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Models: Zack Ledwell Anna Noddin Styling: Jonathan Diaz Photographer: Jonathan Diaz

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Rita Ward

Rita Ward Harold Smith Jonathan Diaz Kellen Decker Zack Ledwell

Cover Model: Anna Noddin Hair & Make-up: Alicia Griffith Concept: Jonathan Diaz Photography: Jonathan Diaz Fur: Robert Kaufman Furs New York City Courtesy of Felicia Constant

Graphic Designers Harold Smith

Writers Rita Ward Harold Smith Angela Tomlinson Chelley Denae Combatant Gentlemen

Contributing Photographers Jonathan Diaz Daniel Hamlin Brian Latimer Ja’Dee Murphy Soubhan Phanthay Jonathan Davis

Creative Consultants Angela Tomlinson Jonathan Diaz Zack Ledwell Rita Ward Kellen Decker

DeLa - (delà) Adverb beyond; over, above a limit;

beyond, across a border. Jouere - (Jour) – Play, performance, act or delight.

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Renegade Photography Status Studios

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Letter from the Editor Charlene Kongolo ~ My passion for Artistry Visual Imagery ~ Fashion for Men Combatant Gentlemen Visual Imagery~ Jonathan Davis Entertainment Spotlight ~ Sandra Dubose From Passion to Purpose

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Visual Imagery ~ Anna Noddin Soubhan Phanthay Cover Story ~ Anna Noddin Exclusive Interview “Loving my Journey”


Visual Imagery ~ Anna Noddin “The Journey Continues”

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Visual Imagery ~ Anubis Photography Daniel Hamlin Visual Imagery ~ Sugar Shock Jonathan Diaz Visual Imagery ~ Dela Jouere Fashion Accessories

31 Style with Chelley Denae ~ Bringing in the New Year


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Off Camera with Gilbert Baez

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SAVOIR FAIRE: capacity for appropriate action; especially: a polished sureness in social behavior ( know-how, confidence, style, flair, poise, savvy, sense, nous ) Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 6

Editor’s Corner Greetings!


elcome to the world of Simply Dela Jouere Fashion Magazine. A magazine designed to Educate, Empower and to Entertain. You are cordially invited to experience fashion forward concepts and designs firsthand in this unique setting. Congratulations are truly in order for the incomparable Dela Jouere Fashion Team in successfully completing our Anniversary Issue last October. It has indeed been a journey and an experience in growing together and look forward to continued growth and prosperity in the coming year! Happy New Year to all our readers and followers! We pray that you have a blessed and prosperous New Year! We thank you from the depths of our hearts in you believing in Simply Dela Jouere. Dela Jouere continues to bring you the latest men’s and women’s fashion and tips to aid you in maintaining a clean, polished look. Dare to be different! Tired of your same boring day-to-day wardrobe? You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to update your look. The most boring looks can be transformed into breathtaking ensembles with the right accessories. Simply Dela Jouere is the quintessential essence of art, fashion, design, entertainment, business, strength, empowerment, and determination for the fashion enthusiast as well as the overall consumer. We are firm believers that in order to look and feel good on the outside, it begins with the inner being. Therefore, we

Mr. Harold Smith

have adopted the holistic approach to encompass the body, mind, and soul. Embracing the rich boldness of the fashion connoisseur, Simply Dela Jouere inspires to provide a taste of elegance, class and sophistication to our readers. Our magazine celebrates an unprecedented fusion of stunning photography and imagery while engaging our readers in an eclectic mix of innovative interviews, stories and promotions of local artists and businesses on a quarterly basis. Simply Dela Jouere serves as a platform to showcase the fashion industry’s most sought out clothiers, designers, models, photographers, and artists. We have been so blessed to bring you some of the best in imagery, models, designers, and artists. This issue features the incredible 17 year old iconic bombshell, Anna Noddin of Maine which can be seen on the cover. In addition, JDM Photography of NY, Anubis Photography of Florida, Renegade Photography of Rhode Island , and Jonathan Diaz Imagery of Fayetteville are some of the amazing imagery that you will have the opportunity to view as you peruse this issue. We continue to bring you stories of empowerment, motivation , triumph and success with Sandra Dubose and Gilbert Baez. Major surprises are in store for the next issue. Stay Tuned……….. In an industry built on art, creativity and expression, no brand invites you into their inner sanctum quite like


Dela Jouere”.

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My Passion For Artistry

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Kongolo My passion for artistry began like most artists, by the age of 10, I bleached and colored my own hair, by myself, with no fears of the outcome, I simply wanted to try until practice made it perfect to me, then I decided to experiment more on others, so there came my big sisters’ friends. My very first true makeup experiences were experimenting in department stores while living in Africa and Europe, experimenting with colors, pigments, texture, vibrancy, color payoff, and early on it clicked that I needed to learn more about dimensions, then I picked up a camera, just to keep in mind that whomever I was sitting across from would wonder about.

A little history about me…

I have worked as a retail manager for reputable companies such as M.A.C cosmetics, Lancome, Nars, and the list goes on. I have gathered all the experiences and continued my journey as a freelance Makeup artist and Photographer that keeps up with the latest makeup trends, and photography styles. I have a number of years under my belt and it truly helped me to continue to fuel my passion for beauty, and Photography. After accentuating more women’s beauty than I could ever count, in all ethnicities, I can easily match someone's skin tone from a distance, and make recommendations for my clients. Most of my loyal clients respect and encourage my artistry such as letting me be creative by free styling a look for them. I want my work to attract empowerment and confidence whether it is for your personal, business and commercial shoots...

One of many fall looks: Eyes- Soft Ochre Paintpot, Nocturnelle paintstick, Blacktrack fluidline, Carbon, Gesso eyeshadows from #maccosmetics , Cheeks- Vintage Grape blush ombré, Lips- Clarity lipglass by MAC

I offer several services that I love dearly such as; Professional makeup services including Airbrush makeup, For everyday application to Theatrical looks, Personal one on one classes, Bridal makeup consultations, Editorial inspired Photography, Vixen/ Boudoir sessions, Digital editing... I love to be on the go, it helps me to perfect my crafts daily, to offer my clients all I know, to gain their comfort in embellishing them for any of their special occasions.

Check out my website

Keep up with me on social media IG and twitter @charlyko82 Like my business page on Facebook at Charlyko Beauty and Photography Art Send email inquiries to Charlene K

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Model: Zack Ledwell Styling: Harold Smith Photographer: Jonathan Davis

Style Matters...

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Models: Artan & Zack Photography: Jonathan Davis

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Models: Artan & Zack Photography: Jonathan Davis

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From Pain to Purpose

Sandra Dubose

Inspirational Speaker Life Coach

Beauty Queen Songstress

by Angela Tomlinson

She has a complete loss of hair over her entire body, survived death of self image and now captivates the world by her beauty and inspiration. “I literally woke up one day, and had a small bald spot the size of a dime behind my ear. There was no sign of breakage, scalp irritation, or even itching. The hair was simply gone and the little spot grew bigger and bigger with each passing day. Within a few weeks, I had a little “bald spot party” taking place on my scalp. If that sounds like a nightmare, it’s because it was one! These were the words of the exquisite 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina, Sandra Dubose. This dynamic inspirational speaker, author, liberation coach, professional performing artist and Queen was diagnosed with the incurable autoimmune disease, Alopecia Universalis at the young age of 25. Alopecia simply means “hair loss” and affects approximately two percent of the overall population, including more than 6.5 million people in the US. Alopecia can occur at any age and is believed to be an autoimmune disorder that directly attacks the hair follicles of the body. This disease can be acute and short lived or it can remain permanently. There is no cure for Alopecia Universalis. Dubose proves that beauty is in the eye of the self beholder and that the word, “boundary,” does not exist in her vocabulary. Bold, bald and beautiful, Sandra Dubose presents her life’s struggles and accomplishments to others with no holds barred. After losing all of her hair, Sandra had to rediscover herself after suffering from low self esteem, depression, embarrassment, frustration and fear. She embraced courage in order to look at her inner self and come to the unshakeable truth that she was indeed beautiful both inside and out! She decided that the world would not dictate to her the meaning of beautiful nor would the world determine how she should look in order to “fit in with the norm.” Married with two children, Sandra * lives her life on a mission to be the

catalyst that enables women to heal the experiences that had eroded and challenged their self esteem. In 2008, entrepreneur Sandra Dubose launched Dubose Entertainment which became her avenue to produce and direct her debut documentary film, “Project Liberation, My Alopecia Experience.” Along with the film, she produced a mini soundtrack of which she wrote and performed I’m Beautiful which is a favorite among women. Sandra is the author of “My Crown and Glory, It’s Not About the Hair.” This book gleans from her life experiences to help empower women with the tools and strategies to overcome struggles. Mrs. Dubose serves as a patient advocate for Autoimmune Disease and women’s health issues and is a nationally sought out inspirational speaker. Sandra did not stop there with her giving to the world as she founded Alopecia Community of the Triangle in 2009. This foundation helps to spread Alopecia awareness through education and performing arts. One of the major highlights and achievements took place in 2011. Sandra Dubose was crowned the first bald beauty queen of North Carolina winning the 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina USA competition in Raleigh NC.

National recording artist, Indie Arie sings it best, “I am Not My Hair!!” Sandra too, has come to the realization that hair does not depict who we are as a people. Beauty is deeper than the smile on our faces, deeper than the color of the skin, deeper than the sound of the voice and “yes,” deeper than the hair that rests on our heads. We should beauty for what it is and not for what the world projects that it is. There will be moments in life that will present itself as a setback and we must see the good in all things and Simply DeLa Jouere proudly stands and salutes The Bald Beauty Queen of Self Esteem, Sandra Dubose for her heart to give back to others who have not only lost their hair, but their self-image and self-worth. Best of Endeavors to you Sandra for truly you have given a greater definition to the word, “BEAUTY.” SDJ Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 15

“Loving My Journey” Anna Noddin

Model: Anna Noddin Photographer: Soubhan Phanthay




Anna Noddin is an iconic bombshell of her generation. She’s a young woman of great strength and tenacity and her courage and resilience allows her to stand amongst the Olympians of high fashion models in the industry. Anna stays true to her passion, true to herself and true to her vision and for these reasons, DeLa Jouere found her to be the premier candidate for this edition’s cover story. The sounds of the hustle and bustle of the photographers filled the air as they readied themselves on a cold and rainy day to capture the beauty of the Northern 17 year old fashion model, Anna Noddin. The rising fashion model superstar and horseback rider from Dedham Maine, rocked the set as she would instinctively strike poses that nailed each concept thrown her way. Her inviting personality and confidence spread through the room and gave DeLa Jouere’s expert fashion team an added sense of excitement and motivation. Anna displayed a true artist’s etiquette with no gimmicks, arrogance or crazy expectations. Ms. Noddin was quite an awesome pleasure. Behind the eyes that pierce and a smile that mesmerizes, is a young woman that has outlined her path to greatness in the fashion industry while enjoying life and appreciating the simple things of life.

Share her world: “Loving My Journey” SDJ: What's your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks? AN: I started in pageants when I was 14 years old which is where my love for the modeling industry was born. After the 1st couple of pageants, I was noticed by a fashion designer located in Rhode Island. From there, my journey began and I moved to print work in Boston, Providence and New York. I’ve always loved being photographed since I was a child. I model for mere enjoyment. Its hard work but I love to stay busy. SDJ: What modeling projects have you done thus far? AN: I’ve participated in pageants from age 14-16. I have held the title of Miss Maine Teen Motor Speedway and competed for the national title in Kentucky. I have participated in several fashion shows to include; Boston EnVogue, Brazilian Fashion Week 2012 and 2013 (Chosen as Designer’s Choice), and Providence Swimwear Fashion Week. I have also done shows for various charities and businesses. I have also been afforded the opportunity to shoot with several professional photographers in Ma, RI, ME, NY, and NC.

SDJ: How would you describe your professional interests? AN: I have always loved modeling. In the past few years, I have gained a lot of experience as a model with fashion shows and photo shoots. I’ve been home schooled since 3rd grade which makes my schedule very flexible. Music has always been a love of mine. I play the piano, guitar and love to sing. I have been writing music since I was very young. I also own a bakery business out of my home whereby I sell specialty cakes and baked goods. SDJ: Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why? AN: I would have to say my favorite photo shoot thus far would have to be the shoot in RI with my Ibanez Electric guitar. The ability to mesh my two loves, modeling and music was simply amazing. SDJ: Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? (They do not have to be famous.) AN: My favorite photographers are Brian Latimer (Status Studios), Jonathan Davis (DVisionz), and Jonathan Diaz. SDJ: What distinguishes a good photographer from a bad one? AN: A good photographer can envision his shots before he takes it. One who is organized and trustworthy. SDJ: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why? AN: I’ve always loved the work of actress Marilyn Monroe. She was a very beautiful and talented woman. She was very confident in her curves which I truly admire. I love the designs of Sherri Hill and Zac Posen. Their designs are very high fashion. SDJ: What does fashion mean to you? AN: Fashion is not just your clothing but also your personality and image. SDJ How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more. AN: My style preference ranges from Victorian to punk utilizing dark colors. However, I always enjoy getting glamed up in high fashion gowns. SDJ: What is fun and rewarding about modeling? AN: I love expressing myself in different ways and being able to capture that moment in ways that I can’t in a normal everyday setting.

SDJ: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life? AN: Modeling has made me more confident and outgoing especially on a social level.

Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine®

Continued on page 22


Model: Anna Noddin Photographer: Brian Latimer

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“Fashion is not just your clothing but also your personality and image.”

Anna Noddin

Model: Anna Noddin Photographer: Brian Latimer

Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 20

Model: Anna Noddin Photographer: Brian Latimer

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“Loving my Journey” continued from pg. 18 SDJ: What do you dislike about modeling? AN: The only things I can say that I dislike are the stereotypes that many people impose upon the industry as a whole. SDJ How do you prepare for a modeling shoot? AN: I begin with preparing myself mentally for the character that I am to portray during the shoot. I do my best to block out any distractions. SDJ: Describe the atmosphere when you're on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you talk with the photographer between shots? AN: I like to be focused and in the work zone mode whenever the photographer is shooting. I socialize only between breaks. Listening to music while shooting allows me to become more relaxed while shooting. SDJ: What are some of the main differences between runway and photographic modeling? AN: The time restraints and hectic pace of a runway show can be stressful at times yet exciting. However, I find both types of modeling fun and rewarding. SDJ: What distinguishes a good model from a bad one? AN: A good model is one that remains versatile, takes direction well, easy to work with and very organized. SDJ: What advice do you have for other aspiring models? AN: Work hard, never give up, listen and take direction. Always remain confident in yourself and your abilities. SDJ: Anything else you'd like to say? AN: I am very excited about my journey in the industry thus far and I am looking forward with eager anticipation to do more in the high fashion segment.


Model: Anna Noddin Photographer: Brian Latimer

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Model: Anna Noddin Photographer: Brian Latimer


Model: Var Haywood Photographer: Daniel Hamlin Anubis Photography

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Model: Lilu Photographer: Daniel Hamlin Anubis Photography

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TONES contributed models for John Blassingame’s Men Collection shows and have been featured in Today's Black Women magazine. TONES models have appeared on the covers of "Venus" and "For You" bridal magazines. Over the years TONES models have worked with some of the East coast's finest designers, including Francis Hendy, Deborah Williams for Her Game 2 and Edwing D' Angelo, and have participated with other top New York modeling agencies in the Harlem Week 2001, 2002 and 2003 Fashion Shows. TONES models have appeared on the NBC's The Today Show. Ron Cook, Fashion Stylist and writer for Honey magazine, called on TONES for his special Seven on Seven, 2002 fashion show during New York's Fashion Week. TONES models are best described as having exotic beauty that is distinctive, provocative, glamorous and intriguing.

Ja'Dee Murphy the Model Manager In 1996, Ja’Dee's passion for fashion influenced him to form the first all-black male modeling agency, B.M.E. (Black Male Enterprise), which rapidly grew into his full service agency, Tones Model Management, Ja’Dee's commitment and courage inspired and opened doors for many talented Afro and Latino Americans as well as other ethnic groups who seek a career in the fashion Industry. His motto: "Let no one tell you no to your dreams."


Ja’Dee and TONES models are proud to have worked for more than fifth-teen in the fashion industry. Tones Model debut was with fashion Directors/Coordinators and Producers Donald Credle and Jerry Jordan Brown on GMAD's annual fashion shows, models were featured in John Blassingame’s Men Collection shows and have been featured in Today's Black Women magazine as well as the covers of Venus and For You bridal magazines and Essence Magazine.


grounded and focused are the words often used to describe JD Murphy. A native New Yorker, JD is an inner city man with vision and confidence. His education includes the School of Visual Arts and Parson School of Designs where his raw talent in writing, drawing and theatrical arts first astounded his teachers. He was awarded the Claudia Bronze Medal for Art and Designs while attending William Howard Taft High School.

By: Harold Smith

JD has extensive experience as an actor, dancer, model, photographer, make-up artist and writer, a combination of skills ideal for model management, fashion show production and talent representation. He credits his time working with the late couturier Gustavo Huertas as essential to his remarkable style and "eye." While touring with Huertas, JD perfected the industry keynotes: Timing, Technique, and "The Look." JD's passion for fashion influenced him to form the first all black male modeling agency, B.M.E., which rapidly grew into his full service agency, TONES. JD's commitment and courage inspired and opened doors for many talented Afro and Latino Americans and other ethnic groups. His motto: "Let no one tell you no to your dream." In August of 2001, TONES model Management expanded and took up residence in the grand New York landmark, The Empire State Building. JD and TONES models are proud to have worked for more than five years with the fashion Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® directors and producers Donald Credle and Jerry Jordan Brown on GMAD's annual fashion shows.

Over the years TONES models have worked with some of the East coast's finest designers including; Francis Hendy, Deborah Williams for Her Game 2 and Edwing D' Angelo, William Witherspoon, Willie Hall, Ray Brown, Duane Fish, Baby Phatt, Mark Ecko, Rocawear, Kenneth Cole, B. Smith, Tracy Reese and many others designers. TONES models have appeared on the NBC's The Today Show, Tyra Banks Show, and BET Monique Show as well as on Law and Order and other TV shows. TONES models are best described as having exotic beauty that is distinctive, provocative, glamorous and intriguing. Tones models as an agency, is in the process of reinventing itself and will now be known as JDM Model management and will be collaborating with other major agencies, clients, and magazines to ensure that the career of JDM models’ are educational and rewarding experiences. Continued on page 37


"Let no one tell you no to your dream."

JD Murphy

Model: Bec Chandler Photographer: Ja’Dee Murphy

Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 35

Model: Laura Taveras Photographer: Ja’Dee Murphy Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 36

Continued from page 34

Model: Raquel Heslop Photographer: Ja’Dee Murphy

Ja’Dee the Photographer

Ja’Dee is now becoming the newest sought-out fashion photographers in New York whose talents have also been requested on the west coast as well as internationally. Though he has only been a photographer for three years, Ja’Dee Murphy has been contacted by several publications for his talents, clients such as designers, Bill Witherspoon, Tyrell Mason, Jannis Coldiron D'Alessandri for SaraBella James hand Bags, Duane Fish, Ashton Hall, Adrian Alicia, Austin-Paul, Ty Scott, Larry Underwood, Florian Sodji, Richard Q and Phil Harris. Ja’Dee photographed R&B Singers, Zeime, Rob Lowe, Blake Carrington, Darryl D’Bonneau, and Rappers MizzP, and Super Rapper/R&B singer Maino & The Mafia, Pop Singer, Ricky Jarman, and Fathers of Hip Hop Grandmaster Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, Grand Wizzard Theodore and Afrika Bambaata, Celebrity Actor “The Most Downloaded Model Internationally” Ngo Okafor. Actor and Spokes Model Lionel Whitley, Belco Becoum who was cover model for Vera Moore Cosmetic and International Male Model Yohei Koizumi of Japan to name a few. Ja’Dee work has been seen in the Harlem news press and on Good Morning American Morning News that featured the Heavy Weight Golden Glove Champ Ngolio Okafor. Ja’Dee will be working with some of NYC top modeling agencies, and has photographed four cover for HEIGHT MAGAZINE and alone with Height has been requested to an interview with Insider Edition. He photographed award winning actress Jessica Cuban for Fusion Magazine, two covers for Paris Magazine Flash and two covers for Fashion Ave News, who editor Sofia Davis present him with the Fashion Photographer Icon Award. Fame Celebrity Photography Steven Williams of LA, is quoted to describe Ja’Dee’s images as “PHOTOTASTIC” as well as several of his peers who were taken by Ja’Dee’s natural talents, one of them being Tim Harris, Art Director and Owner of Identities Models who now manages him. Ja’Dee has been interviews by several publications and Ja’Dee stated that he too is surprised at the dimensions that his photography has leaded him in such a short time frame. States he have a fine love for fashion and beauty, and is still amazed how ones’ humanity can be capture in the splits of seconds and that a single photo can fulfill you with emotions, this is what he seeks even as a fashion photographer, to bring emotions to those who views his work. SDJ Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 37

Model: Nicolas Unerinveose Photographer: Ja’Dee Murphy

Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 38

Model: Mateo Manny Photographer: Ja”Dee Murphy

Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 39

Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine®

events. I am an electrician, carpenter and an avid gardener…yes, Gilbert Baez. I am just an ordinary person who happens to have more than 30 plus –years in media experience to include; Radio Broadcasting, TV News Anchor, Reporter, and a Digital Journalist.

Off Camera

G B with




e was mesmerizing, it was something about his smoothness and demeanor, or in today’s words…his swag”

Single father raised, native of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and well known TV news anchor and reporter Gilbert Baez exclaimed that at the age of four, he had bells and whistles and sirens blaring in his heart that directed him to his life’s calling. Gilbert listened to a local reporter who had conducted a Sunday morning radio broadcast of Reverend Bentley of Emmanuel Institutional Baptist Church. “He was mesmerizing, it was something about his smoothness and demeanor, or in today’s words…his swag,” stated Baez, as he shared his life’s inspirations and experiences in an interview with Simply DeLa Jouere. “The broadcasters back then in those days had shear command of the English language and could have run for Mayor of any political Office! They moved the community and held power just in their voice and in the words that they spoke and I knew then what I wanted to do in life… and that was to capture the attention of the listeners.”

SDJ – Did any of your children follow your footsteps into the News/ DJ business? GB - Many may recall, while working with WZFX Foxy 99 in Fayetteville, NC, my children Gilbert Jr., Jon, Shelby, and I had our own show. We hosted a program called the Baez, Baez, Baez and Baez Show. This show aired on Saturday mornings from 10am–3pm. However, the purpose was not to groom them for the radio business. The purpose was to instill pride, morals, and value into my children. I wanted them to not only know what their father did but I wanted them to active in it. I needed my children to know about having a promising career and how hard it really was to be radio personality. I think what the listeners missed about the Baez children being at the radio station was that they were shown early how to be responsible citizens. I was raising my children to be afforded the opportunity to leave and follow their dreams and desires. This enabled them to be a part of what I did and still live their own lives. The most important lesson that I wanted to teach my children was to do what they enjoyed and get paid for it. Gilbert Baez Jr. followed my passion for radio and is now a part of WZFX Foxy 99, Fayetteville, NC. SDJ – We know that you just recently retired. Why did you decide to come out of retirement? GB - Retirement was great. It was a lot for fun, relaxing, traveling, and working according to my own schedule. I have worked for WRAL TV 5 (CBS) previously as a Weather Anchor, News Reporter and also with the Cumberland County Schools as a Public Relations Specialist. While there, I produced an educational television show, "Great Expectations”. This show highlighted achievement of students and teachers. During my absence from radio and TV, an epiphany occurred. I realized that being a reporter is what I enjoyed doing. I was fortunate to receive contractual offers from various stations in several states to include GA, and SC. However, another state meant relocating. Relocating was not an option at this point in my life. I was blessed to receive an offer from WRAL TV 5 (CBS) which is local. Fayetteville, NC is my home. This offer would give me the opportunity to work at home within my community. I am very familiar with my community and the military. In addition, this is where I raised my children. I am cognizant of the impact that the news and media have on this community and the surrounding communities. To be honest, I believe I have a lot more stories to tell. SDJ – Who in TV or Radio (past or present) do you enjoy the most. GB – I would have to name more than one. First and foremost, I would have to mention Dr. Perry Johnson. Dr. Perry Johnson was once a staple of the station WDAS FM and was often referred to as Music Therapist. It was said that he had the sexiest voice on Philadelphia radio. The second person that comes to mind would be Georgie Woods. He is widely known as a talk show host, disc jockey, civil rights activist, community leader, promoter and entrepreneur. Woods used the airwaves to educate his listeners on the American civil rights movement and campaigning for equality. Ed Bradley is another favorite. He is best known for 26 years of award-winning work on the CBS News television program 60 minutes. Ed Bradley was known for his impeccable clothing and style which included a small earring in his left ear, which he had worn since the late 1980s, and a short distinctive beard. It’s a great feeling to see

Up Close and Personal SDJ – Tell us about the man Gilbert Baez . GB - In the world of Radio and TV, you only get a small glimpse of the person whose voice you hear or that stands before you on a day to day basis. I am a man with extremely strong beliefs and convictions on what is right and wrong and how one can improve. I work extremely hard to show it in the way that I live my life and through my character. I want to make things better not just for my family but for all families. I am a former Army Ranger, former Communications Instructor at Campbell University, and possess a Bachelor of Arts in English with Special Emphasis on Radio & Television Broadcasting. I am currently, the President of Supermix Media of which I rent A/V equipment to hotels for business meetings and special

African -Americans doing what I do on the national level. SDJ - Are there any community programs that you remain active? GB - Over the past year my fiancée and I have enjoyed retirement immensely; going to the beach and playing golf. However, before retirement, I was involved with the Super Jock Charity Basketball team. This team was comprised of the radio announcers against players from numerous churches and nonprofit organizations to help raise funds Continued on page 41...


Gilbert Baez continued from page 40... for various causes. This year I will be the Master of Ceremony for the 31st Very Special Arts Festival. The VSA affords opportunities for people with disabilities to experience the arts, both physical and performing. I will definitely continue to be a force within the community. I want to be a motivating factor for the youth and young adults. SDJ – What are five things that you do to relax? GB – That’s an easy question. I love the beach and golfing. I know this sound like work but for me it is not; I can spend hours upon hours editing music and videos. I also look forward to spending quality time with my children and grandchildren. Last but not least, I enjoy karaoke date night on Fridays. Especially now that I am back to work, I am really looking forward to Friday nights. It truly gives me a chance to unwind, spend time with friends, sing, laugh and most of all; spend the night out with my love.

Advertise with us: For more information on placements, sponsorships, or marketing, Please contact us:

SDJ – What is next for Gilbert Baez personally and/or professionally? GB – On a personal note, I am preparing to get married. My fiancée is my pride, joy and the main priority in my life. Coming out of retirement meant extreme sacrifices for her. So, all my off time and down time belongs to her. On a professional level, I still have stories to cover. I what to do the stories that are important to this community. Even though it sounds like a cliché, I want to be the best that I can be. I get up every day with the thought process of ways to improve Gilbert Baez. I am working hard to make Gilbert Baez the best news reporter there is. I am driven by seven words… Get it first, and get it right!!! In the infamous words of Paul Harvey….

Now you know the rest of the Story

SDJ Simply DelaJouere Fashion Magazine® 41

y l p im


Fashion Magazine 42

January 2014  

Welcome to the January 2014 issue of Simply Dela Jouere. Simply Dela Jouere is the quintessential essence of art, fashion, design, entertai...