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Vince Eagan, associate professor of business, charges his car while Andre Bertrand ’76, associate vice president for Campus Operations; Sandra VanTravis, Morehouse’s environmental health and safety officer; and Cornelius Willingham, Nissan’s electric vehicle strategy and business development manager for the Southeast and MidAtlantic, look on.

Nissan Donates Two Electric Vehicle Chargers to Morehouse CORNELIUS WILLINGHAM, Nissan’s electric vehicle strategy and business development manager, has been looking to promote electric vehicles by helping Nissan to donate electric vehicle chargers to colleges and universities. “But Andrew Starke (a Nissan dealer operations manager in Orlando, Fla., and a 1986 Morehouse graduate) came to me early on and said, ‘You’re giving these to all these larger schools. Let me point you to Morehouse.’ And we started to have a conversation,” Willingham said. That’s one of the reasons the College now has two electric vehicle chargers, both donated by Nissan. There is one on the bottom level of the Welcome Center Parking Deck and another in the old TRIO parking lot. They are free for anyone with an electric car to use. “It is great to be able to meet faculty and students’ needs, and help them as they move into electric vehicles and towards

sustainability,” said Andre Bertrand ’76, associate vice president for Campus Operations at Morehouse. “This is great.” The talk with Starke helped put schools like Morehouse on Nissan’s radar. “We wanted to make sure that there is equity in terms of distributions of the chargers,” Willingham said. “We wanted to make sure everyone is included.” At the same time, Bertrand and his staff were looking at installing EV chargers on campus. “We were pricing EV chargers in response to requests from some faculty members. And then Cornelius called me and I said, ‘This is excellent. Perfect timing!’” said Bertrand. It’s great news for faculty members like Vince Eagan, an associate professor of business. “I’ve owned three electric vehicles, so I’m quite ecstatic about it,” he said. n WINTER 2017


Morehouse Magazine Winter 2017  

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