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The Constitution of Morningside College was approved by the Council on 16 November 2010.

(a) before the beginning of each academic year, endorses the proposed budget of the College for the academic year, and submits it to the Council for approval; (b) after the end of each academic year, prepares and submits to the Council the audited accounts of the College, in such form and at such times as the Council may determine.

The Ordinance prevails in the event of any inconsistency with the provisions of the Constitution.


The College is bound by The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance (“the Ordinance”), Statutes, and Council resolutions.

THE COMMITTEE A Committee of Overseers of the College was appointed by the Council, upon the nomination of the Vice-Chancellor.

Dr. Gerald Chan (Chairman) Mr. Daniel Auerbach Ms. Leonie Ki Dr. Anthony Neoh Professor Jesús Seade Dr. Alex K. Yasumoto Professor Sir James Mirrlees (ex-officio)


The Committee of Overseers, annually,

ASSEMBLY OF FELLOWS The Assembly of Fellows is constituted and regulated in accordance with the Ordinance (Statute 16, 2B), the terms of which are enforceable ultimately by the Vice Chancellor. The Assembly of Fellows is selfappointing.

DUTIES The Assembly of Fellows sets the strategic direction of the College and regulates its administration and the management of its finances. It meets regularly under the chairmanship of the Master and is advised by its Committees. The Assembly of Fellows assists the Master with: (a) arranging tutorial instruction, pastoral counseling and other forms of education; (b) the provision and supervision of residential accommodation for students at the College; and


(c) the maintenance of discipline within the College. The Assembly of Fellows normally meets three times a year. Committees of the Assembly of Fellows develop policies for approval by the full Assembly of Fellows and subsequently monitor their implementation. The duties and membership of the Committees are described in detail in the Terms of Reference for each Committee, kept on record by the College Secretary.

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Morningside College Master's Report 2012-2013  

Morningside College Master's Report 2012-2013