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Monthly Digest April 2012

a summary of what is happening in the world JB-wise

JASPARC 2012, Written by Sam Lim JASPARC this year was unforgettable. We, as a region, had the opportunity to come up with a video challenge to the other regions. Apart from that, we got to discuss so many useful strategies in strengthening our own JBs this year. We outlined specific action plans to take, and we even noted what we needed to check back on again for JASPARC next year in Lucknow, India. In our zoom-outs, everyone had an opportunity to speak their mind about what happened at the end of each day. These mini sharing sessions made everyone, including myself, feel more motivated to strengthen all our own JBs. In fact, I was so motivated that I didn't turn down being nominated as a new member of the team! Now I'm extremely thankful for all that JASPARC has taught me and how it is prompting me to grow even more with the new responsibilities I now have. I can't wait till next year. I'm sure it'll be just as inspiring and crazy as this one!

MEET THE IJB TEAM I say the word “Habibi” A LOT. It means “my friend” in Arabic


Sam / Rowan / Elyse / Sofia

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EJBM 2012 Between the 3rd and 8th of April over 100 JBers came together a few hours outside Brussels, Belgium for the European Junior Branch Team Meeting. During this week a great number of trainings, workshops and sessions were held and the highlights include:    - Introduction and development of the international theme - sustainable development - Some time was spent working within neighbourhoods. Goals and strategies were developed along with - some cool projects.      - Countries had the chance to plan for the next two years, and evaluate their previous years work. - We had guest speakers from the European Youth Forum and the European Voluntary Service that - really got us motivated to cooperate - 'The Day': an open space afternoon where participants could work on and devlier session any subject - that interested them. A number of new projects came from this time including 'Med Nights', a new - workshop for the Med neighbourhood.      - We also accepted APJB's challenge - check it out here

I live in France but I don't speak French. I'm studying at HEC Paris but I live far away from Paris.

I did 2 seminars! and I've been to 4 AIMs

At EJBM the old team members stepped down and we have 2 brand new members! We would like to give a huge thanks to Ale and Francisco for all their hard work at team members and welcome Stefan and Kiki to the team. We would also like to thank all the candidates for running and Belgium for being amazing hosts! In 2013 EJBM will be hosted in Poland - see you all there!


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JUMP! By Kathrin Mangelsen Dear active global citizens, I would like to introduce to you the BIG JUMP CHALLENGE! It is a campaign which started a few years ago and that has been a great success. So, what is this Big Jump about? Many people take our lakes and rivers for granted and pollute them without thinking about the consequences. Well, one of the consequences is that we cannot jump into our waters without a care - many times it’s even prohibited to bathe. Many people around the world drink the water from lakes and rivers and wash their clothes in it, which is dangerous and very unhygienic. But we can do something about that! What you can do is get your JBers and write a letter to your local water authority, asking what the water quality is like in your lake or river, jump into the water on a specific date with your JB group and take some pictures! JB Germany will participate in this campaign for the first time and we can’t wait to jump! You will find more information in the next issue of JB Thinks. If you have questions, write an email to: Lots of love from the river Elbe, Kathrin (JB Hamburg)

JB Pedia Curiosities

I can solve the Rubik's Cube in less than a minute, my record is 32 seconds flat!

My last names in spanish mean: of the Valley of Spain.... Seriously, how lame is THAT?!

•This month the top countries that visited JB Pedia were United States, Brazil and Canada •We had 220 visits from 43 countries/territories •152 visitors were new visitors!! We hope you enjoy our beloved JB Pedia! •The average time spent on JB Pedia is 52 seconds •The cities that visited JB Pedia the most were Jakarta and Jacksonville

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Monthly Digest - April 2012  
Monthly Digest - April 2012  

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