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Monthly Digest May 2012

a summary of what is happening in the world JB-wise

Active Citizenship & Reclaiming your City, by Anjo Peez-Zvetina Go East! 2012 in Berlin - Sustainable Urban Living Our goal for Go East! 2012 was to offer a long, content-oriented weekend for the juniors of Central Eastern Neighborhood. The 5-day workshop included a session by guestspeakers from an NGO focusing on water supply in developing countries and an excursion to Berlin to discover modes of alternative and sustainable urban living. The controversy of gentrification in certain districts of Berlin and the street art/graffiti motto "Reclaim your city" were two of the main themes of our tour. Thoughts on how we experience urban spaces, accessibility and contribution to cities by senior citizens, public transportation and organic foods in cities were exchanged by the participants from 8 countries. We discovered that 'sustainable urban living' is a theme that shows the complexity of the 'sustainable development' content area and that it is not only about recycling and reducing carbon emissions.

MEET THE IJB TEAM “My little sister is 8 years younger but already more mature and responsible that i will ever be�


STEFAN Knowledge Managment / EJB Team

ARM Team and Inside Out unite! Being in complete support of cool projects, our beloved ARM Team has united with the Inside Out Team to support the making of this project in the Americas. If you are part of the region and interested in doing this project in your community, you can apply for funding specially for this! All you have to do is contact your NJRs so they can send the application for “Inside Out Project” as soon as possible. For more information, you can get in touch with the IOP Coordinator for the Americas at Not from the region but still interested? Contact your NJRs and/or Regional Teams, they will know how to help you! You can also send an e-mail to for any questions or comments on the project. And check out this talk for a little inspiration!

“I once made out with a giraffe” “I’m terribly terribly scared of frogs and butterflies”

Are you up to the Challenge? JB Australia challenges France and USA Two words: Fluffy Bunny. Check out their super gross-but-awesome video here.

Keep the challenges coming!

ANA ARM Team / Regions

NICK Websites

We need YOU! As you may know, the IJB Team and the Websites group are currently working very hard on cleaning our lovely JB Pedia. It is a lot of work and we are looking for more hands! It’s pretty simple stuff, so anyone can join our task force! If you are interested and want to know how you can help out please contact them at Also, if you are into more complicated stuff and know something about UNIX and MySQL (or know somebody who does) we will ADORE you if you give us a hand!

Music for Peace Have you seen how awesome this is? This incredible group was made by a CISVer for CISVers. Every day, a new song is posted for a little inspiration and happy memories. You can also go to a list with every single song ever posted, SO COOL!

“I know how to knit and crochet”

“I have partial hetrochromia - my eyes are different colours!”

If you haven’t checked it out, DO IT! Click here and stay tuned for more Music for Peace.

Coming Soon!

What’s happening in your JB? Email us at


Do you know the IJR candidates? The “Unofficial” Questionnaire (part 1) What’s your favorite food?


Teletransportation. We all dream with one some time. I think I would make good use of it by traveling for free anywhere I would like to, spending more time near my family in Buenos Aires (I'm leaving abroad now) and visiting my boyfriend more often. Money is a bitch.

Milanesas with french fries. Yummyyyy

Nasi Goreng.

If you could chose and have one superpower, which one would it be and why?


The ability to fly. I guess flying is just freedom in its purest form.

2-3 times a day on Bali and still not enough of it.

So yes, flying. I like all kinds of food but specially codfish. Ooh and some good italian pasta!

Food that either I make or a friend makes. Lately I've been baking a lot of bread, and my favorite is any kind of raisin & nut bread


I would love to be able to read people’s minds, since it would give me power of manipulation mwahaha


At dance parties anyone within 5 meters of me would be physically capable of doing any dance move they could imagine. For example, if you wanted to do a backflip, moonwalk, or do the splits, then you would be able to if I were nearby.  Also, my power would not directly affect me.  I could only do moves that other people imagined.

Monthly Digest - May 2012  
Monthly Digest - May 2012  

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