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6 BENEFITS OF HAVING A SMART WATCH A smart watch is a simple way to be in touch whilst on the go, let’s see why! P11

WEIGHTY QUESTIONS Slimming down can bring with it a new set of challenges. P14


An eco-tour by Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. P28




Cronulla Probus Club (M)





Chairman’s Message /


The most important approach is to remain positive.


y Chairman’s message comes at a time of more upheaval to our great organisation. I would love to be reporting on the opening of new Clubs and growth in membership at existing Clubs. The recent lockdowns and increased restrictions, however, indicate that return to normal for some Clubs will be challenging once again.

The most important approach is to remain positive. We are a great organisation with a plethora of great leaders in our Clubs. I firmly believe that next year our Clubs will be going “hell for Leather” in running functions and attracting new members. Our role as Club leaders is almost simple.

Run a great Club with interesting programs that looks after existing members and attracts new retirees.

As we come out of the Covid lockdowns, we have enormous opportunities. Potential members abound who are looking for a more satisfying, social time in their retirement. My three years as Director responsible for South Australia & Northern Territory ends at the August Annual General Meeting. I will, of course remain on the Board for one more year as Immediate Past Chairman.

I am pleased to advise that John Hall, past president of the Campbelltown Probus Club in South Australia, has been appointed to the Board in my place for a three-year term. I have greatly enjoyed the role and received a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment and, I wish John similar success. I look back in amazement at my involvement in Probus. A chance remark at a wedding led my wife and me to join Probus and, we have never regretted it. We had not thought of Probus having been involved in Rotary for many years but, our Probus involvement created new horizons and new friends in our retirement.

What face is your Club presenting to potential new members? If you were not a member of your Club today, would you join it? Taking on something new like Probus can be daunting for some, if we have a visitor and potential new member, consider appointing a member to be their friend for three months and look after them.

The challenge for all our members is to make those chance remarks and invite retirees known to us to come to a meeting. What continues to impress me is the resilience of our Probus Clubs when faced with challenges such as COVID, many Clubs continue to have meetings in the open air or by electronic means. If you went back a couple of years, none of these ideas would have surfaced. Once again, this emphasises the quality of the leadership teams in our Clubs.



PROBUS DAY An initiative from Vice-Chairman Judith Maestracci last year was to nominate and celebrate Probus Day. The day she selected was 1st October which is United Nations Day for Older Persons. Last year even in the hard Covid times, it was very successful. It was impressive how many Clubs picked up the cudgel and ran a successful celebratory function in October. Let’s make it even better this year. This past year has been especially difficult for Probus and I would like to recognise PSPL CEO Silvana Martignago and her hardworking team for their excellent work during the year under such trying circumstances. It is sometimes only in troubled times that we realise what gems we have in our organisation. Let us move forward and seek to involve more members of our retired community in Probus. Especially now during Covid lockdowns where the experts are encouraging senior members of the community to become more involved and thus ward off the decline as we age.

David Simpson Chairman | Probus South Pacific Ltd


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Dining with History Strangers’ Restaurant provides the public with a rare opportunity to experience fine dining at NSW Parliament House in Sydney. Visitors to the building can witness key moments in the history of Australian politics by exploring the rare collection of historic artefacts and rotating art exhibitions. The seasonal menu allows you to discover the wonderful flavours of local delicacies and award-winning wineries from across the state.



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26 Escape To The Hinterland

8 4 Trusted Websites To Make You Tech Savvy

We look at some of the best resources for getting better at using technology.

11 6 Benefits Of Having A Smart Watch

A smart watch is a simple way to be in touch whilst on the go, let’s see why!


14 Weighty Questions Slimming down can bring with it a new set of challenges.

17 Coronavirus And Mental Health

Escape to the hinterland haven of the Blue Mountains.

28 Visit The Mysterious Skull Rock

An eco-tour by Pennicott Wilderness Journeys.


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20 The NDIS

Accommodation Crisis Aussie retirees helping to solve the NDIS accommodation crisis.


23 Spring Clean Your Finances

It’s not just time to clear out the physical clutter in your home.




June - July 2021


Probus Day 2021 is just 6 months away! Check out how you can celebrate this year | WWW.PROBUSSOUTHPACIFIC.ORG


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Technology /4 Trusted Websites To Make You Tech Savvy



Trusted Websites To Make You Tech Savvy We look at some of the best resources for getting better at using technology.

eniors tend to lag behind when it comes to using the multitude of online resources, but there are ways you can learn about the new world of technology easily and safely. And if you are reading this article, chances are you have a basic grasp of things. Australia’s digital divide is measured by the Digital Inclusion Index, which measured in 2018 that overall, our digital inclusion is improving with the index rising 3.8 points to 56.5. But age continues to be a factor. “People aged 65+ are Australia’s least digitally included age group (42.9, or 13.6 points below the national average),” the report says. “This ‘age gap’ has been steadily widening since 2015 (by approximately 0.5 points each year).” It may seem weird to say you can learn about the internet on the internet, but all of the sites we have provided below are simple to use and should help you grow your skills, and some come with realworld help. So, let’s take a look at the best ways to learn online:

Tech Savvy Seniors


Run by Telstra, this online portal aims to help seniors get up-to-date with the digital world. The site gives older people instructional videos or allows them to register for a face-to-face training session to make sure they stay connected. The courses are also available in a range of languages.

This initiative bills itself as “young people who are just like your grandkids but with more time and patience” and will send people out to your home to help you with a variety of tech issues. They can help you use social media, create documents or make videos for your family. With a bit of help, technology need not be scary at all.




4 Trusted Websites To Make You Tech Savvy /


Be Connected

Another trusted online source, GoDigi is backed by Australia Post and Infoxchange to help get online the nearly four million people in Australia who are not connected. There is an online platform to help you improve your skills, but there is also an extensive real-world network of libraries and businesses who will help you with any technological issues. There is also an online mentoring program where people who use the net every day become mentors to Australians who are not as good with their tech.

This website is a government initiative to help everyone get online and get the most out of technology, but it is skewed to seniors who have lower rates of connectivity on the web. They have a number of online resources to help improve computer skills and they also offer in-house training if you get stuck. This key feature allows you to search a local business or person that can help you at home with your technology issues, and they are a trusted source. Courses cover everything from iPads to Android and computer basics.





o t p i r t y A da member...


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Group bookings are essential

Ferry Bookings 0418 63 1313 or 4363 1311

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6 Benefits Of A Smart Watch /


Benefits Of Having A Smart Watch

A smart watch is a simple way to be in touch whilst on the go, let’s see why!


ou may have heard countless times, “what’s the point of having a smart watch?”. In a world so taken over by a need for bigger screens and bigger resolutions - the smart watch is the perfect little pocket device which can be taken anywhere, literally…anytime. A smart watch is a touchscreen enabled wrist watch that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi. We discuss the benefits of having a smart watch. So, the first question might be what can a smart watch do that an analog watch can’t? A lot.


They Don’t Just Tell The Time Our small wrist companion is fashionable and functional, but a smart watch has hundreds of different functionalities that are built into it more than just telling the time. Giving you all the main functionalities of the smartphone without having to carry one around!


Finding A Phone, Key Or Device Losing a phone, or your keys is a frustrating experience and always tends to happen when you least expect it! Thankfully, a smart watch has you taken care of – with the “Find Your Phone” features on smart watches, you can find your phone in seconds! The phone will start ringing at full volume until you find it – handy huh?! To use it to find a key, all you need is to attach a special key finder to your jangling keys and install a simple app on your smart watch.


Fitness And Health Tracking This is the core feature of many smart watches, it lets to track, set and monitor your fitness goals and health status. So if you’re ever in the market looking for a pedometer or a fitness tracker, just replace it with a smart watch! So what exactly can it count?


Your daily steps, distance walked, calories, heart rate, ECG monitor, pulse rate, sleep patterns and some even go beyond to give you a buzzing reminder when your body is overstressed and you need a break. They have an inbuilt breath counter which walks you through deep breathing exercises when you need them most!



Technology /6 Benefits Of A Smart Watch


Reply To Messages And Receive Calls Instantly With a smart watch on your wrist, you are notified with your messages and incoming phonecalls, call logs etc. just the way a smartphone would. They have inbuilt microphones, speakers and even text replying methods to instantly respond to anyone who needs you! Some watches go further and have voice support, which let’s you command the watch and get the most out of it. However, all of these services are done on a considerably smaller interface than a phone, which may get a little fiddly at times.


You’re Connected For Longer A smartphone just cannot compare to the battery life of a smartphone, these tiny things can last days on a single charge and with full use. This is due to powerful batteries being inbuilt but also as the smart watch is taught to only show screen when your eyes make contact with the interface, otherwise, it is sleeping (this setting can be changed to keep it always on!). Some of the higher end smart watches can last 10 days on a single charge – giving smart watches an overall 10/10 for lifespan.


Navigation! Holding a smartphone to check directions and without looking up can get a little confusing and even unsafe when cycling or driving. A smart watch eliminates this danger of divided attention and delivers the message to you without even having to look at it. There are inbuilt variations of vibrations which indicate a left or a right turn! So there you have it! Why a smart watch is a totally worthwhile investment for your retirement years, it can be a very friendly, compact and portable wrist companion which even comes in many different funky colours and styles to match your needs perfectly.




ZERO DEATHS FROM BREAST CANCER Support the National Breast Cancer Foundation to achieve this goal and save thousands of lives. 1 in 7 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Together we can stop breast cancer taking the lives of those we love. A charitable gift in your Will to fund innovative research can improve survival rates, transform detection, treatment and care.

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Health /Weighty Questions

Weighty Questions


We’re often told that losing weight is the key to a healthy life, yet for older people, slimming down can bring with it a new set of challenges.

f you’re over 60 and wondering why every slice of cake now seems to add two kilos, rest assured that you’re not alone. As you age, the metabolism that fired you through your younger years slows down, while the various hormones that kept your weight in check and regulated your muscle mass also begin to wane. The result is an unfair one-two punch of decreased muscle growth and increased fat production that, left unchecked, can lead to some unwelcome body transformations. Yet there are a range of undeniable benefits to keeping off excess weight, not least of which is increased endurance, reduced wear on aching joints and being less prone to accidents. Add in a lesser risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease and you have a compelling case for keeping your weight under control. But before you kick off your weight-loss program, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Age Related Issues First, when it comes to any new exercise and diet regime, discipline is important. One of the difficulties of losing weight in your later years is that the kilos you shed not only come out of your body’s stores of fat, but they also come out of your bones and muscle mass. Even worse, if you do lose weight and then put it back on, it’s much more likely to return as fat a few months down the track, leaving you less well off than if you never lost weight in the first place. The upshot is that if you’re a little overweight, have a healthy diet and are at low risk of cardiovascular disease, then it



may be better to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than shedding the pounds. This is why it’s important to talk to your doctor before embarking on any attempt to slim down. Obviously, the easiest way to lose weight is by not putting it on in the first place. But for retirees, this can be easier said than done. A slower metabolism means you need fewer calories each day – a hundred less for each decade that passes – while higher levels of insulin resistance inhibit your ability to effectively process the sugars that you do eat. This means that not only do you need to pay more attention to portion control, but that it’s also more important than ever to keep sugary treats to a minimum.


Weighty Questions /


Watch The Diet

Keeping Active

From a dietary perspective, studies suggest that the so-called keto (ketogenic) diet might offer a more effective way for over-60s to lose weight. Essentially a protein-led, high-fat, lowcarb diet, the emphasis is on reducing your blood sugar levels so as to allow your sloweddown metabolism to keep up. Elevated levels of protein are especially important if you’re planning on losing weight, as it will help prevent you from losing too much muscle at the same time. One study showed that anywhere up to 1.5 grams of lean protein per kilogram of body weight – roughly twice the recommended adult intake – could be beneficial for people over the age of 50.

Exercise is the other vital strut of any weightloss project. While many seniors focus on cardio activity such as walking, running and cycling, freeweight and resistance training could actually be more beneficial when it comes to weight loss. Not only do these targeted activities help to build muscle and strengthen bones, but the increased muscle mass also acts to speed up your metabolism, making it more likely that you’ll lose weight. However, it’s important not to overstress your body, especially if it has been a long time between gym sessions. Working with a personal trainer could help keep you safe, as well as making it more likely that you’ll follow through on your exercise plan.




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Coronavirus And Mental Health /


Coronavirus and Mental Health By The Mental Health Foundation UK


nfectious disease outbreaks, like the current coronavirus (COVID-19), can be scary and can affect our mental health. While it is important to stay informed, there are also many things we can do to support and manage our wellbeing during such times. Here are some tips we hope will help you, your friends, and your family to look after your mental health at a time when there is much discussion of potential threats to our physical health.

Looking after your mental health while you have to stay at home More of us will be spending a lot of time at home and many of our regular social activities will no longer be available to us. It will help to try and see it as a different period in your life, and not necessarily a bad one, even if you didn’t choose it. It will mean a different rhythm of life, a chance to be in touch with others in different ways than usual. Be in touch with other people regularly on social media, e-mail or on the phone, as they are still good ways of being close to the people who matter to you.  Create a new daily routine that prioritises looking after yourself. You could try reading more or watching movies, having an exercise routine, trying new relaxation techniques, or finding new knowledge on the internet. Try and rest and view this as a new unusual experience, that might have its benefits.    Make sure your wider health needs are being looked after such as having enough prescription medicines available to you.

Try to avoid speculation and look up reputable sources on the outbreak Rumour and speculation can fuel anxiety. Having access to good quality information about the virus can help you feel more in control. Follow hygiene advice such as washing your hands more often than usual, for 20 seconds with soap and hot water (sing ‘happy birthday’ to yourself twice to make sure you do this for 20 seconds). You should do this whenever you get home or into work, blow your nose, sneeze, or cough, eat or handle food. If you can’t wash your hands straightaway, use hand sanitiser and then wash them at the next opportunity. You should also use tissues if you sneeze and make sure you dispose of them quickly; and stay at home if you are feeling unwell.

Make A Personal Financial Plan

If the pandemic has stretched your expenses, reduced your income, this uncertainty can take a toll on your mental health.



Plan your finances this winter, including making sure you are getting any benefits you are entitled to and getting help with any debt concerns you may have. With different restrictions in place, using a budget tool to redo your household budget for being at home could be useful. Remember that you may be saving money by not spending on things like transport and socialising. Factor that in when looking at your budget.

Try To Stay Connected

The way we are able to connect to others is changing, but this is happening at a different pace depending on who you are and where you live. Advice is significantly different if you are shielding, and you still need to take extra care if you have a long-term physical health condition or, aged over 70. At times of stress, we work better in company and with support. Try and keep in touch with your friends and family, by telephone, email or social media, or contact a helpline for emotional support.


Health / Coronavirus And Mental Health If this article has raised issues for you, or if you’re concerned about someone you know, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.  You may like to focus on the things you can do if you feel able to: • • •

Stress Management Keep Active Eat A Balanced Diet

Stay in touch with friends on social media but try not to sensationalise things. If you are sharing content, use this from trusted sources, and remember that your friends might be worried too. Also remember to regularly assess your social media activity. Tune in with yourself and ask if they need to be adjusted. Are there particular accounts or people that are increasing your worry or anxiety? Consider muting or unfollowing accounts or hashtags that cause you to feel anxious.

Talk To Your Children

Involving our family and children in our plans for good health is essential. We need be alert to and ask children what they have heard about the outbreak and support them, without causing them alarm. We need to minimise the negative impact it has on our children and explain the facts to them. Discuss the news with them but try and avoid over-exposure to coverage of the virus. Be as truthful as possible. Let’s not avoid the ‘scary topic’ but engage in a way that is appropriate for them. We have more advice on talking with your children about the coronavirus outbreak.

Try To Anticipate Distress

Try Not To Make Assumptions

It is OK to feel vulnerable and overwhelmed as we read news about the outbreak, especially if you have experienced trauma or a mental health problem in the past, or if you are shielding, have a longterm physical health condition or fall into one of the other groups that makes you more vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings and remind each other to look after our physical and mental health. We should also be aware of and avoid increasing habits that may not be helpful in the long term, like smoking, drinking, and overeating. Try and reassure people you know who may be worried and check in with people who you know are living alone.



Don’t judge people and avoid jumping to conclusions about who is responsible for the spread of the disease. The coronavirus can affect anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sex. Try to manage how you follow the outbreak in the media  There is extensive news coverage about the outbreak. If you find that the news is causing you huge stress, it’s important to find a balance. It’s best that you don’t avoid all news and that you keep informing and educating yourself but limit your news intake if it is bothering you.

Looking After Your Mental Health As Lockdown Eases

Across the nations of Australia, The USA, and UK, lockdown is easing in different ways and at different times. As we begin to come out of lockdown many of us are faced with both challenges and opportunities. Within social distancing guidelines, we may be able to see friends and family in person, play sport or return to work. However, many of us may find even these longed-for changes difficult for our mental health. The idea of coming out of lockdown when the scientific debate is ongoing may also be worrying for those of us who are more at risk from the virus or living with mental health problems.



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Finance / The NDIS Accommodation Crisis

Aussie retirees helping to solve the NDIS accommodation crisis


hrough National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) housing investment, an outpouring of investors are seizing the opportunity to help tens of thousands of Australians desperately in need of supported independent living accommodation (SIL). SIL is in strong demand from Australians living with disability who require accommodation with NDIS supports. Typically, most SIL accommodation includes a home set up appropriately with rooms for NDIS participants to live in and separate space for a full-time carer and house manager. “Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are investing in properties all over the country and leasing them out as NDIS accommodation to help solve the accommodation shortfall for people that need supported independent living. When you think of NDIS property investment, think of it as your socialminded, ethical investment choice with low risk and high returns,” SMSF Loan Experts founder, Yannick Leko said. “With returns that double for SMSFs compared to normal investment property returns, we’re seeing a huge trend in SMSFs borrowing funds to purchase properties for NDIS housing. “Using your super to buy property gives you access to some of the best tax incentives for investing in property. With a correctly optimised loan, SMSF

structure and property type, your fund could be hundreds of thousands of dollars larger when you retire.”   According to Leko, the NDIS is a government initiative formed in 2013 to fund costs associated with disability. This government funding helps to improve the quality of life of participants, their families and carers, especially through the NDIS property investment scheme. “The undersupply of specialist accommodation for Australian’s living with disability is catastrophic — many people with disability are living in aged care facilities simply because there aren’t enough houses available to suit their needs,” Leko said. “We urgently need more specialist houses built in Australia, and the Speciality Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding under the NDIS aims to do just that. In 2016 the SDA was established to provide vital funding for custom homes that meet the needs of Australians living with disability. “The Government has sought to remedy the high demand and low supply for specialist housing by providing incentives to investors. This generous funding allows Australians approved under the NDIS to become your tenants — bringing with them a wealth of benefits.”



According to Leko, having NDIS participants as your tenant comes with a multitude of additional benefits, including:

• The drastic undersupply of housing means you’ll never need to worry about your house sitting vacant. • Having qualified participants as your tenants in your NDIS investment property comes with a multitude of additional benefits over having tenants who aren’t funded by the Australian government.

• Investing in SDA property means you get riskmitigated NDIS investment properties that are government-backed. • The NDIS property investment will let you receive above-market rates, realising incredibly high yields of up to 18 percent thanks to government funding. • Your rental income is pegged alongside CPI, so your income stream from your NDIS housing investment will rise with inflation.

“Investing in SDA property provides peace of mind and a sense of certainty that non-government-funded investments simply cannot offer. A potential yield of this calibre with relatively very low risk is not easily come by,”


According to Leko, the NDIS funding for SDA property provides excellent benefits to people with disability and investors alike, however there are a few barriers that investors must first answer to get through to take advantage of this incredible NDIS housing investment opportunity.

The NDIS Accommodation Crisis /


• The number of lenders willing to provide finance for NDIS property is low.

• It is not possible to get a lender’s mortgage insurance on an SDA property. As a result, lenders will only offer up to 80 percent of the value of the property.

• The NDIS investment properties, as custommade homes, are often valued lower than the contract price simply because there are no comparable sales in the area.

• When determining your capacity to repay the loan, the lender uses the market-value rent, which is a lot lower than the actual amount received. The rental income you receive from your NDIS investment property will be much higher than the market rate, but at this stage, the lenders don’t have a method of assessing this factor and for that reason your mortgage application could be rejected purely because lenders haven’t updated their lending criteria to consider the NDIS investing initiative.

“The benefits for investors and people living with disability are incredible and unrivalled. There is clear reasoning why there is a surge in SMSFs investing in NDIS property and overcoming lending barriers,” Leko said. Since they began 12 years ago, SMSF Loan Experts has filled the growing market demand for lending experts who specialise in SMSF. Today, its team now combines years of experience through every aspect of self-managed super funds. The SMSF Loan Expert difference is that the team specialises in SMSF lending, unlike other lenders. They pride themselves on organising more limited recourse borrowing arrangements in a week than most other brokers or bank branches in a year.

All articles are general in nature. Individuals should seek expert advice before acting on any information contained in Active Retirees.




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2022 Departures 10 Night / 11 Days – Full Loop (Hobart to Hobart)

Hobart – Strahan – Cradle Mountain – Smithton – Stanley – Launceston – Bicheno – Freycinet – Port Arthur 23rd April – 3rd May 2022 22nd October – 1st November 2022 • City Sights & Surrounds Tour • Entry to The Wall in the Wilderness • Tour of Port Arthur Historic Site • A spectacular Gordon River Cruise • Tarkine “Edge of the World” Half Day Tour • Dove Lake and magnificent Cradle Mountain National Park • The Nut return chairlift at Stanley • Josef Chromy Wines - Go Behind the Label Tour • National Park Passes • Selected Meals

5 Night / 6 Days - West Coast (Hobart to Launceston)

Hobart – Strahan – Cradle Mountain – Smithton – Stanley – Launceston 23rd – 28th April 2022 22nd – 27th October 2022 • City Sights & Surrounds Tour • Entry to The Wall in the Wilderness • A spectacular Gordon River Cruise • Tarkine “Edge of the World” Half Day Tour • Dove Lake and magnificent Cradle Mountain National Park • The Nut return chairlift at Stanley

5 Night / 6 Days - East Coast (Launceston to Hobart)

Launceston – Bicheno – Freycinet – Port Arthur – Hobart 28th April – 3rd May 2022 27th October – 1st November 2022 • City Sights & Surrounds Tour • Tour of Port Arthur Historic Site • Josef Chromy Wines - Go Behind the Label Tour • National Park Passes • Selected Meals


10 Night / 11 Day Full Loop: $4,599.00 pp in dbl/twin accommodation + $1,500.00 single supp 5 Night / 6 Day West Coast: $2,750.00 pp in dbl/twin accommodation + $750.00 single supp 5 Night / 6 Day East Coast: $2,250.00 pp in dbl/twin accommodation + $750.00 single supp

AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2021 ACTIVE RETIREES | 22 Call (03) 6272 2645 or email


Spring Clean Your Finances /


Spring clean


nyone who has read Marie Kondo’s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, will know her approach to decluttering is to focus on surrounding yourself with things that “spark joy.” There’s no reason why you can’t take the same approach to a spring clean of your finances. If your finances are causing you grief or concern, it might be time to run a joyo-meter over them.

your finances

It’s not just time to clear out the physical clutter in your home. Why not take a look at your finances to see if there’s anything you can throw out or tidy up?

Start By Committing To Clean Up Your Finances

Sometimes the negative feelings about our spending come from the sneaking suspicion that we’re spending more than we should. It feels better to get clear on where our money is going and then commit to take positive action to change things.

What Brings You Joy In Life?

Want to reduce that “eek!” reaction when you check your bank balance? Start by thinking about what brings you most joy in life. How do you actually want to spend your money? Are travel experiences important to you? Or do you love a good restaurant meal or participating in certain hobbies? Do you consider socialising with friends money well-spent or do you like to be able to be generous with your family?

Trim Back What Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Implement A System

Now that you’re clear about what you value spending money on, it’ll be easier to see where your bank balance is being drained by things you don’t consider important. Perhaps you like to have a mobile phone but getting the latest iPhone wasn’t really a priority. Maybe you thought that a magazine subscription or club membership would be something you’d enjoy but they’ve both been neglected. Are all your direct debits still bringing you joy? Amanda Cassar, financial adviser, Wealth Planning Partners, says: “It’s easy to sign up for things and forget that the monthly debits still come out, whether we’re using the service or not. The little bits all add up.”

Restoring order to our finances can help us feel happier about our money. If you always have a scramble at tax time to get together your paperwork, get into the habit of photographing or scanning any receipts that may be a tax deduction. Using a spreadsheet, app, or filing system can help bring more harmony into the management of your finances.




Finance / Spring Clean Your Finances Check In Regularly

Decluttering and restoring order to your financial world is just one part of the process. Now ask yourself if there’s anything you can add that will bring more joy to your life. Instead of not socialising with friends because it’s too expensive, look for ways you can still get together without a big outlay. If you love to read but are spending a lot on buying books, use a library or start a book-swap circle. There’s plenty you can do!

Tidy Up, One Bill At A Time Fees and interest on financial products rarely contribute to our enjoyment of a purchase or a product. A few small shifts in behaviour can help plug the leaks caused by late fees, non-ATM network fees, and interest charged for paying by credit or using a credit card that’s not right for you.



Reorganising our finances can have a big impact too. How long since you checked whether you still have a good deal on insurances or utilities? Or made an appointment with a financial planner or your accountant? Or checked if you are still getting a good interest rate on your term deposit? If you got a credit card for its reward scheme, is it still earning its keep? If you have multiple accounts or credit cards, could you simplify and only have one of each?


Luxury with a wild view

Multiple prestigious award WINNER including Best Deluxe Accommodation in Australia* and Trip Advisor’s Traveller Choice awards top 10% in the WORLD for both the Zoo and Jamala! *2017 Australian Hotels Association Awards for Excellence

Jungle Bungalow

uShaka Lodge


f you’re looking for an exciting, all-inclusive, luxurious adventure, look no further than Jamala Wildlife Lodge in Canberra. Immerse yourself in the wild and sleep amongst some of the zoo’s most revered residents with the option to have giraffe, lions, tigers, cheetah, sun bears, meerkats or monkeys outside your window. Your African safari style experience is completed by dining in our rainforest cave, where you may be visited by our beautiful white lions and spotted hyenas, whilst sipping on fine wines and enjoying a gourmet, 4 course, African inspired meal. Please note that while the animals generally join guests as shown, no guarantee of their attendance or length of attendance can be given.

02 6287 8444 | @jamalawildlifelodge Canberra, AUSTRALIA AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2021 ACTIVE RETIREES | 25 | WWW.PROBUSSOUTHPACIFIC.ORG @jamalalodge


Travel / Escape To The Hinterland Haven

Escape to the hinterland haven

of the Blue Mountains Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and settle into the slower pace of the beautiful Blue Mountains. Why not take a mid-week break to avoid the crowds and stay in affordable and comfortable accommodation with Equeva.


hether you want to get back to nature and explore the array of picturesque parks and gardens, immerse yourself in the culture and history of the various townships or view the iconic Three Sisters at Echo Point in Katoomba- Equeva has your holiday sorted. Living and breathing the Blue Mountains, our locally-based staff take pride in being your guide, outlining the best places to visit – the ‘must do’ attractions and the hidden treasures. The Metropole Guesthouse is the perfect place to stay, while you explore the World-Heritage Listed region. Brimming with history, The Metropoleestablished in the 1930s, is an outstanding hotel destination full of offbeat curiosities and art deco intrigue. Ideally located in the heart of picturesque Katoomba and walking distance to the main tourist attractions, cafes and train station, the Metropole captures the refinement of a bygone era. Soak up the old-world charm of our renowned hotel facilities and experience our old-fashioned customer service that is second to none.

Our must do guide when staying in the Blue Mountains;

The Three Sisters

Get up close to the famous Three Sisters rock formation at Echo Point in Katoomba. Offering the most iconic views in the Blue Mountains, this spectacular landmark changes throughout the day and throughout the four seasons with the sunlight bringing an amazing array of colours. Each of the three rock formations stand at 922, 918 and 906 metres tall.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens

The only botanic gardens in the world that is located in a world-heritage listed area, the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens in Mt Tomah is home to 21,000 plants and 900 species. The 28 hectares of picturesque gardens is solely focused on the conservation of cool climate plants as well as showcasing the beauty of this region, with sweeping valley views, vibrant gardens and walking tracksthere’s something for everyone all year round.

The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

The perfect place to explore, showcasing innovative, diverse and creative cultural programs. Featuring the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery and WorldHeritage Exhibition, the cultural centre is located with the new Katoomba library.




Bygone Beautys Treasured Teapot Museum and Tearooms

Escape To The Hinterland Haven /

Housing the world’s largest private collection of tea wares- this unique establishment features more than 5,500 teapots from all around the world, spanning over five centuries. Once you’ve explored the impressive showcase of tea wares, sit back and enjoy their selection of teas, while you enjoy lunch or a light refreshment.

National Trust of Australia - Everglades

Renowned as Australia’s most spectacular gardens, this 1930s treasure spans over 5 hectares with winding paths, flowering terraces, valley views, gift shop, art gallery, tea rooms and picnic spots. The gardens are open every day in Autumn from 10am-4pm and in Winter-Summer, 10am-5pm.

For more information or to book accommodation Visit Here





Travel / Visit The Mysterious Skull Rock

Visit the mysterious

Skull Rock

An eco-tour by Pennicott Wilderness Journeys highlights the majesty and wildlife of Wilsons Promontory in Victoria.


ewer people have set foot on Skull Island, just off Wilsons Promontory in Gippsland, than have stood on the moon – and when you get close to this natural wonder you realise why. The sheer cliffs are impenetrable – save for a few crevices that only the foolhardy would attempt to assail – but they are also beautiful, a sandcoloured Rorschach test where visitors see skulls, parts of ships and even fish backbones in the contours of the windswept granite. We bob about in front of the huge crevice and pick out shapes in the rock and we learn that one of the few expeditions to make it inside this giant cleft discovered a rusting cannon ball thought to be from the First Fleet. Skull Rock can be seen from the beaches of “the Prom” but for the first time this year you can get a much closer look on an eco-tour with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys who have been running boat tours in Tasmania for decades. “Every time I cross Bass Strait to Skull Rock I think that this is just off the planet, it’s beautiful,” says Rob Pennicott. “I don’t do things unless my heart is in it and this one my heart was right into. But we are just one product; the Gippsland region has got lots of great activities and accommodation.”

Rob is the unpretentious boss of Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, and he is underplaying the effort and investment in becoming the first-ever boat tour to operate out of Wilsons Promontory. To keep the impact to a minimum Rob could not have a wharf, so instead put money into three of the largest amphibious vehicles in



the world, with a price tag of over a million dollars each. The whole endeavour took 11 years. The boats are fast and comfortable and we board on the sand before driving off into the crashing waves, Rob is at the wheel and he is as adept with a fact or a dad joke as he is with piloting his million-dollar aquatic baby.


Visit The Mysterious Skull Rock /


A journey like no other

deserves a vessel to match...

Cologne De Seal The eco tour starts by skirting the rugged coastline of the Prom where we encounter pods of dolphins racing alongside the boat and gannets and shearwaters plunging into the choppy waters in search of fish. Rob spots the tangled branches of a white-bellied sea eagle on the peak of a granite outcrop

before he warns us, we are about to head off to an islet that will smell pretty strongly of “cologne de seal”. The boat veers away from the coast and out in to the less-forgiving waters of Bass Strait where we encounter Rodondo Island, the first lump of granite that signals the start of Tasmania. According to Rob, Rodondo often has its own



cloud that likes to hang around the peak of the island giving it the look of a giant smokestack. Then we round another island that is home to over 9,000 Australian fur seals – and with it comes the famous cologne, a pungent mix of seaspray and seal poo. We stop the boat near a smaller island with seals that slip down the rock and into the water. They swim toward us, eyeing us curiously. Then we skip easily across the waves of the strait to our final destination of Skull Island. Cameras are out all over the boat, trying to capture the huge crevice with its curious lip of bright-green grass, but you can’t beat the feeling of being just a few metres away from such a mysterious lump of granite; a natural mystery that few have climbed but now many can experience of the safety of these new boats. For more information and to book a cruise visit Pennicott Wilderness Journeys.


Reliable, Affordable and Easy to Install Lifts. Contact our friendly team for a free quote and consultation.







Member Profile / Roberta Cava

Member Profile:

Roberta Cava


oberta Cava was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. From the time she was eight until she was fourteen, she trained for the Canadian Olympics in swimming. Unfortunately, she was not able to compete nationally or internationally because of the high cost, so she quit training. (In those days there were no sponsors.)

She married young, at eighteen and six months later was in a serious car accident and was told she would never walk again. She did! But it took seven and a half years to stand and walk properly and twenty years to be pain free. After thirteen years, her marriage failed and she moved with her children to Calgary, Alberta. She obtained a career in counselling and set two goals for herself: Within fifteen years she hoped to hold the position of Human Resources Manager. Within twenty years she hoped to have her own business. She reached the first goal within six years and became Head of Human Resources for a group of twelve construction companies. The second was reached within eight years (1982) when she opened her company Cava Consulting

that offered Human Resources services to companies too small to have their own HR department. She soon started researching, preparing, and presenting seminars. The latter took off like a rocket and soon she was presenting seminars throughout Canada. In 1984 she presented her first international seminar in Maui Hawaii and two years later had so much business that she opened the second branch of her company. In 1998, she emigrated to Australia and opened a third branch of her company on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Since then, she has presented seminars in Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. At the age of seventy-five, she retired from presenting seminars. In 1988, her first book was published entitled Escaping the Pink-Collar Ghetto – How Women Can Advance in Business, which became a best-seller in Canada and France. Her second book Dealing with Difficult People became an international best-seller in 1990 with 24 publishers in 18 languages. Since then, she has written over 50 books



that are available on Amazon books (both self-help and fiction) in paperback, large print, and eBook formats. She is in the process of writing the third in a series of books about COVID-19 world-wide. Ms Cava joined Queensland Probus Clubs in 2002 at Peregian Springs then joined Burleigh Heads Ladies Group from 2003-2015 and Robina Park Probus from 2019 till present. She has been a volunteer with Crime Stoppers since 2010 and has presented talks about CS since 2010 to most Probus Groups around the Gold Coast.

Roberta Cava Probian since 2002


Lee Denman /

Member Profile

Member Profile:

Lee Denman


ames Leo (known as Lee) DENMAN. Born 15/6/1921

Regimental No. NX53574 Bombardier 9 Battery, 2/3 Australian Anti-Tank Regiment, A.I.F,

Born and raised in St George Area. Went to Marist Brothers High School, Kogarah.

Because Lee’s father was an Electrical Engineer with Tramways Dept. and later with S.C.C., his first job was as a Clerk with S, C.C. although he always wanted to be a salesman. He got a position with A.M.P. Society selling life insurance. After 12 months he started on furniture sales on a freelance basis selling furniture for several manufacturers. Lee enlisted in the A.I.F. in 1940, aged 19. Firstly into 7 Div., then into 8 Div. His Regt was transferred into 6 go to the Middle East. Transferred into Corps Troops training in Palestine, then off to Tobruk on 8/4/1941 as an Anti-Tank gunner into the front-line at Post 35 to support the Infantry on 9/4/1941. The troops at Tobruk were the first troops in the world to defeat Rommel in battle even

though they were underarmed against highly armed and trained German troops with air supremacy.

Lee’s Unit remained at Tobruk until October 1941 when they handed over to South African and Polish units. Lee spent a few weeks in hospital because of Yellow Jaundice caused by poor and unreliable food and lack of water. Eventually 2/3 Anti-Tank Regt made their way to a little village called Bsarma, outside Tripoli, Lebanon.

After a period of recuperation, they were sent south on their way back to Australia (they all hoped) but on reaching the Suez Canal they were turned Right instead of Left and went through Cairo to another holding camp, then off to El Alamein for another 6 months battle before returning to Australia. Lee then undertook training in air crew role but this was not completed. He was discharged on grounds of ill-health on 13 July 1944.

Lee Denman 15/6/1921 - 15/07/2021

Lee married Mavis (Known as “Snow”) on 14 April 1945. They have 3 sons and one daughter. James was a member of Sutherland Combined Probus Club. Unfortunately, James passed away on the 15th of May but his memory and service to his county will always be remembered by his family and friends.




National Wattle Day / 1


September 2021

Wattle Days are here again


ational Wattle Day (1 September) is a happy day shared with friends and family. It is a day to share our interests and connect with each other, the country we live in and nature all around us. Wattle Day was celebrated for the first time across state borders on 1 September 1910 in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. It was popular in primary schools for many decades afterwards. Perhaps you remember happy childhood days when you picked a bit of wattle on your way to school and stuck it in your button hole or decorated your classroom. Younger Australians are now becoming aware of this joyous day since the official proclamation of National Wattle Day on 1 September 1992. With more than 1,070 Acacia species native to Australia, wattles are widespread and often growing close-by as a reminder of sunshine, nature’s beauty, diversity, resilience and regrowth. Its rich symbolism unifies us across a country that is so vast, that no one day, week or even month can be the peak of wattle blooming for us all at the same time but 1 September is a pretty good compromise. The Wattle Day Association, a grassroots not-for-profit community

group, has done much to raise awareness of National Wattle Day since it began in 1998. Together with the Queensland Wattle League (now called Open Minds) founded in 1912, they promote National Wattle Day as a day for all Australians to celebrate. Today city councils from Townsville, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Launceston, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth are lighting up with their bridges, landmarks and buildings in yellow. National and state institutions are showcasing wattle in the collections through tours and online blogs and posts. Wattle festivals decorated with wattle and yellow celebrate Australian poetry, songs and dancing and market stalls sell wattle-themed arts and crafts. Gift shops are decorating their windows with yellow and all their wattle-themed goodies. Cafes are creating wattle-inspired delights like cupcakes decorated like wattle blossoms and scones and biscuits made with wattle seed. Tables are decorated with yellow napkins and vases of bright perfumed wattle. Indigenous knowledge and other bush walks, wattle walks in botanic gardens and arboretums focus on the extraordinary diversity and bold beauty of Australian wattles at this time of year. People are wearing fresh



wattle sprigs and wattle badges, yellow scarves and shirts and planting wattles to celebrate the day. The only shadow across all this golden celebration is the myth that wattles cause hay fever and asthma because they are so bloomingly obvious when the invisible pollen of the real culprits such as grasses are filling your airways. Want to know more? Check out PCC_Pollen_allergy_2020.pdf or ask your own allergy specialist. about-wattle-day


Club news

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The following section of Club News features Club activities and members creative writing pieces. Even during challenging times, Probians continue to embrace the true spirit of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship. To have your Club’s event, trip or member submissions potentially featured in Active Retirees magazine, please send the following to 1. A short description of 50 to 150 words for Club News and up to 300 words for Creative Writing 2. A photo as a separate attachment (photos embedded in Word documents or PDFs are often compressed and too low-resolution for print) 3. Try to send the original, full-sized photo if possible (these are generally higher resolution than those pulled from Facebook, for example) We look forward to receiving your submissions!




Club News / South Australia

Millicent Cabin & Caravan Odyssey Trip On 25 March, fifty-two Probians from Victor Harbour/Granite Island Probus club headed south to the Millicent

Holiday Caravan Park to enjoy seven days of friendship, fellowship, fun and, of course, food. The Somerset Hotel dinner on the first night after Happy Hour satisfied everyone’s taste buds and they returned there for the final lunch a week later. The first activity was a visit to the National Trust Shearing Shed at Glencoe, with a country

morning tea and a talk by a local sheep farmer, Dale, on the history of Glencoe and then Carol showed a PowerPoint presentation of the history of the shearing shed built in 1863. The shed has never been converted to machine

shearing, with 36 blade shearers shearing 50,000 sheep annually. It was another very successful Odyssey with eighteen first timers and ten Foundation members.

Membership Drive Members from Gambier City

Ladies Probus Club gathered

together at Central Shopping Centre for a membership drive. They found

this was a very good way of meeting ladies and providing information

and answering any questions they may have had about the club. It

was very successful drive as by the end of the day, the expression of

interest sheet was filled with names of ladies who were interested in coming to the Club meeting and becoming members.




To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Cabin Club - Tanunda Weekend 17 members from Collinswood Combined Probus Club finally arrived

at the well-appointed Discovery Park Barossa Valley (Tanunda) cabins after a year’s delay! They had magnificent weather, a great group, &

lots of laughs. They all enjoyed happy hours, BBQ teas in the park camp kitchen, and a delicious dinner at the Tanunda Club during the stay.

There were visits to the Markets in Angaston & Nuriootpa, lunching in Seppeltsfield, Angaston & within Wohlers lovely store. Also, a

memorable Organ Talk & Performance by a volunteer with the friends of the Hill & Son Grand Organ, within the Barossa Regional Gallery. Groups also visited Eden Valley, Whistlers Winery & the Chocolate Factory. The members also cruised along the Scarecrow Trail & discovered so many scarecrows celebrating the Barossa Vintage Festival.

Migration Museum Tour

Thong Throwing Fun

A group of Probians from Stirling Probus Club went on a guided tour

Wallaroo Combined Probus held

of the Migration Museum, Kintore Ave. It was a most successful event, the

their annual Australia Day Thong

South Australia was founded. He also spoke about major events in the

were this year’s thong throwing

guide, Toby, was extremely knowledgeable, articulate, and very funny. He started with the early history of the colony and the philosophy on which history of the young colony.

Throwing Competition. President Bill and fellow member Pam champions.

Old Government House Outing A group of 26 members and partners From the

Probus Club of Marion enjoyed their first outing

since the COVID shutdown with a visit to the Old Government House at the Belair National Park.

They were greeted upon their arrival with morning tea on the patio served by the volunteers of the

house, followed by a guided tour of the house built

in 1860 as the first summer residence for the early

Governors of South Australia. The visit was followed by lunch at a nearby drop-in café.




Club News / New South Wales Fun Day Out and About

Visit to Mt Keira Scout Camp

Members from Leumeah Probus Club ventured off

Members from Wollongong City Ladies

for their monthly walk. The brave Probians walked from

Probus Club visited Mt Keira Scout Camp. A very

Glenfield to Liverpool. The group is pictured having some

informative tour of the property by a wonderful

fun in the playground. The day was enjoyed by all.

Proud Mary Cruise Twelve members of the Probus Club of

volunteer was enjoyed by all. They were then

treated to a delicious morning tea of scones, jam and cream.

Shoalhaven New Committee Meeting Members from Shoalhaven Ladies Probus Club gathered

Austral travelled to South Australia for a week

together to welcome the new committee members for 2021.

picked up at the over 50’s village in Leppington,

company again.

of luxury cruising the Murray River onboard

the Proud Mary Riverboat. The members were driven to Sydney airport where they were met by the staff of Virgin Airlines who processed

The club only resumed meetings recently so after much

anticipation, the ladies were finally able to enjoy each other’s

the group booking in no time at all. After a

short 90-minute flight they arrived in Adelaide, collected their bags and were met by the coach

driver who loaded the bags and drove the group to Murray Bridge where the group met the crew of Proud Mary and began their adventure. It

was a delightful hassle-free holiday and was enjoyed by all.

Cruise on the Waters of Tweed The members of Coolangatta/Tweed Heads Probus Club

had a delightful morning cruising the waters of the Tweed and learning about the Indigenous history of the area.

Great weather, morning tea, good company and interesting information. Not much more anyone could ask for.




To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

30 th Anniversary Dinner Bermagui Probus Club celebrated their 30 th

anniversary this year. To mark the special occasion, founding member Bruce and current president Bill cut a beautifully decorated Probus cake. Special guests included Mayor Russell Fitzpatrick from

Bega Valley Shire Council. Members from Gorokan Probus gathered together for the changeover of

committee. After the meeting, the members enjoyed a wonderful Dinner.

10 th Anniversary Dinner Past and present members of Wagga Wagga Sunset

Probus came together to celebrate the Club’s 10 th

Anniversary with a dinner held at the Wagga Botanic Gardens Restaurant.

Originally proposed for May 2020, Covid-19 meant the

club had to delay celebrations until this year. Informal speeches were read by the inaugural and current

Presidents celebrated the Club’s growth and progress over the last 11 years. It was an entertaining evening, lots of

stories and photos brought back many happy memories.

The motto of all Probus Clubs is “Fun, Friendship and

Fellowship” and Wagga Sunset

Probus Club has certainly met this challenge, as they have had some

amazing experiences over the years and will continue to enjoy new challenges and a lot of fun.

High Tea for the Combined Club of Jervis Bay and Districts Probus Jervis Bay held a High Tea event at the

Cambewarra Estate Winery to welcome in the new

management committee. Like many other clubs the management committee was, due to a quiet Covid

A Day in the Sun A dozen Probus members from Northbridge

Probus Club enjoyed a picnic and a short walk at Tunks Park on a lovely sunny day.

2021 to roll over for a second term. Three members

however were not renewing leaving space for three new

committee members so a Change Over event was called for. Cambewarra put on a great morning tea with 50 attendees. The club has three more events planned for 2021 in addition to the regular outings.




Club News / New South Wales Probus Holiday

14 intrepid Avoca Probus members accompanied by 3 friends, 2 Probus members from the Northern Rivers,

two unaccompanied Ladies from Long Jetty and Hornsby set off on the long awaited Probus Holiday. The bus was

comfortable and the comfort stops plentiful. They arrived at the twin townships of Yarrawonga (Vic) and Mulwala (NSW) in ample of time to settle into the Central Motor Inn and were welcomed by AIan, Sheree, Jamie and

Sharron. Tuesday saw the group visiting the towns of Goorambat, Swanpool & Benella. Wednesday it was Devenish, St James, & Tungamah. Thursday, they continued with Bonegilla Wodonga & Howlong. Friday saw the group at Tocumwal where Sue’s Mother served as a nurse during the 2nd World War.

Probus Trip to Norfolk Island A group of 35 Kareela Probus members were recently transported from Sydney to Norfolk Island where they

experienced all the wonderful delights of what was once a savage penal colony.

Only the “worst of the worst” were sent from Sydney or Tasmania to this desolate spot some 1,500 km from the

east coast of Australia.

This idyllic spot was a magnificent getaway from the rigors of Covid that had struck and caused such misery to

so many. To hear the stories first hand as told by the actual descendants of what transpired in the early years on this island is enthralling.

Lynda had arranged a very full but enjoyable itinerary, including many specialty dinners and daily activities for

the group that included the famous Fish Fry, a “Night as a Convict” and an exciting Progressive Dinner, where the group actually visited the homes of descendants for a delicious meal.

The members soon recognised what a welcoming place the island was, where our doors were rarely locked, the

wandering cows have right of way, and everyone has time to stop and chat. Many visitors say that a holiday on Norfolk Island is like stepping back in time. All agreed that it was a location they would like to visit again.




To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Morning Tea at Sealy Lookout Members from Coffs City Probus held their morning tea outing at Nyanggan Gapi (Sealy Lookout) up in the hills

at Coffs Harbour which was attended by 15 members. This lookout is a popular aboriginal site for both locals and

tourists. In the background of the group photograph is the purposely built sprung platform for viewing the vista of hills, seaboard and ocean surrounding Coffs Harbour.

25 th Year Anniversary 80 members from Mona Vale Probus celebrated in

style at a lunch held at the Pittwater RSL on Friday 16


April 2021.To mark the occasion the Club invited Probus South Pacific representative, Bill Killinger and wife


Linda, as guests of honour – Bill presented a special

plaque commemorating 25 years of the club providing


fun, friendship and fellowship to senior members in the

catering ad






Castle Hill RSL

Club Parramatta

Lynwood Country Club

Moorebank Sports Club Wests Ashfield Leagues

Club Mingara Recreation Club Springwood Sports Club |Lantern WWW.PROBUSSOUTHPACIFIC.ORG

Club News / New South Wales Good Day for Golf

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

First Meeting of 2021

Members of Pittwater Mens Probus and

The 2021 committee of the Probus Club of Yass held its

their partners took a trip to the Southern

first meeting. A presentation was made to retiring member

Highlands for a game of golf.18 holes

Mrs. Lorraine who has been on the committee since the Club’s

were played at Bowral Golf Club and 9 at

foundation in 1999.

Highlands Golf Club. The competition was

a singles match with the result a tie for 1st place by husband-and-wife Sue and Geoff.

Life Membership Celebration Elaine was made a life member for her services over many

years to Batemans Bay Probus club, she is still active in doing the newsletters monthly and getting them out to all the members.

Elaine is always ready to help new

committee members learn what is needed in the groups. Barry acting president,

presented Elaine with her life membership.



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Beechworth & Yackandandah Harrietville Lavender Farm

Beechworth & Yackandandah

Enjoy the picturesque scenery of Victoria’s High Country in the company of friends.

Harrietville Lavender Farm

Beautiful Bright and Surrounds Trout Fishing and Deer farm

Beautiful Bright and Surrounds

Milawa Gourmet Region

Trout Fishing and Deer farm

National Trust Village of Milawa Gourmet Region of Sit back, relax and enjoy luxury coach travel to the beautiful township Wandiligong & Apple Orchard National Trust Village of Bright. Stay and be nurtured ‘country style’$ in award-winning accommodation. Wineries and Farm Gates Wandiligong & Apple Orchard 9 5 Enjoy a delicious home-cooked breakfast and2three-course dinners inandthe Bright Art Gallery Wineries andMuseum Farm Gates restaurant, all using fresh local produce. Bright Museum and Art Gallery per pe rson tw doub le sh in/ 30+ pa are x

Also includes local commentary, attractions, morning teas, bonus lunches, pick-up from Melbourne or Sydney and other locations upon request. Group Bookings only. Beechworth & Yackandandah Harrietville Lavender Farm

Beautiful Bright and Surrounds Trout Fishing and Deer farm

National Trust Village of Wandiligong & Apple Orchard




Milawa Gourmet Region

Wineries and Farm Gates Bright Museum and Art Gallery

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Club News / Western Australia

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Wellington Dam Mural Adventure June 9 saw members from the

Probus Club of South Bunbury venture to Wellington Dam and stopped for

lunch at the Collie Federal Hotel. As can be seen, from the photos, the

club had a great time checking out

the Murals at the dam just before it rained and saw the smaller ones in

the Collie town itself. The Collie Mural was a favorite among members. They also had a great view of the open-pit coal mine. It was huge and members couldn’t see the end of the pit. All in

all, everyone had a great time during this outing.

Morning Tea at the Dome Coogee On a blustery and wet winter’s morning, 11 brave souls from Fremantle Probus Club gathered for coffee at the

Coogee Dome Restaurant. If they had not seen the transformation that has occurred in the area before they would have been staggered. Many years ago, the caravan Park nearby was the location for casual tenting and caravan

summer holidays. The previously very smelly Robbs Jetty Abattoirs to the north was now a park and the adjacent noxious trades’ industries opposite it have long since gone. Now a modern marina has stimulated upmarket

housing. With a smaller number of members attending, it was reported that all could talk to each other as they sat at the same table.




Club News / Western Australia

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Anniversary Cruise on the Crystal Swan

This year the Rossmoyne Ladies Probus Club

celebrated their 35th anniversary. At the General

Meeting a founding and life member, Olwyn cut the

anniversary cake which was made and decorated by

the current President Edith. The meeting was attended by Director Graeme Brown (Probus South Pacific) and Sue Harwood (2nd Vice President PAWA) who both presented certificates to celebrate the occasion.

A very special event was organised by Ivy who has

held the position of outings/entertainment officer since 2008. Members and friends from various clubs enjoyed

the view and the company whilst cruising on the Crystal Swan which is a unique floating function venue and is the only purpose-built hospitality vessel cruising the

Swan River. The weather gods turned on a fabulous day for the event and fortunately the Covid lockdown did not occur until the following week after the event.

Club News / NT

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Monthly Meeting Charles Darwin Probus

Club held their monthly

meeting which was a huge

success. The meeting began

with President Val inducting

two new members, Sandra and

Jeanie. Members were intrigued by guest speaker Marguerite and her presentation on

probate which kept everyone entertained.




Club News / ACT

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Not a Birthday Party Without Games Recently, Gungahlin Probus Club celebrated their 26th

Birthday. One of the Club’s Foundation Members, Jan, and a

number of Life and long-time Members were among 44 guests who attended the celebrations. Lively chatting around the 6 tables necessitated the President to ring the bell to gain attention when needed.

As it was a birthday party there were party hats and several

party games. The first involved being given a pad and pen, with

Travel Tour A small group of members from the Probus

Club of Tuggeranong joined with the Majura

Ladies Probus Club on a magical Trade Travel

tour of Oberon and Mudgee and the surrounds. One of the highlights for many was the visit

to the Oberon and District Museum.

each table tasked with writing a novel without a topic. Yes, an

interesting activity. First person wrote a sentence then folded the paper to cover their writing then each person around the

table did the same. The members did not read the story before it was handed over to the President to be read to everyone. Very funny and curious stories were the result. It was also

fun playing a game of ‘Pass the Parcel’. The packages passed quickly with each layer of paper removed when the music stopped, with there being one lucky winner at each table.

Monthly Get-Together in Canberra Cooleman Probus Club held their monthly

meeting at LDK retirement village in

Tuggeranong South Canberra. The village was

A Bridge to Nowhere

very modern with all the latest amenities. They

Jamison Combined Probus club had their monthly walk

through the bush from Coppins Crossing to the highest longest

had an attendance of 70 to the meeting with

morning tea

followed by a

pedestrian bridge over the Molonglo River. The Butters Bridge

club member

will link the new suburb of Denman Prospect to the even

talk and then an

newer suburb of Whitlam. No chance of coffee at Whitlam

excellent guest

yet with landscaping work still in progress at that end of the

speaker, Stephen

bridge, but coffee was enjoyed at Denman Prospect after the

from Radio 2CC


in Canberra. Afterwards lunch was

enjoyed in





Club News / Queensland Happy New Members

President from Sorrento Probus Club inducted

2 new members Jennifer and Jenny to Probus who

were both keen to assist the club and join the Probus community.

Dine Out Lunch at Café Baelena 20 Probians from Fraser Coast Hervey Bay Probus

Club met for lunch at Café Balaena. They were blessed with glorious weather. Camaraderie bounced around

as people enjoyed food, conversation and laughs. As is

sometimes the case a birthday was being celebrated at a neighbouring table so the members all joined in singing the birthday song. A staff member entertained with his

own impromptu enthusiastic celebration dance. On the whole, most found it to be an enjoyable afternoon.

Exploring the Lands of the Wakka Wakka People Members from Nambour Probus Club enjoyed

a coach trip to the Cherbourg Aboriginal facility

near Murgon in the South Burnett region. Numbers were restricted to thirty in accordance with venue

requirements. The Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement

was located on the lands of the Wakka Wakka people. Initially it was sponsored by the Ipswich Aboriginal Protection Society. The settlement was beautifully

maintained and had an excellent museum recording its hundred plus years and was well worth visiting.




To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

41 Years and Still Going Strong! Brisbane’s oldest Probus Club, Algester and Districts celebrated its delayed 40th Anniversary on its 41st

Birthday, the celebration being delayed due to COVID. The club was established in Salisbury in 1980, and initially it was a men’s club, however by 1990 the demographics had changed in that area and it was decided to move the

club to Algester a new suburb with the possibility of getting more members. It was at that time it decided to change the name of the club to Algester and Districts Probus Club. Soon after it was decided to admit ladies into the club

and therefore changed to become a combined club. In 2014 the club had to reinvent itself by introducing a number of activities, and increased its membership, into a vibrant club which it is today. Guests at the event included V.C. PSPL and Qld Director Judith Maestracci, RDPC Merv Richens, and President of the Qld Association Rob Neary & Councillor Angela Owen.

Up the Creek Walk Report Fourteen members from Paddington Probus Club met

Aquaduck Tour The members of the Burleigh Heads Ladies Probus

up at the Ashgrove Library, plus a dog, Alice, for another

Club were in great form, enjoying the ‘Aquaduck’

followed Enoggera Creek alongside Dorrington Park. It

the ‘bus’ drove straight into the water, the fun and

one of Collin’s excellent walks. This time the group were

led up the creek, and struck out towards Stewart Road and was a beautiful walk with serene scenes and the smell of roses in the air.


experience, Australia’s original amphibious tour; departing in the heart of Surfers Paradise. When laughter was truly explosive.



Club News / Victoria A Memorable Outing

32 Club members from Mount Waverley Probus and visitors met outside the ANZ “Gothic Bank” on the corner

of Collins and Queen Street, Melbourne. On entering the bank, which was built between 1883 and 1887 for the English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank (E S & A), they found themselves inside a most magnificent banking chamber of yesteryear.

They were then greeted by the Manager, Kevin Tunstall and his deputy, Darren Bastian who were genuinely

pleased to see the members as they were the first group to visit for 12 months. The banking chamber with its

Gothic arches, intricately painted ceilings, friezes, and ample gold leaf was balanced by the beautifully crafted

timber throughout. The insignificant external appearance of the building belied its contents, including the two

floors above the chamber with their opulent furnishings, which were initially designed as the residence for the General Manager, Sir George Verdon.

On leaving the bank the members split up for coffee at nearby cafes and then proceeded to the historic Mitre

Tavern for a sumptuous lunch.

Welcome to Probus President Colin from White Hills Probus

inducted three new members at the March

meeting. Margaret, Hugh and Phil were all very

excited to meet new people and make new friends.

Face to Face Again

Members from Beaumaris Probus Club finally had the

opportunity to get togther for a well deserved lunch at the

Highett RSL. Everyone had a wonderful afternoon, catching up with friends after being in lockdown.

Cabins and Caravans The Combined Probus Club of Maroondah enjoyed

a Cabins & Caravan trip to Apollo Bay. It was sheer delight, despite the weather! To be out and about with friends, after the lock down of last year, was such good fun. Walking, playing bocce, bowls, a

colouring in competition, happy hours and exploring along the Great Ocean Road were some of the activities undertaken!




To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Kerrie’s Ravishing Probus Pictures Every Probus Club has its keen photographers and

20 Years of Saint Arnaud The Combined Probus Club of Saint Arnaud

Melbourne-based Bearbrass Probus is no exception. A

celebrated their 20th Anniversary, holding

to peaks like Mt Buffalo. Bearbrass member Kerrie honed

Representatives came from Horsham, Charlton,

Bearbrass party of 18 spent 3-4 days in the alpine town of

the usual meeting at the Freemasons Centre

Bright. It’s famous for its autumn tree-tones and proximity

with 4 visiting Probus Clubs in attendance.

her photography skills on wild life safaris in her native

Maryborough, Stawell, the sister club Kara, and

South Africa. “I love photography, it’s my peaceful place,”

Rotary to join in, bringing the total to 60 attendees.

she said. Here’s her account of how she got the first of

After the usual meeting formalities and some

these beautiful alpine shots: “A 5.30am start had the group

socialising, the club adjourned to the Saint Arnaud

arriving at Mt Buffalo just as the light of day started over

Bowling Club room for a lovely lunch prepared by

the horizon. The club watched the mist disperse as the sun

crept up and took this shot as the golden light from the sun

lit up the rocks. This allowed the rays of sun to sweep across

the Stuart Mill C.W.A ladies.

the peaks and valleys to highlight the rocks.

Hip Hip Hooray to the Big 30 Recently, members from Brighton Beach Probus Club celebrated

their 30th Anniversary. To mark the occasion, past presidents cut a probus decorated cake and as well as presentation of long service badges to several members.




Club News / Victoria

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Blue and Yellow Everywhere The Combined Probus Club of Point Lonsdale recently celebrated its 20th Birthday. On the actual date a

‘Birthday Party’ was arranged with yellow as the theme. All those who joined in had a wonderful night. The

meeting was memorable too with guests from other clubs and past presidents who are no longer in the club. At the morning tea, the most senior member blew out the candles with the aid of a compressor and the club were able to watch a slide show of the activities over the years. Margaret from Probus spoke briefly and presented President Liz with a birthday certificate. Past Presidents were invited to briefly talk about a highlight of the year. The 17

Foundation Members who are still in the club were presented certificates by the first president who was assisted by the president of the sponsor Rotary Club. Finger food lunch was served at the tables and everyone agreed the event was a birthday to remember.

Club News / Tasmania

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Diamonds at Hobart Macquarie Two popular Hobart Macquarie Probus couples Vivienne & Dieter along with Denise & Colin, celebrated their

Diamond Wedding Anniversaries, 60 years of Marriage in 2021. This situation was considered to be unique

and very coincidental in Hobart Macquarie, as they were married on the same day, 1st April

1961, at the same time, 6.30 pm at either end of Tasmania, thus they have been married for exactly the same time.

Dieter & Vivienne tied the knot in Launceston

and Denise & Colin exchanged vows in Hobart. They did not know of this unique situation

until one day at a Probus Meeting, they were discussing their Marital Milestones.

To celebrate their anniversaries, they enjoyed

a joint special dinner at a Hobart Restaurant.




Dear Probians,

We want to hear from you! We’re welcoming new submissions for our beloved Active Retirees magazine! We encourage you to send us any pieces you would like to submit for the following submissions: • Club Activities & Outings • Amazing Probians • Creative Writing • Book Reviews • Recipes Email us at with your story! AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2021 ACTIVE RETIREES |



Book Reviews / Recommendations by Probians

Probus Book Reviews Reading books is a popular hobby amongst our Probus Community. In our recent Staying Connected, we asked Probians to submit a book review of their favourite novel. Here is a selection of stories of different genres to tuck into for your next read.

Name: Patricia Ann Soltermann Club: Engadine Yarrawarrah Probus Club Name of Book: Prime Ministers Wives - Diane Langmore Review: This is an amazing book printed in 1992 by McPhee Gribble Australia a division of Penguin Books Australia Ltd. Why this publication? It may be in Libraries however it Is difficult to obtain and needs to be widely available both for its historical content and absorbing reflections on the lives of girls and women in Australia’s early years. From Pattie Deakin to Hazel Hawke the author provides a historical view of a developing Australia. “The public and private lives” of young girls who became wives, lovers, and mothers influencing the families of an emerging nation across the early days of the Colony provides fascinating reading material. The Author’s introduction says, “perhaps the most compelling reason for a book on Australian prime minister’s wives is for the intrinsic interest of knowing more about the lives of these very public women ...they filled the demanding position of Australian prime ministers’ wives’ with courage, resourcefulness and grace.” Name: Deidre Hughes Club: Victor Harbor/Granite Island Probus Club Name of Book: The Godmothers - Monica McInerney Review: Monica grew up in a family of seven children in the Stationmaster’s House in Clare when her father was the Railway Stationmaster there. She has been living between Australia and Ireland for twenty years. She and her Irish husband currently live in Dublin. Eliza Miller grew up in Australia as the only daughter of a troubled young mother, but with the constant support of two watchful godmothers, Olivia and Maxie. Despite her tricky childhood, she always felt loved and secure. Until, just before her eighteenth birthday, a tragic event changed her life. Set in Australia, Scotland, Ireland and England, ‘The Godmothers’ is a great big hug of a book that will fill your heart to bursting. It is a moving and perceptive story about love, lies, hope and sorrow, about the families we are born into and the families we make for ourselves. Name: Cindy Dobbin Club: Kariong Combined Probus Club Name of Book: An Elephant in my Kitchen - Françoise Malby-Anthony and Katja Willemsen Review: This is a wonderful book to read about a French lady who marries a South African conservationist. Together they founded a game reserve, but after her husband died suddenly, she is faced with a daunting future of running the reserve without him finding herself responsible for a herd of elephants with a troubled past and builds a wildlife rescue centre for orphaned elephants and rhinos. This is wonderful and moving book of humans who dedicate their lives to saving these magnificent animals Name: Sue Rundle Club: Casey Combined Probus Club Name of Book: The Seven Sisters - Lucinda Riley Review: A great story of six adopted sisters. So hard to put down. Really gets you in. It is a saga and you have to read the other books.




Recommendations by Probians /

Book Reviews

Probus Book Reviews Name: Dr Geeorge Klempfner Club: Toorak Men’s Probus Name of Book: The Great Secret - Jennet Conant Review: The book describes the detective work of Lt Col Stuart Alexander a doctor and chemical weapons specialist posted to Bari, who worked out that the death of many of the casualties was due to mustard gas exposure. He documented the blood changes which occurred in the victims with the great reduction in white cells which ultimately contributed to their death. Alexander wondered whether this suppression of white cells might also be valuable in slowing the rate of division of Cancer cells. The second part of the book introduces us to Col Cornelius “dusty” Rhoads, a physician and research scientist who read Alexander’s classified report and realized that the deadly chemical held great promise for cancer treatment. Name: Rob Charlton Club: Newport Probus Club Name of Book: Shuggie Bain - Douglas Stuart Review: The novel is very readable if you can cope with an ever-increasingly dark and sad story. It drips realism. At one stage, Shuggie is so emotionally disturbed that he has an involuntary bowel movement. The author describes Shuggie’s actions in stripping off in a deserted marsh area, cleaning his underpants as best he could, turning them inside out and then re-dressing. This is an unpleasant but enthralling novel to read. It is an immensely sad rollercoaster to an inevitably disastrous end. The sole ray of real light is the hugely heroic performance and enormous love displayed by the often-unwitting Shuggie. Name: Cherry Fuller Club: Syndal Ladies Probus Club Inc. Name of Book: The Mistress - Danielle Steel Review: Saved from starvation on a Moscow Street by a Russian billionaire, Natasha becomes his mistress although she believes she is merely showing her gratitude. Over time she comes to understand her elegant designer clothes, expensive jewellery, extensive travel and access to top level political and social occasions is really an illusion of real life.

Name: Pat Berry Club: Dapto Combined Probus Club Name of Book: The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton Review: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton is a really enjoyable read. It takes place in Australia to begin with and then to Cornwall in England. There’s a mystery to be solved and some romance but no gratuitous sex and violence.




Creative Writing / Words Into Masterpieces

Words Into Masterpieces LIFE HAS OUR YEPPOON TRIP by Carla Sherrington Springwood Combined Probus

It’s been two long years, but once again we are travelling When we’re together as a group We love to eat and drink And silently give thanks that We’ve left behind the kitchen sink Restrictions are almost done Though sitting on a plane for hours Leaves me with a sore bum. But very soon We landed in Yeppoon Our accommodation was nothing to sneeze at And the staff are a friendly lot Our guide must have big shoulders As he patiently listens to a lot of rot. We went and saw the meerkats Which was a big surprise As they’re tiny little creatures And they don’t sell insurance. The basking crocodiles were lazy Their chicken food ho hum They thought our feast of scones and jam Would be better in their tum Our eyes were opened at the permaculture farm Except Allen wanted ‘take away’ with a caterpillar on his arm Chef Michael showed us how to make San Boi Chow


Well all I can say about that is ‘WOW’ The tea tree products were a work of art And the heady aromas hid many a cheeky fart. We sang with Mato Bob danced with Lorraine We hokey pokey’d to buy a pot Then hurried home on the trot. We watched fat cattle roam free as we ate damp-er with tea Then back on the bus and off with a rush To spot crocodiles on the Fitzroy. At the memorial it has to be said that a few si-lent tears were shed. The grand finale was Footlights We laughed till we couldn’t stop Cause Mark really wanted those legs Dave caught the bridal bouquet And well, Jeffs head will never be washed. But we then had to hurry For Gareth wanted our BIG BAR-RY. Mmmmm? Well Andrew kept us moving, the staff were fabulous too With Friendship Fun and Tippling We are Probians True Blue I certainly had a lot of fun and I hope you all did too! Carla.



Words Into Masterpieces /

Creative Writing

Words Into Masterpieces - Creative Writing by Probians



by Owen Clark Balwyn Central Probus Club

by Maureen Casey Leongatha Probus Club

Whether through offense or from dirty looks, Some are determined to keep their bad books Into which they dump people, and ‘that’ name. With personal offense usually the same. Instead of living with irritations, They make bad books in their mind’s creations. With much pain in their relationship bin, They have these books to put enemies in. But it’s only when life is thin and small, That people need to have bad books at all. It’s best not to create angels, saints or crooks, So there’s no need to create any books. It’s best to know people just as they are. Remember they follow a different star! They enter life through a different gate, And this makes it often hard to relate.

A True Story!

A coach load of Probus members enjoying a day out entered a venue for lunch. They were duly seated, happily chatting, and perusing the menu on offer.

Soon they were approached by a bright young waitress, who beamingly enquired:

Mature relationships are demanding. Difficult to get good understanding. Entrenched prejudice with popular cries Will come when there is sawdust in the eyes. And is it true there is a human law, That too many bad books will lead to war? And in spite of all the struggle and strife, Each person has a right to live their life. If there must be books, let them be good books! Don’t forget a smile along with good looks. Think bigger, think grander, think one, think all. For narrow thinking causes all to fall. And isn’t it those who are in the light Whose names are written in the book of life?


“And are we all from the same Nursing Home?” Stunned silence.......???




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