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Years Anniversary on a digital world In saudi Arabia


There’s a famous song called ‘Georgia on my Mind’ by Ray Charles. For me, I have changed the lyrics to ‘Saudi on our Minds’. And I sing it often in the Campaign offices. For this month we have been putting together this Saudi Report you hold in your hands. We have also been working on the line-up for the Campaign Saudi Briefing (end of May) so my head is filled with all things KSA. From agencies, brands, influencers, social media and trends – Saudi Arabia has been my main focus. But this isn’t just a once-a-year exercise. Campaign now has two regular Saudi Briefings (May and October) plus the Athar Festival in November. Alongside these events, there is now a steady stream of news, campaigns, new hires and expansion coming out of the Kingdom.

While Saudi Arabia’s economy did shrink slightly last year, it is projected to grow by 2.7 per cent this year and 5.5 per cent in 2025, according to the International Monetary Fund. The rise of Saudi Arabia is an unstoppable force. And this Saudi Report is getting bigger as a result, in terms of agency listings and editorial content. We now have a much bigger pool of experts, creatives and thought leaders to call upon to contribute articles and comments. This is all good news and makes our work easier.

We are not just talking about the Saudi Report. In fact, we are now seeing Saudi Arabia crop up in many of the other topics we cover – like social media, gaming and influencers. When I say ‘crop up’, I actually mean ‘drive’ - for Saudi Arabia is dominating many of these trends in the region.

One example would be social media, where a young and tech-savvy Saudi population has some of the highest penetration rates in the world. If there is something interesting happening on social media in Saudi Arabia, there’s a good chance it will be liked, shared and go viral quickly. The same for influencers, with so many now counting followers in the tens of millions. Saudi Arabia loves its social media, that’s for sure.

At Campaign Middle East, our main magazine now has a lot more Saudi coverage, in addition to the regular ‘Saudi Focus’ section we run. And on our website, there’s normally at least one story on the Kingdom in our daily coverage, sometimes more. While we focus on advertising and marketing agency news in Saudi, more brands are coming onto our radar too. Many are employing influencers for the first time, opening new offices, or sponsoring events.

A few stories stick out for me such as Saudia partnering with Newcastle United and Formula E for a joint campaign. This was a first for the airline as it ventures into new territory. Speaking of expansion, we also saw a new sporting event called Saudi Smash (table tennis) recently. Despite this being the first such event in KSA, and a fairly niche sport, the viewing figures were huge. According to World Table Tennis (WTT) Saudi Smash was broadcast in 165 territories with a cumulative audience of more than 54 million. The event’s cumulative reach surpassed 119 million globally with 41 million unique viewers also tuning in. These are impressive stats.

Opportunities like this are always popping up for brands, sometimes in the most unusual places. The Saudi Pro League has provided an exciting platform for advertisers to reach a much bigger audience, attracting some of the world’s biggest names in football. But table tennis? That just shows you how quickly Saudi Arabia is evolving, the need to stay agile to capitalise on these new opportunities and the fact that anything is possible in the Kingdom.

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Unlocking the power of sports in Saudi Arabia


Media Solutions’ CEO Ahmed Al Sahhaf talks about its new sports offering

Who would have thought that in just a few years, Saudi Arabia would emerge as a global epicenter for football, featuring some of the sport’s most legendary players?

And it’s not just football, the kingdom has amplified its emphasis on promoting other sports in the country, from motorsports such as the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to the thrilling boxing showdowns of WWR. The Kingdom is rapidly solidifying its position as the leading Middle Eastern hub for top-tier sporting events. This is in line with Vision 2030’s goals to diversify the country’s economy and promote tourism through new avenues such as sports and entertainment.

With Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the World Cup in 2034, its ambition to continue attracting elite sports players, and the growing popularity of women’s sports, Saudi Arabia’s emerging sports landscape presents brands with unlimited opportunities to connect with sports-loving audiences in the region.


At MBC Media Solutions (MMS) we recognise the immense reach of sports. A top Saudi football league match airing on a Saudi Sport Company (SSC) channel reaches 4.5 million viewers on TV and 856 million video views across all its social media channels.

A high performing sports show airing on MBC Group’s TV channels reaches an average of 7.8 million viewers and +1.5 billion video views across all social media channels.

On Al Arabiya news channel, a top performing sports show reaches 2.5 million viewers during football season and over 84 million views on social media.

Sports shows broadcast on radio also garner significant reach, with a top performing sports show on MBC Group’s radio channels reaching five million listeners.


This growing sports landscape presents endless opportunities for brands to connect with audiences, which is why we launched MMS Sports.

MMS Sports brings together the most prestigious sporting events, matches, and shows airing on SSC, MBC Group and Al Arabiya under one umbrella for clients and brands to leverage the unmatched reach and influence of their sports programming.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with the vast and passionate sports-loving audiences across MENA, whether they’re tuning in via TV, Shahid VoD platform, radio, digital or social media.

“MMS Sports brings together the most prestigious sporting events, matches and shows”

With MMS Sports, brands have the unique opportunity to leverage the unrivaled reach of sports programming to elevate their brand presence and connect with consumers on a deeper level.


With MMS Sports, brands can explore vast opportunities to connect with sports viewers in MENA in one go. Through SSC, brands can be part of premier Saudi and international football leagues such as the Roshn Saudi League, King’s Saudi Cup, Saudi Women’s Premier League, Copa del Rey, and Liga Portugal. These leagues feature top stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Karim Benzema.

Beyond football, brands can engage with other major sporting events broadcast by SSC, which offers 3,500 live coverages across its nine channels, including Extreme E, World Rally Championship and Professional Fighters League.

MMS Sports also offers sports shows airing across MBC Group and Al Arabiya’s TV, radio, Shahid, and social media platforms, including TV channels like MBC1, MBC Action, MBC Masr (for Egyptian audiences), MBC 5 (for Moroccan audiences), and Al Arabiya. Radio channels include MBC FM, MBC Panorama, Loud FM, and Al Arabiya.

These sports shows feature highlights and commentary from fan-favorite sports commentators and presenters, covering top Saudi competitions and the world’s most popular leagues, tournaments, and matches.


The growing popularity of women in sports in Saudi Arabia and the region presents a golden chance for brands in the Kingdom and region.

The remarkable success of the Saudi Women’s Premier League in its inaugural season highlights a significant untapped potential in women’s sports. With the league set to be even bigger and better in the 2024-25 season, there is a growing enthusiasm among female sports fans. This trend mirrors the global surge in popularity of women’s football, especially following the outstanding success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

Currently, 32 per cent of viewers on SSC sports channels are women, and this number is expected to rise. In response, SSC has introduced Almal’ab Mal’abna, which is a dedicated sports shows that cater specifically to female audiences.

The momentum behind women’s sports presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with this demographic to build strong, meaningful relationships with female audiences and creating authentic engagements that resonate with the aspirations of women in sports.

With the introduction of MMS Sports, our goal is to provide brands with the opportunity to thrive alongside this growing sports landscape.

May 27, 2024 05
This year’s Athar Festival is set to become a canvas for the Kingdom’s advertising and creative communities

This year’s Athar Festival of Creativity (taking place on November 5th and 6th) builds on the success of the inaugural edition that hosted over 1,400 attendees, including more than a hundred speakers, joined by senior leaders and young talent from the creative marketing community in the region and beyond.

The festival will spark the passion and potential of the Kingdom’s creative community, and will feature various programmes, including expert sessions led by accomplished regional and global speakers, industry roundtables, exclusive C-suite sessions, accelerator programmes, a 24-hour hack competition and Academies for Young Talent, exclusively for industry professionals under 30 and university students. Additionally, attendees can look forward to gaining knowledge on the evolution and giant strides made by Saudi Arabia in the creative sphere.

This year’s festival is set to explore a diverse set of themes, among which AI and technology is one of the focus areas. Saudi Arabia is making significant strides in the age of new technologies like AR, blockchain and AI for creativity, data analytics and business strategy. According to Mordor Intelligence, the Big Data and AI market is anticipated to reach a staggering $2.19 billion by 2029 within the Kingdom. Emerging XR technologies are enabling Saudi Arabian heritage to gain a global spotlight allowing virtual explorations of sites like Hegra in AlUla. Meanwhile, the introduction of ‘Sara,’ a humanoid robot, demonstrates a convergence of tech and culture. It also raises discussions about the ethics of AI integration.

New technologies have become an integral part of the creative marketing, advertising and communications industry, transforming the way businesses work. AI has enhanced customer segmentation, optimised ad placement, and improved content creation, resulting in higher engagement, conversion rates, and ROI for businesses.

Furthermore, marketers have access to a wealth of data and insights that allow them to create more targeted, personalised campaigns, reach consumers in new and innovative ways and create more engaging and immersive experiences. At the same time, an Oliver Wyman report reveals that 57 per cent of Saudi Arabia’s employees see significant room for AI training enhancement.

As part of its content programme, the Athar Festival will deep dive into new technologies, how companies can integrate them internally towards productive solutions, use them externally to create immersive experiences, upskill their teams to use them effectively and keep an eye on the ethical considerations around them.

With the substantial attendance and comprehensive representation of Saudi Arabia’s creative industry expected, the Athar Festival presents a valuable opportunity for participants to present their ideas and gain valuable insights from the finest minds in the creative community.

Athar - Saudi Festival of Creativity, the Kingdom’s largest gathering of the creative marketing industry, will take place from 5-6 November 2024 at Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel & Convention.

May 27, 2024 06
Promote your Brands to Millions of Users on Websites they Trust. Top Publishers 17K+ CAMPAIGNS ADVERTISERS 12K+ Trusted by more than 1.5K Publishers & Used by more than 12K of the GCC and MENA Region’s Leading Brands and Advertisers. 10.9B+ IMPRESSIONS 10M+ CLICKS 2.2B+ PAGE VIEWS 150M+ MONTHLY USERS
The ‘I Care’ campaign raised awareness of conserving Saudi Arabia’s landscape of natural and manmade cultural monuments

In today’s fast-changing world, people are talking more about changing behaviour. From what we do every day to how society works, we’re realising how much our actions matter.

American economist Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to behavioural economics. His work explored how, through a series of subtle prompts and behavioural ‘nudges’ people can be encouraged to make better choices in their daily lives.

Thaler’s ‘nudge’ theory advocated for the use of social and public policies to lead people towards certain decisions, but without depriving them of the freedom to choose or significantly change their incentives.

The idea of adopting policies of behavioural change is a path we are now pursuing at The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU).

As a team, and as part of a broad people-centric strategy, we’re constantly engaging with our community of residents, visitors, and investors to provide them with new options and fresh opportunities.

Across heritage conservation projects, waste reduction initiatives, road safety programmes, and the introduction of ‘dark skies’ light pollution regulations and more, we are working with our community to create a better, more people-focused environment by instigating change in people’s behaviours.

Our work to comprehensively regenerate AlUla County in northwest Arabia into a global hub for culture, heritage, and tourism requires more than new buildings, new roads, and new museums.

AlUla is home to more than 40,000 people. Families with deep roots in their community who share an affinity with the landscape. And who hold dear the myriad layers of tradition that make AlUla so special.

Bringing these people on board with our plans – including them in each stage of our work – is essential to our vision to create the world’s largest living museum. Our plans are not created in silos. They are the result of consultations with experts, stakeholders, and residents, from analysing behavioural data and community research. Positive public sentiment is key to AlUla’s evolution.

Our commitment to light-touch tourism created more than 4,000 permanent and seasonal jobs. From tour guides to nature reserve rangers, traditional folklore storytellers to cultural custodians, AlUla’s residents came to see the benefits tourism could bring and continue to reap

A recent example is the ‘I Care’ campaign to raise awareness of the importance of conserving and preserving AlUla and Saudi Arabia’s landscape of natural and manmade cultural monuments.

I Care set out to foster people’s pride in historical sites while encouraging participation in efforts to safeguard them for future generations.

Launched on the global stage with an astonishing land-art installation by David Popa, who sculpted a pair of giant hands ‘cradling’ the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra, I Care highlighted the precious and precarious nature of heritage.

Designed to fade away over time, the artwork offered a profound vision of the urgent need to act – ideas that were successfully incorporated into strategies that activated people’s involvement in the campaign, including citizens, visitors, and schoolchildren.

The success of I Care is motivating people to move beyond simple awareness and appreciation, ‘nudging’ them towards adopting the essential behaviours of conservation. People’s attitudes are evolving to be more grateful for the cultural landscape that exists around them.

As AlUla grows, its success requires everyone to be ‘all in’. In this way, we can ensure that RCU is making informed decisions that will establish a future for AlUla that has been created for, and shaped by, its own people.

, the official spokesperson and chief of communications and PR at the Royal Commission for AlUla

May 27, 2024 08

Cancelled collaborations

Hashtag’s Najla Al Madar explains the risks and rewards for brands and influencers

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, influencers wield immense power. Their reach extends far beyond mere follower counts; they shape opinions, drive trends, and impact brand perception. However, recent events have underscored the need for brands to tread carefully when choosing their influencer partners.


A Saudi influencer found herself at the centre of a storm after criticising Dubai airport during unprecedented floods. Her words, amplified by her substantial following, triggered backlash and scrutiny. This incident serves as a stark reminder: with great influence comes even greater responsibility.


When evaluating influencers, look beyond mere follower counts. While it’s tempting to choose the influencer with the largest following, this approach can be misleading. Instead, consider the following metrics: Engagement rate: This metric reflects the level of interaction between an influencer and their followers. High engagement rates indicate an active and attentive audience. Nano- and micro-influencers (with smaller follower counts) often have more engaged audiences than mega-influencers. Brands should prioritise influencers whose followers genuinely connect with their content.

Audience demographics: Understand the influencer’s audience. Are they aligned with your brand’s target demographic? Consider factors like age, location, interests, and values. An influencer whose followers match your customer profile is more likely to drive meaningful engagement.

Authenticity: Authenticity matters. Brands should assess an influencer’s credibility, transparency, and consistency. Look for genuine connections between the influencer and their audience. Authenticity builds trust and minimises the risk of backlash.


Before partnering with an influencer, conduct thorough research:

Content alignment: Review the influencer’s past content. Does it align with your brand’s values and messaging? Ensure that their tone, style, and themes resonate with your brand. Brand safety: Investigate any potential red flags. Has the influencer been involved in controversies or sensitive issues? Brands must avoid associations that could harm their reputation.

Cultural sensitivity: The Middle East is culturally diverse. Understand local customs, traditions, and sensitivities. An influencer who respects these nuances is less likely to cause unintended offense.


Campaign briefs: Provide detailed briefs to influencers. Clearly outline campaign objectives, messaging, dos and don’ts, and any cultural considerations. Misunderstandings can lead to a backlash.

Transparency: Be transparent about the partnership. Disclose sponsored content appropriately. Authenticity builds trust, while hidden sponsorships can backfire.


Even with careful selection, crises can occur. Brands should be prepared:

Monitoring and listening: Continuously monitor influencer content. Address any issues promptly. Social listening tools can help detect early signs of backlash. Response strategy: Have a crisis communication plan. Respond swiftly, transparently, and empathetically. Acknowledge mistakes and take corrective action.

Having said that, a well-planned and executed influencers campaign can be very rewarding in KSA, with the following being some of the benefits:


In KSA, authenticity matters. Influencers have built genuine connections with their followers over time. Their recommendations and endorsements carry significant weight. When an influencer aligns with your brand, their endorsement acts as a form of social proof. Audiences trust influencers because they perceive them as experts within their niches. By partnering with authentic influencers, brands can tap into this trust and establish credibility.


KSA has a rich cultural heritage, and influencers understand the nuances of local customs, traditions and sensitivities. They can tailor content to resonate with Saudi audiences. Whether it’s celebrating Saudi National Day or highlighting local products, influencers bring a sense of cultural relevance. Brands benefit from this localisation, as it fosters deeper connections and ensures that messaging aligns with the Saudi context.


Influencers in KSA have substantial followings across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Their engagement rates often surpass those of global influencers. By collaborating with KSA-based influencers, brands gain access to a wide audience. Whether it’s promoting a product, launching a campaign, or raising awareness, influencers amplify reach and drive meaningful engagement.


Saudi influencers excel at storytelling. They weave narratives that resonate with their followers. Whether it’s showcasing a brand’s journey, sharing personal experiences, or creating captivating content, influencers infuse creativity into campaigns. Their ability to blend brand messaging with relatable stories ensures that campaigns leave a lasting impact. In the age of cancel culture, influencer partnerships demand strategic thinking. Brands must choose wisely, considering metrics, context, and cultural nuances. Remember, with great influence comes even greater responsibility. By following these guidelines, brands can forge successful influencer collaborations while minimizing the risk of backlash. Let’s create a positive influencer landscape in the Middle East.

May 27, 2024 09

Brands are investing in online campaigns to reach tech-savvy consumers, writes Accenture Song

In the dynamic world of advertising, the Middle East serves as a vibrant hub where tradition intersects with innovation. We’ve navigated the transformative currents reshaping the region’s advertising landscape, and aim to explore the evolving role of film craft in Middle Eastern advertising, while also acknowledging the transformative strides made by countries like Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, in particular, has emerged as a trailblazer in recent years, embracing modernisation while preserving its cultural heritage. From granting women the right to drive to fostering a burgeoning art and entertainment scene, Saudi Arabia epitomises the delicate balance between tradition and progress.

At the heart of effective advertising lies the art of storytelling. It’s the thread that weaves through campaigns, captivating audiences and compelling action. Film craft, with its arsenal of cinematic techniques, serves as the cornerstone of storytelling in advertising, transforming concepts into captivating narratives.

One exemplary showcase of film craft in Middle Eastern advertising is our award-winning film ‘Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou: Battle of the Baddest’. This film, which garnered accolades and recognition, exemplifies the power of storytelling to captivate and engage audiences.

In the film, we embark on a cinematic journey, leveraging film craft to bring the epic clash between two heavyweight champions to life. The OOH promotions and press conferences portrayed the combatants as fighting royalty, adorned in robes and crowns. Weeks later as I stood ringside, enveloped in the palpable energy of the arena, I witnessed the culmination of months of anticipation and excitement. The theatre of the promotion unfolded before my eyes, each moment meticulously crafted to captivate and enthrall audiences.

The two fighters came out in their fine robes and entered the arena.

Following the epic showdown, the story continued to unfold in a Netflix film titled “Battle of the Baddest”, offering viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the build-up to the fight. As filmmakers, our task is to create a world that viewers can enter and expand with their own imagination. It’s the authentic hooks we weave into our narratives that make these worlds believable and leave viewers craving more.

Boxing is not for everyone, but stories are, and they are the key to being seen, heard and understood. Saudi Arabia’s dynamic economic and cultural changes are visible in every aspect of society. In the world of advertising campaigns and marketing communications, the leaps have been significant due to expanding budgets and growing opportunities.

Advertising witnessed a swift shift towards digital platforms, with brands investing in online campaigns to reach the tech-savvy consumers, especially the younger generation under 35 years old who make around 60 percent of the population.

Digital platforms have played a pivotal role in reshaping advertising in Saudi Arabia. Brands are investing heavily in online campaigns to reach tech-savvy consumers, particularly the younger demographic, who wield significant influence. This shift has elevated the importance of film craft, as advertisers seek to create compelling content that stands out in the digital landscape.

Yet, amidst the digital revolution, traditional storytelling remains as relevant as ever. In Saudi Arabia, where culture and tradition are deeply ingrained, advertisers must strike a delicate balance between modernity and heritage. Film craft provides a means of bridging these two worlds, allowing brands to tell stories that resonate with Saudi audiences while embracing contemporary trends.

Humour has long been a staple of advertising in Saudi Arabia. Campaigns that employ lighthearted storytelling often resonate deeply with audiences, tapping into their affinity for wit and comedy. Film craft enables advertisers to bring these stories to life, leveraging visual and narrative techniques to create memorable and engaging content.

The resurgence of the cinema market in Saudi Arabia presents new opportunities for advertisers to leverage film craft. By 2024, the kingdom’s cinema market is projected to surpass that of other MENA countries, signaling a renaissance in the entertainment industry. This shift opens doors for brands to explore innovative storytelling techniques, from immersive cinematic experiences to interactive campaigns.

As Creatives, Heba and I, collaborating across cultural boundaries, must harness the power of film craft to redefine storytelling in the Middle East. Our campaigns should embody the dynamic spirit of modernity in the region while honoring its rich cultural heritage. By crafting narratives that resonate with audiences on a personal level, we can forge meaningful connections that endure beyond the confines of the screen.

May 27, 2024 10

From airports to roadside: OOH advertising trends in the region

JCDecaux Middle East and Africa CEO Martin Sabbagh speaks to Campaign Middle East about airport advertising experiences and OOH in the Kingdom.


2023 has been a record year for JCDecaux in the Middle East with a very strong revenue growth across our markets. 2024 is off to a very strong start as well. Regarding our airport portfolio, the investments made during the Covid period, and our unique regional asset base allowed us to successfully leverage the very significant rebound of passenger traffic in the region. We had never reached such a diverse customer base, which is very encouraging for the relevance of our advertising solutions. Roadside advertising is a bit more contrasted. While demand is very strong for qualitative assets and audiences, the proliferation of advertising assets in some of our markets can be a concern.


2024 marks a significant turning point for global air traffic and a full global recovery to 2019 levels is anticipated this year. Our latest global airport research conducted by IPSOS “First Class Advertising – The Enduring Magic of Airports” also confirms the potent opportunity for brands to connect with business, leisure and the new “bleisure” travellers in these influential spaces. Flyers overwhelmingly recognise and value the unique appeal of the airport environment, indicating its profound influence on their perceptions and experiences. They enjoy the airport experience and advertising and are also receptive to it and act upon it, making airport advertising more powerful and influential than ever. Airports are places of real dialogue between the audience and the brands through emotional and impactful experiences. They offer brands the opportunity to capture passengers’ attention and to engage with them through a one-of-a-kind experience. This dialogue has been even extended to other parties at Dubai Airport, illustrating the benefit of a collaborative strategy: a quartet made up of the brand, the airport, the retail and the advertising operators. This collaboration aims at building a new eco-system based on advertising, airport and travel retail data in order to deliver an optimised advertising scheduling system and boost campaign efficiency.



proud of the very iconic assets recently deployed in Jeddah, Dammam, and Medinah airports as well as on the KFCA. More to follow.


With advertising assets in more than 80 countries worldwide, JCDecaux is one of the few global media owners operating in the region. Given the very strong communication needs of the Saudi government and companies, JCDecaux felt that it would make sense to have a dedicated team serving their global needs directly from Saudi. We have the same “OneWorld” offices operating very efficiently in New York, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid and Shanghai serving our global clients and are ready to onboard our Saudi and regional partners. It also confirms JCDecaux’s ambition to support the Saudi government and local heroes around the world.


JCDecaux’s entrepreneurial culture and DNA are centred on product and service innovation.Data has been central to our discussions with brands, leading us to invest heavily in providing actionable insights throughout their campaign journey. With the creation of JCDecaux Data Corp, a team of +70 data experts based at our HQ in Paris and the region, we launched JCDecaux Data Solutions: a portfolio of global and local solutions that helps brands maximise the power of their media investment. Whether pre-, during or post-campaign, we are adopting a ‘’data by design’’ approach to deliver improved results for advertisers. We are pioneering programmatic with a unique comprehensive open ecosystem to third-party operators combining 2 tech platforms, ‘Displayce’ (data management platform) and ‘Viooh’ (programmatic selling and planning management) to connect advertisers to their targets. We are currently working on the implementation of this new opportunity in the region.


will be in a few years in the Kingdom and its expertise to our partners, and we are very

First, we answered the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation tender in 2008 and signed our first concession agreement in 2010. Since then, we have put JCDecaux’s global expertise to work to transform the airport advertising experience in KSA and have successfully positioned airport advertising as a niche and unique media opportunity in the Kingdom. Over the years, we also expanded operations outside of the airport with the King Fahad Causeway Authority advertising concession. We are very impressed by how Vision 2030 has changed everything in the Kingdom. The out-of-home industry, being very exposed to urban developments, transportation, and tourism, has seen many opportunities develop. The industry now needs to deliver to the best standards of the world and that requires a significant leap in expertise, technology, and investments. I cannot wait to see where OOH will be in a few years in the Kingdom and its contribution to Vision 2030. As JCDecaux, we are very busy bringing the best of our expertise to our partners, and we are very

dimming technology to minimise electricity consumption

We are all stakeholders of a more sustainable world. ESG is a topic deeply ingrained in our company’s culture. In the region, we believe that environmental consciousness and sustainable practices must garner greater attention. Landlords and brands should focus more on the tangible efforts and concrete acts of their media partners.Unfortunately, ESG criteria are not enough integrated and assessed by our clients in their tender’s requirements. Along with being a business challenge, assessing sustainability in tenders is key to achieving our climate objectives and accelerating the deployment of sustainable solutions. We have implemented numerous sustainable initiatives by leveraging new technologies. Our advertising displays are powered entirely by renewable green energy sourced locally. We incorporate lightdimming technology to minimise electricity consumption while maintaining the visibility and impact of brands’ campaigns. Choosing JCDecaux means selecting a media partner committed to responsible actions and recognised by major non-financial rating agencies like Carbon Disclosure Project, FTSE4Good, MSCI andEcoVadis.

JCDecaux is committed to sustainable outdoor.


May 27, 2024 11

In the heart of Boston in 1906, a seed of innovation was planted by William J. Riley. Drawing inspiration from the perfect balance found in a chicken’s foot, he established New Balance (NB), a company committed to crafting personalised arch supports that provided balance and comfort to weary feet. This modest inception marked the birth of a brand that would later revolutionise the running experience worldwide, influencing even the dynamic landscape of the Middle East.

New Balance’s progression from arch supports to running shoes unfolded naturally. The word of Riley’s exceptional craftsmanship circulated among athletes and royalty, resulting in the creation of custom-made footwear for runners, members of royal families, baseball

The New Balance team talk brand history and expanding into Saudi Arabia

players, and even boxers. Maintaining our fundamental value of comfortability, New Balance has expanded further from simply athletic footwear, venturing into non-athletic footwear and evolving into a comprehensive apparel brand.

Fast forward to almost 70 years later, today and with over 4,000 stores located around the world across continents like North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, and with a growing footprint in the MENA region, including 20 existing stores and two more on the horizon, New Balance’s message is not just about running shoes: it’s about running your way.

Under the banner of NB’s global calling, ‘Run your Way’, we celebrate individuality, challenge stereotypes and empower everyone to find their own stride, their own pace, their own joy in their movement. With the aim to make running easy and simple, New Balance doesn’t just invite people to run, it invites them to celebrate ‘themselves.’


Against the backdrop of the recent upswing in sports participation and an

increasing emphasis on comfort and quality in Saudi Arabia, a dynamic landscape unfolds for New Balance. Leveraging meticulously crafted campaigns, strategic partnerships, and a dedication to comprehending the unique requirements of the Saudi market, New Balance persists in shaping the evolution of the region’s fitness community.

Our commitment to the Middle East extends far and beyond the walls of our stores and partnership agreements. By actively participating in local running events, conducting fitness workshops, and fostering a community through social media, we have not only solidified New Balance as a cornerstone in the region’s fitness landscape but also contributed to fostering a culture of physical activity.

At New Balance, we live and breathe the spirit of individual expression. It’s not just a tagline; it’s the core of who we are. We believe in amplifying the stories of individuals, celebrating their triumphs, and supporting their aspirations. Because we know that every athlete, regardless of background or goals, has a story to tell and a journey to inspire. That’s why we champion

‘‘We celebrate individuality, challenge stereotypes and empower everyone to find their own stride”

athletes and individuals like Sadio Mane, who shares our values and core belief in giving back to the community while carving a unique path on the football field in Saudi.


Further amplifying New Balance’s regional engagement, we welcomed Saudi first female rapper, Amy Roko, as our brand ambassador. Amy’s infectious energy and authentic connection perfectly embody the “Run Your Way” spirit, inspiring women across the world to embrace their unique self-expression, whether it’s conquering a personal fitness goal or simply taking a confident walk in their own skin.

These individuals, alongside countless others in the Middle East and beyond, are the heart of our “Run Your Way” movement—a testament to the power of individuality and the endless possibilities that unfold when we dare to run our own race. Their fearless pursuit of their passions is an inspiration to everyone who dares to defy expectations and carve their own course.

In embracing change, New Balance not only anticipates and adapts to but also influences shifting consumer habits, leading the path to innovation. The Urban Community Centre retail concepts at Yas Mall and Dubai Hills Mall embody this ethos, positioned at the crossroads of movement and community, these stores are thoughtfully designed to blend shopping with shared experiences, encouraging people to come together, celebrate movement, and forge connections.

New Balance’s heritage is deeply rooted, propelled by an unwavering dedication to empowering individual journeys. With trailblazers like Ascia and Amy Roko spearheading our mission, New Balance extends beyond mere running; our focus is on redefining the meaning of success, celebrating individuality, and showcasing that every step possesses the potential to inspire the world.

May 27, 2024 12
Serviceplan Arabia and Mediaplus Middle East give a Vision 2030 perspective

Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 marks a pivotal turning point, reshaping the economic landscape and positioning the kingdom as a dynamic global player. Central to this transformative vision is the evolution of advertising, presenting an exciting opportunity for agencies to redefine their strategies and engage with the Saudi market in innovative ways. In this collaborative dialogue, Rami Hmadeh, Managing Partner at Serviceplan Arabia, and Azhar Siddiqui, Managing Partner at Mediaplus Middle East, delve into the key drivers and success factors shaping the advertising journey in Saudi Arabia.

In the wake of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has experienced sweeping transformations across diverse industries, driven by a push for economic diversification. At the same time, shifts in consumer behaviour, notably the surge in internet usage, heightened social media engagements.

Advancements in artificial intelligence have played another significant role in reshaping the advertising landscape. This evolution is characterised by a pronounced shift towards digital advertising and a growing emphasis on creating culturally relevant content tailored to resonate with Saudi audiences. Additionally, the rise of e-commerce has spurred demand for digital advertising services, presenting brands with opportunities for innovative consumer engagement.

Amidst these transformations, there is palpable optimism among regional marketers, as evidenced by the recent CMO Barometer survey, for which around 800 marketing decision-makers worldwide shared their exclusive insights into the trends and topics that move them. This optimism, coupled with a heightened recognition of the importance of strategic marketing initiatives, signals a paradigm shift where advertising investments are increasingly seen as essential for enhancing brand visibility and consumer engagement. The growing willingness of Saudi brands to invest in advertising reflects a broader acknowledgment of just how pivotal it is in strengthening brand presence and consumer connections.

As Saudi Arabia charts its course towards economic diversification and digital transformation, brands are reallocating resources towards creative and impactful advertising strategies.

To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully,

Hmadeh and Siddiqui share their points of view about the key challenges and opportunities.

Based on his extensive experience in the Saudi market, Hmadeh particularly emphasises the importance of a local presence: Establishing a physical presence in the Saudi market is crucial for global agencies and brands. This not only ensures proximity but also facilitates deep integration into the local market, fostering a nuanced understanding of cultural and consumer behaviours. By engaging local talent, agencies and brands gain invaluable insights into the diverse Saudi consumer base, ensuring that campaigns resonate authentically.

Forging robust local partnerships and integration is essential for navigating regulatory complexities and aligning with the objectives of Vision 2030. Collaborative efforts transcend industries, as Azhar points out, fostering cross-industry synergy and prioritisng the needs of both markets and brands, including media. This holistic approach, exemplified by Serviceplan Group’s ‘House of Communication’ model, ensures comprehensive support for brands, covering every aspect of their journey to success in the Saudi market.

Innovation, particularly around technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), is pivotal for navigating the dynamic market landscape, Siddiqui continues. Agencies and brands that embrace innovation can stay ahead of the curve and effectively leverage opportunities aligned with Vision 2030. Despite inherent risks, investing in innovation through partnerships or dedicated in-house teams mitigates these risks and ensures relevance in the evolving


empowered workforce shaping the future of advertising in Saudi Arabia”

market. Initiatives like Serviceplan Group’s AI Labs exemplify this commitment, developing market solutions adaptable to varying needs.

And finally, you need the right team. Talent acquisition remains a paramount concern in Saudi Arabia’s revitalised advertising sector, says Hmadeh. Attracting and retaining top talent requires proactive measures such as fostering educational partnerships, crafting compelling employer branding, and providing flexible work arrangements. Success in this dynamic landscape hinges not just on recruitment numbers but on the enduring impact of an empowered workforce shaping the future of advertising in Saudi Arabia.

As Saudi Arabia strides towards economic diversification and global prominence, the advertising industry emerges as a nexus of innovation and opportunity. By embracing the kingdom’s cultural heritage, investing in local talent, and adopting an integrated marketing approach, agencies and brands can navigate the Saudi advertising market with confidence, fostering enduring connections that drive mutual growth.

May 27, 2024 14

Bold Brands’ Rashad Moglbay talks empathy, trust and genuine partnerships

When the egg breaks from the outside in, it is merely food; but when it breaks from the inside out, it signifies life. In branding, you are constructing from the inside, and when it breaks outward, what emerges is the life, its purpose and mission, expressed through the visual and verbal experience you create and how you engage through branding. This metaphor aptly describes today’s brand landscape, where one of the most critical attributes for success is being leading with purpose.

In the heart of the bustling metropolis of Riyadh, where modernity converges with tradition, Saudi Arabia’s branding and communication industry is undergoing a profound transformation. This change, fueled by the evolving demands of clients and the shifting preferences of Saudi consumers, presents challenges and opportunities as the industry strides towards a bold new future.

Decades of traditional tastes and consumption are evolving into a vibrant pursuit of life and experiences. Today’s Saudi consumers seek brands that resonate with their values and aspirations, compelling communication companies to swiftly adapt to these ever-changing currents of consumer sentiment. Moreover, clients are redefining their expectations. They crave more than services; they seek empathy, trust and genuine partnerships. Agencies have evolved from mere vendors to trusted advisors, navigating clients through the complexities of an evolving market. This shift demands not only a commitment to quality but also a focus on differentiation and competitiveness at local, regional, and global levels.

Amid these changes, the importance of purpose in branding is more pronounced than ever. For instance, many successful brands resonate with consumers not just as products but as representations of their beliefs and values, whether

it’s through social responsibility, innovation, or cultural alignment. Similarly, Saudi brands must now establish such connections that align with the ambitions of the Vision 2030 initiative, setting a new standard for what the nation can achieve.

Leading with purpose allows brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level. This strategy starts with the ‘why’ - focusing on the brand’s purpose rather than just the products and services it sells. This approach not only defines a brand’s success by its market share but also by its impact and the path it carves within the industry.

As Saudi Arabia’s agency model experiences a renaissance, the surge in demand for specialised services, coupled with the influx of major international players, has spurred local agencies into action. This influx demands a skilled workforce adept at navigating these new challenges and opportunities. Yet, attracting and retaining such talent remains a challenge, as the industry requires individuals who not only possess necessary skills but are also driven by the same purpose that propels the brands they represent and who align with the high aspirations of the Vision 2030 generation.

“Today’s Saudi consumers seek brands that resonate with their values”

When we engage in branding, we work not just on a company’s vision and mission but also on its purpose. This third element should not be seen as a mere technicality but as the fuel driving the brand towards its destination. It’s a long-term commitment, as exemplified by global giants like Coca-Cola, which, despite selling only six bottles a day at its start, remained driven by purpose rather than immediate sales. Had they been solely sales-driven, they might have shut down operations within their first year.

An excellent example of long-term commitment is Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The vision emphasises sustainable development, innovation, and cultural enrichment, representing a steadfast dedication to creating a thriving future for the nation. By committing to these long-term goals, Saudi Arabia illustrates how a clear and enduring purpose can drive significant progress and achievement, much like the purposeful approach needed in effective branding.

Saudi Arabia’s advertising and communication industry, as it embraces these changes, stands at the dawn of a new era filled with possibilities. This journey is marked not only by the challenges it presents but also by the immense potential it holds. By embracing the tides of change and leading with purpose, the industry does more than adapt; it pioneers a narrative that captures the ambitions and aspirations of a nation.

Each step forward brings Saudi Arabia closer to realising its vision on the global stage, setting the stage for a dynamic and influential Saudi presence. Brands that navigate this landscape effectively, driven by a clear purpose, are at the forefront of this transformation, heralding a new dawn of possibility and growth.

May 27, 2024 15
The Bold Group


TBWA/RAAD’s Group CEO Reda Raad tells Campaign Middle East editor Justin Harper about his excitement for Saudi Arabia

TBWA\RAAD’s presence in the Kingdom dates back to 2002 when it first established its offices in Jeddah and Riyadh. It has now reinforced its commitment to Saudi Arabia’s vibrant advertising landscape by establishing a world-class agency in Riyadh, which will serve as a central hub for the entire Kingdom.



As the Kingdom undergoes a significant transformation, marked by a cultural and creative renaissance, there’s an undeniable sense of momentum propelling the advertising industry forward. This transformative energy, combined with the visionary initiatives outlined in Vision 2030, has positioned Saudi Arabia as a global powerhouse in marketing and communication.

Vision 2030 has played a crucial role in elevating the advertising sector to a vital component of the Kingdom’s cultural, economic, and social renaissance. This surge in activity has led both local and global agencies to invest in expanding their capabilities to meet the evolving needs of Saudi Arabia.

Looking ahead, the next decade offers immense potential and opportunity for agencies in KSA. With a diverse range of economic activities, the presence of global brands, and the rapid advancement of digital technologies, Saudi Arabia is primed to become a leading hub for the advertising industry well beyond 2030. Significant growth is anticipated in sectors such as e-commerce, social media, gaming, and mobile advertising. The Kingdom’s growing interest in emerging technologies like AI and machine learning further underscores its commitment to innovation and adaptation to the evolving media landscape.


Our primary focus for 2024 and beyond is on cultivating world-class talent within Riyadh while ensuring that our operational processes are optimised for excellence.

We operate under the philosophy of being in a perpetual state of “beta,” continuously evolving and adapting to meet the evolving demands of our clients.

As client needs evolve, so do our staffing requirements and the level of sophistication expected of our team.

Business in Saudi Arabia has been experiencing remarkable growth, with the advertising industry playing a crucial role in driving economic expansion.


Paid advertising practices in Saudi Arabia have seen substantial growth, with total advertising spend reaching $2 billion in 2023 (according to Statista). Digital advertising, in particular, has emerged as a driving force in the industry, with projected annual growth rates of 8.2 per cent. By 2027, digital advertising spend is expected to reach $1.4 billion (according to TechInsight360), underscoring the increasing importance of digital platforms in reaching target audiences.


Our biggest clients in Saudi Arabia include Infiniti, KFC, NEOM and Nissan Saudi Arabia.

For KFC Arabia, we facilitated successful engagement with the youth demographic in both the Saudi market and the broader Middle East, a crucial business objective for the brand. The ‘KFC Originals’ campaign played a vital role in transforming KFC’s image among Gen Z by releasing a hip-hop music video featuring renowned Saudi rap star Slow Moe. Launched on TikTok, Spotify, and Anghami, the campaign quickly gained traction among Gen Z, strengthening KFC’s connection with the youth demographic.

Our partnership with Nissan in Saudi Arabia exemplifies our agency’s ability to drive impactful outcomes and elevate brands to new heights. Over the past three years, our strategic initiatives have been instrumental in maintaining Nissan’s top position in Overall Opinion (OaO) for the Patrol in the SUV-F segment. Our recent collaboration with Nissan on the launch of the new X-Trail marked a transformative moment for the brand.

Serving as the first regional launch event held in Saudi Arabia, the event at King


Through a meticulously crafted ‘alwayson’ strategy and by leveraging consumer insights and market trends, we continue to deliver campaigns that captivate audiences and reinforce Nissan’s dedication to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations in the Saudi market, while remaining true to its ‘Defy Ordinary’ brand platform.

‘‘We continue to deliver campaigns that captivate audiences”

Investing in talent and technology is another critical aspect of our approach. As global businesses look to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia, it’s essential to have a team of experts who understand the cultural nuances, behavioural trends, and lifestyle preferences of the local population.

We also recognise the importance of embracing digital transformation and innovation. With the younger, tech-savvy generation becoming increasingly influential, we are exploring innovative ad formats and digital platforms to connect with our target audience effectively. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative strategies, we can stay relevant and engage with consumers in meaningful ways.

May 27, 2024 16
Abdullah Economic City stole the spotlight and propelled the X-Trail from the 7th to the 2nd position in overall opinion rankings.

The Kingdom continues to progress with a clear and ambitious vision for the future. At the heart of that ambition lay Saudi Arabia’s youth which represent a demographic powerhouse that holds enormous potential for the country’s progress. This astounding representation of youth signifies a vibrant and energetic segment of society that marketers want to maximise.

There is absolutely no doubt about the potential that exists for marketers. However to engage the youth requires an approach that takes into consideration a variety of aspects including but not limited to cultural sensitivities, digital preferences, and how to ride on evolving trends.


Today’s Saudi youth are more participants in the building of the Kingdom. They are more aware, inquisitive, and connected to the world through technology than previous generations. An insightful marked difference with older generations is that working in the private sector is desirable, this is a big shift in mindset. This type of outlook is making them not hesitant to express themselves and share their aspirations, goals and concerns.

For marketers, it’s important to understand that today’s youth are also interested in subjects such as sustainability and social responsibility. Brands need to demonstrate making a positive impact on society and the environment, that align with this group’s values. Building trust and fostering a genuine connection with youth is key to successful marketing where adaptability to change is key to stay relevant and strike the right insight with consumers.


Data and consumer studies have shown the role of social media in Saudi society, with a higher index towards the Saudi youth. That is a given, but creating meaningful connections has become more complex as Saudi youth are highly demanding of brands to reflect their own ambitions.

To that effect a few areas should be explored to keep the brands relevant, and the audience engaged.

Localised storytelling content: Brand stories are becoming more critical to forge a connection. Crafting a compelling narrative that is built on cultural and highly localised insight is the foundation to creating a connection with the Saudi Youth. Think Arabic first - this where the magic can come to life where humour and traditions flow naturally.

becoming more critical to forge a connection. cultural and highly localised insight is the foundation to creating a connection with the Saudi and transparency from brands. Being genuine in how and what is communicated will build a specifically this group is so connected that

Boopin’s Reine Hammoud says the key is to build trust and foster a genuine connection
‘‘Saudi youth value authenticity and transparency from brands”

Being authentic: Saudi youth value authenticity and transparency from brands. Being genuine in how and what is communicated will build a trusting relationship. Currently and specifically this group is so connected that the values and behaviour of brands can easily be transpired.

shifting demographics, and evolving cultural attitudes. These shifts have made it easier for brands to move into the experiential side of brand experiences.

There are multiple avenues where consumers and brands are forging strong bonds such as eSports/gaming, football, music, and the arts.

ESports and gaming: Video gaming has become an integral part of youth culture in Saudi Arabia, offering entertainment, socialisation, and opportunities for competition and skill development. As the gaming industry continues to evolve globally, Saudi Arabia is expected to play an increasingly prominent role in the regional gaming landscape.

Music: Saudi Arabia is experiencing a period of transformation and growth, driven by social changes, technological advancements, and government initiatives. While challenges remain, the expanding music scene reflects the country’s evolving cultural landscape and the aspirations of its youthful population.

Personalisation: With development in technology, personalisation is a key differentiator for brands where tailoring marketing messages to different segments within the youth demographic. Understand their preferences and behaviours to deliver personalised experiences.

Personalisation: With development in marketing messages to different segments within the youth demographic. Understand


Over the past few years, Saudi Arabia has experienced significant societal changes driven by various factors, including government initiatives, economic reforms,

Over the past few years, Saudi Arabia has government initiatives, economic reforms,

Saudi Arabia reflects the country’s evolving cultural aspirations for social and economic development.

position itself as a vibrant hub for arts and culture regionally and globally.

Arts: The intersection of arts and marketing in Saudi Arabia reflects the country’s evolving cultural landscape, growing creative economy, and aspirations for social and economic development. By leveraging innovative marketing strategies and embracing artistic expression, Saudi Arabia aims to position itself as a vibrant hub for arts and culture regionally and globally.

just a sport; it’s a source of national pride, community spirit, and excitement. With continued

remain a cornerstone of Saudi Arabian sports culture for years to come. It also has cultural

Football: football in Saudi Arabia is more than just a sport; it’s a source of national pride, community spirit, and excitement. With continued investment and support, football is poised to remain a cornerstone of Saudi Arabian sports culture for years to come. It also has cultural significance where it brings communities together and fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Matches as they stand today are social events where families and friends gather to cheer for their favorite teams, creating memorable experiences and lasting bonds.

May 27, 2024 17

It was only a few years ago where the widespread impression of Saudi Arabia was one that revolved around tradition and stoicism, whereas recent visitors would be met with a kingdom buzzing with youthful energy and digital fluency. For marketers, the challenge becomes not just reaching young audiences, but more importantly resonating profoundly with them. With over half the Kingdom’s population under 25, this demographic isn’t just significant in volume; it’s transformative, driving trends and setting the pace for the nation’s ambitious Vision 2030 goals. In a culture rich with tradition yet rapidly embracing modernity, finding the right mix of innovation and cultural reverence is key to captivating young Saudis.

The primary element behind capturing this audience lies in the significant growth of its digital footprint. This dynamic audience lives online, leading the world in mobile connectivity and dominating platforms from YouTube to Snapchat. They are not passive consumers; they are creators, influencers, and critics, spending around seven hours daily online, crafting and curating their digital worlds. For marketers, this digital landscape offers fertile ground for campaigns that are mobile-first, visually rich, and supremely interactive.

Furthermore, youth audiences are using these platforms as sources of reference. Influencer partnerships have become akin to

‘‘The first frontier here, teeming with infinite potential, is gaming”

gold in this context. Local celebrities like Taim AlFalasi and Fahad Sal have proven that their presence is not purely defined by their followers count, but rather though the communities they have built who trust their every endorsement. Collaborating with such influencers allows brands to tap into pre-established trust and credibility, delivering messages that feel personal and authentic.

Another element is the surge of interest in various pastimes and passions.

The first frontier here, teeming with infinite potential, is gaming. With the Saudi government investing heavily in the gaming industry, young Saudis are increasingly immersed in both playing and streaming games. This presents a unique opportunity for in-game advertising, sponsorships of e-sports events, and collaborations with gaming influencers that can create

Fusion5’s Anthony Mchayleh explains how to win over Saudi Arabia’s youthful audiences

immersive brand experiences. Moreover, the competitive and interactive nature of Saudi youth makes gamification an effective tool. Integrating game mechanics into marketing strategies, like challenges, badges, and leaderboards can transform passive interactions into active and engaging experiences. This not only captivates but also builds loyalty and a fun association with the brand.

Another equally surging element here is the growing enthusiasm for soccer, especially with recent high-profile acquisitions in the Saudi football league offering yet another vibrant channel for engagement. The local league’s rising popularity and the starstudded matches provide perfect moments for brands to engage with fans through real-time promotions, player endorsements, and interactive social media campaigns

during games. This not only boosts visibility but also aligns brands with the national spirit and excitement.

Yet, the key to all these strategies is cultural alignment. Saudi youth may be global in their outlook, but they are deeply proud of their heritage. Marketing that respects and reflects this (using the Arabic language, aligning with Islamic values, celebrating national milestones) will resonate deeply. Campaigns that weave together the national narrative with modern aspirations, like those launched during Saudi National Day, can create powerful emotional resonance. Key to this is also crafting content specifically tailored to each platform, such as X for instant updates and customer engagement, and Snapchat and Instagram for more visual stories that are particularly effective in lifestyle and luxury sectors. Given the mobile-centric lifestyle of Saudi youth, ensuring that all digital content is optimised for mobile is non-negotiable. This includes responsive designs, fast-loading interfaces, and seamless user journeys, essential for keeping the tech-savvy and fast-paced young audience engaged.

While this growth out of digital nascency is key, it is important to note that traditional media still holds a key role, especially outdoor advertising. Billboards and digital screens in high-traffic areas offer broad visibility and complement digital campaigns, and in some cases have adopted evolved formats to build legs for a larger campaign scope (such as Riyadh Boulevard’s takeover option which can be amplified on owned platforms). This integration ensures a cohesive brand presence that captures attention across multiple touchpoints, engaging young Saudis effectively as they navigate both digital and physical landscapes.

Embracing these multi-faceted strategies is the way forward. Marketers who skilfully blend these elements, ensuring their campaigns are both innovative and culturally insightful, will not only capture the attention of Saudi Arabia’s youth but also earn their respect and loyalty. This isn’t just marketing; it’s about creating experiences that are as dynamic and vibrant as the young people they aim to engage.

May 27, 2024 18
Anthony Mchayleh, Head of Investment at Fusion5 Advertising


But in the last two years, KSA has seen tens-of-thousands of mono-brand and independent ecommerce sites launch. Local SaaS commerce platforms like Salla and Zid, along with global solutions like Shopify, make ecommerce accessible. Salla alone lay claim to over 20,000 active websites – the vast majority of which serve the Saudi market.

It’s not just the domestic ecosystem that’s evolving. In recent months we’ve seen three global ecommerce giants expand their focus towards the KSA. Shein and Temu, hedging against regulatory and macroeconomic risks in international markets, are investing heavily in growing their audience in the GCC. And Trendyol, already popular in Turkey, has doubled down on its efforts to expand across KSA by signing a strategic partnership with Cenomi (the largest vertically integrated fashion and lifestyle brand in KSA).

‘‘Social commerce looks poised to further disrupt the local landscape”


Ecommerce is entering a new stage of the digital maturity curve, writes MRM / MCN’s Oliver White

Saudi Arabia has become synonymous with change. Social, economic, cultural, in the context of Saudi, these words are always closely tailed by ‘change’, like an over enthusiastic private investigator on the heels of a suspect. The same can be said of ‘digital’. ‘Change’ (or transformation to the well renumerated) is never far away. So, given this is a piece on digital in KSA, you can be certain it’s about change. Digital retail in KSA presents an interesting dichotomy. Digitally intelligent, connected consumers who spend significant amounts of time online. Who overwhelmingly prefer to shop offline, rather than online. 55 per cent of the Kingdom’s population is under 35, smart phone penetration is 116 per cent , internet connectivity 99 per cent and the average daily time spent on social media is 2.5 hours (25 per cent more than the global

average and more than countries like China and the US). However, most sources put ecommerce penetration at about 8 per cent, roughly the same as South Africa. While 8 per cent is modest by comparison to markets like the UK (25 per cent) or China (50 per cent), ecommerce in Saudi continues to grow faster than global averages. Ecommerce is entering a new stage of the digital maturity curve. This next wave of adoption and growth is being driven by three significant changes. Leading the change is the emergence of a strong domestic Direct-to-Consumer commerce ecosystem. Traditional (physical) retail in the Kingdom has long been built around multi-brand, horizontal (multi-category) experiences. Souqs have evolved into shopping malls and digital retail has followed this same path, with marketplaces and aggregators pioneering the early growth of commerce.

Social commerce looks poised to further disrupt the local landscape. Long discussed as the ‘future of online shopping’, until now, outside of Asia, attempts at converging social and transactional have failed to land. TikTok Shops is changing this. Across Asia, TikTok Shops is having the same impact on retail that Google did 20 years ago. Currently live in six markets, annualized sales (GMV) already top $350m. For perspective, that’s half of what Amazon sells globally. TikTok is changing how people discover, search and shop, and it’s launching in KSA later this year.

Meta is also making steps to integrate commerce solutions into their ecosystem. WhatsApp Shops already provides a store front, cataloging and simple checkout solution. A pilot for native in app purchases and payments is live in India and we can expect to see this being rolled out in KSA soon.

For brands, TikTok Shops and the accessibility of turnkey SaaS platforms like Salla mean it’s never been easier (or cheaper) to launch a digital sales channel. Domestic SMBs now have access to digital infrastructure to enable them to reach bigger audiences and scale operations efficiently. Regional success from international platforms like Shein will prompt further investments in local distribution, reducing shipping times and further fueling their popularity.

For us consumers, with more choice comes more competition and this means even better prices and better shopping experiences. TiKToK Shops (and other social commerce innovations that follow) provide us with even more ways to shop. The result, a generational shift in consumer shopping behaviour.

May 27, 2024 20

“CTV advertising is not just the future; it’s the present”David George Digital consumption in Saudi Arabia is surging, positioning the country as an emerging powerhouse in the digital video sector. With a significant portion of the population embracing streaming platforms and smart TVs, CTV offers a direct avenue to engage with audiences in their living rooms. As we navigate the digital realm, particularly within the dynamic landscape of Saudi Arabia, the surge in CTV adoption and shift in consumer behaviour underscores the importance of incorporating it into omnichannel marketing strategies to create a seamless brand experience across multiple touchpoints. By leveraging its power, brands can amplify their presence, drive engagement, and forge stronger connections with Saudi audiences, ultimately enhancing their marketing effectiveness in the digital age.



Integrating CTV into your brand’s omnichannel marketing strategy can be a game-changer as it bridges the gap between traditional television’s expansive reach and digital advertising’s precise targeting capabilities. In other words, you

‘‘Advertisers and consumers alike recognise CTV as a source of premium content”

can say it combines the best of both worlds, creating a perfect blend of widespread visibility and precise audience engagement in an entirely new way. Moreover, through its immersive user engagement and robust measurement capabilities, CTV enables brands to delve into user interests and preferences, breathing life into their brand’s storytelling.

This personalised approach ensures that every brand message resonates authentically with viewers using comprehensive targeting options like geography, screen size, context and more to ensure campaign success with heightened viewer engagement and conversion rates.

Secondly, safeguarding consumer privacy has also become paramount and presents a formidable challenge for advertisers aiming to sustain a secure yet impactful omnipresence in the marketplace. Addressing the challenge, by leveraging context-based advertising

parameters, CTV ensures ads are displayed in environments that harmonise with viewers’ preferences – be they tailored to specific programmes or content. It’s not just about reaching audiences; it’s about doing so respectfully to foster a safe and secure viewing experience free from any associations with inappropriate content. For instance, consider a scenario where a football fan, deeply engaged in streaming a game, comes across an advertisement for sports apparel and merchandise. As they watch, they find themselves captivated by the products, feeling a strong connection with the brand.

Here, the seamless integration is facilitated by the invaluable understanding of the audiences acquired from advanced analytical reports that help ads become less intrusive and more like helpful suggestions to viewers. These reports not only measure viewer engagement but also offer predictive analytics into shifts in consumer behaviour, empowering brands to anticipate trends and fine-tune their strategies to secure a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Additionally, interactive ad formats are now at the forefront which gives brands valuable real-time insights into consumer behaviours and preferences. The consistent display of brand messages across various channels further integrates these ads into the consumer’s digital journey, making them a pivotal element of their advertising experience.

On the other hand, CTV’s frequency targeting allows them to target audiences within a set frequency period across devices to avoid overwhelming viewers with too many ads. Also, by ensuring that every touchpoint reinforces brand recall, it delivers a consistent message to consumers and leads to an effective ad campaign for brands that leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

Also, AVOD platforms are becoming increasingly popular in Saudi Arabia, with an annual growth rate of 7.80 per cent, they are expected to result in a projected market volume of 58.76 million US dollars by 2027 (Statista). However, ad-supported SVOD platforms are also on the rise, offering advertisers even more opportunities to engage with consumers through these channels. This creates a fertile ground for targeting and engagement for advertisers with a variety of streaming options available to audiences.

Advertisers and consumers alike recognise CTV as a source of premium content, offered in a brand-safe environment that is ideal for immersive advertising experiences. By leveraging it in cross-device strategies, brands can effectively broadcast their message across various platforms - from mobile and desktop to television - ensuring maximum exposure and impact. As brand messages integrate seamlessly with CTV’s platform, they tap into endless possibilities to establish connections,


Unlock the power of Connected TV (CTV) in your omnichannel marketing strategy to seamlessly enhance engagement and consistency, says Gagan Uppal from Xapads

enhance resonance, and drive significant campaign outcomes.

Thus, incorporating CTV into the brand marketing mix can help your brand stand out with a market-efficient ad campaign and drive meaningful results. By harnessing its dynamic capabilities, brands can elevate the effectiveness of their omnichannel campaigns and stay ahead of the curve in advertising innovation. This strategic approach also helps unlock untapped market potential and enables brands to make a lasting impact.

May 27, 2024 21

With the growing focus of brands on building meaningful connections with consumers and the rise of discussions around grabbing eyeballs to gain mental availability, brands are exploring unconventional approaches to stand out in the market.

The ever-evolving digital landscape of the Saudi market presents a fertile soil for brands to explore new opportunities and adopt new trends. More importantly it is met by a hungry young population that is eager to share experiences and explore new content. To find the convergence point between trends and the right audience, brands must navigate emerging digital trends and adapt their content to resonate with the preferences and aspirations of the Saudi demographic. User-generated content and interactive campaigns have proven to be effective tools that help brands in this fast-paced environment to foster a sense of community. Leveraging data analytics and market insights is equally crucial, allowing brands to refine their strategies based on real-time feedback and evolving consumer preferences.

By seamlessly integrating emerging trends into their messaging and marketing strategies, brands have the unique opportunity to impact the entire marketing funnel – from upper, to middle, and lower funnel.

At the upper funnel, where awareness is key, aligning with popular cultural trends

can significantly enhance a brand’s visibility. Social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and interactive content that resonate with the Saudi youth will create buzz and increase brand recognition and familiarity among the target audience.

The middle funnel is where consideration and evaluation come into play, the cultural sensitivity and technological adaptability of brands play a vital role. Understanding the Saudi consumer’s values and preferences allows brands to craft narratives that not only attract attention but also establish a connection based on shared values.

Personalised content, virtual experiences, and engaging storytelling are powerful tools that can guide consumers from mere recognition to a deeper consideration of the brand.

The lower funnel is where the conversion and retention become focal points, the impact of trends becomes even more pronounced. A relatable and authentic image, cultivated through consistent alignment with cultural shifts, fosters a sense of trust. This trust is a crucial factor in converting interested prospects into loyal customers.

Positive word-of-mouth marketing, triggered by consumers sharing their favourable experiences with the brand, becomes a driving force in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

A trend is an idea, activity, philosophy, or action that is constantly changing over time. For your brand to keep up with trends, it is important to evolve as your market evolves; as the demand for digital content grows, there is a parallel rise in local content production. Saudi filmmakers, influencers, and content creators are leveraging digital platforms to showcase the richness of their culture, creating content that resonates with local audiences.

The adoption of these trends in Saudi Arabia reflects a fusion of global influences and traditional values, showcasing the evolving nature of

consumer engagement in the Kingdom, yet a multiple aspects need to be taken into consideration such as:

Cultural sensitivity in content: Balancing global content trends with cultural sensitivities is crucial. Content creators must be in agreement to local norms and values to ensure that their digital offerings resonate with the diverse Saudi audience. In the dynamic landscape of content creation, finding harmony between global trends and cultural sensitivities is vital. It’s not merely about aligning with the latest trends but infusing digital offerings with elements that speak to the heart of the diverse Saudi audience. Language, as a powerful medium, becomes the bridge that connects content with cultural nuances. Crafting messages in Arabic, the language of expression for the majority, ensures that the content is not only understood but resonates on a deeper, emotional level. Moreover, music can play a pivotal role in creating a sensory connection. Leveraging local musical influences, whether traditional or contemporary, adds a layer of familiarity and authenticity to the content. The rhythmic beats and melodic tones can evoke emotions that transcend language barriers, making the content more memorable and relatable.

Though trends are still on the rise, it is a niche space where competition is heating: The surge in digital media has led to increased competition. To stand out, businesses need to innovate in content creation, delivery, and user experience, offering unique value propositions that capture the attention of the digitally-engaged audience.

In essence, the future of digital engagement in Saudi Arabia lies in the delicate dance between global trends and local values, where brands authentically integrate into the cultural frame while embracing the ever-changing dynamics of the digital landscape.


LeadGen’s Mohamad Mardini highlights the divergence of global influences and traditional values

May 27, 2024 22

3points Advertising

Type of agency: Creative

We are an integrated creative agency offering innovative brand marketing and communication solutions. With a team of qualified professionals across our offices, we pursue the ‘WOW’ effect in all the work we do for brands to dazzle their audiences and help achieve objectives.

77 Media Holding

Type of agency: Production house

Established Feb 22, 2010 with very limited capital, 77 Media started as a one-man multimedia production house. Today, 77 Media has become a holding company with seven subsidiaries in the fields of communication, entertainment, and technology.

9SS Creative

Type of agency: Creative

A2Z Media

Type of agency: Digital marketing Saudi office: Riyadh Head of company: Elie Charbel info@a2z.medi

At A2Z Media, we create custom and integrated marketing plans primarily for B2B holding companies and brands. Our 360° approach delivers high-level strategies and executable insights to help clients achieve their sales goals.


Head of agency: Timothée Désormeaux & Edouard Daou +966 53 899 6998

Acquisit enables companies’ growth by designing and executing data-driven strategies. Since its foundation, Acquisit has collaborated with key industry leaders and high-potential start-ups across the MENA region, helping them seize online growth opportunities. Our scope covers all levers of growth marketing from traffic generation to revenue optimisation.

SERVICES: Performance marketing, SEO, CRM, conversion rate optimization, measurement, Amazon & marketplace management

KEY CLIENTS: almatar, Whites, Invygo, Amlak International, L’Oreal Middle East, Daleel Store

May 27, 2024 23

Accelerate Me Online

Type of agency: Marketing and advertising

Founded: 2011

We’re a 360°digital marketing agency operating from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (Dubai). We work with large enterprise clients in the GCC and have more than ten years of experience in the Middle East.

Action Global Communications

Type of agency: Public Relations

Saudi office: Riyadh

Head of company: Chris Christodoulou, Group CEO

Action Global Communications is an independent, multi-award-winning international PR network that helps organisations advance their agendas in target markets.

SERVICES: Public relations and social media.

Advisors 360

Type of agency: Marketing and communications

Advisors 360 is a fully integrated marketing communications agency. With over 25 years’ experience, we offer you a diverse range of services including advertising, events, BTL, promotion, activation and design. Real solutions to real marketing issues. Down-to-earth, honest and hardworking communication solutions.

Advert One

Founded: 2005 Head of company: Mustafa Othman HQ: Riyadh – KSA +966 11 288 6632

For 20 years, Advert One has been the trusted advisor to businesses like yours. We don’t just create communication strategies – we turn them into powerful realities. Our experienced executive team brings unmatched expertise to every project, ensuring your message cuts through the noise and resonates with your audience.

SERVICES: Capital market communication services, investor relations services, ESG assessment & reporting, strategic public relations services, media coaching & management training



Saudi office: Riyadh

Managing Director MENA: Nic Camacho

AKQA is a full-service brand experience design agency with 35 studios globally. We exist to create a better future with our clients by working together to articulate a vision, unlock opportunities and solve problems. With this collaborative approach, we are able to deliver effective strategy, creative communications, digital and media services that capture the imagination.


Founded: 1997

Offices: Beirut, Dubai (HQ), Jeddah, Riyadh +966 12 606 2207; +966 11 288 1551

Affiliated with ASATSU-DK (ADK), 3rd largest advertising network in Japan, AGA-ADK is a full-fledged communications agency in the MENA region. Known for its blend of memorable and effective ad campaigns that aim to deliver results. Using data to drive creative solutions, and with a content-first approach, the team focuses on creating relevance in communication in a world where individualisation and hyperpersonalisation in advertising is taking lead in building consumer relations.

SERVICES: Full marketing communication services, strategic planning, creative designs, consumer activation, production, branding and corporate identity, content planning and production.

KEY CLIENTS: Langnese, Bosch, Toshiba, Novartis, Al Khair, Northwest, Mentos, Philips, Tabasco, P&G, Hasbro, Modon, Under Armor, Franklin Templeton

May 27, 2024 24
Joy Sahyoun Regional General Manager Roger Sahyoun Chairman Omar Fleifel General Manager Grace Sahyoun Branch Manager (Riyadh Office) Rita Aoun Head of Finance Dany Azzi Regional Executive Creative Director

Type of Agency: Fully integrated communication agency Creative/ Media/ PR/ Digital Year Founded: 1976

AlAfak, the Saudi face of the Horizon FCB network, has been pioneering in marcom and TechCom since its inception 48 years ago; whether it’s our integrated creative approach, our media planning & buying solutions or our content/tech offering.

Our approach is to develop creative solutions for our clients, built on values and fuelled by data and technology that deliver the economic multiplier.

We pride ourselves to be part of the most ‘GLOCAL’ network in our industry because we are very well aware of the cultural and societal differences in each market we are active in, and we have in-depth knowledge of the community we engage with. We make it a priority to unearth insights about the target audience we are addressing, in order to develop uniquely effective communication and creative solutions.

With over 70 employees and main offices in Riyadh and Jeddah, we have continuous presence in the market, gearing the agency to work with local and multinational clients, as well as government agencies.

The agency’s deeply rooted culture supports the empowerment of women and local talents. It was the first to initiate co-op training programmes with local universities to a ract their potential stars.

KEY CLIENTS: Tatweer Real Estate, Basamh Industrial, Petromin, KPMG, KimberlyKlark, Foster Clark’s, Thakher Makkah, MBS College, Perfe o Pasta, Radwa Chicken and Gulf General Insurance amongst others.


Tony Rouhana, Vice President, AlAfak | Horizon FCB Saudi Arabia

In my thirty five years of living and working in Saudi Arabia, the last decade has been a truly transformative period for the Kingdom, whether it’s on a societal or an industry level, the changes have been positive and impactful.

The society as a whole has become very open and progressive, and yet still values its culture. The young generation respects the traditions of the past, but are not bound by it. They look to the future in a positive way, and feel that there are more opportunities available for them.

One of the biggest societal shifts has been the growing number of Saudi females in the workforce. Even within advertising, we have more females working in the industry in various capacities. This is extremely helpful as they make up the majority of our target audience.

Speaking of target audience, even consumer behaviour has been radically changing as the digitally native youth, which comprise the majority of the population, have shifted heavily to online shopping and a reliance on delivery apps for most of their needs. This can be contributed to convenience, and also the


development of the e-commerce sector, as the Kingdom further pushes towards establishing a digital economy.

We have also witnessed Saudi consumers becoming more conscious, and choosing products and services that properly represent the Saudi society and its values and beliefs. There is also more effort in purchasing Saudi made products/ brands. With the rise and success of Saudi entrepreneurs and local SMEs, Saudi businesses are competing with the international players, especially in the many coffee shops, restaurants and fashion brands that have become popular trends.

This can all be attributed to the ambitious goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which has invested heavily in diversifying the Saudi economy. As one of the first international advertising agencies in the Kingdom, our services have been commissioned to develop Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry, to tap into its various regions, diverse landscapes, and their respective cultures and heritage. The goal is to position Saudi Arabia as one of the top tourism destinations in the world, and to further develop the domestic tourism industry to attract more locals.

Saudi Arabia is in a transformative phase, and should continue to capitalise on its growth potential. The focus should be on nurturing a vibrant digital economy, creating a diverse and welcoming environment, and investing in its human capital to ensure a prosperous future.

May 27, 2024 25
INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT Tony Rouhana Vice President Mazen Jawad CEO Rabih Houri General Manager Media Michael Haber Creative Director Moutaz Jad Head of Strategy Mirna AlHakim Head of Digital

Alef International

Founded: 2000

Head of company: Rabih El Amine

Headquartered: Riyadh

Alef is a Riyadh-based communications consultancy firm specialising in promoting brands and enhancing reputations. We drive growth, manage risks, and craft compelling narratives that resonate in today’s dynamic landscape.

SERVICES: Strategic advisory, PR and media relations services, content creation & translation, events planning & execution, digital & design

KEY CLIENTS: Ministry of Culture (MOC), Saudi Arabia Centre of the fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC), State Properties General Authority (SPGA) & Sadara Chemical Company


Type of agency: Event management Director: Faisal Al Abdali Saudi office: Jeddah

ARC is the events management arm of TRACCS, the largest independent communications consultancy network in the MENA region, with extensive experience in exhibition stands, innovative installations and branding, and visual remodelling.


Type of agency: Digital

Archimedia is the region’s leader in audiovisual and automation technology. Since 2004 the company has prided itself on consistently delivering well engineered and brilliantly designed solutions for residential, corporate and marine projects.

Around the Clock

Founded: 2018

Head of company: Rizk Naifeh Headquartered: UAE

A complete communications partner, delivering integrated solutions. With a scientific data-centric approach – we deliver strategy, media services, creative, digital, web application development and public relations and events.

KEY CLIENTS: COP28, MBC Dream, Bahlsen, Federation Internationale de Automobile, Al Nabooda


Type of agency: Digital

Our solutions create the kind of engagement that transforms a company’s brand, and a company’s industry into a cultural touchstone that people care about and want to be a part of. We’re fiercely proud of our work on websites, videos, branding, apps and any other medium to help our clients bring their ideas to the world.

Brand Lounge

Founded: 2006 Head of company: Hasan Fadlallah

Office: Riyadh

Brand Lounge is a strategy-led brand consultancy with an award-winning 20-year track record. Headquartered in Riyadh and Dubai, we are the designated Middle East and Africa partner of Trout & Partners, boasting a global network. We help brands uncover their purpose so they can maximise value.

SERVICES: Brand strategy, brand design, brand culture, brand innovation, content

KEY CLIENTS: 7X, Salehiya Healthcare,RTA, G42, Al Akaria Real Estate


Founded: 1984

Headquartered: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Founder and Group CEO: Mazen Nahawi

CARMA is a technology and consulting company which uses media monitoring and analysis to provide strategic insights to C-suites and senior communications professionals, enabling be er decision making.

KEY CLIENTS: Aramco, Nissan, and Abdul Latif Jameel Group (ALJ)

Chain Reaction

Type of agency: Digital Saudi office: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Head of company: Saif Jarad

We are a team of industry-leading specialists in digital marketing, data analysis and communications. We combine innovation, data and technology to craft powerful digital experiences that impact, shape culture, and connect brands with people.


Type of agency: Digital

SERVICES: Integrated campaigns, social media management, digital campaigns, email marketing, creative content

Create Group

Type of agency: Strategic digital communications Saudi office: Riyadh Head of company: Tom O on

Create. is the region’s fastest-growing strategic digital communications agency, with a team of 180+ across the region.

SERVICES: Digital strategy digital experience social content production performance

KEY CLIENTS: Vision 2030, Diriyah Gate Development Authority, The Public Investment Fund, Royal Commission for Alula, NEOM

May 27, 2024 26

BigTime Creative Shop

A creative-led agency that harnesses the power of collective force to sha er norms and establish new benchmarks. Founded in 2023 as a creative arm for the Saudi General Entertainment Authority (GEA) and Riyadh Season , their work encompasses integrated global campaigns, moment marketing, and design. A globally diverse team, enriched by Saudi talent, delivering insigh ul and locally relevant work alongside groundbreaking ideas that captivate a global audience and create waves worldwide. Website/

May 27, 2024 27
Clients: Clients:
@bigtimecreativeshop E-mail/
Mohamed Sehly CEO
Rayyan Aoun CCO 3rd Independent agency at Dubai Lynx 2nd Agency in MENA at ADC

Creative Blend

Type of agency: Creative

Founded: 2013 HQ: Riyadh

Head of company: Mojib Alajaleen, CEO

Creative Blend is a Saudi-based creative communication agency, it utilises international standards, experience and ability to create innovative communication solutions for its clients to give them a distinct advantage in their market niche.

SERVICES: Creative design, branding, events, video production, annual reports

KEY CLIENTS: PIF, GACA, National Housing Company, Saudi Tourism Authority, SASO

Creative Edge

Type of agency: Media

Since we set up in 2003, our team has grown internationally to over 150 dedicated employees, and we have offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai and London.

SERVICES: Media sales and consultancy, production, radio, digital media, sports

The Creative Squad

Type of agency: Creative

SERVICES: Creative communication, research and development, campaign and brand strategy, concept development, conceptual designs, brand identity development, branding

Founded: 2011

Offices: Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai & Tirana.

Founder & CEO: Shadi Abdulhadi

Number of staff: 165 + 966 11 211 2243

Driven by innovation and creativity, Boopin is one of the fastest-growing networks in the region, led by a team of more than 160 passionate creators and marketers, each with a desire to tell memorable stories and create exceptional experiences for brands and consumers. Our dedicated channel experts sit as a team, which ensures we not only have a tactical approach toward each channel but also benefit from providing a 360-degree response

Creative Formula SA

Type of agency: Creative

We grow your brand through combining creative strategic solutions with outstanding design.

SERVICES: Strategic planning, digital marketing, creative and branding, event planning and management, AV production

Dice Marketing and Advertising

Type of agency: Strategic - Creative Saudi office: Riyadh Founded: 2013 Head of Company: Sari Kazma (Managing Director – Riyadh, Beirut, Cairo)

Dice transforms brand engagement with personalised and localized strategies for an interconnected world. We revolutionise the industry with exceptional experiences that connect brands and consumers on a deeper level. With four unmatched core services, we push boundaries to elevate brands and turn bold ideas into reality.

SERVICES: Creative and strategy, social and digital, content creation, experiential experiences

KEY CLIENTS: MCIT, MOF, Marafiq, Snapchat, Accenture, SAP, Motorola, Jeddah Central

from media planning and execution right through to content creation and web/app development. Having such a diverse team within a single office environment provokes collaboration and sparks intuitive creativity within each team member.

TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS: Google, Meta/Facebook, TikTok, Tealium, Oracle, Amazon and more than 40 more, as we remain agnostic to meet the requirements of our clients.

SERVICES: Performance marketing; media planning and buying, digital infrastructure, digital transformation and automation; customer data platform facilitation and strategy, Social content Management, production, PR dynamic creative; API integrations; web/ app design and development; SEO; data visualization.

KEY CLIENTS: Lucid Motors, Baja Foods, Al Munajeem Foods, Eviq, The Coffee Address, Abu Dhabi Ports Group, Masdar, ADNOC, Department of Culture & Tourism, Al Masaood Automobiles, Al Dar Education, Emirates Islamic Bank, GEMs Education, Government Media Office, IG Group, National Human Rights Institution of the UAE, Shein, Xiaomi Mobiles, Ministry of Education, Chery Automobile, Hisense


May 27, 2024 28
Zeena Kurd General Manager UAE Razmik Kalaidjian Regional Managing Director Middle East Reine Hammoud General Manager KSA Lyna Domiati Regional Creative Director Amir Tawaf General Manager Egypt Prasad Sawant Performance Director


Type of agency: Creative, Digital, Media agency

Founded: 2004

Head of company: Abdulrahman Saud


Bassmat is one of the leading marketing agencies designed to empower brands' images with creative minds, bold connections and a different cultural sense. It uses influence of the metaverse and supports the rapid transformation of the marketing industry in the region. Providing clients with confidence, we at Bassmat drive insightful local and international knowledge to create high impact.


Strategies & brands experience (branding strategy, marketing & communications strategy, campaign strategy, developing brand experience).

Creative (brand identity, creative campaign, developing creative content).

Social media & digital PR (social media management, community management, digital PR, reputation management).

Media buying (media planning, media buying online/offline, influencer relations).



Digital content (content creation, creating and developing digital content, developing social initiatives, SEO).

Technology (creative technology, UX & UI solutions, mobile application development, digital transformation).

Marketing activation (brand activation, event development).

Analytics and data (monitoring and listening, digital campaign analytics).



Saudi Arabia is poised to host a succession of major global events in the coming years, including Expo 2030, the Winter Games, the AFC Asian Cup 2027, and the FIFA World Cup 2034. These events are more than just economic or sporting opportunities; they serve as platforms to project Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural narrative and enhance its stature as a leading destination for international events. This shift underscores the need for effective collaboration, both locally and internationally, to cultivate a universally appealing image.



The Kingdom is actively investing in transformative projects such as NEOM, the Red Sea Project, Qiddiya, and Diriyah, which are set to revolutionise its infrastructure and economic

landscape. These projects are designed to attract investment and tourism while fostering a sustainable environment for future generations. There is a significant demand for local agencies capable of communicating these advancements globally, presenting content that authentically reflects Saudi Arabia’s cultural and social values in a modern and innovative manner.


As it navigates through these substantial transformations, Saudi Arabia is embracing the latest in advertising technology and marketing trends. The integration of AI-driven data analytics, programmatic advertising, and immersive technologies like AR and VR is enhancing the efficacy of marketing campaigns. These tools are crucial for precise audience targeting, delivering personalised content, and crafting engaging customer experiences, ensuring messages resonate well with both local and international audiences.


Bassmat Agency has a proven track record of projects that showcase Saudi cultural identity on

a global stage. Notable achievements include the acclaimed Saudi Pavilion at Expo Dubai, the ‘Giddam’ campaign for the World Cup in Qatar, and the Road of Arabia Exhibition in Athens. With a robust network of international partners, Bassmat is well-equipped to support Saudi Vision 2030’s goals by delivering innovative and comprehensive marketing solutions that span local insights and global reach.


Type of Agency Year Founded Head of Agency

Marketing & Creative Group

Key Clients

At The Bold Group, Awards

We are made-in Saudi creative and marketing powerhouse. Our team comprises four distinct companies: Brands, Bold Comms, Bold Experiences, and Teeb Made, with a team of over 100 professionals spread across Riyadh and Egypt. Since our founding in 2012, we have partnered with over 500 clients, earning multiple awards along the way. Our philosophy centers on deep human connections, blending chemistry with capability to foster a culture that challenges the status quo and drives substantial growth. For us, «Bold» is more than just our name—it encapsulates our ethos of pushing the boundaries of marketing and creativity with agility, insight, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. In a world filled with possibilities, we choose one clear path: to Be Bold.

Premium Residency, Almarai, Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence, PIF, STA, MISK, F1 Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Bank, Saudi National Bank, Flynas, Dominos, Royal Commission of AlUla, Diriyah Gate Development Authority, King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (DARAH), IOT2, Center 3, National Events Center (NEC), and Saudi Payments, Saudia Cargo, Arab National Bank.

Dubai LYNX x3 FWA WINA Awards Act Responsible Great Places to Work

Abeer Saud Alessa Awwwards

Interview with Ziad Abou Rjeily

General Manager for Bold Experiences

How have Saudi consumers changed in recent years?

Saudi consumers are developing a more sophisticated palate, mirroring the nation’s progressive spirit. This translates to a growing demand for quality and a refined experience across all brand interactions. Whether it’s through sleek product design, seamless online platforms, or exceptional customer service, Saudi consumers are seeking a sense of sophistication that reflects their evolving aspirations.

What new things are clients asking for?

Clients (brands) are demanding more effective marketing strategies in the face of a booming domestic market. The ever-increasing number of homegrown brands is pushing the boundaries, forcing established players to up their game. This translates to a growing need for data-driven campaigns and innovative experiences that deliver measurable results. The government’s own digital transformation efforts have set a high bar, raising client expectations across industries.

How has the Saudi agency model/offerings changed?

In two ways. First, digital has become the default and if not the only channel for most brands and campaigns. The availability of data that can be harnessed or procured is growing and with it the need for data-driven strategies that tie together communication and brand experience.

On the other hand, generative AI is driving the biggest creative revolution on a global scale, and agencies in Saudi aren’t isolated. There is a need to rethink the value proposition beyond execution.

Where do you see the biggest potential for growth in Saudi?

I see tremendous growth potential in forging strong partnerships with Saudi brands. The level of innovation and expertise they’re demonstrating is truly impressive. These brands are poised to achieve significant scale, and their international expansion will create exciting opportunities for their partner agencies. This collaborative approach will pave the way for Saudi agencies to transition from local players to regional powerhouses.

What are the biggest challenges you face in the kingdom?

Catching up with its vision and ambition. And things are about to get even bigger better bolder.

May 27, 2024 30
31 IG/X: theboldgroup_, Linkedin: theboldgroup

Cheil Middle East & Africa is a leading 360-degree advertising agency, headquartered in Dubai, with an additional 10 strategically placed offices throughout the region. Renowned for its expertise, Cheil excels in fostering strong connections across advertising, retail, digital, activations, and events, seamlessly integrating offline and online touchpoints.

Year founded 1973 globally & in the region since 2006

Key clients

Head of agency Lyusok Jung

Services offered Integrated Campaigns Customer Retail Experience

Leadership panel

Brand Experience e-Commerce Media CRM

Awards won

How will the expanding presence of retail media impact the retail brand experience?

The growing retail media footprint is becoming increasingly significant for brands, with many investing to secure their share of this powerful channel. It serves as a means to draw customers into retail spaces, ultimately leading to increased sales. Brands are adapting their strategies, both in-store and out-of-store, to deliver key messages, promote flagship products, and provide in-store redemption opportunities. Recognizing the potential for additional sales revenue, brands are prioritizing investment in retail media, thus driving further growth in the market.

How can retailers utilize retail media to gain loyal customers?

Retailers now have the opportunity to utilize retail media for more qualitative data collection, enabling segmentation of customers into distinct profiles. This facilitates targeted solutions tailored to specific audiences, optimizing expenditure. Brands are actively soliciting and incorporating consumer feedback to enhance satisfaction levels and foster brand loyalty. Some are even incentivizing loyal customers with additional benefits to strengthen their allegiance.

Retail media networks are capturing a larger share of advertising expenditure. How can advertisers retain and expand this spending?

Advertisers can analyze their investment channels to identify those yielding the highest return on investment. By reallocating spending towards more effective retail media tools and reducing investment in lower-performing channels, retailers can pursue organic growth over time.

How do you perceive the growth potential in Saudi Arabia?

The growth potential in Saudi Arabia is promising due to economic diversification efforts, infrastructure development, and initiatives like Vision 2030. With a young, tech-savvy population and ongoing reforms to attract foreign investment, Saudi Arabia offers ample opportunities for expansion across various sectors.

May 27, 2024 33 Group Head Wang Junwen (Alex) Retail Experience
James Tan Creative Director Wang Junwen Group Head Retail Experience Tyler Yeom Group Head Campaign Brenda Kassir Director Strategy Malik Yahia Group Head Field Force Management

Direct Influence

Type of agency: Media, creative, digital, PR Headquartered: Riyadh Founded: 2015

We transform visions to reality with the power of reason, communication, and imagination. We are the leading influential marketing communication agency in the region.

SERVICES: Campaign strategy; social media managements and events; digital marketing; creative and production; influencer collaboration.


Type of agency: Digital +966 50 911 1311

We have all the expertise you need to achieve your aims, whether it’s growing your business, promoting your brand, maximising your returns, or communicating with your stakeholders.

SERVICES: Digital marketing, digital development.

End Consumer

Type of agency: Creative

End Consumer is an integrated creative marketing solutions agency, offering a comprehensive range of tailored services to our partners and clients. Our team of dedicated professionals originates unique concepts catering to specific segments from event concept, creativity development, design stage, to production, execution, management and result analysis.

Extend-The Ad Network

Type of agency: Full-Service Headquartered: Riyadh

Extend is a Saudi audience-first agency with a digital DNA, creative soul, obsessed with results.

SERVICES: Communication strategy and planning; creative and content development; integrated media planning and buying

Five Colors

Type of agency: Creative

SERVICES: Advertising, photos, film, opportunities for work, web-site packages, as well as social media fans.


Type of agency: Creative

Focusadvertising is a boutique agency that has been giving brands in the MENA region the best focus to stand out in a competitive market environment. We are focus-oriented communication experts that deliver strong ROI. We produce creative yet effective campaigns and own the process from the strategic planning phase through production.

Four Communications

Type of agency: PR Saudi office: Riyadh CEO: Nan Williams

Four delivers integrated campaigns and a range of marketing and communications services based on a blend of industry knowledge, cutting-edge insights and inimitable expertise.

SERVICES: Integrated campaigns; PR; digital marketing; social analytics and engagement; behaviour change

FP Social

Type of agency: Marketing

We blend events, social media and direct marketing strategies through the backing of our research design that empowers our client with cost-effective, deep and insightful knowledge of their local, regional and global marketplaces. We offer total brand activation, bringing brands to life through exciting, engaging and powerful experiences from strategy to execution.

Framedkeys Entertainment

Type of agency: Creative

We create and produce content that stands out, speaks to souls and illustrates messages and ideas that help create a better tomorrow. We believe that sharing and giving are generous deeds, which certainly drives our enthusiasm to share content that people love to engage with.

GAG Events & PR

Type of agency: Events and PR

SERVICES: Public relation, event management, social media management, stage design, exhibition stalls, light and sound equipment, video editing, press conferences, music concerts, entertainment


Type of agency: Digital

Established in 2006, Gluetube is a market leader with a solid track record. It has creativity and local understanding. It is professional and committed.

SERVICES: Web, social, mobile.

Go Clouding

Type of agency: Digital

We are the Clouders. We have decided to travel to the top of all, to see and build a whole picture. We catch ideas from outer space and send them to Planet Earth as words and visuals the humans can grasp.

SERVICES: Community and reputation management through social media, website development, branding, logos, influencer marketing.

May 27, 2024 34

Type of agency: 360 integrated agency

Founded: 2020 +966 12 262 0200

Digitect is a full service integrated marketing services agency in the Kingdom. Our journey began four years ago with a bold aspiration to be the catalysts of change in the industry. Inspired by our country’s vision, we embody the roles of artists, architects, and engineers of change, striving to contribute to a brighter future for Saudi Arabia, one creative spark at a time.

Since our inception, we have curated an impressive portfolio, serving 75 brands from diverse sectors, with the unwavering dedication of our 150-strong team. We believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Services Offered: Digital Media Solutions, Brand Activations, Event Management, Media Buying and Planning, Creative Campaigns

AWARDS: Okaz Top CEO Award 2022/2023, Arabian Best of Best Awards 2022

KEY CLIENTS: RCRC, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, Al Borg Diagnostics, Petromin Sellantis, Shell, Samaco Motors, Riyadh Foundation, Absher, Moma Group, Hardees, UMA, Caraagy, Hongqi


Regional Managing Director FAISAL


In recent years, Saudi consumers have become increasingly digital-savvy, demanding more personalised, culturally attuned content. This shift is driven by a young, globally connected demographic that values transparency and authenticity from brands. In response, clients are seeking comprehensive digital solutions that encompass traditional advertising, data analytics, AI-driven insights, and personalised marketing strategies. AI-enabled tools are crucial here, enabling deeper consumer behaviour analysis and more effective, targeted marketing campaigns. Clients also require robust social media management to navigate these platforms effectively.


The agency model in Saudi Arabia has adapted by expanding from traditional media services to include a full spectrum of digital marketing, content creation, and data analytics, heavily

supported by AI technologies. This evolution reflects broader changes within Saudi society, notably influenced by Vision 2030 initiatives, which have increased women’s participation in the workforce, boosted sectors like entertainment and technology, and opened the country to international tourism.


The integration of AI tools has revolutionised how

agencies operate, from automating routine tasks to providing sophisticated consumer insights and predictive analytics. This technology empowers agencies to deliver more customised, efficient and impactful marketing strategies that resonate with the modern Saudi consumer.


Looking forward, the digital economy and entertainment sectors present the greatest growth opportunities. The rise of e-commerce and tech startups, driven by substantial government investment and a tech-savvy population, underscores this potential. However, the challenges are significantkeeping pace with rapid technological advances, adapting to regulatory changes, and ensuring our workforce is proficient in the latest digital and AI technologies. Additionally, maintaining a balance between modern marketing techniques and the traditional values of Saudi society continues to be essential.

These developments indicate a dynamic shift in how brands engage with Saudi consumers and how agencies must continually evolve to meet these changing demands, increasingly relying on AI to drive innovation and efficiency in their operations.

May 27, 2024 35
Hassan Sharbatly Chairman Yousef Sharbatly CEO Faisal Ali Aleisawi Regional Managing Director Roger Braidi General Manager Media Suleman Abdullah Regional Strategic Planning Director Anas Abed Creative Director

Founded: 2007

Head of agency: Ahmad Haider

Dentsu is the network designed for what’s next, helping clients predict and plan for disruptive future opportunities in the sustainable economy. Taking a people-centred approach to business transformation, dentsu combines Japanese innovation with a diverse, global perspective to drive client growth and to shape society.

KEY CLIENTS: Hungerstation, Cenomi, Saudi Vision 2030, Bupa, Jarir Bookstore, Public Investment Fund, Ferrero, Kraft Heinz, Mastercard, General Motors

SERVICES OFFERED: Consumer intelligence and data, media strategy, media planning, media buying & investment, performance marketing & commerce, marketing effectiveness, partnerships & innovation, content marketing, influencer marketing, social media, experience platforms, commerce, digital products and innovation, virtual experiences, brand positioning and identity, experiential, CXM, data & analytics



Managing Director, dentsu KSA


The widespread adoption of digital tech has made them more selective, seeking personalised experiences and prioritising sustainability and ethical consumption. This shift requires brands to adapt, offering tailored solutions that resonate with these evolving preferences, fostering stronger connections, and driving sustainable growth. To support us in creating a deeper understanding of local audiences in Saudi we use Merkury, dentsu’s global data, identity, and insights platform, combines proprietary and partner data and 10,000+ consumer data attributes to, which in turn allows us to increase ROI, engagement and identified customers for our clients.


Clients are on the lookout for media partners that offer holistic solutions and function as an extension of their team. They are prioritising data and analytics for personalised experiences and real-time campaign effectiveness measurement. They want fresh, impactful ideas


that breakthrough the clutter and capture our audience attention.


In line with the changing demands, we’re witnessing a shift towards integrated solutions that cover a wide range of services. Clients now demand more than just advertising; they seek strategic partnership that deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique needs. In response, we’re creating a borderless model that breaks down silos to answer these demands by connecting brand, content, commerce, and experience, underpinned by the creativity that helps our clients achieve competitive advantage and accelerate business results.


The diversification of the economy, with a strong focus on innovation and technology-driven growth is not only shaping the way people interact and conduct business but also influencing societal norms and expectations, leading to a more dynamic and forward-thinking society in Saudi Arabia.


Growth is clearest across e-commerce, gaming, sports, tourism, and entertainment thanks to the visionary goals outlined in Vision 2030. We’re excited for what the future holds and are investing

heavily in talent, research, tools and products across various sectors to keep up with the pace of change in the market.


In the Saudi media landscape, our major challenge is the intense competition, requiring us to stand out with innovative solutions and customised services. Speed and agility in meeting client needs are imperative, along with ensuring we possess the necessary expertise for success. Talent acquisition and retention are paramount for us at dentsu as we aim to foster a skilled workforce that drives innovation and excellence in our field.

May 27, 2024 36
Ahmad Al Ghaziri Client Lead, dentsu Faisal AlGain Head of Growth and Client Engagement, dentsu Julie Larguier Business Director, Carat Omar Khan Head of Data & Analytics, Merkle Olaf Borutz VP Commercial Sales, Dentsu Sports Elizabeth Stead Client Operations Director, Dentsu Creative

Headline Communication

Type of agency: Marketing and communications

We are a fully integrated marketing and communications agency with years of experience in Saudi Arabia and in the rest of the GCC.

SERVICES: Marketing, events.

Havas Saudi Arabia

Type of agency: Media/Creative/Digital/PR

Founded: 2005 Saudi office: Riyadh

Head of agency: Rami Husseini, Managing Director

Havas Saudi Arabia, part of the Havas global network, is the only full-service, integrated communications agency in the KSA offering all main disciplines -creative, media and PR- under one roof. We make a meaningful difference for the brands, the businesses and the lives of the people we work with.

SERVICES: Media, Digital, Creative, PR

Founded: 1969

Head of agency: Elliott Clayton, Managing Director, International Sales, Epsilon 971 4 818 9593


Type of agency: Digital +966 12 606 8890

We are a media services company providing in-depth expertise across all media contacts, including traditional mass media and new engagement connections. We leverage unique and powerful tools to generate consumer insight to build your brand. SERVICES: Planning, buying, monitoring, communications.


Type of agency: Creative

Founded: 2013

Saudi office: Riyadh

Head of company: Nouf AlBraheem

Saudi creative agency that started in 2013 with a team full of creative heads who turn every normal idea to an outstanding one and transform our clients’ dreams into reality.

SERVICES: Advertising, content creation, marketing campaigns, branding, social media management, marketing strategies, printing and stickers.


Epsilon is a global advertising and marketing technology company positioned at the centre of Publicis Groupe. We connect advertisers with consumers to drive performance while respecting and protecting consumer privacy and client data. Epsilon accelerates clients’ ability to harness the power of their first-party data to enhance, activate and measure campaigns with confidence. We believe in an open, privacy-first advertising ecosystem. Over decades, we’ve built the industry’s most comprehensive identity graph to give brands, agencies and publishers the ability to reach real consumers across all channels and the open web.

SERVICES OFFERED: Epsilon helps clients effectively identify and target new & existing consumers. Marketers activate outcome driven experiences on the CRM, Digital, Loyalty and Retail Media platforms to drive personalization at scale, all within the highest standards of privacy compliance. AI driven customer journeys deliver relevance, while transparency in measurement and reporting helps businesses stay in control of their marketing efforts.

KEY CLIENTS: Currys, Deliveroo, Walmart, McDonald’s, Marriott, FedEx, Landmark Group, Entertainer

AWARDS: IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Data Clean Room Technology for Advertising and Marketing Use Cases, IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Demand Side Platforms, Forrester Wave™ Loyalty Technology Solutions

May 27, 2024 37
Rajesh Verma Business Development Director, Epsilon Elliott Clayton Managing Director, International Sales, Epsilon Paul Wallis Sales Director, Epsilon Saira Mehdi Sales Director, Epsilon Marwan Remman Client Development Director, Epsilon

Founded: 1968

Heads of agency: Mohammed Bahmishan, CEO/Chief Creative Officer; Amr El Kalaawy, Regional Managing Director KSA & Bahrain;

Part of McCann Worldgroup and a flagship agency of MCN, FP7McCann is the number-one creatively driven integrated marketing company in the MENAT Region. Award-winning regionally and globally, FP7McCann provides fully integrated marketing solutions, advertising and digital services. It has been named as the most effective agency network in the region for the last eight years in a row and the World’s Number 1 Most Effective Agency as per the WARC 100 in 2021 and 2022.

SERVICES OFFERED: Brand consulting, business leadership, integrated creative solutions, integrated production, integrated strategy, campaign creation and activation, channel management, consumer journey analysis, content creation and production, social strategy, social listening, social playbook creation, content planning design/UX, digital strategy, holistic analytics, humantech design thinking

AWARDS: Dubai Lynx 2024: 1 Grand Prix, 1 Gold and 1 Bronze, Clio Awards 2024: 2nd Most Awarded in MENAT, 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze, ANDYS 2024: #1 Network, 2 Gold One Show 2024: 5 Merits, 11 shortlists, Cannes Lions, 2023: Most Awarded Agency in MENA, NY Festivals 2023: Most Awarded in MENA, Epica Awards 2023: Most Awarded in MENA, Loerries Awards 2023: 2nd Most Awarded in MENA, MAD Stars 2023: 2nd Most Awarded in MENA, The Webby Awards 2023: 2nd Most Awarded in MENA, Clio Awards 2023: 2nd Most Awarded in MENA, AME Awards 2023: 2nd Most Awarded in MENA, Dubai Lynx 2023: 1GP, 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 6 Bronze, WARC Effectiveness Awards, 2021/2022: #1 Agency of the Year Globally, Global Effies Awards, 2021/2022: #1 Agency of the Year, MENA Effies Awards, 2013 – 2022: Agency and Network of the Year



Regional Managing Director

KSA & Bahrain


Saudi Arabia’s advertising industry presents immense potential for growth, particularly in the digital and social media spheres. With an estimated advertising market of around US$2 billion in 2023, Saudi Arabia leads the region in advertising spending. The forecasted growth to exceed US$12 billion in the MENA region by 2024 underscores the country’s significant contribution to the region’s advertising landscape. Saudi Arabia’s early adoption of digital transformation and its position as a global leader in social media penetration align with the growth trends seen globally in digital and social media advertising. Leveraging these strengths, the biggest potential for growth lies in further harnessing digital and social media platforms to reach and engage with Saudi consumers effectively.



With 25 years of experience in the communication field within the region, my tenure in Riyadh has afforded me a profound insight into the diverse and vibrant Saudi culture. This cultural tapestry has catalysed the emergence of Saudi creative luminaries, pivotal in shaping the advertising landscape and spearheading campaigns tailored to resonate deeply with the local consumer. Not


only are Saudi talents leaving an indelible imprint on domestic fronts, but they are also vying for recognition on the global stage of advertising accolades. As Saudi Arabia strides forward in its embrace of progress, agencies must pivot towards crafting content that is culturally attuned, capturing the very essence of Saudi society.


In recent years, the Saudi agency model has undergone a transformative shift, aligning with global trends, and adapting to evolving market dynamics. This evolution is propelled by various factors, including technological advancements, changing consumer habits, and the ambitious economic diversification agenda outlined in Vision 2030. FP7McCann has embraced a data-driven approach, prioritising consumer insights and utilising analytics tools to scrutinise campaign performance, consumer behaviour, and return on investment. Furthermore, there’s a growing acknowledgment of the significance of crafting content that resonates authentically with Saudi audiences. As the Saudi market matures, agencies are concentrating on delivering comprehensive marketing solutions that seamlessly integrate traditional and digital platforms, ensuring coherent and impactful engagement with target demographics.

May 27, 2024 38
Mohammed Sara Thunayan Strategy Director Amr El Kalaawy Regional Managing Director KSA & Bahrain Warren Davey Integrated Business Director Samer Alhussein Business Director

Founded: 2020

Head of agency: Anthony Mchayleh / +966112487087, +966547788277, +966542690489

We are a diverse media agency that relies on consistent data points to make decisions based on real-time signals and predictive analysis, allowing us to be amongst the first to act and achieve desired results.

We are a member of Tribe Global, a growing global network of independent media, advertising, digital, and experiential agencies. Comprised of 30 agencies from throughout the world, including those from Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Our significant presence in the Saudi and UAE markets offers us an advantage in terms of media relations, customer knowledge, and on-the-ground presence through senior Fusion 5 members who have previously built media excellence expertise through multinational companies

KEY CLIENTS: MISA – Ministry of Investment, SAMF, STC TV, Saudi Games, De’Longhi/ Kenwood Group, Aston Martin, Lotus Cars

SERVICES OFFERED: Media strategies, media planning and buying, e-commerce, social media and influencer marketing

AWARDS WON: MENA DIGITAL AWARDS, GBM (global business magazine), WBO (world business outlook), TWO GOLD - best use of digital, ONE SILVER - best integrated campaign FOUR BRONZE - best integrated, performance, social & digital, 1 GOLD - best performing digital agency, 1 GOLD - best media solutions agency


Faris Al


Saudi consumers have undergone notable changes, becoming increasingly diverse, techsavvy, and focused on obtaining value for their spending. With the emergence of a burgeoning middle class, there’s a heightened desire for products and experiences that resonate with their aspirations. While traditional values remain significant, consumers are also influenced by global trends, expecting brands to engage with them on a personal level by integrating cultural elements with contemporary styles. The Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated the transition to online shopping, compelling businesses to bolster their digital presence.


Clients are now seeking a fusion of traditional and digital marketing methodologies. They require strategies that seamlessly blend across multiple media platforms, leveraging data-driven insights to effectively target their desired audience segments. There’s a distinct emphasis on performance marketing, with clients prioritising measurable returns on investment.

Furthermore, there’s a growing preference for authentic storytelling that forges emotional connections with consumers, transcending mere promotional messages.


Saudi agencies have undergone a paradigm shift, becoming more adaptable and transitioning towards agile and integrated models. Specialised expertise in key areas such as performance marketing, social media management, and content creation has become imperative. Collaborations with influencers and technological platforms are on the ascent, facilitating the delivery of comprehensive campaign experiences.


Saudi Arabia is witnessing a significant unlocking of its cultural and tourism potential, propelled by major developmental projects and relaxed regulations, positioning the nation as a premier tourist destination. This presents a myriad of opportunities for advertising agencies to craft impactful marketing campaigns and foster global connections.


The entertainment and tourism sectors represent vast opportunities for growth in Saudi Arabia. Ambitious projects and regulatory reforms are poised to reshape the nation into a coveted


vacation hotspot. This presents advertising agencies with substantial prospects to conceive innovative marketing campaigns and engage with both regional and international audiences.




Agencies in Saudi Arabia confront formidable challenges, including the imperative to swiftly adapt to evolving consumer preferences and dynamic media landscapes. Additionally, there’s intense competition for local talent, posing difficulties in both recruitment and retention of skilled Saudi market experts.

May 27, 2024 39
INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT Johnny Khazzoum Managing Partner Elie Haber Managing Director Anthony Mchayleh Regional Head of Investment Natale Panella Regional Head of Digital Ghida Ismail Regional Planning Director Faris Al Thawwad Senior Media Planner

Head of Company: Amer El Hajj, CEO at GroupM MENA

Number of staff: 750+

+971 4 873 6700

GroupM is WPP’s media investment group and the world’s leading media investment company with a mission to shape the ‘next era’ of media where advertising works better for people. The company is responsible for more than 60$ billion in annual media investment, as measured by the independent research bureau COMvergence. Through its global agencies Mindshare, Wavemaker, EssenceMediacom, and cross-channel performance (GroupM Nexus), Keyade (Performance Consultancy), data (Choreograph), entertainment (GroupM Motion Entertainment) and investment solutions, GroupM leverages a unique combination of global scale, expertise, and innovation to generate sustained value for clients wherever they do business.


GroupM Nexus - Expert services: CX, Data & Technology, Paid Search, Paid Social, Programmatic, Commerce, SEO, AdOps, Content & Innovation and Partnerships, Gaming GroupM Nexus - Media solutions: Advanced TV, Advanced DOOH, Integrated Video, Integrated Display, Integrated Cross Channel, Nexus Creative Solutions | GOAT – Outcomefocused influencer solution, Acceleration - Always-on transformation of marketing organizations, Copilot - GroupM Nexus’ AI solution. Keyade - a leading authority in performance consultancy.

Founded: 1999

Number of staff: 250+

Regional Lead: Samer Majzoub, Regional MD at Mindshare MENA +971 4 454 7444

Mindshare is a global media and marketing services company that operates as a part of GroupM, which is the world’s largest advertising media company. We are a leading global media agency network dedicated to propelling Good Growth for our clients through Precisely Human Intelligence and the Intentional Use of Media. Good Growth, characterized by enduring and sustainable business expansion, plays a pivotal role in shaping a better society and world. Our approach to accelerating growth involves seamlessly integrating media, creative solutions, and technology. We prioritize fostering strong customer relationships, amplifying customer voices, and implementing real-time activation strategies, all supported by data-driven insights to elicit a robust response. Pioneered as the first purpose-built company within the WPP network, we now boast a team of 10,000 individuals operating across 116 offices in 86 countries.

Services: Communication strategy, media planning & buying, investment strategy & management, adtech and martech consultancy, outcomes marketing, e-commerce, research and insights, data solutions and analytics, social media management and content ideation and creation.

Key Clients: Abu Dhabi Media Office, Americana Foods, Arab Bank, Du and Virgin Mobile, EVIC, Ferrero (Levant and Morocco), Henkel, Inma Bank, Kuwait Finance House, New Murabba, Property Finder, Public Investment Fund, Qatar Tourism, QNB, Red Sea Global, Rolex


May 27, 2024 40
LEADERSHIP PANEL Amer El Hajj Samer Majzoub Patricia Abi Fadel Laura Gleadhill CEO Regional MD MENA Head of Investment General ManagerKeyade Alan Azar Hicham Auajjar Darine ElKaissi Mario Soufia Abdallah Adra Regional MD - CX, Data & Tech Regional MDPerformance MD KSA Regional MD - Content, eGaming & New Business Head of Trading

Regional Lead: Marc Ghosn, Regional MD at Wavemaker MENA Headquarters: Dubai (MENA) and London (Global) Number of Staff: 150 +971 4 450 7300

Wavemaker is a top-five global media network and is part of GroupM, the world’s largest advertising media company. Wavemaker’s roster of products and services has been built with a single aim – to positively provoke growth for clients and our people through our new operation system consisting of 3 speeds of growth. As part of GroupM and WPP, we are continually developing our offer to deliver growth in a fast-changing consumer world. Many of our most progressive capabilities are core to clients, including ecommerce, content and precision marketing. Our leading global consultancy has experts to solve any communications challenge, from go-to-market ecommerce strategy to digital transformation.


AI, AR, Attribution Modelling, Audience Data, Automation, Client growth and Development, Communication Strategy, Consultancy, Consumer Insight, Consumer Research, Content, CRM, Data and Analytics, E-Commerce, Econometric Modelling, Effectiveness and ROI, Experiential, Influencer Relations, Insight and Communication Strategy, Inventory Solutions, Market and Audience analytics, Precision Marketing, Product Development, Production, Programmatic, Search, SEM, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Technology

Key clients: Colgate, Darwish Holding, DiDi, Dubai Islamic Bank, Edita, Ford, Friesland Campina, GIG, Honor, Huawei, L’Oréal, MDLBEAST, Nestlé, Netflix, Perfetti Van Melle, RTA, Total, Yahsat


Founded: 2023

Regional Lead: Eyad Abdul Khalek, CEO at EssenceMediacom MENA Head of Group: Amer El Hajj, CEO at GroupM MENA Number of staff: 123

+971 4 449 4750

EssenceMediacom is GroupM’s newest and largest agency, committed to delivering marketing breakthroughs for brands. It has disrupted the old models across media, creative, innovation and analytics to find new opportunities for advertisers and deliver truly integrated media solutions. Born out of two pioneering agencies, EssenceMediacom fuses Essence’s performance, data, analytics and creative technology DNA with MediaCom’s scaled multichannel audience planning and strategic media expertise. As part of WPP, the world’s largest marketing communications services group, and GroupM, WPP’s consolidated media investment management arm, we have access to the richest data, most robust benchmarks and most advanced capabilities in the market. This helps us provide comprehensive solutions to all marketing challenges.


Ad Tech, Analytics, Audience Research, Biddable Media, Consultancy, Content Creation, Content Distribution, Data & Tech Specialist, Digital, Digital Consulting, Digital Transformation, E-Commerce, Insights, Media Buying, Media Planning and Buying, Media Strategy, Mobile, Research, SEO, Social, Sports Sponsorship

Key clients: Adidas, Bayer, Etisalat, Google, L’Oréal (Egypt), Mars, PlayStation, Qiddiya, Richemont, The Coca-Cola Company, Vodafone

May 27, 2024 41
LEADERSHIP PANEL Marc Ghosn Eyad Abdul Khalek Marie Abiad
Alex Jevons Regional MD, MENA CEO Regional Director - Strategy, Analytics & Insights
MD – Operations
Abdalla Elabd Rana Zeidan Burt Reynolds
Safwan Kanj Regional MD Client EMC Business Director Regional MD - Data & Tech MD KSA

Ideal Choice

Type of agency: Marketing and events

Ideal Choice Establishment was founded in 2004 and built around several main points of expertise. Within these expert services we have further divided them into two subdivisions: Ideal Choice Marketing and Ideal Choice Construction.


Type of agency: Creative

Ideation is a specialised marketing and advertising agency headquartered in the UAE, with branches in Saudi Arabia and the UK. Ideas are the core work for the agency as we develop them according to the clients’ needs and requests. We believe that each client is different and requires a special strategy.


Type of agency: Creative

Founded: 1979 (Riyadh office opened 2021) Head of company: Patrick Reid

Imagination is an independent experience design company headquartered in London, with 14 offices worldwide.

SERVICES: Consulting, destinations, content and live experiences


Head of company: Saad Sraj Offices: Beirut & Riyadh

iMetric is a full-service agency dedicated to grow brands by combining metrics with innovation and people skills! We build holistic, integrated media campaigns that utilize a mix of customized solutions that fit every brand!

SPECIALISMS: Digital media planning & buying, data & analytics, SEO & SEM, programmatic advertising, social media management

KEY CLIENTS: KAEC, Jeddah Season, Doha Expo, Winter Wonderland, Hilton Hotels


Saudi offices: Riyadh and Jeddah

Head of company: Neal Patel, Managing Director – MENA

SERVICES: Creative services, digital media performance marketing, social media management, seo, adtech/martech consulting, global sales partner for Google marketing platform.

Inspire Events

Type of agency: Events and experiential

Saudi office: Riyadh

Head of company: Shenin Hamid (Founder and CEO)

Inspire is a leader in advanced event production with a world-class experiential marketing arm that together function on a global scale offering clients boundarypushing experiences that redefine brand futures.

SERVICES: Events; scenic; production; activations; event technology; event design


Type of agency: Creative Head of company: Shibin SSain, Founder & CEO; Nada Badakeh, Co-Founder & COO Saudi office: Riyadh

We’re obsessed with our craft. INSSAIN isn’t just our name, it’s our mantra. We orchestrate mind-blowing creative projects, from electrifying campaigns to immersive design experiences and impactful branding. We live for that spark of “creative madness” – it’s what fuels our people, our tools, and our relentless pursuit of doing better.

SERVICES: Branding & branded communications, creative management & sourcing, branded event activations & experiences, cinematography / visual content production

KEY CLIENTS: Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation, Saudi Heritage Preservation Society, Rolls Royce, Saudi Tourism Authority, KAFD

Kattan Media

Type of agency: Digital

Kattan Media combines 40 years of experience in various fields, including marketing and media in their traditional and digital forms.

SERVICES: Social media strategy, social media management, influencers outreach, digital marketing, talent management, media planning and buying, video production, brand positioning.


Type of agency: Digital

Koraspond is a 360-degree digital media marketing agency that is born out of a passion for creative edge to build and deliver exceptional digital solutions.

SERVICES: Social media marketing and management, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, web application and design, branding and copywriting, SEO, 2D/3D animations.


Type of agency: Retail ideas company Founded: 2016 Saudi office: Jeddah Head of company: Sachinn J. Laala, CEO

Liquid is a Retail Ideas Company, bringing together over 100 experts, who are fully dedicated to helping brands win across all forms of commerce. We solve our clients’ business problems at the speed of retail, by delivering creative, content, merchandising and execution ideas that help brands sell, wherever, however, whenever.


Type of agency: Digital

An agency founded back in 2008 that pursues online marketing, advertising and social media with a full dedication to doing them perfectly.

SERVICES: SEO and SEM, pay-per-click management services, online media planning and buying, online viral marketing, social media optimisation

May 27, 2024 42

Type of agency: Integrated Founded: 2011

Headquartered: Riyadh

Head of agency: Loma Jaber, Managing Director


Hewar is a Saudi-born integrated marcom agency with regional presence, global expertise and local knowledge. With 12+ years in the market, we craft bespoke solutions for partners from the public and private sectors across diverse industries. Our +120 Hewarians are the heart of our vibrant workplace, delivering end-to-end services that fit our partners’ needs. Beyond communication excellence, we catalyse brand value creation with a flair for absolute creativity.

KEY CLIENTS: NEOM, ZATCA, Riyadh Municipality, KFCA, KFSH&RC, Zain Telecom

SERVICES: Strategic communication & public relations – digital solutions and social media – creative services – production


The paradigm shifts inspired by Saudi Vision 2030 have driven Saudi society towards digital adoption, with a 99 per cent internet penetration rate. The young Saudi community is among the most digitally engaged in the world. Whether in communication, entertainment, or e-commerce preferences, they demand more personalised experiences this will keep on getting better with AI and the digital advancements. In addition, Saudi consumers are reshaping their priorities in tandem with global themes.


More brands want authenticity in content, as they aim to engage with their clients on trust and a true value exchange basis where they can have an opportunity to highlight their business cultures and operational sustainability, while demonstrating new priorities for meaningful connections.

While social media advertising maintains its growth in the Saudi market (Ad spending in the social media market could reach $453.80 million this year), we see more interest new innovative solutions such as brand-funded podcasts,

Influencer marketing (micro and nano in particular), video marketing and other solutions. While digital advancements have shifted the way agencies operate, but at the heart of every great campaign, post, video …. is still innovative, surprising, human-led creativity


The Saudi agency landscape is shifting towards


digital-led integration. Agencies now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with clients as strategic partners, actively participating in decisionmaking, fostering innovation, and strengthening connections. Leveraging localised expertise, we delve into the nuances of local culture and economic landscapes within all-digital frameworks, embracing the power of generative AI, VR and AR solutions. Additionally, more marketers are considering expanding their presence in blockchain and the metaverse.


Saudi Arabia is the dream for every marketer, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for brand and communication experts to help promote visionary Giga projects like NEOM, RED SEA Global, and Qiddiya, or playing a pivotal role in global spectacles like Riyadh Expo 2030 and the 2034 FIFA World Cup.

In addition, Saudi Arabia’s position as an emerging business hub attracts global enterprises, entrepreneurs, and startups alike. Newcomers are bringing more projects in technology, construction, and consulting, among other sectors. Also, the government’s commitment to increasing the digital economy’s GDP contribution to 19.2 per cent by 2025 signals substantial untapped opportunities in techadjacent sectors, like esports and eCommerce. For communication agencies, this translates into opportunities to expand their reach and invest in tech solutions, like gamification and AI marketing, to catalyse engagement.

May 27, 2024 43

Livingroom Riyadh

Type of Agency: Creative Full Service

Location: Riyadh

Head of Company: Dani Oneisse

We think local and act global. Local insights and Arabic first writing meets international production standards.

SERVICES: Creative, strategy, innovation, production, branding.

M&C Saatchi Arabia

Type of agency: Creative

Founded: 2022

Head of company: Scott Feasey, CEO

With more than 20 years of experience in the region, we are a creative solutions company like no other, helping clients navigate, create and lead meaningful change. The Group operates across five core divisions: connected creativity; passion marketing; global and social issues; brand, experience and innovation; and performance media.

SERVICES: Creative strategic communications, digital, production, PR and branding

Maestro Group

Type of agency: Media

Established in 2008 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Maestro Group was founded by a group of people who believe in the power and potential of our country. We base our work on data mining, using analytics to help us uncover local day-to-day cultural insights that make people tick.

SERVICES: Event production, event management, conference management, multimedia show, AV and lighting rental, branding, advertising, digital solutions

Masader Advertising

Type of agency: Creative +966 2 657 6945; +966 2 657 6944

Mawdoo3 Group

Founded: 2012

Regional office: Riyadh, Dubai and Jordan

Head of Company: Rami Al Qawasmi Group CEO, Mohammad Jaber, Group COO, Luca Allam, Deputy CEO.

SERVICES: Content and Publishing, AI technologies

Media Turtles

Type of agency: Media Production Conglomerate

Head of company: Mouaz Al Hamami

Headquartered: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Media Turtles is a collective Saudi-based conglomerate specialising in all aspects of media production. We take pride in our commitment to innovation and creativity, delivering top-notch content across various domains, including film, television, digital media, animation, TV commercials, kids content and music production.

SERVICES: Film & TV Production, Music Production, Post Production, Media Consultancy, Original IP

KEY CLIENTS: Ministry of Media SA, SBA, MBC, PIF.

Mefan Creative Agency

Type of agency: Creative and production Offices: Jeddah

General manager: Rami Alkhizzy;;

We come up with and produce creative ideas. We assist in customising and implementing ideas with our clients to start a journey of inspiration and turn dreams into reality.

SERVICES: Social marketing campaigns, creative campaigns, media productions


Type of agency: Digital media Headquarters: UAE/KSA/Qatar Head of company: Ihab El Yaman

+971 58 661 1057

MeMob+ is a data intelligence company that utilises AI and machine learning to help businesses increase their return on ad spend (ROAS).

SERVICES: Location & data intelligence, market research, analysis & brand lift studies, targeting & attribution, data-driven dynamic creatives, skippable & nonskippable gamified ads execution

KEY CLIENTS: McDonald’s, Unilever, DET (Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism), STA (Saudi Tourism Authority), Invest Qatar

Meshbak Company

Type of agency: Creative Founded: 2014 Headquartered: Riyadh Heads of company: Khansa Abunaji and Khaled Alshehri

Meshbak is an integrated creative marketing agency based in Riyadh. We develop creative solutions that reach, inspire, and make a lasting impact. Using storytelling, we tell your story through design, marketing, and campaigns.

SERVICES: Strategy and branding; creative campaigns

Milk network

Type of agency: Brand Development Firm

Founded: 2011

Saudi office: Jeddah, Riyadh, and Cairo

Head of the company: Mahmoud Naseem, Founder, and Fadel Shaath, COO.

Milk Network is a brand development firm that works in thought and in action. Guided by our values, we transform dreams into reality, thoughts into words, and ideas into brands that can change the world.

SERVICES: Strategy, identity, communication.

Mockup Creative

Type of agency: Creative

We are a group of young, passionate and ambitious integrated thinkers who come from different backgrounds and schools of advertising and communication, and who share the same vision: delivering to brands and consumers like never before.

SERVICES: Strategy, understanding the MVP, user story creation, technical architecture, technical specifications, brand direction, growth tools integration, design, user experience, web and mobile UI

May 27, 2024 44

Founded: 1985

Head of company: Dani Richa Saudi offices: Riyadh, Jeddah

Number of staff: 60+

+966 11 4653550; +966 12 6515566

Part of global BBDO network, Impact BBDO Saudi Arabia was established in 1985 and offers comprehensive and integrated marketing communication solutions, covering a wide and prestigious base of global, regional, and local clients. Our mission is to create and deliver the world’s most compelling content across all mediums and screens. The three things we care about the most are “The Work, The Work, The Work”.

SERVICES: Advertising, brand development, corporate & reputation management, digital marketing, event marketing, integrated project management, marketing communications, marketing science, performance marketing, production, social & content marketing, shopper marketing.

KEY CLIENTS: Ministry of Industry & Mineral Resources, Ministry of Culture, Royal Commission for Al Ula, Saudi Aramco (Ithra), Public Investment Fund (PIF), Saudi Electricity Company, PepsiCo, Saudi Motorsport Company (F1, Dakar), Saudi Investment Bank, Saudi Coffee Company, Diriyah Company, ASMO, Al Rabie, Badael

AWARDS: Cannes Lions (MENA Network and Agency of the Year), Campaign Middle East (Best Creative Agency in the Middle East), Loeries (MENA Network and Agency of the Year), Campaign Global (Best Creative Agency in the Middle East) Campaign Middle East, World Creative Rankings (No. 1 Agency in MEA), WARC Creativity 100 (No. 1 Agency in MEA), Immortals Rankings (No. 1 Agency in MEA), ADFEST (No. 1 Agency in MEA), Clio Awards (No. 1 Agency in MEA), The One Show (No. 1 Agency Network in MEA), CAPLES ( Global Agency of the Year), London International Awards (Regional Agency of the Year)


May 27, 2024 45
Walid Kerbage CEO – KSA Dani Richa Chairman and CEO Middle East, Africa & Pakistan Wissam Chaar Creative Director Rasha Sabano Associate Creative Director Dany Aouad General Manager Manisha Bhatia Head of Strategy

Moon Productions

Type of agency: Production house

SERVICES: Creative content generation, pre-production services, production management and resource planning, video production services, post-production services, motion and computer-based graphics, full audio recording services, CD/ DVD packaging and duplication.


Type of agency: Creative

Nasher helps its partners to compete successfully in marketing and advertising strategies through excellence in producing creative content and helping them to achieve proliferation, through multiple services in all media outlets.

SERVICES: Content production, social media management, branding, advertising.

PG Integrated

Type of agency: Creative

One of Saudi’s most established agencies, we have 37 years’ experience, in the kingdom, with over 100 diverse marketing specialists who share a passion for brands and an understanding of the market and local culture. We tailor our communication mix to suit your unique requirements – working from strategic insights to develop individual solutions, across traditional and nontraditional channels.

Founded: 1975

Onsor Mosha

Type of agency: Creative Head of company: Abdalla Alsaid Saudi offices: Dhahran, Riyadh

+966 13 811 1181

Onsor Mosha is a brand-led creative agency guided by strategic foundations and a deep understanding of powerful human and local insights. Born out of a sincere passion for all things creative, we help build brands through marketing communications.

SERVICES: Advertising and promotional campaigns, marketing communications, design services, internal and external corporate communications

Pixel Arabia

Type of agency: Digital

SERVICES: Website design and development, mobile application development, social media management, digital marketing, digital brand design, online business consultation.

Head of company: Lara Arbid Number of staff: 250 +971 4 445 4040

Initiative is a full-service media and communications agency that unlocks business growth for the world’s most ambitious brands. We believe in the power of media to reshape our industry and orchestrate a brand’s entire consumer experience. We do this through fame and flow. Brand fame is built through widespread awareness, recognition and interest among a defined audience and the general population. Customer flow is built through enjoyable, engaging, and seamless experiences across CX, content and media from beginning to end. It connects every step of the customer lifecycle. When brands unite people in culture, they build fame; when brands connect individuals to their unique journeys, they build customer flow.

TECH PARTNERS: Adjust, Kochava, Appsflyer, Zapier, Oracle, Adobe GCP (Google), Datorama, Trello, Google Workspace

SERVICES OFFERED: Digital media strategy and activation, media services, communications planning, interactive media, market research, consulting, sports and entertainment, client advice, communications design, social media, partnerships, performance media, data and tech, commerce

KEY CLIENTS: Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, Riyadh Air, Americana, COTY, LEGO, IFFCO, IKEA, KIA Al Jabr, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, Deliveroo, MSD, Miral Destinations, Eisalat by e&, Al Dar Properties

AWARDS: 12 MENA Effies, 39 MMA Smarties, 1 MENA Digital Award, 4 MENA search Awards, 1 Internationalist, 1 Festival of Media Global


May 27, 2024 46
Milad Karam CFO MENAT Lara Arbid CEO MENAT Karim Masri Head of Digital KSA Aaron Wild CCO MENAT Nameer Abou Ismail GM KSA

Type of agency: Public relations consultancy

Founded: 2021

Headquartered: Riyadh

Head of agency: Ibrahim Almutawa 00966 112 172 777

Founded in May 2021 in Riyadh, Jummar PR & Communications is a Saudi PR consultancy specializing in communication strategies, content creation, crisis communications, IPOs, SM, and media engagement and reporting. With expertise across various sectors, including finance, real estate, aviation, education, media, energy, sustainability, e-commerce, entertainment, and artificial intelligence, Jummar is the Saudi partner of PROI Worldwide, a global consortium of 90 independent communication agencies in 60 countries.

KEY CLIENTS: flynas, Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA), Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Natural Reserve, Oppo, MDLBEAST.

SERVICES: Strategising & planning, crisis Communications, Media Training, Media & SM Content, IPOs & Media Relations.



Managing Director, Jummar


Increased awareness is one of the most prominent indicators of change among Saudi consumers in recent years. This awareness challenges companies to prove their positioning, status, and credible narrative. It is no longer enough to provide a cost-effective, high-quality product or

service. Instead, you need to communicate a persuasive narrative supported by a human, societal, cultural, or environmental value.


Understanding local culture has emerged as a crucial factor for success, giving local agencies a competitive edge over their international counterparts. The ability to think in Arabic and develop Arabic content has become a cornerstone of effective communication efforts, particularly in the Saudi market. Even global companies are recognising the importance of this mentality in creating influential narratives and content for their stakeholders.


Many agencies are now adopting a partner model. This approach is not just about ensuring the highest level of productivity and agility but also about maintaining continuity. While the nature of solutions and services remains largely unchanged, the focus has shifted to the modeling, methodologies, and forms of providing these solutions and services.


The competition of Saudi companies to leading established global brands, Saudi success stories have become global role models in many sectors, pioneering projects the Kingdom seeks to


accomplish and transforming Saudi cities into attractive destinations for investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and whoever looks for empowerment, success, and innovation opportunities. There is a new dreamland in progress on the Kingdom’s map for the world after other countries have monopolised it. Recently, the world has become more curious about exploring the Kingdom and learning about its history, heritage, and culture, which gives communicators a golden opportunity to convey a valid image about the Kingdom to the world.


Transforming Riyadh into one of the 10 most important economic cities in the world, within the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, opens promising horizons and tremendous growth opportunities, especially for the corporate communication sector, which will be at the heart of building impactful and positive relations between companies, investors, society, and people.


A major challenge is the pace of rapid transformations to make the Kingdom a global destination for investments in non-oil sectors, such as tourism, artificial intelligence, creative economy, and e-commerce. The Saudi market is now a playfield for tense competition, not just for market share, but for talent and human capabilities.

May 27, 2024 47
Yasser Alhabsi PR Director Ayman Hassan PR Director Amr Alnajjar Content Director Ibrahim Amutawa Managing Partner Rakan Alowais Operations Director Abdullah Khairallah Senior Account Executive


Type of agency: Digital

At Promenti, we provide a complete continuum of marketing and creative services to help you get your message to your clients in a strategic and compelling way. We’ll help you develop a plan to engage your clients and stir them to action, then we unleash our creative team with deep experience across a wide range of marketing disciplines.


Type of agency: Events

Promovision started its operations in 1993 in Saudi Arabia, managing global brands with the best practices worldwide and meanwhile adapting to local insights and boundaries. It was founded by a Saudi entrepreneur with impeccable credentials, a PHD in logistics and more than 22 years’ experience in the events and experiential field.

SERVICES: Events management, experiential marketing, creative concepts and production


Type of agency: Creative Saudi offices: Jeddah, Riyadh Head of company: Taha Alawi Alsafi

A leading Saudi advertising agency and the only Saudi member of The NetworkOne – the largest global network of independent agencies – with a proven track record of achievements and management of megaprojects for public and private sectors, including recognisable projects for Saudi 2030 Vision.

Publicist Inc

Founded: 2011

Head of Company: Mai Abaza, CEO; Allaa Ramadan, COO; Mariam Toulan; CCO

Headquarters: Saudi Arabia, Egypt

Established in 2011, we’re passionate storytellers revolutionising communication standards in the Middle East. Expanding into Saudi Arabia, we aim to redefine the industry with PR services that captivate hearts and minds. Our proud track record includes serving 150+ companies across the region, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

SERVICES: Corporate communications, media relations outreach, publicity, content creator & influencer outreach, media monitoring & intelligence reporting

KEY CLIENTS: Uber, Spotify, Manga, NBA, Katara studios

Radix Media Arabia for Advertising

Founded: 2023

Head of company: Mohanan Nambiar

Headquartered: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Radix Media is a dynamic agency specialising in innovative digital marketing solutions tailored for the Middle East and North Africa region. With a focus on strategic planning, creative content, and cutting-edge technology, we drive impactful results for clients across diverse industries.

SERVICES: Insights & Data Analytics, Integrated Media, Social & SEO Planning, Performance & Commerce Planning, Technology Integrations & Partnerships , Content, Community & Influencer Management

KEY CLIENTS: Liva Insurance, Lamb Weston, Saudi Food Show, Alpha Italia, ACWA, Zoho

Type of agency: Creative, Digital, Media

Founded: 2011

Offices: Riyadh, Cairo, Dubai  +966112080880

We are a performance-driven advertising agency. Our aim is to deliver culturally resonant creative results both online and offline for our partner brands to drive growth and make an impact. We do so through our range of services spanning strategy, creative, social, paid media, consumer insights, production and studio. Since 2011, we have been honing our creative prowess, insight precision, digital fluency and cultural awareness to deliver measurable high-impact results.

SERVICES: Consumer insights, strategy, creative, social, sports, production, media planning & buying

KEY CLIENTS: Netflix, Tiktok, Shahia Foods, MUVI Cinemas, AlMajdouie Motors

AWARDS WON: Dubai Lynx Independent Agency Of The Year, Dubai Lynx Grand Prix Winner

May 27, 2024 48
LEADERSHIP PANEL Bahy Aboelezz COO Bassem Elhady CEO Omar Shoeb MD, KSA Bassel Elsawy MD, Regional Ahmed Elgendy GM, KSA Zeyad Salem ECD

Phenomenal PR and Events

Type of agency: PR and events

Phenomenal is a Saudi public relations and event management agency founded by Shadi Zahid in 2006. It believes in Saudi capabilities, which is why it is managed by Saudis, giving the company an advantage as it is more in-tune with the local, GCC and MENA markets. Phenomenal provides strategic solutions to clients in order to highlight and improve their company’s image through creative plans that include media relations, event management and promotion campaigns based on international standards.

Ritix Group

Type of agency: Production house

Ritix Group was established in Saudi Arabia in 2006 to provide effective solutions to develop business in the private, public and non-profit sectors through its consulting, production, media and investment companies. Ritix Group is one of the leading companies in the kingdom, with more than 200 projects completed.

Rocket Interactive

Type of agency: Digital +966 53 555 3740

Building an intergalactic experience in digital product design and development, leading to a digital transformation journey. We offer innovation and creativity to redefine your experience to connect digitally with your client by creating outstanding websites and applications that offer the best user experience on any device.

Founded: 2005

Rowad Media

Type of agency: Production house

Rowad Media was established in 2005 to provide world-class Arabic media and entertainment content with Saudi hands, to form an integrated, creative work environment in the media and entertainment sectors with professional standards. SERVICES: Media production, renting, cinema, events management, design, theatre, TV, consulting, training, investment


Type of agency: Media Headquartered: Riyadh Head of Company: Ghaleb Abdoun

Rely is a media planning and buying agency located in Riyadh. Through a team of experienced media professionals, our job is to make the most effective use of the advertiser’s media budget, where the ad message is delivered to the right audience at the right cost.

SERVICES: Media consultancy; digital and traditional media planning; media investment management; market research

KEY CLIENTS: Max, Centrepoint, Homecentre, Splash, Home Box, Camel Club

Head of company: Lara Arbid Number of staff: 120 +971 4 445 4647

At Magna, our mission is to be the driving force behind our clients’ success by delivering unparalleled media and communication solutions across MENA. Our vision is to redefine industry standards, envisioning a future where businesses thrive through a strategic and innovative mindset.

Guided by our commitment to excellence, our ‘Performance Pathways’ planning framework signifies continuous enrichment and evolution of every aspect of our product – technology, processes and most importantly, our people.

The expertise of our dedicated professionals ensures our clients benefit from cuttingedge solutions that yield tangible results. As part of MCN and globally IPG, we offer an immense value of research, tools and competitive rates, capitalised through our group’s clout and buying power. That’s the Magna difference.

TECH PARTNERS: Adjust, Kochava, Appsflyer, Branch, Zapier, Oracle, Adobe, GCP, Datorama, Flashtalking, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google

SERVICES: Digital and traditional media services, integrated media strategy and activation, communications planning, market research, consulting, social media activation, SEM, programmatic media buying, mobile partnerships, analytics and dashboard, dynamic creative optimisation

KEY CLIENTS: Nahdi Pharmacy, Subway, Baskin Robbins, Banque Saudi Fransi, Twinings, Super General, Dubai Holding Group, Dubai Properties, Meraas, Jumeirah Hotels, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Global Village, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Hitachi, Canon


May 27, 2024 49
Sini Baby CFO MENA Lara Arbid CEO MENA Karim Masri Head of Digital KSA Santadip Roy Regional MD MENA Nameer Abou Ismail GM KSA

Sara United Advertising

Founded: 1999

Head of company: Mohammed Nagah, Managing Director ME

Headquartered: Al-Khobar City

Sara United Advertising was founded in 1999 as a unique digital advertising factory dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising campaigns. SUA has proved all over the past years its innovative marketing fingerprint; We thrive in the business of brand building.

SERVICES: Creative marketing strategy, digital marketing & social media management, exhibition booths & event management, media production, website development

KEY CLIENTS: Aramco, Sabic, DHL, Juman, Gree KSA

Sifr Creative House

Founded: 2018

Head of company: Meshari AlMuhanna

Headquartered: Riyadh

Sifr is a local creative house with international standards. They have pioneered their way in the creative industry since 2018 with exceptional conceptual work surpassing expectations and se ing them in a league of their own. The ring without a middle, beginning, or end, Sifr represents an infinite gateway of creativity.

KEY CLIENTS: Diriyah Gate Company, King Salman Park, SABIC, Mercedes, Cartier

Silkdeer Entertainment

Type of agency: Production house

Silkdeer Entertainment is a leading entertainment group in Saudi Arabia. Upon establishment, 2002, the company began with film production and motion graphics, and due to the absence of broadcast networks and cinema, focus shifted to the private sector, a market that has long desired local and quality productions. Today, Silkdeer Entertainment is home to a consortium of companies in a variety of disciplines, all within the entertainment field. Each company operates individually in its realm of expertise.

Sketch Creative Boutique

Type of agency: Creative Services: Branding, advertising +966 12 639 0066

Smart Social

Type of agency: Digital

We are diligently looking for everything new in the world of social media – all the hidden technologies, all the distinctive success stories around the world, and on the basis of which we develop our long executive list. Then we take all these technologies to put them in your hands and achieve your goals, and therefore our team is a social media agency; they are not just a group of people who live on the internet.

May 27, 2024 50 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K

Founded: 2002

Offices: Riyadh and Jeddah Headquartered: UAE

OMD is the world's largest media network with more than 12,000 people working in over 100 countries As the world grows with opportunities, the key is reacting to them, by making better decisions, faster - combining innovation, creativity, empathy and evidence to help them move faster, reach further and take smarter risks every day


Strategic planning & investment management, performance marketing, data and technology consulting and implementation, analytics and e-commerce transformation/marketplace management

Contact: | Riyadh: +966 11 216 7796 | Jeddah: +966 12 657 3087

Founded: 2006

Offices: Riyadh Headquartered: UAE

Guided by the ethos ‘Make the Leap’, PHD is renowned for driving disproportionate growth through transformative and creative ideas PHD is one of the most forward-thinking media agencies, challenging convention and breaking new ground in strategic thinking and planning Built on a culture of thought leadership, innovation and creativity, it is one of the world's fastest growing agency networks. Globally, PHD has more than 6,000 staff, more than 100 offices worldwide, and is part of Omnicom Media Group


Media planning & buying; strategic planning; data analytics & technology consultants; social & content marketing; SEO; creative services including dynamic creative optimization

Contact: | +966 11 216 7796

Founded: 2006

Headquartered: UAE

Pioneering Growth Velocity, Hearts & Science is designed for clients who want to change their game We are a media solutions partner that goes further to accelerate both business growth and brand momentum As the growth acceleration agency, Hearts & Science achieves the best brand and business results with end-to-end solutions that activate conversions and reduce complexity throughout the consumer journey


Integrated media planning/buying, e-commerce, marketing science & ROI modeling, digital marketing transformation, business growth acceleration, Martech consultancy/implementation, CRM/ customer experience consultancy

Contact: | +971 44 500 450

May 27, 2024 51 Managing Director Hearts & Science Rasha Rteil Chief Executive Officer OMD MENA Saleh Ghazal Managing Director OMD KSA
Co-Managing Director Karen Doumet General Manager PHD KSA
Ziad Soukkarie

Head of agency: Adel

Baraja, CEO Publicis Communications KSA mena.inquiry@

Publicis Communications is the creative hub of Publicis Groupe, bringing together Leo Burne , Publicis Middle East, Saatchi & Saatchi and MSL in the region.

Leo Burne was built on a simple belief that the most creative, most effective, and most powerful work has people at its core - their needs, wants, dreams, and hopes.

Publicis Middle East shares a common ambition: to help clients and their brands to be and to remain the leaders they want to be, to “Lead the Change”.

Saatchi & Saatchi is a full-service, integrated communications network. They are in the business of ge ing people to fall in love with their client’s products and services.

MSL is Publicis Groupe’s strategic communication and engagement company. They champion clients’ interests through fearless and insightful campaigns that engage multiple perspectives and holistic thinking to build influence and deliver impact.

SERVICES: Marketing comms strategy & consultancy, creative content and production, social & digital media strategy, branding, audio-visual production, influencer marketing & management, strategic planning, in-store activation, events support.

KEY CLIENTS: Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Aramco, Ferrero, General Motors, Goody, Ithra, McDonald’s GCC & KSA, Nestlé, Royal Commission for Al-Ula, PepsiCo, Saudia, Sunbulah Group, Sync, Total Energies, Key Car Rental, SAB, Al Munajem, Al Ula Film, Tasaru, Alfa Co., Salam Telecom, Salam Mobile, Hawaei, Saudi Tourism

AWARDS WON: Cannes Lions (first ever Lion to be won for Saudi Arabia), MENA Effies, Dubai Lynx, WARC, Loeries, Cresta, NYF, AME, London International Awards, Jay Chiat, Art Director’s Club, AdFest, Clio, Gerety, One Show, MMA Smarties

Type of agency: Media

Founded: 1926

Head of company: Tony Wazen, CEO of Publicis Media ME



Publicis Media is the media hub under Publicis Groupe comprising four agencies in the Middle East: Digitas, Spark Foundry, Starcom and Zenith. Digitas is the premier integrated advertising agency that connects media, creative, data, and technology to deliver modern marketing solutions to clients. Spark Foundry combines start-up spirit with marketplace clout to offer innovative media solutions. With expertise in luxury, retail, travel, and banking, Spark Foundry helps clients achieve higher engagement, affinity, and transactions through one-to-one consumer engagement. Starcom believes in putting people at the forefront of everything they do. They design Human Experiences that close the gap between what people want and what brands need to grow and thrive. Zenith is the ROI agency with a unique way of thinking that inspires growth for brands globally. Their work spans analytics, data & technology, performance marketing, content, and superior trading.

SERVICES OFFERED: Media Consultancy, Media Planning and Buying, Branded Content, Data and Analytics, E-Commerce, Digital & Performance Marketing Solutions, CX, CI, Measurement.

AWARDS: Dubai Lynx, Gartner, WARC, Cannes Lions, MENA Effies, Digital MENA Awards, Ad Age, 2020 Best Place to Work Award, Forrester Wave™, IDC MarketScape, Digiday, MMA Smarties, Festival of Media, MENA Digital Award.

KEY CLIENTS: Haleon, Stellantis, LVMH, P&G, Almarai, Aramco, McDonald’s GCC, Neom, Public Investment Fund, Samsung, Saudia, Saudi British Bank, Total Energies, Mondelez, Abu Dhabi Tourism.



May 27, 2024 52
Rayan Hajjar Chief Investment Officer, Publicis Media ME Joyce Hallak Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Media ME Tony Wazen CEO, Publicis Media ME Bassel Kakish CEO, Publicis Groupe ME&T Ramez Zeineddine CEO, Starcom ME Alain Brahamcha CEO, Spark Foundry ME Kareem Monem CEO, Digitas ME Firas El Zein CEO, Zenith ME Elie Milan Chief Performance Officer, Publicis Media ME Bassel Kakish Group CEO, Publicis Groupe ME&T Ahmed Younis (Fizo) Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Communications KSA Adel Baraja CEO Publicis Communications KSA

Type of agency: Integrated Marketing Agency

Founded: 1926

Head of company: Bassel Kakish, CEO Publicis Groupe ME&T



Publicis Groupe is the largest communications group in the world. Founded in Paris in 1926, we are present in more than 100 countries as leaders in marketing, communication, and digital business transformation. At Publicis Groupe, you are connected to our global network, intelligence, tools, clients, brands and 96,000 brilliant minds with expertise in data, technology, media, strategy, creativity, and business transformation, all literally at your fingertips. Through our unique ability to architect, build and orchestrate end-to-end solutions, Publicis Groupe is exclusively positioned to help clients unlock growth in the Platform World through the intersection of data, creativity, media, and technology.

SERVICES OFFERED: Publicis Groupe is organised across solution hubs which intersect to provide seamless solutions. Publicis Communications is the creative communications division comprising Leo Burnett, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi and MSL. Publicis Media harnesses the power of modern media with brands Spark Foundry, Starcom, Zenith and Digitas. Publicis Sapient is the digital business transform arm. At the core of the Groupe is Epsilon, delivering personalised experiences at scale.

AWARDS: Cannes Lion, Campaign Agency of the Year Awards, MENA Effies, Dubai Lynx, Loeries, Jay Chiat, LIA Awards, CLIO, AdFest, D&AD, Cresta.




May 27, 2024 53
Jennifer Fischer Chief Innovation & Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe ME Tahaab Rais Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe ME&T Bassel Kakish Group CEO, Publicis Groupe ME&T Bashar Abdulkarim Chief Talent Transformation Officer, Publicis Groupe ME&T Khaled Abou Nader Chief Product Officer, Publicis Groupe ME&T Publicis Groupe ME&T Executive Leadership: Publicis Groupe ME Leadership: Houda Samir Chief Financial Officer, Publicis Groupe ME&T


Type of agency: Creative

Tajalla is that companion you can rely on to set your business on the right path and take you by hand to the right audience on the right ride.

SERVICES: Strategy, branding, social media management, OOH, radio ads, video, photography, copywriting, SEO, advertisement, design, motion graphics, signage, web design, infographics, publications.

Tarek Nour Gulf Ltd

Type of agency: Full-service agency

Saudi office: Riyadh

Co-CEOs and partners: Basel El Deeb and Ahmed Tarek

A multifaceted powerhouse, the first communications firm of its kind in Egypt, widely considered to be the pioneer of advertising in the Middle East. We have launched numerous firsts in the region, the most memorable campaigns and paved the way for a generation of creative minds to shape our evolving field.


Type of agency: Creative

Intrinsic values make up the basis for any human experience and facilitate delivering the desired impact. We believe that every experience is a human experience, and that learning only comes from doing. Hence, using empathy and intuition as our primary tools, at Taurus we design experiences that fulfill human needs, address human preferences and unlock human mindsets.


Type of agency: Creative Founded: 2011 Saudi office: Riyadh CEO: Alaa Yousef Fadan

A creative media production company with offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE specialising in locally relevant entertainment content from the Middle East. Led by a passionate team of storytellers and social influencers, the company specialises in digital content creation and client-led commercial productions, with an eye to expand its unique offering to long-form series, movies and feature films.

tph DDB

Type of agency: Creative

DDB is one of the world’s largest and most awarded advertising and marketing networks and part of the Omnicom Group. With over 25 years’ experience in the kingdom, DDB’s ethos has come to life in a uniquely Arabic manner. We understand that that although Arabic is the common language, the variety of cultures that reside in the country couldn’t be more different, and each has to be considered when crafting creative communication. SERVICES: Design, advertising

Founded: 1990

Head of agency: Srinivas Devulapalli, Senior Vice-President MENA, Publicis Sapient

Publicis Sapient, the digital business transformation business of Publicis Groupe, helps established organisations get to their future, digitally-enabled state, both in the way they work and the way they serve their customers. We help unlock value through a start-up mindset and modern methods, fusing strategy, consulting and customer experience with agile engineering and problem-solving creativity. United by our core values and our purpose of helping people thrive in the brave pursuit of next, our 20,000+ people in 53 offices around the world, we combine experience across technology, data sciences, consulting and customer obsession to accelerate our clients’ businesses through designing the products and services their customers truly value.

SERVICES OFFERED: Strategy and consulting, customer experience, technology and engineering, enterprise platforms, data and AI, product management

KEY CLIENTS: Neom, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi Executive Office, Saudi Research & Media Group, Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi, Diriyah Gate Development Authority, Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence

AWARDS: 2022 Great Place to Work; Forbes World’s Best Management Consulting Firms; Consulting Magazine Best Firms; MACH Alliance Award; Global Brands Magazine Award; #1 Metaverse Design and Services by Constellation Research

May 27, 2024 54 LEADERSHIP PANEL Ashwaq Alshathri Country Managing Director, Publicis Sapient
Devulapalli Senior Vice President, MENA, Publicis Sapient Joseph Fletcher Vice President and Head of Experience Strategy and Design, Publicis Sapient Deepak Arora Group Vice President, Technology – Delivery Engineering, Publicis Sapient
Aris Senior Managing Director, Strategy Delivery, Publicis Sapient   Ala Kanan Chief Financial Officer, Publicis Sapient

Type of agency: Fully integrated marketing communications Founded: 2010

Saudi office: Riyadh

Head of agency: Maan Bou Dargham, CEO +966 50 047 2264

Quill, is a strategic integrated marketing communications agency known for its regional reach and innovative approaches. With a strong belief that “ordinary” is not an option, Quill excels in transforming businesses through integrated marketing and communications strategies. Quill’s expertise is evident in their successful campaigns for high-profile clients across the region including KSA. Leveraging its proprietary IQ Model, Quill crafts compelling and cohesive narratives that resonate with diverse audiences, driving sustainable growth.

KEY CLIENTS: Red Bull Mobile Saudi, Geely Auto ME, Al Rawabi

SERVICES OFFERED: Comprehensive 360-degree communications encompassing digital and social media, PR and media relations, branding and production services, and event services.



In recent years, Saudi consumers have embraced digital and social media, leading to a mobile-first approach that has pushed all industries to enhance their online and digital experiences. Personalised and dynamic marketing approaches are now highly effective, as more consumers value cultural sensitivity, local relevance, and sustainability. This renewed pride in Saudi culture and heritage, combined with a growing young population eager for new experiences and global trends, is driving exciting changes in the country.


Saudi Arabia is aiming high, with aspirations unbounded by budgets or limitations. This evolving mentality among Saudi nationals and clients reflects a strong desire for top-tier services, driven by Vision 2030’s ambitious goals spearheaded by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Clients now seek innovative solutions and personalised, culturally relevant marketing strategies. There is also a growing demand for sustainable practices and high-quality, immersive experiences that blend Saudi culture with global trends.



The evolution of our Saudi office has been remarkable. At Quill, we have successfully extended our proprietary IQ Model to Saudi Arabia, transforming insights into impactful and compelling communication narratives. Unlike most agencies in the region that offer singular expertise, our strength lies in offering integrated communication solutions. Our comprehensive approach positions us to meet the diverse needs of the market and drive meaningful progress. We firmly believe in “Made in Saudi, Thinking in Saudi,” which means adapting our regional and


international know-how to the local culture. By recruiting Saudi talent and deeply embedding ourselves in the local context, we ensure our strategies and solutions are both relevant and effective.


The most significant change I have observed within Saudi society is a remarkable surge in openness and acceptance of change. This is evident in their continuous quest for fresh perspectives and their willingness to adapt to novel concepts and ideas.


The growth potential in Saudi Arabia is vast and largely untapped, leaving much of it to the imagination of organisations operating in this market. It is through innovative thinking, creative strategies, and a deep understanding of the evolving consumer landscape that businesses can truly unlock the immense growth opportunities that Saudi Arabia offers.


One of the biggest challenges we face in the Kingdom is securing access to qualified talent. The vast and largely untapped growth potential in Saudi Arabia requires innovative thinking, creative strategies, and a deep understanding of the evolving consumer landscape to unlock the immense opportunities available. Overcoming this talent gap is crucial for leveraging these opportunities and driving sustainable growth.

May 27, 2024 55
Eliane Mouawad Chief Finance Officer Tony Saade Chief Strategy Officer Maan Bou Dargham Chief Executive Officer Pavishia Nair Chief Operating Officer


Type of agency: Public relations/communications

Founded: 1998

HQ: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Head of company: Mohamed A. Al Ayed, CEO

KEY CLIENTS: Public Investment Fund (PIF), Jeddah Historical District, Jeddah Development Authority, Al Ittihad Club Co., Olayan Financing Co., American Express, Al Qadsiah Club, Saudi EXIM Bank and AgriServ

SERVICES: Advisory-based solutions, content, training:


Type of agency: Creative

TTP is a creative agency that started in 2012 with one objective: to be your creative partner that helps in all your business and marketing needs. Your team of account managers, creative thinkers, experience and visual designers is there to partner with you to make great things that resonate.

SERVICES: Marketing, marketing strategy, branding, advertising, content creation, art direction


Type of agency: Creative

Ubrand was founded on the idea of providing creative communication solutions characterised by progressive thinking and commitment to the client’s success. It reflects a desire to create and spark dialogue between people and brands through communication channels without sacrificing local culture authenticity.

SERVICES: Advertising, digital marketing, social marketing, brand development, communication, content marketing, branding, media, media production, and events


Type of agency: Creative

Uturn, the leading Arabic entertainment network in MENA, was founded in 2010 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Uturn produces premium content with the aim to promote Arabic content globally.

VICE Arabia

Headquartered: Riyadh (MEA), NY (Global)

Regional MD: Tarek Khalil

Type of agency: Fully integrated

Founded: 2023

Heads of company: Rami Hmadeh, Azhar Siddiqui, Ramy Abdelrehim, Saleh ElGhatit

Saudi offices: Riyadh and Jeddah +966126161266

Serviceplan Group is Europe’s largest independent advertising agency group, offering all communication services under one roof with its ‘House of Communication’ (HoC) concept. Serviceplan Group Middle East, was launched in 2010 in Dubai, and caters now with offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt, to the MENA region, delivering integrated solutions for building best brands. Serviceplan Arabia, established in 2023, addresses local nuances of the Saudi market, offering fully integrated services together with Mediaplus Middle East

KEY CLIENTS: Abdul Latif Jameel, Nahdi Medical Company, Abbott Diabetes Care, Cardex, Sela

SERVICES: Business and comms strategy and consulting; creative and content development; media strategy planning, buying and data analytics; digital; performance and social marketing; e-sports & gaming

AWARDS: Dubai Lynx: Independent Agency of the Year (2024 & 2022), 5 Gold, 3 Silvers, 8 Bronzes; CLIO: Grand Clio 2024; LIA: Global Independent Network of the Year 2023; Cannes Lions: Independent Network of the Year 2022

May 27, 2024 56
se r vi c

Founded: 2012, 2023 (in the region)

KSA office: Riyadh Head of company: Jonathan Gainer +971 56 162 5900

An aerial filming and photography production house specialising in aerial cinematography, drone light shows, drone-based 3D (virtual production/digital twins) and architecture photography. Helmed by Aerial DOP Jonathan Gainer, Surface flies everything from heavy-lift cinema drones, cine-FPV and helicopters with Cineflex and Shotover systems. The company is fully licensed, GACA-approved, with inhouse creative, experienced aerial coordinators and seamless permissions workflows.

SERVICES: Aerial filming and photography, drone light shows, film production, dronebased digital twins + 3D maps for gaming, heritage and virtual production

KEY CLIENTS: KSA Quality of Life Program, Top Gear, Richard Hammond’s Big, Mercedes Trucks, Volocopter, UAP, Abu Dhabi Media, Aldar

Type of agency: Influencers marketing agency

Founded: 2015

UAE Headquarters: Studio City, Dubai KSA Headquarters: Riyadh, KSA

Head of company: Amer Massimi +971 044578678

Starfish Agency stands at the forefront of micro influencer marketing in the GCC region, catering to the diverse needs of major brands with creative campaigns. Boasting a decade of industry expertise, their dedicated team combines talents from creative to production, ensuring every campaign surpasses expectations. With an extensive database of influencers across GCC countries, they prioritise authentic connections over transactions, resulting in over 1500+ successful campaigns to date. Leveraging their proprietary technology, they provide advanced reporting and realtime insights, while their strategic locations in Dubai and Riyadh facilitate seamless communication and market understanding. At Starfish, excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s their standard, driving them to continually innovate and deliver unparalleled results.

SERVICES: In House co-creation , Starfish Analysis tools , Creative Strategy , Influencer Management, Reporting, Dashboard & Starfish Application

KEY CLIENTS: Hyundai, Carrefour, Alsafi Danone, Activia, Max Fashion, Logitech, MSI, Betty Crocker, Bioderma, Esthederm & Etait Pur



May 27, 2024 57
Girish Chouhan Chief Information Officer, Motivate Media Group Jonathan Gainer Founder + Creative Director, Surface Aerials Sanoor Rasheed Operations Director Mark Matthew Production Manager Omran Naseem Group Sales Manager Rupashree Ravi Permit + Location Coordinator Ana Gixhari Lead Influencer Marketing Manager -GCC Amer Massimi Strategy and Insights Genevieve Alderjani Sr. Influencer Marketing Executive -Dubai Najla Almadar Influencer Marketing Executive- KSA Jinane Younes Sr. Influencer Marketing Executive -Dubai Afnan Al Shareaf Influencer Marketing Manager - KSA

Type of agency: Creative

Founded: 2007

Head of agency: Steven Hetzer

Saudi office: Jeddah +966126905872

Sweetwater is an award-winning independent brand experience agency, creating globally renowned work for the world’s greatest brands. As a brand experience agency, Sweetwater works holistically across the realms of advertising, activation and events. All powered by insightful, strategically-rooted, amplifiable big ideas that deliver both commercial results and cultural credibility. With operations in KSA, UAE and Qatar and experience activating across 27 markets and 3 continents, Sweetwater is what happens when 16 years of homegrown innovation goes global.

KEY CLIENTS: adidas, Hyundai, Sephora, SELA, MDL Beast

SERVICES: Experiential and events, sponsorships and entertainment, guest management and operations, stunts and activations, content and influencer marketing

AWARDS: Sweetwater MEA has won dozens of regional and global creative awards, including Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, The One Show, Clio and MEES, as well as being ranked #2 Independent Agency of 2023 at Dubai Lynx



We’ve been operating in Saudi Arabia for 12+ years and are so proud of where the nation has come from and is going. We see a few key trends, including a frustration with fakeness and a resistance to ‘traditional’ influencer marketing – that’s quite interesting. We particularly love the unstoppable drive of Saudi women. Our work with Hyundai in the Her Souq campaign underlined the wide range of women-led small businesses with big ambitions. We see the youth discovering and expanding passion points, from gaming and music to fitness to beauty, and beyond, evolving them in their own ways.


We see a lot of missed opportunities with brands looking for quick fixes instead of investing in platform creation. Instead of waiting for the perfect event venue or media booking, we need to look to adding value by introducing new platforms, like Coke Studio did for the music industry, or Michelin did for fine dining. If you

build it, they will come. More dedicated experiential marketing assets on client side will also unlock massive opportunities for the future.


Ask not what the Kingdom can do for you; ask what you can do for the Kingdom. Because now, when the first bumps in the road appear and there is a fear that the gold rush is finished, THAT is the perfect time to deepen roots. It’s when the builders stay, seeing a long-term project, worth the wait for those who believe in Vision 2030 and stick around to contribute in whatever way they can to making it happen. We’ve been in Saudi Arabia for a long time, and we will be there for even longer.


The buzz over Saudi’s advertising market will ebb and flow as is normal for a market charting a new course; as it does, we’ll find out who’s in it for real. Some will run off, realising the competition is fierce, the talent demands and client standards increasingly high, and business challenging if everyone is competing for the same slices of the same pie. That’s why it’s time to help grow that pie; to realise that as an industry looking for long term growth, we need to make long term investments, adding more than we take. The post-hype, quality-driven, savvy marketers of


Saudi Arabia will work with the best, and the best will excel here.


Hiring is challenging because truly locally rooted talent is so in demand, supplier standards vary widely (both in terms of quality and costs), and we still want to see the venue network for events and activations continue to grow, because currently, demand outstrips supply.

May 27, 2024 58
Usman Saleemi Executive Creative Director & Partner Steven Hetzer CEO & Founder William McFadden Client Servicing Director Khaled Al-Dajani KSA Partner Kholoud Hafsi Operations Director

Founded: 2000

Head of agency: Reda Raad, Group CEO

+966 59 699 6842

We are a collective of creative minds with an unlimited creative canvas. We create brand platforms that defy convention, compete with culture, grow businesses and drive progress.  Our collective is made up of passionate, dedicated individuals with expertise across the total brand experience — from retail to social, from B2B to experiential, from innovation to production, from design to content. And Disruption® is the glue: the unifying, proprietary methodology that makes it all happen.

KEY CLIENTS: Infiniti, KFC, NEOM, Nissan

SERVICES OFFERED: Disruptive creativity that helps the region’s most iconic brands capture an unfair share of the future

AWARDS: Best Workplaces for Women 2024 - Fast Company Middle East, Most Innovative Companies in the Middle East 2023 - Fast Company Middle East, The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2023 - Fast Company



Managing Director, KSA, TBWA



Saudi Arabia is in the midst of unparalleled transformation. With initiatives like Vision 2030 reshaping the country’s economic landscape, we see an ambitious drive to diversify industries ranging from entertainment and hospitality to sports and tourism. The pace of change is staggering, and disruption is at the heart of the country’s evolution. As the Managing Director of TBWA, Saudi Arabia, I’ve witnessed firsthand how our unique methodology is not just suited to this environment but thrives in it.

Our Disruption® philosophy is built on challenging the status quo and finding white space opportunities where others see obstacles. It is tailor-made for a country like Saudi Arabia, which is redefining itself through bold initiatives that echo the spirit of disruption.

We have seen a huge amount of progress in just the past few years. Riyadh and Jeddah are hosting events that would have been

unthinkable a decade ago – Formula E, the Diriyah Tennis Cup, and the MDL Beast music festival, to name a few. The Red Sea Project and NEOM are set to transform global tourism. And, the Saudi Pro League’s investment in international football stars signals a new era for sports.

In this dynamic landscape, we view Disruption® as an opportunity to create new markets and redefine categories. But that is only possible by harnessing and fostering local talent that can bring Saudi’s cultural nuances to the forefront of the world’s stage.

We’re proud to be part of Saudi Arabia’s transformation. We’re not just observers; we’re participants, harnessing Disruption® to drive the Kingdom’s vision forward. By challenging conventions and embracing the new, we position our clients at the forefront of local creativity that thrives on the world stage. Saudi Arabia is rewriting its story, and TBWA is here to help tell it.

May 27, 2024 59
INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT Dan Leach Managing Director, KSA Reda Raad Group CEO Catherine Bannister Chief Strategy Officer Salwa Elmeniawy Chief Financial Officer

Fahad AlAhmed CEO



Saudi Arabia has one of youngest populations in the planet and they are becoming adults by the minute. That means, they are more digitally savvy and motivated by what a brand stands for. They also look for value amongst the plethora of consumable goods in the market.

Clients are pivoting to where the consumer is. They are now more interested in engaging with them in digital spaces from gaming to social media platforms.


The traditional is dying out. Now we’re looking into how can we help our brands to keep telling their stories through different mediums and stay connected to the culture in many different ways.


They have more belief and drive to reach the best out of their potential. History is being made on the daily here and everyone wants to be part of it.


Gaming and consumable content are the future. If you can’t keep your brand relevant on a daily basis, it’s game over.


The main challenge is honing and retaining talents in this competitive market. Keeping young talent inspired and motivated is something we work on continuously.

May 27, 2024 60


May 27, 2024 61


Type of agency: Marcom consulting and event services

Saudi offices: Riyadh and Jeddah

Head of company: Mohammed Abbas, CEO and Saleh Lzeik, Head of Marcom Consulting

Wafy offers deep functional and industry expertise in the fields of marketing communications, event services, media and tech. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that ma er to our clients and communities.

SERVICES: Marketing communications consulting and event services

Weber Shandwick MENAT

Type of agency: PR Saudi office: Riyadh CEO: Ziad Hasbani

Weber Shandwick is a leading, full-service, integrated, global communications and marketing services agency that brings traditional communications into the digital age.

SERVICES: Corporate reputation; banking and financial services; consumer marketing; government communications; crisis and issues management

We the loft

Type of agency: Creative

We build brands and materialise their image. Our brands constantly evolve, because their core is a soul with a consistent, relatable, and memorable identity.

SERVICES: Strategy and direction, consultation, brand strategy, communication strategy, art direction, photography and motion


Founded: 2013 Head of company: Amro Abo Onoq (CEO) Headquartered: Riyadh, KSA

XELEMENT is an award-winning, full-service agency, leading in advertising, branding, and media solutions. We understand brands, uncover unique success factors, and create powerful success stories.

SERVICES: Advertising & communication, brand strategies & development, marketing consultancy, intergrated media solutions

KEY CLIENTS: Riyad Bank, Kinza, Sports Boulevard, Dallah Hospitals

Founded: 2004

Head of agency: Joe Nicolas, CEO, UM MENAT and Mohammad Mannaa, CEO, UM KSA Telephone: +966112152211 Website:

UM, part of IPG Mediabrands and MCN, is the #1 media agency group in the region for the 7th consecutive year as per the latest 2024 RECMA report. At UM, we believe in balancing the now and the next to futureproof our clients’ brands and businesses. We’re a media agency fueled by creativity and innovation, to give our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Services: Google Marketing Platform certified, fully integrated media planning and buying, data science, data analytics, social media, gaming, e-commerce, social commerce, content marketing, audience planning, segmentation, UX & UI, SEO, programmatic & affiliate marketing. Omni-channel specialists in offline, digital, search and social, sports rights identification and valuation, portfolio management

Key Clients: stc, Jawwy Mobile, mystore, Sabic, SRMG, IoT Squared, Center 3, Nespresso, AlSafi Danone, Diriyah Season, Diriyah Gate ETi, Trendyol, Upfield

Awards: #1 MENA Media Agency RECMA, 2024 and for the last 7 years running; Agency of the Year, MMA Smarties 2022; 3 bronze Effie MENA 2022; 3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze Effie MENA 2021; 21 MMA Smarties 2021, including 10 gold awards; 10 Dubai Lynx Awards 2020, 2 Search Awards 2020; 9 MMA Smarties 2020


May 27, 2024 62
Joe Nicolas CEO, MENAT Mohammad Mannaa CEO, UM KSA Hani Dajani GM, UM KSA Nadeem Ibrahim Head of Digital, UM KSA Rabih Badaoui Head of Investment, UM KSA Adib Khablawi Head of Operations, UM KSA Anshul Jaiswal Digital Director, UM KSA Sumedh Gaikwad Digital Director, UM KSA
May 27, 2024 63



Client: Abdul Latif Jameel Motors (Toyota)

Agency: Serviceplan Experience

The Ramadan campaign from Serviceplan Arabia and Abdul Latif Jameel Motors – Toyota takes a different approach to the Holy Month. Set in the corniche of Saudi-city Khobar, the ad takes a more comedic approach while maintaining the spirit of Ramadan and generosity. Departing from typical family-centric themes, this year’s spot delves into communal experiences during Ramadan. The focus on Al Khobar’s Corniche celebrates Saudi Arabia’s culture, while the narrative and direction aims to capture tradition and diversity in the film, showcasing the spirit of Saudi culture in an authentic way.


Client: Riyadh Season / General Entertainment Authority

Agency: BigTime Creative Shop

The 5 vs 5 fight card is a unique and revolutionary concept that has generated significant speculation and excitement across the boxing world. It puts Queensberry and Matchroom, two of Britain’s finest boxing stables


Here’s a selection of some made-for-KSA campaigns from this year


Client: Diriyah Season

Agency: UM and FP7 McCann KSA

UM and FP7 McCann KSA have collaborated to launch a regionalfirst campaign for Diriyah Season using TikTok OOP. Turning the Saudi TikTok community into billboard stars, renowned creators captured their Diriyah Season experiences. These moments were then shared across prominent OOH screens in Riyadh, inviting the public to join in the celebration and share their own Diriyah experiences. Since its launch, the campaign has garnered significant attention and engagement, showcasing hundreds of individuals and various experiences from Diriyah Season across strategically located OOH screens in Riyadh, including locations like Riyadh Boulevard and City.


Client: Saudi Tourism

who share a fierce rivalry, on a collision course for June 1st. Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn secretly selected five of their most thrilling, high-profile fighters across each division, keeping the names hidden until a press conference just days before the event. Never in the history of boxing has something like this been done and it is one of the standout events on Riyadh’s calendar this year.

A recent campaign for Saudi Tourism using footballing superstar Lionel Messi reached 747 million across 92 countries in 20 languages, according to a report by CARMA. In total, the “Go Beyond What You Think” campaign garnered engagement of 84.3 million. The campaign is anchored on the common misconceptions about Saudi Arabia, and invites audiences to experience the vibrant cultural transformation taking place across the country.


Client: Saudia

Saudia has released a series of videos accompanied by a teaser film for its latest campaign #NextStopSaudia. The campaign boasts a total of 6 main episodes of what is touted to be the first season of the series. The episodes are accompanied by a teaser film. The Next Stop series sees filmmakers and travel enthusiasts David and Naomi travel around the Kingdom visiting different cities.

May 27, 2024 64


Client: Saudi Heritage Preservation Society (SHPS)


In 2022, the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society (SHPS) underwent a bold rebranding to reinvigorate its mission and connect deeper with communities. The new identity seamlessly blends traditional Saudi motifs with contemporary design. The logo, a modern take on the iconic diamond shape, features five lines symbolising the

spirit of heritage flowing through the five regions. A hidden Arabic inscription for heritage reflects the importance of transmitting traditions. This impactful rebranding exemplifies the power of design for non-profits, solidifying SHPS as a leader in cultural preservation and heritage with its positive influence on communities. The rollout included a website refresh, branded communication tools, and a brand film showcasing the logo, concept, and SHPS’s achievements in safeguarding heritage.


Client: Banque Saudi Fransi

Agency: R/GA

Premium bank Banque Saudi Fransi has rebranded to BSF, through a partnership with agency R/GA EMEA. Signalling the transition to sole Saudi ownership, the new identity and name reaffirm BSF’s Saudi roots and its modern outlook to the financial services and economic growth in the Kingdom. As brand design partner for BSF, R/GA was responsible for leading the brand strategy and identity for the rebrand. It also built a custom digital asset generator, which crafts unique patterns. Using typography, such as a client’s initials or the new ‘BSF’ brand name, the generator creates patterns that distinguish lines of business, from personal to corporate to private banking through to assets for individual customers. Central to the work at each stage was the R/GA philosophy of building brand as an operating system, creating tools rather than rules.


Client: Saudia

Agency: Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia and Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai

Every year, millions of pilgrims from around the world travel to Makkah for the pilgrimages Hajj and Umrah. These are the world’s largest annual human gatherings. To help retain the best health and safety measures, as Saudi Arabia’s national airline, and the “world’s most popular airline for religious travel” to Makkah, Saudia has created a new innovative product for all its guests to have a healthier and sanitary pilgrimage journey. ProtecTasbih are the first prayer beads that sanitise hands. It has been distributed to Saudia guests, as they journey to pilgrimage and were handed out across the holy city of Makkah.

Client: Dar AlUla

Agency: The Bold Group

Dar AlUla performed on the global stage and showcased centuries of tradition and culture in the form of Folk songs. The band has been thriving in AlUla while safeguarding the art of Saudi folk songs under a variety of genres like Alzir, AlSamri, and AlKhabiti. They were brought into the spotlight to perform with Alicia Keys on the Maraya stage. This catapulted the popularity of the band and left The Bold Group with an opening to create an identity. The journey of Dar AlUla from a band to a known brand started with the agency designing a logo, and creating a curated social and web page reflecting the essence of the band. Showing the beauty of Arabic poetry and Saudi music, while also showcasing the uniqueness of the band members as Dar AlUla. Launching Dar AlUla also put Saudi folk music on the registry of beautiful folk music of the global music library.


Client: KFC Arabia


KFC and Cheetos have joined forces to introduce a new culinary creation: Crunchin’ Cheese Fried Chicken. Chuck Studios, the global food advertising specialist, has teamed up with KFC Arabia and Pepsico’s Cheetos to introduce the restaurant’s latest creation, the ‘Crunchin’ Cheese Chicken’. Rolling out across the Middle East, the campaign is a crunchfilled 80-second live-action film showcasing Colonel Sanders and a CGI Chester the Cheetah dancing it out in the kitchen to perfect the new recipe, combining KFC’s signature breaded chicken with a special Cheetos coating.

May 27, 2024 65

Industry experts behind the latest Diriyah Season campaign, a regionalfirst utilising TikTok Out of Phone (OOP), talk about how collaborative campaigns are shaping the future of advertising trends in the Kingdom and beyond.


In our industry, ‘innovation’ is a buzzword that’s thrown around a lot, but often falls short in practice. Every conversation and project request seems to demand innovation, but most of the time, it doesn’t deliver. Let’s break it down: there’s basic improvement, which some might call innovation, and then there are big ideas that never actually happen. True innovation, in my opinion, is about making things happen. It’s about coming up with new ways to do things that work and generate results. Our Diriyah Seasons campaign is a great example. By fusing TikTok with OOH, we reached more people in Riyadh and got some serious attention.

Nadeem Ibrahim, Head of Digital, UM KSA


Diriyah Season has adeptly navigated the balance between targeted engagement and mass appeal by leveraging innovative strategies. Through tailored experiences and culturally rooted programming, it has captured the attention of various demographic segments, from local communities to international tourists. By embracing technology and social media platforms like TikTok, Diriyah has further broadened its reach engaging younger audiences and tapping into global trends. This multifaceted approach not only enhances Diriyah’s brand appeal but also fosters a sense of inclusivity and cultural exchange. Moving forward, collaborative efforts signal a promising direction for Saudi Arabia’s innovation landscape, hinting at a future where technology and creativity converge to shape transformative experiences and trends.

Nawaf Rajeh, Director of Marketing, Diriyah


TikTok’s OOP advertising solution, exemplified by the Diriyah campaign, revolutionises brand storytelling beyond

‘‘True innovation, in my opinion, is about making things happen”

mobile screens. Leveraging TikTok’s popular format, OOP offers a fresh avenue for engaging audiences. With TikTok’s reputation for immersive experiences, OOP ensures heightened attention and engagement, tapping into real-life footfall. Brands capitalise on creator-led media for enhanced resonance and competitive advantage in out-of-home advertising. OOP bridges digital and physical realms, elevating brand recall through tactile experiences. Its versatility fosters an omnichannel approach, harmonising online and offline brand narratives. While ensuring brand safety, OOP presents a strategic evolution for brands to innovate and thrive in a dynamic market, aligning with TikTok’s broader vision of redefining social engagement.

Mario El Feghali, Head of Travel & TourismMENA, TikTok


In the Kingdom, there’s tons of room for true innovation. Brands want it, agencies crave it, and tech companies build it. But that doesn’t mean you should jump on every idea. It’s about picking the right true innovations that deliver real, big results and can be re-used, not just a ‘one-hit wonder’. Collaboration is key, not only for getting those big results but also for setting new trends that benefit the industry. With all the giga and mega projects happening in the Kingdom, we have a chance to change how advertising works. TikTok OOP is just one example of the cool stuff coming out of KSA, with more to come.

Nadeem Ibrahim – Head of Digital, UM KSA

Less transformation, more trailblazing! As Saudi Arabia blazes through its journey of innovation, the narrative surrounding the Kingdom is poised to enter its next phase. While the country continues to make headlines for its remarkable transformation efforts, the spotlight will pivot towards stories of trailblazing new frontiers. Bolstered by a strategic vision and ambitious megaprojects to show for, the Saudi Arabia of today is well positioned to not only embrace tech advances to transform, but to spearhead innovation and lead by example. Propelling this shift forward, is the media and creative sector, which sees the Kingdom’s community of creators and consumers come together to set new trends in how we interact with content and mediums in a now ‘phygital’ reality. The Diriyah campaign is a testament to that evolution, and the beginning of many future successes that showcase the power of harnessing breakthrough tech as well as collective creativity, to shape innovation in the Kingdom and beyond.

Mario El Feghali - Head of Travel & Tourism, MENA, TikTok

Looking ahead, collaborative campaigns underscore Saudi Arabia’s trajectory towards innovative cultural storytelling. This fusion of tradition and technology not only shapes transformative trends locally but also positions the Kingdom as a leader on a global stage.

Nawaf Rajeh, Director of Marketing, Diriyah

May 27, 2024 66

Nowhere else in the world is there a land of opportunities like Saudi Arabia. We are the right local partner to capture the essence of your business and connect you with your stakeholders so that YOU can be a part of ‘The Biggest Success Story in The 21st Century’

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