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—KIRCHWEIHFEST— STRONG & TRUE In two thousand eighteen I wrote, Boys, what do we have today? In two thousand sixteen we asked, why is this day so special to me? In two thousand twenty, many of the old standards, institutions, and traditions are no more a given here in America. America gave my grandparents an opportunity to belong and thrive allowing them to carry with them traditions of their old home in Europe. I wonder at times about the seeming contradiction in my family; so steeped in culture of being of German heritage and yet so proudly staunchly American first. In fact it isn’t a contradiction at all. The reason why, though comes from those grandparents. They came to the United States as people with no country. Sometimes my family in writing uses the word, “Heimatlos,” which literally translates to homeless but more accurately means “without a country.” They might have been called “Flüchtlinge,” in their native language, a word that means refugee. Unlike what we think of as refugees today, however these people and others like them committed to being wholly American, because they were guided by their past and were welcomed to do so. My Grandmom Hartmann once told me a story about her seeing the statue of liberty for the first time on the horizon as the ship came into New York Harbor. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3)

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—AN ADDRESS FROM THE PRESIDENT— Dear Members, Family & Friends!

our events. Once we learn more, we will keep everyone abreast of the calendar and event locations. It has become evident that we can make a home wherever we go and we always have a lot of fun no matter where we are. It is not the building that makes a club; it is the people! Our membership is made up of great people where each of us is unique but where a common bond is so strong. We were able to celebrate our beloved Kirchweih in September at the First German Sport Club Phoenix in their Grove. We had a full house, and we were safe, masked and properly distanced. It was a lovely affair! We will host our annual Christmas Party at the Cannstatter Volksfest Vererin on Saturday, December 5th. We will be in the largest banquet room so we may take all the necessary precautions with distancing as required. Mark your calendar so you can join us on January 30th when the dance Group will host HK night at Austrian Village where you can count on a good Schnitzel, some good HK music and good old German Hungarian fun! In closing, I hope and pray that we will see a vaccine for Covid-19 so we may get back to a normal life sooner than later.

This pandemic has surely made an impact on 2020 and has introduced new challenges for all. Whether a shift in your business, health, distancing from family and friends and the lack of socialization it has been a tough year all around. The German Hungarians have worked hard to maintain some level of social interaction with conducting Online meetings and Chat groups, Quizzo, Children’s German lessons as well as supporting local clubs and businesses as we can. As a Club, it is important to keep everyone engaged! 2020 has brought forth a very difficult year and Cindy and Joe Proll of Trifecta Sporting Club had to make some difficult decisions to say the least. As of October 25, 2020,the building and property have been sold. Bensalem Township will be taking over the land/fields and the building at 4666 Bristol Road. All of our belongings are currently in storage at a safe location. Our Auxiliary Groups are working with local clubs for dance group practice Gold Bless America & and meeting space as well as fields God Bless the German Hungarians! for our soccer teams. As we move in to 2021, we will continue to use the Janet Fricker Malofiy, President local facilities for weekly needs and

VOL 75. No. 4




Founded by TED KERECZMANN† in 1946

By Hans Wolfram Hockl (1959)

Published by the United German-Hungarians of Philadelphia and Vicinity

P.O. Box 838, Horsham, PA 19044

Editor: MICHAEL FRICKER 313 S DuPont Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19805 267.736.4390 | Circulation: LISA FRICKER | 215.500.0757

President: JANET MALOFIY 14 Sugar Maple Lane, Horsham, Pennsylvania 19044 267.718.0059 | VOLUME SEVENTY– FIVE


Saturday, March 20, 2021 BENSALEM COUNTRY CLUB 2000 BROWN AVE, BENSALEM, PA 19020


Nach altem Brauch und Väterart sind wir zu Along with ancient customs and the tradidiesem Fest geschart. tions of our forefathers we gather for this Der gute Sommer geht zu Ende, Fest. Summer has turned to fall and with wir alle rührten unsre Hände great anticipation we harvest the fruit and das Korn, die Frucht ist eingebracht. the grain which God has watched over and Von Gott behütet und bewacht. protected. Heut kehr die Freunde bei uns ein und soll in unsrer Mitte sein, drei Tage soll sie uns umglänzen bei Gläserklang und frohen Tänzen, soll uns erheitern manchen Schmaus in jeden wohlgeführten Haus.

Today we invite our friends to gather together in our midst. Let them share in our joy and join us in raising glasses and dancing happily Let them feel welcome as in any home to enjoy the sumptuous feast.

Seht hier das Strauss in meiner Hand, als Rosmarein ist es bekannt. Als unsre Ahnen hergekommen, da haben sie es mitgenommen vom rebensgrünen, stolzen Rhein, und pflantzen’s in der Wildnis ein.

See here this bouquet of Rosemary in my hand. As our ancestors left their home and traveled to foreign lands they brought it with them. Taken from the lush green grapevines of the mighty Rhine, transplanted into the wilderness.

Drum soll die Blume, rein und zart, behütet sein nach Väterart, drum wollen wir getreulich warten dies Strauss auch in des Ärmsten Garten, und jeder Zweig, auch noch so klein, soll un sein Gruß der Heimat sein.

That is why this precious flower needs shelter and care as in the days of old. Why we will faithfully wait, even on plants from the smallest gardens. And why every branch even the tiniest reminds us of our homeland

Und wenn das Fest zu Ende geht, der Winter vor der Türe steht, wenn Feld und Flur in Frost erstarren--, laßt uns wie dieses Zweiglein harren, den schön und fein und wunderbar wird’s blühen auch Im nächsten Jahr.

Black Tie Preferred Price $80.00 per person


—2020 KIRCHWEIHFEST— —Thank You—

Reservations - Seating Limited to Venue Capacity ~ Reservations Confirmed with Payment

To the Cultural Group To the Executive Board, Board of Governors, & Chairmen

Contact: Nichole Blank Deely at or 215-806-1998

To Die Heimatklaenge Orchestra To The Phoenix Sport Club & their Staff And All German-Hungarians Past, Present, & Future Women (Front to Back): Nichole Deely, Chrissy Martini, Michelle Paul, Kristen Reiter, Karina Fricker, Mikaela Malofiy, Sofi Walter, & Allysa Reiter . Men (Front to Back): Chris Deely, Jason Noel, Sasha Malofiy, Bob Walter, Chris Matico, Werner Fricker III, Jake Hubert, Stevie Paul,. Michael Fric ker



VOL 75. No. 4



—STRONG & TRUE— (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) She said that was the first time in their journey they were sure they would be okay; that they were safe. A generation of Americans like me with grandparents like mine were taught to remember who you are and where you came from, but embrace the country that made you a promise of freedom. That is the biggest lesson of my grandparent’s stories. No tradition we still hold today holds as much meaning that builds more memories each year than the colorful, beautiful, and joyous Kirchweihfest! Despite the uncertainty of 2020, the words written about our GermanHungarian Kirchweihfest in 2018, 2016, or many other years past still hold strong and true. In fact, those old truths now form the foundation for the future. This year I am excited to share the tradition of our Kirchweihfest with a new generation in my son Michael K Fricker, and my cousin Kurt Alexander Blank. So in this year two thousand twenty, we won’t ask a question like we did in years past. This year is about sharing, reflecting, and celebrating with a new generation that also includes Joseph Galgon, Liam Andrew Karasow, and all their young friends, what it means to be free Americans guided by our heritage, our past, and aimed proudly towards a successful future. Michael



VOL 75. No. 4



Today we say goodbye to a place we called home. The United German Hungarian Club, as this building was known. Many of us have been here since the day we were born. But as we move on, we shall not mourn. The United German Hungarians are a family not defined by a place, It is each one of us that completes this family and not this space. So we thank God and asked him to bless this family as we move on from this site. Three cheers to the United German Hungarians, and to a future that is bright. Joe Reiter, October 20, 2020

—ATTENTION— All Former Dance Group Members! The United German Hungarian Schuhplattler Group is in search of any German Attire/Trachten outfits that retired dance group members have and are no longer using! Please consider donating any of your "Trachten wear" back to the club to be repurposed for the current and future dancers to use for generations to come! We are accepting Dirndls, Lederhosen, Women's Meters and Spencers, Kirchweih Skirts, shawls, hats, black vests, or any Trachten jewelry/accessories, etc. for any age (kids to adult). Please, if you have any German attire that is collecting dust in your closet, we will gladly take it off your hands! Contact Sofi Walter, the dance groups Trachtenmutter, at 609-6104815 or email her at to arrange a pick up or drop off of any clothing. Thank you!

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