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Claypaky CEO, Pio Nahum, chats to TPi about Xtylos - its first beam effect powered by laser.

When did the development of the Xtylos begin? The Xtylos was a joint venture between Osram and Claypaky that was conceived, designed and implemented over four years. The original idea was to develop a multi-colour RGB LASER SOURCE with a completely different structure from pre-existing light sources, in order to have a total and efficient optical and electronic control of the light beam. Therefore, allowing the ability to obtain different and special effects otherwise impossible to bring to fruition with traditional LED and lamp technologies. For example, the possibility of obtaining an extremely collimated RGB beam with a divergence lower than 1°, at very high intensity and with extremely bright and saturated colours.

use laser light in the new Xtylos, Claypaky and Osram’s R&D departments have created a totally new, patent-pending optical group and carried out countless tests on performance and safety aspects. The result is a luminaire with no equal on the market. Could you talk through the technical aspects of the fixture? There is a reliable, safe and fully sealed module, based on RGB solid-state laser. In this tailor-made module, a sophisticated and efficient optical system makes it possible to obtain, in extremely small spaces, a light source mixed at very high efficiency and luminance. Furthermore, the output of this module has been designed in such a way as to obtain a system with all the special features of the laser light but with the safety of a normal LED or lamp system. All this thanks to the combination of a projection lens specifically designed and optimised for this type of source. The fixture is therefore extremely compact, efficient and fast in its movements.

What was the original goal of the project? This mode of using a laser source is very innovative. Lasers are renowned for being rather complicated and expensive devices. Lasers most frequent application as a light source has been in the field of video projection. To 92

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