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F O TO : W W W. R H U I G I . T U M B L R . C O M


ell me about yourself. Who is Rhuigi Villasenor? “My name is Rhuigi, pronounced as (roo-wee-g). My whole family’s name starts with RH’s. Born in the Philippines moved to other countries, now I’m in the states.” You live in Los Angeles. What is that like? “ There’s nothing like LA. It definitely helped me build my aesthetics. Definitely was a cholo around middle school. lol.” Which man has inspired you the most and why? “As far as in design, Raf ! With his approach on clothes, Pharrell when I was younger, and now I look to myself, my younger self.” How should a man dress to get a woman? “With self-respect and confidence. Definitely know what your body is capable of wearing. Possibly a bit of rhude? I think it all depends on what kind of woman you’re aiming to. I sure as hell hope it’s a babe.” What is the worst thing a man can wear? “His heart and ego lol. No but not a big fan of those 80s-like kids.“ What is the best advice you have been given so far and from who? “My sister used to always tell me to stop slacking off. Definitely took that like a

Shakespearean poem and put it to perspective.” Tell me about the craziest party you have been to. What happened? “NYC. Alexander Wang parties being the beautiful models and they appreciate a man that can dress. What happened? What didn’t happen?!” Who do you think is the most well-dressed man right now? “I always get this question. I still think Pharrell and Lapo Elkann are one of the best but now that I ‘m getting older I haven’t had time to care.” What is the perfect outfit for you? “I really enjoy shorts, so a pair of tailored shorts, a well constructed shirt, high socks with a pair of respectable wingtips and any coat that compliments the look.” Are you familiar with danish brands or stores? Which ones? “I was a big fan of Wood Wood! And recently I’ve been in love with STORM. I think they know exactly what they want for the store and they provide a good selection to the people of Denmark. Definitely doesn’t hurt that they carr y RHUDE.” What kind of music do you listen to and who is your alltime favorite artist? “I grew listening to Bee Gees like a lot, so I prefer a more disco 70s sound then really good rap. If I had to pick,

my favorite artist right now is Kendrick Lamar. Pure brilliance. All time? That’s difficult.” Have you been working or are you working with Jalil Peraza? “Jalil is practically my brother. We’re from the same generation and I give him all my love and support whenever I can.” How would you define creativity? “Knowledge and culture. I think those two are the major components. Culture builds character and knowledge is stability to create something not necessarily new but phenomenal.” Name 7 things people don’t know about you. 1) “I like turtles” 2) “I love women, like in general I really appreciate their anatomy, definitely fascinating.” 3) “I play basketball, like I seriously play basketball.” 4) “I’m pretty nifty with patterns and cutting/sewing.” 5) “I’ll take tacos over filet mignon.” 6) “I can actually draw and paint!” 7) “I used to love this band called Westlife.” Anything you want to say to our readers? “Have a mind of your own. I hope I can be an inspiration to value your time and make a difference.”



F O TO : W W W. R H U I G I . T U M B L R . C O M

finish these sentences WITHOUT BEING RHUDE! What I like to do in the morning is.. to read my emails and text back the beautiful babes. When I go to a club I.. want to leave.. with your girl (kidding) not a big club guy. Women are.. perfect. I like big booty women because.. wait I don’t like ‘em too big then it’s definitely a fat woman.

What inspires me to get up ever y day is.. to create something memorable. I like Instagram because.. It’s the most personal and efficient marketing tool out right now. Twitter is my shit and I.. hate people that are popular of facade lives and copied words. I made this inter view to.. keep it FOUR THOUSAND.

I see the world as.. a digital world.



RHUDE W W W. R H - U D E . C O M


A CHAT WITH: Rhuigi Villasenor  

An interview with the owner and creator of RHUDE.

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