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Isuzu D-Max

Is latest automatically better?

CHALLENGER is gearing up to introduce its most powerful tracked tractor ever, the MT875E. Producing a rated output of 590hp, the new flagship generates a maximum power of 640hp – over 30hp more than the current MT875C.

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the all new

Vacuum Bracket

■ Simple & quick fixing for modern electro-hydraulic control boxes straight to the glass, no more drilling of cab interiors. ■ Easily fixed & removed in seconds ■ Available from dealers throughout the area

Dynamica Ltd

Enterprise Road Industrial Estate, Mablethorpe, Lincs. LN12 1NB Tel: 01507 477355 • 01507 473052 Fax: 01507 478832

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It is due to make its debut at Agritechnica 2013 at the Exhibition Ground, Hanover, Germany, on November 12-16, and is one of four new MT800E Series models. The MT845E generates 494hp and 1611lb-ft of torque, the

John Deere goes compact for 2014

MT855E offers 542hp and 1778lb-ft and the MT865E 594hp with 1907lb-ft. Torque

produced by the MT875E is an incredible 2120lb-ft.

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TV Philippa takes the wheel for BBC harvest PRESENTER Philippa Forrester pulled on her wellies to film a state-of-the-art New Holland CR8080 SmartTraxTM combine for a series of three BBC Harvest programmes. An experiment was held on the Essex farm of Guy Smith to establish what the difference is

between a modern combine harvester and a more traditional way of bringing in the harvest. Using the CR8080 from local dealer Ernest Doe, Forrester showed viewers how a modern machine brings together all the separate operations that our ancestors carried out during the

The film crew prepares to shoot the New Holland CR8080 SmartTraxTM.

harvest and took control to get a feel for the output of a modern harvester. A BBC spokesman said: “Equipped with New Holland’s GPS guidance system IntellisteerTM, Philippa managed to resist the temptation to grab the steering wheel and take a straight swath out of the field.” Apparently Philippa managed to harvest an average of 11kg of wheat a second during her stint behind the wheel. “To offer a contrast and a glimpse of a bygone age, volunteers learnt the art of hand cutting wheat with hooks and scythes while a veritable army of local schoolchildren was gathered to relearn the lost art of hand threshing,” said the spokesman.


Presenters Philippa Forrester, left, and Gregg Wallace, right, with farmer Guy Smith.

“Led by co-presenter Gregg Wallace and equipped with pillow cases, bats, sticks and even tennis rackets, the volunteers proceeded to thresh the cut crop and then using sieves and a further measure of manual labour, were introduced to the art of winnowing – using wind to clean the crop.” The BBC Harvest Programme, intended to give the wider public an in-depth view of harvest time, was broadcast on September 11-13 but is still available to view on iPlayer.



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more little tractors

VALTRA is expanding its A Series tractor range with the introduction of new smaller models. The A53, A63 and A73 three-cylinder tractors are intended for fruit farming and property maintenance, among other applications. The Finnish manufacturer’s line-up now ranges from 50hp up to 400hp. The A Series model line-up also includes compact and orchard tractors. The compact tractors are available with or without a cab, while the orchard models are without a cab. Orchard tractors are 1.6m to 1.7m wide, while the compact tractors are 1.9m to 2m wide. The A53 offers 50hp, the A63 model has an intercooled turbo engine that produces 68hp and the biggest model, the A73, offers 75hp.

Tel: Doncaster (01302) 872257 / 872585

Some open cab N Series models will soon be rubbing shoulders with this older type.

All of the tractors come with Valtra’s 12+12R transmission with synchronised shuttle and creeper gear. The PTO has two speeds, and the linkage is operated mechanically. All models are available as either rearwheel drive or four-wheel drive and have hydraulic multidisc brakes. The open cab is fitted with a rollover bar and removable roof. The closed cab version is based on the traditional Valtra A Series cab and offers an ergonomic and optionally airconditioned workspace that can be accessed easily from either side of the tractor. Valtra has also expanded its N Series with the introduction of three new models. The N103.4 brings a four-cylinder alternative to the lower end of the model line-up alongside the compact N103 model. The bigger N103.4 is a front-loader tractor that offers a wide range of equipment and features. Valtra says the AGCO power 4.4 litre SCR engine has excellent low-end torque and is extremely fuel efficient. The maximum output of both models is the same at 111hp. The N103.4 is available with a three step HiTech transmission or a five step HiTech5 transmission. Also available on the new model, as on the N113 and N123, is the HiTrol turbine clutch, which enables smoother starts. HiTrol is also now available on three-cylinder N93 and N103 models.

Look a gift horse in the mouth A HORSE being offered as a swap for ‘a quid’ or a motorbike and a partially blind pony being offered free to a new home are just two examples of the worst online horse advertisements being highlighted by the Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG). The group comprises representatives from the UK’s leading animal welfare groups and specialist agencies including Blue Cross which has to deal with the fallout of inappropriate advertising on a daily basis. PAAG has launched a set of minimum standards for websites offering pets for sale, including horses. They have been developed to improve the welfare of the pets and to protect members of the public from the risk of ending up with sick, dangerous or even illegal animals. The standards have also been endorsed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and Lord de Mauley, the Minister for Animal Welfare, who gathered the leading online pet classified websites together to discuss the need for urgent improvement. Some of the worst online ‘pet’ adverts include: ● A free mini Shetland pony stallion who would make a good companion or lawnmower ● An 11-year-old girl pleading to borrow a pony for £10 a week ● Very rare zonkey (zebra/donkey cross) for sale ● An underweight and injured 20-year-old ex-racehorse needing a foster home ● Four miniature Shetlands free to good home. Kath Urwin, manager of the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre at Rolleston, said: “Indiscriminate advertising can be dangerously misleading, often resulting in inappropriate, but often well-meaning homes, which can put the animal’s future welfare at serious risk. “Horses and ponies are large and costly animals to keep. They need specialist facilities and care from knowledgeable and experienced people. It’s unethical to treat them as cheap or even disposable commodities as many of these advertisements do.”

Three new younger siblings will join this Valtra A93 – the A73, A63 and A53.

The selection of Versu and Direct models has also been expanded to include lower horsepower models in the N Series with the introduction of the N123 Versu and N123 Direct. These can be specified with the same equipment and features as larger N Series tractors, such as the TwinTrac reverse-drive system, the high-visibility SVC cab, a factory-fitted front loader, the AutoGuide 3000 steering assist system, and forest equipment, including a forest cab, forest tyres and a steel fuel tank. At the top of the range is the N163, which offers up to 171hp and 516lb-ft of torque with boost. For more information visit

Axion proves it can cut it

The new CLAAS Axion 950 goes to work with a Quadrant 3300 baler.

THE full production version of the CLAAS Axion 900 tractor has made its UK debut. CLAAS says that with power outputs ranging from 320hp up to 410hp, the Axion range includes the most powerful conventional tractor on the UK market. A spokesman for the firm said: “The Axion 900 range features a completely new ‘ground-up’ design which has set the model for subsequent new tractor ranges, such as the Axion 800, which will be launched next year, and the latest Arion 600 and 500 series tractors. “A key feature of the Axion 900 range is the new four pillar cab design, which offers a high degree of operator comfort and space, while also providing

superb all-round visibility. “To achieve this, the cab has been mounted forward of the rear axle and the ‘B’ pillars have also been moved forward to give the operator unparalleled visibility over the widest of implements.” He said that inside the cab, all the main functions were controlled using the new CMOTION hand control which enables all the main operational functions to be controlled using just three fingers. In total, four Axion 900 models are available, all powered by FPT Cursor 9, 8.7 litre six-cylinder 24-valve engines with SCR technology with power outputs of 320hp, 350hp, 380hp and 410hp. The Axion 900 made its UK debut at Tillage.




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w w w .fe n ton s ofb ourn e .c E m a il: gle n @fe n ton s ofb ourn e .c






Farmer turns to Kramer after loader was stolen

The little Kramer can raise loads of 1200kg up 4.3m.

HALL Farm near Reading has taken delivery of a Kramer mini telehandler for cleaning, feeding and handling tasks in confined spaces after the farm’s previous skid steer loader was stolen. Supplied by local dealer Southern Harvesters, the Kramer 1245 now forms part of the farm’s extensive fleet of equipment and is being used seven days a week. Hall Farm’s dairy unit manager said: “Besides being highly versatile, the Kramer can pretty much manage

Hall Farm’s making the best of a bad situation – one of its skid steer loaders was stolen, so now they are using a new Kramer 1245.

Power for the 1245 comes from a 40hp Yanmar diesel.

80% of the jobs carried out by our large telehandler, which is impressive for such a small machine.” Powered by a 40hp Yanmar diesel engine, driving all four wheels via a hydrostatic

transmission, the 1245 has a lateral engine position, allwheel steering and centrally located boom arm. It measures 2.92m in length by 1.56m wide. It can lift 1200kg to a maximum height of 4.30m.

Alastair’s going online to give farming survival tips SPECIALIST advice and expert guidance is now available online for owners and operators of New Holland equipment. The firm has launched its own online community dedicated to the agricultural world, A spokesman for the firm said: “My New Holland offers all the functionalities of a virtual community, providing a meeting place to share information, experiences and opinions on topics related to farming and machinery. “The feature that will make My New Holland stand out from other online communities is called ‘the Special’. A guest expert – a recognised authority in his specialty – will be invited to hold a discussion on a topic of his choice that is relevant to the farming industry. “All My New Holland members will be invited to contribute their comments, opinions, material or images, driving the conversation forward with the guest expert. Topics will cover everything from conservation agriculture to efficient farming practices. “Each discussion will be open for a

number of weeks; subsequently a white paper will be produced and made available for downloading.” He said that the first ‘Special’ would involve Alastair Brooks. “Alastair is farm manager at Waddesdon Estate and winner of the Farmers Weekly 2010 Farm Manager of the Year award,” he said. “He makes the case for farmers joining environmental schemes in the first My New Holland Special. It’s about the survival of farming businesses, according to Alastair, whose unimpeachable credentials as a businessman are backed by his latest venture, where he turned Waddesdon Estate around in just four years. “He’s introduced new cultivation strategies and a new cropping policy, as well as constantly looking for new ways to make the estate ‘profitable to the max’. “Participation in environmental schemes is also about the sustainable intensification of agriculture: farms are part of an ecosystem, and farming practices that aim to intensify crop production through the management of biodiversity and ecosystem

Farm manager Alastair Brooks will be the first My New Holland ‘Special’ to appear online.

services will ultimately deliver growth that is sustainable in the longer term.” Owners of New Holland equipment can also gain access to extra premium content that will help them get the best from their machines. They can register the machines they own in their profile and download their models’ operator manuals and useful material from the training courses.

Put your combine up on blocks, says tyre specialist SPENDING a few minutes checking combine tyres after harvest and preparing them correctly before putting the machine into storage could result in big savings for farmers, according to Mitas Tyres. The Norfolk based company recommends taking the wheels off combines when they’re not in use and putting the vehicle up on blocks.

Mitas UK automotive engineering manager Ron Wood said: “Replacing combine tyres is very expensive and so it makes sense to look after them correctly. “A key part of the process is to ensure that tyres are stored correctly between harvests, because this will maximise their life, avoid costly failures and minimise unplanned downtime

at a critical time of the year. “During the nine or 10 months when the machine is not being used it should ideally be supported on blocks to take the load off the tyres, which should have their inflation pressure reduced to 0.7 Bar. If it is not possible to store the combine under those conditions, inflating the tyres to their normal operating pressure will prevent flat spots from developing when the machine is static for long periods. “Pressures should also be checked periodically and, if possible, the combine moved slightly to rotate the tyres, so that the weight rests on a different part of the circumference,” he said. “Tyres should also be protected from direct sunlight by storing the machine in a closed, dark barn, but if that is not possible then each one should be fitted with an opaque cover to prevent light from degrading the rubber. “Combine tyres do not tend to ‘wear out’ in the conventional sense and can have a very long service life. Most still have plenty of tread remaining even when they actually need replacing, so potential problems often go unnoticed.

“However, any shortfalls in the tyres’ integrity will be quickly exposed when the machine is used again due to flexing of the sidewalls, so it is important to check them carefully for signs of excess wear, damage and incorrect operation. “Punctures and accidental damage are the most common reasons for replacement, but older combine tyres often have to be withdrawn from service because of ageing cracks, which are caused by ozone in the atmosphere attacking the rubber compound and causing it to degrade.” He said this was particularly the case on farms in coastal areas. “Although ageing cracks, particularly those in the sidewall, may appear quite narrow and shallow, they can quickly become wide and deep with flexing in service, leading to gradual pressure loss or even sudden failure. In this case the tyres should be replaced as soon as possible with ones that match or exceed the manufacturer’s original specification.” For more information contact Mitas Tyres Limited, Unit 6, Bergen Way, North Lynn Industrial Estate, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 2JG or call 01553 817740.


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Italian flair for DeutzFahr’s latest combines

THE Italian styling house responsible for some of Lamborghini’s wildest designs has been working with DeutzFahr to create a new range of combine harvesters for the 2014 season. The C9000 series has been designed in collaboration with Giugiaro Design. Deutz-Fahr says the style of the new machines has been completely reworked to bring them into line with its latest tractors. The new range comprises four models: the C9205 TS and C9206 TS with five- and sixstraw walkers and the C9205 TSB and C9206 TSB hill models having the slope compensation balance system (20% lateral and 6% longitudinal). The hill models are also equipped with new adjustable rear axle, 4WD and an antiskid system. Powered by 7.8 litre TCD L6 T4i Deutz engines the C9205 has a maximum output in the field of 334hp. The C9206 makes 395hp. All models are equipped with the firm’s high performance cutter bar, now also available in the 9m version. A one-piece construction, an autocontrol device and the Schumacher Easy Cut II system are fitted to “ensure safe and efficient operation in all conditions,

The new Deutz-Fahr C9206 now heads up the Deutz-Fahr combine harvester range.

providing a uniform cut with minimal wear”. A new feature is use of a feed roller positioned at the start of the intake trunking which takes the crop to the threshing drum. A new electro-hydraulic bearing control system on the header is just one of several design developments on the new harvesters. Separation capacity performance is optimised by the Maxi-Crop system and also by the long straw walkers. Cereal cleaning and integrity are taken care of by other Deutz-Fahr systems, including a grain pan with two-step removable sections, a turboventilator, wide sieves and the DGR (Double Grain Return) recovery system on each side of the machine.

A high visibility driver’s cab is integrated into the new design, with an array of lights and mirrors with dualreflectors and electrical adjustment. The driver and passenger seats are equipped with a 21 litre integrated thermo cooler. In addition, the steering wheel and column have been completely redesigned . A spokesman for Deutz-Fahr said: “Every detail of the new Deutz-Fahr combine harvesters has been designed to last, and to dominate all types of harvesting terrain. “Selecting the C9000 series means choosing a machine you can count on, where every function is designed with optimum efficiency and productivity in mind.”

New Holland tractor’s off to a flying start THE RSPB wet grassland nature reserve at Berney Marshes, Norfolk, has taken delivery of a new T6.140 tractor. The machine has been fitted with a New Holland front loader and will be used for managing the reserve, which is home to thousands of wintering ducks, geese and swans. Site manager Mark Smart said: “The tractor is already allowing me to do work that I would not have been able to do with the old one. “The creep gearbox is allowing me to work on a very hard, heavy clay site for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, installing new wet features for breeding waders like lapwing and redshank. “I have found it a very easy tractor to get used to. It seems to be very economical and is a

Birds of a feather – pictured from left are Ian Robinson, Mark Smart, Ross Johnson and Paul Roberts.

pleasure to operate. I am looking forward to getting it into some wetter sites, as opposed to the hard, dry, compacted clays I am currently on, in the next week or so.” The four-cylinder T6.140 produces up to 143hp and a maximum of 435lb-ft of torque with engine power management. Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd dealership in Wymondham supplied the tractor. Branch manager Ross Johnson said: “We’re delighted to have met the RSPB’s needs with the British-made T6.140. The tractor is the perfect match for its requirements which include the versatility to undertake a variety of activities on multiple terrains. “The land is very fragile and the technologically advanced, Michelin Xeobib tyres fitted to the tractor facilitate greater protection of the soil.” RSPB’s Norfolk Broads area manager Ian Robinson explained that Berney Marshes is just one of three nature reserves in the Norfolk Broads managed by RSPB to benefit all wildlife. “Spring sees the marshes filled with the atmospheric calls of birds such as lapwing and redshank. Using New Holland’s tractor is allowing us to give a home for these and other species across the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. “As a clean energy leader, New Holland is able to demonstrate a synergy with the RSPB’s green credentials and commitment to respecting the environment.” The RSPB has more than 200 nature reserves around the UK covering 151,200 hectares of land.

Stripper wows the crowds at Tillage-Live A STRIP till cultivator intended to operate in a range of UK arable farming situations has been demonstrated by Kuhn Farm Machinery. The Striger, which is available as a 3m rigid and 4.4m or 6m folding machine, offers a range of formats and row spacing options (45–80cm). There is also a wide choice of tooling set-ups for adapting the machine to a range of conditions and crops. Nonstop hydraulic safety is fitted as standard on all models, with a tip pressure being regulated between 550 and 730kg to ensure that the working angle of the tool tip remains constant for optimum results.

Get a load of that rack! Kuhn’s strip till cultivator in action at Tillage.

The Striger can be fitted with a fertiliser kit or a liquid manure application kit. It was being demonstrated at Tillage-Live in Lincolnshire.






Kohler to put the fizz in JCB’s smaller machines JCB has signed a deal to adopt engines from Kohler’s Global Power Group for many of its compact machine lines. The water-cooled Kohler Direct Injection engines – which will be branded ‘JCB Diesel by Kohler’ – meet the next stage of emissions regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The first JCB machine to be fitted with the new engine – a JCB 35D 4x4 Teletruk – was unveiled at the RWM waste management show at the NEC in Birmingham. The Teletruk is able to reach forwards, enabling single side loading. JCB director of engine programmes Alan Tolley said: “The decision to partner with Kohler to develop engines for JCB compact machines was driven by the synergy in the technologies used by JCB and Kohler to achieve stringent Tier 4 Final emissions legislation. “Kohler’s achievement of Tier 4 Final without the need for a bulky DPF is fully in line with our own engine strategy and allows our designers maximum flexibility when it comes to meeting machine design and packaging requirements. These highly efficient engines will offer our customers improved performance and lower fuel consumption.” The European-built engines will be progressively introduced in JCB products, including midi

The first vehicle fitted with a ‘JCB Diesel by Kohler’ engine is this JCB 35D 4x4 Teletruk.

excavators, the Teletruk TLT35D, 406 and 409 compact wheeled loaders, the 190 and 205 skid steers and 190T and 205T compact tracked loaders, smaller 135, 155 and 175 skid steers and TM180 and TM220 articulated wheeled loading shovels. The KDI engines use a common rail fuel injection system working at 2000 bar pressures, cooled exhaust gas recirculation, four valves per cylinder and a diesel oxidation catalyst within the exhaust system. Fuel consumption is up to 15% better on similar output engines equipped with lower injection pressures and a DPF. There are two 1.9 litre threecylinder engines, the KDI 1903M and the KDI 1903TCR, delivering 41hp with 98lb-ft of torque and 56hp with 166lb-ft of torque respectively. The 2.5 litre, four-cylinder KDI 2504M

and KDI 2504TCR deliver 48.8hp with 125lb-ft and 74hp with 221lb-ft. The engines meet all JCB standards, with 500 hour maintenance intervals available on all models. Strong, low-rpm torque characteristics will result in improved machine performance and added engine response, delivering improved productivity for JCB customers. “Innovation is a common thread running through the design of this completely new family of engines by Kohler,” said Giuseppe Bava, chief executive officer of Kohler’s diesel engine business unit. “They feature highly advanced technology for clean combustion and limited emissions without the use of after-treatment systems. The KDI engine family is designed for compact performance.”



Steelw o rk,ea vesb ea m s,p urlin sa n d b o lts 6 0’x 30’from £2,495 plu sVAT ex w orks 084 5 4 5 9 4 079 •w w w.kitb u ild in g .u k

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10 OCTOBER 2013


Sports and hobbies

Mary’s Marshall Missions

Do the Hippi Hippi shake After the death of his beloved gundog Whisper, Chas Baird found himself chasing her replacement all over the internet. Finally, he managed to corner the ideal animal… IN my last piece I talked about losing my old and much loved friend Whisper the black Labrador. I was initially quite determined that I wasn’t going to bother with another gun dog; I would just have a canine companion, possibly a retired greyhound. The main change factor was one of my neighbours, Colin, telling me that he had a bit of land that he was willing to share with me – sadly, his good lady hasn’t been at all well for some time and he hasn’t been getting out as much as he would like. We went and saw the farmer and like the gentleman he is he signed the authority for my son and myself. Unfortunately the land, in my opinion, is not safe for the .22 LR and so we will have to do our static hunting with the overpower air rifles (held on FAC and quite legal). While I do not have exclusive rights to shoot there, it is somewhere to go and it appears that some game comes over the boundaries. Game shooting is all shotgun and therefore, as I said last time, a dog becomes a necessity. So, how to find a dog without paying a great deal more than I could, at present, afford? The choices of either a pup or a trained dog weren’t really starters so alternatives had to be sought. The first thing I did was to email the lady who sold me Whisper. I got no response so it was back to the start. One way to acquire a dog is to find one that has a fault that the owner considers serious but which may not bother you. For example a dog which ‘squeaks’ (Whisper did!) or runs in would not be acceptable on a formal shoot but might well suit a rough shooter. They don’t squeak when they are sent out and running in, while a nuisance, can possibly be cured or at worst put up with. One thing I had to do was register with a vet. A lot of dog rescue organisations will not even consider you for one of their dogs otherwise. I wasn’t happy with Whisper’s treatment but

Chas’s dog with her puppies.

Fuss-addicted Large Munsterlander Hippi awaits her latest fix.

I found another vet practice that came very highly recommended. They were a bit surprised at me registering without a dog but understood when it was explained to them. On the subject of animal charities and rescue organisations, many of them (especially a large, nationally based one known for its opposition to foxhunting) will not rehome a dog into a shooting household. I found that access to the internet was a great help – there are a lot of dedicated people out there who believe that, unless through age or other factors, a working dog should not be homed as a pet. In particular I must mention CAESSAR – Cocker And English Springer Spaniel Rescue – which took my details and organised a home check in very short order. If you want a cocker or springer, either pet or working, it is a good place to start. So, what did I find for myself? I was trawling gundog rescue sites when a Large Munsterlander bitch showed up as needing a home in North Wales. After several tries I managed to contact the lady and like every other dog I chased that day it had already been snapped up. I was, however, given the name of a lady in Cambridge who had a four-year-old bitch that she might wish to part with. After a bit of research on the breed (I knew the name but not much more), I made the phone call and arranged to go and look at the bitch. When we arrived, there were Munsterlanders everywhere. I have a strong belief that the right dog will find you and when Helen let my prospective dog out of the 4x4 where she had been having a sleep, she greeted Helen and said a very quick hello to my partner Shirley. She then planted herself in front of me, put her head on my leg and looked up at me – I have to say I was completely smitten. The background is that she and another of Helen’s breeding bitches do not get on. The other bitch is younger so she decided to offer Hippi (my dog) on a breeders’ agreement. Basically she came home with us but she will go to Helen to have another litter in the spring of 2014 and then make her home with us permanently. She has settled in really well and she has to be the most affectionate dog I have ever owned – a proper fuss addict. I haven’t yet shot over her although Helen and I took her down the field before I brought her home and she is fine with the bangs. In a future piece I’ll tell you about her first outing. Until next time, keep the faith.

A date Mary will never forget, the start of her latest long haul in June 2013.

If you have a lovely vintage Field Marshall Series 3A like Mary Phillips, what better joy is there to drive it – other than to raise funds for good causes along the way. MARY’S story begins in 2009 when she drove her Field Marshall Series 3A at 9mph from her home in St Teath, Cornwall to Hatherleigh cattle market, a distance of 50 miles and raised £4500. Then in 2010 she drove from Hatherleigh to St Teath raising £6330; while in 2011 it was a trip to Truro cattle market another 50 miles and £8520 raised. It was then, just before Christmas 2011, Mary announced to her partner Peter Treleaven, who is well known for his knowledge of Field Marshall tractors that she would like to drive the Marshall from John o’ Groats to Land’s End. Mary said: “He couldn’t believe I was serious at first, but eventually agreed to it as he knew I wouldn’t be able to do it without him. So the tractor was thoroughly examined and a date set for the end of July. “Bryn Jones from Newton Abbott picked the Marshall up on his lorry and took it to Scotland for me, while Peter and I went in Peter’s Land Rover with our two collie dogs and we took along our old caravan. We left John o’ Groats on August 2. The weather was good until we came over the border, then the heavens opened and it did not stop raining until I reached Land’s End, but it wasn’t cold and I raised £15,000.”

Time for a re-run

After this Mary went on to give a series of interesting talks to tractor clubs, young farmers and Women’s Institutes. But

Christmas 2012 came round and she announced to an amazed Peter that in 2013 she wanted to drive the Marshall from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. Mary added: “After a time he got used to the idea, and the tractor was fully inspected yet again; a date was arranged for June 30. “We had only driven 55 miles and the fog came in so we parked up; but, believe it or not, the next day I drove 95 miles at a speed of 9mph! We were invited to Dart’s Farm at Topsham, Exeter where we parked overnight. James Dart wanted us to stay all next morning for all his customers to see us and to be able to get donations, which went down very well. “I averaged between 60-70 miles a day, the traffic going through the big cities was horrendous but I was not afraid one little bit.

All shook up

“The things I saw on this drive were amazing, I had a book with me and when I saw something interesting I would pull over and write it down, but, as you know, when the Marshalls are ticking over you are being shook up all the time and I could hardly read my writing at the end of the day!

The joy of not knowing what’s around the corner.

We were soon at Falkirk and looking for somewhere to park up. Peter saw a farmer bringing his bales in so he asked if we could park in his field. He was delighted to let us, then came back in the evening with his friends to see the tractor and invite us to the Caithness County Show that weekend. “We agreed that we would get to John o’ Groats first, then see what time we had the next day. We wanted to go to Dunnett Head, the highest northerly point of Scotland, on the way there must have been millions of acres of open land and not a tree, house or animal in sight, just me on my tractor as Peter would drive on ahead.

Finishing post

“We eventually arrived at John o’ Groats, we did this trip in 17 days, exactly the same as last year, my total miles was 1188 at 9mph. But then our lorry driver telephoned us to say his load up to Scotland had been cancelled therefore he couldn’t pick up my tractor for another week. “Now we could go to the show and drove 16 miles back to Wick and were treated like royalty. I had to lead the parade of tractors around the ring, and was presented with £100 for my charity drive. I was so very grateful.”

If you like this story from Tractor magazine, why not get yourself a copy of the latest edition? It’s available from all good newsagents or online with FREE delivery anywhere in the UK from

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Challenger ups the stakes with 640hp monster REPLACING the MT800C Series, the new tractors get a 12 cylinder 16.8 litre Agco Power engine linked to Challenger’s Mobil-Trac system. Another key feature of the new machines is a new radiator design to improve cooling and make it easier to clean them. Working in a similar fashion to current exhaust gas recirculation systems, Challenger’s new cEGR system differs in that engine exhaust gases are cooled before being mixed with air from the main intercooler.

Electronically actuated and water cooled, as well as decreasing NOx levels, cEGR also reduces the amount of diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue) required during after treatment. Challenger is the only tracked tractor available with a steerable rear linkage. Currently offered only on the three smaller models, in launching the MT800E Series the steerable rear linkage is also offered on the range-topping MT875E. The latest version features a new design and positioning of the steering cylinders,

resulting in an improved steering angle. An optional high flow hydraulic pump is also available. The standard 220 litre/min oil flow from the current range has been retained, but all MT800E Series tracked tractors are available with an optional 321.8 litre/min system. A spokesman for Agco said: “In addition to a smoother shifting transmission, Challenger is also introducing other refinements on the MT800E Series to further improve operator comfort, boost performance and increase durability.

“The MT845E and the MT855E are fitted with the air ride seat, but the Deluxe VRS seat with fabric cover or leather, which is optional, from the current top model is standard on both MT865E and MT875E. “In addition, all four tracked tractors can be specified with the Deluxe VRS vented leather seat. This luxurious option features an in-built heating and cooling system to take operator comfort to a higher level.” Challenger is offering AutoGuide 3000,

a new integrated and affordable system, with the tractors. This is designed to provide accuracy ranging from sub-metre to centimetre precision. The new guidance option operates directly from the 7.4in tractor management centre display, eliminating the need for an additional screen. It is also possible to engage guidance through the One-Touch headland management system. The first deliveries of Challenger’s four new models are expected to arrive in Europe next summer.


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296605 WF 01x1

OCTOBER 2013 11

12 OCTOBER 2013


Auctions and events ‘Strange’ auction of blacksmith’s treasures MORE than 600 lots including a selection of tractors formerly belonging to Shropshire blacksmith and author Alf Strange and his wife Vera have been sold at auction. Around 2000 people from all over the UK attended the sale by auctioneer Halls at The Brow Golf Club, Welsh Frankton, near Ellesmere on September 21.

Most of the lots had been part of a working blacksmith and farming museum set up by the couple. Alf was 75 when he died in November 2000 while Vera died in April last year, shortly after her 80th birthday. The lots ranged from a 100year-old mouse trap, that sold for £230, to a Morris Eight Tourer (Series II) which sold for £7800. Other top selling lots

The Morris Eight Tourer (Series II) that sold for £7800.

were an Austin A40 at £1700, a four cylinder Bristol crawler at £1350, an Excelsior motorbike at £1200 and a Morris Minor 1000 at £600. There was also a large collection of horse-drawn and other implements, machinery and tools, three Grey Fergusons, early Fordson Major and Fordson Dexta models and two Alliss-Chalmers Model Bs.

This ‘Strange’ Fergie looks more green than grey after years of sitting outdoors.

Auction dates for your diary oCtober

4: Shrewsbury Collective machinery Sale. Halls (01743 462620). 9: machinery Sale. York Auction Centre, Murton, York YO19 5GF (01904 489731). 10: on site sale. Ongar, Essex. Cheffins (01223 213777). 11: Collective Sale. Ardingly Showground. South East Marts Ltd (01323 844874). 12: Farmers’ Autumn machinery Auction. Bicker Bar. Pygott & Crone (01529 414555). 19: Cambridge vintage Sale. Cheffins (01223 213777). 21: Collective Sale. Osney Lodge Farm, South Godstone. South East Marts Ltd (01323 844874). 25: Stone Collective machinery Sale. Halls (01562 820880).


8: Collective machinery and equipment Sale. Hobbs Parker (01233 502222). 9: machinery Collective Sale. CCM, Skipton, North Yorkshire (01756 792375). 13: machinery Sale. York Auction Centre, Murton, York YO19 5GF (01904 489731). 23: Collective & Annual vintage Auction Sale of vehicles, farm machinery and associated tools and equipment. Hexham and Northern Marts (01434 605444).


6: Shrewsbury Collective machinery Sale. Halls (01743 462620).

Triumphant Tillage ploughs ahead in ‘ideal’ conditions IDEAL conditions for cultivation and better than expected harvest results brought an excellent turnout of farmers and contractors eager to invest in new equipment to Tillage-Live on Wednesday, September 11. More than 1400 visitors saw working demonstrations of equipment from nearly all the main manufacturers in the UK. The 80 hectare limestone brash site at West Hall Farm, Welton, near Lincoln, made available by JJR Farms, provided ideal conditions for implements being demonstrated. “After last year’s very challenging autumn, visitors were very keen to seek new kit to help them cope with adverse conditions, remove soil damage from last winter, and improve crop establishment in future,” said Duncan Russell, AEA services manager and event organiser. A central demonstration arena featured nonstop demonstrations of a wide range of equipment beside static exhibits at the heart of the event, attracting up to 200 visitors at a time. There was plenty to see all around the site, with over 30 exhibitors demonstrating on their own large demo plots and new machines being launched or making their UK debut at the event.

“Exhibitors reported very strong interest from visitors, which can probably be attributed to the better than expected harvest and good progress this autumn,” said Mr Russell. “Farmers and contractors were clearly making buying decisions. “The varying approaches to strip tillage attracted a lot of attention, with a noticeable increase in the range of equipment working behind medium sized tractors, not just those with the highest horsepower.” The need for crop protection products was highlighted in the Knowledge Trail, where participants were brought up to date with the Get Pelletwise initiative from the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group, which aims to protect this key slug control option, and the Say No to Drift campaign to protect key insecticide chlorpyriphos. Fears over the rise of broadleaved weed resistance to ALS herbicides were also aired, with farmers invited to register cases of problematic control, and learn how best to avoid problems, with event sponsor BASF. Plans for Tillage-Live 2014 are already under way. The event is scheduled for September 10 next year in Gloucestershire, with a similar format and Knowledge Trail.

A complete Victorian cast iron cooking range and rare bicycles in need of restoration were also sold. Traditional butcher’s and baker’s bikes, some of which were complete with advertising plates, a rare invalid bicycle, a tandem and an unusual old ice cream seller’s tricycle went under the hammer. “We were staggered by the

A 100-year-old mousetrap that sold for £230.

number of people that attended the auction and how far they had travelled,” said auctioneer Allen Gittins, a director of Halls. “At one point we counted more than 1100 cars in the car park and collectors and buyers travelled from as far away as Cornwall and Scotland, which resulted in a very large crowd and some exceptional prices achieved.” It was fitting that the auction was held at the golf club, which Alf formed in 1995 and is now run by his son, Alan. The village blacksmith for 40 years, Alf gained a great reputation for his knowledge and collection of working tools and equipment. His reputation was further enhanced with the publication of four books, which he wrote about Shropshire rural life between the wars, including Me Dad’s the Village Blacksmith, Following Me Dad,

Blacksmith Alf Strange died in 2000 aged 75. His wife Vera died last year and their collection of items has now been sold.

Forging Ahead and Blacksmith to Briefcase. “Dad started the museum in the late 1970s, as he was a great hoarder,” said Alan. “He was a blacksmith and he had the personality to bring the tools and other items alive. It was sad to see the items go, but they had been sat in the shed for the last 12 years and it is nice to think that people will get enjoyment from and bring new life to them.”

Top dollar for top machinery at trio of sales HIGH end machinery from John Deere, CLAAS, JCB and Caterpillar went under the hammer at three on-site sales held by Cheffins in September. First up was E G King & Son on September 17 near Godmanchester, Cambridge, where Cheffins had previously sold the farm and the late, low houred machinery was subsequently surplus. Top lots on the day were a 2008 John Deere 7530 Premium (1585 hours) at £49,300, a 2009 John Deere 6930 Premium (1852 hours) hit £47,500, a 2011 John Deere 6330 Premium (753 hours) with JD 631 front loader knocked down at £42,700 and a 2004 John Deere 6220 made £23,400. With the tractors selling well two other lots hit big prices with a 2012 JCB 535-95 (493 hours) materials handler taking a winning bid of £44,000 and a very clean 2005 John Deere 9540i 18ft cut combine harvester knocking down at £60,500. The machinery on offer was also well received with a brace of AS Marston 11 and 12 tonne trailers selling for £6500 and £6600 respectfully, a very sharp 2009 New Holland BB9090 big square baler was well received at £37,000 and a tidy 2011 Farm Gem FS1200 mounted 24m sprayer took £10,000. On September 19, the Cheffins team moved on to Watford for a sale on behalf of McClelland Farming due to ill health. Well maintained arable and grassland machinery was on offer and another total dispersal sale was held where a large crowd snapped up the lots. A 2010 Claas Arion 640 sold at £32,200, a 2006 Claas Ares 657 hit £27,200, another popular yellow machine the form of a 2010 JCB Loadall 536-60 made £30,800 and a clean one owner 1997 Claas Lexion 405 15ft cut combine took a winning bid of £34,000. Other top lots were a 1997 Chaviot 2000 24m selfpropelled sprayer taking £7200,

A selection of the low-hours machinery that went under the hammer at E G King & Son on September 17 near Godmanchester, Cambridge.

a Hitachi EX60-5 360º excavator made £12,600 and a 1997 Land Rover 90 Defender with only 37,000 miles from new sold for £8700. Completing the trio was yet another complete dispersal sale for the executors of David Prime’s estate at Levels Green Farm near Bishop’s Stortford on September 23. Auctioneer Bill Pepper said: “Again we experienced strong demand from across the country with a 2012 Shelbourne 556 hedgecutter at £9800, an excellent set of 2011 HE-VA King Roller 12.3m went to Ireland for £15,800 and a Masters 25 tonne batch drier made a surprising £14,200. “Some serious horsepower was on offer and a 2008 CAT 855B Challenger went to Germany for £85,000, a low houred 2010 New Holland T6070 made £32,200 and a 2004 Claas Lexion 580 also went to Germany for £61,500. “We had three very successful sales, all boasting some very tidy machinery and subsequent prices to match. New tractor sales in 2013 appear down on previous years and with a late finish to the season many hire tractors are absent from dealers’ yards. “This has enhanced the demand for fresh from farm stock and machines if clean and tidy with sensible hours will receive considerable interest when offered by auction.” This month Cheffins will conduct a sale at Ongar in Essex on October 10 and a sale of ex-MoD and NATO equipment in Louth, Lincolnshire, on October 30.

Powerful 2008 Challenger MT855B will be in Germany now after it sold for £85,000.

This 2012 JCB 535-95 handler with a very modest 493 hours on the clock changed hands for a winning bid of £44,000.

Clean one owner 1997 CLAAS Lexion 405 15ft cut combine made £34,000.

A pair of John Deeres from the Cambridge sale. Neither had done much work up to now.


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Energy and technology

OCTOBER 2013 13 Sponsored by

Farm Tyre Disposal Services 0845 331 2747

Ventilated wall panels are Devon-sent as they lighten lambing load

LAMBING in a dark and stuffy shed is a thing of the past at Upcott Farm, Nomansland, Devon, thanks to the installation of an innovative ventilated wall. Autumn lambing is now well under way across the UK, and farmers will already be planning next year’s spring crop. When Andy and Janet Dale moved to Upcott Farm three years ago, they were faced with upgrading six of the old farm buildings. “We knew it was going to be a big job, and as we needed more storage and a temporary lambing shed, the easiest route was to start by putting a lean-to lambing area on a newly-erected workshop,” said Andy. “The original intention was to Yorkshire board it, but then I discovered Highlight metal wall sheets.” With tiny perforated holes creating a 25% void,

Highlight allows light and air to pass through, while protecting against wind and rain. “It’s really done the job,” he said. “The shed is a lot lighter and airier than it would be with Yorkshire boarding, so it is ideal for the livestock.” While the metal sheeting worked out more expensive than boarding, the cost of erection was significantly lower, as it arrived in measured lengths and just needed fixing in place. Andy used panelled gates along the side and front of the building, with the wall sheets above that to the eaves. Lambing his 100 Wiltshire Horn ewes indoors from early April to mid-May this year, he found the shed a far nicer environment. “We don’t need to put the lights on until a lot later in the evening, and when we bed up with straw the

dust dissipates far more quickly – you really can feel the ventilation working,” he says. “Our vet is very impressed with it – it almost feels like an open shed with just a roof.” With 40 Dexter suckler cows as well as the growing sheep flock, Mr and Mrs Dale are planning to improve the remaining buildings and put up a new one next year. “We’re keeping all the ewe lambs so will be lambing a lot more sheep next year, so we need a bigger lambing shed,” he said. “We’re going through the buildings one by one. We’ll have to completely replace one of the buildings, but I want to try and improve the other sheds as they are so dark and airless; so I will use Highlight wherever possible. We’re on wet, exposed ground here, so the stock have to be housed over

Engineer Doug’s award for cow disease early warning system THE first winner of a new award for outstanding farming research has been announced. Doug Fleming, an agricultural engineering student at Harper Adams University, from Berwick-upon-Tweed, has been presented with the Nick Bird Award by Reading-based firm Farmex. Doug gained the award by coming up with a simple, commercially-viable solution to the problem of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in cattle. The Nick Bird Award was set up by Reading-based Farmex in recognition of the work carried out by Nick Bird, a director of the company who died earlier this year. His 17 years working in the field of real-time monitoring of pig production systems had a significant

impact on the industry. The award is for an outstanding piece of written work that involves recorded observations of an agricultural process, data analysis and interpretation with demonstrable added value for farmers. It is open to final year students at HAU. BRD, a disease that attacks the lungs of young calves, is estimated to cost the British dairy industry £60 million every year. Doug took an engineering approach to this problem and set about designing a prototype sensing system that could alert farmers to a potential outbreak. The system was integrated into automatic milk feeders and the final design was successfully validated on a commercial farm. The award, an engraved trophy and a cheque for £500,

was presented to Doug by Katie Bird at the HAU graduation ceremony. Farmex managing director Hugh Crabtree said: “The importance of information and communications technology for sustainable production in agriculture has been highlighted recently by the government, the Ossiach group and RASE, so the Nick Bird Award is very timely. “By inaugurating this award we hope it will both commemorate Nick’s work and encourage students at HAU to forge new career pathways in ICT and precision farming.” Currently Doug lives on the 850 acre mixed arable and beef family farm in Whitsome near Kelso in the Scottish borders, but will be putting the money towards a trip to New Zealand

Doug Fleming is handed the Nick Bird Award by Katie Bird during his graduation ceremony at Harper Adams University.

before taking up a graduate position with CLAAS UK. He said receiving the award was a great honour and surprise and that he was pleased to have recognition for all the hard work carried out on the project. BRD is also a main cause of loss within the beef industry.

FEIN blades are adapted for more tools The JCB Loadall recovered thanks to dealer Peacock & Binnington and the Livelink system.

Dealer helps recover stolen JCB thanks to tracker THIEVES were recently thwarted in their attempt to steal a JCB telehandler because the machine was fitted with a JCB LiveLink satellite tracking device. The JCB 541/70 Loadall purchased through JCB dealer Peacock & Binnington was stolen from farm premises, near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, but was soon thanks to its LiveLink system. The farm owner was alerted to the theft via text. With the help of Peacock & Binnington staff they logged into JCB LiveLink, which revealed the location and the machine was promptly recovered. P&B Corringham branch sales manager Stephen Melbourne said: “The farm

owner was extremely happy to have his Loadall recovered so quickly. This is the second JCB this year that has been recovered due to Livelink and Peacock & Binnington. I cannot stress enough the great importance and value of using a tracking system in the battle against farm machinery theft. “Real Time information such as location, unauthorised movement and even fuel consumption can be monitored by this system along with an added benefit of helping to reduce your insurance premiums. Not many people are aware of another system called Livelink Lite that can be retrofitted to other makes.” Contact 07774 296384.

TOOL firm FEIN has redesigned its range of E-Cut saw blades for joiners and interior fitters to make them compatible with all major oscillating multi-function tools. The redesigned E-Cut The E-Cut saw blades were originally precision 65 with multi designed for use with FEIN’s MultiMaster mounting power tool and developed with the eight star tool mounting, also known as FEIN Star Technology. This is now joined by a 12-pin mounting which allows all major oscillating multifunction tools to be fitted with original FEIN E-Cut saw blades. Fitted with standard, long-life or precision teeth, E-Cut saw blades are suited to sawing wood, plasterboard, plastic and glass fibre-reinforced plastic and are available in a width of 35 or 65mm and a length of 50mm. The precision saw blade is designed for high cutting speeds and precise cuts, while the universal saw blades are available in a width of 29 or 44mm and a length of 60mm and cover a large range of applications. They can be used for sawing sheet metal up to a thickness of 2mm and cutting copper or aluminium pipes and profiles. The FEIN E-Cut saw blades with multi mounting can be fixed into 8 x 45 degree to give a clearer view of the cutting line. A spokesman for FEIN said: “When working with timber materials in particular, the E-Cut long-life saw blades display very little wear and last three times longer than E-Cut standard wood blades. They remain sharp even after 1600 cuts at full cutting speed in 25mm thick MDF board. Their bimetal teeth also ensure the level of robustness needed for the construction site. The blades easily withstand contact with foreign bodies such as plaster, bricks and nails up to 4mm thick.” To celebrate the launch of the E-Cut series, until December 31, FEIN is offering the new E-Cut saw blades with multi mounting in a ‘Best of E-Cut’ set for £49.95. It contains four E-Cut long-life and two universal saw blades in each of the different widths and lengths. The FEIN E-Cut saw blades with new multi mounting are available from specialist retailers. Go to:

Let there be light... and a bit more ventilation too – the newly Highlighted shed on Upcott Farm.

the winter, and we’re very conscious about the need for adequate ventilation.” For more information about Highlight panels visit or call 01884 839302.

14 OCTOBER 2013



Stewardship Scheme work undertaken Tel. Julian Nugus 01469 - 531137 Mobile: 07850 - 857988


PR O D UCIN G G R OW TH O F 6 -8 FT PER YEAR H Y B R ID W ILLO W S used forwindbreaks,gam e cover,screens,hedges,bank stabilisation etc. H Y B R ID P O P LARS used forgam e-lifting, windbreaks,tim ber,shelters etc. Both are tolerantofpoorsoiland sites.Allsizes from 60cm s to 240cm s.From £53 per100 or £480 per1000 plus VAT (30cm /1ftcuttings) Also suppliers ofEvergreen and native hedging, barerootand rootballed trees ofvarious sizes and large containerised trees (subjectto availability) Fora free inform ation pack and/oradvice contact:Jo hn o rM o nic a Spa nto n-Co a tes , B o w ha yes Fa rm , V enn O ttery, O ttery StM a ry, D evo n EX 11 1R Y Tel: 0 14 0 4 8 12 2 2 9 . Fa x : 0 14 0 4 8 15 8 0 0 P oplar tree 18 m onths after planting W eb s ite: w w w .b o w ha yes trees .c o .u k a 60cm slip E-m a il: b o w ha yes .trees @ b tc o nnec t.c o m

FA8! -#'8A77 G6; E487*8#*7D GAK;7=A9#K'D 1:8*768I AK; 1*K=#K' 5:K68A=6:87 B%$6G<=GJH 6&9H!<6H&!J <94 JF%%=G$!J H& ,5B/ ?5B <94 0&F9H!(JG4$ BH$@<!4JIG% J6I$;$J *F== -=<9HG9K <94 2<G9H$9<96$ B$!DG6$J "&! ?$4K$!&@J <94 7&&4=<94J B%$6G<=GJHJ G9 HI$ G9JH<==<HG&9 &" BH&6A/ .$$!/ ,#FG9$ <94 -&JH ) E<G= *$96G9K

1*K=#K' 5<!K$ JH&6AJ &" <== JG'$J &" !&F94 %&JHJ/ J#F<!$ J<@9 %&JH ) !<G= <94 K<H$ %&JHJ+ 3== JG'$J &"

&D$!9GKIH 4$=GD$!( J$!DG6$+ 0&9H!<6H K!&@G9K &" I&;$ %G6A$4 J$$4J+ 5&6<= %!&D$9<96$ J$$4 6&==$6HG&9J G9 <== <!$<J+

H*;'*MAI#K' 5G96&=9JIG!$ K!&@9 ?<'$= JH<A$J <94 :G94$!J <94 J#F<!$ J<@9 JH<A$J+ 0<!!(G9K &FH 0&F9H!(JG4$ BH$@<!4JIG%/ ,5B/ ?5B &! ,7CB @&!A FJG9K (&F! &@9 =<:&F!8 >I$9 =$H FJ #F&H$ &9 HI$ JF%%=( &" HI$ ;<H$!G<=J+

5:K6A=6N FA8! -#'8A77D G:46%D G#K=:MK7%#8*D GE>> @/J .*MN @>(@$C&@)<@> :8 @>(@$C+>@@+& 1A0N @>(@$C&>@(@> F:?#M*N @$"$>C>"@+)( 222BLA8!3#'8A77B=:B4!

Landscape and forestry

Walk tall as vibeless PRO mow is simply a cut above JOHN Deere has added a new entry level model to its range of walk-behind commercial mowers. The firm says its PRO 47V has been designed with smaller landscaping businesses, contractors, amenity managers and other turf professionals in mind. It has a cutting width of 18½in and features carry handles to allow one person to transport it and the main handle folds up to make it an easier fit in small vehicles. Equipped with a Subaru engine rated at a nominal 4.3bhp and with variable-speed two-wheel drive, the mower is suitable for working in a range of different

mowing conditions on grass areas up to 2500sq m. The rear collector capacity is 65 litres, and cutting height is adjustable from 1-3in. In addition, the PRO 47V has a corrosion-resistant, steelreinforced aluminium chassis including front protection. The TurboStar System delivers reliable mowing and collection performance, and other features include a professional standard transmission and tyres and an optional mulching kit. The standard AntiVibration System, which reduces the level of exposure to hand-arm vibration, is intended to help operators work for longer without It might be ‘entry level’ but the John Deere Pro 47V is a nifty little suffering fatigue. mower packed with neat design touches.

It’s mowers galore from Etesia this autumn MOWING machinery and turf maintenance company Etesia has launched five new products just in time for autumn – two professional pedestrian rotary mowers, two domestic lawn mowers and what it calls a “revolutionary” 100% electric wheelbarrow. The PKCTM 46cm and LKCGM 53cm mowers join the firm’s Duocut range. Both machines are available with mulching inserts allowing use of one machine for a multitude of different tasks – cut and collect, cut and drop or mulch. The PKCTM model is a single-speed machine equipped with a 6hp Kawasaki KAI-FS181 engine and comes complete with a long range fuel tank making it ideal for mobile grass cutting teams who require a machine to last all day without refuelling. The LKCGM model is equipped with a 6hp Kawasaki KAI-FS180 engine and has three speeds – 2.7, 3.5 and 4.5kph. Supplied with a 50 litre grass box, the PKCTM has seven cutting height settings, which are quickly adjustable from 2885mm, and Xenoy reinforced cutting deck. The LKCGM model has an 80 litre grass box with cutting height adjustment 2585mm and an aluminium cutting deck. Two new electric models aimed at the domestic market are also now part of the

Duocut range. The VECS and NECTS are available with mulching inserts ensuring that gardeners can complete a range of tasks to suit their individual needs. The VECS is a 1300W push model with eight cutting height settings, which are quickly adjustable using one lever from 20-60mm. The NECTS model is a 1500W single-speed (3kph) model with seven cutting height settings from 25-85mm and comes complete with Xenoy cutting deck for added robustness. Completing Etesia’s new product launches is the 100% electric wheelbarrow. It can be fitted with a range of attachments that can tackle a wide variety of jobs. A spokesman for the company said: “Power is from a 24v 1000W battery with two forward and two reverse speeds. Fitted with either wheels or ‘caterpillar tracks’, this is a truly multi-function, ‘go anywhere’ tool which can transport heavy material in the skip section and water or liquid material in the tank section, be used as a raised work bench by folding down the side panels, transport tools in the tool rack and be used to tip waste material.” The electric barrow’s optional accessories available include a snow blade, scarifier, side extension/side rail and spray lance.

A long range fuel tank, 46cm cutting width and seven height settings are all features of the Etesia PKCTM.

The 53cm cutting width Etesia LKCGM mower comes with a whopping 80 litre grass box.

Need to use your wheelbarrow as a snow plough? Etesia’s new electric wheelbarrow can be fitted with its own snow blade. Gardeners can take advantage of eight height settings on the Etesia VECS.

Unlike its little brother the VECS, gardeners don’t have to push the new Etesia NECTS, which will roll along at a steady 3kph.


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OCTOBER 2013 15

Simon says get it green before winter strikes TURF expert Dr Simon Watson from Syngenta has urged greenkeepers to make sure their grass is in top condition ahead of the winter to avoid the risk of disease. Speaking at a BIGGA Golf Education Day turf management seminar during SALTEX, Simon urged turf managers to: “Go in green to come out clean.” Using a new interactive voting system during the seminar, he instantly showed that 95% of attendees’ courses were affected by autumn or winter disease on greens, with over half reporting problems every year. “Strong, healthy turf going into the winter is paramount to maintain the best possible playing conditions and produce more consistent surfaces for the spring,” said Simon. “There is immense value in preparations through the autumn and early winter to help protect turf through more severe months.” The SALTEX survey showed that over 40% of greenkeepers believed that building up essential carbohydrate reserves related to levels of potassium or iron in the turf, when efforts should really be targeted at increasing carbohydrate levels in the plant. Simon highlighted research that has shown an autumn Primo Maxx programme to be highly effective in raising over-winter water-soluble carbohydrates. Levels of sucrose, fructose and glucose that can be readily utilised by plants were still over 16% higher in the spring after a Primo Maxx programme the previous season compared to untreated. “Crucially, promoting healthy turf through the autumn also reduced winter disease susceptibility,” he said. “Independent trials under severe microdochium patch (Fusarium) disease risk conditions showed up to 70% reduction in infection over the winter on greens treated with a Primo Maxx programme.” The researchers

attributed the reduced disease effects to the higher accumulation of carbohydrates in the turf plant tissue. One of the key attributes of the Primo Maxx treatment is a 30% increase in the average number of chloroplasts in the turf leaf, as demonstrated by research at Syngenta Jealott’s Hill. This not only gives turf a more attractive green appearance, but also increases the efficiency of leaves to absorb light and lead to greater carbohydrate assimilation, according to Simon. Michael Fance of lawncare products producer Everris said the potential to increase carbohydrate reserves needed to be carefully matched with appropriate nutritional inputs over the autumn. “Carbohydrate reserves do respond to increased nitrogen inputs to a point. But overfeeding leads to excessive top growth that needs to be mown off; soft growth that is more susceptible to disease and poor rooting,” he warned. “The net effect is reduced carbohydrate storage.” Michael said autumn high potassium fertiliser applications could help to strengthen turf prior to stressful periods. “It is crucial to get nitrogen levels right and in a form that will support building plant reserves without triggering lush growth. Greenmaster Liquid High K has low levels of N and P, but supplies the N from three sources to maintain extremely consistent results. “Furthermore, previously locked-up iron in the soil is released to enhance colour and turf health, along with a full trace element package to enhance turf health and aid recovery from stress.” He added that the Everris TMax formulation is also beneficial to avoid wash-off in wet autumn conditions and to enhance rapid and complete uptake of nutrients into the leaf. Both Greenmaster Liquid High K and Effect Iron Fe have been proven to assist in the reduction of microdochium patch disease over the winter.

High speed mowers get floating suspension system

John Deere has launched a pair of mower conditioners designed to operate like a self-propelled machine.

JOHN Deere has launched new 600 side-pull and 800 centrepivot mower conditioners intended to serve a wide range of customer needs from the small and medium sized livestock farm to large livestock farms and contractors. The company believes that since smaller livestock farms are often mowing less than 100 hectares a year, they are primarily interested in low operating costs. In contrast, medium size farms mowing between 100 and 400 hectares per season, as well as large farms and contractors mowing more than 400 hectares a year, put a higher emphasis on uptime and performance. A spokesman for the firm said: “John Deere’s new 630/635 and 830/835 mower conditioners have therefore been designed to meet all these requirements. They are available in working widths of 3m and 3.5m, with a choice of impellers

or rollers for the conditioning process. Their reinforced frames, large tyres and redesigned transmissions are built to ensure long-term reliability and high performance. “As an exclusive feature, the modular cutter bar of the 600 and 800 Series mower conditioners allows high-speed mowing in the field, and has been engineered to duplicate the load conditions of a selfpropelled machine. The mowers’ balanced design and high ground clearance increase field performance, while the newly designed floating suspension system allows the machines to closely follow ground contours. “The 600 and 800 Series conditioners are equipped with preloaded tines, which significantly increase their capacity and the crop flow under varying harvesting conditions. Even in heavy and wet crops and at high working speeds,

the parallelogram design of the conditioning hood maintains the optimum distance between the impeller tines and the hood at all times. Alternatively, adjustable rubber conditioning rollers are available.” Additional features include a new swivel hitch for better coupling and decoupling and improved disc protection to reduce the impact of foreign objects.

Simon said that by promoting healthy turf in the autumn greenkeepers have the best opportunity to prevent disease outbreaks and loss of turf quality during high risk periods of weather conditions conducive to disease. The SALTEX seminar survey showed that while most greenkeepers recognise the optimum timing for preventative fungicides, a third still wait to see disease before applying – by which time plants will be under extreme stress and playing surface speed and consistency will be adversely affected, he added. “STRI trials have repeatedly shown that carefully timed preventative strategies can achieve more effective and longer lasting disease control compared to curative approach,” he said. “That means less surface scarring and reduced stress on the turf. It can also reduce the number of fungicide applications required over the course of the season.” Simon reported trials at Birch Grove Golf Club in Essex, where Medallion TL applications in mid and late autumn effectively eliminated any incidence of Microdochium Patch for 90 days after treatment, when over 25% of turf was affected by the continual build-up of disease on untreated areas. The trial highlighted the importance of product selection to tackle the disease threat, with infection levels following iprodione application reaching 10% of surface area within five weeks of the second treatment and continuing to develop for the rest of the winter. “It also reiterated that application during periods of high risk is crucial to prevent the disease pathogen developing and infection breaking out,” he said. “Over 50% of greenkeepers involved with the SALTEX survey were using the GreenCast disease forecasting system to help identify periods of disease risk.”

Syngenta’s Dr Simon Watson believes getting turf into tip-top condition before the onset of winter is essential.

Simon’s key tips for winter turf disease control success: ● Build carbohydrate reserves over the autumn. ● Alleviate conditions conducive to microdochium patch. ● Use a preventative Medallion TL programme. ● Follow GreenCast to apply ahead of periods of high disease risk. ● Use Syngenta XC Nozzles to achieve even spray coverage. ● Apply a fungicide in the spring if disease pressure is high.

16 OCTOBER 2013




Big lights and bold badging ensure everyone knows it’s a new isuzu D-max.

isuzu’s new D-max utah automatic looks good but the accessories add considerably to the basic price.

AutomAtic for the people

the alternative black alloys look good but, whisper it, you don’t actually need them.

ALREADY well established within the UK 4x4 market, Isuzu’s new D-Max has quite rightly attracted a wide variety of customers. Keen to keep up this momentum Isuzu has now elected to tread the path of fitting an automatic gearbox to reduce driver effort and appeal to even more buyers, auto 4x4s now being far more capable than they used to be. And with the advent of the auto shift version has come a whole host of accessories in an attempt to tap into that most horrendous of segments – namely the lifestyle buyer.

Hikes in road tax, dubious green credentials and ever increasing fuel prices have seen the image conscious modern family shying away from the traditional hatchback in favour of more exotic fare and Isuzu wants its slice of the pie.

Colour keyed

Complete with a broad palette of colour options along with a new range of colour keyed and, I must say, impressively built and fitted load bed canopies, the new D-Max more than looks the part irrespective of the location. It still offers the traditional

pick-up format, with a broad single slat grille filtering into the angular lines of the vast front light clusters and colour keyed bumpers. These in turn feed into high arched front wings, a high waistline that passes over the well sized four doors and into the load bed that culminates in oversized rear lights and a deep tailgate. Sitting on Isuzu’s familiar ladder frame chassis design, the D-Max provides a useful 235mm of ground clearance and excellent axle articulation within the oversized wings. Buyers get 225/65R17 tyres sat on alloy rims and Isuzu has stayed with the tried and trusted arrangement of independent wishbone and coil spring front suspension and elliptical leaf springs to the rear with disc-drum ABS braking. Useful for those carrying physically larger loads, the 1063kg maximum deep load bed measures 1552 x 1530 x 465mm, sufficient depth to ensure most cargos are kept secure within its confines and


C o untry W o rksho ps,R isega te, N r. S pa lding,L incs P E 11 4E Z

Tel/Fa x: 01775 750223

w w w .uk

comes complete with a thick, rubberised plastic lining. Add to this a 3000kg maximum braked trailer weight, a turning circle of 12.2m and the fact that the new 2.5 litre D-Max outperforms larger engined equivalents including its Rodeo predecessor. Shorter overhangs also mean the approach and departure angles of 22º and 23º add to the D-Max’s very capable off road competence. Inside the well sized cabin function and form have become Isuzu’s byword. A thick rimmed adjustable steering wheel sits in front of a clear instrumentation binnacle while all the minor controls have now been grouped in a circular housing located just in front of the gear lever.

Driver comfort

The seating is large and supportive; the driver’s seat is electronically adjustable while the rear bench can be folded to increase internal capacity. Where the cabin quality suffers is in the excessive use of hard, shiny plastic. Easy to keep clean and withstand hard usage it may be, but the look of the trim detracts from and compromises what is actually a well thought out and comfortable cabin. Beneath the bonnet resides the 2.5 litre two-stage, fourcylinder turbodiesel. Delivering 163bhp and 295lb-ft of torque exactly when needed, its flexible and free revving nature gives more than acceptable emissions.


OCTOBER 2013 17

Only 79p an issue when you subscribe – see page 19

The cabin is concise and comfortable but the hard plastic surfaces detract.

Good wide access for cargo while the slide tray adds to ease of loading.

However, while the engine’s economy suffers when mated to Isuzu’s five-speed auto. The manual version’s easily attained 38mpg falls to a test run best of 27.4mpg due largely to the gearbox’s propensity to dwell in the lower gears. It’s ponderous, unusual for a modern automatic, and when compared to other similar units. Speed of change can be increased by shifting into sequential and changing by hand, but this does seem to negate the reason the automatic was fitted in the first instance. Useful when off-road, the efficiency of the sequential change allows the shift system to work to the overall benefit of the driver and the prevailing conditions. Similarly, by depressing the shift lock, the driver can remain in full automatic mode while ensuring the gearbox won’t shift above the highest gear determined to be appropriate. Evaluation wise, a total of 281 mixed miles were covered with no more than a light load

carried, the average consumption indicated meaning a full 69 litre tank of diesel would give a maximum distance of 470 miles between refills.

Easy to drive

Comfortable, easy to drive and straightforward to position even in tight situations, the D-Max handles well although the at times laborious response of the automatic gearbox tends to take the shine off the engine’s ability to perform. On smooth surfaces the D-Max ride is passable, the natural double-cab urge to pitch calming down considerably when it’s carrying a decent load. Where the D-Max does surpass expectations is when it’s offroad, most notably on rough tracks, the ride quality one of the best in class. There’s a comprehensive range of D-Max variations available and buyers can still opt for a 4x2 or 4x4 single-cabs that start at around £18,499, a 4x4 extended or what’s better

Engine economy suffers when mated to the automatic gearbox.

known as a King Cab or the more familiar double cab as seen here. Equally, in double cab form there are four variations of trim level intended to suit each users’ eventual end purpose with a variety of accessories intended to enhance and individualize each customer’s particular needs or whims. The new colour coded canopy is more than worth the £1800 investment as is to a degree the slide tray railed load bed at £648. The optional 18in black alloy rims complete with Pirelli Scorpion Zero 255/60R18 tyres add £2880 to the initial Utah Automatic showroom price of £27,244 which in itself is over £1000 more than the manual six-speed.

Additional outlay

Throw in the at times geographically challenged sat nav and reversing aids and the basic cost has risen to £32,572. If you can justify the additional outlay and need your

D-Max to change its own gears then go ahead. The larger wheels and tyres look good, the performance Pirelli rubber adding markedly to the D-Max’s cornering abilities and the canopy is attractive but I’d still consider my money better directed towards the manual version on standard wheels and tyres.

FAST FACTS Model: Isuzu D-Max Utah automatic Price: £32,572 (as tested) Engine: 2.5 litre four-cylinder 163bhp turbodiesel Transmission: Five-speed automatic Top speed: 111mph CO2 emissions: 194g/km Combined mpg: 27.4 (as tested)

Drive selection is via a large, centrally located knob.

The new five-speed auto is hesitant and hampers overall economy.

Instrumentation is clear and concise.

Cabin stowage isn’t bad but could be improved.

Switchgear is robust and positive.

18 OCTOBER 2013


Plant and machinery


Groundworks & Construction, Civil Engineering Contractors t. 01754 881231 m . 07768 9 43722 Lym d a le Cro ftLa ne, Cro ft, Sk egnes s , Linc s PE2 4 4 PF

A . G ric e & S on (a d ivis io n o f Pell Pla ntHire Ltd )

•L a n d d ra in a ge •Je ttin g •Ditc h m a in te n a n c e •L a ke s & P on d s


Land D rainage Sp ec ialists

The big boys get bigger JOHN Deere’s 7R Series tractor range for 2014 features more powerful engines and a new top of the range model. The new line-up will consist of six models delivering 210, 230, 250, 270, 290 and 310hp at rated engine speed. The flagship 7310R will be available in limited numbers from spring 2014 and will have a new Stage IV compliant engine, while all the other 7R Series tractors will be powered by John Deere’s diesel-only technology. The 7230R, formerly powered by a nine litre engine, gets an advanced 6.8 litre unit which maintains the same maximum torque, torque rise and power bulge as before. The change to a smaller engine also increases the power density and reduces this tractor’s operating costs. While the 7250R, 7270R and 7290R continue with the nine litre engine with dual turbocharger, the new 7310R will feature Stage IV compliant engine technology. For transport and PTO applications, the engines’ intelligent power management system provides an extra 22hp on the 7290R and an extra 30hp on all other models. The range is expected to deliver 2% better fuel efficiency overall. John Deere has added a selective catalytic reduction system to its diesel-only engines and increased fuel pressure to achieve more thorough combustion. A new and more efficient cooling package on these engines reduces airflow resistance to provide higher cooling capacity. The individual components of the system have been rearranged and the fan has been redesigned to pull air through the engine rather than push it. The latest 7R Series tractors will be available with a newly designed e23 transmission offering 23 forward and 11 reverse speeds, and equipped with an efficiency manager. This feature allows the operator to preset the working speed, and helps to save fuel by

keeping the engine rpm at an optimum speed by automatically shifting up and throttling back. This new fully automatic transmission offers 23 equally spaced power shiftable gears. With every shift of the transmission, the operator can increase the speed of the tractor by 15% even when under full load. To precisely match operating conditions and implement needs, the e23 transmission has 14 gears between 1.6mph and 10mph. Depending on the task, the transmission can be operated in three different driving modes, and an optional left-hand reverser is also available. A new CommandArm console is standard on all 7R Series tractors and replaces the right-hand console of previous models. This groups the tractor controls by function and integrates with the new CommandCentre, which features a new interface and is available with either a 7in or 10in touchscreen display. The new CommandView III Cab has a 40º swivel seat with back rest extension, and customers can choose between a standard air spring seat, the field-proven ActiveSeat or hydraulic cab suspension (HCS) for extra driving comfort. The cab also features laminated glass for safety and a quiet operating

The penultimate 7R, the 7290R, keeps its whopping nine litre dual turbocharged diesel engine.

environment, and a refrigerator for storing food and drinks. Integrated systems enable the use of John Deere’s FarmSight precision farming technology, and a hydraulic joystick with gear shift is available for the CommandQuad and e23 transmissions. Other options include a 360º LED lighting package and full coverage front and rear fenders.

Updated 8R and 8RT Series tractors

John Deere’s 8R and 8RT Series wheeled and tracked tractors, featuring Stage III B compliant diesel-only engines, are also being updated for 2014, with increased horsepower on all models. The new 8R line-up will consist of five tractors delivering 270, 295, 320, 345 and 370hp, while the 8RT tracked versions will be rated at

320, 345 and 370hp. Several of the new 7R Series tractor features will also be introduced on the 8R Series, including the e23 transmission with efficiency manager, though not until 2015. AutoPowr will still be offered on all 8R and 8RT models, and the established 16-speed Powershift transmission is available on the 8270R, 8295R and 8320R. The updated 8R Series will also feature the same seat options, integrated hydraulic joystick and CommandArm console with CommandCentre display. Other significant improvements include widened hitch rails to simplify the connection of PTO-driven implements and keep the PTO shaft from contacting the rails, plus an additional 1000/1000E speed PTO option.

Powerful 6M and 6R series squeezed into compact frames JOHN Deere is introducing three new, more compact models to both the 6M and 6R Series tractor ranges. Built in Mannheim, the new 6MC and 6RC tractors have been designed specifically for medium size arable, livestock and mixed farms. The new 6090MC, 6100MC and 6110MC models are equipped with PowrQuad Plus transmissions and Stage III B compliant 4.5 litre four cylinder PowerTech PWX engines. Using field proven technologies to meet the latest emissions standards, these fuel efficient diesel only engines feature exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), a wastegate turbocharger and an exhaust filter. This last component includes a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The 6MC tractors feature a 2.4m wheelbase and an optional low profile cab allows easy access to small buildings. The tractors’ full frame is specifically designed to accept front loaders such as the John Deere H310 or H340. These are

Smaller but perfectly formed – the 6110MC and 6110RC.

available in non self-levelling, mechanical selflevelling and hydraulic self-levelling versions, with a wide variety of loader attachments. The 6090RC, 6100RC and 6110RC models come with a massive 205 litre fuel tank and John Deere’s PowerTech PWX 4.5 litre Stage III B dieselonly engines. As with the 6MC machines, the wheelbase is 2.4m. Other features include a pressure and flow compensated hydraulic system providing up to 114 litre/min, with 37 litre/min available for implement operation.

OCTOBER 2013 19


Narrower options for fruit farmers

Larger engines planned for 5E Series DESIGNED primarily for use on livestock and small arable farms, John Deere’s 5E Series three-cylinder tractors (55, 65 and 75hp) are also intended for municipal and landscaping applications. They will continue to be powered by Stage III A engines for 2014. By contrast, the new larger four-cylinder 85 and 95hp versions will feature Stage III B diesel-only PowerTech engine technology. The 5E three-cylinder tractors are now also available with a 12x12-speed power reverser in addition to the existing 9x3 synchronised transmission. Its 12 speeds between 1.2mph and 24mph offer a wider selection of gears for each application. The clutchless reverser also provides a

Small but perfectly formed AN ENTIRELY new John Deere model for 2014 is the 4M Series, which slots between the 3E Series compact utility tractor and the 5E Series. Available in 49hp 4049M and 66hp 4066M forms, the 4M is designed for agricultural applications where a narrow, low-profile compact tractor is needed. They are also suitable, the firm says, for large property maintenance and commercial applications such as landscaping, as well as part-time farming. Powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, both the 4049M and 4066M are equipped with a 12x12-speed transmission. This features an electrically engaged power reverser to enable simple changes of direction at the press of a button. The “ergonomic flat floor open station operator platform” features a foldable rollover system, which allows the tractor to be parked in a normal garage. The independent PTO can be engaged on the go without stopping or pressing the clutch pedal. Both tractors have a maximum lift capacity of 1400kg.

separate control enabling the operator to change the reversing speed from fast, for headland turns, to slow, for precise front loader work and easier manoeuvring in tight spaces. An electro-hydraulic PTO button also helps the operator to quickly engage and disengage the PTO when working with a power harrow, rotary tiller, rake or other PTO driven implements. The three-cylinder 5E Series tractor cab features a tiltable and telescopic steering wheel for improved accessibility and driving comfort, a tilting passenger seat with optional safety belt and an onboard computer on the power reverser models to control driving speed and engine rpm. John Deere’s new four-cylinder 5E Series

This 5095E is top of the (new) range.

tractors are equipped with a PowerTechE 4.5 litre high pressure common rail (HPCR) engine. Two transmission options will be available on these new models, the 12x12speed power reverser transmission for speeds up to 22mph and a 24x12-speed power reverser HiLo transmission for a maximum speed of 40kmh (25mph).

THE next generation of John Deere’s 5M Series tractors has been designed for small and medium size livestock, arable, mixed and speciality farms. The range consists of four higher horsepower models from 75 to 115hp and features Stage III B compliant engine technology. These redesigned machines will be available from January 2014 in several versions. There’s a standard cab or a newly designed low profile version which reduces overall height to 97.6in even on 28in tyres. There’s also an integrated open operator station, available on the 5085M, 5100M and 5115M models. Finally there’s a newly designed 5M Narrow version with an overall maximum width of 67.7in. The 5M Narrow tractors meet the needs of speciality producers such as vineyards, fruit and hop farms.

Latest addition to 5G family keeps a low profile FEW details of the new-for-2014 5GL low profile tractor have yet been made available but it’s likely to retain most of the features of its 5G Series siblings. First introduced in 2009, the 5G Series is positioned between the 5E and 5M Series tractors and aimed at smaller, arable livestock, mixed and speciality farms. There will be new 80 and 90hp 5G Stage III B Series tractors for 2014 and these will be available in both cab and open operator station versions, with either two or fourwheel drive. As a result, these versatile tractors can be used anywhere from small yards and low barns to large fields.

The higher ground clearance 5GH does its thing.

Equipped with equal front and rear wheels in the four-wheel drive version, the 90hp model is also available as the 5GH, which offers a high ground clearance of 30.7in in its two-wheel drive configuration. The ground clearance allows this tractor to operate in low height crops such as vegetables and soft fruit, as well as vineyards. The new 5G and 5GH Series tractors feature four-cylinder 3.4 litre diesel engines equipped with a common rail system, efficient charge air cooling and a turbocharger to comply with Stage III B emission regulations. They supply a constant power range of 400rpm and a torque rise of 31%. The intelligent power management option on the 5090G provides an additional 9hp at 2300rpm and a power bulge of 5% for PTO and transport applications. The three-point hitch on 5G Series tractors provides a standard maximum lift capacity of 2700kg at the ball ends. Additional lift cylinders are available to extend the maximum lift capacity to 3200kg.

More power from upgraded 5M series. The tractor in the foreground is the open station 5085M.

Tel:01724 852359 Fax:01724 84 8775 Ste a dfa s t in a w o rld o fw a ve ring s ta nda rds

BILLIARD TABLEM AN UFACTURERS Ta bleFittin g ! Ta bleRen ova tion

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Over40 years experience

O a k Ba rleyTw istCo m b in a tio n S n o o ker/Po o l/Din in g Ta b le

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w w e sh ire b illiard .u k

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To advertise your classiďŹ ed give Sue or Carol a call on

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B. POPE & Sons Ltd. Cattle Buildings Grain Stores Potato Stores G.P. Buildings


Workshops Industrial Units Extensions Refurbishment & Alterations

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Church Farm Yard Sempringham Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 0LU Tel/Fax 01529 241493 - website : - email :

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new and secondhand

•B AR N S R E-CLAD •STEEL CLAD D IN G SUPPLIED Box Profile Straight C orrugated Straight & C urved

Tel.01366 382294 Fax 01366 382878 Eastern C ounties H um ber to the Tham es

B U S S EN S & VIGR AS S ALL SIZES OF SHIPPING STORAGE AND REFRIGERATED CONTAINERS Tel: 01394 387728 Fax: 01394 388826 Mobile: 07860 413994 Nationwide Service






Unit 6, Capelhendre Ind. Estate, Nr. Ammanford, Dyfed SA18 3SJ

Telephone: 01269 831869 Fax: 01269 831870


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Ford e ta ils te l:


01529 455280 S P E CIA L IS TS FO R M IL L A N D M IXE R U N ITS

U T T L E Y IN G H A M & C O LT D D . W . Ferniho ugh

Bulk Feed Silos Transported New & Used M adeto Orderc/w Feeding System s Bobcatcleaning outservices

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and m ore CLUTCHES Also FLY W


Allm akes-TRACTORS,


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spare parts also available

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P.V. DOBSON & SONS New Perkins Engines and Spares New 3 cyl to suit MF/JCB/Leyland New 4 cyl to suit MF/JCB/Case/Manitou etc New 6 cyl to suit MF/JCB. 200+ other new engines in stock Inc. industrial spec turbo and standard

Next day nationwide delivery service from £35.00 Credit cards accepted P.V. Dobson & Sons (ask for Ryan) Levens, Kendal. LA8 8PG Tel: 01539 560833 Fax: 01539 560675 e-mail: View engines on Mobile: 07843 314 695 *Prices subject to VAT

Wrights Farming Register covering the heart of England’s farming community from the Thames Valley to the Scottish Borders

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W eld on fork lifta n d loa d erbra ck ets to fitm os tm a k es a n d m od els

JCB/ M ATBRO £6 8.50 + V AT a ll others PO A

All m a jo rDeb it/Cred itca rd s a ccep ted . S a m e d a y d es p a tch

Tee rr ry Bi T yB irc h

0796 233104/ 01529 455776 0 796 6 2 33104/ 0 1529 4 55776

ngi nee e rin ng@bt onne om tw be be n gin g@ btc o nne c t.c o m ngi nee e rin ng. om tw be be n gin g.c o m


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& Reconditioning Specialists

For new and reconditioned air compressors and associated equipment contact the experts

Exchange & New Running Gear supplied Rubber and Steel Tracks for Mini Excavators




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Stocking an extensive range of Agricultural Tractor & Machinery Parts at competitive prices. We are also the main distributors for KAB Seating, stocking a full range of replacement seating for tractors, handlers & diggers.

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For all your sprayer needs Spares for all makes of sprayers New pumps, Spares for most makes of pumps in stock Nozzles from Lechler, Teejet, Hypro & BFS - Call for advice

Hypro Main Distributors Ex-Gem factory staff - specialists in Gem/ Case sprayer spares TYRES

Dale Whorlow 07811 982564 Mick Charlton 07721 513228 On farm testing for ALL makes of sprayers. Ensure your sprayer meets your crop assurance scheme requirements.

Poclain wheel motors spares and repairs available, hydraulic filters for self propelled machines - call for a quote Unit 2 & 3 Moorlands Trading Estate, Metheringham, Lincoln LN4 3HX Tel: 01526 323521 Fax: 01526 323529 Email: Most major credit cards accepted


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S6557 Transmatic 36Ft 6” auger c\w 5HP 3 phase motor, Galvanised tubes on adjustable stand with 2 wheels. Stored inside Good condition £600 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6807 TRANSMATIC Trolley auger 8” diameter with 15hp 3 phase electric motor drive, 30’+ long with flexi pipe discharge end, flights good (used on outdoor grain silo setup), winch type adjustable height. Also pair discharge augers fit into tube in silos with drying floor, 6” galvanised type fitted 5.5hp 3 phase motors, 16’ long used with 24’ diameter round silos - these priced at £595 each Good condition £925 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6768 ASTWELL Straight 20 ft long 6” diameter galvanised grain auger, bottom inlet slide with handle, 3 phase 5hp motor at discharge end, done little work as paint still on auger flights Very Good condition £450 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6605 RECO Recomatic 6 “ Transmatic auger appx 28ft long c\w 3 phase motor & armered cable. Has Double castor wheels each side to move. Kept inside Good condition £500 % Shaun 07850 978188



C6686 NEW HOLLAND D1000 Big Square baler, 1996 model in red & yellow paintwork, makes 60cm x 90cm bales (2’ x 3’), 2m wide pick-up with feed augers & rubber tyred wheels, 4 knotter system with central lube system & twine box carriers either side, hydraulic bale density control, all good pto drive with wide angle coupling, 16.5L16.1 tyres, road lights, all good straight panelwork, done approx 95000 bales Good condition £5,350 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3513 MCCONNEL Bale Packer Mcconnel bale packer makes packs of 16 or 20 convential bales, trailed unit with drawbar and chute system, to fit behind convential baler, used in 2012 season. Cherry Products Bale Gripper included! Very Good condition £8,000 % Chris W 07957 870362 C6803 KVERNELAND Volac Silawrap 7510 round bale wrapper, trailed machine with self loading arm, 4 belt turntable fitted 750mm wrap spool, in cab cable control spool valves with bale counter, rear bale fall breaker mat, 11.0/65-12 tyres, last used 2012 Good condition £1,575 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6706 INTERNATIONAL 440 Convention small square baler, well maintained and ready to work. Good condition £1,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6579 INTERNATIONAL B46 Old Conventional Pick up, used this year. Barn stored. Average condition £250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6902 2001 ARMSTRONG AND HOLMES

C6738 BROWNS Juggler Flat 8 bale collector, tubular frame type all complete with good tyres & bale chute, fits any conventional pick-up baler. Good condition £340 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6726 LAWRENCE EDWARDS Supa Pac static bale wrapper, tractor linkage mounted with remote control requires hydraulic spool valves to operate machine, 4 belt table with tilt ram, 500mm plastic wrap spool facility, unused & dry stored needs turntable operation repair Good condition £850 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6668 WELGER AP830 Conventional baler, 2008 high capacity model in Lely livery, 2 metre wide pick-up, 8 ball twine box, all shaft drives with hydraulic slew drawbar & pick-up lift, 540 pto drive, fully guarded with standard rear bale chute, manual screw density control, 11.5/80-15.3 & 8.0012 tyres, screw type jack & road lights. Very tidy baler just needs a service before work - £3000 less than Agri-Linc ! Very Good condition £10,950 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3512 WELGAR AP630 Serial Number: 1135-04-5199. Mid 1990’s. In working order and will go straight to work. Has been barn stored and the paint is generally good for its age. Baled an average of approx 7000 bales per year for the last 10 years. Operators manual and parts list for the baler. £5,450 % Chris W 07957 870362 S6708 1992 WELGAR AP 630 Conventional small square baler with 68” pick up and hydraulic drawbar offset ram. Tidy straight baler.Stored inside but has slightly faded paint. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 W3515 2003 WELGAR AP830 Dealer serviced every year. With hydraulic steel pipes and hydraulic draw at the back and for bale sledge. Hydraulic pick up and hydraulic draw bar, lights and wide angle PTO. Has done 7000 bales per year Very Good condition £9,350 % Chris W 07957 870362 C6729 TRAILEYRE 300 Round Bale Transporter, ex show model with electro/hydraulic controls (flow & return supply from tractor only), trailed unit with standard 6 bale system plus additional Ritchie supplied adjustable extension arms to operate with 12 bales (6’ bales x 6 or 12 bales at no more than 4’6” dia grass bales), 15.00/55-17 tyres on single axle with hyd brakes, screw jack, road lights. All operational well proven machine, only reason for sale is move to square bales. Good condition £3,495 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6814 PET BALE Machine made by ESSE-G to make plastic wrapped 2kg bales, 3 phase electric static unit with walking floor feed will handle all sizes of square & round bales, material (hay & straw) can be fed whole or chopped and finished bale is heat sealed, end accumulator sorts 5 bales to make 10kg easily handled pack Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6208 WELGAR RP150 5ft by 4ft Belted round baler c\w mechanical twine tying. Fittted Road lights. Stored inside. Average condition £950 % Shaun 07850 978188


BB10 Bale Handling / Stackloading trailer to carry 16 bales ex MF 187 baler. Presently fitted with Nokian 560/45 R22.5 Floatation tyres (60%) Or could come on standard origainal super singles Very Good condition £9,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6011 Bale Handler 119cm (4ft) wide. Height 63cm. To suit Skidsteer or similar small loader. Frame is 10x10cm, bracers are 5x5cm.Fitted 2 Spikes which are 100cm (2.5cm ish thick) Very Good condition £300 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6470 BROWNS Buzzard flat 8 bale grab, all good tines with side guide bar, mounted on triangular headstock with steel framework to fit forklift pallet tine backframe, strong enough to handle big bales Good condition £425 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6636 NEW HOLLAND 378 wide pickup conventional baler with red & yellow paintwork has been on farm from new & dealer serviced, good pto drive, fully guarded machine with 8 ball twine box, 6 foot wide pick-up with solid tyre control wheel & main wheel behind to reduce transport width, some bearings & other work done on machine in last 2 seasons, needs service before work, always kept undercover, complete with Browns Bonda late type box section type flat 8 accumulator sledge. Lister 19’ long any level bale elevator with 6’ extension & 3 phase electric motor drive available at extra cost. All in good working order Good condition £2,495 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6788 1996 VICON

RV 186 Variable diameter Belted 4ft Round baler. Nett & Twine wrap, 2m wide pick up,Kicker bar. In cab controls. Very tidy for age. Only Done Hay and straw for last 8 years but could do silage. Very Good condition £2,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6813 STRAW CHOPPER Mobile unit made by Compact Systems, pto drive requires 90hp tractor, will handle all size square & round bales (including Hesston), cylinder with chopping knives plus fan for discharge along 6” pipe to either a heap or into buildings (i.e. poultry housing), capacity 3-4tph for litter or feed, chemical mist applicator suit ammonia treated straw. Ideal farm or contractors machine Good condition £15,750 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6888 JOHN DEERE 456A Conventional Square baler, Std pick up, Autolube barn stored, not used this year. Good model. Average condition £2,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6464 BALE SPIKE Moulton model, single top tine 1.15m long & 2 bottom tines at 50cm long, done little work with good red paintwork. Brackets to fit Bonser RTFLT tipping backplate but easily changed Very Good condition £345 % Chris C 01926 338639

OCTOBER 2013 35

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S6697 HESTAIR Todd Contractor Cleaner Loader, Lifted and fitted 12R 22.5 wheels, continental main web, Single cylinder Lister diesel Good condition £1,400 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6038 JONES High Capacity Cleaner Loader, Fitted 3 cylinder diesel engine, drives machine hydraulically. 5ft wide unloader web, Picking area with canopy over. Huge hopper. All on 4 wheel dray type chassis with 385/65 R22.5 tyres. Good condition £5,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6659 STANHAY Rocleaner R60 Hydraulic Folding Interow how configured for 8 rows but could be extended. Will Mount on Front or back of tractor Good condition £1,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6873 RATIONAL 3 Row Trailed tanker beet harvester with front mounted offset topper, feeler & knive crowning, self steering lifting,opel wheels, 2 cleaning turbines steering drawbar & steerage disc. Adjustable axles with 14.9/80 - 24 tyres with 70% tread. Good sized tank appx 4 - 5 ton. Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6801 HESTAIR Todd Contractor Mk1V Plus Cleaner loader, Shaft drive, Lister Petter Diesel, Rod link Cleaning and elevator, Tidy for age Good condition £1,200 % Shaun 07850 978188



S5789 Panel doors Electric 3.3m wide in 0.5m deep sections slide up rollers 3ph Poss with switch gear Very Good condition £900 each % Shaun 07850 978188 C6752 CONCRETE Panels as used on silage pit walls, size 6 feet long x 18 inches wide which bolt together, trough shape will stand on a concreteblock to give extra height. Quantity 55 to be sold as one lot, old but sound Good condition £695 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6173 CROPSCAN 15 Potato store control system. All Electric controls plus 6 controllable Louvred Vent panels, 2 - Woods 4ft Diameter 28kw Ventialtion fans and Tapered Kerouin Floor panels 38” By 20” By 1.75” To do appx 24m by 30m (These sort require prepared concrete floor with ducting cast in) Good condition £3,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S3751 MOBILE Homes Various types available either 12 or 10 ft wide. Generally 22ft or 28ft long suitable for accomodation or office. Prices according to age. Even some late models if required % Shaun 07850 978188 S6546 MALGAR Outdoor Slurry Store Estimated 60,000 gallons, open topped enamelled steel tank appx. 55ft diameter. 24 panels of 8 by 4 sheets, 3 high. Fitted PTO driven stirrer. Good condition £3,800 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6713 HARLOW BROS Stable Block Twin 12 by 10ft stables plus tack room 7ft by 12 Ft deep. All 7ft 6” to the eaves. Proper stable doors etc. Traditional well built sectional loose boxes dismantled ready to load. Good condition £1,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6675 GALEBREAKER Doors green mesh type with chain winders & all galvanised steel fittings, Agridoor specification quantity 5 to suit 20’ (6m) wide opening approx 16’ high. All removed and dry stored ready for reinstalling, preferably sold as one lot Good condition £4,650 % Chris C 01926 338639

C6798 CRITAL Steel galvanised panels ex indoor grain silos, square profile type all taken down ready to transport. 3 metre (9’10”) long panels x 35 & 2.4m long panels x 16 complete with starter & finisher panels. Includes some corner posts if required. Originally made two x 10’ square & two 10’ by 8’ silos Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C6763 COLD ROOMS Choice of 30’ x40’ with 12’ high x 4’ wide panels 4” thick, sliding door for fork truck access. 30’ x 25’ with sloping roof section & door air screen, part steel sides. Blast Freezer room with 3 x 10hp Jerome Engineering compressor units takes it to minus 25 degrees, capacity up to 28 pallets. Also pair freezer banks with 4 fins per inch suitable for fitment to first store above. Quantity of other compressor fridge/freezer units available including outdoor located system by Coolers & Condensers Ltd Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639



S6900 1998 NEW HOLLAND TX 62 17ft Cut Combine, Air Conditioned cab, 140 Kw motor, Strawchopper & chaff spreader. Fitted Goodyear 66-43-25 tyres to drive wheels. 16/70 - 20 rears. 2908 drum hours, 3397 engine. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6773 SHELBOURNE REYNOLDS Draper Header, 11ft wide, later hydraulic drive type suitable for 6 walker New Holland TX combine. 1 piece Canvas. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6163 SHELBOURNE Draper Pick up header suit smaller MF Droningberg Combines. 11ft wide. Sound Black tines with good tines (few Spare). Tidy Good condition £550 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3527 1978 CLASS Dominator 85 13’ header. 2500hrs, Ford engine, chopper, header trolley, rape knife. One owner from new. Was last used in 2010. Requires some tidying but essentially sound and complete. poa % Chris W 07957 870362 S6857 SHELBOURNE Draper Header Hydraulic Drive model with recent new motor. Fittings for JD ( Been on 9640) 11ft one piece canvas with good tines. Very Good condition £4,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6896 CLAAS Dominator 85 Combine, fitted cab. 13 ft Cut header with good trolley. Not used this season. Comes with strawchopper which isnt fitted Good condition £2,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6668 1997 NEW HOLLAND TX 68 20FT Cut combine with lateral float on header and self levelling seives. Only 2182 Drum hours. Chaff spreader and strawchopper. Goodyear 800/65 R32 fronts and 16/70 20 rears. Very tidy machine Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6358 1989 NEW HOLLAND TX 36 Combine with lateral float header, Air Con Cab, Nicholls Concave & Straw chopper. Extensively prepared for harvest inc many new belts etc. Good condition £19,000 % Shaun 07850 978188



C6739 MAN LE220C 7.5 tonne flat bed truck, 220hp 6 cylinder 2001model with 6 speed gearbox, double sleeper cab, 327189 rec kms with MOT & tax to end Aug ‘13, 7m long timber ply body 2.4m wide with high front headboard plus mesh screen behind cab, floor height 1.3m above ground, single rear axle fitted 225/75R17.5 all good tyres, built as drag trailer specification 24 tonne gross train weight, rear drawbar & air pipes, twin fuel tanks, leaf spring suspension. Very tidy unit for hay/saw carting or would make classic tractor transport with body adapted as beavertail Very Good condition £3,895 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6807 2009 MITSUBISHI

Outlander Equippe 4 Work, 5 Door comercial version. Only 40,000 miles. 6 speed manual, 2.0 Litre Audi Tdi, 35 - 40 Mpg. Fitted Detacheable Tow bar and Climate control. Good condition £6,500 Plus VAT % Shaun 07850 978188 S6806 2005 LANDROVER Freelander 3 Door Commercial Automatic in Black. Very Clean, Dog guarding and vent. Air Con and CD radio. 225/55 R 17s as new 35 40 MPG Very Good condition £3,750 Plus VAT % Shaun 07850 978188 S6781 FORD Cargo 7.5 ton de-mount body beaver tail and ramps, m.o.t. aug, 72,000 miles c reg Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188



S6859 TRACK MARSHALL Weight Set Suit TM 90 Crawler, 16 Jerry Can type weights each appax 120lbs. Sustanrial weights. Good condition £600 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6803 SIMBA Tool Carier Heavy Duty Multi pin Linkage carier with 2 rams , bolt adjustable top link and 11.5/80 - 15.3 wheels. Sound Good condition £475 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6788 FIAT Crawler Bottom Track Rollers suit 100/120 models, all refurbished with 45mm gap between roller sides, quantity 8 plus pair additional rollers similar. Also Centre Actuator unit for Hymac 580C 360 degree excavator, fits to centre pivot slew mechainism, fully reconditioned - this priced at £495 Very Good condition £850 % Chris C 01926 338639

S6735 TRACK MARSHALL 90 Crawler c\w Cab, hydraulics and drawbar. (No linkage). Good 16” tracks and sprockets. Perkins 6.354 engine 4335 hours. % Shaun 07850 978188


C5458 HE VA


C6753 KONGSKILDE Triple K spring tine cultivator, mounted 9’ wide with 25 ‘S’ type tines in 4 rows, pair depth wheels one steel & one solid rubber. Suit small tractor much sought after in spring 2013! Good condition £500 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6212 COUSINS Level Lift trailed 5 metre wide unit with 3 subsoil legs on rear frame, adjustable drawbar, twin depth/transport wheels on hydraulic rams, 3 rows sweep tines in frame (10 in total) with subsoil legs behind followed by 24” diameter packer roller 16’ wide on screw adjusters. Sweep tines have bolt on wings making 18” width, all legs indiividually adjustable in height, some reinforcing done on frame & drawbar. One spare leg & some spare wings included. Note this a fixed width machine non folding for transport. Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6643 HOUSEHAM 6m Heavy gang Rolls comprising 5 Gangs of 24” Crimps in frame to pull forward or end tow with hydraulic lifting wheels (10/75 - 15 tyres). Good condition £2,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6785 CAMBRIDGE Ring Roll single trailed 8 ft wide version, greasable bearings, 20” diameter all tight good ring cleats. Suit reseeding enterprise with compact tractor or similar Good condition £200 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6802 WILDER Pressure Harrow 6.8 metre hydraulic folding linkage mounted (cat 2 & 3), 6 sections 5’ deep in frame with 4 x pressure rams, round type adjustable depth tines in harrow sections - all good & some new, paintwork average but still a useful fast seedbed tool Good condition £895 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6525 Pigtail Tine Drag, 17ft Hydraulic folding, 3 bars 100mm frame, Sturdy tool with 1” section pigtail tines. £1,700 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6736 HAYLOCK Heavy Duty Dutch Harrow, 6.5m wide hydraulic folding tractor linkage mounted with centre section & pair wings, 4 rows tine bars fitted 1 inch round adjustable length tines, front angled timber clod boards & set rear zig zag rigid tined following harrows can be easily removed, cat 2 & 3 headstock, transport lock bar Good condition £900 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6403 SIMBA Single Press Trailed 1 Row cast 24” Ring press, 6” spacing c\w end tow kit. Good condition £1,600 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6559 AGRICAST 20” Press Rings 30 degree cast iron 50cms Diameter, 30 of bought & never used. Plus 4 Shafts each 1m long by 45mm and af ew bearings. New condition % Shaun 07850 978188 W3431 COUSINS Dutch Harrow 4m levelling harrow with manually folds to 3m. Points in good condition but a few missing. No levelling board or roller. Good condition % Chris W 07957 870362 S6853 GALLUCHIO RDA 660 Trailed 6.6M folding Press with levelling boards followed by 2 rows of Cast iron rings. Transport wheels with 300/50 -17 tyres. Good condition £5,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6727 PIGTAIL Cultivator linkage mounted 4.3m (14’) wide with end tow built in transport kit, adjustable wide rubber depth wheels, 14 x 1 inch square tines in 3 rows on box frame, built in Spring Tine following harrow (2 row) folds above machine fopr transport, mounting pad for Accord seeder unit & tines have rear boots to take seed tubes, all painted green. Ideal machine for use as bean drill base etc. Good condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6734 PARMITER Zig Zag set mounted drag harrows, 18 ft wide with 6 individual sections, hydraulic folding in blue paintwork, all good harrow bars fitted 3/4” straight tines. Still an inexpensive method of producing a good seedbed Good condition £575 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6550 JOHN DEERE 410 ‘C’ tine hydraulic folding 18’ (5.6m) linkage mounted cultivator, good 6.50-15 tyres on depth wheels, majority of tines original JD type but some replacements are 1” pigtail type, folds to 3 metres for transport, requires some attention to wheel brackets before work Good condition £795 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6268 SIMBA 4.6M Single press Trailed hydraulic folding type, 580mm Cast rings appx 150mm apart. Tidy condition Good condition £1,900 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6560 LYNX SUMO front linkage mounted tyre press, model LSF150, 1.5m wide in blue paintwork fitted 5 x 295/80R22.5 commercial tyres, some tyres fitted are poor but comes with replacements Good condition £825 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6472 FRONT TYRE Press farm workshop made with 4 x 9.00-20 tyres on commercial wheels mounted on centre axle with bearings, box section strong steel frame with top connecting strut to fit front linkage all painted blue, parking stand, adjustable width guide chains for use with drill marker Good condition £675 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6524 LEMKIN Kompactor S300 3m Tined cultivator. c\w levelling boards and crumblers Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6320 VADERSTAD HV/MV 77 ROLLS 6M Vertical hydraulic folding rolls. Fitted 16” crimps and breaker rings. Recent new wheel bearing. £1,350 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6864 C tine Drag 15FT Hydraulic folding 3 Bars each 4” with 15 C tines ( Twin leaf) with 2.5” Reversible points. Rear Drawbar and side mounted 6 - 9 depth tyres Good condition £600 % Shaun 07850 978188

Disc Roller (Doublet) trailed 4m wide hydraulic folding, 2005 model, 2 sets front notched Sabre discs 500mm diameter recently fitted with hyd ram adjustment fo depth/aggression (DSD), adjustable soil mat prior to single row of 32 x ‘V’ profile packer rings with scrapers, rear carriage with 400/60-15.5 tyres, side soil retainers on sprung arms, road lights. Recent soil mat curtain fitted. Machine can be used for straw incorporation, on ploughing or as small seeds establishment tool (eg Rape seed) with Variocaster mounted on rear Very Good condition £9,950 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6886 DOWDESWELL Powavator 130 11ft Spike rotor, 1000 rpm c\w twin hoods and steel wheels. Tines about 6” % Shaun 07850 978188 S6189 COUSINS Points 7 Brand new Quck fit cousins subsoiler points. Part no 8100 8195 £250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6663 AMAZONE 4m Packer C\with frame and 16 Vaderstad type levelling boards with ram to adjust depth. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6332 2011 COUSINS Contour 16.5m Hydraulic folding 24” crimp cambridge rolls. Fold into 7 banks,cat 3 linkage . 600/50 r22.5 wheels .Only used one season Excellent condition £33,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6399 KVERNELAND Trailed Press 4 metres wide (non folding) made up from set of 700mm diameter furrow press rings (25 in total), axle sets with 2 x 7 ring & 1 x 11 ring, cleaner chains, screw adjuster for drawbar height, rear depth wheel module hydraulic ram raise & lower with 12.5-15 tyres. Concrete ballast block in centre frame, can also take tractor weights on frame bars for extra ballast. Set spare rings on shafts (could be made double press) Good condition £1,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6823 SIMBA 3.3 m Press Trailed Rigid single standard 600mm Cast Ring press. 10/75 - 15.3 Tyres to transport. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C5546 FLEXI COIL Front Packer Press bracket mounted to front of JD 6000 series tractors weight frame, 750mm diameter 1.7m wide steel toothed packer in frame with scrapers & steering system, hyd ram lift, barrel of packer can be liquid ballasted. Original solid 450mm diameter steel flexicoil included with bearings & star scrapers Very Good condition £500 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6735 KONGSKILDE Triple K spring tine linkage mounted cultivator, 4.7m (15 ft) wide hydraulic folding fitted 47 ‘S’ type tines with reversible points in 4 rows, steel depth wheels, sprung type floating headstock, quick hitch bar coupler Good condition £575 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6750 LEMKIN 2m Crumblers To Fit 4M Thorite 9 Cultivatoror similar. 2- Multi tubular crumblers c\w frames to attach to machine with bearings etc. Tried once hence as new Excellent condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6781 PIGTAIL Cultivator fixed width linkage mounted 4 metre wide ex Browns Hectavator fitted 1” square section pigtail tine x 16 in 3 rows, rear solid section 18” diameter Flexicoil in full width frame with pin & hole depth adjustment on side arms. Strong machine with 5” square box section frame Average condition £795 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6642 KONGSKILDE Spring Tine cultivator points, genuine new reversible type painted green quantity 40 will require fixing bolts. Will also fit Kverneland/MF and many other springtine models. These are points only not tines & points. Very Good condition £65 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6398 BLENCH Dutch Harrow 10’ wide linkage mounted with 4 rows tines fitted extra length (18”) round adjustable depth tines in box section frame, rear drawbar assembly Good condition £445 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6500 ARAMIX Incorporation/Stubble cultivator, trailed 6m wide Razol hydraulic folding model new in 2004, 13 sprung loaded reset tine legs with winged feet in two rows give 800mm underbeam clearance, followed by 14 soil stirring lateral double disc coulters in sets with individual depth adjustment, rear crumbler rollers, rubber tyred depth wheels on end of wings, transport wheels on rear module at rear of machine, as new points & wings, machine has done little work over last few years & is in full working order all dry stored. Same machine as MF AMXS Aramix Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6503 STANDEN Powavator 3.7m Heavy duty rotavator c\w Rear hydraulic linkage, plus gathering wheels, depth wheels and spare set of blades. Recent drives overhaul. Very Good condition £3,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6509 CAMBRIDGE Trailed set ring rolls with 24” diameter good cleats, primary set 8’ wide (needs repair to drawbar) & pair 4’ wide ‘pups’ to make 16’ width & all tow behind each other for moving field to field Good condition £575 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6748 MICHAEL MOORES Frame & wheel carriage ex 4.5m double press machine, yellow painted box chassis with single ram for folding wing mechanism, 11.5/80-15.3 tyres. No press rings fitted so could be adapted to make trailed 2 leg mole plough etc. photos available Good condition £1,400 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6728 BOMFORD Dynadrive mechanical rotary cultivator, tractor mounted 4.8m wide with rear crumbler roller behind twin rotor system, sound steel hood, recent crumbler bearings, all in working order with good tines, requires 150hp plus to operate. Good condition £1,125 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6218 TWOSE 8M Hydraulic folding cambridge set. 21” crimps on 55mm shafts. Fold horizontally, were originally a 12m set. Sound for age Good condition £3,850 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6341 1997 SIMBA 5.5M Double press Fitted Simba DD rings and detacheable leading tine frame, plus rear drawbar. 400/55 - 15 tyres. Very Good condition £10,000 % Shaun 07850 978188

C6132 FARM FORCE Front Press ‘Simple’ model 1.5m wide with 10 x 700mm type diameter cast press rings (26”), new shaft & end bearings just fitted, cleaner chains, steering arms, demount stands, front mounting bracket (Ford fittings easily adapted for other makes) with single hydraulic ram to raise & lower. All ready for work, 1.8m overall width £850 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6805 MICHAEL MOORES

Cambridge Ring Rolls, 12.5 metre wide trailed hydraulic folding set with 22” diametrer cleats, 5 section horizontal fold with ram on drawbar, flotation 550/45-22.5 all good tyres, ring hitch & screw jack, all good shaft bearings & tight cleat rings, hyd rams on each gang for pressure adjust if required. Well built set cover a lot of ground in one pass Good condition £4,500 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6599 TWOSE Spring Tine cultivator, 14’ wide linkage mounted with 3 rows tines, rear drawbar frame, end hitch ‘A’ frame for transport, total 33 tines with 3 broken, 22 spare new points, blue paintwork Good condition £400 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6598 JEFFES Big 3 pigtail type cultivator, 14’ wide linkage mounted with primary 9’6” section & fold round 4’6” section assists transport, 2 rows large section tines with wide feet (2 tines smaller section), depth wheel brackets but no wheels fitted Good condition £465 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6677 COUSINS Packa-Rolla 4.4m wide hydraulic folding model with double press rings & front leading tines, 15 adjustable height tines in 2 rows, 22 x cast press rings in 2 gangs (44 in total) all approx 22” diameter (24” when new) with scrapers, rear depth/transport wheels on 12.5-15 tyres, transport lock chains & pin & hole adjustment bar for front tine bar depth. Centre folding type with solid cast rings adjacent to axle bearing carriers. Will go straight to work Good condition £5,750 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6696 SIMBA Single Press 5.5m Wide Standard 18” cast rings plus leading tines and wheels to transport at back Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6824 EDLINGTON 6.2m Horizontal Folding Rolls , Good 22 “ cast Rings, Repainted and fitted with Road lights. Upgraded 12.5/80 - 15.3 Transport tyres Very Good condition £3,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6732 FLEXI COIL Trailed 4.2m wideTwin Press, non folding model with rear deoth/transport wheels fitted 340/65R18 tyres, hydraulic ram on drawbar to main frame pivot, cast 30 degree press rings 24 front & 25 rear vary in diameter from 675mm to 700mm with 170mm spacing plus scrapers, transport lock valve, ideal for use as single implement or as combination tillage train. Good condition £1,975 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6647 FARM FORCE Front Press 3m wide fitted 700mm diameter 45 degree cast rings in set of 4 +9 + 4 across frame, model number F3300W with front module all adjustable for height of 2 rows spring tines, steering headstock, cleaner chains & greasable bearings to press rings, all good red & black paintwork, machine done little work Very Good condition £3,295 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6741 COUSINS Packa-Rolla 4.6m (15’) trailed hydraulic folding twin cultivator press (900kgs/metre weight), fully adjustable drawbar, 2 rows front adjustable height leading tines, cast 24” LP press rings quantity 23 front & rear, 12.5-15.3 tyres on rear carriage, centre folding to 2.5m transport width with lock bar, may need a couple of hanger bearings Good condition £5,395 % Chris C 01926 338639



S6178 REEKIE RT 170S Mounted Bed cultivation tiller c\w Reekie RDR SB2 Shearbolt leg bed forming bodies on back. Average condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188 S4934 PEARSON Jumbo Bedformer c\w 2 Subsoiler legs, 2 C tines, Ridging Bodies. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6720 GRIMME Destoner Declodder, 1991 Mustang model 1500mm wide at discs, pto drive to twin webs first continental type 45mm in good order, front split shares with cutaway side discs & large Diablo above, steering axle with adjustable track, heavy duty scrubber web with hydraulic operation (farm addition), rear cross web for stones & clods, good tyres, not used last 2 seasons but plenty of work left in machine, will go straight to work Good condition £1,350 % Chris C 01926 338639 S5796 PEARSON 60 - 80 Jumbo Bedformer, 2 Bodies with New noses & Bullet points on Subsoil legs. Long arm markers Very Good condition £800 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6179 PEARSON Jumbo 60/80 Bed Former c\w 2 standard Pearson Bodies, with 2 trip leg subsiolers and later weighted markers. Good condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6230 1997 REEKIE RT 170S Rear mounted Bedtiller later model with chain case skid, tines appx 70% plus RBM 2 Ridgers on back with duck bill points. Very Good condition £1,350 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6813 GRIMME Trailed 1800mm Web Destoner, 40mm pitch, Rear Cross conveyer and bouldedr box. Not used lately, Needs a PTO Shaft. Average condition £800 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6694 2004 JONES Triple Bed Tiller Hydraulic Folding Single rotor Bed Tiller with 3 of 1.65m Heads. 2- 6.9- 6.00 Depth wheels. 4 Ridging bodies. Nice And Straight, Recent New clutch and yoke. Very Good condition £5,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6229 1997 GRIMME CS 1500 Combistar Trailed destoner with 2 large discs, large diablo, 4 full shares & 2 half shares. 7 rows of stars onto 45mm web and cross conveyer. Steering & levelling axle with 12.5 80 - 18 tyres. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188

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36 OCTOBER 2013 10


C6754 PETTIT 77 trailed offset disc harrows, 3.6m (12’) working width with part wing fold round section for transport, manual gang angling, cutaway front discs 22” diameter, plain rear discs 21-22” diameter, depth & transport wheels with hyd ram actuation (seal slight leak), rear drawbar, red paintwork, weight 74kg/disc. Same model as Dowdeswell 77’s Good condition £2,300 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6526 PETTIT 77 12 Ft Disc harrows, 24” discs. Transport wheels. Wings fold round and in for transport. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6860 PARMITER UTAH 12FT Rigid Offset dics harrows with 16 discs on front appx 18 - 20”, 16 rears appx 23 - 24”. Fitted Rear Drawbar, Vredestein 10/75 - 15.3 Tyres on transport wheels 6 stud axles. Good condition £1,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6872 DOWDESWELL 84 Series 4.0 M Offset Disc Harrows, 24” Cutaway fronts done 2 seasons, 22” rears. Very good 13/65 - 18 transport tyres. Hydraulic gang angling and folding. Hydraulics plumbed to rear with drawbar. Greasble bearings. Very tidy Good condition £3,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6892 RANSOMES HR 33 7ft 6” Trailed offset disc harrows. 22-23” Cutaway front discs, 24” plain rears.Hydraulic wheels with 6 - 16 tyres Good condition £450 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6171 BUSH HOG 1400 Series 7.8m Wide Hydraulic Folding X pattern disc harrows. Ideal for rapid wold cultivation with 22” plain discs front & back. Rear drawbar, recent lift ram. 6 wheels for depth control & transport. Good condition £4,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6854 OPICO 8m Hydraulic folding x pattern disc harrows, Fold down to appx 3m. 24” discs Front and back 9” spacing. Extra long rear drawbar with hydraulics. 4 Transport wheels under centre section with 11.5/80 - 15.3 tryres and 10.5/80 - 15.3 tyres on the wings. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 W3530 PARMITER 2.5m trailed offset disc harrows with hydraulic depth/transport wheels. Reasonable order for age. Average condition poa % Chris W 07957 870362 S6402 PARMITER UTAH 250 Heavy trailed 3m Disc harrows. 23” Cutaway front discs, 23 -4” cutaway rears. 15/55 - 17 transport tyres. Rear drawbar & hydraulics.Sound Good condition £3,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6765 OPICO 20FT X Pattern trailed discs. Recent 24” cutaway discs. Manually folds top 14ft. 4 depth / transport wheels Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6695 GALLUCHIO GPAR 5.0m Folding Disc harrows, 4 depth wheels with 12.5 15 tyres. 24” discs. Hydraulic gang angle adjustment Good condition £4,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6898 SIMBA 2 B 3.2M Trailed Offset Heavy Disc harrows, Hydraulic depth/tranport wheels. Tidy order. Single press also to match up if required Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188



S5807 1985 LAW DENNIS Drier Double Section Contious flow 40TPH Outdoor Drier, Diesel fired plus 3 phase electric. Possibly Some supply elevators to feed. Buyer dismantles Average condition Offers % Shaun 07850 978188 C6795 OPICO

525XE GT Mobile grain drier, 2003 model completely professionally refurbished in 2012 & done just 150 hours since. 12 tonne capacity pto drive fan & lpg gas fired burner, 12 volt electrical system, all good screens, augers, bearings & unloader, twin wheel model with stabiliser legs, 50 tph fold up rear loading hopper, 12” central auger with agitator arms, swivel round high top unloader (removed ready for transport. All very good paintwork & screens Excellent condition £15,500 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6757 ALLMET Vertical grain drier Mk 4 model rated at 110 cwt per hour, 4 sections each with extractor fans, variable speed system, chain & slat conveyor moves grain through hot & cold sections, diesel fired burner. Large steel framed bucket pit elevator included. Old but all working. Suit spares etc. Good condition Offers % Chris C 01926 338639 C6494 ALLMET Continuous flow two section grain drier fitted rape screens in floor, 6.5tph diesel fired model refurbished by Allmet when installed on farm approx 20 years ago & regularly serviced by them. 3 drying plus 1 cooling sections operated by pair 15hp axial fans with silencers on 90 degree ducts. Gearbox drive with 3 phase motos & full control panel (auto ready). Removed ready to transport but main electrics connected or numbered Good condition £1,750 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6653 FARM FANS AB180A grain drier, automatic batch type 1998 model with only 1678 working hours, electric fan plus lpg burner, top feed & bottom discharge, control panel which allows control of intake & outlet systems, removed ready for transport & sold with full service prior use after reinstalling. Available with a Skandia aspiration precleaner 60tph capacity, model type DOB60F96, complete with quantity 10” (250mm) dia ducting. Drier & cleaner can be sold separately - both in excellent order Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C6703 DRYING TUNNEL & Fan comprising timber tunnel to make 42’ (7 x 6’ long sections) 8’ high & 3’ wide with access & fan flange, galvanised steel ‘A’ section perforated laterals to fit to tunnel sides 3’ long quantity 148 with end sections etc (all 10” high & 11” wide at base). 15hp centrifugal 30” dia fan 3 phase electric left handed type with recent starter & wiring Good condition £1,500 % Chris C 01926 338639

S6846 1997 FARM FANS

AB 180 Gas fired Batch Drier with 3 phase Fan. Mounted on a chassis to ease movement. Top Fill, bottom discharge. Galvanized screens suitable for most crops inc Beans, Linseed & rape. Fitted automated systems control which enable the Drier to switch supply conveyeres on and an off to automate process. Size overall 16ft by 6ft by 9ft tall.. Recently serviced Good condition £6,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6624 WELVENT Modulating Burner model 65, propane fired with 650,000 Btu total output from pair of heaters mounted vertically, single phase with gas pipe & Quick Dry burner control unit Series 2000 (Zentronic), new in 1997 & not used in last few years so may need a service before putting to work Good condition £1,395 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6725 WILDER Portamatic batch type grain drier, diesel fired 10 tonne capacity model DPM10 made in 1986, free standing unit on legs with top fill & bottom discharge, full control panel, Myson fan & extractor ducting. All in dry building Good condition Offers % Chris C 01926 338639 S6761 WILDER Portamatic Mobile Drier, Diesel Fired with 3 phase fans. Single Axle chassis. Unit 14ft 2” by 8ft wide 11ft tall, Drawbar and burner add 9ft to length. Rear Top fill & bottom Discharge. Plus 10ft square plywood supply hopper. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6776 Hardwood Floor 117ft by 55ft, took out in pieces ready to reinstall. Floor pieces 140mm by 45mm with 65mm wide meshes. Fllor complete but requires bearers. Good condition £11,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6792 LELY Top Flo 950 Mobile Gas Fired PTO driven drier c\w Stainless steel rape screens and hydraulic unloader. Only 416 hours. Kept and used under cover. Holds appx 9 ton Very Good condition £3,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6707 WILDER Robomatic grain drier parts. Pair Myson extractor fans circular type 50cm dia & 1m long with axial 3 phase electric motor drive, diesel burner unit complete with hot air duct adapter fitted NuWay control with magic eye. All removed from working drier Good condition £700 % Chris C 01926 338639



S6842 KRM Opti TL 4 Drill Toolbar fitted with Rti 305 Sprung suffolk coulter drill. Tool bar has 13 rigid tines, 2 rows of springtines and tyred packer roller. Drill features Hydraulically driven fan, 3 rows of staggered coulters, Access platform and pre emergence makers Very Good condition £3,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6790 KUHN Drill Combination comprising 4003 model 4 metre power harrow new in 2004 with quick fit tines and recent large centre markers fitted to frame, 1000 pto with both 1 3/4” & 1 3/8” tractor end shafts, good side plates, clod boards, 500mm dia rear packer with flexi scrapers. Andy Guest Accord rear drill unit with independent coulter lift, 32 Suffolk coulters in 3 rows with rear Z harrow bar, LH Agro ESC variable seed rate system, tramling, 1/2 tonne capacity hopper. Lely 1 tonne front hopper with hyd fan drive to move seed along Kongskilde pipes to rear unit. All in full working order Very Good condition £10,695 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6893 ACCORD DL 4m Mounted pneumatic suffolk coulter drill c\w tramlining, access step, Hopper extension & cover. Tidy for age Good condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6723 MATCO Moncentra SP 6 Row Precision drill with cell wheels for Sugar Beet, Done very little work Good condition £800 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6073 HORSTINE FARMERY Rape and small seeds distribution system, plastic 100 litre hopper supplying twin shaft drive outlets with manifolds to 4 outlets with deflector plates on end of plastic tubes, land wheel drive & 12 volt electric motor driven fan unit to blow seeds down tubes, selection drive sprockets for rate control. Used on 3m Spaldings Flatlift 4 leg subsoiler but will fit other machines - can have outlet adaptors for 8 seed tubes. Complete with 2 sets rape rollers for different varieties (not suitable for grass seeds) Very Good condition £1,350 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6880 2007 HATZENBICHLER Seeder Unit Suit subsoiler etc, up to 8 outlets, Wheel driven. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6851 FERRAG Accord DL Pneumatic Drill mounted on frame with 3 rows of Springtines with reversible points. Fitted Hydraulic markers, 20 - 12- 20 Floatation tyres, end tow kit, very good following harrow, access step & double disc pre emergence marker. Good condition £1,450 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6777 KRM SOLADRILL 799 Tine Drill, 6 metre linkage mounted version first used in 2008, sprung loaded tine coulters in 3 rows currently set at 15cm spacing but original tines with machine to make full 48 coulter model, front cultivation tines & rear covering tines on frame, Accord pneumatic metrering system with pto driven fan & extra large hopper, hydraulic folding wings, hydraulic bout markers, tramling x 2 either side, return to tank seed system, tractor wheel ereadicators, flotation 550/50-16 tyres, all good coulter tips, machine little used in 2012 Very Good condition £8,675 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6747 SMALL SEEDS APV PS250 M2 distribution hopper & seed tubes ex Discordon cultivator, 250 litre plastic hopper, star wheel drive, electric motor drive to air seeder unit, twin outlet bars with 4 outlets each. In cab control box. Will fit easily on other machines - subsoilers, Shakaerators, grass harrows etc Good condition £1,225 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6887 FARM FORCE FDM 45 Hydraulic folding 4m Drillmate fitted with 2 rows of springtines and Tyred packer (also steel ones not fitted). Plus Accord DA Drill with suffolk coulters, following harrow, access step and markers. Very Good condition £2,500 % Shaun 07850 978188

C6740 DRILL COMBINATION Maschio Recotiller 3m wide & Sulky Optiline MP air drill, pair new in 2007, quick release power harrow tines 10” long durafaced type, good side plates, front track eradicator tines, choice of standard rear steel packer or Guttler ring packer (steel outer & plastic inner rings) on adjustable bar with cleaners/scrapers. 24 suffolk coulter drill in 3 rows with MS seed distribution system adjustable from tractor plus or minus 10%, rear mini pigtail following harrow, disc markers, pre-emerge disc marker, twin tramling units per side, starwheel metering drive, road lights, de-mount stands Good condition £10,795 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6812 VICON 6m Supaseeder Suffolk coulter Air Seeder c\w Following harrow, hydraulic markers and End tow kit using 11.5/80 - 15.3 tyres Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6518 MASSEY FERGUSON 30 grain drill, 3m version with narrow spaced disc coulters (23 at 5”), hyd disc markers, rear Reekie following harrow with pre emerge markers, front track eradicator tines, 6 tramlining units with 3T & 4T bout cams, 12.4-28 tyres on silver wheels, fine seed rolls on shafts plus set fluted rolls for beans. Large quantity of spares including feed spouts, tines, sprockets etc. Good condition £1,175 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6687 HE VA Till Seeding unit comprising 3m wide linkage mounted front Combi-Lift Doublet 6 leg subsoiler set at 0.5m spacing with adjustable height legs fitted winged feet, connected to 3m Disc Roller with 2 sets rubber mounted Sabre discs all 500mm diameter on hyd ram depth adjustment followed by ‘V’ profile packer rings with rubber soil mat in front, side soil retainers on sprung arms. Variocast air seeder unit on mounting platform above disc roller with 6 outlets (behind discs) for drilling rape seed (additional 2 outlets not used), Radar unit in tractor cab controls seed rate. Rear drawbar with hyd pipe connectors & road lights, seeder unit cover for use as cultivator machine only - all new for 2009 season. Simba DD ring trailed 3.3m double press used behind with 600mm dia good rings & wheels at rear, refurbished to match Till seeder in 2009 can be sold separately Very Good condition £17,000 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6678 2012 KRM PS 120 M1 Small Seeder unit with up to 8 Outlets for subsoiler etc, 2 spare sets of fine seed metering wheels, Electric fan, uses Sensor (wheel mountable) to meter rate. Digital in cab read out. Inc spare pipe and 5 distrubution tubes. Fitted but Never used New condition £2,375 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6811 KUHN KRM drill combination consisting of Kuhn 4002 power harrow 2003 model with quick fit tines & tractor wheel eradocators, KRM Soladrill pneumatic 4 metre grain drill 2011 model mounted above with hydraulic motor fan drive, tine coulters in 3 rows, pre-emergence markers, RDS controller with in-cab rate adjustment (requires no land wheel), large hopper (more than 500kg capacity), bout markers mounted on power harrow, tramlining. Please phone for more details Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6881 ACCORD Monopill SE 12 Row Hydraulic folding electronic metering precision drill, many extras inc Hydraulic folding and Tellus colour screen full control box. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6778 FARMHAND JUKO 4 metre tine drill with front Drill Mate cultivator module, fully linkage mounted but drill & module can work alone. Drill Mate fitted 2 rows springtine cultivator tines & rear adjustable height levelling coil with ‘piggy back’ linkage mounting for drill. Juko spring tine type coulters x 32 under full width hopper & seed tube delivery to each coulter, tramling system x 2 each side, rear pigtail following harrow, new cassette metering system fitted 2012, 10.5/65-16 end wheels, hydraulic disc markers, calibration handle, good coulter tips & some spare tines, all fitted on ex Hayflake type transport trailer (end tow kit for drill unit included). Tidy good value drill combi Good condition £1,495 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6746 MASSEY FERGUSON 510 pneumatic 6 metre linkage mounted grain drill, fitted ‘S’ type spring tine coulters on box section drag bars, currently set at 5m but tines reposition to make 6m, disc markers, track eradicator front tines, following harrow, sound tyres, working drill ideal for beans etc. with 2 new fan drive belts Good condition £1,695 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6130 FLEXICOIL PC40 drill combi rear mounted 4m wide cultivator/packer unit, consisting of two rows mini 1” pigtail tines on 3” box section frame with standard width reversible points followed by fully height adjustable (pin & hole on side plates) rear tyre packer made up of 24 x 13” type car tyres on one shaft. Three point rear attachment behind headstock to take box drill or Accord type with hyd fan drive plus many other options. Originally used with KRM drill. Useful machine will go straight to work (no drill included) Good condition £875 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6646 WEBB 8 Row Precision drill, end gearbox model c\w cell wheels for sugar beet. Flat steel front press wheels and flat rubber rears. Tidy for age Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6810 CONCEPT 4M Combination Aerodrill 1000 with Suffolk coulters in 3 rows, Hydraulic markersand following harrow mounted on Concept power harrow wth packer roller Average condition £1,600 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6718 ACCORD Hopper & distribution unit suitable for fitting to a subsoiler/cultivator for small seed establishment (rape), all mounted on a steel subframe (last fitted to a Discordon) with a hydraulic motor driven fan supplying 2 sets of 10 outlet pipes connected to a steel bar with seed deflectors, hopper cover, demount legs. Requires a star wheel (shaft etc complete) for rate control Good condition £895 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6802 STANHAY Mk 1 6 Row precision drill c\w Flat steel press wheels, front and rear, Belts for sugar beet. Seeding monitors Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6339 2007 STOCKS AG Turbojet 8 Out let Seeder unit, Electric fan drive and radar control. Bolts onto Subsoiler or rolls etc to drill. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6675 TECHNEAT Autocaster Electric seeder attachment for rape & fine seeds. Will Fit subsoiler with 4 tines for job or On combine header. 8 outlets and metering wheel Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188

S6670 STANHAY S981 12 Row Hydraulic Folding sugar beet drill.Fitted Clod pushers and soft rubber press wheels front and back Good condition £1,600 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3493 WEBB WTB6 6 row beet drill Cell wheel type seeder units. Tidy drill suitable for fodder and sugar beet. Good coulters, tyres and markers. Last used 2 years ago. Good condition % Chris W 07957 870362 S6734 KUHN HR4001 Plus KRM Module R Drill , with recently tipped suffolk coulters in 3 rows, Hyd Lifting following harrow with V good tines, Long arm centre markers. Sound Power harrow fitted flexicoil, 300mm packer optional extra Good condition £2,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6122 1996 VICON LZ505 3m Suffolk coulter Combination drill, Pneumatic seeding, PTO fan, Following harrow, Pre emergence markers, Hydraulic markers & stands. Mounted on Kuhn 300 power harrow with HD 3 speed gearbox, Good PTO £1,750 % Shaun 07850 978188



S6607 ANGLEVEYER Grain conveyer Choice of 8 or 5m. Casings 280 mm by 125mm 3 or 4 Kw 3 phase motors. Took out ready to go. Usefull conveyer Good condition £800 each % Shaun 07850 978188 S6816 LANICHBURY Double leg 9” Belt and bucket elevator with 4.2 kw 3 phase motor. Appx 27ft long. Also 32ft Single leg elevator. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6885 GAMART ENGINEERING 6m Flat Belt Conveyer with 60 cms belt on 4 legs with caster wheels. 3 phase side drive. Used one season only Very Good condition £1,700 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6654 SKANDIA Grain Conveyors, Model KTB40.98 used as a top conveyor 40tph capacity 20m (60’) long, 3 phase electric motor drive, twin outlets, includes inclined section to follow roof profile & maximise drop height. Scandia bottom conveyor with inclined section to outlet at 1m above ground, 40tph with 2.2kw 3 phase motor 9 metres long, new plastic flights fitted on chain Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6333 SWIFTLIFT Extendo Telescopic elevator, powers in out & side to side on track, plus powered drive wheels. All 3ph Electro hydraulic Variable speed. Good condition £12,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6771 SWIFTLIFT Interstore 32 Ft Elevator with 600mm belt and 8ft long powered auto slewing extension. Hydraulic powered up and down. Manual swivel wheels. Good condition £2,900 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6726 HERBERT Industrial Elevator 9m Plus 2m Head. 750mm main belt. Hydraulic raise & lower, plus head separately up and down. Good condition £5,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6883 1992 MEDIEMA Dimenso 10670 10m Telescopic Elevator c\w remote control, Powered wheels, Hyd Up & Down. 670mm belt Good condition £9,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6604 9 “ Single leg Elevator, 9” Buckets on 10” Belt 11” by 6” casing. 3 phase motor & drive. Appx 20ft long. Removed ready to go Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6602 Top Conveyer 36FT Long 8” conveyer with 7.5” HD chain, 3 links between raddles (11” centres) 3 phase motor & Fenner 20 :1 gearbox Good condition £800 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6814 2001 CARIER 2030 G & F 9” Chain and flight top conveyer. Fully galvanised with Sprung loaded tensioning. Appx 60ft long with 6 vee spouted outlets each fitted with chain operated sliders. Seen Very Little use since installed. Excellent condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6655 SKANDIA Belt & Bucket Elevators - 60tph model SE140/40 with 2.6kw 3 phase elec motor drive, 140mm wide buckets, outlet height 5.4 metres. SE140/40 belt & bucket model (40tph) with outlet height of 6.5m & 2.5kw motor drive. Also Carier 65tph belt & bucket elevator with 10” wide buckets, 5m outlet height, 4kw 3phase elec motor drive. All modern steel casing type done little work Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6603 CARIER 6” Top Conveyer Late type with Sprung tensioners. 5.25” by 7.75” Internal casing. Raddles at 9” centres 3 link spacing. c\w 3 phase, motor Very Good condition £1,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6725 HIGH CAPACITY 12M Powered Commecial elevator, 600mm belt, Small Spreader hopper at feed end with a ccess pltform roud it. Splits and folds back to transport. Hydraulic up and down plus powered slewing and feeding wheels. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6386 SWIFT LIFT INTERSTORE Rubber belt elevator, 9 metres long with 600mm wide belt fitted curved chevron cleats, 7ft steel extension chute which swivels on hand wheel control at base, steel curved receiving hopper, removable drawbar, pneumatic tyres on swivel trunnions, 3 phase electric main motor with additional motor on pressure adjuster roller to power one wheel (allows forward/reverse & sideways movement). Raise & lower on hand pump hydraulic ram. High capacity machine in good straight order Very Good condition £3,950 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3266 FYSONS Rubber Belt 25 foot conveyor with chevron belt. 6 foot extention with manual slew. 3 phase motors, hand operated hydraulic pump and twin rams for lift, full width and narrow hoppers, towing eye. Good condition poa % Chris W 07957 870362



C6806 TYPHOON Centrifugal 25hp 3 phase electric drying fans, free standing right handed type used with outdoor grain silos, choice 3 painted red with switchgear & Tryac controllers for use with modulating burners. Price each to include square outlet ducting Good condition £475 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6841 MATHEWS AND YATES PU 1 Type LO Left hand Inlet fans 4ft diameter by 22” fitted 30kw Heater banks. All 3 phase 415v Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6262 TYPHOON HE 30 PTO driven fan, 6ft Diameter by 2ft. RH Inlet. Shaft out with 2 pillar block bearings. Good condition £400 % Shaun 07850 978188


C6662 REKORD Centrifugal 15hp free standing drying fan, model LCL60 3 phase, 30” diameter fan left handed type with 18” x 24” square outlet, older blue painted type not used recently Average condition £345 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6393 15 HP LH Inlet 3 phase fan. Has heater banks, probably not working. Fan runs well. Average condition £350 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6819 REKORD RS 50 LH Inlet Drying fan.c\w 3 Heater banks. 6ft Diameter, 2ft across. Tunnel connection Good original red paintwork Very Good condition £900 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6683 REKORD Fan RH Inlet Model OF 2 c\w 7.5Kw motor. 15” wide 30” diameter. 15” by 20” outlet. Mounted adjustable frame. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S5822 REKORD RS 15 LH Inlet, 3 Phase, Appx 4ft Dia, 2ft across. C\w star delta starter etc Good condition £400 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6565 ALLMET Drier Fans 3 Axial flow type, 12.5 HP Brrok motors 2920 rpm cmplete as removed from drier Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S5767 Fans 30” By 24” Centrifugal type c\w 3ph 2.2 kw motors. Also some smaller 1.1kw fans Very Good condition POA % Shaun 07850 978188 S6717 REKORD 20,000 CFM LH Inlet Corn drying fan. 36” Diameter 2ft across .Oringianlly had 30hp electric motor drive to drive now fitted with Gearbox belt driven to drive with PTO. Also 4ft diameter Axial flow fan for sale. Good condition £400 % Shaun 07850 978188



S6878 1995 HI SPEC Super 10 Diet Feeder c\w on board weighing. Feeds silage & Fodder beet well. 3ft wide LH delivery conveyer hydraulically raises to approx 3ft 6”. 15/70 - 18 tyres Good condition £2,400 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6385 1993 JOSKIN Feeder Box. Mounted Self filling silage feeder. Chops before feeding on the RH. Unload only to the left. Used once only Very Good condition £1,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6867 2006 KEENAN Klassik 140 Diet Feeder, Std Height LH Discharge with 2ft chute, rear ladder, STAD 04 Weighcell system. Small set blades to chop potatoes and Slabs of straw. Very Good condition £9,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6144 TEAGLE Tommahawk 5000 3Pt Linkage monuted Bale Shredder, Spreader. Round bale drum machine with spread left or right. Average condition £1,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6710 KEENAN 140 Klassic Diet Feeder, Refurb model new in 2012, top & bottom internal tub cutter blades, angled mixer paddles, top deck to support broken bales into mixer tub for processing, hydraulic operated feed outlet door adjacent to horizontal discharge auger, single axle fitted 365/65R22.5 super single tyres, hyd brakes & road lights, EZ210 DigiStar computer control panel with weigh cell actuation, all good 540 pto drive. All very good paintwork, change of policy sale on beef unit enterprise. Excellent condition £10,995 % Chris C 01926 338639



S6107 1995 LELY Centreliner Supabowl 24 24M Spinning disc spreader, recent discs and bearings, Hopper grids & extension. New PTO bearings. Takes 2 half ton bags. Twin hydraulic shut offs and headland tilt ram. Sound machine Good condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6769 VICON Rotoflex RS XL 2 Disc Mounted Fert spreader Do 24M c\w Cover grids & road lights Good condition £1,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6695 AMAZONE ZA-M twin disc mounted fertiliser spreader, 20 to 28m OS type stainless spreading discs with TS 15-18 border disc, hopper cover, hydraulic shut off, approx 10 seasons old, tested annually by SCS, steel 1000 litre hopper with N2300 extension easily hold 2 x 600kg bags at top up. Good pto shaft, no slack in drive train from gearbox to discs, some slight rusting on hopper joints Good condition £875 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6611 FRAZIER Mounting frame To place Fertiliser spreader on back of Agribuggy c\w 2 hydraulic rams Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6890 GAMBERINI Trailed Salt Single disc spreader. Suit quad bike or compact. Wheel driven. Good condition £400 % Shaun 07850 978188 S5958 KRM EX 1600s Spinning disc fertiliser spreader c\w hydraulic shut off & hopper grids. Straight & tidy Good condition TBA % Shaun 07850 978188 S6645 VICON 602 Wagtail varispreader. 12m, manual controls, greasable bearings. Sound Good condition £400 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6832 AMAZONE ZAU 1501 Twin disc spreader c\w 12m & headland discs, plus hopper grids. Sound spreader well looked after. Good condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6685 VICON RS-XL Rotaflow 1650 twin disc mounted fertiliser spreader, year 2000 model with hydraulic tilt ram for border work, good pto drive to gearbox currently set at 18m spread but comes with additional gear sets for different widths, all stainless discs and front deflector, hydraulic shut-off, adjustable rate settings, hopper with internal screens plus black hopper cover holds 3 x 600kg bags, road lights Good condition £1,295 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6707 AMAZONE ZAM 1200 Twin disc mounted spreaderwith SBS, Hopper cover, grids and road lights. Comes with 3 sets of discs inc OM24-36. Only used for seed. Very Good condition £3,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6696 NODET DPS12 Parts only for fertiliser/small seeds/granular application, all from used machine including fan with gearbox, metering rollers & small seeds kit (note no hopper or other items) Good condition Offers % Chris C 01926 338639 C6574 VICON Rotaflow RS-L mounted twin disc fertiliser spreader, hyd shut off control, hydraulic tilt ram for headland work, 1650 litre hopper with folding black cover sheet & internal grille screens, stainless spreading discs with rate adjusters, 10 to 24m spreading width currently set at 20 metres, front stone & mud guards, 1997 model all in working order Good condition £1,125 % Chris C 01926 338639

C6185 KUHN Levsak tractor mounted crane for fertiliser spreader mounting & big bag filling, 1998 model 1000kg lift capacity with hydraulic extending boom facility, pair spool valves on machine, fits to 3 point linkage & spreader mounts to units ‘A’ frame. Not used for 3 years, paint good but a little dull Very Good condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3526 2003 KRM BREDAL K65 K65 KRM Bredal trailed spreader fitted with greedy boards. 8300kg capacity. Has a roll over sheet, new floor belt (fitted approx. 500 acres ago), fertiliser kit with the appropriate chute and discs. Chalk/ Fibrophos discs with chute. Has been replaced by same machine but one fitted with weigh cells. It is in full working order and had a rear end re-spray while it was apart having the new floor belt fitted. Very Good condition £15,900 % Chris W 07957 870362 S6638 RECO SULKY DPX 2 Disc Fertiliser spreader, 12m discs c\w frame to fit onto Agibuggy. Done Little work Very Good condition £800 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6684 1999 KUHN Axera H Spreader parts 99 - 02 As follows : Setting Mechanism X2 LH R4072056 RH R4072058. Disk Positioning X2 LH R4072056 RH R4072026. Mud flaps. Electric Rate Meters X2 R2044718. Agitator R4072078. Sensors (Speed) X3 R2009440. Motor Console X1 R3072018.Motor X1 072050. Valve Block R4072074. Cylinder R4072041. Axera Box R2053163. White Box and Wiring R4072083.Grill- Middle. Grill- Side X2. Hyd Hose and wiring Very Good condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6219 RECO SULKY DPX Expert Twin Disc Spreader with 12 - 28 discs for 24m, hopper extensions, cover & Grids. Unusually good order Excellent condition £1,850 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6676 KUHN MDS 1141 Twin Disc 24 m spreader c\w hydraulic headland attachment, hopper extension, cove & grids. Plus Road lights. Very straight Good condition £600 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6401 1996 KUHN MDS 1121 Twin Disc mounted Fert spreader c\w Hydraulic shut off and manual adjustment. Fitted timber hopper extension. OK 24M Good condition £1,000 % Shaun 07850 978188



W3432 HYSTER SpaceSaver 70 Yard Forklift truck. 3t, free lift, mast to approx 20’. 6 cylinder gas engine. 2 speed manual transmission with clutch. Solid wheels Starts on the button. Mast chains, bearings and hydraulics in good condition. No oil leaks. Good condition % Chris W 07957 870362 C6583 SANDERSON SB60TC Rough Terrain Forklift, 1986 model 2wd with torque converter transmission, 3186 rec hours (clock working) on Ford 4 cylinder diesel engine, power steering, 4 post roll cage over operator area, Triplex low clearance mast with external service spool valve & pallet tines, 16.9-28 drive tyres 20%+ good tread, 9.00-16 steering tyres all good, road lights & rear drawbar. Very straight machine with good panelwork & paint, small arable farm use dry stored hard to find in this condition £3,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6656 2006 CATERPILLAR TH220B Telehandler Turbo Engine only 5428 hrs, Powershift box, Single lever control, Air Con, PUH, Trailer braking, Hydraulic locking/3rd service, Plus forks and grain bucket GY 460/70R24 tyres 60% good Very Good condition £19,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6869 MANITOU MC 20 AM Buggy Type Low height Forklift, suit poultry or container work. 2wd 10.5 - 18 Drive tyres, LPG Engine, ROPS. Only 3427 hours. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6285 1988 KOOI AAP RTWT Piggy Back Forklift, 3 wheeler designed to carry on back of lorry. Lifts 2 ton to 2.8m on telescopic tines. Sideshift, 4 cylinder Kubota diesel runs well. Hydro drive. 26.60 - 15.3 tyres. Good condition £2,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6634 CASCADE Slip Grab attachment to fit forklift pallet type backframe, model 35E allows stacked & bundled goods (ie boxes/cartons/bottles shrink wrapped or similar) to be handled off the pallet & loaded & stacked using ‘slip’ card only saves space on curtain siders, pallet racking etc. Scissor action cantilever mechanism operates with hydraulics above wide tines, includes sideshift. Can also facilitate pushing forward pallets & similar items into tight & awkward places without withdrawing tines Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6737 SANDERSON PM 35 6ft Wide General purpose bucket c\w drillings for teeth. Own Hydraulic carriage with Kwiki fittings suit Sanderson Rough terrain or industrial forkilift Good condition £900 o.n.o. % Shaun 07850 978188 W3457 1970 NU WAY BENSON McConnel Tail Slave TS 20 Rear mounted forklift. 1t capacity on forks. Fits onto tractor mounted sub frame Average condition % Chris W 07957 870362 C6178 COVENTRY CLIMAX Yard type fork lift truck, Perkins 4 cylinder diesel engine, manual transmission with reverse shuttle & high/low selection, full free lift mast lifts 4000 lbs (1800 kgs), pneumatic tyres, front 7.00-12 & rear 5.50-10. 4 post roll cage, 2 lever controls to mast (no side shift), recent work on mast & steering. Just fitted new starter motor & ring gear plus transmission clutch. All in fully working order Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S5878 MOFFATT 2004 Lorry Mountable 3 wheeler forklift, 10ft duplex mast. Galvanised chassis & ROPS frame. 27-10-12 tyres. Very Good condition £3,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6551 2003 JCB TM300 Pivot Steer Telehanndler, JCB Smoothride, Air Con cab, Joystick controls 6000 hours. 60% 460/ 70 R24 Industrial tyres. JCB Q Fit carriage & Pallet lines Good condition £15,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6532 HYSTER Yard Truck forklift, Perkins 4 cyl diesel engine driving torque converter transmission, forward/reverse foot pedal, 6374 rec hours, duplex mast with 1’ of freelift will fit through 8’ clearance, pallet tines, 4 post rollcage, pneumatic good drive tyres size 7.00-15 & solid rubber rears size 6.50-10, diverter valve from mast ram to operate hydraulic service, good yellow paintwork Good condition £1,950 % Chris C 01926 338639

C6486 RIPVATOR FL80 Watveare tractor rear linkage mounted forklift with bottom pneumatic support wheels, cat 1 & 2 linkage with hydraulic top link, horizontal sideshift hydraulic ram system, fold up pallet tines, good orange paintwork, needs 3 spool valves to operate Good condition £825 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6778 CATERPILLAR V180 8 ton Heavy Duty Forklift, Will lift 10 to. Extenden tines on 180 degree rotating carriage. Cab, Caterpillar 200 HP V8 engine. Good condition £9,750 % Shaun 07850 978188



S6782 50 TPH Dresser Air driven so will also improve the bushel weight, only dressed 200 tons wheat so nearly new ,cyclone dust extractor included, 3 phase Excellent condition £25,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6235 REKORD RS 15 LH Inlet 3 phase fan c\w Switch gear, Took out ready to go Very Tidy. Plus 10 .5 sections of 6ft by 6 by 3ft Ply over timber framed grain tunnel. Each one fitted 2 flanges each side for 10” laterals. Good condition £800 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6775 WELVENT Hardwood Floor 90ft wide in 2 sides by 60ft long, Fully dismantled in pieces to reinstall as required Floor sections in various lengths, 140mm by 45mm. Bearers 2” by 4”, plus some complete end panels. 60ft plywood 6ft by 4ft in sections 15ft long with raised walkway above. Plus 2 - 15 HP fans. Hardly marked Excellent condition £16,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6901 LUNDAIN Portable Grain Stirrer 3 phase model with 3” Auger appx 5ft long. Handle bar type manually operated. Very Good condition £2,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6681 GALVANISED Ducts 121 6ft Galvanised steel grain laterals appx 15” tall by 16 wide at base 3” across the top. Plus 26 same 3ft long, some end caps. Very Good condition £6 each % Shaun 07850 978188 S6355 KONGSKILDE TRL 150 Grain Blower on trolley, fitted 3 phase with 11kw motor plus 2004 CAD 20 -11 Rotary valve. Rated 10TPH Appx. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6279 TYPHOON LH Inlet Downdraft 15 HP fan suitable for mounting on top of grain tunnel outlet at 45 degrees. Good condition £400 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6777 CHALLOW Hardwood Flooring 1100 square feet. Taken out in 7 pieces of 8ft by 20 ft Good condition £6,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6652 CRITTALL Grain panels Galvanised steel,10ft wide by apppx 30” Some in Situ some down, Priced accordingly Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6657 SKANDIA & BRICE BAKER handling equipment ex grain store/drier. Skandia mechanical intake pit with drive over grid (size 2.5 x 0.9m), model KTG60-96 fitted 2.2kw 3 phase elec motor drive, capacity 60tph with total length of 8.4m & delivers at 2m above ground. Brice Baker ‘U’ trough auger, 6” flights with reversible flow (either direction), 8m long with 4 outlets, 3 phase elec motor & switchgear. Brice Baker GP straight auger 20’ long with 6” flights & 3 phase motor plus intake hopper. All taken out ready to transport Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S5192 BOSWELLS OF BLAIRGOWRIE 2 Screen Dresser 20TPH Pre cleaning dresser, 2 screen shoes with varous alternative screens. Mounted on platform in air. 7ft by 5ft6” by 6ft Tall. Plus extraction duct out. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6256 LISTER Triaduckt 75ft of Galvanised steel grain tunnelling, 8ft tall including walkaway. Taper sides with outlets for laterals (70 by 40mm). Appx 125 Laterals avaialble 1.8m long. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188



S6595 Hayrake 6 Rotor Trailed rakes, choice of 2 just need donor Acrobats wheels to complete. Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6743 TWOSE 10 FT Flat water balastable trailed Roller 30” Diameter. Fitted Top weight tray for stones or extra weights. Good condition £600 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6552 HAYTER LT 324 Ride On Mower, 84inch cut, power washed/sand blasted/primed and painted. New bottom blades/Cylinders reground/ new radiator/ new battery/replacement cylinder head/new set of piston rings/ new bearings and seals/ filter kit/ new pins and bushes to cutting reels/ complete set of new decals. Excellent condition £7,850 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6838 KRM

C6759 CLAAS Sprint 260P forage wagon, trailed self loading 1985 single axle model with 1.6m wide front pick-up reel, knife cutting system with rotary feed rakes, floor chain unload to rear, all complete with good tyres, unused recently so suitable for refurb or parts Average condition £895 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6352 1990 MACDON 3000 Trailed 7.5m wide Cutterbar Swather, knife cutterbar lays onto canvasses then out through centra swath 1.3m wide. End tows for transport. Rare tool Good condition £5,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6386 JOSKIN EB360 R3 Mounted folding grassland harrow. 3.6m Working width folds to 2.4m. Levells molehills dung etc.Cat 2 linkage Very Good condition £1,600 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6770 KUHN FC313FF linkage mounted centre pivot mower conditioner, 2 seasons work only approx 400 acres/year, 3.1m (10ft) cutting width with 6 disc bed, rear nylon ‘V’ shaped conditioner tines with all adjustable swath deflectors, full protection skirts all very good condition, twin pressure gauge headstock unit for ground following ‘lift control’ floating cutting bed system, fold up demount stand, all very good paintwork. Retirement sale - rare opportunity for excellent quality mocon Very Good condition £8,350 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6556 ROTADAIRON Stone Burier/Rotary Cultivator model RD350, linkage mounted 3.5m wide with pto & gearbox drive to reverse type bladed horizontal rotor, steel comb fingers behind rotor followed by steel mesh cage roller packer unit with screw type depth adjustment, 1000 pto driveshaft. Produces very fine seedbed & buries stones suitable reseeding or preparation of golf courses, playing fields & turf grass etc Good condition £5,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6889 TAARUP 337 Trailed mower with double yoke headstock drawbar, 10/80 -12 travelling tyres. Had conditioner originally but no longer fitted Good condition £1,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6758 OPICO Bush Hog Flex-wing model 2615 heavy duty 15’ rotary topper, all gearbox & shaft drives to 3 section hydraulic folding ‘batwing’ system, swinging chain deflectors to steel decks, free swinging twin cutting blades on central dishes, solid rubber tyres on rear x 6. Wide angle pto drive. Requires some small jobs before work Average condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C6697 KUHNFLEX 4 Rotor hay & grass tedder, tractor linkage mounted with rubber skirted vertical drums fitted steel tines, model KE4 requires pto shaft & swath deflector arm. Suitable for spares or repair Average condition £475 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6704 KUHN Flail Topper model VKM 240 fiited rear roller & hydraulic slew ram to offset machine, linkage mointed 2.4m (8’) wide with 540 pto drive, front steel stone deflectors & rear rubber curtain, horizontal rotor fitted wide section swinging flail heads, tidy paintwork & all in working order Good condition £2,850 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6388 JOSKIN D280 CZ Pasture Topper, 2.8m Breed, Mounted Cat 2 Machin, PTO driven. Skid height controlled Good condition £1,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6550 OPICO Hazenbichler 12m Hydraulic folding Grassland harrow, 8 section with rubber depth wheels Good condition £3,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6794 MAJOR 6ft Topper Single rotor with blades, runs on skids. Recent Gearbox and paint. Good condition £675 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6663 HUSTLER Zero Turn Ride-On mower, Fastrak Super Duty model new in July 2011 & done 31 hours only, Kawasaki 11.9kw petrol engine elec start, two lever controls with clutchless transmission, twin fuel tanks, 36” central cutting deck with fan ejector system to twin rear collector bins with lids, set mulching blades & deflector, fully adjustable cutting height from operators seat, 20x8-10 pneumatic tyres. All in as new condition - price includes VAT Excellent condition £6,495 % Chris C 01926 338639 S4847 2006 ECKO 400 ES High Performance strimmer c\w auto nylon cord head. Cracking tool. Less than half new price Very Good condition £120 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6863 RICHARD LONG ENG 1502 Versatile PTO Driven Trailed Flail Mower / collector with scarifying attachment. 1.5m cut with Rollers either side of flails. New Bearings and drive belts fitted. Collection Hopper tips at appx 1.4m high. Good condition £1,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6664 2009 OPICO 3m Sward Lifter Fitted 3 subsoiling legs with Discs and individual guttler 4 ring press modules on each leg. 2 spare sets of feet. Usefull bit of grassland kit hardly used Excellent condition £4,700 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6833 MURRAY 125/96 cm Ride On Mower with 12.5 HP Briggs and startton engine, 5 speed & reverse. Side discharge or rear grass collection Very Good condition £450 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6845 2011 TEAGLE 510 Mounted 6ft wide model with Cat 1 & 2 lift pins.Fixed Offset with Roller on back and adjustable side skids using widing handles.540 PTO. Very Good condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188

20 Zenit 2300 Mounted Hydraulically Offsetable Flail Mower with rear roller and removable shields for a variety of work from Grass finishing to heavy scrub tidying. Good condition £2,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S5984 2001 KRONE AMT323CV Tariled 3.2m Mower condtioner with steel flails.1000 rpm pto. Tidy Green paintwork Average condition £1,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6771 VICON Andex 783 trailed twin rotor rake, Terralink Quattro model fully adjustable with hyd rams from 7.0m to 7.9m working width (operates easily with 3 x3m swaths), single backbone frame with hyd folding wings carrying tined rotors with 4 pneumatic tyres per side, lower link hitch attach to tractor allows rear machine wheel steering on connecting linkage. Purchased as ex demo machine in 2012 & done 2 seasons on small farm. All in full & complete working order with centre rubber curtain partly missing. Very Good condition £9,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6523 BEAVER Trailed Gang Mower set of 5 gang mowers each 30”, hydraulically driven & folding. Good Standard heads, Cut appx 16ft. £3,800 % Shaun 07850 978188

OCTOBER 2013 37

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C6679 BOMFORD Hedgecutter Flail head, Protrim 1500 model 5’ (1.5m) wide with own hydraulic motor drive (high capacity type) & belt drive to flail shaft, fitted ‘T’ section heavy duty flails, rear roller, box section mounting frame, done one season only on mid mounted machine note this is just a flail head for sale Very Good condition £3,850 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6387 BOMFORD 81 - 81 Barcket mounted swing round (LH > RH) 8m Hedger. In Cab electric multi joystick controls. 1.4m head. 540 PTO. In use recently. Good condition £3,800 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6395 TURNER Hydomower Bracket mounted Hedgecutter c\w 4ft 6” head. Springback arm, 4 spool control block on adjustable arm. Medium Duty Flails Average condition £1,250 % Shaun 07850 978188



S6665 ROVATTI S3KS80-60/7E-TM ‘ROVATTI MULTI-STAGE HIGH PRESSURE CENTRIFUGRAL Water PUMP, 7 Stage, Unused, Cost €2,500 (OEM Price) suit Irrigation etc. New condition £995 % Shaun 07850 978188

C6271 MARANI 75-300 Irrigation reel, turbine drive turntable type used for veg & potatoes, 3 wheel gun carriage with adj track, approx 300m long 75mm pipe, galvanised chassis, requires work on gearbox & new tyres to make operational but useful reel to use as mains for dirty water system etc. Average condition £795 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6721 WRIGHT RAIN 48M Boom Alluminium Mobile Folding type for Irrigator on Galvanised 4 Wheeled chassis. Suitable grassland or arable use Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6584 AQUA Reel Irrigator o 3 small wheels, 25mm pipe, spining 2 outlet distributor Average condition £400 % Shaun 07850 978188 S5317 GOLDENRAIN 45M Alloy Boom Folding Set to use with Reel on on 4 wheel Galvanised Steel chassis c\w 90mm feed hose. Jets every 1.55m. Parts attainable through Wright Rain. Seen little use Excellent condition £1,400 % Shaun 07850 978188



C6529 STEEL GATES Galvanised 4 bar type 12’ long mobile gates with wheels either end, 45mm diameter tube, hook & chain retainers to make penning etc quantity 3. Galvanised 5 bar heavy duty 12’ gates with hanging & closing furniture, one with box ends, 50mm tube, one with 35mm intermediates - quantity 3. To be sold as one lot Good condition £570 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6564 CLARK Feed Pump 2.2 Kw on stand (3ph) 2820 rpm 4.5 amp, also similar Brook Crompton Pump and 7.5 kw 3 ph Pump Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6558 ZICHT ABEGG 400mm Wall mounted livestock building extractor fans. 230v 1300 rpm mounted in 540mm square frame. Up to 10 available some new Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6693 MORRIS Cattle Crush standard type with yoke inside tubular crush frame, timber floor, opening side gates, full length modified yoke, painted black, can be tractor linkage mounted, 8’ long suit smaller cattle breeds Average condition £245 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6794 GRAYS

Silage Grab model 245, serrated front blade & solid sides, twin ram type 1.6m wide with all good tight tines x 10, Manitou fittings plus hydraulic couplings on top rail, new in 1999 all very straight & tidy with good rams & some new tines, operator instruction book included Very Good condition £750 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6583 GALVANISED Water Troughs 2 Of Appx 10ft by 4ft by 2ft in Sound order % Shaun 07850 978188 C6742 IAE Sheep Turnover Crate fully galvanised with end brackets to affix hurdles, circular type all fully adjustable free standing with foot pedal operation, mesh end gates, adjustable top rails, total length 5’6” Good condition £480 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6637 FULLWOOD Abreast milking parlour equipment with Mueller 3000 litre bulk tank all available as one lot or to be used for spares etc. 4 station parlour with 8 cluster unit ACR’s plus 4 feeder steel dropper hoppers with pipework etc. Vacuum pump, 7 gallon jars, plate cooler, Ambic flow filter. 15 year old DX Mueller Europa oval type free standing stainless bulk milk tank 0700 model size approx 6’6” long 5’9” wide with compressor etc. Last used Dec 2012 Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C6628 SHEEP Walk Through feeder troughs, timber constructed single sided type made to ADAS specification, 8ft (2.4m) long with 60cm wide trough & stand 1.1m tall, Marine ply trough base (19mm thick) & sides (12mm thick), All free standing. Quantity 12 to be sold as one lot. Have been used with Hoggets as well as sheep Good condition £875 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6063 Freestanding 6ft Cattle troughs, 2 galvanised, 2 painted, adjustable legs, varying condition. Still solid Average condition £350 each % Shaun 07850 978188 C6709 ALFA LAVALL Milking parlour equipment ex 20/20 system now dismantled - Glass jars & ACR units, Candle jetter washers, milk pump & 200 litre stainless receiver vessel with milk pump & liquid level control box. Please phone for more details Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C6641 LIVESTOCK Pet Cremator/Incinerator made by J G Shelton & Co, installed new in 2000 and used in commercial animal cremation business. Capacity up to 50kg/hr using diesel fuel (28 sec) and 3 phase electrics, Fully compliant free standing unit with footprint approx 10’6” x 6’, chamber size 4’6” x 2’6” and fitted with sluice gate type access door. Manual recording system , full control panel & uses small compressor for air control, twin burners, side fans, fire brick furnace, full vertical flue to outside. Hand type ashes grinder. All in working order. Very Good condition £4,750 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6849 Cattle Crush Portable Type, mounts on 3 point linkage to move. Has Small gate one end and full yoke gate at other with bar stops etc. Detachable timber floor. 8ft by 33” Good condition £350 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6791 CALF PENS Hardwood timber 5 rail type with front, sides and rear, total 18 made up in pairs all easily assembled with slot in metal brackets, pen size 6’ x 3’ & 3’6” high, adjustable front yoke with twin bucket rings, galvanised hay rack to fit pen partition, strongly made with bolted rails to uprights, full set buckets included. All neutralised by recent outdoor storage Very Good condition £450 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6560 BIG DUTCHMAN Platform Scale Suitable for small livestock or packages 20 - 600 kgs. 76” by 31” c\w 12/240v Control box. Galvanised steel. Unused but shopsoiled Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188

C6750 FEEDING Equipment for sheep & cattl., Pair IAE portable 2 in 1 galvanised cattle steel trough & feed barrier combined, free standing 15’ long with angled barrier & trough size 2’6” wide by 16” deep, all very straight with no rust. Bateman round bale feeders for sheep, galv type 5’ 3” diameter bottom sheeted, 24 vert bars total height 3’, quantity 6 all good. Lamb creep feeders double sided non shelter type, adjustable feed openings, 8’ long with strong timber lids, mobile with end wheels & stands - quantity 5. All to be sold in lots as listed Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6585 MOTORWAY Crash Bariers Appx 4m Lengths, plus a few 1m length. Mixed condition, suit stock holding Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6799 COTSWOLD Bulk Tank dairy hot water automatic washer unit, stainless steel with control panel, cold water feed, size 110 x 52 x 38 cms. Requires some refurb work (motherboard), 18 months old used with 2 tanks of 2000 & 1700 litre capacity Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 W3531 COMPAK Bale Chopper Will chop bales of all sizes. Complete with applicator for applying additive to straw. poa % Chris W 07957 870362 C6358 ROKA Bulk Milk Tank & Parlour Modern oval cylindrical free standing stainless steel 7000 litre capacity tank with twin 3 phase refrigerator units & pair stirrers plus hot water wash system from wall mounted water heater, recent new stirrer & motor. Gascoigne Mellote 8x16 herringbone parlour with operator pit, cluster washer & hot water wash system all computer controlled with MR2000 parlour controller. Compressors etc. included. Fullwood Regent water heater for parlour hot water flush system. Also pair feeding stations with transponder collars for out of parlour feeding - controlled by parlour system. Phone for photos & full details Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639



S6705 FORDSON Power Major Fitted Sturdy Power loader, roll frame, 70% 1136 tyres, cast fronts. Power Steering, Very Good runner Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 W3368 KOMATSU D31S 16 Drott Tracked Loading Shovel with 4-in-1 bucket. Komatsu 4 cylinder 63hp engine, 3 speed forward/reverse clutchless transmission. Low houred for age (late 1980’s), cab complete with all glass, seat recovered. Complete with rear ballast weights and new batteries. Running gear sound, sprockets good. The paint might be a bit faded but mechanics, hydraulics and metalwork very good. Good condition £4,250 % Chris W 07957 870362 W3426 KOMATSU D53S-17 Tracked Drott. 110hp, 3 speed powershift, 4-in-1 bucket. Heavy duty loading shovel. Track gear good. No ripper. 8300 recorded hours. Has had replacement engine. On farm use only recently. Good condition £12,500 % Chris W 07957 870362 C6449 JCB Micro mini digger on rubber tracks, 2006 model with only 677 hours, roll bar over operators seat, front levelling blade, piped for breaker, Perkins 3 cylinder 12.9kw diesel engine, 4 spool lever controls, 180mm wide tracks all very good, with set 4 buckets 30”, 24”, 12” & 6” plus breaker unit for concrete etc.. Very tidy owner driver digger always dry stored Very Good condition £8,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6899 MUIR HILL A 5000 4wd & 4 wheel steering Loader with Perkins 6.354 engine.Very Strong lifter. Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6294 CATERPILLAR 308B 8 ton 360 degree excavator on Rubber tracks. Fitted 8ft Blade. Has Zero scour jointed arm. Comes with 4 Buckets, 6800 hours Very Good condition £11,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6799 CHEIFTAN 3 Ton 360 degree Mini digger on wide steel tracks. Fitted Mini dozer blade and Cab. Good Mitsubishi Diesel Engine Good condition £3,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3433 BOMAG K301 Sheeps Foot Compactor. Cummins V8, 3 speed powershift. Hydraulic blade. A large and formidable piece of kit! Average condition £6,450 % Chris W 07957 870362 C6441 LOADER Brackets weld on type to fit attachments, 4 pairs to fit Farmhand loader, 1 pair to fit Faucheaux loader and a pair of wide Chiilton loader frame brackets. Photos availoable Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6787 HYMAC HM 610 Wheeled 360 degree digger, c\w Ford 6 Cylinder engine, 6ft dyking bucket and 2ft toothed bucket. Estimated weight 10 ton. Runs on 4 pairs of 20-10-20 tyres. Average condition £1,850 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6535 SANDERSON Bulk Bucket ex Rough Terrain Forklift, 8ft wide, 3’6” high & 4’6” deep, twin ram tip on backframe with fitting to suit pallet tine rail - could easily be modified to have brackets welded for other fitting type, yellow paintwork, bucket in all sound order Good condition £695 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6704 INTERNATIONAL 3434 Industrial loader tractor complete with power loader and twin cylinder compressor on back. 6ft power bucket, Pallet tines and muck fork. 70% 14.9 - 24 rears. Single door cab Good condition £2,300 % Shaun 07850 978188 C5953 SUTON Bulk Bucket heavy duty type to fit MF50B industrial loader/digger, 6’ wide & 32” high with centre gusset plate, top overhang lip, welded in bracket to take bale spike, brackets easily changed, all very sound. Also 5ft ditching bucket to fit MF 50B digger at £100 Very Good condition £385 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6796 JCB 8060 Excavator 6 tonne 360 degree type, 2004 model with Isuzu engine, 4852 recorded hours, rubber tracks, roof guard, work lights, cab with heater, piped for breaker, includes pair buckets, all straight & in full working order Very Good condition £15,495 % Chris C 01926 338639 C5877 DIGGER Back Actor ex tracked Fiat loading shovel, Benfra model E6ESP demountable type with single hydraulic connection & large bore return (similar to MF220), spool valve levers on machine, hyd stabiliser legs, 30” wide digging bucket with teeth, slight leak one ram (possible connector seal), 15’ reach. Ideal unit to fit to Telescopic loader or similar. Done little work as ex Army. Good condition £775 % Chris C 01926 338639

S6870 2004 KOBELCO 1.8 Ton 360 degree Minidigger c\w cab, Blade, Pipework for hydraulic tools, Various buckets, Only 930 hours. Very Good condition £7,995 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6786 DIGGER BUCKETS Set to fit Massey Ferguson, ex 50HX TDL wheeled digger (will fit other MF models), six in total all very sound mainly with front teeth, sizes 36 inch, 30 inch, 18 inch, 12 inch, plusTiling drainage bucket ‘V’ shaped with curved mouth and ditch former type ‘V’ shaped model. Priced as one lot but may split Very Good condition £695 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6450 MUCK TRUCK Mini Dumper 1/4 tonne model, Powerdrive to set 4 treaded pneumatic tyres size 4.00-10 & 4.80-8, Honda petrol engine 5.5hp model GCV160 pull start, wheel barrow type handles with controls, 3 forward & 1 reverse gears, mechanical trip metal dump skip size 3’ x 26” x 18” deep, choice of 2 only done 2 seasons work each Very Good condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6894 2012 MF 996 Power Loader c\w Brackets for MF 6290 4wd tractor plus 3rs service pipework, pallet tines. Alo Euro 3 attachment fitment. (Only tines been used) New condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6871 1995 AGRILIFT 7m 2600 KGs Lift Telehandler with 4 wheel steering axles, 380/70 -20 tyres. Only 4500 hours. Pallet Tines & Bucket Good condition £8,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3403 FORD 550 Digger Buckets Complete with Greys back-plate adapter. Dirt bucket, muck fork, pallet tines and a ditching bucket available. % Chris W 07957 870362 S6548 2011 ALBUTT B810PP Buckrake 3m wide Fitted 18 Kverneland 1400 mm tines bottom & side. 3 Point linkage and Bolt on brackets for JCB Loading Shovel (Suitable up to 160HP) Hardly used Excellent condition £3,700 % Shaun 07850 978188



S6563 BRITON Christy & Norris LB4 Hammer mill, 4” screen inc spares, 2920 Rpm 3 phase 12.5 hp motor. Dismantled for inspection and removal. Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6528 CORMALL HME500/30C straw & grain hammermill, 22kw (30hp) 3 phase electric motor drive to 500mm diameter hammer mill with both grain feed from top & horizontal straw feed from conveyor. Kongskilde set 6” pipes for outlet system with cyclone, chain drive on 2.5m long bale/straw feed conveyor with adjustable sluice gate & sawblade feeder drum (suitable for small square bales only). Hammer mill ready for new blades. Good selection of screens included. Good condition £1,250 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6694 FRASER FB7 Roller Mill on stand with steel feed hopper above (approx 1.5 ton capacity), 3 phase electric motor drive, 7” wide rollers 15” & 9” diameter need regrooving. With Bentall 1/2 ton vertical mixer & short auger from mixer, bottom bearing needs replacing but otherwise sound Average condition £845 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6711 FRASER Mill & Mix unit with large Rowlands galvanised steel hopper above, 1 tonne capacity horizontal chain & slat mixer, twin bag off chutes & additives hopper, auto mixer control can pulse system as mill fills unit. Fraser M9 roller mill above mixer with high capacioty 12” & 10” diameter rollers 8” wide, micro switch in mini feed hopper. 3phase electric motor drives with switch gear. Stands approx 15’ high & hopper fed by straight auger from free standing President trip weigher unit (model P5GDE). All in full working order. Hopper is on legs so easily separated for transport Very Good condition £2,495 % Chris C 01926 338639 S5900 FRAZER M5 Bruser Roller mill on stand c\w 7.5 Hp 3 phase motor. Small reception hopper on top. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6729 SIMON BARRON 125 series Extruding Press to make 6mm diameter pellets of Wood chippings Appx 20mm long. Plus Seperating Cooler to cool after pressing, Miracle Hammer mill with hopper over to prepare And Simon Barron (Paul Clochem) Type 200 -6 Verical dryer if woodchip is Damp. Set up as production line Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6852 CARAVAGGI 120 - M - 25 Trailed mobile PTO driven 120 hammer mill with 2.5 ton Mixer & Weighing system.Also includes long high level discharge spout. All in good working order inc. recent set of hamer blades. Good condition £3,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6615 BENTALL Mayland 1 tonne Mill & Mixer unit, free standing galvanised horizontal mixer capacity 90 cu/ft with 2hp 3 pase electric motor & gearbox drive to chain & slat system, twin bag off chutes & additives hopper. Roller mill model 1000 fitted above mixer with 5.5hp motor & 5” x 12” grooved rollers. Complete with I tonne steel hopper that can be fitted above mill or free stands at side using auger to discharge to mill mini hopper. System can be automated to fill, mix, pulse & shut off as required. Dry stored disconnected ready to move Good condition £1,100 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6850 MC MASTER Roller mill PTO driven model on stand. Rollers 14” By 6” across. Small square supply hopper on top. Good condition £400 % Shaun 07850 978188 C5982 MARTIN MARKHAM Roller Mill free standing with small top hopper, 15” diameter rollers 5” wide with flat belt drive (from tractor pulley), could easily be converted to electric motor & vee belt system £325 % Chris C 01926 338639



C6431 HOBART Butchers Meat Mincer machine, free standing unit with stailness top feed tray, model 4056 made in USA, 3 phase electric motor drive. Unused recently but kept dry stored. Good condition £625 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6411 PARMITER Post Knocker Reat Mounted Post Knocker, Side postion. Handy to own Average condition £500 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3521 2003 DESIGN Hydraulic Power Pack See Specials for details. £3650.00. Suitable for running Mini bale wrappers.Call for more details Very Good condition % Chris W 07957 870362

C6561 PALLET Racking APEX type model JK16, steel painted vertical sections 3’ wide & 3m high with cross bracing, profiled to allow different height shelves & facility to fix to floor - quantity 17. With 30 x box section (90mm x 59mm) horizontal bars, orange painted 2.8m long. All dry stored in good condition to be sold as one set to make 16 bays Good condition £1,275 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6765 WEIGHBRIDGE Avery drive over type in ground rated at 50 tonnes, 15m long to take artic trucks, please phone for full details poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C6378 PRO VAC Horse Muck collector vacuum, can also be used on general debris & leaves etc. Trailer mounted brackets with 5m long suction hose with handle & small wheels, delivery chute blows into trailer with sides (trailer not included). Powered by Honda GXV270 8.5hp 4 stroke petrol engine with electric & pull cord start (requires new battery). Approx 5 years old but used one season only on leaves Very Good condition £950 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6261 6 Cylinder Lorry Engine mounted on stand c\w Radiator, Fuel tank & 4 gearbox with PTO drive out. Suitable for driving fan etc. Good condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6721 SWIFT Challenger 470/2SE Touring Caravan, 2 berth single axle 4.7m long fully fitted with shower & built in cassette WC, double glazed windows, electric & gas appliances including water heater, room heater, hob & oven, fridge etc. recent new 12 volt battery & water pump, all good tyres with new spare, mains elec hook up lead, Calor & Propane regulators, water & waste containers tow hitch cover lock. Quality caravan with lots of storage space suit student or as a holiday tourer, includes awning Good condition £1,150 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6619 PRESSURE WASHER Commercial specification EHRLE model HSC-ST, hot, steam & cold facility with diesel burner, first installed in June 2009 & showing 5230 rec hours (includes 20 minutes stanby each use), output 20 litres/hr using 2 trigger gun lances with long hoses, max pressure 180 bar, TFR (detergent) tank, frost stat heater, 3 phase electric motor drive, all in stainless free standing lockable cabinet (model type HSC1240ST) Good condition £1,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6297 HOES Drainage Machine Self propelled, hydrostaically driven unit on 16” tracks with Ford engine. Comes with 7ft 100mm Draining chain. Plus Seperate clean up conveyer 8ft by 19” and filling slitter. Average condition £7,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6377 ELECTRIC Motors pair new 3 phase 1.5kw purchased for augers, make Brook Crompton & Leroy Somers running at 1420 & 2850 rpm, single GEC starter included Very Good condition £150 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6690 PERKINS 6.354 Engine c\w hand clutch & drive box with multivee pulley. Mounted in Strong frame c\w radiator and controls. Starts on the key and runs nicely. Frame would take fan, sawbench, generator etc. Built in adjustment to tension pulley drives Good condition £950 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6684 PERKINS Engines pair 6 cylinder diesel non turbo ex commercial vehicles, 6.354 type (one later 6.354.4) non running but believed to be all complete (some components loose). Ideal for use in irrigation pumps etc. or for spares. Price is for pair Average condition £560 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6702 TELEGRAPH Poles Appx 28ft long 10” at base appx 40 Good condition £45 each % Shaun 07850 978188 C6646 DANLINE Brushmate Rotary Brush/Sweeper, 3 point tractor hitch to fit front or rear linkage, pto drive to good 18” diameter nylon & wire brush 6’ wide, swivel head allows left & right angling, built in water tank for use as dust suppression, caster wheels to assist level working Good condition £1,250 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6764 B AND K 4 Bank industrial spec pressure washer system suitable for operating 6 hoses in separate locations simultaneously on demand. Hot & Cold facility with recent new Lochinvar water heater & tank rated at 132kw (450000 Btu). Compressor air tank Class 2 capacity 272 litres at 16.5bar pressure, vertical type painted black with adjacent air drier unit (no compressor). Heavy duty workshop tools including Hitachi hammer drill 950W in steel case, Hitachi variable speed drill in case both 110v, bench grinder twin wheel model as new in box Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C6436 LINCOLN Mobile Arc Welder, 300 amp SA1 model, Ford 4 cyl industrial diesel engine, road going with ball hitch, jockey wheel, 4 wheel type requires mudguards, also needs lighting board if used on road Average condition £575 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6465 AMBIRAD Mobile Radiant Tube space heater on wheels, 26kw model MH26AS LPG type with single phase electric cable. Thermostatic control with fan unit, gas hose & regulator, size 5’ wide, 5’6” high & 2’6” deep (not barrel type with high velocity fan). Very little used on office flood dry out, suit large store/workshop, warehouse, farm shop etc. Very Good condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6837 TRANSWAYS Phase Converter Will convert single phase from a 64 amp 1ph supply to up to 15HP 3 phase. Usefull unit appx 0.5m by 0.3m in size. Good condition £450 % Shaun 07850 978188 S5858 BOM Post Hole Borer 3 Pt linkage mounted Heavy duty model with 12” Auger, Good PTO shaft & new cutters Very Good condition POA % Shaun 07850 978188 W3435 Moving Floor Bulk Hopper 10t capacity with rubber belt floor driven by 3 phase motor. Ajustable shute. Suitable to feed veg washer or bulk bagging set-up. poa % Chris W 07957 870362 C6451 BOMAG BW55E vibrating roller, single drum model with 560mm wide steel roller & scrapers, recent new Honda GX120 petrol engine & vibrating kit fitted, water tank & dribble bar, operator handle & controls, yellow & black paintwork Good condition £895 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6620 WORKSHOP Heater Thermobile waste oil type model SEP5K rated at 60kw (205,000 Btu) max output (can also burn diesel/kerosene), cabinet type with steel day tank reservoir, single phase electric with pre-heater unit prior burner & fan, free standing with twin louvered top hot air outlets, includes primary 90 degree stainless flue (200mm diameter). Works from wall thermostat. Good condition £1,600 % Chris C 01926 338639

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38 OCTOBER 2013 C6751 BEMA Agrar Rotary sweeper, tractor linkage mounted for front or rear, 2.3m working width complete with detach steel tipping collector box, swivel headstock, hyd motor drive to good 18” nylon & steel brush, pair caster wheels on rear, demount stand. Done little work Very Good condition £1,350 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6238 SUPREME Choice Wood Shavings Prepacked for retail supply in packs 15” by 5.5 by 2.5”. On 5 pallets, 480 packs per pallet. Returned stock with very little damage. Dust Extracted and rated highly absorbant Good condition £150 each % Shaun 07850 978188 S6566 BROOK CROMPTON Electric motors Varous all 3 phase including 1.5 Kw 1435 rpm, 2.2 kw 2840 rpm, 4kw flanged 144 rpm, 0.3 Kw 940 rpm. 3 kw, 1420 rpm, damaged fins, no cover. AEC 1hp 960 rpm. Good condition POA % Shaun 07850 978188 S6601 PARKERFARM Weighbridge 9.00m By 3.5m Steel Brigde (6m deep) on 4 cell pads using Parkerfarm EV 2002 Terminal to weigh up to appx 40 Tons. Can be seen working. Good condition £4,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6875 100 Kva Cabinet installed generator with John Deere 140 HP diesel engine. 3 phase. Good condition £6,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3465 POSTMASTER 8000 Post Driver Has been used on a skid steer loader and would suit a telescopic loader or tractor. A compact machine that uses a hydraulic drop hammer that gives fast impact (50 per minute)as opposed to brute force! Very Good condition poa % Chris W 07957 870362 S6518 MABE Cardboard Baler 3phase Hydraulic powered press to compress packaging etc. Industrial stationary type Good condition £7,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6468 PLYWOOD Sheets 6mm thick size 1525x1525mm interior grade pack of 50 sheets. 5mm thick ‘bendy’ plyboard on pallet of 50 sheets. Hardboard 8’ x 4’ sheets quantity 100. All new shopsoiled dry stored (price is for lot). Also Jonas Woodhead cast iron sawbench with guides & top blade guard on rise & fall table, free standing unit with 3 phase electric motor & belt drive to 17” circular saw blade priced at £450 Very Good condition £1,125 % Chris C 01926 338639 S5445 PORTABLE Compressor Diesel engine driven Ex MOD high output 2 Cylinder compressor, hand start Lister Petter Single Cylinder Engine. Small tubular built under tank. Frame round it all 3ft by 2ft by 28” tall Very Good condition POA % Shaun 07850 978188 C6761 DOLABS Plastic tub skips, quantity 45 all stackable in blue colour, size 110 x 70 x50 cm Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S4735 BOM Post Hole Borers Hydraulically driven to fit on Forklift tine. 6”, (Opt 9” & 12”) Easy to fit & use prices from New condition £1,200 % Shaun 07850 978188



S6682 SLURRY Stirrer PTO driven type c\w cat 1/2 linkage to mount on tractor. Appx 14 ft long. Soild and straight for age Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6762 FLYGT Chopper Pump model M25 490mm, 13.5kw 3 phase electric motor drive. Also 3kw smaller model with 10” x 2” chopper impellor, stainless end section, will cope with poultry feathers Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C6766 LINCO Rotary Screen Separator unit located on high galvanised steel gantry for trailer/vehicle access underneath, unit size 3m long & 70cm (28”) diameter 3 phase electric motor drive. Exit chute on end of gantry platform, good quantity of large bore feed piping, currently utilised as feather screen in poultry processing unit bu can have other uses. Installed & in working order Very Good condition £3,375 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6800 SHELBOURNE REYNOLDS Powerspread 730 manure spreader, single axle top fill type with front offside discharge cylinder fitted replacable blades & deflector plate, hydraulic adjustable opening gate, single auger in base of machine feeds to front, wide tyres, road lights, good ring hitch & drawbar shoe, new 540 pto shaft, capacity 8.5 - 9 tonne, ideal slurry & loose material or very rotted fym only, sound body & tyres etc. auger flights have been repaired. Operator & parts book Good condition £1,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S3202 1994 BRIGGS Agric Eng Ltd Scroll & Slater PTO driven Slurry pump on Galvanised framework with 8” feed & 6” outlet with priming pump & electric shut down control. 80 cubic mtrs/min (18000 gpm) Very Good condition £2,200 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6609 LOBE Slurry & dirty water pump ex road type tanker, ‘T’ section with mounting brackets, hydraulic motor drive, Bauer type & flange fittings, for spares or to reinstall Average condition £175 % Chris C 01926 338639



S6906 KVERNELAND EG 240 - 85 5 Furrow Auto Reset Variwidth plough c\w full set of discs. Good No 8 Bodies, shares & Man skims. Tidy plough not overused. Good condition £6,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6512 PLOUGH PRESS Front linkage mounted with pair hydraulic ram raised wings, 6”x6” box frame with pivot framed 2m wide presses fitted 10 x 700mm cast rings (Kverneland type). Used with 6 furrow reversible plough, some cleaning chains & transport lock bar. Some rings with cracks in web & 1 set hyd hoses required Farm workshop made strong unit. Good condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6672 KVERNELAND LB85 - 160 reversible 5 furrow plough with hydraulic variwidth, 85cm point to point & 70cm underbeam clearances, Number 8 bodies all new recently with tailpieces, full set skimmers, plough wearing metal all good, rear rubber tyred depth wheel, 160 horsepower headstock with pair genuine plough spanners, demount stand. Only ploughed game cover acreage in last few years Good condition £5,950 % Chris C 01926 338639

C6590 DOWDESWELL DP7E/1 reversible 6 furrow (5+1) plough, 1993 model 14” furrow width & 39” point to point long clearance, 27” underbeam clearance to shearbolt legs fitted UCN bodies & reversible points, full set skimmers, hyd front furrow adjust, shock absorber depth wheel with wide tyre, some welding on frame mainly between 2nd &3rd furrows, good straight plough with mixed wear on metalwork but comes with large quantity new parts retail value £1300 Good condition £3,295 % Chris C 01926 338639 S5202 DOWDESWELL Furrow press Standard Double ring press without arm but in very sound order. Suit 5 x 14” furrows. 30 degree 650mm Rings 200mm apart. Good condition £425 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6339 DOWDESWELL Furrow Press adjustable model currently set to follow 5 x 14” furrow plough, 700mm diameter 30 degree cast press rings 11 at front & 10 at rear (spare average ring to make 22) in 88” wide frame, cleaner chains, 3 point hitch frame for transport, hardwood bearings model which have been replaced with genuine type Average condition £750 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6706 WAGON PLOUGH GOIZIN Orion model 8 furrow (5+3), year 2007 with hydraulic auto reset legs & hyd front furrow, 16” furrow width on pitch adjustable bodies with reversible points, 100cm point to point & 80cm underbeam clearances, full set skimmers, hyd adjustable rear depth control wheel, 385 size super single tyres on central bogie with twin ram lift, modified hydraulic press arm to operate Cousins 3.5m wide cast ring double press, repair at one flange joint, original moulboards thinning at ends but all other metal good. Cousins compatible furrow press with 25 x 700mm dia rings in box section frame, cleaner chains, year 2000 model with end tow transport kit. Price includes press but would split Very Good condition £14,750 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6347 GREGOIRE BESSON SPWB semi mounted 10 furrow (8+1+1) reversible plough - recently converted to operate as a 6 furrow with bolt on sections to make up to 10 furrows, bar coupler headstock, hydraulic front furrow adjuster, bolted variwidth (6 position) furrow width, full set skimmers, rear discs, 16.0/70-20 rear land wheel tyre, all good mouldboards & tidy paintwork, demount stands, stored inside. Full set new points included. Very Good condition £7,450 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6491 1997 DOWDEWELL Furrow Press 2 rows of 30 degree cast rings appx 100” working width. Completely rebuilt last year at a cost exeeding £2000 Very Good condition £1,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6311 2000 NAUD 8 Furrow Semi mounted Hydraulic Autoreset plough. Pair of 400/65 - 22.5 depth tyres after 5th furrow. Good long DD type bodies, Manure skims and Claydon furrow cracker. Cat 3 drawshaft. Suit up to 300HP. Manual varaible width. Good condition £9,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6569 DOWDESWELL Skimmers To Fit DP7 D2 Hiclearance plough, Set of 4 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6680 RANSOMES 3 Furrow conventional plough, linkage mounted with large steel depth wheel on one side, YL bodies with arrow head shares, disc coulters to 2 furrows (possible third). Unused for some years & lived out so paint poor but all sound, suit classic tractor Average condition £325 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6568 DOWDSEWELL DP 9 7 furrow semi mounted plough, in the furrow with swivel headstock, ycn boards and vari width Good condition £1,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6763 DOWDESWELL DP7 E 5 furrow (4 plus 1) 14” Reversible, Good UCN bodies & Manure Skims Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6421 1996 NAUD RX3 - 09 + 1 3 + 1 ( 4) 14” Furrow reversible plough, 38” point to point, 29” underbeam, Original digger bodies still very good, manure skims & depth wheel. Very Good condition £2,900 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6572 DOWDESWELL DP7E Reversible 6 furrow (5+1) mounted plough, 1986 model 12” furrow width with YCN pitch adjustable bodies, reversible points, full set skimmers, hyd front furrow width adjustment, 10.00/80-12 rubber depth wheel on damper type bracket, 34” point to point & 26” underbeam clearances, small welding repair on main beam at 4th to 5th furrow, some mouldboards worn but recent all new wearing metal fitted (points, wings, shares etc.). Some spares include new landsides, possible rear disc set also available. Good condition £2,800 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6643 DOWDESWELL Furrow Press model DTP 16/17M, 3.2m wide with cast ring 700mm diameter press gangs, front 16 ring & rear 17 ring with cleaner chains, 3 point hitch for transport, all complete painted red & includes hydraulic press arm last used with Naud plough (easily adapted) Good condition £1,100 % Chris C 01926 338639



C6810 REEKIE Cleanflow 2000 B unmanned 2 row potato harvester (mid 1990’s model), 1600cm wide with 35 & 50mm continental main webs, split front shares with diablo rollers & discs, steering axle & drawbar plus machine levelling, Dahlman roller rear cleaning module with rise & fall facility plus water applicator kit above, pto drive to own hydraulic pump (recently fitted) for independent operation & all in-cab controls, Reekie reduced drop modification fitted Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 W3471 1996 STANDEN H200 Big Boy Potato Planter Type BB2, 2 row planter can be used for ridges or bed system. Bulk hopper and cup type feeders. Electric controls and ridging bodies. Machine has done very little work, is in very good condition and stored under cover. Very Good condition £2,950 % Chris W 07957 870362 C6782 GRIMME GB Two row trailed harvester, 36” wide continental webs with scrubber, split front shares, steering ram, adjustable axle, high top picking off table under canopy with frame, long cart elevator slews over front of machine for transport. Unused & dry stored for a few years so suitable refurb or parts. Also Grimme Continental 89 two row harvester with front diablos & twin disc system, continental webs & clod fingers, treaded tyres, fold up cart elevator again suitable parts or refurb poa % Chris C 01926 338639

S6136 KEYAG GRUSE VL18 BM 2 row mounted automatic planter. Fitted Rigid Bodies, electric monitor, Cup inserts, Coulter wheels. 10/80 -12 wheels Good condition £950 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6639 ROBOT 2 Row potato planter will plant other bulbous items in ridges, tractor linkage mounted with single 6.00-16 drive wheel. Chain & sprocket driveline (spare sprockets) to twin horizontal rotating heads with cantilever cups fed by 2 operators on rear seats, carrier box for chitting tray type system, rear ridging bodies, adjustable width currently set at 32” centres. Ideal plot work machine or for small acreage etc. can suit smaller tractor Good condition £475 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6455 HASSIA 2 Row linkage mounted potato planter in green & red Pettit colours, front openers with following forming discs, 3 sets rear ridging bodies mounted on square section toolbar, twin tyred drive wheels, large steel hopper with twin cup & belt delivery system per side. All adjustable for planting width, in good order kept dry stored & will go straight to work Average condition £350 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6856 REEKIE Cleanflow 2000M4 2 Row unmanned hravester with Cart elevator replaced with a 1.8m By 0.8m Conveyer to Windrow crop 2 rows across. 40mm first & 2nd webs. Good condition £2,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6028 SCOTT GRIMME QRS 2 Row Unmanned harvester, 2 Full diablos, 4 discs, 2 2 piece shares, clod fingers, Ist web elecric agiatation, Rear wheel steering Dahlman rollers unmarked. Electric in cab controls. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6638 RANSOMES FAUN 2 row linkage mounted potato planter model 1400 in Faun orange paintwork, used in 2012 with front openers & rear ridging bodies on square toolbar, adjustable width bulk hopper currently set at 34” centres, chain drive & various sprockets to twin cups on each rubber belt each side, additional cup inserts, 5.60-15 tyres, ridging body small height extensions. All well maintained ready for work Very Good condition £550 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6421 KEYAG Gruse 2 row mounted potato planter model VT20B, large steel hopper with hyd ram operated front plate for sloping/sidling ground, front openers adjustable width (currently set at 34” centres) plus side plates with rear forming bodies, drive wheels with good tyres, rubber belt drive fitted plastic cups, variable rate sprockets. Tidy machine for age Very Good condition £475 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6865 2006 GRIMME

GT 170M 2 Row Unmanned Harvester with Hydraulic lane adjuster, Half diablos with pressure control, 2 piece and centre share. 40mm Main on to 2 rows of stars, 35mm 2nd web onto Multisep sytem . 850mm canvas unloader. Steering axle with 300/85 - 32 & 16/70 -20 tyres. Ver Tidy Grimme maintained machine only done 400 acres Very Good condition £42,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6855 2008 GEORGE MOAT TSRC 190 Potato Topper, front or rear mounted. 2 guide wheels & discs. Cross conveyer included but never fitted or used Excellent condition £4,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6047 KEYAG GRUSE 2 Row mounted potato planter model VL18, timber hopper extension to add capacity, cup inserts fitted, all good openers with adjustable height side plates, 3 rear forming bodies, good drive tyres, all adjustable but currently set at 72” beds (34” centres), in cab monitor. All put away ready for work Very Good condition Offers % Chris C 01926 338639 S6805 2009 AVR Esprit 2 Row Offset drawbar Wheeled drive harvester, 1700mm main web 50mm pitch. Crossflow Evolution cleaning system and Picking off table with canopy. Exceptional machine, also 2010 model without picking table Excellent condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6521 AMAC LKU 1700 1.7m Wide front monuted topper unit c\w cross conveyer. PTO driven Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6820 2010 AVR Rafale Front mounted Potato topper c\w RH outlet cross conveyer. Choice of 2 Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188



S6243 SQUIRE 6Ft Grading Line Rigid complete line with end tip hopper, 6ft feed belt up onto 30mm soil extraction web, 7 adjustable coils, Single screen with cross conveyer, soil conveyer under full length. Split flat belt picking table Good condition £8,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6876 PEARSON Cabbage Boxes Timber made 8ft by 4ft by 3ft 6” up to 600 available Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6738 1997 TONG 425 Autoweigher Single 10” White food grade belt. Single phase on 13 amp plug with switch. 2 Bag clamps. On Castor wheels Good condition £675 o.n.o. % Shaun 07850 978188 S5853 CUTTING Chitting trays Standard timber 18” by 30” Trays, stacked inside on pallets appx 48 per pallett. Sound for age. Proabably 2 lorry loads. Also 4/5 Board Half ton boxes 50” by 42” by 36” tall average condition, around 100 @ £4.00 each Good condition £0.40 each % Shaun 07850 978188 C6775 CHITTING TRAYS Timber type all sound dry stored, stackable, quantity 100 to be sold as one lot Good condition £60 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6783 TONG Cleaner Hopper 1 tonne plus capacity steel sided filled with loader etc (top fill). adjustable height legs, full length continental cleaning web, single phase electric motor drive with variable speed. Tong Brusher table, variable speed adjustment to 13 black bristle brushes 24” wide (6 ft long), on adjustable height legs, requires rubber top covering mat to brushes, single phase elec motor drive Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639

S5246 2000 TONG Flat Belt Conveyer Choice avaiable Inc 300mm 3 - 6m long. 550mm by 2.6m. 650mm by 2.8m, 3.8m, 4.5m & 6.2m. 700mm by 3 & 3.6m. All with 3ph motors, some with legs. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6884 1986 MEDIEMA Disco SB55 All inone Hopper Cleaner c\w 7ft Belt & 6 coils also 7ft wide, Cross conveyers at end to takke ware & soil. 11.5/80 - 15.3 transport wheels Average condition £1,900 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6730 PEARSON

Hercules Potato receiving hopper/cleaner, wide section steel hopper for trailer operation feeds to 4’ wide central rubber belt conveyor, cleaner module fits to hopper with 7 rows all adjustable stars, twin cross conveyors with reversible motor drives, 3 phase electric all in good working order Good condition £1,695 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3436 HERBERT Rubber belt elevators x2. One 4m overall length including adjustable swan neck. 2m max drop, 750mm wide, 3 phase. Other, 2.5m long, 1.5m drop, 650mm wide belt and single phase. Good condition % Chris W 07957 870362 C6469 LOCKWOOD Potato Grader rotary screen type on raised fully adjustable metal legs, hedgehog rubber roller drive roller to 36” wide screen, flat belt dirt conveyor at 90 degrees under screen, 3 phase electric with 7 good screens of various sizes. Good condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6514 1987 TONG Bulk Cleaning Hopper 6ft Belted, End tip (overall 9ft 4” wide) up and over 6 rows of stars with 3ft wide cross conveyer under or over onto 11ft by 2ft conveyer across back. 3 phase variable speed Good condition £3,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6779 WALTHAMBURY W325 Pneumatic potato weigher bagger, all yellow paintwork with lower receiving hopper & 12” main plus 3” trickle belts (new 2 seasons ago), single head with air bag clamp, mobile on wheels with full switchgear & operator stop button, 3 phase electric, stabiliser legs, head clamp position has additional bracket to fit over conveyor, suitable to weigh 12.5 to 50 kg, requires compressor to operate Good condition £1,250 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3411 NICHOLSON SYSTEMS Rubber Coveyors 5m Picking-Off table with a 2.5m trash conveyor. 3ph variable speed & reversible motors. All mounted on a low trailer with full canopy. Good condition % Chris W 07957 870362 S6728 2006 WELVENT 50 by 30 Ft Cold Store, prefabriacted into shed so would remove. Appx 8ft 6” High c\w 2 Outlet in store Cooler and Welvent refrigeration unit inc Digital cotrol panel etc. Store doors and barriers also available. Very Good condition £8,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6075 TONG Caretaker 48 48” Inline grader c\w own hopper, 5 rows of cleaning stars with own cross conveyer, Single screen grader with own 3ft wide cross conveyer. Roller table with soil extraction conveyer underneath. 3 Phase variable speed, rewired recently Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6682 HERBERT Roller type picking off table to use in grading line, 3.7m long & 65cm wide with all plastic white rollers, adjustable height legs, green paintwork, 3 phase electric motor drive Good condition £495 % Chris C 01926 338639 S5245 TONG 36” Screen Grader Choice mounted on Frames basically 50” discharge plus extension of 21”. Both Screens driven by single 3 phase motor. Possiblility of 25/30/35, 40& 50mm screens . Also similar machine with individually driven screens. Recently refurbished .Cross conveyers offered seperately to suit clients needs Good condition £1,400 each % Shaun 07850 978188



C6573 LELY Power Harow Lelyterra 30033 Series, 3 metre model with good club tines, clod boards, all good side plates, 540 pto drive with through g’box, rear coil on pin & hole depth adjusters with star cleaners, hour clock with 290 recorded hours, coil requires repair to some broken sections Good condition £1,695 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6822 RECO Maschio DM4000 4M Power harrow c\w Packer roller and 80% Blades. Few Leaks and one rotor missing Average condition Offers % Shaun 07850 978188 C6181 DOWDESWELL End Tow kit to fit power harrow, drawbar section with mounting plates, end wheel section fitted 8.50R10 tyres & hydraulic d/a ram for lift/lower of machine, all painted green Good condition £360 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6121 RECO Maschio HM4000 4M power harrow , 1000 PTO, Standard crumbler, 50% Blades. Dry machine Good condition £750 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6590 FLEXICOIL 4m To Fit power harrow probably Dowdeswell Average condition Offers % Shaun 07850 978188



S6815 SIMPLEX Drying Bins 12 Inside open top perforated 9ft 6” Diameter drying silos. Each with Central Drying tubes and connections. Buyer to dimantle and remove Very Good condition Offers % Shaun 07850 978188 C6591 BOYTHORPE Harvestore wet grain silo, 1982 model 4 rings high (55” high each ring, 7 rings circumference (each ring 106” long, single bolted). Can be professionaly dismantled if required Good condition £895 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6882 CRITTALL Hopper Bins 8ft by 5ft grain bins 5 sheets ( Appx 12 ft ) High over steel hopper bottom on legs. Still in Situ fort inspection (3 Available) Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188




C6712 SANDS SAM2000 self propelled 4wd/4 wheel steer sprayer fitted 24/18/12 metre hydraulic folding steel booms, 1995 model with service history & 12 months MOT, Deutz air cooled 5 cylinder 115hp engine 7215 rec hours, full hydrostatic transmission, aircon cab, air over hydraulic system boom controls, 2000 litre tank with rear induction hopper, twin plastic spray lines with single Billericay nozzles, flow meter, 6 cylinder pump, piped to front for self fill, set 48x25.00-20 Goodyear Terra tyres plus set 320/85R28 Continental tyres on narrow wheels - all 8 tyres very good. Some professioinal repairs on boom box ends. Very tidy sprayer with later cab - roof mounted work lights Very Good condition £10,950 % Chris C 01926 338639 C3228 MALGAR 1100 Gallon (5000 litres) water bowser, mild steel painted blue, single axle with hyd brakes fitted 386/65-22.5 super single tyres, top fill access hatch & bottom rear 2” outlet, Honda 4hp petrol engine driving centrifugal pump for fast sprayer fill. Rear ATV quad bike carry rack with loading ramps, side box rack & lockable steel cabinet, new 1997 farm use only in very clean order Very Good condition £2,550 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6897 HARDI TY 2400 Trailed sprayer fitted with Gambetti and Barr 24m hydraulic folding booms, Electric controls amd induction bowl. Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6026 LELY 400 Litre Front mounted tank, c\w hyd driven pump, electrically switched. Brackets to fit MF front weight frame. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6635 BERTHOUD Mack 1200 mounted 21 metre sprayer, modern 2005 model with 1200 litre main tank & 10% clean water wash tank, all good pto drive to Berthoud pump, Autoregleur in cab controls for 4 section boom, induction hopper, wash down hose reel, full hydraulic box section construction folding boom in good straight order fitted stainless single lines & triple nozzles - can be easily made 20m by unbolting short end sections, boom tilt facility on suspension system. Owned from new on small farm (150 acres arable) & will have full MOT Very Good condition £7,495 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6118 1990 WILLMOT Litespray Selp propelled LGP Sprayer. Pommier 24m hydraulic folding booms. 1500 litre tank. Hydraulic raise & Tilt. Single Stainless lines, quad jets. Induction bowl. 38 x 20 x 16 IHNS terra tyres. Ford 2.5D York engine. 4771 hours. Good condition £2,800 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6310 LANCASTER MB1000 Forward control sprayer. Fitted Stainless steel 2500 litre tank, 24m booms, Dickey john, Renson Pump, set up for Ammonium sulphide. Only 6680 hours. Good 750/65 R26 Michelin tyres. Average condition £4,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6808 1997 GEM

Saphire 1225 24m 2500 Litre Self propelled Sprayer. 6 cylinder 93 kw Deutz engine. New Generation Control Box. Washout tank and induction bowl. Single stainless lines and jets. New Pump 2 years ago. Dry wheel motors. Conti 320/70 R32s 70% Very Good condition £18,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6504 HARDI Everaad AMM 2000 Litre self propelled sprayer, fitted with Knight 24m steel booms, 120 HP Deutz engine. Recent clutch and gearbox overhaul. Harditronic control system. 9.5 - 28 fronts with 13.6 - 38 rears. Good condition £6,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6776 CLEANACRES Atlas self propelled sprayer, 4wd/4ws 1995/6 model with Perkins 170hp engine & full hydrostatic transmission, terra tyres size 48x25.00-20 with 35-40% good tread 8 stud fitting plus set 4 rowcrop wheels & tyres, 2500 litre tank. Contractor specification 24m boom (joystick control) will also spray at 12, 18 & 20 metres, single nozzles on stainless lines, boom tilt ram, hyd driven 6 cylinder sprayer pump. RDS Landquip RS 8000 in cab spray controller with flow meter. Hydraulic axle suspension with oil tank at front of aircon cab. In full working order can have 12 months test if required Good condition £8,950 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3346 STOCKS Trailed Quad Bike Granular Applicator 12 x1meter Stocks Micro Meter applicators mounted on 12m folding boom on ATV trailed chassis. Applicator driven by Briggs and Stratton petrol engine. This unit has had very little use. Excellent condition poa % Chris W 07957 870362 W3506 HARDI 4.5m Shielded Boom Folding shielded spray boom off amenity sprayer. Looks “as new”, complete with back frame, electric lift and fold, 3 section electric shut-off controls, triple nozzles, bout marker and nozzle shields. Excellent condition % Chris W 07957 870362 S6895 1996 KNIGHT Crusader Based on multidrive unit with JD engine and Knight Intelligent 4ws. Nice clean cab with Air con. RDS Delta control system. 24M Knight sprayer with 2500 litre GRP tank, single stainless lines.Tested 28/6/14. Goodyear 48-25-20 terras and 270/95 - 44 rocrops with new Trelleborg TM 100 tyres Very Good condition £12,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6651 GAMBETTI BARR 18 Metre linkage mounted sprayer, 1000litre main tank with 100 litre clean water tank on side, full hydraulic folding boom with tilt ram & 5 section in cab controls, single stainless lines fitted triple nozzles & filters to each section, adjustable rubber bellows boom suspension, chemical induction hopper, good pto drive to pump, requires 3 spool valves to operate, new on farm in 1999, currently antifreeze stored. Booms all straight but showing rust sections where powder coting paint missing.Used with 700 litre Lely front tank and hyd drive transfer pump, tank frame fits to tractor weight frame. Can be sold less front tank at £2995 Good condition £3,295 % Chris C 01926 338639

C6551 HARDI LHY 800 mounted 18m sprayer, 800 litre tank with 6 cylinder pto driven pump, manual controls on machine with 4 section boom control, hydraulic folding gull wing type boom fitted plastic lines & triple nozzle holders (one spray nozzle only fitted) Average condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6722 SET 4 Wheels & Tyres ex self propelled sprayer, last used on GEM but fit other models with 8 stud 275mm pcd fitting, tyre size 600/65R28 tubeless - pair Goodyear with 20% tread & pair Michelin XM with approx 10% all sound, white painted rims with 300mm outer & 200mm inner offsets Good condition £1,195 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6879 2010 BERTHOUD Tenor 45/46 Trailed 24m Sprayer with DP tronic control system, (4 x 6 Mtr Shut Off) Quad Spray Nozzles, Side Mixer Tank & Fresh Water Storage,300 / 95 R 46 Row Crops( 60%) on Auto Steering axle with Hydraulic Brakes. Rear Mounted Stocks Slug Pellet Applicator (24 Mtr) Full Road & Work Lighting Equipment Very Good condition £27,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6758 LANCASTER 3000 Litre Self Propelled 24m sprayer, recent RDS Delta 341 Control box, Air Con Cab, hydro drive. Low houred John Deere 200 plus HP engine. Good Hyd folding booms, Induction bowl and washout tank. As New 18.4 - 38 tyres plus rocrops 270/95 R 48 rocrops Good condition £9,900 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6644 TEAM 600 Litre Mounted 12m Sprayer c\w Man folding booms, manual and recent electric controls. Triplet nozzles Very Good condition £1,400 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6581 EVRARD 1000 Litre mounted sprayer, 12 metre manual fold boom with 3 section in-cab electric controls fitted single nozzles, winch back frame for boom height control, Evrard pto driven pump, self fill facility, stored inside and antifreeze treated Good condition £950 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6328 24m Demount unit Suit MB trac or similar. Hyd folding & raise / lower. 2000 litre GRP tank. Single stainless lines.In cab controls. Very Straight Good condition Offers % Shaun 07850 978188 C6540 CHAVIOT Self Propelled sprayer, 1984 2wd model with VW diesel engine & 5 speed gearbox, 6441 rec hours, Evrard 800 litre plastic tank, Allman manual folding 12m boom with single nozzles on plastic lines, winch wire boom height adjust, manual boom controls from cab rear, 3 cylinder pto drive pump, self fill facility, induction hopper with can wash, bout marker. 14.5R20 drive tyres & 31x15.5015 wide front tyres. Set row crop wheels with good front 7.50-16 tyres. Good grassland machine Average condition £1,375 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6592 STAINLESS Steel 3000 litre Chafer sprayer tank, currently with steel 20 metre hydraulic folding boom with triple nozzles & part of pivot steer self propelled unit on Ford tractor. Tractor not for sale but tank easily made into bowser which will have tractor 8 stud wheels fitted, or unit can be made into trailed sprayer with tracking steering rams (includes Teejet controller, induction hopper, rear mounted pelleter unit). Requires drawbar extending with ring hitch & boom removing for bowser use. Please phione for photos & details Good condition £2,250 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6818 HARDI LX 800 12m Manual folding Mounted sprayer c\w 3 section Electric in cab controls, and hydraulic up and down. Bertolini 3 Cyl pump done 2 seasons.Triplet nozzles, Line and self cleaning filters.Induction bowl and clean water tank. Good condition £975 % Shaun 07850 978188



C6111 PACKER Roller heavy duty type 3 metres wide ex Tim Howard subsoiler, 550mm diameter (400mm tube dia), all good spiralling points, 2” shaft, will require scrapers & bracket. Can fit other machines. Done little work Very Good condition £600 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6733 JOHN DEERE 3 Leg mounted subsoiler model 23B, pair legs fitted on 8’6” wide box frame (7” x 4.5”) with rubber tyres on rear depth wheels (can be fitted to front of frame) size 7.60-15, plain feet on 3’ long legs (no wings fitted). Third leg with mole foot will require repair Average condition £450 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6600 BOMFORD Twin Leg subsoiler, linkage mounted 8’ wide Superflow frame with pair legs fitted front shins & points, ideal for going down tramlines & compacted headlands Average condition £365 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6764 FLATLIFT 5 leg Subsoiler 2 Bar frame with 5 swivel legs, 2 large steel wheels and flat bar type 4m packer at back. Act Frame 3.8m. Solid Tool Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6797 FLATLIFT

90/150 Swivel leg subsoiler, 2.6m wide fitted 5 legs on 3 leg frame, rear 500mm diameter steel packer roller with twin hydraulic depth adjust rams & all good scrapers. Leg brackets include front disc fitment (no discs), 90cm legs with winged feet, 2 part tapered front shins, pair heavy duty eradicator type tines on front of packer frame (assist full cultivation coverage in shallow work), all good legs (2 fairly new) and bright paintwork, all clean & oiled up Very Good condition £3,395 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6642 FARM FORCE F8640 Ultralift 5 Leg 3.5m subsoiler fitted with 6 cultivation legs to loosen soil before subsoiling. Then Guttler simple cast ring press behind. Subsoil legs 27” by 8” by 1”. Very Good condition £6,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C5965 HAYLOCK 5 Leg mounted subsoiler, heavy duty linkage mounted 4m wide frame non folding, winged feet & front shins to legs with 2’3” clearance, all mounted in box section frame size 4” x 7”, rear flat bar crumbler roller 3.7m wide on pin & hole depth adjustment, 2 legs good & 3 getting thin at rear, needs big tractor to operate Average condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639

WWW.WRIGHTSREGISTER.COM C6513 ARAMULCH linkage mounted subsoiler with rape drill, 2003 model made by Razol with 8 legs in a single row on 4m box frame, 800mm long legs with winged feet & front shins, rear 4.2m wide heavy duty round bar crumbler 560mm (22”) diameter on pin & hole adjusters. Techneat Autocast seeder unit on frame above with plastic hopper & seed tubes to each leg, split hopper model with 12 volt electronic speed regulation (no starwheel), additional fluted seed rollers. Good quantity spare parts included & machine has some new wings etc fitted. Good condition £3,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6671 SPALDING 150 + Flatlift 5 swivel leg model will work 24 - 30”, 150mm frame, 2 steel depth wheels Fitted wings on legs Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6877 SIMBA Flowking 3m subsoiler with 5 legs, Fitted packer with good scrapers. Average paintwork Good condition £3,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6474 COUSINS Subsoiler 2 leg heavy duty model with 8”x4” box frame 3.5m wide, rear large diameter flat bar steel crumbler barrel 3.25m wide on screw depth adjusters, steel 8” wide 24” dia depth wheels fit to front of frame. Adjustable legs with good feet (no wings) & front shins, one very good the other part worn Good condition £1,395 % Chris C 01926 338639



S6826 1987 ACRITE PIPEWORK LPG Tank 1 ton (1700 litre) Skid mounted LPG tank C\w George Meller single phase pump and baynet nozzle and pipe with shelter. Good condition £900 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6702 ROAD TANKERS Artic type with capacities of 25,000 to 30,000 litres, steel tanks on tri-axle chassis with air brakes & either air/spring or just spring suspension fitted super single tyres on steel 10 stud wheels. Single compartment tanks with twin filling hatches & rear outlets (not pressure or vacuum type), pipe racks & carriers. Choice of 5 tankers with varying quality of paintwork etc. all decommissioned without MOT. Tank sizes approx 10.6m long & 2m dia & 33’6” long 6’ diameter. Please phone for full details & photos. Prices from £3000 each Good condition £3,000 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6673 BUNDED Fuel Tanks pair lockable steel cabinets both free standing with lifting eyes fitted internal plastic diesel tanks. Western Trailers model in green paintwork capacity approx 500 gallons with no pump but internal platform for electric pump mounting, external size 8’6” x 4’9” x 4’6” high. Fuel Safe 500 model (500 gallon capacity) in yellow paintwork with hand pump, hose & nozzle, external size 8’ x 4’6” x 5’6” wide. Price each Good condition £850 % Chris C 01926 338639 C5954 FUEL BOWSER 800 Gallon tractor drawn with 2hp petrol engine drive to delivery pump, Golden Rod filtration & long hose with trigger nozzle. Steel non bunded ex gas tank on trailer chassis fitted single axle with13.00/65-18 tyres, mudguards, hydraulic brakes, road lights, top access hatch with ladder, front steel cabinet, lockable outlet tap Good condition £985 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6745 THOMPSON 27600 litres Mild Steel tanden Steel sprung axle road tanker c\w 5th wheel coupling and jack stands. Origianally 5 - 5000 litres compartments plus 1 - 2600 litre, now cut through into one. Solid but needs lids and tidy up. Average condition £1,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6067 CHAFER 2000 Litre Stailess Steel Bowser c\w Nearly new Petrol engine driven pump & pressure washer. Single axle Field floatation tyres. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6903 CHAFER 2000 Litre Trailed bowser with Honda water pump, 2 usefull storage boxes, one on the side and on at the back. 7.50 - 20 tyres. Good condition £750 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6760 STAINLESS Steel round tank on free standing legs, approx capacity 3000 gallons size 11’ long & 8’ diameter, top fill hatch, bottom discharge with gate valve, lower access door. Ex brewery spec so good thick tank Good condition £2,750 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6795 CHAFER 2000 Litre Trailed single axle spray bowser. 7.50 - 16 tyres, road lights, PTO driven Comma filler pump, Usefull Chemical store box on the back. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6784 FUEL TANK Steel square type 1000 gallon capacity size 8’ x 5’ x 4’ with outlet hose & gun attached to lockable gate valve. Single skin non bunded used for one fill of white diesel only, some light surface rust on top panel requires paint recoating. Complete with strong steel stand 5’ high. Ideal second tank or for grain drier etc. Very Good condition £455 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6172 SCHNEIDER INDUSTRIES 1400 Litre LPG Tank, mounted on frame c\w single phase Smiths Electric pump with bayonet gun & pipe. Proper Rig Good condition £1,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6727 Bunded Steel Fuel Bunker tank c\w own diesel pump. Actual stoarge tank 8 by 4 by 5 feet. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6907 WESTERN TRAILERS Bunded Bowser 1100 litre (250 gallon) Plastic tank installed inside Steel outer. C\w 12v pump & delivery hose. 185 R14 tyres Good condition £975 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6308 DIESEL Bowser trailed unit with 400 litre plastic tank, recent high capacity electric pump to filter & hose fitted filling nozzle with auto cutout. Front carrier box for cans etc. Long drawbar with ball hitch, wide single axle fitted 145R10 tyres, lighting board. Pump has long cable & crocodile clips for use with 12v battery. Suit towing with Quad bike or pickup etc. Tank is not bunded. Good condition £425 % Chris C 01926 338639



S6791 JOHN DEERE Model A 3 wheeler electric Start petrol TVO model. Restored nicely a while back. 11.2 - 42 drive tyres. Complete with drawbar, PTO and Mudguards Very Good condition £2,950 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6739 DAVID BROWN 880 2 wd tractor fitted trip loader . Good 7.50 -16 tyres and 40% 12.4 - 32 rears. Runs well. Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188

OCTOBER 2013 39

• See also the wanted section and read the buying/selling details before calling S6608 JOHN DEERE Weight Block cast type Fitted with A frame linkage to pick up on front linkage and add ewights as required Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6700 JCB FASTRAC 2135 4WS Autoshift Turbo model with Perkins engine, first registered in 1999 with 8780 rec hours, 50kph transmission, 480/70R30 tyres front Continental 45-50% good tread, rear Stomil 85-90% good, front & rear fenders, 4 rear spool valves & front hyd service, pick-up hitch with Quadtronic 3 point linkage, 2 speed pto, aircon cab with air seat, recently only used for field work. Some paintwork a bit dull but useful high speed tractor Good condition £12,750 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6757 1990 JOHN DEERE 3650 4wd tractor c\w SG2 cab, Hi Lift model with 2 assister rams & Pick up hitch. 460/85 R38 rears 80% 420/85 R24 fronts 60% Very good tinwork. Good condition £9,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6793 1991 FORD 4000 Industrial 2 wd tractor c\w Heavy duty front axle, new seat, Sound mudguards, no cab 5700 hours. 50 % 480/70 R28 Rears. 50% 10.75 - 15.3 rears. Drawbar only (optional extra back end). Good condition £1,700 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6669 2008 NEW HOLLAND T 6080 4wd Tractor c\w Range Command 40K eco gearbox, Terraglide front axle, Front linkage and fenders. Only 4400 hours. 520/70 R38 Rears 50% , 420/70 R28 fronts. Very Good condition £37,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6692 TEAGLE Quick Hitch ‘A’ frame, tractor linkage mounted ‘male’ part with Cat 1 & 2 fittings, top catch with rope operated release lever, painted yellow had little use. Can be used on numerous implements such as yard scrapers, bale shredders etc. Very Good condition £220 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6746 FORDSON Dexta 2wd tractor, 3 cylinder engine starts and runs well. Roll bar and draw bar (no lower Linkage fitted). 6-16 Landrover fronts 50%, 12.4 ,11-36 rears 5%. PTO. & cover. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S5986 FORD Jerry can Front end weights, Set of 8 for Ford thousand series tractors. Also 10 MF 100 style weights. Average condition £300 each set % Shaun 07850 978188 S6092 2006 NEW HOLLAND TC 27 4wd Diesel Compact tractor on Good Turf Tyres ,Appx 2000 hours. Comes with full road lighting, (powerfull headlamps). Front weights, wafer or Jerry can, 2 Spools & Folding Rollbar. Very capable worker for its size, suit scraping, mowing or just for the kids. Very Good condition £5,750 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6744 MASSEY FERGUSON 698 tractor & MF 85 power loader, 2wd 88hp tractor 1983 model with 12 speed 3 lever gearbox, hours showing 5676 but not working (approx 7000), rear 16.9R38 Dunlop tyres 75 &60% good tread 11.5/80-15.3 wide front tyres, 2 spool valves, telescopic type pick-up hitch with drawbar, hook type lower links with twin assist rams, cab sound but some rust areas at rear & on doors. Loader has front 3rd hyd service, double acting lift rams, demount stand & manure fork with tines for bale handling only Average condition £4,375 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6858 MF Weight Set 10 Front end weights suit MF 2000 series tractor with lower retention bolt. Good condition £350 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6804 JCB Fastrac 2150 Turbo 4wd high speed tractor, 2001 model with Smoothshift gearbox, 148 horsepower Perkins 1000 series engine 6456 recorded hours, 50kph road speed, 2 wheel steer, 520/70R30 tyres on 10 stud wheels all approx 5% to 20% good tread, 2 seat aircon cab (needs attention), load carrying rear chassis, ABS & air brakes,recent new battery, working machine in straight order Good condition £18,395 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3523 1983 ZETOR 8145 80hp 4wd complete with Grays Lynkon 430 quick-fit loader. As new Alliance 480/70R38 rears and Continental 360/70R24 fronts. Pick-up hitch, 2 spool valves. Duncan Cab, glass intact, all electricals working, cab interior good and new seat cushions. Front weights, pallet tine and dirt bucket available. In very good original condition. 1790 recorded hours (not total!). Only 3 owners since 1987 when registered. Previously Zetor’s own tractor. Serial no. 1000003. poa % Chris W 07957 870362 S5770 1994 CASE INTERNATIONAL 5140 Maxxum 4 wd Tractor, Pick up hitch, 2 spools, recent dealer back end ovderhaul inc handbrake. 8200 hours. 460/85 R38 20% 16.9 - 24 fronts. Tidy Good condition £9,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6677 1995 JCB Fastrac 1115 Tractor with 50K Selectronic Gearbox, 4 spools, Pick up hitch, 540/65 R28 Fronts 40 Rear 70%. Bosch lift control. Tidy Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6731 FORDSON Model N Standard tractor, 1942 petrol paraffin (TVO) type in Hunting Green livery with Orange wheels, low speed transmission, narrow rear wings, twin original toolboxes, front radiator blind. refurbished some years ago & wheels recently shot blasted & repainted. 11.25-24 good tyres with spare rear. Complete with Ransomes Motrac 2 furrow trailed plough to match. Full working unit. Shortage of storage space reason for reluctant sale. Please phone for full details. Very Good condition £3,000 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6723 FENDT Favorit 612LSA Turbomatik 4wd Tractor, ‘F’ reg with 17407 rec hours on 140hp (at PTO) MWM engine, all very good tyres with 85%+ good tread size 580/70R38 & 420/70R28, 2 speed pto, pick-up hitch, 2 spool valves with flow & return system, all mechanical 20 speed gearbox with creep, front fenders, front wafer weights, aircon fitted nort working, piped for front linkage. He-Va heavy duty front linkage system with tractor currently not fitted, recent radiator & 4wd air type engage valve. Very straight tractor for age & all in good working order, suit big diet feeder or pto work Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6714 INTERNATIONAL 275 Hi Clear 2 wd tractor, 12 - 38 rears 60%. Restored in recent years back and used for light grassland work. Genuine sound tractor with excellent engine and lighting kit. Very Good condition £3,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6094 DAVID BROWN Case set front weights with frame, quantity 10 last used on DB996 tractor, orange painted ‘jerry can’ slide on type with fixing bolts Good condition £245 % Chris C 01926 338639



S6868 CHALLENGER Plant trailer Tanden Axle Galvanised with Fixed 12” sides & Mesh type ramp rear door. 175 13 tyres on the sides Good condition £1,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3492 Tilt Bed Low Loader Heavy Duty low loader suitable for carrying crawler or excavator. Commercial tandem axles, brakes and lights. Hydraulic tilt bed, steel floor, 18’ bed. Very Good condition £2,950 % Chris W 07957 870362 S6767 LEYLAND Alloy Bodied Converted lorry trailer. 19ft by 8ft by 3ft alloy body. Sprung tandem axles with 385/65 R22.5 tyres. Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6905 11 Ton Monocoque Trailer , Tandem Commercial sprung axles, Brakes & lights. 385/65 - 22.5 Tyres. Front ladder, window and grain chute in standard back door. Body 19ft by 4ft by 8ft . Good condition £3,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6780 ETC Trojan Monocoque 6.5 tonne tipping trailer, single axle fitted good 12.5/80-15 tyres, manual rer door with grain chute, body size 12’ x 7’ x 3’3” rated at 7850 kg gross. All good paintwork & straight sided. Requires one new wheel stud. Availablw with set silage sides at extra cost Good condition £1,495 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6840 COMMERCIAL 32 Ft Flat Articulated trailer, tandem axle on Super Singles or twins, reboarded floor, Brakes and lights Good condition £2,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6847 1996 RICHARD WESTERN 12 ton Tandem Axle Monocoque trailer, Sprung 8 stud axles with very good 386/65 R22.5 tyres. Standard back door with grain chute. Blue paintwork and front ladder. Very Straight Very Good condition £7,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3397 2000 LEGG Fuel Bowser 2000l/500gal steel fuel bowser with ring hitch, lights, hand pump and 11.5/80-15.3 tyres. Very little use. Very Good condition £650 % Chris W 07957 870362 C6701 LIVESTOCK Transporter trailer, 6m long body on strong RSJ chassis with single axle fitted 400/60-15.5 tyres, ring hitch for tractor use & screw jack, road lights (no brakes), alloy panels on steel structure 7’9” high & 8’ wide, full size rear opening ramp spring assisted with timber loading gates, simple corrugated sheet roof, chequer plate floor above timber chassis base, no decks. Good condition £1,750 % Chris C 01926 338639 S5982 2000 KING Skeleton Trailer 28FT long, tandem axle, Air suspension, Air brakes, twin 215/75 R17.5 tyres. 16 Ton Gross carry appx 13 ton. Make very good bale trailer or low loader Very Good condition £1,400 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6773 BIG K Monocoque 12 tonne twin axle tipping trailer size 18’ long x 8’ wide x 4’ high sides, leaf spring suspension, super single 385 size tyres on 8 stud fitting, hydraulic brakes, manual tailgate with grain chute, ring hitch & drawbar shoe, front ladder, road lights, very strong & straight trailer painted green of a generous size. Ideal grain & muck trailer Good condition £3,995 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6789 SPECIALIST Box type trailers Engineer made with rear loading ramps & unused. Single axle model 2.5m long, 1.6m wide & 2m high, ball hitch & brakes, 175-13 tyres + spare, painted cream & gold, stabiliser legs, jockey wheel, mudguards, Avonride suspension, twin side doors open up as loading ramps. Suit ATV transport or Mobility equipment in fully enclosed environment. Similar twin axle model without side ramps, streamlined curved frontage, front locker box over drawbar fitted Robin EY20 petrol engined single phase electric generator built on Snipe chassis, twin spare wheels.- this model priced at £1350. Both all very strongly built, please call for more info & photos Very Good condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 W3342 2000 BLUE LINE GP 3500T 3500kg gross 14’ x 7’ tandem axle flatbed with 2 sets of ramps. Galvanised chassis, 26” loading height, hardwood floor, headboard, Avonride axles, 185/70R13 tyres, jockey wheel. Excellent condition £1,550 % Chris W 07957 870362 C6743 BATESON Cattle Trailer model 48L, 12 ft long with good rear ramp & timber loading gates, white roof type new in 1990 but had little use, all good hitch & plastic mudguards, Avonride rubber suspension on twin axles (rides quieter than an Ifor Williams) fitted all good tyres with spare (3 tyres new) size 6.00-16, hardwood floor under steel chequer plate top, 5’6” wide & 5’10” high internal. Unused recently so may need a service but very straigh trailer Very Good condition £1,250 % Chris C 01926 338639 S5942 WESTFIELD 20 Ton 30 Cubic Meter capacity hi-speed tipping trailer, Built On Refurbished Skelly trailer on Tandem Sprung axles, Refurbed Hyd brakes, 385/65R 22.5 Tyres on 10 stud rims.Monocoque tipping body, reinforced 10mm floor and tapered sides, 4mm to the top, built and painted in epoxy , underfloor multi stage ram cylinder, Tips to 52°. Slide tilt Hydraulic full tailgate door. Sprung drawbar on phosphor bronze bushed pin. New lights wiring and hoses, Road lighting. Excellent condition £15,600 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6749 SHOOT Bus Converted Single axle lorry body converted into shoot bus / trailer by Fittting side centre door seats for 20 plus tables and overhead racking. Roller and drop down door at the back .Lights No brakes.( Pull with tractor) Good condition £2,250 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6527 JONES 25ft Bale / plant Trailer 8ft wide tandem tilting trailer for plant or bales up to 10 ton . 11.5 / 80 - 15.3 tyres. Very clever multiprurpose trailer Very Good condition £5,000 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6766 G AND S KIRKE 10 Ton Monocoque bodied trailer . Sprung York tandem axles with 425 / 65 R22.5 Super singles. Body 15/16ft long with 4ft sides. Solid trailer Good condition £4,500 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6027 ARMSTRONG AND HOLMES Flat 21 Ft Trailer, tandem axles 6stud walking beam with 10.5 - 18 michelin Pilote tyres. Fitted lift off Potato Bulker bodie with narrow bottom belt unloader, 3 phase motor driven. Ply over steel frame with boards, Or Just the Flat trailer Good condition £3,500 % Shaun 07850 978188

C6774 BIG K 4 Wheel Drawbar turntable type 11 tonne tipping trailer, bolted dropsides & manual tailgate, size 18’ long, 7’ wide with 3’6” high sides, front axle fitted15.0/70-18 tyres, rear axle 385 size super singles both 6 stud fitting, hydraulic brakes, road lights, painted blue, tapered potato back section if required, sides have some rust areas so may need refurb but currently grain tight. Useful trailer to use as bulk or flatbed - rear extension could easily be fitted for bale transport. Similar 12 tonne version 22’ long with slightly lower sides (part side has 2’ removable section) again can be used as bulk or flatbed - this model priced at £3000 Good condition £3,395 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6154 Box Type Trailer Single Axle Lorry convertion interanlly 2.4m By 5m by 1.9m High. Roller door on back, sliding doors along sides. Hydraulic brakes on single sprung axle with 10 - 20 twins. Handy for seed, shoot or storage. Very Good condition £1,700 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6683 IFOR WILLIAMS P7e trailer suitable for carrying a Quad bike etc., single axle fitted 20.5x8.0-10 wide tyres with mudguards, avonride type rubber suspension, all galvanised steel construction with 7’2” long by 4’ wide body & 12” high fixed sides, long chequer plate loading ramp/rear door, phenolic coated timber floor, roping hooks, ball hitch, road lights, spare wheel, 750kg gross capacity does not require overun brakes Very Good condition £595 % Chris C 01926 338639



S5866 11.2 - R48 Rocrops with 70% Bibagrip tyres, 8 stud centres Ex Case Maxxum, plus 9.5 - 32 fronts 8 Stud adjustable centres. Both 220 hole 275 pcd Good condition £1,600 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6016 GOODYEAR 66 - 43 - 25 INHS Terra Tyres70% Tread, 2 of OnSteel rims with bolt in centres to fit 8 stud 8” PCD, 6 inch hole suit Ford etc Good condition £1,600 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6647 BETTINSON 12 - 38 Duals fitted 13.6 - 38 Tyres, 2 sets one with 60% Goodyears, the other with imports. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6557 TERRA TYRES Avon Tredlite size31x15.50-15, pair fitted to 6 stud wheels with 8” pcd, chevron pattern all good tread, available with pair of stub axles to suit plus drawbar from small trailed drill (fit other machines). Also pair same size tyres with grass type block tread, Bridgestone Pillow DIA-1 pattern fitted to 8 stud wheels ex front axle of JD 2wd tractor, 200mm pcd fitting with 150mm centre hole, very good tyres done little work Very Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6609 STOCKS 15 - 38 Steel Dual wheel rims and spacers (No tyres) Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6808 FLOTATION

Pair rear tractor tyres size 66x43.00-25, Firestone 23 tubeless pattern on rims with twin flanges for bolted in swop plates (suit tractors or combines), 60% + good tread on both tyres, 2 sets of centre plates - 8 stud 8”pcd with a 6” centre hole (JD/MF/Case etc. fitting) & 8 stud 205mm pcd with 140mm centre hole Very Good condition £1,125 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6632 COMBINE Size set crossply tyres suit Claas,/MF etc. Size 23.1/18-26 set of four all good tread but a little aged currently on 8 stud wheels ex wheeled excavator (rubber duck) but ideal as a spare or kit your machine out with a pair of better tyres Good condition Offers % Chris C 01926 338639 C6095 ROWCROP Wheels pair 8.3-44 fitted Michelin Bibagrip 3 tyres 50-60% good tyres, 8 stud fitting 275mm pcd with 220mm hole diameter, last used on Case tractor Good condition £295 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6691 STOCKS 11.2 -48 Rocrop wheels Fitted 90% alliance tyres. Bolt in 8 Stud pans 8” PCD 6” Hole. (37.5” to outside of the pans) Suit MF / IH etc Very Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6534 KLEBER Radial pair 480/65R28 tyres on wheels ex Sanderson forklift, radial tyres with good 10% tread, white painted 8 stud wheels with 8” pcd & 5.5” centre hole (large chamfered hole fit Ford tractor etc), welded centres non adjustable wheels Good condition £475 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6507 NARROW Tyres & wheels for row crop work, pair Kleber 9.5-44 tyres on rims to fit 8 stud 8” pcd fitting (ex MF but will fit Case/DB, JD etc.), good tyres but rims may require some repair. Vredestein 8.332 tyre with good sound tread. Pair complete wheel rims & centres (no tyres) to fit front axle of John Deere 4wd (2850 model etc) suit fitment of 9.5R32 or 8.3-32 tyres. Good condition % Chris C 01926 338639 S6018 GOODYEAR 48 - 25 - 20 Terra Grip tyres (pair) 60% tread 8 stud Fitting 405 mm PCD, 360mm hole. Offset appx. 6 or 18” Good condition £700 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6326 TAURUS 270/95 R48 4 Star Rocrops On HD rims and centres to Fit MB trac (8 stud, 275mm PCD & 220 hole) Tyres all 85% good Set of 4 Very Good condition £1,300 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6755 DUAL 16.9R34 Pirelli TM500 (420/85R34) tyres on pair heavy duty wheels with 4 clamps per wheel, round bar clamping rail, quality radial tyres as new, wheel rims all sound but could do with repaint. Hard to find set, ideal to swop tyres over & get new set on your tractor Very Good condition £895 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6348 NISSAN Terrano set 4 alloy wheels & tyres plus steel spare wheel & tyre, General Grabber AT2 tyres size 235/70R16 one as new plus 4 x approx 70% good tread, all ex Commercial Terrano model 4x4 vehicle, worth the cost in tyres alone Good condition £395 % Chris C 01926 338639

S5997 GOODYEAR 600/65 R28 DT 820 Tyres, treads appx 30%, Sound order Suit tractor front or sprayer Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 W3425 BETTINSON 3 & 5 Star Dual Wheels 2 sets of 12 x 36 rims with worn Goodyear 13.6 - 36 tyres. Would suit a Classic tractor?! £125 % Chris W 07957 870362 S5187 GKN 11.2 R48 Rocrops , Alliance Tyres with JD 8 Stud HD centres plus Fronts 11.2 R32 Alliance, same PCD Fit JD 6400 - 6620. Good condition £1,200 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6083 MICHELIN Tractor tyres, all XM108 radial tread pattern. One pair 650/65R38 & two pairs 540/65R28 (ex JD 6900 tractor) - tread depth varies from approx 20% to 5%+ good all sound & suitable dual wheels etc. Photos available & can be sold in sets Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S6571 MB TRAC wheels Chioice of 16.9 - 24 Tyres 7 MB trac rims and deatcheable centres Varoius amounts if tread Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6767 ROW CROP Set Wheels ex Case tractor, rear size 230/95R44 (9.5R44) Alliance tyres with 85% good tread, silver painted adjustable track Sam Moreton wheels with 8 stud 8” pcd fitting (will also fit MF, JD, DB, Leyland etc rear axles). Front 8.3/8R32 Kleber 40% tyres on yellow wheels with 8 stud 275mm pcd fitting Good condition £895 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6187 STANDEN Pair Row Crop wheels & tyres to fit Ford 7700/7710 or similar rear axle with 8 stud fitting, size 9.5R48 Michelin with 80% good tread. Also pair silver painted Stocks dual wheels with clamps fitted Goodyear 16.9R38 tyres which are sound enough as duals - Price £235 Average condition £245 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6091 ROWCROP Wheels & Tyres pair 9.5R48 Alliance tyres with 90% good tread on Mortons heavy duty wheels, 8 stud fitting with 275mm pcd & 220mm diameter centre hole (last used on Case 856 tractor) Very Good condition £695 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6236 FOSSITT AND THORNE Heavy Duty Rocrop wheels, 1 pair of 8.3 - 44 s with 70 % Bibagrip tyres have 8 very strong 3 hole lugs 32” PCD. Also Pair of 9.5 - 48 Rocrops Also 8 stud 32” PCD. Plus Pair of Ford Pans 8” PCD big hole with 5.5” centre Good condition £250 pair % Shaun 07850 978188 C6586 TERRA TYRES set of four 48x25.00-20NHS Goodyears on 8 stud wheels with 275mm pcd ex MB Trac 1000 model, good tread but some slight surface cracking on 2 tyres.This size will also fit other applications (tractors, sprayers etc.). Also set four Continental 9.5-42 row crop tyres (3 x 85% good tread & 1 x 20%) all on welded centre to rim wheels same fitting as above (suit 72” track setting). Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 C5824 ALLIANCE Pair 600/60R30.5 flotation tyres 331 tread pattern traction type A8 12 ply with good tread, some small surface cuts but all sound carcass, rolling circumference when new 4340mm Good condition £450 % Chris C 01926 338639 C5766 MICHELIN 19.5LR24 M27 pair tyres on rims with 6 stud 325mm (13”) pcd & 285mm centre hole, tread 40%+, suit MF 3600 series tractors or similar. Set Rowcrop wheels for a JD 2850 4wd tractor with 12.4R32 fronts & 11.2R48 rears, Barum & Michelin tyres all tyres OK with between 10 & 20% tread Good condition poa % Chris C 01926 338639 S5678 11.5/80 - 15.3 tyres Pair of on 6 stud rims 160 hole plus 205 mm PCD plus s of 12.5 - 18 tyres 60% on similar rims. Also 4 40-14 x 24 aircraft type tyres on 8 stud trailer rims Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S5724 STOCKS 18.4 - 38 Duals C\w 20 % tyres & good clamps Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 W3451 COLCHESTER TILLAGE 8.3/80R36 Row Crop wheels complete with pans to fit MF135 or similar. 80% tread. Good condition % Chris W 07957 870362 S6419 STANDEN STD 15 9.5 - 44 Rocrops, 90%tyres hardly used. DB/ MF 8 stud centres Excellent condition £275 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6713 SET ROW CROPS Rear 9.4R48 (230/95R48) Alliance very good tyres on wheels with 8 stud fitting & 8” pcd, Fronts 9.5R32 Kleber tyres 30% good tread on 8 stud fitting with 325mm pcd, last fitted on Case MXU 4wd tractor. Fronts will also fit New Holland/Ford Carraro axle & rears also fit MF/JD/DB/Leyland etc. Also pair Goodyear crossply tyres size 18.4-30 ex trailed sprayer on 8 stud wheels with 275mm pcd - this pair price £345 Good condition £995 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6252 HEAVY DUTY 270 / 95 R48 Rocrop wheels c\w New tyres. Also inc HD Standen type rims & centres (8 stud 275 mm PCD & 220mm holes Good condition £975 % Shaun 07850 978188 S6019 MICHELIN 9.5 - 48 Rocrop tyres, 6 ply on HDR type rims with pans, 280mm hole 8 stud 250mm hole. Also Pair of Kleber 9.5 - 48 rocrops 60% tread on HD rims with Pans 8 stud 8” 5.5” hole Ford Etc. Average condition % Shaun 07850 978188 C6133 GOODYEAR Wrangler 31.0015.50-15LT tyres ex Wilmot Lightfoot ‘buggy’ sprayer on 4 stud wheels (for Ford axles), multiple chevron type good tread, quantity 4 to be sold as one lot Good condition £365 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6298 WHEEL RIMS Set 4 to take tyre size 580/65R22.5 used as an lgp set of four on a self propelled sprayer, 8 stud fitting with a 275mm pcd suit Poclain motor drives etc. Very little used in as new condition, Excellent condition £420 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6809 ROWCROP WHEELS Set front & rear heavy duty type made by Sam Moretons tyres, rear size 9.5R44 Alliance on 8 stud fitting 205mm pcd with 140mm centre hole, front 8.3R32 Vredestein 8 stud 6” (150mm) pcd & 105mm centre hole, all tyres 90% good tread. Suit Lambourghini, SAME & other tractors Very Good condition £1,195 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6593 STOCKS 15 - 34 Dual wheel rims, pair of in Black. Tyres perished Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S5831 STANDEN 11.2 R 48 rocrops C\w 40% tyres & Bolt in Ford 8 stud centres. Also Set Of HDR Rims with 11.2 - 48Tyres & square Ford Pans Plus f Terry Johnson dualling kit to mount 2 pairs of Rocrops on each axle. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188

S6744 2007 STOCKS 380 /90 R46 Heavy Duty Rocrop wheel with Solid Centres 8 Stud 275mm PCD 220 Hole fitted Goodyear tyres 80%. Plus 385/85 R30 Fronts solid centre, 10 stud 335 PCD 280 hole. 70% Goodyear tyres. Very Good condition £2,800 % Shaun 07850 978188 W3489 STANDEN HDR82 8.3x42 rowcrop wheels with 80% Kleiber 50 radials. Very Good condition £295 % Chris W 07957 870362 S6418 STOCKS 15 - 38 Dual wheels fitted Kleber 18.4 - 38 tyres, 60% tread but some aging cracks (OK for duals) 4 clamps per wheel Good condition £450 % Shaun 07850 978188 C5800 MICHELIN Trailer/Vehicle tyres on rims, size CC9.00-16 (cross country deep tread), quantity 2 on heavy rims painted red with 8 stud fitting 275mm pcd. Also same spec with 1 Dunlop & 1 India tyre. Suit some classic commercial & ex army vehicles. Price is for lot (4 wheels & tyres) Good condition £245 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6756 JOHN DEERE pair yellow painted complete wheels ex 2850 tractor size 1238 suit tyre size 13.6-38 with 8 stud 8” pcd fitting Very Good condition £225 % Chris C 01926 338639 C6312 JCB Fastrac set of 4 Flotation wheels & tyres, size 800/45-26.5 Alliance 331 pattern chevron tread 12 ply rating, 70% all good even tread, on 10 stud rims for front axle & 12 stud rims for rear axle (suit later high hp Fastrac models) Good condition £3,500 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6396 ALLIANCE 600 - 50 - 22.5 Flotation 328 tyres, 8 stud centres 8” PCD suit DB, MF etc. Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 S6759 D AND S 12.4 R46 Rocrops To Suit MF 6150 (Adjustable track to 62”) Fitted Alliance A 350 tyres 4 star. 95% Centres have 6” hole 8” PSD Plus fronts 11.2 R 32, Alliance tyres 3 * Bolt in centres 220 hole 275 PCD Excellent condition £2,000 % Shaun 07850 978188



S5247 INVICTA Vibrating table on Long legs, Screen 750mm by 2m 20mm pitch rods. 960 watt motor. Tidy unit Took out ready to go Good condition % Shaun 07850 978188 W3434 NICHOLSON Fan Bladed Onion Toppers 2 x 10t/hr Onion Toppers that can be run in parallel or individually, complete with 1.5m wide rubber belt feed elevator. All motors 3 phase. Please call for details. poa % Chris W 07957 870362 C6681 STANDEN Front Linkage simple type fits to front of tractor to operate Standen Hoe, single ram lift, yellow paintwork, last used on Case tractor, could be adapted for other applications Good condition £350 % Chris C 01926 338639



C6745 CHERISED Number Plate transferable from Peugeot car, registration number K420 EWE suit any stockman with sheep. Transfer fee payable by purchaser £235 % Chris C 01926 338639 S6891 Agribuggy Type 4wd LPGV, Very tidy cab, VW Diesel engine. Hydraulic swith 2 spools.Fitted Vicon 802 spreader with hydraulic shut off. Goodyear 15-50- 15 Tyres and 7.50 - 16s. Good condition £1,800 % Shaun 07850 978188 C6812 MAZDA

323F 5 door hatchback car, first registered 30/09/03 with one owner plus supplying dealer, low mileage for year 63370, 1.6 litre petrol engine, manual 5 speed gearbox, GSi specification with aircon, front fog lights, alloy wheels, adjustable fore & aft rear seat, sunroof etc., Pearlescent blue paintwork, Road tax to 31/07/14 & MOT to 13/01/14, full documented service history, all good tyres, estate size boot. Some panelwork blemishes & scratches but a tidy clean car. Voted top 3 most reliable car in JD Power survey. Good value Good condition £1,295 % Chris C 01926 338639

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Wrights Farming Register - October 2013 - Full Edition  
Wrights Farming Register - October 2013 - Full Edition  

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