Seagull Café Newsletter No4 December 2020

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Seagull Café Newsletter

Seasons Greetings It has certainly been an unusual term for all our groups at More Music. Moving Seagull Café session online in September was the safest way to continue to meet, offer social connection, live music and a way to sing together. We’d really like to thank you for your patience as we tried out new technologies and for bearing with us when the computer crashed or the sound turned peculiar. We have all been on a massive technological learning journey so many thanks also to those who have joined on line! It really does get easier each time you sign in and it is lovely to see your faces as we welcome more singers each week Our last session for 2020 will be full of festive cheer and seasonal favourites. It is on Tuesday 8th December 12pm – 1pm. The whole team at More Music wish you all a safe and peaceful Christmas time. Whatever the differences this year, it remains a time for blessings and hope and a little singing to see you through.

News from the More Music Team

During the break, please do visit the More Music Youtube channel to have Bill & Sian sing just for you. There’s lots to chose from including ‘Que Sera Sera’ and ‘Show Me The Way To Go Home’. All you need to do is search for MoreMusicMorecambe on YouTube

Christmas Cracker joke…

Back Stage with Bill and Sian

Why was the turkey in the pop group?

We thought that you might like a sneak peek at Bill and Sian from the other side of the camera during the Seagull Café sessions, so here’s a couple of snaps from back stage!

Because he was the only one with drumsticks!



Classic Christmas Films

Here’s our top five classic Christmas films: It’s a Wonderful Life Miracle on 34th Street Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer White Christmas A Christmas Carol

Christmas Lights As well as all the usual Morecambe Christmas lights, look out for the illuminated lighthouse in the windows of our building throughout this period. We have chosen this seaside image as a symbol of hope and calm in turbulent times. We are also working with local artist, Shane Johnstone and the traders on a project called Small Sign, Big Message, to decorate shop windows with uplifting messages that encourage people to buy local.

Exhibition by Molly Bland More Music and Morecambe Artist Colony had planned an exhibition of prints by Molly Bland. The pandemic meant that visitors couldn’t come in to the building to see the prints. We were determined to share Molly’s exhibition so we decided to put our technical skills to work and projected the prints on to our building. Molly studied BA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts and Sculpture with Printmaking at L'Accademia Di Brera in Milan. She is a graphic artist and creative facilitator now living in Morecambe. Molly says: "I have created a series of printed works in response to the issue of climate change, specifically the threat of rising sea levels. Taking inspiration from our surrounding area."

Folk Music News Folk fans will probably have heard of Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker and John Doyle. They have recorded a very special Christmas show which will livestream with More Music on 21 December. Find out more at

News and Resources


Clear the Bay by Day We all cherish the Bay for the stunning views from our promenades and headlands, the quiet country lanes and its picturesque villages and towns.

Over the past 17 years Morecambe Bay Partnership volunteers (above) have removed 47 tonnes of rubbish and they will continue to clean-up with funding for the new project which is called ‘Clear the Bay by Day’. As well as beach cleans, ‘Clear the Bay by Day’ will remove litter from paths, cycle ways and outdoor events. They hope to clear plastic from over 200km of coastline.

Christmas Cracker joke… What do you call a man with a seagull on his head? Cliff!

Managing your Mental Health This year it goes without saying has been testing for all of us and our friends at Bay Medical Group have some suggestions to help us all maintain a positive mind set and to keep enjoying life! Keep a structure to your day and plan thing you want to things you enjoy Listen to music and sing a long - singing is very good in all kinds of ways Talk to people - by telephone or by zoom if you can. Don’t watch too much news it can contribute to anxiety

Write a letter Eat well and drink sensibly Look out of the window and enjoy the changing seasons If you are online there are many creative resources and ideas that can inspire and help connect with others http:// online compendium of creativity Stay in contact with friends and family or someone you know in similar situation who would love to hear a friendly voice

Managing your Mental Health Ask for help if you need it: Mental health and wellbeing helpline 0800 915 4650. Freephone for support and advice out of hours. Mental Health Crisis Line 0800 953 0110 is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. The Silver Line (65+) 0800 4 70 80 90


Christmas Songsheet

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Everywhere you go Take a look at the five and ten, it's glistening once again With candy canes and silver lanes aglow It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Toys in every store But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be On your own front door A pair of hop-a-long boots and a pistol that shoots Is the wish of Barney and Ben Dolls that will talk and will go for a walk Is the hope of Janice and Jen And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Everywhere you go, There's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well It's the sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Soon the bells will start And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing Right within your heart It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Toys in every store But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be On your own front door Sure it's Christmas, once more

Seagull Café in 2021 We look forward to seeing you and more new faces, in the New Year. Maybe you can ‘bring a friend’ in January and invite them to come along. You will receive an email in January, with details of how to participate. Sessions are due to continue Tuesday 12th Jan 2021.


In the meantime, we do hope you have enjoyed receiving this newsletter and wish you a Merry Christmas. Warmest wishes from Anna, Max, Bill & Sian.