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FEATURING Morningsiders Abroad Philosophy of a Generalist: Lord Winston Visits Morningside Bridging Cultures: Writers Series with Matthew Polly










Newcomers Make Their Debut 晨興新生亮相!

Morningsiders Abroad 晨興學生在路上

MC MEETS Philosophy of a Generalist: Lord Winston Visits Morningside 通才的哲學:溫斯頓勳爵訪問晨興書院

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Bridging Cultures: Writers Series with Matthew Polly 文化橋樑 —— 包默思談李小龍




JUNE 2020

Dear Reader,


Welcome to the June 2020 issue of Morningside Magazine!

歡迎閱覽晨興書院雜誌2020年 6月號!

In this issue, we share with you perspectives of our newest students, experiences from students who have returned from exchange, inspiration from our Writers Series speaker Matthew Polly, and wisdom from our Distinguished Visitor Lord Winston.


As our world enters a new era of opportunity and uncertainty, the pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to collaboration will be more important than ever. Morningside College will work even harder to maintain its reputation for being a vibrant, diverse and resilient intellectual community.


We thank you for your continued support.


外出交流的感想、訪問作家包默思帶來的啟發,以 及傑出訪問學者溫斯頓勳爵的睿智。 隨著世界步入一個充滿機遇與未知數的新時代,追 加努力,保持其作為一個充滿活力、多元包容和堅 韌不拔的知識社群。 我們感謝各位持續支持。

Morningside Magazine Editorial Board

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Amira Belli

Tunis, Tunisia 突尼西亞突尼斯市


Engineering 工程學

Being the first full time Tunisian student in the history of CUHK makes my journey much more exciting. I am here in constant pursuit of new challenges, stepping out of my comfort zone and cherishing every moment.

成為香港中文大學首名來自突尼斯的全日制課程學生, 讓我的旅程更多姿多釆。我在這裡會不斷追求新的挑 戰,走出我的舒適區,並珍惜每一刻。

Morningside welcomed 74 new students from 21 countries and regions in 2019. Here’s what they have to say about the MC experience!

Favourite food in Hong Kong 最喜歡的香港食物 Dim Sum


Favourite activity at CUHK 在中大最喜歡的活動 Morningside Orientation Camp


2019 年,晨興書院迎來 74 名來自 21 個國家和地區的新生。在此, 我們向大家介紹部分晨興大家庭的 新成員!


Best memory in University so far 在中大最難忘的經歷

Barbecue night on the beach during International Orientation Camp under a sky full of stars 國際生迎新營時在星空下的沙灘上燒烤

Anna Bülow Fuglsang

Sindy Fung



Haderslev, Denmark

(Danish-German Border Region)



Government and Public Administration 政治與行政學

Vienna, Austria 奧地利維也納

Economics 經濟學

At Morningside, I have met people with an international background just like myself. The fact that we all study at different departments gives a very broad perspective on what University is about. During my first months here, I learned that Hong Kong is a city with a lot of willpower, which I admire. Being a Danish citizen with deep roots in the German Minority in Denmark and living experience in Taiwan and Mainland China, I feel that I fit perfectly into Hong Kong as an international city.

Getting used to the new environment and culture here was definitely challenging. But soon I realised that I did not have to face my fears and worries alone. Every person I turned to was kind and helpful, patiently answering the endless questions I had about the place that I was soon going to call my home. As an ethnic Chinese person in Austria and a culturally Austrian person in China, I have always had a hard time trying to find the place I fit in. This was until I finally moved to Hong Kong to study in CUHK.

Mens jeg har boet på Morningside College har jeg lært mange studerende at kende som har en lige så international baggrund som mig selv. At bo med mennesker som studerer på vidt forskellige fakulteter, giver en et bredere perspektiv på hvad det betyder at gå på et universitet. Jeg har lært at Hong Kong er en by med enorm viljestyrke, hvilket jeg beundrer befolkningen for. Som Dansker tilhørende det Tyske Mindretal i Sønderjylland og tidligere bosat i både Kina og Taiwan føler jeg at jeg passer godt ind i Hong Kong og byens internationale miljø.

Mich an die neue Umgebung und Kultur anzupassen war nicht einfach. Bald aber stellte ich fest, dass ich mit meinen Sorgen nicht auf mich alleine gestellt war. Jede Person, an die ich mich wandte, war freundlich, hilfsbereit und beantwortete geduldig meine Fragen über den Ort, den ich bald mein Zuhause nennen würde. In Österreich bin ich ethnisch gesehen eine Chinesin und in China kulturell gesehen eine Österreicherin –daher wollte ich schon immer den Ort finden, an dem ich mich dazugehörig fühle. Hong Kong ist deshalb die perfekte Stadt für mich.

Im Morningside College habe ich Menschen mit internationalem Hintergrund, wie ich selbst, getroffen. Das Erlebnis mit Menschen zu wohnen, die verschiedene Ausbildungen machen gibt einem ein tieferes Verständnis davon, was das Leben an einer Universität alles beinhaltet. Außerdem habe ich festgestellt, dass die Hongkonger überaus willensstark sind, wofür ich sie sehr bewundere. Ich selbst bin aus der Deutschen Minderheit in Dänemark (Nordschleswig) und habe früher sowohl in China und Taiwan gewohnt, weshalb diese internationale Stadt mir ein Gefühl der Zugehörigkeit schenkt.


在晨興書院,我遇到了許多和我一樣有國際背景的學生。 我們在不同的院系學習,這讓我們對大學有了一個非常廣 闊的了解。在我來這裡的頭幾個月,我感受到香港這個城 市的人充滿意志力,我對此十分欽佩。作為一名具德裔背 景並在台灣和中國大陸生活過的丹麥公民,我覺得自己非 常適合香港這個國際城市。

Thoughts about Morningside 來到晨興的感想

Morningside truly is my home away from home! 晨興的確是我的家外之家!

我不必獨自面對這些恐懼和擔憂。我所求助的每一個人 都很友善、耐心地解答我提出的許多許多大學生活問 題。在奧地利,我是個華僑,在中國我又是個深受奧地 利文化習染的人,總覺得很難找到適合自己的地方,直 到來到香港在中文大學學習,我再沒有這個感覺。

Describe Morningside in three words 三個詞形容晨興

Warm, international, home 溫暖、國際化、家 Favourite thing to do 最喜愛的活動 Spending quality time with my friends, be it engaging in deep talks, singing together or just sharing comfortable silence while appreciating the moment

與友共聚 —— 無論是暢談心事、唱歌,還是靜靜 地共處



Peter Guo 郭諧和

Ed Gittelman 紀艾德 Panama City, Panama 巴拿馬巴拿馬城

Global Communication 全球傳播

Although my classmates and I daily encounter challenges such as culture shock and high academic requirements, the administration is constantly helping us to overcome those challenges. Thus, I feel excited for the forthcoming years because CUHK and Morningside College are full of opportunities and incredible experiences. Aunque día a día nos cruzamos con obstáculos como el de cultura y el de alto índice académico, la administración siempre nos ayuda a sobrepasar cualquier barrera. Me siento emocionado por los próximos años, ya que en la Universidad China de Hong Kong y en Morningside College hay un océano de oportunidades y experiencias increíbles.

Huixian, Henan 河南輝縣

Global Studies 全球研究

At Morningside, I am always amazed by the diverse backgrounds of the people around you and motivated to learn from them. I always feel included and accepted in Morningside. Hong Kong is an international city rich in culture and opportunities. Though it is currently undergoing serious social unrest, I am still impressed by the politeness and kindness of its people. I have to admit that price level here is crazy for me, but it is a cost worth paying for living in such a fabulous city.

在晨興,身邊的人個個背景不同,實在令我驚嘆,並想 一一向他們學習。在這裡也總能感受到自己受到包容和 接納。香港是個充滿各式文化和機遇的國際城市。雖然 正經歷社會動盪的時期,我還是對人們友善的態度印象 深刻。當然,我確實覺得香港的物價高得離譜,但是住 在這樣一個精彩的城市,花這些錢也值得!

儘管我和同學每天都會遇到文化衝擊和嚴格學術要求的 挑戰,但書院一直幫助我們克服這些困難。中文大學和 晨興學院充滿機會,提供難得的體驗,讓我十分期待未 來幾年的大學生活。

First impression of Hong Kong 對香港的第一印象

Fast, diverse, efficient 快速、多元、高效 Favourite activity at CUHK 在中大最喜歡的活動

Favourite food in Hong Kong 最喜歡的香港食物 Iced lemon tea


Describe Morningside in three words 三個詞形容晨興

Inclusive, cosy, diverse 包容、舒適、多元 Favourite activity at CUHK 在中大最喜歡的活動 Pizza night in the Master’s Lodge


Doing strategic marketing for TEDxCUHK 2020

為TEDxCUHK 2020做宣傳工作

Best memory in University so far 在中大最難忘的經歷 A surprise 20th birthday party at Morningside attended by 30 friends amid their busy schedules!

30 位朋友百忙之中抽空在晨興為我舉辦 20 歲生日 驚喜派對!


Best memory in University so far 在中大最難忘的經歷 Going to libraries and realising I can read all the books for free


İlikan Baha Hepiyiler

Serag Heiba

Alexandria, Egypt 埃及亞歷山大港

Energy & Environmental Engineering 能源與環境 工程學

I feel as though my experiences thus far at university have not only made me come a long way as a person and as a student, but also opened my eyes to the fact that there is still a very long way to go. There are so many opportunities to be found if you look around for them, whether they be new friendships, relationships, volunteering, education, or work, and so many chances for growth.

雖然到目前為止我在大學的學習和人生並沒有明顯進 步,但至少讓我認識到自己還有很長的路要走。環顧四 周,你會發現機遇處處,無論是新的朋友、人脈、義工 服務、教育還是工作,到處都有令人成長的機會。

First impression of Hong Kong in three words 對香港的第一印象

Welcoming, eclectic, exciting 友善、兼收並蓄、多姿多采 Favourite food in Hong Kong 最喜歡的香港食物 Fried custard bun


Favourite activity at CUHK 在中大最喜歡的活動 Exploring the hidden gems around campus – new shortcuts, canteens, and beautiful views

在校園「尋寶」—— 找出新的捷徑、食堂及美景

İzmir, Turkey 土耳其伊士麥

Law 法律

My fellow Morningside students are like the brothers and sisters I never had, and they are always there for me. Even though the Chinese way of teaching is new and different for me, CUHK has excellent education and lots of opportunities. People here don’t stop to enjoy life as much as we do in Turkey, but I think Hong Kong is a great place to spend your 20s and gain work experience in a fastpaced environment. Morningside’daki arkadaşlarım hiç sahip olmadığım kardeşlerim gibiler ve hep yanımdalar. Çin eğitim yöntemi benim için yeni ve farklı olsa da, CUHK harika bir eğitime ve birçok fırsata sahip. Buradaki insanlar Türkiye’de yaptığımız kadar durup hayatın tadını çıkarmasalar da, Hong Kong’un 20’li yaşlarınızı geçirmek ve hızlı bir ortamda iş deneyimi kazanmak için harika bir yer olduğunu düşünüyorum.

我在晨興的同學就像我從未有過的兄弟姐妹一樣,總是 在我身邊。儘管中國人的教學方法對我來說較為陌生, 但是中大有很好的教育和很多機會。這裡的人不會像土 耳其人那樣停下來享受生活,但我認為香港這個節奏急 速的城市,很適合20多歲的青年在此好好累積工作經驗。

Favourite food in Hong Kong 最喜歡的香港食物 Fish balls


Best memory in University so far 在中大最難忘的經歷 Earning a full-tuition scholarship from CUHK and calling my parents about the exciting news

得到中文大學全額獎學金並打電話通知父母好 消息

Favourite thing about Morningside 最喜歡晨興的

The family environment 家一樣的環境



Varsha Suresh

Bethany Yau 邱敏清

Chennai, India 印度清奈

Biomedical Sciences 生物醫學

Hong Kong reminds me a lot of Singapore, where I grew up. I really love the people and their welcoming attitude towards foreigners (most of them at least). Unlike the popular assumption, Hong Kong has much more to offer than just a concrete jungle.

香港讓我想起了我的成長地 —— 新加坡。我真的很喜

Hong Kong 香港

English Studies & English Language Education 英國語文研究及英國 語文教育

CUHK has always been my dream school, so being admitted is definitely a dream come true, and so is being in Morningside because it is for sure the best college! There is this joke that once you step into CUHK, you would not feel like Hong Kong has a problem of land shortage and that is pretty real because CUHK is just SO BIG and SO GREEN! Instead of being just a campus for students to have lessons, the fact that it has roads to cross, school buses to take, lots of miles to walk, and of course beautiful scenes and buildings to appreciate makes it a campus for living instead of purely studying.







First impression of Hong Kong in three words 對香港的第一印象

Beautiful, vibrant, touristy 美麗、充滿活力、旅遊勝地 Favourite activity at CUHK 在中大最喜歡的活動 Late night ice cream with friends by the pool and weekly communal dinners at Morningside


Best memory in University 在中大最難忘的經歷 The day Ms. Lalla Ward made me overcome my fear of dogs (you can’t be part of Morningside and never interact with Captain, Cuba or Tycho). Lalla Ward 女士令我克服怕狗的心理 (如果你是晨興

的一員,不可能從來不與 Captain、Cuba、Tycho 這幾隻狗相處)。

到嚟中大嘅時候就會發現香港根本無土地問題,依樣嘢 都確實係幾真實嘅,因為中大真係好大同埋有好多樹好 多植物!而且佢唔係一個純粹比學生讀書嘅校園,而係 一個比我喺度生活嘅地方,因為有好多馬路要過,好多 條校巴線要慢慢背,同埋有好多路要行,當然沿途都有 好多好靚嘅風景同埋建築啦!

Describe Morningside in three words 三個詞形容晨興

Diverse, serene, united 多元、寧靜、團結 Favourite thing about Morningside 最喜歡晨興的 Its diversity, which introduces me to students from entirely different cultural backgrounds, and its small size, which allows everyone to be so close and connected

多元文化,令我接觸到來自背景完全不同的學 生;小規模,讓所有人都緊密聯繫在一起

Favourite activity at CUHK 在中大最喜歡的活動 Walking around the campus and dining in different restaurants



Arooba Younas

Lahore, Pakistan 巴基斯坦拉哈爾

Social Science 社會科學

Though it feels overwhelming to create a home away from home, the liberty and independence that I enjoy at my college and University is very satisfying. I am trying to adjust to a new lifestyle, and also working at not losing my identity and cultural affiliation in the process of amalgamating into the culture of the University.

雖然創建一個家外之家並非易事,但我十分享受在大學 和書院生活的獨立自由。我正在努力適應新的生活方 式,同時亦希望在努力融入大學文化的過程中,不失自 我的獨特身份和文化認同。

First impression of Hong Kong 對香港的第一印象 Amiable, picturesque


Favourite Cantonese phrase 最喜歡的廣東話詞彙

Add oil! 加油!




Every year, many Morningside students go on exchange to universities around the world. Here are their stories of academic exploration, travel adventures, and personal reflections. 每年都有許多晨興學生到世界各地的 大學進行學術交流,其中四位學生在此 介紹他們在上一學年交流時的學習之旅、 遊歷探索和個人反思歷程!

Ma Yu Sum in South Korea. 馬如心往韓國交流。


Chaichon Wongkham (Left, photo above) Hometown : Bangkok, Thailand 家鄉 : 泰國曼谷 Major : Computer Science 主修 : 計算機科學

Study Abroad Destination: University of California, Davis 交流地點 : 美國加州大學戴維斯分校

My semester at UC Davis was an unforgettable experience. Academically, I found it very enjoyable as my workload was not very heavy. I took a few classes in Computer Science as well as a music course on the history of Jazz. The campus was a conducive environment for me to fully experience life as a university student. That is to say, my social life was filled with fun and memorable moments. I also successfully auditioned for the University Jazz Band and had an interesting time interacting with many likeminded music lovers.


I enjoyed the social scene at UC Davis immensely. I especially liked interacting and hanging out with new friends, with whom I grew close in a very short period of time. Ranging from a cosy house party and walking through the snow in a beautiful national park, to just hunting for a drivethru meal in the middle of the night, all of these experiences are very memorable, especially when shared with a wonderful group of friends.


At UC Davis, I came to understand the meaning of friendliness by being on the receiving end. I am very grateful to all the people who were unconditionally welcoming to me. Moreover, I think we should be grateful for any experience life gives us. As this particular experience made my life more colourful, allowed me to reflect on my life more, and as a result, I am a more mature person as a whole.


I enjoyed travelling during my exchange. I considered travelling to be one of my top priorities and an opportunity to reach a more comprehensive understanding of the United States. Encountering novel things and seeing new places expanded my horizon and enriched my experience. After the exchange, I often think about how I can achieve a better work-life balance in Hong Kong, where I consider the pace of life to be quite intense and even stressful. Although academics was not everything during my exchange experience, I think a good balance can still be found even when academics is my top priority. I now believe that enjoying life and succeeding academically are not mutually exclusive.

忘。我很享受在那裡學習,因為功課量不多。我選 修了幾個計算機科學課,還上了一個爵士音樂課。 校園環境有利於我充分體驗大學生活。我的社交生 活充滿了樂趣和難忘的時光。我還成功通過了大學 爵士樂隊的選拔,與許多志同道合的音樂愛好者共 渡愉悅的時光。

別喜歡和新朋友交流和閒聊,在很短時間內我們變 得很親近。溫馨的家庭聚會、在美麗的國家公園雪 地上漫步、在午夜尋找汽車快餐店,所有這些經歷 都非常難忘,尤其是和一群好朋友分享的時候。

待的意義。我非常感謝所有無條件歡迎與接納我 的人。此外,我也認為我們應該珍惜人生中的種種 經歷。因為這次獨有的經歷,我的人生更加豐富多 彩,我對自己的人生有了更多的反思,我也變得更 加成熟。 我喜歡在交流期間去旅行。旅行是我的首選活動, 也讓我更能全面了解美國這個國家。新奇的事物和 陌生的地方拓展了我的視野,豐富了我的經歷。 回港後,我經常思考如何實踐作息平衡,我認為香 港的生活節奏相當緊張,壓力甚大。雖然交流期間 學業並不是一切,但我認為即使學業是何等重要, 也能找到一個理想的平衡。我現在相信兩者是可以 並存的。 10


Ma Yu Sum 馬如心 Hometown : Hong Kong : 香港 家鄉 Major : English Studies & English Language Education : 英國語文研究及英國語文教育 主修

As one of Korea’s most prestigious universities, Yonsei has an esteemed exchange programme that welcomes students from all over the world. Despite our differences, we all shared an interest in Korean culture and a curiosity for self-discovery. My classes at Yonsei included a fantastic mix of bright local students and culturally diverse individuals from elsewhere. Although I initially had many doubts about fitting in and making friends, it was a common love for Korea and the warm and welcoming nature of the locals that made me feel so at home. Actually living in Korea made those four months so much more memorable than simply being a tourist could have. Thinking back it was due to time – I had so much more time to appreciate every place I went, every person I met and everything I did. My favourite part of the experience was getting to see the changes from season to season. Summer was all about shaved ice and fun on the water. When fall was around the corner, everything green turned autumnal red. Lastly, came my first snow and white Christmas, which meant only one thing – ski trips. As seasons never seem to vary here in Hong Kong, it was amazing to be able to witness such drastic changes. Yet, this also served as a constant reminder that my precious time in Korea was always running out.

Study Abroad Destination: Yonsei University, South Korea 交流地點 : 韓國延世大學

作為韓國最知名的大學之一,延世大學有一個迎接 來自世界各地學生的交流計劃。儘管交換生之間有 不少差異,但我們都對韓國文化感興趣,對發現 自我也充滿期待。我上的每一門課都巧妙地結合 了優秀的本地生和來自其他地方不同文化的同學。 儘管一開始我對融入校園生活和結交新朋友有很多 疑慮,但當地人對本土文化的熱愛、熱情好客的天 性,讓我感到在家一般的自在。 事實上,在韓國生活這四個月,遠比僅僅作為遊客 到訪韓國更難忘。回想起來,在那裡我有更多時間 去欣賞走過的每一個地方,欣賞遇見的每一個人, 細想所做的每一件事。我最喜歡的體驗是看到季 節的變化。夏天是吃刨冰和進行水上活動的季節。 秋天來臨時,綠色都變成了紅色。最後迎來了我 看見的第一場雪景和白色的聖誕節,這意味著一件 事 —— 滑雪旅行。由於香港的季節似乎從來沒有 變化過,能夠目睹如此明顯的季節更替真是令人驚 奇。然而,這也不斷提醒我,留在韓國的寶貴時間 越來越少。


Don’t wait for another chance – grab it when you can – for it may not come again. I sure am glad I capitalised on this opportunity when I could. 不要等待另一個機會的來臨,盡 可能抓住它 —— 因為它可能不會 再來。我很高興能抓住這次交流的 機會。

I never liked change. As I rarely had to venture outside my comfort zone, I always had very negative feelings towards new things because I feared loss and regret. Four months alone in a foreign country made me rethink the concept of change: new things and new people were nothing to be afraid of. Surely, people are different from one another, yet we always have so much in common. What was just a random group of students ended up being my closest friends whom I miss dearly every day.


The memories and experiences I had at Yonsei made me reflect on the life I lived back home. I came to realize that the golden time of our lives is now. There will be countless opportunities that come your way – some even disguised as challenges or struggles. With time we learn to look past such appearances and recognise them as chances for us to flourish. Don’t wait for another chance – grab it when you can – for it may not come again. I sure am glad I capitalised on this opportunity when I could.


In the beginning, saying I had butterflies in my stomach would be an understatement: I had no idea what to expect and being alone in a foreign country felt overwhelming and daunting. All I had were a bunch of “what if” questions. What if I don’t get into my classes? What if I don’t make any friends? What if my roommate and I don’t get along? What if going on exchange turns out to be the biggest mistake ever?


Before I knew it, my worries and anxieties became the most beautiful and fun memories that I’ll cherish for a long time. I’m forever grateful to have had the opportunity; I am a changed person because of it. From the people to the experiences, it was everything I had hoped for and more. Each and every day, I wasn’t just living it – I was thriving. Looking back now, I want nothing more than to have those butterflies again.

物有非常消極的感覺,害怕失去和後悔。在異國他 鄉的四個月,讓我重新思考變化的意義:新事物和 陌生人並不怎樣可怕。誠然,人人皆不同,但我們 總有很多共通點。一群本來毫不相干的學生,最終 卻成為我現在每天都在想念的密友。

活。我開始意識到生命中的黃金時間就是現在。在 途中將會有無數的機會 —— 有些甚至偽裝成挑戰或 掙扎。隨著時間的消逝,我們學會超越這些,並認 識到這是讓我們成長的機會。不要等待另一個機會 的來臨,盡可能抓住它 —— 因為它可能不會再來。 我很高興能抓住這次交流的機會。

說法:我不知道會發生什麼事情,獨自一人呆在一 個陌生的國家讓我感到畏懼和難以承受。我心裡只 有一堆「如果」的問題。如果我跟同學相處不來怎 麼辦?如果我交不到新朋友怎麼辦?如果我和室友 相處不來怎麼辦?如果去交流是個錯誤的決定怎麼 辦? 但在我還未意識到之前,我的擔心和焦慮就已經變 成最美好和最有趣的回憶。我永遠感激有這個機 會;因為這段經歷,我改變了。在那裡遇到的人和 事,比我當初所期望的還要多。每一天,我不只是 在過生活,我還在茁壯成長。現在回想起來,我只 想再感受一次臨行前的那些忐忑。



Cecelia Leung 梁美詩 Hometown : Hong Kong 家鄉 : 香港 Major : Global Studies 主修 : 全球研究

Study abroad destination: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile 交流地點 : 智利聖地亞哥智利天主教大學

I went on exchange for a year in the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago, Chile. Academically speaking, the students there have a heavier workload than we do at CUHK, with many quizzes, assignments, and readings. Socially, there are fewer extracurricular or studentorganised activities but more parties on campus compared to CUHK. The Chilean students I met are in general open-minded and sociable. Spanish is the principal language of communication and most people I met did not speak English. Punctuality is interpreted differently in Chile, and almost everything works at a much slower pace than in Hong Kong.


The classes I took in Chile mostly covered affairs in Latin America, topics that are not available at CUHK. The most interesting courses I took were Foreign Policy Analysis in Latin American Countries, Formation and Development of Latin American Culture, and Migration and Human Rights. Having class in Spanish was a huge challenge for me, but my teachers and classmates provided me with a lot of support and I completed all the courses I took.


My favourite activity during study abroad was salsa dancing. I joined salsa workshops in the university and met some good friends from various backgrounds. It also helped me to relax from the stressful schoolwork and adapt to a Chilean way of life. Salsa dancing is a good way to experience Latin American culture, which is full of passion and energy. After learning the salsa in Chile, I tried to search for similar classes in CUHK but was unsuccessful. Therefore, I started organizing salsa classes on campus and I’m hoping to promote Latin American culture here in Hong Kong.



從學術上來說,那裡的學生比中大的學生功課量更 大,有很多測驗、作業和閱讀材料。在社交方面, 那裡的課外活動和學生組織的活動比中大少,但校 園裡的聚會卻很多。我遇到的智利學生普遍思想開 放,善於交際。西班牙語是主要的語言,我遇到的 大多數人都不會說英語。在智利,人們對守時有不 同的理解,幾乎所有事情的節奏都比香港慢得多。

提供這些課程。最有趣的課程是拉丁美洲國家的外 交政策分析、拉丁美洲文化的形成與發展和移民與 人權。用西班牙語上課對我來說是巨大的挑戰,幸 得老師和同學許多的幫忙,讓我順利完成所有課程。 我在智利學習期間最喜歡的活動是跳薩爾薩舞。我 背景的好朋友。這也幫助我從緊張的課業中放鬆下 來,去適應智利的生活模式。學習充滿激情和活力 的薩爾薩舞是體驗拉丁美洲文化的好方法。在智利 學習薩爾薩舞後,我試圖在中大尋找類似的課程, 但找不到。因此,我開始在校園裡組織薩爾薩舞課 程,並希望在香港推廣拉丁美洲文化。

Going on exchange was a precious adventure that allowed me to experience a different culture and step out of my comfort zone. 海外交流是寶貴的經歷,讓我體驗不同的文化,挑戰自己。 My biggest takeaway from my exchange experience is learning to send good vibes in everyday life. Chileans always send good vibes (buena onda) as a way of being friendly, welcoming, and helpful to one another. While people in Hong Kong tend to keep a distance with strangers, I hope I can adopt this friendly attitude and influence the people around me.


My best trip during the exchange was a visit to Cuba during the summer break in December. I had always been curious about Cuba, so experiencing it first-hand was mind-blowing. Images of Fidel Castro were everywhere, evoking memories of austerity in the casual tourist, but the people were very warm and relaxed. My friend and I were even invited for pizza by strangers! I will never forget the stunning Caribbean beaches in Cuba and the friendly people we met.

在交流期間,最棒的一次旅行是在 12 月的暑假到

Going on exchange was a precious adventure that allowed me to experience a different culture and step out of my comfort zone. The experience in Chile makes me reflect on our lack of understanding of Latin American culture here in East Asia. The geographic distance is certainly a barrier, and even books or the Internet cannot bridge some of our misunderstandings. Spending a year in Chile helped me eliminate many stereotypes I had for Latin America. I hope more Morningsiders in the future can participate in exchange programmes there, halfway across the world!

良好的氛圍。智利人總是透過良好的氛圍 (buena onda) 的傳遞以示友善、歡迎和願意幫忙。雖然香 港人傾向於和陌生人保持距離,但我希望能以這種 友善的態度,感染身邊的人。

古巴一遊。我一直對古巴很好奇,所以那次親身體 驗讓我非常興奮。卡斯特羅的肖像無處不在,喚起 了普通遊客對歷史的嚴肅回憶。而那裡的人既熱情 又輕鬆,我和朋友甚至被陌生人邀請去吃薄餅!我 永遠不會忘記古巴令人驚嘆的加勒比海海灘和友善 的人。 海外交流是寶貴的經歷,讓我體驗不同的文化,挑 戰自己。到智利的經歷讓我體會東亞對拉美文化的 貧乏了解。地理距離當然是一個障礙,有時甚至連 書本或互聯網上的資料也不能釐清我們對這個地方 的誤解。在智利度過的一年令我消除了對拉丁美洲 的許多成見。我希望將來有更多的晨興學生能到世 界的另一端進行交流!



Dulanga Jayawardena (Centre, photo above) Hometown : Colombo, Sri Lanka 家鄉 : 斯里蘭卡可倫坡 Major : Systems Engineering & Engineering Management 主修 : 系統工程與工程管理學

I really enjoyed my time at Dartmouth! I took three classes, all of which are on the list of my all-time favourites! My professors were amazing: they gave each student a lot of personal attention. The most surprising thing for me was that although Dartmouth did not take attendance, most students came to class and listened attentively. Everyone I met on campus was very friendly and accepting – to everybody! The downside of this was that I found it hard to tell whether or not people genuinely thought of me as a friend. Although I felt lonely at times, I was never alone. My favourite class was a course on engineering design. My team designed a backpack using lights and reflective materials to help drivers see pedestrians at night. We researched, modelled, designed, soldered, stitched, 3D-printed, and focus group tested our product, working day and night and even throughout the weekends! Dartmouth’s all-you-can-eat canteens, labs that had tools enabling work with a myriad of materials, and four extremely smart and passionate groupmates enabled me to learn things I never would have learned otherwise. It is an experience I will cherish for life.

Study Abroad Destination: Dartmouth College, USA 交流地點 : 美國達特茅斯學院

我真的很享受在達特茅斯的時光!我選了三門課, 而這三門課都是我最喜歡的!教授也很棒,因為他 們認真關注每位學生。最令我驚訝的是,儘管達特 茅斯學院不記出席率,但大多數學生還是會來上 課,並專心聽講。 我在校園裡遇到的每一個人都很友善,也很包容 —— 他們對每個人都是如此!但這樣卻讓我很難判 斷他們是否真心把我當成朋友。雖然我有時感到寂 寞,但我從不孤單。 我最喜歡的課是工程設計。我們的團隊設計了一款 利用燈光和反光物料做成的背包,這種背包可以幫 助司機在晚上看到行人。我們通過研究、建模、設 計、焊接、縫合和 3D 打印,並進行製成品測試。我 們日夜不停地投入到這個項目,甚至於週末也沒有 閒著! 達特茅斯的任吃自助食堂,工具齊全的實驗室,還 有四個極其聰明和熱情的同學,讓我學到了一些從 來沒有學到的東西。這個交流經歷讓我終生難忘。


Seeing my friends at Dartmouth run the college organic farm and become machine shop assistants made me regret not doing something similar as a freshman at CUHK. 看到達特茅斯的朋友經營大學有機農場,並成為機械商店助理,讓我後悔沒有在 大學一年級時做類似的事情。 Dartmouth overwhelmed me with its wanton distribution of merch at orientations and department visits and job fairs, extravagant parties that almost everybody was throwing multiple times a week, and the lavish buffets where students would just toss out food on a whim. Meanwhile, the sidewalks of Los Angeles and San Francisco were sprayed with tents of homeless people who could barely afford America’s broken public transportation. As it turned out, many things I saw in the media were not being exaggerated.


Somehow, I felt more included in Dartmouth’s community than I do at CUHK, but this also made me realise the unique perspective I brought to Hong Kong and CUHK as an ‘outsider’. Seeing my friends at Dartmouth run the college organic farm and become machine shop assistants made me regret not doing something similar as a freshman at CUHK. I am starting to wonder what I could do to help create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all kinds of people at CUHK and Hong Kong.


Going on exchange and travelling around the US allowed me to meet a group of extremely smart and motivated people, revolutionised my views on capitalism and inequality, and exposed me to various forms of structural marginalisation I had never expected to see. I would encourage every Morningside student to go on exchange in a region you have not been to before and explore as much of it as you can!


分發紀念品,看到幾乎每個學生一周都要參加多次 奢侈的聚會,還有看到學生在自助餐隨意丟棄食物 時,達特茅斯有時也讓我有點不知所措。因為同時 我卻看到洛杉磯和三藩市的行人路上放滿了無家者 的帳篷,他們幾乎支付不起美國破舊公共交通的費 用。原來我在媒體上看到的許多事情都沒有被誇大。

茅斯的生活。但這也讓我能以「局外人」身份去看 香港和中大。看到達特茅斯的朋友經營大學有機農 場,並成為機械商店助理,讓我後悔沒有在大學一 年級時做類似的事情。我也開始思考能做些什麼來 幫助中大和香港營造一個更加包容的環境。

極向上的年青人,也徹底改變了我對資本主義和不 平等的看法,並讓我意外地接觸到結構性邊緣化的 事例。我會鼓勵每個晨興學生去一個從未踏足的地 方進行交流,並盡情探索!




PHILOSOPHY OF A GENERALIST Lord Winston visits Morningside By Justin Chow

通才的哲學 溫斯頓勳爵訪問晨興書院 周衍正 著

Justin Chow is a second-year medical student at Morningside College. 周衍正是晨興書院二年級學生,主修醫學。




“I don’t have a regular job. My interests are very much spread out, perhaps too spread out, which may not be so good nowadays…”Such was the humble self-introduction from Lord Winston. In reality, however, there seems to be hardly a job that he is not good at. Lord Winston is a physician, a television presenter, a writer, a politician – the list goes on. In today’s society where there is a tendency to equate specialisation with professionalism, Lord Winston appears to be the odd one out. Yet, he gladly embraces his wide array of endeavors, and regards being a generalist the most rewarding part of his career.

「我沒有固定的工作。我有很多不同的興趣,也許 太多了,現在看來這樣可能不太好……」這是溫斯 頓勳爵謙遜的自我介紹。然而,在現實中,似乎幾 乎沒有他不擅長的工作。他是一名醫生、電視節目 主持人、作家、政治家 —— 還遠不止於此。當今 社會,人們傾向於將專門化等同專業化,而溫斯頓 勳爵似乎是個例外。他欣然接受自己擁有廣泛的興 趣,並認為成為通才是他職業生涯中的最大回報。

“We don’t need a lot of highly trained people to go to university. Rather, we need people with a broader view.” 「我們不需要很多受過良好訓練的人上大學。相反,我們需要視野開闊 的人。」


“The best education is one that prepares people to collaborate with one another.” 「最好的教育是讓人們做好相互 合作的準備。」

In October 2019, Morningside College was honoured to have Robert Winston as our Distinguished Visitor. Following an hour-long interview, Winston presented at the college communal dinner, where he explained the importance of collaboration in the workplace. He also gave a public lecture for the wider CUHK audience on the ethics of embryonic research, which has been a heated topic of debate ever since Chinese scientist He Jiankui claimed to have succeeded in human genetic editing in 2018.

“The One Always Fiddling Around” A gynecologist by training, Lord Winston is known for his decades of work in fertility, ranging from his pioneering research on Fallopian tube transplant back in the 1970s, to the initiation of the online Q&A service “Ask Robert Winston”, which provides impartial medical advice to patients with fertility issues. Nevertheless, although Winston established a reputation as a reproductive scientist early on, his career ambitions were by no means distinct when he first started off. “Back at school I didn’t think about medicine. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to narrow down my scope,” Lord Winston recalled. After spending four years in medical practice, when graduates were expected to enter into specialisation, Winston did something unusual – he left the field and joined a theatre group. And he was serious about it. He directed several plays and established connections with professional actors. “When finally I returned to the hospital, everyone thought I was mad. Nobody wanted somebody always fiddling around in theatre festivals.” However, he continued, “I was extremely lucky.” Now, looking back after 50 years, Lord Winston considered that experience life-changing. Never had he been so mindful of how people relate to each other, both on-stage and off-stage, both inside the workplace and outside the workplace. He remarked, “It made me think about how to control people, not by controlling them from above, but by collaborating with them.”

於 2019 年 10 月,晨興書院榮幸地邀請到溫斯頓勳爵 擔任「傑出訪問學者」項目的嘉賓。在一個小時的採 訪後,溫斯頓勳爵出席了書院共膳,並向學生講解 合作在工作中的重要性。他還為中大師生做了一場 關於胚胎研究倫理的公開演講,這個課題,自 2018 年中國科學家賀建奎宣稱成功編輯人類基因以來, 一直備受爭議。

「總是在不務正業的那個人」 溫斯頓勳爵是一名訓練有素的婦科醫生。他從 20 世 紀 70 年代展開了對輸卵管移植的開創性研究,之後 更以「詢問羅伯特.溫斯頓」的在線問答服務,為有 生育問題的患者提供中立醫療建議。其數十年為生 育領域作出的貢獻讓他聞名於世。雖然溫斯頓勳爵 很早就成為著名的生殖醫學專家,但其實他於職業 生涯開始時並沒有明確的抱負。 溫斯頓勳爵回想說:「在學校,我沒有想過做醫學研 究。我不知道我想做什麼,我不想給自己設限。」在 實習四年後,當大家都期望畢業生應選擇專科繼續 進修時,溫斯頓勳爵卻做出不尋常的舉動 —— 他 離開了醫學界,加入一個劇團,並認真從事戲劇工 作。他導演了幾部舞台劇,並與職業演員建立良好 關係。「當我最終回到醫院工作時,人人都認為我當 初是瘋了。沒有人會接納一個終日穿梭於戲劇節活 動、不務正業的人。」 然而,他續說:「我非常幸運。」五十年後的今天, 溫斯頓勳爵認為那段經歷改變了他的人生。他從未 如此在意人們在舞台上下、在職場內外的相互關 係。他說:「這讓我思考如何領導他人,不是高高在 上地控制他們,而是通過與他們合作。」



“Collaboration is more than just working with others; it is what guides people to make the right decisions in an increasingly complex society.” 「協作不僅僅是與他人合作,而且可以在日益複雜的社會中 引導人們做出正確的決定。」

Rethinking Our Education


It was during those early years that a thought was planted: he saw the need to review society’s approach to education. A vocal opponent of early specialisation, he pointed out, “We don’t need a lot of highly trained people to go to university. Rather, we need people with a broader view.” He does recognise the advantage of specialisation, especially in modern scientific research, but specialisation should occur at a later stage, not during high school. “Teenage students [in the UK] are already learning this and that, biology, chemistry… And they don’t think about other interests.”

在早期的歲月裡他產生了一種想法 —— 他看到了重

This is in stark contrast to the school days of Lord Winston. He remembered studying history, poetry, design, and many other disciplines at school, all out of sheer curiosity. And it was this additional exposure that benefited him greatly in his research career many years later. Unlike many of his counterparts whose connections were limited to a small circle, he had access to the vast dimension of cross-disciplinary research. On one occasion, Winston was working with a group of professors in music to measure the stress levels of music students during public performances. Shortly afterwards, he was invited by his fellow collaborators to host a BBC documentary on Western classical music, where he had a privilege that most people could only dream of – handling Beethoven’s manuscripts and analysing the annotations made by the composer. To Lord Winston, the best education is one that prepares people to collaborate with one another. The problem of only focusing on one field, in his opinion, is that people only know how to communicate with those in the field. They are so used to their own world that they cannot appreciate that of others, and when they are asked to face the public, communication breaks down. This is what Winston regards as a major deficiency in today’s education: public communication. “In most societies, especially democratic ones, public trust is everything,” Winston pointed out, “and we can’t just expect people to trust. We have to earn it by good public communication.”

Guiding Society in the Right Direction Collaboration is more than just working with others; it is what guides people to make the right decisions in an increasingly complex society. In the public lecture, Lord Winston alluded to the issue of embryonic 21

新審視社會教育方法的必要。他直言反對早期專門 化,他指出:「我們不需要很多受過良好訓練的人上 大學。相反,我們需要視野開闊的人。」他確實認識 到專門化的優勢,尤其是在現代科學研究中,但專 門化應該在較後期才開始,而不是在高中階段。「英 國的青少年學生已經在學習這個、那個,生物、化 學……而且他們不會對其他感興趣。」 這與溫斯頓勳爵學生時期的學習形成鮮明對比。他 記得在學校學習歷史、詩歌、設計和許多其他學 科,學習完全是出於好奇。正是這種額外的接觸讓 他在多年後的研究生涯中受益匪淺。跟許多只與小 圈子聯繫的同行不同,他可以接觸到跨學科研究的 廣闊領域。有一次,他和一群音樂教授一起工作, 測量公開表演期間音樂學生的壓力水平。不久之 後,他的合作夥伴邀請他主持一部關於西方古典音 樂的英國廣播公司紀錄片,在那裡他有一個大多數 人做夢都想不到的特權 —— 處理貝多芬的手稿並分 析作曲家所做的注釋。 對溫斯頓勳爵來說,最好的教育是讓人們做好相互 合作的準備。在他看來,如果只關注一個領域的問 題,那麼人們只知道如何跟同行的人交流。他們太 習慣於自己的世界,以致無法欣賞他人的世界。當 要面對公眾時,他們就無法作有效的溝通。這就是 溫斯頓勳爵認為當今教育的一個主要缺陷 —— 公共 交流。「在大多數社會裏,尤其是民主社會,公眾信 任是一切。」溫斯頓勳爵指出:「我們不能期望會無 故得到人們的信任,我們必須通過良好的公眾溝通 來贏得信任。」

引導社會走向正確的方向 協作不僅僅是與他人合作,而且可以在日益複雜的 社會中引導人們做出正確的決定。在公開講座中, 溫斯頓勳爵提到胚胎研究的問題,並進一步批評像 賀建奎這樣的科學家試圖對人類基因進行編輯的不

research, criticising attempts at human genetic editing by scientists like Dr. He. “It is arrogance,” he emphasised, “the notion that humans can wipe out diseases is completely foolish. Just take for example, how can you take away de novo mutations?” “A lot of doctors, when they stay in the field long enough, begin to see themselves as the masters of society. Same for a lot of politicians. Same for a lot of professionals. No, we are not the masters. We are the servants of society.” As in the case of genetic editing, Lord Winston attributed the many unwise decisions made by humans to arrogance, which again could be attributed to people’s increasing tendency to “lock themselves up in their own field” and not to communicate with others. Consequently, many professionals become less and less willing to acknowledge uncertainties, to a point that they are blinded by their own expertise. When asked what advice he could give an audience of undergraduates, Lord Winston emphasised the difference between “wisdom” and “intelligence”. “Many of you are much cleverer than I am,” he said with his customary humour, and then he added, “but that only means you are intelligent. To be wise and able to make good decisions, you always need to collaborate and know what others think.” Ultimately, what lies at the core of Winston’s philosophy is “wisdom” – it represents his vision of being a generalist. It represents his answer to the “common mistake” committed by many professionals nowadays: the failure to understand others. And most importantly, it represents the direction in which he is pointing us, the next generation: always leave our options open and expand our sphere of interests when we are still young and capable.

對做法。「這是傲慢。」他強調:「認為人類可以杜絕 疾病的想法是完全愚蠢的。舉個簡單的例子,你怎 樣才能阻止病毒突變呢?」 「許多醫生,當他們在這個領域待得久了,就開始把 自己看成社會的主人。許多政治家也是如此;許多 專業人士也是如此。不,我們不是主人;我們是社 會的公僕。」就像基因編輯一樣,溫斯頓勳爵將人類 做出的許多不明智決定歸因於傲慢,這也可以歸咎 於人們越來越傾向「把自己困在自己的領域」, 而不與 他人交流。因此,許多專業人士越來越不願意接受 不確定性,以致被自己的專業知識蒙蔽。 當被問及他能給在座的大學生什麼建議時,溫斯頓 勳爵強調「智慧」和「聰明」的區別。「你們中有許多 人比我聰明得多,」他以他慣常的幽默方式說道, 並補充:「但那只意味著你聰明。想要變得有智慧 並能夠做出好的決定,你總是需要與人合作並了解 他人的想法。」最終,溫斯頓勳爵的哲學核心是「智 慧」—— 它代表了他成為通才的願景;也代表了 他對當今許多專業人士犯下的「常見錯誤」的分析 —— 不理解他人。最重要的是,「智慧」是他為我們 下一代指明的方向 —— 當我們還年輕和有能力的時 候,不要給自己設限,並要擴闊自己的興趣範圍。






WRITERS’ SERIES WITH MATTHEW POLLY Matthew Polly shares his experiences as a student of the martial arts and biographer of BruceSeries Lee. with Matthew Polly Writers By Guo By Xiehe Peter Guo

文化橋樑 –—— 包默思談李小龍 文化橋樑 包默思談李小龍 包默思分享因李小龍而習武的經歷與及為李小龍作傳的過程 郭諧和 著

郭諧和 著

Peter Guo is a first-year Global Studies student at Morningside College. 郭諧和是晨興書院一年級學生,主修全球研究。



Bruce Lee is a larger-than-life figure with worldwide renown: he was not only a martial arts icon but also a movie star whose influence spread beyond national boundaries. That is one reason Morningside College, with a mission to transcend cultural barriers, featured Matthew Polly, author of Bruce Lee: A Life (2018), as a Writers Series speaker in November 2019. Polly became fascinated with kung fu the moment he saw Bruce Lee star in Enter the Dragon (1973), and that fascination turned into passion as he took gap years during college to become the first American disciple in Henan’s famed Shaolin Temple. A Princeton graduate and Rhodes Scholar, Polly first became an author when he wrote the bestselling American Shaolin: Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Legend of Iron Crotch (2006), a book about his experiences as a student of Chinese martial arts at the Shaolin Temple. In 2018, after extensive research and interviews in Hollywood and Hong Kong and condensing over 2,500 pages of primary materials, Polly published his Bruce Lee: A Life, the first English-language biography of Bruce Lee. Polly opened his talk by illustrating Lee’s enormous influence. Enter the Dragon, which starred Bruce Lee and was released a month after his untimely death, “changed the course of film-making in both the East and the West”. In the West, Bruce Lee almost single-handedly established the modern action choreography we see in movies today, such as that in the Marvel franchise. In addition, Lee also changed how the West viewed East Asians, as houseboy and villain stereotypes were replaced with kung fu fighting heroes. In the East, as Polly pointed out, Bruce Lee “helped to launch Hong Kong cinema as an international phenomenon”, paving the way for the success of other Asian actors in Hollywood in the decades that followed.


李小龍是個舉世聞名的傳奇人物:他不僅是武術界 的標誌人物,還是影響力超越國界的電影明星。晨 興書院一向肩負突破文化障礙的使命,故在 2019 年 11 月邀請了《李小龍的一生》 (2018)的作者包默思來 訪主持作家系列講座。 包 默 思( Matthew Polly 的 漢 名 )初 看 到 李 小 龍 在 《龍爭虎鬥》 (1973)中的演出就對功夫著迷,這種熱 愛繼而變成對武術的追求,於大學休學期間到河南 著名少林寺成為第一個美裔弟子。包默思是普林斯 頓的畢業生和羅德獎學金得主,在他撰寫其在少林 寺學習功夫經歷的暢銷書《少林很忙》 (2006)時成為 作家。他在荷里活和香港進行廣泛的研究和採訪, 並整合超過 2,500 頁的原始資料後,於 2018 年出版 了第一本關於李小龍的英文傳記 ——《李小龍的 一生》。 包默思在講座上首先闡述了李小龍的龐大影響力。 在李小龍英年早逝一個月後所上映由他主演的《龍 爭虎鬥》,「改變了東方和西方的電影史」。在西方, 李小龍幾乎一手建立了我們今天在電影中看到的現 代武打動作編排,例如漫威系列電影中的武打場 景。此外,李小龍還改變了西方人對東亞人的刻板 印象,男僕和惡棍的角色被功夫英雄所取代。包默 思指出,在東方,李小龍「把香港電影帶入國際舞 台」,也為繼後的亞裔演員鋪平道路,讓他們成功打 入荷里活這個國際市場。

Polly noted that Lee owed his immense success to his background. Though widely regarded as a famous movie star of Chinese descent, Bruce Lee, born in San Francisco, had a Eurasian ancestry and a multicultural upbringing in Hong Kong, where he learned English in school and practiced kung fu with the legendary master Ip Man. Such experiences gave Lee unusual confidence and openness. When he moved to the United States, at a time when knowledge of martial arts was kept from people outside the Chinese community, Bruce Lee taught kung fu to people of all ethnicities, despite opposition from other Chinese martial artists, and later to Hollywood actors and famous athletes. Lee’s openness developed into what Polly called a “postracial” philosophy, a belief that people are human beings first before they belong to a race or ethnicity.


As a martial artist, Polly also shared with Morningside students his understanding of the spiritual side of kung fu. When asked whether he gravitated more towards martial arts or the philosophy behind it, Polly answered by relating the martial arts to fighting one’s ego. “Kung fu done properly is Buddhism,” Polly further noted, “because Zen Buddhism advocates the non-rational frame of mind through repetition.” Years of kung fu and meditation instilled strength in Polly: “I thought that if I went through something…brutal like this, I would come out the other end and find a certain amount of courage.”


For Polly, that courage is not just the result of the day-to-day grind of kung fu practice but also the crystallisation of a deep appreciation of a new culture. Such an appreciation is what Morningside values and is also one of Bruce Lee’s most important legacies.

係。雖然李小龍被視為著名的華裔電影明星,但出 生於美國三藩市的他,有著歐亞血統,並在香港接 受了多元文化教育。他在香港學校學習英語,並與 傳奇大師葉問一起練習功夫。這樣的經歷培養出不 同尋常的自信和開放態度。在李小龍初移居美國的 那個時代,是不允許將武術傳授給華人社區以外的 人的,但他不顧其他中國武術家的反對,教授不同 種族的人功夫,後來更將之傳授給荷里活演員和著 名運動員。李小龍的開放態度發展成了包默思所說 的「後種族」哲學,即認為人們在屬於某個種族或民 族之前,首先是人類大家庭的一員。

功夫精神層面的理解。當被問及究竟是武術還是武 術背後的哲學更吸引他時,包默思將武術視為自 我心理的鬥爭。「功夫習得其法、用得其所就是佛 教」。包默思進一步解釋此乃「通過反復練習同樣的 動作來達到佛教所提倡的非理性(non-rational)心 境。」多年的功夫訓練和冥想給包默思注入了強大的 力量:「我想如果我經歷了如此艱辛的磨煉,我會從 另一端走出來,抱有更大的勇氣。」 對包默思來說,這種勇氣不僅僅是每天苦練功夫的 成果,而且是深深欣賞一種新文化的結晶。這種欣 賞態度是晨興書院所珍視的,也是李小龍遺留後世 的一塊瑰寶。

“Kung fu done properly is Buddhism, because Zen Buddhism advocates the non-rational frame of mind through repetition.” 「功夫習得其法、用得其所就是 佛教。此乃通過反復練習同樣的 動作來達到佛教所提倡的非理性 (non-rational)心境。」



NEWS 書院通訊

Professor Colin Graham elected Honorary Fellow of the European Society for Emergency Medicine 簡家廉教授當選歐洲急救醫學會榮譽院士

Congratulations to Professor Colin Graham, Morningside Dean of Students and Director of Accident and Emergency Medicine Academic Unit of CU Medicine, on being elected Honorary Fellow of the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM). EUSEM is a non-profit scientific organisation, fostering education, training and research in Emergency Medicine in Europe. EUSEM brings together over 30 European national societies of emergency medicine. The purpose of the Honorary Fellowship is to recognise a significant and sustained contribution to the development of EUSEM. 祝賀晨興書院輔導長、中文大學醫學院意外及急救醫學教研部 主任簡家廉教授當選為歐洲急救醫學會榮譽院士。 歐洲急救醫學會是一個匯聚了 30 多個歐洲國家急救醫學協會 的非牟利組織,在歐洲促進急救醫學的教育、培訓和研究。榮 譽院士銜是為表彰個人持續對協會的發展做出重大的貢獻。

Lord Neuberger talks about Hong Kong and the Common Law 法官廖柏嘉勳爵談香港和普通法 On the evening of 1 November 2019, Lord Neuberger, former President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and a Non-Permanent Judge of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, visited Morningside College. During his talk to the roomful of students, Lord Neuberger discussed the history of the British common law system and the robustness of

Hong Kong’s legal system. He also emphasised Hong Kong’s uniqueness in relation to Singapore and Mainland China. In the Q&A session, students asked Lord Neuberger about his views on the rule of law and his career as a judge, and he shared many stories and experiences from his long and fruitful career as a legal practitioner. 2019 年 11 月 1 日晚上,香港終審法院 非常任法官、前英國最高法院院長廖柏 嘉勳爵到訪晨興書院與學生會面,座無 虛席。廖柏嘉勳爵討論了英國普通法體 系的歷史和香港穩健的法律體系,還強 調香港相對於新加坡和中國內地的獨特 性。在答問環節中,學生詢問廖柏嘉勳 爵對法治和其法官生涯的看法;他也分 享了自己從事法律工作多年的許多故事 及經歷。


Celebrating the Class of 2019 祝賀 2019 年畢業生

Exploring music’s effect on the mind with Renee Fleming 與著名女高音弗萊明探索音樂與心靈

On 7 November 2019, Morningside celebrated the Class of 2019! College Master Nicholas Rawlins congratulated the graduates and welcomed their families to campus. He reflected on how special Morningside is as a community and how the college had remained calm and harmonious despite the ongoing tensions in our city. Two student speakers represented the Class of 2019: Radhika Narang and Allan Lui. Radhika expressed her gratitude for all the support Morningside College had given her and her fellow Morningsiders, while Allan recounted his personal academic journey throughout his university career, which was supported by his classmates and influenced by College Fellows. College Overseer Mr. Sebastian Man also gave a speech congratulating the graduates. Student Joelle Li served as the Master of Ceremonies. Graduating students and parents enjoyed a wonderful time at the ceremony and the luncheon. Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

On 10 November 2019, audience members packed the Lee Hysan Concert Hall for “Music and the Mind”, an event cohosted by Morningside College along with The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Morningside student Joelle Li served as the Master of Ceremonies for this event, which opened with Hong Kong Philharmonic musicians performing Haydn’s “Emperor” Quartet, followed by a presentation by worldrenowned soprano Ms. Renée Lynn Fleming on music’s effect on the human mind. After her presentation, Dr. Sonata Suk-Yu Yau, Dr. Bin Hu, and Dr. Agnes Chan revealed scientific evidence of the role music can play in helping patients with disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and autism. The event concluded with a Q&A panel with the speakers, moderated by Professor Nicholas Rawlins, Master of Morningside College. 於 2019 年 11 月 10 日在利希慎音樂廳由晨興書院、香港中文 大學及香港管弦樂團合辦的「音樂與心靈」講座,座無虛席。 晨興學生李倩盈擔任是次活動的司儀。活動由香港管弦樂團 演奏海頓的「皇帝」四重奏揭開序幕,繼而由世界著名女高音 弗萊明(Renée Fleming)闡述音樂對人類心靈的影響。邱淑 瑜博士、胡斌博士和陳美齡博士隨後揭示了音樂對阿爾茨海 默氏症、帕金遜症和自閉症等患者所能發揮的積極作用。最 後,由晨興書院院長汪寧笙教授主持席上講者的答問環節。

晨興書院於 2019 年 11 月 7 日為應屆畢業生舉辦畢業典禮。 院長汪寧笙首先祝賀畢業生,並歡迎他們的家人來到校園。 他指出晨興這個社區的特別之處,以及書院如何在社會動盪 中保持平靜與和諧。Radhika Narang 和呂祖榮代表畢業生致 辭。Radhika 不僅感謝晨興同學的扶持,而且對晨興書院給 予她的所有支持心懷感激;而呂祖榮則講述了他在大學生活 中既得到同學支持,又受到書院多位院務委員影響的的學術 歷程。書院院監會成員文肇偉先生也發表講話,向畢業生道 賀。李倩盈同學擔任典禮司儀。畢業生和家長在典禮和午宴 上共度了一段美好的時光。謹此再次祝賀 2019年畢業生!

Livestream musical performance series begins 網上直播音樂表演系列正式啟動 To foster a sense of community and offer an outlet for entertainment and relaxation amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Morningside began a musical performance series livestreamed on the college’s Facebook page on most Wednesday evenings. The first few weekly performances reached over a thousand people in the Morningside community and beyond. Students and alumni enthusiastically tuned in and enjoyed the performances by talented Morningsiders.

為了促進書院社群的凝聚力,並在新冠 肺炎流行期間提供一個娛樂和放鬆的渠 道,晨興週三晚上在書院 Facebook 專 頁直播音樂表演。最初的幾場表演吸引 了千餘名晨興內外的網友觀看。學生和 校友熱情參與,一同享受才華橫溢的晨 興人出色的表演。 28


Poetry reading with Dr. Tammy Ho 與何麗明博士讀詩 Dr. Tammy Lai-Ming Ho, Hong Kong Baptist University professor of poetics, president of PEN Hong Kong, and founding co-editor of the first Hong Kongbased international Asia-focused journal, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, visited on 18 October 2019. Students were able to experience a reflective poetry reading followed by a thought-provoking Q&A session. In a continuation of the One Book Programme’s exploration of Seamus Heaney, Dr. Ho’s visit encouraged students to see poetry in the juxtapositions of everyday life and use art as a form of emotional release and collective record. 香港浸會大學詩學教授、國際筆會香港分會會長,以及首份立足於香港的國際 亞洲期刊《茶:亞洲文學期刊》的創辦人之一何麗明博士於 2019 年 10 月 18 日來 訪與學生會面。學生跟何博士一同閱讀反思性的詩歌後,在答問環節作出深入 討論。何博士是次訪問既延續了晨興書院「一本書計劃」對謝默斯 · 希尼的探 索,亦鼓勵學生從日常生活的視角看待詩歌,並將藝術作為釋放情感和集體記 錄的形式。

Morningside launches “Student Voices” 書院推出「晨興人語」平台 In April 2020, Morningside launched “Student Voices”, an online platform where students can express themselves, inform the Morningside community of what they are currently up to, and offer tips or advice to their fellow students. Morningside students, either currently living on campus or elsewhere, are able to create a blog post on a topic of their choice. “Student Voices” aims to provide students with a creative release while maintaining the close-knit community of Morningside. 晨興書院網頁於 2020 年 4 月推出了名為 「晨興人語」的平台,讓學生表達自己的 觀點,向晨興社群分享最新動向,或向 同學提供建議或意見。晨興同學無論是 身處校園還是其他地方,都可以就自己 選擇的話題撰寫網誌。「晨興人語」旨在 保持晨興社區的緊密聯繫,並為學生提 供抒發感受的創意空間。

MC Rangers’ first-ever camp hike to Ma On Shan MC Rangers 首次到馬鞍山露營

On 9 November 2019, MC Rangers embarked on their first ever camp hike to Ma On Shan! Morningside students hiked up a rocky trail and learned how to set up tents. The steep climb to the camp was arduous, but students were in high spirits throughout the journey. During the chilly and breezy night, they cook cup noodles on portable gas stoves, friends sought warmth in cosy tents. Some chatted jovially while a few drifted off to sleep in comfortable sleeping bags. After a night of sleeping under the stars, a few brave participants woke up at the break of dawn to conquer a neighboring steep peak, just in time to watch a beautifully colourful sunrise. Once everyone was awake and revitalised, the camping trip concluded with a hearty meal at Sai Kung.

2019 年 11 月 9 日,晨興學生組織 MC Rangers 開展了首次馬鞍山露營之旅。雖然前往營地的路途艱辛,但晨興學生在整個旅程中 一直保持幹勁,沿著布滿岩石的小道徒步行走,並在營地學習搭建帳篷。在寒風習習的夜晚,他們用便攜式煤氣爐煮杯面,又擠 在帳篷裡取暖。一些人愉快地聊天,另一些人則睡在舒適的睡袋裡。一些勇敢的學生在星空下睡了一夜之後,趕緊於破曉時分醒 來,登上鄰近的一座陡峭山峰,觀賞日出。等到每個人都精神煥發後,大家就移步到西貢,以飽餐一頓結束旅程。 29

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