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Moravian Education A Value-Added Experience


fall 2012 2 Prelude: Nurtured on the Vine Jan ’64 and John Landis ’65 give back to help others get ahead.

4 President’s Letter: The Value of a Moravian Education 8

Making the Leap Moravian serves as springboard for entrepreneurs.

12 Student Research SOARs with Possibilities 14

The Moravian Effect—Ray Bishop ’81

Moravian College helped him help himself. Now he does the same for others.


Securing the Future

New initiatives provide new ways to leave a legacy.

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48 Class Notes Moravian College Magazine : Brenda Lange, editor; Mark J. Fleming, sports editor; Christie Jacobsen ’00, web manager; Susan Overath Woolley, director of publications; Michael P. Wilson, director of public relations. Photographer: John Kish IV Alumni relations: Marsha Stiles ’99, director; Patricia Murray Hanna ’82, assistant director. Copyright 2012 by Moravian College. Photographs and artwork copyright by their respective creators or by Moravian College. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reused or republished in any form without express written permission. photo John Kish IV future with excitement at Cover: LaToya Blake ’08by looked to the commencement. Today, she has earned her L.S.W. and is a social worker at Pine Brook Family Services in Allentown, Pa.



Stories from the Moravian community


FALL 2012

Nurtured on the vine Jan and John Landis give back to help others get ahead By Brenda Lange If a young woman worked during the era that Jan Whitfield Landis ’64 graduated from high school, she was expected to teach or become a secretary or nurse. Landis didn’t think she wanted to follow those career paths, but neither did she have any expectation of becoming the owner of a Lehigh Valley vineyard. And yet, that is what happened. She and her husband, John Landis ’65, have owned and operated Vynecrest Vineyards & Winery in Breinigsville, Pa., for 38 years. “You don’t graduate and say, ‘I want to open a vineyard,’” she says with a chuckle. “But when I graduated from Moravian, I had gained the confidence to know I could go on and do anything I wanted to do.” The couple’s foray into the world of winemaking began as Jan was editing a book titled Homesteading in 1972. They decided to see if such a concept was possible for themselves, and bought a five-acre farm in Breinigsville, where they planted their first 50 vines two years later. John Landis applied his chemical engineering background and took courses in enology—the study of winemaking—and viticulture—the science of cultivating grapes. The two did research into soil and weather conditions and over the next 15 years, turned their hobby into a respected business. Jan Landis was a shy student at Rutherford High School in Rutherford, N.J., who fell in love with Moravian the minute she stepped on campus. “I was hooked from the get-go,” she recalls. Graduating with Honors and a dual major in history and English, Landis headed to New York City shortly after graduation, where she went on to work at a major publishing house. Starting out as an editorial assistant at McGraw-Hill, she was required to take secretarial courses—learning to type and take shorthand—and was surrounded by other recent graduates from some of the top women’s schools in the country. She remembers being one of the last women from that original group of 12 still employed there after three years. She moved up the career ladder when she took a job with Lippincott, where she edited college textbooks, an academic endeavor she had not considered possible. “I never thought of myself as a scholar, but my professors were encouraging and were always there for me,” she says. “I spent so much time in the library and I developed this love of learning— John Landis tours his vineyards just prior to the harvest. Above: John and Jan Landis relax in Vynecrest’s tasting room. Photos by John Kish IV

FALL 2012

that’s what Moravian does. I credit Moravian with teaching me to think, speak and write,” Landis adds. “These are the most important elements you need to learn.” Her husband earned his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania and worked for years at Air Products in Allentown, even while pursuing the additional knowledge that would turn their hobby into their livelihood. “Moravian opened our minds to really understand that you never stop learning and growing over your lifetime,” John Landis says. Jan Landis’ parents scrimped and saved to send her to college, and even so, in her senior year, the money ran out. And that’s when Moravian really stepped up for her. When she informed the school she couldn’t finish, she was made a floor proctor, an assignment that allowed her to earn her board. “The point that made for me, was that at Moravian, you’re not just a number,” she says. “I was a good student and part of the academic life of the College, and Moravian took care to see that I could stay for my full four years. That helped put me over the top [financially]. I was very grateful.” Her gratitude has translated into various forms of support for Moravian over the years. And recently, she and John agreed to fund an Annual Giving Scholarship, a program established by the College this year. “My father always gave back, and he told me I had to do the same. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a year [of making a donation to the College],” she says. John Landis joins Jan in his desire to give back to Moravian as a way to say “thank you” to the donors who made his college education possible. “My father died when I was a sophomore and I was financially on my own,” he explains. “Someone provided money for us both to go to Moravian, and we’ve always contributed to the College and will continue to do so.” The couple looks at the Annual Giving Scholarship program as a way to help change lives. “That’s how you do it … one student at a time,” she adds. Vynecrest is a member of the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. W



fromthePRESIDENT As I write this opening letter, Bethlehem is experiencing one of those great early fall days, with a clear blue sky and crisp air. And the campus is stirring with the kind of life that only students can bring to a place. Our intention in this issue is to offer a heartfelt “Thank you!” for your generosity over the course of the last year. We wish to express our gratitude for your gifts that have supported the mission of Moravian College to the direct benefit of our students. As a community of learning, and one which prepares men and women to live lives of leadership and service for the common good, we face important challenges on many fronts. But your generous gifts, recorded on pages 18 to 44, are signs of commitment to the great purposes of Moravian and to the futures of our students. These days, many people question the value of a college education. Of course, I cannot speak for every college and university throughout the land, but I can say with conviction that there is great value in a Moravian College education. First, there is the great educational value of our strong academic majors. Students prepare for life and work by focusing their attention upon specific areas of study. This strong academic focus takes place within the context of a broad and rich liberal arts curriculum. Our students learn to think critically and to communicate cogently. They learn to exercise certain professional skills with care and excellence. They learn how to interact meaningfully with faculty members and fellow students. These are the very skills our students will need to compete effectively in today’s job market. These are the life habits which our students will be called upon to follow as responsible citizens. Second, there is great educational value in hands-on learning. We learn by doing. Our students are not passive ob-



Photo by John Kish iv

Dear Men and Women of Moravian:

servers but are actively learning, and fully engaged in research through the Honors and SOAR programs, for example. They perform on stage, in the concert hall, and on the athletic fields. They travel overseas, where they learn from others as well as share their knowledge. They leave campus to serve those in need. Our students benefit from these experiences as they discover their own passions and learn how to express them in constructive ways. Third, there is great educational value in learning how to enjoy life. Developing genuine relationships with others, learning to live in community, seeking to discover the right balance between work and play, finding time to be active in service as well as making time for quiet reflection—all of these are ways of discovering a deeper enjoyment of life. What greater benefit could an education offer a person than to learn how to truly enjoy life! Your financial contributions and your commitment to the well-being of our students make it possible for Moravian to offer this valuable education to our students. For all of this, I say, “Many thanks!” Chris Thomforde President

FALL 2012


The new academic year and the IN FOCUS year of Sustainability began with Fall Convocation and a keynote address by Winona LaDuke, a staunch advocate for sustainability in all its forms. LaDuke opened her speech with a few words and phrases in her native language, beautifully describing how the Anishinaabekwe describe the seasons of the moon. She spoke quietly, yet passionately, about the possibilities of building a world based on its creator’s laws, rather than man’s. “Consider the possibility of a worldview that has nothing to do with empire,” she began. “A society based on conquest is not sustainable. There are only so many places you can plant your flag. Instead, consider making peace. Consider getting outside the box to see what that looks like.” LaDuke spoke about the over-consumption of the world’s resources, the environmental crisis, and the world’s unsustainable economy. “We don’t think in terms of the seventh generation; rather we think in terms of quarterly profits and fiscal years. We’re so time conscious, but only in the short-term, not in terms of generations.” “Think critically, don’t just follow,” she said in her conclusion. “Be mindful and thoughtful. Be energy efficient. Consume less … use your potential well.” LaDuke is well-known for her work on sustainable development, climate change and environmental justice in Native America, and has devoted her life to protecting the lands and the lives of Native communities. She is a graduate of Harvard and Antioch universities and holds advanced degrees in rural economic development. She is also the executive director of Honor the Earth, and has written extensively on Native American and environmental issues.


Winona LaDuke was this year’s Cohen Keynote speaker at Fall Convocation in September.

for more details, see or call 610 861-1300

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Celebrate! Celebrate!

A beautiful Moravian Christmas tradition continues with vespers services. Call the Public Relations office for information at 610 625-7880.

30 years of exhibitions at the Payne Gallery are celebrated in this special event showcasing new acquisitions donated by Priscilla Payne Hurd.

FALL 2012

Photo by john kish iv

Convocation speaker challenges Moravian community to think




photo by john kish Iv

President Christopher Thomforde announces retirement

President Christopher Thomforde

President Christopher Thomforde has announced he will retire from his position in July 2013, after seven years of leadership of Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary. “Serving Moravian has been a privilege and an honor,” said Thomforde. “As I reflect upon the activity of the past six years, I am most grateful for all that has been accomplished by so many good and committed people at both the College and the Seminary.” During his tenure, Thomforde led the College through the development of a strategic plan that focused on enrolling and supporting a student body that mirrored the world into which they go to lead and serve. He also guided the College as it strengthened the academic curriculum and added new programs including IN FOCUS, the First Year Seminar, and a college-readiness experience for first-year students, AIM. He also presided over improvements to the campus facilities and infrastructure including the building of the HILL and Benigna Hall, major renovations to the HUB and the Bahnson Center, and renovations to Comenius Hall and the Collier Hall of Science. “Chris’s leadership, during especially tumultuous times, has been solid and strongly affirmed by the Board of Trustees and the Moravian community. His commitment to our mission and our purpose has been steadfast. He has overseen projects that enhanced programs and improved facilities for our students. We are most grateful for Chris’s tenure and the imprint his presidency will leave behind,” said Lyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68, chair of Moravian’s Joint Board of Trustees.

MORAVIANBOOKSHELF n Dana S. Dunn, professor of psychology and assistant dean for special projects, was lead editor of Assessing Teaching and Learning in Psychology: Current and Future Perspectives published by Wadsworth/Cengage Learning last summer. This professional reference book explores assessment options and opportunities in the undergraduate psychology curriculum, offering practical guidance to educators to improve teaching and learning through assessment practices. Dunn contributed to four chapters in the book. Alissa Lastres ’12, one of Dunn’s summer 2011 SOAR students, co-authored a chapter exploring ways to integrate public speaking into psychology classes. Other chapter topics deal with authentic and embedded course assessment, grading to assess teaching and learning, psychological literacy, critical thinking, working with assessment resistant faculty, ethics



and assessment and using quality benchmarks for program assessment. n Flavors of Panama presents a chronological overview of Panamanian cuisine and the different cultures that have had, and continue to have, an impact on Panama’s gastronomy. These include the country’s indigenous cultures, European, American, Asian, African, Caribbean, Mexican, South and Central American, and Middle Eastern cultures. In its 17 recipe sections, this unique cookbook brings together a significant number of delicious and popular native foods and variations of many culinary traditions. It also highlights regional foods, eating patterns, and important holidays and celebrations. Authors: Nilsa Lasso-von Lang, associate professor of Spanish, specializing in Spanish-American literature and cultures, and Jiwanda Gale-Rogers.

FALL 2012

Celebrate 30 years at Payne Gallery

Changes made to MC bookstore In addition to extensive physical changes, the bookstore has come under new management. Barnes & Noble College was selected to operate Moravian’s bookstore, and has introduced some innovative services since the start of the fall semester: students now have the option to rent textbooks online or in the store, saving more than 50 percent; PC and MAC users can access eTextbooks through B&N’s free Nook Study application; textbooks may now be reserved and ordered online, making the purchasing process more convenient. Students also may now sell certain textbooks back to the store. Moravian College is now one of 61 colleges and universities in the state that partner with Barnes & Noble College, including the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.

photo by john kish iv

Ottsville House by George Sotter

In celebration of the Payne Gallery’s 30th anniversary, the exhibition “Celebrate! Celebrate!” will run through December 16. The highlight of this exhibit is the recent acquisition of Philadelphia Impressionist paintings, made possible through the generosity of Priscilla Payne Hurd. The Payne Gallery began as a small gymnasium in 1911 for women of the Moravian Seminary and College for Women, and the art department took over the space for studio classes after several years of disuse. In 1982, the building was converted into the Frank E. and Seba B. Payne Gallery, named in honor of Mrs. Hurd’s parents. Thirty years later, the gallery is going strong. An unusual asset for a small college, the gallery also is one of Bethlehem’s treasures. The new paintings include four by Philadelphia Ten artists, female artists who broke from the original New Hope School of Pennsylvania Impressionists. The two remaining paintings are Ottsville House by George Sotter and The Falls in Winter by one of Mrs. Hurd’s personal favorites, W. E. Schofield. The addition of these paintings makes Moravian’s collection of works by Pennsylvania Impressionists the second-largest in the country. This exhibition leads off the year-long celebration of the 30 years of art at the Payne Gallery. Visit for information.

Michelle Obama’s visit makes history In early August, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared before a capacity crowd in Johnston Hall—the first time a sitting first lady has spoken at Moravian College. During her 45-minute speech, she emphasized the importance and value of education. “My parents sacrificed for us, for our education, and this story is not unique. Education is the path to the American dream.”

FALL 2012



Making the By Mary Shafer



y all accounts, the entrepreneurial spirit is innate, something you can’t really teach. But you can certainly nurture and encourage it, and many Moravian College alums believe the atmosphere at their alma mater is the ideal foundation upon which to build the skills of tomorrow’s risk takers, imagineers and job creators. Indeed, small businesses (under 500 employees) account for 99.7 percent of U.S. employers, 64 percent of net new private sector jobs, and nearly half of private sector employment overall (Small Business Administration, Sept. 2012). According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 73.2 percent are sole proprietorships, and almost 80 percent are non-employers (businesses without employees). This makes entrepreneurs a major driving force in a struggling economy and a critical part of America’s future. The alumni interviewed for this article agree that the entrepreneurial value of their Moravian education was strong. Carol Mitrani Santoro ’76 earned a bachelor’s degree in geology, and went on to receive her master’s degree in environ-

Moravian serves as a springboard for entrepreneurs

mental planning from Western Washington University. After five years of work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency followed by a stint with a private agency working on Superfund-related EPA contracts) she became disenchanted with corporate life and high-level bureaucracies. The urge to be self-employed came as a surprise to her. “I really had no entrepreneurial aspirations while studying at Moravian,” Santoro says, but once her passion for environmental planning cooled, she wanted her own business. “I felt like a permanent fixture at the bookstore near my office, and I was constantly at the library researching other careers. I came across a book on how to operate a bookstore, and that’s how I got started.” Courage and Tenacity What she started was a bookstore she named Second Story Bookstore in Seattle in 1985. In 2005 she moved to the current location and renamed the store Santoro’s Books. This was a time when chain bookstores were luring people away from independent booksellers and video games were luring them away from books altogether. Santoro’s move was a gutsy one, and she credits her time at Moravian with helping her take that risk.

<< I think what distinguishes a good education is one that instills curiosity as well as confidence. >> “I received a good liberal arts education that instilled a curiosity about many subjects in me. I had friends who were majoring in art, literature, history and science; all of whom influenced me in some way,” she says. This comfort with diverse options allowed Santoro to discover her life’s true direction, even though it was very different than that for which she had studied. Her time at Moravian helped her understand the importance of “having passion for what you do, and tenacity,” she says. “I think what distinguishes a good education is one that instills curiosity as well as confidence.” Carol Mitrani Santoro ’76 poses with some of the books in Santoro’s Books in Seattle.



FALL 2012

And that has given her the courage of her convictions. “By the end of my education, I had so many interests that I found it a bit stifling to lock into one career. That’s why bookselling appeals to me: It’s perfect for the generalist. Even though the book business has been tremendously challenging, my staff and I have been able to adapt.” Regardless of the chosen major, students at Moravian are immersed in an atmosphere that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, the ability to communicate orally and in writing, cultural awareness and the interdisciplinary nature of the world. These skills are transferrable to any job, vocation or avocation, anywhere, anytime, according to Carol Traupman-Carr, dean of curriculum and academic programs. “These skills allow our graduates to excel in their jobs, redefine themselves and take on or create new challenges,” she says. “Because Moravian is a small liberal arts school, faculty and administrators know our students better than those at larger public institutions, and we can help guide them more from the first day of freshman year until they cross that graduation platform four years later.”

Bob Kafafian ’77 at work at The Kafafian Group.

<< My activities at Moravian—football, fraternity,

Teamwork and Leadership volunteering in numerous groups—prepared me for A contemporary of Santoro, Bob Kafafian ’77, graduated from Moravian with a degree in business and economics. While in leadership, managing, advising and networking. college, he spent summers working for the Bank of Commerce in New York City. Upon graduation, he “My activities at Moravian—footwent directly into the management ball, fraternity, volunteering in numerous training program at First National groups—prepared me for leadership, managState Bank of New Jersey. For the ing, advising, and networking,” he says, all next three years, he attended evening critical components of the work he does today. classes at Fairleigh Dickinson UniKafafian also was president of the studentversity, where he earned his MBA in run Amrhein Loan Fund, through which Of course there’s no singular profile that definance. students lend money to students, faculty and After five years in banking, scribes business entrepreneurs, but according to staff of Moravian College. “Every year, there which included a stint on Wall Street, magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc., was an annual meeting and we’d prepare for Kafafian started a consulting busithere are several identifiable traits they all share. and attend a dinner where we would presness that ultimately merged with an ent the performance of the fund to our single Here are ten most experts agree on. investment banking firm in 1992. He shareholder, Mr. Amrhein,” Kafafian recalls. 1. Think success—dream big. served there as head of the financial “That experience was not materially different institution’s investment banking 2. Be passionate about what you do. from doing so for real shareholders and was group and consulting services divitremendous preparation for what I do now.” 3. Focus on your strengths. sion. When the company was acAnother major influence on Kafafian was quired by the Royal Bank of Canada 4. Never consider the possibility of failure. John Gehman, his accounting professor and in 2001, he saw an opportunity and faculty advisor for the Amrhein Loan Fund. “I 5. Plan for concrete goals. joined with nine other shareholdhave a lot of respect for him. He understood ers to buy his division. He is now 6. Work hard! what we were going to have to deal with President and CEO and the majority beyond Moravian—I remember a great field 7. Constantly develop your network. shareholder, owning 58 percent of trip with him during January Term to the Gen8. Be willing to learn. The Kafafian Group. eral Accounting Office in Washington—and


What do they have in common?

9. Persevere, have faith and never give up. FALL 2012

10. Discipline yourself. MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE


Making the leap

Two to watch—young alumni entrepreneurs

taught me to take pride in my work and not settle for what other people consider good enough.” An internship in Moravian’s public relations office helped Michelle Lala Clark ’05 hone her communications skills and determination to effectively make her visions and goals a reality—realized when she opened her self-named photography studio in Doylestown, Bucks County, in 2011. There, she does journalistic photography, product/location shots, weddings/events and portraits. Her work has appeared in an array of magazines, including Lehigh Valley, Nouveau, and international French magazine LaGeoGraphie, as well as in Red Cross training materials and other print, web marketing and promotional materials. The graphic design major cut her teeth in the real world as a graphic designer/photographer at Lehigh Valley Magazine shortly after graduation. “I know for a fact getting this job had everything to do with my internship at Moravian,” she says. “If I could share one piece of advice to incoming freshmen, I’d say, ‘Start interning. Try a variety of internships and see where your passions lie.’” Clark credits her Moravian internship with giving her the skills to go out on her own. “That job helped me gain confidence in myself and my work,” she

Casey Hoffman ’06 displays a mold used to create a kayak paddle at Vistex Composites LLC.

says. “I had to learn to communicate effectively with people who didn’t speak the same artistic lingo I did, and to make their visions come to fruition. But more importantly, it helped me realize that commercial and

In less than six years after graduating from Moravian with Honors in

editorial photography are definitely my cup of tea and bring me great joy.”

physics, Casey Hoffman ’06 has invented a process for manufacturing advanced composite materials, such as carbon-fiber (found in sporting equipment, wind turbine blades and state of the art prosthetics, for example) and co-founded Vistex Composites, LLC, a high-tech manufacturing startup, of which he is the COO. His invention currently is waiting for its patent to be issued, and he believes it will revolutionize the industry. He values the math and science background he received at Moravian, calling it the “solid foundation for beginning to figure out how to solve complex problems.” He built on that foundation by adding a master’s degree and doctorate in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and combined it all to apply the theory and principles learned in physics to solve real-world problems. “My company now makes products that benefit the energy, medical and transportation markets and hopefully helps make the world a better place,” he says. “When you do your own innovative research or start your own company, you quickly learn there’s nobody to hold your hand, no defined structure. All you have is your own abilities and creativity to find the answers. “My experience at Moravian prepared me to compete against top Ivy League students and succeed. But probably more importantly, it Michelle Lala Clark ’05 at work photographing a couple on their wedding day.



FALL 2012

beyond his technical expertise,” he adds. “Mr. Gehman understood networking and building business acumen. He was one of those professors with great little quips, and I’ve used much of his material in classes I teach today. While funny, his sayings contain a lot of wisdom.” But wisdom alone doesn’t breed leadership, a critical component of successful entrepreneurship. What influence does Kafafian think his Moravian education had on his drive to the top? “Moravian allowed you to be as involved as you wanted to be. That contributed to my opportunity to experience being in a leadership position.” An Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur Michelle Litzenberger Trent ’93 is a respected independent business advisor who, as CEO of The Trent Group, LLC, helps other entrepreneurs grow their business revenues through sales, marketing, strategic development and planning. She also owns another business, The Joyful Elephant, through which she coaches individuals to pursue a healthier life through plant-based nutrition. Trent believes that her Moravian experience helped “develop my confidence and social and communication skills, which were the building blocks to pursuing a career as a solo entrepreneur. Because it’s a small school, I was able to develop strong, lasting relationships,” which are critical to the work she does today. According to an article in Money magazine last month, most people end up being successful in a career they hadn’t imagined. Trent cites this statistic when discussing her Moravian education and what has happened in the years since she graduated. She chose Moravian because it was close to her home and a place where she could gain an exposure to a variety of academics. She says she needed the push to explore areas beyond her comfort zone, and got it at Moravian. She also hoped to develop close friendships on campus. She was successful in all these areas. “I have an amazing bond with several people I went to school with, that has lasted for more than 20 years. I was also able to develop good communication skills by participating in leadership roles in campus organizations. After graduation, my time on the young alumni and alumni boards also helped me develop and refine my communication skills,” she says. Trent also credits the MBA she earned at Lehigh University with giving her the technical skills to run a business. Her required study abroad, as an international business major, led her to spend her junior year in France, where she overcame homesickness and the challenges of being immersed in a different culture and language. This experience increased her confidence and communications skills, and challenged her—giving her the depth of knowledge and experience she feels is crucial to those who desire to go into business for themselves. “I highly recommend that people who feel a calling to entrepreneurship get as much of a varied background as they can, academically, culturally and philosophically,” she says. “When I look at my fellow classmates who are successful, it is not always the most intellectual, but those who developed and honed their communication and networking skills from an early age, and continue to do that today.” Dean Traupman-Carr adds, “The transformational growth

FALL 2012

Michelle Litzenberger Trent ’93 has started two businesses. In one, she advises other entrepreuners.

<< I have an amazing bond with several people I went to school with, that has lasted for more than 20 years. I was also able to develop good communication skills by participating in leadership roles in campus organizations.


we see from our students in four years is astonishing, and it’s no surprise to me they can leave here and take on the challenges of graduate school, professional school or the workforce—and shine.” Entrepreneurs learn early to identify their strengths and focus on developing them to the highest degree, skills reinforced by Moravian’s liberal arts approach of providing a rich and diverse learning experience on a relatable scale. Moravian seeks to be the strongest foundation upon which students can build a solid life, philosophy and career, whether working up through the ranks of an established business, or striking out for the top on their own. W Mary Shafer is a Bucks County freelance writer at



Student research SOARs with possibilities By Kate Helm ’05

photos by john kish IV


hat do sand boas, a ferric thiosulfate chemical reaction, and an art camp for children have in common? They were among the topics that more than 30 students studied this summer through Moravian’s innovative Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR) program. Through SOAR, students from disciplines as diverse as the subjects they study work with faculty on an intense, 10-week research experience. Each student receives a $3,000 stipend and on-campus housing, and each faculty mentor receives a $1,000 stipend. The program also provides up to $500 for equipment, supplies and travel to support the research. SOAR began modestly in 1998 with a $9,500 Research at Undergraduate Institutions grant from the National Science Foundation and a $5,000 gift from Morris and Karen Bader. Those monies supported three to five students each year until 2006 when Priscilla Payne Hurd established the Ervin J. Rokke Endowment for Student Faculty Research to honor Rokke’s service as Moravian’s president from 19972006. The endowment, along with continued institutional support, expanded the program to 20-25 students each summer. Nearly 240 students have conducted SOAR research since the program began. “This program helps students differentiate themselves from other graduates in their major,” says Ben Coleman, associate professor of computer science, who became the director of SOAR in January. “A lot of people graduate with degrees, but SOAR students graduate having worked on real-world projects.” For faculty, SOAR is an opportunity to increase the breadth and scope of traditional classroom learning. Fran Irish, who has mentored SOAR students the last two summers, enjoys the fresh perspective undergraduates bring to her research, calling SOAR, “the real thing, what scientists actually do. Research gives students a glimpse of what it is like to be a professional in their chosen discipline: the excitement of discovery, the disappointment when things don’t work out, the use of ingenuity and training to solve problems while staying focused,” says Irish, assistant professor of biological sciences. “Working with faculty breaks down the barrier between teacher and student, creating a community of scholars working together for a common goal.” Top: Gabrielle Sommer ’14 did her SOAR project with Carl Salter, chemistry professor. Bottom: Victoria Clark ’13 performs with her advisors Larry Lipkis, professor of music, and Hilde Binford, associate professor of music and department chair.



FALL 2012

photos by john kish iv

With Irish’s guidance, biochemistry majors Victoria Womer ’13 and Amaranth Kandallu ’13 used high-speed and high-definition camcorders to record erycine snakes like sand boas feeding on live mice. The team used computer software to analyze the films for statistical data about snout elevation, snout twisting, and maxillary depression, which Colleen Hait ’15 teaches students to make paper with helped them understand how her advisor Kristin Baxter. Hait and her co-leader the snakes use their snouts for Nicole Clark ’14 led a summer art camp for children. different activities like burlife experiences. Doing this enables children to rowing and feeding. challenge the status quo through art, which is exIrish is right on the mark actly what schoolchildren attending a government when she talks about the school in Raigarh, India, did with help from studio excitement of discovery; classart major Nokukhanya Langa ’13 and English and room lab exercises have preeducation major Melissa Marazas ’13. designed outcomes, but with “Society is so highly stratified by class and SOAR, anything can happen. color that few think there is anything of value in That’s what drew chemistry the rural areas,” says Langa. “What better way to major Sean Rossiter ’15 to a change minds than through the visual representaproject with Carl Salter, protion of children’s realities?” fessor of chemistry and former India isn’t the only place where art is disapdirector of SOAR, and chemispearing from schools. Back in Bethlehem, art edutry majors Caroline Bartulovcation majors Colleen Haitt ’15 and Nicole Clark ich ’15 and Gabrielle Sommer ’14 hosted a weeklong camp for 17 local children ’14. They expanded a previous in grades three through six, providing more art study of how temperature instruction than many students get in an entire and ionic strength influence year. “We had 40 hours of teaching experience in the reaction between iron and a week; we would have never been able to do that thiosulfate by determining the Amarnath Kandallu ’13 and Victoria Womer ’13 work with their during the school year,” says Clark, who hopes to subject on their project titled “Snout and Jaw Mobility in Sand different applications of the Boas: Balancing Conflicting Functional Constraints.” offer the camp again next summer. Ocean Optics dip probe, an Haitt agrees: “I learned so much about teaching. Having an instrument used in spectroscopy experiments. They concluded that actual class allowed me to test the lessons I had on paper in the real the dip probe allows for more varied experiments, as it goes to the world.” solution, rather than the solution having to be placed inside the “We conducted research in a deeper, more sustained way than we probe, as with an ordinary spectrometer. can in a regular classroom setting,” adds Baxter. “The positive effects “Doing original research is the ultimate application of learnof these projects reverberate throughout the world.” ing,” says Rossiter. “When we study the scientific method and Both of Baxter’s SOAR teams presented their work at the 2012 the principles of experimental design, they’re nearly worthless if Pennsylvania Art Education Association Conference held in Harriswe never get to apply them to solve a question to which we can’t burg in October and hope to present at the National Art Education simply look up the answer.” Association National Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, in March. Putting classroom theory into practice is one of the most valuTrue to its acronym, SOAR has propelled students to even greatable aspects of SOAR. For two teams of students working with er heights of curiosity. “I find myself asking ‘why’ more often and Kristin Baxter, assistant professor of art, classrooms of children wanting to prove things for myself instead of just taking someone’s became the laboratory to test the constructivist philosophy of art word for it,” says Bartulovich. W education, or grounding lesson plans and curricula in the child’s

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The Moravian Effect: Ray Bishop ’81

Moravian helped him help himself Now he does the same for others By Brenda Lange


t’s a good bet that if your son or daughter has played youth sports—baseball, soccer, football—somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard, he or she had team pictures taken by a photographer working for Ray Bishop ’81. His company, Bishop Photo, employs photographers from Orlando, Fla., to Boston, Mass., and every year makes memories for thousands of youngsters and their proud parents. Bishop and his wife, Teri McCandless Bishop ’81 came to their success the hard way—they earned it. He was the first in his family to go to college, and remembers his firefighter father working second and third jobs to support the family of eight and to buy all six children a Catholic school education. “There was no money for college,” Bishop recalls. “And there was only one year between my brother and me. We needed to be self-sufficient.” Bishop’s self-sufficiency began with high school academics. He knew that good grades would open doors for him, and so he studied and did his best, earned high scores on his SATs and was accepted into the U.S.

Teri McCandless Bishop ‘81 and Ray Bishop ‘81 flank their three children—(from left) Matthew, Courtney and Michael ‘10—at Homecoming in 2011.



Coast Guard Academy. He didn’t feel “called” to go to a military academy, but figured a scholarship would enable him to get the college education he so desired. He was aware that he could leverage his high school football career, although he also knew he was not a scholarship player who would be able to make it in the bigger divisions. He was ecstatic to receive his Coast Guard Academy acceptance letter, and thought he had his future all figured out until months later when he got a call from the recruiter who gave him the bad news: “I had failed the physical because of my eyesight,” he says. And although that disappointment stung back then, today he looks at that moment as one of God’s blessings. “It was April or May of senior year, and I had nowhere to go, and I reached out to my high school teammate, Bill Ormsby ’80, who was a freshman at Moravian,” he explains. Ormsby suggested a meeting with Ed Little, an assistant football coach at Moravian. “And Moravian got it done for me,” he says. “I applied, got a financial package of loans and work-study, and played football for two years, and that’s how it happened.” *** The first time the Montclair, N.J., native had ever heard of Moravian College was when a family friend, David O’Brien ’78, enrolled. Bishop was an accounting major, a member of the accounting club and Omicron Gamma Omega, but had to work to help pay for his schooling, so he took on a warehouse job with W. W. Grainger that kept him busy about 30 hours a week. Bishop had always liked working with figures, but started out as a physics major, which he calls simply “a different approach to numbers. But I switched to accounting and made sure to put all my focus onto the courses in my major, so I would do well,” he says. Today, Bishop is the president of Bishop Photo, a company that got its start much as Bishop got his at Moravian—with a bit of luck and grace and a lot of knowing how to grab the opportunity that presented itself. After several years working as a staff accountant and getting his CPA, Bishop joined Prudential in Newark, N.J., as an accountant, and continued his education at


<< I hire Moravian students because I know what Moravian turns out. The Moravian College students I hire stack up to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Ray Bishop with a display of some of the many items produced by Bishop Photo.

night, ultimately earning his MBA from Seton Hall University. In 1984 he and Teri married, and they lived in New Jersey. After starting their family, they moved back to the Lehigh Valley and he continued commuting to Prudential’s headquarters for 18 months. But during this time, he was doing some research into the growing business of youth team sports photography, which increased as the popularity in youth sports grew. “Our wedding photographer did sports pictures on the side, and I got interested in it and the innovative things like trading cards and magnets that were possible with it,” he says. “I started going to industry trade shows and met people.” Bishop’s outgoing and enthusiastic nature, combined with his willingness to try new things, soon led him to establish one of the top youth sports photography businesses on the East Coast. From trading cards to magnets to buttons to banners to pennants, plaques and trophies, Bishop Photo turns out dozens of products, all personalized to various teams and their players, from its corporate headquarters in Bethlehem. Hundreds of sales and administrative personnel and photographers cover seasonal sports from Florida to Massachusetts. Bishop takes only partial credit for the success of Bishop Photo. “I was in the right place at the right time,” he insists. “Teri and I always ask each other how it is we were so blessed, and we have been. If it hadn’t been for my poor eyesight and being turned away by the Coast Guard Academy, I wouldn’t have found Moravian or my wife. We wouldn’t have our beautiful children or this business.” Bishop quotes John F. Kennedy, “To those whom much is given, much is expected,” when he talks about his life’s path. And in his gratitude, he has made it his habit to give back liberally. His practice of paying-it-forward starts with employing


Moravian students in his Bethlehem facility. Bishop hired Rob Bennett ’96 during his sophomore year at Moravian, and he is now his second-in-command. Mike Forster ’02 also was hired while still a student, and now runs the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., office. “Both of them started with me before they graduated,” explains Bishop. “I hire Moravian students because I know what Moravian turns out. The Moravian College students I hire stack up to anyone, anywhere, anytime.” Bishop and his wife also are involved in their community through various social service agencies. They have chaired the Catholic Charities gala and the Catholic Church Bishop’s Annual Appeal for Northampton County. Bishop also is president of the finance committee for Bethlehem Catholic High School and the president-elect of the Lehigh Valley chapter of Legatus, a national organization of Catholic business executives. He has served as president of the Lehigh Valley All-Star Football Classic, as a member of the McDonald’s Lehigh Valley football classic board and of the McDonald’s Hall of Fame. “Every year, we sponsor the All-Star game which raises about $25,000 for the Ronald McDonald Camp and House,” he says. The Bishops’ gratitude to Moravian has recently culminated in the establishment of the $100,000 Bishop Family Scholarship to provide financial aid to students with financial need. “We know we have been blessed, and we also take great satisfaction in working hard and knowing that what we are able to give back because of that hard work and blessing,” he says. “I just want to try to make it so no one has to do what I did. It was hard. “We are so very grateful to Moravian, and what it provided for us. The College bent over backwards for me, and then I worked hard to be successful.” W



Securing the future New initiatives provide new ways to leave a legacy By Brenda Lange


n its infancy, Moravian College was supported by individuals who gave generously of their time and talents to build the institution and establish its programs. These patrons also made substantial financial gifts to ensure the College would grow and thrive. That legacy continues at Moravian through individuals, families and businesses that donate regularly to sustain Moravian for generations to come. majors, many opportunities for hands-on learning, and programs The Consistent Giving Society was established earlier this year that foster the pursuit of passions that lead to a greater enjoyment to recognize a special class of annual donors—those who have of life—helps transform students in four years to confident adults given (consistently) every fiscal year. These donors are honored for ready for the world of work and/or graduate school. their giving for five, ten, fifteen and twenty consecutive years. Gifts “This initiative will make a tremendous difference to the lives of any amount count toward their giving history. Recent alumni of our students and the College as a whole,” says Speirs. (those who graduated in the past ten years) need only make a gift Faculty and staff routinely join alumni in giving generously, for the last three consecutive years to become a member. and many already have embraced The 10% Initiative. “I am com“Consistent support by donors through the years has enabled mitted to success for our women’s basketball program, and I always Moravian to sustain and expand opportunities for deserving ask our athletes to give 110 percent,” says Mary Beth Spirk, head students to receive a Moravian education,” says Shelley Speirs, women’s basketball coach. “That extra ten percent director of annual giving. “We decided it was time to honor those individuals whose loyalty Consistent support by makes a real difference. I believe in Moravian College and that’s why I’m giving an extra ten percent as donors reflects the value they place on donors through the years has this year to annual giving.” Moravian and its legacy.” Moravian also has established the Priscilla Moravian’s annual giving program comenabled Moravian to sustain Payne Hurd Society to recognize those individuals prises financial gifts made every year to the college. These gifts serve as a base of support and expand opportunities for and private foundations whose extraordinary generosity has helped to shape, transform and sustain for the Moravian Scholarship Fund, which prodeserving students to receive the College. The society has been named after one vides financial assistance to deserving students of Moravian’s most generous donors, Priscilla each year. Annual giving also helps to support a Moravian education. Payne Hurd, who has demonstrated exceptional academic programs, the Blue & Grey Club, the leadership, service and philanthropy to the College. Friends of Reeves Library, the Center for Lead“Priscilla Payne Hurd is the most recognizable benefactor of ership and Service, the Career Center, the Music Alliance and other the College,” says Gary Carney, vice president for institutional adareas of the College. vancement. “Therefore, it is only fitting that other individuals who The theme of this year’s annual giving program is The 10% have been so generous to the College are associated with her name Initiative, which asks donors to consider increasing their annual givthrough membership in the Priscilla Payne Hurd Society.” ing by 10 percent over the previous year’s donation. It also seeks to Despite challenging economic times, Moravian’s friends, encourage those who have never given to Moravian’s annual fund alumni and parents continue to recognize the value of a Morato do so; that could increase participation by nearly 300 donors. vian education through their financial gifts, enabling the College “For some individuals, this 10 percent increment might not to continue its 270-year tradition of providing the best possible seem like a lot, but in the aggregate, the additional funds will go liberal arts education to all students. far in meeting the needs of deserving students,” says Speirs. “And For more information on the Consistent Giving Society, visit we also encourage new donors to join us in supporting Moravian’s To make a gift online, many programs.” visit W Moravian’s unique combination of elements—strong academic





FALL 2012

Inauguration day for new society members Her impact on Moravian College Priscilla Payne Hurd created the Priscilla Payne Hurd Center for Music and Art, the Frank E. and Seba B. Payne Gallery, and the Priscilla Payne Hurd Chair in the Arts and Humanities. During her tenure as Board Chair (1999-2007), Mrs. Hurd spearheaded major improvements in the College’s infrastructure and programs, including construction of a new academic complex and apartmentstyle student residences, and a campus-wide renovation of signage

Priscilla Payne Hurd

and landscaping. She helped launch the Comenius Scholarships for outstanding students and in 2006, she established the Ervin J. Rokke Endowment for Student-Faculty Research at Moravian. In October 2001, the Board formally designated the College’s campus on Church Street the Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus. The following year, the new academic building on the Main Street campus was named the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex.

FALL 2012


t Moravian College, the name of Priscilla Payne Hurd is synonymous with generous support of education and learning. Priscilla Payne Hurd was the first woman to chair the Board of Trustees and always has been a staunch advocate for the College. She has had a lifelong devotion to learning and the way she lives her life exemplifies the credo she wrote more than 40 years ago: “No one is greater than the service he renders the world.” In her honor, the Board of Trustees has established the Priscilla Payne Hurd Society, which recognizes donors whose extraordinary generosity has helped shape, transform and sustain Moravian College. The group’s 13 inaugural members were inducted at the Comenius Society Dinner October 19 at the Hotel Bethlehem, attended by more than 250 friends of Moravian. “Priscilla Payne Hurd is the College’s most recognizable benefactor,” says Gary Carney, vice president for institutional advancement. “We believe it is fitting that others who have been generous at this level are made aware of our lasting gratitude through membership in the society that bears her name.” The following new members were present at the dinner: Trustee Frederick A. Reinhard is one of the College’s most ardent ambassadors who has provided invaluable support through his newspaper, cable television and Internet companies and his financial leadership. He also has been inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame, appointed a life trustee and named an honorary alumnus in acknowledgement of his outstanding dedication to Moravian. James and Gladys Marcus ’42 generously gave of their time and talents during their lifetimes. Their financial support continues through the Gladys Edgar Marcus Music Scholarship, which provides financial aid for

deserving music students. Their niece, Rose Wagner, accepted the award in their memory. The employees of the College were honored for their outstanding donations in support of Moravian, going back to its founding in 1742. English professor George Diamond, who has taught at the College for 46 years and will retire in 2013, accepted the award on behalf of his colleagues, past and present. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. was called “a phenomenal role model” by President Christopher Thomforde during the ceremony. Breidegam joined the Board of Trustees in 1978 and has served the College in myriad ways since. He led the campaign to fund the Timothy M. Breidegam Track at Steel Field and the Timothy M. Breidegam Fieldhouse, which stand as a legacy of the leadership and selfless service demonstrated by his son, Timothy, a member of the class of 1978. In recognition of the countless ways Breidegam has served the College, he was awarded the honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws in 1995 and Doctor of Humane Letters in 2007. He was also granted the status of life trustee in 2007. Other recipients: Bertha Finkelstein Cohen ’37, John Harold Clewell, Mildred S. Clewell, the Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Harlan F. Fulmer, M.D. ’43, the Holly Beach Public Library Association, the Frank E. and Seba B. Payne Foundation, the Reeves Foundation, and Bertha Mae Starner ’27. At the end of the evening, Ken Rampolla ’79, Board vice chair, chair-elect, and chair of the Campaign for Moravian, the College’s capital campaign, updated the group on its progress. “Everyone is part of our success, as we reach $34 million toward our goal of $45 million,” he said. “Thanks to this generosity, many changes are already evident, such as the first floor of Comenius Hall, and other changes that will happen by next summer,” including extensive renovations to the Collier Hall of Science. W



Moravian College

List of Donors


Giving to Moravian

Giving Clubs The Comenius Society Moravian Circle 1742 Circle Chairman’s Circle Trustee Circle President’s Associates Heritage Club Third Century Club

$100,000+ $ 50,000+ $ 25,000+ $ 10,000+ $ 5,000+ $ 2,500+ $ 1,000+

Other Giving Clubs Monocacy Club Founders Club Colonial Club Greyhound Club

$ $ $ up to $

Visit for more information.

500+ 250+ 150+ 149

The 2011–2012 fiscal year was another strong year for both Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary. The College received $6,278,503 in gifts, thanks to the generous support of 3,400 donors who made this past year a successful one. Of those 3,400 donors, 42 percent have made a gift to the College for a minimum of five consecutive years, including 445 who have given for at least 20 years in a row! To acknowledge those who consistently make gifts to the College, the Consistent Giving Society has been established for those individuals who have given a minimum of five consecutive years. We continue to make good progress toward our goal of $45 million for The Campaign for Moravian: Pride. Passion. Opportunity. As of June 30, we have raised $32,484,931 in gifts and pledges. We remain confident that with the continued support of alumni, parents and friends, we will achieve our goal by the end of the 2014-2015 fiscal year. This confidence was certainly bolstered by an overflow crowd (more than 250 people) at the Comenius Society Dinner on October 19 at the Hotel Bethlehem. The Moravian Theological Seminary exceeded last year’s total giving by almost 27 percent, increasing from $699,575 to $953,420. Once again, the generosity of those who have remembered the Seminary through a bequest accounted for close to half of that amount. We could never overstate how humbled we are that so many remember the Seminary in their estate plans. We also continue to be most appreciative of support from the Moravian Church, Northern Province and Southern Province. This support helps students pursue their calling to serve various ministries. Thank you to all the following donors who have supported Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary this past year. We hope you will continue your support.

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Priscilla payne hurd society The Priscilla Payne Hurd Society was established this year as a way to recognize those individuals and private foundations whose extraordinary generosity has helped to shape, transform and sustain Moravian College.

Anonymous Donor

Harlan F. Fulmer, MD ’43*

Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr.

Holly Beach Public Library Association

Mr. John H. Clewell*

Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd

Ms. Mildred S. Clewell*

Gladys Edgar ’42* &

Bertha Finkelstein ’37* &

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Reinhard

Bernard L.* Cohen

James T.* Marcus

Employees of Moravian College

The Reeves Foundation

Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Bertha-Mae Starner ’27*

The Comenius Society The Comenius Society comprises alumni, trustees, friends, parents, corporate leaders, and faculty and staff members who share the conviction that Moravian defines what it means to be a 21st century educational institution, carrying Comenius’ ideals forward in a way that merits significant financial support. Members of the Comenius Society have supported Moravian by making a gift of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year.

Moravian Circle Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ’43* Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. P ’84 The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Miss Carolyn D. Felker ’68 Harlan F. Fulmer M.D. ’43* Holly Beach Public Library Association Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd Mr. James T. Marcus* Mrs. Elizabeth Lowder Mason* Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province National Endowment for the Humanities Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Reinhard P ’86, P ’90

Evelyn Trodahl ’68 & Richard Chynoweth Mr. Leonard R. Dimmick* East Penn Manufacturing

Company, Inc.

Mr. John L. Farace ’69 * Ada Zellner ’46 & Franklin Flower Dr. Don C. Follmer P ’77 Ms. Lila R. Gardner Beth & Woodrin ’66 Grossman Mrs. Brenda Krajci ’65 Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz

’84, P ’14

Claire L. & Parry J. MD ’66 Miller National Science Foundation Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Mr. Frederick M. O’Such Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.

1742 Circle Sandra L. & Placido A. ’78 Corpora Mr. & Mrs. Martin Engels Betsey Tait ’51 & John W. Puth Sodexo

Anne McCandless ’79 &

Kenneth J. ’79 Rampolla

RMI Salem Congregation Mr. Merr W. Trumbore ’62 Janice ’82, ’91 & Thomas Young Dr. Richard C. Zahm ’55*

President’s Associates Air Products Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Albarell Mrs. Lois Brunner Bastian ’50 Board of World Mission Mr. Peter J. Carril Mr. Robert W. Cawley* Jennifer Swain ’73 & Harry S. Jr., MD, PhD ’72 Clarke

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clark P ’12, P ’14 Gail K. & David R. ’63 Cornelius Judith Acker ’57 & Bernard Cornwell Duggan & Marcon Inc. Eden Charitable Foundation Employees of East Penn

Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Ms. Elizabeth Filson-Steers* Deborah L. & Robert P. ’71 Flicker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox P ’87 Karen & John D. ’67 Fry Genevieve Riordan ’43 & Edwin Gee Phyllis B. & Myron, MD ’57 Genel Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern Harmony Press Inc. Candy Barr, Esq. ’79 &

Mark J. Heimbach P ’09

Hershey Foods Corporation Mr. J. Robert Hess P ’81 Mrs. Constance Stirling Hodson ’68 Elizabeth & James J., MD ’60 Houser Amy Kohler ’95 & Robert Howard Barbara Colbourne ’77 &

F. Robert Jr. ’76 Huth

Mr. & Mrs. John Kemps Janice Whitfield ’64 &

John G., PhD ’65 Landis

Larger Life Foundation Mr. Roland P. Leibenguth ’48 Mr. Henry W. Nehilla ’67 Linda & Christopher A. ’88 Ohmacht Janna Barclay ’95 & Todd D. ’93 Parlee PenTeleData Mrs. Melissa Miller Robbins ’69 Lisa Moyer ’81 & David Roth Jennifer & Bryan W., PhD ’86 Sandmann Saucon Mutual Insurance Company Doris Wood & David A. ’60 Schattschneider Miss Cornelia Schlotter ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Shreter P ’12 Mr. G. Dee Smith Drs. Bettie & Oles Smolansky Society for Promoting the Gospel Mary C. T. Kincaid ’68 &

Christine & Michael J. ’75 Perrucci P’97

Ralph L. Shields, MD ’60, P ’89

Chairman’s Circle Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Barnette Teri McCandless ’81 & Ray J., Jr. ’81 Bishop P ’10

Trustee Circle Mr.* & Mrs. John M. Adams Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Mr. Cyril J. Anderson B. Braun Medical, Inc./ Aesculap Academy Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Black A. Joanne & John H., MD ’54 Bowman P ’82, P ’94 Mr. Clayton K. Brewer ’11 Frank & Lorelei Brewer P ’11 The ClayMir Foundation, a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation Mr. William L. Bronstein Jaime Marks ’04 & Brian J. Corvino ’02 Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 & Mr. Warren Gericke P ’11 Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley P ’78 Patricia Price & Dennis E. ’62 Estheimer Exxon-Mobil IBM Corporation Mr. John W. Landis Deborah Oplinger ’73 & Russell McKinnon Mr. Charles E. Merrill, Jr. National Park Service Terence L. O’Rourke, Jr. MD ’86 PPL Corporation Amanda Westphal ’89 & Conrad J., Esq. ’87 Radcliffe Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld Honnie P. Spencer, MD ’90 Linda Joseph ’73 & James M. ’73 Stevens Mr. Arthur F. Stocker* Helen & F.P., MD ’43 Sutliff Carol Herman, MD ’62 & Frank J., MD ’61 Szarko President Christopher M. Thomforde & Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde Mrs. Mildred Diefenderfer Thompson ’39 Wachovia Foundation Kathy & Gordon Weil

John L. Squarcia P ’96

Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Steinman P ’12 Mr. William J. Straccia ’58 Mrs. Margaret Taylor P ’75, P ’82 Trans-Bridge Lines Inc. Mr. Robert A. Verrone ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller P ’06 Mrs. Priscilla Wolle Mr. David A. Zinczenko ’91 * denotes deceased MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE


Thank you Heritage Club Mr. John P. Aloe ’79 Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania Margaret & D. Wayne ’04 Barefoot Rita Roseman ’61 & Charles E., Jr. ’60 Bartolet Kristin & Todd E. ’86 Bateson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Breidegam Laurie Riley ‘82 & Lloyd S. Brubaker Alvin H. Butz Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Carney Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Christensen Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation Dr. Audrey West & Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 Patricia Owen ’74 & Timothy A., MD ’73 DeBiasse Joan Kiefer ’86 & Todd J. ’87 Dickinson P ’16 Mary Beth Krater ’64 & James M. Dinneen Kathleen & Michael M. ’72 Ellis General Electric Foundation Nancy Likman ’78 & Mark R. Graham Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr. Elinor Shute ’91 & Andrew W. ’91 Hart Ms. Marilyn L. Herwig ’75 Marie & George E. ’59 Hollendersky Hotel Bethlehem Mr. Ralph W. Hunsicker ’76 Daren A. & F. James ’69 Hutchinson Mrs. Helen Sloan James ’35* Edith T. & James L. ’56, ’59 Johnson Johnson & Johnson Company Just Born Inc. Louise & Thomas F. ’49 Keim P ’72 Key Foundation Cathy Mraz ’78 & John R. Kimmel Leslie M. & Richard T. Jr., DDS ’77 Kingston Susan H. Kuenstner ’83 & Tom Coleman Linda Wells ’69 & Roger C. Lark Rev. Margaret K. Leinbach Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Teresa Segar ’88 & Gary L. ’88 Long Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70 Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon Atty. & Mrs. Blake C. Marles Mr. Bruce W. Marold ’12 Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation Bobbie & Henry E. Jr. ’60, ’63 May Merck Company Foundation

Beth Ann & Joseph C. L., MD ’64

Ms. Rosanne E. Bricker ’64 &

Linda Shay, Esq. ’74 & Neville Gardner


Barbara & Lloyd H. ’64 Michael

Britt Hankins & Moughan

Jane L. & Richard L. ’61 Gilbert

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Tara & Christopher J. ’96 Brown

Gillespie Printing

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85

Brownstein Family Fund: Jack, Joan,

Julia & Joseph L. ’95 Giordano

Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Miller P ’00

Pamela W. & Carl F. ’66 Gitschier

Mr. James A. Molinaro ’73

Colleen Workman ’60 & James O.

Dana & Jan ’72 Gollins P ’09

Janie Whallon ’74 & Richard A. Muir

Betsy S. & Philip A. ’65 Gottshall P ’96

Past Presidents National Association

Michele & Steven J. ’90 Burd

Sharon Duffy ’90 &

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Burke P ’06, P ’13

Jeanne Villano ’86 &

Busy Workers Society

Ms. Sallie L Greenfield

of Accountants

Mr. Kenneth Craven

Harry, Clara & Robert ’47, ’49 Bruckart P ’72, P ’79

P ’08

Richard P. ’90 Graham

JoAnn B. & Joseph P. ’61 Castellano

Margaret & Joseph A. ’72 Grieshaber

Petrucci Family Foundation

Gloria Gately ’45 & Frank L. Chipman

Kristina Jones ’79 &

Diana & Raymond J. ’89 Reimer

Patricia A. & W. Eugene ’68 Clater

Patricia Nemesh ’70 &

Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier, Jr. P ’86

Guardian Life Insurance Company of

James G. Petrucci

Joseph M. Groller

Suzanne Bleiler ’82 &


Laura Lee & Britt J., Esq. ’95 Simon

Amy S. & David B. ’86 Guthrie

Dr. Janet A. Sipple

Jane D. & Richard M. ’68 Cope

Mr. John F. Haberl ’92

Susan & Gordon L. ’57, ’61 Sommers

Cornerstone Advisors Asset

Drs. Ruth & Theodore Hailperin

Patricia Murray ’82 &

Robert J., Jr. Schoenen

P ’82, P ’83

Jon B. ’82 Conrad

Management, Inc.

Starter’s Riverport

Maria Corpora, Esq. ’72

Vulcan Materials Company

Verna Lunglhofer Cowin, PhD ’52

Mrs. Lois Moser Harke ’45

Mrs. Diane Yaeck Wellington ’57 P ’80

Mr. Scot J. Dapp

Kathryn Horwath ’52 &

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck

Mrs. Gail Smith Winson ’66

Ms. Suzanne Astbury Decker ’61

Tamera Boote ’81 & Gary R. Hatton

Barbara Roberts ‘61 &

Julie A. Del Giorno & Margie Griffith

Sharon L. & Charles W. ’74 Heidecker

Kathryn Werst ’59 &

Drs. Linda & Ned Heindel

Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’53, ’57

John W. ’59 Woltjen

Adele & Earl C. ’57 Zeiner P ’98

Comenius Society Abbott Laboratories Fund Mr. George B. Adams ’50 Albarell Electric Inc. Mr. Alvin A. Albright Jr. Miss Alma A. Albright ’40 Allied Building Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli Elizabeth A. & Richard E. ’70 Anderson Rev. Dr. Deborah A Appler ArcelorMittal Karen ’88 & Jose P. Arencibia AT&T Foundation Melissa Hege ’98 & Mario Ayala Mrs. Karen Bader Mrs. Olivia Musselman Barnes ’38 Wendy Merkle ’83 & William J. Basta Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ’80 Beitler Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram P ’75, P ’83 Constance L. & David E. ’88 Bennett Mrs. Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer ’57 Dolores & Donald R., DeD ’57 Bortz Frank D. & Beth Williams ’78 Boyer Ms. Terri Koser Brady ’82 & Mr. Steve Verna

Wayne L. Detwiler

Kenneth D. ’81 Hanna

Ray H. Hartman

Dr. & Mrs. George S. Diamond

Jane Tatum ’90 & Carl O. Helstrom

Virginia Dancy ’59 & John Dickie

Elizabeth & William V. ’58 Herbein

Stephanie & Robert H. ‘63 Dietrich

Mr. Alan L. Herd ’67

P ’95

Joy G. & James T. ’75 Hicks

Rhonda & Randal R. ’78 Dietz

Highmark Blue Shield

Miss Marcella I. Dimmick ’35

Rev. Lunnett Hilliard ’10

Robin Ziegler ’79 & Christos Dogas

Donna Stadinger ’64 &

Georgene Billiard ’63 &

Douglas R. ’81 & Susan L. Hooper

Harry E. ’64 Dooley

Frank L. Hocker

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Domchek

Mary K. & Richard D. ’85 Hooper

Dana Burt ’69 & John B. Donaldson

Holly Calatoni & Thomas W., Esq. ’67

Tara & Matthew L. ’98 Downing


Rev. Dr. Sally A. Brown &

Mr. Evan B. Howell ’81

Mr. Peter T. Dunbar ’66

Mr. George T. Hudson ’59

Shari Miller ’80 & James A. ’78

Kimberly Deischer ’91 &


Mr. Robert L. Dutt ’68

Stanley A. Iobst, PhD ’64

Linda H. & Denis M. ’69 Duvoisin

Ms. Amy Lou Johnson

Embassy Bank

Maureen & Keith W. ’77 Jones

Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Mrs. Lois Yerger Fischel ’41

Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua ’67

Mrs. Erdmute Frank ’03

Mr. & Mrs.* C. Cassard Kaesemeyer

Grace & Peter L., PhD ’60 French

Mr. Robert E. Kafafian ‘77

Mr. Robert P. L. Frick ’49

The Kafafian Group, Inc.

Mr. Robert J. Fulmer P ’87, P ’92

Denise S. ’93 & Arthur T. Katsaros

Ruth & Barry L. ’61 Gaal

Corinne E. & Robert M. ’66 Keller

Mr. Michael J. Gallagher ’58

Ms. Dawn M. Ketterman-Benner

Thomas R. ’90 Ike

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Claire M. ’87 & Michael Klatchak

Ms. Pamela Moschini P ’10

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Cedric S. Rodney

Kathryn & Richard J., MD ’79 Szarko

Mrs. Kathryn Broczkowski Klein ’67

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Moyer P ’14

Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke

Dr. & Mrs. David R. Taschler P ’14

Suzanne Kmet ’91 & William A. Diaz

Mr. & Mrs. Caroll H. Neubauer

Gayle Fischer ’86 &

Nancy M. & Gregory J. ’85 Tavalsky

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 P ’00

Anita Filler ’61 & Paul F. ’60 Noonan

Tiffany & Company

Nola R. ’09 & Paul Knouse

Donna J. & Harry K. ’74 Roye P ’00

Anna & Craig S. ‘76, ’82 Troutman

Beverly Gaston ’73 & Dale Kochard

Dr. Gary L. Olson

Sandy & Eric S. ’69 Ruskoski

Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Turner

Lisa Fromhertz ’92 &

Olympus America Inc.

Anita S. & Robert C. ’60 Russoli

Mrs. Heather H. Vacek

Omicron Gamma Omega

Robert J. ’88 & Maria Russoli P ’88

Dale Intemann ’94 &

Dr. Frank T Kuserk

Missy & James P., PhD ’96 Orlando

Richard R. Ruth Jr., Esq. ’60

Lehigh Gas Corporation

Dr. & Mrs. Terence O’Rourke, Sr. P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Sadtler P ’15

Ida E. P ’02 & David B., MD ’71 Vasily

Dr. Heikki E. Lempa

Linda G. & Thomas A., Jr. ’77 Ortwein

Trish & Colin G. ’78 Sandercock

Verizon Foundation

Honorable Wilma A. Lewis

Dr. Barbara A. Osborne ’70 &

Christina Citrano ’80 &

Victaulic Company of America

Mrs. Emmeline Lewis Dimmick ’48

Theresa M. & Joseph D. ’51 Viglione

William J. Liaw, DO ’90

Ann C. & Brian H. ’82 Oswald

Debbie & Brian C. ’91 Sarisky

Rev. Dr. Walter H. &

Mr. Charles H. Lindner Jr. ’60 P ’88

Marie A. & Harold F., Jr. ’61 Oswald P ’82

Eleanore Beck ’56 &

Carol A. & Michael G. ’83 Link

ParenteBeard LLC

Mr. James R. Walker P ’07

Mr. Hal A. Long ’01

Rebecca J. & Patrick T. ’80 Parenty

Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz

Hilary Martin, Esq. ’93 &

Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.

Corinne Fusco ’78 &

Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock

Judith Studwell ’63 &

Cynthia Sitcov & Andrew K., PhD ’64

LaRae & Lee A., PhD ’57 Weaver

C. Lenny ’94 Konzelmann

P ’89

Dr. Richard A. Goldsby

Frederick S. ’77 Patt

Thomas H. Rowland

Warren S. Sandy

Henry E. Schleicher

Richard van Gelder

Rev. Deborah H. Wagner

Walter T. ’90 Wandall

Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton P ’89


Wells Fargo Foundation

Yvonne Thompson Maddox, PhD

Pencor Services Inc.

Lynn Rankin & Robert J., PhD ’68

Weis Markets

Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Martin

Ms. Jill Peters ’07 & Mr. Richard Swirsding


Carolyn & Roger O. ’68 Williams

Ms. Sherry Mason Brown

Mr. Douglas J. Plotts

Joseph M. Shosh, PhD ’88

Willis North America Inc.

Diane Feeney ’82 & Alfred Mateo

PNC Financial Services Group

Marsha & Robert C., Sr. ’68 Silcox

Wanda L. & Frederick C. ’56

Barbara Frowery ‘67 &

Barbra & Kurt J. ’89 Poling

Nelda & Robert C. ’51 Simonson


Lauri M. & Michael ’78 Popowycz

Mrs. Judith Morecz Simpson ’64

Jane Metzler ’66 & Peter D. ’73 Wolfe

Debra S. & William W., Jr. Esq. ’78

Jami L. ’02 & Mitch Possinger

Marie Skrilec, PhD ’74

Lori O. & Scott A. ’88 Wood

Lenore & Joseph L. ’60 Powlette

Dr. Donna G. Smith

Mr. Randall G. Woolley ’02

Diane L. & Robert C. ’74 May P ’02

Mr. & Mrs. Andre Python, Jr. P ’11

Mr. Roger P. Soell ’84

Ms. Anita-Jean Wright ’81 &

Mary Ellen Markey ’83 &

Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines P ’10, P ’12

Miss Constance M. Sokalsky ’71

Cynthia Pummer ’83 & Michael P. ’82

Mrs. Jean Holzinger Somers ’69

Judith Share, PhD ’66 &

Shirely Hart ’63 & Gerald D. McBride


Colleen & Bruce C. ’87 Spencer

Dr. Margaret L. McClure ’61

Marjorie & A. Reed ’74 Raymond

Mr. Bernard R. Spirk, Jr.

Nancy & Thomas J. ’68 Yee

Nancy & Benjamin L. ’60 Meluskey

Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Reed

Spirk Brothers, Inc.

Nicole & Kenneth C. ’87 Yee

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Jane Young ’69 & James L. ’70 Regina

Stevens & Lee

Janet Blomquist ’71 &

Isidore Mihalakis, MD ’58

Dr. & Mrs. James H. Reid

Ann Woltjen ’63 & Grove W., Esq. ’63

Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz ’84, P ’14

Mr. Thomas A. Repasch, Jr. ’72


Mr. W. Russell Yurchak, Jr. ’62

Barbara Schlegel ’47 &

Renee Szabo ’96 &

Maureen & Jeremy M. ’00 Straub

Paige A. & Joseph A. ’87 Zaia

Dr. Susan M. Studds &

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Zimmerman

James O. ’63 MacDonald

Nicholas R. Matlaga Matz P ’75, P ’78

Bruce K. ’84 Mayer

Kenneth Miller P ’75

Sean R. ’97 Richardson

Michael Yaphe

Robert R., Jr. ’68 Young

Moravian College Alumni Association

Mrs. Betty Adams Roach ’43

Moravian Ministries Foundation

Ms. Renee L. Roberts ’74

Katherine & Ronald J., PhD ’61 Stupak

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag P ’13

Patricia Ann & Anthony ’59 Morelli

Miss Stephanie L. Robison ’89

Barbara & Richard C. ’69, ’95 Subber

Debra Lewis ’75 & Carl W. Zvanut

college alumni

By year, total giving, and percentage of participation

1935 Total Giving: $5,753 67% Participation Heritage Club Helen Sloan James* Comenius Society «Marcella I. Dimmick 1938 Total Giving: $1,250 17% Participation Comenius Society

Mr. Jeff Studds

Mr. Michael J. Kelly

Olivia Musselman Barnes

Founders Club Rose Beidler Polentz 1939 Total Giving: $10,035 11% Participation Trustee Circle «Mildred Diefenderfer Thompson

Greyhound Club Victor S. Weiss

Comenius Society «Ruth Overfield Fidorack

1940 Total Giving: $1,000 10% Participation Comenius Society «Alma A. Albright 1941 Total Giving: $2,380 29% Participation

«Lois Yerger Fischel

Greyhound Club Marion McCall Bray «Edith Rich Ettinger «Adele Newhard Reider Alethea Cliff Shurskis «Barbara Bastian Uhrig

1942 Total Giving: $680 44% Participation Founders Club «Mary Ellen Binder Orben Colonial Club Mary Veronis Thompson Greyhound Club George J. De Simone «Avis L. Gordon Richard E. Michel* «Ruth Wallace Paul

Esther Carpenter Scott

1943 Total Giving: $487,527 52% Participation Moravian Circle Janet Outten Amos* Harlan F. Fulmer* MD Trustee Circle F. P. Sutliff MD

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you President’s Associates «Genevieve Riordan Gee Comenius Society «Betty Adams Roach Founders Club «June Bright Reese Greyhound Club Evelyn Portman Bauscher «Wilfred L. Dreger Marie Fehr Goodyear «Dorothy Humenik Hixson «Burton L. Kelchner Maxine Sortwell Kerrigan «Janet Thompson Powers Mary Jane Schlegel Schofer «Warren D. Wenger 1944 Total Giving: $850 14% Participation Monocacy Club «Doris Minnick Kuchar Founders Club «H. August Kuehl Jr. Greyhound Club «Mary F. Inscho 1945 Total Giving: $1,230 26% Participation Comenius Society «Gloria Gately Chipman Lois Moser Harke Colonial Club «Beryl L. Harrison Greyhound Club James C. Hughes Dorothea Montgomery Kerstetter 1946 Total Giving: $25,910 36% Participation Chairman’s Circle Ada Zellner Flower Founders Club Robert M. Rights «Ann Rosenau Smythe «William Smythe

Greyhound Club Victor M. Bove DO «Karl F. Bregenzer «Lloyd A. Fatzinger «Phyllis G. Kreider Joseph S. Policelli «Jo-Ann Farquhar Riepen 1947 Total Giving: $2,620 33% Participation Comenius Society «James O. Bruckart «Barbara Schlegel Miller Colonial Club Sanford A. Krimmer DDS Jeanne Scott St. Clair Greyhound Club «Richard D. Abernethy Georgia Rauch Athens Helen Kanuskey Canfield «George F. Kirkpatrick «June Urffer Moyer Charlotte Unangst Schisler 1948 Total Giving: $8,343 24% Participation President’s Associates «Roland P. Leibenguth Comenius Society «Emmeline Ungurian Lewis Dimmick Monocacy Club «Jean Baxter McCracken Founders Club «Paul E. Crossan Jr. «James S. Hilander Joan Nortz Quarry Jerome Quarry «Marilyn Richardson Shelly Colonial Club Gerald Goldstein MD «Winifred Harte Seifert Greyhound Club «Al J. Calvo Jane Hall Holben Harry A. Miller «Edythe Steers Smith

1949 Total Giving: $7,460 33% Participation Heritage Club «Thomas F. Keim Comenius Society «Robert P. L. Frick Monocacy Club Norma Boldt Wynne Founders Club «Ivan A. Backer «Teresa Enright Eliezer «Jeanne Buss Gillinder «Charles N. Wilkins Jr., MD

Ray C. Gilbert

W. Norwood Green

«Kathryn Horwath


Marvin R. Henkelmann


«E. Allen Schultz Jr.

«Anthony J. Jaso

Monocacy Club «Donald M. Cohen MD «Zora Martin Felton «F. Barry Stipp

Colonial Club «Robert F. Engelbrecht «Wolfram Fliegel «David M. Henkelmann «Joan Wagner Koehler «Eleanor Simmons MacCormick Charlotte Haag Walek

Colonial Club «Albert S. Buralli «Clararose Bosek Clymer Elsie Yelenics Evans

1951 Total Giving: $64,725 38% Participation 1742 Circle «Betsey Tait Puth Comenius Society «Robert C. Simonson «Joseph D. Viglione

Greyhound Club Lorenz W. Adam «Richard W. Artis Erwin E. Boettcher «Louise Van Ess Charnock Ramona Baker Conway «James E. Dundon «Penelope Hall Porter Frank M. Weaver DO Doris Noctor Woodward 1950 Total Giving: $8,025 32% Participation President’s Associates «Lois Brunner Bastian Comenius Society «George B. Adams Monocacy Club «William F. Vinczi Founders Club Ira A. Lutsey William W. Matz Sr. Colonial Club «Joseph D. Kudella Greyhound Club Gilbert E. Andrew Alice Zacharchuk Bove Justin M. Carisio Sr. Elizabeth Gehringer Carlton Richard T. Dundon «Richard M. Faust Dean B. Garland

Irma Hemminger Kaufman «Norma Chambers Lewis «Emanuel Roman DDS Eric J. Schulze «Arlene Badel Simpson Christel Wilcke Walter Dolores Johns Wezner «Marilyn Herman Wiltsie

Monocacy Club «Jane Kincaid Missimer «Louis M. Molnar Founders Club «William B. Lantz «Robert K. Matey Colonial Club John R. Freefield* «Lois Shafer Smith Greyhound Club «Carl L. Ackerman «Jeanne Serman Artis «Patricia Kresge Buck «Richard T. Clay Gloria Kimminour Danielson Deborah Irwin Fleagle «John E. Giering PhD «Byrdie Loveless Jackson «Robert P. Kelly «Elizabeth Schlegel Landau Eleanor Faiolo Mott «William J. Werpehowski 1952 Total Giving: $6,575 38% Participation Comenius Society «Verna Lunglhofer

Cowin PhD

Founders Club «Anne R. Enright «Frances Webber Horton Bernhard T. Mittemeyer MD «John H. Seifert «Lois Miller Stogel Colonial Club Grace Flath Bentzin Jeannette Rhoads Nesbit «Robert L. Solt Greyhound Club «Eleanor Guidon Bissell Carl E. Case «Joseph F. Christ Martha Marossy Collins Nevin W. Cope DDS «Donald R. Deibert «Dolores McIntire DeLeon «Thelma West Everett «Dale A. Grove Jr., MD Donald C. Koehler «Patricia Stocker Lawler «Russell E. Lerch «Richard J. Manning Elaine Wagner Martinez «Beatrice Good Mindlin «William G. Palenchar «Mary T. Pongracz «Ruth Treut Schlecht 1953 Total Giving: $4,465 35% Participation Comenius Society «Carl J. Helmich Jr. Monocacy Club Sue Ann Henkelman Fortney «John J. Gotthardt Jr. «Mary Ann Rayner Founders Club «Kenneth W. Achey

«William B. Cummings

Greyhound Club «Shayne Dunbar Arnesen Charlotte Riggs Bearse «William J. Carroll Jr. Joanne Lohrman Cheatham Marion Oland Diehl «Nancy Zeleski Frantz «Robert G. Harman MD «Gloria Badel Hilbert Earl E. Stephan 1954 Total Giving: $23,810 34% Participation Trustee Circle «John H. Bowman MD Monocacy Club John E. Gilliland MD Founders Club «Lauretta Dikon Adams «David W. Arner Mary Jeane Moser Romer «Dorothy L. Ruyak Colonial Club «Peggy Ann Harte Figlear «Lucy A. McCall «Thor G. O’Donnell Greyhound Club «Sylvia J. Atherholt «James O. Blanton III «Philip J. DeRea «James R. Glancy Donald Green Suzanne Bleiler Haney «Joan Kinard Mercado John E. Moyer Barbara Doll Peterson Bruce C. Reimer June Zimmerman Shamel Dawn M. VanKeuren

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

«Marian M. Wagner

Barton B. Hartman MD

«Thomas J. Burke


«Nancy Webber

Greyhound Club «Gail Chaiet Altschuler Marietta Schwartz Banach «Beverly A. Bell «Jeanette Marossy Brady «Sherwood D. Gum Joanne Albright Hoodmaker «Mildred Siftar Kimock Mary Kilpatrick Kohl «Rudolph E. Kresh Jr. «Thomas V. Labert Sr. Janice Brader Sahakian Bruce M. Shortell Richard S. Stine

«Richard A. Edwards

«Myron A. Savacool

«Anthony W. Falco

John P. Schutz MD

Jane Dreier Feldman

Robert H. Smith

Whissen Helen Desh Woodbridge

1955 Total Giving: $27,070 37% Participation Chairman’s Circle Richard C. Zahm* DDS Founders Club Ann Hentschel Cutler Louis N. Esposito «George W. Warfield Colonial Club «Thomas R. Clay «James R. Evanko «Helen Varady Keyser Greyhound Club «Robert E. Detweiler Rose Mandic Donchez John P. Galgon MD «Harry Hart «David G. Kerchner «Francis M. Petruny Marlene Ehrhardt Porter «Ray R. Salabsky «George R. Scilley «Robert F. Shaup «Arthur R. Spengler «Curtis O. Updegrave 1956 Total Giving: $7,215 30% Participation Heritage Club «James L. Johnson Comenius Society Eleanor Beck Schleicher *Frederick C. Woitscheck Monocacy Club «John T. Burke «I. Jean Woodcock Haring Jean Sosoka Lavelle Founders Club Joann Clewell Adams A. Peter Haupert MD Ann Lieberman McCann «Robert E. Wickizer Colonial Club «Pauline Ritter Benner «Richard E. Benner «Robert E. Brennan DDS «Renee Johnson Dragotta

William F. Fox Jr. «Tracey Young Funk Morris S. Guggenheim «Elaine Nothstein Kantor «Richard L. Kantor «John Kolchin EdD «Elaine Thomasch Nolfa «Jo-Anne Neuman Pessin «Ann E. Rothenberger «Arlene M. Sell Naomi Dittmer Thomas «Barbara Flynn Wakefield

1957 Total Giving: $37,492 39% Participation President’s Associates «Judith Acker Cornwell «Myron Genel MD «Cornelia Schlotter Heritage Club «Gordon L. Sommers «Diane Yaeck Wellington «Earl C. Zeiner Comenius Society «Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer «Donald R. Bortz DEd «Lee A. Weaver PhD Monocacy Club «Patricia Miller Helfrich «George J. Toth Founders Club «Karen Johnson Berry Joan Schnable Haupert Anthony Kochenash PhD «Carolyn Edwards Simmons «John J. Subach «Ronald L. Zeller Colonial Club «Carmella Carrescia Anne Frankenfield Howlett «Roland J. Passaro «Pearl Stein Greyhound Club Carl Ackerman Michael A. Ackerman William F. Braerman PhD

1958 Total Giving: $11,680 26% Participation President’s Associates «William J. Straccia Comenius Society Michael J. Gallagher «William V. Herbein «Isidore Mihalakis MD Monocacy Club «Joseph J. Guman Carol Sloan McElveen Founders Club «Alfred F. Apple «Norman E. Prochnau «Kenneth Pyne LLD «Kathryn McMurray Saderholm Colonial Club «John L. Finelli «Roy B. Goshorn Jane Adams Gottwald Richard C. Gottwald «Arthur R. Potosnak «Robert G. Smerko PhD Judith Fretz Thomas Greyhound Club «Robert J. Breidenbach «Robert J. Burkhardt «Donald W. Eckert «Truman W. Eshbach II «Anastasia F. Fry DC «Louis A. Gonsalves «Frank L. Hettlinger «William J. Hume «Barbara A. Kinsey «Carol Burwell

1959 Total Giving: $16,880 27% Participation Heritage Club «George E. Hollendersky «John W. Woltjen Comenius Society «Kathryn Werst Detwiler «Virginia Dancy Dickie «George T. Hudson «Anthony Morelli Monocacy Club «Richard D. Buralli «Carolyn Felver Conners «James B. Howell MD «Susan LeTowt Peverley Founders Club «Reuben F. Lilly Sr. «Anthony A. Matz Jr. Colonial Club «Joseph N. Carr Jr. «Sandra Yost Collins «Francis J. Figlear Elizabeth Dreher Honey Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala «Clarence J. Serfass Jr., DDS David N. Stehly PhD Greyhound Club Gordon C. Arnold MD «Mary Ann Gingles Boyler «C. Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt «Patricia Conover Diener «David C. Greulich Kate Kuhns Herrington Ruth Lapp Himler «Ernest H. Josar Joseph F. Keglovits «Barbara Banker Mahlau Jimmie L. Newsom Sr. Joseph M. Nunes Wayne H. Pysher «David A. Stanwood Janice Keve Steers

1960 Total Giving: $48,917 36% Participation Chairman’s Circle «Ralph L. Shields MD President’s Associates «James J. Houser MD David A. Schattschneider

Ronald J. Fradeneck

Heritage Club «Charles E. Bartolet Jr. Henry E. May Jr.

«Dominic A. Nolfa

Comenius Society «Colleen Workman Bruckart «Peter L. French PhD Charles H. Lindner Jr. «Benjamin L. Meluskey «Paul F. Noonan «Joseph L. Powlette «Robert C. Russoli Richard R. Ruth Jr., Esq.


Monocacy Club «Jean Bassford Galbraith «James B. Galbraith Jr. William Keller «Patricia Thornton Snyder Founders Club Richard V. Chergey «Joseph J. Iampietro «Abner S. Merkel «Bernard L. Nehring Colonial Club Robert F. Clark Russell R. Conover* «Nancy Boerstler Coutant Jane Keogh Harberg «Judith Frederick Hosking Joseph J. Jardot «Jane McMurray Kell «BarbaraKay Hunsicker Smerko Theodore E. Wilde Greyhound Club Patricia Amison Adams «Robert J. Boyler Ronald R. Cavanagh ThD «Faith Hartman Cohen MD «M. Janet Bunten Costenbader Salvatore S. DeLuca Carmine A. DeMuccio «Francis A. Duckworth

«Joan E. Gernert Vignoul Dolores Lang Keglovits «Robert J. Labdik EdD «Constantine Loupos «Francis C. McFadden «George F. Metzgar «Lois Behler Reichard Eleanor Rellinghaus «Beverly Luzietti Tisdale «Nancy Baker Traubitz PhD Doris Roberts Wenger Harriet Peters Williamson

1961 Total Giving: $29,910 32% Participation Trustee Circle «Frank J. Szarko MD Heritage Club «Rita Roseman Bartolet «Barbara Roberts Woltjen Comenius Society «Joseph P. Castellano «Suzanne Astbury Decker «Barry L. Gaal Richard L. Gilbert «Margaret L. McClure EdD «Anita Filler Noonan «Harold F. Oswald Jr. «Ronald J. Stupak PhD Founders Club «Marcee Ammend Beilstein «Mary Jane Dugan Figuli «Deborah Herold Francis «Paul A. Graf R. Burke Johnson «Sandra Yaeck Kratzer «Alan J. Lippman MD «Louise Smull Negley «Earl R. Pfeiffer «John C. Riedmiller Sandra & Wayne C., Esq. Shugart Colonial Club «Dennis L. Bleam

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you «Samuel F. Maczko Nancy Helms Mazziotta «James J. McCrudden «John W. Medernach PhD Nancy Warren Van Dyke

Greyhound Club «Vincent E. Arnold David E. Bittner «Mary Jane Wolfe Brunnabend Judith Laning Cavanagh «Audrey Heckert Cyphers «T. Jeff Gannon Charles J. Gilbert «Manuel Gonsalves Carla Nowack Hendricks «Kathleen McCann Hilbert John W. Jacob Brian R. Kent «David A. Koch «Floyd L. Kocher «Sylvia M. Lambert Michael L. Lansenderfer Donald H. Marshall «R. Gene Medei «Carol Losensky Messina Theodore H. Rights MD Thomas F. Schmoyer Lucy Carl Sigley «Barbara Senneca Solker Stephen J. Spirko John E. Steers MD Harold W. Tuller 1962 Total Giving: $67,200 31% Participation Chairman’s Circle Merr W. Trumbore Trustee Circle «Dennis E. Estheimer «Carol Herman Szarko MD Comenius Society W. Russell Yurchak Jr. Monocacy Club Richard K. & Lucy S. Braun Shinsho Miyagi «William C. Needs

Founders Club Kenneth J. Briggs «Gail E. Ekstrand EdD «James H. Gano «E. Jane Albrecht Graf «Bela J. Gulyas PhD Carol Altemose Jones Franklin C. Jones Robert J. Sallash Jr., MD Barbara Hooper Tertel Colonial Club John F. McCarty Harold N. Rice «Joseph J. Roseman Greyhound Club Francis Amigo Richard E. Andrews «Stephanie Rights Bertsch «Constance Platt Boos «Arthur D. Chap James H. Dech EdD «James W. Frank Lewis E. Halley Jr.* Karen Kaprelian Jacob «Joseph G. Kimock Jr. «Bernard R. Medei «Joan Karustis Miller Roger W. Nagle «George M. Neupauer Mary Pfriemer O’Brien Roseann Lavan Pastir Robert T. Pastir John F. Schultheis Jr. «Emma Demuth Williams «Roger J. Yost Leonard F. Zavacky 1963 Total Giving: $22,485 36% Participation President’s Associates «David R. Cornelius Comenius Society «Robert H. Dietrich «Georgene Billiard Dooley «Judith Studwell MacDonald «James O. MacDonald «Shirley Hart McBride Ann Woltjen Stoddard Grove W. Stoddard Esq.

Monocacy Club «Jean E. Friedman PhD «Martin Garcia «William C. Leicht Richard J. Rusk «Gary L. Sandercock Founders Club Charles E. Decker Jr. Nancy Trach Harstine Robert E. Preston Carla Dinstel Sallash «Judith Freeman SantaMaria* «Andrew M. Taus «Marilyn Clewell Taus Colonial Club «Richard A. Bedics EdD Roy A. Frack «Charles T. Harberg Ray K. Joseph «Robert F. Kohler «Charles G. Stoltz «Patricia Fox Warne Greyhound Club Thomas L. Apjohn Charles B. Bledsoe «Bonnie Brill Charles S. Canning Francis J. Darazsdi «John H. Dech «Judith Adams Downing Stephen E. Edraney II «Donald I. Egli «Susan Gares Farrell «Ronald R. Freed Elizabeth Hicks Garrett Stanley L. Gilbert Peter L. Gill Melvin R. Hamelsky «Susan Burger Hauser David G. Hunscher Sr. «Patricia Bonser Knoll Jutta S. Leheis PhD* Larry W. Lewis Rosemarie BraunLohnert «Janet Gleva Miller Esq. «Michael R. Miller «Robert W. Moyer «Stephen O. Nicholas Jr. «William J. Pysher Jr. JoAnn Sydorak Schaffer «Albert E. Schneider Jr. John J. Shigo MD Gary M. Straughan John A. Viglione

«Donald C. Vogel

«Gwynne Grey Gilbert

«Thomas P. Vadasz

«Jack P. Goldberg

Greyhound Club «Karen Whitten Aduba «Carol Borrup Barber «Donald H. Benninger «Joanne R. Bobek Nancy Terreson Burtnett «Lynette Stoltz Cabral «John C. Demuth «John E. Dratch Esq. John Everard Griffith Gary S. Hartshorn PhD «Donald L. Henderschedt James F. Hertzog «Nevin H. Hollinger Jr. Roger J. Hudak «Anthony A. Krasnicke OD «Susan M. Maier Karl H. Monetti VMD «James L. Morgan Arlington A. Nagle Jr. «Herbert F. Rubenstein Esq. Ellen Stets Sachs «Richard E. Schaffer PhD Vincent P. Seaman «Harriett Pierie Segessenman Kathryn E. Serock «Ronald N. Shrager Roberta M. Veluce Tanguy Bruce J. Weaver PhD «John R. Williams

1964 Total Giving: $27,710 35% Participation President’s Associates «Janice Whitfield Landis Heritage Club «Mary Beth Krater Dinneen «Joseph C. L. Merola MD «Lloyd H. Michael PhD

Ronald G. Gori

Comenius Society «Rosanne E. Bricker «Harry E. Dooley «Donna Stadinger Hocker Stanley A. Iobst PhD «Andrew K. SemmelPhD Judith Morecz Simpson

«Joy Ann Johnston

Monocacy Club «Iwao Hanawa «D. Patricia Schillinger Hensinger «Carol Rockovits Leicht «John T. McKeown «David L. Wickmann

Marjorie Wallace Wilkins

Founders Club John M. Abramson DO «Eileen Yuhasz Bogdan «Bruce C. Coull PhD Arthur E. Grim Nancy Christensen Kohl John P. Kohl PhD John Kozura III, DO H. Richard Wilsey Jr. Colonial Club «Joseph J. Charles «Susan Miller Erb «Judith Bartoe Kohler «Robert E. Mushrush Jr. «Ray J. Pfeiffer Sr. Linda Reitars Silowka «Louise Reinsmith Solomon «Gerald C. Still «Lynne Nafash Warnke Greyhound Club Charles J. Berger Jr. Arthur J. Crane Sr. Francis M. Demko E. George Dorer «Ronald T. Dyson Greta Zoe Ziegler Flint

Beverly A. Hails Jeffrey S. Ingber DDS «Jeffrey A. Jackson «Robert S. Johnson Marilyn Fish Kester Gary T. Kester «Judith Robinson Kulak «Linda Cook Luskus «Robert B. Melchior «Linda Garo Olson Paine «Peggy Jurman Quinn Margaret Dittmer Smith Connie Latchaw Viglione «Byron E. Waterman EdD Ruth Karol Wexley Douglas C. Wilkins Alan G. Zeliff «James L. Zoks

1965 Total Giving: $42,325 27% Participation Chairman’s Circle «Brenda Krajci President’s Associates «John G. Landis PhD Comenius Society «Philip A. Gottshall Monocacy Club «Barbara Brautigam Caldwell «Laurie Boyd Hanawa Anita Groenfeldt McKeown* Hilda Wolff Soden Founders Club «Robert E. Houser «Samuel Y. Kern III «Terry L. Musselman «Robert E. Sterling «Stuart M. Topkis DO «Elizabeth M. Wetter Colonial Club «Jerry L. Damandl «Lea Sutera Hench «Perry F. Mazza «J. Peter Rush «Lowell H. Tomlinson

1966 Total Giving: $75,075 27% Participation Chairman’s Circle «Woodrin Grossman «Parry J. Miller MD Heritage Club «Gail Smith Winson Comenius Society Peter T. Dunbar Carl F. Gitschier «Robert M. Keller «Jane Metzler Wolfe Judith Share Yaphe PhD Monocacy Club «Douglas W. Caldwell «Georgia Dreyer Freas

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

«A. Owen Freas III Fay Stover Iudicello «Myra Heimbrook Jones «Michael O. Jones

Founders Club Joseph J. Fassl MD «David D. Goldberg DO Carol Coles Graf «Karen Leonard Irish «Thomas E. Irish Geraldine Zilko Kozura «John B. Mancke Esq. Lynne Schlosser Raleigh Colonial Club «Betsy A. Ahlum «David G. Berg Robert J. McCrea «James M. McMahan Esq. Sue Hill Obal «Biruta Andersons Spruds Winifred A. White Scherber «Nancy Szilagyi Ziegler «Norman C. Ziegler Greyhound Club «Marilyn A. Albarelli «James M. Andorker «Audrey Matz Berg «Linda Price Brodeur «Ilene Suter Coroniti «Thomas J. Driscoll Richard M. Fad Jane Siegfried Gerencher Daniel C. Harris «Marie Oravec Jacobs Thomas A. Larsen Marie Gerbino Lieb Eugene F. Mares «Edward M. Meyers James R. Morgan Dorothy Gandy Rolph Catherine Gardner Ryerson «Patricia Reichard Skrip «Walter A. Thurber Leo W. Todd Jr., DO Douglas E. Woosnam 1967 Total Giving: $22,009 23% Participation President’s Associates «John D. Fry «Henry W. Nehilla

Comenius Society «Alan L. Herd Thomas W. Houser Esq. «Judith Plocher Kaaua «Kathryn Broczkowski Klein «Barbara Frowery Matlaga Monocacy Club «Shayna Jaffe Geller Founders Club Darlene Refsnider Borst Richard P. Koeppel «Beverly Klausen Mancke «Meta Linde Martin Dennis G. Rohn Olindo Zanchettin Colonial Club «C. Robert Adams Greyhound Club Margot Mathieu Andrews M. Elizabeth Brown Anthony Richard C. Ditterline E. Wayne Dovan «Marilyn Canivan Ely «Judith Oravec Farquer «William G. Farquer III «Cynthia P. Fox James A. Fox «Kay Hill Hannan Kirby K. Hickey Ellen Fearon Jacoby Carol Carson Joseloff Ronald N. Khoury MD «Paul H. Knipple «Lance F. Kolts Diane Leeb Leighton Judith Derk McKendry «Barbara Worsley Morgan DMD «Carol Ann Roman Norland Lewis A. Parker Calvin D. Peters Michael J. Reber Ruth Harris Runkle «Joanne Hunsinger Stenman «Scott R. Stoneback Sandra Stewart Todd Dorothy Thomas Wait «Mary E. Wilson Marianne Hunt Wolf Ernest L. Yarborough Jr.

«Clifford W. Young Jr.

Margaret McLaughlin

«Linda Wells Lark

«Lugenia Taccarino

Dianne Achey Zumas


«Richard C. Subber


«Eric R. Shimer Esq.

Comenius Society «Dana Burt Donaldson Denis M. Duvoisin «Bertie Francis Knisely «Jane Young Regina Eric S. Ruskoski «Jean Holzinger Somers «Robert R. Young Jr.

«Barbara Wirth Heisler

Monocacy Club «Wesley Astheimer «Elizabeth Riley Bell «Noel J. DeSousa Michael C. Siegel Robert R. Stage «Trudi H. Peters

George B. Moller

Founders Club «William S. C. Bradford Jr. Kathleen M. Fallon Kline PhD «Lee B. Herb «William T. Scheidig «Donald F. Spry II, Esq.

Diane Perissinotto &

Colonial Club «Elaine Witt Bath «Richard J. Bath William H. Grow Jr. Walter R. Hatfield Jr. «Alma Coester McMahan Robert S. Nitzberg MD «Helen Bauder Seifert Bruce A. Singer* DDS

JoAnn Lowe Wolfram

1968 Total Giving: $157,487 34% Participation Moravian Circle «Carolyn D. Felker Chairman’s Circle «Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth President’s Associates «Constance Stirling Hodson «Mary Kincaid Squarcia Comenius Society W. Eugene Clater «Richard M. Cope Robert L. Dutt «Roger A. Knisely «Robert J. Semper PhD «Robert C. Silcox Sr. Roger O. Williams Thomas J. Yee Monocacy Club «Carl J. Fritzinger Jr. «Donald G. Musselman Ginger Rooks Stage Founders Club «Edward S. Figuli «Nancy Campbell Forgang Jeffry C. Gernsheimer Philip V. Graf «Stewart T. Herman Kent H. Hollinger «Diane L. La Penna «Barbara L. Mueller «Brian D. Parry «Thomas H. Wiegner Colonial Club «Valerie Papps Connors Miranda Batteiger Croft Shirley Messics Daluisio «Kathleen Doyle Dowd «J. Michael Dowd «Gene P. Golini «Carol D. Henn «Peggy Bartholomew Melchior C. Edward Odell «Sharon Gallagher Pfeiffer «Dennis L. Robison

David W. Trench Esq. «Susan Glazier Wachtel

Greyhound Club Robert P. Bees «Elaine Mansback Berk «Ronald J. Berta Christopher W. Bracy «Barbara Keller Brimlow Joseph T. Chickey Kathryn Fretz Churchman Noel W. Coles Morgan Cowperthwaite Jr. Carol Morrow Dovan «Thomas H. Evans Richard D. Forest «David E. Freeze Richard R. Gerber «Grethe Andresen Goodwin «Robert E. Greene Georgia Unger Hartman «Edward J. Hudak Jr. Trisha Babbitt Jones «George H. Knoll «Richard B. Kratz Willa Howard Kravitz Philip B. Landes «Donna Marcks Line «Patricia Toohey Lowman «John W. Petley «Linda Bruno Rice «Brian H. Seeber «Carol Saul Sell «Charles R. Simpson Mary Anna Skees «Arthur W. Smith Jr. «Jane Larzelere Wachinski John D. Wait David J. Zelnick

1969 Total Giving: $63,698 24% Participation Chairman’s Circle John L. Farace* President’s Associates «Melissa Miller Robbins Heritage Club «F. James Hutchinson

Greyhound Club J. Fred Baettig «Donna Owen Baur G. Jean Beach «Terry J. Beidelman Ann Fraind Bove «Nancy Glassmoyer Brittingham «David N. Clinton Jerry A. Clymer Susan Jankowski Conly «Janet Chorney Connor-Hanninen Nancy Moon Cramer Charlotte Crone Cruse «Walter V. L. Eversley Andrea R. Fistner «Rosemary Polefka Fitzsimons «E. Robert Geyer Jr. Constance Urschitz Gilbert

Carol Ross Hoffman «Elaine Kleinschuster Holtzman Charles J. Horwath «Jeanne Krenicky Kipp Albert T. Koncsics «John M. Lehnert Thomas J. Neimeister Leslie R. Pektor Barbara Holland Peters «Carole Thomas Petley «Caroline Funk Rabold David B. Richards

Thomas Rosfjord

Jack E. Schildt «Patricia Hayes Schoeller Arthur W. Sheninger «Susan Clay Smith Richard A. Westley

1970 Total Giving: $15,255 26% Participation Heritage Club «Patricia Nemesh Schoenen Comenius Society «Richard E. Anderson *Barbara A. Osborne PhD «James L. Regina Monocacy Club Rosalyn Schaefer Brough «Thomas R. Herd «Frazier M. Montgomery Michael D. Schrenko DO «Robert W. Smith Founders Club William L. Buss «Richard E. Geiser «Frederic S. Hamlin Joseph W. Karaman «James Lynch «Mary Ann Pritchard Schankel Joyce Harrison Shaffer «John R. Stabile MD «Mary-Susan Mackey Stoner «Henry F. Trexler

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you Santa Corpora Zanchettin

Colonial Club «Richard J. Barsotti «Ralph W. Barthold Sr. «David P. Ferraro Donna Shankweiler Keppel Lora Jane Harvey Lisle «John T. Stieh Esq. «R. Drew Thomson Joseph E. Williams Greyhound Club Thomas S. Adams Joseph C. Anderko «Ronald L. Barner «Alice Campbell Bartholomew Eloise Dodson Brotzman Ronald A. Duh Timothy J. Foley EdD Kim R. Frounfelker Phyllis M. Geisdorf «J. Hugh Gratz «Lee E. Houck Carol A. Hub David T. Kerridge Paula Weiss Kuenzler «David E. Lehr «Jody R. Miller Lewis K. Miller «Martha Sternbergh Neff «Laura Haley Oakes «John D. Pappas «Kathleen Feist Reed Robert C. Rye «Arlene Forest Sjoblom «Ronald D. Snyder PhD «Otto A. Strassburg «Mary Solek Tachovsky «Tom A. Tenges «Frances K. Troup Eleanore Ficken Weber 1971 Total Giving: $20,035 28% Participation President’s Associates «Robert P. Flicker Comenius Society «Constance M. Sokalsky «David B. Vasily MD «Janet Blomquist Young

Monocacy Club Barry L. Buchman «Patricia R. Burke

«Ruth B. Pope

«Linda Huth Crook

Jeanette Newcomer

Ethel J. Pudleiner

«Theodore J. Drake

«Richard L. Rockwell

Karen L. Gerhard-Conner

«Norman D. Sam

Founders Club Thomas W. Burke Jr. «John N. Diacogiannis «Janice Goldberg Fischel «Renae Happel Gollins «John H. Harting «Roy E. A. Ledbetter «Henry G. Naisby Jr. Stanley J. Ramer «Ruth Franges Rayna «Gail A. Rhinehart «Barbara Woram Stabile «Francis Thierer Jr.

«Rodney H. Saylor

«Bruce W. Hankee

«Paul R. Shelly &

Stephen L. Seid

«John R. Hyndman

Eileen F. Shanahan

«Joan Taggart Koch

«John H. Skeffington

Jean Lewis Sheninger

Barbara Gearhart

«Robert K. Strunk II

«Thomas J. Sweetz


Peggy Tuckey Thomas

Julia Grande Long

Helen Hofmann Trent

Marcia Reedman

John D. Tuckey


«Betsy Prunest Walker

«Joseph M. Mangan

Colonial Club C. Anne Lockhart Baier H. James Baier «Jane Heidecker Barthold Norma Severs Desmedt William D. Glaser Marguerite L. Meisenhelder Tamara Michael «Robert E. Peterson «Patricia Tallon Walsh

Colonial Club «Robert R. Arnts «James S. Brandl «Douglas H. Kleintop Charles H. Lockwood Jr. «Sara Paden Peterson «Eileen Beck Riddell «Susan Warren Rosander Sherie House Weber James L. Youngkin Greyhound Club Elaine Singer Anderko Donald A. Beck Elizabeth Paizs Benotti «Sandra A. Browning «Loretta F. DeWalt Janet Weikel Dibartolomeo James C. Dietz Louise Gardiner Dietz Robert G. Doerr Lorie Schlegel Dotter «Daphne Greene Eversley John F. Gehring Esq. Frederick W. Hahn* «Sharon Harakal Macko «Erma Gaffen Hoover «Annamarie Frisoli Knecht «Alfred D. Konrad Jr. Eugene M. Lennon John P. Madison Nick S. Mancini «Louis C. Melinsky Barbara W. Miller Irene Gobel Neaman

«Judith Balogh

1972 Total Giving: $20,040 19% Participation President’s Associates «Harry S. Clarke Jr., MD, PhD


Heritage Club «Michael M. Ellis Comenius Society «Maria Corpora Esq. «Jan R. Gollins «Joseph A. Grieshaber «Thomas A. Repasch

«Donna Fiorini Saylor

Monocacy Club «Steven J. Santucci DDS «Susan Collins Sillivan Founders Club Elizabeth Lempke Cochrane «Linda Roscoe de Seife «James E. Ingalls Jr. «Karen Bruckart Naisby «Tom Schwanda «Beverly J. Papps Skeffington Robert B. Smith Colonial Club «Elizabeth McKee Elterich «Joanne E. Keim «Fred A. Lucrezi Nancy E. Muth Patrick Peart DO «John E. Riddell Jr. «Virginia Swett Stanglein David W. Weber «Susan J. Youtz Jean Zamadics Zweifel Greyhound Club «Randy J. Clymer Steve E. Craver

Terrell C. McMann «Karen Harke Michael «Larry C. Michael «John M. Mickner Sharon Beam Rohal John M. Suranofsky Dennis J. Watcke «Edmund C. Watkinson Holley Stewart Weavil David R. Wilcomes «Ronald J. Zelezen

1973 Total Giving: $68,693 19% Participation Trustee Circle «Deborah Oplinger McKinnon «James M. Stevens «Linda Joseph Stevens President’s Associates «Jennifer Swain Clarke Heritage Club «Timothy A. DeBiasse MD James A. Molinaro Comenius Society «Beverly Gaston Kochard «Peter D. Wolfe Monocacy Club Debra A. Dion-Faust «Timothy S. Gardner «Gary L. Johnson «Barbara Hassler Martell Founders Club «William H. Eberts Jr. Glenn J. Merkel PhD «Suleiman Modjadidi

Ramer MD

Susan Boyd-Shelly

Greyhound Club John C. Ardinger John R. Bashian Marvin L. Boyer «Jeffrey B. Canfield Dorothy E. Christiansen* «Jill Kerst Coleman Martha E. Cox-Popichak Nanette Paden Muth William T. Frey Barbara Kosa Greason Wendy Perry Hartung John R. Hendrie Larry F. Hentz Linda E. Howard «Irving A. Kaplan Valerie Klein Whyte «Martha Weidner Lisa Andrew C. Long DDS Sandra J. Magill M. Kathleen Figlear Malu PhD Susan Hegedus Mancini «Kathleen Grieshammer Miller Russell M. Miller Richard J. Segall James E. Spengler John E. Stefanik Glen W. Stoudt Gretchen Arbogast Whitney «Amy Schieferstein Williams

1974 Total Giving: $23,175 25% Participation Heritage Club «Patricia Owen DeBiasse «Janie Whallon Muir Comenius Society «Linda Shay Gardner «Charles W. Heidecker «Robert C. May A. Reed Raymond Renee L. Roberts «Harold K. Roye «Marie Skrilec PhD Monocacy Club «Lynn Castagnoni Gardner John C. Guldin Esq. «Holly Rothenberger Lukens «Gary T. & Linda H. Marsh «Nicole Veraa Minnick, PhD «Richard E. Moon EdD Richard J. Schaedler Esq. «John J. Zoshak DO Founders Club Jeffrey B. Benner Linda Laible Campbell Barbara Dillman Davies «Keene J. Jabbour Esq. «Gary G. Jerabek «Kevin F. Jones PhD «Bernard V. O’Hare III «Susan Sikora O’Hare «Dean S. Smith «Carol Hunter Tice MD Colonial Club «William F. Bauman «Leonard S. Buscemi PhD Susan Chapman Boehret «Ann McKittrick Claussen «Mary Wagner Dawson «Carol Rutledge Fogle «Patricia Rush Gombocz Joseph E. Kempfer John M. McFadden DPM «Robert C. Mende «Thomas E. Mingora «John J. Pesola «Charles S. Pohl

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Helen M. Richards

«Richard E. Chaney

Nancy Smith Widdoes

President’s Associates

«Barry L. Trauger

«Julie Morris

«Heidi Stickel Wilkins

«Barbara Colbourne

Cathy Balcombe Wirth


Jeffrey Wirth

«Landis F. Frey Jr.

Greyhound Club Donald J. Balogh Betsy Gustavsen Bradley «David A. Burt DDS Lawrence W. Giordano Carol Goldfeder Moskowitz «Amy Thorpe Haggerty Nancy Jones Harney «Theodore B. Harwick Michael J. Herczeg Leslie Ann Foley Kopf «Linda Shears Krick Edward F. Lester «Rosalind Shapiro Lynch Suzanne Karlberg Mello Gwyneth A. Michel «Kenneth W. Orme Vanessa L. Price Sally Kuchar Rebhorn «Victoria Moxham Reidy James P. Van Schoick III «John D. Weaver «Deborah Kracht Weissbrodt «Thomas W. Werley John A. Wright VMD

«Robert K. Gratz

1975 Total Giving: $39,333 21% Participation Chairman’s Circle Michael J. Perrucci Esq. Heritage Club «Marilyn L. Herwig Comenius Society James T. Hicks «Debra Lewis Zvanut Monocacy Club «John R. Mehler Daniel H. Pipeling Donna Jo Stayton Pipeling «Carolyn Lewis Welaish «Jeffrey L. Welaish «Kathy Cinelli Zoshak Founders Club «Paul D. Balascki «Timothy J. Berger Dale W. Campbell

«John W. Iobst PhD Elizabeth A. Kovach «Walter P. Latimer «Cynthia K. Lewis-Hart «Steven J. Rose «Jean Y. Sun Shaw

Colonial Club «Joseph M. Burke Diane Warren Hartelius Roberta Dollinger Leiby Donald B. Lilley «Marie Phillip Mingora Pamela Reeve O’Gorman Gail S. Warren «Jonathan W. Werley Greyhound Club «Patricia C. Ackerman «Patricia Mahon Anderson «Nancy Hirshman Bacak Judith Druckenmiller Baker Sarah Dinsmore Balogh Jenny Saloky Collins Dominick Costa Jr. Donald A. DaVanzo Jr. «Linda R. Davis-Wallen «Deborah Brown Drake Richard E. Harney Cheryl Rush Heck John F. Heck Susan A. Henry-Trimble «Helen Kinder Hoover «Richard C. Kovacs «Nancy Martin Lasher «Lucy Taylor Lasseter «Kathleen Umlauf Mack Renuka Freeman McMahon «Beverly Kindred Nehilla «Stephen C. Nehilla Denise L. Oldenhoff «Jonathan M. Sargent «Patricia Leonard Sargent David L. Schwoyer Sr. «George T. Seiler III Mary Clemmer Slemmer «Donna F. Smith Lynn Irwin Stoudt «Pamela Mount Watkinson


1976 Total Giving: $14,617 14% Participation President’s Associates «F. Robert Huth Jr. Heritage Club «Ralph W. Hunsicker Comenius Society «Peter A. Raines Craig S. Troutman Monocacy Club «Donna J. Lee «Gary M. Martell Founders Club Sandra Dalrymple Gift Lelan E. Haller Jr. «Amy Greiner Hawley «Robert M. McCormick Colonial Club «John T. Boyer «Lynn Kuhlmann Burke «Patty Barnum Coxe «Richard C. Doll Lynn Beckage Fairall «Ann L. Greenzweig «David N. Klotz «Amy Lesser Mende «Mark A. Wimmer «Betsy Ann Stahl Worthen Greyhound Club Linda Kresge Beris Kathy Smith Boyd «Kathleen Thompson Brent James G. Chase «Dennis M. Coffin «Dianne Cleasby Cook Michael L. D’Italia «Donna Heft Hoffman «Barbara E. Jinetopulos Dean R. Jurgen Elizabeth Graybill Jurgen Joyce Cascario Kopko Stephen J. Kopko «James Ruzicka «Cheryl Gilbert Sommer Nancy Boksan Stano 1977 Total Giving: $20,320 20% Participation

Heritage Club «Richard T. Kingston Jr., DDS Comenius Society «Keith W. Jones «Robert E. Kafafian Thomas A. Ortwein Jr. «Frederick S. Patt Monocacy Club Gwendolyn Thomas Bolger John T. Lewis «John M. Morganelli Sr., Esq. «Gail Adams Plumeri «Denise M. Torma PhD «Edwin E. Yeakel Founders Club Larry R. Bream «Mary Hubbs Gasdaska «Odell Guyton Esq. «Douglas B. Learn PhD «Mark D. Myslinski Bruce M. Weaknecht Colonial Club «Yvonne Lettiere Boyer Greyhound Club David P. Corrigan Esq. «Page Lummer DeLong John M. Gallup Karen Sufrich Jamann Chris R. Jones «Wayne R. Kincaid Linda Shafer Kohl Matthew J. Kolb Kathy A. Lemke «Kathryn J. Lilly Robert R. Martin Janet B. Matts «Barbara Deckman McInerney «James M. Midgley Joseph L. Poluka «Louis F. Puskaritz Mary Lou Gorcsan Raiser Keith W. Riegel Johanna Gast Ruff «Jeanette Piagesi Schinstine «Fred B. Schultheis Elizabeth Glenfield Strohl Jeffrey R. Thorpe DDS Roseann Casciani Weinstein

1978 Total Giving: $70,597 19% Participation 1742 Circle «Placido A. Corpora Heritage Club «Nancy Likman Graham «Cathy Mraz Kimmel

Marianne Desantis

Comenius Society «Beth Ann Williams Boyer «Randal R. Dietz «James A. Dunstan Richard A. Leiby Jr. William W. Matz Jr., Esq. «Corinne Fusco Patt «Michael Popowycz «Colin G. Sandercock Esq.


Monocacy Club «Mary G. Mercer Daniel M. Rappaport MD «Robert E. Ternosky Martha Hughes Zimmerman Founders Club Judith Primiano Bream «Paul Chowansky «Beverly Wilkinson DiPaolo «Mark A. Fried «Karen Boyer Guyton Jody Titlow Haller David J. Maltby «Mark S. Yuhasz MD Colonial Club Martha Sears Anderson «George J. Boksan Robert H. Cyperski Esq. «Jane E. Jermyn «Richard E. LaDuke Abbie Higginbottom Slaman Greyhound Club Kathleen Martin Anthony Clara Shaffer Barbaz Robert J. Barnhart Esq. Carol Avery Bell «Sarah L. Capawana Matthew L. Capuano Karl Claus Jr. Celia Kutner Connor «Michael J. Cox «Thomas S. Farnish Esq. «Michael J. Hartigan «Erich R. Mackow PhD

McDonald «E. Blair McGwire «Terence X. McInerney «Sally Boon Moyer «Robin C. Murphy Esq. Cynthia Bear Pugnet «Jeanne Stoudt «Elaine Andrulevich Schaeffer J. William Velekei Susan L. Vitez

1979 Total Giving: $79,390 14% Participation Chairman’s Circle «Anne McCandless Rampolla «Kenneth J. Rampolla President’s Associates «Candy Barr Heimbach Esq. Heritage Club John P. Aloe Comenius Society «Robin Ziegler Dogas «Kristina Jones Groller Richard J. Szarko MD Monocacy Club Keith F. Baeder «Peter F. Marion «Diana Goretti Morganelli «Stephen R. Vanya Founders Club «Jane Frankenfield Burcaw «John F. Burke PhD «Lauri Di Felice Jabbour «Judithann M. Lee Jon P. Otis «Craig F. Wood Colonial Club «Joanne Shaw Grant «Mary Ellen Sahaydak LaDuke «David C. Muth «Joan Szvetecz Muth Mary Monaghan Ritterbush Greyhound Club George W. French Jr. «Cheryl L. Greengrove PhD Diane Bonnell Jones

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you «Melissa Haas Lichten

«Janice L. Christofferson

«Celia Tonkinson

Jean Leach Lohmann

«Deborah Tisdale Cozen

Diane S. Lukac Esq.

Suzanne Hartman Diehl

Keith G. Follweiler

«Susan Gangwere

Daryl A. Eppley

«Allison E. Frantz


Robin Favreau Harley

«Rene Baker Hallock

«Anita Poda Moulton


«Tracy Campbell Roeder

Judith Parkerton Rosen

«Colleen Handlon

«Robert L. Strauss

Mark W. Smith Esq.


Paul F. Tuttle

Jayne Myers Stoudt

Debra M. Horwath

«Emily Cook Vadasz

Scott C. Updegrave

Kathleen Farrell

Greyhound Club Craig L. Bartlett «Andrew H. Bender «Mary Yavorski Bender Kathleen Swell Burke «Faith Lamorelle Butt «Catherine Skutches Campanaro Mary Mumper Desmond Peter S. Diehl «Marlaine Rowe Fannin Cynthia Heymann Hansen David W. Innes Dianne Borkowski Jarmus Mark F. Kelly Gary M. Krall Karyn Hokenson Krasnick Lora D’Onofrio Lenzsch J. Stephen Long MD «Kimberly Criswell Lucas «Michael J. Lucas Ronald P. Madensky «John R. Martin Jr., PhD David R. Miers Joseph D. Mixon Lawrence E. Olsheski Jr. Ann Ritter Parola Ann M. Pasternacki Cynthia Bahr Pontius «Elaine Aagaard Sales «David L. Shoemaker Margaret Evans Stewart «Steven J. Trunzo Janice S. Warren Findlow PhD David M. Ziegler


1980 Total Giving: $11,187 17% Participation Comenius Society Robert E. Beitler «Shari Miller Dunstan Patrick T. Parenty Christina Citrano Sandy

Michael J. McGee MD

Monocacy Club Nancy Lorenzo Baeder «Mary Beitler Beatrice «Michael J. Beatrice Margaret E. Couch Susan Burchfield Grieger «Daniel A. Polanski Esq. «Bernard J. Story

Carol Vichiconti O’Connor

Founders Club «James D. Artuso MD Frank T. Edgar Roberta Titus Edgar «Bernard J. Ezaki Kirk M. Kozero Patrice Masluk Schwartzman «Bartholomew J. Terroni Jr. Colonial Club Douglas R. Anderson PhD Julia Cranford Folk Karl D. Gilbert «George B. Hallock Jr. Craig S. Kafafian Claude E. Kohl «Andrew W. Meckstroth «John E. Snyder PhD «Allen P. Wolfe «Jessica Dunlap Yazujian Greyhound Club Dale A. Audenried Mark J. Buschi Karl H. Butz Karen Fischbeck Carmany

Yvonne Stroh McGee «Brian E. Miller Elaine Domber

Monticollo PhD

«David L. Moyer Barbara Morrison Muhlbaier «Patricia Reider Ormsby «William F. Ormsby «Jane M. Paluda «Walter C. Poposki Dennis L. Schlener DC A. Renee Smith Stitt Esq.

1981 Total Giving: $69,806 19% Participation Chairman’s Circle Teri McCandless Bishop Ray S. Bishop Jr. President’s Associates Lisa Moyer Roth Comenius Society «Kenneth D. Hanna «Tamera Boote Hatton Douglas R. Hooper «Evan B. Howell «Anita-Jean Wright Monocacy Club «David A. Hnatow MD Nancy Duckworth Semanick Founders Club Maureen J. Beretsky Lois Wetzel Dieterly Michael S. Drescher Jeffrey L. Hunsicker Dennis C. Kuhns Debra Hess Liss Colonial Club «Mark J. Allender

Dollmeyer PhD

1982 Total Giving: $22,045 18% Participation Heritage Club «Laurie Riley Brubaker

Comenius Society «Suzanne J. Bleiler Conrad Terri Koser Brady «Jon B. Conrad «Patricia Murray Hanna Diane Feeney Mateo «Brian H. Oswald «Michael P. Rauscher

Angelo J. LaDuca Jr.

Monocacy Club «Larry J. Esposito Esq. «Laurie Rutledge Esposito «Scott T. Kocher «Susan Kressly MD «David L. Price Scott H. Warrick «Karen Glenn Yeakel


Founders Club «Cheryl A. Baker «Jeff J. Bartlett «Lois Rehberg Beamer Bruce C. Bender David T. Dieterly «William P. Feigley EdD «Sarah Miller Gallagher Michael L. Magee Susan Prause Martin «James A. McAdoo George W. Myers Christy L. Paul Carol L. Sampson Frank A. Schwing Suzanne Kupres Stianche Colonial Club «Roy F. Boyd «Sabrina Zimpfer Boyd «Donna Fabian Falk «Joanne Belletti Molle James A. Paradee David G. Sommers Barry W. Yoder Greyhound Club Donna Jacobus Ahman «John C. Byrne «Pamela Miller Daniels Susan Pitonak Dwyer Nancy Miller Fisher «Ronald R. Fulmer Emil A. Giordano Bruce B. Grube «Cindy Mask Klaassen «Tracey Ann Knauss Warnke Mary E. Kunz

Monica Sterner LaDuca «Lisa D. Laury-Kleintop PhD Christopher W. Lenzsch «Marlene N. Merz Cindy Sherrer Miers Lisa Orlich-Mixon «Cynthia Glessman Kevin E. Raiser Ann Bellanca Ruggiero Renate Schroedel Shotwell Jamie Moll Singer Beth Balbach Waller Paul N. Waller «S. Craig Wilhelmy

1983 Total Giving: $17,376 19% Participation Heritage Club Susan H. Kuenstner Comenius Society «Wendy Merkle Basta «Michael G. Link Mary Ellen Markey Mayer «Cynthia Pummer Rauscher Monocacy Club «Patrice Starner Amin «Thomas D. Christman Ronald J. Semanick «Michael S. Wolfe Robert T. Yavorski Jr., MD Founders Club «Edward S. Attarian «Joseph M. Brenner Lisa S. Coutts William R. Hoke Judith Webster Hunsicker Catherine J. Hyndman MD Janet Loprete Magee «Vivian Bates Noblett «Jane Lefanto Puckett Susan Dewling Rand Elsie Kean Schwing Carl J. Wimley «Cynthia Cave Yanchek

Colonial Club «Judy Jones Curtis Richard T. Duda Deborah Casey Eisenberg MD J. Christian Giesler «Annette Budzak Landes Esq. «David C. Malloy «Dean A. Molle J. Daniel Pruitt Alison Krock Rothrock Greyhound Club Susan Condron Belzner «Tracy Young Biediger MD «Debra Brooks Nealy «Jonathan E. Burcaw «Raymond W. Carlier «Christina Haas Churilla Michael T. Dougherty «Joan Detweiler Evans Donny L. Fisher Pamela Wilson Gazda Richard D. Gazda Stephen A. Gohdes «Babette Berger Guss Stephen C. Kalamar III «Lynnette Souders Klinger «Larry L. Knokey John A. Longo «Craig R. Love Susan Farrell Meiser «Michelle Stein Miller Kimberle Bach O’Neill Lori Quier Phillippi Robert M. Renna Lori Malloy Robertson Lori Rogora «Michael J. Russo «Maryann Burriello Salabsky «Meinardo R. Santos Jr., MD «Kathleen McMullen Schafer «Deborah Butler Shaffer «Barbara Updike Wilhelmy «Shirley I. Yochum 1984 Total Giving: $49,614 14% Participation Chairman’s Circle

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz

Comenius Society Bruce K. Mayer «Ronald L. Miksiewicz Roger P. Soell Monocacy Club Lisa Makuvek Godshall «Nancy Albright Price «R. Scott Shellington James P. Walters Founders Club Susan M. Bennett Aletha Custer-Bacon Fassl «Kenneth W. Koelln Colonial Club Christina Schoeller Giesler Randolph S. Krail «Joseph E. Luksa «Scott L. Phillips Linda Paerg Pruitt Kimberly Ziegler Trexler Greyhound Club Mark A. Braun «Eric W. Csencsits «Tammy Jacoby Dilendik «W. Andrew Elgin Donna DalMaso Genay «James Gentile DO David L. Griscom Elizabeth Plarr Griscom Michael F. Homa «Nancy Bednar Horwath Brian J. Hubert Janice Lipp LaPorta Philip A. Massay Harry Milkman Wendy McKee Moore Susan Traficante Moscatello Lynne Morgan Neel Sarah Boone Olsheski «Denise DeJoseph Parkanyi Helen Berta Rogusky «Charles E. Schmidt Jr. Vicky Minich Serrao «John R. Shaffer John R. Steiger Jr. «Janice M. Thomas PhD

1985 Total Giving: $10,731 14% Participation Comenius Society «Richard D. Hooper «Gregory J. Tavalsky Monocacy Club «Paul M. Brock Jr. «Pamela Greeno Campbell «Kerry S. Freidl Esq. Francis H. Godshall Leonard E. Korn III Founders Club «Jo-Ann Brantley Brenner «Lisa J. Foulke «Kathleen DelGuercio Kececi «Earlaine Coleman Klingler «Eileen A. Morgan Meitzner «Jill Hannah Waskiewicz Colonial Club Ann Carpenter Virginia C. Carson Holly J. Edwards «Ruth Errico Olson Greyhound Club John A. Andretti Michael S. Arner Carlene Sallash Braun James G. Cunningham III Carol Schlaefer Halvorson Harris C. Hoke Jr., PhD Lynn Muschlitz LaBarre Megan B. Lamb Jeffrey P. Lesitsky Joseph J. Lewinski III Paula Colizzo Lewinski Patricia A. Lorenzo Charles R. Malatesta Lori Scholz Mauger Anita Finelli Maura Laura Frederick Maxwell Miriam D. Mello «Lynne Murray Morgan «Valerie Hand Morris «Lori N. Schmeisser «Ruth Schultes-Huth «Cathy Snyder Shaffer «Jeffrey K. Travis Lisa Rothdeutsch Warner

Karen Saas Zurasky

1986 Total Giving: $28,357 10% Participation Trustee Circle «Terence L. O’Rourke Jr., MD President’s Associates «Bryan W. Sandmann PhD Heritage Club Todd E. Bateson «Joan Kiefer Dickinson Jeanne Villano Petrucci Comenius Society Gayle Fischer Rowland Monocacy Club Laura Allan Haffner «Kelly K. Krieble PhD Founders Club «Scott A. Hoke «James R. Lasko «Randy P. Longo «James F. Swartz III, Esq. «Lynda Farrell Swartz «Carol A. Traupman Carr Colonial Club «Eric P. Marquard Ralph F. Mittl «Susan Henly Phillips Greyhound Club Kathleen Cannon Gayle Stevens Dimmick Kristin Matz Gawlik «Christopher P. Gilbert PhD Catherine Holbrook Hettrich James T. Lehr Jeffrey S. Maxwell «John D. Morris Joseph A. Pacelli Jr. Joan L. Reinhard «Alice Ritter Samuels Ann Loan Spirk Virginia V. Van Horne «Valerie Dale White 1987 Total Giving: $34,775 13% Participation Trustee Circle «Conrad J. Radcliffe Esq. Heritage Club

«Todd J. Dickinson

Scott A. Wood

Phillis R. Walden

«Gary L. Long

Monocacy Club Linda L. Atiyeh Douglas W. Derstine «Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr. «Jeffrey C. Ketz

Colonial Club «Karen Helms Demarest «Joseph M. Dremock Ingrid Olsen Gerber «Lorraine Matuczinski Gyauch «Timothy G. Seltzer

Joseph A. Zaia

Comenius Society «Claire M. Klatchak «Bruce C. Spencer Kenneth C. Yee Monocacy Club Rusty S. Bealer Ronald M. Kriner DO Founders Club «Elizabeth Tyler Bugaighis PhD «Sandra Hammel Cinque «Georgine K. Danyi VMD «Shelly Bachman DeLong «Jeffery R. Frekot «Diane Hvizdak Taylor Colonial Club «Denise O’Neill PhD Philip T. Page Denise Corona Reinhart Peter Reinhart «Amanda Taylor Roth «James A. Roth «David C. Stoyer Greyhound Club Doreen Patterson Cunningham Nadine Aljian Fatzinger Kristin Carlson Green Kathleen Hanifan Hoke James B. Horwath «Karen Morton Jensen Douglas R. Litzenberger «Pamela Messerschmidt Pfeiffer «Ray J. Pfeiffer Jr., PhD «Timothy P. Ronan Leonard J. Selner «Wendiann R. Sethi Lori Chomo Traupman Mark J. Wiragh 1988 Total Giving: $18,825 11% Participation President’s Associates «Christopher A. Ohmacht Heritage Club «Teresa Segar Long Comenius Society «Robert J. Russoli «Joseph M. Shosh PhD

Founders Club «Tarek M. Bugaighis «John D. Diehl «Karen Mengel Graham Colonial Club Julie Anderson Atwood Lisa M. Bechtel Mathew A. Pirozzi Paul M. Polsky Greyhound Club Frank Alessandra Michael D. Anthus «Sofia D. Bakis Edward C. Barnett Francis A. Brogan «Alease Duker Chabrak Peter D. Chimera «John W. Gerencher Evelyn Estephan Hanni «Catherine Martin Janny Ronald C. Kline Karen Hagerman Leary David L. Marcus Esq. Monica J. Martocci Miller OD Michael A. Rossi Jr. Alexis Odinov Stambaugh Joan Simons Starnes Jane Lantz Urban 1989 Total Giving: $26,797 10% Participation Trustee Circle «Amanda Westphal Radcliffe Heritage Club «Raymond J. Reimer Comenius Society «Kurt J. Poling «Stephanie L. Robison Monocacy Club Candyce Homan Chimera Paul E. Kurzeja Esq. «Scott A. Stanilious Founders Club «Gianine M. Christiano John T. Dittbrenner Jr. James B. Galbraith III

Greyhound Club «Bonnie Sue Banks Beers «James W. Beers Daniel G. Bianco Peter J. Buddock Esq. «Louis E. Chomo John W. Csencsits Michelle E. Dilorenzo Allen DO Christine Wasser Hess Richard H. Hoffman Richard M. Homa Linda Schwartz Koontz John F. Korn John J. Patrignani «Christine Germuga Rander «Erik D. Rander Patrick W. Sisk 1990 Total Giving: $36,285 14% Participation Trustee Circle Honnie P. Spencer MD President’s Associates Robert A. Verrone Heritage Club «Andrew W. Hart Comenius Society «Steven J. Burd «Richard P. Graham «Sharon Duffy Graham «Jane Tatum Helstrom «Thomas R. Ike «William J. Liaw DO «Walter T. Wandall Monocacy Club Beth Hance Arnold «Jennifer Smith Dieter «Kendall R. B. Dobbins MD «Kenneth J. Karch «Elizabeth Jennings Schreier Founders Club Kraig J. Correll Keith W. Kardos PhD

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you «Erika Bayles Mondok

Gloria L. Conrad

Mark P. Richardson

«Anthony D. Sabino

«Mary E. Cresseveur-

Nancy J. Sandor

«Jean Mulroy Tewell

Henry J. Wadas

«Scott W. Fedor

Colonial Club Christopher A. Golembiewski PhD Jeannine O’Grady Puello «Beth Unangst Sawickij Paul M. Staudt

Jeannine Renninger

Greyhound Club «Lauren Lauderbaugh Allen Lee S. Detrick «Lisa Cunningham Fedor Robert J. Floyd Jr. Neil M. Fromm «Andrea Fuller Giedosh Michael M. Melsky «Donna M. Moser Mary Kathryn Roseman Omdahl Robert L. Paneque Jr. Craig P. Riegler Robert C. Schmell Sarah L. Somers Leann Blose Stitzel Susan J. Weinlick

Joanne Piperato Phelan

1991 Total Giving: $13,959 9% Participation President’s Associates «David A. Zinczenko Heritage Club «Elinor Shute Hart Comenius Society «Kimberly Deischer Ike «Suzanne Kmet Diaz Brian C. Sarisky

Founders Club Christina M. Lawrence DMD Stefanie Padula Mozgai «Mary Becker Powell Michael Q. Roth

Monocacy Club Jonathan D. Soden Founders Club «Judith Tobias Chuisano «Cheryl J. Krapohl Francis R. Mozgai Jr. Robert L. Topkis DO Colonial Club «Richard A. Capra «Demeitrius V. Sawickij «Patricia A. Ward Greyhound Club Lori A. Barnett Catherine A. Bleiler

Reed DDS

Fielding Mark A. Fielding «Linda S. Heberling «Lynn M. Kuster Timothy R. Morris «Timothy J. Prochnau «Susan Knasiak Raley Dwight D. Repsher Jill L. Simonelli «Eugene F. Weber Jr. Renate Muller Wildermuth

1992 Total Giving: $7,733 8% Participation Comenius Society John F. Haberl Lisa Fromhertz Konzelmann Monocacy Club «Mark R. Newsome Teresa Rizzo Soden Scott M. Wilhelm Esq.

Colonial Club «Lionel B. Fraser III Scott E. Maier Esq. «Carmella Solito Mattes «Edward J. Rekai «Beth Derr Zmijewski VMD Greyhound Club Janet E. Barry Laura Lombardi Bianco Carl J. Billera «William J. Casciano «Jennifer Lettie Chomo David S. Fields Thomas H. Luhman Kimberly Kellogg McAlindin Neil V. Pagotto John N. Quinones

1993 Total Giving: $10,618 8% Participation President’s Associates «Todd D. Parlee Comenius Society «Hilary Martin Wandall Esq. Monocacy Club «Monica Shea Glick Laurel Blair Mikovits Barbara E. Reuper Baum Founders Club James C. Barclay DDS «Linda Hulse LaPointe «Michelle Litzenberger Trent Colonial Club «Amy Endler «John E. Mattes III Greyhound Club Carrie Schaller Bachman «Marta Boulos Gabriel «Kathryn Schaar Burke «Christopher B. Buzby «Jessica Rotz Campbell Matthew J. Delarato David J. Donohue «Thaddeus J. Encelewski Jeffrey N. Gibbs Connie S. Grube «Jocelyn Smith Mosher Susan D. Pearson «Jason C. Reed Robert T. Wehmeyer 1994 Total Giving: $9,989 12% Participation Comenius Society C. Lenny Konzelmann Dale Intemann van Gelder Monocacy Club «Kevin M. Andris Esq. Denise A. Bradley Kerry Willard Bray «M. Bridget Heal John M. Hoffer Joseph M. Michalczyk

Founders Club Shane M. Hollawell DPM Eric A. Lambinus Danny P. Maalouf Cindy L. Snow Colonial Club Christopher C. Arabia Deborah Maier Arabia «Charles E. Bowman Lori A. Halenar Danielle J. Shisko-Guyer Melissa Newhard Torba Ursula Morike Wuerth Greyhound Club «Marianne B. Anestad «Lisa A. Cardwell Elizabeth Bruzda DeLarato Judson W. Frank Pamela Porter Grauer Michael J. Hahn Michael G. Hancewicz Kevin R. Harstine «Nancy Williamson Hooke Jean A. Jones «Karl E. Klinger Joan Vargo Krem Maureen James Lippincott Julie A. Nasrani-Wildfong Daina A. Plostnieks Redpath Patricia Horwath Smith John R. Stanley PhD Karen Mang Tricomi John V. Visceglia Scott R. Weinert 1995 Total Giving: $17,192 9% Participation President’s Associates «Amy Kohler Howard «Janna Barclay Parlee Heritage Club «Britt J. Simon Esq. Comenius Society Joseph L. Giordano Monocacy Club Kathleen Farkas Shaffer Founders Club Melissa Hertzog Johnson «Lena K. Kenan Jennifer Meyer Roth

Scott D. Seymour

Kathy Kovatch Reaman

Christopher A. Ward Esq.

«Steven G. Rhoads

Colonial Club «Krisa Murray Arzayus «Mark A. Bonsall «Mary Beth Anfuso Horner «Janet Kucey Kovalchick Hugh P. McHugh «Tara B. O’Neal «Edward J. Roach

Dorothy Elizabeth Rohn-

Greyhound Club Sohyla Ahmadzadeh Ian J. Allena Taryn Pomponio Allena Kyla McFadden Baldo «Christopher J. Fox Tanya Thear Hood Jiayin Ma David D. Madea Rebecca Kleintop Owens Keith W. Quelet Karen M. Stupic 1996 Total Giving: $5,795 7% Participation Comenius Society «Christopher J. Brown «James P. Orlando PhD Renee Szabo Richardson Monocacy Club «Mary Kate Turowski Andris, EdD «Deborah Yuengling Ferhat Founders Club «Douglas M. Miller Esq. Richard Senker Colonial Club Sean C. Keville Laura Kellers Queen Greyhound Club Robert E. Bennett III Kevin P. Edwards Roberta Longo Gally Alenda B. Gardner Gordon J. Grauer «Darren S. Hoch Philip M. Novack Gottshall PhD Daphne Rhoton Pierce DMD

Habhegger Michael J. Smith Michael D. Squarcia Susan Knowles Weber

1997 Total Giving: $4,517 9% Participation Comenius Society Sean R. Richardson Founders Club «Rebecca Kobler Brooking «BethAnn Schrey Folcher «C. Eileen Kutzler «John D. Rossi III Tracy Asper Wolak Esq. Robert A. Wolak Jr. Colonial Club «Sarah Crews Chriscoe «Renee Bond Geiger «Phillip N. Geiger «Amy Croll Souders Greyhound Club Michael S. Anthony «Lauren A. Baksa «Allison Higgins DiCello Kathleen Stiely Frank «Diane M. Hobbie Patricia Giordani Krall Lauren Walsh Lohn Jason M. Maslowski Mary Ann Mittnacht Nancy J. Moffett Cynthia Rader-Geyer Jason E. Roeder Robert F. Schneider Robin North Stankowski Gregory E. Webb William B. Wekluk III Celeste A. Wells DVM Sylvia A. Woolf-Gallop Owen M. Zimmerman 1998 Total Giving: $8,610 10% Participation Comenius Society Melissa Hege Ayala Matthew L. Downing

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Monocacy Club Jennie Coughlin Joshi Jena Woods Pado Founders Club «Edward S. Brooking Frank J. Conforti «Michael M. Folcher Lori B. Lawler Kasie Hornberger Seymour «Audrey Weaver Sparks Colonial Club «Alan A. Babp Kenneth E. Fegley Margaret Thomsen Katsumi Kara Crampsie Nocek David P. Nocek Glenn M. Price «John A. Walls II Greyhound Club Deanna L. Campbell Dominick A. Cusumano Elizabeth K. Gittins James A. Gold «Christy Danko Graybeal PhD «Zaleina Khan Kartick Alison Parpagene Long Judith A. Moll Stephanie Ann Newman Sandra E. Novack Gottshall Jeffrey J. Pukszyn «Susan J. Terry Robert C. Thear Ryan T. Walters Jarred J. Weaver «Gregory A. Woods 1999 Total Giving: $3,060 8% Participation Monocacy Club Merica Gellerman «William F. & Mary Ann Harzer Founders Club «Catherine B. Huegler Jessica Coughlin Milner Esq. Colonial Club Joshua P. Dodd Kelly Lubenesky Wiland

Greyhound Club Leahn E. Agnew Karcheski Elizabeth Coale Artis Jeffery F. Brill Jennifer Coffin Dodd PhD «Sara deMange Fox Charles E. Gardner DVM William J. Haskins John D. Hobaugh Darice Lulko Hoffmann Jennifer L. Page Judela J. Pearl-Thomas Stephanie L. Rickards Corrigan «Charity Feichtel Roth «Marsha L. Stiles «Evett Vega Lynne Grzywacz Webb Kathleen Aguanno Zurenko 2000 Total Giving: $2,025 5% Participation Comenius Society Jeremy M. Straub Colonial Club Ashley J. Heiberger Greyhound Club «Margaret M. Frantz «Lisa G. Hahn-Egan PhD Allison D. Harteveld «Christie J. Jacobsen «Jocelyn Eisenhart Kilhefner Jane M. Knisely PhD Ostomy Matthew Robert Petrosky Timothy J. Pfluger Jennifer E. Samson Acker Angela Scarselletti Shafer «Ryan M. Shick Mary Lowrey Toczek «Brian D. Unangst «Stephen M. Van Horn «Heather Wickmann Watt David W. Zimmerman 2001 Total Giving: $3,175 6% Participation Comenius Society «Hal A. Long

Monocacy Club Rebecca Matijasich Stadelmeyer

Emily J. Shertzer

Founders Club «Kimberly S. Ghali-Rao DMD Torine Pasek Yulish


Colonial Club Amy DePuy MD Michael H. Milunec Greyhound Club Lynne Herren Berkstresser Hilary J. Constable Amalia G. Dignetti «Alexander W. Egan Allison C. Fisk Angela Detrick Gable Melissa Gerhard Kessell Dustin Levy PhD Vera Marston Rebekah L. Miller William A. Onofry Esq. Michael R. Ready «Paulette A. Roberts Courtney Rice Schnyderite Tracy Hamill Walters «Christopher M. Watt 2002 Total Giving: $17,990 7% Participation Trustee Circle «Brian J. Corvino Comenius Society «Randall G. Woolley Monocacy Club «Julie Jones Shilane PhD «Christopher S. Szutar Founders Club Paul J. Devoy Colonial Club Rebecca Caulwell Kirkland DPT Greyhound Club Tracy Allem Haas Andrew J. Cerco Melissa Herzog Cerco «Josh W. Cesare Shawn D. Collier «Scott A. Heydt Lisa A. Lavigne Tejeda Christina L. Mondschein Kelly A. Muschlitz Suzanne C. O’Connor

Kimberlie Howey Stout Katie Copf Van Der «Amanda Rissmiller Williams Autumn H. Zander

2003 Total Giving: $4,189 9% Participation Monocacy Club Timothy C. Deily Michael J. Zile Founders Club John A. Cupples IV «Catherine Halley McCormick «Victoria Homko Piccotti John W. Reynolds «Scott S. Zientek Colonial Club Shelly A. Levulis DPM Allen C. Smith «Joshua D. Weaknecht Greyhound Club «Dennis F. Batovsky Vincent P. Cowlishaw «Daniel E. Diefenderfer Rosa M. Fernandes Lauren Spence Gayeski «Lori B. Geisinger Cynthia Wright Gorman Drew S. Hinkel Regina Lacombe Laine «Dina M. Liberatore Christopher M. McGinnis «Alyson L. Remsing «Kelly McLean Rindock Mary E. Saville «Jeremy C. Sawruk «Jennifer Tori Shick Bindesh Shrestha PhD Meredith L. Vance Kristin L. Vazquez Joshua W. Zagorski 2004 Total Giving: $24,511 8% Participation Trustee Circle «Jaime L. Marks Heritage Club «D. Wayne Barefoot Comenius Society Jennifer Hastings Deily

Monocacy Club Brian J. Kurylo Jacquelene Healy Kurylo «Borko Milosev «Scott T. Williams

«Jacqueline A. Collette

Founders Club «Charles DePuy «Carrie L. Fellon «Greta L. Kistler «Ethan J. P. Ordog Esq. Jillian Kalweit Tucker

«Jennifer Kunes

Colonial Club Heidi Keglovits Caldwell Michael D. Grillo Esq. Kaitlyn Cerco McKittrick «Joel Bart Messick Melissa Soroka Williams

Kelly M. Haymaker

Greyhound Club Marissa Weaknecht Ambron DO Renee M. Balliet PhD Kimberly A. Broadbent Elise Alexander Colancecco Catherine Fleming DiOdoardo Matthew J. Donnelly «Samantha X. Dorney «Janice E. Farber Andrea Frankenfield Hinkel «Anthony C. Iannetta Rebecca S. Kalapay Kevin J. Miltenberger Amy Lawrence Neiderer «Bonnie VanCott Schlener Jennifer Palmer Smith

«Guy R. Read

2005 Total Giving: $3,460 7% Participation Monocacy Club «Heather McGarvie Corey «Daniel A. Corey Libuse H. Guldin «Cathleen Lavelle Williams

Esq. «Melissa Duarte Daley Andrew J. DeAngelis PhD «Alyssa C. DeSimone Driscoll «Justin P. Driscoll Brynn Chromiak Dunkelberger Christina Wallace Garr Laura Gordy Maderas Joseph M. Moyer Esq. Ruth Ann Moyer «Stephanie Beitler

Rauch-Mannino Esq.

«Rebecca S. Stewart

2006 Total Giving: $1,056 5% Participation Colonial Club Mary Stewart Bowen Mojca Branc Amy R. Frantz Greyhound Club «Shannon Gardner Bakros «Lindsey M. Brychta «Scott J. Burke «Eric J. Cuevas Angela L. Delonti John D. Donofrio «Carolyn Elliott Evans «Brandi A. Fogel Matthew T. Hovey «Kevin B. Landis Tara Harding Miltenberger Rebecca E. Moore «Lauren Castrantas Spiece «Courtney L. Werner Bryan S. Wolf Brendan J. Wright

Colonial Club Michelle Lala Clark «Regina A. LaCaruba «Katie M. Suib Courtney A. Wertman

2007 Total Giving: $1,268 7% Participation Colonial Club Kathryn Wyant Backer «Jennifer Marie Gillard

Greyhound Club «Lucio J. Alercia «Christine A. Bobick

Greyhound Club «Kelly M. Applegate «Patrick E. Bechtel

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you «Scott M. Best

«Geoffrey M. Roche

«Tyler K. Boyer

«Sabrina E. Ruch

Clifford W. Garr II

Catelyn A. Savoth

«Julia E. Gasdaska

Cortney L. Selander

«Eric M. Kratz

Donna C. Smith

Christina M. LaVecchia

Jenna L. Wallace

«Samantha A. Madison «Shawn M. Martell Jillian Mlynek McMullen «D. Patrick McMullen «Thomas J. Mondschein Travis C. Nace Gary S. Novak Marc A. Panepinto Jennifer E. Peters Maureen Quinn Andrew J. Remsing «Scott G. Shelbo «Amanda Birosik Shilko «Emily R. Starner Michael C. Walp

2008 Total Giving: $2,404 8% Participation Founders Club «David F. Carr «Ann Mease Gibson «John C. Mikovits «Daniel G. Soares Greyhound Club Eric E. Adams Daniel M. Bobick «Allison R. Boyd Nicole A. Chupa «Daniel C. DeRicco Amelia J. Dietrich Nikki Benson Falcone Matthew G. Garr Sarah C. Goldman Daniel T. Gonzalez Justin Klement Taylor S. Knabb Jeffrey M. Kocsis Tammy Smith Kovacs Colleen Marsh Rachel A. McCausland Julia B. Miles «Kelly LaTourette Moser «Wesley S. Moser Lauren A. Pochron David C. Poppe «Rebecca Angstadt Roche

2009 Total Giving: $2,030 7% Participation Monocacy Club Leon F. Edelman Founders Club «Deborah Martin Arner Colonial Club «Amy L. Gollins «Paul G. Mack «Ryan D. Muth Greyhound Club Andrew J. Abraham Revé A. Anderko «Katarina A. Birle «Laura K. Boyd Marc A. Braxmeier Thomas A. Braxmeier Elizabeth A. Festa Angela M. Geosits Anthony Giovannini Christina K. Grimm Marisa A. Gurnari Megan L. Hall «Susan L. Herschlag Gregory T. Jones Katelyn A. Killea Amanda J. King John W. McCullough Hakim A. Myers Helen Benson Nace Sarah K. Naumes «Deborah Snyder «Kristin M. Staunton Patrick J. Sutton «Matthew J. Velekei Alan L. Woods «Karen M. Zavecz 2010 Total Giving: $2,015 6% Participation Founders Club Nancy Schreefer «Justin R. Serfass Dylan S. Stroup Colonial Club «Michael J. Bishop

Greyhound Club Jonathan G. Boksan «Matthew R. Bross Andrew E. Cohen Caitlin M. Cummings Danielle C. DuBois Caitlin V. Fischer Kathleen R. Flood Jessica C. Foran Tracy Groller Kate M. Harrison Kyle F. Krupa Amy Schaffer Leibenguth Joseph D. Melchionna Joseph J. Munley Karen A. Snyder Benjamin J. Sofka «Sarah Ann Thomas Eric M. Weaver Eric J. Yanders 2011 Total Giving: $11,447 6% Participation Trustee Circle Clayton K. Brewer Monocacy Club Corey C. Koenig Colonial Club Hongbo Hannah Yang Greyhound Club «Anisa Kocher Albertson Ryan M. Borger Tara L. Chiarella Cassandra Cleveland Kelly L. Grab Alex J. Hersch David B. Jennings IV Stephen J. Kahn Katherine A. Kercher Michael A. McClarin Thomas F. Mulligan Amanda P. Natale Veronica J. Nicklaus Ryan M. O’Donnell Kirk L. Pastre Elizabeth A. Python Jessica M. Rosato Timothy F. Smetana Lucas A. Smith Christina Q. Vo Sarah E. White

2012 Total Giving: $3,271 59% Participation Colonial Club Jennifer W. Buck Greyhound Club Ana P. Acevedo Michael J. Adams Elizabeth L. Adshead Selena T. Agnor Raymond Allocco Jr. Steven J. Ambrosi Ginelle M. Ambrosino Melissa S. Andreas Todd R. Aronhalt Justine A. Barnes Jordan A. Barton Alexandra M. Basar Julienne C. Basso Christine A. Bauer Samantha M. Beard Brittany M. Beard Alyssa N. Beller Rachel A. Belletiere James M. Bellush Nicole F. Benson Shane C. Bernier Nikos Bilianis Michael E. Birnbaum Alexandra L. Blair Tara H. Blasser Jaclyn S. Borden Philip T. Bortz Elizabeth K. Brodt Elizabeth Ann Brundage Arielle L. Caldas Jenna L. Carmon Mark C. Casagrande Erica A. Cernobyl I Ngai Chan Armando Chapelliquen Nicole M. Churilla Michael K. Clark Brendan H. Close Meredith A. Coleman Sarah J. Collins Patrick B. Collins Lindsay E. Connolly Miranda L. Cooper Peter M. Coveleski Jeffrey S. Cullinan Niccolo J. Dalpiaz Julia L. Damiani Kyle D. D’Angelo Cynthia L. DaPra

Christa D. Darakjy

Brianna M. Kavanagh

Melissa L. De Lucia

Sarah D. Keenhold

Caitlin A. Dean

Brittany L. Keller

Jesse T. Deleasa

Jennifer L. Kerchner

Antonio G. Delvescovo

Stephen J. Kircher

Brooke E. DeNitzio

Kevin R. Kirsche

Jared P. Deutsch

Nelson H. Knudsen

Ashley D. Dierolf

Mark R. Koelbel

Ryan J. Dietrich

Meghan C. Kopp

Douglas P. DiMattia

Amanda M. Kostalis

Gabrielle M. DiVincenzo

Anthony C. Kovacs

Michael C. Dobbins

Courtney N. Kunkel

Melissa L. Emery

Elizabeth M. Kussler

Kathryn E. Engwall

Allegra N. Labar

Michael J. Facchiano

Alissa M. Lastres

Kelly A. Fackenthall

Carolyn A. Latkovich

Rachel L. Febert

Natalie C. Lawrence

Jami L. Fein

Timothy A. Layng

Diana M. Feldmann

Michael J. Lefanto

Nathaniel K. Ferraro

Shea E. Lewis

William P. Ferry

Tara M. Lewis

Alison L. Fischer

Amanda L. Liccardi

Edward P. Flaherty

Meredith B. Lobb

Holly L. Fleming

Shane M. Long

Cailin M. Fogerty

Lianna Lopez

Adam Galasso

Anna G. Lounsbury

Christopher M. Gallogly

Matthew A. Lutcza

Erin K. George

Katie M. Lynn

Matthew W. Gibson

Dana Maroldi

Lauren J. Gober

Nora J. Martin

Charli A. Godshall

Nicholas S. Marzuoli

Kimberly J. Gogel

Edmond F. Matta

Naiomi Gonzalez

Sarah C. Maxwell

Patrick J. Gordon

Lauren L. Mayewski

Nicholas J. Guerriero

Brian J. McCoy

Alison Y. Gushman

Ryan D. McGarry

Jonathan Gutierrez

Kimberly J. McKeever

Megan S. Hallowell

Kasara B. McLaughlin

Michelle A. Hanna

Britney R. McNabb

Kristin M. Hannings

Anna M. Meola

Ryan A. Hartzell

Kate E. Metz

Alexandra S. Hay

Justin M. Miranda

Ian W. Heck

Nirav A. Modasia

Lisa Heffernan

Kimberly R. Mogg

Jaclyn A. Held

Lauren A. Molchan

Lindsay N. Henkelman

Taylor P. Molinaro

Allison M. Hess

Julie Montes De Oca

Anne E. Hoffman

Katherine M. Moquete

Mark A. Hop

Douglas J. Morrow

Alexander Hsieh

John E. Murray

Joseph F. Ibrahim

Hilary F. Murray

Steve C. Ivtindzioski

Michelle R. Nutz

Catherine M. Janela

Rachael E. Oatis

Shildia L. Jones

Kevin C. O’Keefe

Anne S. Joseph

Jillian E. O’Malley

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Colleen J. Osborne

Sanjin Varga

Amanda P. Natale

Long T. Tran

Katherine M. Walton

Hongbo Hannah Yang

Rebekah J. Overdorf

David L. Wacker Jr.

Veronica J. Nicklaus

Katherine E. Trinisewski

Matthew W. Washer

Christopher Y. Youn

Jordan A. Pesce

Nathan E. Walker

Caitlin O’Connor

Thomas W. Turcich

Michael D. Watson

Christian S. Zechman

Jesse P. Peterson

Britany M. Wallace

Jessica A. Olonovich

Katelynn M. Turek

Gretchen J. Weaknecht

Sarah A. Ziegenfuss

Stephanie N. Peterson

Kinga J. Wang

Matthew C. Onori

Ryan C. Ulk

Charles R. Welsko

Kelly E. Pettit

Andrew W. Watson

Michael C. Palermo

Zachary J. Valentine

Alyssa M. Wert

Cassandra E. Phillips

Megan T. Weaver

Brittny K. Pany

Christina Q. Vo

Bryant M. White

Tessa N. Piantadosi

Megan P. Wenk

Elizabeth A. Parsels

Michael R. Wagner

Carolyn D. Whyley

Kristin A. Popovice

Anna M. Whetstone

Kirk L. Pastre

Christopher T. Walsh

Ellen L. Williams

Jessica M. Puckett

Lisa M. Williamson

Nina E. Patton

Denise C. Ragard

Christina M. Woods

Jason J. Pauloski

Philip D. Redline

Caitlin G. Worrich

Jaclyn C. Pelletier

Danielle N. Renna

Heather D. Yawger

Joshua J. Perch

Austin C. Rock

Nicholas A. Yelito

E’Stasia Pickett

Catherine D. Rockwell

Gary A. Zack

Christine E. Poole

Kristina L. Ruggiero

Michael D. Zanoni

Elizabeth A. Python

Morgan J. Rutch

David J. Zubia

Charles P. Quinlan

Kaitlin R. Sadowski

Alyson C. Zucal

Amanda M. Raiser

Alyssa L. Saputo

Daniel M. Kane

Richard S. Rallo Jr.

Anosh Taqe Sayed

Shawn L. Kaspern

Vita A. Ranella

Gregory C. Scarlato II

Sharad KC

John B. Reese

Abigail E. Schaffer

Mary K. Kearney

Rebecca Christine

Matthew R. Scheirer

Rachel A. Kleiner


Ashley L. Schmidt

Corey C. Koenig

Rebecca A. Renaldo

Kathryn J. Schumm

Francine M. Krause

Jaime L. Renninger

Casey J.

Leon T. Kukura

Joseph P. Reynolds

Kaitlyn M. Lambert

Tyler Richards

Daniel K. Selmasska

Jessica N. Langan

Gregory J. Rittenhouse

Allison R. Shelly

John A. Larkin

Kaitlyn M. Russell

Kyle M. Shollenberger

Lauren E. Lavelle

Alexandra F. Santoro

Blake W. Shortall

Matthew Leiggi

Michael J. Santos

Andrew J. Shreter

Tracy M. Lentz

Jennifer R. Schmitt

Jamie L. Skidmore

Matthew D. Levine

AngelaRae C. Schneider

Samantha M. Smith

Erika M. Lewis

Steven M. Schrayer

Kyle R. Stackhouse

Sherry L. Litzenberger

Amanda M. Seybold

Christopher M. Stanton

Frank A. LoConte

Matthew D. Share

Gregg A. Steinman

Alexandra C. Lopez

Kaitlyn E. Siederman

Jenna L. Stickle

Alex P. Luquet

Timothy F. Smetana

Sam D. Stires

Cody Anne M. Lutz

Lucas A. Smith

Scott R. Stires

Siven T. Ly

Emily R. Smith

Matthew D. Stover

Daniel J. Mangano

Lauren M. Smith

Samantha R. Strassman

Adelle C. Mantle

Lauren A. Spencer

Melissa M. Straub

Carolyn A. Mayer

Taylor A. Sperduto

Kyle A. Sutcliffe

Philip A. McBride

Meghan E. Spirk

Rachel A. Tenneson

Kevin T. McCullough

Lindsey M. Stevens

Jamie S. Tersigni

Shannon M. McEvoy

Samantha J. Stiner

Jamie L. Thierolf

Travis C. Meister

John E. Strader

Christina R. Tomaino

Nicole S. Mernagh

Amanda L. Sutter

Arturo Daniel Torres

Jennie L. Miller

Trever Sweeney

Calderon Arrieta

Jesse T. Miller

Megan K. Swick

Courtney A. Totten

Katherine E. Miller

Christopher J. Symons

Jill M. Turek

Michael C. Miller

Lauren P. Taylor

Katelynn M. Turek

Jenelle M. Mirro

Jacob H. Tazik

Sean G. Tuttle

Angel L. Molina

Erik J. Terpstra

Brianne Underwood

Jessica L. Moran

Michelle A. Thomas

Camille M. Urbano

Thomas F. Mulligan

Carli S. Timpson

Samantha N. Valentini

Shannon K. Murray

Caitlin M. Tramontozzi


Seminary alumni and friends Evangeline Bahnson Smith Society Members of the Evangeline Bahnson Smith Society are those supporters of Moravian Theological Seminary who have made a gift of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year, at the following giving-club levels:

Mission Leadership Society (gifts $100,000 and above) Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ’43 * Mrs. Elizabeth Lowder Mason* Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province

Evelyn G. Trodahl ’68 &

Richard P. Chynoweth

Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 &

Dr. Audrey West

Embassy Bank Mrs. Erdmute Frank ’03 Ms. Sallie L Greenfield

President’s Circle (gifts $10,000-$49,999) Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Black Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 & Mr. Warren M. Gericke IBM Corporation Salem Congregation Mr. Thomas A. & Rev. Dr. Janice ’82 , ’91 Young

Ms. Amy S. & Rev. Dr. David B. ’86 Guthrie Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock, Jr. Mrs. Lois Moser Harke ’45 Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’53, ’57 Mrs. Joy G. & Rev. James T. ’75 Hicks Rev. Lunnett M. Hilliard ’10 Rev. James L. ’56, ’59 &

Mrs. Edith T. Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Company

Dean’s Circle (gifts $5,000-$9,999) Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern Mr. J. Robert Hess Dr. Doris Wood & Rev. Dr. David A. ’60 Schattschneider Mr. G. Dee Smith Society for Promoting the Gospel Mrs. Priscilla Wolle

Denise S. ’93, ’97 & Arthur T. Katsaros Rev. Dr. Nola R. ’09 & Mr. Paul F.

Knouse Jr.

Rev. Margaret K. Leinbach The Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70 Dr. Yvonne Thompson Maddox Mr. Bruce W. Marold ’12 Ms. Sherry Mason Brown

Professor’s Circle (gifts $1,000-$4,999) Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler & Mr. William M. Arnold Karen A. ’88 & Jose P. Arencibia Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ’80 Beitler Rev. David E. ’88 & Mrs. Constance L. Bennett Board of World Mission Mrs. Colleen Workman ’60 & Rev. James O. ’47 ’49 Bruckart Busy Workers Society

Rev. Dr. Henry E. Jr. ’60,’63 &

Mrs. Bobbie May

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 The Moravian Larger Life Foundation Moravian Ministries Foundation Ms. Jill Peters ’07 &

Mr. Richard Swirsding

Rev. Jami L. ’02 & Mr. Mitch Possinger Jane T. Young ’69 & James L. ’70 Regina Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Cedric S. Rodney Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld

«Consistent ConsistentGiving GivingSociety Society « FALL 2012



Thank you Rev. Dr. Gordon L. ’57,’61 &

Mrs. Susan Sommers

President Christopher M. Thomforde &

Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde

Rev. Dr. Craig S., ’76, ’82 &

Mrs. Anna Troutman

Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Turner Rev. Dr. Heather Hartung & Mr. Gary

M. Vacek

Rev. Dr. Walter H. &

Rev. Deborah H. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

seminary alumni Chairman’s Circle Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ’82, ’91 Trustee Circle Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 Heritage Club Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 Rev. James L. Johnson ’59 Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70 Mr. Bruce W. Marold ’12 Rev. Dr. Henry E. May, Jr. ’63 Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 Rev. Dr. Gordon L. Sommers ’61 Comenius Society Mrs. Karen A. Arencibia ’88 Rev. David E. Bennett ’88 Rev. James O. Bruckart ’49 Mrs. Erdmute Frank ’03 Rev. Dr. David B. Guthrie ’86 Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’57 Rev. Lunnett M. Hilliard ’10 Mrs. Denise S. Katsaros ’93, ’97 Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ’09 Ms. Jill Peters ’08 Ms. Jami L. Possinger ’02 Rev. Dr. Craig S. Troutman ’82 Monocacy Club Rev. Dr. Douglas W. Caldwell ’69 Rev. Patricia F. Garner ’98 Rev. James D Hejl ’81 Rev. Gary T. ’63 & Mrs. Linda H. Marsh Rev. Dr. William H. McElveen ’58 Mr. William C. Needs ’63 Rev. Richard L. Sides ’75 Rev. Cheryl A. Stoneback ’04 Mrs. Pamela M. Weiss ’99 Rev. David L. Wickmann ’67 Rev. Stuart N. Zimmerman ’78

Founders Club Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Wayne Burkette ’69 Rev. Carol Packer Dague ’90 Rev. Kenneth V. Daniel ’89 Rev. Dr. Zackie Rufe Due ’93, ’95 Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards ’05 Rev. Ian D. S. Edwards ’04 Rt. Rev. Paul A. Graf ’64 Rev. Dr. Willard R. Harstine ’62, ’86 A. Peter Haupert, MD ’59 Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ’51 Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ’69 Rev. R. Burke Johnson ’67 Rev. Melissa Hertzog Johnson ’01 Rev. Franklin C. Jones ’65 Mrs. D. Jane Joyce ’93 Rev. Dianne Murray Kareha ’93, ’97 Rev. Roy E. A. Ledbetter ’74 Rev. Dr. Mary D. Matz ’75, ’82 Rev. Dr. William W. Matz, Sr. ’53 Rev. Charles Otto ’03 & Ms. Margaret Gorman Rev. Norman E. Prochnau ’62 Rev. John G. Rights ’95 Rev. Dennis G. Rohn ’70 Rev. Frederick C. Seyfert Jr. ’62 Rev. Robert T. Stevens ’94 Rev. Bruce M. Weaknecht ’81 Ms. Louise H. Young ’90 Colonial Club Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ’87 Rev. Hartmut Beck ’50 Ms. Kelly Howard Brooks ’05 Rev. David R. Burkette ’57 Rev. Sandra Kay Crase ’02 Rev. M. Lynnette Delbridge ’84 Rev. J. Michael Dowd ’71 Ms. Susan L Dupree ’98 Rev. Robert F. Engelbrecht ’56 Rev. Dr. Donald C. Esslinger ’82 Rev. Wolfram Fliegel ’56 Rev. Terry L. Folk ’78 Rev. J. Christian Giesler ’86 Rev. William E. Gramley ’62 Rev. J. Christopher Greene ’08 Rev. Jane Keogh Harberg ’92 Mr. Charles T. Harberg ’67 Rev. David M. Henkelmann ’57 Rev. Ray K. Joseph ’67 Rev. Glenn F. Jurek ’64 Rev. Gail H. Kees ’86 Rev. William B. Kerner ’62 Rt. Rev. Douglas H. Kleintop ’75 Rev. Andrew W. Meckstroth ’86

Rev. Catherine A. Parsons ’95

Ms. Deborah S. German ’08

Rev. Helen R. Pearson ’93, ’97

Rev. David C. Geyer ’97

Mrs. Helen M. Richards ’03

Rev. James L. Gill ’89

Rt. Rev. Graham H. Rights ’60

Rev. Matthew J. Gillard ’09

Ms. Tracy Campbell Roeder ’89

Rev. Stephen A. Gohdes ’86

Ms. Charlotte G. Rosenberger ’92

Rev. Dr. Amy Gohdes-Luhman ’93

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Sawyer ’67

Rev. W. Norwood Green ’52

Mr. David G. Sommers ’87

Rev. John Everard Griffith ’69

Rev. Robert L. Strauss ’84

Rev. John D. Groblewski ’90

Rev. Lynne D. Trout ’05

Rev. Elizabeth Anne Haines ’06

Rev. Aden A. Ward ’71

Rev. Dr. Gene E. Handwerk ’77, ’82

Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. Ward ’80

Rev. Charles Christopher

Rev. David F. Weyant ’75

Harewood, Sr. ’11

Rev. Keith K. Harke ’99

Greyhound Club Rev. Lorenz W. Adam ’52 Rev. Sara Moran Aker ’86 Rev. Matthew W. Allen ’98 Rev. Robert G. Aregood ’88 Mr. Michael W. Barnett ’03 Rev. Richard R. Beck ’86 Rev. Wendy Pirwitz Beck ’86 Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith ’97 Ms. Susan Bennetch ’11 Rev. Bradley L. Bennett ’84 Rev. Barbara A. Berg ’82 Rev. Walter C. Bishop ’05 Mr. James O. Blanton III ’59 Rev. Erwin E. Boettcher ’52 Mr. Bruce D. Bowen ‘01, ’03 Rev. Canon Doris S. Bray ’80 Rev. Karl F. Bregenzer ’48 Rev. Q. Ray Burke III ’77 Rev. Dr. Larry D. Carl ’82 Ronald R. Cavanagh, ThD ’63 Dr. Joseph R. Chuk ’84 Mrs. Gloria L. Conrad ’99 Ms. Cheryl G. Cottingham ’08 Rev. Steve E. Craver ’77 Rev. Afaf Atiyeh Darcy ’84 Mr. James Darcy ’08 Rev. Canon Virginia Rex Day ’93 Rev. Brian R. Dixon ’05 Mrs. Joan DeWolfe Doherty ’90 Rev. Douglas Donigian ’08 Rev. Joyce Donigian ’08 Rev. Wilfred L. Dreger ’45 Rev. Dean A. Easton ’05 Mr. Gregory Ellis ’07 Rev. David P. Felker ’96 Rev. Dr. Elaine L. Fenstermacher Bogert ’79, ’82 Rev. Carol A. Foltz ’78 Rev. Derek A. French ’95 Ms. Judith Ganz ’08

Mr. Faith Harpci ’10 Rev. Milton Hartentstine ’71 Mr. Michael Hedrick ’08 Rev. Marvin R. Henkelmann ’53 Ms. Therese M. Hero ’95 Mrs. Diana Hill ’93 Rev. Trina Holmberg ’09 Rev. Patricia Baldwin Honszer ’04 Rev. William M. Hosking, Jr. ’87 Ms. Frances L. Huetter ’58 Rt. Rev. Dr. James C. Hughes ’47 Rev. Thomas H. Irwin, Jr. ’67 Rev. Dr. Everett C. Isaacs ’85 Rev. Christine Sobania Johnson ’88 Rev. Darrell F. Johnson ’88 Rev. Lawrence T. Junek ’73 Rev. Dean R .Jurgen ’81 Rev. Dr. Judy Schaeffer Kehler

Shirey ’84

Rev. Brian R. Kent ’64 Rev. James L. Knappenberger ’77 Rev. Richard W. Kohl ’60 Rev. Reid P. Lauderman ’10 Rev. Linda Leuser ’08 Rev. Dr. F. Thomas Lichner ’82 Rev. Dr. Richard J. Manning ’55 Rev. Nicole R. Melara ’06 Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons ’09 Rev. Richard E. Michel ’45* Rev. Gordon B. Mowrer ’89, ’92 Mr. Donald L. Murphy ’99 Rev. Jack T. Nance ’65 Rev. Jimmie L. Newsom Sr. ’64 Rev. Dr. Stephen O. Nicholas Jr. ’67 Mrs. Anne Cramer Nourse ’04 Rev. Kenneth W. Nowack ’51 Rev. & Mrs. Frederick W. Oleck ’65 Ms. Carol Olzinski ’10 Rev. Gary A. Piatt ’83 Rev. Mary L. Plummer ’04 Rev. John F. Rauhut ’89

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Rev. Cynthia Rader Geyer ’97

Mr. Arthur F. Stocker*

Ms. Joan M. Moran

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin F Coble

Rev. Janel Rice ’05

President Christopher M. Thomforde

Karen Bruckart ’72 &

Ms. Susan Y. Crouthamel

Rev. Barbara Almon Rich ’87, ’93

Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Cude, Jr.

& Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde

Rev. Dawn R. Richie ’03 Rev. Douglas C. Rights ’83 Rev. John D. Rights ’85 Rev. Tammie L. Rinker ’99 Rev. Dorothy E. Rohn-Habhegger ’01 Rev. Canon Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril ’81 Rev. Dr. Cornelius B. Routh ’90 Rev. James V. Salzwedel ’61 Rt. Rev. Lane A. Sapp ’87 Rt. Rev. Dr. Edwin A. Sawyer ’38 Rev. Marlin L Schaffstall ’59 Rev. Eric J. Schulze ’53 Rev. George R. Scilley ’58

President’s Associates Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr. Mr. J. Robert Hess Johnson & Johnson Company Larger Life Foundation Rev. Margaret K. Leinbach & Mr. Ted Leinbach Dr. Doris Wood & Rev. Dr. David A. ’60 Schattschneider Mr. G. Dee Smith Mrs. Priscilla Wolle

Rev. Dr. Richard I. Shamel ’54 Rev. G. Thomas Shelton ’78 Rev. Joan A. Shelton ’79 Rev. Robert H. Smith ’61 Rev. Judith U. Snyder ’91 Rev. Maria Evola Spada ’89

Heritage Club Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock, Jr. Rev. Margaret K. Leinbach & Mr. Ted Leinbach Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

Rev. Earl E. Stephan ’57 Rev. Rebecca Y. Stephens ’92 Rev. Arkon G. Stewart ’90 Rev. Dr. Glen W. Stoudt ’77 Rev. Gary M. Straughan ’66 Rev. Arlene Byers Studer ’72 Rev. Canon Jane B. Teter ‘83, ’85 Rev. Richard J. Thierolf ’78 Rev. Allen. D Timm ’92 Rev. Katie Copf Van Der Linden ’06 Rev. C. Scott Venable III ’79 Rev. Dawn Gibson Volpe ’85 Rev. Nancy R. Von Boeckmann ’93 Mrs. Emily B. Wallace ’94 Rev. Terry W. Weavil ’76 Mrs. Lyn April Webb ’11 Rev. Margaret Braden Wellert ’99, ’00 Rev. Warren D. Wenger ’45 Rev. Carol L. West ’00 Ms. Tara Altenbach Zrinski ’05, ’07 seminary friends

Moravian Circle Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ’43* Ms. Elizabeth Lowder Mason* Chairman’s Circle Evelyn G. Trodahl ’68 & Richard Chynoweth Trustee Circle Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Black Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford IBM Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld

Comenius Society Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ’80 Beitler Embassy Bank Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Drs. Ruth & Theodore Hailperin Mrs. Lois Moser Harke ’45 Joy G. & James T. ’75 Hicks Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua ’67 Mr. & Mrs. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 The Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Yvonne Thompson Maddox, PhD Ms. Sherry Mason Brown Moravian Ministries Foundation Jane Young ’69 & James L. ’70 Regina Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Cedric S. Rodney Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Vacek Rev. Dr. Walter H. & Rev. Deborah H. Wagner Monocacy Club Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty Jr. Rt. Rev. & Mrs. C. Hopeton Clennon Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll Mr. Harold H. Garner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Cromer R. Grubbs, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hertzog Ms. Doris E. Kleintop

Henry G., Jr. ’71 Naisby

Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring

Ms. Oneita M. Dease

Mr. Jessie J. Stone*

Rev. Dr. David H. DeRemer

Howard & Elizabeth Vogler Fund

Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Dull, Jr.

Founders Club Ms. Jane Frankenfield Burcaw ’79 Mrs. Paul DeS. Couch, Sr. Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Howard H. Cox Ms. Gertrude Same Egan Mr. Mark A. Fried ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Frey Mrs. Ann Mease Gibson ’08 Rev. Fred Knieriem Mrs. Mary Ellen Binder Orben ’42 Mr. Richard P. Reinke Mr. Robert M. Rights ’46 Mrs. Mary Jeane Moser Romer ’54 Mr. Wayne C. ’61 & Mrs. Sandra Shugart Ms. Jean H. Siftar SKF Industries, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Halfred C. Smith Mr. George W. Verheyden Jr. Mr. Thomas G. Wendt Mr. Paul R. Yochum

Mrs. Geraldine M. Eichman Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson Ms. Geraldine L. Fenstermaker Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Frey Mr. & Mrs. W. Melvin Fulp Mr. James A. Gold ’98 Ms. Amanda K. Griesser Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. David H. Hester Mr. & Mrs. Roger K. Hockaday Mr. & Mrs. Duane L. Hofmeister Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hunter Ms. Donna D. Hurt Dr. Andrew H. Johanson Mrs. Alice C. Johnson Mr. Edmund W. Johnson Mr. Lawrence Johnson Mr. & Mrs. M. Keith Kapp Mrs. Dorothy C. Kuhfahl Mr. Hugh K. Leatherman, Jr. Rev. Dr. Roy Lewis

Colonial Club Mr. & Mrs. David P. Ambler Mr. & Mrs. Ben M Cahill Jr. Ms. Susan L. Canfield Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Crouch Mr. & Mrs. John E. Dewees Mr. Edward R. Ganss Mrs. Anna Mae Gillett Mr. Earl Jackson Ms. Marcella Kraybill-Greggo Mr. Gary A. Korhg Lehigh Dialogue Center Mr. & Mrs. David M. Lobach Mrs. Mildred B. Park Ms. Linda Pensyl Mrs. Kathryn Shamel Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson Mr. & Mrs. Norman Trapp Rev. Theodore E. Wilde ’60 Rev. Dr. R. Jane Williams

Dr. & Mrs. Roland R. Liebenow Mr. & Mrs. Dale A. Lucas Luther Crest Resident’s Spiritual Life Committee Mrs. Colleen M. Marsh ’08 Mr. Ostomy Matthew Mr. & Mrs. George Mentzer Mr. & Mrs. Peter V. Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Glen Moore Ms. Rebecca Kleintop Owens ’95 Ms. Gloria K. Pearce Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Perryman Mr. & Mrs. Gary Pruett Dr. Paul Peucker Ms. Lillian A. Rentschler Mr. Anderson Roberts Mr. & Mrs. James T. Roland Ms. Julie A. Rucks Ms. Mildred Saderholm Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Saunders Mrs. Madelyn R. Schalow

Greyhound Club Mrs. Fred Achey Mr. & Mrs. Albert Atwood Mrs. Betty Lou Kohl Baker Mrs. Ruth L. Behrend Leah L. & Charles B. ’63 Bledsoe Mr. Norman H. Campbell Mrs. Ruth Burns Carver

Ms. Alma H. Schlenker Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Simmons Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Singleton Mr. & Mrs. John P. Smeltzer Mr. & Mrs. Curtis F. Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Starbuck Mr. Manuel R. Stivers

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you Mr. Otto A. Strassburg ’70

Emily B. ’94 & Edwin, MD Wallace

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Williamson

Ms. Fay M. Thomas

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Wee

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Yochum

Mrs. Naomi Dittmer Thomas ’57

Ms. Pearl Westergom

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Zeiser

Mr. H. Douglas Walker

Miss Debra A. Williamson

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Zimmerman

faculty, staff and trustees Present and emeriti members of Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary faculty and staff and current trustees Moravian Circle «Mr. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. «Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd «Mr. Frederick A. Reinhard 1742 Circle «Mrs. Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68 «Mrs. Betsey Tait Puth ’51 Chairman’s Circle «Mr. Curtis H. Barnette Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz ’84 «Parry J. Miller, MD ’66 «Mr. Kenneth J. Rampolla ’79 Mr. Paul G. Sittenfeld «Dr. Christopher M. Thomforde Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ’82 Trustee Circle Mr. Stephen D. Black «Mr. Brian J. Corvino ’02 «Mrs. Deborah Oplinger McKinnon ’73 Honnie P. Spencer, MD ’90 «Dr. Gordon Weil President’s Associates Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 «Mrs. Genevieve Riordan Gee ’43 «Candy Barr Heimbach, Esq. ’79 Mr. J. Robert Hess Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 «Mr. Christopher A. Ohmacht ’88 Ms. Lisa Moyer Roth ’81 Rev. Dr. David A. Schattschneider ’60 Dr. Doris Wood Schattschneider «Dr. Bettie Moretz Smolansky Heritage Club Rev. David E. Bennett ’88 Mr. Gary A. Carney Mr. Gregory Christensen «Mr. Michael M. Ellis ’72 Rev. Dr. David B. Guthrie ’86 Mrs. James A. Hancock, Jr. «Richard T. Kingston Jr., DDS ’77

«Mr. Robert J. Schoenen Jr.

«Rev. Dr. Douglas W. Caldwell ’66

Mrs. Monica Schantz

Dr. Janet A. Sipple

Dr. Bernardo J. Cantens

Mr. Richard R. Schantz

«Mr. John E. Williams

Rt. Rev. C. Hopeton Clennon

«Dr. Alicia N. Sevilla

Dr. Benjamin Coleman

«Dr. James V. Skalnik

«Mr. John J. Gehman

«Ms. Mary Beth A. Spirk

Rev. Dr. Steve R. Gordy

«Dr. Lori J. Toedter

Mr. Kenneth Todd Huus

«Dr. Carol A. Traupman-Carr ’86

«Kelly K. Krieble, PhD ’86

Dr. Barbara Vinciguerra

Dr. Eva Leeds

«Mr. Michael P. Wilson

«Dr. Janet S. Loengard

«Dr. Stacey B. Zaremba

Comenius Society Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler «Mrs. Karen Bader «Ms. Suzanne J. Bleiler-Conrad ’82 Dr. Herman E. Collier, Jr. «Mr. Jon B. Conrad ’82 «Mr. Scot J. Dapp «Ms. Julie A. Del Giorno «Dr. George S. Diamond «Dr. Ruth Roberts Hailperin «Mrs. Patricia Murray Hanna ’82 «Dr. Linda Heindel Rev. James T. Hicks ’75 Ms. Amy Lou Johnson «Ms. Dawn M. Ketterman-Benner «Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 «Mrs. Beverly Gaston Kochard ’73 «Dr. Frank T. Kuserk Dr. Heikki E. Lempa The Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Yvonne Thompson Maddox, PhD «Dr. Gary L. Olson Ms. Jill Peters ’07 «Mr. Douglas J. Plotts Rev. Jami L. Possinger ’02 «Mr. Joseph L. Powlette ’60 Mr. A. Reed Raymond ’74 «Mr. Mark F. Reed «Ms. Anne Myers Reid Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke «Joseph M. Shosh, PhD ’88 Dr. Donna G. Smith Dr. Susan Martin Studds Rev. Dr. Craig S. Troutman ’76 Ms. Laura D. Turner Mrs. Heather H. Vacek Rev. Dr. Walter H. Wagner «Mr. James R. Walker Monocacy Club Ms. Kerry Willard Bray ’94

«Mr. Gary M. Martell ’76 Ms. Patricia A. Price «Mrs. Carole Ann Reese «Dr. Kay B. Somers «Mr. Walter F. Williams Dr. Robert R. Windolph «Dr. Joel D. Wingard «Mrs. Susan Overath Woolley

Founders Club «Mr. Harold C. Anderson «Dr. Hilde Binford «Dr. John R. Black «Mrs. Dawn L. Buck «Ms. Jane Frankenfield Burcaw ’79 «Mrs. Ruth Calvo «Rev. Dr. Howard H. Cox «Mrs. Linda J. Doyle Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards ’05 «Ms. H. Paty Eiffe «Mrs. Bonnie Jean Falla «Mrs. Ann Caroline Mease Gibson ’08 «Mr. Robert K. Gratz ’75 Rev. Dr. Willard R. Harstine ’62 «Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ’48 «Dr. Curtis A. Keim «Ms. Linda Hulse LaPointe ’93 «Dr. Nicole L. Loyd Rev. Dr. William W. Matz Sr. ’50 «Mrs. Carol J. Meixell «Mrs. Carol Ann Modjadidi «Ms. Erika Bayles Mondok ’90 «Mrs. Susan Sikora O’Hare ’74 «Dr. Martha Reid «Mr. John D. Rossi III ’97

Colonial Club «Dr. Mary E. Arenas Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ’87 Mr. James E. Barnes «Mr. William F. Bauman ’74 «Mr. George J. Boksan ’78 «Mrs. Sabrina Zimpfer Boyd ’82 «Dr. Robert T. Brill «Dr. George D. Brower «Dr. Carole K. Brown «Dr. G. Clarke Chapman «Mrs. Ann McKittrick Claussen ’74 Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug «Ms. Amy Endler ’93 Rev. Dr. William S. Falla «Dr. Dennis G. Glew Mr. Wilton Grannum Rev. Jane Keogh Harberg ’60 «Mrs. Deborah J. Hinkel Dr. Daniel Jasper «Rt. Rev. Douglas H. Kleintop ’71 Ms. Marcella Kraybill-Greggo Dr. Matthew A. Lang «Dr. David L. Langhus «Mr. Mayo W. Lanning Mr. David M. Lobach «Dr. Joanne M. McKeown Dr. John V. Reynolds «Dr. Edward A. Roeder «Ms. Suzanne M. Schamberger Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. Ward ’80 «Mr. Robert J. Ward «Dr. Debra Wetcher-Hendricks «Mr. Neil Wetzel

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Mr. Joseph E. Williams ’70

Mr. Kevin P. Edwards ’96

Dr. Andrew H. Johanson

Mr. Jeffrey J. Pukszyn ’98

Rev. Dr. R. Jane Williams

«Mrs. Janice E. Farber ’04

«Mr. Kenneth K. Kalapay

Dr. Jason H. Radine

Dr. Hans M. Wuerth

Mr. Terence J. Fitzpatrick

«Mrs. Pamela G. Kalapay

«Ms. Alyson L. Remsing ’03

Mr. Edward P. Flaherty ’12

«Dr. William A. Kleintop

Mrs. Laura L. Ridge

«Mrs. Geri G. Flores

Dr. Ronald J. Kline

Rev. Dr. Cornelius B. Routh ’90

Dr. Michael J. Fraboni

Mrs. Janet E. Knauss

Ms. Amy W. Saul

Mr. Matthew G. Garr ’08

Dr. Helen Kohler

Mr. David G. Schappert

«Ms. Julia E. Gasdaska ’07

«Dr. Astrid B. Kromayer

«Mrs. Bonnie VanCott Schlener ’04

Dr. Joseph J. Gerencher

Mr. Louis V. Lanza

«Dr. Fred B. Schultheis ’77

«Dr. Daniel R. Gilbert* Sr., PhD

Rev. Dr. Roy Lewis

Dr. G. Alden Sears

Dr. Christie L. Gilson

«Mr. John Makuvek Jr.

Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Simmons

Rev. Dr. Amy Gohdes-Luhman ’93

Mrs. Colleen M. Marsh ’08

«Mr. Arthur W. Smith Jr. ’68

Miss JoAnn M. Grandi

«Dr. Albert H. Martin

Ms. Brienne Smith

Dr. James S. Green

Ms. Jeanne B. Masters

Ms. Margaret Snyder

Ms. Amanda K. Griesser

Mrs. Michelle Rogers Matuczinski

Mrs. Shelley A. Speirs

Ms. Alexandra S. Hay ’12

«Dr. Robert H. Mayer

«Ms. Marsha L. Stiles ’99

Dr. Joyce A. Hinnefeld

«Dr. & Mrs. John W. McDermott

Dr. Nicole Anne Tabor

Dr. Lori M. Hoffman

«Mr. Thomas J. Mondschein ’07

Mrs. Anita K. Tannous

Ms. Mary Anne B. Hoffman

«Mr. Wesley S. Moser ’08

Mr. Daniel S. Tannous

Ms. Lindsey S. Hughes

Ms. Marty J. Moyle

Miss Debra A. Williamson

«Dr. Diane W. Husic

«Mrs. Miguelina Ortiz

Rev. Dr. Samuel R. Zeiser

«Ms. Christie J. Jacobsen ’00

«Ms. Rose Panik

Greyhound Club Dr. Pamela Z. Adamshick «Ms. Anisa Kocher Albertson ’11 Mr. Christopher S. Basile Ms. Shelley Sorensen Bauder «Mr. James W. Beers ’89 «Mr. Scott M. Best ’07 «Mrs. Lisa Gianotti Brand «Mrs. Esther B. Burkhart «Mr. John C. Byrne ’82 «Mr. Richard J. Churilla Mrs. Elise Alexander Colancecco ’04 Mrs. Catherine L. Dantsin «Dr. John R. Dilendik Rev. Brian R. Dixon ’05 «Dr. Theresa A. Dougal «Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle «Dr. Dana S. Dunn

parents and grandparents

Current and past parents and grandparents of Moravian students

Moravian Circle «Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. P ’84 «Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Reinhard P ’86, P ’90

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Burke P ’06, P ’13 «Mr. Robert J. Fulmer P ’87, P ’92 «Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz ’84, P ’14 Ms. Pamela Moschini P ’10 Dr. & Mrs. James E. Moyer P ’14

Chairman’s Circle «Dr. Don C. Follmer P ’77 Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz ’84 P ’14

Dr. & Mrs. Terence O’Rourke Sr. P ’86

Trustee Circle Frank & Lorelei Brewer P ’11 «Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley P ’78

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Sadtler P ’15

«Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton P ’89 «Mr. & Mrs. Andre Python Jr. P ’11 «Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines P ’10, P ’12 Dr. & Mrs. David R. Taschler P ’14 «Mrs. Ida E. Vasily P ’02 «Mr. James R. Walker P ’07

President’s Associates Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clark P ’12, P ’14 «Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox P ’87 Mr. J. Robert Hess P ’81 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Shreter P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Steinman P ’12 «Mrs. Margaret Taylor P ‘75, P ’82 «Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller P ’06 Heritage Club Mrs. Joan Kiefer ’86 & Mr. Todd J. Dickinson ’87, P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Miller P ’00 Comenius Society «Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram P ’75, P ’83

«Mr. Walter F. Williams P ’81

Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier Jr. P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag P ’13

Monocacy Club «Mr. & Mrs. Tomas J. Bamberger P ’89 Dr. Bernardo J. Cantens P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dolan P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Durso P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. John Fitzsimmons P ’14 Rev. Dr. Steve R. Gordy P ’01, P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Hastings P ’04, P ’15 «Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Hornberger P ’98 Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kidd Jenny P ’98, P ’06 «Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Maher P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Mammana P ’01 Mr. John L. Reed Jr. P ’14 «Mrs. Barbara Reimers P ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Truscott P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. David M. Setley P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Starner P ’01

Founders Club «Mr. Harold C. Anderson P ’04, P ’05, P ’08 «Mr. & Mrs. Ken Buck P ’06, P ’10, P ’12 «Ms. Jane Frankenfield Burcaw ’79 P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Butash P ’14 «Mr. & Mrs. John C. Byrne P ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Ken Casey P ’14 «Mr. & Mrs. John B. Cave P ’83 «Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Chomo P ’85, P ’87, P ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Maldwyn Cooper P ’15 Ms. Margaret DeAntonio P ’15 «Mrs. Linda J. Doyle P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Endler P ’93 Mr. John Gotzon P ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harper P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. James Heck P ’12 «Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Koza P ’93 Mr. J. Thomas Long Jr. P ’09 «Catherine C. & James A. ’82 McAdoo P ’15 «Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Meixell P ’00, P ’01 «Mr. Elias Mourani P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mummey P ’15 «Mr. Gerard L. Saraceni P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Schade P ’01 «Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Schulter P ’97

«Mr. & Mrs. James F. Swartz Jr. P ’86 «Mr. & Mrs. Cary M. Wilson P ’99 «Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kent Ziegler P ’03

Colonial Club «Dr. & Mrs. John W. Adamus P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Balascio P ’14 «Yvonne Lettiere ’77 & John T. ’76 Boyer P ’15 «Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent Byrne P ’02 Ms. Janice Carrubba P ’12 «Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Corey P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Warren S. Corman P ’14 «Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. DeLio P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas DiMattia P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Ben E. Evans P ’04 «Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Feinman P ’09 «Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fydryszewski P ’09 Ms. Linda Gotzon P ’15 «Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Helfers P ’11 «Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hinkel P ’03, P ’04 Ms. Angela Innis P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kapalko P ’15 Mr. & Mrs. David Kircher P ’08, P ’12 Dr. Gerald S. Lefever P ’01, P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Levandowski P ’15 Mr. & Mrs. William Makoski P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. John McGettigan P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Moyer P ’05

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you Dr. & Mrs. John Murray Jr. P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Carr P ’81

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Fineman P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Koles P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Onushco P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Casolaro P ’14

Ms. Deborah Fonteix P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Krasley P ’13

Mr. Charles V. Osborne Jr. P ’70

«Mr. Michael J. Cavoto P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gaden P ’13

Dr. Astrid B. Kromayer P ’76

Dr. & Mrs. Antonio Panebianco P ’91,

Mr. & Mrs. James Chaleff P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Galasso P ’13

Mrs. Carol A. Krum P ’95

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel F. Champi P ’97

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Gallagher P ’07

«Mr. & Mrs. Alexander P. Kubat P ’91

Mr. & Mrs. John Petrik P ’14

Ms. Chantal Charles P ’14

Mr. Jeffrey M. Gallagher P ’15

«Ms. Kerry L. Kushinka P ’09

«Mrs. Mary Poulson P ’08

«Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Checkley P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gardner P ’06

Mr. & Mrs. William Kussler P ’12

Mr. Jerry Pritchett P ’12

«Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chiarella P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gassner P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Tony LaFerrara P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer Redline P ’12

Dr. & Mrs. Raffy Chilingerian P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. John Gavaghan P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lambright P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Retalis P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Churilla P ’12

«Mr. & Mrs. George Geisinger P ’03

«Mr. & Mrs. Antoine Latour P ’90

Dr. & Mrs. John V. Reynolds P ’03, P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Clark Jr. P ’13

«Mrs. Mija Gellerman P ’99

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph T. Lauver P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rosko P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Consales P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso J. Gentile P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Carl P. LaVo Jr. P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Le See P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Cook P ’97

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Giacoletti P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Lawrence P ’12

Kimberly Ziegler ’84 & David Trexler P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Corbett P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Gibson P ’12

«Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Lawrence P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Viscuso P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Costantino P ’04

«Daniel R. Gilbert Sr., PhD* P ’80, P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Layng P ’12

Mr. David L. Wacker Sr. P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Coveleski P ’12

«Mrs. Joan Gilbert P ’80, P ’86

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Leeds P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Wertman P ’03, P ’05

«Mr. & Mrs. Paul Csencsits P ’84, P ’89

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gill P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. John Leland P ’98

«Mr. & Mrs. William E. Young P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Cullen P ’11, P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Givler P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lesh P ’07

«Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Zacheis P ’07

«Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Czarnecki P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Goodbred P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Lewis P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Dailey P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Gordon P ’12, P ’15

«Mr. Edward E. Little P ’94

Ms. Yvonne Klingel Dailey P ’03

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grigsby P ’12

Mr. John Makuvek Jr. P ’84

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dalickas P ’15

«Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Grube P ’11

Ms. Judith K Maloney P ’13

«Mr. & Mrs. John H. Dalton P ’99

Mr. & Mrs. Kent Grube P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Maltino P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Gary F. Danni P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Guerriero P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mann P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dart P ’13

Dr. Peter Guidon P ’15

Mrs. Audrey K. Martin P ’94

Ramon J. Deeb, MD P ’91

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund D. Hadeed P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. William Masterson P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Del Priore P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hardin P ’91

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Matta P ’12

Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Henly P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Mattson P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. Charles DePuy P ’01, P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hilferty P ’14

Mrs. Michelle A. Rogers Matuczinski

Mr. Peter W. Deringer P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Hinds P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Deutsch P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hoffman P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Maturi P ’10

«Mr. & Mrs. Scott T. Diehl P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hofmann P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. John Maurer P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard DiFalco P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Hollenbeck P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mazurek Sr. P ’06

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard DiGiacomo P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. John Raymond Howard

Ms. Jeanne Mazzucco P ’14

Ms. Lauri DiMaria P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R. McCabe P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Diorio P ’94

«Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hrebin P ’11

«Mr. & Mrs. William M. McCain P ’74

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Dobry Jr. P ’02

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hudak P ’14

Dr. & Mrs. James L. McCullough P ’11,

«Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dombrowski P ’11

«Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Imhof P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Domin P ’90

«Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Jaffe P ’00

Mr. & Mrs. David McGarry P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Kerry A. Dorney P ’09, P ’12

«Mrs. Barbara M. Jones P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McGrath P ’10, P

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Drago P ’06, P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Jordan P ’14


Ms. Kimberly Drey P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Kahle P ’99

Mr. & Mrs. James W. McGuire P ’03

«Mr. & Mrs. Wayne F. Dries P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kashmer P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip J. McKee P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Drozd P ’14

«Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Kastle P ’97,

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Melillo P ’15

«Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Edinger P ’98

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Merkt P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Edmunds P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. William E. Kenlin P ’97

Mr. & Mrs. James Messineo P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Eisenhart P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard A. Kimmet P ’06

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Messler P ’98

Mr. & Mrs. Craig P. English P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kish P ’89

Ms. Patricia Metz P ’15

«Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ercolano P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Klaus P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Michalczyk P

«Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ervin P ’04

«Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Kline P ’97

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Everett P ’04

Dr. Ronald J. Kline P ’07

«Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Miller P ’04

Dr. & Mrs. Domenic Falco P ’88

Mrs. Joanne E. Klo P ’94

«Mr. & Mrs. James E. Miller P ’02

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Feather P ’95,

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Klokis P ’04

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Miller P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. John Kolchin P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Miller P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kolen P ’89

Mrs. Susan A. Mingione P ’99

P ’06

Greyhound Club Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Abraham P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Sean Adams P ’14 «Mr. & Mrs. Richard Altemose P ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Altemose P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baal P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. John Baranovich P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barbadora P ’89 «Mr. & Mrs. Francis Barron P ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bauer P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bechtel P ’88 «Mr. & Mrs. Mark Becker P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Beyhl, Jr. P ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bianco P ’13 Anissa & Carl J. ’92 Billera P ’13, P ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Black P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blackledge P ’03 Mr. & Mrs. David Blair P ’12, P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bonavita P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Borger P ’14 «Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Boyer P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Boyle P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Bracken P ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Brand P ’13 Mrs. Eleanor Braun P ’84 Regina & Francis A. ’88 Brogan P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Bross P ’10 «Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brower P ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Buckley P ’13 Dr. & Mrs. Steven Bunting P ’14 «Susan & Jonathan E. ’83 Burcaw P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Burley P ’11 «Mr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Bush P ’02 «Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Campbell P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carey P ’13

P ’98, P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Feldmann P ’12

P ’03

P ’00

P ’00, P ’02

P ’13

’94, P ’99

«Consistent ConsistentGiving GivingSociety Society «



FALL 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Mizack P ’08

Mrs. Bernard J. Rafferty P ’02, P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Smith P ’11

«Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Wagner P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Molisso P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Raspe P ’09

«Mr. & Mrs. Roland F. Smith P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Walkiewicz P ’03

Ms. Vivian Morris P ’90

Ms. Donna Reggiani P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Smith P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Walp P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. George Mott P ’89

Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Remp P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. John Smull P ’13

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Wang P ’12

Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Moyer P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Remsing P ’03,

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Snyder P ’98

Denise A. & John D. ’74 Weaver P ’08,

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Moyer P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. James Snyder P ’03

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Mudd P ’94

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Renaldo P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Solano P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. David Weaver P ’12, P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. Glenn B. Murray P ’95

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Renna P ’12

«Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Soroka P ’04

Kathy Jo & Scott R. ’94 Weinert P ’13

«Mr. & Mrs. Gary O. Nace P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Mohammad Riaz P ’10, P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Sortino P ’14

Rev. Hermann I. Weinlick P ’92

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene D. Nederostek P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Ritchey P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Spencer P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Werkmeister P ’07

«Mr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Needham P ’94

Mr. & Mrs. William Rodriguez P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Spirk P ’85

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn T. Wertheim P ’09

«Mr. & Mrs. Steven Nesbit P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander I. Roney P ’01

Ms. Linda J. Stanley P ’99

Mr. & Mrs. H. William Westerman P ’94

«Mr. & Mrs. David J. Newcomer P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. John Rosato P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Steiner P ’98,

Mr. & Mrs. John Westermann P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Keith D. Newhard P ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rymar P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. John Wherry P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Neil O’Connor P ’02

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sadowski P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Sterner P ’97,

«Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. White P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. O’Donnell P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. John Salvatore P ’15

«Dr. & Mrs. Francis H. Williamson

«Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. O’Halloran P ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Samson P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Stettner P ’91,

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Oren P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Saputo P ’12

Ms. Debra Wisotsky P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. O’Rorke P ’99

Mr. Neil J. Schlottman P ’94

«Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Stewart P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. William Woods P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Francis O’Rourke P ’14

Ms. Elizabeth Schmitt G ’10, G ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Stoudt P ’98

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Worman P ’07

«Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Owens P ’06

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Sergas P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stover P ’12

Dr. Gary R. Wright P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Pagano P ’08

Mrs. Virginia E. Geiger Shaffer P ’97

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Stroup P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yannotta P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Paly P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Shanahan P ’97

Mr. & Mrs. Clair F. Stroup Jr. P ’00

«Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Yarzab P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Pankonien P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shedlock P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. William H. Swick P ’11

«Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Yonosh P ’03

Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Paone P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Sheeto P ’00

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Tannous P ‘03

Mr. & Mrs. Haitham Zaiter P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. Desmond Parker P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Shelly P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Tegan P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Rossano Zanon P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Parodi P ’14

Mrs. Margaret M. Shelly G ’12

Mr. & Mrs. David Thompson P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. David Zanoni P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Petit P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Shifflet P ’12

«Ms. Susan G. Thunberg P ’90

«Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zapach P ’96

Mrs. Patricia A. Petko P ’97

«Mr. & Mrs. John R. Sini P ’95

«Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Ulrich P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Zeiser P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. John Pico P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Sinkbeil P ’14

«Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Urbanski P ’96

Ms. Judith B. Zoeller P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Poling P ’89

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Sipics P ’98

Mr. & Mrs. David Van Fleet P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zubia P ’10, P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Poling P ’91

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Skorton P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred C. Varano P ’99

«Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Zyzniewski P ’96

«Mr. Ken A. Poppe P ’08

«Mr. & Mrs. David P. Sletner P ’97

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Venanzi P ’02

Ms. Cynthia L. Potterton P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Glen J. Smith P ’14

«Mr. Claude D. Wagner P ’83

friends of the institution

P ’07

P ’00, P ’02 P ’04 P ’98

P ’13

P ’93, P ’94

Friends, corporations, foundations and churches

Moravian Circle The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation «Holly Beach Public Library Association «Mr. James T. Marcus* Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, SouthernProvince National Endowment for the Humanities 1742 Circle «Mr. & Mrs. Martin Engels «Sodexo Chairman’s Circle «Mr. Leonard R. Dimmick* East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. Ms. Lila R. Gardner National Science Foundation «Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation

Mr. Frederick M. O’Such

«Mr. Charles E. Merrill, Jr.

Saucon Mutual Insurance Company

Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.

National Park Service

Society for Promoting the Gospel


«PPL Corporation

«Trans-Bridge Lines, Inc.

Salem Congregation

Wells Fargo Foundation

«Mrs. Priscilla Wolle

Trustee Circle «Mr.* & Mrs. John M. Adams «Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. «Mr. Cyril J. Anderson B. Braun Medical, Inc./Aesculap Academy Mr. William L. Bronstein The ClayMir Foundation, a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation «Duggan & Marcon, Inc. Exxon-Mobil IBM Corporation «Mr. John W. Landis

President’s Associates Air Products Foundation «Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Albarell Board of World Mission Mr. Peter J. Carril Mr. Robert W. Cawley* «Eden Charitable Foundation «Employees of East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth Filson-Steers* Harmony Press Inc. Hershey Foods Corporation «Mr. & Mrs. John Kemps «Larger Life Foundation PenTeleData

Heritage Club «Alvin H. Butz, Inc. «Association of Independent Colleges & Universities of Pennsylvania «Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Breidegam «Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation General Electric Foundation Hotel Bethlehem Johnson & Johnson Company «Just Born, Inc. Key Foundation «Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon

« «Consistent ConsistentGiving GivingSociety Society FALL 2012



Thank you «Atty. & Mrs. Blake C. Marles

«Spirk Brothers, Inc.

Ms. Gertrude Same Egan

Carl’s Corner

«Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation

Stevens & Lee

Exelon Corporation

«Mr. & Mrs. Soong T. Chiang

Merck Company Foundation

Tiffany & Company

FM Global Foundation

«Mr. Richard J. Claussen

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

UGI Corporation

«Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Foltz

The Clemens Family Corporation

Past Presidents National Association

Verizon Foundation

«Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fox

Coca-Cola Company

Victaulic Company of America

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Federated Department Stores, Inc.

Petrucci Family Foundation

Willis North America Inc.

Godshall’s Landscaping &

Mr. & Mrs. George Gibbs

PNC Financial Services Group

«Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Zimmerman

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Grencer

of Accountants of the Lehigh Valley

Starter’s Riverport Vulcan Materials Company «Mrs. MaryAnn Williams

Comenius Society Abbott Laboratories Fund «Albarell Electric, Inc. «Mr. Alvin A. Albright Jr. Allied Building Corporation ArcelorMittal AT&T Foundation «Mrs. Karen Bader Britt Hankins & Moughan «Brownstein Family Fund: Jack, Joan, Harry, Clara & Robert Busy Workers Society Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier Jr. Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc. «Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck «Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Domchek Embassy Bank «Gillespie Printing «Guardian Life Insurance Company of America «Dr. Ned Heindel «Highmark Blue Shield JP Morgan Chase Foundation «Mr. & Mrs.* C. Cassard Kaesemeyer The Kafafian Group, Inc. «Mr. Michael J. Klatchak Lehigh Gas Corporation Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. «Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Martin Medco Health Solutions Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Moravian College Alumni Association Moravian Ministries Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Caroll H. Neubauer Olympus America Inc. Omicron Gamma Omega ParenteBeard LLC Pencor Services Inc. «Ms. Ann H. Raines Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz «Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock Mr. Bernard R. Spirk, Jr.

Hydroseeding, Inc.

«Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hilder

«Ms. Mary Ellen Herzog

Monocacy Club Aetna Foundation, Inc. Alfero Company Inc. Backjama G. Enterprises Inc. Bank of America, N.A. Mr. Richard R. Barker «Benecon Group Inc. Bethlehem Gallery of Floors Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. «Mr. R. J. Callen «Mrs. Ruth Calvo «Corporate Environments, Inc. Edwards Business Systems Mr. Charles Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hertzog Home Moravian Church Women’s Fellowship Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon Lehigh County Authority Liberty Mutual Ms. Margaret M. McMenamin Mercer Investment Consulting Meridian Leasing Corporation «Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring Norfolk Southern Foundation Pennsylvania Eastern Region Organization of Nurse Leaders Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt «Mrs. Alice C. Pulley «Mr. & Mrs. John D. Rossi, Jr. «Mr. Michael C. Rothrock «Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Schwarz Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Smolansky Mr. & Mrs. Adam S. Stauffer «Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stevens Tyco Harold & Elizabeth Vogler Fund

The Home Depot

ING Financial Services Corporation

IBEW Local Union #375

Ingersoll Rand Company

IMAC, Inc.

Ms. Kathleen Herzog Larkin

Ms. Ellen Foscue Johnson

Ms. Lynn M. Livingston

«Dr. Karen Keim


Rev. Fred Knieriem

«Dr. Alma A. Miles-Koch

Alan Kunsman Roofing & Siding

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Minner

«Dr. Karen D. Kurvink

«Russell E. & Elizabeth W. Morgan

«Mr. Robert H. Littner


Mrs. Josephine McConnell

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

Mr. H. C. McEldowney


Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Monica, Jr.

«Mrs. Erma L. Reed

Morgan Stanley

«Ms. Berry G. Richards

«Mr. William J. Morley

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Sidovar

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Emil G. Signes

Ohio National Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Walters

Penn Valley Chemical Company, Inc.

«Ms. Christine Wetzel

Founders Club AD Computer Corporation Mr. James T. Best Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Bouquard Brookhaven Sporting Goods Caruso Benefits Group Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dannhauser «Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Davenport

Colonial Club «Allied Personnel Services Allstate Foundation Mrs. Margaret Baldock «Mr. James M. Beenders «Mrs. Rita J. Berk Bethlehem Rehabilitation Specialists Binney & Smith, Inc.

«Mr. Richard P. Reinke Rich Mar Florist «Mr. Kurt W. Schreefer Schuylkill Valley Sporting Goods Service Electric Cable TV, Inc. Siemens Medical Systems Inc. Ms. Jean H. Siftar SKF Industries, Inc. «Ms. Donna L. Snyder Ellen Storch, Esq. Subaru of America Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Tripucka Vollers Excavating & Construction, Inc. «Mrs. Ralph J. Wanamaker, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Josiah J. Williams Williams Community Relations Mr. & Mrs. Mark Winslow Ms. Margaret Murphy Woodward «Young Plumbing & Heating Inc. Yuasa Battery, Inc.

Greyhound Club American International Group, Inc. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. «Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Anderson Ms. Donna Anthony Mr. & Mrs. Namik Askin BankAmerica Foundation Mrs. Pearl A. Banks Mr. & Mrs. John W. Bate Bath Supply Company, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. John D. Bealer Mrs. Patricia Donnelly Bean Mrs. Ruth L. Behrend Mr. & Mrs. Parmatha N. Beri Bethlehem Palette Club Mr. Mario J. Bevilacqua «Mrs. Jeanne Bilheimer «Ms. Llyena F. Boylan & Mr. Donald Spieth Mr. & Mrs. Aldo Braido Ms. Janice Broniec Mrs. Esther B. Burkhart «Mr. Mark A. Calafati «Mr. & Mrs. Roque J. Calvo Mr. Steven M. Capozzi Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Castelgrant Ms. Josephine F. Clark «Rev. & Mrs. Charles E. Colson

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Mr. Christopher R. Compher

Mr. Ronald J. Helmuth


Stations Cafe

Mr. Gary Cooper

Mrs. Nancy L. Herbert

Penn National Insurance

Dr. Kathleen P. Steele

Ms. Joan Crete

Mr. & Mrs. H.G. Hill, Jr.

Perkiomen Motorcoach, LLC

«Mr. Robert F. Steelman

Crum & Forster Corporation

«Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Hill III

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn V. Perrini

«Sr. Gunnel Sterner

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cutaneo

«Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hittinger

Dr. Paul Peucker

Ms. Barbara Stoneback

Mr. Timothy M. Darragh

Ms. Todette L. Holt

PharmaStrat, Inc.

Stotz & Fatzinger Office Supply

«Ms. Roberta DeAngelis

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Howard, Jr.

Ms. Mary K. Phillips

Dr. Vincent D. Stravino

John Deere Company

«Mr. A. Terry Jackson

Mr. Robert Pulley, Jr.

«Mr. Richard J. Strelecki

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Demshock

Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. David Queroli

Ms. Amy B. Sunnergren

«Mr. George DeSchweinitz Jr.

Mrs. Jacqueline L. Jonigian

Mr. Ron Race

Mr. Bruce Swan

Ms. Bonita C. Dietrich


«Mr. Glenn P. Ramirez

Mr. Robert L. Taetzsch

Ms. Louise M. DiSarro

«Dr. Florence C. Kimball

Ms. Ruby Reyna

Ms. Magdalena G. Thompson

«Mrs. Lillie L. Drebert

«Mr. & Mrs. David H. Klinges

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Ricci

«Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Thompson

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

Mrs. Jane N. Koch

Ms. Joan C. Roberts

Toro Foundation

Dr. Maryellen Dye

Kranos Corporation

Roosevelt’s 21st

«Dr. James Tyler

«Mr. J. William Earle

«Mr. & Mrs. Steven Krawiec

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn M. Rossetti

Ms. Susan Vigilante

Mr. Charlesworth Edwards

Mrs. Margaret A. Kuzma

«Ms. Janice L. Sandt

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Virgilio

Mr. & Mrs. Otto Ehrsam Jr.

Ms. Dale Lattimer

Mrs. Melissa Sassaman

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Viscuso

«Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Emmons

«Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Lawlor

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Schaeffer

Mrs. Audre B. Vogler

Ms. Susan Endler

Mr. Walter A. Lemanek

«Ms. Jane C. Schaffer

Edwin Wallace, MD

Erie Insurance Group

Ms. Jean D. Lieberman

Ms. Alma H. Schlenker

«Mrs. Maryann K. Weaver

Mr. & Mrs. Kerry S. Feger

«Mr. James D. Loessl

Mr. Robert R. Schuster

Ms. Linda Weber

Mr. Mark Thomas Filbert

«Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Lukaszczyk

Mr. Michael R. Seidl

Rev. Hermann I. Weinlick

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Fink

Mr. James P. Mackin

«Mr. & Mrs. Rodney K. Shane

Ms. Eileen P. Wescoe

First Energy Foundation

«Ms. Kathleen E. Martin

Mr. Matthew F. Sidovar

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Wharton

Mr. & Mrs. Harry N. Fromm

«Ms. Laura Ann Noversel Martin

Ms. Elspeth M. Sipple

«Mr. Thomas Wiley

Mr. Uldis R. Golts


Mrs. Harriet Smiley

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Williamson

W. W. Grainger, Inc.

Mr. Charles R. McAnall

Ms. Dilys Jones Smith

Ms. Patricia I. Kozlowski Wilson

Mrs. Carol Hafner

Mr. George McDonough

«Mrs. Deborah Bland Smull

Ms. Joan C. Winterbottom

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Haines

Mr. Nicholas McKee

«Ms. Alison Snyder

Mr. Jonathan Wood

«Mr. George F. Halfacre

«Mr. & Mrs. Morris D. Metz

Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Snyder, Jr.

«Dr. Gary R. Wright

Dr. Coleman R. Hamel

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Mikochik

Ms. Sheryl Ann Sobiesiak

Mr. Richard B. Yeager, Sr.

John Hancock Financial Service

Mr. Wayne Miller

Mr. Jose Luis Somavilla

Dr. & Mrs. Kyoichi Haruta

Minerals Technology Corporation

«Dr. Donald P. St. John

Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Harvey

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Nemeth

Ms. Fay Marie Stappen

Ms. Dianne C. Hatcher

Ms. Susan Neyenhouse

State Farm Companies Foundation

Mr. Paul E. Engelhardt from

Ms. Laura Grube ’13 from

in honor of … Mr. DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr. from Employees of East Penn

Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Wayne ’69 & Mrs. Nancy Burkette from Mrs. Dorothy G. & Rev. David R. ’57 Burkette Dr. Benjamin Coleman from Ms. Rebekah J. Overdorf ’12 Mrs. Katie Dantsin from Ms. Brittany M. Beard ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Kent Grube

Mr. Kevin C. O’Keefe ’12 Mr. Blake W. Shortall ’12

Dr. Frances Jane Irish from

Rev. Dr. William S. Falla from Mr. Joseph F. Ibrahim ’12 Ms. Kimberly J. Gogel ’12

Mr. Shane C. Bernier ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Roger K. Hockaday Dr. Sharon M. S. Muhlfeld from

Dr. Sandra K. Johnson from

Ms. Diana M. Feldmann ’12 from

Ms. Nora J. Martin ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Feldmann

Dr. Gary Kaskowitz from

Rev. Patricia F. Garner ’98 from Mrs. Mildred B. Park

Mr. Peter M. Coveleski ’12 Mr. Antonio G. Delvescovo ’12

Ms. Mandi R. Kidd ’98 from

Ms. Rachel L. Febert ’12

Ms. Hongbo Hannah Yang ’11

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidd Jenny

Mr. David B. Diggs from Mr. Matthew D. Stover ’12

Christopher P. Gilbert, PhD ’86 from

Ms. Molly A. Kidd ’06 from

Joan & Daniel R., Sr. PhD* Gilbert

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidd Jenny Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 from

Mr. Karl D. Gilbert ’80 from Joan & Daniel R., Sr. PhD* Gilbert

Mr. Steven J. Ambrosi ’12 Dr. Virginia A. O’Connell from

Ms. Anne S. Joseph ’12

Ms. Julia E. Gasdaska ’07 from

Mr. Daniel K. Selmasska ’12

Ms. Christa D. Darakjy ’12 Dr. Arash Naraghi from

Mr. Michael C. Dobbins ’12

Dr. Katie P. Desiderio from Mr. Ryan D. McGarry ’12

Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Cude, Jr. Rev. David H. Merritt ’82 from

Rev. Dr. Paul E. Isaacs from Rev. Dr. Everett C. Isaacs ’85

Mrs. Janice E. Farber from

Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ’09 from

Mr. Jesse P. Peterson ’12 Mr. Joseph L. Powlette ’60 from Jean Marie & David C. ’87 Stoyer Mr. Jeffrey J. Pukszyn ’98 from Mr. Douglas P. DiMattia ’12

Ms. Hongbo Hannah Yang ’11

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you Mrs. Anne McCandless Rampolla ’79

Dr. Michelle E. Schmidt from

Dr. Joel Nathan Rosen from

Mr. Steven J. Ambrosi ’12

Mr. Nicholas S. Marzuoli ’12

from Larry R. ’77 & Judith Primiano ’78 Bream Dr. Charlotte Rappe Zales from Ms. Jennifer L. Kerchner ’12 Dr. James J. Ravelle from Mr. Shane M. Long ’12

Mr. John D. Rossi, III ’97 from

Mr. Steven J. Ambrosi ’12

Ms. Jenna L. Carmon ’12 Ms. Jami L. Fein ’12

Dr. Kay B. Somers from Ms. Meredith A. Coleman ’12

Mr. Nirav A. Modasia ’12 Mr. John E. Murray ’12

Mr. Joseph Szmania from Mrs. Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41

Dr. Linda L. Ravelle from

Ms. Kaitlin R. Sadowski ’12

Ms. Julia L. Damiani ’12

Rt. Rev. Lane A. Sapp ’87 from

Mr. Steve C. Ivtindzioski ’12 Dr. John V. Reynolds from Mr. Ryan J. Dietrich ’12

Dr. Nathan B. Shank from

Rev. Dr. Craig S. Troutman ’76, ’82 from Mr. Andrew Taylor-Troutman

Mr. Edmund W. Johnson Richard & Monica Schantz from

Rev. John B. Wallace ’84 from Ms. Susan L. Canfield

Rev. Roy E. A. Ledbetter ’71

Rev. Bruce M. Weaknecht ’77, ’81 from Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Frey Dr. Debra Wetcher-Hendricks from Ms. Melissa L. Emery ’12 Mr. Neil Wetzel from Ms. Anne E. Hoffman ’12 Ms. Julie Montes De Oca ’12 Ms. Caitlin G. Worrich ’12 Ms. Caitlin G. Worrich ’12 from John & Terry Thomas Dr. Stacey B. Zaremba from Mr. Steven J. Ambrosi ’12 Ms. Michelle A. Hanna ’12 Ms. Elizabeth M. Kussler ’12

in Memory of … Mr. David Adams, IV from Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Harvey Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ’43 from Mrs. Mildred B. Park Miss Carol V. Apple ’64 from Ms. Rosanne E. Bricker ’64 &

Mr. Kenneth Craven

Mr. Edward S. Augustine from Maria & Ronald M., DO ’87 Kriner Rev. Clair N. Bath ’39 from Elaine Witt ’69 & Richard J. ’69 Bath Ms. Hillary B. Benner from Mr. William F. Bauman ’74 Ms. Dawn M. Ketterman-Benner Mrs. Nancy Zeleski Frantz ’53 Lloyd & Dorothy Berg from Rev. Mary L. Plummer ’04 Ms. Nancy Crater Brann from Rt. Rev. Lane A. Sapp ’87 Mr. Timothy M. Breidegam from Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Minner Mr. David M. Calvo ’76 from Sharon L. & Charles W. ’74 Heidecker Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines Mr. Paul J. Calvo ’52 from

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Splett

Mrs. Cynthia V. Henritzy

Mr. Otto A. Strassburg ’70

Elizabeth & William V. ’58 Herbein

Mr. & Mrs. A. Flexer Illick

Mrs. Joan Taggart Koch ’72

Ms. Wilma Kleintop

Dr. & Mrs. John W. McDermott

Dawn L. & Robert R. ’77 Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Mohler

Deborah & John R. ’75 Mehler

Patricia Ann & Anthony ’59 Morelli

Dr. Alicia N. Sevilla Mr. John Curron from


Mr. Michael R. Seidl Emily Cook ’81 & Thomas P. ’65 Vadasz Judith Share, PhD ’66 &

Mr. & Mrs. Ben E. Evans

Michael Yaphe

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld

Mr. Richard Gillett from

Mr. William Nathan Filson from

Mrs. Anna Mae Gillett

Baldridge Asset Management

Rev. Dr. John S. Groenfeldt ’43, ’42 from Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hanson Mr. Kevin M. Haggerty ’73 from Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines

Ms. Mary Deutsch Daniel R. Gilbert, Sr. PhD from

Rev. Albert F. Harke ’43, ’45 from Mrs. Lois Moser Harke ’45

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Bealer Patricia R. ’71 & John T. ’56 Burke

Arlen Harris from Bobbie & Henry E. Jr. ’60, ’63 May

Mr. & Mrs. Otto Ehrsam, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Dwyer

Ms. Stephanie Rau

Ms. H. Paty Eiffe

Mr. William J. Werpehowski ’51

Mrs. Elizabeth McKee Elterich ’72

Mr. Robert W. Cawley*

Drs. Bettie & Oles Smolansky

Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck Mr. David E. Evans ’04 from

Dr. G. Clarke Chapman

Mrs. Mary Kuehl Concevitch ’42 from

Ms. Patricia A. Goldman

Dr. & Mrs. G. Alden Sears

Ms. Elizabeth Filson-Steers*

Mrs. Phyllis Iobst Hill ’35 from Mr. H. G. Hill, Jr. Mrs. Barbara Yoder Iobst ’64 from Dr. Stanley A. Iobst ’64

Ms. Pauline Feichtl Phyllis B. & Myron ’57 Genel Gettysburg College Management

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Arguelles


Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Brong

Gustavus Adolphus College Political

Drs. Ruth & Theodore Hailperin

Science Department

Rt. Rev. Robert A. Iobst ’36, ’39 from Rev. Arkon G. Stewart ’90 Ifor Jones from Mrs. Dilys Jones Smith Mr. Paul Rights Johnson from

Dr. Paul Peucker

Catherine & Karl D. ’80 Gilbert

Ms. Alma H. Schlenker

Max & Stefanie Hailperin

Mr. Thomas Wiley Mr. Walter Kramer from Mr. Gaetano Camaioni, Jr.

Team 7B

Mrs. Eleanor Smith Daubenspeck ’41

Mr. John R. Freefield ’51 from

Ms. Gloria K. Pearce Mr. Cyril M. Krajci, Jr. ’65 from

Ms. Patricia A. Price

Mr. Leland Lewis Evans from

Mr. William F. Bauman ’74 Mr. Henry Kirkland from

Pleasant Valley Intermediate School,

Rev. Mary L. Plummer ’04

Mrs. Ruth Calvo

Mrs. June Collins Cawley ’42 from

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Huetter

Mrs. Beverly S. Corkhill ’73 from

Ms. Gloria Ketterman from

Mrs. Alice C. Johnson

Mrs. Edith Miller Ms. Barbara Stoneback Rev. Warren C. Kuhfahl ’45, ’48 from Mrs. Dorothy C. Kuhfahl Dr. Stuart S. Kulp from Robert S. Nitzberg, MD ’69 Mr. Stephen Kuzma ’42 from Mrs. Margaret A. Kuzma Ms. Libby Lauderwasser from Mrs. Nancy Zeleski Frantz ’53 A. Katherine Miller, PhD ’34 from Mrs. Betsey Tait Puth ’51 Mrs. Beverly Frederick Morley ’73 from Mr. William J. Morley Mr. Jeffrey H. Moser ’68 from Miss Carol D. Henn ’68 Mrs. Joanne Mazur O’Such ’60 from Mr. Charles Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Foster Nelson William C. Perry & Paul A. Nelson Charitable fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas Mrs. Catherine Hanson Schappert from Drs. Bettie & Oles Smolansky Bruce A. Singer, DDS ’69 from Gail & Michael C. ’69 Siegel Mr. Norton D. Smiley ’62 from Mrs. Harriet Smiley

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

Edward Steers, PhD ’32 from

Genevieve Riordan ’43 & Edwin Gee

Ms. Phyllis G. Kreider ’46

Pamela W. & Carl F. ’66 Gitschier

Susan Kressly, MD ’82

Mr. James A. Gold ’98

Mrs. Kathryn Knopf Kricks ’49

David D. Goldberg, DO ’66

Kelly K. Krieble, PhD ’86

Mr. Roy B. Goshorn ’58

Dr. Vera Krisukas

Betsy S. & Philip A. ’65 Gottshall

Robert J. Labdik, EdD ’60

Judith C. Grant, PhD ’79

Dena L. & Keith D. ’73 Lambie

Ms. M. Anne Greene

Annette Budzak Landes, Esq. ’83

Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield

Janice Whitfield ’64 & John G., PhD

Rev. Henry Williams from

Margaret & Joseph A. ’72 Grieshaber

Rev. Glenn F. Jurek ’64

Ms. Lugenia Taccarino Guaraldo ’69

Mr. John W. Landis

Karen Boyer ’78 & Odell ’77 Guyton

Mr. Mayo W. Lanning

Drs. Ruth & Theodore Hailperin

Dr. Donald K. Lauer

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr.

Ms. Lisa Lavigne Tejeda ’02

Kathryn Horwath ’52 & Ray H. Hartman

Mr. Roland P. Leibenguth ’48

Joan Schnable ’57 & A. Peter, MD ’56,

Mrs. Roberta Dollinger Leiby ’75

Colette Geier ’71 & Joseph B., MD ’69

Robert & Helen Yochum from Mr. Paul R. Yochum

John E. Steers, MD ’61 Champ Storch, EdD ’56 from

Mr. Harry E. Weaver, Jr. ’66 from Audrey Weaver ’98 &

Patricia Ann & Anthony ’59 Morelli Mrs. Mary Fabian Strock ’38 from Mrs. Rose Beidler Polentz ’38

Ms. Sara L. Weller ’06 from Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller

Rev. Llewellyn W. Thomas ’55, ’59 from Mrs. Naomi Dittmer Thomas ’57

Rev. Gwyned Williams ’57 ’60 from Joan C. & Robert F. ’53 Engelbrecht

Rev. Harry V. & Mrs. Gertrude Trodahl from Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Simmons Rev. Raymond T. Troutman, Jr. ’50, ’53 from

Christopher Sparks

Ms. Pauline Wily from Mrs. Carol Hafner

Mr. Andrew Taylor-Troutman

Cornerstone society

’59 Haupert

’65 Landis

Mr. James L. Heller ’83


Mrs. Joann Clewell Adams ’56

Sandra L. & Placido A. ’78 Corpora

Rev. Donald L. Henderschedt ’65

Mrs. Emmeline Lewis Dimmick ’48

Ms. June C. Alter

Mr. Paul E. Crossan, Jr. ’48

Rev. Dale M. Henderson ’69

Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70

Mr. Cyril J. Anderson

Mrs. Shirley Messics Daluisio ’68

Miss Carol D. Henn ’68

Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon

Mr. Alfred F. Apple ’58

Miss M. Lillian Davenport

Mr. Lee B. Herb ’69

Mrs. Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala ’59

Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Augustine

Mrs. Linda Roscoe de Seife ’72

Elizabeth & William V. ’58 Herbein

Mr. James E. Marconis ‘74

Mr. Ivan A. Backer ’49

Mr. Ron dePaolo ’64

Mr. George Herczeg, Jr. ’69

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Fortunado Marcune

Stanley F. Banach, MD ’56

Ms. Loretta F. DeWalt ’71

Ms. Marilyn L. Herwig ’75

Mr. Bruce W. Marold

Mrs. Frances Longacre Barnard ’51

Mr. & Mrs. John E Dewees

Mr. J. Robert Hess

Linda H. & Gary T. ’74, ’83 Marsh

Mrs. Olivia Musselman Barnes ’38

Mr. Albert C. DiDonato ’67

Mr. & Mrs David L. Hilder

Barbara Hassler ’73 & Gary M. ’76

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Barnette

Miss Marcella I. Dimmick ’35

Constance Stirling ’68 &


Mrs. Margaret Johnson Bartlett ’43

Kathleen Doyle ’68 &

Andrew Martimick, DO ’49

Mrs. Lois Brunner Bastian ’50

Marie & George E. ’59 Hollendersky

Barbara Frowery ’67 &

Ms. Beverly A. Bell ’56

Mr. Frank E. Driscoll

Mrs. Frances Kolb Hoops ’50

Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram

Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Dull, Jr.

Marlene A. & James B., MD ’59 Howell

Mary D. ’75, ’82 &

Louis W. Bender, PhD ’50

Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley

Mr. George T. Hudson ’59

Mr. Jeffrey B. Benner ’74

Kathleen & Michael M. ’72 Ellis

Mr. David G. Hunscher ’63

Rev. Dr. Henry E. Jr. ’60, ’63 &

Rev. David G. Berg ’66

Miss Anne R. Enright ’52

Mr. Donald L. Hunsinger ’58

Ms. Jane Bernstein

Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson

Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd

Shirely Hart ’63 & Gerald D. McBride

Mr. Peter E. Bilan ’64

Mr. Dennis E. Estheimer ’62

Daren A. & F. James ’69 Hutchinson

Mrs. Susan Gangwere McCabe ’79

Mrs. Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer ’57

Rev. Dr. Elaine Fenstermacher Bogert

Joseph P. Hutsko, DO ’56

Mrs. Frances Fulmer McClain ’38

Mrs. Beverly L. Bohner ’82

Mr. David W. Innes ’81, ’91

Miss Mary C. McElroy ’39

John H. Bowman, MD ’54

Mrs. Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41

Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ’69

Rev. Dr. William H. ’58 & Carol Sloan ’58

Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr.

Peggy Ann Harte ’54 & Francis J. ’59

Edith T. & James L. ’56, ’59 Johnson


Colleen Workman ’60 & James O. ’47,


Ms. Trisha Babbitt Jones ’68

Deborah Oplinger ’73 &

Ada Zellner ’46 & Franklin Flower

Mrs. Carol Carson Joseloff ’67

Mr. Barry L. Buchman ’71

Julia Cranford ’80 & Terry L. ’78 Folk

Diane C. ’98 & Daniel Y. ’73 Joseph

Alma Coester ’69 & James M., Esq. ’69

Barbara Brautigam ’65 & Douglas W.

Dr. Don C. Follmer

Ms. Joanne E. Keim ’72


Sue Ann Henkelman ’53 &

Mr. Burton L. Kelchner ’43

Jeanne Freas ’48 & Raymond R. Mellen

Dr. William V. Campbell, Sr. ’61

Mrs. Ruth Hemmerly Kelly ’41

Amy Lesser ’76 & Robert C. ’74 Mende

Dr. Mary Faith Carson

Mrs. Nancy Zeleski Frantz ’53

Elizabeth B. & William B. ’62 Kerner

Ms. Joan Kinard Mercado ’54

Mr. Craig A. Cavanagh ’74

Georgia Dreyer ’66 & A. Owen, III ’66

Mrs. Jean G. Kessler

Mr. Charles E. Merrill, Jr.

Dr. G. Clarke Chapman


Mr. Gary T. Kester ’64

Mrs. Carol Losensky Messina ’61

Mrs. Gloria Gately Chipman ’45

Mrs. Katherine Meland Freeny ’49

Mrs. Olive Wooler Kinter ’50

Mr. John M. Mickner ’72

Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty, Jr.

Jean E. Friedman, PhD ’63

Claire M. ’87, ’95 & Michael Klatchak

Mr. Chester Dale Miller ’75

Mr. Joseph F. Christ ’52

John P. Galgon, MD ’55

Miss Dorothea G. Klotz ’66

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85

Evelyn Trodahl ’68 &

Mr. John M. Gallup ’77

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69

Claire L. & Parry J., MD ’66 Miller

Ms. Adele Garger

John Kolchin, EdD ’57

Cornelis Faga ’47 & Paul E. G. ’47 Miller

Jane D. & Richard M. ’68 Cope

Mr. Donald Garger

Miss Elizabeth A. Kovach ’75

Dr. James B. Mitchell

Gail K. & David R. ’63 Cornelius

Ms. Elizabeth Hicks Garrett ’63

Mrs. Brenda Krajci

Mr. Michael B. Mraz ’74

’49 Bruckart

’66 Caldwell

Richard P. Chynoweth

J. Michael ’68, ’71 Dowd

’79, ’82

Ralph Z. Fortney

Thomas W. Hodson

Nicholas R. Matlaga William W., Sr. ’50, ’53 Matz Mrs. Bobbie May

Russell McKinnon

«Consistent Giving Society FALL 2012



Thank you Mr. George W. Myers ’82

Ms. Diane Haines &

Drs. Bettie & Oles Smolansky

Mrs. Charlotte Haag Walek ’53

Karen Bruckart ’72 &

Mrs. Doris English Smullin ’42

Janice S. Warren-Findlow, PhD ’81

Joseph L. Rosenfeld, Esq. ’58

Miss Constance M. Sokalsky ’71

Mr. Scott H. Warrick ’82

Sara B. & William C. ’62, ’63 Needs

Richard R. Ruth, Jr. Esq. ’60

Susan & Gordon L. ’57, ’61 Sommers

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Werkmeister

Mr. & Mrs. Maynard S. Northup

Ms. Dorothy L. Ruyak ’54

Mr. Arthur R. Spengler ’55

Mrs. Susan Biemesderfer Werner ’70

Mr. Raymond L. Orth ’69

Dr. Shapour Samii

Mrs. Jeanne Scott St. Clair ’47

Mr. William J. Werpehowski ’51

Mr. Brian H. Oswald ’82

Donna K. & Gary L. ’63 Sandercock

Cindy Trotner ’79 &

Miss Elizabeth M. Wetter ’65

Mr. Jon P. Otis ’79

Mr. Gerald A. Sarkisian ’74

Linda L. & David L. ’64, ’67 Wickmann

Miss Johanna Ott

Dorothy P. & Myron A. ’58 Savacool

Mr. Robert E. Sterling ’65

Mr. Edward D. Wilde Jr. ’64

Sara Paden ’71 &

Dr. David A. ’60 &

Sister Gunnel Sterner

Mrs. Jacqueline Williams

Margaret B. & Bernard J. ’80 Story

Mr. Joseph E. Williams ’70

Henry G., Jr. ’71 Naisby

Robert E. ’73 Peterson

William J. Rosenberg, Esq. ’49

Dr. Doris Wood Schattschneider

David M., DO ’78 Stein

Mr. Earl R. Pfeiffer ’61

Eleanore Beck ’56 & Henry E. Schleicher

Mrs. Barbara Martin Stout ’87

Mr. Walter F. Williams

Ms. Ann Polanski

Miss Cornelia Schlotter ’57

Katherine & Ronald J., PhD ’61 Stupak

Mrs. Harriet Peters Williamson ’60

Lloyd M. & Rose Beidler ’38 Polentz

Patricia Nemesh ’70 &

Helen & F. P., MD ’43 Sutliff

Rev. Mark A. Wimmer ’76

Mr. Joseph R. Pulley ’58

Mrs. Nancy A. Taylor

Mrs. Gail Smith Winson ’66

Betsey Tait ’51 & John W. Puth

Mrs. June Shafer Scholl ’51

Mr. Tom A. Tenges ’70

Barbara Roberts ’61 &

Ms. Lynne Schlosser Raleigh ’66

Eugenia E Schuler

Dr. Bernard J. Terzigni ’49

Anne McCandless ’79 & Kenneth J. ’79

Cathleen & Fred B. ’77 Schultheis

Mrs. Mary Veronis Thompson ’42

Helen Desh ’54 &


Mr. E. Allen Schultz, Jr. ’53

Mrs. Mildred Ladner Diefenderfer

Mrs. Jane Sullivan Ramsdell ’44

Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz

Mrs. Susan Overath Woolley

Mrs. Ruth Franges Rayna ’71

Rev. Dr. Tom Schwanda ’72

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Tomberlin

Mrs. Kris Dragotta Yerry ’81

Ms. Mary Ann Rayner ’53

Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock

Mrs. Doris Geissler Torr ’49

Janice M. ’82, ’91 & Thomas Young

Mrs. Susan White Redfield ’68

Henry A. Segatti, DDS ’45

Ms. Joann M. Trotsky ’64

Ms. Laura D. Young ’78

Mrs. Adele Foley Reinsmith

Mrs. Helen Bauder Seifert ’69

Mr. Merr W. Trumbore ’62

Ms. Susan J. Youtz ’72

Ms. Barbara E. Reuper-Baum ’93

Mr. Richard Senker ’96

Mrs. Wilma Kistler Uhrich ’35

Mark S, Yuhasz, MD ’78

Mrs. Helen M. Richards ’74, ’03

Mrs. Isabel Petro Sersen ’58

Mr. James P. Van Schoick III ’74

Mr. W. Russell Yurchak, Jr. ’62

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Richardson

Eric R. Shimer, Esq. ’68

Thomas J. Veraldi, DMD ’76

Adele & Earl C. ’57 Zeiner

Mr. Leonard L Righi ’72

Sandra & Wayne C., Esq. ’61 Shugart

Mr. George W. Verheyden, Jr.

Sybil S. & Graham H. ’60 Rights

Miss Lucinda M. Shure ’70

JoAnn M. & Donald C. ’63 Vogel

Mrs. Betty Adams Roach ’43

Mr. Halfred C. Smith

Rev. Dr. Walter H. &

Mr. Stanley R. Roman

Mrs. Lois Shafer Smith ’51

Robert J. Jr. Schoenen

New Endowment Funds

Thompson ’39

John W. ’59 Woltjen Caspar L. Woodbridge

Rev. Deborah H. Wagner

generosity of the Frederick M. O’Such family, classmates and friends, in memory of Joanne. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students who are first-generation college students.

The Felker family endowed scholarship fund The Felker Family Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Carolyn D. Felker ’68. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students who have demonstrated financial need and who are residents of and graduates of the School District of Upper Darby, Pa. The honors endowment fund The Honors Endowment Fund was established through the generosity of Brian J. Corvino ’02 & Jaime L. Marks ’04. The purpose of the fund is to provide support to the Honors Program. The cyril m. krajci ’65 memorial scholarship fund The Cyril M. Krajci ’65 Memorial Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of family and friends in memory of Cyril “Cy” Krajci ’65. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students. The joanne o’such ’60 memorial scholarship fund The Joanne O’Such ’60 Memorial Scholarship Fund was established through the

The Christopher m. & kathy g. thomforde college scholarship fund The Christopher M. & Kathy G. Thomforde College Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Mrs. Lila Gardner in honor of President Christopher M. Thomforde and Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students. The Lois and Merr Trumbore Endowed Scholarship fund for physics The Lois and Merr Trumbore Endowed Scholarship Fund for Physics was established through the generosity of Merr W. Trumbore ’62. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students majoring in Physics. the Rev. dr. janice m. young endowed scholarship fund The Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ’82, ’91, Mr. Thomas Young and their family and friends. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian Theological Seminary students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling Program.

«Consistent Giving Society



FALL 2012

for up-to-the-minute sports news: or 610 625-7865.

photo by Image by Hugo


Bauder Joins

400-win Club

Head women’s volleyball coach Shelley Bauder earned her 400th career victory with the Greyhounds’ 3-1 win over Widener University on September 21. Bauder, in her 20th season as Moravian’s head coach, had a record of 409238 after the team clinched the third seed in the 2012 Landmark Conference tournament on October 14 in Johnston Hall with a 3-2 victory versus The University of Scranton. When Bauder earned her 400th win, Moravian became the only NCAA Division III school in the nation with four active 400-win coaches. By reaching this milestone, Bauder joins head softball coach John Byrne ’82 (616 wins), head women’s basketball coach Mary Beth Spirk (465 wins) and head men’s basketball coach Jim Walker (411 wins).

photo by Mark fleming

FALL 2012

Scot Dapp, director of athletics, presents the MAC Hall of Fame plaque to Ruth Calvo and her grandchildren, John Calvo, Bethany Schulte and Larisa Calvo.

Calvo and Gillespi honored for induction At halftime of Moravian’s Homecoming football game with Susquehanna University on October 13, the school honored late coaches and athletic directors Rocco Calvo and Harvey “Gil” Gillespie ’32 for their selection into the inaugural class of the Middle Atlantic Conference Hall of Fame. During the event, Scot Dapp, director of athletics, presented the MAC Hall of Fame plaques to Rocco’s wife Ruth Calvo and grandson John Calvo, and to Tom Kelly, Gillespie’s nephew. The MAC, of which Moravian was a member from 1945 until 2007, established a Hall of Fame as part of its 100th anniversary this academic year. Calvo and Gillespie were two of a 36-member inaugural class selected from current and Tyler Thompson ’13 former MAC member institutions, and they are both members of Moravian’s Athletic Hall of Fame as well. As baseball, basketball and head football coach at Moravian, Calvo combined for a career record of 318-163-13. He led the Hounds football team to the MAC Southern Division championship in 1970,

baseball to a MAC Southern Division championship in 1980, and was named MAC South Football Coach of the Year in 1984. From 1975-1992, Calvo served as Moravian’s director of athletics. The turf field (installed in 2005) in Moravian’s football stadium was renamed Rocco Calvo Field. Gillespie led the Moravian baseball team to four MAC Division championships including a 13-0-2 team that won the 1962 MAC Northern Division championship, and the overall MAC title in 1960 with a 4-3 victory over the University of Delaware. Gillespie also guided the men’s basketball team to a MAC Division championship in 1947, carrying a 143-160 record in 18 seasons. On the baseball field, Gillespie had just one losing season, amassing a 352-1756 record over 37 years. When Moravian joined the MAC in 1945, Gillespie was the director of athletics. The Moravian baseball field is named in his honor.

Thompson Featured on Tyler Thompson ’13 was featured on on October 10 in the Around the Mid-Atlantic Region column for a pair of unusual feats. Thompson is starting on two teams this fall. On Saturdays, he is the punter and place kicker for the Greyhounds football team, but he is also one of the team captains for the golf team and participated in four tournaments this fall. Thompson also has the ability to punt with either his left or right foot, and his rugby style of punting allows him to run for first downs when he sees an opening. This fall, Thompson has a career long of 60 yards with his right foot at Ursinus College, and a long of 49 yards versus Susquehanna University with his left foot. You can read the full text of the feature on Thompson at http://www.d3football. com/columns/around-the-region/midatlantic/2012/Moravian-punter-gets-off-onthe-right-foot-or-the-left.




Photos by brenda lange


Networking events continue to be successful

Alumni, students and staff enjoyed an evening of networking and friendship at Philadelphia's Union League in September. Top: Zixuan (Hansen) Huang ’15, Travis King ’13, C.J. Billera ’13, Kathy Thomforde and Ken Rampolla ’79. Center: Emmy Usera ’13 and Genesis Ortega ’13. Bottom: William Lloyd ’79 and John Diener ’13.



The first of three fall alumni-student networking events took place on September 27 at the Union League in Philadelphia. More than 40 alumni and 46 current students met, mingled, shared insights and advice, and enjoyed each other’s company. “Meeting others in the business world is a great advantage for these students,” said William Lloyd ’79 during the event. “Beyond their classes and advisors, networking is a great opportunity for them.” Lloyd, who is a Tenant Broker at Tactix Real Estate Advisors and a member of the Union League, emphasized the importance of his involvement in the Amrhein Investment Club while a student at Moravian. “The club opened doors for me in business, and is part of the great heritage of Moravian College.” President Thomforde spoke about the need for students to discover what they are passionate about, how those passions work with their natural gifts, and how they can use this combination to work for others. “Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, and take the next step.” Quite a few recent graduates joined the group at the Union League, including Kyle D’Angelo ’12 and Nicco Dalpiaz ’12, former roommates and friends. “It feels great to come back and let students know you can be successful. I think being here shows that

younger alumni care, and that we’re willing to help out. These events mean so much,” said D’Angelo, who is a staff accountant at ParenteBeard in Cherry Hill, N.J. “It’s important for young alumni to come back,” agreed Dalpiaz, project manager of sales for Pratt Industries in Emmaus. “It takes the intimidation factor out, and we can introduce students to older alumni.” The second event, Coffee & Connections took place the following week in the HUB, with more than 70 local businesspeople, members of faculty and staff, and alumni networking with current students. These events have quickly become popular, as (mostly) juniors and seniors see how valuable it is to practice networking, and the next trip, to the Union League in New York City, sold out in a little more than an hour. One of the best ways for alumni to support Moravian is by helping students learn about job opportunities, internships and shadowing experiences in their fields. Discussions around career interests and aspirations between alumni and students create a rewarding experience for all involved. See event photos at

Annual Graduate Studies Symposium The Comenius Center hosted current graduate students, faculty, alumni, panelists, exhibitors and staff at the 7th Annual Graduate Studies Symposium on September 12. Each year’s symposium is aligned with the College’s IN FOCUS program. This year, it is sustainability. The event was supported by the Alumni Association’s Lifelong Learning Committee. Winona LaDuke, the College’s Cohen Keynote Speaker on sustainability, joined panelists and exhibitors from PPL, the Lehigh Economic Development Corporation, Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., East Penn

FALL 2012

Need hires

Photo by brenda lange

Manufacturing Company, Inc., Wells Fargo, and Crayola in examining sustainability in business. The panelists, under the guidance of President Christopher Thomforde, discussed Peter Crownfield, a board member of the Alliance for Sustainable Communities Lehigh Valley, speaks with Glenn why their businesses’ sustainability M. Price, M.B.A. ’98, a certified purchasing manager and vice efforts were worth the time, expense president for global sourcing and sustainability for Crayola LLC. and effort, and the impact those efforts have on business and society. Those The proclamation mentions several attending had the opportunity to join the ways that Frick has generously supported David Schappert and President Thomforde pose with discussion with the panelists. Attendees the College including “his donation of a Robert P.L. Frick ’49 a founding member of Friends of the Reeves Library, after the event. were able to touch and feel some of the 1745 edition of John Amos Comenius’ products of the companies’ sustainability Orbis Pictus. Frick also purchased bookefforts and follow the trail from recycling shelves to expand the Rare Book CollecHall, the first home of Moravian College to final product. tion, designed and donated the and Theological Seminary for Men. College mace, and enriched local history In presenting the proclamation, by keeping the library’s Bixler clock in David Schappert, library director, called good working order.” Frick a gentleman and scholar. President The mace was commissioned by Frick Thomforde added, “This is in gratitude for as a gift to the College on the occasion of all you have done. Computers can provide Friends of the Reeves Library recently his own graduation, when it was carried the information, but not the space—that celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the 45th for the first time. He had inherited the silyou have helped provide.” of the dedication of the library, with a spever-plated cup and cial reception in the AfterWords Café. The had it installed highlight of the afternoon was the presentaat the top of the for details or tion of a plaque and proclamation to Robert shaft, made from registration, P. L. Frick ’49, one of the founding members a cherry baluster CONTACT the ALUMNI of the Friends, and honorary chair. from Nazareth house: 610 861-1366 OR

Reception for a special friend


The sun shone on Homecoming 2012 A nicer day couldn’t have been ordered up for Homecoming 2012. Crisp fall air was warmed by the bright sun under clear blue skies as nearly 1,200 alumni, family and friends spread out around campus, at Steel Field and into town to celebrate Moravian College. The weekend began Friday morning with members of the Lifelong Learning Committee visiting Moravian Hall Square in Nazareth, where Elizabeth “Bette” Kovach ’75 spoke about her book, Bethlehem Steel: The Final Quarter Century. At the same time, the annual Rocco Calvo Golf Tournament teed off at the Bethlehem Golf Club. The next morning, many alumni gathered in the HUB Pavilion for a continental breakfast. Throughout the day, one could hear comments about the many changes around Main Street campus, including the beautiful landscaping, the renovated first floor of Comenius, the Pavilion, the Blue & Grey patio and more. Imaginations ran wild and memories were shared at the tailgate party, as the classes of ’82, ’87, ’92, ’97, ’02, ’07, and ’12 celebrated their reunions. And during the pre-game show, the Moravian College Alumni Marching Band and Color Guard joined the student band. Photos from alumni events are available at

FALL 2012


December 8 Alumni Awards Ceremony

January 11 Resident Advisors Alumni Panel

May 8

Celebration for 2012 Comenius Graduates

May 11 Commencement and Reception for Legacy Graduates

May 17

Founder's Day

May 17 & 18 Alumni Weekend





Moravian College Magazine


publishes all class notes that we receive. We reserve the right to edit for space or style. Some information may appear only online at

Jane Smith Ebelhare;

All class correspondents with an e-mail address are listed within the notes. Some correspondents without e-mail access are listed below. If your class year is not shown or does not list a named correspondent either here or online, e-mail your information to or mail to Pat Hanna, Alumni Relations Office, Moravian College, 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

Margaret Loveless Browne; pegbrownenj@

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PHOTO POLICY FOR CLASSNOTES: • Please send us your image as a jpg file at 300 dpi. • We publish one photo per wedding or birth. • We welcome photos of gatherings of alumni and will publish as many as space permits.

1947 1949 Norma Boldt Wynne; Erwin Boettcher celebrated 60 years of ordination in the Moravian Church in July.

Pearl Stein;

1958 Daneen Jones Phelps;

1959 Class correspondents without e-mail access: 1943 – Margaret L. Albright, 129 N. 11th St., Allentown, PA 18102 1943 – June Bright Reese, 801 N. Wahneta St., Apt. 203, Allentown, PA 18109 1946 – A da Zellner Flower, 834 Hilltop Road, Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771 1952 – M ary T. Pongracz, 321 W. Fourth St., Bethlehem, PA 18015 1954 – H elen Desh Woodbridge, 3574 Browning Lane, Bethlehem, PA 18017 1955 – H elen Varady Keyser, 2038 Kemmerer St., Bethlehem, PA 18017

For Comenius Center alumni notes Dee Lohman; or Sherron Quinn;



Kathy Werst Detwiler; kathydetwiler@

1960 James Houser; or Peter French;

1961 Sam Maczko; Jeff Gannon enjoys retirement in the Woodlands in Texas. Taking care of three dogs gives him plenty of exercise. He and his wife enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. Chuck Merkel has relocated to Cocoa Beach, Fla., and enjoys the warm weather and swimming, which he does every day because he lives across the street from the

ocean. He had a medical setback recently but has recovered nicely and continues to keep active. Chuck recently spoke with Bruce Robertson, who continues to enjoy Marco Island, Fla. Bruce is very active in a local environmental organization and enjoys volunteering. In September Barry Gaal, Joe Castellano, Ken Sepe and Sam Maczko participated in the 13th annual Gus Rampone Golf Tournament at the Bethlehem Municipal Golf Course. The outing raises money for scholarships for Moravian students and is organized by alumni of Omicron Gamma Omega. The OGO fraternity continues to attract brothers and participates in a variety of charitable causes during the school year. Barry Gaal and his wife, Ruth, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a vacation to Turks and Caicos. The Gaals also traveled to the Canadian Rockies, where they visited Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, and Vancouver, and ended their trip at the Calgary Stampede. Barry continues to volunteer in civic activities in Bethlehem. Joe Castellano continues his volunteer work at Moravian. He and his wife enjoyed a cruise to Scandinavia during the summer. Joe stays busy with his children and grandchildren. During the summer, Ken Sepe split his time between North Jersey and the shore, where he met Christie Rampone, the captain of the Women’s Olympic Soccer team, at a Blue Claws minor league baseball game. She was there to create interest in woman’s soccer. It turns out that she is the cousin of Gus Rampone of Greyhound fame. John Bregman has moved to Orlando, Fla., but comes back to New Jersey for the summer. He is doing very well and keeps busy with his children and grandchildren.

1962 Merr Trumbore; or Emma Demuth Williams;

FALL 2012



Bill Leicht;


Odin Leif Fagerland

Kathleen Cavanaugh;

1965 Robert Houser; In 1977, Robert Zerfass co-founded the Royals, an amateur baseball team, in Hellertown, Pa., which he still manages. The team is part of the Blue Mountain League and this year marks Zerfass’ 50th year as a player and manager in the league. The Royals were honored this summer at a ceremony at the Hellertown-Lower Saucon Community Day festivities and Zerfass received a special tribute during the ceremony.

1966 David Berg;

1967 Kathie Broczkowski Klein;

1968 Jill Stefko;

1969 Tim Tedesco; Elizabeth Riley Bell’s book, The Smart Guide to Single Malt Scotch Whisky, was released last spring. It is the first comprehensive guide to single malt whisky written by an American.

1970 Johann Michael Miklos recently made a presentation at ESALQ, the agriculture school in the city of Piracicaba in São

FALL 2012

Tristan Alan Clancy

Sherry Rohn Clancy ’92 and her husband Don are pleased to welcome a son, Tristan Alan, who joined big sisters Dana and Eden on November 23, 2011.

Laura Werner Fagerland ’04 and Kurt Fagerland are proud to announce the birth of a baby boy, Odin Leif Fagerland. He was born on June 13 in Roswell, Ga., and weighed 7 lbs., 14 oz. Odin was joyfully welcomed into the family by his two furry siblings Adelaide and Paris. Kerry Graybill Heinze ’01 and Chris Heinze welcomed a son, Owen, on July 2 who joins big sister Erin and big brother Evan.

Paulo, Brazil, to a group of students and professors on the theme of pelletization of native wood and sustainability of the Amazon forest. He called this presentation unique, because it reminded him of his years at Moravian. During his introductions he mentioned Moravian College.

Colleen is looking forward to retiring there and playing golf. Bill works at Canfield Scientific and travels across the country as a medical photographer.


Susan Bacci Adams; Susan Bacci Adams attended a Moravian gathering at Peter Maas and Carter Lee’s house in Madison, N.J. After a career in banking, Lee enjoys working as an aide at a pre-school in Madison. Debbie Lewis Zvanut was also in attendance. She is enjoying her retirement and has visited China and Germany and has cruised to Canada. She currently teaches basket weaving and is on the corporate board of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania. Her husband, Carl, recently retired from Air Products. Nancy Martin Lasher teaches third grade in Orange, N.J. She went to Panama in February to do video conferencing for PRISM (Professional Resources in Science & Math). She is getting her certification to teach middle school science. Laura Likman Schell is an Orton Gillingham tutor (a program that helps students with reading, writing and spelling) and continues to work with her husband, Scott Schell, at the Ranch House. The gath-

John Madison;

1972 Terrell McMann;

1973 Dennis Jones; or Priscilla Barres Schueck;

1974 Cyndee Andreas Grifo; Colleen Senters Witmer and her husband Bill Witmer ’73 have just completed their dream house in North Carolina.





rusher; rushing 1,016 yards in 1970. His name will be added to the board at the corner of the stadium that features the school’s special players, record holders and all-state selections.

ering included two friends from the class of 1978: Nancy Likman Graham and Cindy Bear Pugnet. Bob Gratz was honored by his alma mater, Notre Dame High School, on October 5 during halftime of the football game. He was their team’s first 1,000-yard

1977 John Fauerbach;

Weddings Jennifer Brief and Daniel Hume

Tyler Boyer and Laura Sahlender Kim Garcia and Jon Smith

DiOdoardo ’04, Jillian MlynekMcMullen ’07, Patrick McMullen ’07, Rachel Radocha ’08, Chris Earley ’08, Jenna Wallace ’08, and Michael Walp ’08. Valerie and Michael honeymooned in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Devon Kondrup and Michael Neff

Valerie Korsak and Michael Sharkazy

Tiffany Van Gorden Adams ’00 and Tim Adams were married on March 16 and live in Champaign, Ill. Jennifer Brief Hume ’04 and Daniel Hume were married on July 20 at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, N.J. Alumni in attendance were Kristen Kulbaba ’04, Rachel ’04 and Jamison Licausi ’04, Kate Chiminec ’04, and Jennifer Wagner ’03.



Tyler Boyer ’07 and Laura Sahlender ’07 were married on June 23 and celebrated with family and friends with a ceremony and reception at The Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia. Elizabeth Millili ’07 served as a bridesmaid. Tyler works for the Internal Revenue Service and Laura is a second year medical student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Valerie Korsak ’07 and Michael Sharkazy were married at St. Peter’s Church in Coplay, Pa., on July 14. Their reception was held at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie. Kelly Bauer ’07 and Justin Klement ’07 were members of the wedding party. Other Moravian attendees were Catherine

Kim Garcia ’08 was married to Jon Smith on May 5, with a reception at Stroudsmoor Country Inn, in Stroudsburg, Pa. Devon Kondrup ’08 was a member of the bridal party (pictured on the far right). Devon Kondrup ’08 and Michael Neff were married on June 23 in Monmouth Beach, N.J. Their reception was held at Eagle Ridge Country Club in Lakewood, N.J. Kim Garcia Smith ’08 was in the wedding party (pictured far right). Moravian attendees were Sarah Atkins ’08, Teriane Johns Streitel ’08, Amanda Ternosky Dennis ’08, Katherine Perkins ’08, Cortney Selander ’08, Alexandra Picone Gro ’08 and Lydia Zarrella ’08.

FALL 2012




Dawn Allen; Nancy Likman Graham works in the finance department of AT&T as director of financial analysis. Her husband also works there but both travel in different directions each day! Cindy Bear Pugnet teaches first grade in Hillsborough, N.J., and has been teaching for ten years.

Janes and Lynda Farrell Swartz; lfswartz@

Kimberly Breiner-Stoudt performed with the Anthracite Philharmonic at the Summer Jazz concert in the Yuengling Mansion Arts and Cultural Center in Pottsville, Pa. Kimberly is the founder and owner of Piano Studio LTD.

1979 John F. Burke, Ph.D. has been named the executive director of the Wolfington Center at Cabrini College. Burke specializes in, and has published several articles on, Catholic social teaching, social justice, peace studies, religion, politics and diversity.

1987 Diane Hvizdak Taylor; dianektaylor@hotmail. com

1988 Dianne Pelaggi Irr;


1996 Deb Yuengling Ferhat;

1997 Tiffany Shenman;

Kerri Selland Pepoy;




Jennie Joshi;

Molly Donaldson Brown;

Mary Beth Sierzega Afflerbach;

1981 Craig “Kegger” Bartlett;

1982 Lori Vargo Heffner; Vanessa Schukis has written a children’s book, titled Miss Sugar. It is the story of an opera singer who teaches music to Kindergarten students.

1983 Karen Skoyles;

1984 Diane Sciabica Mandry;

1985 Lynn Muschlitz LaBarre;

FALL 2012

1991 Melissa dePamphilis Jarman; mdepamph@ or Christine A. Palermo-Wallach; Frank Karnish has announced his engagement to Sara Hodon; a spring 2013 wedding is planned. Frank is currently pursuing his master of education degree at Alvernia University and is employed as a chemistry teacher at Panther Valley High School.

1992 John S. Nunnemacher; or Michael Q. Roth; Michael Roth was named the new superintendent for the Salisbury Township School District in Pennsylvania. Roth comes to this position after having served as assistant superintendent in the Nazareth Area School District.

1999 Christina Fulton;

2000 Faithann Cheslock Stephey; LadyBugFVC@ or Lisa Hahn Egan; Lisahahn13@ Carli Miller Henichek is a key player on her soccer team, the Starters, which won the Lehigh Valley Senior League Women’s Soccer open division championship in July. Carli scored the winning goal of this game. Also on the team with Carli is the head coach of the Moravian women’s team, Brienne Smith, and the assistant coach, Steph Peel. Elizabeth DiFebo recently left her job at F. A. Davis, a medical publisher in Philadelphia, where she worked as the design coordinator for the past five years. She left in order to start a graduate program at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pa., where she expects to graduate in 2015 with her Doctorate in physical therapy. Tiffany Van Gorden and her new husband, Tim Adams, moved to Champaign, Ill., in April. She has been a massage therapist for three years and currently works for




BodyWork Associates. Frank Bruno recently opened a martial arts and yoga studio called Iron Falcon Martial Arts in Allentown.

2001 Courtney Parrella;

2002 Brienne Wilson Rodriguez; briennewilson@ Emily Shertzer has been named the Air Force’s athlete of the year, for her success in military athletic competition.

2003 Regina LaCombe Laine; Matthew Ziegenfuss has recently been hired as the new assistant principal at Whitehall High School in Pennsylvania.

2004 Jessica Naugle; Kelly Wakeman has been chosen as the new head women’s soccer coach at Ursinus College. As well as coaching soccer, Kelly is pursuing a master of education degree.

2005 Regina LaCaruba;

2006 Lauren Bahnatka Bachner; mrsbachner@ Courtney Werner has earned her Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Literacy, and Social Practice. She walked in graduation and was hooded on August 10. She is happy to let everyone know she has been hired as a tenure-track assistant professor of English in rhetoric and composition at Hope College in Holland, Mich. The school is very similar to Moravian. She writes, “Long live the small, liberal arts education!” Michael Trimble is currently work-



ing at a dental supply company in Albuquerque, N.M. He was an outstanding baseball player at Moravian and after graduation became involved with slowpitch softball. He is organizing a memorial softball tournament in the Lehigh Valley for Fred Hossler, a man involved with the league, who died in a car accident.

2007 Laura Sahlender; Erin Recker is now teaching fourth grade for the Whitehall-Coplay School District. Jennifer Gillard was recently accepted at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice. She will be pursuing a master of science in non-profit leadership.

2009 Cassidy Thomas; Kaitlyn McEnrue is currently teaching at KIPP Harmony Academy in Baltimore, Md. Cristina Teresa Tumasz and Francis Patrick Houston are engaged. An October 2012 wedding is planned in Avalon, N.J., with the reception in Cape May. Amanda deVillers is engaged to marry Justin McCutcheon. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Guam. She is employed as a biological technician for war in the Pacific National Historical Park in Guam. Maria DeBonis and Marc Braxmeier recently got engaged. Maria teaches math in the Bethlehem School District, and Marc is a project coordinator at Lutron Electronics Inc. A July 2013 wedding is planned.

2010 Kelly Schneider;

2011 Rachel Kleiner; Hailey Brown is now an art teacher at Schnecksville Elementary School for grades K-5. Amanda Raiser has a fulltime position

teaching art at La Academia Partnership Charter School in Lancaster. Codi Gauker is engaged to Andrew Logsdon. Codi is employed at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Bethlehem. Kelly Herzog will begin teaching fourth grade at Franklin Elementary School in Roxbury, N.J. Aaron Hetrick has just accepted the position of band director at Central Catholic High School in Allentown. He will lead the school’s instrumental music program Will Pierotti recently completed U.S. Navy basic training at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Ill.

2012 Ali Zucal; Melissa Andreas is working as a resident director while studying student affairs in higher education at Kutztown University.

In Memoriam Philip F. Youngken ’44 – July 15 Sally Lewis Bartlett ’45 – July 1 Jean Mandell Litow ’46 – July 10 Charles H.Kuhn ’49 – July 3 Frances L. Barnard ’51 – August 22 John “Lefty” Seifert ’52 – April 26 Richard John Manning ’52 – October 1 Donald Duffy ’53 – August 21 James Evanko ’55 – August 19 Donald Naylor ’56 – July 7 Carmella Carrescia ’57 – September 20 Rocco Paul Fresoli ’57 – July 21 Paul R. Baltzer ’58 – August 15 Charles L. Rush ’59 – July 21 William K. Silsbee ’59 – June 9 Terry L. Male ’61 – July 20 Lawrence S. Homa ’65 – August 17 Robert H. Smith ’74 – July 23 Harry J. Bender ’75 – August 1 Joseph P. Dowling ’79 – July 7 Karen Plessl Samson ’90 – September 2

FALL 2012

scholarships at moravian

Happy Birthday to a lifelong educator! Karli Gnehm ’14 Computer science major, business and math minor. Recipient of Mr. and Mrs. Morris J. Dimmick Scholarship Kyle Davies ’15 History and secondary education major. Recipient of Marcella Dimmick Scholarship

At 98 years, Marcella Dimmick ’35 continues to live her commitment to quality education. Through her support of two scholarships—the Mr. and Mrs. Morris Dimmick Scholarship and the Marcella Dimmick Scholarship—Miss Dimmick gives the gift of an education to deserving Moravian students. The Hellertown native earned a B.A. in English at Moravian, and then dedicated 42 years as a teacher and counselor to students of Hellertown and Saucon Valley high schools. Although she has retired, our students continue to benefit from the fruits of her wisdom and labors. Moravian recently celebrated her birthday with a cake and a big “Thank you!” (Shown with Miss Dimmick is Kathy Thomforde, wife of President Chris Thomforde.)

Support scholarships at Moravian.

To establish an endowed scholarship or for any scholarship information, contact Patricia Price, director of planned giving, at 610 625-7915 or

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage

1200 Main Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018


Lehigh Valley, Pa. Permit No. 521

Ray Bishop ’81

THE MORAVIAN EFFECT President, Bishop Photo

Ray Bishop ’81 is one of thousands of Moravian alumni who are involved members of their communities, contributing their time and talents to improving the lives of those around them.

moravian college

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