Israeli Artists from USA | אמנים ישראלים מארצות הברית

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Israeli Artists from USA

Jerusalem House of Quality Exhibition Hall August – October 2011

Project Managers:

‫מפגש תרבויות‬ Supported by The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Center for the Absorption of Immigrant Artists

Marina Schelest – Skizza Gallery Isaak Weiss – Jerusalem House of Quality Moshe Di Gracia – Jerusalem Municipality

Israeli Artists from USA

‫אמנים ישראלים מארצות הברית‬

Article: Marina Genkina Biographies: Marina Genkina Design: Eli Ratner

‫י צי ר‬

‫סדרת אירועים של‬

English translation: David Kriksunov

se rie s

‫קשת ירושלמית‬ Jerusalem Rainbow

gs eetin tm ar of

‫הא‬ ‫תנ‬ ‫י‬ ‫ת‬

Hebrew translation: Haim Dolgopolsky Editor of Hebrew translation: Isaak Weiss

Copyright: Idea: Marina Genkina, Marina Schelest

Jerusalem House of Quality Exhibition Hall

Article: Marina Genkina Biographies: Marina Genkina

August – October 2011 The Festival organized by Skizze Gallery Curators: Marina Genkina, Marina Schelest

Pictures: artists represented in catalogue

Skizze Gallery Jerusalem House of Quality

Measurements are given in centimeters, height x width x depth

Skizza Club-Gallery

‫המשרד לקליטת העלייה‬ ‫משרד התרבות והספורט‬ ‫המרכז לקליטת אמנים עולים‬

‫עיריית‬ ‫ירושלים‬

© All Rights Reserved | Printed in Jerusalem 2011

‫דברי ברכה מאת שגריר‬ .‫ארה"ב בישראל דניאל ב‬ ‫שפירא‬ ‫ברצוני לברך את גלריית סקיצה‬ ‫ ירושלים) על יוזמתם‬,‫(בית אות המוצר‬ ‫הנפלאה לארגן תערוכה זו ולהציג את‬ ‫עבודתם של אמנים אמריקנים החיים‬ .‫בישראל‬

Welcome Message by the Ambassador of the United States to Israel Daniel B. Shapiro I would like to congratulate the Skizze Gallery on their wonderful initiative to organize

‫האמנות חוצה גבולות מדברת‬

this exhibition and highlight the

,‫בשפתם האוניברסאלית של רעיונות‬

work of American artists living

‫ הגברת הראשונה של‬.‫צבעים ורשמים‬ ‫ארצות הברית מישל אובמה דיברה‬ ‫לאחרונה על כך שהאמנויות טבועות‬

in Israel. Art crosses all boundaries and speaks the universal

‫ היא אמרה כי‬.‫עמוק בלב חיינו הלאומיים‬

language of ideas, colors and

‫"באמצעות החילופים המתמידים האלה‬

impressions.First Lady Michelle

‫אנחנו לומדים זה מזה ונותנים השראה‬

Obama recently spoke about the

‫ זהו חלק מאותה דיפלומטיה‬.‫לאחרים‬

arts being strongly at the heart

."‫שבה כולנו יכולים לקחת חלק‬ ‫התערכה הזו מייצגת הן את הגיוון‬

of our national life.She said that “it's through this constant

‫ ואך גם את‬,‫והן את העושר של אמריקה‬

exchange that we learn from

‫היחסים המיוחדים והחזקים שיש לנו עם‬

each other and we inspire each

‫ לתערוכה‬,‫ אני מאחל למארגנים‬.‫ישראל‬

other. It is a form of diplomacy

.‫ הרבה הצלחה‬,‫ולאמנים הרבה‬

in which we can all take part”. This exhibit represents both the diversity and the richness of America and the unique and enduring relationship we have with Israel. I wish the organizers, the exhibition, and the artists great success.


‫אני מברכת על היוזמה לארגן פסטיבל אמנים‬

Festival for New Immigrant Artists from the United States

.‫עולים מארה"ב‬

‫פסטיבל אמנים עולים מארה"ב‬ ,‫נכבדי‬

‫כמדינה הקולטת עלייה ממדינות העולם‬ ‫כולו עלינו ליצור מכנה משותף של התרבות‬ .‫הישראלית במדינת ישראל‬

‫דברי ראש העיר‬ ‫ אי‬,‫העיר ירושלים היא המרכז התרבותי של ישראל‬

Message from the Mayor Jerusalem is Israel's cultural center.

‫לכך עיריית ירושלים פועלת לביסוס ולחיזוק החברה‬

Therefore, the Municipality of Jerusalem

I warmly welcome the initiative to

‫והתרבות המקומית ונותנת במה והזדמנות ליוצרים‬

is working to consolidate and strengthen

organize a festival for new immigrant

‫ במה שמשקפת את הפלורליזם התרבותי‬,‫ולאמנים‬

local society and local culture by providing

artists from the United States.

.‫של ירושלים‬

As a country that has been receiving

a platform and opportunities for creative talents and artists to express themselves in

‫התרבות הישראלית המתגבשת מאז קום‬

new immigrants from countries all

‫פסטיבל "אמנים ישראלים מארצות הברית" חושף‬

a manner that reflects the cultural pluralism

‫ היא אוסף של‬,‫המדינה ועוד הרבה לפני כן‬

over the world, we must create a

.‫רבדים חשובים בתרבות של ארץ זו באמנויות השונות‬

of the city's diverse communities.

‫ערכים תרבותיים של הקהילות והעדות שהגיעו‬

common denominator for Israeli

‫היות והיוצרים הפכו לחלק אינטגראלי בחברה וביצירה‬

.‫לארץ במשך השנים‬

culture in the State of Israel.

‫אני רואה חשיבות רבה לקיום פסטיבלים בכל‬

The Israeli culture that has been in

‫תחומי החיים מהם אנו לומדים את הערכים‬

the process of formation since the

‫ מכירים ומבינים טוב יותר את האחר‬,‫התרבותיים‬ .‫שבתוכנו‬ ‫אני מקווה ומאמינה שכך תבנה חברה טובה‬

establishment of the State and a long time before that, is a blend of

‫ ניכרת ביצירותיהם השפעה לא מבוטלת‬,‫הישראלית‬ .‫של החיים כאן על ה"מטענים" איתם באו ארצה‬ ‫האגף לאמנויות בשיתוף אגף חברה פותחים כאן‬ ‫ על כל‬,‫חלון ראווה לעשייה התרבותית הירושלמית‬ .‫ מרהיבי העין‬,‫גווניה האתניים‬

the cultural values of the different communities and ethnic groups that

‫בכבוד רב‬

have arrived in Israel over the years.

‫ לאמנים המופיעים בו ולגופים התומכים‬.‫במלאכה‬

Festivals of all kinds and in all fields

‫והמארגנים ומזמין אתכם תושבי העיר לבוא וליהנות‬

‫ח"כ סופה לנדבר‬

become an integral part of Israeli society and creative life, and their works reflect a significant impact of their lives here on the resources they brought with them when they came here.

.‫יותר בעלת ערכים חיוביים במדינת ישראל‬

‫השרה לקליטת העלייה‬

The Festival "Israeli Artists from USA" reflects this intention. The artists have

‫אני מברך על פסטיבל מיוחד זה ומודה לעושים‬

The Arts Division together with the Social Division and "Skizza" Gallery staff have opened here a window showcasing

of life provide us with a wonderful

cultural achievements in Jerusalem,

opportunity to appreciate the cultural

including the entire range of its fascinating

values held dear by each of our various


groups and communities and help us

‫ניר ברקת‬

to become acquainted with and gain

‫ראש העיר ירושלים‬

ethnic diversity. I congratulate this unique festival and would like to thank everyone who

a better understanding of the other

participated in the work of bringing it to

within us.

life, including the artists who appear here

I hope and believe that this is the way

and the supporting and organizing bodies,

to build a better society with positive

and I invite you, the residents of the city, to

values, in the State of Israel.

come and enjoy it.


Sincerely yours,

MK Sofa Landver

Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem

Minister of Immigrant Absorbtion


Israeli Artists from USA In 2008, Marina Genkina and Marina Schelest, curators at the Skizze Gallery, announced the opening of an exhibition entitled “Israeli Artists from the USA” in the Jerusalem House of Quality exhibition space. This was the first of several exhibitions they put together as part of a series entitled “From the Lands of Origin.” The gallery had only been in existence for a year at that time, therefore few people were aware of it, making the show quite modest. Five artists took part in the exhibition. There was neither a catalogue, nor any


esteemed guests. One can boldly say – this time it

There’s another side to this, naturally. It is

trifles. Her images reflect day to day life, the private

is a festival, a meaningful event in the life of this

obvious that the specific style of the artists, brought

life of the people in this city who leave disposable

city and country.

to Israel upon immigration, plays a significant role

cups, clothes, shoes, and food containers on rocks,

After the great success of the first show,

in this story. But then again, Israel has an incredible

stones or benches around the city.

despite all of the difficulties, the project began

impact on new immigrants, not only through their

Generally speaking, the theme of relation

receiving financial support from the Center for the

art, but also through the history, culture, religion,

and interrelation (or “connections” as a whole) is

Absorption of Immigrant Artists operated by the

problems, Israeli way of life, light and color

evident in one way or another in many of the works

Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. The project later

encountered after aliyah.

on display. Having said that, one must note they are

received additional support from the Jerusalem

This exhibition seems very “American” at first:

all different, standing out because of the chosen

Municipality and, finally, the support of the foreign

there are a great number of installations, collages

theme or technique. It is possible the theme of

embassies representing the immigrants’ countries

tailored out of so-called “found objects,” works

interrelation appears to the artists subconsciously,

of origin.

with “mixed technique,” There are quite a few

since in our small country these relations between

Over the past three years there have been several

photographs on display. The art of photography

people are actually unique. These relations and

exhibitions with work exhibited by artists from

has long been recognized, valued and widely

their quality are noticed by anyone who visits

various countries including Argentina, Belorussia,

spread throughout the USA.

Israel, naming them neither “good” nor “bad,”

Caucasus and Central Asia, Russia and the Baltic

But, as is generally characteristic of Jewish art,

but specifically “unique.” It is possibly because

countries and drawing a large audience every time,

works of the artist combine two primary aspects:

the artists, who chose to repatriate here, came

particularly on the day of the grand opening.

the style the artists bring from their countries of

precisely because they’re inclined to play a part

This outcome was to be expected, of course,

origin and the essence and inner meaning of the

in these “unique” relations and notice them,

as both curators had no doubts at any stage of the

work maintained by unique, well kept markings. It

creating a fixed place for these relations in their

development and realization of their project. They

is sometimes possible to see specific examples of


were not only sure of its success, but also confident

this unique essence evident in the chosen theme or

of the fact festivals such as this are truly needed.

hinted at by hidden effects within the work.

It is no great secret: immigrants from various

Rachel Menashe Dor’s installation entitled “Seismomotor” looks like a complex project designed by an engineer. It is really just an

countries and different cultures know very little

Joseph Connelly’s painted wooden “Houses”

interactive art-object. The visitor may jump on the

invitations to hand out – all due to a simple reason

about each other. They have very little knowledge

are placed on a stand to look remarkably like Israeli

specially designed board, twisting and turning on

– the exhibition was not financially supported by

of the other’s origins and cultural background,

settlements, should one observe them from a

it, leaving their personal mark on a round drum-

anyone and the organizers had to manage on their

of the way different immigrant groups received

distance. His “Tickets” are a symbol of the endless

like shape. Their signature is transposed onto the

own, using nothing but the energy of the show’s

cultural “nourishment” from childhood, later to be

roaming of the vagabond, the Jew, taking the right

ceramic surface by an automated pen, outlining or

curators and artists.

manifested in each immigrant’s daily life. This lack

ticket this time – a ticket to the Promised Land.

crossing through according to the person’s moves

Today, in the very same location, under the

of knowledge creates mutual misunderstanding

The photographed project by Gordon & Gordon

on the board. The result is a combined image of all

guidance of the same curators, immigrant artists

and does not help in creating strong bonds. Our

brings the observing audience face to face with no

the signatures, looking like a tangle of shapes to be

from the USA meet once more. This time it isn’t

festivals are the very manifestation of the cultural

ordinary cats, but with the proud and independent

shown later as an individual work of art, on display

just an art show, but a Festival of the Arts. 18 visual

background and nourishment these artists have

“Famous Cats of Jerusalem,” fully pledged citizens

by the maker of this curious contraption.

artists originally from the USA, as well as musicians

brought here, shown to us not in a dry or logical

of the city who feel as cozy and as comfortable in

Brigitte NaHoN has also created an interactive

from the USA and other countries are taking part

way, but through a visually pleasing process and in

both the dumpsters and flowerbeds of Jerusalem

work of art called “Self-Portraits.” From afar, you may

in the show which has been renamed: “Bridges

a festive atmosphere. The artists’ work represents

as they do in all its nooks and corners.

notice nothing but pretty compositions, abstract in

of Culture: Israeli artists from the USA.” The gala

their particular “school” of learning, while the

Rachel Gordon is manifesting her walks through

shape, a compound of glass and mirrors, glued

celebration concluding the festival will be honored

music, characterized by the country of origin,

the city. This half of the Gordon & Gordon duo pays

to a canvas, filled in and surrounded by color. On

by representatives from the Israeli Ministry of

adds value to the festive opening night, along with

attention to items you will not find unsettling, out of

closer inspection, you see your own face reflected

Immigrant Absorption and the US Consulate

traditional foods.

the ordinary or worthy of attention from the media

in the shards of glass. The reflections are unstable.

or local news. Instead, she notices the mundane

They continually move and change shape. For this

in Israel, Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat and other

reason the work is named “Self-Portraits,” in the

art on display at the exhibition have been discussed,

themes. He uses a great number of techniques to

His “self portrait” is deeply psychological and a rare

plural, since the number of spectators equals the

but all these aspects are also linked through time.

produce wooden Torah Arks, Torah reading tables

thing in our day.

number of self-portraits, with each multiplying him- or herself countless times.

Dov E. Goldman’s “Hand of Time” is a collage framed into restricted space, made out of a hand,

and Elijah Chairs covered with exquisite carvings as well as a variety of lamps and Menorahs.

Joshua Goodman’s “The Chair Family” is an

a watch and birds. The key element in this work is

installation outlined by coarse chairs, cut out of

the watch. It belongs to the artist’s father. Knowing

metal. The back of each chair is the profile of a

this, Goldman’s work can be seen not only from the

Kenny Lowengrub made this glass to appear

human face, allowing the chairs to communicate

aesthetic point of view (carried out flawlessly), but

alive before the eye, growing and changing its

and “have a talk,” or turn away and have nothing

also from the conceptual aspect of the work. Every

form in front of us. Light stays in and breaks down,

to do with their neighboring chairs. One must take

one of his sculptures contains a watch in some way.

pouring in and out, displaying all possible hues of

each chair to a different corner of the exhibition to

It may be a detail, far from the viewer’s center of

red, blue, green and yellow.

truly rob them of a chance to contact each other.

attention, scarcely noticeable, yet, it is – present.

Light continually streams out of strange “Menorahs” which resemble flowers.

The exhibition contains many land­scapes and

Joel Steven Dzodin’s photographs are not truly landscapes, but carefully selected fragments of the reality around us. The turbulent green vegetation is broken up by red flowers. They grow, untouched and unbothered by anything, right through the barbed wire, reminding us. Reminding is also integral in the ancient etchings of “Dome of the Rock: Exquisite Stonework.” “The House in Lifta,” stands in its ruined glory as though it was a creature of the artist’s imagination, rather than

This work matches Goodman’s familiar and light

Goldman’s sculptures are made of so-called

irony, noticeable in many of his pieces, including

‘found objects.’ The principle of “Ready Made”

Esti Fass immigrated to Israel in 2005 and

his color portraits and landscapes.

art has been known from the time of the Dada

she’s still amazed by the light. It’s sharp, full of

Rinat Aldema Terre’s photo-installation is called

movement. The Dada artists coined the phrase and

contrast and eats up all the shadows, driving artists

is – Lifta is an abandoned village, crumbling and

“Relations.” It is an entirely different kind of work,

the principle entered the world of art. The modern

off their senses and out of their wits when they

housing the city’s “at risk” youth. This place, by

contemplating the abstract nature of interrelations

artist works with these objects in an entirely new

paint a landscape, having arrived here from lands

the way, is about to be destroyed, and the ancient

through placing geometrical forms together to

fashion. He uses them as elements, necessary in his

with tempered, contained and softened climates.

village will soon remain a mere image in someone’s

study the connection between the round, straight-

process of bringing a concept to life.

The colors in her romantic landscapes, full of


they are all Israeli landscapes.

truly existing. Finally, one can see the sad and famous spot on the road to Jerusalem as it really

lined and sharp-cornered. The artist wishes to

A similar approach to “found objects” is seen in

enthusiasm and awe of the surrounding nature,

Works by Simon Black and Ivan L. Goldstein are

show not only the relation on every single page,

Celestina Levant’s work. In her case, they possess a

are the same ones we can see in Lowengrub’s work

somewhat remote and stand apart from the rest.

but places great importance in the rhythmical

truly different meaning. She has studied the art of

– red, bright blue, yellow and other colors of the

They are part landscape and part illustration. Both

push-and-pull of the compositions as a whole. She

restoration and her training lets her feel the wood,

desert and the Israeli sky.

artists state they have used mixed technique in

gathers her carefully selected array of single pages

love the texture and color, variety of types and the

Heddy Abramowitz has lived here for many

their work. Having said that, one must notice the

anew, fitting each array to a different exposition.

very fact it exists. Even when she works with metal,

years – she is a “vatika”, as they say in Hebrew

heart of the matter is not the technique, but the

“Sukkoth Timelessness” is a photo by Gregory

she often assembles the shape of a tree, as she

when referring to an immigrant who came to Israel

Goltsov. It is a potent thrust, an ecstatic unification

does in her sculpture “Skin,” for instance. A large

long ago. She is drawn in by the urban landscape.

of independent minds, involving the Wailing Wall.

sheet of material is covered with a tree, both real

She sees the clear-cut, steady shapes and their

The Wall is rushed upon, in a forward moving

and imagined, laden with fruit from top to root. It

numerous angles, the relation between vertical

current; it cannot be stopped, moving as a single

is plainly evident how very meaningful this symbol

and perpendicular, the massive but flat surfaces are

mass of people and the Wall answers in the same

is in the artist’s eyes.

fully lit or, at times, in total darkness. She says it all,

following: these artists are very different in style. Both of their works are, so to speak, very personal “commentaries” on art, related to specific texts from the Jewish world. Goldstein refers to the texts of the holy Torah. The exhibition contains pages from his “Parsha Perceptions” series manifesting

manner, as it opens up to embrace them. Gregory

There is another aspect to discuss – light. The

also goes by the name Joshua Goodman and

uncanny Israeli light all artists talk about is light in

participated in the first exhibition in this series three

the literal meaning, physical and plain, but also in

Jeffrey Allon received academic training, after

years ago. His part in that “American Exhibition”

the mystical meaning – the Light of the Presence. It

studying in Italy for a while, concentrating on the

shows that the ties made back then are still strong

flickers in the glasswork of “Between Heaven and

work of artists from the Renaissance. Their influence

“Midrash.” Both artists are showing the spectators

today and the interrelations are not just a theme of

Earth” by Gabriel Bass, uniting earth and sky in a

is clearly visible in all his work, portraits and

an individual example of modern Jewish art.

the exhibition, so evident in the artists’ work.

single vessel. The light, as it pours into this world,

landscapes alike. Allon is the sole representative of

The term “relations” is multi-faced and quite

can be contained in Bass’s “Chanukiah.” Bass is the

the European school of the arts among participants

versatile. So far, interrelations between people or

spirit behind the making of many works of Jewish

of the exhibition. He is, probably, closer to the

between spaces and shapes, or between works of

art and responsible for work relating to Jewish

European ideas than the other American artists.

to the fullest extent, with no unclear shapes, hazy borders or indecisive choice of color.

his personal, artistic interpretation on the holy text read every week. Simon Black’s work, on the other hand, is mainly concerned with the literature of the

That’s the kind of show it is – very American, and yet – very Israeli.

Marina Genkina


Heddy Abramowitz

‫חדי אברמוביץ‬

Her main focus is observational painting with particular interests in Jerusalem urban landscape, still life, the figure, introspective self-portraits and occasional social commentary. The cusp between abstraction and realism is amongst the issues she examines in her work.

So I Remain. Oil on linen, 100 x 75 6

Intersection. From The Crossings Series. 2007. Oil on linen, 90 x 110

Above the Davidka. 2000. Oil on Jerusalem stone ground, 55 x 37


Jeffrey Allon

‫ג'פרי אלון‬

Jeffrey Allon studied fine arts in the US and England. After receiving his degree, he studied Renaissance Art in Italy. In addition to his illuminated works of Judaica, he has produced a considerable amount of other original paintings. His work exhibits a rare artistic mastery in his drawing and painting, influenced both by his academic training and the

Landscape Tekoa Caravans. 2010. Oil on panel, 25.5 x 19

Renaissance masters. He brings this mastery to full expression in his highly original Ketubot, Judaica designs, and paintings.


Self Portrait at Easel. 2009. Charcoal on paper, 63.5 x 48.3

Kim. 2009. Oil on canvas, 40.6 x 50.8


Gabriel Bass

‫גבריאל באס‬

Gabriel Bass designs and produces one of a kind furniture, Judaica and sculptural work to enrich the experiences in the places where we dwell and pray. Gabriel produces the work with a craftsman's attention to detail from the highest quality materials in the world: a selection of solid woods, glass, metal, and Jerusalem stone. His designs arouse sentiment of tradition along with displaying elegance of modern form.

Revolving Hannukiah. 2011. African Walnut, hand blown borosilicate (heat and break resistant) glass fittings and marbles, metal connections 10

Between Heaven and Earth. 2010. Old Growth Yellow Cedar Mould, Glass Blown directly into the mould and stretched heavenward, Metal Chain

Forest Walker. 2009. Local Israeli Cypress, environmentally harvested carefully cured in studio, Mould Blown Glass, and cypress branches 11

Simon Black

‫שמעון בלק‬

A New York city based graffiti artist who studied as a major in fine arts in Pratt university for a year.. from whence he moved onward to a freelance career as a fineartist / illustrator ...creating portraits and graffiti based illustrations – utilising oil paints water color and wax lead based mediums to express his state of affairs in the modern

King Amalek. 2010. #2 Pencil-pilot lead pencil, 45x40

day phenomena. Today Shimon is currently working towards his aim and goal of building his own franchise in the t-shirt industry, with the hope of creating an interesting, vivid and, unique line of artistic wear...only G-d knows what the future holds... Shimon Black


Ana Bkoach. 2011. #2 Pencil-pilot lead pencil

Lay d Reek. 2000. Wax lead pencils, watercolor markers, pilot fineliners, 40x56


Joseph Connelly

‫ג'וזף קונלי‬

Scrap lumber from building sites, the railroad project, and elsewhere. Two pieces, House and Ticket, and drawings of how to build them. My families left Europe generations ago. I left America 6 years ago. Everyone is looking for a house. There are 3,000 objects in House. House will be distributed throughout Jerusalem as small villages in public places. Once they are left, they are apt to disappear. There are 332 objects in Ticket.

Study for House. 2010. Acrylic on paper, 36x55

Ticket is the documentation of House. A private piece for people to buy and keep with them.


Ticket. 2011. Acrylic and pencil on wood, 9x6

House. 2011. Acrylic on wood, various sizes


Rachel Menashe Dor

‫רחל מנשה דור‬

The otherfrom Drawing pieceher that background I would suggest as is geologist, a “Seismomotor”, Rachelwhich uses nature was as exhibited astopart inspiration condense of the 6th landscapes Ceramicinto biannual. Unliketopographies pseudo-natural a seismograph and intimate that records terrains. The earth work movements, Roadcut wasitmade records by applying people’s extremely movements. thin, torn Unlike layers a real of clayseismograph, one upon thethe other, movements to create a decorate a ceramic mini-geological setting drum. with Here pronounced is a video that demonstrates stratigraphy. Obsessively,the patiently action.and intuitively, she layered those forms, watching them change shape as they accumulated volume and texture over

Road cut. 2008. Earthenware, Egyptian paste

what felt like geologic time. The work Seismomotor is also inspired by geology. Like a seismograph that records earth movements, the Seismomotor records human movements. Each movement, a change of the participant’s center of gravity, or even a temporary lack of motion, is being sensored and transferred by a dynamic mechanism, and recorded by ink on top of a ceramic drum. The fragile drum is slowly being decorated with sinusoids, which expresses people’s privet moments, movements and physical feelings. This work enables a visualization of those unique movements that decorates the ceramic drum, the same way that ceramics is being a “cultural seismograph” of its time. 16

Untitled. Orange, Blue, and Yellow pieces. 2010. Stoneware

Seismomotor. 2011. Earthenware, slip cast, mixed media, digital apparatus, aluminum, iron, wood, plastic and ink, 132 x 102 x 85 17

Joel Steven Dzodin

‫יואל סטיבן דזודין‬

I took my first photographs using a Kodak Brownie box-camera in 1958 and have been shooting ever since. By age 13, I was developing and printing my own films and prints. Starting in the early 1990s, my work expanded to include digital imaging, using both an early black and white Canon scanner and a sub-one megapixel Kodak DC50 camera.

Poppies among Steel Thorns. February 27, 2011. Photography


Dome of the Rock: Exquisite Stonework. July 3, 2011. Photography

Elegiac Silence of Ruined House at Lifta. February 6, 2009. Photography


Esti Fass

‫אסתי פאס‬

She is an artist who conveys enormous emotion and pulsating feeling in her paintings. Her paintings mirror the deep sense of song and thanksgiving that define her very being –a Hallelujah! A cancer survivor, she embraced painting over thirty years ago as a means to express and reflect her utter joy and appreciation for the

Colored Hillside. 1990. Oil on paper/rice paper, 53x74

blessing of life. Her paintings are a testament and acknowledgement of the Divine presence she feels exists not only in her own life but in all things. In her paintings, the artist literally resonates with nature, expressing its inner voice.


Whimsy. 1986. Oil on paper, 55x75

Snapping in the Wind. 1986. Oil paper, 55x75 21

Dov E. Goldman

‫דב גולדמן‬

Dov E. Goldman works in various media – paint, photography, mixed media and sculpture. His graduate degree in journalism from New York University drew him to an interest in the black and white photographs of the mid-century. Before turning exclusively to painting, Goldman focused on mixed-media pieces, creating complex "constructions" out of found objects. A photograph of Mount Zion from his "Jerusalem Streetscapes" series will appear as the book jacket for Zeal for Zion, published by University of North Carolina University Press (2009).

Sarah. 2008. Found objects: hat block, wood gears, goggles, watch parts, H 50 22

Pushka “Jerusalem”. 2010. Wooden box, Jerusalem medal, wood and metal type, 10x15x15

Hand of Time. 2008. Wood, watch parts, mixed media, 30x40


Ivan L. Goldstein

‫איבן גולדשטיין‬

The series of 54 dramatic artworks synchronizes harmoniously with the early cycle of the parshiyot, the weekly Torah readings. The Goldstein Collection represents a sequence of one-of-a-kind creative works that meld abstract art and Hebrew typography to encapdulate the essence of each parshat hashavua with a verse emblematic of that week’s Torah portion. The montage of material, shaped, colors, photographs and figures not only delights the eye but is designed to engender further examination and exploration on the visual, intellectual and spiritual levels, with layers of images that reflect the layers of meaning to be found in each featured verse, and the Torah as a whole.

From the series “Parsha Perceptions”. 2011. Mixed media, 46x32


Parshat Kedoshim

Parshat Mattot

Parshat Re'eh 25

Gregory Goltsov

‫גרגורי גולצוב‬

Profession: Holistic Healer, author, photographer

Freedom. 2009. Sony A700, Minolta 70-210mm f/4, 1/5000s f/4 at 210mm iso200


The President's Sukkah. 2008. Sony A700, Sony Carl Zeiss 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5, 1/160s f/5 at 40mm iso200

Sukkot Timelessness. 2008. Sony A700, Sony Carl Zeiss 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 1/30s f/22 at iso100. Effect created by zooming lens as photo is taken. No digital manipulation. 27

Joshua Goodman

‫יהושע גוטמן‬

In 1987 Joshua felt it was time to pick up and move — to follow his own dream. He packed up the wife and 5 kids and moved to Israel. Upon arriving in Jerusalem, he opened a graphic design studio in which he continued designing and producing award-winning projects. Joshua’s creativity never stops. He takes an idea or an object that anyone might have, but puts a new slant on it — he immerses it in FUN. You can be sure that when looking at Joshua’s work, you will be entertained. In Joshua’s own words, “If it isn’t fun; don’t do it!”

Sataf Landscape. 2009. Oil on wood panel, 63x46 28

Portrait, "J". 2011. Oil on prepared linen, 40x30

Portrait, "G". 2011. Oil on wood panel , 40x30 29

Rachel Gordon

‫רחל גורדון‬

As I walk around the city, I photograph things that I see that have been left behind. Sometimes these things are lost – like a pacifier or clothes, sometimes they seem deliberately placed in an interesting way – like a coffee cup or chad paamit (one-time use), and sometimes they just look interesting to me. The images you see are exactly the way I found them. I don’t move anything. I like the challenge of finding beauty in what is usually considered garbage. I also like wondering about what the story is behind how the object ended up where I found it. Usually we are so busy racing around in our lives that we don’t stop and see what is around us. Sometimes there is so much around us that it is too much for us to see. I invite you to stop and see what is there. Rachel Gordon

From the series “Cafe cup”. 2010. Color photography



Gordon & Gordon

‫גורדון & גורדון‬

Famous Cats of Jerusalem The Famous Cats of Jerusalem is a photographic art piece by the collaborative art team Gordon & Gordon. From November 2005 through January 2006, we photographed 248 cats, and then distributed the photographs around the city for people to find. We photographed the cats as we saw them. Some preened for the camera and followed us almost begging to be photographed again, while others were skittish and ran from the camera as soon as they heard the shutter click. The piece is the collection of one photo of each of the 248 cats, in order of appearance. They are numbered chronologically - we made no aesthetic decisions regarding the cats or their setting. They are all in there - beautiful, ugly, sweet, sickly, funny, garbage covered and urban pastoral.

From the series “Famous Cats of Jerusalem”. 2005-2006. Color photography


Cat 138 of 248

Cat 150 of 248

Cat 200 of 248 33

Celestina Levant

‫סלסטינה לבנט‬

My work is usually spontaneous rather than of a meticulous planning or of a deep and complex meaning. I like to see a humorous or an exploratory side of things and most of my inspiration comes from nature. I also enjoy exploring materials and finding their weakness, and strength, and "bending" their rules a little.

Skin. 2010. Bronze cast, patina


The giving Tree. 2010. Found wood

Tree. 2008. Wood print, acetone transfer 35

Kenny Lowengrub

‫קני לוונגרוב‬

"Kenny is a diamond in the rough; He works like erupting lava. Like something natural. His works are exciting and that's the source of their power. Even high-class works can leave you feeling cold. His work has a lot of passion, love and pain, and they touch the viewer. They have that mysterious quality to them." Sari Paran

From the series “Menorah”. 2011. Colored glass



Brigitte NaHoN

‫בריג'יט נכון‬

In my self-portraits works on canvas, I speak about the position of the artist toward art history and, his/her relation with his/her space surrounding. I use mostly a mirror that I break with different result thanks to the continuation of discontinuation of lines, of shape, working with opacity and clearness, and superposition. The broken mirror act is a willing conscious gesture. This work is never the same. It bewilders. It will depend of who comes in front of the work, in the space of where the work is hanging. That is why Self-Portraits series has an « S ». Art for me has to give all kind of experience, of surprises as life does. It is our goal to put confusion in a kind of balance.

From the series "Self-portraits”. 2005-2008. Mixed media, mirror, gloss on canvas, 40x40x5



Rinat Aldema Terre

‫רינת אלדמע טֵר‬

About the series "Relations": This series explores relationships between abstract shapes in a physical space while commenting on the complexities of human interpersonal relations.

From the series “Rellations”



Heddy Abramowitz


Born 1954, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Art Education: 1972 – Syracuse University School of Fine and Applied Arts, Syracuse, New York// 1973 – Participated in fine arts classes, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.// 1993-1994 – studies with Jan Rauchwerger// 1996 – studies with Sasha Okun// 1998-1999 – Jerusalem Studio School – First Master Class with Israel Hershberg, including two cultural exchange seminars at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland Solo Exhibitions: 1996 – The Jerusalem Theatre Gallery, Jerusalem// 2000 – The Artists´ House, Jerusalem// 2005 – Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem Selected Group Exhibitions: 1993, 1999 – 2001, 2004 – The Artists´ House, Jerusalem// 1995 – Beijing, China, during the Fourth International Congress of Women and in association with the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D. C.// 1999 – The Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv// The Artists Residence, Herzlia// The Popolos Gallery, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv// The Gerard Behar Center, Jerusalem// 2002 – Park Avenue Synagogue, New York City// 2003 – Artist Colony, Ein Hod// 2004 – Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem// Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem// 2005 – The Corrine Mammon Ashdod Museum of Art// 2006 – Hadassah Berry Gallery, Jerusalem// 2007 – “Christie’s, London// Gallery on the Lake, Raanana// 2008 – Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem// Oman Gallery, The Jerusalem Foundation, Jerusalem// 2008-2009 – “Our Remembrances (Zichroneinu)” sponsored by Ministry of Defense for 60th anniversary of Israel: Beit Ha Chayal, Herzlia// Yad LeBanim – Beer Sheva, Tiberias, Hadera, Tel Aviv, Rishon Le Zion// Beit Ha Lohem, Haifa/// Binyanei Ha Uma – Jerusalem// Kikar Safra Gallery, Jerusalem// Heichal Ha Tarbut, Netania, Kfar Saba)// 2009 –

Antea Gallery, Jerusalem// 2010 – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England// 2011 – Jerusalem Municipal Gallery Awards and Honors: 2004 – Vermont Studio Center, International Fellow, Full Grant Residency, USA// 2007 – Finalist of the International Jewish Artists of the Year Award, Jewish Museum of Art and Ben Uri Gallery, London, England Collections: The Permanent Collection of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Office of the Rector, Israel// The Shomer Shabbat Synagogue, Ark Curtain, Toronto, Canada The works of Heddy Abramowitz are in private collections in Canada, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Mexico and the United States

Jeffrey Allon Born 1954, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. EDUCATION: 1973–74 – Croydon College, School of Art and Design, London, England (Postgraduate Program: Certificate of Art in Advanced Printmaking and Book Arts)// July – August 1976 – Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island (Provincetown Summer Workshop in Painting and Drawing)// 1977 – Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts (Bachelor of Arts, Major: Fine Arts – Painting and Printmaking)// 1979-80 – Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, Israel// 2005–2009 – Studio Incamminati, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Professional Program, Advanced Studies in Painting and Drawing). From 1978 to 1997 lived in Israel. 2009 – repatriated to Israel, now lives in Tekoa, Tsfon Yehudah. Solo Exhibitions: 1974 – Grabowski Gallery, London, England// 1976 – Hampshire College Gallery, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA// 1979 – Kibbutz Ein HaShofet, Israel// 1982 – Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel// 1990 – American

Cultural Center, Jerusalem, Israel// 1992 – A.A.C.I., Jerusalem, Israel// The Centenary of the Israel Railways, Jerusalem, Israel// 1995 – Milah, Jerusalem, Israel// 1998-99 – Yeshiva University Museum, New York City, NY, USA// 1999 – Appel Art Gallery, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA// The Temple Judea Museum, Elkins Park, PA, USA// 2001 – The Frame House, Elkins Park, PA, USA// 2010 – Espace Dix, Jerusalem, Israel Memberships: The Graphic Artists Guild// The Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors Honors, Awards: 1972 – Graduated with High Honors, Churchill Area High School, Pittsburgh, PA, USA // "Gold Key" Certificate of Merit, Scholastic Art Awards//1974 – of Higher Merit, Certificate of Art in Advanced Printmaking, Croydon College of Art and Design, Croydon, Greater London, UK// 1976 – 1996 – Illustrated Children's Book "Ten Best Jewish Children's Stories" awarded title of Bestseller – Association of Jewish Book Publishers and Hadassah Magazine// 2010 – Awarded title “Artist of Highest Distinction”, Arts Committee, Ministry of Immigrant Absorption Works of Jeffrey Allon are in private collections worldwide.

Gabriel Bass Born 1977, Seattle, Washington, USA. Education: 1995-1999 – Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, USA// 2004-2008 – Bezalel Academy for the Arts, Glass and Product Design Department, Jerusalem, Israel. 2003 – repatriated to Israel. Works in Moshav Mata (Jerusalem area), Custom Carving Project Manager. Memberships: American Crafts Council, Highland, NY// Guild of Judaic Artisans, Owings Mills, MD// Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, WA// Pratt Arts Center, Seattle, WA// Makor Jewish Arts Association, New York, NY// Bezalel Association, Jerusalem, Israel

Selected Group Exhibitions: 2000-02 – Seattle, WA & Portland, OR// 2000-04 – Bellevue Arts Museum Artsfair, Bellevue, WA// 2001-03 – Festival of Jewish Artists, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles, CA// 2002 – Temple Israel Museum, Cherry Hill, NJ// Chabad Torah Center, West Bloomfield, MI// 2002-03 – Knesset Israel Museum, Elkins Park, PA//American Craft Council, San Francisco, CA// 2002-04 – Spertus Museum, Chicago, IL//2003 – Lincoln Center, New York, NY// Sylvia Plotkin Judaic Museum, Phoenix, AZ// Temple Beth Am, White Plains, NY// Kansas City Jewish Museum, Overland Park, KS// 2004 – Columbia Art Center, MD// Springfield Art Association, IL// The Gallery at Tacoma Community College, WA// 2004 -05, 2007 – Janice Charach Epstein Gallery, MI//2005 – Artistic Achievement for New Immigrant, Government of Israel// Moriah Congregation, Chicago, IL// 2006 – Columbia Art Center, Columbia, MD// B'nai B'rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum, Washington, DC// National Chabad Headquarters, Washington DC// "Bezalel 100th Anniversary Exhibition", Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel// 2007 – Ario and Hyam Judaica Museum, Roselyn heights, NY// 2008 – Houston Center for the Contemporary Craft, Asher Gallery, Houston, TX// 2009 – Bezalel Jerusalem Art Exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel Awards and Honors: 2002 – Judith Altman Memorial Judaica Competition, Distinguished Merit// Finalist, Spertus Museum// Portland Arts Festival, Second Place// 2003 – Finalist "Art of the Torah", Columbia Art Center, Columbia, MD// 2004 – "Miriam's Cup" , JCC of Dallas, TX, Second Place Works of Gabriel Bass houses in synagogues in USA, Israel, (Ner Tamid, Menorot, Torah Arks, Elijah Chairs, Eternal Lights, and other ritual objects). Besides, his works are displayed in Museums, Galleries, and private homes in different countries at the world. He has won awards at competitions in the United States and Israel.

Simon Black Born 1975, Jaffa, Israel. 1991-1992 – Pratt Institute, major- Fine Arts\Illustration) 2007 – returned to Israel, lives in Petah Tiqwa. Exhibitions: no organized exhibitions aside from the walls of my home and the walls of New York City streets.

Joseph Connelly Born, 1965, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Education: 1992-1995 – University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, Bachelor of Science, Dance (InterArts & Technology)// 1995-1998 – University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, Master of Fine Arts, Studio Art 2005 – repatriated to Israel, lives in Jerusalem. Solo Exhibitions, Action and Performances: 1995 – L/LE #1, Public sculpture. Public Action Madison, WI////1996-Excavation & Exchange, Helen C White, Madison, WI, USA//1997 – Avulsion, 7th Floor Gallery//Pound & Scrub, 7a * 11d, Toronto, Ontario, Canada // 1998 – Rude Mechanical, Arnsbrack Gallery, Wausau, WI Group Exhibitions, Action and Performances 1994–ExpertOpinion,CollaborativePerformance. Madison, WI, USA// 1995 – Pollyanna Project, Collaborative Performance, Madison, WI, USA// 1995-98, 2000 – Collaborative Actions and Performances, Public Action Madison, WI, USA// 1997 Pound & Scrub, with Jason Lee, 7a * 11d, Toronto, Ontario, Canada //Pound & Scrub, with Jason Lee, Cleveland Performance Art Festival,

Cleveland, OH, USA// 1998 – Performance action, Rude Mechanical, Madison, WI, USA// 1998-2004 – Short on Top, Tapered in the Back, Off the Ears, Performance, with Rachel Gordon. Performance Action Madison, WI, USA// 1999 – {FLUIDS}, Installation, Yahara Water Festival// Jacob & Mary Chairs for Charity, Madison, WI, USA// Bum I, Performance action/objects, Suitable Gallery, Madison, WI, USA//2000 – Estimate North, Collaborative Performance, Lexington, KY// Binding Action, Installation with Performance Action, Chicago, IL, USA// Misery Loves Company, Performance action, with Jen Dowlin-Kelly, About Time Performance Festival, Chicago, IL, USA//2002 – Flocks, Performance action, Vogelfrei IV Darmstadt, Germany// Pit #1, Commonwealth Gallery, ANTHEM, Invitational Lightshow Madison, WI, USA// 2004 – Galena Fleet, Performance Art Festival, Yarmouth, ME, USA// 2008 – “How to Destroy a Gallery”, LaVitrine Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia// 2011 – My House/Your House, Sea Breeze Artist Colony, Bat Yam, Israel

Rachel Menashe Dor Born 1973, Israel. Education: 1999 – B.Sc. in Geology, Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel// 2002 – M.Sc. (with honors) in Geology, Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel// 2004-2006 – Post Bachelors in Ceramics, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, USA//2009 – MFA (with honors) in Ceramics, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. 2002 – left Israel, 2009 – came back to Israel. Lives and works in Kfar Uriya (Uriah Village). Solo Exhibition: 2006 – “Living Tissue”, Solo Installation, Gallery 5, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, USA

Selected Group Exhibitions: 2004, 2006 – Gallery 5, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, USA// 2005 – University Art Museum, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA// 2007 , 2008 – Woods-Gerry Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, I, USA// 2008 – Gelman & Dryfoos Gallery, Chase Center, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence , RI, USA// 2009 – Chicago Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL, USA// Convention Center, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, USA// 2010 – Hankin Gallery, Holon, Israel// 2011 – “The Sixth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

Joel Steven Dzodin Born 1950, Detroit, Michigan, US. Studies: 196973 – B.A. Anthropology/Archaeology, University of Michigan, Department, Ann Arbor// 197780 – M.A. Anthropology/Archaeology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan// Doctoral Studies (Anthropology), State University of New York at Binghamton (1980 -1992, no degree). 2005 – repatriated to Israel, lives and works in Jerusalem. IntheUSDzodinconductedmanyHistoricAmerican Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) documentations for the US National Park Service. These images are part of the HABS/HAER collection in the US Library of Congress, Washington DC. In Israel he worked as photographer on various excavations, including Beer Shema (Negev), Rahavat Kotel (Jerusalem), the Byzantine Synagogue at Ein Gedi, Caesarea Maritima, the Hasmonaean Necropolis at Karantal (Jericho), Tel Dan, and Byzantine Halutza, (Negev). He also photographed a few important moments in history, such as the Poor People’s March on Washington (1968) during

the American Civil Rights’ movement, and the massive Viet Nam protests of the early 1970s.

Esti Fass Born 1945, New York City, USA. 1980’s – studied painting in the U.S. and Israel. Repatriated to Israel in 2005, resides in Jerusalem. Solo Exhibitions in Israel: 2005 – Luvaton Gallery, Jerusalem// Gerard Behar Culture Center, Jerusalem // Alternative Gallery, Jaffa// Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa// 2006 – Sharrett Hall, Petah Tikva Municipal Center Group Exhibitions in Israel: 2010 – Maleor Gallery, Caesarea// The Caesarea Civic Center Her paintings are held in private collections in the U.S. as well as abroad

Dov E. Goldman Born: 1954, Hartford, USA Born 1948, Phoenix, Connecticut, Arizona, USA. Education Education in USA: 2000-2001 – National in USA: 1972 – graduated from Kansas City Academy of (Painting Design, New York// 2003BFA)// – Art Art Institute and Printmaking, Students League, NewAcademy York// of 2005-2008 – 2000-2001 – National Design, New Spring New York. York//Street 2003Studio, – Art Students League, New York// 2009 – Repatriated Israel,Studio, lives inNew Raanana. 2005-2008 – SpringtoStreet York. Solo 2009 – Harp Gallery, 1987Exhibition: – repatriated to Israel, livesofinDavid Raanana. Jerusalem, Israel 2003 – The Lynn Foundation, Solo Exhibition: Selected Group Shows: 2003 – The Jewish Kansas City, MO, USA Center, New York,Shows: NY, USA// 2008 – American Selected Group 1999 – Museum of Folk ArtGan, Museum NewHall, York,Israel// NY, USA. Ramat Emanuel 2001, 2002 Works Dov Goldman YU Museum at – Artistby League, New Yorkare City,inNY , USA// 2003 Center for Jewish History, USA, and in – The Jewish Center, New New York,York, NY, USA// 2007 numerous private collections in the US and Israel. – Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem, Israel// 2008 –


Ivan L. Goldstein

Joshua Goodman

Born 1924, Denver, CO, USA to an older Pioneer Jewish family on his mother's side. Served in the United States Army during World War II. His tank was hit during the Battle of the Bulge, he was wounded and taken prisoner. Marched back into Germany, he was used as a slave laborer. It was recently discovered [1999] the American Sherman tank that sits in the town square in Bastogne belonged to Goldstein's crew – the tank now serves as a memorial to the Battle of the Bulge. After liberation Goldstein spent 9 months in the Army Hospitals. After discharge he attended and graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree specializing in Graphic Art. Moved to Israel 1984, lives in Jerusalem. Artwork displayed in numerous galleries in USA and Israel.

Born 1948, Phoenix, Arizona. 1972 – graduated from Kansas City Art Institute (Painting and Printmaking, BFA). Besides, studied painting with Wilbur Niewald and printmaking with Doug Hack and took part at Independent Study Program in Europe. Practicing Graphic Designer since 1973. 1987 – moved to Israel, lives and works in Mevaseret Zion. Membership in the AMITI Group of Musicians and Plastic Artists. Jerusalem Artists' Coalition. Few years taught Computer Graphics for the Israeli Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. He plays contrabass with the Jerusalem contingent of Gypsy Jazz and good ole fashioned guitar with the Hazel Hill String Band. Solo Exhibitions: 2004 – Linn Foundation, Kansas City, Missouri, USA Selected Group Exhibitions: 2001 – The AMITI Show, Ramat Gan Museum (Emmanuel Hall)// 2002 – Jerusalem Artists Coalition Show, Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem, Israel//2006, 2007 – Organization of Independent Artists, NYC// 2008 – Skizze Gallery, Jerusalem// Italian Cultural Center, Jerusalem// 2009 – Mevaseret Zion Art Center, Israel

Gregory Goltsov Born 1977, Moldova. 1999 – graduated from Brandeis University, Waltham/Boston, MA, USA 2003 – repatriated to Israel, place of residence is Jerusalem.


Rachel Gordon Born 1965, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Education: 1983 – 1987 – BA, Biology and Psychology, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, USA//19921996, MSSW (Master of Science in Social Work), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI,

USA// 2006-2007 – Graphics and Web Design, Compuskills, Jerusalem, Israel. 2005 – repatriated to Israel, lives in Jerusalem. Selected Exhibitions: 2006 – Bye Bye Baby (Hair action), Performance, Art Concept 3 Performance Festival, St Petersburg, Russia// 2010 – I am Noticing, Documentary photography collection, Jerusalem, Israel// 2011 – 26 Hours at the Kotel, Jerusalem, Israel// Left Behind, Beit Tzarfat, Jerusalem, Israel//Waves of Bottles, Sea Breeze Artist Colony Bat Yam, Israel Awards: Ruach Yam Artist Colony project, 2011

Festival, St Petersburg, Russia// 2008 –A Little Bit Extra, Art Concept 4 Performance Festival, St Petersburg, Russia// 2010 – And We Don’t Know What to Say, –Inspirational Art Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel// Yad Shniyah, Performance action, various locations, Jerusalem, Israel// 2011 – 63 Lions, Performance, Jerusalem, Israel// To the Sea in Ships, Sea Breeze, Artist Colony Bat Yam, Israel

Celestina Levant Gordon & Gordon Gordon & Gordon are Joseph Connelly and Rachel Gordon, a married artist team. Joseph Connelly is a classically trained conceptual artist. After receiving his MFA, Joseph taught Performance Art, Artists’ Video, and Installations and Environments at the University of WisconsinMadison. Rachel Gordon is a photographer, fiber artist, graphic artist, and web designer. She is primarily self-taught. Over the last 14 years, the team has collaborated on a variety of pieces – durational, site specific, web sites and audience participatory. They recently moved from the United States to Israel. Selected Public Artworks and Exhibitions: 1998-2004 – Short on top, off the ears, tapered in the back, Six years performance and documentation, Madison, WI, USA//2004 – Aug 18th 2000, Cycle Begins in the Afternoon, Birth/Afterbirth Johnston Gallery, Chicago, IL, and Invitational Lightshow, Stock Pavilion, Madison, WI, USA// 2005 – Famous Cats of Jerusalem, Temporary installations. Various locations in Jerusalem, Israel// Menorah, Temporary installation, Maale Adumim, Israel// And We Don’t Know What to Say, Art Concept 3 Performance

Born 1982, Leningrad (Now St. Petersburg), Russia. Education: 2005-2009 – BFA in Woodworking and Sculpture at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USA Repatriated to Israel in 1990. 2003-2010 – spent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 2010 – returned to Israel, lives in Jerusalem. Group exhibitions: 2008-2009 – Medialia Gallery, NY, USA// 2009-2010 – "50 years of Jewish graphics", St. Petersburg, Russia Awards: 2008 – Pollack award for figurative expression, “New Ideas Exhibition”, Medialia Gallery, NY, USA// 2009 – Sculpture faculty award, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Kenny Lowengrub Born 1959, New York, USA. 2008 – repatriated to Israel Solo Exhibitions in Israel: 2010 – Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv// 2011 – Khule Gallery Group Exhibitions in Israel: 2008 – Israel

Cultural Association// 2010 – Gallery 4, Tel Aviv//2011 – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

Brigitte NaHoN Born in Nice, France. 1994 went to Manhattan, New York, USA, and spent 14 years for her art and, 3 months in Tamil Nadu, India to work with some people of “The Untouchable” cast. Education: 1984 – Master in Fine Arts, University of Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France// 1985 -1991 Studies for P.H.D. in Fine Arts, University of Paris 1 Pantheon- Sorbonne, // 1990 – Esthetic Studies Department , Paris 1 PantheonSorbonne. 1992 -1994 – Teaches Sculpture for M.F.A., Art Institute of Amiens, University of Picardie, France. Since 2008 in Israel, lives and works in Tel-Aviv. Selected Solo Exhibitions: 1997 – Musée Zadkin, Paris, France// 1998, 2000 – Cristinerose Gallery, New York City, NY, USA// 1999, 2002, 2005 – Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris, France// 2001 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Selected Group Exhibitions: 1995 – Off Venice Biennial, Italy// Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island, New York, USA// 1996 – ReiningHaus, Graz, Austria// Yohji Yamamoto, New York City, USA //1997 – The Sculpture Centre and Art In General, New York City, USA// 1998 – The Serpentine Gallery, London, England// Musée Zadkin, Paris, France// Nations Bank Plazza, La Salle- Partners, Charlotte, NC, USA// 1998-1999 – Ambrosino Gallery, Miami, FL, USA// 2000, 2003, 2004 – Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris, France// Mission de l’An 2000, Avignon, France//Delaware Centre for Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE, USA// 2004 – Foundation Electricité de France, Espace E.D.F. Electra, Paris,

France// Monte-Carlo Gardens, Monaco// 2005 – Espace de l’art concret, Château de MouansSartoux, France// 2006 – Macy's 34th Street, New York City, USA// The Jewish Museum of New York City, New York City, USA// Musée d’art contemporain de Sérignan, France// Luxe Gallery. New York City, USA// SE Gallery, Bergen, Norway// 2007 - Musée du PetitPalais, Paris, France// 2008 -Stephan Stoyanov/ Luxe Gallery, New York City, USA// Musée d’art et d’industrie André Diligent, La Piscine, Roubaix,France// North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC, USA// 2009 – The Corine Maman Museum of Ashdod, Israel// 2011-High Touch, Naor/Gillam Consulting, Herzylia, Israel

Education: 1998 – Holon Institute of Technology, Israel – Industrial Design BFA program. 1999-2003 – School of Visual Arts, New York – Photography major, BFA program, graduated with honors. Selected Group Shows: 2003, 2004 – Visual Arts Gallery, New York// 2008 – ‘A New Eye on Israel’, Tel Aviv//2011 – Ink work, Cafe Xoho, Tel Aviv

Award: 1994 – Villa Medici Hors les Murs, Award with Grant, French Foreigners Affairs, United States of America

Rinat Aldema Terre Born 1974, Israel. After studying Industrial Design in Holon Institute of Technology she moved to New York in 1999 to follow her passion for photography. 2003 – graduated from the School of Visual Arts, New York, with honors. Music photography became an important part of her photography work in New York, especially the jazz, blues and folk music scene. 2006 – moving back to Israel. Currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Solo Shows: 2002 – Silver Swan & Goga Gallery, New York// 2005 – Music photography, 169 Bar, New York//2007 – Casco Urban Lab, Tel Aviv


‫הכיסאות במיצב "‪ "The Chair Family‬של‬ ‫יהושע גודמן נראים כאילו נגזרו ממתכת‬ ‫תעשייתית בצורה גסה במתכוון‪ .‬המשענות של‬ ‫הכיסאות הם פרופילים של פנים; הם יכולים‬ ‫לתקשר ולדבר זה עם זה ויכולים גם להפנות עורף‬ ‫מבלי לרצות שיהיה להם משהו משותף עם השכן;‬ ‫אבל לא ניתן לבטל את זיקה ביניהם אלא אם‬ ‫מפזרים את הכיסאות לפינות השונות של האולם‪.‬‬ ‫יש במיצב הזה אירוניה קלה האופיינית לגודמן‪,‬‬ ‫כזו שנראית גם בעבודות רבות אחרות משלו —‬ ‫דיוקנאות וציורי נוף‪.‬‬ ‫מיצב הצילום של רינת אלדמע טר "יחסים" הינה‬ ‫עבודה מסוג אחר לגמרי‪ :‬זוהי חשיבה מופשטת‬ ‫על טבע הקשרים ההדדיים המועברת באמצעות‬ ‫היחסים שבין צורות גיאומטריות — עגולות‪,‬‬ ‫מרובעות‪ ,‬וחדי‪-‬זוויות‪ .‬מה שחשוב לאמנית זו‬ ‫אינו רק היחסים בכל כל אחד מהדפים אלא גם‬ ‫האינטראקציה הקצבית שלהם בקומפוזיציה‬ ‫כולה‪ :‬היא יוצרת תוכנית בדוקה בקפדנות למיקום‬ ‫הדפים הנפרדים בכל אחת מהקומפוזיציות‬ ‫החדשות‪.‬‬ ‫בעבודת הצילום של גרגורי גולצוב ‪Sukkot‬‬ ‫‪" Timelessness‬סוכות הנצחי" ישנו פרץ של‬ ‫עוצמה‪ ,‬חיבור אקסטאטי של חברים‪-‬לדעה שבו‬ ‫משתתף גם הכותל המערבי עצמו‪ :‬תנועה נמרצת‬ ‫ובלתי‪-‬ניתנת לעצירה של גוש אנושי מאוחד אל‬ ‫הכותל — וזה משיב באותה רוח ומקבלם בזרועות‬ ‫פרושות‪ ...‬גרגורי‪ ,‬כמוהו כיהושע גודמן‪ ,‬השתתף‬ ‫גם באותה התערוכה ה"אמריקנית" הראשונה; כך‬ ‫שקשרים נשמרים‪ ,‬ואין הם רק נושא ליצירות של‬ ‫אמנים‪ .‬ובכלל‪ ,‬למושג "קשרים" יש פנים רבות;‬ ‫עד עתה עסקנו ביחסים בין אנשים וביחסי‪-‬גומלין‬ ‫מרחביים בעבודותיהם של האמנים המוצגים‬ ‫בתערוכה; ישנו גם קשר של זמנים‪.‬‬

‫"יד הזמן" (‪ )Hand of Time‬של דב גולדמן‬ ‫זהו קולאז' התחום במסגרת‪ :‬יד‪ ,‬שעון‪ ,‬ציפורים‪.‬‬ ‫המרכיב העיקרי‪ ,‬מרכיב המפתח כאן הא השעון‪:‬‬ ‫זהו שעונו של אביו של האמן‪ .‬וכשלומדים את‬ ‫העובדה הזו‪ ,‬היצירה של גולדמן מתחילה‬ ‫להיתפס לא רק מן ההיבט האסתטי בלבד (והיא‬ ‫בנויה ללא רבב)‪ ,‬אלא שמתגלה בעבודה הזו‬ ‫גם המשמעות הנוספת‪ ,‬הקונצפטואלית‪ .‬וכאן‬ ‫מתחילים לשים לב שבכל פסל אחר של האמן‬ ‫מצוי הפרט הזה — השעון; לא‪ ,‬אין הוא מושך את‬ ‫עיקר תשומת הלב‪ ,‬וכמעט ולא מרגישים בו‪ ,‬אבל‬ ‫הוא נוכח‪.‬‬ ‫פסליו של גולדמן עשויים ממה שמכונה "חפצים‬ ‫מצויים" (‪ .)Found objects‬בעיקרון‪ ,‬שימוש‬ ‫בחפצים "‪ "ready made‬ידוע כבר מאז אמני‬ ‫הדאדא‪ ,‬והם אשר הכניסו את המושג הזה‬ ‫בלכסיקון השימושי של האמנות‪ .‬אלא שאמן‬ ‫מודרני עובד עם החפצים המוכנים האלה באופן‬ ‫אחר לגמרי — הוא משתמש בהם בתור מרכיבים‬ ‫הדרושים לו‪ ,‬מסיבה זו או אחרת‪ ,‬על מנת לממש‬ ‫את תפיסתו‪.‬‬

‫מיסטי‪ ,‬אור השכינה‪ .‬אור כזה מנצנץ בכלי הזכוכית‬ ‫בעבודה "בין שמים לארץ" (‪Between Heaven‬‬ ‫‪ )and Earth‬של גבריאל באס‪ ,‬כשהוא אכן מקשר‬ ‫בה בין רקיע לקרקע; עבורו‪ ,‬עבור האור הזה‬ ‫הנשפך אל העולם‪ ,‬הוכנה גם ה"חנוכייה" של‬ ‫האמן‪ .‬באס הנו יוצר של יצירות יודאיקה רבות‬ ‫המבוצעות במגוון רחב של טכניקות‪ :‬ארונות‬ ‫קודש מעץ מכוסים במעשה‪-‬גילוף מחוכם‪ ,‬תיבות‬ ‫לקריאה בתורה‪ ,‬כסאות אליהו הנביא וכמובן‪,‬‬ ‫מנורות בשלל סוגים‪.‬‬ ‫אור שופע גם מהמנורות המשונות דמויות‬ ‫הפרחים של קני לוונגרוב‪ .‬הזכוכית שלו נראית‬ ‫חייה‪ ,‬היא כאילו צומחת‪ ,‬משנה צורה ממש אל‬ ‫מול עינינו; האור נשבר‪ ,‬מתפזר‪ ,‬משחק בכל גווניו‬ ‫האדומים‪ ,‬הכחולים‪ ,‬הירוקים‪ ,‬הצהובים‪.‬‬ ‫יש בתערוכה שפע של תמונות נוף‪ ,‬וכולן‪ ,‬ללא‬ ‫יוצא מן הכלל‪ ,‬נוצרו בישראל‪.‬‬ ‫אסתי פאס חיה בישראל זמן לא רב — היא עלתה‬ ‫בשנת ‪ 2005‬ועד היום היא מתפעמת מהאור —‬ ‫חד‪ ,‬ניגודי‪ ,‬בולע צללים ומשגע ציירים שהגיעו‬ ‫מארצות עם אקלים מתון ורך‪ .‬הצבעים בתמונות‬ ‫הנוף הרומנטיות שלה‪ ,‬מלאת התפעלות מן הטבע‬ ‫הסובב‪ ,‬הנם אותם צבעים כמו אצל לובנגרוב —‬ ‫אדומים‪ ,‬כחולים‪ ,‬צהובים — צבעים של מדבר ושל‬ ‫שמי הארץ‪.‬‬

‫חפצים "מצויים" כאלה אנחנו רואים בעבודותיה‬ ‫של סלסטינה לבנט‪ .‬אבל אמנית הזו מייחסת‬ ‫להם משמעות שונה לגמרי מגולדמן‪ .‬סלסטינה‬ ‫היא משחזרת אמנות בהכשרתה‪ ,‬היא מרגישה‬ ‫את העץ‪ ,‬אוהבת בו הכל — את המרקם‪ ,‬הצבע‪,‬‬ ‫את הגיוון שבסוגי העץ‪ ,‬את עצם עובדת קיומו‪.‬‬ ‫גם כאשר היא עובדת עם מתכת‪ ,‬לעיתים קרובות‬ ‫היא "משחזרת" עץ‪ ,‬לדוגמה‪ ,‬בפסל ‪ .Skin‬והנה‪,‬‬ ‫על דף גדול יש דמות של עץ‪ ,‬ממשי ופנטסטי‬ ‫בעת ובעונה אחת‪ ,‬עמוס בפירות מלמעלה עד‬ ‫למטה‪ ,‬עד השורשים; אין ספק שזהו סמל של‬ ‫משהו חשוב מאוד לאמנית‪.‬‬

‫חדי אברמוביץ' לעומתה ותיק בארץ‪ .‬מה‬ ‫שמושך אותו הוא נוף עירוני — צורות ברורות‪,‬‬ ‫קונסטרוקטיביות‪ ,‬ישרות‪-‬זווית‪ ,‬יחסים בין קווים‬ ‫אופקיים ואנכיים‪ ,‬משטחים גדולים‪ ,‬פעם מוארים‬ ‫ופעם טבועים בצל; שום רמיזות‪ ,‬בהירות מוחלטת‬ ‫של צורות ושל יישומי צבע‪.‬‬

‫היבט נוסף הוא אור — האור הישראלי הבלתי‪-‬‬ ‫יאומן‪ ,‬כזה שכל הציירים מדברים עליו; זהו גם‬ ‫אור במובן הפשוט והפיזי‪ ,‬אבל גם אור אחר — אור‬

‫ג'פרי אלון קיבל חינוך אקדמי רציני‪ ,‬במשך זמן‬ ‫השתלם באיטליה ולמד מיצירותיהם של ציירי‬ ‫הרנסנס‪ .‬השפעה זו נראית בבירור בעבודותיו‬

‫— גם בתמונות נוף וגם בדיוקנאות‪ .‬אלון הוא‬ ‫כנראה היחיד מבין האמנים המוצגים בתערוכה‬ ‫שהוא קרוב יותר לאסכולה האירופית מאשר לזו‬ ‫האמריקנית‪" .‬דיוק עצמי" פרי מכחולו הנו רווי‬ ‫בפסיכולוגיות‪ ,‬דבר שאינו נפוץ בימינו‪.‬‬ ‫הצילומים של יואל סטיבן דזודין אינם בעצם‬ ‫תמונות נוף אלא קטעי המציאות הסובבת אותנו‬ ‫שנבחרו בקפידה — ירוק שופע עם פרחים אדומים‬ ‫בוהקים שפרצו למרות הכל מבעד לגדרות תיל;‬ ‫תמונת פְנים המזכירה תגליף עתיק בעבודה‬ ‫‪,Dome of the Rock: Exquisite Stonework‬‬ ‫וכמובן‪ ,‬בית הרוס‪-‬למחיצה בליפתא‪ ,‬שנראה כאילו‬ ‫היה פרי דמיונו אבל קיים בפועל‪ .‬ליפתא — מקום‬ ‫מוזר‪ ,‬עזוב ואפל משהו בכניסה לירושלים‪ .‬אלא‬ ‫שעוד מעט ליפתא כזו לא תהיה עוד‪ ,‬שכן הוחל‬ ‫בעבודות בנייה במקום‪ ,‬והיא תישאר רק בתמונות‪.‬‬ ‫עבודותיהם של שני ציירים — שמעון בלק ואייוון‬ ‫גולדשטיין ניצבות לחוד במובנים מסוימים; ניתן‬ ‫לשייך אותם גם לתחום הציור וגם לתחום האיור‪,‬‬ ‫והציירים עצמם מגדירים את הטכניקה שלהם‬ ‫כמעורבת‪ .‬אבל לא בטכניקה עיקר העניין‪ .‬אף על‬ ‫פי שציירים אלה נבדלים מאוד זה מזה מבחינה‬ ‫סגנונית‪ ,‬ניתן לאומר על העבודות של שניהם כי‬ ‫בשני המקרים מדובר בפירושים אישיים מאוד‬ ‫לטקסטים אלה או אחרים מן היהדות‪ .‬גולדשטיין‬ ‫פונה ישירות לכתבים מן התורה‪ ,‬ובתערוכה‬ ‫מוצגים דפים מסדרתו ‪,Parasha Perceptions‬‬ ‫תפיסתו האמנותית האישית לפרשות השבוע‪.‬‬ ‫עבודותיו של שמעון בלק מוקדשות למדרשים‪.‬‬ ‫אבל בשני המקרים לפנינו דוגמאות לאמנות‬ ‫יהודית בת‪-‬זמננו‪.‬‬

‫כזוהי התערוכה‪ .‬אמריקנית מאוד‪ .‬אבל גם מאוד‬ ‫ישראלית‪.‬‬ ‫‪46‬‬

‫מיד אחרי אותה תערוכה ראשונה‪ ,‬שעברה‬

‫התרבות‪ ,‬האמונה הדתית‪ ,‬הבעיות‪ ,‬אורחות‬

‫ויצאי הדופן שמחר יהיו לנחלת התקשורת‪ ,‬אלא‬

‫בהצלחה עצומה למרות כל הקשיים ‪ ,‬המרכז‬

‫החיים‪ ,‬האור והצבע‪.‬‬

‫דווקא אותם הדברים הקטנים המבטאים את חיי‬ ‫היומיום הפרטיים של שוכני העיר — כוסות קפה‬

‫לקליטת אמנים עולים ליד משרד הקליטה‬

‫אמנים ישראלים‬ ‫מארצות הברית‬

‫החליט לממן את הפרויקט‪ ,‬לאחר מכן הגיעה‬

‫כך גם בתערוכה הזו — שממבט ראשון היא‬

‫חד פעמיים שהושארו על אבנים וספסלים‪ ,‬בגדים‬

‫גם תמיכתה של עיריית ירושלים‪ ,‬ואחר כך גם‬

‫אמריקנית מאוד‪ :‬שפע של מיצבים‪ ,‬קולאז'ים‬

‫שהושלכו‪ ,‬צעצועים‪...‬‬

‫תמיכת השגרירויות של ארצות המוצא של‬

‫וממה שמכונה "חפצים מצויים" ("‪Found‬‬

‫האמנים‪ .‬במשך ‪ 3‬שנים נערכו מספר תערוכות‬

‫‪ — )"objects‬חפצים מוכנים שנמצאו‪ ,‬עבודות‬

‫נושא היחסים‪ ,‬יחסי הגומלין‪ ,‬קשרים‪ ,‬מופיע‬

‫(התערוכות האחרונות כבר היו פסטיבלים) שבהן‬

‫שבוצעו בטכניקה מעורבת שבה ציור משתלב‬

‫בדרך זו או אחרת ברבות מהעבודות המוצגות‬

‫הוצגו עבודותיהם של אמנים מארצות שונות —‬

‫באמצעים אחרים; שפע של צילומים‪ .‬הצילום‬

‫בתערוכה‪ .‬וזאת כאשר כל העבודות הללו שונות‬

‫ארגנטינה‪,‬בלארוס‪ ,‬קווקז ומרכז אסיה‪ ,‬רוסיה‬

‫כאמנות מזה זמן רב הפך לאחד מסוגי האמנות‬

‫מאוד זו מזו — גם בנושאיהן גם בטכניקת הביצוע‪.‬‬

‫והארצות הבלטיות‪ .‬לכל פסטיבל הגיע קהל רב‪,‬‬

‫הנפוצים בארה"ב‪.‬‬

‫ייתכן שאצל ציירים נושא — היחסים — הופיע‬ ‫איכשהו באופן לא מודע‪ :‬בארצנו הקטנה‪ ,‬היחסים‬

‫במיוחד כמובן‪ ,‬ביום הפתיחה החגיגית‪.‬‬ ‫אבל‪ ,‬כפי שזה קו אופייני כללי לאמנות היהודית‪,‬‬

‫בין האנשים הם יחסים מיוחדים מאוד‪ .‬וייתכן‬

‫של בית אות המוצר הירושלמי‪ ,‬אוצרות הגלריה‬

‫בעת הגיית ופיתוח פרויקט זה לא היה ספק‬

‫בעבודותיהם של האמנים חוברים להם יחד שני‬

‫שמשתתפי התערוכה מצאו את עצמם כאן משום‬

‫"סקיצה" מרינה גנקינה ומרינה שלסט פתחו‬

‫לאוצרות לא רק בכך שהוא יצליח‪ ,‬אלא גם בכך‬

‫היבטים‪ :‬מבחינה סגנונית הם אכן קרובים לאמנות‬

‫שהם עצמם נוטים ל"יחסים המיוחדים" האלה‪,‬‬

‫את תערוכת "אמנים עולים מארה"ב"‪ .‬הייתה זו‬

‫שזהו בעצם פרויקט נחוץ מאוד‪ .‬כי אין זה סוד‬

‫האופיינית לארץ שבה הם חיים‪ ,‬במקרה שלנו —‬

‫לתשומת הלב אליהם ולשמר אותם בתודעתם‪.‬‬

‫תערוכה ראשונה בסדרת תערוכות של פרויקט‬

‫שיוצאי הקהילות השונות יודעים יחסית מעט‬

‫לארץ מוצאם‪ ,‬ובמהות‪ ,‬בתוכן הפנימי‪ ,‬שומרים‬

‫"מארצות המוצא" שהן אצרו‪.‬‬

‫מאוד זה על זה‪ :‬מהם השורשים התרבותיים של‬

‫הם על קווים ייחודיים משלהם‪ .‬לעיתים ניתן לדבר‬

‫המיצב של רחל מנשה דור "סיסמונוע"‬

‫עד לתערוכה זו‪ ,‬גלריית "סקיצה" הייתה קיימת‬

‫קבוצות אלו או אחרות של עולים‪ ,‬וכיצד הקודים‬

‫על ביטויים המוצגים באופן "מילולי"‪ ,‬הבאים לידי‬

‫(‪ )Seismomotor‬נראה כמתקן הנדסי מורכב‪ .‬אבל‬

‫רק שנה ומעטים בלבד הכירו אותה‪.‬‬

‫התרבותיים שספגו מאז הילדות באים לידי ביטוי‬

‫ביטוי בנושא העבודה‪ ,‬לעיתים מדובר בתופעות‬

‫במציאות זהו אובייקט אמנות אינטראקטיבי‪ :‬אחרי‬

‫התערוכה עצמה הייתה צנועה מאוד‪ :‬רק חמישה‬

‫בחיי היומיום; אי‪-‬הידיעה הזו גורמת להיעדר הבנה‬

‫נסתרות יותר‪.‬‬

‫שמקפצים ומסתובבים על מגש מיוחד‪ ,‬המבקר‬

‫לפני שלוש שנים‪ ,‬בסתיו ‪ ,2008‬באולם התערוכות‬

‫אמנים השתתפו בה‪ ,‬קטלוג והזמנות לא נערכו‬

‫הדדית ואינה תורמת ליצירת קשרים הדוקים בין‬

‫מהסיבה הפשוטה שתערוכה הזו לא קיבלה שום‬

‫האמנים לבין עצמם ובינם לבין הקהל‪.‬‬

‫בתי העץ הצבועים של ג'וסף קונלי המוצבים על‬

‫הכתיבה מתווה על שטחו קווים בהתאם למידת‬

‫גבי משטח‪ ,‬נראים בדיוק כמו ישובים ישראליים‬

‫האקטיביות של תנועות הסובייקט‪ ,‬והשילוב של‬

‫בדיוק לכך נועדו הפסטיבלים שלנו — להציג את‬

‫כאשר אתה מביט בהם מרחוק; וה‪ Tickets-‬משלו‬

‫כל אותן החתימות יוצר עיטור מורכב וסבוך המוצג‬

‫אותם השורשים‪ ,‬ולא בצורה דידקטית אלא באופן‬

‫מסמלים את הנדודים היהודיים הבלתי‪-‬פוסקים‪,‬‬

‫לאחר מכן על ידי הצייר בתור יצירה עצמאית‪.‬‬

‫היום‪ ,‬בדיוק באותו אולם ובניהולן של אותן‬

‫מוחשי ובאווירה חגיגית‪ .‬מדובר גם בתמונות של‬

‫אלא שהפעם זהו כרטיס לארץ המובטחת‪.‬‬

‫האוצרות — שוב מוצגים אמנים עולים מארה"ב‪,‬‬

‫ציירים‪ ,‬שבהן ניתן להבחין בבירור באסכולה זו או‬

‫מימון והיה צורך להסתפק במשאבים עצמיים —‬ ‫כוחותיהם של האמנים והאוצרות‪.‬‬

‫דיוקנאות עצמיים של בריג'יט נכון גם הם אינטר­‬

‫אבל הפעם אין זו רק תערוכה — זהו פסטיבל של‬

‫אחרת‪ ,‬גם במוסיקה האופיינית לארץ המוצא‪,‬‬

‫גם בפרויקט הצילומים של בני הזוג גורדון &‬

‫אקטיביים‪ .‬במבט מרחוק אלה הן קומפוזיציות‬

‫אמנות שבו משתתפים ‪ 18‬אומנים ומוסיקאים‬

‫ולעיתים גם במאפייני תרבות ייחודיים כגון הכיבוד‪,‬‬

‫גורדון‪ ,‬מה שמתגלה לעיני הצופה אינם סתם‬

‫מופשטות יפות מאוד מרסיסי זכוכית ומראות‪,‬‬

‫עולים מארה"ב ומקהילות אחרות‪ .‬ואף שם‬

‫המטבח‪ ,‬ומאפייני תרבות אתנית נוספים בערב‬

‫חתולים אלא ‪Famous Cats of Jerusalem‬‬

‫המודבקים לבד כאשר נוספים אליהם גם משיכות‬

‫הפרויקט השתנה‪ ,‬כיום הוא נקרא‪" :‬גשרי תרבות‬

‫החגיגי לרגל הפתיחה‪.‬‬

‫הגאים והעצמאיים‪ ,‬החשים באותה נוחיות בכל‬

‫של צבע‪ .‬אבל כאשר הצופה מתקרב לעבודה‬

‫פינה בעיר‪ :‬גם כשהם מוקפים פרחים וגם כשהם‬

‫הוא מגלה שברסיסי המראות משתקפים פניו‪.‬‬

‫מוצאים עצמם בפחי האשפה‪.‬‬

‫ההשתקפות הזו מתפרקת‪ ,‬משתנה‪ ,‬ואם רק זזים‬

‫— אמנים ישראלים מארה"ב"‪ .‬בערב הסיום החגיגי‬


‫משאיר על הטוף הקראמי את חתימת ידו — עט‬

‫של הפסטיבל הנוכחי יהיו נוכחים נציגים של‬

‫אבל יש לכך גם פן אחר‪ .‬אין ספק שלמאפייני‬

‫משרד הקליטה‪ ,‬שגרירת ארה"ב בישראל‪ ,‬ראש‬

‫הסגנון של אמנים‪ ,‬שאִתם הגיעו ארצה‪ ,‬ישנו‬

‫מעט היא משתנה כל העת — ולכן קרויה העבודה‬

‫עיריית ירושלים ניר ברקת ואורחים רמי‪-‬מעלה‬

‫תפקיד חשוב מאוד‪ ,‬גם התרבות הישראלים על‬

‫רחל גורדון‪ ,‬כשהיא מופיע בהופעה עצמאית ולא‬

‫"דיוקנאות עצמיים" בלשון רבים‪ :‬כמניין האנשים‬

‫אחרים‪ .‬ניתן היום לאמר בביטחון‪ :‬פסטיבל זה הנו‬

‫כל הווייתה משפיעה על העולים — לא רק אומנות‬

‫בהרכב הזוגי‪ ,‬מתהלכת לה לאיטה בעיר הזו‪ ,‬ומה‬

‫כך גם מניין הדיוקנאות העצמיים‪ ,‬מה גם שכל‬

‫אירוע חשוב בחיי התרבות של העיר והמדינה‪.‬‬

‫הפלסטית אלא כל מה שכלול בה‪ :‬ההיסטריה‪,‬‬

‫שמושך את תשומת ליבה אינם אירועים סוערים‬

‫אדם מופיע בריבוי של גילויים‪...‬‬

‫מפגש תרבויות‬

‫ניהול הפרויקט‪:‬‬

‫בסיוע המשרד לקליטת העליה‪ ,‬המרכז לקליטת אמנים עולים‬

‫מרינה שלסט — מנהלת אמנותית‪ ,‬גלריית סקיצה‬ ‫יצחק וייס — בית אות המוצר הירושלמי‬ ‫משה דה גרציה — עיריית ירושלים‬ ‫מאמר‪ :‬מרינה גנקין‬

‫אמנים ישראלים מארצות הברית‬

‫ביוגרפיות‪ :‬מרינה גנקין‬

‫‪Israeli Artists from USA‬‬

‫עיצוב גרפי‪ :‬אלי רטנר‬

‫תרגום לאנגלית‪ :‬דוד קריקסונוב‬ ‫תרגום לעברית‪ :‬חיים דולגופולסקי‬

‫‪gs‬‬ ‫‪eetin‬‬ ‫‪tm‬‬ ‫‪ar‬‬ ‫‪of‬‬

‫‪se‬‬ ‫‪rie‬‬ ‫‪s‬‬

‫סדרת אירועים של‬

‫י צי ר‬

‫עריכה לשונית‪ :‬יצחק וייס‬ ‫הא‬ ‫תנ‬ ‫ית‬

‫הזכויות שמורות ל‪:‬‬

‫קשת ירושלמית‬

‫רעיון‪ :‬מרינה גנקין‪ ,‬מרינה שלסט‬

‫‪Jerusalem Rainbow‬‬

‫מאמר‪ :‬מרינה גנקין‬ ‫ביוגרפיות‪ :‬מרינה גנקין‬ ‫תמונות‪ :‬אמני התערוכה‬

‫גלריית בית אות המוצר הירושלמי‬ ‫אוגוסט — אוקטובר ‪2011‬‬

‫גלריית סקיצה‪:‬‬ ‫‪‬‬

‫בית אות המוצר הירושלמי‪:‬‬ ‫‪‬‬

‫הפסטיבל ביוזמת גלריית סקיצה‬ ‫אוצרות התערוכה‪ :‬מרינה גנקינה‪ ,‬מרינה שלסט‬

‫המידות המובאות בקטלוג הנן בסנטימטרים‪ ,‬גובה ‪ x‬רוחב ‪ x‬עומק‬ ‫© כל הזכויות שמורות הודפס בירושלים ‪2011‬‬

‫‪Skizza‬‬ ‫‪Club-Gallery‬‬

‫עיריית‬ ‫ירושלים‬

‫המשרד לקליטת העלייה‬ ‫משרד התרבות והספורט‬ ‫המרכז לקליטת אמנים עולים‬

‫אמנים ישראלים מארצות הברית‬

‫אולם התערוכות בבית אות המוצר הירושלמי‬ ‫אוגוסט — אוקטובר ‪2011‬‬

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