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IRISH-AMERICAN HERITAGE SOCIETY 2018 Officers and Board Members

Pat, Daniel, John and Paul at the 2018 Grand Marshal’s Ball

2018 Irish American Heritage Board Members

John Mulherin Vice President


Paul Dorr Treasurer

Pat Kelly Secretary

Daniel Eubanks President


long as I can remember. I vividly

remember year after year looking up to my parents, aunts, uncles,

and cousins as they donned

their sashes for St. Patrick’s Day,

yearning for the day that I too would be able to join their ranks.

When I was first approached about joining the Society Board,

I was overwhelmed. For my entire life its ranks have been filled with men and women whom I held in the highest regard. I can

say without a doubt that this respect has only intensified during

my time as a board member. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have served alongside men that I truly idolize. I would like to

personally thank each member of this great Society for the faith you placed in me, and in my fellow officers, to lead the Society

tradition, is nothing short of exemplary. I would like to

congratulate them for the honor.

• Irish Lady of the Year: Maureen Grady Lewis;

• Irish Family of the Year: The Ray and Caroline Brady Family. And finally, the Grand Marshal, that person held in the highest

esteem by his fellow man. A person of great integrity, one whom all admire and trust. One looked upon as the greatest example

of an Irish gentleman. Without a doubt the highest honor this society can bestow on an individual.

• This 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal – Mr. Edward Holmes.

Once again I thank all of the members for allowing me the

honor of presiding over this society for the past year. Sláinte and

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


toward a new generation.

This Society is truly in amazing financial shape and has made

incredible strides in expanding its membership these last few years.

We have experienced remarkable growth during my tenure, but I won’t imply that this growth is attributable to me - I have been

fortunate to go along for the ride. I would like to sincerely thank

Daniel Eubanks

Irish American Heritage Society 2018 President

my fellow board members, John Mulherin, Paul Dorr, and Pat

Kelly. Also, I would like to praise the leadership of my immediate predecessors Ralph Bowles and Russ Gambill. It is the efforts of these men that have led this Society to where we are today.

This Society can only continue to prosper if the membership

continues to support its growth. I encourage you to do everything you can to encourage the next generation of Irish Americans to

join our Society. We added over 100 members in the last three

years and I hope to see that trend continue long into the future.

St. Patrick's Day 2018

has been a part of my life for as

This year’s slate of dignitaries, continuing the long-standing

May your troubles be less and your blessings more And nothing but happiness come through your door

IAHS President’s Letter

The Irish American Heritage Society


Doug Herman


Chris Cardelli, Mandy Herlong CONTRIBU TING EDITOR

Margaret M. Holmes, John Scherer, Dr. David Tribby PHOTOGRAPHY

Michael Johnson


Karen Fralick


Dennis Kelly


Russ Gambill


Krishna Dorr Leanne Mulherin


Erik Lewis


Donald Horton

Cover Photo © James P. Walsh II

PRINTED BY STROTHER'S PRINTING INC. 312 8th St, Augusta, Georgia 30901

HAPPY Saint Patrick's Day!



Grand Marshal’s Breakfast, by Invitation

12:00 NOON

St. Patrick’s Day Mass, Church of the Most Holy Trinity Activities at the Augusta Common

2:00 PM

Parade Begins, James Brown Civic Center to Broad Street

St. Patrick’s Day Festival at the Augusta Common

Presented By “Friends With Benefits”, The City of Augusta And The Irish American Heritage Society

4:00 PM

The Augusta Irish Dancers

5:00 PM

Eryn Eubanks & The Family Fold

6:30 PM

Taylor and the Swans

7:45 PM

Scarlet Begonias

9:30 PM

Black Dawg

5 Schedule Of Events

9:00-11:00 AM

St. Patrick's Day 2018

Schedule of Events

IRISH-AMERICAN HERITAGE SOCIETY From the Early Days of the Parade to 2018

Charles Anderson, Parade Chairman; Phil Kelly, President; Leland Malchow, Parade Decorations Chairman and John Scherer, Parade Committee, discuss plans for the 1979 St. Patrick’s Day parade. Minutes from the January 11, 1978 Meeting

On Wednesday, January 11, 1978,

a group of enthusiastic Augustans of Irish descent met at the

Knights of Columbus Home on Henry Street. The purpose of the

meeting was to make plans for an annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Augusta. There were thirty four people in attendance. The following ideas were expressed for consideration:

1. Attend Mass at Holy Trinity Church (which on this day for

this particular group will resort to its old name, St. Patrick’s).

2. After Mass, parade around to the Bi-Centennial Park for a song fest. We hope to have some music and have the Park

decorated, also some hats, sashes, etc. for those participating in the parade.

3. From the park, proceed to the Town Tavern (or some other appropriate place) for lunch.

4. Get in touch with the parochial school and Aquinas and ask them to participate.

5. Offer prizes for the best Irish costumes in the various age groups; best Irish jig, and best essay on “What My Irish Heritage Means to Me”.

6. Contact the news media for good coverage. 7. Help a needy Irish American family.


8. This year have an informal party and next year, organize and have a big celebration.

9. “Pass the hat around” at the luncheon so there will be some money to help defray expenses.

10. Decide on a name.

A Steering Committee of eight men-John Douglas, Philip

Kelly, Jamie O’Connell, Joe Kelly, Philip Ward, Paul Thompson,

John Walsh, and Charlie Chesser was appointed. They will meet on Tuesday, January 17, 1978 to consider these suggestions and formulate some plans for the future. They will appoint a subcommittee of four ladies to help carry out these plans.

Charlie Chesser was appointed to contact the Parish Priests

and acquaint them with the plans and ask for their cooperation.

Jamie O’Connell gave a few ideas that might be incorporated in

the Constitution and volunteered to be the Historian. Retta Burke volunteered for the telephone committee.

We are proud of our Irish Heritage and hopethat some good

things will come from this meeting for our children and the City of Augusta.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret M. Holmes

Patrick's Day!

7 From the Early Days to 2018


St. Patrick's Day 2018

From the Early Days of the Parade to 2018


Daniel Eubanks, the 40th President of the Irish American Heritage Society, comes from a long line of past dignitaries of the Society. His father, Walter, served as Grand Marshal in 2014.

Grandmother Jane Markwalter Eubanks was Irish Lady in 2007 and 1993 Irish Family of the Year.

Great-Uncle Jack Markwalter was the 1997 Grand Marshal, 1981 President and 2011 Irish Family of

the Year. Aunt Patricia Eubanks Scoggins was the 2014 Irish Lady of the Year. And finally, Great-Aunt Louise Wright was 2010 Irish Lady of the Year. Daniel and his wife Lauren were married in 2010 and have two children, Parker James Eubanks, 6, and Molly Catherine Eubanks, 2. The Society wishes to

thank Daniel for his leadership and guidance this past year and congratulate him and Lauren and the Board for bringing such a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day Parade and celebration to Augusta in 2018!


Ralph Bowles


Marcia Kennedy


2014 2013

2012 2011


2009 2008 2007

2006 2005

2004 2003

2002 2001

2000 1999 1998


Russ Gambill Noel Schweers Terry Douglas John Pilcher Dennis Welsh Katherine Price Dennis Kelly Dan Eicher Brian Leonard Joel Surles Mike Tierney James Hutto Sean Burke Tim Regan Kevin A. Kelly William “Bill” Berry David F. Dross Michael J. Regan


Eugene F. McManus


Raymond B. Brady

1996 1994 1993

1992 1991

1990 1989 1988 1987

1986 1985

1984 1983

1982 1981

1980 1979 1978

Patrick J. Douglas James E. Thrash Philip M. Kelly P. Ferris Dorr John R. Scherer, Jr. Otis C. Benton Thomas C. Poteet Philip S. Ward John P. Regan David C. Tribby John H. Douglas R. Floyd Gambill, Jr. C.W. “Buck” Tinley Brian J. Mulherin Jack Markwalter Bernard J. Mulherin W. Philip Kelly John H. Douglas

IAHS Past Presidents

St. Patrick's Day 2018

IAHS Presidents

HAPPY Saint Patrick's Day!


IAHS Presidents

HAPPY Saint Patrick's Day!



Year, the Irish Lady of the Year and, most importantly, the 2018

Irish decent with the goal of supporting the preservation and

contribution that our current officers, directors and volunteers

was formed in Augusta in 1978 by a handful of local folks of

celebration of their Irish ancestry. Keeping family strong in faith

and unity, preserving music, literature and Irish customs as well as the associated fellowship and goodwill around St. Patrick’s Day

Grand Marshal. We would also like to identify and applaud the have made this year in bringing another wonderful parade to our community.

The founders of the Society demonstrated a steadfast desire

has always been its foundation. As the Society has grown, it has

to preserve our Irish heritage, the heritage of our forefathers in

Augusta with the traditions, family values, mutual respect, and

commemoration to all past Grand Marshals, Irish Ladies, Irish

continued to educate the membership and the general public of community spirit that its founders so ardently embraced.

The Preamble of Constitution and By-Laws of the Society is

quite eloquent;

“We are American in every sense of the word, but Americans

with a heritage which we do not wish to see lost to our children.

Rather, we would wish to have those who come after us know the

blessings that God has left to them in their Irish blood - blood that

has been ref ined through centuries of steadfastness to the religious

beliefs our Irish ancestors held to be true and strengthened by their long and determined refusal to surrender their land and their

Ireland. It is our sincere hope that this program will serve as a

Families, officers, directors and volunteers of the Society. Their inspiration, determination and love over the past 40 years will never be forgotten.

One of the functions of the Society is to let our children, and

all those that come after us, know by example, words, readings, photographs, and any and all manner of illustrations the

contributions made by our ancestors. We wish to preserve forever the memories of those true Irish Ladies and Irish Gentlemen of Augusta who have endeavored to keep our Irish American Heritage alive and flourishing.

We are grateful for the generous support provided by our

nation to alien conquerors. We know that in their resistance, our

members and advertisers to this program. With your continued

God and the sanctity of the family.”

preserving the history of our Augusta Irish-American heritage.

forebears were armed with two irrepressible forces: their faith in

The primary purpose of this program is to distinguish and

honor the 2018 dignitaries of the Society; the Irish Family of the

assistance it is our sincere hope that we can play a small part in

Erin Go Braugh!

11 IAHS History

The Irish-American Heritage Society

St. Patrick's Day 2018



2017 Irish Lady of the Year Carol Eicher

The Irish Lady of the Year award

is given to a true Irish lady in appreciation of appreciation of her continued support of community programs, her unselfish assistance to those in need and her tireless efforts to improve the welfare of her Irish brethren.


Carol Eicher

2016 Annie Emmett

1994 Elizabeth Sheehan

2003 Carroll Kelly

1992 Anne V. Casey

2001 Jeanne Cooney

1990 Anne K. McCarthy

1999 May Lyons

1988 Helen H. O’Connell

2004 Margaret Regan

2013 Ann Ribock

2002 Norah Byrne Schweers


2000 Mary Williams

2012 Louise Sheehan Shelia Wilson

2010 Louise Wright

2009 Cathy Covert

2008 Marguerite L. Welch 2007 Jane Eubanks

1995 Louise Thompson

2005 Mary Ward

2015 Elizabeth Mulherin

2014 Patricia Scoggins


2006 Pat Real

1998 Arline Kelly 1997

Marge Douglas

1996 Norma Ellen Malchow

1993 Agnes H. Vaughan 1991

Eileen Rhodes

1989 Helen S. Evans 1987

Ann M. Leonard

Patrick's Day!

13 IAHS Irish Ladies of the Year


St. Patrick's Day 2018

IAHS Irish Ladies of the Year

Proud of our Irish Heritage Billy ~Doug~ Jimmy Herman & Maureen Herman Smith

Herman.indd 1

3/1/18 11:43 AM


Jim Hudson Lexus

Frank Gibbs, Jr. New and Pre-owned Sales

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3/1/18 11:26 AM

The Treasure of the Saints by Jamie O’Connell

One moring as I went to walk beside the Irish Sea,

As I raised me big red Irish hand to flick him like a flea, He stepped aside with a nimble glide, and his finger shook at me. “Away with ya anger now,” he said, “or I’ll leave ya on ya own, “And the treasure of all Ireland’s saints to you’ll be never known!” “But follow,” he said, with a tilt of his head, “across this pretty green,” “And I’ll show you as great a wealth as any man has seen!” So I did his foolish biddin’, and fell in close behind, Feeling like a big buffoon quite absent from his mind. At length we came to a tiny hut with a wall of rock before In a little glade where children played before it’s humble door; A beautiful maid was milkin’, her father was stackin’ peat, And a gray-haired mother was plyin her broom, makin’ the cottage neat. So I says to th’ krature, th’ leprechaun, “Now what be ya complaints?” “Before your eyes”, he said with pride, “is th’ Treasure of the Saints!” And I felt like thumpin’ his little behind for the lie he was tellin’ me, For all that was there was a peaceful hut, and an Irish family.

15 Irish Family

“And how should the likes of you,” I scoffed, “be finding such a thing?” “Tis a bounty sought a thousand years by scholar, prince, and king!” “Because,” he said with impudence, “If a leprechaun might boast. “The people of my world are twice as smart as most!”

St. Patrick's Day 2018

A saucy little leprechaun stepped out in front of me. “Good morning, little krature!” said I “Now what be your complaints?” “I’ve none” he said, “because I’ve found the Treasure of the Saints!”


The Irish Family of the

Year award is given to the Irish family that best exemplifies love of God, devotion to

family and the richness of their Irish heritage. The Irish Family of the Year is held in high esteem by their fellow Irish Americans.

The Richard & Mary Bowles Family 2017 Irish Family of the Year


Richard & Mary Bowles Family

2016 Dennis & Ann Leonard Family

2002 Mrs. Joseph A. Armstrong Family 2001 Philip Kelly Family

2015 Mike Mosner Family

2000 Patrick Douglas Family

2013 Bill Bambrick Family

1998 Dr. William Real Family

2014 Leland Malchow Family 2012 Bernard Mulherin Family 2011

Jack Markwalter Family

2010 Joseph E. Kelly Family

1999 Warren Lamar Family 1997

Fritz M. McCarthy Family

1996 G. Worth Andrews, Jr. Family 1995 John W. Burke, Jr. Family

2009 Arline Kelly Family

1994 Edward D. Welch Family

2007 Dr. David Tribby Family

1992 Katherine Kelly Farr Family

2005 Ferris Dorr Family

1990 R. Floyd Gambill, Jr. Family

2008 John Douglas Family

2006 William Herman Family 2004 Milton Burroughs Family 2003 Don Grady Family

1993 Jane Markwalter Eubanks Family 1991

Jerry Mooney Family

1989 John P. Regan Family

Prior to 1989, the Society selected families to be featured in the

Augusta newspapers during Irish Week. Those families selected were:

Callahan Family, Mulherin Family, Sheehan Family, O’Connor/O’Connell Families.


Patrick's Day!

17 IAHS Past Families of the Year


St. Patrick's Day 2018

IAHS St. Patrick’s Day Family Fun


The Grand Marshal is that person held in the highest esteem by his

fellow man. The Grand Marshal is a person of great integrity, one whom all admire and trust.

One looked upon as the greatest example of an Irish gentleman. It is without doubt the highest honor this society can bestow upon an individual.


Mike Rucker

John S. Markwalter

2016 Philip M. Kelly

1996 J. Noel Schweers

2014 Walter Eubanks

1994 David C. Tribby

2012 Pat Rice

1992 John P. Regan

2010 Bill Berry

1990 John J. Walsh

2008 Mike Leonard

1988 R. Floyd Gambill, Jr.

2015 Bob Cashin

2013 Billy Herman 2011

Jerry Armstrong

2009 Jim Thrash

2007 Frank Doyle

1995 Brian J. Mulherin

1993 John H. Douglas 1991

Leland J. Malchow

1989 Joseph E. Kelly 1987

Edward J. Doris

2006 Bill Real

1986 Patrick R. Mulherin

2004 John Scherer

1984 Dr. T.E. “Ed” Bailey

2002 Br Richard Michel

1982 E.J. “Eddie” McMahon

2000 John W. “Jack” Burke, Jr.

1980 T.J. “Mike” Kearns

1998 Bernard J. Mulherin


2005 Daniel B. Walter

2003 Philip S. Ward

2001 C.W. “Buck” Tinley 1999 Paul Ferris Dorr, Jr.



1985 W. Philip Kelly

1983 L.J. “Pat” Ward 1981

D.M. “Denny” Leonard


Charles C. Chesser James J. “Jamie” O’Connell

Patrick's Day!

19 IAHS Grand Marshals


St. Patrick's Day 2018

IAHS Grand Marshals

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the

Eubanks Family!

Eubanks’, Scoggins’, Nicholson’s, Gleichauf’s Mark Tribby DVM

David Tribby DVM

Big Jane

Medicine • Surgery • Boarding

Irish Lady of the Year - 2007

4120 Wheeler Road / Flowing Wells Road

Tricia Scoggins

Irish Lady of the Year - 2014


Walter Eubanks

Grand Marshal - 2014

I-20 exit 195 & Wheeler Road

DrTribby_Ad.indd 1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 3/1/18 Eubanks_AD.indd 11:25 AM 1

3/1/18 11:25 AM

from the Dennis Kelly Family

Congratulations to

Ed Holmes, Grand Marshal • Maureen Grady Lewis, Irish Lady The Ray Brady Family, Irish Family of the Year 20

Dennis Kelly.indd 1

3/1/18 11:23 AM

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Dennis Michael & Ann Markwalter Leonard Descendants

May your troubles be less and your belssings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door.

Denny Leonard, Grand Marshal 1981 • “Big Ann” Leonard, Irish Lady of the Year 1987 • Brian Leonard, President 2007 Mike Leonard, Grand Marshal 2008 • Ann Leonard Ribock, Irish Lady of the Year 2013 • Irish Family of the Year 2016

IRISH-AMERICAN HERITAGE SOCIETY History of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Augusta, Georgia.

The Eubanks Family enjoys the parade in 1986! Daniel, Walter and Charles.

There have been St. Patrick’s Day

organizational first year 1977-78, John Douglas served as President

1800’s. But the history of current Parade and celebration date back

the parade.

celebrations, including parades, in Augusta dating back to the late to the 1970’s.

Although many Augustans held fond memories of the parades

in the city of Savannah, by mid-1970, the Augusta Irish American community was conducting informal conversations about having a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Augusta. These discussions led

some to suggest a meeting to determine the amount of interest and commitment that could be counted on for such an undertaking. A chance encounter on March 17, 1977, at Augusta’s Town

Tavern provided the initial impetus to have that meeting. Marian

Other officers in the initial year were Vice President Philip

Kelly, Secretary Jack Walsh and Treasurer Joe Kelly. Initial plans

included attending a special Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Telfair Street followed by a Parade.

The 1978 Parade included 15 units and many enthusiastic,

flag waving Irish families as they marched from Barrett Plaza to

Seventh Street. The parade was followed by an afternoon of music and socializing in and around the Town Tavern.

The Parade has grown through the years, with many Augusta

Scherer and some friends were enjoying lunch there, as were John

Irish families still beginning their day with the celebration of Mass

that Augusta had no St Patrick’s Day celebration to attend.

that has grown exponentially over the years, and is followed by a

and Marge Douglas. There was sharing of mutual disappointment That day’s conversation was the spark that was needed, and

soon thereafter an informal meeting was held among friends and

at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Mass is followed by a parade family oriented gathering near the Augusta Riverwalk.

The Grand Marshal’s Ball, held in February, precedes the

neighbors to discuss a fitting St. Patrick’s Day celebration for

St Patrick’s Day events. In addition to announcing a deserving

on the Hill Catholic Church.

Year, and an Irish Family of the Year are recognized and honored

Augusta. Most attending the meeting were members of St. Mary From that informal meeting, a decision was made to form

an Irish-American Heritage Society with the initial goal of sponsoring a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 1978. During the


of the Society and Marian Scherer spearheaded the planning of

individual to be Grand Marshal of the Parade, an Irish Lady of the at the Ball.

David Tribby


Jamie O’Connell


Mike Kearns 1980

St. Patrick's Day 2018


Charles C. Chesser

Denny Leonard

Eddie McMahon

Pat Ward

Ed Bailey

Philip Kelly

Pat Mulherin







A Bakers Dozen at the 2007 Grand Marshals Breakfast

IAHS Grand Marshals


Irish-American Heritage Society Grand Marshals

Ed Doris

Floyd Gambill

Joe Kelly

Jack Walsh

Lee Malchow

John Regan

John Douglas

David Tribby

Brian Mulherin










The 2008 Grand Marshals Breakfast


Congratulations to Our 2018 Dignitaries

Joseph E. Kelly, III Charter Member Grand Marshall – 1989

Kelley Family.indd 1

3/1/18 11:30 AM


DANIEL J. SHEEHAN, MD, FAAD DERMATOLOGY, MOHS SURGERY & DERMATHOPATHOLOGY Diplomate, American Board Of Dermatology Diplomate, American Board Of Pathology 902 Ponder Place Court • Evans, GA • 706. 364.3223 office • 706.364.4918 fax DrSheehan.indd 1

3/1/18 11:25 AM

25 IAHS Grand Marshals

Carroll L. Kelly

Irish Lady of the Year - 2003 Irish Family of the Year - 2010

St. Patrick's Day 2017

The Joseph E. Kelly, III Family

Irish-American Heritage Society Grand Marshals

Noel Schweers

Jack Markwalter

Bernard Mulherin

Ferris Dorr

Jack Burke

“Buck” Tinley

Br. Richard Michel

Philip Ward

John Scherer, Jr.










Eight Grand Marshals attended the 2009 Breakfast


St. Patrick's Day 2017 3/1/18 11:43 AM

Congratulations to 2018 Grand Marshal Ed Holmes! From Our Tribe to Yours


27 IAHS Grand Marshals

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3/1/18 11:34 AM

Irish-American Heritage Society Grand Marshals

Dan Walter

Bill Real

Frank Doyle

Mike Leonard

Jim Thrash

Bill Berry

Jerry Armstrong

Pat Rice

Billy Herman










Pat Rice and his fellow Grand Marshals at the 2012 Breakfast


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Gerald A. Armstrong Insurance Services of Augusta

29 IAHS Grand Marshals

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Wednesday - Saturday 5pm to 10pm

Grand Marshal 2011 #5 George C Wilson Ct • Augusta, Georgia PO Box 12177 • Augusta, Georgia • 30914-2177 706-738-0411 • fax 706-738-0371

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*Reservations suggested for dinner on weekends

3/1/18 Sheehans_AD.indd 1:32 PM 1

3/1/18 1:23 PM

Irish-American Heritage Society Grand Marshals

Walter Eubanks 2014

Bob Cashin 2015

Philip M. Kelly 2016

Mike Rucker 2017

The 2017 Grand Marshal and His Aides at the 2017 Grand Marshal ’s Breakfast


Danny Fitzgerald, Tim Wright, Mike Rucker and Worth Andrews

St. Patrick's Day 2017 3/1/18 11:26 AM

Compliments of

Kuhlke Construction


3704 Benchmark Drive • Augusta, GA


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3/1/18 11:31 AM

31 IAHS Grand Marshals

Fox Appliance.indd 1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In Loving Memory of

Brian J. Mulherin, Sr. IRISH BY THE GRACE OF GOD (Printed in City Ink, April 10, 2005.) Neita and I were talking about Sacred Heart church when she mentioned that Brian’s parents, Joe and Elizabeth Mahoney-Mulherin, had gotten married there at 6 a.m. in 1916 and then caught the train for New Orleans. Then she said they weren’t Brian’s natural parents, that he had been left on the doorsteps of Dr. William Mulherin’s house on Greene Street in 1923 with a note from his mother saying she was too poor to keep him. Actually, the story was he had been brought to Dr. Mulherin’s house when he was 3 weeks old by a girl who said she was on her way home from work when she was stopped by a pretty young lady at the corner of Marbury and Telfair streets. The lady asked her if she knew where Dr. Mulherin lived and gave her a note and a bundle and asked her to deliver them to the doctor’s home. In the note, the mother promised to come to Dr. Mulherin’s house the next

night to explain everything, but she never showed up. The Mulherin clan embraced baby Brian and were wonderful to him. Years later, he wanted to know who his natural parents were and went to the state adoption registry for help. Just as the investigator was about to find out, Brian “chickened out.” When he was grand marshal of the 1995 St. Patrick’s Day parade, he told the story of his delivery at a breakfast meeting. “I told them the story about being delivered to Dr. Mulherin and how lucky I was because that’s how I became Irish and how I became parade marshal,” he said. “I said if I had been delivered two doors down, I would have been a Silverstein and would have been working at Silverstein’s Laundry and Dry Cleaners instead of at the parade.” Bernie Silverstein likes the story, but the truth is, the Rubensteins, not the Silversteins, lived two doors down. “But I would have been Jewish,” he said.


(Published in The Augusta Chronicle by Sylvia Cooper August 22, 2010) The Senior Citizens Council honored Brian Mulherin Sr. with a dinner and roast at The DoubleTree Hotel on Friday for his many years of community service, and about 200 people learned a few things about the man everybody seems to love. For example, he was once in the seminary studying to be a priest until he discovered he was allergic to celibacy. He rides a Harley. He once owned the Rock-A-Dry-Baby baby diaper service in Augusta and drove a blue station wagon with an emblem of a stork carrying a baby in a diaper on the side. His daughters were so embarrassed to be seen riding in it, they hid. They were so relieved when disposable diapers put him out of business and he had to get a "respectable" job as personnel director at Georgia Regional Hospital, said his daughter Nancy Bachelder , who, along with daughter

Ed Holmes

2018 Grand Marshal

Barbara Mulherin and son Tom, spilled the beans about Daddy at the roast. One even revealed that his motto when he owned the diaper service was, "Your baby's poo-poo is my bread and butter." So many good things were said about Brian there's not space here to repeat them, but Mike Rucker sort of summed it all up

when he said: "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He lives in Brian Mulherin. Nay, Santa Claus is Brian Mulherin."


Maureen Grady Lewis 2018 Irish Lady of the Year

The Brady Family

2018 Irish Family of the Year

Family Tree

There’s love within our family tree And happiness abounds. It’s roots are deeply planted In rich and fertile ground. We enjoy the rays of sunlight, And endure the winds and rain, And when a leaf falls from our tree, Together we share the pain. God gave us earthly families And never did intend, That bonds of love built on earth, Upon our death would end. For when our life is over And from earth our souls will flee, One by one, leaf by leaf He’ll rejoin our family tree.













Wine, Equines and Heritage

THERAPY DOGS The role they play for kids with special needs

A look into Andrea Cerofolini’s life




FALL 2016

Fa l l 2 01 6


AIKEN_COVER FALL 2016_with spine.indd 3

JAN17 COVER R1.indd 1

12/16/16 2:50 PM

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8/19/16 12:01:04 PM


St. Patrick's Day 2018

2018 Grand Marshal

Edward Joseph Holmes

The Irish-American Heritage Society is pleased

his parents got engaged they proceeded to celebrate at one of

Mr. Edward Joseph Holmes.

really realize how much your parents did for you until you get

to announce the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal, Our Grand Marshal is still in a state of shock from when he

received “The Call” informing him of the election results. “I am

Augusta’s most historic establishments…The Tip Top. “You don’t older”, said Ed.

His parents were his great role models. His brother Larkin was

so humbled to follow such a long line of distinguished Irishmen

named after Uncle Larkin Mulherin who was killed in action

many other Irishmen who could have gotten this honor.” Known

who played on Augusta’s 1923 “Shamrock Football Team”, and

and I just don’t feel deserving but really feel honored. There are so to most as Ed or Eddie, he is particularly honored to be Grand Marshal on the 40th Anniversary of the Society.

Ed was born in 1947 to William Henry Holmes Jr. and

Margaret Mulherin Holmes. His siblings include Henry,

Margaret, Larkin, and Jane. Ed says his father was a bit shy and it took the effort of his friend Ed “Fox” Rhodes to push him

into a date with the lass Margaret Mulherin. Ed says that after

during World War II. Ed is named after his uncle Ed Mulherin later attended Clemson on a football scholarship. For some

unknown reason our Grand Marshal is an avid fan of Georgia Tech, whether they are winning or losing. “I stick with Bobby Dodd’s boys”, he says.

The native Augustan’s early education was at Mount Saint

Joseph Academy, Aquinas High School and then on to Augusta

College. Ed enlisted in the United States Army in 1969 and was

IAHS 2017 Grand Marshal


IAHS 2018 Grand Marshal

sent to Vietnam. After his tour of duty, Ed continued his education at Georgia Southwestern College, where he graduated in 1974. As a member of the famed Americal Division in Vietnam,

Ed was a Light Weapons Infantryman stationed at Chu Lai as

“When I retired from the US Postal Service, I needed to

keep busy and pay back the debt to my community, so I took up volunteering.”

Ed is an avid collector of sports memorabilia and most folk

a ground combat infantryman. He has an astounding album of

know that if you have a question about sports…ASK EDDIE.

high waters with rifles held high. Fortunately our Grand Marshal

Mary’s on the Hill and serves as a Eucharistic Minister. When

some of his buddies.

working on that.”

photographs of himself and his buddies dredging through waist survived several skirmishes with the Viet Cong that wounded

For more than 40 years Ed has faithfully served on the chain

Our Grand Marshal is an active, lifelong parishioner of St.

asked if he also hears confession, Ed quipped, “not yet but I am Ed is a descendant of Thaddeus Mulherin of County Mayo,

gang crew at Aquinas football games. He is an avid supporter

Ireland. Descendants of Ed’s vast clan include Augusta families

“Aquinas is my favorite institution and Coach Denny Leonard

Lyons, Wheeler, Mahoney, Cooney, Lawless and others too

of Aquinas, attending nearly every game of sports at the school. was one the men I most admired.”

Augusta’s most eligible bachelor is very involved in the Augusta

community, having served as a docent at the Augusta Museum

of History and The Wilson Home and having volunteered at the

emergency rooms at University Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital.


Mulherin, Schweers, O’Dowd, Cashin, O’Connor, Brittingham, numerous to include here. Suffice to say that if our Grand

Marshal was to have a clan reunion he would have to rent the World Congress Center in Atlanta!

Congratulations Edward Joseph Holmes, the Grand Marshal of

our 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

IAHS 2018 Grand Marshal

HAPPY Saint Patrick's

St. Patrick's Day 2018


IAHS 2017 Grand Marshal



Mrs. Maureen Grady Lewis

The Irish-American Heritage Society is pleased to

introduce the 2018 Irish Lady of the Year, Mrs. Maureen Grady Lewis. Maureen is the perfect choice for Lady of the Year. She is a

“Double Irish Lass”, having parents who both traced their lineage

Immaculate Conception and Aquinas High School. This is her fifth year as Principal of Aquinas, a role that she loves.

Maureen is married to Frank Lewis, has a stepson Jordan (wife

to the Emerald Isle. So Irish is our Lady that her father’s family

Chastity), and a new puppy, Bali. She also has three wonderful

Maureen remembers fondly the first few Irish American Heritage

and nephews, all of whom she adores!

in Illinois ran a small back-yard grille called “The Shamrock.”

Society parades and what a huge deal they were for the Grady

sisters-in-law, 10 amazing nieces and nephews, and 5 great-nieces Maureen is an avid reader and strong proponent of reading for

family way back when.

all students. Reading not only makes your life richer, but being

Catholic family of Don and Marian Mulherin Grady. Don met

Her favorite pas-time is attending Aquinas sporting events and

Our 2018 Irish Lady of the Year grew up in the loving Irish

the love of his life, Marian Mulherin, at a church social organized

by Fr. Jerry Armstrong, SJ. Maureen’s parents celebrated their 50th

wedding anniversary in 2010, the year Don died. Maureen says her

a strong reader makes all learning easier, regardless of the level.

performances. She enjoys watching the kids play or sing their hearts out, and they are so very talented!

On being named Irish Lady of the Year on the 40th anniversary

parents were her greatest role models, while she is also very proud

of the Society, Maureen feels deeply humbled and not at all

businessmen. But more importantly, her brothers are family-

amazing team at Aquinas and a proud member of the Irish

of her three older brothers, Sean, Mike, and Blase, all successful oriented, faith-filled gen-tlemen.

Maureen attended St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School and

then Aquinas High School, where she graduated in 1984. She

earned her B.S. Degree from Clemson University and M.Ed. from Augusta University. In May, she will complete her Master’s in

Catholic School Leadership from Creighton University. Her love of teaching was fostered by her mentor Marie McBurney with whom she taught at St. Mary’s School.

An educator for more than 23 years, Maureen began teaching at

St. Mary’s in the early 1990s before heading overseas to teach in


Kuwait, Poland, and Indonesia. She later taught again at St. Mary’s,

deserving of the honor. She emphasizes that she is part of an Catholic Community in Augusta. Aquinas offers a wonderful place for teenag-ers to grow and learn in a setting where people know

and care for them. It’s no surprise that many of the leaders in our

community are Aquinas graduates. The last stanza of the Aquinas Alma Mater pretty much sums up Maureen Grady Lewis and her beloved Irish heritage:

You have led us along right paths Ways of truth and beauty Love will grow as we go Shamrocks faithful forever

Patrick's Day!

39 IAHS 2016 Irish Lady


St. Patrick's Day 2018

IAHS 2018 Irish Lady of the Year

Happy 2018 St. Patrick’s Day May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, The sunshine warm upon your face, And the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

In loving memory of these past and future Fine Irishmen! Ashlyn Mulherin Hutto & the Mulherin Family MulherinA_AD.indd 1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! from

Norma Ellen Malchow

Irish Lady of the Year 1996


Malchow_AD.indd 1

3/1/18 11:35 AM

The Malchows

Leland M Malchow Family

Irish Family Of The Year 2014

Leland J Malchow

Grand Marshal 1991

3/1/18 11:33 AM

Congratulations Maureen Grady Lewis 2018 IRISH LADY OF THE YEAR

from the Brady Family 2018 IRISH FAMILY OF THE YEAR


41 IAHS 2016 Irish Lady


St. Patrick's Day 2017

Ed Holmes


The Raymond and Caroline Brady Family

The Irish-American Heritage Society is honored

is the CEO and the heart and soul of our family. The best thing

and Caroline Brady Family.

of seven children, Caroline is a native Augustan whose roots run

to announce the 2018 Irish Family of the Year, The Raymond Beloved Aquinas High School has played matchmaker since

its opening in 1957. Our 2018 Irish Family of the Year is no

exception. Aquinas Graduates, the young lass Caroline Battey and lad Raymond Brady walked from the halls of Aquinas and then, after a post college courtship, to the altar at St. Patrick’s Church

deep in Augusta Catholic history. Her father Dr. Alfred Mann

Battey, Jr. was one of Augusta’s most prominent Catholics and her mother Bertha Barrett Lee, was a member of the Augusta’s vast Lansing Lee clan.

Ray, the 1995 Irish American Heritage Society President and

(known now as Church of the Most Holy Trinity) more than 30

the Parade Chairman for many years, came to Augusta during his

Carrie, 29, joined the Society two years ago. Raymond Jr., 27, and

later graduated from Augusta College. Ray is a well-known and

years ago. God gifted their wonderful marriage with three children Elizabeth, 23, both joined this year on the 40th Anniversary of the Irish American Heritage Society.

Caroline is a graduate of the College of Charleston and a

teacher at St. Mary on the Hill School. In Ray’s words: “Caroline


that ever happened to me was marrying Caroline Battey.” One

father’s military career and entered Aquinas as a freshman. He

highly respected Augusta financial advisor. Over the years he has served on many local boards. One of his favorites is the Sacred Heart Cultural Center. His daughter Carrie is following in his

footsteps on that board. Ray’s true passion is his love of his family.

St. Patrick's Day 2018

IAHS 2018 Irish Family of the Year

Caroline and Ray are long time parishioners of St. Mary on

the Hill Catholic Church. In 1961, Caroline’s Grandfather Alfred Mann Battey Sr. was honored into the “Knighthood Order of

St Gregory the Great” by the Holy See for his tireless work on

Head that Caroline Battey first caught Ray’s eye. They became

good friends at Aquinas and he began courting her in 1981, soon after her graduation from the College of Charleston.

To solidify their Irish heritage the entire Brady family recently

behalf of the Catholic Church. All five Brady family members are

toured the Emerald Isle from Dublin to Killarney and Limerick

the school’s success saying “everyone in our family is very proud to

hours of the morning, the family’s first stop, appropriate for all

graduates of Aquinas High School and are very passionate about be an Aquinas alumnus.”

Caroline and Ray are first generation members of the Irish

American Heritage Society since joining in the early 1980’s. They

to Gallway and the Ring of Kerry. Arriving at Dublin in the wee Irishmen, was Arthur Guinness’ famed Dublin brewery for a few pints of Stout!

When Ray received the call that his family had been selected

have watched the Society grow from humble beginnings.

as the 2018 Irish Family of the Year he was pleasantly surprised.

beach trips to Hilton Head with the Phil and Arline Kelly family.

Kidding!” Ray and Caroline say their family is flattered and

During Ray’s high school and college years, he enjoyed many

Philip Sr. surely pumped Ray full of Irish lore as only the 1985

Grand Marshal could do! It was at one of the Kelly trips to Hilton

After telling Caroline the news, the colleen said “You Are

deeply honored to represent the Society as the 2018 Irish Family of the Year.

IAHS 2016 Irish Family of the Year


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church

would like to congratulate 2018 Grand Marshal Ed Holmes, Irish Lady of the Year Maureen Grady Lewis and Ray & Caroline Brady Irish Family of the Year!

Parish Mission Statement

St. Mary on the Hill Parish, a Catholic faith community, is committed to caring for God’s people through stewardship. We are bound together by the Eucharist, directed by the Gospel teachings and the teachings of the Church, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and are committed to sharing in the ministry of Jesus Christ. As stewards, we will proclaim the Gospel, promote peace and justice, and use our time, talents, and treasure to advance God’s Kingdom.


706.733.6627 • 1420 Monte Sano Ave, Augusta, GA • StMarys.indd 1

3/1/18 1:01 PM

44 SurreyCenter.indd 1

3/1/18 Impact_Ad.indd 11:41 AM 1

3/1/18 11:29 AM

2017 Family of the Year Richard & Mary Bowles Family

Irish Blessings

Ralph and Joseph Bowles

Proud members of Irish American Heritage Society.

-from the Breastplate of St. Patrick

2112 Highland Avenue • Augusta, GA 30904 • • 706-738-9446 BowlesConstructionAd.indd 1

3/1/18 11:21 AM

Father Michael Hull and the Parishioners of St. Ignatius Congratulate the 2018 Dignitaries Mr. Edward Holmes Grand Marshal

St. Ignatius of Antioch Byzantine Catholic Church

Mrs. Maureen Grady Lewis

1003 Merry Street • Augusta, GA Fr Michael Hull

The Raymond & Caroline Brady Family

Sunday Morning

Orthros 9:10 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am Pot-Luck Meal after Liturgy

Irish Lady Family of the Year


Presanctified Liturgy 7:00 pm followed by Pot-Luck Meal

For information or transportation please call

Congratulations & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


St. Ignatius.indd 1

3/1/18 4:17 PM

St. Patrick's Day 2017

Think Bowles for ALL your home needs!

May you be BLESSED With the STRENGTH of heaven The LIGHT of the sun and the RADIANCE of the moon The SPLENDOR of the fire - the SPEED of lightening The SWIFTNESS of wind - the DEPTH of the sea The STABILITY of earth and the FRIMNESS of rock.

45 IAHS 2016 Irish Family of the Year

Your leader in fire and water damage restoration,emergency board ups, home repairs, water extraction and drying!

May God be with you and bless you. May you see your children’s children. May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.


Thirty-seven new members were inducted into the Irish American Heritage Society

at the Grand Marshal’s Ball on February 2, 2018. Many of these inductees are third generation

members. We encourage our new members, and old members alike, to join the Society each year at the Grand Marshal’s Ball.

Class of 2018

Craig Archer

Jane Gleichauf

Kim Archer

Paul Godden

Tom Battey

Drew Garren

Amanda Battey

Adam Goldberg

Ray Brady, Jr

Megan Goldberg

Elizabeth Brady

Sean Grady, Jr

Karson Broome

Sarah Kameron

Philip Bassan

Madison Kelly

Will Cagle

Emerson Kelly

Rachel Cagle

David O’Brian

Rick Clifford

Jennifer O’Brian

Matthew Daniel

Booker Regan

Palmer Douglas

Kaylee Key

Molly Douglas

Justin Safford

Jane Douglas

Erin Safford

Jennifer Duncan

Connor Tierney

Blaze Dresser

Joey Warren

Bridgit Dresser

Ivey Wright

Jim Gleichauf


Patrick's Day!

47 IAHS New Members


St. Patrick's Day 2018

IAHS New Members

The 2018 Grand Marshal’s Ball

HAPPY Saint Patrick's Day!


FrenchMarketAd.indd 1

St. Patrick's Day 2017 3/1/18 1:04 PM

Serious About Buying or Selling a Home?

VenusGriffin_AD.indd 1

So am I!

Knights of Columbus Council 677

49 IAHS New members

1501 Monte Sano Avenue

Please come to the after-parade party at the Council Home Starting at 6 pm

We will be having Live Irish Music, Irish Beverage Specials, and Irish Food $10.00 Per Person Tickets will Be on Sale starting 03-01-2018

Venus Morris Griffin Vice President

We are always looking for new membership


If interested or have any questions please contact Craig Archer at or 706-284-6623 Keith Wagner at or 706-833-4526


706.736.3375 office 3/1/18 KnightsOfColumbus.indd 11:42 AM 1

3/1/18 11:31 AM


John Douglas

Philip Kelly

Bernard Mulherin

Jack Markwalter

Brian Mulherin

Buck Tinley

Floyd Gambill

John Douglas

David Tribby










Ferris Dorr with Jim Thrash and Phillip Ward at the 2009 Breakfast


Aquinas High School Developing Christian leaders since 1957

Sláinte Ed Holmes

AHS Class of 1966 2018 Grand Marshal

The Ray Brady Family

AHS Class of 1984 2018 Irish Lady of the Year 1920 Highland Avenue • Augusta, GA 30904 706-736-5516 •

AquinasHS_AD.indd 1

St Teresa_AD.indd 1

Shamrocks faithful forever

3/1/18 11:20 AM

3/1/18 4:59 PM

51 IAHS Presidents

Maureen Lewis

St. Patrick's Day 2016

AHS Class of 1976, 1977, 2006, 2008, and 2012 2018 Irish Family of the Year

Irish-American Heritage Society Presidents

John Regan

Philip Ward

Tommy Poteet

Otis Benton

John Scherer

Ferris Dorr

Philip M. Kelly

Jim Thrash

Ray Brady










Past Presidents Mike and Tim Regan with mom, Margaret at the 2012 Breakfast


(706) 868-8400 475 Columbia Industrial Blvd • Evans, GA 30809 •

St. Patrick's Day 2016


IAHS Presidents



(706) 738-1447 1724 Wilkinson Road • Augusta, GA 30904 •

Irish-American Heritage Society Presidents

Pat Douglas

Gene McManus

Michael Regan

David Dross

Bill Berry

Kevin Kelly

Tim Regan

Sean Burke

James Hutto










Past Presidents David Dross, Dennis Kelly and Sean Burke



St. Patrick's Day 2016

The Brian Mulherin Scholarship

Pictured above are Father Jerry Regan, Keith Wagner of the Knights of Columbus, recipient Joseph Welsh, Ralph Bowles, president of the Irish American Heritage Society and Joe McBride, Principal of St. Mary’s School

The Brian Mulherin Scholarship is a

joint scholarship given by the Irish American Heritage Society and the Knights of Columbus #677 in memory of Brian Mulherin to a deserving eighth grader who is planning to attend Aquinas High

School. Special consideration is given to applicants whose parents

are members of both organizations. Brian Mulherin supported these organizations for many years.

Last year the Irish American Heritage Society and the Knights

of Columbus #677 selected Joseph Welsh, son of Society members Dennis and Marybeth Welsh, as the “Brian Mulherin scholarship”

winner. The Society intends to continue to fund this scholarship for many years to come.

The Brian Mulherin Scholarship


Irish-American Heritage Society Presidents

Mike Tierney

Joel Surles

Brian Leonard

Dan Eicher

Dennis Kelly

Katherine Price

Dennis Welsh

John Pilcher

Terry Douglas










Past Presidents and Grand Marshals John Scherer, Buck Tinley and Bill Berry


In Memory of IAHS Charter Members

Mr. & Mrs. J. Noel Schweers, Jr.

1929-2004 Irish Lady of the Year 2002

J. Noel Schweers, Jr. 1925-2001 Grand Marshal 1996

Their Tradition Lives On

St. Patrick's Day 2016

Norah Byrne Schweers

IAHS Presidents



Irish-American Heritage Society Presidents

Noel Schweers 2014

Marcia Kennedy 2015

Russ Gambill 2016

Ralph Bowles 2017

Past President John Piltcher, Julie Gambill, Past Irish Lady Carol Eicher and Past President Dan Eicher at the 2018 Grand Marshal ’s Ball


Past President and Grand Marshal Buck Tinley and Past President Dennis Kelly at the 2018 Grand Marshal ’s Ball

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Bernard J. Mulherin, Sr. Family

Founding IAHS Members IAHS President 1980 IAHS Grand Marshal 1998 IAHS Family of the Year 2012

Congratulations to the 2018 Dignitaries Mr. Edward Holmes Grand Marshal Mrs. Maureen Lewis Irish Lady of the Year Ray and Caroline Brady Family Irish Family of the Year


Ree, Jim, Beth & Jimbo Thrash

As we prepare to celebrate the 40th

anniversary of the Irish American Heritage Society’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities, a few memories of St. Patrick’s Days past come to mind.

between the Augusta Common and the old train Depot area.

In the early 1980’s, Leland Malchow (Grand Marshal 1991)

In January and February of 1978, the Irish community was abuzz

brainstormed with local artist, Donna Whaley, to make life-size,

was in the air, plans were being made, and the Irish were marching.

and Irish lads and lasses. He then placed them strategically along

with talk of a parade and festivities for St. Patrick’s Day. Excitement On March 17, 1978 Irish men, women and children attended

mass at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church. As Grand Marshal Jamie O’Connell was walking into mass he pulled John Scherer aside, gave him a list of parade participants and told him to line

everyone up for the parade. John became the Society’s first parade chairman. John assembled the units (2 bands, 2 floats, marchers, Grand Marshal, Mayor Pop Newman driven by a young Leland Malchow, 15 units in all) and we proceeded from Barrett Plaza

down Broad Street and terminated at 7th Street at the Town Tavern. There at the 7th Street dead end was a long, flatbed truck that

would serve as the stage for the Irish entertainment. Radio host Pat Mulherin (Grand Marshal 1986) emceed the ceremony and

introduced the entertainment for the day to the delight of many, many Irish and Irish for the day.

With the success of the festivities the first year, the parade

entrants grew as did the crowds resulting in the Society seeking larger venues to host the post-parade events. We used the

Richmond Hotel on Ellis Street for several years. Many of us rented rooms there to party and to accommodate young children who

needed a place to rest. Another venue was the Ramada hotel on

lower Broad Street. As the crowds continued to grow, the Society


moved the events to the river side of Reynolds Street jockeying

wooden cutout figures of Leprechauns, Pots of Gold, Rainbows,

the Broad Street parade route and added green dye to the fountains to give Augusta a very festive Irish look. Leland also set up and decorated the reviewing stand for the parade dignitaries to sit.

When his son Leland moved back to Augusta in the late 1980’s this tradition was passed along to him. Unfortunately, these wonderful decorations have disappeared over the years.

Jim and I have used our golf cart as our float for many years. A

favorite past time on parade day was to take an early ride around downtown Augusta to see Leland’s decorations, vendors and

gathering crowds. The golf cart served as Erk Russell’s float one

year. We had a great day with a great coach. Another coach who

attended our parade often was Vince Dooley when he was here to do a fundraiser for Easter Seals.

John Scherer went on to serve as parade chairman for 7 or 8 years

in the 1980’s. His son, Jason, served another 7 or 8 years twenty

years later. Under Jason’s years of tutelage, our Jimbo has taken the reins and now chairs the parade. Congratulations to John, Jason,

Jimbo and all other parade chairman who have worked so diligently throughout the years.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!

2014–2018 Jimbo Thrash

2006–2013 Jason Scherer

2003–2005 Earl Lovering 2001–2002 Joel Surles

1998–2001 Noel Schweers 1997–1998 Sean Burke

1994–1996 Kevin Kelly 1991–1993 Ray Brady

1989–1990 Philip Kelly

1981–1988 John Scherer

1979–1980 Charles Anderson 1978

John Scherer

61 IAHS Parade Committee Chairmen

Parade Committee Chairmen

St. Patrick's Day 2018

IAHS St. Patrick’s Day Family Fun


Catholic Church stood tall in the halls of the Vatican in their

is “To God Alone Give Glory Through Service.” Jane exemplified that motto during her lifetime of good works.

Former St. Mary’s pastor Fr. Gerald Regan once remarked “we

scarlet soutanes, Big Jane stood humbly in her Irish green smock

need more parishioners like Jane Eubanks who welcome strangers

Catholic parish St. Mary on the Hill where she tirelessly did the

path felt the warmth of her heart and soul.

among the mass of God’s people, especially those of her lifelong work of God. Her life’s Vocation was God, Family, and Friends

in our midst.” Be it family, friend or stranger, all who crossed her Sunday “DUNNAS” were a fabulous family remembrance.

and in that she excelled.

Jane’s modest home on Martin Lane was embraced by four family

service to His people, it is necessary to go back to her roots. Big

fifteen great grandchildren all looked forward to Sunday at Big

To understand her extraordinary dedication to God through

Jane came from good stock. She was the product of generations of Irish and German forebears who placed high value on family,

friends, and dedication to God. Her parents, Aggie Sheehan and Vic Markwalter, were certainly her role models. Jane’s early years were spent in the small Lombardy Court home in a family with

generations every Sunday. Six children, sixteen grandchildren and Jane’s. She was a one woman cooking machine whose vocation

was to cook for God’s children. Her recipe box would have been a family treasure except that it was stored in her head; a little of this and a little of that!

For 44 years Big Jane was Master Chef at her parish’s Senior

eight children. Despite the small home and large family, there

Luncheons. She and her sister Louise, with a battalion of parish

Jane took notice of her mother’s kindness to others. Likewise,

Jane served her God with a twinkle in her eye while speaking to

was always a place at her mother’s table for strangers. Certainly there are an abundance of people who can recall her father

coming to their aide when in need; family, friends, or strangers.

Big Jane and her siblings Mary Gambill, Agnes Brennan, Louise

Wright, Ann Leonard and Dick, Wish, and Jack Markwalter were all indeed influenced by their parents.

Another major influence in Jane’s life was the Sisters of St

saints assisting, fed literally thousands of God’s matured children. everyone with a soft Southern accent. “Do you want a coke?” she ALWAYS offered visitors.

Her service awards were many, and she humbly accepted each:

The Gartland Award; The 2007 Irish Lady of the Year; The 1993 Irish Family of the Year. Big Jane was the real deal.

So ‘tis with confidence the Irish can say in the words of the

Joseph CSJ. From grammar school to high school graduation in

olden ritual: “Jane Markwalter Eubanks, may the angels lead

ground. Jane’s higher education was at the College of New

May the choirs of Angels receive thee; and mayest thou enjoy

1945, the legendary Mount St Joseph Academy was her training Rochelle New York. There the Catholic order of St Ursuline

OSU nuns put their influential mark on Jane. The Ursuline motto

thee into Paradise; may the Martyrs receive thee at thy coming; eternal rest and happiness.”

63 A Tribute To Big Jane

Jane Markwalter Eubanks was a

remarkable servant of God. While Cardinals of the Roman

St. Patrick's Day 2018



The Skellig Islands seemed to rise from the sea right before our very eyes. Ireland is, and will forever be, incredible. W H E R E T R AV E L E R . C O M



2012 2012




2012 2012

2016 2016

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1985 1985

1988 1988

2016 2016 1988 1988 1988 2016


ppy St. Patrick’s Day! The Gambills

oyd Gambill – President, 1984 & Grand Marshal, 1988 Family of the Year, 1990 • Russ Gambill – President, 2016

1991 1991


1991 1991


Happy St. St. Patrick’s Patrick’s Day! Day! The The Gambills Gambills Happy

Floyd Gambill President, 1984 1984 & Grand GrandThe Marshal, 1988 Happy St. ––Patrick’s Day! Gambills Happy Floyd Gambill President, & Marshal, 1988 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Gambills Irish Family of the Year, 1990 • Russ Gambill – President, 2016 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Gambills Floyd Gambill – President, 1984 & Grand Marshal, 1988 Floyd Ga Family of the Year, 1990 • Russ Gambill – President, 2016 FloydIrish Gambill – President, 1984 & Grand Marshal, 1988

Family – of President, the Year, 1990 • Russ President, 2016 FloydIrish Gambill 1984 &Gambill Grand– Marshal, 1988 Irish Family of the Year, 1990 • Russ Gambill – President, 2016 Irish Family of the Year, 1990 • Russ Gambill – President, 2016

Irish Family

Irish Heritage 2018 - St Patricks Day Parade - Augusta, GA  
Irish Heritage 2018 - St Patricks Day Parade - Augusta, GA