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Great fare at special reduced prices during Magical Dining Month






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Our editor offers one welltraveled view on what’s essential in Orlando when you’ve only got 90 minutes to go exploring.


A complete guide of attractions, museums and theme parks like Universal's new water park and Disney's land of Avatar.

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Hot Dates This Fall Festivals take over Orlando. Plus, more fun things to do.



Where to play golf in Orlando, plus details on public play at the Waldorf Astoria.




Reviews of bars, clubs and live music, plus Capone's dinner show celebrates 25 years.


24 40 Orlando Your Way


Find Orlando's top shopping stops, from upscale indoor malls to charming neighborhoods XX like Celebration.

Explorer, Thrill Seeker and Oenophile Unique recommendations curated by Where and fit to match three unique personal travel styles.



Find the top places to eat around the city, including where to get the best seafood.


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where now 06 Every Week Is Shark Week Make a jaw dropping visit to SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium. BY VINCENT CRAMPTON

08 Dining for (Fewer) Dollars Celebrate Magical Dining Month. BY RONA GINDIN

10 Suds & Steins READ US ON MAGZTER

House-brewed beer is bubbling up all over O-Town, and here are four top breweries to try it. BY RONA GINDIN

2 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2 017

Walt Disney Amphitheatre

Visitor Center




Osceola Av


Lake Av


Explore Orlando from north to south Mariposa and A to Z

Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts


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Lake Av


Winter Park.

Liberity Av


Great fare at special reduced prices during Magical Dining Month

at Prato in

Guidance for finding your way around town by Uber, bus or even hang glider.

Rosalind Av



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Magnolia Av



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Court Av


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The Essential Orlando Did you know there are two sides to Orlando? There’s the thrilling, adventurous and activity-filled theme park version. But there’s also a quieter personality that travelers who value a less-worn path should not overlook. With families on the move these summer months, Orlando boasts lots of crowds and attractions suited to many different preferences. Bur if you can’t spend a week and are only passing through, we can still show you at least one thing to see. In this issue, let us suggest the Orlando Science Center, where you can have a bit of fun in an hour and a half.


Scott McElhaney PUBLISHER Mark Reid


Leigh Harrington


Catherine Walters


Ashelyn Vazquez


Alex Oliveira


Rona Gindin



Orlando Science Center


Karen Rodriguez


Kristen Standish


for a break from the heat or the rain. Four floors feature interactive exhibits, a movie theater and live programming. New this year is KidsTown, an 11,000-square-foot area designed for toddlers and elementary-school-aged kids. Design your own rollercoaster, build your own go-cart, learn what it’s like to be a citrus farmer or just run loose in the giant indoor playground. Older kids will enjoy Kinetic Zone, also on the second floor, which features an 18-foot zipline, flight simulators and rocket launches.

Activities are designed to build Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills in an exciting and interactive way. The fourth floor is dedicated to space and dinosaurs. Little ones dress up as archaeologists and uncover artifacts in the excavation site, while surrounded by giant replicas of dinosaur fossils. Next door are interactive exhibits and programming on our solar system and weather. Before heading out, stop by the ground floor to say "see ya later" to the live alligators and reptiles.

Get going! Explore the city at wheretraveler.com.


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Just north of downtown is Loch Haven Cultural Park, home to two art museums, several theaters, a firefighter museum and the Orlando Science Center. Nestled between three lakes, the 45-acre green space is popular for both culture seekers and nature lovers. Oak trees draped in Spanish moss rest the elbows of their mighty branches on the ground as theater-goers, children on field trips and art enthusiasts stroll the campus. The science center is popular among locals, and a great place for visitors looking

WHERE CALENDAR SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Search the full Orlando calendar at wheretraveler.com



Fall in Orlando may not mean foliage and hot cider, but it certainly delivers with fun festivals. Check out these must-see fests around town:


SEPT. 16 OKTOBERFEST Orlando Brewing hosts this German-style beer celebration. Try a signature of the season: a malty Oktoberfest lager with sweetness and herbal notes. Orlando Brewing, 1301 Atlanta Ave.

Cinderella Castle

NOV. 1:

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Little trick-or-treaters love the candy and the costumes but aren’t big on the scares. Not to worry, Mickey loves celebrating Halloween with all the fun and none of the fright! Happy Hallo-Wishes Fireworks dazzle tiny tots from above, and the streets host mild spooky thrills like the Boo-to-You Halloween Parade featuring stars from the Haunted Mansion. Be sure to dress your best (costumes, of course) no matter what event you visit. Pirates, princesses and ghosts flood the park, eager to nab some candy. Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World


Great Things Not to Be Missed

EPCOT INTERNATIONAL FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL > THROUGH NOV. 13 It’s only fitting that this global theme park hosts an incredible excursion in the flavors of the world. An international marketplace, guest chefs, cheese seminars and tasting events await. Epcot World Showcase 1

Epcot caption here

Night of Joy

There’s a lot more going on this month. Visit us online: wheretraveler.com

2 NIGHT OF JOY > SEPT. 89 This Christian concert rocks the night away with soulful jams of the pop, hip-hop and rock persuasion. ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, 700 South Victory Way, Kissimmee

3 GLOBAL PEACE FILM FESTIVAL > SEPT. 1824 Using films as a catalyst for dialogue and social change, this fest features moving pictures

that promote non-violent conflict resolution and social equality. www.peacefilmfest.org SPOOKY EMPIRE > OCT. 2729 A costume contest, exhibitor room and tattoo festival make this spooktacular event. Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive 4

5 COME OUT WITH PRIDE ORLANDO > OCT. 14 This local LGBTQ awareness festival serves to build community and unity in pride throughout the greater Orlando area and features a colorful parade and more than 100 vendors. Lake Eola Park, 512 E. Washington St.

6 ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL > OCT. 1926 Celebrating local cinematographers, this fest is dedicated to enhancing the motion pictures experience. Cobb Plaza Cinema Cafe, 155 South Orange Ave.

SEPT. 30 ARTLANDO See live art competitions and stroll the Visual Art Walk with more than 150 local artists. This festival goes beyond the fine arts, with activities and interactive exhibits for kids as well lots of performances for all to enjoy. Loch Haven Park, 777 E. Princeton St. OCT. 2122 ARTOBERFEST Art meets Oktoberfest at this festival of artistry and German beer and food. Its fun for the whole family with brews for Dad, art for Mom and a kids activity tent. Find painted works, photography, jewelry and live music. Blumberg Boulevard, WInter Springs. OCT. 21 WINDERMERE CRAFT BEER FEST Get unlimited tastings of local craft brews, nosh on snacks from food vendors and listen to live music. 520 Main Street, Windermere.

where now Orlando

The savvy traveler’s guide to navigating Orlando like a native


Feeding Frenzy

Voracious appetites invade Orlando this fall: Foodies can feed their need (and cheap!) during Magical Dining Month, and savor some hearty hops at local breweries while they’re at it. Over at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, visitors can watch sharks feed in the tank and watch meal prep behind the scene. Salmon-squid medley, anyone?

For more information wheretraveler.com

Every Week Is Shark Week Each summer, when Discovery Channel unleashes the beast known as Shark Week, fanatics swim to the small screen to feast their eyes on thrashing water and chomping teeth. Then, without so much as a kiss goodbye, the sharks swim away, leaving depressed fans to float aimlessly through the channels, searching for a substitute. What can a Shark Week devotee do to satisfy the hunger? BY VINCENT CRAMPTON


IN THE TANK SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium on International Drive has your fin fix with oceans of sharks. Its 2 million gallon aquarium, separated into Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean habitats, is home to black tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, gray reef sharks, sandbar sharks, white spotted bamboo sharks, epaulette sharks and zebra sharks, plus, hundreds of other species. And you can surround yourself with them—along with other marine life ranging from clownfish to sting rays— in Florida’s only 360-degree transparent underwater tunnel. IT’S FEEDING TIME Plan your visit right and you can witness the aquarists feeding the sharks. There’s a primordial thrill when you watch a sleek black tip glide through the water, home in on its prey and, with a sideways head jerk, snatch a fish. To keep all their fingers, the aquarists use long grabber tools to feed bucket-loads of fish to their toothy friends. Surprisingly the sharks do not eat the live fish swimming in their tanks. “We deliberately overfeed these animals,” says Andrew Nerness, SEA LIFE Orlando’s displays curator. “In the wild these black tip sharks might eat once a week at most. We actually feed these animals three times a week. ... If we keep them full, they’re not going to go after their tank mates.” Still there’s always a chance to see some true predatory action. “Sharks are very good at picking up on either injured or sick animals, so in the event we had a fish that wasn’t doing too well, they might go

after them. But that’s one of their key roles in the wild: to reduce that sick and dying population of fish.”

HEAD BEHIND THE SCENES True sharkophiles will want to splurge for the 60-minute Discovery Experience, which includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the food preparation area, filtration system, special animal interactions and discussions with members of the animal husbandry and dive teams. The food prep area demonstrates the aquarium’s dedication to its wards’ health. A white board lists food quantities, types and additional nutrients for each animal, from nurse sharks to seahorses to a Giant Pacific Octopus. On the sandbar shark’s menu: Tuesday, 1,500 grams of herring; Thursday, 1,500 grams of mackerel; and Saturday, 1,500

grams of a delicious salmonsquid medley. All other days they fast. Warning: Don’t fill your cup from the food prep’s big “sweet tea” urns unless you want a mouthful of sea monkeys. You’ll be spluttering, but these brine shrimp are gourmet delicacies for the 400 resident jellyfish. They’ve been on Earth for 500 million years, so don’t question their tastes. Discovery Experience patrons can also see a sandy tank full of what ancient sailors once called

mermaid’s purses, though they look more like Jamaican beef patties. Actually, they’re shark eggs, which are kept in the special holding tank to protect them until they hatch. Engineering nerds will delight in the aquarium’s intricate life support room, which maintains cleanliness, temperature and pH levels. After all, the lords of the deep don’t want to swim through murky water. The advanced filtration system keeps the water healthy as it travels from the tanks, through a bio media wall, where beneficial bacteria clean the water, and then into huge sand filters, protein skimmers and UV sterilizers before returning to the tanks.

“Maybe you’ve seen that foam or froth washing up on the beach. This accomplishes the same thing,” explains Nerness of the protein skimmer. “We put a whole bunch of air, water and bubbles in here, it boils over on top and collects that foamy froth, which is actually animal waste. So if you’re ever on the beach playing around with that foam, I might advise against it because you’re actually playing with a lot of dead, organic material in there.” Wash your hands, kids. BECAUSE IT MATTERS The goal of the Orlando attraction, one of 50 SEA LIFE aquariums worldwide, is to inform and inspire visitors about marine life and the need to protect them. The aquariums are the educational branch of the company’s larger mission: breed, rescue and protect. For example, SEA LIFE coordinates a European black tip reef shark breeding program to stock aquariums, provide research, and aid with future reintroduction programs. It also has six sanctuaries that rescue, rehabilitate and sometimes return injured seals and turtles to the ocean. And SEA LIFE Trust, a registered marine conservation charity, lobbies for Marine Protected Areas and sustainable fishing practices and raises money for conservation efforts. Shark lovers, your heart may beat twice as hard for Shark Week, but during the other 51 weeks, when the craving starts circling you like a hammerhead around a wounded grouper, get down to SEA LIFE Orlando for a thrilling encounter. ESSENTIALS SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium is open daily 10 am to 9 pm and is part of I-Drive 360. Call up this address on your GPS: 8449 International Drive, Orlando. Or, call 866-622-0607 or visit www.visitsealife.com/orlando for more information.



Dining for (Fewer) Dollars Orlando’s best restaurants serve three-course meals for $35 during Magical Dining Month, and we’ve got the guide to help you navigate this eating adventure. BY RONA GINDIN

1921 by Norman Van Aken is one of the restaurants participating in Magical Dining Month 8 WHERE CITY NAME I MONTH YEAR

Topic wheretraveler.com



hether by luck or planning, you landed in Orlando at just the right time—especially if you’re all about dining out. Throughout five weeks this fall, Orlando indulges visitors and locals with three-course dinners for $35. The bargain suppers are the crux of an event called Magical Dining Month. Best of all: These are dinners you’d want anyway, whether casual, chic or formal. A discriminating team hand-selects the restaurants that participate. You’ll have food options. Most restaurants give two or three, even five, selections per course, and some change the menu weekly. Vegetarian alternatives are frequently available. Where can you eat? All over town. That’s the beauty of Magical Dining Month. You can have your appetizer, entrée and dessert at one of Disney World’s most respected restaurants, in a Universal Orlando resort hotel or inside SeaWorld while watching sharks swim by. You can feast in buzzy suburban hot spots frequented by locals, in

“You can feast in buzzy suburban hot spots frequented by locals, in fine dining establishments that cater to the Gold Card crowd, or at a celebrity chef’s Orlando outpost. Cozy or cacophonous, serene or snazzy … the choice is all yours.” fine dining establishments that cater to the Gold Card crowd, or at a celebrity chef’s Orlando outpost. Cozy or cacophonous, serene or snazzy … the choice is all yours. Each of the 100-plus dining rooms offering the prix fixe menus also pledges to donate $1 for each meal ordered to charity. Last year, Magical Dining gave nearly $200,000 back to the community. Make a reservation if possible and, once seated, request the special menu. If some in your party would rather go a la carte, that’s fine, too. The regular menu is always available. Besides, it’s fun to compare the standard prices to see what a bargain you’re getting. To help you navigate Orlando’s dynamite culinary scene, we’ve curated a list of 20 noteworthy options (12 here and the rest at WhereTraveler.com), each with some of the foods that are being served. Program runs August 25 through October 1. For a full list of participating restaurants and all Magical Dining Month offerings, visit orlandomagicaldining.com.

w w w.wheretrave ler.c o m

for more Orlando

Editor’s Picks HIP SPANISH TAPAS BULLA GASTROBAR Bulla Gastrobar in Winter Park brings Miami sizzle to Spanish staples. Sip a vino tinto along with your huevos Bulla – a surprisingly delightful appetizer of eggs and potato chips, followed by pork tenderloin in a honey-thyme-beer sauce and coconut flan.

BUSTLING FRENCH BRASSERIE DOVECOTE DoveCote infuses Parisian glamour to meals in Downtown Orlando. Delve in with Chef Clay Miller’s chilled mulligatawny soup, breaded pork cutlet with brown butter caper sauce, and olive oil cake with strawberry.

creative African-influenced fare. Treat your palate to spinach-cheesefilled phyllo and curry vinaigrette, Botswana-style beef short ribs and a Safari Sunset carrot cake.

PASTA WITH PASSION PRATO Prato puts out an ever-changing menu of handmade pasta along with other from-scratch progressive Italian dishes in a rustic-chic Winter Park storefront. Start with its signature meatball – the best you’ll ever have – before indulging in shrimp ravioli with broccolini pesto and a rich, sweet gelato.

FANTASTIC FISH FIND TODD ENGLISH’S BLUEZOO With ambitious seafood creations at Disney’s Dolphin Hotel near Epcot, bluezoo goes glam with its dashing decor. Embrace the nautical theme by ordering clam chowder and Simply Fish with piquillo relish, then top it off with warm chocolate banana molten cake.



SPIFFY SMALL PLATES CHROMA MODERN BAR & KITCHEN Out east near the airport and USTA tennis complex, Chroma is a stylish contemporary space with a smallplates focus. Magical Dining customers are invited to choose two appetizers such as a crab spring roll and chicken satay with peanut sauce, plus two entrees – maybe Korean barbecue-glazed lamb ribs or a cheddar burger with bacon jam, before selecting dessert from a caddy.

1921 BY NORMAN VAN AKEN This warm yet modern New Florida restaurant requires an adventurous drive to charming Mount Dora; it’s worth the trip. Learn why the namesake chef earned his fame with a menu of hearth-roasted Seminole pumpkin soup, roasted vegetables in cashew cream and banana bread pudding.

URBAN TAVERN THE OSPREY TAVERN This energetic gathering spot calls to Baldwin Park residents.

Unwind in the dining room, outdoors or around the large bar while eating scallop ceviche, oak-smoked trout and red velvet cake.

SUSTAINABLE & SOUTHERN-ISH THE SMILING BISON A locavore treasure tucked into trendy up-and-coming Sanford. Check out the happening historical destination and stop in to refuel on Low Country pickled shrimp, pork shoulder steak and apple fritters.

SWANKY SUSHI DRAGONFLY This place is a beautifulpeople magnet with its chic décor and grilled and raw Asian specialties. Join in at the Dr. Phillips space with robatagrilled vegetables, whole branzino fish with ginger, and a yuzu tart.

RED HOT SIZZLE STK This upscale, Disney Springs steak house lures with a decadent dining room that feels like a ritzy nightclub—it has a DJ!—plus seasonal chef-driven dinners. Sea scallops with pistachio gremolata and an Orange Dream cheesecake await.


AFRICAN WITH ATTITUDE JIKO–THE COOKING PLACE In a Disney World hotel, Jiko busts boundaries with its



MORIMOTO ASIA Morimoto Asia is a dazzling Disney Springs destination with a menu by renowned Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Try your chopsticks on beef bulgogi tacos, red misoglazed salmon, and a dessert of mango-coconut soup. 9

WHERE NOW Orlando CROOKED CAN Seven seasonal brews greet the cooling fall air at Crooked Can, an indoor-outdoor brewery in up-and-coming Winter Garden’s Plant Street Market, due north of Disney World. An Oktoberfest lager with a caramel malt aroma and a bold-hop bite is most apt, but don’t overlook the Pumpkin Spice, with hints of the gourd’s pie, or traditional German beverages like the Weizenbock, Hefeweizen or Schwarzbier.

Grab a pint at Crooked Can

Suds & Steins

With so many earnest brewers adding lagers and IPAs to Orlando’s ale trail, visitors can try a new flight every night of their stay. Autumn is an especially satisfying season, as the city’s brewmasters add hearty elements to their harvest brews. Some venues host Octoberfest events, too. Here are four of the best taprooms for indulging, and, well, if you can’t make it to any of these taprooms, cheer up and chin up. The Cask & Larder inside Orlando International Airport serves up its signature brews near the Southwest gates. —R.G.

DEAD LIZARD BREWING COMPANY Not far from the spiffy Mall at Millenia, Dead Lizard is an industriallooking microbrewery located in a former sign factory. As October rolls in, owners Richard and Patricia “Storm” Dine harvest hops from artesian waters on a family-owned Ohio farm; two days later, those lovingly raised ingredients are on tap in Orlando as part of the “farm to kettle” South Bound and Down fresh-hop harvest ale. Dead Lizard’s seasonal harvest festival is in November, but stop by anytime for fall flavors like an English-

style mildly sweet Uncle Pudgy’s Two-Fisted Porter or a hoppy, malt-forward Anole Nut-Brown Ale fermented with oak bourbon barrel pieces. ORLANDO BREWING The granddaddy of Orlando breweries—and the only organic one around—this friendly, woodsy hangout knows how to mix beer with conviviality. Whether you join the annual September Oktoberfest celebration or stop in another time, you can get into the spirit with a malty lager called Marzen— or spice it up with an amber ale called Grateful Pumpkin. HOURGLASS BREWING The brewmasters at Hourglass are so serious about their suds that its taproom in suburban Longwood draws aficionados from near and far. Sour and wild ales are its bestknown brews, but those in the autumnal spirit have plenty of options. A farmhouse ale fermented in an oak foeder, Saison Du Dablier, has die-hard fans. Or, taste Temporal Distortion Red Rye IPA with hints of citrus and tropical fruit.


For more information wheretraveler.com

10 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2 017

RELISH IN Rosen Hotels & Resorts offers a delicious variety of culinary experiences that are sure to satisfy. From the Caribbean to Italian, from whimsical fun to sophisticated elegance, from poolside to entertainment venue, there are delightful choices for every taste. For more information, please visit RosenHotels.com

Prime steaks and fresh Florida seafood in a finedining ambiance inspired by the Everglades.

9840 International Dr. 407.996.8551

Feast on a fusion of Cuban and Caribbean flavors in a tropical indoor-outdoor poolside atmosphere. Our signature steakhouse offering the finest all-natural Five Diamond Black Angus beef from Harris Ranch.

9939 Universal Blvd. 407.996.3663

Escape to Tuscany at our Italian bistro with a piano bar, serving perfect pastas and fresh seafood.

Sizzling prime steaks and fresh seafood among the world’s largest collection of celebrity caricatures.

9700 International Dr. 407.996.1787

A state-of-the-art entertainment venue with dancing, dining, two fullservice bars, VIP lounge and an adjacent pool deck.

6327 International Dr. 407.352.1607

Catch dinner and a show as our teppanyaki chefs play with fire right before your eyes for a deliciously fresh and fun culinary experience.

Museums+Attractions Sept/Oct

Orlando Museum of Art A study in immigration and commerce, “Baggage Claims,” on view Sept. 15-Dec. 31, was created by 18 international artists who use suitcases and trunks to express ideas about the mobility of cultures and comment on the current global climate of conflict and displacement. 2416 N. Mills Ave., 407.896.4231.

Attractions BUENA VISTA WATERSPORTS AND PARADISE COVE Rent jet skis or try waterskiing, tubing or

wakeboarding on scenic Lake Bryan. www.bvwatersports.com. 13245 Lake Bryan Drive, 407.239.6939. THE COCACOLA ORLANDO EYE Hop aboard a

400-foot-tall ferris wheel where you’ll ride inside a fully enclosed, air-conditioned glass capsule for stunning views of the attractions, the downtown skyline, and on clear days, all the way to the Kennedy Space Center. The ride is especially nice at sunset or during the nightly theme-park fireworks. www.officialorlandoeye.com. 8445 International Drive, 866.228.6438. CRAYOLA EXPERIENCE Discover the magic of

color with 25 hands-on attractions. Kids can name and wrap their very own crayon, see how crayons are made and watch as their digital art comes to life on a huge, interactive wall. They can climb the two-story, color playground and pick their own set of crayons and markers from 99 of Crayola’s most popular colors. www.crayolaexperience.com/ orlando. The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.757.1700.

12 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2 017

Mennello Museum

Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Visitors can browse collected works of American artistry from the collections of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum Sept. 15-Jan. 7 in “Time & Thought.” The exhibit depicts the identity and power of the American spirit through portraiture and landscape, preserving moments in history through the eyes of the artist. 900 E. Princeton St.

With the notion of wonder at its core, the “Time As Landscape” exhibit is a meditation on time as scientific fact and as depicted by various artists. The powerful display will move viewers to reflect on everything from global mortality down to our constant social connection. 1000 Holt Ave., Winter Park, 407.646.2526.


complex on Disney World property is home to professional baseball’s spring training and various amateur sporting events, from cheerleading to soccer. www.disneyworld.com. 700 Victory Way, Kissimmee, 407.828.3267. GATORLAND This theme park and nature preserve

combines Old Florida charm with exciting wildlife exhibits and live entertainment. View a breeding marsh, climb the observation tower, watch the alligator wrestling show and ride the zipline. Open daily. www.gatorland.com. 14501 S Orange Blossom Trail, 800.393.5297. GREEN MEADOWS PETTING FARM Visit more than

300 farm animals in a beautiful, country setting. www.greenmeadowsfarm.com. 1368 S. Poinciana Blvd., Kissimmee, 407.846.0770. HOLY LAND EXPERIENCE At this attraction, the

world of the Bible is offered through educational presentations, historical exhibits and dramatic musicals. www.holylandexperience.com. 4655 Vineland Road, 800.447.7235. HUKOO’S FAMILY FUN Let the kids loose with

trampolines, bowling, pirate adventures, bumper

cars, arcade games and more. www.hukoos.com. 1051 W Sand Lake Road, 407.203.0977. IDRIVE 360Visitors can hop aboard the 400-foot-

tall Coca-Cola Orlando Eye ferris wheel, explore Madame Tussauds wax attraction and dive into Sea Life aquarium with 5,000 creatures and an ocean tunnel. I-Drive 360 is also home to an array of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. www.i-drive360.com. 8445 International Drive, 407.999.9985. IDRIVE NASCAR I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart

Racing is an entertainment complex with sophisticated, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly electric carts. Visitors can compete with each other reaching speeds of up to 45 mph. The indoor location also includes bowling, gaming and dining. Open daily. $18,99/adults and $16.99/kids. www.idrivenascar. com. 5228 Vanguard St., 407.354.3939. K1 SPEED Race electric, Italian pro-karts that reach

speeds of 50 mph, all on a huge, indoor track. In addition to a professionally designed, indoor racetrack, there are also spacious lounges, snack bars and authentic racing memorabilia on display. Open daily. www.k1speed.com. 9550 Parksouth Court, 407.434.7500.


the guide


M U S E U M S + AT T R A C T I O N S

KISSIMMEE GO KARTS Play in the arcade or race

on a 1-mile track. Double-seat and junior karts available. www.kissimmeegokarts.com. 4708 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, 407.390.7223. LOCKBUSTERS Challenge your mind in this fun and

stimulating Escape Game, coming soon to International Drive. www.lockbustersgame.com. 8326 International Drive, Orlando, 407.930.0822. MACHINE GUN AMERICA Guests get to shoot real

machine guns and other exotic firearms or try realistic, military-grade simulations. There is a special area away from the range for children under 13. www.machinegunamerica.com. 5825 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, 407.278.1800. MADAME TUSSAUDS ORLANDO Experience

Maiden feeding flamingos in the court of a Roman house, c. 1892. Leaded glass, Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company.

Don’t Miss Tiffany at the Morse Museum WINTER PARK, Fla. — Of the many unexpected pleasures awaiting visitors to Central Florida, none may be as dazzling as a stroll through the galleries of The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by American artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany. The Tiffany collection at the Morse includes the designer’s jewelry, pottery, paintings, and art glass, as well as his famed leadedglass lamps and windows. Highlights include the restored ByzantineRomanesque chapel interior that Tiffany designed for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and art and architectural objects from his celebrated Long Island estate, Laurelton Hall. The Morse, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this season, was founded by Jeannette Genius McKean (1909–89) in 1942 and named for her industrialist grandfather. She and her husband, Hugh F. McKean (1908–95), the Museum’s director until his death, built the collection over a 50-year period. In 1957, when a fire ravaged Tiffany’s Laurelton Hall, the McKeans salvaged all they could from the ruins for the Morse. In the Museum’s galleries, visitors will also find exhibits of American art pottery, Art Nouveau objects, and late 19th-and early 20th-century American paintings. For more information, call (407) 645-5311 or visit www.morsemuseum.org.

famous Americans with this immersive and interactive wax attraction under the Orlando Eye. Shake hands with the president, get on stage with Lady Gaga or up close and personal with Taylor Swift and take the ultimate selfie. Free parking. Open daily. Tickets starting at $15 with packages available. www.madametussauds.com/orlando. I-Drive 360, 8329 International Drive (866) 630-8315 866.630.8315. MAGICAL MIDWAY Go-karts, a giant slide, laser

tag, bumper boats and cars, and other daredevil rides offer thrills in a classic, midway style. Don’t miss the sling shot that catapults you 390 feet high. www.magicalmidway.com. 7001 International Drive, 407.370.5353. THE MAIN EVENT ENTERTAINMENT Eat, play and

bowl at this sprawling entertainment complex complete with state-of-the-art bowling, multi-level laser tag, high ropes adventure courses, billiards, virtual video games and dining experiences ranging from fast-casual to chef-inspired with creative cocktails, beer and wine. www.mainevent.com. Pointe Orlando, 9101 International Drive, 407.352.3300. MINDQUEST LIVE ORLANDOJoin in the fun during

this escape game, where you and your team members must solve a puzzle in just 60 minutes. There are four different challenges, including Diamond Heist, The Bomb, Cyber Crash and Mad Scientist. www.mindquestlive.com. 9938 Universal Blvd., 407.392.0885. MONKEY JOE’SA fun activity center for children

complete with inflatable bouncy houses, obstacle courses, slides and arcade games. www.monkeyjoes.com. Pointe Orlando, 9101 International Drive, 407.352.8484. NYZ ORLANDOAn interactive zombie survival

experience and tactical laser tag arena opening December 2016. www.nyzorlando.com. Artegon Marketplace, 5226 International Drive, 407.792.2100. OLD TOWN USAThis old timey downtown takes

you back to the good old days with restaurants, specialty shops and plenty of entertainment. Free admission and parking. www.myoldtownusa.com. 5770 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, 407.396.4888. ORLANDO FLY SPORTS In just a few minutes, skilled

instructors at Orlando Fly Sports teach you to fly using a flyboard, hoverboard or the all-new jetpack for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many guests say the experience is even better and puts them more at ease than skydiving. Ages 3+. Hotel pick

up and drop offs are available. www.orlandoflysports.com. 2200 Lee Road, 321.888.1005. ORLANDO KART CENTER This arcade and outdoor

track is a challenging course with real curbing and bumps. www.orlandokartcenter.com. 10724 Cosmonaut Blvd., 407.480.2477. OSCEOLA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY Experi-

ence Old Florida and learn about the area long before the days of theme parks, resorts and swimming pools. The newly expanded Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek has just recently opened. The authentic village includes eight historic buildings from the 1800s in the midst of beautiful hiking, biking and paddling trails. The on-site welcome center and history museum feature state-of-theart, interactive exhibits which tell the stories of Florida’s earliest settlers. Admission is free. www. osceolahistory.org. Pioneer Village, 2491 Babb Road, Kissimmee, 407.396.8644.; Museum, 4155 W. Vine St., Kissimmee,. OUTER LIMITZ INDOOR TRAMPOLINE ARENA

Jump to your heart’s content at this indoor trampoline arena. Play dodge ball, dunk a basketball or literally bounce on the walls. The facility is also home to a giant foam pit, great fun for little ones, and a harness-less, climbing rope course. www. rebounderzorlando.com. 6725 S. Kirkman Road, 407.704.6723. REVOLUTION OFF ROAD Learn to ride an ATV, gear

up for bass fishing, or tool around on dune buggies and 4x4s. www.revolutionoffroad.com. 4000 SR 33, Clermont, 352.400.1322. RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Thanks to the TV

show with the same name, this attraction has become a favorite with its dinosaur exhibit, Odditorium and an Egyptian mummy. www.ripleys.com/ orlando. 8201 International Drive, 407.363.4418. SAMMY DUVALL’S WATERSPORTS CENTRE Para-

sail, wakeboard, waterski or just enjoy a guided lake tour from Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Open daily. www.sammyduvall.com. 4600 World Drive, 407.939.0754. SEA LIFE AQUARIUM Experience many underwater

worlds filled with a huge array of sea creatures. Come face-to-face with sharks, visit the hands-on touch pool and the interactive “talking” aquarium or stroll through the 360-degree ocean tunnel. www.visitsealife.com/orlando. I-Drive 360, 8337 International Drive, 866.622.0607. SHOWCASE OF CITRUSA 2,500-acre you-pick farm

with 70 varieties of citrus, when in season. Visitors can shop for homemade products in the country store, enjoy a famous frozen creamsicle or take a safari tour on a giant 4x4. www.showcaseofcitrus. com. 5010 US Highway 27, Clermont, 352.394.4377. SKELETONSSee over 400 skeletons of a variety of

animals in clever and unusual poses and dioramas. Part of the educational and “icky” fun is a tank where real bones are still in the decomposition process and crawling with flesh-eating beetles. www.skeletonmuseum.com. I-Drive 360, 8441 International Drive, 407.203.6999. TITANICTHE EXPERIENCE Visitors can immerse

themselves in history from over 100 years ago through the interactive museum, guided tours, full-scale recreations of the Titanic’s grand staircase and real items from the famously doomed shipwreck. Open daily. Stay for the dinner theater

w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 13


M U S E U M S + AT T R A C T I O N S

show F and Sa. www.titanictheexperience.com. 7324 International Drive, 407.248.1166. TREE TREK ADVENTURE PARKThis aerial adventure

course built in a 15-acre tree canopy allows visitors to test their mental and physical skills in a series of obstacles including Tarzan-like swings, ladders, suspended bridges, scramble nets, swinging logs, surf boards and more. A highlight of the course is a pair of giant 425-foot zip lines through the trees. Designed for ages 7 and up. Open daily from 8 am to dusk. www.orlandotreetrek.com. 7625 Sinclair Road, Kissimmee, 407.390.9999. WALLABY RANCH Learn to hang glide or take an

exhilarating tandem flight over Central Florida’s countryside with one of the world’s most renowned aerotowing facilities. Open daily. From $175. www. wallaby.com. 1805 Deen Still Road, 863.424.0070. WHIRLYDOME WhirlyBall combines bumper

cars, basketball, Jai-alai and hockey inside a 25,000-square-foot dome. Bowling, laser tag and arcade games promise more indoor fun. Closed on M. www.whirlydome.com. 6464 International Drive, 407.212.3030.

Beyond Orlando BOK TOWER GARDENS National Historic Landmark

sits on peninsular Florida’s highest point and features Olmsted-designed landscaped gardens crowned with a majestic bell tower that plays music by the hour. Open daily and holidays. Admission $18 adults; $8 children. www.boktowergardens.org. 1151 Tower Blvd., Lake Wales, 863.676.1408. BRADENTON, ANNA MARIA ISLAND & LONGBOAT KEY Discover the distinct island culture of

Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key and neighboring communities of Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch. Here you’ll find an irresistible blend of Old Florida charm, breathtaking beaches and laid-back lifestyle. www.bradentongulfislands.com. 800.822.2017. BUSCH GARDENS TAMPA BAY From eight extreme

roller coasters to up-close animal encounters, this park features thrill rides and world-wide adventure with stops in Egypt, Australia and the Serengeti. Best bets are Cheetah Hunt, SheiKra and Falcon’s Fury. Open daily. From $92.99. www.buschgardens. com. 1001 N. Malcolm McKinley Drive, Tampa, 813.884.4386. CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM Come see

Winter, the star of the hit movie, “Dolphin Tale!” She calls this place home, along with sea turtles, otters, stingrays and sharks. Don’t miss the eco boat tour and the behind the scenes tour. www. seewinter.com. 249 Windward Passage, Clearwater, 727.441.1790. DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY If you can’t

come for one of their world-famous races, daily tours give you a look inside the World Center of Racing. See the famed track and pit road, the Drivers Meeting Room, Sprint Cup garages, Gatorade Victory Lane and the press box. www.daytonainternationalspeedway.com. 1801 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, 800.PIT.SHOP. KENNEDY SPACE CENTER VISITOR COMPLEX One

of Florida’s most-popular destinations, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex tells the epic story of the U.S. space program. Visitors can stand nose-tonose with the real Space Shuttle Atlantis, witness an amazing rocket launch in person and meet a real-life astronaut in Astronaut Encounter. The 14 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2 017

Apollo/Saturn V Center features an actual Saturn V moon rocket. Other must-sees are the 3D IMAX® space films, Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted and Science On A Sphere. Open daily. www.kennedyspacecenter.com. Kennedy Space Center, SR 405, 321.449.4444. SILVER SPRINGS Surrounded by the beautiful Silver

River, this natural theme park expands 350 acres. Guests can see alligators, endangered bears and panthers, explore the Kritter Korral petting zoo and watch an array of wildlife shows. www.silversprings. com. 5656 E Silver Springs Blvd., Silver Springs, 352.261.5840.

Museums ALBIN POLASEK MUSEUM AND SCULPTURE GARDENS Listed on the National Register for

Historic Places and a member of the National Trust’s historic Artists’ Homes and Studios, the museum exhibits a permanent collection plus 3 acres of lakefront sculpture gardens. Tu-Sa 10 am-4 pm, Su 1-4 pm. Admission $5 adults; $4 seniors; $3 students. www.polasek.org. 633 Osceola Ave., Winter Park, 407.647.6294. CORNELL FINE ARTS MUSEUM AT ROLLINS COL LEGE Featuring a prestigious collection of

European and American paintings, sculpture and decorative arts, alongside student and visiting artist exhibitions on the beautiful lakefront campus of Rollins College. Free admission. www.rollins.edu/ cfam. 1000 Holt Ave., Winter Park, 407.646.2526. HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL RESOURCE AND EDUCA TION CENTER OF FLORIDA One of the oldest

Holocaust museums in the country, the center features exhibits, a research library, community programs and self-guided tours. Free. www. holocaustedu.org. 851 N Maitland Ave., Maitland, 407.628.0555. KISSIMMEE AIR MUSEUM Vintage aircraft flights

and a variety of aircraft on display. www.kissimmeeairmuseum.com. Kissimmee Gateway Airport, 233 N Hoagland Blvd., Kissimmee, 407.870.7366. MENNELLO MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART This

beautiful lakefront facility is home to sculpture gardens and a permanent collection of paintings by American Primitive artist Earl Cunningham, along with other traditional and contemporary artists. Closed M. www.mennellomuseum.org. 900 E. Princeton St., Loch Haven Cultural Park, 407.246.4278. ORLANDO MUSEUM OF ART With permanent

collections of American art, African art and works of the ancient Americas, the museum also hosts prominent traveling exhibitions. www.omart. org. Loch Haven Cultural Park, 2416 N. Mills Ave., 407.896.4231. ORLANDO SCIENCE CENTER Themed exhibits

teach while they entertain. The center also features an observatory, with one of the region’s most powerful telescopes, and a CineDome with largeformat films and laser-light shows. Closed W. www. osc.org. Loch Haven Cultural Park, 777 E. Princeton St., 407.514.2000. SOUTHEAST MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY The

museum based at Daytona State College hosts rotating exhibits, film screenings, receptions and lectures. www.smponline.org. 1200 W International Speedway Blvd., Bldg. 100, Daytona Beach, 386.506.4475.


through works of art named for one of the preeminent writers of 20th-century literature. Call for hours. Closed Su. www.zoranealehurstonmuseum. com. 227 E. Kennedy Blvd., Eatonville, 407.647.3307.

Parks & Gardens BLUE SPRING STATE PARK Covering more than

2,600 acres, this park is popular for fishing, diving and swimming in the summer months. In the winter, the springs are a refuge for a growing population of West Indian manatees. The water is closed during manatee season, mid-November through March 15, however, visitors are invited to observe the amazing creatures. Open 8 am to sundown daily. $6 per vehicle. www.floridastateparks.org/ bluespring/. 2100 W. French Ave., Orange City, 386.775.3663. FOREVER FLORIDA This working cattle ranch con-

tains nearly 5,000 acres with 10 miles of hiking trails and eco-adventures. Spot alligators, the Florida panther, black bears and white-tail deer. www. foreverflorida.com. 4755 N. Kenansville Road, St. Cloud, 407.957.9794. KELLY PARK Rent a tube and float down a river fed

by Rock Springs. The 3/4-mile ride through refreshing 68-degree crystalline water takes 25 minutes. $5 per vehicle. www.orangecountyfl.net. 400 E. Kelly Park Road, 407.407.1902. LAKE EOLA PARK Popular downtown public park

for strolling and feeding ducks. A playground and swan-boat rentals are on site. Trendy restaurants, bars and shopping are steps away. www.cityoforlando.net. 195 N. Rosalind Ave., 407.246.4485. WEKIWA SPRINGS STATE PARK Swim or snorkel in

the crystal-clear freshwater spring. Also enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing or horseback riding. $6 per vehicle. www.floridastateparks.org/wekiwasprings. 1800 Wekiwa Circle, Apopka, 407.884.2008.

Theme Parks DISCOVERY COVE Swim with dolphins, wade with

rays, snorkel among thousands of exotic fish and hand-feed tropical birds in a free-flight aviary. Discovery Cove’s full-day, all-inclusive adventures include all meals, drinks and gear along with admission to SeaWorld or Busch Gardens. www. discoverycove.com. 6000 Discovery Cove Way, 407.513.4600. LEGOLAND FLORIDA Built especially for kids, this

150-acre theme park offers more than 50 rides, shows and attractions plus a water park and a deluxe themed hotel, located just steps from the front entrance to the theme park. www.legoland.com. 1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, 877.350.5346. SEAWORLD Immerse yourself in the sea, from

up-close animal encounters to awe-inspiring performances to thrilling rides. Come face-to-face with Shamu, play at Happy Harbor, watch a dolphin show, feed a sea lion, ride the roller coasters Mako, Manta and Kraken, and shop and dine at the Waterfront. www.seaworldorlando.com. 7007 SeaWorld Drive, 888.800.5447. UNIVERSAL ORLANDO RESORT, ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE Everyone has fun with six uniquely

themed islands: Seuss Landing, The Lost Continent, Jurassic Park, Toon Lagoon, Marvel Super Hero Island and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Each highlights adventure, storytelling

Downtown Orlando’s cultural scene blossoms with excitement brought forth by the infusion of visual and performing arts.

and the most technologically advanced rides, attractions and shows. Best bets are The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, King Kong and Jurassic Park, along with Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Hogsmeade. The Hogwarts Express connects Hogsmeade with Diagon Alley at Universal Studios. Two-day park pass required. www.universalorlando.com. 1000 Universal Studios Plaza, 407.363.8000. WALT DISNEY WORLD, ANIMAL KINGDOM From

For almost 20 years, the Downtown Arts District has fostered the growth of art and cultural venues, public art projects, arts engagement programs, and signature events. Find your cultural roots. Learn more at ArtsGrowHere.com

live animals to dinosaurs and animal characters, your imagination runs wild in this beautifully designed park. Hop aboard a safari in Africa for close animal encounters then head to Asia’s Expedition Everest coaster. The petting zoo, DinoLand U.S.A. and the themed playground will win over the kids, along with “The Lion King” live show. www.disneyworld.disney.go.com. Walt Disney World, 2901 Osceola Parkway 407.824.4321. WALT DISNEY WORLD, HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS

This theme park dives into Hollywood with live stage shows and movie-themed rides. Must-stops are Tower of Terror, Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania and the Disney Jr. and “Frozen” live shows. Don’t miss the new Star Wars areas and the new “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular” fireworks show. www.disneyworld.com. 351 S. Studio Drive, Lake Buena Vista, 407.824.4321. WALT DISNEY WORLD, MAGIC KINGDOM Cinder-

ella Castle serves as the center of Mickey’s magical wonderland. Meet your favorite characters and enjoy the rides, from classics like It’s a Small World and Space Mountain to new experiences like Peter Pan, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Under the Sea. Parades provide lively entertainment, with the Happily Ever After fireworks as the grand finale. www. disneyworld.com. 407.824.4321.


Tours BOGGY CREEK AIRBOAT RIDES Spot exotic birds,

turtles and alligators in their natural environment while zooming on an air boat. Three tour options are available including a nighttime ride. www.bcairboats.com. 2001 E. Southport Road, Kissimmee, 407.344.9550. CELEBRATION SURREYThis family-owned business

provides tours of Disney’s town of Celebration in an old-timey car and rents bicycles, including two-seaters, for kids and with kids carriages, by the hour. It’s a great way to explore the town’s lakes, woodlands and neighorhoods. www. celebrationsurrey.com. 700 Bloom St., Celebration, 407.791.2822.

Native America n Village plus Live gator exhib it

407-344-9550 bcairboats.com 2001 E. Southport Rd. Kissimmee Adult 1/2 Hr Tour

9:00 AM-10:30 AM

Not valid with any other offers.

$1 OFF



$4 OFF

Adult 1/2 Hr Tour

10:30 AM-5:30 PM

Not valid with any other offers.

ORLANDO BALLOON RIDES Put this on your bucket

list. The largest passenger ride operator on the Eastern seaboard offers daily flights at sunrise in the Disney area, followed by a champagne toast. www.orlandoballoonrides.com. 44294 US Highway 27, Davenport, 407.250.1625. OTOWN TOURSVenture out of the tourism corridor

with this professional tour company, who will show you the highlights of downtown Orlando and Winter Park. Walk around Lake Eola and admire its public art, take a trip to Leu Gardens and hop aboard a boat tour of picturesque Winter Park before shopping and dining on Park Avenue. www.otowntours.com. Call for pick-up locations, 888.964.TOUR. PADDLEBOARD ORLANDO Orlando is home to

hundreds of lakes, and getting out on a paddlew w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 15


board or kayak is the ideal way to explore. Choose from beginner lessons on beautiful Lake Killarney or take a full-day excursion to Wekiva Springs. Open daily. www.paddleboardorlando.com. 115 N. Orlando Ave., Winter Park, 407.960.7815. SEGWAY TOURS OF CELEBRATION Take a glide

on a Segway through the picturesque town that Disney built. www.zetours.com. 5491 Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, 321.250.1211. SHINGLE CREEK PADDLING CENTERShingle

Creek is the source of the Florida Everglades, and it’s located right here in Central Florida. Rent a canoe or kayak or take a guided tour on an electric boat to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds. www.paddlingcenter.com. 4266 W. Vine St., 407.344.0881. WILD FLORIDA Experience Florida wilderness and

wildlife at its best on the shores of beautiful Cypress Lake. Airboat tours, tropical bird aviary, petting zoo, alligator farm, cafe, gift shop, scenic dock and fishing pier along with guided hunting and fishing trips. Closed Su. www.wildfloridairboats. com. 3301 Lake Cypress Road, 407.957.3135. WILD WILLY’S AIRBOAT RIDESWild Willy’s offers

one-hour airboat rides on beautiful Lake Tohopekaliga in St. Cloud, just south of Orlando. Visitors of all ages can experience a fun tour, while seeing alligators and experiencing Florida’s natural side. www.airboatridesorlandofl.com. 4715 Kissimmee Park Road, St. Cloud, 407.891.7955. WINTER PARK SCENIC BOAT TOUR Relax on this

one-hour narrated tour through the lakes and canals of beautiful Winter Park. See waterfront homes while learning the history of this quaint community. Rides daily from 10 am to 4 pm, cash only. www. scenicboattours.com. 312 E. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, 407.644.4056.

Water Parks SEAWORLD’S AQUATICA Enjoy the serene to the

wild, with white, sandy beaches, up-close animal experiences, lush landscaping and thrilling rides. Try the new Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, an 80-foot slide with four, 360-degree turns. www.aquaticabyseaworld.com. 5800 Water Play Way, 707.545.5550. UNIVERSAL ORLANDO RESORT, VOLCANO BAY

Universal Orlando Resort’s latest water park venture is a wonderland of rides, slides and fun with a South Pacific look and vibe. The icon of the park is the 200-foot Krakatau volcano, which is surrounded by attractions featuring the latest technology for an immersive experience. Splash in the multi-directional wave pool, bask on the sandy beaches, lounge on the winding river, or up the adrenaline with 70-degree body slides and multirider raft rides. www.universalorlando.com/web/ en/us/theme-parks/volcano-bay/index.html. 6000 Universal Blvd., 407.363.8000. WALT DISNEY WORLD, BLIZZARD BEACH Chill at

the Melt-Away-Bay wave pool, take a ride on the chair lift to the top of the mountain, zip down the 12-story Mount Gushmore or catch a thrill on Summit Plummet. Fun for all ages. www.disneyworld. com. Walt Disney World Resort, 1534 W. Buena Vista Drive, 407.939.7812.

16 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017



Waldorf Astoria Golf Club The course at the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club draws its design inspiration from Bonnet Creek, the 70-acre nature preserve on which it resides. Escape to Floridian nature over its 18 award-winning holes while remaining in the heart of the Orlando tourist area. 14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, 407.597.5500.

Golf Courses BAY HILL CLUB & LODGE Guests of the 70-room

lodge have access to the famous home course of Arnold Palmer, featuring 27 holes along the scenic Butler Chain of Lakes. Amenities also include a spa and salon, marina, tennis courts, restaurant and the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy. www.bayhill.com. 9000 Bay Hill Blvd., 888.422.9445. CELEBRATION GOLF CLUB This course’s magnifi-

cent par-72, 6,786-yard championship layout was designed by world-renowned golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. and his son, Robert Trent Jones Jr. Amenities include a double-sided aquatic driving range and the Windmill Tavern. www.celebrationgolf.com. 701 Golf Park Drive, Celebration, 407.566.4653.


CHAMPIONSGATE Designed by Greg Norman,

this course offers golfers two distinct experiences. The National is an American, parkland-style course carved from farmland and citrus groves. Golfers enjoy the memorable par-3 holes, forgiving fairways and sweeping sand bunkering. The International offers a British Isles links experience, promising a demanding game with its sand dunes and scruffy roughs. www.championsgategolf.com. Omni Orlando Resort, 8575 White Shark Blvd., 407.787.4653. DUBSDREAD Orlando’s only municipal course,

which opened in 1924, features plentiful live oak trees, impressive landscaping and the Taproom, home to one of the best burgers in town. www.

historicaldubsdread.com. 549 W Par St., 407.246.2551. EAGLE CREEK GOLF CLUB A par-73, 18-

There’s a lot more going on this month. Visit us online:


hole championship golf course with five par-5 holes designed by Ron Garl and Howard Swan. This distinctive course blends American and European design with Scottish-style bunkers and bulkheads around greens. It’s the first course in Florida with mini-verde greens. www. eaglecreekorlando.com. 10350 Emerson Lake Blvd., 407.273.4653. FALCON’S FIRE Rated one of the best public

courses by Golf Digest, this Rees Jones Signaturedesigned championship course is challenging yet playable for golfers of all skill levels and stretches nearly 7,000 yards from the back tees. www. falconsfire.com. 3200 Seralago Blvd., Kissimmee, 407.239.5445. GRAND CYPRESS GOLF CLUB Whether you’re

looking to improve your game or just want somewhere to spend a relaxing afternoon, you’ll find everything comes together here with 45 holes of Jack Nicklaus Signature golf. The golf academy has been ranked among the nation’s top golf schools. www.grandcypress.com/golf_club. 1 N. Jacaranda St., 877.330.7377. GRANDE LAKES AT RITZCARLTON Set at the

headwaters of the Florida Everglades, this Greg Norman-designed course offers two distinct settings. Several holes are routed through pristine areas, where preserved wetlands and natural wood-

lands dominate. By contrast, the three dynamic finishing holes weave alongside two towering hotels. Caddie-concierge service available. www.ritzcarlton.com. 4048 Central Florida Parkway, 407.393.4905.

HARMONY GOLF PRESERVE The front nine of this

Johnny Miller-designed course meanders through the community of Harmony while the back nine winds through acres of lakes, woods and conservation areas. www.harmonygolfpreserve.com. 7251 Five Oaks Drive, Harmony, 407.891.8525. HAWK’S LANDING GOLF CLUB Hawk’s Landing

Golf Club spans 220 acres on this par 71, 18-hole course designed by Robert Cupp, Jr. Golfers can hone their skills at the Bill Madonna Golf Academy and refuel at the club’s steakhouse. www. golfhawkslanding.com. 8701 World Center Drive, 800.567.2623. MARRIOTT GRANDE VISTA GOLF CLUB Sur-

rounded by magnificent oaks and beautiful cypress trees, the Vista course sits on the headwaters of the Florida Everglades. The nine-hole, par-32 Ron Garl design with golf academy encourages learning and development for all levels but also provides challenges for the most avid golfer. www.grandevistagolf.com. 12001 Avenida Verde, 407.238.7677. MYSTIC DUNES GOLF CLUB Designed by Cham-

pions Tour Player and NBC golf analyst Gary Koch and highly rated by Golf Digest magazine, the par-72 course is distinguished by 80-foot elevation changes, rolling sand dunes, mature oaks and large

ORDER an Arnold Palmer at golf clubs and restaurants around town for a signature blend of iced tea and lemonade, and named for the late Orlando resident and King of Golf. w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 17



wetland areas. The front and back nines are distinctly different, including the “low country” front, reminiscent of classic Carolina courses, and the British Isles-style back with pot bunkers and lush, rolling fairways. www.mysticdunesgolf.com. 7600 Mystic Dunes Lane, Celebration, 407.787.5678. ORANGE COUNTY NATIONAL Three distinct

courses include the Crooked Cat, a winding, links-style course offering unpredictable play and a memorable back nine; Panther, 7,295 yards of notable vegetation, landscapes and elevations; and Tooth, a nine-hole executive course on a man-made lake that is great for warm-up, practice and kids. www.ocngolf.com. 16301 Phil Ritson Way, Winter Garden, 407.656.2626. REUNION RESORT Three courses are designed by

the biggest names in golf. Arnold Palmer’s Legacy Course is a 6,916-yard, par-72, 18-hole course with dramatic, rolling hills. Jack Nicklaus’ Tradition Course is smooth with long horizon lines, tempting you to hit big. Tom Watson’s 7,257-yard, par-72 Independence Course hosts a variety of bunkers and large greens. www.reunionresort.com. 7593 Gathering Drive, Reunion, 407.662.1000. ROYAL ST. CLOUD GOLF LINKS ”The #1 Rated

Links Course in Orlando” by Buick Style & Review magazine. For players who appreciate the historic courses of the British Isles, they’ll love the 27 holes of this spectacular links design, all on emeraldgreen fairways and silky-smooth greens and with four tee choices from 7,103 yards to 5,059 yards.

Players will experience genuine links golf on every hole and every shot. www.royalstcloudgolflinks. com. 5310 Michigan Ave., St. Cloud, 407.891.7010. SHINGLE CREEK GOLF CLUB An exceptional David

Harman design, measuring 7,149 yards, the course at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort features the Brad Brewer Golf Academy, tournament conditions, complimentary valet and a GPS yardage system. www.shinglecreekgolf.com. 9939 Universal Blvd., 407.996.9933. SOUTHERN DUNES GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB

Designed by Steve Smyers, it’s consistently recognized by Golf Digest, Golf Week, and Links magazines as one of Florida’s best. The hillside layout stretches over 7,200 yards with 100 feet of elevation changes and great views of fairways. Fast rolling greens test even the most experienced golfer. www.southerndunes.com. 2888 Southern Dunes Blvd., Haines City, 863.421.4653. STREAMSONG GOLF RESORTThis 16,000-acre

resort in Central Florida features two signature golf courses and a hotel and spa. Located on a former mining site, the unique courses feature dramatic topography, Links-style fairways and fast, true greens. Caddies strongly encouraged. www. streamsongresort.com. 1000 Streamsong Drive, Bowling Green, 888.294.6322.

Scottish-style course, the Links contains one of the longest holes in Florida. The Pines is tree-lined nearly every step of the way. www.orangelake.com. 8505 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway 192, Kissimmee, 207.339.1050. TRANQUILO GOLF CLUB AT FOUR SEASONS

Bordered by preserved natural wetlands and a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, wildlife abounds. Rolling fairways, large, undulating greens and a lush setting of woodlands and lakes combine for a calming experience. www.fourseasonsorlando.com. 3451 Golf View Drive, 407.313.7777. WALT DISNEY WORLD GOLFLAKE BUENA VISTA

Old-fashioned styling gives this course a countryclub feel. While technically shorter than other Disney courses, this combines ubiquitous water with narrow fairways to create a challenging game. www.golfwdw.com. Walt Disney World Resort, 407.939.4653. WALT DISNEY WORLD GOLFPALM Shorter and

tighter than Magnolia, the Palm is a classic Florida course with elevated greens, tees and lots of water. www.golfwdw.com. Walt Disney World Resort, 407.939.4653.


crown jewel of this multi-course golf club is The Legends, featuring the Links and the Pines designed by Arnold Palmer. Reminiscent of an old


Shingle Creek Golf Club has been redesigned by Arnold Palmer Design Company and is an entirely new experience unlike anything before. The 18-hole, par-72 championship course features new green complexes and bunkers to inspire and challenge every type of golfer. Expect variety, natural beauty and renowned Rosen Shingle Creek guest services from the very first tee to the 19th hole.

For more information, please visit ShingleCreekGolf.com.

18 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017



M Lounge At M Lounge, the upscale rooftop bar in the Ivanhoe District, swanky urban lounge meets neighborhood watering hole. Craft cocktails and panoramic views of the city make for a fun night out, and each evening there’s live music ranging from singers and violinists to guitarists and harpists. 2000 N. Orange Ave.

Bars, Lounges & Clubs AERO Florida might be flat, but from this rooftop

roost, you have a terrific view of downtown above the buildings and trees. Relax to tunes spun by hip DJs while you enjoy a signature cocktail. www. skysixty.com. 54 N. Orange Ave., 407.274.8452. BOB MARLEY: A TRIBUTE TO FREEDOM Live music

and island drinks flow from a re-creation of Marley’s home in Kingston, Jamaica. www.universalorlando. com. Universal CityWalk, 407.224.2262. BÖSENDORFER LOUNGE The Grand Bohemian’s

hotel lounge is home to an Imperial Grand Bösendorfer piano, one of only two in the world. Live jazz and a DJ on weekends. www.grandbohemianhotel. com. 325 S. Orange Ave., 407.313.9000. THE COURTESY BAR Classic and market fresh

cocktails, impeccable craft beers and distinctive wines are all served in this small but artful bar. www.thecourtesybar.com. 114 N. Orange Ave., 407.450.2041. COWBOYS ORLANDO Kick up your boots and

dance at this wild Western nightclub, featuring a variety of country music and one of the largest hardwood dance floors in town. www.cowboysorlando.com. 1108 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.422.7115.


EMBER This cool, open-air bar and restaurant with

its Mediterranean-influenced décor features libations ranging from Fireball to Dom Perignon. www.

emberorlando.com. 42 W. Central Blvd., 407.849.5200. EVE ORLANDOThis newly renovated

There’s a lot more going on this month. Visit us online:

NATIVE SOCIAL BAR Whether it be

after work, pre-dinner, post-game or dressed up for a night on the town, all are welcome. Sample specialty drinks, an exclusive whiskey or do it up with bottle service. www.nativesocialbar.com. 27 W. Church St., 407.649.0000.


nightclub in the heart of downtown Orlando offers plush seating, a balcony terrace, multiple bars and live music along with DJs in a stylish setting. www.eveorlando.com. 110 S. Orange Ave. 407.602.7462. ICEBAR ORLANDO Featured as one of the top 10

“Extreme Barhopping” bars on the Travel Channel and as “America’s Best” on the Food Network with signature cocktails, state-of-the-art lighting, exquisite ice carvings and fun DJs. www.icebarorlando. com. 8967 International Drive, 407.426.7555. INDEPENDENT BAR With a different theme each

night, including ’80s and Indie college rock, this unique, multi-level club has three full-service bars and two dance floors. 70 N. Orange Ave., 407.839.0457. LA CAVA DEL TEQUILA Bypass the margarita

stands at Epcot and head to this intimate little tequila bar tucked inside the Aztec temple. You’ll find servers from Mexico and a full line-up of specialty margaritas and high-end tequila. www.lacavadeltequila.com. 200 Epcot Center Drive, 407.939.1947. MYTH Stylish and sophisticated, this is the ideal

place to grab a favorite drink or try a new concoction based upon what the bartender thinks about your personality. www.hiltonbonnetcreek.com. 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, 407.597.3600.

ONE80 This Amway Center rooftop lounge affords

fantastic views of the skyline and serves up great specials on Grey Goose cocktails along with a DJ and a hot crowd. www.180downtown.com. 400 W. Church St., 407.440.7180. PAT O’BRIEN’S Sip a famous Hurricane, the

24-ounce, signature rum drink, while chatting around the flaming fountain on the courtyard straight out of New Orleans. Or head inside to sing along to the dueling pianos. www.patobriens. com. Universal CityWalk, 6000 Universal Blvd., 407.224.2102. THE PHARMACY Enter through an unmarked

elevator door to a 1920s-style speakeasy known for its craft cocktails and farm-to-table cuisine. Order the Pharmacy Manhattan and get a round of small plates for the table. D (Tu-Sa). www.thepharmacyorlando.com. 8060 Via Dellagio Way, 407.985.2972. RED COCONUT CLUB Lounge on the balcony

outside or enjoy live music and a lit-up dance floor inside. Sip on signature martinis, or splurge with VIP bottle service. www.universalorlando.com. Universal CityWalk, 6000 Universal Blvd., 407.224.2425.

POPULAR dinner shows around Orlando include Medieval Times, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, Hoop-Dee-Doo and the Outta Control Comedy Show. w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 19


Bars: LGBTQ PARLIAMENT HOUSE A GLBT nightclub resort with

seven venues including a disco, live theater and a swimming pool. www.parlimenthouse.com. 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.425.7571. SAVOY A low-key GLBT bar in the popular Ivanhoe

Row district near downtown with a back patio and pool tables. www.savoyorlando.com. 1913 N. Orange Ave. SOUTHERN NIGHTS A popular night spot for the

local GLBT community in Orlando’s Milk District. www.southernnightsorl.com. 375 S. Bumby Ave., 407.412.5039.

Breweries/Pubs BRICK HOUSE This tavern and tap room offers a

neighborhood vibe in the heart of the visitors’ corridor. www.brickhousetavernandtap.com. 8440 International Drive, 407.355.0321. ORLANDO BREWING Florida’s only certified

organic brewery. Brewed right on the premises, 21 beers are on tap and free tours are offered. Live music on weekends. www.orlandobrewing.com. 1301 Atlanta Ave., 407.872.1117. REDLIGHT REDLIGHT This independent micro-

brew haven is worth the trek outside the visitor corridor. A selection of worldly beers has earned a loyal following. www.redlightredlightbeerparlour. com. 2810 Corrine Drive, 407.893.9832. ROSE & CROWN Inside Epcot’s World Showcase,

this pub delivers great brews in an authentic British setting. Park admission required. www. disneyworld.com. Epcot, Walt Disney World, 407.939.3463. SCHUMANN’S JÄGER HAUS Expect great German

food and beer in this authentic, casual setting. www.schumannsjagerhaus.com. 25 W. Church St., 407.985.1950. UNDERGROUND PUBLIC HOUSE An American

pub with an English twist, this blends a modern atmosphere with the nostalgic feeling of a public house. Featuring craft beers, drink specials, organic food and eight flat screens. 19 S. Orange Ave., 407.841.4000.

Cigar Bars CORONA CIGAR CO. A trendy hot spot, Corona’s

bar and store locations are actually 4,600-squarefoot-plus humidors. Select a cigar from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua or Spain and relax in the lounge area with a glass of port, wine or beer. Open daily. www.coronacigar.com. 7792 W. Sand Lake Road, 407.248.1212.; 127 S. Orange Ave., 407.404.5344.; 1130 TownPark Ave., Lake Mary, 407.333.3453. ISTANBUL LOUNGE Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in

this I-Drive 360 hookah and cigar lounge featuring a wide selection of cigars, hookah flavors, beers and wines. www.i-drive360.com. 8395 International Drive, 407.630.6001.

Cinema AMC DISNEY SPRINGS Features 24 screens with

loveseat-style, stadium seating and Fork & Screen, allowing guests to order dinner and cocktails to their seats at the touch of a button. www.dinein. amctheatres.com. 1500 E. Buena Vista Drive, 888.262.4386. 20 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017

COBB PLAZA CINEMA CAFE 12 Downtown’s cinema

featuring 12 auditoriums with luxury leather, stadium seating, digital surround sound and a full menu with beer and wine. www.cobbtheatres.com. 155 S. Orange Ave., 407.982.5444. ENZIAN THEATER The area’s only non-profit, al-

ternative cinema. Featuring comfortable couches, colorful tables and a dinner menu. Annual events include film festivals, Popcorn Flicks in the Park, a Cult Classics series and meet-the-filmmaker events. www.enzian.org. 1300 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland, 407.629.0054.

Dinner Shows CAPONE’S DINNER & SHOW Discover the mysteri-

ous world of 1931 Gangland Chicago. This entertaining show features stand-up comedy routines, audience interaction and musical performances. The dinner buffet includes American and Italian favorites with adult beverages. www.alcapones. com. 4740 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, 407.397.2378. HOOPDEEDOO MUSICAL REVUE Great family fun

at this hoedown-style show, with old-timey favorite tunes and plenty of corny jokes. Enjoy a plentiful


meal of barbecue ribs, fried chicken and all the fixins. Three seatings nightly. www.disneyworld.com. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, 407.939.3463. MEDIEVAL TIMES DINNER AND TOURNAMENT

Daring knights compete and joust atop Andalusian stallions. Walk through a medieval village and enjoy a four-course banquet with no silverware. www. medievaltimes.com. 4510 W. Vine St., Kissimmee, 888.935.6878. THE OUTTA CONTROL DINNER SHOW Spectacular

magic, high-energy comedy improv and audience participation will have you on the edge of your

seat. Dinner includes unlimited hand-tossed pizza, salad, popcorn, beer, wine and soda. www. wonderworksonline.com. WonderWorks, 9067 International Drive, 407.351.8800. TITANICTHE DINNER EVENT An entertaining and

tasty way to learn about the historic sinking of the famous Titanic. Captain Smith’s retirement party is the premise for this dinner show with dancing, songs and other surprises. www.titanicdinnerevent. com. 7324 International Drive, 407.248.1166.

Entertainment Districts DISNEY SPRINGS This mega outdoor lifestyle

center rolls shopping, entertainment and dining into one. Visitors will find the world’s largest Disney store, retail stores at the brand-new Town Center, themed restaurants and bars, Cirque du Soleil, a bowling alley, movie theater, water taxis, attractions and more. Free admission and free parking. www.disneysprings.com. 1486 Buena Vista Drive, 407.828.3800. DOWNTOWN ORLANDO Downtown Orlando is the

hometown heart of Central Florida arts, culture, nightlife and entertainment. From world-class performances at the Dr. Phillips Center to celebrated fine dining options, upscale boutique hotels, eclectic shopping and the area’s best bar scene, Downtown Orlando is dynamic and alive year-round. Church Street and Wall Street are popular areas for the younger crowd with casual bars and local pubs to upscale wine bars and rooftop dance clubs while Lake Eola and Thornton Park offer weekly events, farmers markets and scenic environments for visitors of all ages. www.downtownorlando.com. 400 S. Orange Ave., 407.246.2555. INTERNATIONAL DRIVE This stretch between

Universal and SeaWorld is a hub for nightlife and entertainment for adults or the whole family. Find dinner shows, game centers, night clubs or relaxed pubs, especially concentrated around the I-Drive 360 and Pointe Orlando. THORNTON PARK DISTRICTVisitors looking to

decompress will find relief in the brick-lined streets of Thornton Park, one of Orlando’s most stylish districts. Just east of Lake Eola, Thornton Park District is home to a colorful commercial district with a European feel to the restaurants and boutiques. thorntonparkdistrict.com. 407.701.9382. UNIVERSAL CITYWALK Think Times Square

Orlando style. At this free entertainment complex just outside Universal’s theme parks, you’ll find an electric mix of clubs and restaurants such as Hard Rock Café, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Red Coconut, The Groove and Rising Star. 11 am-2 am. No admission fee, but cover charges apply. www.universalorlando.com. 6000 Universal Blvd., 407.363.8000.

Live Music THE BEACHAM/THE SOCIAL This is the place to go

downtown to see the most current and up-andcoming indie bands. www.thebeacham.com. 46 N. Orange Ave. and 54 N. Orange Ave., 407.246.1419. MANGO’S TROPICAL CAFE Mango’s is a showcase

of international talent, cuisine and entertainment compared to some of the world’s most-renowned Caribbean and South American Carnivals. Daily and nightly family-friendly performances feature Latin dancers in a full line-up of entertainment that ranges from salsa to bachata and reggae to pop. Treat yourself to Latin and Caribbean comfort foods and hand-made specialty drinks, including a full variety of exotic mojitos, daiquiris, martinis and cosmos. D (nightly). www.mangos.com/orlandohome. 8126 International Drive, 407.673.4422. PLAZA LIVE Constructed in 1963 as the city’s first

two-screen movie theater, the historic concert venue offers a wide range of performances, comedians and cultural events. www.plazaliveorlando. com. 425 N. Bumby Ave., 407.228.1220.

w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 21


TIN ROOF Enjoy live music almost every night of

the week along with a great dinner and drink menu at this popular Nashville-based venue. Sit outside for fantastic views of the Orlando Eye observation wheel. 11 am to 2 am. www.tinroofbars.com. 8371 International Drive, 407.270.7926. WILL’S PUB/LIL INDIESA neighborhood bar, live

music venue and anchor of the Orlando’s creative district. Conveniently connected, Lil Indies is an intimate, cozy, non-smoking speakeasy serving craft beer, wine and cocktails perfect for conversations, dates and parties. www.willspub.org. !036 North Mills Ave., 407.748.8256.

Performing Arts & Comedy AMWAY CENTER Home to the Orlando Magic

basketball team, this venue also plays host to major shows and concerts. www.amwaycenter.com. 400 W Church St., 407.440.7000. CFE ARENA This 325,000-square-foot arena

with 1000+ seats is host to famous entertainers, sporting events, concerts and family shows at the University of Central Florida. www.ucfarena.com. 12777 Gemini Blvd. N., 407.823.6006. DR. PHILLIPS CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS Named by Travel + Leisure magazine as

“World’s Coolest New Tourist Attractions 2015” and among their “Best Places to Travel in 2015,” the two-block downtown destination sets the stage for Broadway shows, the Orlando Ballet and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. www.drphillipscenter.org. 455 S. Magnolia Ave., 844.513.2014. OPERA ORLANDO Opera Orlando produces

thought-provoking and creative twists on classics like “Don Giovanni,” with the highest artistic quality. Don’t miss performances at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. www.operaorlando.org. 812 E. Rollins St., 407.512.1900. ORLANDO BALLET Central Florida’s only profes-

sional resident ballet company, with performances at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts. www.orlandoballet.org. 2211 N. Orange Ave., 407.426.1739. ORLANDO PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Central

Florida’s resident orchestra, appearing in more than 125 performances each season. www.orlandophil.org. 425 N. Bumby Ave., 407.770.0071. SAK COMEDY LAB Wayne Brady of “Whose Line Is

It Anyway?” provided spectators with comic relief before hitting the big time at this Orlando favorite, where improv performers showcase their quick wit and skills. Performances T-Sa. www.sak.com. 29 S. Orange Ave., 407.648.0001.

Sing-Alongs HOWL AT THE MOON For a rowdy good time,

head to this high-energy piano bar. Entertainers tickle the ivories as well as your funny bones while playing the best music from the ’70s to today. www. howlatthemoon.com. 8815 International Drive, 407.354.5999. JELLYROLLS Make a request at this lively piano

bar (they know everything), and then sing along with the dueling piano players. www.jellyrolls.us. Disney’s BoardWalk, 2101 N. Epcot Resorts Blvd., 407.560.8770. RISING STAR Take the spotlight as lead singer of a

band with a large selection of songs from rock ‘n’

22 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017


roll and hiphop to country. www.universalorlando. com. CityWalk, Universal Orlando, 407.224.4233.

Sports Bars DAVID’S CLUB BAR & GRILL The American gastro

pub inside the Hilton Orlando is a fun spot to watch the game. A fresh and creative menu is offered alongside signature cocktails. www.thehiltonorlando.com. 6001 Destination Parkway, 407.313.8285 407.313.8581. KINGS DINING & ENTERTAINMENTA one-stop

shop for family entertainment, including bowling, pool, bocce and other games along with an upscale menu and full bar. 21+ after 8 pm. Opens at 11 am on F-Sa and 3 pm Su-Th. www.kingsorlando. com. 8255 S. International Drive, 407.363.0200. MILLER’S ALE HOUSE Burgers, seafood, beer,

and big screens at every turn make this chain of sports bars a no-brainer. www.millersalehouse. com. I-Drive Ale House, 8963 International Drive, 407.370.6688; Hunters Creek Ale House, 13536 S John Young Parkway, 407.852.9151; Florida Mall Ale House, 1667 Florida Mall Ave., 407.240.4080; Kissimmee Ale House, 8123 Bronson Memorial Highway, 407.238.4499; Lake Buena Vista Ale House, 12371 Winter Garden Vineland Road, 407.239.1800.; Kirkman Ale House, 5573 S Kirkman Road, 407.248.0000 NBC SPORTS GRILL & BREWThe world’s first-ever

NBC Sports Grill & Brew recently opened at Universal CityWalk. Guests can enjoy an innovative menu of game-day bites, more than 100 high-definition TVs, 100 types of beer and variety of games from foosball to shuffleboard. A massive, 120-foot-plus HD screen outside plays some of the greatest moments in NBC Sports history. L, D (daily). www. universalorlando.com. Universal CityWalk, 6000 Universal Blvd., 407.224.4233. WRECKERS SPORTS BAR Voted “Best Place to

Watch a Game” by Orlando Sentinel readers, catch a game on a two-story, 37-foot sports screen and over 50 high-definition TVs. www.wreckerssportsbar.com. Gaylord Palms, 6000 W. Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, 407.586.1330.

Wine Bars EOLA WINE COMPANY Order a flight, a glass of

wine or purchase a bottle from the neat little wine shop. Outdoor tables available. www.eolawinecompany.com. 430 E. Central Blvd., 407.481.9100. THE IMPERIAL WINE BARA neighborhood bar

specializing in boutique wines, craft beers and gourmet bites in a relaxingly elegant atmosphere. www.imperialwinebar.com. 1800 N. Orange Ave., 407.228.4992. IMPERIUM FOOD & WINE . This wine bar and side-

walk cafe features salads, flat breads and cheese plates. L, D (daily). www.imperiumfoodandwine. com. 606 Market St., Celebration, 407.566.9054. VINES GRILLE & WINE BAR Vines has acquired one

of the largest wine lists in the country, earning accolades from Wine Spectator magazine. Enjoy a glass (or two) while listening to nightly jazz. www.vinesgrille.com. 7533 W. Sand Lake Road, 407.351.1227.

w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 23



Etoile Boutique For as long as Falon Quillen can remember, her mom has been rummaging flea markets and garage sales. So when Quillen bought Etoile Boutique, she relied on Mom to mine the vintage items lining the racks. And she still keeps a running shopping list for her mom based on customer requests. 2424 E. Robinson St.

ARABELLAA modern boutique with vintage charm

in the heart of Winter Park offering stylish and chic clothing, beautiful jewelry and accessories, plus unique gifts and homewares. 115 E. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, 407.636.8343. THE ART OF SHAVINGThe Art of Shaving, located

in Disney Springs, is a first of its kind masculine establishment that provides men with the finest shaving products and accessories. Operated by a team of shaving specialists who offer advice to customers on proper grooming techniques, the salon also features barber spa service, where guests can indulge in a range of services from a master barber. www.theartofshaving.com/. 1600 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.560.8320. BATERBYS ART AUCTION GALLERY This presti-

gious art gallery has won numerous awards for its increasingly popular status. Baterbys houses works from Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse as well as other current artists. www.baterbys.com. 460 N Orlando Ave., Winter Park, 888.682.9995. COCA COLA STOREThis impressive three-story

retail store contains everything a Coke fan would ever need, from T-shirts to purses and vintage signs. The rooftop bar features floats, smoothies and Coca-Cola products from around the world as well as Coca-Cola cocktails like a Vanilla Russian, Old Fashioned and a Cherry Coke Ripper. www.dis-

There’s a lot more going on this month. Visit us online:

for infants is hard to resist. Find everything you need for mom and baby at this specialty store known for its service, knowlwheretraveler.com DOWNEAST Shop great brands like edgeable sales staff and high-end product Lacoste, Orvis, the Bailey Boys and lines. Select from strollers, bedding, Southern Tide. www.downeastorvis. furniture, bottles, clothing and more from your com. 715 Bloom St., Celebration; 130 N Park favorite, most-trusted brands. www.macrobaby. Ave., Winter Park. com. 1361 Florida Mall Ave., 877.240.5379. FRANKA Central Florida lifestyle boutique that PARK AVE CDS Founded by music lovers the carries everything from furniture to clothing, independent record shop selsl new and used CDs, jewelry and gifts. 119 E. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, DVDs and LPsas well as t-shirts, posters, magazines 407.629.8818. and other cool gifts. https://www.facebook.com/ GODS & MONSTERS Gods & Monsters, the nation’s parkavecds. 2916 Corrine Drive, 407.447.7275. second-largest comics, toys, collectibles and SWIMWEAR OUTLET Find everything you need for gaming venue, located on International Drive, is a day at the resort, with stylish swimsuits, coverups, leveling up Orlando’s pop culture offerings. www. accessories, shoes and more, for men, women and godmonsters.com/. 407.226.3347. children. www.esunwear.com. 5135 International GQ MENSWEARThis men’s dresswear store offers Drive, 407.248.2227. a wide range of sizes from extra small to 8XL. Find TUGBOAT & THE BIRD This charming boutique a great deal on a suit and shop names like Stacy carries traditional children’s clothing, accessories, Adams. 5625 W. Colonial Drive, 407.250.6709. room decor, and gifts for children and newborns. GRAND BOHEMIAN GALLERY One of the most www.tugboatandthebird.com. 318 N. Park Ave., eclectic art galleries in Orlando, it’s home to a Winter Park, 407.647.5437. selection of oil paintings by renowned 19th- and TUNI Tuni is the go-to-spot for the latest trends early 20th-century American and European artists, in fashion. Personal stylists have been dressing art glass, jewelry and gift items. Don’t miss the art Orlando and Winter Park fashionistas for over 26 on display at the sister property in Celebration. years. A major player in Park Avenue’s Fashion www.grandbohemiangallery.com. 325 S Orange Week, Tuni offers a posh assortment of clothing, Ave., 407.581.4801. jewelry, shoes and handbags. www.tunis.com. 301 MACROBABY For the swankiest baby strollers to S. Park Ave., Winter Park, 407.628.1609. high-end baby clothing and shoes, this superstore neysprings.com. Disney Springs, 1531 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.939.6244.

YOU CAN experience the cattle country in Kissimmee, in the Downtown area, at the annual rodeo and at a working cattle ranch where you can ride horses. 24 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2 017


Apparel, Specialty Stores & Boutiques


VIOLET CLOVER The boutique specializes in

affordable accessories and emerging women’s fashion lines. The very name of the boutique symbolizes the unique items they sell: “the impossible find.” Open daily. www.violetclover.com. 339 S. Park Ave., 407.637.2937.

Beauty & Spas B INDULGED BY AVEDA Following Aveda’s

philosophy, this new spa nurtures the body and soul by pairing high-performance, natural and botanically derived products with the latest in spa technology. Day guests can order from a menu of spa-inspired cuisine and enjoy the zero-entry pool and fitness center. “Glitzy” services are offered for girls ages 4-12. www.bhotelsandresorts.com. 1905 Hotel Plaza Drive, 407.827.3111. BLUE HARMONY Couples get particularly

pampered thanks to the luxurious couple’s suite appointed with side-by-side soaking tubs and massage tables. www.wyndhambonnetcreek.com. Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek, 14651 Chelonia Parkway, 407.390.2300. BODY & SOL SPA Pamper yourself with a variety of

facial, massage and body treatments. Relaxation for your body and soul. www.rosencentre.com/ spa_and_fitness.aspx. Located in the Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Dr., 407.996.9840. 800.204.7234. BUENA VISTA PALACE HOTEL & SPA This intimate

spa offers clients thoughtful service and warm, inviting relaxation with 14 spacious treatment rooms for massage, facials and body treatments, a full-service hair and nail salon, sauna, whirlpools, private spa pool and fitness center. www.buenavistapalace.com. Buena Vista Palace, 1900 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.827.3200. EFOREA BY HILTONThe spa at the Hilton Orlando

provides an environment that enables you to rest, rejuvenate and restore using innovative products and services such as neroli orange blossom, lavender oil massage and seaweed baths to renew skin cells. Products are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, carotenoids and antioxidants to revitalize the body. www.thehiltonorlando.com. 6001 Destination Parkway. GRAND FLORIDIAN SPA & HEALTH CLUB Soothe

away tensions with body and water therapies, skincare and massages. A fully-equipped health club is also on site. www.disneyworld.com. Walt Disney World, Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, 4401 Grand Floridian Way, 407.824.2332. L’OCCITANE Luxury bath, body and home

products based with essential oils extracted from plants local to Provence, France. The store is known for its shea butter products, derived from the African shea nut. Open Mon.-Sun. www.usa. loccitane.com. The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Rd., Orlando, 407.370.2620. LUSH Handmade products with fresh, natural

ingredients are the only way cosmetics and other bath products are made at this store. Lush delivers fragrant items from its famous “bath bombs” to “chocolate whipstick” lip balm. Open daily. www. lush.com. The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.854.5874. MANDARA SPA This spa offers some of the most

creative treatments based on both Eastern and Western cultures for your skin and body. Try the four-hand massage with two therapists work-

ing on you simultaneously. Open daily. www. swandolphin.com. Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel, 407.934.4772; Loews Portofino Bay Resort, 5601 Universal Blvd., 407.503.1244. MARILYN MONROE SPA Featuring a vibrant, play-

ful and relaxing retreat designed in the style of Marilyn’s California home, the spa offers an indulgent menu with more than 100 treatment options including massage, body wraps, facials, and nail services, as well as hair and makeup styling. www. marilynmonroespas.com. Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, 1 Grand Cypress Blvd., 407.239.1234; 1486 N. Mills Ave, Orlando, 321.247.7750. MOKARA Though the spa offers lots of treatments

for women, particular attention has been paid to pampering the resort’s male guests, who can take full advantage of the men’s steam room and sauna before heading to a sports massage. www.omnihotels.com. Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate, 1500 Masters Blvd., 407.390.6603. ORIGINS Powered by nature, this Disney Springs

premium beauty boutique offers a vast array of 100 percent natural and certified organic skincare products formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petrolatum or paraffin. www.origins.com. Disney Springs, 1486 Buena Vista Drive, 800.674.4467. REFLECTIONS SPASALON Located at the Lake

Buena Vista Resort & Spa,this spa and salon offers nail, skin and body treatments as well as hair design and color. www.reflectionsspaorlando.com. LBV Resort Village & Spa, 8113 Buena Vista Resort Drive, 407.597.1695. RITZCARLTON SPA This three-level,

40,000-square-foot spa features a selection of international treatments taken from the best Ritz-Carlton spas around the world. Spa, salon and fitness center open daily. www.ritzcarlton.com. 4012 Central Florida Parkway, 407.393.4200. SARATOGA SPRINGS RESORT & SPA This spa

and fitness center offers a serene setting. The freestanding building has separate hot tubs and locker rooms for men and women. Services include massages, facials, aromatherapy, seaweed treatments, hydro-massages, manicures and pedicures. www.disneyworld.com. Walt Disney World, 1960 Broadway, 407.827.4455. SEPHORA Guests can try, test and shop for

thousands of cosmetics and fragrances in addition to splurging on in-store beauty services and technology at the expanded Sephora Beauty Studio. www.sephora.com. Disney Springs, 1486 Buena Vista Drive; Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, 407.352.5102; The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.240.6634. SOOTHE Located in nearly 30 cities across the

country, Soothe employs professional massage therapists who come to the client. If you’re staying in a vacation home, or if your own hotel spa is booked, simply request a therapist who can come to you from 8 am - midnight. Choose from 60, 90 or 120 minute massages; tip included. www. soothe.com. 390 N. Orange Ave, Suite 2300, 407.602.8067. THE SPA AT FOUR SEASONS RESORT Exclusive

amenities include an experience shower with nine body spray massagers, special services such as the La Floridian body treatment, Sticks & Stones massage, Fire & Ice Facial and Magical Moment

makeovers for kids. www.fourseasonsorlando. com. 10100 Dream Tree Blvd., 407.313.7777. TERMINAL GETAWAY SPA End your vacation on

the right note with a “Last Minute” manicure for $25 in 20 minutes or a speedy, 10-minute chair massage for $19. Deluxe treatments and customized options also available. 7 am to 9 pm. Located in A2, gates 100-129. www.terminalgetawayspa. com. Orlando International Airport, 407.825.2440. THE SPA AT HYATT REGENCY ORLANDO The city’s

largest hotel also boasts the largest spa, able to service 200 people at a time. A great place to go, especially if your own hotel is booked. Free valet. www.orlando.regency.hyatt.com. 9801 International Drive, 407.284.1234. THE SPA AT SHINGLE CREEK Relax and rejuvenate

with a soothing facial or massage. For the ultimate in pampering try the personalized body treatment of an ultimate day spa experience. www.spaatshinglecreek.com. Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel, 9939 Universal Blvd., 407.996.9772. THE WALDORF ASTORIA SPA Luxurious therapies

featuring local Florida products located inside a soothing environment with a client-centric approach has made the Waldorf famous. www.waldorfastoriaorlando.com. Waldorf Astoria, 14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, 407.597.5360.

Confectioneries & Food Items AUDUBON PARK COMMUNITY MARKETA weekly

gathering of growers, ranchers, fishermen, chefs, artists, handicrafters, musicians and neighbors, the market is Central Florida’s source for the best selection of local food. audubonmarket.com. 1842 E. Winter Park Road. GODIVA CHOCOLATIER This Belgium-born com-

pany delivers elegant, hand-crafted chocolates in European-style gold ballotins and handcrafted seasonal packaging. Choose from dark, white or milk chocolate solids, truffles, ganaches, biscuits or caramels. This location also serves chocolate beverages, baked goods and hand-dipped fruit. Open Mon.-Sun. at Florida Mall; Mon.-Sun. at the Mall at Millenia. www.godiva.com. 4200 Conroy Road, Orlando, 407.363.0810. The Florida Mall, 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando 407.857.5549. M&M’S WORLD Lose yourself in chocolate heaven

with vast, colorful dispensers of America’s favorite chocolate treat that melts in your mouth, not in your hands. Open daily. www.mymms.com. The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.850.4000. PETERBROOKE CHOCOLATIER Get your chocolate

fix at this creative confectionery store. Freshpicked strawberries are hand-dipped daily. Other chocolate products include chocolate potato chips, Nutter Butters and Rice Crispy Treats. Also, don’t miss the chocolate-covered popcorn, which was created by the company’s owner. Open daily. www.peterbrooke.com. 300 S. Park Ave., Winter Park, 407.644.3200. THE ANCIENT OLIVE The Ancient Olive imports

the freshest extra virgin olive oils to found anywhere in the country, including single varietals and infused selections like blood orange and basil. Sample from their 60-plus stainless steel tanks and ask expert advice on choosing oil and balsamic w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 25


pairings for dressings and marinades. www.theancientolive.com. 324 N. Park Ave., 321.972.1899. TRADER JOE’SThis specialty grocery store chain is

a fan-favorite for shoppers looking for unique and quality items at discount prices, like the three-buck chuck wines or the oh-so-good cookie butter. www.traderjoes.com. 131 N. Orlando Ave., Winter Park, 407.622.0874; 8323 W. Sand Lake Road. WHOLE FOODS Whole Foods offers a huge array

of organic produce, meats and a great selection of imported cheeses and wines, perfect for a theme park picnic or an in-room snack. www.wholefoodsmarket.com. 8003 Turkey Lake Road, 407.355.7100.

Gifts, Souvenirs & Toys AMERICAN GIRL Fans will find a complete assort-

ment of the company’s popular historical and contemporary dolls, along with doll outfits, accessories, girl-sized clothing and a variety of bestselling American Girl books. In addition, American Girl fans will be able to enjoy a meal and dessert or celebrate a birthday in the store’s fun and casual 60-seat bistro. www.americangirl.com. The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 877.247.5223. DISNEY’S WONDERFUL WORLD OF MEMORIES

This is a must-stop for scrapbook enthusiasts. Preserve your vacation memories in a book, with pages and stickers, representative of the magical Disney experience. Staff members are on hand to teach new techniques in the latest scrapbook art. Open daily. www.disneysprings.com. Disney

26 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017

Springs Marketplace, 1780 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.828.3058. LEGO IMAGINATION CENTER You can easily spend

an afternoon admiring the amazing LEGO sculptures and taking part in the free building and racing experiences. Inside, you’ll find every LEGO shape, color and size you can imagine, plus plenty of kits for making worlds of fantasy. www.disneysprings. com. Disney Springs, 1494 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.828.0065. MARKET STREET GALLERY Find beautiful and artful

gifts for friends and for yourself at this downtown Celebration shop. www.marketstreetcelebration. com. 605 Market St., 407.566.1500. THE DOGGIE DOOR Animal-lovers can pick up

designer collars, upscale dog toys and human gifts, too, at this eclectic gift shop and pet boutique. www.thedoggiedoor.com. 329 N. Park Ave., Winter Park, 407.644.2969. WORLD OF DISNEY The largest Disney retail store

in the world is located in the Disney Springs marketplace. Find Disney’s most-beloved characters on almost every imaginable item including toys, candy, clothing and home goods along with a Bibbity Bobbity Boutique for little princesses. www. disneyworld.com. Disney Springs Marketplace, 1780 Buena Vista Drive, 407.828.3058.

Home & Garden CRATE & BARREL High-quality contemporary

and classic designs for furniture and accessories including lighting, rugs, pillows and prints. You’ll also find more casual pieces like ready-to-assemble furniture, dinnerware and table linens. Open daily. www.crateandbarrel.com. The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road 407.226.8826. IKEA The Swedish furniture company has come

home to Orlando with fabulous styles and even better prices. www.ikea.com. 4092 Eastgate Drive (near The Mall at Millenia), 407.355.3155. TED MAINES INTERIORSAnyone in need of chic,

modern residential or commercial interior design services can set up a consultation, plus check out home decor items in the Winter Park showroom. Find high-end, modern collections from USM Modular Furniture, Herman Miller, Tom Dixon, Knoll, Flos Lighting and other manufacturers of modern and transitional classic pieces. Open M-F 10 am-5 pm. www.tedmainesinteriors.com. 1030 Orange Ave., 407.571.9876.

Jewelry & Watches ALEX AND ANI Alex and Ani have made it their

mission to share the benefits of positive energy through the unique beauty and symbolism of their jewelry, which are American made and eco-friendly. www.alexandani.com. 356 S. Park Ave., Winter Park, 321.422.0841.


BEVERLY HILLS JEWELERS Diamonds range from a

fraction of a carat to more than 10 carats. You’ll also find fine-colored gems, designer jewelry and Swiss watches. The Florida Mall, 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, 407.855.9996. CARTIER The world-famous luxury designer house

offers exquisite jewelry, watches, leather goods, tableware, objets d’art and diamonds. www.cartier. com. The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, 407.248.9886. DELORES JEWELERS Delores Jewelers has been

providing custom designs, jewelry repairs and watch repairs since 1977. Authorized dealer for Pandora, Alex and Ani, Simon G, Benchmark, Camelot Bridal, Vanna K, Citizen, Seiko, Tissot and Movado. www.deloresjewelers.com. 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.812.7143. MAYORS JEWELERS With 31 stores spread across

Florida and Georgia, Mayors has quickly become the place to go for luxury jewelry, timepieces and other gifts of promised quality. www.mayors. com. The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, 407.363.5740. OMEGA BOUTIQUE For more than 160 years, the

brand has been synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision. In 1969 it produced the Moon Watch, the one and only watch worn on the moon. www.omegawatches.com. Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, 407.363.5151. ORLANDO WATCH COMPANYThis family-run

shop in the heart of Winter Park specializes in new and second-hand timepieces, collectible vintage watches and repair. www.orlandowatchco.com. 326 N. Park Ave., Winter Park, 407.975.9137. PANDORA Find charm bracelets, rings, necklaces

and earrings – in 14K gold, sterling silver and with semi-precious or precious gems – to match your personality. www.pandora.net. The Florida Mall, 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, 407.888.5757; The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, 407.370.3377. REYNOLDS & CO. JEWELERS Distinctive selection


Nails & Hair Salon

(Inside Florida Mall by Sears)


Spa Pedicure & Foot Massage



Shampoo & Hair Cut



Classic Pedicure & Manicure

5 off


8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida 32809


Please Note! The Special offers are only valid with regular service price. Not valid with service already special.

of precious gems and fine jewelry along with a collection of preowned Swiss watches. Family owned since 1974. www.reynoldsjeweler.com. 232 N Park Ave, Winter Park, 407.645.2278. ROCKS FINE JEWELRY Houses famous jewelry

makers and custom designs as well as offers appraisals, free jewelry inspection and cleaning. www. rocksfinejewelry.com. 501 S Park Ave., Winter Park, 407.644.1902; The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Rd., Orlando 407.226.3100. SOL TIMEAn authorized luxury-watch dealer since

1992, carrying brands such as Breitling, Bulova, Tag Heuer and Movado, along with fine jewelry. www. sol-time.com. The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.859.8899. SWATCH These ever-cool timepieces with the

funky, colorful designs make the perfect Orlando souvenir. www.swatch.com. Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.856.2320; Orlando International Airport. THAROO & CO. A sophisticated jewelry boutique in

the heart of the attractions area. Fine jewelry and name-brand watches. Open daily. www.tharooco. com. Pointe Orlando, 9101 International Drive, 407.264.0200. TIFFANY & CO. There’s nothing like opening the

signature blue box. Find an exquisite selection of fine jewelry, timepieces, crystal, china and sterling w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 27


silver. www.tiffany.com. The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, 407.351.3133. TOURNEAU At this enormous outlet, you’ll find

designer and Swiss-made watches at big discounts. www.tourneau.com. Premium Outlets, 4965 International Drive, 407.354.1724.

Luggage & Sporting Goods BASS PRO SHOPS Attention outdoor enthusiasts:

For the best in hunting, marine and fishing gear, head to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. It features a variety of outdoor gear as well as an indoor archery shooting lane, 17,000-gallon aquarium, putting green, driving cages and shooting arcade. Open daily. www.basspro.com. 5156 International Drive, 407.563.5200. EDWIN WATTS GOLF SHOPS You’ll find everything

you need to enjoy your round of golf at this store. From clubs and balls to bags and shoes, Edwin Watts stocks it all. The super store on Turkey Lake Road boasts an extensive collection of select items you may not easily find in other golf stores. Open daily. www.ediwinwattsgolf.com. 7501 Turkey Lake Road 407.345.8451; 7024 International Drive, 407.352.2535. LUGGAGE & MORE One of the Southeast’s largest

dealers for Samsonite and other fine luggage, and also provides repairs. www.luggagenmore.com. The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.888.2810. MORI LUGGAGE & GIFTS The Southeast’s leading

retailer of luggage, briefcases, travel accessories and leather goods. Featured brands include Rimowa, Samsonite, Kipling and Tumi. Open daily. www.moriluggage.com. The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, 407.852.3057. RON JON SURF SHOP The famous Cocoa Beach

surf shop opened this ultra-cool sister store in Orlando. Here you can shop for hip surf wear, swimwear and beach accessories, as well as surf boards and skateboards. The island-themed shop boasts thatched roofs, bamboo details and sandtextured walkways. Sun care products are available here as well—everything you need for a day at the beach. Open daily. www.ronjons.com. Artegon, 5160 International Drive, 407.481.2555. SPECIAL TEE GOLF A complete selection of golf

and tennis equipment and apparel at discount prices. www.specialteegolf.com. 4730 W Hwy. 192, Kissimmee, 407.532.3673; 5400 International Dr., Orlando, 407.352.3673. TRACK SHACK Boasting a proper fitting for each

customer with the best product for their individual need, this athletic apparel store sports a wealth of knowledge and stock of fitness shoes, apparel, training and nutritional products and technology. www.trackshack.com. 1104 N. Mills Ave., 407.898.1313. UNITED WORLD SOCCER Orlando City Soccer

Club’s Official Soccer Specialty Store, United World Soccer carries a wide range of Orlando City gear as well as jerseys from clubs and countries from around the world, footwear, soccer balls, accessories and more. www.unitedworldsoccer. com. Disney Springs, 1676 Buena Vista Drive, 407.560.0605; Florida Mall, 407.852.7775.

28 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017


up of 50 popular designer and name-brand outlets, including the area’s only Old Navy Outlet, plus Express Factory Outlet, LOFT, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Nike, Guess, Carter’s, OshKosh, Nine West, Samsonite and Under Armour. Save up to 75 percent and often more at select locations. Store-front, plentiful parking, Travelex Currency Exchange, and a free hotel shuttle serving 60 hotels are added conveniences. Open daily. www.lbvfs. com. 15657 State Road 535, 407.238.9301.


name-brand outlets, and enjoy savings of 25 to 65 percent every day. Stores include Coach, J.Crew, Lacoste, Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th and more. Open daily. www. premiumoutlets.com/orlando. 4951 International Drive, 407.352.9600. ORLANDO PREMIUM OUTLETSVINELAND AV ENUE Save 25 to 65 percent every day at 150

designer and name-brand outlets. Shop Barneys New York, Burberry, Coach, Crocs, Gap Outlet, Guess Factory Store, Lululemon, J. Crew, Nike, Sal-


vatore Ferragamo, Tory Burch and more. Parking garage or valet recommended. Open daily. www. premiumoutlets.com/orlando. 8200 Vineland Ave., 407.238.7787.

Shoes BOOT FACTORYThis Nashville outpost offers

guests two free pairs with the purchase of one pair on national brands such as Rocky, Justin, Lucchese, Ariat, Wolverine, J.B Dillon, Masterson, Santa Fe, Sterling River and more. Styles include Western, work, hiking, fashion, motorcycle boots and more.

www.twofreeboots.com. 5490 International Drive, 407.903.0317. REEBOK Get discount prices on one of the most

popular brands in shoes and athletic wear at three outlet locations. www.reebok.com. 4950 International Drive, 407.351.9335.; 15789 S. Apopka Vineland Road, 407.239.7731.; 8200 Vineland Avenue, 407.239.2515. SHOOOZ Find trendy shoes for all occasions at this

independently owned boutique in Winter Park. 303 N. Park Ave., Winter Park, 407.647.0110.

ZAXYThe Brazilian footwear company, Zaxy, is now

in Orlando inside the JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Rosen hotels and Shoe Town in Kissimmee. Girls will love the jellies in a variety of fun colors and designs. www.zaxyusa.com.

Shopping Centers DISNEY SPRINGS This mega outdoor lifestyle

center rolls shopping, entertainment and dining into one. Visitors will find the world’s largest Disney store, retail stores at the brand-new Town Center, themed restaurants and bars, Cirque du Soleil, a bowling alley, movie theater, water taxis, attractions and more. Free admission and free parking. www.disneysprings.com. 1486 Buena Vista Drive, 407.828.3800. MARKET STREET IN CELEBRATION Spend a day ex-

ploring the town that Disney built and perusing the shops along Market and Front streets. Once Upon a Time is a great bet for kids and Market Street Gallery and Soft As Grape provide the perfect souvenir. 605 Market St., Celebration. POINTE ORLANDO Enjoy a mix of shops, eateries

and entertainment venues at this tropical landscaped complex. You’ll find abundant shopping, dining and entertainment possibilities. Don’t miss Charming Charlie, Chico’s, Tommy Bahama, Tharoo & Co. and Victoria’s Secret. Open daily. www.pointeorlando.com. 9101 International Drive, 407.248.2838. THE MALL AT MILLENIA With 150 upscale stores

and dining options, this luxury mall features anchor stores Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus. High-end specialty shops not to miss are Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Bebe, Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, Guess, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Pottery Barn, Sephora, St. John Boutique, Tiffany & Co., Tory Burch and Urban Outfitters. Open daily. www.mallatmillenia.com. 4200 Conroy Road, 407.363.3555. WESTFIELD AT THE ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT First-class shopping awaits travelers

to Orlando International Airport where high-end retailers offer last-minute gifts, fashion accessories, books, music, gadgets and electronics. Featured stores include Finish Line, Johnston & Murphy, Mango, Swarovski, Oakley and InMotion Entertainment. www.orlandoairports.net. Orlando International Airport, 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd., 407.825.2001. WINTER PARK VILLAGEAn upscale, outdoor shop-

ping center in Winter Park. Retailers include J. Jill, Jos. A. Bank, LOFT, White House/Black Market and Ulta. Another Broken Egg, Ruth’s Chris and the Cheesecake Factory are popular dining options. www.shopwinterparkvillage.net. 510 N. Orlando Ave., 407.571.2700. WINTER PARK’S PARK AVENUE Stroll along Park

Avenue, the main street of charming Winter Park, where you’ll find upscale stores offering fine jewelry, antiques, books, shoes, cosmetics and gifts as well as the latest fashions. Alfresco cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, wine bars, beauty salons, art galleries and the Morse Museum of Art gift shop round out the selection. www.experienceparkavenue.com. 151 W. Lyman Ave., Winter Park, 407.644.8281.

w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 29



Peperoncino Cucina

Flying Fish

SOUTHERN At this new downtown hotspot, ITALIAN The husband-wife chef team of

New Orleans-inspired food is served in a hybrid sports bar, after-hours club atmosphere. Try chilled half-shell raw oysters or the signature po’ boy sandwich, a wedge of Crescent City pleasure with lightly seasoned shrimp, fried oysters or catfish. 101 S. Eola Drive, 407.843.9676.

Barbara Alfano and Danilo Martorano provide a delicious slice of Southern Italy with an array of entrees, pasta and risotto at this Restaurant Row gem. But their starters and appetizers are particularly magnificent, like the Calabrese roasted eggplant. 7998 Via Dellagio Way, 704.440.2856.

Catering & Delivery DOORSTEP DELIVERY Delivery. If you’re tired

from a day at the attractions, Doorstep Delivery can bring take-out from 300 area restaurants right to your hotel room or vacation rental. Delivery charges apply. B, L, D (daily). www.doorstepdelivery.com.

Celebration CAFÉ D’ANTONIO RISTORANTE Italian. Using a

wood-burning oven, a rotisserie and a grill, Café D’Antonio’s chefs turn out rosemary-roasted chicken and veal piccata, as well as pasta specialties. L, D (daily). www.antoniosonline.com. 691 Front St., Celebration, 407.566.2233; 611 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland, 407.645.5523. $$ 360 AMERICAN BISTRO AND BAR French Bistro.

Blending traditional French Mediterranean and American flavors, this gastro-pub offers worldly cuisine and crafted libations enjoyed either poolside or while watching the big game. B, L, D (daily). www.360bistrobar.com. 225 Celebration Place, Celebration, 407.964.7676. $$

Disney Area THE BOATHOUSEAmerican. The company behind

T-Rex and Rainforest Cafe brings another fun, family-friendly theme to Disney Springs featuring steaks, fresh seafood and a raw bar. Enjoy live music and tours on an amphibious retro car or a

40-foot Italian water taxi. L, D (daily). www.theboathouseorlando.com. Disney Springs, 1486 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.939.2628. $$$

SEAFOOD The cuisine created by Chef Tim Majoras at the reinvented Flying Fish is magnificent, with the menu adapting to the seasons and availability. Items like Cedar Key clams, rock shrimp and Florida coast grouper take full advantage of local specialties. 2101 Epcot Resorts Blvd., 407.939.1947.

There’s a lot more going on this month. Visit us online:


CAPASpanish. This 17th-floor rooftop

steakhouse and bar offers a range of cuisine with a Spanish twist. Diners will find freshly shucked oysters and Florida seafood to incredible small plates and expertly grilled cuts. The restaurant also features an open kitchen, wood-burning grill and outdoor seating for views of Disney fireworks. D (nightly). www.fourseasonsorlando.com. Four Seasons, 10100 Dream Tree Blvd., 407.313.7777. $$$ FLYING FISH Seafood. A favorite on Disney’s

BoardWalk, Flying Fish has just released an all-new menu in a newly designed dining room. Guests will find a menu of 100 percent sustainable seafood like blue crab, scallops, Chilean seabass, rock shrimp, yellowfin tuna and octopus. For landlubbers, try the Kurobuta pork belly or wagyu filet mignon which melts in your mouth. D (nightly). www.disneyworld.disney.go.com. 2101 Epcot Resorts Blvd., 407.939.1947. $$$ FRONTERA COCINA Mexican. Chicago’s culinary

giant and Mexican food pioneer Rick Bayless comes to Disney Springs with Frontera Cocina. Authentic cuisine with fresh and bright ingredients include the chipotle chicken tostada, pepito torta, carne asada and Oxacan red chile chicken with delicious mole. The eatery also features an impressive tequila bar with signature cocktails like the White

Dragon and All the Pretty Girls. www. fronteracocina.com. 1486 Buena Vista Drive, 407.560.9197.

LA LUCE Italian. This modern Italian country kitchen features thin-crust pizzas, homemade family-style pastas and Italian dishes inspired by family recipes handed down through the generations. D (nightly). www.hiltonbonnetcreek.com. Hilton Bonnet Creek, 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, 407.597.3600. $$$ MONSIEUR PAUL French. Renowned French chef

Paul Bucose leaves his mark on this classical French menu with highlights such as the soupe aux truffles and Maine lobster with mollet quail egg and creamy black-truffle bouillon. Time dinner for the 9 pm fireworks. D (nightly). www.disneyworld.com. Epcot World Showcase, 200 Epcot Center Drive, 407.939.5277. $$$ MORIMOTO ASIAAsian. Famous Iron Chef Masa-

haru Morimoto brings his popular restaurant to Disney Springs, offering fresh sushi, seafood and Asian cuisine in a spectacular dining room. L, D (daily). www.morimotoasia.com. Disney Springs, 1600 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.939.6686. $$$ PLANCHA Cuban. Plancha at the Four Seasons

Golf Club offers a lakeside setting with Cubana sandwiches, empanadas and the chorizo burger along with mojitos and a Hemingway daiquiri. L, D (daily), Br (Su). www.fourseasons.com. 10100 Dream Tree Blvd., 407.313.7777. $$$

RUMOR HAS IT that Orlando was named for the character in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” Rosalind and Rowena are other names found around town. 30 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2 017


Muddy Waters



The newly redesigned Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs features a menu designed by Guy Fieri and some of the rarest Hollywood and television memorabilia. A massive 4,000 square foot video wall showcases state-of-art sound and media. Enjoy the outdoor Stargazers bar and patio overlooking the new Disney Springs Town Center. L, D (daily). www.planethollywood. com. Disney Springs, 1506 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.827.7827. $$ RAGLAN ROAD IRISH PUB AND RESTAURANT Irish. Grab a Guinness, try a contemporary take on

shepherd’s pie and have a rollicking good time at this Irish-accented megapub and restaurant at Disney Springs. L, D (daily), Br (Sa-Su). www. raglanroadirishpub.com. Disney Springs, 1640 E. Buena Vista Drive, 407.938.0300. $$ SHULA’S STEAK HOUSE Steak. Shula’s is dedicat-

ed to the 1972 Miami Dolphin’s “Perfect Season.” Custom Angus steaks combined with their aging process make up an award-winning “Shula Cut.” Maine lobster and hearty side dishes round out the experience. Free daycare provided. D (nightly). www.swandolphinrestaurants.com/shulas. Swan and Dolphin Resort, 1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd., 407.934.1362. $$$ VICTORIA & ALBERT’S Creative/Contemporary.

This fine-dining mecca is the place to celebrate landmark occasions. At the city’s only fivediamond restaurant, Chef Scott Hunnel prepares outstanding seven-course and 10-course meals each night, inspired by his world travels to Asia, Spain, Italy and France. For the ultimate experience, indulge in the Chef’s Table dinner in the kitchen or the private food-and-wine pairings in the Queen Victoria Room. D (daily). www.disneyworld.com. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, 4401 Floridian Way, 407.939.3862. $$$$ ZETA BAR AND SUSHI LOUNGESushi. A styl-

ish and sophisticated setting offering traditional and signature sushi rolls, sashimi, noodle dishes and innovative, hand-crafted cocktails. D (nightly). www.hiltonbonnetcreek.com. Hilton Bonnet Creek, 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, 407.597.3600. $$$

Downtown ARTISAN’S TABLE Farm-to-Table. The menu at this

downtown hotspot changes frequently depending upon what’s in season. Homemade dishes, along with organic, vegetarian and vegan options, are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The craft coffee bar features locally roasted coffee and specialty lattes and happy hour is served all day at the bar. B, L, D (daily), Br (Sa-Su). www.artisanstableorlando.com. 22 E. Pine St., 407.730.7499. $$$ BOHEME RESTAURANT New American. This

elegant downtown restaurant boasts a fabulous art collection along with a prestigious AAA FourDiamond rating. The cuisine is eclectic nouvelle with French and Pacific Rim influences. B, L, D (daily). www.grandbohemianhotel.com. The Grand Bohemian, 325 S. Orange Ave., 407.313.9000. $$$ DANDELION COMMUNITEA Vegetarian/Vegan.

Inside a funky, bright-green house, this café bills itself as an “urban teahouse with an eco-attitude.” Plenty of organic tea is on tap, but they also make a great sandwich. L, D (M-Sa), L (Su). www. dandelioncommunitea.com. 618 N. Thornton Ave., 407.362.1864. $

DEXTER’S American. Sweet potato chips, wines

and lots of local diners are the call. Menus feature pressed sandwiches, pastas and creative entrées. L, D (daily), Br (Sa-Su). www.dexwine.com. 808 E. Washington St., 407.648.2777; 558 W. New England Ave., Winter Park, 407.629.1150. $$ GRAFFITI JUNKTIONAmerican. This burger bar

has a funky vibe with freshly made specialty burgers, drink specials and amazing Macho Nachos. L, D (daily). 900 E. Washington St., 407.426.9503.; 54 W. Church St., 321.800.6921.; 2401 Edgewater Drive, 407.677.1961. $$ K RESTAURANT WINE BAR Creative/Contemporary. James Beard nominee Chef Kevin Fonzo

cooks up quite a following at this College Park stronghold. Locals flock for dishes such as sautéed salmon on Peruvian purple potatoes and Florida Pompano. L, D (daily). www.krestaurant.net. 1710 Edgewater Drive, 407.872.2332. $$$ RUSTY SPOON Farm-to-Table. Three-time James

Beard nominee Chef Kathleen Blake brings farm-to-table goodness to downtown Orlando. L (M-F), D (nightly). www.therustyspoon.com. 55 W. Church St., 407.401.8811. $$$

International Drive A LAND REMEMBERED Steak. Old Florida charm

abounds with artifacts and photos from the state’s past. Organic steaks from the Harris Ranch are the main feature. Specialties include seared, black-iron sirloin braised with wild mushrooms. D (nightly). www.landrememberedrestaurant. com. Rosen Shingle Creek, 9939 Universal Blvd., 407.996.3663. $$$ B.B. KING’S BLUES CLUB Southern. Southern-style

dining and live music nightly by the B.B. King All Star Band. Signature menu items include fried dill pickles, gumbo, various barbecue and rib dishes, and banana bread pudding to top off your meal. L, D (daily). www.bbkingclubs.com. Pointe Orlando, 9101 International Drive, 407.370.4550. $$ BEN & JERRY’S Ice Cream. Taste the legendary

ice cream created with non-GMO, Fair Trade ingredients and sustainably sourced packaging. Ben & Jerry’s unique flavors like Cherry Garcia, Boston Cream Pie and Chubby Hubby deliver a euphoric ice cream experience. L, D (daily). www.benjerry.com/idrive360. 8457 International Drive, 407.930.6054; 9101 International Drive, 407.286.3353. CALA BELLA Italian. This Italian bistro makes

everyone feel at home. Cozy up to the bar for a full dinner and watch chefs skillfully prepare Italian delights such as orecchiette with pan-seared diver scallops, Tuscan veal chops, or roast chicken and artichoke pizza. D (nightly). www.calabellarestaurant.com. Rosen Shingle Creek, 9939 Universal Blvd., 407.996.3663. $$$ EVERGLADES RESTAURANT Steak/Seafood.

The unusual menu of gator chowder and buffalo tenderloin works well with the Everglades-themed dining room complete with murals depicting nature scenes. D (nightly). www.evergladesrestaurant.com. The Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Drive, 407.996.2385. $$$ HANAMIZUKI Japanese. A thoroughly authentic

Japanese restaurant with an expertly prepared selection of menu items ranging from sushi to ramen. For those who like somewhere off the beaten path, this restaurant is a great discovery. L,

D (Tu-Su). www.hanamizuki.us. 8255 International Drive, 407.363.7200. $$ HASH HOUSE A GO GO American. Hearty portions

of comfort food favorites such as stacks of flapjacks, BLTs with extra “B,” burgers, fried chicken and meatloaf. The dining room is modern and slick. B, L, D (daily). www.hashhouseagogo.com. 5350 International Drive, 407.370.4646. $$ ICAFE DE PARIS French Bakery. Enjoy fresh crois-

sants, pastries, signature sandwiches, soups and salads with some of the best brewed coffee in town at this French bakery at I-Drive 360. B, L, D (daily). www.i-drive360.com/icafe-de-paris. I-Drive 360, 8465 International Drive, 407.203.3000. $ JACK’S PLACE Steak/Seafood. Steak, seafood and

regional dishes are served in an intimate dining room among Orlando’s largest collection of celebrity-autographed caricatures. Get your own caricature done for free while you dine on F and Sa nights. Complimentary valet. D (nightly). www. jacksplacerestaurant.com. The Rosen Plaza Hotel, 9700 International Drive, 407.996.1787. $$$ SHOGUN Japanese. Teppanyaki chefs entertain as

they cook at this traditional steakhouse. Choose from steak, shrimp, chicken and lobster entrées. D (nightly). www.shogunorlando.com. Rosen Inn, 6327 International Drive, 407.352.1607. $$$ TAPA TOROSpanish. The husband-and-wife duo

who brought you the celebrated Greek eatery Taverna Opa present Tapa Toro, where guests enjoy classic and contemporary Spanish cuisine, tapas, signature cocktails, imported wine, a paella pit and flamenco dancers. L and D (daily). www. tapatoro.restaurant. 8441 International Drive, I-Drive 360,, 407.226.2929. $$$ TAVERNA OPA Greek. This festive eatery serves

family-style and a la carte cuisine such as moussaka, grilled fish and spanakopita. Nightly entertainment—to go along with your glass of ouzo— includes belly dancing, traditional music and a live DJ mix of international and Top 40. L and D (daily). www.opaorlando.com. Pointe Orlando, 9101 International Drive, 407.351.8660. $$$ THE OCEANAIRE SEAFOOD ROOM Seafood.

This upscale dining room at Pointe Orlando is dedicated to fresh seafood. Specialties include Alaskan halibut, Copper River salmon, Maine diver sea scallops, and for landlubbers, filet mignon and pork chops. D (nightly). www.theoceanaire. com. Pointe Orlando, 9101 International Drive, 407.363.4801. $$$ URBAN TIDE New American. This dining room

at the Hyatt Regency blends fresh seafood with seasonal Florida flavors. Free valet for visitors of the hotel. L, D (daily). www.orlando.regency.hyatt. com. 9801 International Drive, 407.345.4570. $$$

Kissimmee BLACK ANGUS Steak. USDA Prime or Choice Beef

cut daily. Large selection of fresh seafood and favorite side dishes. L, D (daily). www.blackangusorlando.com. 7516 W Irlo Bronson Highway 192, Kissimmee, 407.390.4548; 6231 International Drive, 407.354.3333.; 12399 Kissimmee Vineland Road, 407.239.4414. $$$ CHUY’S Mexican. Fresh Tex-Mex cuisine in a

family-friendly setting. Favorites are the Big As Yo Face burritos and the stuffed avocados, along with the house margarita. D (nightly). www.chuys. com. 8123 International Drive, 407.730.3602; 7913 w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 31

View menus and make reservations for all participating restaurants at OrlandoMagicalDining.com

Canvas Restaurant & Market

Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen





HABANERO GLAZED CHICKEN WINGS Clover honey, lime zest, garlic-buttermilk dipping sauce

CHOPPED HEIRLOOM SALAD Blue Cheese, Romaine, Red and Yellow Beets, Beefsteak Tomato, Cucumber, Rainbow Carrots, Brioche Croutons, Honey-Almond Vinaigrette

BRISKET & SHORT RIB MEATBALLS Almond-roasted red pepper sauce, housemade ricotta, grilled ciabatta

FLASH-FRIED GOAT CHEESE Fresh Thyme, Organic Honey


CRAB SPRING ROLL Corn, Pickled Ginger, Daikon Radish, Ponzu Sauce



GRILLED ANCHO CHILE RUBBED BABY BACK RIBS Half-Rack Carolina-style barbecue sauce, grilled Mexican street corn, slow-cooked collard greens or slaw P.E.I. MUSSELS TAGLIATELLE Housemade semolina pasta, roasted fennel, pancetta, grilled corn NASHVILLE HOT FRIED HALF CHICKEN Buttermilk brine, warm einkorn biscuit, housemade pickled okra-cucumber relish

DESSERT KEY LIME TOASTED MERINGUE TARTLETTE Brown butter graham crust, blueberry compote

ENTRÉES SELECT TWO LAMB RIBS Korean Barbecue Glaze, Shredded Daikon Radishes, Sprouts CHROMA BURGER Cheddar Cheese, Bourbon Onions, Bacon Jam, Dill Pickle, Brioche Roll FISH AND CHIPS Local Catch, Hand-Cut Fries, Sea Salt, Malt Vinegar GUAVA AND GOAT CHEESE FLATBREAD Speck Ham, Marcona Almonds, Red Sorrel

DESSERT SELECT ONE DESSERT FROM OUR CADDY 13615 Sachs Avenue Orlando, FL 32827 Phone: (407) 313-7800 Website: canvaslakenona.com Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday 5 – 10 p.m. Friday & Saturday 5 – 11 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m – 9 p.m. Bar Open Daily from 3 p.m. Until Late Night

Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen 6967 Lake Nona Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827 Hours of Operation: 11a - 11p Monday - Wednesday 11a - 12a Thursday, 11a - 1a Friday 3p - 1a Saturday, 3p - 10p Sunday Phone: 407-955-4340 Website: chromalakenona.com

MAGICAL DINING MONTH IS EVEN BETTER WHEN SHARED. � COURSES� •� �� DOLLARS� •� AUGUST ��TH � OCTOBER �ST One dollar from each meal supports Freedom Ride and BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation


Bold, Exotic Flavors and 25% Off


W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, 407.787.3545.; 170 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park,. & ZENAsian Fusion. Enjoy pan-Asian dishes, sake

and an innovative sushi bar. D (Tu-Su). www. omnihotels.com. Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate, 1500 Masters Blvd., ChampionsGate, 407.390.6664. $$$

Sand Lake/Restaurant Row BIG FIN SEAFOOD KITCHEN Seafood. The Orlando

Sentinel Foodie Award winner features an extensive menu of fresh seafood, steaks, pasta, sushi and a raw bar. The patio bar offers a daily happy hour from 5-7 pm. D (nightly). www.bigfinseafood.com. 8046 Via Dellagio Way, 407.615.8888. $$ DRAGONFLY ROBATA GRILLAsian. Choose from

Grilled Filet Mignon & Teppanyaki Shrimp

creative sushi or perfectly cooked seafood on the robata, which gets up to 1,000 degrees for a crispy outer later and tender middle. Wagyu beef rib eye, sea scallops and braised short ribs with pickled carrots are great options. Happy hour specials. D (nightly). www.dragonflyrestaurants.com/orlandoflorida. 7972 Via Dellagio Way, 407.370.3359. $$

Join us for dinner nightly and weekdays for lunch.

EDDIE V’SAmerican. This prime steak and seafood



Roy’s Orlando 7760 West Sand Lake Rd Orlando, FL 32819 TEL (407) 352-4844

restaurant offers elegant dining inside or chic/ casual seating outside with views of the lake. Diners can’t go wrong with the bone-in ribeye, curried oysters or Georges Bank scallops. The restaurant is known for its exceptional service and outstanding cocktails. D (nightly). www.eddiev.com. 7488 W. Sand Lake Road, 407.355.3011. $$$ MORTON’S Steak. Every detail, from elegant serv-

ings of steak and seafood, a vast wine selection and seamless service, makes Morton’s a classic dining destination. Bar 12-21 offers happy hours daily from 5-6:30 pm and 9 pm-close. D (nightly). 5/2/17 3:10 PM www.mortons.com/orlando. 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd., 407.248.3485. $$$

2017-Q2-ROYS-Orlando_WHERE_AD_4.625x4.875_v1.indd 1

SEASONS 52 New American. Flavorful, creative,

American meals made with seasonal ingredients. Small plates are perfect for sharing or full entrees available. L, D (daily). www.seasons52.com. 7700 W. Sand Lake Road, 407.354.5212. $$ URBAIN 40American/European. This American


brasserie and cocktail lounge comes with a ‘40s throwback and a touch of French flair, thanks to Chef Jean Stephane Poinard. Enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail on the patio by the elaborate fountain then head to the dining room for the striped bass meuniere or bolognese. Be sure to save room for the delectable desserts by in-house pastry chef. Live jazz nightly. L, D (daily). www.urbain40.com. 8000 Via Dellagio Way, 407.872.2640. $$$


VINES GRILLE & WINE BAR Steak. A wood-fired grill

makes this upscale Chicago-style steakhouse a standout along Restaurant Row. There is an extensive wine list and live jazz plays every night at 7 pm. D (nightly). www.vinesgrille.com. 7533 W. Sand Lake Road, 407.351.1227. $$$

Universal/City Walk


ANTOJITOS Mexican. Enjoy authentic Mexican

food in a party-like atmosphere, complete with a mariachi band singing Top 40 hits. Located at Universal’s CityWalk, the restaurant looks like a Mexican market plaza and offers fresh meals such as carnitas lupita with braised pork and enchiladas verdes. D (nightly). www.universalorlando.com. 6000 Universal Blvd., 407.224.3663. $$

w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 33



BICE Italian. Overlook the amazing setting of the

Italian riviera while enjoying traditional Italian fare at this one-of-a-kind themed resort. D (nightly). www.loewshotels.com/portofino-bay-hotel. Loews Portofino Bay Resort, 5601 Universal Blvd., 407.503.1415. $$$ THE COWFISH Contemporary Japanese Fusion.

This sushi burger bar has quickly won over the visitors and the locals with its innovative sushi rolls, cool burgers and even “Burgushi.” Fun menu picks include a full-pound beef burger with peanut butter and fried bananas, blackened tuna nachos and the marshmallow crisp milkshake. L, D (M-Sa). www. universalorlando.com. CityWalk, 6000 Universal Blvd., 407.224.2275. $$ THE KITCHEN American. American classics are

served in this all-day restaurant. Children can hang out on beanbag chairs in the Kid Crib, decorated with lunch boxes and a TV that plays cartoons. Special events include character meals. B, L, D (daily). www.universalorlando.com. Hard Rock Hotel, 5800 Universal Blvd., 407.503.2463. $$$ VIVO ITALIAN KITCHEN Italian. At this new eatery,

guests enjoy classic Italian dishes with a modern twist and can even watch chefs at work in the kitchen creating pasta, baking bread or making sauces from scratch. D (daily). www.universalorlando.com. Universal CityWalk, 6000 Universal Blvd., 407.224.2318. $$$

Winter Park BOSPHOROUS TURKISH CUISINE Mediterranean.

Turkish specialties, from frothy tarma (whipped caviar) to savory stuffed pastries, draw quite a following to this attractive Park Avenue spot. L, D (daily). www.bosphorousrestaurant.com. 108 S Park Ave., Winter Park, 407.644.8609; 7600 Dr Phillips Blvd., 407.352.6766. $$$ THE BRIARPATCHAmerican. This quaint little eat-

ery on popular Park Avenue is a great spot to grab breakfast or lunch before a shopping day. Save room for homemade ice cream or the decadent slices of layer cake. B, L (daily). www.thebriarpatchrestaurant.com. 252 N. Park Ave., Winter Park, 407.628.8651. $$ COCINA 214 Tex-Mex. The menu combines bold

flavors with fresh, local ingredients to create contemporary Tex-Mex. Try the brisket tacos, corn-crusted Mahi or truffle and mushroom quesadillas. Or, take a seat at the bar and enjoy one of their 29 draft Mexican beers. L, D (daily). www. cocina214.com. 151 E. Welbourne Ave., Winter Park, 407.790.7997. $$ THE COOPSouthern & Soul. Helmed by award-win-

ning Chef John Rivers, the fast-casual restaurant leads with southern hospitality featuring comfort food classics made from scratch daily. B, L, D (M-Sa). www.asouthernaffair.com. 610 West Morse Blvd., Winter Park, 407.843.2667. $ HAMILTON’S KITCHEN New Southern. This new

spot at the Alfond Inn welcomes friends and families to enjoy traditional Southern cooking in a rustic, yet modern atmosphere. B, L, D (daily). www.thealfondinn.com. 300 E. New England Ave., Winter Park, 407.998.8090. $$$ HILLSTONE American. A picturesque setting on

the lake with inviting adirondack chairs and a dock. The dining room serves well-executed steaks, seafood and salads. L, D (daily). www.hillstone.com. 215 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park, 407.740.4005. $$$ 34 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017



Celebration Surrounded by lakes, ponds, fairways and putting greens, this O-Town neighborhood is a one of a kind community on the outskirts of Orlando—no surprise given its cheerful name. Stroll between the palm trees of the brick-lined parks and indulge in some of Orlando’s finest shopping and dining.

Child Care Services EXTRA HANDS Hire a trusted babysitter during

your vacation, whether it’s help during a day at the theme parks or in-room childcare while you enjoy a dinner out. www.vacationsitterfl.com. KID’S NITE OUT This well-respected company

provides professional childcare (and pet sitting), at all hotels, resorts and vacation homes. www. kidsniteout.com. 407.828.0920.

Getting Around 511 Call 511 from a cell phone or go online for

information on weather, traffic and construction on interstates and the turnpike. www.fl511.com. EXECUCAR Book a private car to/from the airport,

business meeting or anywhere else around town. www.execucar.com. 800.410.4444. ©CHAD SPARKES/FLICKR, CREATIVE COMMONS

IRIDE TROLLEY Enclosed and air-conditioned, the

trolley stops at shops, restaurants, attractions and hotels along International Drive. $2. www.iridetrolley.com. 3718 L B McLeod Road, 407.248.9590. LAKE BUENA FACTORY STORES SHUTTLEThe Lake

Buena Vista Factory Stores offers a free shopping shuttle to and from 60 area participating hotels to its outlet mall. The mall features more than 50 outlets including Old Navy, Guess, Carters, Gap, LOFT, Samsonite and Nike. www.lbvfs.com. 15657 S. Apopka Vineland Road, 407.363.1093.

LYNX BUS SYSTEM Look for “paw

print” bus stop signs. Fare $2; transfers free. Exact change required. www.golynx.com. Various stops, 407.841.5969.

There’s a lot more going on this month. Visit us online:



with a limo or town car or hire a tour bus. Cabs are also available. Multiple vehicle choices ensure you get a ride tailored to your transportation needs. www.mearstransportation.com. 407.423.5566. SUNRAILAll aboard the white and yellow train!

Central Florida’s new commuter rail has 12 stops from Sand Lake Road north to DeBary, including stops at popular tourist destinations downtown, in Winter Park and Sanford. Fares starting at just $1. www.sunrail.com. SUPERSHUTTLE Providing affordable airport trans-

portation to or from your home, office or hotel, 24/7. www.supershuttle.com. 800.258.3826. TAXIS Cabs are plentiful at theme parks, hotels

and major restaurants and attractions. Diamond Cab Co. 407.523.3333. Yellow Cab: 407.422.2222. Yellow Cab: 407.422.2222.; Diamond Cab Co., 407.523.3333. UBER Ubers are plentiful in Orlando, from down-

town to the theme parks, restaurants and resort areas, however the service is not permitted for airport pickups at this time. Just download the Uber app on your smart phone and link to your Pay

Pal account for cash-free transactions with no tipping. www.uber.com.

Health Services

CENTRA CARE No appointment, walk-in clinic affiliated with Florida Hospital with four area locations near the major attractions. Provides hotel and resort transportation for visitor convenience. www.centracare.org. 407.200.CARE. THE MEDICAL CONCIERGE Receive medical

care from a doctor, dentist or specialist from the comfort of your hotel room or vacation home, both day or night. www.themedicalconcierge.com. 6000 Turkey Lake Road, 855.632.5252.

Neighborhoods CELEBRATION See the picturesque town that

Disney built with wraparound porches, a charming downtown, parks, walking trails and boardwalks. www.celebration.fl.us. 690 Celebration Ave., 407.566.1200. DOWNTOWN ORLANDO/THORNTON PARK The

past few years have seen a resurgence in the city’s core, including nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and galleries. Highlights include the Arts District, Thornton Park, Lake Eola, Amway Center, Church Street and the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. www.downtownorlando.com. 201 S. Orange Ave.

ORLANDO has 100 lakes, many of which are the result of sinkholes. Rose Lake was mentioned in the hit HBO series “The Sopranos” as a good place to hide bodies. w w w.wh e re t rave le r. com 35



EATONVILLE One of the country’s first black

municipalities and home to Harlem Renaissance author Zora Neale Hurston. www.townofeatonville. org. 207 E. Kennedy Blvd. KISSIMMEE Once known for agriculture, Kissim-

mee is now a major tourism hub. Highlights include Old Town, the annual rodeo, Lake Tohopekaliga and entertainment along Highway 192. www.experiencekissimmee.com. 101 Church St., Kissimmee. MAITLAND Known for its natural beauty and thriv-

ing arts scene featuring the Maitland Arts Center and numerous lakes. www.itsmymaitland.com. 1776 Independence Lane. MILLS 50A centrally-located, unpretentious,

urban district with a vibrant, culturally diverse, progressively minded and eclectic mix of artists, restaurants, businesses, specialty shops, markets, neighborhoods and residents. www.mills50.org/. 1200 Weber St., 407.421.9005. MOUNT DORA This pretty New England-style place

is set by lakes and hills, and its historic downtown is home to antique shops, galleries and restaurants. www.mountdora.com. 341 Alexander St. SANFORD A quaint downtown district with old-

fashioned lampposts and red-brick buildings housing shops and cafés. Don’t miss the zoo and the Lake Monroe waterfront. www.sanfordfl.gov. 300 N. Park Ave., Sanford, 407.688.5000. WINDERMERE Home to a charming downtown, a

like Isleworth and Bay Hill. www.town.windermere. fl.us. 407.876.2563. WINTER GARDEN West of Orlando, this is a

community of older, wood-frame homes and a downtown district highlighted by red-brick streets, massive oaks and an old railroad depot. www. cwgdn.com. 300 W. Plant St., Winter Garden 407.656.4111. WINTER PARK This upscale enclave is known for

its main street, Park Avenue, which is lined with fashionable boutiques and restaurants. Other highlights include Rollins College, Hannibal Square and the Morse museum. www.winterpark.org. 151 W. Lyman Ave., Winter Park, 407.644.8281.

Real Estate ENCORE/REUNION Make the town of Reunion

home, or home away from home. Located near Central Florida’s biggest attractions, choose from homes built with families in mind, featuring up to 11 bedrooms. Enjoy amenities such as golf, fitness areas, kids’ program, dining and an exclusive club. www.theencoreclub.com. 407.396.9000. MIRASOLThis Celebration condominium provides

a convenient home for tourists and residents. Walk to shops and restaurants and enjoy community amenities such as swimming pools, boardwalks, bike paths and the lakefront. www.mirasolcondos. com. 501 Mirasol Circle, Celebration, 407.566.2800.


Provides information on events, venues, parking, transportation and more with interactive kiosks, digital message boards and informative personnel. www.downtownorlando.com. 201 S. Orange Ave., 407.246.2555. EXPERIENCE KISSIMMEE Pick up free resources

and get travel advice and discount tickets for theme parks and Kissimmee attractions. www. experiencekissimmee.com. 4155 W. Vine St., Kissimmee, 407.569.4800. ORANGE COUNTY CONVENTION CENTER One of

the largest meeting destinations in the country boasts 2 million square feet of convention space. www.occc.net. North Concourse, 9400 Universal Blvd.; South Concourse, 9899 International Drive; West Concourse, 9800 International Drive, 407.685.9800. ORLANDO’S OFFICIAL VISITOR CENTER Their

courteous, multilingual staff will help you get directions, exchange currency, purchase discount attraction tickets and check last-minute hotel room availability. www.visitorlando.com. 8723 International Drive, 407.363.5872.

chain of lakes and prestigious gated communities


RESORT STYLE RESIDENCES FROM THE LOW $200s UNIT 500-208 1,616sf. 2 BR/2.5BA w/Versatile Enclosed Den. Second Floor garden style condo with convenient elevator access. Two spacious suites, separate laundry room, oversized den, fully equipped kitchen, move-in ready. $345,000

UNIT 512-202 2BR/2BA w/Attached Garage. Second floor townhome style condo. Large open floor plan w/ spacious kitchen, breakfast nook, living an dining room. This home has a beautiful canal view from the extra large screened patio, master bedroom, & living room. Enjoy a second screened patio located off the breakfast nook. All appliances included, upgrade options available. $390,350 UNIT 501-405 1444 SF 2BR/2BA with office space. Split plan with separate dining room and breakfast bar in kitchen. View of lush nature preserve from screened veranda. Fully equipped kitchen. The prime location of this home has convenient elevator service. $306,000



� Bedrooms + Office � Bathrooms

*Floorplans are subject to change and used for sales purposes only. Floorplans may vary depending on location.

�,��� sq ft

UNIT 501-318 1BR/1.5BA with den. Spacious layout with separate dining room and eat-in kitchen. View of resort-style pool from screened veranda. The prime location of this home has convenient elevator service. New wood floors, new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, new granite counter tops, new appliances included. $270,500

Large floor plans | Villas with attached garages | Resort-style living Here, the vacation never ends. Visit a luxurious day spa, relax in comfortable club facilities or spend a sunny afternoon beside a stunning swimming pool. Live a short walk from Downtown Celebration — and a million miles from the rest of the world. Additional move-in ready homes available...



1597SF/2BR/2BA/newly upgraded




1485 SF/2BR/2BA with Den






Sales Villa Open Daily Call or stop by 407.566.8970 502 Mirasol Circle, Suite #102 Celebration, FL

MirasolCondos.com mirasolsales@lpsi.com

All information is believed to be accurate but is not warranted. Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the seller. For correct representations, reference should be made to the purchase agreement.

36 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017



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Mills Ave

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Marget Ct

Av 527

Luc ern eC ir




Ponce d e Leon P l Orlando Regional Medical Center



1/8 mi 250 m


Eola Dr Eola Dr

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Highland Av

Irma Av

Geneva Pl

Magnolia Av

Lake Lucerne


Parramore Ave




Av Orange





Eola Dr

Boone Av 10A









Dr. Phillips Center City for Performing Arts Hall

Ro sa lin d




Lake Av

Bryan Av



Visitor Center


Hughey Pl




Orlando Magic

Division Av



Pharr Av

Chapman Ct

Parramore Ave

Hicks Av

6 Camping World Stadium


Amway Center

Livingston St

Lake Eola

Liberity Av



Harwood St

Walt Disney Amphitheatre

Delaney Av


Orlando Pine City Stadium


Magnolia Av

Central Blvd


Eola Pkwy

Delaney Av

Central Blvd


E Amelia St

Ridgewood St

Rosalind Av

Hughey Av

Garland Av





Broadway Ct

Hibiscus Ct


Palmetto Av



Orange Av

Beggs Av

Chatham Av



Lucerne Terrace



Parramore Av



Court Av


Magnolia Av





State Ln


University of Central Florida Downtown Campus

ind sal Ro



Gurtrude Av



Orange County Courthouse

Court Av

Alexander Pl


Colonial Dr


Lynx Central Station

Bob Carr Performing Arts Center




Court Av


Park Lake


Orange Av

Concord Garland Av




Hughey Av

Revere Av



Colonial Dr

Lake Dot



Cheney Pl


Lexington Av

ot Circ Edgewater Dr le

Colonial Dr


Putnam Av


e Dot C Lak irc le

Parramore Av

Lake Concord

La k


Putnam Av


C Garlan d Av






State Highway



University/ College

Bus Station



Place of Interest F



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t St

E Story Rd

E Plan

Tilden Rd


Bay Lake



R se ha

Lake Butler


d Rd an 535


Lake Sheen

Lake Tibet


Lake Down


st Expy East-We

Big Sand Lake


City Walk Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Volcano Bay

Conroy Windermere Rd

Bay Hill Club & Lodge

White Rd




Win ter G ard en Vin el


Silver Star Rd








Bee Line Expy

I-Drive 360




Re ag an

Tp ke

Beach Line

Shingle Creek


Ed ge w




W Washington St

W Smith St




Sand Lake Rd

Florida Mall Anderson Expy rtin Ma

Morse Museum of American Art

Mead Gardens


E South St

W Taft Vineland Rd

Pershing Ave

E Landstreet Rd

Mccoy Rd Jetport Dr

Kennedy Space Center

Lake Conway


Orlando Executive Airport

East-West Expy

Orlando Fashion Square Mall

Corrine Dr

Orlando Museum of Art Virginia Dr



a Ave Alom

Hoffner Ave

Gatlin Ave

Beach Line


Lake Dr

Lake Howell


E Robinson St

81 W Kaley St

W Landstreet Rd

Centra l Flor ida Pky

TOLL 528




for the Performing Arts

W Holden Ave




Lake Maitland

82 Dr. Phillips Center

Amway Center



87 W Fairbanks Ave


d Blv


Orlando 84 City Camping Stadium World Stadium 83 526

W Oak Ridge Rd


E Altamonte Dr




rD Lake r Fairview



90 Maitland

Rd Lee

Kennedy Blvd



Mall at Millenia Premium Outlets


Sand Lake Rd

al Dr ion




roy Rd Con

Lb Mcle

Vineland Rd



6 Semoran Blv d

Maitland Blvd

W Colonial Dr

SeaWorld, Discovery Cove, 71 Aquatica




G ter Win Old

TOLL 408

Clarco na Ocoee Rd

Beggs Rd


Bear Lake


g Pky oun S John Y

Seven Seas Lagoon

Disney-Magic Kingdom

Lake Speer

Sto neyWest bro ky ok est P W

Ronald Reagan Tpke

W Colonial Dr



St nt Pla

4 mi


4 km

Johns Lake


Wurst Rd

ims Rd Ad M

N Thompson

SO ran ge Blo sso m

l na Ro

Orange County National



TOLL 429

W Mccormick Rd

Ap op


Palm Springs Dr

ve S Orange A



Orlando International Airport

Tradeport Dr


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Theme Parks

Golf Course

58 Exits


E Semoran Blvd

S Ferncreek Ave






Toll Roads


Clarke Rd

10 Interstate

Good Homes Rd

S Binion Rd

N Park Ave

S Apopka Vineland Rd

Sheeler Ave


Lakeville Rd


N Hiawassee Rd


Lake Apopka


N Pine Hills Rd

Douglas Ave S Wymore Rd

N Wekiwa Spri

N Powers Dr

Oxford Rd


Avalon Rd

Mercy Dr



Hempel Ave

Oco ee Ap opk a Rd


St Main


S Conway Rd

Turkey Lake Rd Interna t

S Kirkman Rd

Orlando Ave

Bear Lake Rd

Rose Ave


38 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2017 N Jo h n Young Pky

S Ivey Ln

ter Western Beltway ebs el W Dani

Bruton Blvd

Park Ave

Montgomery Rd


Vin ela nd Rd

N Semoran Blvd

S Ora nge B lossom Trl

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Howell Br anch Rd



Bee Line Expy



Pershing Ave

Ventura C.C.




S Ora nge Ave

Blvd oran Sem

S Crystal Lake Dr

d Blv Temple Dr


Trl Forsyth

Bennet Rd


S Semoran Blvd

North St


ste We ter ebs W l ie Dan


US Hwy 27

Southern Dunes




Ronald Reaga n Pky

Ree dy C r






Reunion Resort







TOLL 417


Marriott Golf Academy

rS al D ion


S Ora nge B lossom Trl

W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy



Hawk's Landing

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ESPN’s Wide World Of Sports

DisneyHollywood Studios 67

Buen Vist a Dr

Lake Buena EVistaa


Creek 580

n atio

ern Premium Int Outlets

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Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores

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Reaves Rd

17 92


Hunters Creek

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Gatorland 17



Lake Tohopekaliga


N Kissimmee Municipal Airport

W Carroll St

Rd rbee ethe WW

Town Center Blv d



art Blvd




Ne ptu ne


Da rt



TOLL 417

East Lake Tohopekaliga

Kissimmee Bay Fortune Rd

EV i


Lake Nona USTA

Central Florida Greene way

Bog gy Cr ee k

S Access Rd


d kR ree Old Canoe C e pk an T Reag d l a n Ro

27 US Hwy




Mystic Dunes

Mem H wy

58 Osceola Polk Line Rd




Cirque Du Soleil Disney Springs 68




man Rd Lough


W Irlo Bronson

Disney-Animal Kingdom


nte t Ce r D p co


na cia N Poin



Wester nW

Orange Lake Resort



Shingle Creek

Dr S


t eS Vin







Avalon Rd

TOLL 429

N Old Lake Wilson Rd

Wo rld Dr

Inter nat

Ritz Carlton Faldo Golf Grande Lakes Institute

Ai rport Rd


lv d

Ham Brown Rd

N Bermuda Ave




Pleasant Hill Rd

S ne

SJ oh n

B E Lakesho re

Yo un g

p an T Reag

Old Dixie Hwy

d Dr Worl

N Orange Blossom Trl

way Belt ern

r d Ronal

N Main St

Magnolia Blvd





13th St

Cr eeAustin k Rd Tindall Park I

Bo gg y


an tzelm Hein





w w w.wh e re t ravel e r. com 39


Orlando Your Way


Thrill Seeker


Florida has long attracted pioneers drawn by the call of exploration. The first Europeans to stay in America settled in St. Augustine—four centuries and a trip down the coast later America’s first astronauts launched from Cape Canaveral. Orlando still has much to beckon the explorer at heart. (1) Forever Florida Wildlife Reserve provides 4,700 acres of untouched Floridian nature that you can explore by horseback, zip line or car. At (2) Adventures in Florida you can embark on countless variations of guided kayak journeys well off the beaten path. Finally, a visit to (3) Kennedy Space Center is a must for the pioneering spirit. There, you can view the rockets and equipment that carried Americans into space. If you time your trip well you can also view a launch from Cape Canaveral.

Too often people see Florida as a landscape of tame retirement communities and endless fairways. Spend some time here this fall, though, and you’ll abandon that assessment. Pump some adrenaline into your heart at Universal Studios’ (1) Halloween Horror Nights, hailed as the country’s best Halloween event. If speed is your thrill, the (2) Mako Rollercoaster at SeaWorld, which is so fast and tall that it qualifies as a “hypercoaster,” is a hair-raising must. For as much intensity as a haunted house scare or a coaster drop may provide, a controlled environment provides only so much adrenaline. Those seeking an untamed experience need to visit (3) Orlando Watersports Complex, where the jumps, flips and twists you’ll do on a wakeboard are as real as you can make them.

In 2015 Wine Enthusiast ranked Orlando as one of the top ten destinations for wine in the world. Three years on, the city’s wine scene is as strong as ever. A local favorite is (1) Eola Wine Company, located on the banks of Lake Eola. This relaxed wine bar has 50 wines available by the glass along with another 200 by the bottle. An Orlando secret is (2) Tim’s Wine Market, which disregards accolades and critic scores in favor of letting each of their personally selected wines stand out for their individual strengths. Finally, the (3) Food and Wine Classic returns to the Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort on October 27th and 28th. This is a true homegrown street party, complete with wine, food and live music on the Swan and Dolphin promenade patio.

40 W H E R E O R L A N D O I S E P T E M B E R / O C TO B E R 2 017



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