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Students who choose Morningside College are committing to a diverse, highly participatory, and intellectually rigorous community. First-year students gathered every Friday during Term 1 for the Freshman Seminar. Each first-year student also had at least one opportunity to join the Master and a small group of classmates for the Master’s Tea on a Friday afternoon. Every once in a while, a distinguished visitor joined these gatherings, as did Professors JAMES BELICH, PRIYA NATARAJAN, and NIALL FERGUSON in 2012-2013.

student-focused social activities. MorningShield, a series of fun events – a table tennis competition, games of Pictionary and Twister, a cooking competition – created several laughter-full evenings at the College. In spring 2013, students elected new Executive and Representative Councils, with CAWLIET JIAO as the new Student Union President. Cawliet and her colleagues quickly got to work on their plans for 2013-2014. The College looks forward to working closely with Cawliet and her team in the coming year.

The Master also held a special tea party for the College’s exchange students toward the end of Term 2. Exchange students make valuable contributions to daily life at Morningside; they join sports teams, participate in college competitions and service projects, and often share their cultures with the College community. Thanks to our Dutch-speaking exchange students, for example, Sinterklass, a precursor to Santa Claus, rode in on his bicycle to join us for dinner one evening in early December.

Morningside is full of talented individuals. In an earlier section, you will have read about violinist and medical student DARRYL TSE. The College also includes several talented writers, artists, and photographers. Some of their work was published in an online independent student magazine entitled Morningside Muse. JONATHAN LEE (Professional Accountancy) and TAYLOR WILLIAMS (Architecture) deserve special mention for their commitment to ensuring that the magazine, founded by an earlier class of Morningsiders, did not fall by the wayside in 2012.

The Morningside Student Union, led by President MAX LEUNG during the first half of the year, represented Morningsiders on College Committees, advocated on behalf of students, and organized


To celebrate the University’s 50th Anniversary, the College held a campus-wide photography

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Morningside College Master's Report 2012-2013  

Morningside College Master's Report 2012-2013