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Set your DMX free

using the original W-DMX™ solution

Multiple DMX universe transmission 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz & 5.8 GHz Easy setup: less than 10 seconds


















TAIWAN- Sponsored by ANTARI
























FRANCE - Sponsored by STARWAY


GERMANY - Sponsored by BROAMAN




HUNGARY - Sponsored by EQ AUDIO




ITALY - Sponsored by K-ARRAY


















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SWEDEN - Sponsored by STARFELT














An ultra-low distortion 6" midrange driver The secret’s in the surround At Celestion, we hate distortion. That’s why our CF0617M midrange driver uses a temperature-resistant, UV-stable foam surround to minimise unwanted reflections across the cone surface and an inverted dust cap so designers can position a phase plug much closer to the driver, greatly improving the high-frequency performance.


From a range of small-diameter, high performance Celestion professional drivers

MANUFACTURERS Contact Celestion to request a sample









USA - Sponsored by ADJ

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WELCOME After three years of hard work, we are pleased to deliver the all-new World

Editor: Rachael Rogerson-Thorley / Contributing Editor: Sam Hughes / Deputy Editor: Emma Bilardi / Sales Director: Jamie Dixon / Senior Account Manager: Laura Iles / Account Manager: Leatitia Hudson /

Trading Survey for 2019. Data for each country has now been updated over that time period, and we’ve included new information you’ve sent to us directly, too. All listings are now in the new and improved (we think) format, so the brands

Production: Mel Robinson, Dan Seaton Circulation: Credit Control:

companies deal with, and the markets within which they operate are clear to make your referencing easier.

CEO: Justin Gawne / Finance Director: Amanda Giles Group Chairman: Damian Walsh

The country flags and GDP - which we sourced from the International Monetary Fund - in the intro section that we introduced last year still feature and have also

Mondiale Publishing Strawberry Studios Watson Square, Stockport SK1 3AZ United Kingdom Tel: +44 161 476 8340 | Fax: +44 161 429 7214

been updated. Despite all of our efforts, there is still room for error, we are human after all.

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Some updates don’t arrive in time, or distribution partners can change after our deadline, so if you do spot something wrong with your entry, please drop us a line and we’ll get it updated for next year’s edition.

Mondo DR (ISSN 1476 4067) is published in January, March, May, July, September, November and December by Mondiale Publishing Limited, Waterloo Place, Watson Square, Stockport, SK1 3AZ, United Kingdom Subscription records are maintained at Mondiale Publishing Limited, Waterloo Place, Watson Square, Stockport, SK1 3AZ, United Kingdom | Printed by Buxton Press, Palace Road, Buxton, UK

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Advertising Index

Daslight.................................................. 8

KV2........................................................ 61

Renkus-Heinz.................................... 87

Dicolor................................................. 21

Kvant..................................................... 77


5 Star Cases........................................ 30

DiGiCo.................................................... 2

Lamp..................................................... 67

ROE..................................................... 123

Adamson............................................ 95

disguise................................................ 63

Laser Animation................................ 61

Shinestage............................................ 4

ADJ........................................................ 35

Doughty............................................... 61

LightLink............................................. 87

Smoke Factory...................................42

Antari.................................................... 29


Look Solutions................................... 49

Starway................................................ 51

B&C....................................................... 39

DWR.................................................... 103

MBN...................................................... 39

Steinigke.............................................. 59


Elation.................................................. 43

Music & Lights........................ 19 & 111

Studio Due.......................................... 81

Chauvet............................................... 93

Fenix..................................................... 81

PowerLightsAugsburg..................... 41

Sunlite.................................................... 6

Chromateq......................................... 94

Fine Art.................................................. 5

PR-Lighting........................................ 15

TW AUDiO......................................... 101

Clay Paky............................................ BC

Global Truss....................................... 31

Prolight Concepts............................. 41


D.A.S. Audio......................................105

ISE............................................................ 9

Prolyte.................................................. 23

Wireless Solution.................................3

STAY CONNECTED TO THE GLOBAL AV INDUSTRY Make all the connections you need at ISE 2019 Integrated Systems Europe is where the latest innovations and solutions are showcased and where professionals go to learn, network and do business.





KAZAKSTAN APM Group Almaty Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting, MI

GEORGIA AVB Tblisi Distributor Allen & Heath Sound

Alef Technology Ltd Kabul Distributor Soundcraft, Crown Sound

Kiber Svet Almaty Distributor, Rental Clay Paky Lighting

Hertz & Lumen Tblisi Dealer Sound and Lighting

ARMENIA AES-Masis Ohanyan AES-Masis Ohanyan Yerevan Distributor Dynacord Sound, AV Electro-Voiceolution LLC Yerevan Distributor Turbosound, Sennheiser, Cordial, MA Lighting Sound and Lighting LS Design LLC Yerevan Distributor Funktion-One Sound

Sound Design Studio Tblisi Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Mogami, Litec, Kvant, ARRI, Chauvet, ETC Sound, Lighting, AV

Ovation Production Centre Yerevan Rental Sound and Lighting

Afghan ITT Ltd Kabul Distributor JBL Sound

RS Pro Almaty Distributor Allen & Heath, D.A.S. Audio, Powersoft Sound

Mifasi Music Tblisi Distributor QSC, bespeco, Mackie Sound and Lighting Show Technics Centre Tblisi Distributor ADJ, beyerdynamic, Eurolite, K-array, DPA, Community Sound and Lighting Smart House Office Tblisi

Distributor dBTechnologies, RCF, L-Acoustics, Audac, Audio-Technica, Clay Paky Sound and Lighting

Samat Show Technics Almaty Distributor Litec, Electro-Voice, ETC, Proel, Leader Light, Chauvet Sound and Lighting SLS Almaty Distributor NEXT-proaudio Sound

KYRGYZSTAN Sound KG Bishkek Distributor JBL, Yamaha, Mackie, MiPro, Martin by HARMAN Sound and Lighting TAJIKISTAN ATT Pro Inc Dushanbe Distributor beyerdynamic pro audio Sound Music Street Dushanbe Distributor beyerdynamic conference Sound TURKMENISTAN Sahy Promix Ashgabat Distributor Phonic, Tascam Sound Yaraw Ltd Ashgabat Distributor JBL Sound Zemm Music Turkmenistan Ashgabat Distributor Yamaha, Dynacord Sound UZBEKISTAN Bayram Tashkent Distributor Electro-Voice, Dynacord, JBL Sound and Lighting


12 A PA C - CH I N A / H ON G KON G / MA CAU


ACE Beijing Beijing Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Shure, Dolby, Clay Paky, MA Lighting Sound and Lighting Acmetec Holdings Limited Foshan Manufacturer Lighting Acton Audio and Musical Instruments Shanghai Dealer Sound, MI

Guangdong Distributor B&C Sound

Guangzhou Manufacturer CLS Lighting

Beijing Kinglite Co Ltd Beijing Dealer Vari-Lite Lighting Beijing Oriental Prime Connections Beijing Dealer QSC Cinema Sound, Broadcast

Cindy Stage Lighting Guangzhou Manufacturer Lighting Cixi Feiyung Stage Lighting Co Ltd Ningbo Manufacturer Eagle Granville Lighting

Advance Vision Technology Pty Shanghai Manufacturer, Distributor Lighting

Beijing Pacific Budee Technology Development Beijing Distributor Martin Audio, DiGiGrid Sound, Broadcast

AGT Holdings Ltd Guangdong Manufacturer AGT Lighting, Flightcases

Beyma China Guanzhou Distributor beyma Sound

Creator Corporation Guangzhou Manufacturer Creator AV

Alutruss tech Co.,LTD Foshan Manufacturer Alutruss Trussing

BOB audio Guangdong Manufacturer BOB Sound

CT Innovative Display Shenzhen Manufacturer, Rental CT LED Screens

Astera Asia Shenzhen Manufacturer Astera Lighting, Architectural

Bose Electronics (Shanghai) Co. Limited Shanghai Contact online Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer

D&E International Ltd Guangzhou Distributor Lynx, Alcons, Avolites Sound and Lighting

Audio Munson WOrkd Guangzhou Manufacturer Munson Sound

Central Music Co Beijing Distributor Presonus Sound, MI

Laserworld China Shenzhen Distributor, Rental Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Showeditor, Pangolin Lasers

Bai Sheng Audio

China Light-Sky

Digital Media Technology Co Ltd Guanzhou Distributor DPA, Fostex, SSL Sound, Broadcast

CR Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Manufacturer, Distributor CR Laser, Kvant Lasers



GlobalTruss GmbH

STAGE CAMPUS Im Stöckmädle 27 76307 Karlsbad Germany

Phone: +49 7248 94790 60 WhatsApp: +49 151 27107522 E-Mail:

For more than 15 years Global Truss is manufacturing and providing trusses and accessories with the highest quality standards all around the globe. With more than 120 employees worldwide and headquarters in Taiwan and Germany, Global Truss has grown to one of the leading truss manufacturers in the business.


Diyi Audio Equipments Ltd (Deton) Guangzhou Manufacturer Deton Sound and Lighting DJ Power Guangzhou dmx-512@126.xom Manufacturer DJ Power Lighting, Stage Effects DSPPA Audio Company Limited Guangzhou Manufacturer DSPPA Sound EAD Marketing Ltd Guangdong Distributor, Systems Integrator Ashly Sound Ekolight Hanzhou Distributor, Systems Integrator Robert Juliat, ETC Lighting Electronic Musicer (Beijing) Culture Development Co.,Ltd. Beijing Contact online Distributor Numark Sound and Lighting EZPro Ltd Shenzhen Distributor Community, Allen & Heath, Powersoft, Lightconverse, EAW, Furman Sound and Lighting Fine Art Guangzhou Manufacturer Fine Art Lighting Great Wall Audio Musical Instrument Co Ltd Guangdong Distributor Ampeg Sound and Lighting Guangzhou Aidi Audio Guangzhou Distributor AD Audio Sound Guangzhou Dardankings Audio Equipment Co., Ltd Guangzhou Distributor Outline Sound Guangzhou Fangda Stage Equipment Co. Ltd Guangzhou Manufacturer, Systems Integrator Fangda Lighting Guangzhou Favolite Stage Lighting Co Ltd Guangzhou Manufacturer Favolite Lighting Guangzhou Fu He Electronic Tech Co Guangzhou Manufacturer FUHE Sound Guangzhou Huipu Theatrics Equipment Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Manufacturer

13 A PA C - CH I N A / H ON G KON G / MA CAU Stage Effects

Sound and Lighting

Guangzhou Liang Yi Lighting Equipment Co Ltd Guangzhou Manufacturer EK Lighting Lighting

Lite Puter Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd Shanghai Manufacturer Liteputer Lighting

Guangzhou Lees Electronics Co Ltd Guangdong Manufacturer Litelees Lighting Guangzhou Precise Sound Electronics Guangzhou Manufacturer J-Beebo, Purelies, Kidrock Sound Guangzhou Sharp Dragon Electronic Technology Ltd Guangzhou Distributor Cloud, G9, Stage Accompany Sound Guangzhou Tongchuang Stage Equipment Co Limited Guangzhou Manufacturer Show Art Lighting Guangzhou TR Audio Co Guangdong Distributor APG Sound Guangzhou WindForce Electronic Manufacturing Co Guangzhou Manufacturer Windforce, Biema Sound Guangzhou Yi Shang Lighting Equioment Co Ltd Guangzhou 3100506098@qq.comᅠ Manufacturer Lighting, Effects Havells China Guangzhou Distributor Sylvania Lighting High Wing Integrated Technology Ltd Guangdong Distributor Audica Professional Sound Hongyu Electronics Co Guangzhou Contact online Dealer Antari, Stagepower Lighting, Effects Huahui Audio Technology co Litd (Huahui) Beijing Distributor. Rental Klang:technologies Sound and Lighting LAX Audio Guangzhou Manufacturer, Distributor LAX Sound Laserworld China Shenzhen Installer, Systems Integrator, Rental, Manufacturer, Distributor Laserworld, RTI, tarm, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Laser Leafun Art & Culture Technology Co Guangzhou Manufacturer, Distributor Lemuse, RCF, Avolites, Robe

Longman International Group Co Ltd Guangzhou Manufacturer Longman Lighting LTS Acoustics Co Ltd Guangzhou Manufacturer Trans Audio Sound Mad Macs Technology Distribution Ltd Shenzhen Distributor Lightconverse Lighting Macostar Physics Application Technology Development (Wuhan) Ltd Hubei Manufacturer, Systems Integrator Macostar Lighting, Broadcast Magewell Electronics Nanjing Manufacturer Magewell Sound, Video, Broadcast, AV

Real Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. Shanxi Distributor Adamson Sound RGBlink Shenzhen Manufacturer RGBlink Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast Roe Visual Co Ltd Shenzhen Manufacturer Video Roland China Limited Shanghai Distributor Roland Sound, AV Ruisheng Lighting & Audio Equipment Co Ltd Guangdong Distributor GLP, TW AUDiO, RAM Audio Sound and Lighting SAE Audio Co. Ltd Guangdong Manufacturer, Distributor SAE, Verity Audio Sound

Melody Development Co Ltd Shenzhen Distributor, Systems Integrator HK Audio (Install) Sound

Shanghai Jeta Network Technology Xuhui Distributor, Systems Integrator Australian Monitor Sound, AV, Conference

Milos (Guangzhou) Co, Ltd Guangzhou Manufacturer, Distributor Milos Trussing

Shanghai MYC Technology Co Ltd Shanghai Distributor Kling & Freitag, Cadac Sound

Most Technical China Shanghai Distributor Void Sound and Lighting

Shanghai Peoples Sound AV Shanghai Distributor FBT Sound

Nanjing Special Lamp Factory Nanjing Manufacturer Chanjiang Lighting Neo-Neon LED Lighting International ltd. Guangdong Manufacturer Neo-Laser, Neo-Truss & Case Lighting, Trussing, Cases OSRAM China Lighting Ltd Guangdong Distributor Osram Lighting Pangolin Laser Systems Asia (China Office) Guangzhou Distributor Pangolin Lasers Penn Elcom (Dongguan) Guangdong Distributor Penn-Elcom Flightcases Phoenix Art-Tech (Guangzhou) Co Ltd Guangzhou Distributor Funktion-One, Proel, Axiom, Van Damme Cable, Cadac CDC4 Sound PR Lighting Guangzhou Manufacturer PR Lighting Lighting

Shanghai Taiwan Trade Development Company Shanghai Distributor Martin by HARMAN, EK Lighting Lighting Shoushan System Integration Ltd. Guangzhou Distributor Fohhn Sound SoundKing Ningbo Manufacturer, Distributor Soundking, Studiomaster, Carlsboro, Cadac Sound, MI Tasso Audio Manufacturer Guangzhou Manufacturer Tasso Sound Tech Team Foshan Manufacturer Tech Team Trussing, Staging Tico Visual Group Foshan Distributor, Systems Integrator Soundtube, Renkus-Heinz, Aviom

Sound and Lighting, AV TMB Beijing Distributor TMB, Wildfire FX Sound and Lighting TOA Corporation Beijing Beijing Distributor TOA Sound. AV Vello Light Guangzhou Manufacturer Vello Lighting W&T International Ltd Guangzhou Manufacturer W&T Lighting WangPai Lighting Guangzhou Manufacturer W&P Lighting Zenith China Beijing Distributor Genelec Sound Zomax Guangzhou Manufacturer OEM Sound and Lighting, Trussing A-Team Plus (HK) Ltd Kowloon Rental Sound and Lighting

HONG KONG A-Team Plus (HK) Ltd Kowloon Rental Sound and Lighting Acclaim Lighting Asia (Hong Kong) Kowloon Distributor Acclaim Lighting Ace International Co., Ltd Tsuen Wan Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Shure, Ayrton, MA Lighting, ADB Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast, MI Adelto Limited Hong Kong Distributor Hill-Audio, Multiform-Lighting Sound and Lighting AHM Engineering Co Ltd Kowloon Design, Installation Sound and Lighting, MI Allenlite Co Ltd Kowloon Distributor, Systems Integrator Sommer Cable, Lampo, DTS Lighting, Architectural, Broadcast ASCL (Audio System Consultants Asia Ltd San Po Kong Design, Installation Sound Audio-Visual Station Kowloon

14 A PA C - CH I N A / H ON G KON G / MA CAU Manufacturer, Distributor AVS, Aeromic Sound and Lighting, Fitness Bose Limited Kowloon Distributor Bose Sound, AV, Consumer Broadcast Technology Ltd Kowloon Systems Integrator Broadcast BVCAM Ltd New Territories Distributor APG Sound CAH Propfessional Sound Co Ltd Kowloon Distributor Rane, Renkus-Heinz, Bose, beyerdynamic conference Sound, AV, Conference CDA Professional Audio Wanchai Manufacturer, Distributor Ivie, Cedar, CDA Sound CY Communications Ltd Wanchai Systems Integrator AV d&b audiotechnik China Shatin Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound D&E International Ltd Kowloon Distributor Avolites Lighting D&M Sales and Marketing Kowloon Contact online Distributor Denon AV, Hi Fi, Consumer Distributor Allen & Heath, Powersoft, EAW, Lightconverse Sound and Lighting

Kowloon Distributor Lightconverse Design Software

Galance Tech International Co Kowloon Distributor AB Sonic Sound

Magna Systems and Engineering Kowloon Distributor Broadcast

GE International Operations Co Inc Causeway Bay Distributor GE Lighting Lighting

Marlboro (HK) Development Co Ltd Kowloon Distributor Bell Audio Systems, Marco Audio, Kind Audio, Stanton Sound

German Light Products Asia Ltd Sheung Wan Distributor GLP Lighting

Neutrik Hong Kong Ltd Shatin Distributor Neutrik Connectors

Hapworld SDL Ltd Chai Wan Distributor Wohler Sound, Broadcast

OSRAM Prosperity Co. Ltd Wanchai Distributor Osram Lighting

Hewshott Associates Central Consultancy AV, IT

Pacific Lighting (HK) Limited Chai Wan Distributor, Design Altman, Wildfire, Robert Juliat Lighting

High Wing International Technology Ltd Sheung Wan Distributor Audica Professional AV, Conference Hiroshi Technologies Ltd Kowloon Distributor EMO, Lundahl Audio, Broadcast

Philips Entertainment Lighting Asia Limited Kwai Chung Distributor Selecon Light, Showline, Strand Lighting Lighting

Ideal Systems Asia Pacific Kowloon Systems Integrator AV, Broacast

Phoenix Audio International Ltd Tsuen Wan Distributor Funktion-One, Van Damme Cable Sound

Illumination Physics Asia Ltd Sheung Wan Design, Install, Systems Integrator Lighting, Architectural

Dah Chong Hong Ltd Kowloon Distributor Ruark, Tannoy, TDK Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer

Jolly Proaudio Broadcast Engineering Ltd Kowloon Distributor Coles, Glensound Sound, Broadcast

Digi Power Science & Technology Co. Ltd Mongkok Distributor beyerdynamic headphones Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer

Laservision Mega - Media Pte Ltd Sheung Wang Manufacturer, Distributor Laservison Lasers

Digital Media Technology Co Ltd Kowloon Distributor DPA, Audix Sound, Broadcast

Laserworld Asia Hong Kong Installer, Systems Integrator, Rental, Distributor Laserworld, RTI, tarm, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Laser

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) Asia Kowloon Bay Distributor ETC Lighting Electrosonic Ltd Wan Chai Distributor Electrosonic AV Everich Audio Engineering (U.K.) Ltd. Shatin Manufacturer, Distributor ETC Audio Sound EZPro International ( HK )Limited Kwai Chung

Penn Elcom HK Ltd. Kowloon Distributor Penn-Elcom FLighting Cases

Linfair Engineering Co Chai Wan Systems Integrator Sound, Broadcast

Pro United Engineering Ltd Kwai Chung Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Pro-Lite Lghting Kwai Fong Distributor Global Truss Trussing Prosperity Lamps & Components Ltd Wanchai Distributor ETC, Griven, Vari-Lite Lighting Quadra Technics ICS Ltd Kwai Chung Distributor Brahler AV, Conference Rays Group Ltd Tsuen Wan Distributor Buzzaudio Sound, Broadcast

LuxMore (HK) International Ltd Kowloon Manufacturer Luxmore LED Lighting, Architectural

Rightway Audio Consultants Kwai Chung Distributor TTA, DiGiCo, L-Acoustics Sound

Macostar Hong Kong Ltd Aberdeen Manufacturer, Distributor Macostar, Zero 88, Lee Filters Lighting Mad Macs Technology Distributions Ltd.

Sanecore Ltd Sheung Wan Distributor SGM, Axiom Lighting

Shogun Kwai Chung Distributor Shogun, Vulcan Pyro ShowTex Kowloon Manufacturer, Distributor Stage Fabrics Shure Asia Ltd Island East Distributor Shure Sound Sound Classy Holdings Ltd Kwai Chung Systems Integrator Sound Sound Concepts Ltd Kowloon Distributor Lexicon Cinema, ATC Sound, AV, Home Theatre SoundWorks & Supplies Ltd Shatin Distributor Canare, d&b audiotechnik, OutBoard Sound Switch On Projects Ltd Chaiwan Distributor coolux, Christie Pandoras Box Lighting TOA (Hong Kong) Ltd North Point Distributor TOA Sound Tom Lee Music Kowloon Distributor Apogee Sound, Mackie Sound, MI Top Plot International Ltd Kwai Chung Distributor NEXO Sound Unusual Impact Kowloon Rental Sound and Lighting WTS Broadcast Asia Pacific Wanchai Systems Integrator, Distributor Broadcast MACAU

Illumination Physics Asia Ltd Macau www.illuminationphysicscom Systems Integrator, Installer Illumination Physics Lighting, Architectural

000 XXX - XXXX


BANGLADESH AB Initio International Dhaka Distributor FBT Sound Bangladesh Orient Electronics Chittagong Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Akai Professional, Shure Sound Golden Music Company Dhaka Distributor Cerwin Vega, Peavey Sound and Lighting, MI Graphics Information Systems Ltd Dhaka Distributor Bose Sound and Lighting, Consumer Roots International Dhaka Distributor Zero 88 Lighting

INDIA Absolute Audio India Mumbai Rental Company Penn-Elcom Dealer Sound and Lighting Ahuja New Delhi Manufacturer Ahuja PA Systems Sound AK Electricals New Delhi Rental Company KV2, Electro-Voice Sound and Lighting

All Wave Radio Agency Mumbai Systems Integrator AV Ansata Computer Systems Bangalore Distributor Avid, DPA, d&b audiotechnik, Van Damme Cable Sound, MI Audio Plus Mumbai Distributor Studiomaster, RCF Sound Audio Tech Kerala Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI Audio Vision India Mumbai Distributor B&W, Golden Ear, Audionet Hi Fi, AV Audiozz Ambala City Contact online Dealer Sound, Broadcast AVF Distributors Ltd Mumbai, New Delhi Distributor Bel Digital, Junger Audio Sound, Broadcast AVL Marketing Kerala Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV AWAN Bangalore Contact online Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV

Barbizon Bangalore Manufacturer Barbizon Lightinging Beatbox Entertainment New Delhi Distributor Sontronics, Lewitt, Rupert Neve Designs, LD Systems Sound

Chennai Distributor D.A.S. Audio, 18 Sound, Powersoft, BMS, Universal Truss Sound and Lighting, Trussing Harman International (India) Pvt Ltd Bangalore Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound

Bosch Security Systems Bangalore Distributor Dynacord, BOSCH Sound

Harness Overseas (P) Ltd Chandigarh Distributor Ohm, Presonus, Swefog, RAM Audio, Audio-Technica Sound and Lighting

Delhi Light and Music New Delhi Distributor FBT, Fenix, Pangolin, Boschima Cases Sound and Lighting

Hi-Tech Audio Systems Pvt Ltd New Delhi Distributor DiGiCo, L-Acoustics, Klotz Sound and Lighting, AV

Dewan Group Chennai Distributor Chauvet, Coemar Lighting

Integrated Entertainment Solutions Mumbai Distributor Martin Audio, Avolites, Electro-Voice, Robe, MADRIX, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting

Dhanashree Electronics Ltd Kolkata Distributor MC2 Sound and Lighting Dhawan Stagecrafts Pvt Ltd New Delhi Distributor, Rental Griven, Lite-puter, Clay Paky Sound and Lighting E&E India Systems Pvt Bangalore Distributor Ashly, EAW, Community, Mackie, Symetrix, Tascam Sound Effectron Luminex Ltd New Delhi Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Electrocraft Andheri Rental Company d&b audiotechnik, L-Acoustics, Avid Venue, Midas, Yamaha Sound and Lighting Elgin Electronics Delhi Rental Company, Distributor Rane, Audiocenter Sound and Lighting. AV Exodus Information Technology Mumbai Systems Integrator AV GM Audiotechnics Pvt Ltd

J Davis Pro Sound & Lighting Bangalore Rental Company Sound and Lighting Jagmag Electric Co Mumbai Rental Company Sound and Lighting Krystals Cables India Pvt Ltd Haryana Distributor, Manufacturer Amphenol Cables and Connectors Laserworld India Chennai Rental, Distributor Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Laser Light Sound Image Systems New Delhi Distributor Lighting, Architectural Modern Radio House Gurgaon Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting Modern Stage Service New Delhi Systems Integrator, Distributor ADB, Studio Due, Altair, SGM Sound and Lighting Most Technical India New Delhi

17 A PA C - I N D I A N SUB CON T I N E N System Design, Distributor Void, OutBoard Sound and Lighting

Distributor Mackie, JTS Microphones, P Audio, Dyna Group Sound, Cinema

MRH Digital Systems Mumbai Dealer BOSCH, Plena, Dynacord, Electro-Voice, MiPro Sound

Sound Land Chennai Distributor ARX, AW, Faital-Pro, Le Maitre Sound and Lighting

Narain Audio and Lighting LLP Mumbai Distributor Audiocenter, Nx Audio, Proton, Phonic, Satan Sound and Lighting NK Decibels Chennai Distributor beyma Sound Osram India Ltd Haryana Contact online Distributor Osram Lighting Pace Communications Mumbai Distributor Fairlight, Harrison, SSL, Drawmer, Dynaudio Acoustics Sound Premier Industrial Importers Mumbai Distributor XTA, B&C Sound PRO FX Bengaluru Distributor Polk, Denon, Chord Sound, Hi Fi, AV Pro Visual Audio Pvt Ltd Iyyapathangal Systems Integrator Klipsch, LuisWassmann, Electro-Voice, Dynacord, BGW, Link Cinema Sound Reynolds Inc Bengaluru Distributor, Rental Furman, Look, Cordial, Eurotruss, Pro Intercom, Meyer Sound Dealer Sound and Lighting Rich Audio Kurla Rental Electro-Voice X-Array, Avid Sound and Lighting Rivera International Mumbai Distributor Kling & Freitag, Focal, KRK, Ushio, ClearCom Sound and Lighting Sennheiser India Haryana Contact online Distributor Sennheiser Sound Setron New Delhi Distributor CAD, D&R, IKAN, Tascam Sound, Broadcast, AV Sonotone Santacruz

Sound Team Mumbai Distributor DPA, Genelec, Manley, Crane Song, Eventide Sound Soundworks New Delhi Distributor Ecler, Technare, Switch Audio, Trivium Sound and Lighting, AV Sound Wizard Auroville www.soundwizard,net Design, Install, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV, Video Star Dimensions Pvt Mumbai Rental Sound and Lighting

HARMAN Audio Brands Sound Reefside Co Pvt Ltd Male Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer Six-X Corporation Male Dealer Behringer, Yamaha, Shure Sound and Lighting, MI Protec Co Ltd Ulaanbaatar Distributor, Rental HARMAN Audio Brands, Shure, Yamaha Sound, MI, Consumer, AV MONGOLIA MTC Muktinath Trade Concern Kathmandu Contact online Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound, Mi, Consumer, AV, Broadcast NEPAL

Sun Infonet Pvt Ltd New Delhi Distributor Allen & Heath, NEXO, Camco, Shure, Quest, DIS Sound Swift AV Entertainments Pvt Madras Rental AV White Eagle Entertainment Pvt Ltd New Delhi Installer, Systems Integrator, Dealer, Distributor Amate Audio, Apex, Ayrton, Bose, Apart Sound and Lighting, Video, Trussing, Effects

Rainbow Group Kathmandu Distributor JBL Sound Sunny Music and Electronics Ltd Kathmandu Distributor ADJ, Mackie Sound B&H International Karachi Distributor Soundcraft, Tannoy, Turbosound, beyerdynamic, Avid Pro Tools, New Age Cables Sound, AV, Broadcast PAKISTAN

Xion Solutions Jaipur Distributor Lynx, Heil, KS, Mytek Sound

Bluefish Audio Pvt Ltd Karachi Distributor Bose Sound, AV, Consumer

BeamOn Male Rental Sound and Lighting

Hina Import and Export Karachi Distributor Denon, Focal, Nakamichi, KEF Sound, AV, Consumer, Hi Fi


KYAF Corporation Karachi Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Peavey Sound, MI

HUB Male Rental, Installation Zero 88 Sound and Lighting AV Island Acoustics Pte Ltd Male Distributor Neutrik, Optimus, HK Audio, Proel Sound and Lighting, MI, Consumer Music World Male Distributor, Rental, Dealer CAD Audio Sound, MI Popjoy Private Ltd Male Distributor

Pak Westrex Co Karachi Distributor Datasat Sound, AV Cinema, Broadcast Techman Corporation Lahore Distributor JBL Sound TOA Sound City Karachi Distributor Neutrik Sound Enterprise Technology Colombo

Contact online Systems Integrator Molex, Cisco IT SRI LANKA Gypsies Music Group Ratmalana Distributor Outline Sound Hi Fi Centre Pvt Ltd Colombo Dealer HARMAN Audio Brands Sound, Broadcast, Cinema Imagine Entertaiments Pvt Ltd Nugegoda Rental Sound and Lighting Multi Audio Visual Colombo Distributor Phonic Sound, AV Perguin Electrnics Pvt Ltd Colombo Distributor Neutrik, Klotz, Numark Sound Rossini Music Centre Kandana Distributor Shure Sound Show Town Entertainment Colombo Rental Sound and Lighting Siedles Pvt Ltd Colombo Distributor Sony, Bose, Casio Sound, Consumer, Broadcast Soundgear Pvt Ltd Dankotuwa Distributor, Rental P Audio, TW AUDiO Sound Swedish Trading Audio Visual Pvt Ltd Colombo System Integrator AV Tektronix Colombo Distributor Eminence, Behringer, Boss, Wharfedale Pro Sound, MI The Lighthouse Pvt Ltd Nugegoda Systems Integrator, Distributor beyerdynamic conference, Biamp, AudioTechnica, Christie AV We Love Music, Mike Audio Colombo Dealer, Rental Yamaha Music Centre Sound, MI

18 A PA C - JA PA N Sound


Audio Brains Kanagawa Distributor beyerdynamic conference, Powersoft Sound Advance Light Tokyo Designer, Dealer Altman Lighting AC Lighting Asia Co Ltd Saitama Distributor Chroma Q, Jands, AC Lighting Lighting, Trussing, Hoists Amphenol Japan KK Yokohama City Distributor Amphenol Connectors Atelier Japan, Ltd Tokyo Distributor MA Lighting, Swisson, Martin by HARMAN, Tamatech Lab, Tryka, ELC Lighting Audio Technica Corporation Tokyo Contact online Manufacturer Sound Artwiz Inc Tokyo Distributor Allen & Heath, Optocore, Meyer Sound Sound Eastern Sound Factory Tokyo Contact online Distributor VUE Audiotechnik, Audica, Audiolab Sound Bestec Audio Inc Tokyo Distributor L-Acoustics, Midas, Whirlwind Sound Bose Co Ltd Tokyo Contact online Distributor Bose Sound, AV, Consumer Coburn Japan Corporation Tokyo Distributor ADB Lighting

Comodomattina, Inc Tokyo Dealer InterM, Xilica, Allen & Heath, Renkus-Heinz Sound Continental Far East Ltd Tokyo Distributor Brahler, Adam, Elysia Sound, Hi Fi, Conference d&b audiotechnik JP Yokohama Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound

Martin Professional Japan Ltd Tokyo Distributor Martin by HARMAN, JEM, Martin Architectural Lighting

Gong International Co Ltd Tokyo Contact online Distributor, Dealer Gong, ETC, Antari Lighting

Marumo Electric Co Ltd Tokyo Manufacturer Marumo Lighting

H. Ito & Co Ltd Tokyo Distributor Hungaroflash, Studio Due, Lee Filters Lighting

Mix Wave Tokyo Contact online Distributor AV Stumpfl Pro Sound, Video, Consumer

Hibino Corporation Tokyo Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting

Rewire Inc Tokyo Distributor Adamson, Avid Venue, Thorens Sound, Hi Fi

Hibino Intersound Corporation Tokyo Distributor DPA, DiGiCo, CODA Audio, Shure, Calrec Sound, Broadcast, AV

Media Face Co Ltd Tokyo jp Rental, Dealer Lighting, Effects

High Resolution Co. Ltd Tokyo Distributor Allen & Heath DJ, Focusrite MI Sound, MI

Denon Kanagawa Manufacturer Denon Sound, Hi Fi, AV

I-Spec Co., Ltd Shizuoka Contact online Distributor Art Led, Colorbeam, Anolis, LEDflex Lighting, LED

DigiLED Tokyo Office Tokyo Distributor DigiLED LED Screens

Ken Production Services Yokohama Contact online Distributor ETC, TMB, Goboland Lighting

E-Spec Inc Osaka Distributor Wharfedale Pro, Able Laser Sound and Lighting MTC Japan Ltd. Tokyo Distributor Renkus-Heinz, Tendzone, Community, Lumens Sound and Lighting Electori Company Ltd Tokyo Distributor Radial, Crest, RCF, AMX Sound Ever Bright Inc Tokyo Distributor DeSisti Lighting EVI Japan Ltd Tokyo Distributor BOSCH, Electro-Voice, Dynacord, Telex/RTS Sound, AV Funktion One Japan Osaka Distributor Funktion-One, MC2

GE Consumer Products Japan Ltd Tokyo Manufacturer GE Lighting Lighting

Koto Lighting Co Ltd Tokyo Manufacturer, Distributor ADB Lighting Lighting Kvant Japan Tokyo Distributor Kvant, Pangolin Lighting Laser ShoWare Tokyo Distributor LPS-Lasersysteme Laser Laserworld Japan Tokyo Installer, Systems Integrator, Rental, Distributor Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Laser Martin Audio Japan Kanagawa Distributor Martin Audio Sound

Mileruntech co Ltd Tokyo Distributor Lumen Radio Lighting Neutrik Ltd Tokyo Distributor Neutrik Connectors Nihon Electro-Harmonix Tokyo Contact online Distributor Furman, CAD Audio, Van Damme Cable Sound, MI Numark Japan Corporation Tokyo Contact online Distributor Numark, Denon DJ, M-Audio, Alto Sound, MI Onkyo Tokki Ltd Chuo-ku Distributor EAW, Atlona Sound, AV OSRAM Ltd Yokohama Distributor Osram Lighting Otaritec Tokyo Contact online Distributor Point Source, XTA, d&b audiotechnik, Junger, Lawo Sound, Broadcast, AV PC Lights Inc Kanagawa Manufacturer, Rental Lighting Penn Fabrication Japan Inc. Fujihashi

19 A PA C - JA PA N Distributor Penn Fabrication Cases, Trussing PRG K.K. Tokyo Rental Sound and Lighting Prolyte Doughty Japan INC Tokyo Distributor Prolite, Doughty Trussing, Staging, Fixings Roland Corporation Tokyo Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor Roland Sound, AV, MI Rock On Pro Tokyo Contact online Distributor Focusrite Pro Sound S.C.Alliance Inc Tokyo Designer, Distributor OutBoard Sound Sony Corporation Tokyo Contact online Manufacturer Sony Sound, AV, Broadcast

Lighting Theater Engineering Co Ltd Tokyo Distributor Robert Juliat, Flying Pig Lighting TOA Corporation Kobe Manufacturer TOA Sound, AV Toki Corporation Tokyo Manufacturer Toxister Lighting Tosy Corporation Tokyo Distributor Eagle Cable Sound, Hi Fi Ushio America Inc Tokyo Manufacturer Lighting Yamaha Corporation Hamamatsu City Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor Yamaha Sound, AV

Sound Atics, Inc Tokyo Distributor beyma Sound Sound House Inc Chiba Distributor Behringer, ADJ, Elation, Celestion Sound and Lighting, MI Space Engineering Works Co Tokyo Distributor, Rental Compulite, Lite-puter,Kupo Wireless Solution Lighting Space Graphics, Inc Tokyo Designer Laser Animation


25’000 lm


Studio Equipment Corporation Distributor Altair, ARX, Clyde, ADT-audio Sound, Broadcast

CRI > 90 silent

Teac Corporation Tokyo Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor TEAC, Tascam, beyerdynamic headphones Sound, AV Technical Supply Japan (TSJ) Tokyo Distributor Altman, SGM, Lightconverse, Green Hippo, Clay Paky

000 XXX - XXXX


A works Korea Seongnam Distributor Camco, NEXO, Innovason Sound Architectural Audio Corporation Korea (AACK Co) Seoul Distributor Funktion-One, Van Damme Cable, Apart Sound ArtTech Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Robe, Avolites, Kvant Lighting C&C Lightway Inc Seoul Distributor Robert Juliat, SGM, Look Solutions Lighting Chungbo Sound Inc Seoul Distributor VUE Audiotechnik, Ashly, Fulcrum, Audix, APB Dynasonics Sound

Daikyung Vascom Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Renkus-Heinz, Genelec, Ecler, Cordial, beyma, Digipro Vascom, Avid Sound, Broadcast Daon SD Co Ltd Seoul Distributor JTS, Void, Qubit, Ave Sound Dasan SR Inc Seoul Distributor Powersoft, dBTechnologies, Aviom, XTA Sound Di-Au Tech Co Seoul Distributor MC2 Sound Do-an Pavis Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Clockaudio, Tecnare, Work, KME Sound

Cosmos Corporation Seoul Distributor K&M, Roland Sound, MI

Dream Sound Seoul Distributor Cadac Sound

d&b audiotechnik South Korea Seoul Distributor d&b audiotechnik, Lawo Live and Theatre Sound

Ecose Seoul Distributor AD Systems, Klotz, Xilica Sound

Multimedia Show Total Solution.

GE Lighting Korea Seoul Contact online Distributor GE Lighting Lighting Gerriets Korea Seoul Manufacturer Gerriets Trussing, Projection Screens GF Vision Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Audio Performance, Clear Tune Monitors, Zero Audio Sound GNS Electronics Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Mackie, Dynacord, Electro-Voice Microphones, Phonic, Tasker Sound Hansam System Co Ltd Seoul Dealer Vari-Lite, Altman, ADB Lighting Hebseba Multimedia Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Outline Sound and Lighting Ingang Audio Co Ltd Seoul Contact online Distributor Meyer Sound Sound Inter M Corporation Seoul Manufacturer, Distributor Community Sound, AV Kevic Inc Seoul Manufacturer, Distributor FBT Sound Klausys Seoul Distributor L-Acoustics, ASL, Link Cable Sound

Koil Corporation Seoul Distributor SSL, Yorkville, DeSisti Sound and Lighting, Broadcast Kusan Acoustic Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Kling & Freitag Sound Layered Sound Co Ltd Seongnam Manufacturer Layered Sound Loudspeakers Sound Laserworld Korea Seoul Installer, Systems Integrator, Rental, Distributor Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Lasers Leem Sound Co Ltd Incheon Manufacturer Leem Loudspeakers Sound LightHouse Co Hanam Distributor ArKaos, Magic Q, DTS Lighting Live Miso Seoul Rental Meyer Sound, DiGiCo Sound Live-Lab Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Lightconverse, Green Hippo, Vectorworks Lighting LS Media Co Ltd Goyang Dealer Lighting M Pak Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Klark Teknik, Midas, Turbosound Sound Matrix Laser Korea Seoul Distributor Matrix Laser


Lighting Misung Si Seoul Dealer Sound, MI Modern Sound Seoul Rental Meyer Sound, DiGiCo, Midas Sound NES Korea Seoul Distributor Altman, DTS Lighting Osram Korea Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Osram Lighting Promix Seoul Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV Sama Pro Sound Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Shure. Allen & Heath, HK Audio, Radial Sound, MI11月买家指南.pdf 1 2018/11/21 18:29:25

Seki Electronics Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Bose, Audio-Technica Sound, AV

Soundplace Seoul Distributor APG Sound

Sungil Lighting Co Ltd Seoul Distributor LSC Lighting Lighting

Seoul Sound Seoul Rental L-Acoustics Partner Sound and Lighting

Soundrace Seoul Distributor Soundbarrier, Digisynthetic, Linea Research Sound

Syncron Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Altman Lighting, Consumer, Industrial

Sonodime Co Ltd Goyang Distributor Yorkville, Orion, VTC, Traynor Sound and Lighting Sound People Company Seoul Distributor LSS Sound Systems Sound Sound Solution Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Adamson, beyerdynamic headphones, Denon, RCF, Sommer Cable, Astro Spatial Audio Sound, Hi Fi Soundhouse Paju Distributor beyma Sound

SoundUs Seoul Distributor DiGiCo, beyerdynamic conference and microphones, CODA Audio, Rane Sound Sovico Corporation Seoul Distributor Neutrik Sound Stagenet Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Fohhn Sound and Lighting Star Networks Yongin Distributor, Rental TW AUDiO Sound and Lighting









Techdata Co Ltd Seoul Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound Tongsuh Technology Co Ltd Seoul Distributor Prolyte, Clay Paky, Wireless Solution Lighting Yamaha Music Korea Ltd Seoul Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound, AV, MI Young Stage Inc Seoul Distributor Zero 88, Altman Lighting

22 A PA C - MA LAYSI A Distributor GE Lighting Lighting


Acoustic and Lighting System Snd Bhd Puchong Distributor, Rental Clay Paky, Alto, RCF, Crest, JTS, Avolites Sound and Lighting

Hyper Advance Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya System Integrator Lutron, Amperes AV, Industrial

Chan Lee Prosound Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Dealer Pioneer DJ, Shure, QSC, Aiweidy Sound and Lighting

Integrated Audio Visual Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor XTA, Meyer Sound Dealer AV, IT

CK Music Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor Wharfedale Pro Sound and Lighting

Atlas Sound and Vision Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya Distributor Bose Sound, AV

LSI Systems (M) Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Systems Integrator Architectural Lighting

D Box Technique Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound

Audio Solutions Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor NEXO, Avolites Sound and Lighting

Mahajak Trio Electronics Puchong Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound

Digistar Group Ampang Systems Integrator AV, Broadcast

Audio Visual Design Kuala Lumpur Distributor Bryston, PMC, JVC, TAD AV, Hi Fi

Dimet Lighting and Musical Supplies Butterworth Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

AV Electronics Marketing Petaling Jaya Distributor Music Tribe Brands, Proel, Tech Audio Sound and Lighting, AV

Mubari Group of Companies Kuala Lumpur Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV

Dynamix Sound and Light Kuala Lumpur Distributor, Rental Look Solutions Sound and Lighting, AV

AV United Sdn Bhd Puchong Distributor Audio-Technica Pro, DPA, Radial, Gravity Sound

Musical Image Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV

First Live Sound Petaling Jaya Dealer Meyer Sound Sound

Avidec (M) Sdn Bhd Sungai Buloh Distributor Altair Sound

Octodecim Akustik Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor QSC, SGM Sound

GE Lighting Kuala Lumpur

Bentley Music Sdn Bhd

Master Audio Systems Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor Master Audio Sound Mercoms Systems Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya Distributor Mux Lab, One Systems, Rane, Renkus-Heinz Sound

Do Re Mi Sound and Light Kuala Lumpur Distributor, Rental Carvin Sound, MI

AV Land (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV

Hi-Volt Productions Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya Rental Meyer Sound Sound HMI Audio Visual Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Dealer, Rental Sound and Lighting

Petaling Jaya Contact online Distributor Studiomaster, STK Sound, MI

Artistic Controls Sdn Bhd Puchong Distributor ADB, Zero 88 Lighting, AV

Havells Sylvania (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor Havells Sylvania Lighting

PHG Enterprise Sdn Bhd Penang Distributor Phonic Sound, AV





Prolyte Asia Pacific Petaling Jaya Distributor Prolyte Roland Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya Distributor Roland, Edirol, Boss Sound, AV

FENIX Stage, S.L. Valencia (Spain) | Tel.: +34 96 125 08 55 |

SCA World Connections Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor ARX

Sound, MI SES Sound and Light Sdn Bhd Sungai Buloh Rental Meyer Sound, DiGiCo Sound and Lighting SMX Petaling Jaya Distributor Presonus, Rupert Neve Designs Sound ST Sound and Lights Sdn Bhd Johor Bahru Distributor Tecnare, Fine Art Sound and Lighting Starlite Acoudstic Sdn Shah Alam Dealer ADJ Sound and Lighting, MI Syarikat Instraco (M) Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Distributor Crest, Peavey, Superlux, Audiocenter, Terbly Sound and Lighting Team 1 Production Johor Bahru Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting TOA Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya Contact online Distributor TOA Sound Total Concept Projects Petaling Jaya Systems Integrator, Rental Meyer Sound Sound, AV Transtel Technology (M) Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya Systems Integrator Broadcast, Multi-Media Two Sons Audio Sdn Bhd Subang Jaya Rental Prolyte Sound and Lighting, AV Union Electronics Sdn Bhd Jalan Baru Distributor P Audio Sound Unique Lumino Sdn Bhd Puchong System Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Wah Lee Hong Sales and Services Sdn Bhd Kuching Distributor KME Audio Sound X-Audio Kuala Lumpur Manufacturer X-Audio Sound and Lighting Yamaha Music (M) Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya Distributor Sound, AV, MI

Build your LED system from ground level with the Universal LED Stack system

Building your LED screen from ground level is now easy, whatever your type of screen, Prolyte offers a universal solution, the LED Stack system (LSU). This combination of a base-unit, connection bar and ladder truss, creates a very stable system to support your LED screens in various configurations and offers flexibility in height as well as width. Find out more on

24 A PA C - SI N G A P ORE


Acoustic and Lighting Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Clay Paky, Alto, RCF, Crest, JTS, Avolites Sound and Lighting, AV Adam Hall Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Adam Hall Sound and Lighting Almanach Lamps and Luminieres Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Osram Lighting Amcon Integration LLP Singapore Distributor, Systems Integrator NEXT-proaudio Sound Atlas Sound and Vision Singapore Distributor Cloud Sound, AV Audio Light Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor MADRIX, Swefog Sound and Lighting Audio-Technica (SEA) Pte Ltf Singapore Distributor Audio-Technica Sound, Consumer AV Land Singapore Singapore Systems Integrator AV

Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Neutrik Sound, AV, Broadcast City Music Co Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Wharfedale Pro Sound, MI Coda Group Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Aviom, MC2, Milab, XTA, Meyer Sound Sound Combined Corporation Singapore Distributor Sagitter Lighting

AV Media Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Lumens, Panasonic AV, Broadcast, Multi-Media AV Science Marketing Pte Ltd Singapore Contact online Systems Integrator AV AVLite Pte Ltd Singapore Systems Integrator Lighting

Consolidated Audio Networks Singapore ConsolidatedAudioNetworksSG Distributor Audix, Adam, Midas, Klark Teknik Sound and Lighting, MI Control Logic Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Contact online Sound Design Sound, AV Control Tech Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor, Systems Integrator Dynalite, LSC, Wiz, Wiz Pro Lighting, Effects, Trussing

AVShow Presentations Singapore Rental AV

CSP Productions Pte Ltd Singapore Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Barco Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor AV

d&b audiotechnik Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd Singapore Contact online Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound

Brahler ICS Pte Ltd Singapore Rental, Distributor Conference

D&M Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Contact online Distributor Denon Sound, AV


ROBE LIGHTING ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD. 12 New Industrial Road #02-05 Morningstar Centre S-536202 Singapore Email:Â

Daxco Digital Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor KS Digital, Manley, Triad-Orbit Sound and Lighting, Broadcast, Film DNA Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Systems Integrator Sound, Security Systems ponzorska inzerce 92_5x64 mm ka04.indd 3

9.12.2016 13:54:55

E&E Singapore Singapore Distributor Symetrix, Ashly, Clearcom, Apex, Allen & Heath, Powersoft Sound Electro Acoustic Research (1999) Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturer Flightcases Electro-Acoustics Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Sound Tube, Renkus-Heinz, Clockaudio, Audica Sound and Lighting, AV Esco Pte Ltd Singapore Systems Integrator AV ESI Audio Consultancy Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor CODA Audio, Camco Sound ETG PTE Ltd Singapore Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV Excel Sports and Music Singapore Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI, Consumer Explomo Technical Services Pte Singapore Contact online Dealer, Rental Pyro Extron Electronics Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Extron AV Flight Case Innovation Enterprise Singapore Manufacturer Flightcases GBS Alliance Pte Ltd Singapore Dealer Broadcast GE Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor GE Lighting Lighting Hawko Trading Co Pte Ltd Singapore

25 A PA C - SI N G A P OR E Dealer Sound and Lighting IPK Broadcast Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor, Systems Integrator Sonifex Broadcast, AV J Nissi International Pte Ltd Singapore Systems Integrator, Rental AV Junger Audio Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Junger Audio Sound, Broadcast Kontakt International Pte Ltd Singapore Systems Integrator Broadcast, AV Laservision Mega-Media Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor, Rental Laservision Lighting LBH - Lee Bee Huat Singapore Distributor Amphenol, Canare Cables and Connectors Lighting and Sound Distribution Singapore Distributor TW AUDiO, Hungaroflash Sound and Lighting Lighting Controls Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Zero 88 Lighting Litho-LAV Products Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturer LAV Screen Projector Screens Loh Humm Audio Company Pte Ltd Singapore Rental, Sales Opus Sound, Theatre Loud Technologies Asia (LTA) Singapore Distributor K-array, One Systems, Chauvet, Cloud Sound and Lighting Lutron GL Ltd Singapore Distributor

Lutron Lighting MA Lighting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor MA Lighting Lighting Magna Systems and Engineering Singapore Distributor Broadcast Martin by HARMAN Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Martin by HARMAN, JEM Lighting

Proaktiv Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Systems Integrator, Distributor Art, Fostex Sound and Lighting Quebec Leisure International Pte Ltd Singapore Rental Sound and Lighting Robe Lighting Asia Pacific Pte Singapore Distributor Robe Lighting Sennheiser Electronic Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Sennheiser, Neumann, Rycote, L-Acoustics, Sound Devices, K-array Sound

Mastertouch AV Pte Ltd Singapore Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV

Shin Taiyou Technology Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound

Meditec Trader Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor MiPro, FBT Sound, MI

Showtec Communications Pte Ltd Singapore Rental Sound and Lighting

Ong AV Specialists Pte Ltd Singapore Systems Integrator, Installer AV Oracle Projects International Singapore Event Design Sound and Lighting OSRAM Asia Pacific Limited (OAPAC) Singapore Distributor Osram Lighting Pacific Lighting (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Altman, Pegasus Lighting Pave System Pte Ltd Singapore Systems Integrator, Distributor Outline AV Peak Fusion Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor beyerdynamic, Kling & Freitag, DNP, Tendzone, Grace Design Sound, AV, Consumer Performance Audio Pte Ltd Singapore Dealer Pioneer DJ Sound

Sound and Lighting TOA Electronics Pte Ltd Singapore Contact online Distributor TOA Sound, AV Total Solutions Marketing Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor MA Lighting, Chainmaster, coolux Ayrton, Vari-Lite, Kinesys Lighting, Video, Architectural, Broadcast Trio AV Pte Ltd Singapore Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Uni-DK Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor DPA Sound Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor Yamaha, NEXO Sound, MI

Sinamex Electronics Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor PreSonus, SE Electronics, Rupert Neve Designs Sound, MI Sindo Exports Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor KV2 Audio Sound StageEquip Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor ETC Lighting Swee Lee Company Singapore Distributor HK Audio, Martin Audio Sound and Lighting Team 108 Technical Services Pte Ltd Singapore Distributor DiGiCo, Genelec, Adamson, Funktion-One, Van Damme Cable, FFA Sound The Show Company Pte Ltd Singapore Contact online Rental Meyer Sound


26 A PA C - SOUT H E AST ASI A Contact online Distributor Denon, Q Acoustics AV


BRUNEI Chong Radio Service Sdn Bhd Bandar Seri Bagawan Systems Integrator, Distributor MiPro, BOSCH, HARMAN Professional Soultions, Lawo Sound and Lighting, AV Impact Event Solution Mukim Kalanas Rental Sound and Lighting Justin P Sengkurong Design Lighting

CAMBODIA AV Designs and Consulting Phnom Penh Distributor, Systems Integrator Neutrik Sound and Lighting, AV I-Audio Solutions Ltd Phnom Penh Distributor Audio-Technica Sound LY Cheng Heng Phnom Penh Distributor P Audio, TW AUDiO Sound Noyakong Group Co Ltd Phnom Penh Distributor Selecon Lighting

Big Knob Audio Jakarta Distributor Rupert Neve Designs, Lectrosonics, Adamson Sound Catur Mitra Adhikara PT Jakarta Distributor, Systems Integrator Orban, Wohler Sound, Broadcast, Video Cemerlang Langgeng Sentosa (CLS) Jakarta Barat Distributor Fane, Trace Audio Sound, MI Cipta Swara Anugrah PT Jakarta Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting

E & E Indonesia Jakarta Distributor Community Sound

Acoustic & Lighting System Indonesia PT Tangerang Distributor Clay Paky Sound and Lighting Aneka Niaga Mandiri PT Jakarta Distributor Audio-Technica consumer Sound ASIIS Indonesia Kepunton Solo Distributor, Systems Integrator ChamSys, NEXO Sound and Lighting

Lasika Productions Surabaya Rental Sound and Lighting

Mitra Inti Elektrindo PT Jakarta Systems Integrator, Installer Sound and Lighting Monalisa Tunggal Jaya PT Jakarta Distributor Ecler, Griven, MADRIX, Tecnare Sound and Lighting Multi Karya Makmur Besama PT Jakarta Distributor Mogami Sound

Goshen Electronics Indonesia Jakarta Distributor Shure, Rane, KV2, Switchcraft, QSC Sound

Inti Megah Swara (IMS) PT Jakarta

Laser Media FX Jakarta Dealer Lighting

Mega Swara International PT Jakarta Distributor Meyer Sound Sound

GE Lighting Indonesia PT Jakarta Distributor Lighting

Hesed Indonesia International Jakarta Rental, Distributor TW AUDiO, Cadac Sound and Lighting

Lamesa Jakarta Distributor, Systems Integrator APB Dynasonics, Innovason, D&R, Kling & Freitag Sound. AV, Broadcast

Mata Elang Production Jakarta Rental Sound and Lighting

Dempo Musik Surabaya Distributor, Rental Funktion-One Sound

Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd Cambodia Office Phnom Penh Distributor BOSCH, Dynacord Sound

Ken’s Audio Jakarta Distributor Master Audio Sound

Legato Music Center Jakarta Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI

Citra Intirama PT Jakarta Barat Distributor Martin Audio Sound, MI

Pro-Feel Ltd Phnom Penh Rental, Install Sound and Lighting, Trussing, Lasers


Kandaka Kenkana Sakti PT Jakarta Distributor Zero 88, Selecon Lighting

Batavia Musik Jakarta Distributor MiPro, KRK, FDB Sound

Dunia Lampu Lighting Jakarta Distributor XMlite, Theatrelight, AMTlite Lighting

Kairos Multi Jaya PT Jakarta Distributor RCF, Audio-Technica Pro, Klotz, Allen & Heath, Powersoft Sound and Lighting

Mutiara Music Cakrawala PT Pinangsia Contact online Distributor Phonic Sound, MI OSRAM Indonesia Tangerang Contact online Distributor Osram Lighting Panka Inti Bermitra PT (PIB) Jakarta Distributor

D.A.S. Audio, Sommer Cable, HiCon Sound Perkasa Bermitra Sentosa PT (PBS) Jakarta Distributor HK Audio, Centurion Lighting Sound and Lighting Prima Audio Indonesia Jakarta Distributor Bose Sound, AV Prima Citra Megaswara PT Jakarta Distributor Xilica, Superlux, Montarbo Sound, MI Promedia Innovative Solution PT Jakarta 10610 Distributor d&b audiotechnik, beyerdynamic, Tascam Sound Sima Agustus PT Jakarta Rental Sound and Lighting Studio 41 Jakarta Distributor Audio Performance Sound Suara Visual Indonesia (SVI) Jakarta Dealer Presonus, B-52 Sound, MI Sumbar Ria Mandiri PT Jakarta Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting Technic Audio Medan Distributor MC2 Sound, AV, Hi Fi Tiga Nada Indonesia (TNI) Jakarta Contact online Distributor Wharfedale, QSC, DVON, Rane, Switchcraft Sound and Lighting, MI TOA-Galva Prima Karya (Indonesia) Jakarta Contact online Distributor TOA Sound, AV Wijaya Musik Jakarta Dealer Sound, MI Wisma Musik Melodia Jakarta Contact online Dealer Chauvet Sound and Lighting, MI Yamaha Music Indonesia PT Jakarta Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound PHILIPPINES All Visual and Lights Systems (AVLS) Pasig City

27 A PA C - SOUT H E AST ASI A Distributor, Systems Integrator Community, Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV Audiophile Compnents Inc Paco Manila Distributor Neutrik, Cord, Audio-Technica, Sherwood, Koss, HARMAN Audio Brands, Shure, Sound, AV, Consumer Avesco Marketing Corporation Cubao Distributor Bold, Cambridge, Yamaha, Belden, TOA Sound, Lighting, Consumer, Industrial Beyond the Blue (BTB) Quezon City Distributor Faital Pro, Pro Co, Rolls, Xilica, Amphenol, d&b audiotechnik Sound and Lighting Beyond Innovations Inc Quezon City Distributor Deno, JBL, HARMAN Audio Brands, Kardon, Infinity, Lexicon Sound, AV, Consumer Cebu Appliance Center Cebu City Dealer Cerwin Vega, Gemini, Yorkville Sound and Lighting, AV, Consumer Composite Technology Ltd Quezon City Systems Integrator Strand Lighting Dealer Lighting, Broadcast Eleksis Marketing Corporation Metro Manila Distributor Bose Sound, AV, Consumer Forerunner Technologies Inc Quezon City Distributor Avid Venue, RCF, Aviom, Chauvet, Antari Sound and Lighting, MI Forscink Inc Professional Sound and Light Quezon City Rental, Dealer L-Acoustics Partner, DiGiCo Sound and Lighting Iontech Enterprise Manila Distributor Apart, Kramer Sound, AV, Video JB Music Pasig City Distributor Allen & Heath, Martin Audio, AudioTechnica Sound Joint Venture SLEC Ltd Quezon City sales@jointventure.coom Distributor, Rental, Systems Integrator Martin by HARMAN, Behringer, RenkusHeinz, Liteputer, JEM, DiGiCo Sound and Lighting, AV, MI Lyric Piano Quezon City Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound, MI Media Convergence Inc (MCI) Quezon City Distributor

ADB Broadcast, AV

Bao Duong Co Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor NEXO, Phonic, Antari, Optimus, B&C Sound and Lighting, MI

Modular Display Quezon City Rental, Distributor Presonus Sound and Lighting, MI Mr Tony Kwan Distributor KV2 Sound

Basao Investment Co Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Sommer Cable Sound and Lighting

One World Music and Sports Inc Quezon City Distributor Proel, FBT, Ashton, Xyclone Sound and Lighting, MI, AV

CEMCO Hanoi Distributor TOA, SGM, JTS, STK Sound and Lighting, AV

Pearl River Lights and Sound Manila Distributor Avolites Sound and Lighting

Danmon Asia Hanoi Distributor Sennheiser, Genelec Sound, Broadcast, AV

Philippe Gadgets and Acccessories Inc (PGA) Quezon City Distributor Audio-Technica, Onkyo, Go Gear Sound, AV, Consumer

Duc Pro Audio Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Martin Audio Sound and Lighting

PMX Trading and Technical Services Malabon Rental L-Acoustics Partner Sound and Lighting

Fantasies Show Light (FSL) Hanoi Distributor, Rental XTA Sound and Lighting

RMB Lights and Sounds Trading Quezon City Distributor Clay Paky Sound and Lighting

GE Consumer and Industrial Ho Chi Minh City Contact online Distributor GE Lighting Lighting

Sound & Music People Quezon City Distributor Samson, Rane, Earthworks AKG Sound Stage Craft Internbational Mundaluyong City Distributor, Rental Coemar, Adamson, Zero 88, Funktion-One, MC2, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting

Feilo Sylvania (Vietnam) Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Sylvania, Concord, Lumiance Lighting Hiang Huy Company Ltd Hanoi Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound and Lighting, MI

The Brain Audiovisual San Juan City Distributor beyerdynamic conference Sound, AV

Hoang the Loang Ltd Co Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Zero 88 Lighting

Vpro Digital Solution Corp Quezon City Distributor dBTechnologies, Fine Art, Theatre Light, Lectrosonics Sound and Lighting

ITCStar Investment Technology and Communication Hanoi Systems Integrator, Distributor Montarbo Sound and Lighting

Zamony Venture Corp Metro Manila Distributor Quad Industrial, Wharfdale, Phonic, K-Audio Sound, AV

Le Bao Minh Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Robert Juliat Lighting

VIETNAM Anh Duy Audio Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Denon, Tannoy, Klipsch, Jarmo Sound, AV, Consumer Audio Choice Co Ho Chi Minh City Distributor beyerdynamic headphones, Focal, Fostex Sound, Consumer

Medusa AVL (Vietnam Office) Ho Chi Minh City Rental Adamson, Lab.gruppen, DiGiCo Sound and Lighting Musicland Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Mackie, EAW, Peavey, Robe Sound and Lighting, MI Ngoyen Vinh Hoang Co PTE Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor

Allen & Heath, Bose, Rane Sound, AV, Consumer Osram Asia Pacific Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Osram Lighting QV Sound Ho Chi Minh City Distributor, Rental Neutrik, QSC, Van Damme Cable, AVEStuttgart, beyerdynamic Sound and Lighting Sun Electronics Co Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Outline Sound Stage Pro Co Ltd Hanoi Distributor, Rental Funktion-One, Avolites, MC2, d&b audiotechnik, DiGiCo Sound and Lighting Tan Viet Investment & Media Joint Stock Co. (ETV) Hanoi Distributor Renkus-Heinz Sound Thang Long Investment and Trade Company ( TLSC Co Ltd) Hanoi Distributor beyerdynamic conference, ASC Sound, IT Tieng Ngoc Audio Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Shure, dBTechnologies, Turbosound Sound, Consumer Tin Thanh Co Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor FBT Sound TOA Electronics Vietnam Co Ltd Hanoi Contact online Distributor TOA Sound, AV TTP Company Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor ADJ, XTA Sound and Lighting Van Lam Audio Equipment JSC Dong Da Distributor Master Audio, Adamson Sound Viet Thoung Co Ltd Ho Chi Minh City Distributor Cordial, Audix, Rode, Tascam, Inter-M, D.A.S. Audio Sound and Lighting, MI Vietnam Pro AVL Company Ltd Hanoi Distributor L-Acoustics, DPA, Music Tribe Group, RCF, DTS, Clay Paky, RCF, Powersoft Sound and Lighting Vistar Hanoi Distributor Shure, SGM Sound and Lighting, MI



Acropro Inc New Taipei Manufacturer, Distributor, Rental Clay Paky Lighting, Lasers Actor-Mate Co, Ltd Taoyuan Manufacturer Lasers Alkalite LED Technology Corp Taoyuan Manufacturer LED Antari Lighting & Effects Ltd. Taoyuan Manufacturer Antari Fog, Smoke, Effects Audio 6 Ltd Co Taipei Distributor Funktion-One, Van Damme Cable, FFA, Monkey Banana, Pioneer DJ Sound Audio Supply Co Ltd Taipei Distributor Wharfedale Pro Sound Colorbeam Co., Ltd. Taoyuan Manufacturer Colorbeam LED Evergreat International System Co Ltd Kaosiung Distributor Shure Wireless, DIS Sound, Conference GE Lighting Taiwan Taipei Manufacturer GE Lighting Lighting Global Truss Corp Taipei City Manufacturer Global Truss Trussing HP Audio Taichung City Distributor Phonic, FBT, Tendzone, se audiotechnik Sound I P Systems Taipei

Morestar Technology Co Ltd Taipei Distributor Mackie Sound, MI Distributor Kling & Freitag, Arri, Lectrosonics Sound and Lighting, AV JTS Professional Ta-Li City Manufacturer JTS Sound

Numark Taipei Taipei Contact online Manufacturer Numark, Alesis Sound, MI

Jyun Yao technology Co Ltd Tainan Manufacturer Lighting, Fog Kingsbeam System Technologies Ltd Taipei Systems Integrator AV, Conference Kupo Co Ltd Taipei Manufacturer Kupo, Rigpro, Crox Lighting LamaVita International Cooperation Ltd New Taipei City Manufacturer Lighting LaserBase Stage Art Co Ltd Sanchong City Rental, Distributor Laserbase, Plettac, Thatrelight, Pangolin Lighting, Lasers Lee Sheng Musical Instruments Co Ltd Taipei Distributor Shure Sound, MI Linfair Engineering Co Ltd Taipei Systems Integrator Lab.gruppen Touring AV, Broadcast Liteputer Enterprise Co Ltd Taipei Manufacturer Liteputer Lighting Midi Mall Taipei Contact online Distributor sE Electronics Sound Mipro Electronics Chiayi Manufacturer Sound

OSRAM Taiwan Co Ltd Taipei Distributor Osram Lighting Phonic Corporation Taipei Manufacturer Phonic Sound Prosound Inc. Taichung Distributor XTA, Cadac, Avolites, D.A.S. Audio Sound and Lighting Quarton Inc Taipei Manufacturer Quarton, Infiniter, Beamshot Laser Seapower Technology Co. Ltd Taipei Distributor Allen & Heath, Community, Powersoft Sound and Lighting, AV Seikaku Technical Group Ltd. Taichung Manufacturer Sound

Neutrik Connectors Taiwan Audio Design Co Ltd Taipei Distributor P Audio Sound TCTW International (Taiwan) Co. Ltd. Taipei Distributor Vari-Lite, Arrakis, K&M, Riedel Sound TOA Electronics Taiwan Corporation Taipei Manufacturer, Distributor TOA Sound, AV Truesound Trading Co., Ltd Taipei Distributor Aviom, Whirlwind, RCF, EWI Sound Unika Electronic Co Ltd Taipei Manufacturer Unika Sound Winly Engineering & Trading Ltd Taipei Rental, Systems Integrator Sommer Cable, Avid Venue Sound Yamaha Music and Electronics Taiwan Co Ltd Taipei Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound, AV, Hi Fi

SSBC International Co Taichung Distributor, Install Martin Audio, Lab.gruppen Sound Super Light Technology Co Ltd Taipei Distributor MC2, LA Audio, Stagetec Sound, Broadcast Superstar Lighting Co Taipei Manufacturer Lighting, Effects Taisheng Trading Corp Taipei Distributor


30 A PA C - T H A I LA N D


Acoustic and Lighting System (Thailand) Co Ltd Bangkok Distributor, Rental disguise, Chief, ChamSys, Clay Paky, RCF, Xilica Sound and Lighting, AV Am International Co Ltd Bangkok Manufacturer, Distributor Amphenol Cables and Connectors

Systems Integrator AV, Consumer Dynamic Source Co Ltd Bangkok Systems Integrator, Distributor Antari, XTA, Meyer Sound, Zero 88 Sound and Lighting Ekachai Lighting Co Ltd Bangkok Rental Sound and Lighting

Asavasopon Co Ltd Bangkok Dealer Bose, Bittner, E&W Sound, AV, Consumer

Electro Acoustic Design Group Bangkok Systems Integrator, Distributor Adaman, Savant, XTA Lighting, AV

Asia International Business and Sales Co Bangkok Distributor Sennheiser, Itc, Craft Audio Sound

Fuzion Far East Ltd Bangkok Distributor Genelec, Symetrix, NEXO, DiGiCo, Rode, Televic Sound and Lighting

Asiarig Co Ltd Bangkok Contact online Distributor, Manufacturer Rigging Beacon Bangkok Co Ltd Bangkok Manufacturer Beacon Gobos Lighting Broadcast Audio Service Ltd Bangkok Service Company Broadcast Crest Audio Asia Office Phuket Rep Office Crest Sound Digitcontrol Co Ltd Bangkok

GE Lighting (Thailand) Ltd Bangkok Distributor GE Lighting Lighting GHM Projects Co Ltd Phuket Dealer AV Havells Sylvania (Thailand) Ltd Bangkok Distributor Havells Sylvania Lighting Rental L-Acoustics Partner Sound and Lighting Distributor Osram Lighting

K.S. Sons Group Co Ltd Bangkok Distributor Ortofon, Project, Mcintosh Hi Fi, AV

P Audio System Co Ltd Sam Phran Manufacturer P Audio loudspeakers and components Sound

Light Source Co Ltd Bangkok Rental, Manufacturer, Distributor Lighting

Petch Siam Sound and Lighting Co. Ltd. Bangkok Distributor, Rental, Installer Sennheiser MI, ART, D.A.S. Audio Sound and Lighting, MI

Lighwave Co Ltd Nonthaburi Distributor MA Lighting Lighting

SAB Electric Co Ltd Bangkok Contact online Dealer Lighting

Mahajak DElectro-Voiceelopment Co Ltd Bangkok Distributor Shure, HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting, Consumer, Hi Fi

Sathit AVI Co Ltd Bangkok Systems Integrator, Distributor ARX, Atlas Sound and Lighting, AV

Mission T Co Ltd Bangkok, Chiang Mai Distributor Community, Audac, HK Audio, NEC Projectors, Outline Sound, AV

Siam Music Yamaha Co Ltd Bangkok Contact online Distributor Yamaha, Lewitt Sound

Music 2 Home Bangkok Distributor Stanton, Presonus, Audix, Mogami Sound and Lighting, MI

Sonos Libra Bangkok Distributor Adamson Sound

Music Concept Co Ltd Pathumwan Contact online Distributor Korg MI

Sound Republic Co Ltd (Home Hi Fi Co Ltd) Bangkok Distributor Cerwin Vega, Wharfedale, Furman, Inkel, ADJ Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer

Nattapong Sales and Service Co Ltd Pranakorn Distributor Eminence, Alto, Superlux Sound, Electronics

Star Electronic Sales and Services Co ltd Bangkok Distributor, Retailer FBT Sound, AV

O’Connor’s (Thailand) Co Ltd Pathumthani Distributor, Systems Integrator Broadcast, AV

TOA Electronics (Thailand) Co Ltd Bangkok Distributor TOA Sound, AV

Jovan Siam Co Ltd Amphur Muang Manufacturer, Distributor emPad Loudspeakers, XTA Sound

One Systems Global Co Ltd Bangkok Distributor Allen & Heath, d&b audiotechnik, Powersoft, One Systems, Phonic, P Audio Sound

JSS Productions Co Ltd Bangkok

Osram (Thailand) Co Ltd Bangkok

Vichai Trading Co ROP Bangkok Distributor Neutrik, beyerdynamic, Martin Audio, Canare, Audio-Technica Sound | +886-2-2577-6608 SERVICES





ISE 2019 Amsterdam / 05. - 08. February 2019 / 7 X210

Frankfurt / 02. - 05. April 2019 / 12.0 C88




Acoustic Keys Sydney, NSW Consultancy Acoustics Acoustic Technologies Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD Manufacturer AT Loudspeakers Sound

Willeton, WA Distributor Sound

Sydney, NSW Rental, Design, Install, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, Video Distributor Aurum, Quadral Hi Fi

Audio Logistics Melbourne, VIC Distributor Void Sound

BJ’s Sound & Lighting Pty Ltd Brisbane, QLD Rental Sound and Lighting,MI

Dynamic Music Brookvale, NSW Distributor Fishman, Zoom, Seiko MI

Black Express Light and Sound Tempe, NSW Rental, Dealer, Installer Sound and Lighting, AV

Auditoria Pty Ltd NSW Contact online Consultants Sound and Lighting, AV, Acoustics

Active Lighting Collingwood, VIC Rental Lighting Amber Technology Pty Ltd Sydney, NSW Distributor Neutrik, DPA, Van Damme Cable, Gefen Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast, MI Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd Carrum Downs, VIC Manufacturer Amphenol Connectors

Australian Monitor Pty Ltd Silverwater, NSW Manufacturer Australian Monitor Sound, AV Audio Brands Australia Pty Castle Hill, NSW Distributor MiPro, Rane, FBT Sound Australasian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA) Mt Kuring-gai, NSW Trade Organisation Lighting

ARX Systems Pty Ltd Highett, NSW Manufacturer ARX Sound

Barbizon Sydney, NSW Dealer Altman Lighting Lighting, Trussing, Drapes

Ashton Admor PTY Ltd Belmont, WA Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV ATT Audio Systems Northcote, VIC Distributor OutBoard, Grover Notting, Pyramix, Merging Technologies Sound Event AV Services (EAVS) Mitchell, ACT Rental, Installation AV, Corporate Audio Source

Bigger than Hollywood

Amphe-Dante Adapters


Amphe-Dante are Dante™ audio to analogue audio adapters integrated into a robust molded housing. USB Input / Output (2CH) USB I/O to RJ45 I/O RJD32U1-0050

CC’s Light & Sound Port Melbourne, VIC Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI CDA Professional Audio Toowong, QLD Manufacturer CDA Sound

Clair Brothers Australia Bureleigh Heads, QLD Rental, Distributor Clair Bros Sound


Analogue Line Level Input (2CH) XLR Input to RJ45 Output

C.M.C. Music Pty Ltd Brookvale, NSW Distributor Klotz MI

Chameleon Touring Systems Alexandria, NSW Rental, Dealer Altman Lighting Lighting

Barco Systems Port Melbourne, VIC Distributor Barco Digital Display Belden Australia Gordon, NSW Distributor Belden Cable

Bose Newington, NSW Distributor Bose Sound, AV

Clearlight Shows PTY Morabbin, VIC Rental, Distributor Apollo, Swefog, Luminex, Mastercut, LSC Lighting Lighting Clifton Productions Melbourne, VIC Rental Sound and Light, Seating CMI Professional Products Group Brooklyn, VIC Distributor AKG, Adamson, Mackie, Tascam, HK Audio, MC2 Sound Coda Audio Services Pty Mascot, NSW Distributor CODA Audio Sound Crestmore PTY Ltd Turramurra, NSW

Electric Factory (ELFA) Melbourne, VIC Contact online Distributor Akai, Lewitt, Denon DJ, Celestion, Rane DJ, Samson Sound, MI EI Productions West Gosford, NSW Rental Sound and Lighting Edwards Sound Systems Ltd Alexandria, NSW Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound and Lighting, AV EAV Technology Pty Melbourne, VIC Rental, Distributor Sound, Broadcast Elite Sound and Lighting Canberra, ACT Rental, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Entertainment Technology Australia Preston, VIC Design, Install, Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Fifalite Effects Lighting Maroochydore, QLD Rental, Dealer, Installer Lighting Firefly Eagle Farm, QLD Manufacturer Firefly Lighting, Consumer, Architectural Full Throttle Entertainment Coburg North, ACN Rental Funktion-One Sound Funktion One Australia Ltd Melbourne, VIC Distributor Funktion-One Sound Group Technologies Australasia Pty Ltd Coburg North, ACN Distributor RCF, DiGiCo, CODA Audio, Apex, Hill Audio, Camco Sound Herkes Electrical Supplies Pty East Brisbane, QLD

33 A PA C - AUST RA LI A Dealer Sound and Lighting Hills Sound Vision and Lighting Group Silverwater, NSW Distributor L-Acoustics Sound, AV Illumination Physics Melbourne, VIC Systems Integrator, Install Light, Architectural Interactive Controls St Artamon, NSW Distributor Dataton, Medialon AV, Display Innovative Music Australia Mount Waverly, VIC Distributor Focusrite, Mogami, RME Sound, MI ITI Image Group Pty Ltd Asquith, NSW Distributor AV Stumpfl AV, Projectors, Screens Jands Pty Ltd Mascot, NSW Manufacturer, Distributor Jands, HARMAN Audio Brands, Shure, PR Lighting, ETC, Robe Sound and Lighting Laservision Mega - Media Pte Ltd Dural, NSW Manufacturer Laser Lexair Entertainment Pty Ltd. Sydney, NSW Distributor Elation, Green Hippo, High-End Systems, TMB, Theatrixx Lighting Lighting Lab Box Hill South, VIC Rental, Rehearsal Lighting Lightmoves Noble Park, VIC Dealer Lighting, Architectural, Film Lightsounds Pty Ltd Kingsgrove, NSW Dealer Sound and Lighting LSV Group Australia Craigieburn, VIC Distributor Lighttechnik, Terbly, Section 7, Barrierco, Visual Productions Sound and Lighting, Barriers LSC Lighting Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd Dandenon South, VIC Manufacturer Gen-Vi, Clarity, Unity, APS Lighting LSW Imports and Distribution Kingsgrove, NSW Distributor Wharfedale Pro, Antari, SoundKing, Industry Gear. Light Emotion Sound and Lighting Mandylights Camperdown, NSW Design, Rental, Distributor Lightconverse Lighting Meyer Sound Australia

Rental Lighting, Architectural, Film

Banyo, QLD Distributor Meyer Sound Sound National Audio Systems Croydon, VIC Distributor Midas, d&b audiotechnik, Ashly, Cloud Sound, AV Noisebox Entertainment Systems New South Wales Systems Integrator, Rental AV, Conferencing

Rode Microphones Silverwater, NSW Manufacturer Rode Sound Roland Corporation Australia Pty Ltd Dee Why, NSW Distributor Roland Sound, AV, MI Rosco Australia Pty Ltd Artarmon, NSW Distributor Rosco Lighting

Nova Multimedia Fyshwick, ACT Rental, Installation Sound and Lighting, AV, Backline

Mayones, Lauten-Audio, APS, Vood-Amps, Gyraf-Audio, Tribe Sound, MI ULA Group Ashmore, QLD Manufacturer, Distributor VuePix, SGM, Griven, Acme, ChamSys, MDG Lighting, Video, Trussing Yamaha Music Australia South Melbourne, VIC Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI, AV, Consumer FIJI Golden Dragon Ltd Suva Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Yamaha Sound, Home Theatre, Broadcast

Novatech Creative Event Technology Underdale, SA Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting

Show Technology Silverwater, NSW Distributor Clay Paky, Robert Juliat, MA Lighting, Martin by HARMAN, Studio Due, Look Solutions Lighting

Oracle Attractions Sans Souci Design, Manufacture, Rental Laser

SLAVE Pty Ltd Rozelle, NSW Design, Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Osmond Electronics Pty Ltd Adelaide, SA Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Soundcorp South Melbourne, VIC Contact online Dealer Sound, AV

OSRAM Australia Pty Ltd Sydney, NSW Distributor Osram Lighting

Staging Rentals Alexandria, NSW Contact online Design, Rental Staging

Audio Solutions Noumea Distributor FBT Sound

State Automation Braeside, VIC Design, Manufacture State Automation Lighting, Stage Control

Audiotechnic Noumea Distributor Antari Lighting

Penn Elcom (Australia) Tullamarine, VIC Distributor Penn-Elcom Lighting, Hardware, Trussing

Store DJ Fortitude Valley, QLD Distributor, Dealer Allen & Heath DJ Sound and Lighting

PAV Events Bayswater, WA Rental, Dealer, Installation Sound and Lighting, AV Philips Lighting North Ryde, NSW Contact online Manufacturer Lighting Production Audio Video Technology Mitcham, VIC Distributor EAW, Symetrix, Clearone, Audix, Klotz, Powersoft, Televic Sound, AV, Conference Professional Audio and Television (PAT) Hornsby Westfield, NSW Distributor Lawo, Bel Digital, DirectOut Sound, Broadcast PWB Anchor Bundoora, VIC Contact online Distributor Yoke, Eagle Clamp Lifting Equipment Quest Engineering Tullamarine, VIC Manufacturer Quest Audio Sound Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Castle Hill, NSW Distributor, Systems Integrator Broadcast Resolution X Noble Park, VIC

Syncrotech Systems Design Gladesville, NSW Contact online Distributor Calrec, Que Audio Sound, Broadcast Syntec International French Forest, NSW Distributor beyerdynamic, Fostex, LD Systems Sound, Broadcast, Film, Consumer Technical Audio Group Stanmore, NSW Distributor Martin Audio, QSC, Allen & Heath, AudioTechnica Sound, AV, Consumer The Electric Canvas Chatswood, NSW Design, Install Lighting, Projection Systems The PA People Rhodes, NSW Rental, Systems Integrator Sound, AV Total Concept Projects (TCP) Lidcome, NSW Rental, Systems Integrator Sound, AV ubersonic Aspendale, VIC Distributor

Sharma Music Centre Nadi Town Distributor Shure, Carvin, B-52, Peavey Sound and Lighting, AV, MI All Systems Electronics Lautoka Rental Sound and Lighting, AV NEW CALEDONIA

Bui Duyet Sarl Noumea Distributor JBL Sound Excel Sound Sarl Noumea Distributor Cerwin Vega Sound La Cle de Sol Sarl Noumea Distributor Ashton Music, Shure MI PAPUA NEW GUINEA Communication Division Boroko Distributor Cerwin Vega Sound and Lighting Keynote Music House Boroko Distributor Yamaha, Wharfedale Pro, Peavey, Behringer, Ashton, JBL Sound, MI Next of Kin Productions NCD Rental ARX Dealer Sound and Lighting TE (Png) Port Moresby Distributor Neutrik, Bose, TOA, Fender Sound, Broadcast

34 A PA C - N E W ZE A LA N D Philips Selecon Auckland Contact online Manufacturer Selecon Lighting


Production Audio Services (PAVT) Auckland Distributor APB Dynasonics, EAW, Audix, Powersoft, Comrex Sound, AV, Broadcast


TIME: GMT +12 GDP: US$ 201,485

Amber Technology (NZ) Ltd Auckland Distributor Canare, JTS, SSL, Neutrik, Apart Sound and Lighting, Broadcast, MI, Consumer Andy Wilsons Disco Supply Co. ltd Auckland Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Audio Analysis Wellington Rental, Dealer Sound CDA Professional Audio Auckland Manufacturer, Distributor CDA, Ivie Sound Direct Imports Ltd Hastings Distributor RCF, SGM, DPA, dBTechnologies, Tasker, Audio-Technica prosumer Sound and Lighting, Consumer, MI Edwards Sound Systems Ltd Auckland Rental, Distributor D.A.S. Audio, ITC Audio, JB Lighting Sound and Lighting, AV Gencom Technology Auckland Contact online Distributor Adio Developments, Avid, Wohler Broadcast, Multimedia Huge Sound Christchurch Rental, Distributor P Audio

Sound Jands Ltd Auckland Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Ampetronic, SoundEar Sound Jansen Professional Audio & Lighting Auckland Distributor Allen & Heath, Audio-Technica, MC2, One Systems, Martin Audio, Switchcraft Sound, MI Kenderdine Electrical Ltd, Professional lighting Services Ltd Auckland Rental, Distributor GLP, Arri, Rosco, Stand Lighting Lighting Lighting Supply Co (LSC) Auckland Distributor Le Maitre, Kupo, Rat Stands, Studio Due, ULA Group Lighting LiveSound Manufacturing Ltd Auckland Distributor, Manufacturer Hill Audio, ARX, Quest, Sommer Cable, Xilica Sound, Flightcases Now Sound Ltd Auckland Design, Distributor QSC, Shure Professional, Cloud, Wekawire Sound, AV Oceania Productions Aukland Rental Sound and Lighting

Protel Wellington Distributor Audient, Lewitt Sound, Broadcast Show Technology Auckland Distributor Clay Paky Lighting, AV Showtechnix Tauranga Distributor LSC, Lee Filters Sound and Lighting, AV Auckland Rental Sound and Lighting South Pacific Music Auckland Contact online Distributor Wharefedale Pro, Gemini Sound, MI Spherical Melrose Distributor XTA Sound Stunn Productions Wellington Distributor, Rental, Design Lighting, AV, Broadcast Syntec International (NZ) Auckland Distributor beyerdynamic, Fostex Sound TAG New Zealand Ltd Auckland Distributor


ATC Sound, Hi Fi Theatrelight Ltd Auckland Design, Manufacturer, Distributor Zero 88 Lighting GUAM Micropac Inc. Tamuning Distributor Bose Sound, AV, Consumer Shimbros Production / Audio Hagatna Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Audix Sound and Lighting American Music Guam Tamuning Distributor Shure Sound, MI TAHITI Music Shop Sarl Papeete Distributor Turbosound Sound, MI Posi-Lectric Papeete Contact online Distributor Pioneer DJ, Shure, Electro-Voice Sound and Lighting, MI, Consumer Magic City Music Store Papeete Dealer MiPro Sound, MI Comimpex Sarl Papeete Distributor Cordial, Nexo Sound Total Video Distribution Papeete Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Sony Sound and Lighting, AV

36 E ME A - AUST RI A Kraftwerk Living Technologies GmbH Wels Systems Integrator Lighting, AV


AKG Acoustics Wien Contact online Manufacturer Sound ALPS Audio Waidhofen Manufacturer ALPS Audio Sound ATC Austrian Truss Constructions Wulkaprodersdorf Manufacturer Trussing ATECpro Sommerein Distributor Allen & Heath, Biamp, ALPS Sound, Meyer Sound Sound Audio Video Consulting GmbH Neumarkt/Wallersee Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound AV-Technik Waidhofer Judenburg Distributor Fohhn, Bittner, Sonos, Komtech, Vivitek Sound, AV, Consumer Disco-Store Wien Distributor Numark Sound and Lighting Dynamic Projection Institute Wien www, Manufacturer Projectors Exact Vertriebsges M.B.H Graz

L.S.D. Gastronomiekonzepte Fischlham Design, Installation Sound and Lighting, AV LDDE Vertriebs GmBH Wien Manufacturer Lighting

Distributor Audix, Rane DJ Sound and Lighting

Leman Elektroanlagen Vertriebs - Und Service GmbH Wien Distributor Desisti, Coemar, CCT, High End Systems, Doughty, Dirty Rigger Sound & Lighting, Broadcast, Corporate

F & A Showtechnik Unterbergla Distributor MA Lighting Lighting

Lighting Innovation Hermann Sorger GmbH Wien Distributor LumenRadio, ETC, Martin by HARMAN, Anolis Lighting

Fellner Audio Bad Schallerbach Distributor GAE Sound

Lightpower Austria Traun Distributor Clay Paky, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat Lighting

Gerriets Handel GmbH Wien Manufacturer Gerriets Theatre Fabrics Gunther Huemer Beschallungstechnik Eferding Distributor Adamson, Radial, Feimex Sound and Lighting

Luxson Wels Distributor NEXO, Camco, ChamSys, Audipack, ELC, Sound and Lighting MIPRO Austria Velm Distributor MiPro Sound

Hans Lurf Hifi Stereotechnik Wien Distributor Pioneer Sound, Consumer K24 Technik & Vertrieb GmbH Neumarkt im Hausruckkreis Distributor Martin Audio, D.A.S. Audio, ChamSys, Ecler Sound and Lighting

Mocom Audio GmbH Wien Distributor Biamp. Cloud, Clock Audio, Inout Sound, AV Monacor Electronic Vertriebs GmbH Zwischenwasser Distributor Monacor Sound, AV

Kain Audio Technik Salzburg Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Apart Sound, AV, Broadcast

Monte Video Austria Klagenfurt Dealer Lighting

Klangfarbe Wien Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI

MSV Musik-Sound-Vertriebs GmbH Hagenbrunn Dealer Antari, ADJ, Sunlite, Fantek, Duratruss Sound and Lighting


MT Electronic Himberg Distributor LasPro, Pangolin, Smart Audio, Glockenklang Sound and Lighting, Lasers, Pyro

LEMAN GMBH SPIESSHAMMERGASSE 1 A-1120 VIENNA AUSTRIA TEL: +43 1 8135990 FAX: +43 1 81359907 EMAIL: OFFICE@LEMAN.AT WEBSITE: WWW.LEMAN.AT CONTACT: ROBERT MAKOVSKY Check out all the new products available at LEMAN: Superled F14HP 580W IP23, Piccoletto DMX, BBuS Pipeline, iDrive Dimmer, Archiled and many more. We offer solutions for discotheques, theatres, TV studios and architectural lighting built with the finest products from: Studio Due, DGA, DeSisti, RVE, ILites, D-LED, Hungaroflash, TDE, OXO, Colours, Doughty, Artistic Licence, Anytronics, Cotech, BBuS, Invisua, DMXPEN, LEDFlex, Milos, VNR, Tryka, DirtyRigger, Lemark, ISTL, High End Systems, Catalyst, TRE-D, BLV, TELECO, SWEFOG, Visual Productions.

PANI Projection and Lighting Wien Manufacturer Pani Lighting, Projectors PREWorks GmbH Stainz Distributor

High End Systems Lighting Pro Show Horsching Rental AV, Corporate RTC Fuerstler Sound & Light KEG Wolfurt Distributor d&b audiotechnik, Seeburg, GLP Sound and Lighting S Reifeltshammer Werberges.mbH Salzburg Distributor Octalumina Light Boxes Lighting SAC Schneider Audio Concept Vertriebs GmbH St Leonhard a Forst Distributor Community, Powersoft, Chauvet, beyerdynamic Sound and Lighting Sennheiser Austria GmbH Wien Distributor Sennheiser, Kling & Freitag Sound Shure Distribution GmbH Schwaz Distributor Shure Sound, MI Signal Sound & Light Distribution GmbH Knittelfeld Distributor, Dealer Audix, DiGiCo, Dynacord, Electro-Voice, L-Acoustics, Prolights Sound and Lighting Studer Austria Wien Distributor Studer, DPA, InterM, FBT, Dolby Sound, Broadcast Taronic Eferding Distributor, Rental Hungaroflash, Le Maitre, Compulite, Look Solutions Lighting, Pyro TecAustria Natters Rental, Systems Integrator, Distributor Sundrax, Teca Sound and Lighting, Video Technik Design Vertriebs GmbH Wels Dealer Sound and Lighting TON Eichinger Pro Sound Systems Wien Distributor Clair Brothers, DiGiCo, Pyramix Sound and Lighting, Broadcast Tuchler Buhnen-und Textiltechnik GmbH Wien Dealer Textiles, Stage Technology Zigmaline Limited International Klagenfurt Distributor KAM, Outline, Griven Sound and Lighting


Sound and Lighting

ASLV Tirana Rental Sound and Lighting, Video

TSE d.o.o. Sarajevo Dealer Sound

Audio Pro sh.p.k Tirana Distributor Numark, Allen & Heath Sound Enea Electronic Vlore Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Audio-Technica, Aviom Sound Euromuzica sh.p.k Durres Distributor Proel, Dynacord, FBT, Sennheiser Sound Global Electronics sh.p.k Tirana Distributor RCF Sound and Lighting Prosound Audio and Light Tirana Distributor, Rental HARMAN Audio Brands, EAW Sound

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Audio Video Consulting Sarajevo Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Cordial, Mogami, Canare, Genelec, Lite Panels Sound Lanaco Banja Luka Distributor RCF AV Masters Media d.o.o. Caplijina Rental Clay Paky


BULGARIA Zvuk Ot Zapada Ltd Sofia Rental Funktion-One, Sommer Cable Sound

Distributor Robe, ADB, Spotlight Lighting

Bulcomp Sofia Distributor beyerdynamic Sound, AV

KOSOVO AVC Group sh.p.k. Prishtina Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting

Factor Sofia Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound


Music Center Ikonomov Ltd Sofia Distributor ADJ, D.A.S. Audio, NEXO, Audix, SGM, Crest Audio Sound, MI NAT Sofia Distributor KV2, Allen & Heath, 18 Sound, MiPro, Litec, Eurolite Sound and Lighting Osram Eood Sofia Distributor Osram Lighting


Euro Unit Montenegro d.o.o. Podgorica Distributor beyerdynamic Sound


ProTechnica / Dynacord Bulgaria Ltd Sofia Distributor Sennheiser, Electro-Voice, TC Electronic, Dynacord, Clay Paky, Midas Sound and Lighting VAHS Sofia

AVC Group d.o.o. Skopje Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting, AV

Access Pro Group Belgrade Rental, Distributor Funktion-One Sound and Lighting AVL Project Int d.o.o Novi Sad Distributor XTA, HARMAN Professional Solutions, DiGiCo, RCF, Avolites, ETC, Desisti Sound and Lighting, AV Dekadas d.o.o

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Beograd Contact online Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Player Beograd Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV Sky Music Center Beograd Distributor EAW, Shure, Martin by HARMAN Sound and Lighting Studio Berar Novi Sad Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, DPA, Powersoft, Clay Paky, Spotlight, Multiilite Sound and Lighting System Design d.o.o Novi Sad Distributor Martin Audio Sound and Lighting, AV Wizard Sound and Light Ruma Manufacturer, Distributor PR Lighting, Omnitronic Sound and Lighting

38 E MEA - TH E BALTI CS SGS Sistemas Ltd Riga Distributor TTS, Midas, Turbosound, Clay Paky, beyerdynamic, MC2, Ecler, Selecon, Rosco, Chauvet Sound and Lighting


ESTONIA AudioSky OU Tallin Distributor Martin Audio Sound Eventech Tallin Distributor, Rental XTA, ARX, Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting EW Sound and Light OU Tallin Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Shure Sound Focus Point Talin Dealer ADJ, Zero 88, Jands, Teclumen, Clay Paky Lighting Heliart OU Viljandi Distributor EAW Sound and Lighting IS Music Trading Tallin Distributor MC2, SSL, Zero 88, RME, Tasker Sound and Lighting M Sonic Baltic OU Tallin Distributor Radial, Direct Out Sound Music Center Pro Tallin Distributor, Rental Allen & Heath, Audio-Technica, RCF, Elation, ADJ Sound and Lighting Pro Gear Tallin Distributor dBTechnologies Sound and Lighting Promedia Tallin Distributor Kling & Freitag Sound PVX OU Tallin Distributor FBT, Audix Sound R Music OU Tallin

Skatuves Systemu Services SIA Riga Distributor, Rental NEXT-proaudio, Xilica, B&C, Outline Sound and Lighting Dealer HK Audio, Yamaha Sound and Lighting

Stage and Light Marupe Manufacturer Lighting


Studio 7 SIA Liepaja Distributor Allen & Heath Sound and Lighting

A&T Trade Riga Distributor Martin Audio, Shure, Chauvet Sound Audio AE Ltd Riga Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, DPA, TOA, Rane, Neutrik, dBTechnologies, Digigram, Adam Hall Sound Diogens Audio Balvi Distributor, Rental Adamson, Robe, KME, Eurolift, Eurotruss, Spotlight, Acustica Sound and Lighting Gaco Riga Rental Sound and Lighting

Pro 1 Sound and Light SIA Riga Distributor, Rental Martin by HARMAN, Electro-Voice, Zero 88, Prolyte, Green Hippo Sound and Lighting Rock Distribution SIA Riga Distributor L-Acoustics, HK Audio, Audix, ADJ, Stagetec, Sennheiser, Yamaha Commercial Audio SGN SIA Riga Dealer ADJ Sound and Lighting

Muzikos Faktorius UAB Arvydas Pocius Vilnius and Klaipida Distributor ADJ, beyerdynamic conference, dBTechnologies Sound and Lighting

VDG Project SIA Riga Distributor L-Acoustics Sound

No Noise LT UAB Vilnius Distributor Powersoft Sound

Video Centrs Riga Rental Meyer Sound Sound, Lighting and Video

Ogmios Pulas Pro UAB Vilnius Distributor DPA, Audio-Technica Sound and Lighting

Audiotonas Kaunas Distributor DIS, Clockaudio, Audix, RCF, Martin Audio, Clay Paky Sound and Lighting Combo Muzikos Servisas Kaunus Distributor Avolites, Powersoft, JB Lighting, Rane, ADB, FBT Sound and Lighting

Musikas Centrs Riga Distributor FBT Sound

Musikos Expresas UAB Vilnius Distributor Allen & Heath, Electro-Voice, Shure, Community, Chauvet, Martin by HARMAN Sound and Lighting

NG Service Vilnius Rental Meyer Sound, Midas Sound

Audioforma Vilnius Rental Meyer Sound, Midas Lighting and Sound

Music Services Ltd Riga Distributor HK Audio, RCF, Wharfedale, AudioTechnica, Hi-Lite Sound and Lighting

Musicas Agentura Newtone/ Fremenas UAB Kaunus Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Audac, JB Systems, Radial Sound and Lighting

Unique Ltd Riga Rental Sound and Lighting


KM Sound Jelgava Rental, Installation Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting Dealer Shure, Audac Sound and Lighting

Digital Audio UAB Vilnius Systems Integrator, Conference AV MA Akustica Kaunus Distributor MC2, Chevin, Xilica, Altair Sound Midi Audio Ltd Kaunas Distributor Tannoy, EAW, ARX, XTA, Crest, Symetrix Sound and Lighting Milgreta UAB Siaulia

www. m on dodr. com

Proline Nordoastas Kaunas Distributor SGM, DTS, Coemar, Studio Due, PSL, Lumex Lighting Redzius UAB Marijampole Distributor Outline, ETC, Master Audio Sound and Lighting Scenos Technis Sevisas UAB Vilnius Sales, Rental Funktion-One Sound and Lighting Sonus Exsertus UAB Vilnius Distributor DiGiCo, Meyer Sound Sound Tamsta Audio Vilnius Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Celestion, HK Audio, Proel Sound Virgilijaus Sliazo Firma Kaunus Distributor KV2 Audio Sound


End caps IP67

Supply connectors IP67

MBN GmbH Balthasar-Schaller-Str. 3 86316 Friedberg · Germany Phone +49.821.60099-0 Fax +49.821.60099-99

40 E ME A - BE LG I UM


A Prevost nv Brussels Systems Integrator AV, Security ADS Music Store Brussels Contact online Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI AED Distribution nv Willebroek Distributor beyma, QSC, Avolites, Clay Paky, High End Systems, Zero 88 Sound and Lighting AMPLI bvba Hever Rental Sound and Lighting Amptec Diepenbeek Contact online Distributor DiGiCo, Aviom, Link, DPA, d&b audiotechnik Sound, AV, Broadcast Apart Audio nv Schoten Manufacturer Apart Sound, AV Apex nv Beringen Manufacturer Apex Sound, AV ArKaos SA Rhode Saint Genese Manufacturer Arkaos Sound and Lighting, AV. Multimedia Audac Hasselt Manufacturer, Installer Audac Sound Audio Visual Lighting Lebbeke Distributor ChamSys, DTS, Christie, ELC, GreenGo, Swefog Lighting, Effects Audio XL nv Diest Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound, Broadcast

Feilos Sylvania Belgium bvba Antwerp Distributor Sylvania, Concord Lighting

Beglec Groot-Bijgaarden Distributor JB Systems, Briteq, Synq, Audiophony, Contest Sound and Lighting Belram Brussels Distributor Neutrik, Belden, Sommer, Supra, Purelink, Whirlwind Sound and Lighting, Consumer, Hi Fi Bose nv Tongeren Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer

Inytium Nivelles Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV LSE (Laser Systems Europe) Braine l’Alleud Manufacturer, Distributor, Rental Lasers, Pyro M-PRO Benelux bvba Sint Truiden Distributor MiPro, Clockaudio, Audica, KV2, K-array Sound, AV, Residential Monacor Belgium nv Ranst-Emblem Distributor Monacor Sound and Lighting, AV

Caymon Hasselt Contact online Manufacturer Caymon Sound, Accessories, Flightcases

Music Dynamic bvba Zeebrugge Contact online Distributor APG, Active Audio, LDI Sound and Lighting

Community Europe SA Assesse Dealer Sound and Lighting Controllux bvba Meerhout Distributor Arri, ETC, High End Systems, Robe, Robert Juliat Lighting DeesFX Brussels Distributor Le Maitre, Pyrostar, Magic, TBF Lighting, Effects, Pyro Deltavox Projects Bruges Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV, Multimedia

Eye-Light Belgium nv Brussels

FACE BE bvba Boom Distributor ASL, Vari-Lite, Powersoft, Martin Audio, Renkus-Heinz, Van Damme Cable GSF Sound & Light Rental Gembloux Rental Sound and Lighting, Trussing

Barco nv Kortrijk Manufacturer Barco Projectors

DV2 BeLux Seneffe Distributor Adamson, Lab.gruppen, Lake, Wavecapture Sound

Dealer, Rental Manfrotto, Zeiss Lighting, Film

NOMYAK Hasselt Rental Sound, Video, Effects, Broadcast, Racks, Cases Phlippo Showlights Lier Rental, Dealer URC, Lee Filters Sound and Lighting Pioneer Europe nv Mesele Distributor Pioneer Sound, Consumer Polyphonic Montignies-sur-Sambre Distributor LD Systems, Pioneer DJ, Polyphonic, Selenium, Volt Sound and Lighting PRG EML Productions Tildonk Rental Sound and Lighting Procab Hasselt Manufacturer PROCAB Sound, Video, Effects, Broadcast PVS nv Hasselt Distributor PROCAB, AUDAC, CAYMON, Neutrik, K&M, CONTACTA Sound, AV S2 Store Genk Dealer Sound and Lighting Stageco Tildonk Manufacturer Stageco Staging Stagelight nv Aalst Rental, Distributor ADB Sound and Lighting Syrinx Kalmthout Rental Sound and Lighting Velleman Components Gavere Distributor Eminence Sound and Lighting Verbiest nv Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver Distributor Eurotruss Sound and Lighting XLR Audio Brussels Contact online Distributor Allen & Heath, L-Acoustics, Camco, Genelec, Fostex Sound LUXEMBOURG Audio Vision Leudelange Systems Integrator AV BE MOTION Mamer Distributor StarWay, PR Lighting, GAP Lighting Lighting Codex Productions Canach Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV Pro Audio Sanneingerberg Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV


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MBN F-630

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MBN FC-500 MBN FC-400 (cannons)

MBN F-300

A brand of PowerLightsAugsburg Hofrat-Röhrer-Straße 16 D-86161 Augsburg MBN JUNIORFOAM

Tel.: +49/821/2 63 94 47 Fax: +49/821/2 63 94 69


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Call +44 (0) 1254 704 111


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A&V Oprema Dubrovnik Distributor, Rental Cloud Sound and Lighting AS Komunikacije d.o.o. Sveta Nedelja Dealer Bose, Sonos Sound, Consumer Audio Video Consulting d.o.o. Zagreb Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound, AV, Broadcast Euro Unit Group Nedelisce Distributor beyerdynamic, FBT, Yamaha, QSC Sound, MI Fancy Lights & Effects Garesnica Manufacturer Lighting Ivas Grupa d.o.o Zagreb Distributor, Rental Martin Audio Sound and Lighting

JSN COMON d.o.o Zagreb Distributor Crest Audio, ADB, Elation, Ateis, Symetrix Sound, AV LAV Studio d.o.o Pula Dealer Zero 88 Lighting LED Audio d.o.o Zagreb Dealer Sennheiser Sound and Lighting Niking d.o.o. Krizevci Dealer Sound and Lighting Oktava d.o.o Zagreb Distributor RCF, Tasker, Ciare, Mackie Sound Perinic Sistemi d.o.o Zagreb Rental, Distributor Prolyte

Sound and Lighting


Player Zagreb Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound, MI

Z-EL d.o.o. Chipoteka Zagreb Distributor Monacor Sound, Consumer

Pro Arts Matilji Contact online Distributor Robert Juliat Lighting, Projectors, Broadcast

A&V Oprema Dubrovnik Distributor, Rental Cloud Sound and Lighting

PRO-LUX Zagreb Distributor Clay Paky, JBN, ACR, Lampo Lighting Prolight d.o.o. Zagreb Manufacturer Prolight Laser Harp Controller Lighting, Lasers Prosound Zagreb Rental, Distributor RAM Audio Sound and Lighting Rainbow Music International Jastrebarsko Distributor Shure, Celestion Sound, MI Subing d.o.o GmbH Krizevci Distributor Celestion, Lundahl, Jensen, Electron Audio Sound Sunflower d.o.o. Rijeka Distributor Powersoft, P Audio, d&b audiotechnik, XTA

www. m on dodr. com


D I R B Y H T C A P ! M S O T C R A THE M S E G A T S H T I W tool pact m o c ost The m Y hybrid CM rket a m e on th


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Color version C/100 M/50 Y/50 K/50 C/98 M/88 Y/22 K/18 C/0 M/0 Y/0 K/0


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Grayscale version C/50 M/50 Y/50 K/100 C/0 M/0 Y/0 K/0



Audio Master CZ as Praha Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Tascam, Klotz, MA Lighting, Swefog, Hungaroflash Sound and Lighting, MI Audio Partner s.r.o. Praha Distributor Lewitt, Monster Cable, Celestion, Mackie Sound, MI Audiolight sales s.r.o Praha Distributor Adam Hall, ALTO, Antari, LEE Filters, Martin by HARMAN, Neutrik Sound and Lighting Audiopro s.r.o. Praha Distributor Biamp, BOSCH, DPA, Dynacord, ElectroVoice, Gotham, Lawo Sound BaSys CS spol. s.r.o Praha Distributor Turbosound, Midas, Cordial, beyerdynamic, Marantz Sound Dancefloor, s.r.o. Hradec Kralove Distributor DTS, Griven, SGM, PSL, Community, Logic System, MC2 Sound and Lighting AV Danceshow Kromeriz Rental L-Acoustics

Sound and Lighting DJ Market Havirov Distributor Cerwin Vega, Stanton, ADJ, Wharfedale Sound and Lighting Havells Sylvania Brno Distributor Sylvania, Concord, Lumiance Lighting

Milos CZ s.r.o. Roudnice nad Labem Manufacturer Milos Trussing MusicData s.r.o. Velke Mezirici Distributor NEXO, Innovason, Audac, Sommer Cable, JB Lighting, Litec Sound and Lighting

Hudebni centrum s.r.o. Hradec Kralove Dealer Sound and MI

Panter spol s.r.o Praha Distributor Fohhn, Sennheiser Sound

INTON spol. s r.o. Praha Distributor Martin Audio, Powersoft, FBT, Lectrosonics Sound KV2 Audio International spol s.r.o. MilElectro-Voicesko Manufacturer KV2 Sound Lighting technology Vit Pavlu Ltd. Praha Dealer Lighting Lightneq s.r.o. Praha Distributor MA Lighting Lighting

Pink Panther Praha Rental DiGiCo, L-Acoustics, MA Lighting, Avolites Lighting and Sound Prago Sound Cernocise Rental Sound and Lighting


ROBE LIGHTING S.R.O. Head OfďŹ ce: Hazovice 2090 756 61 Roznov pod Radhostem Factory: Palackeho 416/20 757 01 Valasske Mezirici

Pro Dance Praha Distributor Allen & Heath, EAW, Fane, Powersoft, RCF, Robe Sound and Lighting Pro Music Trutnov Distributor L-Acoustics, DiGiCo, Audio-Technica, ASL, Vari-Lite, ChamSys Sound and Lighting Robe Lighting s.r.o Roznov pod Radhostem

www. m on dodr. com ponzorska inzerce 92_5x64 mm ka04.indd 1 Manufacturer Robe Lighting SB Sound s.r.o Praha Distributor d&b audiotechnik, Altair Sound Svetlazvuk CZ Uherske Hradiste Rental Sound and Lighting Truss Aluminium Factory Olomouc Manufacturer Trussing TSI s.r.o Praha D.A.S. Audio, ShowLED, Klotz, ARRI, MDG, Martin by HARMAN Sound and Lighting Vice Audio Praha Rental Funktion-One Sound and Lighting

Praha Music Centre Praha Distributor dBTechnologies, Direct Out, Genelec, Proel, QSC, Shure Sound Primaton CZ s.r.o. Praha Distributor Outline, Green Hippo Sound and Lighting

Mediatronik s.r.o. Praha

Czech Republic Distributor Audio Performance Sound

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45 E MEA - DE N MAR K Adam Hall Scandinavia Rodovre Distributor Cameo, Defender, Gravity, LD Systems, Palmer Sound Alfa Audio Aabyhoj Distributor d&b audiotechnik, DPA, EM Acoustics, Radial, Sommer Cable, SSL Sound Ascon Trading ApS Aalborg SV Distributor dBTechnologies, Furman, Australian Monitor, Audix, Klotz, Alcons Sound Atendi Rodovre Distributor Powersoft, CLF, Ayrton, TMB, Martin Audio Sound and Lighting, Film, Broadcast Audio Visuelt Centrum A/S Horsens Distributor, Systems Integrator Kling & Frietag, beyerdynamic Sound, AV CC Pro Shop Kolding Dealer Sound and Lighting, Consumer Comtech Glostrup Rental Sound and Lighting Concept Audio Design Bagenkop www, Manufacturer, Distributor B&C Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer Daltech Aps Ringsted Dealer Sound and Lighting Danmon Group Denmark Gentofte Distributor, Systems Integrator Studer, Clear-Com Broadcast, AV, IT Dansk AV Slagelse Systems Integrator Sound, AV, Security Dansk Lyd og Lys A/S Odense V Distributor, Rental Altair Sound and Lighting DesignisAll Valby Design, Install Lighting, AV, Decor, Fixtures Disco Support ApS Viborg Distributor

JB Systems Sound and Lighting


DK Technologies A/S Tisvildeleje Manufacturer DK Audio Sound


DLT Aps Glostrup Distributor DAP Audio, P Audio. Pioneer, Showtec, Technics Sound and Lighting DPA Microphones A/S Alleroed Manufacturer DPA Sound

Kinovox Audio Herlev Distributor Funktion-One, Amphenol Sound, Consumer

DPA SoundCo A/S Skovlunde Rental Sound

KT Radio Frederiksberg Dealer Sound, Hi Fi

DTK Audio Produkter A/S Aarhus Distributor Cloud Electronics, Community, TOA, Gotham, Symetrix Sound

Light Partner ApS Heming Distributor, Rental Avolites Lighting

Dynaudio Acoustics A/S Slanderborg Contact online Manufacturer Dynaudio Sound, Hi Fi EM Nordic AB Hvidovre Distributor Rane, QSC, Cerwin Vega, Drawmer, Stanton Sound and Lighting, MI

LydRommet Danmark AS Risskov Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound Matrix Group Hvidovre Distributor L-Acoustics, Midas, Shure, Turbosound, High End Systems, Proel Sound and Lighting

Future Sales ApS Vissenbjerg Dealer Sound and Lighting

Moto Rental Rodovre Rental L-Acoustics V-Dosc partner Sound and Lighting

Gobo & Highlight A/S Kobenhavn Distributor coolux, Zero 8, MA Lighting, Prolyte, Doughty, Robert Juliat Lighting

OSRAM A/S Taastrup Distributor Osram Lighting

HARMAN Professional Denmark ApS Aarhus Manufacturer Martin by HARMAN Lighting

Pioneer DJ Europe Ltd Denmark Taastrup Contact online Distributor Pioneer Sound

HiFi Klubben A/S Lystrup Dealer NAD, Audioquest Sound, Hi Fi

Pro Shop Europe A/S Lisbjerg Distributor, Systems Integrator Fohhn Sound, AV, Corporate

Infomationsteknik Scandinavia A/S Copenhagen Distributor, Systems Integrator Fohhn AV, IT

Roland Scandinavia A/S Gentofte Distributor Roland Sound, AV

INVI A/S Viborg Rental Sound and Lighting

SC Sound ApS Vejen Distributor Adamson, Caymon, Allen & Heath, Audac, JoeCo

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Sound ShowTech ApS Slagelse Distributor, Rental NEXT-proaudio Sound and Lighting, AV Sicom A/S Galtem Distributor, Systems Integrator Fohhn Sound, AV Soundware A/S Risskov Distributor DiGiCo, Bel Digital, DirectOut Sound StarBaek Morud Distributor Cadac, Outline, Clair Bros, Apex, dBTechnologies Sound T.C. Electronic A/S Risskov Contact online Manufacturer TC Electronics Sound, MI


46 E MEA - FI N L AN D


Aapiskukko Oy Vantaa Systems Integrator Digital Signage AV Aarinakoistys - Ulti Render Ltd Helsinki Designer Architectural Lighting Akukon Oy Helsinki Designer Sound Alumen Oy Helsinki Distributor Lighting Anaconda Visual Oy Vantaa Contractor AV Audico Systems Oy Helsinki,Turku Distributor Powersoft, DiGiCo, Sennheiser, RCF, Televic, JB Lighting Sound and Lighting Audiokymi Kuovola Rental, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting Audiototalo Oy Tampere Contractor Bose AV Aura Audio Lieto Manufacturer Sound Aurora Group Finland Pirkkala Distributor AV and Consumer AV Marketing Finland Oy Helsinki Distributor Apart AV AV-Palvelut Tykkimies Oy Ylojarvi AV Integrator AV AV-Timi LJ Oy Kerava

EL Distribution Oy Vantaa Distributor Control4 Intelligent Homes

Avalarm Oy Ilmajoki Distributor, Systems Integrator Pasosound, Work Pro Public Address and Evac Bose Professional Finland Helsinki Contact online Distributor Bose Professional Sound Bright Finland Oy Espoo Rental Sound and Lighting, Video

Catchbox - Trick Technologies Oy Espoo Manufacturer Audio Engagement Microphones Sound

Core Factory Oy Ltd Espoo Manufacturer AV Install Software AV Danley Sound Labs Europe Helsinki Distributor Danley Sound Sound DbD Systems Oy Helsinki AV Integrator Meeting Rooms AV Deivox Oy Kotikyla Manufacturer Sound Denon Finland Helsinki Contact online Distributor Denon

Ideafix Oy Helsinki Systems Integrator PA and AV InBliss Oy Helsinki Manufacturer Video Walls

Electro Waves OY Helsinki Distributor, Systems Integrator IOSONO partner, Fohhn Sound and Lighting

Innofusor Espoo Contact online Distributor, Manufacturer MC2, Danley Sound and Lighting

EM Nordic Oy Helsinki Distributor Celestion, Martin Audio, QSC Sound and Lighting

Jaako Peltomaki Oy / Capital AV Helsinki Rental Lighting and Sound

EP Group Oy Klaukkala Systems Integrator Sound, AV

Castren Engine Osakehtio / Sound Engine Helsinki Rental Sound and Lighting, Video

Coaxial Tampere Contact online Installer AV

Presentation Control Systems Holmberg Cases Oy Tormo Distributor Penn-Elcom Flightcases

Discoland Oy Helsinki Dealer Sound and Lighting

Dealer AV

City Sound Tampere Distributor Void Sound and Lighting

Sound, Hi Fi Disco Enterprise Oy Helsinki Rental and Sales Sound and Lighting

F Musikki Oy Helsinki Distributor Allen & Heath, dBTechnologies, Aura Audio Sound and Lighting F-Musiikki Vantaa Dealer dBTechnologies, Yamaha Pro Audio, Bose, beyerdynamic Sound Feilo Sylvania Finland Oy. Helsinki ᆲニ Manufacturer Lighting

JDR Rigging Oy Ltd Helsinki Sales and Rentals Rigging JP-Audiosonic Pirkkala Installer Sound Kaukomarkkinat Oy / AV-osasto Helsinki Distributor Panasonic, Ramsa, Technics AV Kramer Electronics Sweden AB Suomen sivuliike Helsinki Distributor Kramer AV

Fogio Helsinki Manufacturer Fog Screens

Kuulto Oy Espoo Programmers AMX, Crestron AV

Frontact Oy Helsinki Rental Sound and Lighting

Kuvasin Osakeyhtio Helsinki Systems Integrator AV, Presentation Technology

G E Consumer and Industrial Oy Helsinki Manufacturer Lamps Lighting

Lakeus Sound Oy Seinajoki Rental Sound and Lighting

Gaia Music Imatra Rental, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting Genelec Oy Iisalmi Manufacturer Genelec Sound Hipaisu Oy Tampere Manufacturer

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Luova Tehdas Ky Helsinki Rental Sound and Lighting, Film Lyreco Oy Vantaa Distributor AV, Consumer Magnum Live Oy Vantaa Rental Sound and Lighting

47 EMEA - FI N L AN D Mediatrade Oy Helsinki Dealer Broadcast Melodrama Oy Nummela Manufacturer Drapes for Theatres Minor Shop Oy Ltd Helsinki Dealer Pelicases, Dirty Rigger, Sennheiser Tour Supplies Msonic Oy Vantaa Distributor Clay Paky, TTA, Avid Venue Sound and Lighting Murea Oy Jyvaskyla;kristian.sahenkari@ Systems Integrator, Museums AV Musamaailma Oy Helsinki Dealer MI Nevac Oy Tuusula Systems Integrator AV Nordic LED Solutions Turku Sales and Rentals LED Screens Noretron Oy Espoo Distributor FBT, APB Dynasonics, DPA, Turbosound, Proel, Shure Sound, Broadcast Osram Oy Vantaa Contact online Distributor Osram Lighting Oy Lafoy Ltd Helsinki Distributor Lighting Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd Helsinki Rental and Sales Le Maitre Pyro Paiste Productions Oy Tampere Systems Integrator AV Panphonics Tampere Contact online Manufacturer Panphonics AV Picturall Oy Kaustinen Manufacturer Media Servers Video

Pioneer Finland Espoo Contact online Distributor Pioneer Sound Powerset Oy Tampere Installations and AV Solutions Sound and Lighting Pro Audile Oy Vantaa Distributor, Rental Schoeps, Sadie Sound Pro AV Saarikko Oy Espoo Rental AV Pro Sonic Oy Vantaa Contractor AV Profitron Helsinki Distributor Dynacord, Electro-Voice, Lewitt Sound Promosystems Oy Vantaa Rental Sound, Lighting and Video PST Design (PST Event Oy) Oulu Rental Sound and Lighting Qlu Oy Oulu Manufacturer Sound, Induction Loops Qualitron Oy AB Espoo Distributor Albiral, Blackmagic Design Broadcast Qvest Media Finland Germany Systems Integrator Broadcast

Sahkoinsinooritoimisto Matti Leppa Oy Turku Design Consultancy AV Sahkotaso Esitystekniikka Oy Tampere, Helsinki, Jvaskyla Systems Integrator AV Seastone Distributor Hill Audio, MiPro, TW AUDiO, Lewitt Sound Sennheiser Nordic A/S Helsinki Distributor Sennheiser Sound Simex Oy Helsinki Support Centre Denon Sound, Hi Fi Sofia Digital Oy Tampere Design Digital Signage Soundtools Oy Helsinki Distributor Audio-Technica Sound Stagepro Oy Helsinki Service Center Theatres, Film, TV Streamplay Oy Tampere Manufacturer AV Studio Klyanpaa Naantali Rental Broadcast Studionet Sound Services Oy Lappeenranta Distributor Funktion-One Sound and Lighting

RMC Light and Sound Vantaa Rental Sound and Lighting

Studiotec Oy Espoo Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Numark Sound and Lighting

Robert Bosch Oy Vantaa Distributor BOSCH Security

Sun Effects Oy Helsinki Design, Distributor Hungaroflash Architectural Lighting

Roland Scandinava Vantaa Distributor Roland Pro AV AV

Suomen Kongressitekniikka Oy Espoo Rental Congress

S-Professional Oy Helsinki Dealer Sony Professional AV

Suomen Koulupalvelu Oy JYSKA Dealer AV, Education Suomen Videoviestinta SVV Oy Helsinki

www. m on dodr. com Rental AV Sweco Taloteknikka Oy Helsinki,Tampere Design Consultancy AV Tele-Tukku Oy Jarvenpaa Distributor Tasker AV Teletaito Ky Pirkkala Systems Integrator AV Torvinen Showtekniikka Katinala Rental Sound and Lighting Tower Media Oy Vantaa Systems Integrator Digital Signage Trail Systems Oy Helsinki Manufacturer Trail Rental Tracking Software IT Troipac Oy Tampere Distributor Octava Zesta Cables AV Viiking Musiikki Oy Kuopio Distributor, Rental Kling & Freitag, Look Solutions Sound, MI Visiostore Ylojarvi Dealer Genelec AV Wavemark Oy Espoo Sound Designers Theatres, Rental Systems WellDone Solutions Oy Vantaa Systems Integrator AV Yamaha Music Europe GmBH Filial I Finland Helsinki Distributor Yamaha Commerical Audio Sound Yhtyneet Insinoorit Oy Espoo AV Designers Sound and Lighting, AV

000 XXX - XXXX


Distributor QSC, Luxibel, Prolyte, Manfrotto Sound and Lighting, Trussing

+4dB SARL Argenteuil Dealer, Installer Sound

Algam Division Audio Nantes Distributor Shure, Cordial, Martin by HARMAN, Rane, Numark Sound and Lighting, MI

Actionlift SARL Toulouse Distributor Show Distribution Hoists

Algam Enterprises Paris Distributor Martin Audio, Allen & Heath, QSC Sound and Lighting

Active Audio St-Herblain Cedex Manufacturer Active Audio Sound

Alive Groupe Tourcoing Contact online Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting

ADB Stagelight Montrouge Distributor ADB Lighting

AMG Audio Albi Contact online Rental, Distributor L-Acoustics Sound and Lighting

AED Group France La Corneuve

27 years of exclusive distribution of the largest range of lighting products in France. We also specialize in the manufacture of stage curtains, cables and power distribution boxes, and pride ourselves on having the largest in-stock supply of products and consumables for the live performance industry and the TV productions.

Paris Île-de-France

Tel: +33 (0)4 99 13 28 28 Fax: +33 (0)4 99 13 28 29

Tel: +33 (0)1 46 30 98 21 Fax: +33 (0)1 46 31 50 04

Arbiter France Villepinte Contact online Distributor ADAM Audio, Apogee, Blackstar, Blue, Celemony, Eventide, iConnectivity, Image Line, Kurzweil Sound, MI

CP France Saint Hilaire de Brethmas Contact online Distributor Peli, Amazon, SKB, Penn-Elcom, Zargal Flightcases

Since 1994 Europodium have been the leading company in the conception and production of the largest range of mobile stages. We provide stages from 13 m² to 256 m² based on 1 trailer. We manufacture: Crowd barriers; aluminum trusses; traditional stages and a wide range of stage decks. We are the exclusive distributor in France for: CHAINMASTER chain hoists / TEN 47 cables protectors / 2M Buhnentechnik stage decks. We are now looking for distributors in Europe for our Alphastage range.

Avab Transtechnik France Saint-Denis Distributor AVAB, ETC, Capture, Pathway, Dynalite, Lumen Radio, Robert Juliat Lighting Axente Longjumeau Contact online Distributor Audix, Ayrton, D.A.S. Audio, Zero 88, EAW, XTA, Doughty Sound and Lighting

EUROPODIUM ZI - Rue Gutenberg 1 67190 Gresswiller France TEL: +33 (0) 388 48 77 88 FAX: +33 (0) 388 48 77 71 EMAIL: WEBSITE: CONTACT: Jean Birgel

Canford Audio SARL Erstein Dealer Sound, Broadcast

Audio-Technica SAS Paris Distributor Audio-Technica, Apart, Audient, RME, MyMix Sound

Audiopole Marne-La-Vallee Distributor beyerdynamic, Clear-Com, Digigram, Genelec, Turbosound, JoeCo Sound


Bose France St-Germain-en-Laye Contact online Distributor Bose Sound

Chromateq SARL Montpellier Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor Chromateq Lighting

Audiolead Suresnes Distributor Alcons, ARX, Audica, Community, OutBoard, Bittner Sound

Distributor Elation, SSL Live, Meyer Sound, Avid Sound and Lighting

Audio Sud St-Jean-de-Vedas Manufacturer, Distributor Hortus, T.A.G. Cabinets, Amphenol, Link Sound

Audio2 Chancay Distributor DPA, Outline, Cadac Sound

Partners for 27 years…


APG France Nantes Contact online Manufacturer APG Sound

Ayrton Villebon-Sur-Yvette Distributor Ayrton Lighting Best Audio Roissy

Crystal Equipment Vitry Sur Seine Distributor Compulite, Dexel, Electron, LDDE Lighting d&b audiotechnik FR Paris Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound Decibel Miribel Contact online Manufacturer Acoutissimo, Decosil Sound, Acoustics Denon France Asnieres sur Seine Contact online Distributor Denon Sound Digigram S.A. Montbonnot Manufacturer Digigram Sound, Broadcast Dimatec Grigny Distributor Avolites, Chimera, Clay Paky, DeSisti, Showtec, Wireless Solution Lighting Dimson - C17 sfx L’Hay les Roses Distributor Look Solutions Effects, Pyro, Fog

49 E ME A - FRA N CE Dushow Roissy en France Rental Sound and Lighting, Video DV2 Norroy Le Veneur Distributor Adamson, DiGiCo, Lab.gruppen, Lake, Calrec Sound Easy Com Audio Perols Contact online Distributor Work, Anchor, Tecnare, ITEC, Ace, Clockaudio Sound Eclalux Bonneuil sur Marne Distributor High End Systems, Manfrotto, ARRI, ADB Lighting Electrosonic Systemes SA Treffiagat Dealer, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV, Projectors ESL Lattes Distributor DTS, Green Hippo, Jands, LSC, MADRIX, VMB Lighting ETC AudioVisuel lvry sur Seine Rental, Design Lighting Europodium Gresswiller Manufacturer Stagecar, Alphastage, Eurogradin Stage Structures Europsonic S.A. Roanne Dealer Lighting EVI Audio France SAS Lognes Distributor Electro-Voice, Midas, Van Damme Cable, Lewitt, Dynacord Sound Expelec SA Charvonnex Distributor Antari, Mobiltruss, Caymon, ProCab Sound and Lighting Expelex SA Charvonnex Contact online Distributor Nicols, Antari, Mobil Truss, ProCab, Caymon Sound and Lighting, Trussing F.L. Structure Offendorf Contact online Manufacturer, Rental FL Structure Trussing, Stage Structures Feilo Sylvania France SAS Gennervilliers Contact online Distributor Concord, Lumiance, Sylvania Lighting

Fohhn France Fontenay sous Bois Distributor Fohhn Sound Freevox Villepinte Contact online Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, StarWay, ArKaos, RGBlink, PR Lighting, Wireless Solution, Vari-Lite, Grive, Work, Haze Base Sound and Lighting, MI Gemar Lumitec S.A. Herrlisheim info@gemarlumitec Distributor Iridium, Fenix, Global Truss, LAX Sound and Lighting Gerriets SARL Volgelsheim Manufacturer Projector Screens Groupe Leblanc Le Mans Contact online Manufacturer Leblanc Lighting Impact Evenement Longjumeau Contact online Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, Video Irelem Chalon-Sur-Saone Contact online Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV, Conference JBK Marketing Saint-Planchers Distributor Symetrix, Bryston, Sound Devices, Sound Advance Sound, Broadcast L-Acoustics S.A Marcoussis Manufacturer L-Acoustics Sound La BS Paris Contact online Distributor GLP, Smoke Factory, Astera, Lee Filters Lighting Lagoona Schiltigheim Contact online Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Lanetco International Archamps Distributor Lanetco Video Walls Laser Movement Limours Manufacturer, Distributor Tarm, Rti, Pangolin, Laserworld, Kvant Lasers Linear Technologie Saint-Etienne Distributor, Dealer Audio Performance Sound and Lighting, AV Lotronic International Herblay

50 E ME A - FRA N CE Contact online Manufacturer BST, Ibiza Light & Sound, AFX, Ltc Lighting Distributor Void, D.A.S. Audio Sound and Lighting Manufacturer ESA, Suite 2 Lighting

LTS Solutions – Coda Audio France Tremblay Distributor CODA Audio Sound

Mobiled Aulnay Contact online Manufacturer LumiBox, CenterBox, TotemLed, DecoBox Lighting

NS Distribution Garges les Gonesse Dealer Sound and Lighting

Magnum Gonesse Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

MPM Woippy Contact online Rental Sound and Lighting

Major Audio Le Bourget Distributor P Audio, Yorkville, MiPro, FBT, B&C Speakers Sound

Musikengro Liege Dealer Roland Sound, MI

Martin Professional France S.A. Lisses Cedex Distributor Martin by HARMAN, Jem Lighting Master Audio France Vedene Distributor Master Audio Sound

OSRAM SASU Molsheim Cedex Distributor Osram Lighting

Musique Industrie Developpment Piscop Distributor Cornered Audio, Ecler, Paso Sound Neutrik France Boulogne-Billancourt Distributor Neutrik Connectors

Merlaud SA Domont Manufacturer Sound

NEXO SA Plailly Manufacturer NEXO Sound

MH Diffusion Avrainville

Nicolaudie Europe SARL Montpellier

On-Off Saint-Denis Rental Sound

Perfect Sound SAS Andrezieux Boutheon Contact online Distributor One Systems, In Out, Cloud, Clockaudio Sound, AV Phase 4 Torcy Rental Sound and Lighting, TV Pilote Films Puteaux Distributor, Systems Integrator Direct Out, RTS, Glensound, Rycote Sound and Lighting, Broadcast, Residential Potar Hurlant Bievres Rental Sound Robert Juliat Fresnoy-en-Thelle Manufacturer Robert Juliat Lighting RVE Technologie Lizy-sur-Ourcq Manufacturer RVE Lighting, Architectural S Group Pezenas Rental Sound and Lighting, AV S2CEB Wissous Contact online Manufacturer Cabling SARL Solution One Audio Montbazin Distributor Funktion-One Sound


ROBE LIGHTING FRANCE SAS ZI Paris Nord 2 Bâtiment Euler 33, rue des Vanesses 93420, Paris France Email:

Sennheiser France Ivry sur Seine Contact online Distributor Sennheiser, QSC Sound Sequoia Audio Norroy Le Veneur Distributor Powersoft, MDC, Community Sound SES Monaco ponzorska inzerce 92_5x64 mm ka04.indd 5

9.12.2016 13:55:03

Monaco City Rental Sound and Lighting, AV SFAT Chatenoy le Royal Manufacturer Stage Effects Silver Acoustics Vendargues Manufacturer Silver Acoustics Sound Sono 64 Evenements Biarritz Dealer Sound Sonoss Lomme Distributor SGM, Luminex, ChamSys Lighting Spectaculaires Saint-Thurial Contact online Design, Rental Lighting Stacco Wasselonne Manufacturer Staging, Trussing Stagemaker Europe Vernouillet Manufacturer Stagemaker, Verlinde Hoists Stagemaster Oberhausbergen Manufacturer Staging StarWay Fresnes Contact online Manufacturer Lighting Sweetlight Montmorency Contact online Manufacturer Sweetlight Lighting TEKLISS Chalons-en-Champagne Rental, Installation Sound and Lighting TOA France Villepinte Distributor TOA Sound Universal Effects Europe Paris Distributor Universal-Effects, United FX , Aroma Design, Premium Fluids Effects Verlinde Vernouilet Contact online Manufacturer Lifts, Hoists


The magic of light

Want to be our exclusive distributor for a specific region ? Please email us at

The magic of light

000 XXX - XXXX


AD-Systems GmbH & Co KG Wesel Manufacturer AD Systems Sound Adam Hall GmbH Neu-Anspach Manufacturer, Dealer LD Systems, Cameo, Gravity, Defender, Palmer Sound and Lighting, Effects, Trussing, Broadcast, Stage, Accessories Adamson Europe GmbH Hamburg Contact online Distributor Adamson Sound AHA! GmbH Koeln Distributor OPTI, Trilite, Original Fluid B Effects, Trussing, Projectors, Consumables Albinger Eventtechnik Voehringen Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Alcatech GmbH & Co KG Dresden Manufacturer BPM Studio Sound

Manufacturer Broadcast

ARCUS Licht- und Praesentationstechnik GmbH Paderborn Manufacturer, Distributor Hog 4, Core, Catalyst, Blacktrax, WYSIWYG Lighting

Axxent Gelnhausen Manufacturer Sound

Alcons Audio GmbH Wedemark Distributor Alcons Sound

Arts Outdoor Lighting Technology GmbH & Co KG Bremen Manufacturer, Rental Falcon Lighting, Architectural

Amptown Cases GmbH Seevetal Manufacturer Amptown Flightcases

Astera LED Technology GmbH Muenchen Contact online Manufacturer Astera Lighting

Amptown System Company GmbH (ASC) Hamburg Systems Integrator, Distributor adunas, BroaMan, RTS Intercom, Yamaha PM Series

Atlantis Ton- & Lichtsysteme Goeppingen Contact online Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Audio Export Georg Neumann & Co GmbH Heilbronn Contact online Distributor Genelec, Orban, Digigram, Powergold, Radiomax Sound, Broadcast


Audio Network Distribution GmbH Hilden Distributor Alpha Wire, C-Ducer, Belden Sound, AV, Cabling Audio Pro Heilbronn Elektroakustik GmbH Heilbronn Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound, AV


do you do

You Know What. We Know How. Worldwide leader in event engineered support structures. We drive brands

Area Four Industries Germany Johann-Krane-Weg 27 48149 Münster, Germany

Sound and Lighting, Video, Effects, Broadcast, Communications

T +49 251 2024014-0

Audio-Technica Deutschland Mainz-Kastel Distributor Audio-Technica, Allen & Heath, ClearCom, Wisycom Sound Audiovisuelle Technik Berlin Dealer Lighting, AV AV Mediasolutions e K Flonheim Distributor Cornered Audio, Garvan, ceratec, Hidden Bass Sound, AV, Architectural AVT Audio Video Technologies Nuernberg Contact online

B & K Braun GmbH Karlsbad Distributor LAX, GLP, Iridium, Magic FX, Smoke Factory Sound and Lighting, Effects B&C Distribution Iserlohn Distributor B&C Sound BB’s Light & Sound Equipment Unterschweinbach Dealer, Rental Sound and Lighting, Trussing beyerdynamic GmbH & Co KG Heilbronn Contact online Manufacturer Sound beyma Vertriebs GmbH Oberrotweil Distributor beyma, Core Audio, Harristech Sound BOCATEC Event- und Lasertechnik Stelle Contact online Manufacturer Laser Bose GmbH Friedrichsdorf Contact online Distributor Bose Sound Broadcast Maufactur GmbH Muenchen Manufacturer BroaMan Sound, AV, Broadcast Camco GmbH Wenden-Gerlingen Manufacturer Camco Sound, Rigging Cast C Adolph & RST Distribution GmbH Hagen Manufacturer, Distributor C.Adolph, Firststage, Vari-Lite, MDG Lighting Chainmaster Buehnentechnik GmbH Eilenburg

53 E ME A - G E RMA N Y Manufacturer Gerriets Projector Screens

Rental, Distributor, Dealer L-Acoustics, Shure Sound and Lighting, Video, Trussing, Backline

ERO Lichttechnik Rolofs GmbH Ochtrup Manufacturer Lighting, Effects

Global Distribution GmbH Muenster Manufacturer, Distributor Reloop Sound, MI

H.O.F. Alutec Mettingen Manufacturer HOF Trussing

ETC GmbH Holzkirchen Contact online Distributor ETC, High End Systems Lighting

GLP - German Light Products GmbH Karlsbad Manufacturer GLP, G-LEC Lighting

Harmonic Design Steinheim Manufacturer hd Loudspeakers Sound

Event-Integrator Bochum Distributor, Rental Void Sound

Groh-P.A. Verunstaltungstechnik e.K. Buchholz in der Nordheide

HB Laserkomponenten GmbH Schwaebisch Gmuend Manufacturer Chainmaster Lifts

Bad Endorf Design, Manufacturer Lighting, Effects

Chauvet Germany gmbH iG Bremen Distributor Chauvet Lighting

Craaft Audio GmbH Pocking Manufacturer Craaft Audio Sound Creative Laser Production Muenchen Manufacturer Laser CT Creative Technology GmbH Stuttgart Rental Sound and Lighting, AV d&b audiotechnik GmbH D.A.CH Backnang Manufacturer d&b audiotechnik Sound Datronik Laser and Automation Solutions GmbH & Co KG Ibbenbueren Manufacturer Datronik Lighting, Lasers DB Technologies Germany Koeln Distributor dBTechnologies Sound Denon Electronic GmbH Nettetal Contact online Distributor Denon Sound Derksen Licht Technik Gelsenkirchen Manufacturer Lighting, Architectural e:cue Paderborn Contact online Manufacturer e:cue Lighting Elements for Entertainment GmbH Berlin Contact online Design Lighting, Effects Elevator DJ Mailorder Muenster Dealer Sound and Lighting Emotion Media Factory GmbH

FACE GMBH Emsdetten Dealer Sound and Lighting


Feiner Lichttechnik GmbH Regensburg Dealer Lighting FOCON Showtechnic Lotte-Wersen Distributor Zero 88, ChamSys, coolux, PR Lighting Sound and Lighting, Consumables Fohhn Audio AG Nuertingen Manufacturer Fohhn Sound

w w w. a m p tow n- sys te m .co m

Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc (coolux GmbH) Cologne Contact online Distributor Pandoras Box AV, Media Technology

Fours GmbH - licht und ton Heidelberg Rental Sound and Lighting Freitag Technologies GmbH Bochum Manufacturer Freitag Technologies LED Screens G-LEC Vision GmbH Karlsbad Manufacturer LED, Architectural Galaxis Showtechnik GmbH Neuoetting Manufacturer Effects, Pyro Georg Neumann GmbH Berlin Manufacturer Neumann Microphones Sound German Audio Engineering GmbH Hamburg Manufacturer GAE Sound Gerriets GmbH Umkirch

“Listening, understanding, thinking things through – this may be the most important added value that we provide to our clients.” STEFAN THOMSEN Communication Systems Specialist


54 E ME A - G E R MA N Y Manufacturer Lasers

hfe Professionelle Studiotechnik GmBH Leipzig Systems Integrator, Manufacturer adunas Broadcast, Media Control

Helvar GmbH Offenbach Distributor Helvar Lighting

ic audio GmbH Mannheim Manufacturer ic audio Sound

Hoellstern GmbH March Manufacturer, Distributor Hoellstern Sound

HGK-Kirchhoff GmbH Muenchen Dealer Sound and Lighting

Huss Licht und Ton GmbH & Co KG Langenau Dealer Sound and Lighting

Highscan Licht und Lasertechnik e.K Marl Manufacturer Lasers Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Wharfedale Pro, ARX, Hill Audio Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer

Illumination Physics Bremen Design, Systems Integration Lighting Indu Electric Gerber GmbH Neuss Manufacturer Power Distribution, Cabling

IAD GmbH Korschenbrioch

inoage GmbH Dresden Manufacturer MADRIX, inoage Lighting

+49 7248 94790 10


EHRGEIZ is a German company, founded by specialists of the event industry developing high quality products with a unique design and innovative technology for the professional lighting market. Research and development, quality control and product management departments are situated at the headquarter in Karlsbad - Germany. EHRGEIZ lighting solutions are hand-crafted in certified manufacturing facilities following the exact specifications of the company and using only high - quality components from established international suppliers.

EHRGEIZ Lichttechnik GmbH | STAGE CAMPUS - Im StÜckmädle 27 - 76307 Karlsbad - Germany

IOSONO Erfurt Manufacturer Iosono Sound JB-Lighting Lichtanlagentechnik GmbH Blaustein-Wippingen Manufacturer Varyscan, Sparx Lighting Junger Audio Berlin Manufacturer Junger Audio Sound K.M.E. Klingenthaler Musikelektronik GmbH Klingenthal Manufacturer KME Sound Kling & Freitag Hannover Manufacturer Kling & Freitag Sound Klotz AIS GmbH Vaterstetten Manufacturer Klotz Cable Cabling





Korg & More Marburg Distributor Korg, Cervin-Vega, KRK, Stanton, Gemini Sound, MI Kultour GmbH Muenster Manufacturer Smart Stage Staging

FENIX Stage, S.L. Valencia (Spain) | Tel.: +34 96 125 08 55 |

L & S Gmbh & Co KG Hoerstel Rental, Construction

Sound and Lighting, Staging Laauser & Vohl GmbH Ostfildern Distributor Powersoft, Soundtube, Stemin, Tutondo Sound Lake People electronic GmbH Konstanz Manufacturer, Distributor Lake People, Violectric Sound Lang AG Lindlar Rental, Distributor AV Laser Animation Sollinger GmbH Berlin Manufacturer, Distributor Phaenon, Lasergraph Lasers Laserworld Academy Valley Training Centre Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Laserworld_ Showeditor Lasers Laserworld Service Centre Valley Manufacturer, Repairs, Service Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Lasers Lawo AG Rastatt Manufacturer Lawo Sound, Broadcast, AV Lepper EDV Service Muenchen Manufacturer, Service Lighting, Software Lightconverse Europe Osnabrueck Distributor Lightconverse Lighting Lightline Lasertechnik Marco Stuempel e.K Osnabrueck Rental, Sales Lighting, Lasers Lightpower GmbH Paderbom Distributor MA Lighting, Wireless Solution, Robert Juliat, Clay Paky Lighting, Trussing Lightronic Showequipment Hamburg Distributor Penn, Sagitter, Anytronics, LT, Griven Lighting, Trussing Lighttone Nuernberg Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting LMP Lichttechnik / Pyrotechnik Ibbenbueren

55 E ME A - G E RMA N Y Distributor Altman, Elation, LSC, Teclumen, Work Sound and Lighting LOBO electronic GmbH Aalen Manufacturer LOBO Lasers Look Solutions GmbH Gehrden Manufacturer Look Soutions Fog Machines LPS - Lasersysteme Ofterdingen Manufacturer LPS Lasers

Movi*Lite GmbH Munderkingen Manufacturer Lighting, Fibre Optics Muller Trussing Systems Gotha Dealer Trussing Multi-Lite Lichttechnik Handels Gmbh Reinbek Dealer Lighting Music & Sales PE GmbH St. Wendel Distributor HK Audio, Hughes & Kettner, Mindprint Sound, MI

LTH Das Lichttechnikhaus Vertriebs GmbH Guenzburg Dealer Lighting, Staging, Trussing

Musikhaus Thomann Burgebrach Contact online Dealer, Distributor Precision Devices Sound and Lighting, MI

LTU Licht & Ton Union Magdeburg Dealer Sound and Lighting

Neuphone Handels GmbH Uebach-Palenberg Dealer Lighting, Trussing

Luck Light & Sound Warenshof Rental Sound and Lighting

Neutrik Vertriebs GmbH Dachau Manufacturer Connectors

MA Lighting International GmbH Paderborn Manufacturer MA Lighting Lighting

NLT Niethammer Lichttechnik GmbH Ober-Moerlen Distributor ADB Lighting

Martin Professional GmbH Unterschleissheim Distributor Martin by HARMAN, JEM Lighting

Omicron Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH Rodgau-Dudenhofen Manufacturer Omicron Laser

MBN Augsberg Manufacturer, Distributor MBN, Hungaroflash Effects, Consumables

Optocore GmbH Muenchen Manufacturer Fibre Networking

Medialas Electronics GmbH Balingen Manufacturer Lasers Mega Audio Waldlaubersheim Distributor Radial, Fostex, Bricasti, SE Electronics, SSL, Rupert Neve Designs Sound Meyer Sound Germany Lab GmbH Montabaur Service Meyer Sound Sound Monacor International GmbH & Co KG Bremen Manufacturer Monacor, IMG Stageline, JTS Sound

OSRAM GmbH Muenchen Manufacturer Osram Lighting Distributor Rodec, TAD, Hi Level, L.A. Rocker, OWI, Technicover 360 Sound Distributor Rainbow Colour Changers, Major Lighting

Powerlights Augsburg Augsburg Rental, Distributor Aqua in Motion, Dancing Waters Sound and Lighting, Effects

PRG XL Video Hamburg Hamburg Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

PR electronic e.K. Eschach Manufacturer PR Electronic Sound, Hi Fi

Pro Audio-Technik Limited Gelnhausen Distributor APB Dynasonics TiMax, Heil Sound, Ashly Smithson, Martin by HARMAN Sound

Premier Lighting Products International GmbH Paderborn

ProAudio Technology GmbH Hugstetten

Fog, Smoke & Haze Factory GmbH Schulze-Delitzsch-Str. 8A 30938 Burgwedel GERMANY



GlobalTruss GmbH

STAGE CAMPUS Im StÜckmädle 27 76307 Karlsbad Germany

Phone: +49 7248 94790 60 WhatsApp: +49 151 27107522 E-Mail:

For more than 15 years Global Truss is manufacturing and providing trusses and accessories with the highest quality standards all around the globe. With more than 120 employees worldwide and headquarters in Taiwan and Germany, Global Truss has grown to one of the leading truss manufacturers in the business.

Padco Event Solution Huerth Rental Sound and Lighting Pan Pro GmbH Lohne Service, Dealer Sound and Lighting, Hoists, Lifts Penn Elcom GmbH Emmerich Manufacturer, Distributor Penn-Elcom Flightcases Phase Acoustics Pliezhausen


56 E ME A - G E RMA N Y Manufacturer ProAudio Technology Sound ProdyTel Stein Distributor Clockaudio, Cue, Taiden Sound

Laser Equipment for Highest Demands

Prolyte Warehouse Emsdetten Warehouse Prolyte Trussing

LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH has been the manufacturer of field proven laser show technology for three decades now. Innovation, Knowledge, Experience, Ideas, Quality, Credibility and Reliability are the keywords characterizing us best. Our strength is to take your special n requirements and create a new product for you.

PSE-audio ELO-project Ltd & Co KG Schoenungen Manufacturer PSE Audio Sound Ray Technologies GmbH Valley Manufacturer RTI Lighting, Effects, Lasers RCF Germany Koeln Distributor RCF Sound Riedel Communications GmbH & Co KG Wuppertal Manufacturer, Distributor Riedel Sound, Broadcast Risse Video-Effektlicht Weyhe-Dreyhe Rental Sound and Lighting, Video

MBN GmbH MBN GmbH Balthasar-Schaller-Str. 3 86316 Friedberg Germany Tel.: +49 / 8 21 / 6 00 99 - 0 Fax: +49 / 8 21 / 6 00 99- 99 E-Mail: Website: Contact: Jasmin Schmitt

Robert Bosch GmbH Straubing Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor BOSCH, Dynacord, Electro-Voice, RTS Sound, AV

MBN GmbH, founded in 1988, is the leading manufacturer of special effects. MBN manufactures the well known MBN foam generators. Also MBN offers a wide range of LED products for bars, clubs and discotheques, well known under the own brand name PROLED. All LED products can be controlled by the sophisticated MBNLED RGB DMX power supplies. All MBN products correspond to the highest quality standards and are Made in Germany, excluding the PROLED LED range. MBN products are used worldwide by a wide range of satisfied customers.

S.E.A. Vertrieb & Consulting GmbH Emsbueren Distributor Apart, K-array, Community, Tendzone, One Systems, Cloud Sound SAM - Sound And More eK Waldkirch Dealer Zeck Audio, Bose Professional Sound and Lighting


ScanAudio eK Berlin Rental Sound and Lighting


Roland Germany GmbH Nauheim Distributor Roland Sound, AV


Scheck Audio GmbH Altlussheim Manufacturer Alphaton Sound, Hi Fi, Broadcast

Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmBH Koeln Manufacturer Schnick-Schnack-Systems Lighting Schoebel pro audio GmbH Winden im Elztal Dealer Sound Schulz Kabel Frielendorf Manufacturer Schulzkabel Sound, MI Seeburg acoustic line Produktions undVertriebs mbH Senden/Freudenegg Manufacturer Seeburg Sound Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co KG Barleben bei Magdeburg Manufacturer Sennheiser Sound Session Pro Walldorf Rental Sound and Lighting Shure Distribution GmbH Eppingen Distributor Shure Sound SLD Mediatec GmbH Nuernberg Distributor Formula Sound, Ecler, Acclaim, CSC, Void Sound and Lighting, AV SLV Electronic GmbH Uebach-Palenberg Manufacturer Lighting, Architectural Fog Smoke and Haze Factory GmbH Burgwedel Manufacturer Fog Machines Solutions 4 AV Lindlar Contact online Manufacturer AV Sommer Cable GmbH Straubenhardt Manufacturer Sommer Cable, Hi-Con, Cardinal, Excelsior Cabling Sonus GmbH Ettlingen Manufacturer, Systems Integrator XONO Elements, SMART Acoustics Sound, AV Sound & Light and Service GmbH Ahrensburg Rental

57 E ME A - G E R MA N Y Sound and Lighting

Rental Sound and Lighting

Sound Valve Bruchsal Manufacturer, Systems Integrator Klimacool Sound and Lighting, Air-Con

Trendco Siegen Dealer Lighting, Consumables

Soundlight Wenningsen Manufacturer Soundlight DMX Lighting

Trius Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG Ibbenburen Distributor Outline, Furman, Audix, CatCore Sound Oberschleissheim Dealer Lasers

TW Audio Ludwigsburg Manufacturer TW AUDiO Sound

SSM Veranstaltungstchnik GmbH Muenchen Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV, Video Stage Tec Gmbh Berlin Manufacturer Stage Tec Sound, Broadcast Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH Waldbuettelbrunn Manufacturer, Distributor Futurelight, Eurolite, Omnitronic, PSSO Sound and Lighting Tamed Light Solutions GmbH & Co KG Rodgau Manufacturer Lighting tarm laser technologies tlt GmbH & Co KG Herne Rental, Manufacturer, Distributor tarm Lighting, Effects, Lasers The Audio Specialists Kleve Distributor Cadac, Claire Bros, Outline, RPM Sound TEAC Europe GmbH Wiesbaden Distributor Tascam Sound TEQSAS GmbH Hurth Manufacturer, Dealer Teqsas Sound, Broadcast Thoene & Partner GmbH & Co KG Wuppertal Distributor Funktion-One Sound



Ultralite Deutschland Haerle Lichttechnik GmbH Ehingen Dealer Lighting Ultratec Special Effects GmbH Frankfurt am Main Distributor Fog Machines, Pyro, Effects United-b Dusseldorf Distributor DiGiCo, Martin Audio, XTA, MC2 Sound

Experience the best. Use ROE Visual LED panels to create an unforgettable visual experience. Due to cutting-edge technology and flexible design ROE Visual LED products are recognized as the industry standard. Share our passion.

UTT – Veranstaltungstechnik Selfkant Tuddern Distributor Audio Performance Sound


SRV Licht- & Tonanlagen Doerverden Manufacturer Voice-Acoustic Sound

Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH Andreas-Bauer-Str. 5 97297 Waldbüttelbrunn Germany

Weichhart Licht + Ton Muenchen Dealer Sound and Lighting Werner Medientechnik Bonn Rental Sound and Lighting

Phone: + 49 931 4061 600 Fax: + 49 931 4061 700 E-mail:

Steinigke Showtechnic is one of the biggest distributors for show equipment in Europe. With the brands Eurolite, Omnitronic, Futurelight, PSSO, Alutruss, Omnilux, Roadinger and Europalms Steinigke primarily covers the fields of light, sound and decoration. A wide range of products exemplifies Steinigke a comparable one is hardly to be found in the industry. Steinigke Showtechnic – Your Connection To The World Of Show

Litegear GmbH Geilenkirchen Distributor JB Systems, Briteq, Synq, Audiophony, Contest Sound and Lighting ZILZ- Direct Pulheim Dealer Sound and Lighting

‘ The perfect sound requires both excellent technology and an unceasing pursuit of research.’ Dr. Sound, acoustic expert at TOA

TOA Electronics Europe GmbH Hamburg Distributor TOA Sound Ton + Licht Regensburg

58 E ME A - G R E E CE / CY P RUS Goldring, Denon, QED Sound, Hi Fi


KM Monitor Athens Distributor beyma, Amate Audio, Atomic Sound


A.B.A.S Athens Distributor Monacor, Community, FBT Sound, AV, Broadcast ABISS S.A. Thessaloniki Dealer Sound and Lighting Akoustiki Ltd Athens Distributor Summit Audio, Hortus Sound and Lighting Artsound and Lights Thessaloniki Contact online Distributor CAE Groupe Cables, Ervine Sound and Lighting, MI Asproulis Experience Thessaloniki Distributor K-array Sound Athens Pro Audio Athens Dealer Sound Audigys Vironas Distributor Audio-Technica Pro, Direct Out, KV2, SSL Sound Audio & Vision Athens www, Distributor ARX, DPA, Switchcraft, Wisycom, Swefog Sound and Lighting Avidex SA Athens Systems Integrator AV, Home, Marine Bon Studio S.A. Athens Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, MA Lighting, Zero 88, Griven, Neutrik Sound and Lighting, MI Decibel Professional Sound & Lighting Lindos, Rhodes Rental NEXO Sound and Lighting Dixa Audio & Light Thessaloniki Dealer Sound and Lighting

Kougioumtzis Athens Rental NEXO Sound and Lighting Lights International Athens Distributor ETC, Altman, Vari-Lite, Strong, Ushio Lighting

DJ Market Larisa Dealer Sound and Lighting DNA Systems Nafplion Distributor Powersoft, Audiocenter, Adamson, beyerdynamic, VUE Audiotechnik, XTA Sound Electron S.A. Athens Manufacturer, Dealer Electron Lighting

Music House Philippos Nakas SA Peania Distributor Yamaha, Sennheiser, Neumann, Presonus, Radial Sound, MI, Consumer

Feilo Sylvania Greece A.E.E.E. Athens Distributor Sylvania Lighting Global Show Productions Athens Distributor, Rental Funktion-One, VMS, TAF, Portman Sound and Lighting, Truss Halaris Sono Haidari Distributor, Dealer Daslight Sound and Lighting

Nick J Laios S.A. Athens Distributor Jamo, Niles, Klipsch, Kling & Freitag, Sommer Cable Sound, AV, Hi Fi Omikran Pro Audio Athens Contact online Distributor Midas, Klark Teknik, Aviom, Meyer Sound Sound

IMA Audio Lighting Athens Distributor NEXO, Formula Sound, JB Lighting, Alcons, Acustica, Camco Sound and Lighting K Papathanasiou S.A. Athens Rental, Distributor Renkus-Heinz Sound, Conference

Omikron Electronics Attica Distributor L-Acoustics, Music Tribe Brands, Pioneer DJ Sound Omikron Pro Lighting Ltd Athens Distributor Clay Paky, Avolites, FOS Lighting, Trussing

Kariotis Bros Co. Elefsina Distributor Aviom, RCF, DiGiCo, DTS, Audix, GLP Sound and Lighting, Trussing

Kinotechniki Ltd Athens Distributor

Megaevent Athens Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Outline, Xilica, MADRIX, Avid Live Sound and Lighting Metro Audio Systems Athens Distributor Allen & Heath, Denon Pro, QSC Sound and Lighting

Eurolight S.A. Pireaus Manufacturer Eurolight Fibre Optics

KEM Electronics Athens Systems Integrator Sound, AV, Broadcast

Liquidpro Thessaloniki Distributor EAW, Wharfedale Pro, Work, GLK, Ashly Sound

Osram Greece Athens Distributor Osram Lighting Panou Audiovisual Athens Systems Integrator AV, Lighting, IT, Home, Marine PRO Party Acharnai

Rental NEXO Sound and Lighting, Effects RM Audio – Ressou Bros Co Athens Distributor Martin Audio, Void, Linea Research, Faital Pro, Pioneer DJ Sound and Lighting Sakiotis S.A. Glyfada Systems Integrator AV, Marine Showlight Moschato Contact online Rental NEXO Sound and Lighting Sivko Electronics Chalkidiki Distributor Kvant, DAP Audio, Solton Sound and Lighting SLS (Hellas) Ltd Athens Manufacturer Lighting Soundmaze Efthymiadis P.C Athens Distributor Shure Sound SpaceLights Athens Distributor Audio-Technica MI, ChamSys, Ecler, HK Audio, Look Solutions, MC2 Sound and Lighting Stollas S.A. Athens Distributor Celestion, FBT, Klotz, Lewitt, Auralex Sound, MI Studio 54 Thessaloniki Rental NEXO Sound and Lighting Studio K Heraklion, Crete Rental NEXO Sound and Lighting Telmaco S.A. Athens Distributor Shure Conference, Cadac, Soundtube, ADB, SGM, d&b audiotechnik Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast Vassilou Athens Distributor Robert Juliat Lighting Xenophon Venieris S.A. Athens Contact online Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV, Consumer CYPRUS A.L.A. Equipment Company Ltd Xylophagou

59 E ME A - G R E E CE / CY P RUS Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, MA Lighting Sound and Lighting Archilx Limassol Distributor Zero 88 Lighting Coneq Nicosia Rental AV, Conference Costas G. Georgallis Music House Ltd Nicosia Distributor Clay Paky, Avolites, FBT, beyerdynamic Sound and Lighting, MI Disco Jockey Suppliers Limited Paralimni Distributor Martin by HARMAN, JEM, Ecler, CLS, Colorbeam, CODA Audio Sound and Lighting Evangelismos Music Shops Nicosia Dealer Sound, MI F.S.D. Electronics Ltd Limassol Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound Hadjikyriacos & Sons Ltd Nicosia Dealer Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer M.K.G. Sound and Light Ltd Limassol Distributor, Rental, Manufacturer Powersoft, MKG Audio Sound and Lighting Magic Dancing Waters Protaras Rental Fog, Effects Major Music Centre Ltd Ortakoy Distributor North Cyprus Yamaha Sound, MI MEA Reference Audio & Vision Nicosia Distributor Camco, NEXO, JB Lighting, Beta Three Sound and Lighting Mike’s Light and Sound Distributor Community Sound Music Sound A.Tillirides & Son Ltd Limassol, Nicosia Distributor KAM, Bespeco, KRK Sound, MI Mustafa Sedat Co Ltd Lefkosa Distributor (North Cyprus) Martin Audiio Sound Nakas Music (Cyprus) Ltd Nicosia Distributor Yamaha, Radial Sound, MI Ola DJ Nicosia Dealer Sound and Lighting P&C Powersound Ltd Nicosia Distributor EAW Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer Panasound Music Centre Nicosia Distributor Shure, Allen & Heath Sound Prolight Enterprises Co. Ltd Lakatamia Distributor, Rental Funktion-One Sound and Lighting ProSonic Ltd Nicosia Distributor Adamson Sound Riccos Sound & Light Ltd Paphos Distributor KV2 Sound and Lighting Showtime Technologies Nicosia Dealer Sound, Hi Fi SP Megasound Ltd Nicosia Distributor DiGiCo, Audix, SGM, Zero 88, RCF, MC2 Sound and Lighting Super Sound Trading Co Ltd Limassol Dealer Sound, Hi Fi T.A.S.K. Trading Ltd Nicosia Distributor Samson, Audio-Technica, Canare, Biamp, Neutrik Sound, AV Technosound Ltd Nicosia Distributor Neumann, Tascam, Rode, Presonus, SSL, DPA Sound V Hypersound & Light Ltd Nicosia Distributor Chauvet, Clockaudio, Ashley, ARX, One Systems Sound and Lighting V&M Video Electronics Co Ltd Nicosia Distributor, Rental Martin Audio, ASL, Chevin, Swefog, Cadac Sound and Lighting Zade Electronics Paphos Dealer, Installer Sound, AV


DMH-300 CM Y



W W W. F U T U R E L I G H T. D E

000 XXX - XXXX


AIDA Audio Kft Budaors Distributor KEF, Onkyo, TEAC Sound, Hi-Fi, Consumer Art Light & Sound Kft Budapest Dealer Osram Sound and Lighting Audio-Technica Central Europe Ltd Budapest Distributor Audio-Technica Sound, MI, Consumer Audmax Budapest Distributor Allen & Heath, L-Acoustics, Audio-Technica, Genelec, Avid Live, Tascam Sound, MI, Consumer Audio Partner Kft Budaors Distributor Sennheiser, D.A.S. Audio, Apart, Lehman, Studer, Cordial Sound, Broadcast Basys Magyarorszagi Kft Torokbalint Distributor Neutrik, Pioneer, Music Tribe Brands Sound, MI, Consumer Bertaudio Kecskemet Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting BG Event Kft Budapest Distributor, Rental Martin Audio Sound and Lighting Chromasound Kft Budapest Distributor

DiGiCo, Meyer Sound, Elation, Vari-Lite, Focusrite, Avolites Sound and Lighting Colossal Event Services Ltd Budapest Rental, Distributor Robe, Kling & Freitag Sound and Lighting Distributor Sylvania Lighting Horn Distribution (Hu) Kft Budapest Distributor Denon, Focal, Wharfedale, Quad Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer

Czekaudio Kft Szentendre Distributor Funktion-One, MC2 Sound and Lighting DP Music Sound & Light Budaors Distributor Prolyte, Doughty, Cameo Sound and Lighting,Trussing Eurhythmics Kft Budapest Distributor Shure, Proel, Countryman, Axiom Sound, MI EQ Audio Szeged Distributor Ecler, FBT, MiPro, Outline, Xilica, Point Source Audio, RDL, RCS, Geemarc, CSC AUDIO, Topp Pro, Audinate AVIO Sound ES Audio Szeged Manufacturer, Distributor Faital Pro Sound

Pelyhe & Tarsa Ltd Budapest Distributor Swefog, Clay Paky, ADB Lighting, Effects

Interton Electroacoustics Ltd Budapest Distributor Community, Luxibel, High End Systems, d&b audiotechnik, Eurotruss Sound and Lighting, Trussing

Piramis Technika Budapest Distributor KAM, Montarbo, Showtec, DAP Audio Sound and Lighting

Invitone Budapest Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI Luminis Ltd Budapest Contact online Dealer ETC Lighting

Monacor Hungaria Kft Budapest Distributor Monacor, JTS, IMG Stageline Sound, AV

GT Laser Kft Budapest Manufacturer Lasers Feilo Sylvania International Group Kft Budapest


MediaDot Ltd Dunakeszi Distributor Rane, Sommer Cable Sound, AV, TV, Broadcast Music Benei Dombovar Distributor Powersoft, TW AUDiO, Adam Hall, GEWA Sound OSRAM a.s Budapest Distributor Osram Lighting EQ Audio Hungary LLC Budapest Distributor Outline, FBT, Xilica, MiPro, Ecler Sound

"Full support of your audio requests..."


PDF Production Kft. Budapest Rental Sound and Lighting

Hungaroflash BT Budapest Manufacturer Hungaroflash Lighting

LISYS Lighting Systems Co Budapest Contact online Distributor, Systems Integrator NEXO, Zero 88, MA Lighting, Camco Sound and Lighting

GEM Consulting and Trading Kft Budapest Distributor, Design XTA, Van Damme Cable Sound Distributor MC2, Danley, Royer Sound, Hi Fi

Pako Kft Budapest Distributor dBTechnologies, RCF, Numark, Antari Sound, MI Penna Poor Kft Budapest

www. m on dodr. com

PKN Controls Ltd Szekesfehervar Manufacturer PKN Sound PLS Electronics Ltd Szekesfehervar Contact online Manufacturer PLS Lighting Prolaser Ltd Budapest Manufacturer, Design Lasers Reflex Professional Kft Ullo Rental Sound and Lighting RMS Audio Budapest Rental Sound and Lighting Roland East Europe Ltd Budapest Distributor Roland, Boss, Rogers Sound, MI Show 99 KET Budapest Rental Lighting, LED Walls Studiotech Hungary Kft Budapest Dealer Sound, TV, Broadcast Votec Ltd Szeged Distributor, Rental OutBoard Sound, Staging ZAJ System House Ltd Budapest Dealer Sound, MI

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CONTACT US LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH CrellestraĂ&#x;e 19/20 D-10827 Berlin Phone: +49 (30) 780 963 00 Fax: +49 (30) 780 963 25 Email: Website:

62 E MEA - I R EL AN D


Acoustic Audio Dublin Distributor, Rental Funktion-One, Full Fat Audio Sound Audiotek Tek Ltd Co Dublin Dealer, Design L-Acoustics Sound AVL Systems Blanchardstown Dealer, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Big Bear Sound Dublin Distributor Warm Audio, Drawmer Sound, AV, Broadcast BLUEred (Fikon Ltd) Limerick Distributor Avuno Sound, AV, Consumer Bose Ireland Co. Monaghan Manufacturer Bose Sound, Consumer Broadcast Technical Services Dublin Service, Rental Sound, Broadcast Cine Electric Ltd Co Wicklow Distributor, Rental

Just Lite Dublin Rental Sound and Lighting

Rea Sound Ltd Co Tyrone Distributor Martin Audio, Allen & Heath, NEXO Sound

Nationwide Fireworks Wexford Rental Pyro One World Sounds Co Galway Rental Sound

EQ Lighting ltd Dublin Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Outline Ireland Co Cork Rental Outline Sound

FOH Audio Co Galway Distributor Fohhn, Optogate, RAM Sound

Peats Wholesale Ltd Dublin Dealer Sound and Lighting, Hi Fi, Consumer

GE Lighting Ltd Dublin Distributor GE Lighting Lighting

Performance Audio & Light Shannon Distributor, Systems Integrator MC2 Sound and Lighting, AV

GFD Communications Ltd Dublin Systems Integrator, Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Pro Sound Ireland Co.Clare Distributor PKN Controls Sound

Harkness Screens Dublin Manufacturer Screens Hertz-U Sound System Dublin Rental Funktion-One Sound and Lighting

John Duffy Design Group Co. Dublin

ChamSys Lighting

Litton Lane Contracts Dublin Contact online Rental Sound, Backline

Zero 88 Sound, Film

ICAN technology Galway Design, Training, Systems Integrator Lighting, AV

Design Architechtural

Pro Vision Sound & Lighting Ltd. Co. Limerick Contact online Dealer, Installer Sound and Lighting Professional Audio Ltd Dublin Distributor Radial, Cordial, K-array Sound QLX Lighting Ltd Dublin Distributor, Rental


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Reynolds of Raphoe Co. Donegal Distributor Zero 88, Formula Sound Sound and Lighting Rossa Lighting & Effects Limited Co. Meath Dealer, Installer Lighting, Architectural Sennheiser Ireland Dublin Distributor Sennheiser, Rane, Neumann Sound Sound Design Dublin Distributor, Rental NEXO Sound Sound Productions Ltd Dublin Distributor Cloud, Audac, Procab, Audio-Technica, Sabre Sound Soundtrax Cork Dealer, Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Square One Bray Contact online Dealer AV Stage Lighting Centre Dublin Dealer, Rental Zero 88 Lighting Talbot Lifting & Security Europe Dublin Manufacturer Goliath Winches Lifts

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6 4000 E ME XA X X- I-TA X XLY XX


A & AG Srl (Kind Audio) Galliate Manufacturer Kind Sound

Arkilux Distribuzione Srl Verona Distributor Archilumo, Ecosense, Color Kinetics Lighting, Architectural

A.T.E.C. Srl Venice Manufacturer Tutondo Sound, Architectural

Audio Effetti Srl Genova Distributor ASL, Elation, MADRIX Sound and Lighting, Video, Effects

Adagio Italia Distributor Behringer, Audix Sound, MI

Audio Network Technology Milan Distributor Audio Performance, Cadac, Ivie, Chevin Sound and Lighting

Adeo Group Spa Lavis Distributor beyerdynamic, Xilica Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer Agora L’Aquila Rental Sound and Lighting, Video Alpha Concept Group Velturno Distributor JB Lighting Lighting Amlux Srl Mantova Dealer Sound and Lighting Arena Luci Srl Mantovi Manufacturer Lighting, Architectural

Audio Service Multimedia Verona Systems Integrator AV Audiolink snc Parma Distributor DiGiCo, Renkus Heinz, Vari-Lite, ASL, Strand Lighting Sound and Lighting Audiosales Parma Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Martin Audio, Powersoft, Chauvet, Adamson, Audac Sound and Lighting B&C Speakers SpA Florence Manufacturer B&C Sound Bacchi Tecnologie Audio Cadelbosco


Backline Srl Milan Distributor Klotz, Fostex Sound, MI Best Light Srl Padua Distributor Osram, Phillips, GE Lighting, Sylvania Lighting Bose S.p.A. con socio unico Milan Distributor Bose Sound Chrisalys Cologno al Serio Manufacturer Sound, Hi Fi Clay Paky SpA Seriate Manufacturer, Distributor Clay Paky, ADB Lighting

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - Photo: Ralph Larmann Manufacturer, Rental Staging Decima Srl Padova Manufacturer, Distributor CODA Audio, Milos, Look Solutions, Doughty Sound and Lighting, AV DeSisti Rome Manufacturer Lighting E.B. Acoustic & Electronic Research Srl Oleggio Distributor beyma Sound, Consumer EA Srl San Marino Manufacturer Lighting Eighteen Sound Srl Reggio Emilia Manufacturer 18 Sound Sound

Coemar SpA Castiglione della Stiviere Manufacturer Coemar Lighting

EKO Music Group Recanti Distributor Allen & Heath, Alto, Korg, Radial, Meyer Sound Sound, MI

Cosmolight Srl Rome Manufacturer Quartzcolor, IFF Lighting

Etabeta Electronics SpA Bregnano Manufacturer, Distributor ARX, MiPro, One Systems Sound and Lighting, Effects

D.T.S. Illuminazione Srl Misano Adriatico Manufacturer DTS Lighting

ETC Italia srl Rome Distributor ETC Lighting

d&b audiotechnik Italia Srl Ferrara Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound

Euromet Srl Loreto Manufacturer Trussing, Stands

Darlington Snc Migliarino Manufacturer Lighting, Effects

Claypaky is part of the multinational company Osram and a worldwide reference brand in the professional lighting industry. Claypaky lights are used in top productions in the theatre, television and live events. Manufacturer Bacchi, Cabotron, Audio Marine Sound

DBE Stage Montebelluna

Exhibo S.p.A. Vedano al Lambro direzione’ Distributor Allen & Heath, MC2, QSC, K array, Sennheiser Sound, Consumer EXE Technology Casale sul Sile

65 E ME A - I TA LY Manufacturer Trussing Manufacturer K-array Sound

Faital SpA MIlan Contact online Manufacturer Faital Sound

Karma Italiana Srl Busto Arsizio Dealer Sound and Lighting

FBT Elettronica SpA Recanati Manufacturer, Distributor Sabian, Crafter, JTS Sound Feilo Sylvania Italy SpA Cinisello Balsamo Distributor Sylvania Lighting FFT Lighting Technology – Grupo Eletti SaS Casaloldo Manufacturer Lighting Freeport srl Sound & Light Supplier Codogno Distributor, Dealer JB Systems, Neutril, Tasker, NEXTproaudio Sound and Lighting Frenexport SpA Porto Reconati Distributor Void, Lewitt, Hill Audio, Soundstation Sound and Lighting Funky Junk Italy Srl Milan Distributor ATC, GML, Neve, Royer, Coles Sound, Broadcast GE Lighting Srl Cavazzale Distributor GE Lighting Lighting Gold Music Srl Torino Distributor HK Audio, CAD Sound, MI Griven S.r.l. Mantova Manufacturer Griven Lighting, Architectural Guido Ammirata Srl Milan Dealer Lighting Ingegneria Giglio Moroder Production Costanzana Manufacturer Foam and Bubble Machines K-array surl Fierenze

Flos, Artemide Lighting Matrix Srl Treviso Distributor American DJ, Seeburg Sound and Lighting

Kennell Audio Electronics Torino Distributor, Dealer Altair, Audiocenter, Lectrosonics, Dateq, Fohhn Sound

MidiWare Srl Rome Distributor Genelec, SE Electronics, RME, Rupert Neve Designs Sound, MI Mods Art Vasto Distributor Outline, KLANG, SSL, GLP Sound and Lighting

Lampo Lighting Designers Srl Mantova Manufacturer, Design Lighting

Molpass Srl Bologna Contact online Distributor MA Lighting, Barco, MDG, DeSisti, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting

Lang Roland Co.OHG/SNC Merano Systems Integrator, Dealer Fohhn AV Laser Entertainment Srl MIlan Design, Rental Lasers

Monacor Italia Srl Castel Maggiore Distributor Monacor, GUIL, BSL Sound and Lighting

LDR – Luci della Ribalta Castel Goffredo Manufacturer, Design Lighting, Lasers, Architectural Leading Technologies Monza Distributor Neutrik, Belden, HARMAN Professional Solutions, Audient Sound and Lighting, Broadcast LED LUX Italia Rimini Manufacturer Lighting, Architectural

Montarbo (Eko Music Group SpA) Montelupone Contact online Manufacturer FiveO, Montarbo Sound MPI Electronics SRL Cornaredo Distributor Cerwin Vega, Audio-Technica, Monster Cable Sound, Hi-Fi, Consumer MS Lighting Castel Goffredo Dealer Lighting

Link Srl Rome Manufacturer Eurocable, LK Cables, Connectors

Music & Lights Srl Itri Distributor Antari, Avolites, Capture, Liteputer, DAD Sound and Lighting, Effects

Litec srl Casale sul Sile Manufacturer Trussing, Hoists LSS Advanced Speaker Systems Polistena Manufacturer LSS Sound, Hi Fi M.Casale Bauer SpA Cadriano di Granarolo Distributor EAW, DPA Sound, MI Made in Italy Lighting Export House Gradara Distributor Iguzzini, Disano, Fosnova, Luce & Light,

Musical Box Srl Verona Distributor KME, LD Systems Sound, MI Musik Walter Bolzano Dealer Fohhn Sound, MI Musitec Snc Castelfidardo Manufacturer Sound, MI Neon King Srl Modena Manufacturer Lighting Novalight srl Viterbo Manufacturer Lighting Nuovo Service srl Bologna Rental Sound and Lighting ODL Srl Bergamo Manufacturer ODL Filters Lighting One 4 All srl Ottiglio Monferrato System Design Lighting Osram SpA MIlan Distributor Osram Lighting Outline Srl Flero Manufacturer Outline Sound Paso S.p.A. Lainate

66 E ME A - I TA LY Manufacturer Paso Sound Peecker Sound Reggio Emilia Manufacturer Peeker Sound Sound Phoebus S.p.a. Sesto San Giovanni Distributor TOA, Trantec, NEXT-proaudio , RDL Sound Pioneer Electronics (Italia) SpA Milan Contact online Distributor Pioneer, Onkyo Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer Powersoft SpA Scandicci Manufacturer Powersoft Sound Pozzi Italia Srl Lissone Manufacturer Sound, Video, Components, Accessories Prase Engineering Srl Venice Distributor Shure, Apart, DIS, Clair Bros, Rane, Community Sound Pro Music Srl Reggio Emilia Rental Sound and Lighting Proel SpA Sant`Omero – Teramo Manufacturer, Distributor Proel, Axiom, Sagitter, DH, Dexibell, Tamburo Sound and Lighting

Professional Lighting Genius (PLG) Toritto Manufacturer Genius Lighting

SIM2 BV International Srl Pordenone Manufacturer Projectors, Home Cinema

RCF SpA Reggio Emilia Manufacturer RCF Sound

Sisme SpA Ancona Distributor Audio-Technica, Camco, Symetrix, L-Acoustics Sound, AV

RED Lighting Srl San Giovanni in Marignano Manufacturer Lighting Reference Laboratory Osimo Manufacturer Reference Cable Cables, Connectors

SM International San Giovani in Marignano Manufacturer Lighting

RM Multimedia Srl Cattolica Distributor Robert Juliat, LumenRadio, Robe, Anolis Lighting Roland South Europe SpA Milan Distributor Roland Sound, AV Sangalli Tecnologie Srl Brusaporto Design, Install Sound and Lighting, AV, Video Satnet Srl Borgone Susa Distributor Clockaudio, ClearOne, Active Audio Sound, AV, Conference Scenes GZ Treviglio.Media Treviglio Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Selvolina sas Castel Goffredo Manufacturer Selvoline Staging SGM Elettronica srl Vizzolo Predabissi Manufacturer Lighting

Sound & Vision Srl Senigallia Manufacturer Ciare Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer

Tondello Tecnologie S. Giorgio delle Pertiche PD Rental, Dealer Lighting Trabes Srl La Selva Forli Manufacturer TRABES Trussing, Lifts Tre Ti SpA Rome Distributor, Manufacturer Alutek, High End Systems, ETC, Verlinde, Spotlight Lighting, Trussing Vagnini Wilson Srl Pesaro-Urbino Manufacturer Transformers, Power Supplies

Sound Corporation Reggio Emilia Manufacturer Sound Box, Peeker Sound, X Treme, Phonics Acoustic Lab Sound

Viscount International SpA Rimini Contact online Manufacturer Verse Loudspeakers Sound, MI

Sound Division Rome Distributor, Rental Funktion-One Sound

Wimpy Music SNC Milan Dealer Pioneer DJ Sound, MI

Spotlight Srl MIlan Distributor Green Hippo, Chainmaster, Eurotruss, LSC, Lightconverse Lighting, Trussing

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH MIlan Contact online Distributor Yamaha, Line 6 Sound, MI

SR Technology Srl Potenza Picena Manufacturer Schertler Sound, MI Stark Srl Cagli Manufacturer STARK Projectors, Architectural Studio Due Light Srl Viterbo Manufacturer Lighting, Architectural Tasker Srl Cusago Manufacturer Tasker Cables, Connectors Teclumen Srl Casaloldo Manufacturer Lighting Texim Srl Renate Distributor Electro-Voice, Dynacord, Ultrasone, myMIX Sound





Astral Enterprises Ltd Ta’Xbiex Distributor Apart, Denon, Marantz Sound and Lighting, AV, Consumer Black Box Hal Balzan Distributor DiGiCo, Sommer Cable, ARX Sound, MI Digital Magic Lija Rental, Dealer FBT, HARMAN Professional Solutions, DPA Sound and Lighting Doneo Co Ltd Hamrun Distributor Bose, Audac, ProCab, Furman Sound, AV

Fusion Sound Ltd Naxxar Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Funktion-One, Allen & Heath, Powersoft, dBTechnologies, MADRIX Sound and Lighting Genaudio Malta Mriehel Distributor, Rental, Systems Integrator Clockaudio, InOut, WHD Sound, AV Music Link Birkirkara Distributor Camco, Fohhn, Presonus, Proel, Audix Sound, MI Nexos Lighting & Video Il-Marsa Rental, Distributor

Avolites Lighting, Video, Broadcast Olimpus Music Ltd Mosta Distributor Electro-Voice, Shure, Rode, Yamaha, Numark Sound, MI Studio 7 Co Ltd Birkirkara Distributor, Rental HARMAN Professional Solutions, Robe, Blackmagic Design Sound and Lighting The AV Warehouse Qormi Rental, Distributor EAW Sound, AV The Sound System Co Ltd. Msida

www. m on dodr. com Rental, Distributor Neutrik Sound, AV Top Technix Triq ta Marmora Distributor MC2, Kramer, S2 CEB Sound, AV, Consumer Visage Sound Ltd. Zebbug Distributor Void, Pioneer DJ Sound Wave Music Centre Floriana Distributor Martin Audio, beyerdynamic Sound

000 XXX - XXXX


Acclaim Lighting EU Kerkrade Contact online Distributor Acclaim Lighting Lighting, Architectural ADJ Supply Europe BV Kerkrade Contact online Distributor ADJ, American Audio, Elation, Duratruss, Accu-Case, Accu-Cable Sound and Lighting AED Netherlands Capelle a/d Ijssel Distributor Clay Paky, QSC, Clay Paky, High End Systems, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting, Trussing, Display Alcons Audio BV Zwaag Manufacturer Alcons Sound ALGO audiovisueel BV Amsterdam Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV Ampco Flashlight Group Utrecht Rental Sound and Lighting, Trussing Ampco Flashlight Sales Utrecht Distributor Allen & Heath, DiGiCo, ETC, d&b audiotechnik, Martin Audio, SGM Sound and Lighting, Trussing ASL Intercom BV Utrecht Manufacturer ASL Intercom Sound Audio Electronics Mattijsen Duivendrecht Distributor Meyer Sound, SSL Live, Wisycom, Riedel Sound, Broadcast Audio XL NV Utrecht Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound Audio-Technica Benelux incorporating Iemke Roos Amsterdam Distributor Audio-Technica, Genelec, NEXO, Camco, Active Audio Sound, Consumer Audiobizz Benelux BV

Strijen Contact online Distributor Audac, ProCab, Lewitt, FBT, L-Acoustics Sound Aukes Theatertechniek Amsterdam Rental, Distributor Spotlight, Smoke Factory, ChamSys, CLS Norway, Prolyte Lighting, Trussing BEO - Backman Electronics & Optics Weesp System Design, Distributor Compulite Lighting Bolution -Sound & Light Solution Eindhoven Dealer, Rental NEXT-proaudio, Prolyte Sound and Lighting Bosch Security Systems BV Eindhoven Contact online Distributor BOSCH AV Security

DLP Audio & Light Equipment BV Waalwijk Distributor beyma, Bespeco, Qube, Kempton, AMC Sound, Cabling DTL Lasertechniek BV Tynaarlo Design, Rental Lasers Duratruss BV Kerkrade Manufacturer Duratruss Trussing Elation Professional Kerkrade Distributor Elation Lighting Electric-Sound BV Almere Distributor beyerdynamic, Dynacord, Electro-Voice Sound, Conference

Bose BV Export Division Edam Contact online Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer Bourgonje The Hague Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV CLF Lighting Huissen Manufacturer Lighting

ClubSound Professional Sound & Light Gravenzande Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Controllux BV Alphen aan den Rijn Distributor ARRI, ETC, High End Systems, Prolyte, Robe, Zero 88 Lighting Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Firm 4 Pro Audio BV Gorinchem Distributor MC2, ARX, XTA, Nova, Danley Sound Focus Showequipment BV Amsterdam Contact online Rental Sound and Lighting Full AVL Distribution Tilburg Distributor DTS, Ecler Sound and Lighting Go Group Audiovisueel Houten Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Headroom BV Haarlem System Integrator AV

Esprolite Sound Productions Assen Distributor, Rental Kind audio, LAN Audio Sound

Heuff Sound & Vision Maarsbergen Rental, Distributor Fohhn, Bittner, Lectrosonics, Proel Sound

Eurotruss International Leeuwarden Manufacturer Eurotruss Trussing

HGL Tilburg Rental, Dealer, Installer Sound and Lighting

Exaltation BV Venlo Distributor Exaltation, Luceco, Ecolight, Nexus Lighting

CLS LED BV Wijchen Manufacturer CLS Lighting, Architectural

Dateq BV Almere Manufacturer Dateq

Sound, Broadcast

Excess Pro AV Rotterdam Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Fairlight Bemmel Distributor Avolites, Sound Projects, Martin by HARMAN, L-Acoustics Sound and Lighting Feilo Sylvania Netherlands BV Breda Distributor Sylvania, Concord Lighting Fire & Ice Zeijen

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Highlite International BV Kerkade Distributor DAP Audio, Showtec. Antari Sound and Lighting, Effects Holland Audio Import BV Hengelo Distributor KS Audio, Audix, Axxent, Syntax, The Buttkicker Sound Holland PA Amsterdam Distributor EAW, Kling & Freitag, APB Dynasonics, GUIL Sound ICM Import Alphen a/d Rijn Distributor Audiophony Sound Imagination AV Bokel en Rodenrijs

69 EMEA - TH E N ETH ER L AN DS Contact online Rental, Distributor Amate Audio Sound and Lighting, AV Innovation Group BV Hengevelde Rental, Dealer Sound Interal T.C. BV Venray Manufacturer, Rental Trussing Interlight Utrecht Distributor Firelamp, Datapath Lighting, Video Interstate Audio Warder Distributor ProDjuser, NewHank, Xilica Sound, AV

Monacor, JTS, IMG Stageline Sound, AV

Sennheiser, Neumann Sound

More AVL Zoetemeer Distributor Funktion-One, Full Fat Audio, NST Audio Sound

Shure distribution Netherlands BV Culemborg Distributor Shure Sound, MI

Niehoff High Tech Sound & Light Denekamp Dealer Sound and Lighting, Broadcast

Sound & Light Import Utrecht Distributor Adamson, Heil Sound Sound

Oberton Professional Loudspeakers Haarlem Contact online Manufacturer Oberton Sound Output BV S-Hertogenbosch Dealer DPA, HARMAN Professional Solutions, Shure Sound and Lighting, Video, Broadcast

KMI Distribution Rotterdam Distributor Electro-Harmonix Sound, MI

Philips Entertainment Group Europe (PEGE) Winterswijk Manufacturer Philips Selecon Lighting

Lagotronics Projects BV Venlo Design, System Integration Sound and Lighting, AV, Multimedia

Philips Lighting BV Eindhoven Contact online Manufacturer Lighting

Laserpromotions BV Leiden Manufacturer, Design Lasers

Prolyte Group Leek Manufacturer Prolyte Trussing, Staging

Main Gear Supply Eindhoven Distributor Apex Sound and Lighting, AV Match Audio & Vision Nieuw-Lekkerland Distributor, Rental LSS, Vanguard, Quested, Summit Audio Sound and Lighting, AV Mega Alu Systems BV Zutphen Manufacturer Trussing, Stages Mennegat Trading BV Enter Distributor Powersoft, Community, Apart Sound Merheim BV Boxtel Distributor Audio Performance Sound, AV Messa Electronics Elshout Distributor JB Systems, JB Systems Light, SYNQ Audio, Briteq, OHM Sound and Lighting Monacor Nederland BV Beugen Distributor

Sound and Stage Rotterdam Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Pioneer DJ Sound Sound Projects Huissen Manufacturer Sound Projects Loudspeakers Sound Stage Accompany BV Ridderkerk Manufacturer SA Speaker Systems Sound Stage X Enschede Rental, Installation Sound and Lighting Stagelight Den Bosch Rental Sound and Lighting TAU Audio Solutions BV Groningen Distributor Ashly, Audix Sound

Protruss Tilburg Manufacturer Protruss Trussing

The Audio Specialists BV Apeldoorn Distributor Music Tribe Brands, Clair Bros Sound

R.L. Showequipment Dirksland Dealer Sound and Lighting

Think! AV Zoetermeer Rental Funktion-One Sound

RCF Nederlands Ureterp Distributor RCF, dBTechnologies Sound

Tonar International BV Amersfoort

ROE Visual Europe BV Leek Manufacturer Video Rolight Theatertechniek BV Enschede Distributor Chauvet, MA Lighting, Chromateq, ELC, Fantek, LumenRadio Lighting RSL & Partners BV Breda Distributor 18 Sound, Altair, CAD, P Audio Sound Sennheiser Nederland BV Almere Distributor

www. m on dodr. com Manufacturer Tonar Record Player Accessories Sound Total Sonic BV Nieuw-Vennep Distributor Phonic, Rupert Neve Designs, sE Electronics Sound, MI Toverli Lighting and Effects Purmerend Distributor Crestron, Pharos, Philips Dynalite, CoolAutomation Lighting, Architectural Triple Audio BV Bilthoven Systems Integrator Sound, Broadcast Visual Productions BV Haarlem Manufacturer Cuelux Lighting Voerman Amersfoort BV Amersfoot Distributor Korg Sound, MI Wytec Trade Tilburg Dealer Sound and Lighting, Video Yamaha Music Europe Vianen Contact online Distributor Yamaha, Line 6 Sound, MI Yellowspot Sound & Light BV Amsterdam Rental, Design, Installation Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast

70 E MEA - N O RWAY / I CE L AN D Multitechnic AS Oslo Distributor and Rental Sommer Cable, Doughty, Dirty Rigger, Prolyte, Penn-Elcom Sound and Lighting


6 Sans Electro-Voiceent Oslo Rental Sound and Lighting AV Amas Produksjon AS Bergen Rental and Dealer Void, MeTrao, Syntax Sound and Lighting Atendi AS Drammen Dealer ARRI, Clay Paky, GDS, MDG, ETC, Martin Audio Sound and Lighting Audio Media AS Eidsvagneset Distributor Grado, EMT, Keith Monks Hi Fi AvonLyd AS Trondheim Rental and Distributor VUE Audiotechnik, FFA, Funktion-One Sound and Lighting Bary Sales Fetsund, Kristiansand Dealer and Installer Sound and Lighting Benum AS Oslo Distributor Allen & Heath, Renkus-Heinz, MC2, XTA, Adamson, Apart Sound Bergen Sound AS Bergen Dealer Sound and Lighting Bright Norway AS Oslo Rental and Distributor Midas, Robert Juliat, Klark Teknik, Lab. gruppen, Vari-Lite, Rosco Sound and Lighting Butikk Scenario AS Finnsnes Dealer Sound, Lighting and MI EH Proshop AS Oslo

Njal Hansson Oslo Distributor Cordial, beyerdynamic Sound, Consumer, AV Norsk Lydteknikk AS Drobak Distributor Ecler, Symetrix, Nady, T&M, Australian Monitor, Clockaudio Sound

Rental and Distributor Outline, Altair, Formula Sound Sound and Lighting EM Nordic AS Bekkestua Distributor QSC, Samson, Whirlwind Sound and Lighting

Norstage AS Haugesund Rental Sound and Lighting

First Audio AS Oslo Distributor Alto, K-array, Numark, Procab, Nanolumens, Audac Sound and Lighting

PA Producksjoner AS Stavanger Rental Logic Systems Sound and Lighting

ID Musikk AS Kristiansand Distributor Montarbo Sound and Lighting

Panpot AS Oslo Distributor Yamaha AFC3, Fohhn Sound

Intersonic AS Horten Distributor ARX, Anchor, Camco, AVT, APB Dynasonics, Anchor Sound

Pioneer Electronics Norge AS Oslo Distributor Pioneer Sound

Lydproduksjon Tromso AS Tromso Distributor Alcons, Auralex, AMT Sound Lydrommet AS Oslo Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, RME, VDB, Klotz Sound

Lydteamet Bodo Rental Sound and Lighting MTI Heggenes Manufacturer and Distributor Music Tronics, CLS, Avolites Sound, Lighting and Staging

TTA AS Sjordal Manufacturer Stagetracker Sound Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Norwegian Branch Osteras Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound ICELAND

Norsk Sceneteknikk AS Spydeberg Distributor Robe, Green Hippo, ShowLED, Zero 88, Chroma-Q, Litec Lighting

Eurotek Lyd & Lys AS Oslo Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Lydsystemer A/S Oslo Distributor Kling & Freitag, EAW, Apex, DPA Sound

Trondheim Lyd AS Trondheim Rental and Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound and Lighting

Prolyd AS Oslo Distributor dBTechnologies, Cordial Sound Prostage AS Oslo Distributor Lewitt, FBT, Hill, JTS, GDE Power Cable, Lynx Sound and Lighting Scandec Systemer AS Kolbotn Distributor DiGiCo, L-Acoustics, Electro-Voice, Audio-Technica, Biamp, TOA Sound and AV Stagelab AS Oslo Distributor ADB, NEXO, Eurotruss, Auvitran, Chimera Sound and Lighting

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Exton Reykjavik Distributor DPA, Neutrik, Allen & Heath, Meyer Sound, QSC, ETC, MA Lighting Sound, Lighting and AV Feris ehf Kopavogur Distributor Powersoft Sound and Broadcast Hljodfaerahusid Reykjavik Dealer dBTechnologies, ADJ Sound and Lighting HLODX Simi Rental and Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Sommer Cable, Omnitronic, Clay Paky, Christie, VMB Sound and Lighting Luxor Equipment Rental Reykjavik Rental and Distributor Avolites, Vari-Lite, Robe, Pulsar, Robert Juliat, Zero 88 Lighting Northern Lights Audio Garoabaer Distributor beyerdynamic, ARX, Cerwin Vega, Arthur Holm, Furman, D.A.S. Audio Sound Ofur HIjoodkerfi ehf Reykjavik Distributor Funktion-One Sound Tonabudin Akureyri Distributor Cordial, Shure, Behringer, Presonus Sound

71 E MEA - PO L AN D Actronix - light system Oswiecim Manufacturer, Distributor Sound

Konskie Manufacturer, Distributor beyma, Elmuz Sound

ADS Professional Sound Equipment Sp. z o.o.. Lodz Manufacturer ADS Sound

ESS Audio Iomianki-Dabrowa Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound

Ambient-System Sp. z o.o. Gdansk Manufacturer Sound

F1 Dystrybucja Polska Bydgoszcz Distributor Funktion-One Sound

Aplauz Sp. z o.o.. Lomianki Distributor QSC, Belden, Amphenol, Sennheiser Sound Arcade Audio Sp. z o.o. Michalowice Distributor RCF, KV2 Audio, Art, Superlux, Orange Amps, Trex Sound Arttech Cinema Sp. z o.o. Warsaw Distributor Martin Audio Sound


FHU “MIDI” Michael Brewczynski Siedice Distributor Master Audio Sound

Live Sound Sound Laserworld Poland Kluczbork Installer, Systems Integrator, Rental, Distributor Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Laserworld_Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Lasers

FLASH-Butrym SP.J. Doluje Manufacturer Lighting

Lauda Audio Sopot Distributor Audix, Radial, NEXO, Peavey, AuviTran Sound

Fotis Sound Poznan Rental L-Acoustics, Meyer Sound Sound

LTT Sp. z o.o.. Warsaw Design, Sales Christie, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat Lighting, Theatre Technology

Audiolite Gorzow Wielkopolski Dealer Sound and Lighting

FPH Amtec Wroclaw Distributor HK Audio Sound, MI

Bose Sp. z o.o. Warsaw Distributor Bose, Cloud Sound

FX Music Group Zamosc Distributor FBT Sound and MI

Case-Pack Poznania Manufacturer, Distributor Eminence, Case-Pack FlightCases Sound and Lighting

Gig SP z o.o. Warsaw Distributor Pulsar, High End Systems, Coemar, James Thomas, Doughty Lighting

Disco Service Ostrow Wielkopolski Dealer ADJ Sound and Lighting DSV Gdynia Distributor Pioneer Sound and Consumer Dysten Sp. z o.o. Zabrze Distributor Fohhn Sound, AV Elmuz

Maliszewski Sound Equipment Warsaw Dealer, Installer, Manufacturer Oram, Maliszewski Sound

Havells Sylvania Poland Warsaw Distributor Sylvania, Concord, Lumiance Lighting Horn Distribution Warsaw Distributor Denon, Marantz, Genelec, Wharfedale, Wharfdale Pro, Monster Cable Sound, Consumer Konsbud Audio Sp. z o.o. Warsaw Contact online Distributor Allen & Heath, Apart, Audio-Technica, Neutrik,OutBoard, d&b audiotechnik, Avid

MBS Sp. z o.o. Warsaw Distributor Outline, D.A.S. Audio, Joeco, Roland, Sommer Cable Sound Mediam Sp. z o.o. Krakow Distributor ArKaos, PR Lighting, Vestax, Ortofon, Verlinde, Kvant, Pangolin Lighting and AV MEGA MUSIC Sp. z o.o.. Sopot Distributor ProCo, beyerdynamic, Australian Monitor, Crest, K-array, Chauvet Sound and Lighting MUSIC INFO Sp. z o.o.. Krakow Distributor EAW, MiPro, ASL Sound NAW Performance Audio Zywiec Manufacturer NAW Sound Osram Sp. z o.o. Warsaw Distributor Osram Lighting Pol-Audio Josefow Distributor 18 Sound, Altair, Powersoft, BMS, CODA Audio, Xilica Sound Polsound Sp. z o.o. Warsaw Distributor Clearcom, DiGiCo,Meyer Sound, Shure, Symetrix, Tascam, Tannoy, OutBoard Audio

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Prolight Sp. z o.o. Pruszkow Distributor Avolites, Litecraft, Prolyte, Griven, ETC, Clay Paky, ADB Lighting PS TEATR Piaseczno Distributor Altman, ChamSys, Doughty, ETC, Zero 88, VariLite, Strand Lighting Lighting, Trussing PXM Podleze Manufacturer Lighting Control RG Lider Bialystok Dealer Pyro SAP Music Professional Poznan Dealer ADJ Sound, Lighting, Trussing Show Design Trzebnica Distributor Prolights, Protruss, Archwork, GDE, DAD, Pro Audio, Jands, Smoke Factory, ArKaos Lighting Show System Poznan Distributor Antari, Rane, Cerwin Vega, Eurolite, Alutruss, Omnitronic, Stanton Sound and Lighting SoundTrade Piaseczno Distributor Proel, Tannoy, TC Electronic, Turbosound, dBTechnologies Sound TOA Electronics Europe G.m.b.H. Sp.z o.o. Oddzial w Polsce (Poland) Warsaw Distributor TOA Sound TOMMEX Zebrowscy Sp. J. Warsaw Distributor Dynacord, BOSCH, InterM, OutBoard, ARX, IC Audio, Cadac, Community Sound Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Sp.z o.o. Oddzial w Polsce Warsaw Distributor Yamaha Sound, AV

72 E MEA - PO RTUG AL Distributor Peavey, Triad Orbit Sound and Lighting, AV, MI


Garrett SA Audiovisuais Carnaxide Distributor, Design, Installation DiGiCo, Klotz, Genelec, Xilica, GLP, beyerdynamic Sound and Lighting, AV, Lasers


Acutron Electroacustica Lda Abrunheira Manufacturer Acutron, Larsen, Phonetika Sound, Broadcast All4Show Audiovisual Solutions Tavira Contact online Distributor Void, Alutek, Apia Sound, Trussing Alrica Lisbon Distributor MiPro, Audix Sound, MI Americo Nogueira Lda Gulpilhares Distributor Numark, Alto Sound, MI Antonio Barbosa & Castro Lda Moreira Distributor Bose, Clockaudio Sound, AV, Consumer Rental Adamson Sound and Lighting Audium Lisbon Distributor, Systems Integrator Electro-Voice, Dynacord, Symetrix, Coemar, MDG, Cordial Sound, AV Avantools Queijas Distributor Aviom Sound Boomerang Oeiras Distributor Martin Audio Sound C.V.A. Electronica Rio Tinto Distributor NEXT-proaudio Sound

Apogeu Integrated Systems, Avitel Lisbon Design, Systems Integrator, Install Sound and Lighting, AV

Caius Music Instrum. Mus. Lda Porto Distributor, Dealer FBT, Peavey Sound, MI

Arestel S.A. Lisbon Distributor Neutrik Connectors

CHS Som e Luz Profissional Montijo Rental Adamson Sound and Lighting

Audinova Matosinhos Distributor, Rental dBTechnologies, Catchbox Sound and Lighting

Europalco Mem Martins Distributor Lighting, Stage

Audioluz Nova de Gaia

Grupo Luso Pirotecnia Almada Design, Rental Lighting, Pyro

FACE Iberia Pombal

Havells Sylvania Portugal Lda Loures Distributor Sylvania, Concorde, Lumiance Lighting Infinite Connections Lisbon Distributor Denon Sound, AV, Consumer Kaleidosonix Algarve Rental Sound and Lighting Lagotronics Lda Amadora Rental, Distributor Show-Tec, DAP Audio, DMT Sound and Lighting Lightset Porto Distributor SGM Lighting Live Sound Lda Mourao Dealer D.A.S. Audio Sound Luz e Som Lda Porto Distributor, Systems Integrator Cloud, Sonance, Crestron, Bang & Olufsen Sound, AV, Consumer Merging Select Lisbon Distributor NEXO, Powersoft, Lynx Sound

OSRAM Empresa de Carnaxide Distributor Osram Lighting Perdigao Audio Torres Vedras Systems Integrator, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV Pioneer Electronics Iberica SA Lisbon Distributor Pioneer Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer Pirotec Pirotecnia Lda Amora Dealer Le Maitre Pyro, Effects Profactor SA Valongo Manufacturer OEM Sound and Lighting Quadrifonia Leira Rental, Dealer, Install Sound and Lighting, AV Sismar Porto Distributor, Rental Dateq Sound SLS Sound &Light Systems SA Sacavem Distributor L-Acoustics, Cadac, Litec, Clay Paky Sound and Lighting Sonorizacoes Tuna Mogadouro Rental, Install Sound and Lighting Stagecom Comercio De Servicos De Audiovisuals, Avitel Prior Velho Distributor Allen & Heath, Avolites, EAW, Link Sound and Lighting Stages and Frames Unp Lda Porto Distributor Master Audio Sound and Lighting, Video

N.A.N. Lda Ovar Distributor d&b audiotechnik, Audio-Technica, Eurocable, ETC, Link Sound and Lighting

Takesound Porto Distributor beyma. 18 Sound Sound

Nauta Aveiro Aveiro Distributor Audio-Technica conference Sound, AV, Conference

Tecnimusica Pombal Distributor XTA Sound

NEXT-proaudio Rio Tinto Manufacturer NEXT-proaudio Sound

Total Music Braga Distributor Audio-Technica MI, Amina Sound, MI

Oneway Group Amadora Design, Install, Rental AV

Verylight Alcochete Distributor Outline Sound

www. m on dodr. com

73 E MEA - R O MAN I A


NEXT-proaudio Sound and Lighting

Acoustic Light srl Bucharest Distributor Adam Hall, ADB, Prolyte Sound and Lighting Acousticmall Bucharest Distributor Vicoustic, Definitive Technology, Artsound Sound and Consumer Audiovison Constanta Distributor KV2, Powersoft, Magic Effects, 18 Sound, Arno, Eurometal Sound and Lighting Avitech Co srl Ilfov Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Cris Entertainment Solutions srl Bucharest Dealer Void Sound and Lighting DjSuperStore Bucharest Distributor Numark, Akai, Denon Professional Sound and Lighting Electro Vox Co Ltd Ploiesti

Marbo Trade srl Bucharest Distributor ARRI, Clay Paky, LT-Light, Eurotruss, VMB Lighting

Contact online Dealer Sound and Lighting Energolux Cluj-Napoca Distributor Outline, Compulite Sound and Lighting Fives International SA Bucharest Rental Sound and Lighting Grafiti Pro Audio Ltd Constantza Distributor XTA, D.A.S. Audio, Pro Truss, GUIL, SGM, Funktion-One Sound and Lighting, Consumer H.C.G. Audio Bucharest Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound iCatch Design Bucharest www.inesa,hu Distributor Sylvania, Concord, Lumiance Lighting Live Rental Group srl Cluj-Napoca Rental, Distributor

SM Proline Frasinulu Distributor Void, Full Fat Audio, Laserworld, Danley, B&C, Ciara Sound, Lighting, Consumer

Media Crusher srl Timisoara Dealers HK Audio Sound

Stage Expert srl Bucharest Distributor, Rental Martin by HARMAN, Rane, Desisti, Crest, Griven, RCF Sound and Lighting

Osram Romania srl Bucharest Distributor Osram Lighting

Setting Entertainment Technology Constanta Distributor, Dealer Adamson, Tendzone, Kind Audio, Community Pro, CAE Groupe, Terbly Sound and Lighting, Effects, Trussing

Paradigma Production Ilfov Rental, Distributor Shure, Martin Audio, Allen & Heath, DiGiCo, Avolites, Green Hippo Sound and Lighting Pro Dance Show srl Timisoara Rental, Distributor Litec, Griven, All Around Sound and Lighting SC Aucoustics Live Audio srl Lipova Distributor HK Audio, Sommer Cable, Strasser Elekroakustik Sound SC Music Senia SRL Bucharest Distributor Cordial, Eminence. ADJ, dBTechnologies Sound and Lighting


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MOLDOVA Ivasart Chisinau City Distributor DTS, MA Lighting, Antari Lighting Nexo-Tehnic SRL Chisinau Contact online Distributor Eurolite, Futurelight, Omnitronic, Omnilux, PSSO, Alutruss Sound and Lighting Sonetica SRL Chisinau Distributor Powersoft, Allen & Heath, Klotz, beyma, Chauvet Sound and Lighting


Griven Lighting



A&T Trade Moscow Distributor Shure, HARMAN Audio Brands, Martin Audio, Genelec, Powersoft, Chauvet Sound and Lighting, MI Aris Pro Moscow Distributor DiGiCo, biamp, d&b audiotechnik, Klotz, RCF, beyerdynamic Sound Arsenal Music Tyumen Distributor Community, Crest Sound and Lighting, MI Asia Trade Music Company Moscow Systems Integrator, Installer, Dealer Sound and Lighting, Broadcast, MI Audio Solutions Moscow Distributor Fohhn, Kling & Freitag Sound AV-Center St. Petersburg Distributor Amphenol, Tasker, Belden, Socapex, Ateis, Apart, Neutrik Sound Bayland Moscow Dealer Sound, MI Blade Group of Companies Moscow Distributor Fostex, Audio-Technica Sound, Consumer Bose Russia Moscow Contact online Distributor Bose Sound

Bossman Ltd Moscow Distributor McCauley Sound, RAM Audio Sound, MI

Dealer Centre TT Group Moscow Distributor Dynacord, Studiomaster, Carslboro, TTA, Fonestar, MA Lighting Sound, MI Digital Sound Systems Moscow Systems Integrator Meyer Sound Sound

Escort Group Moscow Manufacturer, Distributor Taiden, Roxton Sound

Invask Krasnogorsk Distributor and Retailer Proel, KV2, FBT Sound and Lighting, MI

GE International Moscow Distributor GE Lighting Lighting

Light Sound Consulting Ltd Moscow Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting

Gran Ltd Co Moscow Installer Sound and Lighting Grand Mistery Co Ltd Moscow Distributor MiPro, Suzuki Sound,MI Harman Pro Russia Moscow Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound

DJ Sound Moscow Wholesaler Division of Imlight Group Sound and Lighting Doka Centre Ltd Moscow Manufacturer, Distributor ETC, ADB, Clay Paky, Spotlight, Pani, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat Lighting

DSL Ltd Moscow Distributor

Imlight Showtechnic Co Kirov Manufacturer, Distributor KS Audio, Innovason, Meyer Sound Dealer Sound and Lighting

Global Lighting Moscow Distributor Kino Flo, K5600 Lighting, Selecon, Strand Lighting, Manfrotto Lighting

Coda Audio Russia Moscow Representative CODA Audio Sound

Dreamlaser Nizhny Novgorod Contact online Distributor Pangolin Lasers

Edelweiss Audio Ltd Moscow Distributor Funktion-One Sound

Gella Kazan Dealer Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting

City Sound Nizhny Novgorod Rental Company Martin Audio Sound and Lighting

Sound and Lighting

Havells Sylvania Svet (Russia) Moscow Distributor Havells Sylvania Lighting

LTM Music Company Novosibirsk Distributor Bespecco, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting, MI Marista Ltd Moscow Dealer Proel, FBT, Bespecco Sound and Lighting Marvel-Distribution Company St. Petersburg Distributor Consumer and IT MF Group Moscow Rental Company Sound and Lighting Mixart Ltd Moscow Distributor Allen & Heath, QSC, Lewitt, AudioTechnica, K-array, Soundtube Sound. MI MS-Max International Ltd Moscow Distributor Tascam, EAW, Aphex, 360 Systems, Gepco, Fostex, Whirlwind Sound, Broadcast

I.S.P.A. Group Moscow Distributor, Systems Integrator Chauvet, Adamson, Avid Sound, Lighting, Broadcast, Cinema

Music Land Novosibirsk Distributor Studiomaster, B-52, Renkus-Heinz, Planet Waves Sound, MI

Iberi Professional Lighting and Sound Moscow Distributor Void, Adam Hall, InOut, VMB, Kind, Paso

Music Trade Tula Dealer and Rental Martin Audio Sound and Lighting

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Orion Art Moscow Rental Company Lasers and Pyro Osram Moscow Moscow Distributor Osram Lighting Pro Audio and Lighting Systems Moscow Distributor Quested, XTA, MC2, Adamson, Klotz Sound and Lighting Pro Svet Moscow Distributor Duratruss, ADJ Sound and Lighting

Niznhy Novgorod Dealer Meyer Sound, VUE Audiotechnik Sound and Lighting


Skyfox Moscow Dealer Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting

ROBE CIS str. Taganskaya 26 - 1 - 72 109004, Moscow Russia Email:

SL Service Moscow Distributor, Rental Lightconverse Sound and Lighting Slami Music Company Moscow Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI

Moscow inzerce 92_5x64 mm ka04.indd 4 Distributor TOA Sound

SMS Pro Moscow Distributor, Systems Integrator Rane Sound and Lighting, AV

Yamaha Music (Russia) LLC Moscow Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound

Robe CIS Moscow Distributor Robe Lighting

Sofitlight Moscow Distributor Outline, Robert Juliat, Avolites, MA Lighting Sound and Lighting

Yugdoka Krasnodar Distributor, Systems Integrator, Rental APG, DSPPA Sound and Lighting

Roland Music LLC Moscow Distributor Roland Sound, AV

Sound Technology LLC Moscow Distributor Voice Acoustic, Van Damme Cable Sound


Samlight Moscow Manufacturer, Distributor Zero 88, Dexel Lighting

Soundbrass Ltd Moscow Distributor B&C, Eminence Sound

Show Atelier Moscow Distributor EM Acoustics, ASD, Jands, ProCab Sound and Lighting

Stroycirk Moscow Distributor Clay Paky Lighting

Sila Sveta Moscow Dealer MA Lighting, Martin by HARMAN, Chimera, ARRI Lighting

Studitech Moscow Distributor Cadac, Bel Digital, Audient, Outline, Link Cable Sound

SIM Group Ltd Moscow Distributor NEXO, Camco, ADB, JB Lighting, Clay Paky, Lightconverse Sound and Lighting

Techinterior Group LLC Moscow Distributor Meyer Sound, EXP, Adam, Prismasonic, Datasat Sound and Lighting

Sistema JSC

TOA Electronics Russia Branch

Proline St. Petersburg Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, Broadcast

MuzTorgServis Gomel Rental Sound and Lighting

9.12.2016 13:54:59

Theatrical Production Minsk Dealer Sound and Lighting

Art Ramos Studio Minsk Distributor L-Acoustics, beyerdynamic, D.A.S. Audio, Robe, Avolites, QSC Sound and Lighting Art Studio Pro Mozyr Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, ETC, Selecon, SGM, GLP Sound and Lighting FE Belimlight Minsk Distributor Allen & Heath, Outline, Clay Paky, Showtech, PR Lighting Sound and Lighting Kinkom Ltd Minsk Distributor Kling & Freitag, Antari Sound, Lighting, AV Art-Media Trade LLC Grodno Installer Sound and Lighting

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000 XXX - XXXX


AudioMaster s.r.o Nove Zamky Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound BaSys Czech and Sloval s.r.o Bratislava Distributor Midas, Turbosound, Bose, beyerdynamic, Cordial Sound, MI, Consumer BV Audio Trnava Manufacturer Sound and Consumer City Light Slovakia Humenne Systems Integrator, Distributor MC2, Funktion-One, Robe, Zero88, Community, MA Lighting Sound and Lighting

HDT SK s.r.o Bratislava Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV, MI Kvant spol. s.r.o Bratislava Manufacturer Lasers Laserlive Bratislava Rental L-Acoustics Sound and Lighting Leader Light s.r.o. Spisska Nova Ves Manufacturer Leader Light Lighting Ministry Rental Service Banska Bystrica


Alessa d.o.o. Ljubljana Distributor Prolyte, Doughty Lighting

CV+AR d.o.o. Ljubljana Distributor Void AV and Conference

Audio Pro d.o.o. Ljubljana Distributor Allen & Heath, Numark Sound and Lighting

Dat Con Polzela Distributor RCF Sound and AV

AVC Group d.o.o. Ljubljana Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting, AV

Dega Sistemi d.o.o. Celje Rental, Distributor Powersoft, CODA Audio Sound

Big Bang Ltd Ljubljana Dealer AV and Consumer

Despo d.o.o. Ljubljana Distributor Desisti, Roscolab, Spotlight Lighting Rental Lighting

Distributor Martin Audio, Powersoft, Tascam, Xilica Sound

Pro JGS s.r.o Senec Distributor Cloud, MADRIX, Avolites, Leader Light Sound and Lighting

Showmarket s.r.o Bratislava Dealer ADJ Sound and Lighting

Pro Sound and Light Liberec Distributor Stanton, 18 Sound, Adam Hall, Expelec, Nichols, LD Systems Sound and Lighting

Showmedia s.r.o Kosice Distributor DAD, Prolights, Proaudio, Archwork, Astera, Laserworld Lighting

Q-99 s.r.o. Bratislava Rental, Dealer Coemar, MA Lighting, Robe Sound and Lighting

Showtacle Bratislava Manufacturer Lasers

Rock Centrum Spol Martin

ELSIS Sistemi elektronike in energetike, d.o.o. Ljubljana Design, Dealer Compulite Lighting Festival Novo mesto, d.o.o. Novo mesto Rental Sound and Lighting FFF d.o.o. Ljubljana Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV G.S.L. d.o.o. PortoroÔæû Rental Sound and Lighting Gorup Stojan s.p. Sezana Distributor, Systems Integrator B&C Sound and Lighting KSL Studio d.o.o. Ljubljana Distributor d&b audiotechnik, Martin Audio, LPS, Clay Paky, Cloud, Ecler Sound and Lighting

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Lix Audio – Robert Licen s.p. Ankaran Distributor MC2, 18 Sound Sound MK Light & Sound d.o.o. Ljubljana Distributor DiGiCo, NEXO, Camco, D.A.S. Audio, Altair, Lumen Radio Sound and Lighting MTD Electronics Ljubljana Distributor Shure, RME, Renkus-Heinz Sound Novigre d.o.o. Velenje Distributor Prolyte Sound and Lighting Prostt d.o.o Maribor Distributor Electro-Voice, Midas, Dynacord, Sennheiser, Teclumen, beyerdynamic Sound and Lighting Zagar Audio Ljubljana Manufacturer Sound

78 E ME A - SPA I N


Acson Comercial S.A. Barcelona Distributor Vieta Pro, Chauvet DJ, DTS, ELAN, Phonic Sound and Lighting Acustica Beyma S.L. Valencia Manufacturer beyma Sound Manufacturer Master Audio Sound

BCN Servilux Barcelona Distributor, Dealer Zero 88, Rosco Lighting

Artesonido Natural S.L. Toledo Distributor MiPro Sound ASPA , S.L. Madrid Manufacturer, Distributor XF Software, Stagetec, D&R, Yellowtec, Prodys Sound, Broadcast

Adagio Distribucion Barcelona Contact online Distributor HK Audio, Audix, Adam Sound

ASTEC Actividades Electronicas S.A. Madrid Manufacturer, Dealer B&C, dBTechnologies, FBT, Yorkville Sound

Adagio Pro Barcelona Contact online Distributor Midas, Martin Audio, Lake Sound

AtenLaser Barcelona Systems Integrator, Manufacturer ATENLASER, RTI, tarm Lighting, Effects, Laser

Adam Hall Spain Barcelona Distributor Adam Hall, Gravity, LD Systems, Palmer Sound and Lighting, Hardware ADL Laser S.L. Madrid Design, Dealer, Service Centre Compulite, Laseranimation, Robert Julliat, ETC Sound and Lighting, Laser, Architectural Alfalite Huelva Manufacturer, Install Alfalite LED Displays ALTAIR - Equipos Europeos Electronicos S.A. Tres Cantos – Madrid Manufacturer ALTAIR Sound, Broadcast Amate Audio Barcelona

Ben-Ri Electronica S.A. Madrid Manufacturer LT-Light, LT-Pyro, EGO Control Lighting, Pyro Bilbao Trading S.A. Madrid Contact online Distributor Kawai, Schimmel MI Bofill & Asociados Madrid Distributor Chainmaster, Litec, DTS, Butec Lighting Centro Mayor II Barcelona Distributor, Dealer Wharfedale Pro, ADJ, Ortofon Sound and Lighting, DJ, MI

Audiomic Producciones S.L. Sondika (Vizcaya) Rental Sound and Lighting

Cimep S.L. Alicante Manufacturer V-Prof Speakers Sound

Audiomusic Systems S.L. Silla-Valencia Distributor Marktinez, SKB, AMS, Paul Millet Sound and Lighting

Cittadini Light Systems Loja Manufacturer, Distributor, Rental Cittadini, Pangolin Laser

Audiosistemas y Proyectos S.L.U. Seville Distributor Antari Smoke Machines

CitySound Ciudad Real Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI

Avance Luz S.L. Valencia Manufacturer Avanceluz Lighting

Coel (Consultores Electroacusticos S.L.) Vizcaya Distributor Heil Sound, Calrec, Sound Devices, JK Audio Sound, Broadcast


Cut Off Barcelona Dealer Sound and Lighting, DJ, MI D.A.S. Audio S.A. Valencia Manufacturer D.A.S. Audio Sound


d&b audiotechnik ES Barcelona Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound

18 LE X 1 6 0 0 N D


Desiberica S.A. Madrid Distributor

DeSisti Lighting Discomovil Girona Rental Sound and Lighting Doscientos Veinte Sonido S.L. Barcelona Distributor NEXO, Clear-Com, AuviTran, Ghost Sound, AV Drawer Distribucion Murcia Manufacturer, Distributor Drawer Flightcases, Consumables Dushow Barcelona Barcelona Rental Sound and Lighting EAR Pro S.A. Barcelona Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Shure, Compulite, ELC, Chief, Liteputer Sound and Lighting, AV, MI ECLER S.A. Barcelona Manufacturer Ecler Sound Edisco Pontevedra Contact online Dealer CESVA Sound EIS Electronica Integral de Sondido Zaragoza Manufacturer KB Sound, Soundaround Sound, AV, Multiroom Emsac Producciones S.L. Pontevedra Rental Sound and Lighting, AV, Staging, Scenery Entertainment Equipment Supplies S.L. Guipuzcoa Distributor Vari-Lite, Robe, Robert Juliat, Prolyte, Doughty, Lightconverse Lighting Equipson S.A. Silla-Valencia Manufacturer, Distributor, System Integrator Work Pro, Work Lifters, Mark, ChamSys, High End Systems, Mean Well Sound and Lighting, Truss, Stage Platforms Extreme Quality Control S.L (EQC) Madrid Distributor X-Treme, Peecker Sound, XTE Sound and Lighting, AV

79 E ME A - SPA I N Factory Producciones Musicales S.L. Zaragoza Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Fantek Industrial S.L. Alcasser-Valencia Manufacturer Fantek Truss, Lifters, Stage Platforms, Accessories Feilo Sylvania Spain S.A. Madrid Distributor Sylvania, Concord, Lumiance Lighting FENIX Stage S.L. Valencia Manufacturer Truss, Lifters, Stage Platforms, Accessories Fluge Eventos Madrid Rental Sound and Lighting Fonestar Cantabria Manufacturer Sound, IT Gaplasa, S.A. Madrid Distributor D&M Professional, beyerdynamic, Bose Sound GE Lighting Appliances Espana S.A. Barcelona Distributor GE Lighting Lighting General Service Provider S.L. (GSP) Barcelona Service, Repair Sound, Hi Fi Gerriets Espana S.L Madrid Distributor Gerriets Projector Screens Gil Risoto Electronica S.L. Malaga Installer, Manufacturer Custom Sound Sound

Laserworld Iberica Madrid Rental, Distributor Laserworld, RTI, tarm, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Lasers LDA AudioTech Malaga Manufacturer, Distributor LDA, Renkus-Heinz Public Address, Voice Alarm Letusa Pro Madrid Contact online Distributor Turbosound, Mackie, Electro-Voice, Dynacord Sound Lutron CC, SRL Barcelona Distributor Lutron Lighting

Power Light S.L. Malaga Distributor JB Systems, Audiocenter Sound and Lighting

Pinanson S.L. Guadalajara

Pro Lifts S.L. (VMB)

Media-Sys S.L. Barcelona Distributor Kling & Frietag, Proel, Sagitter, Mogami, Apex and SCP. Sound Meyer Sound Espana S.A. Sevilla Distributor Meyer Sound, DiGiCo, RMS, Whirlwind Sound MGC Lamps Espana Valencia Distributor Philips, Osram, GE Lighting, Sylvania, Ushio Lighting Microfusa Barcelona Education, Dealer Sound, MI

Ibiza Sound and Light Valencia Distributor LTC Audio, Ibiza Sound, Ibiza Light Sound and Lighting

Musicasa Mallorca Dealer Sound, MI

Kuzar Systems S.L. Valencia Manufacturer Lifts, Trussing

Penn Fabrication Spain S L Alegia Distributor Penn-Elcom Hardware, Truss

Pirotecnia Igual Barcelona Design, Manufacture, Distributor Le Maitre Pyro, Effects

Magnetron S.A. Madrid Distributor Sennheiser, TEAC, FBT Sound

Monacor Espana S.A. Gauses Distributor Monacor Sound and Lighting

Imaginamusica Badalona Dealer d&b audiotechnik Sound

Pasarela Iluminacion S.L. Valencia Rental, Dealer Coemar, TAS, Strand Lighting, Pasa, Rosco, GE Lighting, Philips, Osram Lighting

Pioneer Electronics Espana, S.A. Barcelona Contact online Distributor Pioneer Sound, AV

Lynx Pro Audio Valencia Manufacturer Lynx Sound

GUIL S.L. Valencia Manufacturer Guil Staging, Lifts

IDEA Pro Audio Galicia Manufacturer IDEA Sound

Manufacturer Pinanson Cabling Solutions

P Audio Iberica Barcelona Distributor P Audio Sound

Musicson S.L. Valencia Manufacturer Musicson Sound



Neotecnica S.A.E Madrid Distributor Neutrik, Cordial, AKG, Fohhn Sound OSRAM S.A. Madrid Distributor Osram Lighting



FENIX Stage, S.L. Valencia (Spain) | Tel.: +34 96 125 08 55 |

80 E ME A - SPA I N Audient, Rupert Neve Designs Sound, Broadcast

Paterna Manufacturer VMB Lifts, Trussing Pro-Lighting S.L. Guipuzcoa Contact online Distributor, Dealer High End, Zero 88, PR Lighting, Hungaroflash Lighting Ram Audio Valencia Manufacturer RAM Audio Sound Reflexion Arts Vigo Distributor Design, Systems Integrator, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV, Video, Signage, Security

Roland Iberia S.L. Barcelona Distributor Roland Sound, AV, MI, Video

Seesound S.L. Barcelona Distributor Adamson, Powersoft, DPA, FunktionOne, Avid Venue, Community, Martin by HARMAN Sound, AV, Acoustics, Lighting

Rosco Iberica, S.A. Madrid Distributor Rosco Lighting

Serman Pro S.L. Madrid Distributor Hormon, Audio Performance, JTS, Canare, Danda Sound

Ross Systems Bilbao Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI

Silence Electroacustica, S.L. Mataro Distributor Noise Control Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, Chromateq, Hurakan Special Machines Barcelona, StarLights, ADJ, Stark Sound and Lighting

Ruybesa Madrid


Siluj Iluminacion S.L. Leon Distributor, Dealer Triton Blue, GE Lighting, Smoke Factory, Doughty, Jands and Harting Lighting, Effects Sonido Eduardo Vejer Distributor PKN Controls, 18 Sound, Ciare Sound Spai S.L. Madrid Distributor ADB, Diafora, MDG, Gobos Lighting Stage Trussing & Lighting S.L. (STL) Barcelona Manufacturer, Dealer Strong, Strong Stage, Latchways, Le Mark, Prolyte Trussing, Lighting Stonex Show Lighting S.L. Madrid Systems Integrator, Install, Design Lighting Take Off Audio S.L. Barcelona Distributor L-Acoustics Sound

TSA Valencia Manufacturer TSA (Tecno Star Audio) Sound Twin Cam Audio S.L. Barcelona Rental Sound VISUALSVISUALS event technology S.L. Madrid Distributor Elation Lighting Yamaha- Hazen Elect. Musical S.A. Madrid Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI Zentralmedia Tech S.L. Barcelona Distributor EAW, inout, Wohler, Proel Sound, MI, Broadcast ANDORRA Marrugat Rapsodia Andorra La Vella Dealer Sound, MI Music Store Andorra Escaldes-Engordany Distributor, Dealer Pioneer DJ, Traktor Sound and Lighting, MI Pro Musica sp Andorra Escaldes-Engordany Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI

CANARY ISLANDS Canarias Hipermusic Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI J Moreno Sonido Santa Cruze de Tenerife Contact online Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI

Tecesa Acustica Visual Asturias Distributor, Dealer Zero 88, Yamaha Commercial Audio Sound and Lighting, Architectural

L & Sons Contacts SLL Tenerife Distributor Caribbean and Central America Sound and Lighting

Tecnare Sound Systems Madrid Manufacturer Tecnare Sound Systems Sound

Musicanarias SL Santa Cruz de Tenerife Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI

TM 87 S.A. Madrid Rental, Dealer Studio Due Lighting Triple Onda Barcelona Manufacturer Triple Onda Sound Triton Blue S.L. Leon Manufacturer Triton Blue Lighting

Picholi S.L. Gran Canaria Contact online Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI Sonoplus Canarias Santa Cruz de Tenerife Rental L-Acoustics Sound and Lighting

Looking for a professional audio visual solution? The team at DWR Distribution are there to assist you with audio visual and lighting equipment, advice and great service.

Stage and Touring • Theatre and TV Studios • Events and Leisure Discotheques and Clubs • Architectural Lighting • Worship • Schools Johannesburg: DWR Distribution, Block C, Unit 1, Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laserpark, Honeydew, 2170 • Tel: 011 794 5023 • Fax: 011 794 5702 Durban: Suite 2, 199 Percy Osborn Road, Morningside, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa • Mobile: +27 71 493 6502 Cape Town: Unit 74D, Platinum Junction Business Park, 4 School Street, Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa • Mobile: +27 72 554 6147

8 20 0 0 E MEAXXX - SW EDE N - XXXX


Anderson & Co Sweden AB Norrkoping Distributor ADB, Harlequin Dancefloors, Coemar Lighting Arva Trading AB Malmo, Stockholm Distributor DPA, d&b audiotechnik, Optocore, TTA, Sommer Cable, Avid Venue Sound Atendi AB Goteborg Distributor Martin Audio, Chevin Sound and Lighting Audio Industries Scandinavia AB Vallentuna Rental Sound AV1 AB Vastra Frolunda Rental and Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV AVAB Scandinavia AB Skepplanda Manufacturer and Distributor Selcon, Doughty Lighting AVID Nordic AB Stockholm Distributor Avid Sound, AV AVP Sales Scandinavia AB Hagersten Distributor 3 Zigma Audio, Arsonic, Digigrid, Digital Audio LabsAtlas, Innosonix, Bittner, Cornered Audio, Plugin Alliance, Waves SoundGrid Sound, AV Backaskog Media AB Fjalkinge Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV Beacon AB Umea Manufacturer Gobos Bedsab B. Edstrom AB Bandhagen Distributor Rigging Bellalite Ljusdesign AB Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV

Vaxjo Distributor ADJ, Zero 88, Manfrotto, Avolites Lighting Benum Sweden AB Hagersten Distributor Audio-Technica, Allen & Heath, Powersoft, Funktion-One, Apart Sound Bergasa Ljud & Ljus AB Karlskrona Rental and Sales Sound and Lighting Bose A/S Molndal Distributor Bose Sound

Electrosound AB Bromma Distributor Innovason, Panphonics, Roland, Optogate, Alcons Sound Eventopia Stockholm Rental and Sales Void, PKN Controls Sound and Lighting Fitzpatrick AB Taby Distributor beyerdynamic, Proel, Hercules, Hosa, Furman Sound Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV ILT AB Ange Distributor Intellistage, K-array Sound Information Technology Group Stockholm, Malmo Rental Lighting and Sound Interlite AB UddElectro-Voicealla Distributor Clay Paky, Avolites, DTS, Leaderlight, Milos, VMB Lighting

Fremlab AB Helsingborg Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV

Intersonic AB Solna Distributor Camco, NEXO, Ecler, Midas, Martin by HARMAN, Vari-Lite, Link Sound and Lighting

BRL Electronics Orebro Retailer Car and Home Audio

GE Lighting AB Stockholm Distributor GE Lighting Lamps

Intinor AB Umea Manufacturer Intinor Video Over IP

Broderna Park Insjon Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting

Genelec OY Stockholm Office Huddinge Distributor Genelec Sound

JBN Development AB Ornskoldsvik Manufacturer Sound

Cabletronic AB Stockholm Manufacturer, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV

Havells Sylvania Sweden AB Stockholm www.havells-sylvania Distributor Sylvania, Concord, Lumiance Lamps

Bright Sweden Stockholm Distributor Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting

Concert Equipment Group Sigtuna Distributor Leyard, Nivoflex Lighting, Staging

Hi Fi Klubben Goteborg Goteborg Dealer Hi Fi

Crafton Musik AB Kungalv Distributor FBT, Phonic Sound and MI

HiFi Kit Electronic AB Stockholm Dealer Russound, Samson, Audio-Technica Sound

E M Nordic AB Kungens Kurva Distributor QSC, Samson, Scandlight Sound and Lighting

Hofmann Teknik AB Askim Distributor Kramer, Look Solutions, Litekraft AV and Lighting

Effektgruppen AB Sundsvall

HR-AV Produkter Bastad

www. m on dodr. com

Labgruppen AB Kungsbacka Manufacturer Lab.gruppen, Lake Sound Laserimage AB Eskilstuna Rental and Manufacturer Pangolin, Dream Laser Lasers Lexter Ljuddesign AB Stockholm Design Sound Ljudia AB Mariestad Dealer Sound and Lighting Ljus- och AV-teknik AB Stockholm Rental, Dealer

83 E MEA - SW EDE N Distributor L-Acoustics Sound

AV LN Hogtalarservice Vastra Forlunda Service and Installation Sound

PyroDesign AB Alingsas Distributor Le Maitre Pyro

LumenRadio AB Gothenburg Manufacturer Wireless Lighting Controllers Lighting

Roland Scandinavia Farsta Distributor Roland, Boss, Edirol, Cakewalk Sound, AV

Luthman SMTTS AB Haninge Distributor Shure, Akai, Pioneer, HK Audio, RCF Sound

SAC Nordic AB Stockholm Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound, Security Systems

Mansklig Teknik (Tecnica Humana) Stockholm Rental Lasers and Pyro

Sennberg AB Stockholm Distributor ARX, Cordial, Neutrik, Aviom, VDB Sound

Martin by HARMAN Scandinavia A/S Solna Distributor Martin by HARMAN Lighting Mediatec Solutions Sweden AB Stockholm, Kungalv Rental AV, Sound and Lighting Monacor Sverige AB Vittsjo Distributor Monacor Sound and Lighting Music City AB Hisings Backa Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting Musikalen Halmstad Dealer Sound and Lighting Nordisk Musik AB Umea Distributor Dateq, DMX Creator, Griven, Guil, Outline Sound and Lighting P.A.M Prolight and Sound AB Hagfors Dealer Sound and Lighting Preqbi Hagersten Distributor AV Stumpfl Projector Screens Primetime AB Stockholm Dealer Lighting and Effects Prophon Audio & Teknik AB Taby Manufacturer, Distributor Prophon, B&C, Syntax, Guil, Euromet, 2N Sound, Racking

Stage & Event Light AB Skogas Rental Lighting, Staging Standard Audio Systems AB Arlandastad Distributor Electro-Voice, dBTechnologies, Attero, Stewart Audio, Vision Sound

Sennheiser Nordic Solna Service Centre Sennheiser Sound Septon Electronic AB Billdal Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Boston Acoustics, Russound Sound Show Production Services AB Kalmar Distributor, Rental Void Sound

Starfelt Company AB Kungalv Distributor Chauvet, Xilica, Audac, Procab, Caymon, Numark, Mobil Truss Sound and Lighting Stockholm B-Ljud Huddinge Rental Lighting Stockholm Lighting Company AB Bromma Distributor Occhio Architectural Lighting Supersonic Svenska AB Stockholm Distributor Dynacord, Master Audio, beyma, Formula Sound, Klotz, Faital Pro Sound, Lighting and AV Swefog Technology Group AB Filipstad Manufacturer Swefog Fog Machines

Showbiz Compagniet Malmo Dealer Pyro and Foam

Teaterteknik AB Stockholm Distributor Chris James, Jands, Spotlight Lighting

Showlighters Sweden AB Stockholm Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Distributor Trionos/Skytec, Work, Work Lifter, Chiayo, Carol, Musicson Sound and Lighting Totalljud AB Jonkoping Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV United Audio Starlight AB Arsta Rental Sound and Lighting Visono Media AB Bromma Dealer Work, Sound Devices, Lectrosonics Sound and Lighting, AV Wireless Solutions AB Uddevella Manufacturer Wireless Solution Lighting Woodlite Karlstad Rental Lighting Xpecta Electro-Voiceenemangsteknik Orebro Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Germany filial Scandinavia Vastra Frolunda Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound Zirapp AB Staffanstorp Distributor TW AUDiO Sound

Teknorama AB Mariedal Dealer Consumer Electronics, Sound, AV

Soliflex Swedish AB Molndahl Consultants Sound

TLP Direkt Import AB Jonkoping

Sound of Thunder Sweden AB Sorunda Rental Sound Soundside Norrtalje Distributor and Rental CODA Audio, JH Audio, Amp Clamp, Stage Junk Sound and Lighting Soundware Sweden Taby Distributor DiGiCo, Adamson, Waves, TC Electronic Sound SPL Production AB Bandhagen

STARFELT COMPANY AB SE-44240 Kungälv Sweden TEL: +46 303 245670 EMAIL: WEBSITE: CONTACT: Björn Starfelt

The Starfelt Company is based in Kungälv 20km north of Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden and has been in the light and sound business for over 40 years. Its wide dealer net and partners are spread all over Scandinavia. The Starfelt Company is a wholesaler/importer and can offer clients a wide range in the field of sound and lighting. Brands distributed: Audac, Lectret, Xilica, NewHank, Hill Audio, Numark, Caymon, ProDJuser, Procab, Bostrom Cables, Mobil Truss, Chauvet DJ, Chauvet Pro and Iluminarc. The Starfelt website is packed with technical information in Swedish, and indicates stock status 24/7.

www. m on dodr. com



2M Audio GmbH Kuettigen Distributor TTA, Taiden, Amate Audio, d&b audiotechnik Sound A.J. Steimer AG Zuerich Systems Integrator AV Action Light Event SA Meyrin Rental Sound and Lighting, Corporate ALL4BAR Sarl Bex Dealer Sound and Lighting AMG Elektronik GmbH /Dekolight Schonenwerd Contact online Dealer Lighting Artscenique Sarl Geneva Dealer Sound and Lighting ASL Electronic AG/SA Basel Distributor DAP Audio, Highlite, GLP, Compulite, SGM, Smoke Factory Ateis Suisse SA Renens Distributor Ateis Sound, AV Audio Light Sarl Colombier Rental Lighting, AV, Effects Audio Performance SA Echallens Manufacturer Audio Performance Sound Audio Tech KST AG Muttenz Distributor Antari Sound and Lighting, Effects AV Ganz AG Zuerich Systems Integrator AV Avidec AG Dielsdorf Systems Integrator Sound, AV, Evac Balzo AG Bremgarten Distributor Executive Audio Sound, MI BCM Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH Lyss Distributor, Rental Voice Acoustic, PKN Controls, Global Truss Sound and Lighting, Trussing

Effectronic AG Pfaffikon Dealer Lighting ELC Lighting BV Le Bouveret Manufacturer ELC Lighting Electric Claudio Merlo Lighting Equipment SA Taverne Distributor Zero 88, ETC, ARRI, Clay Paky, Le Maitre, Strand Lighting Elevite AG Zuerich Distributor Lighting, Electrical Components

Bose AG Sissach Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer cast Switzerland AG Villeneuve Distributor Ayrton, MA Lighting, Prolyte, MDG, Chainmaster Lighting Contrik AG Urdorf Distributor Neutrik Connectors Crazy Events Verantstaltungstechnik Niederscherli Dealer Sound and Lighting Crazy Flash Special Effects Hochdorf Dealer Effects, Pyro Decibel SA Vevey Distributor Allen & Heath, Audio-Technica, RCF, Calrec, RTW Sound, Broadcast DJ Connection GmBH Zuerich Distributor, Rental Alto Sound and Lighting

EMME Bioggio Rental Sound and Lighting, Video ETR Lighting Grafenort Manufacturer ETR Lighting Feilo Sylvania Switzerland AG Zuerich Distributor Sylvania, Concord Lighting Flashlight Event- und Mediatechnik AG Regensdorf Dealer, Rental Sound and Lighting, Video Go Wild Steinhausen Distributor beyerdynamic, Powersoft, Presonus, Cordial, Martin Audio Sound Gotham Ltd Dietikon Manufacturer, Distributor Gotham Cable, Ehrlund, Amphenol Sound, Cabling Gueller AG Wuerenlos Manufacturer Swisslas Lasers

DKB Household Switzerland AG Zuerich Contact online Distributor Denon Sound, Hi Fi Dr W.A. Guenther AG Erlenbach Distributor Shure, HARMAN Audio Brands, Kling & Freitag, Genelec Sound, AV DRC Medientechnik Chur Rental, Dealer TSA (Tecno Star Audio) Sound and Lighting, Effects, Trussing Eberhard Buhnen AG Ebnat-Kappel Manufacturer, Dealer Sound and Lighting, Staging

Eclairage Theatre SA Renens Distributor AVAB, Look Solutions, Lee Filters, Manfrotto Lighting

Habegger AG Regensdorf Rental Sound and Lighting HBJ Elektronik Stans Contact online Distributor DMX4ALL, LDDE, MADRIX, Roll-A-Ramp, Hera, DiGidot Lighting Heer Music Ltd Schlieren Distributor K&M, Monster Cable Sound, MI Hyperson SA Bussigny

www. m on dodr. com Distributor, Rental L-Acoustics Sound Iqunlimited GmbH Zuerich Distributor Avolites, Green Hippo, Vari-Lite, Luminex, Lumenradio Lighting Laserworld (Switzerland) AG Lengwil Rental,Manufacturer, Distributor Laserworld, Rti, tarm, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Lasers Light & Music Rent GmbH (L&M) Aesch Rental Sound and Lighting Luescher Musik AG Oftringen Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI Lumiere & Son Bulle Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Merging Technologies Puidoux Contact online Manufacturer Pyramix Sound, Broadcast MGM Audio AG Glattbrugg Distributor Void, dBTechnologies, sE Electronics, Xilica Sound, Hi Fi Modernlight Production AG Bern Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Monacor Schweiz AG Rotkreuz Distributor Monacor, IMG Stageline, Jablotron, Rock Cable Sound, AV, Security Music Network AG Dietikon Distributor DPA, RME, Apogee, Mogami Sound, MI Musik-Meyer Ag Schlieren Distributor Montarbo, Lewitt, Korg, Peavey Sound, MI OSRAM AG Wintherthur Distributor Osram Lighting PEK AG Zuerich Contact online Distributor AKAI, Rane, Stanton, Cerwin-Vega, Denon DJ Sound Plusmusic AG Dietikon Distributor KV2 Audio, DTS, Media Matrix, Crest Audio, Look Solutions Sound and Lighting Promedias AG Oberhasli Distributor Renkus-Heinz Sound Rental Sound and Lighting

R+R SonicDesign AG Saint Gallen Dealer, Systems Integrator Sound

Studer by Harman Regensdorf Contact online Manufacturer Studer Sound, Broadcast

Radio Materiel SA Renens Distributor Apart, Chauvet, Inter-M, JTS and FBT Sound and Lighting, AV

Studio Equipment Yverdon-les Bains Contact online Distributor Cadac Sound

Rock Light Basel Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting

Technical Challenge SA Crissier Systems Integrator AV

Roland (Switzerland) AG Itingen Distributor Roland, Boss Sound, Video

Telion AG Schlieren Contact online Distributor Loewe, Vogels, Absen AV, Consumer

Sacher Musik Basel Distributor Wharfedale Pro, Hill, Countryman Sound and Lighting, MI

Tonart Professionelle Audiotechnik Lucerne Systems Integrator AV

Sattler Electronic Showtronic AG Winterthur Rental, Distributor Hungaroflash, Road Ready, Intellicase Sound and Lighting, Effects, Flightcases

Tucton Wernetshausen Distributor Yamaha, Tau Sound Design Sound

Scandola Light Audio Media GmbH St Gallen Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting

Uniquemoments GmbH Zuerich Distributor, Rental Funktion-One, Full Fat Audio, NST Audio Sound

SDS Music Factory AG Winterthur Distributor L-Acoustics, QSC, Focusrite, HK Audio Sound

Uniton AG Regensdorf Manufacturer Audio Akustik Sound, Evac

Sennheiser (Schweiz) AG Urdorf Distributor Sennheiser, Fohhn, Konig & Meyer Sound

VIBS show-tech Chur Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting

Show Supply GmbH Schoenbuehl Distributor Clockaudio, Audica, Amina, Community, Tannoy Sound Showlight AG Frauenfeld Rental Sound and Lighting, AV SonicdesignDistribution Sarl Savigny, Geneve Distributor L-Acoustics Sound Soundhouse Musicservice AG Luzern Dealer Sound and Lighting Sparkblaster Taegerwilen Manufacturer Effects Spring AG Horgen Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Stagelight AG Herisau

Visage Sound & Light Service Herzogenbuchsee Dealer Sound and Lighting VXCO Lighting Systems Deitingen Manufacturer, Distributor DMXCreator Lighting Walther Licht- und Tontechnik AG Biel Rental Sound and Lighting Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Switzerland Branch Zuerich Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound Z-Audio Animatec SA Russikon Distributor DPA, D.A.S. Audio, MiPro, MC2, XTA, Proel Sound ZAP SA Geneva Distributor NEXO, Altair Sound



Akalin Music Istanbul Distributor Audient Sound

Istanbul Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Kling & Freitag, Mackie, RCF, Proel, SSP, Kvant Sound and Lighting

Akhan A.S. Istanbul Distributor, Installer One Systems Sound and Lighting, Video

E.C.E. Elektronika A.S. Istanbul Distributor Eminence, Fane, Gemini, Doppler, LD System, The Buttkicker Sound and Lighting

Aktuel Event Organisation Antalya Rental Meyer Sound Partner, LED Screens Sound and Lighting Akustik Istanbul Dealer Renkus-Heinz, Fane, Zero 88 Sound and Lighting Alfa Elektronik Istanbul Manufacturer, Distributor Molex Industrial Altincizme Istanbul Rental Meyer Sound Partner Sound and Lighting

Ekin Ses Izmir Rental Meyer Sound Partner Sound and Lighting, AV Elit Istanbul Distributor Avid, Coemar, DPA, Radial, Waves, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting EMT Elektronik Ankara Systems Integrator, Service Sound and Lighting, AV Ertekin Elektronik Istanbul Distributor MiPro, Audac, Cordial, Chauvet, Avolites Sound and Lighting, AV Consumer

Asimetrik Istanbul Distributor Meyer Sound, Turbosound, QSC, Desisti, Clay Paky, DTS Sound and Lighting

Feilo Sylvania Turkey Istanbul Distributor Sylvania Lighting

Atempo Ankara Distributor Electro-Voice, Shure, DiGiCo, d&b audiotechnik, TOA, ETC Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast

Info Group Music A.S. Istanbul Distributor Allen & Heath, Martin Audio, Apart, Void, Coemar, Zero 88 Sound and Lighting

ATY Events Istanbul Rental Meyer Sound Partner Sound and Lighting

Istanbul Telesine Istanbul Distributor Tendzone, EAW, Jem, Martin by HARMAN Sound and Lighting

Axalight Istanbul Manufacturer, Distributor Axalight, Cloud-Drive, Duotek, Induce, Filament-White, Skyline Lighting

Kontrol Technical Production Istanbul Rental Meyer Sound Partner Sound and Lighting


Laserworld Turkey Antalya Installer, Systems Integrator, Rental, Distributor Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Laserworld_ Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Laser

Staras Istanbul Rental Meyer Sound Partner, DiGiCo Sound and Lighting

Lotus Teknoloji Istanbul Distributor, Rental Clair Bros, K-array, ChamSys, GLP, Look Solutions, Studio Due Sound and Lighting

Trio Ses ve Goruntu Sistemleri A.S. Istanbul Distributor Clay Paky Sound and Lighting, Hi Fi

Mek1 Sound Istanbul Distributor, Install, Rental Funktion-One, MC2, XTA, Soundtube, Solid Drive, SoundSphere Sound Nefan Istanbul Distributor beyerdynamic, Philips, JVC, CODA Audio Sound and Lighting, Broadcast Nemsan Elektronik Istanbul Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Osram Ampul Tic A.S. Istanbul Manufacturer Osram Lighting Park Technical Production Ltd Istanbul Rental Clair Bros Rental Partner Sound and Lighting, AV Partner Iletisim Istanbul Rental Meyer Sound Partner Sound and Lighting Playback Music Istanbul Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Prizma Truss Construction Istanbul Manufacturer Trussing Raten Productions Istanbul Agency Musicians Servo Professional Sound Systems Eskesiher Manufacturer Proto One, Voice Pro Sound SF SES ve ISIK Sistemleri A.S. Istanbul Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Klotz, Neutrik, Crestron Sound and Lighting, AV

www. m on dodr. com

Turset Project Management Antalya Rental Meyer Sound Partner Sound and Lighting Visions Istanbul Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Yamaha Music Europe Turkey Istanbul Distributor Yamaha, NEXO Sound

Power Steering (Standard on All Models)

Introducing the new ICONYX IC-Live X series of Full Range Steered Arrays from Renkus-Heinz. Voiced for enhanced musicality and boasting increased horsepower, the IC-Live X series includes two Full Range enclosures plus Low Frequency and Subwoofer modules. These combine to deliver affordable Power-Steerable solutions that make it easy to navigate even the largest and most challenging acoustic environments. Designed to exceed expectations, the new ICONYX IC-Live X system provides the balanced and consistent listening experience that only Renkus-Heinz can offer. Visit now to learn more.


5-8,February 2019 RAI, AmesterdamďźŒNetherlands

ZY-TC(Outdoor 4.8) ZY-EC(Outdoor 4.8) LX-CR-B(Outdoor H3.9/V7.8) LR-SM(Indoor 2.6) LR-Plus(Outdoor 3.9)


T: (+86)755 29-177-077 E: W:

ZY-EC LIGHTLINK For AV Professionals We look forward to greeting you as our guest at ISE 2019!

8 80 0 0 E MEA XXX -- UK XXXX


10 out of 10 Productions Ltd London Contact online Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Distributor Hill-Audio, Multiform-Lighting, CeltoAcoustique Sound and Lighting

10K Used Gear Ltd South Darenth Distributor Used Equipment Sound and Lighting. Video, Broadcast, Trussing, Effects

AdLib Liverpool Rental, Distributor L-Acoustics Sound and Lighting

10K Ltd South Darenth Distributor triWi, Powerdrive, Euromet, Swisson, Vari-Lite Sound and Lighting, Video, Effects, Broadcast 5 Star Cases Ltd Wisbech Manufacturer 5 Star Flightcases A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd High Wycombe Distributor Chroma-Q, Jands, Tourflex Cabling, Luminex, LumenRadio, Green Hippo Sound and Lighting Aardvark FX Ltd Keynsham Rental, Distributor Galaxis Effects, Pyro

Ace Visual & Sound Systems Limited Thorne Manufacturer ShowMagic Control Software Sound and Lighting, Video Adam Hall Ltd Southend on Sea Contact online Distributor Adam Hall Brands Lighting, Trussing Adelto Technologies Ltd. Burnham-on-Crouch

ALG Live Events Ltd Birmingham Rental, Dealer ShowMagic Sound and Lighting

Area Four Industries UK Wisbech Distributor Milos, Litec, TOMCAT, James Thomas Engineering, EXE, Mobiltechlifts Trussing

Alistage Ltd Potters Bar Manufacturer Staging

Arri Rental Uxbridge Rental Lighting

All Access UK Woking Rental Staging

ArtAV Ltd Stockton on Tees Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Allen & Heath Ltd Penryn Contact online Manufacturer Allen & Heath Sound and Lighting

Artistic Licence Engineering Ltd Harrow Manufacturer Artistic Licence Lighting, Control

Ambersphere Solutions Ltd London Distributor, Service Centre Astera, Ayrton, Clay Paky, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat, Zactrack Lighting Amp-Pack Cases Peterborough Manufacturer, Dealer Amp-Pack Cases, SKB Flight Cases Andolite Andover Manufacturer

You Know What. We Know How. Worldwide leader in event engineered support structures.

Anytronics Ltd Horndean Manufacturer Anytronics Lighting Architainment Lighting Limited High Wycombe Distributor, Dealer SGM, Alto, Color Kinetics, Pharos, Philips Dynalite, Lumascape Lighting, Architectural

Amber Sound Ltd Potters Bar Distributor One Systems Sound

Abstract AVR Ltd Blaby Manufacturer Abstract Lighting

Sound and Lighting

Audica Professional Limited Bishops Stortford Manufacturer Audica Sound

Area Four Industries UK Unit 5-6 Beechwood Estate Cattle Dyke, Gorefield Wisbech Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR

T +44 (0)1945 410700

Avolites Limited London Manufacturer Lighting Baldwin Boxall Communications Crowborough Manufacturer Baldwin Boxall Voice Alarm Barbizon Hemel Hempstead Dealer Lighting Barco Ltd Bracknell Distributor Barco Video Barnes & Mullins Oswestry Distributor Peavey, K&M Sound, MI Batmink Distribution Ltd Somerset Distributor Sound and Lighting, AV Belcom Cables Ltd Elenham Distributor Nexans, Electrocables Cables

Audio Funktion Bristol Rental, Dealer Sound

Beta Systems Chobham Distributor Beta Systems Software, IT

Audio Light Systems Ltd Edinburgh Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV

Black Light Ltd Edinburgh Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV

Audio Logic Harlow Distributor QSC Sound

Blackmagic Design Knutsford Distributor Blackmagic Design Video

Audio Plus Colchester Rental, Dealer Sound

Blackout Ltd London Manufacturer, Distributor Drapes

Audio Technica Ltd Leeds Distributor Audio-Technica, Allen & Heath, Apart, Artnovion Sound

Blaydon Communications Ltd Blaydon Installer, Distributor Sound

Audio Visual Materials Camberley Distributor Audipack, Da-Lite AV

We drive brands

Distributor, Dealer, Installer Meyer Sound Sound

Autograph Sales and Installations London

www. m on dodr. com

Blue Aran Southampton Dealer, Distributor beyma, Fane, Oberton Sound Blue Box London Ltd Horsham Installer Sound

89 E ME A - UK Bosch Denham Contact online Distributor Electro-Voice, Dynacord, BOSCH, RTS, Telex Sound, Security Systems Bose Ltd Chatham Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer, Hi Fi Brilliant Stages Wakefield Manufacturer Staging Britannia Row Productions Twickenham Rental Sound Canford Audio Washington Manufacturer, Dealer Sound, AV, Trussing Capital Sound Hire Ltd Wimbledon Rental Sound Carallon Ltd London Manufacturer Lighting Celestion International Ltd Ipswich Manufacturer Celestion Sound Cereco International Ltd Crawley Design Consultant Sound ChamSys Ltd Southampton Distributor ChamSys Lighting Chauvet Europe Limited Nottingham Distributor Chauvet Lighting Christie Lites Coventry Ltd Coventry Contact online Distributor Lighting CIE Group Ltd Nottingham Distributor Wharfedale Pro, Clockaudio, Amina, InterM, IC Audio AV, Security Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd London www, Distributor Kino Flo, Dedolight, Tecpro Lighting City Theatrical New Malden Contact online Manufacturer Lighting Cloud Electronics Ltd Sheffield Manufacturer Sound Coherent (UK) Ltd Laser Group Ely Manufacturer Lasers, 3D Printers Colourlite Company Dorking Manufacturer Lighting, Filters Core Lighting Quedgeley Manufacturer Lighting CUK Audio Glasgow Distributor Powersoft, dBTechnologies, Community, MiPro, Outline, Audac Sound d&b audiotechnik GB Nailsworth Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound DAC Pro-Media Ltd Surrey Contact online Distributor, Dealer Newhank Sound and Lighting dbnAudile Manchester Rental Sound and Lighting

For well over three decades Cloud has led the field in high-quality commercial audio systems. n The worlds most prestigious and respected brands choose Cloud for our uncompromising commitment to excellence and reliability. n Cloud enjoys a worldwide reputation for delivering faultless sound that is easily managed and consistently trouble free. n All our products are backed with a five-year guarantee.

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19/11/2018 13:41

Delta UK West Moseley Rental Sound and Lighting

small. light. fast.

Denon UK Belfast Contact online Distributor Denon Sound, Consumer, Hi Fi

designed for the next generation of content creation

DialSLV Ltd. Shipley Consultant, Projects Sound and Lighting, AV

DiGiCo UK Ltd Chessington Manufacturer DiGiCo Sound

Funktion-One is a British designer and manufacturer of live performance and installation loudspeaker systems. Funktion-One’s extensive range of loudspeakers addresses the breadth of professional audio applications, from stadia, concert touring, theatre, nightclub, bar, restaurant, studio and worship spaces, through to speech-critical, high-intelligibility announcement systems.

Digital Projection Manchester Manufacturer Projectors Disguise London Manufacturer, Design Media Servers, Software AV DKT Ltd Redruth Manufacturer Sound and Lighting, AV, Home DNH WW Ltd Milton Keynes Distributor DNH Loudspeakers Sound



Doughty Engineering Ltd Ringwood Manufacturer Doughty Rigging

The Media Server of Choice.

Drawmer Wakefield Manufacturer Drawmer Sound DSD Designs Hillsborough, NI Installer Sound and Lighting

The Academy Awards

Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour

Eurovision Song Contest Glastonbury Music Fes�val

Dynaudio International Ely

Super Bowl Hal�ime Show


90 E ME A - UK Distributor Lighting Entertainment Concepts Ltd Blackpool Design Lighting Essential Supplies UK Ltd Torpoint Dealer Lighting, Power ETC Ltd UK London Distributor ETC Lighting Fane Acoustics Castleford Manufacturer Fane Sound FBT Audio (UK) Ltd Rochester Distributor FBT Sound

ENDURA by name...

ENDURANCE by nature

Feilo Sylvania Newhaven Manufacturer Lumiance, Concord Lighting Flare Audio West Sussex Contact online Manufacturer Sound

RENTAL-READY IP65 RATED EXTERIOR PARS Call +44 (0) 1254 704 111 Email Visit

Flashlight Ltd Heywood Distributor, Dealer ARRI Lighting Flipside Brixton Contact online Rental Sound

ADV011_ProLight_MondoWTS_ExtendedEntry.indd 1

12/12/2018 Focusrite 16:44 Audio

High Wycombe Contact online Manufacturer Focusrite, Novation, Ampify Sound


ROBE UK LTD. 3 Spinney View Stone Circle Road Round Spinney Industrial Estate NN3 8RF, Northampton United Kingdom Email:Â Distributor Dynaudio, TA Hi Fi Fi ponzorskaSound, inzerceHi92_5x64 mm ka04.indd 6 Electracoustic London Design, Installation Sound Electrosonic Ltd Dartford Design, Installation AV Electrovision Ltd Merseyside Distributor Celestion, Music Group Brands Sound and Lighting, Consumer EM Acoustics Cranleigh

Manufacturer EM Acoustics Sound

Entec Northolt Rental Sound and Lighting Entedi Belfast, NI

FX Rentals London Rental Sound, MI GE Lighting Ltd Northampton Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor GE Lighting Lighting Gerriets Great Britain Ltd London

9.12.2016 13:55:07

eMerging Ltd Bramley Distributor Merging Technologies, PSI Audio, Trinnov Audio, DAD Sound, Broadcast EMTO Aylesbury Manufacturer LED Screens

Funktion-One Research Ltd Dorking Manufacturer Funktion-One Sound Distributor Gerriets Fabrics GL Services Barnet Service Lasers Global Design Solutions Bristol Manufacturer Lighting GLS Lighting Southampton Rental, Dealer Lighting

Goboland UK Dorking Distributor Goboland Gobos Goboplus Aylesbury Manufacturer, Dealer Rosco, DHA, GAM Gobos Green Hippo Ltd London Manufacturer Hippotiser Video Halo Lighting London Rental, Dealer Lighting Harkness Screens UK Stevenage Distributor Harkness Screens Hawthorn Theatrical Ltd Melton Mowbray Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting HD Pro Shepperton Distributor L-Acoustics, Klang Sound Hedlites Carrickfergus, NI Distributor Funktion-One Sound Henley Designs Didcot Distributor Ortofon Hi Fi HFM Lighting and Sound Chessington Rental Sound and Lighting HHB Communications Ltd London Distributor Dolby, Mogami, Avid Pro Tools, Yellowtec and Wohler Sound, Broadcast Highlite UK Ltd Calne Distributor DAP Audio Sound and Lighting Hoist UK Moreton Distributor Hoists HSL Group Holdings Ltd Blackburn Rental, Dealer Lighting, Video i-Vision Cwmbran Design Lighting, Architectural IAG UK Huntingdon Distributor Wharfedale Pro, Wharfedale Sound, Hi Fi Impact Products Europe Ltd Northampton Distributor Lightspace Sound and Lighting, Staging

91 EMEA - UK IPE Technologies Royston Manufacturer Video, Broadcast J & C Joel Halifax Manufacturer Textiles John Hornby Skewes Leeds Contact online Distributor HK Audio Sound, MI Kaleidovision Ltd Hertford Design AV Kinesys Projects Ltd Hampton Manufacturer Hoists, Automation KV2 Audio Harrogate Distributor KV2 Sound LA Audio Herriard Manufacturer LA Audio Sound Lamp and Pencil Ltd Bishops Stortford Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor RC4 Wireless Lighting

Bath Manufacturer HireTrack Rental Management Software Software, IT Dealer, Distributor Lighting, Effects Lift Turn Move Ltd Bromborough Manufacturer Lifts, Hoists

Neg Earth Lights Ltd London Rental Lighting

Lightmasters UK Ltd St Neots Design, Installation, Dealer Sound and Lighting, Video

Neutrik (UK) Ltd Ryde Contact online Distributor Neutrik Connectors

LightStorm Trading Ltd London Dealer, Distributor Lighting

New Horizon Edgware Dealer Sound and Lighting

Lite Alternative Blackburn Contact online Rental, Dealer Lighting

Nicolaudie UK Ltd Brighton Contact online Distributor Daslight, Sunlite Pro Lighting

Litestructures Special Projects Wakefield Design, Manufacture Trussing, Staging

Northern Light Edinburgh Design, Installation Sound and Lighting, AV

LM Productions Ltd Eastbourne Dealer, Distributor, Design Lighting, Effects

Nu Light Systems Ltd Sheffield Contact online Manufacturer Nu-Light LED Lighting

LMC Audio Systems Ltd London Dealer Sound

Numark Alesis Europe Ash Vale Contact online Distributor Numark, Alesis Sound

Logic Systems Pro Audio Ltd Gainsborough Manufacturer Sound

Langley Sound & Light Slough Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV

LSI Projects Woking Design, Installation Sound and Lighting, Broadcast

OHM (UK) Limited Knutsford Manufacturer OHM Sound

Laser Hire Ltd Uttoxeter Rental Lasers

Martin Audio Ltd High Wycombe Manufacturer Martin Audio Sound

OPTI Kinetics Ltd Luton Manufacturer OPTI Kinetics, OPTI Trilite Lighting, Trussing

MC2 Audio Honiton, Stourport Manufacturer MC2 Sound

OptiMusic New Barnet Manufacturer Interactive Light and Music Lighting, MI

MDG Fog UK Northampton Distributor MDG Fog Fog Machines

Orbital Sound Ltd London Rental, Dealer Sound

Lasermet Ltd Bournemouth Manufacturer, Consultant Lasers Laserworld UK Ltd. Manchester Rental, Distributor, Dealer Laserworld, RTI. tarm, Laserworld_Showeditor, Lasergraph_DSP Lighting, Effects, Laser LCI Productions London Rental, Design, Installation Lasers Le Maitre Ltd Mitcham Manufacturer Le Maitre Pyro, Effects Leamington Sight & Sound Leamington Spa Design, Installation Sound and Lighting, Video Lee Filters Andover Manufacturer Lee Filters Lighting Leisure Industry Services Ltd Warrenpoint, NI Dealer, Rental, Installation Sound and Lighting Leisuretec Distribution Ltd Leighton Buzzard

OSRAM Ltd Failsworth Distributor Osram Lighting

Metalworx Limited St. Leonards on Sea Manufacturer Trussing MGC Lighting Group Ipswich Distributor, Dealer Lighting

OutBoard Electronics Barrington Manufacturer TiMax, OutBoard, RCX Sound

MilTec Distribution Ltd Southend on Sea Distributor Ledhead Sound and Lighting Monacor UK Ltd Milton Keynes Distributor Monacor, Gemini. Leuchtkraft, RocknRoller Sound and Lighting Moon Lighting Dromore, NI Rental, Installation Sound and Lighting Navigator Systems Ltd

Over Audio Liverpool Design, Installation, Rental Installation design and rental Sound PAI Group Llanelli Systems Integrator AV PAXT Ltd Sawston Export Distributor Celestion, Allen & Heath, XTA, Roland, QSC, Focusrite Sound

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Penn Elcom Ltd. Washington Manufacturer Flightcases, Trussing Pharos Architectural Controls Ltd London Manufacturer Pharos Controls Lighting Pioneer DJ Europe Ltd Slough Contact online Distributor Pioneer Sound Polar Audio Burgess Hill Distributor beyerdynamic, MC2, Renkus Heinz, XTA, Aviom, Radial Sound Power Drive Drum Co Ltd Leighton Buzzard Contact online Manufacturer Powerdrive Sound Precision Devices Int Ltd Castleford Manufacturer Precision Devices Sound PRG Birmingham, London Contact online Rental, Design, Installation Sound and Lighting Proel International Ltd London Contact online Distributor Proel, Cort. Axiom, Sagitter Sound and Lighting Project Audio London Dealer Funktion-One, FFA, PMC Sound, Hi Fi ProLight Concepts Group Ltd Lancs Contact online Dealer, Distributor Lighting Pulsar Waterbeach Manufacturer Chromazone, Luxeos Lighting RCF UK Sales & Support Office Braintree Distributor RCF Sound REA Sound (NI) Ltd Cookstown, NI Distributor, Dealer Martin Audio, Allen & Heath Sound Red Sound Manningtree Manufacturer SoundBITE Sound Remedy Sound Ltd Luton Rental, Installer, Systems Integrator Sound ROBE UK Ltd Northampton Distributor Robe Lighting Robolights Ltd Exeter Contact online

92 E MEA - UK Fohhn, Schertler Sound TEAC UK Ltd Watford Distributor Tascam Sound Ten 47 Dystart Manufacturer Connectors Terralec Ltd Rochford Dealer, Rental, Installation Altman Sound and Lighting Thames Audio Ltd Middlesex Rental, Dealer Sound

Manufacturer Smart Socket Sound and Lighting 1 WTS-Zero88-advert-2018-rev1.indd Roland (UK) Ltd. Swansea Contact online Distributor Roland Sound, AV Rope Assemblies Ltd Retford Manufacturer Sound and Lighting Roscolab Ltd London Distributor Rosco Lighting SCC Audio Ltd Milton Keynes Manufacturer Studiomaster Sound Sennheiser UK High Wycombe Distributor Sennheiser, Neumann Sound SES (Entertainments Services) Ltd Datchet Manufacturer Electrical Distribution Sound and Lighting SFL Sound Foundation Ltd Reading Rental, Distributor L-Acoustics Sound and Lighting, Video SGM UK Ltd Ashford Distributor SGM Lighting Shermann Audio Barrhead Manufacturer Shermann Sound ShowCAD Control Systems Limited Swanage Manufacturer ShowCAD Lighting Shure Distribution UK Waltham Abbey Distributor Shure Sound Slingco Ltd Whitworth Manufacturer Cablenet

Flooring Solid State Logic Oxford Manufacturer SSL Sound

The Effects Company Lincoln 03/12/2018 15:28:20 Manufacturer Effects The Stage Management Company Bradford Rental Sound and Lighting

Sonic 8 Hitchin Distributor Dateq, Antares, ART Sound Sound Directions Ltd Chessington Distributor Ashley, Soundtube, Auvitran, Fulcrum Acoustics Sound Technology Plc Letchworth Garden City Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting Source Distribution London Distributor Genelec, Rode, Aphex, API, Moog Sound Southwest Sound & Light Exeter Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting SSE Audio Group Redditch Rental, Distributor L-Acoustics Sound Stage and Studio Projects Ltd Ashton under Lyne Contact online Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Stage Electrics Bristol Dealer, Installation, Distributor Sound and Lighting London Software, Design Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast Steeldeck London Rental, Manufacturer Staging Studiospares London Dealer, Manufacturer Sound Systems Workshop Oswestry Distributor

Tlspixelite Limited Rackheath Rental, Dealer Lighting TMB-UK Southall Dealer, Distributor Lighting, Cables TOA Corporation (UK) Ltd Leatherhead Distributor TOA, Trantec Sound Torpedo Factory group Oldham Design, Installation, Rental Design Installation Consultancy & Support Sound and Lighting Total Solutions Group Birmingham Manufacturer Trussing Triple E Biggin Hill Manufacturer Stage Tracking Theatre Tryka LED Limited Shepreth Manufacturer Lighting, Architectural Universal Fibre Optics Coldstream Manufacturer Lighting Unusual Rigging Ltd Bugbrooke Rental, Sales Rigging VDC Trading Ltd London Manufacturer Van Damme Cable Cabling Vitec Group Richmond Distributor Manfrotto, Teradek Video, Photo VME Ltd

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Knutsford Contact online Rental, Distributor Kling & Frietag Sound and Lighting, Video Void Acoustics Poole Contact online Manufacturer Void Sound Vortice AV Heathfield Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound Ward Steedsy Associates Linlithgow Rental, Dealer Funktion-One, Full Fat Audio Sound and Lighting Warehouse Sound Services Ltd Edinburgh Contact online Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Wembley Loudspeaker Co Ltd London Manufacturer, Repair Sound Whaleys (Bradford) Ltd Bradford Contact online Manufacturer Drapes White Light (Electrics) Ltd Wimbledon Contact online Rental, Distributor Altman, Look Solutions, Tomcat Sound and Lighting Wigwam Acoustics Heywood Rental, Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound World Marketing Associates St Austell Sales Representative Atlas Sound, Attero Tech, Furman, Symetrix, Williams Sound Sound, Video XTA Electronics Ltd Stourport Manufacturer XTA Sound XTBA Caston Manufacturer Lighting Yamaha Music Europe GmBH (UK) Milton Keynes Contact online Distributor Yamaha, Line 6, Steinberg Sound Zero 88 Lighting Ltd Cwmbran Manufacturer Zero 88 Lighting

94 EMEA - UKRAI N E Dnepropetrovsk Distributor Kling & Freitag, Antari, Sommer Cable, DAP, Infinity, Showtec Sound and Lighting


A&T Trade Kyiv Distributor Martin Audio, Martin by HARMAN, Numark, JEM, Genelec Sound and Lighting Allegro Music Kyiv Dealer Sound and Lighting ART-R Odessa Odessa Distributor Antari, L-Acoustics, SGM, FBT, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting Audiomaster Kyiv

Gali-Leo Martin-Ukraine Kyiv Distributor, Rental MACH System, Matrix-Laser Sound and Lighting

Dealer DIS Sound and Lighting Cortmi Donetsk Distributor Electro-Voice, Dynacord, BOSCH, Eurolite, Omnitronic Sound and Lighting DLL Limited Vinnitsa Manufacturer Lighting Eurhythmics Ltd Mukachevo Distributor Midas, Klark Teknik, Turbosound Sound Forte Blues Ltd

Indigo Music Dnepropetrovsk Distributor Sennheiser, D.A.S. Audio, Altair, K-array, Robe, Studio Due Sound and Lighting

Sound and Lighting Technology Group Odessa Distributor Funktion-One, MC2, XTA, AudioFocus, Cadac Sound Zinteco Ltd Kyiv Rental Sound and Lighting

Jam Music Store Kyiv Contact online Dealer Celestion Sound and Lighting, MI Komora Kyiv Distributor Harman Pro, Martin by HARMAN Sound and Lighting Light Converse Ltd Kyiv Manufacturer Lightconverse Lighting Light Service Company Kyiv Distributor Novalight, LPS, Magic:FX, Chromlech Lighting Lightek Odessa Distributor dBTechnologies, Coemar, d&b audiotechnik, ETC, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting Music Wave Kyiv Distributor, Systems Designer CODA Audio, BMS Sound and Lighting Osram Ukraine Kyiv Contact online Distributor Osram Lighting Real Music Ltd Kyiv Distributor ETC, Allen & Heath, beyerdynamic, DiGiCo, Meyer Sound, DPA Sound and Lighting Solo Kyiv Dealer Celestion, Chauvet

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Precision audio performance with an attentive eye towards industrial design. IS-SERIES is a new range, purpose built for the world of the integration. It’s all online at

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6/28/2017 3:31:19 PM



AZERBAIJAN All Star Baku Systems Integrator, Distributor Electro-Voice, Robe Sound, AV, Broadcast Promix Company Ltd. Baku Distributor EAW, beyerdynamic, Powersoft Sound and Lighting, Broadcast

Ambassador Stores Manama Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI, Consumer Red Scarf Agency Manama Rental Sound and Lighting IRAN

Pro AV LLC Baku Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting, MI

Chang Electronic Tehran Co., LTD Tehran Manufacturer Sound

M/S Ashrafs W.L.L. Manama Distributor Bose Sound, AV, Consumer Madar Productions Manama Rental Sound and Lighting, Laser, Pyro Maestro Music Equipment Co East Rifa Distributor, Rental Adamson Sound and Lighting Palace Electronics Manama Distributor, Systems Integrator Cloud Sound and Lighting, CCTV Rustom Audio-Lighting Technology Manama Distributor, Rental Chauvet, EAW Sound and Lighting

Padyav Tehran Design, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV


Pishgamane Sedaye Sahne Co Tehran Distributor, Systems Integrator Sound, AV, CCTV Shidco Tehran Distributor FBT, RCF, Powersoft, Adamson, DTS Sound SMK Co Tehran Distributor Montarbo Sound

Avaresan Bartar-e Ideal Tehran Distributor Cloud, A.C. Lighting Sound and Lighting, AV

AMPS W.L.L Manama Distributor, Systems Integrator I C Audio Sound, Fire & Evac, CCTV

Erbil Distributor Montarbo Sound

Pajouhesh Gostar Systemhaye Novin Co. Tehran Dealer d&b audiotechnik, beyerdynamic Sound and Lighting, AV

Music Gallery Baku Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI


Tehran Distributor Blackmagic Design, sE Electronics Sound, AV, Broadcast

Cima Tech Tehran Contact online Distributor, Systems Integrator DIS AV, Conference

TiSerra Lighting Tehran Distributor Architectural Lighting Xarin Advanced Technologies Tehran Distributor Pangolin Lasers Zir O Bam Ava Co Tehran Distributor KME Sound, Consumer

Ertebat Sedaye Bartar Co Tehran Distributor Cordial, Sennheiser, Zoom Sound, AV, Broadcast


Ertebat Sedaye Gouya Tehran Distributor Inter-M, beyerdynamic Sound, AV, Broadcast

Acer Palace Electronics (APCO) Erbil Distributor Bosch, Electro-Voice, Yamaha Sound, AV, MI

Fadak Design & System Tehran Distributor beyerdynamic Sound

Al Rhama Company Basra Distributor beyerdynamic, FBT Sound, AV, Conference

Fara Sout Negar Tehran Distributor L-Acoustics, Sommer Cable, DiGiCo, Genelec, Allen & Heath, DPA Sound, AV

AV Solutions FZCO Baghdad Systems Integrator Sony, AVID Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast

Moco Inc Tehran Distributor Roland Sound

Future Art Broadcast Baghdad Distributor Wohler Sound, AV, Broadcast

Nezam Corporation Iran

Zak Music Company

AB Noam Electronics Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut Distributor ETC, NEXO, ETC, sE Electronics, MA Lighting, Presonus Sound and Lighting, AV Altman Broadcast Services Tel Aviv Distributor, Systems Integrator Thomson, Grass Valley Broadcast Barkai Benny Brookstein Ltd Ramat-Gan Distributor, Systems Integrator Cloud AV Compulite Systems (2000) Ltd Hod Hasharon Manufacturer Compulite Lighting D-and-D Tel Aviv Distributor Electro-Voice, Dynacord, RME, Quested, Avalon, SSL, Blue Sound Danor Hod Hasharon Distributor Compulite, ETC, Antari, Lumen Radio DeSisti Lighting Eurotal Tech Ltd Herzliya Distributor Boston, Cambridge Sound, Hi Fi Gidron Levitan Tel Aviv Distributor DiGiCo, Powersoft, Outline, Earthworks Sound Gil Teichman Herzliya Design, Rental Lighting, Architectural Lighting Giveon Electronics Ltd Tel Aviv Distributor Shure Sound, MI Glikson Tel Aviv Rental Broadcast Kilim Electronics Ltd Haifa

97 E ME A - MI D D LE E AST Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast Lightone Ltd Moshav Hemed Distributor L-Acoustics, SSL Live, Avid Venue, Altman, Clay Paky Sound and Lighting Moshe Kimchi Light Design Aminadav Rental Lighting Newpan Ltd Rishon Lezion Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer Pro Touch Ltd Petach-Tikva Distributor Ashly, PR Lighting, TW AUDiO, Lightking Sound and Lighting, AV, CCTV R.B.X. International Petach-Tikva Contact online Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Numark, Radial Sound and Lighting, MI Rozental Systems Ltd Hanaton Distributor FBT Sound Shema OR Tel Aviv Distributor Wharfedale Pro Sound Sontronics Bnei Brak Distributor Neutrik, D&R, Sommer Cable, Trident Sound, Broadcast Sound World Rishon Lezion Distributor Audiocenter Sound and Lighting Tech Top Ltd Kiryat Ono Distributor Music Tribe Brands Sound U.D.T. Electronics Corporation Ltd. Tel Aviv Distributor Pioneer Sound Yedakol Sound and Lighting Systems Petach-Tikva Distributor, Rental Aviom, d&b audiotechnik Sound and Lighting JORDAN

Accu-Tech Solutions Co Amman Distributor beyerdynamic Sound, Consumer

Amman Rental Sound and Lighting

Advanced Solutions for Information and Communication Technologies Amman Distributor, Systems Integrator Dynacord, Electro-Voice, Cordial, Rane Sound and Lighting, AV, Conference, Broadcast


AMAC sarl Beirut Distributor Shure, Proel, Electro-Voice, Martin by HARMAN Sound and Lighting, AV, Hi Fi

aDawliah Universal Electronics Co. Al Rai Distributor Bose, Yamaha Sound and Lighting, Consumer, MI

Antaki Group Beirut Distributor Bose, Yamaha Sound, AV, Consumer, Hi Fi

Ajyal for Technical Services (TARKEEB A.V.L) Amman Distributor Audica Professional Sound

Al Alamiah Electronics Safat Systems Integrator AV

Audio Land Beirut Distributor Robe, Sunlite, Zero 88 Lighting

AVC Al-Waseet Amman Systems Integrator Broadcast

Al Dhow Engineering General Trading & Contracting Co Safat Systems Integrator Architectural Lighting

BCI Amman Systems Integrator AV

Al-Raisi Group Kuwait City Rental Sound and Lighting

Events- AVP Technical Event Management Amman Distributor, Rental Outline Sound and Lighting

Alia Commercial Est Al-kabeer Manufacturer LED Lighting Easa Husain Al Yousifi & Sons Co Safat Dealer FBT, Kawai, Ibanez Sound and Lighting, MI, Consumer

GI. Rho Ma Music Instrument Amman Distributor Shure, Yamaha Sound, MI Musallam Music Amman Distributor Numark Sound, MI Pro4 Total Event Solutions Amman Rental Sound and Lighting Solo Sound Amman Distributor Chauvet, FBT Sound and Lighting Spectrum Amman Distributor Bose, TOA, Mackie Sound, Consumer, MI Trans Jordan For Light & Sound Amman Rental Sound and Lighting Triad Technical Services Co Amman Rental Sound and Lighting Tritec AV

G7 Company Kuwait City Systems Integrator AV, IT High Pro Event Management Kuwait City Rental Sound and Lighting, Broadcast Kuwait Technet Company Safat Distributor Fohhn, Bittner Sound and Lighting, AV, IT Our Style Sound Systems Center Al-Safat Distributor Yorkville, Sommer Cable, AudioTechnica, FBT, Equipson Sound and Lighting, AV Professional Systems Co Hawalli Dealer Sound and Lighting, Broadcast Romco Trading Co Safat Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound LEBANON

Audio Pro Beirut Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Inter M Sound, Hi Fi Audiotec Group S.A.R.L Beirut Distributor Funktion-One, Gotham, Cordial, Whirlwind Sound, AV Bacchus Hazmieh Rental, Design Lumen Lighting, Lasers Boujikian Bros Co Ltd Beirut Distributor FBT, beyerdynamic Sound and Lighting Cesar Debbas & Fils Beirut Manufacturer, Systems Integrator Lighting Chahine S.A.L Beirut Distributor Roland Sound, MI Delta Vision Inc Bauchrieh Distributor NEXO, beyerdynamic Eltek Fanar Distributor D&R, Sennheiser, Neumann Sound, Broadcast Hi-Fi Service sarl Beirut Systems Integrator AV, Hi Fi Homsi Music Beirut Distributor Adamson, DiGiCo, RCF Sound, MI

98 E ME A - MI D D LE E AST Joseph Zacca Trading Establishment Kesrwan Distributor Powersoft Sound and Lighting Less DB Metn Rental Sound and Lighting Light Box Beirut Distributor Simes, Lambert & Flis Lighting, Architectural Marina FX Beirut Rental Sound and Lighting

TechnoPro Lebanon Office Zouk Mikael Rental Sound and Lighting

Talentz Centre LLC Ruwi Dealer Sound, MI

Technosound Ltd Beirut Distributor Martin Audio, Fostex, Allen & Heath

Tunes Trading & Service Ruwi Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI

Triangle Sound & Image Sin-El-Fil Distributor PRS, Hartke Sound and Lighting, MI Venue Tech Sarl Beirut Dealer Sound and Lighting, Hi Fi, Consumer OMAN

MFR Lighting Beirut Rental Sound and Lighting

Al Hajiry Electronics Muscat Systems Integrator AV, Evac

Mougharbel Light Hazmieh Rental Lighting

Al Hassan Electricals Co LLC Ruwi Contact online Systems Integrator Lighting, Architectural

Prolites S.A.L. Jounieh Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Avolites Sound and Lighting


HiTec Center LLC Ruwi Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV

Sounds Inc Beirut Distributor Wharfedale, Phonic Sound, AV, Consumer, Hi Fi

OHI Electronics Muscat Distributor, Systems Integrator Bose Sound, AV, Consumer

SPL Sound Pressure Level Beirut Distributor Alcons, Outline, Link Cable Sound and Lighting, AV

Super General Trading Co Muscat Distributor, Systems Integrator Clockaudio Sound and Lighting

Audio Visual Technology Doha Distributor, Systems Integrator Community Sound, AV, Broadcast Badie Studio & Stores Doha Distributor, Dealer Montarbo Sound and Lighting, MI

Bright Lights Trading Muscat Distributor, Systems Integrator Formula Sound, OHM, Clay Paky Sound and Lighting

Seebeck 2000 S.A.R.L Beirut Distributor, Rental d&b audiotechnik, Allen & Heath Sound and Lighting

Al-Isteklal T.C. ( I.A.C) Doha Rental TW AUDiO Sound and Lighting

Creative Communication Group Doha Rental Sound and Lighting Crystal Studio Ad Dawhah Rental Sound and Lighting Fifty One East - Modern Home Doha Distributor Yamaha, Bose, Cloud Sound, AV, Consumer Innovations Unlimited ME Doha Rental Sound and Lighting Light Box Doha Systems Integrator Lighting, Architectural MediaPro International WLL Doha Rental Sound and Lighting


ROBE MIDDLE EAST TRADING LLC Office Number 507 5th floor Al Asmawi Building Dubai Investment Park 1 P.O. Box: 391 898 Dubai, UAE Email:

National Technotrade Doha Distributor JBL Sound Qatar Neon Doha Dealer Signage Qatar Vision Production Company WLL (Qvision) Doha ponzorska inzerce 92_5x64 mm ka04.indd 2

9.12.2016 13:54:52 Distributor, Rental Clay Paky Sound and Lighting, Video Shredder’s Planet Musical Instruments Doha Dealer FBT Sound, MI Techno Q Doha Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV, Evac TechnoPro (Qatar) LLC Doha Rental Sound and Lighting SAUDI ARABIA ABU Moammar Jeddah Distributor JBL Sound Adawliah Universal Electronics APL Jeddah Distributor Bose, Shure, Numark, Yamaha Sound, AV, MI, Consumer Al Nasser Group Riyadh Systems Integrator FBT Lighting, Architectural Al-Hathoul Advanced Audios Riyadh Systems Integrator Storm Sound Can Do ME Jeddah Rental Sound and Lighting, AV CDS - Creative Data Systems Jeddah Systems Integrator FBT Signage eVision Setra Riyadh Systems Integrator AV, Smart Home Gulf Creator Systems Damman Systems Integrator FBT AV, CCTV Halwani Audio Jeddah Rental Sound and Lighting Inara Co Ltd Riyadh Systems Integrator

99 E ME A - MI D D LE E AST Lighting, Architectural

Lighting, AV, Lasers

SACS Electronics Saudi Contractors Supply Co Riyadh Distributor General Cables Industrial

Almoe AV Systems Dubai Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV, IT

Saudi Media Systems Riyadh Riyadh Systems Integrator Bosch, Peavey AV Technology Instruments Co Ltd Riyadh Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting WED Productions Jeddah Production AV SYRIA Hamzeh & Partners Damascus Distributor ARX Sound HAWA Trading Establishment Damascus Distributor Bose Sound Technical Light & Sound Center Damascus Distributor JBL Sound Technical Trading Damascus Distributor Fane Sound UAE A.V.L. Electronics Dubai Distributor beyerdynamic, Dynacord, Telex, Teclumen, Cordial Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast Abacus Audio Visual LLC Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Abdulla Sultan Al-Sharhan Est Dubai www, Distributor Montarbo, Carvin Sound Access All Areas Production Dubai Rental AV, Corporate Al Raisigroup Dubai Rental

Alpha Data Abu Dhabi Contact online Systems Integrator AV, IT AMB Electronics Dubai Distributor Audica, AD Systems, Master Audio, QED Sound, Hi Fi Archilum Lighting Dubai Systems Integrator Lighting, Architectural Argosy Middle East LLC Dubai Distributor Argosy Cables AV, Broadcast Arts Outdoor Lighting Technology Abu Dhabi Distributor Falcon Range, Mite Beam Lighting, Architectural Ateis Middle East Dubai Contact online Distributor Ateis AV Audio-Technica Dubai Office Dubai Distributor Audio-Technica Sound AV Concepts LLC Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Avion Audiovisuals Dubai Dubai Rental AV Best Broadcast Hire Dubai Rental Broadcast Bint Al Jazeera Electronics Abu Dhabi www, Distributor, Rental ADS Sound Bose Export Inc Dubai Contact online Distributor Bose Sound, Hi Fi, Consumer Broadcast Media Zone

Dubai Systems Integrator AV, IT, Broadcast Catertainment Dubai Rental AV Clay Paky UAE Dubai Distributor Clay Paky Lighting Congress Rental Emirates Dubai Rental AV, Conference

Lighting, AV GSL Professional Dubai Dealer HARMAN Professional Solutions, Klotz, Teac Sound, AV, Broadcast Gulf Show Power Dubai Rental Generators Harman House Dubai Distributor HARMAN Consumer Brands Sound

Creative Technology-Emirates LLC Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Havells Sylvania Dubai Dubai Distributor Lamps Lighting

Delta Dubai Dubai Rental, Distributor DiGiCo Sound and Lighting, AV

IBSfc Dubai Dubai Manufacturer, Distributor Penn Elcom Flightcases

Desert Beat Trading Dubai Distributor ADJ, FBT Sound and Lighting, MI

Ignition FZ LLC Dubai info@ignition-fz,com Manufacturer, Distributor Ignition LEDs Lighting

Eclipse Group Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

In-Sync Event Services Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, Staging

El Pyro Dubai Rental, Distributor Galaxis Showtech Pyro

InHouse Productions Dubai Rental Film

Electrosonic LLC Dubai Rental AV Em-Tec Fzc Dubai Distributor, Rental Funktion-One, QSC Sound, AV Future Art Broadcast Trading Ltd. Dubai Systems Integrator, Distributor Altair Sound and Lighting, Broadcast Gefco Systems Dubai Distributor Ashly, EAW, Fonestar, Soundboks Sound Giochi De Luce LLC Dubai Rental

Jayna Mid East FZE Ras Al Khaimah Distributor B-52 Sound Laseronics UAE Dubai Rental Lasers Lightbox Professional Dubai Systems Integrator, Distributor d&b audiotechnik, DPA Sound and Lighting, AV MA Lighting Middle East Dubai Distributor MA Lighting Lighting Madar Group Dubai Rental, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV

1 00 E ME A - MI D D LE E AST Magical Production L.L.C. Dubai Design, Manufacturer, Installer Fountains Martin Professional Middle East Dubai Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound and Lighting, Broadcast Matrix Laser Middle East Abu Dhabi Distributor Matrix Laser Lasers Mediakraft LLC Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, Trussing MediaPro International LLC Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV MEEN - The Middle East Event Network FZE Ras Al Khaimah System Integration, Rental, Install Vioso, Sollinger, easyRaum, Syncronorm, Swefog, Elbjungs Lighting, Effects Melody House Dubai Distributor Radial Sound, MI Meyer Sound Middle East Dubai Distributor Meyer Sound Sound Mindstec Distribution FZCO Dubai Distributor Atlas Sound, RTI Sound, AV, IT Mode Lighting Middle East L.L.C Dubai Distributor Mode Lighting Lighting Most High Productions Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Mougharbel Light Dubai Rental Lighting Multitech AV Dubai Systems Integrator Signage Neumann & Mueller Event Tech

Dubai Contact online Rental Sound and Lighting Rental LED Screens Robe Middle East Trading LLC Abu Dhabi Distributor Robe Lighting

NMK Electronics Ent. Dubai Distributor Neutrik, Shure, Cloud, Williams Sound, AV, MI

Sennheiser Middle East Dubai Distributor Sennheiser Sound, MI, Consumer

Oasis Enterprises LLC Dubai Systems Integrator, Distributor ETC Lighting, AV, Broadcast Omnix International L.L.C Dubai Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast

SGTC Pro UAE Dubai Distributor Clockaudio, Kelsey Sound and Lighting

OSRAM Middle East FZE Dubai Distributor Osram Lighting

ShowLED FZC Sharjah Manufacturer, Distributor ShowLED LED Curtains

PAXT Middle East FZE Dubai Distributor Allen & Heath, Focusrite Sound, MI

Showtech Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

PRG Gearhouse Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting

Showtex ME FZC Sharjah Distributor Showtex Stage Fabrics

Prince AV Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

SLS Production Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV

Procom Middle East LLC Dubai Distributor D.A.S. Audio, Avolites Sound and Lighting

Sonia Electronics Dubai Rental P Audio, dBTechnologies Sound and Lighting

Production Technology LLC (Protec) Dubai Rental, Distributor Lee Filters, Dirty Rigger Sound and Lighting

Space Tune Sound and Light Pro Sharjah Rental Sound and Lighting

ProLab Trading LLC Dubai Distributor Powersoft, TW AUDiO, 18 Sound, ChamSys Sound and Lighting, MI Provision AVL Dubai Distributor ProCab, Prolite, Elation Sound and Lighting, Rigging Pulse Middle East Trading Dubai Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Rave Audio Visual Dubai

Super Visions Electronics Dubai Systems Integrator Sound, AV Techiline Electronics LLC Dubai Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI Technopro Dubai Headquarters (UAE) Dubai Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI Tectronics Sharjah Systems Integrator Lighting, AV

Thomsun Electronics Dubai Dealer Sound, MI TOA Electronics GmbH Dubai Branch Dubai Contact online Distributor TOA Sound, AV Triec AV Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Ultra Technology LLC Dubai Rental Sound and Lighting, AV Venuetech LLC Dubai Rental, Distributor Aviom, Active Audio, SGM Sound and Lighting, AV VFX Productions Dubai Contact online Production Film VV & Sons LLC Dubai Distributor Robe, NEXO, Australian Monitor, Allen & Heath Sound and Lighting Xarin Advanced Technologies Dubai Design, Rental Lighting Yamaha Music Gulf FZE Dubai Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI, Consumer Zarco Dubai Distributor, Rental Pyro Zio Technologies LLC Dubai Contact online Systems Integrator AV, IT, Broadcast


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Touring. And install. Simply your sound.



ALGERIA Absolut Sound and Light Alger Distributor Allen & Heath, Clay Paky, RCF, beyerdynamic Sound and Lighting, MI Com7 sarl Alger Distributor Shure, Tascam, ADB, Yamaha Sound and Lighting, MI Eurosat Sonovision Oran Distributor Martin Audio, Sound Neosun Algerie eurl Alger Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound Sarl Audiomix Alger Distributor FBT Sound, MI ANGOLA Sistec Luanda Distributor FBT Sound and Lighting, Consumer EGYPT Al Fanny Trading Cairo Distributor Turbosound, Electro-Voice, Midas, LD-Systems, Behringer, Audac Sound Alpha Audio Cairo Dealer Sound Audio Technology Cairo Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Bose, Clay Paky, beyerdynamic, Extron, L-Acoustics Sound and Lighting, AV Centre Stage LLC Giza Rental Funktion-One Sound

Sound, MI

Maxima Investments Cairo Distributor Cloud Sound Nando Music Centers Cairo Distributor Neutrik, B&C, Bespeco, Turbosound, Montarbo Sound, MI New-Vision Media & Film Systems Giza Distributor Clear-Com, Riedel, Manfrotto Broadcast

Zuly & Sons Ltd. Accra Distributor, Systems Integrator Yorkville Sound, AV IVORY COAST Amiria Abidjan Distributor FBT Sound Milannais Services sarl Treichville Distributor Powersoft, Pioneer DJ, Clay Paky Sound and Lighting

NileTec Co Cairo Distributor, Installer MA Lighting Lighting

KENYA Active Audio Visual Services Ltd Nairobi Rental FBT Sound and Lighting, AV

Philippe Photo Trade Giza Dealer, Systems Integrator beyerdynamic, QSC, Crestron AV Quality Cairo Distributor, Systems Integrator Dynacord, Electro-Voice, ic audio, BOSCH, LDR, Robert Julliat Sound and Lighting, AV Technology K.A.R. Giza Distributor d&b audiotechnik, Sennheiser, Neumann, SSL, DiGiCo, D.A.S. Audio, Sound and Lighting, Consumer Waveburg Acoustics Limited Giza Distributor, Systems Integrator Waveburg Sound and Lighting, AV

Audio Gear Kenya Nairobi Distributor, Installer FBT, LD Systems, Audac, 18 Sound Sound Audio Visual Engineering Kenya Ltd Nairobi Systems Integrator Sound, AV Credible Sounds Nairobi Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI Horizon Impex Nairobi Distributor Bose Sound, AV, Consumer

Kyr Cairo Distributor, Installer FBT Sound

Majestic Electronics Limited Nairobi Distributor Phonic Sound, Consumer


Nairobi Projectors Services Ltd Nairobi Installer FBT AV

ABC Trading Addis Ababa Distributor, Dealer Shure, Montarbo Sound and Lighting, MI

Sound Creations Narirobi Distributor Shure, Crest Audio, Focusrite, Rode, Allen & Heath Sound


Concept for Sound, Light & LED screens Cairo Distributor Avolites, Meyersound Sound and Lighting, AV, Trussing

E M K Beckley Accra Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer

Egyptian Engineering Projects Co Cairo Distributor, Systems Integrator SGM, LDR, BOSCH Brahler, IC Audio, Robert Juliat Sound and Lighting, AV

MusicBox Africa Ltd Accra Contact online Distributor Void, Lab.gruppen, Q Acoustics, Midas, Turbosound, Apart Sound, Consumer

GE Lighting International Operations Giza Manufacturer Lighting

New Professional Audio System Accra Distributor FBT Sound

Genius One Lighting and Sound System Cairo Distributor Antari Lighting, Smoke Machines

Seidu Invisible Electronic Services Accra Distributor Master Audio Sound

BH Conception LTEE Port Louis Distributor, Systems Integrator FBT, D.A.S. Audio AV

Virtual Sound Laboratory Accra Distributor Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, PreSonus, RCF, Shure, JBL

Damoo Sound and Music Port Louis Distributor Shure, Neutrik, Klotz, Wharfedale Pro Sound

Laseronics Design Interstellar Cairo Rental, Design Lasers

The Beat Factory Ltd Nairobi Rental Sound and Lighting, Trussing Ultra Equipment Nairobi Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, K&M, Klotz Sound MAURITIUS

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FENIX Stage, S.L. Valencia (Spain) | Tel.: +34 96 125 08 55 |

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artec 300 series

InstallatIon systems for qualIty sound In any type of venue

The new D.A.S. Audio Artec 300 series loudspeakers are designed for use in a wide range of fixed sound reinforcement applications. They are presently available in 8 passive models comprising 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 15” two-ways, a double 6” two-way, a double 10” line array and a passive double 12” subwoofer. Offering an elegant design and exceptional performance, the new Artec 300 series is a great choice for everything from elegant nightclub installations to educational facilities. D.A.S. Audio, S.A. C/ Islas Baleares, 24 46988 Fuente del Jarro Valencia - Spain Tel. +34 961 340 860

D.A.S. Audio of America, Inc. 6900 NW 52nd Street Miami, FL 33166 - U.S.A. Toll Free: 1 888 DAS 4 USA

D.A.S. Audio Asia PTE. LTD. 3 Temasek Avenue, Centennial Tower #34-36 Singapore 039190 Tel. +65 6549 7760

1 06 T H E A ME RI CAS - A R G E N T I N A Dealer AV


Import Music SA Buenos Aires Distributor Cerwin Vega Sound


Alliance Empresa de Servicios y Especta Rio Negro Rental Sound and Lighting Amphenol Argentina Buenos Aires Distributor Amphenol Sound and Lighting, AV, Broadcast ARS Technologies Buenos Aires Distributor Sennheiser, Allen & Heath, Neutrik, Bosch, Electro-Voice, Rane Sound, Broadcast Audio By Max Buenos Aires Dealer Sound Audio Inginiera SRL Rosario Contact online Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV Audiocenter Resistencia Dealer Sound, MI Audiotechnica Rosario Contact online Dealer Sound and Lighting Audiotienda Buenos Aires Dealer Sound and Lighting Avolites Argentina Buenos Aires Distributor Avolites Lighting AVS Electronica Buenos Aires Dealer Sound and Lighting BSAS Pro Audio Buenos Aires Dealer Sound and Lighting, Consumer Buenos Aires Lasers srl Buenos Aires Rental Lighting Buenos Aires Live Show (BALS) Buenos Aires Rental Sound and Lighting

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Digitalsolutions srl Buenos Aires Distributor Native Instruments, Akai, CAD Sound, MI DMX srl Buenos Aires Dealer Sound and Lighting

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MJ Music Santa Fe Distributor Audix Sound

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DA Professional Buenos Aires

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Wilkok Santa Fe Contact online Dealer Sound and Lighting Yamaha Music Latin America S.A. Secursal Argentina Buenos Aires Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound



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1 08 T H E A ME R I CAS - BRA ZI L Manufacturer FZ Audio Sound


Gabisom Audio Equipment Sao Paulo Rental Sound


AMI International Commercial Ltda Sao Paulo Distributor Symetrix, Elation, Orion, Soundtube, Renkus-Heinz, High End Systems Sound and Lighting Arena Audio Electro-Voiceentos Ltda Salvador Rental Meyer Sound Sound Audio 5 Sao Paulo Distributor beyerdynamic, Presonus Sound Audio Premier Sao Paulo Dealer Electro-Voice, Allen& Heath Sound Audio Systems Com Rep Ltda Casa Verde Distributor DiGiCo, Allen & Heath, L-Acoustics, HK Audio, DPA, Radial Sound Aurolights Equipmentos e Producao Sao Paulo Rental Lighting Barra Som Ltda Manaus Rental Meyer Sound Sound Beaver Music Uberlandia Dealer Sound, MI Bonfante Iluminacao Sao Paulo Rental, Dealer Strand, Avolites, ETC, MA Lighting Lighting C. Borges Do Nascimento Manaus Contact online Distributor RCF Sound, MI C.I. Tronics Blaumenau Distributor C.I.Tronics Sound and Lighting Cheda’s

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Gobos Sao Paulo Distributor Audix, K-array, Powersoft, Sunlite, Smoke Factory Sound and Lighting

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Electra Light Ltda Sao Paulo Distributor, Dealer Pangolin, Lightconverse Lighting

HPL Light Company Sao Paulo Distributor DTS, ASL, Clay Paky, ETC, Antari, Litec Lighting

Equipo Sao Paulo Distributor Phonic, Chauvet DJ, Chauvet Professional Sound and Lighting, MI

I Beam Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Distributor Lighting

Feeling Structures Sao Paulo Manufacturer Trussing

Ilumatic sa Iluminacao Sao Paulo Manufacturer Ilumatic Lighting

Foxtrot Instrumentos Musicals Salvador Contact online Dealer Sound, MI

Importadora Carioca Manaus Distributor dBTechnologies Sound

FZ Audio Diadema

Knob Rio de Janeiro Dealer Sound, MI L.O.D Led and Sound Systems Sao Paulo Distributor Funktion-One, MADRIX Sound and Lighting Libor Sao Paulo Distributor Optocore, ARX, Clark Cable, Soundcraft Sound, Broadcast Lighting Bits Sao Paulo Distributor MA Lighting, Robert Juliat, ELC Lighting, MDG Lighting Line up Broadcast Solutions Sao Paulo Distributor Lawo, Bel Sound, Broadcast Loudness Special Projects Sao Paulo Rental Sound and Lighting, Video Mac Audio Sound Services Ltda Rio de Janeiro Rental Meyer Sound Sound Made in Brazil Sao Paulo Dealer Sound, MI Maxi Audio Luz Imagem Sao Paulo Rental Meyer Sound Sound and Lighting, AV Mega Disconildo Rio de Janeiro Contact online Dealer Sound, MI Meyer Sound Brazil Sao Paulo sergio@Meyer www.Meyer Distributor Meyer Sound Sound Move Color Light Design Sao Paulo Manufacturer Lighting Mundiaudio Taquaritinga Distributor beyma Sound Musical Express Sao Paulo Distributor Shure Sound, MI Ninja Pro Audio Sao Paulo Distributor

RCF Sound, Consumer Rental Sound and Lighting

Novalite Rio de Janeiro Manufacturer Novalite Lighting

Sotex Campina Verde Distributor Adamson, Lab.gruppen, Aviom, Adam, Dolby Lake Sound

Numark do Brasil Sao Paulo Contact online Distributor Numark Sound

Spectral Balance Pro Audio Rio de Janeiro Distributor 18 Sound Sound





290mm 400mm








DuraTruss B.V. Junostraat 2 6468 EW Kerkrade The Netherlands Tel. +31 45 546 85 81






Yamaha Music do Brasil Ltda Sao Paulo Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound




Visom Digital Rio de Janeiro Distributor API, Millenia Media Sound

Sonorous Lourdes























Tukasom Group Sao Paulo Rental Sound UM Instrumentos Rio de Janeiro Distributor RME Sound





Teleponto Sao Paulo Distributor Shure, Glensound, Optocore, RTS Sound








400mm 220mm











Rosco do Brazil Sao Paulo Distributor Rosco Lighting


Telem Sao Paulo Distributor ETC, Dedolight, Barco Sound and Lighting, Broadcast

Pride Music Sao Paulo Distributor Neutrik Sound, MI

Roland Brazil Jardim Belizario Distributor Roland Sound, AV


Syncrotape Andar Distributor Revolabs, Biamp, Spectrum, Denon AV

Playtech Pinheiros Dealer Sound, MI

Quanta Live Qieroz Filho Dealer Sound, AV


Sunshine Entertainment Sound & Lighting Sao Paulo Rental Sound and Lighting

Penn Elcom Comercial e Importadora Ltda Sao Paulo Distributor Penn-Elcom Trussing, Flightcases

Proshows Comercio de Eletroeletronicos SA Sao Paulo Distributor Audio-Technica, Midas, Turbosound, DBR, Avolites, Acme, Behringer, Klark Teknik, Turbosound Sound and Lighting


Star Lighting Division Sumare Manufacturer Star Lighting Lighting

Partylight Sao Paulo Manufacturer Lighting

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Distributor Allen & Heath, Martin Audio, ChamSys, dBTechnologies Sound and Lighting


3l Sound & Lighting Ltd Mississauga, ON Rental, Dealer Yorkville Sound AC Lighting Inc. Toronto, ON Distributor Chroma-Q, Jands,Luminex, LumenRadio,Arkaos,Prolyte Lighting Acideo Cote-St-Luc, QC Distributor coolux Lighting ACT Lighting Canada Inc Mississauga, ON Distributor MA Lighting, Clay Paky, Robert Juliat, Ayrton, MDG Lighting Adamson Systems Engineering Port Perry, ON Contact online Manufacturer Adamson Lighting Apex Sound & Light Corporation Pickering, ON Rental, Dealer Sound and Lighting Audio Distributors International Boucherville, QC Distributor MC2, Funktion-One, Auratone Sound, AV, MI Audionova Inc. St-Laurent, QC Contact online Distributor Goldline, Evidence Audio Sound, MI B&J Pro Baie D’Urfe, QC Contact online Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands Sound, MI Bose Canada

Fleet Pro Sound & Lighting Ottawa, ON Dealer Sound and Lighting, MI FM Systems Calgary Calgary, AB Contact online Rental, Distributor L-Acoustics Sound

Markham, ON Contact online Distributor Bose Sound, Consumer Briere Sound Burnaby, BC Contact online Rental, Production Sound and Lighting, Video Canadian Astatic Newmarket, ON Distributor Astatic Sound

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CAST Software Toronto, ON Manufacturer Wysiwyg, BlackTrax, Vivien Lighting Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc Kitchener, ON Contact online Manufacturer coolux Lighting, AV, Multimedia

LANETCO Digital Display Systems Corp Concord, ON Distributor Lanetco Video

Contact Distribution Scarborough, ON Distributor APB Dynasonics, Countryman, Renkus-Heinz, OutBoard, Optocore Sound

LC Group Joliette, QC Distributor Nady, LC Truss, PR Lighting Sound and Lighting, Trussing Ledvance Canadian HQ Mississauga, ON Contact online Distributor Lighting

Crescit Software Inc London, ON Contact online Manufacturer Crescit Lighting, Video d&b audiotechnik Canada Inc Quebec City, QC Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound Eastern Audio Ltd St John’s, NL Contact online Rental AV Erikson Pro Audio Baie D’Urfe, QC

Light Converse North America Montreal, QC Distributor Lightconverse Lighting Luminergie, Lumen Truss Montreal, QC Manufacturer, Distributor Lighting, Trussing McBride Loudspeaker Source Ltd Waterloo, ON Contact online Distributor

Eminence, B&C, Celestion Sound MDG Fog Generators Limited Montreal, QC Manufacturer Fog Machines MVI-Multivision Inc Scarborough, ON Rental Video, Broadcast Omnimedia Corporation Dorval, QC Distributor Miktek, Zoom Sound, MI PAG Canada Ltd Winnipeg, MB Distributor BOSCH, Electro-Voice, RDL, Que Audio, AC Lighting Sound and Lighting Pathway Connectivity Solutions Calgary, AB Manufacturer Lighting Penn Elcom Inc Windsor, ON Distributor Penn-Elcom Cases, Trussing Production Design International, Inc Markham, ON Design Lighting, Video INC. Quebec City, QC Dealer, Rental Altman Lighting Pyrotek Special Effects Inc. Markham, ON Contact online Manufacturer, Design Effects, Pyro Ranger Son Eclairage Longueuil, QC Contact online Rental Sound and Lighting Roland Canada Surrey, BC Contact online Distributor Roland Sound, Video SC Media Canada Lachine, QC Contact online

Distributor HARMAN Audio Brands, Barco Sound, AV Scapin Scene Staging Montreal, QC Dealer Prolyte, Doughty Staging, Rigging Sennheiser (Canada) Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC Distributor Sennheiser Sound SF Marketing Dorval, QC Distributor Neutrik, DTS, EAW, Shure, QSC Sound and Lighting, AV Show Distribution St Leonard, QC Distributor Rigging Solotech Inc. Montreal, QC Rental, Distributor L-Acoustics Sound and Lighting

Mississauga, ON Contact online Distributor TOA Sound, AV Ultratec Special Effects London, ON Manufacturer Effects, Fog, Pyro Westbury National Show Systems Toronto, ON Contact online Rental, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. Scarborough, ON Contact online Distributor Yamaha Sound, MI Yorkville Sound Ltd Pickering, ON Manufacturer, Distributor Yorkville, APEX, Art Pro, Traynor, Avantone Sound, MI

Sound Dymax Inc Mississauga, ON Design, Installer Sound and Lighting, AV Sounds Distribution Inc. St Laurent, QC Distributor, Dealer RCF, Blizzard, Microh, Road Ready, Novastar Sound and Lighting Stageline Mobile Stage Inc L’Assomption, QC Contact online Manufacturer Stageline Staging TCH Toronto, ON Distributor Cases, Hardware


Theatrixx Technologies Inc. Markham, ON Design, Manufacturer, Distribution JB Lighting, Ayrton Lighting TMB Meaford, ON Distributor, Dealer Sound and Lighting TOA Canada Corporation




IEE Electronics La Paz Distributor HARMAN Professional Solutions, Shure Sound

A&B Music Supplies St Michael Distributor Shure Sound, MI

Rojo Audio e Iluminacion La Paz Distributor Avolites, Clay Paky Lighting

West Riley Electronics Bridgetown Distributor JBL, Denon, Kenwood Sound, Consumer

Great Sound and Lighting and A/V Devonshire Rental, Distributor Shure Sound and Lighting, AV

CAYMEN ISLANDS INTEC Research Production Services George Town Rental Sound, Lighting, Staging, Effects

BOLIVIA ARZE Asociados SRL La Paz Distributor Sennheiser, Clear-Com, Kramer Sound, Broadcast

CHILE Aliaga Sonido Santiago Dealer Sound and Lighting

AutoRed Sr La Paz Distributor beyerdynamic Sound, Broadcast

Amexco Ai Tiendas e Integracion AV Iquique Distributor Shure Sound

Dunamis Santa-Cruz Distributor FBT, Chauvet DJ, Audix, Ashly, Sound Barrier Sound, Lighting, AV


AVC Com. Ltda. Santiago Distributor ADB Lighting

Yamabol S.R.L La Paz Distributor Audio-Technica, Yamaha Sound


Audio Musica Santiago


Luxtron Santiago Distributor MA Lighting, DTS, Chainmaster Lighting Macaio Chile Santiago Contact online Distributor Cadac, Turbosound, Audiocenter, Cable Lab, Prolyte, Tecshow Sound and Lighting Musitec Iquique Distributor Ashly, American Audio, Celestion Sound

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Orbita Producciones Santiago Rental Sound and Lighting

Chroma Ltda Fono Distributor Radial, Rode Sound

Osram Chile Ltd Santiago Distributor Osram Lighting

Comercial Mercury Music Ltd Santiago Distributor Shure, Akai Pro Sound

Power Lights Santiago Dealer Sound and Lighting

Commercial e Importadora Penn Elcom Inc Santiago Maufacturer Trussing, Flightcases

Emmett Santiago Dealer Sound and Lighting Fancy Music Santiago Dealer Roland Sound, MI

FENIX Stage, S.L. Valencia (Spain) | Tel.: +34 96 125 08 55 |

Iluminacion Professional Valook S.A. Santiago Distributor Clay Paky, Avolites, ETC, Rosco, Antari Lighting

Casa Amarilla Vitacura Dealer Sound, MI

CyV Music Ltd Iquique Distributor Powersoft, Prodipe Sound and Lighting



Audio Systems Santiago Distributor Neutrik, Gotham Cable, Electro-Voice Sound Audiopro Ltda Santiago Distributor DiGiCo, Meyer Sound, Whirlwind, DPA Sound, Broadcast

Sonilum Santa Cruz Rental, Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound and Lighting

Music N’ Echo Supplies Ltd Christ Church musicnecho@sunbeach,net Distributor Shure, HARMAN Audio Brands Sound, MI

Distributor Allen & Heath, beyerdynamic, D.A.S. Audio Sound

Galilei Ltda Santiago Design, Systems Integrator, Install Lighting, Trussing

Pro Music Santiago Contact online Dealer Chauvet DJ, Chauvet Professional ADJ Sound and Lighting Prolux Limitada Santiago Dealer Lighting Prosound Vina del Mar Contact online Dealer Sound and Lighting Proyectos y Productos Profesionales Ltda Santiago Distributor Bosch Security Systems, General Electric Security, Ranger Security, XTSVideo, Siera Electronics, Optimus, Astrophisics, Impro Sound and Lighting, AV Purpura Producciones Santiago Distributor, Rental

113 T H E A M E R ICAS - CE N T RA L & SOUT H A ME RI CA / CA R I BBE A N Funktion-One Sound, AV

Dealer Sound and Lighting

Ricardo Neira Soto Electronica Santiago Dealer Chauvet Lighting

Audiomax Bucaramanga Contact online Distributor Klotz, Audix, Bose Sound

Sonosur Santiago Distributor Sommer Cable, K&M, Amphenol, Waves Sound and Lighting

AVCOM Colombia Bogota Distributor L-Acoustics, Waves, FBT, Belden Sound and Lighting

Spevi Santiago Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting, AV

Bansbach Instrumentos Musicales S.A. San Jose Distributor Yorkville, Shure, Planet Waves, Bose, Neutrik, K&M Sound

Stelauphipat Santiago Distributor MiPro Sound Tracolight Santiago Distributor Martin by HARMAN Lighting Urdile Santiago Dealer B&C, FBT Sound and Lighting Velocity Lighting Santiago Distributor Chauvet, Apollo, Lightsource Lighting VGL Santiago Distributor Avid Venue, L-Acoustics, Robe, Lawo Sound and Lighting, AV Videocorp Ai Pro Audio Santiago Distributor Shure Sound and Lighting, AV Yamaha Chile Alameda Contact online Distributor Yamaha, Quicklok, NEXO, Leem, Audix Sound COLOMBIA AMG Import Bogota Dealer FBT, Presonus Sound and Lighting Audio Centro Bogota Distributor Community, Auralex Sound and Lighting Audio Concept de Colombia S.A. Bogota www.audioconcept, Distributor Allen & Heath, Neutrik, Prolyte, Meyer Sound, Martin by HARMAN, Clay Paky Sound Audioluces Cali

Sound Logics Bogota Distributor beyerdynamic, NEXO, SSL, Radial, Primacoustics, Mogami Sound STEREO SAS SURTI Barranquilla City Distributor JP Audio Sound and Lighting

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115 T H E A M E R ICAS - CE N T RA L & SOUT H A ME R I CA / CA RI BBE A N Dealer Sound and Lighting, AV

Allen & Heath Sound

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Sensey Guadalajara Manufacturer, Distributor MiPro, Eminence, P Audio, Back Stage, Elipsis, Auric Sound Showco SA de CV Naucalpan Distributor Meyer Sound, ETC, FBT, Robert Juliat, Lightconverse Sound and Lighting Sin Limites S.A. de C.V Mexico City Distributor Sunlite, MADRIX Lighting

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Steve’s Electronics Ltd San Juan Distributor Neutrik, Shure, Chauvet Sound and Lighting

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Phase Audio Caracas Distributor Clock Audio, BOSCH, Inter-M, Altman, Leprecon Sound and Lighting, AV

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Sound Freaks Carabobo Dealer Sound, Consumer VLPS Caracas Rental Sound and Lighting

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AB International Electronics Inc Loomis, CA Manufacturer Audio manufacturer Sound

ADJ USA Los Angeles, CA Manufacturer ADJ, America Audio Sound and Lighting

Acclaim Lighting USA Los Angeles, CA Manufacturer Lighting, Architectural

Advanced Visual Production Richmond, VA Rental, Installation, Distributor ShowMagic Sound and Lighting, Video

ACT Lighting Inc Burbank, CA Distributor MA Lighting, Clay Paky, Robert Juliat, Ayrton, ChainMaster, MDG Lighting Adaptive Technologies Group Signal Hill, CA Manufacturer Rigging

Alcorn McBride Inc. Orlando, FL Manufacturer Sound and Lighting, Video All Bulbs & Expendables Rockville Center, NY Dealer Lighting

AES Lighting Group Omaha, NE Contact online Dealer Lighting

All Music Corporation Miami, FL Distributor Caribbean and Latin America Allen & Heath, Adamson, Sound and Lighting

AKAI USA Cumberland, RI Distributor Akai Sound

Allied Professional Technologies LLC Orange County, CA Distributor Linea Research, Luminex Sound, AV Alpha Sound & Lighting Co Santa Clarita, CA Dealer Sound and Lighting Altman Stage Lighting Co. Inc. Yonkers, NY Manufacturer Altman, Pegasus Lighting Aluma Tower Co. Inc. Vero Beach, FL Manufacturer Towers

You Know What. We Know How. Worldwide leader in event engineered support structures. We drive brands

Area Four Industries America 5421 N. National Dr. Knoxville, TN 37914 USA

T +1 800 411 0065

American Music and Sound Newbury Park, CA Distributor Allen & Heath, dBTechnologies, Focusrite, Fostex, Lewitt Sound, MI Aphex Long Beach, CA Manufacturer Sound, Broadcast Apollo Design Technology Inc Fort Wayne, IN Manufacturer Gobos Area Four Industries America Knoxville, TN Distributor

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Celestion Sound, MI Cerwin Vega Chatsworth, CA Contact online Manufacturer Sound Chauvet Global Headquarters Sunrise, FL Contact online Manufacturer Chauvet DJ, Chauvet Professional, ChamSys, Iluminarc, Trusst Lighting, Trussing Christie Lites Kent, WA Contact online Rental Lighting Systems Integrator Lasers Avid Santa Clara, CA Manufacturer Sound, Video Aviom Inc West Chester, PA Manufacturer Sound

Distributor beyerdynamic Sound, Consumer

CITC Everett, WA Manufacturer Effects

Biamp Systems Beaverton, OR Manufacturer Sound, AV

City Theatrical Inc Carlstadt, NJ Contact online Manufacturer Lighting, Effects

Bose Corporation Framingham, MA Contact online Manufacturer Sound, Consumer

ClearOne Salt Lake City, Utah Manufacturer ClearOne Sound

B-52 Professional Huntington Park, CA Manufacturer Sound

BTG Solutions Ft Lauderdale, FL Distributor Stetsom, Timpano, PRV Audio Sound

Bag End Loudspeakers Algonquin IL Contact online Manufacturer Sound

Bulbtronics Inc Farmingdale, NL Dealer Lighting

Bandit Lites Inc Knoxville, TN Contact online Rental, Distributor Lighting, Architectural

CAD Audio Solon, OH Manufacturer Sound

Barbizon Lighting Company New York, NY Dealer Lighting

Cadon Technical Sales Co. Cottleville, MO Manufacturer’s Representative Sound, MI

Bass Boss Austin, TX Contact online Manufacturer Sound

Cambridge Lasers Laboratories Freemont, CA Contact online Service Lasers

BBI Engineering Inc San Francisco, CA Rental, Installation, Manufacturer MicroMSC Sound

Cambridge Technology Inc Bedford, MA Contact online Manufacturer Lasers

Beamin Lasers Phoenix, AZ Service Lasers beyerdynamic Farmingdale, NY

Carvin Corp San Diego, CA Contact online www, Manufacturer Sound, MI CE Distribution Tempe, AZ Distributor

Cloud (USA) Park City, UT Distributor Cloud Sound Coemar USA Ft Lauderdale, FL Distributor Coemar Lighting Coherent Inc Lasers Group Santa Clara, CA Manufacturer Coherent, Lee Lasers Color Kinetics Distribution Inc Itasca, IL Distributor Philips Color Kinetics Lighting Columbus Mckinnon Corporation Getzville, NY Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor Hoists Community Professional Loudspeakers Chester, PA Manufacturer Sound Complete Production Systems, inc Ann Arbor, MI

Distributor Prolyte, Rosco, Rose Brand, Jands, Lightronics, ETC Lighting, Trussing Creative Stage Lighting Co. Inc. North Creek, NY Manufacturer, Distributor Compulite Lighting d&b audiotechnik USA Asheville NC Contact online Distributor d&b audiotechnik Sound DAS Audio of America Inc Miami, FL Distributor D.A.S. Audio Sound Digital Lighting Systems, Inc Miami, FL Manufacturer Lighting, Architectural Diversitronics Inc Chicago, IL Manufacturer Lighting Dolby Laboratories Inc San Francisco, CA Contact online Manufacturer Sound Doughty Engineering USA Mount Juliet, TN Distributor Doughty Rigging Earthworks Milford, NH Manufacturer Earthworks Sound East Coast Control Systems Inc Bigler, PA Manufacturer Laser EAW Inc Whitinsville, MA Contact online Manufacturer EAW Sound Eighth Day Sound Systems Inc Highland Heights, OH Contact online Rental Sound Elation Professional Inc Los Angeles, CA Manufacturer Elation Lighting Electrix Pro Laguna Niguel, CA

119 T H E A ME R I CAS - USA Contact online Manufacturer Sound Electrosonic Systems Inc Burbank, CA Contact online Distributor AV Eminence USA Eminence, KY Manufacturer Eminence Sound ETA Systems Ennis, TX Manufacturer Ennis AC Power AV ETC Middleton, WI Contact online Manufacturer ETC Lighting FBT USA Inc Armonk, NY Distributor FBT Sound FirstLight Laser Productions Bridgeville, PA Design Laser Fulcrum Acoustic LLC Rochester, NY Manufacturer Fulcrum Acoustic Sound Full Compass Madison, WI Dealer Sound, AV, MI Furman Petaluma, CA Manufacturer Sound Future Light Inc Cleveland, OH Design, Manufacturer Edgelyte Lighting GAM Products Inc Los Angeles, CA Contact online Manufacturer GAM Filters Lighting GE Lighting Cleveland, OH Manufacturer Lighting Gem Sound Corp Bronx, NY Manufacturer GEM Sound Gemini Sound Elizabeth, NJ Manufacturer Gemini Sound


German Light Products Inc San Fernando, CA Manufacturer GLP, Cosmic Truss, Scene X Lighting, Snap Lighting, Trussing Gerriets International Inc Ewing, NJ Contact online Manufacturer, Distributor Screens, Textiles

FENIX Stage, S.L. Valencia (Spain) | Tel.: +34 96 125 08 55 |

Lighting Holo-Spectra Van Nuys, CA Service Lasers I-Light USA Corporation Mountainside, NJ Distributor DeSisti Lighting

Gli Pro Brooklyn, NY Manufacturer Sound

Image Engineering Baltimore, MD Contact online Design, Manufacturer Lasers

Global Truss America LLC Los Angeles, CA Manufacturer Duratruss Trussing

Infinite Systems Miami, FL Design, Manufacturer, Systems Integrator Sound and Lighting

Grace Audio Technologies Inc. Murrieta, CA Dealer Used Equipment Sound and Lighting

Inner Circle Distribution Davie, FL Distributor Astera, MADRIX, Eurolite, Futurelight Lighting

Green-Rose Laser Company Chestnut Ridge, NY Design Lasers Group One Ltd Farmingdale, NY Distributor XTA, MC2, DiGiCo, Blue Sky, Avolites, DTS Sound and Lighting Harman a Samsung Company Northridge, CA Contact online Manufacturer Soundcraft, JBL, AKG, Martin by HARMAN, AMX, Lexicon Sound and Lighting

High End Systems Austin, TX Manufacturer



Genelec Inc Natick, MA Manufacturer Genelec Sound

Hermes Music McAllan, TX Contact online Distributor, Dealer Sound and Lighting


Innov8 Events Agency Ft Lauderdale, FL Design Sound and Lighting, AV Intermark Industries Miami, FL Distributor Caribbean and Latin America Sound Manufacturer Trussing JBL Professional by Harman Northridge, CA Contact online Manufacturer JBL Sound Kozmic Lazer Show Nashville, TN Design, Manufacturer Lasers, Effects KRK Systems Hollywood, CA Contact online Manufacturer Sound L-Acoustics Inc Westlake Village, CA Distributor L-Acoustics Sound Lantis Fireworks and Lasers Draper, UT Contact online Design Lasers, Effects Laser Fantasy International Bellevue, WA Design, Manufacturer Lasers Laser Magic Productions Los Angeles, CA Contact online Manufacturer TransScreen, Holomirror 360 Lasers

International Theatrical Truss Corporation Gilroy, CA Manufacturer Truss

Laser Production Network Miami, FL Design, Rental, Dealer Lasers

Jaffe Holden Norwalk, CT Design, Installer Acoustics, AV

Laser Rentals, Inc Joplin. MO Rental Lasers

James Thomas Engineering Inc Knoxville, TN

Laser Spectacles Inc San Marcos, TX

1 20 T H E A ME R I CAS - USA Mega Systems Inc Helotes, TX Manufacturer, Distributor PR Lighting, RGBlink, Image Cue, TAF Lighting, Video, Trussing MeshTel Genoa, NV Dealer Lasers Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc Berkley, CA Contact online Manufacturer Meyer Sound Sound Rental Lasers Laserium Eugene, OR Contact online Design, Rental Lasers Laseronics La Center, WA Design, Rental Lasers Laserworld USA Inc Lake Mary, FL Distributor Laserworld, RTI, tarm, Pangolin, Wireless Solution, Garden Star Lasers Le Maitre USA LLC Las Vegas, NV Distributor Le Maitre Effects Lectrosonics Inc Rio Rancho, NM Manufacturer Lectrosonics Sound Lee Filters Burbank, CA Contact online Distributor Lee Filters Lighting Lehigh Lighting Pennsylvania Allentown, PA Manufacturer, Distributor Zero 88 Lighting Leprecon Hamburg, MI Manufacturer Lighting Lexicon, IN Elkhart, IN Contact online Manufacturer Sound

Lighting Systems Design, Inc Orlando, FL Rental, Design, Manufacturer Laser Lightronics Stage Control Virginia Beach, VA Contact online Manufacturer Lighting Lightspeed Design Inc Bellevue, WA Manufacturer Depth Q Lighting, Cinema Logic Systems Inc Antelope, CA Manufacturer Logic Systems Lighting Look Solutions USA Wilmington NC Distributor Look Solutions Effects Lumina Pro Pleasanton, CA Manufacturer Lighting Lutron Electronics Co Inc Coopersburg, PA Manufacturer Lighting Lycian Stage Lighting Sugar Loaf, NY Manufacturer Lighting Manfrotto Distribution Upper Saddle River, NJ Contact online Distributor Manfrotto Video Marketing Concepts Dallas, TX Regional Rep Sound and Lighting

Neutrik Connectors Nicolaudie America Inc Orlando, FL Contact online Distributor Nicolaudie, Daslight, Sunlite Pro, Lumidesk Lighting, Architectural Northmar Inc Seattle, WA Regional Rep Sound Numark Industries Inc Cumberland, RI Contact online Manufacturer Sound

Mobile Video Devices Reading, PA Distributor Magewell Electronics, PTZOptics, Riversilica Video

Olsen Audio Group Scottsdale, AZ Manufacturer Sound

Mojo Tone Burgaw MC Distributor, Manufacturer Celestion Sound, MI

Omnisistem Kent, WA Manufacturer, Distributor Omnisistem Sound and Lighting

More Technologies Los Angeles, CA Export Distributor for APAC HME, Lectrosonics, K-Tek, UltraStereo Sound

One Stop Laser Shop Inc Clearwater, FL Dealer Lasers

Morpheus Lights Las Vegas, NV Rental Lighting

Online Marketing Wadsworth, OK Regional Rep Sound, AV

Mountain Productions Wilkes-Barre, PA Rental Staging

OPTI Kinetics Ashland, VA Distributor OPTI Kinetics, OPTI Trilite Lighting, Effects

MSE audio Overland Park, KS Manufacturer SoundTube, Soundsphere Sound

Osram Americas Wilmington, MA Contact online Distributor Ledvance Lighting

MusicPro! Marketing Nassau, DE Regional Rep Sound

Pangolin Laser Systems Inc Orlando, FL Manufacturer Lasers

Nady Systems Inc Richmond, CA Manufacturer Sound

Peachtree Laser, Inc Atlanta, GA Design, Manufacturer Lasers

Neumann USA Old Lyme, CT Contact online Distributor Neumann Sound

Peavey Electronics Corp Meridian, MS Manufacturer MediaMatrix, Crest Sound

Neutrik USA Inc Charlotte, NC Distributor

Penn-Elcom Inc Garden Grove, CA Distributor

1 21 T H E A ME R I CAS - USA

Penn-Elcom Cases Philips Strand Lighting Dallas, TX Contact online Manufacturer Philips Strand Lighting, Philips Selecon Lighting Philips Vari*lite Dallas, TX Manufacturer Lighting PixelRange Inc Knoxville Distributor PixelRange Lighting Plus24 Los Angeles, CA Distributor Sanken, Brainstorm, DAD, NTP Sound Preston Productions Inc Marlborough, MA Design, Rental Sound and Lighting, Video

Sound Rane Corporation Cumberland, RI Contact online Manufacturer Sound Red Fish Illuminations Newnan, GA Design Lighting

12349 SW 53rd Street, Suite 202 Cooper City, Florida 33330 USA Email:Â

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Pro Sound & Video Miami, FL Design, Installer Sound, Video

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ROE Visual US Nashville, TN Manufacturer Video Roland Corporation US Los Angeles, CA Distributor Roland Sound, AV Rosco Stamford, CT Manufacturer Lighting

Pyrotek Special Effects Ltd Las Vegas, NV Manufacturer Effects

Samson Technologies Corp Hicksville, NY Contact online Manufacturer Samson, Hartke Sound

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Sennheiser USA Old Lyme, CT Distributor Sennheiser Sound

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COUNT RY I N DE X AFGHANISTAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

EL SALVADOR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114

LEBANON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97

RUSSIAN FEDERATION. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74

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ESTONIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

LITHUANIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

SAUDI ARABIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98

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FINLAND. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

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ARMENIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

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MALDIVES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

SLOVENIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76

AUSTRALIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

GERMANY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52

MALTA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67

SOUTH AFRICA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 103

AUSTRIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

GHANA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102

MARTINIQUE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114

SPAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78

AZERBAIJAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96

GREECE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58

MAURITIUS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102

SRI LANKA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

BAHRAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96

GUADELOUPE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114

MEXICO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114

SUDAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104

BANGLADESH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

GUAM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

MOLDOVA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73

SURINAM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116

BARBADOS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112

GUATEMALA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114

MONGOLIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

SWEDEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

BELARUS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75

HONDURAS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114

MONTENEGRO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

SWITZERLAND. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84

BELGIUM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

HONG KONG. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

MOROCCO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102

SYRIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99

BERMUDA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112

HUNGARY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60

NEPAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

TAHITI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

BOLIVIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112

ICELAND. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70

THE NETHERLANDS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68

TAIWAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

INDIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

NEW CALADONIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

TAJIKISTAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

BRAZIL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108

INDONESIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

NEW ZEALAND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

THAILAND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

BULGARIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

IRAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96

NICARAGUA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116

CAMBODIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

IRAQ. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96

NIGERIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102

TUNISIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104

CANADA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110

IRELAND. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

NORWAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70

TURKEY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86

CANARY ISLANDS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80

ISRAEL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96

OMAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98

TURKMENISTAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

CAYMEN ISLANDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112

ITALY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64

PAKISTAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

UAE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99

CHILE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112

IVORY COAST. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102

PANAMA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115

UKRAINE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94

CHINA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

JAMAICA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114

PAPUA NEW GUINEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

UNITED KINGDOM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88

COLOMBIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113

JAPAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

PARAGUAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115

URUGUAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116

COSTA RICA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113

JORDAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97

PERU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115

USA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117

CROATIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

KAZAKHSTAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

PHILIPPINES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

UZBEKISTAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

CYPRUS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59

KYRGYZSTAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

POLAND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71

VENEZUELA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116

CZECH REPUBLIC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

KENYA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102

PORTUGAL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72

VIETNAM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 ZIMBABWE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104

DENMARK. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45

KOREA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

PUERTO RICO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113

KOSOVO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

QATAR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98

ECUADOR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113

KUWAIT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97

REUNION ISLANDS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 103

EGYPT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102

LATVIA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

ROMANIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73


The ground-breaking Sapphire LED platform from ROE Visual is the first Narrow Pixel Pitch LED panel platform that combines visual brilliance with a clever assembly system. With its unique system of intersecting frames the Sapphire platform allows for easy assembly, guaranteeing evenness and strength. Unleash your creative genius with Sapphire.

Interested? Request a demo.

ROE VISUAL EUROPE Leek, The Netherlands

A NEW REVOLUTION: YOUR FULL HYBRID LIGHT! 100% BEAMLIGHT + 100% SPOTLIGHT FEATURING: 2 overLAppiNg rotAtiNg prisMs 26 goBos (8 rotAtiNg + 18 Fixed) cMy + 15 coLors oN 3 wheeLs dyNAMic ANiMAtioN disc



300,000 Lux At 10 Meters (much brighter than sharpy) 3째 NArrow ANgLe + 6 BeAM reducers (to 0.5째) deNse, shArp, pArALLeL Light BeAMs

extreMeLy FAst MoveMeNts

Claypaky_SharpyPlus_Mondo_EN.indd 1

3째- 36째 LiNeAr zooM exceLLeNt visuAL eFFect projectioNs wide ANd shArp AeriAL eFFects LiNeAr Frost to creAte soFt edges


MUCH MORE THAN EXPECTED Sharpy Plus is the new revolution in the lighting industry after the legendary Sharpy. It is the first true 100% HYBRID unit, able to be a perfect beamlight and a perfect spotlight. Featuring a new Osram Sirius 330W X8 lamp, it is suitable for every occasion, with an extraordinary luminous efficiency which ensures substantial savings through lower power consumption. With an appealing price tag, everyone can afford the Sharpy Plus and everyone will love it!

07/12/18 17:12

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World Trading Survey 2019  

The World Trading Survey 2019 is now available to read online.

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