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Oftcial Organ of lhe U.g.H. Publislrod in tho fntereat of




Philsdelphia and Vicinity snd offliated Secfions to prornote a close and harrnonious rel&tion with al1.

A Frogressive ftfl'ove In placing this first issue of our "Monthly News" in your hands, we are entering a new and progressive era in our Clubts eventful history,

Indem wir die erste Ausgabe unserer "Illonatlichen Nachrichten" inlhreHf,ndel.egen,tretenwirineine qeu9 u4d fortschrittliche Bewegung in der Geschichte unseres Klubs ein. ttF""i:f,"H,'n#"t3ots" K*EGZMAN J:il *uo*T,is

observe numerous inexcusable faults among our sections, as well as, a-mong our members. Therefore, I have always felt if-we would have, other

than certain social^events.and meetings, some YPyf or means of rea_chjng them, we could eliminate most causes of dissention, lack of inte_rest, and lack of co-operation among all of us. The idea of a newspaper of_some k!n-d came to fey Vlarg. ago when I started to d"evelop 3e the 1Junior Section, but unfortunately was not able to find enouglr interest or heip to get sta"rted._By acpePting the position as Chilrman of Entertainment, wilh Mr. Adam Weber as Secretary, we thoroughly discussed the possrbilltres of such a newspaper again, and it took li-tUe convinc*g,grl our pdrt,'tise[ this i ;6 Mr. Bernard Stoff€il, who accepted the position 91 -"Chair14an of Publicity,"-and Mr.- Anton Weber as his assistant. ,i It was indeed a pleasant surprise the wav the Board. of Directbrs ;"4 bi"-;#-b;;"';? each Section supported itrisla"a. ffiil;h-;; t,Staff.', established ouf Eaclilse"tio"-fr'u""iiJ repqrtpr, und up to them ana aiior-vo"To s94d, in your litue news items, to malie our "Nuyq" original and. interesting. We shall apprecrate any suggesflons you may care to make. Do not hesitate to write. The su-ccess or failure ,. of this "News" depends entirely upon your interest-and -c.o-op_e1atj.on. I, personally, believe. this "News" will help enormously to-bring all' 9f us cfosel, and enable us to riork togeTher

harmoniously" T-- -- - -. ln rlr response to I't''sPulrse Lo the tn@easing demand ror rn€ t4Qryeasrng for '.'r, more entertainment; we aie prepaiing for a real ' active- social season. Entertainmenfs for you, y'our family and friends. , . W"_1946 Pre looking_ forward to greeting you , during at the U. H.. I{all, ind wis-h you an abundane,e of good_G,health, prosperity, ind happiness.



No. 1

riir;iffiF,$.4; ilii f# i+ii#.ffiffi i._ ffiCffi til3i!"Jh"*Hf*r, iff"t":* rED social activities, gave me a-4gnl9 o_pportunity to

Now Supporf

ADlMtllssiloN 40c.


Vorw&irts umd Auswirts


Veu" Aslred For







.Sport sowdhl dis auch der geseilSchaftlichen Be-

titigung gewidmet war, jab mir hinreichende

ind unentschuldbare Fehl6r innelhalb unserer Sektionen sowohl der Mitgliedschaftzubeobachten. Schonlangebe, schaftigte mich der Gedanke, and.ere Mittdl uno Wege als nur gesellschaftliche Veranstaltungen odei Versamrdlungen zu flnden, die die Grtitde Getdgen-ne-it, zahlreiche'

unserer Uneinig[eit, Intereslelosigkeit etc. iiberbriicken wiiiden- Die eine-r Zeitung wenn auch kleineren F ormats. kam mir einiie Jahre zuriick, als ich mit dem Ausbau Jir.

gend-Sektion'begann; leider fand ich zum Be. $nn derselben lichd die gewiinschte UnterFttitzirng innerhalb der l{it}tiedschait. Naehdem ich nun die Position als Vorsitzer des Ver. g"iigu"gsfo*it"es uoge"o-*men habe, ebenso ivie-Heir Adam Webei die als Sekretii?, haben wirdieAngelegenheitgriindlichdurchspi.ochen, auqh die- I,roglictrt<eit-einer Zeitungdrqggenj gnd es,dgl"-*g auch gar.*icht lange, 4uI* 8..*l?"9 Stoffel davon zu iiber.zeugen,-welgher die Stelle als Vorsitzer aryqfm mit Herrn Anton Weber als sein Mitarbeiter. Gross war unsere Ueberraschung zu sehen. wie die Beamten und Mitglieder alle-r Sektioneri unsere Idee unterstiitzten. Wir haben nun unseren Beamtenstab etabliert. Jede Sektion hat ihren Berichterstatter, und wir erwarten von ihnen sowie von allen Mitgliedern, volle Untersttitzung, um unsere Bericfiterstatiung originell und les6irswert zu gestalten. wir #iiraEn es dankbar begriissen, wenn wir rnciglichst viele --c ---_---neue VorschlFige neue vorscnrage und -ujmprehlungen Empfehlungen belremen. -schreibd bekbmen. So bitte, zdger{nicht und Der Erfolg oder Misseifolg unserer "Nachrichten" hangff, ganz vom fnteresse und der Mitarbeit aller ab. Perstinlich bin ich fest davon ilberzeugt, dass qnsere Zeitung sehr viel dazu beitragdn'wird, rins enger zu eifolgreicher harmonischir Arbeit zusa

rn Ynenzl] f i.ih


., _ IJm das allgerneine Verlangen nach re,ichlraltiger Llnterhaltung zu befriediger, beabsichtiggn ryir eine vielseitige, aktive gesellschaftliche Saison. Unterhaltung ftir Sie,lhre F amilief und F reunde. I Wi" g_ebep uns der angenehmen Hoffnung hih, Sie alle in unserer If. G. I{. in Lg4g bt gr{issen nJ kcinnen und wiinschen rhnen, allen gute Gesundheit F rohsinn und Gedeihen ! ' ior






G. ET.

MONTSf,r.Y NEWS Published

The year just ending (1945) has

by the

United German-Hungarians of Philadelphi:i Vieinity and Affiliated $ections. 2007-13



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N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia 22, NE1B.





for the next issue of the Monthly News will be Closing date

January Address



ing home. Certain restrictions and some raTioning are gradually being lifted. New ideas being considered for youT pleasure and







Monthly News, 2A07-13 N. 2nd


Philadelphia 22, Pa.

Your Editor arnd Publicity Chairman Bernard A. Stoffeil' fntroduced by


! We would like you to meet Rernard A. Sto,ffel, your Editor and Publicity Chairman, who, will take full X.olks

charge starting with the F'e'bruary issue, assisted by Anton 'Weber.


the successful conclusion of the war' in which we have be,en victorious, Our boys are com-

enjoymenf. Our membelship has enjoyed a weafthy growth of splendid personalities. This year (1946) will witness a ch?lge in our Board of Directors. They are Nick Lambert, Theodore Kereczman, Adam Weber, Bernard Stoffe'}, and Anton Weber. Here we have five young men, who for more than ten years woiked tor our sport club and have won the admiration and respect of everyone of us. W,e will do,everything possible in our power to bring you many momentous occasions and to continue the successful records of the Past.

with your

continued help and support, we shall endeavor to.give

and-enjoyment that you_ seemingly you a typ"e of social happiriess -four entertainment committee will be guided past. in ttre ioo"orr".i bf ny tfte popularity and demand for this type of activity.

Let us all work together for a permanent peace and the continued prosperity and successbf your club. To the officers, Directors, committee chairmen and Members and their families, may i express my appreciation for their splendid cooperaiion anO wish all-A Happy and Prosperous New Year' F'RANK FOLLMER, President.

Before lris. indu*tlon into the armY, he was active as the recording secretary of

the Sport Club, and to prove he didn't lose interest in our club life, has willingly accepted this position after his refurry'



At twenty-seven giveLrl

years o,f &Be, he has

f,our years of his life to CIur coun-

try. He was inducted into the army o,n June 18th, L94L. Upo,n completion of basic trainin g aL Armored F'o'rce Replacement Center, F ort Knox, Ky., was made cadr,e and assisted in turning out Armored Force rep,lace'ments. Left for the

the military Intelligâ‚Ź:rce Service. Served

in England, F rance, Belgium, Ho'lland

and Germany. Finished his service with the 29th. Infantry Divisi,on, in the grade of Technical Sergeant. Received his honorable discharge on October' 25, 1945.

Here is a young: man,


feel, who cer-

tainly knows the importance of teamwork, better than many of us, and who rvill try his best to help and give our members and home co,ming boys a soeial life for peace and contentment.

So let us a,ll pull o,rl the sa'me rope, and give our Publicity and Entertain-

ment Co,mmittees all the cooperation and support so vital in building up the future social activities in o,ur organi-

Given by

The U. e.H. Bowling League At the IIaII SATT'RDAY, JANUARY I9.

sf F. M.

P. RothrsCIhlngts Orchestra on the third Floor



'rNlglrlt im Vientra"

'Your new Pu6iliiity



rnent Committee takes this opportunity

to extend to Mr. Joseph Wolf a "I{earty

F8oor Slasw

Thank You," for his' six years of service as Chairman of the Publicity and Enter-

on the third Floor

tainment Committee. ' We are all well aware of the fact, that this was bY no means an easy job for one Person to

* {ANN OI{CI{ESTRA oll the second Floor

handle. Regardless of his' resignation, we hope we can stitl depend o,n him for his help

* (Tickets ean be had fro'm the Steward at the Club)


Satnrdty, March

A[\|t.|lIAL BALL


60c At the Iloor


and advice whenever needed.

Saturduy, March Znd:








Fedse SV3nnimg Name Gontest


$gS.E@ Viet@r$, Bond

Ever since the War has come to a conclusion, and for some time prior to it, our nation has been conscious or the fact that we must convert the country as a whole mom a wartime standard of living to a peac'etime standard. of living.


for submitting an appropriate name for our monthly Newspaper. Every rnember is cordially invited. to enter this contest, so that our paper will have an original and catchy name. So c'mon, send in your entries (as many as you can think of ). Send in your entries to "Name Contest." Editor, U" G. H., Hall, 20A7-I3 N. 2nd Street. Contest closes March 5, 1946. Any memben is eligible to enter this contest.

In so doing, every ind.ustry, every organtzation, every famity, and even every individual is being affected by this great change-over

and our organization will be no exception as you have seen and will see in the future.

To avoid any suspicion of unfairness you only send the upper stub to the Editor. Winner will be an,nounced by the nurnber o,n stub. Same rnust present lower stub

The rnost important change tkrat we can see in our social lives is the homecorning of the boys, who (in most cases) have been gone for two, three, or four years. T.ttose of us who were left, have tried our utmost to keep the organization running in as srnooth a fashion as was possible. Now, wtth the help of the veterans we should be able to make our club more socialiy interesting than it has ever been.

to receive prize.

I subrnit the


Since Theodore Kerec zmanl and" myself have to the offices of entertainment comrnittee as chairman and secretdty, respectively, I have been approached several times on the subject of conducting affairs every Saturday night. trt seerns that e\reryone has a dilfenent idea as to how this iob should be tackled, and now the solution of this problem has been worked out. Those of you who have asked for this, have been rnost patient with the officials of the club, and if you will bear with us a little longer your patience will be rewarded.. In conclusion I would like to say that if we receive the cooperation of the members, the proposed Saturday night affairs will be success-




been elected


this s,tub to the Editor.



Adam weber, Secretary, Entertdinr$rbut Cornmittee.

lI. G. [|. BOWilI{U tTAff[|E By FRED ADAMIS

Our Bowling League rested over the holidays with No. 10 team leading

the League wiilr 4L wins and 15 loses, capt. by Bernard Schmidt and John

Edel who is leading the League with a individual average of L76. Thej,No. 10 team has

been doing some bowling in the pinches.

As the flrst four teams leading the League will play o'ne another for the flrst half champs it is quite' a battle betrn'een No. 5, No. 6, No. 11, No. 7 and No. I teams all l'unning close together for ttre first f,our places with two more weeks of the first half" John Ozalis leads the League in high single garne with a score of 277 including one pin handicap. John R,eiser who leads the League in high three games with a score of 692, including 2L pins handicap, also' ro'llecl three two httndred games: 22L, 237, z1.g for a total of 671 pins. No. I team is leading the League with high single game with L021, also high

three games with a score of 2gL4 pins. F.rank Krabztnger, of No. 10" team rolled three two hundred games: 2L2, 200, 205, fo,r a total o,f 6L7 Pins. T. I)ornback, the President of our

T.eague, has been bowling in a little hard Iuck, missing three two' hundred games

twice. First time he rolled

252, 191, 237

for a total of 680, no handicap,


high three games to John Reiser by


pins. Second time he ro'lled 198, 20L,210, for a total of 609 pins.

No. 11 team has set a record fo'r attendance, two men rnissing onlY one

game a p'iece since the season o'f 1944'45.

T'he League will resume bowling on January L7. We are very sorry to see the o'ld men's team drop out of our League at the end of the first half &nd want to thank each o,f them, for their fine spirit and sportsmanship that they have given in our League and I know that this is shared by every member of o'ur League. Best of

luck to all of you They still offer any team in the League

a match game on



On Sunday, December 23rd, the United German-Hungarian Bowling League held r prize bowiing match at the Hall. -, Thâ‚Ź interest was very keen and every-

one that attended this affair had a very good time. The highest sco'r,e that eould loe made was thirty or three strikes. There were eleven men who hit the pins for three strikes. There were eleve'n priaes given, the flrst ptrze, a twe,nty-flve po'und firkey, rr/as won by F.rank Welsch, second pnze 'rr/'&s an eighteen pound Turkey, won by

Nick Kradofel, Mel Welsch, who third prize, received a gtoose. John



was the second man to roll tlrree strikes,

won fourth prize, also a go'o,se. Jake Kumback won nfth priz,e, it being a

duck. Sixth prrze went to Nick Noel, al:so a duc,k. John Sch'midt captured.

himself a chicken wittr seventfr prizre. Adam Knable who was the first to hit three strikes \ ron himself eighth prlze, being a chicken. John Reiser hit three strike,s on his first try, also received a chicken for ninth prize. J. Gerhart won a cash prize of three dollars for tenth



Weber received two dollars

the last ptace man. The committee wishes to thank each and every one who helped to make this


affair; such a success and hopes that we hold the next one in the near future evetyone,in our League will como out and make it even a g:reater success. ro,/hen

(Continued o'n page 4)

Pago 4



BOWLING (Continued from page 3)

Ladies' Section

STa,IKES AND SFA-B,ES Roman W. Eisele


The Neighborhood Bowiing League rolls on the CIub Alleys every Tuesday night, was starl"ed, bY Mr. Walter Shock in L925 over at St. Boniface HalI, and was known as the St.

a very good attendance and brought about excellent results. Much to our

Bo'niface, Bowling


Our last meeting o,f the old year had


regret, however, the check that we ladies sent to the Valley F'orge Hospital was

League. Down thru these 20 years several changes were made ttrru sickness, unemploYment, death, old age and lastly the war'' but

as they cannot accept cash donations. Therefo're, the money wilL reveri back to its original purp,ose, and will be used f,cr a party given in honor of

the spi.r'it of spo'rtmanship never changed. When tlre war started and the St. Boniface, Club closed. the League came over to thi,s Club and now are in their

ftn' season. It is the desire of the rn embers' of this League to arrange for a play-off between the winner of the German Hungarian League and the winner of the Neighborhood League for the tsowling Championship of the Club. The Neign*borfrood League is very pleased with the new arrangement made in regards to the Club paper' and ur,ges everyone to coope'rate with the members of the Co,mmittee in making this a grand


32 3].

2+ 25 29 3+



DIAMOND High Single Game


M. Kratchwell M. Kratchwell

High 3 Games High Singte Team


was exc,ellâ‚Źnt

all in there for this honotr. In the next issue we will have the complete figures of the flrst half standi4gs. i{^re

Saturd*y, March Znd:

r'Nighit in Viercna"



JOHN WEBER. Br.ick drfid Stome Renovofing




Cement Work

440 H. I,ouclen

St., Phila. 20, Fa.

was very important,, as ,we had. election, though only a few attended. Hoping for better attendance in bhe new year, but just the same we accomplished the hard task of electing ne\M offi.cers for the

Junior Section.

Catherine Piatka

Entertainment Representatives Anna Bohn and F'rank Follmer.

Saturday, March Znd:

ttNigtrt in Vientt&" STEvenson 8360


Gaiety was the keynote

the occasion, and cong'ratulatory rernarks are in order to all t]rose who as,sisted and participated, in making this party a success. Excellent cake was served and enjoyed by all.

Funeral Director o

1428 Germantown Avenue De 5o*o - FIymo u*h GErs

Au#o Repoirs

of AII




of the Season

J. Horvath

& Sons

Fleiseh ' l4emd,let$?g Speziatitii,t: IJeimgemachte Bratwunst, Leberwurst, Schrvartenmagen


!&n w$tt

Heimgemachten Speck und Schinkeir I-5?3 Gernnantown Avenue Phone, REGent 0461 Philade'Iphia, Pa.







is im-

(with our gang). The me,eting which was held after our flrst dance,



A.wsiany, George Vora,n, Ro'man Eisele and Charles l(elly and Matt Kra,tchwell

togeth,er, which sometimes


On Sunday, December 3u, a Christmas

Irrank Blocklinger, a veteran of three years of service in tfre Army, to take F"rank Wenke's place for this season.

As the flrst half of the season is coming to an end we find. a real batt'Ie for the individual ho,nors for the high average man of the League. To date Walter


Corresponding Secretary-Anna Bohn Recording Secretary &nd Reporter-

Party and Coffee Klatsch combined was sponsored by the Ladies of t}re United German-Hungarian CIub. The affair was attended by many chitrdren, who, thru the untiring' efforts of Mrs. Kloskey and Mrs. Schuler, thoroughty enjoyed themselves. A Santa Claus, a tree and presents were provided which add.ed to, the gaiety of the occasion and to the delight of all. Good OIe' Saint Nick himself overvrhelmed iJre chiidren, by joining in with them and singing the song:s of the season. The attendance was good, and as usual the music by Mr. Rothsching

234 628

Mascher 1083 Mascher 2993 High 3 Games Sorry to learn tJrat Frank Wenke wiii not be able to b,owl for the remainder of the season due to business, hope to see you back next seaso'n, Enrank. The Dia,mond team has signed uP


to all members. An invitation is extended to all our members to attend ttre next




on December 22. I think tJre

Kings" provecl themselves very good in their music t,alent and also jovial. in get-

President--Betty Laufer

starting at 6.00 P. M. Rothschings's

games ?,re ro,Iled every Tuesday night' at 8.15 P. M. To date the standings are:


Our dance held. in October seemed to be enjoyed by everyone, who was there, and also applies for the Christmas Dance

our returned -v'eterans. The other checks were accepted by the other institutions. When the meeting adjourned, delicio'us home made cake and coffee, made by Mrs. Noll and Mrs. Minnich, was served

n:eeting, which will be held January 20, 4 P. M. After the meeting Co'ffee Party,


The Neighborhood Bow'ling


Fo!'lme'r's Quoli*y Shoe R,epoir 583T R,ISING SUN




Ou.r: Specialty: fnvisflble tlalf-So,les 24 HOUR SIERVICE





SPORT CLUB The Sp'ort Club welcomes the birth of

this newspaper. In the past


years the Club has been unusuall5r inactive in the liner of sports due to the war. But in the forthcoming year it is believed that spo,rts will again become one of the principal functio,ns of this organization. At the present time soccer and basket-






ball are the only sports being fo'llowed. SOCCER:

Piatka and League Representative Peter Noel, is in the Philadelphia League. The


practice and enjoyed the,mselves and



did the spectator,s. The manag'er intends

to spend the remainder o,f the season building up a, strong team for the next season.

The Boy's Team managed bY F'rank Follmer is in the Philadelphia Junior League has been more successful' titan tJre F irst 'Ieam. The team is made up of boys up to 14 years of age.

Never accept an office, it to critictze tlran do things.



Nevertheless, get sore if you are not appointed on & committee, but if you are, do not attend the c,olnrrrittee meetings.

until the recent discharge of some of its former players, has been made up primarily of old*timers and high school boys. The team has had a bad year as far as its standing in thei Ieague is concerned but the players kept in 1945 team, up

Don't attend tJre meetings. If you do, corne late and flnd fault with the officers and members.


asked by the President to give yo{rr

opinion on some important matter, tell him you have nothing to s&V, and then after the meeting (usually at

the Bar) tell




should have been done.

Do nothing more tJran is necess,&ty, but-when other members roll up their sleeves and willingly and unselfishly use their time and abili"ty to help mat-

ters along,'howl .your head off that is run by a clique.



7-Nick Noel, Sr.

7-John Majus



8-Stefan Ho,rvatJr 8-Theresia Osti 9--_F rank Pokrywka 9-John Po'ulson 9-Walter Seremhus 9-Mary Roemer 9-Mary E. Schneider


Joseph Bruck

ll-_Joseph Braun 11-Anna Tillger

L2-Laruy Kleimhenz lz-Nick J. Noel l2-George F-. Pelan L2--*f.arry Rearuk l2-_Samuel Rosselli L2-Jacob Wenzler

lz-Marg:aret Hlavatsch

l3-Margaret Schmidt l4-John Hettel

lg-Thresa Kirch

Z0-=Edward Jusits 20-Anton Urban

20:Mary F'ederspiel 21-H. D. Toebelmann Z2-Peter Speer Z2-Jo}rn Miskofsky zz-Vincent A. Callahan 23-Wilston F ischer


24--E eter Rosanovitsch

z4--William G. Sablich z4-M.ary Schoedler 24-Rose l(ronberger

z1-Philip Helfrich 25-Stefan Katolenisch 25-William J. Welsch

Timely Thought for New Year

Z5-Joseph Schmidt

z5-Elisabeth Back


matter what he's been

6-Joseph Horvath 6_Ii\'. C. Teufel

19-Susanna Minnich

Bogaroser Kirchwei, 'uhe two principal affairs conducted by this section were a grand success. Plans are already being made for this year's Night in Vienna.

- life was A saintly chap or one whose darkly steeped in sin His friends forget the bitter words they spoke but yesterdd,y, . And noi,v\r they find a rnultitUde o,f pretty things to say.


l?-Anto,n Wissinger 18-Karl Roth 19-John Seibert

season. SO,CIAtr,:

I've no,ticed. when a, fellow dies,

4-F red Seymour 5-Conrad Goschy 5-Raymond Miller 6-Caspar Ebinger 6-F ?ank F"uhr 6-Peter Klein

15-Anton Dickmann



JANUAR,Y 2-Nick Noel

16-Georg'e Notl 16-Anton J. Kuhn

tained by the Club at the present time. The F"irst Team is made up of boys between the ages of 15 and 18 years. The Second Te'am is made up of bcys up to L+ jiears. Both teams under t,Ire ab'Ie co'aching of Michael PuhI have had a

Both the Night in Vienna and


14-Joseph Smith, Jr. 14-F rancisca Jobb

BASKETBT$'I,L: TWo basketloall teams are being main-




26-F'rank F'uchs 26-J acob Ho,ttinger, Jr.

26-,Elizabeth Ellmer 27-Joseph Se,bastian

27-John Nau 27-John Sawyer 28-John Dittrich 28-Martin Haybach 28-E,mil Tr;itschler 2g-Michael Lix 29-Paul Gyuraki, Jr. 29-Lina Pudgr 30-F rances Dangler


I fancy when I go rest some one will bring to light Some kindly word or goodly- act lo,ng ,buried o'ut of sight; But, if it's all the same to you, just give to me instead The bouquets while I'm living and knoeking when I'm dead.

30 Willia,m C. Wanner

31*Anton Sehwemlein, 31-James J. McGuehin 31-Marie Streff

I'm quite alive and well today, and while


linger here

Lend me a helping hand ,at, times-give me a word of cheer. Just ehange the g:ame a little bit; just kindly swap the deeks, Fo,r I will be no judge of $owers when

I've cashed in my chgcks.


Safurdry, Mareh Znd:


MEMBERS! The regular quarterly meeting of tlre

society wi[l 'be held on Sunday, Januaffy 20th, 1946, at 3 P. M. Please attend!



in Vien ra"


Page 6


An die Mitglibder der Sterbe-Fond-

Unsete SAffige,rinnen By SUSANN,E MINNICH Hurra ! Wir Siingerinnen sind wieder an der Arbeit, um den Mitgliedern einen

genussreichen Abend zu bieten. Der 23. Md,rz t946 ist scho,n festgelegt dafiir. Das Datum ja nieht verg€,sserr.




Auf unserem Kiichenherde macht man schon g:rosse Vorbereitungen zu dem im


. . . . . . o . .Mar. 19, Nicholas Polan o . . . . . . . . . . .Apr. 30, John Liebgr,.... ... . o..... .Jul. 27, Godfried Hayn . . . . . . . . . . . . .Oct. 7, F-rank Schngider o I r . . . . . . . .Dec. 20,

Simonr Jobba . . .

l'ebruar stattfindenden Schlachtfest.


40 40 40 40 40

(t{n 1941)

Sollten Sie irgendeine Auskunft b,ezigIich der Kfiche wiinschen;' so we;ttden Sie Susanne


Conrad Bohn . . . . o . . o . . . . . .Jan. 3, 4L Peter Nuber ...... o e.......Feb. 26, 4L Anton J. Noerpel ..........Mar. 7r 4L Elva. Mayersfeld . . . . o . . . . . .Mar. 7, 4L Michael Klinghamer . ., . . . . .Apr. 3, 4L

Karl Sejkot ......o.........Jul.

20, 4L

Nicholas Stadler . . . . . . .. ., .Nov. 15, 4L

WEIHNA,CHTSF'EIER Die l;anten-Setction hatte am Sonntag, den 30. Dezember, eine recht gemiitliche Weihnachtsfeier mit Kinderbescherung und Kaffeeklatsch veranstaltet.

(in Mary Weissngr




r. . . o.

.Jan. 22,


.Iacob Grego'r . . . . . o . . . . . . . .Mar. 11, 42

. . . . . o . . . . . . .Nov. 3, 42 A. Strakey .........Dec. 5r 42 "Joseph Trotz.dem unfreundlichen Wetter o*t (in 1948)

Franz F.ollmer

gut. Die Kinder freu- Margaret Goschy ..........F-eb. Santa Rosg Sejkot . o........ o....Apr. Claus und hatten ihre Last, ihm alle ihre Jaco,b Lung ...........,....JuI. Wtinsche bekannt zu geben, d"arum z,og

cler Besuch sehr

ten sich iiber den freundlichen

sich auch die F"eier so in Ld,nge. Jedes Kind wollte auf Santa C1aus Schoss sitzen, was Lachen und Triinen absetzte. Jedes Kind bekam Ice Cream, Kuchen und Candy und die Kinder woilten wis*serl, oi: sie arn n8chsi,en Tag wieder kommen di.irften, Das l{iichenkomitee hatte aber auch ftr die Grossen geso,rgt. Es gab guten Mohn- und Nuss-Strudel und

natiirlich auch Kaffee. Das l(iichenkomitee kann auf ihre Backkunst stolz sein. F tir die Halle war ein recht grosChristbaum aufgestellt worden und der kleinere war so dekoriert wie man es in der alten Heimat gewohnt war

23, +3

30. 43



.. . . . . . . . . .. .Dgc. 4, 43 (in Lsar.) Mathias Soryr ........... o..Jan. 29, 44

Anton Edg'l


Joseph Rammacher . . . . . . . . F'eb,. -16, 44 Jacob l{utscheta ...........Jun. 6, 44 George Schraut ..........r.JuI. 23, +4 Barbara Pellgr o . o . . o . . . . . . .Oct. 30, 44

Mit bestem Vereins-Gruss JOSEIPH WOLF, Correspondierender und



mit versilberten und vergoldeten Niisse,n, tr'eigen und anderen Sachen und all d"ies ',vurde verlost und der gliickliche Gewin-

ner war Herr Hellmann. Alles freute sich, einmal rvieder ein heimatliches Weihnachtsfest unter Landsleuten verlebt ztr haben. Peter Rothsching's Orchester lieferte gute Musik.

D..I.J. KA,LENDER llnser tr'inanz-Sekretdr Mathias NoIl macht bekannt,


frm Vienna,r?



H. Deutsch-

Ungarische Jahreskarlender ftir das Jahr L946 bei ihm zu haben ist, er hat auch Zeitungsvertretung vo,m Heimatbote das Jahr 1946.

ACHTUNG! Sattrrdry, March Znd:

grand time.

IJnsere verstorbenen Mitgliede,r sert unser Griindung slnd:

Arrs det

sich an unsere Vorsitzende,


Sektion D^A,NCES In der letzten General-Versa,mmlung The Elntertainment Committee comder Sterbekasse wurde ,beschloss€'rr, bei pleted all arrangements to hold weekly eintretendem Sterbefa[ den X'inanz-Sekretd,r, Mathias Noll, 1904 N. 2. Str., z,tr dances with a Gala F'loor Show, beginverstd,ndigen. S,ollte er nicht zu Hause ning Saturday, January 26th. Michael play for dancing sein, so benachrichtigen Sie den Proto- Stumpf's Orchestra will agent will and a well-known booking koll-Sekretd,r Joseph Wolf, 2L24 AT. 4. S,tr., Reg. 5398, damit wir die nti'tigen take care of our weekly shows. Vorbereitungen treffen ktinnen. So get your famity and friends together and spend. an enjoyable evening Finanz-Bericht des Sterbe-Fonds at the Tf. G. I{. Hall. Every Saturda,y Assessments . .. . . ,. . . . .. .. .. .. .$542.00 night is going to be YOUR night. So let 173.15 o..... r,.... RgS,efVg ........... us all attend to make it a huge suecess and we are sure everybody will have one

spielte Walzer, Po,lkas und natiirlich auch die beliebten ungarisehen 'Cz,ardas i,m grossen Saal, und im Biergarten schmissige Jazz-Schlager die jtingere Gene-

ration. Unter den zahlreiche,n jungen

Lreuten waren l'iele Mitglieder, welche er:st ktlrZtich aus der Armee oder F lotte entlassen worden waren, ausserdem konnte man, noch viele in Uniform bemerken.

' Das rleue Jahr wurde seibstverstflndlich rnit 'grossem Jubel und Hallo be-

grtisst. IFnser ttichtige Prtisident Frank F

ollmer hatte vorher in einer kurzen An-



Mitgliedern, sowie


Angehiirigen und F'reunden der Vereinigten Deutsch-Ungarn ein gltickliches rrnd erfolgreiches Neujahr gewiinscht. Das Orchester spielte darauf unsere Na-

tionalhymne "The Star Spangled Ban-

ner." Dann fing

das Verg:niig€n erst

richtig an, Jung und AIt tanz,te Hand in Hand, man scherzte und kiisste sich in frtihlichem Durcheinander. Der Schreiber dieser Zeilen konnte im Stillen beo,bachten, wieviel "Wtilfe" wir eigentlich in unseren Kreisen ha,ben. Das Zuschauen wurde ihm arber doch zrt langweilig und so' schloss auch er sich den "Wtilf,ent'an..r. Nati.irlich spielte auch die Bar eine g:rosse Rolle, an der Hochbetrieb herrsch-

te. Anto,n Schmidt hatte die Hilnde voll zu tun, um die "Schecks" ftir die Durstigen zv verkaufen. Wenzel Osti, der

Wirtschaftskomitee - Vorsitzende musste

auch hinter der Bar aushelfen. Ijnser F"inanz-Sekret?ir Mat. Noll ist zehn Jahre jtinger geworde,ll. . . . Selbstverst6ndlich war unser Verwalter Mat.'F*rank nach so einem Massenbesuch gezwung"e-r1, seinen PIan, sich die Neujahrs-Parad,e anzr;sehen, bis zrlrr' nElchsten Jahr,e zu verschiebe[.,




Die regelmd,ssrge vierteljiihrliche Versammlung des .Veroins f,ndet statt anr

Sonnta$, dbn 20l ihnuar 19.46, Urq 3 Uhr


Silvester-Abend ein BombenErfolg Am Silvesterabend herrschte in allen RElumlichkeiten ein grosses GedrElnge. Peter Mueller's verstiirkte Orchester

'Bifte anwesdnd zu sein!

-<ffiB. Graf & Sons. Printeir "jlli:i#-.**'''wm.


Saturday, ,Milfoh'

rrNignifi 7n .]]tt v tentta.fl)