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President Bryon L. Grigsby ’90 shares his vision for the future of theater at Moravian College

4 President’s Letter

Mo Grigsby sheds light on the meaning of “Houndem”


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8 Remembering DeLight Reflecting on a prolific life and an exceptional example of generosity and kindness

10 Funding a Greener Future How the Soden family created a fund that will keep on giving

13 You Get What You Give Jonathan Strauss ’16 is an example of what happens when you utilize every resource

16 Drawing Up Success Sean Delonas ’84 reflects on

a quarter of a century of cartooning experience

18 List of Donors The annual list of donors for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, plus a spotlight on the Leadership Council

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Members of the Class of 2019 shake hands with President Bryon L. Grigsby ’90 after completing the traditional Class Crossing. Students cross over the ‘threshold’ of Main Street from Colonial Hall (representing admissions) to the steps of Comenius Hall (representing academics), marking the end of orientation and their official place in the Moravian College community.




Having spent much of my professional life working for colleges that support the arts and humanities, I can attest to the incredible value the performing arts bring to a college community. In addition, a vibrant college-run performing arts program also provides the local community with topquality cultural experiences at reasonable costs. Moravian College’s long history of theatrical performance dates back to the early 1900’s, when both the men’s and women’s colleges had their own theater programs. When the colleges merged in 1954, their theater programs followed, calling themselves the Blackfriars under the leadership of Eugene Jacobsen and Bob Burcaw. The next phase was marked by the arrival of the Arena Theatre in 1981, bringing blackbox theater to the lower level of the Haupert Union Building. Moravian College Theatre Company was born under the direction of Jack Ramsey. Today, the company is under the leadership of Director Christopher Shorr, who has turned the spotlight on student written and produced work and draws strong connections between the stage and

the classroom. He partnered with Touchstone Theatre, Bethlehem’s professional ensemble, to diversify and broaden the experience even further. Regretfully, the College does not currently have the facilities to advance the evolution of our theater program. We cannot support high quality theater productions without the proper facilities. We have already developed state-of-the-art facilities to showcase our top-notch musicians through the creation of Foy Hall and the AllSteinway program. We have refurbished the Collier Hall of Science to include the newest technology, and we have developed top-flight athletic programs by upgrading and, in some cases, building the fields necessary for competition. To take theater to the next level, we need a proscenium theater with a pit for musicians. Improving the theater program just makes sense. From a mission perspective, it shows that our dedication to the arts and humanities has not waned. From a career


President Bryon L. Grigsby ’90 explains how investing in upgraded theater facilities will provide more opportunity for hands-on learning and professional development in the arts.


Stories from the Moravian community 2


FALL 2015

standpoint, the growth in jobs in the entertainment industry demonstrates that this is a viable field of study for students to pursue. And, from a cultural and economic perspective, it is great for the city of Bethlehem. Over the years, our theater program has given hundreds of students the opportunity to explore their creative endeavors through theater and, at the same time, provide quality cultural experiences for thousands of audience members. What we now require during this time of growth and evolution is a new venue that complements our tradition and the talent of our students. Guiding our theater program into its next phase will entice students that we would not ordinarily attract—not just students for musical theater, but also those interested in lighting, sound, stage design, dance and arts management—all exciting careers in an industry that’s growing 4-6 percent, annually.

We have aggressively explored venues, such as The Boyd Theatre and others in downtown Bethlehem to house our theater and performing arts programs. Once we create that venue, I envision large-scale musicals accompanied by our top-notch musicians, dramatic operas and exciting dance performances. I also see a summer musical theater program that would be semiprofessional, providing our students with the opportunity to gain work experience while practicing their craft alongside professional actors and technicians. These are all possibilities, but the major goal is the student experience on stage. I am fully committed to bringing live theater and the performing arts to downtown Bethlehem, and I will continue working with the city to find a suitable location. I am doing this because a vibrant theater program enhances the liberal arts experience for our students and can be an economic driver for the City of Bethlehem. It is a win-win for everyone.

the ARTS

FALL 2015

By Bryon L. Grigsby ’90





Dear Fellow Hounds,

My dad asked me to write the letter to the alumni this month about one of my favorite concepts: Houndem. You may have noticed that students use Houndem on social media and around campus when talking about the great things they do. When we say “Houndem!” to a fellow Greyhound, the other Greyhound responds with a “Woof!” But what does it mean to Houndem? First and foremost, it means to give it your all and make it your best. It means hard work and, as a result, produce a quality product. It means that in everything you do, you need to be relentless in your desire to succeed and meticulous in the quality you produce. It means being proud of who you are, where you came from, and what you can create. I see this everyday in the students and alumni of Moravian College. I see it within our student-athletes, in honors projects and at theater productions. It is alive in revolutionary internships and co-ops and in the rich careers our graduates enjoy after their education. Moravian College is the place where many of us learned what it means to work hard and produce quality, and that work ethic is highly valued in graduate schools and in the workforce. Because when we all Houndem, our alumni become the people who are changing the world. Houndem also means that we are part of a pack—an elite pack that supports, nurtures and protects each other. I was rescued by Moravian College from a dog track in Florida. Like many of you, I never knew what my true potential was until I came to Moravian. This community took a risk on me and it paid off. There were lots of other greyhounds, but they accepted me and it has made all the difference. Through the nurturing community, through the loving and dedicated faculty and staff, I was able to become a truly spectacular Hound. And now, I make sure that I give back so that there is always a place for future Hounds. I take my responsibility seriously so that there will always be another generation learning how to Houndem. Lastly, to Houndem means to never quit. No matter what adversities lie in our way, we continue to strive forward, to excel. Whether we are the underdog or the top dog, at Moravian we learned the drive and endurance we need to be successful. It is why our athletic teams never quit, even when they are behind. Or when a struggling student reaches out to his or her faculty member to get extra help. Or when the alumni who needs to change careers returns to the College for that new graduate degree or certificate. We never give up; we see all races through to the end. We hound our competition. It is an honor to be the Chief Hound of Moravian College. I hope that when you see fellow alumni, you greet them with a rousing, “Houndem!” and they reply, “Woof!” The greyhound is a noble breed that has an ancient lineage. It is the perfect mascot for the sixth oldest college in the country and the first to educate women. It is also the perfect mascot for a school that is elite without being elitist. The greyhound is gentle, noble and humble. But it is also relentless in its desire to be the best. So to all my fellow Hounds, get out there and Houndem! Mo Grigsby



FALL 2015

Out&About Karen Armstrong Calls for Compassion at Fall Convocation On September 24, author, educator and commentator Karen Armstrong called for all present at Moravian College’s Fall Convocation to become the voices of protest and show the utmost compassion for the “other.” Armstrong’s 2015 Cohen Keynote Address, “The Science of Compassion,” shed light on the difficult issues surrounding violence in the world today while demonstrating how compassion is not a sign of weakness, but rather a moral imperative. The speech officially kicks off the College’s 2015-2016 InFocus programming for “Poverty and Inequality.” Additionally, Armstrong received an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, presented by Provost Cynthia Kosso and conferred by President Bryon L. Grigsby ’90. Contrary to popular belief, compassion, according to Armstrong, does not mean pity—it is the act of “treating all peoples, whoever they are, as we would wish to be treated ourselves,” she explained to a captivated Johnston Hall crowd. “We need to learn about other people’s poverty,” Armstrong said. “We should all be sleepless.” Armstrong hopes that even when a city or organization implements compassion, citizens will still remain in a state of discomfort in order to insure poverty and inequality do not creep in subtly. “In everything you do try to make a place for the other in your mind and heart and help others to do the same. If not, I don’t think humanity will survive.”

At the end of her address, President Grigsby announced the school would sign her Charter for Compassion. “Look into your heart to discover what gives you pain and refuse, under any circumstances, to inflict that pain on others,” she said. By avoiding imposing views on others one would not want imposed upon him/herself and staying true to the words all men are created equal, Armstrong hopes that society can make “a better, safer, more justifiable world” and make peace not just a dream, but a reality. —Marie Mikols ’16

Moravian Making Headlines The College picked up a number of new accolades in recent months. Check out the newest additions to our long list of awards and recognitions. Reader’s Choice Award

The Princeton Review Of the more than half a dozen higher education institutions in the Lehigh Valley, Moravian College was named the 2015 Reader’s Choice Best Local College by the readers of The Morning Call.

Moravian College was named one of the country’s best institutions for undergraduate education by The Princeton Review, earning us a spot in their annual college guide, The Best 380 Colleges (Random House/Princeton Review). Only the top 15% of the country’s four-year colleges are chosen.

Others are starting to notice what a great investment we are. Moravian College was ranked 35 out of 1,182 colleges and universities nationwide for “graduate outcomes” by Educate to Career, Inc., a California-based nonprofit, in its annual ETC College Rankings Index. The College is the top-ranked institution in the Lehigh Valley and second best in the state of Pennsylvania—one of only three ranked in the top 50 statewide. FALL 2015




Moravian College Welcomes Record-Breaking Incoming Class With the 2015-2016 academic year off to a great start, the Admission Office at Moravian College reports we welcomed 526 new freshmen and 94 transfers, for a total of 619 new students for the fall 2015 semester—the most in our history. Admissions far exceeded its goal for undergraduate students and increased enrollment by more than 25% over the previous year. The incoming group is not only the largest in the College’s history, it is also extremely well-prepared for the academic rigor at Moravian College. “The Class of 2019 is a special group of ‘Hounds,’” said Steven Soba, vice president for enrollment management. “In our 274-year history, they are easily one of the most ready, able and enthusiastic classes we have ever enrolled. It will be our honor to be a part of their continued educational experience and help them work toward achieving their dreams.” “The entire Moravian College community is thrilled that our newest Greyhounds have joined the family,” added Scott Dams, executive director for admission. “This incoming class reflects the character, diversity and academic quality that the College prides itself on.”

Class of 2019 BY THE NUMBERS


new freshmen and transfers enrolled



came from the


International Students

Lehigh Valley




22% were captains of a varsity sport

are the first in their family to go to college

have a legacy with MORAVIAN COLLEGE



are National Honor Society members

FALL 2015

Chinese Lunchtime Talks

Offer Open Dialogue, New Language Opportunity As the Chinese population continues to grow in the United States and here in the Bethlehem community, more people are beginning to take an interest in the Chinese language and culture. In fact, many students at Moravian College have expressed a desire to learn how to speak the language, although fear it might be too difficult to comprehend. To combat this misconception, Chia-Ling Yeh, adjunct professor of foreign language, has begun offering free Chinese lunchtime talks where students, faculty and staff can learn the basics of the language and explore the cultural aspects of China. During her lunchtime talks, Yeh helps to lessen the worry of learning a completely new language through interactional conversations. Using basic Chinese, students and faculty members learn simple phrases on poster boards. Handouts are also distributed for reference, and conversations in Chinese between those present is encouraged. While learning the language, Yeh also teaches students and faculty about the cultural aspects of China. She believes culture is the most important because it aids in understanding the dynamics of China if one wishes to visit the country. “I just want them to remember and use daily conversation,” Yeh says. “Everyone is welcome and everyone can participate.”

ANNA DEAVERE SMITH “Think carefully and leave with enough knowledge toward a lifetime of making a difference.” Moravian College welcomed actress, author and activist Anna Deavere Smith to discuss matters of social inequality and perform scenes from 2015’s First Year Seminar common reading selection,Twilight Los Angeles 1992. Twilight is centered around the over 240 interviews Smith conducted with people closest to the L.A. riots following the verdicts of Rodney King’s trial in 1992. She dissects the events by delivering the words of these interviews verbatim; allowing the audience to understand through perspective. “Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 gives equal voice to real people who have experienced a singular event through the subjective lenses of their diverse lives,” says Nicole Tabor, associate professor of English and scholar of Deavere Smith. “Smith’s work speaks of and to the symbiotic nature of poverty and inequality, and her book and performance help us to construct meaning from real-world qualitative examples of the two.” Following her performance and a question-and-answer session with students, Smith was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from President Bryon Grigsby ’90. “To begin college by seeing her enact what she carefully listened to, riveting the audience into listening in turn—and internalizing the diverse points of view—is to gain an intellectual, emotional and kinesthetic introduction to Moravian College’s discourse community,” Tabor said. —Chris Hassay ‘17 FALL 2015



Moravian Remembers: DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr. Reflecting on a prolific life and an exceptional example of generosity and kindness By Freda Savana



FALL 2015

DeLight E. Breidegam Jr., in white polo and sunglasses, watches as his grandson, Tim Miksiewicz, cuts the ribbon to open The Breidegam Track in 2005.

To know Moravian College is to also know DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr. and his family’s exceptional legacy of giving. The highly successful businessman, who created East Penn Manufacturing in Berks County, passed away on September 9, 2015 at the age of 88. His irrevocable mark on the past, present and future of Moravian College will forever live on. From the Timothy M. Breidegam Track at Steel Field and the Fieldhouse, which also carries his son’s name, as does a scholarship fund, to the Helen S. Breidegam R.N. Scholarship Fund honoring his wife, Moravian College has been transformed by the family’s generosity and extraordinary leadership. The Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Scholarship Fund, in memory of the couple’s daughter, also highlights the Breidegam’s time-honored devotion to the College. “DeLight has provided significant resources for infrastructure and scholarships at Moravian that have transformed not only the face of the campus, but the futures and lives of hundreds of our current students and graduates alike,” says President Bryon L. Grigsby ’90. “It is difficult to find a program or place at Moravian that has not been touched and renewed by DeLight Breidegam’s involvement and generosity.” Herman Collier, who served as Moravian’s president from 19691986, developed a close relationship with DeLight in the years following the tragic death of his son Timothy, a senior at Moravian, in a 1978 kayaking accident. “The College was devastated,” Collier recalls. “I went to DeLight and Helen’s home to express our sympathy and we seemed to have a camaraderie,” he says. A decades-long friendship followed. He recalls a phone call from DeLight shortly after he and his wife bought a property on a golf course in North Carolina. “DeLight just let me ramble on about the house and then he said, ‘Go look out your front window,’ so I did. DeLight said, ‘See that property down the street? We just bought it.’ We laughed about that for quite awhile,” Collier remembers, fondly. At Collier’s request, Breidegam joined Moravian College’s Board of Trustees in 1978. “We were looking to strengthen the Board and he was a valuable asset. He was admired and respected—a very positive influence,” Collier says. Throughout his long tenure on the Board, FALL 2015

Breidegam provided a high quality of leadership that was deeply appreciated. “He was a very dependable person,” he reflects. “He created a climate of association and trust among the trustees.” Today’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ken Rampolla ’79, who knew Tim and Sally personally as well, says he felt he could tell a lot about their family through the “wonderful quality of his children.” Breidegam was a role model for Rampolla as both an entrepreneur and a person of great philanthropy. “One knew he was brilliant, as a business person and successful leader, but was a man without pretense. He had a genuine caring for people and our students,” remembers Rampolla. “If there was ever a first family of Moravian, it was the Breidegams.” In recognition of his tireless commitment to the College, Breidegam was granted the status of Life Trustee in 2007, the same year he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. In 1995, Breidegam received an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Moravian. He was also an honorary inductee into the College’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Although he did not attend the College, both Timothy and Sally did, as well as three of his grandchildren. “He was a loving father and I believe his strong involvement with the College provided him a certain connection with his son,” says Collier. In a life as large as Breidegam’s, there are many characteristics that form the man and his legacy. He not only made profound contributions to Moravian College, he was a model of citizenship and kindness through his devotion to his family, his company and its employees. During the presentation of his honorary law degree in 2007, former President Christopher M. Thomforde commented on the unique traits that defined DeLight: “Truly outstanding business leadership must also be complemented by a deep respect and support for one’s own community. Exceptionally gifted leaders understand and have a deep and abiding concern for the welfare of the citizens within their own communities, for community values and for community schools. In this regard, DeLight Breidegam’s contributions have been nothing less than absolutely remarkable.” MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE


Funding a


When Jon Soden ’91 was on clean up duty as a child, he didn’t pile up all the waste and begrudgingly throw it in the trash—he recycled it. Meticulously. At a time when few other families on his block knew what to do with their new blue and green bins. “It just made sense to me,” he said on his most recent visit to his alma mater in August. The campus was lush and green, sprinkled with late-summer blooms. It was the perfect day for Jon to return with his mother, Hilda Wolff Soden ’65 and his father, Bob Soden, to continue the implementation of the Green Hound Fund, a $100,000 trust established by the Soden family and contributed to by Moravian College for improved sustainability measures. Everything from light bulbs to windows and beyond will be covered by the Fund to ensure an environmentally (and financially) friendly future for the College. Jon’s ideas about sustainable business practice don’t simply live in the clouds; as a former health club owner, he has seen the major financial and environmental impacts even the smallest changes can make. In 1995, he replaced all the light bulbs in his gym with more efficient options and cut his electric bill by $200 a month while eliminating the need to get up on a ladder to change them every year.



“Part of it is being cheap, I guess,” he laughed. “Money does drive this. But also, why use more resources than you need?” It’s a question he’s been exploring as a member of the Sustainability Committee. Since 2009, Jon has been working with Frank T. Kuserk, Louise E. Juley professor of biological sciences and director of the environmental studies and sciences program, to discover the eco-friendly initiatives Moravian College is doing well while identifying future projects that could further improve the campus environment. A few months ago, Jon, a partner at Magellan Financial Inc., and his parents were ready to give back to the College again. They previously set up the Soden Family Endowed Fund for Sustainability and wanted this gift to be put toward sustainable efforts as well. This time, they wanted to be involved with how the money would be allocated. Jon originally started his collegiate career at Glassboro State College before transferring to his mother’s alma mater. “He told me he wanted to come to Moravian and I said, ‘Pick me up off the floor!’” Hilda joked, while pointing out where her old living quarters have since given way to administrative offices. Now, she’s thrilled

FALL 2015

to continue her connection to the College while actively working to preserve its future. On the day of their return to campus, the Soden family sat down to lunch with Kuserk, Mark Reed, vice president for finance and administration, and Chad Royer, assistant director for operations in facilities management, planning and construction, to discuss the future of the Green Hound Fund. Instead of giving a set amount and watching it dwindle over several years, it will operate as a revolving fund: money saved through the energy-efficient initiatives at Moravian College will be put right back into the pot. Reed will collect and interpret data and speak to financial feasibility while Royer will use his facilities expertise to speak about the specifics of installations. Kuserk, who has been publicly lauded for his efforts in conservation, brings his scientific background to the conversation. Also at the table: Bertie Knisely ’69, director of leadership giving, for guidance on fundraising. And the Sodens? They bring a love for Moravian College and a passion for its future. “With all these arms of the College at one table, we’ve been able to be extremely productive,” said Jon, sitting between his parents on the first floor of Comenius Hall, hiding out from a warm rain shower. Kuserk and Royer led them on a tour, highlighting the sustainable updates already in place around campus. After examining autotimed sight lights and automated capacity readers, the group ended up at Comenius Hall not for the dramatic views of the stone or even to reminisce of what Comenius looked like when Hilda was an undergraduate (she did a little of that, too), but rather to inspect the state of the windows.

“When I wanted to start the fund, I went right to Frank [Kuserk] and said, ‘Do we have a project?’ He said, ‘Oh yeah, do we have a project.’” The entire group agrees replacing the windows in Comenius Hall is an ideal project for the Green Hound Fund in the future. Along with pulling from the greater Fund, Soden has his sights set on alumni and friends donating individual windows or groups of windows to help save the College tens of thousands of dollars each year—every dollar of which would return to the Fund for future initiatives. “The more you can save and the faster that money comes in, the faster it can then go back out for the next project,” he said. “It is a big project that is going to cost a lot of money, but it is going to save a lot of money by not heating and air conditioning the world.” Beyond windows, the Sodens see a future for the Fund that includes green scholarships for students looking to make a mark on sustainability. Not coincidentally, sustainability is one of the College’s InFocus centers of investigations, noting it a topic that current and future students will be grappling with for decades to come. The Sodens plan to keep donating to the Green Hound Fund every year, and they hope others will follow suit. “To sustain the College, the general fund needs to be large,” Jon begins, “but I also think the Green Hound Fund needs to be substantial because it is dedicated to downsize expenses overtime by upgrading the College in ways that will not only save them money, but also resources.” Eventually Jon, hopes it will help replace HVAC systems and improve the recycling program, but for now, he’s just looking to build up the Fund as much as possible. “We are at the very beginning of this, but we plan to do some very big projects around here.”

To contribute to the Green Hound Fund, contact Bertie Knisely (610)-861-1345 or Kuserk, Royer, and the Sodens discuss the money-saving possibilities of replacing Comenius Hall’s windows with more energy-efficient products.

FALL 2015








Founded in 1742 by a 16-year-old girl, we’re the sixth-oldest colle ge in America. And we were the first to educate wom en, and Native Amer icans in their own language.


It’s an exciting time for Moravian College—new strategic plan, new energy and, now, a brand new look beginning this fall. “Be a Little Revolutionary” is the call to action for the College’s new branding initiative, which comes complete with fresh, bold colors, a state-of-the-art website and a bright new logo. Being a little revolutionary means marching to your own beat. Zagging when others zig. It’s a willingness to look at existing problems with fresh eyes. That is who we are, and who we have always been.

“Our new branding is a reflection of a renewed sense of ourselves as agents of transformation and our positive spirit, and how it plays out in the lives of our students, alumni and the entire Moravian family,” says Michael Wilson, director of marketing and communications. “Our branding is authentic. It is informed by our history, but is forward thinking, bold and dynamic to attract students with a 21st Century educational experience.” The new look, put together by Mindpower, Inc., is already infiltrating the campus in the form of rebranded posters, name badges, business cards, correspondence and a mass-distribution



MO RAV IAN CO LLE GE Founded in 1742 by a 16-year-old girl, we’re the sixth-oldest colle ge in America. And we were the first to educate wom en, and Native Amer icans in their own language.


of our new logo. Our billboards have been refreshed, and even was reimagined from the inside out. “The new site is built in Drupal, which is the leading platform for web content management among higher education institutions,” says Christie Jacobsen, webmaster. Beyond its dynamic new look, the new website boasts a responsive design suitable for all devices, streamlined navigation and increased social media integration. “It matches our new print marketing—it’s louder, prouder and bolder,” she says. “There are more stories about faculty and student achievements, programs on campus, and the little things that make Moravian unique.” Our ambitious spirit is being spread throughout the country as we speak: admissions counselors are currently on the road finding revolutionary high school seniors to join the pack.

“Our new look is a spotlight on the talent and the little revolutionary experience that awaits our prospective students,” says Steven Soba, vice president for enrollment management. “As our current ‘Hounds’ continue to do great things and add to the lore of our 274-year history, I am confident this new initiative will catapult Moravian College into an even more successful future.”

FALL 2015


Sometimes opportunity knocks in the form of a second chance. Jonathan Strauss ’16 is an example of what happens when you utilize every resource. By Jonathan Strauss ’16

The Moravian College community can add great value to your journey if you allow it. Every Greyhound, whether you’ve just graduated or it’s been decades since you’ve been back to campus, has the connections and resources Moravian provides at their fingertips. This community knows how to come together to help students get the most out of their educations. Here’s a glimpse into my journey from an uninspired former athlete to a driven individual, thanks to the life altering experiences that this institution, and the people connected with it, has afforded me. In the fall of 2012, I entered my First Year Seminar class taught by Katie P. Desiderio, associate professor of management. After an injury encouraged me to turn down athletic scholarships at Division I schools, I looked to Moravian’s small school environment to begin my academic career. My dreams of Division I athletics had fallen apart, but Dr. Desiderio was

FALL 2015

determined to help me focus on my new journey. Her passion and devotion to student success is boundless, and her dedication to engage me was inspiring. When I decided to transfer to another institution, Dr. Desiderio saw me through the process of leaving Moravian. But she did not forget about me. When I changed my mind again and decided to come back, she was instrumental in getting me on campus a second time. I began to understand the role that she was playing in my future: she was no longer my academic adviser, but she continued to invest in me as a student, an opportunity she would extend to anyone willing to take it. That moment of realization was when I began to trust the Moravian College process. While completing my sophomore and junior years, Dr. D played a key role in presenting opportunities to me. One of those opportunities was applying to become a Student Trustee.



ABOVE Jonathan Strauss ’16 and Andy Hart ’90 pause under the Bangkok arm of the College’s international sign. Strauss traveled every one of those 13,972 km to Bangkok for his internship at Tiffany & Co. PREVIOUS Clockwise from left, Katie P. Desiderio, Strauss, Amy Saul, and Hart find a moment to catch up on campus this summer. All were instrumental in securing and funding Strauss’ internship.



FALL 2015

NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, somewhere out there is a better version of yourself and it’s your exclusive responsibility to find that person each and every day. In the fall of 2014, I was sworn in as the newest member of the Moravian College Board of Trustees as a student trustee. This one opportunity helped me gain two prolific mentors, the first being Patrick Perone ’15, Senior Student Trustee for the class of 2015. Patrick showed me what it takes to be a success and continues to drive me forward through his own example. He saw something in me and has since connected me with numerous alumni and Moravian College community members, most notably Andy Hart ’90, Senior Vice President of Tiffany & Co., in New York City, my second mentor. It, once again, felt like someone else at Moravian was presenting me with the resources to shape my future, and I wasn’t about to let them go to waste. In my short but fruitful experience, I’ve learned that when it comes to networking, you get what you give. It is not all about what you get. Are you engaging in class? Are you engaging with your peers? Are you engaging with faculty, staff and other alumni? In everything that you do, are you putting forth your best effort? It is the small building blocks in life that add up to the monumental things. And so I began fostering a genuine mentor relationship with Andy through email, phone calls and in-person meetings. After meeting with him at Tiffany & Co.’s corporate headquarters in New York City and seven months of follow up conversation, he presented me with the opportunity for seasonal employment at Tiffany & Co. in Bangkok, Thailand for the summer of 2015, making me the first international intern for the company. Not someone from Harvard or Yale or even Penn State—me, a biology major from Moravian College. I barely had time to contemplate the challenges of this opportunity before Amy Saul, associate dean of career and civic engagement, and Julia Gasdaska ’07, director of major gifts for the College, began using their resources to find the financial means necessary to achieve my goal. I was connected with Tom Ortwein ’77, an alumnus living in Bangkok who generously donated the financial support needed. He made me feel welcome in Thailand before I even got there—he even offered me his bicycle. By trusting the foundational principles of this institution— to provide every opportunity for students, alumni, faculty and staff to engage together within the community and reach their full potential—I was able to get the internship of my dreams and move closer to professional success. Did you know these principles are active and alive in our faculty, staff, students and alumni every day? After my experience, I am certain they are. Reaching your full potential as a student or alumni of Moravian College is not easy, but hard work and trusting the process allows you to strive. There is no “hands off approach” FALL 2015

to success. No one is going to do the work for you, and great opportunity is not handed out to anyone. Great opportunity is seized. The Moravian College community is rich and extensive, and tapping into its resources is simple, but you need to have the desire to do so. It takes the approach that most of us take to recreational and sporting events: the Houndem spirit. Go ahead and take Houndem as a literal approach to accessing the plethora of resources offered to every single member of our community. With a Houndem like spirit, the odds of reaching your target employment goals are drastically improved. A foot in the door, an informational interview, or an unpaid internship is often the byproduct of such spirit—whether on the giving or receiving end. President Grigsby raises the banner of Moravian College in this way: “We are an elite college without being elitists.” I embrace this truth and, with that, we have no excuse not to be the hardest working individuals in any competitive environment. Hold your head high, wear your attitude like a garment of pride, and work like a Greyhound; your returns will bring accolades that will point back to the Moravian College community. For me, being a Greyhound is about living a reflective life, finding fulfillment in the work I do and serving as a leader today, tomorrow and every day following. I realize what this College has done for me and, with intention, I plan to be engaged within the community for years to come. As Greyhounds, we are responsible for cultivating our own pride. Pride for our school comes from a decision to be a student, alumni, faculty or staff member that brings honor to the institution. It is not the school’s responsibility to cultivate the pride in you; it’s their responsibility to create the environment to allow you to thrive. You bring the respect and the honor by your behavior, involvement and support. That’s what being a Greyhound means. When looking back at your Moravian College experience, ask yourself this: What is my purpose? More importantly, what is my legacy? A person’s legacy is the value that he or she adds to those around them. As alumni, are you giving back to the institution? Give back at all costs, no matter what it is. Be it 1¢ or $1 million, an international internship or a day at your office, it is all the same in the eyes of a student striving for success. No matter who you are, somewhere out there is a better version of yourself and it’s your exclusive responsibility to find that person each and every day. If we as a community embrace this truth, this institution will continue to flourish for generations to come. And so the question remains: what is your legacy? MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE


Drawing UP Success


By Matt Cordes

Sean Delonas ’84 can trace his professional success as an artist to a winter semester abroad, when he traveled to Italy, Switzerland and Germany with Rudy Ackerman, the widely-respected former chair of the art department at Moravian College.



FALL 2015

Fast forward some 30 years later to Delonas teaching drawing and painting part-time at the Baum School of Art in Allentown, Pa.—a position that Ackerman and his wife, Rose, helped Delonas land. Delonas started this teaching chapter of his life with a heavy heart, however. Ackerman passed away from cancer this summer. “I got a Facebook message from his wife after I got the job at Baum, and she said he would have been so happy if he had known I would be teaching there,” Delonas says. “My experience was richer for having known both of them. He was a great educator and a wonderful person.” While Delonas admits that he was a “terrible student,” Ackerman always gave him good grades—and foresaw the immense talent in Delonas’s work that would catapult him into the spotlight as a successful illustrator. Art and music defined Delonas’s time at Moravian. When he wasn’t drawing, he played keyboards in a band, performing at campus parties and dances and sealing lifelong friendships with his band mates. “I made some of the best friends I ever had at Moravian,” Delonas says. “I did a lot of things I normally wouldn’t do, met a lot of people from different backgrounds. It opened me up to a lot of new experiences. It was a place I was sad to leave.” But into the real world he emerged. After graduating, Delonas moved to New York City and worked freelance illustration jobs before starting as the Page Six cartoonist at the New York Post in 1990, a position he held until taking a buyout in 2013. For New Yorkers even slightly concerned with the social and entertainment goings on in the city that never sleeps, Page Six serves as a daily must-read. And for nearly 25 years, that page included Delonas’s work. During those 23 years, Delonas bore witness to a number of historic moments—from mafia activity and celebrity sightings to an Al Sharpton protest and meeting three presidents—as well as moments of tragedy and turmoil. “You just try to capture the feeling of the moment and what everyone is going through. With 9/11, I did a cartoon that said, ‘The other twin towers of NY,’ and instead of the WTC towers we had a fireman and a policeman,” Delonas recalls. “That was used by one of the charities the Post was associated with.” Deciding how to convey tragedies in cartoon form was not the only challenge Delonas faced at the Post; the most pressing obstacles were the death threats. “When you’re in the media, people for some reason have this feeling that they have the right to harass you.” At at one point, the Post hired police detectives to watch his house.

FALL 2015

“It’s tough having someone go through your work every day for the purpose of harassing you,” he says. “After seeing what happened in Paris [with the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January 2015], I consider myself lucky. That’s very upsetting that there will always be some crazy person who wants to stop you from having an opinion.” As is often the case with artists, Delonas has juggled a number of other gigs over the years: freelancing for the Weekly Standard, earning an MFA at the New York Academy of Art, and, for good measure, painting the altar in New York’s Church of St. Agnes. In addition to part-time teaching, Delonas continues to freelance for a number of magazines and publications, including Newsmax, City Journal, NY Financial Writers, Peterson’s Hunting, Retirement Advisor and Kentucky Living. His work has been seen in Broadway shows and on television, and lives in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Newseum, New York Historical Society Library and Museum, Cartoon Art Museum, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum and more. He’s published two books and has two more in the works. His latest book, The Ones They Didn’t Print (and Some of the Ones They Did) features both previously printed cartoons and never-before-seen selections from his 23 years at the Post. He returned to his roots to speak about his book and sign copies at the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, Pa., this June. “I don’t know if I’ll make much money from it, but it was a nice way to close that chapter of my life as a cartoonist.” As he hones his teaching skills and enters the next chapter of his professional life, perhaps Delonas will be given the opportunity to show his art students around Europe—and maybe, just maybe, he’ll have as much influence as Ackerman had on him.



List of Donors 2014-2015

Moravian College Giving to MORAVIAN This has been another good year for giving to Moravian College, and we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all alumni, parents and friends who made gifts to the College this past year. Highlights include: •

Total giving to the College this year was $5,337,903 exceeding the goal for this fiscal year Gifts to the Moravian Scholarship Fund totaled $1,153,074 and was the largest total in the last six years The number of Comenius Society donors increased this year by 23 to an all-time high of 449

Another highlight of this past year was successfully completing the College’s first ever comprehensive capital campaign,

GIVING CLUBS THE COMENIUS SOCIETY Moravian Circle 1742 Circle Chairman’s Circle Trustee Circle President’s Associates Heritage Club Comenius Society

$100,000+ $ 50,000+ $ 25,000+ $ 10,000+ $ 5,000+ $ 2,500+ $ 1,000+

-----It was also a great year for giving at the Seminary. Through innovative programs and the responsiveness of alumni, friends and family, we accomplished the following:

The Campaign for Moravian: Pride. Passion.Opportunity. We surpassed our goal of $45 million with support for the following: •

• • •

Over $9 million for capital projects including The Hill, Collier Hall of Science and Comenius Hall $8 million for the Moravian Scholarship Fund 64 new endowed scholarship funds with a value of $12 million $8 million for restricted purposes, including the Blue & Grey Club, Music Alliance, Friends of Reeves Library, Career Services and funds to purchase works of art for the College’s collection $6 million in endowed gifts for support of academic programs and the general endowment fund

OTHER GIVING CLUBS Monocacy Club Founders Club Colonial Club Greyhound Club

$ 500+ $ 50+ $ 150+ up to $ 149

Unrestricted Annual Fund giving was the highest total in four years and exceeded the goal by $46,489 The total raised for the Annual Fund was $431,366 also the highest total in the past four years The participation rate was 31%, which eclipsed an aggressive goal of 30%

None of these accomplishments for the Seminary would have been possible were it not for the Northern and Southern Provinces of the Moravian Church. Their continued support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all of those donors listed on the following pages that have made a gift to the College or the Seminary. We would not be able to provide the financial aid, facilities or programs that make it possible for our students to receive an education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities that await them following graduation.

Visit for more information.



FALL 2015

PRISCILLA PAYNE HURD SOCIETY The Priscilla Payne Hurd Society was established in 2012 as a way to recognize

Mary Beth Krater ’64

Patricia Owen ’74 &

those individuals and private foundations whose extraordinary generosity has

helped to shape, transform and sustain Moravian College.

Employees of East Penn

Virginia Dancy ’59 & John, III Dickie

Ms. Sandra Dressler

& James M. Dinneen Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Timothy A., M.D. ’73 DeBiasse

Anonymous Donor*

Harlan F. Fulmer M.D. ’43*

Ernst & Young Foundation

Duggan & Marcon Inc.

Mr. Cyril J. Anderson

Mrs. Genevieve Riordan Gee ’43

Patricia Price &

Eden Charitable Foundation

Mr. Donald C. Anderson*

Holly Beach Public Library Association

Electric Battery Company LLC

Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr.*

Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd*

Harlan F. Fulmer M.D. ’43*

Kathleen & Michael M. ’72 Ellis

Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.

Gladys Edgar ’42* & James T.* Marcus

Phyllis B. & Myron, M.D. ’57 Genel

Miss Carolyn D. Felker ’68

Mr. John H. Clewell*

Frank E. & Seba B. Payne Foundation

Genuine Parts Company

Mr. Elmer D. Gates

Ms. Mildred S. Clewell*

The Reeves Foundation

Bryon L. Grigsby, Ph.D. ’90

Harmony Press Inc

Bertha Finkelstein ’37*

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Reinhard

Beth & Woodrin ’66 Grossman

Elinor Shute ’91 & Andrew W. ’91 Hart

Ms. Bertha-Mae Starner ’27*

Amy Kohler ’95 & Robert Howard

Mr. J. Robert Hess P ’81

IBM Corporation

Constance Stirling ’68

Johnson Controls

Ms. Phyllis G. Kreider ’46

Mr. Joseph B. Hoffmeier, Jr. ’88

Deborah Oplinger ’73

Hotel Bethlehem

Elizabeth & James J., MD ’60 Houser

& Bernard L.* Cohen

THE COMENIUS SOCIETY The Comenius Society comprises alumni, trustees, friends, parents, corporate leaders, and faculty and staff members who share the conviction that Moravian

Dennis E. ’62 Estheimer

& Russell McKinnon

& Thomas W. Hodson

Susanne & Gregg L. ’77 McNelis

Barbara Colbourne ’77

defines what it means to be a 21st century educational institution, carrying

Claire L. & Parry J., M.D. ’66 Miller

Comenius’ ideals forward in a way that merits significant financial support.

Mr. Henry W. Nehilla ’67

Institute of Management

Terence L. O’Rourke, Jr. M.D. ’86

Linda G. & Thomas A., Jr. ’77 Ortwein

J.G. Petrucci Company, Inc.

Betsey Tait ’51 & John W. Puth

Mr. Michael L. Karapetian ’97

Research Corporation for

Leslie M. &

Members of the Comenius Society have supported Moravian by making a gift of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year.

MORAVIAN CIRCLE Ms. Beverly A. Bell ’56* Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. P ’84* Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41* Mrs. Genevieve Riordan Gee ’43 Priscilla Payne Hurd Charitable Lead Unitrust Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Merck Company Foundation Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province National Science Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reinhard P ’86, P ’90

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Mrs. Victoria Hermsted Badorf* Mr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Barnette Alvin H. Butz, Inc.

Richard T. Jr., D.D.S. ’77 Kingston

Ms. Diane Haines & William J.

Janice Whitfield ’64 &

Company, Inc.

Rosenberg, Esq. ’49

John G., Ph.D. ’65 Landis


Drs. Bettie & Oles Smolansky

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon

Mr. Robert P. Flicker ’71

Hilda Wolff ’65 & Harry R. Soden P ’91

Larger Life Foundation

Mr. John T. Humphrey*

Teresa Rizzo ’92 &

Teresa Segar ’88 & Gary L. ’88 Long

Mr. Leslie C. Jones ’68

Mr. Bruce W. Marold

Mr. William A. Kimmel ’72*

Honnie P. Spencer, M.D. ’90

Diane L. & Robert C. ’74 May P ’02

Mrs. Brenda Krajci ’65

Mr. Merr W. Trumbore ’62

Beth Ann &

Mr. Charles E. Merrill, Jr.

Lynn Aprill ’11, ’14 & Kerry Webb

National Endowment for the Humanities

Wirtz Family Foundation

Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation

Jonathan D. ’91 Soden

Miss Johanna Ott* Anne McCandless ’79 & Kenneth J. ’79 Rampolla RMI Ralph L. Shields, M.D. ’60 P ’89 Helen & F. P., M.D. ’43* Sutliff Wells Fargo Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller P ’06 Mrs. Gail Smith Winson ’66

TRUSTEE CIRCLE Air Products Foundation Mr. Cyril J. Anderson Batteries Plus LLC Teri McCandless ’81 & Ray J., Jr. ’81 Bishop P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Breidegam Evelyn Trodahl ’68 & Richard Chynoweth «Consistent Giving Society

FALL 2015

Accountants, Inc.

East Penn Manufacturing

Ms. Dorothy L. Ruyak ’54*

1742 CIRCLE Mrs. Frances Longacre Barnard ’51* Sandra L. & Placido A. ’78 Corpora Mr. & Mrs. Martin Engels Patricia Ann & Anthony ’59 Morelli Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. William S. Schaninger Jr., Ph.D. ’93, ’98 Sodexo Carol Herman Szarko M.D. ’62 Mr. David A. Zinczenko ’91

Science Advancement

& F. Robert Jr. ’76 Huth

Joseph C. L., M.D. ’64 Merola

Linda & Christopher A. ’88 Ohmacht

PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli B. Braun Medical, Inc. Margaret & D. Wayne ’04 Barefoot Mrs. Lois Brunner Bastian ’50 Louis W. Bender, Ph.D. ’50 Berman Freightliner Boyle Construction Inc. Ms. Terri Koser Brady ’82 Laurie Riley ’82 & Lloyd S. Brubaker Jennifer Swain ’73 & Harry S. Jr., M.D., Ph.D. ’72 Clarke Club Assist US LLC Judith Acker ’57 & Bernard Cornwell Maria Corpora, Esq. ’72 Jaime Marks ’04 & Brian J. ’02 Corvino Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 & Mr. Warren Gericke P’ 11

Barbara A. Osborne, Ph.D. ’70

& Dr. Richard A. Goldsby

Ann C. & Brian H. ’82 Oswald Janna Barclay ’95 &

Todd D. ’93 Parlee

PenTeleData Christine &

Michael J. ’75 Perrucci P ’97

Jennifer & Daniel P. ’91 Petrozzo Diana & Raymond J. ’89 Reimer Mrs. Melissa Miller Robbins ’69 Jennifer &

Bryan W., Ph.D. ’86 Sandmann

Miss Cornelia Schlotter ’57 Patricia Nemesh ’70 &

Robert J., Jr. Schoenen

Ms. Christine Kulp Scott Mary C. T. Kincaid ’68

& John L. Squarcia P ’96



thank you Linda Joseph ’73 &

Keystone Savings Foundation

AT&T Foundation

Rhonda & Randal R. ’78 Dietz

Suzanne Kmet ’91 & William A. Diaz

Miss Linda L. Atiyeh ’88

Miss Marcella I. Dimmick ’35

Mr. William J. Straccia ’58

Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ’09

Melissa Hege ’98 & Mario Ayala

Jennifer Coffin, Ph.D. ’99, ’11

Tides Foundation

Susan H. Kuenstner ’83 & Tom Coleman

Mrs. Karen Bader

Trans-Bridge Lines Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Kulp

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Robin Ziegler ’79 & Christos Dogas

Traxys North America LLC

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Kulp

Carol F. & Paul D. ’75 Balascki

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Domchek

Tulip Corporation

Linda Wells ’69 & Roger C. Lark

Mr. James E. Barnes

Georgene Billiard ’63

Ida E. & David B., M.D. ’71 Vasily P ’02

Lehigh Gas Corporation

Barnes & Noble

Vulcan Materials Company

Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon

Mrs. Catherine Daws Baylog ’56*

Kathleen Doyle ’68 &

Mrs. Deloris Ashcroft Wallace ’50

MAC Engineering &

Mr. Gary A. Becker

Kathy & Gordon Weil

Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ’80 Beitler

Mrs. Mary C. Dull

Mr. Mark Wels

Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. J. Jeffrey Bell

Rev. Dr. Sally A. Brown

The Wolf Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. James Mclean P ’03

Mr. Donald M. Bellis ’78

Janice ’82, ’91 & Thomas Young

Mr. Benjamin L. Meluskey ’60

Mrs. Irma Beltram P ’75, P ’83

Shari Miller ’80 & James A. ’78 Dunstan

Ms. Linda Zacher

Barbara & Lloyd H., Ph.D. ’64 Michael

Constance L. & David E. ’88 Bennett

Mr. Joseph P. Durso

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85

Miss Susan M. Bennett ’84

Linda H. & Denis M. ’69 Duvoisin


Janie Whallon ’74 & Richard A. Muir

Leanna M. & Timothy J. ’75 Berger

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Early

Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Albarell

Missy & James P., Ed.D. ’96 Orlando

Richard J. Bianco Jr. Esq. ’98

Edward Robinson Trust

Albarell Electric, Inc.

Ms. Nancy A. Pace P ’11

Mrs. Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer ’57

Gail E. Ekstrand, Ed.D. ’62

Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ’43*

Mr. Bryan Peacock

Mr. Stephen D. Black

Kathleen Fallon, Ph.D. ’69

Association of Independent Colleges

PNC Bank, N.A.

Melanie & Mark A. ’95 Bonsall

Mrs. Donna Reemsnyder

Dolores B. & Donald R., D.Ed. ’57 Bortz

Mrs. Zora Martin Felton ’52

Rita Roseman ’61 &

Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP

A. Joanne & John H., M.D. ’54

Dr. Don C. Follmer P ’77

Trish & Colin G. ’78 Sandercock

Mrs. Lorraine J. Fox*

Kristin & Todd E. ’86 Bateson

Silverman Gallery

Johanna & Neil A. ’59 Boyer

Kerri & Kerry S., Esq. ’85 Freidl

Dr. Hilde Binford

Laura Lee & Britt J., Esq. ’95 Simon

Ms. Denise A. Bradley ’94

Grace & Peter L., Ph.D. ’60 French

Beth Williams ’78 & Frank D. Boyer

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld

Brickman Group Ltd

Patricia H. & Mark A. ’78 Fried

Tara & Christopher J. ’96 Brown

Leslie D. Smith ’96 & James F. Pfieffer

Mrs. Colleen Workman

Mr. Robert J. Fulmer P ’87, P ’92

Michele & Steven J. ’90 Burd

St. Luke’s Hospital

Linda Shay, Esq. ’74

Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Carney

Maureen & Jeremy M. ’00 Straub

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Buck P ’06, P ’10, P ’12

Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss

Dr. & Mrs. David R. Taschler

Mrs. Betty U. Buralli* P ’73

Lynn Castagnoni ’74

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Christensen

Mrs. Margaret Taylor P ’75, P ’82

Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri

Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Truscott P ’14

Busy Workers Society of

Patricia F. ’98 & Harold H. Jr. Garner

Dr. Audrey West &

Hilary Martin, Esq. ’93

Ms. Julia E. Gasdaska ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cahill P ’18

Anne Shea, Esq. ’94 & Charles Gaza

James M. ’73, 95 Stevens

and Universities of Pennsylvania Charles E., Jr. ’60 Bartolet

Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80

Equipment Company, Inc.

& Walter T. ’90 Wandall

Bowman P ’82, P ’94

Bruckart ’60, P ’72, P ’79

Central Moravian Church

& Joshua P. ’99 Dodd

& Harry E. ’64 Dooley J. Michael ’68, ’71 Dowd

& Mr. Peter T. Dunbar ’66

& James Kline

& Neville Gardner P ’08 & Timothy S. ’73 Gardner

Mr. Scot J. Dapp

Mr. Scott H.Warrick ’82

Cantel Medical Corporation

Mr. Glenn A. Geissinger ’88

Kathryn Werst ’59 & Wayne L. Detwiler

Barbara Roberts ’61 &

JoAnn B. & Joseph P. ’61 Castellano

Generation Investment

Mr. Robert L. Dutt ’68

Mrs. Gloria Gately Chipman ’45

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox P ’87

Adele G. & Earl C. ’57 Zeiner P ’98

Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty Jr.

Mr. Daniel R. Gilbert Jr.

CIGNA Corporation

Jane L. & Richard L. ’61 Gilbert

Patricia A. & W. Eugene ’68 Clater

Gillespie Printing

Mrs. Judith S. Cohen

Pamela W. & Carl F. ’66 Gitschier

Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier Jr.

Dana & Jan ’72 Gollins P ’09

Suzanne Bleiler ’82 & Jon B. ’82 Conrad

Betsy S. & Philip A. ’65 Gottshall P ’96

Heather McGarvie ’05 &

Sharon Duffy ’90

John W. ’59 Woltjen

General Electric Foundation Ms. Lea B. Glembot Nancy Likman ’78 & Mark R. Graham Nancy & Robert K. ’75 Gratz P ’08 Kristina Jones ’79 & Joseph M. Groller Ms. Marilyn L. Herwig ’75 Highmark Blue Shield Marie & George E. ’59 Hollendersky Mary K. & Richard D. ’85 Hooper Mr. George T. Hudson ’59 Mr. Ralph W. Hunsicker ’76 Daren A. & F. James ’69 Hutchinson Kimberly Deischer ’91

& Thomas R. ’90 Ike

Johnson & Johnson Company Just Born Inc. Louise & Thomas F. ’49 Keim P ’72


COMENIUS SOCIETY Mary Faith Yanno ’78 & David W. ’78 Abbuhl P ’09 Mr. George B. Adams ’50 Aetna Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Victoria Penske Aitchison Mr. Alvin A. Albright, Jr. American Express Foundation Elizabeth A. & Richard E. ’70 Anderson Mary Kate Turowski, Ed.D. ’96 & Kevin M., Esq. ’94 Andris Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler & Mr. William Arnold ArcelorMittal Karen ’88 & Jose P. Arencibia Beth Hance ’90 & Craig A. Arnold P ’18

Daniel A. ’05 Corey

Management LLP

& Richard P. ’90 Graham

Mrs. Beverly S. Corkhill ’73*

Dr. & Mrs. Marc Granson

Cornerstone Advisors Asset

Ms. Sallie L Greenfield

Margaret & Joseph A. ’72 Grieshaber

Management, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford

Guardian Life Insurance Company

Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck

Bela J. Gulyas, Ph.D. ’62

Ms. Suzanne Astbury Decker ’61

Amy S. & David B. ’86 Guthrie

Jennifer Hastings ’04 &

Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern

Patricia Murray ’82

Timothy C. ’03 Deily

Dr. & Mrs. George S. Diamond

Stephanie & Robert H. ’63 Dietrich P ’95

Rev. Margaret Braden Wellert ’99 & Rev.

& Kenneth D. ’81 Hanna

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015

Diane Feeney ’82 & Alfred Mateo

Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines P ’10, P ’12

Spirk Brothers Inc.

Kathryn Horwath ’52 & Ray H. Hartman

Keith K. Harke ’99

Kiera & Stephen M. ’96 Mathey

Elizabeth T. & Thomas J. ’74 Rappolt

Stevens & Lee

Tamera Boote ’81 & Gary R. Hatton

Barbara Frowery ’67 &

Cynthia Pummer ’83 &

STG, Inc.

Candy Barr, Esq. ’79

Ann Woltjen ’63 & Grove W., Esq. ’63

Mary Ellen Markey ’83 &

Marjorie & A. Reed ’74 Raymond


Drs. Linda & Ned Heindel

Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Reed

Rev. Cheryl A. Stoneback ’04

Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’53, ’57

Catherine C. & James A. ’82

Jane Young ’69 & James L. ’70* Regina

Dr. Susan Martin Studds

Jane Tatum ’90 & Carl O. Helstrom

Anne M. & James H. Reid

Katherine B. &

Elizabeth & William V. ’58 Herbein

Shirely Hart ’63 & Gerald D. McBride

Mrs. Barbara Reimers P ’92

Ms. Joan G Herbstman

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Kelly McLean ’03 & Tyler Rindock

Nancy M. & Gregory J. ’85 Tavalsky

Mr. Alan L. Herd ’67

Mr. Joseph M. Michalczyk ’94

Mrs. Betty Adams Roach ’43

Tiffany & Company

Rev. Lunnett M. Hilliard

Isidore Mihalakis, M.D. ’58

Ms. Renee L. Roberts ’74

Lori J., Ph.D. & Robert Toedter P ’06

Donna Stadinger ’64 & Frank L. Hocker

Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz ’84 P ’14, P ’16

Mr. Victor M. Rodriguez Jr.

Rev. Dr. Heather Hartung Vacek

Douglas R. ’81 & Susan L. Hooper

Dr. Alma A. Miles-Koch

Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke

Mr. Evan B. Howell ’81

Barbara Schlegel ’47 &

Rev. Canon Gwendolyn-Jane ’81

Mr. Robert A. Verrone ’90

Kathy Kratzer ’89 &

Victaulic Company of America

Mr. Jody R. Miller ’70

Gayle Fischer ’86 &

Rev. Dr. Walter H. &

Anne & John C. G. ’64 Hutchison

Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Miller P ’00

Charlsie Keefe ’05 & Todd R. ’05 James

Mr. Borko Milosev ’04

Gavin B. Rubin, Esq. ’90

Mr. James R. Walker P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. John Jamula P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Minner

Sandy & Eric S. ’69 Ruskoski

Ms. June T. Watts

Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley

Mr. David Mirro ’73

Anita S. & Robert C. ’60 Russoli P ’88

LaRae & Lee A., Ph.D. ’57 Weaver

Kathleen H. & Gary L. ’73 Johnson

Carol Ann & Suleiman ’73

Deborah L. & Norman D. ’73 Sam

Mrs. Diane Yaeck Wellington ’57 P ’80

Myra Heimbrook ’66

Donna K. & Gary L. ’63 Sandercock

Linda L. & David L. ’64, ’67

& Michael O. ’66 Jones

Moravian Church Eastern District

Debbie & Brian C. ’91 Sarisky

Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua ’67

Russell E. Morgan Jr., Dr.P.H. ’65

Doris Wood &

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Wilke IV

Mr. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer

Russell E. & Elizabeth W.

Carolyn & Roger O. ’68 Williams

Pauline & Robert E. ’77 Kafafian

Eleanore Beck ’56

Dr. Jennifer B. Wilson P ’18

Denise S. ’93 & Arthur T. Katsaros

Ms. Pamela Moschini P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Wilson P ’16

Corinne E. & Robert M. ’66 Keller

Mrs. Margan Sztuk Mulvaney ’82, P ’16

Elizabeth Jennings ’90

Dr. Robert R. Windolph

Karyl C. & Samuel Y., III ’65 Kern

Janice & Mark D. ’77 Myslinski

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wisnosky P ’15

Claire M. ’87, ’95 & Michael Klatchak

Sara B. & William C. ’62, ’63 Needs

Michael D. Schrenko D.O. ’70

Jane Metzler ’66 & Peter D. ’73 Wolfe

Mrs. Kathryn Broczkowski Klein ’67

Rev. Dr. Christine L. Nelson

Andrea & Anthony E. ’94 Schuler

Mrs. Priscilla Wolle

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 P ’00

Anita Filler ’61&

Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz

Ms. Anita-Jean Wright ’81 &

Beverly Gaston ’73 & Dale Kochard

Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock

Ms. Sedef Koktenturk ’95

Rev. Kenneth W. Nowack ’51*

Nancy Duckworth ’81

Norma Boldt ’49 & John H. Wynne

Denise & John J. ’92 Kruse

Dr. Gary L. Olson

Karen Glenn ’82 & Edwin E. ’77 Yeakel

Paul E. Kurzeja, Esq. ’89

Olympus America Inc.

Andrew K. Semmel, Ph.D. ’64

Mr. Paul R. Yochum

Jean Sosoka ’56 & Joseph A. Lavelle

Dr. & Mrs. Terence O’Rourke, Sr. P ’86

Kathryn M. & R. Scott ’84 Shellington

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh K. Leatherman, Jr.

Marie A. & Harold F., Jr. ’61

Julie Jones, Ph.D. ’02 &

Debra Lewis ’75 & Carl W. Zvanut

Donna J. Lee ’76 & John J. Stecher

Drs. Eva & Michael Leeds

Janine J. & Jon P. ’79 Otis

Joseph M. Shosh, Ph.D. ’88

Lehigh Valley Arts Council

Rebecca J. & Patrick T. ’80 Parenty

Mr. Andrew J. Shreter

Mary E. & Steven W. ’79 LeVan

Corinne Fusco ’78 &

Marsha & Robert C., Sr. ’68 Silcox

Honorable Wilma A. Lewis

Mr. Darold W. Silkwood

Mr. Charles H. Lindner Jr. ’60, P ’88

Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton P ’89

Susan Collins ’72 & Donald Sillivan

Carol A. & Michael G. ’83 Link

Dr. Joseph Pena &

Nelda & Robert C. ’51 Simonson

Dr. Janet Loengard

Susan Clay ’69 &

Sharyn & Hal A. ’01 Long

Mr. Joseph T. Perno

Susan Sandt ’92 &

Pfizer Corporation

Mrs. Marian A Smith

& Mark J. Heimbach P ’09

Gregory D. ’90 Hughes

Armando M. ’91 Lopez

Nicholas R. Matlaga Bruce K. ’84 Mayer McAdoo P ’15

Kenneth Miller P ’75

Modjadidi P ’06

Morgan Foundation

Paul F. ’60 Noonan P ’89

Oswald P ’82

Frederick S. ’77 Patt

Dr. Karen Cortellino P ’17

Michael P. ’82 Rauscher

& Robert D. Romeril Thomas H. Rowland

David A. ’60 Schattschneider & Henry E. Schleicher & Steven T. Schreier

& Ronald J. ’83 Semanick

& Mr. Gary Vacek

Rev. Deborah M. Wagner

Wickmann P ’91, P ’95, P ’00

Mr. Michael J. Kelly

Phillip, Ph.D. Shilane

Arthur W., Jr. ’68 Smith P ’96, P ’01

Mr. Donald B. Pinkowsky ’93

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith

Dr. Nicole L. Loyd

Daniel A. Polanski, Esq. ’80

Miss Constance M. Sokalsky ’71

Barbara & Howard E., Ph.D. ’71 Lubert

Barbra & Kurt J. ’89 Poling P ’17

Mrs. Jean Holzinger Somers ’69

Elizabeth Tober ’76 & James S. ’76 Lyon

Laurie M. & Michael ’78 Popowycz

Dr. Kay Somers & Mr. Bruce Somers

Judith Studwell ’63 &

Mr. & Mrs. William Potts Jr.

Susan & Gordon L. ’57, ’61

Lenore & Joseph L. ’60 Powlette

Yvonne Thompson Maddox, Ph.D.

PPL Corporation

Laura S. & Paul C. ’83 Sommers

Atty. & Mrs. Blake C. Marles

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson

Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Andre Python, Jr. P ’11

Colleen & Bruce C. ’87 Spencer

Ms. Sherry Mason Brown

Laura Kellers Queen, Ed.D. ’96

Mr. Arthur R. Spengler ’55

James O. ’63 MacDonald

Ronald J., Ph.D. ’61 Stupak

Sommers P ’82, P ’83

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



thank you COLLEGE ALUMNI 1935 Total Giving: $2,000 100% Participation Comenius Society Marcella I. Dimmick 1941 Total Giving: 170,936 15% Participation Moravian Circle Ruth Overfield Fidorack* Greyhound Club Alethea Cliff Shurskis 1942 Total Giving: $350 36% Participation Founders’ Club Mary Ellen Binder Orben Greyhound Club John Compardo Ed.D. Avis L. Gordon Virginia Paulson Kocher * 1943 Total Giving: $291,996 52% Participation Moravian Circle Genevieve Riordan Gee Chairman’s Circle F. P. Sutliff M.D.* Trustee Circle Harlan F. Fulmer M.D.* Heritage Club Janet Outten Amos* Comenius Society Betty Adams Roach Founders’ Club June Bright Reese Colonial Club Wilfred L. Dreger Greyhound Club Burton L. Kelchner Janet Thompson Powers Doreen Coburn Walters Warren D. Wenger 1944 Total Giving: $700 16% Participation


By year, total giving, and percentage of participation Monocacy Club Doris Minnick Kuchar Colonial Club Elizabeth Butterfield Marthaler Greyhound Club Katrina Stolp Homewood 1945 Total Giving: $1,300 25% Participation Comenius Society Gloria Gately Chipman Colonial Club Phyllis Rose Iacocca Greyhound Club Beryl L. Harrison Jacquelyn Stout McGiffert 1946 Total Giving: $10,675 35% Participation Trustee Circle Phyllis G. Kreider Monocacy Club Ann Rosenau Smythe Greyhound Club Victor M. Bove D.O. Lloyd A. Fatzinger Joseph S. Policelli Jo-Ann Farquhar Riepen 1947 Total Giving: $1,450 26% Participation Comenius Society Barbara Schlegel Miller Colonial Club Cornelia Faga Miller Paul E. G. Miller Greyhound Club Helen Kanuskey Canfield June Urffer Moyer Charlotte Unangst Schisler * 1948 Total Giving: $1,163 20% Participation Founders’ Club Paul E. Crossan Jr. James S. Hilander

Marilyn Richardson

Joseph D. Kudella

Elizabeth Schlegel

Mary Ann Rayner


Ira A. Lutsey


Colonial Club Joseph R. Merkel Ph.D. Winifred Harte Seifert Greyhound Club Emmeline Ungurian Lewis Dimmick Harry A. Miller Edythe Steers Smith

William W. Matz Sr.

Eleanor Faiolo Mott Lois Shafer Smith

1949 Total Giving: $16,728 33% Participation Trustee Circle

Greyhound Club Alice Zacharchuk Bove Justin M. Carisio Sr. Dean B. Garland Ray C. Gilbert * W. Norwood Green Anthony J. Jaso Irma Hemminger Kaufman Norma Chambers Lewis Emanuel Roman

Founders’ Club William B. Cummings Ed.D. John J. Gotthardt Jr.  David M. Henkelmann Eleanor Simmons MacCormick E. Allen Schultz Jr. Charlotte Haag Walek Colonial Club Robert F. Engelbrecht Joan Wagner Koehler Sara A. Morris Edward P. Pastir

William J. Rosenberg




Arlene Badel Simpson

Heritage Club Thomas F. Keim Comenius Society Norma Boldt Wynne Monocacy Club Teresa Enright Eliezer Founders’ Club Ivan A. Backer Jeanne Buss Gillinder Charles N. Wilkins Jr., M.D. Colonial Club Clararose Bosek Clymer Elsie Yelenics Evans Greyhound Club Clark F. Apgar Richard W. Artis Leonard A. Storch Frank M. Weaver D.O.* Doris Noctor Woodward

Angel Hoimes Voyatzis

Founders’ Club Nevin W. Cope D.D.S. Anne R. Enright Joseph F. Garin Jr. Frances Webber Horton Colonial Club Carl E. Case Thelma West Everett Jeannette Rhoads Nesbit Robert L. Solt Lois Miller Stogel Greyhound Club Joseph F. Christ Donald R. Deibert Dale A. Grove Jr., M.D. Thelma West Everett Dale A. Grove Jr., M.D. Donald C. Koehler Patricia Stocker Lawler Elaine Wagner Martinez Beatrice Good Mindlin William G. Palenchar Ruth Treut Schlecht Robert H. Stine M.D.

1950 Total Giving: $13,260 37% Participation President’s Associates Deloris Ashcroft Wallace Lois Brunner Bastian Louis W. Bender Ph.D. Comenius Society George B. Adams Monocacy Club William F. Vinczi Founders’ Club Gilbert E. Andrew Colonial Club Richard T. Dundon Richard M. Faust

Christel Wilcke Walter Dolores Johns Wezner

1951 Total Giving: $76,472 48% Participation 1742 Circle Frances Longacre Barnard* Trustee Circle Betsey Tait Puth Comenius Society Robert C. Simonson Monocacy Club Richard T. Clay Jane Kincaid Missimer Louis M. Molnar Founders’ Club Robert T. Burcaw Ph.D. William B. Lantz Robert K. Matey William J. Werpehowski Greyhound Club Carl L. Ackerman Jeanne Serman Artis Marie L. Cless Gloria Kimminour Danielson Deborah Irwin Fleagle John E. Giering Ph.D. Byrdie Loveless Jackson Robert P. Kelly William H. Kilpatrick

1952 Total Giving: $7,475 38% Participation Comenius Society Zora Martin Felton Kathryn Horwath Hartman Monocacy Club Donald M. Cohen M.D. Bernhard T. Mittemeyer,

1953 Total Giving: $5,260 44% Participation Comenius Society Carl J. Helmich Jr. Monocacy Club Kenneth W. Achey Wolfram Fliegel Sue Ann Henkelman Fortney

Greyhound Club Shayne Dunbar Arnesen Charlotte Riggs Bearse William J. Carroll Jr. Nancy Zeleski Frantz Robert G. Harman M.D. Dorothy Baker Hege Gloria Badel Hilbert Earl E. Stephan Philip Trimble Gladys Smith Winkelmann 1954 Total Giving: $28,558 35% Participation Chairman’s Circle Dorothy L. Ruyak * Comenius Society John H. Bowman M.D. Founders’ Club David W. Arner John E. Gilliland M.D. Thor G. O’Donnell June Zimmerman Shamel Colonial Club Lucy A. McCall Greyhound Club Sylvia J. Atherholt Philip J. DeRea James R. Glancy Donald Green Suzanne Bleiler Haney Gerald H. Ihle Patricia Parth Johnson Joan Kinard Mercado John E. Moyer

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015

Bruce C. Reimer


John Kolchin Ed.D.

Anthony Morelli

Benjamin L. Meluskey


Dawn M. VanKeuren

Josephine Pongracz

Elaine Thomasch


Helen Desh

Sherwood D. Gum

Juliana Bobo Ott


Mildred Siftar Kimock

Jo-Anne Neuman

Mary Kilpatrick Kohl


William S. Marsh

Ann E. Rothenberger

Richard S. Stine

Arlene M. Sell

Robert E. Wickizer

Regina Kelly Stephenson

Ruth Collins Zweck

Barbara Flynn

Comenius Society Colleen Workman Bruckart Peter L. French Ph.D. Charles H. Lindner Jr. Paul F. Noonan Joseph L. Powlette Robert C. Russoli David A. Schattschneider Monocacy Club Richard V. Chergey James B. Galbraith Jr. Jean Bassford Galbraith Frances LeTowt Von Bonin-Schlemmer Founders’ Club Faith Hartman Cohen M.D. Jane Keogh Harberg Judith Frederick Hosking Joseph J. Iampietro Joseph J. Jardot Abner S. Merkel Colonial Club Ronald R. Cavanagh Th.D. Nancy Boerstler Coutant Bernard L. Nehring BarbaraKay Hunsicker Smerko Theodore E. Wilde Greyhound Club Robert J. Boyler Robert F. Clark M. Janet Bunten Costenbader Salvatore S. DeLuca Carmine A. DeMuccio Ronald J. Fradeneck Joan E. Gernert- Vignoul Dolores Lang Keglovits Jane McMurray Kell William Keller Robert J. Labdik Ed.D. Constantine Loupos Francis C. McFadden Mary Lou Clewell McGinley George F. Metzgar Dominic A. Nolfa Lois Behler Reichard Patti Vincent Simon Beverly Luzietti

Doris Roberts Wenger

Marian M. Wagner

President’s Associates Virginia Dancy Dickie Heritage Club Kathryn Werst Detwiler George E. Hollendersky George T. Hudson John W. Woltjen Comenius Society Neil A. Boyer Monocacy Club Richard D. Buralli Carolyn Felver Conners James B. Howell M.D. Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala Anthony A. Matz Jr. Founders’ Club Gordon C. Arnold M.D. Colonial Club Sandra Yost Collins Joseph M. Nunes Susan LeTowt Peverley Greyhound Club Mary Ann Gingles Boyler C. Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt Patricia Conover Diener David C. Greulich Elizabeth Dreher Honey Ernest H. Josar Joseph F. Keglovits Frederick L. Kraemer Barbara Moening Lekorenos Theodore G. Lekorenos Barbara Banker Mahlau Jimmie L. Newsom Sr. Clarence J. Serfass Jr., D.D.S. Daniel P. Simon Janice Keve Steers

1955 Total Giving: $3,675 32% Participation Comenius Society Arthur R. Spengler Monocacy Club Allan H. Cristol M.D. Ann Hentschel Cutler Founders’ Club Louis N. Esposito John H. Giesler George W. Warfield Colonial Club Robert E. Detweiler Helen Varady Keyser Ray R. Salabsky Curtis O. Updegrave Greyhound Club Thomas R. Clay David G. Kerchner Francis M. Petruny Robert F. Shaup Margaret Czipoth Underwood 1956 Total Giving: $113,987 29% Participation Moravian Circle Beverly A. Bell * Comenius Society Catherine Daws Baylog * Jean Sosoka Lavelle Eleanor Beck Schleicher Monocacy Club Pauline Ritter Benner Richard E. Benner James J. Ovady Sr. Founders’ Club Robert E. Brennan D.D.S. John T. Burke Barton B. Hartman M.D. John R. Sopko Colonial Club Renee Johnson Dragotta Joan Boyer Rathbone Ph.D. Barbara Bartos Sloyer Greyhound Club Marietta Schwartz

Falco Kohls


1957 Total Giving: $38,631 41% Participation Trustee Circle Myron Genel M.D. President’s Associates Judith Acker Cornwell Cornelia Schlotter Heritage Club Earl C. Zeiner Comenius Society Shirley Kunsman Bilheimer Donald R. Bortz D.Ed. Gordon L. Sommers Lee A. Weaver Ph.D. Diane Yaeck Wellington Monocacy Club Patricia Miller Helfrich Gudrun Krauss Lounsbury Roland J. Passaro George J. Toth Founders’ Club Karen Johnson Berry Carolyn Edwards Simmons Ronald L. Zeller Colonial Club Thomas J. Burke Pearl Stein Greyhound Club Carl Ackerman Michael A. Ackerman William F. Braerman Ph.D. David W. Diehl Richard A. Edwards Anthony W. Falco Jane Dreier Feldman William F. Fox Jr. Anne Frankenfield Howlett Elaine Nothstein Kantor Richard L. Kantor

1958 Total Giving: $11,690 34% Participation President’s Associates William J. Straccia Comenius Society William V. Herbein Isidore Mihalakis M.D. Monocacy Club Carol Sloan McElveen Founders’ Club Alfred F. Apple Michael J. Gallagher Norman E. Prochnau Kenneth Pyne L.L.D. Kathryn McMurray Saderholm Colonial Club John L. Finelli Jane Adams Gottwald Richard C. Gottwald Arthur R. Potosnak Myron A. Savacool Robert G. Smerko Ph.D. Greyhound Club Robert J. Breidenbach Truman W. Eshbach II Mary Ann Grube Fallon Ann Miller Flynn Louis A. Gonsalves Joseph J. Guman Frank L. Hettlinger William J. Hume Barbara A. Kinsey J. Bruce Mumie Carol Burwell Norwood Robert L. Reed M.D. John P. Schutz M.D. Richard J. Schwartz Robert H. Smith A. David Thaeler III 1959 Total Giving: $83,594 30% Participation 1742 Circle

1960 Total Giving: $52,100 36% Participation Chairman’s Circle Ralph L. Shields, M.D. President’s Associates James J. Houser M.D. Heritage Club Charles E. Bartolet Jr.

Harriet Peters Williamson

1961 Total Giving: $21,841 34% Participation Heritage Club Rita Roseman Bartolet Barbara Roberts Woltjen Comenius Society Joseph P. Castellano Suzanne Astbury Decker Richard L. Gilbert Anita Filler Noonan Harold F. Oswald Jr. Ronald J. Stupak Ph.D. Monocacy Club James J. McCrudden Founders’ Club Marcee Ammend Beilstein Mary Jane Dugan Figuli Deborah Herold Francis Paul A. Graf Kathleen McCann Hilbert Sandra Yaeck Kratzer Alan J. Lippman M.D. Nancy Helms Mazziotta Louise Smull Negley Earl R. Pfeiffer Sandra & Wayne C., Esq. Shugart Colonial Club Dennis L. Bleam Judith Laning Cavanagh Neil P. Eskolin Jr. Barry L. Gaal R. Burke Johnson Samuel F. Maczko John W. Medernach Ph.D. Carol Losensky Messina John C. Riedmiller Nancy Warren Van Dyke Frank J. Zajacek Jr. Greyhound Club Vincent E. Arnold

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



thank you David E. Bittner

James H. Dech Ed.D.

Judith Adams


Brenda Krajci

Richard E. Schaffer

Mary Jane Wolfe

Karen Kaprelian Jacob




Joseph G. Kimock Jr.

Stephen E. Edraney II

T. Jeff Gannon

Bertram L. Lutton

Donald I. Egli

Manuel Gonsalves

John F. McCarty

Phyllis Peters Facchiano

Carla Nowack Hendricks

Joan Karustis Miller

Susan Gares Farrell

John W. Jacob

Ronald R. Myers

Elizabeth Hicks Garrett

David A. Koch

James H. G. Naisby

Melvin R. Hamelsky

Floyd L. Kocher

Robert T. Pastir

Susan Burger Hauser

Sylvia M. Lambert

Roseann Lavan Pastir

Patricia Bonser Knoll

Michael L.

Sylvia Rubens

Larry W. Lewis


Emma Demuth

Rosemarie Braun

Elaine Nicholas Leaver



Trustee Circle Hilda Wolff Soden President’s Associates John G. Landis Ph.D. Comenius Society Philip A. Gottshall Samuel Y. Kern III Russell E. Morgan Jr., Dr.P.H. Monocacy Club Barbara Brautigam Caldwell Laurie Boyd Hanawa James L. Morgan Robert E. Sterling Lowell H. Tomlinson Founders’ Club Robert E. Houser Anita Groenfeldt McKeown * Terry L. Musselman Arlington A. Nagle Jr. Paul R. Riccardi Jr. Colonial Club Jerry L. Damandl John E. Dratch Esq. John Everard Griffith Lea Sutera Hench Susan M. Maier Perry F. Mazza Greyhound Club Karen Whitten Aduba Helen Kovach Bachochin Carol Borrup Barber Donald H. Benninger Joanne R. Bobek Ted W. Bowman Nancy Terreson Burtnett Lynette Stoltz Cabral John E. Clark John C. Demuth Susan Watt Gowen Gary S. Hartshorn Ph.D. Thomas J. Haupert Ph.D. James F. Hertzog Nevin H. Hollinger Jr. Roger J. Hudak Anthony A. Krasnicke O.D. James W. McClelland Herbert F. Rubenstein Esq. J. Peter Rush Ellen Stets Sachs

Trustee Circle Parry J. Miller, M.D. Woodrin Grossman Comenius Society Peter T. Dunbar Carl F. Gitschier Michael O. Jones Myra Heimbrook Jones Robert M. Keller Jane Metzler Wolfe Monocacy Club David G. Berg A. Owen Freas III Georgia Dreyer Freas John B. Mancke Esq. Leo W. Todd Jr., D.O. Founders’ Club Joseph J. Fassl M.D. David D. Goldberg D.O. Karen Leonard Irish Thomas E. Irish James M. McMahan Esq. Judith Smith Murphy Lynne Schlosser Raleigh Nancy Szilagyi Ziegler Norman C. Ziegler Colonial Club Betsy A. Ahlum Marilyn A. Albarelli Robert J. McCrea Sue Hill Obal Biruta Andersons Spruds Greyhound Club Audrey Matz Berg Linda Price Brodeur Betsy Miller Allen

1963 Total Giving: $16,508 30% Participation

Janet Gleva Miller Esq. JoAnn Sydorak

Founders’ Club Eileen Yuhasz Bogdan Ron dePaolo Gwynne Grey Gilbert Richard W. Hafner Judith Bartoe Kohler John T. McKeown Linda Reitars Silowka Louise Reinsmith Solomon Gerald C. Still H. Richard Wilsey Jr. Colonial Club Joseph J. Charles Susan Miller Erb Jack P. Goldberg

Comenius Society Robert H. Dietrich Georgene Billiard Dooley James O. MacDonald Judith Studwell MacDonald Shirley Hart McBride Gary L. Sandercock . Ann Woltjen Stoddard Grove W. Stoddard Esq. Monocacy Club Joel B. Nadler M.D. Robert E. Preston Andrew M. Taus Marilyn Clewell Taus Founders’ Club Richard A. Bedics Ed.D. Ronald R. Freed Stanley L. Gilbert Nancy Trach Harstine Robert F. Kohler Charles G. Stoltz Gary M. Straughan Colonial Club David R. Cornelius Martin Garcia Robert W. Moyer Stephen O. Nicholas Jr. William J. Pysher Jr. Patricia Fox Warne Greyhound Club Bonnie Brill Carol Horscroft Clarke Francis J. Darazsdi John H. Dech


Stanley A. Iobst Ph.D.

Albert E. Schneider Jr.

Robert E. Mushrush Jr.

John J. Shigo M.D.

Ray J. Pfeiffer Sr.

John A. Viglione

Greyhound Club John M. Abramson D.O. Elizabeth Graeff Barry Charles J. Berger Jr. Warren A. Brill D.M.D. E. George Dorer Ronald T. Dyson Sterling R. Geiger Ronald G. Gori Douglas L. Hackman Jeffrey S. Ingber D.D.S. Jeffrey A. Jackson Robert S. Johnson Gary T. Kester Marilyn Fish Kester Judith Robinson Kulak Linda Cook Luskus Peter L. Merluzzi Joy Ann Johnston Paine Peggy Jurman Quinn Margaret Dittmer Smith Karen Chervy Sorensen Connie Latchaw Viglione Byron E. Waterman Ed.D. Ruth Karol Wexley Alan G. Zeliff James L. Zoks

Donald H. Marshall R. Gene Medei John J. Olson Thomas F. Schmoyer Kenneth C. Sepe Barbara Senneca Solker Harold W. Tuller Thomas E. Wilson

1962 Total Giving: $76,782 27% Participation 1741 Circle Carol Herman Szarko M.D. Trustee Circle Dennis E. Estheimer Merr W. Trumbore Comenius Society Gail E. Ekstrand Ed.D. Bela J. Gulyas Ph.D. William C. Needs Monocacy Club Richard K. & Lucy S. Braun James H. Gano Shinsho Miyagi Founders’ Club Constance Platt Boos James W. Frank E. Jane Albrecht Graf Carol Altemose Jones Franklin C. Jones Colonial Club Kenneth J. Briggs Roger W. Nagle Harold N. Rice Joseph J. Roseman Greyhound Club Francis Amigo Richard E. Andrews Arthur D. Chap


James T. Meixell Michael R. Miller

Donald C. Vogel

1964 Total Giving: $46,107 35% Participation Trustee Circle Mary Beth Krater Dinneen President’s Associates Janice Whitfield Landis Joseph C. L. Merola M.D. Heritage Club Lloyd H. Michael Ph.D. Comenius Society Harry E. Dooley Donna Stadinger Hocker John C. G. Hutchison Andrew K. Semmel Ph.D. David L. Wickmann Monocacy Club Rosanne E. Bricker Bruce C. Coull Ph.D. Iwao Hanawa D. Patricia Schillinger Hensinger John P. Kohl Ph.D. Nancy Christensen Kohl Lynne Nafash Warnke Douglas C. Wilkins Marjorie Wallace

1965 Total Giving: $58,830 31% Participation Chairman’s Circle

Vincent P. Seaman Harriett Pierie Segessenman Ronald N. Shrager Stuart M. Topkis D.O. Thomas P. Vadasz Bruce J. Weaver Ph.D. John R. Williams Robert F. Zerfass

1966 Total Giving: $69,914 24% Participation Chairman’s Circle Gail Smith Winson

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015

William L. Cartier

Kay Hill Hannan

Gene P. Golini

Charles R. Simpson

Paul R. Bealer

Ilene Suter Coroniti

Kirby K. Hickey

Carol D. Henn

Ginger Rooks Stage

William S. C.

Thomas J. Driscoll

Paul H. Knipple

Stewart T. Herman

Richard M. Fad

Lance F. Kolts

Kent H. Hollinger

Marie Gerbino Lieb

Diane Leeb Leighton

Diane L. La Penna

Jane Siegfried

Frank F. Matla

Barbara L. Mueller


Judith Derk McKendry

Sharon Gallagher

Eugene F. Mares

Carol Ann Roman


Edward M. Meyers


Barry M. Scheinberg

James R. Morgan

George J. Pavlinsky


Dorothy Gandy Rolph

Calvin D. Peters

Jane Larzelere

Patricia Reichard Skrip

Michael J. Reber


Walter A. Thurber

Ruth Harris Runkle

Winifred A. White-

Scott R. Stoneback


Mary E. Wilson

Douglas E. Woosnam

Marianne Hunt Wolf

Colonial Club Robert L. Bilse Christopher W. Bracy Joseph T. Chickey Miranda Batteiger Croft David E. Freeze Carl J. Fritzinger Jr. Robert E. Greene C. Edward Odell Eric R. Shimer Esq. John D. Wait Mary Anna Skees Greyhound Club Eileen Doyle Bauer Robert P. Bees Elaine Mansback Berk Ronald J. Berta Kathryn Fretz Churchman Noel W. Coles Morgan Cowperthwaite Jr. Carol Morrow Dovan Thomas H. Evans Warren W. Fischer Richard R. Gerber Jeffry C. Gernsheimer Grethe Andresen Goodwin Georgia Unger Hartman Martin Horowitz Edward J. Hudak Jr. Trisha Babbitt Jones Roger A. Knisely George H. Knoll Richard B. Kratz Philip B. Landes Donna Marcks Line Patricia Toohey Lowman John W. Petley Gwendolyn Hooper Powell Linda Bruno Rice Dennis L. Robison Linda Froehlich Schreyer Brian H. Seeber

Constance Trembath

1967 Total Giving: $32,860 21% Participation Trustee Circle Henry W. Nehilla Comenius Society Alan L. Herd Judith Plocher Kaaua Kathryn Broczkowski Klein Barbara Frowery Matlaga Monocacy Club Neil T. Clewell Shayna Jaffe Geller Beverly Klausen Mancke Barbara Worsley Morgan D.M.D. Sandra Stewart Todd Founders’ Club C. Robert Adams Richard P. Koeppel Meta Linde Martin Dennis G. Rohn Clifford W. Young Jr. Colonial Club M. Elizabeth Brown Anthony Carol Carson Joseloff Joanne Hunsinger Stenman Dorothy Thomas Wait Greyhound Club Richard R. Chaiet Jacqueline Snyder Cox Richard C. Ditterline E. Wayne Dovan Marilyn Canivan Ely Judith Oravec Farquer William G. Farquer III Cynthia P. Fox

Zerfass Dianne Achey Zumas

1968 Total Giving: $87,238 34% Participation Chairman’s Circle Leslie C. Jones Trustee Circle Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth President’s Associates Carolyn D. Felker Constance Stirling Hodson Mary Kincaid Squarcia Heritage Club Robert L. Dutt Comenius Society W. Eugene Clater J. Michael Dowd Kathleen Doyle Dowd Robert C. Silcox Sr. Arthur W. Smith Jr. Roger O. Williams Monocacy Club Shirley Messics Daluisio Judith Gregg Homan Willa Howard Kravitz Peggy Bartholomew Melchior Donald G. Musselman Brian D. Parry Donald W. Powell Robert J. Semper Ph.D. Founders’ Club Valerie Papps Connors Edward S. Figuli Nancy Campbell Forgang

1969 Total Giving: $30,817 26% Participation President’s Associates Melissa Miller Robbins Heritage Club Linda Wells Lark F. James Hutchinson Comenius Society Denis M. Duvoisin Kathleen M. Fallon- Kline Ph.D. Bertie Francis Knisely Eric S. Ruskoski Susan Clay Smith Jean Holzinger Somers Monocacy Club William H. Grow Jr. Carol Ross Hoffman Joseph B. Lennert M.D. Robert S. Nitzberg M.D. Trudi H. Peters-Goral Jane Young Regina William T. Scheidig Donald F. Spry II, Esq. Richard C. Subber Founders’ Club Wesley Astheimer Noel J. DeSousa Walter V. L. Eversley Rosemary Polefka Fitzsimons Lee B. Herb Jeanne Krenicky Kipp Alma Coester McMahan Robert D. Rumfield Edward T. Sawicki Carol Flasch Waterman Colonial Club Elizabeth Riley Bell Jerry A. Clymer Joseph R. Koch Victor A. Muschlitz Thomas J. Neimeister David B. Richards Helen Bauder Seifert Greyhound Club J. Fred Baettig Elaine Witt Bath Richard J. Bath Donna Owen Baur G. Jean Beach

Bradford Jr.

Nancy Glassmoyer Brittingham Stanley J. Chickey David N. Clinton Susan Jankowski Conly Nancy Moon Cramer Charlotte Crone Cruse Mary R. Figlear Mary Kramer Fuehrer E. Robert Geyer Jr. Constance Urschitz Gilbert Lugenia Taccarino Guaraldo Robert J. Guerriere Grace Gustafson Halkins Barbara Wirth Heisler Elaine Kleinschuster Holtzman James B. Keim Barry L. Kleibscheidel Albert T. Koncsics John M. Lehnert Charles J. Miller George B. Moller Raymond L. Orth Barbara Holland Peters Carole Thomas Petley Caroline Funk Rabold Jack E. Schildt Patricia Hayes Schoeller Arthur W. Sheninger Kent L. Swartley Ruth Anne Veruki Thran Peggy Deily Van Doren Richard A. Westley JoAnn Lowe Wolfram

1970 Total Giving: $23,363 26% Participation President’s Associates Barbara A. Osborne Ph.D. Patricia Nemesh Schoenen Comenius Society Richard E. Anderson Jody R. Miller James L. Regina * Michael D. Schrenko D.O. Monocacy Club J. Hugh Gratz James Lynch

Founders’ Club Rosalyn Schaefer Brough William L. Buss David P. Ferraro Richard E. Geiser Frederic S. Hamlin Mary Ann Pritchard Schankel Joyce Harrison Shaffer John R. Stabile M.D. Mary-Susan Mackey Stoner R. Drew Thomson Henry F. Trexler Holden T. Waterman Ed.D. Joseph E. Williams Santa Corpora Zanchettin Colonial Club Richard J. Barsotti Robert L. Garrabrant Donna Shankweiler Keppel Linda J. Knauss Susan Kalas Miller John D. Pappas John T. Stieh Esq. Greyhound Club Joseph C. Anderko Ronald L. Barner Alice Campbell Bartholomew Eloise Dodson Brotzman Ronald A. Duh Timothy J. Foley Ed.D. Kim R. Frounfelker Phyllis M. Geisdorf Lee E. Houck Carol A. Hub Joseph W. Karaman Janet Rubin Kleibscheidel Paula Weiss Kuenzler John M. Kuzmick * David E. Lehr Thomas G. Matchette Deidre Kehs McKosky Martha Sternbergh Neff Cheryl Dietrich Neison Laura Haley Oakes Kathleen Feist Reed Joseph S. Schultz Arlene Forest Sjoblom Christine M. Steckel Otto A. Strassburg Mary Solek Tachovsky

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



thank you Tom A. Tenges

1971 Total Giving: $46,765 28% Participation Chairman’s Circle Robert P. Flicker President’s Associates David B. Vasily M.D. Comenius Society Howard E. Lubert Ph.D. Constance M. Sokalsky Monocacy Club Barry L. Buchman Colette Geier Lennert Henry G. Naisby Jr. Ruth Franges Rayna Founders’ Club James S. Brandl Patricia R. Burke Robert G. Doerr Daphne Greene Eversley Janice Goldberg Fischel Renae Happel Gollins John H. Harting Douglas H. Kleintop Barbara Woram Stabile Francis Thierer Jr. Nancy Ludtke Turner Colonial Club Robert R. Arnts Thomas W. Burke Jr. John N. Diacogiannis Erma Gaffen Hoover Annamarie Frisoli Knecht Eugene M. Lennon Gail A. Rhinehart Eileen Beck Riddell Susan Warren Rosander Rodney H. Saylor Dennis C. Shingledecker Sherie House Weber Greyhound Club Elaine Singer Anderko Gary D. Bailey Douglas E. Bauder Donald A. Beck Elizabeth Paizs Benotti Sandra A. Browning


Donna Abbott Burkhardt

Robert W. Dobosh

Timothy A. DeBiasse

John R. Hendrie

Kevin F. Jones Ph.D.

Loretta F. DeWalt

D. C. Dreger


Larry F. Hentz

Louise Burkhardt

Jean Dickenshied Diller

Elizabeth McKee

James M. Stevens

Irving A. Kaplan


Lorie Schlegel Dotter


Linda Joseph Stevens

Sandra J. Magill

Bernard V. O’Hare III

Mary A. Emery

Fred A. Lucrezi

M. Kathleen Figlear

Susan Sikora O’Hare

John F. Gehring Esq.

Judith Balogh

John J. Pesola

Sharon Harakal



Thomas A. Repasch

Thomas E. Kelly

Gloria E. Kern

Donna Fiorini Saylor

Alfred D. Konrad Jr.

Virginia Swett

Roy E. A. Ledbetter


John P. Madison

David W. Weber

Louis C. Melinsky

Susan J. Youtz

Barbara W. Miller

Jean Zamadics

Irene Gobel Neaman


David A. Peterson

Greyhound Club Elizabeth Gutekunst Bierkamp Alan J. Bosch Jennifer L. Cartwright Randy J. Clymer Steve E. Craver Linda Huth Crook Elizabeth Zapf Culpepper Theodore J. Drake Karen L. Gerhard-Conner Bruce C. Gill Bruce W. Hankee John R. Hyndman Joan Taggart Koch Marcia Reedman Madison Joseph M. Mangan Terrell C. McMann Beverly Miller Morgan Beverly J. Papps Skeffington Robert H. Paulsen Lois Missenharter Radford Sharon Beam Rohal Dennis J. Watcke Edmund C. Watkinson David R. Wilcomes Ronald J. Zelezen

Comenius Society Beverly S. Corkhill * Timothy S. Gardner Gary L. Johnson Beverly Gaston Kochard David Mirro Suleiman Modjadidi Norman D. Sam Peter D. Wolfe Monocacy Club Debra A. Dion-Faust William H. Eberts Jr. Saul Finkle Keith D. Lambie Barbara Hassler Martell Glenn J. Merkel Ph.D. Founders’ Club James H. Grifo Daniel Y. Joseph Thomas P. Kwiatek Paul R. Shelly * Robert K. Strunk II Colonial Club Barbara Schwarz Egerton John Arthur Egerton William D. Glaser Marguerite L. Meisenhelder Tamara Michael Dean R. Rohn Greyhound Club Cheryl Burger Abbott John C. Ardinger John R. Bashian Jane Schnader Webber Marvin L. Boyer Jeffrey B. Canfield Jill Kerst Coleman Vera Giaffo Cosgrove Martha E. Cox- Popichak Jeffry D. Curry Ronald R. Engleman William T. Frey Alicia Cavanaugh Goldfeder Barbara Kosa Greason Wendy Perry Hartung

Sara Paden Peterson Ruth B. Pope Ethel J. Pudleiner Stephen L. Seid Eileen F. Shanahan Jean Lewis Sheninger Thomas J. Sweetz Helen Hofmann Trent Betsy Prunest Walker

1972 Total Giving: $54,552 22% Participation Chairman’s Circle William A. Kimmel * President’s Associates Harry S. Clarke Jr., M.D., Ph.D. Maria Corpora Esq. Michael M. Ellis Comenius Society Jan R. Gollins Joseph A. Grieshaber Susan Collins Sillivan Monocacy Club Karen Bruckart Naisby Steven J. Santucci D.D.S. Harry E. Shea II Founders’ Club Elizabeth Lempke Cochrane Linda Roscoe de Seife James E. Ingalls Jr. Joanne E. Keim Tom Schwanda Robert B. Smith Colonial Club

John E. Riddell Jr.

1973 Total Giving: $58,896 20% Participation Trustee Circle Deborah Oplinger McKinnon President’s Associates Jennifer Swain Clarke

Malu Ph.D.

Jose E. Morales

Marie Skrilec Ph.D.

Robert E. Peterson

Carol Hunter Tice M.D.

Richard J. Segall

Colonial Club Leonard S. Buscemi Ph.D. Susan Chapman Boehret Ann McKittrick Claussen Catherine Guillan Dreger Patricia Rush Gombocz Edward F. Lester Rosalind Shapiro Lynch Thomas E. Mingora Charles S. Pohl Ronald B. Richter Barry L. Trauger Greyhound Club Donald J. Balogh Betsy Gustavsen Bradley Craig A. Cavanagh Mary Wagner Dawson Amy Thorpe Haggerty Theodore B. Harwick Michael J. Herczeg Phyllis T. Ianniello Charles H. Johnson Joseph E. Kempfer Leslie Ann Foley Kopf Frances Rupnik Kopy Linda Shears Krick Kenneth W. Orme Catherine Mazmanian Peterson Vanessa L. Price Victoria Moxham Reidy Alfred D. Schadle Bruce A. Sigmon Michael J. Tomasic John D. Weaver Deborah Kracht Weissbrodt Thomas W. Werley John A. Wright V.M.D.

Bernard Seif John H. Skeffington James E. Spengler John E. Stefanik Glen W. Stoudt Susan Reczek Verbalis Amy Schieferstein Williams

1974 Total Giving: $32,688 25% Participation President’s Associates Patricia Owen DeBiasse Robert C. May Heritage Club Janie Whallon Muir Comenius Society Lynn Castagnoni Gardner Linda Shay Gardner Esq. Thomas J. Rappolt A. Reed Raymond Renee L. Roberts Monocacy Club Melonia Berezny Charles Ph.D. Barbara Dillman Davies Charles W. Heidecker Keene J. Jabbour Esq. Gary T. & Linda H. Marsh Robert C. Mende Nicole Veraa Minnick Ph.D. Richard E. Moon Ed.D. Richard J. Schaedler Esq. John J. Zoshak D.O. Founders’ Club William F. Bauman Jeffrey B. Benner Linda Laible Campbell E. Cynthia Andreas Grifo Gary G. Jerabek

1975 Total Giving: $29,913 21% Participation

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015

President’s Associates Michael J. Perrucci Esq. Heritage Club Robert K. Gratz Marilyn L. Herwig Comenius Society Paul D. Balascki Timothy J. Berger Debra Lewis Zvanut Monocacy Club Donald A. DaVanzo Jr. Landis F. Frey Jr. Walter P. Latimer Daniel H. Pipeling Donna Jo Stayton Pipeling Kathy Cinelli Zoshak Founders’ Club Dale W. Campbell Richard E. Chaney Julie Morris Chowansky Daniel J. Elwood John W. Iobst Ph.D. Elizabeth A. Kovach Renuka Freeman McMahon John R. Mehler Linda Eagan Penrod Steven J. Rose Jean Y. Sun Shaw Gail S. Warren Colonial Club Joseph M. Burke Diane Warren Hartelius Scott Ingold Ed.D. Roberta Dollinger Leiby Cynthia K. Lewis-Hart Donald B. Lilley Marie Phillip Mingora Pamela Reeve O’Gorman Jonathan W. Werley Greyhound Club Patricia C. Ackerman Susan Bacci Adams Patricia Mahon Anderson Nancy Hirshman Bacak Judith Druckenmiller Baker Sarah Dinsmore Balogh Ralph E. Brodt III

Janet Schwanda

Ann L. Greenzweig


David N. Klotz

Linda R. Davis-Wallen

Craig S. Troutman

Deborah Brown Drake

Mark A. Wimmer

Richard E. Harney

Betsy Ann Stahl

Cheryl Rush Heck


John F. Heck

Greyhound Club Nicholas J. Ampietro Linda Kresge Beris John T. Boyer Kathleen Thompson Brent James G. Chase Dennis M. Coffin Dianne Cleasby Cook Wynne V. Edelman Jeffrey M. Epstein Richard J. Goch John W. Hair Amy Greiner Hawley Donna Heft Hoffman Barbara E. Jinetopulos Irene Silverio Kane Susan Gardner McConnell David M. Morganti James Ruzicka K. Dale Zusi Scolnick Robert N. Senst Cheryl Gilbert Sommer Jeffrey R. Zettlemoyer Richard D. Ziegler

Susan A. Henry-Trimble James T. Hicks Helen Kinder Hoover Richard C. Kovacs Nancy Martin Lasher Lucy Taylor Lasseter Beverly Kindred Nehilla Stephen C. Nehilla Denise L. Oldenhoff Mark Parseghian III, Esq. Jonathan M. Sargent Patricia Leonard Sargent David L. Schwoyer Sr. David W. Siebler Lynn Irwin Stoudt Pamela Mount Watkinson Heidi Stickel Wilkins

1976 Total Giving: $19,703 19% Participation President’s Associates F. Robert Huth Jr. Heritage Club Ralph W. Hunsicker Comenius Society Donna J. Lee Elizabeth E. Tober Lyon James S. Lyon Peter A. Raines Monocacy Club Gary M. Martell Robert M. McCormick Founders’ Club Sandra Dalrymple Gift Charles M. Glassmire Jr., Esq. Dean R. Jurgen Elizabeth Graybill Jurgen Joyce Cascario Kopko Stephen J. Kopko Barbara Koehler Pruitt Colonial Club Kathy Smith Boyd Lynn Kuhlmann Burke Patty Barnum Coxe Richard C. Doll

1977 Total Giving: $54,006 20% Participation Trustee Circle Gregg L. McNelis Thomas A. Ortwein Jr. President’s Associates Barbara Colbourne Huth Richard T. Kingston Jr., D.D.S. Comenius Society Robert E. Kafafian Mark D. Myslinski Frederick S. Patt Edwin E. Yeakel Monocacy Club Gwendolyn Thomas Bolger Kathryn Ozzard Chism Ina Kucey Kroc James M. Midgley Gail Adams Plumeri Jon E. VanValkenburg

Founders’ Club Mary Hubbs Gasdaska Keith W. Jones Douglas B. Learn Ph.D. Edward J. Puskaritz Anthony R. Villani Bruce M. Weaknecht Colonial Club Kenneth J. King James T. Storm Marta Balazs Storm Denise M. Torma Ed.D. Greyhound Club Georgene Mitilenes Bonard Thomas P. Bonard Yvonne Lettiere Boyer David P. Corrigan Esq. Page Lummer DeLong Irene Wolinski Fialkowsky Odell Guyton Esq. Karen Sufrich Jamann Wayne R. Kincaid Sharon Cahill Klamik Kathy A. Lemke Kathryn J. Lilly Janet B. Matts Louis F. Puskaritz Jeanette Piagesi Schinstine Elizabeth Glenfield Strohl Jeffrey R. Thorpe D.D.S. Roseann Casciani Weinstein 1978 Total Giving: $73,400 18% Participation 1742 Circle Placido A. Corpora Heritage Club Beth Ann Williams Boyer Nancy Likman Graham Colin G. Sandercock Esq. Comenius Society David W. Abbuhl Esq. Mary Faith Yanno Abbuhl Donald M. Bellis Randal R. Dietz James A. Dunstan Mark A. Fried Richard A. Leiby Jr.

Corinne Fusco Patt

Robin Ziegler Dogas

Michael Popowycz

Candy Barr Heimbach

Monocacy Club George J. Boksan Mary G. Mercer Robert E. Ternosky Martha Hughes Zimmerman Founders’ Club Martha Sears Anderson Paul Chowansky Barbara Krenick Rossi Colonial Club Robert J. Barnhart Esq. Beverly Wilkinson DiPaolo Joseph J. Haggerty Jr. Jane E. Jermyn Daniel G. Nigito Abbie Higginbottom Slaman Mark S. Yuhasz M.D. Greyhound Club Sarah L. Capawana Matthew L. Capuano Judith Labanz Colt Celia Kutner Connor Michael J. Cox Thomas S. Farnish Esq. Thomas N. Frey Karen Boyer Guyton Michael J. Hartigan Donna M. Kish-Goodling William W. Matz Jr., Esq. E. Blair McGwire Robin C. Murphy Esq. Jeanne Stoudt Puskaritz Elaine Andrulevich Schaeffer * J. William Velekei Susan L. Vitez Rebecca VanderPoel Zoellner


1979 Total Giving: $92,127 15% Participation Chairman’s Circle Anne McCandless Rampolla Kenneth J. Rampolla Heritage Club Kristina Jones Groller Comenius Society

Steven W. LeVan Jon P. Otis

Monocacy Club Keith F. Baeder Joanne Shaw Grant Susan Gangwere McCabe Richard J. Szarko M.D. Stephen R. Vanya Jane Frankenfield Weber Founders’ Club John F. Burke Ph.D. Mark W. Smith Esq. Scott C. Updegrave Colonial Club Peter F. Marion David C. Muth Joan Szvetecz Muth Irene Kresh Rosati Craig F. Wood Greyhound Club John A. Falk Dolores Stofan Fartel Judith C. Grant Ph.D. Cheryl L. Greengrove Ph.D. Doreen Knotts Newby John P. Jackman Mary Gordon Kirsch George P. Kurtz Jr. Jean Leach Lohmann Diane S. Lukac Esq. Donald B. Maier Michael P. Pattishall Raymond T. Young Jr. 1980 Total Giving: $11,995 14% Participation Comenius Society Robert E. Beitler Shari Miller Dunstan Patrick T. Parenty Daniel A. Polanski Esq. Monocacy Club Nancy Lorenzo Baeder Margaret E. Couch Robert J. Hardner Patrice Masluk Schwartzman Founders’ Club Douglas R. Anderson Ph.D. James D. Artuso M.D.

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



thank you Nancy Miller Fisher

Larry L. Knokey

Ronald R. Fulmer

Karen Sneath Tettelbach

Lori Ann Vargo Heffner


Gary L. Kiechel

Cynthia Cave Yanchek

Tracey Ann Knauss-

Colonial Club R. Theodore Burcaw Jr. Julia Cranford Folk Karl D. Gilbert George B. Hallock Jr.

Monocacy Club Maureen J. Beretsky Lois Wetzel Dieterly Michael S. Drescher David A. Hnatow M.D. Lisa Moyer Roth Robert L. Strauss Founders’ Club Faith Lamorelle Butt J. Christopher Landes

1982 Total Giving: $40,986 18% Participation President’s Associates Terri Koser Brady Laurie Riley Brubaker Brian H. Oswald Heritage Club Scott H. Warrick Comenius Society Suzanne J. Bleiler- Conrad Jon B. Conrad Patricia Murray Hanna

Cynthia Glessman

Colonial Club Judy Jones Curtis Stephen C. Kalamar III David C. Malloy Michelle Stein Miller Dean A. Molle Vivian Bates Noblett J. Daniel Pruitt Carl D. Wagner Greyhound Club Debra Brooks Nealy

Comenius Society Susan M. Bennett Bruce K. Mayer Ronald L. Miksiewicz R. Scott Shellington Monocacy Club Brian J. Hubert Nancy Albright Price Steven P. Zajac Founders’ Club Aletha Custer-Bacon Fassl Christina Schoeller Giesler Joseph E. Luksa Sarah Boone Olsheski Denise DeJoseph

Claude E. Kohl

Lawrence E. Olsheski Jr.

Scott T. Kocher


Jonathan E. Burcaw


Andrew W. Meckstroth

Colonial Club Mark J. Allender Celia Tonkinson Dollmeyer Ph.D. Allison E. Frantz Rene Baker Hallock Cynthia Bahr Pontius Tracy Campbell Roeder Greyhound Club Paul L. Albert Craig L. Bartlett Andrew H. Bender Mary Yavorski Bender Nancy Ponder Callahan Michael A. Collura Mary Mumper Desmond Peter S. Diehl Marlaine Rowe Fannin Christopher A. Faraci Suzanne Bonnell Frederick Lesley J. Hand David W. Innes Robert M. Kuhnhenn D.O. Cynthia Wiktor Kurtz Kimberly Criswell Lucas Michael J. Lucas Ronald P. Madensky Joseph D. Mixon Ann M. Pasternacki Donald R. Paulus Ph.D. Elaine Aagaard Sales Joseph A. Sebia David L. Shoemaker Steven J. Trunzo Emily Cook Vadasz Julie Carr Wityk

Diane Feeney Mateo

Carol Dybach Priebe

Raymond W. Carlier

James A. McAdoo

Kevin E. Raiser

Christina Haas Churilla

Margan Sztuk Mulvaney

Vanessa J. Schukis

Amy L. Daly-Donovan

Michael P. Rauscher

Frank A. Schwing

Michael T. Dougherty

Karen Glenn Yeakel

Renate Schroedel

Richard T. Duda

Monocacy Club Bruce C. Bender David T. Dieterly Jane Apgar Domitrowits William P. Feigley Ed.D. Sarah Miller Gallagher Susan Kressly M.D. Michael L. Magee David L. Price


Donny L. Fisher

Jamie Moll Singer

Stephen A. Gohdes

Tracey Bennett Stanton

Colonial Club Randolph S. Krail Lynne Morgan Neel Scott L. Phillips Linda Paerg Pruitt F. Joseph Werner O.D. Greyhound Club Barbara Devens Amidon Gary A. Brunvoll D.O. Shawn Jones Buskirk Peter G. Cohen Eric W. Csencsits Tammy Jacoby Dilendik Donna DalMaso Genay James Gentile D.O. Elizabeth Plarr Griscom David L. Griscom Michael F. Homa Nancy Bednar Horwath Michael B. Macy Wendy McKee Moore Susan Traficante Moscatello Brian D. Pell Helen Berta Rogusky Charles E. Schmidt Jr. John R. Shaffer Jeffrey W. Smith John R. Steiger Jr. Janice M. Thomas Ph.D. James P. Walters

1984 Total Giving: $10,058 14% Participation

1985 Total Giving: $11,830 12% Participation

Mary Beitler Beatrice

Kenneth D. Hanna

Kris Dragotta Yerry

Kevin M. Dougherty

Patrick R. Farace

Michael J. Beatrice

Tamera Boote Hatton

David M. Ziegler

Susan Pitonak Dwyer

J. Christian Giesler

Karl H. Butz

Douglas R. Hooper

Bernard J. Ezaki

Evan B. Howell

Craig S. Kafafian

Nancy Duckworth

Kirk M. Kozero


Michael J. McGee M.D.

Anita-Jean Wright

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Terroni Jr.

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Greyhound Club Dale A. Audenried Mark J. Buschi Janice L. Christofferson Deborah Tisdale Cozen Suzanne Hartman Diehl Daryl A. Eppley Robert D. Fleming Colleen Handlon Hendricks Sharon Burd Hontz Debra M. Horwath Brian E. Miller David L. Moyer Carol Vichiconti O’Connor Jody Vinzant Rennie 1981 Total Giving: $45,389 17% Participation Trustee Circle Ray S. Bishop Jr. Teri McCandless Bishop Comenius Society


Founders’ Club Jeff J. Bartlett Lois Rehberg Beamer Roy F. Boyd Sabrina Zimpfer Boyd Cindy Mask Klaassen Joseph J. Kroboth Patricia Lynch Pologruto Nadine E. Snyder Colonial Club Pamela Miller Daniels Donna Fabian Falk Joanne Belletti Molle Christy L. Paul David G. Sommers Greyhound Club Jacqueline Lovett Agostinho Cheryl A. Baker John C. Byrne Barbara Farrell Chilmonik Richard D. Daugherty

Warnke Patricia Hogan Kovacs Angelo J. LaDuca Jr. Monica Sterner LaDuca Joyce Mawhinney Mante Lisa Orlich-Mixon James A. Paradee

Babette Berger Guss

1983 Total Giving: $18,123 18% Participation Heritage Club Susan H. Kuenstner Comenius Society Michael G. Link Mary Ellen Markey Mayer Cynthia Pummer Rauscher Ronald J. Semanick Paul C. Sommers Monocacy Club Wendy Merkle Basta Thomas D. Christman Annette Budzak Landes Esq. Janet Loprete Magee Michael S. Wolfe Robert T. Yavorski Jr., M.D. Founders’ Club Patrice Starner Amin Edward S. Attarian Suzanne M. Bailey- Wheatall Tracy Young Biediger M.D. Joseph M. Brenner

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Jr., M.D.

Kathleen McMullen Schafer Elsie Kean Schwing Vicki Persson Scullion Ed.S. Deborah Butler Shaffer

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Heritage Club Richard D. Hooper Comenius Society Kerry S. Freidl Esq. Gregory J. Tavalsky Monocacy Club Paul M. Brock Jr. Pamela Greeno Campbell Kathleen DelGuercio Kececi Jill Hannah Waskiewicz Founders’ Club Jo-Ann Brantley Brenner Christopher J. Brown Peter Z. Lega Wendy Talmont Lega Eileen A. Morgan Meitzner Lynne Murray Morgan Colonial Club Holly J. Edwards Lisa J. Foulke Earlaine Coleman Klingler Ruth Errico Olson Lori N. Schmeisser Greyhound Club John A. Andretti Carol Schlaefer Halvorson Evan Y. Haruta Richard C. Hassick II Deborah Beaver Hess Harris C. Hoke Jr., Ph.D. Ruth Schultes Huth Megan B. Lamb Joseph J. Lewinski III Paula Colizzo Lewinski Brian K. Lewis Joseph E. Mattes Jr. Lori Scholz Mauger Anita Finelli Maura Valerie Hand Morris Donna Beck Reagan Cathy Snyder Shaffer Lisa Rothdeutsch Warner 1986 Total Giving: $24,979 9% Participation Trustee Circle Terence L. O’Rourke Jr., M.D. President’s Associates

Bryan W. Sandmann,

David C. Stoyer


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Kenneth C. Yee

Comenius Society Linda L. Atiyeh Glenn A. Geissinger Joseph M. Shosh Ph.D. Monocacy Club Tarek M. Bugaighis Craig P. Danielson Douglas W. Derstine Jeffrey C. Ketz Scott A. Wood Founders’ Club Julie Anderson Atwood John D. Diehl Karen Mengel Graham Carla Kedl Green Mark D. Inglis Colonial Club Keith R. Bachman CPA, CVA, CGMA Alease Duker Chabrak Peter D. Chimera Rosemary Rocco Laino Matthew C. Longenderfer David L. Marcus Esq. Wendy B. McSwain David M. Romanelli Greyhound Club Frank Alessandra Michael D. Anthus Ara R. Avrigian Esq. Sofia D. Bakis Lisa M. Bechtel Randall K. Brown Lewis K. Christman III Louis R. Cooper Jr. John W. Gerencher Evelyn Estephan Hanni Catherine Martin Janny Mathew A. Pirozzi Paul M. Polsky Lisa Sibilia Rhinehart Karen Walters Scott Alexis Odinov Stambaugh Joan Simons Starnes Jane Lantz Urban

Kurt J. Poling

Heritage Club Todd E. Bateson Comenius Society Gayle Fischer Rowland Monocacy Club Joan Kiefer Dickinson Kelly K. Krieble Ph.D. Randy P. Longo Founders’ Club Kathleen Cannon James R. Lasko Ralph F. Mittl Scott K. Rhinehart Robert J. Snyder James F. Swartz III, Esq. Lynda Farrell Swartz Carol A. Traupman- Carr Colonial Club Gayle Stevens Dimmick Susan Henly Phillips Greyhound Club Kristin Matz Gawlik Christopher P. Gilbert Ph.D. Jodi Frank Guro Catherine Holbrook Hettrich Eric P. Marquard John D. Morris Joan L. Reinhard Alice Ritter Samuels William M. Schoonmaker Maryann Kozlowicz Shyken John C. Walton Valerie Dale White 1987 Total Giving: $19,122 17% Participation President’s Associates Gary L. Long Heritage Club Claire M. Klatchak Comenius Society Bruce C. Spencer Monocacy Club Rusty S. Bealer Elizabeth Tyler Bugaighis Ph.D. Todd J. Dickinson Ronald M. Kriner D.O.

Founders’ Club Shelly Bachman DeLong Jeffery R. Frekot Ray J. Pfeiffer Jr., Ph.D. Pamela



Colonial Club Sandra Hammel Cinque Kenneth R. Franiak Frances G. Holahan Edith Fuchs Lewis Douglas R. Litzenberger Pharon L. Metzger Denise O’Neill Ph.D. Philip T. Page Amanda Taylor Roth James A. Roth Diane Hvizdak Taylor Joseph A. Zaia Greyhound Club Mark S. Annett Daniel P. Bloom Bryan L. Clelland Georgine K. Danyi V.M.D. Michael D. Deegan Philip J. Dommel Andrea Shuhan Gelber Douglas C. Green Richard T. Gurniak Michael A. Guro Robert W. Heck Jr. Kathleen Hanifan Hoke James B. Horwath Karen Morton Jensen Joseph C. Kovacs A. Michael Mancini Martin J. Polakovic Timothy P. Ronan Leonard J. Selner Jeffrey S. Sharer Lori Chomo Traupman 1988 Total Giving: $31,779 14% Participation President’s Associates Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr. Teresa Segar Long Christopher A.

1989 Total Giving: $14,205 9% Participation President’s Associates Raymond J. Reimer Comenius Society Kathy Kratzer Hughes

Monocacy Club Gianine M. Christiano Joseph M. Dremock John F. Korn Founders’ Club James B. Galbraith III Lorraine Matuczinski Gyauch Christine Wasser Hess Christine Germuga Rander Erik D. Rander Scott A. Stanilious Colonial Club Daniel E. Carusi Louis E. Chomo Karen Helms Demarest Greyhound Club James B. Anderson Bonnie Sue Banks- Beers James W. Beers M. Paul Belinsky Salvatore F. Calandra III John W. Csencsits John T. Dittbrenner Jr. Rita M. Fortino Richard H. Hoffman Samantha Wood Mancini John J. Patrignani Stephanie L. Robison Timothy G. Seltzer 1990 Total Giving: $59,646 14% Participation Trustee Circle Bryon L. Grigsby Ph.D. Honnie P. Spencer M.D. President’s Associates Andrew W. Hart Heritage Club Steven J. Burd Thomas R. Ike Walter T. Wandall Comenius Society Beth Hance Arnold Richard P. Graham Sharon Duffy Graham Jane Tatum Helstrom Gregory D. Hughes Gavin B. Rubin Esq. Elizabeth Jennings Schreier Robert A. Verrone

Monocacy Club Kraig J. Correll Jennifer Smith Dieter Kenneth J. Karch William J. Liaw D.O. Jean Mulroy Tewell Founders’ Club Erika Bayles Mondok Kendall R. B. Dobbins M.D. Keith W. Kardos Ph.D. David M. Mittl Victoria Healy Ministri Anthony D. Sabino Beth Unangst Sawickij Greyhound Club Lauren Lauderbaugh Allen Michael J. Bloom Lee S. Detrick Marc D. Friedenberger Andrea Fuller Giedosh Paul J. Groeber Jr. Jamie Rittenhouse Kopko Michael M. Melsky Donna M. Moser Robert C. Schmell C. Melissa Ledbetter Slayton Sarah L. Somers LeAnn Blose Stitzel Susan J. Weinlick 1991 Total Giving: $84,868 12% Participation 1742 Circle David A. Zinczenko Trustee Circle Jonathan D. Soden President’s Associates Elinor Shute Hart Daniel P. Petrozzo Heritage Club Kimberly Deischer Ike Suzanne Kmet Diaz Comenius Society Armando M. Lopez Brian C. Sarisky Monocacy Club Judith Tobias Chuisano Kristin Brugger Dremock Dana A. Mint-Danielson Founders’ Club Francis R. Mozgai Jr.

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



BETH WILLIAMS BOYER ’78 For Beth Williams Boyer ’78, the Moravian College Leadership Council is just one way she gives back to the College and community. In addition to volunteering at Central Moravian Church and sitting on numerous community boards, Williams-Boyer and her husband created an annual giving scholarship. She has also served on the alumni board, as well as participated in many on-campus activities. As a longtime hospital social worker at St. Luke’s, Williams-Boyer says her dual degrees in social work—with its required internships and professorial supervision—and psychology were an excellent way of preparing herself for that career path. “Working with the agencies and then the professors, I felt very prepared to go out and do what I’ve been doing,” she says, adding that she learned the importance of giving back from two noteworthy mentors in particular. “My father, Alfred Williams, set that example first,” she says. “He went to Moravian on a full scholarship and always felt he owed a debt of gratitude to the College. He went on to become Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and it was his successor, Priscilla Payne Hurd, who continued the lesson.” Williams-Boyer cites a favorite quotation of Hurd, from Luke 12:48—“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” The Council is an important means of putting that drive into action, and Williams-Boyer has a simple means of inspiring others to engage. “Ask yourself where you and your family would be if you didn’t have your Moravian College education,” she says. “The Council allows alumni to be heard,” she adds.“The administration is listening, and their feedback enables us to tell other alumni what’s happening on campus. We come from varied backgrounds, and we represent different age groups, but it takes that whole 360-degree sweep of skills to move the Council forward. I think the more people are involved in it, the more they will see just how much the administrators value our input.”


Demeitrius V. Sawickij

Jennifer Lettie Chomo

Jesse H. Lawrence III,

Robert L. Topkis D.O.

John L. Fourney


Colonial Club Richard A. Capra Timothy M. Cunniff Mark A. Fielding Matthew J. Hosfeld Patricia A. Ward Greyhound Club Catherine A. Bleiler John B. Callahan John A. Dooley Timothy J. Fahringer Jeannine Renninger Fielding Robert L. Godown Jr. James R. Hardin III Michael K. Howey Charles E. Jost Stephen C. Jost Regina Zavecz Kochmaruk Lynn M. Kuster Janice E. Lee John H. Moran Peter A. Morgan Robert F. Patten Timothy J. Prochnau Susan Knasiak Raley Dwight D. Repsher Rebecca Williams Slominski Lorraine Willey Snyder Frank J. Stettner III Stephen L. Tone Linda Locher Weiss

Lionel B. Fraser III

Amanda B. Lutz-Beheshti

Heather Friedel Hosfeld

Laurel Blair Mikovits


Nicholas T. Sacco

Michael T. Kriner

Richard P. Solari

Thomas H. Luhman

Hugh D. Williamson Ph.D.

1992 Total Giving: $19,438 9% Participation Trustee Circle Teresa Rizzo Soden Comenius Society John J. Kruse Susan Sandt Lopez Monocacy Club Sherry Rohn Clancy Christina M. Lawrence D.M.D. Mary Becker Powell Scott M. Wilhelm Esq. Founders’ Club David P. McCarthy Stefanie Padula Mozgai Mark R. Newsome Neil V. Pagotto John N. Quinones Colonial Club William J. Casciano

Carmella Solito Mattes Edward J. Rekai Beth Derr Zmijewski V.M.D.

Greyhound Club Krista Fassl Carson W. Christian Carson Kevin Drake David S. Fields Marta Boulos Gabriel Paula Giancamilli Hardin Joseph R. Kopko Jr. Todd S. Sturza 1993 Total Giving: $63,579 9% Participation 1742 Circle William S. Schaninger Jr., Ph.D. President’s Associates Todd D. Parlee Heritage Club Hilary Martin Wandall Esq. Comenius Society Donald B. Pinkowsky Monocacy Club Barbara E. Reuper- Baum Founders’ Club Anonymous Donor Amy Endler Linda Hulse LaPointe Colonial Club Jeffrey N. Gibbs Thomas F. Harper John E. Mattes III Michelle Litzenberger Trent Greyhound Club Carrie Schaller Bachman James C. Barclay D.D.S. Kathryn Schaar Burke Christopher B. Buzby Sara B. Donches Thaddeus J. Encelewski Kristine Yurko Groeber Connie S. Grube Linda A. Hager Patrick Herrity

1994 Total Giving: $10,468 12% Participation Comenius Society Kevin M. Andris Esq. Denise A. Bradley Anne Shea Gaza Esq. Joseph M. Michalczyk Anthony E. Schuler Monocacy Club M. Bridget Heal John M. Hoffer Dale Intemann van Gelder Founders’ Club Shane M. Hollawell D.P.M. C. Lenny Konzelmann Danny P. Maalouf Jane Kerbacher McCarthy Colonial Club Deborah Maier Arabia Christopher C. Arabia Lori A. Halenar Jean A. Jones Eric A. Lambinus Cindy L. Snow Greyhound Club Marianne B. Anestad Cathy Bower Bonaskiewich Charles E. Bowman Karen Lechman Brady Tara Wentz Brown Lisa A. Cardwell Deena Diorio Cross Judson W. Frank Michael J. Hahn Kevin R. Harstine Nancy Williamson Hooke Marie Serfass Hosier Karl E. Klinger Joan Vargo Krem Elizabeth Charney Cannon Lawson Esq. Maureen James Lippincott Curtis W. Mease Ann M. Schlottman

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FALL 2015

thank you Heather Strizalkowski

1999 Total Giving: $5,385 8% Participation Comenius Society Jennifer Coffin Dodd Ph.D. Joshua P. Dodd Monocacy Club William F. & Mary Ann Harzer Founders’ Club James J. Bradbury D.O.

Robert Petrosky

Jeffery F. Brill

Justin T. Potts

Merica Gellerman

Ryan M. Shick

Catherine B. Huegler

Stephen M. Van Horn

Jennifer L. Page

Jamie Reese Yocum

Kelly Lubenesky

David W. Zimmerman

Founders’ Club Katie Copf Van Der Linden Colonial Club Merci A. Hamilton Scott A. Heydt Michelle Hoopes Treichler Greyhound Club Melissa Herzog Cerco Andrew J. Cerco Ricky C. Gower Patricia Smith Hoyt Christina L. Mondschein Adrienne Krosecz Schultz Inna Kolesnikova Scully Emily J. Shertzer

James P. Orlando, Ed.D

Patricia Horwath Smith

Leslie D. Smith

John R. Stanley Ph.D.

Greyhound Club Jean Becker Anderson Erin Enderlin Bloys Patrick J. Egan Esq. Kathleen Stiely Frank Royce J. Jacomen Carla Thomas Lindenmuth Nancy J. Moffett Mark T. Morrissey Alan J. Pape Cynthia Rader-Geyer Amy Croll Souders Robin North Stankowski

Ryan T. Walters

1995 Total Giving: $29,120 9% Participation Trustee Circle Amy Kohler Howard President’s Associates Janna Barclay Parlee Heritage Club Britt J. Simon, Esq. Comenius Society

Comenius Society Mary Kate Turowski Andris Ed.D. Stephen M. Mathey Laura Kellers Queen Ed.D. Monocacy Club Deborah Yuengling Ferhat Bradley M. Lamm D.P.M. Tennant D. Magee Sr., Esq. Richard Senker Ph.D. Founders’ Club Daphne Rhoton Pierce

Mark A. Bonsall


Gregory E. Webb

Sedef Koktenturk

Colonial Club Carl S. Appollina Kristen Jones Appollina Alenda B. Gardner Darren S. Hoch Greyhound Club Robert E. Bennett III Frank C. Chou Kevin P. Edwards Roberta Longo Gally Tracy Wartman Harris Eric M. Kniskern Esq. Jennifer Heberling Krausz Dorothy Elizabeth Rohn- Habhegger Carl B. Selmasska Susan Knowles Weber Jason M. Yasenchak

Karen Mang Tricomi Marlene L. Wachelka Ursula Morike Wuerth

Founders’ Club Krisa Murray Arzayus Aubrey L. Hicks Lena K. Kenan Edward J. Roach Colonial Club Kim N. Christman Kimberly Baenziger Harper Melissa Hertzog Johnson Janet Kucey Kovalchick Hugh P. McHugh Greyhound Club Karen Mattes Anderko Kevin C. Anderko William R. Anderson Peter T. Cook Frank J. Csrnko Jr. Christopher J. Fox Peter M. Gervasoni Frederick A. Harris Tanya Thear Hood Mary Beth Anfuso Horner Gregory A. Krausz Cynthia Ballato Mannon Rebecca Kleintop Owens Keith W. Quelet Karen M. Stupic 1996 Total Giving: $15,343 7% Participation Heritage Club Christopher J. Brown

1997 Total Giving: $7,913 6% Participation President’s Associates Michael L. Karapetian Founders’ Club Rebecca Kobler Brooking BethAnn Schrey Folcher Renee Bond Geiger Phillip N. Geiger C. Eileen Kutzler Colonial Club Lauren A. Baksa Sarah Crews Chriscoe Jason M. Maslowski John D. Rossi III

Jennifer A. Schaeffer

Colonial Club Allison D. Harteveld Greyhound Club Margaret L. Buss Robert J. England Gordon W. Frack Jr. Margaret M. Frantz Richard A. Gaugler Jr. Lisa G. Hahn-Egan Ph.D. Geoffrey D. Hood Esq. Christie J. Jacobsen Kara Heck Kline Jane M. Knisely Ph.D. Ostomy Matthew Amy Sandt Morgan Matthew B. Peak

Danielle J. Shisko-Guyer

Jennifer M. Stickney D.V.M.

1998 Total Giving: $7,365 7% Participation Comenius Society Melissa Hege Ayala Richard J. Bianco Jr., Esq. Monocacy Club David P. Nocek Kara Crampsie Nocek Jena Woods Pado Founders’ Club Edward S. Brooking Michael M. Folcher Lori B Lawler Audrey Weaver Sparks John A. Walls II Colonial Club Jennika Eckhaus Borger Jonathan L. Borger Zaleina Khan Kartick Susan J. Terry Greyhound Club Alan A. Babp Joseph P. Braunstein Jeremy Todd Campbell Joan M. Gaetaniello James A. Gold Christy Danko Graybeal Ph.D. Alison Parpagene Long Tara Wartman McClimon Judith A. Moll Stephanie Ann Newman Sharon Somishka Shankweiler

Gregory A. Woods


Colonial Club Charles E Gardner Jill Ayers Gold Joshua G. Gold Stephanie L. Rickards Corrigan Greyhound Club Keith M. Dalton Sara deMange Fox Michael J. Fragassi Gracinda S. Glick Laura Ann Gordon William J. Haskins Tyler W. McClimon D.C. Marsha L. Stiles Evett Vega Lynne Grzywacz Webb Elizabeth Chamberlain Zoccola Kathleen Aguanno Zurenko 2000 Total Giving: $4,609 7% Participation Heritage Club Jeremy M. Straub Founders’ Club Ashley J. Heiberger Douglas M. Kleintop Jennifer L. Sheeto Psy.D. Brian D. Unangst

2001 Total Giving: $5,487 7% Participation Comenius Society Hal A. Long Monocacy Club Philip J. Black Anthony C. Rediger Rebecca Matijasich Stadelmeyer Founders’ Club Amy DePuy M.D. Andrew C. Grezlak Colonial Club Kimberly S. Ghali-Rao D.M.D. David S. Jordan Dustin Levy Ph.D. Sarah Parker Makovsky Michael H. Milunec Greyhound Club Hilary J. Constable Amalia G. Dignetti Alexander W. Egan Keri Schantz English Esq. Douglas L. Joseph Allison Fisk Mootz Carole R. Olszewski Joseph G. Pochron Rebecca Falk Rader John D. Rhinehart Paulette A. Roberts

Stegmaier Clara J. Thorne Tracy Hamill Walters

2002 Total Giving: $9,148 6% Participation President’s Associates Brian J. Corvino Comenius Society Julie Jones Shilane, Ph.D. Monocacy Club Josh W. Cesare Matthew W. Seaman Christopher S. Szutar

2003 Total Giving: $13,376 12% Participation President’s Associates D. Wayne Barefoot Comenius Society Timothy C. Deily Kelly McLean Rindock Monocacy Club Catherine Halley McCormick Joshua D. Weaknecht Founders’ Club Victoria Homko Piccotti J. William Reynolds Scott S. Zientek Colonial Club Kenneth C. Greb Laila S. Khoury-Wood

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



Shelly A. Levulis D.P.M.

Ermioni Barikos


Alyson L. Remsing

Elise Alexander

Justin P. Driscoll

Jeremy C. Sawruk


Brynn Chromiak

Michael J. Zile

Michael D. Grillo Esq.


Greyhound Club Dennis F. Batovsky Charles L. Bowden Jr. Jon R. Buskirk Lisa M. Casciani- Schmidt Vincent P. Cowlishaw John A. Cupples IV Daniel E. Diefenderfer Neali Miller Feimster Rosa M. Fernandes Lori B. Geisinger John R. Giacchi Jr. Alisa Anderko Gonzalez Wilson Gonzalez Cynthia Wright Gorman Sarah Leiby Gower William B. Harris Sarah Dreydoppel Hriniak Richard C. Kulp III Dina M. Liberatore Jarrod M. Pence Jason P. Pozniak Jarod F. Rhinehart Jennifer Tori Shick Nathan A. Siegfried Ph.D. Patrick J. Sinclair Charles S. Tice Kristin L. Vazquez

Greyhound Club Nicholas P. Aprea Kimberly Hughes Bennett Justin T. Bennett Kimberly A. Broadbent Brynn Saltzer Buskirk Matthew J. Donnelly Janice E. Farber Anne Mayer Finnegan Stephen J. Hartenstine Anthony C. Iannetta Rebecca S. Kalapay Greta L. Kistler Kelly Warner Kulp Alissa Bucsi Kwiatkowski Jason R. Kwiatkowski Stephen J. Maslanek Anthony M. Merz Joshua C. Miller Kevin J. Miltenberger Brooke Ehasz Rhinehart Daniel R. Seyfried Kimberly Baird Shank Tracy E. Smith

James T. Feimster

2004 Total Giving: $14,085 9% Participation President’s Associates Jaime Marks Corvino Heritage Club Jennifer Hastings Deily Comenius Society Borko Milosev Monocacy Club Ethan J. P. Ordog Esq. Richard A. Villone Founders’ Club Heidi Keglovits Caldwell Charles DePuy Carrie L. Fellon Kaitlyn Cerco McKittrick Melissa Soroka Williams Scott T. Williams Colonial Club Marissa Weaknecht Ambron D.O.


2005 Total Giving: $7,105 9% Participation Comenius Society Heather McGarvie Corey Daniel A. Corey Charlsie Keefe James Todd R. James Monocacy Club Heather Post Villone Founders’ Club Katie M. Suib Cathleen Lavelle Williams Colonial Club Christine A. Bobick Michelle Lala Clark Renee E. Garin Leah Elizabeth Holmes Regina A. LaCaruba Kara A. Mergl Courtney A. Wertman- Stambaugh Greyhound Club Lisa Bott Calandra Alyssa C. DeSimone Jennifer Kunes

Jacqueline Collette

Fox Esq.

Christina Wallace Garr Kelly M. Haymaker Beverly G. Hockemeier Ruth Ann Moyer Sara Fiske Pogue Stephanie Beitler

Rauch-Mannino Esq.

Guy R. Read Sheila Lichtenwalner Sacks Scott T. Silvoy Rebecca S. Stewart

2006 Total Giving: $2,399 7% Participation Monocacy Club Amanda M. Logan Founder’s Club Scott J. Burke Colonial Club Eric J. Cuevas Amy Frantz Gross Gregory K. Rarick Greyhound Club Shannon Gardner Bakros Neil V. Caniga John Albert Danatzko John D. Donofrio Carolyn Elliott Evans Matthew T. Hovey Esq. Stephanie Seaman Kennedy Kevin B. Landis Tara Harding Miltenberger Jill Brinckman Palmer Dawn K. Parker Timothy A. Reinhart Kristin E. Schol Lauren B. Shanoskie Lauren Castrantas Spiece Gerald J. Venturino Ryan E. Walker Courtney L. Werner Ph.D. Richard T. Wilkins III Bryan S. Wolf Brendan J. Wright Ph.D.

2007 Total Giving: $3,495 8% Participation Comenius Society Julia E. Gasdaska Founder’s Club Daniel A. Gohdes Esq. Shawn M. Martell Jennifer Gillard Shotto Lauren Homa Thompson Colonial Club Kelly M. Applegate Jennifer Connolly Rarick Jeremy R. Walker Greyhound Club Laura Sahlender Boyer Tyler K. Boyer Matthew R. Brehm MacKenzie E. Cameron Peter J. Cunha Esq. Jessica Cusumano Forcine Clifford W. Garr II Kyle A. Keller Eric M. Kratz Christina M. LaVecchia Samantha A. Madison Jillian Mlynek McMullen D. Patrick McMullen Thomas Joseph Mondschein Travis C. Nace Marissa Sharon Ramirez Scott G. Shelbo Emily R. Starner Brian H. Tarulli Stefanie Risko Venturino Colin L. Welles Brian T. Wright Brittany L. Zebro 2008 Total Giving: $4,113 10% Participation Monocacy Club John C. Mikovits R.N. Daniel G. Soares Founders’ Club David F. Carr Sabrina E. Ruch Colonial Club Allison R. Boyd Jessica Preston Grillo Taylor S. Knabb Andrea Jean Miles Rebecca Angstadt



Geoffrey M. Roche

Kevin A. Gambrino

John P. Wagner

Jenny A. George

Greyhound Club Eric E. Adams Matthew D. Adams Laura A. Bauer Daniel M. Bobick Keith R. Brotzman Stephen A. Buynovsky Joshua A. Collis Amelia J. Dietrich Devon L. Erdmanis Nikki Benson Falcone Megan Kocon Franzyshen Mark B. Franzyshen Marisa A. Gennace Matthew T. Hegarty Daniel J. Huster Tammy Smith Kovacs Andrew D. Lynn Colleen M. Marsh Julia B. Miles Peter L. Moore Michael E. Peck Ashley E. Pizzino Omar F. Ramirez Daniel C. Scavone Katharine E. Sisco Julia J. Southern Kerri Umholtz Vitale Christina Roccamo Welles

Anthony Giovannini

2009 Total Giving: $4,813 9% Participation Comenius Society Joseph P. Durso Founders’ Club Deborah Martin Arner Alicia Abbuhl Gohdes Hakim A. Myers Colonial Club Jeremiah D. Reinhart Raymond Garcia Jr. Paul G. Mack Preston D. Knauer Greyhound Club Revé A. Anderko Benjamin J. Becker Katarina A. Birle Laura Boyd Braxmeier Thomas A. Braxmeier Meredith Wertheim Brehm Daniel Foltz-Morrison Alexander M.

Tyler R. Hersch Susan L. Herschlag Alicia D. Kresley Sarah E. Lucci Donald L. Maxwell Srdjan M. Milosev Helen Benson Nace E. Audrey Rafferty Carl P. Robinson Chelsea Zellner Santoro Libby Baumgartner Seyfried Deborah Snyder Kristin M. Staunton Amanda King Swietlik Andrew J. Trontis Matthew J. Velekei Kasey Lund Walker Karen M. Zavecz

2010 Total Giving: $1,589 5% Participation Founders’ Club Kristen E. Connerat Dylan S. Stroup Colonial Club Justin R. Serfass Greyhound Club Zachary M. Andes Matthew R. Bross Chelsea N. Dotta Danielle C. DuBois Kaitlyn N. Lewis Joseph D. Melchionna Mark William Newman Rachel E. Riggs Meinardo R. Santos Nancy Schreefer Philip M. Spence Sarah Ann Thomas Eric M. Weaver Meredith E. Wright Kevin M. Yarzab Peter D. Zimmer 2011 Total Giving: $3,449 7% Participation Monocacy Club Robert C. Brown Cody Anne Lutz Brown Jacob A. Millen Founder’s Club Lucas A. Smith

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015

thank you Greyhound Club Anisa Kocher Albertson Jonathon T. Baltz Vanessa C. Bernardo Christopher J. Cullen Thomas J. Dailey Carli Timpson Feldman Kelly L. Grab Maryann Salamone Gross Maureen E. Helfers Alex J. Hersch Brian T. Hunscher Laurie Egner Kilian Matthew D. Levine Michael A. McClarin

Allen W. Petros Jr.

Ericka M. Blair

Robert D. Brands

Allissa B. Hoffman

Dalia K. Omran

Katherine J. Pritchett

Danielle N. Brogan

Kaylan A. Bruzzone

Michael T. Hofmann Jr.

Daniel B. Ortwein

Gregory C. Scarlato II

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Nicholas K. Fitzsimmons

Kelianne M. Comitalo

Devon L. James

Alana Persad

2013 Total Giving: $1,375 6% Participation Founder’s Club Matthew C. Cordes Colonial Club Amanda Jayne Werner Greyhound Club

Harrison E. Fonteix

Vincent C. Confalone

Taylor J. Jennings

Katherine J. Peters

Kenneth R. Gula

Lewis M. Cooper

Garrett P. Kashmer

Photini A. Petrides

Ben Richard Hammel

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Benjamin Pfenning

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Amy M. Dalmas

Amanda J. Kenney

Justin M. Pilchman

Casey L. Hilferty

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Hailey M. Kester

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Elaine Newton Deitch

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Claire DelCasale

Jillian Kluyber

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Christopher J. Klump

Ashley E. DeLorenzo

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Morgan N. Redmond

Eavan M H Matz

Krystal R. Dering

Emily A. Krall

Kiera A. Reilly

Cassandra Cleveland

Reynard M. Benschop

Robert Q. McClarin

Izel N. Dickerson

Jennifer A. Kriz

Andrew N. Richmond


Gabriella A. Breithaupt

Jennifer M. Parodi

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Nicholas D. Roberts

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Arielle J. Brent

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Timothy M. Smith

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Jacob F. Schweitzer


Robert Solano

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2012 Total Giving: $3,606 7% Participation Comenius Society Andrew J. Shreter Monocacy Club Michelle A. Hanna Founders’ Club Matthew A. Lutcza Alexandra S. McCormick-Smith Colonial Club Matthew W. Gibson Ian W. Heck Greyhound Club Melissa S. Andreas Alexandra L. Blair Jaclyn S. Borden Elizabeth Ann Brundage Jenna L. Carmon Nicole M. Churilla Niccolo J. Dalpiaz Douglas P. DiMattia Samuel W. Grigsby Megan Hallowell Carolyn A. Latkovich Natalie C. Lawrence Justin M. Miranda Keila Delgado Olmeda

Nathaniel K. Ferraro Brittany E. Garzillo Mona Lisa Gonzalez Rajwinder Kaur Stevie N. Klie Brook M. Kowal Bradley H. Kutcha Michael W. O’Gorman Anna M. SantaMaria Kyle R. Stackhouse Ryan K. Stocker Ian J. Vogler Eileen A. Wan Marissa E. Zondag

2014 Total Giving: $2,212 8% Participation Monocacy Club Myles V. Barros Founders’ Club Evelyn Garcia Unangst Colonial Club Shelley A. Speirs Cory M. Creen Greyhound Club Kelsy-Ann S. Adams Alicia S. Altemose Samantha L. Bartley

2015 Total Giving: $4,557 55% Participation Colonial Club Joseph R. DiSarno Christopher D. Lansberry Shane M. McCaslin Patrick A. Perone Greyhound Club Benjamin J. Abbott Taylor Abruzzese Victoria V. Adamovich Johnathan X. AhbezMiller Kyle E. Apgar Spencer Bahel-Mowrer Kelsey L. Bailey Ryan G. Barwick Devon M. Bedell Shannon L. Bensetler Kristin M. Beutler Casey M. Bill Nicholas R. Billera Christine M. Bishop Chelsea N. Bortz Emilie B. Bortz Alexandria L. Boyce Samuel L. Boyer Owen J. Bradley Alyssa R. Brandle

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



MARK D. MYSLINSKI ’77 It’s hardly rare for students to change majors during their college careers, but Mark D. Myslinski ’77 credits his switch with actually launching him on his eventual career path. After starting as a biology major, Myslinski switched to business after his sophomore year. With that base of experience in science and business, as well as involvement in the Amrhein Investment Club, he entered the growing healthcare industry after graduation. Today, more than 20 years later, Myslinski is using his experience in pharmaceuticals and healthcare—not to mention the intellectual curiosity that the liberal arts education taught him to foster—to lead teams that help oncologists solve challenging diagnostic problems. In addition to the contributions made to the medical field, Myslinski sits on the board of First Tee of the Lehigh Valley, as well as various research foundation boards including a publicly traded diagnostic company, MDXHealth. What’s more, he gives both his time and finances to the College that he says has been so good to him. “Without the scholarship I received from Moravian, I would still be paying off my student debts,” he says. “That financial support was very much needed, and I am committed to giving back to those who gave when I was in need.” The Leadership Council is an important element of that need reciprocate, and Myslinski says he is eager to see others take part. “The Council is only as good as the participation of its members,” he says. “It’s their involvement that makes it so special. Those of us who have been associated with the school take a lot of pride in having a hand in what’s happening. “The Council has goals to connect with younger alumni, students, faculty and staff—to make in-kind and financial contributions for the betterment of the school. That connection is helping to make Moravian College the contemporary institution it has become, and that is resonating with students. Seniors looking at colleges know what they like when they see it, and the 500 new freshman knew it when they saw Moravian.”


SEMINARY ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Evangeline Bahnson Smith Society Members of the Evangeline Bahnson Smith Society are those supporters of Moravian Theological Seminary who have made a gift of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year, at the following giving-club levels:

MISSION LEADERSHIP SOCIETY (GIFTS OF $100,000 AND ABOVE) Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province

Ms. Lea B. Glembot Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Mrs. Amy S. & Rev. David B. ’86 Guthrie Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern Rev. Margaret Braden Wellert ’99 &

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE (GIFTS $10,000-$49,999) Mrs. Victoria Hermsted Badorf*

Lynn Aprill ’11, ’14 & Kerry Webb

Denise S. ’93 & Arthur T. Katsaros

Rev. Keith K. Harke ’99

Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’57 Rev. Lunnett M. Hilliard ’10 Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ’09 &

DEAN’S CIRCLE (GIFTS $5,000-$9,999) Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli Louis W. Bender, Ph.D. Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 & Mr. Warren Gericke Bryon L. Grigsby, Ph.D. Mr. J. Robert Hess Mr. Bruce W. Marold Rev. Dr. Janice ’82, ’91 & Mr. Thomas Young

Mr. Paul Knouse

Larger Life Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Hugh K. Leatherman, Jr. Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Yvonne Thompson Maddox, Ph.D. Ms. Sherry Mason Brown Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85 Moravian Church, Eastern District Rev. Dr. Christine L. Nelson Rev. Kenneth W. Nowack ’51* Mr. Bryan Peacock Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke

PROFESSOR’S CIRCLE (GIFTS OF $1,000-$4,999) Mrs. Victoria Penske Aitchison Mrs. Janet Outten Amos ’43* Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler & Mr. William Arnold Karen ’88 & Jose P. Arencibia Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Beitler Mrs. Constance L. & Rev. David E. ’88 Bennett Mr. Stephen D. Black Mrs. Colleen Workman Bruckart Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri Busy Workers Society of Central Moravian Church Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty, Jr. Evelyn Trodahl & Richard Chynoweth Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford Dr. Audrey West & Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 Mrs. Mary C. Dull Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Fried Rev. Patricia F. ’98 & Mr. Harold H. Jr. Garner

Rev. Canon Gwendolyn-Jane ’81 &

Robert D. Romeril

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson Rev. Cheryl A. Stoneback ’04 Rev. Dr. Heather Hartung Vacek Rev. Dr. Walter H. &

Rev. Deborah M. Wagner

Mr. Paul R. Yochum

SEMINARY ALUMNI TRUSTEE CIRCLE Mrs. Lynn Aprill Webb ’11, ’14 PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 Mr. Bruce W. Marold ’12 Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ’82, ’91 HERITAGE CLUB Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ’09 Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015

thank you Rev. Franklin C. Jones ’65

Ms. Charlotte G. Rosenberger ’92

Rev. Richard W. Kohl ’60

COMENIUS SOCIETY Mrs. Karen A. Arencibia ’88 Rev. David E. Bennett ’88 Rev. J. Michael Dowd ’71 Rev. Patricia F. Garner ’98 Rev. David B. Guthrie ’86 Rev. Keith K. Harke ’99 Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ’57 Rev. Lunnett M. Hilliard ’10 Mrs. Denise S. Katsaros ’93, ’97 Mr. William C. Needs ’63 Rev. Kenneth W. Nowack ’51* Rev. Canon Gwendolyn Jane Romeril ’81 Rev. Dr. Gordon L. Sommers ’61 Rev. Cheryl A. Stoneback ’04

Rev. Diane C. Joseph ’98

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Sawyer ’67

Mr. Gregory A. Krausz ’02

Rev. Dean R. Jurgen ’81

Mrs. Frances Spier Saylor ’15

Rev. Reid P. Lauderman ’10

Rev. Dianne Murray Kareha ’93, ’97

Mr. David G. Sommers ’87

Rev. Roy E. A. Ledbetter ’74

Rev. William B. Kerner ’62

Rev. Lynne D. Trout ’05

Mr. Theodore G. Lekorenos ’61

Rt. Rev. Douglas H. Kleintop ’75

Rev. Dr. Craig S. Troutman ’82

Rev. Linda Leuser ’08

Rev. Jami L. Possinger ’02

Rev. Carol L. West ’00

Rev. Dr. F. Thomas Lichner ’82

Rev. Norman E. Prochnau ’62

Rev. Dr. Gerald K. Loch ’75 Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons ’09

Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. Ward ’80

GREYHOUND CLUB Rev. Sara Moran Aker ’86 Rev. William T. Andrews ’82 Rev. Robert G. Aregood ’88 Rev. Connie Feltenberger Asquith ’84 Mr. Michael W. Barnett ’03 Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith ’97 Rev. Bradley L. Bennett ’84 Ms. Jacqueline Billy ’97

Rev. Margaret Braden Wellert ’99, ’00

Rev. Bruce M. Weaknecht ’81

Rev. Walter C. Bishop ’05

Rev. Douglas C. Rights ’83

Rev. David L. Wickman ’67

Mrs. Louise H. Young ’90

Rev. Canon Doris S. Bray ’80

Rev. Tammie L. Rinker ’99

Rev. Q. Ray Burke III ’77

Rev. Rhonda Robinson ’12

Ms. Elizabeth Milstrey Buss ’14

Rev. Tracy Robinson ’06

Mr. Jeremy T. Campbell ’98

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Bean Rodriguez ’79

Rev. John D. Christman ’70

Rev. Dorothy Elizabeth Rohn-

Dr. Joseph R. Chuk ’84

Rev. Cheryl G. Cottingham ’08

Rt. Rev. Lane A. Sapp ’87

Rev. Rebecca D. Craver ’07

Rt. Rev. Dr. Edwin A. Sawyer ’38

Rev. Steve E. Craver ’77

Rev. Marlin L Schaffstall ’59

Mrs. Susan Crawson-Brizzolara ’15

Rev. Robert H. Smith ’61

Ms. Jewel Davis ’13

Rev. Maria Evola Spada ’89

Rev. Canon Virginia Rex Day ’93

Rev. Earl E. Stephan ’57

Rev. Brian R. Dixon ’05

Rev. Rebecca Y. Stephens ’92

Ms. Margaret Hourihan Donohue ’14

Rev. Dr. Glen W. Stoudt ’77

Rev. Dean A. Easton ’05

Rev. Arlene Byers Studer ’72

Rev. David P Felker ’96

Rev. Canon Jane B. Teter ’83, ’85

Rev. Carol A. Foltz ’78

Rev. Richard J. Thierolf ’78

Rev. Derek A. French ’95

Rev. Allen. D Timm ’92

Rev. John Warren Fritts ’14

Rev. C. Scott Venable III ’79

Ms. Deborah S. German ’08

Mrs. Emily B. Wallace ’94

Rev. David C. Geyer ’97

Rev. Dr. John Henry Winlick ’68

Rev. James L. Gill ’89

Rev. Warren D. Wenger ’45

MONOCACY CLUB Rev. Dr. Elaine L. Fenstermacher Bogert ’79, ’82 Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards ’05 Rev. Ian D. S. Edwards ’04 Mr. Gregory Ellis ’07 Rev. Wolfram Fliegel ’56 Mrs. Erdmute Frank ’03 Ms. Judith Harke Ganz ’08 Rev. James D. Hejl ’81 Mrs. D. Jane Joyce ’93 Rev. Gary T. Marsh ’83 Rev. Dr. William H. McElveen ’58 Rev. Gordon B. Mowrer ’89, ’92 Rev. Frederick C. Seyfert Jr. ’62 Rev. Robert L. Strauss ’84 Mrs. Pamela M. Weiss ’99 Rev. Stuart N. Zimmerman ’78 FOUNDERS’ CLUB Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ’87 Rev. Hartmut Beck ’50 Rev. Carol Packer Dague ’90 Rev. Kenneth V. Daniel ’89 Rev. Dr. Donald C. Esslinger ’82 Rev. J. Christian Giesler ’86 Rev. John H. Giesler ’58 Rt. Rev. Paul A. Graf ’64 Rev. J. Christopher Greene ’08 Rev. Jane Keogh Harberg ’91 Rev. Dr. Williard R. Harstine ’62, ’86 Rev. Anthony Earl Hayworth ’08 Rev. David J. Henkelmann ’57 Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ’51 Ms. Frances L. Huetter ’58 Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ’69

Rev. John G. Rights ’95 Rev. Dennis G. Rohn ’70 Rev. Dr. Richard I. Shamel ’54 Rev. Richard L. Sides ’75 Rev. Robert T. Stevens ’94 Rev. Gary M. Straughan ’66 Rev. Katie Copf Van Der Linden ’06 Rev. Aden A. Ward ’71

COLONIAL CLUB Rev. Matthew W. Allen ’98 Rev. Richard R. Beck ’86 Rev. Wendy Pirwitz Beck ’86 Rev. Jennika Eckhaus Borger ’01 Ms. Kelly Howard Brooks ’05 Rev. R. Theodore Burcaw Jr. ’86 Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Wayne Burkette ’69 Ronald R. Cavanagh Th.D. ’63 Rev. David D. Danneberger ’75 Mrs. Maureen Stahl DeBellis ’14 Rev. M. Lynnette Delbridge ’84 Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle ’14 Rev. Wilfred L. Dreger ’45 Rev. Robert F. Engelbrecht ’56 Rev. Terry L. Folk ’78 Rev. Dr. Amy Gohdes-Luhman ’93 Rev. William E. Gramley ’62 Rev. John Everard Griffith ’69 Rev. Dr. Gene E. Handwerk ’77, ’82 Rev. Melissa Hertzog Johnson ’01 Rev. R. Burke Johnson ’67 Rev. Glenn F. Jurek ’64 Rev. Gail H. Kees ’86 Rev. Judy M. Knopf ’05 Rev. Dr. William W. Matz, Sr. ’53 Rev. Andrew W. Meckstroth ’86 Ms. Andrea Jean Miles ’13 Rev. Dr. Stephen O. Nicholas Jr. ’67 Rev. Charles Otto ’03 Rev. Catherine A. Parsons ’95 Rev. Helen R. Pearson ’93, 97 Rev. Tracy A. Pryor ’99 Ms. Robin Lynn Reinhard ’13 Rt. Rev. Graham H. Rights ’60 Ms. Tracy Campbell Roeder ’89

Ms. Janet Scholey Mishkin ’12 Rev. Jack T. Nance ’65 Ms. Susan Kisthart Nenstiel ’13 Rev. Jimmie L. Newsom Sr. ’64 Rev. Cynthia Rader Geyer ’97 Rev. John F. Rauhut ’89 Rev. Janel Rice ’05 Rev. Dawn R. Richie ’03

Habhegger ’01

Rev. Stephen A. Gohdes ’86 Ms. Laura A. Gordon ’13 Rev. W. Norwood Green ’52 Rev. Milton Hartentstine ’71 Thomas J. Haupert Ph.D. ’69 Mr. Michael Hedrick ’08 Ms. Therese M. Hero ’95 Rev. Diana Hill ’93 Ms. Christine C. Holmfelt ’14 Rev. Patricia Baldwin Honszer ’04 Ms. Patricia Smith Hoyt ’02, ’12 Rev. John P. Jackman ’82 Rev. Michael C. Johnson ’14 Rev. Christine Sobania Johnson ’88 Rev. Darrell F. Johnson ’88 Rev. James L. Knappenberger ’77

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015




Rev. Dr. Christine L. Nelson

Mrs. Ruth Burns Carver

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Joyce

MORAVIAN CIRCLE Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province

Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Crouch

Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Kuttruff

Rev. Dr. David A. Schattschneider & Dr.

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Dewees

Dr. & Mrs. Roland R Liebenow

Mr. Thomas H. Luhman

Mr. Leonard A. Lightner

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Graham Jr.

Mr. Michael Patrick. Lonergan

Rev. Dr. Heather Hartung Vacek

Ms. Helen Florence. Kurczynski

Dr. Timothy Thomas Luckritz Marquis

Rev. Dr. Walter H. & Rev. Deborah M.

Mrs. Marie Morman

Luther Crest Resident’s Spiritual


Mrs. Kathryn Shamel

Mr. Paul R. Yochum

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Trapp

Mrs. Emilie B. Manning

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Mrs. Victoria Hermsted Badorf* Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Rampolla TRUSTEE CIRCLE Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chynoweth Bryon L. Grigsby, Ph.D.

Doris J. Schattschneider

Life Committee

Rev. Theodore E. Wilde

Mrs. Colleen M. Marsh

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

Ms. Mia Mecleary

GREYHOUND CLUB Ms. Elrica Adams-Finney Ms.Kim Kline Adamson Mr. & Mrs. Floyd W. Angley Jr.

Mrs. Denise Young Mikuta

PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Ambielli Louis W. Bender, Ph.D.

MONOCACY CLUB Mr. Frank E. Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Frey Mrs. Anna Mae Gillett Goshen Moravian Church Mr. & Mrs. Cromer R. Grubbs Jr.

Mr. J. Robert Hess

Home Moravian Women’s Fellowship

Rev. Dr. Glenn H. Asquith

Mr. Ernest F. Parker Jr.

Larger Life Foundation

Rev. Margaret K Leinbach

Mrs. Betty Lou Baker

Ms. Gloria K. Pearce

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Martell

Mr. Gregory M. Behrend

Mrs. Mary C. Perryman

Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring

Ms. Patricia H. Belo

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pettit

Mr. Jessie J Stone*

Mr. Kyle Borowski

Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Phipps

Mr. & Mrs. Gray Styers

Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Brothers

Mr. Anderson Roberts

Harold & Elizabeth Vogler Fund

Ms. Molly P. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Roland

Miss Darlene Bucher

Ms. Julie A. Rucks

Rev. Fred Butler

Ms. Mildred Saderholm

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Carter

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Saunders

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cicorelli

Ms. Amy L. Schumacher

Ms. Amorelle J. Crossley

Mr. Charles F. Shipman III

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Denham

Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Simmons

Rev. Dr. David H. DeRemer

Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Southerland III

Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Starbuck

Ms. Geraldine L. Fenstermaker

Ms. Rebecca Stump

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Fletcher

Mr. Ronald J. Szabo

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. Frankenfield

Ms. Fay M. Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Frauson

Ms. Donna Clements Tweed

Mr. & Mrs. Sanford C. Garner

Ms. Erdmuth Venable

Ms. Joan Glover

Mr. Douglas Walker

Mr. James A. Gold

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Wallace

Mr. Adam C. Goodrich

Mr. & Mrs. M. Roger Warren

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest R. Hampton

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Warren

Mr. James A. Hancock Jr.

Rev. Dr. Charles Riddick Weber

Mr. John A. Hartley Jr.

Mrs. Emma Demuth Williams

Mrs. Patricia C. Herbst

Mrs. Irma Williamson

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Hester

Ms. Geraldine K. Winstead

Mr. & Mrs. Roger K. Hockaday

Dr. Thomas E. Young

Ms. Donna D. Hurt

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Zimmerman

HERITAGE CLUB Mrs. Janet Outten Amos* Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Carney Ms. Lea B. Glembot Mr. Bryan Peacock Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld COMENIUS SOCIETY Mrs. Victoria Penske Aitchison Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler & Mr. William Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Beitler Mr. Stephen D. Black Mrs. Colleen Workman Bruckart Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri Busy Workers Society of Central Moravian Church Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford Mrs. Mary C. Dull Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Fried Ms. Sallie L Greenfield Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua Mr. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely Mr. & Mrs. Hugh K. Leatherman, Jr. Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Yvonne Thompson Maddox, Ph.D. Ms. Sherry Mason Brown Moravian Church, Eastern District



FOUNDERS’ CLUB Mr. & Mrs. David P. Ambler Mrs. Julie Anderson Atwood Mr. F. Scott Bauer Dr. & Mrs. John F. Burke Ms. Susan L. Canfield Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Howard H. Cox Ms. Jennifer Durnbaugh Denlinger Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Henderson Mr. Earl Jackson Mr. & Mrs. M. Keith Kapp Ms. Marcella Kraybill-Greggo Mr. Frederick G. Lowrey Jr. Mrs. Mary Ellen Binder Orben Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sandercox Wayne C. & Sandra Shugart Ms. Jean H. Siftar Mr. Halfred C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Randy Vance Ms. Jane Frankenfield Weber Rev. Dr. R. Jane Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Peter V. Meyers Mrs. Jessica Shue Morris Mr. & & Mrs. Mark W. Newman Ms. Rebecca Kleintop Owens

Mr. Billy D. Hutchins

COLONIAL CLUB Mr. Albert Atwood Mr. Gary M. Barraco

Rev. Robert G. Janis-Dillon Ms. Ellen Dalgaard Jensen Ms. Elizabeth A. Johnson

Consistent Giving Society

FALL 2015

MORAVIAN CIRCLE Mr. DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr.* Mrs. Genevieve Riordan Gee ’43 Mr. Frederick A. Reinhard CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE  Mr. Curtis H. Barnette  Mr. Robert P. Flicker ’71 Miss Johanna Ott  Mr. Kenneth J. Rampolla ’79 TRUSTEE CIRCLE Mr. Ray S. Bishop Jr. ’81 Mrs. Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68 Bryon L. Grigsby Ph.D. ’90 Mrs. Deborah Oplinger McKinnon ’73 Parry J. Miller M.D. ’66 Mrs. Betsey Tait Puth ’51 Dr. Bettie Moretz Smolansky Honnie P. Spencer M.D. ’90 PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Mr. Brian J. Corvino ’02 Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 Mr. Michael M. Ellis ’72 Mr. Andrew W. Hart ’90 Mr. J. Robert Hess Mr. Robert J. Schoenen Jr. Dr. Gordon Weil Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ’82, ’91 HERITAGE CLUB Dr. Hilde Binford Mr. Gary A. Carney Mr. Gregory Christensen Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 Mr. Scot J. Dapp Mr. Robert K. Gratz ’75 Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ‘85 Mr. Bryan Peacock COMENIUS SOCIETY Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler Mrs. Karen Bader Mr. James E. Barnes Mr. Gary A. Becker Rev. David E. Bennett ’88 Mr. Stephen D. Black Dr. Herman E. Collier Jr. Mr. Jon B. Conrad ’82 Dr. George S. Diamond Ms. Julia E. Gasdaska ’07 Rev. David B. Guthrie ’86 Mrs. Patricia Murray Hanna ’82 Dr. Linda Heindel Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 Mrs. Beverly Gaston Kochard ’73 Dr. Eva Leeds

FACULTY, STAFF AND TRUSTEES Present and emeriti members of Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary faculty and staff, as well as current Moravian trustees

Honorable Wilma A. Lewis

Dr. John R. Black

Dr. Heikki E. Lempa

Dr. Janet S. Loengard

Dr. Carole K. Brown

Rev. Dr. William W. Matz Sr. ’50, ’53

Dr. Nicole L. Loyd

Dr. Robert T. Burcaw Ph.D. ’51

Dr. Joanne M. McKeown

Yvonne Thompson Maddox Ph.D.

Mrs. Ruth Calvo

Mr. Douglas J. Plotts

Mrs. Carol Ann Modjadidi

Dr. G. Clarke Chapman

Mr. Jeremiah D. Reinhart ’09

Rev. Dr. Christine L. Nelson

Rev. Dr. Howard H. Cox

Ms. Alyson L. Remsing ’03

Dr. Gary L. Olson

Ms. H. Paty Eiffe

Dr. Edward A. Roeder

Mr. Joseph T. Perno

Ms. Amy Endler ’93

Mr. John D. Rossi III ’97

Mr. Joseph L. Powlette ’60

Mr. E. Blair Flintom

Dr. Alicia N. Sevilla

Mr. A. Reed Raymond ’74

Dr. Dennis G. Glew

Mrs. Shelley A. Speirs ’14

Mr. Mark F. Reed

Rev. Dr. Willard R. Harstine ’62, ’86

Ms. Mary Beth A. Spirk

Ms. Anne Myers Reid

Mr. Ashley J. Heiberger ’00

Dr. Barbara Vinciguerra

Dr. Ervin J. Rokke

Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ’48, ’51

Mr. Robert J. Ward

Dr. Doris Wood Schattschneider

Dr. Daniel Jasper

Rev. Dr. David A. Schattschneider ’60

Mrs. Amy Pritchard Klotz

Joseph M. Shosh Ph.D. ’88

Dr. Helen Kohler

Mr. Arthur W. Smith Jr. ’68

Ms. Marcella Kraybill-Greggo

Dr. Kay B. Somers

Ms. Linda Hulse LaPointe ’93

Dr. Susan Martin Studds

Ms. Alexandra S. McCormick-

Dr. Lori J. Toedter

Rev. Dr. Heather Hartung Vacek

Dr. John W. McDermott

Rev. Dr. Walter H. Wagner

Mrs. Carol J. Meixell

Mr. James R. Walker

Ms. Erika Bayles Mondok ’90

Rev. Margaret Braden Wellert ’99, ’00

Mrs. Susan Sikora O’Hare ’74

Mr. Michael P. Wilson

Dr. John V. Reynolds

Dr. Robert R. Windolph

Ms. Amy W. Saul

Smith ’12, ’15

Mrs. Monica Schantz

MONOCACY CLUB Dr. Mary E. Arenas Mr. George J. Boksan ’78 Dr. Kerry H. Cheever Dr. Benjamin Coleman Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards ’05 Rev. Dr. Steve R. Gordy Dr. Ruth Roberts Hailperin Ms. Michelle A. Hanna ’12 Ms. Dawn M. Ketterman-Benner  Kelly K. Krieble Ph.D. ’86 Mr. Gary M. Martell ’76 Ms. Janet A Ohles Ms. Patricia A. Price Mrs. Carole Ann Reese Dr. Martha Reid Mr. Steven F Soba Mrs. Jane Frankenfield Weber ’79 Mr. Neil Wetzel FOUNDERS’ CLUB Dr. Pamela Z. Adamshick Mr. Harold C. Anderson Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ’87 Mr. F. Scott Bauer Mr. William F. Bauman ’74

Mr. Richard R. Schantz Dr. James V. Skalnik Mr. Lucas A. Smith ’11 Dr. Carol A. Traupman-Carr ’86 Rev. Katie Copf Van Der Linden ’02, ’06 Mrs. Joyce J. Vance Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. Ward ’80 Mr. Joseph E. Williams ’70 Rev. Dr. R Jane Williams Dr. Stacey B. Zaremba

COLONIAL CLUB Rev. Jennika Eckhaus Borger ’98, ’01 Mrs. Marie T. Breisch Dr. Bernardo J. Cantens Mr. Richard J. Churilla Mrs. Ann McKittrick Claussen ’74 Mrs. Elise Alexander Colancecco ’04 Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle ’14 Mrs. Bonnie Jean Falla Rev. Dr. William S. Falla Rev. Dr. Amy Gohdes-Luhman ’93 Miss JoAnn M. Grandi Mrs. Deborah J. Hinkel Dr. Curtis A. Keim Dr. David L. Langhus

GREYHOUND CLUB Mrs. Rebecca Ann Ahner Ms. Anisa Kocher Albertson ’11 Ms. Melissa S. Andreas ’12 Rev. Dr. Glenn H. Asquith Ms. Shelley Sorensen Bauder Mr. James W. Beers ’89 Dr. Jane A. Berger Mrs. Lisa Gianotti Brand Dr. Robert T. Brill Mr. Ralph E. Brodt III ’75 Mr. John C. Byrne ’82 Mr. Joseph William Cullen Ms. Jill Steigerwalt Davis Mrs. Elaine Newton Deitch ’15 Dr. John R. Dilendik Rev. Brian R. Dixon ’05 Dr. Theresa A. Dougal Dr. Dana S. Dunn Mrs. Theresa C. Eddinger Mr. Kevin P. Edwards ’96 Ms. Deborah L. Evans Mrs. Janice E. Farber ’04 Mr. James T. Feimster ’05 Mr. Terence J. Fitzpatrick Dr. Cecilia M. Fox Dr. Michael J. Fraboni Mrs. Debra A. Gaspar Mr. Richard A. Gaugler Jr. ’00 Dr. Joseph J. Gerencher Mrs. Regina Liberto Gower Ms. Julianne Bates Greco Ms. Megan Hallowell ’12 Dr. Joyce A. Hinnefeld Dr. Joy Hirokawa Ms. Beverly G. Hockemeier ’05 Dr. Lorraine M. Hoffman Dr. Alison Holliday Ms. Leah Elizabeth Holmes ’05, ’13

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



thank you Dr. Donald W. Hosier

Mr. John Makuvek Jr.

Ms. Rose Panik

Mr. Robert J. Volk Jr.

Dr. Diane W. Husic

Dr. Santo D. Marabella

Mr. Justin T. Potts ’00

Mrs. Janet A. Wallace

Ms. Christie J. Jacobsen ’00

Mrs. Colleen M. Marsh ’08

Mrs. Carla E. Ross

Rev. Dr. Charles Riddick Weber

Ms. Elizabeth A. Johnson ’72

Dr. Albert H. Martin

Ms. Laurie M. Roth

Ms. Cathy M. Welsko

Ms. Amy Lou Johnson

Ms. Jeanne B. Masters

Dr. G. Alden Sears

Dr. James P. West

Ms. Donna Keeler

Ms. Lynn M. Masters

Ms. Kimberly Baird Shank ’04

Dr. Debra Wetcher-Hendricks

Dr. Ronald J. Kline

Mrs. Michelle A. Matuczinski

Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Simmons

Mr. Walter Wilkins III

Dr. Winfred A. Kohls

Dr. Robert H. Mayer

Ms. Audrey Buss Simons

Miss Debra A. Williamson

Dr. Astrid B. Kromayer

Mr. Jesse T. Miller ’11

Mr. Nicholas Smull

Dr. Joel D. Wingard

Dr. Frank T. Kuserk

Mr. Thomas Joseph Mondschein ’07

Mr. Peter M. Smyser

Dr. Hans M. Wuerth

Mr. Louis V. Lanza

Ms. Marty J. Moyle

Mr. Ronald J. Szabo

Mrs. Linda R. Young

Dr. Timothy Thomas Luckritz Marquis

Ms. Carole R. Olszewski ’01

Dr. Paige Thompson

Ms. Barbara Ann Yurasits


Current and past parents and grandparents of Moravian students Dr. & Mrs. Terence O’Rourke, Sr. P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. John Cave P ’83


Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton P ’89

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Corey P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Boland P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E.

Dr. Joseph Pena & Dr. Karen

Christina Schoeller ’84 & J. Christian ’83

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brower P ’87

Drs. Paul & Ramona Cahiwat P ’98

Breidegam Jr. P ’84*

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reinhard P ’86, P ’90

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Weller P ’06 PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Mr. J. Robert Hess P ’81 Ida E. & David B., MD ’71 Vasily P ’02 HERITAGE CLUB Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox P ’87 Mr. & Mrs. James Mclean P ’03 Ms. Nancy A. Pace P ’11 Dr. & Mrs. David R. Taschler P ’16 Mrs. Margaret Taylor P ’75, P ’82 Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Russell Truscott P ’14 COMENIUS SOCIETY Beth Hance ’90 & Craig A. Arnold P ’18 Mrs. Irma Beltram P ’75, P ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Ken Buck P ’06, P ’10, P ’12 Mrs. Betty U. Buralli P ’73* Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cahill P ’18 Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier Jr. P ’86 Dr. Don C. Follmer P ’77 Mr. Robert J. Fulmer P ’87, P ’92 Mr. & Mrs. John Jamula P ’14 Catherine C. & James A. ’82 McAdoo P ’15 Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz ’84 P ’14, P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Miller P ’00 Ms. Pamela Moschini P ’10 Margan Sztuk ’82 & George F. Mulvaney P ’16


Cortellino P ’17

Giesler P ’10

Barbra & Kurt J. ’89 Poling P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. James Haddad P ’16

Dr. & Mrs. Bernardo J. Cantens P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. William Potts Jr. P ’00

Mr. & Mrs. William Howard P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Brian R. Carisone P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Andre Python, Jr. P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Little P ’94

Christina Haas ’83 & Richard J.

Ann H. & Peter A. ’76 Raines

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Long, Jr. P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Maher P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Conroy P ’18

Mrs. Barbara Reimers P ’92

Mr. & Mrs. William Makoski P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Gary F. Danni P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Walker P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Meixell P ’00,

Sylvia Muller ’14 & Michael Doyle

Dr. Jennifer B. Wilson P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Wilson P ’16

Mr. Elias Mourani P ’02

Mrs. Paul J. Endler P ’93

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wisnosky P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Moyer P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Ben E. Evans P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zondag P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mummey P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Feinman P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Renna P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Fineman P ’15

Dr. & Mrs. John V. Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fydryszewski

P ’10, P ’12

MONOCACY CLUB Mr. & Mrs. Tomas C. Bamberger P ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Bull P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Chomo P ’85, P ’87, P ’89 Joan Kiefer ’86 & Todd J. ’87 Dickinson P ’16 Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley P ’78 Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Steve R. Gordy P ’01, P ’05 Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Hornberger P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Chris Luke P ’15 Mrs. Mary Poulson P ’08 Mr. Jerry Pritchett P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Reese P ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Sheehan P ’17 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Shreter P ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Cary M. Wilson P ’99 FOUNDERS’ CLUB Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Anderson P ’04, P ’05, P ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Butash P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. John H. Byrne P ’82

P ’01

P ’03, P ’11

Churilla P ’12

P ’17

P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rosko P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C Germano P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Runne P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Givler P ’15

Dr. & Mrs. William Santoro P ’11

Ms. Linda Gotzon P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard L. Saraceni P ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Craig S. Harkins P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Savite P ’13, P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Helfers P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Schulter P ’97

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Heydt P ’02

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Setley P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hinkel P ’03, P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Smith P ’11

Mr. Brian Lokitis P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Soroka P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Lubben P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Starner P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. William Mack P ’00

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Stenger P ’13

Maryann & Pharon L. ’87 Metzger P ’17

Mrs. Helen P. Strunk P ’73

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn B. Murray P ’95

Ms. Alicia K. Wallace P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Gary O. Nace P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Zacheis P ’07

Mrs. Gay Orfe P ’95

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kent Ziegler

Mr. & Mrs. Charles V. Osborne Jr.

P ’03

P ’70

Mr. & Mrs. Butch Rossetti P ’18

COLONIAL CLUB Dr. & Mrs. John W. Adamus P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Louis T. Alexander P ’04 Dr. Mary Bennardi & Dr. Thomas F. Barberio P ’18 Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Barr P ’93

Ms. Kris Scipio P ’17 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Sini P ’95 Mr. & Mrs. George Siragusa P ’17 Mr. Scott C. Smith P ’18 Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Straight P ’17 Mr. & Mrs. James Swartz Jr. P ’86

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Szkolnicki P ’16

Dr. & Mrs. Raffy Chilingerian P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gassner P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. James LaFronz P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taylor P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clark P ’12, P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. George Geisinger P ’03

Mrs. Lou Ann Lange P ’08

Ms. Tamala Toleno P ’15

Ms. Gwendolyn A. Colegrove P ’07

Mrs. Mija Gellerman P ’99

Mr. & Mrs. David Lansberry P ’15

Dr. Barbara & Mr. Richard Vinciguerra

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Conage P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gill P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Antoine Latour P ’90

Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Cook P ’97

Ms. Laura Gontz P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Carl P. LaVo Jr. P ’01

Mr. James Werner P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Cook P ’18

Mr. John Gotzon P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Lawrence P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Wertman P ’03, P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Costantino P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Gower P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Layng P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Toshiaki Yasunaga

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Csencsits P ’84, P ’89

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grigsby P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen D. Le P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Young P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Cunningham P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Grotyohann P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney L. Lebo P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Czarnecki

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Grube P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lesh P ’07

Dr. Peter Guidon P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Lewis P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D’Agostino P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Russell F. Hall

Mr. Donald L. Lindsay Jr. P ’03

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dalickas P ’15

David J. Hanes, M.D. P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Linnartz P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Davis P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hanson P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Adelino Lopes P ’15

Ms. Margaret DeAntonio P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hardin P ’91

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Maffettone P ’17

Ramon J. Deeb, M.D. P ’91

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Haymaker P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Allen J. Magrini P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Dengler P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hengler P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. John Makuvek Jr. P ’84

Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. DeNuzzie P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Henly P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Maltino P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Charles DePuy P ’01, P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard W. Hess P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Mammana

Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Deringer P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hilferty P ’14

Mrs. Sheri DeShields P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hobaugh P ’99

Ms. Diane Markovic P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Deutsch P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Darryl L. Hoffman P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Marshall P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. John Deutsch P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hofmann P ’15

Mrs. Pamela A. Martin P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Scott T. Diehl P ’05

Susan & William R. ’83 Hoke P ’16

Mrs. Michelle Rogers Matuczinski

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard DiGiacomo P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Hollenbeck P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. George DiLullo P ’06

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Holly P ’15

Dr. Robert H. Mayer &

Ms. Victoria DiTomasso P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. John Hosty P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Dobry Jr. P ’02

Mr. & Mrs. John Raymond Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. McCaslin P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dolan P ’13

Dr. & Mrs. James L. McCullough

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dombrowksi P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Imhof P ’86

Ms. Margaret Hourihan Donohue ’14,

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Innamorato P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis McFadden P ’18

P ’18

GREYHOUND CLUB Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Aguirre P ’ 18 Mr. & Mrs. Lucio Alercia P ’06 Mr. Frank Alessandra ’88 P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Altemose P ’91 Patricia & Nicholas J. ’76 Ampietro P ’17 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ascher P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baez P ’17 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barbadora P ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Dean W. Barr P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bechtel P ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Beck P ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Mark T. Becker P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bell P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Beniamino P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bianco P ’13, P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Black P ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blackledge P ’03 Mr. & Mrs. David Blair P ’12, P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Bobick P ’05, P ’08 Ms. Andrea Bonvini P ’18 Yvonne Lettiere ’77 & John T. ’76 Boyer P ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Boyer P ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Boyle P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bracken P ’15, P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Brand P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Bross P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Brown P ’14, P ’17 Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Brown P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Buckno P ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Bush P ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Caligiuri P ’17 Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Campbell P ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Cardonne P ’18 Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Cariello P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Carver P ’15 Rev. Tom Castlen P ’15 Mrs. Jacqalene Catrino Lentz P ’18 Mr. Michael J. Cavoto P ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Cella Jr. P ’18 Mr. & Mrs. James Chaleff P ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Jason Charlie P ’17 Mr. & Mrs. William V. Chepauskas P ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chiarella P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. William Childs P ’17

P ’09

P ’15, P ’17

P ’03

P ’01

P ’00, P ’02 Ms. Jan Muzyczka P ’13

P ’11, P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Jaffe P ’00

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McGrath

Mr. & Mrs. James Doyle P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Jeffries P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne F. Dries P ’07

Ms. Susan Johnson P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. James W. McGuire P ’03

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Drozd P ’14

Mrs. Barbara M. Jones P ’08

Ms. Mia Mecleary P ’17

Ms. Tina Durham P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Jones P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Mercado P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Eddinger P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Donna Jordan P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Merkt P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Edinger P ’98

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kashmer P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. James Messineo P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Keith W. Edsall P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Kellow P ’16

Ms. Patricia Metz P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Egan P ’03

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Kilgallen P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Michalczyk

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Eisenhart P ’04

Laurie Egner ’11 & Dennis Kilian P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ercolano P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kish P ’89

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Mikols P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Ernst P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Klaus P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Mikovits

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Everett P ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Kline P ’97

Dr. & Mrs. Domenic Falco P ’88

Dr. Ronald J. Kline P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Miller P ’04

Ms. Cynthia M. Fanning P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Davis J. Knauer P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Miller P ’02

Janice E. ’04 & Chris Farber P ’17

Josephine Pongracz Falco ’56 &

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Mizack P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Faust P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Molisso P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Feather P ’95,

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Koles P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. John D Morrison P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Karl D. Korsak P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Morrow P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. William Ferry P ’91

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Krasley P ’13

Susan Traficante ’84 &

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Flood P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. John Kratch P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Follett P ’14

Dr. Astrid B. Kromayer & Mr. Peter

Mr. & Mrs. Bassam Moussa P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Frace P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Moyer P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Frankenfield P ’04

Mrs. Carol A. Krum P ’95

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Moyer P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gaetaniello P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander P. Kubat P ’91

Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Moyer P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Gallagher P ’07

Ms. Wendy Scherer Kunkel ’15, P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mudd P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. David Gaspar P ’16

Ms. Kerry L. Kushinka P ’ 09

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Mudd P ’94

P ’98, P ’07

Winfred A. Kohls P ’81

Kromayer P ’76

P ’10, P ’15

P ’94, P ’99

P ’03, P ’08

Paul Moscatello P ’16

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



thank you Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mulligan P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Reyes P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Snyder P ’98

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Wagner P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Munley P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Mohammad Riaz P ’10, P ’14

Ms. Kathleen Snyder P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wallace P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Needham P ’94

Mr. & Mrs. James Ritter P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Irving Soden P ’99

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. George Neely

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ritter Jr. P ’00

Mr. & Mrs. M. Eugene Speni P ’05

Eileen A. ’13 & Man Fai Wan P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Jamil Nehme P ’15, P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Roberti P ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Spirk P ’85

Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Ward P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Newcomer P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. James Roberts P ’18

Mr. George Staib P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wasser P ’17

Dianne M. & Mark W. ’10 Newman

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roberts P ’87

Ms. Linda J. Stanley P ’99

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Weghofer P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Kreg Rodrigues P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Steiner P ’98,

Susan J. ’90 & Hermann I. Weinlick

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Noble P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. William Rodriguez P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Nolan, III P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander I. Roney P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Sterner P ’97,

Mr. & Mrs. Laurence L. Welles P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Neil O’Connor P ’02

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rouhana P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Welsko Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. O’Halloran P ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ruggiero P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Stettner P ’91, P ’98

Ms. Carolyn Olenowski P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sadowski P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Stewart P ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn T. Wertheim P ’09

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Otis P ’79

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Samanns P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Stoudt P ’98

Dr. & Mrs. James P. West P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Owens P ’06

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Samson P ’14

Ms. Cara Strikuk P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. White P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Desmond Parker P ’86

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Schade P ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Clair F. Stroup Jr. P ’00

Mrs. Rose E. Whitehead P ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Parodi P ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. Schlottman P ’94

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Stroup P ’10

Dr. & Mrs. Francis H. Williamson

Dr. Michael Pasquale P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L Segal P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Swick P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Pateman P ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Seitz P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tate P ’01, P ’16

Patricia B. & Gary R., Ph.D. Wright

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Peterson P ’12

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sestok Jr. P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Tenneson P ’08

Rev. & Mrs. Theodore Petrides P ’15

Mrs. Virginia Geiger Shaffer P ’97

Ms. Anna Terpstra P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Yarzab P ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Phillips Jr. P ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Delbert A. Sharon P ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Thomas P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Yonosh P ’03

Ms. Shirley Pinajian P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Sheeto P ’00

Ms. Susan G. Thunberg P ’90

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A Zacher P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Poling P ’89

Mrs. Caryn Wiragh Shoenthal P ’87

Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Troisi P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Zaloga P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Poling P ’941

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sickler P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Urbanski P ’96

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zapach P ’96

Mr. & Mrs. Ken A. Poppe P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Siepietowski P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Vanderhoff P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Zeiser P ’15

Dr. & Mrs. Rado Pribic P ’08

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Sipics P ’98

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Vanic P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Zimmer P ’10

Ms. Elaine C. Redmond P ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Skorton P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred C. Varano P ’99

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Zimmermann P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reilly P ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Smith P ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Venanzi P ’02

Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Zyzniewski P ’96

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Remsing

Doreen & Jeffrey W. ’84 Smith P ’17

Mr. Robert J. Volk Jr. P ’14, P ’16

Mr. & Mrs. John Smull P ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vonelli P ’18

P ’14, P ’16

P ’03, P ’07


MORAVIAN CIRCLE Priscilla Payne Hurd Charitable Lead Unitrust Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Merck Company Foundation Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province National Science Foundation 1742 CIRCLE  Mr. & Mrs. Martin Engels  Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. Sodexo CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE Mr. Cyril J. Anderson Mrs. Victoria Hermsted Badorf* Alvin H. Butz, Inc. East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.


P ’00, P ’02 P ’04

P ’92

P ’11, P ’14

P ’93, P ’94 P ’05

Friends, corporations, foundations and churches



J.G. Petrucci Company, Inc.

Mr. John T. Humphrey*

Wirtz Family Foundation

Ms. Christine Kulp Scott

Mr. Charles E. Merrill Jr.

Tides Foundation

National Endowment

for the Humanities

RMI Wells Fargo Foundation

TRUSTEE CIRCLE Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Air Products Foundation Batteries Plus LLC Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Breidegam Duggan & Marcon, Inc. Employees of East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. Ernst & Young Foundation Genuine Parts Company IBM Corporation Johnson Controls Research Corporation for Science

PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES B. Braun Medical, Inc. Berman Freightliner Boyle Construction Inc. Club Assist US LLC Ms. Sandra Dressler Eden Charitable Foundation Electric Battery Company LLC Mr. Elmer D. Gates Harmony Press Inc. Highmark Blue Shield Hotel Bethlehem Institute of Management Accountants, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon Larger Life Foundation Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation PenTeleData

Trans-Bridge Lines, Inc. Traxys North America LLC Tulip Corporation Vulcan Materials Company Mr. Mark Wels The Wolf Foundation Ms. Linda Zacher

HERITAGE CLUB Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Albarell Albarell Electric, Inc. Association of Independent Colleges & Universities of Pennsylvania Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation General Electric Foundation Ms. Lea B. Glembot Johnson & Johnson Company

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015


Friends, corporations, foundations and churches

Just Born, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Minner

Mr. Terrence J. McGlinn

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Keystone Savings Foundation

Moravian Church Eastern District

Mercer Investment Consulting

Mr. & Mrs. Albert K. Lynn

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Kulp

Russell E. & Elizabeth W.

Meridian Leasing Corporation

M&T Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Kulp

Morgan Stanley

Mrs. Janet Fulghum Mize

Lehigh Gas Corporation

Pfizer Corporation

National Penn Investors Trust Company

NJM Insurance Company

Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt

Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring

Northwest Comprehensive Inc.

MAC Engineering & Equipment

Mr. Victor M. Rodriguez Jr.

Ms. Olga Pavlick

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

Omicron Gamma Omega

Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation

Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock

Prudential Foundation

Ms. Joan Lardner Paul

Olympus America Inc.

Mr. Darold W. Silkwood

Mrs. Alice C. Pulley

Penn Valley Chemical Company, Inc.

PNC Bank, N.A.

Mrs. Marian A Smith

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Restrepo

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn V. Perrini

PPL Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Rossi Jr.

SAP Software Solutions

Mrs. Donna Reemsnyder

Spirk Brothers, Inc.

Sageworth Trust Company

Mr. David G. Schappert

Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP

Stevens & Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Schwarz

Schuylkill Valley Sporting Goods

Silverman Gallery

STG, Inc.

SKF Industries, Inc.

Mr. Christopher Schwyter

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld

Tiffany & Company

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Smolansky

Ms. Jean H. Siftar

St. Luke’s Hospital

UGI Corporation

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Ms. Elspeth M. Sipple

Victaulic Company of America

Mr. Bernard R. Spirk Jr.

Mr. H. Karl Sipple

Ms. June T. Watts

Mr. & Mrs. Adam S. Stauffer

Mr. Brian R. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Wilke IV

Dr. Christopher M. Thomforde & Dr.

The Trout Group LLC

Mrs. Priscilla Wolle

Kathy G. Thomforde

Drs. Joseph & Margaret M. Viechnicki

Verizon Foundation

Mrs. Ralph J. Wanamaker Sr.

Harold & Elizabeth Vogler Fund

Mrs. Donna O. Weaver

Mrs. Susan Overath Woolley

Woodstone Golf Club

Company, Inc.

COMENIUS SOCIETY Aetna Foundation, Inc. Mr. Alvin A. Albright Jr. American Express Foundation ArcelorMittal AT&T Foundation Mrs. Karen Bader Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP Barnes & Noble Mr. & Mrs. J. Jeffrey Bell Brickman Group Ltd Busy Workers Society Cantel Medical Corporation CIGNA Corporation Mrs. Judith S. Cohen Dr. & Mrs. Herman E. Collier Jr. Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Daubenspeck Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Domchek Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Early Edward Robinson Trust Mrs. Lorraine J. Fox* Generation Investment Management LLP Mr. Daniel R. Gilbert Jr. Gillespie Printing Dr. & Mrs. Marc Granson Guardian Life Insurance Company Ms. Joan G. Herbstman Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley Mr. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Lehigh Valley Arts Council Atty. & Mrs. Blake C. Marles Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Martin Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Dr. Alma A. Miles-Koch

Morgan Foundation

MONOCACY CLUB Abbott Laboratories Fund Albemarle Corporation Allied Building Corporation Dr. Michele M. August-Brady* BankAmerica Foundation Mr. Richard R. Barker BASF Corporation Benecon Group Inc Bennett, Bricklin & Saltzburg,LLC Bethlehem Gallery of Floors Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James J. Bruder Jr. Mrs. Ruth Calvo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Carisone Mr. David C. Chapman Coca-Cola Company Mrs. Jane D. Cope Copperfield Inn at Lakeside Corporate Environments, Inc. Mr. Mark Csencsits Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dannhauser Edwards Business Systems First Commonwealth FM Global Foundation Goshen Moravian Church Charles A. & Leona K. Gruber Foundation Home Moravian Church Women’s Fellowship Ms. Ellen Foscue Johnson Mr. Robert H. Littner Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.

Ms. Margaret Murphy Woodward

FOUNDERS’ CLUB Adam Meyer, Inc. Advanced AV LLC Apgar Oil Company AXA Foundation Barclays Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Beck Mr. James T. Best Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Bouquard Ms. Susan L. Canfield Ms. Gretchen Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Soong T. Chiang Condurso’s Garden Center Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Davenport Exelon Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Foltz Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fox Mr. Richard P. Fulghum GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Drs. Dorothy & Dennis Glew Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Haines Mr. H. Graham Hill Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Hittinger Ingersoll Rand Company Jesel, Inc. Mrs. Jean G. Kessler King Spry Herman Freund & Faul, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Lawlor Mr. & Mrs. Randel C. Laylon Jr. Mr. James Lentz

Young Plumbing & Heating Inc. Yuasa Battery, Inc.

COLONIAL CLUB Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Aronson BAE Systems Bank of New York Mrs. Patricia Donnelly Bean Mr. Charles R. Bertsch Rt. Rev. Dr. & Mrs. D. Wayne Burkette Mr. Mark A. Calafati Mr. Ronald Cardinal Ms. Martha Chapman Chubb & Son Inc. Mr. Harry Comfort Corporate Images Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Demshock Ms. Robin B. Diamond Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Mr. & Mrs. John J. Grencer Ms. Mary Ellen Herzog Hyatt Place Bethlehem Ms. Nancy A. Johnston Dr. Florence C. Kimball Mr. & Mrs. Steven Krawiec Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Lentz Linde Mr. & Mrs. James P. Mackin Macy’s Foundation Mrs. Josephine McConnell

Consistent Giving Society FALL 2015



thank you Minerals Technology Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Clee

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Piperata

Mr. William J. Morley

Ms. Antoinetti Colalillo

Mr. George F. Kirkpatrick Jr.


Mr. Corey L. Moyer

Ms. Lina Colli

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Kisilewicz

Mr. Ron Race

Nationwide Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Collins

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Klinges

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Rafferty

Northwestern Mutual Life

Collis Truck Parts Inc

Mr. & Mrs. Karl D. Korsak

Ms. Sallyann O. Ragosta

Rev. & Mrs. Charles E. Colson

Mr. Adrian Q. Kramer

Ms. Maria T. Ramunni

Public Service Electric & Gas Company

Mr. Christopher R. Compher

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kruklitis

Ms. Joanne Redding

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Racobaldo

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Condo

Ms. Elizabeth S. Krupka

Ms. Diane Redmond

Mr. Glenn P. Ramirez

Ms. Lan N. Cooch

Mr. Lew Kurlantzick

Ms. Cecelia B. Reitemeyer

Mrs. Erma L. Reed

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Coogan

Dr. Karen D. Kurvink &

Mr. Robert J. Righi

Ms. Berry G. Richards

Ms. Joanne Craig

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Roberts

Ms. Joan C. Roberts

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D’Agostino

Ms. Dale Lattimer

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Rollo

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Schiavoni

Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Davis

Ms. Pauline Laubach*

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn M. Rossetti

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney K. Shane

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. De Korte

Ms. Lois R. Lefevre

Ms. Janice L. Sandt

Shearon Sports

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Delany

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Lehr

Mr. Patrick J. Santos

Siemens Medical Systems Inc.

Ms. Linda Delia

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lewis

Mrs. Melissa Sassaman

Ms. Alison Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Denham

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Lukaszczyk

Saucon Mutual Insurance Company

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Wallace

Mr. George DeSchweinitz Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Lyons

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scandone

Ms. Linda Weber

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Deutsch

Mr. & Mrs. Brian F. Magee

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Schaeffer

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Dietrich

Ms. Jeanette Malone

Ms. Jane C. Schaffer

Mr. John C. Williams

Ms. Louise M. DiSarro

Mrs. Emilie B. Manning

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. Scherer

Ms. Lisa A. Yob

Mr. Stephen G. Donches

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Marchiando Jr.

Ms. Mary J. Scholl

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Zaloga

Mrs. Dawn Dubbs

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Markovic

Mrs. Jane Crilly Schultz

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Dunne

Ms. Laura Ann Noversel Martin

Mr. Robert R. Schuster

Mr. & Mrs. John Egizio

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Mason

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Sell

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Elliott

Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Mayberry

Mr. & Mrs. Victor M. Shimko II

Ms. Antonia Encinas

Mr. Joseph Mayer

Mr. & Mrs. Emil G. Signes

Ms. Polly Fiddler

Mrs. Gladys S. Mayer

Mr. John T. Siragusa

Mr. Mark Thomas Filbert

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Maysek

Mrs. Harriet Smiley

Dr. Sandra E. Fluck

McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Smith

Mr. William J. Frantz Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Smull

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Fresulone Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. Bruce McCumber

Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Snyder Jr.

Friends of Music of Bethlehem

Ms. Kathleen McMahon

Mrs. Danuta Sowinska-Khan

Mrs. Jean L. Gilbert

Dr. Margaret M. McMenamin

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Spangler

Mr. R. G. Gilman

MeadWestvaco Foundation

Mr. Barry A. Spilatore

Gina Conti, LLC

Michael Thomas Floral

Ms. Katherine Spilman

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Gnidovec

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Mikochik

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Starkman

Grant Thornton Foundation

Mr. Frank J. Mitman

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Steckel

Mr. Alan J. Greenberger

Mr. Thomas E. Mohr

Mr. Robert F. Steelman

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Guard

Ms. Karen R. Moran

Mr. & Mrs. Brent D. Stoneback

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Haberstumpf

Moravian College Greyhound Camps

Dr. Vincent D. Stravino

Mrs. Carol Hafner

Ms. Shirley Messling Morganelli

Mr. Richard J. Strelecki

Mr. George F. Halfacre

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Morgovnik

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick E. Sullivan

Dr. Coleman R. Hamel

Mrs. Marjorie B. Mott

Mr. Robert L. Taetzsch

Ms. Patricia A. Hanley

Rev. Dr. John E. Moyer

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Tallarico

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Hanlon

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Mundt Jr.

Ms. Dawn M. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Harvey

Mrs. Dorothy W. Musselman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taylor

Ms. Dianne C. Hatcher

Ms. Jean Newhouser

Ms. Maria Tenebruso

Mrs. Eva S. Heisler

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Newhouser

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Helmick

Norfolk Southern Foundation

Toro Foundation

Mrs. Patricia B. Herman

Mr. Joseph C. Novak

Mr. James E. Trach

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Hetrick

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Oechsle

Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Tripucka

Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Hill III

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Park

Dr. James Tyler

Ms. MaryBeth Sacks Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. James S. Pauloski

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. UhlMs. Marion

Iron Core Athlete LLC

Ms. Shirley J. Peiffer

G. Uhler

Mr. A. Terry Jackson

Ms. Michelle Peterson

Ms. Ann R. Weinert

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Jonigian

Dr. Paul Peucker

Rev. & Mrs. Hermann I. Weinlick

Insurance Company

GREYHOUND CLUB Aardvark Sports Shop Ms. Marianne T. Adam Ms. Barbara Aichele Ms. Sonya M. Alleger Allied Personnel Services Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ampietro Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas C. Andreadakis ArtsQuest Ms. Cynthia A. Bachman Mrs. Pearl A. Banks Barry Isett & Associates Inc. Dr. & Mrs. John D. Bealer Bechtel Foundation Mr. James M. Beenders Mr. & Mrs. Parmatha N. Beri Mrs. Rita J. Berk Bethlehem Catholic High School Mr. Leroy A. Bilgrav Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Bilgrav Mr. Donald Spieth & Ms. Llyena Boylan Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Brown Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Buglovsky Mr. Richard L. Button Ms. Georgia T. Cain Mr. & Mrs. Roque J. Calvo Mr. Steven M. Capozzi Mr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Carrington Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Catrino Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Chobot Ms. Josephine F. Clark


Mr. Ernesto de las Casas

& Whiskey Bar

Consistent Giving Society MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE

FALL 2015


Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Wharton Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Whipple Ms. Rosanne Whitby Mr. Thomas Wiley Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Williamson Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wills Mr. & Mrs. Ross W. Wilson

Throughout these pages, you’ll be introduced to five members of the Moravian College Leadership Council. This Council is an organization of knowledgeable and interested alumni and friends whose combined experiences and expertise can be of value to the College in achieving its goals and objectives. The Council is comprised of roughly 60 members who are recommended by the Advancement Office and appointed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Members serve a four year term and meet twice a year to assist the President, the Board of Trustees and other College constituencies with advice, counsel and service on matters affecting the general vitality of the College.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Winslow Dr. & Mrs. Gary R. Wright Ms. Jacqueline R. Yelovich Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Zajac Mr. Michael J. Zambelli Mr. & Mrs. William J. Zavacky Ms. Nancy Ziegler

Through active leadership, involvement and example, members of the Leadership Council support development initiatives, admissions, career development and young alumni engagement activities.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Zimmerman Ms. Patricia J. Zurick


Mr. Mark Wels

Rev. James L. Knappenberger ’77

40 years of Dance at

The Wonderful people at

Dr. Frank T. Kuserk from

Kirsli A. Spinks ’05 from

Moravian College from

Calvary Moravian Church from

Mr. William F. Bauman ’74

Mrs. Frances Spier Saylor ’15

Coach Francis J. Meagher, Jr. from

Mrs. Anna & Rev. Dr.

Ms. Dana C. Fineman ’15

Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood ’87 from

Ardis Vetesk Chapman’s

Craig S. ’82 Troutman from

82nd birthday from

Moravian College Dance

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd W. Angley Jr.

Dr. Pamela Z. Adamshick from

Ms. Gretchen Chapman

Company from

Ms. Patricia H. Belo

Ms. Martha Chapman

Ms. Rachel Morrison ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Brothers

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Atwood Ms. Samantha L. Bartley ’14

Mr. Timothy F. Smetana ’11

Ms. Emily A. Krall ’15

William Timothy Barnett from

Dr. G. Clarke Chapman from

Anthony “Monk” Morelli ’59 from

Ms. Molly P. Brown

Ms. Gretchen Chapman

Brothers of OGO

Ms. Amorelle J. Crossley

Jesse W. Baumann from

Ms. Martha Chapman

Nancy & Robert K. ’75 Gratz

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Fletcher

Dr. Kerry H. Cheever from

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69

Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Frauson

Philip J. Black ’01 from

Dr. Jamie Paranicas from

Mr. & Mrs. Sanford C. Garner

Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68 from

Mr. John A. Hartley Jr.

Russell Blair from

Jack R. Ramsey, Ph.D. from

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Joyce

Northern Province

Ms. Lorraine Matuczinski Gyauch

Mr. & Mrs. M. Keith Kapp

Mr. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. from

Dr. & Mrs. Herman Collier from

’89 & Mr. William Zoshak

Mr. Hugh K. Leatherman, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Anderson

Dr. James J. Ravelle from

Mr. Ernest F. Parker Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bouquard

Ruth Bender Cowley ’39 from

Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Phipps

Mr. Mark A. Calafati

John D. Rossi, III ’97 from

Mr. & Mrs. Gray Styers

Mr. Steven M. Capozzi

Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 from

Ms. Hongbo Hannah Yang ’11

Ms. Erdmuth Venable

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Chobot

Mrs. Frances Spier Saylor ’15 from

Mr. & Mrs. M. Roger Warren

Employees of East Penn

Mr. & Mrs. M. Keith Kapp

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Warren

Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Robert P. Flicker ’71, 2015 Night

Dick & Monica Schantz from

Ms. Geraldine K. Winstead

Bishop Kay Ward ’80 from

Rev. Michael W. Barnett ’03 Ms. Hailey M. Kester ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Black Ms. Kelly Howard Brooks ’05

Ms. Samantha L. Bartley ’14 Moravian Church,

Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr.* Ms. Corris S. Cowley Rev. Charles Otto ’03 & Ms. Margaret Gorman

Mr. & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr.*

Ms. Lauren E. Froschhauser ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Heydt

of Stars Member from

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Minner

Rev. George R. Scilley ’58 from

Mr. Corey L. Moyer

Naomi Gal from

Bruce M. Weaknecht ’77 from

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn V. Perrini

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt

Bryon Grigsby’s birthday from

Dr. Janet A. Sipple from

Tammy Werron from

Mr. Glenn P. Ramirez

Mr. Victor M. Rodriguez Jr.

for United Student

Karen Smith-Kernc ’91 from

With gratitute to my son,

Amanda Taylor ’87 &


James A. ’87 Roth

Ms. Alyssa L. D’Ippolito ’15 Members of the Executive Cabinet

Rev. Roy E. A. Ledbetter ’71, ’74 Rev. John H. ’58 & Mrs. Barbara Giesler

Mr. Richard R. Barker Ms. Renee Rosenfield

Emily B. ’94 & Edwin, M.D. Wallace Ms. Geraldine L. Fenstermaker Ms. Kelly Howard Brooks ’05

John Whitehead ’88 from

Susie Foy Heller & Arnie Heller’s

Bettie & Oles Smolansky’s

Mrs. Rose E. Whitehead

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney K. Shane

50th Anniversary

birthdays from

Dr. Stacey B. Zaremba from

Ms. Alison Snyder

Jane Foy & Joseph W. ’ 70 Karaman

Dr. Kay Somers & Mr. Bruce Somers

Ms. Donna L. Snyder

Rev. Joshua D. Knappenberger ’13 from

Ms. Samantha R. Salvati ’15

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Rev. R. Theodore Burcaw Jr. ’80

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Ms. Alyson L. Remsing ’03

Brian J. ’02 Corvino Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ’78 & Mr. Warren Gericke Ms. Delores Cullen

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Yoshimura Worldwide


Mr. Thomas H. Luhman ’92

on Health Care

Equipment Company


J. ’79 Rampolla



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Mr. Matt Restaino

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Trust Company

Sageworth Trust Company


Mr. Richard E. Andrews ’62 Carol Ann & Suleiman ’73 Modjadidi P ’06

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TBS Engineering

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& General Parts Inc./CARQUEST

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Trans Logistics Inc.

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Bogert ’79, ’82

FALL 2015

CORNERSTONE SOCIETY William V. Campbell Sr., Ph.D. ’61 Dr. Mary Faith Carson Mr. Craig A. Cavanagh ’74 Dr. & Mrs. G. Clarke Chapman Mrs. Gloria Gately Chipman ’45 Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty Jr. Mr. Joseph F. Christ ’52 Mrs. Evelyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68 Mr. David R. Cornelius ’63 Mr. Placido A. Corpora ’78 Mr. Paul E. Crossan Jr. ’48 Mrs. Shirley Messics Daluisio ’68 Miss M. Lillian Davenport Mrs. Linda Roscoe de Seife ’72 Mrs. Carol Hutton DeMets ’70 Mr. Ron dePaolo ’64 Jay Deputy, Ph.D. Ms. Loretta F. DeWalt ’71 Mr. & Mrs. John E Dewees Mr. Albert C. DiDonato ’67 Miss Marcella I. Dimmick ’35 Kathleen Doyle ’68 &

J. Michael ’68, ’71 Dowd

Mr. Frank E. Driscoll Mrs. Mary C. Dull Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley Mr. Michael M. Ellis ’72 Miss Anne R. Enright ’52 Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson Mr. Dennis E. Estheimer ’62 Mrs. Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41* Peggy Ann Harte ’54 &

Francis J. ’59 Figlear

Mrs. Ada Zellner Flower ’46 Rev. Terry L. Folk ’78 Dr. Don C. Follmer Mrs. Sue Ann Henkelman Fortney ’53 Mrs. Nancy Zeleski Frantz ’53 Georgia Dreyer ’66 &

A. Owen III ’66 Freas

Mrs. Katherine Meland Freeny ’49 Jean E. Friedman Ph.D. ’63 John P. Galgon M.D. ’55 Mr. John M. Gallup ’77 Ms. Adele Garger Mr. Donald Garger Ms. Elizabeth Hicks Garrett ’63 Mrs. Genevieve Riordan Gee ’43 Mr. Carl F. Gitschier ’66 Mr. James A. Gold ’98 David D. Goldberg D.O. ’66 Mr. Philip A. Gottshall ’65 Judith C. Grant Ph.D. ’79 Ms. M. Anne Greene Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield

JOSH & JENNIFER DODD ’99 It would be an understatement to say that Moravian College is a special place for Josh ’99 and Jennifer Dodd ’99. “Jen and I met there as freshmen,” Josh says, “and most of our closest friends share the Moravian connection.” Jennifer has more than 15 years of experience teaching choral and general music in the Allentown School District, and she has even co-taught at the college level. Josh, meanwhile, started as a branch manager for a regional bank, then moved to Senior Vice President of Corporate Banking at Univest Bank and Trust. The two agree that their Moravian education went a long way toward preparing them for their eventual careers. “Moravian understands that practical experience in the classroom helps,” Jennifer says. “My student teaching placement was at Harrison-Morton [Middle School]. A job opened up that year, and I moved right into the choral teacher position.” And Josh says the management training, certification, and MBA programs he took through Moravian College were equally critical to his advancement. The two still find time in their schedules to be active in the community and at Moravian. Jennifer, who earned her Ph.D in Music Education from Temple University in 2012, often hosts student teachers and pre-student teachers, and she has been active in the Home Club and served as a judge at the Allentown Community Music School gala celebration. Perhaps her favorite role, though, was as vocal director for Dieruff High School’s Freddy Award-winning musical, “In the Heights.” Not one to sit idly by, Josh volunteers on special topic panels and has served as an adjunct professor in the College’s Continuing and Graduate Studies Department. That combines nicely with his work on various Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation boards, and together the two assisted on their 15th reunion committee last year. “Because I was a Comenius scholar, I think it’s important to give back financially,” Jennifer says when asked why she makes Moravian such a priority. “Other kids should have the opportunities I did.” The two encourage other alumni to rediscover their love of the College and campus in order to find inspiration to engage. “Spend some time on campus. Go to concerts,” Jennifer says. “The music is a great thing to see, and it’s important to get involved again.” Josh agrees. “Visit the campus. I think you will be inspired by both the ways the campus has evolved, and also how it feels the same.” With such a deep love for Moravian, it’s hardly surprising that the Dodds see the Leadership Council as something worthy of their time and effort. “It gives a diverse perspective and creates an ambassador network of Council members who interact with other alumni,” Josh says. “The fact that [alumni offer] access to different networks through the Council makes the overall college stronger.”

Bryon L. Grigsby, Ph.D. ’90 FALL 2015



thank you CORNERSTONE SOCIETY Mr. Joseph A. Grieshaber ’72

Janice Whitfield ’64 &

Mr. Brian H. Oswald ’82

Miss Constance M. Sokalsky ’71

Ms. Lugenia Taccarino Guaraldo ’69

Mr. Jon P. Otis ’79

Rev. Dr. Gordon L. Sommers ’57, ’61

Karen Boyer ’78 &

Dr. Donald K. Lauer

Rev. Charles Otto ’03 &

Mr. Arthur R. Spengler ’55

Ms. Lisa Lavigne Tejeda ’02

Cindy Trotner ’79 &

Dr. Ruth Roberts Hailperin

Mr. Timothy H. Leh ’86

Sara Paden ’71 &

Mr. James A. Hancock Jr.

Mrs. Robert Dollinger Leiby ’75

Mr. Robert E. Sterling ’65

Mrs. Kathryn Horwath Hartman ’52

Colette Geier ’71 &

Mr. Earl R. Pfeiffer ’61

Sister Gunnel Sterner

Mrs. Joan Schnable Haupert ’57

Ms. Ann Polanski

Mr. Bernard J. Story ’80

Mrs. Amy Greiner Hawley ’76

Mrs. Emmeline Lewis Dimmick ’48

Mrs. Rose Beidler Polentz ’38

Mr. Dylan S. Stroup ’10

Mr. James L. Heller ’83

Ms. Mae K. Long

Mr. Joseph R. Pulley ’58

Ronald J. Stupak Ph.D. ’61

Rev. Dale M. Henderson ’69

Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ’70

Mrs. Betsey Tait Puth ’51

Mr. Tom A. Tenges ’70

Miss Carol D. Henn ’68

Mrs. Joyce B. Lyon

Ms. Lynne Schlosser Raleigh ’66

Mrs. Mary Veronis Thompson ’42

Mr. Lee B. Herb ’69

Mrs. Mary Lesin Ayala ’59

Anne McCandless ’79 &

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G Tomberlin

Mr. William V. Herbein ’58

Scott E. Maier Esq. ’92

Mr. George J. Toth ’57

Mr. George Herczeg Jr. ’69

Mr. James E. Marconis ’74

Mrs. Jane Sullivan Ramsdell ’44

Ms. Joann M. Trotsky ’64

Ms. Marilyn L. Herwig ’75

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Fortunado Marcune

Mrs. Ruth Franges Rayna ’71

Mr. Merr W. Trumbore ’62

Mr. J. Robert Hess

David L. Marcus Esq. ’88

Ms. Mary Ann Rayner ’53

Mrs. Wilma Kistler Uhrich ’35

Mrs. Constance Stirling Hodson ’68

Mr. Bruce W. Marold

Mrs. Susan White Redfield ’68

Mr. James P. Van Schoick III ’74

Mr. George E. Hollendersky ’59

Rev. Gary T. Marsh ’74, ’83

Mrs. Adele Foley Reinsmith

Thomas J. Veraldi D.M.D. ’76

Mrs. Frances Kolb Hoops ’50

Barbara Hassler ’73 &

Ms. Barbara Reuper-Baum ’93

Mr. George W. Verheyden Jr.

James B. Howell M.D. ’59

Mrs. Helen M. Richards ’74

Mr. Donald C. Vogel ’63

Mr. George T. Hudson ’59

Mrs. Barbara Frowery Matlaga ’67

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Richardson

Miss Marian M. Wagner ’54

Mr. David G. Hunscher ’63

Rev. Dr. William W. Matz, Sr. ’50, ’53

Mrs. Laura L. Ridge

Rev. Dr. Walter H. &

Mr. F. James Hutchinson ’69

Rev. Dr. Henry E. May Jr. ’60, ’63

Rt. Rev. Graham H. Rights ’60

Joseph P. Hutsko D.O. ’56

Mrs. Shirley Hart McBride ’63

Mrs. Betty Adams Roach ’43

Mrs. Charlotte Haag Walek ’53

Mr. David W. Innes ’81, ’91

Mrs. Susan Gangwere McCabe ’79

Mr. Stanley R. Roman

Mrs. Deloris Ashcroft Wallace ’50

Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ’69

Mrs. Frances Fulmer McClain ’38

Ms. Diane Haines &

Mr. Scott H. Warrick ’82

Kevin F. Jones Ph.D. ’74

Carol Sloan ’58 &

Byron E. Waterman, Ed.D. ’64

Ms. Trisha Babbitt Jones ’68

Joseph L. Rosenfeld Esq. ’58

Rev. Christian D. Weber ’52

Mrs. Carol Carson Joseloff ’67

Mrs. Deborah Oplinger McKinnon ’73

Richard R. Ruth Jr., Esq. ’60

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Werkmeister

Diane C. ’98 & Daniel Y. ’73 Joseph

Shelley Johnson McMackin Esq. ’75

Dr. Shapour Samii

Mrs. Susan Biemesderfer Werner ’70

Ms. Joanne E. Keim ’72

Alma Coester ’69 &

Mr. Gary L. Sandercock ’63

Mr. William J. Werpehowski ’51

Mr. Burton L. Kelchner ’43

Mr. Gerald A. Sarkisian ’74

Miss Elizabeth M. Wetter ’65

Mr. Robert M. Keller ’66

Mr. Benjamin L. Meluskey ’60

Mr. Myron A. Savacool ’58

Rev. David L. Wickmann ’64, ’67

Rev. William B. Kerner ’62

Mr. Robert C. Mende ’74

Doris Wood &

Mr. Edward D. Wilde Jr. ’64

Mrs. Jean G. Kessler

Mr. Charles E. Merrill, Jr.

Mrs. Margaret Wilde

Mr. Gary T. Kester ’64

Mrs. Carol Losensky Messina ’61

Mrs. Eleanor Beck Schleicher ’56

Rev. Theodore E. Wilde ’60

Mrs. Olive Wooler Kinter ’50

Mr. John M. Mickner ’72

Miss Cornelia Schlotter ’57

Mrs. Jacqueline Williams

Mrs. Jeanne Krenicky Kipp ’69

Mr. Chester Dale Miller ’75

Patricia Nemesh ’70 &

Mr. Walter F. Williams

Claire M. ’87, ’95 & Michael Klatchak

Cornelia Faga ’47 & Paul E. G. ’47 Miller

Mrs. Harriet Peters Williamson ’60

Miss Dorothea G. Klotz ’66

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ’85

Dr. Fred B. Schultheis ’77

Rev. Mark A. Wimmer ’76

Rev. James L. Knappenberger ’77

Mr. Jody R. Miller ’70

Mr. E. Allen Schultz, Jr. ’53

Mrs. Gail Smith Winson ’66

Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69

Parry J. Miller M.D. ’66

Mrs. Nancy C. Schultz

Barbara Roberts ’61 &

John Klochin Ed.D. ’57

Dr. James B. Mitchell

Rev. Dr. Tom Schwanda ’72

Miss Elizabeth A. Kovach ’75

Barbara Worsley, D.M.D. ’67 &

Mrs. MaryAnn Sedlock

Mrs. Helen Desh Woodbridge ’54

Mrs. Brenda Krajci ’65

Mrs. Helen Bauder Seifert ’69

Mrs. Susan Overath Woolley

Ms. Phyllis G. Kreider ’46

Mr. George W. Myers ’82

Richard Senker, Ph.D. ’96

Mrs. Kris Dragotta Yerry ’81

Susan Kressly M.D. ’82

Karen Bruckart ’72 &

Mrs. Isabel Petro Sersen ’58

Rev. Dr. Janice M. Young ’82, ’91

Mrs. Kathryn Knopf Kricks ’49

Eric R. Shimer Esq. ’68

Ms. Laura D. Young ’78

Kelly K. Krieble Ph.D. ’86

Mr. William C. Needs ’62, ’63

Wayne C. ’61 & Sandra Shugart

Ms. Susan J. Youtz ’72

Dr. Vera Krisukas

Mr. & Mrs. Maynard S. Northup

Miss Lucinda M. Shure ’70

Mark S. Yuhasz M.D. ’78

Robert J. Labdik Ed.D. ’60

Mr. Raymond L. Orthh ’69

Mr. Halfred C. Smith

W. Russell Yurchak, Jr. ’62

Mr. Keith D. Lambie ’73

Mr. Thomas A. Ortwein Jr. ’77

Mrs. Lois Shafer Smith ’51

Mr. Earl C. Zeiner ’57

Annette Budzak Landes Esq. ’83

Barbara A. Osborne Ph.D. ’70

Drs. Bettie & Oles Smolansky

Mrs. Debra Lewis Zvanut ’75


Odell, Esq. ’77 Guyton


John G., Ph.D. ’65 Landis

Joseph B., M.D. ’69 Lennert

Gary M. ’76 Martell

William H. ’58 McElveen

James M., Esq. ’69 McMahan

James L. ’65 Morgan

Henry G., Jr. ’71 Naisby

Ms. Margaret Gorman Robert E. ’73 Peterson

Kenneth J. ’79 Rampolla

William J. Rosenberg, Esq. ’49

David A. ’60 Schattschneider

Robert J., Jr. Schoenen

David M., D.O. ’78 Stein

Rev. Deborah M. Wagner

John W. ’59 Woltjen

FALL 2015

New Endowment Funds THE FLORENCE AND VICTOR GENEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Florence and Victor Genel Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of their children; Myron Genel, M.D. ’57, Sandra Dressler and Linda Zacher. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to undergraduate students who have demonstrated financial need and a good academic record.

THE OGO-MONK ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND The OGO-MONK Endowed Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Patricia Ann and Anthony “Monk” ’59 Morelli. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support for a deserving student who is a member in good standing of Omicron Gamma Omega fraternity.

THE SPIRITUAL DIRECTION GIFT FUND AT MORAVIAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY The Spiritual Direction Gift Fund at Moravian Theological Seminary was established through the generosity of the Spiritual Direction Cohort and friends of Moravian Theological Seminary, in 2014. The purpose of the fund is to provide an annual gift(s) at fall Convocation to a deserving student(s) who is seeking a graduate certificate in Spiritual Direction.

THE SARA LOUISE WELLER ’06 ENDOWMENT FUND The Sara Louise Weller ’06 Endowment Fund was established through the generosity of her parents, Joan and Peter Weller, and her uncle, Dr. Carl Wagner, in loving memory of Sara. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support for deserving junior or seniors majoring in English.

THE GAIL SMITH WINSON ’66 SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Gail Smith Winson ’66 Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Gail Smith Winson ’66. The purpose of the find is to provide merit scholarships to students who have been recruited from outside Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York or Delaware and to provide financial support for student recruitment.

New Annual Giving Scholarships To help address the need for more scholarships, an Annual Giving Scholarship was established for the first time in the 2012-2013 academic year. For $10,000 a donor can create an Annual Giving Scholarship that would provide $2,500 per year for four years to a deserving student. An annual giving scholarship is an immediate way for alumni and friends to help fund a Moravian student’s education.

THE TERRI L. BRADY ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Terri Koser Brady ’82.

THE BROWN FAMILY ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Christopher J. Brown ’96.

THE ROBERT L. DUTT ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of Robert L. Dutt ’68.

TODD JAMES ’05 Like fellow Council member Mark Myslinski, Todd James ’05 has made a career at the intersection of science and finance. While studying financial economics at Moravian— and acting as fund manager in the Amrhein Investment Club—James says he gained hands-on investing and presentation experience that helped him land an internship in the Capital Market Intelligence Group at Thomson Financial. That led to a full-time position on Thomson’s biotech team after graduation and, following two years in their New York office, James moved to Trout Group and Trout Capital, a biotech strategic advisory firm and boutique investment bank. He spent nine years at Trout before taking an in-house investor relations and corporate communications post with biotech firm Acceleron Pharma in Boston this summer. “I always try to be available for students that contact me,” he says when asked about how he gives back to the Moravian College community. James was active in Trout’s intern and externship programs, which helped a number of Moravian students land full-time jobs. As a student, he started the Cpt. Chris Seifert ‘97 Memorial Golf Tournament to honor the Moravian alumnus who was killed in action in 2003. He still remains active on the annual outing’s board. He was also a co-founder of the “All Jacked Up” fundraiser, organized to benefit a friend’s infant struggling with a rare disease. This social event raised more than $100,000 last year. “You can have a big impact if you get involved,” he says. “Whether you donate time or money, those gifts can have a wide effect across the community. As an alum, you can make a real difference for undergrads. Just get started in a small way at first. You will be surprised with the impact you can have. Then challenge yourself to do more.” The best part of the Leadership Council, according to James, is the fact that it gives the alumni group a voice. “The College spends a lot of time and effort to educate its students, and then there’s inevitable movement out into the workforce. The Council allows the College to recapture that talent by receiving advice, strategy, and resources from that group of professionals they built.”

THE WILLIAM SCHANINGER ANNUAL GIVING SCHOLARSHIP Established through the generosity of William S. Schaninger Jr., Ph.D. ’93, G‘98.

FALL 2015




greyhoundsports MORAVIAN COLLEGE

Welcomes New Director of Athletics & Recreation

George Bright

George Bright joined Moravian College as Director of Athletics & Recreation on September 1 after serving 22 years at Lafayette College, most recently as Associate Director of Athletics. “We are pleased to welcome George Bright to the Moravian College family as our new Director of Athletics & Recreation,” says President Bryon Grigsby ’90. “George has had a long and distinguished career in college athletics, and we look forward to having him lead our department into the future.” Bright came to Moravian to replace Scot Dapp, who retired on July 31 after 28 years at Moravian. Dapp spent 24 seasons as head football coach where he won a schoolrecord 144 games from 1987 through 2010 and the last four years as Director of Athletics & Recreation. Bright had been at Lafayette since 1993, first as Assistant Director of Athletics before being promoted to Associate Director of Athletics in 2001. During the summer of 2001, Bright was one of 24 athletic administrators selected nationally as the first class for the NCAA Leadership Institute. Bright also completed the Sports Management Institute Executive Program at Notre Dame and the University of South Carolina in 2005. He is also a former member of the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee. “Throughout my career, I have aspired to become a director of athletics at an institution where the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence is a permanent priority and I am most grateful for that opportunity at Moravian,” says Bright. “I have committed myself to performing at the highest level capable and will uphold the proud traditions of Moravian College. I have always believed ‘loyalty,’ ‘integrity’ and ‘commitment’ to be the cornerstones of my career and that will not change.” “I know I speak for all the coaches when I say we are looking forward to having an individual of George’s caliber lead the Moravian Athletic Department,” says associate



director of athletics, senior women’s administrator and head women’s basketball coach Mary Beth Spirk. “During the search process, he emerged as our absolute top choice. His leadership, experience and character are a perfect fit for Moravian.” A 1986 graduate of Claflin University in Orangeburg, S.C., Bright earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts, and earned his Master of Arts degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from South Carolina State in May 1994. He has hours towards his doctorate in leadership and administration at East Stroudsburg University where he has served as an adjunct professor in Sport Management. “Moravian College is recognized for its outstanding commitment to a quality environment and experience for its students, faculty and staff. My vision will center its focus on the well-being of student-athletes, with the goal to consistently improve the quality of their collegiate and athletic experience,” he says. “My vision also is one which looks to build community through partnerships with constituents across campus, alumni, service organizations and businesses in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. I hope to establish a championship culture that builds confidence, motivates and inspires student-athletes and athletics staff.”

FALL 2015

Alan Heverly ’96 Returns as Director of Men’s & Women’s Tennis Moravian College has welcomed back alumnus and Moravian Hall of Fame member Alan Heverly ’96 as the Greyhounds next Director of Tennis for men and women. Heverly replaces another Moravian graduate and Hall of Fame member Art Smith ’68, who retired after leading the men’s team for four seasons and the women for one as Moravian’s first Director of Tennis. Heverly’s hiring also keeps Moravian’s coaching staff at seven alumni as head coaches as Heverly joins softball coach John Byrne ’82, field hockey coach Amy Endler ’93, golf coach Kevin Edwards ’96, football coach Jeff Pukszyn ’97, men’s basketball coach Justin Potts ’00 and cheerleading coach Ashley Stone ’10. Heverly completed his Bachelors of Arts in psychology at Moravian in 1996, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and he finished a Masters of Education in human development at Lehigh in 2000. “Since graduation I have performed many roles in support of the tennis program at Moravian, so returning to Moravian as Tennis Director makes me feel both motivated and very proud,” Heverly explains. “My goal is to enhance the experience of our student-athletes, and to try to advance a well-established and time-honored program. I can’t wait to get started.” Heverly played two seasons for the Greyhounds with a 21-8 singles record after attending Bucks Country Community College where he played in two NJCAA national tournaments. He helped the 1996 squad to the Middle Atlantic Conference Commonwealth League title while serving as a team captain, and it was the program’s first-ever postseason berth. Heverly was inducted into Moravian’s Hall of Fame in 2008. He was a non-traditional student that began his college career nearly 20 years after finishing high school and his story of being an NCAA Division III student-athlete in his late 30s and early 40s landed him in Sports Illustrated’s Faces in the Crowd and a small note in the USA Today after being named an Academic All-American. “We are excited to welcome back Alan to be the next director of our men’s and women’s tennis programs,” says George Bright, director of athletics and recreation. “Coach Heverly has a keen sense of the program, the excellent student-athletes at Moravian and understands my goals and expectations for the tennis teams moving forward.”

Moravian to Install Turf Field and Honor John Makuvek Moravian College will be adding a second turf athletic field during the summer of 2016. John Makuvek Field, named after the long-time golf and soccer coach and former athletics director, will replace the HUB Quad grass field and will be used by the field hockey, men’s and women’s lacrosse and men’s and women’s soccer teams. The field will also h ​ ave lights that will allow athletic teams as well as intramurals to use the field ​in the evening in order to alleviate conflicts with ​team​ practices and competitions. FALL 2015




To reach Alumni Engagement: 610 861-1366 or

GREYHOUNDS CONQUER Networking in the Concrete Jungle For many college students, living and working in NYC would be a dream come true. Fortunately, some alumni from Moravian College have already paved the way for aspiring students to form connections that enable them to follow their dreams. On September 15, 43 wide-eyed undergraduates connected with John Quinones ’92 at Major League Baseball and James Cudney ’99 Madison Square Garden, before schmoozing at the annual NYC Alumni Networking Event. “Students greatly benefit from connecting with the alums,” said Pat Hanna, assistant director of career development and alumni engagement. “They are there for the students because they’ve been in their shoes.”

— Sara Weidner ’18

Here’s One for the (BEER) NERDS Alumni were treated to a first-of-its-kind event on July 31st, when 50 thirsty hounds enjoyed a brewery tour and tasting at Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton, Pa. Attendees snacked from tasty food trucks and bonded over their love of two things: good beer, and good times at Moravian College.




FALL 2015

This Just In: HOUND HOURS ARE A HIT! Three Young Alumni Hound Hours were held this summer in New York City, Washington D.C., and Belmar, New Jersey. Each casual happy hour provided a time for recent graduates in the area to meet, network and cool off with a signature “Greyhound” drink. Head to to learn about the next Hound Hour in your area.


Jersey Shore




Brian Heffern ’13, Kevin Gilroy ’13, Kate Turek ’12, Frank Trautz ’13, Karli Gnehm ’14, Luke Smith ’11, Ian Vogler ’13, Samantha Houck ’13, Amanda Werner ’13, Alix Rapkowicz ’13, Jaclyn Borden ’12, Melissa De Lucia ’12, Susan Bartos ’10, Revé Anderko ’09, Elena Tominus ’12 TOP:

BELOW, LEFT TO RIGHT: (1) Tumi Demuren ’11, Amanda Werner ’13, Michael O’Gorman ’13, Marla Bianca ’13, Lizzette Arias ’11, Ana Acevedo ’12, Sam

Sheridan ’13, Brittany (Beard) Clingan ’12, Nick Clingan ’13; (2) Nick Clingan ’13, Tumi Demuren ’11, and Luke Smith ’11; (3) Todd James ’05, Tracie Romanak ’04, Dan Corey ’05; (4) Meredith Coleman ’12, Maureen Helfers ’11, Sam Dunn ’15, Rebecca Friedman ’10, Kris Kadel ’11, Kevin Holze ’12, Brian McCoy ’12

CLASS OF 2019 Gets Warm Welcome at Freshman Picnics Thanks to all the alumni who came out to welcome our newest Greyhounds, the Class of 2019, at our annual Welcome Picnics. This year, Welcome Picnics were held in Spring Lake, NJ at the home of Rob Verrone ’90, Bridgewater, NJ at the home of Suzanne Kmet Diaz ’91 and Bill Diaz, and on campus, hosted by the Lehigh Valley Home Club and Office of Alumni Engagement.


For details or registration, contact 610-861-1366 or

October 23-24 Homecoming

November 11

Student Alumni Networking on Campus

December 4-6, 11-13 Vespers

December 12

Alumni Awards

April 8, 2016 Night of Stars

FALL 2015






publishes all class notes that we receive. We reserve the right to edit for space or style. Some information may appear only online at All class correspondents with an e-mail address are listed within the notes. Some correspondents without e-mail access are listed below. If your class year is not shown or does not list a named correspondent either here or online, e-mail your information to alumrel@ or mail to Barbara Parry, Alumni Engagement Office, Moravian College, 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

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and will publish as many as space permits.


Helen Desh Woodbridge; 3574 Browning Lane; Bethlehem, PA 18017 Founder’s Day 2015 was observed May 29th with a reception in Payne Gallery, the girls’ gym in former years. Following the reception was the traditional Lovefeast in Peter Hall, the Chapel in former years, followed by the much enjoyed luncheon in Clewell Dining Hall. The event observed the 273rd year since Countess Benigna founded the girls’ school in 1742 in Germantown before it moved to Bethlehem. The Founder’s Day speaker was Paul Peucker, Moravian Church Archivist, whose slide talk, “Treasures from the Vault,” included the Countess’ role in women’s early education. The Lovefeast concluded with the singing of the Alma Mater, written by Charles Meschter, the music by T. Edgar Shields. Knowing nothing of Charles Meschter, I went to Reeves Library where Linda LaPointe found that he was an English professor at Moravian and also an assistant English professor at Lehigh. We both hope to learn more, including the story behind the colors purple and gold. During lunch, Eleanor Simmons MacCormick ’53 shared some interesting memories of her student days with all as did some of the men including Tom Haupert ’65 who recalled the influence of Deans Curtis, Bushnell and Sartwell. Sister Millicent Drake and I missed being with many classmates who attended in the



past and added much to the singing of our Alma Mater, like Lois Lutz Geehr and her husband, Fred. Also absent this May was my husband, Cas, who passed away March 14th of this year.


Kathy Werst Detwiler; Note to Class of 1959 from Kathy Werst Detwiler: our 56th Reunion was much fun. Thanks to the efforts of Fred DeFrank, many classmates returned for all/some of the Moravian College Events. Our Alumni Office did a fine job of planning excellent opportunities to renew acquaintances. Friday Night Welcome Back Dinner was excellent; table conversation was enjoyed with Betsy Dreher Honey. Betsy tells me that our class has many more reunions in the future. The Jazz Hounds Alumni Band Concert after dinner was superb. Saturday’s Continental Breakfast provided a happy atmosphere to chat with Pat Conover Diener; so good to see you and play “catch up,” Patti. Later Saturday morning Moravian College updated classroom experiences for me and Wayne and alumni with two new options ... a chemistry lecture/hands-on class and a graduate education lecture. Much missed at our Reunion was Ginny Dancy Dickie, who was unable to attend because of illness in her family. Family challenges also prevented Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt from attending this Reunion, but she will make the effort to work out a plan for next year. Prior commitments also filled the weekend schedule of Ed Ryan, but he has visited Moravian throughout the year and enjoyed meeting with students and Pat Murray Hanna ’82. Saturday’s Lunch was a delight and an opportunity to visit with Marcia Morgan Fish, Dee Lang Keglovits ’60 and our classmate Joe Keglovits; many laughs with this crew! After lunch Wayne and I visited The President’s House on West Church Street and much appreciated the company of Peter French ’60. On the registration form our College asked, “How much fun can you cram into one weekend?”... LOTS! Hope to see YOU in 2016 for our 57th. Bye for now.


Bill Leicht; 16819 N. 59th Place; Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Dr. John Shigo writes: I am visiting my daughter, Dr. Monica Lawry, in Sonoma, California for the next three months. Monica is a Surgical Cancer Dermatologist in Davis, California. We are on a trip to San Francisco to visit the city sites. I will be in Florida this winter with my daughter, Alexandra, a PA-C in Dermatology. Ali lives in Winter Park, Florida and works in Orlando with a Dermatology group. I visited my three other

daughters in The Plains, VA and Charlotte, NC this spring and my eight grandchildren. One attends Virginia Tech in Engineering! A great life with all my family traveling!

1965 Robert Houser;

We are sad to report that Anthony Iasiello passed away on July 1, 2015. Tony was a longtime mentor and educator at Bethlehem Catholic High School, teaching history for 42 years. He started the school’s first wrestling program and continued as Head Coach for 38 years. Tony was the owner of The Sports Corner, president of UNICO, an Italian American Club, Kiwanis and the Knights of Columbus. He was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and founded the Christmas City Wrestling Tournament which is currently known as the Tony Iasiello Tournament. He was the President of District XI Wrestling Coaches Association.

1970 Joe and Jane Karaman’s son and wife live in LA and have two children, Charlotte and her older brother, Henry.


Cyndee Andreas Grifo; J. Mark Jones and his wife Martha Walker Jones ’75 are pleased to announce another grandchild, Grace Irene Neff, who was born April 28, 2015 to their daughter, Marcy and her husband, Andy.


Kathy Lemke writes: I lived in Harrisburg for 25 years. I earned a master’s degree in public relations working almost 30 years in non-profit fundraising. I have earned a second master’s degree in speech language pathology and I am now working as a SLP in an acute rehabilitation facility, my second career. Gene Tutzauer writes: My son, Ryan, will turn 21 on September 30. He plays soccer with Hood College and on that date Moravian hosts Hood. See you there!? My other children are Gene, Jr. NJIT (22), Jaret (17), and, Ashley (16).


Marla Rowe Fannin; Karen Gottwald Malcolm was ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church in Albany, NY on May 30, 2015.

FALL 2015

The Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants has reappointed Barbara Borkowski Snyder, CPA of Hartford, to serve as a member of its Advisory Council for the organization’s 2015-2016 activity year, representing the Financial Institutions Committee. Barbara is a partner with Whittlesey & Hadley, P.C. Hartford.


Lori Vargo Heffner; Suzanne Kopres Stianche has joined Discover Lehigh Valley as national sales manager. Suzanne serves as the board chairwoman for Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers and is the philanthropy chairwoman and past president for American Advertising Federation Greater Lehigh Valley.


Karen Skoyles; Ronald Semanick, a certified public accountant, was elected president of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.


Diane Sciabica Mandry; Joe Luksa writes: From 1995 to 2012, I served as middle school band director in the Wyoming Valley West School District located in Kingston, PA. In my last 3 years there, I was also the director of the WVW Honors Orchestra, a highly rated competition group. During my tenure as director, the orchestra received 2 ratings of excellent and 1 rating of superior at various national competitions. In 2012, I transferred to my current position at State Street Elementary in Larksville, PA where I teach music to students in kindergarten, first, and second grades. Since 2005, I have been active in my local teacher’s union. In 2007, I was elected secretary of the organization and have held the office ever since. I also became the campaign coordinator for our United Way fund. Since that time, our school has had the highest number of donors, donation dollars, and labor leadership level donors among all of our local school districts. This spring, I helped coordinate a book drive for our local United Way chapter and, once again, our school had the highest number of books donated. On Thursday, May 14, 2015 the United Way presented me with the Sarah and Anthony F. Kane Jr. Memorial Achievement award. This award honors the ideals of charitable giving and community service. It recognizes a PSEA member who has given outstanding support to the United Way of the Wyoming Valley and other human services programs. FALL 2015

Since becoming a union officer, I have attended the PSEA Leadership Conference in Gettysburg, PA each year. My first year there, I entered and won their annual talent competition with an original comedy song entitled, “Tourette’s Behind the Wheel” for which I received 3 standing ovations and a $600 cash prize. The funny part of the story is that I literally composed the song the night before the competition. In honor of my Moravian College roots, my wife and I committed to rescuing greyhounds. We are not “big dog people,” so we decided to rescue Italian Greyhounds which are the smallest of the greyhound breeds. We currently own 3 IGs, two of which are rescues with special needs. All three dogs go everywhere with us as we travel in our RV.


James and Lynda Farrell Swartz; Terence O’Rourke, Jr. decided this year to give up at least part of his traveling lifestyle and take a more permanent job. This was triggered by the ever increasing inconveniences of temporary doctoring. He must confess his choice of job may seem somewhat traitorous: he will be the doctor at the student health center for Susquehanna University! He is looking forward to the more stable income, chances to work with young people, and access to the facilities there but remains ever faithful to the “Hounds”. Carol Traupman-Carr, dean of curriculum and academic programs, is one of 28 administrators in higher education nationwide selected by the Council of Independent Colleges to participate in a year-long Senior Leadership Academy. Beverly Kirk was awarded one of two Lauretta Woodson Awards. This award, given annually through the state PASR recognizes both an educator and a support professional who have exhibited creativity, initiative, or productivity relevant to the learning process and growth of children. Beverly is a reading specialist in the Easton Area School District.


Kerri Selland Pepoy; Sal Calandra, Head of Quality & Food Safety of Linde North America, Inc., is a 2015 nominee for the International Society of Beverage Technologists board of directors, and currently chairs ISBT’s Beverage Gases Committee.


Melissa dePamphilis Jarman; or Christine A. PalermoWallach; Michael Glore currently serves as a Career Fire Lieutenant assigned to Rescue Company 1 in the City of Reading, Pa. He lives in Pottsville,

Pa. with his wife of 23 years, Maria Spotts Glore, and two children, Kenny, age 14, and Katie age 18, who will begin her college career at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York this year.


Denise Bradley; Andrea Dinan has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. Dinan will study in Oaxaca, Mexico in January of 2016 through the Distinguished Award in Teaching Program. While in Mexico, she will attend university courses and research home environment factors and student achievement in local secondary schools. City native Kevin Grace returned to Pottsville’s Majestic Theater for “Music at the Majestic” on Friday, May 22nd. Kevin has wanted to return to the Majestic to bring joy to Schuylkill and promote the arts in the County region. Grace sang at the Cathedral Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul, Philadelphia, and at other notable locations including Italy. He currently does freelance work involving singing but is also the principal cantor at St. Leo Roman Catholic Church in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, where he is also the choral director. Richard Telesco has joined MSUSA as position trader managing Consumer/Media sectors. Prior to joining MSUSA, Richard spent 15 years at Credit Suisse where he was director and head of small cap trading and consumer sector.


Deb Yuengling Ferhat; Dr. Bradley Lamm, was featured on the Doctors Show. The Associate Producer reached out to help find an expert who could surgically correct Sierra’s deformed toes. After doing research and asking medical professionals for opinions Dr. Lamm was chosen as the best expert to grow/ lengthen her short toes caused by constrictive band syndrome, a birth deformity. The show was recorded and Dr. Lamm will perform Sierra’s surgery in the fall of 2015. You can follow her story at


Tiffany Shenman Volze; Heather Whary Turner writes: On January 27, 2015, Luke Jameson Turner, son of Heather Whary Turner and Marion (Randy) Turner, was born without a heartbeat. Although his life was short, he deeply affected those around him. He is greatly missed and loved by his parents, sisters Baxter and Colbie, and brother Quinn.


Jennie Joshi;

Kathyann Finch Winans Tunison writes: I’ve MORAVIAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE


classnotes just completed a two and half year course studying Botanical Art. Not much botany was included, mostly visual and drawing of plants. Some plant identification was included. As a result, my new body of art work will have letters after my signature. Kathyann Finch, DipSBA! I did attend graduation in London, UK on April 17, 2015 with my son, Spencer Robert Winans, who himself is a graduate of Northeastern University. We stayed in London for a few days. All went well. All of the work was done at my home studio with my husband Phil present. The course was mailed to me and I sent in my assignments within the structured time frame for each assignment. I did score a 92 for a possible 115 points for my assignments (12 in all). My diploma portfolio consisting of three pieces of work and my assignments and sketchbook work won me a diploma with credit from the Society of Botanical Art, London, UK. Very exciting for me. Thanos Economopoulos writes that he runs a music school in his hometown Patras (Greece), he teaches piano at local public music schools and also composes electronic music. Angela Colasanti of Viela, LTD was awarded as a finalist for the prestigious Halstead Grant for emerging artists in silver jewelry design. Angela provided great business suave, unique market outlook and strong artistic talent convincing the Halstead Team to award her a finalist position.


Faithann Cheslock Barron; or Lisa Hahn-Egan; John Brand is named to Jersey’s Best Marketing Communicators Under 40. John is one of only 33 on the list.


Regina Lacombe Laine; Jen Ketz Dolga was recently promoted to Director of Research Analytics at Decision Resources Group.


Jessica Naugle; On the last day of school at Titus Elementary on Thursday, second-grade teacher Joanna Brennan received a nice sendoff to summer from some unexpected guests. Thirteen graduating seniors at Central Bucks High School South surprised her by stopping by her classroom wearing their caps and gowns. They weren’t just any graduates. They were members of the first class Brennan taught at Titus — when she was fresh out of Moravian College. “I was absolutely shocked. I got weak in the knees. I couldn’t believe all the kids who showed up to see me,” she said. “They were my very first



class. They were very special to me. Some of them, I didn’t recognize. They were 8, and now they’re 18. They’re so grown up!” Mary Marquis, whose son Jack was in Brennan’s class, and Terry Remick, whose son Dan was also in the class, organized the reunion. Marquis recalled how nice Brennan was to Jack while Marquis was undergoing treatment for breast cancer about 10 years ago. “She was so good to my son,” Marquis said. “All the teachers at Titus are so great.” The Marquis family kept in contact with Brennan — she also taught Jack’s sister Kathryn. They thought Brennan would enjoy seeing other former students from that year, but did not know how many would be able to get to the school on the morning of their graduation from CB South. “When the kids showed up, it was so touching,” Marquis said. As part of their graduation, the students also received a surprise. An Iraq War veteran to whom they had written as second-graders in Brennan’s class wrote a letter recently to congratulate them on their graduation. “I would like to again thank (you) for your letter and treats sent to me while I was serving our country in Iraq in 2004-2005 … When I received your letter, I had so much joy in my heart that it brought tears to my eyes,” said Vern Conaway, who is a U.S. Army veteran. “I sincerely wish you well in your future endeavors. Work hard, never give up on yourself,” he wrote. Conaway brought the letters to CB South so they could be distributed to the former Titus students with their diplomas.


Lauren Bahnatka Bachner; Courtney Werner has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Courtney is excited to be moving back east after spending the past three years as Assistant Professor at Hope College.

2007 Brian Bergstol was one of 71 players competing for four U.S. Open spots in Purchase, NY. Brian qualified for sectionals by shooting a 1 over 71 to tie for medalist honors at local qualifying at Williamsport Country Club in May. Travis Nace and Helen Benson Nace ’09 live in Fairfax, Virginia. Travis graduated in May 2015 from Florida State University with a Master of Science in Library Information Studies. He currently works in a college library. Helen graduated in May 2015 from George Mason University with a Master of Public Health and currently works as a public health nurse.


Amelia Dietrich; Jessica Cianci graduated from the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy at Shenandoah University with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree in May 2015. She will be returning to NJ to work as a staff pharmacist with CVS Pharmacy. Amelia Dietrich was awarded an ACLS Public Fellowship, which places recent Ph.D.s from the humanities and humanistic social sciences in two-year staff positions at partnering organizations in government and the nonprofit sector. Amelia joins The Forum on Education Abroad as their Assistant Director for Digital Resources. Beth Smeaton married Michael Case ’11. Michael is working as a pricing science analyst at Philip’s Pet Food and Supplies.


Cassidy Thomas; Nicole Dorney married Andrew Held on April 11, 2015. Stephanie Dorney ’12 was maid of honor and Kelly Williams ’09 was a bridesmaid. Jennifer Barnes Ciampaglia’09, attended. Helen Benson Nace and Travis Nace ’07 live in Fairfax, Virginia. Helen graduated in May 2015 from George Mason University with a Master of Public Health and currently works as a public health nurse. Travis graduated in May 2015 from Florida State University with a Master of Science in Library Information Studies. He currently works in a college library.


Kelly Schneider Parise; From Diane Husic, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences: Sarabeth Brockley begins her job at the United Nations, Division of Sustainable Development and Water Branch, on July 15, 2015, and, Leslie Sealey has earned her M.D. Ashley Stone and Joseph Melchionna were engaged in March, 2015. Ashley is the head cheerleading coach for the Greyhounds and Joe is the Blue & Grey rep for the Baseball Team. A June 2016 wedding is planned at Hotel Bethlehem. Chris Leiby joined the Peace Corps. He has been living in the Eastern Caribbean for over a year on the island of Dominica. Chris teaches literacy at the local primary school. Jacqueline Seidler graduated in May from Loyola University Maryland with a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. Jackie recently accepted a position at Good Shepherd FALL 2015

Penn Partners Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa.

Shane Burcaw ’14 Wins 2nd Career Mid-Atlantic Emmy For ‘A Will To Survive’

Patrick Semanchik is engaged to Brooke Geist. Patrick is a credit department manager for Mid Penn Bank in Harrisburg and Brooke is a corporate finance analyst for PPL of Allentown. They are planning a September 2016 wedding.


Ali Zucal; Casey Schweppenheiser graduated from Villanova University School of Law. She has accepted a judicial clerkship with Judge Arthur Zulick of the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas. Kristi Beisecker writes: After freelancing in graphic design for 6-9 months I was able to save enough money to live in Greve in Chianti, Italy for four weeks for an artist residency to pursue my electrographic artwork developed in Jeff Hurwitz’s Alternative Photography class I took my last semester of senior year. Before this adventure I went to London to visit family and then to Paris, France before I went home. It was an amazing cultural immersion with a side of art. I studied Botany to help make my artwork have more depth and learned about the Tuscan landscape... collected wild herbs to use in art and cooking and met local artists (from the Boston area) as well as international artists. For anyone pursuing an art form seriously, an artist residency is a great way to travel as an artist while pursuing your work! Meredith Coleman and Kris Kadel ’11 are engaged. Their wedding will be on April 29, 2017 at Hotel Bethlehem. Philip Redline was inducted into the Jim Thorpe Sports Hall of Fame at the 26th Annual Banquet on Saturday, August 15. Philip took part in football and track and field all four years of his high school career at Jim Thorpe, earning varsity letters all four years in both sports. He’s second all-time in rushing yards at Jim Thorpe with 2,750 yards and second in scoring with 244 points. He was the former school record holder in the 100 and 200 meter dashes and also held a record with the 400 meter relay team.


Michael O’Gorman; or Emmy Usera; Elizabeth Sgambelluri writes: I am ecstatic to announce that I will be conducting my master’s research with the African Lion Enrichment and Research Team (ALERT) in Africa! They have agreed to facilitate my research, therefore serving as a site to support, advance, and supply technology necessary for my research. During the 2016-2017 period I will be leading and assisting FALL 2015

GREYHOUNDS DON’T JUST MAKE FILMS. THEY WIN EMMYS. Such is true in the case of Shane Burcaw ’14, who took home a Mid-Atlantic Emmy on September 19 at a sold-out ceremony in Philadelphia, Pa. The short film, ‘A Will to Survive,’ which he wrote and executive produced, won in the human interest category. The film, which was produced, shot and directed by FireRock Productions, is a nearly 12-minute documentary of Burcaw’s most memorable—and most traumatic—trip to the hospital. It is the film adaptation of a personal essay he wrote during his freshman year at Moravian College. The former English major lives (and thrives) with spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA, and doesn’t mince words when sharing his experiences living with an uncertain future. Burcaw’s claim to fame is “Laughing at my Nightmare:” first a blog rife with humor, wit, and positivity, then a hilarious memoir and a successful nonprofit organization of the same name dedicated to showing how laughter and humor can improve even the grimmest situations. He is a nationally-syndicated writer, and he recently started the No More Nightmares program, through which six individuals living with muscular dystrophy will receive equipment for better quality of life. This isn’t his first Emmy, either—a news segment on WFMZ 69 about Burcaw and LAMN picked up a Mid-Atlantic Emmy in 2013. But this year’s award is a little different for Burcaw’s brand: funny man trades his usual humor for raw honesty. “I wrote the piece to reflect on one of the darkest moments in life—to show people that hope can be found even in those moments when everything feels stacked against you. “My hope is that the darker pieces give people perspective, not that I have it worse than them, but that no matter what your adversities are, a positive attitude can be an effective coping mechanism.” reintroduction studies with lions in Zambia, monitoring the physical health of these populations, and researching factors manipulating intraguild predation. My individual research project for my masters presently focuses on the role of hormone imbalances augmenting hyper-aggressive behavior displayed by apex predator and mesopredator African mammals. Being offered a position with this organization to pursue my interests in large predator conservation is a dream come true. I am so excited about this new chapter that will unfold, and wanted to share this excitement with all of you at Moravian.

Samantha Houck will be starting graduate school this fall 2015 semester at NYU to pursue her Masters in Archives and Public History. In addition, she will be completing an internship at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology this fall semester. She will be interning in the Special Collections and College Archives. Samantha says that she is very excited to begin her NYC adventures. Victoria Poliskiewicz recently accepted a position as a Jr. Marketing Designer for Starboard Cruise Services, based in Miami, Fla., where she now lives.



Weddings It was a true Moravian affair as Brittany Beard ’12 and Nicholas Clingan ’13 were married on August 1st by philosophy professor William Falla. Numerous Hounds were in attendance, and even their cake topper showed off how proud they are to be Greyhounds!

Nicole Dorney ’09 married Andrew Held on April 11, 2015. Alumni there were maid of honor Stephanie Dorney ’12, bridesmaid Kelly Williams ’09, and Jennifer Barnes Ciampaglia ’09.

Jennifer Roxbury ’13 and Christopher Kalis ’11 were married on September 12, 2015 at Galloping Hill Golf Course in Kenilworth, NJ. They were surrounded by over a dozen fellow Greyhounds!



Heather Nederostek ’10 (center right) married Matthew Billera on April 25, 2015 alongside many Moravian College alumni. Pictured with the bride and groom are Michael Nimmo ’10, Michael Bishop ’10, Ashley (Alvernes) Redding ’08, Jeremiah Reinhart ’09, Laura Fabian ’10, Olivia Sessa ’10, Kristen Phillips ’10, Lindsay Mazzeo ’10, Samantha Stiner ’11, Stevie Klie ’13, Alyssa Milano ’10, John Larkin ’11, Colleen Osborne ’12, Karli Gnehm ’14, Ellen Williams ’11, and Connor Skutches.

Megan Hall ’09 (top right) married Scott Fitzgerald on January 2, 2015 in Bethlehem, Pa. The reception was at the Hotel Bethlehem. The father of the bride is John Hall ’00. Included in the wedding party were bridesmaids Jill Woodbury Guider ’07, Jillian Mlynek McMullen ’07, and groomsman Dean Sbriscia ’07. Guests included, from left to right, Timothy Guider ’07, Brian Scofield ’07, Patrick McMullen ’07, Courtney Rosenberg ’10, Matthew Bartos ’11, Mallory Gagliano Barnhart ’10, Stephanie Falcone ’09, Alexandra Picone Gro ’08, Anthony Gro ’07, Michelle DiLorenzo Allen ’89, Paige Warbrick ’10, Kristina Cherrier Corominas ’09, Amanda Conner ’09, and Ben Leavy ’11. Scott Burke ’06 married Jillian Atkinson on April 18, 2015. David Burke ’14 served as the Best Man. Kevin McLaughlin ’06, Bryan Kohlbecke ’06, Robert Stockley ’06, Michael Hurden ’06, and Robert Kilmurray ’06 served as Groomsmen. Scott met Jillian at Moravian Homecoming 2008 and she is the sister-inlaw of Kevin McLaughlin ’05 (married to Leslie Atkinson McLaughlin).

FALL 2015

Births Jen Ketz Dolga ’03 and her husband, Chris, welcomed their second son, Henry, in March 2015. Their oldest son, Darren, will turn two in November and is a very proud big brother! Dana Patchcoski Abda ’04 and her husband, Michael, welcomed a baby girl, Isabella Ann, on July 22, 2015. Isabella joins big brothers, Michael and JJ. Stephanie Rauch-Mannino ’05 and husband, Ned, are the proud parents of Quincy Grace. Beth Smeaton ’08 and Michael Case ’11 welcomed a daughter, Isabel Marie Case, on August 29, 2014.

Holly Joan Volze

Tiffany Shenman Volze ’97 and her husband, Fred, welcomed their first child, Holly Joan Volze. Holly was born on July 7, 2015 in Hoboken, NJ. Tiffany and Fred are so in love with their little girl and are enjoying every minute with her. Eileen Weber DeAngelis ’05 and husband Andrew ’05 welcomed baby Sonia on June 4, 2015.

Jessica Preston Grillo ’08 and husband, Michael Grillo ’04 welcomed a son, Archer Thomas Grillo, on July 31, 2015. Meagan Edelman Duarte ’09 and her husband Mark Duarte welcomed their first child, a son, Grayson David Duarte, on February 9, 2015.

Alumni bookshelf W Daniel Ruth ’73, co-authored a new book, Images of Saucon Valley (Arcadia) that hit stands on July 6, 2015. The book, which he authored with two local historians, is a welcome addition to two existing Arcadia books (one for Hellertown, one for Lower Saucon) that cover this part of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. He is currently a regular volunteer for the Lower Saucon Township Historical Society, and used their archives to fill many of the book’s historically-rich pages. Go to and search ‘Saucon Valley’ to take a look!

W Carol Henn ’68, recently penned the book Oilcloth Stories (FriesenPress), about the brave Central European immigrants who descended upon cities like Bethlehem, Pa., for a fresh start. Henn herself grew up in South Bethlehem, at a time when many of the area’s immigrants from Central Europe, including her maternal grandparents, were alive to share their stories. Her writing has appeared in regional and national publications. Oilcloth Stories is Carol’s first book, and she has four other books and a screenplay in various stages of development. Go to for a deeper look into this project.

FALL 2015



In Memoriam ‘May the Souls of the Faithful Departed Rest in Peace.’ Richard Dale Dreydoppel ’52 • November 22, 2014 Mildred Hinkle Rosenberger ’37 • June 17, 2015 Christine Roberts Fraley ’38 • May 4, 2015 Anne Lehr Bigelow ’40 • June 12, 2014 Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41 • August 5, 2015 Betty Buralli, friend of College and widow of Albert Buralli ’49 • July 3, 2015 Dorothy Ritter Comegys ’41 • May 27, 2015 Maxine Sortwell Kerrigan ’43 • March 17, 2015 Harry Miller ’48 • March 11, 2015

Aristides Harris ’50 • May 28, 2015 Anthony J. Jaso ’50 • May 9, 2015 John Gehman Retired Economics & Business Professor • May 6, 2015 Grace Scheirer Check ’59 • May 27, 2015 Ted Encke, M.D. ’60 • July 27, 2015 Frederick Stocker ’61 • May 11, 2015 John Wachter ’62 • June 24, 2015 Anthony “Tony” Iasiello ’65 • July 1, 2015 John Jodik ’70 • August 13, 2015 James Regina ’70 • June 4, 2015 Rochelle Pavlov Santiago ’73 • March 18, 2015

Paul Shelly ’73 • June 2, 2015 Victor Garcia ’75 • June 16, 2015 Robert Reichard ’75 • May 15, 2015 Elaine Andrulevich Schaeffer ’78 • June 14, 2015 Thomas Shields ’84 • July 11, 2015 Nancy Bessler Hill ’89 • July 6, 2015 Jennifer Collins Lounsbury ’02 • May 10, 2015 Rudy Ackerman, D.Ed., Retired Professor and Chair of the Art Department 1963-2002 • May 22, 2015 DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr., Life Trustee • September 9, 2015

ADDITIONAL CLASS CORRESPONDENTS 1943 • Margaret L. Albright, 129 N. 11th Street, Allentown, PA 18102

June Bright Reese, 801 N. Wahneta Street, Apt. 203, Allentown, PA 18109

1945 • Jane Smith Ebelhare, PO Box 360 Masonville, CO 80541; 1946 • Ada Zellner Flower, 834 Hilltop Road; Oyster Bay, NY 11771; 1947 • Margaret Loveless Browne, 1949 • Norma Boldt Wynne, 1955 • Helen Varady Keyser, 2038 Kemmerer Street; Bethlehem, PA 18017

1964 • Ron dePaolo,

Andrew Semmel,

1966 • David Berg, 1967 • Kathie Broczkowski Klein

1971 • John Madison,

1995 • Derek Reusser,

1972 • Terrell McMann,

1999 • Christina Fulton,

1973 • Dennis Jones,

Priscilla Barres Schueck,

1960 • James Houser,

1976 • Lisa Mansback Berk, June Rhoda,

1978 • Dawn Allen,

1961 • Sam Maczko,, Samuel F. Maczko ’61

1980 • Molly Donaldson Brown,

1962 • Merr Trumbore,

1985 • Lynn Muschlitz LaBarre,

Emma Demuth Williams,

1992 • John S. Nunnemacher,

1969 • Tim Tedesco,

1975 • Susan Bacci Adams,

1990 • Mary Beth Sierzega Afflerbach,

1958 • Daneen Jones Phelps, Peter French,

1988 • Dianne Pelaggi Irr,

1968 • Jill Stefko,

1957 • Pearl Stein,

Michael Q. Roth,

2001 • Courtney Parrella, 2002 • Brienne Wilson Rodriguez, 2005 • Regina LaCaruba, 2011 • Rachel Kleiner, 2014 • Casey Hilferty,

1987 • Diane Hvizdak Taylor,

For Comenius Center alumni notes: Dee Lohman, or Sherron Quinn,

CORRECTION: In the Summer 2015 story “Fulbright Futures,” we misspelled the name of Helen Kovach Bachochin ’65, a past Moravian College

recipient of a Fulbright scholarship.



FALL 2015

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