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We Bees Poison-Free Lawn Care


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Summer Art and Nature Camp for 3-9 year olds

ART • DANCE • MUSIC • NATURE EXPLORATION Full Day 9 a.m.-3 p.m. or Half-Day 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Options - Monday through Friday


346 Gallatin Park Drive, Bozeman (406) 579-7692

www.creativeartspreschool.org :: calendars, blog & more @ MTPARENT.COM ::

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BOzeman FARMERS’ MARKET Tuesdays, 5-8 p.m.


June 21 September 13, 2022 June 7-September 27, 2015 East Side Tuesdays, of Lindley Park in Bozeman 5-8pm

Bogert Produce. Park’s Pavilion, South Church Avenue, & Bozeman Fresh Food. Art. Music More Fresh Produce. Food Vendors. Arts. Family Activities & Live Music

Volunteer, Sponsor and Vendor Info: bozemanfarmersmarket@gmail.com Volunteer, Sponsor or vendor info: bogertfarmersmarket.org

Life’s a garden…dig it!


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camp equinox! ov! Acting! Comedy Impr ywriting! Musical Theater! Pla


Puppetr y! Mask Making ! Shakespeare !

Main Camp: “Minispots” Program:

Entering Grades 3-8 M-F 8:30-3:30

Entering Grades 1 & 2 M-F 8:30-Noon r! ur 27th Yea

In O

“The only way I can explain it is this is my Hogwarts. You kno found it and he didn w when Harry ’t want to ever leav e? Like that.” — from a camper

ssions Double Se ! b Availa le

Session I:

June 13 - July 7, 2022 Session II:

July 18 - Aug. 11, 2022 Please visit our website or call for brochure.

www.campequinox.com 406-522-7623 “This is our second year and we’re more impressed than ever. You create a living, breathing cocoon of creativity. The way Camp develops self-esteem, confidence, social skills and fun is miraculous in our eyes!”

Held at Bozeman Summit School — 3001 West Villard Street The theater camp is being presented by Camp Equinox. Bozeman Summit School serves only as the venue for the event and is not responsible for any content of any part of the event or programming.

p m a C Un at


Making epic messes and awesome memories.

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3:30 - 5:30 pm!




SENSE OF PLACE (sens ev plees) noun 1. A bond or attachment felt towards a familiar place. Cultivated through experiences that lead to meaning, memories, and feelings about the place. Often becoming part of one’s identity.

Inspiring a love for the outdoors since 1994.

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Where to begin with the sports issue… I was an athlete growing up. I cheered, rode horses, played softball, swam, figure skated and more. When I eventually settled into a path to Olympic training in figure skating, my sport literally consumed our lives. Travel to competitions, early morning practice in town, practices at the development facility over an hour away from home multiple times a week… and the money. Coaches, costumes, music, competition fees, travel fees, rink fees, custom skates and this list goes on.

Every mother is unique— so is every delivery. While our job is to ensure you have a healthy delivery, we want to do it your way. Let our team of experts provide you with award-winning care at our BabyFriendly® birth center. Make an appointment today! Call 406.222.3541 or visit LivingstonHealthCare.org


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My little sister HATED sports. Our mom put her in everything, and she just loathed it. She wanted to sit at the kitchen table with mom and do pottery, color, latch hook, sew, scrapbook…anything but sports. Our dad’s classic comment was, “That Tracy…. the only thing she never quit was arts and crafts.” Not surprisingly she became a teacher and makes stellar PowerPoint and spreadsheet presentations. When adults would meet us, they would say, “Oh, you must be the figure skater, and you must be Tracy.” No insult was intended, but those words stung for Tracy. With no one to babysit her, my little sister made all the trips to the rink for practice, including the ones over an hour away. She went to all the competitions; my life became her life – but one from the sidelines. And I was not the best big sister. Correction: I was terrible. While I should have thanked her for being my number-one fan, I shoved her aside. Again, terrible.



Tracy grew up, found her way, found her passions and we made peace. Thankfully. Although I did my penance in the form of many years of apologizing. Point being, not all kids are athletes. Not all kids like sports. Ironically enough, both of Tracy’s kids are amazingly successful athletes… and she is a great sports mom. Her daughter, Claudia (age 17), is a competitive cheerleader and two-time American Youth Cheer National champion, U.S. Finals All Star Cheer champion and UCA All Star champion. She also qualified and earned a bid to compete not once, but twice, at The Summit Varsity All Star National Championships, one of the biggest, most prestigious cheer competitions in the world. Colin, her son (age 14), is a baseball player. After winning several little league championships, he moved up to the Babe Ruth Division where his 14U team won the Connecticut State Championships, New England Regionals and went on to take second place in the Babe Ruth World Series in 2021. Whether you are the athlete, the parent, a sibling or whatever, please remember that being the one on the sidelines can be an unforgiving position. Celebrate the sacrifices everyone makes – supporters and athletes alike. I know I have apologized, and I have thanked her. But once again Tracy – thanks for being my ride-or-die car buddy, my fan and my sister. Most important, thanks for being short enough to always get through the crowd to read the score sheets first. I love you. And your kids are absolute Rock Stars!

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register today online at

www.yaacamp.org DAY CAMPS

YAA CAMP l 2022

1st & 2nd Grade 6/20-6/24 3rd & 4th Grade 6/27-7/1 “Fire” Day Camp 7/11-7/15 “Water” Day Camp 7/18-7/22


Senior High 6/12-6/17 Trailblazer 6/19-6/24 Pioneer 6/26-7/1 Rookie 7/5-7/8 Boys & Girls Base Camp 7/5-7/8 Archery Camp 7/5-7/8 Explorer 1 – 7/10-7/15 Explorer 2 – 7/17-7/22 Outbound Adventure 7/25-7/30

FAMILY CAMP • Labor Day 9/2-9/5 YAA is permitted for outfitting and guiding in the Gallatin National Forest.

KIDS YOGA SUMMER CAMPS watch your child enjoy time outside, with friends, building confidence, body awareness, strength + learning new relaxation techniques

Bonus !N KIDS ow offering BIRTH DAY PART IES!

www.OURYOGAFAMILY.com | 406.209.9954 14

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prenatal. postpartum. baby. kids.

When Charlotte a.k.a. (Lottie) and Sophia Singleton were just 8 and 10 years old they had the crazy idea that they could make the Olympic Team in a sport that did not have much of a presence in Montana: Karate. .......................................... Read the story on page 25



Youth sports are serious these days and we can help you navigate the channels of participation for your family in southwest Montana.

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s t r o Sp

Bozeman Barracudas 2022 State Champions After five years, the Montana State Short Course Swim Championship trophies are back in Bozeman, all three of them: Men’s, Women’s and Combined. The story began last summer as the Barracudas team, stinging from a close loss, watched another team jump into “their” hometown pool, screaming and celebrating their win. The look on the Cudas faces said it all. The swimmers told the coaches ‘We do not want to experience this again, ‘We want to win state next year.’” But was it realistic to challenge a team from another city that had dominated the state for years, and which had just started a branch location in their pool? Could the Barracudas win? They had a season to find out...and in February of 2022, they found themselves at the state meet in Butte with a powerful squad of swimmers ages 10 and under for timed-final races sandwiched between intense morning prelims and evening finals races for ages 11 and up in the Challenge and Senior groups.


april 2022

Head Coach Hans Dersch shares some moments from the state meet: “It’s Thursday, Cuda swimmers are counting laps for kids from other teams who don’t have a counter for the 1,000 freestyle... and they’re cheering for their competitors. It’s Friday, only a few swims in and it’s clear that we are ready. Personal bests fall again and again, new cuts, team records, state records... It’s Saturday, and I see Cudas shaking hands, highfiving and saying, ‘good luck,’ and ‘good race,’ to the kids next to them, win or lose. They are saying, ‘Thank you,’ to timers and officials, showing that Cuda class. In the Butte YMCA natatorium our swimmers set up camp on the little peninsula that juts out into the splash pool. During finals, senior and resident math expert, Aeden DeGraw, is charting out team scores. Swimmers gather around him, trying not to get too excited. It’s Sunday night at the team meeting before finals. Captain Cami Yovich breaks out a new cheer. Arms entwined, the Cudas form a circle:

‘I. I believe, I believe that… I believe that we… I believe that we can… I believe that we can win, I BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WIN. I BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WIN. I BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WIN!’

Experienced midwifery for the birth and care you desire.

In that moment, we knew. And the whole building knew. Swimmers show grit and determination, refusing to back down despite a few not feeling well as the overwhelmed pool begins to affect air quality. The Y shakes with the fury of finals freestyle relays, and then becomes almost silent as distant teams hurry out for the long drive home.






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We gather behind the blocks, waiting for the announcer to speak the words we all know were coming, but we had to hear to it make it true. ‘In first place, your new State Champions…the Bozeman Barracudas!’ And it is OUR turn to jump into the pool and scream and cheer, and allow ourselves to celebrate this moment of utter joy and relief, and triumph and sweet sorrow because for some, this was their last race. And because Jack Moser, a Barracuda senior swimmer who tragically died in a motor vehicle accident in the fall of 2021 was also with us too, and no one had to say it.” The Bozeman Barracudas are a family, and a family who celebrates all. Two Barracuda swimmers recently signed Letters of Intent to swim at the collegiate level. Annika Mittelsteadt will be swimming at Chapman University in Orange, California and Cami Yovich will be swimming at Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey. For more information about the State Championship Bozeman Barracuda Swim Club, you can contact Team Manager and Lead Senior Coach Lisa Patchin at coachlisa@ bozemanbarracudas.org or Head Coach Hans Dersch at coachhans@bozemanbarracudas. org.

Learn to fly! Summer Camps - Aerial Fitness Aerial Yoga - Mama & Me Birthday Parties-Private Lessons Kids - Teens & Adults Registration online at MountainAirDance.org

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s t r o Sp

As a society, we have tended to stereotype activities and the characteristics of those who participate in them. Football players are tough and strong, i.e. male. But of course, we all know that females exude toughness (just ask any mother that has given birth). Ballet dancers are graceful and light, meaning female, which also could not be further from the truth. The truth is that it takes many, many different skills to be successful in any sport or venture. Instead of getting caught up with the way society has viewed the sport your child wants to play, educate yourself as to what it actually takes to be successful, both physically and mentally, and what your child can learn from participating: strength, flexibility, discipline, fortitude, toughness, endurance, etc.

How are we talking to our children?

Socializing Gender in Sports What to do when your child is the only gender in their activity? WRITTEN BY SUSAN GARTELL

When I was in the fifth grade, each student in my school had to select an instrument to play and then be assigned to either band or orchestra. I had recently gone to my older sister’s band concert where two trumpets played the national anthem and I was in awe. I decided I wanted to play the trumpet. When it came time to tell my teachers, I was told, “Girls don’t play the trumpet. Girls either play the flute or the clarinet.” And without saying a word of this to my parents (as I’m sure they would have been furious), and wanting to fit in, I told them I would play the clarinet. This was over 20 years ago…and things have gotten better, but gender and gender roles still play a significant role in the activities we and our children are “allowed” to do. As a former professional ballerina and the current Ballet Mistress and Academy Director for Montana Ballet Company, I am always thinking about gender and inclusion. It is important not to classify characteristics as gendered when supporting our children to venture into new territory. Of course, it is only natural to be protective because it can be scary to be the “first” or “only” of anything. But this is how progress is made, and supporting your child in their new interests and passions not only builds their character (and yours), but it lets others, who may not have otherwise, see themselves doing that same thing. 18

april 2022

Sometimes, especially when we are tired, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns. When I am teaching very young dancers, around 2 and 3 years old, it can be easy for me to do exactly what I am preaching against…stereotype ballet into clear, simple and often gendered boxes. “Time to do our princess walks,” I say, when really the step has nothing to do with princesses. Or “Let’s all be mermaids,” when I simply want the dancers to keep their legs together behind them. And finally, “Pretend you’re wearing a necklace.” This is the lazy version of describing how it’s important to keep our chests up while we are dancing. It can be really easy to simply follow the path of least resistance, but it doesn’t mean it’s the correct path. Not only does changing the way I talk to students help create a more equitable environment, but it also requires me to be more creative and better prepared, which ultimately, makes me a better teacher. This type of language goes far beyond ballet and is so commonplace in our everyday lives we often don’t notice.

Some examples:

Ç “Man up” i.e., “Do the right thing.” Ç “They have some balls” i.e., “Wow, that was super brave.”

Ç “You play like a girl” i.e., “You aren’t good at this.”

How we speak to our children goes beyond political correctness, because language does matter and is well worth the small investment of time it takes to rethink how we speak to our kids. If you hear this language from your child’s coach, teachers, mentors, etc. you are allowed to respectfully bring this to their attention. Most people are not trying to alienate or belittle others, and if their intentions are good, they will welcome the feedback.

How to Support Your child?

There is no simple answer other than to encourage and support your child in whatever sport or activity they show interest in, even if they are the only one of their sex or gender, and even if it’s not your first choice. Most of us understand that only a very small percentage of children will ever reach a professional level and that it is the experience, the act of participation itself, that is the most rewarding in the long run. So why do we limit what types of activities are acceptable?

Spring and NEW CAMP THIS SUMMER Summer CampS

Encourage your child’s interest. Show up to their sporting events if at all possible. Educate yourself on the sport.

Ç Invite your child’s friends to join them. There can be safety in numbers.

Ç Stop using gender language to describe

things that are human characteristics. Gently and respectfully ask those around you to do the same.

Ç Remember, sports are supposed to build

character, self-esteem, community, physical strength and agility. Take pride in your child’s courage to participate.

Ç Check in with your kiddo. Ask how they are doing. Listen.

Ç Be patient. Your child might be the first, but they likely won’t be the last. Change happens gradually, but usually, once barriers are broken others follow.

Susan Gartell is a former professional ballerina and the current Ballet Mistress and Academy Director for Montana Ballet Company. Resources:

Ç For resources of gender-neutral language try the following:

Ç https://www.un.org/en/gender-inclusive-language/ guidelines.shtml

Ç https://writingcenter.unc.edu/tips-and-tools/genderinclusive-language/

Females in Male-Dominated Sports

Ç https://cronkitenews.azpbs.org/2021/06/08/daughter-


Ç https://www.playbytherules.net.au/got-an-issue/girlsplaying-in-boys-teams

Further Reading

Ç https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20201006-aresome-languages-more-sexist-than-others

Ç https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2019/12/15/ guide-how-gender-neutral-language-is-developingaround-world/

Ç https://www.abc.net.au/education/learn-english/

All StAr SportS CAmp Ages 7 - 12 5 day camp $350.00 or 2 for $500 June - August 8am - 430pm Great introduction to sports and athletic training!

World Class karate instruction right here in Bozeman Ages 6+ Our Camps Build • Focus • Confidence • Athletic Coordination

Campers Experience • Fun & Challenging Campers will play a NEW sport Activities every day! • A safe environment • Setting goals & achieving them advanCed/elite

varSity Camp

Ages 12-17 Speed/Agility Camp Strength/Power Camp $599 unlimited days June-August 3 hour day camps Mon-Fri

Camps start June 13 Full Day 9am - 3pm or Half Day 9am - 12pm All campers receive a FREE karate uniform!

Register now

parisibozeman@gmail.com montanakarateacademy@gmail.com or call 406-312-5751 (Parisi) or 406-624-2900 (MKA) 31842 Frontage Rd Bozeman, MT 59715


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s t r o Sp

An Open Letter to


I remember it like it was yesterday. We were playing in a sixth-grade basketball tournament and a few of the opposing team’s fans didn’t like the way the referee was calling the game. I watched as they moved down closer so the ref could hear every word. The ref eventually had enough and walked off the floor. Just like that, the game was over. Talk about not appreciating what you have until it’s gone. The funny thing is, not one of those angry fans stepped up to fill his place so the game could continue. Why? Because it’s a hard job. It’s a thankless job. It takes time. And in the end, someone is always upset with the calls you made. We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t judge a man before you walk a mile in his shoes.” It’s natural to think we could do better. The calls seem obvious. But until you’ve actually coached or refereed a game, you really can’t understand how difficult it is. As for that sixth-grade game, we all learned a couple of lessons that day. First, we need referees, umpires and officials if we want to play the sports we love. Second, refs are only human. Just as athletes make mistakes playing the game, so do referees. Many people may not realize that most referees, especially in youth sports, are simply volunteers. And if they do get paid, it’s very little. Growing up with a father who was a coach and a referee, I saw instances where spectators ruined the experience for everyone involved. In the bigger picture, sports are a learning platform for real life. They teach teamwork, communication skills and work ethic. They can also be our first experience with the fact that not everything is going to go our way. Our kids are always watching and I’m not sure yelling at the ref for every call we question sends the right message. Don’t get me wrong, here. I’m all for working hard, holding kids accountable, reaching goals and helping kids see the value of dedication to the sport they love. But there’s a shortage of officials for a reason. Let’s not be one more reason. So, the next time you come across a referee or an official, try trading those insults for a thank you or a handshake so we can continue to enjoy the sports we love. Lori Jo Berg is a Montana Native, mother of three and freelance writer who enjoys writing about the tougher side of life and connecting with her audience on a deeper level.


april 2022

s t r o Sp

Biathlon at Crosscut WRITTEN BY SETH HUBBARD

This past winter, many families watched both the Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing with a mix of wonder and inspiration as athletes at the top of their game showed the entire world what is possible. The sport of biathlon is a particularly astounding mix of Nordic skiing and shooting that requires not only endurance, but also familiarity with guns and impressive breath control for accuracy. Crosscut Mountain Sports Center is proud to host a newly completed world-class biathlon stadium as well as world-renown coaches to help youth, elite and master athletes reach their personal goals…whether they are just starting out or aiming for the Olympics. Paul Schommer is a Crosscut Mountain Sports Center athlete who competed at the Olympics in Beijing and, like many of the top biathletes from the USA, he didn’t grow up with many opportunities to learn and practice biathlon. Paul picked up the sport as an adult and now trains alongside kids and adults just getting into the sport on Crosscut’s trails. Crosscut’s youth biathlon team aims to provide children as young as 10 with the opportunity to learn and train in the sport of biathlon. Not every kiddo has Olympic or Paralympic aspirations or ability, of course. That’s why Crosscut’s biathlon program focuses on the fun, team-building and character-building aspects of the sport, not just athletic aptitude. This summer Crosscut is hosting a handful of dryland training camps to give interested kids exposure to the sport without the added element of sliding on skis. Weapon handling and shooting techniques are not often practiced due to limited facilities across the nation. Crosscut’s new facility allows them to provide Montana’s youth with a safe, supportive environment to give biathlon a try. Adults can also get in on the fun. Community clinics, novice races and Crosscut’s masters’ biathlon program provide adults opportunities to dip their toes into biathlon with the support of an experienced coaching staff. This past winter, Crosscut also kicked off a private biathlon lesson program which provides a customized, personal experience with this unique sport. For more information about biathlon, mountain biking, summer youth camps and more, visit www.crosscutmt.org. Seth Hubbard is the Program Director and Head Coach of Crosscut Mountain Sports Center’s Biathlon Program.

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s t r o Sp How to Talk to Your Kids About Sports:


Youth sports can feel like a roller coaster of emotions for both kids and parents. For young children who are just learning to regulate and communicate their feelings, the highs and lows of competition can be tricky to navigate but also offer priceless opportunities for emotional development.

Give your kids the words to express their joy or frustration. Winning and losing are opportunities to acknowledge feelings and learn to communicate them. Practice at home. Examples might be “I am sad about losing but I know it was just a game,” or “I feel proud of myself for playing hard even though I was tired.”

How can we, as parents, take advantage of these opportunities? Montana Surf Soccer Club’s Academy Director, Joel Harris, recommends that parents develop a game plan for talking to their kids. “At the beginning of the season, coaches set goals with athletes and discuss the steps we will take to reach them. You can make a game plan with your kids, too. Have a conversation with your child about how you can best support them throughout the season. Find out what they need from you and use that as your guide.”

Ask your child what they need from you after a game. Work together to make a post-game plan. Families with older kids might decide that a post-game text message from child to parent works well. The child might say “I don’t want to talk about it,” or “Let’s celebrate,” giving parents a clear cue about what to do next. Other families might have a standard open-ended question like “How did your game feel today?” Some might have a different procedure for wins than for losses.


Start with a conversation about the purpose of sports and why your child loves to play. What is their goal? Is it winning or is it having fun with friends, being outside and increasing their physical fitness? Less than 10% of youth athletes go on to play a sport in college and fewer than 2% of college athletes go on to a professional team. Most kids are participating in sports because it is fun. Once you establish your child’s purpose, you will be able to honor it throughout the season. Paige Taylor, a Licensed Clinical Professional Therapist and mom of three competitive athletes, recommends focusing on the emotional development and benefit of sports with kids as opposed to winning and losing.


april 2022

Taylor takes a different approach with each of her three children. “Our oldest child tends to hold on to her performance and judge herself harshly in an internal way. We give her space and do not talk with her right away so she can reframe her view of the game. Our middle son wears his heart on his sleeve and things are either amazing or terrible. With him, we have learned to engage with him right after the game, listen to his view and then help him reframe the outcome. Our youngest son is incredibly optimistic and is still “undefeated” in his mind. With him, we tend to move his focus away from the outcome of the game toward a moment where he worked his hardest, or a moment he was most proud of.”


Take cues from your kid and let them lead the conversation. Leave feedback and analysis to the coaches, and help your child by being a supportive listener. Don’t make assumptions about how your athlete is feeling. Sometimes athletes feel great about a loss because they were challenged and played better than they ever have. A win could feel disappointing to an athlete who missed a goal or who was left out of a play.


What’s the best thing to say when your kid tells you they played terribly? Coach Harris advises parents not to react or to immediately respond with “You played so well.” Instead ask, “Why do you say that?” or “Why do you feel that way?” If your child wants to talk about what they could do better next time, focus on factors that are under their control. More sleep, eating healthy foods before the game, putting in their best effort and maintaining a positive attitude are all things they can control. Put the focus on sportsmanship. “If our kids have heard one thing over and over from us,” Taylor said, “it is us highlighting the moments where they showed great sportsmanship or grace. We have tried to teach them that in order to be a good winner, you must learn how to lose well. A win not achieved with your character intact is a hollow win.” Encourage your child to always end on a high note. Make it a practice to leave each game with two positive takeaways. “I gave all of my effort and I was a good teammate.” “The most important thing we can do for a young athlete is encourage a love of the game,” says Coach Harris. “In my experience, players need only hear about a simple moment of success in a game, this acknowledgement of effort and execution at the smallest level is often enough to make the whole experience worth it. The most important thing to tell your player is ‘I love watching you play!’” Cate Wright is a mother of two, volunteer and member of the Montana Surf/Blitzz FC Board of Directors. Her work with the Montana Surf Annual Fund is focused on ensuring that all children have access to the mental and physical benefits of sports, regardless of income.





Call us at (406) 586-1737 to find out more about our great Ridge Kids programs! 4181 Fallon St., Bozeman, MT 59718 (406) 586-1737 • ridgeathletic.com

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s t r o Sp

Flag Football The Gallatin Valley YMCA offers a variety of programs for school-age children. From swim lessons and summer camp to basketball and flag football, the Y offers programs that encourage youth in the community to be active, connect with friends and learn new things.

Planning local trips and beyond. Let me help craft your next experience. Designed to save you time and money.

One of the Y’s most popular programs is youth flag football, which has been locally operated in the Gallatin Valley for more than 10 years. Youth flag football is a coed league offered during spring and fall, serving more than 500 kids in grades kindergarten through fifth. This is an NFLFlag Partnered program, which provides access to top-quality gear, including NFL flag jerseys resembling real NFL team jerseys, that participating kids get to keep even after the season is finished. A flag football rookies’ clinic for kids ages 3 to 5 is also available. This clinic begins teaching the fundamentals of flag football and socialization. Many kids in the community start in the rookies’ program and go on to play together from kindergarten through fifth grade on the same team with the same coach, growing up together and building a strong bond through the YMCA. The Gallatin Valley YMCA’s youth flag football program also creates a bond between parents on the sidelines, volunteer coaches, sponsors that help support the league and, of course, the teams that learn play, and grow together. The hope is to continue to grow the program to offer it to even more people in the Gallatin Valley. Join the Y this spring for yet another amazing, fun-filled flag football season where your child will grow physically, socially and emotionally. Early registration for the fall season opens this month.

Call or email to book today!

Christina Dear



The Gallatin Valley YMCA never turns anyone away for inability to pay. Scholarships and financial aid are available, meaning all children can play regardless of their family’s financial situation. Every child is welcome in the Y flag football league and receives equal opportunity and playing time regardless of skill level and experience. Thanks to a dedicated sports staff and essential volunteer coaches, all players have the ability to grow within the sport, are provided valuable social opportunities and learn to be a part of the team. The Y strives to match players with their friends, school zone and preferred coach to create teams that best meet the needs of players and their families. Coaches are encouraged to schedule practices close to the school of their players, which often means kids practice in parks close to home. When you sign your child up YMCA flag football league, you are supporting the local and community-based YMCA.


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After spending 2020 training three hours a day, seven days a week and getting private Zoom trainings, they felt they could make Team USA. The girls skipped three divisions and entered the elite category in 2021. Lottie, now 12 years old, entered the elite division and swept the tournament. She won the 2021 National Championships and Team Trials without giving up a single point. Sophia, now 15, only gave up one point and both sisters secured spots on Team USA.


Olympic Dreams

for Nationally Ranked Karate Champ and Bozeman Local In the sport of karate, the road to the Olympics is narrow and long, with less than .2% of athletes achieving that dream. Held every four years, the Youth Olympic Games in combat sports for ages 17 to 19 will next take place in Dakar, Africa in 2026. To make Team USA, you must win USA Team Trials; to be an elite athlete, you must also have the top world ranking based on international tournaments in your country. They say less than 1% of athletes make Team USA, and less than 1% of that group will make the Olympic team. So, it’s a narrow road for sure. When Charlotte a.k.a. (Lottie) and Sophia Singleton were just 8 and 10 years old they had the crazy idea that they could make the Olympic Team in a sport that did not have much of a presence in Montana. Karate. The girls began by watching and studying training on YouTube and other online platforms. By ages 9 and 11, Lottie and Sophia were competing around the country. With no coach, no gym and no formal training, the two sisters began winning almost every tournament they entered. Lottie was named Sports Illustrated athlete of the month at age 10 after completing a 62-2 season and winning the 2019 national champion title. Sophia, age 12, also won her division and finished a national champion.

Sensei Driss El Mannani with the Singleton family athletes, from youngest to oldest Louisa (8), Georgiana (10), Charlotte (12), Sophia (15) and Vivian (17)

Lottie has been ranked number one in the U.S. for two years in a row and proven herself on several international stages as one of the best in the world. She has been selected as the number one prospect in the USA female category for the 2026 Olympics in Dakar, Africa. She now finds herself in a position that is unbelievable to most. With three-and-a-half years to build and prepare, Lottie also has four tournaments a year she must compete in to keep her world ranking: Mexico, Cyprus, Croatia and Italy. She also has to have the best coaches and trainers in the country. There are five sisters in the Singleton family training in karate and four of them are national champions. With a family dedicated to the sport of karate, the Singletons decided to open Montana Karate Academy, the first mini-Olympic gym in the state specifically designed for karate athletes. Montana Karate Academy is led by two of the best instructors in the world: Elisa Au, three-time world champion and the best karate athlete to ever compete in the USA, and her partner Driss El Mannani from Morocco. Driss is a world-level coach with more than 30 world medals under his belt as a coach. Montana Karate Academy offers lessons and training for youth and athletes ages four and up; and Lottie and Sophia finally have coaches and a gym in town. The girls are currently training for the U.S. Open in Vegas and an international tournament in Cyprus, on May 1. Every 8-year-old girl can dream and set goals. Better yet, nothing is impossible if you have Montana grit.

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How a

Trip in the Woods Can Break Down Gender Barriers WRITTEN BY NATHAN STEIN

I’m not sure when it happened, but there was a point in my childhood when suddenly all my friends were boys. It wasn’t always that way. I have early memories of preschool and elementary school games with kids of all genders – wild games of tag across playgrounds and parks, four square on hot asphalt, wall ball against the exterior of some poor teacher’s fourth-grade classroom. But somewhere between fourth and seventh grade, my friend group seemed to get whittled down to a dudes-only operation. I don’t think there was ever any decision among the boys to sever relations with other-gendered folks. Rather, I think we got placed on divergent tracks due to the social structures that dictated our young lives. Our coed AYSO teams got split up into competitive single-gender clubs. Our universal T-Ball league branched out into Little League and softball squads. All while puberty began to wreak havoc on our bodies and hormones, and social pressures began to stigmatize our classmates of different genders. Looking back on it, so many of the institutions that I interacted with as a kid, whether in the classroom or at extracurriculars, encouraged the breakup of the coed schoolyards of my early childhood. 26

april 2022

The result, for me, was anxiety. I was increasingly intimidated by the groups of girls scattered across the middle school grounds and hallways. Social pressures made it more and more difficult to build meaningful friendships with kids outside of my own gender. And it became easier and easier to believe that people of other genders were different – and that kind of thinking erodes empathy in young people. I was lucky, then, that I was able to attend a two-week backpacking course the summer before my freshman year of high school. There were eight of us on the trip: four boys, four girls, and we were accompanied by two counselors; one man, one woman. Over the course of those two weeks, as we grew more and more removed from the social pressures that had divided us by gender, we were increasingly comfortable expressing ourselves freely, without fear of judgment, and without regard for what was considered appropriate for our respective gender. One of our counselors, Tessy, made a point of ripping loud farts, often. This was initially unfathomable – the common discourse among middle school boys at the time was that girls simply did not have gas; only male bodies were allowed to be gross and smelly. But with every flatulent episode, Tessy proved that myth to

be ridiculous and pushed us closer and closer to the inevitable truth – that all human bodies are capable of being smelly and gross; that girls were just as likely as guys to pull a fish out of a stream with their bare hands (this happened); that we shared similar anxieties about high school and adolescence; that we were ultimately all pretty much the same. It turns out that when you remove kids from the social pressures that separate them, they will eventually come back together. My coed trip in the backcountry helped me understand and build empathy with people outside of my own gender. It helped shed light on the absurdity of the social structures that separated us in the first place, and empowered me to have healthy, fulfilling friendships with people of all genders. To the parents reading this, I’d encourage you to think about the ways in which the programs laid out before your kids arbitrarily separate them, and how that separation can manifest in unhealthy ways down the line. You don’t have to send your kids to the woods to help them to be more empathetic and understanding – thinking and talking about the pressures they face can help them to live healthier lives in their youth, and into their adulthood. Nathan Stein is a Development Assistant at Bridgercare in Bozeman.

Be Brilliant. We offer complete dental care for you and your family in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Our team of dental professionals are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive care, because good overall health begins with good oral health. Services Include: General/Family Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Dentures Dental Implants

Oral Surgery Laser Dentistry Clear Aligners In-house Crowns


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Camp Roundup SPONSOR


Plan your kids' summer fun here for more information about these camps, visit our interactive Summer Camp & Activities Finder at www.mtparent.com


Adventure Day Camp Gallatin Valley YMCA

Ç yprograms@gallatinvalleyymca.org Ç 406-994-9622 Ç www.gallatinvalleyymca.org Ç www.facebook.com/Gallatin.Valley.YMCA Ç www.instagram.com/gvymca This YMCA camp focuses on youth development and learning through creativity, play and exploration of the environment. Activities and trips are intentionally planned to promote physical, cognitive and emotional/social development and provide campers with memorable experiences and friendships that last a lifetime. All campers will have the opportunity to leave their site every day, swim, slip n’ slide on the camp’s giant slide, hike once during the week, visit multiple parks and attend two field trips that relate to the weekly theme. 28

april 2022

Alpengirl Adventure Camp

Ç info@alpengirlcamp.com Ç 406-570-6312 Ç www.alpengirlcamp.com Ç www.facebook.com/AlpengirlCamp Ç www.instagram.com/alpengirlcamp Alpengirl is an overnight summer adventure travel camp for girls ages 11 to 16. Their one- or two-week outdoor camps are held in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rocky Mountains: Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Trips are multi-adventure and include a variety of activities such as backpacking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, rock climbing and more. Daily camp life includes tent camping, self-esteem development, friendship-building, leadership opportunities, yoga and delicious camp food.


XY Learning Center is offering limited spots in our school-age summer camp program. Each week kids will experience learning opportunities which include: community experts presentations, hiking, swimming, field trips, team building activities and more!

SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR KIDSNow! AGES 5 to 12 Enrollment Open 11 weeks starting June 13th 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Ages 5 - 12 ( 5 yr olds must be entering 1st grade) $250 per week Located in beautiful downtown Bozeman 202 South Willson Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715 406.577.2554 WWW.XYLEARNINGCENTER.COM


FITI ART F A R G & E C N A D T + STREE TUBE + GAMING & YOU DANCE S G IN H T & S G IN +W Register today www.StarliteBozeman.com

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Blitzz FC Spring Recreational Soccer

Ç Montana State University Ç programdirector@blitzzfc.org Ç 406-600-8146 Ç www.montanasurf.org/recreational-soccer-program-blitzz-fc Ç www.instagram.com/montana_surf It’s time to register for another fun-filled spring soccer season with Blitzz FC! Blitzz has been kicking grass in the Gallatin Valley for 36 years and counting, and along with their parent club, Montana Surf, they were just voted Bozeman’s Best Sports Team.

Bozeman Sports Camp

Ç bozemansportscamp@gmail.com Ç 406-661-5496 Ç www.bozemansports.camp Ç www.facebook.com/bozemansports Ç www.instagram.com/bozemansports.camp Bozeman Sports Camp is an active summer sports camp for kids entering grades K-6. They provide fun and engaging activities, games and instruction in sports of all kinds. Instructors are Bozeman-area teachers and college students studying education who provide quality instruction of sports skills, strategies and sportsmanship while providing an active setting for kids to spend their summer.

Blitzz Rec provides a fun, low-key introduction opportunity for players ages 4-14 and is designed for those players and families who want to play soccer in a local, fun setting without out-of-town travel. Games are played Sundays throughout April, May and June.

Camp Equinox Summer Theater Day Camp

Ç Bozeman Summit School, 3001 W. Villard

Boost Your Child's Learning This Summer! Sage Learning Center

Ç 406-582-9570 Ç www.sagelearningcenter.com Ç www.facebook.com/sagelearningbozeman Sage Learning Center sees so much success in their fun, interactive summer learning sessions. Sessions at Sage are held in a one-on-one setting with individualized instruction for children ages 4-18. They offer flexible weekly sessions throughout the summer months. Offering both in-person and virtual zoom sessions.


april 2022

Ç registrar@campequinox.com Ç 406-522-7623 Ç www.campequinox.com Ç www.facebook.com/Camp-Equinox-Summer-Theater-DayCamp-104945576214990

Ç www.instagram.com/campequinox Bozeman’s premier summer theater camp is now in its 27th year! It’s a thrilling and welcoming place for kids to learn all about the theater and to explore their own creativity. From musical comedy, Shakespeare and film acting to mask-making, puppetry, playwriting and comedy improv, it’s a month of challenges, friends and intense fun! Equinox offers two four-week sessions for kids going into first through eighth grade. “What a magical, magical place. You guys really have a gift.”

Youth Biathlon Camps Circus Summer Camp 406Cirque

Ç 406cirque@gmail.com Ç 406-475-2513 Ç www.406cirque.com Ç www.facebook.com/406cirque Ç www.instagram.com/406cirque A group of circus and theater performers with more than 35 years of combined experience bring to Bozeman a unique and unforgettable experience. A place where kids are welcome to bring their most authentic self; where they are challenged in healthy ways and encouraged to go beyond their own limits, and unleash the true potential of their imagination and physicality. In the words of a parent: “Our daughter had the most magical camp experience with 406 Cirque! Well run and organized. Thoughtful and supportive. And she learned great skills. Most importantly, she was thrilled to go every day. Thank you!”

Experience biathlon in a safe and supportive environment 4-day Camps for 10 & 11 Year Olds | Transportation Provided

June 20 • July 18 • August 15 crosscutmt.org

The Heart and Hand Center Summer Day Camps & Retreats

Horses, Hiking, Arts & Crafts, Yoga, Music, Meditation Are you and your kids maxed out with COVID19, anxiety about getting the virus, social distancing, isolation and masks? WE CAN HELP!

Creative Arts Summer Camp

Ç 346 Gallatin Park Dr. Ç erin.creativeartspreschool@gmail.com Ç 406-579-7692 Ç www.creativeartspreschool.org Ç www.facebook.com/CreativeArtsBozeman Ç www.instagram.com/creativeartsbozeman This is an art- and nature-based school that operates year-round. They incorporate art, dance, music and nature exploration into their daily activities. All summer long, they get campers outside to enjoy the beautiful Montana surroundings and create art projects that focus on all the natural beauty campers see each day.

Our summer day camps offer kids time to come to our beautiful mountaintop ranch where they will enjoy being with other kids in a safe environment as they learn more about themselves and how to have healthy relationships. Campers will enjoy playing games with horses, making arts & crafts together, making music together, hiking, relaxing with yoga & meditation and sharing their stories. Our well trained staff will help your kids learn to have more self-confidence, manage anxiety & depression, deal with anger in healthy ways, set appropriate boundaries, and plan for a bright and positive future as they come to understand their unique place in our crazy world more fully!

Join us at Heart & Hand Center Ranch just 15 miles East of Bozeman & let this be th BEST summer of your kid’s life and your life!


June 28-July 2: Kids’ Camp (ages 8-12) July 12-16: Teen Camp (ages 12-16) August 2-6: Back to School Camp (ages 10-14) — 2021 ADULT ZOOM RETREATS —

August 27-29: Adult Trauma Repair Retreat September 17-19: Adult Discover Your Life Purpose Learn more at: heartandhandcenter.com IG: heartandhandcentermt FB: heartandhandcenter Offices: 111 Grand, Suite 275 – Emerson Cultural Center in Bozeman Ranch: K-J Ranch, East of Bozeman 406.587.4036 Email: support@heartandhandcenter.com

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Crosscut Summer Camps Crosscut Mountain Sports Center

Ç 16621 Bridger Canyon Rd. Ç camps@crosscutmt.org Ç 406-586-9690 Ç www.crosscutmt.org/summer-program Ç www.facebook.com/crosscutmt.org Ç www.instagram.com/crosscut_mt Sport and Play, Inclusivity and Education Whether your child seeks grit or grace, effort or leisure, adventure or comfort, Crosscut meets them wherever they are. They believe in supporting body and mind, so all campers can wholeheartedly pursue that which fulfills them. The thrill of high-performance efforts, the personal expansion of learning and growth, and the freedom of spontaneous play are each important, and equally boundless in possibility.

Dancing From Stage to Sky: Aerial & Dance Camp

Dancing Under the Big Sky (DUBS) Montana Ballet Company

Ç 2304 N. Seventh Ave., Ste. C-3 Ç info@montanaballet.org Ç 406-582-8702 Ç www.montanaballet.org Ç www.facebook.com/

Ç 346 Gallatin Park Dr. Ç cathy@mountainairdance.org Ç 406-595-0909 Ç www.mountainairdance.com Ç www.facebook.com/



Ç www.instagram.com/montanaballet

Ç www.instagram.com/ mtnairdance

This fun and unique day camp challenges students physically and mentally with classes in aerial arts, dance technique, choreography, yoga, Pilates, hula hooping, juggling, hand balancing, flexibility training, arts and crafts.

Montana Ballet Company’s Annual Dancing Under the Big Sky (DUBS) two-week Summer Dance Intensive is an enriching, educational program featuring exceptional guest teachers and a full curriculum. DUBS 2022 (for ages 8 and up) will be held July 25 through August 6. Classes run from 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m., with short breaks and a lunch break each day. The Dancing Under the Big Sky Intensive curriculum exemplifies MBC’s belief in nurturing the “whole dancer” – mind, body and spirit.

Rhythms World Drum Camp African! Cuban! Egyptian Drumming! Storytelling, Games, World Culture! Ages 4-12 • Monday-Friday – 9 a.m.-noon Bozeman Camp Dates:

June 13 - 17; June 20 - 24; July 11 - 15 With Award Winning Teacher Chet Leach Meets at Rhythm Drums at The Emerson | www.rhythmdrums.com | 406.580.8229 32

april 2022


+ Activities Summer

Camp Roundup



Emerson Summer Camps

Ç 111 S. Grand Ave. Ç office@theemerson.org Ç 406-587-9797 Ç www.theemerson.org/class-schedule Ç www.facebook.com/TheEmersondotcom Ç www.instagram.com/theemerson_MT Weeklong summer camps for ages 5-12 explore different movements in art. Each week will include 2D, sculpture and mixed media projects. Camps will conclude on Fridays with an artist’s reception.


Explore! Summer Day Camps


bozeman parks & Recreation

Ç Story Mill Community Park Ç 600 Bridger Dr. Ç hcrane@bozeman.net Ç 406-582-2293 Ç www.bozeman.net Ç www.facebook.com/bozemanparksandrec Ç www.instagram.com/bozemanparksandrec


It is tough to find the variety, adventure and affordability of Bozeman Parks & Recreation camps anywhere else! Run by leaders who truly care about your children and implementing quality programs, Parks and Recreation Summer Camps create a safe and fun camp environment that is spent mostly outdoors where kids will play, laugh, create art of all kinds, learn about their local ecosystem, meet new friends, get a little dirty and challenge themselves by engaging in new activities daily.


Sa g eLearnin g Center.c om


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+ Activities


Farm Camp

Bodhi Farms

Ç 13624 S. Cottonwood Rd. Ç kidscamp@bodhi-farms.com Ç 406-201-1324 Ç www.bodhi-farms.com/camp-bodhi Ç www.facebook.com/experiencebodhi Ç www.instagram.com/experiencebodhi Bodhi Farms’s outdoor summer kids' camp runs July through August and focuses on yoga, art, outdoor education, homesteading and farming skills. This camp is geared toward elementary aged-kids entering first through fifth grade in fall 2022.

GirlSing Music, Singing, Songwriting and Art Camp

(with Music Kate)

Ç Pilgrim Church, 2118 S. Third Ave. Ç katebryan2000@gmail.com Ç 406-570-2839 Ç www.girlsing.com Ç www.facebook.com/GirlSingCamps Ç www.instagram.com/musictogetherbozeman The GirlSing summer camp (for girls ages 7-11) empowers girls to explore their unique, creative spirit through music, singing, songwriting, journaling and selfexpressive art. Engaging indoor and outdoor activities, interactive play time and hikes/walks. On Thursday nights, campers host a family and friends music and art-sharing event (optional) All-day, 5-day camp (9 a.m. 5 p.m.) with early drop off/late pick up option.


april 2022

Heart and Hand Summer Day Camps & Retreats

Ç 20010 Bridger Hollow Rd. Ç support@heartandhandcenter.com Ç 406-587-4036 Ç www.heartandhandcenter.com Ç www.instagram.com/heartandhandcenter Heart and Hand Center is again presenting awesome summer day camps for kids as well as adult weekend retreats this year. Activities include hiking in the beautiful mountains at the K-J Ranch, making music and art in the Heart and Hand Center tipi, playing games and spending time with horses, drumming, yoga, crafts and much more.

Karate and Sports Camp - Montana

Karate Academy in Bozeman

Ç 31842 Frontage Rd. Ç montanakarateacademy@gmail.com Ç 312-823-0110 Ç www.facebook.com/Montana-Karate-Academy Ç www.instagram.com/montanakarate Ages 6-15. New to Bozeman is Montana Karate Academy, led by two world-class coaches who train current junior and senior national team members. Your child will be introduced to the sport of karate in a fun and safe environment. Kids participate in half-day or full-day programs that will keep them active, build sports coordination and skill sets while learning karate and self-defense. Karate uniforms included! Family member and multi-week registration discounts are available.


+ Activities



Kids Yoga Summer Camp

Our Yoga Family

Ç becca@ouryogafamily.com Ç 406-209-9954 Ç www.ouryogafamily.com/our-events Ç www.instagram.com/ouryogafamily Let your child shine and spend quality time being themselves this summer learning social skills, gross and fine motor skills as well as emotional well-being. Together the group will enjoy a yoga circle each day, time to free-play, opportunities to learn practical skills – like putting on our shoes, walking in a group, sharing with and helping others or using your breath to help you, how to relax, share and be confident – along with special age-appropriate songs, crafts and projects. Offered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 a.m.-noon for ages 3-5 OR 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. for ages 5-11.

A Bozeman summer camp for elementary aged kids with yoga, outdoor education, homesteading & farming skills. Learn more & register at bodhi-farms.com.

Kids Summer Art Camps

Leadership Through Horses

Gallatin Valley YMCA

Ç Windhorse Equine Learning, 3477 Johnson Rd.

Ç yprograms@gallatinvalleyymca.org Ç 406-994-9622 Ç www.gallatinvalleyymca.org Ç www.facebook.com/Gallatin.Valley.YMCA Ç www.instagram.com/gv_ymca Campers work daily with horses to learn important aspects of leadership, communication and partnership skills, as well as horse behavior, nonverbal communication and how to safely approach, halter, groom, lead and ride a horse. By earning the respect of a horse, participants gain confidence and learn how to be compassionate, focused, honest and responsible leaders. The curriculum is offered by Windhorse Equine Learning. Classes are taught by instructors certified by PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship).

Ages 5 – 12 | Weekly Sessions 9am – 3pm 2-D Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media Friday Art Receptions for Parents Member Discount

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More Info: www.theEmerson.org (406)587-9797

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+ Activities


Montana Ballet Company Summer Ballet Programs

Lone Mountain Summer Camps

Ç 1237 N Rouse Ave. Ç www.lonemountain.biz Ç 406-587-1180 Ç www.lonemountain.biz Ç www.facebook.com/Lone-

Ç 2304 N. Seventh Ave., Ste. C-3 Ç info@montanaballet.org Ç 406-582-8702 Ç www.montanaballet.org Ç www.facebook.com/montanaballetco Ç www.instagram.com/montanaballet Please visit montanaballet.org for more details on summer ballet programs for dancers of all ages and the two-week summer intensive, Dancing Under the Big Sky, for ages 8 and up.


Lone Mountain offers a fun variety of summer camp options – everything from KidVentures camp for little ones to Campapalooza (an all-around fun day camp offering swimming in the afternoon sessions). There’s Trampoline Camp and Combo Camp (highlighting gymnastics and overall sports agility), Ninja Camp and Tiny Dancers Camp. And don’t forget about swimming lessons! Lone Mountain can keep your kids active, engaged and having fun this summer. Camp offerings vary each week, so check out the website or call for details.


april 2022

Montana Conservation Corps Youth Expedition Program

Ç caleb@mtcorps.org Ç 406-587-4475 x106 Ç www.mtcorps.org/joinmcc/youth Ç www.facebook.com/MontanaConservationCorps Ç www.instagram.com/mtcorps Build new relationships, learn meaningful skills and explore Montana – ignite your summer with the Montana Conservation Corps Youth Expedition Program. Expeditions are for Montana high schoolers ages 14-18 and run as two- or fourweek sessions during the summer months of June-August. Embark on 11-day trips around the state for conservation work including trails, habitat restoration and recreation improvement. MCC cultivates communities of young people inspired to build a brighter future. Benefits include 72 volunteer hours, leadership, communication and technical skills, and a summer of fun.


+ Activities




Montana Regional Ballet Intensive

Yellowstone Ballet Academy

K Beginner to Advanced Riders K Ages 5 and up K Life Skill Development Workshop K Speed/Rodeo Events K English/Western Riding K General Horsemanship

Ç 109 S. B St., Livingston Ç yellowstoneballet@gmail.com Ç 406-222-0430 Ç www.yellowstoneballet.info Ç www.facebook.com/yellowstoneballet

Learn more about camps, clinics and events at


YBA offers a cutting-edge ballet intensive for intermediate and advanced students (June 13-26) focusing on classical ballet technique, pointe, variations, repertoire, pas de deux, contemporary, conditioning/stretch and Pilates. An advanced beginner intensive (June 1317) will offer classes on ballet technique, pre-pointe, repertoire, folk dance, contemporary, conditioning/stretch and Pilates. Guest teachers include: Arcadian Broad, principal dancer, Orlando Ballet and Top Ten on America’s Got Talent; Tricia Sundbeck, former principal dancer with the Sacramento Ballet and Cincinnati Ballet; Thomas Bell, ballet master, University of Cincinnati; Taylor Sambola, certified Pilates instructor and professional dancer, Orlando Ballet and Sarasota Ballet.

cedar ridge equine

horsemanship camps, clinics & lessons Owner/Trainer Amy Prechter email cedarridgeequines@gmail.com phone 406-282-3355


EMPOWERING GIRLS Through Singing, Song Writing and Self-Expressive Art! Girls Ages 7-11

MOSS Summer Programs

5-DAY CAMP @ 9 AM to 4:00 PM

with opt-in Early Drop Off & Late Pickup Thursday Night—Family Concert & Art Show

Ç bgitch@outdoorscience.org Ç 406-582-0526 Ç www.outdoorscience.org Ç www.facebook.com/MontanaOutdoorScienceSchool Ç www.instagram.com/mt_moss

3 Date Options July 20-24 August 15-19 August 22-26

MOSS summer programs offer fun, engaging and educational explorations of the natural world in and around the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. MOSS believes that inspiring a love for nature helps children become aware of—and want to care for—the unique environment in which they live. Camps fill quickly, so registering early is recommended.

www.GirlSing.com :: calendars, blog & more @ MTPARENT.COM ::

april 2022



+ Activities

Guide Summer

Camp Roundup SPONSOR

Ridge Kids Summer Fun Camps

Pet Pals Summer Day Camp Heart of the Valley

Ç 1549 E. Cameron Bridge Rd. Ç volunteer@ heartofthevalleyshelter.org

Ç 406-388-9399 x223 Ç www.heartofthevalleyshelter. org

Ç 4181 Fallon Ç ridgekids@ridgeathletic.com Ç 406-582-4452 Ç www.shedulicity.com Ç www.facebook.com/Ridge-Kids-at-Ridge-AthleticClubs

The Ridge Athletic Club is hosting a great summer camp for kids ages 5 to 12 that will include swimming, kid-specific group exercise classes, crafts, gym play and fun in the Play Zone. Ridge counselors and fitness professionals are trained and qualified to keep your kids safe during their exciting camp days. They offer half-day morning and afternoon sessions or give your kids the full-day fun that they will love. If you’re enrolling multiple children or if you need more information, call 406-582-4452.

Ç www.facebook.com/ bozemanhov

Ç www.instagram.com/


HOV’s seven-week summer day camp is for children (6-12 years old) who love animals. Campers learn the importance of compassionate animal care through time with animals, games, crafts, humane education lessons and a wide variety of guest speakers. Each week children will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of animals. The camp is held Monday-Friday with drop-off between 8:30-9 a.m. and pick-up between 3-3:30 p.m. Scholarship applications are available upon request. The weekly cost of camp tuition is $250.


april 2022

Rhythms World Drum Camps

Ç 111 S. Grand Ave. #215 Ç chet@rhythmdrums.com Ç 406-580-8229 Ç www.rhythmdrums.com Children ages 4 to 12 are invited to join Chet Leach (a.k.a. Mr. Chet) for weeklong drum camps. These summer camps will include drumming from Africa, Brazil, Cuba and Egypt. Your child will learn about world culture through storytelling, games and, of course, lots of DRUMMING!

Rockhaven UnCamp

Ç Gallatin Gateway Ç scott@rockhavencamp.org Ç 406-586-9194 Ç www.rockhavencamp.org Ç www.facebook.com/ rockhavencamp

Ç www.instagram.com/ rockhavencamp

Rockhaven “Un”Camp is an innovative summer day and overnight camping program where free-play, natureplay and child-led independent play are all front and center. It’s a safe environment where creativity and imagination can flourish, and kids can just be kids and get a little dirty playing like kids are meant to play. Rockhaven takes the schedules, expectations and rules out of summer and puts back genuine play, natural curiosity, epic messes, muddy faces, sticky fingers and awesome memories. Sessions for kids 4 to 15 years old.


+ Activities






Rocky Creek Farm Camp

Ç 34297 Frontage Rd. Ç rockycreekeducation@gmail.com Ç 406-599-2361 Ç www.gallatinvalleybotanical.com Ç www.facebook.com/gvbfarms


Join Rocky Creek Farm this summer for an opportunity to explore connections between farming and nature. Weeklong sessions give campers the chance to be farmers, explorers, chefs, scientists and artists while growing a sense of connection to the land. The mission is to engage campers with local agriculture and landscapes by inspiring connection to the land, sense of place and confidence as members of the natural community. The education staff is committed to experiential teaching, connecting with nature, working cooperatively and intentional play.

helena Join LEWIS & CLARK LIBRARY for a summer of play and activities! This year's theme is Oceans of Possibilities

Snow White Summer

The Summer Library Program and Summer Reading Challenge will begin on June 1 and end July 31.

Montana Ballet Company

Ç 2304 N. Seventh Ave., Ste. C-3 Ç info@montanaballet.org Ç 406-582-8702 Ç www.montanaballet.org Ç www.facebook.com/montanaballetco Ç www.instagram.com/montanaballet

Download our Summer Library Program booklet with fun activities for all ages by visiting www.lclibrary.org/391/Summer-Library-Program

Learn all about the Snow White ballet with a daily ballet class, dance-related arts and crafts, choreography, a performance and more. Held Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m.-noon: June 13-16 (ages 4-6), June 20-23 (ages 7-9), June 27-30 (ages 4-6) and July 11-14 (ages 4-6).




406.447.1690 AUGUSTA

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april 2022




+ Activities


State of Play Art Camp

Spire Climbing + Fitness

Ç 13 Enterprise Blvd. Ç info@spireclimbingcenter.com Ç 406-586-0706 Ç www.spireclimbingcenter.com/summer-camps Ç www.instagram.com/spireclimbing Spire summer camps are a great way for children ages 5–16 to enjoy rock climbing in a fun, structured environment. In Spire's summer camps, beginners learn the essentials of the sport while kids with prior climbing experience take their skills to the next level. Summer camps are half-day, weeklong camps, with tons of climbing time in Spire’s south Bozeman facility, as well as plenty of fun and games for your child.

Starlite Kids

Starlite Bozeman

Ç 622 E. Tamarack St. Ç info@starlitebozeman.com Ç 406-551-2220 Ç www.starlitebozeman.com/summer-camps Ç www.facebook.com/starlitekidsbzn Starlite Kids camps are back for 2022! Choose from three amazing themes featuring unique experiences and adventures that will grow into a lifelong appreciation of the world around us. Each camp features small class sizes to guarantee lots of individualized instruction, amazing friendships and healthy kids.


april 2022

Ç 221 E. Oak St. Suite 1-C Ç 347-603-2242 Ç info@stateofplay.co Ç www.stateofplay.co Ç www.facebook.com/playbozeman Ç www.instagram.com/playbozeman State of Play, Bozeman's first intentional and modern play and art space, is offering a drop off Summer Camp for 3-5 year olds. Join State of Play educators as they lead your child through an exploration of different art materials each week in their state of the art, creative and educationally-informed space. Children will learn skills and techniques specific to each medium as they investigate offerings and invitations connected to a specific concept through group activities and projects. Outdoor lunch and water play will be enjoyed daily in the Cannery Courtyard steps away from SOP.

Summer of Science Camps

Montana Science Center

Ç 2744 W. Main St. Ç hswanson@montanasciencecenter.org Ç 406-522-9087 Ç www.montanasciencecenter.org/learn/summer-camps-1 Ç www.facebook.com/montanasciencecenter Ç www.instagram.com/montanasciencecenter Discover science and technology all summer long. Five different themes – including Spy Camp, Inventors Workshop, engineering challenges, learning to code and color discovery – are included in the Summer of Science camps at Montana Science Center. Grades K-2 and 3-5 can join for hands-on, interactive camps including outside time, experiments and high-tech makerspace activities.


+ Activities


Teen Camp

Gallatin Valley YMCA

Ç 3673 Love Ln. Ç yprograms@gallatinvalleyymca.org Ç 406-994-9622 Ç www.gallatinvalleyymca.org Ç www.facebook.com/Gallatin.Valley.YMCA Ç www.instagram.com/gv_ymca YMCA’s teen summer camps provide older campers more significant opportunities to spread their wings and experience new adventures. Campers are encouraged to make their own choices, build relationships and develop important life skills through YMCA character values. The teen camp offers a more challenging range of activities for experienced campers. It provides a safe place where teens can be themselves, participate in activities and go on field trips specifically tailored toward their evolving interests.

World Cup Summer Soccer Camps

HappyFeet Bozeman

Ç happyfeetbozeman@gmail.com Ç 602-820-5333 Ç www.happyfeetbozeman.com Ç www.facebook.com/HappyFeetBozeman Ç www.instagram.com/happyfeetbozeman At HappyFeet Legends Bozeman, the approach is simple: to introduce soccer in a way that opens up doors of possibility for young kids both on the field and off. The goal is for kids to not only learn the wonderful game of soccer, but to have fun, build social skills, improve self-confidence and instill a brave, creative “go for it” mentality that can help provide the right foundation for the rest of their lives.

World Language & Culture Camps Windhorse Leadership with Horses Camp

Ç 3477 Johnson Rd. Ç programs@windhorseequinelearning.org Ç 406-522-3906 Ç www.windhorseequinelearning.org Ç www.facebook.com/windhorseequinelearning Ç www.instagram.com/windhorseequinelearning Windhorse Equine Learning offers a unique camp experience where kids learn horsemanship and riding skills, and how to be good leaders and fair partners for their horses and each other. The relationship they develop with the horse (and the skills they learn to handle them safely and to communicate with them effectively) gives kids confidence, builds self-awareness and teaches valuable lessons about respect, trust, empathy and communication. Camps are offered in partnership with MSU College of Agriculture and the Gallatin Valley YMCA.

World Language Initiative

Ç Story Mansion, 811 S. Willson Ç info@wlimt.org Ç 406-414-6419 Ç www.wlimt.org/summer-camps.html Ç www.facebook.com/worldlanguagemt Ç www.instagram.com/worldlanguagemt WLI offers four, weeklong sessions of dynamic and engaging language and culture camps for kids ages 5-12 in a variety of languages that will leave your child dreaming of traveling the globe. Camps are filled with fun games, traditional art and cooking activities, storytelling, songs and more, all led by experienced language coaches. Camps are held Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Story Mansion, with the majority of activities being held outdoors. Language camp offerings vary each session, so please check the website for more details.

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april 2022



+ Activities


XY Learning Center Day Camp

Yellowstone Alliance Adventures

Ç 13707 Cottonwood Canyon Rd. Ç office@yaacamp.org Ç 406-763-4727 Ç www.yaacamp.org Ç www.facebook.com/yaacampmt Ç www.instagram.com/yaacamp YAA is all about maximum fun and maximum adventure. From riding the zipline and experiencing archery to climbing to the top of the tower or participating in a meaningful chapel or fireside experience, everywhere you turn is an opportunity to build friendships, learn about Jesus and have fun. After a week of camp at YAA, you will have memories to last a lifetime and a desire to come back for more.

Ç 202 S. Willson Ave. Ç xylc@xyplanningnetwork.com Ç 406-577-2554 Ç www.xylearningcenter.com Join XY Learning Center for yet another exciting, educational and adventurous day camp. With weekly camp sessions, you can explore Montana through hikes, field trips and guest speakers as well as exploring art and science with creative projects, experiments and, of course, swimming. Weekly sessions will foster all kinds of kiddos’ interests from space exploration to animal care and crafting. Camp runs Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., with 11 weekly sessions starting June 13 for ages 5-12 (5-year-olds must be entering first grade in the fall). Weekly cost is $250 per week.


ExplorationWorks Summer Camps Yellowstone Soccer Experience Camp

Ç Bozeman Sports Park, 4600 Baxter Ln. Ç programdirector@blitzzfc.org Ç 406-600-8146 Ç www.sports.bluesombrero.com/blitzzfc Camp week will include quality instruction and personal attention with an approximate 1:10 ratio of staff to campers. Players will engage in a variety of activities and games, appropriate to their developmental level, while strengthening existing skills. Campers will work on technical, tactical and mental aspects of the game.


april 2022

Ç info@explorationworks.org Ç 995 Carousel Way, Helena Ç 406-457-1800 xt.1 Ç www.explorationworks.org/summer-camps Ç www.facebook.com/ExplorationWorks Ç www.instagram.com/explorationworks Spend the summer as a scientist and explore the world around you! Camps begin the week of June 13th and run through the week of August 22nd. ExplorationWorks offers camps for kids ages 4 and up. All-day camp combos! Pick a morning and afternoon camp to create your personalized all-day learning adventure! Your scientist will experience one exciting morning camp, break for a supervised lunch, then start the science fun again with an afternoon camp! (Lunch not provided.) There's sure to be a combo for your budding scientist!


+ Activities


Grandstreet Summer Theatre School

Ç 325 N. Park Ave. Ç marianne@grandstreettheatre.com Ç 406-442-4270 Ç www.grandstreettheatre.com Ç www.facebook.com/grandstreettheatreschool.org Ç www.instagram.com/grandstreettheatreschool Grandstreet’s Summer Theatre School expands student skills in character development, improvisation and playmaking while providing practical experience in rehearsal techniques. Class work is aimed at building character – both on and off the stage. Take half-day mini camps in stage combat, musical theater or performance or join the all-day, two-week camp.

HAC Skills Camps

Helena Athletic Club

Ç 3340 McHugh Ln. Ç office@hacmt.com Ç 406-442-6782 Ç www.hacmt.com Ç www.facebook.com/HelenaAthleticClub Ç www.instagram.com/helenaathleticclub Half-day camps perfect for beginning to intermediate level students. Choose from morning or afternoon sessions of gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling and trampoline or ninja sport. Each week wraps up with a friends and family showcase.

Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake

Ç 7653 Canyon Ferry Rd. Ç MontanaLearningCenter@gmail.com Ç 406-475-3638 Ç www.MontanaLearning.org/Student-Programs Ç www.Facebook.com/MontanaLearningCenter The MLC is Montana’s science camp for kids. It is a place for students to come together to solve problems, create and be empowered. Camp life includes STEM-immersion experiences, friendship-building and recreation. Campers enjoy fishing, kayaking, boating and swimming at the lake. The MLC’s staff is composed of certified teachers, many of whom are award winning. The student-to-staff ratio is 8:1. Each of the MLC’s instructors and counselors are CPR and First Aid-certified.

Stonetree Climbing Camp

Ç 1222 Bozeman Ave. Ç info@stonetreeclimbing.com Ç 406-534-0325 Ç www.stonetreeclimbing.com Ç www.facebook.com/stonetreeclimbing Ç www.instagram.com/stonetree_climbing Join Stonetree all summer long for the best day camp in town. Weeklong camps encourage kids to be active, build confidence, play creatively and foster new friendships. Campers spend the day climbing, challenging their comfort zones, playing games on and off the climbing walls, doing arts and crafts and having a blast. Experienced instructors make sure that every climber leaves having learned something new and with a smile on their face. These camps fill up fast, so register early!

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april 2022



+ Activities




• JUNE 13 - 26


Summer Reading Program Lewis & Clark Library

Ç 406-447-1690 Ç www.lclibrary.org Ç www.facebook.com/


Ç www.Lewisandclarklibrary


Join Lewis & Clark Library for a summer of play and activities! This year's theme is Tails and Tales. Each week, celebrate a different animal with a themed take-home activity kit for grade-school kids, reading adventures and much more!

Katya Grover

Accepting Students

14 years of age and up.

Ph.D. in Chinese Language & Second Language Acquisition native speaker of Russian online lessons but always in person www.HelenaLanguages.com


april 2022


Language School in the Comfort of Your Home

+ Activities guide check back often as more camp listings are added into our online


Summer Camp Finder



Tree House Preschool Camps

Helena Athletic Club

Ç 3340 McHugh Ln. Ç office@hacmt.com Ç 406-442-6782 Ç www.hacmt.com Ç www.facebook.com/HelenaAthleticClub Ç www.instagram.com/helenaathleticclub A perfect preschool/pre-K half-day camp for youngsters ages 3-5 years and just getting into the summer camp experience. Tree House campers enjoy time at the many centers in two classrooms including imaginative play, letters and literacy, fine motor works, arts and crafts, numerical and math literacy plus all the standard pre-K lessons like shapes, colors, weather observation and more. Of course, gross motor skills get plenty of use in the gym during semi-structured gym time.

and our May print/ digital issue

Camps submit

your listings @ mtparent.com by april 15, to appear in the online camp finder and the May print/digital edition








Booking locations must be within: Bozeman, Belgrade & Gallatin Gateway


Make Big Memories With

Ready. Set. Celebrate! 406-219-5500| FB: @signgypsies bozeman IG: @signgypsies_bozeman bozeman@signgypsies.com

Rentals are for 24 hours. They will be installed and picked-up by SG Bozeman.


MAINTENANCE 406.599.1160


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april 2022


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april 2022





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april 2022


Spring 2022 PIR-DAY


submit listings now @ www.mtparent.com/afterschool-finder $50 per activity listing featured in print & the online activity finder through June 1, 2022

Gallatin Valley YMCA PIR Camps Ç 3673 Love Ln. Ç yprograms@gallatinvalleyymca.org Ç 406-994-9622 Ç www.gallatinvalleyymca.org School’s Out Days can be the best when you enroll in the Y’s PIR-day programs. Participants spend time outside (so bring appropriate clothing), learn new things, meet new friends and visit different parts of our beautiful community. Each day offers different themes, certain to engage and entertain your student. PIR-day programs run from 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and are filled with educational projects, arts and crafts, games and physical activities that help kids move, meet new friends and expand their horizons. All PIR-day programs are supervised by CPR/first aid-trained staff that enjoys helping kids.

» April 7 - Rainbow Camp (Bozeman)Campers will learn about clouds, rain, thunder, lightning and rainbows. Kids will have their heads in the clouds while they learn through arts and crafts and hands-on science experiments.

» April 8 - Discover the Forest (Bozeman)Campers will be learning about life in the forest. They will gain knowledge about their favorite forest animals, participate in forest crafts and games and explore nature on a scavenger hunt along the trails of Glen Lake Rotary Park.

» April 15 - Rainbow Camp (Belgrade & Manhattan) Campers will learn about clouds, rain, thunder, lightning and rainbows. Kids will have their heads in the clouds while they learn through arts and crafts and handson science experiments.

» April 18 - Discover the Forest (Belgrade & Manhattan) Campers will

be learning about life in the forest. They will gain knowledge about their favorite forest animals, participate in forest crafts and games and explore nature on a scavenger hunt along the trails of Glen Lake Rotary Park.


april 2022

MOSS PIR Days Ç Museum of the Rockies Ç 600 W. Kagy Blvd. Ç bgitch@outdoorscience.org Ç 406-582-0526 Ç www.outdoorscience.org Ç www.facebook.com/


Ç www.instagram.com/mt_moss Keep the learning up, even when school’s out. MOSS, in partnership with the Museum of the Rockies, offers sciencebased camps held during PIR days throughout the school year.

» April 7 & 8 - Adventures in

Biomimicry As we explore MOR’s exhibit Human Plus: Real Lives + Real Engineering from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), we’ll learn about technologies that extend natural human abilities. Then we’ll delve into other technologies that mimic animal characteristics and natural patterns in the outdoors. Each PIR day will be full of creative thinking for biomimicry challenges and real-life applications, so sign-up for both.


Babes inBozeman



10am - 3pm at the

Gallatin Valley Mall

Science PIR Day Camps

Follow us on Facebook (Babes in Bozeman-Baby Expo)

Ç Montana Science Center Ç 2744 W. Main St. Ç info@montanasciencecenter.org Ç 406-522-9087 Ç www.MontanaScienceCenter.org Ç www.facebook.com/ montanasciencecenter

Ç www.instagram.com/


When school is out, science camps are in! Join Montana Science Center for a day camp full of hands-on experiences, guest presenters and time in the hightech makerspace, STEAMlab.

» April 7 - Become a Scientist!

April is Citizen Science Month, which means it’s time to get out, discover the world around you and submit your own findings to help scientists with research - all around the world!

JULY 2 0 -2 4 , 2 0 2 2 / / B OZ EM AN , M T

Competitive Events

Big Sky Ninja Roundup: July 20-21 Ranch Rodeo: July 23 sponsored by Frontline Ag Solutions Barnyard Brawl: July 24 sponsored by Boot Barn Photography | Culinary Arts | Horticulture | Creative Arts Fine Arts | Quilting | Textiles

» April 8 - What Makes a Kite Fly?

Celebrate National Kite Day by learning the physics behind kite flying. Then, build a better kite that might fly higher and farther!


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april 2022


EASTER BUNNY Gallatin Valley Mall



g ro rinort g” e f e of pp af

w su y C no use Coz

ho he in- “T n a

gallatinvalleymall.com/events Hippity-hoppity, Easter’s on its way! Visit the Easter Bunny in Macy’s Court, April 1 through 16 at the Gallatin Valley Mall. This is not your typical cliché “mall photo.” The Easter Bunny photo experience has been carefully reimagined and curated by the talented Winslow Studio photographers, who have 30 years of professional experience in the Gallatin Valley. Your family will receive a more personalized photo and ordering experience, multiple poses and snapshots, and more quality time with the Easter Bunny to create special memories you will treasure for a lifetime. No appointment necessary, just come by during the following times:

Comprehensive Therapy Services for Independence and Growth ✦ Occupational and Physical Therapy ✦ Speech and Language Therapy ✦ Breastfeeding and Nutrition Services A warm and comfortable environment serving: Infants, Children and Women 300 N Willson Ave Suite #2005, Bozeman




april 2022

Ç Thursdays and Fridays: 1-7 p.m. Ç Saturdays: noon-7 p.m. Ç Sundays: noon-5 p.m. Contactless visits are also available for those who feel more comfortable social distancing. With a few photography tricks and creative alternatives, Winslow Studios can still capture special memories for you, whatever your comfort level. To learn more visit www.gallatinvalleymall.com/events.


NATURE QUEST! April 18–23, 2022 A fantastically fun week of scavenger hunt clues, trivia, an online auction, prizes, fresh air and community spirit in support of outdoor science in Montana. MOSS’s biggest, trickiest fundraiser of the year is back – bigger and more fun than ever! This weeklong celebration of outdoor science centers on a scavenger hunt for MOSS’s 5-foot rainbow trout hidden somewhere along the public trails of Gallatin Valley. Daily clues will be posted on MOSS’s Facebook (@MontanaOutdoorScienceSchool) and Instagram (@mt_moss) pages at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The first treasure hunter to

find the MOSS fish wins a grand prize including:

NATURE QUEST WEEK EVENTS Ç Scavenger Hunt - Monday, April 18– Saturday, April 23

Ç Online Auction – Monday, April 18 – Saturday, April 23

Ç Trivia Night - Online Wednesday, April 20, 6:30 p.m.–8 p.m.

Ç Earth Day Fun Run - Saturday, April 23,

Ç Four soaking passes to each: Yellowstone Hot Springs, Chico Hot Springs and Bozeman Hot Springs

Ç One Madison River Tubing Trip for four with Montana Whitewater Ç One mini-version of MOSS’s Quest trout (17-inch rainbow trout stuffed animal) The next 20 successful searchers will be eligible for additional prizes by sending a photo of their team with the trout to MOSS (info@outdoorscience.org) or showing a photo at the MOSS booth at the Gallatin Valley Earth Day Festival at the Emerson on Saturday, April 23 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Additionally, MOSS is hosting an online auction all week long featuring fresh-air inspired items generously donated by local businesses to raise funds for their year-round outdoor science education programs. But wait, there’s more! This year, Nature Quest is expanding to include an online Trivia Night on Wednesday, April 20 for teams to test their nature knowledge and win prizes. On Saturday, April 23, run with the MOSS team at the Earth Day Fun Run hosted by the Bozeman Wind Drinkers, and afterwards, stop by MOSS’s booth for family-friendly activities at the Earth Day Celebration on the Emerson Lawn.

9 a.m. at the Gallatin County Regional Park

Ç Run Info: www.winddrinkers.org/ trailhead/races/earth_day

Ç Earth Day Festival - Saturday, April 23, 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. at the Emerson Center for Arts & Culture

Ç Festival Info: www.


Event details are online at

Ç www.outdoorscience.org/nature-quest Ç FB: @MontanaOutdoorScienceSchool Ç IG: mt_moss

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april 2022


Increase the Family Fun with Colombo’s

New Game Room Gallatin Valley

Earth Day Festival


Located on College Street, near MSU Bozeman, Colombo’s Pizza & Pasta has been a Bozeman staple since 1985. For nearly 40 years Joe and Janet Colombo have welcomed patrons from all walks of life; families, hungry passersby, students and professors at the nearby Montana State University and anyone lucky enough to stumble upon the delicious aromas coming from their pizza joint. The torch has been passed to Joe and Janet’s daughter, Cassie, who, along with her husband Seth, have kept the family-friendly spirit alive at Colombo’s. Most recently, they’ve added a new game room, affectionately dubbed “Joe’s Fun Zone” in honor of Cassie’s late father, Joe Colombo, filled with classic games like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. along with racing games, pinball, skee ball and claw machines. Stop by Colombo’s Pizza & Pasta and enjoy some of the best pizza and pasta in the state. You can also visit them online at www. colombospizzaandpasta.com or call them at 406-587-5544.

April 23, 2022 Celebrate Earth Day with the Gallatin Valley Earth Day Festival at the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture on Saturday, April 23, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The festival will feature exhibits, hourly presentations, short films, live music, food, children’s activities and more.

Special Children’s events include:

Ç The Magic Monster Show: Earth Day (by Random Acts of Silliness) at 10 and 10:30 a.m.

Ç Earth Day Passport Ç Prizes! The Magic Monster Show: Earth Day Edition

Roxy and Boomer, Random Acts of Silliness’s monster mascots, invite you to a special Earth Day Magic Monster Show, where you can participate in the magical mayhem of stories being made up on the spot. In this high-energy slapstick show, improvisers will bring the audience’s ideas to life on stage: flying octopi, edible rainbows and singing monkeys? You never know what will happen when kids call the shots! * Geared toward kids ages 3–10, but fun for everyone. 52

april 2022

Broad Comedy is Back with an All-New Show WRITTEN BY LORI JO BERG

Calling all adults longing for a night of side-splitting sketch comedy who have missed laughing hysterically in a room filled with people. Broad comedy is back with all-new material for the first time in three years. So, get ready to be brought to your knees by laughter. With a blend of song, dance and political satire, this group brings topics such as parenthood, life’s current events, politics and COVID to life. And they do it well as evidenced by the national attention they’ve gotten from top industry critics. A Time Out New York Critics Pick for Best Cabaret, Broad Comedy was called an “Unstoppable blend of live sketch comedy and musical satire,” by Metro NYC. And The Boston Globe raved about the “sharp writing, playful performances, and impeccable comic timing!” For 23 years, Broad Comedy founders Katie Goodman and her husband, Soren Kisiel, have been writing, acting, directing and running the local summer Camp Equinox in Bozeman. There’s no shortage of talent or experience between the two. Kisiel is the writer and director for Intermountain Opera’s The Montana Mikado – a revolutionary adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most famous English comic operetta turned into a modern-day satire of Bozeman and Montana. Goodman, the multitalented singer and musician, has made a name for herself in the industry and is beyond ready to be back on stage. As much as the current show pokes fun at different subject matters, there’s an underlying message that goes along with it. She wants people to

know they aren’t alone – and what better way to do that than through communal laughter and music? Be warned, the show includes very liberal content and political commentary. Currently, with a home Off-Broadway at the SoHo Playhouse, the national act has done three-month runs in Los Angeles and Boston. They have been hired to perform at fundraisers for Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and women’s health organizations to name a few. But first, they are performing right here in Bozeman, Montana. And if laughter is medicine (I think that’s something we can all agree on) then this feisty, smart, edgy comedy show has the magic cure. Shows will be held at the Emerson Cultural Center on April 28, 29 and 30 at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale NOW at: www.broadcomedy.com/ tickets. It’s been a long few years for all of us and these ladies are here to save your sanity. So, grab your tickets, grab your friends or partner and let these six women remind you what it feels like to laugh uncontrollably again. *Must be 18 years and older. General admission and some VIP seating available. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets $25 in advance, $42 VIP reserved seats and special student rush tickets for Thursday night only $15. Lori Jo is a Montana Native, mother of three and freelance writer who enjoys writing about the tougher side of life and connecting with her audience on a deeper level.

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april 2022


Bozeman Health Foundation Downtown Bozeman


Week 2022 April 25-May 1, 2022

The Downtown Bozeman Association and participating downtown restaurants, pubs and cafés are excited to bring you Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week, April 25-May 1. This seven-day event will be filled with good eats and drinks, off-menu specials, exclusive dining experiences and chances to win some amazing downtown staycation packages. Start planning your date night, birthday dinner, employee appreciation brunch or whatever excuse you need to dine out in downtown Bozeman. A list of participating establishments for the 2022 Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week as well as all the specials and fun to be found will be available online at www. downtownbozeman.org/event/downtownbozeman-restaurant-week-2022 and by using the Restaurant Week QR code sprinkled around downtown. Please note, event hours and specials will vary depending on the business. Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week will go on rain or shine. Visit www. downtownbozeman.org or call 406586-4008 for more information! Life is Downtown…


april 2022

21st Annual



Supporting Behavioral Health Bozeman Health Foundation announced the theme for its 21st Annual Hospitality Auction: It’s time to reveal what’s behind the mask, an evening masquerade supporting Behavioral Health in southwest Montana. One of Bozeman’s largest and most successful annual charity events, it typically raises more than $400,000 and has helped fund nearly $5 million to various hospital departments. Hospitality 2022 will be a virtual event featuring a one-ofa-kind silent and live auction and a live drive for cash donations. Proceeds from this year’s gala will support the building and equipment needed for a new 12-bed inpatient behavioral health unit at Deaconess Hospital in addition to supporting and growing the programs at Big Sky Medical Center. Over the last year, Bozeman Health has grown its behavioral health services in southwest Montana offering integrated behavioral health services in primary and pediatric care settings, enhancing emergency and crisis response services and implementing tele-psychiatry. The development of an innovative 12-bed inpatient psychiatric unit at Deaconess Hospital will provide comprehensive inpatient treatment in a compassionate, destigmatizing and calming setting. With a modern design, and focus on comfort, it will house inpatient psychiatric services close to home for adults in need and provide care across all economic circumstances. “Over the past four years, Bozeman Health has engaged in a journey with our community partners to understand regional behavioral health services gaps and evolving needs that we’ve seen increase during the pandemic,” said John Hill, Bozeman Health president and CEO. “As we continue that journey, Bozeman Health is committed to keeping care close to home and will add inpatient psychiatric care to the regional behavioral health care continuum.” The “It’s time to reveal what’s behind the mask” evening masquerade takes place April 30, 2022 virtually. Bozeman Health Foundation is encouraging individuals to “mask up” and gather in small groups and tune into the event. To view the event live on April 30, visit Bozeman Health Foundation’s live events page, bozemanhealth.org/support-our-mission/live-events/. In order to bid on items or participate in the live drive, guests will need to register on the giving platform, Givesmart. Preregistration is encouraged by visiting seebh.givesmart.com or texting the code seebh to 76278. Follow Bozeman Health Foundation on social media for event information and updates along with details about when bidding opens.

Big Sky Country

State Fair Invites the Community to Participate in

Competitive Events

The Big Sky Country State Fair is now accepting entries for the various competitive events being held at this year’s fair. Events range from the much-loved Barnyard Brawl (think Calf Scramble, Mutton Bustin’ and more), the hair-raising Bozeman Roundup Ranch Rodeo and traditional competitive exhibits with new classes. Open Class competitions in horticulture, photography, fine arts and quilts (to name a few) are a mainstay in fair programming and connect directly to the cultural landscape of the region. The Big Sky Country State Fair is excited to see these skills passed down through the generations and proud to provide a platform where they can be showcased to the public and next generations. The Big Sky Country State Fair is pleased to offer new divisions and classes this year. Creative Arts Division has a new High School-Related Projects Division and Digital Arts Division for both youth and adults; new classes include leather and metalwork. Culinary Division has a new Healthy Baked Goods Division, Homemade Beer and Wine Division, with all-new themed classes. Horticulture Division added new classes including Kale, Berries, Cilantro, Petunia, Flavored Basil, Themed Classes, Edible Landscape and Team Container Grown Plants. Photography Division added a new Wedding Photography Division along with a Videography Division. The Big Sky Country State Fair is also taking Digital Photography entries this year. Information on all competitions, as well as entry forms, are available at www.406StateFair.com. Big Sky Country State Fair is held Wednesday, July 20 through Sunday, July 24 in Bozeman, MT. The fair opens to the public Wednesday, July 20. Tickets and admission packages are available starting Friday, May 27, 2022. Check out 406StateFair.com for continual updated information on entertainment, tickets and competitions.

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Early Literacy and Reading Readiness in Bozeman Improving

The Bozeman School District, in partnership with the Bozeman Schools Foundation, recently launched a new early literacy program. Through “Bozeman Reads” the district hopes to help parents and child care providers throughout Bozeman better prepare children for their educational careers. “In Bozeman, 31% of students entering kindergarten this year are below the benchmark for requisite literacy skills,” notes Interim Superintendent Casey Bertram, who championed both the Bozeman Reads program and the district’s hiring of an early literacy specialist. “Studies show that a child is 90% more likely to remain a poor reader at the end of the fourth grade if the child is a poor reader at the end of first grade – which is why we can’t wait for kindergarten to begin the learning process.” The district’s approach to early literacy is grounded in the latest research, known broadly as the “science of reading,” and built on the philosophy that parents are their children’s first teachers. While Bozeman Read’s message of “Play, Talk, Read” might seem simple, Bozeman School District experts know that connecting with parents and children before they enter school can make a huge difference. “Cognitive processes develop rapidly in the first few years of life. In fact, by age 3, roughly 85% of the brain is developed,” notes Megan


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Roth, the district’s Early Literacy Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA). “However, traditional education takes place in grades K-12, which begin at age 5.” Because of the importance of this early phase in a child’s development, Bozeman Reads is targeting families with preschoolaged children for the first phase of its programming. Roth is hosting a series of interactive Family Nights at Hyalite, Irving, Whittier and Emily Dickson elementary schools over the next few years. Parents with children between the ages of 1 and 4 are invited to spend an evening learning and playing together while they share a meal with other families. Parents and caregivers of young children can register for an upcoming Bozeman Reads Family Night at https://sites. google.com/bsd7.org/bozeman-reads/home. Using interactive materials developed by the Lee Pesky Foundation – including placemats, dry erase markers and brightly colored teddy bear figures known as “manipulatives” – parents are shown how to engage their children in simple and easy ways during meals. Each family attending Family Night receives a gift bag with their own placemats, markers and manipulatives. The Bozeman Schools Foundation raised more than $45,000 in community support to launch this new program. “Bozeman is a community that values education and really cares about the next generation of students,” said the Foundation’s Executive Director, Jennifer Lammers. “Generous support from the Bozeman Noon Rotary, Langlas & Associates and Wentana, LLC – Billings based Wendy’s franchisee for restaurants across Montana – made Bozeman Reads possible.”


You know those moments when your child says something out loud in front of someone that completely mortifies you? I’ll pause here while you process the flashbacks of this exact thing happening to you over the years. We recently had one of those “moments” with our 6-year-old that made me want to crawl into the cold earth and lie there until summer.

After our meal, we arrived at stand-in-grandma’s house to pick up our kids. Upon walking in, I asked, “How was your night? Did you have fun?” Then it happened. My 6-year-old looked up at me and said clear as day in front of everyone, “Mom, I had the best time, and she didn’t even ask to see my penis.”

I’ve always been very open with my children; I try to approach the “uncomfortable stuff” early, and often, to make it less uncomfortable and hopefully lead to better communication.

Long pause.

We talk about body parts, how bodies change, why they change and what those changes look like. We take special care to talk about body boundaries and what to do if someone crosses those boundaries. Perhaps I hadn’t realized this approach had made our kids extremely comfortable talking about “all things body” until last Friday night.

Weird adult giggling.

When a board member at the company I work for (who is also a mentor of mine) sent me a text saying she would love to play grandma and watch the kids so my husband and I could have a night out, I quickly replied, “What time can I drop them?” Clearly, it had been a while since I’d had a night sans kids.

It’s been a week since the incident. I still laugh thinking about it, which is every day so far. To say that moment was embarrassing would be an understatement. I wonder what she thought we told him ahead of time? I wonder if she thinks we are bad parents for being too transparent with our children.

We dropped the kids off, she greeted them as any grandma would with cookies and games in abundance. I knew they needed a night away from parents just as badly as we needed a night to ourselves. The pandemic has been brutal on all parents. And as we emerge from the nasty grips of COVID, I am seeing how grateful we are to have a village of parenting support.

All I know is that I will never forget that night for so many reasons. The innocence my son still has that I wish would always remain, the way we’ve been steadfast in our “you can tell us anything” style of parenting, the look on her face, the way my pasta felt less secure in my stomach the moment he said those words. It was a moment for sure. A cringe-worthy moment that I will treasure forever.

I am sure you all know the feeling, but I cannot express how great it is to spend time uninterrupted with your spouse at a nice restaurant surrounded by other adults and no children.

Blair Fjeseth is a working professional and proud Montana mom. You can reach her at blairparker.inc@gmail.com. Follow her Instagram @blair_mt for more adventures.

Awkward eye glances.

My husband was as mortified as I was, but smartly, he escaped the moment by quickly grabbing all the coats and shoes and ushering our kids to the car.

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The Wonderful World of Foreign Exchange Montana Families Welcome International Teens WRITTEN BY SIERRA DRAKE

I’ve been fortunate to be the “matchmaker” between international high school students and their Montana host families for more than a decade. As a former exchange student, host mom and local coordinator with International Cultural Exchange Services, I have experienced firsthand the positive, life-changing impact of foreign exchange programs. In college, I studied abroad in Ecuador as an exchange student and I was warmly welcomed into my Ecuadorian familia. I learned to salsa dance in the kitchen with my host mom, practiced my Spanish alongside my host sisters while they practiced their English, and embraced a culture that was so vibrantly different than our American culture. I’ll always remember my host mom saying, “Te cuida, mija” which translates to “Take care, my daughter,” each day as I left for school. Twelve years after my study abroad experience, I was reunited with my host sisters, reminding me that I’ll always have a second family. Many years ago, I became a host mom to Emilie, from Denmark. She bonded with my children, Zoë and West. She was an amazing big sister and loved spending time with them building snowmen, reading stories and baking cookies. Zoë recalls, “I loved having a sister from another country, and she inspired me to travel and learn about new cultures. I will always cherish the experience.” I’ve been lucky enough to work with over 100 exchange students who attended local Montana high schools. One of my students, Alina, from Germany, says, “I could never have imagined that I would call someone from the other side of the world that I never met before, now FAMILY. I call this place a second home and I’m so glad to be part of their family.” Her host mom, Christin, shared, “This has been a great experience for our family! Alina fits right in with our family and has made incredible lifetime friends. We’ve enjoyed exploring the outdoors, skiing, surfing and camping with her. We look forward to doing this again in the future.” Each year, I search for more loving families to host brave international teens. Host families provide a room, meals and a loving environment. Students are 15-18 years old and come from all over the world. Host families also can hand-select the next member of their family. The connection between the host family and student creates a lasting impression and helps build cultural awareness and diversity in our local community. To get involved, or learn more please contact Sierra Drake at sdrake@icesusa.org or visit icesusa.org. 58

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family Life on the Ranch

The Rodeo Road

Keeps Ranch Family Busy and Active


Juggling four children involved in sports, a livestock sale barn and a ranch keeps Miles City mom, Misty Meged, on her toes. The children are no longer young—Haven is 24, Hayes is 22, Harley is 18 and Holden is 16, but Misty has spent many years supporting their involvement in a variety of school sports.

Misty admits there were hectic times trying to balance ranching and four children but explained, “They just went with us. If we had to tag calves or bale hay, they would be in the tractor with us.” If the ranch and raising kids wasn’t enough to stay busy, Misty owned a clothing store in Miles City until a couple of years ago.

The boys wrestled and played football, while the girls played basketball, but the family’s main passion has always been rodeo.

As the children grew older, they became progressively more responsible for taking care of their animals, helping with calving and learning how to doctor a variety of livestock injuries or illnesses. What they learned when they were younger about livestock care and ranching just rolled into competing in the rodeo arena.

Rodeo and horses were new to Misty initially and, although she was raised in Miles City, her parents owned a rental and construction company, and she admitted that she was more familiar with running skid steers and backhoes than agricultural equipment. Her grandfather owned a ranch, but Misty explained “We stayed away from horses; we had motorcycles instead.” When she met her husband, Bart, he owned a ranch and was part owner of the Miles City Livestock Commission. It was then that ranching and the sale yard became part of her life. In 2015, Bart bought out his partner and the Meged family became sole owners of MCLC, a venue for marketing and selling cattle.

“High school rodeo has so many events for kids to compete in. The boys do team roping, steer roping, steer wrestling, reined cow horse and cutting. The girls compete in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying and breakaway roping,” Misty explained. “Rodeo is not a team sport, so it’s very humbling, because it’s just you and your horse going into that arena and trying to win.” The Megeds praise the camaraderie of highschool rodeo parents and children. “What’s especially enjoyable is the rodeo family. When Haven won Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) World Championship

Tie-Down Roper in 2019, a lot of our rodeo family was watching.” Misty said the family would practice rodeo skills when the children got home from school and she and her husband would get home from work, as well as over the weekend. “As they got older, they could practice as long as there were two of them, just in case something happened,” she noted. As with any high school sport, being successful takes plenty of practice sandwiched between school work and, in the case of the Megeds, ranch work. She feels rodeo, sports or other school activities provide an admirable outlet for children. “Being involved gives them a sense of self-worth and challenges them. It gives young people a reason to be together and to be around different people. These days kids are so into electronics, it’s too easy for them to go home and sit on their phones. Sports enables them to be physically active. In addition, if they’re involved in after-school activities, including non-sports activities like speech and drama, they learn interpersonal communications, which are skills they will certainly need throughout their lives.” Rebecca Colnar is Director of Public Relations for Montana Farm Bureau and a freelance writer from Custer, Montana.

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New Column


Hello Montana Parent readers, and welcome to the “Ask Flora” column, where you can ask your parenting questions (for kids ages 2 to 10), and get answers from a Licensed Counselor and Parenting Coach of 12 years.


“I need help transitioning my 7-year-old from “stuck” moments (literally won’t enter his classroom or get in the car without getting what he wants) into normal behavior. Basically, bringing him out of a red zone into a more tranquil, adaptable state.” - Emily H. and Amber D.

Great question! Here are three key steps to improve drop-offs. Next, I will provide ideas for those other “stuck” moments. Ways to improve school drop-off: 1. Teach: Outside of the transition time, make a plan in advance of how the goodbye will happen. You can include things like

holding hands as you walk to the door, a squeeze hug to the count of 10, a kiss on his hand—so he can put that hand up to her heart or cheek anytime in the day and get a kiss from you (this especially helps younger kids), a secret goodbye handshake, etc. Have a plan that is simple and clear and can be repeated by anyone who does his drop-off.

2. Practice: This is often the most foreign, but most effective strategy in this process because it helps the child to experience the

positive behavior in their bodies. Put two dining room chairs in a line and role-play that you are at school, and it’s time to get out of the car. Walk through the plan that you have made together, and do it with positive feedback: “That will be such a fun way to start the day, won’t it?” And if the child does not feel positive during the practice phase, ask what else he may want to add to the routine, to really have his needs met. For example, my son at age 5 was nervous going into school, and I knew at home that he liked to rub the silky edge of his blanket to self-soothe. So, we found a similar feeling ribbon (in some random drawer of junk), and it worked as a blanket replacement that he could have in his pocket and rub without any other kids knowing.

3. Follow-through with one last 30-second hug, if needed. This is often the hardest part, because when the

child gets to school, starts the plan and then begins to melt down, we can be tempted to start lecturing or say something like, “This is NOT what I need right now. Come on!” (Or is that just something I fall into? OK, yep. I figured I probably wasn’t alone). If you can resist that urge, instead offer one last silent 30-second hug (the next page), then follow through on the rest of the plan and walk away with confidence. Your child will likely feed off your confidence and even if they are crying, will move on within minutes, or have shorter and shorter upsets over future day.


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Unsticking" from the "red zone", to their wise, wonderful self.

I find many parents struggle in these moments, and do what I call “neck-up” parenting: trying to fix the problem with rationalizing or reasoning. However, when the child is in the red zone, they are not in a rational state. They are in an emotional state. And they likely need connection and compassion before they are willing to move on. Some key tools for connection in those moments:

May 2022: Mental Health

Memorial Day-Labor Day Ads due 5/17-Prints 5/21 We write the book on family-friendly events, activities and recreation in southwest Montana

It’s simple, I know. But it has been the BEST tool to fix many red zones for families I work with. The trouble is, it requires silence. No talking, explaining, rationalizing how the situation is going to “be fine.” Just silence. And hold for 30 seconds.

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t-i-o-n…t-a-l-k-i-n-g, to help the child soothe from the “red zone” to the green. With kids who may resist a hug when they are upset, this is a really effective kind of invisible hug. It offers a soothing energy to the moment, by simply talking as slowly as you can, in a low voice, and not focusing on anything besides asking them to just pause for a moment, before going back to the thing you are asking them to do. In this pause, we can recommend a few slow breaths, a hug or taking space to calm down.

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3. Name it to tame it: “You seem…

Flora McCormick, LCPC is a parenting coach of over 10 years, who supports to families in Bozeman and across the country. Learn more in her FREE Facebook community: Sustainable Parenting, or on Instagram: Sustainable_Parent_ Coach. Questions for the next issue can be submitted to contactflora@gmail.com.

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Southwest Montana Family Travel Guide

1. Give a 30-second silent hug:

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(feeling word),” and then PAUSE. The pause is the most important part (and often foreign for parents). Often the emotional child is looking for help to organize their feelings.

December 2022: Winter Fun in Southwest Montana

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tickets to the Thursday Show



For a chance to win tickts,

follow the Montana Parent Facebook and Instagram page and comment with your clever caption starting April 1.

2 different pictures! 2 different captions! 2 times the chance to score tickets! 2 times the FUN!

Other info:

Winners will be chosen and announced April 25. Must be 18 years of age to enter.


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THE BROADS ARE BACK! FINALLY!! With their ALL-NEW Show!! At the Emerson Cultural Center Thursday, Friday & Saturday April 28th, 29th & 30th 8:00pm For more information about Broad Comedy, visit:



Since the early pioneers first made their way west, Montana has earned a reputation for producing first-quality wheat and grains packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor. That’s why we established Wheat Montana here years ago, and we’re glad to share Montana’s natural goodness with friends and neighbors like you.

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Grow up with us. Bozeman Health Pediatrics

Our care. + SAME-DAY CARE + WELL-CHILD EXAMS + INTEGRATED BEHAVIORAL HEALTH + SPORTS PHYSICALS + IMMUNIZATIONS Bozeman Health Pediatrics is your trusted source for comprehensive healthcare services at every stage of childhood. From the delivery room to high school diploma, we treat your family like our own – celebrating life’s milestones, together. Our pediatricians ensure your little ones grow big, healthy, and ready to take on whatever the future has in store.

Call today to schedule a same-day appointment!

Belgrade + Bozeman


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