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SHINING A LIGHT DURING LOCKDOWN Training your brain and adjusting to retirement during lockdown.


Looking at automated devices for your home.


Learn more about how caravan insurance differs from regular car insurance.

Pictured Hobart Macquarie Probus Club

Welcome / Chairman’s Message

A word with our new Chairman David Simpson


t is an amazing honour and responsibility to be elected the next Chairman of the Board of Probus South Pacific Limited. I take over from Margaret Drake who has, in her dignified thoughtful way, been a tower of strength. It is humbling to look back at the ability and service of the past board chairmen.

Probus has been very fortunate to have such quality board members. At the August 2020 Annual General Meeting we farewelled Ian Murray OAM and Nick Ledingham and of course Past Chairman Douglas Geekie who retired after seven invaluable years on the board. We also welcomed Bill Killinger and Graeme Brown to the Board.

The major initiative at the start of my year is Probus Day on the 1st of October. This was the brainchild of Vice Chairman Judith Maestracci AM and has been ably formulated and promoted by the staff of PSPL. It is gratifying that so many Clubs are having special functions to celebrate the day. I believe that it will grow from strength to strength over the years and the publicity will help the community gain a realisation of the amazing benefit our

organisation is to the retired community.

It has always worried me that when I talk about Probus in the general community I am sometimes met with blank looks. Hopefully this will be a thing of the past.

In a lot of Clubs we have wonderful friendship and fun but it is important that we also concentrate on gaining new members otherwise we all grow old together and find it harder to interest newer retirees and get new committees. Make your programs and outings interesting and fun and involve newer members. Local membership representatives are actively seeking locations for new Clubs. In South Australia the major initiative on Probus Day was to open a new Probus Club at North Haven. The interest meeting was very successful with 60 attendees and 38 signing up on the spot. Let us hope we can replicate this success and form more new Clubs in areas lacking Probus friendship.

changes to Travel Insurance, Magazine advertising and staff levels. I congratulate the Management and staff for their dedication to overcome these obstacles. As I move around Clubs I am always impressed with the talent and quality of members of the Club committees. We have over 1,700 Clubs and so we have about 15,000 committee members ensuring the success of their Club. Brilliant work. It emphasises the knowledge, experience and wisdom of our retired community. Make committee meetings fun to help encourage newer members to become involved. The festive season is nearly upon us and I would like to extend my best wishes to Probians and their families for Christmas and the new year.

Please help us make the next year one of fun and friendship and grow our wonderful organisation as we move on from the challenges of the year 2020.

David Simpson

Chairman | Probus South Pacific Ltd

This year has been a time of disruption with some Clubs still unable to meet. Make sure you keep in touch with members so we can grow strongly out of the pandemic. It has also been a time of disruption at PSPL with




CEO Message /


Our Community embraces Probus Day!


elcome to the November/ December edition of Active Retirees.

In this issue, we showcase the success of our inaugural Probus Day on 1 October 2020. This day was selected to coincide with the International Day of Older Persons which is a United Nations initiative that encourages the celebration of seniors in our community. During the pandemic, we have all become acutely aware that social contact is essential in today’s world. It is widely accepted that older persons that become members of social groups are less likely to develop mental health issues. Probus provides essential friendship based social connections for the older members in our communities which is the key to a happy retirement. Director and Vice Chairman Judith Maestracci AM, developed the concept of Probus Day and it was inspired, however what is even more inspiring is the way in which Probus Day has been embraced across both Australia and New Zealand.

volunteers in Management Committees. Club and Association leaders have worked tirelessly over the last few months to ensure their members have stayed engaged and connected. While there are still challenges ahead, our community is ready to welcome even more members to our Probus family. As restrictions continue to ease, it is pleasing to hear that many Clubs have resumed meetings and activities under the new normal and are even planning their Christmas celebrations. Although Christmas celebrations may be different for many of us this year, the Probus concept of fun, fellowship and friendship will remain. Our thoughts of course are with all our members at this time but especially with our Victorian community. On behalf of the PSPL Team, we wish everyone in our community and their families all the very best for the festive season.

The success of Probus Day was evident, not only from the support we received from numerous government representatives and media outlets, but more importantly from Probus members themselves. From the flying of Probus flags and lighting of numerous landmarks in Probus blue and gold in Queensland to the Probus balloons tied to letterboxes in Victoria, to a flight across Geraldton and a Probus flag across Gungahlin – these were all celebrations co-ordinated by Clubs or Associations in the celebration of Probus Day. This is what celebrating Probus Day looks like in 2020 and are just some of the highlights. Further Probus Day celebrations can be found in this issue, on our website and on our Facebook page. If these celebrations are anything to go by, Probus Day 2021 will be spectacular. Yes 2021 is not that far away and while 2020 may well be a year that many of us may wish to forget, for Probus it will be about recognising the resilience of our community, particularly for



Chief Executive Officer | Probus South Pacific Ltd




8 Smarter Homes Looking at automated devices for your home.

9 Keeping the

Grandkids Safe Online Advice from the eSafety Commissioner.


10 Towing the line


2 Chairman’s Message 3 CEO’s Message 18 Probus Day Celebrations 25 Club News News from around the country.

51 Creative Writing Probians


Chairman David Simpson

Vice Chairman Judith Maestracci AM Treasurer Douglas Newman

Immediate Past Chairman Margaret Drake

Directors Peter Turner, Tony Blaber, Bruce Morley, Arie Geerlofs, Bill Killinger and Graeme Brown PSPL Administration

PO Box 1294, Parramatta NSW 2124

phone +61 2 9689 0200 1300 630 488 (Australia) 0800 14776 287 (New Zealand) email website

Active Retirees Production & Management

Learn more about how caravan insurance differs from regular car insurance.

Probus South Pacific Limited Editorial

Monika Prasad

11 6 Ways to Save

email Tara Devi

Money this Christmas A few tips on saving during the festive season.

is the official publication for the Probus organisation in Australia. Active Retirees is a trademark of Probus South Pacific Limited. ACN 152 374 395

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Joe Bird


12 Low Back Pain with


Text4Back Study

Professor Manuela Ferreira from University of Sydney talks lower back pain and how you can help.


13 Shining a Light During Lockdown

Training your brain and adjusting to retirement during lockdown.


15 Linga Langa in Yarrawonga

Sharing the splendour of the North East region of Victoria.

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Technology / Smarter Homes

Smarter Homes Everything is automated nowadays. Our emails come to our smartphones, we can access documents through the cloud and we receive seamless internet connectivity through the air. But what about our homes?


urchasing an appliance is no longer just about function and energy-rating, it’s also about how it can help you be more efficient. This is also true when it comes to lighting, audio-visual technology and even home security systems. It’s all about ensuring simplicity and safety.

In the bedroom

If you don’t need to rely on an alarm clock to wakeup, wearable devices are a great way to wake up naturally. Devices such as a FitBit will measure your sleep quality and wake you with vibrations when your body is ready to wake. Alternatively, consider investing in a wake-up light. Before electricity, people would sleep and wake according to the sun. Why change that now? A wake-up light sits on your bedside table and wakes you naturally by brightening the room slowly, so it feels like you are waking up to natural sunlight.

Power Up!

Scared you left the heater on? There are devices that allow you to control your powerpoints, no matter where you are. Belkin WeMo Switch gives you control over your TV, lamps, kitchen appliances and other devices by using your Wi-Fi network. If you’re worried or if you’re going to be out and it’s starting to turn dark, hop on to the app and log in to your personalised system.

Safety features

There are now new-age safety smoke detectors on the market that talk to your smartphone, so even when you’re out of the house, you can be alerted of suspicious fire-related activity. Some, like Birdi, will also detect what kind of particles are in the air so you can be alerted if you’re likely to suffer from an allergy or asthma attack. The Nest Protect tests itself automatically and lasts up to a decade. When it goes off it tells you what and where the problem is, and you can silence it using your smartphone. When it comes to safety around the house, of course there are also alarm systems that you can control and access from your smartphone while out and about, and even locks, such as August Smart Lock, that removes the need for keys. The device simply senses that you are approaching and automatically unlocks the door for you.

In the garden

Love to garden but can never remember when to water the plants? Technology has you covered. There are devices on the market, such as PlantLink and Edyn Garden Sensor, that alert you when the garden needs a good shower. Some also test the humidity in the air, the temperature, how the soil is going and what moisture is around, and then give you personalised gardening advice.




eSafety /


Keeping the grandkids safe online A How-To Guide for Grandparents


he eSafety Commissioner has released a guide to help grandparents teach their grandchildren about online safety, as part of the Be Connected program. The guide, Online safety for grandparents and carers, comes as research reveals about a quarter of older Australians provide regular care for grandchildren, spending 12 hours per week on average with their grandchildren*.

eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, said grandparents played a crucial role caring for children in families but many did not have the knowledge or confidence to keep them safe online. “We also know grandparents love to spoil their grandkids but that doesn’t mean they need to be permissive – or lack knowledge when it comes to online safety.”

“More than half of people aged over 70 have low to no digital literacy*,” she said. “And with 81% of parents giving their preschooler access to an internet-enabled device**, there is a real need for a resource to help grandparents upskill in online safety.”

The guide will inform grandparents and carers on a range of issues such as online footprints, cyberbullying and the pressures of social media. It provides guidance on matters such as how to set up devices securely, share time online with grandchildren, and teach grandchildren when to ask for help. Visit eSafety to download or order a copy of online safety for grandparents and carers. grandparents.

Older Australians can also find a host of other engaging courses, online presentations and information to help them connect safely online on the Be Connected website The Be Connected program is an Australian government initiative committed to improving the online confidence, skills and safety of older Australians. For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: Gavin Hanbridge 0429 533 611

*Understanding the digital behaviours of older Australians. 2018. eSafety Commissioner. **Parenting in the digital age. 2018. eSafety Commissioner. ***Building Australian adults’ confidence and resilience online. 2020. eSafety Commissioner.

Younger grandparents can also benefit from using the guide. Latest research from eSafety shows Australians aged 50 to 65 are less confident using online technology than those aged 18 to 34. They are also less confident managing online safety issues, such as knowing where to report a negative online incident (33% compared to 54%)***. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 ACTIVE RETIREES |



Finance / Towing The Line

Towing the Line Caravan insurance differs from regular car insurance, so make sure you’re covered when it comes time to hit the road.


While your van may be covered if it is stolen or damaged by storm, hail or flood, there are other circumstances excluded – e.g., if you hire or rent your van to someone else, it won’t be covered.

ircling Australia in a campervan is part of the retirement dream for a lot of people. But the dream can quickly turn sour if something goes wrong. Repairs can put a serious dent in your budget and you can get stuck in the back of beyond waiting for them to be completed. Or worse still, your home-on-wheels may be declared a goner.

Caravan, campervan, camper trailer or RV insurance can ensure you’re covered for life’s little misadventures. While it can be tempting to pick the policy with the lowest premium, it’s more important to make sure it’s appropriate for your needs. Turn over for five steps to help you on your way...


Think about how you will use the van Are you planning to travel in it continuously for a year or two? Or will you only use it for three or six months of the year, or the occasional trip? When the van is not in use, where will it be stored or garaged?


Compare the product disclosure documents of various policies You may have received a recommendation from a fellow grey nomad or some marketing material from an insurer. Next step: get product disclosure documents for policies from a range of insurers. These are a mine of information and will tell you what is covered and what’s not.


Check out the policy’s inclusions and exclusions While your van may be covered if it is stolen or damaged by storm, hail or flood, there are other circumstances that are excluded. For instance, if you hire or rent your van to someone else, it won’t be covered. Leave a window or skylight open during a storm? If that damages the van, you’re unlikely to be covered.


While the van itself may be covered, you’ll need to read the fine print to see whether cover extends to your annexe. Find out what will be covered if the van needs to be towed to your home or to a place where it will be repaired. Will any accommodation costs be covered if you’re unable to stay in your van?


What is covered in the contents section? Contents are the household goods inside the caravan, such as unfixed furnishings and fittings; pots, plates and glasses; clothing; and personal effects. The policy may cover up to a fixed limit, say $500 or $1,000. Think your contents are worth more? Some policies will allow you to pay an additional premium to insure for a higher value. Again, check the policy’s exclusions. They may include mobile phones and accessories; musical instruments; motorbikes; push bikes; and other sporting equipment, such as surfboards.


Decide on the policy that best suits your needs When you’ve decided on a policy, you can then start thinking about ways to reduce your premium. You may, for instance, be happy to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim. Or if you already have several policies with that insurer, you may be entitled to a multi-policy discount.



Saving Money This Christmas /


6 Ways to Save Money this Christmas Christmas is a delightful time where we celebrate with family, friends and loved ones. However, Christmas can also be tough on the purse strings.

To ensure that you are not met with an accumulation of debt after the holidays, here are some practical tips on how to save during the festive season.


Make a list, check it twice Write down all your Christmas expenses and work out a feasible budget. Be sure to include everything from gifts and food to even the cost of postage stamps. Most importantly, stick to your list.


Paper not plastic A good way to make sure that you don’t exceed your budget is to steer clear of credit cards. “Pay cash. That way you can never spend what you don’t have and stick to it.” says debt & money specialist Scott Parry. While baby boomers are more credit conscious than everyone else, this does not exempt you from the 16 per cent credit card interest, advises Parry.


A group that feasts together, stays together Food plays a pivotal role at Christmas and yes, it can get expensive. According to Parry, the average amount we spend on food throughout the two big days alone (Christmas and Boxing Day) is $554. Instead, consider organising a potluckstyle lunch or dinner. A barbecue is a great option. Money expert and CEO of digital consumer finance firm Clayton Howes explains, “The beauty of the great Aussie barbecue is that people can bring their own food and drink, or chip in. The bigger the gathering, the more savings you make buying snags in bulk.”


Quality, not quantity The older we get, the more we value quality over quantity which is why a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle is another great way to save money. Put everyone’s name in a bowl and have them randomly choose the name of the person they are required to offer a gift for Christmas. “One well-chosen gift is better than a tonne of wrong stuff anyway,” explains Howes. “There’ll be a lot less stress and wasted cash.”


The best things in life are free During summer, there is often a plethora of free entertainment and activities available. Alternatively, take your grandchildren out fishing as a gift idea or organise a family hike. Instead of investing money on new gadgets, invest in some quality time with loved ones.




The gift of giving It may be Christmas, but it doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend lots of money. Without the obligations of work, why not give the gift of giving and volunteer? “The Smith Family, Exodus Foundation, Mission Australia and others are often looking for support around this time of year. It costs nothing to volunteer but it’s worth a great deal to other people.” says Howes. Get together a group of people and make a day of it. Your efforts will be appreciated and you will have made someone else’s Christmas, a happy one.


Health / Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain and it’s impact on our lives


rofessor Manuela Ferreira is a highly ranked researcher internationally in the low back pain field and is conducting studies at the University of Sydney to investigate better ways to treat this condition. Depending on diagnosis, simple or more complex interventions could help to improve symptoms. However, what works best for whom is still uncertain! Usually low back pain cannot be attributed to any specific cause and is termed non-specific. Research endorses self-management intervention for non-specific low back pain, as it can improve pain and function. However, the best way of delivering self-management to patients is still unknown. Text messages aid self-management of chronic diseases (e.g. cardiovascular diseases and diabetes) and improve healthy behaviour. Professor Ferreira and her team are investigating if text messages can also support recovery from low back pain. The study is named ‘TEXT4myBACK’ and is approved by the Northern Sydney Local Health District Ethics Committee. The study is looking for adults who - live in Australia - have low back pain that is causing at least moderate interference with their everyday life - have a mobile phone

Professor Ferreira is also leading a world first randomised placebo-controlled study to establish how effective surgery is for managing lumbar stenosis – the SUcceSS study. Lumbar stenosis causes low back pain and leg symptoms with patients experiencing leg pain that is worse when they walk or stand, and better when they sit down or bend over. It is commonly managed with decompression surgery, especially when other treatments have failed. This surgery involves a small incision into the skin and muscles and the removal of small portions of bone and ligament to increase the lumbar spinal canal. However, there is no strong evidence supporting decompression surgery. The SUcceSS study aims to change that! It compares two types of spinal surgery; one that removes bone and ligament (decompression) and another that does not (placebo). The results will determine if the removal of bone and ligament is necessary to relieve symptoms or not. The SUcceSS study is funded by the Australian Government and is approved by the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Ethics Committee. A high-level of safety monitoring ensures participants’ wellbeing during the participation in the study. The study is looking for people in NSW and Victoria that: - Are older than 50 years - Have pain, numbness, and/or fatigue in or below the buttocks that is worse with walking and better when sitting or leaning forward for at least 3 months - Are eligible to receive decompression surgery

Participants are randomised to receive one of the two types of text message interventions, which provide information and education on back pain. For further information, please visit the TEXT4myBACK website.

For further information, please visit the SUcceSS website.

If you would like to participate, please complete the pre-screening here. The research team will contact you to confirm eligibility and answer questions. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 ACTIVE RETIREES |

If you are keen to participate, please contact the research team at:



Shining a Light /


Shining a Light on Our Reactions to the Lockdown Lyn Thiele studied a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland, a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling at Queensland University of Technology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Change Management at the University of New South Wales. Lyn has worked as a professional counsellor in secondary schools, trained counsellors for the Department of Education Queensland and consulted Government Departments and major organisations in change management. Most recently, Lyn has acquired 96 hours of training in neuroscience which is applied in her qualified work.


hen I started my teaching career and studying educational psychology, the brain was regarded as a black box. By that it was meant we were able to observe an individual’s response or behaviour to a certain stimulus, but were unable to determine what processes the brain went through which led to the observed response. With the invention of the FMRI which stands for functional magnetic resonance imaging, developed in the 1990s, brain activity can now be identified, in real time and is non-invasive. Importantly it shows which parts of the brain ‘light up’ under certain stimulus. Neuroscientific research has now grown exponentially as we learn more and more about human behaviour. The research is now applied in organisations for change management and leadership development. It is this information that I will be sharing from experience and applying to the reactions of Covid-19. Just as organisation change can result in major disruption, Covid-19 can also be described as a major disrupter to most, if not all, aspects of our lives. How we manage this disruption will have a significant impact on our wellbeing. Insights from research into how our brains react to a disruption such as this will maximise our chances of meeting the challenges that Covid-19 presents.

The neuroscientists have identified what they have called social cognitive needs which all humans have. David Rock has encapsulated these in his framework SCARF. There are five broadly recognised needs; status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness and fairness. In this article the focus will be on certainty and the impact of uncertainty on our brain’s activity. Most people would agree that uncertainty is swirling around us at every level in our society at the moment; from concerns about health, the economy and how well any recovery will be managed as examples. The neuroscientists claim that our brains hate uncertainty and crave certainty; so how do we close the uncertainty/ certainty gap that is a massive part of our world now? To understand the impact of certainty or uncertainty on the brain, two parts of the brain come into focus; the amygdala or lizard brain, alerts us to threats and is the emotional centre of the brain. The prefrontal cortex or executive function helps us to make decisions, problem solve and seek solutions. Our brains are in constant flow between reward and threat. The challenge in times of uncertainty is to close the gap between certainty and uncertainty. Broadly speaking; staying in touch with sound and reliable information about what is going on in the world is a good start; doing activities that we enjoy; making plans for the day or week restores some certainty in our life; listening to relaxing



music are just some examples. Activities, such as these, help us to move to our executive function, our prefrontal cortex, and to stay focused on what matters in that moment, day or week. These activities stimulate the production of the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Dopamine is released when we anticipate a reward, not necessarily monetary, and is referred to as the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. Listening or being listened to is also a good dopamine stimulant; so, reach out to friends or family members who are good listeners. On the other hand, uncertainty can lead to what is called the amygdala hijack, so called because this emotionally charged part of the brain takes charge and can lead to a set of behaviours called fight, flight or freeze. While a natural response to uncertainty, we need to find ways to manage these strong emotions before we descend into anxiety and depression, where professional help needs to be urgently sought. Contacting your GP, Lifeline 131114 or Beyond Blue 1800 512 348 are critical first steps.


THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF RESPITE Caring is an incredibly important job, but it’s crucial carers look after themselves too by taking regular breaks to prevent physical and emotional exhaustion. Why respite matters Bupa’s Manager of Dementia Services, Robyn Attoe says caring for someone living with illness or dementia is a 24 hour a day role and studies reveal that primary caregivers are at higher risk for stress related health conditions like depression. “Respite is not a luxury but should instead be seen as essential part of caregiving,” says Attoe. Attoe recommends regular scheduled respites, rather than waiting until the carer is on the verge of burnout. “Emotionally it can be hard to give up that caring role, even for a little while, but if it can be built into the plan from the beginning it can make that easier,” says Attoe. Types of respite There are many types of respite care; formal and informal. It all depends on your personal situation, the type of care required, care providers in your area and the length of stay. Informal respite: You may have friends of family members who can take on some of the caring role to enable you to attend appointments, take a break or run errands. In-home respite: You can have a carer come to the residential home for an agreed amount of time. Centre-based respite: A service (often held at a centre or club) which aims to provide enjoyable group activities for people living with dementia in a social setting. Residential respite care: Around the clock care provided by an aged care home for a set period of time. Emergency respite – Can be organised through the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre on 1800 059 059 (After hours emergency number). The benefits of respite When there is adequate access to respite it can make the caring journey more rewarding, often enabling the person to stay in their own home longer. “If you’re better placed emotionally, then you’re in a much better position to care for that person in a meaningful way and that will benefit the person as well,” says Attoe Attoe says it’s really important carers maintain their own identity and continue to do the things they enjoy and respite care can help with that. Respite in an aged care home is one way to help familiarise the carer, the person who may be living with dementia and their family with a care home, which can make the transition into permanent aged care easier when the time comes.

Caring for a loved one and worried about taking a break? Special offer for Probians For short respite stays – we will waive the basic daily fee for stays up to four weeks in total. Offer available until 31 December* *T&Cs apply. Visit our website for more details at


CA US N LL for a d OW eta iled itinera r availay and b dates le


WEEKLY DURING AUTUMN & SPRING Ring now for selected available dates in 2020, 2021 Dates Now Open HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TOUR INCLUDE: Historic Beechworth, Bright, Echuca & Glenrowan. Red Stag Deer Farm. Semi-live re-enactment of Ned Kelly’s last stand.

5 Star luxury coach travel. Professional Coach Captains and Guides with extensive “local” knowledge.

Paddlesteamer river cruise, Port of Echuca. Relaxing cruise on Lake Mulwala. Shopping at Yarrawonga, Echuca, Beechworth & Bright.

Luxury country style accommodation located in the centre of Yarrawonga. Enjoy strolling through the shops or relax with coffee “alfresco” style.

Visit Beechworth’s historic courthouse & experience an unforgettable day unique only to our tours. Expert town tour guides in Major Towns.

Delicious continental and cooked breakfasts every morning. Delicious morning teas and quality dinners - For an exquisite taste in exquisite settings, Yarrawonga has it all. Country Hospitality at its best - Experience our Linga Longa welcome, mingle with other guests and sample our local wines in a relaxed setting in the private courtyard. All attractions & admission to venues in excess of $150 in value.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like winter in Yarrawonga! Enjoy a winter experience like no fires, roasting chestnuts, beautiful snow backdrops, exciting new venues, including a unique Riverlight’s Cruise on the Murray and much, much more!!!

Deniliquin on the beautiful Edwards River –visit the Historical Society Museum and The Peppin Heritage Centre for a unforgettable day unique only to our tours. Enjoy our slice of the Silo Art Trail, Australia’s largest outdoor gallery, with visit to 5 country towns. Picturesque country towns such as Rutherglen, Swanpool, Tocumwal, Corowa and Dookie. Indulgence Day includes chicken & champagne cruise.

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Travel / Domestic

Linga Longa In Yarrawonga


elebrating their 17th Birthday at the start of next year, Linga Longa in Yarrawonga has shown thousands of visitors the full splendour of the North East region of Victoria. When Alan and Sheree Morley took over the operations of the Central Yarrawonga Motor Inn in 2004, they quickly realised that in order to prosper and grow the business there was a need to direct their main focus on the development and growth of their Linga Longa Tour operation. They were dedicated to providing a service that was unique within the tourism industry at that time. Linga Longa Tours are targeted towards seniors from all parts of Australia and include specialised 5 day, 6 night tours in and around the North East of Victoria. By insisting on providing a consistent level of customer service, they offer an experience to their customers that will, without a doubt, be remembered for many years. Alan and Sheree’s enthusiasm and passion for their business and their customers is apparent in their commitment to ensure that all tours are catered to not only meet but exceed the needs of their customers. They have enhanced their tours and now visit new and exciting venues and spend even more time at Bright, Beechworth, Echuca and Glenrowan (with expert tour guide commentary in each of these towns) which offers even better value than their previous tours. The tour offers exceptional value for money as Linga Longa Tours continue to maintain their competitive rates and superior service for those looking to further explore this wonderful and historic part of Victoria. This tour boasts a combination of the finest tour operators and venues that Murray & High Country has to offer. Each day, you will be immersed in the culture, history and geography of the region; many times with expert guides.




Linga Longa Tours are targeted towards seniors from all parts of Australia and include specialised 5 day, 6 night tours in and around the North East of Victoria.

These popular LINGA LONGA IN YARRAWONGA 6 Day 5 Night Package tours run weekly.

Autumn Tours From end of February through to end of May. Spring Tours From August through to the start of December.

They welcome both Group and Individual Bookings. 2020 has certainly been a trying year with losing all their tours, however they are staying positive and looking forward towards next year. They are nearly fully booked now for Autumn and their Spring bookings are starting to take off. They are so thankful that people are embracing holiday in regional areas. The Coronavirus fear has affected us all and it is something we all need to face together. It’s crazy times and we are all experiencing worry and some fear; and Alan and Sheree perfectly understand peoples uncertainty about the future. Rest assured that they will be totally guided by the health authorities and would not run any tours against their advice. It is important to note that the second wave in Victoria was substantially in Melbourne and not in regional areas. They did not have any cases in their Shire or any of the towns of their venues. The government have also recognized this by having different restrictions for their areas and for those in Melbourne and restricting movement from Melbourne into the regional areas. They are hopeful of moving to a Covid normal within the coming the months. This is all very promising for their tours next year. THEIR PROMISE TO THEIR GUESTS:

At Linga Longa Tours / Central Motor Inn we are taking every precaution to ensure our highest standards of cleanliness and all safety measures are being taken to prevent the spread of this virus; at the time of typing this post we have NO confirmed cases in our town or any of the regions NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 ACTIVE RETIREES |


Domestic /


that we visited on the tour. Our rooms are being thoroughly disinfected after each stay to include disinfecting things like doorknobs, light switches and all hard surfaces with hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants. This is over and above our standard cleaning procedures. Our linen is hired and supplied fresh by Gouge Linen who meet the highest standards of hygiene. Our pool is tested and maintained automatically with chlorine; we will also be testing each day while we have guests staying with us; to ensure the levels required are met for maximum protection. All our common areas will also be disinfected each day. The coach company that we use has confirmed that they too have adopted the extra cleanliness and safety measures required to prevent the spread of this virus. They also have available, temperature thermometer and hand sanitiser for individual use. We have also been in contact with all the venues that we visit during the tour and they too have guaranteed us that they are undertaking extra cleaning measures. Rest assured the businesses in these country towns need your support following the devasting impact the fires had on their business and they will do all they can to ensure your safety. We hope this helps alleviate some concerns; we will be directed and guided by the regulatory authorities - stay safe, follow the guidelines, and above all else; please be kind to each other, we need that more than ever. Please tell your friends that we are still OPEN for business, should anyone find themselves looking for accommodation in our beautiful part of the world. Linga Longa in Yarrawonga tours are proud of their multi awards Business Excellence Awards for Hospitality and Tourism, their Trip Advisor Hall of Fame Certificate of Excellence and the Hotels Combined Award for Excellence.


Probus Day / 1 October 2020

Probus South Pacific endorsed 1 October, the United Nations International Day of Older Persons as the inaugural Probus Day. During the month of October, Probians from across the country commemorated the inaugural celebration by organising Club activities, sending Probus Day ecards and engaging in various different promotions. The Probus Community also received an abundance of support from Federal, State and Local Government representatives, local businesses and media contacts. In this section we share some of the many highlights from Probus Day.

SA Says Hello To A New Club and Others Go Touring The North Haven Probus Club was formed on 1st October at the North Haven Surf Life Saving Club. Over 60 enthusiastic retirees attended and the Rotary Club of Largs Bay sponsored the formation. Streaky Bay & District Combined Probus Club embarked on a very rewarding tour to Elliston. Members admired the ‘Sculptures on the Cliffs’ and enjoyed a morning tea at Venus Bay.




1 October 2020 /

QLD Shines With Probus Colours

Probus Day

From blue and gold shining across Victoria Street Bridge, Gympie, King George Square and Brisbane City Hall and the Probus Flag being raised at City Hall and Town Hall, Probus made its celebratory mark!

VIC Probians Get Creative With restrictions making plans very challenging, Victorian Probus Clubs put their creative caps on! Committee Members at East Malvern Combined Probus Club assembled and delivered Probus Day gifts for each of their members, Torquay Jan Juc Probus Club made surprise Probus Petunias that were gifted to members, Glen Waverley Probus Club dressed up to the theme ‘P’ for Probus on Zoom and Leongatha Probus Club tied Probus balloons to each members mailbox.

NT Celebrates 35 Years Members from the Probus Clubs of Marrara, Darwin, Charles Darwin and Palmerston joined in to celebrate the 35th anniversary for the first Club in Northern Territory, the Probus Club of Darwin. As the rain stayed away, members commemorated Probus Day through networking and listening to speeches from Hon Lauren Moss MLA and Club Executives.




Probus Day / 1 October 2020

NSW Probians Embrace Connections Lane Cove Probus Club welcomed a visit from Trent Zimmerman MP, Bella Vista Probus Club had a special visit from Jeremy Rapport from Norwest Sunrise Rotary and Bathurst Macquarie Probus Club recommenced their meeting in true Probus spirit.

WA Goes From The Ground To High Above Probus Clubs in the Mandurah area joined together for a sundowner at Mandurah Eastern Foreshore while Councillor Jenny Green shared a toast and members from Geraldton Probus Club flew over their city thanks to sponsored flights from Shine Aviation.

Tassie Probians Come Together

ACT Enjoys Picnics In The Sun

Woodbridge and Channel District Probus Club celebrated a themed morning tea and also treated themselves to a Probus decorated cake.

The Majura Ladies Probus Club got together and celebrated Probus Day with a picnic at Weston Park.




1 October 2020 /

Probus Day

We Made An Impact!

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Did you miss out on watching the #ProbusDay1October2020 video? Click here to watch the celebratory video with which includes messages of support for Probus.

To raise awareness of Probus Day, we wrote to Federal Members and Senators seeking their support. Their responses have been very positive, regardless of their political affiliation, these individuals have taken the time to let us know that they recognise the role Probus plays in helping retirees Stay Connected and we sincerely appreciate their contribution. Click here to access the booklet.

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Hundreds of Probians received personalised Probus Day eCards from their fellow Probus friends.

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Beechworth & Yackandandah Harrietville Lavender Farm Beautiful Bright and Surrounds Trout Fishing and Deer farm Milawa Gourmet Region National Trust Village of Wandiligong & Apple Orchard Wineries and Farm Gates Bright Museum and Art Gallery

PO Box 536 BRIGHT VIC 3741

Photo by: Glen Cameron -

welcome aboard!





Woy Woy

Woy Woy Bay Phegans Bay

Set your mind at ease as you cruise the beautiful Brisbane Water Catch the ferry from Woy Woy public wharf, a short stroll from Woy Woy station with round trips back to Woy Woy for a classic pub feed at The Bayview, Greek at Ela Mesa or grab some fish and chips at Fisherman’s Wharf. If walking is your thing, disembark at Lintern Street, Davistown for the picturesque Illura Reserve Walk around the waterfront towards local café’s and restaurants. Another great spot is Davistown Central, where the restaurant Ferryman awaits right next to Central Wharf, and a short stroll to Little Teapot or Dart n Feather or head to the award winning Davistown RSL. Another Umina Beach hidden gem if you just want a delicious cup of coffee and a treat is Empire’s D’lite at Empire Bay. With ferries running all day you can plan your trip. History cruises to start up again later in 2020.

Davistown RSL Club

Veteran Hall


Lintern St

Central (RSL)

Woy Woy Train Station

Kincum Kincumb South

Pine Ave

Empire Bay

St Huberts Island




(Via Saratoga and Davistown) Operates from Woy Woy Wharf


Booker Bay

Ferry Departs from Woy Woy


Ettalong Saratoga Beach



Veteran Hall

Lintern St.

Central (RSL)

Pine Av.

6:30 am

6:40 am

6:45 am

6:55 am


7:45 am

7:55 am

8:00 am Wagstaffe

8:10 am

9:00 am

9:10 am

10:45 am

10:55 am

Empire Bay




Bay 8:15Heights 8:10 am am

9:15 am

Pretty 9:25Beach am

9:25 am

9:30 am

11:00 am

11:10 am

11:10 am

11:15 am


12:30 pm

12:40 pm

12:45 pm

12:55 pm

12:55 pm

1:00 pm

1:50 pm

2:00 pm

2:05 pm

2:15 pm

2:15 pm

2:20 pm


3:40 pm

3:45 pm




4:50 pm

5:00 pm

5:05 pm

5:15 pm



5:50 pm

6:00 pm

6:05 pm

6:15 pm



6:50 pm

7:00 pm

7:05 pm

7:15 pm

7:15 pm

7:20 pm


Ferry Departs from Woy Woy

FERRY: 0418 631 313



Woy Woy

Veteran Hall

Davistown Lintern St.

Central (RSL)


Empire Bay

9:30 am

9:40 am

9:45 am

9:55 am

9:55 am

10:00 am

10:45 am

10:55 am

11:00 am

11:10 am

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3:55 pm

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5:00 pm

5:10 pm

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Recipe /Frances’ Festive Marmalade

Wantirna Heights Combined Probus Club

Frances’ Festive Marmalade

By Trevor Cross

Jump into this festive season with Frances’ Special Marmalade! Frances is the late wife of Probus Member Trevor Cross who has kindly shared this recipe.

Ingredients • Seville Oranges or Kumquats. • White Sugar. (Brown Sugar will work but it will make the Marmalade slightly darker). • White Wine. (Cask Fruity White Wine works well). • Note: 5 Seville Oranges requires approx. 2 litres of White Wine and 2kgs of Sugar.

Method 1. Cut the fruit up. Oranges - Cut off the peel and segment the fruit. Take the peel and remove as much of the pith as possible. Just leaving the shell of the skin. Cut the skin into strips. The size of the strips depends how chunky you like your marmalade to be. Trim the thin edge of the segment away, which will expose any pips. Remove the pips from the segments and put into a separate Serving Suggestion cup of water or wine. Remove any pith left on the segments. Cut off and discard any tough segment skin. Cut remaining segment in half. Place all the skin shell pieces and fruit segments into a bowl. Kumquats - Cut the Kumquats in half or quarters dependant on their size. (Do not try to peel). Remove the pips and put them in a separate cup of water. Place the fruit into a bowl. 2. Put the fruit into a large bowl with an equal quantity of White Wine by volume and place in the fridge to soak for 24 hours. 3. Take the cup of pips and put them into the fridge as well. Next day take the pips out and put them into a muslin bag and put it into the fruit and wine liquid. Also pour the water that the pips have been soaking in, into the liquid. 4. After 24 hours boil down the fruit, wine, and muslin bag of pips to half its quantity, remove the bag of pips and discard. When the liquid is cool, put it back in the fridge for another 24 hours. 5. Make sure you have sufficient glass jams available to bottle the marmalade and that they are sterilised (wash well and put them into a 150 degree oven for at least one hour). Note. The jars must be hot when they are filled, otherwise they can crack when the hot liquid is poured into them. 6. Take the pulp liquid and put it into a large saucepan with equal quantity of sugar, by volume. Boil liquid and keep testing it until setting point is reached. 105 degrees C. (A saucer in the deep freeze of the fridge works well). Turn off the heat and leave for a few minutes before bottling. Fill jars to just below the top. Place a small piece of greaseproof paper on top of the jar and seal lid tightly. Allow to cool, wipe down jars, to remove any spillage, label with date and store. 7. Marmalade will keep for some time, unless it gets all eaten!! Bon Appétit! NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 ACTIVE RETIREES |



Club news

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The following section of Club News features Club activities and creative writing submissions. Even during challenging times, Probians continue to embrace the true spirit of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship. To have your Club’s event, trip or member submissions potentially featured in Active Retirees magazine, please send the following to 1. A short description of 50 to 150 words for Club News and up to 300 words for Creative Writing.

2. If applicable, a photo as a separate attachment

(photos embedded in Word documents or PDFs are often compressed and too low-resolution for print)

3. Try to send the original, full-sized photo if possible (these are generally higher resolution than those pulled from Facebook, for example)

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Club News / ACT

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

A Conder Lanyon Morning Tea A few members from the Conder Lanyon Probus Club organised a morning tea catch up to stay connected. Pictured are members Anne, Julie, Suna, Carol, June and President Vicki.

Shepherd’s Lookout Jamison Combined Probus Club members visited Shepherd’s Lookout on the western edge of the ACT,

overlooking Murrumbidgee River.




Club News / Northern Territory

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

General Meeting

The Probus Club of Darwin conducted a General Meeting on 5th August at Tracy Village Social and Sports Club,


Larrakia History Probus Club of Marrara recently had Richard

Fejo give a presentation on Larrakia history.

Richard is an elder of Larrakia and Chair of the

Larrakia Nation along with being the senior elder on campus at the Poche Centre for Indigenous

Health, College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University.

President Ken Cohalan OAM thanked Richard

for his talk and presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Chocolate Factory Deprivation finally drove the Palmerston Combined Probus Club to

create their own chocolate.

They attended a workshop in the local chocolate factory, Charlotte’s

Web. Members were very fetching in their protective bonnets and sanitised gloves.

Many original designs were created and some were even recognisable.

These were transformed into miniature works of art using melted

chocolate and a delicate touch with a bit of tasting just to check. Marilyn Roberts said “Regardless of the appearance, they all tasted yummy.”

The factory also treated members to toasted sandwiches for lunch and a

tasting of their more professional chocolates.




 1800 1400 66


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✓ Half Day Island Tour

✓ Progressive Dinner

✓ Progressive Dinner

✓ Island Fish Fry

✓ Island Fish Fry

✓ Convict Settlement Tour

✓ Convict Settlement Tour

✓ Sound & Light Show

✓ Glass Bottom Boat Tour

✓ Hilli Restaurant Dinner ✓ Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama visit & Devonshire tea ✓ Behind the Hedges Tour ✓ Colleen McCullough Home Tour ✓ Pitcairn Settlers Village

We a r e o w n e

www.norfolkisland Conditions apply | Prices are in AUD

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Norfolk Island : There are so many reasons to consider a holiday to Norfolk Island. Situated a short two hour flight from Brisbane or Sydney and midway between Australia and New Zealand, our little Island is packed full of things to see and do. The world heritage listed ‘Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Heritage Area’ (KAVHA) will take you into the history of turbulent convict years. Today’s vibrant ‘Norf ’k’ culture – born out of the renowned ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ – can be explored via tours, displays or from a chat with a friendly local. Encounter our pristine environment via swimming, reef snorkelling and rainforest walks. Our cafés and restaurants offer delicious, fresh, organic meals and local art, crafts, toys, shoes and tax-free items are amongst shopping highlights. Whether you are deciding to travel for a special event or at another time of year, this South Pacific gem is guaranteed to safely return you home, very much satisfied.

Norfolk Island is the perfect destination to enjoy life and unwind – Why not extend your stay to 10 days and see all that Norfolk Island has to offer at a relaxed pace? Contact our friendly staff on free call: 1800 1400 66 or email us: for more information.

ed & operated by friendly Norfolk Island locals / Call : 1 8 0 0 1 4 0 0 6 6 / Email : and are indicative only, subject to availability & change without notice | Travel insurance strongly recommended | *Pricing based on a min group of 10 people

Club News / Tasmania

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

It’s Good To Be Back

Hobart Men’s Probus Club enjoyed

their first meeting since March. Members were happy to be back together while welcoming two new inductees.

There was also a special performance

by the Brandivinos Band and a

photoshop tour of Norway and Denmark

provided by a well-travelled member Ian Miller.

A COVID-safe coffee break and

fellowship was well appreciated.

Bill Foster Designed Dinghies Some years ago Bill Foster OAM, Foundation Member and Past President of Hobart Macquarie Probus Club along

with his wife Shirley, asked one of their daughters what she would like as a 21st Birthday gift.

To their surprise, and Bill’s delight, their daughter asked her father to build her a wooden sailing dinghy. Bill

designed and built a 10 foot wooden sailing dinghy now known as the “Foster 10”.

This design took off and boat builder, Ned Trewartha, who has built several of these dinghies, was

commissioned by Christian Willing of Hobart to build two such crafts at Woodbridge, Tasmania.

Recently, Christian Willing donated both crafts to the Maritime Museum of Tasmania located on the waterfront

in Hobart for display. Bill has very close connections with the Maritime Museum of Tasmania where he has worked on many restoration and maintenance projects of historic Tasmanian boats. Museum Curator, Dr Annalise Rees

explained, “the connection to Bill Foster OAM, who is a Life Member of the Maritime Museum of Tasmania is very special”.




Club News / South Australia

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

A Triple Celebration

Noarlunga Combined Probus Club recently met and celebrated their 35th Club anniversary along with 2

members 20 year memberships and a 90th birthday.

Coming Together Members from

Probus Club of North

Adelaide were excited

to see each other again

at the Alma Hotel on 9th September.

Pictured is President

Rosemary Hutchinson and Treasurer Lana Mislov.

A Day In Adelaide Hills 14 members from Magill Probus Club enjoyed their

first outing after lockdown on 2nd September.

Thanks to a grant received from Campbelltown City

Council, The Club hired the Council’s Community Bus for a day in Adelaide Hills.

Members stopped at the historical German town

of Hahndorf for a street walk and coffee followed by

Woodside Hotel for lunch. After lunch members then visited the Woodside Cheese Factory and Melba’s Chocolate Factory.




Club News / South Australia

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Colonel Light Gardens Ladies Probus Club welcomed guest speaker Jayne Dance to their meeting.

Jayne began her presentation to the Colonel Light Gardens Ladies’ Club meeting by dancing around the room to

lively Irish music as members took their seats.

She certainly lived up to her name. The author of the children’s story Dancing with Ruby not only captivated

members attention, but also soon had them dancing as well to a catchy tune by Max Bygraves, “Any Dream Will Do.”

They’re Back! Probus Club of Tea Tree Gully is back

to near normal functions. With the last

meeting before the Covid-19 restrictions being their Annual General Meeting, it

was 5 long months before newly elected President Sandra could chair her first Probus General Meeting.

And what a meeting it was, with

three new members being inducted

into Probus, and their Program Officer

(Helen) being presented with a 15 year membership certificate.

While forsaking their usual morning

tea with chairs set up to allow for social distances and closing off some doors, members were able to catch up with

friends who they may not have seen for months.






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182 Murray St, Tanunda SA 5352 Phone (08) 8563 2988

It’s time to discover your brand new home.

Have you seen our brand new Display Apartment? Be among the first to visit our brand new stage 2 display villa at Maranoa Village up close, with a limited number of one-on-one apointments available throughout November and December. If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to view a brand new Maranoa Village retirement villa in person, this is your chance. Inspect the layouts, see the finishes and have the chance to secure your very own.

(02) 6698 5718

Don’t miss your chance! Book your private appointment today. Call (02) 6698 5718

Club News / New South Wales

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Noel’s 747 Send-Off !

Engadine Combined Probus Club would like to congratulate

one of their members Noel Taylor for being invited by CEO of

Qantas, Alan Joyce, for the official farewell party of the last 747.

CEO Alan commented that maybe Noel was the longest living

employee being 93 years old.

Noel worked at Qantas for 45 years, starting as a 16 year

old on 27 July 1942 at Rose Bay working on the Flying Boats.

He was transferred to Mascot in 1945 where he worked on the company’s fleet of Super Constellations and then the Boeing

747s. The official send-off also included signing the belly of the 747.

Treasurer Kerry Moore says “Noel’s life has always been

aviation and his family and this day was magical for him”.

Into The Bush Seven members from the Glenorie

Probus Club embarked on a bushwalk from Duffy’s Forest out along a ridgeline fire trail to Cowan Creek.

Members enjoyed all the wildflowers in

bloom and their view of Cowan Creek from Peach Trees lookout.

The photo was captured by President

Patrick Byrne.

Probus In The Park Since the start of the pandemic, Probians

from Ashfield Probus Club have been meeting once a week at the delightful Yeo Park.

The South Ashfield park is home to an

infants’ school and has a centrepiece rotunda

cum fountain and many mature trees. It’s close to some of Ashfield’s most beautiful heritage homes.

The Infield Cafe has great coffee, cakes and

an ever-changing snack menu for lunch.




Club News / New South Wales Nancye Awarded OAM Congratulations to Nancye

Hawke from Gerroa Combined

Probus Club for being awarded OAM.

The Governor of NSW

presented Nancye with Medals and Memorabilia at the Government

House on 11th September 2020.

Gledswood Hill Walkers A group of

walkers from

Gledswood Hills Probus Club

joined together to enjoy the outdoors.

‘ISO’ Morning Tea Marrickville Probus Club

members, on a cold, windy and wet day warmed up to a nice morning tea.

The few members met at

member Susan’s home in Dulwich Hill and explored the beautiful

gardens in between the showers. There was also a break out cake served as a birthday cake for 4

members who had July birthdays. The morning was “catch

up” time with many interesting

stories of time spent in isolation.

Mystery Drive August Wyee Probus Club got

up to a bunch of activities during their “Mystery Drive” in August.

Members gathered

together to enjoy the

outdoor sceneries, had a

nice cuppa at the Market St Café and took fun in capturing some social distancing photos.




To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

A Walk In The Sunshine

Open For Business

With the stunning Spring day, Probus Club of Port Stephens

walking group gathered in Taylors Beach to take in the

interesting variation of tree life in the forested area, and relish

in the opportunity to socialise and make organised contact with other members.

The walk ventured in the shade despite being under the

magnificent canopy of the famous Morton Bay Fig tree, planted in 1876 by the original settlers of Taylors Beach.

After walking and talking it was time for coffee, this time with

the mums and children at the Spirited Play Café.

On 24th September, the Kiama Mixed

Probus Club welcomed five new members into the Club sending a great message to the community.

This was a single meeting at Kiama

Leagues Club where President Carl Storer formally welcomed Leonie Goodsell, Wes and Robyn Evans, Renelda Arthur and

Carolyn Crowe-Maxwell. In spite of the

COVID-19 restrictions curtailing Kiama’s social calendar, the Club has continued to keep members connected for fun,

friendship and fellowship at picnics, walks and coffee mornings.

AGM & First GM New Lambton Honeysuckle Probus Club was able to hold both its deferred Annual General Meeting and first

General Meeting since February. This was undertaken with strong help and advice from their usual meeting venue, Club Kotara.

Attending members were able to occupy the general area of the club, prior to its opening.

President Terry opened proceedings saying what a pleasure it was to be back and looking at familiar faces again. Secretary Andy says “Having now completed these two meetings, we hope to return to normal monthly

meetings. However, this will be dependent on the situation with COVID-19”.




Welcome to the


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Club News / Victoria

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Leongatha Celebrates 30 Years Early this year (before COVID-19 lockdown)

Leongatha Probus Club celebrated their 30th Anniversary with 106 members and guests. The Club was honoured to have Bruce

Cameron represent PSPL and enjoyed his addressing speech.

Nine Foundation Members also attended and

were presented with certificates. Member Josie Blesser was honoured with Life Membership. President Marie Fowkes also accepted a

certificate from Bruce Cameron marking their 30 years.

A celebratory cake was cut and enjoyed by all.

Armchair Rally

Members from Probus Club of Queenscliff - Point Lonsdale participated in the ‘Armchair rally’ game designed by

Secretary Martin Warneke.

Martin devised a simple course on their local map marked with points (locations) where members individually

chartered their way along these points.

The map with instructions was sent via email and all participants received a digital certificate in the end.

Secretary Martin says “As a navigator in competitive rallies, this is somewhat similar to what I would normally

do at an event, plotting out a course prior to actually following the route as quickly/closely as possible ‘on the

road’. The ‘trick’, in reality, is trying to follow the route as accurately as possible. With ‘actual’ events, the crew who complete the course in the shortest time or who successfully follows the course are the winners.”

Martin’s activity has been a great way to keep members active while getting a breeze of fresh air.




Club News / Victoria

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Divided But Connected By Spirit Albury-Murray Probus

Club have a very active

walking group made up of

members from both Albury (NSW) and Wodonga

(Victoria), the border being the Murray River.

Given the challenge

of border restrictions at

the time, the groups were divided in their walking

activity but still shared the same spirit.

Pictured is a collage

created by Treasurer Jennifer.

Zoom Catchups Probus Club of Frankston Heights have been conducting weekly

one hour Zoom meetings to catch up with each other during lockdown.

Treasurer Robert Pill says “This is great for keeping in touch,

especially as we can see each other.”

35 Year Milestone The Probus Club of Traralgon (M) recently reached their 35th Club anniversary and were mailed a Certificate

from PSPL congratulating the Club on achieving this milestone.

With the challenges of lockdown, the Club has maintained regular contact with their members by issuing

regular bulletins and holding a ‘Probus Golf ’ session every Thursday at Traralgon Golf Club. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 ACTIVE RETIREES |



Life of

Riley Tours

Club News / Victoria Creswick Mask Makers

During lockdown, the Probus Club of Creswick

has been busy finding ways to stay active at home.

Incomes the “Creswick Mask Makers” where

members are making creative masks and taking it one step further with a game called “Who’s behind the mask”.

The activity is well received by the Club and is

published in the Creswick Bulletin.


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Club News / Queensland A Cairns Trip

To support Queensland, 15

members from Bargara and District Mixed Probus Club

took the train to Cairns for a

12 day holiday finishing with

some time on Magnetic Island.

A great time was had by all.

Welcoming Tamborine Mountain In early September,

Tamborine Mountain Probus Club was formed with 30

foundation members at the Tamborine

Mountain Bowls Club. PAQ President

Rob Neary did a great presentation and the

Rotary Club of Coomera River sponsored the new Club.

100 th Birthday Celebration Helensvale Probus Club

celebrated member Florence Drury’s 100th birthday.

The Club welcomed Bruce Paige

from Channel Nine Gold Coast

News to also attend this milestone birthday.

Secretary Lynn Williams says

“Florence is an amazing lady, full of life and fun. She had no idea that

we had planned a surprise High Tea, NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 ACTIVE RETIREES |


catered for by our members.”


To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

20 th Club Anniversary Sherwood Combined Probus Club celebrated

Meetings In The Park Noosa 2010 Probus Club have been organising

their 20th Club Anniversary with 47 members

meetings at the park along side Noosa River. Embracing

Regional Liaison Officers Barry and Sylvia Read

Four member inductions were also apparent with

and special guests; Vice Chairman Judith

Maestracci AM, Councillor Nicole Johnston,

and former members Helen Plant, Joyce Bruce, Margaret Izatt, Cathy Hagen and Geoff Hagen. Judith Maestracci presented a framed

the outdoors, attending members bring their own food, beverages and chairs.

President Barbara Muir giving the COVID elbow bounce.

Certificate congratulating the Club for reaching 20 years followed by a toast to Probus.

10 year, 20 year and Life Membership

certificates were also awarded. Members enjoyed entertainment by Marion Fels, a delicious lunch menu followed by the anniversary cake.

Meetings & Bus Trips The Management Committee from Wynnum Manly

Probus Club have carefully worked with COVID-19

regulations and restrictions to recommence meetings and some bus trips.

The Club adopted COVID plans provided by PSPL and

PAQ and liaised with Wynnum Bowls Club and Blue Buses to arrange safe activities.

President Lesley Johnson said “Knowing how much our

members enjoy getting together and how important social contact is for health and wellbeing, we are thrilled to be back meeting again.”






C lick he re for d e tails : http s : //b i t. ly/2 SX 7 l 5 w (( 002) 4782 s@ 2) 4 7 8 2 11111 1 1 1 r ere s esrevravati t i o nosn@ t hth e ceacrar r i rnigntgoto n .n c o. cmo.m. a u au

Club News / Western Australia

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Journey Through The Midwest Outback Probus Club of Geraldton’s culture is to continue to be agile, creative and always connected to their

communities in the Midwest.

On Thursday 27th August, the Club embarked on a trip around the Midwest stopping at Coolcalalaya Sheep

Station, Yallalong Cattle Station, Wooleen Station, Murchison Settlement, Cue, Afghan Rock, Walga Rock, Mount Magnet, Yalgoo, Pindar and Mullewa. Some of the many highlights from this trip included travelling past the

Murchison Radio Astronomy Observatory, admiring the Walga Rock reputed to have Australia’s largest gallery of rock art and reminiscing at the Murchison Settle Museum. The trip was well enjoyed by all.

Dwellingup Coach Tour Probus Club of Freemantle set off in wintry conditions on a Dwellingup

Coach Tour.

Members visited McLarty House complex in Pinjarra for morning tea,

the coach climbed the Darling Scarp and stopped at Vergona’s Orchard, a tour around the small town of Dwellingup, retail therapy at the local

market, lunch at Dwellingup Community Hotel followed by a drive taken north on the Southwestern Highway towards Jadran winery in Orange Grove.

Members were happy to be out and about after the easing of COVID-19





Club News / Western Australia

To read about more about other members’ activities, visit the Club News Section of the Probus website.

Swan River Outing

Being blessed with superb weather, Bedford

Combined Probus Club members met by the

glorious Swan River on five Fridays beginning with groups of 5 and expanding, with the regulations, to 22.

It was a joy to see people and catch up with

Probus friends. The Club even had a dog come along for the fun.

Araluen Gardens Tulips Festival Whitfords Ladies Probus Club and some members from Sorrento Combined

Probus Club enjoyed a sunny day out at the Araluen Gardens Tulips Festival.

Afterwards members went for lunch at The Elizabethan Tavern, which was

similar to an old English pub.

A great day was had by all.

Celebrating 32 Years South Bunbury Probus Club

celebrated their 32nd Club anniversary.

President Lesley inducted

new member Dennis, awarded a 20 year certificate to

centenarian Norm, presented

Certificates of Membership to Carol for 5 years and Lesley

for 15 years and congratulated Life Member June on 30 years membership.

June and Lesley cut the

celebratory cake and after the formalities, Elva did a piano performance.




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Words Into Masterpieces /

Creative Writing

Words Into Masterpieces - Creative Writing by Probians

PROBUS DAY OCTOBER 1st 2020 Poem by Jean Watson Hastings Point/Tweed Coast Probus Club (NSW)

Welcome to our PROBUS DAY. Greetings everyone! Let’s enjoy the fellowship, the friendship and the fun. We are living in difficult times: we’re not completely free. But with careful thought and Covid planning, it’s as good as it can be. We miss so much but still we have so many things to do, Like greeting others with a smile and asking ‘How are you?’ If we maintain a social distance and even wear a mask We can still communicate: it isn’t a difficult task.

For 44 years a Probus club has been on Australian land And we are proud that Hastings Point is part of that noble band. Members have worked hard all their lives and now deserve a break. To share a meal, enjoy a talk, is a tonic we all can take. So do your best to enjoy this day, despite what lies ahead. Probus is always here to help, to bring you peace instead Of worry about future days and all the present pain. We’ll offer fellowship and fun and friendship again and again.




Creative Writing / Words Into Masterpieces

Words Into Masterpieces - Creative Writing by Probians

I’M OFF / IT’S OFF Poem by Pat Cartwright St Helens Combined Probus Club (VIC)

I was off to Singapore but that dream slowly died. It wobbled and it spluttered till it finally expired.

I was off to Queensland for a conference in the sun. But Queensland didn’t want us So now it’s ‘21.

I was off to Darwin, Kakadu and the Ghan. But Mr Virgin stopped the flights then the Territory said “scram!”

New South Wales will have us. To the Snowy Mountains instead. But now we’re banned from entering Victorians facing “Road Closed Ahead”. So now I’m off to Warrnambool, the Shipwreck Coast to explore. But stop – just turn around now ‘cause you’re not welcome anymore.

The final trip was Christchurch, booked when things seemed brighter. Christmas with our Kiwi kids is a fading dream for this writer. But…… If we all have plans for the future, for when this nightmare ends, If our families stay safe and healthy Then all will be well, my friends.




Words Into Masterpieces /

Creative Writing

Words Into Masterpieces - Creative Writing by Probians

CAPPADOCIA - A GEOLOGICAL AND HUMAN MIRACLE Narrative Recount by Natasha Strommer Dingley Probus Club (VIC)

It is a vast area in southern Anatolia, central Turkey considered to be one of the “eight world miracle”, with a turbulent geological history of powerful earthquakes accompanied by appearances of numerous volcanoes, massive lava flows, more volcanic eruptions, more lava flow, more turbulent earthquakes -all of this within hundreds of million years of those complex geological upheavals which were responsible for the unique landscape of this area. At the end of 2018 my partner Tony and I took a flight from Istanbul to land on this special place; we knew what we should be expecting, but when I opened the door of our airport shuttle, I was stunned by what was around me… Goreme, the name of this small touristy place, has all the usual attributes of a tourist township - hotels, cafes and numerous restaurants, colourful shops with attractive local produce, parking lots, buses and taxis, pharmacy and post office - all of this set amongst these bizarre, huge shapes of stony giants. We booked into a small but special hotel with its huge overhanging open air veranda, where we would be having our breakfasts and dinners and the roof top from which to admire the dark starry sky and the lights of the town below. Unfortunately, we were not able to book into one of the unique “cave hotels”, nestled inside some of those stony giants, hand excavated years ago and equipped with all the necessary facilities, but on a smaller scale.

When next day I woke up as ever very early and rushed to the veranda, I was met by the early morning pre-sunrise sky filled with huge colourful balloons, many already flying and others getting filled with the hot air ready to rise up. Such a spectacle by itself would make a worthwhile trip to this part of the world! Since that morning, by 5 am, I would be on the veranda ready to have more of the show.

We spent about a week in this exotic place, travelling around the vast area, visiting valleys stuffed with the numerous giants. What was interesting - the different valleys contained specific types of those columns of various colours, sizes and shapes, with names like Red, Pink or Sword Valley, etc

One huge depression in the ground called the Love valley, was filled with so called “fairy chimneys’’ - columns of very peculiar pointed forms suggestive of the name of the valley; another one was filled with sparkling white shapes of bleached volcanic ash. The columns topped with flat square blocks were of a particular interest and some tourists looking at them would seriously wonder if these blocks were “put by somebody” on the top of them. Well, the creator of all these “miracles” was (and still is) the Mother Nature herself who first supplied the material (lava) and then started to work on it with torrential seasonal rains (water-), storms (air) and extreme changeable temperatures sculpturing the various unrealistic shapes within millions of years of the repeating actions. In the last millennia, people started to arrive in this area, applying their own abilities to changing those columns, by carving them by hand, often very high, producing liveable caves as a protection from possible invaders. The first dwellers of such caves were Greek and Turkish monks, often fighting with each other as well as with a common foreign enemy. They were decorating their caves with skilful colourful paintings and drawings.

Not only caves, but the whole huge underground cities, were created as temporary refuges against passing enemy hordes during those turbulent years. We were lucky to visit one of them, to follow our guide deeper and deeper underground, through very narrow passages and steep steps , wondering at the structure of the huge multilevel complex with all necessary facilities for living there - numerous separate chambers, food and water storages, air vents and chimneys, animal quarters, etc. Such unique underground cities represent another man-made type of local ‘miracles’ and the numerous colourful paintings and drawings in the galleries reflecting their way of life, are not only aesthetic but historical treasures as well. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 ACTIVE RETIREES |





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