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fine dining that fast food will never replicate. As a result, my family and I often end up at Dubai Festival City for our dose of retail therapy, before crossing the corridor over into Choix Pâtisserie and Restaurant par Pierre Gagnier (a man with three Michelin

stars!) at the InterContinental Festival City for a Chocolat Chaud and a Brioche for our 4pm goûter. For those baby free nights, we tend to favor restaurants such as La Petit Maison, Roberto’s or any of the new breed of eateries my palate is begging me for.

In the perfect world, I would get my gourmet fix right next door to my favourite shops. Perhaps a few more restaurants such as Almaz by Momo’s in Mall of the Emirates would be the bridge between retail-influenced dinners and staying true to my heart.

A PlateFul Of Goodness

Minakhee Mishra, Editor & Social Media Consultant

Being a foodie, dining out is always a special treat. I can tolerate boring cereals and quick no-fuss meals at home, but look for great experiences when dining out.

Wafi has a range of dining options like Soho Grill, Shisu, Noodle Factory, Cafe Martinez, Asha’s, Cactus Catina, Zucca and yes I find the Tom Yum soup at Wok N Soup quiet unforgettable. Wafi figures high on our repeat list because of the range of experiences offered, right from the architecture resurrecting the age of the Pharoahs to the incredible light and sound shows, to Spin Dubai, to entertainment venues like the Tee and Putt Mini Golf course. Yes, complete family entertainment is also intricately woven into my weekend food experiences. My daughter & her friends enjoyed some cherished time at Tee & Putt before indulging in Papa John’s Pizza.

If you are far from JBR and ignore the traffic snag during the weekend to get to The Beach, you are in for a scintillating experience and fabulous range of dining options. We parked at a tram station and reached our destination on a marvelous evening with weather reminiscent of Europe. The Beach was vibrant with incredible 3-D artwork as part of #DubaiCanvas, art workshops for kids, movie complex, the beach astretch with a staggering variety of dining and shopping options. We dined at Barbeque Delight in JBR, had the most amazing macaroons at Laduree and felt absolutely pampered and spoilt. Did I mention we even had a bite at The Cheesecake Factory? Wow! Now that concluded an encounter with divinity!


Ritu Chaturvedi, Food Blogger and Stylist

“Nabati” is the Arabic word which defines a plant-based diet. ‘Me-Veg’ is a Dubai-based group with more than 4,000 vegetarian members. The Me-Veg Group promotes the plant based diet to support the environment. Being a member of the Me-Veg Group and a Food Blogger,

I believe in the taste as well as the presentation of the food. Eating is indeed a multi-sensory experience. As anyone knows, it is hard to resist the robust smell of vanilla or chocolate! My family of four has lived in Dubai for the last 18 years. Interestingly enough, I find that Dubai has more vegetarian options than in my home country India. Dubai is perfect for food lovers, with cuisine from all over the world. My favourite vegetarian restaurants are Govinda, Little Italy, Sukh Sagar, Café Bestro, Ushna, Rang Mahal and the very new Vegan “Tidjoori”. I am totally addicted to Little Italy, with Pasta Barbesca, as my weakness. I love the dish because of its impeccable, velvety cheesy sauce with fresh vegetables and perfectly cooked pasta. Family dinner has always been linked with memories, taste, and place –

a sum of experiences. Recently, I visited the newly opened Tidjoori, the first of its kind vegan Restaurant, at Jumeirah Residency area. I liked the rustic taste of pasta and the grilled beetroot topped peas soup. The Pizza was topped with sautéed vegetables and vegan cheese. The concept of the restaurant is to promote healthy living through creating a sustainable environment for the future. There is no menu card because they want to protect the trees, by saving paper – Great initiative, with the menu was displayed on a Notebook. Last month when I was suffering with flu, I visited Café Roma Downtown during lunch time. Without my asking, the genius Chef served me a hot ginger lemon shot, which was so soothing. Experiences such as these are imprinted in my memory and make my dining experience very special. retail people | 27