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Mount Royal University

Finding the right university is about finding the right fit. Because where you go makes all the difference to where you end up.

This is the YOUbook. It will help you take your next step to create the life you want to live.

Starting a degree is a big deal You’ve always known what you want to do. Or you have no idea. Maybe you’ll ace the courses. Maybe you’ll need some help. You’re feeling your freedom. And getting ready for the challenge.

So we’re keeping the circle small There’s no sitting in the 31st row of a huge hall. We don’t have them. Get up close, where it’s easier to learn. Our average class size is 29 students.

It’s all about 2 MRU

University President, David Docherty, welcomes students at New Student Orientation, listens to their presentations and then pipes them out at Convocation. Read about it online at


Connect with your prof who knows your name and works hard for you. So that you get it, grow and have fun along the way.








Mix it up

Pathways to work

You have to get your hands dirty to see how it works.

Choose one or more ways to get the experience you need.

Get out of the classroom and jump boldly into the working world.

Do a work placement (what better way to qualify for a first job).

Learn from those in your dream job.

Work on research with your prof (no waiting for grad studies).

Leave your own mark doing research.

Or do a co-op, internship, practicum, field study or community service.

And maybe, just maybe, make your corner of the world a better place.

The choice is yours.

You want The new Riddell Library and Learning Centre opens in 2017.



1,388 14

work placement opportunities international field schools

hands-on learning


LIBRARY AND LEARNING CENTRE 1. Audio editing suites — record your own music or make a podcast. 2. Presentation practice rooms — be ready for your next big group presentation. 3. 30+ bookable, collaborative study rooms. 4. Treadmill desks and height-adjustable furniture for healthier studying. 5. Makerspace — create your own way with technology ranging from sewing machines to 3D printers.


Jason Droboth, a science student, is setting up earth movement sensors throughout Calgary as part of his science degree. Learn more at


It’s time to connect


Have a blast (when your studying is done, of course)

You can’t wait

Join one of 75+ student-led clubs.

Find a new clan or connect with everyone you know.

Take in an awesome (and free) lecture, Cougars game or concert.

Geek out by joining a club or start your own.

Consider a gig in the Students’ Association.

Learn something totally different.

Give back by volunteering or get a job working on campus.

Laugh a lot, while getting some exercise.

Don’t miss out: this campus is alive with ways to get involved.

All this alongside others who are also hyped about (you fill in the blank.)

12,859 600

fans at the Crowchild Classic hockey double-header

student jobs on-campus

Let Anthropology major, Zoe Sluzar, give you the down-low on student life at Mount Royal. Find out at


Look after yourself and stay grounded Be yourself – fitting in or standing out. Feel comfortable asking for and getting an extra hand, with a supportive community that gets you and where you know there’s someone who has your back.

You’ve got this

We’re here for you Programs to help keep your life balanced. Accessibility services so you’re on a level playing field. Bursaries and scholarships to help pay your way. Advisors who will help you nail the right courses. Diversity programs so you’re in a positive space. A supportive environment with cultural supports for Indigenous students.



million available in scholarships and bursaries



academic advisors


health and wellness professionals

INDIGENOUS STUDENT HOUSING PROGRAM Students living in residence may be eligible for this beneficial program that includes a subsidy. Become a member of the Indigenous student community by participating in social outings, accessing cultural, educational and personal supports lead by Iniskim Centre staff.


Score that first job Let’s cut to the chase You need a good job. You want a great career. So employers put your resume in the “yes” pile, for rewarding positions that you’re ready to tackle. A role you love and pays the bills, for the lifestyle you want.


% Put it to work 91% of grads are employed two years after graduation. 82% of grads are employed in a field related to their studies. 77% of grads land a job in a year (compared with a 59% national average). We’re keeping these numbers high. By having pros help us build programs to match what employers want. Alumni who come back to mentor and guide you. And a career services team to help you get it done.

10 MRU

Melanie Walsh, a journalism student put her learning into action with a dream work placement with CBC North. Learn all about it at


students are learning and working with companies across many industry sectors

11 MRU

Be active Blow off some steam. Challenge yourself. Maintain balance. Mix it up for fun. Headphones on and in the zone. Make a splash. Reach new heights.

Get Rec’d

Here for you Access to the Rec Centre is included in your student fees. Explore the facilities – fitness centre, climbing wall, salt water pool and more.

2 6 91



fitness activity rooms


indoor and


Try something new. Take a class. Meet new people. outdoor courts

Come and play! Drop-in for a game. Find your passion.

intramural sports you can play

12 MRU

fitness classes to find your zone

Meet Bolu, a fourth-year Criminal Justice student who found out Rec is as much for making new friends as it is for staying in shape. Read more at

13 MRU

More than you need – nearby Living on campus is convenient, fun and affordable. The next party or shoulder to lean on are just seconds away. You never have to go far to get what you want or need.

NEW STUDENTS ARE GUARANTEED A ROOM IN RESIDENCE Apply and pay your application fee and security deposit online by June 15, 2017 at

Living here

Does this ring a bell? You’re no friend of the alarm and have a bunch of early classes. Sleep ‘til 7:30 a.m. and still make it by 8 a.m. — early.

88 sq ft 88 sq ft

West Residence


Main Building

88 sq ft 88 sq ft


Ughhh, missed bus. Will be late for class... 135 sq ft 135 sq ft

135 sq ft 135 sq ft

7:46 a.m.


Estimated cost of residence ~ $5,700 – $6,200 per academic year

14 MRU

What’s it like to live in Res? Residence Advisor and student, Madelaine McCracken dishes on roommates, social activities and more. Visit

Almost ready! Will take notes for you. 7:47 a.m.

15 MRU

Wyckham House Student Centre East Residence West Gate Entrance

Communication Lab

Science Wing Riddell Library and Learning Centre

The Table market

BookStore Iniskim Centre

Wellness Services

Admissions & Recruitment East Gate Entrance Arts Building

International Centre

Registrar’s Office

Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts Charlton Pond

i rc



Bissett School of Business







U Fest

Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning

Colour U Blue

West Residence

East Gate Parkade Cougars Soccer Home Field


Movie theatre

8 min drive / 22 min bus

The Hub Restaurant and Bar

On campus

Chinook Centre (mall)

8 min drive / 25 min bus

Food kiosks

On campus

Downtown Calgary

15 min drive / 30 min bus

ATMs for major banks

On campus

Scotiabank Saddledome

15 min drive / 50 min bus

Calgary International Airport

25 min drive / 70 min bus


1.5 hr drive

Lake Louise

2 hr drive

16 MRU

Mount Royal University sits on the traditional lands of the Niitsitapi, the Blackfoot Peoples and Confederacy, as well as the Treaty 7 Nations, which include the Tsuut'ina, the Piikani, the Kainai, the Siksika and the Stoney Nakoda Nations of Bearspaw, Chiniki and Wesley. Southern Alberta is also home to the MĂŠtis Nation of Alberta, Zone 3.


On campus


Recreation Centre


4 min drive / 10 min bus / 20 min walk 4 min drive / 10 min bus / 20 min walk

h ar

Grocery store Full service bank


On campus

Pharmacy On campus

Doctor or dentist

Mount Royal Gate SW Photo courtesy of James Dyck

17 MRU

Find your Calgary Be part of the energy

WHAT TO DO IN CALGARY Hit the slopes in the nearby Canadian Rockies

Even if you don’t know anyone, you’ll soon find your scene. Living in Calgary is feeling the energy of a big city. Near the best mountains – ever.

Try maple bacon doughnuts, Cajun fried pickles or BBQ poutine at a food truck Find the perfect blend of art and science at Beakerhead Cheer on the home team at a Calgary Roughnecks game Check out the latest indie bands at Sled Island Festival Hang with superheroes at the Calgary Expo Bike the paths through Fish Creek Park Discover the East Village experience from food to parks Take in a performance in the beautiful Bella Concert Hall Enjoy a patio along 17th Avenue Visit the penguins at the Calgary Zoo Hike through Glenmore Park Get a strike at nearby Mountain View Bowling Stock up on veggies at the Calgary Farmers Market

18 MRU

Chow down on dim sum in Chinatown


million population


days of bright sun



cm of snow per year


km of pathways

19 MRU

It starts with a selfie

It’s your world

and turns into lifelong friendships We’re super friendly and welcoming. A campus set near peaceful prairies, rolling foothills and amazing mountains. MRU is like a small town where people want to get to know you, teach you and show you around. Post your shareable shots and wow your friends and family.


See what’s out there. Combine school with travel. In courses that count towards your degree. Learn from experts who bring learning to life, in places you’ve always dreamed of going.

Emoji art supplied by EmojiOne

Take the leap


Join serial traveller, Carlos to discover where school might take you, on the road. Discover more at


exchange opportunities





21 MRU


Which program might fit you? Who you are right now can help shape what you want to study. No matter what your personality type is, deciding on the right program can be a challenge. Your interests, values and skills will help point you there. We’ve used the research of John Holland, PhD to show how Mount Royal programs fit into six broad personality traits. Keep in mind that any personality type can enjoy any program, but one or more might feel like a better fit than others. Use this guide to find out which program might be a good fit for you.






Do you like to draw, write or perform? Do you value freedom of expression, unstructured environments, aesthetics and creative activity?

Logical ARE YOU ORDERLY AND GOOD AT FOLLOWING A SET PLAN? Do you like detailed procedures, rules, numbers, concrete data and policies? Do you value clear guidelines, systems, organization and defined situations?




Early Learning and Child Care



Do you enjoy working with tools, machines, animals and plants? Do you value structure, clear goals and results you can see or touch?

Broadcast Media Studies Information Design Journalism Public Relations





Do you like to lead and sell ideas or things? Do you value managing, leadership and tangible results?

BACHELOR OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Athletic Therapy Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership


1. You may fit into more than one category

Do you like to help people and solve social problems? Do you value teamwork, social responsibility, honesty and generosity?

2. You can learn more about careers and where you might excel by checking out occupational profiles at


3. You can get further information and program details from our Admissions and Recruitment Office by visiting us at or by calling 403.440.5000


Child and Youth Care Counsellor


Three things to consider...

Policy Studies

Physical Literacy Sport and Recreation Management



Cellular and Molecular Biology

Do you like working on puzzles, solving mathematical or scientific problems and analyzing theoretical data? Do you value abstract ideas and challenges?

Environmental Science Geology Health Science



23 MRU

Programs What makes up a program?

Enhance your education

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Mount Royal programs include a variety of courses to ensure that, when you graduate, you enter your career or graduate studies with well-rounded abilities and a broad knowledge base. Below is what goes into our programs.

Work placement opportunities

A Mount Royal BA gives you the foundation to analyze past, present and future issues with an open and creative mind. These skills will open doors to a variety of professions, as well as graduate or professional studies.

Major/Core Each program has a major or core area of focus.

General Education Students select General Education (Gen Ed) courses from four clusters: • • • •

numeracy and scientific literacy community and society values, beliefs and identity communication


Many of our programs include required or optional work placements. Put new knowledge to work in your field of study and potentially gain credit towards your program. Programs with a opportunities.

icon offer an honours stream.

Number of courses

Some degree programs offer concentrations which make up part of a major. Concentrations consist of 6 – 10 courses designed to enhance your focus on a specific area of study to target your degree towards your future career.

For more information on our programs, visit


Gain skills to investigate what it means to be human, from ancient times to modern. Study four key fields: cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology and archaeology.

Take part in a comprehensive and dynamic program in which you will explore and analyze the paths that brought societies to where they are today. Perform archival research, volunteer, travel and participate in hands-on field work to bring history to life.

Career possibilities: Social policy analyst Forensic analyst International aid and development worker

Study literature and learn how to write and express yourself with clarity and style. Explore creative and technical writing, film studies and elements of popular culture, such as graphic novels and pulp fiction.

Certain degrees offer an honours stream to prepare you for academic challenges associated with graduate and professional schools. Programs with an





MRU diploma — Two years Core: 14 to 16 courses Gen Ed: 5 courses Electives: 0 to 1 course

Focus your interests by choosing from six majors (all with honours streams).

icon offer formal work placement

Students make their own selection of courses and there are hundreds to choose from.

MRU degree — Four years Major: 16 to 31 courses Gen Ed: 4 to 12 courses Electives: 0 to 12 courses

24 MRU

At Mount Royal, we want to prepare you to hit the ground running in your career, and there’s no better way than giving you the chance to experience the real world while you complete your studies.

Minors Students in degree programs can gain knowledge outside of their major by including a minor. Minors allow you to explore other interest areas and can help you target specific fields for employment or graduate studies. Mount Royal offers 45 minors, so you can customize your education to suit you.

Career possibilities: Writer Researcher Editor

Career possibilities: Teacher (when combined with a B.Ed.) Archivist Historic preservation

Policy studies Understand the need for effective, responsive policies in government, business or nonprofit sectors and gain hands-on experience during a semester as a paid intern in the world of policy making. Career possibilities: Economic analyst Policy consultant Political aide

LOOK BACK TO SEE AHEAD Immerse yourself in the past to get a new perspective on the present and future. As a History student you might collaborate with local Indigenous groups, visit the American Civil War battlefields or tread on some of Europe's iconic historic sites, all while capturing it in 140 characters or less.

Bachelor of Arts continued on next page

Work placement opportunity

Honours stream

25 MRU

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Business Administration

(BA) continued

(BA — CJ)

(BBA) If business is your passion, a Mount Royal BBA will help you build a solid foundation for success in the global economy through a combination of theory and practical experience.



Gain the scientific foundation and critical thinking skills that will give you insight into how people perceive the world and interact with others. Discover how social, cognitive and biological factors affect the development of typical and atypical behaviour from infancy through old age.

Engage in the study of human social life to better understand changes in social structure and human interaction. Learn sociological research methods and theories, with a focus on diversity and inequality.

Study in Alberta’s only four-year Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice program and expand your understanding of law enforcement, community outreach and victim services. Through theory and hands-on learning, such as court visits and mock trials, gain a strong foundation for the workplace or graduate studies.

Career possibilities: Human rights officer Social research assistant Social trends or data analyst

Career possibilities: Police officer Crime analyst Community outreach worker

Career possibilities: Health or human services worker Youth counsellor Research analyst

As a BBA student, you start in General Management and have the option to focus your interests by choosing from four majors. You can also select from 40 minors to enhance your degree. Students enrolled in the General Management major have the option to pursue a minor and/or complete one of the following four concentrations: • • • •

A DIRECT PATH TO YOUR HR DESIGNATION Mount Royal University recently became the first institution in Alberta to be accredited by the Human Resources Institute of Alberta. The new agreement means that qualified graduates of the Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resources program will be eligible to receive a Certified Human Resources Professional designation without having to take the national knowledge exam.

26 MRU

For more information on our programs, visit

Financial Analysis Financial Services International Business Supply Chain Management

General Management

Human Resources

Understand the “big picture” in a variety of business sectors. Choose from a wide range of courses to obtain a general business education. In addition to 17 core courses, you may also learn about areas such as international business, insurance, financial analysis, financial services, entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, social innovation, business of sport and recreation, supply chain management and others.

Build a solid academic foundation to pursue career possibilities in human resources. Learn what it takes to drive organizational performance through recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, employee performance and engagement, learning and development, labor relations, transition management and organizational metrics and capitalize on HR strategy. Graduates are well prepared to pursue the Canadian Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation.

Career possibilities: Business development analyst Management consultant Client services specialist

Accounting With the expanding global economy, changing tax regulations and new financial reporting standards, accountants are in high demand. Gain knowledge to meet the demand for skilled accountants in many organizations and get an edge with practical, hands-on experience. Graduates are eligible to apply to enter into the Canadian Professional Accounting (CPA) designation education program.

Career possibilities: Financial manager Internal/external auditor Public, corporate or forensic accountant Tax specialist

Career possibilities: Compensation analyst Labour relations consultant Learning and development consultant Talent recruitment specialist

Marketing Professional marketers navigate the dynamic world of brands, evolving stakeholder attitudes, media industry transformation, design trends, competitor innovation and global economic shifts. Gain the knowledge needed to become a marketing professional who can effectively blend insight, strategy and creativity to help bring extraordinary products, services and campaigns to the marketplace. Career possibilities: Advertising account executive Marketing director Brand champion

Work placement opportunity

Honours stream

27 MRU

Bachelor of Child Studies

Bachelor of Communication



With a fresh approach to child studies, Mount Royal’s distinctive four-year BCST emphasizes strong theoretical foundations in early learning or child and youth care majors, while providing valuable hands-on experiential learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

Child Youth Care Counsellor Make a difference in the lives of people in your community. Learn to advocate for, counsel and nurture vulnerable children, youth and families by gaining knowledge and hands-on experience in areas such as child and adolescent development, intervention and treatment strategies, as well as child and youth care practice. Career possibilities: Child and youth care counsellor Youth justice worker Family support worker

Early Learning and Child Care Study the fundamentals of childhood development. Gain an understanding of the needs of children from infancy to age 12, and be able to create stimulating learning environments essential for early childhood education.

A CAREER WITH THE CHILD AT HEART Whether your passion is for helping young children to develop through education, or supporting vulnerable youth when they need it most — you will find your place in the BCST as a leader of the next generation.

28 MRU

For more information on our programs, visit

Career possibilities: Child life specialist Early childhood educator/preschool teacher Inclusion specialist Parent educator

Mount Royal’s Bachelor of Communication is Canada’s only four-year communication degree to offer majors in four distinct fields: Broadcast Media Studies, Information Design, Journalism and Public Relations.

Broadcast Media Studies


Develop the technical skills and theoretical understanding to produce professional, engaging audio and video content for a variety of audiences. Take advantage of state-of-the art video production facilities and an online radio station, while learning to write and produce commercials, news, documentaries, podcasts, advertising, corporate videos and reality television. This is the only four-year broadcasting degree of its kind in Western Canada.

Establish a professional foundation through communication theory and direct practice. Learn to structure information for different audiences and produce multimedia projects to a high standard as you gain new skills in gathering information, interviewing, writing, editing, reporting, photography, digital design and online delivery.

Career possibilities: Audio/video content producer Commercial writer/producer On-air media host/anchor Reporter/videographer

Information Design Learn to produce clear, concise and visually attractive materials to enhance how people read, understand and use information. Gain skills ranging from problem solving, design thinking and writing to project management and usability. Career possibilities: User experience designer Technical writer Instructional designer Graphic and web designer

Career possibilities: Multimedia journalist Social media specialist Communications manager

Public Relations Focus on areas such as interpersonal and organizational communication, crisis and issues management, and communication planning. Learn how to successfully build and maintain relationships with key audiences and create strategic programs — skills that are integral to an organization’s success. Career possibilities: Communications advisor Media relations specialist PR agency account coordinator

Work placement opportunity

Honours stream

29 MRU

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS)

Bachelor of Education — Elementary

Focus on the practical application of computer systems in a business environment. Develop a double skill set that combines technical understanding with solid business acumen in areas including software development, systems analysis and project management.

A blend of educational theory and classroom experience will prepare you to teach kindergarten through middle school. Mount Royal’s Bachelor of Education — Elementary provides you with weekly experiential learning opportunities at schools in the community during years 1 and 2. This means you will see things from a teacher’s perspective from the start. Practicums in years 3 and 4 provide further experience to develop your skills as a competent, reflective teacher.

Career possibilities: Business analyst System/network administrator Web/mobile application developer

(B.Ed. — Elementary)

Career possibilities: Teacher Tutor Curriculum developer/administrator

GET MOVING Physical Literacy is the mastery of fundamental movement skills that allow you to read environments and move confidently and competently in physical scenarios from your first steps to your last.

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (BHPE) With a comprehensive perspective on health and physical education unique to Western Canada, Mount Royal’s BHPE presents a balanced emphasis on both health and wellness. Going beyond traditional program offerings, the BHPE focuses on creating experienced and well-rounded graduates prepared to be leaders in their communities. As a BHPE student, you can focus your interests by choosing from one of four majors.

Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) Athletic Therapy

Physical Literacy

Focused on the prevention and care of injuries, athletic therapists work closely with athletes and active individuals to contribute to their overall health. Graduates are prepared to take the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) board exam or follow a career in a related healthcare field.

Combining the foundations of a physical education degree with a comprehensive focus on health promotion and disease prevention, you will be prepared to be a leader in your community. Your distinctive education will allow you to make a difference in the lives of Canadians through a holistic approach to good health which has nutrition, exercise and life-balance at its core.

Career possibilities: Certified athletic therapist Graduates can also pursue professional or graduate programs (education, medicine, physiotherapy)

Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership Learn in a unique program that explores sustainable tourism, business, sociocultural heritage, outdoor adventure, environmental science, leadership and communication. Experience real-world, adventure-based learning during wilderness, backpacking, whitewater kayaking and rock climbing learning expeditions. Career possibilities: Adventure tourism guide Ecotourism planner or consultant Parks interpreter

Career possibilities: Coach Fitness trainer Graduates can also pursue professional or graduate programs (education, medicine, physiotherapy)

Learn the design process from project inception to implementation. Combine theory and studio-based projects, working individually and in teams, to develop your understanding of building systems, communications and design. Launch a dynamic career in interior design with a required paid internship. Career possibilities: Interior designer Facility planner (offices or healthcare) Design consultant (home builder or developer) Retail sales consultant (furniture, lighting, flooring)

Sport and Recreation Management Get the best of both worlds as you benefit from an innovative blend of theory and real-world experience, such as working with sports teams or in recreational facilities. Develop business acumen that will prepare you to launch your own business venture or bring an entrepreneurial perspective to an organization. Career possibilities: Community recreation programmer or administrator Event and marketing coordinator Sport and recreation consultant

30 MRU

For more information on our programs, visit

Work placement opportunity

Honours stream

31 MRU


Bachelor of Midwifery

Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Science




In Alberta’s only Bachelor of Midwifery degree program, students work with faculty and practicing midwives to blend theory with midwifery practice, providing care to childbearing women and their families. This degree prepares you to become a primary care provider in the growing field of midwifery. Graduates are prepared to write the Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination and become registered midwives.

Learn about health, wellness, collaborative health care and how to effectively engage with communities. Prepare for professional practice in a variety of healthcare settings and capitalize on the demand for nursing graduates in Alberta, in Canada and in other countries around the world. Graduates are prepared to write the required nursing registration examination to become registered nurses.

Extensive lab and field work, undergraduate research opportunities, faculty who are passionate about science and one-on-one teaching and learning will prepare you to excel in scientific, business, legal or professional workplaces or pursue professional or graduate studies.

Career possibilities: Registered midwife Health educator or researcher National health worker

Career possibilities: Registered nurse (RN) Health administrator Health education specialist

Pursue a general science education or focus your interests by choosing from one of four other direct-entry majors that allow you to specialize in the following areas of study:

General Science Pursue your scientific interests and specialize in three of the following areas by completing two concentrations and a four course block in: biology, chemistry, geography, geology, mathematics and physics. Community-minded interdisciplinary projects, lab work, and field experiences provide a depth of knowledge for real world problemsolving. This major will provide you with the foundation for not only finding what you love – but for building a career. Career possibilities: Teacher (when followed by a B.Ed.) Physician (when followed by an MD) Laboratory technician

32 MRU

For more information on our programs, visit

Spend some time behind a microscope or maybe get your hands dirty. Courses with a field experience get you up close with rock formations or boots deep into critical water habitats. No matter the major you chose, adventure awaits you.

Cellular and Molecular Biology


Get ready for a career in research, medicine or the biotechnology sector with cutting-edge, laboratory-based experiential learning in both cellular and molecular biology. This major will prepare you for the workforce, for graduate studies in science or for professional studies in fields including medicine, pharmacy and dentistry.

Gain knowledge that prepares you for work in the exploration and development of Earth’s resources in an environmentally responsible manner. In the classroom, out in the field and through research – you will be ready for the workplace or graduate school.

Career possibilities: Pharmacist (when followed by additional education) Research scientist (when followed by a graduate degree) Physician (when followed by an MD)

Environmental Science Make a positive mark on the environment by studying areas related to environmental protection, mitigation and management, as well as the efficient use of natural resources. Steer stakeholders in the right direction with your knowledge in environmental sustainability and development. Graduates may be eligible to register as a professional agrologist. Career possibilities: Environmental scientist Air and water quality consultant Reclamation specialist

Career possibilities: Petroleum geologist Mineral exploration geologist Environmental geologist Government geological surveys and other research positions

Bachelor of Science — Computer Science (B.Sc.) Start to build a solid foundation in computer science in this two-year transfer program that equips you with the technical skills and creative thinking required to succeed in the remainder of your computer science degree at another university. Career possibilities: Software engineer Programmer analyst System administrator

Health Science Take a deeper look into the structure and function of the human body. Health Science is a challenging, in-depth exploration of human biology, from the microscopic to the whole organism. In addition to learning about anatomy and physiology, you will also learn to think critically from a scientific perspective. Career possibilities: Scientist (when followed by a graduate degree) Physician (when followed by an MD) Physiotherapist (when followed by a master’s degree in PT)

Work placement opportunity

Honours stream

33 MRU

JAZZ UP YOUR RESUME Get on the fast track to landing a job with a major Canadian airline thanks to a new partnership agreement with Jazz Aviation LP that sees every qualified Mount Royal University Aviation graduate get a job interview with the carrier.

Aviation (Diploma) Be fully equipped to handle the role of a pilot, both in the air and on the ground. While making flights across Western Canada, you will earn the training and flying time that will prepare you to take the Transport Canada commercial pilot license exams. Career possibilities: Airline administrator Commercial, charter or corporate pilot Flight instructor (with additional courses)

Social Work

University Entrance Option Are you planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree and need to boost your grades or complete missing courses first? Keep your education moving forward while becoming a stronger applicant for a Mount Royal program. The University Entrance Option, which may include taking Grade 12 equivalency courses, provides a structured curriculum to get you started on your degree-level coursework, while you prepare for admission into your intended degree. While taking the University Entrance Option does not guarantee admission to Mount Royal, it is a big first step. Learn more at

(Diploma) Blend theory and application as you learn to work with individuals, families and communities to assess, intervene and provide support. Graduates are eligible to apply for registration with the Alberta College of Social Workers or pursue a degree in social work. Career possibilities: Social worker Case worker/case manager Community outreach worker

Open Studies Do you want to explore your options for an academic program? Take courses that will help you choose your eventual program of study or pick up courses to meet admission requirements. Open Studies gives students interested in a flexible learning structure the freedom to explore different courses and program options.

Aboriginal Education Program (AEP) Get a feel for post-secondary courses while upgrading your marks and preparing to start a degree or diploma. The Aboriginal Education Program supports you with tutorial services, academic advising, social events and diverse cultural teachings led by Iniskim Centre staff. Learn more at

Expand your knowledge and work toward further education by completing Grade 12 equivalent courses to meet admission requirements for your chosen program. You can also complete courses that may be transferable to a Mount Royal degree or diploma program.

Certificates Mount Royal University certificates are primarily for individuals who have previous post-secondary education, such as a degree or diploma. • Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing – Critical Care Nursing – Emergency Nursing • Athletic Therapy (Advanced Certificate) • Bridge to Canadian Nursing • Business Administration – Advanced Accounting – Human Resources – Marketing • Environmental Science

Continuing Education certificates and diplomas (ministerial approved) Mount Royal University’s Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension offers the following credit-free certificates and diplomas for individuals interested in these specific careers. Apply online through for these offerings. • Funeral Director (Credit-free Certificate) • Embalmer (Credit-free Certificate) • Funeral Service (Credit-free Diploma) • Massage Therapy (Credit-free Certificate and Diploma) • Personal Fitness Trainer (Credit-free Diploma)

Learn more at

A STEP FORWARD TO A CAREER IN SCIENCE Indigenous students admitted to or preparing for a program in the Faculty of Science and Technology, can get ahead with the Aboriginal Science and Technology Education Program (ASTEP). Learn to better understand industry demands in the sciences and become a flexible and innovative problem solver. Work with an ASTEP administrator as they help you access academic supports, putting you on the path to achieving your academic goals.

34 MRU

For more information on our programs, visit

Work placement opportunity

Honours stream

35 MRU

Are you ready?

Application process

Become a Mount Royal student in a few easy steps

1 2 3

Let’s get to know each other Create an account at to: • • • •

get more information on your areas of interest check your application status book a campus tour get important messages and updates from us

Narrow down your program choices Discover what programs interest you on pages 22 and 23. Review the admission requirements chart inside the back cover.

Apply online Apply for admission Oct. 1, 2016 to Feb. 1, 2017 Apply for residence beginning Oct. 1, 2016 Apply for scholarships and bursaries Oct. 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017

OPEN HOUSE — SATURDAY, OCT. 29, 2016 Get a taste of campus life! Take a tour, speak with faculty, students, alumni and staff, and learn more about all of our programs and services at Open House.

36 MRU

Apply for admission (choose 1 or 2 programs) Receive acknowledgement email Application assessed by MRU

Your checklist

Receive conditional admission offer Accept your admission offer/pay tuition deposit

Create account on Follow MRU on social media

Get advised and register for classes using

Visit Open House or take a campus tour

Meet all additional admission criteria

Explore program options

Transcripts and fees due in August

Meet with a recruitment officer Apply for admission Apply for residence Apply for scholarships and student loans


Consult an accessibility advisor (if needed)

Dates to remember

Pay tuition deposit Get advised and register for classes

Oct. 1, 2016 – Feb. 1, 2017

Apply for early admission (applications continue to be accepted beyond this date for most programs)

Attend New Student Orientation

Oct. 1, 2016 – ongoing

Apply for residence

Start classes

Oct. 29, 2016

Open House

Nov. 2016 – Aug. 2017

Receive offer of admission

March 1, 2017

Deadline to apply for scholarships and bursaries

March 1, 2017

Contact accessibility services (if needed)

Apr. – May 2017

Academic advising and registration for courses begins

June 2017

Apply for student loans

Aug. 1, 2017

Final/official transcripts due

Mid-Aug. 2017

Tuition and fees due

Sep. 5 – 6, 2017

New Student Orientation

Sep. 7, 2017

First day of classes

37 MRU


Invest in your future Plan your budget for life as a Mount Royal student

Scholarships and bursaries

Estimated expenses for academic year (8 months) 1

Canadian citizens and permanent residents

International students

Tuition and fees (based on 10 courses)



Books and supplies



Residence (optional)




Calgary Transit U-Pass included in fees

Calgary Transit U-Pass included in fees

Living expenses and spending money

$4,000 – $6,000


Approximate costs range

$12,000 2 – 19,749



Based on 2016/17 fees. Additional fees may apply for specific programs.


Low range based on living at home instead of residence.

Options to fund your education:

38 MRU


Are you going to, or have you, put money aside for your education?


Will you have a part-time job while going to school? How about a summer job?


Are your parents helping you out or do you have an RESP?


If you are a resident of Alberta, you can apply for government loans online at beginning in June. If you live outside Alberta, look into applying for student loans assistance from your home province or territory.

Get budget planning tools, apply for scholarships and bursaries and learn more about getting financial assistance by visiting

Figure out your budget based on your program of choice and personal expenses using our budget calculator at

Entrance award



President’s Scholarship

Academic achievement, extracurricular activities and leadership

$7,500 ($3,750 Fall Semester, $3,750 Winter Semester)

Entrance Awards for Academic Excellence

Academic achievement — 90% in top two Group A subjects 80% final average on 5 courses


Entrance Bursaries

Financial need


Additional Scholarships and Bursaries

Criteria varies

$500 – $5,000

Indigenous Student Funding If you’re not quite sure how to pay for your education or whether you’re eligible for funding, we can help. Indigenous students, First Nations, Métis and Inuit, may qualify for third-party funding. In addition, scholarships and bursaries dedicated to Indigenous students are also available at

How to apply for scholarships and bursaries




To be eligible for scholarships and bursaries, apply for Early Admission from Oct. 1, 2016 to Feb. 1, 2017 at

MRU student ID number is required to apply for awards. ID will be sent to you by email.

Apply for scholarships and bursaries from Oct. 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017 at

39 MRU

Admission requirements Program

Admission categories High school applicant

Post-secondary applicant

Mature applicant

You will be considered a high school applicant if you are in your final year of high school, if you have left or completed high school, and if you have completed fewer than eight post-secondary courses. Competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your top two Group A courses at time of review.

You will be considered a post-secondary applicant if you have completed four or more transferrable post-secondary courses by Dec. 31, 2016 and will have completed eight or more by June 30, 2017. Competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your four most recently completed transferable post-secondary courses as of Dec. 31, 2016.

You will be considered a mature applicant if the previous categories do not apply to you and you are at least 21 years old by Sept. 1, 2017. Competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your top two Group A courses at the time of review.


Course requirements

Course categories



Group A



For specific courses required by each program, see the Admission Requirements chart on the previous page.

Specific required courses and minimum grade

Competitive average range1

Minimum final average2

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 or 30-2 or a language 30 50%



Bachelor of Arts — Policy Studies

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 or 30-2 60%



Bachelor of Arts — Psychology

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 or 30-2 50%



Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 or 30-2 50%



Bachelor of Business Administration

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 or 30-2 60%




DEGREE Bachelor of Arts (undeclared, Anthropology, English, History and Sociology)

(General Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing)

Bachelor of Child Studies (Child and Youth Care Counsellor, Early Learning and Child Care)

ELA 30-1 60%

Bachelor of Communication — Broadcast Media Studies

ELA 30-1 60%

Bachelor of Communication — Information Design 3 N

ELA 30-1 60%

Social Studies 30-1 50%

Bachelor of Communication — Journalism

ELA 30-1 60%

Social Studies 30-1 50%



High School Applicant

Bachelor of Communication — Public Relations 3 N

ELA 30-1 60%

Social Studies 30-1 50%



Degree programs

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 60%



Bachelor of Education — Elementary 4

ELA 30-1 65%

Math 30-1 or 30-2 or a language 30 50%



Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (Athletic Therapy [AT], Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, Physical Literacy, Sport and Recreation Management)

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 or 30-2 50%

70-75% [AT] 90-95%


Bachelor of Interior Design 3 P, 4

ELA 30-1 65%

Math 30-1 or 30-2 50%



Bachelor of Midwifery 3 N, 4

ELA 30-1 60% Math 30-1 or 30-2 50% Biology 30 50% Chemistry 30 50%



Bachelor of Nursing 4

ELA 30-1 60% Math 30-1 or 30-2 50% Biology 30 50% One of Chemistry 30, Physics 30 or Science 30 50%



Bachelor of Science

ELA 30-1 60%



Biology 30 50%

Math 30-1 60% Chemistry 30 60%

(General Science, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Environmental Science, Geology, Health Science)


English Language Arts (ELA) 30-1 Group A course Group A course Group A or B course Group A, B or C course

Diploma programs Specific courses required by the program must be included in your five subjects below: English Language Arts (ELA) 30-1 Group A course Group A, B or C course Group A, B or C course Group A, B or C course

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 65%



Aviation 3 M

ELA 30-1 60%

Math 30-1 60%



Social Work

ELA 30-1 60%



Post-Secondary Applicant

University Entrance Option

Admission requirements same as degree programs, with the exception that students may present an alternate Group A instead of ELA 30-1.



Specific courses required by the program must be presented for admission.

Open Studies

No specific course requirements

Bachelor of Science — Computer Science



Competitive average range is based on your top two Group A courses. This range is based on Fall 2016 competitive average and is a guideline only. Minimum final average is based on the five courses required for high school admission category applicants (see next page). 3 Additional non-academic requirements: N — Interview P — Portfolio M — Class 1 Aviation Medical and Canadian Private Pilot License 4 Application deadline Feb. 1, 2017. 1 2

40 MRU

Specific courses required by the program must be included in your five subjects below:

For more informations, visit

Mature Applicant Specific courses required by the program must be presented for admission: English Language Arts (ELA) 30-1 Group A course

• English Language Arts 30-1 • Mathematics 30-1 (or Mathematics 30-2 if accepted by the program) • Mathematics 31 • Biology 30 • Chemistry 30 • Physics 30 • Science 30 • Social Studies 30-1 and/or Aboriginal Studies 30* • French 30, 31, French Language Arts 30, Français 30 • All other languages 30

International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) Students in IB or AP courses are required to provide a final/official transcript. Courses presented for admission with minimum required grades may be used for admission and transfer credit.

My plan

Group B (must be five-credit courses) • • • • • • •

Art 30 or 31 Computer Science 3 or 4 (CTS Advanced) Drama 30 Music 30 (choral, instrumental, general) Physical Education 30 Religious Studies 35 Social Studies 30-2

Group C • Other five-credit Grade 12 courses or a combination of two three-credit Grade 12 courses • Five credits of advanced career and technology courses

Note • Special projects cannot be used for admission • You cannot use two courses from the same subject area, with the exception of Math 30-1 or 30-2 and Math 31. * Aboriginal Studies 30 (5 credit) can be used in lieu of Social Studies 30-1

This information was correct at time of publication. Please check with the Admissions and Recruitment Office or visit for up-to-date information on the admission requirements and curriculum for the program and semester in which you intend to enrol.

ELA 30-1


English 12/ PreEnglish 12 Calculus 12 First Peoples


Math 30-1

Math 30-2

Math 31 (Calculus)

Social Studies 30-1

Math 31 (Calculus)

Social Studies 30-1


Biology 30

Chemistry 30

Chemistry 30

Physics 30

Physics 30

ELA A30 and B30

PreCalculus 30

Foundations of Math 12

Foundations of Math 30

Calculus 12

Calculus 30

History 12 / Geography 12 / First Nations 12 / Comparative Civilizations 12

Biology 12

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

ds ar

30-level language


Chemistry 30

History 40S / Geography 40S / Western Civilization 40S / World Issues 40S

Chemistry 40S

Physics 40S

40S-level language

Physics SPH4U

Any 4U language

Physics 30


Mount Royal Circle

ar d R

o ad



Calculus History CHI4U or Biology and Vectors CHY4U / SBI4U MCV4U Geography CGW4U or CGU4U / Classical Civilization LW4U

Chemistry SCH4U

Math 201 (Calculus)

Chemistry 202 Physics 203 series series

Mount Royal Gate SW



Mathematic of Data Management MDM4U


Advanced Functions MHF4U




English ENG4U / Studies in Literature ETS4U

Mount Royal University Campus

a Tr il S W

Biology 101 series

30-level language

R ich



Calculus 45S and Advanced Math 45S

Biology 40S



Applied Math 40S

History 330 series / Geography 320 series



12 or 12A-level language

Social Studies 30 / Biology 30 History 30 / Sciences Sociales 30 / Native Studies 30

Pre-Calculus Math 40S

English 603 / Math 201 604 (excluding Statistics and Calculus)




(Two semester courses at CEGEP)






Language 30



Biology 30

Français 601-602 series or other language 607-616 series

Crowchild Trail SW


Math 30-2


Math 30-1




ELA 30-1

37 Street SW




Provincial course equivalences

4825 Mount Royal Gate SW Calgary AB | T3E 6K6

West Gate Entrance • Leacock Theatre


English 121 or 122

PreCalculus 12A and 12B


English 12 Academic / English 12 African Heritage

Advanced Math 12 / Pre-Calculus Math 12


English 611 or 621

Math (Algebra) Math 621A 621B


English 3201 Math 3204 or 3205

Foundations of Math 12

Math 120 / Calculus 120

History 121 or 122 / Geography 120 / World Issues 120

Biology 121 or 122

Chemistry 121 or 122

Physics 121 or 122

Language 121 or 122

Calculus 12

Geography 12 / History 12 / World History 12

Biology 12

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

Language 12

• Security • Wright Theatre • Wyckham House


Recreation Entrance • Wellness Centre


Faculty of Arts Building


Bissett School of Business


Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning


Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts

• Health Services Math 611B

History 621

Biology 621

Chemistry 621 Physics 621

• Recreation

621-level language E

Math 3207

World History 3201 / Geography 3202

Biology 3201 Chemistry 3202

Physics 3204 3200-level language

• MRU Conservatory

East Gate Entrance • Academic Advising Services


West Residence

• Admissions and Recruitment Office • BookStore


East Residence

• Iniskim Centre • Office of the Registrar


Riddell Library and Learning Centre


Parking Lots


East Gate Parkade

Transit Stops Bus Routes 13, 18, 20, 72 and 73 Bus Rapid Transit Route (BRT) 306 Westbrook / Heritage Express Routes 181 MRU North Express / 182 MRU SouthExpress

MOUNT ROYAL UNIVERSITY 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3E 6K6

ADMISSIONS AND RECRUITMENT 403.440.5000 1.877.440.5001 (toll-free)








2017 18 mru viewbook  

Learn more about our programs and discover what it’s like to be an MRU student.

2017 18 mru viewbook  

Learn more about our programs and discover what it’s like to be an MRU student.