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at the 79th Venice Film


Photographs By Stéphane Gagnard

Chopard's 25th time at

Cannes Film Festival Art Calendar:


Louis Vuitton

Fine Jewellery

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Fine Watchmaking Genealogies of Ornament at Homo Faber 2022:



Texts by Adriano Davoli

Interviews: Dr. Sophie Berrebi, Curator at Hauser & Wirth, Nicole Stott, Founder of the Space for Art Foundation, Dr. Sian Proctor, NASA Astronaut, Amir Negm, Founder of Neu Ocean Technologies, Zeinab Bashir President of We love Egypt Foundation, Michel Ghatan, Photographer, London, UK




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15 Dr. Sophie Berrebi, Hauser & Wirth 62 Nicole Stott NASA Astronaut, Author, Founder of the Space for Art Foundation 63 Dr. Sian Proctor, Mission pilot for the Inspiration4 all-civilian orbital mission to space


66 Haute Horlogerie & High Jewellery 22 The Era of Digital Trunk Shows is Here! By Brenda Li Quadri 23 Gübelin Jewellery by N. Ahmet 24 2nd Ed. Of Haute Jewels Geneva Genalogies of Ornament at Homo Faber 2022 Venice: 26 Piaget -Piaget's Spirit for Gold

67 Amir Negm Founder of Neu Ocean Technologies

28 Van Cleef & Arpels - Sliding Wonders Texts by Adriano Davoli

72 Zeinab Bashir Presid. of We love Egypt Foundation

32 "Together for a healthy ocean" Repossi x Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

80 Michel Ghatan, Photographer, UK

40 Riviera Coast line by Baume & Mercier

42 Blancpain supports Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation 44 Manufacture Breguet 45 Chaumet announces show in Paris 46 Chopard's 25th Red Carpet Collection for the 75th Cannes International Film Festival 48 Explore the Universe - with JaegerLeCoultre 50 Travel again with Patek 52 Purnell & AS Monaco rise together 54 Motor Sport Partners of Rebellion 56 Vacheron Constantin Patrimony



14 Copyright © image Nicholas Mastoras

Lifestyle & ART 14 The Fondation Louis Vuitton 15 Hauser & Wirth Zurich: 'Seventy Years of The Second Sex' curated by Dr. Sophie Berrebi 16 Mandarin Oriental Launches Branded Exclusive Homes Elite Events 66 13th Monaco Blue Initiative JABOY Productions: Global ELITE Leaders Conference in New Orleans 18th Sir Ritossa Global Family Office Summits

Simon Hantaï, Untitled, Paris, 1984 © Archives Simon Hantaï/Adagp, Paris, 2022 © Primae/Louis Bourjac.

32 Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2022 Collections 64 BUGATTI - Monaco 68 Lana Scolaro DJ and Singer Yusuke Akamatsu 69 ALDO COPPOLA - MONACO 69 Incentive Concept - Grand Prix 70 Anna Stukkert and International Investment Congress - investing 76 Ully, Ulrike E. Schlenter, founder & CEO of



Victoria Silvstedt

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Liliya Tippetts Principality of Monaco

Dr. Yana Leonova United Arab Emirates

Raquel-Elena Hernandez Díaz Spain

Isabel Jiménez Principality of Monaco

VP Moralmoda, Monaco

Business Communication Dir. Moralmoda, The GCC Region

Liliya has an art & business consul-tancy company between London and Monaco (media communication, art & business advisory). She was previously involved in capital raising and wealth management at a London family office. Liliya is also Co-Founder of sustainable fashion label MARLI Dresses (Monaco-London), focusing on designing eco-luxury wardrobe essentials. +0033609105519

Dr. Leonova is a strong believer in disruptive technology transforming modern industries and businesses. She provides knowledge-based consultancy to multitinational startups, R&D teams in the UAE. Dr. Leonova is a frequent speaker and a co-organiser of high-end events devoted to technology (G20 Foundation event in Hamburg 2017 and during Davos World Economic Forum 2020).

International Relations for Isabel Jiménez is Chairwoman "The Diplomatic World" MVD Invest Group S.A. and represents the Pacific Rim In 2010, she became Director Business Council (PRBC) in of International Relations for Europe, and the Pacific Rim "The Diplomatic World" an Chamber of Commerce for the organiza-tion, subscribed by MENA region. Isabel is Senior. 68 ambas-sadors and Advisory Consultant at The chaired by Her Majesty, Doña Private Office of H.E. Sheikh Sofía de Grecia, Queen of Abdulaziz bin Duaij bin Khalifa Spain. She co-organized al Khalifa of Bahrain. Stay Spanish-Russian political tuned for the upcoming Royal forums, in Munich, Prague Investment Summit, taking and Madrid, attended by the place later in 2022. ex-President of Spain and the Vice President of Russia.

Omar Al Ba Dubai, UAE


"One w experienc Dubai-ba a brand t early 202 Al Bataine and ban analyzed global lux and decid for high some investors in watche

Shalini P Este India Fran

Adriano Davoli Italy Adriano is an Italian freelance author, a jewelry historian and a collector, a refined connoisseur of magnificent jewels and unique gemstones. A GIA graduate in gemology, he writes as Jewelry Expert and Consultant for Moralmoda since 2019, on the most important high jewelry Maison such as Boucheron, Bulgari, Mellerio, Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpels. Read his most recent editorials on Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpels, both recently exhibiting in Venice at the second edition of Homo Faber 2022.

Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing Austria and Switzerland Corinna is Founder and Creative Director of:, an elite platform focusing on Luxury, Fashion, Lifestyle and Art. She is a Luxury Consultant to the world’s wealthy and Brand Ambassador for several selected high-class brands. As a fashion and luxury enthusiast she loves to present exclusive style to her clients and audience in well selected environments of Switzerland.

Brenda Li Quadri Italy and USA

Carlos Mundy Spain /in/brenda-li-quadri59b28b71/

Carlos Mundy was born in Spain. From an early age, he was fascinated by music and history. An art advisor by profession, Carlos Mundy is a published author of several novels and historical essays and currently collaborates as a writer with V Magazine and MoralModa Magazine. Mundy is the co-founder of Moralmoda Special issues that focus on world regions.

Brenda is an international PR, Marketing and Communications consultant, entrepreneur and coach based in Italy and operating worldwide. In her background there’s also years of experience in events planning spanning from finance to beauty, in between London, NYC and Italy.

Shalini "Mé & MAS med mashin lum shalini Este m inte Shalini has of MAS Cos Passi A she She is Nas and De rep Philant She Artist. hou See mo Lum instagr to p instagr Cult Mar ni.Passi Méd pub boo

Courtesy of Chaumet

High Jewelry Collection

Chaumet “Déferlante” Bague Transformable Chaumet Déferlante



ear r e a d e r,

The e n t i r e team is pleased to share with y o u the t o p i c s highlighted in our 50th a n niversary issue featuring an excl u s i v e i nterview w ith Monaco-based Vict o r i a S i lvstedt, w ho debuts co-prod u c t i o n a t t h e V e n i c e F i l m Fest i v a l t h is Septem ber. Thi s i s s u e celebrates art in many ways an d t h e s u m m e r s e a s o n i n Mona c o a n d Cote d'Azur. You' l l n o t ice that w e've started the issu e o f f w i t h a r t p a g e s a n d the m o s t anticipate d fine art events, as w e a l w a y s d o . T h i s i s s u e i s a l s o feat u r i n g the Watches & Wonders Gen e v a e d i t i o n , A p r i l 2022 . W h i le Homo Faber 2022 edition, h e r e c o v e r e d b y A d r i a n o Davo l i , i n Venice, gives the reader a ch a n c e t o d i s c o v e r t h e t w o Mai so n s p resented there - Piaget and Va n C leef & Arp els. Thus the i s s u e features the savoir-faire of Sw i s s l u x u r y w a t c h m a k e r s i n d i f f e r e n t ways. Art B i e n nale in Ve nice is distinguishe d b y a s e l e c t g r o u p o f l ead i n g international artists, showcas e d i n a m e t i c u l o u s l y

MORALMODA desi g n e d exhibition space, enriched by a p r o g r a m m e o f s p e c i a l MAGAZINE is the r l d ’ s f i r s t & o n l y exhi b i t i o ns that encourage dialogue bet w e e n t h e p e o p l e a n d t h e i nst i t u t i o n al world. Fondation Louis V u i t t o n w i l l p r e s e n t a n independent l i c a t i o n d e d i c a t e d i nte r e s t i n g artist tha t you can read mor e a b o u t i n t h i s m a g a z i n e . rt and sustainable uxury. Exclusive Haus e r & Wirth's Zu rich gallery present s a r t w o r k s r e l a t e d t o d e insight with interviews and Beau v o i r , who argues for the import a n c e o f a s h i f t i n o u r xury news from o r l d ' s t o p l u x u r y perc e p t i o n of the body as a (living) situa t i o n . T h i s i s a r e c i p r o c a l s t i n a t i o n s , t h a n k s proc e s s ; t he author recognizes that t h e p r o b l e m o c c u r s i f w e t e a m s i n M o n a c o , don’ t a c k n owledge the reciprocity. I disc u s s B e a u v o i r ' s a p p r o a c h Geneva, Madrid, with D r . S o phie Berr ebi, Curator at Haus e r & W i r t h . Dubai, Istanbul, ondon, New Delhi and Paris. Also I l e a r ned a lot about how we can u n d e r s t a n d t h e h u m a n i t y

o p y r i g h t 2 0 2 1 © . and i n d i v idual's cap abilities from inter v i e w s w i t h N i c o l e S t o t t , l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d . Foun d e r of the Spac e for Art Foundation , D r . S i a n P r o c t o r , N A S A No part of the Astr o n a u t , and Amir Negm, Founder of Ne u O c e a n T e c h n o l o g i e s . erial protected by yright notice may As a l w a y s , I wish you be produced or l i s e d i n a n y f o r m a lov e l y moment with r by any means, thi s n e w i s sue. without written rmission from the lisher. Moralmoda doesn't endorse ncorrect info or vert and oppinions their respective brands are not cessarily those of the publisher. EDITOR, GENEVA, SWITZERLAND












MAUD APATOW DEEPIKA PADUKINE Toroni Niele, Brush prints No. 50 repeated at regular intervals of 30cm, «i tondi», 1997. © Niele Toroni © Rebecca Fanuele.


This spring, the Fondation Louis Vuitton will present two exhibitions, in celebration of colour: “Fugues in Color” and “Simon Hantaï-the Centenary Exhibition”.

Fugues in Color 4 May to 29 August 2022 Galleries 8 to 10 Exhibition curators Ludovic Delalande, Nathalie Ogé and Claire Staebler, with Claudia Buizza (Artistic Direction of the Fondation) dedicate the entire top floor of the Fondation, to large presentation “Fugues in Color” (“La Couleur en fugue") exploring the diverse variations of colour, and extend into the architecture of the Frank Gehry-designed building.


Historic array of Drapes crafted by Sam Gilliam (United States, 1933), in the late 1960s, are shown here for the first time in France. These coloured canvases, which hang freely in space and form the foundations of his MIRANDA KERR visual technique, marked a major turning point in the history of American abstract art. Juxtaposed with these are an array of Misshaped Canvas by Steven Parrino (United States, 1958-2005). Works of Niele Toroni (Switzerland/France, 1937), thanks to considerable loans from public and private national and international institutions, will also be on display with works by Megan Rooney (Canada, 1985). Katharina Grosse (Germany, 1961) also featured at Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia as part of the 59th edition of the Biennale internationale d’art contemporain from 22 April to 27 November 2022, will execute an unprecedented work commissioned by Fondation Louis Vuitton, which will be on display beginning in September.

Moralmoda Magazine | 14

Simon Hantaï, Tabula, Meun, 1975. ©Archives S. Hantaï/Adagp, Paris, 2022 © Fondation Louis Vuitton/David Bordes.


Celebrities at Louis Vuitton's WOMEN’S CRUISE 2023 FASHION SHOW © Louis Vuitton – All rights reserved


Simon Hantaï (1922 - 2008). The Centenary Exhibition 18 May to 29 August 2022. Galleries 1 to 7 To celebrate the centenary of Simon Hantaï’s birth (19222008), Anne Baldassari, General Patrimony Curator at Fondation Louis Vuitton, has selected more than 130 of Hantaï’s works, many of which have never before been shown, and the majority of which are large format works from 1957 to 2000, four of Hantaï’s major paintings, belong to the Fondation's collection.

Toroni Niele, Brush prints No. 50 repeated at regular intervals of 30cm, «i tondi», 1997. © Niele Toroni © Rebecca Fanuele.

This spring, the Fondation Louis Vuitton will present two exhibitions, in celebration of colour: “Fugues in Color” and “Simon Hantaï-the Centenary Exhibition”.

Fugues in Color 4 May to 29 August 2022 Galleries 8 to 10 Exhibition curators Ludovic Delalande, Nathalie Ogé and Claire Staebler, with Claudia Buizza (Artistic Direction of the Fondation) dedicate the entire top floor of the Fondation, to large presentation “Fugues in Color” (“La Couleur en fugue") exploring the diverse variations of colour, and extend into the architecture of the Frank Gehry-designed building. Historic array of Drapes crafted by Sam Gilliam (United States, 1933), in the late 1960s, are shown here for the first time in France. These coloured canvases, which hang freely in space and form the foundations of his visual technique, marked a major turning point in the history of American abstract art. Juxtaposed with these are an array of Misshaped Canvas by Steven Parrino (United States, 1958-2005). Works of Niele Toroni (Switzerland/France, 1937), thanks to considerable loans from public and private national and international institutions, will also be on display with works by Megan Rooney (Canada, 1985). Katharina Grosse (Germany, 1961) also featured at Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia as part of the 59th edition of the Biennale internationale d’art contemporain from 22 April to 27 November 2022, will execute an unprecedented work commissioned by Fondation Louis Vuitton, which will be on display beginning in September.

Moralmoda Magazine | 14

Simon Hantaï, Tabula, Meun, 1975. ©Archives S. Hantaï/Adagp, Paris, 2022 © Fondation Louis Vuitton/David Bordes. This impressive panorama of the artist’s work spans three floors of the Frank Gehry building, covering a total of approximately 29,063 ft2. For the first time, a largely unprecedented workshop collection of Hantaï’s works will be shown. A total of fifteen historical pieces are included in this collection, all of which are emblematic of his approach during the period of 1957-1965. The artist donated most of these works to public institutions, while others are held in large private collections in France or overseas. Hantaï’s works are shown alongside the works of other major artists that had an influence on the artist, including Henri Matisse and Jackson Pollock, and Michel Parmentier and Daniel Buren, who were Hantaï’s peers in the 1960s scene at the Cité des Fleurs. A French artist of Hungarian origin, who came to Paris in 1948 was recognised as early as 1953 by André Breton, who dedicated his first personal Parisian exhibition to him at the Surrealist gallery “A l’Etoile scellée”. On 19 May 2022, his three sons, internationally renowned musicians, will give an unparalleled concert consecrated to Couperin, Leclair, Rameau, see more on

Hauser & Wirth Zurich:

'Seventy Years of

The Second Sex' Limmatstrasse, 24 March - 21 May 2022

Interview with Dr. Sophie Berrebi Dr. Sophie Berrebi curated the exhibition that features artists whose works span the second half of the twentieth century until the present, which relate to Simone de Beauvoir’s moral approach proposed in "The Second Sex" (1949), either by appropriating the author's ideas, "complicating them or underlining the blind spots in Beauvoir’s thinking," says Dr. Berrebi.

social change, like French women's right to vote in 1944? Nevertheless, men reclaimed their role of a "bread-winner" by the end of the decade, in the post-war welfare society.

Ethics of Ambiguity The exhibition explores artworks from the perspective of moral discourse, founded on the existential ethics of French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. The setting for Simone de Beauvoir’s existential ethics is the post-war era of the 1940s, which was characterised by great uncertainty. This era brought up the question of our mere human existence. Not only were people irresolute about what tomorrow would bring, but they were also questioning whether they had the right to hope for a tomorrow. This meant that society was lacking a course to adhere to in the question of how to continue living in such an unstructured era. And how should individuals interact in the society and relate to each other after

One can safely infer that Beauvoir’s ethics is strongly anti-paternalistic. Something that works in the exhibition also touch upon. Whatever an individual's happiness may turn out to be, it is not something that can be determined by someone else and imposed from the outside. The good of others is "an absolute end," Beauvoir states, "but we are not authorized to decide upon this end a priori." Yet, by postulating two levels of freedom, Beauvoir avoids the overly rigorous position that one may never intercede in the decisions of others. Transcendence can help women and other groups to shape their own futures and create possibilities if they are given the possibility to do this. But in order to achieve this, it is required of them to reach out for their legal rights, even if they are not given. In her book Beauvoir is concerned that women are subdued to positions which prevent them from taking part in history, by staying in the household and being subordinate, thus losing their subjectivity and individuality.

‘The Second Sex’ At the very centre of the conversation is the author's work, which inspired many to develop radical new artworks and expressions. The artist's contribution is based on how we define and describe women in art. The exhibition in Zurich puts on view the precise manner in which artists have approached the use of terms such as woman, female, and womanhood; through art, they seek to emancipate women from social construction and propose new ways of thinking that are non-objective; and the relationship between art, society, and the individual.

The award-winning author knows these artists intimately and personally, "Dr, Zoe Leonard I wrote about in my first book, and Annaik Lou Pitteloud is someone with whom I have daily discussions nowadays about feminism, art and politics. So together, these artists are part of my life, which means that they are part of discovering the world. They constitute an aesthetic and intellectual horizon."

Above left: Cindy Sherman, Untitled, 2019, Dye sublimation print, Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. © Cindy Sherman. Right: Louise Bourgeois, Femme Maison, 1994, White marble, 12.1 x 24.4 x 7.6 cm. © The Easton Foundation / 2022, ProLitteris, Zurich.

This relapse of mindset contributed to the development of the author’s views in "The Ethics of Ambiguity" (1947). Emphasising Kantian moral philosophy, Beauvoir stresses the importance of human freedom in her existential ethics, holding that all of us are responsible for each other and every being, but the moral obligation is context-sensitive. "Beyond that, to give some pointers, Lorna Simpson and Roni Horn address issues that intersect feminism, a reflec-tion on gender or race that Beauvoir does not address, especially not in her book. The works of Brătescu, Hesse and Pitteoud reflect on the woman as artist, which is the subject of a long passage at the end of volume 2 of ‘The Second Sex,’" notes Dr. Berrebi.

The concepts used by Beauvoir are ontological freedom and understanding the body's potential or lack thereof in the lived context becomes crucial. "Bourgeois' theme of the ‘Femme Maison’, a woman whose head is replaced by a house, is a simple and powerful image of a woman blinded by her domestic environment," says Dr. Berrebi. Moralmoda Magazine Art | 15

Launches Branded Exclusive Homes

In partnership with StayOne, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has launched a branded collection of the world’s finest, most luxurious private villas and mansions. The initial selection of Mandarin Oriental Exclusive Homes are located in soughtafter locations throughout Europe and range from a Georgian-style manor house on a 600-acre private estate in the heart

of the Cotswold’s, to idyllic beach-front villa in the South of France; La Maison vue de Saint Jean, located in Èze-Mer, just 15 minutes from Monaco. This magnificent 6-bedroom villa atop the heights of Èze, featuring 360-degree views of the French Riviera, terraced gardens, and a heated infinity pool, can be rented from €5,145 - €9,875/night, 14 night minimum stay,

These handpicked luxurious homes fit naturally into our portfolio and their locations provide opportunities for our guests to combine a hotel visit with a villa stay and explore more of the destination in different ways – but all with the assurance of the Mandarin Oriental reputation. We look forward to working with StayOne to identify many more perfect homes to include in the collection.” - James Riley, Group Chief Executive of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Moralmoda Magazine Travel | 16

All images courtesy of Mandarin

Mandarin Oriental


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Credits: Photographer: Stéphane Gagnard Instagram: @stephanegagnard Creative director/fashion photographer Assistant: Jennifer-Rose Arthur Dress: Elie Saab St. Tropez Boutique Skirt and bodysuit by @marlidresses Hair & MUA: Celebrity make up artist Joana JM Ronquillo @jm_honeyz Head and Founder of #JmRonquilloGlamTeam, beauty products Base of Sweden & @lakshmi.lashes_ | Luxury Silk lashes Venue: Hotel Miramar Monaco

I´m so excited for the collaboration with the sustainable fashion label Marli Dresses where we created capsule collection ‘the Wild Life’.”

Victoria Victoria Silvstedt Silvstedt Monaco-based Victoria Silvstedt is a Global Ambassador of Base of Sweden and dedicated resident in Monte-Carlo where she actively supports charity work and finds time for numerous art, cinema and philanthropy projects.

Moralmoda Magazine Cover-story | 18

Victoria talks to Moralmoda about living in Monaco and how her obligations on the both sides of the Atlantic make Monaco an ideal base. “I’ve been a Monaco resident for 10 years now, and I always spend most of the spring and summer here.”

It seems that travel restrictions didn't interfere with Victoria's travel habits or the way that she visits family and friends. Victoria travels to Sweden, on frequent family visits, where she owns a home, and she also spends time in her Miami home during the winter. During the winter holidays she finds time to unwind on the beach or yacht; “I’m always in St. Bart's—which is my favourite island,” she adds. Environment and charity work When discussing subjects that are important to her, Victoria highlights the NGOs and charities that she supports in Monaco and the Cote d'Azur. “Supporting charities is vital to me, especially because I'm so fortunate to live in Monaco,” and she adds, “I also support the environment through the Prince Albert Foundation, and I’m also one of the Ambassadors of "The Perfect World" foundation and also the Global Environmental Movement Association (GEMA) to bring awareness to keep our oceans and environment clean.” Victoria is also an Ambassador for Les Anges de Gardiens (an NGO that collects food and essentials for the homeless in Nice).

"Stay Stay Positive Positive Work Work Hard Hard

and Make it Happen Happen

Victoria is a co-owner and Global Brand Ambassador for a number of international firms, including the award-winning Swedish start-up Base of Sweden, which is run entirely by women. We asked Victoria why is it essential for her to be a part of businesses that empower women and protect the environment and animals “I'm honoured to be a part of Base of Sweden, an all-female beauty foundation company. We don't test on animals, and all of our products are organic and natural.” Her beauty secret or must-have beauty product this summer is a good vegan SPF crème; “I use the Base of Sweden vegan primer followed by the makeup foundation with SPF 35 in the color tone Golden!” She adds another sustainable luxury brand to her top list; “I'm so excited about the collaboration with the sustainable fashion label Marli Dresses, where we created capsule collection ‘the Wild Life’ Dresses (ed. this page skirt and top by @marlidresses). My inspiration for this collection comes from nature and it is easy to wear on the beach, and during the day or night! It’s great to have such a multifunctional collection!” Monaco Summer Season Victoria Silvstedt's name is on numerous invitation letters to red carpet and Royal events in and around the Principality. She plans to attend the upcoming season's highlight events as guest and as a host too; “The upcoming exciting events are the Film Festival and also the Monte Carlo Fashion Awards on the 24th May, where I’m cohosting the event. I also have the Amber Lounge Fashion Charity Gala on the 27th of May and June 3rd.”

This page:skirt and bodysuit by @marlidresses

“I’m proud to be working as an associate producer on an upcoming documentary, 'Shirin Ebadi: "Until We Are Free"' that will premiere at the Venice Film Festival with Kate Blanchett as part of the project!” - Victoria Silvstedt.

Finally, for the Monaco summer season Victoria is hosting the Monaco Streaming Awards, “I’m so excited,” she admits, adding that she will attend the water bike challenge on June 5th, in support to the Princess Charlene Foundation, “I also love the Monte-Carlo TV Festival in June,” she adds. Venice Film Festival Victoria joins forces with courageous women, like Shirin Ebadi, a 2003 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. “I’m proud to be working as an associate producer on an upcoming documentary, Shirin Ebadi: “Until We Are Free”. It will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September with Kate Blanchett as part of the project,” Victoria unveils.

The Era of Digital Trunk Shows is Here! By Brenda Li Quadri Miami, the new digital capital of the USA, will be hosting the first digi-physical fine jewelry trunk show. On May 12th three international jewelry brands, the Miami-based brand Sazingg, L’Dezen from Hong Kong and POCHE Jewelry from Ukraine, will welcome their clients to an exclusive and immersive shopping experience at the Wynwood Studios. The trendy district, known for its entertainment and street artwork, has been chosen as the stage of this unique experience, made possible by Digital Twin. The Digital Twin is a marketplace founded by Miami-based twin sisters Adrianna and Natalie Soto-Wright, whose goal is to converge the emerging digital luxury industry with brands that are centered around one-of-a-kind art. They aim to make the crypto ecosystem accessible and equitable for artists and consumers. Their main belief is that NFTs can serve as the organic entry point into web3 by intertwining physical assets with their digital counterparts. Web3, the decentralized online new ecosystem based on the blockchain, will initiate engagement with consumers and give them the power to own and direct the brand they love by encouraging user-generated content and rewarding loyal followers with brand equity. The upcoming event will be the first of its kind as it will be providing a learning opportunity to all of its attendees, featuring talks about cryptocurrencies and NFTs to better understand the investment opportunities that this new world has to offer. Guests will be able to enjoy an all immersive digital and physical experience, where the jewels will be displayed in 3D, on the gallery’s screen walls, while enjoying cocktails and a fun new way to shop and interact.

The jewelry pieces sold through their NFT marketplace are authenticated, (i. e. every piece is on the Ethereum blockchain and it will be possible to track ownership all the way back to the jewelry brand itself), plus, it’s an asset backed NFT, which means it’s backed by real jewelry. Miami-based fine jewelry brand Sazingg Exclusivity drives desirability, and provenance is such a key aspect of luxury goods, providing a certificate of authenticity for jewelry pieces. Irene Zingg, founder of Miami-based fine jewelry brand Sazingg, knows this well. Sazingg’ passion for jewels and stones has been passed down for generations and its forward-looking approach is now leading them into a rebirth of the luxury experience by immersing itself into the power of web3. For this occasion, Sazingg has created an exclusive collection of timeless designs to impact a new generation. The collection will feature sapphires in orange and yellow as the main colors, as a reflection of the digital world. Certain pieces incorporate snake designs, which have historically represented a creative life force, besides being symbols of rebirth, transformation and continual renewal of life. The goal of this live event is to blend the digital and physical experience of purchasing fine jewelry. To facilitate credit card integrations the purchase will be carried out through MoonPay in partnership with Metamask. The live event will be on from 6pm to 9pm and all the attendees will have a first-hand experience. To buy online directly from the platform, by scanning this QR Code, you will be directed to the dedicated shop on the Digital Twin platform. Access to these asset-backed NFTs will be available online from May 12th to June 12th. @sazingg @Idezen @digitalxtwin

Moralmoda Magazine Fine Jewellery | 22



Fine Jewellery

and the world of

This spring, Gübelin Jewellery presents a multi-faceted selection of glittering aquamarines. Cocktail rings, bracelets and necklaces glisten in a range of shades, a palette drawn from the clear blue sky, the first blue blossoms of a re-awakening spring, crystalclear waters and glacial blue mountains.


Below: The «Grace of the Sea Anemone» cocktail ring set with an impressive aquamarine of more than 22 ct (86.5 Gübelin Points) as well as radiantly coloured sapphires, tsavorites and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Aquamarines come in all of the sea's most dainty colors, from light blue to iridescent greenish blue, from delicate pastel tones to the most vivid aquatic shades, which are the inspiration for Gübelin Jewellery's new collection.

Courtesy of

Putting the spotlight on blue gemstones and delving into their plethora of colors and meaning, Gübelin Jewellery interprets aquamarines in captivating designs – from purist through romantically light-hearted to opulent settings; the blue shades of the gemstone lend any piece of jewellery a feeling of lightness and ease. Gübelin Jewellery’s “Grace of the Sea Anemone” cocktail ring in all its opulence features organically shaped elements grace the elaborately designed ring band. The ornamented, gem-set elements are reminiscent of a sea anemone. They seem to dance in the water, reflecting its elegant motions. The lively and cheerful design harmonises perfectly with the fascinating necklace pendant and earrings. Notably colour composition is a prime example of Gübelin Jewellery’s expertise and experience with coloured gemstones.

Sparks of Fire Purist, colourful and timelessly elegant. Thanks to its contemporary design, the “Sparks of Fire” line blithely combines minimalism and opulence (left). Whether worn individually or in a tasteful combination, “Sparks of Fire” is the ideal accompaniment for the office, an art opening or a candlelight dinner. The purist design, centred on the coloured gemstone, makes it easy to mix and match, allowing individual combinations that give full expression to your imagination.

The organic, sinuous design is characteristic of the “Grace of the Sea Anemone” line, accentuated by glittering diamonds. The line offers a captivating selection of coloured gems and invites you to mix and match to create spring-fresh ensemble.

With or without brilliant-cut diamonds, set in white or red gold, “Sparks of Fire” aquamarine rings (center image) can be combined to wondrous effect. Aquamarine is equally outstanding as a solitaire, such as this purist necklace, surrounded by a glittering diamond entourage,

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Haute Jewels Geneva: 18 top global jewellery brands Yoko London | Roberto Coin | Sutra | Crivelli | Bayco | Etho Maria | Stenzhorn Marco Bicego | Mariani | Palmiero | Picchiotti | Gorgoglione Hans D. Krieger | Leo Pizzo | Verdi | Annamaria Cammilli | Barakà | Sicis

All images courtesy of ©

By N. Ahmet


oth customers and exhibitors could gather again in-person and luxurious ambiance, to discover exclusive jewels from global jewellery brands welcomed by Haute Jewels Geneva Founder and CEO of Yoko London (right), Michael Hakimian, who manages brand with clear sustainability commitments. The Xpandable™ Collection by PICCHIOTTI The new PICCHIOTTI Gold Accent rings and bracelets in the highly popular Xpandable™ are created with the invisible expanding mechanism that can expand comfortably up two ring size.


The creative process is not restricted even in difficult times and inspiration never ends as Sicis Jewels, Platinium Sponsor of Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, proves. The brand renowned for its fascinating jewels, presented a selection of creations undoubtedly above all expectations like Butterfly Romance set of earrings, necklace and rings (see right page). In the design of each object explodes the preciousness of materials such as gold, diamonds, precious gems combined with precise craftmanship of cleverly microscopic tesserae, woven into unique, threedimensional, particular jewels. This technique that Sicis Jewels has been able to study and recover from the past is known as micromosaic,

Palmiero is presenting the floral inspired creations that represent the latest evolution of the Italian jeweller from Valenza in Piedmont. This region is famous for its goldsmith tradition. Based on the charm that lies inside each creation, its immediacy, unpredictability, playfulness, the feeling connected with the person who choose it each Palmiero rings become 360 degree sculpture. See more on

High Jewellery Yoko London


PIAGET’s SPIRIT for GOLD At Homo Faber 2022, the celebrated Swiss Maison displays its expertise and excellent savoir-faire in the treasformation of gold. ​Text by Adriano Davoli


or almost 150 years, Maison Piaget has been a passionate creator of unique timepieces and jewels that combine unsurpassed technique with surprising beauty and audacity. Since the 1950’s, the transformation of gold, a material that the Maison uses for the construction of watch cases, bracelets, engraving and high jewelry creations, Piaget has wanted to perfect his expertise in all the phases of gold processing and transformation. At Homo Faber 2022 along with other luxury brands of the Richemont Group, Piaget encourages, celebrates and revolutionizes craftsmanship and the concept of excellence, so perfectly interpreting the motto of the Venetian exhibition “Crafting a More Human Future”. At Homo Faber, Piaget has proposed its savoir-faire in the goldsmith field thanks to artisans who will demonstrate the art of engraving technique and the creations of gold chains. Vintage models of past magnificent collections were on display: my preferred one is a splendid “collier ruban” all made of supple gold fabric featuring the so iconic “Palace” workmanship, used since the 1960’s, consisting of

Moralmoda Magazine Haute Joaillerie | 26

sculpting the metal with delicate grooves, all horizontally placed, obtaining an iridescent and luminous effect similar to tree bark. Fluid and very . tactile (1). Slightly asymmetrical, the two sections of the necklace are reunited at the centre thanks to a superb sunburst motif made of golden rays, turquoises and marquise-cut diamonds. A group of dangling gold chains detaching from the star are set with diamonds and turquoise boules, adding a splendid movement to the jewel once worn (2). All the happy mood of the Swinging Sixties is perfectly represented by this necklace. The piece, part of the 2014 “Extremely Piaget“ High Jewellery Collection, was expressly created for the “Biennale des Antiquaires”, held at the Grand Palais in Paris in the same year. As each artisan specialized in this very elegant technique has its own method of engraving the metal, only 3 the same hands can start and complete a watch bracelet or a complex jewel, in order to guarantee that the final piece is perfectly homogeneous regarding the final gold appearance, the type of reflections and iridescence on it. Another superb . vintage piece visitors had the chance to admire in Venice .

”All the good mood of the Swinging Sixties is present in this necklace.” was a large cuff-watch characterized by an airy gold chain bracelet, almost like a delicate lace, with the single gold elements interlocking one with the other, resulting in a light, very precious net. At its centre a slightly trapezoid dial has its base completed paved with diamonds, set with the refined technique of the "tapis neige", or snow carpet (3). The small diamonds, all of round cut and of minimal difference in size, are set one next to the other giving the optical impression of a fresh snow fall. Magic, almost a fairy-tale and extremely sophisticated, this jewel is a model created in 2012 for the then Collection "Couture Précieuse". A true innovator in the world of timepieces and refined jewels, Piaget strongly believes in creativity and artistic values. It is within the production of "Atéliers de l’Extraordinare" that the Maison’s master craftsmen continue to exploit the rare skills that have been preserved from generation to generation, to transform gold, rare gems or semiprecious stones in authentic works of art. . Adriano Davoli



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This page: On the working bench, the white gold structure of the Zip Antique Necklace. Opposite Page: The very elegant Zip Antique Éventail, set in white gold, diamonds and lapis-lazuli marquetry and boules. Images by Courtesy of Van Cleef & Arpels.

SLIDING WONDERS ​Text by Adriano Davoli

The iconic Zip necklace is a concentrate of refined and absolute statement. h


tarting from the early 1930’s, thanks to Elsa Schiaparelli, the clever and useful zip arrives for the first time on the most irreverent and sensational Haute Couture outfits conceived by the histrionic couturière of Italian origin. At the same time, confirming once more the always existing connections between the Haute Joaillerie and the Haute Couture, Renée Puissant, daughter of the founders of Van Cleef & Arpels and its Creative Director between the two World Wars, decides, apparently at the suggestion of Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, to create a jewel inspired by the zip, that can be opened and slid, adding an elegant tassel in gold threads on the slider, to make it more feminine and glamorous.

created by Van Cleef & Arpels ingenuity, executive prowess Bold and Very Chic.

After several and laborious technical phases already developed around 1938, when the idea was patented, the project stopped due to the Second World War, while the first model made of gold, diamonds and rubies saw the light in the Maison’s workshops only around 1950. A peculiar fact is that, although the highly controversial and sarcastic Duchess wore the Zip necklace on various occasions, despite her fabulous and vast jewelry collection she never owned one of her own. ‘ She has only, perhaps, inspired it. The jewel is subject to an elegant metamorphosis, a decidedly High Jewelry detail: the back section of the jewel is detachable and removable so that, once the tassel is pulled and the zip closed, the necklace becomes a refined bracelet, with the pompon on the side now free to sg

Moralmoda Magazine Haute Joaillerie | 29


wing on the wrist with indisputable panache. Produced annually still today in a limited number of pieces due to the prohibitive costs and processing times, over the years the necklace and its tassel have been enriched with colours and metals, thanks to a wide choice of gems, semiprecious stones, pearls, enamels. Set in yellow, white or pink gold. Van Cleef & Arpels was present at the second edition of Homo Faber 2022, recently held in Venice at the Giorgio Cini Foundation, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, inside the section “Genealogies of Ornament”. On display, some specimens of the Zip, including one of the first models ever created in rubies and diamonds, on yellow gold. The Maison also set up there a small workshop where two skilled craftsmen chosen among its famous “Mains d’Or” showed the public and visitors the technical drawings and structural parts of this ingenious jewel, so inextricably linked to Van Cleef & Arpels’ emblematic universe, such as the Serti Mysterieux, the Minaudière or the Cadenas.

Left: Close-up on the structure of the sliding tassel of the Zip Antique Necklace during its workmanship. Images by Courtesy of Van Cleef & Arpels.

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The Zip Antique Padma Necklace in all its rubies and diamonds magnificence, on white and pink gold. Below, its metamorphosis as bracelet, once completely zipped. Images by Courtesy of Van Cleef & Arpels.


n the same exhibition section of Homo Faber, wanted by the curator Judy Clark to emphasize the hyphen between the Zip and the Maison Schiaparelli, there was an elegant mannequin dressed in a highly unique all black, pearls and rhinestones creation designed by Daniel Roseberry, its Artistic . Director. Extremely light, highly flexible and subtly sensual on the skin, the workmanship of the Zip caresses the neckline with sinuous elegance, almost as if it were a soft and enveloping satin fabric. Adriano Davoli


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Repossi x Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation '

Image courtesy of Georges Hobeika

"Together for a healthy ocean"

Image courtesy of Georges Hobeika

One of the major environmental disasters affecting both the health of its ecosystems and our human health is the destruction of the ocean, particularly due to plastic pollution. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has made this a priority field of work in order to address this issue. For many years, Repossi has been committed to helping the issues of its day, and as a result, it has sought to collaborate with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for Ocean Preservation. During Monaco Ocean Week, the jeweler debuted its new Berbere Chromatic Ocean ring, the proceeds of which would be donated totally to the Foundation. Repossi has a lengthy history in Monaco, where it opened its first store in 1978, responded with enthusiasm to the Foundation's call. It is with an iconic collection and an historical savoir-faire that Repossi is proud to have created a ring in the colours of the ocean. A special engraving completes the piece. This limited edition piece will only be available at the Repossi Flagship, upon order, in Monaco, until December 31st 2022. Repossi Monaco, Square Beaumarchais 98000 Monaco, +377 93 50 89 59.



He skillfully mixes texture and cut to provide warm rays of light a filter even through the frigid color pailete when selecting materials to indicate a transition to a lighter, more vivid atmosphere. icolas Ghesquière unveiled

Louis Vuitton

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“DÉFILÉ FEMME CROISIÈRE 2023 © Louis Vuitton – All rights reserved”

his Louis Vuitton Cruise Al Ali uses his craft to convey the beauty this seasonal 2023 of Fashion Show in shift by capturing the essence of the morningonsun.May The 12th, California collection's delicate yet wonderfully formed it playing contours with give duality of a mysterious tone. The house's sculptural and tactile this woman's wardrobe, tailoring is brilliantly highlighted by collection modern forms. Al Ali's the is combining seamless demonstrates a structural shift, shifting from seemingly opposite parts of moulded to fluid in one effortless design, his and the demonstrating fashion evolution technical abilities once more. Between cylinder and createselegant mix of futuristic forms and voluminous multi-layer skirts, accentuated silhouettes dance. folklore elements by prisms Al Ali's savoir-faire as couturier and sensibilitywhile is felt across shimmering silhouettes, a myriad through the incorporation of materials designer's gives signature use of of a of natural the illusion delicate fabrics including muslin, The tulle,dichotomy satin, silkwas and metallic palette. further organza. emphasised by staging the Cruise shows in the Salk Institute, designed by Louis Kahn in 1965.

Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2022

Haute Metaverse "LUCID ALGORITHMS" Rami Kadi’s Collection Couture Spring Summer 2022, disrupts the boundaries between the physical and the digital. On the following pages Zappeion Megaron, a prominent national heritage locale of the Greek civilization is the backdrop for the collection shooting. Rami Kadi always keen on adapting new technologies to convey the couture to clients. With his new collection, Rami Kadi invites us all further into a world of codes, NFT, and metaverse.

Images ©Vasiliki

Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2022

Zuhair Murad


"VERS LES JOYAUX DU TEMPS" urad proposes long dresses made for summer's events, yacht parties and variations of short cocktail dresses adorned with fine

chains and exquisite pendants for Murad's conquers. As he dresses new explorers inspired by courage to discover the joyful future and nearly pirate-like bravery. Maison Murad is one of the few to unveil a live couture show, where front row guests could admire up-close Murad's extravagant vision of maritime explorers. Many evening and cocktail looks are completed with matching monochromatic tricorn hats. The famous tricorne arose from the evolution of the broadbrimmed round hat worn by Spanish soldiers in the 17th century.

The hat style became a signature look at the royal court of King Louis XIV, who made it fashionable throughout Europe, both as civilian and military dress. Tricorn hats, now playfully combined with pleated organza couture looks, give the wearer a sense of regality and majesty, sending her to a world of secret hidden islands and restoring the opulence of the high seas era. Murad combines all this in a collection featuring a bouquet of pleated organza shirts with balloon sleeves, brocade waistcoats, midi skirts in sunray-pleated lamé fabric, cascades of tulle enveloping shorts, long dresses in silk chiffon, jumpsuits, and fitted jackets in crepe cady, as well as jewels incorporated into the textiles. As the show progresses, in the elated interior of the Westin Paris, the very modern collection silhouettes were perfectly fitted to a seemingly longerlegged cast than what you normally see on a Zuhair Murad couture catwalk—that was enhanced by asymmetric dresses, often with a dramatic thigh-high slit, as in looks like draped burgundy red and a strapless black velvet gown, with sculptural neckline ruffles, a bustle, two diamond clips, and a wraparound belt around an asymmetrical bodice.



NATOMY OF COUTURE Haute Couture show by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Maison Valentino questions the feminine figure as a socio-anthropological construct. Appreciating how the latter is more fluid, Piccioli adapts new cuts, savoirfaire, and mixes of materials to cut to the bone (no pun intended) to present a silhouette as unbiased as possible. Held at Valentino’s gilded salons on the Place Vendôme, the intimacy of the show (in contrast to past couture shows staged in Venice) allows guests to appreciate its message and silhouettes, which are made possible by the Haute Couture ateliers, where everything is unique and finely tailored to fit each individual. Acknowledging that there is no "one size fits all" ideal of beauty, silhouette, or age, while remaining faithful to the

Maison's aesthetics, Piccioli takes Valentino couture one step further and proposes a variety of looks that are not constrained by old social notions about women. His new silhouette is a tribute to feminine anatomy in all of its forms and variations. And the atelier brilliantly brings his vision to life in a variety of individually fitting styles, such as Lara Stone's sequin tiny dress under an oversized white embellished jacket, revealing her black stockings, and Kristen McMenamy's plunging black dress, which she wore to begin the show. Marie Sophie Wilson, who is still modeling in her 70s, wore a blousy couture Tshirt in wool crepe over a glittery fishtail skirt to underline the show's message. Piccioli's candid portrayal of woman necessitates a reassessment of the status quo of beauty ideals and underlines how the body is the starting and ending point of the whole process. By N. Ahmet


ANATOMY OF COUTURE Spring/ Summer Haute Couture show by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Maison Valentino questions the feminine figure as a socio-anthropological construct. Appreciating how the latter is more fluid, Piccioli adapts new cuts, savoirfaire, and mix of materials to cut to the bone (no pun intended) by presenting a silhouette as unbiased as possible.

Credit: courtesy of Valentino

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Riviera Coast line In 2022, Baume & Mercier, Manufacturer of Luxury Swiss Watches since 1830, invites watch collectors to discover the French Riviera spirit, with several versions from the “Swiss-made” selfwinding “Coastline” models. Riviera 10677 - Coastline in its steel case, with a gradated midnight blue lacquer dial, is set with 63 diamonds, that portray the seaboard of the French Riviera, beckoning to an adventure from Monaco to Saint Tropez. Like a sparkling summer wave, the exclusive gem-setting extends to a portion of the bezel, case and integrated steel strap,

Blancpain supports Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation - for a safe and sustainable sea Guided by a firmly pioneering mentality, since its founding in 1735, Blancpain has been one of the first Haute Horlogerie brands to be actively engaged to ocean conservation. Blancpain Ocean Commitment The Sea Academy project is one of several projects to conserve the underwater world that the brand has supported for nearly 20 years. This time Blancpain is supporting a critical mission by collaborating with Sea Academy: the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation as they collaboration with local communities, to create marine protected areas around Pangatalan Island and Shark Fin Bay in the Philippines (image far right), in a pursuit critical to keeping sea safe and clean for all animals.

Exploration and preservation of the world’s oceans is at the core to Blancpain, and this legacy is underlined by the Fifty Fathoms – the first modern diver's watch.

Images courtesy of Blancpain.

Moralmoda Magazine Haute Horlogerie | 42

The partnership between Blancpain and the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation is part of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment, which brings together all the Brand's actions in support of the oceans. The programme has already led to concrete results, notably by extending the surface of marine protected areas (MPAs) around the world by more than 4Mio km2, after the successful Pristine Seas expeditions co-founded by Blancpain. Through the Sea Academy project, Blancpain and the Sulubaaï Foundation wish to contribute to the development of sustainable management with a positive impact on both the nature and communities, Australian Biopixel Oceans Foundation The prestigious Swiss watchmaker is recognized today as one of the world’s leading timepiece manufacturers that is not only synonymous with quality, innovation and precision, but its timepieces are also defined by its pioneering spirit and desire to protect oceans. Since the 1953 launch of the first modern diver's watch, Fifty Fathoms, Blancpain has made ocean discovery and protection a priority. In line with this commitment, the Brand entered new partnerships with Biopixel Oceans Foundation and Biopixel, (the aim of this collaboration is to support scientific research, propose innovative restoration solutions to preserve the Great Barrier Reef) and Blancpain partners with Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI®) to help protect 30% of the ocean by 2030 .The organisations unveiled their collaborative partnership at the 9th Annual World Ocean Summit, the flagship event of the Economist Impact’s World Ocean Initiative, attended by the world’s top thought leaders from business, science, governmental and non-profit sectors – to tackle the greatest environmental issues. To date, Blancpain has cofinanced 21 major scientific expeditions,

The Philippines is located within the Coral Triangle, these islands lie within an extremely rich reef zone that is home to 80% of the world's coral species. Unfortunately, this region is heavily impacted by human activity and global warming. It is therefore imperative to protect it,

Manufacture Breguet:

Hora Mundi

The 43.9 mm-diameter case, available in a choice of white or rose gold, houses Calibre 77F1 whose balance oscillates at a frequency of 4 Hz. Calibre 77F1 features a unique asset in the form of its patented additional modules for the dual time-zone mechanism, the second time-zone display, the programmable and reprogrammable mechanical memory wheel and the pointer-type day/night display. Part of this exceptional mechanism with its 55-hour power reserve can be admired through the sapphire caseback, elegantly adorned with Côtes de Genève.

The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Breguet launches a new interpretation of its Hora Mundi model within the Marine collection. The Hora Mundi became an instant hit at the time of its launch. This mechanical watch, which had taken three years to develop and been awarded four patents, featured a critical asset in the shape of an instantchange dual-time display with memory function. A timepiece combining technical and aesthetic feats. is accomplished via the pusher and crown. Having selected the first cities time and date, the owner of the watch need only set the second city.

Moralmoda Magazine | 44

The watch mechanism then calculates the time and date by means of a clever system of cams, hammers and an integrated differential. At that point, simply pressing the pusher is enough to travel from one end of the planet to the other, all without disturbing the accurate running of the watch. Visual escapism The dial offers a fascinating interpretation of the world on the wrist by a play on materials and superimposed plates. On the first gold base, the hand-guilloché waves lap gently against the shores of the continents.

The sunburst dial base attired in abyssal blue creates the impression of a permanent waltz of the wave motifs. This effect may also be due to the way in which the continents are depicted: an additional plate made of sapphire is composed of the metallised meridians and the continents are treated to horizontal satin brushing, while their coastlines are subtly outlined with a metallic turquoise border. Finally, an outer flange serves as a support for the various elements present on the dial. The result features brilliantly crafted dimensions and surfaces thanks to various treatments requiring several weeks of work. Essential details Making the dial legible while endowing each indication with a special aesthetic: for Breguet, luxury resides in the details – which is notably why the hours and minutes hands as well as the hourmarkers are adorned with luminescent material ensuring nocturnal legibility. The Sun and Moon positioned at 4 o’clock are hand-hammered to create a strongly realistic result. While the sun is a luminous rose gold, the moon is rhodium-plated and exudes a mysterious grey appearance. Displayed through a 12 o’clock aperture, the date features an additional retrograde hand ingeniously placed beneath the aperture dial and featuring a delicately rounded “U-shaped” tip serving to encircle the date of each passing day.

© Chaumet

Déferlante de Chaumet Déferlante necklace detail (left) and tiara in white gold (right)

By N. Ahmet Déferlante High Jewellery spring-summer 2022 collection focuses on Chaumet trademarks, from the tiara to the transformable diamond, as a continuation of Torsade de Chaumet, the Maison's previous High Jewellery collection and an ode to life and movement.

Natural elements, particularly water, have been a primary source of inspiration for Chaumet for more over two centuries. The Maison is writing a breathtaking new chapter with Déferlante, the new High Jewellery capsule collection. Furthermore unprecedented and ambitious exhibition, 'Végétal – L'École de la Beauté' will take place at the Palais des BeauxArts in Paris, France, from 17 June to 4 September 2022,

Déferlante watch in white gold

Déferlante earrings in white gold

Ring in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat white gold set with a 4.40 ct round-cut emerald and diamonds (4.04 cts). Ref. 820904-1002

Choker in Fairminedcertified ethical 18carat white gold set with diamonds (204.35 cts). Ref. 810223-1001

On the occasion of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival which Chopard has supported since 25 years Caroline Scheufele has created 75 Haute Joaillerie creations, inspired by the movies, from its early black and white era to present. The artistic director and co-president of Chopard's collection of High Jewellery wonders will adorn cinema stars and talents on the red carpet of the Festival's preview screenings. Discover more on

Chopard's 25th Red Carpet Collection for the 75th Cannes International Film Festival

Ring in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat white gold set with a 4.40 ct round-cut emerald and diamonds (4.04 cts). Ref. 820904-1002

High Jewellery

“Pumpkin” ring

inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale. Composed of fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat white and rose gold, aluminium and titanium set with spessartite garnets (13.64 cts), tsavorites (3.23 cts) and diamonds (0.49 ct), required nearly 100 hours of expertise. Ref. 828341-9001

Moralmoda Magazine Fine Watchmaking | 46

Far right: Jewellery watch in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat white gold, entirely set with diamonds (32.82 cts) and multicoloured sapphires (17.48 cts). Ref. 105367-1003 Watch in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat white gold, full-set with diamonds (27.21 cts) and rubies (8.40 cts). Ref. 104654-1001 (left).


Master Hybris Artistica Calibre 945 Atomium The Earth's satellite and orbit holds many secrets and we never see the far side of the Moon, which always faces away from Earth. Nevertheless, Jaeger-LeCoultre combines uncontested mastery of chiming watches, precision mechanisms, astronomical complications and ultracompact watchmaking to help us understand many of the universe's and Moon's secrets, for an example with its anniversary Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 presented in 2021. This year the luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre takes us one step further, into the universe and time measurement, and celebrates its expertise in celestial complications with a range of collections that help measure and unveil the movement of celestial bodies. Reinterpreting its Calibre 945 the new timepiece unites on a unique display a minute repeater and Cosmotourbillon. The universe displayed onto the wrist This timepiece with its spectacular dial, depicts the constellations on the wrist that can be seen in real time in the sky. The shape of the filigree forming the outer section of the dome, echoes the lines that link the stars to form constellations. By N. Ahmet

Travel again with Patek

Courtesy of Patek.

Home of Fine Watchmaking since 1839, Patek is once again updating its extensive collection of modern and contemporary timepieces. The famous Patek Philippe World Time watch was Louis Cottier’s invention in the 1930s and makes it possible to read the local times of all 24 time zones at a glance. Reference 5230 was introduced in 2016, is for the first time, available in a platinum case with sapphire-crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30m. Case diameter: 38.5 mm. Height: 10.23 mm.combined with a blue dial and strap. The dial center is adorned with a new circular hand-guilloched motif. The ultra-thin self-winding movement is powered by Caliber 240 HU, with its two city and 24-hour rotating disks.

In 2022, Patek Philippe pays tribute to the dynamism of South-East Asia and to Oceania by interpreting this model in a new white gold version with a Grand Feu cloisonné enamel dial for 5231G-001.

Thanks to an ingenious mechanism patented in 1999, the user can simultaneously correct all the World Time displays in one-hour increments by simply pressing the pusher at 10 o’clock. See more on,

Moralmoda Magazine | 50

WATCH: Self-winding mechanical movement. Caliber 240 HU. World Time. 24-hour and day/night indication for the 24 time zones. DIAL Grand Feu cloisonné enamel center: Oceania and South-East Asia, 4 gold splangles. CASE Sapphire-crystal case back. Waterresistant to 30m. Diameter: 38.5 mm. Height: 10.23 mm.

PATEK's 7130R COMPLICATIONS Back in 2011, Reference 7130 set the crowning touch to the longstanding tradition of Patek Philippe World Time watches by introducing a ladies’ model. In 2022, the Manufacture unveils in olive green color, featuring finely hand-guilloched dial center superposed of self-winding Caliber 240 HU, an ultra-thin movement, encircled by 62 diamonds (~0.82 ct) and additional prong buckle set with 27 diamonds (~0.21 ct.). Rose gold. Sapphire-crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30m. Case diameter: 36 mm. Height: 8.83 mm.

© Joy Corthesy Idiome Agency

Purnell & AS Monaco rise together with a prestigious partnership - Rise. Risk. Repeat Swiss luxury watchmaker Purnell is the Official Timekeeper for AS Monaco, one of the most esteemed clubs in the world which is turning 100 soon! Both the AS Monaco team and the Purnell team share the goal of bringing their skills to the forefront and excelling as a team. Purnell is so naturally associated with AS Monaco, the Principality's football club—and Monte-Carlo, a location of renown, esteem, and elegance—where elite athletes keep breaking world sport records with remarkable precision and dedication. Purnell is noted for its avant-garde haute horlogerie and some of the most unique watches in the world, such as the World's Fastest Triple-Axis Tourbillon. Purnell has also announced a limited-edition co-branded timepiece collection,

“Monaco is a unique concentration of beauty, prestige and dynamism, just like our masterpieces. Both our brands are rare jewels in our respective fields, and we recognize ourselves with AS Monaco’s tagline: RISE. RISK. REPEAT.” - Maurizio Mazzocchi, CEO of Purnell Moralmoda Magazine | 53

New Motor Sport Partners of Rebellion Timepieces Intelligent Money British GT3 and GT, and FIA World Rally Championship competitor Takamoto Katsuta

FIA World Rally Championship competitor Takamoto Katsuta becomes brand amabassador for Rebellion Timepieces. Takamoto Katsuta (TOYOTA GAZOO Racing), who is currently competing in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), has been appointed as a brand ambassador of Rebellion Japan, the exclusive Japanese distributor of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer "Rebellion Timepieces". Katsuta will begin full participation in the top category of WRC class in 2021 and is currently the only Japanese WRC driver. Katsuta, who continues to challenge and fight in the toughest environments around the world, and Rebellion’s which is also the official partner of Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN this year, its DNA, passion, and philosophy match and have led to his appointment as a brand ambassador. On Tuesday, April 5, the inauguration ceremony for the new ambassadors was held at the Rebellion Timepieces booth at Watches and Wonders Geneva 2022, a luxury watch exhibition held in Geneva, Switzerland. WRC consists of 13 Rounds, starting from January's Rallye Monte-Carlo and ending at FORUM8 Rally Japan. Below let to right: at the inauguration ceremony Daisuke Hasegawa, representative of Rebellion Japan, Mr. Calim Bouhadra, representative of the brand.

This year’s Intelligent Money British GT3 and GT4 champions will each receive a special commemorative wristwatch designed by the series’ new Official Timing Partner, REBELLION Timepieces. Based in Lonay on the banks of Lake Geneva, the luxury Swiss manufacturer is a true horological pioneer and world renowned for its mix of bold design, limited-series productions and no-compromise attitude. Motor sport’s all-consuming pursuit of perfection is also at the heart of every REBELLION Timepieces design. Indeed, the independent spirit and excellence so evident in its watchmaking was initially forged in the cauldron of competition by REBELLION Racing – perhaps the most successful privateer team in recent endurance racing history. REBELLION Timepieces’ top-level involvement with the sport continues to this day through its Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN and Dakar Rally partnerships. The brand’s British GT association also further extends its existing official timekeeping agreement with SRO Motorsports Group’s global GT3 series, Fanatec GT World Challenge Powered by AWS, which stages championships on four different continents. British GT’s overall GT3 and GT4 champions will each receive one of four engraved Twenty-One GMT automatic watches, the design of which was inspired by a classic car steering wheel. REBELLION Timepieces logos will also feature prominently on each British GT entry’s three number panels.

Calim Bouhadra, REBELLION Corporation CEO:

Official timekeeper of the GT World Challenge for the past two years, Rebellion Timepieces is very pleased to become an Intelligent Money British GT Championship partner and to accompany the competitors on the legendary circuits of Great Britain during this exciting 2022 season.”

High Jewelry Collection

Chaumet Bague Transformable Chaumet Déferlante

Vacheron Constantin

Patrimony self-winding The attention that Vacheron Constantin has devoted to women's timepieces for more than two centuries is freshly interpreted through the models presented at Watches and Wonders 2022. A response to women's growing desire for complex mechanical timepieces, the Patrimony self-winding watch flaunts a minimalist silhouette exuding a timeless elegance symbolising a distinctive kind of watchmaking classicism.

Patrimony self-winding The attention that Vacheron Constantin has devoted to women's timepieces for more than two centuries is freshly interpreted through the models presented at Watches and Wonders 2022. A response to women's growing desire for complex mechanical timepieces, the Patrimony self-winding watch flaunts a minimalist silhouette exuding a timeless elegance symbolising a distinctive kind of watchmaking classicism.

Vacheron Constantin

Overseas Tourbillon Skeleton The tourbillon, one of the most emblematic Haute Horlogerie complications, joins the Overseas collection in a skeletonised version. Manufacture Calibre 2160 has been redesigned for the occasion in a contemporary, entirely openworked spirit. Available in 18K 5N pink gold and Grade 5 titanium – first Vacheron Constantin model made entirely of this metalversions complete with integrated bracelets, this watch is accompanied by meticulous attention to the finishing of the movement and case.

French luxury Maisons masterfully present their knowledge of enamel, marquetry and gold bead granulation, in the new watch collections (unveiled in Geneva) celebrating the great animals of Africa.

By N. Ahmet

Métiers d'Art Cartier HPI01517 36 mm. Rhodium-finish white gold 750/1000. Bezel set with 26 diamonds (0.71 ct), 6 yellow sapphires and 9 orange garnets. Buckle set with 46 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.29 ct). Dial with zebra motif in mother-of-pearl and black onyx marquetry and giraffe motif in gold granulation. Crown set with a pyramid-cut diamond (0.09 ct). Mechanical movement, manual winding 430 MC. 30 pieces. Van Cleef & Arpels Lady watch Duo de Lions Dial: lions sculpted in relief from white and yellow gold, turquoise and diamonds. With the engraved back,

©Timepieces, Watches &Wonders

Métiers d'Art Cartier HPI01447 42 mm. Rhodiumfinish white gold 750/1000. Dial with panther motif, 2 pear-cut diamonds (0.11 ct). Crown set with a sapphire cabochon. Manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding 430 MC. Numbered limited edition of 50 pieces,

Piaget Altiplano timepiece housed in a 38 mm 18K white gold case set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds. Features the Maison’s ultra-thin, manualwinding 430P movement, attesting to Piaget’s expertise in ultra-thin watchmaking, gem-setting, and artistic craftsmanship excellence. Dial in cloisonné grand feu enamel by masterenameller Anita Porchet. Limited edition of 38 timepieces.

©W&Wall timepieces

Métiers d'Art Cartier Created in 1967, deep in the heart of Swinging London, the Cartier Crash watch captures the vibrant energy of the city. This year, craftsmen at the Maison des Métiers d’Art explored the dial’s potential, making it the source of creative expression of Cartier’s craftsmanship: the organic and vivid character of its lines evoke a uniquely animal presence.

Cartier Privé WHTA0015 Manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding 9627 MC. Platinum 950/1000 Crown set with a faceted ruby. Numbered limited edition of 100 pieces.

Emré Erturk Turkey Designer, VP Moralmoda, Istanbul In 2021, Emré Erturk NewYork, celebrated the 25th anniversary with solo Arts shows to honour his art collectors. His design, art and brand are celebrated from Hollywood to India. Erturk was the IT-handbag designer for the Oscars. Emré Erturk NewYork is also being used as a case and as a role model at the New York Parsons School of Design.

Perpetual Moon Year of the Tiger CNY 2022 The year of the Water Tiger is embodied in an expressive version of Perpetual Moon. Arnold & Son has fashioned a golden tiger, roaring and on the alert. In the background, a waterfall symbolises the element that tempers this feline’s ferocious energy. Rose gold and specular hematite, mother-of-pearl and aventurine interpret a highly symbolic scene on the watch.

Métiers d'Art Cartier HPI01529 Yellow gold 750/1000. Case, dial and buckle set with 242 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.64 ct). Dial and bezel with champlevé enamel and enamel on silver foil. Crown set with a pyramid-cut diamond (0.09 ct). Manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding 1917 MC. 50 pieces. By N. Ahmet

Interviews with:

Nicole Stott A veteran NASA Astronaut, NASA Aquanaut, Author Artist and Founder of the Space for Art Foundation

Leading up to The AIM HIGHER GALA that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 16, humanity's future at the Moon on Artemis, with distinguished guests, Astronauts and scientists, we interviewed, Nicole Stott, veteran NASA Astronaut with two spaceflights and 104 days living and working in space as a crewmember on both the International Space Station (ISS) and the Space Shuttle. Stott describes herself as Astronaut~Artist~Earthling. We asked Stott to elaborate these seemingly, contradicting definitions. Nicole Stott: I am blessed by my time in space as an astronaut. I find myself now living vicariously through my friends while they’re experiencing their spaceflights, and you can ask me when I’m 90-years old if I’d like to fly in space again and the answer is absolutely yes, but I can also say that I love my time more on our home planet (which is also in space) as an Earthling. Even as an astronaut, while floating in space, the significance of it all was that all the work we’re doing there is ultimately all about improving life on Earth. That very special vantage point affords the opportunity to consider visually and emotionally who and where we all are together, on a planet, in space to acknowledge the reality of the interconnectivity of everyone and everything we share our planet with. This reality check we’re presented with from a windowed spaceship pretty much sums up our reality and it does so in a profound yet simple way by reminding us that we live

on a planet; that we are all Earthlings, and that the only border that matters is the thin blue line of atmosphere that blankets and protects us all. Sadly, while we all learned these things very early in life, this reality is not something we tend to carry forward with us and actively consider in our daily lives, but there’s not a day that goes by now when I don’t wake up with that reality in mind. I’m hopeful that by sharing my spaceflight experience and what we continue to do “off the Earth, for the Earth,” will help encourage everyone to acknowledge these three lessons of planet, Earthlings and thin blue line and to realize that the greatest role we have as Earthlings is to live our lives like crewmates, not passengers, of Spaceship Earth. Is this experience different through the eyes of an artist? I think the most important thing, whether traveling or standing in my own backyard, is to open up my heart and mind to the awe and wonder that surrounds me in that place. By doing so, I’m not only more able to reflect on the space flight experience, which also allows me to find new ways to discover and appreciate my terrestrial surroundings by considering the up close and personal perspective of the places I saw from the extraordinary vantage point on orbit, but I’m also able to think about it the other way around too. This happens a lot in both familiar and unfamiliar places on the planet. I’ll find myself wondering how all of the colors of the place where I have my feet on the ground would look from the distant view through my spaceship window; at what point do the details of the nature around me blur to the blend of colors we know Earth to be, and how should we be using this relationship between color and distance to better understand our relationship with the planet and all life we share our planet with. And as an artist, I like to try to capture the experience in as many ways as possible and then to create something of inspiration, like a painting, to represent not just what I was seeing but what I was feeling during the journey. What human resources does space travel require? I think the key is that we go into our spaceflight missions with an understanding of the greater good that can come from our missions and that our primary role is to be a good crewmate. Both physically and mentally you have to stay in good shape to be able to handle the rigors of training and the actual spaceflight (we’re motivated to do so because we want to fly in space, not only for the ‘adventure’ of it, but to be a part of the important work that’s going on there).

Physically, while in space, our bodies are impacted by the lack of gravity. Our brains and bodies are pretty amazing though; they figure out very quickly how to adapt to new and even extreme environments.

Dr. Sian Proctor Mission pilot for the Inspiration4 all-civilian orbital mission to space

On the plus side of our body and brain ‘figuring it out,’ you learn to move effortlessly while floating gracefully in three dimensions, but at the same time, on the not so good side, your brain and body also figure out that you don’t need much bone or muscle to do so…. So they stop wasting energy to maintain them. This leads to a significant acceleration of bone and muscle loss. That’s not a good thing if you have any plans to return back to Earth. We have a number of different countermeasures to this, primarily two hours of exercise a day on both aerobic and resistive exercise devices. (I actually came back in better shape than when I got to the space station, because who normally has two hours a day to exercise!).

How do you see the progress in space exploration?

For mental preparation, I think most astronauts are already in a place that positions them for doing good work in a very different environment and staying mentally well, too. The bulk of our training in one way or another is about how to work as a good team (a good crew). Along the way we are also challenged to identify and acknowledge our own strengths and weaknesses, which is key to working as a good crew (both on and off the planet).

More people can learn about space by watching the Netflix documentaries Countdown and Return to Space. They do a great job of capturing the excitement and future of human spaceflight.

Can you tell more about the Space for Art Foundation? We are uniting a planetary community of children through the awe and wonder of space exploration and the healing power of art. In short we are creating and implementing space-themed art therapy programs that bring children together from around the world through their artwork. Our work is focused on Space, Art, & Healing. We are creating large-scale space-themed art projects by building our crew of ‘Artonauts’— Children creating art together from hospitals, refugee centers, & schools around the world, and much more. In 2015, we started working on our first art spacesuit with children in one pediatric cancer center in Houston. Since then, we have worked on art spacesuits and electronic and interactive art pieces with children from every country on the planet. We are thankful for the continued generosity of our partners with ILC Dover Astrospace, ABlok Interactive Experiences, Club for the Future, and UNITY Movement Foundation, all working together to bring these projects to life. What legacy can our generation leave for the next? "Back to Earth" is meant as a call to action; as a way to look at a beautiful “off the Earth” example of how we can live like crewmates, not passengers, here on Spaceship Earth. I think our legacy can be to choose to live like a crew. By living like crewmates, we have the power to create a future for all life on Earth that’s as beautiful as it looks from space.

Dr. Proctor: Space exploration has been slowly progressing but now we are entering into a new space era that will enable a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive group of individuals to participate. It’s important to celebrate the beginning, but exciting to look toward the future of where we are going. The purpose of the Inspiration4 mission was to bring the first all-civilian crew to orbit and, in the process, raise200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. How can more people learn about space?

Your motto is Space2inspire. Can you elaborate please? Space2inspire is all about getting individuals to recognize their unique, one-of-a-kind space. The space they inhabit and how they can use their unique space to inspire those within their reach and beyond. This is self-empowerment. Your goal with Space2inspire is to help create a Just, Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive space for all of humanity. Can you tell us more about this? If space is truly for everyone then we need to begin to make decisions that reflect this. We need to make sure that access to space opens up to people from all different locations, backgrounds, gender, and race. We need to actively pursue this endeavor now because the foundation of humanity in space is being designed right now as we push to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. How do you set aside time to create space art? I am an afrofuturism artist so I like to create art through the lens of women of color in space. I combine my art with poetry, so that people can both be inspired by the art, but also gain deeper meaning with the words.

Image courtesy of

Bugatti welcomes Segond Automobiles Group of Monaco Monaco and motor racing have inseparable history. Bugatti’s own racing heritage is part of the Principality’s history since 92 years ago in 1929, when the iconic Circuit de Monaco held its very first Grand Prix. Winner was none other than William Charles Frederick Grover in his Bugatti Type 35B.

Ever since, the famously narrow and winding race track has become synonymous with the pinnacle of motor racing. Today, Bugatti enriches its links with the Principality upon the Cote d’Azur in collaboration with Segond Automobiles Group.

Highlights - Monaco:

The 13th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative The 13th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative took place on 21st March 2022. A day of intense exchanges marked by the interventions of H. S. H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, H. E. Mr John Kerry, Mr Huang Runqiu, Mr Vincent Van Quickenborne, Ms Teresa Ribera Rodríguez and Professor Ricardo Serrão Santos. Ocean conservation and future challenges, development of a sustainable and positive blue economy and finance for the Ocean were at the heart of the discussions. The panellists once again highlighted the need for ambitious and determined collective action for better Ocean governance. This was a strong call made a few months before the United Nations Conference on the Ocean in Lisbon to support the implementation of the SDG14,

Whatever way we see our future, the ocean plays a key role. A role made up of tension and contradiction which are intrinsic to our world and which we need to address. - stated H. S. H. Prince Albert II of Monaco

The 18th Sir Ritossa Global Family Office Summit Recognized as the world's most influential gathering of elite family office decision-makers, the 18th Sir Ritossa Summit was history-making, being held in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in the presence of H. R. H. Prince Abdulaziz bin Faisal bin Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Left to right: Prof. Olga Mroz; boxing legend Lennox Levis; H. E. Sir Anthony Ritossa, Kadi of Isabel Jiménez Diala Makki Hala Reda Al Saud, the 18th Summit gathered a recordRami number Chairman of the Ritossa Family Office, Dubai, UAE; H. R. H. Prince Abdulaziz bin Faisal bin Middle East family office investors along with VIP Delegates Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud; Mohamed Al Ali, Al Ali Holdings; far right: H.E. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez. and athlete stars. VIP Delegate Prof. Olga Mroz, Dame of Honour, and co-author of the international Best-Selling book “CRACKING THE RICH CODE” stated,

Highlights - JABOY Productions:

The Global ELITE Leaders Conference in New Orleans Thee ELITE Global Leader’s Conference is a private forum exclusively organised by family offices for family offices, ultra elite private investors, prominent impact leaders and business owners as well as royal family members and international icons like artists and athletes.

During the most recently held conference, JABOY Productions invited bussines leaders to some of the top destinations in the world; Mexico City, Beverly Hills, Panama, Montreal, Rome and the Vatican. See more about next events in Europe on,

Yes, I cracked my Rich Code: “Energy of Life!” money, ideas, family, self-confidence, knowledge, time, purpose, generosity, career, positivity, friends–this is not a complete list–that allowed me to become rich, successful, and happy.”

An interview with:

Amir Negm The founder of Neu Ocean Technologies, UK


Amir Negm has advanced the digital nomad lifestyle by establishing Neu Ocean Technologies in the UK, employing over 158 people who do not know or see each other in the same way that they would in a traditional workplace and conducting operations from home, cafes or holiday rentals. via a fully automated cloud system. Amir succeeded to demonstrate his innovative business transformation solution by implementing the best out of it in his own business. He proved that enormous corporations can produce highly efficient outputs with fewer resources while adopting remote employment and work from home policies. With 99.9% uptime servers at 9 locations and 42 TB of Data, Neu Ocean makes its product line ‘Jirlie’ available for its satisfied customers in 118 countries worldwide. About the company plans, Amir said; According to our marketing plan, we're expanding in the Middle East as a key market in addition to North America, UK and Europe. We will be tackling new markets by 2023 Q2. We are currently in the process of raising funds for our new product Jirlie Cloud which is now in the prelaunch phase. We are continuing business partnerships with the champs out there in the market to aggrandize our market share. We cannot reveal all cards but we’re moving forward and the best is yet to come.” In brief, Neu Ocean is not just one of the world's most promising technology startups; but also, its Jirlie is creating new standards of doing business to a level of quality that exceed anywhere else.

Going Virtual is the way to go these days, for Companies.

We're spotlighting an entrepreneur who actively alters the way we think about technology and professional growth to inspire others in their own entrepreneurial ventures. He illustrates how a unique viewpoint and dedication to a new idea can bring about some of the most significant changes in the globe, in our communities, and in our lives from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

Company: Neu Ocean Technologies Ltd Founded in: February 2022 Headquarter: London, United Kingdom Founders: Amir Negm, Anna Nikulina, Bahaa Abou Ghoush and Tony Karam

Lana Scolaro was born in London, United Kingdom, where she grew up attending guitar lessons from a very young age. This routine after school every day, turned music and writing music into her passion since high school. Lana took a leap of faith and relocated to New York, where she would later attend Parsons the New School for Design.

London - New York Ibiza: Lana Scolaro DJ and Singer

Lana Scolaro. ©

Parsons made a large impact in NYC as I was able to try out different options of design and technology. I was always into film animation and learned a lot using design software."

Spending summers on the island of Ibiza, Spain, surrounded by many well-known DJs in the world with whom she worked on music production using Ableton Live. In 2013, Lana attended Point Blank Music School in Ibiza, to increase her knowledge of music production, and she launches mixes on Soundcloud.

"My fashion style changes depending on my mood, if I choose to be elegant and chic and also comfortable at the same time, Marli Dresses are my go-to! They are so silky and don’t crease ever which makes them even easier to wear. If I’m going for a more low key vibe I wear more street style."

Lana has notched up some impressive gigs on both sides of the Atlantic & now gearing up for her debut UK club. While Lana sometimes finds playing in front of a huge crowd ‘a little nerveracking’ and travels around the world under intense pressure to perform well, Scolaro still feels that she has tapped into her life purpose as a music producer and performer. "My latest music release is my song “Kitty”," which she has signed with Sony and her label which she is signed to, Extensive music, that brings out her message with this song of female empowerment, "as i don’t believe it is acknowledged enough through music," she adds.

Her buzz inevitably followed, and she was later discovered by The Books DJ Agency in London and Splash Life Booking in LA which lead to several tour placements with hip hop artists Chanel West Coast, Lil Wayne and DJs such as Luciano and Bob Sinclair. From this point onwards, a strong partnership developed, this seemingly overnight success, also landing Lana her first production deal, with Extensive Music. Like many artists, her performing was put on hold recently, "It took a while to work on with Diztortion who I co-produced it with as there was difficulties being able to work in the studio together due to Covid." Lana’s musical influences are David August, Tale of Us and Solomun, to name a few.

Set to explore profoud existential themes, Akamatsu awakes his inherent curisity and poses questions, what is important to humans? When it is lost, humans begin to disassamble, he argues, which leads to new questioning. Are we the first Human beings? Or will be the last Human? See also

Yusuke Akamatsu, Uncle mirror, 2022, 6144x8190.jpeg, © Yusuke Akamatsu

Yusuke Akamatsu, Rotating nebula, 6048x8064.jpeg. © Yusuke Akamatsu

Paris-based Yusuke Akamatsu unveils latest digital artworks, which are part of his body of work under the new theme "First Human or Last Human".

Beauty in Monaco


Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo 3, avenue Saint-Michel, 98000 Monaco Tél: +377 97 9881 50+3777 93 30 33 33 Instagram @aldocoppolamonaco FB @aldocoppolamonaco

After training at Academy in Milan for several years, Aldo Coppola's hairdressers are like the fine products they use: «the cream of the cream» as they say in Italy. With a wide range of products available for sale, composed of extracts of Mediterranean plants and fruits combined with sugars and other beeswaxes, hair is considered an authentic raw material to work with in complete privacy.

At the Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo Salon you can indulge not only with hair care but also facial, body care and nails. Professionals of Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo know how to transform their customers, who are asking for something more. In a particular atmosphere, the artists provide a complete and unique service.

Professionals of Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo know how to transform their customers, who are asking for something more.

In the VIP lounge, customers confide their adventures within four walls, for a tailor-made service. Treat yourself to a moment of beauty at Aldo Coppola MonteCarlo it is the guarantee of a moment of pleasure, which will delight you.

Locals and hotel guests alike can enjoy raw fish dishes and experience the world's only "Perfume cocktail menu" against the backdrop of the Mediterranean sea and luxury yachts.

Lifestyle in Monaco

Hôtel Miramar’s panoramic view of the Port Hercule Monaco After a successful reopening of the Hotel Miramar in the heart of Monaco, its owners with Imperium Group are preparing to unveil an exclusive and sumptuous terrace featuring the rooftop cocktail and Champagne bar "Équivoque" overlooking the iconic Port Hercule.

Located in an idyllic setting, the large "Équivoque" terrace with superb views is an exclusive but welcoming atmosphere, offering a fresh menu with local products.

Nestled in the heart of Condamine, this little paradise is a must for balmy summer evenings, with friends or couples in love. Food and Beverage Menu Raw fish dishes, gourmet starters and the chef's specialty passing through the craft cocktails of the mixologists who created the first "Perfume menu" in the world, an exclusive experience dedicated to mixing. A new must-see address in Monaco,

Terrace Exclusive Équivoque is open Tuesday to Saturday. Hotel entrance 1 avenue J.F. Kennedy, 98000 Monaco Terrace entrance: Avenue d'Ostende. Booking and Whatsapp: +33 6 07 93 47 45

Luxury Trend

Fashion Industry A New Approach To High-Yield Investment Anna Stukkert and International Investment Congress are investing in Fashion Industry


nna Stukkert, organizer and CEO of the International Investment Congress,

is in constant search of high-yield sectors to invest in. One of the new and very promising sectors for the International Investment Congress is the fashion industry.

- Anna Stukkert, CEO of the International Investment Congress, stated ahead of this upcoming Davos International Conference:

My goal is to discover new profitable opportunities for investors and bring together outstanding people to facilitate new ambitious projects." Anna Stukkert image left: Maria Reiswich, celebrity stylist Website: Instagram: maria_reiswich. © Photographer: Natalia Gurevich IG: @belka_foto Visage by Ekaterina Petrova

In order to provide a greater outlook on this industry and its opportunities for investors, the International Investment Congress partnered with Liliya Tippetts, a renowned expert in art advisory, capital raising business advisory for investment funds and individual projects, premium property investments in Monaco and the Cote d'Azur, and luxury lifestyle management services for individual clients. To most people, Liliya Tippetts is an international entrepreneur who is a welcome guest at the world's most desired events and highprofile business gatherings. In this role, she shares her expertise in art and business with a global audience. Her following is large and diverse, from royals and billionaires to those who simply aspire to settle in the Principality of Monaco.

Incentive Concept - Destination GP

My unique niche is reaching the world’s wealthiest demographic,” Liliya says of her work as a luxury marketing consultant. “My clients are luxury brands that have products and services to sell that require a certain level of wealth to purchase them.”

Liliya (right) is a VP of MoralModa, the World's 1st Art and Eco-luxury magazine, and was awarded in the Middle East earlier this year for her achievements in international media. In 2021, she co-founded eco-luxury fashion label Marli Dresses (Monaco/London), which is worn by celebrities like Victoria Silvstedt, Lana Scolaro, and Audrey Bouette, to name a few. Liliya Tippetts will be a new speaker at the Davos International Conference in May 2022, featuring alternative investments. She will present investment opportunities in the fashion industry. Her solid success in the industry, paired with her insightful vision, will certainly make her presentation worth attending,, +49 (0) 162 2328333.

Specialized in motorsport travel since 2000, Incentive Concept offers to their guests an exclusive service, F1 pre season testing and hospitality to many races like Bahrain, Melbourne, Miami, Monaco, Barcelona, France, Budapest, Spa, Monza, Singapore, Austin, Abu Dhabi, where guest can attend the races solo or as a group. CEO Laurence Cellario:

We recently opened a platform called where clients will find every supplier they may need under the same roof. My multi-lingual team has been with me since 2008.”

23 Boulevard Albert 1er MC 98000 Monaco Tel. +377 93 50 97 90

Courtesy of Chaumet

High Jewelry Collection

Chaumet “Déferlante” Bague Déferlante

ZEINAB BASHIR PRESIDENT OF WE LOVE EGYPT FOUNDATION Zeinab Bashir regarded by many as a leader, business entrepreneur, an ambassador of goodwill and above all a human. Zeinab is an Egyptian Telecom engineer and the president of We love Egypt foundation. Mrs. Wali highlighted the projects that serve and provide jobless and homeless Egyptian women with a fixed income and shelter, while Mrs. Fouad showed the attention and effort Egypt is putting towards a better environment on an international scale by promoting and pushing the use of renewable and green energy.

The main purpose of the foundation is to create awareness and promote sustainability culture among Egyptian society as well as strengthen the relations of Egypt with the rest of the world on a socio-cultural and scientific level. Since she was a young girl, she was always happy to participate, contribute, and play an impactful role in bettering her community by bringing happiness to those around her and sharing their joy and success. Zeinab graduated with honors from Cairo University, where she majored in telecommunication engineering and gained experience in strategy, national security, crisis management, and negotiation. She has experience as a professor at Cairo University and was recognized as an ambassador of Goodwill by the Monaco Foundation during its session in 2019. Furthermore, she has invited the Monaco Forum to Egypt to highlight the role of women and their empowerment in the country in the presence of Her Excellency Minister Ghada Wali, Minister of Solidarity; Her Excellency Minister Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs; and Her Excellency Minister Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environmental Affairs.

Her main focus is to initiate international relations between Egypt and the rest of the world and she has successfully managed to tie many relations under the umbrella of the foundation "We Love Egypt", covering all the aspects and fields inside Egypt as well as Egypt’s relations ties with all regions. The foundation focuses on promoting strong and healthy external affairs as well as supporting children and the youth. The foundation envisions a lot of potential in sustainable projects and youth development, putting a lot of effort into both matters and aiming to have a strong role in COP27 during its upcoming session to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in November. The city will host thousands of delegates.

Now we are half a year away from the summit and the attention of the world's leadership is turning Emirates Pavilion’s construction phases followed a number of sustainability towardsregional, it. reusable and recyclable materials principles, using non-hazardous, in its overall structure, aimed and incorporated different design solutions to reduce Egypt has always to achieve sustainable energy and water consumption. development in Africa through strengthening cooperation between African countries on every level. Our foundation has followed those steps by making the development of inter-African relations a priority. We are focusing primarily on the African youth who constitute our future generations, and without them, it’s impossible to achieve developmental goals."

Small Bucket bag Spring in the City in raffia and caramel leather Epi Splash Palm Tree One Piece Swimsuit Ribbed denim cargo pants Photographs: Ethan James Green. Styled by Marie-Amélie Sauvé

Saint Jacques bag Spring in the City in raffia and caramel leather Metallic calfskin flat sandals Ribbed denim bomber jacket Monogram one-piece swimsuit

The Design Edit

A hand-made „Live with nature“ Design Philosophy

Ully, Ulrike E. Schlenter is the founder & CEO of, a multi-disciplinary designer & functional artist with experimental approach to material research at the intersection between art, architecture, design, furniture. The role of an artist is also to make art, beauty, elegance, taste , emotions available to everyone – to establish a unique dialogue. Ully always sees the connection of: how design influences our everyday life, how our quality of life depends subconsciously. This beautiful coffee-table can be customised in sizes, colours, initials with the name of your company. Contact:


Work in progress: a new version of «coffee - table» created from very old Olive tree roots selected on Korfu, Greece. Then carefully elaborated, customised in Switzerland. More on Instagram: luxury_design_by_ully Stay tuned ….

Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva and Madame Sum present "Dumplings by the Lake", a stylish, breezy hangout on Ile Rousseau

Available from now to the end of September 2022, the pop-up offers all day dining between 11:30 am and 9:30 pm, with a selection of innovative sweet and savoury dumplings filled with fresh, seasonal produce including grilled broccoli with roasted almonds, pulled duck, and smoked BBQ brisket. Sweets feature apple crumble and indulgent chocolate spread fillings. Guests can also enjoy delectable xiao long bao, classic Chinese soup dumplings traditionally prepared in a bamboo steaming basket and stuffed with minced pork, pork broth, ginger, sesame oil, Shaoxing wine, soy sauce and spring onions. That is quite an offer to chew on, even for a Jean-Jacques Rousseau scholar.

Moralmoda is available online and in Asia, Europe & the USA, including;

Signature Flight Lounge Nice Europe's biggest VIP private Jet Aviation

Downtown Dubai

Moralmoda is available online and in Asia, Europe & the USA, including;

Signature Flight Lounge Nice Europe's biggest VIP private Jet Aviation

Downtown Dubai

An interview with

Michel Ghatan Photographer, London, UK

When photographing nature, the viewer receives the message more unfiltered. What is your primary intention with this series of photographs?

You have visited Africa as a photographer during the past decade. What developments struck you most and how has your approach changed over the time?

Traditionally, I have always taken portraits of animals in their state of being, while trying to establish a close communication between me and the subject. When you are dealing with wild animals everything is on their terms, not mine. It requires perfect preparation, understanding of nature and patience. Usually, time is on your side if you manage those elements. Measuring the distance between you and the animal whilst predicting his behaviour as well as what he is allowing you to do is a big part of what I do. With gorillas, the challenge is very different. On one hand the animal is the closest species to humans in terms of DNA but on the other you have only one hour a day with them. No matter how long the trek is. So, you are stuck between this feeling of seeing “someone” similar to you and racing against time. I think the result speaks for itself. Those images of mountain gorillas are a mirror to human behaviours.

It’s an interesting question. The years I started visiting Africa were right after a terrible drought that affected almost every country on the eastern side of the continent. Kenya for instance, lost a lot of elephants because of drought and poaching accelerated to unprecedented levels as a consequence. Those terrible years were followed by significant positive conservation efforts and the situation got much better to the point poaching got under control until Covid struck. Covid had a terrible impact over the world of course but in Africa it got even worse. I went multiple times to Kenya in 2020-2021 and the parks were completely empty. I felt it was my duty to support them as much as possible. Villagers with zero income facing a choice between starvation or poaching. Governments weren’t prepared for this. Unfortunately, 2022 seems to be another year of terrible drought. People’s resilience is constantly put at test even when doing the right thing is in their blood.

Moralmoda Magazine Issue No. 50 | 80

Far left Gentle Giant. Thi spage CHEETAH STATUE. Courtesy all images Michel Ghatan Photography, London, UK.

How do you intend to continue your work in Africa and promote awareness? Africa has given me the opportunity to express my artistic needs through photography and I feel embedded to protect it. I am planning to return early November this year to photograph elephant groups in desertic conditions. Currently, I am doing a partnership with Fauna and Flora International (FFI) to raise money for conservation programs by auctioning artworks that were presented during my latest exhibition in London: “From Kilimanjaro to The Virunga Mountains” at Alon Zakaim Fine Art

Courtesy Issey Miyake FW 2022

The Geneva Edit

As the grand finale of a Fall/Winter season which raised the bar in so many ways, Christie’s presents Watches Online: An Important Private Collection. Held between December 2nd and 14th, this important auction featured more than Geneva, 2 to 14 December 2021 300 marvels of horological mastery in the form of pocket watches and clocks dating from the 18th century to the present day, A collection of timepieces that set the all from an important and rare European benchmark for horological mastery and collection passionately built and curated continues to inspire contemporary over the course of a lifetime. watchmakers.

An exceptional

collection auctioned

27 pieces from this collection have been offered in Geneva’s Rare and Important Watches sales this November and sold 100% to international collectors from around the globe. A true testament to the art of watchmaking, from ‘simple’ complications to tourbillons, from perpetual calendars to minute repeaters, and everything in-between the full range of uncompromisingly masterful watchmaking is represented in this collection. The fruit of inspired creativity and physics-defying engineering by horologists who defined their era and shaped the measurement of time as we know it today, such as Breguet, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Ilbery, Henry Capt can be retraced in this collection.

What is astonishing about this collection is the sheer breadth of different complications. What we see here is the lifetime passion of a private collector, offering a unique opportunity to share a journey – and to discover timepieces that have never been on the market or rediscover others that have been unattainable for so long, and each of the 316 pieces is in remarkably pristine condition.” - Rémi Guillemin, Head of Watches, Christie’s Geneva.

Above left - Breguet, yellow gold and enamel pocket watch Ref. 30692. Circa 1840. This timepiece embodies the quintessence of the Métiers d’Art. The dial presents a white enamel with Turkish numerals. Est. CHF 20,000-30,000 - EUR 20,000-29,000. Right - Ilbery, yellow gold, enamel and diamond-set openface pocket watch, Ref. 5486. Circa 1800. Est. CHF 25,000-35,000 – EUR 24,000-34,000. All images courtesy of Christie's,

The auction features highlights such as rare trio of the iconic Patek Philippe Chronograph and Perpetual Calendar lo w be caliber Ref. 1518; 2499ashand 3971. On a Cr more high-jewelryrtiernote, the auction a C featured a beautiful pair of “his & hers” @ Vacheron Constantin “Lady Kalla” timepieces. A symbol of historical watchmaking virtuosity combined with haute joaillerie skills. For more information, please visit:

PATEK PHILIPPE, REF. 2499, 4th SERIES RETAILED BY GÜBELIN, very fine, exceptional, manual wind, 18Kyellow gold perpetual calendar chronograph. Estimate: CHF250,000–450,000 Produced in 1982 and sold the following year by retailer Gübelin. Part of the fourth seriesmade in the early 1980’s, the Ref. 2499 is one of the most iconic models ever produced by the brand. Introduced as the successor to the Ref. 1518, this model was produced for over a 35-year period until the fourth series, as shown with this lot. Approximately 9 pieces were produced each year in the atelier in Geneva, and 349 pieces were made in total during its production run.

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