a stellar athlete in baseball, basketball, football and in hockey as a goalie and was loved by all who knew him. In the 1939 Excelsior Yearbook, Rosie was described as having “carved for himself a beautiful niche at our Academy. He has gained the friendship of every student. Many dull hours have been cheered by his spontaneous wit, his spiritual teasings, and his drolleries of the best kind. He was the most dignified of the St. John Berchmans Society. Athletically, he has earned his letter in football, hockey, basketball and baseball. Next September, “Rosie” plans to enter Brown & Sharpe’s concern where he will display his natural ability for precise mechanics. Let us add that he has been an example of excellent behavior during his stay at the

Mount.” Rosie’s love story with his wife Rose began when he invited her to an Elks dance( a traditional big band 1940s style dance!) at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. They were married 2 months later on March 25, 1940. It was the Monday after Easter because they couldn’t get married during the Lenten season. Rosie served our country during World War 2 in the Navy. After that he became a beautician and worked with his wife in their shop. In 1948, he moved his family to California where he opened a high end beauty salon. He was famous for his innovative styling methods and beautiful results. Later, he would become a successful realtor in the East Bay area. However, his daugh-

ter Joanne recalls that “some of his fondest memories are of his high school years.” Even though Rosie and his family lived in California, he would continue return to Maine, his hometown, for vacations and family reunions. Rosie and his wife retired in 1988. They moved to the La Quinta in the Palm Springs area where he still resides. Rosie’s wife passed away in 2000, but Rosie remains the helpful neighbor loving life as always.

He has three children: Joanne (DesRosiers) Tumey; Beverly (DesRosiers) Banta; and Henry DesRosiers. Happy Birthday Rosie!! Your Mount family is honored to celebrate your 95th birthday with you during our 90th anniversary year!






In Celebration of Mount’s 90th Anniversary, Let’s Take a Trip Down Memory Lane! Do you see yourself in any of these pictures? Do you have any stories to share of your time at Mount? We want to know! Please email the Alumni Office at










Mount’s Campus Got a Face Lift Over the Summer! In addition to the new tennis courts, the parking and driving areas surrounding the school building were either paved or seal coated and the retaining wall along the lower field driveway was repaired. The fence surrounding the upper field was also replaced and decorated with a new Mount Pride banner!


Class of 1971: Eight members of the MSC Class of 1971 invited Br. Paul Lauze, SC out to dinner—and an informal 42nd Reunion at The Lodge in Lincoln, RI, on June 2nd. The classmates fondly recalled Br. Paul who had taught many of the students French 1 and 2 in the late 1960s.

N O T E S are Mr. & Mrs. Carpentier of White River Junction, VT. (Birth Announcement submitted by Lynn (Brodeur) Marchand Class of ‘88/ Kirk’s sister) Jon Marland, Class of 1994 and Danielle (Denis) Marland, Class of 1997: Introduce their new little love, Makenna Rae Marland. She was born on June 24, 2013 at 2:05pm. She was 6lbs 5oz and 19 inches long!

Seated from left: Dr. Phillippe Cote, class salutatorian; Br. Paul; and Roger Begin, who served for a time as the state’s Treasurer and Lt. Governor. Standing from left: Tom Ward; Kaz Contre; Denis Plouffe; Marc Staelen, class president; Gary Denis; and Wally Kociuba.

Mark Barter, Class of 1983: This past summer, Mark had the summer trip of a lifetime! He was the manager of his son Joey’s (Class of 2017) Babe Ruth All Star team that won the New England Regional Championship and went on to represent New England in the Babe Ruth World Series in Williston, North Dakota. They finished in 3rd place (making the team the 3rd best 13 year old Babe Ruth Baseball team in the country!)

but had the experience of their lives! Joey batted .380 during the World Series run and was named to the All-Tournament Defensive Team as the best defensive first baseman in the tournament! Currently, Mark is the Director of Business Development (East Region) at Visionary Integration Professionals. Jennifer Brien, Class of 1986: Jen has been named weeknight overnight host from midnight-5am on WBZNewsRadio. A Woonsocket native, she is the daughter of Councilman Albert Brien and sister of former state representative, Jon Brien. Her program is called “The Jen Brien Show” and is a mix of pop culture, current events, politics, and various New England news topics. She has been in radio for more than 10 years and joins the WBZ team from WRKO where she was a weekday talk show host of “The Jennifer Brien Show.” She has also hosted shows on WPRO 20


and WHJJ in Providence and WCOD and WXTK on Cape Cod. Before she started in radio, Jen was a soldier in the United States Army, for more than five years, where she received the esteemed “Soldier of the Year” award. (Thank you to Roger Bouchard, general manager and part owner of WNRI, for this information which was published in his weekly Woonsocket Call column). John Charbonneau, Class of 1988: John was recently appointed as the Director of Planning & Development for the Town of Rayham, MA. He has worked in the municipal planning field for 15 years and has been a member of the American Planning Association and the Massachusetts Economic Development Council. Judah Bulet, Class of 1992: Judah opened Northern RI Strength and Conditioning/ No Risk CrossFit (located in Smithfield, RI at 300B George Washington Highway) on June 1st of this year. All members of the Mount Community can receive a 20% discount on membership. Besides owning the gym, Judah is a Science Teacher at Xaverian Brothers High School, where he also coaches rugby and skiing. Kirk Brodeur, Class of 1994: Kirk and his wife Kate welcomed with love their first daughter, Sophie May Brodeur, on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence at 8:50pm. She weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and measured 19 inches tall. Paternal grandparents are Roger (Class of 1967) and Therese Brodeur of Uxbridge, MA and maternal grandparents

Roland Lavallee, Class of 1996 and Ashley Jensen, Class of 2002: Ashley and Roland were named male and female champions at the Paris Mountain 7k trail championship in Greenville, SC! Christopher Renaud, Class of 1998: Christopher is a captain (CPT) in the US Army. He recently graduated from his Anesthesiology residency at the Brooke Army Medical center in San Antonio, Texas. In the fall of 2013, he was assigned as the Medical Director of Anesthesia Services at the Ireland Community Army Hospital in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Amanda (Danis) Konnerth, Class of 2001: Amanda married Michael Konnerth (N. Smithfield High School, Class of 2003) on Saturday- September

28, 2013 at St. Charles Borromeo in Woonsocket, RI. Amanda holds a Master’s Degree in both Educational Studies and in English Literature with a Creative Writing concentration. Her husband Michael is working on his Master’s degree in Music Performance with a concentration in conducting. Both work as teachers at Mercymount Country Day School. Mark Remillard, Class of 2001: Mark and his wife, Jenna, welcomed with love their son Zachary Evan Remillard on May 9th at UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester. He was 7 weeks early and weighed 4lbs 4oz. Zach is doing very well and looks forward to coming to MSC in 2025!

Adam Moulter, Class of 2006: In August of 2013, Adam successfully completed a Masters of Music Industry Leadership at Northeastern University. It is his second higher education degree in the field. U.S. Navy Ensign Robert E. Van Winter, Class of 2008: Ens. Van Winter, son of Bob and Marybeth Van Winter, graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD on May 24, 2013 and was commissioned as an Officer in the U.S. Navy. Ens. Van Winter successfully completed four years of intensive academic, physical, and professional training, resulting in a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Political Science. As a graduate of the Naval Academy, Ens. Van Winter completed a four-year, total immersion program where a strong, balanced academic program, focused on the educational needs of the Navy and Marine Corps, is superimposed on a strict, professional military training environment emphasizing the development of leadership skills. Following graduation, Ens. Van Winter has been temporarily assigned to the U. S. Naval Academy. Later this year he will proceed to Norfolk, VA where he will begin service aboard the USS Monterey CG 61. Bianca Sciotti, Class of 2010: Bianca earned a dean’s list status for both the fall and spring semesters at Providence College last year. In the spring, she had a perfect 4.0 average! She is a member of the women’s tennis team and also earned the 2011-2012 Big East AllAcademic Team award. She was invited to become a member of the Providence College Education Honor Society-the Sigma Upsilon chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. She was inducted into the Chi Alpha Sigma organization which recognizes student athletes who earn a varsity letter while maintaining a high cumulative GPA throughout their junior and senior year. Matt Alexander, Class of 2013: In August, Matt completed Cadet Basic Training and began classes at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is pictured here on his Acceptance Day.

Contact Gail at OR

Design: Matt Castigliego mattcast @


The 1973 grads of MSC and St. Clare High School celebrated their 40th reunions together! On Saturday, September 28th they had a joint reunion at River Falls in Woonsocket, RI!

St. Clare High School


Class of 1988

Class of 1983 s of 1983 came together On Saturday–October 12th, the Clas Br. Cliff was given a ion! reun 30th r thei for in Chapel Hall tion and gratitude. plaque as a token of their apprecia

River On Saturday–August 10th, the Class of 1988 met at City Side at Falls in Woonsocket for their 25th reunion!

Annual Alumni Soccer Game and Cookout on Upper Field

Class of 1993 s of 1993 met at Ciro’s On Saturday- August 17th, the Clas their 20th reunion! for ket nsoc Woo in Tavern on Cherry

Alumni Golf Tournament

spent an afternoon back On Sunday-October 13th, alumni Columbus Day weekend al annu ’s emy Acad the for MSC at out! cook and e gam er alumni sooc

Upcoming Reunions November 27th 2013 Yearbook Party Chapel Hall 7-9pm December 26th Alumni Hockey Game & Breakfast 1964 Hockey Team Recognition

On Saturday- August 3rd, MSC held its 25th annual alumni golf tournament at Crystal Lake Golf Club in Burrillville, RI. More than 120 golfers played! To see the complete photo album, please visit

Make sure to the visit the Media Gallery on to see pictures taken at various school and alumni events throughout the year! For alumni specific photos, you can also visit alumniphotos

December 27th Class of 2003 Reunion Waterplace Restaurant in Providence, RI December 28th Class of 2008 Reunion City Side at River Falls in Woonsocket To RSVP or for more information, contact Gail in the Alumni Office

Non Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Permit #712 Providence, RI 800 Logee Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895-5599


Please notify the Alumni Office if your son or daughter has a new address that needs to be entered into our Alumni database. Contact: Gail Bryson,

M O U N T S A I N T C H A R L E S A C A D E M Y • B R O T H E R S O F T H E S A C R E D H E A RT • M O U N T S A I N T C H A R L E S A C A D E M Y • B R O T H E R S O F T H E S A C R E D H E A RT

UPCOMING EVENTS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

November 27: Class of 2013 Yearbook Party, MSC’s Chapel Hall December 8: Lessons & Carols, Precious Blood Church December 15: Instrumental Christmas Concert featuring alumni band, MSC December 26: Alumni Hockey Game & Breakfast/1964 Hockey Team Recognition, MSC December 26, 27 & 28: Holiday Face-Off, MSC Arena December 27: Class of 2003 Reunion, Waterplace Restaurant in Providence December 28: Class of 2008 Reunion, City Side at River Falls in Woonsocket February 9: Accepted Students Day, MSC February 13: Blackstone Valley Jazz Festival, Stadium Theatre February 27: Jazz Night with Greg Abate & Friends, MSC’s Gymnasium March 16: Fine Arts Day, MSC March 22: Auction on the Mount, MSC’s Gymnasium April 5: Excelsior Dinner, MSC’s Chapel Hall May 8: An Evening with Carmine Orsini, Stadium Theatre May 17 & 18: Pops Concert, MSC June 6,7,8: Class of 1964 50th Reunion June 8: Commencement


Saturday–December 7, 2013 at 8:15am Saturday–December 14, 2013 at 8:15am Saturday–March 1, 2014 at 8:15am Saturday–May 3, 2014 at 8:15am

Please visit for more information.

President Mr. Herve E. Richer ’74 Principal Mr. Edwin Burke Board of Directors Br. Robert R. Croteau, SC Chairman of the Board Br. Mark E. Hilton, SC Br. Clifford King, SC Br. Daniel St. Jacques, SC Br. Roger Lemoyne, SC School Board Members Donna Gamache Griffiths ’90, Chair Albert P. Valliere Jr. ’65, Vice Chair Dr. Mark Andreozzi ’90 Wayne Cottle Br. Robert G. Gagne, SC Matthew Jarret ’95 Christopher Keyes Br. Robert Lavoie, SC Kathleen McGuire Jill (Savini) Moylan ’95 Br. Roland Ouellette, SC Gerald R. Piette ’76 Frank Simonelli ’92 Alan Tenreiro ’92 Admissions Mr. Joseph O’Neill, Director 401-769-0310 x137 Advancement Mr. Donald M. Demers, PhD, CFRE, Director 401-769-0310 x111 Alumni Mrs. Gail Bryson, Director 401-769-0310 x115 Marketing/Communications Ms. Penny C. Federici, Director 401-769-0310 x177 Student Journalists Megan Jackson ’14 Matthew Medeiros ’14

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