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Finding Purpose in Giving Back

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Prelude: Caring for the past


President’s Letter: Giving is part of the rhythm of life


Triumphs and challenges of the Peace Corps JFK’s vision continues to challenge students today.


Living simply, giving back Terry O’Rourke ’86, M.D., tends to the neediest around the world, and recently endowed a scholarship to honor his parents.


Living the Moravian Promise Kanizeh Visram ’10 overcame fears and obstacles to realize her dream.


Leadership means taking action Moravian’s Center for Leadership and Service promotes service for the common good.

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Moravian College Magazine : Brenda Lange, editor; Mark J. Fleming, sports editor; Christie Jacobsen ’00, web manager; Susan Overath Woolley, director of publications; Michael P. Wilson, director of public relations. Photographer: John Kish IV; additional photography by Bishop Photography. Alumni relations: Marsha Stiles ’99, director; Patricia Murray Hanna ’82, assistant director. Copyright 2011 by Moravian College. Photographs and artwork copyright by their respective creators or by Moravian College. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reused or republished in any form without express written permission. Cover: Moravian’s Center for Leadership and Service promotes a wide variety of projects, trips and opportunities for students, alumni, faculty and staff throughout the year to encourage leadership and growth through service. Sophomores Samuel Ansman and Caitlyn Holland work together on the 2011 Habitat for Humanity Homecoming Build, one way the Moravian back to the community-atphotocommunity by John Kishgives iV large. Photo by John Kish IV.


Stories from the Moravian community

The Society helps preserve the history of the community through the provision of historic markers such as this one at the Schwab Mansion on West Third Street. Far right: More than 15 Christmas trees are decorated annually in the holiday traditions of the various ethnic groups that have called South Bethlehem home. Right: The former steel mill has experienced a rebirth through the opening of SteelStacks, an arts venue, where fireworks marked the Fourth of July in 2011.



FALL 2011

Charged with caring for the past Moravian alumni work together to keep the past alive. Photos and text by Dana Grubb ‘72 As board members of the South Bethlehem Historical Society, we accept that we are caretakers of South Bethlehem’s past—a position we take seriously, even as we enjoy our charge thoroughly. The Society was founded 25 years ago to preserve and make known the second chapter of Bethlehem’s history (1850 to the present) by focusing on the individuals, ethnic groups and material evidence which helped make possible the industrialization of South Bethlehem. Immigrants seeking employment and opportunity in the burgeoning steel industry flocked here in the early 1900s. They settled with others of similar cultural backgrounds throughout the borough’s neighborhoods, and stayed segregated at work. For example, the Hungarians worked in the blast furnaces and the Portuguese in the coke works, as each ethnicity filled the ranks of steelworkers. Bethlehem Steel shut its doors in the early 2000s, and its iconic, hulking blast furnaces exist now as a backdrop to the arts and entertainment district at SteelStacks. The coke works is home to a growing industrial park. The SBHS strives to preserve that part of the city’s history so that current and future residents of the area will never forget the community’s roots, culture, buildings and people who were instrumental in creating and helping to grow the industry that was a forerunner to Bethlehem’s changing economy in today’s fast-paced technological world. The Moravian Effect Five of us who serve on the board—and in fact, three of the four executive committee members—are Moravian graduates: Mary Pongracz ’52; Kathryn Broczkowski Klein ’67, vice president; Lance Metz ’70; Dana Grubb ’72, president; and Tom Kwiatek ’73, secretary. Four of us grew up in and around South Bethlehem, and all of us love this town and work for its betterment in various ways. We constitute nearly one-third of the board, and have Mary to thank for bringing us together. A Bethlehem native and accomplished musician who taught in the Bethlehem Area School District for years, Mary has been involved with several Bethlehem area organizations, serving on their boards, getting to know many people in the community and forming friendships wherever she went. Mary has always had a sensitivity to cultural differences and was a member of the International Relations Club at (what was in 1952) the Women’s College.

FALL 2011

Moravian College graduates serving on the South Bethlehem Historical Society’s board of directors are Mary Pongracz ’52, Tom Kwiatek ’73, Kathryn Broczkowski Klein ’67, Lance Metz ’70 and Dana Grubb ’72.

Kathie calls her journey to the society a natural progression. Also a native, she was active at Moravian, serving as student government secretary and secretary of her class. Working with Dan Gilbert, professor emeritus of history at Moravian, and volunteering at Historic Bethlehem Inc. had a profound impact on her, fostering her dual passions of history and volunteerism. Tom’s earliest memories are of life on the South Side, and he has honored Bethlehem’s rich ethnic traditions through a festival he founded, Spirit of Bethlehem, designed to emphasize the city’s diverse population. He also has been a trustee of Moravian College and president of the Moravian College Alumni Association. Lance, who majored in history and English, agrees with me, a political science major, that Moravian and our studies there set the tone for our careers and reinforced a desire to be of service to the community. Lance, who went on to work as the historian at the Canal Museum in Easton, is renowned for his work. And I was employed by the City of Bethlehem for more than 27 years, managing federal, state and local grant programs. Through that position, I bonded with many non-profits on the South Side. Moravian encourages its students to give freely of their time and talents, and we point to our dedication and commitment to our community as a direct result of our experiences there. And so at SBHS, we remember the past by celebrating it in the present through lectures and films, installation of historic markers, a photography contest, ethnic-themed dinners and our annual ethnic Christmas tree exhibit. The diversity of South Bethlehem continues to inform its ambiance now and, with our help and others like us—as we engage the community and continue our rich traditions—for a long time to come. W



fromthePRESIDENT Dear men and women of Moravian:

Photo by John Kish iv

One of the deep rhythms of life is the giving and the receiving of gifts. Accepting what we have been given, and sharing our time, talents and material possessions are part of this ebb and flow. In the beginning, we receive life as a gift from our parents. As time passes, we gather life’s experiences—nature’s grandeur, the embrace of loved ones, exposure to intellectual pursuits and learning. All are gifts of life which shape and form us into the men and women we are today. And we are grateful for these gifts. We give thanks for all that is good and edifying, and we stop every now and then to thank personally those people who have enriched our lives.

<< The gifts of time, money, knowledge and skill given by many people over the years, created the educational context within which we pursue our passions and discover happiness.


As part of our gratitude for what we have received, we often respond by giving to others, to improve their lives or encourage them along life’s way, sharing our gifts, so that we can all prosper together. The life of Moravian College is a part of this great rhythm. Here, we received our college education. Here, professors and coaches shared with us their knowledge, their experience, and their expertise. The gifts of time, money, knowledge and skill given by many people over the years, created the educational context within which we pursue our passions and discover happiness. We are proud of Moravian and grateful for all that we have gained here. Moravian College has contributed much to our well-being. Now consider with me, as we look forward to



Moravian’s future, how we might share our gifts with the College. Let’s consider how we can give our time, money, knowledge and skill so that future generations of men and women can grow here. What might we contribute to Moravian so that, in the future, men and women can be transformed by the Moravian educational experience in the same way that so many others have been transformed at Moravian over the centuries? Moravian College Live. Learn. Enjoy.

Chris Thomforde President

FALL 2011

out&about Live. Learn. Enjoy. During the colloquium on August 25, President Thomforde reminded faculty and staff that, as we welcome students back to campus, it is important to remember why we are here. “We are not here to train students to do, we are here to train them to be … while promoting leadership and service for the common good.” He continued his address by recognizing each department and the many achievements across campus in the past five years. He also reminded the audience of this year’s IN FOCUS theme—Poverty and Inequality—and the importance of supporting the programming around it. “This unifying theme can engage our whole community—we all have to face these problems, and although we can’t solve them, we need to be aware of them, because societies can’t be healthy with the type of inequality we face today.” Then the president introduced Lisa Jordan of Mindpower, an Atlanta-based marketing firm hired to work with Moravian to hone our message, including the Moravian Promise. “We set out to find out what this promise means to 17-year-olds, to find the essence and culture of the college, then deliver it to parents and prospective students in a language the students will understand,” Jordan began. “Our goal is to open up the Moravian


December 2-4 and 9-11 Vespers A beautiful Moravian Christmas tradition continues with vespers services the first two weekends in December. Call Public Relations for ticket availability. 610 861-7880.

FALL 2011

Promise in a big way—to be powerful in delivering on that promise to students, families and each other.” Jordan continued to explain this partnership and what is needed of all faculty and staff going forward. She reminded her listeners of Moravian’s strengths—connected alumni, close-knit community, strong student-teacher connections, interesting majors not commonly found in liberal arts schools—and of our challenges—low name recognition and the many competitor schools that are nearby. Mindpower’s answer has been to reshape the Moravian Promise into language more easily accessible to the high school students who are looking at us for the first time. While doing that, she challenged faculty and staff to take this message and run with it. “Create an atmosphere on campus so someone walking around without a guide would know what the college is all about. Keep the message fresh, true and authentic,” she added. The essence of the Moravian Promise can be seen on page 40.

foR MoRE DEtAIlS, SEE www.MoRAvIAN.EDu/NEwS oR CAll 610 861-1300

December 3 Conference in Medieval and Early Modern Studies this popular, daylong free conference will look closely at various aspects of medieval times from Chaucer and Beowulf to the Knights templar to causes of the first Crusade. visit http:// for information.




His life’s work is our IN FOCUS theme intellectually, and leads to only the lowest-paying jobs, perpetuating the cycle, he said. “Fortunately, many college students today feel the call of service. Whatever you choose to do, and in whatever direction you choose to go, you can realize the fulfillment that comes from bringing joy and justice to the poor. … Promote service and develop a sense of service. That is crucial. Exposure to the poor has a stronger effect than reading books about poverty. Start with service, but remember that is only the starting point, not a replacement for systematic justice.” This year’s IN FOCUS theme–Poverty and Inequality–was launched with Jonathan Kozol’s keynote speech at Fall Convocation. Kozol, a social justice advocate, educator and author, has devoted his life to the challenge of providing equal opportunities within public schools for all children. He encouraged the audience to be courageous and change the world. “Find joy and exultation in the struggle to change things that are wrong in the world,” he began. “Remember, history is something you can enter and transform, not something that happened to others.” A good education should be as accessible for children of the poorest in the country as it is for those who come from wealthy families–a Moravian tenet. The “stripped-down” education many poor children receive leaves them starving

IN FOCUS allows the Moravian College Community to look at complex issues from multidisciplinary perspectives. Four topics were chosen around important challenges facing mankind in this century. The topics will rotate, so that all students will be involved with each topic. The next themes will be sustainability, health care, and war and peace. Each year, academic and co-curricular activities will center on the appropriate theme. Thematic programming is planned through the IN FOCUS committee, and faculty, event planners and students are encouraged to plan their own events around the theme. The goal of IN FOCUS is for Moravian College, Moravian Theological Seminary and the Comenius Center to engage students in the study of important issues that challenge humanity’s present and future. By grappling with complex problems, Moravian’s graduates will be better prepared to contribute to a just global society.

The promise of Moravian is captured in website redesign A college’s website is the first place most prospective students and their parents look when investigating schools. Just in time for the fall admissions high school visit season, Moravian has redesigned its website to reflect the look and feel found in the new suite of materials created with Mindpower Inc. last summer. Emphasis has been placed on the campus visit, with an improved, personalized interface. the online application has been streamlined and the message that “Moravian is the place to pursue your passion and receive a quality broad-based liberal arts education” has been clarified. Staff members in information technology, admissions and public relations collaborated to ensure the website remains a vital, cohesive communications medium for marketing the features, benefits and outcomes of a Moravian education. Photographs, department pages and other content sections will be updated or added in a continuing support of the “live. learn. Enjoy.” approach to delivering on the Moravian Promise.



FALL 2011

A new and improved Bahnson Center is rededicated

The new entryway to Moravian Theological Seminary’s Bahnson Center, rededicated in October.

The renovated Bahnson Center at Moravian Theological Seminary was rededicated in a ceremony October 19. The successful conclusion of its $15 million, five-year comprehensive campaign, A Mission that Matters, was celebrated, along with the comprehensive interior and exterior renovations made possible by the fundraising. President Thomforde welcomed the standing-room-only crowd by recognizing the Seminary as a place that “prepares men and women to be lights of the Gospel in a dark time.” Following remarks by Rev. Frank Crouch, the dean and vice president of the Seminary, and Rev. David Bennett, the chair of the board of trustees, the formal rededication was made by Chaplain Hopeton Clennon. Music was provided by the Seminary Choir and the Bethlehem Area Moravian Trombone Choir. Improvements include the replacement of the original heating and air-conditioning system, installation of energy-efficient windows and improved lighting, doubling the number of restrooms, adding a kitchen with community room, a new main entrance, and various interior and exterior aesthetic improvements.

MoRAvIANBooKSHElf MoRA n Dana Dunn, professor of psychology, recently published an edited book titled The Psychologically Literate Citizen: Foundations and Global Perspectives. Published by Oxford University Press, the book covers two timely and interconnected concepts in psychology pedagogy: psychological literacy and the psychologically literate citizen. The book asserts that these two concepts promise to invigorate a new global approach to psychology education, and psychological literacy is the most important outcome of an undergraduate education. Practical guidance is offered to the classroom psychology educator as well as the curriculum developer and reviewer, and the argument is made that psychology education needs to undergo a paradigm shift using these concepts. n Associate professor of doctrinal theology, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, recently published The Holy Spirit, Chi and the Other with Palgrave Macmillan. In this, her second book, Ji-Sun Kim explores correlations between the Holy Spirit of the Christian tradition and the Chi of Asian traditions. She writes that tension has existed between the East and West for centuries. There appears to be a hierarchy of cultures, with the West perceiving the East as inferior, so much so that

FALL 2011

it is referred to simply as “the Other.” Because today’s world is globally interdependent, it is pertinent to be open to Eastern understandings. One key concept that links East to the West is Spirit, a basic religious dictum in many world religions. This book examines the striking resemblance between the Eastern concept of Chi and the Western Christian understanding of the Holy Spirit. n Michelle Schmidt, associate professor, psychology department chair and director of academic leadership programs, has written a book titled Friendships in Childhood and Adolescence, with Catherine Bagwell, associate professor at the University of Richmond. The book explores the significance of friendship for social, emotional and cognitive development from early childhood through adolescence, and traces how friendships change as children age and what specific functions these relationships play in promoting adjustment and well-being. Friendships in Childhood and Adolescence was published by Guilford Press.



Triumphs & Challenges By Brenda Lange

of the Peace Corps The vision of an idealistic American president still stirs students today.


Bill Trub, after returning from a visit with a Ndebele king in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa. Far Right: Sarabeth Brockley discusses ecotourism with a local woman in San Pedro, Peru. Erin Lubeck says she loves all “creepy crawlies” including this Malay Giant Scorpion.



ohn F. Kennedy suggested the idea of international service in a speech at the University of Michigan just prior to the 1960 election. He challenged the thousands of students there to serve their country in the cause of peace, by living and working in developing countries. A few months later, he signed the bill establishing the Peace Corps, and by the end of 1961, more than 500 volunteers were trained and serving in nine countries. The Peace Corps’ mission is simple: help interested countries meet their need for trained men and women. And in so doing, promote a better understanding of each country’s cultures. In the intervening 50 years, more than 200,000 Americans have served in 139 countries. Today, more than 9,000 volunteers are in the field—more women than men, mostly single, with an average age of 28. They work with communities, in schools, businesses and governments, and despite the often challenging conditions, most return after their two years of service enthusiastic about their life-changing experience while serving others. “Peace Corps felt like a remarkable way to give back and transfer my skills to another country while also serving the United States,” says Bill Trub ’03 who has been serving in the Republic of South Africa since July 2010. He teaches literacy in a remote village, where he lives with the chief and tutors the man’s 13-year old son. Trub, who majored in English, and worked as an editor and adjunct instructor before he joined, also teaches in two dilapidated primary schools with no electricity.

Textbooks are scarce, and some students attend barefoot. “It’s a startling reality and quite an adjustment to try to teach without resources, but I am energized when I walk into my classroom and the children clap and yell, ‘It’s Mr. Bill!’” Dealing with the after-effects of apartheid has been the hardest reality for Trub to process, as some villagers are hesitant to work or speak with him; they feel inferior because he is white. Trub is one of 53 Moravian students and alumni who have served or are currently serving in the Peace Corps. Andrea Fellows, regional recruiter and former volunteer, calls that number “wonderful, amazing, incredible—That’s almost like sending one volunteer every year. “Every interaction I’ve had with Moravian College students has focused on service. And that’s what we’re all about— looking at the needs of others, not just ourselves. We combine service with an international aspect, and attract students who are interested in those two goals,” she says. Joyce Hinnefeld, associate professor of English, and Trub’s Honors project advisor, shares Fellows’ assessment. “Those students who have a sense of service, yes, but also one of continued learning and adventure, who can’t imagine being done with learning, and who aren’t looking for the conventional, safe route—those are who I see following this path,” she says. Erin Lubeck ’09 admits she was bitten by the travel bug, but credits her monthlong volunteer service in Africa after her junior year with cementing her desire to travel for service. Optimistic by nature,

fALL 2011

she doesn’t let the challenges of the job get to her, and loves translating and teaching English. She admits she’s been fortunate in her assignments—a Ugandan village, a Costa Rican butterfly garden and currently a village in Thailand—and cautions that applicants don’t get to choose their destination, although the Peace Corps does try hard to work with one’s skills, interests and goals when making placements. “Get out there and serve, and if you can do it internationally, great. Learning a new culture will change you for the better,” says Lubeck. Volunteers may choose the Peace Corps to appease their wanderlust, but by the time the rigorous, nearly one-year application process is completed, they recognize that they are going to be providing valuable service in challenging environments. And they are prepared. “Individuals need to be sure it’s the proper path for them. Everyone says it’s glorious, but there are some not-so-beautiful aspects, too, like outhouses, no running water and other things,” adds Fellows. She also suggests anyone considering the Peace Corps speak to former volunteers and ask lots of questions. And recent graduates may discover that the right time for them is after getting a little more life experience. For Sarabeth Brockley ’10 the push came from an environmental studies class with Diane Husic, professor of biological sciences. Brockley says, “Her interests defined the type of life she advocated for others. She was a heavy influence on my decision.” Brockley chose the Peace Corps for a “field-based technical training in the environmental sector” before choosing a graduate program. Brockley is still in her training period, and recently received an assignment to a small village in Peru where she’ll work with a local NGO trying to help the local community preserve its water. She will be responsible, with a handful of others, for “facilitating a change in habit/attitude toward making money quickly,” in an area attractive to tourists, but where water is an issue. Challenged by her surroundings, and aware there is much she does not yet know, Brockley acknowledges what she has already gained. “Peace Corps places a heavy emphasis on

fALL 2011

<< The Peace Corps is one of the most intense commitments you’ll ever make.


—Sarabeth Brockley

volunteers being the facilitators of change,” she says, stressing that the community is always involved at all stages to see what it is it wants. “You see local people taking control of their own problems and fostering their own solutions when they all are in a room together. That’s incredible to watch.” Husic believes the students who end up serving overseas have something inherently different about them—confident, independent, self-starters who are exposed to issues that pique their interest. Certain classes and programs at Moravian are tailor-made to encourage research and discovery into environmental and social justice issues, which the Peace Corps later helps them realize in action. “The exposure these students get [from class discussions and conferences] creates a sensitivity and interest in other cultures,” says Husic. “They’ve requested the areas, and are serving in the areas, that relate to what they’ve learned. I would like to see more students think about the value of traveling abroad to see other cultures and the differences and things that we have that we take for granted.” “Preparing your life economically, professionally and emotionally for 27 months of service is no easy feat,” says Brockley. There are no guarantees that the sacrifices will result in a positive experience. “It’s all part of letting the pieces fall into place.” “Having the call to service is paramount. You don’t make big bucks, but you gain much more than you expect,” Fellows says. “Peace Corps is a game changer. You can take what you’re passionate about and figure out how to make a living you’re happy with and excited about.” W Visit



By Brenda Lange

Giving Back

Honoring a calling to follow his faith and serve the poorest of the poor has led Terry O’Rourke ’86 to live simply and practice medicine as a citizen of the world. hile living this commitment, the family practice physician has found that those with the least money often cannot even get to the hospitals where he’s worked as a volunteer. In India, Swaziland, Zambia, Tanzania, St. Lucia and Dominican Republic, he has provided medical care for free. He has been paid only for his work in the United States and New Zealand. “Money is a necessary evil,” he says, “but I do my best to keep it out of the equation, because it spoils everything.” Inspired by the lives of the saints, in particular St. Francis of Assisi, O’Rourke has achieved a relative lack of materialism— owning little beyond his personal belongings, a laptop and set of golf clubs—and tries hard to remain humble. “My own needs are easily met. I live a simple life with few material possessions and try to live my life so it is not about me.” In his opinion, the constant want for more has led to the malaise felt by many in this country. “The house is never quite good enough, the car could always be better, etc. It’s a bad way to look at life. We have such abundance,” he says. The willingness to sacrifice for others and to give without reservation is freeing, and he would advise others that doing good without expectation is the key to living a fulfilling life. While a student at Moravian, O’Rourke was admittedly more self-centered, focused on his running— he was an Academic All-American in cross country in 1985 and ’86—and his grades—he graduated summa cum laude with honors in biology. But he says that he started to give when he realized he had something worthwhile to offer. “Now I’m about the bottom line: people having better lives, more opportunities Top: O’Rourke with a patient at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. Bottom: O’Rourke poses at the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, which he calls “one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world.”



fALL 2011

Terry O’Rourke stands with his parents, Terence and Sandra.

and knowing there is someone who cares.” O’Rourke earned his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and served in the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps for six years before practicing family medicine in various regions around the eastern United States. Then he headed overseas. As an alum who had always given to his alma mater, O’Rourke could have been satisfied that he had done enough, instead, he had a vague sense he needed to do more. After some soul-searching, he decided to set up an endowed scholarship in honor of his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary to support students studying nursing or the natural sciences. The Dr. Terence and Sandra O’Rourke Endowed Scholarship Fund was his way of thanking his father, a retired radiologist, for paying for his education and his mother, a nurse, for “doing all the things that mothers do to help that you cannot put a price on. Having them around and

fALL 2011


I have worked with the

poor and suffering enough to see that everyone can always do more for others. Helping people get a great education is a key to helping them to a better life and helping even more people achieve the same.


together for so long has made a huge difference in my life,” he says. O’Rourke writes in an e-mail from New Zealand: “I have worked with the poor and suffering enough to see that everyone can always do more for others. Helping people get a great education is a key to helping them to a better life and helping even more people achieve the same. A quality education at Moravian is really priceless, but what they [students] actually have to pay is a lot of money. If my parents’ scholarship can help a student afford an education at Moravian, it will be worth every penny I have put into it, and I, so far, am no worse for the wear. My situation is unique, but my sentiments and my commitment to Moravian need not be. I hope this story will inspire others to do something similar if and when it becomes feasible for them.” W



The road less traveled W

hen Kanizeh Visram ’10 was a young child, her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Visram remembers the upheaval caused by the chemotherapy and its side effects, and became fascinated by the drugs behind her mother’s recovery. Science became her passion. Growing up in Mombasa, Kenya, Visram faced many obstacles: a struggling economy, declining education standards, little money and a culture that doesn’t stress women’s education. Despite warnings that “that’s not what young, conservative Afro-Asian women do,” Visram grasped every opportunity and believed that with the right education and training, she could achieve her dream of becoming a pharmacist. “Throughout high school, I strove to stand out among my classmates as one of the few girls passionate about science and math, a career often considered appropriate only for males. I knew that with excellent grades and high recommendations, I could distinguish myself as a girl who was motivated to make a difference.” Visram couldn’t enter a direct six-year doctor of pharmacy program because of her family’s lack of financial resources. Inspired and supported by her brothers who were educated in America, she came to the United States to study biochemistry at Moravian, where she found the environment she needed to gain acceptance into the pharmacy program at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). “Moravian prepared me to be a competitive candidate in the field,” she says. “My education was exceptional, providing me with enhanced ways of thinking and tackling new challenges. The mentors, Photo by michael P. wilson

By Kate Helm ’05

Kanizeh Visram ’10 faced down multiple challenges to pursue her education.

<< I never felt I was different at Moravian, and I was amazed to learn how open the campus community was about accepting people from different races, ethnicities and religious backgrounds.




professors and friends I made encouraged me to pursue my highest potential, guiding me each step of the way. I never felt I was different at Moravian, and I was amazed to learn how open the campus community was about accepting people from different races, ethnicities and religious backgrounds.” Under the guidance of Cecilia Fox, associate professor of biology, she studied the effects of selenium on a Parkinson’s disease rat model through Moravian’s SOAR program. It was her first hands-on research experience, and she was hooked. She presented her findings at the 2008 Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington, D.C. “Dr. Fox is an exceptional mentor and teacher who paved the way for my future accomplishments and acceptance to topranked research programs,” says Visram, who completed a research internship at Harvard Medical School’s Stem Cell Institute in 2009. Visram believes her success carries responsibility to help others achieve their goals. She volunteered with Kenya’s Red Cross HIV/AIDS counseling and awareness campaigns and malaria and tuberculosis treatment camps, and the Bombolulu Clinic’s intestinal worm prevention projects. That’s when she saw first-hand the need for pharmacists who were different than the traditional community pharmacy variety. “In rural areas in Africa, doctors are rare and often unaffordable. Pharmacists play a vital role in administering drugs and diagnosing infections,” she explains. Visram also has spoken at career events for underrepresented students, where she hopes that others, especially young girls, are empowered through her story. “I’ve learned from my many experiences that it is sometimes the fear of not achieving what you want that limits many of us from even trying.” W

FALL 2011

Taking action, not a position The Center for Leadership and Service provides diverse ways for students to promote the common good, on campus and beyond.

<< Service teaches them about the issues, and they learn that it’s their actions that make them leaders.


—Nicole Nugent

Moravian students build part of a house with Habitat for Humanity. From left: Brianne Trump ’15, John Corbin ’11 (alumnus), Alissa Lastres ’12, Andrew Benson ’14 and Mary Petrik ’14.

FALL 2011


istorically, one of the goals of a liberal arts education is fostering leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility. At Moravian’s Center for Leadership and Service, students are encouraged to participate in curricular and co-curricular programs, activities and community service opportunities involving faculty, staff, alumni and community leaders. “Students develop the intellectual, interpersonal and organizational perspectives necessary for the practice of ethical leadership in our complex world,” says Katie Dantsin, director of leadership development. “Leadership is an active process and the ability to engage in leadership is everyone’s right and everyone’s responsibility.” If so inclined, a student could fill her free time with myriad community service opportunities offered through the center. Whether she wants to swing a hammer with Habitat for Humanity, gather food for the New Bethany Ministries, mentor children or tutor through America Reads, the Center can match her with the right place for her skills and interests. “We put students in touch with others who share their interests and network people and groups from campus with the community,” says Nicole Nugent, coordinator of community service, who works side-by-side with the center’s 10-member student staff to keep many initiatives humming smoothly along. A new program even allows Moravian students to provide community education through presentations at Moravian Village retirement community. Students also have the chance to join service trips to work with and help various communities—from a weekend serving the hungry and homeless in Washington, D.C., to a week working with Habitat on the Gulf Coast.

Faculty members often incorporate service-learning into their classrooms, in some cases pairing with Honors projects and student-faculty research. For example, Michelle Schmidt, associate professor and chair of the psychology department directs the academic leadership program, too. She teaches an Emerging Leaders class focusing on leadership and service and has the students demonstrate their commitment and ability to serve. This year’s class organized “Hunger and Homelessness Week” in November. The class of 12 worked in teams to put the event together, including planning the Hunger Banquet. “We teach this class in freshman year, and it acts as a springboard to help students engage in their community,” says Schmidt. “It lights a fire under them, and they become passionate and enthusiastic about their goals. They get engaged and involved.” Jamie Thierolf ’12 is one who got involved early and continues to prove her dedication. She worked for more than 300 hours with AmeriCorps—in the Salvation Army after-school program, with the Learning Connection, coordinating Relay for Life and working with the YMCA. “I am so glad the center is here; it’s made the work fun,” says Thierolf, who has won several campus awards for her volunteer and leadership work. Students come to Moravian with varying backgrounds in service-related projects, so the center offers a variety of work in many different areas, providing mutual benefits to the campus and community, while empowering students to become leaders through active commitment to service. “Service teaches them about the issues, and they learn that it’s their actions that make them leaders,” says Nugent.W



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The 2010-2011 fiscal year was a banner year for both Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary. Moravian College received $10,528,320 in gifts, making it the most successful fundraising year in the history of the College. We deeply appreciate the 3,545 donors who made a gift to the College; our success would not have been possible without your support. The College also was fortunate to have received a $5.3 million bequest from the estate of Harlan Fulmer ’43, which is the largest single gift we ever have received. In October, Moravian College formally kicked off a $45 million capital campaign titled The Campaign for Moravian: Pride. Passion. Opportunity. This is the first comprehensive campaign in the College’s history and we are grateful to those alumni, parents and friends who made gifts or pledges totaling $27 million during the leadership phase of the campaign. We are confident that with continued and increased support over the next four years, we will meet the goal of $45 million. (Pictures of the campaign kick-off may be found on the inside back cover of the magazine.) Speaking of campaigns, the Moravian Theological Seminary successfully completed A Mission that Matters campaign last year, which generated $15.2 million in support for the Seminary. Funds from this campaign enabled the Seminary to enhance its teaching and learning environment through renovations to the Bahnson Center and provided increased support for academic programs. In addition, the amount of financial aid available to students was doubled as a result. Alumni, friends and the Moravian Church have continued to be supportive of the Seminary through gifts to the annual fund. This support is necessary for the Seminary to meet operating costs in any given year, and we appreciate this consistent support. The combination of capital campaigns and consistent annual giving from alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations enables us to continue to thrive as an institution of higher education. Thank you to all of the following donors who have made this possible.

FALL 2011

The Comenius soCieTy The Comenius Society comprises alumni, trustees, friends, parents, corporate leaders, and faculty and staff members who share the conviction that Moravian defines what it means to be a 21st-century educational institution and carries Comenius’ ideals forward in a way that merits significant financial support. Members of the Comenius Society have supported Moravian by making a gift of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year.

moravian CirCle Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. Harlan F. Fulmer,* MD ’43 Ms. Laura S. Goerner* Holly Beach Public Library Association Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd Priscilla Payne Hurd Charitable Lead Unitrust Mrs. Helen Sloan James* ’35 JJ Development LLC Dr. James Molnar* ’66 Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province National Endowment for the Humanities Mrs. Margaret M. Peters* Jeanne Villano ’86 & James G. Petrucci Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick A. Reinhard Salem Congregation 1742 CirCle Sandra L. & Placido A. ’78 Corpora Emmeline Lewis ’48 & Leonard R.* Dimmick Mr. & Mrs. Martin Engels Moravian College Alumni Association Ms. Louise Moore Pine* Sodexo Mr. Arthur F. Stocker* Miss Marian M. Wagner ’54 Chairman’s CirCle Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Barnette Ms. Elizabeth Filson-Steers* Mr. J. Robert Hess Mrs. Brenda Krajci Claire L. & Parry J., MD ’66 Miller Dr. Terence L. O’Rourke Jr. ’86 Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. Anne McCandless ’79 & Kenneth J. ’79 Rampolla RMI Ralph L. Shields, MD ’60 Mrs. Mary E. Stever* Wachovia/WellsFargo Foundation Janice M. ’82, ’91 & Thomas A. Young

TrusTee CirCle Mr. Cyril J. Anderson B. Braun Medical Inc. Teri McCandless ’81 & Ray J., Jr. ’81 Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Black A. Joanne & John H., MD ’54 Bowman Mr. Clayton K. Brewer ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Brewer Mr. William L. Bronstein The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Evelyn Trodahl ’68 & Richard P. Chynoweth Clay-Mir Charitable Foundation, a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 & Mr. Warren M. Gericke Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford Genie Billiard ’63 & Harry E. ’64 Dooley Exxon-Mobil Genevieve Riordan ’43 & Edwin Gee Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern IBM Corporation Dena L. & Keith D. ’73 Lambie Mr. John W. Landis Mr. Charles E. Merrill Jr. Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz ’84 Mr. Henry W. Nehilla ’67 Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation PenTeleData Christine & Michael J., Esq. ’75 Perrucci Betsey Tait ’51 & John W. Puth Joanne M. Regina, PhD ’83 & Mr. Randall A. Weston Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld Mr. & Mrs. G. Dee Smith Mrs. Ruth H. Smith* Linda Joseph ’73 & James M. ’73 Stevens President Christopher M. Thomforde & Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde PresidenT’s assoCiaTes Air Products & Chemicals Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Albarell

Mrs. Janet Outten Amos* ’43 Mrs. Lois Brunner Bastian ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Christensen Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clark Jennifer Swain ’73 & Harry S., Jr., MD, PhD ’72 Clarke Coordinated Health Judith Acker ’57 & Bernard Cornwell Jaime Marks ’04 & Brian J. Corvino ’02 Duggan & Marcon Inc. Eden Charitable Foundation Kathleen & Michael M. ’72 Ellis Employees of East Penn Manufacturing Company Inc. Deborah L. & Robert P. ’71 Flicker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox Karen & John D. ’67 Fry Phyllis B. & Myron MD ’57 Genel Beth & Woodrin ’66 Grossman Harmony Press Inc. Hershey Foods Corporation Ms. Diane Schuehler Hillyard Mrs. Constance Stirling Hodson ’68 Elizabeth & James J., MD ’60 Houser Mr. & Mrs. John Kemps Leslie M. & Richard T. Jr., DDS ’77 Kingston Larger Life Foundation Hon. Wilma A. Lewis Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70 Atty. & Mrs. Blake C. Marles Mr. Bruce W. Marold Deborah Oplinger ’73 & Russell McKinnon Susanne & Gregg L. ’77 McNelis Merck Company Foundation Joseph C. L. Merola, MD ’64 Patricia Ann & Anthony ’59 Morelli Janna Barclay ’95 & Todd D. ’93 Parlee Presser Foundation Amanda Westphal ’89 & Conrad J., Esq. ’87 Radcliffe Mrs. Melissa Miller Robbins ’69 Saucon Mutual Insurance Company Doris Wood & David A. ’60 Schattschneider Miss Cornelia Schlotter ’57 Ms. Carol Schuehler Mr. & Mrs. Jary W. Shimer Ms. Anne F. Sinnott Dr. Bettie Moretz & Dr. Oles Smolansky Mary C. T. Kincaid ’68 & John L. Squarcia St. Luke’s Hospital Mr. William J. Straccia ’58

Dr. Susan Martin Studds Carol Herman, MD ’62 & Frank J., MD ’61 Szarko Dr. Charles & Laura D. Turner Vulcan Materials Company Kathy & Gordon Weil Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller Mr. David A. Zinczenko ’91 heriTaGe Club Mr. John P. Aloe ’79 Alvin H. Butz Inc. Association of Independent Colleges & Universities of Pennsylvania Margaret & D. Wayne ’04 Barefoot Rita Roseman ’61 & Charles E. Jr. ’60 Bartolet Mr. Todd E. Bateson ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Breidegam Laurie Riley ’82 & Lloyd S. Brubaker Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Burke Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation Audrey West & Frank L. ’80 Crouch Patricia Owen ’74 & Timothy A., MD ’73 DeBiasse Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company Nancy Likman ’78 & Mark R. Graham Mrs. Margaret Lutz Gray* ’42 Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr. Elinor Shute ’91 & Andrew W. ’91 Hart Candy Barr ’79 & Mark J. Heimbach Ms. Marilyn L. Herwig ’75 Marie & George E. ’59 Hollendersky Hotel Bethlehem Mr. Ralph W. Hunsicker ’76 Daren A. & F. James ’69 Hutchinson Barbara Colbourne ’77 & F. Robert Jr. ’76 Huth Edith T. & James L. ’56, ’59 Johnson Ms. Linda S. Johnson Just Born Inc. Mr. Gerald P. Kaminsky Louise & Thomas F. ’49 Keim Key Foundation Susan H. Kuenstner ’83 & Tom Coleman Janice Whitfield ’64 & John G., PhD ’65 Landis Linda Wells ’69 & Roger C. Lark Mr. Roland P. Leibenguth ’48 Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Ms. Mae K. Long Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon * denotes deceased

FALL 2011



Thank you Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation Bobbie & Henry E., Jr. ’60, ’63 May Dr. Alma A. Miles-Koch Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 Janie Whallon ’74 & Richard A. Muir Linda & Christopher A. ’88 Ohmacht Jami L. ’02 & Mitch Possinger Mrs. Judy Pote Cynthia Pummer ’83 & Michael P. ’82 Rauscher Jane Young ’69 & James L. ’70 Regina Diana & Raymond J. ’89 Reimer Lisa Moyer ’81 & David Roth Sandy & Eric S. ’69 Ruskoski Trish & Colin G., Esq. ’78 Sandercock Jennifer & Bryan W., PhD ’86 Sandmann Patricia Nemesh ’70 & Robert J. Schoenen, Jr. Marsha & Robert C., Sr. ’68 Silcox Judith Morecz ’64 & William H. Simpson TJX Foundation Inc. Trans-Bridge Lines Inc. Mrs. Diane Yaeck Wellington ’57 Mrs. Gail Smith Winson ’66 Mrs. Priscilla P. Wolle Mr. Randall G. Woolley ’02 Third CenTury Club Abbott Laboratories Fund Mr. George B. Adams Mr. & Mrs. John M. Adams Albarell Electric Inc. Miss Alma A. Albright ’40 Mr. Alvin A. Albright Jr. Miss Margaret L. Albright ’43 Allied Building Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Adam Ambielli Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. Patrice Starner ’83 & Atul K. Amin Elizabeth A. & Richard E. ’70 Anderson AptarGroup Inc. Karen A. ’88 & Jose P. Arencibia AT&T Foundation Miss Linda L. Atiyeh ’88 Mrs. Karen Bader Mrs. Olivia Musselman Barnes ’38 Wendy Merkle ’83 & William J. Basta Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ’80 Beitler Lygia & Donald M. ’78 Bellis Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram Constance L. & David E. ’88 Bennett Mrs. Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer ’57 Binney & Smith Inc. Dolores & Donald R., DEd ’57 Bortz



Terri Koser Brady ’82 & Steve Verna Ms. Rosanne E. Bricker ’64 & Mr. Kenneth Craven Tara & Christopher J. ’96 Brown Dr. Joan Cady Brownstein Colleen Workman ’60 & James O. ’47, ’49 Bruckart Mr. Barry L. Buchman ’71 Busy Workers Society Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Carney JoAnn B. & Joseph P. ’61 Castellano Gloria Gately ’45 & Frank L. Chipman Mr. Thomas D. Christman ’83 Ms. Judith Tobias Chuisano ’91 Patricia A. & W. Eugene ’68 Clater Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Constantine Jane D. & Richard M. ’68 Cope Maria Corpora, Esq. ’72 Covidien Verna Lunglhofer Cowin, PhD ’52 Ms. Lois N. Dalton* Mr. Scot J. Dapp Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck Ms. Suzanne Astbury Decker ’61 Julie A. Del Giorno & Margie Griffith Kathryn Werst ’59 & Wayne L. Detwiler Dr. & Mrs. George S. Diamond Virginia Dancy ’59 & John Dickie Joan Kiefer ’86 & Todd J. ’87 Dickinson Stephanie & Robert H. ’63 Dietrich Rhonda & Randal R. ’78 Dietz Miss Marcella I. Dimmick ’35 Mary Beth Krater ’64 & James M. Dinneen Robin Ziegler ’79 & Christos Dogas Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Domchek Dana Burt ’69 & John B. Donaldson Rev. Dr. Sally A. Brown & Mr. Peter T. Dunbar ’66 Shari Miller ’80 & James A. ’78 Dunstan Mr. Robert L. Dutt ’68 Linda H. & Denis M. ’69 Duvoisin Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Early Miss Carolyn D. Felker ’68 Mrs. Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41 Dr. Don C. Follmer Kerri & Kerry S., Esq. ’85 Freidl Grace & Peter L., PhD ’60 French Mr. Robert P. L. Frick ’49 Kim & Barry R. ’69, ’73 Galley Eileen E. & Martin ’63 Garcia Linda Shay, Esq. ’74 & Neville Gardner Lynn Castagnoni ’74 & Timothy S. ’73 Gardner General Electric Foundation

Gillespie Printing Dana Leo & Jan ’72 Gollins Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gorman Jr. Betsy S. & Philip A. ’65 Gottshall Sharon Duffy ’90 & Richard P. ’90 Graham Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Margaret & Joseph A. ’72 Grieshaber Emilia & Charles R. ’92 Gugliuzza Drs. Ruth & Theodore Hailperin Patricia Murray ’82 & Kenneth D. ’81 Hanna Mrs. Lois Moser Harke ’45 Kathryn Horwath ’52 & Ray H. Hartman Sharon L. & Charles W. ’74 Heidecker Drs. Linda & Ned Heindel Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’53, ’57 Jane Tatum ’90 & Carl O. Helstrom Hemmler Camayd Architects Elizabeth & William V. ’58 Herbein Ms. Joan G. Herbstman Hess Corporation Highmark Blue Shield Donna Stadinger ’64 & Frank L. Hocker Mr. John M. Hoffer ’94 Mr. Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr. ’88 Susan L. & Douglas R. ’81 Hooper Mary K. & Richard D. ’85 Hooper Mr. George T. Hudson ’59 Ms. Lillian K. Janos ’86 Mr. L. Jeff Jensen ’79 Johnson & Johnson Company Maureen & Keith W. ’77 Jones JP Morgan Chase Foundation Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua ’67 Mr. & Mrs. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Mr. Mack C. Kantarian* ’37 Denise S. ’93 & Arthur T. Katsaros Corinne E. & Robert M. ’66 Keller Ms. Dawn M. Ketterman-Benner Cathy Mraz ’78 & John R. Kimmel Claire M. ’87, ’95 & Michael Klatchak Mr. Douglas M. Kleintop ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kline Suzanne Kmet ’91 & William A. Diaz Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ’09 Beverly Gaston ’73 & Dale Kochard Maria & Ronald M., DO ’87 Kriner Dr. & Mrs. Frank T. Kuserk Drs. Michael & Eva Leeds Lehigh Gas Corporation Mrs. Katherine Schwalbe Leinbach Dr. Heikki E. Lempa

Mr. Peter Lighte Carol A. & Michael G. ’83 Link Mr. John E. Linton Michele M. & William J. Jr. ’79 Lloyd Dr. Janet S. Loengard Teresa Segar ’88 & Gary L. ’88 Long Mr. Hal A. Long ’01 Ms. Deborah LoPresti Elizabeth Tober ’76 & James S. ’76 Lyon Judith Studwell ’63 & James O. ’63 MacDonald Yvonne Thompson Maddox, PhD Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Martin Ms. Sherry Mason Brown Barbara Frowery ’67 & Nicholas R. Matlaga Debra S. & William W. Jr., Esq. ’78 Matz Diane L. & Robert C. ’74 May Mary Ellen Markey ’83 & Bruce K. ’84 Mayer Shirely Hart ’63 & Gerald D. McBride Margaret L. McClure, EdD ’61 Mary Ann & John M., DPM ’74 McFadden Nancy & Benjamin L. ’60 Meluskey Ms. Mary G. Mercer ’78 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Barbara & Lloyd H., PhD ’64 Michael Isidore Mihalakis, MD ’58 Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz ’84 Barbara Schlegel ’47 & Kenneth Miller Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Miller Jane Kincaid ’51 & Samuel H. Missimer Kazuko & Shinsho ’62 Miyagi Mr. James A. Molinaro ’73 Moravian Ministries Foundation Morgan Stanley Ms. Pamela Moschini Mr. & Mrs. Foster Nelson Mr. George Newell Colleen & Mark R. ’92 Newsome Mr. D. J. Nimphius II ’83 Anita Filler ’61 & Paul F. ’60 Noonan Dr. Gary L. Olson Olympus America Inc. Omicron Gamma Omega Missy & James P., PhD ’96 Orlando Barbara A. Osborne, PhD ’70 & Dr. Richard A. Goldsby Ann C. & Brian H. ’82 Oswald Marie A. & Harold F. Jr. ’61 Oswald ParenteBeard LLC Rebecca J. & Patrick T. ’80 Parenty Corinne Fusco ’78 & Frederick S. ’77 Patt Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton

FALL 2011

William C. Perry & Paul A. Nelson Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas Ms. Jill Peters ’07 Pharo Family Fund of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation PNC Financial Services Group Barbra & Kurt J. ’89 Poling Mr. & Mrs. Jesse M. Poole Lauri M. & Michael ’78 Popowycz Lenore & Joseph L. ’60 Powlette PPL Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Andre Python Jr. Marjorie & A. Reed ’74 Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Reed Dr. & Mrs. James H. Reid Mr. Thomas A. Repasch Jr. ’72 Mrs. Betty Adams Roach ’43 Ms. Renee L. Roberts ’74 Miss Stephanie L. Robison ’89 Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Cedric S. Rodney Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Ms. Diane Haines & William J. Rosenberg, Esq. ’49 Gayle Fischer ’86 & Thomas H. Rowland Ann & J. Peter ’65 Rush

College alumni

FALL 2011

Starter’s Riverport Stevens & Lee Ann Woltjen ’63 & Grove W., Esq. ’63 Stoddard Margaret B. & Bernard J. ’80 Story Mrs. Mary Fabian Strock ’38 Mr. John Strohmeyer* ’45 Katherine & Ronald J., PhD ’61 Stupak Barbara & Richard C. ’69, ’95 Subber Kathryn, MD & Richard J., MD ’79 Szarko Mr. Christopher S. Szutar ’02 Mrs. Margaret Taylor Mrs. Mildred Ladner Diefenderfer Thompson ’39 Tiffany & Company Elizabeth Tober ’76 & James S. ’76 Lyon Judith K. & Martin L., Esq. ’70 Trichon Judith M. & Harry J. Jr., PhD ’63 Trodahl Anna & Craig S. ’76, ’82 Troutman Dr. James Tyler Uhrig Construction Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Vacek Thomas J. Veraldi, DMD ’76 Mr. George W. Verheyden Jr. Victaulic Company of America Theresa M. & Joseph D. ’51 Viglione

Rev. Dr. Walter H. & Rev. Deborah H. Wagner Mr. James R. Walker Hilary Martin, Esq. ’93 & Walter T. ’90 Wandall Mrs. Louise Rothenberger Watt ’43 LaRae & Lee A., PhD ’57 Weaver Weis Markets Pamela M. ’99 & Andrew J. Weiss Linda L. & David L. ’64, ’67 Wickmann Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams Carolyn & Roger O. ’68 Williams Willis North America Inc. Wanda L. & Frederick C. ’56 Woitscheck Jane Metzler ’66 & Peter D. ’73 Wolfe Barbara Roberts ’61 & John W. ’59 Woltjen Ms. Anita-Jean Wright ’81 Judith Share, PhD ’66 & Michael Yaphe Nicole & Kenneth C. ’87 Yee Janet Blomquist ’71 & Robert R. Jr. ’68 Young Mr. W. Russell Yurchak Jr. ’62 Adele & Earl C. ’57 Zeiner Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag

By year, total giving, and percentage of participation.

1935 - 1939 Total Giving: $107,410 27% Participation Moravian Circle Helen Sloan James* Third Century Club Olivia Musselman Barnes Marcella I. Dimmick Mack C. Kantarian* Esther McNomee Sleight Mary Fabian Strock Mildred Diefenderfer Thompson Founders’ Club Milo A. Loppnow Colonial Club Clair N. Bath Robert A. Iobst Greyhound Club Betty Wagner Chase John H. Kapp* Virginia Enoch Lovekin 1940 Total Giving: $1,050

Anita S. & Robert C. ’60 Russoli Eleanore Beck ’56 & Henry E. Schleicher Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz Scotty’s Fashions Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock Cynthia Sitcov & Andrew K., PhD ’64 Semmel Lynn Rankin & Robert J., PhD ’68 Semper Joseph M. Shosh, PhD ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Shreter Laura Lee & Britt J., Esq. ’95 Simon Nelda & Robert C. ’51 Simonson Mrs. Esther McNomee Sleight ’39 BarbaraKay Hunsicker ’60 & Robert G., PhD ’58 Smerko Marian K. & Robert H. ’74 Smith Ms. Patricia Thornton Snyder ’60 Mr. Roger P. Soell ’84 Miss Constance M. Sokalsky ’71 Mrs. Jean Holzinger Somers ’69 Susan & Gordon L. ’57, ’61 Sommers Mr. & Mrs. R. Arthur Spaugh Sr. Colleen & Bruce C. ’87 Spencer Honnie P. Spencer, MD ’90 Spirk Brothers Inc.

18% Participation Third Century Club Alma A. Albright Greyhound Club Elizabeth Sefton Swanson 1941 Total Giving: $1,600 40% Participation Third Century Club Ruth Overfield Fidorack Colonial Club Ann Troxell Kuhns Greyhound Club Marion McCall Bray Edith Rich Ettinger Lois Yerger Fischel Robert E. Mushrush Sr. Adele Newhard Reider Alethea Cliff Shurskis Barbara Bastian Uhrig 1942 Total Giving: $4,726 37% Participation

Heritage Club Margaret Lutz Gray* Founders’ Club Mary Ellen Binder Orben Colonial Club Mary Veronis Thompson Greyhound Club George J. De Simone Avis L. Gordon Richard E. Michel Ruth Wallace Paul

Greyhound Club Maryann Ochs Douglas* Wilfred L. Dreger Dorothy Humenik Hixson Burton L. Kelchner Maxine Sortwell Kerrigan Janet Thompson Powers June Bright Reese Raymond E. Schultz Doreen Coburn Walters Warren D. Wenger

1943 Total Giving:$5,322,695 44% Participation Moravian Circle Harlan F. Fulmer* Trustee Circle Genevieve Riordan Gee President’s Associates Janet Outten Amos* Third Century Club Margaret L. Albright Betty Adams Roach Louise Rothenberger Watt

1944 Total Giving: $850 18% Participation Monocacy Club Doris Minnick Kuchar Founders’ Club H. August Kuehl Jr. Greyhound Club Katrina Stolp Homewood Mary F. Inscho

1945 Total Giving: $4,750 30% Participation Third Century Club Gloria Gately Chipman Lois Moser Harke John Strohmeyer* Monocacy Club Lillian Stefko Schaedler Alice Joyce Yeager Colonial Club Beryl L. Harrison Greyhound Club Jane Smith Ebelhare Jacquelyn Stout McGiffert 1946 Total Giving: $1,805 43% Participation Founders’ Club Lloyd A. Fatzinger Ada Zellner Flower Robert M. Rights Ann Rosenau Smythe

William Smythe Greyhound Club Victor M. Bove Karl F. Bregenzer Barbara Dalton Goodman Mary T. Harrison Phyllis G. Kreider Elizabeth Voorhees Pels Jo-Ann Farquhar Riepen 1947 Total Giving: $3,100 29% Participation Third Century Club James O. Bruckart Barbara Schlegel Miller Founders’ Club Janet Parks Weinland William J. Weinland Colonial Club Richard D. Abernethy Sanford A. Krimmer



Thank you Greyhound Club Helen Kanuskey Canfield George F. Kirkpatrick June Urffer Moyer 1948 Total Giving: $65,043 24% Participation 1742 Circle Emmeline Ungurian Lewis Dimmick Heritage Club Roland P. Leibenguth Monocacy Club Jean Baxter McCracken Founders’ Club Paul E. Crossan Jr. James S. Hilander Joseph R. Merkel Marilyn Richardson Shelly Colonial Club Winifred Harte Seifert Greyhound Club Nancy Bachman Bartels Al J. Calvo Gerald Goldstein Jane Hall Holben Donald S. Nagourney Edythe Steers Smith Lois Fogleman Warner 1949 Total Giving: $10,185 38% Participation Heritage Club Thomas F. Keim Third Century Club Robert P. L. Frick William J. Rosenberg Monocacy Club Jeanne Buss Gillinder Norma Boldt Wynne Founders’ Club Clark F. Apgar Ivan A. Backer Teresa Enright Eliezer Colonial Club Albert S. Buralli Donald W. Sloyer Charles N. Wilkins Jr. Greyhound Club Richard W. Artis Erwin E. Boettcher Louise Van Ess Charnock


Clararose Bosek Clymer Roger C. Doll James E. Dundon Delbert A. Edelman Jr.* Willis F. Harke * Charles H. Kuhn Jr. Penelope Hall Porter Kenneth W. Robinson Elsie Schutz Walsh Frank M. Weaver 1950 Total Giving: $9,253 26% Participation President’s Associates Lois Brunner Bastian Third Century Club George B. Adams Monocacy Club William F. Vinczi Founders’ Club Gilbert E. Andrew John F. Butner William W. Matz Sr. Grace Snavely Robinson Greyhound Club Alice Zacharchuk Bove Justin M. Carisio Sr. Arthur T. Devlin Barbara Campbell Dunbar Richard M. Faust W. Norwood Green Aris P. Harris Anthony J. Jaso Joseph D. Kudella Norma Chambers Lewis Emanuel Roman Eric J. Schulze Arlene Badel Simpson Raymond T. Troutman Jr. * Dolores Johns Wezner Marilyn Herman Wiltsie 1951 Total Giving: $15,370 37% Participation Trustee Circle Betsey Tait Puth Third Century Club Jane Kincaid Missimer Robert C. Simonson Joseph D. Viglione


Founders’ Club William B. Lantz Robert K. Matey Louis M. Molnar Colonial Club Patricia Kresge Buck John R. Freefield June Shafer Scholl Lois Shafer Smith William J. Werpehowski Greyhound Club Carl L. Ackerman Jeanne Serman Artis Richard T. Clay Gloria Kimminour Danielson John E. Giering Byrdie Loveless Jackson Andrew T. Jasso * Robert P. Kelly Elizabeth Schlegel Landau William A. Szabo Sr. * 1952 Total Giving: $5,435 31% Participation Third Century Club Verna Lunglhofer Cowin Kathryn Horwath Hartman Monocacy Club Donald M. Cohen Founders’ Club Anne R. Enright Zora Martin Felton Frances Webber Horton Bernhard T. Mittemeyer F. Barry Stipp Lois Miller Stogel Colonial Club Alice Schofer Durner Greyhound Club Eleanor Guidon Bissell Paul J. Calvo Joseph F. Christ Donald R. Deibert Dolores McIntire DeLeon Thelma West Everett Dale A. Grove Jr. Patricia Stocker Lawler Russell E. Lerch Richard J. Manning Elaine Wagner Martinez Beatrice Good Mindlin

William G. Palenchar Mary T. Pongracz Ruth Treut Schlecht John H. Seifert Robert L. Solt 1953 Total Giving: $4,830 38% Participation Third Century Club Carl J. Helmich Jr. Monocacy Club Sue Ann Henkelman Fortney John J. Gotthardt Jr. Founders’ Club William B. Cummings Sara A. Morris Mary Ann Rayner E. Allen Schultz Jr. Colonial Club Kenneth W. Achey Robert F. Engelbrecht Wolfram Fliegel Nancy Zeleski Frantz David M. Henkelmann Joan Wagner Koehler Eleanor Simmons MacCormick Edward P. Pastir Greyhound Club Shayne Dunbar Arnesen Charlotte Riggs Bearse William J. Carroll Jr. Robert G. Harman Gloria Badel Hilbert M. Sally Salaski Longhi Charles M. Peters Charlotte Haag Walek Gladys Smith Winkelmann 1954 Total Giving: $106,031 32% Participation 1742 Circle Marian M. Wagner Trustee Circle John H. Bowman Founders’ Club Lauretta Dikon Adams David W. Arner Mary Jeane Moser Romer Dorothy L. Ruyak

Colonial Club Lucy A. McCall Thor G. O’Donnell Elynor Fishel Rights Greyhound Club Sylvia J. Atherholt James O. Blanton III Philip J. DeRea Peggy Ann Harte Figlear Lois Lutz Geehr James R. Glancy Gerald H. Ihle Donald K. Kirts Lois Neustein Krassner Joan Kinard Mercado Patricia Krolik Nebinger Bruce C. Reimer June Zimmerman Shamel Nancy Webber Whissen Helen Desh Woodbridge Edward M. Zamiskie Sr.* 1955 Total Giving: $2,295 36% Participation Monocacy Club Allan H. Cristol Founders’ Club George W. Warfield Colonial Club Thomas R. Clay Louis N. Esposito John P. Galgon Helen Varady Keyser Greyhound Club Carl R. Amick Robert E. Detweiler Rose Mandic Donchez James R. Evanko Harry Hart David G. Kerchner Francis M. Petruny Marlene Ehrhardt Porter Ray R. Salabsky George R. Scilley Robert F. Shaup Arthur R. Spengler Curtis O. Updegrave 1956 Total Giving: $8,995 30% Participation Heritage Club James L. Johnson

Third Century Club Eleanor Beck Schleicher Frederick C. Woitscheck Monocacy Club John T. Burke I. Jean Woodcock Haring Jean Sosoka Lavelle James J. Ovady Sr. Founders’ Club Joann Clewell Adams Gail Chaiet Altschuler John R. Sopko Robert E. Wickizer Colonial Club Pauline Ritter Benner Richard E. Benner Robert E. Brennan Renee Johnson Dragotta Greyhound Club Marietta Schwartz Banach James M. Behler* Beverly A. Bell Jeanette Marossy Brady Josephine Pongracz Falco Kohls Sherwood D. Gum A. Peter Haupert Mildred Siftar Kimock Mary Kilpatrick Kohl Rudolph E. Kresh Jr. Thomas V. Labert Sr. Richard S. Stine 1957 Total Giving: $29,403 36% Participation President’s Associates Judith Acker Cornwell Myron Genel Cornelia Schlotter Heritage Club Diane Yaeck Wellington Third Century Club Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer Donald R. Bortz Gordon L. Sommers Lee A. Weaver Earl C. Zeiner Monocacy Club Russell K. Fegely Gudrun Krauss Lounsbury George J. Toth

FALL 2011

Founders’ Club Karen Johnson Berry Patricia Miller Helfrich Roland J. Passaro Carolyn Edwards Simmons John J. Subach Ronald L. Zeller Greyhound Club Carl Ackerman Michael A. Ackerman Thomas J. Burke Carmella Carrescia Richard A. Edwards Anthony W. Falco William F. Fox Jr. Tacey Young Funk Morris S. Guggenheim Joan Schnable Haupert Elaine Nothstein Kantor Richard L. Kantor John Kolchin Elaine Thomasch Nolfa Jo-Anne Neuman Pessin Ann E. Rothenberger Arlene M. Sell Pearl Stein Barbara Flynn Wakefield Gwyned Williams* 1958 Total Giving: $11,130 22% Participation President’s Associates William J. Straccia Third Century Club William V. Herbein Isidore Mihalakis Robert G. Smerko Monocacy Club Roy B. Goshorn Joseph J. Guman Carol Sloan McElveen Founders’ Club Alfred F. Apple Norman E. Prochnau Kenneth Pyne Dolores Durner Sopko Colonial Club John L. Finelli Arthur R. Potosnak Kathryn McMurray Saderholm Greyhound Club Robert J. Breidenbach

FALL 2011

Robert J. Burkhardt Donald W. Eckert Truman W. Eshbach II Mary Ann Grube Fallon Anastasia F. Fry Louis A. Gonsalves Frank L. Hettlinger William J. Hume Barbara A. Kinsey Carol Burwell Norwood Myron A. Savacool 1959 Total Giving: $18,995 26% Participation President’s Associates Anthony Morelli Heritage Club George E. Hollendersky Third Century Club Kathryn Werst Detwiler Virginia Dancy Dickie George T. Hudson John W. Woltjen Monocacy Club Richard D. Buralli Carolyn Felver Conners James B. Howell Founders’ Club Reuben F. Lilly Sr. Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala Anthony A. Matz Jr. Colonial Club Joseph N. Carr Jr. Sandra Yost Collins Frederick L. Kraemer Susan LeTowt Peverley Greyhound Club William J. Allen Mary Ann Gingles Boyler C. Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt Patricia Conover Diener Francis J. Figlear David C. Greulich Ruth Lapp Himler Ernest H. Josar Mary Ann Smodish Kellow Robert A. Kellow Barbara Banker Mahlau Jimmie L. Newsom Sr. Edward J. Ryan Clarence J. Serfass Jr.

David A. Stanwood Donald W. Yates 1960 Total Giving: $46,387 34% Participation Chairman’s Circle Ralph L. Shields President’s Associates James J. Houser David A. Schattschneider Heritage Club Charles E. Bartolet Jr. Henry E. May Jr. Third Century Club Colleen Workman Bruckart Peter L. French Benjamin L. Meluskey Paul F. Noonan Joseph L. Powlette Robert C. Russoli BarbaraKay Hunsicker Smerko Patricia Thornton Snyder Monocacy Club James B. Galbraith Jr. Jean Bassford Galbraith Charles H. Lindner Jr. Founders’ Club Ronald R. Cavanagh Richard V. Chergey Jane Keogh Harberg Judith Frederick Hosking Joseph J. Iampietro Abner S. Merkel Colonial Club Russell R. Conover Nancy Boerstler Coutant Joseph J. Jardot Bernard L. Nehring Theodore E. Wilde Greyhound Club Patricia Amison Adams Robert J. Boyler Robert F. Clark Faith Hartman Cohen M. Janet Bunten Costenbader Carmine A. DeMuccio Francis A. Duckworth Joan E. Gernert-Vignoul John A. Graver Jane McMurray Kell Robert J. Labdik

Constantine Loupos Francis C. McFadden George F. Metzgar Dominic A. Nolfa Ernest J. Pappajohn Lois Behler Reichard David C. Seidenberger* Donald F. Serfass Beverly Luzietti Tisdale Nancy Baker Traubitz Robert F. Volko 1961 Total Gifts: $28,230 31% Participation President’s Associates Frank J. Szarko Heritage Club Rita Roseman Bartolet Third Century Club Joseph P. Castellano Suzanne Astbury Decker Margaret L. McClure Anita Filler Noonan Harold F. Oswald Jr. Ronald J. Stupak Barbara Roberts Woltjen Monocacy Club Barry L. Gaal Paul A. Graf Alan J. Lippman R. Joan Thomas Warren Founders’ Club Marcee Ammend Beilstein John P. Bregman Judith Laning Cavanagh Mary Jane Dugan Figuli Deborah Herold Francis Sandra Yaeck Kratzer James J. McCrudden Louise Smull Negley Earl R. Pfeiffer John C. Riedmiller Colonial Club Dennis L. Bleam John L. DeCesare Neil P. Eskolin Jr. Samuel F. Maczko Nancy Helms Mazziotta John W. Medernach Charles A. Merkel Greyhound Club Vincent E. Arnold

Mary Jane Wolfe Brunnabend Audrey Heckert Cyphers T. Jeff Gannon Manuel Gonsalves Kathleen McCann Hilbert John W. Jacob R. Burke Johnson David A. Koch Floyd L. Kocher James Kritis Sylvia M. Lambert Michael L. Lansenderfer R. Gene Medei Carol Losensky Messina Norma Guritzky Platt Theodore H. Rights Kenneth C. Sepe Wayne C., Esq. & Sandra Shugart Barbara Senneca Solker William K. Strohl Harold W. Tuller Nancy Warren Van Dyke Thomas E. Wilson 1962 Total Gifts: $16,665 30% Participation President’s Associates Carol Herman Szarko Third Century Club Shinsho Miyagi W. Russell Yurchak Jr. Monocacy Club Richard K. & Lucy Braun Gail E. Ekstrand James H. Gano E. Jane Albrecht Graf William C. Needs Founders’ Club Stephanie Rights Bertsch Robert F. Durn James W. Frank Bela J. Gulyas Robert J. Sallash Jr. Colonial Club Joseph J. Roseman Merr W. Trumbore Greyhound Club Francis Amigo Constance Platt Boos Arthur D. Chap Dennis E. Estheimer

Lewis E. Halley Jr. Karen Kaprelian Jacob Carol Altemose Jones Franklin C. Jones Joseph G. Kimock Jr. Bertram L. Lutton John F. McCarty Bernard R. Medei Joan Karustis Miller Roger W. Nagle George M. Neupauer Robert T. Pastir Roseann Lavan Pastir Sylvia Rubens Philip A. Sabetti Peter V. SantaMaria* John F. Schultheis Jr. Norton D. Smiley* Barbara Hooper Tertel Emma Demuth Williams Roger J. Yost 1963 Total Gifts: $28,125 29% Participation Trustee Circle Georgene Billiard Dooley Third Century Club Robert H. Dietrich Martin Garcia James O. MacDonald Judith Studwell MacDonald Shirley Hart McBride Ann Woltjen Stoddard Grove W. Stoddard Harry J. Trodahl Jr. Monocacy Club Jean E. Friedman William C. Leicht Joel B. Nadler Gary L. Sandercock Marilyn Clewell Taus Founders’ Club David R. Cornelius Charles E. Decker Jr. Nancy Trach Harstine Robert E. Preston Carla Dinstel Sallash Judith Freeman SantaMaria Andrew M. Taus Colonial Club Richard A. Bedics



Thank you Roy A. Frack Charles T. Harberg Robert F. Kohler Stephen O. Nicholas Jr. Charles G. Stoltz Patricia Fox Warne Greyhound Club Charles B. Bledsoe Bonnie Brill John H. Dech Judith Adams Downing Stephen E. Edraney II Donald I. Egli Susan Gares Farrell Ronald R. Freed Stanley L. Gilbert Peter L. Gill Susan Burger Hauser William A. Hino Ray K. Joseph Patricia Bonser Knoll Jutta S. Leheis Rosemarie Braun Lohnert John J. McCarthy Jr. Janet Gleva Miller Michael R. Miller Robert W. Moyer William J. Pysher Jr. JoAnn Sydorak Schaffer Albert E. Schneider Jr. Gary M. Straughan Donald C. Vogel 1964 Total Gifts: $36,980 31% Participation Trustee Circle Harry E. Dooley President’s Associates Joseph C. L. Merola Heritage Club Janice Whitfield Landis Judith Morecz Simpson Third Century Club Rosanne E. Bricker Mary Beth Krater Dinneen Donna Stadinger Hocker Lloyd H. Michael Andrew K. Semmel David L. Wickmann Monocacy Club Iwao Hanawa


D. Patricia Schillinger Hensinger Carol Rockovits Leicht John T. McKeown Founders’ Club John M. Abramson Eileen Yuhasz Bogdan Bruce C. Coull John P. Kohl Nancy Christensen Kohl Linda Reitars Silowka H. Richard Wilsey Jr. Colonial Club Joseph J. Charles Susan Miller Erb Judith Bartoe Kohler Robert E. Mushrush Jr. Ray J. Pfeiffer Sr. Peggy Jurman Quinn Louise Reinsmith Solomon Gerald C. Still Lynne Nafash Warnke Greyhound Club Gerhard J. Bader Charles J. Berger Jr. Arthur J. Crane Sr. E. George Dorer Ronald T. Dyson Gwynne Grey Gilbert Jack P. Goldberg Ronald G. Gori William M. Griffith Beverly A. Hails Jeffrey S. Ingber Jeffrey A. Jackson Robert S. Johnson Judith Robinson Kulak Linda Cook Luskus Robert B. Melchior Linda Garo Olson Joy Ann Johnston Paine Margaret Dittmer Smith Karen Chervy Sorensen Byron E. Waterman Douglas C. Wilkins Marjorie Wallace Wilkins Alan G. Zeliff James L. Zoks 1965 Total Gifts: $40,950 26% Participation


Chairman’s Circle Brenda Krajci Heritage Club John G. Landis Third Century Club Philip A. Gottshall J. Peter Rush Monocacy Club Barbara Brautigam Caldwell Laurie Boyd Hanawa Anita Groenfeldt McKeown James L. Morgan Hilda Wolff Soden Founders’ Club Robert E. Houser Samuel Y. Kern III Paul R. Riccardi Jr. Stuart M. Topkis Elizabeth M. Wetter Colonial Club Jerry L. Damandl Lea Sutera Hench James F. Hertzog Nevin H. Hollinger Jr. Perry F. Mazza Terry L. Musselman Arlington A. Nagle Jr. Robert E. Sterling Lowell H. Tomlinson Greyhound Club Karen Whitten Aduba Carol Borrup Barber Donald H. Benninger Joanne R. Bobek Nancy Terreson Burtnett Lynette Stoltz Cabral John C. Demuth John E. Dratch Suzanne Erskine Fretwell Alice Marie Seitz Gordon John Everard Griffith Donald L. Henderschedt Anthony A. Krasnicke Susan M. Maier Francis M. Monek Herbert F. Rubenstein Richard E. Schaffer Vincent P. Seaman Harriett Pierie Segessenman Ronald N. Shrager Rae Wahl Unger

Thomas P. Vadasz Roberta M. VeluceTanguy Bruce J. Weaver John R. Williams 1966 Total Gifts: $570,366 26% Participation Moravian Circle James Molnar* Chairman’s Circle Parry J. Miller President’s Associates Woodrin Grossman Heritage Club Gail Smith Winson Third Century Club Jane Metzler Wolfe Peter T. Dunbar Robert M. Keller Judith Share Yaphe Monocacy Club Douglas W. Caldwell A. Owen Freas III Georgia Dreyer Freas Carl F. Gitschier Founders’ Club Joseph J. Fassl Carol Coles Graf Karen Leonard Irish Thomas E. Irish Michael O. Jones Myra Heimbrook Jones John B. Mancke James M. McMahan Judith Smith Murphy Nancy Szilagyi Ziegler Norman C. Ziegler Colonial Club Betsy A. Ahlum Marilyn A. Albarelli David D. Goldberg Sue Hill Obal Biruta Andersons Spruds Winifred A. WhiteScherber Greyhound Club James M. Andorker Virginia Mack Basak Audrey Matz Berg David G. Berg Linda Price Brodeur Betsy Miller Burke

Ilene Suter Coroniti Thomas J. Driscoll Richard M. Fad Marie Gerbino Lieb Jane Rice Hain Marie Oravec Jacobs Thomas A. Larsen Eugene F. Mares David G. Meglathery Edward M. Meyers Jeffrey C. Seeds Patricia Reichard Skrip Walter A. Thurber Leo W. Todd Jr. 1967 Total Gifts: $23,567 19% Participation Trustee Circle Henry W. Nehilla President’s Associates John D. Fry Third Century Club Judith Plocher Kaaua Barbara Frowery Matlaga Monocacy Club Shayna Jaffe Geller Alan L. Herd Kathryn Broczkowski Klein Barbara Worsley Morgan Founders’ Club Richard P. Koeppel Stephen F. Kralick Jr. Beverly Klausen Mancke Meta Linde Martin Timothy R. Phelps* Olindo Zanchettin Colonial Club C. Robert Adams Darlene Refsnider Borst Greyhound Club E. Wayne Dovan Marilyn Canivan Ely Judith Oravec Farquer William G. Farquer III Cynthia P. Fox James A. Fox Martha Dodge Griffis Kay Hill Hannan John D. Hedgecock Ellen Fearon Jacoby Paul H. Knipple Lance F. Kolts

Frank F. Matla Carol Ann Roman Norland Isidoro J. Perez Calvin D. Peters Michael J. Reber Ruth Harris Runkle Joanne Hunsinger Stenman Scott R. Stoneback Sandra Stewart Todd Dennis M. Trotman Mary E. Wilson Marianne Hunt Wolf Clifford W. Young Jr. Dianne Achey Zumas 1968 Total Gifts: $38,500 29% Participation Trustee Circle Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth President’s Associates Constance Stirling Hodson Mary C. T. Kincaid Squarcia Heritage Club Robert C. Silcox Sr. Third Century Club W. Eugene Clater Richard M. Cope Robert L. Dutt Carolyn D. Felker Robert J. Semper Roger O. Williams Monocacy Club Roger A. Knisely Diane L. LaPenna Donald G. Musselman Founders’ Club Edward S. Figuli Philip V. Graf Stewart T. Herman Karen Harris Lefever Barbara L. Mueller Brian D. Parry Thomas H. Wiegner Colonial Club Judith Funke Argento J. Michael Dowd Kathleen Doyle Dowd Carl J. Fritzinger Jr. Gene P. Golini

FALL 2011

Carol D. Henn Judith Gregg Homan Peggy Bartholomew Melchior Sharon Gallagher Pfeiffer Linda Bruno Rice Eric R. Shimer Arthur W. Smith Jr. Ginger Rooks Stage Susan Glazier Wachtel Greyhound Club Eileen Doyle Bauer Elaine Mansback Berk Ronald J. Berta Barbara Keller Brimlow Noel W. Coles Valerie Papps Connors Morgan Cowperthwaite Jr. Shirley Messics Daluisio Carol Morrow Dovan Thomas H. Evans Richard D. Forest Nancy Campbell Forgang David E. Freeze Grethe Andresen Goodwin Robert E. Greene Donald M. Harris Georgia Unger Hartman Edward J. Hudak Jr. Susan Elly Hutchens George H. Knoll Richard B. Kratz Donna Marcks Line Patricia Toohey Lowman Andrea Rockwell Messenlehner John W. Petley Dennis L. Robison Brian H. Seeber Carol Saul Sell Charles R. Simpson Jane Larzelere Wachinski 1969 Total Gifts: $30,749 22% Participation President’s Associates Melissa Miller Robbins Heritage Club F. James Hutchinson Linda Wells Lark Eric S. Ruskoski

FALL 2011

Jane Young Regina Richard C. Subber Third Century Club Dana Burt Donaldson Denis M. Duvoisin Barry R. Galley Bertie Francis Knisely Jean Holzinger Somers Robert R. Young Jr. Monocacy Club Wesley Astheimer Rosemary Polefka Fitzsimons Linda Evans Shotkus Michael C. Siegel Trudi H. Peters Founders’ Club William S. C. Bradford Jr. Walter V. L. Eversley Kathleen M. Fallon-Kline Lee B. Herb Joseph B. Lennert Alma Coester McMahan William T. Scheidig Donald F. Spry II Carol Flasch Waterman Colonial Club Vera V. Au Robert S. Nitzberg Edward T. Sawicki Helen Bauder Seifert Bruce A. Singer Susan Clay Smith Robert R. Stage Greyhound Club J. Fred Baettig Elaine Witt Bath Richard J. Bath Donna Owen Baur G. Jean Beach Terry J. Beidelman Elizabeth Riley Bell Nancy Glassmoyer Brittingham Stanley J. Chickey David N. Clinton Jerry A. Clymer Janet Chorney Connor-Hanninen Charlotte Crone Cruse Noel J. DeSousa Andrea R. Fistner E. Robert Geyer Jr. William H. Grow Jr. Lugenia Taccarino

Guaraldo Robert J. Guerriere Walter R. Hatfield Jr. Barbara Wirth Heisler Carol Ross Hoffman Elaine Kleinschuster Holtzman Jeanne Krenicky Kipp Albert T. Koncsics John M. Lehnert Carole Thomas Petley Caroline Funk Rabold David B. Richards Robert D. Rumfield Patricia Hayes Schoeller Larry F. Sine Ruth Anne Veruki Thran Peggy Deily Van Doren JoAnn Lowe Wolfram 1970 Total Gifts: $15,365 24% Participation Heritage Club James L. Regina Patricia Nemesh Schoenen Third Century Club Richard E. Anderson Barbara A. Osborne Martin L. Trichon Monocacy Club James Lynch Frazier M. Montgomery Robert W. Smith Founders’ Club Jerome W. Buzas Richard E. Geiser J. Hugh Gratz Frederic S. Hamlin Lance E. Metz Mary Ann Pritchard Schankel Joyce Harrison Shaffer John R. Stabile Mary-Susan Mackey Stoner Henry F. Trexler Holden T. Waterman Santa Corpora Zanchettin Colonial Club Richard J. Barsotti Ralph W. Barthold Sr. David P. Ferraro

Thomas R. Herd Linda J. Knauss John T. Stieh R. Drew Thomson Joseph E. Williams Greyhound Club Ronald L. Barner Alice Campbell Bartholomew Eloise Dodson Brotzman Ronald A. Duh Gerald C. Fett Kim R. Frounfelker Lee E. Houck Carol A. Hub Joseph W. Karaman David T. Kerridge David E. Lehr Deidre Kehs McKosky Jody R. Miller Martha Sternbergh Neff Laura Haley Oakes John D. Pappas Kathleen Feist Reed Arlene Forest Sjoblom Ronald D. Snyder Otto A. Strassburg Mary Solek Tachovsky Tom A. Tenges Frances K. Troup Eleanore Ficken Weber 1971 Total Gifts: $17,855 26% Participation President’s Associates Robert P. Flicker Third Century Club Barry L. Buchman Constance M. Sokalsky Janet Blomquist Young Monocacy Club Patricia R. Burke John H. Harting Henry G. Naisby Jr. Founders’ Club Daphne Greene Eversley Janice Goldberg Fischel Renae Happel Gollins Douglas H. Kleintop Colette Geier Lennert Susan Holman Metz Sara Paden Peterson Ruth Franges Rayna

Barbara Woram Stabile Francis Thierer Jr. David B. Vasily Colonial Club James S. Brandl Thomas W. Burke Jr. John N. Diacogiannis Roy E. A. Ledbetter Irene Gobel Neaman Gail A. Rhinehart Eileen Beck Riddell Susan Warren Rosander Christine Beers Russell Greyhound Club Robert R. Arnts Jeffery C. Baird Donald A. Beck Sandra A. Browning Loretta F. DeWalt Janet Weikel Dibartolomeo Mary A. Emery John F. Gehring Frederick W. Hahn Sharon Harakal Macko Thomas C. Harp Erma Gaffen Hoover Gloria E. Kern Annamarie Frisoli Knecht Alfred D. Konrad Jr. Monita Russick Leavitt Eugene M. Lennon Louis C. Melinsky Barbara W. Miller Barbara Apffel Pierce Franklin R. Pokorny Jean Smith Pokorny Ruth B. Pope Ethel J. Pudleiner Richard W. Ritter Richard L. Rockwell Rodney H. Saylor Stephen L. Seid Eileen F. Shanahan Wayne J. Stangl Thomas J. Sweetz Peggy Tuckey Thomas Betsy Prunest Walker 1972 Total Gifts: $21,079 19% Participation President’s Associates Harry S. Clarke Jr.

Michael M. Ellis Third Century Club Maria Corpora Jan R. Gollins Joseph A. Grieshaber Thomas A. Repasch Monocacy Club Karen Bruckart Naisby Steven J. Santucci Susan Collins Sillivan Founders’ Club Linda Roscoe de Seife James E. Ingalls Jr. Karen Harke Michael Larry C. Michael Tom Schwanda Robert B. Smith Colonial Club Robert W. Dobosh Fred A. Lucrezi Dinesh C. Pandya John E. Riddell Jr. Beverly J. Papps Skeffington Virginia Swett Stanglein Susan J. Youtz Jean Zamadics Zweifel Greyhound Club Randy J. Clymer Steve E. Craver Linda Huth Crook Theodore J. Drake Diane Murphy Dugger Elizabeth McKee Elterich John F. Gerrish Virginia Gonzalez-Belles Mary Margaret Magyar Gross Bruce W. Hankee John R. Hyndman Joanne E. Keim Joan Taggart Koch Barbara Gearhart Koralewski Joseph M. Mangan Judith Balogh McLaughlin Terrell C. McMann John M. Mickner George J. Mulhern Nancy E. Muth Robert H. Paulsen Lois Missenharter Radford Sharon Beam Rohal



Thank you Donna Fiorini Saylor Dennis J. Watcke Edmund C. Watkinson Ronald J. Zelezen 1973 Total Gifts: $55,677 21% Participation Trustee Circle Keith D. Lambie James M. Stevens Linda Joseph Stevens President’s Associates Jennifer Swain Clarke Deborah Oplinger McKinnon Heritage Club Timothy A. DeBiasse Third Century Club Timothy S. Gardner Beverly Gaston Kochard James A. Molinaro Peter D. Wolfe Monocacy Club Beverly S. Corkhill * Barbara Schwarz Egerton John Arthur Egerton Gary L. Johnson Suleiman Modjadidi Founders’ Club William H. Eberts Jr. Saul Finkle Glenn J. Merkel Robert E. Peterson Norman D. Sam Paul Shelley & Susan Boyd-Shelly Robert K. Strunk II Colonial Club C. Anne Lockhart Baier H. James Baier Jane Heidecker Barthold James H. Grifo Tamara Michael John H. Skeffington Patricia Tallon Walsh Greyhound Club Jeffrey B. Canfield Dorothy E. Christiansen Jill Kerst Coleman Vera Giaffo Cosgrove Martha E. Cox-Popichak Dennis J. Duda Ronald R. Engleman


William T. Frey William D. Glaser Alicia Cavanaugh Goldfeder Greta Gold Goodman Barbara Kosa Greason Wendy Perry Hartung Larry F. Hentz Jan F. Horwath Jeffrey J. Jaindl Daniel Y. Joseph Irving A. Kaplan Martha Weidner Lisa Sandra J. Magill M. Kathleen Figlear Malu Barbara Hassler Martell Kathleen Grieshammer Miller David Mirro J. Allen Nesbitt Barbara A. Santini Nina Verbeck Schillinger Richard J. Segall Richard J. Smith James E. Spengler Glen W. Stoudt Gretchen Arbogast Whitney Valerie Klein Whyte Amy Schieferstein Williams 1974 Total Gifts: $23,557 21% Participation Heritage Club Patricia Owen DeBiasse Janie Whallon Muir Third Century Club Linda Shay Gardner Lynn Castagnoni Gardner Charles W. Heidecker Robert C. May John M. McFadden A. Reed Raymond Renee L. Roberts Robert H. Smith Monocacy Club Holly Rothenberger Lukens Gary T. Marsh Nicole Veraa Minnick Richard E. Moon Harold K. Roye


John J. Zoshak Founders’ Club Jeffrey B. Benner Linda Laible Campbell Barbara Dillman Davies Mary Wagner Dawson Keene J. Jabbour Kevin F. Jones Robert C. Mende Bernard V. O’Hare III Susan Sikora O’Hare Marie Skrilec Dean S. Smith Carol Hunter Tice Colonial Club William F. Bauman David A. Burt Leonard S. Buscemi Ellen Henry DeStasio Carol Rutledge Fogle Patricia Rush Gombocz E. Cynthia Andreas Grifo Thomas E. Mingora John J. Pesola Charles S. Pohl Helen M. Richards Barry L. Trauger Greyhound Club Donald J. Balogh Anita Spivey Brosky Ann McKittrick Claussen Otto Dreydoppel Jr. Susan Lenius Dreydoppel Margaret Buzby Gerrish Amy Thorpe Haggerty Theodore B. Harwick Gary G. Jerabek Frances Rupnik Kopy Linda Shears Krick Rosalind Shapiro Lynch Kenneth W. Orme Victoria Moxham Reidy Ronald B. Richter Alfred D. Schadle Michael J. Tomasic John D. Weaver Deborah Kracht Weissbrodt Thomas W. Werley 1975 Total Gifts: $33,767 21% Participation

Trustee Circle Michael J. Perrucci Heritage Club Marilyn L. Herwig Monocacy Club James T. Hicks Daniel H. Pipeling Donna Jo Stayton Pipeling Jean Y. Sun Shaw Carolyn Lewis Welaish Jeffrey L. Welaish Kathy Cinelli Zoshak Founders’ Club Paul D. Balascki Timothy J. Berger Dale W. Campbell Richard E. Chaney Julie Morris Chowansky Paul J. Chowansky Donald A. DaVanzo Jr. Landis F. Frey Jr. Robert K. Gratz Diane Warren Hartelius John W. Iobst Elizabeth A. Kovach Walter P. Latimer Cynthia K. Lewis-Hart Steven J. Rose Debra Lewis Zvanut Colonial Club Joseph M. Burke Michael G. Lawrence Roberta Dollinger Leiby John R. Mehler Marie Phillip Mingora Jonathan W. Werley Greyhound Club Patricia C. Ackerman Patricia Mahon Anderson Nancy Hirshman Bacak Judith Druckenmiller Baker Sarah Dinsmore Balogh Ralph E. Brodt III Janet Schwanda Brookfield Jenny Saloky Collins Linda R. Davis-Wallen Dean M. Donaher Deborah Brown Drake Jeffrey A. Griffis Cheryl Rush Heck John F. Heck

Helen Kinder Hoover Richard C. Kovacs Nancy Martin Lasher Lucy Taylor Lasseter Kathleen Umlauf Mack Gary T. Muzzelo Beverly Kindred Nehilla Stephen C. Nehilla Jonathan M. Sargent Patricia Leonard Sargent Jeffrey D. Saussier David L. Schwoyer Sr. George T. Seiler III Cathy A. Smith Donna F. Smith Lynn Irwin Stoudt Pamela Mount Watkinson Nancy Smith Widdoes Heidi Stickel Wilkins 1976 Total Gifts: $15,667 18% Participation Heritage Club Ralph W. Hunsicker F. Robert Huth Jr. Third Century Club James S. Lyon Elizabeth E. Tober Lyon Craig S. Troutman Thomas J. Veraldi Monocacy Club Brian J. Bohunicky Donna J. Lee Peter A. Raines Founders’ Club Sandra Dalrymple Gift Lelan E. Haller Jr. Amy Greiner Hawley Dean R. Jurgen Elizabeth Graybill Jurgen Robert M. McCormick Amy Lesser Mende Colonial Club Lynn Kuhlmann Burke Patty Barnum Coxe Richard C. Doll Richard J. Goch Ann L. Greenzweig Susan Cittadino Hayes Barbara E. Jinetopulos David N. Klotz Mark A. Wimmer

Betsy Ann Stahl Worthen Greyhound Club John T. Boyer Kathleen Thompson Brent James G. Chase Dennis M. Coffin Dianne Cleasby Cook Michael L. D’Italia Lawrence M. Ellmaker Lynn Beckage Fairall John W. Hair Donna Heft Hoffman Marie Poleschuk Koehler Joyce Cascario Kopko Stephen J. Kopko Gary M. Martell Susan Gardner McConnell Donna Stever Nace James Ruzicka Cheryl Gilbert Sommer Nancy Boksan Stano 1977 Total Gifts: $20,335 17% Participation President’s Associates Richard T. Kingston Jr. Gregg L. McNelis Heritage Club Barbara Colbourne Huth Third Century Club Keith W. Jones Frederick S. Patt Monocacy Club John M. Morganelli Sr. Gail Adams Plumeri Founders’ Club Mary Hubbs Gasdaska Odell Guyton Douglas B. Learn James M. Midgley Thomas A. Ortwein Jr. Fred B. Schultheis Denise M. Torma Colonial Club Robert E. Kafafian Jeffrey R. Thorpe Bruce M. Weaknecht Greyhound Club Georgene Mitilenes Bonard Thomas P. Bonard Yvonne Lettiere Boyer

FALL 2011

Page Lummer DeLong Wayne R. Kincaid Sharon Cahill Klamik William B. Koch Linda Shafer Kohl Kathy A. Lemke John T. Lewis Kathryn J. Lilly Barbara Deckman McInerney Mark D. Myslinski Louis F. Puskaritz Mary Lou Gorcsan Raiser Jeanette Piagesi Schinstine Elizabeth Glenfield Strohl Carolyn Merluzzi Urbanski Edwin E. Yeakel 1978 Total Gifts: $72,050 21% Participation 1742 Circle Placido A. Corpora Heritage Club Nancy Likman Graham Colin G. Sandercock Third Century Club Donald M. Bellis Randal R. Dietz James A. Dunstan Cathy Mraz Kimmel William W. Matz Jr. Corinne Fusco Patt Michael Popowycz Mary G. Mercer Monocacy Club David W. Abbuhl Mary Faith Yanno Abbuhl Beth Ann Williams Boyer Richard A. Leiby Jr. Daniel M. Rappaport Robert E. Ternosky Martha Hughes Zimmerman Founders’ Club Thomas S. Farnish Mark A. Fried Karen Boyer Guyton Jody Titlow Haller

FALL 2011

Jane E. Jermyn Daniel G. Nigito Mark S. Yuhasz Colonial Club Martha Sears Anderson George J. Boksan Joseph J. Haggerty Jr. John D. Hoenig Richard E. LaDuke Greyhound Club Clara Shaffer Barbaz Robert J. Barnhart Sally Snyder Bolmer Matthew L. Capuano Michael J. Cox Beverly Wilkinson DiPaolo James P. Fiore William F. Grover Michael J. Hartigan Donna M. Kish-Goodling Erich R. Mackow E. Blair McGwire Terence X. McInerney Sally Boon Moyer Robin C. Murphy Robert L. Myers IV Jeanne Stoudt Puskaritz Elaine Andrulevich Schaeffer Gregory M. Skutches Nancy L. Snyder Patricia M. Troxell Rebecca VanderPoel Zoellner 1979 Total Gifts: $54,428 16% Participation Chairman’s Circle Anne McCandless Rampolla Kenneth J. Rampolla Heritage Club John P. Aloe Candy Barr Heimbach Third Century Club Robin Ziegler Dogas L. Jeff Jensen William J. Lloyd Jr. Richard J. Szarko Monocacy Club Keith F. Baeder Kathleen Calvo-Schulte Peter F. Marion

Susan Gangwere McCabe Diana Goretti Morganelli Irene Kresh Rosati Stephen R. Vanya Craig F. Wood Founders’ Club Jane Frankenfield Burcaw Lauri Di Felice Jabbour Judithann M. Lee Colonial Club Mary Ellen Sahaydak LaDuke David C. Muth Joan Szvetecz Muth Judith Parkerton Rosen Greyhound Club John F. Burke George W. French Jr. Joanne Shaw Grant Cheryl L. Greengrove George P. Kurtz Jr. Melissa Haas Lichten Jean Leach Lohmann Diane S. Lukac Donald B. Maier Michael L. McGrath Valerie Wallace Mike Anita Poda Moulton Mark W. Smith Thomas F. Tierney Scott C. Updegrave 1980 Total Gifts: $9,010 15% Participation Third Century Club Robert E. Beitler Shari Miller Dunstan Patrick T. Parenty Bernard J. Story Monocacy Club Nancy Lorenzo Baeder Robert J. Hardner Daniel A. Polanski Founders’ Club James D. Artuso Mary Beitler Beatrice Michael J. Beatrice Bernard J. Ezaki Kirk M. Kozero Bartholomew J. Terroni Jr.

Colonial Club Douglas R. Anderson Margaret E. Couch Julia Cranford Folk George B. Hallock Jr. Claude E. Kohl Andrew W. Meckstroth John E. Snyder Allen P. Wolfe Jessica Dunlap Yazujian Greyhound Club Karl H. Butz Janice L. Christofferson Deborah Tisdale Cozen Nina Richardson Daise Suzanne Hartman Diehl Frank T. Edgar Roberta Titus Edgar Daryl A. Eppley Karl D. Gilbert Kevin A. Green Colleen Handlon Hendricks Renee Sullivan James Craig S. Kafafian Brian E. Miller David L. Moyer Keith E. Nash Carol Vichiconti O’Connor Patricia Reider Ormsby William F. Ormsby Jane M. Paluda Walter C. Poposki Jody Vinzant Rennie Charles J. Rongione Dennis L. Schlener Sharon J. Zalewski 1981 Total Gifts: $33,260 18% Participation Trustee Circle Ray S. Bishop Jr. Teri McCandless Bishop Heritage Club Lisa Moyer Roth Third Century Club Kenneth D. Hanna Douglas R. Hooper Anita-Jean Wright Monocacy Club David A. Hnatow Evan B. Howell

J. Christopher Landes Nancy Duckworth Semanick Founders’ Club Mark J. Allender Juliet Harris Baldwin Christopher R. Curtin Lois Wetzel Dieterly Michael S. Drescher Tamera Boote Hatton Debra Hess Liss Julie Carr Wityk Colonial Club Celia Tonkinson Dollmeyer Allison E. Frantz Rene Baker Hallock Tracy Campbell Roeder Robert L. Strauss Greyhound Club Andrew H. Bender Mary Yavorski Bender Faith Lamorelle Butt Catherine Skutches Campanaro Peter S. Diehl Marlaine Rowe Fannin Charlene Coleman Frable Lesley J. Hand Cynthia Heymann Hansen Anne Marie Hughes Jakositz Dianne Borkowski Jarmus Karyn Hokenson Krasnick Dennis C. Kuhns Cynthia Wiktor Kurtz Susan Moreau Lovell Kimberly Criswell Lucas Michael J. Lucas Ronald P. Madensky John R. Martin Jr. Gayle Scheetz Mateayak Joseph D. Mixon Ann M. Pasternacki Cynthia Bahr Pontius Hugh W. Richards Elaine Aagaard Sales Joseph A. Sebia David L. Shoemaker Margaret Evans Stewart Steven J. Trunzo Emily Cook Vadasz David M. Ziegler

1982 Total Gifts: $17,027 15% Participation Heritage Club Laurie Riley Brubaker Michael P. Rauscher Third Century Club Terri Koser Brady Patricia Murray Hanna Brian H. Oswald Monocacy Club Suzanne J. BleilerConrad Jon B. Conrad Scott T. Kocher Diane Feeney Mateo David L. Price Founders’ Club Cheryl A. Baker Lois Rehberg Beamer Roy F. Boyd Sabrina Zimpfer Boyd David T. Dieterly Larry J. Esposito Laurie Rutledge Esposito William P. Feigley Sarah Miller Gallagher Susan Kressly Lisa D. Laury-Kleintop Colonial Club Jeff J. Bartlett Joan E. Cox Joanne Belletti Molle James A. Paradee Greyhound Club Brian J. Banik Bruce C. Bender Carlson F. Blake John C. Byrne Pamela Miller Daniels Jane Apgar Domitrowits Donna Fabian Falk Nancy Miller Fisher Ronald R. Fulmer Emil A. Giordano Linda I. Harvilla Gary L. Kiechel Cindy Mask Klaassen Tracey Ann KnaussWarnke Angelo J. LaDuca Jr. Monica Sterner LaDuca James A. McAdoo



Thank you Marlene N. Merz Lisa Orlich-Mixon Cynthia Glessman Pletcher Patricia Lynch Pologruto Diana Kohlenberger Shoback Jamie Moll Singer S. Craig Wilhelmy 1983 Total Gifts: $28,328 17% Participation Trustee Circle Joanne M. Regina Heritage Club Susan H. Kuenstner Cynthia Pummer Rauscher Third Century Club Patrice Starner Amin Wendy Merkle Basta Thomas D. Christman Michael G. Link Mary Ellen Markey Mayer D. J. Nimphius II Monocacy Club Ronald J. Semanick Michael S. Wolfe Founders’ Club Edward S. Attarian Thomas D. Baldwin Joseph M. Brenner Deborah Casey Eisenberg Pamela Wilson Gazda Richard D. Gazda Catherine J. Hyndman Annette Budzak Landes Jane Lefanto Puckett Cynthia Cave Yanchek Colonial Club Judy Jones Curtis Michael J. DePaola J. Christian Giesler William R. Hoke David C. Malloy Dean A. Molle Vivian Bates Noblett J. Daniel Pruitt Paul C. Sommers Greyhound Club Tracy Young Biediger Debra Brooks Nealy Jonathan E. Burcaw


Raymond W. Carlier Christina Haas Churilla Joan Detweiler Evans Donny L. Fisher Babette Berger Guss Lynnette Souders Klinger Larry L. Knokey Craig R. Love Susan Farrell Meiser Michelle Stein Miller Robert M. Renna E. James Roberts II Michael J. Russo Maryann Burriello Salabsky Meinardo R. Santos Jr. Kathleen McMullen Schafer Deborah Butler Shaffer Alexis P. Slavish Kevin J. Stralo Barbara Updike Wilhelmy Shirley I. Yochum

Lori Harps Bermudez Robert J. Brusko Jr. Annette Picucci Burke Daniel J. Burke Andrea Alexander Centofanti Eric W. Csencsits Tammy Jacoby Dilendik James Gentile David L. Griscom Elizabeth Plarr Griscom Michael F. Homa Nancy Bednar Horwath Randolph S. Krail Joseph E. Luksa Wendy McKee Moore Susan Traficante Moscatello Denise DeJoseph Parkanyi Charles E. Schmidt Jr. John R. Shaffer Janice M. Thomas Steven P. Zajac

1984 Total Gifts: $28,690 14% Participation Trustee Circle Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Third Century Club Bruce K. Mayer Ronald L. Miksiewicz Roger P. Soell Monocacy Club Nancy Albright Price R. Scott Shellington Founders’ Club Susan M. Bennett W. Andrew Elgin Aletha Custer-Bacon Fassl Brian J. Hubert Kenneth W. Koelln Colonial Club Christina Schoeller Giesler Kim E. Mery-Belletti Scott L. Phillips Linda Paerg Pruitt F. Joseph Werner Greyhound Club Brenda McCatharn Beacham

1985 Total Gifts: $7,360 11% Participation Third Century Club Kerry S. Freidl Richard D. Hooper Monocacy Club Paul M. Brock Jr. Pamela Greeno Campbell David R. Schulte Gregory J. Tavalsky Founders’ Club Jo-Ann Brantley Brenner Kathleen DelGuercio Kececi Earlaine Coleman Klingler Eileen Morgan Meitzner Julie L. Sealey Jill Hannah Waskiewicz Colonial Club Holly J. Edwards Lisa J. Foulke Joseph J. Lewinski III Paula Colizzo Lewinski Ruth Errico Olson Greyhound Club Douglas W. Breen Christopher J. Brown Suzy Sorrentino Daniels


Robert T. Hoffman Richard P. Hughes Jr. Jeffrey P. Lesitsky Anita Finelli Maura Miriam D. Mello Lynne Murray Morgan Valerie Hand Morris Lori N. Schmeisser Ruth Schultes-Huth Cathy Snyder Shaffer Jeffrey K. Travis Lisa Rothdeutsch Warner 1986 Total Gifts: $274,938 10% Participation Moravian Circle Jeanne Villano Petrucci Chairman’s Circle Terence L. O’Rourke Jr. Heritage Club Todd E. Bateson Bryan W. Sandmann Third Century Club Joan Kiefer Dickinson Lillian K. Janos Gayle Fischer Rowland Monocacy Club Kelly K. Krieble Randy P. Longo Eric P. Marquard Founders’ Club Eric M. Ambrose Robert J. Snyder James F. Swartz III Lynda Farrell Swartz Carol A. Traupman-Carr Colonial Club Linda Henkelmann Gipson Scott A. Hoke James R. Lasko Susan Henly Phillips Greyhound Club Ann Zacek Bazin Gayle Stevens Dimmick Robert O. Downes Kristin Matz Gawlik Christopher P. Gilbert Jodi Frank Guro Michael D. Krumpholz Ralph F. Mittl John D. Morris

Joan L. Reinhard Alice Ritter Samuels Virginia V. Van Horne John C. Walton Valerie Dale White 1987 Total Gifts: $17,983 14% Participation President’s Associates Conrad J. Radcliffe Third Century Club Todd J. Dickinson Claire M. Klatchak Ronald M. Kriner Gary L. Long Bruce C. Spencer Kenneth C. Yee Monocacy Club Rusty S. Bealer Elizabeth Tyler Bugaighis Denise O’Neill Founders’ Club Shelly Bachman DeLong Georgine K. Danyi George M. Mytrowitz Diane Hvizdak Taylor Colonial Club Sandra Hammel Cinque Jeffery R. Frekot Frances G. Holahan Edith Fuchs Lewis Philip T. Page Denise Corona Reinhart Peter Reinhart David C. Stoyer Greyhound Club Bradley R. Bazin Christine Mohr Grenier Michael A. Guro Kathryn Baxter Heil James B. Horwath Karen Morton Jensen Douglas R. Litzenberger Pamela Messerschmidt Pfeiffer Ray J. Pfeiffer Jr. Chris Roginsky Timothy P. Ronan Amanda Taylor Roth James A. Roth Wendiann R. Sethi

Janeen Bentz Sproul Mark J. Wiragh 1988 Total Gifts: $11,105 10% Participation Heritage Club Christopher A. Ohmacht Third Century Club Linda L. Atiyeh Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr. Teresa Segar Long Joseph M. Shosh Monocacy Club Tarek M. Bugaighis Jeffrey C. Ketz Scott A. Wood Founders’ Club John D. Diehl Karen Mengel Graham Carla Kedl Green Wendy B. McSwain Robert J. Russoli Colonial Club Keith R. Bachman Monica J. MartocciMiller Greyhound Club Frank Alessandra Michael D. Anthus Julie Anderson Atwood Sofia D. Bakis Lisa M. Bechtel Randall K. Brown Alease Duker Chabrak John W. Gerencher Catherine Martin Janny Ronald C. Kline Karen Hagerman Leary David L. Marcus Paul M. Polsky Karen Walters Scott Joan Simons Starnes Jane Lantz Urban 1989 Total Gifts: $13,544 8% Participation President’s Associates Amanda Westphal Radcliffe Heritage Club Raymond J. Reimer Third Century Club Kurt J. Poling

FALL 2011

Stephanie L. Robison Monocacy Club Paul E. Kurzeja Founders’ Club Gianine M. Christiano Scott A. Stanilious Phillis R. Walden Colonial Club Karen Helms Demarest Joseph M. Dremock Lorraine Matuczinski Gyauch Erik D. Rander Timothy G. Seltzer Greyhound Club James B. Anderson Alyssa Ford Banko Bonnie Sue Banks-Beers James W. Beers Peter J. Buddock Louis E. Chomo John W. Csencsits Michelle Dilorenzo Allen James B. Galbraith III Charles J. Parry Christine Germuga Rander Jeffrey M. Roth 1990 Total Gifts: $13,360 12% Participation Heritage Club Andrew W. Hart Third Century Club Richard P. Graham Sharon Duffy Graham Jane Tatum Helstrom Honnie P. Spencer Walter T. Wandall Monocacy Club Steven J. Burd Jennifer Smith Dieter William J. Liaw Elizabeth Jennings Schreier Founders’ Club Beth Hance Arnold Erika Bayles Mondok Kendall R. B. Dobbins Kenneth J. Karch Anthony D. Sabino Jean Mulroy Tewell Robert A. Verrone

FALL 2011

Colonial Club Lauren Lauderbaugh Allen Thomas R. Ike Keith W. Kardos Beth Unangst Sawickij Greyhound Club Lee S. Detrick Lisa Cunningham Fedor Andrea Fuller Giedosh Bryon L. Grigsby Diane E. Jarrett Michael M. Melsky Donna M. Moser Scott E. Pammer Robert C. Schmell Paul M. Staudt Leann Blose Stitzel Trudy Beltz Unangst 1991 Total Gifts: $12,520 9% Participation President’s Associates David A. Zinczenko Heritage Club Elinor Shute Hart Third Century Club Judith Tobias Chuisano Suzanne Kmet Diaz Monocacy Club Eileen Murphy Bodisch Jonathan D. Soden Founders’ Club Matthew J. Hosfeld Cheryl J. Krapohl Colonial Club Richard A. Capra Monica H. Deeb Kimberly Deischer Ike Francis R. Mozgai Jr. Demeitrius V. Sawickij Robert L. Topkis Greyhound Club Mary E. CresseveurReed Scott W. Fedor Mark A. Fielding Karen Fields Freeh Linda S. Heberling Lynn M. Kuster Timothy J. Prochnau Susan Knasiak Raley David A. Reppert

Rebecca Williams Slominski Lorraine Willey Snyder Patricia A. Ward Eugene F. Weber Jr. Renate Muller Wildermuth 1992 Total Gifts: $8,475 12% Participation Third Century Club Charles R. Gugliuzza Mark R. Newsome Monocacy Club Michael E. Bodisch Teresa Rizzo Soden Scott M. Wilhelm Founders’ Club Sherry Rohn Clancy Heather Friedel Hosfeld Christina M. Lawrence Carmella Solito Mattes Mary Becker Powell Colonial Club David S. Fields John L. Fourney Lionel B. Fraser III Amy J. Hayes-Hennebery Michael W. Hennebery Thomas H. Luhman Colby Beck McCarthy Stefanie Padula Mozgai Edward J. Rekai Michael Q. Roth Denise Carro Valle Beth Derr Zmijewski Greyhound Club William J. Casciano Jennifer Lettie Chomo Alec B. Jamieson Heather Richards Karner Michael T. Kriner Christina Balum Maier Kevin R. Merlo Neil V. Pagotto Jeffrey M. Portik John N. Quinones Alyssa Orfanelli White Michael D. White 1993 Total Gifts: $9,283 9% Participation

President’s Associates Todd D. Parlee Third Century Club Hilary Martin Wandall Founders’ Club Linda Hulse LaPointe John E. Mattes III Laurel Blair Mikovits Nicholas T. Sacco Colonial Club Michelle Litzenberger Trent Jeffrey M. Valle Greyhound Club John E. McLaughlin II Kathryn Schaar Burke Christopher B. Buzby Jessica Rotz Campbell Karen Capants Harmon Karl J. Eisenhart Thaddeus J. Encelewski Amy Endler Robert M. Evans Marta Boulos Gabriel Connie S. Grube Patrick Herrity Kelly Winner McNabb Jocelyn Smith Mosher Dolores Pavkovic Olonovich Susan D. Pearson Jason C. Reed Monica Shea Glick Guy J. Walton Scott A. Zrinski 1994 Total Gifts: $5,018 8% Participation Third Century Club John M. Hoffer Monocacy Club Kevin M. Andris Denise A. Bradley Kerry Willard Bray M. Bridget Heal Founders’ Club Danny P. Maalouf Colonial Club Charles E. Bowman Danielle J. Shisko-Guyer John R. Stanley Melissa Newhard Torba Greyhound Club Marianne B. Anestad Lisa A. Cardwell

Gail Gorab Cleaver Judson W. Frank Michael G. Hancewicz Shane M. Hollawell Nancy Williamson Hooke Karl E. Klinger Joan Vargo Krem Maureen James Lippincott Susan Dutko Loeper Gail L. Nagy Julie A. Nasrani-Wildfong Marlene L. Wachelka Colleen Lacey Whelpley 1995 Total Gifts: $10,687 10% Participation President’s Associates Janna Barclay Parlee Third Century Club Britt J. Simon Monocacy Club Amy Kohler Howard Edward J. Roach Founders’ Club Joseph L. Giordano Lena K. Kenan Colonial Club Krisa Murray Arzayus Mark A. Bonsall Eileen Diggs Dunn Christopher J. Fox Melissa Hertzog Johnson Janet Kucey Kovalchick Tara B. O’Neal Jennifer Meyer Roth Scott D. Seymour Greyhound Club Sohyla Ahmadzadeh Karen Mattes Anderko Kevin C. Anderko Kyla McFadden Baldo James A. Dague Mary Beth Anfuso Horner Lisa Bittenbender Lutzi David D. Madea Hugh P. McHugh Megan Pray Middleton Rebecca Kleintop Owens Keith W. Quelet Tonya Holtzapple Stafford Karen M. Stupic

1996 Total Gifts: $3,825 7% Participation Third Century Club Christopher J. Brown James P. Orlando Monocacy Club Mary Kate Turowski Andris Founders’ Club Deborah Yuengling Ferhat Alenda B. Gardner Douglas M. Miller Daphne Rhoton Pierce Colonial Club Caroline J. Smith Greyhound Club Robert E. Bennett III Stephanie Neel Casey Joyce Minyard Dawley Roberta Longo Gally Robert Hennessy Darren S. Hoch Eric M. Kniskern Michael J. Paciulli Kathy Kovatch Reaman Steven G. Rhoads Dorothy Elizabeth Rohn-Habhegger Michael D. Squarcia Kenneth W. Urbanski Susan Knowles Weber 1997 Total Gifts: $3,268 7% Participation Monocacy Club C. Eileen Kutzler Founders’ Club Rebecca Kobler Brooking John D. Rossi III Colonial Club Michael S. Anthony Sarah Crews Chriscoe Allison Higgins DiCello BethAnn Schrey Folcher Renee Bond Geiger Phillip N. Geiger Christian M. Perrucci Greyhound Club Lauren A. Baksa Jeffrey Farrlley Kathleen Stiely Frank



Thank you Diane M. Hobbie Kristine D. Koehler Denise L. Kowitz Wendy Morgans Laird Nancy J. Moffett Brion J. Morro JoAnne Rufo Amy Croll Souders Robin North Stankowski Teri Koehler Watkins 1998 Total Gifts: $4,163 9% Participation Monocacy Club Matthew L. Downing Jena Woods Pado Founders’ Club Edward S. Brooking Sean C. Carroll Jennie Coughlin Joshi Lori B. Lawler Colonial Club Alan A. Babp Michael M. Folcher Zaleina Khan Kartick Kara Crampsie Nocek David P. Nocek Kasie Hornberger Seymour Audrey Weaver Sparks Greyhound Club Melissa Hege Ayala David M. Connor Laureen Sullivan Cook Louis D. Derrico Carolyn Leland Farrlley Audrey Carcanague Ferrani James A. Gold Christy Danko Graybeal Gail C. Kuypers Judith A. Moll Jennifer M. Stickney Susan J. Terry John A. Walls II Ryan T. Walters Gregory A. Woods 1999 Total Gifts: $2,945 9% Participation Monocacy Club William F. & Mary Ann Harzer


Jessica Coughlin Milner Founders’ Club Charles E. Gardner Colonial Club Sara deMange Fox Jill Ayers Gold Joshua G. Gold Marsha L. Stiles Kelly Lubenesky Wiland Greyhound Club Elizabeth Coale Artis Jeffery F. Brill Michael J. Fragassi Merica Gellerman Gracinda S. Glick Laura Ann Gordon William J. Haskins Catherine B. Huegler Daniel J. Kent Sara E. Kish Geoffrey J. Laird Virginia I. Pantella Michael R. Reyda Stephanie L. Rickards Corrigan Charity Feichtel Roth Lynne Kadubec Urso Evett Vega 2000 Total Gifts: $3,475 7% Participation Third Century Club Douglas M. Kleintop Founders’ Club Tanya Rapp Carroll Margaret M. Frantz Jennifer L. Sheeto Colonial Club Molly Duffy Brewer Margaret L. Buss Ashley J. Heiberger Hong Sun Heather Wickmann Watt Fang Zhang Greyhound Club Gordon W. Frack Jr. Lisa G. Hahn-Egan Christie J. Jacobsen Mark P. Jaffe Jocelyn Eisenhart Kilhefner Nicholas R. Kimball Jane M. Knisely


Ostomy Matthew Matthew B. Peak Robert Petrosky Ryan M. Shick Brian D. Unangst Stephen M. Van Horn Melissa A. WhitehouseConnor 2001 Total Gifts: $3,700 7% Participation Third Century Club Hal A. Long Founders’ Club Kimberly S. Ghali-Rao Torine E. Pasek Colonial Club Michael H. Milunec Christopher M. Watt Greyhound Club Jaime E. Biggs Philip J. Black John R. Chaffier Amy DePuy Amalia G. Dignetti Alexander W. Egan Angela Detrick Gable Kerry Graybill Heinze Erin E. Jennings Carole R. Olszewski Michael R. Ready John D. Rhinehart Paulette A. Roberts Keri A. Schantz Rebecca Matijasich Stadelmeyer Clara J. Thorne Tracy Hamill Walters Nicolle H. Woods 2002 Total Gifts: $11,740 7% Participation President’s Associates Brian J. Corvino Heritage Club Randall G. Woolley Third Century Club Christopher S. Szutar Founders’ Club Julie Jones Shilane Colonial Club Josh W. Cesare

Rebecca Caulwell Kirkland Michelle Hoopes Treichler Greyhound Club Monica L. Bartholomew Kevin R. Bush Allison Kuntz Chruscial Linda Petko George Scott A. Heydt Patricia Smith Hoyt Debra L. Noble Suzanne C. O’Connor Adrienne Krosecz Schultz Inna Kolesnikova Scully Gretchen G. Walters Amanda Rissmiller Williams 2003 Total Gifts: $1,732 6% Participation Founders’ Call Catherine Halley McCormick Kelly McLean Rindock Scott S. Zientek Colonial Club Victoria Homko Piccotti Greyhound Club Dennis F. Batovsky Jon R. Buskirk Jared M. Dailey Timothy C. Deily Daniel E. Diefenderfer Lori B. Geisinger Braden M. Hendershot Regina Lacombe Laine Shelly A. Levulis Dina M. Liberatore Michael P. McGuire Sara M. Rafferty Alyson L. Remsing Jeremy C. Sawruk Jennifer Tori Shick Joshua D. Weaknecht 2004 Total Gifts: $11,327 9% Participation President’s Associates Jaime L. Marks Heritage Club D. Wayne Barefoot

Monocacy Club Borko Milosev Scott T. Williams Founders’ Club Charles DePuy Carrie L. Fellon Ethan J. P. Ordog Colonial Club Joel Bart Messick Greyhound Club Renee M. Balliet Kimberly A. Broadbent Anita Buono Brynn Saltzer Buskirk Elise Alexander Colancecco Anthony G. Costantino Jennifer Hastings Deily Matthew J. Donnelly Samantha X. Dorney Janice E. Farber Kimberly A. Grike Michael D. Grillo Anthony C. Iannetta Rebecca S. Kalapay Greta L. Kistler Jamison A. Licausi Rachel Kyria Licausi Elisabeth Foley McCartney Elizabeth McCann McGuire Kaitlyn Cerco McKittrick Joshua C. Miller Bonnie VanCott Schlener Janice Sisinni Smith Tracy E. Smith Elizabeth A. Smolick Melissa Soroka Williams Brian John York 2005 Total Gifts: $3,053 8% Participation Monocacy Club Heather McGarvie Corey Daniel A. Corey Cathleen Lavelle Williams Colonial Club Michelle Lala Clark Renee E. Garin Regina A. LaCaruba Amy L. Pektor Greyhound Club Lucio J. Alercia

Christine A. Bobick Brynn A. Chromiak Jacqueline A. Collette Melissa Duarte Daley Alyssa C. DeSimone Rena K. Drezner Justin P. Driscoll Jennifer Kunes Driscoll Christina Wallace Garr Stephanie J. HacheyWebb D. Patrice HenryThatcher Stephanie Beitler Rauch-Mannino Guy R. Read Sheila Lichtenwalner Sacks Patrick D. St. John Tracy L. Stehman Rebecca S. Stewart Katie M. Suib Ryan T. Wilkins 2006 Total Gifts: $860 5% Participation Founders’ Club Amanda M. Logan Greyhuond Club Shannon Gardner Bakros Anthony S. Bisti Kristin A. Borger Lindsey M. Brychta Scott J. Burke Peter L. Coldwell Eric J. Cuevas Corey J. Czerniak Andrew M. Drago Carolyn Elliott Evans Brandi A. Fogel Jennie E. Hoose Matthew T. Hovey Kevin B. Landis Timothy A. Reinhart Sean T. Scanlon Lauren Castrantas Spiece Courtney L. Werner 2007 Total Gifts: $1,541 9% Participation Colonial Club Matthew R. Henry

FALL 2011

Thomas J. Mondschein Greyhound Club Kelly M. Applegate Kaitlyn Mannon Aquino Patrick E. Bechtel Scott M. Best Tyler K. Boyer Tyler B. Chomik Joseph V. Costanzo Clifford W. Garr II Julia E. Gasdaska Jennifer Marie Gillard Anthony B. Gro Emily K. Klein Eric M. Kratz Kristin M. Maddaloni Samantha A. Madison Shawn M. Martell Jillian Mlynek McMullen D. Patrick McMullen Katelyn B. Meier Gary S. Novak Marc A. Panepinto Sylvia Anna Paz Raizalie Roman-Diaz Marissa L. Sharon Scott G. Shelbo Amanda Birosik Shilko Jessica A. Shupp Emily R. Starner Mindy Muffley Tkach Stephan R. Werkmeister 2008 Total Gifts: $1,583 7% Participation Founders’ Club David F. Carr Ann Mease Gibson John C. Mikovits Greyhound Club Cosmo E. Andreula Daniel M. Bobick Allison R. Boyd Jessica Preston Coldwell Daniel C. DeRicco Pamela A. Flick Daniel J. Huster Rachel M. Kieser Taylor S. Knabb Devon E. Kondrup Kelly S. LaTourette Colleen Kane Marsh Tegan N. Mireski

FALL 2011

Wesley S. Moser Jacquelyn M. Olimpo Daniel E. Purtell Rebecca Angstadt Roche Geoffrey M. Roche Sabrina E. Ruch Daniel G. Soares Simon G. Tabchi Jenna L. Wallace Bradford J. Wankewicz

Greyhound Club Michael J. Bishop Jonathan G. Boksan Matthew R. Bross Stephanie R. Dellaquilla Chelsea N. Dotta Alexander A. Kulp James Lee Lavoy Sarah A. Thomas Betsy A. Williamson

2009 Total Gifts: $2,247 7% Participation Founders’ Club Deborah Martin Arner Ryan D. Muth Colonial Club Amy L. Gollins Paul G. Mack Chelsea Zellner Santoro Greyhound Club Victoria A. Bartkus Rachel P. Beard Katarina A. Birle Laura K. Boyd Marc A. Braxmeier Grace M. Ellsworth Gillian Davis Flanagan Marisa A. Gurnari Megan L. Hall Nicholas S. Heimbach Susan L. Herschlag Carly E. Lovejoy Mark A. Maglione Timothy S. Mills Srdjan M. Milosev Lauren M. Raia Brian A. Reckenbeil Deborah Snyder Kristin M. Staunton Danielle Sacco Swiss Matthew W. Swiss Matthew J. Velekei Karen M. Zavecz

2011 Total Gifts: $12,952 66% Participation Trustee Circle Clayton K. Brewer Monocacy Club Michael J. Accurso Greyhound Club Maura K. Acox Caitlin K. Adolph Tara L. Alberse Anisa Kocher Albertson Shannon W. Algeo Evan T. Altemose Michelle D. Amaranto Lizzette D. Arias Asma Ashraf Amie E. Ballo Elizabeth Barrera Matthew R. Bartos Brittany M. Beard Matthew K. Bednarick Vanessa C. Bernardo Justin R. Bernhard Hazar G. Bitar Karen C. Bogda Ryan M. Borger Erin K. Bradley Amanda L. Bron Robert C. Brown Hailey R. Brown Kate L. Brueningsen Michael C. Burke Daniel J. Cancelliere Jennifer M. Candelora Sarah K. Carman Anthony D. Carney Jr. Jennifer A. Checkley Chieh-Yu Chen Tara L. Chiarella Laura P. Clauss John F. Corbin Emmalee Cougle Michael J. Crann Jr.

2010 Total Gifts: $620 2% Participation Monocacy Club Nancy Schreefer Colonial Club Dawn Dunbar Kuklinski Justin R. Serfass

Deborah L. Cruz Christopher J. Cullen Thomas J. Dailey Sean P. Darcy Myles E. Darcy Andrea A. DeCarlo Rachel M. DeLucia Olumatumininu Demuren Allison R. DeNuzzie Allison A. Deutsch Taressa L. Diaz Benjamin R. Does Chelsea L. Dolan Elizabeth M. Dombrowski Morgan C. Dotta James M. Drago Seamus C. Dubuss Molly A. DuVall Kaitlyn E. Dymond Eric C. Dziengelski Ashley R. Elliott Elizabeth A. Endy Guy M. Ercolano Adam L. Fenstermaker Tara A. Finegan David T. Forte Alexandra E. Frensky Alysia M. Garr Codi L. Gauker Angela I. Genther Jennifer R. Gerlach Amanda P. Giangiobbe Chrystie A. Giangiobbe Jason S. Ginther Mallory A. Goggins Kelly L. Grab Kelly J. Griffith Jessica S. Grochowski Stephen M. Gross Nicholas W. Gualtieri Jordan B. Hadeed Nicole M. Hadeed Ruby Haroon Daniel S. Heil Maureen Helfers Allyson M. Henry Alex J. Hersch Kelly M. Herzog Brittany N. Hill Kaleen M. Holden Justin T. Holguin Lauren C. Hrebin Brian T. Hunscher

Justin J. Hyatt Christina L. Jannone Patricia J. Johnson Kara L. Johnson Warner W. Jones Steven A. Jonkman Kristopher H. Kadel Stephen J. Kahn Christopher V. Kalis Joshua J. Kaminski Daniel M. Kane Shawn L. Kaspern Sharad KC Mary K. Kearney Rachel A. Kleiner Corey C. Koenig Francine M. Krause Leon T. Kukura Kaitlyn M. Lambert Jessica N. Langan John A. Larkin Lauren E. Lavelle Matthew Leiggi Tracy M. Lentz Matthew D. Levine Erika M. Lewis Sherry L. Litzenberger Frank A. LoConte Alexandra C. Lopez Alex P. Luquet Cody Anne M. Lutz Siven T. Ly Daniel J. Mangano Adelle C. Mantle Carolyn A. Mayer Philip A. McBride Kevin T. McCullough Shannon M. McEvoy Travis C. Meister Nicole S. Mernagh Jennie L. Miller Jesse T. Miller Katherine E. Miller Michael C. Miller Jenelle M. Mirro Angel L. Molina Jessica L. Moran Thomas F. Mulligan Shannon K. Murray Amanda P. Natale Veronica J. Nicklaus Caitlin O’Connor Jessica A. Olonovich Matthew C. Onori Michael C. Palermo

Brittny K. Pany Elizabeth A. Parsels Kirk L. Pastre Nina E. Patton Jason J. Pauloski Jaclyn C. Pelletier Joshua J. Perch E’Stasia Pickett Christine E. Poole Elizabeth A. Python Charles P. Quinlan Amanda M. Raiser Richard S. Rallo Jr. Vita A. Ranella John B. Reese Rebecca Christine Reeser Rebecca A. Renaldo Jaime L. Renninger Joseph P. Reynolds Tyler Richards Gregory J. Rittenhouse Kaitlyn M. Russell Alexandra F. Santoro Michael J. Santos Jennifer R. Schmitt AngelaRae C. Schneider Steven M. Schrayer Amanda M. Seybold Matthew D. Share Kaitlyn E. Siederman Timothy F. Smetana Lucas A. Smith Emily R. Smith Lauren M. Smith Lauren A. Spencer Taylor A. Sperduto Meghan E. Spirk Lindsey M. Stevens Samantha J. Stiner John E. Strader Amanda L. Sutter Trever Sweeney Megan K. Swick Christopher J. Symons Lauren P. Taylor Jacob H. Tazik Erik J. Terpstra Michelle A. Thomas Carli S. Timpson Caitlin M. Tramontozzi Long T. Tran Katherine E. Trinisewski Thomas W. Turcich Katelynn M. Turek



Ryan C. Ulk Zachary J. Valentine Christina Q. Vo Michael R. Wagner Christopher T. Walsh

Katherine M. Walton Matthew W. Washer Michael D. Watson Gretchen J. Weaknecht Charles R. Welsko

seminary alumni and friends evangeline bahnson smith society Members of the Evangeline Bahnson Smith Society are those supporters of Moravian Theological Seminary who have made a gift of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year, at the following giving-club levels: Mission Leadership Society Trustee’s Circle Dean’s Circle President’s Circle Professor’s Circle

mission leadershiP soCieTy Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province Salem Congregation PresidenT’s CirCle Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Black Evelyn Trodahl ’68 & Richard P. Chynoweth Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 & Mr. Warren M. Gericke Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern Mr. J. Robert Hess Mr. & Mrs. G. Dee Smith Mrs. Ruth H. Smith* Mr. Thomas A. & Rev. Dr. Janice ’82, ’91 Young dean’s CirCle Hon. Wilma A. Lewis Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70 Mr. Bruce W. Marold Rev. Dr. David A. & Dr. Doris Wood Schattschneider President Christopher M. Thomforde & Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde Dr. Charles & Mrs. Laura D. Turner Professor’s CirCle Mr. & Mrs. Adam M. Ambielli Mrs. Janet Outten Amos * Karen A. ’88 & Jose P. Arencibia Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ’80 Beitler Rev. David E. ’88 &



$100,000+ $ 50,000+ $ 10,000+ $ 5,000+ $ 1,000+

Mrs. Constance L. Bennett Rev. James O. ’49 & Mrs. Colleen Workman Bruckart Busy Workers Society Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 & Dr. Audrey West Ms. Lois N. Dalton* Rev. Barry R. ’73 & Mrs. Kim Galley Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr. Mrs. Lois Moser Harke ’45 Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’53 Rev. James L. ’59 & Mrs. Edith T. Johnson Denise S. ’93, ’97 & Arthur T. Katsaros Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kline Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ’09 Larger Life Foundation Mrs. Katherine Schwalbe Leinbach Mr. John E. Linton Ms. Mae K. Long Ms. Deborah LoPresti Yvonne Thompson Maddox, PhD Ms. Sherry Mason Brown Rev. Dr. Henry E. Jr. ’63 & Mrs. Bobbie May Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 Moravian Ministries Foundation Ms. Jill Peters ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Jesse M. Poole Rev. Jami L. ’02 & Mr. Mitch Possinger Jane Young ’69 & James L. ’70 Regina Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Cedric S. Rodney Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Mr. & Mrs. Jary W. Shimer

Alyssa M. Wert Bryant M. White Carolyn D. Whyley Ellen L. Williams Hongbo Hannah Yang

Christopher Y. Youn Christian S. Zechman Sarah A. Ziegenfuss

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld Rev. Dr. Gordon L. ’61 & Mrs. Susan Sommers Mr. & Mrs. R. Arthur Spaugh Rev. Dr. Craig S. ’82 & Mrs. Anna Troutman Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Vacek Mr. George W. Verheyden Jr. Rev. Dr. Walter H. & Rev. Deborah H. Wagner Pamela M. ’99 & Andrew J. Weiss Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams Mrs. Priscilla P. Wolle

Rev. Dr. Douglas W. Caldwell ’69 Rev. Patricia F. Garner ’98 Rt. Rev. Paul A. Graf ’64 Rev. James D. Hejl ’81 Rev. Gary T. Marsh ’83 Rev. Dr. William H. McElveen ’58 Mr. William C. Needs ’63 Rev. Richard L. Sides ’75 Rev. Cheryl A. Stoneback ’04 Rev. Stuart N. Zimmerman ’78

seminary alumni Chairman’s CirCle Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ’82, ’91 TrusTee CirCle Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70 heriTaGe Club Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 Rev. James L. Johnson ’59 Rev. Dr. Henry E. May, Jr. ’63 Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 Ms. Jami L. Possinger ’02 Third CenTury Club Mrs. Karen A. Arencibia ’88 Rev. David E. Bennett ’88 Rev. James O. Bruckart ’49 Rev. Barry R. Galley ’73 Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’57 Mrs. Denise S. Katsaros ’93, ’97 Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ’09 Ms. Jill Peters ’07 Rev. Dr. Gordon L. Sommers ’61 Rev. Dr. Craig S. Troutman ’82 Mrs. Pamela Marino Weiss ’99 Rev. David L. Wickmann ’67 monoCaCy Club Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Wayne Burkette ’69

founders’ Club Dr. Ronald R. Cavanagh ’63 Rev. Carol Packer Dague ’90 Rev. Kenneth V. Daniel ’89 Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards ’05 Rev. Ian D. S. Edwards ’04 Rev. Jane Keogh Harberg ’92 Rev. Dr. Willard R. Harstine ’62, ’86 Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ’51 Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Indano ’89 Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ’69 Mrs. D. Jane Joyce ’93 Rev. Dean R. Jurgen ’81 Rev. Dianne Murray Kareha ’93, ’97 Rt. Rev. Douglas H. Kleintop ’75 Rt. Rev. Dr. Milo A. Loppnow ’40 Rev. Dr. Mary D. Matz ’75, ’82 Rev. Dr. William W. Matz Sr. ’53 Rev. David H. Merritt ’82 Rev. Norman E. Prochnau ’62 Rev. John G. Rights ’95 Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Robinson ’51 Rev. James V. Salzwedel ’61 Rev. Frederick C. Seyfert Jr. ’62 Ms. Linda Staples Borton ’09 Rev. Robert T. Stevens ’94 Rev. Dr. William J. Weinland ’49 Ms. Louise H. Young ’90 Colonial Club Dr. Helmut Bintz ’53 Rev. M. Lynnette Delbridge ’84 Rev. J. Michael Dowd ’71 Ms. Susan L Dupree ’98 Rev. Robert F. Engelbrecht ’56 Rev. Dr. Donald C. Esslinger ’82

FALL 2011

Rev. Wolfram Fliegel ’56 Rev. Terry L. Folk ’78 Rev. William E. Gramley ’62 Mr. Charles T. Harberg ’67 Rev. David M. Henkelmann ’57 Rev. John D. Hoenig ’80 Rt. Rev. Robert A. Iobst ’39 Rev. Melissa Hertzog Johnson ’01 Rev. Glenn F. Jurek ’64 Ms. Sally L. Kolesar ’87 Rev. Roy E. A. Ledbetter ’74 Rev. Andrew W. Meckstroth ’86 Rev. Dr. Stephen O. Nicholas Jr. ’67 Rev. Charles Otto ’03 Rev. Catherine A. Parsons ’95 Rev. Helen R. Pearson ’93, 97 Mrs. Helen M. Richards ’03 Rt. Rev. Graham H. Rights ’60 Ms. Tracy Campbell Roeder ’89 Ms. Charlotte G. Rosenberger ’92 Rev. Rebecca Y. Stephens ’92 Rev. Robert L. Strauss ’84 Rev. Lynne D. Trout ’05 Rev. Bruce M. Weaknecht ’81 Mrs. Lynn Aprill Webb ’11 Rev. David F. Weyant ’75 Greyhound Club Rev. Sara Moran Aker ’86 Rev. Matthew W. Allen ’98 Rev. William T. Andrews ’82 Rev. Robert G. Aregood ’88 Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ’87 Mr. Michael W. Barnett ’03 Rev. Hartmut Beck ’50 Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith ’97 Ms. Susan Bennetch ’11 Rev. Bradley L. Bennett ’84 Ms. Jacqueline Billy ’97 Mr. James O. Blanton III ’59 Rev. Erwin E. Boettcher ’52 Mr. Bruce D. Bowen ’01, ’03 Rev. Canon Doris S. Bray ’80 Rev. Karl F. Bregenzer ’48 Ms. Kelly Howard Brooks ’05 Rev. David R. Burkette ’57 Rev. John D. Christman ’70 Dr. Joseph R. Chuk ’84 Rev. Dr. Deborah Rahn Clemens ’84 Rev. Paul D. Couch ’93 Rev. Steve E. Craver ’77 Rev. Canon Virginia Rex Day ’93 Rev. Brian R. Dixon ’05 Rev. Douglas Donigian ’08 Rev. Joyce Donigian ’08

FALL 2010

Rev. Wilfred L. Dreger ’45 Ms. Marlane E. Druckenmiller ’90 Rev. Dean A. Easton ’05 Mr. Gregory Scott Ellis ’07 Rev. David P. Felker ’96 Rev. Dr. Elaine Fenstermacher Bogert ’79, ’82 Rev. Gerald C. Fett ’74 Rt. Rev. Dr. Arthur J. Freeman Jr. ’52 Rev. Derek A. French ’95 Ms. Deborah S. German ’08 Rev. J. Christian Giesler ’86 Rev. Dr. Amy Gohdes-Luhman ’93 Rev. W. Norwood Green ’52 Mrs. Martha Dodge Griffis ’06 Rev. John Everard Griffith ’69 Rev. John D. Groblewski ’90 Rev. Elizabeth Anne Haines ’06 Rev. Dr. Gene E. Handwerk ’77, ’82 Rev. Keith K. Harke ’99 Rev. Milton Hartentstine ’71 A. Peter Haupert, MD ’59 Rev. Anthony Earl Hayworth ’08 Mr. Michael Hedrick ’08 Ms. Therese M. Hero ’95 Mrs. Cheryl Hilbert-Gonzalez ’11 Rev. Diana Hill ’93 Rev. William M. Hosking Jr. ’87 Mrs. Patricia Smith Hoyt ’02 Ms. Frances L. Huetter ’58 Mr. David J. Hutnick ’96 Rev. Christine Sobania Johnson ’88 Rev. Darrell F. Johnson ’88 Rev. R. Burke Johnson ’67 Rev. Franklin C. Jones ’65 Mr. Alfred W. Jones III ’11 Rev. Ray K. Joseph ’67 Rev. Lawrence T. Junek ’73 Rev. Judith D. Justice ’95 Rev. John H. Kapp* ’41 Rev. Gail H. Kees ’86 Rev. Dr. Judy Schaeffer Kehler Shirey ’84 Donald K. Kirts, EdD ’57 Rev. James L. Knappenberger ’77 Rev. Richard W. Kohl ’60 Rev. Reid P. Lauderman ’10 Ms. Linda More Lennon ’98 Rev. Linda Leuser ’08 Dr. Robert A. Lewis ’56 Rev. Dr. F. Thomas Lichner ’82 Rev. Dr. Richard J. Manning ’55 Rev. Nicole R. Melara ’06, ’09 Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons ’09 Rev. Richard E. Michel ’45 Mr. Donald L. Murphy ’99

Rev. Jack T. Nance ’65 Rev. Jimmie L. Newsom Sr. ’64 Rev. Kenneth W. Nowack ’51 Rev. Frederick W. Oleck ’65 Ms. Carol Olzinski ’10 Rev. Robert M. Peek Sr. ’99 Rev. Mary Louise Plummer ’04 Rev. Shanti K. Pradhan ’09 Rev. Vani Pradhan ’09 Rev. Tracy A. Pryor ’99 Rev. John F. Rauhut ’89 Rev. Janel Rice ’05 Rev. Barbara Almon Rich ’87, ’93 Rev. Dawn R. Richie ’03 Rev. Douglas C. Rights ’83 Rev. Dorothy E. Rohn-Habhegger ’01 Rt. Rev. Dr. Edwin A. Sawyer ’38 Rev. Dr. Robert E. Sawyer ’67 Rev. Marlin L. Schaffstall ’59 Rev. Raymond E. Schultz ’45 Rev. Eric J. Schulze ’53 Rev. George R. Scilley ’58 Rev. Dr. Richard I. Shamel ’54 Rev. Joan A. Shelton ’79 Rev. Dody Freed Siegfried ’02, ’09 Rev. Robert H. Smith ’61 Rev. Maria Evola Spada ’89 Ms. Carol L. Steager ’90 Rev. Arkon G. Stewart ’90 Mrs. Lenore Stine ’08 Rev. Dr. Glen W. Stoudt ’77 Mrs. Barbara Martin Stout ’87 Rev. Gary M. Straughan ’66 Rev. Arlene Byers Studer ’72 Ms. Dorothy Tarreto ’10 Rev. Canon Jane B. Teter ’83, ’85 Rev. Richard J. Thierolf ’78 Rev. Allen D. Timm ’92 Rev. Raymond T. Troutman Jr.* ’53 Rev. C. Scott Venable III ’79 Rev. Dawn Gibson Volpe ’85 Mrs. Emily B. Wallace ’94 Rev. Aden A. Ward ’71 Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. Ward ’80 Rev. Margaret Braden Wellert ’99, ’00 Rev. Warren D. Wenger ’45 Rev. Carol L. West ’00 Rev. Gwyned Williams* ’60 Rev. R. Donald Winters ’85 Mr. Philip Ashton Woffindin ’97 Ms. Lenore Worrell ’95

seminary friends moravian CirCle Mrs. Margaret M. Peters* 1742 CirCle Mr. Arthur F. Stocker* TrusTee CirCle Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford Genie Billiard ’63 & Harry E. ’64 Dooley Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern Mr. & Mrs. G. Dee Smith Mrs. Ruth H. Smith* President Christopher M. Thomforde & Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde PresidenT’s assoCiaTes Mrs. Janet Outten Amos* ’43 Larger Life Foundation Mr. Bruce W. Marold Rev. Dr. David A. & Dr. Doris Wood Schattschneider Mr. & Mrs. Jary W. Shimer heriTaGe Club Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr. Ms. Mae K. Long Patricia Nemesh ’70 & Robert J. Jr. Schoenen Mrs. Priscilla P. Wolle Third CenTury Club Mr. & Mrs. Adam Ambielli Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ’80 Beitler Mrs. Colleen Workman Bruckart ’60 Ms. Lois N. Dalton* Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Mrs. Lois Moser Harke ’45 Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua ’67 Mr. & Mrs. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kline Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 Mrs. Katherine Schwalbe Leinbach Mr. John E. Linton Ms. Deborah LoPresti Ms. Sherry Mason Brown Moravian Ministries Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jesse M. Poole Jane Young ’69 & James L. ’70 Regina Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Cedric S. Rodney Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Mr. & Mrs. R. Arthur Spaugh Sr. Mr. George W. Verheyden Jr. Rev. Dr. Walter H. & Rev. Deborah H. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams



Thank you monoCaCy Club Mr. Fredric Bulleit Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cicorelli Rt. Rev. & Mrs. C. Hopeton Clennon Mr. Harold H. Garner Jr. Mrs. E. Jane Albrecht Graf ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Cromer R. Grubbs Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hertzog Mrs. Kathryn Broczkowski Klein ’67 Ms. Doris E. Kleintop Mr. Ted & Rev. Margaret K. Leinbach Mrs. Carol Sloan McElveen ’58 Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring Mr. Jessie J. Stone* Dr. & Mrs. William A. Viechnicki Mrs. Martha Hughes Zimmerman ’78 founders’ Club Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Allen Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Howard H. Cox Mr. Keith M. Dague Mr. & Mrs. Wesley S. Davis Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley Mrs. Bonnie Jean Falla Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Frey Mr. Edward R. Ganss Alenda B. ’96 & Charles E., DVM ’99 Gardner Mrs. Anna Mae Gillett Mrs. Nancy Trach Harstine ’63 Mrs. Elizabeth Graybill Jurgen ’76 Rev. Fred Knieriem Mr. & Mrs. Dan Mulholland Mrs. Mary Ellen Binder Orben ’42 Mr. Richard P. Reinke Mrs. Mary Jeane Moser Romer ’54 Ms. Jean H. Siftar Mr. & Mrs. Halfred C. Smith Dr. & Mrs. George J. Stuart Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Trapp Harold & Elizabeth Vogler Fund Mrs. Janet Parks Weinland ’47 Colonial Club Bognet Medical Associates PC Mr. & Mrs. Ben M. Cahill Jr. Mrs. Ruth Burns Carver Rev. Belfield Castello Ms. Margaret E. Couch ’80 Mrs. Paul DeS. Couch Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Crouch



Mrs. Kathleen Doyle Dowd ’68 Mrs. Julia Cranford Folk ’80 Mrs. Christina Schoeller Giesler ’84 H. Martyn Group Ltd. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Krawiec Mr. Thomas H. Luhman ’92 Mr. & Mrs. John C. McKitrick Mr. & Mrs. Myron Miller Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pettit Ms. Anne Portlock Mrs. Elynor Fishel Rights ’54 Mrs. Kathryn Shamel Mr. & Mrs. John P. Smeltzer Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson Rev. Theodore E. Wilde ’60 Dr. & Mrs. John C.W. Worsley Jr. Mr. Paul R. Yochum Ms. Jeanette Young Greyhound Club Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Agostinelli Mrs. Julia Anderson Atwood ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bade Mrs. Betty Lou Kohl Baker Mrs. Blevins Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Bartolet Mr. F. Scott Bauer Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Beaver Mrs. Ruth L. Behrend Leah L. & Charles B. ’63 Bledsoe Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Boyan Mr. Norman H. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Carmichael Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Edwin F. Coble Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Collevechio Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Cude Jr. Ms. Oneita M. Dease Mr. & Mrs. John W. Denham Mr. & Mrs. George H. Dicker Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle Mrs. Geraldine M. Eichman Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson Ms. Geraldine L. Fenstermaker Ms. Mary Ellen Fisher Mr. Gilbert L. Frank Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Frey Mr. James A. Gold ’98 Ms. Laura A. Gordon ’99 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Graham Jr. Mr. Jeffrey A. Griffis ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Willard Grunow Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Haber Mr. & Mrs. Roderick H. Hall Mr. & Mrs. E. Richard Hampton

Ms. Leslie L. Henriquez Mr. & Mrs. David H. Hester Mrs. Margaret Hilbert Mr. & Mrs. Roger K. Hockaday Mr. & Mrs. C. Graham Hodnett Jr. Ms. Violet M. Hoffman Ms. Susan P. Hollingsworth Ms. Donna D. Hurt Mr. Billy D. Hutchins Mr. Earl Jackson Mrs. Alice C. Johnson Mr. Edmund W. Johnson Mr. Lawrence Johnson Mrs. Genoise S. Judd Mr. & Mrs. M. Keith Kapp Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Koenig Mrs. Mary Kilpatrick Kohl ’56 Mr. Gary A. Krohg Mr. Michael K. Kromer Mrs. Dorothy C. Kuhfahl Ms. Allison H. Lancaster Mr. John R. Lee Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Roland R. Liebenow Mr. & Mrs. James R Linville Mr. & Mrs. Alfred G. Lisicki Mr. Frederick G. Lowrey Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dale A. Lucas Luther Crest Residents’ Spiritual Life Committee Mr. & Mrs. Steven H. Mastin Mr. Ostomy Matthew ’00 Mr. & Mrs. John E. Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Tha Mee Mr. & Mrs. George Mentzer Mrs. Katherine Merle-Smith Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Peter V. Meyers Pastor Raymond A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. William S. Mohr Ms. Joan M. Moran Mr. & Mrs. Alton C. Morgan Ms. Sunny L. Nelson Ms. Nancy D. Nicholas Ms. Rebecca Kleintop Owens ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Parker Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John A. Pavis Ms. Gloria K. Pearce Ms. Susan H. Petree Ms. Grace M. Principato Ms. Charlotte Puzio Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Reich Mr. & Mrs. Carl Reist Theodore H. Rights, MD.’61 Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Ritter Mr. Ronald K. Robertson Mr. & Mrs. James T. Roland

Ms. Martha L. Rolli Ms. Julia A. Rucks Philip A. Sabetti, OD ’62 Ms. Mildred Saderholm Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Saunders Ms. Mary Jane Schimmel Ms. Dorrett Sergeant Mrs. June Zimmerman Shamel ’54 Wayne C. ’61 & Sandra Shugart Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Simmons Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Singleton Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith Mrs. Margaret Dittmer Smith ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Souers Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Southerland III Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Starbuck Mrs. Mercedes Stievo Ms. Lynn Irwin Stoudt ’75 Ms. Patricia Teel Ms. Fay M. Thomas Ms. Katharine H. Walker Mr. & Mrs. William J. Walker Edwin Wallace, MD Mrs. Doris Roberts Wenger ’60 Ms. Pearl Westergom Mrs. Emma Demuth Williams ’62 Miss Debra A. Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Williamson Mr. Richard Yochum Dr. Thomas E. Young Mrs. Grady Ziglar Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Zimmerman

FALL 2011

faCulTy, sTaff and TrusTees Present and emeriti members of Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary faculty and staff and current trustees.

moravian CirCle Mr. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd Mr. Frederick A. Reinhard Chairman’s CirCle Mr. Curtis H. Barnette Mrs. Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68 Mr. J. Robert Hess Parry J. Miller, MD ’66 Mr. Kenneth J. Rampolla ’79 Dr. Christopher M. Thomforde Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ’82 TrusTee CirCle Mr. Stephen Black Mrs. Genevieve Riordan Gee ’43 Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz ’84 Mrs. Betsey Tait Puth ’51 Mr. Paul G. Sittenfeld PresidenT’s assoCiaTes Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Christensen Mr. Brian J. Corvino ’02 Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 Mr. Michael M. Ellis ’72 Richard T. Kingston Jr., DDS ’77 Hon. Wilma A. Lewis Mrs. Deborah Oplinger McKinnon ’73 Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 Rev. Dr. David A. Schattschneider ’60 Dr. Doris Wood Schattschneider Dr. Bettie Moretz Smolansky Dr. Susan Martin Studds Ms. Laura D. Turner Dr. Gordon Weil heriTaGe Club Rev. David E. Bennett ’88 Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr. Candy Barr Heimbach, Esq. ’79 Mr. Christopher A. Ohmacht ’88 Rev. Jami L. Possinger ’02 Ms. Lisa Moyer Roth ’81 Mr. Robert J. Schoenen Jr. Third CenTury Club Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler Mrs. Karen Bader Mr. Gary A. Carney Mr. Scot J. Dapp Ms. Julie A. Del Giorno

FALL 2011

Dr. George S. Diamond Mr. Dennis A. Domchek Dr. Ruth Roberts Hailperin Mrs. Patricia Murray Hanna ’82 Dr. Linda Heindel Ms. Dawn Ketterman-Benner Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 Mrs. Beverly Gaston Kochard ’73 Dr. Frank T. Kuserk Dr. Eva Leeds Dr Heikki E. Lempa Dr. Janet S. Loengard Yvonne Thompson Maddox, PhD Dr. Gary L. Olson Ms. Jill Peters ’07 Mr. Joseph L. Powlette ’60 Mr. A. Reed Raymond ’74 Mr. Mark F. Reed Ms. Anne Myers Reid Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Joseph M. Shosh, PhD ’88 Mr. Robert H. Smith ’74 Honnie P. Spencer, MD ’90 Mr. Bernard J. Story ’80 Rev. Dr. Craig S. Troutman ’76 Mrs. Heather H. Vacek Rev. Dr. Walter H. Wagner Mr. James R. Walker Mrs. Pamela Marino Weiss ’99 Mr. John E. Williams monoCaCy Club Ms. Suzanne J. Bleiler-Conrad ’82 Ms. Kerry Willard Bray ’94 Dr. George D. Brower Rev. Dr. Douglas W. Caldwell ’66 Dr. Bernardo J. Cantens Rt. Rev. C. Hopeton Clennon Dr. Benjamin Coleman Mr. Jon B. Conrad ’82 Daniel R. Gilbert Sr., PhD Drs. Dennis & Dorothy Glew Dr. Brett Godbout Rev. James T. Hicks ’75 Kelly K. Krieble, PhD ’86 Dr. Karen D. Kurvink Mrs. Carol Ann Modjadidi Mrs. Carole Ann Reese Mr. Kurt W. Schreefer Dr. Janet A. Sipple Mrs. Evangeline B. Smith* Dr. Kay B. Somers

Mr. Walter F. Williams Mr. Michael P. Wilson Dr. Robert R. Windolph Dr. Joel D. Wingard Mrs. Susan Overath Woolley founders’ Club Mr. Harold C. Anderson Dr. Mary E. Arenas Mr. James E. Barnes Mrs. Sabrina Zimpfer Boyd ’82 Mrs. Dawn L. Buck Ms. Jane Frankenfield Burcaw ’79 Mrs. Ruth Calvo Rev. Dr. Howard H. Cox Miss M. Lillian Davenport Mrs. Linda J. Doyle Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards ’05 Mrs. Bonnie Jean Falla Mrs. Ann Mease Gibson ’08 Rev. Dr. Steve R. Gordy Rev. Jane Keogh Harberg ’60 Rev. Dr. Willard R. Harstine ’62 Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ’48 Dr. Curtis A. Keim Rt. Rev. Douglas H. Kleintop ’71 Dr. William A. Kleintop Ms. Linda Hulse LaPointe ’93 Dr. Nicole L. Loyd Rev. Dr. William W. Matz Sr. ’50 Dr. John W. McDermott Mrs. Carol J. Meixell Ms. Erika Bayles Mondok ’90 Mrs. Susan Sikora O’Hare ’74 Mr. Douglas J. Plotts Ms. Patricia A. Price Dr. Martha Reid Mr. John D. Rossi III ’97 Mrs. Monica Schantz Mr. Richard R. Schantz Dr. Fred B. Schultheis ’77 Dr. James V. Skalnik Dr. Donald P. St. John Dr. Lori J. Toedter Dr. Carol A. Traupman-Carr ’86 Dr. Barbara Vinciguerra Dr. Stacey B. Zaremba Colonial Club Mr. William F. Bauman ’74 Dr. John R. Black Mr. George J. Boksan ’78 Dr. Robert T. Brill Dr. Carole K. Brown Dr. G. Clarke Chapman

Mr. John J. Gehman Rev. Dr. Amy Gohdes-Luhman ’93 Mrs. Deborah J. Hinkel Dr. Andrew H. Johanson Dr. Matthew A. Lang Dr. David L. Langhus Mr. Mayo W. Lanning Mrs. Colby Beck McCarthy ’92 Dr. Joanne M. McKeown Mr. Thomas J. Mondschein ’07 Dr. John V. Reynolds Dr. Edward A. Roeder Ms. Suzanne Marie Schamberger Mr. Arthur W. Smith Jr. ’68 Ms. Mary Beth A. Spirk Ms. Marsha L. Stiles ’99 Mr. Robert J. Ward Dr. Debra Wetcher-Hendricks Mr. Neil Wetzel Mr. Joseph E. Williams ’70 Rev. Dr. R. Jane Williams Greyhound Club Ms. Marianne T. Adam Ms. Anisa Kocher Albertson ’11 Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ’87 Mr. James W. Beers ’89 Mr. Scott M. Best ’07 Dr. Hilde Binford Mrs. Lisa Gianotti Brand Mr. Ralph E. Brodt III ’75 Mrs. Esther B. Burkhart Mr. John C. Byrne ’82 Mr. Richard J. Churilla Mrs. Ann McKittrick Claussen ’74 Mrs. Catherine L. Dantsin Dr. John R. Dilendik Rev. Brian R. Dixon ’05 Dr. Theresa A. Dougal Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle Dr. Dana S. Dunn Ms. Carol A. Eck Mrs. Theresa C. Eddinger Ms. H. Paty Eiffe Mrs. Janice E. Farber ’04 Mrs. Diane C. Ferry Mr. E. Blair Flintom Mrs. Geri G. Flores Dr. Michael J. Fraboni Rt. Rev. Dr. Arthur J. Freeman Jr. ’52 Ms. Julia E. Gasdaska ’07 Dr. Christie L. Gilson Miss JoAnn M. Grandi Ms. Amanda K. Griesser Mrs. Mary Margaret Magyar Gross ’72



Thank you Dr. Donald W. Hosier Ms. Lindsey S. Hughes Dr. Diane W. Husic Ms. Christie J. Jacobsen ’00 Mr. Kenneth K. Kalapay Mrs. Pamela G. Kalapay Dr. Ronald J. Kline Dr. Helen Kohler Dr. Winfred A. Kohls Ms. Marcella Kraybill-Greggo Dr. Astrid B. Kromayer

parenTs and grandparenTs

Mr. Louis V. Lanza Rev. Dr. Roy Lewis Dr. Larry A. Lipkis Mr. David Lobach Mr. John Makuvek Jr. Mrs. Colleen Kane Marsh ’08 Mr. Gary M. Martell ’76 Dr. Albert H. Martin Mrs. Michelle Rogers Matuczinski Dr. Robert H. Mayer Mr. Stephen McKinney

Dr. Alicia N. Sevilla Mrs. Shelley A. Speirs Dr. Nicole Anne Tabor Mrs. Anita K. Tannous Ms. Barbara Tilden Thompson Mr. Robert J. Volk Jr. Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. Ward ’80 Ms. Cathy M. Welsko Mr. Charles R. Welsko ’11 Miss Debra A. Williamson Rev. Dr. Samuel Zeiser

Current and past parents and grandparents of Moravian students

moravian CirCle Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. P ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Reinhard P ’86, P ’90 Chairman’s CirCle Mr. J. Robert Hess P ’81 TrusTee CirCle Frank & Lorelei Brewer P ’11, ClayMir Foundation, a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation Mrs. Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz ’84 P ’14 PresidenT’s assoCiaTes Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clark P ’12, P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox P ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller P ’06 heriTaGe Club Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Burke P ’06, P ’13 Third CenTury Club Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram P ’75, P ’83 Dr. Don C. Follmer P ’77 Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz ’84 P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Miller P ’00 Ms. Pamela Moschini P ’10 Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton P ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Andre Python Jr. P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Shreter P ’12 Mrs. Margaret Taylor P ’75, P ’82 Mr. James R. Walker P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag P ’13 monoCaCy Club Mr. & Mrs. Tomas J. Bamberger P ’89


Mr. Wesley S. Moser ’08 Ms. Carole R. Olszewski ’01 Mrs. Miguelina Ortiz Ms. Rose Panik Dr. Jason H. Radine Ms. Alyson L. Remsing ’03 Mrs. Laura L. Ridge Mrs. Kathi P. Roman Dr. Maria L. Schantz Mr. David G. Schappert Mrs. Bonnie VanCott Schlener ’04


Dr. & Mrs. Bernardo J. Cantens P ’13 Mr. Robert J. Fulmer P ’87, P ’92 Dr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Gilbert Sr. P ’80, P ’86 Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Hornberger P ’98 Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kidd Jenny P ’98, P ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kaster, Jr. P ’10 Mr. J. Thomas Long Jr. P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Mammana P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. H. Hudson Myers Jr. P ’86 Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines P ’10, P ’12 Mrs. Barbara Reimers P ’92 Dr. & Mrs. Robert Ruggiero Sr. P ’85 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Styer Jr. P ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Williams P ’81 founders’ Club Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Anderson P ’04, P ’05, P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brower P ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Ken Buck P ’06, P ’10, P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Byrne P ’82 Mr. & Mrs. John B. Cave P ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Chomo P ’85, P ’87, P ’89 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Clark Jr. P ’97 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Drago P ’06, P ’11 Mrs. Grace M. Wilkinson Dunkley P ’78 Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Steve R. Gordy P ’01, P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harper P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Helfers P ’11 Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Kastle P ’97, P ’00 Mr. & Mrs. John Kolchin P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Koza P ’93 Ms. Kerry L. Kushinka P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Maher P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Mangano P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. William McKinley P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Meixell P ’00, P ’01 Mr. Elias Mourani P ’02

Mrs. Mary Poulson P ’08 Jane Lefanto ’83 & Robert Puckett P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Schade P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Schulter P ’97 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Starner P ’01 Mrs. Helen P. Strunk P ’73 Mr. & Mrs. James F. Swartz Jr. P ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Truscott P ’14 Mrs. Ida E. Vasily P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Viscuso P ’13 Dr. & Mrs. John E. Widger P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Cary M. Wilson P ’99 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kent Ziegler P ’03 Colonial Club Dr. & Mrs. John W. Adamus P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Benonis P ’10, P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Randall Brundage P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Butash P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent Byrne P ’02 Rev. Belfield Castello P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Corey P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Dailey P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dolan P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Feinman P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fydryszewski P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso J. Gentile P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Gordon P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hersch P ’09, P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hilferty P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hinkel P ’03, P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hudak P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Julius Innis P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Rich Koles P ’09 Mrs. Betty Kuklentz Doyle P ’68, P ’76 Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Little P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. William Makoski P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Mayer P ’11 Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Moyer P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn B. Murray P ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Randy Neumeyer P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. O’Halloran P ’94 Mr. Charles V. Osborne Jr. P ’70 Dr. & Mrs. Antonio Panebianco P ’91, P ’06 Mr. Jerry Pritchett P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. James J. Pukszyn P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin E. Raiser P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Scalia P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Setley P ’04 Mr. John Traupman P ’86, P ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Varney P ’10 Dr. & Mrs. Francis H. Williamson P ’93, P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Zacheis P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. David Zanoni P ’12 Greyhound Club Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Abraham P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Accurso P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Sean Adams P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Louis T. Alexander P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Altemose P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Altemose P ’91 Ms. Gerilynn Ambrosky P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. David Ashworth P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baal P ’01 Rev. & Mrs. John F. Babcock P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Russell M. Baker Jr. P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barbadora P ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Barron P ’86 Mr. & Mrs. James Battersby P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bauer P ’12 Mrs. Beverly Baxter P ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Becker P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. John Beierle P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Gene Belanger P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Joel Bellush P ’12

FALL 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Russell G. Benner P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Berger P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bernhard P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Beyhl Jr. P ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Bianco P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Spiros Bilianis P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. William C. Bisci P ’08, P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blackledge P ’03 Mr. & Mrs. David Blair P ’12, P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Bobick P ’05, P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Borger P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Bortz P ’05, P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Boyer P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Brand P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Carey Brinckman P ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Brown P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Brown P ’11 Dr. & Mrs. Steven Bunting P ’14 Susan & Jonathan E. ’83 Burcaw P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Burkholder P ’98, P ’03 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Burley P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Bush P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Cafferata P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Campbell P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cancelliere P ’09, P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carey P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Carney P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Carr P ’81 Ms. Janice Carrubba P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Casolaro P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Catagnus P ’14 Mr. Michael J. Cavoto P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Armando Chapelliquen P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Checkley P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chiarella P ’11 Dr. & Mrs. Raffy Chilingerian P ’14 Christina Haas ’83 & Richard J. Churilla P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Ciocci P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. John Clark P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Clark Jr. P ’13 Mr. Joseph Clingan P ’13 Drs. Jeffrey & Kerry Cogen P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Cohen P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cohen P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Cole P ’14 Ms. Gwendolyn A. Colegrove P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Cook P ’97 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Corbett P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Warren S. Corman P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Costantino P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Coveleski P ’12

FALL 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Csencsits P ’84, P ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Czarnecki P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. John H. Dalton P ’99 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dart P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Dean P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DeCarlo P ’11 Ms. Carol Y. DeFelice P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Del Priore P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. John DelGrosso P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. DeLio P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. William J. DeNitzio P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. DeNuzzie P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Charles DePuy P ’01, P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Deutsch P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Scott T. Diehl P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dietrich P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard DiGiacomo P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas DiMattia P ’12 Linda S. & Michael L. ’76 D’Italia P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Ditchko Jr. P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dobbins P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Dobry Jr. P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Dollarton P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dombrowski P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Kerry A. Dorney P ’09, P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Wayne F. Dries P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Drozd P ’14 Mr. Robert Dubuss P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. DuVall P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Eck P ’10, P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Edinger P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Eisenhart P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Endler P ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ercolano P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Ian Erlandsen P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ervin P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Ben E. Evans P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Everett P ’04 Dr. & Mrs. Domenic Falco P ’88 Mr. & Mrs. John Falzarano P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Fast P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Feather P ’95, P ’98, P ’07 Ms. Lorraine M. Febert P ’12 Ms. Constance B. Fegley P ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Feinstein P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Feldman P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. William Ferry P ’91 Mr. & Mrs. John Fitzsimmons P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Flynn P ’12 Ms. Deborah Fonteix P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Frankenfield P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gaden P ’13 Mrs. George H. Gaffen P ’71 Mr. & Mrs. James A. Gallagher P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gallo P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gardner P ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Garzillo P ’13, P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gassner P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. George Geisinger P ’03 Mrs. Mija Gellerman P ’99 Mrs. Barbara Genetti P ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Roy Gibson P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gill P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Ken Glanville P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. David Golden P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Grab P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grigsby P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Grube P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Guerriero P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Edmund D. Hadeed P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hahn P ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Halasz P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. John W. Halstead P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hammel P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hannings P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hardin P ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hardock P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hargrave P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Harryn Jr. P ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore S. Haynie P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. James Heck P ’12 Ms. Carmel L. Heckman P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. George Hendrickson P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Henly P ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard W. Hess P ’08, P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Heydt P ’02 Mrs. Margaret Hilbert P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Jesse A. Hildebrand P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hillegass P ’06 Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hobaugh P ’99 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hoffman P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Hollenbeck P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. John Raymond Howard P ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hrebin P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hurley P ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Imhof P ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Jaffe P ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Janela P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. David B. Jennings III P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Johnson P ’11 Mrs. Barbara M. Jones P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kafes P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Kahn P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Martin V. Kearney P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Kenlin P ’97 Ms. Evelyn M. Kieser P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas King P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. David Kircher P ’08, P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kish P ’89

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Kline P ’97 Dr. Ronald J. Kline P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Neil Knudsen P ’12 Dr. Winfred A. Kohls P ’81, P ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kolen P ’89 Mrs. Susan Kopp P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kranchalk P ’03, P ’05 Dr. Astrid Kromayer & Mr. Peter Kromayer P ’76 Mrs. Carol A. Krum P ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Alexander P. Kubat P ’91 Mr. & Mrs. William Kussler P ’12 Ms. Isabelle Lastres P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Antoine Latour P ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph T. Lauver P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Carl P. LaVo Jr. P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Craig Lawrence P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Lawrence P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. John Leland P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lesh P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Levine P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Lewis P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Loiacano P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lounsbury P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Scot A. Lovejoy P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. John Makuvek Jr. P ’84 Mr. Gary M. Maniscalco P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mantle P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Mariano P ’14 Mrs. Audrey K. Martin P ’94 Ms. Barbara Martin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Martino P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. William Masterson P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Matta P ’12 Mrs. Michelle Matuczinski P ’00, P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. John Maurer P ’14 Ms. Jeanne Mazzucco P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. William M. McCain P ’74 Dr. & Mrs. James L. McCullough P ’11, P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. John McGettigan P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McGrath P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. James W. McGuire P ’03 Mrs. Katherine Merle-Smith Thomas P ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy H. Merrick P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. James Messineo P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Messler P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Micucci Sr. Mrs. Bernadette J. Miksiewicz P ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Miller P ’14 Mr. Christopher G. Miller P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Miller P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Doglass Miller P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Miller P ’02 Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Miller P ’11



Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Minarovic P ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Mizack P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Moran P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Moyer P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Moyer P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Mudd P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Q. Muffley P ’07, P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mulligan P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Gary O. Nace P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Needham P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Steven Nesbit P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. David J. Newcomer P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Neal A. Nicklaus P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Reinhold Nutz Jr. P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Neil O’Connor P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. O’Donnell P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Oren P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Owens P ’06 Ms. Kim Painter-Waldron P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Paone P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Desmond Parker P ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Parodi P ’14 Ms. Darnell Payne P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. William Perrino P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Petit P ’14 Mrs. Patricia A. Petko P ’97 Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Pettit Jr. P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. John Pico P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Pluchinsky P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Polgar P ’08 Mr. Ken A. Poppe P ’08 Ms. Cynthia L. Potterton P ’13 Dr. & Mrs. Rado Pribic P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. David Queroli P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry G. Rabold P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Rafferty P ’02, P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Re P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Reckenbeil P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer Redline P ’12 Mr. John L. Reed Jr. P ’14

friends of The insTiTuTion

Mr. & Mrs. John Smull P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Snyder P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Irving Soden P ’99 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Solano P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Soroka P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Sortino P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Spencer P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. M. Eugene Speni P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Merritt L. St. John P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Emil Stefanelli P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Steiner P ’98, P ’00, P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Stettner P ’91, P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Stewart P ’05 Ms. Susan Stickle P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Stone P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Stoudt P ’98 Ms. Lenore A. Straub P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. William H. Swick P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. John Tajerian P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Tannous P ’03 Mr. & Mrs. John E. Tegan P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Tenneson P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. James Tersigni P ’13 Pamela J. & Richard J. ’78 Thierolf P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. David Thompson P ’13 Ms. Susan G. Thunberg P ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tillou P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Torres P ’12, P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Tramontozzi, Sr. P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Trautz P ’13 Ms. Maria Trusa-Stano P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Ulrich P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Urbanski P ’96 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Valentini P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. James R. Vander Horn P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Vanderhoff P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Venanzi P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Viglione P ’10 Mr. Robert J. Volk Jr. P ’14

Mr. David L. Wacker, Sr. P ’12 Mr. Claude D. Wagner P ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Wagner P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Walkiewicz P ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh P ’11 Dr. & Mrs. Edward Wang P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. David Weaver P ’12, P ’14 Denise A. & John D. ’74 Weaver P ’08, P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Webber P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. William K. Weber P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Wells P ’97 Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Welsko Jr. P ’11, P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wenk P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Werkmeister P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn T. Wertheim P ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Dale Wertman P ’03, P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. H. William Westerman P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. John Wherry P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. White P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Wicklund P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Allen Williams P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Williamson P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. William Woods P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Worman P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Terry Worrich P ’12 Dr. & Mrs. Gary R. Wright P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yannotta P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Yarzab P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Yeager P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Yonosh P ’03 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Young P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Haitham Zaiter P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Rossano Zanon P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zapach P ’96 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zimnik P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Christos Zouzias P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Zyzniewski P ’96

Moravian Church, Southern Province National Endowment for the Humanities Salem Congregation

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Engels Moravian College Alumni Association Ms. Louise Moore Pine* Sodexo

1742 CirCle Mr. Leonard R. Dimmick*

Chairman’s CirCle Ms. Elizabeth Filson-Steers*

Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. RMI Ms. Mary E. Stever* Wachovia/WellsFargo Foundation TrusTee CirCle Air Products & Chemicals Inc. Mr. Cyril J. Anderson

Friends, corporations, foundations and churches

moravian CirCle Ms. Laura S. Goerner* Holly Beach Public Library Association Priscilla Payne Hurd Charitable Lead Unitrust JJ Development LLC Moravian Church, Northern Province


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reiss P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Remp P ’14 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Renaldo P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Renna P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Rentschler P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Retalis P ’14 Mr. Hugh W. Richards P ’10, P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward Riggs P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Rimmer P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ritter Jr. P ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Roberti P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roberts P ’87 Ms. Abby Rutch P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Salgado P ’14 Dr. & Mrs. William Santoro P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Saputo P ’12 Mr. Gerard L. Saraceni P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Savite P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Gordon J. Scala P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. Schlottman P ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Erik J. Schneider P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. William Schumm P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Le See P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Fahrudin Sejdic P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Keith Sergas P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. Seybold P ’11 Mrs. Virginia E. Geiger Shaffer P ’97 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Shanahan P ’97 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shedlock P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Sheeto P ’00 Ms. Renee Clay Shelbo P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Shelly P ’12 Mrs. Caryn Wiragh Shoenthal P ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Siegfried P ’99 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Simonelli P ’91 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Sini P ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Dale Sinkbeil P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Sipics P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. David P. Sletner P ’97 Mr. & Mrs. Glen J. Smith P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Smith P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Roland F. Smith P ’11


FALL 2011

B. Braun Medical Inc. Mr. William L. Bronstein Frank & Lorelei Brewer P ’11, ClayMir Foundation, a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Duggan & Marcon Inc. Exxon-Mobil IBM Corporation Mr. John W. Landis Mr. Charles E. Merrill Jr. Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation PenTeleData PresidenT’s assoCiaTes Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Albarell Coordinated Health Eden Charitable Foundation Employees of East Penn Manufacturing Company Inc. Harmony Press Inc. Hershey Foods Corporation Ms. Diane Schuehler Hillyard Mr. John Kemps Larger Life Foundation Atty. & Mrs. Blake C. Marles Merck Company Foundation Presser Foundation Saucon Mutual Insurance Company Ms. Carol Schuehler Mr. & Mrs. Jary W. Shimer Ms. Anne F. Sinnott St. Luke’s Hospital Vulcan Materials Company heriTaGe Club Alvin H. Butz Inc. Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania Binney & Smith Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Breidegam Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Hotel Bethlehem Ms. Linda S. Johnson Just Born Inc. Mr. Gerald P. Kaminsky Key Foundation Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation

FALL 2011

Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation Dr. Alma A. Miles-Koch PNC Financial Services Group Mrs. Judy Pote PPL Corporation TJX Foundation Inc. Trans-Bridge Lines Inc. Mrs. Peter C. Wolle Third CenTury Club Abbott Laboratories Fund Mr. John M. Adams Albarell Electric Inc. Mr. Alvin A. Albright Jr. Allied Building Corporation AptarGroup Inc. AT&T Foundation Mrs. Karen Bader Dr. Joan Cady Brownstein Busy Workers Society Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Constantine Covidien Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Early General Electric Foundation Gillespie Printing Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gorman Jr. Ms. Diane Haines Ms. Susan F. Haytmanek Hemmler Camayd Architects Ms. Joan G. Herbstman Hess Corporation Highmark Blue Shield Johnson & Johnson Company JP Morgan Chase Foundation Mr. & Mrs. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Mr. Michael J. Klatchak Lehigh Gas Corporation Mrs. Katherine Schwalbe Leinbach Mr. Peter Lighte Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Martin Medco Health Solutions Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Moravian Ministries Foundation Morgan Stanley Mr. & Mrs. Foster Nelson Mr. George Newell Olympus America Inc. Omicron Gamma Omega ParenteBeard LLC The William C. Perry & Paul A. Nelson Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas

Pharo Family Fund of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz Scotty’s Fashions Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock Mr. & Mrs. R. Arthur Spaugh Spirk Brothers Inc. Starter’s Riverport Stevens & Lee Tiffany & Company Dr. James Tyler UGI Corporation Uhrig Construction Inc. Victaulic Company of America Rev. Dr. Walter H. & Rev. Deborah H. Wagner Weis Market Mrs. Mary Ann Williams Willis North America Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Zimmerman monoCaCy Club Aetna Foundation Inc. Benecon Group Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Inc. Mr. Fredric Bulleit Mr. Richard L. Button Mr. R. J. Callen Mrs. Ruth Calvo Carl’s Corner Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management Inc. Corporate Environments Inc. Mr. Stanley H. Dengler Edwards Business Systems Mr. & Mrs. Wayne K. Grove Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hertzog Home Moravian Church Women’s Fellowship ING Financial Services Corporation Alan Kunsman Roofing & Siding Lehigh Valley Hospital Liberty Mutual Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring Northampton County Seed Company, Inc. Pennsylvania Eastern Region Organization of Nurse Leaders Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt Mrs. Alice C. Pulley Mr. & Mrs. John D. Rossi, Jr. Mr. Michael C. Rothrock Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Schwarz Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Smolansky Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stevens

Tap Ties Tyco Verizon Foundation founders’ Club AD Computer Corporation AXA Foundation Ayers Saint Gross Inc. Backjama G. Enterprises Inc. Bank of America N.A. BankAmerica Foundation Mr. Richard R. Barker Bear Creek Mountain Resort Bortz Masonry Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Bouquard B. F. Brown & Company Inc. Caruso Benefits Group Chubb & Son Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dannhauser Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Wesley S. Davis Jr. Ms. Roberta DeAngelis FM Global Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Foltz Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fox Mr. Ralph A. Gerra Ms. Joanne A. Green Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Haines Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hilder Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hines Home Depot IBEW Local Union #375 Dr. Karen Keim Mrs. Jean G. Kessler Rev. Fred Knieriem Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon Linde Mr. Robert H. Littner Mr. Thomas Lloyd Lockheed Martin Corporation Mr. Christian F. Martin Mr. William J. Morley National Penn Investors Trust Company Mr. & Mrs. Caroll H. Neubauer Norfolk Southern Foundation Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Penn Valley Chemical Company Inc. Pfizer Corporation Reader’s Digest Foundation Reese Lower Patrick & Scott Ltd.



Thank you Mr. Richard P. Reinke Roosevelt’s 21st Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schuster Jr. Ms. Jean H. Siftar SKF Industries Inc. Ms. Donna L. Snyder Dr. Donald P. St. John Staybridge Suites Szoke Brothers Inc. Harold & Elizabeth Vogler Fund Mrs. Ralph J. Wanamaker Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Winslow Ms. Margaret Murphy Woodward Young Plumbing & Heating Inc. Yuasa Battery Inc. Colonial Club Allstate Foundation Bach Choir of Bethlehem Mrs. Margaret Baldock Bank of New York Bechtel Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Beck Mrs. Rita J. Berk Mr. James T. Best Bethlehem Rehabilitation Specialists Bognet Medical Associates P.C. Clemens Family Corporation Coca-Cola Company Ms. Susan M. Domchek W. W. Grainger Inc. Ms. Mary Ellen Herzog Hilton Garden Inn Airport Holiday Inn Center City Holiday Inn Express High Points Peter R. Johnson & Company Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Krawiec Lehigh Valley Rail Management Ms. Lynn M. Livingston Mrs Sharon F. Machrone H. Martyn Group Ltd. Mr. Charles R. McAnall Microsoft Minerals Technology Corporation Russell E. & Elizabeth W. Morgan Foundation PNC Bank N.A. Pocono Whitewater Prudential Foundation Ms. Berry G. Richards Rubber Fab & Molding Inc. Ms. Jane C. Schaffer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Sharkey SI Systems Mr. & Mrs. Adam S. Stauffer



Ms. Mary T. Toulouse Two Rivers Landing Mrs. Audre B. Vogler Ms. Christine Wetzel Whitewater Challengers Mr. Michael H. Wilchek Dr. & Mrs. John C.W. Worsley Jr. Greyhound Club Air Liquide Ms. Debra Albanese Allen Organ Company Allentown Symphony Orchestra Allied Personnel Services Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Anderson Ms. Donna Anthony Apgar Oil Company Mr. Daniel J. Aquilino Mrs. Pearl A. Banks Mr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Banyard Mr. Frank R. Barnako Bath Supply Company Inc. Mrs. Patricia Donnelly Bean Mr. James M. Beenders Mrs. Ruth L. Behrend Bethlehem Brew Works Bethlehem Palette Club Mrs. Jeanne Bilheimer Ms. Victoria L. Bingham BlackRock Rev. Peter L. Bonny Ms. Llyena Boylan & Mr. Donald Spieth Ms. Janice Broniec Buca di Beppo Ms. Evelyn A. Burdette Mrs. Esther B. Burkhart Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Buzzard Mr. Mark A. Calafati Mr. & Mrs. Roque J. Calvo Mr. Steven M. Capozzi Mr. Robert W. Cawley* Mr. & Mrs. Soong T. Chiang Chocolate Lab Ms. Stephanie L. Christ Ms. Josephine F. Clark Mr. Richard J. Claussen Rev. & Mrs. Charles E. Colson Mr. Gary Cooper Crayola Factory & National Canal Museum Rev. Kurt Danga-Storm Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Demshock Mr. George DeSchweinitz Jr.

Diageo North America Foundation Inc. Diocese of Allentown Ms. Louise M. DiSarro Ms. Judith F. Ferguson Donnan Mrs. William A. Drebert Mr. J. William Earle Mrs. Susan Eiffe Edmondson Mr. Charlesworth Edwards Mr. Gary Egan Mr. & Mrs. Otto Ehrsam Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Emmons Federated Department Stores Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James J. Ferry II Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Fink First Energy Foundation Rt. Rev. Dr. Arthur J. Freeman Jr. Mr. Elmer D. Gates Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ghelardi Mr. R. G. Gilman GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John J. Grencer Mr. George F. Halfacre Dr. Coleman R. Hamel Mr. Clark Hamman Hampton Inn Easton Mr. D. Mark Harris Dr. & Mrs. Kyoichi Haruta Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Harvey Mrs. Nancy L. Herbert Mr. & Mrs. Leonard G. Herman Mr. H. G. Hill Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Hill III Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hittinger Ms. Anne E. Hoffman Holiday Inn Express Cherry Lane Ms. Todette L. Holt Homewood Suites by Hilton Mr. & Mrs. John J. Howard Jr. Ms. MaryBeth Sacks Hughes Ingersoll Rand Company Institute of Management Accountants, Lehigh Valley Chapter Mr. Kenrick D. Isaac Mr. A. Terry Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Jackson John Deere Company Mr. & Mrs. John A. Jordan Dr. Florence C. Kimball Dr. Karel Klima Mr. & Mrs. David H. Klinges Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Koehler Lafayette Inn Mrs. Annette Chopin Lare Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Lawlor

Lehigh Valley Zoo Mr. Walter A. Lemanek Ms. Pauline F. Lennon Mrs. Grace M. Lindenmuth Ms. Kathleen H. Link Mrs. Linda A. Lipkis Mr. James D. Loessl Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Lukaszczyk Rev. & Mrs. William R. Lutz Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Lyons Mr. James P. Mackin Ms. Kathleen E. Martin Ms. Laura Ann Noversel Martin Mr. & Mrs. John A. Mast Mr. Joseph Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Morris D. Metz Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Mikochik Mr. Clair D. Miller Mr. Kevin P. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Minner Ms. Shirley Messling Morganelli Mr. Paul R. Moyer Musikfest Café Mrs. Dorothy W. Musselman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Nemeth Ms. Joan Lardner Paul Mr. Conrad W. Perry Dr. Paul Peucker Pines Dinner Theatre Ms. Gina Puca Mr. Robert Pulley Jr. Quik Stitch Mr. Glenn P. Ramirez Ms. Linda Rao Ms. Denise L. Reaman Mrs. Erma L. Reed Mr. Anthony Rivera Ms. Joan C. Roberts Ms. Alicia M. Roeder Mr. Ronald D. Roth Mr. James David Rounsaville Ms. Denise Ryan Mr. Addison M. Rymar Ms. Janice L. Sandt Mrs. Melissa Sassaman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Schaeffer Ms. Alma H. Schlenker Schutt Reconditioning Mr. Ralph G. Schwarz Mr. & Mrs. Rodney K. Shane Ms. Susanne I. Shaw Mr. & Mrs. James R. Shreve Sigal Museum Mr. & Mrs. Emil G. Signes Ms. Elspeth M. Sipple

FALL 2011

Ms. Christine D. Smith Ms. Dilys Jones Smith Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith Ms. Karen Smith-Moretz Mrs. Deborah Bland Smull Ms. Alison Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Snyder Jr. Mrs. Danuta Sowinska-Khan Mr. Frederick J. Squire State Farm Companies Foundation

Dr. Kathleen P. Steele Mr. Robert F. Steelman Sister Gunnel Sterner Dr. Vincent D. Stravino Mr. Richard J. Strelecki Mr. & Mrs. John G. Thomas Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John G. Thomas III Ms. Magdalena G. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Thompson A. J. Trunzo Inc.

Mrs. Charles G. Van Ness Victory Pizza Ms. Susan Vigilante Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Viscuso Mr. Ian J. Vogler Watertown Moravian Church Mrs. Maryann K. Weaver Ms. Linda Weber Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Wharton Mr. Thomas Wiley

Wendy axelrod Johanson from Dr. Andrew H. Johanson Jeffrey lee Jones from Ms. Geraldine L. Fenstermaker dr. Curtis a. Keim from Ms. Hongbo “Hannah” Yang ’11 mandi ’98 & molly ’05 Kidd & family from Mrs. Elizabeth Kidd Jenny dr. r. daniel libby from Julie Jones Shilane, PhD ’02 mr. anthony morelli ’59 from Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams elsie nienow, victor nienow & david nienow from Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Simmons dr. Gary l. olson from Mr. Christopher Y. Youn ’11 ruth franges rayna ’71 from St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church Dr. O. Carlysle Salter Jr. Julie Jones Shilane, PhD ’02 monica & richard schantz from Rev. Roy E. A. Ledbetter ’71 dr. Janet a. sipple from Mr. Richard R. Barker dr. bettie smolansky from Ms. Karen Smith-Moretz mr. George h. stanley Jr. from Mr. Walter R. Hatfield Jr. ’69 richard C. subber ’69 from Mr. Ian Tauber rev. allan T. sumerfield ’71 retirement from Beth A. Nevill rev. & mrs. bruce m. Weaknecht ’77 from Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Frey

rev. dr. Charles riddick Weber from Mr. & Mrs. Alton C. Morgan rev. dr. mervin C. Weidner ’37 & ms. Catherine Weidner from Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kline Pamela marino Weiss ’99 from Kelly Howard ’05 & Keith Brooks Caitlin G. Worrich from Mr. & Mrs. John G. Thomas, III rev. dr. Janice m. young ’82, ’91 & mr. Thomas a. young’s 50th Wedding anniversary from Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Agostinelli Ms. J. Whitney Ake Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Adam Ambielli Patrice Starner ’83 & Atul K. Amin Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Andreus Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Bartolet Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Beaver Bognet Medical Associates P.C. Mr. & Mrs. David B. Chick Evelyn Trodahl ’68 & Richard Chynoweth Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cicorelli Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Collevechio Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Craver Audrey West & Frank L. Crouch ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Wesley S. Davis Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George H. Dicker Mr. & Mrs. Michael Earick Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Falcone Ms. Mary Ellen Fisher Mr. & Mrs. William Foley Col. & Mrs. Frank Alenda B. ’96 & Charles E., DVM ’99 Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Green H. Martyn Group Ltd.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Williamson Ms. Joan C. Winterbottom Ms. Caitlin G. Worrich Dr. Gary R. Wright Ms. Linda R. Young Ms. Marcia L. Zackavitch Mr. Michael J. Zambelli Ms. Melissa L. Zirkel

in honor of … mr. delight e. breidegam Jr. from Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Anderson Mr. Douglas J. Bouquard Mr. Mark A. Calafati Mr. Steven M. Capozzi Mr. Stanley H. Dengler Employees of East Penn Manufacturing Company Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Koehler Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon Mr. Walter A. Lemanek Mr.James D. Loessl Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Minner Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt Mr. Glenn P. Ramirez Mr. Anthony Rivera Amanda Taylor ’87 & James A. ’87 Roth Mr. & Mrs. Rodney K. Shane Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Sharkey Ms. Alison Snyder Ms. Donna L. Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Mark Winslow dr. robert T. brill from Mr. Myles E. Darcy ’11 mrs. Janet K. Ciganick from Ms. Ellen L. Williams ’11 dr. & mrs. herman Collier from Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. mrs. beverly a. Corkhill ’73 from Ms. Joanne A. Green dr. sandra e. fluck from Ms. Katherine E. Trinisewski ’11 dr. Cecilia m. fox from Ms. Kristin M. Maddaloni ’07 elizabeth fulghum from Dr. Janet A. Sipple ms. betty a. helms ’10 from Mr. & Mrs. Richrd C. Reich

FALL 2011

Mr. & Mrs. William Haden Mrs. Margaret Hilbert Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hixson Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Indano ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. King Mrs. Kathryn Broczkowski Klein ’67 Mr. Gary A. Krohg Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Legere Jr. S. E. Levinson Jr. Ms. Deborah LoPresti Mr. & Mrs. John E. Matthews Mr. & Mrs. John C. McKitrick Mr. & Mrs. Myron Miller Mr. & Mrs. Dan Mulholland Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Patton Mr. & Mrs. John A. Pavis Ms. Anne Portlock Ms. Marilyn Prekopa Ms. Grace M. Principato Ms. Charlotte Puzio Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pugh Jane Young ’69 & James L. ’70 Regina Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Ritter Rosalie A. & Philip A., OD ’62 Sabetti Mr. & Mrs. Bernhard Sack Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sahaida Mr. & Mrs. Alton M. Schadt Doris Wood & David A. ’60 Schattschneider Mr. & Mrs. Scott Patricia Nemesh ’70 & Robert J. Jr. Schoenen Mr. & Mrs. Jary W. Shimer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith Ms. Lois A. Smoot Mr. & Mrs. Jon Stem Lenore ’08 & Thomas Stine Dr. & Mrs. George J. Stuart Jr. Ms. Patricia Teel



Thank you President Christopher M. Thomforde & Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde Mr. & Mrs. Norman Towle Mr. & Mrs. Norman Trapp Manu Vachhani, MD

Dr. & Mrs. William A. Viechnicki Ms. Katharine H. Walker Mr. & Mrs. William J. Walker Mr. William Weatherholt Dr. & Mrs. John C.W. Worsley, Jr. Louise H. ’90 & V. Barry Young

Dr. Thomas E. Young santa Corpora Zanchettin ’70 from “Your Thursday Night Italian Class” dr. stacey b. Zaremba from Mr. Matthew K. Bednarick ’11

marissa e. Zondag from Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag

rev. henry a. lewis ’39, ’42 from Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Cude Jr. beverly frederick morley ’73 from Mr. William J. Morley mr. Jeffrey h. moser ’68 from Miss Carol D. Henn ’68 rev. arthur nehring ’54, ’57 from Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring mrs. Joanne mazur o’such ’60 from Ms. Sandra Baldonado Evelyn Trodahl ’68 & Richard Chynoweth The Crozier Family Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Darcey Jean Bassford ’60 & James B., Jr. ’60 Galbraith Mrs. John Galen Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Garaventi Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gorman Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne K. Grove Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hines Mr. Gerald P. Kaminsky MyPublisher Mr. & Mrs. Foster Nelson William C. Perry & Paul A. Nelson Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas Mr. George Newell Mr. & Mrs. William C. O’Neil Jr. Betsey Tait ’51 & John W. Puth Mr. James M. Taup mr. david richard ’70 from Mr. Tom A. Tenges ’70 r. C. & frances ryan from Rev. David H. Merritt ’82 mrs. Janice larash sacks ’44 from Ms. MaryBeth Sacks Hughes mr. Charles a. saderholm from Ms. Mildred Saderholm mr. Charles h. schultheis ’40 from Moravian College Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

otis & marie shao from Mr. & Mrs. John D. McCrone mr. frank C. smith from Ms. Dilys Jones Smith mr. Jack stilgenbauer from Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schuster Jr. mr. harry e. Weaver, Jr. ’66 from Audrey Weaver ’98 & Christopher Sparks rev. dr. mervin C. Weidner ’37, ’40 from Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Southerland III ms. sara l. Weller ’06 from Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller ms. anne s. Wenzel from Rev. Donald A. Wenzel ’60 rev. Gwyned Williams ’57, ’60 from Ms. Rosanne E. Bricker ’64 & Mr. Kenneth Craven Rev. Gerald H. Ihle ’54 Mr. & Mrs. James D. Leggett Rev. George R. Scilley ’55 Ms. Patricia Thornton Snyder ’60

in memory of … Jean Cosgrove adams ’42 from Mr. John M. Adams ms. Janet outten amos ’43 from Mr. & Mrs. William F. Graham Jr. Ms. Carole C. Martin Ms. Roberta Pettit mr. edward s. augustine from Maria & Ronald M., DO ’87 Kriner mr. alfred barr from Patricia Ann & Anthony ’59 Morelli ms. hillary benner from Mr. William F. Bauman ’74 rev. dorothy osterhout burcaw ’85, ’91 from Mr. Peter J. Parsil mr. robert b. burns Jr. from Mrs. Ruth Burns Carver mr. david m. Calvo ’76 from Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines mrs. June Collins Cawley ’42 from Mr. Robert W. Cawley* Mrs. Lois Yerger Fischel ’41 mrs. lynn merriken Cognetti ’65 from Joan Kiefer ’86 & Todd J. ’87 Dickinson Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 Mr. Tom A. Tenges ’70 Jessica Dunlap ’80 & Dikon Yazujian rev. Paul deschweinitz Couch sr. ’52 from Mrs. Marian McCuiston Couch ms. eleanor smith daubenspeck ’41 from Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck mr. francis domchek from Ms. Colleen A. Bimbo Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Bush Mr. Frank Catapano Mr. Gregory Christensen Ms. Ann Dawson Ms. Susan M. Domchek Mr. & Mrs. William Ferry



Mr. & Mrs. James J. Ferry II Mr. &Mrs. Robert J. Granata Mr. Stephen McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Plotts Mr. & Mrs. James E. Reese Dr. & Mrs. James H. Reid Ms. Anne F. Sinnott Anne Sinnott & Gregory M., PhD ’78 Skutches President Christopher M. Thomforde & Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde mrs. maryanne domcheck from Ms. Anne F. Sinnott rev. Charles W. eichman ’48, ’51 from Mrs. Geraldine M. Eichman mr. david emlen evans ’04 from Mr. & Mrs. Ben E. Evans ms. mitzi faust from Jeanne & Abe Finton William nathan filson from Ms. Elizabeth Filson Steers* mr. roy a. Gordon from Ms. Diane L. LaPenna ’68 mrs. Gertrude Graper from Ann & Mary Graper rev. dr. John s. Groenfeldt ’39, ’42 from Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hanson mr. Kevin m. haggerty ’73 from Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines mrs. Phyllis iobst hill ’35 from Mr. H. G. Hill Jr. bishop Clement hoyler from Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bade mrs. Karen Pennypacker Jackson ’64 from Mr. A. Terry Jackson mr. Jessie J. Kocher from Patricia Ann & Anthony ’59 Morelli mr. Karl Kromer from Mr. Michael K. Kromer rev. Warren C. Kuhfahl ’45, ’48 from Mrs. Dorothy C. Kuhfahl

FALL 2011

CornersTone soCieTy Mrs. Joann Clewell Adams ’56 Mr. John M. Adams Ms. June C. Alter Mr. Cyril J. Anderson Mr. Alfred F. Apple ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Augustine Mr. Ivan A. Backer ’49 Stanley F. Banach, MD ’56 Mrs. Frances Longacre Barnard ’51 Mrs. Olivia Musselman Barnes ’38 Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Barnette Mrs. Margaret Johnson Bartlett ’43 Mrs. Lois Brunner Bastian ’50 Ms. Beverly A. Bell ’56 Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Beltram Louis W. Bender, PhD ’50 Mr. Jeffrey B. Benner ’74 Rev. David G. Berg ’66 Ms. Jane Bernstein Mr. Peter E. Bilan ’64 Mrs. Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer ’57 Mr. Allen R. Bohne ’51 Mrs. Beverly L. Bohner ’82 John H. Bowman, MD ’54 Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. Colleen Workman ’60 & James O. ’47, ’49 Bruckart Mr. Barry L. Buchman ’71 Barbara Brautigam ’65 & Douglas W. ’66 Caldwell Dr. William V. Campbell Sr. ’61 Dr. Mary Faith Carson Mr. Craig A. Cavanagh ’74 Dr. G. Clarke Chapman Mrs. Gloria Gately Chipman ’45 Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty Jr. Mr. Joseph F. Christ ’52 Evelyn Trodahl ’68 & Richard P. Chynoweth Jane D. & Richard M. ’68 Cope Mrs. Beverly S. Corkhill ’73 Gail K. & David R. ’63 Cornelius Sandra L. & Placido A. ’78 Corpora Mr. Paul E. Crossan Jr. ’48 Mrs. Shirley Messics Daluisio ’68 Miss M. Lillian Davenport Mrs. Linda Roscoe de Seife ’72 Mr. Ron dePaolo ’64 Ms. Loretta F. DeWalt ’71 Mr. & Mrs. John E Dewees Mr. Albert C. DiDonato ’67 Miss Marcella I. Dimmick ’35

FALL 2011

Kathleen Doyle ’68 & J. Michael ’68, ’71 Dowd Mr. Frank E. Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Dull Jr. Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley Mr. Rodger S. Dusinski ’63 Kathleen & Michael M. ’72 Ellis Miss Anne R. Enright ’52 Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson Rev. Dr. Elaine Fenstermacher Bogert ’79, ’82 Mrs. Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41 Peggy Ann Harte ’54 & Francis J. ’59 Figlear Ada Zellner ’46 & Franklin Flower Julia Cranford ’80 & Terry L. ’78 Folk Dr. Don C. Follmer Sue Ann Henkelman ’53 & Ralph Z. Fortney Mrs. Nancy Zeleski Frantz ’53 Georgia Dreyer ’66 & A. Owen, III ’66 Freas Mrs. Katherine Meland Freeny ’49 Jean E. Friedman, PhD ’63 John P. Galgon, MD ’55 Mr. John M. Gallup ’77 Ms. Adele Garger Mr. Donald Garger Ms. Elizabeth Hicks Garrett ’63 Genevieve Riordan ’43 & Edwin Gee Dr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Gilbert Sr. Pamela W. & Carl F. ’66 Gitschier Mr. James A. Gold ’98 Mr. James E. Gold David D. Goldberg, DO ’66 Mr. Robert W. Gordon ’52 Mr. Roy B. Goshorn ’58 Betsy S. & Philip A. ’65 Gottshall Judith C. Grant, PhD ’79 Ms. M. Anne Greene Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Margaret & Joseph A. ’72 Grieshaber Ms. Lugenia Taccarino Guaraldo ’69 Karen Boyer ’78 & Odell ’77 Guyton Drs. Ruth & Theodore Hailperin Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr. Kathryn Horwath ’52 & Ray H. Hartman Joan Schnable ’57 & A. Peter, MD ’56, ’59 Haupert Mr. James L. Heller ’83 Rev. Donald L. Henderschedt ’65

Rev. Dale M. Henderson ’69 Miss Carol D. Henn ’68 Elizabeth & William V. ’58 Herbein Mr. George Herczeg Jr. ’69 Ms. Marilyn L. Herwig ’75 Mr. J. Robert Hess Mr. & Mrs David L. Hilder Constance Stirling ’68 & Thomas W. Hodson Marie & George E. ’59 Hollendersky Mrs. Frances Kolb Hoops ’50 Marlene A. & James B., MD ’59 Howell Mr. George T. Hudson ’59 Mr. David G. Hunscher ’63 Mr. Donald L. Hunsinger ’58 Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd Daren A. & F. James ’69 Hutchinson Joseph P. Hutsko, DO ’56 Mr. David W. Innes ’81, ’91 Dr. & Mrs. Francis M. James III Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ’69 Edith T. & James L. ’56, ’59 Johnson Ms. Trisha Babbitt Jones ’68 Mrs. Carol Carson Joseloff ’67 Diane C. ’98 & Daniel Y. ’73 Joseph Ms. Joanne E. Keim ’72 Mr. Burton L. Kelchner ’43 Mrs. Ruth Hemmerly Kelly ’41 Elizabeth B. & William B. ’62 Kerner Mrs. Jean G. Kessler Mr. Gary T. Kester ’64 Mrs. Olive Wooler Kinter ’50 Claire M. ’87, ’95 & Michael Klatchak Miss Dorothea G. Klotz ’66 Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 John Kolchin, EdD ’57 Miss Elizabeth A. Kovach ’75 Mrs. Brenda Krajci Ms. Phyllis G. Kreider ’46 Susan Kressly, MD ’82 Mrs. Kathryn Knopf Kricks ’49 Kelly K. Krieble, PhD ’86 Dr. Vera Krisukas Robert J. Labdik, EdD ’60 Dena L. & Keith D. ’73 Lambie Annette Budzak Landes, Esq. ’83 Janice Whitfield ’64 & John G., PhD ’65 Landis Mr. John W. Landis Mr. Mayo W. Lanning Dr. Donald K. Lauer Mr. Roland P. Leibenguth ’48

Mrs. Roberta Dollinger Leiby ’75 Colette Geier ’71 & Joseph B., MD ’69 Lennert Mrs. Emmeline Lewis Dimmick ’48 Mr. Thomas Lloyd Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70 Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon Mrs. Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala ’59 Mr. James E. Marconis ’74 Mr. & Mrs. Ben Fortunado Marcune Mr. Bruce W. Marold Linda H. & Gary T. ’74, ’83 Marsh Barbara Hassler ’73 & Gary M. ’76 Martell Andrew Martimick, DO ’49 Barbara Frowery ’67 & Nicholas R. Matlaga Mary D. ’75, ’82 & William W. Sr. ’50, ’53 Matz Rev. Dr. Henry E. Jr. ’60, ’63 & Mrs. Bobbie May Shirely Hart ’63 & Gerald D. McBride Mrs. Susan Gangwere McCabe ’79 Mrs. Frances Fulmer McClain ’38 Miss Mary C. McElroy ’39 Rev. Dr. William H. ’58 & Carol Sloan ’58 McElveen Deborah Oplinger ’73 & Russell McKinnon Alma Coester ’69 & James M., Esq. ’69 McMahan Jeanne Freas ’48 & Raymond R. Mellen Amy Lesser ’76 & Robert C. ’74 Mende Ms. Joan Kinard Mercado ’54 Mr. Charles E. Merrill Jr. Mrs. Carol Losensky Messina ’61 Mr. John M. Mickner ’72 Mr. Chester Dale Miller ’75 Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 Claire L. & Parry J., MD ’66 Miller Mr. Paul E. G. Miller ’47 Dr. James B. Mitchell Mr. Michael B. Mraz ’74 Mr. George W. Myers ’82 Karen Bruckart ’72 & Henry G., Jr. ’71 Naisby Sara B. & William C. ’62, ’63 Needs Mr. & Mrs. Maynard S. Northup Mr. Raymond L. Orth ’69 Miss Johanna Ott Sara Paden ’71 & Robert E. ’73 Peterson



Thank you Mr. Earl R. Pfeiffer ’61 Ms. Ann Polanski Lloyd M. & Rose Beidler ’38 Polentz Mr. Joseph R. Pulley ’58 Betsey Tait ’51 & John W. Puth Ms. Lynne Schlosser Raleigh ’66 Anne McCandless ’79 & Kenneth J. ’79 Rampolla Mrs. Jane Sullivan Ramsdell ’44 Mrs. Ruth Franges Rayna ’71 Ms. Mary Ann Rayner ’53 Mrs. Susan White Redfield ’68 Mrs. Adele Foley Reinsmith Ms. Barbara E. Reuper-Baum ’93 Mrs. Helen M. Richards ’74, ’03 Mr. Leonard L Righi ’72 Sybil S. & Graham H. ’60 Rights Mrs. Betty Adams Roach ’43 Ms. Georgine F. Rodgers Mr. Stanley R. Roman Ms. Diane Haines & William J. Rosenberg, Esq. ’49 Joseph L. Rosenfeld, Esq. ’58 Ms. Dorothy L. Ruyak ’54 Dr. Shapour Samii Donna K. & Gary L. ’63 Sandercock Mr. Gerald A. Sarkisian ’74 Rt. Rev. Warren A. Sautebin ’43, ’45

Dorothy P. & Myron A. ’58 Savacool Dr. David A. ’60 & Dr. Doris Wood Schattschneider Chris Chipman, Esq. & Barry M., Esq. ’68 Scheinberg Eleanore Beck ’56 & Henry E. Schleicher Miss Cornelia Schlotter ’57 Patricia Nemesh ’70 & Robert J. Jr. Schoenen Mrs. June Shafer Scholl ’51 Eugenia E Schuler Cathleen & Fred B. ’77 Schultheis Mr. E. Allen Schultz, Jr. ’53 Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz Rev. Dr. Tom Schwanda ’72 Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock Henry A. Segatti, DDS ’45 Mrs. Helen Bauder Seifert ’69 Mrs. Isabel Petro Sersen ’58 Eric R. Shimer, Esq. ’68 Sandra & Wayne C., Esq. ’61 Shugart Mr. Halfred C. Smith Mrs. Lois Shafer Smith ’51 Marian K. & Robert H. ’74 Smith Drs. Bettie and Oles Smolansky Miss Constance M. Sokalsky ’71 Susan & Gordon L. ’57, ’61 Sommers

Mr. Arthur R. Spengler ’55 Mrs. Jeanne Scott St. Clair ’47 Mrs. Cindy Trotner Stein ’79 David M. Stein, DO ’78 Mr. Robert E. Sterling ’65 Sister Gunnel Sterner Mr. & Mrs. Dale Stone Sr. Margaret B. & Bernard J. ’80 Story Mrs. Barbara Martin Stout ’87 Mrs. Mary Fabian Strock ’38 Katherine & Ronald J. PhD ’61 Stupak Helen & F. P., MD ’43 Sutliff Mrs. Nancy A. Taylor Mr. Tom A. Tenges ’70 Dr. Bernard J. Terzigni ’49 Mrs. Mary Veronis Thompson’942 Mrs. Mildred Ladner Diefenderfer Thompson ’39 Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Tomberlin Mrs. Doris Geissler Torr ’49 Ms. Joann M. Trotsky ’64 Mrs. Wilma Kistler Uhrich ’35 Mr. James P. Van Schoick III ’74 Thomas J. Veraldi, DMD ’76 Mr. George W. Verheyden Jr. JoAnn M. & Donald C. ’63 Vogel Miss Marian M. Wagner ’54

Rev. Dr. Walter H. & Rev. Deborah H. Wagner Mrs. Charlotte Haag Walek ’53 Janice S. Warren-Findlow, PhD ’81 Mrs. Susan Biemesderfer Werner ’70 Mr. William J. Werpehowski ’51 Miss Elizabeth M. Wetter ’65 Linda L. & David L. ’64, ’67 Wickmann Mr. Edward D. Wilde Jr. ’64 Mrs. Jacqueline Williams Mr. Joseph E. Williams ’70 Mr. Walter F. Williams Mrs. Harriet Peters Williamson ’60 Rev. Mark A. Wimmer ’76 Mrs. Gail Smith Winson ’66 Barbara Roberts ’61 & John W. ’59 Woltjen Helen Desh ’54 & Caspar L. Woodbridge Mrs. Susan Overath Woolley Mrs. Kris Dragotta Yerry ’81 Janice M. ’82, ’91 & Thomas Young Ms. Laura D. Young ’78 Ms. Susan J. Youtz ’72 Mark S, Yuhasz, MD ’78 Mr. W. Russell Yurchak Jr. ’62 Adele & Earl C. ’57 Zeiner

Moravian College donors are vital to the life of the institution. Your gifts enable us to carry out our mission and fulfill the promise we make to our students: Long before 1776, Moravian College stood for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As the sixth-oldest college in America, we believe everyone is born with an innate love of learning. Our mission is to set it free. To every student of every circumstance, we promise the power of liberal arts, a whole wide world of experience, and a deeper enjoyment of life. Pursue them all with passion. Moravian Live. Learn. Enjoy.



FALL 2011

New Endowment Funds The bauCus and ComPany endoWed sCholarshiP fund The Baucus and Company Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of The Holly Beach Public Library Association. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students.

The bishoP family sCholarshiP fund The Bishop Family Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Teri McCandless Bishop ’81 and Ray S. Bishop Jr. ’81. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students.

The dr. TerenCe and sandra o’rourKe endoWed sCholarshiP fund The Dr. Terence and Sandra O’Rourke Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Dr. Terence L. O’Rourke Jr. ’86 in honor of his parents. The purpose of the funds is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students majoring in nursing or the natural sciences. The WalTer and marGareT PeTers memorial fund The Walter and Margaret Peters Memorial Fund was established through the generosity of Mrs. Margaret Peters. The purpose of the fund is to provide support for the Moravian College Music Department.

The breWer family sCholarshiP fund The Brewer Family Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Clay-Mir Foundation, a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation and Frank, Lorelei and Clayton ’11 Brewer. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students.

The louise moore Pine musiC sCholarshiP fund The Louise Moore Pine Music Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Mrs. Louise Moore Pine. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students majoring in music.

The faCulTy sCholarshiP fund aT moravian ColleGe The Faculty Scholarship Fund at Moravian College was established through the generosity of Moravian College Faculty. The purpose of the fund is to provide merit awards to rising Moravian College junior and senior students.

The squarCia family sCholarshiP fund The Squarcia Family Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Mary C. T. Squarcia ’68. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students.

The marTin h. and laura s. Goerner sCholarshiP fund The Martin H. and Laura S. Goerner Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Laura S. and Martin H. ’36 Goerner. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students.

The Thomforde seminary sCholarshiP fund The Thomforde Seminary Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of President Christopher M. Thomforde and Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian Seminary students.

The mba endoWed sCholarshiP fund The MBA Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Moravian College Alumni and friends. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree.

The marvin C. miles endoWed sCholarshiP fund The Marvin C. Miles Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Dr. Alma A. Miles-Koch. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students majoring in nursing or education.

The alexander, eliZabeTh and Joann TroTsKy sTudy abroad endoWed sCholarshiP fund The Alexander, Elizabeth and Joann Trotsky Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Ms. Joann M. Trotsky ’64. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College undergraduate students who will participate in study abroad opportunities offered by the College.

The Tyler-GilberT endoWed sCholarshiP fund The Tyler-Gilbert Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Daniel R. Gilbert Sr., PhD. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for a deserving Moravian College student.

The moravian ColleGe alumni leGaCy sCholarshiP The Moravian College Alumni Legacy Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Moravian College Alumni Association. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian College students.

FALL 20111





Moravian College Alumni Association announces major gift

Photos by John kish iv

The executive committee of the Alumni Board: From left: Joe Castellano ’61, past president; Rick Subber ’69, ’95, treasurer; Alyson Remsing ’03, secretary; Brian Corvino ’02, president. Not pictured Kelly McLean Rindock ’03, presidentelect

Top: Jonathan Kozol makes a point during his speech. Above: Bernadette Varela (English Certification ’04; M.Ed. ’11) presents her research project to Martha Reid, center, and Linda Frederick.



The Moravian College Alumni Association has donated $50,000 to establish the Moravian College Alumni Legacy Scholarship Fund. This new fund was created to provide financial support to a Moravian College undergraduate who is a direct first- or second-generation legacy student. The gift represents one of the single largest donations ever made by the College’s Alumni Association. “The Alumni Board wanted to demonstrate its commitment and support of the College on behalf of all alumni,” said Alumni Association president, Brian Corvino ’02. “Our hope is that by showing our financial support for Moravian College, we will engage fellow alumni and inspire our classmates to give their time and talents in support of our alma mater.” Last year, the College awarded more than $18 million in financial aid and scholarships. This pledge of support from the Alumni Association will become part of the College endowment in support of financial aid, to ensure that the College is able to continue to provide a top-quality educational experience for its students. “On behalf of the entire Moravian community and the students we serve, we’d like to thank the Alumni Association for this generous gift to Moravian,” said Gary Carney, vice president for institutional advancement. “The dedication of the members of the Alumni Board and all of the alumni volunteers who continue to share their energy, experience, enthusiasm and leadership play an integral part in the life of Moravian College.” Any incoming legacy student whose

siblings, parents or grandparents graduated from Moravian College will automatically qualify to be considered for this scholarship. —Mark Wiragh ’87

Jonathan Kozol addresses alumni educators Famed author and social justice activist Jonathan Kozol inspired several hundred Moravian alumni and friends at the Graduate Studies Symposium on September 14. Kozol, author of nine books including Savage Inequalities about the financing of public education in the United States, said that teachers “do the best thing there is to do on this earth” yet receive less honor for their work than ever before. The symposium was a collaboration of the Comenius Center, this year’s IN FOCUS program, and the Alumni Association’s Lifelong Learning initiative. The event drew Lehigh Valley teachers and administrators, and served to highlight the Comenius Center’s graduate programs in education. In welcoming Kozol to Moravian, Dr. Joseph Shosh '88, director of the Master of Education program, recalled the College’s historic commitment to education, first declared by John Amos Comenius in 1632 and pursued in Bethlehem by Benigna von Zinzendorf starting in 1742. Kozol, who said his greatest satisfaction came during the seven years he spent as an elementary school teacher, revealed that he was fired by the Boston Public School System at age 27 for reading a poem by Langston Hughes to his students. Following Kozol’s keynote, participants got a chance to see education at work in sessions presented by recent Master of Education graduates. Their research projects covered a range of topics and included a study in the use of technology to motivate alternative high school students and ways to improve practice skills among middle school music students. —Tom Repasch ’72

FALL 2011


Coffee & Connections


More than 54 Moravian College students engaged in conversation with nearly 50 alumni, community partners, staff and faculty at the annual Coffee and Connections networking event. Alumni from the 1960s to 2011, and from diverse careers, were represented.

Indelible memories were made during Homecoming weekend— from golf to football to tailgating to ghost walks to reunions and more. Visit homecoming to read more about it and view photos.

October 4


October 21-23


December 2

Washington D.C. Alumni Reception,

September 24

This special reception was held at the Army and Navy Club, where President Thomforde greeted alumni and friends. guests, including more than 50 from the Moravian community, were treated to a performance by members of the Moravian College Choir. On Sunday the choir sang at the 40th Anniversary of St. Paul’s Moravian Church in Upper Marlboro, Md., where President Thomforde was the guest preacher.

FALL 2011

April 28

Chicago Area Alumni Event hosted by Connie Stirling '68 and Tom Hodson

April 29

Alumni Home Club Event at America on Wheels

May 12

ALUMNIBOOKSHELF ALUMNI At first blush, motorcycles and wheelchairs may not seem to go together. But they do in the world of Jon Burcaw ’83, who recently published a young adult book through Outskirts Press. The Sidecar Kings tells an inspirational tale about these two forms of transportation—two things close to his heart. Burcaw’s son, Shane, is currently a Moravian sophomore who makes his way around campus in a powered wheelchair due to spinal muscular atrophy (type II). Burcaw calls Shane his daily inspiration. The elder Burcaw also is an avid Harley-Davidson enthusiast, and the book melds these disparate worlds. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the book will go to MDA research. For information, visit

Alumni Association Awards Ceremony

Commencement & Reception for Legacy Graduates

May 18 Founder's Day

May 18 & 19 Jon Burcaw drives with son Andrew behind him. His wife Susan is seated in the sidecar with then15-yr-old Shane.

Alumni Weekend

Has your book been published recently? Please share the good news; write to




for up-to-the-minute sports news: or 610 625-7865.



Moravian student-athletes complete a variety of community service projects throughout the year. In August, the softball team donated equipment to the Lehigh County Special Olympics Softball Program, which has more than 70 participants. And members of the men’s and women’s basketball teams read to students at William Penn Elementary School last winter.



The 2011 Athletic Hall of Fame welcomed five new members in early November. Inducted were Jessica Coughlin Milner, Jason Moran, Neil Pagotto, Harold Rice and David Griffith. Also honored at the dinner event were the 1994 golf team and Lisa Bechtel, with the Robert Martin Herbstman Award. Jessica Coughlin Milner ’99 was a four-year standout in women’s basketball and women’s tennis. On the basketball court, Milner scored 1,137 points, and was a three-time MAC Commonwealth League All-Star. On the tennis court, Milner set the school record with a .969 winning percentage after a 62-2 singles mark. She helped the team to three straight MAC titles, and was a member of the 1999 GTE Academic All-America College Division Spring At-Large Third Team. Jason Moran ’00 was a four-year member of the men’s basketball squad. Moran scored 1,501 points, had 781 rebounds and 151 blocked shots. He was named the MVP at the Greyhound Classic for four straight years and was a two-time MAC Commonwealth League All-Star. He was also Moravian’s Most Outstanding Senior Male Athlete in 1999. Neil Pagotto ’92 was a four-year standout on both the football and baseball fields, and was Moravian’s Most Outstanding Senior Male Athlete in 1992. Pagotto was the 1992 MAC Player of the Year in baseball and a two-time MAC Southwest All-Star. He was captain of the 1992 MAC Southwest Championship and the 1990 MAC Championship, and had a career record of 15-8 with two saves. On the gridiron, Pagatto had 233 tackles, seven sacks and four forced fumbles as a linebacker. He was team captain in 1991, and he played on Moravian’s 1988 MAC Championship and NCAA Playoff team. Harold Rice ’62 played both baseball and basketball while attending Moravian. Rice helped the Greyhound baseball program to the MAC title in 1960, and he

photo by bIShop photography

Moravian’s Athletic Hall of Fame adds five

Inductees into the 2011 Athletic Hall of Fame. Back row, from left: Neil Pagotto ‘92, Jason Moran ‘00, and Harold Rice ‘62. Front row, from left: Jessica Coughlin Milner ‘99, Clyde Beers (Dave Griffith’s nephew) and Lisa Bechtel ‘88.

scored 549 points on the basketball court. After graduation, Rice received an invitation to attend the San Francisco Giants Baseball School in 1962. David Griffith was a three-sport standout at Moravian in football, basketball and baseball, and was named to the 1942 Associated Press All-Pennsylvania Football Team. Griffith was a charter member of Moravian’s Varsity “M” Club. He became a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, and received a Purple Heart after being killed at Iwo Jima on March 8, 1945. Lisa Bechtel ’88 was a four-year letterwinner on the softball squad, earning All-Conference honors. She also competed for two years on the women’s basketball squad and one year on the field hockey team. Bechtel was named to the All-MAC Southwest Softball All-Star Team in 1985 and 1988. Off the court, Bechtel was class president for three years and a student member of the Alumni Association. The 1994 men’s golf team posted a 15-0 overall record, its second straight undefeated season. The squad, under the direction of head coach John Makuvek, won the MAC Championship in 1994.

FALL 2011



Moravian College Magazine



publishes all class notes that we receive. We reserve the right to edit for space or style. Some information may appear only online at

Margaret Lyons Mathieu turned 100 on October 6 and enjoyed a gala celebration. Her daughter, Margot Mathieu Andrews, graduated in the class of 1967.

All class correspondents with an e-mail address are listed within the notes. Some correspondents without e-mail access are listed below. If your class year is not shown or does not list a named correspondent either here or online, e-mail your information to or mail to Pat Hanna, Alumni Relations Office, Moravian College, 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018.


James Houser; Peter French; Jim Houser and his wife are enjoying adventures in their motor home. This summer they camped along the North Carolina beach area of Emerald Isle near their children and grandchildren. Peter French has been busy with the Carnegie Corporation and the U.S. Agency for International Development, which involved travel to India and East Africa, where he helped train teams in emergency management. He returned home in July.

DEADLINES FOR SUBMISSIONS: March 1 for the Spring 2012 issue. July 1 for the Summer 2012 issue. PHOTO POLICY FOR CLASSNOTES: • Please send us your image as a jpg file at 300 dpi. • We publish one photo per wedding or birth. • We welcome photos of gatherings of alumni and will publish as many as space permits.

Class correspondents without e-mail access: 1942 – Mary Kuehl Concevitch, 1036 Center St., Bethlehem, PA 18018 1943 – Margaret L. Albright, 129 N. 11th St., Allentown, PA 18102 1943 – June Bright Reese, 801 N. Wahneta St., Apt. 203, Allentown, PA 18109 1946 – Ada Zellner Flower, 834 Hilltop Road, Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771 1952 – Mary T. Pongracz, 321 W. Fourth St., Bethlehem, PA 18015 1954 – Helen Desh Woodbridge, 3574 Browning Lane, Bethlehem, PA 18017 1955 – Helen Varady Keyser, 2038 Kemmerer St., Bethlehem, PA 18017

For Comenius Center alumni notes Dee Lohman; or Sherron Quinn;

FALL 2011

Ada Zellner Flower; 834 Hilltop Road; Oyster Bay, NY 11771 Ann Root Meyer volunteers at her church office and thrift shop, and works with a charitable fund to benefit military families. She enjoys traveling to visit her children and friends. JoAnn Farquhar Riepen is widowed and lives in Cherry Hill, N.J. Spending time with her nearby family and creating needlework gifts keep her busy. Eve de Paolis Johnson’s husband died during the summer, after a year’s illness. She lives in Piscataway, N.J., and enjoys traveling and performing in local theater. Ann Rosenau Smythe and Bill Smythe live in Omaha, Neb., near their son Bill and his wife. Ann and Bill have 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, and love family visits. Margaret Kuehn Buhrig lives in Los Altos, Calif., and loves to walk into the villaeg for all her needs. Music and gardening are Margaret’s passions.

1949 Norma Boldt Wynne; Robert Frick received a Lifetime Service Award from the Jacobsburg Historical Society. He was instrumental in turning the home of the Henry family into a museum.

1950 Dean Garland is doing well and living in Oak Crest Village, near Baltimore, Md.

1963 Bill Leicht; 16819 N. 59th Place; wcleicht07@ After retiring from full-time ministry in the Moravian Church last December, Gary Straughan joined Daggett Moravian, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, as a part-time pastor. He lives in Green Bay, Wis.

1968 Jill Stefko; Joe Ewart has retired after 35 years in the cruise business and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He works with a fundraising program he created for non-profit groups, called Cruise Ambassadors.

1969 Tim Tedesco; Aurora Arias Weaver has co-authored a textbook titled Critical Care Nursing Demystified for student nurses, nursing faculty and graduate nurses. Carol Flasch Waterman and her husband, Holden T. Waterman ’70, are almost retired, and plan to become fulltime RV’ers for a couple of years. Robert Guerriere retired as an administrator with Southern Lehigh School District on October 1. In retirement he




plans to volunteer, travel and prepare taxes part-time. Robert and his wife Barbara live in Whitehall, Pa. AEPi sisters, Jeanne Taccarino Guaraldo ’69 and Connie Stirling Hodson ’68 visited with Linda Evans Shotkus ’69 and her husband Stan, then met Dana Burt Donaldson ’69 and her husband John, in Quechee, Vt. Nancy Glassmoyer Brittingham and her husband Stan became grandparents on March 12, with the birth of Chase Thomas, to their son Richmond and his wife Kristen. Stan and Nancy enjoy dancing, skating and golf in retirement. Tim Tedesco and his wife Janet attended the wedding of their son Roger

and daughter-in-law Martha on Martha’s Vineyard on August 25.



Cyndee Andreas Grifo; Scott C. Schantzenbach has been named interim pastor at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Sparta, N.J. He was assistant to the bishop of the ELCA’s New Jersey Synod since 2003, and a parish pastor for 25 years. David Burt was recently granted fellowship in the International College of Oral Implantologists and has obtained membership with MIS/USA implant systems.

Terrell McMann; Linda Roscoe de Seife represented Moravian at the inauguration of Virginia State University’s new president on September 23.


Weddings Josh Cesare ’02 and Tracey Hudak were married on June 24. Fellow Moravian graduates Brian Corvino ’02, Jaime Marks ’04, Ricky Gower ’02, Sarah Gower, George Makhoul ’02, Jeff Germani ’03, Andrew Cerco ’03, Melissa Cerco ’02, Geoff Hood ’00, and Matthew Ziegenfuss ’03 attended. Susan Carr Lenning ’02 married Tony Lenning on July 23. Christopher Appleyard ’02 and Wendy Roman ’02 were in attendance. Ashley Heckman ’06 married Christopher Dallas on July 8 in Manahawkin, N.J. The wedding was held at Bonnet Island Estate. Alumni in attendance included Jamie Hillegass Bigley ’06, Joseph Bigley ’06, Jennifer Mendelson Miller ’06, Marty Miller ’04, Heather MacDonald ’06, Jason SweetChuck Snider ’06, Colleen Klaric ’06, and Kristin Roberts Ritter ‘05.



Cheryl Gilbert Sommer has retired from the Whitehall-Coplay School District after teaching for 35 years.

1977 Erika Lewis and Matthew Petercsak

Jason Ginther ’11 and Becky Kolacki ’10 were married September 3 in Patchogue, N.Y. They live in King of Prussia, Pa. Jason works as a software developer for Vanguard and Becky is working on her master’s degree in library science at Drexel University. Erika Lewis ’11 married Matthew Petercsak on July 22. The reception was held at Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg, Pa. They live in Bushkill, Pa., and work at nearby resorts. John Stanko married Kate Ciesienski on August 13. They are both research fellows through Harvard University Medical School in Massachusetts General Hospital.

John Fauerbach; Rev. Bruce Weaknecht celebrated 30 years of being a pastor in the Moravian Church on June 7. For the last eight years, he served as pastor of the congregation in Egg Harbor City, N.J. Ed Yeakel and his wife Karen ’82 live in the Bethlehem area. Ed holds an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Lehigh, and works at Air Products. Ed, Tom Moyer ’90, and Tim Brinker ’77 all went right from Moravian to Lehigh to earn graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and mechanics. Ed’s first manager at Air Products was John Landis ’65, who owns Vynecrest Winery and hosts many alumni events. John Fauerbach has been ordained in Our Savior Lutheran Church in Chester, Mont. He also serves St. Olaf’s in Ledger, Mont. Kathy Ozzard Chism is founder and director of Dream One World Inc. a volunteer global nonprofit that helps those with life challenges fulfill their needs and dreams. Gwen Bolger works in New Jersey as the senior director for corporate human resources at the Hibbert Group, a marketing and technology services provider. Congratulations to Fred and Corinne Fusco ’78 Patt who have moved to a custom-built home in Chestertown, Md.

FALL 2011

1983 Karen Skoyles; Award-winning writer Jon Burcaw has published The Sidecar Kings, an inspirational, young adult book that challenges stereotypes of bikers and the disabled. (See the alumni bookshelf on page 43.)

1985 Lynn Muschlitz LaBarre; Joe Bernard is the new head football coach at Stroudsburg High School.

1987 Diane Hvizdak Taylor; Jeff Sharer has joined PowerGuard Insurance Services as a business development executive.

1992 John S. Nunnemacher; Michael Q. Roth; Lori Arnold Rutkiewicz has been named principal at St. Michael the Archangel School in Coopersburg, Pa. She began her career teaching middle and high school English in the Pennridge School District in Pennsylvania, and later became a first-grade teacher at St. Michael, where she also served on the school board. She recently completed her principal certification at Cabrini College and will conclude her study for a master’s degree this fall.

1993 Jodi Piekarski Loughlin, D.Ed., has been named assistant professor of teacher education at Misericordia University.

1998 Jennie Joshi; Angela Colasanti collaborated on a linguistic and aesthetic exhibit in Boyertown, Pa., where visitors wrote messages about

FALL 2011

Births Sean Richardson ’97 and Renee Szabo Richardson ’96, a son, Brendan Thomas Richardson, January 6.

Benjamin Ryan Micari

Joey Reish Gallagher ’99 and Kevin Gallagher, a son, Nicholas James Daniel Gallagher, August 4. Joey joins his sister, Lexie Ann, who was born on June 16, 2008. Kara Heck Kline ’00 and Christopher, a daughter, Katherine Anne, December 24.

the impact of the arts in their lives, which helped to complete the exhibit. Jeanene Stettner Dutt has been named the new principal of Lopatcong Township Middle School in Phillipsburg, N.J.

Melissa Sadecki Micari ’04 and Jeff Micari, a son, Benjamin Ryan, on September 1. He joins big sister Ava Grace, born in March 2008. Gillian Davis Flanagan ’09 and Jeremy, a son, Thatcher Jeremiah, in April.


Michael Susek, M.A., M.P.A., is the new elections administrator for the city and county of Broomfield, Colo.

Regina Laine; Marci Andrew and Scott Exner are engaged and planning a July 14 wedding. Calder Flynn received his M.B.A. at the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester, with concentrations in finance and competitive strategy. He will join M&T Bank Corp. in Buffalo, N.Y., as an an executive associate.



Brienne Wilson Rodriguez; briennewilson@ Emily Shertzer was featured in the Lebanon Daily News. She is an environmental planner for the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, responsible for coordinating planning for construction and training activities. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard and plays with the Lebanon Community Concert Band. Josh Cesare is a new field service representative at Nationwide Financial in Allentown, Pa.

Jessica Naugle; Brynn Saltzer Buskirk is now the director of marketing and community relations for Phoebe Ministries.


2006 Lauren Bahnatka; Andrew Drago and Brooke Jacobs are planning a November 2012 wedding.




2007 Laura Sahlender; Christina LaVecchia finished her M.A. in English literature last spring, and just began her Ph.D. work in rhetoric and composition at the University of Cincinnati. LeeAnna Roberts is a first-year resident at Susquehanna Health in Williamsport, Pa. She graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Travis Nace and Helen Benson’09 live in Fairfax, Va. They will begin studies for their master’s degrees in 2012. LeeAnna Marie Roberts of Meshoppe, Pa., has received the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

2008 Ryan Hess has been named a part-time assistant soccer coach at Lehigh University. David DiDonato has joined the law firm of Potter, Anderson, & Corroon LLP as a member of its corporate group. He was valedictorian of his graduating class at Widener University School of Law.

2009 Cassidy Thomas; Charlotte Guarino accepted a position teaching elementary school music and band in Snow Hill, Md. Jessica Croll and Sean Mason are engaged. They plan a summer 2012 wedding. Andrew Abraham held an internship at NASA, Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, then earned his M.S. in physics from Lehigh, where he is enrolled in a mechanical engineering Ph.D. program. Brandon Heyer works for Proteus Technologies and lives in Glen Burnie, Md. Beka Hoff lives in Kittery, Maine, where she works as a high school nurse. Jessica Jonas and Andrew Sillers were engaged in April and are planning an October 20, 2012, wedding. She works as a project manager for Absolute Servine Inc., a publishing vendor in Towson, Md., and part time as a youth director at First Presbyterian Church in Annapolis, Md. Naomie Kachel is engaged to Felipe



Bautista. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in education at Fordham University. Carolyn King teaches about computers at Califon Public School in Califon, N.J. She coaches cheerleading and softball and advises several clubs, and is completing her master’s degree in special education at Centenary College in Hackettstown, N.J. Martha Larkin earned her master’s degree at Lehigh in May. She is certified to teach social studies, special education and English. She teaches at an alternative high school in Quakertown and is a part-time instructor at Lehigh Carbon Community College. Timothy Mills works as a software developer for Onco in southern New Jersey. Sarah Naumes has received her M.A. in international relations and works as an organizer with the American Federation of Teachers in Eugene, Ore. Patrick Sutton works at Northampton High School as a long-term math substitute for the school year. Dyana Swan lives in Annandale, N.J., and teaches fourth grade in Bedminster. Cristina Tumasz is engaged to Frank Houston. They are planning a fall wedding in Avalon, N.J. Sarah Ward has graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Information degree in book history and print culture.

2010 Kelly Schneider; Jordan Adams is pursuing her Ph.D. in environmental science at Tulane University in New Orleans. Beresford “Ozzie” Brown has joined the Lawrence University Saints track and field staff as an assistant coach.

2011 Rachel Kleiner; Louisa Ansell has just begun a position as the front-of-the-house manager and marketing coordinator for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

In Memoriam Doris Dieruff Loux ’42 – October 9 Florence M. Fritts ’45 – July 17 Frank Donchez ’46 – September 10 Marjorie Coleman Silverber ’47 – August 19 Theodore C. Thomas Jr. ’48 – October 11 Willis Harke ’49 – August 23 William Szabo ’51 – August 1 Andrew Jasso ’51 – September 28 Edward Zamiskie Sr. ’54 – September 13 Charles Hasenecz ’53 – October 10 Ronald A. Cziraky ’58 – September 9 Nicholas “G” Pippis ’58 – August 27 Joel Reiter ’67 – July 13 Thomas Schleifer ’74 – October 11 Inge Meyer Sabo ’73 – September 16 Beverly Steinbicker Corkhill ’73 – September 16 Lori Donnelly Elm ’85 – September 19 Virginia “Ginnie” Rohn ’93 – September 25 Melody Hoch ’93 – October 6

FALL 2011

The Grand Ballroom at the Hotel Bethlehem was filled with Moravian College supporters October 28 for the kick-off of the College’s first comprehensive capital campaign—The Campaign for Moravian: Pride. Passion. Opportunity. The night was filled with good friends reliving great memories and exuding confidence in Moravian’s future. The event was used to announce the public phase of the $45 million Campaign goal and to promote the tenets behind The Campaign for Moravian. In the leadership phase of the campaign, $27 million was raised for capital projects, endowments for students, faculty and programs, and annual giving. For more Campaign information and photos from the dinner, visit

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage

1200 Main Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018


Lehigh Valley, Pa. Permit No. 521

Postcard from… The Mountains of Honduras

Above: Class of 2008 from left: Kellie Barnes, Kelly Wight, John Mikovits, Lindsey Hopper, Sheila Lill. Right: MAMA Project participants with local Honduran children. MAMA stands for Mujeres Amigas (women friends) Miles Apart, begun in 1987 as a partnership between Pennsylvanian and Honduran women to address problems causing severe malnutrition in children.

In May 2011 I joined some of my closest friends from our nursing class of 2008, and others from Moravian’s extended nursing community, for a week-long stay in the mountains of Honduras. What an eye-opening experience it was to serve the people there and witness how health care in third world countries compares to ours. We screened children for malnutrition and provided vitamins, de-worming and other essentials. Having played with Moravian’s men’s soccer team, I was amazed to see how bringing something as simple as a soccer ball into these communities joins everybody together, even if there are language barriers. In a country where running water, electricity and health care are pure luxuries, the simplest things bring such joy to an entire community. Experiences like these make you appreciate what you have and transform you as a person, and I’m sure our group and our hosts would all agree. —John Mikovits ’08, M.S. ’14

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