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Jewelry creates an opportunity for every woman to step out of her comfort zone; to be bold and daring, while maintaining elegance and class. It inspires her to be edgy while taking her to the next level with fashion and style. Captivate the crowd with your distinctive beauty while wearing any jewelry selection from DeLa Jouere Fashion Accessories. Be Bold, Be Daring and always add the "The Finishing Touch" with DeLa Jouere Fashion Accessories

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Model: Stephanie Ortiz Hair & Make-up: Rita Ward Jewelry: Dela Jouere Fashion Accessories Styling: Motions Model Mgmt. Photography: Sam Kilpatrick Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine速


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Creative Consultant Angela Tomlinson DeLa - (delà) Adverb beyond; over, above a limit;

beyond, across a border. Jouere - (Jour) – Play, performance, act or delight.

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Model: Ethan Grimmer Suit: Banana Republic Styling: Harold Smith Photography: Harold Smith

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SAVOIR FAIRE: capacity for appropriate action; especially: a polished sureness in social behavior ( know-how, confidence, style, flair, poise, savvy, sense, nous ) Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine®

From the desk of the Editor Greetings! to the world of Simply Dela Jouere Fashion W elcome Magazine. A magazine designed to Educate, Empower and to Entertain. You are cordially invited to experience fashion forward concepts and designs firsthand in this unique setting. Again, I have to say “A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men.” (Proverbs 18:16) Simply Dela Jouere is becoming stronger and stronger with each issue. We vowed to bring you the best of the best and God has truly been faithful to stand true to his word by allowing us to do just that. We are rapidly approaching our one year anniversary and we are very excited to continue on this journey. We are in a new season and we welcome you to our summer issue. Fresh, crisp, and renewed. Dela Jouere continues to bring you the latest men’s and women’s fashion and tips to aid you in maintaining a clean, polished look. Dare to be different! Tired of your same boring day-to-day wardrobe? You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to update your look. The most boring looks can be transformed into breathtaking ensembles with the right accessories. Simply Dela Jouere is the quintessential essence of art, fashion, design, entertainment, business, strength, empowerment, and determination for the fashion enthusiast as well as the overall consumer. We are firm believers that in order to look and feel good on the outside, it begins with the inner being. Therefore, we have adopted the holistic approach to encompass the body, mind, and soul.

Photography by: Sam Kilpatrick

Embracing the rich boldness of the fashion connoisseur, Simply Dela Jouere inspires to provide a taste of elegance, class and sophistication to our readers. Our magazine celebrates an unprecedented fusion of stunning photography and imagery while engaging our readers in an eclectic mix of innovative interviews, stories and promotions of local artists and businesses on a quarterly basis. Simply Dela Jouere serves as a platform to showcase the fashion industry’s most sought out clothiers, designers, models, photographers, and artists. Continuing in the tradition of consummate excellence, each bold and exclusive issue will provide you with a visual experience of unparalleled artistry and talent. This issue features celebrity designer Luis Machicao of Luis Machicao Couture whom we have been afforded the distinct pleasure to work with personally. I am truly excited yet humbled to continue featuring such major international designers. In an industry built on art, creativity and expression, no brand invites you into their inner sanctum quite like


Dela Jouere”.

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Summer Starts Here

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Fashion Tip: Stand out at the cook out... If you're going to wear color, make sure that you build, blend & compliment the look from head to toe... It should all make sense! Boyd Brand Apparel & Fashion Tips For more information and/or for an exploratory consultation, please contact: Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. at: Follow us on Facebook:

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Model: Stephanie Ortiz Make-up: Rita Ward Creative Direction: Harold Smith Photography: Oyama Lucas Opposite Page: Stephanie in Japanese Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine速 Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine速






ada Fashions was established in April 2011, by Alexis Scott. Alexis Scott has always had a passion for fashion since the age of five. She graduated top in her class at Westwood College and was awarded a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising. From there, she exploded into the fashion industry and never looked back. Within one year of start up, Sada Fashions became a part of one of the largest Fashion Show in North Carolina “The Charlotte North Carolina Fashion Week”. This is where she encountered her first humbling moment as a designer. The host of CNFW Samantha Busch, wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, asked to wear one of her designs to host the show. Sada was chosen out of all the other emerging designers. In March 2012, Sada Fashion had successfully completed their first fashion show supporting the Arthritis Foundation of America. Sada Fashions has been expanding their brand locally and internationally allowing everyone to have an opportunity to see all the unique flavors of Sada Fashions. Even as President of her company, wife of seven years, and mother of two; she still finds ways to bless the community and give back. Nothing is more fulfilling to her than bringing that confidence back to someone…one garment at a time.

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About Sada Fashions: Welcome to the world of Sada "Exclusive" Fashions. We encourage every woman no matter shape or size to embrace her inner beauty and be comfortable in her own skin. With our wide range of distinctive designs and quality fabrics, Sada Fashions will have you “breaking necks” with each step. Whether your vice is designer clothing, glamorous shoes, or distinctive jewelry; we want to be there for you every hair flip of the way. Be inspired to be desired and take pride in what's yours. Be Strong…Be Independent…Be Exclusive! Exclusively Yours,

Alexis Sada Scott President of Sada Fashions

Fashion Rocks

In preparation of “You” By: Angela Tomlinson I want to introduce you to “You.” Yes, you, the reader, the one who seeks the truth. I want you to meet “You.” Take off for one moment, the mindset that society has given you. Take off the expectations of your surroundings and meet the real “You.”

Fashion Tip: Ladies, from a Man's point of view, it's appreciated when YOU have on a "Statement Shoe" or a shoe that makes a statement. (IJS).

You have been made especially for a dear purpose and a dear destiny. No one else can take your place, no one can compare to you because you are one of a kind. I want to introduce you to “You.” “You” has been patiently waiting to come to the forefront. “You” waits for you to recognize that for so long you have kept “You” from coming forth. When you are ready to release all that you feel is keeping you afloat and thriving, you will then meet “You.” In preparation of “You” “You” is above what you can imagine or think. “You” has the possibility to speak for you, open doors for you, and make all that is out of place line up in perfect order. “You” has a divine connection with an awesome power and beauty that all mankind that sees you will not be able to deny that there is something so electrifying about you. “You” is ready to show you your real potential and the real treasure. But oh my dear... there must be a death of you as you know it. “You” doesn’t think like you. “You is never boxed and has absolutely no boundaries nor limitations. “You” are waiting so anxiously for you to die to your thinking that you can’t or


you will never be or you are insignificant. “You” wants to show just how great you are supposed to be. It’s just that simple my friend. Get quiet; allow you and your

rational thinking and your old mindset of thoughts towards you to die.

“You” will show you all that you need, all that you were created to be and all that

Boyd Brand Apparel

offers style consulting, fashion tips, personal shopping, wardrobe customizing and Custom Made Clothing. For more information and/or for an exploratory consultation, please contact: Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. at: Follow us on Facebook:

you are

destined to be.

I want you to meet “You.” You will never turn away from the truth. Be set free today Go beyond you Make the difference Make the change Make the sacrifice Meet “You”

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Luis Machicao Couture Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine速

Fashion Institute in Peru. In addition, I also worked for a Fashion House. SDJ: How many collections have you done thus far and what has been your favorite? “Oh my gosh” At least 50 thus far. I do 2 collections per year. My favorite would have to be this year’s collection. This year’s collection was inspired by some of the masters of Fashion Design. SDJ: What parts of the world have you had the opportunity to show your collections on the runway? My collections have been shown in NY, Europe, South America, Milan, Spain, France, Germany and of course, the US. I have also done many private collections for clients. I do couture which is custom made. SDJ: As a fashion designer, what has been your greatest accomplishment thus far? I was afforded the opportunity to design for the President and First Lady of Peru. In addition, I design for many beauty queens and participate in “Cure by Design”; a show to benefit the American Cancer Society where all of the models were cancer survivors .

The Designer Luis Machicao grew up with one thing on his mind… FASHION; however, it wasn’t until the age of 20 that he actively began to pursue his dream. The rest is history and he hasn’t looked back since.

SDJ: How & When did you get your start? started 25 years ago in South America, Peru to be exact. I began college to study Sociology. However, after taking a trip to Paris, I discovered my true calling which was in the world of fashion design. Circumstances were like a snowball effect. One thing led to another and 25 years later preparing to show in Paris Fashion Week. I am the only designer showing from Charlotte, NC and I have been one of only two designers from Charlotte to show in NY Fashion Week.


SDJ: What was the main thing that sparked your interest in Fashion Design? I have always felt that women needed to be dressed well. However, I didn’t see that. So, I felt that women needed to hire their own designer and have garments custom made to fit them. I love to accentuate the form of the female body. Women need to dress to fit their personality. I wanted to change lives. SDJ: Where and when did you receive your formal training? Fashion has always been a major part of my life. However, it was not until after my teenage years that I actually started to pursue a career. My formal training was completed at the

SDJ: As a designer for the King & Queen of Peru; what was that experience like and how did it change your life? It was such an awesome experience and to be able to serve my country made it even more superior. The experience was great. I got the opportunity to fly to so many places, limo service, etc. My life thoroughly changed. SDJ: What is your inspiration as a designer? Wow, every year is different. My inspirations vary greatly. For instance, this year, my inspirations come from designers of the 40’s and 50’s. Last year, my inspirations developed from paintings that I viewed in a museum. Creations can come from anywhere. Sometimes I can see someone or something and creativity begins to flow. SDJ: What makes you different from other designers? We are all very unique in our own way. My uniqueness….it’s been 25 years and I’m still going strong. In addition, I do more classic designs. I understand couture custom made garments; garment construction. SDJ: What is the main quality that you feel a designer should possess? The main quality a designer should possess would be stubbornness or persistence. Many doors will close but many will open also.

Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine®

SDJ: What advice would you give someone that would like to enter the industry? For the “self-proclaimed” designers; educate yourself. Do not copy from other designers and call it your own. “I know I am going to receive a lot of criticism for saying that but the truth is the truth”. SDJ: How would you describe your esthetic (creativity/style)? I love to accentuate the female form in my creations. I love to see a woman that is comfortable and confident in my gowns.

SDJ: Who are your favorite designers? Always, always Christian Dior; he was the epitome of design. He was a master at creating shapes and silhouettes. He understood women like no other. I also like Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, and Chanel. SDJ: What do you do in your spare time when you are not designing? I am always collecting art. I love dogs and artwork. In addition, I love to travel as well. SDJ: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now in the industry? Ten years from now I see more work. Where I am now, I would like to be happier in my professional life. Having the opportunity to see my garments in stores everywhere nationally and internationally would be amazing. Last but not least, I am currently working on launching my own perfume line real soon. I want to remain ambitious. Even when I reach the age of 85, I would like to be still designing. SDJ: Any upcoming events that you would like to share? Sure, I am preparing for Paris Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, South Carolina Fashion Week, Charlotte Fashion Week and NY Fashion Week. SDJ: In addition to runway, what other avenues feature your designs; Theatre, TV, etc.? I have designed for several independent movies, TV mini-series, Soap Operas, Theatre and beauty pageants. My latest movie is “My Name is Paul” SDJ: What would you be doing if you weren’t a fashion designer? That’s a very hard question. I am definitely not afraid of work. I live and breathe fashion design. So, I really can’t see myself doing anything else. SDJ: Is there any other information that you would like for our readers to know? I am a person that is truly grateful for life with all my gifts and talents. The sky is the limit in this country. I am so proud to be an American.

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Luis Machicao Couture Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine速 Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine速


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Luis Machicao

Suit &


Model: Ethan Grimmer Stylist: Harold Smith Suit: Express Photography: Harold Smith

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Model: Ethan Grimmer Stylist: Harold Smith Suit: Brooks Brothers Photography: Harold Smith

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Dela Jouere

Fashion Accessories Simply DelaJouere Magazine速 Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine速 Simply DelaJouere Fashion Fashion Magazine速

Model: Stephanie Ortiz Make-up: Rita Ward Jewelry: Dela Jouere Photography: Oyama Lucas


Chasing the Avatar Dancing with the Avatar

Jovan Jones

When gifted young Maya falls under the spell of Hindu guru Cha Ma---and follows her to India---her parents are horrified. Soon Maya comes to believe that Cha Ma is an avatar---the human embodiment of the malevolent goddess Kali. Is it too late to save Maya's life . . . and soul? 199 pages, softcover from Destiny Image

SDJ: Tell us a little about Jovan, the person Wow! That’s hard! Hmm, I’m 43, single mom. I have an awesome son. I love Jesus, crazy love Him. I’ve been incredibly blessed by God to have lived an amazing life and be able to tell the tale. (see Testimony) SDJ: Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? I had always been a journaler. Ever since I was 12 or 13, I kept a journal. I don’t think I ever really saw myself as a writer or expected to be an author or anything like that. Honestly, it wasn’t one of my dreams. It all began while I was a teacher at Westover Middle School, I would share stories about what happened to me while I was in India. The students loved the stories. They were absolutely fascinated by them. Every day, they wanted to hear the stories and they’d say, “Ms. Jones, you need

to write a book. You need to write a book.” At the same time, I began to feel that God was saying for me to write a book—that He had given me so many incredible experiences, allowed me to see so many amazing things, the least I could do was write a book. So, I began writing. SDJ: Descent Series… Chasing the Avatar (Book 1)…. Dancing with the Avatar (Book 2); what is the story behind the series? How did you arrive at that title? The story behind the two books is basically, my personal story. I am the main character Maya. And I write about my experiences with becoming a Hindu, living in India and following a guru. This is also my parents’ story about how their daughter disappears and they pray her back in spiritual warfare. And that’s how I unfold the books—the telling of my and my parents’ tale intertwined with each other. Basically, the titles are about the stages I’m in during each particular book. When I first met the guru, I was seeking answers and chasing every little thing that offered answers. When I met the guru, I felt she was the closest possibility to getting the answers, so I chased her. Hence the name of the first book, Chasing the Avatar. The second book, Dancing with the Avatar, is about how I go deeper and deeper into the life of following

the guru and living in the ashram and all the insanity that revolved around the guru. Basically, my life in the ashram is a dance. I’ve yet to name book 3. SDJ: How difficult was it to have your books published? Is there anything that you would do differently? It wasn’t too difficult. I think because I went into it expecting it to be A LOT of work and knowing that, really, it would be a game of odds. After doing much research, I decided to seek out a royalty publisher because I wanted my books to be in brick and mortar bookstores. I knew that getting picked up by a royalty publisher was a lot of hard work. I discovered that the more queries and submissions I made to publishers the greater the probability that I’d get picked up by someone. So, I simply filled out countless queries and submissions. I think I made over 60 submissions. Each one had to be tailored specifically to the publishing house that I was submitting it to—some publishers wanted a prospectus, others a marketing proposal, others portions of my manuscript, others combinations of those things. I received countless rejections but I kept reminding myself that all I needed was one yes and that every rejection got me closer to that yes! I’m not too sure I’d do anything differently around the publishing, except maybe understand that the greater amount of work comes after the book is published. I didn’t know the prodigious amount of work that would be demanded in promoting the books. Marketing and promoting are MUCH more work than actually writing and getting published. Actually, I’m considering self-publishing this time around. Mainly because I lost a lot of control over the books, the book design, the cover, and also, I received a very small fraction of the profits. I’d like to see more of the profit. SDJ :Is there a detailed message in your novel that you want the readers to grasp? Yes! First and foremost, I want them to see the love Christ has for us. No matter where we go, what we do, how far we sink, we are never too

far for Him to retrieve. I want them to see Him as strong and powerful, passionately intense about us. I want them to see the power of prayer and intercession and how the prayers of believers are of utmost importance and can be the reason for success or failure. I want them to see that there is a vast supernatural realm that is more real and influential than anything in this physical world. SDJ: Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? The experiences are 100% my own. They chronicle the time that I lived in India for two years. Everything in the books that happen in the physical actually happened. I deem the books fiction because of what I write about the supernatural. The supernatural events, I did not see with my own eyes, but I feel God gave me an inkling of what happened. I also call the books fiction because the names have been changed (I mean no harm to the people represented in the stories). And finally, I call them fiction because the books’ timeline is over the course of a year, when in reality, it was over two years and the chronology between the books and reality aren’t identical. SDJ: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? Beth Moore—her Breaking Free workbook has done more to whip and beat me into shape than any other book, aside from the Bible. SDJ: Is there any advice that you would like to share with up & coming writers? Hmmm, take time to craft your writing. Don’t be in a hurry to get it “out there.” Clean up your style. Clean up your writing. A poorlywritten/poorly-edited book could cost many a contract. Be patient and know that it will take many, many queries to get a book published, if you go with a royalty publisher. And if you go with self-publishing, make sure to clean up your book—a poorly-written, poorly-edited book will be dismissed as being poor quality and will never be read. Make sure you hear from God, that you write what He wants you to write, when He wants it written.

By: Rita Ward

Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine®

My Testimony … pg. 37

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October 6-12 2013

wi th

Under Construction Rickie Hodges, Jr.

Back to basics

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Step 1

Step 3

Step 2

1) Stand below pull-up bar and grasp it with wide overhand grip. Hang on bar. 2) Bend your knees and cross your lower legs. 3) Pull your body up until your upper chest reaches the bar. Look up and keep chest up, leading toward the bar. 4) Return with same speed. Keep the arms very slightly bent at the bottom of the motion to maintain the muscular activity. Simultaneously let your your shoulders be pulled up by the bodyweight. (Repeat)


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

1) Stand with the bar above the center of your feet - your stance should be a bit more narrow than shoulder-width to give your arms room. 2) Grab the bar overhand so your arms are vertical to the floor - if your hamstrings are tight, do Squat 2 stands to boost your hip flexibility. 3) Bend through your knees until your shins hit the bar which must remain above the middle of your feet. Shoulder-blades directly over the bar. 4) Lift your chest but don't squeeze your shoulder-blades like on Squats. Just put your shoulders back & down, head inline with rest of your spine. 5) Pull - keep the bar close to your body, roll it over your knees and thighs until your hips and knees are locked. Do not lean back at the top. 6) Lower the bar by pushing your hips back first, and then bend your knees once the bar reaches knee level

Lat Pulldowns

1) Grab the lat pulldown bar with your hands just SLIGHTLY wider than shoulder width using an overhand grip. Sit down with your arms fully extended overhead. 2) Pull the bar straight down in front of your head by driving your elbows down to your sides until the bar touches (or comes very close to touching) the top of your chest. 3) Return to starting position.

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Model: Stephanie Ortiz Make-up: Rita Ward Photography: Oyama Lucas

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Continued from pg. 32


Jovan Jones

My Testimony Jovan Jones, author of the Descent Series Chasing the Avatar and Dancing with the Avatar

I have always loved and yearned for God for as long as I can remember. For many years and in many ways, that yearning was misguided and misplaced—I placed it into other people, gurus, religions, achievements, you name it— but it has always been for Him. I dedicated my life to Christ when I was 12 years old. I feel that because I wasn’t baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, I didn’t have the power necessary to live a successful Christian life. The moment we give our lives to the Lord, we choose sides in a battle against an enemy who is committed to destroying us. If we don’t have the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of us, it is very easy to be swept away by this enemy. Also, I feel that God allowed me to go the route that I did because He wanted me to end up here…now…with my particular testimony, with no detail or experience out of place. From the age of 16, I was extremely suicidal. I can’t remember a day that I didn’t think about how to kill myself. The thoughts escalated while I was in India to where I found myself on the temple roof night after night trying to jump off. Every time, however, “something” kept me for tumbling over the edge. It was only when I rededicated my life to Christ did that “urge” disappear. In 1987, I went to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for undergrad and lived a pretty wild, albeit promising life. In 1991, I went to Harvard University for graduate school and lived an even wilder, more promising life. All the while, emotionally and mentally, I sank lower and lower. I recall getting into New Ageism, Hinduism, and other religions as a way of trying to find answers. I was very angry with God and considered Him to be remote and distant (How else could all of the tragedies of life by explained away?). While I was in my 4th year of graduate school and heavily involved in Santeria/Candomble/Voodoo and New Ageism, I began seeking gurus. That is when I met Ammachi and was blown away by her. Immediately, I shut down my life at Harvard and moved to India. I ended up living in her South Indian ashram and traveling throughout India and the US with her for two years. I saw and experienced many, many crazy and unbelievable things. During that time, my parents stood and battled for my return against what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles and daunting odds. It is about this time period that The Descent Series is based. It moves back and forth between me and my parents and what I feel (what God has revealed) was happening in the spiritual realm. After two years, a miraculous event occurred that necessitated that I leave India in 15 days. I returned to Harvard and my life back in the US. In 1999, I had my son, who was a gift from God: No matter how crazy I chose to be, I refused to share that madness with my child. I moved back to North Carolina to live with my parents and rededicated my life to Christ that same year. In 2000, I began teaching in the North Carolina public school systems. As I taught about Africa and Asia, I would share the stories of India with my students. Constantly, they urged me to write a book. I took their advice and began writing The Descent Series. And here I am. I am passionate about my books because I am passionate about Christ. I am even more passionate about sharing Christ as I’ve experienced Him. As I state in the Introduction to Chasing the Avatar, “He is intensely alive. He is vibrant and passionate. He knows us through and through and constantly watches over us.” Jesus is absolutely amazing in His love and passion for us. I am floored by how every aspect that He embodies, He carries it to the ultimate of infinity. He loves us—to infinity. He is passionate about us—to infinity. He is good—to infinity. He is giving—to infinity. He is just—to infinity. He is holy—to infinity. I could go on and on about Him and never be able to state every quality that He excellently and perfectly embodies. One thing He has been giving me a revelation about is just how much He loves me…and being that He is no respecter of persons…the second revelation is: just how much He loves each and every one of us. I think about how He retrieved me from the other side of the earth, in all my extreme meanness and ugliness, and redeemed me. Then, He remade and recreated me. Every aspect of me—He has “refashioned” just because of who He is. My heart is to share that with the world and to share that what He’s done for me, He’ll do for anyone and how He loves me, He loves everyone. I want people to know that no hole is too deep, no journey too far, no thought too vile that He cannot take us back to Him. That’s just how much He loves us and is passionate about us. Jovan Jones Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine®

WIDU By: Rita Ward

“We Inspire Divine Unity”

WIDU 1600 AM is owned by Wes and Sandy Cookman and located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. WIDU programming includes news, talk radio, church services, and gospel music. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the owners, Wes and Sandy Cookman. SDJ: What does the acronym WIDU mean? Many will say WE-DO. The true meaning of WIDU is WE INSPIRE DIVINE UNITY. How did they come up with such unique name for a radio station? Dr John Godbolt held a contest for the listening audience to come up with a name. The results of that contest were the birth or rebirth of WIDU. SDJ: When did WIDU first air and how long have you been a part of WIDU? WIDU signed on the air December 1958. Wes and Sandy both agree that the stand on the shoulders of some very unique, powerful and spiritually blessed men and woman. Six years later, WIDU became the city of Fayetteville’s first black radio station. Wes started his Sandy & Wes Cookman journey with WIDU in 1987. Why a radio station? Wes stated that he made this decision after hearing a life changing sermon at an event similar to the WIDU Anniversary. The event had music which helps to prepare our hearts to receive the word – the spiritual message. The message was The Battle for the Mind. The message came from Romans 12:2 -New King James Version (NKJV) And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Wes not only did his homework on radio, he studied the various stations, and the habits of its listeners. The average person listens to 3 ½ hours of radio per day. He wanted to, and needed to use this powerful medium for a more positive purpose. To bring life changing messages to its listeners. It was at this point that I had to ask Wes if he was an ordained minister. After he chuckled, he said no. Although many of the gentlemen in his family are, that was not the path he was led down. I asked Sandy if she knew that this is what her life would entail when she met Wes and of course she said no. I asked if she had any objections when he said he what to purchase a radio station, once again she said no. Although prior to meeting Wes, Sandy was also in radio. I joked with them that Sandy was the reason that Wes got in the radio business! It brought a smile to both of their faces.

"We are determined to remain disciplined and focused SDJ: What are some of the coming events for WIDU? on the mission, we will continue to work to save one Wes and Sandy numerous times mentioned the WIDU anniversary. This will be th their 55 celebration. I know what a traditional anniversary entails, but a soul at a time radio station anniversary; well I needed a little help with that. The 2nd Saturday in October is the official anniversary of WIDU. The 1st anniversary celebration hosted approximately 1,500 attendees and current count is about 20,000. With this being a radio station, you think music. That would be true for some stations, but with WIDU it means, music, dance, a golf tournament, a unity service, a youth event, empowerment EXPO, a traditional gospel night and a standing room only concert. Some of the past artists have been Tye Tribbett, Byron Cage; and Lee Williams and The Williams Brothers. With every year the most important thing that Wes and Sandy are most proud of is the fact that they have been able to keep the cost low. The 1st anniversary celebration the tickets started at $8.00 and for the upcoming anniversary they will start at $10.00. How are they are able to make this happen, will Wes says it is all because of Sandy and her hard work to secure sponsors. With all that being said, they continuously donate tickets to the community. You can purchase at WIDU or from Ticketmaster at the Crown Center. Call WIDU at 910-483-6111 for more information.


SDJ: What is the biggest challenge for WIDU and how do you stay focused? “We absolutely love what we do”, states Wes and Sandy. It is their love for radio, their listeners and the more than 100 pastoral members that help with the vision of WIDU. With this type of love, the challenges are minor. In today’s entertainment industry, the more you are able to do or achieve; the higher your standards should be!! WIDU does not believe in compromising their beliefs when it comes to music, advertising or the people they do business with. According to Wes they have a very wholesome family oriented style of radio. At WIDU the bar has been set extremely high and “we intend to keep it that way” states Wes and Sandy. SDJ: How do listeners stay connected with WIDU? In addition to WIDU (1600 AM), in 1998, Wes bought WAGR (1340 AM) in Lumberton and WEWO (1460 AM) in Laurinburg. Wes later added WFMO (860 AM) in Fairmont to what is known as the called "WE-DO" network. SDJ: What is next for Sandy, Wes and WIDU? Sandy - continue to do a good job. I love what I do and I have learned that no two days are the same. So what’s next is whatever is happening that day. I believe that this is my God’s given purpose, this is what I (Sandy) was put on this earth to do. Wes- My life goal is continue being married to the most wonderful woman on the face of the earth (Sandy). Enjoy spending time with our daughter. The most important thing is to continue to allow God to use me according to his will. WIDU - Discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons. We are determined to remain disciplined and focused on the mission, we will continue to work to save one soul at a time.

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