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California State University San Marcos has undergone an enormous amount of change since it’s establishment in 1989. What was once a 304-acre poultry farm has now grown into a well-established campus community built around the diverse student body that walks its halls. The campus has been deemed a “new kind of university” that is technologically sophisticated, fully engaged in the community and pushing the boundaries of innovation. More than 10,000 students currently attend the 304-acre campus and each will forever be part of CSUSM’s lasting legacy. From spending time in the classroom, working out at the Clarke, studying in the Kellogg library, joining a campus club or even eating a meal in the Dome, each student is actively contributing to the campus culture.

Campus Culture





1) Crash the Cougar and Chancellor Timothy P. White. 2) CSUSM’s Kellogg Library. 3) Tukwut sculpture near cougar central.

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In 1989, CSUSM was the 20th campus established in the 23 CSU system, which is currently being lead by Chancellor Timothy P. White. Although today the campus mascot is the cougar, it wasn’t when the campus first opened. The original mascot of the campus was Tukwut, pronounced “TOOK-woot,” which is the name for the California mountain lion in the Luiseño language of the local Native American Luiseño people. In early 1990, the mascot name was put to a vote of a student-based committee and changed to something easier that everyone could say and something with more of a ring. Today the CSUSM campus proudly uses both the cougar and Tukwut name all across various areas of campus.

“Once a cougar always a cougar” -Sarah Green



1) Two CSUSM students walking to class in CSUSM gear. 2) Students stop and take a photo with Crash the Cougar during the homecoming celebration. 3) A member of the Dance club performs during halftime of a basketball game. 4) A member of CSUSM’s blue crew waves a spirit flag during a Volleyball game.

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“Although we are still a small campus, we do have a lot of spirit� - Jane Simpson 4


1) Students waiting in line to order coffee. 2) Starbucks barista setting out a finished frappuccino for pick up. 3) One of Starbucks’s most popular drink orders, a caramel frappuccino. 4) Two friends having a conversation and enjoying their Starbucks beverages at the outside patio. 5)A Starbucks barista taking a students order.


1 Some students and faculty members at CSUSM heavily rely on the campus Starbucks. Whether getting their day started at 7 a.m. or getting a pick-me-up at 4 p.m. the campus, Starbucks has helped thousands of students get through their days. For some it can even become an addiction. “I probably go to the campus Starbucks at least twice a day, three times a week,” said Joe Fegan. “Without coffee I’m not sure I could function.” Although, not every student goes just for coffee. “I like getting their ice water, to me it actually taste better then bottled water,” said Janel Adams. “For me, I like to just get a muffin or a danish with green tea,” said Illyvia Samala. Some students also enjoy using Starbucks for it’s patio seating. “I just love being able to sit outside, read a book and enjoy my coffee in-between classes,” said Alex Alcaide. Although not every student spends their money at Starbucks, many agree that having a Starbucks on campus is an essential part for success in their academic studies.


“Having a Starbucks on campus is incredibly convenient and it has made long classes bearable” -Kevin Bonse


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1) A student with a spotter bench presses weights in the Clarke gymansium. 2) A student doing reps with hand weights. 4) A CSUSM personal fitness trainer pushes a student to her limits. 5) A student finishing her work out on the Stairmaster. 6) Two students incorporating a medicine ball into their work out routine.

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“Being able to workout a the Clarke lowers my stress levels on tough days� -Steven James


1) A student works on homework in a study carrel on the fourth floor of the library. 2) A student does some last minute studying before the stat of class. 3) Three students working in the group study rooms in the library. 4) A group of Business Major students going over notes outside. 5) A student doing research outside.



“I wish that I would have found a great place to study earlier” -Joan Albertson 2




During their time at CSUSM, each student must find their ideal study and work space. Some turn to the various floors of the Kellogg library, filled with couches, study carrels, open tables and the luxurious fifth floor Reading Room. “I enjoy doing all of my homework in the Reading room because it’s so much quieter than anywhere else I the library,” said Austin Gregory. Some also take advantage of the library’s group study rooms. “It’s nice that the library has a few places where a group of four to five people can have a place to collaborate and not be disturbed,” said Catherine Johnson. While some students prefer working indoors, others prefer to study in nature. “I love being able to work outdoors in the sun,” said Janelle Frickey. “Being outside allows me to focus on my work more.” Inside or out, each students search for a perfect study place can determine their amount of success at CSUSM.




Since its establishment in 1989, the athletic department at Cal State University San Marcos has had its ups and downs and is currently performing at its highest caliber. Today, CSUSM hosts 13 different athletic teams. Men’s and Women’s basketball, cross country, golf, soccer and track and field, plus baseball, softball and women’s volleyball all play in the Association of Independent Institutions (A.I.I.) conference. CSUSM Athletics strives to build and maintain a successful, balanced athletic program that is consistent with the goals of the University. The entire Athletic department is committed to advancing academic and athletic excellence, while enhancing student lives and promoting Cal State San Marcos. Athletic Director Jennifer Milo currently leads the Cougars that are nationally ranked the highest they have ever been. 2012 – 13 season rankings: Women’s cross country – 5 Men’s cross country – 7 Men’s golf – 6 Women’s golf – 6 Men’s Basketball – 12 Baseball – 16 Softball – 9 Women’s track & field – 13 Women’s track & field – 19 Women’s soccer - 21


1) The men’s soccer team fighting to score a goal. 2) A construction cone on Mangrum field. 3) The Women’s volleyball team in the middle of a set. 4) A member of the CSUSM softball team gets the out at second base.



“There’s nothing better than those final moments where one play can make or break a game”

-Steven Church





1) The view from the stands of the CSUSM baseball field . 2) A Wmoen’s soccer player mid kick on Mangrum Field . 3) The Mangrum Track.



“It’s great being able to play in great facilities on campus”

-Paulina Good 2


With Cal State University San Marcos having a wide array of athletic teams, they also have a wide array of facilities. The first on-campus athletic facility built at Cal State San Marcos was the Mangrum Track & Soccer Field, which has been the home of the CSUSM men’s and women’s track & field teams since 1999, and the CSUSM men’s and women’s soccer teams since 2006. “I really enjoy the track, it’s in a very serene location on campus and allows me to focus on my run,” said track athlete Damon Moore. The M. Gordon Clarke Field House, established in 2003, also known as “The Clarke,” serves not just as a gym for students but is also the home of the CSUSM Athletics Department. “I like how I can have an entire practice on campus based on working in the weight room,” said Basketball athlete Quincy Lawson. The CSUSM Softball Field has been the home of the lady Cougars since January 30, 2010 and a year later the CSUSM Baseball Field opened on January 28, 2011 following six months of construction. “Our baseball and softball fields are beautiful, I really enjoy watching them in the stands,” said Kristin Melody. Although the campus has both men’s and women’s basketball and Women’s volleyball, they currently do not have a full court gym to call there own. Currently both basketball teams play at Mira Costa College in Oceanside, while the Volleyball teams play at Escondido high school.



1) A member of the Women’s basketball team dribbles past her opponent. 2) A member of the Women’s volleyball team spikes the ball over the net. 3)A member of the Men’s Soccer team positions himself between the ball and his opponent.


“For me sports isn’t one thing that I do, it’s really all I do”

-cassie Damyanovich




Above: A progression of a women’s soccer player fighting for the ball against a competitor. Right: An umpire dusts off a base after a softball player slides and tags the base.




The Cal State University San Marcos campus is diversely rich in unique architecture. Groundbreaking for the permanent campus occurred on February 23, 1990. The initial construction of the 304-acre site provided six buildings and appropriate roads, streets, utilities, and landscaping. A major infrastructure project completed in 1996 supported additional buildings planned to accommodate expected growth. University Hall, a classroom/office building, was completed in 1998. Two additional buildings, Science Hall II and the Arts Building, were opened in 2002. The Clarke Field House/University Student Union and University Village Apartments were both opened in Fall 2003. The 200,000 square foot Kellogg Library opened in January 2004 with space for 840,000 volumes and seating for more than 1,600 students. The 80,000 square foot Markstein Hall (Business Building) opened in January 2006. The Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, completed in Summer 2011 officially opened its doors to students for the Fall 2011 semester. This academic building added lecture and lab space with an addition of 125 faculty offices to the campus. Additionally the Public Safety Building completed in Spring 2011 provided space for the University Police and Parking and Commuter Services departments on the edge of campus near the Sprinter station. The campus still continues to grow today and has several upcoming architectural projects for the future generations of CSUSM students






1)one of the first built building, Craven Hall. 2) The flags at Craven circle. 3) The Star case of Academic Hall, also one of the first buildings built. 4) Students outside academic Hall.







1) The front of Markstein Hall. 2) The outer curve corner of Markstein Hall. 3) Palm trees that line plam Court near Marksten. 4) Markstein Hall from Palm Court.


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