Seagull Café Newsletter No3 September 2020

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Seagull Café Newsletter Welcome to More Music’s Seagull Café Newsletter

Are you shielding or staying at home and would like to attend Seagull Café online?

Hello from More Music!

We hope this finds you well and in good spirits. We are very happy to be welcoming you back to the Seagull Cafe. It will be a smaller but an equally sociable session, with music and songs from Bill and Sian, cups of tea and the chance to catch up with old friends, socially distanced, of course. Our team has been working very hard to make sure that we follow government guidelines to be COVID safe and we have qualified for the Visit England “Good to go" accreditation . Full details of the steps we have taken can be found at For those not ready or able to come to us, we can bring the songs to you. Enjoy singing loudly in the comfort of your own home and catch up with some Seagull Café friends at the beginning of our singalong online. Please note, we can help you and your friends get online to participate. If you have any questions, would like to know more or would like to book a place, please call Anna on 07485 317735.

In partnership with AGE UK Lancashire, we have a number of computer tablets available free and on a long term loan basis. Using a computer tablet is a safe option for those who are not ready to join us in the building. You can get involved or simply just watch and don’t need to be seen on screen if you don’t fancy it. They can also be used to keep in touch with friends and family as well as participate in activities that you might not otherwise get to. Please call Anna on 01524 831997 or 07485 317735 if you are interested.


News Birdwatch We’re sure you know that putting food out in a bird feeder attracts birds up close so you can get to know their behaviour, colours and sounds. During autumn birds might be taking advantage of naturally-occurring seeds, berries and insects but they will find your feeder as the season moves on. If you aren’t able to have a bird feeder, you can enjoy bird watching by the Wildlife Trust webcams instead. You don’t need to be a member and watching is free, so if you haven’t seen any birds in your garden recently, have a look at some through nearby webcams: Lancashire Wildlife Trust have a camera watching what life is like out in the middle of the lakes at Brockholes. Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s camera provides an up close and personal view of garden birds as they visit a bird feeder station at their base in Plumgarths near Kendal. Peter Dalgleish has used his talents to make this wonderful painting of a wren. If you have any photos, drawings or poems featuring birds or related to the garden, Please send them in to us and we will share them in our next edition.

Do you enjoy writing letters? Maybe you like to receive them? Would you like to have a pen pal from the Seagull Café group? As some of us are not ready or able to return to face to face sessions at More Music, we thought social connections could be made through the art of letter writing. We can supply you with paper, stamps and envelopes if you let us know you are interested and we can pair up some possible pen pals to keep in touch with. If you’re attached to Bay Medical Group then call Karen on 07741649491 alternatively e-mail using the subject More Music Pen Pals. Or contact Anna on anna.daly@moremusic. or try the work mobile on 07485 317735


News Art of Isolation A new exhibition by Age UK Lancashire Be part of this special project, where Age UK bring together your creations to form a virtual exhibition and publication. What are we looking for? ♣ Drawings ♣ Paintings ♣ Sculptures or crafts ♣ Photography ♣ Audio ♣ Films ♣ Short stories/creative writing The subject matter can be a reflection of any aspect of life during lockdown. It could be discovering new hobbies or rediscovering old ones, reflections on finding new ways to communicate with loved ones, adapting to new circumstances, new conversations, new relationships or new thoughts. These can be captured/recorded in a photograph, a piece of writing, an audio recording or on film. It could be a photograph through glass of a loved one, filming yourself picking your first ever homegrown radishes, a drawing made of a family member, an audio story recorded for children, a poem or a song. The limit on the amount of work that can be submitted in different media is: Photographs: Up to 6 photographs Writing: Up to 2000 words Audio recordings: up to 2 mins recording time Film: up to 2 mins recording time Submissions can be made by email to: and typing Art of Isolation in the subject line. On Twitter by tagging @AgeUKLancashire and using #artofisolation If you need to post your creations, then please contact us on 0300 303 1234 Please note: deadline extended https://

My Sunflower It was a very happy day When I received my seeds I put them in two little post And tended to their needs But, woe is me, I then forgot And left them in their pots to rot I then told Katherine of my plight, She said, “don’t worry, it’s alright, I have some more that you can have But this time give them drink and love!” I’ve done the best I can this time, Although they look quite weedy. I’m no gardener - never was. I find plants just too needy. Life is sometimes dry and dead With no cause to sing or dance But isn’t it wonderful to know There’s always a second chance (and third and fourth and fifth and…………) Written by Amy from Parliament Street for Sunflower Day


Stay well this winter Bay Medical information about the Flu Vaccine

This newsletter is produced with thanks to and funding from: Spirit of 2012 The Duchy of Lancaster

This winter like every other year the Government are encouraging patients to have their flu vaccination. For older and more vulnerable patients this can be done free of charge at your surgery. Following the Covid pandemic and the risk of further outbreaks, it is more important than ever. Bay Medical Group are advising patients to take this option, have your flu vaccine, protect yourself and the people around you. They will be inviting all eligible patients by letter, asking you to make your appointment.

The Urgent Response Fund