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Moravian College students watch as the last Steinway piano is moved into the Brethren’s House, cementing the College’s status as an ‘All-Steinway’ campus in August. Read more about this achievement on page 10.

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Collier Hall Renovations Completed in Time for Semester


Moravian Effect – Laura Smith ’09

Alumna Sets Off on Her Own Path, Visiting Spain, Alaska and now Seattle


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Cover: Accompanied by Moravian undergraduates Elyssa Deeb ’14 and Izel Dickerson ’16, President Bryon Grigsby takes his greyhound Mo for a walk in front of Comenius Hall.


Stories from the Moravian community

<< Moravian taught me how to reach for the stars so to speak, that anything I set my mind to was achievable. >>



FALL 2013

‘I Take Moravian with Me Everywhere I Go’ Alumna Pilot Found Courage to Succeed on Campus By Pamela Rea ’90 You might think that a degree in journalism is a strange route to becoming an airline pilot. You’d be right, but there is no one clear path to the profession. Some go the military route, some actually get degrees in aviation, and the rest of us attend a flight school associated with an airport. Since I didn’t decide on an airline career until the end of my junior year of college, it eliminated most options besides flight school. During the second semester of my junior year at Moravian, I studied abroad in London. That’s where I got my traveling bug and began thinking about a career spent seeing the world. At that time, I had become very disenchanted with my choice to study journalism and was starting to weigh my options. Flying became an obvious choice as I came from a family full of pilots. My father and two uncles were airline pilots and another uncle was an airline flight instructor. But it wasn’t until my mother suggested that I look into following in their footsteps that I even knew women flew commercially. After I graduated from Moravian in 1990, I enrolled at a local flight school owned by a coworker of my father’s.

A one-time journalism student, Pamela Rea ’90 transitioned into the family business, following her father and uncles into aviation. Twenty years later, Rea racks up thousands of miles a week flying to places like Dubai, London and Toyko.

FALL 2013

In the years since, I have earned more than 10 licenses and certificates, in addition to the six specific aircraft type ratings at United Airlines. For three years, I taught flying at the same school where I studied. I have flown commuter aircraft (they still had propellers when I was there), For the past 17 years, Rea has helped passengers of United Airlines see the world. cargo aircraft and now passenger jets. At different times, I have called New Jersey, Japan, Alaska, Chicago, Long Island, N.Y., and now northern Virginia home. Currently, I fly to Kuwait, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Beijing, Tokyo and Brazil on the Boeing 777, carrying more than 300 passengers – depending on the seating configurations. As of this December, I’ll have been with United for 17 years. So what was Moravian’s effect on me? I take Moravian with me everywhere I go. Moravian taught me how to reach for the stars so to speak, that anything I set my mind to was achievable. The College provided the tools necessary for me to have the courage to think outside the box, and any other cliché that applies here. I became very brave at Moravian, which might seem strange considering the size of the school. But the opportunities I had, like studying abroad, internships and social groups, all brought me to this point. The College didn’t have an official study abroad program when I was on campus, so I found one through another university. I traveled to Haiti with Father Hurley and saw overwhelming poverty and the need to bear witness. I went after internships that didn’t exist beforehand. I wasn’t spoon fed anything and I’m glad for that. As a student, in the midst of classes and socializing, I never realized how much Moravian was shaping me into the person I would become. W



fromthePRESIDENT Dear Moravian Community, I am truly honored and humbled to serve my alma mater as its 16th president. Alma mater means soul mother, and I know each of you appreciates the varied ways this great college has made you the person you are and prepared you for the careers you enjoy today. Moravian remains committed to providing students with an exceptional liberal arts education that prepares them for the careers of the 21st century. To meet that goal, beginning with the class of 2014, we will be providing all students with a MacBook Pro and an iPad. This will level the playing field for students so that regardless of a student’s financial resources, he or she will have an outstanding tool for use in academic pursuits. Also, the MacBook runs multiple operating systems, so a business student may use Windows, a computer science student may use Linux, and a music major can use Mac OS. The goal is to ensure all students leave with the technology skills they will need in their careers. Over the next few months and years, you will also hear about what we are terming the “New American Liberal Arts College.” For us, this means a college dedicated to enriching students’ lives through the liberal arts while truly preparing them for the careers of the 21st century. In the liberal arts, we are working on creating new and innovative internships. We are asking what types of careers are of interest to the English, history and political science majors and how do we prepare them best for those careers? In the professional programs, we are expanding our undergraduate research opportunities so that the students in nursing, business or education who want to go to graduate school will be ready. In this magazine, you will hear from exceptional alumni who were able to take the skills acquired at Moravian and apply them to new and innovative careers.



President Grigsby with Moravian’s No. 1 Greyhound, Mo

This includes Pam Rea (also of the class of 1990!), who serves as a pilot, and Ken Rampolla ’79, our chairman of the Board and president of Responsive Marketing Inc. All of you know Moravian provides an exceptional education and career preparation. Forbes recently ranked Moravian’s return on investment at 6.8%, and 90% of our students report being in graduate school or employed 10 months after graduation. Be proud of Moravian for she is preparing the next generation. None of this would be possible if it were not for the support we receive from alumni, parents and friends. Thank you to all those listed in this magazine for your gifts that truly make a difference in the lives of our students. Bryon L. Grigsby ’90 President

FALL 2013

out&about Fall Convocation Speaker Charges Audience to Pursue Wisdom The new academic year and the IN FOCUS year of Health Care officially began Sept. 12 with Fall Convocation and a thought-provoking keynote address by Paul Root Wolpe, a renowned bioethicist, Paul Root Wolpe addresses the crowd during Moravian College’s Fall Convocation held in Johnston Hall Sept. 12. sociologist, educator, writer and researcher. A senior bioethicist at NASA, among might have seemed ripped from a science fiction novel other appointments, Wolpe examined the years ago. He even hypothesized that in the not-to-disethical implications of new science and technology tant future we might reconstruct a mammoth, extinct on today’s – and tomorrow’s – society during his for more than 4,000 years, or grow human organs talk, titled “Re-Creation: The Biotechnological for transplantation use. These results come with Restructuring of Life.” enormous responsibility. “There’s no question that the dizzying “These kinds of developments have propace of technological change seems to found implications for the future of human drag us along in its wake,” Wolpe said. beings as a species; they raise important “It seems that we are always trying to ethical and social questions,” Wolpe said. play catch up to the new technologies.” He instructed students to use their time On the encouraging side, in the life in college not to just gain knowledge, but sciences, our society is “on the brink of also pursue wisdom. Through the resulting abilities that were almost unimaginable a mindfulness, “we will find out how to guide these short time ago,” he added. powers of science and technology toward human Wolpe proceeded to delve into a handful of recent flourishing,” he concluded. advances the world has seen, including some that


November 8 Induction Ceremony At the Athletic Hall of Fame Induction and Herbstman Award Ceremony, we celebrate our former Moravian student-athletes, coaches and teams.

FALL 2013


December 6 - 8 December 13 - 15 Vespers A beautiful Moravian Christmas tradition continues with vespers services. Call the Office of Institutional Advancement for information at 610-861-1336.




College Welcomes New President, Class of 2017 This fall, it was anything but just another start to the academic year as Moravian College kicked off its move-in and orientation weekend festivities with the annual College Community Colloquium, led by President Grigsby. In a crowded Foy Hall, he recapped his first two months at the helm, detailing the progress the President’s Council made in preparation for the start of his tenure. One day later, President Grigsby accompanied student organizations and athletic teams in assisting this semester’s first-year students into their new homes. Once the mini fridges and clothes were put away, the weekend continued with freshman convocation at Central Moravian Students were led by President Grigsby and Dean Nicole Loyd on a walk of the “Moravian Mile” on Aug. 24. The traditional walk starts at the 1742 oval located Church, the Class of 2017 Welcome Dinner at the corner of Locust and Monocacy Streets and follows the Moravian Mile in Johnston Hall, the “Moravian Mile” walk, down Main Street to the Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus. Houndfest and the Class Crossing event marking the end of orientation. Throughout orientation weekend, as well as the start of the semester, President Grigsby’s canine companion, a greyhound appropriately named “Mo,” has been a constant, and welcoming, presence.

MORAVIANBOOKSHELF n Sociology Professor Joel Nathan Rosen recently released a new book, A Locker Room of Her Own: Celebrity, Sexuality, and Female Athletes, profiling superstar female athletes and the obstacles they face in the public eye. This is the third volume of a collaborative series co-edited with David C. Ogden of University of Nebraska at Omaha, and published by University Press of Mississippi. With a team of contributors, including Moravian’s Martha Reid, professor of English, the book attempts to investigate female athletes and their celebrity status by analyzing the myths that surround them, delving into the role that nostalgia and collective memory play. n Inspired by his recent work as a newspaper columnist, Santo D. Marabella, professor of management, released his first book with a focus on renewing the energy in the workplace for the greater good of the employee and the business. The Practical Prof: Simple Lessons for Anyone



Who Works! targets working adults – not just executives or managers, but anyone who works – providing “lessons” on how to succeed and enjoy managing yourself at work, or managing your workplace. n The playing field of economic research on athletics, particularly professional athletics, is dominated by men’s sports and the “big four”— football, baseball, basketball and hockey. In an effort to level the field, and promote a comprehensive economic analysis of women’s sports, Eva Marikova Leeds, associate professor of economics and business, co-edited Handbook on the Economics of Women in Sports. The collection of essays, published by Edward Elgar Publishing and co-edited by Michael A. Leeds, professor of economics at Temple University, uses current theoretical models and econometric tools to examine the legal, social and economic forces that affect the experiences of female athletes.

FALL 2013


College Eyes Conversion to All-MacBook Pro, iPad Campus

Going Google While the conversion to an allMacBook Pro, iPad campus will begin next fall, the College has already “Gone Google.” In July, all student email accounts were switched to MocoMail, powered by Gmail, a feature-filled email service that provides a bevy of exciting new apps. The transition, which had been planned for nearly two years, answers a call from Moravian’s student body. The transition to MocoMail significantly increased email and storage spaces, while also allowing students access to Google Calendar, Docs, Slides and Sheets, as well as nearly 80 other available apps. Faculty and staff will join the students on MoCoMail by the end of the fall 2013 semester.

FALL 2013

In an effort to level the technology playing field, the College will issue a MacBook Pro laptop and an iPad to all new undergraduate students entering in the fall of 2014 and embark on a plan to become an all-MacBook Pro campus. The new initiative aims to provide all students with 21st century knowledge and skills that will be transferrable to numerous careers. “Our goal is to provide students with the best in technology and collaborative learning tools to prepare them for their futures,” said President Grigsby. “We are developing an integrated mobile learning program that will transform the way students learn and professors teach.” Faculty members, who will be equipped with the same MacBooks and iPads as the students, will explore ways to make the best use of the technology in teaching both in and out of the classroom. The program will facilitate the “classroom flip” model of learning in which students access online lectures and resources outside of class, allowing professors to spend more time working directly with students in the classroom. Apple products were chosen for a variety of practical reasons including format versatility, hardware reliability, and software creativity. “The Apple platform can run Linux, Windows or iOS, giving faculty and students flexibility to work in the operating system that is best suited for their discipline,” said Scott Hughes, Moravian’s chief information officer. By providing new students with a 13-inch MacBook Pro and an iPad that will be covered by their tuition, the College will, in effect, be providing all students with equal access to technology, Hughes added. The College is working to finalize details on a plan that would allow current students to buy into the program.




Stowell Builds on Moravian’s Fulbright Tradition Rianne Stowell ’13, who graduated in May with two degrees (in neuroscience and Spanish), was selected for a Fulbright U.S. Student award for 2013-2014 to Spain. Her selection continues Moravian’s remarkable run earning Fulbrights, becoming the College’s eleventh person to win the prestigious award in the past 14 years. Currently in Seville, Spain, Stowell is conducting research in the University of Seville’s Department of Pharmacology, utilizing both of her undergraduate degrees. This is Stowell’s second stay at the University of Seville; she studied and completed an internship there for a semester as part of Moravian’s study abroad program through the Foreign Language Department. “Moravian inspired me to pursue this path by giving me the flexibility to earn two majors,” Stowell explained. After the Fulbright is complete, she will attend the University of Rochester to pursue a doctorate in neuroscience.

‘No Greater Teaching Honor in Psychology’ In recognition of “a psychologist who has a proven track record as an exceptional teacher of psychology,” the American Psychological Foundation (APF) presented Dana S. Dunn, professor of psychology and assistant dean for special projects, the 2013 Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching of Psychology this spring. “There is no greater teaching honor in psychology,” said Dunn on receiving the accolade. “This is touching and gratifying, and there are so many who would be viable candidates. This is a feather in Moravian’s cap. Most winners would be found in a research-based or state university, and this is an acknowledgement of the good things we do in small places.”



New Programs, New Opportunities What’s the best way to calculate the campus’ interest in the new sports management track in the management major, which kicked off this fall semester? In hours, of course. It took just two of them for the track’s first course, “Mindfulness and Flow in Sport Organizations,” offered by Katie Desiderio, to close. In all, 31 students are enrolled in the class, preparing for possible careers within the sports management field or the broader business world. In addition to the Economics and Business Department’s sports management track, Moravian added the following academic programs this semester: pre-music therapy, public health (in partnership with East Stroudsburg University) and a defined pathway to a master’s degree in athletic training (also in partnership with ESU). The College’s pre-music therapy program is designed for students to go specifically from Moravian to a master’s program where an undergraduate music therapy degree is not required. Focusing on health education and health care administration, the College’s first cooperative program with ESU leads to a Bachelor of Science with a major in public health. Students complete half of their major courses at the ESU Bethlehem campus, and all other requirements at Moravian. The College’s other ESU partnership allows students, with a bachelor’s degree and completion of appropriate courses and GPA, to earn admission into ESU’s Master of Science program in athletic training. In addition to these new offerings, Moravian now offers an accelerated program in nursing for college graduates. Students with a bachelor’s degree in a nonnursing major can now earn a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing through a new 16-month program. Lastly, the College now provides a master’s degree program in health administration, the Lehigh Valley’s only master’s degree of its kind.

FALL 2013


Ken Rampolla ’79


What does it mean to have an alumnus as Moravian College’s new president? And why did President Grigsby stand out during the presidential search process? For me, it just feels right to have Bryon back home. Having gone to Moravian, he understands what it means to be a part of this special community. He has that advantage. No one needs to explain to him who we are and what we want to be. But we didn’t pick Bryon because he was an alumnus. When we, the Board of Trustees, started this process, we didn’t go out looking for an alumnus, we were looking for the best president. He was the best person and candidate for the job by far. I’m excited for his return because I think he brings a great sense of energy and passion to the position.


Q: A:

For you, what makes a Moravian education distinctive? What’s distinctive about my Moravian education is the intimate relationships I developed with faculty members as a student. I fondly remember having coffee and reading The Wall Street Journal four days a week with the late Dr. John Grencer, my economics professor. That’s the difference. What’s also important to me is that while we are the sixth-oldest college in America and an elite school, we aren’t elitist. I am proud to say that the first freshman class during my tenure as chair has nearly 30 percent first-generation students. That’s important to who we are.

Q: A:

In your opinion, what is the greatest obstacle facing institutions of higher education today? How does Moravian overcome or meet this challenge? I think we must understand that we are a special business, and that we must provide real returns on the investment. We must treat our students as customers, making sure their experience is the best that it can be. It’s important that we do the best job we possibly can to deliver superior value to our students.

Q: A: FALL 2013

As chair of the Board of Trustees, what are your goals looking forward? My primary goal is to assist Bryon in taking Moravian to the next level, and to foster a greater stew-

NAME: Kenneth J. Rampolla ’79


TITLE: Chair of the Moravian College Board of Trustees

EMPLOYMENT: President, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Responsive Marketing Inc.

FAMILY: Wife, Anne McCandless Rampolla ’79; daughter, Elizabeth; and son, Kenny MAJOR: Economics MISCELLANEOUS: A former scholar-athlete and four-year football letter winner; co-founded Blue & Grey Club; inducted into the Moravian College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010

ardship from our alumni to this institution. As good as we are, I feel we should be much better, and I want us to reach our full potential.

Q: A:

Why should fellow Moravian alumni reconnect with their alma mater? Our alumni should have this compelling desire to pay it forward, and I think a lot of them do. It’s our time to take the baton, to give back, and take Moravian to the next level. My wife, Anne, and I give back because it is a way to say “thank you” to all the professors, coaches and staff who gave so much to us.

Q: A:

Thirty-five years ago, you played your final football season at Moravian. How often do you think back to that experience, and what did you learn as a Greyhound athlete? Every time I hit a golf ball or wake up in the morning, my back reminds me of my football experience. [Laughs.] In all seriousness, being an athlete provided many of the same challenges I faced when I joined the steel industry and started my own company. I competed at a pretty high level, probably above where my physical talent should have taken me. That was the influence of Moravian. Regardless if you were an athlete, a musician, or whatever your major may have been, you were being prepared to succeed. W MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE


An Investment in




FALL 2013

College Achieves ‘All-Steinway’ Status with Donation from late Betty Louise Aierstock Moore ’45


o trace back the origins of Moravian College’s initiative to become an ‘All-Steinway’ campus, a distinction held by fewer than 160 colleges and universities nationwide, a person must go back some 15 years ago to the waning hours before a recital in Peter Hall and a small, but necessary, untruth. Kimberly Buschta Poloni ’99 was prepping for her performance that evening when she realized the lower register of the piano keys was locked up and unplayable. She called upon Blair Flintom, the Music Department’s facilities manager, to help, who in turn contacted a piano technician. Four hours later, the technician had the instrument working, but for how long, he couldn’t predict. “He basically said, ‘the piano was on its last leg and it had to go,’” Flintom recalls. When Poloni later approached Flintom to find out the piano’s status, to calm her nerves, he lied. “You could see the little sweat beading up on her. So when she asked if everything was OK, I said, ‘I was right, there was a pencil in it’ – which wasn’t the case,” he explains. By the “grace of God,” Flintom says, the piano limped through the recital. Shortly thereafter, he approached the faculty and explained how dire the need was for better pianos – the incident before the recital was just the latest example of the equipment faltering because of use. Moravian’s All-Steinway initiative was subsequently born. Fifteen years later, Moravian completed its conversion to Steinway & Sons pianos, securing the final 10 the department needed thanks to a gift from the late Betty Louise Aierstock Moore ’45. This summer, the Moore family presented a gift of $500,000 to the institution, $350,000 of which was marked to complete the All-Steinway campus conversion. “The journey of becoming All-Steinway has been made possible through the generosity of so many individuals, foundations, corporations, fundraisers – including the At-Home Steinway Series – and the Moravian College Music Alliance,” said Hilde Binford, chair of Moravian College’s Department of Music. “A lot of credit for the initiative goes to our previous department chairs, but also Blair. He was the one that realized our pianos were in

bad shape and falling apart, and he pushed for our move to Steinway. He got the ball rolling.” On Aug. 1, President Bryon Grigsby, music department faculty and student Michael McAndrew ’15 traveled to Jacobs Music Co. in Philadelphia to select the pianos. Three weeks later, on Aug. 21, the College celebrated the delivery of the final Steinway piano to the Brethren’s House in fitting style. The College’s marching band, in matching black All-Steinway celebration T-shirts, trumpeted its arrival, filling Church Street with music and life. “The people from Jacobs told us they had never seen anything like it before,” says Flintom of the pomp and circumstance awaiting a moving truck and men with dollies. President Grigsby championed the achievement as an “investment in our students and in our faculty.” “Our students need to have the best equipment and the best preparation when they go out into their jobs, and that is what Steinway represents,” he explains. For Flintom, the culmination of the pianos’ arrival was very personal and emotional, pausing before he answered. “I think this whole experience has brought a new life to the Music Department,” he adds. “Our Steinway pianos are truly a piece of art. And they look so darn nice in our rooms. “Of course, it’s good to educate the students on what they have, and how fortunate we are. It’s particularly important that they know how to treat the pianos carefully.” W

LEFT: Michael McAndrew ’15, a composition major with an instrumental focus on piano, breaks in one of the College’s new Steinway pianos with President Bryon Grigsby looking on. RIGHT: Piano movers transport a new Steinway piano through Peter Hall in August.

FALL 2013





4 6


Collier Hall Renovations

Put ‘Science on Display’


n time for the start of the 2013-2014 academic year, Moravian College completed phase two of its renovation of the Collier Hall of Science, bringing the four-decade-old science facility into the modern era. (Phase three begins in summer 2014.) The ambitious summer renovation project focused on several key objectives: meeting the academic needs of the College’s faculty and students, improving the quality of life for all of the building’s occupants, and adhering to standards of the Life Safety Code. While students, faculty, staff and visitors likely first noticed the improvements inside the teaching and research laboratories – most notably, the new third-floor anatomy and physiology lab – as well as the new student study spaces and faculty offices, the real benefits of phase two’s renovations aren’t as apparent, says Kelly Krieble, associate professor of physics and department chair of physics and earth science, who serves as project shepherd. “About 80 percent of what we have done here, people aren’t going to see,” he explains. The College worked from the outside in starting with the replacement of the roof and all exterior windows. A heat recovery system was also installed on the roof, which should provide energy



savings in the future. The renovation included upgrades to the electrical system and ductwork, as well as a life safety room that was added in the basement. This new addition houses the sprinkler and smoke detection systems and other life safety features. Lastly, interior windows were added in various locations offering views into educational and study areas. This was a major point of interest during the renovation and will continue in subsequent phases. “The project’s overriding idea of ‘science on display’ directly relates to visitors and students becoming visually involved with laboratory activities, hence the need for windows between hallways, laboratories and other spaces,” says Kim Sherr, Moravian’s associate director of project management and plant operations and project manager for the renovation. Krieble and Sherr champion the new third-floor anatomy and physiology lab, or simply called “lab 303,” as the crowning achievement of phase two – see the corresponding list of updates. “From the flooring and lighting to the fixtures and the doors, 303 will be the design model for future lab renovations,” says Sherr. Adds Krieble,“The space has been completely transformed.”

FALL 2013

5 2


Collier’s new GIS laboratory will have similar visibility to passersby, bringing education into the open. In phase three, the socalled “super lab,” which will consist of a physical chemistry lab and a biochemical/quantitative analytical chemistry lab on Collier’s main floor, will continue this trend of allowing visual access from the surrounding hallways.

Other research and teaching laboratories also received muchneeded updates, including new fume hoods installed according to the needs of faculty and students. The College relocated all emergency shut off valves for the natural gas toward the doorways of the laboratories for easier access. Additionally, there are now electrical panels on each floor, and a new emergency generator to back up necessary equipment. W

A New & Improved Lab 303 1

BREATHE EASY Say goodbye to the eye-watering fumes that accompany dissections thanks to a new high-volume exhaust system. Located on the far wall, the system allows for better visibility and table space in the laboratory.


LET’S START THE SHOW! Gone are the days of squinting to see an instructor’s work on a 20-somethinginch television. Today’s students enjoy the benefits of a document camera that provides a live feed to a screen projector, displaying classroom instruction on the back wall. An added bonus is the automatic window shades that close when the projector runs.


MORE ELBOW ROOM Behind these beautiful cabinets is an extensive prep area for students to prepare for experiments and dissections. Krieble called this a big improvement over the condensed prep area that students crowded into previously.

FALL 2013


AS COLD AS ICE Two state-of-the-art, programmable refrigerators hide behind this wall. One acts as a research unit and another serves as a storage unit.


HIT THE LIGHTS Notice the new pendant lighting that illuminates the classroom from the ceiling to the floor. This is a significant upgrade over the previous fluorescent models.


OVERLOOKING MAIN STREET Last, but certainly not least, is the addition of this wall of windows. “There was a hallway there before, so we basically moved the lab eight feet to the east,” says Krieble, noting the new prep area was gained in the relocation. “The windows add a sense of life, and you no longer feel like you are standing in a bunker.” This is the building’s lone laboratory with a view to the outside.



The Moravian Effect: Laura Smith ’09

Setting Off On Your Own PA T


Moravian Inspires Alumna to Find Passion, Seek Purpose


aura Smith ’09 remembers the exact moment she fell for Moravian College. It wasn’t as a little girl, though she enjoyed attending the College’s Vespers and athletic events as a youngster. It wasn’t during her college application process years later, instead choosing to attend another higher education institution. Rather, her “epiphany,” as she calls it, came at her older sister’s graduation ceremony at Moravian in 2007. As Maria Smith ’07 chatted up then President Thomforde that afternoon, Laura, who just finished her second year at Rutgers University, felt a call to Moravian. “I realized then I would likely never get an opportunity to meet the college president, or know my professors on an individual basis,” she recalls. “I made an instant decision to transfer. From the very beginning, it just felt right. Moravian was just a very warm, inviting campus and, at that time, I was really looking for a strong community.” Smith credits the College for helping her grow not only academically, but also personally, forging the close relationships she sought. “I got to know my professors, and our conversations continued outside of the classroom,” she says, thanking professors like Diane White Husic, John Reynolds and Gary Olson for guiding her through the educational process. The environmental studies major also praises Moravian for building a community where students are encouraged to Smith shows off her impressive haul following a successful salmon fishing trip in Alaska.



Laura Smith ’09, who lives in downtown Seattle, often walks to work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is located across the street from the city’s most notable landmark, the Space Needle.

develop leadership skills. She participated in LeaderShape and was president of the College Democrats, organizing voter registration drives and raising political awareness on campus during the 2008 primary presidential election. Smith also spent time studying urban planning and European culture in Denmark. In total, because of her time abroad, Smith spent just three semesters on campus, but it was enough for Moravian to become home. “It just seemed so much longer than that,” she says. “I made such wonderful connections with professors, friends and people in the community of Bethlehem.” In the four years since graduation, Smith hasn’t been afraid to change course when she’s found a passion and a

FALL 2013


experience led me to be an AmeriCorps volunteer in Anchorage. I took advantage of the opportunities that came my way.” These lessons were instilled by Husic. “What I learned from her, and overall at Moravian, was that there wasn’t a single path to finding a fulfilling job,” Smith explains. In addition to fishing, Smith also enjoyed Husic, too, is fond skiing in ‘The Last Frontier.’ of Smith, calling her “one of those students I really miss.” The professor recalls that in 2009 Smith – already a graduate and working in Spain – joined the College’s delegation in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the United Nations climate meetings. What I learned from Dr. Husic, and overall Smith was “a great addition not only for her perspectives on climate change and social jusat Moravian, was that there wasn’t a tice, but she had studied abroad in Denmark and knew the city well,” Husic says. single path to finding a fulfilling job. Today, Smith lives in Seattle, Wash., and is closing in on her one year anniversary on assignment at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As a project coordinator, she supports an initiative involving Bill Gates and pharmaceutical companies, which uses innovation and partnerships to tackle the health challenges of the world’s poorest. One of the initiative’s objectives is to find a new drug reginine children, through the city, educating them men for tuberculosis (TB). This ties directly into Smith’s experion street signs and bus routes. During these activities, a ence in Alaska. bond formed between Smith and these families. “The common link between my time in Alaska and the “Often times, I was the only person they trusted because Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is that a lot of my stuI was helping them become more independent,” she says. “It was dents had TB, and I saw how their resettlement process and challenging emotionally, too, as they confided in me about what lives were affected by their health,” she explains. “Often happened in their home countries and refugee camps. It helped me times, refugees with TB were shunned by members of their to understand what I needed to do to help them transition into own community. This opportunity with the foundation their new lives in the U.S.” seemed perfect for me as I wanted to continue helping Her Alaskan experience was a far cry from her academic those in need.” work, where she studied urban planning. But as Smith points This fall Smith began a graduate program in public adout, “the skills and knowledge base that I acquired at Moraministration at the University of Washington, but she doesn’t vian have been applicable throughout my career.” know where it will lead her. She does know she enjoys the “In college, my goal was to be a city planner, and that work at the foundation, and looks forward to what lies ahead. completely changed after I graduated,” she continues. “My moti“What I really learned at Moravian is that you have to be pasvation for working in Spain was to return to Europe, and when sionate about what you are doing,” she concludes. W I came back to the U.S., my desire to help others and teaching purpose – much like her decision to transfer to Moravian in the first place. Fresh out of college, she returned to Europe, teaching English in a rural town in Spain for 10 months. She then returned to the U.S., but skipped the lower 48, working in Alaska as an AmeriCorps volunteer with a refugee resettlement agency. While in Anchorage, she taught ESL classes, as well as job readiness and orientation to life in the U.S., to refugees from Somalia, Burma, Sudan and Bhutan. The experience was very fulfilling. Splitting her time between a formal classroom and venturing into the community, Smith helped the refugees become self-sufficient by helping them apply for jobs and prepare for interviews, and find medical care and grocery stores. Teaching the refugees the public transportation system was especially tricky. Smith and an interpreter often navigated families, some with eight or



FALL 2013



List of Donors 2012-2013

Moravian College

Giving to Moravian in the past 10 years need only give for three consecutive years to be a member. We would like to extend a special thank you to those members of the Consistent Giving Society whose support year in and year out is so critical to our fundraising success. We are also especially appreciative of those members of the Comenius Society whose leadership gifts have helped shape the College in so many ways. This year we had 19 new members in the Comenius Society, which now brings our membership total to 402. The Campaign for Moravian: Pride. Passion. Opportunity. continues to make good progress and, as of June 30, we have

We would like to thank the 3,358 alumni, parents and friends who made gifts to Moravian College this past year. Your generosity resulted in gifts totaling $5,821,120. These gifts will be used for financial aid, capital projects, academic programs and cocurricular activities such as athletics, music, career services, community service and a variety of other areas designated by donors. Our Consistent Giving Society continues to grow and we are pleased to welcome 149 new members to this group that now totals 1,625. Members of the Consistent Giving Society have given a gift to the College for a minimum of five consecutive years. Those alumni who have graduated

Giving Clubs THE COMENIUS SOCIETY Moravian Circle 1742 Circle Chairman’s Circle Trustee Circle President’s Associates Heritage Club Comenius Society

OTHER GIVING CLUBS $100,000+ $ 50,000+ $ 25,000+ $ 10,000+ $ 5,000+ $ 2,500+ $ 1,000+

Monocacy Club Founders Club Colonial Club Greyhound Club

$ $ $ up to $

Visit for more information.

500+ 250+ 150+ 149

raised $37,259,775 in gifts and pledges toward our goal of $45 million with two years remaining in the Campaign. Included in this total is an additional $1.1 million in gifts and pledges that were given this past year for the Super Lab in the newly renovated Collier Hall of Science. Work on the Super Lab will be completed this coming summer. The Moravian Theological Seminary had another successful year having raised $640,613. Once again, we would like to extend a special thank you to the Northern and Southern Provinces of the Moravian Church for their continued support of the Seminary. While the capital campaign for the Seminary was completed in 2011, it is worth noting that of the $16,430,981 raised for the campaign through gifts and pledges, $16,220,044 has been received for a remarkable 99% fulfillment less than two years after its completion. Thank you to all those donors listed on the following pages that have made a gift to the College or the Seminary this past year. We sincerely appreciate your support.

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

PRISCILLA PAYNE HURD SOCIETY The Priscilla Payne Hurd Society was established in 2012 as a way to recognize those individuals and private foundations whose extraordinary generosity has helped to shape, transform and sustain Moravian College.

A. Joanne & John H., M.D. ‘54

Duggan & Marcon Inc.

Eden Charitable Foundation

Bowman P ‘82, P ‘94

B. Braun Medical, Inc.

Kathleen & Michael M. ‘72 Ellis

Mr. Clayton K. Brewer ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox P ‘87

Anonymous Donor

Harlan F. Fulmer, MD ’43*

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Brewer P ‘11

Beth & Woodrin ‘66 Grossman

Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr.

Holly Beach Public Library Association

The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hanson P ‘15

Mr. John H. Clewell*

Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd*

Dr. & Mrs. G. Clarke Chapman

Elinor Shute ‘91 & Andrew W. ‘91 Hart

Ms. Mildred S. Clewell*

Gladys Edgar ’42* &

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Christensen

Mr. J. Robert Hess

Bertha Finkelstein ’37* &

The ClayMir Foundation, a fund of the

Mrs. Constance Stirling Hodson ‘68

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Reinhard

Elizabeth & James J., M.D. ‘60 Houser

Employees of Moravian College

The Reeves Foundation


Amy Kohler ‘95 & Robert Howard

Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Bertha-Mae Starner ’27*

Emmeline Lewis ‘48 &

Barbara Colbourne ‘77 &

Bernard L.* Cohen

James T.* Marcus

Chester County Community

Leonard R.* Dimmick

F. Robert Jr. ‘76 Huth

Employees of East Penn

IBM Corporation

Incorporated Research Institutions

Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Deborah L. & Robert P. ‘71 Flicker

Just Born Inc.

The Comenius Society comprises alumni, trustees, friends, parents, corporate

Diana L. & Leslie C. ‘68 Jones

Louise & Thomas F. ‘49 Keim P ‘72

leaders, and faculty and staff members who share the conviction that Moravian

Ms. Pauline Laubach*

Larger Life Foundation

defines what it means to be a 21st century educational institution, carrying

Deborah Oplinger ‘73 &

Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon

Comenius’ ideals forward in a way that merits significant financial support.

Diane L. & Robert C. ‘74 May P ‘02


Members of the Comenius Society have supported Moravian by making a gift of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year.

MORAVIAN CIRCLE Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. P ‘84 Miss Carolyn D. Felker ‘68 Genevieve Riordan ‘43 & Edwin* Gee William Randolph Hearst Foundation Holly Beach Public Library Association Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd* Priscilla Payne Hurd Charitable Lead Unitrust Dr. A. Kathrine Miller ‘34* Mrs. Betty Aierstock Moore ‘45* Moravian Church, Southern Province Mrs. Walter L. Peters* Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reinhard P ‘86, P ‘90 Salem Congregation Dr. F. P. ‘43 & Helen Sutliff 1742 CIRCLE Sandra L. & Placido A. ‘78 Corpora Mr. & Mrs. Martin Engels Dr. Jutta S. Leheis ‘63* Mrs. Elizabeth Lowder Mason* Moravian Church, Northern Province National Park Service National Science Foundation Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. Betsey Tait ‘51 & John W. Puth Sodexo Ms. Joann M. Trotsky ‘64

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Air Products Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Barnette Teri McCandless ‘81 & Ray J. Jr. ‘81 Bishop P ‘10 Evelyn Trodahl ‘68 & Richard Chynoweth Coordinated Health East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. Elizabeth & William V. ‘58 Herbein Mrs. Brenda Krajci ‘65 Mr. James T. Marcus* Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz ‘84, P ‘14, P ‘16 National Endowment for the Humanities Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Anne McCandless ‘79 & Kenneth J. ‘79 Rampolla RMI Ralph L. Shields, M.D. ‘60, P ‘89 St. Luke’s Hospital Carol Herman, M.D. ‘62 & Frank J., M.D. ‘61 Szarko Wells Fargo Foundation TRUSTEE CIRCLE Mr. Cyril J. Anderson Aesculap Academy Mr. Stephen D. Black

Russell McKinnon

Susanne & Gregg L. ‘77 McNelis

Patricia Ann & Anthony ‘59 Morelli

Beth Ann & Joseph C. L., M.D. ‘64 Merola

Mr. Henry W. Nehilla ‘67

Mr. Charles E. Merrill Jr.

Ms. Jaye Newbold ‘12

Claire L. & Parry J., M.D. ‘66 Miller

Ann C. & Brian H. ‘82 Oswald

Terence L. O’Rourke Jr., M.D. ‘86

Janna Barclay ‘95 & Todd D. ‘93 Parlee

Linda G. & Thomas A. Jr. ‘77 Ortwein


Christine & Michael J. ‘75 Perrucci P ‘97

Mrs. Louise Moore Pine*

PPL Corporation

Diana & Raymond J. ‘89 Reimer

Amanda Westphal ‘89 & Conrad J., Esq.

Mrs. Melissa Miller Robbins ‘69

‘87 Radcliffe

Jennifer & Bryan W., Ph.D. ‘86 Sandmann

Sandy & Eric S. ‘69 Ruskoski

Saucon Mutual Insurance Company

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld

Miss Cornelia Schlotter ‘57

Mrs. Marian A. Smith

Patricia Nemesh ‘70 &

Mrs. Doris English Smullin ‘42*

Honnie P. Spencer, M.D. ‘90

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Shreter P ‘12

Mrs. Mary Fabian Strock ‘38*

Drs. Bettie & Oles Smolansky

Dr. Christopher M. Thomforde &

Colleen & Bruce C. ‘87 Spencer

Mary C. T. Kincaid ‘68 &

Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde

Robert J. Jr. Schoenen

Caspar L. & Helen Desh ‘54 Woodbridge

Janice ‘82, ‘91 & Thomas Young

Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Steinman P ‘12

John L. Squarcia P ‘96

Linda Joseph ‘73 & James M. ‘73 Stevens

PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Albarell Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ‘43* Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania Mrs. Lois Brunner Bastian ‘50 Jennifer Swain ‘73 & Harry S. Jr., M.D., Ph.D. ‘72 Clarke Judith Acker ‘57 & Bernard Cornwell Jaime Marks ‘04 & Brian J. ‘02 Corvino Virginia Dancy ‘59 & John III Dickie Miss Marcella I. Dimmick ‘35

«Consistent Giving Consistent Giving Society Society FALL 2013

for Seismology

Mr. William J. Straccia ‘58 Kathryn & Richard J., M.D. ‘79 Szarko Trans-Bridge Lines Inc. Vulcan Materials Company Kathy & Gordon Weil Mrs. Priscilla Wolle Mr. David A. Zinczenko ‘91

HERITAGE CLUB Margaret & D. Wayne ‘04 Barefoot Rita Roseman ‘61 & Charles E. Jr. ‘60 Bartolet Kristin & Todd E. ‘86 Bateson * denotes deceased MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE


thank you Mrs. Estelle Marcon Boyer

Doris Wood & David A. ‘60

Mr. Michael K. Clark ‘12

Guardian Life Insurance Company

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Breidegam


Patricia A. & W. Eugene ‘68 Clater

Laurie Riley ‘82 & Lloyd S. Brubaker

Marsha & Robert C. Sr. ‘68 Silcox

Judith & Donald M., M.D. ‘52 Cohen

Amy S. & David B. ‘86 Guthrie

Michele & Steven J. ‘90 Burd

Laura Lee & Britt J., Esq. ‘95 Simon

Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier Jr.

Drs. Ruth & Theodore Hailperin

Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Carney

Marie Skrilec, Ph.D. ‘74

Suzanne Bleiler ‘82 & Jon B. ‘82 Conrad

Laurie Boyd ‘65 & Iwao ‘64 Hanawa

Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation

Leslie D. Smith ‘96 & James F. Pfieffer

Jane D. & Richard M. ‘68 Cope

Judith-Mae Bowers ‘69 & William L.

Maria Corpora, Esq. ‘72

Dr. & Mrs. David R. Taschler P ‘14

Cornerstone Advisors Asset


Dr. Audrey West &

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller P ‘06

Patricia Murray ‘82 & Kenneth D. ‘81

Mrs. Diane Yaeck Wellington ‘57, P ‘80

Judith M. & Bruce C., Ph.D. ‘64 Coull


Joan Kiefer ‘86 & Todd J. ‘87

Mrs. Gail Smith Winson ‘66

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford

Mr. Terry J. Hart

Nicole & Kenneth C. ‘87 Yee

Mr. Scot J. Dapp

Kathryn Horwath ‘52 & Ray H. Hartman

Mary Beth Krater ‘64 &

Adele G. & Earl C. ‘57 Zeiner P ‘98

Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Hastings P ‘04, P ‘15

Debra Lewis ‘75 & Carl W. Zvanut

Patricia Owen ‘74 &

Tamera Boote ‘81 & Gary R. Hatton

Rev. Dr. Sally A. Brown &

Sharon L. & Charles W. ‘74 Heidecker

Ms. Suzanne Astbury Decker ‘61

Drs. Linda & Ned Heindel

Kathryn Werst ‘59 & Wayne L. Detwiler

Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ‘53, ‘57

Dr. & Mrs. George S. Diamond

Jane Tatum ‘90 & Carl O. Helstrom

Ms. Robin B. Diamond &

Mr. Alan L. Herd ‘67

Joy G. & James T. ‘75 Hicks

Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ‘80 Dickinson P ‘16 James M. Dinneen Mr. Peter T. Dunbar ‘66

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company Nancy Likman ‘78 & Mark R. Graham Nancy & Robert K. ‘75 Gratz P ‘08 Mr. & Mrs.* James A. Hancock Jr. Harmony Press Inc. Ms. Marilyn L. Herwig ‘75 Highmark Blue Shield Marie & George E. ‘59 Hollendersky Mary K. & Richard D. ‘85 Hooper Hotel Bethlehem Mr. Ralph W. Hunsicker ‘76 Daren A. & F. James ‘69 Hutchinson Kimberly Deischer ’91 &

Thomas R. ‘90 Ike

Ms. Amy Lou Johnson Johnson & Johnson Company Key Foundation Suzanne Kmet ‘91 & William A. Diaz Susan H. Kuenstner ‘83 & Tom Coleman Janice Whitfield ‘64 &

John G., Ph.D. ‘65 Landis

Linda Wells ‘69 & Roger C. Lark Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Teresa Segar ‘88 & Gary L. ‘88 Long Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ‘70 Mr. Bruce W. Marold ‘12 Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation Merck Company Foundation Barbara & Lloyd H. ‘64 Michael Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ‘85 Janie Whallon ‘74 & Richard A. Muir Linda & Christopher A. ‘88 Ohmacht Dr. Barbara A. Osborne ‘70 &

Dr. Richard A. Goldsby

PNC Bank, N.A. Dr. & Mrs. James H. Reid Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Mrs. Mary Jeane Moser Romer ‘54* Lisa Moyer ‘81 & David Roth

COMENIUS SOCIETY Abbott Laboratories Fund Mr. George B. Adams ‘50 Albarell Electric Inc. Miss Alma A. Albright ‘40 Mr. Alvin A. Albright Jr. Allied Building Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli Elizabeth A. & Richard E. ‘70 Anderson Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler ArcelorMittal Karen ‘88 & Jose P. Arencibia AT&T Foundation Mrs. Karen Bader Mrs. Margaret Baldock Barnes & Noble Wendy Merkle ‘83 & William J. Basta Bonnie C. & Richard A., Ed.D. ‘63 Bedics Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ‘80 Beitler Mr. Donald M. Bellis ‘78 Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram P ‘75, P ‘83 Constance L. & David E. ‘88 Bennett Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission Melanie & Mark A. ‘95 Bonsall Dolores B. & Donald R., D.Ed. ‘57 Bortz Beth Williams ‘78 & Frank D. Boyer Ms. Terri Koser Brady ‘82 & Mr. Steve Verna Britt Hankins & Moughan Tara & Christopher J. ‘96 Brown Dr. Joan Cady Brownstein Colleen Workman ‘60 & James O.* ’47, ‘49 Bruckart P ‘72, P ‘79 Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri Busy Workers Society Alvin H. Butz Inc. JoAnn B. & Joseph P. ‘61 Castellano Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss Candyce Homan Chimera `89 Gloria Gately ‘45 & Frank L. Chipman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clark P ‘12, P ‘14

Management, Inc.

Timothy A., M.D. ‘73 DeBiasse

Mr. Andrew Fekete

of America

Stephanie & Robert H. ‘63 Dietrich P ‘95

Rev. Lunnett M. Hilliard ‘10

Rhonda & Randal R. ‘78 Dietz

Donna Stadinger ‘64 & Frank L. Hocker

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DiSarno P ‘15

Mr. Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr. ‘88

Robin Ziegler ‘79 & Christos Dogas

Douglas R. ‘81 & Susan L. Hooper

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Domchek

Holly Calatoni & Thomas W., Esq. ‘67

Dana Burt ‘69 & John B. Donaldson


Genie Billiard ‘63 & Harry E. ‘64 Dooley

Mr. George T. Hudson ‘59

Shari Miller ‘80 & James A. ‘78 Dunstan

Mr. & Mrs. John Jamula P ‘14

Mr. Robert L. Dutt ‘68

Edith T. & James L.* ‘56, ‘59 Johnson

Linda H. & Denis M. ‘69 Duvoisin

Myra Heimbrook ‘66 & Michael O. ‘66

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Early


Roberta Titus ‘80 & Frank T. ‘80 Edgar

Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua ‘67

Edward Robinson Trust

Mr. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer

Ms. H. Paty Eiffe

Mr. Robert E. Kafafian ‘77

Embassy Bank

Corinne E. & Robert M. ‘66 Keller

Mrs. Ruth Overfield Fidorack ‘41

Leslie M. & Richard T. Jr., D.D.S. ‘77

Mrs. Lois Yerger Fischel ‘41


Grace & Peter L., Ph.D. ‘60 French

Claire M. ‘87, ‘95 & Michael Klatchak

Mr. Robert J. Fulmer P ‘87, P ‘92

Mrs. Kathryn Broczkowski Klein ‘67

Kim & Barry R. ‘69, ‘73 Galley

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69, P ‘00

Linda Shay, Esq. ‘74 &

Rev. Dr. Nola R. ‘09 & Paul Knouse

Beverly Gaston ‘73 & Dale Kochard

Neville Gardner P ‘08

Mr. Elmer D. Gates

Lisa Fromhertz ‘92 & C. Lenny ‘94

Anne Shea Gaza, Esq. ‘94


Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gehman

Mercedes & Leonard E. III ‘85 Korn P ‘16

Phyllis B. & Myron, M.D. ‘57 Genel

Maria & Ronald M., D.O. ‘87 Kriner

General Electric Foundation

Denise & John J. ‘92 Kruse

Gillespie Printing

Paul E. Kurzeja, Esq. ‘89

Pamela W. & Carl F. ‘66 Gitschier

Dr. & Mrs. Frank T. Kuserk

Dana & Jan ‘72 Gollins

Jane & Walter P. ‘75 Latimer

Betsy S. & Philip A. ‘65 Gottshall P ‘96

Donna J. Lee ‘76 & John J. Stecher

Sharon Duffy ‘90 & Richard P. ‘90 Graham

Drs. Eva & Michael Leeds

Roberta DeAngelis & J. Hugh ‘70 Gratz

Lehigh Gas Corporation

Ms. Sallie L Greenfield

Dr. Heikki E Lempa

Margaret & Joseph A. ‘72 Grieshaber

Mary E. & Steven W. ‘79 LeVan

Kristina Jones ‘79 & Joseph M. Groller

Honorable Wilma A. Lewis

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

William J. Liaw, D.O. ‘90

Marie A. & Harold F. Jr. ‘61

Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz

Mr. Robert A. Verrone ‘90

Carol A. & Michael G. ‘83 Link

Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock

Victaulic Company of America

Sharyn & Hal A. ‘01 Long

ParenteBeard LLC

Andrew K. Semmel, Ph.D. ‘64

Jane Larzelere ‘68 & Albert Wachinski

Susan Sandt ‘92 &

Rebecca J. & Patrick T. ‘80 Parenty

Dr. Alicia N. Sevilla & Dr. Clifford Queen

Wells Fargo Foundation

Corinne Fusco ‘78 & Frederick S. ‘77 Patt

Julie Jones, Ph.D. ‘02 &

Rev. Deborah M. &

Dr. Nicole Loyd

Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton P ‘89

Barbara & Howard E., Ph.D. ‘71 Lubert

Mr. Bryan Peacock

Joseph M. Shosh, Ph.D. ‘88

Mr. James R. Walker P ‘07

Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.

Ms. Jill Peters & Mr. Richard Swirsding

Timothy C. ‘87 & Lori V. Shoyer

Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Walters

Elizabeth Tober ‘76 & James S. ‘76 Lyon

Pfizer Corporation

Nelda & Robert C. ‘51 Simonson

Hilary Martin, Esq. ‘93 &

Judith Studwell ‘63 &

Drs. Jeffrey & Miria Pilchman P ‘15

Dr. Janet A. Sipple

Mr. Daniel A. Polanski ‘80

Dr. Donna G. Smith & Mr. Dave Smith

Mrs. Louise Rothenberger Watt ‘43

Yvonne Thompson Maddox, Ph.D.

Barbra & Kurt J. ‘89 Poling

Mr. Gregory J. Smith

LaRae & Lee A., Ph.D. ‘57 Weaver

Mr. & Mrs. Blake C. Marles

Laurie M. & Michael ‘78 Popowycz

Denise & Robert W. ‘70 Smith

Rev. Christian D. Weber ‘52

Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Martin

Lenore & Joseph L. ‘60 Powlette

Ms. Patricia Thornton Snyder ‘60

Ms. Carolyn Lewis Welaish ‘75

Ms. Sherry Mason Brown

Karen S. & William J. Jr. ‘63 Pysher

Miss Constance M. Sokalsky ‘71

Mr. Jeffrey L. Welaish ‘75

Diane Feeney ‘82 & Alfred Mateo

Mr. & Mrs. Andre Python Jr. P ‘11

Mrs. Jean Holzinger Somers ‘69

Mr. Thomas G. Wendt

Barbara Frowery ‘67 &

Ann H. & Peter A. ‘76 Raines P ‘10, P’12

Dr. Kay Somers & Mr. Bruce Somers

Diane & Scott M., Esq. ‘92 Wilhelm

Elizabeth T. & Thomas J. ‘74 Rappolt

Susan & Gordon L. ‘57, ‘61

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

Bobbie & Henry E. Jr. ‘60, ‘63 May

Cynthia Pummer ‘83 &

Carolyn & Roger O. ‘68 Williams

Mary Ellen Markey ‘83 &

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson

Joan C. & Walter F. Williams P ‘81

Marjorie & A. Reed ‘74 Raymond

Mr. Bernard R. Spirk Jr.

Willis North America Inc.

Dr. Margaret L. McClure ‘61

Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Reed

Spirk Brothers Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Wilson P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. James Mclean P ‘03

Jane Young ‘69 & James L. ‘70 Regina

Charlotte E. & John E., M.D. ‘61 Steers

Jane Metzler ‘66 & Peter D. ‘73 Wolfe

Mr. Benjamin L. Meluskey ‘60

Mr. Thomas A. Repasch Jr. ‘72

Stevens & Lee

Barbara Roberts ‘61 &

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Barbara Reuper ‘93 & Richard Baum

Ann Woltjen ‘63 & Grove W., Esq. ‘63

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Renee Szabo ‘96 &


Lori O. & Scott A. ‘88 Wood

Isidore Mihalakis, M.D. ‘58

Katherine B. & Ronald J., Ph.D. ‘61

Susan Overath & James D. Woolley

Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz ‘84, P ‘14, P ‘16

Mrs. Betty Adams Roach ‘43


Ms. Anita-Jean Wright ‘81 &

Dr. Alma A. Miles-Koch

Ms. Renee L. Roberts ‘74

Barbara S. & Richard C. ‘69, ‘95 Subber

Barbara Schlegel ‘47 &

Miss Stephanie L. Robison ‘89

Nancy M. & Gregory J. ‘85 Tavalsky

Mr. Robert L. Yeager

Armando M. ‘91 Lopez

James O. ‘63 MacDonald

Nicholas R. Matlaga

Bruce K. ‘84 Mayer

Oswald P ‘82

Michael P. ‘82 Rauscher

Sean R. ‘97 Richardso

Phillip, Ph.D. Shilane

Sommers P ‘82, P ‘83

Rev. Dr. Walter H. Wagner

Walter T. ‘90 Wandall

John W. ‘59 Woltjen

Mr. Michael J. Kelly

Gayle Fischer ‘86 &

Temptime Corporation

Karen Glenn ‘82 & Edwin E. ‘77 Yeakel

Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Miller P ‘00

Tiffany & Company

Janet Blomquist ‘71 &

Mr. Borko Milosev ‘04

Arrettia & Richard R. Jr., Esq. ‘60 Ruth

Dr. Denise M. Torma ‘77

Janice & Mark D. ‘77 Myslinski

Trish & Colin G. ‘78 Sandercock

Mr. Merr W. Trumbore ‘62

Mr. W. Russell Yurchak Jr. ‘62

Anita Filler ’61 & Paul F. ‘60 Noonan P ‘89

Debbie & Brian C. ‘91 Sarisky

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Truscott P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Zimmerman

Dr. Gary L. Olson

Eleanore Beck ‘56 &

Rev. Dr. Heather & Mr. Gary Vacek

Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Zondag P ‘13

Omicron Gamma Omega

Dale Intemann ‘94 & Richard van Gelder

Missy & James P., Ph.D. ‘96 Orlando

Andrea & Anthony E. ‘94 Schuler

Kenneth Miller P ‘75


Henry E. Schleicher

Robert R. Jr. ‘68 Young

Ida E. & David B., M.D. ‘71 Vasily P ‘02

By year, total giving, and percentage of participation

1934-1940 Moravian Circle A. Kathrine Miller, Ph.D.* Trustee Circle Mary Fabian Strock* President’s Associates Marcella I. Dimmick Comenius Society Alma A. Albright Greyhound Club Helen Sloan James* Thirza Ward Janecek 1941 Total Giving: $3,130 21% Participation

Thomas H. Rowland

Comenius Society Ruth Overfield Fidorack Lois Yerger Fischel Greyhound Club Edith Rich Ettinger June Patton Reese 1942 Total Giving: $10,457.50 43% Participation Trustee Circle Doris English Smullin* Founders’ Club Mary Ellen Binder Orben

Colonial Club Mary Veronis Thompson Greyhound Club George J. De Simone Avis L. Gordon Ruth Wallace Paul 1943 Total Giving: $258,490.42 46% Participation Moravian Circle F. P. Sutliff, M.D. Genevieve Riordan Gee President’s Associates Janet Outten Amos*

Comenius Society Betty Adams Roach Louise Rothenberger Watt Monocacy Club Wilfred L. Dreger Founders’ Club Burton L. Kelchner June Bright Reese Greyhound Club Dorothy Humenik Hixson Joyce Newhard Knapp Janet Thompson Powers Doreen Coburn Walters Warren D. Wenger

1944 Total Giving: $850.00 19% Participation Monocacy Club Doris Minnick Kuchar Founders’ Club H. August Kuehl Jr. Greyhound Club Katrina Stolp Homewood Mary F. Inscho 1945 Total Giving: $501,907.02 32% Participation

Moravian Circle Betty Aierstock Moore*

Comenius Society Gloria Gately Chipman Monocacy Club Lillian Stefko Schaedler Colonial Club Phyllis Rose Iacocca Greyhound Club M. Ann Bachert* Beryl L. Harrison James C. Hughes

Consistent Giving Society 2013



thank you 1946 Total Giving: $2,395.00 50% Participation Monocacy Club Mary T. Harrison, M.D. Ann Rosenau Smythe William Smythe Founders’ Club Ada Zellner Flower Robert M. Rights Greyhound Club Victor M. Bove, D.O. Karl F. Bregenzer Lloyd A. Fatzinger Phyllis G. Kreider Joseph S. Policelli Jo-Ann Farquhar Riepen 1947 Total Giving: $2,575.00 26% Participation Comenius Society James O. Bruckart* Barbara Schlegel Miller Founders’ Club Janet Parks Weinland William J. Weinland Greyhound Club Richard D. Abernethy Helen Kanuskey Canfield Jeanne Scott St. Clair 1948 Total Giving: $4,608.00 23% Participation Heritage Club Emmeline Ungurian Lewis Dimmick Monocacy Club Roland P. Leibenguth* Founders’ Club Paul E. Crossan Jr. James S. Hilander Joseph R. Merkel, Ph.D. Marilyn Richardson Shelly Colonial Club Gerald Goldstein, M.D. Winifred Harte Seifert Greyhound Club Al J. Calvo Marjorie Durner Hoffman Harry A. Miller

Edythe Steers Smith

Barbara Campbell Dunbar

1949 Total Giving: $8,270.00 38% Participation President’s Associates Thomas F. Keim Monocacy Club Norma Boldt Wynne Founders’ Club Ivan A. Backer Teresa Enright Eliezer Jeanne Buss Gillinder Charles N. Wilkins Jr., M.D.

Richard M. Faust

Colonial Club Albert S. Buralli Clararose Bosek Clymer Ramona Baker Conway Elsie Yelenics Evans Frank M. Weaver, D.O.


Greyhound Club Harold Y. Allen, M.D.* Clark F. Apgar Richard W. Artis Erwin E. Boettcher Louise Van Ess Charnock James E. Dundon Penelope Hall Porter Leonard A. Storch Doris Noctor Woodward 1950 Total Giving: $8,152.50 31% Participation President’s Associates Lois Brunner Bastian Comenius Society George B. Adams Monocacy Club William F. Vinczi Founders’ Club Richard T. Dundon Joseph D. Kudella Colonial Club Ira A. Lutsey Deloris Ashcroft Wallace Greyhound Club Alice Zacharchuk Bove Justin M. Carisio Sr. Elizabeth Gehringer Carlton

Dean B. Garland Ray C. Gilbert W. Norwood Green Marvin R. Henkelmann Anthony J. Jaso Irma Hemminger Kaufman William W. Matz Sr. Emanuel Roman, D.D.S. Eric J. Schulze Arlene Badel Christel Wilcke Walter Dolores Johns Wezner Marilyn Herman Wiltsie

1951 Total Giving: $63,290.00 39% Participation 1742 Circle Betsey Tait Puth Comenius Society Robert C. Simonson Monocacy Club Jane Kincaid Missimer Louis M. Molnar Founders’ Club William B. Lantz Robert K. Matey Colonial Club Robert T. Burcaw, Ph.D. Lois Shafer Smith Greyhound Club Carl L. Ackerman Jeanne Serman Artis Richard T. Clay Gloria Kimminour Danielson Nancy Oplinger Dover Deborah Irwin Fleagle John E. Giering, Ph.D. Byrdie Loveless Jackson Robert P. Kelly Elizabeth Schlegel Landau Eleanor Faiolo Mott William J. Werpehowski

1952 Total Giving: $4,766.00 34% Participation Comenius Society Donald M. Cohen, M.D. Kathryn Horwath Hartman Founders’ Club Anne R. Enright Zora Martin Felton Frances Webber Horton Colonial Club Carl E. Case Thelma West Everett Joseph F. Garin Jr. Jeannette Rhoads Nesbit Robert L. Solt Robert H. Stine, M.D. Greyhound Club Eleanor Guidon Bissell Joseph F. Christ Donald R. Deibert Dolores McIntire DeLeon Dale A. Grove Jr., M.D. Patricia Stocker Lawler Russell E. Lerch Beatrice Good Mindlin William G. Palenchar Mary T. Pongracz Ruth Treut Schlecht Lois Miller Stogel 1953 Total Giving: $5,074.96 38% Participation Comenius Society Carl J. Helmich Jr. Monocacy Club Wolfram Fliegel Sue Ann Henkelman Fortney Mary Ann Rayner Founders’ Club Kenneth W. Achey William B. Cummings, Ed.D. John J. Gotthardt Jr. Eleanor Simmons MacCormick

E. Allen Schultz Jr.

Nancy Webber

Charlotte Haag Walek


Colonial Club Robert F. Engelbrecht David M. Henkelmann Joan Wagner Koehler Sara A. Morris Greyhound Club Shayne Dunbar Arnesen Charlotte Riggs Bearse William J. Carroll Jr. Nancy Zeleski Frantz Robert G. Harman, M.D. Gloria Badel Hilbert Edward P. Pastir Earl E. Stephan Philip Trimble Gladys Smith Winkelmann 1954 Total Giving: $35,035.00 32% Participation Trustee Circle John H. Bowman, M.D. Helen Desh Woodbridge Heritage Club Mary Jeane Moser Romer* Founders’ Club Lauretta Dikon Adams David W. Arner John E. Gilliland, M.D. Colonial Club Lucy A. McCall Thor G. O’Donnell Greyhound Club Sylvia J. Atherholt James O. Blanton III Philip J. DeRea Peggy Ann Harte Figlear James R. Glancy Gerald H. Ihle Joan Kinard Mercado John E. Moyer Patricia Krolik Nebinger Bruce C. Reimer Elynor Fishel Rights June Zimmerman Shamel Dawn M. VanKeuren Marian M. Wagner

1955 Total Giving: $3,035.00 33% Participation Monocacy Club Allan H. Cristol, M.D. John P. Galgon, M.D. Founders’ Club Ann Hentschel Cutler Louis N. Esposito George W. Warfield Colonial Club Thomas R. Clay Helen Varady Keyser Robert F. Shaup Greyhound Club Robert E. Detweiler Rose Mandic Donchez David G. Kerchner Francis M. Petruny Ray R. Salabsky George R. Scilley Arthur R. Spengler Curtis O. Updegrave 1956 Total Giving: $5,225.00 29% Participation Comenius Society James L. Johnson* Eleanor Beck Schleicher Monocacy Club I. Jean Woodcock Haring Jean Sosoka Lavelle William S. Marsh Founders’ Club John T. Burke Ann Lieberman McCann Colonial Club Pauline Ritter Benner Richard E. Benner Renee Johnson Dragotta Mary Kilpatrick Kohl Greyhound Club Marietta Schwartz Banach Beverly A. Bell Robert E. Brennan, D.D.S. Sherwood D. Gum

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Barton B. Hartman, M.D.

Jo-Anne Neuman

A. Peter Haupert,



Ann E. Rothenberger

Mildred Siftar Kimock

Pearl Stein

Thomas V. Labert Sr.

John J. Subach

John M. Robertson

Barbara Flynn

Janice Brader Sahakian


Barbara Bartos Sloyer Richard S. Stine Robert E. Wickizer Ruth Collins Zweck

1957 Total Giving: $25,147.00 37% Participation President’s Associates Judith Acker Cornwell Cornelia Schlotter Heritage Club Diane Yaeck Wellington Earl C. Zeiner Comenius Society Donald R. Bortz, D.Ed. Myron Genel, M.D. Gordon L. Sommers Lee A. Weaver, Ph.D. Monocacy Club Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer Gudrun Krauss Lounsbury George J. Toth Founders’ Club Karen Johnson Berry Roland J. Passaro Carolyn Edwards Simmons Ronald L. Zeller Colonial Club Stanford L. Kunkle, D.O. Greyhound Club Carl Ackerman Michael A. Ackerman Thomas J. Burke Richard A. Edwards Anthony W. Falco Jane Dreier Feldman William F. Fox Jr. Tacey Young Funk Joan Schnable Haupert Anne Frankenfield Howlett Elaine Nothstein Kantor Richard L. Kantor John Kolchin, Ed.D. Elaine Thomasch Nolfa

1958 Total Giving: $42,375.00 31% Participation Chairman’s Circle William V. Herbein President’s Associates William J. Straccia Comenius Society Isidore Mihalakis, M.D. Monocacy Club Joseph J. Guman Carol Sloan McElveen Founders’ Club Alfred F. Apple Jane Adams Gottwald Richard C. Gottwald Norman E. Prochnau Kathryn McMurray Saderholm Colonial Club John L. Finelli Michael J. Gallagher Louis A. Gonsalves Arthur R. Potosnak Kenneth Pyne, L.L.D. Robert G. Smerko, Ph.D. Judith Fretz Thomas Greyhound Club Robert J. Breidenbach Donald W. Eckert Truman W. Eshbach, II Mary Ann Grube Fallon Anastasia F. Fry, D.C. Frank L. Hettlinger William J. Hume Barbara A. Kinsey Mary Ellen O’Donnell Lewis J. Bruce Mumie Carol Burwell Norwood Merritt C. Pearson Rodney Reichard Myron A. Savacool Albert J. Schwab Robert H. Smith

1959 Total Giving: $24,073.10 31% Participation President’s Associates Virginia Dancy Dickie Anthony Morelli Heritage Club George E. Hollendersky Comenius Society Kathryn Werst Detwiler George T. Hudson John W. Woltjen Monocacy Club Richard D. Buralli James B. Howell, M.D. Anthony A. Matz Jr. Founders’ Club Carolyn Felver Conners Reuben F. Lilly Sr. Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala Colonial Club Gordon C. Arnold, M.D. Joseph N. Carr Jr.* Sandra Yost Collins Frederick L. Kraemer Susan LeTowt Peverley Greyhound Club William J. Allen Mary Ann Gingles Boyler C. Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt Patricia Conover Diener Francis J. Figlear David C. Greulich Kate Kuhns Herrington Ruth Lapp Himler Elizabeth Dreher Honey Ernest H. Josar Joseph F. Keglovits Barbara Banker Mahlau Jimmie L. Newsom Sr. Joseph M. Nunes Clarence J. Serfass Jr., D.D.S. Daniel P. Simon David A. Stanwood Janice Keve Steers 1960 Total Giving: $48,396.96 38% Participation

Chairman’s Circle

George F. Metzgar

John W. Medernach,

Ralph L. Shields, M.D.

Dominic A. Nolfa


President’s Associates James J. Houser, M.D. Heritage Club Charles E. Bartolet Jr. David A. Schattschneider

Carol Hahn Reichard

Comenius Society Colleen Workman Bruckart Peter L. French, Ph.D. Henry E. May Jr. Benjamin L. Meluskey Paul F. Noonan Joseph L. Powlette Richard R. Ruth Jr., Esq. Patricia Thornton Snyder

Eleanor Rellinghaus Sites

Greyhound Club Vincent E. Arnold David E. Bittner Mary Jane Wolfe Brunnabend Audrey Heckert Cyphers Mary Jane Dugan Figuli Barry L. Gaal T. Jeff Gannon Manuel Gonsalves Carla Nowack Hendricks Kathleen McCann Hilbert John W. Jacob Brian R. Kent David A. Koch Floyd L. Kocher Sylvia M. Lambert Michael L. Lansenderfer David L. Lewis Donald H. Marshall R. Gene Medei Carol Losensky Messina Duane R. W. Murtomaki Theodore H. Rights, M.D. Thomas F. Schmoyer Kenneth C. Sepe Lucy Carl Sigley Barbara Senneca Solker Harold W. Tuller Nancy Warren Van Dyke Thomas E. Wilson

Monocacy Club James B. Galbraith Jr. Jean Bassford Galbraith Founders’ Club Ronald R. Cavanagh, Th.D. Richard V. Chergey Jane Keogh Harberg Judith Frederick Hosking Joseph J. Iampietro Joseph J. Jardot Abner S. Merkel Theodore E. Wilde Colonial Club Robert F. Clark Nancy Boerstler Coutant BarbaraKay Hunsicker Smerko Greyhound Club Patricia Amison Adams Robert J. Boyler Faith Hartman Cohen, M.D. Russell R. Conover* M. Janet Bunten Costenbader Carmine A. DeMuccio Ronald J. Fradeneck Joan E. Gernert Vignoul John A. Graver Dolores Lang Keglovits Jane McMurray Kell Robert J. Labdik, Ed.D. Charles H. Lindner Jr. Constantine Loupos Francis C. McFadden

Lois Behler Reichard Anita & Robert C. Russoli Patti Vincent Simon Beverly Luzietti Tisdale Nancy Baker Traubitz, Ph.D. Doris Roberts Wenger Harriet Peters Williamson

1961 Total Giving: $53,947.00 34% Participation Chairman’s Circle Frank J. Szarko, M.D. Heritage Club Rita Roseman Bartolet Comenius Society Joseph P. Castellano Suzanne Astbury Decker Margaret L. McClure, Ed.D. Anita Filler Noonan Harold F. Oswald Jr. John E. Steers, M.D. Ronald J. Stupak, Ph.D. Barbara Roberts Woltjen Monocacy Club James J. McCrudden Earl R. Pfeiffer Founders’ Club Marcee Ammend Beilstein Dennis L. Bleam Judith Laning Cavanagh Deborah Herold Francis Paul A. Graf Sandra Yaeck Kratzer Alan J. Lippman, M.D. Louise Smull Negley John C. Riedmiller Sandra & Wayne C. Shugart, Esq. Colonial Club John L. DeCesare Richard L. Gilbert Samuel F. Maczko Nancy Helms Mazziotta

1962 Total Giving: $43,070.00 26% Participation Chairman’s Circle Carol Herman Szarko, M.D. Comenius Society Merr W. Trumbore W. Russell Yurchak Jr. Monocacy Club Constance Platt Boos Lucy S. & Richard K. Braun Gail E. Ekstrand, Ed.D. James H. Gano Shinsho Miyagi William C. Needs Founders’ Club E. Jane Albrecht Graf

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you Bela J. Gulyas, Ph.D.

Robert E. Preston

Colonial Club David V. Fehnel James W. Frank Roger W. Nagle Harold N. Rice Joseph J. Roseman Robert J. Sallash Jr., M.D. John F. Schultheis Jr.

Richard J. Rusk

Greyhound Club Francis Amigo Richard E. Andrews Stephanie Rights Bertsch Karen Kaprelian Jacob Carol Altemose Jones Franklin C. Jones Joseph G. Kimock Jr. Bertram L. Lutton John F. McCarty Bernard R. Medei* Joan Karustis Miller George M. Neupauer Robert T. Pastir Roseann Lavan Pastir Sylvia Rubens John W. Watters Emma Demuth Williams Roger J. Yost 1963 Total Giving: $109,645.00 40% Participation 1742 Circle Jutta S. Leheis, Ph.D.* Comenius Society Richard A. Bedics, Ed.D. Robert H. Dietrich Georgene Billiard Dooley James O. MacDonald Judith Studwell MacDonald William J. Pysher Jr. Ann Woltjen Stoddard Grove W. Stoddard, Esq. Monocacy Club Anonymous Donor David R. Cornelius Charles E. Decker Jr. Jean E. Friedman, Ph.D. William C. Leicht

Gary L. Sandercock Andrew M. Taus Marilyn Clewell Taus

Founders’ Club Martin Garcia Nancy Trach Harstine Shirley Hart McBride Charles G. Stoltz Colonial Club Thomas L. Apjohn* Stephen E. Edraney, II Roy A. Frack Ray K. Joseph Robert F. Kohler Stephen O. Nicholas Jr. Carla Dinstel Sallash Gary M. Straughan Patricia Fox Warne Greyhound Club Bonnie Brill Charles S. Canning Carol Horscroft Clarke Francis J. Darazsdi John H. Dech Judith Adams Downing Donald I. Egli Susan Gares Farrell Ronald R. Freed Elizabeth Hicks Garrett Stanley L. Gilbert Melvin R. Hamelsky Charles T. Harberg Susan Burger Hauser David G. Hunscher Sr. Patricia Bonser Knoll Larry W. Lewis Rosemarie Braun Lohnert John J. McCarthy Jr. James T. Meixell Janet Gleva Miller, Esq. Michael R. Miller Russell E. Miller Shirlee Ford Miller Robert W. Moyer JoAnn Sydorak Schaffer Donald C. Schimmel Albert E. Schneider Jr. John J. Shigo, M.D. John A. Viglione Donald C. Vogel

1964 Total Giving: $120,412.48 34% Participation 1742 Circle Joann M. Trotsky Trustee Circle Joseph C. L. Merola, M.D.

Susan Miller Erb

Lea Sutera Hench

Gail Smith Winson

Sterling R. Geiger

James F. Hertzog

Gwynne Grey Gilbert

Perry F. Mazza

Ronald G. Gori

Russell E. Morgan Jr.,

Beverly A. Hails


John C. G. Hutchison

Terry L. Musselman

Jeffrey S. Ingber,

Lowell H. Tomlinson


Heritage Club Janice Whitfield Landis Mary Beth Krater Dinneen Lloyd H. Michael, Ph.D.

Jeffrey A. Jackson

Comenius Society Bruce C. Coull, Ph.D. Harry E. Dooley Iwao Hanawa Donna Stadinger Hocker Carol Rockovits Leicht Andrew K. Semmel, Ph.D.

Peter L. Merluzzi

Monocacy Club D. Patricia Schillinger Hensinger David L. Wickmann


Founders’ Club John M. Abramson, D.O. Eileen Yuhasz Bogdan Rosanne E. Bricker Joseph J. Charles Arthur E. Grim John P. Kohl, Ph.D. Nancy Christensen Kohl John Kozura III, D.O. Gerald C. Still Lynne Nafash Warnke H. Richard Wilsey Jr.

Alan G. Zeliff

Greyhound Club Anonymous Donor Karen Whitten Aduba Carol Borrup Barber Donald H. Benninger Joanne R. Bobek Ted W. Bowman Nancy Terreson Burtnett Lynette Stoltz Cabral John C. Demuth John E. Dratch, Esq. Gary S. Hartshorn, Ph.D. Thomas J. Haupert, Ph.D. Nevin H. Hollinger Jr. Roger J. Hudak Anthony A. Krasnicke, O.D. Susan M. Maier Arlington A. Nagle Jr. Herbert F. Rubenstein, Esq. J. Peter Rush Ellen Stets Sachs Richard E. Schaffer, Ph.D. Vincent P. Seaman Harriett Pierie Segessenman Ronald N. Shrager William C. Silcox Thomas P. Vadasz Roberta M. Veluce Tanguy Bruce J. Weaver, Ph.D. John R. Williams Robert F. Zerfass

Comenius Society Carl F. Gitschier Michael O. Jones Myra Heimbrook Jones Robert M. Keller Jane Metzler Wolfe

Colonial Club Jack P. Goldberg Stanley A. Iobst, Ph.D. Judith Bartoe Kohler Robert E. Mushrush Jr. Ray J. Pfeiffer Sr. Linda Reitars Silowka Louise Reinsmith Solomon Greyhound Club Charles J. Berger Jr. E. George Dorer Ronald T. Dyson

Robert S. Johnson Rosalie Fodi Krusemark Judith Robinson Kulak Linda Cook Luskus Robert B. Melchior Joy Ann Johnston Paine Peggy Jurman Quinn Margaret Dittmer Smith Karen Chervy Sorensen Connie Latchaw Viglione Dallas H. Vogel Byron E. Waterman, Douglas C. Wilkins Marjorie Wallace Wilkins James L. Zoks

1965 Total Giving: $41,192.50 29% Participation Chairman’s Circle Brenda Krajci Heritage Club John G. Landis, Ph.D. Comenius Society Philip A. Gottshall Laurie Boyd Hanawa Monocacy Club Barbara Brautigam Caldwell Hilda Wolff Soden Founders’ Club Robert E. Houser Samuel Y. Kern III Kevyn DePuy Malloy, Ph.D. James L. Morgan Robert E. Sterling Stuart M. Topkis, D.O. Elizabeth M. Wetter Colonial Club Jerry L. Damandl

1966 Total Giving: $39,864.06 25% Participation Trustee Circle Parry J. Miller, M.D. President’s Associates Woodrin Grossman Heritage Club Peter T. Dunbar

Monocacy Club Douglas W. Caldwell A. Owen Freas III Georgia Dreyer Freas Founders’ Club Joseph J. Fassl, M.D. David D. Goldberg, D.O. Carol Coles Graf Karen Leonard Irish Thomas E. Irish Geraldine Zilko Kozura John B. Mancke, Esq. James M. McMahan, Esq. Judith Smith Murphy Lynne Schlosser Raleigh Douglas E. Woosnam Nancy Szilagyi Ziegler Norman C. Ziegler Colonial Club Betsy A. Ahlum Marilyn A. Albarelli Betsy Miller Allen Sue Hill Obal Biruta Andersons Spruds Greyhound Club James M. Andorker Audrey Matz Berg David G. Berg Linda Price Brodeur Ilene Suter Coroniti Thomas J. Driscoll Richard M. Fad Marie Gerbino Lieb Jane Siegfried Gerencher Marie Oravec Jacobs Thomas A. Larsen Eugene F. Mares Edward M. Meyers James R. Morgan Dorothy Gandy Rolph Patricia Reichard Skrip Walter A. Thurber

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Leo W. Todd Jr., D.O.

Joanne Hunsinger

Winifred A. White-



Scott R. Stoneback Sandra Stewart Todd

1967 Total Giving: $18,001.00 22% Participation President’s Associates Henry W. Nehilla Comenius Society Alan L. Herd Thomas W. Houser, Esq. Judith Plocher Kaaua Kathryn Broczkowski Klein Barbara Frowery Matlaga Monocacy Club Shayna Jaffe Geller Founders’ Club Darlene Refsnider Borst Richard P. Koeppel Beverly Klausen Mancke Meta Linde Martin Barbara Worsley Morgan, D.M.D. Colonial Club C. Robert Adams Dennis G. Rohn Greyhound Club M. Elizabeth Brown Anthony Neil T. Clewell Jacqueline Snyder Cox E. Wayne Dovan Judith Oravec Farquer William G. Farquer III George L. Flickinger Cynthia P. Fox James A. Fox Kay Hill Hannan Kirby K. Hickey Ellen Fearon Jacoby Ronald N. Khoury, M.D. Paul H. Knipple Lance F. Kolts Diane Leeb Leighton Judith Derk McKendry Carol Ann Roman Norland George J. Pavlinsky Calvin D. Peters George H. Pitsilos Geoffrey H. Rader Michael J. Reber Ruth Harris Runkle

Dorothy Thomas Wait Mary E. Wilson Marianne Hunt Wolf Clifford W. Young Jr. Constance Trembath Zerfass Dianne Achey Zumas

1968 Total Giving: $172,813.55 35% Participation Moravian Circle Carolyn D. Felker Chairman’s Circle Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth Trustee Circle Leslie C. Jones President’s Associates Constance Stirling Hodson Mary Kincaid Squarcia Heritage Club Robert L. Dutt Mr. Robert C. Silcox Sr. Comenius Society W. Eugene Clater Richard M. Cope Jane Larzelere Wachinski Roger O. Williams Monocacy Club Barbara L. Mueller Donald G. Musselman Donald W. Powell Robert J. Semper, Ph.D. Arthur W. Smith Jr. Ginger Rooks Stage Founders’ Club Shirley Messics Daluisio J. Michael Dowd Kathleen Doyle Dowd Carl J. Fritzinger Jr. Gene P. Golini Philip V. Graf Carol D. Henn Kent H. Hollinger Diane L. La Penna Karen Harris Lefever, Ph.D. Brian D. Parry Thomas H. Wiegner

Colonial Club Valerie Papps Connors Miranda Batteiger Croft Nancy Campbell Forgang Judith Gregg Homan Roger A. Knisely Peggy Bartholomew Melchior Sharon Gallagher Pfeiffer Eric R. Shimer, Esq. Susan Glazier Wachtel Greyhound Club Robert P. Bees Elaine Mansback Berk Ronald J. Berta Christopher W. Bracy Joseph T. Chickey Kathryn Fretz Churchman Noel W. Coles Morgan Cowperthwaite Jr. Carol Morrow Dovan Thomas H. Evans Edward S. Figuli Warren W. Fischer Richard D. Forest David E. Freeze Richard R. Gerber Grethe Andresen Goodwin Robert E. Greene Donald M. Harris Georgia Unger Hartman Stewart T. Herman Martin Horowitz Edward J. Hudak Jr. Trisha Babbitt Jones George H. Knoll Richard B. Kratz Willa Howard Kravitz Donna Marcks Line Patricia Toohey Lowman Richard J. Parente Jr. John W. Petley Pamelia Jennings Rader Susan White Redfield Linda Bruno Rice Dennis L. Robison Linda Froehlich Schreyer Brian H. Seeber Carol Saul Sell Lois Trotman Simmonds

Charles R. Simpson

David N. Clinton

John D. Wait

Jerry A. Clymer Susan Jankowski Conly

1969 Total Giving: $43,685.64 24% Participation Trustee Circle Eric S. Ruskoski President’s Associates Melissa Miller Robbins Heritage Club F. James Hutchinson Linda Wells Lark Richard C. Subber

Janet Chorney

Comenius Society Dana Burt Donaldson Denis M. Duvoisin Barry R. Galley Judith-Mae Bowers Hanks Bertie Francis Knisely Jane Young Regina Jean Holzinger Somers Robert R. Young Jr.

Grace Gustafson Halkins

Monocacy Club Wesley Astheimer Carol Ross Hoffman Robert D. Rumfield Susan Clay Smith Donald F. Spry, II, Esq. Robert R. Stage*

Barbara Holland Peters

Founders’ Club William S. C. Bradford Jr. Noel J. DeSousa Kathleen M. Fallon Kline, Ph.D. Turney T. Gratz Jr. Lee B. Herb Alma Coester McMahan William T. Scheidig Linda Evans Shotkus Trudi H. Peters-Goral


Colonial Club Walter V. L. Eversley William H. Grow Jr. David B. Richards Carol Flasch Waterman Greyhound Club Elaine Witt Bath Richard J. Bath Donna Owen Baur Terry J. Beidelman Elizabeth Riley Bell Nancy Glassmoyer Brittingham

Connor-Hanninen Nancy Moon Cramer Charlotte Crone Cruse Andrea R. Fistner E. Robert Geyer Jr. Constance Urschitz Gilbert Lugenia Taccarino Guaraldo Robert J. Guerriere Barbara Wirth Heisler Elaine Kleinschuster Holtzman Jeanne Krenicky Kipp Joseph R. Koch Albert T. Koncsics John M. Lehnert George B. Moller Thomas J. Neimeister Leslie R. Pektor Carole Thomas Petley Caroline Funk Rabold Diane Perissinotto &

Thomas Rosfjord

Jack E. Schildt Patricia Hayes Helen Bauder Seifert Arthur W. Sheninger Kent L. Swartley Ruth Anne Veruki Thran Richard A. Westley JoAnn Lowe Wolfram

1970 Total Giving: $18,396.67 23% Participation President’s Associates Patricia Nemesh Schoenen Heritage Club Barbara A. Osborne, Ph.D. Comenius Society Richard E. Anderson J. Hugh Gratz James L. Regina Robert W. Smith Monocacy Club Thomas R. Herd Michael D. Schrenko, D.O.

Founders’ Club Ralph W. Barthold Sr. Jeanne Batchelar Gratz Frederic S. Hamlin Jody R. Miller Mary Ann Pritchard Schankel Joyce Harrison Shaffer John R. Stabile, M.D. Mary-Susan Mackey Stoner Henry F. Trexler Colonial Club Richard J. Barsotti Ronald A. Duh David P. Ferraro Donna Shankweiler Keppel John D. Pappas John T. Stieh, Esq. R. Drew Thomson Holden T. Waterman, Ed.D. Joseph E. Williams Greyhound Club Joseph C. Anderko Ronald L. Barner Alice Campbell Bartholomew William L. Buss Timothy J. Foley, Ed.D. Kim R. Frounfelker Richard E. Geiser Lee E. Houck Carol A. Hub Joseph W. Karaman Paula Weiss Kuenzler Timothy J. Lang, D.D.S. David E. Lehr Laura Haley Oakes Kathleen Feist Reed Beverly A. Schneider Arlene Forest Sjoblom Sandra Vizzard Spall Barbara DiBiase Stahlnecker Otto A. Strassburg Mary Solek Tachovsky Tom A. Tenges Frances K. Troup Eleanore Ficken Weber 1971 Total Giving: $24,590.00 27% Participation President’s Associates Robert P. Flicker

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you Comenius Society Howard E. Lubert, Ph.D. Constance M. Sokalsky David B. Vasily, M.D. Janet Blomquist Young

Roy E. A. Ledbetter

Virginia Swett

Jeanette Newcomer

James E. Spengler

Rosalind Shapiro

John P. Madison


Ramer, M.D.

John E. Stefanik


Louis C. Melinsky

David W. Weber

Norman D. Sam

Glen W. Stoudt

Charles S. Pohl

Barbara W. Miller

Susan J. Youtz

Sally Kuchar Rebhorn

Irene Gobel Neaman

Helen M. Richards

Monocacy Club Barry L. Buchman Stanley J. Ramer Founders’ Club Patricia R. Burke Thomas W. Burke Jr. Janice Goldberg Fischel Renae Happel Gollins John H. Harting Henry G. Naisby Jr. Sara Paden Peterson Ruth Franges Rayna Gail A. Rhinehart Barbara Woram Stabile Francis Thierer Jr.

Ethel J. Pudleiner

Greyhound Club Randy J. Clymer Steve E. Craver Linda Huth Crook Theodore J. Drake Elizabeth McKee Elterich Ruth Finkbiner Friant Bruce W. Hankee Brenda Montz Kalata Joan Taggart Koch Julia Grande Long Marcia Reedman Madison Joseph M. Mangan Judith Balogh McLaughlin Terrell C. McMann John M. Mickner Nancy E. Muth Robert H. Paulsen Sharon Beam Rohal Donna Fiorini Saylor Joanne Hunter Sillivan* John M. Suranofsky Edmund C. Watkinson David R. Wilcomes Ronald J. Zelezen Jean Zamadics Zweifel


Franklin R. Pokorny

Founders’ Club Jane Heidecker Barthold Saul Finkle William D. Glaser Barbara Hassler Martell Glenn J. Merkel, Ph.D. Suleiman Modjadidi Robert E. Peterson Susan Boyd & Paul R. Shelly Robert K. Strunk, II

Amy Schieferstein

Colonial Club Robert R. Arnts James S. Brandl John N. Diacogiannis Robert G. Doerr Daphne Greene Eversley Douglas H. Kleintop Eugene M. Lennon Eileen Beck Riddell Susan Warren Rosander Nancy Ludtke Turner Sherie House Weber Greyhound Club Elaine Singer Anderko Donald A. Beck Elizabeth Paizs Benotti Sandra A. Browning Frederick J. Costanzo Loretta F. DeWalt Lorie Schlegel Dotter Mary A. Emery John F. Gehring, Esq. Sharon Harakal Macko Erma Gaffen Hoover Thomas E. Kelly Annamarie Frisoli Knecht Alfred D. Konrad Jr. Monita Russick Leavitt, Ph.D.

Jean Smith Pokorny Ruth B. Pope Richard L. Rockwell Rodney H. Saylor Stephen L. Seid Eileen F. Shanahan Jean Lewis Sheninger Thomas J. Sweetz Betsy Prunest Walker James L. Youngkin

1972 Total Giving: $29,828.75 19% Participation President’s Associates Harry S. Clarke Jr., M.D., Ph.D. Michael M. Ellis Heritage Club Maria Corpora, Esq. Comenius Society Jan R. Gollins Joseph A. Grieshaber Thomas A. Repasch Monocacy Club Joanne E. Keim Steven J. Santucci, D.D.S. Susan Collins Sillivan Founders’ Club Elizabeth Lempke Cochrane Linda Roscoe de Seife James E. Ingalls Jr. Karen Bruckart Naisby Tom Schwanda Harry E. Shea, II Robert B. Smith Colonial Club D. C. Dreger Fred A. Lucrezi Karen Harke Michael Larry C. Michael John E. Riddell Jr. Beverly J. Papps Skeffington

1973 Total Giving: $43,475.00 20% Participation Trustee Circle Deborah Oplinger McKinnon President’s Associates Jennifer Swain Clarke James M. Stevens Linda Joseph Stevens Comenius Society Timothy A. DeBiasse, M.D. Beverly Gaston Kochard Peter D. Wolfe Monocacy Club Debra A. Dion-Faust William H. Eberts Jr. Timothy S. Gardner Gary L. Johnson

Colonial Club| C. Anne Lockhart Baier H. James Baier James H. Grifo Tamara Michael John H. Skeffington Patricia Tallon Walsh Greyhound Club John C. Ardinger John R. Bashian Marvin L. Boyer Jeffrey B. Canfield Jill Kerst Coleman Vera Giaffo Cosgrove Martha E. Cox-Popichak Jeffry D. Curry Dennis J. Duda Ronald R. Engleman William T. Frey Alicia Cavanaugh Goldfeder Barbara Kosa Greason John R. Hendrie Larry F. Hentz Daniel Y. Joseph Irving A. Kaplan Valerie Klein Whyte Martha Weidner Lisa Andrew C. Long, D.D.S. Sandra J. Magill M. Kathleen Figlear Malu, Ph.D. Kathleen Grieshammer Miller David Mirro Richard J. Segall Bernard Seif Clifford Soroko

Barry L. Trauger

1974 Total Giving: $30,349.00 24% Participation President’s Associates Robert C. May Heritage Club Janie Whallon Muir Marie Skrilec, Ph.D. Comenius Society Patricia Owen DeBiasse Linda Shay Gardner Charles W. Heidecker Thomas J. Rappolt A. Reed Raymond Renee L. Roberts Monocacy Club Lynn Castagnoni Gardner Gary T. & Linda H. Marsh Richard E. Moon, Ed.D. Richard J. Schaedler, Esq. Carol Hunter Tice, M.D. John J. Zoshak, D.O. Founders’ Club Linda Laible Campbell Keene J. Jabbour, Esq. Kevin F. Jones, Ph.D. Holly Rothenberger Lukens Robert C. Mende Bernard V. O’Hare III Susan Sikora O’Hare John J. Pesola Dean S. Smith Colonial Club Leonard S. Buscemi, Ph.D. Ann McKittrick Claussen Catherine Guillan Dreger Carol Rutledge Fogle Patricia Rush Gombocz E. Cynthia Andreas Grifo Joseph E. Kempfer

Greyhound Club Donald J. Balogh William F. Bauman Betsy Gustavsen Bradley Susan Chapman Boehret Mary Wagner Dawson Amy Thorpe Haggerty Theodore B. Harwick Michael J. Herczeg Paul A. Johnson Leslie Ann Foley Kopf Linda Shears Krick Marc F. Kuptsow Edward F. Lester Suzanne Karlberg Mello Thomas E. Mingora Kenneth W. Orme Vanessa L. Price Victoria Moxham Reidy Ronald B. Richter Alfred D. Schadle S. Dennis Somach Michael J. Tomasic Deborah Lorsong Turton John D. Weaver Deborah Kracht Weissbrodt Thomas W. Werley Bonnie Boscia Wismer John A. Wright, V.M.D. 1975 Total Giving: $41,223.33 22% Participation Trustee Circle Michael J. Perrucci, Esq. Heritage Club Robert K. Gratz Marilyn L. Herwig Debra Lewis Zvanut Comenius Society James T. Hicks Walter P. Latimer Carolyn Lewis Welaish Jeffrey L. Welaish Monocacy Club Paul D. Balascki

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Timothy J. Berger

Linda Eagan Penrod

Richard J. Goch

Kathy A. Lemke

Karen Boyer Guyton

Daniel H. Pipeling

Jonathan M. Sargent

Linda A. Mosher

Kathryn J. Lilly

Jane E. Jermyn

Donna Jo Stayton

Patricia Leonard

Donna Heft Hoffman

Janet B. Matts

Richard E. LaDuke



Barbara E. Jinetopulos

Barbara Deckman

Daniel G. Nigito

Kathy Cinelli Zoshak

David L. Schwoyer Sr.

Cynthia Dellatore


Abbie Higginbottom

Founders’ Club Dale W. Campbell Richard E. Chaney Julie Morris Chowansky Landis F. Frey Jr. John W. Iobst, Ph.D. Elizabeth A. Kovach Cynthia K. Lewis-Hart Renuka Freeman McMahon John R. Mehler Steven J. Rose Jean Y. Sun Shaw

George T. Seiler III


Stephen C. Mervan Jr.,


Cathy A. Smith

Marie Poleschuk


Robert E. Ternosky

Donna F. Smith


Vincent E. Pantalone

Lynn Irwin Stoudt

Joyce Cascario Kopko

Edward J. Puskaritz

Pamela Mount

Stephen J. Kopko

Louis F. Puskaritz


Susan Gardner

Mary Lou Gorcsan Raiser

Nancy Smith Widdoes


Jeanette Piagesi

Heidi Stickel Wilkins

Donna Stever Nace


James Ruzicka

Fred B. Schultheis

1976 Total Giving: $17,484.24 19% Participation President’s Associates F. Robert Huth Jr. Heritage Club Ralph W. Hunsicker Comenius Society Donna J. Lee James S. Lyon Peter A. Raines Elizabeth E. Tober Lyon

John M. Shaheen Jr.

James T. Storm

Cheryl Gilbert Sommer

Marta Balazs Storm

James S. Ullman

Elizabeth Glenfield

Richard D. Ziegler


Monocacy Club Amy Lesser Mende Craig S. Troutman

Barbara Colbourne

Greyhound Club Clara Shaffer Barbaz Robert J. Barnhart, Esq. Sarah L. Capawana Matthew L. Capuano Karl Claus Jr. Celia Kutner Connor Michael J. Cox Beverly Wilkinson DiPaolo Cynthia Bear Pugnet Thomas S. Farnish, Esq. Joseph J. Haggerty Jr. Michael J. Hartigan Lynn Horak Conroy Donna M. Kish-Goodling E. Blair McGwire Terence X. McInerney Robin C. Murphy, Esq. Jeanne Stoudt Puskaritz Elaine Andrulevich Schaeffer Nancy L. Snyder Stephanie Sykes Stover J. William Velekei Mark S. Yuhasz, M.D. Rebecca VanderPoel Zoellner

Colonial Club Joseph M. Burke Daniel J. Elwood Diane Warren Hartelius Roberta Dollinger Leiby Pamela Reeve O’Gorman Gail S. Warren Jonathan W. Werley Greyhound Club Patricia C. Ackerman Susan Bacci Adams Patricia Mahon Anderson Nancy Hirshman Bacak Judith Druckenmiller Baker Sarah Dinsmore Balogh Ralph E. Brodt III Janet Schwanda Brookfield Michael P. Chanda Jenny Saloky Collins Linda R. Davis-Wallen Deborah Brown Drake Cheryl Rush Heck John F. Heck Helen Kinder Hoover Richard C. Kovacs Nancy Martin Lasher Lucy Taylor Lasseter Kathleen Umlauf Mack Marie Phillip Mingora Gary T. Muzzelo Beverly Kindred Nehilla Stephen C. Nehilla Denise L. Oldenhoff

Founders’ Club Sandra Dalrymple Gift Amy Greiner Hawley Gary M. Martell Robert M. McCormick Colonial Club Kathy Smith Boyd Lynn Kuhlmann Burke Patty Barnum Coxe Richard C. Doll Lynn Beckage Fairall Ann L. Greenzweig Dean R. Jurgen Elizabeth Graybill Jurgen David N. Klotz Mark A. Wimmer Betsy Ann Stahl Worthen Greyhound Club Linda Kresge Beris John T. Boyer Kathleen Thompson Brent James G. Chase Dennis M. Coffin Dianne Cleasby Cook Wynne V. Edelman Jeffrey M. Epstein

Anthony B. Swartz

1977 Total Giving: $39,574.62 19% Participation Trustee Circle Gregg L. McNelis Thomas A. Ortwein Jr. President’s Associates Huth

Comenius Society Robert E. Kafafian Richard T. Kingston Jr., D.D.S. Mark D. Myslinski Frederick S. Patt Denise M. Torma, Ph.D. Edwin E. Yeakel Monocacy Club Gwendolyn Thomas Bolger Ina Kucey Kroc James M. Midgley Gail Adams Plumeri Founders’ Club John M. Gallup Mary Hubbs Gasdaska Douglas B. Learn, Ph.D. Jon E. VanValkenburg Colonial Club Odell Guyton, Esq. Greyhound Club Albert O. Bittle David K. Bond Yvonne Lettiere Boyer Chris R. Jones Keith W. Jones Wayne R. Kincaid Sharon Cahill Klamik Linda Shafer Kohl

Jeffrey R. Thorpe, D.D.S.

1978 Total Giving: $70,088.37 20% Participation 1742 Circle Placido A. Corpora Heritage Club Nancy Likman Graham Comenius Society Donald M. Bellis Beth Ann Williams Boyer Randal R. Dietz James A. Dunstan Richard A. Leiby Jr. Corinne Fusco Patt Michael Popowycz Colin G. Sandercock, Esq. Monocacy Club David W. Abbuhl, Esq. Mary Faith Yanno Abbuhl Mark A. Fried Cathy Mraz Kimmel Mary G. Mercer Martha Hughes Zimmerman Founders’ Club Paul Chowansky Richard F. Groman, II John D. Hoenig David J. Maltby Colonial Club Martha Sears Anderson George J. Boksan

1979 Total Giving: $97,201.74 17% Participation Chairman’s Circle Anne McCandless Rampolla Kenneth J. Rampolla President’s Associates Richard J. Szarko, M.D. Comenius Society Robin Ziegler Dogas Kristina Jones Groller Steven W. LeVan Monocacy Club Keith F. Baeder Kathleen Calvo-Schulte L. Jeff Jensen Susan Gangwere McCabe

Founders’ Club Jane Frankenfield Burcaw Joanne Shaw Grant Lauri Di Felice Jabbour Peter F. Marion James P. Mucka Jon P. Otis Mark W. Smith, Esq. Stephen R. Vanya Craig F. Wood Colonial Club Mary Ellen Sahaydak LaDuke David C. Muth Joan Szvetecz Muth Scott C. Updegrave Greyhound Club John F. Burke, Ph.D. Kurt S. Eichman Dolores Stofan Fartel George W. French Jr. Linda M. Heilman Diane Bonnell Jones Melissa Haas Lichten Jean Leach Lohmann Diane S. Lukac, Esq. Valerie Wallace Mike Gary S. Minker Anita Poda Moulton Doreen Knotts Newby Judith Parkerton Rosen Thomas F. Tierney, Ph.D. C. Jayne Merlo Trent Raymond T. Young Jr. 1980 Total Giving: $12,224.14 16% Participation Comenius Society Robert E. Beitler Shari Miller Dunstan Frank T. Edgar Roberta Titus Edgar Patrick T. Parenty Daniel A. Polanski, Esq. Monocacy Club Nancy Lorenzo Baeder Margaret E. Couch Robert J. Hardner Founders’ Club James D. Artuso, M.D. Mary Beitler Beatrice Michael J. Beatrice Bernard J. Ezaki Julia Cranford Folk

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you Kirk M. Kozero

Ray S. Bishop Jr.

John R. Martin Jr.,

Michael J. McGee, M.D.

Teri McCandless Bishop


Yvonne Stroh McGee

Heritage Club Lisa Moyer Roth Comenius Society Kenneth D. Hanna Tamera Boote Hatton Douglas R. Hooper Anita-Jean Wright

David R. Miers

Monocacy Club David A. Hnatow, M.D. Evan B. Howell

Nancy Duckworth

Founders’ Club Mark J. Allender Juliet Harris Baldwin Maureen J. Beretsky Michael S. Drescher J. Christopher Landes

Margaret Evans Stewart

Colonial Club Faith Lamorelle Butt Christopher R. Curtin Celia Tonkinson Dollmeyer, Ph.D. Allison E. Frantz Rene Baker Hallock Dianne Borkowski Jarmus Gary M. Krall Tracy Campbell Roeder Robert L. Strauss Janice S. Warren Findlow, Ph.D.

1982 Total Giving: $27,857.78 15% Participation President’s Associates Brian H. Oswald Heritage Club Terri Koser Brady Laurie Riley Brubaker

Bartholomew J.

Terroni Jr.

Jessica Dunlap Yazujian

Colonial Club Douglas R. Anderson, Ph.D. Karl H. Butz George B. Hallock Jr. Craig S. Kafafian Claude E. Kohl Andrew W. Meckstroth Keith E. Nash John E. Snyder, Ph.D. Allen P. Wolfe Greyhound Club Dale A. Audenried Mark J. Buschi Karen Fischbeck Carmany Janice L. Christofferson Deborah Tisdale Cozen Suzanne Hartman Diehl Karl D. Gilbert Colleen Handlon Hendricks Sharon Burd Hontz Debra M. Horwath Patrice Masluk Schwartzman Kathleen Farrell McDonald Brian E. Miller Elaine Domber Monticollo, Ph.D. David L. Moyer Carol Vichiconti O’Connor Patricia Reider Ormsby William F. Ormsby Jane M. Paluda Walter C. Poposki Jody Vinzant Rennie Charles J. Rongione Dennis L. Schlener, D.C. A. Renee Smith Stitt, Esq. 1981 Total Giving: $64,956.50 19% Participation Chairman’s Circle

Greyhound Club Paul L. Albert Craig L. Bartlett Andrew H. Bender Mary Yavorski Bender Michael A. Collura Mary Mumper Desmond Peter S. Diehl Diane George Dologite Marlaine Rowe Fannin Christopher A. Faraci Keith G. Follweiler Charlene Coleman Frable Lesley J. Hand Cynthia Heymann Hansen David W. Innes Mark F. Kelly* Karyn Hokenson Krasnick Robert M. Kuhnhenn, D.O. Susan Moreau Lovell Ronald P. Madensky

Joseph D. Mixon Lawrence E. Olsheski Jr. Ann M. Pasternacki Donald R. Paulus, Ph.D. Cynthia Bahr Pontius Elaine Aagaard Sales Semanick David L. Shoemaker Steven J. Trunzo Emily Cook Vadasz Paige H. Yoder David M. Ziegler

Comenius Society Suzanne J. Bleiler Conrad Jon B. Conrad Patricia Murray Hanna Diane Feeney Mateo Michael P. Rauscher Karen Glenn Yeakel Monocacy Club Sarah Miller Gallagher Scott T. Kocher Susan Kressly, M.D. Scott H. Warrick Founders’ Club Cheryl A. Baker Jeff J. Bartlett Lois Rehberg Beamer Bruce C. Bender Larry J. Esposito, Esq. Laurie Rutledge Esposito William P. Feigley, Ed.D. Cindy Mask Klaassen Michael L. Magee James A. McAdoo David L. Price

Colonial Club Roy F. Boyd Sabrina Zimpfer Boyd Donna Fabian Falk Joanne Belletti Molle David G. Sommers

Thomas D. Baldwin, Esq.

Barbara Updike

Joseph M. Brenner


Richard T. Duda

Shirley I. Yochum

Greyhound Club Jacqueline Lovett Agostinho John C. Byrne Pamela Miller Daniels Kevin M. Dougherty Susan Pitonak Dwyer Nancy Miller Fisher Ronald R. Fulmer Gary L. Kiechel Tracey Ann Knauss Warnke Angelo J. LaDuca Jr. Monica Sterner LaDuca Joyce Mawhinney Mante Marlene N. Merz Cindy Sherrer Miers George W. Myers Lisa Orlich-Mixon James A. Paradee Cynthia Glessman Pletcher Patricia Lynch Pologruto Kevin E. Raiser Renate Schroedel Shotwell Jamie Moll Singer S. Craig Wilhelmy Barry W. Yoder

Richard D. Gazda

1983 Total Giving: $15,448.46 18% Participation Heritage Club Susan H. Kuenstner Comenius Society Wendy Merkle Basta Michael G. Link Mary Ellen Markey Mayer Cynthia Pummer Rauscher Monocacy Club Thomas D. Christman Michael S. Wolfe Robert T. Yavorski Jr., M.D. Founders’ Club Edward S. Attarian

Deborah Casey Eisenberg, M.D. Pamela Wilson Gazda William R. Hoke Catherine J. Hyndman, M.D. Janet Loprete Magee David C. Malloy Jane Lefanto Puckett Paul C. Sommers Cynthia Cave Yanchek

Colonial Club Judy Jones Curtis J. Christian Giesler Annette Budzak Landes, Esq. Dean A. Molle Vivian Bates Noblett J. Daniel Pruitt Carl J. Wimley Greyhound Club Debra Brooks Nealy Jonathan E. Burcaw Raymond W. Carlier Christina Haas Churilla Joan Detweiler Evans Donny L. Fisher Stephen A. Gohdes Babette Berger Guss Stephen C. Kalamar III Karl T. Kessler Larry L. Knokey Beth Ann Letcher Landis Richard J. Lempke Craig R. Love Julie O’Donnel Lutrario Susan Farrell Meiser Michelle Stein Miller Lori Quier Phillippi Mary T. Radakovits Robert M. Renna Lori Rogora Michael J. Russo Maryann Burriello Salabsky Meinardo R. Santos Jr., M.D. Kathleen McMullen Schafer Ronald J. Semanick Deborah Butler Shaffer

1984 Total Giving: $48,328.54 13% Participation Chairman’s Circle Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Comenius Society Bruce K. Mayer Ronald L. Miksiewicz Monocacy Club Susan M. Bennett R. Scott Shellington Founders’ Club Aletha Custer-Bacon Fassl Nancy Albright Price Colonial Club Donna DalMaso Genay Christina Schoeller Giesler Joseph E. Luksa Lynne Morgan Neel Denise DeJoseph Parkanyi Scott L. Phillips Linda Paerg Pruitt Kimberly Ziegler Trexler F. Joseph Werner, O.D. Greyhound Club Lori Frantz Balliet Andrea Alexander Centofanti Eric W. Csencsits Linda M. Del Balso Tammy Jacoby Dilendik James Gentile, D.O. David L. Griscom Elizabeth Plarr Griscom Michael F. Homa Nancy Bednar Horwath Brian J. Hubert Randolph S. Krail Kurt E. Montz Wendy McKee Moore Susan Traficante Moscatello Sarah Boone Olsheski Helen Berta Rogusky Charles E. Schmidt Jr.

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Diane Sciabica Mandry

Scott J. Mondi

John R. Shaffer

Donna Beck Reagan

John R. Steiger Jr.

Lori N. Schmeisser

Janice M. Thomas,

Cathy Snyder Shaffer


Karen Saas Zurasky

Steven P. Zajac

1985 Total Giving: $12,185 13% Participation Heritage Club Richard D. Hooper Comenius Society Leonard E. Korn III Gregory J. Tavalsky Monocacy Club Paul M. Brock Jr. Pamela Greeno Campbell Kerry S. Freidl, Esq. Harris C. Hoke Jr., Ph.D. Kathleen DelGuercio Kececi David R. Schulte Founders’ Club Jo-Ann Brantley Brenner Eileen A. Morgan Meitzner Jill Hannah Waskiewicz Colonial Club Holly J. Edwards Lisa J. Foulke Virginia C. Carson Earlaine Coleman Klingler Andrew L. Lamberto Lynne Murray Morgan Ruth Errico Olson Julie L. Sealey Greyhound Club Christopher J. Brown Ann Carpenter Carol Schlaefer Halvorson Richard C. Hassick, II Deborah Beaver Hess Ruth Schultes Huth Lynn Muschlitz LaBarre Megan B. Lamb Joseph J. Lewinski III Paula Colizzo Lewinski Lisa Hoffmeier Lynch Lori Scholz Mauger Anita Finelli Maura Miriam D. Mello

1987 Total Giving: $24,772.00 14% Participation Trustee Circle Conrad J. Radcliffe, Esq.

1986 Total Giving: $31,239.32 10% Participation Trustee Circle Terence L. O’Rourke Jr., M.D.

President’s Associates Bruce C. Spencer Heritage Club Todd J. Dickinson Gary L. Long Kenneth C. Yee

President’s Associates Bryan W. Sandmann, Ph.D.

Comenius Society Claire M. Klatchak Ronald M. Kriner, D.O. Timothy C. Shoyer

Heritage Club Todd E. Bateson Joan Kiefer Dickinson Comenius Society Gayle Fischer Rowland Monocacy Club Laura Allan Haffner Kelly K. Krieble, Ph.D. Carol A. Traupman Carr Founders’ Club Scott A. Hoke James R. Lasko James F. Swartz III, Esq. Lynda Farrell Swartz Colonial Club Randy P. Longo Ralph F. Mittl Susan Henly Phillips John C. Walton Greyhound Club Gayle Stevens Dimmick Kristin Matz Gawlik Christopher P. Gilbert, Ph.D. Catherine Holbrook Hettrich James A. Joseph James T. Lehr Joseph A. Pacelli Jr. Kathleen Regan Patterson Shawn P. Phillips, Esq. Joan L. Reinhard Marc E. Richmond Alice Ritter Samuels Robert J. Snyder Virginia V. Van Horne Richard G. Vitale Valerie Dale White

Monocacy Club Rusty S. Bealer Elizabeth Tyler Bugaighis, Ph.D. Kathleen Hanifan Hoke Founders’ Club Sandra Hammel Cinque Georgine K. Danyi, V.M.D. Shelly Bachman DeLong Jeffery R. Frekot Frances G. Holahan Denise O’Neill, Ph.D. David C. Stoyer Colonial Club Pamela Messerschmidt Pfeiffer Ray J. Pfeiffer Jr., Ph.D. Denise Corona Reinhart Peter Reinhart Amanda Taylor Roth James A. Roth Greyhound Club Philip J. Dommel Kenneth R. Franiak Andrea Shuhan Gelber Douglas C. Green Robert W. Heck Jr. James B. Horwath Karen Morton Jensen Melanie P. Kloiber St. Hill Douglas R. Litzenberger Pharon L. Metzger Alysia Sabatine Phillips Timothy P. Ronan Leonard J. Selner Janeen Bentz Sproul Diane Hvizdak Taylor

1988 Total Giving: $17,178.22 12% Participation Heritage Club Teresa Segar Long Christopher A. Ohmacht Comenius Society Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr. Joseph M. Shosh, Ph.D. Scott A. Wood Monocacy Club Linda L. Atiyeh Tarek M. Bugaighis Douglas W. Derstine Jeffrey C. Ketz Founders’ Club Julie Anderson Atwood Lisa M. Bechtel John D. Diehl Karen Mengel Graham Mathew A. Pirozzi David M. Romanelli Colonial Club Keith R. Bachman Robert J. Russoli Greyhound Club Frank Alessandra Michael D. Anthus Sofia D. Bakis Edward C. Barnett Francis A. Brogan Randall K. Brown Alease Duker Chabrak Peter D. Chimera Lewis K. Christman III John W. Gerencher Bernard Ivin Catherine Martin Janny Thomas V. Labert Jr. Karen Hagerman Leary David L. Marcus, Esq. Patrick J. McHugh Paul M. Polsky Karen Walters Scott Alexis Odinov Stambaugh Joan Simons Starnes 1989 Total Giving: $14,759.24 9% Participation Trustee Circle Amanda Westphal Radcliffe President’s Associates Raymond J. Reimer Comenius Society Candyce Homan Chimera

Paul E. Kurzeja, Esq.

Elizabeth Jennings

Kurt J. Poling


Stephanie L. Robison

Founders’ Club Kendall R. B. Dobbins, M.D. Bryon L. Grigsby, Ph.D. Keith W. Kardos, Ph.D. Anthony D. Sabino Beth Unangst Sawickij Paul M. Staudt Jean Mulroy Tewell

Monocacy Club Gianine M. Christiano Founders’ Club John T. Dittbrenner Jr. James B. Galbraith III Ingrid Olsen Gerber Lorraine Matuczinski Gyauch Scott A. Stanilious Colonial Club Daniel E. Carusi Karen Helms Demarest Joseph M. Dremock Christine Wasser Hess Timothy G. Seltzer Greyhound Club James B. Anderson Bonnie Sue Banks Beers James W. Beers Martin A. Cauz Louis E. Chomo John W. Csencsits Rita M. Fortino Edmund A. Greenidge Jr. Richard H. Hoffman Richard J. Krouse Patrick W. Sisk John D. Stocker 1990 Total Giving: $38,888.90 14% Participation Trustee Circle Honnie P. Spencer, M.D. President’s Associates Andrew W. Hart Heritage Club Steven J. Burd Thomas R. Ike Comenius Society Richard P. Graham Sharon Duffy Graham Jane Tatum Helstrom William J. Liaw, D.O. Robert A. Verrone Walter T. Wandall Monocacy Club Beth Hance Arnold Kraig J. Correll Jennifer Smith Dieter Ilsa Klebingot Flanagan Kenneth J. Karch Pamela A. Rea

Colonial Club Robert J. Floyd Jr. Robert L. Paneque Jr. Greyhound Club Lauren Lauderbaugh Allen Karen Haux Baney Philip J. Baney IV, M.D. Lee S. Detrick Lisa Cunningham Fedor Andrea Fuller Giedosh Dianne Shefski Harper Michael J. Koury Jr. Michael M. Melsky Donna M. Moser Robert C. Schmell LeAnn Blose Stitzel 1991 Total Giving: $25,203.22 10% Participation President’s Associates Elinor Shute Hart David A. Zinczenko Heritage Club Kimberly Deischer Ike Suzanne Kmet Diaz Comenius Society Armando M. Lopez Brian C. Sarisky Monocacy Club Jonathan D. Soden Founders’ Club Judith Tobias Chuisano Jeffrey M. Poling Demeitrius V. Sawickij Robert L. Topkis, D.O. Colonial Club Richard A. Capra Patricia A. Ward Greyhound Club Lori A. Barnett John B. Callahan Gloria L. Conrad Mary E. Cresseveur Reed, D.D.S. Monica H. Deeb

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you John A. Dooley

Katherine Beck DeKorte

Scott W. Fedor

David S. Fields

Jeannine Renninger

James C. Frank


Marta Boulos Gabriel

Mark A. Fielding

Charles R. Gugliuzza

Robert L. Godown Jr.

Paula Giancamilli Hardin

James R. Hardin III

Kevin R. Merlo

Christy Piazza Krouse

Stefanie Padula

Lynn M. Kuster


Michael C. Licata Jr.

Mark P. Richardson

Robert G. Moore Jr. Francis R. Mozgai Jr. Susan Knasiak Raley Dwight D. Repsher Jeffrey D. Silfies Rebecca Williams Slominski Lorraine Willey Snyder Eugene F. Weber Jr.

1993 Total Giving: $12,088.72 8% Participation President’s Associates Todd D. Parlee Comenius Society Barbara E. Reuper-Baum Hilary Martin Wandall, Esq.

1992 Total Giving: $9,177.00 11% Participation Comenius Society Lisa Fromhertz Konzelmann John J. Kruse Susan Sandt Lopez Scott M. Wilhelm, Esq.

Monocacy Club Amy Endler Laurel Blair Mikovits

Monocacy Club John F. Haberl Teresa Rizzo Soden

Colonial Club James C. Barclay, D.D.S. Greyhound Club Kathryn Schaar Burke Christopher B. Buzby Jessica Rotz Campbell Thaddeus J. Encelewski Jeffrey N. Gibbs Patrick Herrity Kelly Winner McNabb Jocelyn Smith Mosher Jason C. Reed Michelle Litzenberger Trent Robert T. Wehmeyer

Founders’ Club Sherry Rohn Clancy Christina M. Lawrence, D.M.D. Carmella Solito Mattes Colby Beck McCarthy Neil V. Pagotto Scott D. Pfeiffer Mary Becker Powell John N. Quinones Colonial Club John L. Fourney Lionel B. Fraser III Mark R. Newsome Edward J. Rekai Michael Q. Roth Beth Derr Zmijewski, V.M.D. Greyhound Club Krista Fassl Carson W. Christian Carson William J. Casciano Jennifer Lettie Chomo

Founders’ Club Anonymous Donor Linda Hulse LaPointe Martin J. Marion John E. Mattes III Donald B. Pinkowsky

1994 Total Giving: $8,810.00 10% Participation Comenius Society Anne Shea Gaza, Esq. C. Lenny Konzelmann Anthony E. Schuler Dale Intemann van Gelder

Monocacy Club Kevin M. Andris, Esq. Denise A. Bradley M. Bridget Heal John M. Hoffer Founders’ Club Shane M. Hollawell, D.P.M. Danny P. Maalouf Colonial Club Lori A. Halenar Greyhound Club Marianne B. Anestad Christopher C. Arabia Deborah Maier Arabia Charles E. Bowman Kerry Willard Bray Lisa A. Cardwell Deena Diorio Cross Pamela Porter Grauer Kevin R. Harstine Nancy Williamson Hooke Marie Serfass Hosier Joan Vargo Krem Maureen James Lippincott Mark J. McCabe Ann M. Schlottman Patricia Horwath Smith Melissa Newhard Torba Karen Mang Tricomi Marlene L. Wachelka Jeffrey Walker Matthew J. Watson, M.D. Ursula Morike Wuerth 1995 Total Giving: $19,908.90 9% Participation President’s Associates Amy Kohler Howard Janna Barclay Parlee Heritage Club Britt J. Simon, Esq. Comenius Society Mark A. Bonsall Monocacy Club Brandon W. Born Joseph L. Giordano Founders’ Club Lena K. Kenan Edward J. Roach Kathleen Farkas Shaffer Christopher A. Ward, Esq.

Colonial Club Krisa Murray Arzayus Melissa Hertzog Johnson Janet Kucey Kovalchick Tara B. O’Neal Jennifer Meyer Roth

Matthew A. Fox

Frank J. Conforti

Roberta Longo Gally

Jena Woods Pado

Alenda B. Gardner

Greyhound Club Karen Mattes Anderko Kevin C. Anderko Kim N. Christman Frank J. Csrnko Jr. Eileen Diggs Dunn Christopher J. Fox Peter M. Gervasoni Tanya Thear Hood Mary Beth Anfuso Horner George A. Latham David D. Madea Megan Pray Middleton Rebecca Kleintop Owens Keith W. Quelet

Founders’ Club Edward S. Brooking Michael M. Folcher Lori B. Lawler David P. Nocek Kara Crampsie Nocek Audrey Weaver Sparks John A. Walls, II

1996 Total Giving: $9,430.14 9% Participation Heritage Club Leslie D. Smith Comenius Society Christopher J. Brown James P. Orlando, Ph.D. Renee Szabo Richardson Monocacy Club Mary Kate Turowski Andris, Ed.D. Deborah Yuengling Ferhat Laura Kellers Queen Founders’ Club Alan G. Heverly Tennant D. Magee Sr., Esq. Daphne Rhoton Pierce, D.M.D. Richard Senker Colonial Club Douglas M. Miller, Esq. Greyhound Club Carl S. Appollina Kristen Jones Appollina Edward A. Bloss Stephanie Neel Casey Joyce Minyard Dawley Kevin P. Edwards

Gordon J. Grauer Eric M. Kniskern, Esq. Alisha Rhoton Norcross Philip M. NovackGottshall, Ph.D.

Michelle L. Santiago Susan Knowles Weber Carissa Barillari Wright Derek J. Wright

1997 Total Giving: $4,755.00 8% Participation Comenius Society Sean R. Richardson Monocacy Club Susan R. Hosterman Founders’ Club Rebecca Kobler Brooking BethAnn Schrey Folcher Phillip N. Geiger Renee Bond Geiger C. Eileen Kutzler John D. Rossi III Colonial Club Sarah Crews Chriscoe Patricia Giordani Krall Denise L. Kowitz Craig D. Neiman Laura Sortino Neiman Greyhound Club Patrick J. Egan, Esq. Carla Thomas Lindenmuth Jason M. Maslowski Nancy J. Moffett Mark T. Morrissey JoAnne Rufo Jennifer A. Schaeffer Amy Croll Souders Robin North Stankowski Christopher A. Starzynski William B. Wekluk III Celeste A. Wells, D.V.M. Owen M. Zimmerman 1998 Total Giving: $4,920.00 10% Participation Monocacy Club

Colonial Club Alan A. Babp James A. Gold Zaleina Khan Kartick Glenn M. Price Martha Scholl Ryan Susan J. Terry Greyhound Club Joseph P. Braunstein Emily M. Donato Joan M. Gaetaniello Elizabeth K. Gittins Christy Danko Graybeal, Ph.D. Bridget Guilmette Krauss Alison Parpagene Long Tara Wartman McClimon Judith A. Moll Marie Engdahl Moyer Stephanie Ann Newman Sandra E. Novack Gottshall Jeffrey J. Pukszyn Sharon Somishka Shankweiler Elva Evans Shildt Ryan T. Walters Gregory A. Woods 1999 Total Giving: $3,236 6% Participation Monocacy Club Merica Gellerman William F. & Mary Ann Harzer Megan McGill Lobb Founders’ Club Kelly Lubenesky Wiland Colonial Club Catherine B. Huegler Marsha L. Stiles Greyhound Club Jeffery F. Brill Sara deMange Fox

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Charles E. Gardner,

Sook Lee Choi

Jennifer L. Genevese

Rebecca Reyda

Rebecca S. Stewart

Thomas J.


Amalia G. Dignetti

Catherine Halley

Rusty J. Trump


Jill Ayers Gold

Alexander W. Egan


Kimberly A. Broadbent

Joshua G. Gold

Allison C. Fisk

Victoria Homko

Brynn Saltzer Buskirk

William J. Haskins

Douglas E. Gold, D.C.


Elise Alexander

Daniel J. Kent

Dustin Levy, Ph.D.

J. William Reynolds


Tyler W. McClimon, D.C.

Valerie A. Madea

Scott S. Zientek

Matthew J. Donnelly

Stephanie L. Rickards

Vera Marston


Carole R. Olszewski

Charity Feichtel Roth

John D. Rhinehart

Evett Vega

Paulette A. Roberts

Colonial Club Kenneth C. Greb Shelly A. Levulis, D.P.M. Joshua D. Weaknecht

Samantha X. Dorney

Kathleen Aguanno

Keri A. Schantz, Esq.


Clara J. Thorne

Greyhound Club Dennis F. Batovsky Jon R. Buskirk Lisa M. Casciani-Schmidt Vincent P. Cowlishaw John A. Cupples IV Daniel E. Diefenderfer Neali Miller Feimster Rosa M. Fernandes Lori B. Geisinger Michelle Bartlett Guirlinger William B. Harris Richard C. Kulp III Dina M. Liberatore Jarrod M. Pence Alyson L. Remsing Jarod F. Rhinehart Jeremy C. Sawruk Patrick J. Sinclair Charles S. Tice Kristin L. Vazquez Joshua W. Zagorski

Stephen J. Maslanek

2004 Total Giving: $11,093.76 6% Participation President’s Associates Jaime Marks Corvino Comenius Society Borko Milosev Monocacy Club Heidi Keglovits Caldwell Founders’ Club Charles DePuy Carrie L. Fellon Michael D. Grillo, Esq. Greta L. Kistler Joel Bart Messick Ethan J. P. Ordog, Esq. Scott T. Williams

Greyhound Club Lucio J. Alercia Christine A. Bobick Ewelina Caplap Melissa Duarte Daley Alyssa C. DeSimone Jennifer Kunes Driscoll Justin P. Driscoll Brynn Chromiak Dunkelberger James T. Feimster Jacqueline Collette Fox, Esq. Christina Wallace Garr D. Patrice Henry Thatcher Carlye Roth Koehler Regina A. LaCaruba Joseph M. Moyer, Esq. Stephanie Beitler Rauch-Mannino, Esq. Sheila Lichtenwalner Sacks

Tracy Hamill Walters

2000 Total Giving: $1,002 5% Participation Colonial Club Ashley J. Heiberger Brian D. Unangst Greyhound Club Margaret M. Frantz Lisa G. Hahn-Egan, Ph.D. Allison D. Harteveld Christie J. Jacobsen Jocelyn Eisenhart Kilhefner Nicholas R. Kimball Diane Annes Mizerak Matthew B. Peak Robert Petrosky Angela Scarselletti Shafer Mary Lowrey Toczek Stephen M. Van Horn Heather Wickmann Watt David W. Zimmerman 2001 Total Giving: $5,762.50 7% Participation Comenius Society Hal A. Long Monocacy Club Philip J. Black Rebecca Matijasich Stadelmeyer Founders’ Club Amy DePuy, M.D. Kimberly S. Ghali-Rao, D.M.D. Douglas L. Joseph Torine E. Pasek Colonial Club Michael H. Milunec Greyhound Club

Christopher M. Watt

2002 Total Giving: $9,172.74 7% Participation President’s Associates Brian J. Corvino Comenius Society Julie Jones Shilane, Ph.D. Monocacy Club Christopher S. Szutar Colonial Club Michelle Hoopes Treichler Katie Copf Van Der Linden Greyhound Club Monica L. Bartholomew Tiffany A. Catalino, V.M.D. Josh W. Cesare Michael J. Frew Scott A. Heydt Patricia Smith Hoyt Danielle M. Joseph Christina L. Mondschein Kelly A. Muschlitz Debra L. Noble Heidi Wolfsberger Peoples Adrienne Krosecz Schultz Inna Kolesnikova Scully Emily J. Shertzer Gretchen G. Walters Autumn H. Zander 2003 Total Giving: $7,295.68 9% Participation Heritage Club D. Wayne Barefoot Monocacy Club Kelly McLean Rindock Founders’ Club

Colonial Club Marissa Weaknecht Ambron, D.O. Kaitlyn Cerco McKittrick Greyhound Club

Beidleman, DPT

Janice E. Farber Anthony C. Iannetta Kelly Warner Kulp Bonnie Van Cott Schlener Janice Sisinni Smith

2005 Total Giving: $3,490 9% Participation Monocacy Club Daniel A. Corey Heather McGarvie Corey Founders’ Club Katie M. Suib Cathleen Lavelle Williams Colonial Club Michelle Lala Clark Rena K. Drezner Charlsie Keefe James Todd R. James Aaron T. Reyer Courtney A. Wertman Stambaugh

Travis C. Nace

2006 Total Giving: $1,489.06 6% Participation Founders’ Club Mojca Branc Amanda M. Logan

Andrew J. Remsing

Colonial Club Amy R. Frantz Greyhound Club Shannon Gardner Bakros Lindsey M. Brychta Neil V. Caniga Eric J. Cuevas Stacee L. Cupples John D. Donofrio Carolyn Elliott Evans George J. Gray James A. Greene Matthew T. Hovey, Esq. Candy Geary LaBar Kevin B. Landis Kevin McLaughlin Rebecca E. Moore Virginia Kramer Schott William A. Shimer Gerald J. Weiss Courtney L. Werner, Ph.D. Brendan J. Wright

Colin L. Welles

2007 Total Giving: $1,529.60 7% Participation Colonial Club Julia E. Gasdaska Jennifer Marie Gillard Daniel A. Gohdes Greyhound Club Kelly M. Applegate Scott M. Best Laura Sahlender Boyer Tyler K. Boyer Matthew R. Brehm Tyler B. Chomik Rebecca L. Dries Clifford W. Garr, II J. Barrett Geyer Kyle A. Keller Eric M. Kratz Christina M. LaVecchia Samantha A. Madison D. Patrick McMullen Jillian Mlynek McMullen

Valerie Korsak Sharkazy Marissa L. Sharon Scott G. Shelbo Amanda Birosik Shilko Emily R. Starner Brittany L. Zebro

2008 Total Giving: $2,854.00 8% Participation Monocacy Club David F. Carr Founders’ Club Ann Mease Gibson John C. Mikovits Jessica J. Preston Daniel G. Soares Colonial Club Sabrina E. Ruch Andrea M. Tramontana Greyhound Club Eric E. Adams Matthew D. Adams Daniel M. Bobick Allison R. Boyd Keith R. Brotzman Brandon J. Cohn Joshua A. Collis Daniel C. DeRicco Amelia J. Dietrich Christopher J. Earley Nikki Benson Falcone Kristin K. Gratz Tammy Smith Kovacs Jessica A. Lord Rachel A. McCausland Kelly LaTourette Moser Wesley S. Moser Rachel A. Radocha Geoffrey M. Roche Rebecca Angstadt Roche Donna C. Smith Tegan Mireski Tishey Bradford J. Wankewicz 2009 Total Giving: $2,293.09 8% Participation Founders’ Club Deborah Martin Arner Colonial Club Jason J. DeStefano

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you Emily M. Gibbons

Sarah Ann Thomas

Justin M. Miranda

Jacob R. Donchez

Melissa A. Marazas

James C. Tersigni

Alicia Abbuhl Gohdes

Peter D. Zimmer

Kyle W. Shollenberger

Catherine E. Dormer

Sarah E. Marsh

Aaron O. Thieme

Andrew J. Shreter

Shelley E. Drozd

Joseph W. Mattera

Tyler D. Thompson

David L. Wacker Jr.

Jessie L. Ervin

Graham T. Matthews

Phillip A. Torres

Anna M. Whetstone

Carl I. Feldman

Noah B. Mayer

Frank G. Trautz

Nathaniel K. Ferraro

Vincent Vazquez

Victoria L. Tribue

2013 Total Giving: $2,398.30 46% Participation Colonial Club Stephen L. Cunningham Michael W. O’Gorman Anna M. SantaMaria

Jacqueline M. Fontana


Emmellene B. Usera

Steven F. Gaden

Meghan E. McLaughlin

Alexandra H. VanBuskirk

Melissa S. Gaines

Alexandra M. McNamara

Briana M. VanBuskirk

Brittany E. Garzillo

Andrew J. Messineo

Elisabeth A. Verile

Kimberly J. Gatski

Kathryn A. Miller

Alexandria N. Vesely

Thomas D. Gavaghan

Gianna E. Miranda

Ian J. Vogler

Roselynn M. Geigel

James B. Moore

Amanda M. Vogt

Greyhound Club Preston G. Ambrosky Samantha E. Anderson Joseph R. Aquino Kelsey B. Ashworth Alyssa A. Baranovich Nadirah A. Bell Caitlyn M. Benonis Andrew C. Benson Symonia J. Bernard Moses Marla R. Bianca Eileen M. Black Christine M. Bloom Takumi J. Bolte Yunuke Nyambeka Bosire Michael S. Brand Gabriella A. Breithaupt Elise A. Bremer Arielle J. Brent Eileen M. Bryan Caitlin N. Campbell Kristian J. Cantens Frank N. Capobianco Joseph P. Cassidy Kate L. Check Theresa L. Civitella Victoria R. Clark Nicholas J. Clingan Katie L. Consales Zachary L. Cooper Matthew C. Cordes Rocco A. Del Priore Steven N. Delturk Garth I. Denton-Borhaug Margaret A. DeOliveira Matthew L. Devine Felicia V. Diaz John R. Diener Anthony J. Dolan Kristen N. Doll

Keeana M.

Albert C. Moran

An K. Vuong


Amanda J. Moreno-

Phillip R. Wallens

Naomi Gilbert


Amanda V. Walter

Kevin T. Gilroy

Suzanne N. Moyer

Michael C. Waxmonsky

Kyle C. Goodbred

Erin M. Murray

Kelly L. Weaver

Catherine E. Gottlieb

Shannon J. Neumeyer

Madeline R. Webb

Brittany A. Gotwols

Donald A. Noble

Katelyn A. Weiss

Erin M. Granahan

Ethan J. Nourse

Amanda J. Werner

Dayna C. Gross

Joseph A. Ocelus

Kirby L. White

Laura J. Grube

Emma D. Pacheco

Victoria L. Womer

Eduardo A. Guillen

Michelle L. Palmieri

Irene J. Zawisza

Megan E. Gumpper

John H. Pavia

Julia G. Zinni

Sasha R. Halasz

Grant P. Pellitteri

Melissa L. Zirkel

Amanda M. Hanuszak

Stephanie L. Pezzello

Marissa E. Zondag

Marcus P. Hardy

Aaron J. Popovice

Cassandra L. Zouzias

Edward M. Harper

Tyler A. Potterton

Bernadette-Kath S.

Kyle T. Harris

Emily E. Prisaznik


Jonathan R. Heberling

Alexis E. Rapkowicz

Brian P. Heffern

Christianna A. Rocco

Gina M. Heintzelman

Julianna B. Rodrigues

Benjamin S. Heiserman

Katharine E. Rubino

Rachael E. Hood

Addison M. Rymar

Samantha L. Houck

Samantha V. Savite

Alyssa B. Howerter

Steven T. Scheirer

Matthew R. Johnson

Robert E. Scheuerman

Amarnath K. Kandallu

Kristen M. Schneider

Travis A. King

Matthew A. Scott

Stevie N. Klie

Gina D. Seier

Kaitlin E. Kline

Lauren M. Seier

Claire E. Knapp

Elizabeth G. Sgambelluri

Briana L. Krans

Samantha R. Sheridan

Amanda C. Kreuder

Kathryn Y. Sholly

Brooke A. Kuperavage

Vincent K. Skorton

Carlos La Luz

Haley V. Skymba

Joel M. Labriola

Shannon L. Smith

Nokukhanya Langa

Kayla M. Smull

Jaclyn M. Lecce

Ryan Mark Starkman

Micah E. Leonard

Ryan K. Stocker

Vincent A. Leone

Rianne D. Stowell

Sara G. Loprete

Anthony E. Sullivan

Brenna P. Maier

Justin S. Taylor

Katie L. Marakos

Joseph M. Tegan

Paul G. Mack

Greyhound Club Katarina A. Birle Laura K. Boyd Meredith Wertheim Brehm Keith W. Feinman Perry R. Freifeld Raymond Garcia Anthony Giovannini Marisa A. Gurnari Susan L. Herschlag Gregory T. Jones Amanda J. King Tyler C. McCambridge Catherine Agnew McCarthy Matthew J. McCarthy Stephanie J. Miller Hakim A. Myers Helen Benson Nace Jeremiah D. Reinhart Carl P. Robinson Deborah Snyder Kristin M. Staunton Jessica L. Swartz Cassidy L. Thomas Matthew J. Velekei Karen M. Zavecz 2010 Total Giving: $1,344.00 5% Participation Monocacy Club Alexander A. Kulp Colonial Club Matthew R. Bross Greyhound Club Sarah E. Becker Michael J. Bishop Jonathan G. Boksan Christopher J. Boyle Brian R. Dencker Alison S. Dobrowolski Chelsea N. Dotta Danielle C. DuBois Caitlin V. Fischer Andrew M. Grando Daniel D. Merker Douglas C. Miller Ryan M. Rempe Caleb M. Spess Dylan S. Stroup

2011 Total Giving: $11,400 5% Participation Trustee Circle Clayton K. Brewer Founders’ Club Corey C. Koenig Colonial Club Ravjot K. Chana Cassandra Cleveland Lucas A. Smith Greyhound Club Anisa Kocher Albertson Lizzette D. Arias Daniel J. Cancelliere Christopher J. Cullen Carli Timpson Feldman Kelly L. Grab Alex J. Hersch Stephen J. Kahn Dominic G. Rafetto Gregory J. Rittenhouse Jessica M. Rosato Heather Whitehouse Schwindenhammer Timothy F. Smetana Tara Chiarella Spencer Hongbo Hannah Yang 2012 Total Giving: $2,408.07 5% Participation Comenius Society Michael K. Clark Monocacy Club Matthew A. Lutcza Greyhound Club Brittany M. Beard Jaclyn S. Borden Jennifer W. Buck Nicole M. Churilla Michael J. Facchiano Matthew W. Gibson Charli A. Godshall Patrick J. Gordon Megan S. Hallowell Ian W. Heck Carolyn A. Latkovich Edmond F. Matta Ryan D. McGarry

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ‘78

Rev. Keith K. Harke ‘99

Rev. Wilfred L. Dreger ‘45

Rev. David M. Henkelmann ‘57

Mr. Gregory Ellis ‘07

Ms. Frances L. Huetter ‘58

Rev. Wolfram Fliegel ‘56

Rev. Melissa Hertzog Johnson ‘01

Rev. James D Hejl ‘81

Rev. Ray K. Joseph ‘67

Mrs. Denise S. Katsaros ‘93, ‘97

Rev. Glenn F Jurek ‘64

Mrs. Linda H. & Rev. Gary T. ‘83 Marsh

Rev. Dean R. Jurgen ‘81

Ms. Sherry Mason Brown

Rev. Dr. Willam H. McElveen ‘58

Rev. William B. Kerner ‘62

Mrs. Bobbie & Rev. Dr. Henry E. Jr. ‘60,

Mr. William C. Needs ‘63

Rt. Rev. Douglas H. Kleintop ‘75

Rev. Cheryl A. Stoneback ‘04

Rev. Richard W. Kohl ‘60

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ‘85

Rev. Dr. Craig S. Troutman ‘82

Rev. Andrew W. Meckstroth ‘86

Ms. Jill Peters ‘07 & Mr. Richard

Mrs. Pamela M. Weiss ‘99

Rev. Gordon B. Mowrer ‘89, ‘92


Rev. David L. Wickmann ‘67

Rev. Dr. Stephen O. Nicholas Jr. ‘67

Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke

Rev. Stuart N. Zimmerman ‘78

Rev. Charles Otto ‘03 &

SEMINARY ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Evangeline Bahnson Smith Society Members of the Evangeline Bahnson Smith Society are those supporters of Moravian Theological Seminary who have made a gift of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year, at the following giving-club levels: MISSION LEADERSHIP SOCIETY (GIFTS OF $100,000 AND ABOVE) Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province Salem Congregation PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE (GIFTS $10,000-$49,999) Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Black Mrs. Elizabeth Lowder Mason* Rev. Dr. Janice ‘82, ‘91 & Mr. Thomas Young

‘63 May

Dr. Doris Wood & Rev. Dr. David A. ‘60 Schattschneider Mrs. Susan & Rev. Dr. Gordon L. ‘57, ‘61 Sommers Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson

DEAN’S CIRCLE (GIFTS $5,000-$9,999) Ms. Jaye Newbold ‘12 Mrs. Priscilla Wolle

Rev. Dr. Heather & Mr. Gary Vacek Rev. Deborah M. & Rev. Dr. Walter H. Wagner Rev. Christian D. Weber ‘52 Mr. Thomas G. Wendt

PROFESSOR’S CIRCLE (GIFTS OF $1,000-$4,999) Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ‘43* Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler Karen ‘88 & Jose P. Arencibia Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ‘80 Beitler Mrs. Constance L. & Rev. David E. ‘88 Bennett Mrs. Colleen Workman ‘60 & Rev. James O. ’47, ‘49* Bruckart Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri Busy Workers Society Evelyn Trodahl ‘68 & Richard Chynoweth Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford Dr. Audrey West & Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ‘80 Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Ms. Amy S. & Rev. Dr. David B. ‘86 Guthrie Mr. & Mrs.* James A. Hancock Jr. Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ‘53, ‘57 Mrs. Joy G. & Rev. James T. ‘75 Hicks Rev. Lunnett M. Hilliard ‘10 Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ‘09 & Mr. Paul F. Knouse Jr. Larger Life Foundation The Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ‘70 Yvonne Thompson Maddox, Ph.D. Mr. Bruce W. Marold ‘12

Mrs. Mary Jeane Moser Romer ‘54*

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams SEMINARY ALUMNI

TRUSTEE CIRCLE Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ‘82, ‘91 PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Ms. Jaye Newbold ‘12 HERITAGE CLUB Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ‘80 Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ‘70 Mr. Bruce W. Marold ‘12 Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ‘85 COMENIUS SOCIETY Mrs. Karen A. Arencibia ‘88 Rev. David E. Bennett ‘88 Rev. James O. Bruckart ‘49* Rev. Barry R. Galley ‘73 Rev. David B. Guthrie ‘86 Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ‘57 Rev. Lunnett M. Hilliard ‘10 Rev. James L. Johnson ‘59* Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ‘09 Rev. Dr. Henry E. May Jr. ‘63 Ms. Jill Peters ‘07 Rev. Dr. Gordon L. Sommers ‘61 Rev. Christian D. Weber ‘52 MONOCACY CLUB Rev. Dr. Douglas W. Caldwell ‘69

FOUNDERS’ CLUB Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ‘87 Rev. Hartmut Beck ‘50 Dr. Ronald R. Cavanagh ‘63 Rev. Kenneth V. Daniel ‘89 Rev. J. Michael Dowd ‘71 Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards ‘05 Rev. Ian D. S. Edwards ‘04 Rev. Dr. Donald C. Esslinger ‘82 Rev. Terry L. Folk ‘78 Rev. Lloyd Gooden ‘12 Rt. Rev. Paul A. Graf ‘64 Rev. Jane Keogh Harberg ‘91 Rev. Dr. Willard R. Harstine ‘62, ‘86 Rev. Anthony E. Hayworth ‘08 Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ‘51 Rev. John D. Hoenig ‘80 Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ‘69 Mrs. D. Jane Joyce ‘93 Rev. Dianne Murray Kareha ‘93, ‘97 Rev. Norman E. Prochnau ‘62 Rev. John G. Rights ‘95 Rev. Frederick C. Seyfert Jr. ‘62 Rev. Richard L. Sides ‘75 Rev. Robert T. Stevens ‘94 Mrs. Barbara Martin Stout ‘87 Rev. Dr. William J. Weinland ‘49 Ms. Louise H. Young ‘90 COLONIAL CLUB Rev. Richard R. Beck ‘86 Rev. Wendy Pirwitz Beck ‘86 Ms. Kelly Howard Brooks ‘05 Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Wayne Burkette ‘69 Rev. David R. Burkette ‘57 Rev. Carol Packer Dague ‘90 Rev. M. Lynnette Delbridge ‘84 Rev. Robert F. Engelbrecht `56 Ms. Judith Ganz ‘08 Rev. J. Christian Giesler ‘86 Rev. William E. Gramley ‘62 Rev. Elizabeth A. Haines ‘06

Ms. Margaret Gorman

Rev. Catherine A. Parsons ‘95 Rev. Helen R. Pearson ‘93, 97 Mrs. Helen M. Richards ‘03 Rt. Rev. Graham H. Rights ‘60 Ms. Tracy Campbell Roeder ‘89 Rev. Dennis G. Rohn ‘70 Rev. Canon Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril ‘81 Ms. Charlotte G. Rosenberger ‘92 Mr. David G. Sommers ‘87 Rev. Gary M. Straughan ‘66 Rev. Robert L. Strauss ‘84 Rev. Lynne D. Trout ‘05 Rev. Katie Copf Van Der Linden ‘06 Rev. Aden A. Ward ‘71 Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. Ward ‘80 Rev. Margaret Braden Wellert ‘99, ‘00

GREYHOUND CLUB Rev. Sara Moran Aker ‘86 Rev. Matthew W Allen ‘98 Rev. William T. Andrews ‘82 Mr. Michael W. Barnett ‘03 Ms. Susan Palos Bennetch ‘11 Rev. Bradley L. Bennett ‘84 Rev. Walter C. Bishop ‘05 Mr. James O. Blanton III ‘59 Rev. Erwin E. Boettcher ‘52 Rev. Canon Doris S. Bray ‘80 Rev. Karl F. Bregenzer ‘48 Rev. Jeffrey J. Butz `94 Rev. John D. Christman ‘70 Rev. Dr. Deborah Rahn Clemens ‘84 Mrs. Gloria L. Conrad ‘99 Ms. Julie Noyes Cook ‘87 Rev. Cheryl G. Cottingham ‘08 Rev. Sandra Kay Crase ‘02 Rev. Steve E. Craver ‘77 Rev. David D. Danneberger ‘75 Rev. Canon Virginia Rex Day ‘93 Rev. Brian R. Dixon ‘05 Rev. Dean A. Easton ‘05

ConsistentGiving GivingSociety Society Consistent FALL 2013



thank you Rev. Dr. Elaine L. Fenstermacher

Rt. Rev. Dr. Edwin A. Sawyer ‘38

Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke

Mrs. E. Jane Albrecht Graf ‘62

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Sawyer ‘67

Mrs. Mary Jeane Moser Romer ‘54*

Bryon L. Grigsby, Ph.D. ‘90

Rev. Derek A. French ‘95

Rev. Marlin L Schaffstall ‘59

Doris Wood & David A. ‘60

Mrs. Nancy Trach Harstine ‘63

Rev. Matthew J. Gillard ‘09

Rev. Eric J. Schulze ‘53


Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Henderson

Rev. Stephen A. Gohdes ‘86

Rev. George R. Scilley ‘58

Rev. W. Norwood Green ‘52

Rev. Dr. Richard I. Shamel ‘54

Rev. Dr. Gene E. Handwerk ‘77, ‘82

Rev. Joan A. Shelton ‘79

Rev. Charles T. Harberg ‘67

Rev. Dody Freed Siegfried ‘02, ‘09

Rev. Milton Hartentstine ‘71

Rev. Robert H. Smith ‘61

A. Peter Haupert, M.D. ‘56, ‘59

Rev. David W. Sobek ‘90

Thomas J. Haupert, Ph.D. ‘69

Rev. Maria Evola Spada ‘89

Rev. Wayne A. Hawley ‘76

Rev. Earl E. Stephan ‘57

Mr. Michael Hedrick ‘08

Rev. Rebecca Y. Stephens ‘92

Rev. Marvin R. Henkelmann ‘53

Rev. Arkon G. Stewart ‘90

Ms. Therese M. Hero ‘95

Rev. Dr. Glen W. Stoudt ‘77

Mrs. Cheryl Hilbert-Gonzalez ‘11

Mrs. Stephanie Sykes Stover ‘78

Mrs. Diana Hill ‘93

Mr. Gerald W. Stover ‘84

Rev. Trina Holmberg ‘09

Rev. Arlene Byers Studer ‘72

Ms. Patricia Smith Hoyt ‘11

Rev. Dorothy Lehman Tarreto ‘10

Rt. Rev. Dr. James C. Hughes ‘47

Rev. Canon Jane B. Teter ‘83, ‘85

Rev. Franklin C. Jones ‘65

Rev. Jay Reeder Thatcher III ‘05

Rev. Diane C. Joseph ‘98

Rev. Richard J. Thierolf ‘78

Rev. Gail H. Kees ‘86

Rev. Allen. D Timm ‘92

Rev. Dr. Judy Schaeffer Kehler Shirey ‘84

Rev. C. Scott Venable III ‘79

Rev. Brian R. Kent ‘64

Rev. Nancy R Von Boeckmann ‘93

Rev. Andrew D. Kilps ‘07

Mrs. Emily B. Wallace ‘94

Rev. James L. Knappenberger ‘77

Rev. John B. Wallace ‘84

Rev. Reid P. Lauderman ‘10

Mrs. Lynn Aprill Webb ‘11

Rev. Jodie Lean Harney ‘09

Rev. Warren D. Wenger ‘45

Rev. Roy E. A. Ledbetter ‘74

Rev. Carol L. West ‘00

Rev. Linda Leuser ‘08

Rev. R. Donald Winters ‘85

Dr. Robert A. Lewis ‘56

Ms. Tara Altenbach Zrinski ‘05, ‘07

Bogert ‘79, ‘82

Drs. Curtis & Karen Keim

Rev. Kurt S. Liebenow ‘90 Rev. Dr. Mary D. Matz ‘75, ‘82*


Rev. Dr. William W. Matz Sr. ‘53

MORAVIAN CIRCLE Mrs. Margaret M. Peters*

Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons ‘09 Ms. Janet Scholey Mishkin ‘12 Mr. Donald L. Murphy ‘99 Rev. Jack T. Nance ‘65

1742 CIRCLE Mrs. Elizabeth Lowder Mason*

Rev. Bruce J. Nelson ‘91 Rev. Jimmie L. Newsom Sr. ‘64 Rev. James C. Newsome Jr. ‘87 Mrs. Anne Cramer Nourse ‘04

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Evelyn Trodahl ‘68 & Richard Chynoweth

COMENIUS SOCIETY Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli Rev. Dr. Deborah A Appler Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ‘80 Beitler Mrs. Colleen Workman Bruckart ‘60 Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford Embassy Bank Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Mr. Terry J. Hart Joy G. & James T. ‘75 Hicks Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua ‘67 Mr. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69 The Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Yvonne Thompson Maddox, Ph.D. Ms. Sherry Mason Brown Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson Rev. Dr. Heather & Mr. Gary Vacek Rev. Deborah M. & Rev. Dr. Walter H. Wagner Mr. Thomas G. Wendt Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams MONOCACY CLUB Mrs. Ruth L. Behrend Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty Jr. Mr. Frank E. Driscoll Patricia H. & Mark A. ‘78 Fried Mrs. Anna Mae Gillett Mr. & Mrs. Cromer R. Grubbs Jr. Mrs. Carol Sloan McElveen ‘58 Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring SKF Industries, Inc. Mr. Jessie J. Stone* Howard & Elizabeth Vogler Fund Mr. Paul R. Yochum Mrs. Martha Hughes Zimmerman ‘78

Rev. Kenneth W. Nowack ‘51 Rev. Frederick W. Oleck ‘65* Ms. Carol Olzinski ‘10

TRUSTEE CIRCLE Mr. Stephen D. Black

Rev. Mary L. Plummer ‘04 Rev. Jami L. Possinger ‘02 Rev. John F. Rauhut ‘89 Rev. Janel Rice ‘05 Rev. Dawn R. Richie ‘03 Rev. George R. Richmond ‘91

PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ‘43* Mr. J. Robert Hess Larger Life Foundation Mrs. Priscilla Wolle

Rev. Douglas C. Rights ‘83 Rev. Dr. Cornelius B. Routh ‘90 Rev. James V. Salzwedel ‘61

HERITAGE CLUB Mr. & Mrs.* James A. Hancock Jr.

FOUNDERS’ CLUB Anonymous Donor Mrs. Juliae Anderson Atwood ‘88 Ms. Jane Frankenfield Burcaw ‘79 Rt. Rev. & Mrs. C. Hopeton Clennon Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Howard H. Cox Mrs. Kathleen Doyle Dowd ‘68 Mrs. Julia Cranford Folk ‘80 Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Frey Ann C. ‘08 & Mark J. Gibson Mrs. Christina Schoeller Giesler ‘84

Rev. Fred Knieriem* Rev. Margaret K. Leinbach & Mr. Ted Leinbach Karen Bruckart ‘72 & Henry G. Jr. ‘71 Naisby Mrs. Mary Ellen Binder Orben ‘42 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pettit Mr. Richard P. Reinke Wayne C. ‘61 & Sandra Shugart Ms. Jean H. Siftar Mr. & Mrs. Halfred C. Smith Mrs. Janet Parks Weinland ‘47 Margaret & Theodore E. ‘60 Wilde

COLONIAL CLUB Mr. & Mrs. David P. Ambler Mr. & Mrs. Ben M. Cahill Jr. Ms. Susan L. Canfield Mrs. Marian McCuiston Couch Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Crouch Mr. Keith M. Dague Mr. & Mrs. John E. Dewees Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle Mr. James A. Gold ‘98 Mr. Earl Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth Graybill Jurgen ‘76 Mrs. Mary Kilpatrick Kohl ‘56 Ms. Marcella Kraybill-Greggo Mrs. Mildred B. Park Mrs. Kathryn Shamel Mr. & Mrs. Norman Trapp Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wheeler GREYHOUND CLUB Mr. Albert Atwood Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bade Mrs. Betty Lou Kohl Baker Miss Darlene Bucher Mrs. Ruth Burns Carver Mr. & Mrs. Edwin F. Coble Mr. Matthew S. Cunningham Rev. Dr. David H. DeRemer Mrs. Carl A. Dull Mrs. Geraldine M. Eichman Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson Ms. Geraldine L. Fenstermaker Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Frey Mr. & Mrs. W. Melvin Fulp Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius S. Haitz Mr. & Mrs. Ernest R. Hampton

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Hester Mr. & Mrs. Roger K. Hockaday Ms. Donna D. Hurt Ms. Ellen Dalgaard Jensen

FACULTY, STAFF AND TRUSTEES Present and emeriti members of Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary faculty and staff, as well as current Moravian trustees

Mr. Edmund W. Johnson Mrs. Carol Altemose Jones ‘62 Mr. & Mrs. M. Keith Kapp Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Kuttruff Mr. Hugh K. Leatherman Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Roland R Liebenow Ms. Deborah LoPresti

MORAVIAN CIRCLE Mr. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. P ‘84 Mrs. Genevieve Riordan Gee ‘43 Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd* A. Kathrine Miller, Ph.D. ‘34* Mr. Frederick A. Reinhard P ‘86, P ‘90

Mr. Frederick G. Lowrey Jr. Mrs. Emilie B. Manning Mr. Ostomy Matthew ‘00 Mrs. Katherine Merle-Smith Thomas

1742 CIRCLE Mrs. Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth ‘68 Mrs. Betsey Tait Puth ‘51

Mr. & Mrs. Peter V. Meyers Mr. Kevin Moyzan Ms. Nancy D. Nicholas Ms. Rebecca Kleintop Owens ‘95 Ms. Gloria K. Pearce Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Perryman Mr. & Mrs. Gary Pruett

Mr. Anderson Roberts Mr. & Mrs. James T. Roland Ms. Julie A. Rucks Ms. Mildred Saderholm Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Saunders Mrs. Madelyn R. Schalow Mrs. June Zimmerman Shamel ‘54

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Barnette Mr. Ray S. Bishop Jr. ‘81, P ‘10 Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz ‘84, P ‘14 Mr. Kenneth J. Rampolla ‘79

Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Singleton Mr. & Mrs. John P. Smeltzer Mrs. Margaret Dittmer Smith ‘64 Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Southerland III Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Stamm Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Starbuck Ms. Lynn Irwin Stoudt ‘75 Ms. Fay M. Thomas

TRUSTEE CIRCLE Mr. Stephen D. Black Dr. G. Clarke Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Christensen Mrs. Deborah Oplinger McKinnon ‘73 Parry J. Miller, M.D. ‘66 Honnie P. Spencer, M.D. ‘90 Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ‘82, ‘91

Mrs. Doris Roberts Wenger ‘60 Ms. Allison Lancaster Whipple Mr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Zimmerman

Mr. Arthur W. Smith Jr. ‘68, P ‘96,

Mr. Scot J. Dapp

Dr. George S. Diamond

Dr. Susan Martin Studds

Ms. H. Paty Eiffe

Dr. Lori J. Toedter P ‘06

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gehman

Dr. Carol A. Traupman-Carr ‘86

Dr. Ruth Roberts Hailperin

Rev. Dr. Craig S. Troutman ‘76, ‘82

Mrs. Patricia Murray Hanna ‘82

Dr. Robert R. Windolph

Dr. Linda Heindel

Dr. Joel D. Wingard

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69, P ‘00 Dr. Frank T. Kuserk Dr. Eva Leeds Dr. Heikki E. Lempa The Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Dr. Nicole L. Loyd Dr. Gary L. Olson Mr. Bryan Peacock Ms. Jill Peters ‘07 Mr. Joseph L. Powlette ‘60 Mr. A. Reed Raymond ‘74 Mr. Mark F. Reed Dr. Alicia N. Sevilla Joseph M. Shosh, Ph.D. ‘88 Dr. Janet A. Sipple

PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Mr. Brian J. Corvino ‘02 Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ‘80 Mr. Michael M. Ellis ‘72 Mr. Andrew W. Hart ‘90 Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ‘85 Mr. Robert J. Schoenen Jr. Dr. Bettie Moretz Smolansky Dr. Gordon Weil

Mr. H. Douglas Walker Emily B. ‘94 & Edwin, M.D., Wallace

Mrs. Kelly McLean Rindock ‘03

Mr. Jon B. Conrad ‘82

Yvonne Thompson Maddox, Ph.D.

Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Simmons

Mrs. Carole Ann Reese

Dr. Herman E. Collier Jr. P ‘86

P ‘01

Rev. James T. Hicks ‘75

Ms. Lillian A. Rentschler Susan B. & Theodore H., M.D. ‘61 Rights

Ms. Suzanne Bleiler-Conrad ‘82

Dr. Donna G. Smith Dr. Kay B. Somers Mr. Richard C. Subber ‘69, ‘95 Rev. Dr. Heather Hartung Vacek Rev. Dr. Walter H. Wagner Mr. James R. Walker P ‘07 Mr. John E. Williams Mrs. Mary Ann Williams Mr. Walter F. Williams P ‘81 Mr. Michael P. Wilson P ‘16

HERITAGE CLUB Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler Rev. David E. Bennett ‘88 Mr. Gary A. Carney Mr. Robert K. Gratz ‘75, P ‘08 Rev. David B. Guthrie ‘86 Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr.* Ms. Amy Lou Johnson Ms. Anne Myers Reid Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Rev. Dr. David A. Schattschneider ‘60 Dr. Doris J. Wood Schattschneider COMENIUS SOCIETY Mrs. Karen Bader

Mrs. Susan Overath Woolley

MONOCACY CLUB Dr. Michele M. August-Brady Mrs. Ruth Calvo Dr. Bernardo J. Cantens P ‘13 Dr. Benjamin Coleman Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ‘78, P ‘11 Ms. Amy Endler ‘93 Bryon L. Grigsby, Ph.D. ‘90 Dr. Curtis A. Keim Ms. Dawn M. Ketterman-Benner Kelly K. Krieble, Ph.D. ‘86 Dr. Janet S. Loengard Ms. Patricia A. Price

FOUNDERS’ CLUB Mr. Harold C. Anderson P ‘04, P ‘05, P ‘08 Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ‘87 Mr. James E. Barnes Mrs. Dawn L. Buck P ‘06, P ‘10, P ‘12 Ms. Jane Frankenfield Burcaw ‘79, P ‘13 Rev. Dr. Howard H. Cox Mrs. Linda J. Doyle P ‘12 Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards ‘05 Mrs. Bonnie Jean Falla Rev. Dr. William S. Falla Rev. Dr. Steve R. Gordy P ‘01, P ‘05 Rev. Jane Keogh Harberg, ‘60, ‘91 Rev. Dr. Willard R. Harstine ‘62, ‘86, P ‘94 Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ‘48, ‘51 Dr. Daniel Jasper Mr. Mayo W. Lanning* Ms. Linda Hulse LaPointe ‘93 Mr. Gary M. Martell ‘76, P ‘07 Mrs. Colby Beck McCarthy ‘92 Dr. & Mrs. John W. McDermott Mrs. Carol J. Meixell P ‘00, P ‘01 Mrs. Carol Ann Modjadidi P ‘06 Mrs. Susan Sikora O’Hare ‘74, P ‘03, P ‘07 Dr. Martha Reid Mr. John D. Rossi III ‘97 Mrs. Monica Schantz Mr. Richard R. Schantz Dr. James V. Skalnik Dr. Barbara Vinciguerra Mr. Neil Wetzel Dr. Stacey B. Zaremba COLONIAL CLUB Dr. Mary E. Arenas Dr. John R. Black Mr. George J. Boksan ‘78, P ‘10

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you Mrs. Sabrina Zimpfer Boyd ‘82, P ‘08,

Rev. Katie Copf Van Der Linden ‘02, ‘06

Mr. James T. Feimster ‘05

Dr. Robert H. Mayer P ‘13

Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. Ward ‘80, P ‘91

Mr. Terence J. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Candi Stoudt Miller

Mrs. Lisa Gianotti Brand

Mr. Robert J. Ward

Dr. Michael J. Fraboni

Mr. Justin M. Miranda ‘12

Dr. Robert T. Brill

Dr. Debra Wetcher-Hendricks

Dr. Joseph J. Gerencher

Mr. Thomas J. Mondschein ‘07, P ‘02

Dr. George D. Brower

Mr. Joseph E. Williams ‘70

Dr. Christie L. Gilson

Mr. Wesley S. Moser ‘08

Robert T. Burcaw, Ph.D. ‘51, P ‘80,

Greyhound Club

Dr. Beth Ann Gotwals

Ms. Carole R. Olszewski ‘01

Ms. Marianne T. Adam

Miss JoAnn M. Grandi

Ms. Rose Panik

Mrs. Esther B. Burkhart

Dr. Pamela Z. Adamshick

Mr. Kenneth C. Greb ‘03, ‘07

Rev. Jami L. Possinger ‘02

Dr. Kerry H. Cheever

Ms. Anisa Kocher Albertson ‘11

Dr. James S. Green

Mr. Jeffrey J. Pukszyn ‘98

Mrs. Ann McKittrick Claussen ‘74

Ms. Shelley Sorensen Bauder

Ms. Megan S. Hallowell ‘12

Dr. Jason H. Radine

Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle P ‘17

Mr. William F. Bauman ‘74

Mrs. Eva S. Heisler

Mr. Jeremiah D. Reinhart ‘09

Mrs. Geri G. Flores

Mr. James W. Beers ‘89

Dr. Joyce A. Hinnefeld

Ms. Alyson L. Remsing ‘03

Ms. Julia E. Gasdaska ‘07

Mr. Scott M. Best ‘07, ‘10

Dr. Lorraine M. Hoffman

Mrs. Carla E. Ross

Dr. Dennis G. Glew

Dr. John M. Bevington

Dr. Donald W. Hosier

Rev. Dr. Cornelius B. Routh ‘90

Mr. Ashley J. Heiberger ‘00

Dr. Hilde Binford

Mr. Scott C. Ihle P ‘15

Dr. Michelle L. Santiago ‘96

Mrs. Deborah J. Hinkel P ‘03, P ‘04

Mrs. Marie T. Breisch

Ms. Christie J. Jacobsen ‘00

Ms. Amy W. Saul

Rt. Rev. Douglas H. Kleintop ‘71, ‘75,

Mr. Ralph E. Brodt, III ‘75, P ‘12

Ms. Donna Keeler

Dr. Maria L. Schantz

Dr. Carole K. Brown

Mr. Thomas F. Klepeisz

Ms. Martha K. Schrempel

Ms. Marcella Kraybill-Greggo

Mr. John C. Byrne ‘82

Dr. Ronald J. Kline P ‘07

Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Simmons

Dr. Matthew A. Lang

Mr. Richard J. Churilla P ‘12

Mrs. Janet E. Knauss

Ms. Brienne Smith

Dr. David L. Langhus

Mrs. Elise Alexander Colancecco ‘04

Dr. Helen Kohler

Dr. Jennifer A. Specht

Mr. John Makuvek Jr. P ‘84

Mrs. Margaret Cook

Dr. Astrid B. Kromayer P ‘76

Mr. John P. Stoneback

Dr. Joanne M. McKeown

Mrs. Catherine L. Dantsin

Mr. Louis V. Lanza

Mrs. Anita K. Tannous P ‘03

Mr. Douglas J. Plotts

Dr. John R. Dilendik

Ms. Micah E. Leonard ‘13

Mr. Daniel S. Tannous

Dr. John V. Reynolds P ‘03, P ‘11

Rev. Brian R. Dixon ‘05

Dr. Santo D. Marabella

Dr. Paige Thompson Wendling

Dr. Edward A. Roeder

Dr. Theresa A. Dougal

Dr. Albert H. Martin

Mr. Robert J. Volk Jr. P ‘14, P ‘16

Dr. Michelle E. Schmidt

Dr. Dana S. Dunn

Ms. Lynn M. Masters

Mrs. Janet A. Wallace P ‘08

Dr. Fred B. Schultheis ‘77, P ‘10

Mrs. Theresa C. Eddinger P ‘05

Mrs. Michelle Rogers Matuczinski

Ms. Cathy M. Welsko P ‘11, P ‘13

Dr. G. Alden Sears

Mr. Kevin P. Edwards ‘96

Miss Debra A. Williamson

Mrs. Shelley A. Speirs

Ms. Jessie L. Ervin ‘13

Rev. Dr. William W. Matz, Sr. ‘50, ‘53,

Ms. Mary Beth A. Spirk

Mrs. Janice E. Farber ‘04, P ‘17

P ‘09

P ‘83, P ‘88, P ‘94

P ‘95, P ‘00


P ‘00, P ‘02

Dr. Hans M. Wuerth

P ‘78

Current and past parents and grandparents of Moravian students

MORAVIAN CIRCLE Mr. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. P ‘84 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Reinhard P‘86, P ‘90 CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz ‘84 P ‘14, P ‘16 TRUSTEE CIRCLE Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Brewer P ‘11 PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox P ‘87 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hanson P ‘15 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Shreter P ‘12 Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Steinman P ‘12 HERITAGE CLUB Dr. & Mrs. David R. Taschler P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller P ‘06

COMENIUS SOCIETY Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram P ‘75, P ‘83 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clark P ‘12, P ‘14 Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier Jr. P ‘86 Joan Kiefer ‘86 & Todd J. ‘87 Dickinson P ‘16 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DiSarno P ‘15 Mr. Robert J. Fulmer P ‘87, P ‘92 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Hastings P ‘04, P ‘15 Mr. & Mrs. John Jamula P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. James McLean P ‘03 Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz ‘84 P ‘14, P ‘16 Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Miller P ‘00 Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton P ‘89 Drs. Jeffrey & Miria Pilchman P ‘15 Mr. & Mrs. Andre Python Jr. P ‘11

Ann H. & Peter A. ‘76 Raines P ‘10,

Mrs. Joan Gilbert P ‘80, P ‘86

Mr. & Mrs. Murat Guzel P ‘14

P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Truscott P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Hornberger P

Ida E. & David B., M.D. ‘71 Vasily P ‘02


Mr. James R. Walker P ‘07

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Maher P ‘08

Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Williams P ‘81

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Mikovits P ‘03, P ‘08

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Wilson P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore J. Nesto P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag P ‘13

Mr. John L. Reed Jr. P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Reese P ‘00

MONOCACY CLUB Anonymous Donor Mr. & Mrs. Tomas J. Bamberger P ‘89 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Bull P ‘16 Dr. Bernardo J. Cantens P ‘13 Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Chomo P ‘85, P ‘87, P ‘89 Mrs. Grace M. Wilkinson Dunkley P ‘78 Dr. Don C. Follmer P ‘77 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Frantz P ‘06

Mrs. Barbara Reimers P ‘92 Mr. & Mrs. William Roethke P ‘16 Dr. & Mrs. Robert Ruggiero Sr. P ‘85

FOUNDERS’ CLUB Mr. Harold C. Anderson P ‘04, P ‘05, P ‘08 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Brown P ‘14, P ‘17 Mr. & Mrs. Ken Buck P ‘06, P ‘10, P ‘12 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Byrne P ‘82 Mr. & Mrs. John B. Cave P ‘83

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Cordes P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. John Petrik P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. William V. Chepauskas P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Funesti

Mr. & Mrs. James Doyle P ‘12

Mrs. Mary Poulson P ‘08

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chiarella P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fydryszewski

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Endler P ‘93

Dr. & Mrs. John V. Reynolds P ‘03, P ‘11

Dr. & Mrs. Raffy Chilingerian P ‘14

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Steve R. Gordy P ‘01,

Mr. & Mrs. William Rodriguez P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Christman P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Gallagher P ‘07

P ‘09

Tracy Campbell ‘81, ‘89 & Edward A.,

Christina Haas ‘83 & Richard J.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Gallagher P ‘09

Mr. John Gotzon P ‘15

Ms. Theresa Gallagher P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. James Haddad P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Samson P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Clark P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gassner P ‘07

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harper P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Schulter P ‘97

Mr. Donald C. Clemons P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. George Geisinger P ‘03

Susan & William R. ‘83 Hoke P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Sini P ‘95

Mr. Joseph Clingan P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Eric C Gellerman P ‘99

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Koza P ‘93

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wisnosky P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cohen P ‘10

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Gibson P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. David Lansberry P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Young P ‘10

Ms. Gwendolyn A. Colegrove P ‘07

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gill P ‘01

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Long Jr. P ‘09

Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Zacheis P ‘07

Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Cook P ‘97

Mrs. Susan Goehringer P ‘99

Catherine C. & James A. ‘82

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kent Ziegler

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Corbett P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Gomez P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Corrow P ‘10

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Goodbred P ‘08

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Meixell P ‘00,

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Costantino P ‘04

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Gordon P ‘12, P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Countess P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Gray P ‘02

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander J. Craig IV

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grigsby P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Csencsits P ‘84, P ‘89

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Grotyohann P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Cullen P ‘11, P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Grube P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Czarnecki

Mr. & Mrs. Kent Grube P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Elias Hadeed P ‘11, P ‘15,

P ‘05

McAdoo P ‘15 P ‘01

Mr. Elias Mourani P ‘02 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Moyer P ‘05 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mummey P ‘15 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn B. Murray P ‘95 Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. O’Halloran P ‘94 Mr. Jerry Pritchett P ‘12 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rosko P ‘15 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard L Saraceni P ‘94 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Schade P ‘01 Dr. & Mrs. David M. Setley P ‘04 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Starner P ‘01 Mrs. Helen P. Strunk P ‘73 Mr. & Mrs. James F. Swartz Jr. P ‘86 Mr. & Mrs. David J. Szkolnicki P ‘16 Mr. & Mrs. Cary M. Wilson P ‘99

COLONIAL CLUB Dr. & Mrs. John W. Adamus P ‘07 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Benonis P ‘10, P ‘13, P ‘17 Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Butash P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent Byrne P ‘02 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Corey P ‘05 Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle P ‘17 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Edmunds Mr. & Mrs. Craig P. English P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. Ben E. Evans P ‘04 Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Feinman P ‘09 Christina Schoeller ‘84 & J. Christian ‘83 Giesler P ‘10 Ms. Linda Gotzon P ‘15 Dr. Peter Guidon P ‘15 Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Helfers P ‘11 Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hinkel P ‘03, P ‘04 Mr. & Mrs. Allen J. Magrini P ‘10 Mr. & Mrs. William Makoski P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. John Makuvek Jr. P ‘84 Mr. & Mrs. John T. Morrow P ‘16 Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Moyer P ‘01 Mr. & Mrs. Francis O’Rourke P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. Charles V Osborne Jr. P ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Parodi P ‘14

Ph.D., Roeder P ‘14

P ‘03

GREYHOUND CLUB Mr. & Mrs. Sean Adams P ‘14 Mr. Frank Alessandra ‘88 P ‘16 Mr. & Mrs. Louis T. Alexander P ‘04 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Altemose P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Altemose P ‘91 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Anderson P ‘13 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baal P ‘01 Mr. & Mrs. Craig Bacovin P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. David Bailey P ‘16 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barbadora P ‘89 Lori A. ‘91 & Edward C. ‘88 Barnett P ‘17 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Barron P ‘86 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Beck P ‘92 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Becker P ‘10 Ms. Hannah B. Beckley P ‘16 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bell P ‘16 Mr. & Mrs. Dale F. Benner P ‘99 Mr. & Mrs. James Benson P ‘13 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bianco P ‘13, P ‘16 Mr. & Mrs. Hans P. Birle P ‘09 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Black P ‘01 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blackledge P ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. David Blair P ‘12, P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bonavita P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. Edson Bosch P ‘16 Yvonne Lettiere ‘77 & John T. ‘76 Boyer P ‘15 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Boyer P ‘07 Mr. & Mrs. James A. Bradley P ‘15 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Brand P ‘13 Regina & Francis A. ‘88 Brogan P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brower P ‘87 Dr. & Mrs. Steven Bunting P ‘14 Susan T. & Jonathan E. ‘83 Burcaw P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Burke P ‘06, P ‘13 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Bush P ‘02 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carey P ‘13 Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Cariello P ‘14 Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Carr P ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Casey P ‘16 Mr. Michael J. Cavoto P ‘04

Churilla P ‘12

P ‘09

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dalpiaz P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Dalton P ‘99

Dr. David J. Hanes P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Cory Davies

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hardin P ‘91

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Davis P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hardock P ‘14

Ramon J. Deeb, M.D. P ‘91

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Heffern P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Dengler P ‘16

Ms. Suzanne Henao P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. DeNuzzie P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Henly P ‘86

Mr. & Mrs. Charles DePuy P ‘01, P ‘04

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Heydt P ‘02

Mr. & Mrs. Scott T. Diehl P ‘05

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse A. Hildebrand P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. George DiLullo P ‘06

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hilferty P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Michael DiMarco P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Hinds P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas DiMattia P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hobaugh P ‘99

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Dobry Jr. P ‘02

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hofmann P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dolan P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. A.R. William Hoke P ’83,

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dombrowski P ‘11

Mr. Paul E. Dorney P ‘04

Ms. Nancy Houseknecht P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Downey P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. John Raymond Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne F. Dries P ‘07

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Eddinger P ‘05

Mr. Scott C. Ihle P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Edinger P ‘98

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Jaffe P ‘00

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Eisenhart P ‘04

Mrs. Barbara M. Jones P ‘08

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Engelmann P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Jordan P ‘14, P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ercolano P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Rees B. Judge P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Everett P ‘04

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kafes P ‘14

Dr. & Mrs. Domenic Falco P ‘88

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kashmer P ‘15

Ms. Cynthia M. Fanning P ‘16

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Kastle P ‘97,

Janice E. ‘04 & Chris Farber P ‘17

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Faust P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Kellow P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Feather P ‘95,

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Kenlin P ‘97

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kish P ‘89

P ‘98, P ‘07

P ‘17

P ‘84, P ‘86

P ‘03

P ‘00

Ms. Lorraine M. Febert P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Kline P ‘97

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Fineman P ‘15

Dr. Ronald J. Kline P ‘07

Mr. & Mrs. John Fitzsimmons P ‘14

Mrs. Joanne E. Klo P ‘94

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Fiumara P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Knecht P ‘15

Ms. Robin Florindi P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. John Kolchin P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Foti G ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kolen P ‘89

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Friedman P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Koles P ‘09

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Kozak P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Michalczyk P

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Remsing P ‘03,

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Stroup P ‘10

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Krasley P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Swick P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. John Kratch P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Miller P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Renna P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Tannous P ‘03

Dr. Astrid B. Kromayer & Mr. Peter

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Miller P ‘04

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Retalis P ‘14

Mrs. Margaret Taylor P ‘75, P ‘82

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Miller P ‘02

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ritter Jr. P ‘00

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Tegan P ‘13

Christy Piazza ‘91 & Richard J. ‘89

Mrs. Susan A. Mingione P ‘99

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Roberti P ‘94

Mr. & Mrs. David Thompson P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Mizack P ‘08

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roberts P ‘87

Ms. Susan G. Thunberg P ‘90

Mrs. Carol A. Krum P ‘95

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Molisso P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Robertson P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Titus P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander P. Kubat P ‘91

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Moran P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander I. Roney P ‘01

Ms. Gloria Torres P ‘14

Ms. Kerry L. Kushinka P ‘09

Mr. & Mrs. E. James Morris P ‘90

Mr. & Mrs. John Rosato P ‘11

Ms. Maria Trusa-Stano P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lambright P ‘15

Susan Traficante ‘84 & Paul

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Ryan P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Damian Tuorto P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Antoine Latour P ‘90

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rymar P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Urbanski P ‘96

Mr. & Mrs. Carl P. LaVo Jr. P ‘01

Mr. & Mrs. Bassam Moussa P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sadowski P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Vander Horn P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Lawrence P ‘04

Ms. Donna Mowrer P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Santamaria Jr. P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Venanzi P ‘02

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Layng P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Moyer P ‘14

Mrs. Rosemary Sauers P ‘08

Mr. Robert J. Volk Jr. P ‘14, P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leedom P ‘14

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Moyer P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Savite P ‘13, P ‘16

Mr. David L. Wacker Sr. P ‘12

Dr. Gerald S. Lefever P ‘01, P ‘09

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Mudd P ‘94

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Scanlan P ‘14

Mr. Claude D. Wagner P ‘83

Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Lewis P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mulligan P ‘11

Ms. Elizabeth Schmitt G ‘10, G ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Wagner P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. George Lobb P ‘16

Dr. & Mrs. John G. Murray Jr. P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schultz P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Wainwright

Mr. & Mrs. Adelino Lopes P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Gary O. Nace P ‘07

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Scott P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Loughery P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Needham P ‘94

Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Secor P ‘16

Mrs. Janet A. Wallace P ‘08

Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott Lumsden P ‘17

Nancy & Bruce J. ‘91 Nelson P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Le See P ‘13

Cheryl B. & John B. ‘84 Wallace

Ms. Judith K Maloney P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Nesbit P ‘08

Mr. & Mrs. Faustino Serino P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Maltino P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Newcomer P ‘05

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sestok Jr. P ‘16

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Wang P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Mammana

Mr. & Mrs. Keith D. Newhard P ‘94

Mrs. Virginia E. Geiger Shaffer P ‘97

Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Ward P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Neal A. Nicklaus P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shedlock P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Webber P ‘02

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mantle P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas F. Ninivaggi Jr. P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Sheeto P ‘00

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Wells P ‘97

Mrs. Audrey K. Martin P ‘94

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Noble P ‘13

Mrs. Caryn Wiragh Shoenthal P ‘87

Ms. Cathy M. Welsko P ‘11, P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. John Martorana P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Nolan III P ‘17

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sickler P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Werkmeister P ‘07

Mrs. Michelle A. Rogers Matuczinski

Mr. & Mrs. Neil O’Connor P ‘02

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Siepietowski P ‘15

Mr. James Werner P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. O’Donnell P ‘16

Mr. John E. Simone Sr. P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn T. Wertheim P ‘09

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Maturi P ‘10

Ms. Tracey O’Gorman P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Sipics P ‘98

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Wertman P ‘03, P ‘05

Mr. & Mrs. John Maurer P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Onushco P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Skorton P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. H. William Westerman P ‘94

Dr. Robert H Mayer & Ms. Jan

Ms. Trisha A. Onuskanych P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Sletner P ‘97

Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. White P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Oren P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Smith P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Williams P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mazzarella P ‘88

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Owens P ‘06

Mr. & Mrs. Roland F. Smith P ‘11

Dr. & Mrs. Francis H. Williamson

Ms. Jeanne Mazzucco P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Pacheco P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. John Smull P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. William M. McCain P ‘74

Mr. & Mrs. Desmond Parker P ‘86

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Snyder P ‘98

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Willis P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Foster J. McCoy P ‘12, P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Pastre P ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Sorhagen P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Worman P ‘07

Dr. & Mrs. James L. McCullough P ‘11,

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Persad P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Soroka P ‘04

Dr. & Mrs. Gary R. Wright P ‘05

Mrs. Patricia A. Petko P ‘97

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Sortino P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Yarzab P ‘10

Mr. & Mrs. John McGettigan P ‘14

Rev. & Mrs. Theodore Petrides P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Spatz P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Yashur P ‘16

Mrs. Renee McGowan P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. John Pico P ‘01

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Spirk P ‘85

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Yonosh P ‘03

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McGrath P ‘10,

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Poling P ‘89

Mr. George Staib P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Haitham Zaiter P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Poling P ‘91

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Steiner P ‘98,

Mr. & Mrs. Rossano Zanon P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. James W. McGuire P ‘03

Mr. & Mrs. Ken A. Poppe P ‘08

Mr. Donald W. Zansitis P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Robert McLaughlin P ‘16

Ms. Cynthia L. Potterton P ‘13

Ms. Phyllis M. Sternemann P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zapach P ‘96

Mr. James Mengucci P ‘15

Mr. Frank J. Preston Jr. P ‘16

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Sterner P ‘97, P ‘04

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Zeiser P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Merkt P ‘12

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry G. Rabold P ‘98

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Stettner P ‘91,

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Zimmermann P ‘16

Mrs. Katherine Merle-Smith Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J Rafferty P ‘02,

Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Zyzniewski P ‘96

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Stewart P ‘05

Kromayer P ‘76 Krouse P ‘16

P ‘01

P ‘00, P ‘02

Muzyczka P ‘13

P ‘13

P ‘15

P ‘71

‘94, P ‘99

Moscatello P ‘16

P ‘05

P ‘07

P ‘00, P ‘02

P ‘98

Mr. & Mrs. James Messineo P ‘13

Ms. Joanne Ramundo P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Stocker P ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Messler P ‘98

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Raspe P ‘09

Rev. & Mrs. Donald S. Stone P ‘15

Maryann & Pharon L. ‘87 Metzger P ‘17

Ms. Donna Reggiani P ‘15

Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Stoudt P ‘98

Mrs. Tina Remp P ‘14

Mr. & Mrs. Clair F. Stroup Jr. P ‘00

P ‘16

P ‘10, P ‘16

P ‘93, P ‘94

ConsistentGiving GivingSociety Society Consistent



FALL 2013


Friends, corporations, foundations and churches

MORAVIAN CIRCLE William Randolph Hearst Foundation Holly Beach Public Library Association Moravian Church, Southern Province Salem Congregation 1742 CIRCLE Mr. & Mrs. Martin Engels Moravian Church, Northern Province National Park Service National Science Foundation Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. Sodexo CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Air Products Foundation Coordinated Health East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. Mr. James T. Marcus* National Endowment for the Humanities Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation PPL Corporation RMI St. Luke’s Hospital Wells Fargo Foundation TRUSTEE CIRCLE Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Aesculap Academy Mr. Cyril J. Anderson B. Braun Medical, Inc. The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Duggan & Marcon, Inc. Employees of East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. Exxon-Mobil Ms. Pauline Laubach* Mr. Charles E. Merrill Jr. Mrs. Marian A Smith Dr. Christopher M. Thomforde & Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Albarell Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania Eden Charitable Foundation Highmark Blue Shield IBM Corporation Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology Just Born, Inc. Larger Life Foundation

Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon

Guardian Life Insurance Company of

Lockheed Martin Employee’s Political



Mrs. Louise Moore Pine*

Mr. Terry J. Hart

Dr. Margaret M. McMenamin

Saucon Mutual Insurance Company

Mr. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer

Mercer Investment Consulting

Trans-Bridge Lines, Inc.

Lehigh Gas Corporation

Meridian Leasing Corporation

Vulcan Materials Company

Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.

Russell E. & Elizabeth W. Morgan

Mrs. Priscilla Wolle

Atty. & Mrs. Blake C. Marles


Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Martin

Miller, Miller & McLachlan Inc.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Pennsylvania Eastern Region

Dr. Alma A. Miles-Koch

Organization of Nurse Leaders

Omicron Gamma Omega

Ms. Joan Lardner Paul

ParenteBeard LLC

Ms. Olga Pavlick

Pfizer Corporation

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt

Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock

Mrs. Alice C. Pulley

Mr. Gregory J. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Rossi Jr.

Mr. Bernard R. Spirk Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Schwarz

Spirk Brothers, Inc.

SKF Industries, Inc.

Stevens & Lee

Dr. & Mrs. Phillip M. Smith

Temptime Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Smolansky

Tiffany & Company

Starters Pub

UGI Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Adam S. Stauffer

Victaulic Company of America

Steel Valley Investment Group of

Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Walters

Raymond James & Associates

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stevens

Willis North America Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Tripucka

Mr. Robert L. Yeager


Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Zimmerman

Verizon Foundation

HERITAGE CLUB Mrs. Estelle Marcon Boyer Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Breidegam Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company Harmony Press Inc. Hotel Bethlehem Johnson & Johnson Company Key Foundation Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation Merck Company Foundation PNC Bank, N.A. COMENIUS SOCIETY Abbott Laboratories Fund Albarell Electric, Inc. Mr. Alvin A. Albright Jr. Allied Building Corporation Alvin H. Butz, Inc. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. ArcelorMittal AT&T Foundation Mrs. Karen Bader Mrs. Margaret Baldock Barnes & Noble Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission Britt Hankins & Moughan Dr. Joan Cady Brownstein Busy Workers Society Mrs. Ruth Calvo Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier Jr. Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck Ms. Robin B. Diamond & Mr. Andrew Fekete Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Domchek Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Early Edward Robinson Trust Embassy Bank Mr. Elmer D. Gates General Electric Foundation Gillespie Printing

Action Committee

Harold & Elizabeth Vogler Fund

MONOCACY CLUB AES Corporation AGB Albemarle Corporation Mr. Richard R. Barker Mrs. Ruth L. Behrend Benecon Group Inc. Bethlehem Gallery of Floors Binney & Smith, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. Mr. R. J. Callen Corporate Environments, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dannhauser Edwards Business Systems Mr. Todd English Dr. & Mrs. Edward J. Fredericks Mr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Gelman Mrs. Joan Gilbert Home Moravian Women’s Fellowship IMS Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley JP Morgan Chase Foundation LabCorp Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Lennert Lockheed Martin Corporation

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

FOUNDERS’ CLUB Anonymous Donor AD Computer Corporation AllianceBernstein AXA Foundation BAE Systems BankAmerica Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Beck Mr. James T. Best B’Nai B’Rith Charities Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Bouquard Brookhaven Sporting Goods B. F. Brown & Company, Inc. Carl’s Corner Caruso Benefits Group Dr. Arnold R. Cook Crowder Jr. Company Fitch Ratings FM Global Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Foltz Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fox Mr. & Mrs. John J. Grencer Horizon Foundation

« Consistent Giving Consistent GivingSociety Society FALL 2013



thank you Dr. Karen Keim

Macy’s Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. James Conrad

Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Jackson

Mrs. Jean G. Kessler

Mrs. Josephine McConnell

Ms. Susan L. Cosentino

John Hancock Financial Service

Rev. Fred Knieriem*

Ms. Sheila M. McHugh

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Cropper

Junior League of the Lehigh Valley

Alan Kunsman Roofing & Siding

Ms. Emily Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Louis T. D’Ambrosio

Ms. Desiray Kleintop Kahmer

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

Rev. Kurt Danga-Storm

Ms. Marietta Kashmer

Mr. & Mrs. Randel C Laylon Jr.


Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Daniels

Mr. Edward Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lewis

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn V. Perrini

Dave & Wayne’s Auto Center, Inc.

Ms. Joan Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Littner

R&S Hardwood Flooring Company, Inc

Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Davenport

Mr. Dan Kim

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Minner

Mrs. Erma L. Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. De Korte

Dr. Florence C. Kimball

Mr. William J. Morley

Ms. Berry G. Richards

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Demshock

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Klinges

Mr. & Mrs. Foster Nelson

Mrs. Jane Crilly Schultz

Mr. George DeSchweinitz Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Koehler

NJM Insurance Company

Ms. Susan Sparks

Ms. Louise M. DiSarro

Mr. Joseph Kostelnick

Norfolk Southern Foundation

Stirling Painting & Renovations

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Krawiec

North End Republican Association

Mr. Jonathan Wood

Ms. Anne Dutlinger

Mr. Lew Kurlantzick

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Mr. J. William Earle

Ms. Dale Lattimer

Olympus America Inc.

Mrs. Susan Eiffe Edmondson

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey T. Lawshe

Mr. & Mrs. Otto Ehrsam Jr.

Mr. Walter A. Lemanek

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Elek

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Lichtenfeld

Ms. Susan Endler

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Lukaszczyk

Ms. Susan P. English

Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Lyons

Erie Insurance Group

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Mackin

Mr. & Mrs. Kerry S. Feger

Maloney, Danyi, O’Donnell & Tranter

Mr. Mark Thomas Filbert

Mrs. Emilie B. Manning

Ms. Jacquelyn A. Franz

Mrs. Linda P. Martin

Col. & Mrs. James W. Fryer USA

Mr. Joseph Mayer

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Gerra

Mr. Patrick McHugh

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Gido

Ms. Delores C. McIntyre

Mr. & Mrs. Joel C. Gilbert

Edward J. McKarski, Esq.

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Mr. Nicholas McKee

Mr. Michael Gleason

Dr. Timothy D. Mead

Ms. Catherine D. Goldfarb


Mr. Uldis R. Golts

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Mikochik

Ms. Mona Lisa Gonzalez

Mr. & Mrs. Clair D. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Guard

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Q. Gutch

Minerals Technology Corporation

Mrs. Carol Hafner

Moravian Academy

Mr. George F. Halfacre

Moravian College Alumni Association

Dr. Coleman R. Hamel

Morgan Stanley

Ms. Patricia A. Hanley

Mrs. Beth Sidovar Moyer

Mr. Timothy E. Hanley

Mrs. Dorothy W. Musselman

Mr. & Mrs. Grant Harbold

Ms. Karen Nedwick

Dr. & Mrs. Kyoichi Haruta

Ms. Heather Neigh

Ms. Dianne C. Hatcher

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Neigh

Mrs. Patricia B. Herman

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard G. O’Hara

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy R. Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Adam J. Olds

Ms. Lillie L. Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Jose Ortiz

Ms. Shirley A. Hess

Mr. Conrad W. Perry

Ms. Heidi L. Hintz

Ms. Michelle Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hittinger

Dr. Paul Peucker

Ms. Todette L. Holt

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Phipps

Ms. Lindsey S. Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Piperata

Ms. MaryBeth Sacks Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. David K. Prendergast

Mr. Elwood Hungarter

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Pruszkowski

Ingersoll Rand Company

Ms. Mary Ann Pula

Mr. & Mrs. A. Terry Jackson

Mr. Robert Pulley Jr.

PA Campus Compact William C. Perry & Paul A. Nelson

Charitable Fund of Community

Foundation Mr. Richard P. Reinke Mr. David G. Schappert Schuylkill Valley Sporting Goods Mr. John C. Shea Mr. Matthew F. Sidovar Ms. Jean H. Siftar Ms. Donna L. Snyder Mrs. Barbara Martin Stout ‘87 Subaru of America Foundation, Inc. US Bancorp Foundation Vanguard Group, Inc. Mrs. Ralph J. Wanamaker Sr. Margaret Murphy Woodward Yuasa Battery, Inc.

COLONIAL CLUB Aetna Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ast Backjama G. Enterprises Inc. Barclays BASF Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Jack Berk Nancy & D. Wayne ‘69 Burkette Mrs. Esther B. Burkhart Mr. Mark A. Calafati Ms. Susan L. Canfield The Clemens Family Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Fetherolf Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Haines Ms. Mary Ellen Herzog Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Hill III Ms. Ellen Foscue Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Martin Jonigian Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. King Linde

GREYHOUND CLUB Ms. Sonya M. Alleger Allied Personnel Services Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Anderson Ms. Katie Angstadt Ms. Donna Anthony Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Arcona Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Arcona Mrs. Pearl A. Banks Mr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Banyard Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Barth Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Battenfield Mrs. Patricia Donnelly Bean Becker Professional Review Mr. James M. Beenders Bethlehem Palette Club Mrs. Jeanne Bilheimer Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Bittner Ms. Llyena Boylan & Mr. Donald Spieth Mr. & Mrs. Aldo Braido Braveheart Enterprises, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Bryant Sr. Mr. Thomas A. Bryant Jr. Ms. Carol Byrnes Mr. & Mrs. Roque J. Calvo Ms. Lynda S. Cameron Mr. & Mrs. Raymond D. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Canale Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Capofari Mr. Steven M. Capozzi Mr. John Carey III Mr. H. Thomas Chestnut CIGNA Corporation Ms. Josephine F. Clark Mr. & Mrs. George Clay Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Cochran Ms. Alexandria M. Colombo Rev. & Mrs. Charles E. Colson Mr. Christopher R. Compher

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Quik Stitch

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Shreve

Mr. William Thatcher

Mr. Thomas Wiley

Mr. Ron Race

Siemens Medical Systems Inc.

Rev. & Mrs. Richard J. Thierolf

Mr. Jhon C. Williams

Mr. Glenn P. Ramirez

Mrs. Harriet Smiley

Ms. Magdalena G. Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Williamson

Rich Mar Florist

Ms. Dilys Jones Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Thompson

Dr. & Mrs. Gary R. Wright

Ms. Joan C. Roberts

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Smull

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Tobin Jr.

Mr. Richard B. Yeager Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. William Rohrbaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy W. Snow

Toro Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Young

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Rosenberg

Ms. Alison Snyder

Dr. James Tyler

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Zajac

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn M. Rossetti

Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Snyder Jr.

Ms. Marion G. Uhler

Mr. Michael J. Zambelli

Mr. John Ryan

State Farm Companies Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ward

Ms. Donna M. Zaugg

Ms. Janice L. Sandt

Mr. Robert F. Steelman

Ms. Linda Weber

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E. Zieniewicz

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Schaeffer

Dr. Vincent D. Stravino

Ms. Ann R. Weinert

Mr. James V. Zimmermann Jr.

Ms. Jane C. Schaffer

Ms. Crystal Straynorn

Robert A. Weinert, Esq.

Ms. Anne M. Zug

Ms. Alma H. Schlenker

Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Streeter

Mr. Todd A. Weinert

Mr. Robert R. Schuster

Mr. Richard J. Strelecki

Ms. Amanda Werner

Mrs. Susan Crawson Shields

TDK U.S.A. Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Wharton

Dr. Sonia N. Aziz from

Dr. Katie P. Desiderio from

April D. & John M. Jr. ‘76 Shaheen

John H. Muhr, D.M.D. ’64 from

Ms. Kirby L. White ‘13

Mr. Travis A. King ‘13

Lori V. & Timothy C. ‘87 Shoyer

Ms. Gina D. Seier ‘13

Ms. Stephanie L. Pezzello ‘13

Linda M. DelBalso ‘84 & Robert L.

Dr. Arash Naraghi from


Rev. David E. Bennett ’88 from

Dr. John R. Dilendik from

Mr. Terry J. Hart

Ms. Alyssa B. Howerter ‘13

Steinberg Clara I. & Allen P. ‘80 Wolfe

Dr. Virginia A. O’Connell from

Mr. Craig F. Wood ‘79

Ms. Shelley E. Drozd ’13 from

Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Anderson

Mr. John Carraher

Mrs. Ann Mease Gibson ’08 from

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Bouquard

Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Daniels

Mr. Mark A. Calafati

Ms. Susan L. Herschlag ‘09

Ms. Laura J. Grube ’13 from

Mr. Steven M. Capozzi

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Marzuoli

East Penn Manufacturing

Mr. & Mrs.Daniel Pokras

Ms. Gloria Jupko Guth ’12 from

Ms. Patricia A. Price

Company, Inc. Employees of East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Dr. John M. Bevington

Dr. James S. Green

Dr. Kelly K. Krieble ‘86

Dr. James S. Green

Ms. Felicia V. Diaz ‘13

Tracy Campbell ‘81 & Edward A.,

Mr. William Thatcher

Dr. Khristina H. Haddad from

Mr. Steven H. Weintraub

Mr. & Mrs. Kent Grube

Ms. Roselynn M. Geigel ‘13

Dr. Diane W. Husic from

Mr. & Mrs. Kerry S. Feger

Ms. Angela L. Fraleigh from

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Fetherolf Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Heydt

Ms. Naomi Gal from

Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Koehler

Ms. Gina M. Heintzelman ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon

Ms. Micah E. Leonard ‘13

Ms. Donna Keeler from

Mr. Walter A. Lemanek

Ms. Melissa A. Marazas ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn V. Perrini

Rev. Patricia F. Garner ’98 from

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt

Mr. Glenn P. Ramirez

John Gehman’s 90th Birthday from

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lalande from

Amanda Taylor ‘87 & James A. ‘87


Mr. Michael S. Brand ‘13

Ms. Marla R. Bianca ‘13

Professor Richard A. Jackson from

Mrs. Mildred B. Park


Ms. Amanda M. Hanuszak ‘13

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 from

Joan Kiefer ‘86 & Todd J. ‘87

Ms. Katelyn A. Weiss ‘13

Ms. Hongbo Hannah Yang ‘11 Ms. Katie L. Consales ‘13

Dr. Matthew A. Lang from Mr. Albert C. Moran ‘13

Ms. Alison Snyder

Donna Kish ‘78 & Jeffrey Goodling

Ms. Donna L. Snyder

Nancy & Robert K. ‘75 Gratz

Mr. James L. Lavoy ’10 from

Sharon F. & Edward J. Jr. ‘68 Hudak

Claire M. ‘87, ‘95 & Michael

Dr. Arthur W. Lyons from

Dr. Robert T. Brill from

Ms. Kristen M. Schneider ‘13

Ms. Sharon A. Brown from

Ms. Margaret A. DeOliveira ‘13

Mr. Joseph L. Powlette ’60 from

Kelly Howard‘05 & Keith Broo

Ms. Catherine E. Gottlieb ‘13

Mr. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. from

Joanne & Arthur Haberberger


Ms. Geraldine L. Fenstermaker Ms. Sara G. Loprete ‘13

Ph.D., Roeder Mr. John P. Stoneback

Mr. Tyler A. Potterton ’13 from

Ms. Cynthia L. Potteron

Anne McCandless ‘79 & Kenneth J. ‘79

Rampolla from

Ms. Olga Pavlick

Dr. James Reynolds from

Ms. Julianna B. Rodrigues ‘13

Dr. Sandra Aguilar Rodriguez from

Ms. Emmellene B. Usera ‘13

Richard & Monica Schantz from

Rev. Roy E. Ledbetter ‘71

Dr. Michelle E. Schmidt from

Ms. Naomi Gilbert ‘13

Mr. Matthew A. Scott ’13 from

Mr. Matthew A. Scott ‘13

Dr. Janet A. Sipple from

Mercedes & Leonard E. III ‘85 Korn

Mr. Francis J. Meagher Jr. from

Mr. Richard R. Barker

Mrs. Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68

Patricia Ann & Anthony ‘59 Morelli

Ms. Joan Lardner Paul


Ann C. & Brian H. ‘82 Oswald

Rev. David H. Merritt ‘82 from

Rev. Dr. Gordon L. Sommers ’57 from

Mr. Steven N. Delturk ‘13

Pamela Messerschmidt ‘87 &

Evelyn Trodahl ‘68 & Richard

Ray J. Jr., Ph.D. ‘87 Pfeiffer

Chynoweth from

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wheeler

Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug from

Mr. Michael W. O’Gorman ‘13

Mr. Timothy F. Smetana ‘11 Mr. Edmund W. Johnson

Mr. David G. Sommers ‘82

Ms. Carol R. Messina ’61 from

Dr. Christopher M. Thomforde from

Mr. Edward J. Puskaritz ‘77

Air Products Foundation

Gail V. & Bruce C. ‘54 Reimer

Mr. Anthony “Monk” Morelli ’59 from

Nancy & D. Wayne ‘69 Burkette

Mr. Thomas A. Repasch Jr. ‘72

Karen & John D. Borgia

Carolyn M. & Steven J. ‘75 Rose

Mr. H. Thomas Chestnut

Mr. David G. Sommers ‘82 JoAnn B. & Joseph P. ‘61 Castellano

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you

Joan C. & Walter F. Williams

Mr. J. William Earle

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hinkel

Scott & Deborah Early

Hotel Bethlehem

Renae & Bruce M. ‘77 Weaknecht from

Ada Zellner ‘46 & Franklin Flower

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69

Rev. Dr. Janice Young ‘82, ’91 from

Mr. Elmer D. Gates

Anne McCandless ‘79 & Kenneth J.

Mr. Neil Wetzel from

Nancy & Robert K. ‘75 Gratz

Mr. John B. Haarlow

Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Walters

Mr. Edward S. Augustine from

Teddi P. & Anthony A. ‘59 Matz Jr.

Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd from

Mr. Charles A. Saderholm from

Joanne Belletti ‘82 & Dean A. ‘83

Miss Carol D. Henn ‘68

Junior League of the Lehigh Valley

Mrs. Lois E. Schoenen from

Patricia Ann & Anthony ‘59 Morelli

‘79 Rampolla

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Frey Mr. Ian J. Vogler ‘13

Mr. John E. Williams from

Nancy & D. Wayne ‘69 Burkett Ms. Deborah LoPresti

Ms. Marissa E. Zondag ’13 from

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag


Maria & Ronald M., D.O. ‘87 Kriner

Mr. John “Jack” Bell from


Ms. Mildred Saderholm

Moravian College Alumni Association

Patricia Ann & Anthony ‘59 Morelli

Mrs. Patricia Kresge Buck ’51 from

Patricia Nemesh ‘70 & Robert J. Jr.

Ms. Donna Jean Jackson from

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Gerbe

Mrs. June Shafer Scholl ’51 from

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Worrall

Patricia Ann & Anthony ‘59 Morelli


Mr. Earl Jackson

Mrs. Karen Pennypacker Jackson ’64

AAA East Central


Mr. Steven E. Abow

Mrs. Anne S. Gratz from

Mr. & Mrs. A. Terry Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Chuss

Ms. Kristin K. Gratz ‘08

Mrs. Marjorie C. Kaesemeyer from

Nancy Oplinger ‘51 & Edmund Dover

Mr. James R. Walker

Sarah & Saurabh Gupta

Foxboro Foundation, Inc.

Mr. James W. Caskey from

Mr. George F. Halfacre

Mr. Mike Kareha from

Diance E. Frantz & Bernice M. Frantz

Linda M. ‘79 & Thomas R. Heilman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Frantz

Mrs. Beverly S. Corkhill ’73 from

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69

Ruth Hemmerly Kelly ’41 from

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Frederick

Ms. Grace Maragulia

Ms. Nancy Gross

Rev. Charles W. Eichman ‘48, ’51 from

Kimberly & Peter L. ‘64 Merluzzi

Mr. Kenneth E. Kohl from

Laurie Boyd ‘65 & Iwao ‘64 Hanawa

Patricia Ann & Anthony ‘59 Morelli

Ms. Prudence Haney

Mr. David Emlen Evans ’04 from

Kathleen Calvo ‘79 & David R. ‘85

Bishop Edwin W. Kortz ‘31, ’34 from

Ms. Anne E. Hulme

Ms. Lillian M. Junas

Mr. Mayo W. Lanning from

Mr. & Mrs. Kamil Klier

Drs. Linda & Ned Heindel

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Maury Jane Kincaid ‘51 & Samuel H.

Mr. Paul J. Calvo ’52 from

David R. ‘85 & Kathleen Calvo ‘79


Ms. H. Paty Eiffe Ina Kucey ‘77 & J. Gary Kroc Mrs. Geraldine M. Eichman Mr. & Mrs. Ben E. Evans

Barbara S. & Richard C. ‘69, ‘95 Subber

Schulte Marta Balazs ‘77 & James T. ‘77

Mr. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Rev. Dianne Murray Kareha ’93, ’97 Mrs. Nancy Zeleski Frantz ‘53 Mrs. Betty Lou Kohl Baker Esther & George R. ‘91 Richmond

Mrs. Lillian C. Felker from

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Felker

Ms. Judith A. Gentile

Mrs. Olga Grencer from

Rev. Henry A. Lewis ‘39, ’42 from

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hobar

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Dougalss

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lewis

Mrs. Kathryn Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Douglass Jr.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Milo A. Loppnow ‘37, ’40

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Shafer

Ms. Cynthia Lamber & Mr. Fred


Dr. & Mrs. Phillip M. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred P. Squerrini



Mrs. Robert Ziegenfuss

Mr. John R. Freefield ’51 from

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Bacak

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Grencer

Rev. Dr. Richard J. Manning ‘52, ’55

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Stark

Mr. & Mrs. Raul Munilla

Ms. Colette Heffernan


Ms. Catherine A. Stevens

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Peters

Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Heisler

Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Ray N. Popowitz

Ms. Elaine B. Ladics

Mr. Larry Mayers from

Mr. Frank H. Senn ’42 from

Mr. Robert P. L. Frick ’49 from

C. Jayne Merlo ‘79 & Robert H.

Ms. H. Paty Eiffe

Asa Packer Mansion Museum

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69

Rev. Dr. Earl R. Shay ‘41, ‘44. P ‘74,

Ms. Joan Lardner Paul



Mrs. Emilie B. Manning

Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Noah

Mr. Kevin M. Haggerty ’73 from

Miss Mary C. McElroy ’39 from

P ’91 from

Ms. Bette Fulgham from

Jane Foy & Joseph W. ‘70 Karaman

Mrs. Julianne Pearce Hamrick from

Mrs. Beverly Frederick Morley ’73 from

Daniel R. Gilbert Sr., Ph.D., from

Mr. Daniel G. Sidovar from

Ms. Susan Burger Hauser ‘63

Ms. Mabel Hoyler from

Mr. Jeffrey H. Moser ’68 from

Mr. Mayo W. Lanning*

Mr. Jonathan M. Sidovar from

Ms. Joan Lardner Paul

Ann H. & Peter A. ‘76 Raines Ms. Gloria K. Pearce Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bade

Mr. William J. Morley Karen & Martin ‘68 Horowitz

Rev. Canon Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril ‘81 Mr. Matthew F. Sidovar

Mr. Richard B. Gillett from

Mr. John T. Humphrey from

Ms. Deborah J. Moyer ’79 from

Ms. Claire Bettag

Mrs. Joanne Hunter Sillivan ’71 from

Mr. Irving Glick from

Ms. Carol A. Carman

Mrs. Joanne Mazur O’Such ’60 from

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Greiner

Mr. Norton D. Smiley ’62 from

Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Jones

Mrs. Brenda Joan Ruggiero from

Mr. Roy B. Goshorn ’58 from

Ms. Darlene K. Sorick

Mr. Robert H. Smith ’74 from

Mrs. Richard B. Gillett Dr. Christopher M. Thomforde &

Rev. Lesley J. Hand ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Foster Nelson Dr. & Mrs. Robert Ruggiero Sr.

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69

Mr. Matthew F. Sidovar Mr. & Mrs. Aldo Braido Mrs. Harriet Smiley Mr. Andrew S. Leh

Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew V. Leh

Ms. Margenett H. Roth

Bishop Stanley F. Thomas from

Rev. Dr. Mervin C. Weidner ‘37, ‘40,

Mr. Konrad Leh

Mr. Gregory J. Smith

P ’73 from

Ms. Emily Moore

Mrs. Marian A. Smith

Mrs. Lauralee Bremmer Tidmarch ’67

Susan Sikora ‘74 & Bernard V. III

Temptime Corporation


Rev. Henry Williams from

Edward Steers, Ph.D. ’32 from

Ms. Sara L. Weller ’06 from

Mrs. Alice Joyce Yeager ’45 from

‘74 O’Hare Pocono Mountain Chapter of Embroiderers’ Guild of America

Charlotte E. & John E., M.D. ‘61 Steers

Ms. Fay M. Thomas

Mrs. Kathryn Broczkowski Klein ‘67 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller

Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Southerland III Roberta L. & Glenn F. ‘64 Jurek Mr. Robert L. Yeager

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Radio

CORNERSTONE SOCIETY Mrs. Joann Clewell Adams ‘56

Mr. Ron dePaolo ‘64

Ms. Lugenia Taccarino Guaraldo ‘69

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ‘69, P ‘00

Ms. June C. Alter

Ms. Loretta F. DeWalt ‘71

Karen Boyer ‘78 & Odell ‘77 Guyton P ‘03

John Kolchin, Ed.D. ‘57

Mr. Cyril J. Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Dewees

Drs. Ruth & Theodore Hailperin

Miss Elizabeth A. Kovach ‘75

Mr. Alfred F. Apple ‘58

Mr. Albert C. DiDonato ‘67, P ‘80

Ms. Diane Haines

Mrs. Brenda Krajci ‘65

Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Augustine

Miss Marcella I. Dimmick ‘35

Mr. James A. Hancock Jr.

Ms. Phyllis G. Kreider ‘46

Mr. Ivan A Backer ‘49

Kathleen Doyle ‘68 & J. Michael ‘68,

Kathryn Horwath ‘52 & Ray H. Hartman

Susan Kressly, M.D. ‘82

Stanley F. Banach, M.D. ‘56

Joan Schnable ‘57 & A. Peter, M.D. ‘56,

Mrs. Kathryn Knopf Kricks ‘49

Mrs. Olivia Musselman Barnes ‘38

Mr. Frank E. Driscoll

Kelly K. Krieble, Ph.D. ‘86

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Barnette

Mrs. Carl A. Dull

Mr. James L. Heller ‘83

Dr. Vera Krisukas

Mrs. Lois Brunner Bastian ‘50

Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley P ‘78

Rev. Donald L. Henderschedt ‘65, P ‘93

Robert J. Labdik, Ed.D. ‘60

Ms. Beverly A. Bell ‘56

Kathleen & Michael M. ‘72 Ellis

Rev. Dale M. Henderson ‘69

Dena L. & Keith D. ‘73 Lambie

Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram P’ 75, P ‘83

Miss Anne R. Enright ‘52

Miss Carol D. Henn ‘68

Annette Budzak Landes, Esq. ‘83

Louis W. Bender, Ph.D. ‘50

Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson

Mr. Lee B. Herb ‘69

Janice Whitfield ‘64 & John G., Ph.D.

Mr. Jeffrey B. Benner ‘74

Patricia Price & Dennis E. ‘62 Estheimer

Elizabeth & William V. ‘58 Herbein

Rev. David G. Berg ‘66

Rev. Dr. Elaine Fenstermacher Bogert

Mr. George Herczeg Jr. ‘69

Dr. Donald K. Lauer

Ms. Jane Bernstein

Ms. Marilyn L. Herwig ‘75

Ms. Lisa Lavigne Tejeda ‘02

Mr. Peter E. Bilan ‘64

Mrs. Ruth Overfield Fidorack ‘41

Mr. J. Robert Hess P ‘81

Mrs. Roberta Dollinger Leiby ‘75

Mrs. Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer ‘57

Peggy Ann Harte ‘54 & Francis J. ‘59

Constance Stirling ‘68 & Thomas W.

Colette Geier ‘71 & Joseph B., M.D. ‘69

Mrs. Beverly L. Bohner ‘82




John H. Bowman, M.D. ‘54, P ‘82, P ‘94

Ada Zellner ‘46 & Franklin Flower

Marie & George E. ‘59 Hollendersky

Mrs. Emmeline Lewis ‘Dimmick ‘48

Ms. Terri Koser Brady ‘82

Julia Cranford ‘80 & Terry L. ‘78 Folk

Mrs. Frances Kolb Hoops ‘50

Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ‘70

Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. P ‘84

Dr. Don C. Follmer P ‘77

Marlene A. & James B., M.D. ‘59 Howell

Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon

Mrs. Colleen Workman Bruckart ‘60,

Sue Ann Henkelman ‘53 & Ralph Z.

Mr. George T. Hudson ‘59

Mrs. Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala ‘59


Mr. David G. Hunscher ‘63, P ‘11

Mr. James E. Marconis ‘74

Mr. Barry L. Buchman ‘71

Mrs. Nancy Zeleski Frantz ‘53

Mr. Donald L. Hunsinger ‘58

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Fortunado Marcune

Barbara Brautigam ‘65 & Douglas W.

Georgia Dreyer ‘66 & A. Owen, III ‘66

Daren A. & F. James ‘69 Hutchinson

David L. Marcus, Esq. ‘88


Joseph P. Hutsko, D.O. ‘56

Mr. Bruce W. Marold ‘12

William V. Campbell Sr., Ph.D. ‘61

Mrs. Katherine Meland Freeny ‘49

Mr. David W. Innes ‘81, ‘91

Linda H. & Gary T. ‘74, ‘83 Marsh

Dr. Mary Faith Carson

Jean E. Friedman, Ph.D. ‘63

Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ‘69

Barbara Hassler ‘73 & Gary M. ‘76

Mr. Craig A. Cavanagh ‘74

John P. Galgon, M.D. ‘55

Ms. Trisha Babbitt Jones ‘68

Dr. & Mrs. G. Clarke Chapman

Mr. John M. Gallup ‘77

Mrs. Carol Carson Joseloff ‘67

Andrew Martimick, D.O. ‘49

Mrs. Gloria Gately Chipman ‘45

Ms. Adele Garger

Diane C. ‘98 & Daniel Y. ‘73 Joseph

Barbara Frowery ‘67 & Nicholas R.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty Jr.

Mr. Donald Garger


Mr. Joseph F. Christ ‘52

Ms. Elizabeth Hicks Garrett ‘63

Ms. Joanne E. Keim ‘72

Rev. Dr. William W. Matz Sr. ‘50, ‘53, P ‘78

Evelyn Trodahl ‘68 &

Mrs. Genevieve Riordan ‘43

Mr. Burton L. Kelchner ‘43

Bobbie & Henry E. Jr. ‘60, ‘63 May

Pamela W. & Carl F. ‘66 Gitschier

Mr. Robert M. Keller ‘66

Shirely Hart ‘63 & Gerald D. McBride

Jane D. & Richard M. ‘68 Cope

Mr. James A. Gold ‘98

Elizabeth B. & William B. ‘62 Kerner

Mrs. Susan Gangwere McCabe ‘79

Gail K. & David R. ‘63 Cornelius

David D. Goldberg, D.O. ‘66

Mrs. Jean G. Kessler

Mrs. Frances Fulmer McClain ‘38

Sandra L. & Placido A. ‘78 Corpora

Betsy S. & Philip A. ‘65 Gottshall P ‘96

Mr. Gary T. Kester ‘64

Carol Sloan ‘58 & William H. ‘58

Mr. Paul E. Crossan Jr. ‘48

Judith C. Grant, Ph.D. ‘79

Mrs. Olive Wooler Kinter ‘50


Mrs. Shirley Messics Daluisio ‘68

Ms. M. Anne Greene

Mrs. Jeanne Scott St. Clair ‘47

Deborah Oplinger ‘73 & Russell

Miss M. Lillian Davenport

Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield

Claire M. ‘87, ‘95 & Michael Klatchak


Mrs. Linda Roscoe de Seife ‘72

Margaret & Joseph A. ‘72 Grieshaber

Miss Dorothea G. Klotz ‘66

P ‘72, P ‘79

‘66 Caldwell

Richard Chynoweth

‘71 Dowd

‘79, ‘82

‘59 Haupert

P ‘01, P ‘06

‘65 Landis

Martell P ‘07

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2013



thank you Alma Coester ‘69 & James M., Esq. ‘69

Anne McCandless ‘79 & Kenneth J. ‘79

Rev. Dr. Tom Schwanda ‘72

Mrs. Wilma Kistler Uhrich ‘35



Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock

Mr. James P. Van Schoick III ‘74

Jeanne Freas ‘48 & Raymond R. Mellen

Mrs. Jane Sullivan Ramsdell ‘44

Dr. Henry A. Segatti ‘45, P ‘87

Thomas J. Veraldi, D.M.D. ‘76

Mr. Benjamin L. Meluskey ‘60

Mrs. Ruth Franges Rayna ‘71

Mrs. Helen Bauder Seifert ‘69, P ‘97

Mr. George W. Verheyden Jr.

Amy Lesser ‘76 & Robert C. ‘74 Mende

Ms. Mary Ann Rayner ‘53

Mr. Richard Senker ‘96

JoAnn M. & Donald C. ‘63 Vogel

Ms. Joan Kinard Mercado ‘54

Mrs. Susan White Redfield ‘68

Mrs. Isabel Petro Sersen ‘58

Miss Marian M. Wagner ‘54

Mr. Charles E. Merrill Jr.

Mrs. Adele Foley Reinsmith

Eric R. Shimer, Esq. ‘68, P ‘06

Rev. Deborah H. & Rev. Dr. Walter H.

Mrs. Carol Losensky Messina ‘61,

Ms. Barbara E. Reuper-Baum ‘93

Sandra & Wayne C., Esq. ‘61 Shugart


Mrs. Helen M. Richards ‘74, ‘03

Miss Lucinda M. Shure ‘70

Mrs. Charlotte Haag Walek ‘53

Mr. John M. Mickner ‘72

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Richardson

Mr. Halfred C. Smith

Mr. Scott H. Warrick ‘82

Mr. Chester Dale Miller ‘75

Mrs. Laura L. Ridge

Mrs. Lois Shafer Smith ‘51

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Werkmeister P ‘07

Cornelia Faga ‘47 & Paul E. G. ‘47 Miller

Mr. Leonard L Righi ‘72

Drs. Bettie & Oles Smolansky

Mrs. Susan Biemesderfer Werner ‘70

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ‘85

Sybil S. & Graham H. ‘60 Rights P ‘95

Miss Constance M. Sokalsky ‘71

Mr. William J. Werpehowski ‘51

Claire L. & Parry J., M.D. ‘66 Miller

Mrs. Betty Adams Roach ‘43

Susan & Gordon L. ‘57, ‘61 Sommers

Miss Elizabeth M. Wetter ‘65

Dr. James B. Mitchell

Mr. Stanley R. Roman

Linda L. & David L. ‘64, ‘67 Wickmann

Barbara Worsley, D.M.D. ‘67 &

Ms. Diane Haines & William J.

Mr. Arthur R. Spengler ‘55

Mrs. Jeanne Scott St. Clair ‘47

Mr. Edward D. Wilde Jr. ‘64

P ‘82, P ‘83

James L. ‘65 Morgan

Rosenberg, Esq. ‘49

P ‘82, P ‘83

P ‘91, P ‘95, P ‘00

Mr. Michael B. Mraz ‘74

Joseph L. Rosenfeld, Esq. ‘58

Cindy Trotner ‘79 & David M., D.O. ‘78

Mrs. Jacqueline Williams

Mr. George W. Myers ‘82

Richard R. Ruth Jr. Esq. ‘60


Mr. Joseph E. Williams ‘70

Karen Bruckart ‘72 & Henry G. Jr. ‘71

Ms. Dorothy L. Ruyak ‘54

Mr. Robert E. Sterling ‘65

Mr. Walter F. Williams P ‘81


Dr. Shapour Samii

Sister Gunnel Sterner

Mrs. Harriet Peters Williamson ‘60

Sara B. & William C. ‘62, ‘63 Needs

Donna K. & Gary L. ‘63 Sandercock

Margaret B. & Bernard J. ‘80 Story

Rev. Mark A. Wimmer ‘76

Mr. & Mrs. Maynard S. Northup P ‘84

Mr. Gerald A. Sarkisian ‘74

Mrs. Gail Smith Winson ‘66

Mr. Raymond L. Orth ‘69

Dorothy P. & Myron A. ‘58 Savacool

Mrs. Barbara Martin Stout ‘87, P ‘79

Barbara Roberts ‘61 & John W. ‘59

Barbara A. Osborne, Ph.D. ‘70

Doris Wood & David A. ‘60

Katherine B. & Ronald J., Ph.D. ‘61


Mr. Brian H. Oswald ‘82



Helen Desh ‘54 & Caspar L. Woodbridge

Mr. Jon P. Otis ‘79

Eleanore Beck ‘56 & Henry E. Schleicher

Helen & F. P., M.D. ‘43 Sutliff

Mrs. Susan Overath Woolley

Sara Paden ‘71 & Robert E. ‘73 Peterson

Miss Cornelia Schlotter ‘57

Mrs. Nancy A. Taylor

Mrs. Kris Dragotta Yerry ‘81

Mr. Earl R. Pfeiffer ‘61

Patricia Nemesh ‘70 & Robert J. Jr.

Mr. Tom A. Tenges ‘70

Janice ‘82, ‘91 & Thomas Young

Ms. Ann Polanski


Dr. Bernard J. Terzigni ‘49

Ms. Laura D. Young ‘78

Lloyd M. & Rose Beidler ‘38 Polentz

Cathleen & Fred B., Ph.D. ‘77

Mrs. Mary Veronis Thompson ‘42

Ms. Susan J. Youtz ‘72

Mr. Joseph R. Pulley ‘58

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Tomberlin

Mark S. Yuhasz, M.D. ‘78

Betsey Tait ‘51 & John W. Puth

Mr. E. Allen Schultz Jr. ‘53

Ms. Joann M. Trotsky ‘64

Mr. W. Russell Yurchak Jr. ‘62

Ms. Lynne Schlosser Raleigh ‘66

Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz

Mr. Merr W. Trumbore ‘62

Adele G. & Earl C. ‘57 Zeiner P ‘98

Schultheis P ‘10

P ‘04, P ‘10

New Endowment Funds THE AUXILIARY OF ST. LUKE’S UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Auxiliary of St. Luke’s University Hospital Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of The Auxiliary of St. Luke’s University Hospital. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students who are pursuing a BSN and are employed as an RN at St. Luke’s University Hospital.

THE GEORGE DIAMOND WRITING PRIZE ENDOWMENT FUND The George Diamond Writing Prize Endowment Fund was established through the generosity of Sandy & Eric S. ‘69 Ruskoski. The purpose of the fund is to provide annual financial support for a deserving Moravian College undergraduate student writing prize.

THE G. CLARKE CHAPMAN & ARDIS VETESK CHAPMAN ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND The G. Clarke Chapman & Ardis Vetesk Chapman Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Dr. & Mrs. G. Clarke Chapman. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students enrolled in programs leading to Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees.

THE JOHN & VIRGINIA DANCY DICKIE ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND The John & Virginia Dancy Dickie Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Virginia Dancy ‘59 & John III Dickie. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students who have demonstrated financial need.



FALL 2013

THE ANDREW & ELINOR HART ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Andrew & Elinor Hart Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Elinor Shute ‘91 & Andrew W. ‘91 Hart. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students who have demonstrated financial need with preference given to a student studying business management or psychology.

NEW NON-ENDOWED FUNDS THE RICHARD D. HOOPER INTERNSHIP STIPEND The Richard D. Hooper Internship Stipend was established through the generosity of Mary K. & Richard D. ‘85 Hooper. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to a deserving undergraduate student pursuing an internship as part of his/her academic experience at Moravian College.

THE KOHLER-HOWARD FAMILY ENDOWMENT FUND The Kohler-Howard Family Endowment Fund was established through the generosity of Amy Kohler ‘95 & Robert Howard. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students who have demonstrated financial need and who are majoring in a health-related field.

THE LUTHERAN PRIZE AT MORAVIAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY The Lutheran Prize at Moravian Theological Seminary was established through the generosity of Ms. Jaye Newbold ‘13. The purpose of the fund is to provide an annual prize to a deserving student who is preparing for the ministry of the Lutheran Church.

THE DR. JUTTA S. LEHEIS SCHOLASRHIP FOR GERMAN STUDIES The Dr. Jutta S. Leheis Scholarship for German Studies was established through the generosity of Jutta S. Leheis, Ph.D. ‘63. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students majoring in German, German Studies and/or international management/German or other applicable German majors. THE ROBERT C. & DIANE L. MAY ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Robert C. & Diane L. May Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Bobbie & Henry E. Jr. ‘60, ‘63 May. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students who have demonstrated financial need and have declared a major in music. THE BETTY AIERSTOCK MOORE ‘45 MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Betty Aierstock Moore ‘45 Music Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Betty Aierstock Moore ‘45. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students who intends to major in piano and/or organ. The recipient will be selected based on his or her performance during the audition process conducted by Music Department faculty. THE BETTY AIERSTOCK MOORE ‘45 MUSIC PRIZE FUND The Betty Aierstock Moore ‘45 Music Prize Fund was established through the generosity of Betty Aierstock Moore ‘45. The purpose of the fund is to provide an award to the most talented senior majoring in piano and/or organ. THE SITTENFELD SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Sittenfeld Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld. The purpose of the fund is to provide annual financial support for a deserving Moravian College or Moravian Theological Seminary student. The fund is to honor the accomplishments of former President Christopher M. Thomforde, former Board of Trustees Chair Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth ‘68 and former Chief of Staff Julie Del Giorno.

NEW ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIPS To help address the need for more scholarships, an Annual Giving Scholarship was established for the first time in the 2012-2013 academic year. For $10,000 a donor can create an Annual Giving Scholarship that would provide $2,500 per year for four years to a deserving student. An annual giving scholarship is an immediate way for alumni and friends to help fund a Moravian student’s education. THE CARNEY ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Carney THE GRATZ ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Nancy & Robert K. ‘75 Gratz THE IKE ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Kimberly Deischer ‘91 & Thomas R. ‘90 Ike THE SUZANNE KMET DIAZ & WILLIAM DIAZ ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Suzanne Kmet ‘91 & William A. Diaz THE LANDIS ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Janice Whitfield ‘64 & John G., Ph.D. ‘65 Landis THE MILLER ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Claire L. & Parry J., M.D. ‘66 Miller THE MORAVIAN ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of an anonymous donor THE ORLANDO ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Missy & James P., Ph.D. ‘96 Orlando THE BARBARA A. OSBORNE ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Dr. Barbara A. Osborne ‘70 & Dr. Richard A. Goldsby THE PEPSI ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Pepsi Bottling Group THE BRUCE & COLLEEN SPENCER ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Colleen & Bruce C. ‘87 Spencer

FALL 2013





Greyhounds Go Global

Following Moravian’s scrimmage with FC Barcelona Women, the two teams, normally separated by nearly 4,000 miles, came together for a photograph to commemorate the contest.

Women’s Soccer & Field Hockey Travel the World to Face Top-Notch Competition

While traveling abroad, both Greyhound programs maintained blogs highlighting their trips. For a more in-depth look at their respective travels, visit (women’s soccer) and mocobermuda. (field hockey).

The city of Barcelona, Spain, is synonymous with soccer across the world, thanks in large part to the professional club that bears the city’s name. While its official schedule might not reflect it, the Moravian College women’s soccer team’s 2013 season actually began where Lionel Messi, Neymar, Xavi and Iniesta have become soccer royalty. Taking advantage of the NCAA rule that permits international travel every three years, the Greyhounds spent the first eight days of August in Barcelona, touring, practicing and playing scrimmages – one match was on the same turf some of the aforementioned greats grew up training on. It proved to be an incredible training ground for the 15-player squad that made a run to the 2012 Landmark Conference championship game. In addition to attending the men’s FC Barcelona scrimmage against Santos FC in hallowed Camp Nou, Moravian competed against the top three teams in Spain, including the 2012 European

Field hockey head coach Amy Endler was pleased with the progress her Greyhounds made during their matches while in Bermuda.



Champions, FC Barcelona Women. Off the pitch, the women’s soccer team took in the sights, touring the ancient coastal city of Tarragone and the resort town of Sitges, and visiting the Sagrada Família, a large Roman Catholic Church in the center of Barcelona. “The trip was an incredible experience,” says Brienne Smith, who is entering her fourth year as women’s soccer head coach. “The privilege to play soccer at the highest level, travel to a beautiful city and learn its history and culture, and spend time getting to know each other better on and off the field was a once-and-a-lifetime opportunity for this team.” Just days later, the Moravian College field hockey team packed its own bags – and sticks – visiting Bermuda for six days of touring and matches. It was the field hockey program’s second visit to island country in four years. While the top-notch competition, sandy pink beaches and crystal-clear waters might be reason enough for the return visit, eleventh-year head coach Amy Endler ’93 believes the opportunity to build stronger relationships is the trip’s greatest benefit. Thanks to group activities like kayaking, paddle boarding and impromptu Bingo games when the weather turned stormy, the 12 teammates strengthened their collective bond. After last season’s 8-9 campaign, the international experience could be just what the field hockey team needs to take the next step and chase down an elusive postseason berth. “The ability to play internationally is something that our players will always remember,” Endler says. “Traveling to Bermuda was a great way to springboard into the 2013 season.”

FALL 2013



Members of the class of 1963 assemble for a toast in honor of their 50th reunion before an Alumni Weekend gala dinner at the Hotel Bethlehem.

Alumni Weekend Celebrates Milestones On May 17 and 18, the College welcomed back to Bethlehem hundreds of alumni and guests for Alumni Weekend. Among those in attendance were members of the classes of 1943 to 1963 celebrating their milestone reunions. The 271st Founder’s Day celebration of the Women’s College kicked off Friday morning with a reception, the traditional Lovefeast, and a luncheon on the Priscilla Payne Hurd campus. Later that night, at the historic Hotel Bethlehem, alumni enjoyed a gala dinner. A full day of events followed on Saturday, including the Alumni Association’s annual meeting, another lifelong learning program, Global Greyhounds, and the 50+ Club Breakfast. ABOVE: The College’s Alumni Weekend ended with a reception and music by the Jazz Hounds, a group of alumni musicians. Pictured (far left) are Dave Roth '85, piano, Alex Luquet ’11, bass, and Zach Martin ’13, drums. In the back row standing and playing trumpet are (from left) Al Gaumer, artist lecturer at Moravian, Sean Mason ’09, Luke Hoffman ’09 and Michael Battipaglia ’13. The trombone section consists of Ashley Pizzino ’08, Caitlin Worrich ’12 and Ralph Brodt ’75. In the saxophone section are Ken Moyer ’70, Jen Davenport ’06, Lizzie Brodt ’12, Christina Bonavita ’11 and Ian Vogler ’13. RIGHT: June Brite Reese ’43 (left) and Betty Adams Roach ’43 celebrated their 70th reunion this year and attended the 50+ Club Breakfast. FALL 2013




RECENT HAPPENINGS Sent Off In Style More than 520 graduating seniors and guests enjoyed dinner and dancing at the Senior Soiree, which was sponsored by the Alumni Association May 10. Kelly McLean Suzanne Kmet-Diaz ’91, her husband, Bill, and children Victoria Rindock ’03, Alumni Association president, welcomed theNicholas class of 2013decorating into the Moravian and enjoy their house.College Alumni Association at the event that followed Baccalaureate. RIGHT: Liz Sgambelluri ’13 dances with her father, Richard. FAR RIGHT: Greyhounds hit the dance floor.

Enjoying a Night Out Fifty Lehigh Valley-area alumni and guests were hosted by John ’65 and Janice Whitfield ’64 Landis at their winery, Vynecrest Winery, in April. The event was sponsored by the Alumni Association’s Lehigh Valley Home Club. In addition, the Home Club hosted “Moravian Night at the Iron Pigs” for alumni, faculty and staff on Aug. 2. More than 50 people were on hand to watch Allentown’s triple-A baseball team play. LEFT: Among those in attendance at the Vynecrest Winery event were (from left) Monica Maisto, Alumni Association Vice President Alyson Remsing ’03, Tim Wait ’08 and Alumni Association President Kelly McLean Rindock ’03.

Summer Receptions Gather Together Greyhounds To welcome President Grigsby, Ken Rampolla ’79, chair of the Board of Trustees, and Anne McCandless Rampolla ’79 hosted a reception for Moravian alumni and friends at their home Aug. 16. Earlier in the summer, Leadership Council Chair Brian Oswald ’82 and his wife, Ann, hosted a reception at their home in Manhattan, N.Y., where they welcomed 50 alumni and friends. Summer 2013 wasn’t just a time for Moravian alumni to gather, but also an opportunity to welcome future Greyhounds. On June 26, Rob Verrone ’90 hosted a welcome picnic, inviting freshmen and their families to his home in Spring Lake, N.J. Three weeks later, David Marcus, Esq. ’88 and his wife, Sandy, also hosted a picnic at their Haverford home, and Suzanne Kmet Diaz ’91 and her husband, Bill, did the same in Bridgewater, N.J. The Leigh Valley Home Club hosted the summer's final welcome picnic, bringing together 200 freshmen, family, alumni, faculty and staff on campus July 23.

LEFT: Pictured (from left) are Ken and Anne McCandless Rampolla, President Grigsby, Lea Glembot and Eliza Grigsby, President Grigsby’s daughter. RIGHT: During the reception, President Grigsby offered a few remarks about his affinity for his institution, explaining that alma mater means “Soul Mother” and is worthy of our respect and support.


November 13

Lehigh Valley Student-Alumni Networking Reception

Vespers & Reception for Cornerstone Society Members

November 8

November 21

December 13

December 7

December 14

Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner & Induction Ceremony

November 9

Washington, D.C., Regional Reception



Evening on Main Street

Vespers & President's Reception for Comenius Society Members

December 8

Vespers & Reception for Consistent Donor Society Alumni Awards Ceremony FALL 2013



MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE publishes all class notes that we receive. We reserve the right to edit for space or style. Some information may appear only online at All class correspondents with an email address are listed within the notes. Some correspondents without email access are listed below. If your class year is not shown or does not list a named correspondent either here or online, email your information to alumrel@ or mail to the Alumni Relations Office, Moravian College, 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018. DEADLINES FOR SUBMISSIONS: January 1 for the winter 2014 issue. April 1 for the spring 2014 issue. PHOTO POLICY FOR CLASSNOTES: • Please send us your image as a jpg file at 300 dpi. • We publish one photo per wedding or birth. • We welcome photos of gatherings of alumni and will publish as many as space permits.

1943 June Bright Reese, 801 N. Wahneta Street, Apt. 203; Allentown, PA 18109;

1947 Margaret Loveless Browne; pegbrownenj@

1949 Norma Boldt Wynne;

1952 Joseph Christ and his wife, Elisabeth, are in their 26th year of teaching adult evening classes in conversational German at Pennridge Senior High School in Bucks County.

Class correspondents without email access: 1943 – Margaret L. Albright, 129 N. 11th St., Allentown, PA 18102 1943 – Jane Smith Ebelhare, 805 Buckeye Street; Ft. Collins, CO 80524 1946 – A da Zellner Flower, 834 Hilltop Road, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 1947 – George Kirkpatrick, 11250 Caravel Circle, No. 308; Fort Myers, FL 33908-5236 1952 – M ary T. Pongracz, 321 W. Fourth St., Bethlehem, PA 18015 1954 – H elen Desh Woodbridge, 3574 Browning Lane, Bethlehem, PA 18017 1955 – H elen Varady Keyser, 2038 Kemmerer St., Bethlehem, PA 18017

For Comenius Center alumni notes Dee Lohman; or Sherron Quinn;

FALL 2013

LEGACY GRADS: Emily Benonis ’17, Caitlyn Benonis ’13 and Kimberly Benonis ’10

1957 Pearl Stein;

Ruth Salabsky Cornwell ’58 and her husband, Bill Cornwell, have had baseball season tickets at North Carolina State for the past five years. This year was special because they got to watch the grandson of Joe Keglovits ’59 pitch for the Wolfpack. Irene Breslin Genther is a candidate for re-election to the Panther Valley School Board.

LEGACY GRADS: Dennis Brennan, Julia Brennan, Kevin Brennan ’13, Lauren Turnbach Brennan ’86 and Alexis Van Billiard ’14

As Pearl Stein prepared to attend Founder’s Day at Moravian on May 17, she was reminded of one of her friends who was a loyal and proud alumna, Carmella Carrescia. Carmella passed away on Sept. 20, 2012, in her hometown of Roseto. Carmella graduated from Moravian with a B.S. in elementary education and received a master’s degree in education in 1964 from Lehigh University. She taught fifth grade at Stockertown Middle School and was a reading specialist for the Nazareth School District for 32 years before retiring in 1989. Carmella assumed leadership positions in many education organizations and senior citizen groups. She volunteered her time and skills at the Bangor Public Library and at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School Library. She always had time for her relatives and friends, meeting regularly at Moravian for alumni weekends and Christmas vespers. Pearl remembers Carmella’s wonderful sense of humor and positive outlook on life. She still has a collection of emails that Carmella sent, saving the ones that made her laugh out loud, in addition to those with inspirational messages. Carmella was a very special member of the class of 1957.

1958 Daneen Jones Phelps;

Jack and Elaine Finelli recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Jan. 26. They celebrated with a cruise to Hawaii.






Kathy Werst Detwiler;


Vincent Peter Daino

James Houser; Peter French;

1961 Sam Maczko;


Carolin Josephine Moehring

Matthew Joseph Guider

Michelle LePoidevin Daino ’94 and her husband, Charlie Daino, welcomed their second child, Vincent Peter, on Jan. 11, 2013.

Merr Trumbore; Emma Demuth Williams;

Lauren Chaykin Moehring ’01 and David Moehring welcomed their second daughter, Carolin Josephine, March 15. Big sister, Molly, is two years old.


Meg Mikovits ’03, a daughter, Wren Madeleine, July 2.

Dana Patchcoski Abda ’04 and husband, Michael, welcomed their second son, Joshua John, on June 3. Joshua’s big brother is two years old. Shannon Gardner Bakros ’06 and Steve Bakros, a daughter, Quinn Nicole, May 12. Jill Woodbury Guider ’07 and husband, Tim Guider ’07, are the proud parents of Matthew Joseph, who was born on Dec. 12, 2012.

Bill Leicht; 16819 N. 59th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85254;

From Bill Leicht: Wow! The class of 1963 celebrated a super successful 50th reunion on May 17 and 18. Alumni returned from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia. Even though some of us hadn’t seen or talked to one another for five decades, familiar conversations picked up quickly. I did not get to talk to everyone, but with the help of the class survey I can tell you a little about who attended.

LEGACY GRADS: David Chimera ’86 and Luke Chimera ’13

Dick Bedics and his wife, Bonnie, came from their home in Pensacola, Fla. Dick is now retired from his provost position at Pensacola College. Genie Billiard



Dooley and Harry Dooley ’64 came from Macungie, though they spend time in Juno Beach, Fla. Genie is a retired teacher from the Bethlehem School District. Bob Dietrich and his wife, Stephanie, shared some wonderful stories. Bob is retired from Bethlehem Steel. Carol Horscroft Clarke attended with her husband, John. I talked with Steve Edraney who was there with wife, Jean. Ron Freed was accompanied by his wife Judith. I saw but did not get an opportunity to talk with Jean Friedman. Marty Garcia and his wife, Eileen, came in from California. Marty is retired from a television network executive position at CBS in Los Angeles. Carol and I visited the Garcias last year while on a vacation, touring the Reagan Museum and Library with them. Stan "Stosh" Gilbert and Gwynne Grey Gilbert ’64 are still living in Clarks Summit, near Scranton. Stosh is employed as a juvenile probation officer for Lackawanna County. Tom Grammes and his wife, Patricia, live in Bethlehem. Tom is a retired teacher with the Whitehall-Coplay School District. Nancy Trach Harstine was there with her husband, Willard Harstine ’62. Nancy is a retired library technician from the Bethlehem Area Public Library. It took 50 years but David Howard

LEGACY GRADS: Katie Devine ’07 and Matthew Devine ’13

finally returned to a Moravian reunion – after much prodding by Gary Sandercock. Dave’s companion was Sandra Parker. Dave, Gary, Russ DeVore and I were roommates at the OGO house during our senior year. Dave has a Writing Well company that does editing and consulting in Rumford, R.I. It was good to see and reminisce with Judy Studwell MacDonald and husband, Jim MacDonald, who came down from Carmel, N.Y. Judy is a substitute teacher in the Carmel Central School District. Shirley Hart McBride and husband, Gerald, live in Bethlehem. Shirley has been a teacher of English, history and music for 25 years with Wilson Area (Easton) and Parsippany, N.J., schools.

FALL 2013

LEGACY GRADS: Francis Donchez Jr., Esq. ’87 and Peter Donchez ’13

I enjoyed some fun conversations with James Meixell and his wife, Judy. They live in Bethlehem, but for the last nine winters they’ve resided in St. Petersburg, Fla. James is a retired teacher with the Bethlehem Area School District and retired sports writer for The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown. Janet Gleva Miller flew in from San Jose, Calif. She is a self-employed lawyer with no plans for retirement. Russ Miller and Shirlee Ford Miller looked good. They are back in the area living in Easton. Russ is a retired quality manager with AT&T, and Shirlee has been a school teacher with several school districts. Bob Preston and wife, Jane Siegfried, live in North Chesterfield, Va. Bob is a retired scout executive, camp consultant and president/CEO of the Boy Scouts of America. Bill Pysher and his wife, Karen, live in Bethlehem. Bill retired as a chief probation officer with the county of Northampton and is currently a part-time student assistant counselor with the Valley Youth House in Bethlehem. We enjoyed our time at the reunion with Gary Sandercock and his wife, Donna. After selling his company,

LEGACY GRADS: Victoria Korona ’13 & Michael Korona ’87



Kathleen Cavanaugh;

Tim Tedesco;

Warren A. Brill, D.M.D., M.S. (Hyg.) was installed as president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry this May in Orlando, Fla. John C.G. “Sandy” Hutchinson is now retired from Thermax/Fipro AG of Switzerland. In 1966, John earned his M.A. in international affairs from Lehigh University and later served in the Army from 1966 to 1970. In the spring of 1970, he was released from active duty in Vietnam as a first lieutenant. John worked for many years in the steel, shipbuilding and marine industry.

After an eight-month battle with cancer, Rob Stage passed away on June 9, 2013. There were articles on his passing in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (June 11) and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (June 13). Rick Subber writes that he and his wife, Barbara, are expecting their third grandchild in December. Rick and Barbara have a three-year-old granddaughter and a one-year-old grandson. Nancy Glassmoyer Brittingham writes that while she and her husband traveled to Prince Edward Island, stopping for the night in St. Andrew, they ran into Dana Burt Donaldson. Tim writes that he and his wife, Janet Evans Tedesco ’72, continue to take care of their granddaughter during the work week. Tim is also busy finishing up several watercolor paintings that he hopes to exhibit at the Harford Fair in the summer.

1965 Robert Houser;

LEGACY GRADS: Kim Gatski ’13 and Kristy Rashko Crosby ’99

FALL 2013


Cryotech International in California, they have retired and relocated to Georgetown, Texas. Gary was president and CEO of that company. We missed talking to Dr. John Shigo and his guest, Jan Reynolds. John is a self-employed family physician in Gaithersburg, Md. I also didn’t get to see Dr. John Steers ’61 and his guest, Margaret Hoffman. It was good talking to Grove Stoddard and his wife, Ann Woltjen Stoddard. Grove is a partner in the law firm of Pullman & Comley, LLC in Bridgeport, Conn. Ann is a teacher and owner of The Country Mouse in Fairfield, Conn. Chuck Stoltz and his wife, Bonnie, live in Bethlehem. Chuck is a seventh- and eighth-grade teacher in the Palisades School District in Bucks County. I regularly keep in touch with Chuck via email. It is always good to see Don Vogel and his wife, JoAnn. They reside in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Don retired as president/ CEO of the American Lung Association of Southwestern Ohio. The Vogels spend a lot of vacation time at their villa in Hilton Head Island, S.C. I saw but did not get a chance to talk with Winnie Hearn Zeller.

David Berg;

Kenneth Davis has been appointed to the board of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

1967 Kathie Broczkowski Klein;

1968 Jill Stefko;




1970 Ronald Robertson writes, “My first book, Optimism for a Changing America, was recently published. This book was written to promote a real sense of optimism for the future of America, utilizing little-published trends. Inspired by my students at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Delaware, who urged me to compile some of my lecture material, this book is written for those who question the future of this great nation.”

to serve. This was an event that enabled them to make a difference in the future of the site. Fred Rooney was selected to direct Touro Law Center’s new International Center for Post-Graduate Development & Justice.

1977 LEGACY GRADS: Elizabeth Leidich ’13 and Gary Leidich ’82

1974 Cyndee Andreas Grifo;

John Diacogiannis received an award from Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited (NEIL). John was honored with the Quentin Jackson Mutuality Award, which recognizes a NEIL member who has shown significant leadership and looked beyond the interests of their own company to work on issues affecting the industry. John is retiring from PPL where he serves as a manager of corporate risk and insurance.

Keene Jabbour and Patrice Starner Amin ’83 have been serving the youth of Easton through their work with the Easton Area Community Center. The center provides programs, resources and role models in a safe haven for children. They were honored by the center as “saints” at the 17th annual testimonial and roast for their years of commitment and devotion to the community center. Edward J. Lentz has been selected for inclusion in this year’s “Pennsylvania Super Lawyers.” He was also selected in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Less than five percent of the lawyers in the state are included each year. Edward is president of the law firm of Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba, P.C., and chair of the estate planning and administration group.



Terrell McMann;

Susan Bacci Adams;

Dr. Tom Schwanda published Soul Recreation: The Contemplative Mystical Piety of Puritanism. Tom received tenure at Wheaton College where he teaches in the Christian formation and ministry department.

Mark Parseghian and his wife, Kathy, participated in the National Park Service’s “Plant a Tree at Flight 93” re-forestation event on April 20 in Shanksville. Mark wrote, “I made sure that my Moravian College sweatshirt was prominently on display while we and 100 other volunteers planted 3,500 seedlings. For those travelling to or through western Pennsylvania, the Flight 93 Memorial is just a short drive off the Somerset exit of the turnpike and is a moving tribute to these 40 heroes of 9/11.” The company Mark works for, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, is committed to community involvement and encourages employees to find opportunities

1971 John Madison;

1973 Dennis Jones; Priscilla Barres Schueck; Priscilla@volunteerlv. org



John Fauerbach;

More than 30 years since their playing days ended, Bob Kafafian ’77 hosted a July get-together with several former Greyhound football teammates. During the reunion at Kafafian’s Paxinos home, the group commemorated the moment with a photo. Pictured (from left) are Vince Pantalone ’77, Kenny King '77, Bob Kafafian ’77, Bob Ternosky ’78, Bob Gratz ’75, Steve Kopko ’76, Dave Morganti ’76 and Jon VanValkenburg ’77. Absent from the photo is Pete Raines ’76.

1978 Dawn Allen;

LEGACY GRADS: Colleen Kane Marsh ’08, Sarah Marsh ’13 and Gary Marsh

FALL 2013

1979 Candy Barr Heimbach was honored by the Pennsylvania Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession with the Lynette Norton Award. The awards ceremony was held during the 20th annual conference May 9 in Pittsburgh. The award recognizes and encourages female attorneys who excel in litigation skills and who are devoted to mentoring female lawyers. Candy is a shareholder and supervisor of the Healthcare Liability Group in the Bethlehem office of Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin. She served as a senior vice president and member of the board of directors for the firm for six years. A defense attorney in the area of medical and dental malpractice, health care and other civil litigation matters, Candy has been named a PA Super Lawyer each year since 2005 in the area of personal injury defense and medical malpractice. In 2011 and 2012, she was in the top 50 of Women Super Lawyers. She is chair of the Women Lawyers of Lehigh Valley and Beyond and serves as a mentor to young attorneys.

LEGACY GRADS: Kristen Popovice ’12 and Aaron Popovice ’13

1980 Molly Donaldson Brown; unsinkable2010@

Melissa Ludwig Rauscher has recently joined the board of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She is also the district vice president/district manager for Macy’s. John Gorka was part of the opening ceremonies for the 30th anniversary of Musikfest. John kicked off the first Musikfest in 1984 and has performed at the 10th, 20th and 25th anniversaries.

prevention program where she has worked for the past 13 years. Vanessa Schukis has published her second book, Mr. Dimes. For more information, visit http://www. book-profile/mrdimes/254325. Rona Korman Greifinger has been appointed senior vice president and general counsel of Center Bancorp, Inc., the parent company of Union Center National Bank.

1983 Karen Skoyles;

1984 Diane Sciabica Mandry;

1981 Craig “Kegger” Bartlett;

LEGACY GRADS: Kevin McCullough ’11 and Peter McCullough ’13

Ed Stetz has joined Skelly and Ly, Inc. as director of marketing. The Harrisburgbased firm provides environmental and engineering services to clients east of the Mississippi and abroad from six MidAtlantic U.S. offices. Ed, his wife, Mary Ann Nowak, and their son, Greg, live in Mechanicsburg.

1982 Lori Vargo Heffner;

LEGACY GRADS: Ronald Morey ’84 and Megan Morey ’13

FALL 2013

Bonnie Walton Jordan lives in Medford, N.J. with her husband, John, of 25 years and their two children, Drew, age 19, and Karleigh, age 17. Drew is a sophomore at Cabrini College in Radnor, majoring in psychology, and Karleigh is a junior in high school. Bonnie is employed by Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton as program director of their emergency and community services program in Burlington County, N.J, a hunger and homelessness

LEGACY GRADS: Nancy Richards, Emily Richards, Eileen Donohue Richards, Matthew Richards ’13, Paul Richards ’10 and Hugh Richards ’81

1985 Lynn Muschlitz LaBarre;

1986 James and Lynda Farrell Swartz; lfswartz@rcn. com

Moravian students in the Center for Leadership and Service recently partnered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters in a bowling fundraiser, Bowl for Kids Sake. This provided a unique mentor opportunity for the college students. Bowl for Kids




Sake was supported by Wells Fargo and Laura Allan Haffner, community bank president, attended the event. Patrick Moyer has been named the new athletic director at Cannon School in Concord, N.C.



Dianne Pelaggi Irr;

Mary Beth Sierzega Afflerbach; afflerbachmb@


Kerri Selland Pepoy;


Sandra Sloyer, C.P.A., C.G.M.A., M.B.A., has accepted the position of chief financial officer of Hospice Advantage in Bay City, Minn.

Diane Hvizdak Taylor;

Weddings Stephanie Cangelosi and Michael Horwitz

Tiffany Shenman and Fred Volze

Tiffany Shenman ’97 married Fred Volze on May 26, 2013, at Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken, N.J. Their reception was held at The Waterside in North Bergen, N.J., on the water facing Manhattan on a gorgeous day. Christine Roye Henry ’00 served as maid of honor, and Suzanne Scassellati Verenna ’96, Karen Janson Herr ’96 and Krysten Mack Perez ’00 were bridesmaids. Other Moravian alumni in attendance were Jennie Coughlin Joshi ’98, Susan Hosterman ’97 and Chris Tarnowski ’97. The happy couple lives in Hoboken. Andrew Abraham ’09 married Ashley Hinkle on Oct. 27, 2012, at Lehigh University. Patrick Sutton ’09 was a member of the bridal party. Timothy Mills ’09 married Anne Hoffman ’12 in May. Members of the bridal party included Andrew Abraham ’09, Wesley Moser ’08, Luke Hoffman ’09 and Patrick Sutton ’09.



Carli Timpson and Carl Feldman

Jessica DiNizio ’09 married James Finley on July 13, 2013, in Summit, N.J. Kari Klaus ’09, Melissa Carmel ’09, ’13, Kasey Walker ’09 and Jeremy Walker ’07 attended. Stephanie Cangelosi ’10 married Michael Horwitz on July 7, 2012, in Bethlehem. The couple celebrated with friends and family at Green Pond Country Club. Kelly Schneider ’10 and JeriAnne Weiss ’10 served as bridesmaids. The couple currently resides in Allentown. Gina Cain ’05 to Casey Galligan ’06, Sept. 15, 2012. Carli Timpson ’11 and Carl Feldman ’13 were married on June 2, 2013, in Harrisburg. The following Moravian alumni and current students were in attendance: Kelly Grab ’11, Caitlin Adolph ’11, Carolyn Latkovich ’12, Kristian Cantens ’13, Dylan Fatzinger ’14, Ben Teel ’12, Sami Mamari ’14, Dan Ferman ’14 and Stephen Gross ’11.

Maria DeBonis and Marc Braxmeirer

Jaime Renninger ’11 to Michael Watson ’11, June 19. Maria DeBonis ’09 and Marc Braxmeier ’09 tied the knot on July 20, 2013, at the Holy Family Church in Nazareth. Eight members of the bridal party were Moravian College graduates: Megan Corcoran ’09, Deanna Mangieri ’09, Sheri Bieniek ’09, Tom Braxmeier ’09, Tyler McCambridge ’09, Tyler Williams ’09, Tyler Hersch ’09 and C.J. Robinson ’09. The happy couple resides in Bethlehem Township.

FALL 2013

operations and sales efforts, including the development of new business and customer service efforts. She currently lives in Stroudsburg with her husband, Kevin, and their son.

1994 Denise Bradley; LEGACY GRADS: Kelly Schneider ’10 and Kristen Schneider ’13

1991 Melissa dePamphilis Jarman; mdepamph@ Christine A. Palermo-Wallach;

Deborah Roeder’s son, Ryan, a brother of Jason Roeder ’97, joined the New York Giants as an assistant coach. David Zinczenko has signed on with Random House to provide some juice to its health and fitness offerings. Prior to signing on with this group, he was an executive at Rodale Inc., but left to form his own company. He will have his own imprint, distribution and multimilliondollar book publishing deal. His first book on diet, nutrition and exercise will appear in 2014. Dwight Repsher has been hired as the new girls’ basketball coach at Whitehall High School.

1992 John S. Nunnemacher; Michael Q. Roth;

1993 Jeffrey McManus has joined Rockland Trust Investment Management Group as vice president and financial consultant. Todd Parlee has been appointed the president of ParleeStumpf, a marketing, branding and web-consulting agency in Doylestown. Parlee first joined the firm as a graphic designer and developed the agency’s first website division more than a decade ago. Holley Lambert Kearns has been hired as branch manager of First National Bank in Tannersville. She will manage branch

FALL 2013

Denise Strzelczyk Zarrella is a reporter for WOIO, Action 19 news in Cleveland, Ohio. Denise is an Emmy Award winner for her TBS report, “Interact America.”

1995 Deacon Alexander Joseph was recently ordained by the Most Reverend Bishop Gregory J. Mansour as an unmarried Maronite Catholic priest for the Eparchy of Saint Maron, Brooklyn, N.Y., in his home parish of Our Lady of Lebanon in Easton. He has been studying for the priesthood for close to 10 years. Beth Rosenthal, a benign brain tumor survivor, attended a Brain Tumor Awareness Month event at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J., where she represented the nonprofit It’s Just Benign (IJB). Beth launched IJB in 2008 to connect with other survivors and hopes to further expand it globally in the near future. In addition to operating IJB, Beth works in finance.

1996 Deb Yuengling Ferhat;

Kevin Edwards has been named a recipient in the inaugural Lehigh Valley

LEGACY GRADS: Andrew Sholly ’99 and Kathryn Sholly ’13

Brian McKee '98, Mike Folcher '98 and Jack Walls '98 enjoyed a Phillies’ business person special on June 5. The Greyhound trio brought the Phillies good luck as the home team won 6-1.

Business’s 2013 Forty Under 40 awards program. The award recognizes individuals from the greater Lehigh Valley region for their leadership accomplishments. Kevin, the director of golf at Woodstone Country Club & Lodge in Danielsville, is also Moravian’s golf coach, succeeding Coach John Manuvek in August 2010. Ann Rissmiller Flood and her husband, Dan, lost their daughter, Lauren, to complications from a brain injury she suffered during birth. In 2008, they created Lauren’s Hope Foundation to help support brain-injured children and their families. In December 2012, the foundation donated two Olympic cool cap systems and two brain wave monitors to the Lehigh Valley Health Network. Ann, Dan and the foundation were honored by the Lehigh Valley Health Network with permanent recognition in the lobby of the neonatal intensive care unit. Ryan Zellner is a program director for Little Kids Rock. This is a national music not-for-profit agency that provides training, curriculum and instruments in traditionally underserved populations – generally urban areas. Currently, it serves 1,000 teachers and more than 100,000 students in 26 cities throughout the United States. In his role, he oversees all of the programs nationwide. For more information about Little Kids Rock, visit He and his wife, Sandi Nuss Zellner, recently moved to Montclair, N.J., where Sandi is planning on being a stay-at-home mom.





Lisa Hahn Egan recently completed the board certification process in clinical neuropsychology. She is working in a private practice in Morristown, N.J., as a neuropsychologist.

Tiffany Shenman;



Jennie Joshi; Jennie.coughlin@sanofi-aventis. com

Angela Colasanti and Tara Echelmeier Dolan, who first met in Moravian College art classes, became close friends and roommates, and then reconnected later in life after becoming mothers, served as co-curators of an exhibit at Boyertown’s Studio B titled VALUE: woman. artist. mother. The invitational art exhibit, which opened on Mother’s Day 2013, explored the relationships between womanhood, artistic expression and motherhood. Angela and Tara teamed with 15 other regional artists for the exhibit, including three other Moravian graduates: Elisabeth Fetsurka Walakovits ’04, Elizabeth R. Karhan Flaherty ’97 and Darla Kovacs Rodriguez ’03. The exhibit, which closed June 15, featured painting, drawing, fibers, ceramics, jewelry, mixed media and sculpture.

LEGACY GRADS: Vincent Skorton ’13 and Chris Skorton ’13

1999 Christina Fulton;

Joshua Dodd has been named a recipient in the inaugural Lehigh Valley Business’s 2013 Forty Under 40 awards program. The award recognizes individuals from the greater Lehigh Valley region for their leadership accomplishments. Joshua is a senior vice president at Univest Bank & Trust Company.



Courtney Parrella; LEGACY GRADS: Luke Trexler ’13 and Kimberly Zeigler Trexler ’84

2000 Faithann Cheslock Barron; Lisa Hahn Egan;

Geoff Hood recently opened his own law firm in Horsham called the Law Office of Geoffrey Hood. Jeff previously worked as an assistant district attorney in Montgomery County. He continues to work in the criminal defense field and is branching out to other legal areas. The career move will allow him more family time which is especially important since he has a five-year-old son, Colin, and a two-year-old daughter, Mia. He plans to begin coaching team sports as his children get older. Geoff’s wife, Tiffany, teaches fifth grade in the Hatboro-Horsham School District. Randy Kline and his wife, Emily James ’01, are expecting their second child in October. Their daughter, Anabel, was born in August 2011. Melissa Reitbauer Kline, her husband, Keith Kline (Randy’s twin brother), Randy, Emily and the rest of the Kline family recently met in Orlando, Fla., for a family vacation. Missy was recently awarded the Zeta Tau Alpha Certificate of Merit by the Seattle Alumnae chapter for her outstanding dedication to ZTA. She has held positions such as vice president of programming, treasurer, panhellenic delegate and Zeta day chair. Molly Duffy Brewer is finishing her second year of law school at North Carolina Central University. Jessica Edris accepted a new position as marketing and communications manager at MFP Strategies in Bethlehem.

Tamra Nichols was recently promoted to client service manager at Paychex, Inc. located in North Reading, Mass. This change required her to relocate from Allentown to their Boston office, located outside the city in a town called North Reading. She is one of four total managers overseeing a branch that handles more than 13,000 clients for their payroll and human resource needs. She is excited for this opportunity to continue helping the branch achieve their goals and maintain their long history of success. She continues to teach Zumba fitness classes in her spare time, beginning her fourth year as an instructor. Colleen Bollette is a first-grade teacher in the Lebanon Township School District in New Jersey where she serves on the New Jersey Teachers Advisory Panel with the Department of Education. Colleen has taught preschool through second grade for 12 years. She received the 2012 New Jersey Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award and the 2013 Excellence in Education Award.

2002 Brienne Wilson Rodriguez; briennewilson@

Emily Shertzer was a first-time champion in the 36th annual Ephrata Firecracker Run. Emily, from Jonestown, finished in a winning time of 30:52.8.

2003 Regina Lacombe Laine;

Lisa Casciani-Schmidt has been promoted to assistant vice president of commercial lending at Embassy Bank, where she has worked for seven years. She is also an active volunteer with the Second Harvest Food Bank and a former board member of Emmaus Main Street Partners.

FALL 2013

LEGACY GRADS: Peter Verile III ’06, Beth Verile ’13 and Justine Black Verile ’07

2004 Jessica Naugle;

Scott Williams left Men’s Health Network after eight and a half years to accept a position with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

2005 Regina LaCaruba;

2006 Lauren Bahnatka Bachner; mrsbachner@gmail. com

Polly Hunt has been named Teacher of the Year by Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society. Neil Caniga has been named the new head coach for men’s tennis at St. Lawrence University in New York.


Janelle Pham has started her first year in the sociology Ph.D. program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Daniel Purtell recently left his job after almost four years in Connecticut and moved to Philadelphia to begin graduate work at the Lutheran Theological Seminary. He is currently working cooperatively with the seminary and the School of Social Work at Temple University on a master’s degree in public leadership. This is a twoyear program and Daniel looks forward to pursuing a career in social ministry afterward. Geoffrey Roche, coordinator of community and government relations at Pocono Medical Center, has been selected as a Rural Health Fellow to participate in the National Rural Health Association’s yearlong, intensive program aimed at developing leaders who can articulate a clear and compelling vision for rural America. Colleen Kane Marsh serves as the interim chairwoman of the board of Bethlehem Food Co-Op. Colleen works for the Moravian Theological Seminary, handling a variety of tasks, including marketing, photography, graphic design and writing. In addition to work, she co-leads five Girl Scout troops. Since the Sands Casino Events Center in Bethlehem opened in 2012, Justin Klement has painted portraits of many of the biggest acts who have performed at the venue. The works are based mostly on photos and get signed by the performers. Presently, more than a dozen hang in the center. Justin can be found at nearly every Eagles home game painting images of players before kickoff. He has also done paintings of the Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia Phillies. He also does paintings and portraits commissioned by people

who aren’t as famous. Visit his website at Jill Newswanger is engaged to be married to Kenneth Alston. A November 2013 wedding is planned.

2009 Cassidy Thomas;

Carl Robinson has been named football coach at Hackettstown High School in Hackettstown, N.J. Katarina Birle is well and enjoying her time in Northeastern University’s nursing program.

2010 Kelly Schneider;

Mary Lang has received her MT-BC credentials through the Certification Board for Music Therapists. She is now working as a music therapist with the Kardon Institute of Arts Therapy in Philadelphia. Mary attended the graduate program in music therapy at Immaculata University and graduated with an M.A. in 2013. Jessica Pfeifer is engaged to Kevin Toole. A spring 2014 wedding is planned. Susan Bartos has just finished all necessary course work for a Ph.D. in nursing and has started working on her dissertation. Samantha Milita Pitcher recently won the James McKeever Promising Professional Award for the Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counselors. Samantha currently works for Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.


Laura Sahlender;

Rachel Kleiner;

Stephanie J. Widger recently earned a Master of Science in education from Wilkes University. Anthony Sarno studied at the police academy and, following graduation, began working for Lacey Township in New Jersey in September.

Donna Henn ’11, M.B.A., has been promoted to materials manager of purchased finished goods at Victaulic. She is responsible for the inventory of purchased finished goods and ensuring availability and performance of items. Kelly Grab recently graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind., with an M.S. Ed. in higher education and student affairs. She recently accepted a position at Vassar College as assistant director for student conduct.

2008 Janelle Pham;

FALL 2013

LEGACY GRADS: John Weaver ’74, Kelly Weaver ’13 and Scott Weaver ’08




Alexandra Santoro has been accepted into the Doctor of Psychology in clinical psychology program at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Alex is engaged to Bob Stoltzfus.

In August, Grace Babcock will begin a year of service with AmeriCorps. She will be a volunteer with the Literacy Coalition of Williamson County, teaching adult education classes, administering GED tests, and

2012 Ali Zucal;

In Memoriam


acting as a community liaison. Grace and her boyfriend live in Austin, Texas.

Jamie Thierolf and Zach Dease recently got engaged. A December 2013 wedding is being planned. Sean Pressmann has been named a recipient in the inaugural Lehigh Valley Business’ 2013 Forty Under 40 awards program in recognition of his work with the Jack Pressman Memorial Scholarship Fund. Meghan Kopp has been accepted into Drexel University’s master’s program in cancer biology. John Dimler played in his first Golf Association of Lehigh Valley Open on July 30. John finished 2-over for the tournament. Since March, Kristi Beisecker has been exhibiting her Kirlian photography work that she produced in Jeff Hurwitz’s Alternative Photography course. Her work has been exhibited at a leadership conference at Harvard University, as well as in New York City’s Empire Hotel. Kristi won an award of excellence from an international exhibition where she was one of 15 artists chosen to exhibit their work in Washington, D.C., at the Smithsonian Institution's Ripley Center from October through December. Anna Whetstone moved to Baltimore, Md., to accept a job as a clinical research coordinator at the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Anna and a team of 25 from the Johns Hopkins MS Center participated in Walk MS Baltimore. Her team raised $7,000, the largest amount raised by a corporate group, helping the Hopkins team win the Maryland chapter’s corporate challenge. Anna was diagnosed with MS at age 17.

Rev. Milo A. Loppnow ’37 — Feb. 4

Charles Gunkle ’58 — May 2, 2012

Mary Jane Boyer Fountain ’39 — March 7

Joseph Carr ’59 — July 9

Mildred Diefenderfer Ladner Thompson ’39

Richard Mugione ’59 — April 9

— June 25

Norman Reitz ’59 — March 31

Mary McElroy ’39 — March 1

David Stehly ’59 — March 20

Alice Raines Dimmick ’40 — June 20

Edward Borger ’60 — March 17

Mary Alice Goth Schibanoff ’40 —

Charles Felmley ’60 —Nov. 20, 2011

Dec. 15, 2012

Frank Horwath ’60 — March 20

Jean Lamb Strohl ’41 — May 2

Lewis Halley Jr. ’62 — Feb. 17, 2012

Elizabeth Schreiber Peck ’42 — June 26

Bernard Medei ’62 — March 16

Edith Hower Sikorsky ’42 — May 28

James O’Donnell ’62 — July 5

Curtis Steyers Sr. ’42 — April 7

Thomas Apjohn ’63 — July 9

Margaret Johnson Bartlett ’43 — Feb. 6

Carl Sewald ’63 — April 15

James Bruckart ’47 — June 19

Frederic Tew ’63 — Feb. 19

Henry Laube ’47 — July 4

Robert Lecher ’64 — Feb. 16

Truman Bittenbender ’48 — March 24

Dennis McGinley Jr. ’65 — March 19

Evelyn Kuchta ’48 — March 20

Rev. Frederick Oleck ’65 — June 13

Maurice Mayrides ’48—July 13

George Blauvelt ’66 — July 23

Robert Frick ’49 — May 15

Lauralee Bremmer Tidmarch ’67 — Jan. 31

Doris Geissler Torr ’49 — April 21

James Tucker ’67 — Jan. 21

Earl Deubler ’50 — June 3

Robert Hammond ’69 — April 22

Elizabeth Wieand Ronca ’50 — May 10

Bob Stage ’69 — June 9

Patricia Kresge Buck ’51 — March 5

Joanne Hunter Sillivan ’72 — Feb. 28

June Shafer Scholl ’51 — January 5

Stephen Valek ’72 — April 5

Robert Sheriff ’52 — March 15

Lois Carson Gibson ’73 — Feb. 28

Russell Harlan Ebald ’52 — Feb. 13, 2012

Rev. Dr. Mary Matz ’75 — July 31

Kenneth Shuffelbottom ’52 — April 15

William Gray ’77 — April 4


Rev. Otto Dreydoppel ’52, ’55 — July 13

Debbie Schleicher Louie ’78 — April 18

Michael O’Gorman;

Paul J. Price ’55 — Feb. 24

Stephen Polles ’78 — May 17

Rev. James Johnson ’56 — June 29

Glenn Trump ’78 — March 27

Richard Holland ’57 — March 16

Mark Kelly ’81 — February 8

Mary Jane Barron Wagner ’57 — March 13

Robert Williams ’87 — July 28

Micah Leonard was named the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Division III Mideast Region Outdoor Female Field Athlete of the Year.

Roy Goshorn ’58 — June 7

Robyn Zigmund Cecchini ’91 — March 11


FALL 2013




Live. Learn. Enjoy.

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage

1200 Main Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018


Lehigh Valley, Pa. Permit No. 521

Laura Smith ’09

THE MORAVIAN EFFECT Project Coordinator on Assignment, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Laura Smith is one of thousands of Moravian alumni who are involved members of their communities, contributing their time and talents to improving the lives of those around them.