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Peninsula Homemaker Centre, Cnr Nepean Highway & Bungower Road, Mornington VIC 3931 (03) 5973 6333

ree fRUG when you spend $2500 or more conditions apply*

*Free 160 x 230cm Bayliss or Rug Collection flat weave rug with any order to the value of $2500 or more. 25 rug designs. Excludes Stressless, IMG, Clearance and Promotional stock. peninsula home 1128 - 1132 nepean hwy mornington phone 03 5973 4899


Andy Donaldson is easy on the eyes and ears. She’s long, lean and blonde – but more importantly she’s smart. Her voice is smooth and just a tad husky, which is perfect for the radio show she and her partner in crime John McCormack host on Sundays on SEN 1116. They’ve got the gift of the gab, these two, and as Andy and I navigate our way through menopause, homelessness, disability, the role of MC and sport, it’s plain to see how she got the gig on the wireless. We both agree on being slightly seduced by it. The voices soothing over you from somewhere in the ether and crooning into personal space. Especially when they’ve really got something to say.


Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

“I’ve always loved radio. I just sort of fell into it three and a half years ago with our Voice of the Peninsula show on RPPFM (98.7). John and I just get along so well and fill in each other’s gaps. I spend most of the week now researching for Everybody’s Talking. We’ve been on air since February and currently pre-record on Wednesdays. We’ll be going live after the footy season. It’s exciting, not only because John and I get along so well and we get to talk with lots of interesting people, but because we got poached. Someone was listening and loving it. It really proves you can re-direct your life at any age.” Andy and John chat about sports that don’t get much other media play on their Everybody’s Talking slot at 7.30pm on SEN. Sports like snowboarding or badminton. And they like to get personal too. Andy continues: “I do my research well, but when we get on air, John and I just

have conversations with our guests, really. That’s how you get to the good stuff. Just chatting and see where the conversation leads. We often start with sport and end up somewhere else.” Tune in to Everybody’s Talking on Sunday nights to hear this duo give it their all, and in between shows keep your eyes peeled for Master of Ceremonies Andy, who has been fronting various events around the Peninsula. Think Rye’s Australia Day foreshore event, the Sorrento Rotary Club’s cystic fibrosis fundraiser at the Couta Boat Club, and the Christmas Carols on the Rosebud foreshore last year. Looks like everybody is talking, Andy. Keep the conversation flowing.

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Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery


Mr Brown believes in trying the simple things first. Good skin care that helps us release the dead skin on our faces, some anti wrinkle injections and maybe some fillers or fat grafting. If the results of these things don't do quite enough, then you may decide to embark on SURGERY as a means to address your concerns. Remember it is not just about tightening the skin, facial surgery should also address the underlying muscle. This is why an experienced PLASTIC surgeon would be your choice. EYELID reduction surgery will address the sagging skin around the eyes, tighten the surrounding muscles and re-position the fat, to give a more youthful look. Saggy and puffy eyes can make you always look tired, even when you aren’t! Creams will only give a minor improvement, and sometimes surgery is indicated. NECKLIFT surgery will address the underlying muscles as well as the skin to give a more structured look to the neck (which along with the rest of the body and face loses its laxity) Many women comment on their "chook necks"! It, along with the eyes, are usually the things that patients focus on first! FACELIFT surgery again addresses the facial muscles and skin to provide a former, but not too over pulled face! The face should be aligned in an outward position, not pulled to an unnatural upper position. Mr Brown likes a natural looking face to the overdone facelift, as an overdone look can cause you more grief than what you started with. Mr. Brown also performs breast augmentation, face lifts, tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), breast reduction, eyelid reduction (Blepharoplasty), neck lift and brow lifts.

Igniting the dream catchers Poet, William Yeats once wrote, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” For 143 years Toorak College has been achieving excellence and inspiring the lives of its students. Thousands of girls have graduated from the stunning Mornington Peninsula landmark with its iconic Hamilton Building and Cloisters. Toorak graduates share stories of how they emerged from their school years with a sense of honesty of themselves and belonging to a community that values them without question. These bonds of belonging connect them as Toorak Collegians for life. Principal, Mrs Kristy Kendall, says she wants students and graduates to chase their dreams, “the bigger the dream the better”, she says. “We encourage all students to find their passions, identify their strengths and to make the most of their Toorak College experience.” She adds, “with the right encouragement and confidence in their own abilities, our students will leave the School believing that they can do anything”. Two alumni of the School have done just that.


Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

When Collegian Sonya Fiddes (TC ‘07) was growing up she had no idea that Earth Science was a career option. Sonya liked science, so after graduating from Toorak College she completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. “It was when I was at uni that I realised atmospheric/climate science was actually something you could study, and was really interesting to me as it was an application of all the fundamental sciences you learn in Physics, Chemistry and Maths.” She went on to complete a Masters in Science, majoring in Atmospheric Science, also at University of Melbourne. Sonya has worked at the University and Bureau of Meteorology researching climate extremes and using climate models to project Victoria’s stream flows out to 2100. She is now undertaking a PhD and is investigating whether the Great Barrier Reef has an impact on the local climate. Another Collegian, Megan Goodwin (TC ’05), always had a passion for music and now works in the music therapy profession. “At Toorak I immersed myself in orchestra, concert band and jazz, I also enjoyed psychology so being able to combine these two areas in the one career was perfect”, she says. With the support of her teachers, Megan was accepted into a Bachelor of Music at the Conservatorium of Music

Sonya’s love of Science has given her many amazing experiences. at Melbourne University. “I majored in percussion, as well as psychology, before specialising in music therapy.” After graduating, Megan worked as the paediatric and adolescent music therapist at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, where she remains today, in addition to developing and delivering therapy programs at The Bays Aged Care facility in Hastings. “After presenting on the use of music technology in paediatric radiation oncology at the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA) conference, I was asked to take on a position within the International Music & Medicine Foundation – a worldwide foundation and journal supporting the use of music as medicine,” she says. Megan’s involvement with the AMTA has seen the development of early education music therapy programs and aged care programs. She is also involved in the use of music therapy in children’s homes for paediatric brain cancer patients. Toorak College has just announced a range of Scholarships for 2019 and is receiving applications from girls who want to chase their dreams. To learn more go to: join-toorak/scholarships.

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2019 Scholarships YEAR 4 – YEAR 9 Your daughter’s journey begins here; we prepare our students for their future. Academic and General Excellence Scholarships are available for girls in 2019. Apply now. Go to: I 9788 7234


MINDS are seekers, they are testers. They challenge theories, ideals and convention. They find a way when others retreat. Unafraid of mistakes and failure, they will deconstruct, reinterpret, refine their understanding and find a new way forward.





5971 6100

INFORMATION SESSION TUESDAY 22 AUGUST 2017 – 7:30PM Join our Principal, Jonathan Walter, to hear more about our school.

CAMPUS TOURS Wed 23, Thurs 24 & Fri 25 August BOOK VIA WEBSITE

A school for Adventurous Minds At Woodleigh School, ‘Adventurous Minds’ defines who we are.

‘Adventurous Minds are expressive and imaginative. Original, passionate and persistent.’

Adventurous Minds never stop learning. To be adventurous is to have a go, to be creative, open to change and possibility. Adventurous Minds can be scientific, mathematic, artistic and expressive. There are no set limits. We are seekers of new perspectives. Our students are unafraid of failure, taking risks with their learning. They take setbacks in their stride, reflect and try again. They are capable, resourceful, collaborative and talented, always looking for innovative solutions. Our teachers and curriculum encourage students to try new things, to push beyond what is comfortable – to grow. The Activities and Camp Programs, Round Square and our Community Partnership Programs shift Woodleigh students’ perspectives beyond the safe confines of the Peninsula, to national and international views. As industry and employer needs change, education too must evolve. We must acknowledge that the future will not be like the past. Transferable skills, application, effort, communication skills, curiosity, adaptability and innovation – adventurous thinking – these are fundamental for your child’s future success. They cannot be Googled. They can only be learnt through real, authentic, lived experiences. Education should be an adventure. The journeys students go on, both in and out of the classroom, should ignite a life-long love for learning. They should lead students to discover their passions and help define their values. At Woodleigh, Adventurous Minds are welcome. They are guided and empowered. Adventurous Minds are respected. Adventurous Minds are educated… here. JONATHAN WALTER - Principal

TALKING TO A FAMILY LAWYER IS A BIG STEP. WE UNDERSTAND. Speak to Marshalls+Dent Lawyers. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with clear and concise advice, working closely with you to achieve the best outcome in the following areas of law: PROPERTY, CHILDREN, DIVORCE, PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENTS, DE FACTO RELATIONSHIPS & FINANCIAL AGREEMENTS. Contact our office on 5973 6919 for further information or to arrange an appointment.

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Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

BY KATE SEARS Meet Scott Norton. By day, he’s a devoted dad who commutes from Mornington to Port Melbourne for work at a printing company. But in the eerie pre-dawn hours, when most of us are still blissfully sleeping, Scott enters another world – The Otherworld – in his guise as teen fiction author S.B. Norton … and that’s where the magic happens. From 5am until 6.15am every week day, Scott immerses himself in the world of the Operatives, whose mission it is to rid a parallel universe known as The Severed Plane of the warlocks and wizards that control three of its four quadrants and who prey on human kind. These quadrants provide the settings for the three (and soon to be four) novels in his Otherworldly Operatives series: Flames from the North, Southern Vexations, and White Eyed Children of the East, which he’s launching at a Meet the Author event at Farrell’s Book Shop next month. At weekends he’s able to devote a little more time to The Otherworldly Operatives, and that’s something he

relishes. “It’s quite exhausting. But I needed a creative outlet, and it’s great for my own escapism as I have a very vivid imagination.” Scott has been a self-published author since 2014. With no support team besides his family and friends, he has written, edited, designed, promoted, distributed and established his books’ presence on social media and in the minds of teenagers world-wide. With lots of adventure, these horror fantasy novels appeal to 10-14-year-olds (he often visits schools to meet his young fans) but have found devotees among much older readers too. With one more book in the works to complete the series, he’s relishing the traction he’s establishing overseas. His protagonists come from all over the world and represent a variety of ages, so his novels have wide appeal. Readers respond well to these strong characters as they travel through corridors from this world to The Otherworld and fight to save human kind from being kidnapped by The Severed Plane dwellers. “The suburb that my main protagonist lives in was inspired by Mornington, Dromana, Cowes and Phillip Island,” says Scott. The tales of warlocks and witches include some scary bits that keep the young readers interested and are quite dark at times, but there’s an underlying humorous tone throughout the collection. You can meet Scott at Farrell’s on Saturday, September 16, at 3pm, where he’ll be more than happy to sign copies of his books. Perhaps in blood, we’re not too sure … INSTA: FB: @theotherworldlyoperatives W:

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Style Temple

PROPERTY STYLING ¡ FURNITURE ¡ HOMEWARES ¡ ART ¡ LIGHTING ¡ RUGS ¡ CURIOS ¡ GIFTS ¡ ANTIQUES Open Monday - Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-3, Sunday by appointment only 5-7 Diane Street, Mornington Vic 3931 ¡ P 5975 7432 ¡ 0417 559 992

VCE: Ready to go! Like any student heading into the VCE years I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about the decisions I need to make. As a Year 10 student it dawns on you that your choices over the next few years impact your future. Lots of questions run through your head. What subjects should I choose? Which tertiary institution offers the course I’m interested in? How do ATARs work? It’s enough to make even the most confident and capable student feel overwhelmed. Peninsula Grammar has taken our VCE preparation to the next level. The School offered a “VCE and Pathways Expo”

( 12

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

which gave both students and parents the opportunity to explore the 35 VCE subjects on offer. We were able to ask the teachers questions and investigate our areas of interest. There were also 13 institutions at the Expo showcasing their courses, offering us valuable insight into options, prerequisites and life beyond VCE. After the Expo I went to a presentation with my mum where we learnt all about the mechanics of VCE. My parents did the HSC and only understand “Anderson Scores” so they were grateful to have the chance to understand the process and ask questions. Peninsula Grammar also invited past students back to School to tell us about their post VCE lives and experiences. We found this invaluable and felt excited about the future after hearing from the VCE graduates.

BY ZAHLI MCFARLANE We finished Term 2 with all students having a chance to sit one on one with teachers representing the VCE subjects. This enabled me to ask my final questions and lock in my subject choices. I am fully prepared for the future and know that I will be completely supported by my School as I undertake this exciting journey. Peninsula Grammar has done everything it can to ease my transition into VCE and I feel confident about life after School. Peninsula Grammar has an Open Day on Wednesday, August 16 from 9-11am. PENINSULA GRAMMAR A: 20 Wooralla Drive, Mount Eliza T: 9788 7777 W:

mornington PENINSULA


YEAR 7, 2019



Our leading edge Middle Years program, Becoming Me offers smaller class sizes and targeted teaching to meet the individual needs of each and every child.


Our Mathematics and English programs in Years 7, 8 and 9 include single gender classes and high ability co-educational classes, offering the best of both worlds where boys and girls work together and separately. Ask us about how we do things differently or come and see us in action.

Laura’s ready to rule the kitchen If you have ever fretted over a flan or struggled with a strudel, spare a thought for Laura Skvor.

1531_0317 CRICOS No 00881F

RTO No 0260

In a little over eight months, the Chisholm commercial cookery student will pit her skills as commis chef against the best from the Asia Pacific region in a bid to make the final of the most prestigious gastronomy event in the world, the Bocuse d’Or. Laura and Michael Cole, the head chef at Georgie Bass Café and Cooking School in Flinders, are representing Australia at the Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific semi-finals in Singapore from April 24-27. If they finish in the top five, they will go on to compete in Bocuse d’Or 2019 in Lyon against 23 other teams from around the world. Laura has been cooking since she was a young girl, and her passion for food and cookery was fuelled when she featured on My Kitchen Rules in 2016. Although she didn’t make the finals of the show, Laura credited her Chisholm teacher for teaching her the cookery fundamentals. “My dreams of working in a real kitchen are being realised with help from Michael Simmons,” she said. “He is teaching solid foundations of cookery as well as inspiring us to continually be creative in our culinary endeavours and excel in our work kitchens.” Mr Simmons is equally proud of his students’ success and links with industry. “Without the work of Chisholm’s commercial cookery and hospitality team, we would not have had the industry links for this to occur. We look forward to the next chapter during the semi-finals which will determine the road to Lyon.” With chefs in hot demand, there’s never been a better time to enter the industry. Chisholm at Rosebud has a variety of courses in the hospitality space that will prepare you for work, provide apprenticeship opportunities, or further study through pathways to higher education. TAFE programs range from commercial cookery, patisserie and front-of-house training to travel and tourism courses. For more information visit

STUDY HOSPITALITY AT CHISHOLM ROSEBUD Your local TAFE. Boneo Road, Rosebud. Phone Chisholm Rosebud 5950 2050

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mornington PENINSULA Magazine 10/03/2017 7:46 AM

The Bloom Room

BYO Vase for a professional arrangement

We provide a high quality, fast turnaround print service, at great prices, so if you require any of the following, then give us a call. • Plan Printing / Builders drawings • Colour posters • Brochures / Flyers • Business Cards • Mounting onto boards • Colour Scanning Try our Unique product Tyvek which will produce Waterproof and tear proofs prints, ideal for plans, drawings or signage for use outside in all weathers.

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There is Nothing Warmer. Possum / Merino Clothing and accessories in a variety of colours and sizing from XS to XXL Quality that lasts for years.

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Open Mon to Fri 9-30 to 5, Sat 9-30 to 4 & Sun11 to 3

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1300 230 630

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Quality Custom Picture Framing in Mornington since 1990

Design matters

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Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

A family home that feels open yet private, with the ability to evoke a sense of calm away from the complex outside world whilst minimally containing all the clutter that a busy life creates. The underlying brief may be somewhat universal, but the design response on any given site is not – at least it shouldn’t be. Vibe Design Group understands design and its capabilities to bring the everyday into the realm of something above and beyond. Michael O’Sullivan and his design partners Kathryn and Katie believe that starting the build process with a bullet-proof blueprint means their clients are absolutely guaranteed of a home that delivers on every level. Design briefs at Vibe Design Group are envisaged and signed off over casual conversations with the Vibe team. Getting to know each client’s personality and desires is an integral part of an associationbased process at this forward-thinking, multi-awardwinning design studio.

It’s not extravagance that’s at the heart of what Vibe Design Group believes in; it’s a standard of living and long term usability that Vibe thinks every home deserves. The highest expectations are those that Vibe place upon themselves – to produce an original, that first and foremost speaks to those it was created for. A building can take on a certain persona when every aspect has been refined. It could be nostalgic, but never a replica and the most exciting part is that it’s something that does not yet exist. Set the bar high with Vibe Design Group – the local contemporary designers who provide original abodes for people who desire comfort, environmental harmony and organic aesthetics. VIBE DESIGN GROUP A: 29/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 5975 8288 W: IG: vibedesigngroup

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(03) 5975 8288 29/1140 Nepean Hwy, Mornington VIC 3931

Cristina has designs on Mornington BY YAZMINE LOMAX

Cristina Velez is a US-born designer who has recently moved to Mornington. The ambitious 21-year-old chats to Mornington Peninsula Magazine about her life-long love of fashion, international style, and how her new home will inspire her label. Where did your love of fashion start? My mom taught me to sew when I was about seven or eight years old. I’ve always loved expressing myself with what I wore; dressing yourself each day is such an intimate thing. What differences have you noticed between New York and Melbourne style? I don’t think there is anything like New York style. It’s the most amazing, bizarre thing. You’ll see someone walking down the street in sweatpants and a dirty T-shirt with fluffy slippers, and then behind them someone in 10-inch rainbow platforms with fluorescent braids, a mesh top and

American flag cut-off shorts. Here, as far as I’ve seen, people are very put together. What’s your proudest achievement? My proudest achievement would be starting my own ethical, sustainable clothing label, Covert Clothing. I design clothing made with organic and vintage fabrics, or up-cycled materials. It’s all cruelty-free so no animal products whatsoever. I didn’t feel there were enough options that were actually ethical as well as environmentally friendly. I wanted people to be able to shop my clothing and feel good about the company they were investing their money into. It’s still in its

( 20

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

early stages but I’m so excited to see where it goes. Why do you love where you live and how does it inspire your work? I’m new to Australia as of May and I’m loving it! The scenery here is gorgeous and the people are lovely. Australia is much more welcoming of what I’m doing; people are generally environmentally conscious and look for sustainable items to limit their footprint. Being around like-minded people definitely encourages me to keep working towards what I believe in.

mornington PENINSULA


After 29 years in wholesale manufacturing, we’re now open to the public.

Mention this ad to receive 20% off Roller Blinds! Offer valid till 31st Aug


Photo by Jason Edwards Herald Sun


Swimming the English Channel is a massive challenge in itself. But when it’s being attempted by someone who has overcome a paralysing 30-year fear of water brought on by an unimaginable tragedy, it’s truly heroic. At 15, Susan Berg was the sole survivor of a boating accident on Westernport Bay that claimed the lives of her parents and brother. She struggled through the darkness for three-and-a-half hours, battling the bitter cold sea and dense mangroves, before reaching the shore of French Island. Stricken with survivor’s guilt, she spiralled into drugs and sex, and charged down a path of self-destruction. She was also struck by a fear of water so severe that even the sound of it was highly distressing, and the hottest summer day couldn’t tempt her anywhere near a pool. Only after she cheated death for a second time in a motorcycle accident did she begin to love herself and embrace life

( 22

again. Last year Susan was challenged by a friend to face her fears and take part in the world’s largest open-water swim, the Lorne Pier to Pub, to raise money for McAuley Community Services for Women. After putting off buying a swimsuit and then being traumatised after swimming just one lap of a pool, Susan progressed to completing 25 laps but was still fraught with anxiety. But she persevered and overcame these obstacles, completing the Pier to Pub in January. As if this wasn’t enough, she has also conquered The Rip Swim – across The Heads from Point Nepean to Point Lonsdale. In August next year, Susan will join three other swimmers in a bid to complete the Channel crossing from England to France. Susan believes she’s facing these challenges as part of her journey of selfhealing and to encourage others to tackle their own fears. “The last time I saw my family was in the water, so I feel like I’m reuniting with them each time I swim, and I know they’re really proud that I got my life on track.”

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

“ Fear is in the mind. We all have the ability to face our fears and live a happy, fulfilling life.” Training for the English Channel attempt in August 2018 will start in full this month with coach Peter Hendriks and without a wetsuit. That’s right - the squad of four are training together wearing just bathers because wetsuits aren’t allowed for the 50km relay. If you’re shivering while reading this, picture sitting in the freezing water as you wait for your body to adjust at 7am each day. This alone is a tough flashback to the cold October night Susan spent in the water fighting for her life.

Susan knows from her own experience that life is short, so she’s chosen to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation so children aged 3-18 with life-threatening illnesses can fulfil their own dreams. Donate at www.gofundme. com/susan-berg-english-channel-relay to support Susan’s goal. And if you’d like to delve deeper into Susan’s remarkable story, you can read her autobiography, The Girl Who Lived.

mornington PENINSULA


Words Liz Rogers, photographs David Donnelly

( 24

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Have you got any idea of what goes on beneath the still waters of Port Phillip Bay around May to late June each year? It’s crowded, crusty and crunchy down there where circus-performing creepy-crawlies come together to shed their shells - and that means there’s an uninvited entourage not far behind. It’s all go, go, go! Spider crabs. They come in thousands. An aggregation of spider crabs in all their six-legged and two-pincer glory make their way into the shallow waters of the bay to moult every year. You wouldn’t know it was happening unless you went snorkelling or diving over the few weeks this magic event occurs, but naturalist David Attenborough and the BBC sure know about it and the word is that this is one of the most dynamic annual underwater events on the planet. Right here on our doorstep. This is how it works. The crabs come in closer to

shore as the water cools. They shed their old shells, which have become too small, and huddle up close to or on top of each other in stacks that are sometimes 10 deep while their new shells grow. Why? There’s safety in numbers, and numbers matter when your soft body is exposed and there is some sneaky marine animal just around the corner searching for a crustacean degustation. Predators have been recorded swimming around in May and June with bulging stomachs - think seals, rays, dolphins and birds. The aggregation of brainy crustaceans can stretch for hundreds of metres and is best known to occur between Tootgarook and Blairgowrie, and is often seen near structures such as Rye Pier and the Blairgowrie Marina. Similar events have been recorded in other areas, including St Leonards. So now you know. Still waters do run deep. They also play dress-ups and host banquets. Who would have thought?

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You are cordially invited

TO AN AFTERNOON TEA AND PRESENTATION ON LUXURY TRAVEL JOURNEY’S WITH INSIGHT VACATIONS AND LUXURY CRUISING WITH SILVERSEA 20th September | 2:30 pm Barrel Room The Epicurean Red Hill 165 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South VIC 3937 RSVP now on 03 5974 3911 or email to reserve your place!


And they call it puppy love BY LIZ ROGERS didn’t get any work done though! She was a hit. “They get along so well with each other. Lola has a soft, curly coat and came from a breeder in Castlemaine. Angus came from Langwarrin and his fur is more wiry. He’s 15 months old now. The kids just adore them.” Donna grew up with dachshunds. This is the So why have them? first time she’s had dogs since her childhood “They are just lovely,” Donna says. “Lola is growing up in Scotland. A friend of hers had quiet and relaxed while Angus is boisterous some Airedales and she fell in love with the and solid. They are so much fun to watch. breed. Personality was key. “Angus is a bit They do the ‘bitey’ face, as we call it of an escape artist. He opens the doors and wrestling with each other while gnawing on just lets himself out. I need another fence! each other’s faces. It’s hilarious!” Lola is always up for a snuggle.” Donna’s two Airedale terriers are comedic This dynamic duo goes everywhere with yet undemanding. Her 13-week-old recently their family on the weekend, but they don’t spent the day in her Amicus Salon in sleep on the bed. Mornington because it was the RSPCA’s “They do get on as soon as my husband Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Talk about a leaves for work though,” laughs Donna. lush! “She just lay down all day expecting So, the itchy skin and weepy eyes are worth pats and tummy rubs. If I’d had the time the canine licks and devotion? “Every bit of to walk Angus before work I would have it. I couldn’t imagine life without them now.” brought him too. He’s a bit more active. Everyone loved having Lola there. The staff The things we do for love.

Donna Sutherland has dogs. Even though she’s allergic. Streaming eyes and runny nose. Itchy skin. Her hounds don’t shed hair - which certainly reduces the number of hair balls rolling around the house like tumbleweeds – but they still get her allergies going!

UNIQUE MUSIC FESTIVALS AT SEA Cruise to the South Pacific aboard the spectacular Royal Caribbean International Radiance of the Seas with the very best international and Australian artists! 8 October 2017 - 8 night cruise return from Sydney aboard Radiance of the Seas

16 October 2017 - 7 night cruise return from Sydney aboard Radiance of the Seas

Lee Kernaghan, John Williamson, Beccy Cole, Adam Harvey plus many more

Status Quo, Baby Animals, Jon Stevens and Band, Mark Gable (Choirboys) Jack Jones plus many more

Balcony from $4,009pp* twin share

Balcony from $3,859pp* twin share

23 October 2017 - 8 night cruise return from Sydney aboard Radiance of the Seas

31 October 2017 - 7 night cruise return from Sydney aboard Radiance of the Seas

KC and The Sunshine Band, Boney M, Marcia Hines, Go West, Cutting Crew, Wang Chung plus many more

José Carreras, David Hobson, Marina Prior, Taryn Feibig, Jud Arthur plus many more Inside from $2,809pp* twin share

Outside from $2,395pp* twin share

JOIN OURall INFORMATION SESSIONS ON CRUISING IN-STORE ON 8TH SEPTEMBER 2016.onboard RSVP NOW! All cruises include main meals (excludes specialty restaurants), entertainment and gratuities (excludes purchases).

Mt Martha - 9 Bay Road, Mt Martha,VIC P: 03 5974 3911 E: Red Hill - 87 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill,VIC P: 03 5989 2393 E: AUGUST 2017 (69)

*Prices are cruise only, per person in AUD, based on lowest available twin share accommodation inclusive of all savings/discounts, port and government charges, gratuities (excluding onboard purchases), correct as at 4 July 2017. Offers are capacity controlled and subject to availability/change. Single travellers must pay a single supplement. Some Oceanview and Balcony Staterooms may have an obstructed view. Cabins on guarantee basis will not be allocated until closer to the departure date and allocation is at the sole discretion of Cruiseco. Agents may charge service fees and/or fees for credit card payments which can vary. Cancellation penalties and conditions apply. For full terms and conditions visit

27 )

10 Bennetts Rd, Mornington / 5975 0344 / Styled by Imagemakers Interior Design

On top of the world Rhiannon Pilton doesn’t do things by halves. She’s a working mum, a businesswoman, a local employer and founder/director of human resources and workplace health and safety consultancy PWR Consulting Group. This 33-year-old Rosebud resident is also a nominee for the prestigious 2017 Telstra Business Women’s Awards. It’s recognition for years spent building a successful business that now has offices in Rosebud, Frankston, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and as far afield as the Sunshine Coast. Rhiannon admits she’s rather humbled that one of her clients took the time to nominate her for the awards. “I would have been happy with a nice thank you email,” she joked during a short break in her hectic work schedule. Hers is a dynamic working environment, with clients ranging from small to large businesses, large government organisations and everything in between. PWR Consulting Group offers a wide range of services including advice in regard to (and not exclusively) employment contracts, company training, compliance to Fair Work and National Employment Standards, policy documentation and general workplace matters. And, Rhiannon juggles it all while studying for a Masters degree! The Telstra Business Women’s Awards, now in their 23rd year, recognise outstanding business women across Australia and Asia. The 2017 State/Territory winners will gather in Melbourne for national judging on November 20, culminating in a glittering Gala Dinner on November 21. For more on PWR Consulting Group, visit

Peninsula Survey Group Consulting Land Surveyors We Measure Up

• Residential and Rural Land • Easement & Covenant Advice • Property Boundary Surveys • Site Context Surveys

• Land Development & Management • Site Development Investigations • Subdivision Applications • Dual Occupancy Developments

24A Progress St, Mornington Ph: 9787 2980 AUGUST 2017 (69)

Our Retailers Store


ALDI AVY Nails BRAD’s Fresh Meats BWS Eastend Bakery Freechoice Mornington Glenn McCulloch Photography Inside Story News & Lotto Local Edition Coffee Medical Centre Mornington Village Pharmacy Nando’s Quik Stitches Smart Cuts & Color Telstra The Reject Shop Tokyo Sushi Kitchen Woolworths

132 534 5975 8239 5976 2888 5974 6105 5975 6557 5976 4882 5975 5811 5975 5849 5976 3600 5975 4344 5975 4959 5976 4066 5976 4474 5973 9700 5975 9081 5975 6850 5974 6105

Video Ezy Kiosk ATM’s - ANZ, CommBank, Westpac

‘Live, Love, Shop, Support Local’ 241 Main Street Mornington VIC 3931

29 )

Ben Comell founder of The Tempo Group How old were you when you founded the Tempo Group? I founded The Tempo Group in my early 20s (Ben is now 34), growing the business to where it is today. 2017 is a significant year for me (and The Group) marking Tempo’s 10th anniversary. I feel like the journey has just begun and we have some exciting time ahead. That’s quite young. Did you always want to own your own business? Yes, I did. I commenced as a labourer in Rosebud and immediately knew I liked the building game. I was accepted into an adult apprenticeship, qualified and then pursued project management. It was a grassroots start, but this hands-on experience has been paramount to the growth of my business. Remind us about The Tempo Group’s mission. Our mission is to create high-end homes for clients looking for something beyond the ordinary. We have more than 10 years’ experience building luxury homes on the Peninsula. We understand the landscape. There are challenges with different blocks and we understand those challenges. We are very project-specific. Please describe Tempo in a couple of words? Innovation, Custom, Lifestyle, Flexible What’s your style?

( 30

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mornington PENINSULA



Relaxed. Our family is big on lifestyle. I also appreciate quality and beautiful finishes. A home has to be functional as well as an extension of yourself and the life you live. We are big on entertaining with family, extended family and friends. We live our life around a central indoor/ outdoor entertaining area with barbecue, kids in the pool and a lot of fun. Where can we see Tempo’s builds?

AUGUST 2017 (69)

You can see our projects across the Mornington Peninsula, from Mornington to Mount Martha, Mount Eliza, Balnarring and Sorrento and also in St Kilda, Clifton Hill and Geelong. Are you a local? Yes, my entire family is. I was born and bred on the Peninsula, and I live in Mount Eliza surrounded by friends and family. What do you love doing on the

Peninsula when not at work? I am always focusing on work. I love what I do, so it’s part of how I live my life, looking for new ideas or the next challenge. I have three young boys, and that is a handful and a lot of fun. My escape is dirt bikes, motocross and endure riding. The team are also heavily involved in a house-gifting scheme – Global Village Housing in Cambodia. We plan to raise enough money to donate 50 homes over

the next 12 months. Your mantra? We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give (Winston Churchill). I also think it’s pretty important to give it your all! THE TEMPO GROUP W: E: T: 0439 368 181

31 )

( 32

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In February 2013, an explosion with the force of 30 Hiroshima bombs lit up the sky over the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The resulting air blast shattered windows across six cities, injuring an estimated 1500 people. The 18m meteor that exploded 20km above Earth (pictured top left) was a sobering reminder that when it comes to space invaders, it’s not aliens we have to fear as much as the millions of wandering celestial bodies with which we share the solar system. And while catastrophic strikes from space might be the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters, they’re not mere science fiction. Just ask the dinosaurs. On any clear night, away from the light pollution of our cities, you can witness these visitors as shooting stars or falling stars. They’re actually meteors, the term given to a meteoroid that has entered the atmosphere. If the meteor survives its journey to the surface of the Earth, it’s called a meteorite. And for more than 50 years Cranbourne was the site of Australia’s largest meteorite find after a 7.8 tonne ball of iron disintegrated in a fiery shower over the Dandenong Ranges and scattered its fragments in a 22km corridor from Beaconsfield to Pearcedale. The Cranbourne meteor is thought to have fallen between 200 and 2000 years ago, and 13 meteorites have so far been recovered. The first, Cranbourne No.1, was a 3550kg monster that reportedly held some significance for the area’s Aboriginal people before it was retrieved from Devon Meadows in 1854 after a settler attempted to tether his horse to what he thought was a stump sticking out of the ground. The second, the 1525kg Cranbourne No.2, was recovered from Clyde the same year, and both were bought by London’s Natural History Museum. However, the sale caused such an uproar among Australian scientists that the museum returned No.2 to the colony, and it now resides at Museum Victoria. Closer to home, Cranbourne No.12 resides at Casey Council’s Narre Warren customer service centre, although the meteorite display at Cranbourne was removed several years ago. In 1911 the Cranbourne meteorite lost its heavyweight title to the Nullarbor’s Mundrabilla meteorite, which at 18 tonnes is still well short of Namibia’s 60 tonne Hoba. And of course nothing comes close to the planet-busting asteroid that smashed into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years ago, unleashing the energy of 10 billion Hiroshima bombs and taking 75 per cent of all species with it. So the next time you see a meteor streaking across the sky, you might want to thank your lucky stars that that’s all it is. AUGUST 2017 (69)

Tyres & Tyre Services Mechanical repairs Car servicing Suspension Batteries Wheels Brakes

Family Owned & Operated 8am - 5pm Mon- to Fri / 8am - 1pm Sat 2/131 Mornington-Tyabb Road Mornington P. 5976 8368 E.

33 )


Night time is the right time. The world is quiet and the business of the day has melted away to leave space to really create. In the kitchen. In recent MasterChef guest and executive chef Deniz Karaca’s kitchen. In Seaford. Deniz Karaca has been making life sweet since he was 16 years old when he began training as a pastry chef in Germany. Now a chocolatier supreme who has worked world-wide and created a 1.8m, 45kg chocolate corkscrew at the World Chocolate Masters in Paris in 2013, Deniz feels his best when experimenting with different flavours in his home kitchen. He explains. “This is where I can really taste and combine flavours. I love chocolate. It is a fascinating medium to work with. You can be so creative and it is forgiving because you can melt it and start again, even though it is hard to work with. My wife and I began our chocolate business Cuvée in 2014 as a side concern to my consulting and mentoring work. It is what I love to do.” But back to Paris. It took four months to develop Deniz’s corkscrew concept, four hours to assemble it and three people to lift it. He came third in those world championships, but it was his participation at the Patissier Of The Year in Sydney in 2016 that got MasterChef judges’ tongues salivating and wagging. He made a caramel tart – and it was the best caramel tart! “The MasterChef experience (aired on Channel 10 in June) was great. We filmed for the day. I was so impressed with the contestants. My ‘Passion for Caramel’ tart was complex. I usually make one in under two hours. Those guys did it in three. Pretty good for amateurs.” Deniz has been named Australia’s top chocolatier. His delicious Cuvée chocolate is made from the best quality cocoa beans from around the world - think Belize, Ecuador, Tanzania and Ghana, to name a few. This is chocolate that leaves you wanting more and scores a 10 out of 10. Immunity pin? No thanks – life’s too short not to eat chocolate.

( 34

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• Nursing/health services

• Shopping assistance

• Meal preparation

• Home help

• Personal care

• In-home respite

• Gardening

• Handyman


• Physio

• Social activities


Call 1300 4FLEXI (1300 435 394) to speak to a local Home Support Partner or visit 335-351 Eastbourne Road, Capel Sound 3940 VIC *Conditions Apply


335-351 Eastbourne Road, Capel Sound 3940 VIC 03 5986 4455

34a Balaka Street, Capel Sound 3940 VIC 1300 TITREE (1300 848 733)


If you’re like me heading into the silly season – disorganised and decoration-depleted – then why not start early this year at Santa’s Place in Moorooduc, where everything Christmas resides. As soon as you walk through the door you are welcomed into a world where Santa and all the magic he brings survives and thrives. Three generations of family for over 18 years have been supplying Christmas trees (including fibre-optic),

( 36

indoor/outdoor decorations, advent calendars, nativities and large display pieces plus more to the Peninsula and beyond. The 8ha site includes a Christmas tree farm and shop, café and playground, and there’s a licensed bar which is ideal for long lunches or morning and afternoon parent-group playdates. Santa’s Place is full of Christmas cheer from July 1 onwards, when the doors open to invite clients in to experience a world full of wonder and festivities. Get a group of friends together or grab a cuppa

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

with a mate while the kids jump on the trampoline or climb and slide outside. There’s plenty of parking (the carpark accommodates 200) and you can stay all day. Be smart this Christmas and get your decorations and gifts sorted early so you can sit back and relax while everyone else gets flustered. Santa’s Place stocks the lot: angels, candles, bonbons, tableware, snow globes, costumes, stockings and sacks! The list is too long to put down here, but one thing’s for sure - if you’re

searching for something that makes your child’s heart sing, you’ve found it. Make sure you have a very merry and relaxed Christmas this year - start shopping today and stay for the fun at Santa’s Place. The man in red is calling. Ho, ho, ho! SANTA’S PLACE A: cnr Moorooduc Highway and Bentons Rd, Moorooduc T: 0408 092 821 W:

mornington PENINSULA


SANTA’S PLACE on the Mornington Peninsula OPEN: July & August Thursday to Sunday 10am - 5pm

October Open 7 days 10am - 5pm

Phone: 5978 8500

September Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm

November & December Saturday to Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday 10am-9pm

Cnr Moorooduc Hwy & Bentons Rd, Moorooduc E:

Excitement runs high for hemp seeds On April 28, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand announced the decision to permit the sale of low-THC hemp seed products as food. The development has been praised by many in the food service industry, with some high-profile chefs already preparing to include hemp foods on menus when they become legal to buy in November. While hemp is a cannabis plant species, it contains very low levels of THC, the cannabinoid associated with marijuana’s psychoactive properties. Additionally, hemp seeds have low levels of cannabidiol – the active component of cannabis extracts used for medicinal purposes – and therefore do not have therapeutic effects. The FSANZ decision will impose limits on the levels of THC and cannabidiol in hemp foods as well as strict guidelines around marketing and labelling to prevent any suggestion that hemp foods will have psychoactive or therapeutic effects, and ban branding that references cannabis. Hemp seeds are high in protein and are a rich source of B vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly omega-3 and omega-6. Australia and New Zealand will now join the US, Canada and some European countries where hemp seeds are used in a range of foods. Hemp products also enjoy popularity in South Korea and Japan, where Hemp Foods Australia distributes hemp seeds, oils and protein powder through sister company Hemp Foods Japan. According to Hemp Foods Australia, the international market for hemp foods is estimated at $1 billion annually, with founder and chief executive Paul Benhaim predicting the demand for Australian hemp foods will quadruple in the next few years. “In the US it had a 44 per cent growth increase last year, so even in the biggest market it has an enormous growth rate,” Benhaim says. The seeds can be cold-pressed into oil, which works well as a dressing and drizzled on soups; they can be ground up into a meal, which can also be turned into a protein powder. “The powder is very fine and can be used to add depth and texture to sauces and reductions, (and) in baking. You wouldn’t completely replace your regular flour; you would use it in a small percentage - maybe 20 to 30 per cent. The seeds can also be ground up with water and turned into a non-dairy milk or cream that is wonderful in desserts.” Sydney-based chef Jared Ingersoll has been experimenting with hemp seeds in cooking. “There is definitely really huge potential,” Ingersoll says. “You can roast them, put them into cereals, toss them through a granola, or in a dessert that you want a nice crunchy texture. It works quite well in braises and stocks. It gives them some nice bitterness that you can juxtapose with caramelised veg and stuff like that. It imparts a really nice flavour.” “It’s used throughout the world,” Benhaim says. “I’ve been working with hemp for 23 years now and have seen it used in a multitude of restaurants. Hopefully Australia will catch up now.” The full version of this article by Madeline Woolway originally appeared in the magazine Hospitality.

( 38

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PH: 8560 1137, Showroom D4, Peninsula Home 1128-1132 Nepean Hwy VISIT US TODAY!


BY KATE SEARS to the next level. This is because they’ve seen the passion Spencer has for the business world and are more than confident that they will get results. Spencer’s frequently seen out of school uniform speaking to businesses and at various events where he’s asked to share his experiences, often leaving his audiences in awe of his marketing and lifestyle advice – not to mention his maturity. R U OK? chief executive Brendan Maher approached Spencer to be one of its 2017 ambassadors. This time he’ll be speaking on what he’s witnessed at school, and how it affected him and his family. “I’m doing it because I love to give back to the cause and be a part of something I’m close to in my spare time,” Spencer says. ( 40 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month He’s an ambassador for the charity R U OK?, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, and an author. He’s also teaching and mentoring business owners from across the globe and is in the process of completing Year 12. Yes, I’ll give you a moment to catch your breath. Meet Spencer Porter, who has launched a global coaching and consulting business called HustleTime, which focuses on furthering 18 to 25-year-olds to the next level, and his age hasn’t stopped clients from across the world signing up to his programs. Even though his niche is 18 to 25-year-olds, he has impressed so many more above that age bracket and now has people who are even in their 40s signing up to his programs to take themselves

Spare time? Seriously? Additionally, this super teenager conducts his own seven-day course on how to take your personal brand to the next level. When asked what inspired Spencer to be so driven and motivated to do everything, he speaks highly of his mentor and idol Ryan Magdziarz. Ryan has pushed him to the next level on several occasions. He’s the CEO of Winning International and is earning several million a year but is more than willing to dedicate his time to Spencer. Spencer said he couldn’t articulate what it means when somebody embeds so much belief within you – it becomes like a super power. Spencer’s book, 25 Steps to Master Your Dream Business, is a guide that includes interactive activities to help you put your

learning into action straight away. His motivation for the book came from his desire to provide a cost-effective guide that anyone could follow to be the best they can be in business. “If they can’t afford our services, I’d like to help them for minimum cost. Everyone deserves a chance.” Out soon, the book is dedicated to his younger sister, who no doubt has an amazing role model in Spencer. Spencer’s best tip? Find a skill that you enjoy, and turn it into a profitable niche business. Visit to read the articles on improving your business, or perhaps start your own to follow in his footsteps. R U OK? Day is Thursday, September 14. For details, go to

mornington PENINSULA


Scholarships now open. Developing global leaders of the future.

Apply for an academic scholarship for Year 7 and VCE 2019 by 29 September. See website for details.

Register for a tour online: Saturday 26 August, 10.00am Thursday 26 October, 6.00pm Saturday 18 November, 10.00am

Co-educational, independent school, ELC to Year 12 | Located in Bangholme, near Chelsea |


Book a spring campaign with us! In Print • Online • on Social Media Reach a huge audience of affluent locals and visitors keen to read about your business. Proven readership over 11 years.

Contact Molly, Chendelle or Andrea 9708 8222 Personalised service and assistance with design, photography and editorial always included. @mornpenmag

Seventy-five years ago, on 15 August 1942, HMAS Shepparton J248, was launched at the Williamstown Naval Dockyard. She was commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy on 1 February of the following year and after crew training was completed, she headed for New Guinea in April. Shepparton was one of sixty similar ships designed and built in Australia at eight dockyards (4 in NSW, 2 in Queensland, 1 in Victoria, 1 in South Australia). Bathurst-class Mine-sweepers, was the official name for these ships but they are better known as the Australian corvettes. While they carried out mine-sweeping duties they were also extensively used as anti-submarine escorts and also in a wide range of other duties. Australian corvettes served in every theatre of WWII; the Australian coast, the Western Pacific, the Indian

Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. They escorted convoys, swept mines, ferried

troops and supplies, bombarded enemy positions and surveyed uncharted waters. Two of them, HMAS Maryborough and HMAS Wollongong, served in every theatre of war except the Arctic. Most of HMAS Shepparton’s service, however, was in survey operations around New Guinea and New Britain ahead of invasion forces. It was essential

to have accurate information of an area before invasion ships and landing craft approached a

beach. The corvettes were small enough and simple enough to be built by inexperienced workers in small shipyards. Their reciprocating triple-expansion engines were rather out-dated but could be made by railway workshops capable of constructing steam locomotives. Though small and rather slow they carried

out a vital role in the defence of Australia and in supporting the more glamorous ships of the RAN. Their crews, made up mainly of young men with no previous experience at sea, demonstrated a high level of courage and devotion to duty. Only one corvette was lost to enemy action during the war, HMAS Armidale, but two others sank after accidental collisions. The loss of HMAS Armidale and the story of the bravery of Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean should be more widely known by all Australians. A Bathurst-class corvette had a crew of around eighty, was 57 metres long and driven by two steam engines each driving a propeller. With a top speed of about 13 knots they were suitable as escorts of convoys as many ships of the time were no faster. The museum ship HMAS

Castlemaine, moored at Gem Pier Williamstown, is HMAS Shepparton older sister. Built at the Williamstown Naval Dockyard she was launched one year earlier. If you have not visited HMAS Castlemaine put it on your list of outings for the near future. The excellent displays aboard the ship are as interesting as the ship itself. BY MAURIE HUTCHINSON President, Peninsula SS T: Maurie Hutchinson 9787 5780 E: The Peninsula Ship Society meets at Hastings Yacht Club on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 10am. Visitors always welcome.

Providing education and training to those seeking a career in racing Adult equestrian riding lessons available September/October School Holiday Programs 25 - 29th September & 2 - 6th October Come and try your hand at track riding in a safe and educational environment! (Riders must be confident cantering before applying)

10am – 4pm / $500 per person Track Rider Training $70 per session These courses may lead to enrolment in the Certificate II or III in Racing course with Racing Industry Skills Centre (RISC).

180 Coolart Road, Moorooduc M. 0400 519 483 AUGUST 2017 (69)

03 5981 0120

10 Country Club Dve, Safety Beach, Mel Ref 160 E3 GOLF – MINI GOLF – TENNIS

43 )




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Guests were spoilt for choice at #SpeakeasyMP on Sunday, July 16, at Tanglewood Estate, Dromana. Also there for the long lunch were Finesse Catering Group, Commonfolk Coffee, Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Main Ridge Olive Oil Co. Photos: Kate Sears

( 44

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Experience our strength.

Genuine care. Trusted support. PC+Apple experts. Our professional team at Netfocus IT are here to support local families and businesses with a range of device needs, IT network innovation and tech related issues, including: Data management including ‘old to new’ device support Safety, security and parental settings guidance Authorised Apple Warranty & Non-Warranty servicing Apple product sales and accessories Scam email issues General trouble shooting PLUS Comprehensive business IT network support

* * * *

* *


Visit our team and enjoy the convenience of local IT support, sales & solutions.

7/459 Nepean Highway, Frankston

Ph 1300 73 11 70

Local support for Apple & PC systems

Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm Sat: 9am - 1pm



The Village of choice. The Village Glen retirement community has always been about providing choice to our residents. CHOICE OF ACCOMMODATION Villas and apartments, choice of floor plans, choice of size and style. There’s something for every budget.

CHOICE OF LIFESTYLE For the active, there’s so many choices – golf, gymnasium, pool, bowls – and for those that require care there are registered nurses on site 24/7 and a host of care packages.

CHOICE OF CONTRACT There’s a range of contract types to purchase at Village Glen including our popular “no monthly fees or charges ever“ contract. All this in the heart of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Visit the website or call today.

335-351 Eastbourne Road, Capel Sound 3940 VIC 03 5986 4455

Want to know more? Fill in the form below and return it to us to receive a free brochure. Name Address Email Phone

*Conditions & timelines apply

Caitlin completes her ride for Conor BY KATE SEARS From breaking her back in a skiing accident to completing a gruelling 844km bike ride through New Zealand, Caitlin O’Grady won’t let life just pass her by. Her cousin, Conor, was only 17 when he lost his 13-year battle with neuroblastoma cancer, and she realised that what she suffered from her back injury would have been a drop in the ocean compared with what Conor had to endure in terms of the pain and despair at the lack of time he had to complete his dreams. That’s when she decided to take his spirit on her next adventure and show him a part of the world that he’d always yearned to see. Thus, the ride for Conor, cancer and life was born. Back from her ride and after staging an exhibition of her photographs at The Nook Gallery, Caitlin spoke to Mornington Peninsula Magazine about her impressive feat. “When I looked back just after finishing, I was overwhelmed. Just seeing the rocky roads and mountains that I, an amateur cyclist, had somehow cycled through. And I was utterly overwhelmed with the support that I gained.” Caitlin added that she’d had a lot of time to think on that bike, and grieved for everyone that she’d lost. Scenery played such an important part, not just for the photographer side of her but also the side that was eager to soak up every inch of what life offers. “When you cycle it, you can really feel it - for every rock, for every climb, for every smell, just to take it all in for what it’s worth.” Ambitious Caitlin reflects that her show was great, even though her photographs weren’t as good as she’d hoped because of the unpredictable and crazy weather. Of course, shooting with analogue also had its restrictions; each shot is precious with film, unlike digital where you can take 100 shots of one subject then choose the best later. “You wait for the perfect moment,” she says. She’s in awe of the response and the support she received from sponsors and the public, selling more than 15 prints and raising an additional $3500 for The Conor Foley Neuroblastoma Cancer Research Foundation to add to the $10,000 raised by the ride itself. Six months after her ride, this courageous and inspiring young woman is considering doing it again - possibly somewhere new, like Iceland - but this time around perhaps just to test her own capabilities. Never stopping, Caitlin has now put her creative energy into starting a new creative agency called DESFURA with Hayden O’Neill and is working on a few music video clips while she finishes her Fine Art Degree at VCA. She adds bravely: “Pushing your mentality and physicality is so interesting and kind of addictive.” If you’d like to donate or read more about Conor’s story, visit AUGUST 2017 (69)

47 )

Exhibition celebrates Frankston’s heart Frankston City is a centre of investment and redevelopment. But even with works under way and cranes in the sky, the city continues to thrive with fantastic shopping, dining, services and visitor experiences. “This is in many parts thanks to Frankston’s heart - the tens of thousands of people who live, work and study here,” said Frankston Mayor Brian Cunial.

( 48

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

To celebrate, the council is combining a series of campaigns and exhibitions to bring you a collection of remarkable photographs and stories of the people you may pass on the street every day. “One of the exhibitions is Locals of Frankston by internationally renowned photographer Richard Simpkin, who is best known for his Richard and Famous selfie series with celebrities,” Cr Cunial said. In December 2014, Richard photographed a range of

people – from residents to former mayors – to present a true snapshot of the diversity that makes Frankston such a unique bayside city. “It promotes Frankston in a positive way and I hope we can all come together for this wonderful exhibition,” he said. Locals of Frankston is at the Frankston Arts Centre until October 21 and will be complemented by portraits projected on to the centre’s flytower. Visit for more details.

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Lessons come from the journey not the destination. . . Dromana College is a school which allows students to develop to their full potential. Our exceptional academic learning environment is built on offering a range of diverse learning experiences. With outstanding facilities, a committed professional staff and a caring school community, students are challenged to explore their interests and use their talents to achieve their best. A high performing provider of education on the Mornington Peninsula. • Outstanding VCE results • Single gender classes for the core subjects • Select entry academic enhancement program (LEAP) • Performing Arts Centre, Design Centre • International Sister Schools Program and study tours

• Elite coaching programs including Basketball and Cycling • Instrumental music tuition • Diverse and engaging extra curricula events • High expectations of all students • A clear and consistent code of conduct for all students

Tours available Tuesday mornings at 9:30am. Please phone 5987 2805 for bookings

Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Personal Best 110 Harrisons Road Dromana (entry via Old White Hill Road)

5987 2805 •

W H AT ’ S


Quality, comfort and style - activewear for active women. Hop Skip & Run now open at 6 Blake Street, Mornington

Gorgeous products from Koh Living - perfect for meditation and contemplation 59 Main St, Mornington P. 1800 811 598

Upholstered bedheads from The Cullin Design. Prices starting from $600. P. 0438 786 120

Beautiful 18ct/five vintage diamond ring handcrafted by Simon Kushnir Marlene Miller Antiques 128 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento P. 5984 1762

Beautiful tiles, tapware, timber vanities and concrete basins from Lifestiles Design Studio. 4/5 Torca Terrace, Mornington P. 5976 3507

IMG 59 Chair in Italian Linea leather. Prices from $3199. Only at Luduco Living. Peninsula Homemaker Centre, 1128-1132 Nepean Hwy, Mornington. P. 5973 4899

health beauty fashion

Experience gets the nod at John’s BY LIZ ROGERS Hair By John is a salon where experience and ingenuity merge to create an atmosphere where the client takes centre stage. John has been working in the hair industry nationally and internationally for 40 years and has won various awards for his excellence and creativity, including most outstanding hair salon and business of the year. He understands how hair grows and which cuts suit you according to texture and type. Hair By John caters for everyone. Men’s cuts include buzz, short back and sides, and flat tops, while John’s beard trim and shaping techniques (or a full shave) will have you feeling fresh and funky. He is also a master of colour application for both men and women. Tints, foils, highlights and complete colour correction consultations (appointment only) means Hair By John is a one-stop salon for all your family’s hair cutting and styling needs. See in-salon today to view his exclusive Australian-made natural organic range which is kind to scalp and hair. Children are welcome too! HAIR BY JOHN A: 10 Blamey Place, Mornington T: 5975 2978 W: M: 0419 939 754 (St Andrews Beach location)


YOGA CLASSES All natural and organic colours and products - low Ammonia free + PPD free Stockists of - PURE - JUUCE -DAVINES

Dani Pritchard YOGA 0421 713 821

AUGUST SPECIALS Half head of foils with trim $99 Mens hair trim $19.95 / Mens shave $20 Colours (regrowth) only with trim $99 Hair conditioning treatment $29.95 (Conditions apply)

Shop 1-10 Blamey Pl, Mornington P. 5975 2978 or St Andrews Beach Location M. 0419 939 754

AUGUST 2017 (69)

24th August from 6pm Champagne, Gifts, special offers Meet gorgeous Gen from Mela Purdie & view the upcoming ranges

P. 5976 2524 to secure your place 46 Main St, Mornington P. 5976 2524

51 )

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Ultimate in softness, lightness and warmth


Quality Australian made luxury knitwear. Purchase firsts, seconds and discounted garments. 140 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs VIC 3201 Mon-Thu 10am - 5pm, Fri 10am - 3pm Sat (May-Jul) 10am - 2pm

If you love adaptable, easy wearing, effortlessly fashionable knitwear that you’ll wear time and time again, MerinoSnug is definitely for you. From city chic to country weekend to jetting round the globe, your MerinoSnug pieces will quickly become treasured, goanywhere staples of your wardrobe. The wool in MerinoSnug garments is sourced from dedicated Australian Wool Network wool growers, then blended with other premium natural fibres and sustainably and ethically manufactured at MerinoSnug’s purpose-built factory outlet in Carrum Downs. Timeless, versatile and enviably stylish, MerinoSnug is seamlessly designed to keep you luxuriously warm - and it’s made right here in Australia. MERINOSNUG A: 140 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs T: 9786 1113 W: - 03 9786 1113

Eyewear as individual as you are...

MainStreet EyeCare

57 Main Street, Mornington (03) 5975-3235 ( 52

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In the gate they go! The fellas are buffing their shoes and the fillies are getting their outfits ready to frock up for the raceday charity luncheon Fields of Fashion on Wednesday, September 13, at Mornington Racecourse. In its ninth year, it’s one of the hottest tickets during the lead-up to the Spring Racing Carnival to help raise funds for worthy equine charities and expose the latest racing fashion trends for 2017 on the runway. This year The National Jockeys Trust will benefit from the efforts of the Fields of Fashion organisers, boutique owner Erica Macpherson and fashion stylist/milliner Annette Sanfilippo. Their mutual passion to support the industry that supports their businesses has raised over $200,000 from events so far. MC Casey Bruce will host the day, entertainer Paul Hogan will bring the Bobby Darin Tribute Show to life and some of our profiled jockeys will style up and take the stage in a surprise showcase that will have the crowd in stitches! The luncheon boasts a guest list of racing royalty and is frequented by owners, trainers, fashionistas and all those who love to lunch. This year, after the devastating loss recently of revered local jockey Roger Booth in Darwin, the day will be dedicated to celebrating his life and the achievements that spanned his successful career. Guests will vie for the coveted sashed fashion awards sponsored by the fashionable organisers and Mickey Blue for the men and they will be able to preen themselves with the help of Alex Fevola and her Runway Room Cosmetics pamper station that will be set up on the day. Silk Hair Mt Martha will reward the best table of hats and get our models’ hair looking fab! Tickets include entry, racebook and drink on arrival along with a three-course meal, a gorgeous gift from Peninsula Life Medispa, raffles, auctions and more. For only $95 a ticket you will have the best day out for a great cause. Rally your besties, partners, and anyone who likes to glam up for a day at the races. A spectacular day awaits and gates open from noon! Bookings: 5976 2524. AUGUST 2017 (69)

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A lways my mother CELEBRATING For e v er my fr iend THE LIFE OF ROGER BOOTH Indulge yourself with:

• Full body oil and salt exfoliation in the thermal vichy capsule


• Scalp massage and hair treatment • 30 minute relaxation massage • 30 minute facial

• Refreshments in our relaxation room

$155 90 minutes

Happy Mothers Day

Featuring Crooner Paul Hogan

BOOKINGS 5976 2524

53 )

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Exercise smart at Curves Mornington BY LIZ ROGERS It’s time to get smart about exercise. Want to achieve ultimate results in the minimum amount of time and feel fantastic doing it? You can at Curves Mornington. Thirty minutes on the Curves circuit has been shown to be the equivalent of a 60-minute strength and a 30-minute cardio workout in a standard gym. Curves’ strength training programs increase bone strength and density, maintain weight management and reduce the risk of injury while toning your body. The National Heart Foundation recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity most days. The computerised Curves Smart program does just that in a friendly and supportive space where you are encouraged to be the best you can be. Each member has a

personalised ID tag that shows them when to begin and end a workout. Results are recorded including which muscles have been worked – and Curves Smart tracks and adjusts future workouts too. Member Tracey explains: “Curves Mornington has supported me in losing 12kg so far. Everyone at the club is friendly and I’m never judged. I’ve developed strength and confidence and I’m even completing my first ever Arthurs Seat Challenge in November!” Grow your strength at Curves Mornington. Smart, yes? CURVES MORNINGTON A: 33/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 5975 5526 W: mornington-221

MT ELIZA OPTICAL time and care for YOU...

One is quite old, One is quite new For those who don’t know us, there may be a few! Six months in the new shop, it’s been quite a change With lots of new faces and a gorgeous new range! Would love to see you in store. Warm Regards,

Marcus & Sarah Ritchies Centre - Shop 5, 89 Mt Eliza Way T. 9775 2922 ( 54

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Summer bodies 7 Day FREE trial Try before you buy Weight-loss options Contract-free options Student discounts Safe, fun, 30 minute workout Plus more...


STRONGE R Ask in club for Terms and Conditions.



apply * Conditionsclub check in


33/1140 Nepean Highway

5975 5526

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Kate Save is an accrediated practicing dietitian, exercise physiologist and co-director of Be Fit Food in Mornington. For more info go to or phone 1300 2 MEALS (63257)

Carb your enthusiasm It’s likely you’ve heard a lot in the media about reducing carbohydrates in your diet, especially grains (paleo diet), so I’d like to teach you a little more about this subject so you can make your own decision about carbs in your diet. Carbohydrates are found in many healthy and wholesome foods including vegetables, fruit, dairy, bread, rice, pasta, legumes/pulses, and nuts and seeds. Carbs are often given a bad name when they are used to refer to highly processed foods made from these products, such as sugary breakfast cereals, juices and soft drinks. So it’s important to think of the food groups in which they’re present and how much of each you need to meet your daily nutrient and energy requirements. Dairy products include essential nutrients, particularly calcium, and are often a good source of protein. They contain low GI carbs such as lactose. Vegetables and salads are generally reasonably low in carbs, except for the well-known starchy ones (potatoes, sweet potatoes). They also contain dietary fibre, natural anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals - and they are mostly low GI too. Fruit is best consumed whole. It contains more dietary fibre than juice, excludes added sugars, preservatives and concentrates, and its nutrient levels are highest when fresh. Meat, fish and poultry do not contain any carbs but they are important for protein, B vitamins, zinc, B12, iron and Omega 3s, just to name a few of their nutritional benefits. Try to choose unprocessed, leaner cuts of meat. Legumes and pulses include all forms of beans and peas, and the amount of carbs they contain varies. They are usually high AUGUST 2017 (69)

in dietary fibre and low GI and contain many vitamins and minerals. Nuts and seeds are predominantly fats 40-60 per cent - with 15-20 per cent carbs. Nuts are low GI and contain significant essential fatty acids, dietary fibre and vitamins and minerals. Breads, cereals and grains encompass a wide variety of foods so it’s important to choose the least refined versions of these, such as whole oats, quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, rye, barley and wheat. Look

REAL • EASY • HEALTHY for “high in wholegrains” on product packaging rather than just “contains wholegrains”. Finally, what is all the hype about quinoa? Well, unlike other common grains, quinoa belongs to a pseudo-cereal family along with amaranth and buckwheat. Quinoa originated in the Andes and was cultivated by the Inca people. Quinoa is low GI (53), high in protein (15 per cent) and provides all essential amino acids, including lysine. It has a high ratio of protein to carbs, is high in dietary fibre, is a source of many vitamins and minerals, is relatively low in fat and is gluten-free. Come in-store to meet one of our dietitians or call 1300 2 MEALS, email us at or visit

28 meals for $259! rrp $277.20 SHOW THIS AD IN STORE AT MORNINGTON OR SOMERVILLE! *limit 1 per customer



CALL: 1300 263 257

55 )

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One size does not fit all BY SUE VERHEYEN

With our emphasis on looking natural, not “done” or “frozen”, our medical injectors at Anti Aging & Associates in Mount Eliza personalise your treatment plan both affordably and with the very best outcome in mind.

With spring approaching it is time to think about looking and feeling your best. Anti Aging & Associates provides a compressive range of anti-wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers – yes, you’ve heard it all before, blah blah but Dr Romero, Kay Nuttall and James Barrett (five years) have been performing in our medical clinic for over 10 years and continue to attend the very latest training both in Australia and overseas, taking into account not only new and improved products but new techniques as they advance. James Barrett also, apart from personalised lip enhancements and treatment plans for his current clients, assists his large and expanding Asian clientele, and has for many years injected in an Asian clinic in Melbourne. James brings to Mount Eliza those

EFFECTIVE HYPNOTHERAPY Personal Breakthroughs:

Read the success stories on Facebook Are you ready to quit smoking or lose those extra stubborn kilos?! We can also help with: Weight loss • Addictions Depression • Sleep issues Quit smoking • Self improvement Sugar addiction • Habits & fears Sand Play Therapy for kids and more.

Gift Vouchers Available

Call today 0402 759 974 ( 56

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

advanced skills it takes to “sculpt” a face and enhance gradually and naturally. Google “James Barrett Cosmetic Injector”. James is about to complete his nurse practitioner studies. Not to be outdone, Kay Nuttall – also in the completion stages of her studies as nurse practitioner - can be found by Googling “Kay Nuttall Cosmetic Injector”. With Kay’s continuing reach for perfection, her ability to look at your face in her gentle fashion, and smile, lift, soften and improve your enhancement without having her clients look “done” is outstanding. Make an appointment to see Kay and experience her expertise for yourself. Remember, please attend a medical clinic where the doctors and staff have the knowledge and experience, understand your medical history and your medications, and are within the law to give you the outcome you are looking for. Remember, “copy” products are out there and are very cheap. So be educated, spend your money and enjoy long-lasting results. ANTI AGING & ASSOCIATES A: 5 Old Mornington Rd, Mount Eliza T: 9787 7475

Look natural not frozen

Shift the kilos this winter

Eileen Marx can help you shift the kilos (not add kilos!) this winter, with Effective Hypnotherapy. Her amazing Virtual Gastric Band

therapy breaks the diet cycle once and for all – with no dieting, no head hunger and no sugar cravings. Eileen was trained under Sheila

Granger from London in the Virtual Gastric Banding and is understanding, supportive and passionate in helping people create lasting change. You will feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food and not feel like you’re on a diet. Rodney Mcquie is a true testament to what making powerful choices and decisions can do. Eileen has had the privilege of working with and helping him shed not only the unwanted kilos but gain back his confidence, passion and love for life again. He is continuing to go forward from strength to strength. Well done Rodney! Eileen is also now a Mindful Mama facilitator, reaching out to mums who need time out, nurturing, mindful parenting tools and meditation. More at or Eileen’s Effective Hypnotherapy Facebook page.

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REHSAPE YOUR BODY PERMANENTLY Advanced Skin & Laser, with over 17 years experience within the industry continues to keep abreast of the latest technology. Cooling treatments for sculpting the body (permanent fat reduction) have been available for several years, but now the NEW GENERATION of equipment have been proven to deliver even better results at a better price as a bonus, using Fat Freezing to remove dead fat cells and sculpt your body’s contours. There are many improvements now on previous ‘older technology’ and treatments are very, very comfortable and affordable ..starting at $515. The new technology has two handpieces, treating two areas within an hour thus saving time. A heating mechanism within the machine to ‘soften’ fat deposits for more accurate and effective results on firm deposit areas has been included. No amount of exercise and diet will remove some midrift, stomach, inner/outer thigh areas, as well as bra bulge and upper arms and chin/neck. NO SURGERY – Simply Permanent FAT REDUCTION. We are all born with the same amount of fat cells, as we put on weight they enlarge, and losing weight they shrink, but many stubborn areas remain. This treatment can remove up to 25% of the fat cells permanently in an area. But beware – there are also very cheap, not approved equipment performing FAT FREEZING, if it is too cheap to be true, you may require many, many treatments, without the permanent result. In most cases, with Cryo Slim using cryolipolysis eliminating fat cells in the specific area to reduce buldges, and provide a slimmer contour, only one treatment in that area will be required. Phone 9787 7475 for a consultation and receive a further discount mentioning our advertisement. LOSE INCHES NOW FOR SPRING AND SUMMER.


Men and women alike suffer red faces and red veins on their faces, necks and chests (declotage). The good news is one or two IPL treatments and they disappear before your eyes. With over 17 years experience in this field using laser & IPL, Adelle and Sue will assist you in the removal and then educate you on prevention. “ after 17 years it is still exciting to see our clients reaction to “their new skin”, says Adelle. We as experienced technicians provide treatment for acne, pigment, rosacea, redness, vascular damage, collagen stimulation, in our medical clinic .. not at medical prices. Still continuing to study and learn – experts in their field – Sue Verheyen and Adelle Simic offer their clients extensive Medical Grade Skin Needling , Medical Grade Peels and Medical grade Skin care. Sue Verheyen says “our clients who had IPL or laser hair removal over 17 years ago, still visit for skin treatments and improved technology, BUT NO HAIR HAS RETURNED – NO YEARLY TREATMENTS FOR HAIR REMOVAL”. – PROGRESSIVELY PERMANENT. - Sue Verheyen

Advanced Skin + Laser Clinic 5 Old Mornington Rd, Mt Eliza

Ph. 9787 7475

By appointment only NEW HOURS Tuesday, Thursday until late; Friday & Saturday


CRYOLYPOLYSIS: Permanent Fat Reduction

20% OFF

$515 first cycle, $440 second cycle

Achieve a more Youthful You Dermal Fillers, Anti Wrinkle Injections and more!

Dr Juan Romero

Kay Nuttal

James Barrett

By appointment only: 9787 7475 5 Old Mornington Rd, Mt Eliza

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Stephanie is an experienced Astrologer and regular contributor to Mornington Peninsula Magazine. For more info go to or ph: 0411 2555 77

your august stars by Stephanie Johnson


Physical activity is the name of the game. If you love sport then this is your moment to strive to improve your game. If the gym is your thing then extra time put in now helps boost a positive attitude. Whatever activity you choose, this is your month to go for gold.


Most Taureans enjoy home comforts at the best of times. Your home comforts are highlighted. This may be as simple as you spending more time at home by yourself or with family. Alternatively you may be contemplating re-decorating or renovating. Perhaps you are selling or buying a property.


Children have sleepovers. Adults can too but the equivalent is most likely a short journey. Either way it is time for you to have a change of scenery, plan a sleepover or a short trip. Browse the internet for options. The idea is to calm your mind and improve connections with others.


August is all about you liking what you see in the mirror. If you don’t then it is time to take steps to spend time and money on self-improvement. Surround yourself with positive people, undertake life-enhancing activities and set a budget that includes money for things that you personally value.



Politics may be the name of the Libran game in August. Group politics demands the very best of your diplomatic skills. It is time for you to pursue your own hopes, dreams and wishes while reaching a compromise with those who may have become accustomed to you putting them first.

Scorpio August may prove to be a

volatile month for Scorpios as your ruling planet Mars combines with the Sun. On the positive side you have plenty of get up and go to pursue a profession or project that puts you on centre stage. The trick is to speak the truth with integrity.


You are destined to connect with people from other cultures or countries. This could be news from a foreign country, planning a trip abroad or attending a cultural festival. Your resources can now be utilised in broadening your horizons in a way that lifts your spirits and perhaps sparks changes in your career.


It is time to reassess how you invest your time and money. If you have investments then you may need to make changes. If not, it is time to make some plans to help provide for your future. You may seek advice from an expert, or you may strike out on your own.

The buzz word in astrology during August is “eclipse�. Leos need to pay attention because the solar eclipse on August 21 falls in your zodiac sign. This means significant changes for anyone who has planets in Leo. Your own health and happiness are highlighted but so are relationships with others.

Aquarius Aquarians need to pay


The time has come for you to take note of the details in your life. Pisceans are usually attuned to the bigger picture rather than the minutiae. Nevertheless this month you need to listen to your body and emotions and to the hidden messages from others and respond appropriately.

Your ruling planet Mercury is happily residing in your zodiac sign this month, indicating that your mind is sharp, your abilities finely attuned and your logic impeccable. In short you are ready, willing and able to tackle anything that you set your mind to. Your usual excellent organisation skills now become a super power.

( 58

attention because the lunar eclipse on August 7 falls in your zodiac sign. This means relationship changes for anyone who has planets in Aquarius. The trick is to wait until the eclipse has passed before making hasty decisions.


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Face up to a younger look The old adage that the eyes are the windows to the soul is still completely valid, according to Total Face Group. When asked what part of their face they would choose to enhance, one in three women said their eyes. Not only that, they said looking tired was their No.1 concern. TFG can combine anti-wrinkle dermal fillers and good quality skin care products to address fine lines, volume loss and the skin surface. Feeling refreshed and relaxed is desirable, and looking this way is too. A bright smile, open and inviting eyes and plump rosy cheeks are achievable with TFG, which can create a bespoke journey to slow the ageing process and create youthful and naturally happy faces. Skin care and regular skin checks can assist with long-term beauty. However, a plan to consider skin care, volume loss and softening of lines can slow down the signs of ageing and bring back a naturally youthful appearance. TFG values the importance of skin care with both take home and in-clinic services. A combination of both will assist with longterm skin health. Only one in 10 women in Australia have taken action to address the signs of ageing beyond topical lotions and minor treatments. Many are unaware of the possibilities available in the aesthetics arena that combine a topical skin plan as well as addressing volume loss and fine lines. TFG considers the whole face when working with clients. Your experience is tailored to your needs and a bespoke journey is created to ensure you receive the outcomes you are after. TOTAL FACE GROUP A: 1050 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 13 FACE (13 3223) W:

mornington PENINSULA


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Second-skin fit at Hop Skip Run BY LIZ ROGERS


Have you been searching for exercise gear that doesn’t ride up, slouch down or stretch after the first time you wear it? Well, take a hop, skip or run into a new activewear store in Mornington where

owner/operator Tiffany Bartlett stocks the right stuff to get you feeling fantastic while working out. Tiffany only provides the best quality Australian-made and overseas brands of


( 60

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA


health beauty fashion high-functioning exercise and leisure wear constructed from premium quality lycra, cotton and bamboo. All products have been personally tested by her to ensure clients are purchasing long-lasting and practical exercise garments that are fit to function at an optimum level. Customer service is a top priority at Hop Skip Run. Tiffany and her staff take the time to listen to your needs, which

means they can help you find the perfect exercise-wear for your height and body type - so no more buying fitness clothing off the rack without knowing if it’s going to last the distance. Tiffany launched her original store in Beaumaris over two years ago and is looking forward to providing Peninsula locals with a real hard-wearing luscious-looking alternative to mainstream exercise gear. Hop

inside to view over 15 different labels, some of which are made from recycled materials, although you’d never know it!


HOP SKIP RUN A: 6 Blake St, Mornington M: 0407 050 572 A: 23 North Concourse, Beaumaris T: 9589 0206 W: Facebook: @HOPSKIPRUNWomen


Quality:Comfort:Style 6 Blake Street, Mornington AUGUST 2017 (69)

61 )

milk photography

BY LIZ ROGERS The Mornington Peninsula is the place for ceremony, sun and nuptial fun. With options galore, our region is fast becoming the gorgeous go-to location to celebrate all things weddings, and with a bevy of experts on hand, our home turf provides love birds with a wide and wonderful choice. Whatever your idea of a memorable wedding, you’ll find it here. Say “I do” on the beach beneath the setting sun, among the moonahs in the morning or at one of the best wineries in the region, and continue the celebrations at an amazing reception venue from Port Phillip to Western Port Bay. From Frankston to Portsea to Shoreham and back, the naturally rugged beauty of our region provides the perfect backdrop for romance and commitment. Begin your life together the best way Mornington Peninsula Magazine knows how. Together. With friends and loved ones. In the hinterland or by the sea. Love is in the air. On the Mornington Peninsula.

Eyewear as individual as you are...

MainStreet EyeCare

57 Main Street, Mornington (03) 5975-3235 ( 62

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

For that perfect wedding ‘Greek’ or not, you can’t go past Alatonero in McCrae. Being opposite the beach in McCrae they offer the best of both worlds, a fabulous indoor/ outdoor venue plus the natural beach enviroment for photography or ceremonies. More on page 77.

Listen to this: Kay has just returned from the Optical Distributors & Manufacturers Association of Australia fair in Sydney, so now’s the time to step inside Main Street Eyecare where the latest looks are all on show.

because it can change how you look and feel within a split second. Happy transformation! MAIN STREET EYECARE A: 57 Main St, Mornington T: 5975 3235

Cutting-edge design, colours and creative frames are what you’ll find inside this eclectic eye-wear store. Think the latest designs and prints from Jono Hennessey, fashionable French eye-ware company Volte-Face and the hottest looks from Kaleos (Barcelona) to name a few. Kay’s eagle eye means there’s always a fresh and funky design to choose from. Sabine–be from Orléans represents French innovation, art and style, while Danish-designed lightweight luxury comes from the high-end eye-wear company nine. Titanium eye-wear brand Lindberg completes her luxury-laden selection of new designs which are ideal for beautiful brides and glamorous grooms. Pair these incredible pieces of art with your most gorgeous get-up for any special occasion and be as individual as only you can be – after all, eye-wear is the best accessory

mornington PENINSULA


LEFT: Hayley and Jarrod were married & celebrated with their nearest and dearest overlooking the vines of Montalto’s Vineyard. White Vine Photography

ABOVE:Campbell and Courtney celebrated at Veraison Restaurant where loved ones and lots of laughs made their day extra special. Christian Marc Photography

Romance is back at Marlene Miller Antiques

Marlene Miller Antiques

Specialising in antique and newly made jewellery by Melbourne’s top jewellers

by Liz Rogers

“It is lovely to see the young men coming in to choose a ring for their partner as a surprise. They are so romantic,” says Marlene Miller, Sorrento’s eagle-eyed provider of antique and contemporary jewellery on Ocean Beach Rd. “They are taking the time to choose and paying attention to aesthetics and craftsmanship. It’s refreshing,” she continues. And you know what else is refreshing? Having someone who knows jewellery like the back of their hand help you select that special something. Marlene Miller has been part of the antique world for about 30 years. Her keen eye is personified in her eclectic range of fine jewellery, which includes Gold Rush brooches, necklaces and of course wedding and engagement rings. Marlene Miller Antiques is open seven days a week from 10am (ish) until 5pm (closed Christmas and Good Friday). Visit Marlene in-store to select your piece of history or a marvellously made modern design today.

128 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento t. 5984 1762 m: 0438 537 757 AUGUST 2017 (69)

MARLENE MILLER ANTIQUES A: 128 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento T: 5984 1762 M: 0438 537 757

63 )

Your journey starts here

“Imagine getting married on a tropical island surrounded by your family and friends that costs thousands of dollars less than a wedding in Australia.

1300 230 630

With over 20 years’ experience in destination weddings let me help you chose the perfect destination for your big day whether it be Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu or Phuket.” ACN: 113 085 626 Member IATA, AFTA, CLIA

Leanne Lappin

Personal Travel Manager

0402 622 583

( 64

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Think diamonds are just too expensive as a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself? Well, think again. Diamond Coco owner Anthony Hansen is one of Australia’s leading diamond merchants and offers diamond jewellery for about half of what you’d pay in a retail store. But don’t assume that means lesser quality – diamonds are Anthony’s passion and he refuses to sell inferior diamonds. As Anthony says, his diamonds are his business card to the world, which is why more than 80 per cent of his business comes from repeat customers and referrals. Phone Anthony to make an appointment. DIAMOND COCO A: Suite 6 (Upper Level), 38A Main St, Mornington T: 1300 230 630 W:

mornington PENINSULA


Long hair styling educator Lorna Evans has been in the industry for over 30 years and specialises in bespoke bridal hairdressing. We asked her what you should expect from your bridal hairdresser.

Hair by Lorna Evans Jessica Rose Photography Makeup Melissa Maier

Getting your hair just right involves putting a lot of trust in your stylist. This should start with a face shape and lifestyle consultation to work out a plan that suits you. Ideally, your hair trial should be pre-booked for two to four weeks before the big day. Bridal styling is very creative, even for the simplest looks, so choose a stylist who has both the passion and skill for styling. Be prepared for your trial. Set up a folder on your phone with all the looks you like, along with a picture of your dress.

AUGUST 2017 (69)

Finally, what’s hot in bridal hair fashion this season: Accessories are big - tiaras, chains, charms, and loads of fresh flowers, including baby’s breath. Braids are very much the thing and are best worn loose. Look at rope, fishtail and knot braids. Hair down and even half up-half down is super popular, but preparation for a lasting curl is extremely important. To see the work I teach to stylists, visit www. For all wedding party inquiries, call me direct on 0413 488 570 or email ZUMAY A: 8 Blake St, Mornington T: 5977 0711 W:

Photography: Jessica Rohloff; Make-up: Melissa Maier; Hair: Lorna Evans


Let’s talk Wedding Hair In salon or on location talk with us first... Call & talk with us: 59



8 Blake Street Mornington

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Win the wedding of your dreams this month at one of the most picturesque wedding venues in Victoria. The iconic Portsea Hotel is an award-winning wedding reception venue offering exceptional food, service and unparalleled ambience. Be in the running for the prize of your life by visiting the 2017 Portsea Hotel Wedding Expo on Sunday, August 13, where bridal dreams become reality. This exciting event showcases all things weddings and offers complimentary canapés and champagne upon (free) entry, as well as giveaways and door prizes. Chat with more than 30 Peninsula suppliers, including celebrants, photographers, cake makers, stylists and florists, in an intimate and relaxed environment while soaking up the perfectly Portsea atmosphere. View a wedding ‘set up’ replicating ceremony and reception possibilities. There’s also a free show bag for every couple. The Portsea Hotel has two tastefully appointed reception areas that can accommodate both seated and cocktail receptions. The Portsea Deck on the second level is an exclusive alfresco function area overlooking the bay and is ideal for intimate weddings. It can seat 80 people comfortably and up to 110 for a cocktail event. The Nepean Room is perfect for larger weddings and can accommodate up to 300. It also has an extensive terrace which encircles the room, a private bar, dance floor and stage for live entertainment. Log on to to register for your chance to win an amazing wedding and follow the Portsea Hotel Instagram page portseaweddings for updates and listings of suppliers who will be attending. The Portsea Hotel Wedding Expo is open from 11am ‘til 2pm. PORTSEA HOTEL 3746 Point Nepean Rd, Portsea T: 5984 2213 W:

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Di Kleinert ptions e e c k e r o p d s n a e s ie B ceremon Civil Celebrant

Congratulations... you’re planning a celebration!

Marriage is incredibly special, it needs to be honoured as you celebrate the one thing that really matters: LOVE.

0408 087 889

The Hickinbotham family, iconic for their role in pioneering cool climate wines, have opened up the winery to those seeking a ‘country meets coast’ wedding vibe. Set on 15 acres of vines, surrounded by gum trees, woodlands and a wildlife reserve - the property boasts the most versatile ceremonies and receptions of its kind on the Peninsula. It’s the perfect venue for marquee, tipi or food truck weddings or you can make use of the existing restaurant for smaller seated or larger cocktail weddings.



Functions and Weddings at Hickinbotham are managed by Event & Flavour, planners who bring more than 18 years of industry experience to your event.


Mobile catering for gelati, sorbet and desserts. Servicing Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne in our unique dessert cart, with great service we are sure to create some fun and a wedding with a difference.

Country meets Coast weddings

Phone 0400 688 916 or visit the website

of Dromana

REQUEST A PACKAGE | 0417 156 882 |

Country meets Coast weddings

Creating memories


The Hickinbotham family, iconic for their role in pioneering cool climate wines, have opened up the winery those seeking a ‘country coast’ wedding As antoexperienced celebrant, Dimeets Kleinert brings to vibe. your ceremony the impact of life changes that are takeofplace insurrounded your lives, emotionally Setabout on 15toacres vines, by gum trees,and socially. and a wildlife reserve - the property boasts woodlands the most versatile ceremonies and receptions of its kind so, together we create an inclusive and on“In thedoing Peninsula. meaningful ceremony,” Di says. It’s the perfect venue for marquee, tipi or food truck weddings or you can make use of the existing restaurant elements storytelling and the for“The smaller seated of or the larger cocktail weddings. capturing of memories are just a small part of my Functions and Weddings client-centred focus.” at Hickinbotham are managed by Event & Flavour, planners who bring more than 18 years of industry experience to your event. DI KLEINERT

Di Kleinert Civil Celebrant

Congratulations... you’re planning a celebration! Marriage is incredibly special, it needs to be honoured as you celebrate the one thing that really matters: LOVE.

Mornington Phone 0400 688Peninsula 916 or visit the website T: 5988 9522

Over 15 years experience, specialising in wedding makeup, lash extensions, spray tans and beauty needs. Based on the Mornington Peninsula and servicing Melbourne.


0408 627 818 ( 68

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month | 0417 156 882 |

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Creating memories

Bridal beauty Keira Jean Bridal is Mornington’s newest bridal boutique, stocking a wide range of elegant wedding dresses and designer couture inspired by fashion trends from around the world. Keira Jean Bridal is proud to be the only Australian stockist of globally renowned Israeli fashion and wedding dress designer Pnina Tornai from the hit television series Say Yes to the Dress. It also stocks Chantel Lauren one-of-a-kind hand-painted coloured gowns and skirts that ensure you stand out from the crowd on your special day. The Australian designer Erin Clares’ collection offers exquisite lace and silk designs. Be beguiled by Keira Jean Bridal’s gorgeous range of magnificent bridal gowns. The staff can’t wait to discuss your wedding day plans and to find the perfect dress fit for an amazing and completely memorable occasion. The sample sale is on now, so save up to 60 per cent on designer sample gowns until the end of August. Visit the Facebook and Instagram pages to see how.

Mornington’s Newest Bridal Boutique Now Open! 1/49 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington T 5909 8449

KEIRA JEAN BRIDAL A: 1/49 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington T: 5909 8449 W: FB: @keirajeanbridal Insta: Keira Jean Bridal

Arrive in style with your personalised couture look

Our premier award-winning salon @ Splash Of Red, Michelle and her talented creative hair styling team together with salon beautician Tracey - will give you a personalised look for your special day. Your couture look will come together with the highest-quality Bodyography make-up and premium hair care products Shu Uemura and Goldwell. And for the men in your wedding par ty, @Splash Of Red’s specialist is highly trained in guys’ cuts, fades and shades. We offer out-of-salon bridal packages, so relax in the bridal lounge and let Michelle and her team create the look you desire. With cosmetic tattooing, make-up artists, spa therapy and new state-of-the-art painless ILP and skin treatment, @ Splash of Red Hairdressing and Boutique Cosmetic Tattooing & Beauty really is a one-stop salon for all your hairdressing and beauty needs. @ SPLASH OF RED I 1/17 Main St, Mornington I 5975 2227 I AUGUST 2017 (69)

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Gown designs for beautiful brides Director Irene Laskaris is a southeast Melbourne-based wedding designer/creator. After completing her formal fashion design training in Greece, Irene’s success began in 1987 when she started creating beautiful couture gowns at Pronovias, before moving with her family to Australia in 2010. Over this time, Irene considers it a true privilege to be a part of a bride’s special day and has enjoyed providing a bespoke and intimate service by working from her home to create the perfect dress for her client’s wedding or special event without the price tag. Irene has helped brides turn their vision into reality with a custom-made design that features both quality and the perfect fit.

B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY T. S O N I A 0 4 4 8 4 4 5 6 5 6 E . i r e n e l a s k a r i s @ l i v e . c o m . a u

For an appointment, contact Sonia on 0448 445 656 or by email

image: Corey Wright

image: Sarah Godenzi

Golf club aces reception award If you’re on course to tie the knot but are still a fair way from settling on a venue for your reception, look no further than the Mercure Portsea Golf Club. The club recently took out the title of Best Club Reception in Victoria at the 2017 Australian Bridal Industry awards. Not only that, it was also a finalist in the Function Coordinator category. As a fairly new venue, the club was honoured to pick up the award, thanking all the brides and grooms who voted for it. “We couldn’t have done it without such an amazing team that ensures our weddings run smoothly and provides a wonderful service,” a club spokesman said. The Mercure Portsea Golf Club’s modern clubhouse has 24 boutiquestyle accommodation rooms, while the breathtaking main reception room has facilities to cater for up to 200 guests. The club can also host ceremonies on the beautiful lawn area or on the balcony overlooking Port Phillip Bay. So contact the events team on 5981 6141 or visit for

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Mercure Portsea Golf Club


Book your wedding reception here with us before June 2018 and receive: • Complimentary canapes on arrival

• Two course menu • Five hour standard beverage package

more information on what the club can offer for your wedding at this beautiful venue. MERCURE PORTSEA GOLF CLUB A: 46 London Bridge Rd Portsea T: 5981 6100 W:

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Wedding Special

$99.00 per person Facebook: Mercure Portsea Instagram: portseagolfclub

• Discounted boutique accommodation To book an inspection today call 5981 6141


46 London Bridge Road, Portsea VIC 3944 T: 03 5981 6141 E:


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Add Love to your guest list What could be more appropriate than getting hitched with the Caravan of Love? This 1972 Franklin caravan has been turned into a fully functioning mobile bar for Dromana’s Jetty Road Brewery. You can hire her and her catering staff for your wedding and have Jetty Road Pale Ale on tap at the location of your choice. They come to you, set up, serve and pack up – now that’s lovely!

WEDDINGS EVENTS PARTIES w w w. j e t t y r o a d.c o m . a u

the way you can pull the caravan up and supply catering and local beer on tap.” For a wedding with a difference, spoil your guests with catering from the Caravan of Love. CARAVAN OF LOVE (and Jetty Road Brewery) W: FB: jettyroadbrewery Instagram: caravanoflove

The Caravan of Love can stock a full bar and take care of all your food requirements, with exquisite pop-up catering options focusing on locally sourced, seasonal food. “Any event involves love, whether it’s a wedding, an engagement party, a 50th, 60th, or wetting the baby’s head,” says events coordinator Katrina O’Brien. “There’s really nothing like it on the Peninsula in

Look gorgeous, feel great Every girl wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day, right? Well, Viktoria at Cosmetic Injectables Victoria can help. Viktoria, an aesthetic cosmetic practitioner, is a fully qualified, registered and insured aesthetic cosmetic injector NEW TREATMENT FROM THE USA - PERMANENT REMOVAL OF DOUBLE CHIN! whose drive for perfection and eye for symmetry means 0450 927 511 you’ll be 100 per cent satisfied with your treatment and looking fabulous as you walk down the aisle.

Affordable Prices with natural results. Fully trained & insured. Servicing Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Mention this ad for 5% off new treatments!*

0450 927 511


Affordable Prices with natural results. Fully trained & insured. Servicing Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Mention this ad for 5% off new treatments!*

Cosmetic injector specialising in: Anti-wrinkle injections I Dermal fillers for face & lips Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections I Skin needling I Home visits available

Victoria: 0450 927 511 AUGUST 2017 (69)


Viktoria offers anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle treatments, plasma lifting (PRP) facials, dermal fillers, lip augmentation, liquid face lifts and permanent double chin removals – in fact, everything you need to be a beautiful blushing bride. Visit the Facebook page @cosmetinjectablesvictoria for a full portfolio. COSMETIC INJECTABLES VICTORIA M: 0450 927 511 FB: cosmetinjectablesvictoria

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The team at Peppers Moonah Links Resort in Fingal are experts at making your wedding day a sensational celebration that everyone will remember for years to come. This naturally stunning resort caters for the most intimate of gatherings right through to lavish affairs for up to 120 guests, and the experienced wedding team promises to make your celebration as breathtaking as the scenery in which it is set. The ceremony lawn has a magnificent vista across the open golf course which sets the scene for romance, commitment and festivities. Imagine marvelling at the moonah trees and the rolling dunes while saying your vows! Not far away is a wonderful selection of reception venues and accommodation sites for you to choose from. The permanent executive marquee overlooks the golf course and seats 120 guests banquet-style, while the Boobialla, Lomandra and Marginata executive lodges have elevated views of the dunes. Each contemporary building contains 12 accommodation rooms (with balconies or patios) plus a private function room ideal for a reception of up to 80 guests. Glass walls allow the natural beauty of the region to be viewed extensively. It’s all about you at Peppers Moonah Links Resort where everything wedding is catered for. Think amazing on-site photos and ceremonies, luxurious accommodation, and access to all the wonderful adventures the Peninsula offers. Various wedding packages are available for your perusal and all include a fabulous threecourse menu option plus an extensive wine and beverage list. PEPPERS MOONAH LINKS RESORT A: Peter Thomson Drive, Fingal T: 1300 987 600 Wedding Coordinator: 5988 2016 W:

( 72

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The ThePeppers PeppersMoonah MoonahLinks Linksbrand brandhas hasbecome becomesynonymous synonymouswith withaasense senseof ofrefined refinedindulgence, indulgence, attention attentionto todetail detailand andexcellent excellentpersonal personalservice. service. Stunning Stunninglandscapes, landscapes,modern modernaccommodation, accommodation, conference conference&&social socialfacilities, facilities, coupled coupledwith with'Paddock 'Paddockto toPlate' Plate'dining dining--Providing Providingyou youwith withaatrue true Mornington MorningtonPeninsula Peninsulaexperience. experience.

WEDDINGS | EVENTS | SPECIAL OCCASIONS | CORPORATE The Peppers Moonah Links brand has become synonymous with a sense of refined indulgence, attention to detail and excellent personal service. Stunning landscapes, modern accommodation, conference & social facilities, coupled with ‘Paddock to Plate’ dining - Providing you with a true Mornington Peninsula experience.

xperience perience Peppers PeppersMoonah MoonahLinks LinksResort Resort Experience Moonah Links Resort : (03) (03)5988 59882000 2000Peppers or or P: 5988 2000 or : E: Photo PhotoCredit: Credit:Leo LeoFarrell FarrellPhotography Photography W: : W:

Photo Credit: Leo Farrell Photography

Photo PhotoCredit: Credit:Leo LeoFarrell FarrellPhotograp Photogra

Cele ate Y u Time Special Event Skin Preparation Packages: Helping you feel your best for life’s milestone occasions. Hen’s Day Packages: e divine pampering designed to give the “Bride to be” a blissful day away with her besties. Wellness Event Venue: We’ve teamed up with Mornington Peninsula Pop-up with style to o er a unique venue with everything taken care of.


1 Ross Street, Mornington. Ph: 5976 8791


f t

Norwood House

Norwood House Receptions & Accommodation Why choose NORWOOD HOUSE in Mt Eliza for your Wedding Reception? ONE economical price (no hidden extras or additional costs) includes: Wedding Ceremony onsite; all food (from your own selected first-class menus); five hours of unlimited beverage service; late 1.00am liquor licence; unlimited Wedding co-ordination; all decorating of the Reception room, including chair covers, table centrepieces, candelabras etc; free spa Bridal Suite; breakfast next morning - with your guests if you wish. Take your first step towards a much talked about Wedding Reception at Norwood House. Phone 59757977 for a viewing or email:

1198 Nepean Hwy, Mt Eliza P. 03 5975 7977

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

5 nights from $2,299* pp SAVE $2,102* per couple!

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort is situated in an idyllic island paradise in the South Malé Atoll. Combining chic simplicity with white sand and azure waters, this property is the perfect adults only retreat. INCLUDES: 5 nights in an Overwater Bungalow+, including savings of 35% on regular room rates • Full breakfast daily • Return speed boat airport transfers Stay 7 nights or more and save 40% on regular room rates Valid for travel 1 Oct – 19 Dec 17 On sale until 31 Aug 17

TERMS & CONDITIONS: *Agents may charge service fees and/or fees for card payments which vary. A fee will apply for payments made by debit and credit cards. Please check this fee with us or your travel consultant when booking. Conditions apply. Valid for sale until 31 Aug 17, unless sold out prior. Prices correct as at 12 Jul 17 but may fluctuate if surcharges, fees, taxes or currency change. Offers subject to availability. Amounts payable to third parties not included. Please check all prices, availability and other information with your travel consultant before booking. Bookings must be made direct with Qantas Holidays or a travel agent. Package cancellation fees apply. All savings and bonus nights (if applicable) are included in the advertised price. Offers may be withdrawn without notice and are not combinable with any other offers unless stated. +A local government tax of USD$6.00 per person, per night applies for all hotel stays in Maldives (subject to change without notice). The fee is mandatory and payable direct to the hotel upon check-out. Qantas Holidays & Trish Stamp Travel General Booking Conditions apply. Trish Stamp Travel ABN: 41 007 123 435

AUGUST 2017 (69)

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milk photography

Wedding bliss at Alatonero

All you need to have the perfect wedding is “you, me and the sea”. And the most picturesque Greek-inspired setting is right opposite the beach! For those of you who haven’t been to Alatonero, the newest offering from the hospitality professionals from Stillwater restaurant and Freshwater catering, I’ll let you in on a secret: you’re missing out. This salt stirred and shaken haven for weddings, special events and casual delicious dining is the absolute bomb! It’s like your favourite Greek island eatery has been transported to the Peninsula and then been given a modern mastery twist.

Whether it’s a lavish sit-down event, cocktail reception or a gourmet barbecue, Alatonero knows how to make your wedding day one to remember. Have your ceremony on one of the Pen’s beautiful beach-side locations or on-site, and then enjoy your reception in a space that oozes coastal charm and sophistication. There’s a quality sound system, experienced friendly staff, plus a superb menu that delivers on taste and texture. There’s also a range of packages (including beverages) to suit all styles. Alatonero has a 220-guest capacity for cocktail events and 100 for sit-down (with the option of increasing to 140 with the use of the marquee on the lawn). This

Opposite the iconic McCrae Lighthouse and the stunning foreshore, Alatónero is the newest offering from the award winning team that bought you the renowned Stillwater at Crittenden. Beachy, breezy, fresh and fun, Alatónero offers stunning weddings with incredible food and 671 Point Nepean Rd, McCrae VIC 3938

AUGUST 2017 (69)

makes it ideal for parties and corporate events too. Book now for a Father’s Day lunch on September 3, the Melbourne Cup extravaganza on November 7 and your end-of-year event or Christmas celebration. Open for lunch and dinner Wednesday to Sunday, with a ‘happy hour’ on Wednesday and Sunday from 4-6pm. Bliss! ALATONERO A: 671 Point Nepean Rd, McCrae T: 5981 1202 W:

impeccable service. Featuring an outdoor terrace and gardens, 2 separate bars, plenty of room for dancing and mingling. Our team are here to help you create your dream wedding at the Mornington Peninsula’s hottest new venue!


t 03) 5981 1202


77 )

Local go-getter Lisa Hemingway brings more than 18 years of wedding and function management to life as Event and Flavour. Lisa and her tribe are often referred to as the “Event Go to Girls (& boys)” of the Peninsula. They are a one-stop shop; known for their perfect execution of events with style, fun and an energy that is contagious. They have every detail covered - or can assist with the last of your event needs like service staff and ‘on the day’ wedding set up. Add the Peninsula’s biggest range of photo booths, light up LOVE letters and hire items, an obsession over details and a team of caterers to bring the perfect style and flavour to your day... there is literally nothing left to do yourself, except enjoy your perfect day as husband and wife.

Contact Event and Flavour to CATER, COORDINATE, STAFF, STYLE OR HIRE for your next event.












w w w. e v e n t a n d f l a v o u r. c o m . a u M . 0 4 0 0 6 8 8 9 1 6

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Event magic at Pier 10 BY LIZ ROGERS

Pier 10 is the home of sparkling wines, icy cold beers and bocce, but did you realise this premium winery, restaurant and cellar door does functions like no one else on the Peninsula?

RESTAURANT & CELLAR DOOR Specialising in personalised Event management

Event artistry is what you get when booking a special function at Pier 10. Picture your cocktail or engagement party under perfect


Corporate Events Call today to make your wedding event magic or visit the Pier 10 Restaurant, which is open Thursdays-Sundays for lunch and Friday and Saturday evenings for dinner; the cellar door on Thursdays-Sundays for wine sales and tastings; or the cellar cafe on Saturdays and Sundays for lunch. PIER 10 RESTAURANT AND CELLAR DOOR A: 10 Shoreham Rd, Shoreham T: 5989 8848 (restaurant) W:

Birthday Parties Any Occasion skies as you watch the ever-changing views over the vineyards - or be mesmerised by a magical wedding that’s second to none. Manager Stuart and his wife were wed at Pier10, so it must be good! Pier 10 is a family owned and operated establishment that has recently been updated and consolidated from two kitchens to one, servicing both the restaurant and cellar door. Superior estate wines set the tone for any event or weekend get-together where fresh and delicious food combine with family, fun and relaxation. AUGUST 2017 (69)

PHONE | 5989 8848 EMAIL | 10 Shoreham Road, Shoreham

79 )





ZS3G-SMS Cellular I/O Controller Pumps Motors Generators Refrigerators Freezers Fans Lighting HVAC systems Data centre alarms PLC I/O

ZS3G-SMS is an out of the box SMS I/O controller that communicates over the 3G cellular network. User can remotely monitor and control, pumps, motors, gates, PIVOT irrigators, refrigerators, fans, PLCs and much more. The SMS I/O controller sends alarms in SMS text format to multiple users and accept remote commands & acknowledgements. Pulse counting, Tank level, Pressure and Temperature sensors can be interfaced directly to the 3G controller.

Irrigation systems PIVOT alarms Poultry house alarms Cold storage alarms Gas alarms Garage doors control Domestic alarms

The Grand Opening of Elder’s Mornington Peninsula was celebrated with bubbles Friday July 17 at 3/277 Nepean Highway, Dromana. Photos: Tanya Fry




ZigSense and ZigCloud are business units of Conlab Pty Ltd ZigSense 3G SMS controllers Mornington Office, Mornington, Victoria Mobile Ph: 0490 761 994

Check out all the pics from all the events whether printe , d or not at morningtonp eninsulamag They appear in social-pics date order & th e venue you w ere at.

I want my pic


Get the digita l file of your pi c, whether printe d or not at morningtonp eninsulamag They appear in social-pics date order & th e venue you w ere at. Email:

( 80

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Vickie helps women connect Growing up in Mount Eliza, Vickie Saunders enjoyed a privileged life that included ponies, a private school education and a loving family. At 18 and with high hopes of a career in fashion design, she couldn’t wait to make her mark on the world. But then things started falling apart pretty quickly, and any dreams she had were quickly forgotten. Over the next decade she was to find herself in situations only imagined in her worst nightmares. Her battles with alcohol, debt and an abusive relationship became the catalysts for Vickie’s decision to completely change her life and get in touch with the person she always knew she could be, the person her family had raised her to be. Now a successful business owner, the author of two business books and travelling the world consulting and lecturing on the topic of athlete sponsorship, Vickie cites her colourful past as vital to the value she now offers her clients. Her progression through a career in marketing in the corporate sector, and the launch of her company in 2014, has allowed Vickie to share her insights and expertise on how each of us can connect with the abundant opportunities that surround us when we know what we are looking for. Her clients include the US Olympic Committee, Sport England and brands such as Asics, Shimano and Deloitte. Vickie says it’s all about empowering others to identify their own value and it’s the difference she believes she was born to make. Vickie Saunders will be the guest speaker at Frankston Business Network’s WomenConnect Luncheon on Wednesday, September 6, from 11.30am-2.30pm at Frankston RSL, 183 Cranbourne Rd. Tickets: $69 (FBN members $65) or $625 for a table of 10. Bookings: or 9781 1422.

WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER. This tax-time, you have a choice. Make a positive change for your business and talk to the team at SMART Business Solutions. The same team that brought the highly successful BITE conference to the Mornington Peninsula. The same team that continue to strive for industry excellence. The same team that aren’t afraid to be at the cutting edge of business and technology. The same team that will treat your business as if it were their own. This tax-time, be SMART.

Level 1, 328 Main Street, Mornington, VIC, 3931

AUGUST 2017 (69)

81 )


Trusted insurance advice with BJS Need insurance? Then call BJS Insurance Brokers - the family-owned business with local staff who know the Peninsula inside out. BJS Insurance Brokers is a pro-active member of the insurance broking and business community, which means it can deliver real insurance results for each client’s needs. Having moved from Frankston to Mornington, the qualified and experienced insurance brokers at BJS are proud to provide a solution for all your insurance matters. Whether it’s commercial or personal insurance, worker’s compensation support or advice and claims management, or managing your risks, BJS has got you covered. For most people insurance is a necessary evil and shrouded in mystery, so let BJS solve your insurance problems for you. More importantly, if you do have a claim, BJS will be there with you every step of the way.

“We have an expansive knowledge of the entire insurance market, with over 100 years’ experience between us,” explains branch manager Teresa Westgarth. As distinct from many online providers, you get the very best coverage because you are not limited to one insurer. BJS works hard for its clients, not the insurers, and provides advice you can trust and rely on. “We enjoy an enviable reputation for our professionalism in the industry because of our ability to structure complete business insurance programs both locally and globally,” says Teresa. Call the only local broker in Mornington run by locals for locals - because your insurance matters at BJS. BJS INSURANCE BROKERS A: 315 Main St, Mornington T: 9860 4279; 1800 208 397 W:

Do you have a will? If not, or if your Will needs reviewing, let me help you.

Standard Will $125.00 (plus GST) each. Power of Attorney $100.00 (plus GST) each.

John D Crump Solicitor 1 Davies Avenue Mount Eliza Vic 3930 Tel. 9787 7222 ( 82

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Why BJS Mornington? Professional • • • •


Business Insurance Corporate Insurance Tailored Products Risk Management

• • • •

Australian Owned

Workers’ Compensation Life Insurance Claims Management Personal Insurance

Call us today on 9860 4279 or 1800 208 397 to speak to one of our team or email

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Are you done with that, 2017, acrylic and collage on found image, courtesy the artist and Daine Singer Gallery

21 JULY – 17 SEPT 2017 Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery is featuring the work of four very diverse artists from different eras and across a range of media. Constance Stokes (1906-1991) is one of the leading artists of her generation, and MPRG’s current exhibition (until September 17) is the most expansive survey undertaken of this important artist. It features over 35 key paintings and drawings covering the breadth of her 60-year artistic practice, with never before seen archival material from the artist’s estate, including journals, sketchbooks, letters, photographs and drawings that provide a fascinating insight into her little-known life and exceptional artistic practice. In 1929 Constance won the Travelling Scholarship at the National Gallery School, Melbourne, to study for two years at the Royal Academy in London. During her time abroad she spent time studying under the French Cubist artist André Lhote in Paris and visited the major galleries in Europe. Her early career is shaped through her struggle to be an artist alongside expectations of marriage and family life. Further opportunities abroad and the consolidation of her classical painting style were features of her mid-career. In 1953 she was one of 12 Australian artists - and one of only two women artists - included in an exhibition at Burlington Galleries, London, alongside


Arthur Boyd, William Dobell, Russell Drysdale, Lloyd Rees, Donald Friend, and Sidney Nolan. Constance had a late career flourish in her 70s, embedding a Matisse-inspired vibrancy and freedom of form and colour in some of the strongest work she produced. Also on display at MPRG is Archibald Prize-winning artist Wendy Sharpe’s WANDERLUST, featuring work from her recent travels and residencies over the past 10 years in France, Egypt, Morocco and Antarctica. Instagram sensation Minna Gilligan’s Mystery to Me presents large-scale digital prints on fabric alongside small-scale collage works and tackles notions of the female protagonist. And Gosia Wlodarczak’s ephemeral drawing project has transformed the gallery café space, activating the surfaces with handmade marks as Gosia responded to the forms she encountered while drawing. The gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm. Exhibition admission fees: $4 adults / $2 concession. MORNINGTON PENINSULA REGIONAL GALLERY A: Civic Reserve, Dunns Rd, Mornington T: 5950 1580 W:



An exclusive MPRG exhibition

An MPRG exhibition

Constance Stokes was one of the leading artists of her generation.

New works by Minna Gilligan tackling notions of the female protagonist.



An MPRG exhibition

2017 MPRG café commission

Works from travels and residencies over the last ten years.

Live drawing in the MPRG café Wednesday 5 July – Thursday 13 July

arts events leisure

Leading ladies of yesterday, today and tomorrow

Constance Stokes, Woman in Green Frilly Blouse 1979 (detail), oil on hardboard, Stokes family collection, Reproduced with permission from Constance Stokes Estate adults $4 concession $2

AUGUST 2017 (69)

83 )

arts events leisure

Merchant a masterful production Money makes the world go around. Portia has it.

Bassanio wants it. Shylock lends it. Antonio owes the value of it. Love also plays a part. Portia offers it. Bassanio wants it. And Antonio may lose a pound of flesh for it. This uncompromising and dark production explores the tense relationship and prejudices between those that have and those that don’t. Dark in its humour and bawdy in its romantic hijinks, The Merchant Of Venice takes audiences on a journey of love, mercy and justice. Featuring three-time Helpmann Award winner Mitchell Butel (Janet King and Rake) as the defiant Shylock and Jessica Tovey (Wolf Creek and Wonderland) as Portia, the production will be directed by Anne-Louise Sarks (Belvoir’s Jasper Jones and Medea). This masterfully envisioned production tackles the prejudices and preconceived notions of one of Shakespeare’s most challenging plays. This performance also has live captioning to ensure that audiences not fluent in Shakespearean English don’t miss any dialogue. It will be performed at Frankston Arts Centre on Saturday, August 19, at 7.30pm. Tickets can be booked on, in person at FAC or by calling 9784 1060. FRANKSTON ARTS CENTRE A: 27-37 Davey St, Frankston T: 9784 1060 W:

BY CATHERINE GODONY the contemporary Skipworth. Its wide tastes in music The spotlight was on tenor Andrew Goodwin, with the thus so well catered for, a vibrant audience also enjoyed Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, at an evening recital the customary complimentary supper at interval, and the directed by Rebecca Chan on Saturday, June 24. Part of Bittern Estate-sponsored wine-tasting that launched the the Winter Solstice Festival, the recital was hosted by the Peninsula Music Society at the Peninsula Community evening. Theatre. Andrew Goodwin excelled, the resonance of his vocal renditions majestically echoed in accompaniment by the On the following afternoon, the audience was treated at the same venue to the zealous and meticulous perfection Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, which also treated the full house to some of its best solo pieces. of remarkable virtuoso violinist Zoe Black, with Joe Chindamo on piano -chamber music touched by classical An event to be remembered! Be sure to come along cadences and jazz energies, feeding Mornington even as to the next recital in the series, the Bursary Winners it had, of yore, Carnegie Hall. Concert, on Saturday, August 19, at 7.30pm, again hosted by the Peninsula Music Society at the same venue. Saturday evening, however, began the feast with Songs Bookings: of the Night and compositions ranging from Wagner to


“SHALL WE DANCE” Conductor Margaret Brown Guest Artists from Creations School of Dance

Photo: Alan Mathews

Sunday 27th August 2017, 2:30pm Mary Herring Hall, Toorak College, Mt Eliza. Tix: $20 Adult / $15 Conc (Seniors, Students) Primary School students no charge T: 9787 5383

( 84

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The Bel Canto Choir and artistic director/conductor Margaret Brown have invited music-lovers to a concert of toe-tapping music relating to dance in all its forms. They will be joined by special guests from Creations School of Dance who will present a wide variety of items that will add greatly to the theme of the concert, Shall We Dance.

Let’s dance

The concert is on Sunday, August 27, at Mary Herring Hall, Toorak College, Old Mornington Rd, Mount Eliza, at 2.30pm (doors open 2pm). Tickets: adults $20, concession $15; phone 9787 5383 or visit www. (some tickets will be available at the door on the day).

mornington PENINSULA


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Conchita Carambano

“I love abstracts” solo exhibition August 4 - 17

Artworks characterising organic form with sensual use of space, colour and symmetry

A life in abstract at Manyung Gallery BY LIZ ROGERS in unison around the canvas. These are Conchita Carambano will do artworks for the lover of colour, magic, anything to keep herself in paper, emotion and motion. paint, pastel and canvas. She has “People say I am prolific, but I am been producing abstract art for lucky - I don’t need much sleep,” laughs Carambano. “I love the idea that each 38 years and is still as enamoured viewer interprets my work differently. My of the process as she was as a ideas escape and then it’s up to the viewer young creator. “I was prepared to see what they can see.” to do as many jobs as I had to, to Carambano’s award-winning work is held keep painting. It is something I’ve in various private collections throughout Australia and internationally, and has always done. Watercolour, oils, been exhibited extensively in numerous pastels … anything I can get my solo and group shows. hands on to keep working. View her breathtaking abstract expressions from August 4-17 at Manyung “I never stop,” this European-born, Fine Gallery Mount Eliza (in the Village). This Arts - School of Arts (Sydney) graduate one is not to be missed! continues. “At the end of the day I still unwind with my watercolours and paper And if you’re looking for large artworks on my knee while watching a movie. At with lots of choice, visit Manyung first I fought the medium. Now I work with Gallery’s showroom at 7/35 Progress it and am much more controlled. We are St, Mornington. The showroom is open now in absolute harmony!” Tuesday-Thursday from 10am-3pm. And harmony is the picture-perfect MANYUNG GALLERY GROUP description of Carambano’s multi-layered A: 60 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza and textured mixed media, oil, acrylic and T: 9787 2953 wax works. Delicate organic forms dance W: with nature and environment to move AUGUST 2017 (69)

In The Village - 60 Mount Eliza Way, Mt Eliza 9787 2953 |

Min Woo Bang

New works on show now

In The Village - 60 Mount Eliza Way, Mt Eliza 9787 2953 |

85 )

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GIG GUIDE AUGUST FRIDAY 4 AUGUST Fleetwood Mac Show, The Grand Mornington 8pm Grinspoon, Pier Hotel 9pm SATURDAY 5 AUGUST Rob Papp, Hickinbotham of Dromana Bon Jovi Experience, Rosebud Hotel 8pm Elvis Tribute Show, Frankston RSL 9pm SUNDAY 6 AUGUST Rooted in Rock, Hickinbotham of Dromana 1pm Geoff Achison, Beach 162 2pm Matt Glass & The Loose Cannons, Gods Kitchen 5pm Spare Parts, Peninsula Folk Club 6pm FRIDAY 11 AUGUST Colin Dodds, Mornington RSL 7pm SATURDAY 12 AUGUST Lenny & Al, Hickinbotham of Dromana 1pm The Kingpins, Rye RSL 8pm SUNDAY 13 AUGUST Mamma’s Mountain Jug Band, Hickinbotham of Dromana 1pm Tom Millington, Gods Kitchen 5pm Ian Rickard, Frankston RSL 2.30pm FRIDAY 18 AUGUST The Adele Songbook By Bloom, The Grand Mornington 8pm Sugafoot Ramblers, Peninsula Jazz Club 8pm SATURDAY 19 AUGUST Don Palmara, Hickinbotham of Dromana 1pm The Vincents, Rye RSL 8pm The New Savages, Gods Kitchen 8.30pm SUNDAY 20 AUGUST The Jump Devils, Hickinbotham of Dromana 1pm Hibernators, Frankston RSL 2.30pm FRIDAY 25 AUGUST Reggie Varney, Mornington RSL 7pm The Black Sorrows, The Grand Mornington 8pm SATURDAY 26 AUGUST James Franklin, Hickinbotham of Dromana 1pm The Push Reggae Band, Gods Kitchen 8.30pm Munster Terrace, Rye RSL 8pm SUNDAY 27 AUGUST Jules Bolt, Hickinbotham of Dromana 1pm Rare Child, Gods Kitchen 5pm Jim Lang, Frankston RSL 2.30pm

Please check all dates & times before heading out More LOCAL events at Sign up to receive a comprehensive local gig guide to your email


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MUSICIANS & VENUES Add your band or act to our website and gain access to 1000’s of locals being informed about your gigs. Stay connected to our growing music community, it is free. SIGN UP THIS MONTH TO GO INTO THE DRAW FOR A FREE PAIR OF EAR BUDS!

JOIN NOW! /mpmusicnetwork

The forecast is very fine indeed for Peninsula four-piece Grey Horizon. A year on from their Main Street Mornington Festival award and with their debut EP imminent, it’s looking like all sun and blue skies ahead. Grey Horizon formed in mid-2014, and their bluesy grooves, melodic vocals and energetic live shows quickly attracted an enthusiastic following. At last year’s festival they received the Haydn Godony Award as one of the best up-andcoming bands on the Peninsula, and that gave them time at Singing Bird Studios in Frankston. Singer Keirra Ashleigh says she found her voice through school musicals and VCE music subjects under the “incredible teachings” of Ben Pisani at Sandringham College, and she cites Eva Cassidy, Sia, Katie Noonan and Matt Corby as her major influences. Keirra adds: “It was through divorce and the soul-searching that goes with it that I validated music as my strength. I credit my precious daughter for all I am.” Alex Franes began his musical journey on six strings, influenced by rock and metal, before progressing to instrumental guitar and finally to bass. Guitarist Mars Pipicelli played in many cover bands around Melbourne and has always enjoyed writing music, but has “really found the passion” for the acoustic guitar in Grey Horizon. Drummer Tim Le Souef played and toured with mainly metal, punk and rock bands around Victoria and the east coast of Australia “until Grey Horizon made me step outside the square, and now I really enjoy the music we make and play together”. Grey Horizon play Belgrave’s Sooki Lounge, 1648 Burwood Highway, on Sunday, August 27. Their song Change, recorded live at Frankston’s Waterfront Festival in January, is available on Bandcamp ( releases) for just $1. Check it out – it’s way hot and super cool!

mornington PENINSULA


arts events leisure Photo: Jai Seales

Music Victoria crawls south Music Victoria is bringing a bus full of music industry managers, bookers, artists and media on a jam-packed tour to explore the live music landscape of the Mornington Peninsula. The Victorian Music Crawl will explore opportunities for partnerships as well as showcasing local talent and emulating potential touring circuits across the region. Starting at the newly revitalised band room at Frankston’s Pier Hotel, the bus will work its way through Mornington, Dromana, Rye and Balnarring. The Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery will host a lunch for VMC visitors and local music networks with performances from Nola Lauch and Maxon. Then the bus heads to community radio RPP FM, live music venues in Mornington, and on to Dromana and Rye for some standout local gigs where the doors are open for all to join in. On Thursday, August 24, Music on

the Hill (MOTH) will present a free showcase of Peninsula music at Hickinbotham of Dromana, featuring The Weeping Willows (pictured) from Mount Eliza plus local acts Young Vincent, Sam O’Connell and Mia Grunden. Doors open from 5.30pm. For the late-nighters, Baha in Rye is putting on an awesome line-up of local bands in partnership with Ninch Fest from 9pm. On Friday, August 25, you can enjoy some jazz with your brekky when the bus pulls up at the Red Hill Bakery in Balnarring from 9am to hear Joel Plymin and fuel up before departing for Gippsland. The Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Arts and Culture Unit, along with the MP Music Network, has facilitated and supported the local leg of the Crawl. For more details email arts&culture@mornpen. or see artsonthepeninsula, au or

BY LIZ ROGERS They’re back – with original stories and songs, lyrics, harmonies and magical musical musings at the Westernport Yacht Club in Balnarring where it all originally kicked off. The Balnarring Muso Nights, that is. Now called Peninsula SongRiders, these ripper monthly Sunday showcase sessions organised and promoted by MP Music Network president and singer/songwriter Marty Nelson-Williams will have you cruising to the sound of outstanding local and not-so-local talent. And there’s lots of it. Just imagine - all against the backdrop of the beautiful Balnarring Beach coastline too. Marty talks. “There’s going to be two acts per session to really showcase each artist. Sets are 40 to 50 minutes long. July 16 saw a near sellout crowd launch proceedings with Luck Louise and Mijo Biscan performing. It’s great to be back at the Westernport Yacht Club. Lots of great memories. Now to make some more!” Marty is keen to mix more experienced

Balnarring Muso Night founders Paul Dillon and Marty Williams with their UK boogie piano friend Ben Waters. PICTURE: Jai Seales,

singer-songwriters with those who don’t have such high profiles. Community comes first as far as he’s concerned. “These sessions are about bringing everyone together – audience, artists - all at an affordable price (under-16s are free). They are completely family-friendly events. It’s all about developing a community spirit, and barbecue food’s on from 1pm.” So lock it in, folks. Cousin Leonard are playing a Farewell to Europe gig with Ben Cornell (Slow Motion Pictures) on August 13. September 3 sees Tommy Spender and an exciting yet-to-be-confirmed act, and October 1 sees “The Wiz” Andrew Farrell, Thomas Hugh and Shannon Bourne. “This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for the summer program which is in development. Once we (Cousin Leonard) finish our oversees tour, I’ll be on to it.” Tickets can be purchased at www.trybooking. com. Type in pensongriders to catch a ride. The tide of local music talent is rising high.


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AUGUST 2017 EVERY SUNDAY Heritage steam train trips Mornington Railway; 460 Moorooduc Hwy, Moorooduc; au; 1300 767 274 Live music at Pop & Selmas Café 34 Ranelagh Drive, Mt Eliza EVERY MONDAY, SCHOOL TERMS Peninsula Kung Fu Corner Racecourse Rd & Carbine Way, Mornington; 1:30pm2:30pm; kung-fu-classes/womens-self-defence EVERY THURSDAY-SUNDAY Elsie + Hugo Photography Exhibition The Big Shed Balnarring; 2996 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Balnarring. Thursday-Sunday 10am-5pm UNTIL THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 17 Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery presents Constance Stokes Exhibition (1906-1991) – Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington; Tues-Sun 10am-5pm; 5950 1580; Wendy Sharpe ‘Wanderlust: Work From Recent Travel’s Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery Exhibition; MPRG, Dunns Rd, Mornington; Tues-Sun 10am-5pm; 5950 1580; Minna Gilligan “Mystery to Me” a Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery Exhibition, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington; Tues-Sun 10am-5pm; 5950 1580; mprg.mornpen. Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery presents Constance Stokes Exhibition (1906-1991) – Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington; Tues-Sun 10am-5pm; 5950 1580; FRIDAY – THURSDAY AUGUST 4-17 A Life in Abstract by Conchita Carambano; Manyung Gallery, 60 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza; manyunggallery. FRIDAY AUGUST 4 The Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society, hosting informative talks by viewing of stars – The Briars Historical Park, 450 Nepean Hwy, Mt Martha; 8pm; 0419 253 252; Fleetwood Mac Tribute The Grand Hotel, 124 Main St, Mornington; tickets $23

Bursary Winners’ Concert, 7:30pm; SUNDAY AUGUST 20 Sorrento Makers Market, 10am-3pm; Ocean Rd, Sorrento;

Fizzics Education: National Science Week, Make ice cream at 10.30am; Frankston Library; bookings essential;

TUESDAY AUGUST 22 Woodleigh School Information Session, 7:30pm; 5971 6100; www.

SUNDAY AUGUST 13 Portsea Hotel Wedding Expo, Pt Nepean Rd, Portsea; 11am-2pm;; 5984 2213

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 23, THURSDAY AUGUST 24 & FRIDAY AUGUST 25 Woodleigh School Campus Tours, Book via website THURSDAY – FRIDAY AUGUST 24-25 The Victorian Music Crawl; Follow local artists to different locations; details: &

Sleep in Your Car presented by Fusion Mornington Peninsula Mornington Park; Saturday 5:30pm-Sunday 7am; free (gold coin appreciated); 5974 1442;

TUESDAY AUGUST 15 Constance Stokes Symposium with Felicity St John Moore, Dr Viven Gaston, Lucilla Wynorm d’Abrera and Anthony Knight supported by Beleura House & Garden – Beleura House & Garden, Mornington. Parking at Mornington Golf Club, bus transfers to Beleura from 10:30am-11am; Cost $40-$45, incl morning tea and lunch; 10:30am3:00pm; 5950 1580; mprg.mornpen.

SUNDAY – WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6-30 Annual “True Roots” Printmaking Award – Oakhill Gallery, 100 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington; 5973 4299;

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 16 Peninsula Grammar Open Day, Peninsula Grammar, 20 Wooralla Drv, Mt Eliza; 9am-11am; register:

SUNDAY AUGUST 6 Truffle Hunt & Cooking Class with Michelin Star Chef Romuald Oudeyer; limited to 15 guests; bookings

SATURDAY AUGUST 19 Bell Shakespeare presents The Merchant of Venice, Frankston Arts Centre, 27-37 Davey St, Frankston; 7:30pm; Tix $27-71; 9784 1060; thefac.

online/$25 at door (unless sold our prior); 5975 2001 Grinspoon ’20 Years of Better Living Pier Hotel, Frankston; 9pm SATURDAY AUGUST 5 Truffle Hunt & Tasting limited to 15 guests, book Bon Jovi Experience Rosebud Hotel, 1099 Nepean Hwy, Rosebud; 8pm Achieving With Autism Gala Dinner Mornington Racecourse, 7-11:30pm;

Devilbend Fun Run & Walk Fun run 1 mile, 5km, 10km & 21km; 8am-12pm; 0414 341 387; Register

SATURDAY AUGUST 26 Mornington Peninsula Patchworkers Inc Quilt Exhibition, Peninsula Community Theatre, 91 Wilsons Rd, Mornington; 10am-5pm; Entry $7; mppi. Patch to Plate Winter Cooking Class, Georgie Bass, 30 Cook St, Flinders; 10am-12pm; must book georgiebass.; 5989 0031 Compagnia TPO & Insite Arts presents Saltbush, Frankston Arts Centre; 27-37 Davey St, Frankston; 11am, 1pm & 3pm; tickets $19-$22; 9784 1060; thefac. Cornish College Whole School Tour, Located in Bangholme, near Chelsea; 10am; Register online cornishcollege. Somers Winter Market, 10am-3pm; Coolart Wetlands and Homestead Reserve, Lord Somers Rd, Somers

TUESDAY AUGUST 8 Pictures and Patterns, Introduces 0-5year olds to art; Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington; $5 per child, carers free, bookings essential; 10am-11am or 11:30am12:30pm; 5950 1580; mprg.mornpen.

SUNDAY AUGUST 27 Mornington Peninsula Patchworkers Inc Quilt Exhibition, Peninsula Community Theatre, 91 Wilsons Rd, Mornington; 10am-4pm; Entry $7; mppi. The Bel Canto Choir Presents ‘Shall We Dance’ – Mary Herring Hall, Toorak College, Mt Eliza; 2:30pm; Tix $20 Adult, $15 Conc; 9787 5383

Diary of a Wombat, Award winning childrens’ book comes to stage; Frankston Arts Centre, 27-37 Davey St, Frankston; 11am & 6pm; 9764 1060; artscentre.vic. Diary_of_a_Wombat

Grey Horizon, playing at Belgrave’s Sooki Lounge, 1648 Burwood Highway. MONDAY AUGUST 28 Life Drawing Masterclass with Lewis Miller, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington; Cost $40-$45, bookings essential incl morning tea; 9:30am-1:30pm; 5950 1580; mprg.

FRIDAY AUGUST 11 Kings of Croon: Daytime music + Theatre, a trip back in time; $18-20; FAC Theatre; artscentre.frankston.vic. SATURDAY AUGUST 12 Truffle Hunt & Cooking Class with 100 milk foodie Marlene Hoff, limited to 12 guests; bookings mpexperience.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 30 Winter Lunch Conversations: Minna Gilligan. A series of talks with MPRG Curator Danny Lacy, Mornington

Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington; Tix $12-$30, incl buffet lunch, tea/coffee, sweet treat; 12-1pm; 5950 1580; FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1 The Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society informative talks, The Briars Historical Park; 8pm;; 0419 253 252 FRIDAY – SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1-10 Rosebud Astral Theatre Society presents Pippin – A coming of age story; tix $25 bookings essential; 7:30pm-10:30pm; 0468 892 572;

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23 Forage in Flinders Winter Cooking Class, Georgie Bass, 30 Cook St, Flinders; 10am-12pm; Must book; 5989 0031

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 6 Frankston Business Network’s WomenConnect Luncheon, 11.30-2.30pm; Frankston RSL, 183 Cranbourne Rd; tix: from $65;

MONDAY – FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25-29 Victorian Racing Academy School Holiday Programs, Try track work! Riders must be confident; 10am-4pm; Victorian Racing Academy, 180 Coolart Rd, Moorooduc; 0400 519 483

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8 Australian Dance Theatre presents ‘Be Your Self Redux’, Frankston Arts Centre; 8pm; Tickets $27-$45; au; 9784 1060

MONDAY – FRIDAY OCTOBER 2-6 Victorian Racing Academy School Holiday Programs, Try track work! Riders must be confident; 10am-4pm; Victorian Racing Academy, 180 Coolart Rd, Moorooduc; 0400 519 483

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9 All About Mushrooms Winter Cooking Class, Georgie Bass, 30 Cook St, Flinders; 10am-12pm; Must book; 5989 0031

TUESDAY – THURSDAY OCTOBER 3-5 Choral Workshop to improve singers technique 9am-3:30pm; Mt Martha House; 0415 123 175

Merlyn Quaife with Andrea Kats Songmaker Extraordinaire! 7:30pm;

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18 Peninsula Grammar Open Day 9-10am;

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13 Winter Lunch Conversations with MPRG Curator Danny Lacy – Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington; Tix $12-30, incl buffet lunch, tea/coffee, sweet treat; 12-1pm; 5950 1580; mprg.mornpen.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 28 The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Frankston Arts Centre, 27-37 Davey St, Frankston; 7:30pm-10:00pm; 9783 1060; artscentre.frankston. The_Glenn_Miller_Orchestra


Compagnia TPO & Insite Arts

Australian Dance Theatre

Sat 19 Aug, 7.30pm Money makes the world go around. Portia has it. Bassanio wants it. Shylock lends it. Antonio owes the value of it. Tickets: $27 - $71

Sat 26 Aug, 11am, 1pm & 3pm Saltbush is an interactive journey through Aboriginal culture, celebrated through dance, music, song and stories. Tickets: $19 - $22

BE YOUR SELF REDUX Fri 8 Sep, 8pm A fusion of audacious choreography with spoken word that leaves audiences questioning the underpinings of who they are. Tickets: $27 - $45


Tickets: 03 9784 1060

4-12 years + FAMILY

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SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16 Scott Norton, ‘Meet the Author’; book signing; 3pm, Farrell’s Book Shop, Mornington

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 5 Let’s Cut It! - Introduces 0-5yo’s to the wonderful world of art; Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington; $5 child, carers free, bookings essential; 10am-11am or 11:30am-12:30pm; 5950 1580; mprg.

Bell Shakespeare


Fields of Fashion, Mornington Racecourse; Charity lunch and raceday, commemorating Roger Booth, proceeds to National Jockeys Trust, $95 per head incl 3 course luncheon; fashion parade, entertainment, book now 5976 2524

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 2 Funkadelic With Minna Gilligan a cool teens workshop with exhibition artist and Instagram sensation, Drop off at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Dunns Rd, Mornington, walk through and pick up at Mornington Youth Centre, Wilsons Rd, Mornington; Cost $15, suitable 13+, bring magazines or photos, art smock and snack for morning tea; 9:30am-1:30pm; 5950 1580; mprg.



( 88

Get your Gnoochi on! Winter Cooking Class, Georgie Bass, 30 Cook St, Flinders; 10am-12noon; Must book; 5989 0031

Frankston Arts Centre is a business unit of Frankston City Council

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Stunning exhibition of Self expression Australian Dance Theatre has thrilled sell-out audiences around the world with performances of cutting-edge dance. Now the internationally acclaimed company brings Be Your Self Redux to Frankston Arts Centre on Friday, September 8, at 8pm. In Garry Stewart’s Be Your Self Redux, audiences are engaged in a complex dialogue in which they are compelled to explore what makes you ‘you’. The athletic dancers of ADT are transformed into erupting, powerful, and emotional entities, projecting startling physical images. Arising from conversations with a Buddhist monk, neurologist, physiologist and literary academic, Stewart situates the body at the centre of his inquiry and reveals that despite our civilising cultural influences, the body is still a force to be reckoned with. A distilled version of the original Be Your Self, Be Your Self Redux fuses Stewart’s audacious choreography with spoken word to create an exciting dance work that leaves audiences questioning the underpinnings of who they are. Tickets can be booked on, in person at FAC or by calling 9784 1060. FRANKSTON ARTS CENTRE A: 27-37 Davey St, Frankston T: 9784 1060 W:

Sorrento Makers Markets are the latest markets organised by Craft Markets Australia, which are widely known on the Mornington Peninsula and beyond for highquality makers’ markets, bringing together a community of small businesses that are directly involved in the making and production of their products. Teaming up with Sorrento Chamber of Commerce to increase visitation to Sorrento in the traditionally quieter months, the first market held back in May was a great success. It was a real delight to see Ocean Beach Rd humming with visitors enjoying the market as well as shopping and eating at local businesses. Join in on this winter boutique market experience next on Sunday, August 20, from 10am-3pm. Meander the street while stopping to taste test, chat and AUGUST 2017 (69)

Photo: Chris Herzfeld, Camlight Productions



learn about the lifecycle of the products on display at the market. Pop into the local shops along the way and stay for a delicious meal. CRAFT MARKETS AUSTRALIA A: 10a Satu Way, Mornington T: 5976 3266 W:


A luxury marketplace set in the heart of Sorrento on Ocean Beach Road from 10am until 3pm

89 )



Bittern Community: Every Sunday at Bittern railway station. FrankstonFlinders Rd, Bittern. Over 80 stalls selling new and used goods, crafts, plants, fruit and vegetables. Boneo Community: Third Saturday of month, Cnr Boneo & Limestone Rds. Crib Point Community Market - Park Rd, Crib Point; Every Second Saturday 8am-2pm; Frankston Sunday: Every Sunday 8am1pm in Sherlock & Hay carpark, Young St, Frankston. Hastings in Street: Every Thursday. Over 40 stalls everything home made, home grown & craft, High St, Hastings 9-1pm. Karingal Uniting Church 2nd Saturday of month, 8am-1pm, cnr Karingal Dve & Lindrum Rd, Frankston Mornington’s Main Street: Every Wednesday 9am - 3pm between Cromwell and Albert Sts. Mornington Racecourse Craft: Second Sunday of month, Racecourse

Rd 9am-2pm. Over 300 stalls with animal farm and face painting for the kids. Mt Eliza Farmers’: Fourth Sunday of month, Mt Eliza Village Green. 9am - 1pm Oak Hill Community Arts Cooperative’: Artist Inspired, 1st Sunday of month, 100 Morn-Tyabb Rd, Mornington Pearcedale Farmers Market 3rd Saturday of the month from 8am-1pm at the Pearcedale Community Centre, Baxter-Tooradin Rd, Pearcedale Rosebud Community School: Second Saturday of the month, Rosebud Primary School Cnr Pt Nepean & Jetty Rd Rosebud Lions Club: First Sunday of the month, Rosebud Village Green. 7am till 2pm Rosebud Trash n Treasure: Fifth Saturday months, Rosebud Primary School Cnr Pt Nepean & Jetty Rd. 7.30am till noon

Rosebud West Outdoor Market first Saturday of month 8:30am -12:30pm. Eastbourne Primary School, Allambie Ave, Rosebud West Seaford Farmers’: Third Sunday every month, 8am-1pm Broughton St Reserve Station St Seaford Seaford Handmade Homemade Third Sunday of month, 10am-3pm, Seaford Scout Hall, Seaford Somers Winter Market Lord Somers Road, Somers, 10am – 3pm; Gold Coin Donation Somerville Anglican Church: Second Saturday of month 9am-1pm, Stalls can range from bric a brac to plants, fruit & vegies, 2a Eramosa Rd West, Somerville Sorrento Makers Market A Luxury marketplace set in the heart of Sorrento on Ocean Beach Road Sunday August 20, 10am – 3pm Tootgarook Primary School: Fourth Saturday of the month 7.30am-12.30pm.




shuttle servic bus surroue from streetnding s



SEPT 24 9.00am - 1.00pm Cnr Mt Eliza Way & Canadian Bay Rd mtelizafarmersmarket ( 90

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Double digits for while Somers market gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese from

Mark this down, people – the Somers Winter Market is celebrating its 10th anniversary on August 26 and you’re invited. This great little market began as a fundraiser for the Somers Pre-School and has come a long way from a mum’s night out while enjoying a glass of vino. In the magnificent grounds of the Coolart Wetlands and Homestead Reserve, the pre-school will be running craft activities all day and there’ll be a jumping castle too. The Stardust Fairies will be painting faces, while Dutch poffertjes, Pizza Wagon wood-fire pizza, and Babaj’s Kitchen’s Indian street food will be available. Paella from Spanish Caravan Catering and Eat the Chicken’s Bangkok food is on-site,

Twisted Mac and Cambodian street grill Flami Skewers will be set up too. Hand-made offerings, live entertainment and wonderful wines and beer (think Pier 10 and Red Hill Brewery) will be on hand, and shuttle buses have been organised for the day. Park at Lord Somers Camp, Somers Yacht Club, RW Stone Pavillion and Somers Primary School. Check out the Facebook page @ somerswintermarket to find out more. All proceeds go to Somers Pre-School. The Somers Winter Market - come for the beautiful scenery and stay for the fabulous food and fun!

Where? Lord Somers Road Entry: Gold coin donation Explore the gardens; feast on winter food; browse through wares from local artists; enjoy unique merchandise; visit the Children’s Paddock for games, activities & crafts; linger in the grounds for music & more... All proceeds to Somers Pre-School. Thank you for your support!

mornington PENINSULA


Wake up and scrub the coffee Coffee scrub burst onto the beauty scene some years ago. While it has gained traction, quite a few people are wary about spreading their morning coffee all over their body. Sarah from Olieve & Olie understands your hesitation, so bear with her while she explains just how amazing coffee scrub actually is. “A few years back I saw that coffee scrub was becoming very popular,” Sarah says. “At first I thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but after some research I quickly discovered that coffee has lots of

beneficial properties for your skin. The list is long, so here are just a few of the things coffee is known for: exfoliation, targets acne scarring, contains anti-cellulite agents, helps varicose veins, has antiinflammatory properties, improves circulation, soothes skin, reduces puffiness around your eyes and face, and temporarily reduces stretch marks. Basically, coffee scrub works in a similar way to a cup of coffee, but instead of awakening your mind, it awakens your body.” So, you may asking where you can get your hands on a coffee scrub. Well, the good news is that Olieve

& Olie has just launched a coffee scrub in two fragrances: chai and latte. Not only is Olieve & Olie a local company, it sources its coffee from Little Rebel, another Peninsula business. At $20 for a 200g pouch, Olieve & Olie Coffee Scrub will not break the bank. It’s available at most stockists and direct from Olieve & Olie headquarters or online. OLIEVE & OLIE A: 7/16-18 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud T: 5982 0992 W:

Peninsula Made clean green local . . .

The Peninsula Gourmet Emporium in Boundary Rd showcases the best of the Mornington Peninsula’s artisan product. Kym and Ted Smirnoff stock premium lines of artisan food plus an extensive range of gluten free including the award-winning Leaping Goat Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cape Schanck Olive Oil, Buckshot Nougat

and Max’s Balsamic Vinegar. Focussing on local and high quality produce, Peninsula Gourmet Emporium is the home of Hamper Yourself. Clients can choose from a selection of gourmet delights and seductive spa product to create a personalised

Chicken Manure Also Available Cnr Eramosa Rd West & Binnak Way, Moorooduc

5977 5405 Enter via Binnak Way Barn Door Sales: Mon-Fri 8am-4.30pm •Saturday 8am-12.30pm

1/6 Latham Street Mornington, Victoria Tel. 03 5976 4999

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hamper (including the packaging and design) or alternatively let the team at Hamper Yourself design one. You can also purchase a pre-made hamper ideal for personal gift giving or corporate clients - or select product for your own enjoyment. Hamper Yourself’s themed collection includes Gourmet food, Wine, Christmas, Gluten-free, Pamper, Real Estate Settlement and Cookbook selections so there’s something for everybody or the person who has everything! Peninsula Gourmet Emporium prides itself on offering an extensive tasting selection of delicious produce so you can sample before you purchase. Step inside to taste the latest Dukkahs, tapenades, olives and confectionary or indulge your senses with their range of Romich handmade soaps and Heart Affair candles, body products from Olieve and Red Hill Lavender Farm. Open six days a week, Peninsula Gourmet Emporium and Hamper Yourself offer the perfect solution to personal gift giving and corporate gifts. Spoil yourself or someone you appreciate today at Peninsula Gourmet. PENINSULA GOURMET EMPORIUM A: 240 Boundary Rd, Dromana T: 5981 9123 W:

mornington PENINSULA


Peninsula Gourmet Emporium Specialising in Award Winning Mornington Peninsula Produce

Exten s rang ive glute e of n prod free ucts!

Olive Oils I Olives I Dukkah I Tapenades I Vinegars I Jams I Chutneys I Sauces I Fudgeworks I Confectionary I Red Hill Kitchen Chocolate Covered Fruit I Red Hill Spice Girls I Beekeeper Honey I Products from Olieve & Olie I Heart Affair Handmade Candles & Melts Romich Handmade Soaps & Candles I Elfreds Products I Red Hill Muesli I Crittenden Wines I Hand Blended Teas and more...

The Peninsula Gourmet Emporium (& Hamper Yourself) 240 Boundary Rd, Dromana P. 5981 9123

Woodman Estate. Classic traditions since 1998.

Woodman Estate on the Mornington Peninsula is a luxurious country house offering all the style and elegance of a bygone era with all the comfort and convenience of the modern day. Featuring indulgent accommodation, superb restaurant dining and a tranquil wellness retreat. Woodman Estate is the ideal location to enjoy a leisurely escape. Visit us at or phone on 03 5978 8455.

Award Winning Woodman Estate Fine Foods. Classic traditions from our table to yours.

Our delicious preserves, condiments and museli again received many medals at the 2017 Australian Food Awards, including a gold to our Rhubarb & Ginger. With an abundance of fresh produce on our door step, you can be assured of the premium quality and taste of all of our products, that are prepared here in the Woodman Estate Kitchen. Our collection of preserves and condiments are the perfect gourmet gift or simply a treat to savour with family and friends at home. Available online at and through many fine food and tourism destinations.



A CHAT WITH MORNINGTON PENINSULA FOOD, WINE & DINING EXPERTS Daryl Lawrence, That Pizza Shop, 234 Boundary Rd, Dromana We couldn’t help but notice the Chef doll on your counter. Are you a South Park fan? What’s the story behind that? I thought I’d use him as a little bit of a mascot for our business. I’ve got a bit of a likeness to him. People have a giggle when they see the Chef doll in the window and then they see me roll around the corner. So where were you born and where do you grow up? I grew up in the city and did my chef training with Jacques Reymond and worked around the place, then went back to his restaurant in Federation Square as his sous chef. I always used to travel down the Peninsula on my days off to get away and that’s the reason I eventually moved down here. I’ve been on the Peninsula probably 15 years now. How long have you had That Pizza Shop, and what makes a great pizza? We’ve been up and running about 20 months.

( 96

I don’t think a pizza and all the ingredients can cook in an oven to their full potential in five to 10 minutes. That’s why we roast off our bacon, our chorizo, our capsicum … our onion we caramelise. We basically cook a lot of the ingredients and they go on the pizza cooked. By doing

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

this we release a lot more of the flavours, which gives an overall better result, and you’re actually eating something that’s cooked and not raw products that end up giving you gas or indigestion. A lot of takeaway businesses sell side dishes, but you don’t. Why is that? We’re interested in doing a small range of menu items to high standards. And that’s our philosophy: let’s focus on something, let’s get it right and then let’s look at the next opportunity. So we’ve got a couple of salads there; we’re starting to introduce a few desserts, like the rocky road pizza; we’ve got an apricot and apple crumble pizza that just got introduced at the weekend. I’ve got no interest in putting a whole heap of items on the menu to try to appease everybody at a 50 per cent capacity quality-wise.

What’s your secret to a successful pizza shop? A happy team creates an environment where people love what they do and have a passion for what they create. That shows in our pizzas and it also shows in our team. We’ve got guys who have been with us from day one, which is pretty amazing considering you’ve got kids who are 16 years old and are quite transient. They’re all happy, having a laugh, listening to some music; our customers always come in and say there’s a great environment here. We also ensure that we’re meeting our customers’ needs – if a customer wants a half-and-half or something added or something left off, we provide that to them. We don’t try to dictate what people eat. We’re pretty flexible with what we do because at the end of the day it’s the customer that’s eating the product and it’s the customer that’s got to go away with a great experience.

That’s what we try to provide them with. What do you do in your spare time - if indeed you have any? I’ve got a young family so I spend time going for walks with them and walking the dog … just doing outdoor activities with the family. That’s what I enjoy doing - catching up with friends and family. What do you like most about living and working on the Mornington Peninsula? You drive down the Esplanade or you drive down Marine Parade and even after 15 years it constantly leaves me breathless how beautiful the area is. To be able to walk down to the beach after a hot night in the kitchen and jump in the water. It’s just such a family-friendly area. It’s got such great beaches, great wineries, great eateries and it’s still so close to Melbourne. I just love the recreational playground we have here.

mornington PENINSULA


Crittenden Los Hermanos Saludo al Txakoli Award Winning Farmer’s Produce Collection

Woodman celebrates another medal haul

Mornington Peninsula producer Woodman Estate Fine Foods is on top of the world after winning five medals at the 2017 Australian Food Awards. Woodman took gold for the second year running for its Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve, as well as silver medals for its Beetroot & Horseradish Relish and Tomato & Chilli Chutney, and bronze medals for its Peach & Cardamom Preserve and Estate Granola with Raspberries & Apple. The medal haul followed Woodman’s success at last year’s awards, which included gold for its now famous Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve. Delighted business owner Rick Woodman says: “We are thrilled to be a gold medallist again and be recognised with medals for some of our preserves and condiments. It’s terrific that the newest addition to our range – Estate Granola with Raspberries & Apple - also won a bronze medal. It really confirms that all the hard work and attention to detail is paying off. The awards underpin the excellence and high standards of our product.” The awards, conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, build on the success of society’s Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards and are Australia’s leading national premium food awards. Customers looking to purchase these award-winning products are encouraged to see the complete Woodman Estate Fine Foods range at foodie retail stockists on the Peninsula and in Melbourne, at Woodman Estate Luxury Country House in Moorooduc, or online at - or just call Woodman Estate Fine Foods on 5978 8455. WOODMAN ESTATE FINE FOODS A: 136 Graydens Rd, Moorooduc T: 5978 8455 W: Publisher’s note: You simply must try Woodmans Estate Buffet Breakfast. In the style and elegance of yesteryear you will be treated to all manner of hot and cold delicacies, including their award winning jams and preserves, plus a full hot menu to choose from. Take the whole family, bookings advised! AUGUST 2017 (69)

Txakoli (pronounced ch-kol-ee) is the spritzy white that goes perfectly with Pinxtos (tapas from Basque country in northern Spain) and this wine did what we hoped it would - it took us back in time to San Sebastian. If you haven’t been and you love food, you should book a flight immediately. If you have been you would have seen Txakoli being poured in all the local bars. The Crittenden version has some nice acidity that gets the mouth watering for some delicious Spanish food. This is easy drinking even when it’s chilly - it’s always raining in San Seb anyway! RRP: $26

Rare Hare White Everybody is talking about the new Jackalope complex in Merricks North, a bold project mixing food, wine, art and accommodation. It’s located on the site of Willow Creek vineyards and still serving wines from that label, a label we have loved for years. The surprise, however, came with their latest release of Rare Hare branded wines which are made to be easy drinking styles that will match the food in the restaurant. Our favourite was Rare Hare white with a rather unusual mix of Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc. It really worked and was a match made in heaven with their seafood and vegetable entrees. RRP: $28

Quealy Secco Splendido Metodo Redmondo This wine has been a real brain-bender for tour groups since they began pouring on the Quealy cellar door and always evokes a strong reaction. At first smell this wine could be mistaken for a sweet moscato but on the palate it is bone dry. It needs to be consumed within a year (good excuse to crack a bottle now) and is made with no sulphur so is great for people who get a headache from wine. If you are like us it’s hard to stop at one bottle - it’s that delicious and a great alternative to the average sparkling wines. They also have a white version too - Metodo Ancestrale. This is really different and I recommend you try it. RRP: $30

PENINSULA UNCORKED By Adam Nicholls Director, Wine Compass T: 1300 339 463 W:

97 )


This month we feature some fun wines that are a little different and don’t take themselves too seriously. These wines are all about drinking and enjoying now without worrying about things like ageing potential, high prices and all that serious stuff. Even in the depths of winter, we think it is important to have a little fun.



Looking for a casual vibe and deliciously different food? Chef Levi Wanders delivers at Dr Fox Café x Bar, where casual dining comes together with cracking cocktails and laid-back end-of-the-week beers. Levi puts his own spin on food trends and reinvents them as foxy first-class meals – for example, giving the pork belly burger a twist with kimchi (salted and fermented vegetables) and avocado. This talented chef has been in the trade since he was 15 and knows what flavours work. Plus, he loves to use locally sourced ingredients. Dr Fox’s rotating menu grows out of sensational seasonal produce so all the dishes are fresh and flavoursome too. Tuck into dinner on Mondays (hospitality night), Fridays and

Saturdays until 9pm when cocktails like The Foxigroni, which is a twist on Negroni, the Coconut Fox (think Mojito) and the Figged Out Fox combination of white chocolate liquor and esprit de figues fig liquor and cognac come into their own. Dr Fox Café x Bar is all about relaxation and flavoursome food sensations. Try the all-day breakfast and look out for the new September menu to get spring started. Happy hours run on Friday and Saturdays too. Now that’s foxy. DR FOX CAFÉ X BAR A: 37 Main Street, Mornington T: 5973 4074 W: FB/drfoxbarandcafe

Brendon’s Cakes


Natural Spring Water

Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch Open Friday, Saturday, and Monday till midnight

Dr Fox Cafe x Bar 37 Main St, Mornington P. 5973 4074 ( 98

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Peninsula Springs is a local, family owned and operated Natural Spring Water business, serving the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside Regions. We pride ourselves on providing great service and great tasting Natural Spring Water to our clients. Delivered Free to your door. Indulge in the taste of Peninsula Springs Natural Spring Water in 15 litre or 600ml size bottles.

For more information ring Peninsula Springs on 0413 996 317 or check the website at

100 Wilsons Rd Mo

rnington Ph: 5975 8094

KILLER N COFFEE $5.50 Our famous Killer Vanilla slice and our exclusive blend coffee so come in and treat yourself.

Present this ad to receive one killer vanilla and coffee for $5.50 *Limit to one per customer

Valid until 31-08-2017

mornington PENINSULA


The wonderful folk at Dromana Estate have returned from their mid-winter battery recharge, warmed to the core and excited to share their new cafe menu. With sights as amazing as the vineyard in early frosty morning light and spiders braving the chilly early start, they have designed a menu to be enjoyed around their blazing fires. They are still offering their extensive range of gourmet pizzas and have added a few of their most loved “specials” into the mix. So, what’s new? Think creamy gruyere and kirsch fondues, a succulent trio of steamed dumplings and soft tortillas topped with an array of fresh seafood and spiced salsas. Add a charcuterie board topped with a selection of soft and hard cheeses, cured meats, fruits, nuts and in-house made relishes, with surprising fiery little jalapeno chillies to boot, and you have the makings of a long leisurely lunch. Group bookings are a must from Wednesday through to Sunday, with the kitchen open from noon-4pm. Give Dromana Estate a buzz now to secure a table near the fire or on the cosy brazier-heated terrace. DROMANA ESTATE A: 555 Old Moorooduc Rd, Tuerong T: 5974 4400 W:





Historical Homestead surrounded by beautiful gardens Open for Wine Tasting & Lunch Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm (Cafe 12pm - 4pm) Available for Weddings & Functions, Corporate Events and Groups


506, Nepean Hwy, Frankston AUGUST 2017 (69)

555 Old Moorooduc Road, Tuerong T: 5974 4400 E: W:

99 )


Winter in the vineyard


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Eat in or take-away

1455 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud t. 5982 1455

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Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Corner Café is calling

BY LIZ ROGERS Looking for fantastic casual food, great atmosphere and a place to warm up over winter? Then look no further than The Corner Café in Rosebud, where cosy couches and pumping heaters have you sitting pretty over the cooler months. This funky eatery offers all the best wintertime wonders such as a rotating menu of hardy homemade soups (on the specials board), plus yummy rice pudding and a range of vegetarian selections like Mexican beans. The all-day breakfast menu starts you off from 7am and runs through the day, while a huge range of Blue Mini tea (think serendipity, jasmine, star anise and immunity, to name a few) will give you that warm and wonderful wintertime boost. The Corner Café is open seven days a week and delivers personal service with a smile. Tuck in today and stay for a leisurely drink – it’s fully licensed too. Cheers to that! THE CORNER CAFÉ A: 1455 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud T: 5982 1455

mornington PENINSULA



Cape Grim rib-eye smoked rare over Australian hardwoods and then chargrilled to perfection is an infamous speciality. Other cuts perfected on the smokers at GPO include 12-hour pulled pork, beef brisket and beef ribs. Pub food with a modern Tex Mex twist is at the heart of this forwardthinking hotel. Inside you’ll find a balance of modern gastro dining, classic pub meals and a robust hint of Tex Mex cuisine. Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the kitchen is open all day from 8am. GPO HOTEL A: 1003 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud T: 5982 3200 W:

Come in from the cold this winter at the GPO Hotel, where Americanstyle barbecue gets locals and daytrippers alike smoking hot! The GPO Hotel is renowned for its tasty and tender Texas-style American barbecue and has been developing this delicious southern American technique over the past three years. The style is trending heavily in town and the GPO Hotel is one of the only spots on the Peninsula to dive right in and embrace the concept completely. American smoked barbecue creates a depth of flavour unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Yoder smokers bought from Texas bring an exciting and mouth-watering edge to the already extensive menu at the GPO Hotel, and the 600g




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Choose from three great pastas and from half a dozen wines for just $29


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TUESDAYS PASTA + WINE FOR $29 * *cond apply

The annual Derinya Art & Craft Exhibition delighted guests with arts, crafts, tarts, and jewellery from over 200 talented Australian and local creatives July 21-23 at Derinya Primary School, Frankston. Photos: Andrea Haynes AUGUST 2017 (69)


101 )


Contemporary stunner on the water’s edge Situated in one of Mornington’s most desirable streets, this stunning residence at 11 Bath St is seconds from Mills Beach and a short stroll from Main St’s world-class shops and cafes. The contemporary, split-level design has timber floors and feature high ceilings throughout, a gas log fire with stunning limestone surround and louvre windows to let in the breeze. Ideal for indoor/outdoor entertaining, the living area opens to a 16m solar/gas-heated swimming pool and spa that can be operated remotely and is self-cleaning.

The kitchen is a chef’s delight with thick stone benchtops, a walk-through butler’s pantry and Miele appliances, as well as a coffee machine, built-in wine fridge and a plumbed refrigerator. The master bedroom opens to the pool area and has a sleek ensuite, extensive wardrobes and a retreat that could also serve as a second study. There’s no chance of missing your favourite TV show with televisions in all four bedrooms and both living areas, and the hydronic heating system and split-system airconditioning means you’ll enjoy total comfort yearround whatever the weather. There’s also a Miele

washing machine and dryer in the laundry and automatic blinds inside and out. The house is set on approximately 574sq m and includes a double garage and rear access to a private laneway providing space for a boat. The property is for private sale. For details and to arrange an inspection, contact David Cowie at Nicholas Lynch on 0414 674 963. NICHOLAS LYNCH REAL ESTATE A: Suite 8, 1A Main St, Mornington T: 1300 487 469 W:

To feature your property please contact Chendelle or Molly on 9708 8222 at Mornington Peninsula Magazine ( 102

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA


Protection Pacific Security is a full-service security company that is celebrating 25 years operating in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Protection Pacific specialises in commercial and residential security systems, alarm monitoring and CCTV systems and the integration of your business or home to your smart phone or device. With the NBN rolling out over the Mornington Peninsula it is timely to ask advice as to how your existing alarm or security system may be affected. The disruption of existing cabling and/or cabling configurations in your home or business can prevent your back-to-base alarm working correctly. The eventual removal of copper to the premises and other facts such as the lack of appropriate back-up power to the home via the NBN means that many systems will no longer comply with the Australian Standards. Many customers are finding that bypassing the NBN for their security services is a more reliable solution. GPRS monitoring allows your existing alarm to be connected to the monitoring centre independent of the NBN. The system derives back-up power capability from your alarm and can be controlled from anywhere in the world from your smart phone or device. Up to 10 users can install the app on their devices, and upgrade features can include panic alarms that notify the group and give the location of the user on a map. Alarm activity and information regarding who has turned the alarm on or off and any alarm conditions can also be “pushed� to your phone. For further information, phone 1300 793 911. PROTECTION PACIFIC SECURITY T: 1300 793 911 E: W:

Property Home Garden

Smart security systems for home and business YOUR FULL SERVICE SECURITY PROVIDER


Celebrating 25 years of service excellence to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula Security Business Licence 418-312-31S

1300 793 911 AUGUST 2017 (69)

103 )

Property Home Garden

Elders finds new home on Peninsula cleaning services


Mention this advert & receive

20% off your first clean

Professional & quality cleaners servicing the Mornington Peninsula for over 12 years

( 104

0409 173 687

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Trust, values, respect, transparency, innovation and results are the principles that define Elders Real Estate. Now Craig and Karen McDermott are inviting you to experience the Elders way with the opening of Elders Real Estate Mornington Peninsula in Dromana. “Our personalised service is friendly and warm, and we believe you will love our point of difference,” Craig says. “Our coverage is immense. We service the entire Mornington Peninsula, north to south, east to west and everything in between and even beyond. We offer a comprehensive real estate experience, providing residential, property management, commercial, rural, lifestyle and specialist/unique

properties, including vineyards etc, along with traditional land sales services.” Craig describes Elders as Australia’s oldest and most trusted real estate agency. Founded in 1839 by Alexander Elder in Adelaide, the company has grown to approximately 300 offices nationally, and the principles on which it was built remain steadfast today, 178 years later. “Throughout Australia, people engage Elders when they want a real estate service that can be depended upon - after all, we are the pioneers in real estate in Australia. The Elders model is one of covering large geographical areas, and our

vast experience has perfected our knowledge of everything real estate.” Currently, the Mornington Peninsula is providing excellent results for vendors. Demand is high so there has never been a better time to list your property for sale. Craig and Karen invite you to experience “the Elders way”, so give them a call or drop into their new home base and see what 178 years of experience can do for you. ELDERS REAL ESTATE MORNINGTON PENINSULA A: 3/277 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana T: 5981 4402 W: eldersmorningtonpeninsula.

mornington PENINSULA


! N





Australia’s oldest and most trusted Real Estate agency. Est: 1839 Residential, Property Management, Commercial, Rural, Lifestyle properties We service the entire Mornington Peninsula and beyond! We invite you to experience “the Elders Way”

Shop 3/277 Point Nepean Road, Dromana - Ph: 5981 4402 0403 063 758 Craig McDermott (Director) 0432 384 327 Karen McDermott

Mornington Peninsula

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.00pm, Sunday - by appointment.

Property Home Garden

Sensible garden design is becoming more important in the continual shift in climatic conditions, in particular the apparent reduction in seasonal rainfall.

30% OFF

PLUS FREE delivery! Use code Peninsula at the checkout Direct to the Public and online only Outlet Hours Monday - Friday 9-5 1/8 Viewtech Place, Rowville | 0417 102 889

( 106

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Before considering any form of garden design it is important to have an understanding of your immediate environment and the region in which you live. Observation is the key. It has become apparent that some of the exotic plants that once thrived in our gardens are suffering as local rainfall has declined. So, before embarking on a garden design journey or replacing suffering plants with alternatives, it is worth spending some time mapping out the warm, cool, wet and dry areas in your yard so you can make sensible decisions about your plant choices and structure placements. Also, have a look around the neighbourhood to see what does well. Wise plant selections are important. Indigenous and appropriate native plants are best adapted to your local environment and require less water and maintenance while providing natural habitat for local wildlife species. In our coastal areas, hardy plants that have a local relationship are desired to create a thriving ecological community. Make use of perennial plants where possible, as they require less attention than annuals. Annual plants have an important place in a permaculture system, but confine these to vegetables, leafy greens, useful flowers and green manure crops. Permaculture is a term used to describe a natural approach to the designing of our built environment and encompasses both the home and garden. If you are a keen gardener it is well worth your time sourcing some further reading about permaculture systems and sustainable garden design. Various elements of a permaculture system will have multiple functions. Carefully placed elements provide a number of uses. Whether it’s a structure or plant arrangement, consider how a particular element can serve more than one purpose. You may be able to not only provide food from a selected tree, but also seasonal shelter and shade. Other plants can help to build the soil by fixing

atmospheric nitrogen or provide organic matter that can be dug into the soil or used in your compost. Recycling of resources is paramount to a functional permaculture design. Water harvesting, grey-water reuse, and kitchen and garden waste recycling are a few basic concepts that will significantly enhance your garden system. Composting used in conjunction with a productive worm farm provides consistent quantities of organic fertiliser and soil-building material. Outside inputs can be kept to a minimum with a well-functioning system. However, should you require additional materials, try to source clean, unpackaged, local and preferably recycled material. Chooks are an important part of the

waste recycling system in a permaculture garden. As well as a few eggs a day, chooks will also help to keep your garden free of weeds and fallen fruit, but it is wise to design your chook systems carefully to prevent both plant and chook losses. Spring is the perfect time to introduce chooks into your backyard, so if it is something you have been thinking about for a while, give it a go now. The kids will love it. Sensible garden design and permaculture describes a thoughtful, integrated and sustainable approach to design. Combining food growing with sensible plantings and waste recycling will allow you to enjoy a diverse and robust garden.

HAPPY HARVESTING! Drew Cooper, Edible Gardens

mornington PENINSULA


Property Home Garden

Transform your interior space this season with OZ Design Furniture Mornington. OZ Design Furniture is filled with sleek designs and on-trend homewares - there is no better time than now to create an enviable living space. The divine Coco sofa upholstered in velvet along with the Hermon coffee and side table are just some of the stunning pieces that will bring sophistication and style into your modern home. Embedded within the new winter collections are stunning furniture and homewares ranges varying in size, colour, material and style. OZ Design Furniture Mornington offers a wide range of choice to ensure various interior needs are met. The sofa range is extensive, offering endless fabric and colour options suitable for small or large living spaces, while the casegood ranges are unique in design and offer practicality and style. Household guests are bound to envy OZ Design Furniture inspired interiors this winter season. OZ Design is open seven days a week with free parking and offers a local delivery service, so shop now for stunning collections and be inspired this winter at OZ Design Furniture Mornington. OZ DESIGN FURNITURE MORNINGTON A: 1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 8560 1137 W:

AUGUST 2017 (69)

107 )

Property Home Garden

Clean up with Jim’s

If you’ve ever dreamt of being your own boss in a franchise that offers full training and support and enjoys widespread exposure, you need to talk to Jim’s Cleaning Group.

Jim’s is one of Australia’s most widely recognised franchise groups, and right now there are exciting opportunities across the Peninsula for Jim’s Cleaning Group franchises. Nothing could be easier than owning

your own franchise business with Jim’s. In one easy step, Jim’s provides you with all the equipment, training and ongoing support you need to ensure you can enjoy success. Jim’s Cleaning Group boasts a trusted brand name that’s recognised by more than 96 per cent of the public, offering instant credibility. As your own boss you’ll be in control of your work, your time and your life,

growing your business as large as you want by networking with other Jim’s franchisees. So what are you waiting for? For a great lifestyle, excellent income prospects and complete work flexibility, give Jim’s Cleaning Group a call. JIM’S CLEANING GROUP T: 13 15 46 W:

FIREWOOD NOW IN STOCK! Crushed Rock I Mulches I River Pebbles I Toppings I Redgum Chips I Sand I Cement Products I Soil and Mushroom Compost Hillview Stone I Limestone I Moss Rocks I Wistow Stone I Large Flat Lanscaping Rocks I Pyrenees Rocks I Bluestone I Sandstone Volcanic Rocks I Redgum & Treated Pine I Sleepers I Railway Sleepers I Screenings I Pavers

T: 5981 0555

Corner Dalkeith Drive & Brasser Ave, Dromana ( 108

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA


Property Home Garden


Tui and Nyree are two best friends who loved travelling the world and connecting with people, all the while having fun and searching for the meaning of life. They believe gifting is all about connecting with others, and in turn this connection brings meaning and purpose to everyone’s lives. “Receiving a gift that has meaning to us makes us feel that we are important to the giver and that we belong,” Tui says. And so their mission to help people connect through meaningful giftware was born. Koh Living’s vision is to create a safer, more caring and more connected world for generations to come. Tui and Nyree aim to achieve this by inspiring 5000 people every day worldwide to connect through gifting via their social media pages. That’s almost two million moments every year where people have been inspired to be grateful, loving and generous. KOH LIVING A: 59 Main St, Mornington W: FB: @KohLiving INSTA: @kohliving


Winter delights in store now!


NEED HELP cleaning? Jim’s Cleaning are insured and security screened for your peace of mind and use our own environmentally friendly equipment to clean your home.


Giving you back your weekend! CALL 131 AUGUST 2017 (69)

546 for a free quote

meaningful gifts and candles | 59 Main St, Mornington

109 )

Property Home Garden

Dollar Curtains & Blinds’ sheer curtains softly filter light through windows and soften the link between your indoor and outdoor living areas while enhancing the ambience of a room by adding movement and texture. DCB’s Wavefold sheer curtains drape with a smooth, continuous wave effect, creating a relaxed and elegant look. They are also surprisingly easy to operate - with the flick of a wand, and minimal effort, your curtains can glide easily from side to side. If functionality is as important as aesthetics, opt for a combination of sheers to filter the light and blockout

blinds to block out the sun. This is a popular layering option to ensure flexibility over your windows’ privacy and light control. Dollar Curtains & Blinds has specialised in manufacturing custom window furnishings for more than 50 years, all made right here in Melbourne. Call 5975 3655 to book your free in-home measure and quote, or drop by the DCB showroom in the Peninsula Home Centre, Shop C4 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington. It’s open Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm and Sundays 10am-4pm. DOLLAR CURTAINS & BLINDS A: Shop C4, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 5975 3655

‘Proudly servicing the Mornington Peninsula region’ All Seasons Heating & Airconditioning has teamed with Southside Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

Specialists in: • • • • • •

Evaporative air conditioning Reverse cycle air conditioning Ducted Heating Hot water services All heating & cooling components Service & repair all heating, cooling and hot water service products

10% Seniors discount on labour! T - 1300 669 555 ( 110

Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

E - mornington PENINSULA


The The Peninsula’s Peninsula’slargest largestrange rangeofofcustom custommade made curtains, blinds, shutters, awnings & homewares curtains, blinds, shutters, awnings & homewares FREE In-Home Measure & Quote FREE In-Home Measure & Quote

Ph: 5975 3655 Ph: 5975 3655

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Home is where the heart is For owners Peter and Tatiana Craven, I Wanna Go Home is so much more than just a business. “We strongly believe that every piece of furniture and home accessory should enhance your way of living and bring you joy,” Tatiana says. “We also believe that having quality items does not mean having to pay premium prices.” The couple started I Wanna Go Home seven years ago, but their business is backed by 20 years of experience in furniture design, manufacturing and interior décor. They work directly with their manufacturers to ensure each piece is made and hand-finished with care, and that priority is given to quality. “Our Halifax range comprises pieces that invoke the Hamptons charm, creating a space that is stylish, relaxed and inviting,” Tatiana says. “Our Provence collection encompasses a French country style

with an edge of sophistication that keeps it perennially fresh.” Tatiana and Peter have recently added home decor pieces to their collection. “We try as much as possible to work with Australian suppliers; for our items that are imported, we work closely with home industry suppliers. All our rattan pieces, baskets, placemats and little home decor items are hand-woven by women’s co-ops, where the women in the villages have a source of income of their own and are not dependent on their husbands who are out working the fields.” With free shipping to all metro areas, check out their incredible range online or visit their new South Yarra store. I WANNA GO HOME A: 565 Chapel St, South Yarra T: 1300 791 512 W:

For all your hospitality needs, both front and back of house requirements.

Trade Sales - Direct to Public Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm ( 112

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A way of life inspired by the Hamptons and French Country. Stylish, relaxed, comfortable yet elegant.

Buy online! 10% off your first order and free delivery

565 Chapel Street, South Yarra Open: Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm / Sunday: 11am to 5pm P: 1300 791 512 mornington PENINSULA



If you’re searching for that individual statement piece for your home this winter, then look no further than Style Temple. The team of experienced design consultants will custom search for any product to create your perfect wintry weather escape. Style Temple’s consultants are experts in selecting home furnishings and accessories. Keep out the cold and stay warm inside with their wonderful range of domestic interior solutions that are as distinctive as you are. Cook up a storm with the beautiful handmade Mud Australia range created from French Limoges porcelain, which comes in a gloriously extensive range of colours. All pieces complement each other and are designed to emphasise natural lines, functionality and longevity. Snuggle up to Style Temple’s latest range of French linen cushions, which are inspired by original artworks.


be “Folding

be ully

These luxurious laid-back cushions combine comfort with art to add a touch of relaxation and escapism to everyday life. Crafted with a passion for detail, these gorgeous beach and palm scene creations transport you to a place where calm and beauty reign. Style Temple’s popular Chilewich mats are cutting edge in design and technology. They are extremely durable and easy to maintain, which makes them great for wet weather wanderers. You can hose them down, give them a wipe and hang them up to dry, and they come in a vast array of sizes, colours and designs. Give your home the Style Temple treatment this winter and create a place full of warmth, love and distinctive design. STYLE TEMPLE A: 5-7 Diane St, Mornington T: 5975 7432 W: Instagram: styletemplemornington


Enclose your: Patios • Decks • Verandahs • Pergolas • Cafe • Spa Enclosures

Deal direct with the manufacturer and save $$$

1800 880 228 • AUGUST 2017 (69)

Often copied never equalled!

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Create your own style temple

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Spring is just around the corner, so now’s the time to check all cooking appliances are working at full capacity. Perhaps yours are looking a little worse for wear and they need some specialised care.

Refresh your

BATHROOM!! SERVICES INCLUDE: Leaking shower specialist

Indoor & outdoor tile cleaning & sealing

If so, did you know there is a local service that can restore your oven, range hood, cooktop and barbecue to nearperfect, showroom condition for the warmer months ahead, without any nasty chemicals? Ovenu Mornington Peninsula technicians use an exclusive range of biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic products that are completely safe for you, your oven and your family. Importantly, their technicians are fast, reliable and professional. They can also separate the glass panels in your oven door for a result you won’t believe! Call Nathan and Kim on 1300 683 681 for a quote. OVENU MORNINGTON PENINSULA T: 1300 683 681 W:

$29.90 Regular Domestic Cleaning Typically


Pre-sale makeovers Mouldy showers re-grouted Silicone seals replaced Damaged tiles replaced Cracked acrylic shower bases & Bathtubs repaired

Call your local expert Joanne today

0447 790 550

Find us on Facebook: Bayside-GROUT-Solutions

Jorg Melzer | Owner Operator 0424 843 358 |

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Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month


Oven Cleaning & Detailing Service Completely safe, Biodegradable & Caustic free

1300 683 681 mornington PENINSULA


Huddo’s Electrical Services specialises in all types of electrical work and provides electricians who are experienced, reliable and get the job done right - on time, every time. Huddo’s Electrical Services is an accredited electrical service provider under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target and offers superior lighting at a fraction of the cost.

“We can help you whether you’re rewiring your home or office, installing power or appliances, lighting, maintenance or repairs,” explains Peter Hudson, who knows electrics like the back of his hand. Working with a team of dedicated electricians, this reliable and safe electrical service provider finds the best solutions to all your electrical requirements. Huddo’s Electrical Services also offers advice on how to save. “We’ve received accreditation to swap old halogen downlights for LEDs at no cost as part of the State Government’s rebate scheme,” says Peter. “LEDs last up to 20 times longer than halogen downlights while using up to 80 per cent less energy. If you want to enhance your workplace, brighten your home and lower your electricity costs, then make the switch – and it’s free.” Why not save up to 88 per cent on your electricity bill and address environmental concerns at the same time? “LEDs are safer, stronger and longer-lasting. We take pride in our workmanship and provide a 100 per cent customer satisfaction guarantee.” Be smart, safe and savvy with Huddo’s Electrical Services. Their down-to-earth savings and advice on how to save on energy costs will help you reduce your energy bills. Check out their Facebook page to find out more. It’s a no-brainer with Huddo’s Electrical Services. HUDDO’S ELECTRICAL SERVICES A: Factory 7/81 Miles Grove, Seaford M: 0411 316 180 FB: @KingstonES

Do you want to REDUCE your energy bills? Upgrade to LED Lights FREE with a local, trusted electrician Huddo’s Electrical Services, a locally owned family business with over 30 years’ experience, can fit your LED lights for you at no cost – it is part of the Victorian Government rebate scheme. They can also change your dimmable halogen lights. You can save up to 88% on your electricity bill by making the switch. Contact Peter today for friendly, reliable and prompt service. Accredited under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target.

Call Peter today: 0411 316 180 AUGUST 2017 (69)

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Hate Housework? We Love it! Your Number One Choice For Residential Cleaning At we specialise only in residential cleaning which means you will have your home cleaned by a highly trained professional team who will use our unique process to ensure excellent results each and every time. Why choose ● Over


10 years experience trained full time staff ● Our 48 point deep cleaning system ● Consistent results ● Great customer service ● Unique tri-colour system ● Fully insured ● Guaranteed results ● Fully

Spring Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

We offer a one-day blitz of your home. Ideal for ‘spring-cleaning’ as well as after party emergencies, before guests, during house moves or after builders. The myhome spring clean takes just one day to get your home looking immaculate.

Our regular cleaning service is perfect for your needs, whatever size home you have. This flexible service allows you to choose the frequency of your cleaning visits, whether that’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even more often if you require.

“I have been thoroughly impressed both times. So much so that I've decided to begin a regular servicing with them.” “MyHome Mt Eliza's team were very thorough with their spring clean and got into each nook and cranny!” “I would highly recommend MyHome & will be having regular fortnightly cleans from now on.”

For a FREE estimate call

13 22 31

Mount Eliza | Mornington | Mount Martha | Frankston | Somerville



12:25 PM









Practical. Cost Effective. Door-to-door service.

Who’s got the time or inclination to get the sheets unpacked - let alone washed and dried - when they’ve reached their holiday destination? BayLinen Hire & Laundry Services, that’s who. Take the fuss out of renting a private property on the Mornington Peninsula with this professional and reliable linen hire and laundry service that ensures your downtime is topped up with fun and relaxation – not washing and organisation! BayLinen Hire & Laundry Services offers a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service which includes the washing and ironing of all linen for bed and breakfasts and holiday homes across the Peninsula. BayLinen also has a full range of luxurious linen available for hire and will have your

Luxury Holiday Linen Hire Domestic & Commercial Washing & Ironing Accommodation & Table Linen Hire Holiday Rentals, B&Bs Restaurants/Wineries Day Spas

Ovens misbehaving ?

beds ready to go when you walk through the front door. Now that’s what I call a real escape. Make your next holiday easy with BayLinen Hire & Laundry Services.

 M: 0458 231 232

Medical Specialists Proudly servicing the greater Mornington Peninsula region.

E: P: 0458 231 232

Drawers4ease Stop kneeling and bending to access your kitchen cupboards! Servicing all brands Mobile servicing of Mornington Peninsula

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through cooking your expensive roast (or dinner) to find your oven has given up the ghost. So, who are you going to call when your range misbehaves? Peninsula Appliance Service! Mark and his team are the local and experienced go-to people for all brands of ovens and other domestic appliance repairs at a value-for-money price. Call now to set your oven reliability in motion. Don’t wait until it’s too late. PENINSULA APPLIANCE SERVICE A: PO Box 641, Frankston T: 0438 304 467 W: AUGUST 2017 (69)

Washers & Dryers Ovens & Cook Tops Range Hoods Refrigerators Dishwashers For all service requirements:

close slide out drawers. No more bending over and 25% more accessible storage space!

Drawers4ease 0414 269 765

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Dromana Laundrette





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Bayssour Painting & Decorating “Exceptional Work at Affordable Prices”

Heritage restoration Period window restoration & repair Rot treatment • Glass upgrades Acoustic upgrades • Draft sealing Fascia boards • Fencing Weather board replacement Timber deck repairs & maintenance General carpentry Custom made furniture


SAM ELARIDI MOBILE: 0414 741 203

Mark Watkins, Mount Martha M: 0419 320 330 P: 5977 1519

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BY LIZ ROGERS the workshop until it has the Sorrento Every piece of furniture in your home Furniture stamp of approval. The business tells a story. Sorrento Furniture custom has been built on customer satisfaction designs fine furnishings to express and old-fashioned service, which is proven your personal narrative with locally by the fact that long-standing clients keep handcrafted pieces that speak of quality, on coming back for more. beauty and innovation. Operating on the principle of ethical and Cynthia and Gerard have been in the sustainable production and constantly industry for almost 30 years because of looking for ways to reduce waste, their attention to detail, use of premium Sorrento Furniture creates furniture that fabrics and superlative one-on-one is designed for both beauty and longevity manufacturer-to-client service. They by using eco-friendly renewable plantation guide you through the complete process from beginning to fruition, offering expert timbers and sourcing local materials and suggestions while catering for each client’s suppliers to support the community. individual expression. Stop by the Sorrento Furniture showroom today to view the wide range of everThey thrive on the thrill that their clients get from seeing ideas come to life. Turning changing fabric choices and to discuss a house into a home is a top priority. They your furniture vision with Cynthia and Gerard. They deliver free of charge to are passionate about their craft and are driven by the recognition that their clients anywhere on the Peninsula and always put your furniture where it should be. Job are delighted and inspired by the pieces turnaround takes four to six weeks. they create together. Create your perfect interior space with Sorrento Furniture’s core concerns are Sorrento Furniture – first for care, flair and integrity, quality, respect and being made-to-last comfort. socially conscious. The business is all about building trust and relationships SORRENTO FURNITURE by always delivering what’s promised, A: 10 Bennetts Rd, Mornington while expert Peninsula-based craftsmen T: 5975 0344 bring the highest quality and attention to W: detail that is guaranteed. Nothing leaves

mornington PENINSULA


We’ve got you covered this Winter

ZERO-G Find your perfect position to sleep with the Tempur ZERO-G adjustable base. Fitted with a one touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to relieve pressure off the lower spine and increase circulation, this bed helps you achieve a higher level of relaxation and rest.





seamless reclining action



*certain features only available on certain models. Night Comfort Guarantee



Peninsula Homemaker Centre, Cnr Nepean Highway & Bungower Road, Mornington VIC 3931 (03) 5973 6333


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Second-chance buying at Bedshed BY LIZ ROGERS

Have you ever researched a product and found that once you’ve decided to purchase it and taken it home, it isn’t what you’ve wanted? Bedshed Mornington knows that purchasing a mattress is all about comfort and support. It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears – finding the one that is just right can take time. That’s why Bedshed Mornington offers its customers complete peace of mind with a 60-Night Comfort Guarantee option that gives clients the opportunity to return a mattress that doesn’t feel perfect. Not too hard, not too soft, but just right! And there’s more good news. As well as Bedshed giving you a second chance on mattress decision-making, it will donate each returned mattress to the Salvation Army. Bedshed Mornington is proud to offer this service to its clients and the community, and to provide real purchasing peace of mind. Come in to Bedshed Mornington to see why “No one’s better in the bedroom”. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Terms and conditions apply; see in store for details. BEDSHED MORNINGTON A: Peninsula Home C1, Bungower Rd, Mornington T: 5973 6333 W:

Bringing your perfect garden to life Are you dreaming of your ideal garden? Do you have some ideas but you’re not sure where to start? Let us help you bring it to life. We specialise in the design, construction and maintenance of your dream garden. We work with you to design a custom space that reflects your personality and that of your home. A space for entertaining, relaxing and spending time with friends. Call us for a free consultation on 03 9017 4344. 94 Milton Parade Malvern, VIC


AUGUST 2017 (69)

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Celebrating 10 great years and two national awards It has been a remarkable decade at Luduco Living, which celebrates its 10th birthday in November and recently received two of the most coveted awards in the Australian furniture industry. Luduco was voted Top Studio in Australia for both the Stressless and IMG international brands out of more than 150 retail outlets across Australia. “It’s been a fantastic 10 years and over that period we have steadily grown in every sense,” said owner Jeremy Brook. “Thanks to the fantastic loyalty of our customers and our brilliant team our business has thrived and we continue to serve the local community with the best of furniture design and product quality backed by our award-winning customer service.” The awards were most unexpected, Jeremy said. “We were attending the annual Stressless AGM in Sydney as we do every year and the announcement was made


that we had won the award for Australia. I was so surprised. “And amazingly within a week IMG made a similar presentation to us at their head office - so it’s been a great accolade for the business and the Luduco team and a wonderful way to celebrate this very special anniversary. “Our heartfelt thanks to all our customers - past, present and future.” LUDUCO LIVING A: 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington P: 5973 4899 W: Publishers note: We warmly congratulate Jeremy and his team on their amazing success in the past decade. Luduco Living, an advertiser with us in every edition since our 1st edition, is a fabulous and progressive local company. Well done on the awards!

Porcelain floor tiles

Here’s how to get your porcelain and ceramic floor tiles and grout to gleam and sparkle like new, with our tile cleaning, grout cleaning service. Our clients are absolutely astounded when they see this system actually work on their own floors, and you will be too. This exciting system does not just remove years of built up dirt and grime from tiled floors, it also removes detergent residues from the grout lines. Detergent residues can make the grout lines appear discoloured and patchy. In fact, detergents actually make the grout more porous, thereby collecting more dirt. This spoils the look of your floors and leads to them resoling relatively quickly.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

By removing detergent residues, as well as soils, grout lines return their original colour, and, with a little care, you will be able to keep your floor looking cleaner for longer.

Tile Duct Carpet Cleaning Servicing all Mornington Peninsula P: 0404 326 595 W:

( 122

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mornington PENINSULA


ss e l s rt es dS n r2 u yo n o ®

se a rch u p

imagine comfort


SAVE 40%


Purchase any two Stressless® products and save 40% on the second item.* Purchase any single recliner, sofa, office chair or Stressless® accessory and save 15%.*

*40% discount applies to the second equal or lower priced item purchased. Excludes already discounted models. Excludes the Stressless Lounge Series.

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