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Narrower options for fruit farmers

Larger engines planned for 5E Series DESIGNED primarily for use on livestock and small arable farms, John Deere’s 5E Series three-cylinder tractors (55, 65 and 75hp) are also intended for municipal and landscaping applications. They will continue to be powered by Stage III A engines for 2014. By contrast, the new larger four-cylinder 85 and 95hp versions will feature Stage III B diesel-only PowerTech engine technology. The 5E three-cylinder tractors are now also available with a 12x12-speed power reverser in addition to the existing 9x3 synchronised transmission. Its 12 speeds between 1.2mph and 24mph offer a wider selection of gears for each application. The clutchless reverser also provides a

Small but perfectly formed AN ENTIRELY new John Deere model for 2014 is the 4M Series, which slots between the 3E Series compact utility tractor and the 5E Series. Available in 49hp 4049M and 66hp 4066M forms, the 4M is designed for agricultural applications where a narrow, low-profile compact tractor is needed. They are also suitable, the firm says, for large property maintenance and commercial applications such as landscaping, as well as part-time farming. Powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, both the 4049M and 4066M are equipped with a 12x12-speed transmission. This features an electrically engaged power reverser to enable simple changes of direction at the press of a button. The “ergonomic flat floor open station operator platform” features a foldable rollover system, which allows the tractor to be parked in a normal garage. The independent PTO can be engaged on the go without stopping or pressing the clutch pedal. Both tractors have a maximum lift capacity of 1400kg.

separate control enabling the operator to change the reversing speed from fast, for headland turns, to slow, for precise front loader work and easier manoeuvring in tight spaces. An electro-hydraulic PTO button also helps the operator to quickly engage and disengage the PTO when working with a power harrow, rotary tiller, rake or other PTO driven implements. The three-cylinder 5E Series tractor cab features a tiltable and telescopic steering wheel for improved accessibility and driving comfort, a tilting passenger seat with optional safety belt and an onboard computer on the power reverser models to control driving speed and engine rpm. John Deere’s new four-cylinder 5E Series

This 5095E is top of the (new) range.

tractors are equipped with a PowerTechE 4.5 litre high pressure common rail (HPCR) engine. Two transmission options will be available on these new models, the 12x12speed power reverser transmission for speeds up to 22mph and a 24x12-speed power reverser HiLo transmission for a maximum speed of 40kmh (25mph).

THE next generation of John Deere’s 5M Series tractors has been designed for small and medium size livestock, arable, mixed and speciality farms. The range consists of four higher horsepower models from 75 to 115hp and features Stage III B compliant engine technology. These redesigned machines will be available from January 2014 in several versions. There’s a standard cab or a newly designed low profile version which reduces overall height to 97.6in even on 28in tyres. There’s also an integrated open operator station, available on the 5085M, 5100M and 5115M models. Finally there’s a newly designed 5M Narrow version with an overall maximum width of 67.7in. The 5M Narrow tractors meet the needs of speciality producers such as vineyards, fruit and hop farms.

Latest addition to 5G family keeps a low profile FEW details of the new-for-2014 5GL low profile tractor have yet been made available but it’s likely to retain most of the features of its 5G Series siblings. First introduced in 2009, the 5G Series is positioned between the 5E and 5M Series tractors and aimed at smaller, arable livestock, mixed and speciality farms. There will be new 80 and 90hp 5G Stage III B Series tractors for 2014 and these will be available in both cab and open operator station versions, with either two or fourwheel drive. As a result, these versatile tractors can be used anywhere from small yards and low barns to large fields.

The higher ground clearance 5GH does its thing.

Equipped with equal front and rear wheels in the four-wheel drive version, the 90hp model is also available as the 5GH, which offers a high ground clearance of 30.7in in its two-wheel drive configuration. The ground clearance allows this tractor to operate in low height crops such as vegetables and soft fruit, as well as vineyards. The new 5G and 5GH Series tractors feature four-cylinder 3.4 litre diesel engines equipped with a common rail system, efficient charge air cooling and a turbocharger to comply with Stage III B emission regulations. They supply a constant power range of 400rpm and a torque rise of 31%. The intelligent power management option on the 5090G provides an additional 9hp at 2300rpm and a power bulge of 5% for PTO and transport applications. The three-point hitch on 5G Series tractors provides a standard maximum lift capacity of 2700kg at the ball ends. Additional lift cylinders are available to extend the maximum lift capacity to 3200kg.

More power from upgraded 5M series. The tractor in the foreground is the open station 5085M.

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