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Kindergarten Timeline From choosing a school to enrollment, a step-by-step guide to gearing up for the first day of school








Less Testing, More Learning What’s changed with standardized testing in North Carolina public schools

Public Schools

Schools That Serve Hands-on learning that extends beyond the classroom and into the community

Private Schools

Montessori Beyond the Younger Years Making the transition into middle and high school

Charter Schools

Fo r m o re l o c a l s c h o o l re s o u rce s, i n c l u d i n g p re s c h o o l s, g o to c h a r l o t te p a re nt. co m / s c h o o l s

charlotteparent.com | EDUCATION GUIDE 2019-2020

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At the North Carolina Zoo, the world’s largest natural habitat wildlife park, amazing adventure is closer than you think


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Combining Fun and Education The North Carolina Zoo offers a variety of fun and educational activities for kids of all ages. Let us help you make your next visit to the Zoo something to remember! Visit www.nczoo.org for a full list of activities. Birthday Parties: Your child’s next birthday party can be a wild time! Your family and friends will join our educational team for a fun, hassle-free party and will learn a little bit about nature in the process while having a ton of fun. School Programs: School groups and home school groups can schedule tours and programs at the Zoo. A field trip to the North Carolina Zoo can spark a passion for animals and conservation for a lifetime. Zoo Snoozes: Wonder what’s it’s like to wake up at the Zoo? The Zoo offers exciting overnight programs to entertain your senses and engage your brain. Zoo Snoozes are a fun experience for all groups, ages seven and up. Kidzone: Get Out and Explore! Kidzone is our play space that allows children to explore nature on their own safely. Designed for children up to 10 years old, it also offers animal encounters weekly April through October. Whether they want to splash in a stream, make a mud pie or build a fort, Kidzone inspires creativity and fun in kids.

Summer Camps: Sign your children (grades 1-6) up for a wild summer adventure! North Carolina Zoo Camps are a way for kids to learn about animals and nature in an outdoor setting. Zoo camps range from one-day to week-long experiences. Campers may get to meet a baby alligator, learn how to communicate like chimpanzees, or hang out with a vampire bat keeper. Our camps are guaranteed to be a blast. Each week is a different theme, so there’s always something new to learn. The Zoo has adventures for all ages and plenty of family fun throughout the year. From season to season, the Zoo offers dozens of programs and events that give families opportunities to enjoy time together while learning about animals, wildlife preservation and life across the globe. With 500 developed acres, more than 1,800 animals from Africa and North America have plenty of room to roam. We inspire a lifelong curiosity about wildlife and nature. As the world’s largest natural habitat zoo, the North Carolina Zoo and its dedicated staff give guests the chance to witness the majesty of the wild in the heart of North Carolina. The Zoo is open every day of the year except Thanksgiving and December 25.

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Gearing up for


If you have a child in prekindergarten, you probably have kindergarten on the brain. Whether you’re planning on sticking with your neighborhood school, applying to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools magnet program, enrolling in a private school or are still undecided, the year before kindergarten is a big one with lots to do along the way. Check out this timeline to help you prepare. ONE YEAR AWAY One year out from kindergarten, the most important task you have as a parent is to decide where you want your child to attend school. Choices include your neighborhood public school or a magnet school, a public charter school, or private school. A good first step in the process is to make a list of what you’re looking for in a school says Allycia Brown, director of admissions for early education and the lower school at Charlotte Christian. “There are so many school choices in Charlotte,” Brown says. “By making a list of what you’re looking for, you can begin to narrow down your search and avoid feeling overwhelmed.” After narrowing down the list of schools that include your must-have characteristics, a next good step is to visit each school that’s of interest. Most schools have designated open houses for new families, and also welcome guests to tour the school throughout the year. When touring schools, a few things to consider outside of curriculum and school environment are transportation and beforeand after-school care options, as well as school hours. While private and charter schools set their own bell schedules and



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10/17/19 12:06 PM

have distinct offerings for before- and after-school care, area public schools have bell schedules built around transportation. Some schools start as early as 7:45 a.m. or as late as 9 a.m., and end as early as 2:45 p.m. or as late as 4 p.m. These bell times are something to consider if you’re a working parent or expect your child to participate in extracurricular activites. If you decide to enroll with your neighborhood public school, all you need to do is take the registration paperwork to that school. Paperwork for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, and other area public schools, can be found on the school system’s website. Immunizations must be up to date for enrollment. If applying to a private school (see the private schools directory on page 18) or to a magnet program, the journey to kindergarten includes a few more steps, such as testing, applications, waitlists and ultimately acceptance. To see area public schools magnet programs, visit school system websites. (See local public school system information on page 6 and charter schools on page 35). SPRING AND SUMMER After deciding on a school, it’s time to turn your attention to making sure that your child has the necessary skills to be successful in kindergarten. While knowing letters and numbers is certainly helpful, it’s important to focus on physiological, social and emotional skills needed to be successful in a school setting. “As you play and naturally interact with your child, look for ways to help them develop skills like listening and following directions, separating from you and transitioning from one thing to another,” Brown says. “You can also help them develop selfhelp skills like knowing their parents names and being able to take care of their belongings.” If your child goes to a preschool or prekindergarten program, talk to the teachers about where he excels and in what areas you can help him further develop his skills. If your child is still at home, consider enrolling in drop-in classes or engaging with other opportunities for him to interact with other children his age. At home, you can also help him begin to recognize letters and numbers, as well as common site words like his name. During the spring and summer before kindergarten, reach out and get to know the

school community your family is joining in the fall. Check the school’s PTA website or social media sites to follow parent discussions about navigating the start of the school year. Many schools have popsicle previews, prekindergarten playdates or spring festivals that incoming families are welcome to attend. If able to use the school’s facilities after hours, spend some time at the playground or picnicking there to help familiarize your child with the school. As summer winds down, start practicing your school morning and afternoon routines. Set the alarm as if it’s a school day, and get your child up and dressed, then drive to the school a few times before the first day. Also make sure your child has mastered some independence skills, such as putting on her jacket and cleaning up her space, before the first day of kindergarten. THE FIRST WEEK OF KINDERGARTEN The first week of school is a flurry of activity for incoming kindergarten families. Most schools have an open house within the week leading up to school for families to meet teachers, get familiar with school policies and procedures, and help children begin to feel comfortable in the school building. During the first week, you may either be assigned a teacher or assigned a staggered entry day. Staggered entry, which takes place the first week of school in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, splits incoming kindergartners into groups that each come one of the first four days before fully starting on the fifth day of school. Splitting incoming kindergartners into small groups allows teachers the time to assess each student and balance classes, as well as provide students with a slower, more gradual entry into the school year. Once students complete their staggered entry week, they are official kindergartners, and you are an official kindergarten parent. Brown’s final piece of advice to parents with rising kindergartners is one that’s good for all parents to remember: “Enjoy the process and don’t forget to breath. Embrace and enjoy the moments as you plan for what’s to come.” Julia Pelly lives in southeast Charlotte with her husband and two young children. When she’s not writing you can find her hiking, exploring the city with her husband or pushing her children on their backyard swings.

PRIVATE SCHOOL TESTING SUCCESS Many private schools in the Charlotte area require incoming students to undergo some testing, the results of which are submitted with their application. While testing can feel stressful, Allycia Brown, the director of admissions for early education and the lower school at Charlotte Christian urges parents not to try to prep for a test. “Schools want to see a picture of where kids are in their day-to-day, they don’t want to see how well they can prepare for a test,” Brown says. Instead of preparing for the test, use the tips below to make sure your child is prepared to be their best on test day.

1. Go in well rested. Getting a good night’s sleep can help any child do his best in a testing environment. Make sure your little one is adequately rested by getting him tucked in early the night before. Try to schedule testing early in the day.

2. Don’t test on an empty stomach. Remove the distraction of a rumbling tummy by making sure that your child has a full, balanced meal before she meets with the psychologist.

3. Don’t promise something fun afterwards. While parents might be tempted to promise their kids a special treat after testing “if they do their best,” promising a special treat can often end up distracting a child rather than helping him focus. Instead, remind your child that this is a regular day and to do his best.

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Photo courtesy of Union County Public Schools

Quality education is top of mind for parents. In making the best decision for your child, it’s important to have information to support your choices. In the following pages we present a snapshot of school data for Cabarrus County, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Gaston County, Iredell County, Kannapolis City, Lincoln County, Mooresville Graded District and Union County schools, as well as neighboring South Carolina school districts.


SOURCE: : School data is a compilation from information submitted by school districts or via school district websites.



cabarrus.k12.nc.us 704-260-5600


SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Chris Lowder was sworn in as the district’s 10th superintendent in December 2015. He began his career with Cabarrus County Schools as an English teacher in 1992 and has served as an assistant principal, principal and director of high school curriculum. His more recent roles include executive director, assistant superintendent and deputy superintendent. He effectively led the district’s administrative services department where he was responsible for supervising and supporting principals, managing the transportation department and serving as the district’s liaison with local law enforcement.



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Number of schools: Elementary schools: 20 Middle schools: 9 High schools: 11

Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 732 Middle: 907 High: 927

Fast Facts 2019 graduation rate is 88.9 percent. Two new schools — Hickory Ridge Elementary School and West Cabarrus High School — are under construction with anticipated opening in August 2020. Educational options include traditional, STEM, International Baccalaureate and language immersion programs. Cabarrus County Schools is the recipient of two U.S. Department of Education i3 grants for $3 million each. Received the Benjamin Tregoe Award for Strategic Leadership.


10/17/19 10:38 AM

Having better health means you can live a better life. It’s what we all want for ourselves, our families and our community. At Atrium Health, that’s what drives us every day. We’re always pursuing a higher bar, a higher standard, to find better ways to care for you – so that we can all enjoy a better life.

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9/19/19 4:52 PM 10/17/19 3:39 PM

CHARLOTTE-MECKLENBURG SCHOOLS wearecms.com 980-343-3000

Total enrollment:

Number of schools: Elementary Schools: 94 Middle Schools: 46 High Schools: 32



SUPERINTENDENT Earnest Winston brings the experiences of teacher, parent, communicator and chief of staff to the role of superintendent. Winston joined Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in 2004 as an English teacher at Vance High School where he taught journalism and was adviser to the student newspaper. After two years, he moved into administration, joining the district’s communications department as an external communications supervisor. Winston served as chief of staff to two superintendents. In 2017, he was named chief community relations and engagement officer. He was appointed as superintendent in 2019.

Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 675 Middle: 725 High: 1,350

Fast Facts 2019 graduation rate is 85.4 percent. CMS students come from 183 countries and speak 197 languages and dialects. It is the second-largest school system in North Carolina. CMS is a leading district in integrating digital learning and teaching with a 1:1 student/technology ratio. CMS offers a number of magnet programs, career academies, early and middle colleges, and other distinctive school models, each with a signature theme or program designed to engage students’ interests and talents. CMS offers 19 pathways in Career and Technical Education (CTE) to help equip students with 21st-century skills.

GASTON COUNTY SCHOOLS gaston.k12.nc.us 704-866-6100

Total enrollment:


Number of schools: Elementary Schools: 29 Intermediate School: 1 Middle Schools: 11 High Schools: 11

SUPERINTENDENT Jeffrey Booker has been the superintendent of Gaston County

Special Needs School: 1 Alternative School: 1 Virtual School: 1

Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 487 Middle: 633 High: 873

Fast Facts 2019 graduation rate is 84.8 percent, the highest rate ever for the school district.

Schools since January 2014. He was awarded the Southwest Region Superintendent of the Year in 2016. Prior to being named superintendent of schools, he served as deputy superintendent for operations and was responsible for business/finance, technology, facilities and maintenance, bus transportation, and school nutrition. He has a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in education from Gardner-Webb University.



CT-EG_191000.indd 8


The school district is the second largest employer in Gaston County with more than 3,800 employees and 1,950 classroom teachers. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the number of school choice/magnet school programs increased from six to 19 through new academy programs in six areas: career, collegiate prep, health sciences, leadership, public service, and technology and industrial engineering. Construction continues at the new Belmont Middle School, with an anticipated opening in August 2021.


10/17/19 10:38 AM

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10/4/19 5:26 PM 10/17/19 3:44 PM

IREDELL-STATESVILLE SCHOOLS issnc.org 704-872-8931

Total enrollment:

Number of schools: Elementary Schools: 17 Middle Schools: 9 High Schools: 8


Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 500 Middle: 540 High: 850

Fast Facts

SUPERINTENDENT Brady Johnson has served the

2019 graduation rate is 87.7 percent.


schools of Iredell County for 40 years, serving as superintendent of the Iredell-Statesville Schools for the last 10 years. An Iredell County native and graduate of South Iredell High School, he received his associate’s degree from Mitchell Community College in 1974. Johnson earned his Bachelor of Science in social studies from Appalachian State

Iredell-Statesville Schools ranks among the 20 largest school districts in North Carolina. In addition to traditional school settings, the district provides a wide range of educational opportunities through our choice programs specifically designed for unique student needs. Students have a 1:1 ratio of MacBook Airs for each student in grades 6-12.

University and later completed his Master of Arts in educational leadership from Gardner-Webb University. In 2014, Johnson’s success as a chief administrator earned him the title of North

Iredell-Statesville Schools performs in the top 25 percent of the school districts in North Carolina.

Carolina Superintendent of the Year.

KANNAPOLIS CITY SCHOOLS kannapolis.k12.nc.us 704-938-1131

Total enrollment:


Number of schools: Pre-K: 1 Elementary Schools (Grades K-5): 8 Middle School (Grades 6-8): 1 High School (Grades 9-12): 1

SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Daron “Chip” Buckwell is the Superintendent of the Year for the Southwest Region of North Carolina. Dr. Buckwell joined Kannapolis City Schools in 1985 and has served as a teacher, central office administrator, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. He has bachelor and master’s degrees from Appalachian State University. In 2018, Dr. Buckwell was inducted into Appalachian State University’s Rhododendron Society. He also holds a doctor of education degree in school administration and instruction from Nova Southeastern University.



CT-EG_191000.indd 10


Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 450 Middle: 1,400 High: 1,600

Fast Facts 2019 graduation rate is 81.6 percent. Kannapolis City Schools has unique partnerships with the NC Research Campus that gives students access to worldrenowned researchers, internships and real-world lessons. KCS a system-wide student uniform policy. A.L. Brown High School has twice been named one of America’s best high schools by U.S. News & World Report. As a leader in STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), schools offer advanced courses, including microbiology, 3D engineering, robotics, genetics, biotechnology and oceanography.


10/17/19 10:38 AM


Tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and His might and the wonders that He has done. Psalm 78:4


Admission Open Houses



Wednesday, November 6, 9:30 am


Tuesday, November 19, 6:30 pm Serving 960+ Students | Grades K-12 | carmelchristian.org

NOW ENROLLING Carolina International School – a K-12 Charter School in Concord, NC

9545 POPLAR TENT RD | CISCOMETS.COM charlotteparent.com | EDUCATION GUIDE 2019-2020

CT-EG_191000_008-017.indd 11 CT-EG_191000.indd 11


10/17/19 10:31 3:46 PM 10/16/19 AM

LINCOLN COUNTY SCHOOLS lcsnc.org 704-732-2261

Total enrollment:




Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 400 Middle: 650 High: 880

Number of schools: Elementary Schools: 13 Middle Schools: 4 High Schools: 6

Dr. Lory Morrow received a degree in elementary education from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and then received her master’s degree in school administration and doctorate in educational leadership from Gardner-Webb University. Before coming to Lincoln County, Morrow served as superintendent for Davidson County Schools in Lexington, North Carolina.

Fast Facts 2019 graduation rate is 89.8 percent. 19 of 21 schools reporting growth measures met growth expectations. Continued focus on advanced manufacturing partnership with local economic development association. Rock Springs Elementary received an “A” rating from the North Carolina Department of Instruction. Union Elementary was recognized as a National Title One school nominee.

MOORESVILLE GRADED SCHOOL DISTRICT mgsd.k12.nc.us 704-658-2530

Total enrollment:


Number of schools: Elementary Schools: 3 Intermediate School: 2

SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Stephen Mauney was appointed superintendent of Mooresville Graded School District in August 2016. Prior to becoming superintendent, Dr. Mauney served in multiple administrative roles with the district beginning in 1999 when he became assistant principal at Mooresville High School. He started his educational career as a history teacher at Mooresville High School in 1993. Dr. Mauney received his bachelors degree in 1991 from Davidson College, his master’s degree in 1993 from Appalachian State University, and his doctorate degree in 2014 from Wingate University.



CT-EG_191000.indd 12


Middle Schools: 1 High Schools: 1

Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 575 Intermediate: 680 Middle: 1,030 High: 1,900

Fast Facts 2019 graduation rate is 94.5 percent. Is one of only 15 city school districts remaining in North Carolina. Mooresville Graded School District’s name is due to the fact that when it was chartered in 1905, it had different “grade” levels. Ranked in the Top 10 in North Carolina in academic achievement for the past nine years. Continues in its 11th year as a successful 1:1 program where all students are provided with a MacBook Air or iPad.


10/17/19 12:34 PM

UNION COUNTY www.ucps.k12.nc.us 704-296-9898

Total enrollment:

Number of schools: Elementary Schools: 30 Middle Schools: 9 High Schools: 11


Fast Facts 2019 graduation rate is 92.5 percent. Seventeen schools received a report grade of “A” in 2018-19, an all-time high for Union County Public Schools. The district-wide career readiness department offers more than 20 career academy pathways in programs that include aerospace, welding and engineering, culinary arts, and pharmacy tech.


SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Andrew G. Houlihan received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Elon University and a master’s degree in organization and leadership from Columbia University’s Teachers College. In 2010 he earned his doctorate in educational administration from the University of Texas at Austin. Before coming to Union County, Houlihan served as an elementary school teacher, an elementary school principal, a school support officer and a chief academic officer in Texas and other areas of North Carolina.

Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 567 Middle: 1,111 High: 1,272

Through a partnership with Union County, students have access to social and emotional learning services, as well as mental health resources. A district-wide focus on social and emotional learning allows schools to be more proactive when students are in crisis or need emotional support.

ACROSS THE STATE LINE NEIGHBORING SOUTH CAROLINA PUBLIC SCHOOLS York and Lancaster County Public Schools serve families living in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Indian Land and Lake Wylie. Each community is within commuting distance to uptown Charlotte. Lower state taxes and affordable new-home neighborhoods make these communities attractive to families moving to the area, which in turn is rapidly increasing school district growth.

CLOVER SCHOOL DISTRICT clover.k12.sc.us 803-810-8000 Total enrollment:

8,461 Number of schools: Elementary Schools (PK-5): 7 Middle Schools (6-8): 2 High Schools (9-12): 1

SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Sheila Quinn served as deputy state superintendent for innovation and effectiveness at the S.C. State Department of Education. She also served as the assistant superintendent of curriculum and administrative services in Clover School District for five years, and executive director of middle/secondary education for Rock Hill School District for four years. She also worked as director of curriculum, instructional specialist, assistant principal, and an English teacher in Rock Hill. Dr. Quinn received her doctorate in education from Gardner-Webb, her master’s degree in administration and supervision, and a bachelor’s degree in secondary English from Winthrop University.

Alternative School: 1 Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 562 Middle: 995 High: 2,410

Fast Facts 2019 graduation rate is 88 percent.

Clover High has the largest AFJROTC program in the southeast region. 13 CHS students received the Air Force Chief of Staff Aviation Scholarship last year to get their private pilot’s license, representing over 10% of the national quota.

Clover School District and York School District have teamed up to create a oneof-a-kind line workers program for students.

charlotteparent.com | EDUCATION GUIDE 2019-2020

CT-EG_191000.indd 13


10/17/19 10:38 AM

FORT MILL SCHOOL DISTRICT fortmillschools.org 803-543-2527 Total enrollment:



Number of schools: Elementary: 9 Middle: 5 High: 2 Average School Enrollment: Elementary: 842 Middle: 597 High: 2,282

SUPERINTENDENT Dr. James “Chuck” Epps service in public education and school experiences are broad and diverse. He has served as a teacher assistant, classroom teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, director and assistant superintendent. He has participated in a variety of work assignments at the school, district, regional and state levels. FAST FACTS 2019 graduation rate is 94.1 percent.

Fort Mill School District is the fastest growing school district per capita in South Carolina.

In 2016, 88.8 percent of graduates enrolled in a two- or four-year college or technical college.

Scholarships awarded to the class of 2018 totalled $31,322,691.

LANCASTER COUNTY SCHOOLS lancastercsd.com 803-286-6972 Total enrollment:


Number of schools: Elementary: 13 Middle: 5 High: 5 Average enrollment: Elementary: 542 Middle: 668 High: 765

SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Jonathan Phipps has 24 years experience in education, six years as a superintendent. He is committed to “putting our children first.” Dr. Phipps has an undergraduate degree in history and education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a master’s degree in early childhood education from the University of South Carolina, and an educational specialist degree and doctorate in leadership in educational administration from Capella University. FAST FACTS 2019 graduation rate is 83.3 percent. 2019-2020 school marks the first full year with STEAM programs.

First in the state of South Carolina to have an interactive LU playground.

Partners with businesses and industries to help students become college and career ready.

Focus on teaching “soft skills,” such as leadership, problemsolving and work ethic, in order to be successful in school and beyond.

ROCK HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT rock-hill.k12.sc.us 803-981-1000


Total enrollment:

served as the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction in Gaston County


Number of schools: Pre-K: 1 Elementary: 17 Middle: 5 High Schools: 3 Career/Technology School: 1 Average enrollment: Elementary: 495 Middle: 825 High: 1,697


Dr. Bill Cook has been the superintendent of Rock Hill Schools since July 1, 2018. He previously Schools. Cook began his career in 1987 as a high school marketing teacher before moving into administration. He has completed stints as either an assistant principal or principal at five schools in Union County Public Schools. While principal of Walter Bickett Elementary School, Cook was named the Union County Public Schools Principal of the Year and N.C. Southwest Regional Principal of the Year. FAST FACTS 2019 graduation rate is 82.4 percent.


CT-EG_191000.indd 14


Offers 10 school choice programs, including K-12 pathways for dual language immersion, STEAM, and International Baccalaureate.

Transforming the teaching and learning environment through a partnership with Modern Teacher and the League of Innovative Schools.

Applied Technology Center has the first high school level program supported by the Material Handling Institute of America in Warehousing and Distribution.


10/17/19 12:34 PM

Life ready.

With the right foundation, anything is possible! For more than 50 years, Charlotte Speech and Hearing has been the area’s most trusted name in speech-language therapy. If your child is experiencing difficulty with speech or language skills, call to schedule an evaluation. We have immediate openings for after-school speech therapy.

www.CharlotteSpeechHearing.com (704) 523-8027




AFFORDA B L E T U IT IO N : $5,000 per year

A P P LY O N L I N E : T H A L E S A C A D E M Y. O R G T H A L E S A C A D E M Y WA X H AW 8012 New Town Road Waxhaw, NC 28173

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CT-EG_191000_008-017.indd 15 CT-EG_191000.indd 15


10/17/19 10:38 3:46 PM 10/17/19 AM

Assessment in 2014-2015, through which educators, parents and other stakeholders first developed the current system of through-grade assessments. “Based on the task force recommendations, we built instruments referred to as N.C. Check-Ins,” says Tammy Howard, director of accountability services for the North Carolina Department of Public Information. “There are three of those available throughout the school year. They are in place now. Districts and schools use those on a voluntary basis. The feedback on those has been very positive.”



The arrival of the 2019-2020 school year brought about changes in testing for North Carolina public schools. As part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the State of North Carolina won federal approval to change its testing policy for math and reading for elementary and middle schools. The Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority allows a state education agency (SEA) — or consortium of SEAs — that meet certain application requirements to establish, operate and evaluate an innovative assessment system, potentially for use in a statewide accountability system. North Carolina’s pilot program is expected to replace end-of-year testing with three “through-grade” tests administered throughout the school year that give teachers the opportunity to teach from the results. Such formative assessments differ from summative assessments administered at the end of a school year.



CT-EG_191000.indd 16


MORE STATE CONTROL The Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority is a component of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act. U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos also approved a similar situation for Georgia for the 2019-2020 school year. As part of the program, states can pilot new and innovative assessments on a small scale and avoid double-testing students on both pilot and statewide exams. The push for reduced testing grew from the North Carolina Board of Education’s Task Force on Summative

HOW IT WILL WORK In this pilot program, the final and third assessments are based on the first two formative assessments, featuring a cluster of test questions that reflect a student’s performance on the first two assessments. “We have two through-grade assessments that are shorter in length, that are intended to give feedback to teachers on how students are doing on those content standards,” Howard says. “We still have an end-of-year assessment that has the last set of standards. We can, in effect, use those first two assessments to determine which of two different (final) assessments students should take.” “Regardless of which assessment the student takes at the end of the year, they can demonstrate that they are proficient,” she says. “They still have the capability to demonstrate as much as they would have on the traditional EOG.” A WELCOME REDUCTION Parents and educators have long objected to too much standardized testing for reasons such as the idea that too many tests take a toll on anxious test-takers, and can negatively impact students who have trouble remaining attentive for several hours. The resulting stress is not beneficial to these students or their test results. “Most educators, including myself, would agree that the volume of assessment that is going on right now is way too high, and it has a negative effect on our children,” says Justin Parmenter, a seventh-grade


10/17/19 11:26 AM

language arts teacher at Waddell Language Academy in Charlotte. “We could spend time doing collaborative projects, and exploring and creating all those things that are foundational to our kids to develop some intrinsic motivation and an overall love of school.” During the pilot year, there will still be frequent testing. Elementary students began testing on day 11 of the 2019-2020 school year and face tests throughout the year as well as end-of-grade tests and, for third graders, the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS). The 2019-2020 school year will be a planning year for the pilot program, according to Howard. In 2020-2021, testing will be installed for fourth-grade math and seventh-grade reading. The entire program will be implemented in 2023-2024. NEW TOOLS Another change is the use of a new reading assessment tool in kindergarten through

third grade, which has faced criticism. The North Carolina Department of Instruction has contracted with iStation for the next three years. iStation replaces mCLASS, assessment and instructional suite for early literacy development. iStation is a web-based system that tests students on tablets, rather than under the direct assessment of teachers. Some teachers and advocacy groups have expressed concern about the iStation contract awarded by North Carolina Superintendent of Public Education Mark Johnson. “We don’t believe the program has been vetted, peer-reviewed and researched to show that it does what it claims,” says Suzanne Miller, founder of NC Families for School Testing Reform. “It’s putting children on devices for testing, which we don’t believe is appropriate developmentally for kindergarten through third grade.” Others feel the diagnostic assessment tool isn’t the problem.

Active reading ad #1 CML_7.125x4.5_CltParent-Ad_FINAL 10.19.pdf 1 10/3/2019 8:51:40 AM

“I’m not sure it really matters — whether it’s Istation or mCLASS — if we’re not focusing on what is the most effective way to teach reading,” Parmenter says. “If kids aren’t learning how to read, it’s not because of the test. Instructional time is key and instructional practices are probably even more important.” What most people do agree on, however, is finding a better balance between testing and teaching, even if it takes trying something new. “The intention is to not have as much testing, but to have information that is readily available when it can be helpful, which is throughout the school year,” Howard says. “Is this going to actually require more testing? That remains to be seen.” Kurt Dusterberg covers the Carolina Hurricanes for NHL.com and is the author of “Journeymen: 24 Bittersweet Tales of Short Major League Sports Careers.









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MECKLENBURG COUNTY ALC Mosaic 6100 Monroe Road, Charlotte alcmosaic.org | 704-709-9668 Grades: K-12 and half-day Pre-K Enrollment: 70 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Tuition: $1,200 - $11,900 ALC Mosaic provides an environment for liberation where personal growth flourishes when directed by an individual’s own interests and talents.


Anami Montessori School 2901 Archdale Drive, Charlotte anamimontessori.org | 704-556-0042 Grades: PK-grade 6 Enrollment: 65 Student-Teacher Ratio: 12-1 Tuition: $8,700 - $12,342 Anami Montessori School adheres to Montessori principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Located in the Southpark area, the school backs up to a county park and sits on a natural, wooded lot.

Charlotte and its nearby towns are abundant with independent school options. From top-notch technology and robust extracurricular programs to unique education models and teaching styles, each institution brings its own strengths. Following is a snapshot of area independent private schools. For more information, visit the school’s website for information about scheduling a tour. Many school applications are due in January. How we gathered the data: Charlotte-area private schools were sent an online survey to complete with school information for the 2019-2020 school year. If information is not included, it is because a school didn’t provide information or did not respond to the survey. Survey submissions are edited for brevity and clarity. * Tuition is annual unless otherwise noted



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to develop a love for self and the overall learning process Each student is individually coached and challenged through instructional methods of teaching appropriate for their learning style. The British International School of Charlotte 7000 Endhaven Lane, Charlotte bischarlotte.org | 704-341-3236 Grades: Infant-Grade 12 Enrollment: 180-200 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Tuition: $10,308-$24,640 Part of Nord Anglia Education: 61 premium international schools across the globe. BISC encourages independent, creative thinking, and smaller class sizes for a personalized learning experience.

Back Creek Christian Academy 10132 Harrisburg Road, Charlotte bccaschool.org | 704-549-4101 Grades: TK-12 Enrollment: 135 Student-Teacher Ratio: 12-1 Tuition: $5,583.00-$7,972.00 Back Creek Christian Academy provides an excellent academic education founded on the unchanging principles and perspectives of the Bible presented in a structured and yet nurturing environment.

Carmel Christian School 1145 Pineville-Matthews Road, Matthews carmelchristian.org | 704-849-9723 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 968 Student-Teacher Ratio: 11-1 Religious Affiliation: Southern Baptist Tuition: $9,290-$13,275 Founded in 1993, Carmel Christian provides an excellent education built upon biblical truth to equip students to reflect Christ to the world. CCS cultivates a community of academic excellence, artistic expression and athletic distinction, marked by intentional discipleship.

Brisbane Academy 5901 Statesville Road, Charlotte brisbaneacademy.org | 704-598-5208 Grades: PK-6 Enrollment: 60 Student-Teacher Ratio: 9-1 Tuition: $5,850-$7,550 Brisbane Academy offers a small, family-oriented environment

Carolina Collaborative Prep 5007 Providence Road, Charlotte carolinacollaborativeprep.com | 704-621-8482 Grades: 5-12 Student-Teacher Ratio: 3:1 Tuition: $18,500-$25,000 Designed for students with learning differences. Small class size, individualized curriculum,


10/17/19 11:23 AM


Orton Gillingham programs, daily fitness and electives including science lab, computer and photography offered. Full- and part-time options available. Cedarwood Academy 401 E. Arrowood Road, Charlotte cedarwoodacademy.weebly.com | 704-281-6694 Grades: K-5 Enrollment: 40 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Tuition: $4,800-$7,200 A learning community committed to nurturing curiosity and inspiring a passion for knowledge. The school pursues intellectual growth, develops imagination and practices purposeful social interaction in a natural and engaging environment.

Charlotte Christian School 7301 Sardis Road, Charlotte charlottechristian.com | 704-366-5657 Grades: JK-12 Enrollment: 1,114 Student-Teacher Ratio: 9-1 Religious Affiliation: Nondenominational Tuition: $15,300-$21,055 Charlotte Christian is an independent, nondenominational college-prep school with a biblical worldview. The school is committed to excellence and to providing a balance of rigorous academics, award-winning fine arts and competitive athletics to prepare students college.

Charlotte Jewish Day School 5007 Providence Road, Building E., Charlotte cjdschool.org | 704-366-4558 Grades: K-5 Enrollment: 98 Student-Teacher Ratio: 12-1 Religious Affiliation: Jewish Tuition: $11,751-$16,090 Sets the standard for elementary education based on Jewish beliefs. Through differentiated education curriculum, the school teaches critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. Transportation offered. Charlotte Latin School 9502 Providence Road, Charlotte charlottelatin.org | 704-846-1100 Grades: TK-12 Enrollment: 1,430 Student-Teacher Ratio: 9-1 Tuition: $18,850 - $25,700 Charlotte Latin School’s mission is to encourage individual development and civility in students by inspiring them to learn, encouraging them to serve others and offering them many growth-promoting opportunities. Transportation offered. Charlotte Leadership Academy 2800 N. Graham St., Charlotte charlotteleadershipacademy.com | 704-931-1196 Grades: 6-9 Enrollment: 20 Student-Teacher Ratio: 5-1 Tuition: $4,000-$6,000 Charlotte Leadership Academy is

dedicated to educating each child on his or her own individual level, giving students the confidence, support and structure they need to succeed is the school’s main focus. Charlotte Preparatory School 212 Boyce Road, Charlotte charlotteprep.org | 704-366-5994 Grades: Age 2-Grade 8 Enrollment: 365 Student-Teacher Ratio: 8:1 Tuition: $12,500-$20,800 Focus on academic excellence, positive character development and leadership in a diverse and inclusive community. Transportation and financial aid offered. Christ the King Catholic High School 2011 Crusader Way, Huntersville ctkchs.org | 704-766-5000 Grades: 9-12 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions School features a 100% graduation rate, one-to-one technology, AP and honors courses, college counseling, band, theater and athletics. Transportation offered. Covenant Day School 800 Fullwood Lane, Matthews covenantday.org | 704-847-2385 Grades: TK-12 Enrollment: 875 Student-Teacher Ratio: 9-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $9,850-$16,650 Covenant Day School is a Christcentered, college-preparatory school that was founded in 1989. The school seeks to ignite a passion for learning and service in students by providing an authentic and holistic Christian education of distinction. Crossway Academy 9111 Monroe Road, Suite 100, Charlotte crosswayacademy.com | 704-654-2352 Grades: K-8 Enrollment: 20-25 Student-Teacher Ratio: 5-1

Tuition: $16,200-$17,200 Meets the academic and social needs of children who are experiencing difficulty in the traditional, special education or home-school setting. Davidson Day School 750 Jetton St., Davidson davidsonday.org | 704-237-5229 Grades: Age 2-Grade 12 Enrollment: 500 Student-Teacher Ratio: 8-1 Tuition: $18,390-$19,790 Fosters academic excellence through collaboration, creativity and character development. Students benefit from an engaging, rigorous and developmentally appropriate curriculum with exceptional artistic, athletic and extracurricular programs. Davidson Green School 511 S. Main St., Davidson davidsongreenschool.org | 704-892-0091 Grades: K-8 Enrollment: 50 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Tuition: $7,500 to $12,000 An independent school with a focus on sustainability, nature connection and engineering. Fusion Academy Charlotte 3426 Toringdon Way, Suite 100, Charlotte fusionacademy.com/charlotte | 866-228-1591 Grades: 6-12 Enrollment: 10-60 Student-Teacher Ratio: 1-1 Tuition: $3,250-$3,630 per course, per term Classes are one-to-one with one student and one teacher per classroom. Teachers personalize instruction for each student’s unique strengths, interests and learning style. Grace Covenant Academy 17301 Statesville Road, Cornelius gracecovenantacademy.org | 704892-5601 Grades: K-7 Enrollment: 200

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Charlotte Catholic High School 7702 Pineville Matthews Road, Charlotte gocchs.com | 704-543-1127 Grades: 9-12 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions School features a 100% graduation rate, one-to-one technology, AP and honors courses, college counseling, award-winning fine arts and championship winning athletics. Transportation offered.

Charlotte Country Day School 1440 Carmel Road, Charlotte charlottecountryday.org | 704-943-4500 Grades: JK-12 Enrollment: 1,685 Student-Teacher Ratio: 8-1 Tuition: $17,890-$24,900 From junior kindergarten to rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, the school’s exceptional faculty incorporates the newest technologies to teach an innovative and integrated curriculum. Transportation offered.


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Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $7,500 Grace Covenant Academy educates the whole child through strong academics and intentional spiritual formation. Offers cutting edge technology, a STEM lab, new facilities and strong partnership with families. Greyfriars Classical Academy 2701 Rice Road, Matthews greyfriarsclassical.org | 704-315-5774 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 228 Student-Teacher Ratio: 11-1 for high school Tuition: $230-$3,850 High school students meet three days per week, with students working independently two days each week. Grades K-8 is a oneday-per-week tutorial program for home-school students, with optional second day for grades 6-8. Grades 9-12: greyfriarsclassical.org. Grades K-8: greyfriarstutorials.org. Guidepost Montessori 4755 Prosperity Church Road, Charlotte Second location: 15115 Norman View Lane, Huntersville guidepostmontessori.com Grades: Infant-Grade 8 Enrollment: 190 Student-Teacher Ratio: 25-1 elementary and middle school Tuition: $1,000-$1,900 monthly At Guidepost, children gain the knowledge, confidence, creativity and social ability to pursue selfchosen goals over time. Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School 3100 Park Road, Charlotte htcms.org | 704-527-7822 Grades: 6-8 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions School offers one-to-one technology, STEM, robotics, awardwinning band, broadcast journalism, marketing, graphic design and championship-winning athletics. Transportation offered.



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Intellicor International Academy 4301 Shamrock Drive, Charlotte intellicoracademy.org | 704-290-2000 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 125 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Religious Affiliation: Islam Tuition: $5,150-$5,500 A student-focused, educational entity, promoting students and community development according to the professional pedagogical and psychological knowledge and according to the tolerant teachings of Islam. Transportation offered. The John Crosland School 5146 Parkway Plaza Blvd., Charlotte johncroslandschool.org | 704-365-5490 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 70 Student-Teacher Ratio: 7-1 Tuition: $18,000 -$25,000 Since 1978, The John Crosland School has provided students with specific attention and learning differences an individualized college-preparatory education in an environment that nurtures and protects school values of curiosity, talents, character, humanity and dreams. Kent Academy 1814 Euclid Ave., Charlotte kentacademycharlotte.com | 704-996-8283 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 20-40 Student-Teacher Ratio: 4-1 Tuition: $14,000-$15,000 A small environment with individualized and integrated curriculum that utilizes community resources. Keystone Montessori School 2830 Dorchester Place, Charlotte keystonemontessorischool.org | 980-355-0900 Grades: K-6 Enrollment: 60 Student-Teacher Ratio: 15-1 Tuition: $7,000-$10,000 An authentic AMI recognized


Montessori program for ages 3 to 12. Montessori education is scientifically and logically based on the natural development, tendencies and interests of children. Lake Norman Christian School 16301 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville lknc.org | 704-987-9811 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 115 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian, nondenominational Tuition: $8,840 - $10,920 Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, as well as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (AdvanEd). Founded in 2008. Manus Academy 6203 Carmel Road, Charlotte manusacademy.com | 704-542-6471 Grades: 3-12 Enrollment: 60 Student-Teacher Ratio: 6-1 Tuition: $24,000-$25,000 An accredited, private school that specializes in working with students with learning barriers. Students build essential academic skills and successfully complete their coursework, solve problems and meet the demands of their school environment. Northside Christian Academy 333 Jeremiah Blvd., Charlotte ncaknights.com | 704-596-4074 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 300 Student-Teacher Ratio: 16-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $8,000-$9,500 The mission of Northside Christian Academy is to partner with families to provide a Christ-centered, biblically based education in the pursuit of excellence. Omni Montessori School Blakeney campus: 9536 Blakeney Heath Road, Charlotte |

704-541-1326 Waxhaw campus: 7118 McWhorter Road, Waxhaw | 704-843-3335 omni-montessori.org Grades: 3 years-grade 9 Enrollment: 180 Tuition: $9,000-$19,000 Dedicated to developing skilled, resourceful and caring members of society who value discovery and excellence, and contribute with purpose to the world. Each campus includes indoor and outdoor environments designed to meet the needs of student development. Our Lady of Assumption Catholic School 4225 Shamrock Drive, Charlotte olacatholic.org | 704-531-0067 Grades: PK-8 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions School offers STEM, library, makerspace, athletics, guitar, band and a special learning program. Transportation offered. Palisades Episcopal School 13120 Grand Palisades Pkwy., Charlotte pescharlotte.org | 704-583-1825 Grades: JK-8 Enrollment: 200 Student-Teacher Ratio: 9-1 Religious Affiliation: Episcopal Tuition: $6,200-$14,000 Provides a classical education challenging the mind, body and spirit. Small class sizes allow for differentiated instruction and service integration, students graduate as lifelong learners academically prepared for high school and beyond. Transportation offered. Philips Academy 3115 Providence Road, Charlotte philipsacademync.org | 704-365-4533 Grades: 6-12, and adult Enrollment: 50 Student-Teacher Ratio: 5-1 Tuition: $20,000 Provides middle and high school students with complex


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At Charlotte Prep, our faculty is truly passionate about teaching. They take the time to get to KNOW your child, LOVE them for their unique abilities, and CHALLENGE them to maximize their learning.



THURSDAY, NOV. 7 @ 9:30 A.M.


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learning disabilities the academic, occupational and social skills needed to be self-reliant, confident, contributing members of their communities. Phoenix Montessori Academy 12340 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road, Huntersville phoenixmontessori.org | 704-875-2139 Grades: 18 months-grade 12 Enrollment: 130 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Tuition: $8,500-$10,500 To develop true scholars, lifelong learners, and productive citizens of the world in a diverse atmosphere that incorporates Montessori principles where students demonstrate respect and love for self, others, and their environment. Providence Day School 5800 Sardis Road, Charlotte providenceday.org | 704-887-6000 Grades: TK-12



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Enrollment: 1,700 Student-Teacher Ratio: 8-1 Tuition: $18,600-$26,400 Providence Day prepares students to be empathetic problem solvers and active global citizens through a global curriculum. It inspires a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity and a sense of social responsibility. Transportation offered. RC Smith Christian Academy 5118 Hucks Road, Charlotte rcsmithchristianacademy.com | 980-256-2001 Grades: K-9 Enrollment: 40 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $6,000-$7,500 Supports students by teaching Christian values and customizing learning plans, preparing students to seek opportunities and compete globally as confident citizens.


Shands School 1315 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Matthews shandsschool.org | 704-321-5705 Grades: 2-7 Enrollment: 10 Student-Teacher Ratio: 5-1 Tuition: $14,500 Teaches to individual learning styles and encourages independent thinking for children with different learning styles. Extracurricular classes complement the science-based curriculum. South Charlotte Baptist Academy 12416 Lancaster Hwy., Pineville info@scbacademy.org | 704-544-7323 Grades: K-8 Enrollment: 51 Student-Teacher Ratio: 15-1 Religious Affiliation: Independent Baptist Tuition: $4,900-$5,900 South Charlotte Baptist Academy uses the A Beka curriculum, a Bible-

based curriculum, from Pensacola Christian Academy. SouthLake Christian Academy 13820 Hagers Ferry Road, Huntersville southlakechristian.org | 704-949-2200 Grades: PK-12 Enrollment: 560 Student-Teacher Ratio: 8-1 Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian Tuition: $8,950-$13,450 A co-educational, private day school in the Lake Norman area. The college preparatory curriculum is taught with a Christian worldview on the 30-acre campus. Transportation offered. St. Ann Catholic School 600 Hillside Ave., Charlotte stanncatholic.org | 704-525-4938 Grades: PK-5 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions School offers STEM, band, special learning program, family events and library. Transportation offered.


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SouthLake Christian Academy

It happens so fast. Make sure it’s right.

Serving Students


Jr. Kindergarten thru 12th Grade

704-949-2200 Huntersville, NC

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St. Gabriel Catholic School 3028 Providence Road, Charlotte stgabrielcatholicschool.org | 704-366-2409 Grades: K-5 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions School offers musical theater, STEM, band, family events, technology, library and Jaguar TV. Transportation offered.


St. Mark Catholic School 14750 Stumptown Road, Huntersville stmarkcatholicschool.net | 704-766-5000 Grades: K-8 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions School offers STEM, robotics, musical theater, band, chorus, athletics and family events. Transportation offered. St. Matthew Catholic School 11525 Elm Lane, Charlotte stmattwildcats.com | 704-544-2070 Grades: TK-5 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions Located in Ballantyne, school offers STEM, library, band and family events. Transportation offered. St. Patrick Catholic School 1125 Buchanan St., Charlotte saintpatrickschool.org | 704-333-3174 Grades: K-5 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions This Dilworth area school offers STEM, musical theater, technology, library, athletics, band, family events and special learning program.

The Epiphany School of Charlotte 1000 E. Morehead St., Charlotte theepiphanyschool.com | 704-496-9942 Grades: 3-9 Enrollment: 35 Student-Teacher Ratio: 6-1 Tuition: $21,300 An independent day school dedicated to providing programs for students with Asperger’s or other social communication differences to help build success skills for high school and beyond. The Fletcher School 8500 Sardis Road, Charlotte thefletcherschool.org | 704-365-4658 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 260 Student-Teacher Ratio: 6-1 Tuition: $24,855-$26,210 Serves students with learning differences by offering a multisensory, college-prep curriculum. Students learn in small, structured classes. Individual and prescriptive learning plans are developed for each student. Trinity Episcopal School 750 E. Ninth St., Charlotte tescharlotte.org | 704-358-8101 Grades: K-8 Enrollment: 444 Religious Affiliation: Episcopal, accepts all faiths Tuition: $17,750-$19,500 Located in the heart of uptown Charlotte, Trinity inspires students to become insightful thinkers, engaged citizens and innovative problem-solvers. Graduates are grounded in reason, openness and inclusivity.

The Cyzner Institute 7022 Sardis Road, Charlotte cyznerinstitute.com | 704-366-8260 Grades: PK-8 Enrollment: 30 students Student-Teacher Ratio: 2-1 A private educational, therapeutic center for children with learning differences or special developmental and behavioral needs.

Trinity Prep School 7516 E. Independence Blvd., Suite 100, Charlotte trinityprep.com | 704-569-1900 Grades: 8-12 Enrollment: 80 Student-Teacher Ratio: 12-1 Tuition: $13,500 School offers flexibility for students




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academic needs and prompt communication with parents. United Faith Christian Academy 8617 Providence Road, Charlotte ufca.org | 704-541-1742 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 200 Student-Teacher Ratio: 8-1 lower school, 12-1 middle school, 15-1 high school Religious Affiliation: Christian, nondenominational Tuition: $8,300-$10,950 Academy offers accredited college-preparatory, Christcentered education for academically motivated students with opportunities for leadership and service.


Cannon School 5801 Poplar Tent Road, Concord cannonschool.org | 704-786-8171 Grades: JK-12 Enrollment: 1,000 Student-Teacher Ratio: 9:1 Tuition: $17,790-$23,300 A learning environment of trust and support, with faculty and staff who are deeply committed to each child’s journey of academic and personal growth. Financial aid available. Covenant Classical School 3200 Patrick Henry Drive, Concord covenantclassical.org | 704-792-1854 Grades: K4-12 Enrollment: 250 Student-Teacher Ratio: 15-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $3,500-$8,100 Covenant Classical School was founded in 1996 and provides an academically excellent education that is biblically based and classically taught to students in grades K4-12. HOPE Academy 7655 Bruton Smith Blvd., Concord hopek12.com | 704-999-2436 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 165 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1

Religious Affiliation: Nondenominational Tuition: $6,000-$7,000 A Christian University-Model school. Students are taught by professional instructors three days per week, and HOPE provides the materials for parents to work with students at home two days per week. The Daniel Academy 681 Sunderland Road SW, Concord tda-concord.com | 980-221-1698 Grades: K4-12 Enrollment: 38 Student-Teacher Ratio: 6-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $4,200 to $12,200 Founded in August 2010, The Daniel Academy of Concord is a K4-12 Family Partnership Private School serving Cabarrus County and the surrounding areas.


Gaston Christian School 1625 Lowell Bethesda Road, Gastonia gastonchristian.org | 704-824-4128 Grades: PK-12 Enrollment: 850 Student-Teacher Ratio: 20-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $3,048-$8,604 Gaston Christian School is a nondenominational, collegepreparatory school, located on a 66-acre campus that includes a newly constructed fine arts center, six tennis courts, an eight-lane track and a lighted soccer complex. Founded in 1980. Gaston Day School 2001 Gaston Day School Road, Gastonia gastonday.org | 704-864-7744 Grades: PK-12 Enrollment: 525 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Tuition: $4,500-$16,500 A nonsectarian, college-preparatory school with the mission to educate students and prepare them for academic success and responsible, productive lives. Founded in 1967.


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WHERE PERFORMANCE MEETS POTENTIAL Providing a structured, individualized, K-12 college preparatory curriculum for students with learning differences.

704.365.4658 | thefletcherschool.org | 8500 Sardis Road | Charlotte, NC 28270 www.thefletcherschool.org

Providing a structured, individualized, K-12 college preparatory curriculum for students with learning differences.



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Saint Michael Catholic School 704 St. Michaels Lane, Gastonia stmichaelcs.com | 704-865-4382 Grades: PK-8 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, accepts all religions Saint Michael offers Spanish, dance, band, STEM, robotics, athletics, art, faith and service, family events, library and technology.


UNION COUNTY Arborbrook Christian Academy 4823 Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road, Matthews arborbrook.org | 704-821-9952 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 209 Student-Teacher Ratio: 8-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian, nondenominational Tuition: $7,047-$8,117 A Charlotte Mason-style school recently ranked as No. 1 for private high schools in Union County by Niche. This community school strives to develop a love of learning through a biblical lens.


Metrolina Christian Academy 732 Indian Trail-Fairview Road, Indian Trail metrolinachristian.org | 704-882-3375 Grades: TK-12 Enrollment: 1,100 Student-Teacher Ratio: 1-20 lower school; 1-22 upper school Religious Affiliation: Baptist Tuition: $6,427-$8,725 A private Christian school accredited by ACSI/AdvancEd. Offers academic excellence and opportunities for athletics, fine arts, clubs and service while partnering with parents to provide a biblical worldview.

Starboard Christian Academy 2380 Lake Shore Road S., Denver starboardchristian.com | 704-775-3724 Grades: K-3 Enrollment: 25

Thales Academy 8012 New Town Road, Waxhaw thalesacademy.org | 704-256-5370 Grades: K-6 Student-Teacher Ratio: 18-1

Woodlawn School 135 School Loop Road, Mooresville woodlawnschool.net | 704-895-8653 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 167 Student-Teacher Ratio: 7-1 Tuition: $17,000 - $18,000 Hands-on, project-based learning forms the heart of the curriculum with active, engaged, studentcentered instruction using the most progressive methods.

Tuition: $5,000 The mission of Thales Academy is to provide an excellent, high-quality and affordable education through the use of direct instruction and a classical curriculum that embodies traditional American values. Weddington Christian Academy 13901 Providence Road, Weddington weddingtonchristianacademy.org | 704-846-1039 Grades: JK-8 Enrollment: 130 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Religious Affiliation: Methodist Tuition: $6,910-$11,900 Weddington Christian Academy provides an education of academic excellence and Christian spiritual development in a faith community that challenges the mind, prepares the heart and nurtures the soul.

YORK COUNTY Academy Christian School 129 Border Road W., Rock Hill academychristianschool.org | 803-327-5673 Grades: K-12 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Tuition: $4,500-$5,000 Academy Christian School uses the ACE Pace curriculum, a unique learning system meets the need of each student. Providence Classical School 318 N. Jones Ave., Rock Hill providenceclassicalrockhill.com | 803-900-9582 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 136 Student-Teacher Ratio: 12-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $5,500-$5,800 Partners with parents in the

education of students and uses a classical methodology. St. Anne Catholic High School Lower school: 1698 Bird St., Rock Hill | 803-324-4814 High school: 292 Munn Road, Fort Mill | 803-548-0073 stanneschool.com Grades: K3-12 Enrollment: 425 Student-Teacher Ratio: 9-1 Religious Affiliation: Catholic Tuition: $5,000-$9,500 Uniting the long-standing tradition of Catholic education with a personalized learning experience. Students develop individual identity and become virtuous leaders of society. Transportation offered. Walnut Grove Christian School 1036 Maxwell Mill Road, Fort Mill wgcswarriors.com | 803-835-2000 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 120 Student-Teacher Ratio: 10-1 Religious Affiliation: Chrsitian Tuition: $6,600-$8,955 Provides a Christ-centered approach to education in an environment where students develop lasting relationships through a schedule that allows time for them to invest in activities in which they are passionate.


Liberty Preparatory Christian Academy 246 Blume Road, Mooresville libertyprepnc.com | 704-660-3933 Grades: K-12 Enrollment: 275 Student-Teacher Ratio: 16-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $5,500-$6,500 A university-model school that uses a university-style course schedule, with students receiving professional instruction three days a week, and work under a parent’s guidance two days each week.

Student-Teacher Ratio: 8-1 Religious Affiliation: Christian Tuition: $4,750-$5,500 A K-3 grade school with a unique three-day/two-day schedule that partners with families to provide a quality, cost-effective, collegepreparatory education.

Westminster Catawba Christian School 2650 India Hook Road, Rock Hill wccs.org | 803-366-4119 Grades: Infants-Grade 12 Enrollment: 500 Student-Teacher Ratio: 16-1 Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian Tuition: $2,065 - $11,410 A Christ-centered, collegepreparatory day school.


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The Future Looks Bright

Charlotte Latin School was founded in 1970 to create an inclusive environment where academic excellence is encouraged, leadership is cultivated, liberal arts are valued, and phonics-based reading is essential. We have educated thousands of students in the importance of learning, citizenship, service to others, hard work, and Honor Above All.

Apply today at CharlotteLatin.org/admissions

TK – Grade 12

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9502 Providence Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277

CharlotteLatin.org 704.846.7207

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Learning Students from Providence Day School participate in a creek clean up as part of a service project. Courtesy of Providence Day School

When Providence Day School teacher Dr. Jennifer Bratyanski’s mentions 2016 grad Grant Williams, her voice suddenly catches: “Awesome, knuckleheaded kid,” she says. Bratyanski’s proud. Not only because Williams excelled as a student and basketball player at the University of Tennessee nor because he was recently drafted by the Boston Celtics. What makes her emotional is the way the 6-foot-7-inch power forward stood up for teammates and other athletes at Tennessee a couple years ago. When Williams noticed there were fewer healthy food options available during the summer to student athletes training on campus, he contacted the school’s new athletic director and advocated for change. Because of his efforts, the university implemented a healthy grab-and-go breakfast option for

Education that transforms communities, students beyond the classroom

BY LIZ ROTHAUS BERTRAND students for the short term, it student athletes. can transform them and their That’s the power of communities for good. service learning and just one of many examples of former WHAT IS SERVICE LEARNING? students making a difference, According to the National Youth says Bratyanski, who serves Leadership Council, service as a community engagement learning is: “an approach to coordinator for social teaching and learning in which responsibility at Providence Day students use academic knowledge School. “You’re advocating for and skills to address genuine others who aren’t advocating for community needs.” themselves,” she says. Biology teacher Dr. Topher Providence Day School is Gee, chair of Charlotte Latin one of several local independent School’s Service Learning schools that include service Committee, wants students to learning as a key curriculum connect their service to a deeper component. By connecting understanding of why such action hands-on experiences “doing is necessary and the context good” in the community to around a particular challenge. opportunities for learning, “The activities we do reflection and action, students are important in themselves, develop a variety of skills. of course, but we also want From facilitating a deeper [students] to develop the understanding of the world to awareness, to be able to learn helping young people see the role about what actually will make a they can play in improving it, difference, what will matter in service learning not only engages

their community, think critically about that and understand how to move forward to [make] change.” FROM THE CLASSROOM TO THE COMMUNITY At Trinity Episcopal School, each grade level dedicates classroom time to exploring a particular challenge with the help of a community partner. “It’s a deeply integrated program and defines a lot of the culture at the school,” says Dr. Katherine Addison, a local pediatrician who has two daughters currently enrolled at Trinity and a third child who is an alumna of the program. She recalls her oldest daughter Kate’s first-grade class project years ago, a canned-food drive benefiting Loaves & Fishes. The project initially rolled out the way you might expect with students putting up posters and enthusiastically urging parents

charlotteparent.com | EDUCATION GUIDE 2019-2020

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and neighbors to donate. The cans were then used in unique ways in the classroom, as students learned about healthy eating, practiced reading the nutrients on labels and kept track of the total number collected. But then they went a step further. The children piled the cans on to little red wagons and walked several blocks to deliver the food, visiting the food pantry and seeing firsthand how their contributions would help neighbors in need. “To explain hunger to a first grader who has never been hungry is really hard,” Addison says. “It was a really meaningful experience that even a 6-yearold can wrap their mind around. When you teach something to a child at a very early age, it simply becomes part of who they are.” At Providence Day School, service learning is also woven through the entire curriculum, from prekindergarten through high school. Faculty social responsibility coordinators ensure service learning is age appropriate and that there is continuity between the curriculum in the lower, middle and high school levels. While the youngest kids focus on developing gratitude and empathy, service learning becomes progressively more participatory as students move through middle school. By high school, students are deeply engaged in exploring many issues that impede community development and trying to implement innovative solutions. These actions take many forms — like the environmental studies class that grows seedlings each spring to support Friendship Gardens, a network of community gardens providing fresh food to people in need.

For Reverend Lindsey Peery, lower school dean of community life and chaplain at Trinity Episcopal School, this element of student agency is key. She notes how third grade students spend the year volunteering for Urban Ministry Center, getting to know neighbors who have struggled with homelessness. Students then write letters to city council members about what they have learned regarding homelessness, affordable housing and ways to help their neighbors. Students discover: “Even though we’re kids, even though we’re third graders we can do something,” Peery says.




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TRANSFORMING PERCEPTIONS Emory Brinson, a senior at South Mecklenburg High School, and alumna of Trinity Episcopal School remembers putting her own spin on a school project her eighth-grade year. As students collected coats for Hope Haven, an organization serving people transitioning out of homelessness and substance abuse, she suggested they write and place notes of encouragement in the pocket of each donated coat “so [recipients] could get warmth from a different source.” Inspired by this and other experiences at Trinity Episcopal, Brinson continues to seek out opportunities to serve her school and the community. Building relationships with people who have different life experiences and needs, can also transform students’ perceptions of the world, Peery says. After spending time with adults with disabilities through a partnership with Inreach, second graders at Trinity

Classes at Trinity Episcopal School pair with local nonprofits each year for ongoing service projects. Courtesy of Trinity Episcopal School Episcopal start asking important questions like, is our school handicapped accessible? “They really begin to understand … that difference doesn’t have to be something you’re scared of,” Peery says. INSPIRING STUDENTS AND BUILDING SCHOOL COMMUNITY At Charlotte Latin School, service learning also is incorporated at each grade level. While there is no formal requirement for graduates, upper school students are encouraged to log service hours and reflect on their efforts. The 2019 senior class contributed more than 9,000 hours of community service. To help students recruit volunteers, the upper school hosts a service fair each fall. There currently are more than 20 different student-led projects from which to choose. “We look for ways to have students lead. It’s not just I’m

your teacher and we’re going to do this,” Gee says. There also are projects that encourage direct collaboration between older and younger students. For example, upper school students visited individual classrooms in the lower school to read a story about a girl who discovers her friend doesn’t have enough to eat, and her efforts to solve the problem by herself. The students then lead conversations on the story’s themes and lessons. “We hope that through the things we have students do while they’re here that they’ll develop an awareness of their own agency and ability to make a positive difference in the world,” Gee says. Liz Rothaus Bertrand is an award-winning local writer. She lives in Charlotte with her husband and two sons. She writes frequently on education, the arts and social justice. Find more at lizbertrand.com.


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2o years of


2o years of




2o years of

2o years of A BUILDING




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Left: The first graduating class at John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori. Courtesy of Williams Secondary Montessori combines academics, service learning, environmental care, community involvement and personal development. In the preschool and elementary years, putting Montessori methods into practice means providing carefully prepared, multiage classrooms where students explore and work independently at mastering skills. The classrooms have low shelves that are full of specially designed manipulatives that teach practical life, math, science and reading. But what does a Montessori classroom look like in the adolescent years?

for Big Kids By Meagan Church Nestled near the intersection of interstates 85 and 77, on the north side of Charlotte, is a class of 12 Trailblazers. This small group of students at John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori will be the first class to graduate from North Carolina’s first-ever public Montessori high school. Zayna Sheridan, one of those seniors, has been a Montessori student since prekindergarten. She and her family advocated for the expansion of CharlotteMecklenburg Schools Montessori program that resulted in the creation of the high school. She has spent a lot of time explaining what Montessori means to her. “I feel like if I went to a regular school, I’d know how to read a book. But along with academic skills, Montessori has given me a lot of other incredible skills,” she says. “Of course we learn the academics, but Montessori is more about the whole person,” Zayna says.



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THE MONTESSORI PHILOSOPHY The Montessori method was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. Born in 1870, Montessori developed an educational philosophy that is still in practice today. The essence of her belief is in her statement, “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.” “The Montessori Method encompasses both the academic and social development in a student as it nurtures order, concentration, and independence,” says Dolores Murgolo, head of school at Guidepost Montessori at Lake Norman. “The curriculum is based on stages of development and is divided into three-year cycles rather than individual grade levels.” In other words, Montessori schools take a child-centered learning style and work to develop the whole child through a multifaceted approach that

MONTESSORI ON THE OTHER SIDE “In the adolescent years, the method isn’t so tangible,” says Mindy Mahar, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools secondary Montessori program coordinator at Williams Montessori. “In secondary Montessori, you’re not going to see the same low shelves and kids working on rugs. But you will still find a prepared environment with structures in place that students understand.” Even though the underlying philosophy of Montessori may differ from a traditional classroom, students still meet the necessary academic requirements. “Because we are a public school, we have to make sure that our students receive the core courses as outlined by the state,” says Sophia Hazlehurst, principal at Williams Montessori. SEASON OF TRANSITION The Montessori philosophy is based on carefully studying students of all ages and recognizing the unique needs during each stage of development, which includes valorization. “Valorization is the development of their human character. We are teaching them what it’s like to move toward adulthood to become a capable and confident person. It is achieved not just through content, but through field studies, service learning, academic independence and more,” Mahar says.


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Students create, understand, structure and interrelate their learning goals on their own and through collaboration, Murgolo says. “As in all schools, there are basic skills outcomes, however, they are achieved by the student at their pace rather than dictated by institutional standards.” Those skills of valorization help Montessori students transition into their next life stage, whether that be a traditional classroom, college, job or the military. “Transitions are, in general, met with ease as the Montessori student academically is, on average, two grade levels above the norm. Their strong sense of self brings confidence socially, as well,” Murgolo says. “Their years of being guided to independence nurtures them toward becoming their own best teacher, understanding what they need to do to learn, and not rely upon a teacher to tell them what to do and when to do it.” The independence and adaptability that Montessori students learn serves them well in times of transition. “The amount of opportunities that students have to practice being flexible and adaptable are endless,” Mahar says. “When they get out in the real world (though school is technically ‘the real world’), they’ve had practice in tons of different types of situations, such as academics, field studies, and being in community inside and outside of school.”

ONE TRAILBLAZER’S NEXT STEP Zayna is enjoying her final year at Williams Montessori and plans to attend a small, public college, studying agriculture and education. Zayna discovered her passion for agriculture thanks to her school’s agroscience program that includes a greenhouse, chicken coop and environmental studies. Because of that discovery, she already has post-college plans. “I want to come back and teach ag at Williams.” Her mom Trish Sheridan agrees that Zayna is prepared for her next stage in life. “I think she’s well prepared to be a great person and knows who she is. When we’ve been touring colleges, we have been looking for the ones that feel the most Montessori because we want her to become the evolution of who she is as a person,” Sheridan says. Zayna says she feels prepared for the next step, and sums up her Montessori career are one of feeling embraced without being pushed too far. “You feel like a person, not a statistic or little kid, or small or shut down,” Zayna says. “It’s not shoving you out in the world completely unarmed. It makes you very prepared for anything that could happen. It’s one way you value yourself and value everything else almost as much. There’s not anywhere else that I could get this experience.” Meagan Church a freelance writer. She lives in Charlotte with her high school sweetheart, three children and a plethora of pets. Read more at meaganchurch.com.

Student-led, project-based learning in mixed-age groups guides learning in elementary grades at Guidepost Montessori. Courtesy Guidepost Higher Ground Team

A FIRST-OF-ITSKIND SCHOOL IN CHARLOTTE In 2010, the Montessori program for seventh and eighth grade students opened at Sedgefield Middle School. Families advocated for a high school expansion and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ administrators listened. In 2017, James Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori opened its doors. The first graduating class at Williams Secondary Montessori, which serves middle and high school students, is set to walk the stage in 2020. “CMS has absolutely been supportive,” says Sophia Hazlehurst, Williams Montessori principal. “We are very fortunate to have a magnet department and leadership that has had the foresight to see that this is something that is needed.” The school combines the Montessori philosophy with the state requirements of a public high school. The teachers must complete a rigorous multiyear Montessori certification that ensures understanding of and adherence to the Montessori method. Along with honors and Advanced Placement classes, the school provides experiential learning through offerings such as bi-annual intercessions. Learn more about Montessori and other magnet programs offered through Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools at cmschoice.org.


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www.b www.bischarlotte.org

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Troutman Grades: K-8 The school focuses on personalized learning for each student. Advanced program is available. Parents are required to commit to volunteer hours. Limited transportation and before- and after-school care available. Founded in 2016.


Charter schools are publicly funded, independently run schools authorized by the N.C. Board of Education and operated by independent nonprofit board of directors. Charter schools are held accountable through the state assessment and accountability system, including annual standardized testing. Many charters offer unique programming and smaller classroom settings, and all are free to attend. Each has its own application dates and processes, with many using an open lottery admission system. *Charter schools included are those in operation as of the 2019-2020 school year. Grades listed are anticipated for 2020-2021 school year.


Mountain Island Charter School micharter.org | 704-827-8840 13440 Lucia-Riverbend Highway, Mount Holly Grades: K-12 Offers a traditional curriculum within a positive, challenging learning environment. Athletic programs and before- and after-school care available. Limited transportation. Founded in 2010.

Cabarrus Charter Academy cabarruscharter.org | 704-7892500 355 Poplar Crossing Drive NW, Concord Grades: K-12 A rigorous and productive learning environment. Parent participation required. Athletics available. Uniforms required. Before- and after-school care available. Founded in 2013.

Piedmont Community Charter School pccharter.teamcfa.school | 704-853-2428 Elementary Campus: 119 E. Second Ave., Gastonia Secondary Campus: 2970 S. New Hope Road, Gastonia Grades: K-12 College-preparatory school. Offers arts and clubs. Middle and high school athletics offered. New high school campus to open in August 2020. Founded in 2000.

Carolina International School ciscomets.com | 704-455-3847 9545 Poplar Tent Road, Concord Grades: K-12 Nurtures students’ natural curiosity through a challenging, interdisciplinary, international curriculum. Arts and athletics offered. Founded in 2004. Concord Lake STEAM Academy concordlakeacademy.org | 704-273-5310 1911 Concord Lake Road, Kannapolis Grades: K-8 Offers an individualized learning environment that includes parent participation. Beforeand after-school care offered. Uniforms required. Offers middle school athletics. Founded in 2016.

Ridgeview Charter School ridgeviewcharter.org | 980-208-7782 207 W. Bradley St., Gastonia Grades: K-4 Built on strong relationships with parents, students and the community. Founded 2019.


American Renaissance School arsnc.org | 704-924-8870 132 E. Broad St., Statesville Grades: K-8 Students keep the same teacher and classmates in kindergarten and first grade. Clubs offered. Before- and after-school care available. Founded in 1999. Iredell Charter Academy iredellcharter.org | 704-508-0104 251 Home Improvement St.,

Langtree Charter Academy langtreecharter.org | 704-705-1698 154 Foundation Court, Mooresville Grades: K-12 Focus on citizenship and experimental learning. Parent participation required. Athletics and before- and after-school care are available. Founded in 2013. Pine Lake Preparatory pinelakeprep.org | 704-237-5304 104 Yellow Wood Circle, Mooresville Grades: K-12 Offers college-prep coursework, an arts program, community-service learning, literature-rich curriculum and after-school program. Exceptional student program available. Founded in 2007. Success Charter School successinstitutecharterschool.com | 704-881-0441 1424-2 Rickert St., Statesville Grades: K-8 Uses Common Core curriculum, foundational principles of business, and key elements of entrepreneurial success. Athletics offered. Transportation and before- and after-school programs available. Founded in 2000.


Lincoln Charter School lincolncharter.org | 704-483-6611 7834 Galway Lane, Denver Grades: K-12 A college-prep school that offers a

small school environment. Middle and high school athletics, clubs, arts and service opportunities offered. Transportation available. Founded in 1998. West Lake Preparatory Academy wlakeprep.org | 704-966-2202 615 Business Highway 16, Denver Grades: K-8 Offers a college-preparatory education that empowers students through individualized learning plans that promote strong character, independence and leadership. Founded in 2019.


Aristotle Preparatory Academy aristotle.teamcfa.school | 704-215-4550 8101 Fallsdale Drive, Charlotte Grades: K-5 Offers data-driven instruction, with a focus on character development, as well as core and STEM classes. Art and athletics offered. Transportation and after-school programs available. Founded in 2013. Bradford Preparatory School bradfordprep.org | 704-549-0080 2502 Salome Church Road, Charlotte Grades: K-12 A college-prep school that uses innovative teaching methods in a small, responsive learning environment. Middle and high school athletics offered. Extensive college counseling beginning in seventh grade. Founded in 2014. Bonnie Cone Classical Academy bcca.teamcfa.school | 704-727-6833 119 N. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville (temporary location) Grades: K-7 Bonnie Cone Classical Academy academics are based on the rigors of

charlotteparent.com | EDUCATION GUIDE 2019-2020

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A.C.E. Academy aceacademycharter.org | 704-456-7153 7807 Caldwell Road, Harrisburg Grades: K-8 Project-based learning with emphasis on entrepreneurship, leadership, financial literacy, and problem solving. Transportation offered. Before- and after-school care available. Founded in 2014.


10/17/19 12:40 PM


a classical education. Transportation and after-school care available. Uniforms required. Founded in 2019. Charlotte Choice Charter charlottechoicecharter.org | 980-272-8308 3118 Milton Road, Charlotte Grades: K-8 Emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). Clubs, activities, athletics, and transportation available. Founded in 2013. Charlotte Lab School charlottelabschool.org | 704-464-3830 301 E. Ninth Street, Charlotte Grades: K-8 Personalized, innovative learning that provides students with necessary skills to thrive in the 21st century. Founded in 2015.


Charlotte Secondary School 8601 McAlpine Park Drive, Charlotte charlottesecondary.org | 704-295-0137 Grades: 6-12 This college-prep school utilizes a Paideia philosophy for the instruction of students, focusing on didactic, intellectual coaching and seminar-based teaching. Athletics are available. Founded in 2007. Commonwealth High School commonwealthhs.com | 704-899-4998 5112 Central Ave., Charlotte Grades: 9-12 Flexible scheduling options and personalized academic plans help students aim for success and earn high school diplomas. Founded in 2014.

After-school care available and athletics offered. Founded in 2004.

Offers extracurriculars and athletics. Founded in 1998.

Corvian Community School corvian.org Elementary: 9501 David Taylor Drive, Charlotte | 704-717-7550 Middle: 4041 Johnston Oehler Road, Charlotte | 704-595-9452 Grades: K-10 Addresses the cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs of each student. Teachers and parents work together to create an inclusive community of learning. Athletics, and beforeand after-school care offered. Founded in 2012.

Lakeside Charter Academy lakesidecharteracademy.com | 704896-9500 17609 Old Statesville Road, Cornelius Grades: K-8 Provides students with a focused and coherent curriculum through the Core Knowledge Sequence by E.D. Hirsch. Uniforms required. Before- and after-school care offered. Mallard Creek STEM Academy
mcstemacademy.org | 980-288-4811 9142 Browne Road, Charlotte Grades: K-8 Using a workshop model, students take ownership of their learning. Clubs and athletics offered. Transportation and before- and after-school care available. Founded in 2016.

East Voyager Academy of Charlotte eastvoyager.org | 704-412-6988 7429 Tuckaseegee Road, Charlotte Grades: PK-5 Graduates students with EnglishChinese bilingual proficiency, strong academics and intercultural competence. Founded in 2018. Invest Collegiate Transform 704-370-4000 | ictransform.org 2045 Suttle Ave., Charlotte Grades: K-8 Uses “immersive leaningscapes” to help prepare students for the future. Uniforms required. Limited transportation offered. Founded in 2013. KIPP Charlotte kippcharlotte.org | 704-537-2044 931 Wilann Drive, Charlotte Grades: K-8 This college-preparatory school offers athletics, arts and extracurriculars. Founded in 2007.

Community School of Davidson csdspartans.org | 704-897-8061 404 Armour St., Davidson Grades: K-12 Teachers and parents work together to create an inclusive community with a focus on hands-on learning.

Lake Norman Charter lncharter.org | 704-948-8600 12435 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville Grades: K-12 This charter school aims to build community leaders with the lifelong desire to learn, lead and serve.




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Matthews Charter Academy nhaschools.com/schools/matthews | 980-339-5449 2332 Mount Harmony Church Road, Matthews Grades: K-8 School curriculum concentrates on real-world skills, problem solving and how to be a good citizen. Offers sports, music, arts and clubs. Beforeand after-school care offered. Founded in 2016. Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy scholarsacademy.org | 704-503-1112 5225 Seventy-Seven Center Drive, Charlotte Grades: K-8 Offers a differentiated and challenging learning environment, that caters to intellectually gifted children. Athletics, extracurriculars, and before- and after-school care available. Founded in 2000.

Mountain Island Day School midschool.org | 704-391-5516 1209 Little Rock Road, Charlotte Grades: K-12 Focus on character, ethics, service, physical and emotional health in a creative and positive environment that enhances learning and growing. The school works as a small-school model. Founded in 2009. Movement Charter School movementschool.com | 704-585-1356 2701-B Freedom Drive, Charlotte Grades: K-5 The school believes in world-class academics, individualized learning and character development. After-school care is available at the school. Bus transportation available. Uniforms required. Founded 2017. Pioneer Springs Community School pioneersprings.org | 704-494-0777 9300 Bob Beatty Road, Charlotte Grades: K-9 A holistic and nature-based school teaches core concepts in a realworld context. Special-area classes include ceramics, yoga, art and Spanish. After-school care offered. Founded in 2014. Queen City STEM School queencitystem.org | 980-299-6633 Elementary: 8701 Mallard Creek Road, Charlotte Middle/High School: 9108 A-B Mallard Creek Road, Charlotte Grades: K-10 Research- and inquiry-based curriculum. Student clubs, plus free after-school and weekend tutoring available. Uniforms required. Transportation available. Founded in 2015. Queen’s Grant Community School nhaschools.com/schools/ queensgrant | 704-573-6611 6400 Matthews Mint Hill Road, Mint Hill


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SCHOOL IS WHAT YOU NEED IT TO BE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. For children with Asperger’s and other social communication differences, we provide a unique and nurturing learning community where students develop the skills to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. ďŒ‹ TheEpiphanySchool.com | (704) 496-9942 | 1000 E. Morehead St. Charlotte, NC 28204

The Speech Garden Institute Developing speech, language and social skills. Communication & Sensory Preschool and Summer Camp


Where students that learn differently...

Belong, Believe,Succeed! For admissions information contact: Portia York at 704.365.5490 or pyork@croslandcomets.org Website - johncroslandschool.org/

charlotteparent.com | EDUCATION GUIDE 2019-2020

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Grades: K-12 Focus on student responsibility, parental partnership and academic excellence with a moral focus. Partnering daycares in the area provide before- and after-school care. Athletics and extracurriculars available. Uniforms required. Founded in 2002.


Socrates Academy socratesacademy.us | 704-321-1711 3909 Weddington Road, Matthews Grades: K -8 This school uses the Socratic Method, teaching students reading, writing and math in both English and Greek. Athletics and before- and after-school care available. Founded in 2005. Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy scstemacademy.org | 704-315-2345 5203 Shopton Road, Charlotte Grades: K-6 Promotes high academic achievement by increasing student engagement through a workshop model that encourages and empowers students to take ownership of their own learning. Before- and after-school care available. Transportation offered. Uniforms required. Founded in 2019.

dropped out of school or who are likely to drop out earn high school diploma. The flexible scheduling options and personalized academic plans help students aim for success. Founded in 2015. Sugar Creek Charter thesugarcreek.org K-8 campus: 4101 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte | 704-509-5470 High School: 7821 Old Concord Road, Charlotte | 980-242-3070 Grades: K-12 The mission of this school is to eliminate generational poverty of low-income students of color. The curriculum focuses on academic preparation, life skills, and individualized support for college or career goals. Athletics offered. Transportation offered. Founded in 1999. United Community Charter School ucsnc.org | 980-819-0555 1406 Suther Road, Charlotte Grades: K-8 An A+ school with curriculum based around the arts. A+ Schools combine interdisciplinary teaching and daily arts instruction. Afterschool care available. Extended day program available. Transportation offered. Founded in 2014.

Steele Creek Preparatory Academy steelecreekprep.org | 980-243-5580 2200 Shopton Road, Charlotte Grades: K-7 A rigorous, personalized learning environment designed to build academic and critical thinking skills. Before- and after-school care available. Uniforms required. Founded in 2019.

Unity Classical Charter School unityclassical.teamcfa.school | 980202-5899 1929 W. Arrowood Road, Charlotte Grades: K-5 Focus on a classical education with a curriculum based on Western history and culture, especially that of Greece, Rome and Western Europe. Founded in 2017.

Stewart Creek High School stewartcreekhs.com | 704-755-5112 2701-F Freedom Drive, Charlotte Ages 16-20 This school aims to help kids who

UpROAR Leadership Academy uproarleadership.org | 980-585-3722 5500 N. Tryon St., Charlotte Grades: 5-11 A college-prep academy that


includes honors and advanced placement classes, fine arts, musical and theatrical skill development. Middle school sports available. Uniforms required. Transportation offered. Before- and after-school care. Founded in 2017. VERITAS Community School veritas.teamcfa.school | 980-677-0101 2600 Grimes St., Charlotte Grades: K-5 This school aims to empower the scholar and athlete in every child, using health and wellness practices in a peaceful environment. Transportation and before- and after-school programs available. Uniforms required. Founded in 2015.

UNION COUNTY Apprentice Academy High School of North Carolina aahsnc.org | 980-313-8610 2850 Old Charlotte Hwy, Monroe Grades: 9-12 Provides students with a career- and technology-focused career prep as well as college-prep curriculum. Founded in 2019. Monroe Charter Academy monroecharteracademy.org | 980-210-3627 200 Tomberlin St., Monroe Grades: K-5 Mission to create academically thriving citizens, by partnering with parents and the community and utilizing high expectations as well as a rigorous classical education. Founded in 2019. Union Academy Charter School unionacademy.org | 704-238-8883 675 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Monroe Grades: K-12 Offers small-class sizes. Afterschool care is available for children in grades K-8, and athletics are

available for middle and high school students. Transportation available. Union Day School uniondayschool.com | 704-256-1494 3000 Tilley Morris Road, Weddington Grades: K-5 This school offers collaborative environments and rigorous classrooms to promote high levels of learning. Before and after-school care available. Founded in 2016. Union Preparatory Academy at Indian Trail indiantrailprep.org | 704-893-3607 2324 Younts Road, Indian Trail Grades: K-8 Uses personalized learning plans to best accommodate its students. Parents are required to participate in a set number of volunteer hours. Before- and after-school care available. Limited transportation available. Uniforms required. Founded in 2016.

YORK COUNTY Riverwalk Academy riverwalkacademy.com | 803-327-8400 505 University Boulevard, Rock Hill Grades: K-12 Focus on project-based learning that incorporates team teaching and collaboration in classroom. Students are immersed in the “K16Ready” program that prepares students for a “college going culture.” Beforeand after-school care offered. Founded in 2013. York Preparatory Academy yorkprepsc.org | 803-324-4400 1047 Golden Gate Court, Rock Hill Grades: K-12 Committed to high-academic rigor with a college-prep focus. It uses hands-on innovative learning in classrooms, and offers athletic and arts programs. Founded in 2010.


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Character Development

Woven into everything we do. Find out how. Call for a personal tour.

Educating students 2 years old-12th grade. www.davidsonday.org


Providence Day upper school students explore Iceland

Parent Magazine Near and Far


7.125� x 4.5� 4c

Near and Far... At Providence Day, we prepare our students to become empathetic problem solvers and active global citizens both inside and outside the classroom.




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10/17/19 11:40 4:28 PM 10/17/19 AM


For Eligible Mecklenburg County 4-Year-Olds!

Limited seats available. Enroll today! MeckPreK.org

Call MECK Pre-K at 704-943-9585 or visit MeckPreK.org

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All the care you can imagine Pediatrics • Emergency Whether your child needs a routine checkup or a few stitches after an adventure, Novant Health is your partner every step of the way. From pediatric specialists and clinics to Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital and its dedicated children’s emergency department, we provide all the unique care children need.

Find a pediatrician in seconds at NovantHealth.org/kids.

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Charlotte Parent Education Guide 2019-2020  

Charlotte Parent Education Guide 2019-2020  

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