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questions from the students after her or his talk. During this last year, we have had three visitors on our Distinguished Visitor programme, financed by an anonymous donation. The details are given later in the report. The first distinguished visitor spoke about the Black Death (as well as industrial revolutions), the second about black holes and dark matter, the third about what the emerging economies of the East are learning from the West. We would be happy to maintain a tradition of these large themes. Dinners have been various too. We had a Burns supper, eating haggis, in a version created by our kitchens, ushered in by a piper, hearing a poem in the correct Scottish accent (written translation provided), and finishing with Auld Lang Syne, vigorously sung. Some sports have flourished, and our music practice rooms have been busy. Thanks to our donors’ generosity, we now have a good baby grand in the Dining Hall, and some students have played to us at dinner, not to forget a sparkling violin performance towards the end of the year.


Professor Sir James Mirrlees

MA STER’S REPORT 2012-2013

Although the buildings have been finished for some time, in principle, a considerable amount of “tidying up” has been needed. We hope that faults in the lifts and air-conditioners have been cured, and look forward to the time when the wood cladding on the main buildings will be restored. Soon we will have cycle racks. The College Secretary, DORA DAI, and

the rest of the College staff have done a tremendous job looking after innumerable problems like that, as well as their normal duties, some writing minutes of meetings, others keeping the College clean. Much work is required arranging and looking after visitors, getting students into their rooms, and out of them, dealing with emergencies, liaising with the kitchens, supporting college committees, and making sure that what must be done is done. We are most fortunate in our staff, who are hard-working, caring, and creative. We are also very fortunate in our Associate Master, ANN HUSS, the only full-time academic member of the College, who works with the staff and Junior Fellows on many fronts, particularly the educational side of the College. The words “thank you” do not adequately express what the Fellows and I owe to this splendid staff. They have contributed immensely to this rewarding year.

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Morningside College Master's Report 2012-2013  

Morningside College Master's Report 2012-2013